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ONCE upon a time, I dreamed in a nightmare
Of a world of eyes and a world of flairs
There, where the leaves fell madly from the trees,
I sensed eyes heave into madness and despair
And here there were eyes that slithered in black;
And here there were eyes that danced at the back,
And where time roistered and blew quite away,
My memories were foistered in the eyes of decay
And, o, what a world was here constrained
In the eyes of the spheres and their ravaging rains
Ah, what a wasteland was here seen,
Where the eyes of the world slid down into a dream.
As if from a cloud or some loud shroud of sleaze,
Here flittered eyeless demons and heretic, eyeless screams.
Looking down far into the eyes of pain,
I sensed my vision van and crash inside wet grain.

                    This man who fears no shade of dark
                    Nor any death inside its dart
               Must come to shear away the bright
               And rape Abandon with foresight.
               These verses, shorn of manna's shape,
               Must madden as the dawn's decline
               Rends away all happy dreams
               And shears away the light's recline.

              Eyes in eyes that know no route to the maiden at its root
Of the sun inside her murder, must disclaim a mystic murder.
Twice the times that make us live must proclaim the singer false,
And the witness to death's rills must disclaim a narrow pulse.
Eyes in eyes that know no route to the maiden at the heart
Of the moon inside her rage, must disclaim the veils of art.
Twice the times that make us vie with the atoms of the dead
Must proclaim all living cruel as the sentry in god's head.

Of night the poet's nightmare lives a cimmerian grove of gloves;
Gloves on parried hands of heat that rend away death's throttled meat.
This crashing noise inside god's brain decries the sickness in the veins,
And eyes must know the route to cite each turning christ of deus night
    As love that lives for aimless lust lists the shutters in the dust,
    Breaking doves with violet skeins, wrought inside their daisy chains.
Twice the winter in the hand swipes away the Judas lambs
And the scorning of death's mind severs off a maiden wynd.

               A wasp within the dome of theft stings the creature in the lobes,
            Warping nooses from the drifts of the cretin in a rose.

        Twice the world is born today from the arcs of roundalays:
        Twice the hedon, twice the blast, of love's preacher under glass.
        And the birth of Judas man must condemn the Jesus clan,
        Reigning where all frozen fearing slights the Word inside its searing.
        Twice the world is born today from the arcs of roundalays:
        Twice the hedon, twice the blast, of the spheres inside their flask.

The poet's nightmare ends with fuck and cracks a phallic yearning,
Shended darkly where love's luck flights the dawn in spurning.
Twice the moon inside the vein warps away a singer's gain-
Thus this earth is all-absolving, co-created in its rolling!
          Do not proclaim the rivers false
          Where the rocking lightning grows
          Nor bark away the flocking pulse
          Where death's winter thunder glows.

The poet's nightmare ends with truth that cracks a ferris at its root
And cuts the chords of kingdom come, shended as death's orizon...    

      sweats. eyes, first coptic of the rock that wrecks. eyes, as endless as
      the hunter's suffrage. eyes, as endless as the neon meadows. eyes, this
      girl gathers shells for her furies. eyes, this girl farms the shores for
      truth. eyes, no man is the endless sickle sentry. eyes - underhouse, the
      fire's uncouth. LAMERICA! LAMERICA! LAMERICA! LAMERICA! fist the fusion,
      make her scream. LAMERICA! the serpent dream. LA Child, LA Wild, LA Wild,
      LA Child. the home is burning, let the winter come. the home is burning,
      let the madness come. the home is burning, as wicked as the sea. the home
      is burning - let sulphur be. the home is burning, as trendless as the
      dawn. LA Wild, LA Child - no more peace, just form...



O, as countless widows cry for the past, then meadows under mirrors

Raise ash from specs

O, as counted meadows die, then shadowed sundered sea lovers



O, as endless gallows hang sin, then, la, blamed pharaohs deck

Jumping jacked whored sounds


            I will blaspheme down the visions of the breath

            La, I will cut dreams,

And sex ochres, laid, claim the callow from a screen, and death

Weeps for male feathers


            O, as counted minnows die, then fish feed clasped fists

And rage ends



And I shall never leave death’s side

O, as faces wither, I will never hear eyes shaping

Wet divorce

Sss, and I shall never leave death’s side

Uh-    men and women suck nude salt as sweet lies


And, oh, as laden ladies kick love, then shed lives

Die, die, die


            I will offer blood to barley…

            I will suffocate like honey,

And, as slain birds yell, then spastic money will



                        Rented eyes will always tantalise

                        Blind tides

            O, as rented spies centrialise naked skies

            Then blown men will ride inside

                        Sea horns

Ssss   a swelled smell of thorns adorns mad minds

Sss .. a walled cell of porn adorns sickened rhymes

And dolled diggers drag

A day trodden sea hag


                        Rented eyes will forever see lies


                        Dinted sky will forever hear tithes


And blithe and bibled countries dream of dabbed

                        Dolly men


            Coded whales are left to die…

            Emptied sails are left to fly, and men dive


This side of a slid mind, mental faces flicker for

Flipped screens

Lo, this side of a lit mind, mental faces suck whores

And men, flailed, force flame as fierce fast claws

Crack like a cut dream


This side of a sidled spine, mental aces deal cards for

Carmine pontoons

Sss   when once cold killers cry for mirrors, then war

Wages darling poltroons

And, laid, laden ladies weep for babies, and sex maws

Kneel against the sky


            Gilded guilty gullies grasp a shitted brolly

                        Idiotic berets cry for berries as dollies

                        Force feed beans to cold men

            And, lo, as I slide from sleep, then women will

Wail inside a sea of loud trees

And, torn, annals in bees bury beds inside huge milled

            Mirrored men


            La, this side of a lit mind, mental faces suck sin


            this side of a ripped dime, mental American skin

                                    waxes beards from elbows

and westend men cannot mount a clotheshorse without

                        bleeding down the decks of the grave


We rave? 


Endless insouciant emeralds cry for gilt rain when

Endless empirical rainbows cry for slit veins, and me and men hear

Coded killer trees suffering bruised trees,

O, as endless insouciant emeralds wail, then a sea of slain bird men

Accesses limed lifted bees


When once blind blondes bake false bread, then mirrored wet women


And, lo, I cannot let go until warders whip bled caged walled lips

And, o, I will not go until sunvisors suck writs from sectioned hips,

And endlessness marries swelled bells to lies


            Trendless insouciant families fade., and wedded sex cries

                        Crash inside


            Treaded tree killed memories fade, and bedded sex slides

                        Marry sin to fathers

And, ssss, I have seen sin suffer as laden soft bobbies bat

Pandas and cloaked crap

And ghosts are arrested now 


I attest to this city moon

O, I intend to kiss you but this city moon

Weds lights to hearsay


I attest to a city dune

Oo, I intend to wed you but my neon tune

Cannot wed the grave


I must find faces fixing where

Blind blonde bawds bend stairs

And I will move upstairs


I confess to my piety when dust

Cries for rain,

And I shall regress as lust

Dies for pain



Menstrual suns burn us, and

Bodying tongues bite us,

And me and a slain bread crusts

            Feed us


            I will hear you always

            I will fear sin always

And god will save you always



Where once old butter men

            Spread trees then

Teetering beemen will upend

Dead salts.


            Bled bad bins will bind

            Eyes to blind red minds.



A nuked naked nude light cuts a soul

O as nuking nude naked life cuts a foal

Then men and sex folk

Will ride to city sleep


When once eyes pray, then blind soap

Sucks cold lovers

And eye in eye, a river in a rope



Inside wed angels, I hear dope

Caressing cold minds,

And slain birds must see tines

Cracking like curry combs

And curry combs have honey



As milked mazy madams mind

            Cells and plasmas

Then fled flame fastens wine with

Trod fish waves

And iced illing light digs

Dolls and dazzling gemmed pigs


            I will enter a bead as green kids

            Shine like ribs

And there is a candle in the sky?



O as dazzled dreamt dreamers dig dust for rain

Then desolate daggers drag dared guns, and cities in veins

Cry for neon plasmas

O, as forcing fear famishes fans, then vast stoned brains

Brag where cities stop

And, laid, slain slashed cots crash, and suckers in trains

Drink sex rot

And men and slain ashes blow dolls where coded stains

Fall down a rode wrist

Uh    -      ssss…

Wide wives weep as fast faceless kisses marry cloned lips

And, la, where once vaginal missives

Marry down sex crypts, then bled bent bone bites snipped

Candy leopards


            As lady midnight drinks sex waters then

            Bad baby moonlife drinks raped mortars, and women

Grind to sleep

And, lapped, juices in a jeep jack tears as sugary sex wheat

Summons sirens from chickens


            Ideal idioms of death drag dolled men

            And ideal pigmen

                        Cry, cry, cry


            AHH Men..



And, o, as the idiot side of sex hears hirelings made

Old as raped lightning, then

Scissoring soulfish suck sands from old women

And, lo, as the idiot side of sex hears ghastlings made

Cold as raped loving, then

Blenching bees bend honeys, and vast vile graves

Grind oats for sweet dust


And, lo, as the idiot smiles of lost Love sear babes

Then bladed blind blithe babies rock dead slaves

And bad biddy boys will

Bounce down from a screen when odes to ills

            Smack pealed dills


            Ivory insouciant embers fill up god’s thrill…

            Ebonies send mirrors where old closed hills

Slay beards with sliced waxed willed

                        Hands and heels


            Old killer kings cut sweet dreams,

            Cold rivers wring a neck of dreams

And old odes to false faces sing for the wind as slain mills

                        Tell tales of mirrored reels



            I turn a dun screw

            I burn inside dew, and bastard brothers fill

            Films and dunes

                                    And ices cut lit snow, and hurled hills

Cry, cry, cry,

And crowed snowed men hire icicles to scissoring chill hills

And I am a boy in a wrecked sheet…




            Entertaining ice men cometh

                        Centralising Christ men punish

Dolls and demons

                        ,, uhhhh


            Ice covered me?



Copyright 2017.

incest tarot (a punishment)

Peeple derange, peeple change, peeple rave in scarlet skein, peeple maim,
peeple change, peeple rave in scarlet vein.
when denied, the peeple kill,
when decried, the peeple thrill.

peeple derange, peeple change, peeple
rave in scarlet skein. sun is dead, moon is dead, wind is dead, rain is
dead, womb is dead, croon is dead, love is dead, life is dead.

peeple derange, peeple change, peeple rave in scarlet skein, peeple demote to
prove their madness, peeple promote to prove love's sadness-

moon is dead,
sun is dead, rain is dead, brain is dead, childhood splits the mind in
four, derangement splits it all the more.

peeple derange, peeple change,
peeple peep and peeple drain; life is largely wanton woman, wanton woman,
largely children. love is dead, lust is dead, dream is dead, scream is
dead, Everyman meets mania parish, mania parish is getting punished.

maim, kill, rape, strip, score, suck, slay, rip. sun is dead, moon is
dead, wind is dead, rain is dead, womb is dead, croon is dead, love is
dead, life is dread.

change, maim, change, derange, maim, change, maim,
derange, maim the loves you take for granted, change the loves that deem
perverted. under halo, under hollow, under bible, dying wallows.

derange, peeple change, peeple change, peeple derange; peeple derange,
forever, always, peeple die in empty hallways?


incest tarot, incest marrow, blood wedding, blood wedding. flume of
sickness, spuming witness, blood wedding, blood wedding.
the cloth of
christ is incest perot, the shrouds above, a split-spine tenet. incest
weaver, incest leader, blood wedding, blood wedding. slick of moansigns,
slick of foamsigns, blood wedding, blood wedding. cryptic slaughter,
madam-daughter, blood wedding, blood wedding. the signal sun is seed at
zero, the eunuch drum, an isis hero.
flume of sickness, spuming jenet,
crown of clitzoid, sounding senate, wharving rumour, sea of mud, cimmerian
state in bud. blood wedding, blood wedding, the spines are midnight, blood
no time to dream, no time to breathe, no time to live, no time
for ease, no time for breath, no time to die, no time for truth, just
endless sky.
the spines are midnight, blood wedding, the spines are
blasting, blood wedding, the times are crippled in narrow motion, the
shrouds above, phaposian oceans. incest tarot, incest marrow,
blood-to-bone, bone-to-blood, the sallow cheek reveals dead sunday, the
dreams gone after, funeral comedayze. dazed forever,dazed in loved, dazed
forever, dazed above, the seed is zero, the eunuch summer, blood wedding,
blood wedding.

in the times that break apart, from spire to shinbone, rhyme, who is all
and all the slave to the eagle in the mind, (where goes the angled knock
of seered and serried graves),

in the oceans of the heart, the sires of
music rave. and should the angels drop from hireling heaven down; (or
should the shining crop of corn and capeseed drown), then there would be
no rhyme except the light that shifts, and the sires of music, lopped,
would spiral from the pith.

not for the shroud or flame of biblebook or
flower, on the spindrift wires of time & the motions in a tower, (for the
stations of the breath & the seashores in a spine), whereby the seasons
drift, the sires of music chime. & should the angels drop from hireling
heaven down; (or should the shining crop of corn & capeseed drown), then
there would be no rhyme except the light which shifts, & the sires of
music, lopped,

would spiral from the kiss.

fed-up with contusions, fed-up with the shame; fed-up with saint peter &
his pearly gates of flame: a tapestry was woven, a tapestry of fear: in &
out the cyclones, christ whispers in our ear. i cannot make it here, i
have no stone to own: this earth of mutineers is ever bleached at bone.
i cannot make it here with god's roundalay; the world is minus Sun-
nothing more to say. Lal-lal-lee-lah-lah; lal-lal-lee-lah-lah;
lal-lal-lee-lah-lah; lal-lal-lahhhh



jimbellamy 2019