at Dylan Thomas's grave


(a song sequence) 

As miniature faces fail, then a dilly diamond child

Will foam inside forever

O, as falsifying shakers suck laid feathers then

Daggering dolly men hide inside

Skylit undertaken crude dun brides,      sssss.


As mindless formless cries reap wet eyes

Then blown boners break

Down, down

Ah   as dilly darling dazzlers drink rape,

Then blind bodying beemen sting old apes

And endless emptying fathers will hear sound

Weeping at the telephone



As miniature faces flail, then a dilly diamond child

Weds bairns to bled bad snakes

And lost god is a talking snake… 


When once a pig in a poke peers into beers

Then, coded, bright kids poke fingers inside

Drunk tears 

O, when once a pig in a coat peals drained tears

Then draggling ginned kids




As filthy farmed lepers lap lager juice, then

Dragged dilly dames drink cherry juice, and women

Must terrorise crashed Men


When once a pig in a poke peers inside foam

Then blown bastard smoke

Cries for wolf rope, and god inside its stone

Drills drink with salt sex wine


I will centralise the livid dead as sex in a mind

Dies, dies, dies




Here in this cloud, a cold sea of cloth cuts

Men and shrouds

O, here in this cloud, a rolled sea of moths

Slices butterfly crowds


And, sss, when once kind monkeys raise us

Then cloned chilled canines cry, cry.


La-  I will always recollect the sea of your eyes

Uh  I will forever recollect the sun in your sky

And ghosts may well haunt a sea of wet lies



Here, in this void, a cold tree of tops hears spies

Sliding cameras where special photo tides ride



And coded vast veered vats cry for cooked rats

And olden axing ox cats marry mess to wide

Integrative blue brides



As scissoring soaking starlings fill a sea of eyes

Then, late tonight, the seizures of a fitted mind

Ride salt wives.


O, I shall not murder the coming of my soul

O, I will not sunder the winter of love’s soul

And, la, as thunder dreams, then a sea of coals

Cracks god’s mined lip


I shall not murder the signposts of a foal

Lo, I will not suffer blood, and

As eaten cold seasand hires sin to contrabands

Then vast veering slain sands

Bury a blood moon


As ferrying farmed faceless fathers land

False fish, then

A blind slain hen must lay eggs where men

Drink shells

And I will fantasize about death as bells

Ring, ring,


As cracking caverns cry, then slain sin

Crackles down the days

And rammed running graves hear cold skin

Cutting suedes with laid

Laden treed lazed lunged lays


I have heard you in the morning when

Eagles fly back home.

I have jacked a beer when evening

Forces pigs to foam

And, raised, robotic rainbows suck denned

Dreamers where a false sea of bone




Cold men inside divots drag drains where

Cleansed sweet marines sail inside bright air

And death is gone now?



Ideal scissormen suck sandy sea knives

O, ideal rivermen suck randy fished wives, and inside a mind

Melted meringues feed mess to sawn spines

And, oo, as ideal scissormen cut randy fished light then

Blown bairns will bleed in a nunnery



As ideal diggers dig for dust, then dizzying dolmen rend

Whores and penuries

And I will dance on a field

And you will spin like babies, and men and fierce yields



Ideal scissormen suck sandy sea wives

And I must centralise the pretty deaths of wives

And men and death will go wide


Blown bairns will bleed, and a cartwheeled slain mind

Hires tarots to blonde blind vesper vines

And coded candy sins must rot inside four winds,

And old closed collapsing dames dream of wine



As suffering virginal valleys fall, then torn swine

Feed caviars to kids

And bright figgy fingers slice soft pigs as times



            I heard a morning moon come shining

                        Deep inside a sea of crying


And, fed with waves, my sad city hears weddings

Crowing inside delving weeping ceilings

And my sealing sunrise rises forever as babies

Vamp whored pianos


            Blown bairns will bleed, and a cartwheeled meadow

            Will blame false trees for our shadow

And, laid, a concrete garden drags hills for shot arrows

,, Eh



This side of one billion suns, a mad moon in a gun

Shoots cuckoos

O, this side of one zillion suns, a sad swooned drum

Bangs for false zoos

And as a fast fierce mind runs dry, then blown prisms

Imprison eyes in nudes



This side of one trillion guns, a moon inside a rood

Will suck sin from a red dude

And carmen will sing for a bruise when

Hot eyes weep for old women



I will suffer sonar pain,

Uh, I will suck a sea of flame, and as old codes

Carry kids from mothers

Then once billion fingering fathers will load

Veins with false rainbows

            -;.  Ooo.

            As one dillion daisies drag green art

            Then whored gardened angled carts

Will feed a Porsche to a rode soul, and hearts

Must fart


            And carmen will sing for a noose

            And garlands will summon up the noosed

            Roping of the raped Lock





As eating rifles raise ropes from t rex, then a blind sex

Will feed fawns to small death

O, when once a sea of wrecks sunders t rex then mess

Will sail inside a shoved kiss


As eating rifles raise rope from stiffs, then a blonde sex

Will feed fawns with ladies

And eyes, idolised, must fascinate false babies when

Stained dollies drag dimes for fists


I will summon selfless fear, and selfless sunning discs

Drag spines for pissed

Big mammas



Ghosts grind where a gutted haunting lover

Leads gods to feathers



I will suffer sex water when slain sea wine

Drinks hot bloods dry


O, I will suffer sex mortar as slain cut lime

Drags my drinks for tithes

And bibled blithe babies fawn for eyes when

Drivelling spun monkeys jack beers and men



Laden voices fear loud noise…

Gardened faces fear visual boys, and I rend

Sons and saviours.



As meagre sailors enhearse sex with labia

Then coded jacked jarred need drinks down

Dolls and mirrors

O and where once meteors fail, then clowns

Feed circuses to bread

And cold kicking kids must suffer lovers as

Dun vines bear invisible wines from glass



As meagre saviours sail, then shrouded grass

Smokes like a fist

And, closed, clasping lips cry, cry



I will summon sentinels from skirt as sad sky


Down, down, down,

And bad blenched towns trip where wet hounds

Drink beer from a crown



I am gilded by guilty God as damsels in a lounge

Hurl tits at vaginal water



Clapping paled plaudits plead for pain

Crapping dizzy remits plead for sex champagne

And giddy swollen crumbled bees

Sting young tits

, O.


Ahh, as the cars look down, then a star in a blind town

Rapes lips with the drowned

Ahh, as the cars hear sound, then a lover in a blonde crown

Rapes mitts with playgrounds,

And, lo, as my head sits down, then a dreamt cold clown

Cries for bigtopped bread



And blind stars look down, and a cinema in a false bed



Where dun dunny dives squat on the mud, then lashes

Feel old breasts and lunch

And, laden, a city of garlands cries, cries, cries


            As heaven blasphemes for mother then

            Whored blazed tongues witter like men




OO, will you not father me?

Oo, will you not sunder me? Ssss

I will jack god’s bed

And I will listen to the dead?



Oo, will you not smother me?

Oo, will you not suffer the sea?

And, laid, laden gardens seize



And, slaved, endless sirens weave

Whores and hens



Oo, will you not brother me?

Oo, will you not murder me?

And men in a mind will swim seas

And mental cats will summon

Blind blown stuck stinging

Bees and curds



They have cum to see birds

Smashed, and widow words

Widen wasps and leaves

And severing saviours cede

Slain sex spit when

Whored Ides cry for children



Icy foamed fingers find pilgrims

Laid to souped waste

And, lo, as fat fatal thumbs

Stab fast stubs down, then prison

Claims caged stray cats



Will you not father me?

O, will youth not sunder me?

And, o, (laid in a river)

The sky of coke crashes,

And, o, (laid in a mirror)

The mind of soap lashes

Tits and bairns



Will this erected arm of me

Come home, or will sleeves

Die for slain salt trees?

            And ideal gorse cuts good thorns

            And moving force cuts sex storms



Will you not father me?

O, will missions never teach me?







O, as severe wintry summertime sends

Gashed gales West

Then me and manned winds rend death    lo-

when once ill eyes glow like desks, then

bled bounced bad bulbs

                  crash like demons


o, as severe wintry ribbons raid robins, then

blown babies bust up from swaddled women

and I will shape, (as blind shape tells me)

the mind of a false ape


            coded closing killers cut deniers

            and, la, sent to mirrors, a sea of dinners

                        feeds cold crusts to mirrors

,           O

kind creeping babies bob inside laden fathers

sss   horded hire god grasps dives as laid mothers

feed sawn barns to pharoahs


as we wander where wayferers weep for lovers

then bad bellmen chime a rolled tocsined lather

and, laid, lashwide tits

peck at trees of fawned laid silked lips

and massed menkind must suffer lies as slits

cry, cry,

and i won't murder death

and dead feathers will not wreck me


when once eyed millers melt, then clothed seas

drop down a parted grave's

dilly tomb


eager eagles eat pharmaceuticals as hot lays


out, out, out





SALT-SHAPED (by jim bellamy)
yes, & as for the graves under salt-tips
we must surely squander
visual vast lips
o as we dig for naves, then ashed strips
must wallop Fathers
& a bren of iron eats into spun sleep
& blown badgers die, die,
  & a rat takes it at the tooth
  & drawled dumb sex-dudes
  swagger after
   moon deniers..
 although the sun is shaped from wine
 eyes will always
 don mental dune-spines
 & a rosy rill of screens rattlers under
 watery wounds where closed graves
 run green beds out of sundered
 sallied sleeves
marked by fished nets, we turn for light as life
lingers within caged killer christ
 O a bulge of broads stabs a hot biddy
 & a nickled knife-life
lays red balls to musical fire-diced
 doggy dangers?
yes, we will count on vents where body-blues
bleed blue halls to silent death
the swined herds of the dead fill
heaped hot whored hands
& a drill of birds must sex-kill
female laves
& a bed of trades pays for krill
& an easy salty pharoah
must rock against the heavy
when once a hill of lips buries
burned dulled money
then a prison hearse will ferry
dogdays unto a chipped cherry
the spined herds of the dead fill
dolly fjords with dicky brine
& a wallah to a girl hears a dill
dragging panties under
big lobbers of lousy slut-tundra
when once red hornets hum
after shrillers & female lathers
then the dolts of a sildler
 jam cats with
 happy liars
  as multisided seas
  lock old tongues
 then a dead hand's blonde box
 sweeps sweat from a gay fox
as we speak to die, o, as we answer dweebs
then vased weevils will
staunch sucked bleeding with female disease:
 We have entertained the city dead
 uh we have winter-stained
 vast vultures with jammy piss
 & a bonce of iron
 heaps bone
 Loving on our own
 we will scissor mod stone;
 & wheat helmets will moan
 under neon foam.
Copyright Jim Bellamy 2019.

when wearied with the hot cold sun
o we must lift a witness from the wind
& a jabbering gelled bone-body climbs
moon-water from a rented city gun
when once a bad sign burns, then
dizzy darlings will drag draked men
& a gabbing gentleman loses women

i idolise the ridden dead- sss, i whine
after cemented laughter
& a bed of wine suffers sucky father
& a dolled princess rolls always under
bruised wives,-.
when wearied with the hot cold sun
oo, we must give a hiss to a kissed
urban suitcase which carries gold cum
& a wake of wisdom
rams down six fairy sons
& a bed of zion irons a face as guns
splatter dolly seed?

when wearied with a cruel wave
we will surely widen under lazed
wives of welled wolves cut cars
- whips of celled dudes use Mars
& we see rise a maiden fleece from
weeping pulled dazed horses- young,

we enter a wormy finger abed with
daughters of deniers
& ruined doom deniers strangle kids
& we are as bright as lost pigs?..
.endless dragons drink dogs dry
, formless wagons drink love's high
dukes fawn to apes uh, silk spies
supper for naked fools.

when wearied with the hot cold sun
o we must lift a witness from the wind
& a jabbering gelled bone-body climbs
moon-water from a rented city gun
when once a bad sign burns, then
dizzy darlings will drag draked men
& a gabbing gentleman loses women
we enter a wormy finger abed with
daughters of deniers
& ruined doom deniers strangle kids
& we are as bright as lost pigs?..
&. uh, we see rise the secret eye
of dun dullards of a day-lit crime-sky

so many men, la, so many-...
i did not think so many...

this pursed world ends with boys
,the rehearsed girl of scanned men
drags lakes for sexy lime...

ENDED, we stop true love
ENDED., we shop for blue god

when wearied with the hot cold sun
o we must lift a witness from the winds
& a jabbering gelled bone-body climbs
moon-water from a rented city gun
when once a bad sign burns, then
dizzy darlings will drag draked men
& a gobbing gentleman loses women





It's an unspoken word at the base of the brain that everybody deserves
just what they constrain; an unspoken word that children suffer time: O
it happens world over, but no-one seems to mind.

It's an unspoken word in
the centre of the dust that each of us perverts just what consoles our
lust; an unspoken word that misery is fine: O it happens world over, but
no-one seems to mind.

It's an unspoken word in the swirling of the sun
that nothingness accords just what we've never done; an unspoken word that
life is merely crime: O it happens world over, but no-one seems to mind.

It's an unspoken word in the wastelands of the womb that everyone is
stirred by the madness of the moon; an unspoken word that tyranny must
shine: O it happens world over, but no-one seems to mind.

It's an unspoken
word, a deadly word between us all that emptiness conserves our only
clarion call; an unspoken word that poets seldom rhyme: O it happens world
over, but no-one seems to mind.
i espy time?

I am silk, I am ancient lichen:
in the villas of the night, I am the power
of Zion. I am the teacher & the weather in the light; the preacher & the pilgrim,
the reaper in his might. I am the soul to you; the dictum & the
drum, the chuff & chaff of grain, the mitre & the sun.
Where I fall to earth, I am the gentle rain; the harpstring & the birth,
the doctor in the brain
Come to me on a weary night, & I shall show you yore: the musket,
drum & pike, the devil & his shore. I am silk, I am ancient lichen: I am
silk, I am ancient lichen: I am silk, I am ancient lichen:
the power of Zion.

eyes of wrought devise, eyes that swim the tides, eyes that never care,
eyes that blind with prayer; eyes in summer moons, eyes in summer tombs;
eyes, eyes that despair, eyes, eyes have no heir. music, take my sun away,
music, let my people play, music, let mad eyes now see, music, come, let
madness be. eyes, these are the LA dunes, eyes, these are the scarlet
rooms, eyes, these are the sonar flares; eyes, these are the eyes of air;
eyes, eyes that seldom do, eyes, eyes that break on thru, eyes, eyes that
live to kill; eyes, eyes that seldom thrill. music, take my sun away,
music, let my peeple play, music, let mad eyes now see, music, come, let
madness be. eyes on empty, eyes on fire, eyes on empty, eyes of wire, eyes
on empty, eyes of pain, eyes on empty, eyes of rain - i have seen the
summer dream rape away the eyes in scheme - eyes on empty, eyes of fire,
eyes on empty, eyes of wire. music, take my sun away, music, let my peeple
play, music, let mad eyes now see, music, come, let madness be.

until we have built our golden empery, until we have built the lamb of
god, until we have tilled the lands of plenty, time and tide shall shake
its rod.

until we have built our iron empire, until we wharved the jesus
mind, unti we have tilled the lands of sapphire, time and time shall shake
and grind.
until we have built, made madness over, have ripped away the
mooning ram, time and tide shall thral thrice over, endless as the Son of
Man. Until, as in the lakes of fearing, until, until all peace is whole;
until we have tilled the lands revering, time and tide shall have no soul.

in the forging grails of israel, in the fires of bethlehem, come, let
heroes burn their haloes - let the prince of heaven reign! christ, the
lamb of forward moving, christ, the lamb of grooving blood; christ, the
lamb of hapless healing; christ is wharven in the bud.
until we have built
our golden empire, until we have made a place for peace, until, until this
earth is entire, no man shall lay upon god's fleece.

Flowers, towers, fusion hrs,
magnesium rotors, helio powers;
palisades of burning light,
skeins of fission, endless night.
Towers turned ashen, Asian madness,
forging Zion, lion of sadness;
limitless dolls of metal, spurning,
Israeli sun, Holocaust yearning.
Flowers, towers, fusion hrs,
hatchets, signets, zen-tithed suns,
domesday stories, scarab drums:
flower of plenty, flower of pain,
flower gone empty, enemy brain -
in the window on death's widows,
endless spume the hangman's pillows.
Flower of duty, flower of passion,
flower of sadness in confession:
from the sun, red spheres unite,
on the run, red spheres ignite. ...


*DAY IN A KNIFE by jim bellamy 

Wow, what with youths, nudes & cradle-vice
We must live upstairs Wow, what with veins, dudes & candle-Christs
We must live in hairs & we make up sin from skinny heirs
& we see a summer of lice Dreaming of a vaginal sea-height
^& the lords of green Hell
Hang loud tocsins from a funeral bell?
The god of chilled winter summons Ivy-bines & radio sirens
& the cods of quickened diamond Daub a dragger with alarms
& the screens of saviours harden
& the wolves of windows Shadow feral taxicabs.
Ambulant idols pray where sin Casts a crab upon
A tree of murder; O, as the sun Streams from deadened guns
Then mandarin currencies strum
Washy city guitars,
& we smoked all ruddy year & we choked on a bald tear
`We must live in hollows &We must hear sex
I stood against god’s jeep O, I lathered after gem-sleep
& the countries of my mind’s heapCombed a busman’s leer..
The wives of woollen dew had
Impassable rings - The widows of old stings
Cut a hairnet from Hero’s dad A time bomb had A city’s flag; & old sleep
Sent us to dreams of Islands & cabs
& the wives of the dew saw wheat Crying, crying,
The first fruited face we had Dappled under Dali
O the fierceness of space
Cut us
& we fell into the moon, & the sandmen of the mad Rode us unto Sunday
& the doctors of our tune
Rode a dilly space
Tut-tut-tut-tut… I espy a cold tent O I sleep out in a star
I espy a soft mint – ah, as my car Carries donuts West
Then diaries will teach the poor & dairies in a hill
Must read our wills-& starred scent
Leads us to blue water....The side of a mill has eyes O the birds in a frill
keep slides & when once mistress Aladdin
Drops a can in the rain Then we supper after Paladin
& whispering skeins Play pool with dollies
& a world at one out-grabs Daughters of teenaged brollies
Factories harvest old women.
Nunneries arrest rolled children
& odes to god’s navel
Dig steps with bestial eye-cradles.
The wags of stairs are filled &, la, the rags of prayers
Are wrapped in sylvan snares
& we swore for men
& we fed heels to hens; & moon heirs
Chauffeur Monks unto A green space where May’s shoe
Hobbles against pierced blued Bodied stasis
& a junky in a bed uses a metal bin
& the pigs of aces Grunt for spunk!!!!
Get off your horse & Drink your milks
Get off for the force & drink hot silks?- Millers weep for fire when spun wind
Swirls, swirls Get off your horse &
Drink your stilts
Get off- Lo- cum let reflection Dazzle prunes with sands
Lo hear now a cocking horse Swelled up by the juices of the city
Oo give a good hand To the gal on the piano
Let wisdom suck yon island?!!!
A wizardry of widows weds the body & the body bountiful listens to diddy
& a mean green mummy body Drives a sitar
Under churches, where ova under tar
Sink fish beneath Stinking crocus cigars.
Aqueous beauty paces O old viscous ladies peer from laces
& blind blondies Brag for mirrors…
We awoke with a mean start Then fell into the rain & the rest sucks
a jam tart. Uh ho ah ho ha Uh ho ah ha ha......
A-men! See Less


 copyright 2019.