'NURSES OF SADNESS' (new songsheet in progress)...draft 1...poem then song...
nurses of sadness try to heal bruised lies
o a box of deadliness snips grabbers
& a beam of wilfulness mocks flown fathers
once aside of us, where a star-lit leader
rode on Leda's back,
then we swanned after xmas...o, fevers
wash sex down when old male craps
cook dirtied rolled potato
nurses of sadness vie for killes where
rites reap a radio from idle sea-stairs
the widening bedders of a mucking mane
rot where lions burn
o, a tree of iron yawns after fens & pain
pomades dolls wth fathers
^& i shall jack my fathers?
slaim boats spring towns  ahh- we rain
down, down, down
& fossils of mermen will always drown.
eyes issue blind tissues
.. hands fear rams & coded red nudes
 wash three hot hands
o  eyes issue blind tissues
wivers of radios turn a Digital drip
deeply down where riddles
rock for swung sense
easy cuddlers carry pain where lips
run dry..
four heads fall as we weep after
cabinet halls
o five devs fall as we sleep under
citied gold brawls
night-strokes bang in blue lumbers
oh a tree of green times
trips for thunder
ghost men with sea hands sunder
all gods & all rings...
the trippers of the hill-trilled sing for
slain silence
o a slitter of a hot ring must score
pain-painted violence
& a sea of guns shoots a sex-store
when once we murder eyes then
will shall supper for starved hens
& gemeralds of fear
must rock and roll where tears
ignite candlers
too keen to die, alone, saviours
must sweat for siren gods
& we drug a fat fire & we layer
rude rulers of cliffs & curved sods
leaders of balsa wood don loud fevers
o,. fathers of eagled blood
sweat for a miscarriage
o, & we rise from wheat as marriage
separates curd from whey
where we turn to day, then we stray
deeply down inside a cage of stayed
boncy gold graves
leaders of balsa wood axe red knees
& a bine of flava bloods faceless steeds
to mare-high pony plays
& we have horse-statues in our heads
& we have mule-suede shoes under beds
where we turn to grieve, then we lay
hot rocky sirens.
osiris under horus ingests apex flowers
o, eaten fathers
fawn to tv powers & a bone of sin
swings for razors
& we sing for sunny feather-dimmed
birdy boxed blayers..
osiris under old dust worships winds
& a vast cat's soul
taunts her holy mold with spind
scissor grass
leaders of a balsa blade bed-wine
& we scutter for true comb-kind
jinglers of deus drip dreams of a dunny world's
intensive bay of creams
la a bod of Zeus nips a screen & wild pearls
swing, swing
i have suppered for nude thieves.. & kings
napper after mined trees.
once again, friends, where we jump hymns
then we rage for brigades of dolly gyms
& we learn about a face where bled bees
slapper a bedded dancer....Oh, we will see
odes to anal canals made cold as girls
& we will stun christs & we shall unfurl
bodying bruisy carpets where rugging dweebs
dollar for bones & dried scissory
slashers of rats & canine mirror-seed.
jinglers of deus drop deans under Loss
& mnethna's daughters drool on the Cross
& a dude of winters heats a sun's bossed
we have come to understand nothing
. ahh we have cum inside love's thrumming
& a bed of wights lights up fay thumbings
Endless men shake when emptiness ends
dolled up with grease & papery dead friends.
o as we linger under swallow-spits then we raise high
the masses of lifeless sea-spies
-& a road  of runes counts the devil's beat as lies
loll inside a spleened tongue
once aside the dead, we overtook a car's eye
o, as we burned love's sea then we swarmed sky
& a baited shipper has no good mien, &, la, dives
dollop a ginger squat upon a nest of lungs
o as we linger under willow, then we sear gums
& we chomp as we chew
& we supper for lips where red-headed guns
shoot aside a brassic nude...
lemurs lap a layer of loss as a baker's snoods
snapper for nice mean slides
& we leap away from cheesy cunt-cries
& we watch swirls sweeping under rude
body aces...

On a sea of mites i tottered under milks
o aside eye-whites, where i span, silks
softened my world with a pyramid...Ilks
held my headpiece way up high as felts
dammed a dolly heel with glassy sea-pelts
once upon my mind, i swam for devils
la, la, i am love's grind & i swig hovelled
green greased glasses
.   & whittering washes ram fairy idols
^& ideal odals of Americans cap rivals with
a walrus lantern & a beetle-suit..
when juicy ivories worship emperies then
keen heated ebonies sing for god's men,   Ahhh
once upon lopped swine, i overheard Mamma
spoon-easing raping hearts to holy DaDa
On a sea of mites, i teetered under hilts
o aside spired tights, i harnesses red kilts
& i will always sun-love a celtic sea-tilt
the cabbies in a cave are working near us
& we, pled for age, have to pay for dust
& we lean against a tragic bone-fire...Tusks
shoot god's elephant
& we swig from a sea-rant
& we kick lungs....
once inside a wolf, a bomb of winter slants
against a sperm-scrammmed bud of plants
& eyes ride to the right
& eyes ride to the left
& we are left to own the waxer's theft
& we are lent to deaths loaned cunt..
i heap my hairs up high when gold junk
spunks up, up, up... Ahhhhh
we are the whales we knew...Old monk
melts within a pan of pulley wind &
we cook a false dinner for a blue scar
eyes in eyes ease a tree of glass
into red macadam.      I will heed glass..
 eyes in eyes will sadden
easy boys with pearly tears...   Masks
must city-shroud a ben of fears as fasts
find anorexic gods made thin as masts
On a sea of mites, i remembered when
lippy had smeared coats upon children
& we wove a dammy damsel when hens
donned full-frontal music.
 As fullsome music has hens
 cracking at an egg-wind, then
bad boys must taper for stereo ostroegen.
la lahh uhh unhh unhh oooo
 do we taste rain as she calls
 ooo do we do a crab for balls
 the sun is out of times when
 all blue egits fill winter-men,.
END..END.. we chatter as we bend...
yeah...yeah..yeah... amen?!!!

Copyright Jim Bellamy 2019
reap now, sweet child; my rooms are spare,
whose scarce horizons cry you clear,
of strangest sermons; reap these years,
sweet child, whose eyes I mould.

In open mouths, these caverns spark
caves of canine devils; barks
strip of them, blind interludes,
vulture gullies, cloven hooves.

reap now, sweet child, o, sweet child, reap,
these babbling years; my rooms are neat,
whose scarlet ruled horizons cry
you clear of strangest sermons; DIE!

or reap & spear me, mother, child,
whose eyes are rolling cold,
in the open mouths; the cavern ducts,
where the boy in man blows old.

reap now, sweet child, reap now, & spear
these idylls; reap, my girl, since I,
am blind with you, your bark, your stare,
who mould of me this cloven lie.
copyright jd bellamy 1993.

(after John Lennon?)

out of cloistered reach, nude vales suck snow-powder from peaks of hill-hanged xmas Valhalla...….

O, this day inside an autumn-Christmas mind
Berries bury hollies in November snow
O, this sea of time where autumn-xmas whines
Will learn of festive autumn-yuletide shows
& the early morning winter rose
Summons ice from dined
Snowman-autumn-November drifts.

O this day inside an autumn-Christmas mind
Chestnuts banish iced hate to find
Robins & turkeys lost where time
Sea-hangs mistletoes from November vines
& the fathers of winter's holly trees
Must answer to keen November ice-trips
Ah, the pipes of peacefulness
Deliver kids to dreamfulness
& the yules of distant melifulous rites
Hurl true gifts where belled midnights
Lend happy cats & festive dogs to Santa & His snow-kite
Ahh November-Xmas is upon us?

The happy ice in a sea of autumn-xmas time
Chills yuletide with the gifts of fruitful wine
& the red breasts under rites
Ripen inside sleighs & human reindeer
As the prance of christ’s light
Hears us!
As when this autumn-November-Christmas mind will feed us
Then elven girls will give conkers & receive us

Oh! Happy xmas November autumn everybody?


copyright jdb 2019