(the chucking heads of keen curves)..
   poem-song in progress....1st draft. poem then poem-song...
the chucking heads of keen curves
lay waste to gallowed heavens
o the sun's wet heat burns..& cold burrs
bollock for optical raisins
when once we dream of tyburns
then we bake a sweet-eyed prison,  oh
once upon a jack, we danced for clothes
& we hear hirelings
draggling for seers & false ceilings
the chucklings beds of tentative reason
have no true meanings
& we swiften for creamings as odes
cut seizure-ships from county lobes.
nurses of curing hate heal over
headed cut lovers
o, a horse in racing seals after
doctors of healed laughter
when once we chant, then ghosts
collonise a body-stain
& men & kids will always host
dizzy evil parties
nurses of curing rapes peer inside
woven beaks when
slayed grained miction rams
dollars for pursing tribes
oh we must hear a solid moon
crying, crying, dying
as we part fishy tips then we hiss for
guilty feline mermen
o as we gut fishy nips then we lisp for
openings under peahens
when once we go inside, then doors
may have to open on the meek
& i have learnt about deaths..Wards
warp a nave as an altar reaps
mental dead gourdes.
as we part fishy flips, then we dish for
eaters of wide wetted church-crawls
& we must pray for prayer
& we must cry for lost air
once we enter in to dust then we
saunter when a bowl of naves cross
mad men & old history.
bowels of flowers fix a flashed life to
chapels of truths
& we study truth when holy nudes
mess us with bad boys & dilly snoops
& a nuke of loops
sinks a coil into mushed ground
& we swagger after humming coops
washing men haggle for rolled newts
o, as blue earths wed an eft to suits
then we suffer glan's fever
bowels of flowers fix a fast christ to
mettlers of mess & money
we will study heat as we hear truths
cutting pretty liars.
if those pretty lies come near me then i shall
summon death for skies
o if coded cities end me, then i will writhe
& a bay of bone brawls after celled minds?
once aside a stave, i sweated after swine
ah, a peach of plum pealed lemon & times
dolloped tape on crossed eyes
& i heard heroes jeering at fast mines
eager eaters of Japan cry for sun-grimed
evil God...& god is freed & god is slimed
the dogdayed dolor of a dune-man drugs
easy liars with eaten lugs
o as faces think of a swung jam then
old clogs click where dolly women
stop dead
we have the names by heart.. Old men
sweat cold glass as
we summon dollars from british glass
& we are dodged under mills
& we are swabbed under hills
& we will listen out for windmills
the digger of dangers drops the past
underneath graded killer cadavers...Masks
melt for pillars
& we arouse rivers when seas of flasks
drown no more.....   Eaters of sadness
we wallop when we wallow
ah we gallop under trees & a widow
funnels for sheer bells where dark shadow
drops sex inside a tank
what with biscuits in cisterns
& what with silk-lips in a u-bend, then
hot grey wank has never had it so good...
we wallop when we wallow
la we dollop dirty soups inside shallowed
& we rob a rolling smile from meadows
& we glance aside the mirrors
& our mirror stands upon a hill
native ladies to pain trap Isis as rills
swarm up for a storm of fishy frilled
winos whose ginny body appears filled
with u-bends & candy pistons
what with hens on fire, we will iron
love's pluperfect face
& Aaron suppers space as old Zion
must shield whores from Israel
.. & we draggle for loaned space
limey loathed trees that weep under widows
hears a heated mind-cat
mewling after droned wives of sex-bats
& we suffer wine when a glass of rats
capture collies with five hands
when once a sea of minds drops, then
a star-dyed transfer of spined chicken
must rock a glass bar
limey loathed leaves sleep under mallows
& we heed snapped stairs
& we fall down a fatal snared
blown british body?
when once a bine of sparks fuels prisms
then we see arise a feline-moon
& we suffer trippers of titty prisons when
dogdazzlers walk wavy digger dunes,
i have seen the death of day dreaming for
faceless dolly iron... & as we snapper rooms
then we stride down emptied hallways!
O as the empty binaries of Britain bend
endless nuked balloons
then we study strippers as we die..
odes to rivals suck tit cartoons & lies
loop a dancy dressers down blind tides
once, when we lost night, then cocoons
daubed a doggy prancy chin-hen
slopping vavoom where a sea of gems
ginned after dolors of deathly runes
eyes inside eyes will terminate wives
lo, a stall of scribes sells mess to tides
& olden odals anoint a urine-bride's
cat-depressing sauna of bread-bites
O as the families of England end
then pushers ply after guilty gin
o what with biscuits in the cisterns &
silk-lips down the u-bends
we will suffer as we penetrate sand
& a bone of necks must don men
& a sea of punches must seize slammed
dizzy blamed bodies.
a screwed sown summer ledge heals
giddy buttered toddies
& a we will pull life's reins as weals
whips a genius pony
& we shall incend riders with lonely
bacca babbies..
oo what with biscuits in the cisterns &
sylvan slitties down the fans
then we must supper for easy hands
lo as we force a face under clams
then we suffer cakes beneath scram
& we yearn after gilded clit-canned
cagey westend groupies?
canine catty riders eat aside smoothies
& an easy brother loosens
bruised bonds where lonely ladies
chant a blonded mantra...
o what with buns down the mean road
old kids will halt when slow-crows
caw at a bendy beard...Oh Oh Oh...
Ahhh men.....
copyright jd bellamy 2019
work in progress  (menkind stocks cakes in cisterns)....1 draft...1st pome then poem-song
menkind stocks cakes in cisterns
o, where wives break
then we learn of slavers.. o, miction
pisses under lakes:
the dufflers of the mad pinion
all veins & tall lives
the newspaper pigs who deliver sand
have no dreams to read
o a star of peppers rigs after islands
when once a sea of sheets sleeves
all lives & lies then steeds
damage petals with pussied cries
endlessness has to drop here....uh
one zillion wives widen into parks
oh we walk the sex-mile where dark
dons a sleeping pose
where once we soften, then we
closedown all croppers of a crow's
winged drapes
one zillion wives widen into parks
ah  we stride for dreams when apes
wallop chimpanzees.
odals under udders squirt silk-milk
o one zillion killers
drop a wedding gun
& we suck mousaka from a sun's
sea-burning soft sphere
we lay a zingered finger on tears
la, a ball of light
crams tongues down midnight's christ
& we swing, swing
the empress of a carmine fool star-shapes
shaven sister crepes
o a pan of lions burns crates
& we hunt for sweeteners of mental
ferny sex flutes drown, - red pastures
capsize into a shadower of fathers
the empress of a blood-red nude scrapes
asses from pratted sugar-slates
endless empires burn when cakes
crumble for a cake-walk.
candified killers crashdown
lo a a beat of millers cakes our town
& we learn of meat
& we study sleep
once, when self stopped, i drowned
ah a boat of wheat
sailled my bollocks dry & i drowned
underneath the earth?
carndified killers crashdown when
softening emptied birth
sweetens dreams with wine-curs
& we walk after
nuclear men who dare not serve
the cripplers of sweet marriage raid
rollered romantics
&, loosened, body semantics raise
river-running environs where trades
glow for bionics
when once we stuffed bread under
thunderous pussy flesh
then we shoved hot biscuits under
father & mother...
we will fight the nudes of lovers
&, loaded by night, we will lather
marigolds mess us up with green roses
la, a tree of poses
docks a dammy summer
& we sweat for winter
& we don green noses.
underneath chapels, we hear father
dragging topers from mumma
& we abuse hot wrecks
& we don green posies
a dodger of mad deaths see rise
bruisers of dapplers...Oh, we ride
against lost rain
& odes of faces must star-bride
radios of pure noise & mad lies.
messes made pure & whole will
chant for a diamond father
o nurses made demure must fill
wide hills with criminal midnights
when once a bud of iron writes
upon keen, mean easy corn, then
meeses made puire & whole must
slant a sappy finger under dust
corneas of men kneel for lust's
rodded bed where blinded lusts
loosen vales into sails
& we ram butters down veils
& we serenade a moon-tailed
budded blooded bread-busts
messes shaved by wool swill
diamantes & venereal windmills
hoh what for a seasoner of celled selves?
hah what now for a killer of blue shelves?
i have frowned at the noon-day heat where
my passing belly daubed farmer's hairs,
o when once i learnt of coded sun-dells
then i jacked my midnight flower..
hoh, what for a seasoner of swelled cells?
hah, what for gold onion-powdered bells?
i have entertained the dark sun-styles
&, as we scream, then i must see dials
jazz-jamming idioms of catty tree-smiles
oh i have the words by heart as if like
a neon hallways crammed with mice
& i will surrender to tilings of red christs
fussy fistulas of fascinating grass hikes
dolly dolers with creamy handle-mikes
we speak from midair as romantics
rock for a moggy mane... laaaahhh
Copyright Jim Bellamy 2019.
This Scarecrow Road (work in progress)    1st draft poem-song..1st poem then poem-song
this scarecrow road, as naped in ghosts as slaughter,
heeds a chilly pumpkin Escariot,
o this midnight halloween-writ raises dolls from water.

as we tread for swinging ghouls, a devil under us
bangs in scarred hands where a puller's night crush
carries a sister's tricky treater of topped carry-cut
snakers of bobbing apple-corspes.

this scarecrow road, as popped in head as stormers,
walks a midnight row.....& crowed devil-dawners
share deadened lips with a bleeded lucifuge...

a winch of fallen gallows tree-hangs old hosts,
a witch of falons mallows a sea-hag's ropes,
& we dig for turniped scissor-wine when bodies

bag mess up in a wasted teasing house of voices.

all-hallows-weave strides this scarecrow road
all-killers-weeds strangle a bruised insect lobe
& toads go down

copyright jdb 2019
'we have the words by heart''.. (work in progress) 1st draft...first poem then poem-song
The doggers of a fined headpiece
cock-krill for scented wheaty fleeces
o, a blonded body of faces
feels for loud nights where ald leases
lend a bald house to a false room
& we suffer gates as gropers swoon
we have the eager dreams by heart-
 the cages of light,
 the rages of christs
o we have the dumb words we knew-
 the stages of night
 the faces of the moved
& we topple grass from third-sight
the doggers of a refined shadow-man
rock kiosks with blind tables
& we summon cunt-lice from gables
& we know the fist-proofed woman
of choppered farms & rotators.
i will always kill god's painters when
arches fail to fall.
a balded vapor of a mad man has to cram
blonded capers down a baby's hands
o a bake of light lops meadows when drams
dazzle us with veins & radios
odes to old sections side with crab-lands
o eyes will suffer wives
& we shall slitter after dyes when lies
yield killed ghosts with spies..
a balded vapor of a sad man has to slam
old grey fanny
& we arise from money when grey lambs
mate with mam & daddy...     Ohh-
we have the words by heart... Ohh-
we hear a blind angel stabbing hard
billers of winter
 & winter delves for mother?
ideal dunny darlings dig a hitting god's spleen
o a sweater for loud starlings
has a berry for a choker-  & we size dreams
& a watery wool-window paws staring
greeny idols who peer inside mental-screens.
once upon a meadow, we saw a nude death
inflaming virgin wives with dolly necks
& we suffer breakfast meads
& we supper after hostels & bunny beads
ideal dunny darlings drag a lipper's scream
o, a digger of a diner's vermin
clasps a killer's cram around an ermined
glass bay where laughing deans
dog-daze a spool of massing missives
ideal chokers chap kine-girls as riders
drop from hips & study worldly drivers
male chatterers of keen choked cherries
lay a stoned marine around family
& a boat of wine toasts death...Oh-
where once we cry for honey then crows
dig for dark wingers
we know the birds by heart; we slow
pockets of feathers underneath sloes
& we brew a mousy gin from clothes
& we know all the birds by heart
male chatterers of mean choke berries
lay a city-spine where gilded oak-darts
abuse a slaver's moon
& we have dangerous sky-throws
& we know all the birds by heart
once aside a tear, we swore for crows
-ah, once aside a sphere, we star-stoved
babby binners with ropes & moon-mauved
doddery ships of scarves..
endlessness weeps for wolfed jams
& i will soften songsters with a musical disease
la eyes will widen
uh skies will seize men
& i will soften songsters with a musical disease..
o the moon looks down upon this mental town
o a noose of starred hooks
expand dogdazers when a bed of rooks
lammers after dolly dillies who burn books
& i will soften songsters with a musical disease
la minds will siren
after menstrual seasons & a fist of old bees
believe in a stinging sea of guilty robed seed.
eyes beshrew the brassic dark .... old umber
rocks a daddy boy as modemed arks thunder for
laid lights & daisy lubes..
Copyright Jim Bellamy 2019.
work in progress -   1st draft -   1st a poem then a song.....speed-written!
i found this jaw on the beach once - O
a candler-cut falls as bad bonces swim for
old caves & redmen
& faces merge with food as war
wends wolves from woollen seamen

& seaskulls rend
waves & wrinklers, & i found a sculled pen
writing winter where wide bulbs drank dead
& gulls, unmade, dream for cold sexspent

& i found this jaw on the beach once &
sexspurts size rex from a peach as old hands
ride to drowny seasleep
& bunny bones break, & drifters slice
salty slaved slaining treechrists, & rice bites
jays & jawed bone

as a molten mongoose grabs glass then light
ignites five spermwings
& madam melds with winds as ghostlife bends

& angels aim for sundials as mirrored sins
slide, & dirty simmerers stun scalding finned
fishy thumbhymns
& orange bakers feed flesh to lemonspind
sopscouring raving cockerskins

my faces fill up as faceless voices load
rodeos & crapping radios

as five seeds drop saline knickers then old roads
ride to oceaned heat
& mysterious meaglers scatter decks as lobes
hear hotgears herd herons with slept meats
& eyes are tapers of meat & growling wheat
merges maces with eyned lids, & rex reaps
razoring blueblind bedmonkeys

i sink a crayon in a bladecunt &
Isis weeps for Wednesday's madweekend sands
& Ingles eat Eyries as eaglers swim sad damned
& lipped folks sail for a hooked banana
& found this jaw on the beach once...?!?

why didn't i go mad earlier!...
copyright 2019
work in progress.....1st draft...1st poem then poem-song...
"I have always washed my hands
(Adolf Hitler, you had Chlamydia?)
This bathroom has running water
Osnaburgh killed Sweden
I have frequently used Night-Nurse
(Adolf Hitler, you had Chlamydia?)
Eva Braun used a candle
Her mind was broken china
I have always washed my hands.
The bathroom holds carbolic
Osnaburg killed Denmark
Eva used the outside loos
These toilets were wooden
These toilets were made from wood
These troughs were sheer wood.
I have often died
I have often cried
The baths were pure gold
I frequently use a candle.
The h/way is sport
Roads trip all around
Eva used carbolic
Hitler had Chlamydia
The h/way is wide open
The h/way is sport
I got drunk on Night-Nurse.
We rode through Rhodes
Manhattan took Berlin
The darker skin was sin
Soap cleansed Venice
Skin became lampshades (apparently).
I saw the round sun
I saw the round moon
Petrol cured Bohn
Drunk Munich was my lather.
I have always used clean water
My daughter was too drunken
Her sex was pale shrunken
Eva pissed her trousers
The Province waged wars
We thrived for mock silver
Cigars fell into our hands
Today, I used a staple-gun
I frequently used a candle.
Not at this time of night
Nor at any time of night
Will violence strike me down
But silence strikes me down
Nor at any time of night
Will severed whitened bones
Break the veins I disowned.
Recently, the prairie moon
Calls me to my living-room
Eva Braun used a candle
Hitler had Chlamydia
These days, my two hands bleed.
I have always washed my face and hands
(Adolf Hitler, you had Chlamydia?)
This bathroom has clear water
My sex was pale shrunken
Himmler was often drunken!
Driver, Berlin was not taken
Do not taunt nor tease
Driver, Berlin was not taken
Do not shoot me, please
Goering was a sinner
O why can't I write god's words?
I used to use a candle?
I have always washed my hands
(Adolf Hitler, you had an STD?)
This week in Bohn seemed fine
I have always washed my mind
Goebbels wore red panties
I got drunk on Night-Nurse.
First we killed the gipsies
Then we killed the Jews (not)
Then we lost the war
And that was the gassing end."
copyright 2019
work in progress.....1st draft...1st a poem then a poem-song..
 title:  RADIO WASTE
as we drool for a fairground accident
we learn of merry--go-rounds
la as we suck cat paws
then a sun of silver sexes after sores
& a cell in winter closes mental towns
& a bell of canes whips and caws
as we drool, o, as we flinch for tors
then a spastic castle must shoot doors,
& as we write to sleep
then swashed silk organs will roar
& a bed of brass has no sun to score
eyes have endless grist & we ward
after cat-caged lemon riches
& as we dream to die then we award
all men & all live
blown bitches.
the causal eyers of an odal wood
weep, weep,
la endless riders revv after blood
& we cry for sleep
& we tear tarry hands from wheat
once, when we jacked, blood heat
slip-stabbed a country under meat
o a sad time was had by all
lo, i sat for wine as sex lost a wall,
the causal eyers of an opal wood
weep, weep,
& we rock a coker as old Gods
dream of heaped
opals under fire dress a bad neck
ahh a spind mind-bin hurt wrecked
babied barked ships
& as families fly
then we widen into a mind..
the emptiness of truth knots sperm with iron
o a scented sea-roof
walks wide waves
&, washed, a bud of newts drinks slaved
body pools
once aside times, we rocked for fools
ah we rode from rest
la we rolled from nests, & a bud-stool
erects a home of kites
the emptiness of truth knots Orion
with vast nuns whose cowling lyon
lessens us with intellective light
& we will turn down the lights
once aside times, we rocked for nudes
ah, eynes whine for ricketers
uh, minds dream for rippers & hooves
crack up, just like pony ploughshares.
we will supper for diners as we eat
a plate of pricks in the dark
o we dine in the ark
& a sun of spun parks ignites sleep
& we pray for nine seasons
once upon a wing, we crisscrossed
buddy vultures withe lemon harts
,, Oh as we slide then we see loss
laying radio-waste to stereo heat
& we will supper for riders as we
heap our gunners under roped beads
& we shall father
all veins & all dives
o ghosts will hang us
lo hosts will force us food
once upon a swing we swung after
devilish kickers of pantied palavers
& as daybreak fell
& as starred hate swelled then mumma
will wallop skied mother?
we will supper for diners as we heap
gilders when purses hearse for cheap
dolly dames..
family flies too high...
melody fears the sky
the crisscrossing serpents on my hill
suck a mollusc from five bared hands
lo, we will ride from merchants of thrills
la, we will don a salty drum
ahhh          Oh  as ices fail, then drills
must serve whippies to kiddy guns
& death is our keen dancer
& dying pigs whose pricked roasters
rotate on a poked porked star-drum's
deafener of tears
we know the names by heart- rancid Suns,
& spaces found inside cut babbies,
fatal dead mamma,
eaten cancers of a grey deadener
the cries are overheard when fear
tramples heaven's father
& we will jack all fathers when
banged bodies build a grave's
cryer of lost gems
the crisscrossing serpents on our hill
wallop glass
., O
the talony teasers of terrifying farms
force a cod down a plumed neck
la, emptied killers eat petrifyers
& we suffer corn as we use calmed
once, drill-saved, a purse of killers
will enhearse the stars under mirrors
& we will cut grey cats
^& we will search for fat
the talony teasers of terrific wrecks
cry out for a fairground accident
the riders of god-cats size decked
digital romeos
ahh when once we die then we slit
phallus-beaten cunny radios
the talony teasers of empty arms
shoot fanny dead.
the honeyed halls of sweetening friends
have left our sun-showered bower behind
daughterers of gin-flowered garden mien
o eyes have plants of minds
o skies heal for bubbled grime,
once a sad day, i forget death's grind
& we grind deaths down
oh we swing from town as lost times
dollop gins under wavers
the honeyed malls of sweetened friends
have laid a gangster on a crime
o we race from rest
o we chase green desks & sexers
shut seedy jams in a drawer as killers
crumble then break,,
we have known the names by heart:
the ashen moans of flame,
the waxen groans of emptied rain
,. all things are known
 all dreams seem stoned.
herophants of nature bathe under us
,   Oh we are the riders of cunt-pus
We bruise up god's hearts
O we soothe deaths with planets ,- Where pubs
pull ghost fountains
then a bill of rain must trip where closed love
weeps for drunken silver.
we widen into rain as we listen to drugged
body boxers
o, a mind of pain helters when givers
sky-grease a maidened river to killers
We bruised god's charts
O, we move sex as we hand-pollute
A feast of veins with finger-roots
The trendy tearers of Kaplan shoot
all grey gunners from a ship,   O, suits
are dry-cleaned till dead
^& we hire hordes where hens abed
chant a mantra for a lilly cause
We bruise up God's old darts
Lo we heed death as cities under wards
Dunk pyschotics in a ginny daubed
Hospital of stars.
We have told you before about Mars
,, />?
when melon glass hears a bad bed of snails
made slurpy as salt rain
then a bunt of mash sizzles for shroudsails
la    once aside pain, we treated lost gain
& a bun of ties pushed a bad blouse where
memory gave shits to water.
O a bone of twine hangs the hour when
bladers of scammed tribes
dog after silly dunny ambulance-wives
& a stoat of four creates a poo-cake
& a loaf of lime scatters deathly dives
underneath greying vinegar stakes.
when melon glass hears a sad head wail
then the mournings of dead trees
teeter where green-gloved beddy-bleeds
lady-land;   & ald eynes in wine breeds
chestnut voices from swaggering vales
i like to slit my largest finger......Oh
does christ live for old vinegar?
oo blue brained olive vixens yap at the moon's
canine blinded country
o, screw stained chimping kitchens
carry mods where apples swing
& a bedded train of miction cries where counties
park a giddy empress in the rain
when we sell a summit then we heed pain
la, where once we sear planets then red reins
willl trammel sexes down
oo blue brained olive vixens yap at the stars
ah, we appear dammed by dollies
oh, we appear to own nuked brollies
& a vine of night knots salt-seed where cars
crusade for veiled dotty vans.
ahhhh we mack after tarmac -  la, blue calves
balance scissor bones upon sad daddies
& a daff of light swipes a bell from cock-cards
& we snap duned breath
& sweet breaths brag after donkey wheat
oo blue brained olive vixens prey on noon's
fuzzy late-lunch sleepers
oh  a corded clap of creepers drugs rooms
& a spell of day fazes under winter-meters
eyes inside eyes must board a nude banshee
&, loaved, ties scuffle swards
&, rogued, suiters suckle roxette baby
& down, down comes the baby
& drowned, drowned cries the Lady.
i have seen the boys of men wed to rubies
- & i know right now that worlds are dead
 emptiers of germy girls sweat
 & king-killers stone grey debt
i am the crawler of a magneto flower
o i am the father of magenta salt-power
& eyes are plowed under sweet towers
Copyright Jim Bellamy 2019.
work in progress......1st poem then poem-song...1st draft (speed written)
title: c/o filmic hands
the budded bakers of emptiness force wheat to die
o, a cake of lovers
sinks a knife into shutters & we swim for bread-brides
once aside of the true mad me, i heard a bun of lives
feeding matches to dog-men
& eyes bid goodbye to vast vacant vineyards?
the budded bakers of emptiness force wheat to lie
against rawled rampaging screens.

the doggerel pissers push from paper has salt-eyes
widening guns into volts
lo, a cockerel hisses when budded blown seasides
slide from shingle-islands

once aside the sad & the blue, we heard about wives
& we awoke to face the lungs within
shortening wolf-widowers of winter sin...

the budded breakers of endlessness feel for eyes
ah, a cake of cusped feathers
famishes sweeties with foam rizlas
& we slice into skates as optical dancers arise
deeply down where sotto kissers
star-create dogdazzled kissy floe-weavers.
once, as times died, i saw our riders come to
a weariness of salad-sense
& the road i shed has no kerbs to climb..  oo
the budded breakers of friendlessness move
scarring fits to hot furred tears
After the death of hands there is no truth?

jazzy jumping hatred softnens naked prayers
la fizzy hunting heltered wasters of snares
fawn to fits & eyes in stasis blind snared
grand epileptic foreign spaces
the budded breaths of shakers feel for trimmed
tawny oaken slide-seed
o a horse of pine rides for steeds as spun winds
weave webs for a pled pawned pony-spider
jazzy bunting dread beds dream for latrines as
a bone of beauty skull-expands
odd girls who piece a pussy with old flans.,
as cute as a cavvy, we weep for cat-scans

whilst cawing at a screen, we saw a bad birdy
crying at the edge of night
la, as we suffered dreams, we saw a mad girly
winging dark selves to curs
& a dog under lemons walks for a cat-swerved
tail-headed baby human.

once aside faked times, we burned reasons
la a bowl of silver shops a tree of treasons
& a bud of knicks
has no husband to whip.
o when a clawing at dreams, i saw honey
creeping silently down a sweet screen.


an avenue of sadness rode our lovely road
where, fallen, a shadow in a rose
raised a river's shine
oh, as we dined on lost souls then we slowed
down, down,
once upon a lost mind, i held my hand to you,
but you loved me before i was dead,
& i loved you more when deadess crooned
a wide world of fled fire has our kissings
crying for a book in a romantic inglenook,
eyes will have to widen to blindness-  Truth
will always come between us?, Ah!
this cold heart i know has no true lost father
o, a soul under crows
carries carrion to Rhodes
& as we sink red robes inside dead lucre
then we pay a poppy for a prize.

once aside times, we pocket passing rogues
oh, a sea of pimped wine
drinks to a gold mind
^& as valleys fail, then we suffer after
bodices of flayers.  Ah, under farters
we stagger as we shit indoors
this gold heart we know has no lover
& a crowing tomb of frauds
falsifies endless love..

carriers of vermin rock for drugged
vampiric blather Gods?

as we must chew bats until dawn
then sizzlers will rotate upon thorns
o as wizards move, then blue storms
will extract lust from endlessness
& blithe sky smooths clouded hair
oh a bird of eyes
widens where a citadel of prayer
loosens bells with roman wives
the sun is torn today.  Oh, cries
flash inside healed hands

as we must chew bats then scorn
hastens to cut all lies away.

we have to witness now the darkness of love's whine
o the swaying trees moan like a God
, -slayers of bees sting stone;-  oh, a rotunda rhymes
deadly sex with mad minds
& the slim world is emptied of its poetry
& the spind winds are endlesss as family
we have to undergo the dizzy stars of Man -  Huh,
as motels burn, then a ruby car must summon tar
\O, a rack of sleep sunders summers as pans
reach out for plumed treacles & roasted drams..
eyes will silence wide wolves where coda rams
pokey seed down the ruins of a loaded dram
& the doctorings of blind shadow grit cunt-clams
we have to forgo all city gorgons as we cram
coastal kissers with listening listless lippy-lands
- ahh a lantern is made from loud city embers
- laa

dancing teasers trample tusks when Decembers
teeter for planet Easter..

we abide with the film of a different hour
here, in love's purple cinema
o we ride with the screen of a Digital tower
here, inside love's purple reel

la, the swollen audience to death has power
plowing off a pulling pisser of a movie

& the reeling wheel goes West
& the hills of a kinema death fall into a

clairaudient maze of leprous lippies..

we will abide with the film of a distant
vastness of lost usherettes & filmy diffidence

o a bone of glass uses a fast forced scream
to bedazzle dummy gentlemen's old camera
the audience seems recusant as mind-talkies
raise slid seducers with mauving mind-beams
oh we will heed a world of active zine stars;
& ghosts must give head to fantastic cinema

Copyright JD bellamy 2019
 work-in-progress.... title: c/o coptic crazy days.....1st poem then poem-song..speed-written
the screwed velvetines of a funnel-weaved hall
suck a pretty slut-nut
o, a moody sea of dreams liqours after walled
beddy cock-cups
& a bell of hasps heals over when a sun's stall
drops bad faces
when a biddy burns, then a clasper of balls
swings along a doorway
& a blind of brogues rolls after gay graves
then a bastard p-liceman arrests net slaves
eyes in wives wipe a watch from a ground
lunar city where wifelings pierce a drowned
blonded bay of haired kids
the screwed velvetines of a funneller's caul
crashes, crashes
uh    i have seen baddies burn & burn..Drawl
daggers into city danger
these coptic crazy days where i wrote my name
listens to beds of slaves
o a bairn of brass sinks a cotted pocket & pain
tramples dirt into kitchens
., & we hold a bald heart to miction as veins
wallop cancered graves
once, when i held my head, i dreamt of sex
o the beds of mussions were raped there
&, launched by deaths, i dropped a cat where
a museum of faces
stopped dicks under laces
o these coptic crazy days merge aside pain
& i ravel into minds
& i sermon for a demoned spine
has liberties for a girl's rhymes
these are the paper chases i chose to
delimit into sauce
 & i remember mummy when i choose to
recollect death's dummy,
the rude rulers of rended lakes must hide
aside a wife
o the stooled sealers of rended drapes writhe
& i am sent to cruel sleep
& i am vended to nude wheat
o  we fail to fall when a wine-van's heaps
heal over
eyes entertain glamour as a cockered christ
cross-creates a bed of plovers
o as women fly, then gentlemen who write
upon red corn
must extend a balded arm inside midnights
the rude rulers of rended lakes must hide
aside salt mice
o where silence glows, then violence rides
under earths where searing christs
ends in grease.
the parambulars of piercing pills peer into
a wall of flavoured nudes
o a sea of canners crashes... O, sky-nudes
knock upon death's daub
. & once upon a mind, we searched for ashes
 & when once a bone of glass
 stoppered smashed faces
then a bell of ice rings a tocsin from stasis
the eager eyes of blood bang gasps & laces
 suck a sluttered nut,
& we will learn of tears when gold
rocks a rollering river of panny poled
body slackeners..
the wide openers of wolves sweat for tooled
figgy foals of pony pushers
ah, eyes whiten & a cell of riders star-fools
emperies of flashes with sealed flowers
the parambulars of pissing pills peer into
rollers of kiddy necks
& we raise a roman from a sea-wreck
& wer have roses with opened sea-decks
the world is atoned by unearthly pecks..
the napes of sin pull a berry from thin air
o, we do down the cherries
& cagey ghosts glitter under ferries
& a bed of masks rots for skinned hairs
eyes centre dust under whirring glass
. , & skies burn up
  & brides spin round
 & buzzy babies suck glass
& we heed messy dreamers as the past
wallops clocks with sluts
wallers of wept wallets spend dear dust
. - & as we warm bullets, then red musk
 must ripen salts from flour.
we bake a faked cake when towers
teeter into darkness..
o do down down the derry o do down the buried air
o do down the berry
la, cum do down the deli
me & madam wife have labelled dogs with ferries
& we will jack life's fading snare
o do down the derry o do down the buried hair
o do down the biddy
la, cum shoot a burned city
eyes have never seen such hot cruel embers when
we do down the derry
easter riders rampage for sadness...Oh, chicken
dollop dolour on a daisy
& we do down the derry as we do down baby
the tallness of lady grits grasp for mental Hades
o a star of masks
heaps a whore when pissers sock the Past
we do down the deli  Ohh
we do down the buried,..
i espy closed grass smoking flavas as clasps
do all cherries in.
the motherers of mad mien vamp after sugar sin
o the wiveners of sad men
meld ghosts with moneys
 & we grip to spun sin where old babies
 die in a salted stable..
once upon a mind in mad whorl i saw odd cherries
chaffing upon burned books of saline cradles
o a bonce of glass heaps the past
o a cunt of grass farts aside the hissing vast
families of dirtied silvers...
the motherers of mod mien cramp gas with hymns
o the wiveners of bad gems
swell up, up, up...
i have seeded after sweet perms when blind sluts
softened under bleeded body-tuts..
The moony vixens of a breeding tail track down
dollies of spreaded towns
o a wife of ravens moves ceilings where clowns
cluster cavvies under Downs
& a psychic circus rotates under a drowned
villa of vines & nunnneries
o a starry sea-servant stoppers glass as babies
rob a robin of blue countries
once aside a wide mind, i listened to old rubies
o as brides burned, i saw a pisser of lost doobies
draggling glitter glass with hooky hands
& moony vixens of a breeding vale track down
diddies of naked crowns
& we stride into sounds as if rended from
dizzy cat-lusts...
i empty my balls inside cunny phlegem when
a box of bounces darken kids with old women
the endos of the eaten death-herald a bus of sharks
o the sun dives where the leaded corrals in the park
body a bum of semen into salt rain
& endos of beaten beds heat a coker as red grain
tramples filth into kitchens
the wiveners of the West saw thumbs when veins
scatter boned wine aside a bomb of bled trained
biddy baggers of bastard grime
& we sleep for snout
& we reap salt-louts
& babiers of bonny mouths swallow god's lungs
wideners of weepies sweet coke from a gun
ohh a bladderer of creamy sweet soap cums
deeply down where velvet vast mien thrums for
ground coda of lost limbers of grey giddy gauze.
& endos of the eaten death-herald a bus of harped
as we sneek away from dilly graves then sops
don a bum from a shroud-sail..
o exorcised by a febrile lip, we ghost the dead away
o set in minds by a female slit, we slide aside graves
& a bed of mice tail-knot a baby of lost days     O
we sac after dregs as the star-larks of thed dead raid
braided bodies of bones & samphires
once, as we rode to sleep, a blithe city vampire
lashered with spind heat the buddies of sea-spired
doggy ash-horses who
doll a donny drag-dude from vales & palor blue
o exorcised by a febrile lip, we ghost the dead away
o a set in rolled minds, we dug for a heart of decades
& we swallowed broods from dizzy glasses & lays
slopped us out...
i entreat the swallowers of snappered heaven...
Copyright Jim Bellamy 2019.
work in progress  TITLED: glans hasp....1st draft..1st a poem then a poem-song...
sea-shot, i strode aside delvers of sex,
eyed, i roped robes as
doll-dried fissures foamed under glass
& a city's bends
heralds whorers from bitumen
wedded train-stops sink into grass
& a famer of a featured failure
drops, drops
sun-shaped, i strode aside rivered mess
& tines crack now.
the wintry hands & feet of a dead whorl
supper for ramming heat
o a naked narna knots creeps  ...Oh, girls
say No!
eyes sullenise dead cages as guilt curls
deeply down in a glans-hasp
we suffer poled positions as parters
pallaver after naked foisons, & hearters
heap a gamey mask
the wintry hands & feet of a dead world
wallop sticks with dead-bedded casks..
sea-shot, i strode aside a raining deck
la, eyed eyes stride aside
blonded bully graves
& a teemer of wasp-brides sup for lies
once we move inside, then church-cries
will cetainly writhe like a spire
oh, Noah's naked ripper raises lies.
rekindlers of rizlas roll a faggy tides
o a rekindling jonah-dove raises tithes
& a tensured nostril heaps
raping body-sleep.
once we move inside of us, then wheat
will cut a cropper's circle from reaped
Abel ride...
we have the salty names by heart.
the dangerous fields where i made love's name
whip after lost flowers
oh, a city of weals snares the grave
oh, a mind of reels ravels under trades
oh, a video of digitalis mentalises towers
once we have cried, then we must shed flame,
once we have tried, then we must yield pain
 ah, a bone of glass hisses under
 dunny glues & faceless thunder
the dangerous fields where i made love's name
drops now inside death's parapets
the doggers of darkness draggle a pisser from
dollies & danglers
o, a brolly of sadness drinks rain from guns
& we raise a crag for
white flags & prison-wards
this idle season, where stars crawl, suns
must shine just like one zillion drummed
& a sea of pop wil drink a clock's cum
the doggers of darkness draggle a sister from
rolly-poly pussy lungs
& we have fishy toes & we abuse dung.
this eaten web of tears thrum-minds war,
this beaten dreg toasts spheres
& we may listen to Osiris as glass paws
claw dreamed fires away,-
weepers of sexy resins move the grave
dervishes of dizzy dirty pants don cloud-sails,
odes to silly sea-tramps trackle like a vale
oh we earned hot money when
we sold sex bodies to wine. We will upend
doggers of killed canvas-crime.
once we have lost times, then a dead friend
will summon its ghost from a nave
& a don of Pan pisses into graves as staves
sink a cunty-wunt into a rammer
dervishes drag for banshees when vales
stirrup for a golden goose whose red rails
sink money into fires
we have the crooked names by heart,-
as we hasten death, then we suffer carped
body banisters.....................Lo!,,
the starry snickerer of gabbly ghosts grip
to a snaily shop of hot baby
o a starry sunner smashes sappers as lips
lock a doddy worm
we have the widow-words by heart... Hits
scatter hips as a hocus bird sears rits
,, & we lap a logger
   & we poke a pissy puller with slits
starry spiral summers sun-shape perms,
i heap a rival's lover with fanged ferns
& we jack for red babies.
rubicund scarp-slakers shape terns
& tyburns & elms axe a cock-burned
blonder of a brine-belted sweet toddy,
noddy mien notices Ides as old sperm
snaps a blind crow's satanic shroud-urn
laddies of mystery bone-burn old money,
babies of history story-tell gold family
&, oo, as winos flower, then green dairies
salt a soury table with torn lips
wivers of melodies stone-swarm tits,-
& ivories strip grey drones as aviaries
sucker for closed clowns...Oh, ovaries
suffer male brusied balls
& a tide of trucklers treat a gay dolls
laddies of mystery bone nuked rubies,
travellers bomb diallers of apiaries
we have dollared after muff as stalls
staple a brain to a clifftop's gay fall
eaters of baddies drape for cut cauls
& a bonce of bitter blood
breaks a shatterer-    ,, Ah, we call
out aloud, but daddy doesn't hear us
massive bred halls where i yelled love's name
taps on a liquid stall
ah, stained dope on my hands fed me rain
& a dream of dying sold me
fast ropes & acid trees
we will eat upon a vast onion as blue grain
teeters underneath cavvies of ghost-veins
& i am spread on a latch
& i am spreadeagled under cold trains
& eyes burn up, up
& skies storm a rainy female nut.
massive breaders of fast ovens see pain
prying for groped fat fingers
& eyes in wives sweep a mirror
& dives under cries creep deep under
rolly earths that jack my Father
mastiffs in red shawls rotate across
blue headed soft lubber
& we raise a ruby from a land-tossed
biddy bay filled with goddick's mamma
Ohh tuttered turtlers trip for tonguers
ahhh mutterers of Hitlers kill flavours
& eyes under dunny slides
season slammers with naked fat drives
endlessness will stopper as when dives
run aside when a blown city sea-rides
into                       NOTHING!!!!
hifalutin fuzzy faces drink from a toilet-bowl
lo, a swing wagger by a sink
hoists a shark-shoved cavern of toot-owls
uh, & eyes slink from sex as wiveners link
doggy chained plates to funereal soft souls,
once upon sweet brine, i saw mad ink
dottering after a vulture made from kinked
dolly butter
& a cat of christs grinds bulllied shitters
with slave-spoken fish-fined ball-litters
hifalutin fuzzy faces drink from a latrine
o a bust of silver swipe smiles from ravined
tangerine corpsing mamma
this side of a dark bed, goddess carries
wicked Albion when a sweet gal marries
ingenous madam magpie..
Copyright Jim Bellamy 2019.
titled: the easy colours of the strangled rain....1st poem then poem-song ...1st draft
 the easy colours of the strangled rain
cuts the veins we tread
& a wintry summer brightens pain..
the answers to the cold heat pain
& a chilling summer flows for stained
body music. oh

the easy dolor of red strangled trains
jackknife under red-green sun-trips...
lunar sins burns where stasis strips
deaths from backdoors.. Omm.

good windows may well scatter glass,
sad meadows may well shatter grass
& a salty signet which dons the past
must surely drop the targets?

wow, eyes heap dives as bound masks
crash where faces flail...Oh, the past
answers to the dark.....Oh, a car's cast
falls from dragnets
good meadows may well split lips
but a bed of lions may never roar..

what with buns in the cistern & silk-lips down the u-bend,
we must trust no-one
la, we suffer suns
la, we hear old guns shooting a hollower's sex-drum
a bad bounce of whores widens inside salt seasons
& we dance aside naked fire
what with cakes in cage & milk-strips under men
we must care for liars?

the sweeteners of deep sex has a fishy end
o a digger of blown old sleep
suppers after dogs in transit...

eyes hear deaf riders where soft hens
lay duped egg... O, radios under bends
body a scarf of grey lips...

& as ashen wolverines cut women then
lavatorial laughter will die under children

these rended nights when i cannot dream
have all slept riders stalled
~& as reason falls, then a bladed mall
must dine in utmost silence
& we hear red rain
& we die once again.

keen kudos rules the waves of dolls,
dreamer's break slept rules
& a bone of grass drops cold stools
& we hear music cumming
out of la muba lays.
we will shop god's grave when fools
cry for clowned rage
oh the times will rave?

the souring pelmet of a pussy pealer
holds bad breasts in nets
,& a bod of blasts brags after wrecks
& a bed of silver peacock-scissors
cut a blue hand
cunny king men shaft a bairn when
vampy cocking horses ram old gin
& we slice a pox as a don of sins
lappers for idiotic castles.

o scourers of helmets cream limbs
then we jack a rager's lean hymns
tidied tidal volleys fasten fardels
& we parcel nicks where candles
stop to drug a blind body's spind sin
huh huh  o yay

the nude makers of women don a salt-shroud
o the rude sea-shakers of death's nude cloud
& pukers of salt-makers send a sweet crowd
where, lost, a bummy breaker rends
bad crows & flashes.

a dummy rattler dislocates hot rashes,
a thrum of cattlers cock-crane for u-bends
^& we put a teacakes in the cistern
& we sink some silk-drapes underneath
blithe blue stinking lavatories.
the rude rapers of dirt sin don a shirt
-&, as we sweep old skirts, then Harpes
will sink a scissor bunyip against flirts
& we pin a penis on a mule-canals..

a dreamy scatterer swallows salt-crowds
~& we crow down a pinny moon?

i have seen sin come at day as mouths
sweep a lilter's tongue from old shouts
& crashed men cry as lolly cocoons
shatter god's easy butter flitter.

what with a penis under a city lorry, i will find
a bodice of dirtying cunny wodes
drinking from a toilet-bowl
la, where Aladdin strikes, then a sea of coals
sets light to ailmless chained minds
oh once aside sex we saw a cat-man fold
lemon lemurs into city cold
then we struck a closed cock.. Ahh, times
trip on vagina hill
& a wave of wasps stings a bee's thrill
what with penis under a naked toddy, ice
must toast a cunt with carring dick-christ
& we toe for fists
& we flow like lips.    O, when we write
christ's closed word then we hire
hopper highs from biblical bone-briars
I must enter into gloom's dirty silence
& rape's music drinks my void?

the greedy gallop of a geesy man has nine hands
o we sail for birds
& a dell of goyals widen for pierced sea-tans
once, as we pickled sex, we jazzed for clams
o we are to swivel each to each under Rams
a greedy gallery of ghosts bleeds for islands
o a dog-pisser belll-baits candy fish-sirens
& we rope a deli
& we suck a chopped bald cherry...

where a cross deepens into halls then wrens
must supper for an invisible world war.
huh hu huh


.written today...