more speed-written songs!!

title: the crisscrossing madam heart of the dead & killed

1st draft           1st poem then song poem...


the crisscrossing madam heart of the dead & killed
will summon us as we cut the fields
o a crucified mad Adam who roams aside yields
will supper after necks & stoned hills

when once a whipper of the dark strips the thrilled
then a mind of butter heaps a gangled sun-spill
o a crucified salt siren sweeps a bell under illed
herod sergeants
the crisscrossing madam heart of the dead & killed
will suffer after blind midnights
& a bone of rills will snapper after mad star-dils
& we raisea romans from a rill of hand-bites
dolly roller roses rope traipsed rapes when mites
weevil after diggers of blind blights

the crisscrossing macadam in my heart heaps dust
underneath psalms of easy prisons
o eaters of golden bludgeons blood off prisms with
neat-bedded early missions
& a bone of ash feeds a furly dog as catty kids
unicorn valleys valisse for evil horns as sold towns
wallop hurtled heated cities
o a van of lice lops old babies
laa    i hear a rat boy helling after gem-towns
&, abed with cars, we poke poem-clowns
the crisscrossing macadam in my heart heaps dust
days deep where devil phantoms hear horse-husks
..drop like lust

when once a massing mind-clique claps red rain
then herdes of sun-crashing scissor snaps feel rain
o a bird of dust cries at the edge of night
o a life of cusps cries at the face of mad lights
the crisscrossing macadam of a my heart hears
a laden lady liar lying after Herod's kidded fears
& a child of robes
dons a fast rose when a baker of gilded tears
fells a mind with blinded wipes
this side of furled rain, we will sense a train
riding under slittings where a widened skein
mines after dolly hearts whose lilly lost brain
tramples every single wife
when once a massing mind-clique raps red Spain
then doggers of trained jesus
cram-cuts a suit of robes with fairy Judas.. Grain
grips to winter seizures
& a bell of beds rings rings around gold rizlas

a rat from roman reason rides aside gold sirens
o  cat from indolent treason
heaps hats up highs where the summers of legion
chap after latrines
o a rat from roman tribes ride aside old ravines
& we toast a bat when
a bed of oats cuts keen dreams from grey dreams
crisscrossed, a curvy mister raises ropes high.-
this side of selves, a dunny sister ropes spied
sandy massed mien
a rat from roman reason writhes aside diamonds
& as eyes heap eyes, then a vinyl record pie-man
builds a rick of ribs from lecterns under red-rain
when once we study sex then we come to stain
peacock piles with muddy nude molls
oh, as infants style pigs, then a fig of fast dolls
dollops rivers under fanny foals
crisscrossed, a curvy kisser raises ropes high
& we do what's done to men
& we listen to old women

the trippers of hot minds melt under soft crows
o, a cornice of shot spines
breaks sound
o lippers of soft wynds pelt thunderous crones
& we listen to easy mamma
when once we dig for rooms then we stone
olden waxy widows with candle-bones
la  we harp for cats when a pig under drones
carries bad boys far West
the strippers of red minds sunder soft lobes
& we supper for a mood
o we hip after fed nudes
& a hissing mine digs for naked sky-roods
& we give greased head to female roads
crisscrossing, a cage of wine toasts toads
& a bell of chants
chants the mantrum where a cell of code
dies, dies,

jumping jazzy gaolers nip for locked sky
a rat out of jail jams a jacking cliff
oh a slit of girl-hands give rise to lips
oh a spine of gal-brands whn old hits
heap a body in a train

a rat out of veils lands a crazy mist
ah, when once flowers ram lazy mits
then bodies under monkeys seize hips
& a bone of blinds
sea-hangs starry wynd
crisscrossing.a bat of bines bollocks
after five seasons where old crock
carries jewels under sullen cold cocks
& we winkle after moonish sea-slots
& we sink a valley into money
these days, where a teary junkey
sweats selves from Ides, raw honey
jams prism boards & ruddy delis


the visual vast sails of a cunny tree
locks missions into beads
-this side of youth, where burnt high teas
swallow fat,
a windower of rats traps closed leaves
a catkin on its side has eyes for sleeves
o & we will rock
every single side of the dock
the visual vast sails of a cunny tree
races down to a pearled sea
& eyes in skies glow just like a bee

leaping leotard lady lashes a weeping
wide world where dogged caps seize
a bunny wolf from the midnight seas
la    when once a bunch of fast leaves
locls a spermy fist around the sleeping
then a cat of bats must catch ceilings
hatching fire to naked purple sleeves
once above a time, we heard dweebs
weeviling around a narrow earth-..
coded salt seed shaped us as birth
serenades noon-light with night-birth

leaping leotard lady lashes a weeping
wild world where dug dugs stop wine
mazy naked hoards hip after vined
smokey tonsures of canine sea-blind
buddy calves.
& cava clambers christs into dives
& karma clambers mice into drives

the day when we saw a red-eyed hero
abusing a stereo yoyo,
i, slashed around, donned a poncho
& a sea of mites stings furry zero
massing moonshine
when once a dog of earth heaps us
nder nuked naked star-cosines
then we will snap guns across lust
& a vast vampy river under dusk has
odes to ogres

the day when we saw a red-eyed hero
abusiing a stereo meadow
then a digital smelt sun-slot hears us
winding down windows under shadow
I have used a feline trampoline where
dated city gods creep under hair
wow, what with a wintry pin-kid
shavin' hands with wine
we will surely rid ourselves of times
& a bended cliff aside a mind
digs for doggy jams where old figs
shine just like a woman
the diggered star-fire jabs drams
, o  where height moves, then edams
swing belfries out of nunneries
& a host of lips float upon sedans
& we whip our washing clean?.
saddlers of candlemas crashes
oo weary saviours open flashes &
a rat from a gaol's ribband
softens bats with diesel grails
eyes supper Ides when dreams
dam a wheezy easy car-screen..


written yesterday

* jdb 2019..

 title: c/o illegal city bends

1st draft        1st poem then song-poem


o a widener of wolfing mushrooms
jeers at polished bedrooms,
o a silence under killings sees noon
awaking to understand
hot mawing beds that spin in sand
o & we sleep for rest when runes
rope poetry stereo to closed spoons
ah, as we suffer salt sounds
then a helter of mamma surrounds
dark deaths where a blind clown is
stopped, by pure fire.

& a widnener of wolfing glassrooms
must peer inside demure pyres;
& we dance for grey lies as choirs
ignite city bends
o as we creep to sleep then we tire
for sufferers of pushy dream-fires;
& a sad mad look will walk de fires
& a boat of dads
will hurl love's oars away
for one screened day & forever?

where jacking jumper-men send dust
outside a red world
then a bone of pearls will send musk
where, looped, a disc of tusks
rocks all dreamt blue girls

o a bomb of wine ignites for old
golden fools
o  a seat of brine leaps as souls
swallow blue gals
where jacking jumper-men send dust
outside a gripped whorl
then blonde beezers bag curls


adjoined at the knees, a dying active mermaid
drops her blind sea inside a grave
o idolised by old bees, a dying active mermaid
drops her salty tail
once upon wine, a fisherman of old grails
dabbled after sea-hissers under sails
& snappy rafters gafter after blue waves

adjoined at the leaves, a dying active rider
raises endless storm-clouds from fevers
eyes under eyes eat dregs as old killers
die, die, die
where jacking juniper men seal lips
then a bod of honey polllenates ships
o, a boat of blood
hangs veins from dreamt drugs when
a vasness of vales vamps for gemmed
gravy loves
ah, a baby in a flower drops drugs
ah, a buddy in caked bowers mugs
coded Teresias....
odd wrinkled dugs feed Teresias
huh  drinking pugs peal Teresias
& Teresias plays dead?..


we wallop coded clouds-
we gallop for rolled crowds-
once aside whores, we summoned sex,
& a wall of radios
falls, falls

^& wallop robed clouds with
easy eaten riflers.    Ah,, cribs
carry cunny where
bobbies arrest thinned hair

wives under wives ooze kids
underneath nightly hurt air
& we swing for meaty pigs

where jacking bolt-men make sleep
hiss in bed
then a dog of cavvies eats quiet wheat
& a cage on a stage has sex
bragging for guinea-stink    Oh, death
drops rats in a bath
straggglers of acid rafts ram rest's
easy tranquil vein
oh a nick of pain sours dark nets
& rats may well stain
sugar mice with sea-skeins
where jacking vault-men shake sleep
then a dolly with soft brains
will scatter brollies against heat's
videoed idiot sweated mask..


ponchos with pogos pee against a church-wall
la, as kids cry for christs
then a bench of old wives
fish for navy stall-eaters, Oh, opened light
leaps a ghost where dizzy killers
inside a tangerine town we towel altarlife
aside from owl-lit magnum nudes
la a vest on a cowl raps against nudes
& a sexy villa heaps houses where night
drops a glued gun
wow, pens with ink stink of dyslexic
body blows
wow, piggies on the brink seize crows
& a ghost of Israel
murders evil Nazi vein-grails
aside a tangerine town, we towel gayness
but naked nuclear straight men hear
golden aiders of cocked advisors
o we strip after guns as penis riders
shave gals down
ponchos with pogos pee against a church-wall
& we rise as we crawl

the rookers of radio rainbows reap after
salty claves where bat-beds swam for fathers
o, a dog of breasts
walked hisself where radio pink-crows net
a raven on a crest

once aside decks, we snared a bird-flex
ah we pray for wrecks
& a spool of pure fire shits upon slips
& as times burn, then wide whips

heed spunk where dizzy grey gnits
supper on boiled human hair.... Grips
slash on ice as a bather of aired lips

wallows after bad birchers....  Laaa
all light must end when coded cars
light a spent ignition

oh i have glistened for the lunar fathers
oh eyes have missioned for
coded coda Leda
& we ride a sawn swan when whores
widen into Zeus-fever
laaa forever & ever, i will see wards
ramming down the Bethlem powders
& wide wives burn after
Andromeda & eager Hector...

oh i have glistened for the lunar mamma
ohm eyes under me have scored
bad body blows beneath coded gourdes
& we chant the mantra when words
fall like dumb-beaked easy chickens
la la  la....

Forever & eternally more, kitchens
will arise from steely dammed lungs
& a bummy bear sucks false honeys
from spectres whose haunted guns

shoot phantoms stone-dead... Uh?

the lesions of the dead & drained
hire razors from old beds
^&, sun-stalled, we hear of grain
&, gun-galled, we listen to breads
& the stations of death's factories
greases up love with lime-laundary
the rhythms of  the dead are stained
under radios which swing for rain
& a blind of wizeners rings veins
aside of mutes where coda maims
trainywards with cavvy geese
the lesions of the dead & drained
hire razors from old beds
oh baby hay-golds take famlies
under bagging fires,.,. O, apiaries
bomb bitten samphires when devs
drink to the dirts of lady Gods
emptiers of blind cathedrals stop


the easy eating launderette where i cleansed
me and gemmy germs
have now my screaming head-set under
natty drapes & curtains
o a bay of ferns flashes ashes under seed
o a grave of perms lashes hashes under weed
& a sawn splayed city heaps bends
outside-in where natrons swing for dead-ends
the easy eaters of washed crowds are
sent to lazy sleep where a bed of soap-cars
hiss & twirlaround.. Ah i feed soup-jars
to bevvies of broken beels & foamy rivers
wow, once we have learnt of lies then tar
will surely blow the head of a pinnace
& we take our facelss pinance into card
& we whip napes with a naked blue-scarred
wedded optic body..
o a bay of burns bakes a tawny bud for a
naked eagle-heap of fawned floes & calves
this side of a scream, we respire for tarred
body breaks..
underneath caned cake, an urban dummy
is wound where the mummy cloths are
wrapped about bronzed giddy spitters
accidental phlegm was paved with scars,-
a romantic jewel-den saws in halves
the lilting lemon press of a draggy heart
some let me tell you of the TV's dart
some let me tell you of carts,
some let me sell you the radio arch,-
o some tell me of visual brided sparks
the easy nail-vanished scraped cross
drops to Mary's sleeves

jdb written yesterday

jdb 2019


title: c/o a chilled car-death               1st draft  1st poem then song-poem


a windscreen of flowers glisters for
gardens of pure scented wars
&, oh, as we sail against wards then
a windscreen of sin thunder-swims
underneath emeralds & bitumen

when once a signet of pure glass
shrivels into empty masques, then
mamma will wed her dead son's
burning swiped head-gun

& windscreens of flowers flicker,
& a sea of grails
vale-valleys into intercity kickers,
oh, we laid our feelings down,
ah, we laid our power for sound
&, duped, we raided tangy town

the diggers of the easy dead will
outspread emptied sexy bread- O,
a dome of ghosts car-crashes;
& blinded meadowers swill
cackling coal-tar scissor thrills
when once we burn, then furling tars
must weaken under rain
&, lashed, a house of veinous scars
star-lighten trees with pain

& windscreens of flowers flicker
& a sea of grails
vale-valleys into intercity kickers,
oh, we laid our feelings down
ah, we laid a tower for sound
&, nuked, we raided tangy town

the punishers of bread dam kills
& sex goes on the run
& deaths slides under spun lungs

a windscreen of flowers shatters under
sweated splintered sex
o, centaurs of killers crash for wonder
& a bed of mirrors
mentalises old car-death

once upon a mind, i learned of cells
o as suns grind, then wedded bells
sink wideners into forced signalled
body wrecks
a windscreen of flowers scraps pus
ah, a bed of sea-showers
wallops sunken glass- Oh, red lust

eats rolled reminders of lost trust
& a windscreen of flowers flickers
& a sea of grails
vale-valleys into kickers
...ohh we laid our feelings down
ah, we laid a tower for sound
&, nuked, we raid the tangy town.
are we on the nightship?!!!

jdb 2019


coalface crucifixion (with thanks to Billy Joel?)

              a lament i wrote in 1997..

It's no fun being old, when the nights are cold
and the bees in the hive no longer sing.
It's no fun being old, when the nights are rolled
in a bottle of ale and a coal-face wind.
When time began, there were fashions to try,
but, underground, life's pit denies;
as night follows day, the miner's eye
is all that gleams as the black hill's spy.
It's no fun being old: recollections of young men
snarl around the slack as old age rends.
It's no fun being old: recollections of young men
snarl and snap the back as coal-seams end.
I do not want what I have not got:
soot-black to my bones, I do not want a thing.
I do not want what I have not got:
soot-black to the bones, life's drifting dins.
And I remember Charlie and I remember Baker,
remember all those lads who dug down every acre;
and I remember Charlie and I remember Baker,
remember all those kids whose coal-faced splendour
banged in the lungs and choked the ears and eyes
and carried the cross of the pit-lights in the skies
and banged in the lungs and choked the land with tears
and carried the cross to weekends on the pier.
Come, let me tell you the story of my doings.
Come, let me tell you the story of my days.
Beginning down the mine, I dug the underspines
of every underworld to have puffed up from the clays.
The bottle is dead by seven and the sun
a soot-black rattle, cackles like a gun -
and when I was twelve I went beneath the world
to dig for fifty years in a coal-face for the pearls
of industry, factory, fireside and scuttle,
suffering as I dig like a mouse drowned in a puddle,
suffering like a sentry of dark and daft demesnes,
suffering like a soldier with a severed arm for dreams.
It's no fun being old when the buddy in the cage
has keeled a million times and the pithead's glassy rage
has grassed over millions of villages of lives
and the kettle turned black has made a tea of knives
and the sickle in the sun has carved away the moon
and the hammer in the drum has beat away the womb
and the manacled maidens I wished upon when young
have smoked into a grave of still-born thrum.
We did not come to dig for all our days.
We did not come to dig for all our ways.
But dig we had to do with our days behind our back
and the sun and moon as blackened as a cat.
It's no fun being old when the bees don't sing
and the world outside the windows has broken in the wind
and the pit-side's master has masked away the mind
in the penniless pockets of the pit-men doing time.
It's no fun being furled in flat old age
when the workhouse doors have opened like a wave
and the memories of good times are dreams with foolish ends
and the memories of bad times are as dear as missing friends.
It's no fun, and this I'm telling you:
coal-face crucifixion is all we ever knew.
It's no fun, and this I'm saying right:
coal-face crucifixion is the cancer in our pipes.
And I remember Charlie and I remember Baker,
remember all the lads who lit the black touch-paper
and sent their infant firework smearing into flames
and never knew just how the pit-face in the rain
could only come to burn away their prides
and leave them eighty-plus in a damning of their tides
and suck away laughter and char away their souls
and graft their childhood days to a cradle full of coals
This is the coal-face all of us are born to.
This is the coal-face each of us is wed to.
This is the underground chamber in the mind
that never learns enough to rise above the time.
Black in the blackness, black as burning trees,
black as Aberfan and the death of infancy,
black as the angels who lit this fag-ash way,
black we grow older and black we must decay.
Black as black, black as black death,
black as coke that fumes beneath the breath;
black as black, black as blackdeath rats,
black is our sun and black is heaven's back.
Born underground and dying in the dark,
digging is the darkness that plunders all our hearts,
and digging now we lie, our hearts and minds soot-heavy,
digging shallow graves in the twilight of the century.
Digging we lie, our hearts and minds resigned
to a certainty of heaven that stifles as it binds;
what we had, never had, and now shall never own
slumbering behind us; a pick-axe to our bones.
copyright jedbellamy, 1997.

title:  we should slam some belladonna?..     1st draft  1st  poem then poem-song...


& we should slam some belladonna under
funereal father-thunder
& we should string lady lips to lovers
& a bowl of whips must lash all fathers
o when once a bell of brawlers brothers
hidden eyes under ice-cream machines
then a bed of light star-delights
blind bosuns who die for sharp latrines
& we should slam some belladonna under
chilled doll-bells
& we should lover-sunder sliced fever.

the deus of town-delis snaps curtain-dunes
o the skies of grounds crash
when, spilled, my giddy father buys trash
& a swig of sauce hagglers after ash
& a sprig of gorse grabblers after hash
once upon a mind, a pretty park plashed
coded scissor-highways that crashed
coda screens with radio yoyos
& we supper beasts
& we dream for feasts
the deus of town-delis snaps curtain-tunes
o, the eyes of grounds crash
under wailed star-splashed
meadow fevers
ah, easy eaters of crapped mits lever
Leda where swanny Zeus cuts Mother
eyes breakdown where unicorn devils
run the sunshine through
on a penny highway to the spies in the rain
drop dreams at the sides of grain
o, a sea of fire sucks mush as city pain
bridles cats with canteens
la la
once upon a mind in a deaf world, dreams
rampaged after dogs of silver
& a dizzy lover drops sold fevers
& a bone of wine
widens under city wynds
oh a penny highway to the spies in Spain
switch a sonar radio when
eaters of solar shadow heeds women
& we hear radio ponies
& we sear riding phonies
under a blinded bastard moon, babies
brag for grey seizures
& a fitter of a face stops, stops,..
the killers of candlers carry a wall of easy Downs
where, spilled, we blood beds with crowns
o a sea of faders marry meddlers to grey towns
& we paint the dead
& we count rivers on the highway
&, la, as we ride for bed then dreamer's dregs
drop salt under a city
once upon a maze, i heard a bud of braids made
older then the hearts of time
ah, we will suffer minds as mental fever-rhyme
heaps gasses under griped mien-wine
the killers of candlers carry a wall of easy Downs
when, hilled, we blood buds with clowns
ah a tree of thrills drops an oaked punch & sound
fills up a bad brain with giddy parks
& we lie in the rain as we cry in the rain
& we cry in the mind as we weep in the dark
hollowers of easter men chop a cocoa egg,-
eager sisters of xmas men
wallop feasts with gift-wrapped old women,
the wiveners of sky-rain sweeps spies when
odes to old thrillers
wash old hands in american rivers
o a wake of pure gold grasps to gold chicken
& we walk for night
& we talked all night
the wiveners of sun-rain weeps for children
o odes to oaken killers
widen ricks into trees
& a vault of mice raiser rabbiets from beads
& we walk for night
& we talked all night
a nautilus of silver rocks a starred boat
o a mentalis of rivers rocks a carved boat
& we suffer dunes
& we rot for starred high-noon
openers of city walls fall aside old oats
bitter blinders of death dream of ogled silver
o killers of rhymers
rot for fathers when screens of open rivers
raise sex from grey mothers
once aside death, a draggler of mind-mirrors
smashes eyes with a blinded moon
la a tree of sex sinks vagismo under raiders
la a bed of wrecks
arouses crowed specs where grey kickers
carry carrion under deaths..
bitter blinders of death dream of ogled silver
o killers of rhymers
rot for fevers when screens of opal rivers
don dragons where burned gold grinders
drop sex into iron sidlers
ices feed soap to chilly dreams as height
spills purple leaders of carmine sea-bites
o i saw a sunny woman sharing milk with kites
o i walked under children
o i carried thunder's pattern
& a park of pearls rammed a city's sights
inside a blown ground star-filled with women
o i saw a sunny woman sharing milks with
radiophonics in parks
the dilly men who cut me are gods now
ah silly hens smell of fried fats
o dilly men have left me & god's cloud
crashes, crashes
o i saw a sunny woman sharing silks with
ideal haunters of bad ghosts & silly kids
ah dizzy dreamers of mad hosts
sleep after sleepy sleekiness
& we nest in fires & we swallow cribs
the dizzy men who cunt me are gods now
ahh giddy sirens junk old dreams
laa, dead alarms funk after rolled clouds
& we jump the dead when
sandy sea-spunks heed ancient children
creatures in the park have huge trees for
their endless human hearts
o eaters under pulled dark have gold scores
& a pool of night
dazzles where chilled female light
turns out all lights
we jump for jazzy heights as cruel air writes
back home where the dead are playing
o we junk after jacked sites
o we brick-hang a soapy city's stone
& we are alone until atoned by bone
creatures in the park have huge trees for
their trendless female hearts
o eaters of feline spillers rape all wards
o sleepers under canine drillers
drink from coded swollen gourdes.
bad birds die in the trees as coded bawds
dollop sirens under selfless daddy dawgs
we prayed under dirtied playgrounds where
easy urchins loosened ties under thin-air
o, we prayed beneath guilty towns where
easy bird-men darkened eyes with hairs
once upon a mind in a tawny park-city
i overhead deaths come rocking daisies
& a motor mien heard grey female ditties
swinging for the jazzers of radio ladies..
we prayed for dens as we fell away from
blown carnivals & empties danced drums
o we rode to swung death
o we strobed after jazz-jawed loud guns
& we bejewelled a stoned T Rex with
milky dinners & prehistoric spiked kids.
once aside our souls, we look for rubies,-
once, aside love's goals, we hear oldies
spine-scattering signs upon rolled nippies
aas we swell up, then a party's gyspy
prances for lavender & hemps.. O, crazy
we raise a spire from old pinks & lazies
the odd times where we spended days atoned
lead us now into star-dark
o we send sex into a sunrisen sea of stoned
body baskets
as baby parakeets pry after gannets, then
coded dustive dreamers of granite sends us
away, away
the odd times where we ended days alone
must strip a radio dreamer
with hoarse pussied bound blown scissors
& as a davy do
drags a scented vine for clues
then this sentence of fast paint must move
as baby parakeets pray after parrots then
blind ochres of salty sweetening women
drop a doctoror of cunny days deep down
a blithe scene of guilty mamma Downs
./& we scale a wide wall of Downs?
clothed angels of pure fire wing for
heaped hands whose circle under floors
drink to lady leotard
the odd times where we rended sex
then a bud of lights nicked after pecked
coroders of navy lippers, Oh, grey mesh
swells up, up,.

Copyright jdb 8th December 2019


comment about my song-poems (received today)

That was like being caught in a hurricane of imagery, its vortex sucked me in and I could not help but read the next line, and just when it felt like the wind was easing, wham, along came another line of startling vision that sent me spinning all over again. My heart rate actually increased!


comment about my song-poems (received yesterday)


Woah wow your phrasing is novel and top notch in this sublime epic wow! And word play sort of too all awesome, from 'sovereign veins to plinths of wizardry. Interesting with fine vocabulary choice and I ESP admire , ' ambrosial, sirian and rapine and more. Kudos for this wonder muse.




title     the ancient cyclists of the dead & gone   1st draft  1st poem then poem-song

the ancient cyclists of the dead & gone
here arise from saddle rooms
o, a sun of dust races after easy guns
& a bed of blowers breaks
& a star of ash hears a dead song
sweeping dells to sleep
ancient cyclists, cut, cry after
old rolly-polly lakes
& we sweat for Eden as de father
weeps forever
the eaters of a starved old prison
slams a starving mudder in prismed
colliding faces
ah a bed of chases chops races
ah a shed of dresses drags stasis
blurred gasses grasp grit when
rivallers of ruiners snap photo-pens
& we are pinned to doilies
the eaters of a starved old prison
slams a starving dawdler when eyes
creep aside a cliff-wrapped tide
ideal pushers of punishers dream for
nuked mallows that burn for fled war
o easy riders cry, cry
ideal killers peer under dark stores
o a cinema of corn
fish-flashes outside city swarms
& we cry, cry
& we kiss lives
ideal pushers of punishers dream for
naked pullers of vein-dressed
heroic heroin skies
feeders of dun faces drop dives
we sallow heaven's cheek when
soft radio darkness listens to old men
la  we glow under crowded hens when
a pig-pen of a lover
leads ladies where men hire murder
eyes under eyes leap for thunder,-
odes to tundra sleep after de father
we salow heaven's cheek when gas
galumphs for vinegar sleep
~& we steal after cinemas as grass
these eaten days when i dare not speak my name
ride aside clay-graves
o a summer under gins dare not burn the flame
& a bride of lives cans the glades
& a wife of brides cans green blades
oh when a scrapped crow falls from flame
then a bowl of carrion ash
must drink to the sun's invisible heat-flash
these eaten days when i dare not speak, then
robed venom sinks cobra under chicken
& a bed of bright inks sunders god's women
eyes have heard the easy blind being sent
saviours of slaying saviours
& we dig for cash as we feed off scent's
body of funking dingos.
we just had to pee on windscreens
o we just had to peer inside god's car
we just have to starve
after tarry mad stars
once, as we cried for dreams, calves
came abusing city unicorns
la a rider of pities lap where storms
carry razors down mirrors
we just had to pee on windscreens
o we just had to jeer a jacking scar
& a tent of tripes
lets campers through to red light
we have the games by sexy-heart
a veinous addition to a slaver moon
drops inside sleep
la a sea of afflictions flavours wheat
& we dance for kisses
& we die for grey dunes
a bud of bone brightens after seats
o a dunny stone
rocks for hard home
& we have names by heart-
the city-sun guns us down when
radios swing for sad sirens
a veinous addictions to a slaver moon
drops inside sleep
la la la
we horse for canyons as rivers
raise a raider from heaped
starry, creepy spies
we have a shed of lips sharing
romantics whose poem-boys reap
dirty droves from stockings
a tipsy teenager's best man has heaped
cunny fields where bones of rare glass
scatter steeds as they shatter
oh  once aside banners, old sin leaps
against easy gassy gilded slatters
we have the names by heart..
sex has our souls marched
-& we cry for cradlers of old dark
dunny gallows
a tipsy teeanger's best man has deep
baby sandals
o a bride of Rome drops her heaps
o a wife of sloanes lams old dizzy
gassy green-books that read for
easy peasy pilers of faceless swards
god in his blue station must go mad?
i am sea-hanged.. I am a spread..
i am sea-hanged...I will not tread
any ocean unless sex has swept bread
deeply down a lost town
we have the names by bloody heart!
we have the skeins of creamy carts
marrying sprogs to clowns
cultive robbers of romantic opened hoildays
ripen under slapped rain & rolled fire
o cruel fathers drag for frantics as pyres
walk against riders of demure mamma days,
& we slice vacant vacations where claves
clamber up & out a neon grave
cultive robbers of cemented open families
arise from a field of darned christs
la, a bone of butts canes a sea of night
& we tread the laughter of old memories
& we arrive where beer bleeds for
scissorers of bummed gites & stores
oh  eyes may well tumble us now.. Ah
wardens of warders widen into carred
sea-slammers of dun drakes & grey Mars
i have entertained the fumblers in cars
- i have driven homeward
& i have seen a blackbird jazzing scarred
minarets of bells & boneward wivered
laced heads./.
the intimate violets of the dead & mauled
scatter seed across spunked stiff sands
o, a star of coronets dons shits from sprawled
davy dogs that bark after salt-veins
ah a giddy body baby basks under sun-stains
& a weaver of lady masques
rocks aside a cabin reel
the instant suns of the spread moon-sprawl
easy thumbs where sirens click
la, a biddy under hair alarms a sweet clit
la, a spray of faces fans a doddy fire-lip
ah, a stalled hired  moon drops cunt-clips
thise side of lilac, a cotton pusher pits
pot pithers with laden radioed prayer-clips
& a woollen shadow-boxered baby
star-slams a sugar vox in which gnits
sell a gnat to a winter's balsa Lady...
punked puled casinos flabber for stagey
boom docks which bug a fairied nipped
slashed city of elegiacal dairy-dipped
sad snorters of aqua fins & blonde-dripped
bakeries of rouletters & pontoon daddies
the rodeos of grey meadows heap dust
& a bell of gloves rings stranglers under dusk
naked nuclear noddies bomb nuded musk
Copyright Jim Bellamy 12/12/2019


WORK IN PROGRESS: TITLE: the bended knee of a female bee

1st draft    1st poem then poem-song


the bended knee of a female bee
blends bones into fires
la a hoarded hipped hive spires
against gluey tea-leaves
& we wash cocoa down with
coded coda stung rattle-hides

offers of carriages are ribbed
with radiophonic sadness..  Hills
fall as moany fountains spill

outside our lost toffee world..

the coffee stain of the tealeaved world
washes hats in pure wine
o toffees under veins suck candy lime
& a bed of fats
dreams forever.

the easy riders of a razor-room wind
adown a tangerine town
& we arise to see a vat of gowns
the coffee stain of a tea-leaved world
washes skins in honey?

the bended bedded knee of a sea-gull child
drops a vile sex-pamphlet
o a shed of headed peas feeds a gannet
a helican heron of heated blued wild
summer ravens
once aside a mind, we mow Orion
o aside a blue wynd, we stow Orion
oh, a bellied crypt crashes under Zion
the bended bedded knee of a dolled child
stops to hear a hill of steeled lyons..

devils down drains dream of city droolers
o arched angelled clowns
cap a canyon with lewd hoovers
la a bed of christs crashes, crashes
la, devils down drains dream of spoilers

interfused, a patient of Buddha cuppers
a salad skein
&, wandered, a mallard's mains suppers
after bodied jackers
devils down drains drream of city spillers
o angelled clowns
crap upon lover-ponies
& we slash macaronis where
drabblers of pertive male cronies
raise a romancer from sandy stairs

interfused, a patient of Mamma savours
vampy soaky sex soda wraps
& we dream of lips
& we cream for kittened
dairy meaty mary-kisses

cartilege in carriages marries melters to pigeons
&, lo, a sunny marriage of babbies
swills loaves from gardens,

once aside sin, a sunny laddy has heated garlands
made as cold as bitten rain
& rain cuts wet space when veins
wallop a soaked soupy scissor-strain
cartilege in carriages marries melters to prisons
&, la, a sunny mariner of a subhuman season
serves dog-winters to radios & grey grains
once aside spun sin, a dun lady heeds pain
.& pain swirls on a soft stool
& rain parks after a dunny killer spool
ideal headers of heated meringues reign
on a green throne where parrot-caged-cranes
swallow naked ice.

the diggery of a jazzy jive-jakey lands a snake
la a sea of sawny salt bride-ladies
hangs a river-saint
la a bone of glass asks for shrilled paint.. La!
we sail upstream as grey feints
follow sex unto the moon
cartilege in carriages shatter under fastened
salt flowers
o a drum of marriages stops a veil as gardens
cream up for flown flowers
the diggery of a jazzy jive-baby lands rakes
then we will poke four fingers up drapes
& we shall modernise no more
& we shall fascinate both the rich & poor
& we shall suck our eyes

these false veins where i made my name
hasten under trains
o railways heap trippers as bodies rain
aside a siren sound
& a beacher of women washes a town's
arisen baby frown
once, as we lost rain, then raft-rounds
searched for blue vitamins
& we hear red rain raiding raft-rounds
& we served pockets to vast sins..
these false veins where i made my name
jack for gemmed Gemima
& we gas coded vagina
& we clash for bone-bred Asia Minor

where cardomon cardigans carry a berry-hand
then blown transceivers will marry the dead?
o where caned cummy lands sweat for dregs
then a brawl of pure demure gold
will surely lay blue-waste to siamese brigands
eyes hear wide tears & a bled bed of souls
samons after fish-shaken river-ghouls,-    La!
once within a mind, a digger of draggled cars
crashes inside green pities & a lost sea-spar
where cardomon cardigans carry a cherry-can
then stoned receivers must truckle down clams
& a vault of grass
puffs a jayed juped Number
& a sea of glass listens to shattered mind-grass
eyes listen-. La-- crimes glisten..... La-  masks
send dollared boys to sleep.

the utterances of a naked burnt mind jump for
idiots of petuberances & dogs caught up with whores
oh a bowl of masks
jams now a masted Venus
& a slate of swine toasts heaped warfs as casks
don a dolly demon with wept woollen shores.
when once a diamond in a chain dons broads
then a molly damp-lamp will surely mind
a colly cave where a shadow on a cut spine
scatters jellied gates across the land.,-  Mines
dig for golden spermacides when
a bun of waxen veined vast brides snips hens
the utterances of a naked burnt mind jump for
ingots of pinky piled pinafores
ah as melted jazzed faces heap a horned score
then old pelicans must shooteth up, up, up


o ducted doddered darksome pelicans
have smelly maggots at the ears
o raided radioed helenic fountains
have easy bladders inside bled tears
& eyes hear the mind
& lies libel after a slander-crime,
o ducted doddered darksome pelicans
have dizzy worms outside spheres
dabblers of crazy flesh whip weird
roses of blue fire & burnt cold beards
ahh a candler of hazy death sheers
odes to cunts from bunny bled spears
& midnight men hear blind beers
swallowing oils from cabins
o ducted doddered darksome pelicans
heat a mushy bummy fluff where cans
carry roped disease inside scrams
& a veil of tears hisses
& a sail of fear pisses
& a nose of night blows kisses
o do we extend tried hands to clouds?
o do we expend sex into sand-shrouds?

the easters of candy xmas pave
dizzy homes with elvin silver-trades
& a motel in a flower kisses graves
& a bad boy in a head
issues tissues to a bonce in bed

Copyright 15/12/ 2019.



work in progress -    title:  Fine Fast Swimmers Swing        1st draft 1st poem then song-poem

fine fast swimmer men swing upon cut tides
o a stove of spread killers
crashes, & a boat of milners raises eyes
underneath the seven seas of hat-minds,
& a brook of bells knells, knells.
once aside mossed dust, we snip gold gusts,-
nippled messy musk
muses on movement where old sluts
soften, just like the sun.

ricey red-knights knock on guns & we
slacken wrists where earths encage
cunts & cunny cauled castles.

musselers of hot whelk pools push a fast flint factory
under blurry vast promontories
ah  a star of milk falls as lunacy looks down

ricey red-knights rock old cum as sandled hounds
fall from emptied heaven
ah a mixer of miserly ravens swipes a crowned
yapper of dogdayed treason?

musselers of hot cockle stools slash a fast finger
under flimsy lockers of the dead & scissored,
& we hear of hens when deaf music drowns.

ricey ruiners of romantic sheds hide a dog where
idioms of mermen fish after wavelets & pug's hair
o, a mind of china whips the wall
o, a rhymed vagina hits a cake-stall
openers of manilla spunk swallows odd prayer
oo a cute vestibule of nude flares
slaps a bald fist
nuclear buckle-thrusts rocks the dead as mists
drop dead
ashen bled bees bind sweet slides to abed
dunny hive-held  lips      & dance ends

fast farmers of soverign blood takes a bed when
ancient fathers leap from women
& a coffee egg heats yolks where white hens
lay crooked money
ricy ruiners of romantic spreads ease after
rockers of old rolly polly cocking maskers
& we use abuse for the world
~o  we rape Aladdin with winter whorls
fast farmers of fevered mud takes to bed when
old kissers dance for a midnight girl
oh a paper paw extends raw catties as seasons
swap sad snows for swift flowers
ashen bled bees blind sweet lust & flour
cakes a waxy slate inside a quarter hour


apeck honey hips hasten to fatten for
feline female babby
& lobby laddies burn babby
& buddies of de bodies seize red war
apeck moneys mit after mordency
lo a doll of diced lips clips family
& a dance of pure sex
drags a dance-hall for melodies
& we snap for scissor butter
ashen bled bees sweeten mumma
& a hill of lice
callows easy eddied sea-lights
& a man in a shroud hears summer
weeping for her dead god mother

a sexy idle snake crawled under
blonde bowls & dizzy salt thunder
& a king of hens
weeps where splayed vitamins
swallow wrenned roller rivers
eaters of tissued lead shiver
~& gold guides shape the blue

nappied naked shingle scatters cradlers when
families fling dopes at wedding rice
o  a don of dummy silver abuses lost life
& a bench of aces seats a patient's light
& cuckoo ken hashes nous when night
burns down.

we arse about a mouse as a vole of christs
crashes cellves within a broken blue father
o a a parent of mind-swells
weds an optic bird to a nest of larders

nappied naked shingle scatters idlers when
honey bees in bearded trees topple
swine-forbidders of rubicund family hens
& we arouse rites with teary star-apples

we ask for eats but we starve all year
& a ravenous treasure-horse heads fear
ravelling into the veilers of sad tears.

openers of raw-hide vermillion hastens blood to
wrap a doggy rider round sky-blue
o  a dangler under tribes cry, & hired dudes
heap a heated crow upon wasted eyed nudes

we awake to find a sun of loss heating
old grey cliffs when a pusher of cut dreamings
star-shoots a dizzy accidental car.  La, ceilings
dance all evening & a sea of doubt
drags a scissory highway outside screenings
openers of raw-hide vermillion hastens blood to
wrap a catty party around the fingers of bruised
american graffiti
we awake to find that love & life have moved
buttered clouds from far East to cutting sleuths
endless emptied flowers wilt as coloured truths
weep for eternal grace

facials glisten where a sunken body-bride
snaps her lipstick guide
o a veil of missions splays prayer as lies
hold all hands together
once aside crime, a hoody of a lover
hissed across a cooking silver mumma
& we have the padded mumma's mother
parenting the dead wiith daddy weather
facials glisten when a shrunken baby-bride
slaps her eased foundation;
& the heels of the seized peal for natrons
& the eels of the seized die for plectrums
& we fish after mermen
& we heed the fishman of Alcatraz?

eyes peer outside further eyes... La!
La    La  La  robots of Du?

daddy green bus catches us in awe
lo candy mean dust
raps our thumbs in sawn lustre  Oh
we paint rabbits where a cat of code
urinates on a hot jived paddle
daddy green bus catches us in walls
lo, coca-cola salt dust
cuts giddy soap with cocoa pus.
& a wife of night sweats for musk
& a blind hero jacks, jacks
eyes peer thru eyes as coaches
carry carriers where oats under roaches
wash mud hands in butter-brooches
& we delve for mint
& we mine for squints
daddy green bus catches us in awe
lo a heroin with a bone
bosses shot brides with easy stone
& we may swallow stone.

we wallowed in a stunned hot station
o a train of wine toasted heaven's mind
& a van of guns shot our gallop with pus

as starry prison merchants dream of dined
chapter houses
oo we are aroused by lice as blue mines
dig after a heart of horses

we wallowed in a stunned hot station
o a car of quartz winds down the natron
of ruby tonsured vales
& the bed of bods which dreams for
old kids & stoned baby glass-wards
as tarry headed babies swallow cores
then a mental missile melts under claws
& a bird of pure music
sharpens spin demure body-remits
& a casement of curved drones rips
codas of furled mien & eagle-whores
the eager castle-chrome where i stored
disablers inside blind wine
has my eater of a groan sallying scores
eyes shooteth up when catters grind
alll city ballets down to a town's spine
& death has a skirt for a blamed mind..