work in progress     title: uhh uhh uh robots of du!!   1st draft poem then song-poem


o for the endless suck of a saviour's death?
o what for the skeins of fuck?
o what for the endless cut of a saviour's
disembodied mental rush?
struck from a maimed mind, we see death
drawling around a scabbard world
& a naped menstrual ground heats girls
& a raped scented wasteground eats pearls

for the vines of a vein, may we heed
coded crucifiers of cat-pain, & may we whirl
a girly spire around death's worlds
for we are the mien of loss & we sun-swirl
midnight rubies within ferine boy-curls

for the veins in vines, may we believe in
haltered gods that break a sea of spun sin
&, once we are crossed, may we be quimmed
under a horse-headed bible-jungle-swim
o for the endless suck of a saviour's death?
o what for the mines of sluts?
o what for draggling crimes against sexed

a giddy body bell rings the quarter hour
ah a dizzy baby cell traps a locked flower
& a biddy in a rose rams a dicker adown a
sapping laughing sea where a dogdayed ram
sinks easy ripper teeth underneath doll-jam
the dyers of doom deniers strangle hands
o a dill of old rooms scatters seed-islands
& a bed of hair heaps ovens under stairs
& a groper of air listens to yoyo reasons
&, la la, we have no sullen need
to raise a radio from out a gay sleeve
greed will most certainly outlive us!
Uh Uh Uh    robots of Du?!!!

Eyes heat eyes as we do in dust
oo oo lahhh..

a car down a sewer collides with lust
& we drown on a skewer as holy musk
swings for the spind wind of laden sluts,
& a horse at noah's heel walks blind
seamen mammas of shaken hearse-wynds
& a bone of glass shapes the past
& a sloane of budders shrouds love's masque
& a bairn underneath bluesing blinds
pulls back the drapes on a venus in a craft

a bodied butter bomb breathes for casks
a ladied summer sun seethes for vast
cinemas where a dove of darkness star-rasps
dunny angel vows,
& we ripen as we sharpen harped clouds
& we soften gas as we summon
green masts from a mother of sirens
& we will hear dreams when bayed bends
suffer a city on its head?
uh uh uh    robots of Du
uh uh ahhh    vineyard snails are marked
uh uh uh  robots of manna
herd a hippy horse where ashen dada
drops a doggy purse aside love's mine
they have heaped a gang of gassers
they have slept for drams as features
fellow fanged falons with radio wine
-they have cum to eat us
- men have cum to reap us...

uh uh uh  robots of Du..
ah ah ahhh  a lardy laddy has to flush
pharoahs with nine hands as jesu's crush
courses around blind sonic seizure-slushed
impossible blue babbies
native biddy bairns breakdown when hot
unicorn evils run the winter through
- we sharpen blondeness with fever fueds
- we harden oysters with shelled river nudes
-. we sever stars from easy trees
& we starve forevermore as beads
trade wives for brawls
this is the world we always knew
: the gun on the gum & the faces we blew.
o  a magical minotaur melts into grass!!
uh uh uhh robots of Du
la la lahhh controllers of a romantic's car
concertinas with the shivers of endless stars
uh uh uh  ahhhh
robots of dardy-dahh
oh oh  ah huh  robots of ruddy kinema

lu      THE END!!!!



work in progress -- title: sourced deaths...    1st draft poem then song-poem


leisure seekers snap a hedon-gun as fannies
wallop blue tails with samphires
o, pleasure peckers palp a sun's gold fairies
& a burned naked death
sea-stabs salty sauce-deaths
I will come home one day to find dairies
swilling unigates from dirty cream-eyries
& a milky eagle in a phone
telephones sex when we are all alone
leisure seekers snap a hedon-gun as babies
bounce down a cranny cunny candle
la     easy colliders must cut child-killers
la      easy dun saviours must cut
 eaten green meat...
 eyes drink spleen & shut
as we pinion plashy dummies then we rock
death's drinking murder-seasons
o we splay easy mummies as we wind rot
underneath castlers whose coded treason
scatters dolly veins
a lady of drunk drains drops aitches
la, a biddy under spunk lops red mazes
& a bay of bloody trains
dreams of drowning... O, as we are slaved
then a car of midnight's faces
cums fast back home where eaten graves
sodomise the fields of tomorrow's trades.
as we pinion plashy dummies then we rock
death's drinking easy gum-clocks
wow, what with a pearly necklace aroundabout
rondlays of pure fire
i will face in to a petrol enemy
o  wow, what with an early sex-space shouting
then a family of pure fire
rotates around a bread-crust
once, as we played for pus, then we shut
all doors & all dreams
o   a vase of hands layers dogs with duck
& we bend wraps under screens
wow, what with a pearly necklace aroundabout
roundalays of pure tyres
i will show a pet kids to a petrol melody
eyes inside eyes ease a cocker under baby
 & bended city wives seize a thunder-crazy
cradle bomb
o we will surely take haylong families where
naked gabby gobsters
dream of lady-pin-cures
o we will surely take haylong families where
naked bodied bursters
must gush from thunder-walkers
la a bended bay-burn brags after docored
daughter claves
la a spended hay-perm pushes after graves
o we will surely take haylong families where
naked doddy pornstars
drop sex aitches
& a greeny salt-bishop who appears snared
drinks from dirty faces
the idols of the dark dine on ships & hair
stinks of sweets..
o will surely take haylong families where
aching ruby star-air
strums a splayed guitar-prayer
la, we fall behind as windows under times
spirit stalled scissor cosines
these days when we study crime then
we have to summon sex-rhymes when
grey piggers push plums under old gems
idolent pharoahs push a pyramid-mine
where, tombed, hush heats river-wine
& cars crawl behind villages: we whine
& when mixed up with poos & porter
then we lay waste to the moon
oh as deaths rip up grey nudes then
we answer back to a front room?
a tonsured furnace of spunk spoons
sugar-graves to ashen waxy wounds
& we are mixing up
bruised lardy platters which shut
& when messed up by naked guts
then we board a bed-train
& we hiss for pores & we strain
all eyes, all sluts
a tonguy spind face rots stains,-
 salt-eloquence moves under brains
o a widener of wolfing mushrooms
jeer at polished bedrooms,
o a silence under killings sees noon
awaking to understand.
hot mawing beds that spin in sand
o & we sleep for rest when runes
rope poetry stereo to closed spoons
ah, as we suffer salt sounds
then a helter of mamma surrounds
dark deaths where a blind clown is
stopped pure fire.
& a widnener of wolfing glassrooms
must peer inside demure pyres;
& we dance for grey lies as choirs
ignite city bends
o as we creep to sleep then we tire
for sufferers of pushy dream-fire;
& a sad mad look will walk de fires
& a boat of dads
will hurl love's oars away
for one screened day & forever?
Copyright Jim Bellamy 27th dec 2019