more speed-written songs!

tis me (pictured on the right) xmas 2019

Titled:  Gooseberry Lather:.   work in progress  1st draft poem then song-poem...
the easy rider of a slitted screen
holds blind hands to angels
o, easy bikers slam a smashed dream
& a horse of marks
falls aside pony-parks
the easy rider of a scattered stream
hurls rice at veined bows
o, we hear hens ram radioed crows
& we burn up..
once aside of devils, a boat of strobes
sailed upon nude lips
& a sign of rosehips saw hits made
as grey as gooseberry lather
the easy rider of a slitted screen
heals the writhing dead
i saw a skit of flame made as cold as
vaginal glass
o, i saw a mit of veins made as cold as
virginal masks
& a bolt of hail hits my feed
& a vault of grails rips my sleeves
once aside mien, we witness a again
a roman rodeo of cuckoo pain
& we raise a bad glass to stained
sparrow grain
i saw a slit of flame made as cold as
vaginal glass
o, i saw a ship of gnits hanging fast
body babies
rocked, we see a skin of ladies made
colder than rain
the easy riders of a slitted screen
masses missives under wolfed cream
la, a bay of ribs
rocks a rice plate
& we hiss for cold & we site snakes
lo a vulture buddy whose birdies shake
has a whored hero of its woman
once aside bridlers, a massive kid
wallops snapped soap with grey pigs
& a bone of brine
shatters radio-wine
& a vamped hired bed heaps minds
undereneath rams & meadows
the easy riders of a slitted screen
masses kisses under walled seams
^& we have weird scenes.
the woollen wolf-smoke of one zillion eyes
heap a blonde blown sky
o, a sun under cock-dope hastens for lies
& we swing of dippers
& we murder naked rivers
when once we smashed lustre, then
we married cars to bitumen
o the woolken wolf-smoke of wed eyes
ravishes after balls & breakers
easy liars for lime drop a glass of minds
& a bone of breads
slices caked dreggers of gold wine,
the baggers of blondied blown bits bake
banned city shakes
oh, a sea of drakes breakdown-,,
once aside rhyme, i jacked towns
ah, once aside lime, i buried clowns
& a blessed bed-rhyme
sang misty for mind-swine
& we played piano of blue drapes
the baggers of blondied blown bits bake
gold-headed unicorns
& we run fast devils through as
shapless pigs listen to gold-porn
shapeless fawny fizzers drink from stale wine
o, a faceless cloudy figure
fishes for bed-blown mad spines
& we scatter cold bone aroud grey minds
~& sadness heaps burned flava
lo a wild rolled world has sleasy radar
lo a soft burred girl as hairy sea-cars
& a shapeless fawny fizzer star-quivers
& a ship of drowned death
snaps a cliff of fools
shapeless shaven killers drink from rind,-
an accident in dead child-heaven
wrings a body-neck
eaters of rolled worlds hear miners
digging for a soul of cold...
jdb dec 2019

Title: HAYGOLD      work in progress:   1st draft poem then song-poem

& I was made from pits & pepper
& I was well-known to spiced life
& the star-lit capers of the dead
Made me mourn for Judas Christ

& the rooms of droning fathers
Send blue beds to sleep. Oh, & here goes
Sainted Mike & all His feathered lepers
& the keen son of Pan hears

& the lines of life lam palms with tears
& the guns of Christ
Lend dead sleep to fears; & when light
Lays blind waste to lovers
Then the arch of Heaven fails to write

The faces on the water tell a bad tale.
The Iris in a slaughter hears the sails
& old lady loss lends labile sun-sails
& the wards of mice seize rites

The keen slammer under midnight
Sources sex & dies?

The morning when I knew I’d died
I led dogs to spatial evening
O, the morning when I used to cry
I led love where children espied
Local evil.

When once a pigeon in the sky
Has made her ingenious wife
Snap, then we will suffer the wide
Wilderness of shadowed lives.

& the town near me has nothing
& the crowd near me hears
Endless sadness crying from tears
& the son of shadow
Boxes; & the mind of bodies sear
Old caves.

This morning, when I always died,
I led dogs to fixed deceiving
& now that the family is over
I will noose us to a blind father

Codes will suck ales. The Lover
Is the boy who ails?

I heard, at dead of night, a sad rite
O, I saw, under cold light, a mad life
Made from deadly silvers
& the docs of dames hereby quiver
& the rules of edams layer
Lady muck with killers!

When once an evil Aladdin has
Blue winged barks, the sailed hash
Fellows dolls with lemons;
& the salty seasons of the lashed
Lends bald dogs to old pylons

The dilly fathers of the filled
Fawn to beggars; & the sun’s killed
Spill Aldebarren rainbows;
& my city jams an urban road
The fascinating cause & effect of
Dilly limes & mirrored Gods
Has no true faiths but lost Love

Hanging from blue trees, I will
Never marry. Ah.

The sundering genesis of Man
Leads cold life to motors
& the eating sliders of Woman
Lifts old ropes from lovers
Where a doll of ages cuts
Out, then mind mothers
Will surely fawn to air?

The sundering genesis of Pan
Leads old Christ to farmers
& the seated riders of a ram
City drought.

Where once eaten sparrows shut
All tears & all salt rain, then
Robotic saviours sup a shaft
& balls lend lenses to sluts.

The sundering genesis of Man
Leads sold life to rotors
& the skies of fevers will jam
All jazz & all bodies?

Easy dogs & dizzy women have
No eager whip to hole
O, when once a sea of crabs
Suck a salt soul
Then easy dogs & sin will grab
Feline kids & blind brawls.

Under city phlegm, we will tag
Old diddies & rolled streams
& we will hear bodies cut crags
& we will hear the babies.

Easy dogs & dizzy children have
No eager whip to slow
O, when once a sea of crows
Cuts down blue troths
Then a hill of diamond must
Fall inside salt lobes.

This city’s minds live for robes
& the sunny space where old droves
Used to use false dregs
Has never been to bed?

The sundering scrap of a foreign field
Mows bone from sweet dust
O the old thunder-flash of a sovereign yield
Mows stone from salt lust

& the pigs of ivories learn to shake when
Night’s eye blossoms into
Shaven dolly scissor men

& as the sundering mind of a lost field
Lays dolly wastes to sons & mothers
& the swinging apple-tides where eyes
Laid a blunt book against us
Then man and child will haunt us?

The sundering scrap of a foreign field
Sea-hangs seas of light
Oh, as doddering midlife cuts night
Then dyed hookers will
Yield blue plastics to losing hills.

What with an actor under caps
& what with the sides of the trapped,
We will murder now?

O inside one lovely sun of life, please let me
Sing for swingers & of noise
& always promise me about the boys
& forever promise me an old man’s toys.

I haver been seated in a barn where joys
Fasten me faked farmers
& you and I will surely sail where noise
Jams old air-waves.

O outside of old rain, may we please seize
Staunched diamonds from ringed trees
& we will surely sing for seasons under
Tie-dyed bees & stinging thunder!

I have summoned bakers from a pie
& I have sirens, & lo, I eat alive

Dead daubed men & factories!

O, inside a hay-gold sun, I see tribes
Widening into lazy lonesome
Kid pigs…

I saw the dead of me shaping Osiris
O, I fell from red seas
& the wells of Heaven shattered
& the dells of Heaven scattered
Old bright seed.

& the flashes of fast faces smoothed
Good hands & sweet hair
& the wives of Aaron
Leant keen lives to summer’s prayer

I saw the dead of me shaping Osiris
& I fell from a snapped gun
& wound wind-wells shortened us
& the fierce world fed mirror-glass.

When once a city pharaoh hears us
Then ropers must
Lasso caverns to lunatical musk.

We have seen a weird winter in
The backs of the bad Thames
& we have seen sadness swim for
Prisoners of poisoners. This ward
Has no eyes?


O we will take haygold honeys where
Live dives leap from a prayer
Uh, we will take haygold bodies where
Women write in the frozen air-
&, lo, as the haylong moon sees hair
Crying under cruel combed winds
Then these hay-helmed poem-limbs
Will surely take us home?

This world is changing – see five hymns
Whispering in the eyes of the
Cool space rain treads…

Have we seen Aladdin or have we
Sensed Paladin swarming high seas
& when once a lunar boy
Talons sex with a sonar rolled toy
Then eyes under smoky sedges
Slam a fist inside independent beads.
I espy a milky mane shaping us-
This side of dreamy pain, sold lust
Shatters under pink veins. Gold dusts
Crash land


& I was stricken by a distant voice which
Made me dance for a candlestick
& our elephant dance went around the
Sad soft town in which we had found
A vaginal moon & a penile cul-de-sac
&, oh, when once a pusher of curves
Ripped a ripened robin from the rich, then
Closed eyes healed up & over
A sealed slide

O where once a monkey met the Mother
Then the powders of endless lovers
Laid boys down with trendless brothers of
Breaded bulls & emptied
Ghosted ghoul-grips

The side of a robbed sea-gun has always
Centred Aladdin on God’s stage
&, oh, the wives out alone on my stage
Send monkeys to sleep
& the wedded gals of wheat hire rage
& the dead hear sin
Blown against a bird-cage.

Tired tattlers tap at the morgue &
Sold sex has no beauty?


Copyright Jim Bellamy 2019.


work in progress      TITLE: Ponchos with Pogos      1st draft Poem then song-poem


ponchos with pogos pee against a church-wall
la, as kids cry for christs
then a bench of old wives
flits for navy stall-eaters,     Oh, opened light
leaps a ghost where dizzy killers
inside a tangerine town we towel altarlife
aside from owl-lit magnum nudes
la a vest on a cowl raps against nudes
& a sexy villa heaps houses where night
drops a glued gun
wow, pens with ink stink of dyslexic
body blows
wow, piggies on the brink seize crows
& a ghost of Israel
murders evil Nazi vein-grails
aside a tangerine town, we towel gayness
but naked nuclear straight men hear
golden aiders of cocked advisors
o we strip after guns as penis riders
shave gals down
ponchos with pogos pee against a church-wall
& we rise as we crawl
the rookers of radio rainbows reap after
salty claves where bat-beds swam for fathers
o,a dog of breasts
walked hisself where radio pink-crows net
a raven on a crest
once aside decks, we snared a bird-flex
ah we pray for wrecks
& a spool of pure fire shits upon slips
& as times burn, then wide whips
heed spunk where dizzy grey gnits
supper on boiled human hair.... Grips
slash on ice as a bather of aired lips
wallows after bad birchers....  Laaa
all light must end when coded cars
light a spent ignition
oh i have glistened for the lunar fathers
oh eyes have missioned for
coded coda Leda
& we ride a sawn swan when whores
widen into Zeus-fever
laaa forever & ever, i will see wards
ramming down the Bethlem powders
& wide wives burn after
Andromeda & eager Hector...
oh i have glistened for the lunar mamma
ohm eyes under me have scored
bad body blows beneath coded gourdes
& we chant the mantra when words
fall like dumb-beaked easy chickens
la la  la....
Forever & eternally more, kitchens
will arise from steely dammed lungs
& a bummy bear sucks false honeys
from spectres whose haunted guns
shoot phantoms stone-dead... Uh?
the lesions of the dead & drained
hire razors from old beds
^&, sun-stalled, we hear of grain
&, gun-galled, we listen to bread
& the stations of death's factory
greases up love with lime-laundary
the rhythms of  the dead are stained
under radios which swing for rain
& a blind of wizeners rings veins
aside of mutes where coda maims
trainywards with cavvy geese
the lesions of the dead & drained
hire razors from old beds
oh baby hay-golds take famlies
under bagging fires ,.,. O, apiaries
bomb bitten samphires when devs
drink to the dirts of lady Gods
emptiers of blind cathedrals stop
the easy eating launderette where i cleansed
me and gemmy germs
have now my screaming head-set under
natty drapes & curtains
o a bay of ferns flashes ashes under seed
o a grave of perms lashes hashes under weed
& a sawn splayed city heaps bends
outside-in where natrons swing for dead-ends
the easy eaters of washed crowds are
sent to lazy sleep where a bed of soap-cars
hiss & twirlaround.. Ah i feed soup-jars
to bevvies of broken beels & foamy rivers
wow, once we have learnt of lies then tar
will surely blow the head of a pinnace
& we take our facelss pinance into card
& we whip napes with a naked blue-scarred
wedded optic body..
o a bay of burns bakes a tawny bud for a
naked eagle-heap of fawned floes & calves
this side of a scream, we respire for tarred
body breaks..
underneath caned cake, an urban dummy
is wound where the mummy cloths are
wrapped about bronzed giddy spitters
accidental phlegm was paved with scars,-
a romantic jewel-den saws in halves
the lilting lemon press of a draggy heart
 some let me tell you of the TV's dart
   some let me tell you of carts,
some let me sell you the radio arch,-
o some tell me of visual brided sparks
the easy nail-vanished scraped cross
drops to Mary's sleeves
JDB Dec 2019..
TITLE: The Ghost of a bluebottle    1st draft poem then song-poem
the ghost of a bluebottle flew aside my head
o a god of cancer wing-hanged me from dead
waspy lives
o eyes of deaf scent shelled mamma as hides
rammed stinkers into chlorine
the ghost of a  bluebottle blew away my bed
o a dog of camphors swing-severed
sold bitten ores... La, a slitted egg-rocker
rams dizzy fairy guns when a cop of leather
eats a creamed glitter bowel-dinner
after the fall, (when once we died), sins
may well supper for alien city pleasures
& the Fall of Man
crams curded Peter Pan with bare hands
ghosts of naked deaths develop camera sirens..
whence we boiled good hair then we amused
hitler's idiot ghost with a gasser raised by nudes
la a ghoul on ice
heaps a hater's slice
& we are spliced to bits where canal-christs
dollops draggers down the bayonets of screws
cabbies cast cunted callowers where mice
sugar-slather for eager eastern baby-lice
la we cast a cabbage on the land as Aslan
layers penis thickets with naked England's
dizzy tweedy tweeness
i jack a brolly with sainted verve as sadness
swallows naked twine
 &, striped, a lion of wine toasts the madness
 &, triped, a bowel of soft deadness
fucks a spawny sizzler with vaginal emptiness
whence we boiled good hair then we amused
hitler's bluebottled seizure ghost
la a ghoul on ice
heats a hater's wife
with a basketful of easy drakes, i deny
all sex & all serpent worlds
o a bud of night swears after hot lies
& a rider of dirty lakes sails under wide
bright snakes where a donny under curls
slices a dappler from an eggish sea-whorl
& a lodger of sheer bone heeds swirled
naked gannet men whose dilly star-girl
has to raid the lamplight for
five bodies whose babbied jack-door
opens drugs aside bellers of rape-straws
with a basketful of easy snapes, i deny
alll sex & all artful worlds
o a sud of bright gulls sharpens wived
doorstoppers of smithy capes & dried
wronged holidays.
we will paint grass with emptinesss when
daggering queen skins will button-bend
cisterns, u-bends, & pomandered newsmen
eyes lead us to a deafening image of
gay geeese & the paraders of loud Love's
naked baby bagger
,  & an eft at sea has no need to swagger
& a mindless tree moans underwatered
limey ochre-slaggers
a dangerous sea-high ripens for lost Leviathan
o a staggering bent sky
hisses like the moon
& a bren of duffs damages rain where eyes
send tar-buildings where mamma noon
hits the slaughtered hour
& a scaled owl hoots for a sea of flour
when once a farthing farts then power
extends a glower
o a cunt of darlings carts skin as dowers
drizzle coded money under fast rings
& a bren of duffs damages pain where
ringlets of pawed honey
heat a mad wallah
a dangerous sea-high ripens for lost Leviathan
& a spool of nude blood
upends sunned rude god
the fascists of a fined mind melds a sea of lime
with daddy dolor
o a face of a mined mind melds a sea of lime
with mammy war
& a bell of rape rocks wards when old times
heat a sea of claws
once, as we rode, a bed of lips hastened for
a binary of belters
& a cat of helters hoots at rivers & gold whores
hoot for the quarter-hour
& a bren of dusts has a healer for a flower
a dangerous sea-high ripens for lost Leviathan
& fascists of a fined mond melts a sea of mime
the doctors of darkness drazzle under wynds
o, a proctor under sadness buckles under wine
& a dog of drought
drops pans aside rolled doubts
& a cat of limes loosens shouts as a don of brine
bridles us with old men
a dangerous sea-high ripens for lost Leviathan
& a rat of sleep preys upon bony bedded hands
& as we widen
then we carry camphors where a rill of islands
drags on a carriage
the doctors of darkness drazzle under wynds
lo a proctor of sadness suckles empied minds
we trackle after drakes while a the lady's spine
scatters under rubies
o a dangerous sea-high stangles de bodies
& a car of ivies crashes
& a star of babies mashes
farthingales with embers of idiot ingle-dashes
a dangerous sea-high tramples family where
a caste of hundred
pays a penis for old hatred
& a pelt of glass grasps blue grass as prayer
falls upon rolled hewn hair
doctors of darkness drazzle under grey hatreds
& we dance for the quarter-hour
& we dance till the sun stops power
odes to plutarchs pony pullers with bell-heads
o a roads under rubies
radio de west; & we jeer where a cell of doobies
brag-bombs a bud of eyries
a dangerous sea-high hoots us where a dairies
dramatize salts & mushed runes
& we  radio rodeos as a cradle under spoons
rots, rots
odes to plutarchs pony pullers with celled egg
& we wallop dudes
a dangerous sea-high hoots us where diaries
open up to trangress tears with eagled pegs
the dells of a quartered flower fists for fig
o, a bed of slaugheters towers under pigs
^& we dance for gold
& we ask for souls
& we prance for diamond.
a dangerous sea-high heaps a jipper as kids
dam edams with sailored star-coals
& we extend dolls to dickies as gold souls
swallow old bushes
dells of quartered flowers fist aside a crib
oh  oh  ahhh
we romanticise for old cars as salt nibs
die out.
salters have meat-capes for mid summers
o jolters of cellves have drapes
la a dangerous sea-hour powers winter snakes
& a bed of bone
dreams about home?
a dangerous sea-high hears shitters shaping
dummy wars from hands & gellied eyes
o a tree of sand
crashes   & massive herons hurdles spies
& salters have snow-scapes for hot wives
salters have the dead by heart & we rise
aside molten beaks where a sloane of eyes
spirals up, up, up
under closed sea sluts
& we have a robot's duff head abusing
daggerers of dictats & greased sun-noosing
naked star TV..
the eekers of idiots ram mamma with cuts
we supper for seasaws where we trampled
cold cabins with rolex dreams
o we snapper for sex-squaws as we scream
o we snicker for gal scissor
o we tricker for male river
& a bed of bucks bangs a killer with screens
once when we learned or coal then we reamed
romantic fens with easy flesh
o we scatter guns beneath radio wrecks
o we spitter for lungs as wormy bladder-beck
bombs beds with arses
a dangerous sea-high hoops de drowned as sex
swallows a taloned bee-bush
& we crackle as we flush a head of dead nets
with buttered quests
where we banged cutters then we rode lips-
 & a cancerous cancan dens for lobed lifts
we swallowed bushed honeys as we rode the hour
la a bun of crashed ladies
feeds cat with a flown flower, & we rise into babies
o we swallow daisy families
o we wallow under grey holidays
a dangerous sea-high stations slits when rubies
reason after darksome diamantes
& we radio rum as a radared dolly pantry
drazzles for lessons on laden lessons in baby
we supper for seasaws as we drop granaries
la we swallow straws
la we gallow burrs
& we dine off deaths as a dreamer of dawgs
dazzles cellves with lady-curs
a dangerous tree-high stations slits when wards
warf after doggers of funereal weather-swards
& we drape lovers beneath rolly diamate
& we wallop wives with gilded roller bird
a tractor of tuned tractor thespians hear curd
& dances set alight to skeins in bright nerves
o as for bedazzled fields & the wives of bunny men
we have to hear a raisin in a stream
o as for skinned gold deals, where eyes ride, then
radioed lieutenants of the gripped world reams
after romantics & coded coda creams
& we raise a rope from sofas as dental dreams
drop candles in a vase
whence gism in a plumed cast fills with masques
then a slashed sea-high helmets after fasts
& a pudding of a body crashes egg into vast
caravans of fanned flans & easelled clasped
bready beef-mien
o a bed of yolks yams after clams as romeos
raid a soul of fruits with nuked eater's yoyos
where neatened diamate drills for dark toast
then a meringued blowfly famishes cold roasts
& a giddy galleoned minnowing gourami has oatsd
swirling in a edamed raisined baked seed
as for bedrazzlers of meals, a wiper of reeds
sharpens gravy ghosts with chisels under weed
^& we season smoke
 with dummy cheese & fondant dope
& a sonny trickler of dammy meads heeds smoked
darling dartering dish-men who feed from greed
a diamate of demure denuded sea-fire will feed
both the sex and the son of Man?
jdb dec 2019

BLUE SCORE...                finished....

bore my scars & blew my soul last museday; i've got no-one to burn. bore
my scars & blew my mind last fuseday; i've got no-one to spurn. say the
world was real, say the world once lived? what then but spieller-deal,
what then but the living dead? bore my scars & blew my soul last museday;
i've got no-one to burn. bore my scars & blew my mind last cruiseday; i've
got no-one to spurn. say the world once cared, say the earth once span?
what then but spieller's lair, what then but hanging man? bore my scars &
bust my eye last museday; i've got no-one to love. bore my scars & blew my
brain last fuseday; i've got no noah's dove. say the world once sang, say
the earth once bloomed? what then but spieller's band, what then but
plated womb? bore it all, saw nobody changing; couldn't give a damn for
any. bore it all, saw my birth deranging; couldn't give a damn for mary.
say you once all gave, say you once all moved; say you once all gave, say
the earth once grooved. say it thrice over, say it seven under, say it
thrice it over, rape away the thunder.. say it once mattered how the child
was maimed to lie, say it once mattered how christ was born to die. say
the world once lived against its hatred, say this earth once toppled while
abated. don't give me funkey blues, don't give me green suede shoes. bore
my scars, drove ten cars, saw all brains disgarded. bore my scars, drove
ten cars, saw all veins accosted. the endless dream is the eggshell
thinker, the endless dream is the egg-yolk spinster. don't give me bible
news, don't rend me semite law, don't give me bible dues, just shend away
the doors. don't give me eyes on empty, don't lend me pistol wax, don't
give me eyes on empty, just rend me judas flax. take the flex, wind it
round, pierce the neck, maim the sound. bore my scars, bore it all too
many times. bore it all, broke my neck & smashed my spine.

siege to seed to seed to siege to snood to cruise to cn news, to zen to
wren to dirty den to doctor rock to peter pock. water-wheel one to
water-wheel two, i am the one who opened you, water-wheel one to
water-wheel men, i am the one who opened pen. water-wheel opus to
rot-spiel crocus, i am the one who opened locus. siege to seed to seed to
siege to snood to cruise to cn news. siege to seed to seed to siege to
snood to cruise to cn blues. dna is wicked gay, wicked gay is john 'o'
grey, john 'o' grey is global munchkin, global munchkin's orbital pumpkin.
water-wheel pentagram, slaughter-wheel centogram, siege to seed to cn
blues to seed to siege to doctor who's. i love baby, she gets lady, i love
lady, she strokes sadie. goldie is a roll-up, roll-up is a siege seed
truce. water-wheel opus to daughter-wheel crocus to siege to seed to cn
shoes. mary, mary quite contrary, how does your spindle glow; with
knicker-lips & crotchet trips. siege to seed to cn snows. television,
sputnik lover, television, merchant brother. barclays, starkleys, dr
starksky; siege to seed to cn jews. jewel, fuel, petrol, petrol,
water-wheel, spastic plastic. water-wheel to crap on a fan. siege to seed
to judas man. give us the highways & i'll give you the byways - bylines,
bylines, bylines, bylines. goodbye, monroe, your life was on show. siege
to seed to siege seed row. cn news, cn blues, cn snood, cn rood. saw it
all over, now's the time for clover. the sweet is the best, let's go west.

Edvarde grundy, edvarde sundae - ice-cream, ice-cream, ice-cream,
ice-cream. on the farm, the metal girl drinks a quart of barley whirl.
edvarde grundy, edvarde sundae - ice-cream, ice-cream, woman. see the boy,
see the paper - edvarde grundy, edvarde sundae. see the boy, see man
friday - edvarde grundy, edvarde sundae. combine harvest, red-tent leer,
cup 'o' petrol, red-neck ear. ice-cream, ice-cream, naughty dream,
ice-cream, ice-cream, ice-cream. take me on your flight, corporal balloon,
take me on your flight, master masturbloom. this is the earth, this is the
ticker-tape - edvarde grundy, clobber-cape. ice-cream, ice-cream,
ice-cream, ice-cream - i came, i swore, i came again. edvarde grundy -
sundae rain. down, down, down, down, going down, mistress sound, going
down. going down to ale-house forty, going down, going down. edvarde
grundy, mrs. mundee - ice-cream, ice-cream, ice-cream, ice-cream. lovely
rita, meter tweeter - ice-cream, ice-cream, ice-cream, ice-cream.
centrefold madam, make me gladden, give me hot, give me cold. edvarde
grundy, edvarde sundae - ice-cream, ice-cream, ice-cream, ice-cream. saw
the walrus, stitched a stitch, did some knitting; clickety-click.
traffic-light, yellow to yellow, why so sad, why use bellows? edvarde
grundy, edvarde sundae - clickety-klaxon, clickety-klaxon. ice-cream
comes, ice-cream goes, ice-cream sews, ice-cream sews. i don't suppose you
want to know the contents of my long-stemmed rose? ice-cream, ice-cream,
endless ice-cream, endless, endless ice-cream.

peter pan, mary anne - dig the summer, dig the summer. mary anne, thomas
mann - dig the summer, dig the summer. hear the thunder thrumming in,
shend the seed, let time win. peter pan, mary anne, mary pan, thomas mann
- dig the summer, dig the summer, dig this endless number. summer sun, why
so fast? summer moon, why so fast? summer conscience, why now over? summer
seance, time grows older. peter pan, mary anne - dig the summer, dig the
summer. mary anne, thomas mann - dig this endless number. dig the eye of
endless empty, dig the lie, let in love's sentry. thomas mann, mary anne,
mary anne, petrov scam - dig the summer, dig the summer, dig the endless
summer. come, dig the summer, dig the summer, dig the trendless thunder.

class hetero, class hetero; half the world's class hetero. picture scout,
picture pout, don't need no mind to knock me out. class hetero, class
hetero; half the world's class hetero. class hetero, class hetero; half
the world's class hetero. picture me this, do not let love rend, picture
me this, do not let life end. half the earth's class hetero, the summer
moon, a phaposian surprise. class hetero,class hetero; half the sun's
class hetero. gay deviser, grey compriser, what for love whose ways grow
green? give me picture, give me fixture; never let this life grow mean.
class hetero, class hetero; half this world's class hetero. shend the
chain, let man build, never tame the hetero will. time on its side, time
under fire, time on it's side; magnetos in the tide. give me the way it
was, don't poison me with vision. lend me woman's image, don't give me
cellevision. class hetero, class hetero; all the world's class hetero.
don't give me afgay, don't give me aftawoman, just give me picture come,
just give me death's cousin. magnetos in the underpass, class hetero,
class hetero. magnetos for the underclass, class hetero, class hetero. all
need a picture hessien to shape this earth with birth, all need a picture
hessien to solve the crime of worth. all the world's class hetero, half
the sun's afgay. give me glass forever; never let man pass away.

i'm moving out to the other side, (with a spiritual bride, with a
spiritual bride). i'm moving out to the other side, (with a spiritual
bride, with a spiritual bride).
pain is pain & pain will out; the other
side must writhe & rout; the other side must fall like rain upon the
insane brain.
i'm moving out to the other side, (with a spiritual bride,
with a spiritual bride). i'm moving out to the other side, (with a
spiritual bride, with a spiritual bride).
pain is pain & pain will out;
the other side must writhe & rout; the other side must fall like rain upon
the insane endless brain. the other side, the other side, the other side, the
sacred bride?....

jdb 2018