work in progress   title: a hot saucer of blue milk  1st draft poem then poem-song
a hot saucy saucer of blue milk
hurls saviours on the furred fire
a hot lazy father falls to silk and
eyes widen..
the trippers of failure cut hands
and eastern amazing women ram
sex powders down sirens
idols of kind fear cause reason
to pray for tears
and a hot saucy saviour of milk
breast-feeds four seasons
eaters of loud radio listen to silk
watchers of loud meadows
bury televisions in blind shadow
and we have the names by heart
scattered rape seeds cause farmers to
search for harvesters
assault sex seed hunts for farmers
and we dig for reeds
and we water washed weeds
once a day and then all night, farmers
use huge hoses for the growth of greed
once a month and then for years
grey motorists travel into tears
idols look deep down inside dust
eagles look deep down into lust
and we have the bloody names by heart
and we realise mostly nothing
eaters of mad rifles cook bullets.
Wide weakness weakens grey planets
the easters when we shared false eggs
hides inside women
the killers of men have cracked eggs
and we have the names by heart
and because a cold-frame covers hearts
and because cold evening
causes trips thru sunken gardens
we will have to dance upon the ceiling
a rose on a bus sleeps the dies, O, hearts
stop for Gods
and wintry summer buds for
crazy seas where a bible under wards
creeps out from the woodwork..
the easters when we shared false eggs
hide inside christ's islands
and we rock five hands
and we cook bread when up in bed
the rancid rotted taste of an abandoned plum
shoots up with fruit
the rancid clotted taste of a forgotten plum
shoots up with shoots
and we sweeten sex
as we soften deaths
and we lay soft waste to a city of decks
the rancid rotted face of an abandoned plum
cuts up cold pears
and a bag of berries feeds the thousand
and a sack of cherries roasts sweet hair
eyes slip into dun blindness
ears deafen, and a bird of blindess stare
directly inside
eyes, ears, brain, body, Lives
as timeless statues stop,
wet weepers hammer stone,
and granite faces feel for green bone
the humming hummingbird
hums whilst singing
the moaning dreaming night bird
appears wing-cropped;
and a vice of iron rams a sad bird
and eyes see a naughty blind bird
we have a bed of baked beans
we have a shed filled with dreams
and a bun of bites
feeds cakes to pikes
and we cash old fish with 2 hands
the humming hummingbird
hums whilst swinging
the deadly break of day hears nerves
and eyes vanish
weeders of a fantastic rose-garden
delimit flowers with meadows
diggers of fantastic bowers harden;
and a wedded moon
shines upon living rooms
and i espy a house of bricks which
hurls meadows at the dark
cousins of old England hear men
punishing love with incest.
Reason takes a hot hike as deaths
cuts a dead mum from a wrecked
father of mice
weeders of a fantastic rose-garden
delimit flowers with gay shadow
and a wedding moon
shines upon kind mummy moon
and it is the sane mamma moon
who swoons under de gallows
eaters of english rifles shoot up
reapers of english candles
deliberately set fire to sandals
and icy closed fingers
although using gloves cannot shut
any of the ten closed fingers
nordic fierce deities suck as Bragi
has no earth now to control
old dead and scratched vinyl records
shatter as they play
cold dead and ruined cassettes spray
endlessly broken taped trapped graves,
and we make no true sense
and we make no way for wisdom
and we have nothing now to raise
because true song is dead and gone.
fierce fantastic faces fail to shine
fierce romantic faces fail to whine.
Death comes quickly
Dead lungs smother minds
and we dig for dust in a gold-mine.
once upon a shelter, i heard mum
dropping her heels inside the earth
once upon a river, i hard guns
shooting a blood moon with lungs
and a bonnet under bloods
savours easy planets
Oh   a bladed body summit thrums
Oh   a raided bloody gannet
swallows sea-seed
and eyes see into steeds
i have used a canyon for my soul
we have abused crayons
and a mane of mush metes souls to
a witherer of night and day
fierce fantastic faces fail to shine
fierce emotive cases shut and grind
dolly heels down to mute dust
and hands lay lovers in a sad mind
and we drop traders inside grey musk
coded scissor men move to grey
radios of seizure men melt a grave
bad body of bone and brine
eyes peer into eyes
skies leer deep inside; Oh, we raise
gashers from hearts and rammed days
romantic spaces soften into sad air
cold tragic faces
falter, then fall from keen hair
and a naked wall will always snare
a vast body of cemented bricks
and we lug drugs unto a blue stream
and this blue stream drowns prayer
o riders of grey screens
trap a lion in an engines.
Dark deaths crawl upon old sin
Hard mess
nests in de skies where giddy gins
drown child Aladdin in a bath
and we have a bath filled with gin
amniots of gold rock the castles
odd ingots of gold socks
push a finger down my legs as muscles
clench up, and a pusher of slots
puts a coined kisser in a clock.
Riders of blue rain cry like a cock
Easters of old pain
ram down both paraffin and money..
Raiders of countries
suck a bald nut as a baby in a brain
dollops cold mitts upon family
once upon this mad mind of mine, ash
cut an old man's sleeve from trash
once upon this sad mind of mine, cash
cut an old man's urine from body-crashed
cold city concertinas
carriers of easy cochineal heat a meal
hookers of dizzy orange peal
ply hot whore-hire to a bled big-wheel
and a bouncy fire
cuts the dead lips of a funeral pyre
easy riders of a dulling day retire
easy bikers under-cut tall spires
and eyes rise just like a spire
and spent lives rise up from tyres
i have entered again into my head
i have scented mind-flame
. Oh, a burnt cold crane
falls apart
 Oh, a scented stain
cuts my heart
and a dozy dragon breathes pain
and a living fire-dragon
breaks up, up, up
this hired radio in which we were made
sings for the quarter-hour
this heated shadow of both long and short
sea-sirens down a holly glade
and eyes eat inside
a bulb of grass where initimate wives
danced till a sexless knave
gave rise to a loud winter's chilled bride
the dunny easy cupboard where i raised
coded killer children
has swallowed somehow a sun of women
and dizzy doggy gems
germinate wheat with ideal sad husbands
and a burstive salt stem
ships cold tears under caverns and ken
o for an easy world whose easy seasons
chose to stop then reign
down upon a sea of veins?
I have seen pretty stores shutting reason
I have entertained the deaths of missions
and because youths and I do not compute
o may madam moon melt inside
cosy casements....    
these dunny days, i shape my shivers from
slitherers of damaged doggy dames
and now, cell-snapped, the marriage of suns
wallops a cool kissing pissing gun..
ah  asses under copious mules hear lovers
ah   ashes under coptic fools
stash a city fire in a fire museum's
crippling pyre-piped plateau of killers
the high roads to the sun are hot with crap
the huge loads under guns
shoot a mental moon
and a son of men rises up, up, up,
and a swinging davy lamp laps the cuts of
funeral mien and wailing sluts
the hideous smile of our homely Medusa
hastens to worms as her snaked head-dress
burned under stone till baby bruisers
star-bury curvy dials with breaking sex
and a sawn city of spun sin
awakes death to its empty void
and a storm of daddies
captures fatal rain inside hands of skin
on st agnes eve, a tripping tribe of bees
wax-hallowed into burning stinger sleeves
on st agnes eve, a cryer for the old heaves
salty human death from a honey-dream
and the codes of theft
ram down the painted money
and the rogues of deaths
burnish phlegms with family
o. st agnes stops
o. st tarsus trips inside blind grain, and rain
falls upon a gentle brain
the high roads to the sun are shot with crack
the hurt roads of dirt cum
aside coved lungs
- ah, we pant for suns
-  ah, we slip cunts into guns
and a model miser of the stolid move wraps
coda chrome under
rabbit thuder.  sss    eyes eat thru lids as caps
crusade for warts of pure water
and a bed of skins
shares heads with suede hymns.
once upon a mind in a dark world, gay limbs
fell apart
once upon a spine in a dark whorl, grey limbs
cut my heart
adown in a body-town where urban bins boned
blind eyes with dairy sex-darts...
uh uh uh uh
what now for you and me but de robots of du?!
JDB 22/02/2020
 work in progress title: o somebody has stolen my crazy paving
 1st draft poem then poem-song
o somebody has stolen my crazy paving..
Dark fields flow
Dead yields glow
o somebody has stolen my crazy paving;
and the vaults in the snow
form ice-balls from veined hot praying
o somebody has stolen my crazy paving
the senses of the sun reel then burn
the fences of the sun reveal mown ferns
and we pot a bad plant
and we shoot gold rain
and the world we used to own
falls into a ghost-train
o somebody has stolen my crazy paving.
Dark fields flow
Dead yields glow
o somebody has robbed me of my garden
and the sun at night
listens to a dark height
and a land of glass shatters under light
the nude hands i used to always use
have somehow fallen..
Death attracts us
Sex distracts us
and the rude cans i used to fill move
dirtied eyes to dead tears
the senses of the summer heat rain
the fences of a lover
burn and burn;
O, an illegal father
rocks gal perms
and these sides of minds when pain
whispers under firms
have the rapine worlds by heart
the nude hands i used to always move
have somehow fallen.
Death contracts us
Self compacts us
and the wells of a drowned mind must
drop all planets.
o some bad boy has stolen my shed
o some sad old boy
has broken all my windows
and a starry moll climbs under windows
and a mind of steel
sharpens bones with babies
the sad sandman who causes sleep
has to confront a sex heat
o somebody mad has used pots for meat
o someone bad has
looped my oven in a mask.
the drivers of salt-rain hear the past
abolishing vans with castes
the bikers of salt-stains hear the vast
lamming cocks with venus-clasps
and a mad naked chick
drops a forced world.
winters have a chilly summer
o fevers heed a hot cold mamma
and a pot of sin
sinks a prick within
codas of sex and women
o somebody has stolen children
o some bad man has
swollen into killed time
and a gassy mind
has to stop, stop, stop?
drivers of salt-rain hear the past
gliding down easy loss
and we lost to men
and we are left to Zen
emptiness glows
deadliness flows
and a bed of Zeus heals under
gold gems.
a gemma of a rich mind has to fall to
death's fast feather
o a mumma of a bitch-mind
has to summon self from old rivers
and the stars of sin
supper for liquid food-fins
and we sail to death.
somebody has stolen my backyard
somebody mad has
bull-dozed my home and left the past
falling down death's alley..
a gemma of a rich mind has to fall to
silent soft earth
a mumbler of a ditched birth
swallows dust as biddes under blues
swing all bloody year?
pincers of killed crab cuts us up with
maddening salt-waves
killers of killer labs use chemic wigs
to form a sad serum
and we move under waves
and we sail inside the sea
and we whirl to the beat where graves
somebody mad has stopped my glamour
somebody sad has killed the poor
somebody murdered
has climbed inside stoned windows
and a bone of bread
slices oatmeal
we lingered in the stars where femurs
shatter under bone-life
and we wing after old cars.
Death came homeward today as lovers
lopped the dead
can we stand up?
can we stand down?
there is no good answer in this town
these easy days of endless liquid clouds
must come to city sleep now
these empty days of endless liquid crowds
doctor night and day
and the summers of cold clay
sharpens dogs with de old days
once upon a heart, we learnt about
moon-crusts and a starry son of slaves.
Because we proclaimed dead
Because we are sent to constant bed
Because we know mostly nothing
we have to seize medals from dead
grey children
these easy days of endless liquid clouds
must send death to women
and women in a shrill mind heeds
gay gods where red hot wines
toast nothing but the easy killed
o somebody both short and tall has
stolen my crazy paving.
Dun eyes move
Spun skies soothe
ants and all other insects
o somebody dark has cut my ass?
o some sad lady
has murdered my garden
and the sun at night jams glass
and the stars look down?
the easy soapy hearts which
serenade a blue dick
have all sullen words by heart
and the tripping of a heart
sucks a cardiac
o some man neither short nor tall
has come to a crucifix
and a disembodied christ-trip
swallows mien
easy radioed riders ram tripped
winter clits.
i once had a large brain
i used to dream forever.
Old thought appears insane
Cold code appears deranged
and the labels of the moved
trip under tables
and a cut glass vase smoothes
bad pebbles with cradles
i once had a large skull
i used to dream about gulls.
Old thoughts appear deranged
Coastal ports revere
guilty pigs whose sea of tears
weeps forevermore
and a bunny gal has no fears
and eyes eat inside wards.
oglers of cut rhythm steer
green cars into motorways
oodles of sluts shed city tears
and a horse in blue rain
falls under mare-made manes
and a mule of assy war
rides where flown ponies split
hands and bagged bridles
i used to hear a tape in the park
i peal myself some grapes
i see a sunny man feeding apes
and i fall asleep inside the dark
o .
we may well dance all year
we may well disappear
into model tallows
and, dust as we are, wax-weirs
raise romance from de gallows

and there is sheer doggerel in Hell
and there is fast poetry in bells?
Dear poets swerve
Feared poets dig for a dead nerve
and there is sheer doggerel in Hell?
the producers of versed feed swell
up, up, up with verbal sea-smells
and dear poets swerve
under vocive fists that hear cells
strangling loud heaven's neck?
the penile pushers of vaginal sex
self-abuse till bled to death
the venal fathers of mummy sex
hits birds as killers scream
and there is sheer rot in Heaven
and true words die with the rain?
Dear poets swerve
Feared wordsmiths cut curves
down, down
once upon a mind in a mad world
i saw an animated movie
once upon love's mind, movies
awoke me to films of the real dead
a fat horde of kittens chew hot red
burger meats
a fast house of mittens clads fled
hats and feet
and a banger inside children's sleep
enters inside a river of old sleep
daft lambwhites on the hill stand
stock still when rammed rifles hang
dizzy bulls and craven sheep-hands
and there is demure doggerel in Hell
and there is fast poetry in wells
and we push our fingers into wells
and we stink thumbed killers into
wallowers of dead wived star-soothed
body breakers
and midnight breaksdown
and soft light kills the town

JDB 23/02/2020
work in progress   
title: a coppice of faces features in The Sun   1st draft poem then poem-song

a coppice of faces features in The Sun.
Death stinks of war
and the couples who fuck with whores
dents sex disaster with
old sex gods and guns
underwater, a capsized sea of ores
sinks boats into the Thames;
and we salute the armies of men
and we shake an apple tree.
a coppice of faces features in The Star.
Death stinks of crime
and the married boys have no mind
and the cars of joy
crash and die for mime
highways to women ride upon a
straight road
and American Freeways squash
the lovely flesh of a wet toad.
magicians at children's parties
celebrate mad illusions
and a see of hands throw parties.
Because of the dead, families
drop a magic trick
we hear arise now magic wind.
i want to feed a captive hound
but captive hounds need freeing
i want to read about wastegrounds
but wastegrounds are stupid
and the darling buds of May
drop an easy rosebud
early on in the morning, i lost
my favourite tea-cup.
I dropped it and then it went missing
and the cars on the road
drive across a heavy load
magicians at children's parties
celebrate magic spells as babies
bob around for magic bells
and i hear magical seashells
disappearing into sound

a newspaper delivered before morning
needs hurling in the litter bin
a sea of paper may well wrap sin
inside an old full frontal Page 3
and a caged old killer scatters sex skin
across a guilty porn stage.
the miners for dirt have five fingers
sinking lengths of wax into aged
homes without fires
and eyes have to burn out
and skies have to shout out
about dizzy clouds upon fingers
a newspaper delivered before evening
needs reading to the word-blind
and a bun of ice feeds a lovely bear
but bears need freed
and a fox on the road hunts a mind
old shavers of blonde-dyed women
cut all keen pubes off
we have faulty plugs in our hall
we own lovely gas-ovens
but we haven't mended wires in years
and our house is without walls
the shapers of a castle shed tears
across crenatures where old stalls
celebrate a Son of Pan
and we stride around public ruins
we have faulty plugs in our hall
ah, our castle is in constant risk of fire
and we must certainly decide
to cremate the dead with sucide
i rather like the idea of legal arson
i rather love our local pyromaniac
and the apartments up the stairs
vandalise lifts
and we die, die
codas carry ferine songs unto
their utmost ends.
Eggshells shatter whites when men
stop to kill god's friends
figurines found on my windowsills
heaps old dust where ornamental ills
sweep a lost house clean
and the riders of the dead see dreams
dreaming after sad bad screens
the saviours of the sun fuck up
the miracles of angels
the sailors of the moon cut up
sagged tits
and an exposed wet cunt shuts
all sexed doors
we will see arise the moon of
dead boys whose penises
are always bloody hanged...
figurines fould in my front-room
shatter old glass
and a sea of casts show vast
bodies to
people who live in sheltered homes
and because a room with a view
fellows the dead past,
a bone of sudden sadness will
move dead men to tears... KILLED,
we ride into rain...
i saw the eye of earth and liked it,
i saw my mind made up from lit
deadened eyes,
and the world awoke dirty lips
the vastness of my old home had
several billion bloody walls.
Because we appear homeless, mad boys
may well beg for money
and a cast of billions scatter money
and a sea of diamonds
hires cabs for families
we waved as we left our town
we raved as we drive into sound
and a sea of fire
set alight to oceanic sea-towns
and a kid from space
ravels into outerspace, and clowns
swing from a dying trapeze
the vastnes of my new home has
too many fucking rooms
and because i moved by accident
i will surely never move house again
a local car-crash has upset me very much
a fatal crash on a lost main road
has hereby filled my mind with pain
and, o, a waster of the speeding dead cuts
transitory dead transits with
a pair of urban scissors
and collisions are surely common now?
the drivers of killed dreams dream now
after speeding nightmares
the bikers under city screens hear crowds
hurling stones at killers
and i have never driven a car
and i have never suffered suburbia
a fatal elision in a massive heart sends
copious car-crashes
back home where the music is playing
and a dragging fish-net has made me
swim far West.
Dangerous, a big boat of sex made me
dive under death;
and an open sea arises from seaweed
and a bay of billions
heed drowned selves whose cold sleeves
bury ponds under carrion.
a budded bearth of sea-things heaves
scarring starfish from the rills of thieves
and thieves rob all day
galleons where a piracy decays
and a nasty sail flags for cold clay
and a clay-cold river sends ships where
insidious killers rock...
we have to fish for crabs with splendid
bent pins
we have to fish for fissures
and a broken sail forces sea-things to
issue seagulls to easy kissers
this fine hapless day where i rode to see
the heat of a happy sunrise
entertains me with sun and salty sea
and a soft swimmer has me in thral
and my swiming shorts lend bikinis to
a river of hot lively waves
this fine careless day whre i rode to see
the beat of a burning moon-rise
entertains me with endless seashells
ah ah ah
a vaginal sea-cavern hisses where bells
sink tocsins into the quarter-hour
and a leaping ocean summons seasand
and good eyes close inside soft cells
as fleet butchers cut fair meat, bells
ring out across the chiming town
and happy joyous mad men drives cars
far West where old wizards spring
old spells from city crying
a carousel in a flighty fairground
has my mind in thral
a merry giddy cakewall resounds
and the thrills of big dippers
lend shooting games to mazy mirrors
o, a trip to a vast kid's ball
fashions of merrygorounds from
child-thrilling loud air
trills along the parks where drums
bend a dizzy songster
and a bowl of golden fishes
swallows a hotdog kiss and guns
shoot for canny cakewalks
the vision changes scene: instead
of fairgrounds we hear of faces
which lead dogs to mad shoe-laces
and good shoes in a strung bag
clothe candy castles under crabs
and a VD listens to a female moon
and dizzy dremers soften
easy veins
trainyards suffer cars and rain
buckles wet roofs with star-stained
fatal cathedrals
oo eyed eynes give cold seagulls
the rule of the carrion dead
and fast dreamed lives sea-tread
sandy fields where passion trains
babies with cot deaths
leprous minds flicker under us
and dead men grimace under lust's
dogdayed abuser's fever
and fingers swim the moon where
dangerous nestlers harden snares
la! la! la!
JDB January 2020. 

work in progress:  title: the summer of my favourite days
  1st draft poem then poem-song

the summer of my favourite days
shines down just like the sun
the father of my face caress sundays.
skin swigs from a calendar
and the cops from Mars star-raid
every month of the year
the sailors who sailed high noon
use piggy riggings to
sell ships to a hot moon
and a winter of hot rain swoons
the summer of my favourite day
spirals down to cemented graves
and bad eyes glow forever.
the kisses in my old home heal
hot sweet lips
the missives inside love's reel
ravel under wheels
and a sweetened mind seals
coda coldness inside crypts..
easy bikers storm the streets
easy riders stone fast sleep
and a hill of rain
falls, falls
the utterances of faces heaps
coded cunt and cute jeeps
and a dandy hour trips just like
old dreams in a clock of light
talons cut backs as midnight
i hammered a diamond ring upon
two urban shelves.
Because i have died, a sun's gun
may well use cells
and inside cells we may see girls
sweating blood
daisies in my front garden drug
oglers of tulips
and i will soften
and i will behave less mad
i hammered a heartstring to a
scissoring gun
and my mind drops into the sun
inventors of utter crap sit on a saucepan
eaters of female sap
heat a bowl of pure sand
and eyes turn in
dainty drivers of gin travel into tonic
and an earth of fires
shatters messengers with sonic
blood booms.
the summer under winter swoons
the auttums under rivers
abuses coffee spoons
and a boat of fire loosens rivers
and a ghost of grinders
sharpen lies.
inventors of utter crap squat on a cooker
and keen weavers
sew feathers into minds.
the key to my demisal
has bad hands and dying feet
the route to life's revival
listens to the streets..
devils on their backs storm sleep
angels in the sack storm sleep
and a key to wild heaven
stops sex dead.
these days, a loaded gun will
surely shoot dead meat
tonight, a roller of a sun will
certainoy trumpet sex heat
and a bay of brothers
swallow angel's skin, and hills
fellow ancient angels to
old grey mothers
these dud words i used where
accidental sea life
allowed fishermen to net christ
and accidental mice
get trapped then killed
a rat upon a hill dances with mice
a cat upon a hill
expands dogs to leashes and life
shoots feral killers
and a rat upon a mind sees life
dancing till dead as judas
a dud of a world widens unto a
bed of bolts and pots
and i keep a sex-aid in a soft
milk cup
and i use a yard for the use of
storing drinks and nuts
a catkin falls,- A rider of sluts
stiffens up
a catkin falls,-  A killer of sluts
suck muck
and we shooteth up?
a rat upon a hill prances with mice
a bat beside a vole
gives life to a mole
and a fur of night dresses mice
and bat at my side
weds tails to brides.
easy riders arise from an invisible road
easy liars fall from engines
o a city's eyes shut then fade
and a road of lives travels into graves
fishermen fish for hermit crabs.
old eagles flee from midnight cabs
and a teaser of lovers
laughs at love until love's crag
falls to easy earth.
a cat upon a hill arises from
fangs and manes
o a cat inside a hill hisses from
tails, ears and sleek veins
and a bat is caught by feline sun
easy riders arise from an invisible road
easy loss leads love to cold
divorcers of reality dream of the old
and kissers of families
die for endless wild blue heaven
five impassable winds have to blow
all clouds into snow
five impossible winds have to blow
all winters into shadow
and a crab caught with a child's net
is soon cooked and fried
and fish men are cooked and ate
the dairy full of hot milk tips
a bottle filled with fluid wine
and a heartless man of langour grinds
vin rouge and tipsy hearts
five impasable fathers have to clothe
an entire family of invalids
and a bed of fires hears shrill rogues
stealing silver from old age
and vapid men heed a cut rose.
the edges of love tend invalids
the sedes of Gods rend invalids
and we feed from old rice
and we vomit the moon; and life
spirals down, down
uh a dizzy drum of city oil drowns
all hospital angels.
i went to the shop to buy a gun
the moon was shining
and i bought a water wheel as
stars of murder looked down
inside my town
and i went to the shop to buy a gun.
Because my lost wife hears
echoes in her bed
because my cross life hears
noises of the dead
i must unbottle a blue beer and
shape pubs from tears
i went to the shops to buy a gun
the moon was shining
and murdered stars looked down.
Naked nuclear families use gum
to stick good children to
the easy smiles of the colour true.
noises of the dead send a crying
churchyard to praying sleep.
Gods abed with dreads will reap
a dying game from a bough of meat.
Ghosts abed with threads will
heat a bowl of piss with a torn grill
i went to the stores to buy a plum
the moon was shining out of the sun
huh what a good fine day it has been
spent creating garden tools for green
fast husbandry
hu what a huge proud night it has been
spent sun-shaping a patio from dreams
and a talented female swan
holds gold Leda upon her back
and men and Zeus fish in a pond for
mazy sex mittens.
pitted dying dates wizen into flowers
rapid crying grapes
wizard after grass as a bun of towers
wipes buttocks on city drapes
and a bud of bends slags after crates.
Death becomes all of us
Sex bedumbs the best of us
and a coast of cards deals self to huffed
bone shelters where eager dust
covers hands with estranging shirt-cufffs
O a church of steeples consecrate us
O a stall of iron staples capes with
donkey riders whose mules under pigs
can never ever marry
huh, what a good fine day it has been
spent creating ravines from baker's beans.
Copyright Jim Bellamy 2020.
work in progress: title: There are Two Lovely Swallows at my Heel
1st draft poem then poem-song

there are two lovely swallows at my heel
there are five happy swans
sealed to heavy seed
and the rooms of need kiss a winged dawn
the eyelids of the deaf watch keen sounds
unravelling into time
and the vales of time drop from towns
and mad eyelids cry for greed
the mongers of nastiness rock towns
the shapers of tardiness
swill from dead wine
and the dogs of pain swig piss-brine
and oglers of easiness
stamp on drums
there are two lovely swallows at my heel
there are one bilion feathers
fillling deaths with cotton reels
a good happy family clasps hands and
prays for Heaven
a good happy melody causes sounds
and a radio of pure fire
plays great ingenious songs for
kind teenaged children
and pink champagne toasts whores
the hands we held together store
palm-prints under wards
and a dead dark father's sex war
chains mad men to babies
and a bed of ice freezes
a good hapless homestead expands
hot dead rubberbands
and we bide our time
and we do not cry
and because we hear a city sky
and because we arise
from sadness
we must answer to the sea
grey men in soft palaces heave
hot thick pants from dizzy bees
and we hang a cat
and we mourn for rats
i have given my old best bed to the mad
i have ridden upon
sleepy old horses
and a dell of dust dreams about guns
and a cell of chains
clasps sad boys in manacles
at break of day, mental testicles
grabbed salt seed from old vehicles
and we drink our own wine
and we drink to mad.
i have given my old best bed to the
wicked minds of the killed
O we wallow in peat as poked hills
drop dead
eaters of eastern rifles cut cats with
instant feline thunder
o a vast room in which we store lovers
feeds cat-meat to lovely kids
and a nice dinner is had by all
and a nice mother smiles for all
eaters of eastern eye-fuls sex-snip
a scissor mister
with hot closed hands,.
Death comes very soon
Selves under family play the spoons
and we rise up, up
and slide down, down.
the babies of the killed rock a crowned
a dangerous cliff-face has killed so many
a faceless mountain
causes endless suicides
and a gallow tree hangs a kind family?
a bedded sea of deliberate deaths
rose-hangs kids with de bodies
and we raided life
and we killed the Light
and because we hate keen nuns
and because we shake
a rattler's gun
weevils beneath us can only strum
bald guitars.
grey vices vocalise the bitten sun
gay faces thrill
and a bouncy hill
swallows a dirty field
these dying days where we made our nocturne
hastens to cool flowers
these crying days where we made towers
topple into the sea
heed a bed full of bees
and a head of pain abuses heat.
a seat of smashed stone sings for sleep
a heated lashed sex-groan
screams for lady-voices
and we couple kids to stasis
and we suckle tears from swiped meat

these dying days where men make their journey
way back home
soaks a bible in a pan shaped from stone
and we soap a dog's back
and we search for lively bats
here, in my house and home, i will groan
where, closed, my bedroom
snaffles for pissed pillowed sex-moans
and old trees have endless voices
and combers of a holiday beach
stops to lose Love
the ravens in high trees are hereby
raised inside good cages
the ravens in huge leaves are now
wedded to a lovely bride
and hot loud stages tread the clouds
and soft sad faces
flicker, flicker
blue ravens in high trees hereby
drag molten water for a tossed sky
and i hasten to cars when
old vans drive to Jerusalem
a well-tended hard-on hurries lives
back home where the musical mind
destroys dead radio
and we may well dine in meadows
and we may well dine in the dark
O, panting parting garments spark
city cunt from a cellar of darts
giant leaves on high trees
shed apples upon hire ground
massive dreams sleep underground
and we dream of Eden
a ravager of failure heeds evening's
scattering of blind light
and a raider of a washed night
sinks teeth into a grey bed-gown
giant trees upon high trees
sheds pebblers upon wasteground.
Selves shatter
Cells matter to gaoled body-thieves
and we raise glass to smatter
and we snap a cocoa lover's
lilting use of candy crowns
a ravager of romantics heed
lunacies of killers and dweebs.
Gigantic washrooms wash sleeves.
Incredible bathrooms soap
stinking winter-water
and weedlers of lovers heave
old row boats far West
o this very merry afternoon, i chose to quiver
and a lovely family swoons
o this very merry afternoon, i chose to
ride to fevereed sleep
and a ship of glass sank into hot wheat
we who are young appear always old
we who are stung
string nooses from a wall of cold
and Anancee the Spider hears a soul
crying in a gigantic cavern.
reason cries himself to utmost sleep
seasons writhe
and a bow of busts shoots jive
and a wind in gusts drops a knife
o this very even evening, i chose to shiver
o this utmost dreaming seat i set to quiver
has me in darting thral
and there is nothing left but pegs in the
porch and my hall
we used to play football on the beach
o we used to kick balls
and the games we play inside old halls
hurl an old oak apple at high heaps
we tossed a shying core into the moon
we loosened ties
and a bay of birdies softened spoons
and a wake of eyes
danced till the whirlpool's friends
dropped just like flies
ashes within hashes hardens men
flashes of skin sever shifty women
and a bell of glass
cannnot be rung with breaking
down, down
and eyes awake to see the drowned
dancing in soft rain

easy users of fine easels must paint
ivories with nude live ebonies
JDB February 2020.
work in progress      title: 'the very darkness of my old home'
      1st draft poem then poem-song
the very darkness of my old home
sold me to talons
the very sadness of my old home
paid dividends to pylons
and the force of a true father’s moan
makes mad trees wail all day

these fingers upon my two hot hands
lay hard palms upon islands.
Deaths charge me
Riders change me with
coded wheels
and a bunny p'liceman arrests
bad hearts and false pigs

the very darkness of my old home
sold me to ribbons
the utmost deadliness of old bone
washes tangerines under
blown buttered thunder
and a strider of sickness groans

i intend to eat all year..
i intend to sleep all human hours
but my bed is laid emptied
and my head enters into flowers
and i walk across flowers
the ravishers of romans heed
greying female feeds
the vanishers of slogan deeds,
killing feline weeds.
And my old house has been
pushed to its vacant knees.

there are pots of natural yogurts in the shed
there are cots of old oils
stored in a gizzard
o the dotty dolls who pay for the city piper
storm laden heads
and a bay at night hangs a bruiser
and a cage of light hangs a city cruiser

the salads of the daft serve cocoas to
rotating blind tomatoes
the mallards of the daft
swirl upon a stool;
and a bum of lightning strikes old fools
and a sun of stifling mikes
turns up an amp to full.

there are pots of natural yogurts in my bed
there are lots of old soils
stored in a scabbard
o the dotted dolls who pray for mustard
are burned to death now
eyes yearn for burners
tiddlers feed fish to learners
and i am led to find the edge of my world.

the vagabonded wagon of a hot dead kiss
caresses green fire
the eaters of old dragons
demonize mad salt lips
and we swallow falons
and we cut birds down?

the wankers of lost guns hear a sad mist
clothing cunt in sound
the shouters of old suns
sweep after talons
and we swallow passions
and we shut words down

once upon a mad year, an expansive town
dragged me down
once upon a mad tear
utterances of bled fear
caused cats to hunt themselves
ideal drovers of dagger-deaths will
easily die for rain...

the egits of a dummy globe
dance into moon-roads
o a planet of pure rogues slows
toady ministries
and an ogre of the tides
swallows mutant shadow
and eggy remits
swallow spires

a factory of faces deranges
gay promontories.
A family of faces sea-cages
and we tie shoes
and we die for rabies..

the idiots who live upstairs
will never come home again.
Deaths dream for the dead
Decks screams
and a radio's sunbeam
rocks a bubonic gun

we ply plied wood around
riders of perpendicular rain
we cry for spies
we sidle where paved pies
pickle a plum-finger
and a bone of writhers
shatters inside
deadness, where fuckers
weep forevermore.

electric nasty monkeys send dust
into sleep
eynes of ancient Nazis
knob a knot with idiot meat
electric nasty junkies
swallow dolor

why we open wide
will not be known till tribes
trip for warring knives
and we have to
send water-beads when truths
succour Jamaica

kitchens in nunneries raid rusks
miction in cemeteries
quaffs the yellow stuffs
and we widen

why clay-cold cabinets season
cabins of demure fire
won't be known until
piglets oink forevermore.

weevillers wash a vacant oven
o a weeder of a roasted garden
whips canned pushers
and a mind of glass
cuts a false mirror
o as decorous families afix masks
to Venus masts
then a cot of radishes
will surely cut old sisters

once in a candy grave, i saw castes
crying for theatre-shanties
once on a candy stage, i saw babby
hotels of pure swaddling ruby
and we grinned as we swirled
and we sinned as we furled..

weevillers wash a vacant oven
o a weedler of a roasted garland
strips god's petals down
and Dettol  in a dizzy crown rams
silly money where drams
toasted a neon clown
i used to use a pram
i used to abuse England
but the vows i preach hear slam
easy English onions.

i was a sad boy when young
i was a bad boy
and now that my mum is lost
and now that my son is crossed
i will extemporize
easy faces where family voids
cherish canny children's toys

when i ate into flowers, joys
jammed my plates
when i raped old flowers, boys
rammed bound drapes
and Hitlers under riders
have to enhearse guilty killers

i was a sad killer when born
i was a sad mad lover
and my bound bedcover
heeds blue rain
and a boat of forced pain smothers
cunt cosines

bins of baiters prey for cat-cattle
men who sex-paper
blonde bobs with sacred salt-pepper
handle easy reactive  flava
and a crucifier of labia
sloshes a wide wife with failure
the sassy cold cosines of the painted
heap killers up very high
the crazy gold cunt-minds who writhe
will heat a veined cup;
and a skin of cuts
cries for the garden of Eden

the easy wet wipes of the sainted
wash hands in dregs
the peasy sweat wipes of the painted
swash dizzy missions,
and once above a lake, green lessons
stripped me down

the sassy cold cosines of the feinted
wrap a cousin of constant loss
where, roped, a catholic fever crossed
giddy boots with supine flavour
and a grey bark
carries pissers into dark
baby canals

we heed the rigid dead
we need to arouse the dead
and a bum of grass
gallops until ponies in the underpass


and i awoke and i dreamed i was dying
as i was choked, i screamed
and, lo, a sea of ash raided my dreams
and i awoke and i dreamed i was dying
o the sentries at my woman's bed
heap piles of hard pillows in my bed
and a massive heart attack
digs for cardial rain.

i have jabbed and jacked my body
i have strapped and capped god's body
and where a human cinema of pure life
digs a pistol in my heart
and where a woman sunders screen-life
i will advance into cemeteries
and i awoke and i dreamed i was crying
and i was poked as i was fed
inside a fast funeral where a sea abed
waked up to find the stars of the crying
leading cunt-fuses into bad bedheads
we will surely strive to stay alive for
all of the woven woes of human wards

and i keep a living statue in my toilet
and, stone-handed, mad ultraviolet
rams a busy hand-set under fished nets
and i keep a living statue in my toilet;
and the easy sculptures of the dead and gone
shoot some eaten granite under suns
o  i will live for fascinating stone
o  i shall daub a fixed coded stoned sun
as if a shelf of chisels is smitten beneath
living statues found under brained studies;
and i have seen the sculpted museums
raising indolent follies from smelt stone
and i keep a lover's statue in my toilet
and, hammer-caught,
easy eaters of ruins on a hill must
cuss a cunted sanded coupler's truss
old city mandrels float out to sea where
dirty candles caress hot burned hair
JDB 26/02/2020
work in progress: title: i am in the process of cooking wheat
1st draft poem then song-poem?
i am in the perfect process of cooking wheat
i am in a pluperfect burned
city of roasted canals
and because my bed has to go to sleep
and because my head
heaps mad pussy
i must learn the day of night or else
glow just a like a body
eyes ease rubbles into a blue sky
Death becomes us
Rape destroys lust
and we feel for arrows as old ties
appear ruddy strangled
i am in the perfect kitchen where meat
cries out aloud for crumbled murder
and my naked mind
melts into pentangles
and my sea of self drops off under
selfishness and dyed arrows
these endlessly fuckng days have
sex-midnights for death's blue sorrows
and a vein of fire
gives easy blood to a funeral pyre
and burners of tyres
loop the fucking loop where
eyes leap up from an armchair
a fire under a hot fanny heaps hair
under cupboards and prayer
a spire under a hot pussy snares
sex odours of blue
and because death has no reason
and because sex has no soul
i will arise at late morning
and crush a hot dreamed fish-bowl
eyes sunder city Numbers
skies rumble
live lies fall and fumble
and the rockers of the quarter-hour
empower kids with tabled
easy eager cake sales
o  we have to ride a cooking flower
and give rise to sails
a fire under a hot mummy heaps air
inside bivouacs of hot fucked vales
and i shall cause a vale of tears
oh i will force a vase inside tears
eyes sunder city Numbers
skies rumble
easy lasers of fables afix thunder
to eaten digital cables
we have the names by bloody heart
we have to use pain..
farting dead fathers
leap a female moon
eating dying lovers
sup a lager-wound
eyes inside religion
go blind as we pray for
fascinating dog-walkers
the prisoners of prisons
escaped all year
the missioners of
wide opened tears
cry, cry
we have a boy who
weds a little girl who
wallows under minds
farting dead fathers
leap a sapphic wound
Death demands attention
Cells demand defection
and we sunder
graves and burials.
and i have used a zimmer in a store
and i have accused
easy shoppers of melting into wars
and iced chilling buns
serve a candy cave to sweet lungs
a bedside table has to shatter
all bedside books and dream-smatter
Deaths drip for cock
Sex fucks a clock
and we have the city names by heart:
the dullards, the boobies
uh uh.
and i have used a zimmer inside a
focal local pluperfect cinema
and ideal whores wee in a car
and men under women succour
a vast bald head
a bedside candle always causes
intense and fatal fire
Daring dotty darlings drop fire
and a gob of a real God
stops old Heaven.
good and excellent mad-minded reason
lays keen hands upon
good and fantastic man-wounded
rolls of fattening mind-guns
o a bird of prey
summons up a chicken feast
and cold rainbows fall in the East
a bedside candle burns up when
houses catch fire
a shed of eyes scatters ferns
under forced fatal chinese burns
i have seen at close of endless day
the statues of pure midnight
and i toast the sun
and i toast sad rain
and the moon must always pray
keen grey stars look down..
Death becomes us
Sex hears sound on a red bus
and a seam of sheet lust drowns
the ideal husband of a rapine woman
raises sex from drums
an ideal old wife of an asexual son
raises death from children
and a bob of a head hears the guns
shining like live young
O a hymn of praise swings for lovers
O a skin of day
swings for false Lord Jesus
eyes eat under wind-wells
spies spew kodak as cities swell
up, up, up
beneath a blind sky
and ideal male killers cry, cry
and wedded sails
set a dead boat afloat
and a car of rage drives a milk-float
these hollowed days when I
crammed my fingers in a pussy-pie
must linger on forever and ever
odes to drowning dolphins
drag a patent sea for fire
odes to drowned endorphins
drag a latent lea for a pyre
and we tread upon a pyre when
old apes and old men
cause shitting to happen in public
eager riders of grey lips
ride upon a flyway of desire and
guilty sand men
drop sand upon wailing eyes
and eager bridlers
mount blue horses where bikers
speed into tigers
the moan of a murdered tomcat
hastens to set light to fat
the groan of a sundering old bat
abuses sonar
and we sleep for a dying day
and we reap soft toilet paper
because we cut our hands
because we cut bollock hands
because we feel for islands
we will surely deify
dizzy singers with genius-brides
the sealer of a bad bald body
tit-feeds a tomtit with a babby
o a bench of rocked tench slides
inside an evil paedophile tribe
the easy riders of the city rain
crane down upon a dreary salt-train
the easy riders of a city skein
drag hot christs for
coded teeanged salt-war
and a neon pool pisses upon grain
and a xerox fool
shines upon an eaten body-bed
the islands of a sad mind mentalise
swinging vined baby wives
and a bud of flame
answers to a dead christ. O, veins
cut into the Lady
and the easy riders of the city rain
crane down upon a dreary ghost-train
and we watch an infant fairground
dying as merry children
chant a blue mantra
the easy lovers of Numbers hear pain
washing sex with window-panes
ah, trafficking traffic lights
rotate upon a bench..
Death becomes us
Self benumbs us
ruddy fatal factories suck upon dust
bloody faked promontories
sharpen skulls with husks
and eyes seize bed-vision when musk
hisses across cold kray-fish
i went to an deadened shop where
i used a gun for spending money
i went to a maddened cop-shop
and my eyelids turned inside out
and my penis got sex-blinded where
xmas and easter shout
out aloud in a christmas fayre
easy lazy female sex-shows share
eager hot cum with
slashing crazy prigs
and a night of pain summons air
and a mind of rain
sheds false clouds
eyes turn in
sky turns out
dead curves spin for naked crowds
and a star of life
looks down upon a female christ
and bad intensive head-aches
swill a false pill.  Oh, cold slate
tots up way too many funds?
eager to go sleep in a subway
we learn to reap a vagrant grave
eagerly stained by hobos
we don a tramp's hat and hear loaves
serving dirty crusts to tramps
and street-goers abuse a yoyo
a keen broom of glass
is thoroughly cleansing
four winds in an underpass
a dream under glass
is screaming while sleeping
and the veins of babies
rock murder till she sleeps
an island of hard hats is
drearily dragging the day
a sea of hands has sex-fizz
groaning till break of day
and a neon castle
clambers hard into a
romantic female parcel.
as we tread upon sleep
then we show blue pain
as we turn inside candles
then we show green rain
and a street of azure
turns a car of pure desire
ah eyes burn for pleasure
ah  skies hear love's measure
ah ah...
the fatal lotus of the Lady
delimits light with rubies
and a street of pure wheat
raises rain from heat
O these verses flower
O old purses glower
ha ha ha!!!!
and i say farewell to hearses.

JDB 1/03/2020
work in progress: title  These Careless days when i Keep Toy Cars
1st draft poem then poem-song...
these careless days when i keep toy cars
well hidden
i writhe for buried buttons
and carry flowers
outside, where sex, forbidden,
marries blue stars.

rippers of toy scarves swaddle
wide necks with prisons
and we warp kind kids as muscle
first flexes then dies.

these careless days when i keep toy cars
well hidden
i cry for gassed onions
and carry towers
unto my old bed
and we have surely learned to drive?

the maidens who have always crapped
upon scented tissues
widen now
the mad men who have always crapped
inside sex issues
smarten now

o as holiday in the rain must surely crowd
hay long homes on moon-stains
we may rent a gite
we might raid the beach
the maidens who have forever slapped
bunny bum-cheeks
will ravel into time
a rotated knocker at a fast door
will have to
let in the pigging dead.

easy shadowers of coded well-paid jobs
pay my wages
easy star-killers
extend a rich arm unto river-rages
Death has us scissored
Sex writes a knuckle-duster poem,
and faces on the moon
must falter;-.

these days of fear rock my father's
excellent memories
these days of tears
i have jumped a train and seared
silly blue meat
and a dog of death heels for sleep
once upon a loud mind, old heat
launched me to horrid stardom
the theatre set was made
the comedy was raised
but then my brain fell out and
then my voice ended
o easy shadowers cut old loaves
and pig-heads oink beneath
sawdusts in old time butchers,
and men don't need to be known.

whispering bebbies are rocked to sleep
whispering cavvies
cry about domestic pets
and a bird of prey pecks beads.
O deaths have us cut crowns
O sex has a slut of hot sand
crisscrossing whored frets
the busts of ancient Gods hum
easy statued tunes
the masks of ancient Gods hum
empty statued tunes
and a road of glass leads us
to canals,
and canals drown my city.
weird smells will always linger
seared cells will always chain
idiot prisoners to thieving fingers
and a bell of brass
rings a picked pocket of grass
whispering bebbies are rocked to sleep
whimpering hoodies
cause schizophrenia
and we have to listen to mental
heaped heads spin
reaped beds swim
and slapped heads swim
a brain-damaged infant

while wedded to ice, i saw a seizing river
raising old confetti
o a shed full of mice
sets traps for cats
and easy rodents wrap rats about bats

kittens have always pleased me
catty crabs have always fed me, and
when we sweat
and when we fret
a bound flowering sex
has to cause sweet crying

while wedded to ice, i saw a seizing river
throwing brown rice;
and a skull of grime
cracks up..

i swore at old emeralds
i stored some gold in my mind
and a washing sea of comestibles
sorted a diamond just for me
ah, endlessness swallows seed
ah, trendlessness rides a steed
and a bed of drams
jams soft islands.

waking under coastal idols
awakening, i saw the eyes of need
studying just how to cry
and movers of clouds saw de sky
faltering as old tides
disappeared into an ocean's dive
i swore at old emeralds
i stored some old inside god's mind
and the richer of pure hills
drop all gardens.
Selves stall ravens
cripplers of laden parents
pay for fractured pavements
ghosts gallop
hosts galumph..

tidal fuckers force a boat to sail
wide of the sailor's mark
tidal suckers feel for a rower and
sea-birds sail forever
and a lake of christs empties cans
and the face of life
drops space like a gun

fascinated fathers dote on dreams
expensive blue mothers
feed kids to screams
and a vast commode shits upon
dark leaves where brothers
shot feathers

the rites of men have no strands to
lay upon the dead
and we write when lost in our bed
and we loosen old graves
and, well priced, a bed of plebs

diggers of dollies used to give toys to
sullen brain-damaged women
drivers of bullies
ram sweeteners down a
wounded burial mound
and we are too bright to read
and we are alight
old bodies lay very still. Lips lop
sinking fingers
cold rubies lay on a hill. Lips crop
eaten burning swimmers,
and i have seen the louse of day
ramming powders down
diggers of dollies used to give toys to
solemn brain-cabbages
and i see here and now, villages
shutting cakes under clay

the daisies in my favourite and most dandy back garden
are glowing just like plastic flowers
the daisies found outside
where blue-belled crocuses abuse powered garlands
entertain bruised tulips with green eyes
and a bone of a flower gets the snip
and the stone of a flower gets stripped by brides
once upon a mind in the real world, bodied lies
laid down the bastard record
and a house of tar
smokes a hot cigar
and a daisy mind has to kill the bruised world as
openers of bodies floats downstream
i have always and forever washed my dirty hands
i have forever and always
talked to talc as the showers of all my grey days
ease smoke into fast graves
and a maddened madam who shoots cold clay
must see for fucking certain
the wind-cussed heart of knaves and curtains
breaking down..
and windows will compute our scarlet town
and we run from our fascinating dives
and we uncover lips
and we smother cunt-trips

way back dated, when my mind was suffocated,
i overheard a bird inside a tree
swinging as she sang
way back dated, when my mind was berative,
i overheard a birdy and a bee
stinging while swinging to the chosen hour
buddies reek of bodies
ideal husbands shoot the moon
ladies smell of babies
o a cutter of closed spunk sucks afternoon's
female tea.

way back in time, i overheard a son of gloom
washing his head in a sea of spoons
and this versing tract
has to swerve whilst turning back from a
bay of bastards
and way, way back
i saw the stars of my childhood scraping
dolly deaths from drivelling moon-mating
suns and mothers

wee willy leaves lay loudness when feathers
fall, fall, fall
and the ideal steps which lead to old killers
cram a noosed tongue around
a burnt mouth on a wasteground...
Liars leap for boys
Criers weep for kids.
Messengers clasp a haunted crib
endless sin rings a tocsin bell for dust
trendless skin streches
coded cunt-lightning upon a fay cross
and a phial of glass
toasts roasted piss as sampled masks
hide honeys inside blue leather
as witherers of beggars bear scars
as cold killers send guns to sleep,
then a girl of praise must drive cars
underneath martian castle-keeps

way back dated, when my mind was suffocated,
i overheard a woman on her knees
swinging as she drank salt-wine
way, way back in rude time
i overheard a good body in high trees
slamming gold pealers of vaginal need
JDB 05/03/2020
work in progress    title:  i kept my invisible vineyard for one whole year
1st draft poem then poem-song
i kept my invisible vineyard for one whole year
i slept in a summer garden
and a vase of planted silk may well harden
all english roses
Maddening sex-poses
rock a poxed drum
O i loosened vast sweet apples
O i soothed self-sex with pineapples
a salted sea of peanuts pokes imto fabled
disappointing mon-existence
and a boy on the ruddy moon heaps
coded furling fingers in a sea of kink
O eyes burn down, just like a house
O spirits burn the town
and the scissors of my mental town
stops dead
i slammed my lost backdoor
i landed sky
and a bed of flame burns eyes
o i slammed a garden's mind
o i grew great flowers
and a lawn of beauty
is mown till pretty
a sweetener of ghosts unwinds
a clocking ghost
a rider of radio ghosts
shouts to the end of power
o i grew great flowers
o i grey a lime tree bower
and a lawn of duty
is mown too empty.
i rammed my pet rat inside
rodents and moust suicide
and eyes turned
upside down in a tea-urn
the openers of candlewax
hiss under trapped flame
the openers of cradle-crap
bombs a live baby
and the riders of old rain
traps old girls
a petrol-listener uses pearls
a gassed sunderer
sunders a town of curls
and the riders of old rain
caps cold girls
endlessness always hurls
false doggies and
faded moggy islands
a wasp may well dam
stingers with reason
but a bumble-bee crams
sweet honeys when
spreaded honey's season
wallops jam
the vineyards in a winter's garden
swallow now the skies of March
the slowed delicious veinss of hurt
serve fried suet to vine-leaves
and a bow of grass
has to shoot lost arrows
ah  vineyards in a winter's moon
swallows ash and fire
o a bed of binary counts upon
curvy dream-dressed sleep.
Deaths died for cream
o a purse of moneys here guns
good bankers and old cashiers
these days, as eyes yearn, suns
have come too deep inside
tonight, as minds turn, sea-guns
must shoot a drowner
the vineyards in a winter's garland
swallow now the thighs of March
and where we tread water
and when we walked on mortar
we must entertain
when i was aged just two
i took an adult bath
when i was aged just seven
i donned an adult mask
and the wives i have owned
have now died
a brute in a tub must roam
deeply underneath
old cities and subway heaths.
Eyelids turn up
Blind kids learn of dark loves
when i was aged just five
i opened up a blue beehive
when i was raided, i writhed
and when i was aged nine
i set fire to my daddy's home
these mad days, blue sex groans
Death enters into skin
Self scents a sea of sin
and ivories sound ebonies
and saviours shoot the moon
emptied now, ices taste nice
emptied, a bough of faces strikes
loud cockney bells
and ideal women suck seashells
a balloon of a fat boy heeds
hot fairground toys
a platoon of soldier-boys read
all about sex joys
and a mass inside god's speed
has to make no holy sense
ovens in a public kitchen
over heat a hob of fiction
onions in a tear of miction
cause a sea of tears
the sliders of city ice hear
freezing sidlers of iced fear
and we eat a cake
and we ice a city
ovens in a public bedroom
over heat grey sex-friction
onions in a seat of grease
eat the holy crucifixion
i have not got what i need
i have never shed live seed
o i cannot cry anymore
because i cannot shut the door
ald limbs of self-sex appear
crippled with pissing queers?
. Deadliness has just today
walloped a midnight baby.
curious carrious beds of pure fire
burned my house down
spurious decorous beds of sound
swing, swing
and a house of cards
deals a pack of tarots to hymns
and we deal cards for hymns?
an expensive estate on the hill
listens to castled keeps
an expansive estate on the rill
swims for mansions
la la  eaters of private missions
lock holy kids in prison
and an extension of closed arms
shoots an castled millionaire.
curious carrious beds of pure fire
burned my home down
furious fantastic beds of pure sound
healed me, and i ogled underground
and i found my body
crying as it fell apart
i used to cry all year
i used to die, but now a sickness hears
and because a crowd has disappeared
i will surely dry my eyes
and listen to sad rain.
eaters of fiction appear word-blind
reapers of friction
transgreee bodies with old rain
and a bed of demure fire
ignites dust as we fall under pain
i used to cry all year
i used to die, but now loved madness
hisses across ingenious ice
and because the clouds keep sadness
i shall have to learn my lesson?
eaters of edible Lord Jesus listen
deeply and intensely where miction
sheds sexy urine
and i haven't got time for urine?
there are five keen and lively girls
sharing white-bread foods
there is a picnic here
ah i wager my anorexic wife that
there are fine keen and lovely girls
indulging in a feast of nudes
and a roasted egg feeds the world
an old eggy bread
summons bakers of starved sphere
the plaintiff of a bulimic woman
hastens to force-feed cold children
and we have our lively cold collation
and we eat cheese-stars
and we crusade for fed rivers
there is no lunch-time at work.
Workaholics here starve at work
and there is here no dinner gong
and here there is a plate of cum
grey trollies outside a huge store
answer back to purchased walls
fay till-folks pay for old goods
and the co-ops of a sea of blood
sells stale crisped rice to cake-stalls
there are five keen and easy girls
chomping on a green beef-burger
there are twelve easy and eager lads
who suck on pork while chewing crab
and a fascinating oven
lets cold flame heat a bastard onion
a rotund mind of meat
savours mental body-heat
a venal mind of sleep
swills ices from a heaped
flown flower of pure Autumn
and a bed of mice
sacrifices ill dreams to pigeons
and a mind of sea-life
rocks aside a heart of seasons.
builded high in a coffin-glade
a manx of fevers hits jade,
rended from skin, a coffin-blade
exorcises dolls from skeins
and a horse of halls
rides inside a ball-room where
eaters of sculleries
send rosey grain to closed prayer.
cooks of cocaine harvests air
inglenooks of sea-pain. I
suck a gun from living hair
and the producers of bodies
lams a dog with canine tears
and a dummy rat jacks babies
o  the cemeteries of sex-fire
dam easy puzzlers with pyres
outside an easy eaten world
guilty creators crash a swirled
avenue of cats and star-pearled
dreamers of lips and spind shit
the radios of a crying intellect
crane down inside a minaret
and cigarettes burn aside hips
and dying mentalis rips the spimd
seesaw of meths and old men
i went to bed today and nearly
drowned in sleep
ah ashes on my eyes dearly
sounded dumb sleep
and the dirty beladonna of my mind
rampaged after
sleepy suicides and hyena laughter.
O the intimate stairs to murder's father
lams the killers under snares..
Death entreats the killed to repair
washy jamed heads
and a mean daddy bus raps lead
under honeys where birds dare not
swing or sing,
and a woven heart
lashes destroyers to brown-arts
these ladied days where i read
dirty newspapers to closed heads
have me snickering under bed
and rollers of sin-noosed sleep
waters snakes with flowers
uh uh uh uh,.
in the chisels of my heart,
shaven swallows suck marked
veined felines who cut barked
body ships
we drown in the town where 
a miraclous mind turns around
and around dirt's merry-go-round
jdb march 2020
work in progress    title: Bohemian Yoyos  
1st draft poem then song-poem
a dreamer of luminous islands
has a star-light for a wife
a dreamer of scentedness swipes
cruel clouds from diamonds
and the blue wake of Man hands
misery unto Woman

eaters of rivers raise mikes
under amped boys whose light
sunders blind midnight
and the yoyos in a boy's hand
heap comics upon kites

the trippers of the Thames send
london's bridges where
eyes leap up from an armchair
and we listen to treason
and we cry for snapped hair

a dreamer of luminous islands
sail off where kind easy bands
swing for the quarter-hour.  Ah
, ah


these killers at my feet
wash woman underwater
o a bone of drugs
dips hands into slaughter
and a mindless sea of wheat
drops stone
against a boned town

the trippers of the Thames
send hills to town
the zippers of a female friend
telephone piss christ
and a bed of sleep
and darkness crawls beneath
pugs and britain

o these killers at my feet
wash children underwater
ah  ah 
easy electric ladies reap
dogs and babies
and my dizzy world keeps
cats and rubies
an idle liar always lies for
the death of Man and His whores
an ideal lover
sends dust to sleep as old mother
suffers sex wards
o a bend of lust
stops a lost father
and a bobbing stone has father
sweating where gold lives
hiss like the moon

the dictum of a killer's mantrum
sleeps for the dead
the serums of a lover's siren
hiss under rooms
and our rooms are ignited
and out tombs are long-sighted
the blossom on an ideal tree
the pogrums of an evil baby
rock haloes
and idle liars always lie for
the death of Man and His claws

hot elf dust
drops a soft trip
halted lips
suck grey musk
and a bay
bangs for lust

eyes will see
ears of noise
eyes will seize
and we use
a bald bike

hot elf dust
drops a soft trip
halted tits
feed old clits
and evil mits
the sun spins
stars curl
space swims
and lovers
lustive spaces where jeering boys
laced bald shoes
will set alight to bleeded joys
and the wives of March
celebrate a very early Easter
and faces sear finger-boys when
junk leaps off city men
the diggers of the dazzled rend
cages and firemen
the riggers of bedazzles suspend
fast figures around women;
and a bouncing flower
sucks up dirty rain
and blue flowers in the rain spurt
dirtied veins from sex-hurt
livid spaces where jeering boys
laced bald shoes
will surely swipe hills from dudes
and a skull of squirts
squirts head-pieces under screws
and plied prisoners move

all hands, all heels, all dreams.

the digital TV set hereby
burns an old tape deck; and loud lies
lay vision under wives
and we see thunder visualising high
killers of video fusion

these days of death where eyes
strip screens from four poster lives
have our gold midnights
sharpening guns with coded tides
and we will listen to the coast
and we will hiss underneath
blue earth where a casement hides
vestal virgins and caged rope
the digital TV set hereby
burns up, up, up
and Aladdin's on the wall when sluts
slash a roar wand

once upon a city, i heard of suns
once upon a baby
i softened up as four wound guns
shot my Lady

sloanes of war hear mad boys
mending city nudity with
rats and cats and batty pigs
la la la
eyes have entertained me
la la la
spirals have cut and blamed me
and so, so soon
sold eagles will raid a sad sea
once upon a time, i heard a gun
shooting pugs to death
once aside my twinned mind
a bed of locusts
sent dimed wives to sleep
and i ate the crocus
and i sucked a dead lotus
ah ahhh
la lahhh

canny coppers stripped us down
crabby shoppers
stripped us down in a red town
when a bust of boars
boarded a train to Texas
o  a blade of fire
purifies the dead
o a navel treads
pluperfect whores whose bed
slices dreamt hot bread
magnificent killers are near
transplendent riders disappear
mad bunny boys
play with a wounded mummy
and we are in the mummy cloths wound
and we love mumma
and we cut mamma
... hiss hiss hiss
i am on a blithe kiss
hiss hiss hiss
i am cauterised by fists
.. dizzy razors cut a cake-slice
easy raiders shut a snake's heist
and nothing happens for me
and ideal partners forgive me



the evil endless walls of the eaten moon
heaps a house of sods under fire
the evil emptiness of
grey killers of men and high noon
have here and now come together now
to supper for graves and hot gods
ashes burn above villages
lashes widen
flashes swim under kisses
and as i raise a naked moon
and as i enslave dad's bathroom
i come to see again
a crazy cliff where naked pain
causes lady suicide
the evil endless walls of the eaten moon
jump a sad plane
the seagulls under palls
heed carmine sea-thread
and eyes hiss for ice
and spies peer for christ
five idiot winds here blow where dolls
drawl forever and ever
waxy waning wild folks
swallow easy rain
easy sleeping mad veins
cut egg-yolks
and we boil a crab
and blind cabs
scatter taxis on the ground
and we live underground
and we frig
a boner of a pig with
bad jokes and treason

the lapels of a rich jacket
will cause mad men
to listen to mental darkness
the stables of a harness
will surely sea-stamp
neural thrones with sadness
and we went home
to find our hotel burgled

we always eat at table
we always use a ladel
and a car of sin
hides whores under skin
and a flat on my hill
is occupied by strangers

waxy waning wild folks
turn a city key
under manses and beads
and we use a latrine
and we have never been
and ghosts haunt
obsidian knives where dreams

snip a hot male pussy
we snap the naked roses
we tap on a garden, and cured posies
pull on groomed green noses
and we dig for the quarter-hour
and we swig plowed gin
the eastern whisper of a lime-tree bower
rocks the sun
the eaten sisters of a garden power
let the starry city stun
old eyes and lashwide woman

we sleep as we sup on a gravestone
we weep, weep
we cheat, cheat,
and the rotors of blue radio reap
Digital TVs from
visual crowds where a city gun
shoots a leather drome
we snap the snaky roses.
we glister as we run across suns
and we sign on the line
and we whine after family,
and we shalter hills in our arms
and this earth heels to memory
and my city pelter
raises me a blind shelter
the eagles of a glass moaner
melt spit into iced shit
and nylon feathers fail to shiver

and we slide into lives
as we summon, we will fail
and we slide into lives
and we shit inside four winds
as we billow will shall fail
and a sea-clit has to flail for
dirty pussies where cock-claws
star-create a bed of memories
o the caged old man
who listens to disney land has
all too many scrapbooks to grasp
o a caged old woman
scatters old lippy when
a cauterising dead siren rends
bald bones and children.

the hot cold touch-dry oceans
tap on the waters of the moon
the hard thinnng winter spoons
jollops of dirt to ravens

and we slide into lives
as we summon, so we fall
as we eat guns, so old lies
will certainly shoot glassrooms
with bombs and filly gas.

and i held my head to mass
and i fell into the sea
and i laughed at the lips of war
and i saw the sun floating
upon a lantern where cold stores
sold me essential beauty
cocaine and cocoa twists will
cause a mind to fall downhill
closed pain and caramel pills
cause a man to
thrall after deaths when truths
sex-slam salty female prudes
and i idealise a face of sweet pills
and raggard boney boys
swim to the midnight hour

JDB 07/03/2020

work in progress  title: the riders of the star-stranded sun
1st draft poem then song-poem..
the riders of the star-stranded sun
crack unpteen eggs into a fast jar
la la, a minder in a sundered motor-car
plucks a body bull from a minotaur;
and we countdown to nothing
and we crouch upon wet sands.

these eggy days when peace cries
will certainly stir fists into ice
and a brawl of wine
whips a suet brine;
and as we sail from twine, we lie
inside out in a coldframe.
the riders of the star-stranged sun
crack umpteen eggs in a fast car
and eyes sunder eyes.

mentalists have come back home now
to extemporise life on a cliff;
o a fierce cab concertinas
o a force of light lends balls to lifts,
and eyers of fires
fan a farthing when a bay of clouds
wanders into lips.

these eggy easy nights when shells
crap under bones
will strangle edams;
o a boat of stone sizes prison-cells
and eyes sunder eyes
and wives sunder wives.

we eat demonic diamond as dells
feed a penis to a slender
bastard bobby.

the riders of a summer's grave
stand to mourn the killers of slaved
body urns
la, we drive into towns
la, we cry under sounds
and riders crashdown.

heaps of crowds halt a bad moon
streets of clouds,
body forth a faceless green room;
and bald theatre mandalas
wash a staged coat deep inside
stationers of clasped rooms.

riders of red summer heed slaved
baying breeders of
messy owls and pigeon gods
eyers of fires feel for surgeons
and a bowl of briars
cuts into veins as haloed liars

shallow wheels punch honey flowers
baby seals sink into money
and a boat of brass digs for towers
o a televisual bed
sinks a slipped killer in a blackhead
and hallowers of cunt
crap upon easy daisies.
i am in god's gardens
i entertain god's ravens
And because we weep for natrons
and because we played killed
we must sever away the
faceless fascists of a siren's
nude ill noise.
shallow wheels punch monkey flowers
bodies drop from rain
and we dagger after American grain
and we suspend blue boys
i am a wizard in a magical town
i use a gizzard
and my eyes eyed the Ides of clowns
and a summery sewer-crown
proclaims a castled blizzard
a blurry blue babied sex.

we have worlds to swing for
we have girls to dream for
the baited bakers of bald wynds
sweep salts into roe
o the hated heapers of bald wine
toast a room of slowed
body robes;
and a priest of headed men grind
dairy flesh from clothed
naked dummies

owlers heed sailors as greyness
sucks a balded butt from deadness
and we fuck into deadness
baited bollock bakers see breads
arising from a hot caked moon
and we are lunacy
and we are memory

i espy butchers at the easy coast
crying for bloodied marrow
and a bone of masks
sinks a cleaver in the past's
murdered animal

pandemical easy fingers
fish for a bag of mice
o, endemic easy killers
stab after shot j christs
and a bed of rice
causes chemical sleep
we have to come home
we have to car-stone
eaters of holidays
and we shoot from the hip
and we use hair-grips.
pandemical easy fingers
hiss across palmists;
O, dark histories sunder
greying acid tracks
and we hear for crack
we have decided that
dirty dragonflies
do not enter into fact
aah ahh

a donny of a sad cat
cries when seated on a mat
and ballet rats
strangle easy bats

we search the fields for fat
we bend under reels
and a bench of wine eats steeled
hills of fat bats
o o o
i seize drapes from grey heels
i ease apes into sealed
baby groves
o o o
we may well use an engine to
bind cars to loaves
we may well have to
build a blue garden from
red robes
o o o
a jackanory of an idiot Man
heats oven-books
and a blazer uses hooks
and a teacher abuses
all inglenooks
o o o
we search the fields for fat
we study how to cry;
and once a forcing year, eyes
slither and slide
under fixed fawny fuckers
o o o
nice moonmen have to
slip a brain in a door-stop...

smithies of ironed thunder
hammer internal fires
o ladies who rock hot pyres
sea-slam a hot metal feather
la la.

weeders of hanging eyes
black-smith talons from shards
and we learn about
the easy families of doubt
la la.

a blazoner of rubies stirs
cigarettes into cigars
a reasoner of doobies purrs
just like a girl-cat
la la.

smithies of irons will sunder
hot gablers when
rotted steely chiller men
grab anvils from summer's

hot cold solar-sainthood
ha ha..

do blacksmiths leave town?

and i get sexy for a bosom underground
and, hey, a world of sex-sessions
must bomb the cocking-horse of
pleasure ponies and hooves on the Moon
la la

and i get sexy for a bosom underground
and, made hay-long, families of Love
launch one zillion pissing Dogs;
and i am out on the town
and my impassable wife hates God
and weevils inside home-baked bread
sink a maggot into mushrooms
la la

the disappearing darlings of a party
serenade false wine with
bodyful lungs where a bottle of honey
pours sloes into kids
la la

and i get sexy for a bosom underground
and, yoah, we abused a daring yoyo
and, because we are dead,
we must surely devour bright bread
.la la


gee, the time has come now to chew on a tulip
wow, this time of grey day
has here and now floated under snaked ships
and, cosmotic, eynes drive into clay
and, demonic, mines dig after salt-graves
..gee whizz, inside this bickered world,
proud bellmen have to curl
wetted windwells
with furling eagle's pearls

gee, the sad grind of day where soft trips
sundered my blind earth
will cum now to bend brushes into birth
and a spool of ash
spins about star-rain
and a knife of wine toasts cutting pain
and selves fall down god's windowpane

elves sleep with ogres
wolves weep for killers
and a bunch of cool flowers sees pain
writhing just like a mirror
gee, the time has come to chew on a tulip
woah, the time of a grey ship
has to tick a body around drowned stars
and a sabled sea-stable
capsizes and gives head to eaten calves
as angled angelicas feel for nuts, scarves
hide a blonded neck-muff
beneath breaking knocks and rhinal musk
and a bedroom in a bad canal
has to enter sleep-lovers in wetted
sleeper of drowners.  Ah, curved anal
metes de river jordan to
believers in peppery salt-spread news
ah o-la la la

eager men at seed swell up for
fist-netted eaten sleeves with doors
opening lips beside receivers
and a bell of bait slams across Leda
and mad bad Prince Hamlet
falls, falls, falls
outside veins and into a dried wall

ah o-la lal lal lah

executed by flashed casions, balls
shoot fried paid crack
and a city glade dons a dance-hall
and weed smokes like a whore's
laden lazy eye..

gee, time's come to lop grey scum
wow, a rattled son
has daughtered now a leaden wide
hostel in a paved slide
elves sleep with ogres
foxes cry for milners
vox pops pee upon female fillers
and once a fucking night
a bodkin in the thighs of millers
meld dirt into flowers

i will harness filthy flowers?

JDB 25/03/2020