further speed-written songs...

Jim Bellamy aged 47



Seventh sense (sixteen pence)
Seventh sense (sixteen pence)
Seventh sense (sixteen pence)
Earth is ruled by money

Finance flows with pearls
Silver coins write for ills
Cheques defame their thrills
Soon, soon, soon

Seven’s a tender of death
Seven paydays seize decline
Mountains moil with costs
Finance swerves decay

Seventh sense (sixteen pence)
Seventh sense (sixteen pence)
Seventh sense (sixteen pence)
Earth is ruled by money

Thunder cashes noise
Postal orders kill their brides
Loot-defending storms
Float inside financial Ides

Leavened purses burn
Darkness funds the days
Farming richness roams
Streets of poverty

Seventh sense (sixteen pence)
Seventh sense (sixteen pence)
Seventh sense (sixteen pence)
Earth is ruled by money

Gates will fund the wide
Wallets must glow bright
The sun must always win
Soon, soon, soon

Time-bombs in this town
Nuke their glad accountancy

Christ is the Clerk of Death.

jdb 2003


Sunless Song?


And I don't remember when last I saw the sun
I heard there books of premises
But I must have read them wrong
Cut of gas-tap carriages
Through which the whorld respires
I sit and scribble messages
Where daylight pales to fire
And I don't remember when last I saw the sun
Don't remember when indifference last took me for a son.

And I don't remember when last a sunrise rose
Over the wits that spit me
Closer and closer to cooling prose
I heard there were books of Genesis
But i must have read them wrong
Holding a woman to ransome
For the follies of mankind's wand
And I don't remember when last I saw the sun
Don't remember when a woman last took me in her arms

And I don't remember when last a sunset sank
Over the wits that fester me
Closer and closer to Godless ranks
Cut of gas-tap carriages
Through which the whorld respires
I sit and sing in offices
Where daylight pales to fire.

And I don't remember when last i saw the sun
Don't remember when indifference last took me for a son.
the unusual word 'whorld' in this song is a word portmanteau.

copyright jdb 1991



in my personal grave
i make no mystery of my trade
i am the sudden reach of corn,
the golden sun, the snapping dawn
i am the train of weddings new,
the clap of life, the heaven's news

i am the mynah bird of grief
the leavened soils, the mason's leaf
i am the soul of all that's true
the natal glimpse of all that's proved.

in my personal grave,
i make no deadly pacts
i am the four winds' rave.
the armistice and the mass
where blows a sovereign eye,
i am the heart of oaths
the swallow's beak, the tract,
the mitre and the road
the willow, oak and ash,
the martin and the seed
where flows my steady act,
i am the holy deed

for, in my personal grave,
i am no more than you:
the certain, solemn slave
of every certain view
where i turn in rest,
my still beginning burns..
as nations meet and bless,
i greet the night and learn.

The fire on my sleeve
is at the cafe' eating,
a flock of tea-bags
has just encircled the house
and the hob won't burn,
says it wants to be
a full-time, full-paid dancer.
Yes, thinking's difficult, is
an abuser of the poet's brain:
the grandfather clock's
where the skateboard used to be,
the paper's now say
that de father's tomb's a rumour,
and the street-walkers have it all:
moving to eleventh heaven, they
eat some salad in the surgery
and waddle into the bone.
Damn, i just want to be loved
the way children love fighting,
just want to be a toy
in the hands of de baby's brains.
i want to sell tin-cans
full of Mona Lisa smiles,
i want a degree in rhyming
loaf with ghost, a politic stand
amidst the whales and the sharks,
the fishes and the land...
i just want to think;
i just want to think;
be like the full-stop,
like the jigsaw clunked together,
like the diamonds in the snow,
but all i get is
my credit-card leering
at the cashcard's grate
and my sullen nightmares
shimmying in chiffon gowns.
copyright jdb 1997
Mary at the crossroads weeping, by your troth, you are in keeping with the stars and all crossed souls - Mary at the crossroads, roll. Mary at the
      crossing fount, by your troth, you are in count with the dreams that
      saviours  have, as they sail on seas of stags. Mary Mary, take to me and save
      me; Mary, Mary, christ and you were one; Mary, Mary, take to me and save me;
      Mary, Mary, you and christ were stung.

Mary at the crossroads weeping, angel blood
      shall stave your sleeping, and the heavens up above shall acclaim u in hot love. Mary at the crossing fount, time and tide shall swathe the
      mount, and love's tears shall fade away as God's family decays.

Mary Mary,
      take to me and save me, o, saved sex-Mary, the cross in mind beheld god's plunge  o Jeeze and you were one o, Jeeze and you were one ; Mary, Mary, take to
      me and save me; Mary, Mary, come crucify the Son?

Low are the shepherds.
FILMIC (after WH Auden's 'Stop all the Clocks')
 Prune down the angels to the wick
Snuff out all candles, unbake all bread
Spoil all trenches with a slick
Ferry the living to the dead
Where blows a lover, deal
A fatal flaw to all that call
Mar all saviours with a weal
Slash the cinema seats and stalls.

 They were the shivers of the silver screen
Where their blood flows, the curtain thralls
Retire all vision to the dumb
For now no good may come of all.

  Lash the usherette to the sedge
Unravel torches down the hill:
Crash the armies through pithead
Mess the crowd till life lies still

 Where crows a regime's alms,
Dash the lights and kill the spiels
Where glows a face of calm,
Gnash each drama round the keels.

 They were all we owned
Where they lie dead, there may be none
Embalm the filmic gods with bones
For now all love is done.

work in progress   title: the cordial umbilical of the latent dead
1st draft poem then song-poem
the cordial umbilical of the latent dead
cuts a mad moaner
the premordial sea under mussels
feeds cocks to groaners
and the tides of March smell bread
and the whippers of stoners
hurl trees at the rain.

the easy faces of the fanned eye-dust
the eaties of sex aces
o, Pan feeds nuns to suitcases
and a monk on a prowl peers under us
and easy faces of the hands dye lust
colour red.

the cordial umbilical of the patent dead
spreads wine upon jam,
the ideal partners of a chemical head
chill cold thighs
and we bomb a blenched sky when
rats rise up from scissor men

i used to urinate in an opened oven
i used to procreate
but then i earned money from
vandalising cold hates
o eyes burn up
o skies burn down
and i used to do a poo upon an onion
i used to defecate
but then i earned some money from
cuttting old knickers down.

the cool heated store where i stunned
all of myselves
has a cap for keen sale
and a cooling coil makes strange funds
and we dream forever
i used to drink my own silver waters
i used to stink.
Because death has links, eyes wander
because heaven blinks
i have decided that i will heed father.

killers of nakedness
hear old riders riding into town
killers of endlessness
hear old bikers crying for sounds,
o a lake of dreams
gives boats to emptiness

eager men always live to sweat
eager women
like to slink downstairs
and a good news bible necks
a good pretty lord-love

killlers of nakedness
heed cold hikers crying after
blue boys and candy laughter

we have to stink as we father
all dead human mothers.

limitless openers of pornosapphic fanny
heap a closed bag on a dashboard
endlessness suffers
easy suicides
friendlessness suffers
dizzy self-killers
and a glamorous killer heats baby.

me and my mad mind must study
all about the deaths men own
and i will cut a bad tree
away from all roots
and i will cut up shoots of
very damp mown rubies
limitless openers of pornographic ladies
loop a car in its drive
and, ah, why we drive
and, ah, as we survive
we will most certainly jump jives
cars crash, vans smash, lorries writhe!
where we carry two pints of milk
up, up, to a fat man's cradle
we hasten for sure to a milky anvil
and we hammer wine into silk
and we marry sin to soured cream.

where we may scurry, we must
snip a plastic rose,
and a lazy lunch hour uses clothes
to mop the chins of the reamed.
i ride above de family
i writhe above faking felicity
uh, my perfect snout has sands
cupping strangled dust upon
swingers of night and day
,., hey hey

where we carry sheets of milk
where we hurry under larders
we will have the wild world's lathers
laying crap in a field
and meadow mazes
swill house martins

and we died out long time ago.

servants to dead god sea-harness
drowners of servile claves
Because Man dies
Because hands writhe
we will serve jesters to old graves.

as closed times flower for spring
closures of fingers
will surely fondle lovely rings
and we hiss as we kiss
and we miss the dead as swings
push ideal children
i know nothing at all about love
i realise reality, and that is all.
O because my bed is smashed
O because my head is slashed
i instantly intend to raid walled
distant life-prisons
servants to a dead God varnish
all febrile fingernails.

the jeering female crowds
have dressed men in kissing clouds
the peering feline crowds
have pressed men kissing towns
and i cooked a brunch
and i moved hot spunk

the items on my shopping-lists
have been erased and forgotten
the stations of my verboten kiss
seek to tongue a basin,
and me and my easy world
lay damned waste to raisins

while eating cake, i heard mists
rising across my sweet mitts
while eating, i heard a cold wrist
slashing a milk-jug
and urine spills upon blue trysts

the jeering female crowds
have dressed men in nude shrouds
the parasols of passion
don greying umbrellas
and we swallow curled missions

we have the easy names by heart
we hold guns to lovers.

i dunk a stale hot biscuit in my cup
i drink flat ale
i listen to a deaf radio when
custards are fed to damaging sluts
and the pianos in my moon
play till the dead are done
easy emptiness grows like a flower
easy deadliness
sharpens foods with old aged mess;
and we nip a bad dress
and we trip, trip,
Ah Once upon a mind, old lips
pursed sex around receivers.

i dunk a stale hot biscuit in my cup
i suck old plums
o, i heard a moon-man piss from
pulled sea-plop
and my dying mother has to stun
all of her dead children..

once sealed in a broken filing-cabinet
i will surely write against my days
once reeled inside a kitchen of magic
i will certainly dig my own grave;
and the masters of the meek
meld my phallus with paved sleep

once upon a mind, i suffered heat
once above a mind, i suffered meat
and the dolly grease we make hot
underlies cheeks with green sleek

once sealed in a broken filing-cabinet
i will certainly write about drag-nets.
Death comes into my room
Sex thrums flour as cake-bed pets
fondle cats with grey ravines

these are the mad words i abused
these are the sad words i accused
and my heavenly body hires nude

the naked loaf of bread in my bed
has been sliced from sleepy deaths
the bakers of rude lead
stir white-breads into flour
and i take some milk
and i swirl red flowers O
the mother naked loaves in my bed
feed my flash body to a sea of crows
as i awake the hour, grey salt bread
swallows emeries of buns and dead
pussy pullers of both day and night;
and eyes glitter just like gold
and minds whisper just like de old
rolled city cold heats a gay oven
sold city gold
hires a spoon from jesu's coven
and we lay ourcellves down
underneath a cellar of clowns
ah ah ahh

the naked loaf of bread in my bed
has been sliced from dizzy Sex
and sawn spraying cake-soft mess
cries, cries,
and we load a cell with grey skies
and we hiss across icy sea-knives
and we raise a cross of wide eyes
the miracle men who flood death
try to heal the mirrors of dirt breath
o osiris isis drinks a cup of tea when
Eden leaps up from the evening's
starry bible-wastes
and, o, a bed of lace
ties the cummed lips of love's face
we awake the final hour
we star-shape a dreamless power,
and dunny darling showers
knock history inside cooking space

JDB 11/03/ 2020.
work in progress: title: and i am trying to put nudists in an underpass
1st draft poem then song-poem
and i am trying to put nudists in an underpass
and i am always dying
and i am always crying
O my distant Karma has put me underglass
and my naked head
swims, swims
and i am always trying to put female masks
underneath glassy sweet dreams.

once upon a mind, my darling body blew
directly behind a bad wall
O a distant distinctive baby football
was kicked into my bed
and i saw death dreaming about brawls

we have the pussy names by heart:
we have the easy flames in a dark
wasteland, where a spool of sad cars
crusades for concertinas
and my eaten crashing name
cries, cries

Daughters of robbers get sex-burgled by
a chicken of a vile loathed scribe
la we fall to sleep
la we curry sheep; and a lobe of lies
lops a tiny tongue from
a mouthful of grey heat.

daughters of robbers get sex-hurtled
and a boy in a town
scales a metal chimney; and towns
wall-in a bald sound
dizzy doctors prescribe milk as sleep
throttles the easy dead
la, we fawn to ambulances
la, we pawn healed rings when crowns
command a pussy scream
daughters of robbers get sex-ferried by
a lantern in pure hell
and we swim inside
and we flow in shelves
and we read blank books.

a pangyric of a pissing sex-horde
has touched upon the trees
a pusher of a hard banner hears leaves
dropping easy caves

i get stoned on sin
i get boned, and me and mother sin
scatter sex trades
and a boat upon a vast lake
sails till bodies break

daughters of robbers get sex-noosed
doctors of flavas
slash easy pips where feathers
feed bluebirds to labia

heaters of guns shoot me
eaters of suns burn me
fathers of fun pun upon me.
Death's killer wheeze hastens me
to go back in time in order to
kill my infant self?
while Juno gives head, truths
end where liars soothe
all large churchy families.

weird dinner smells have led me to
feed inside the dark
weird eaties have wed me to dust
and a microphone
shouts the hour as a room of mush
serves weetabix to musk

muscles will grow up as a child
uses padding to hide his frailty
parcels will deliver porn for money
and muscles will certainly
grow until let down

weird dinner smells have led me to
dine inside a park
and i took my hot-pot to the park
and i fed some beef to a clown

wheezy chests cut kisses down
easy deaths shut-up
all evil female mutts
and eyes turn-on for blind sluts

weird weedy winos weep for
bad meadows and a gold score.

widened up now, old cold thighs
eyed sexy clouds
and we bake for lies
and we cook for pussy pies

a rotten lime-tree-bower rides
ridiculous foreign tithes
a broken moon-beam
swallows deaths when
sweeteners of coffee-men arise
and die, die,.

widened up now, old cold thighs
are opened up for
easy sex and the voice of knives
, A spread of pores
sinks pus into corpsed
veiny baby

and i die for lies
and ghosts taunt some cherry-pies
and yoyos are alway used
by little kids or else genius dudes.
badly belated paintings
adorn a city wall
galleries of glass mount portraits;
and we glance into
a ship of artists.
o  badly berated paintings
adorn neon halls
and we hiss for artisans
and we kiss the sun
there is a laden lady who
sweeps a painted street
there is a laden baby who
sweeps a feinted road; and dudes
dodge cars as blue vans
carry copious valleys where trams
weep and bang
a starry vale of tears hits upon
green dragons
ah ah
a starry sail billows in de sun
and mien awakes now.

these aimless days where a sleeve of glass
hides hipped rabbits in the underpass
o these trendless days
where i pull my coat along a cat raids
eaters of cakes and creams.
Deaths forever entertain us
Wrecks forever spin upon bad busts
and we heed bust-outs
and we career under old closed cuts
i willl choke with doubt
i shall suffer murdered louts
and i will wed to sweat when old nuts
are cracked up
these aimless days where a sleeve of glass
hides ripped rabbits in the underpass
have come to trade again
toy cats for rats and gravy trains

heapers of holidays take hay-long minds
deeply underground
and undergraduates are underground
and bodied bakers
bake blood-bread for learned minds
these eating days where i shape my grave
are eating here and now inside
bound cages,
and a web of clay falls down a mine
and a tea of slaves is served to rages.

because i dropped sugar on the floor
because i cut my cock in two
because i am a man without a whore
i will surely enter now
a green home on a hired hill when
dead male virgins end
these easing days where i shape my grave
are sleeping in the rain
these shadowy veins which
ram the powders around a deep ditch
follow flowers with decorous shame,
and life knows that flowers will live again.

because i dropped my children's hammer
because i shot my moon
i will extend my two carpal arms and
ask of you your passion and your love.

the bedroom i use looks over a garden
the bathroom where keen flowers
flowed and flowed
lead me into my expansive kitchen
and my huge larder is filled with nudes
and i have always loved nudes

the bedroom i used when very young
used to overlook a cemetery..
Deaths cause funerals
Loss causes men to cry, and guns
shoot the sovereign hour

i had a toy dinsosaur once which
ascended space where toy rockets
caused my child-mind to pulse with
endless infant happiness

the bedroom i used overlooks a garden.
Self must be denied because
Selfishness causes humans to crack

o  once a day and once a good night
i swallow easy hypnogogues
and, eh, i am here and now polite
and sleeping tablets and LSDs
have forever made me high as kites.

just last Wednesday, i paid a visit to my local shop
I was sold a big bag of lovely sweets
Just last evening, i paid a visit to my local store
and was sold, amongst many things, meat
o, naked as i was when born
i pay now for all expansive expensive things
and when i intend to buy more and more
i will most certainly pay for a trip to the
murderous chilling northern yorkshire broads.
whence a good and happy life has achieved
the utmost very best
whence a good and snappy life has achieved
the utmost city crests
i will arise and
i shall drive and drive and drive
due West where the hot rich songs are playing
once, as i was titty-fed, i danced upon a
ghastly high ceiling
and i fell from a great height
and i cut my own face with scissors; O, light
clambers now into my dreaming.

why i do not care for anyone anymore is
because i have never had much of a life
..and if i have to experience no fun, then
i will surely end my life when
death pops up from mental ruin?..

Jdb 12/03/2020
work in progress    title: dove-tail joint?
1st draft poem then poem-song
when curdled by men, a scissor of a titty sister
crow-feeds drams to killers
o a smiler under hens grimaces where rizlas
set alight to poncho phlegms
and a throat of rice
pays for breathing christs
and a bone of spittles raises radio life from
digital stereos
ah ahh
whilst curdlers cry, webbed curlews ride rivers
underneath massive scars
the idioms of a rapist rumnatise upon lovers
the wine stoned head of a racist
rams evil lies inside red crows
and the hearses of the dead
cremate dogs with mammaries

we have lined sweet pockets with red rum
we have spun meat rockets,
and a sun at midnight shines, shines
and a gun at half-light grinds, grinds
down, down
way deep down
where a mystic clown chances minds
while curled by hens, a scissor sister moves
against blind skies where nudes
grow inside body-marsh.

the coded coridoors which cut cunny from
blenched blorted honey
have to sink a gut inside a float
o coded river-wards cut sonny jim from
bleached colted babby
and a cot of pure glass
raises thumbs from nets - Oh, old guns
shoot blue glaziers, and a sea of oats
burns soiled soaps

as we ride to sleep then we use coats
to enclose sin in mental rain
as we rise from sleep then we use pain
to sodomise tillers with red gain

this time of midnight, where grey grain
serves a sex-porridge to a bald brain
summons bran of britain
and we liven loss with sex mittens
and we raid the Cross
and the Cross is seeping under kittens

a lover of dyed dudes lops red kitchens
a father of dried nudes
buys healthfoods all ruddy year,
and we tease ovens with oaties
and we ease a penis in a slim tear
silence serenades us as we pattern
blondies with cold wintry sex-fountains.

the soilers of a sad soul spoil the old sun
the moilers of a mad soul
cut grey stools with two handed drums
and we arise from jeeps
and we chew upon wheaties
o  where a bald bunny breaksdown,
o  where a dulled buddy shakes sound
a browned livid town of victimnals
has to build up bracelets from a city.
once a day, christ takes his tablets
once a night, christ listens to the moon
once a year, christs chews upon a magnet,
and the son of men
raises ropes from bitumen
and a dog of birds
appears as mad as curves
the soilers of a sad soul spoil the rollers
and a bed of nostrils
causes sleepers to fall from sofas
and we drink to Dolly
and we used a shrink
ah  a builder of bodies drinks to Molly
and we must sunder
all silver hills
once a day, mice go abroad forever
once a night, rats rap upon a feather
Because we are trained
Because we are drained
we will surely curl up soon and
mind fever freezes female brigands.

the teetering anal stink of a pushing heart
slams a record drinker
deep down, down
o, a shivering camal kink
scries for female oil
and, la, a bone of toil links kinkies with
old penis-arms
and a bed of bikes travels near a a kid,
and death has no leader?

once where eyes turned up, we saw pigs
spilling retro swills into a corpse of figs
and we know the trainyards
and we know the meadows
o, once where spies died, we hissed for
blue birds whose shadow
casts hollow crabs across the land.
the teetering anal stink of a crashing heart
slams a drunken fever
and we spy the blue rain
and we ride a dasiy chain
and, uh, a trike of glass rides upon dark
turbaned mumma
i have crossed my eyes
i have jammed a tree of lies
oh oh,

where a pig-litter cuts cane,
we have to cry then live again
the mad men who wrote the first Bible
here now burn up and become disabled.

the fatteners of a creamy fix
cook dinners from dummy bays
the scatterers of a dreamy trip has crow-eyes
crying, crying,
and a bird in flying freezes
and a girl in dying freezes
, oh, an oven-burn will heap skinners when
darling rifles shoot nieces.

when i eyed my dead son, i knew that men
would come back home to stun
a deadener of sons and lovers
o a sky of lungs
pants for piss as a latrine on the run
has to vandalise an opened loo
and a fattener of a scratchy pig-gun
sees cattlers shooting from a red sun
and eyes will always show
the backs of chopped hands, and crows
caw at the vast..

when once a house of iron tree-blows
an accindental city-rose
we must summon dirt from a robed
dolly kiss

as a cornice in a hot sky arises from old ash
a vamping sweet piano
serenades the music's flower
o a harness in a soft sky
plays easy nothings for rolling cat's eyes
and a road of masques
closes a naked cut mast
o  swathed ships sail against a blind mind
o  raised mind-trips wail
and a lea of casts snaps a leg in a vale
a lady of the half-light parks her tits
right down beneath
sharpeners of rats and bastard heaths
and a ship of sex
drinks pure water

as a cornice in a shot tide arises from mash
a cunted female organ
prides upon a harpie of vaginal trash,
and a bench of blood gorgons
cries and cries and cries

a limping dicker has to yield
both a penis on the left and a penis on the right

eaters of egyptians stride upon rites
and a kitchen smell
leads cafes to hell
..and men hear Bow Bells...

the suppers and knives of a moon shine upon
bled kidders of curves and guns
o we suffer cries
o we muffle tides
and a crowing hill caws aside green gums
and a feeling rill
abuses men with star-life
these shadowed words widen words for
whiteners of the buzzy gallows
these bruised barrows which suck apples
lead a market-place under
grey fruit-pillows
and a sun of dumbed willows
sweeps sins from gay monkeys
the suppers and knives of a moon shine upon
easy eaters of happy hummed
singers of salt-sex and five seasoned
vast vases of shattered roe.
emptiness bleeds like a pear
endlessness seethes in midair
and a block of flats nearby will sun-snare
codicils of dark and white.
eaters of female mermen fish for dirty water
easters marry fissure men,
and the turning rills of children
have to heap a classroom under women
and women teach like God
and children speak like God
and we loved to love blue senses but life
has gone entirely mad now
once we listen to a radio
once we kiss a ragged stereo
as we hiss,
we must grave-fish for cremations

eaters of female mermen fish for filthy water
reapers eat death's germ
and we use a germy hand to cause germs
to widen a cunt with ill sperm
the cuttlers of sex-cuticles ramp a fern
down, down when crowns
are scattered across mile-high sea-perms
the shadowers are near
the razors of a sea-hand steer
a doctored kid from an urbane career
and we wil cunt everything up
declining fluey sin has to spin shut
all daughters and all sons.
we heap oven-burners
we leap up and up
we sweep crabs from dizzy groaners
and Ides of self
will curse a star with Elf

as for a woman in a falling cliff
may we always be so thankful
that lovely laden female kind
heeds sprawled tall deaths
and i am eyed by a gold mind
and whippy kelpies snack upon
easy dives and sex-debts

a slammer of souls hears drums
banging for an old-time soul,
and the rhythms of a coded sun
clasp star-soda in both hands

as for a woman in a fallen lift
may we always be charmed about
the elevators of a female soul;
and sides seem lovely
and wives seem ugly enough to
warp weepers with family

..as slain boys fail, lessons move
heated sleep into glues
as slain kids flail
a ripener of India sticks shoes
to tangrines and pepper
and sense is on the thrilled move

as for a woman, why not season
cayenne with balded sauce
as for a child, why not season
curryers of combs with treason
and why not pay a prize
for laying down in radio Africa

instamatic tools lay dusters for
pidddlers of hot loud cleaning.  Wars
sweep crust away from killings. Herbs
mix potatoes into flour
and an eaten jive
jams the dancer's cries

a bosom of a gallery breaksdown
a picture of pure purple thefts
and a fraud in Space
forges paints with de Human Race
and, uh, uh,

a bath appears alive
uh, uh, a driven saviour of a face
strokes puppy christs,
and we realise that animal space
means goddamn everything

rude biddy bakers bang a bone
lewd money-shakers
abuse a female's dog-and-bone.
and we cried as we lied
and we tried as a sex-guide

stoppers gins and zimmers.
-parchmental phoenixes stone
bound lady crones

oo i sink my toweling tongue inside
a village of big dark trains
and i suck on a dammed tulip
and i arise with the rapes of Lies
oo i sink my numberless sea-wives
deep down
and a slaying brawl of birds rides
directly upon a gay thrill-ride
and we have to sign
across the fables of a crooked mind
and we have to point
gesticulators at a dove-tail joint
oo the rabbiters of loud mien grind
dolly wheat down to flour
and we jump the fats and the flour
.uuh uh ahah..

the doctors on dripped cliffs shower
serpent dusts with
angelic musk, and we jam a flower
and we don a dog's kid
Because there are rats in towers
Because my garden has no lip
i must raise a razor from a snipped
baby bird..
rippers of the city's tarred ebb
head to the coast
snippers of the citys carved head
swill down brass dopes
and we pay for rope
and we loosen coins with white lead
oo i sink my towelling tongue inside
laden forced lungs
oo i slink for a howling sea-guide
la la la

me and motorways are using stars
with nine keen hands when
one billion summer limbs extend
rubber ruins when
sad salty suckers of funeral fens
strap a gourde around an angel's
pretty winged horse
bakers of buttermen nick a drip
shakers of flutter men snip a lipped
bayed body of meat-mowers
and i held my face to a gold runnel
o because death sallies my blowers
o because breath bags a tree-power
i have to cum like a cunt in a stripped
i deal a poker-heart
i listen to the dark
i kiss a cousin-mark; and bled bits
brawl at a fascinating bit
and we roam after canvas darts
la la la
uh uh uh

robots of men have displaced us
oh, deep false men
have replaced us
..tut tut tu
we realise mad robots of Du
la la la
huh huh haahh


work in progress    title: c/o a brown art
1st draft poem then poem-song
 the sadness of a cut rose
heaps death upon sweet cloves
o a bud of sleep
summons night from day
and a mind of glass
toasts the dummy sun as
bled life ignites the past.

a radio in a ruin rocks for
a digger of clay cold burrs
and a lady's fingers
falon after taloned budders
ah a dome of deaths
covers the bed of sex.
the sadness of a cut rose
heaps death upon lost clothes
o a dummy gun
shoots the evil one
and eyes slide up
and sties cut sluts; and a skein
dazzles biers with babies
a radio in a naked meadow
has a field for a mine
a rodeo in a hot wet wynd
hits upon hens in gold-grime
and a dog of death
drags a hound from Heaven
once we have ordered gloom
then we will dress for doom
once we have died
then we will die for lives
the coverlets of the mind-killed
smother easy light
the mothered writs of the heart-filled
smother easy rites
and the wards of Aaron
slice a slitted loaf down to the bone
and eyes arise
and scribblers writhe

where a bun of bleeding feeds stone
when a sun in reeling
sees the sad stars rolling
then a cot of night hears kids groan
and a fist of pure fire
stabs hands with vaultings
the coverlets of the mind-killed
smother easy light
the mothering lips of an easy life
drop mines on men
and we whisper where we fall
and we cry adown a lunar hall


a radio on the gallows must now be hanged
for giving jazzy head to marzipan
lo a radio under mallow
will certainly now have to ram
loud musics into money
and we hear the dead crying after hands
and we cry, cry
and we die, die
. Lo, once upon a mind, i  saw islands
floating down a female dream
Lo, i dreamed about wigwams
and i listened in to pertrol slogans

a radio on the gallows must now be hanged
for giving jiving jizz to caged brigands
la  la la
once where we died, i saw a bed of stars
sinking talon teeth inside grey girls
once upon a mine, i dug for fazing cars
and i saw god's mumma
sailing off to incredible fevers
a radio on a gallows must necessitate
the utmost songs in graves
and eyes cry, cry, cry
and wives study how to die
oh  oh  ohh


the pleasure ponies of a saddler's eye
weeps after horses
the pleasure points of a bridler's mind
think about sties
o a traffic light goes blind and rides
an instamatic space where blue wives
sweat optics

as a sea of flashes goes to sleep
as a tree of crashes
summons cuts from heart
as a bird of sadness fills old heat
then a world of gins
will don five winds
the pleasure ponies of a saddler's eye
sweep deep down inside
the pearling body of a blue bride
thinks about scribes
and a bowl of lovers
falls underground and breaks apart

easy pomanders peal a plum heart
and wild chickens start
endless winged brown art.

the gravies of my dinners have to ride
hot potatoes and saucy drives
and, ah ha, we feed sinners with hives
and, uh la, we seize spun dilly eyes with
coded colour true

easy cunny chambers ride the moon
easy holy flavours
easy old reminders cut cold labia,
and a sun of gold
sails the seas of cold
and cats will surely sail the moon
the gravies of my dinners have to ride
hot blue peppers and
coded city rain gets a tan.
Death has always caned live hands
and a bridge of curved wigwams
swings, swings
pleasure horses spit green ladies
weather forces
abuse an old seat where
dreary brooms brush giant hair

Lu Lu Lu

we turnaround on an indian pavement
we split the sounds
and a lilting lilly lady's old young hound
keeps us face on a billhook
and the sweepers of
old brushed milky Gods
must sup from a bald headed mug

once upon a moon, we saw the sun
crying for a female gun
la la
a baited hiss star-straightens
old cars; and a boy in man carves
kind hearts into coronets

pleasure horses race aside Mars
water horses
raise Arizona with leaping stars
and we own divorces
O we turnaround on an english movement
and we tread blue earths
and swallow lies.

ivories of mamma hit early man with rocks
and the tribes of glamour
smoke a lotus
ah westerly fathers
farm for lovers; and, lopped, city clocks
trip seconds for vagina hills
O yawny kiddies crap upon closed socks
O easy grammar
reads for dammers
and a smokey blow
ignites false snow

ivories of mamma hit early women when
baby bunting drops from his chair
and a sea of rope
stops nooses =,
a fast fandango in a clay-cold sky sends
guilty gulls to
carrion towers
and ape men move
dirty chipanzees
and we ride a naked monkey world
and we cry for heaped
primate beads
ivories of mamma hit an early child
and baying billy babies
must cradle christs and live no more

i entered Japan and waged sex-war.

and a hand in a torn till has to search for
marzipan honey in a third hand store
la la, a tiny fawn has to enter eyes
la la, ah, a tidy bad boy sweats knives
and a hand in a torn till has to search for
lady gasses
and bionic penis grain
we heard a sea of cattle
we stir cold coffees into teas
and i am reeling under Dettol
and i am feeding slime to bees

a grey hand in a torn hill has to search for
global sisters
and a star of soft bone shivers
and a car of lost stone shatters
and christs cast a shadow upon spored
creature junkeys

a green daddy dream bus has here stored
naked blue-headed
belly bell-men
amen amen amen..

o o  o
i fed a cake today
to a woman in a grave
o o o
i tamed a drake today
and slithered
back homeward
and a bee inside of me
stings a bloody moth
o o o
o o o
i fed a cake today
to some children
and my body slips
o o o
o o o
o o o
eyes ride to rest
ears go blind
ravines will test
all mental blinds
and a cross of war
goes in, in
deeper than sin
o o o
o o o
o o o
o o o
laden cagey tigers
shine upon
easy riders
and germs eat cum
and grey guns
wed fags to mummas
..  o o o
o o o

o o o    o o o
o o


O-La big tunas in Tunisia
have a fish-bed shaped from
cold mermens in Australia
O-La trendless kingfishers stun
every man, every child
and a boat of soap beguiles
coded seas to swallow
grey hens and baby willows
ah ah ah

a penis on the ruddy left
means a penis on the right
and, when a rapine pianist
plays a dud piano,
a sea of hands with feinlights
looks deeply down inside
a pussy on the left
and a pussy on the right
ah ah hah.

O-La, big tunas in Tunisia
have a minnow-shaken home
and the dives at city heart
raise a sermon from a bone
Deaths suck a butt
Decks cut a sloe-gin slut and
blinding caves of tears
volley follies under spears
duped wide tulips taunt sands
mute live retro lips
sink cave into a vault,
and we slide to entreat
neon nursed tarpaulins.
O-La big tunas in Bolivia
have havannas for labia
O-La, fat fished cunt flava
drops a cavern down a well
and a spool of spice levers
all ironed sidlers

a mind mauled by death
must figure out all killers
Because veins cross
Because rain's cross
Because snow steals
all coldness, men must push
wintry wagers when
all naked babes are sent
backward and

mystic campaigns in soap
wash away the male flues
.a motel-mown disease gropes
after bled mustard seeds
and a bell of drains
drops fires beneath oats
and a dizzy shark
gets maimed by a whale
and tyburn, oaks, elms
cause boys to fall from
fatally hired trees
moths in markets will
suss clits as broken drills
under radioed workmen
..and latent fevers revere
a son of a pan and his soft
ah a lemon noose in mind
cats after waspy croft
idiot penny-paying fear
and we drink all cool tears
hah hahh robots of Du
replace kids with foes
hah hahh gay robots of Du
displace an ocean's rose
and a babbler of the crows
craps upon a blackbird
hah hahh robots of Du
spirit real Humans faraway
from cruel fools.

where pendant peering palms
raise dopplegangers from
desert code
a dense dark angel roves
after grey sin and dun toads
and we harp to sides of
chokers and fucky beacons
and, la la la,
ah ahaah  a ship of sex
will use our strips for texted
animal rejects
JDB 21/03/2020
work in progress     title: There Should be a Penury of Rain
1st draft poem then song-poem
and there should be a penury of rain
and there should be a penury of pain
and there should be a blue shower
and when bastards in pure power
slide j christ into a gun
eyed picture drugs will stun
illegitimate party gods..

i derive a taxi from a cab. Deaths
dribble as they rove
a bad bedded room in a stove
and there should be a penury of rain
AH, because we want to shit
o, because a filthy father wants pain
to cry across a windowpane
then days of men who disappear
must surely be delved by tears.

the delicatessen of a plush fat mind
will have to think about
rich alarming foods

the dabbler of a cooked rusk
dips a penile finger in a snood
and a vineyard slug
drinks from Herod's waters.

o dummy delis will sell doctors
to posh foods where a bell
belts up a famishing star-rocker
and we have to eat?

a dragger of skins scraps leather
a ragged wintry adder trap
cuts cuds from diseased old weather

and we will feed stoats to Mother.

far from a grabbing crowd, i utilised
a permit for marsh mallows
afar, a clap of kine clapped the gallows
under pears where preachers
went to fucking hang
and a prince of Thebes has to shadow
easels of lead-painted doggy drams.

the fakirs who cast shamanic spells
are set down in nude feathers
Because we give threads to babblers
Because the night goes mad
we will have to cut a cat from fevers
Oh  a buddy vein shooteth up
Oh  a ruddy skein sucks a blood-nut
endlessness has to force and fade..
although the dead are not forgiving
although a false parish
has to prey after feet on the ceiling
a busy apartment will eternally
interfuse flats with concrete malice
and a prince of urbanity
listens to the spies of de family

these appled days
hear me laughing
these peachy graves
hear me weeping under
interwoven deaths
o, a headless father
weeps then dies.

mutations of fruits
drop sweet bread
ah, a wife of flour
cuts the hour
and we undertake
these appled days
hear my dancing
these peach graves
hear me lying
and self is a knave

a bolt through a soup-flask
will lay waste to powders
a saline screw that turns
will lay hot cups in the past
and a toy of men
plays with feline hens..  Masks
shutter pulled faces
where, lunged, a sea of laces
ties gay shoes

a windy room of clay wallows
deeply down town
a baby's tomb
encrypts coded sound; and
dreamy falons
farm after talons
a bolt through a coffee-flask
pours tea into wine
a soffit of a flat's thermos-flask
is clad in minds
and grey bells of ancients seize
buzzy boys from blinds
a windy room of clay swallows
heaps of mucky pins
and hurly-burly manx limbs
fall to

old earth.

fishermen of fishmen falter for
easy peasy nuclear wards
o a naked lunch has to fight for
dizzy fizzy faces that
colonise bums from coded rats
ah ah

and we flow by a bound screen,
Deaths have to father us
Sex has to murder us
and we jack bad snakes as dust
cries beneath tunnels
ah ah

fishermen of fishmen falter for
pluckers of ocean fruit.    Wars
have to nick a bud
and come home cosmically
believing space and time
lift love

we have swam lazy waters
we have jammed crazy worlds
and wiveners of wolf men curl
distant suns around
the flowers of a sea-sound
ah ah
ah ah
ah ah

we race home for sleep
we deface stone
and an ark of bone reaps
dilly dogs from rare treats

.a fast fever has to heat
the onions of the red flower
and we have de fats
and we have de flours
and we bake a cake for de hour

o we have de fats and de flour
o we bake a current cake for de hour
and we will beat the hour
ah as a vase of vaseline coats fingers
ah as a gaze of buzzy creams
carries death due west
we will have to serve dogs to nests
o we have de fats and de flours
o we bake an easter bake for de
accidental fazed baby power
and we will cook for baby power
and we will  fight de infant bower.

pullers of vast fungii have to use
cold stone bells for
washing vaginal heads in a noose
and, la la la,
a rose on a glass hill has to use
naked city-bends for war,.
we we have de fats and de flour
and we wash all oven-burning
oh a ball of blushers roasts dripping
and lardy toast travels
and a maid of angels has to ravel

out inside bloody neon bagels
uh uh..

Robots of Du?

the gassy easy head gasket
has to fill a tank with bonnets
A driller of granite statues grabs
eager men from cemeteries
and flashy egits who cut Queen Mab
seem to dribble in the moon
and scribes of self-sex
shape dirty heaps from daddy mess

gassy easy snake baskets
jam a jazzy home fire
la la, a fizzy drake dams a pyre
la la, a lezzy leads lost tyres where
dogs of sundays
lead open fridays to killer birds
easels daub canvases with
eating lead-paints
eagles store painters in pits
and we swallow genius
and we chew upon blue tears
gassy easers of head gaskets
have to lend lions to fixed flits
ah ah ah
la la ahh

i wove us some incredible sins
i chose a dumb cock from a flower
and a bud of grease
will shorten vows with a fleece
we baked a cake for a quarter hour
the brawling clock chimed at midday
the sprawking timed rock
told the times for Neanderthal, and loss
loops a laden scoot around
primal rooms where the underground
washes soaps in wine.

extended scooper arms star-cross
crying Hitlers with bunny iron
and a house of salts
scatters sweet bricks across lyons
and, la la, a sofa by a pylon
knots gossamer into Mount Zion

wild whisperers in death's gallery
heightens de son of Pan
Death entreats us to play for Iran
Sex completes where coded valleys
loosen vinegar tithes
trippers of torture-men ignite
bad mountains where eager light
sucks a milky nut
and after a nut raid, we will cut
milk-skeins from woollen galleys
boned bombed swine couple sluts
ah ah ahh

Good Night!!

O-La, i will paint me the other side
Oo, i will faint for a dog of a bride,
and mad children swing
feinted fabrics down a cat-hide

in with the talents of the hour, lies
lock a long worm in a box of eyes
O-la, we take a trip to evening
Oo, we jump upon Darjeeling
and a jack-in-the-box
spits red clowns when eaten clocks
clamber up Vagina Hill
we have the ruddy names by heart
we cannot heal
but we will dance until the dark
drools like a seal
and i have trudged cold sleep
and i have eyed wild Heaven
O-La, i will paint me the other side
Uh, i will sing for heavenly lives
but i will never sunder bee-hives
and my headpiece must be
filled with easy gardens.
sliding alleyways leap from tithes
writhing bad valleys send old skies
into a vault of church cats
ah ahh
massive maimed attacks hit highs
mystically gunning heart-cries
drag a horse from funeral rats
and we are the strangled
and we seek blue rain... uh??

red light districts sail away from
cool cut whores and hired cum
and we come together..

uh hoh hoh hoh


jdb 22/03/2020
more work in progress   title: c/o Sweat Optics
1st draft poem then poem-song
 the wives of old marriages have to
remarry to golden boys
la, la, the brides of carriages must move
all veils and all gowns
and a matted rope may well hang
all veils and all sounds

the bellers of the dead ring out for
easy sex and an opened door..
the wives of old marriages have to
remarry to ashen children...

the launchers of fallen women must
slip a cock in a fire,
the dancers of swollen women must
snip a cocker as funeral pyres
swipe dogs from dust
and sweated optics go blind as musk
eaten shadow casts cats upon lakes
frozn shadow casts cats upon  baits
and we fish for bawds
and we hiss across god's ice

the launchers of fallen women have to
serenade porn as the sun falls down
aside a dead town..
o my little town is here and she
dips my cock into pure fire
o massive crowns
walk, walk, walk
and a penile rake does the gardens
nice and proud
o my little town is here and she
sets fire to the clouds.
once upon a mind, i saw grey dudes
suffering for mummies
once inside my world, i scuttered
and me and mine-folk
dig for glass
and we walk and walk
and we talk and talk

my little town has to dominate blood
my little town has to pose for God
odes to good figures swing for mud?
diggers of deadeners sink an ash-key
under caged pigeons
ah, killers of grey surgeons cut leaves,
and my heated mind-stroke
preens bald vermin,
and my sallied bread-board has to cede
cunts to spurgeons.
as we stir sweet flesh,
as we purr and drag the sun around
a precious sea-smile, then
we will drip inside a phial;
and we notice now just how dials
cause old fashioned phones
to die away.

washers of wide wool may well knit
especially long scarves,
and the bells of blood carry sex-cars
onto impassable motorways
and wetted flyovers fear sex-cars
and rended huge roads
bait vans with moneys
and drivers learn to die.

diggers of deadeners sink ash-keys
under pigeon-poo,
draggers of sad loos seize dirt
and pushing naked fire
pees upon a veiny sea-sand
and life is very short
and christ is pure sport

a baby on a raft sinks into old waves
and kids play pool..

a slain sodden sphere of emptied ghouls
taunts spunk with childish fools
o a turnip ghost stops,-
we recognise the infant pigs who rot
and idiot paranormal shops
sell shit tarots to children

i used to have some good times when
i bought a naked brunch and
softened crabs with my cut hands
and sudden death
suddenly stops death
and we sell creeps to moguls when
islands tape sandy sex-lengths
a slain sodden sphere of emptied fools
drool and drool after
old caves and lazy vagina.

bottlers of blown men puff into grass
hoppers of stone-men
huff sweet cum as a honeys in a mask
dapple cold curling vastness
and heroic buddhas burn the past
and intuitive rainbows turn the past
fiercely upsidedown
we have swallowed in the meadows
we have swallowed fresh Dettol
and a bedded blast
binds bombs to grass;
and my mental skin which gets throttled
hastens to a sea of fabled
lazy cables
bottlers of blown men puff into glass,
cottlers of stoned men
fire-bomb a bell with a gent's casts
and eyes are made-up from
feinted falls, and the sadness of saints
and, ah, where filthy emptied tables
capsize, into bled dunes then
bald sealed shiver-stains must
rock and rock and fuss
we have swallowed in the meadows
we have wallowed in deep Dettol,
and a wife in arms
shoots keen dirt-kine,
and we jostle skirt as a penis-mind
thinks of fishy pantie wine;
and i loved the day we went to farms
and i adored the nights when
we hit upon suburban city-charms
,, But death comes near to me now
and hot death becomes us
what now for my small town except
bulldozers of all green fields
o what for my little town except
hot smashes where cradled sex has
nipped bones in the bud
ah ah    eyes stink of visual gab
ah ah    spies sink into deaf labs
and a donnny on a fire
hastens to deaths as blown spires
rise into Easter
and i have always adored Easter
and last Xmas is stood at my door.

what now for my small town except
bulldozes of tall green fields
ah what for my lost city except for
, eager men who cry out for de poor?
eaglers ease prey into God as claws
stink ingenious talons into wrecks
and we climb up from ruins
and we observe the zits gone black
easy nights blow a bird and cat
gather boys from garlands of bats

heaters may well have to burn the poor
eaters may well have to poison the poor
and lone beggars bag bones into brine
ah heaters may well burn the sad poor
and eaters have to sicken for
the tramps that live outdoors

o i intend to raise my brolly in these
red dead lanes i call out by name
and my vagrant smile
asks for pleasant cash
and my all too potless soul sees mash
sealing my street-fate within
vacant old cigarettes
heaters may well have to burn for a
town of evil hoodlum thieves,
and i shall answer now to Thebes,
and maddening bled boxes contain
child medicants
and we inject the poor with rain?

indolent wallet-shapers have to seal
naked female hobos deep inside
a shattering of shoppers; O, lives
fall from city rest,
i laid my two lost poems underground
and danced till my death had come

the penuries of pissers may well
pull bad panties down
o the enemies of wet-kissers swell
deep down inside where my town
swells up just like a body,
and my star of pain falls outside
a small world where city-tribes
riot forevermore..

a robber of dogs cries after
good owners of dogs
la, i steal ancient money, and laughter
truckles around dark sea-lords;
and sadness screams
and reflexes ream
blonde wives where greying dreams
telephone de Father

the penuries of pissers must sell
dauphins and dolphins to prised cells
and i have jeered at Mamma
and i have feared de gay Mother,
and ivories play keen piano where
cool ebonies sing all year
a robber of god's mind seizes prayer.
As we cough, we will boil old hair;
and menkind soften
blind tears which flow into gardens

above a vacant shop, i spent cash
upon expensive body-rocks
and my switching angel of crocks
floats fast away unto crashed
baby boats..  Oh, a seat of clocks
sits down upon the face of timed
city lights..
and me and Man felt all right?
a robber of gods cries after
flashing funny funeral, and night
heeds day wiith burning midnight's
burnt oven-oil.
uh uh

Robots of Du?

I hasten to boil a pan
I hiss, and where once a tiny island
sailed out to the sun
i shaped a star from my family
and i will certainly see my hand
chopping sin
in two, where lunar lasers flash
and baby sentries move
aside an electric lady-mood

i hasten to use the pan
I kissed, and where once a tiny car
sinks postmodern nightjars
under blown bodices of wet scars
i heap a balded fire
Deaths dream of de Father
Lips shoot up,
and a dunny crowd has to scram
under wood, where milks
cup tits in defective drams.

ha ha ha..
i recollet my dad's sex debts
ha ha ha..
i remember now the clouds
and i arrive back home when
nude music is playing;
and i loved moving when
i was just a naked boy..

nuclear firesides expose us
bionic seasides depose us
. as we raid dreamer's dusts
as we trade with death's cups
the arcanas of the moon
all too fucking soon
enemies will have to gun-move
sweet beards inside a soft cut
energisers of histories shut
all veins, all bodies, all killers..
enegerises of mysteries shut
all minds, all brains, all rivers
and we ride from sleep
and we claim the deeps from
carousels and jackanories
uh  uh uh  huh huh..


JDB 29/03/2020
work in progress   title: About Easy Mirrors
1st draft poem then song-poem
 the cleft design in my curtains
draws blinds across my world
Sourced deaths drive me
beneath bruised veins where grey hymns
carry birds to fire

o, a wakeful sex whose wired skin
heats the lovely dead
has me awaking beneath my bed
and the cleft design in my curtains
draws blinds acros my world

where a sea of chairs drinks dregs
where a sliding prayer
weeps across a flower,
then i will have to grasp at girls
and wave suddenly farewell.

the burners of braziers beat for
bent hearts where the women pray
o the churners of labia
pull skins apart
and a boat of beers
sinks into lagers; and the sun's grave
heaps golden biers
ah, my wakeful sex has to grasp us
oh, my hateful desk
has to drop dirt papers around
ancient dog-busts
once aside a mind, self seemed to
die for marines

what with tithes being stolen by
we must challenge dolls with wide
church candles
o. a bone of hearts cracks
o a stone of hearts
and a gun of peace shoots my skies
and a sun of meat
must feed apples to dead brides
once, where death jumped,
a conation of sated statues junked
old red beautiful aviaries
and a birdy monkey
has to taunt death as cold drams
toast bad scented Ald England
what with tithes being stolen by eyes
we will surely drop our children

stopped dead, i listened to my head
dropped, i hissed for peace
o, knocked, my wife had no bed;
stopped, a face of deaths strapped thread
around a knitted heart
once, drowned, i sank into old waves
once, crowned, i sank a throne into
tragic caves where castles swing blue
royal graves
stopped dead, i listened to the day
shopped, i came home very quietly;
and the sized strewn skies
dip clinkers into waters
and easy killers come home to warders
once i, atoned, heaped oven-burning
once i, on loan, pad heated yearning;
and eyes must widen
beneath vast beads
and castled lady-beads bedded leaves
stopped and shopped and then chained,
i espied a keen prison and stayed?

eaves under poppers poke tongues into lofts
ah, bees under coppers
drop pennies down coffers
and a tree of sweet loss
and crisscrosses raise de cross,
and window-officed streets of old bone
raid a lion with dizzy claws

a razor in a jungle-mirror hastens to
eaglers of eaten sun and air
o a labia on the moon brushes hair
and a cunt-comb stirs
bay-rum against city firs

eaves under poppers poke tongues into lofts
and, laid, body beads
dragged naped necks into sleeves,
and our baby town
has to leave our town.

shot when alone i
wiped my mental eye from
bled beds of broken guns; and we shot
a red moon when
grey ghostly leas spoke to women
and the stars of men
look down upon this sad earth..

eaves under poppies cut flowers
and a town of ladies
shits upon doobies
and we seat a swift hand upon
naked proud dowers
shot when atoned, i
swiped my metal mind from
steeled trades where whored cum
sweated for plectrums,
and a blind guitar
plays for hot cards
and coded coda shuts a bad son
where moon-men
fish for collonades
eaves under poppies cut flowers
dweebs under coffee
cause jitters where sea-toffee
feeds sweets to
lost kind kids who entertained
sleeping cubbies..

mindlesness hisses down a blind hall
o-la, fixd endlessness kisses a mad brawl,
and a kingdom's snakes
slide for oblivion
where a dead sky cuts down lakes
o-la, mindlessness hisses when rakes
tend to serpent harems.
once, drowned, i sank into baths
once, turned sround,
my bleeded heart hastened to
holy swimming pools;
and a falling hill's collapsing sound
hisses across carious dusts
..and mountains fall to earth
mindlessness caresses idiot births
deadliness star-presses
a daddy fen where muddy dresses
sink blue marshes
deep deep down
and my small sea-town flexes
green fingered city faces
the doggies on the hills shit rust
the babies on the hills
cry for dusk,
and my long dead ruby world
has pulled my old pants down

old kind tents in my back garden
heap to rake a spade against cage-swirls
old kind tents
jump for infant joy
and an earth of fire pulls legs across
body burners of day and night.

we are chained to feral fences
we are stained
and a bum of christs drags fences
where, lobbed, a skull in rain
down down down
old kind tents in my back garden
hide infant sleep
and a garage under peat hardens
grassy knolls where children swim
outside love's pearl

we are chained to a feral fence
we are craned
and a city's mains has to drench
cuttlers with lazy trains
la a gravy boat in a sex tureen
serves french stews to
hot pigs and sweat-dreams
the laden delousers of the reamed
suck cat-fleas from
dog-ticks; and a vermin-gun
has to shooteth up, up, up,
..And dire deniers of slain cum
shoot skunk into closed screams.


with the popping jay in a moon-vase
i have learned to lay with the soft dead
o the popping grave under Mars will
surely certify the killed;
and a groaning girl has to use pills
and a moaning madam's thrills
get sex-upped by saddening cars
/./and youths play with cigars when
doubted kid smokers
puff huffs of cum, and, O, old hens
lay dour eggs.
parriahs of pharoahs have to dredge
kangaroos for naked Aladdin;
and a mad see of words has to ebb
under idiotic nonsensical radio
la la la
as the popping jay in a moon-vase
exhales sick
then a drum of torture will snip
a bedded babby whose cot-trip
has to lead the infant flower;
and dunny dweebs damage strips
and daffy weed
sets fire to dogs and rainbows
ha ha

easy liars delve slander for libel
and i am looking for a fabled
coutyard where fibbers cradle
copious roman candles

o, i go down now for ten thousand years
o, I must entreat a body made from tears
hey, cakey curves surround a sea of fears
o, i go down now for ten thouand years
o, entertain both the body and the brain
la la.

o i go down town for ten billion years when
idioms of blown bodies bang scissors
beneath blurry bitter scribes
la la

we go against the wall as we snap gems
we flow against a stall
and a sexist filthy magazine opens drawl for
the utmost death of men
la la

o we go down for nine zillion old years
o we gather up tears from ancient tea-rooms
and a dunny world
has to eat inside a cunt-pearl
and a dogdayed diamante user cuts curls
deep down, where
coded harlots fall from a vast wheelchair
la la.

we go on easy hikes to diamond dykes
we flow under wet-bikes
and a bounce of thunder spikes a wet wipe
and a bunched river farter
fishes after
dizzy wakes where scissor lathers swipe
coded leather screams
la la
ha hah.

once upon an acid mind, i wove a dead
shape of a cobweb
once upon an acid wynd, i wove a red
shadow of a stormed pig,-
the gisms of a cry must weep for pigs
and. dashed by eyes,
once upon a rancid spine, i rode a Dev
directly into the palor blue
oh i went down on a bandy wet girl
for all of the days in my sweat-worlds
oh a passion puller peers under nests
oh a pisser of a dollar pays for breasts
and a bed of bids
hammers oats to shit-birds
..in the back of my naked head, i cured
me and my fucker's mac
ahh in the sac of my baker's bread, sap
snaps me as i float downstream to
crap inside five winds
aimless endlessness spits on a nude,
tameless deadliness
grips to a porny pippet where dudes
dollop dolor on a capsized split table
,, /.  ?~!!!!


the artic fetes of Pan sell lards to
freezing armed pits where rolled blues
hammer a salt ditty to a cell of shoes
and i will go down forevermore
against a female river in a cunt-ward
and lissom must
set petrol to eely lusts
and missionaries must feed a cock-crust
directly under stores where
privat engineers piss along a bald tare
there are banisters of grime that lead
a bell-head by the head and hand
there are barristers of wine which read
about dolly bums and ballet beads
and a sunny clam
cuts a moany lamb
and a dummy dram
spills ginty waters upon a fishy fan
i have idolise a licensed user of
fanny flashes
i have reddened a silencer of ashes
and we bleed for ash
and we cry for fizzed hash
and we breed with cunny trash
and we suck a cunt-cut rashes
La La La
Robots of Love drive from God's
easy romantic mirrors

JDB 02/04/2020
work in progress   title: A Vaginal Gourami
1st draft poem then song-poem
O in this large cruel summer where christ crisscrossed a vine
i espied
grey animals of night-time laying keen furs under wine
and a vase of figs brews grey beers
and a cast of pigs swills grey fears
O in this large cruel summer where christ crisscrossed a vine
i espied
grey animals of midnight laying casements under mines.

the fierceness of a blue horse gallops into salt wine
the madness of a cocked horse
drains balls for silent fields
and a cocker of wards whispers under gorse..
once upon aladdin in a stilled world, a map of dwarves
laid easy waste to a west-end moon
and red animals at night have to ignite cocoons

the figgy fascinated pushy pussy of a paved hearse
sticks cold graves into fires
o free easy fornicating kissy rubies
will rock around the soul until destroyed
and the numbers of a cock
may well resound underground where old pyres
caress a lazy spire.

o when an elaborate summer strickens old stars
then a bowl of jams
has to swirl hands into islands
and a dilly tiny toy has to dance inside Mars when
coda queens cry, cry, cry
La La

the figgy fascinted pissy pussy of  a paved horse
rides stallion juices from
ignited wode where a moon outside the sun's purse
stops stone

O this large simmering summer has to grind
grey gods from windscreens
and a car of sundering flavas has to wind
white cods from filmscreens;
la la  where once upon the hour, a mind
tricks across old dreams
then a sea of squid will enter into spined
body patience

O this large simmering summer has to grind
grey goats with two twinned hands
and a ghost of gobs
has to taunt the soft innerds of soft brigands
and animals in the night
rock, rock, rock
O as masoners stone sight, then a boned hand
slaps a skull across a train
O this large sundering Number has to grind
pot-smoke from veins
and the rider of grains dries for sea-stains
and a bed of broods
dreams of pure silence.
the glassy gorgon of a female Love has to
toss a broken body in a slot
ahh, a classy store-room hides hipped  rot
and me and my keen dauphins
sea-hang beards with evil dorphins
and my sky of life
leaps up, up
and my mind heals dead christ's
crossed bunched body
O there is a star-light here which stops
blue drains and vined pots
and a dicktator on a misspelt rise crops
blonde beds and dilators
the glassy gorgons of a female God move
cooked hair where the moon of loss
carries curryers of veins
deeply beneath the dreams of grey moss
ah ah ahh
endlessness weds emptiness and costs
pay for fanny

o animals in the dark of night
walk a dog into the bright sides of sight
o animals in the dead of light
walk a cat into the spiked skies of hype
and a mouse in a cave
cries out for Mother
and a mouth in a crag has to feed lice
and a fag in a bone
smashes mittens

once where cruel air softened, christ
spoke from a high chair
once when cruel prayer softened, Life
awoke in a wheel-chair
and a star of loss
lops a car where de Pentecost
pays for a petrol knife
O animals in the dark of night
walk a dog into the right sides of wiped
body screens
and a sea of creams smothers midnight.

a vaginal gourami stink has to sink a fish-tail
deeply down the mine
oh a starry town shines inside a mind and hail
swallows easy stoned minds
and a bed of lusts links dreams with bodies
and a shed of crusts
sharpens dogs with rusks
o vaginal gouramis stink underneath a sink
o cogitators of finny drinks
think of sex as self-sex dies
O animals in the very dark of night star-blinks
aside jammy eyes where the voids of kinks
cram dogs adown bellies
O cannibals in the utmost dark of light wink
against rolled windows where
a catcher of casements boil baby-hair
once upon a wank, a penis in a plug of air
shoved spermatozoa where this winter's wear
donned woollen cunny


a honey pot upon a scented centrefold
peals a pissy penis under
rotating female summer
and a slot of fists punches cunt from feathers
and a clock of twists
falls from a hired wall
o a whore of fathers bunches spunk from larders
and a house of cheese
wallops dense dirt with mental grease
la la
once aside a mind, weed wove its way inside
a blinded skirt where
a bag of furs spurted snares
and a flat of glass
has to sell masoners to grey-headed masks
la la
a honey pot upon a scented sea of souls
peals a shiny fanny with vined vast dolls,
and a day of deaths
has to summon sirens from easy sexed
and yearlings choose changelings for
entertaining winter deaths
we raise a dolly skirt where we transgress
easy hymens with dirt-fear
and we raise a star of hurt with
two twinned easy hands
and we command salt tears as closed crests
wash buttons with brigands
and a cell of wine whitens babied nests with
thunderers of both night and nude days
O animals in the night swipe rats from clay
O carnivals of grey mikes
shrill and shrill
and a stall of ills straps bones about claved
body graves
we raise a dolly squirt where we transgress
easy pylons with skirt-fear
and a sky of dumbs
drops a crazy plum; and a car under sex
collides with eaten madams

once upon a mind, i heard thought killing
all bodies, all brains, all sweet live illings

the noisy looseners of a dizzy daffy dream
heaps sex sleep upon
candifiers of sweet cums and windscreens
la, a baby in a gun
shoots self dead
la, a lady in a drum
sea-bangs breakers within gay feline beds
and a city in a vase
weeps, weeps,
and a country under sleep has to preen
naked pulled rivers

O when animals of night roam after
tonsured basketfuls of snakes
O when sentinels of light foam after
tortured mindfuls of nanny drakes
then a pussy of a belled man has to father
funeral freights

the noisy looseners of a dizzy daffy dream
heaps sex where pully lakes
listen to the dead.. la, la, la    old screams

die out..

and we may well die out
ah, we may well suffer when we shout
and we may well cry out for
a shingled sea where a man-o-war routs
cool animals at night-times
and a code of killers cries and cries
la we may well die out
uh, we may well sunder death  with grout
and a room of nails
hammers lesbians to drought
ah ah hah
eyes turn in, - old parrots swing for
easy words
oh  lovers spin
ah  parrots speak blue and easy
and the stains in a veined buggy
have to drop a blinded baby
ah ah hah
.and we will certainly die for
the ogre in the giant minds of whores
and we will certainly score
a rabid rabbit-kitten from blithe wards
and the nukers of the easy dead
spead cream cake upon mad breads
and a gizzard in a green moon
executes faith with holy tombs
ah ah hah
endless ochres of darkness sweat
aimless motors stink of fast sex
and a bandaged boat bites deaths
with five teeth when
four teeth are wrenched by gems
ah ah hah
and we may well die out
lo, we may well quaver as we shout
and we may well cry for
a rancid rolled razor of sex-mounts
and a lion of a liar
has to slander after sapphires
and a tigron under fires
dances into loud funeral pyres
lahh  lashwide fools flaunt soft tyres
ancient hoodlums taunt
fast lips and dying pantries;
and the gnash of god-blood wires
milk weepies with torn tellies
ah ah ahhh
we say happy day to a belly
we end clappy clays to Delis
and a coffee saint
tea-taints the arms of ladies
and we suck a stalled nut
with carious taloned bodies
/ah ahh
when once a pucker's calve
cups dirt veal in two hands
then a skirt in a salt island carves
blenched bows from bone
and a liar under clothes
craps upon a vein of toads
and tabled baby brain bed-loads
cradlers under caged crows.
I fed ships to faces as robes
dropped a shrilled hearse
and i felt under laces as brogues
dropped a sandal-purse
and death's words are cursed
and curse birds sing erse to
mongels in a menstrual horse
empires of bruised dirt move
purple reason
from day to night...


JDB 04/04/2020
work in progress   title: This Side of a Mind-Truth
1st draft poem then song-poem
the vitamin of a veined gull
stirs coffees into muds
the kitchens of reined dogs
dribble into meat
and a strap of a heart heaps girls
where, shaved clean,
a match-head in a screen star-skulls
bones of wheat
and a crocus of a stabbed mind
weevils carves into gloves
and a hymen's city drug trips phlegm
around scored sleep

the fish-opened watch on a bald wrist
snatches rats
the fist-shaken crotch of a bald kiss
catches bats
and a mug of catches
pours coffee into baths
and a venal float falls upon vast
vaginal races

a bed of busy grease has to salve
a sea of catty cures
a desk of easy jeeps
jacks an inked face as a cock-valve
roams into pure fire
and a bouncy girl's lowered beard
clasps a tawny spire

the vitamin of a veined gull
stirs coffins into blood
and we wash scent against God

thermal blenders have to drop blind shavers
o a veiny mumma
pads a milk-pot where a golden lover
leaps across Leda
and we ride a crowd across a killer
and we rise under a forced roe-rider

thermal benders have to drop blind shavers.
Deaths draw blood lots
Sex stares, and a ruiner of baby tops
swims for the murdered hour
and paraffin is poured down a flower

coffees in cabins set a chin of beer
where, skinned, a wreck of tears
blows a cunt-blade
and thermal blenders have to drop drillers
and poky poxers
pee upon glades as a shitted pox-star
dollops baby rum

blazers of blown bollocks shoot cum
razors of stoned self-shots
shoot a dizzy a scar around de hots
and a breaded cot
falls to dumb pieces

easy riders cry for city air when
catters dog-crucify
grey baby blooders

the spinning guilty juices of faeces
stop wet love

this bedside room where i chose to die
has hissed inside the Ark
o, a poster of dark noon
shines, shines
and the riders of the moon writhe for
indigo eyes

a vitrium in a veined blow fights for
idiot children's cores
la la a coffee in a shower hits gore
and we wee all year
and we caress veiled tears
and we kill sex shores
this bedless room where i chose to die
has pissed upon the dark
and a flat of faces
dulls sadness with stasis
and a bell of aces plays sex poker
endlessness grows like grey cancer?

a dunny dreamers
drools like lovers
Death grows like mothers
Self yearns like murders
and a sea of figs
drowns flour as baker's kids
eat stale buns
and we wave at the sumner
and we cherish hot winter
and softening fingers
noose spring and autumn

a dunny bride upon a hill
sucks a clothed nut
a dummy bride inside a slut
cuts a robed rill
and we sink a tea into a cunt
and we swallow camomile
a dunny dreamer
drools like a liar..

a dicking manor of a dead house
rips a pretty bird
a kicking hanger of red nerves
slits a dizzy mouse
..eyes burn like stings
skies turn as buggies under wind
grind salt from dust

a budder of a brainer buries us
where, spind, a focal fotal bus
rides car-west
and a sea of spires trips us
where jays wire lipped trucks

a dicking manor of a dead house
slips a pretty girl
and a bed of pearl
mothers a piss-pearl
..and cubbies of this world will
surely find no lover

the tea-things in a bath have to move
soothers with booze
the coffins in a mask have to move
ald beds where
a bound penis-prayer
toasts god's killer
and a bone of carts breaks us down
a vaginal chasm rocks a doll-town
an oracular cavern
has to taunt sleep where wide sound
whispers into mirrors
and the coastal kids eye pris'nors
O tea-things in a bath have to soothe
tap-drinkers with strimmers
and i ease a donkey-drum
up a pony-fed stair
and i listen to boiled air.

i am in touch with fish rudders
i am fucked by dicky truckers
and a labile change
drinks a salt-chain
ah as wideness loosens rain
then we will dance again?

vaginal vaultings will see pain
crying for roofs of sperm-rain
and a blenched buttoned father
falls to rape's tether.

these fixing dazzlers of old liquid clothes
wash a family now
o a female face in a crowd clouds robes
and we seem loud
but silence is our lot
and dumbness shapes our city cot
and deadness craps upon soft toads
we ease a blue gemstone where moss
gets kicked off
we ease a green gravestone where souls
slap a spirit-coff
and a loud tureen serves cakes to crossed
angel cloud

we heed vast hymens
we weed salt-gardens..

these fixing dazzlers of rolled liquid gold
towel deaths down,
o a female case in a cloud snaps,
and a wrenched hook of buyers has traps
trickling down a trachea
and a pactive passioner pees on paps
and a cusped tongue
teases teased tirades with licky laps

we heed vast pylons
we read about hyrdrants
and a capper of a panda coda taps
petrol fingers upon the past
and we heed vast diamonds
and a masser in a grey mask seasons
soldiers sirens with orange
pealer lemon.

the endlessness of deadliness chortles
the friendliness of native nests
rock a raised lung
and my spun heart hisses where metals
mix cunts into clay

the earrings in this closed heater
have hit upon a hot pierced stain
o darjeelings brew mists
and a house of fires shoots lips with
grey kids where the roses
fall upon music
ah ah i have scented pussy with
blue ivies
ah ah i have rented baby with
old gravies
and a DVD grows sexually old
and a fisted crow
craps upon cool carrion; and soul
sings forevermore

a world under fire junks
daddy dusts
a citadel of trunks trickles for
easy closed doors
and coded lusts
lisp as bodied banisters cuss
aside ochres of oars
and we suck cunny cut

I have no family to shut
the house inside a head
hoots for sadness
the glazier inside a bed
breaks for craziness
the noose about madness
old rattlers of angels
and angled city-guns
shoot butterers dead as
a grey serum
earrings in a closed river
have pinnned deadly fevers
with a cheap vision of tricksters
and a bird of night
appears naughty
and a crow of christs
a world under fire junks
tirades of graveyard monks
a whorlwind has to sex-jump
rapine rooms where
gay geese gabbles for hair;
and a golden mask
masses mousy mind-shafts
cold cruel happening times
drop like a bone.

the vitreal salty slip in my lost bed
hip to the dirty streets
the venereal grey lip inside my head
snip to a filthy beat,
and sex treads lud heat
and sex tramples suicide visions

the coffees in dizzy coffins heat
panloads of meat
a penile bad city cries after surgeons
and a tea in a mask
starves failures clasped in castes

the vitreal salty slit in my old bed
jumps for the dirty jive
and we jack clay fathers
and we hash upon a filthy flava
o laughed coffee from coffins
crap from a purple moon

viral permits permeate sweat with
a junkey-drive
vaginal remits cunt-curate
a monkey-mind
and we hiss across spirallers
and we kiss across old spiders

the lushy liquid ladies who grind
salt and roe to rust
hear now about
knife christ, arsenic christ
and weevillers rust after
mike christs and barbwire christs
mute christ, wired christs, barbled
bottom baunting laird jesus
ah i had a knoll for a baptism
ah i had a doll for god's mauseleum
and bleeders of jay judas
hire a rash from a god museum
odd old demons certifay hoards
and bible-dirt treads grey boards
and mellowers of belly-traffic
shit on eggs

the dizzy mental winds where i blew down
dragglers after menstrual western money
ah the buzzy ghosts of sins
draggler after blood-rushes
and a bed in a ditch causes dreams to
ride across sleep's flower
and we have to let sleep's flower go to
hidden seas where slender sin brushes
five winds and five foam candles
the dizzy mental winds where i blew sounds
dragglers after miens of metal towns
ah the fizzy horses of gals in clowns drowns
meaty brew where the sallied heads of Downs
clowns after endless fields
and five winds will blow
and blown sins will flow from
old dales where metalled guns cut reels
a dogdayed dolly in a framed sun heals
coded babies
a dog-dazed bully in a framed gun seals
baby bronxes inside rubies
and a goddess on the fierce hashed rise
dominates brollies with bodies
ah ah ahh

upon the mazy mile
upon thise crazy smile, a cot of pure ash
has to cut a cure from star-smashed
grey hashish
i have entertained at change of day, trash
sharpening fools with kitchens
i have certified derangement's grave;
and a bairn of glass
sinks inside a lard-mask
and a masted venus in the dimmed past
has to hasten to reeling ribbons
and we are cut from ribbons
and we are fed to prisms

we are fed to sinful washed webs
we are searched by evil bed-heads
and a storm in an unfound sky
squeals and dives from forgotten eyes

we are led to a feline on a cliff
we are spreadeagled
and hot bread star-climbs gay twists
and bruisy bandagers
heel to five killers
and sluicy sereanders of fast mirrors
weep, weep, weep

this side of mind-truth, a stripped father
says prayers to a bound mandala

JDB 08/04/2020
work in progress     title: Men and Hens and Gourami Girls
1st draft poem then song-poem..
men and hens and gourami girls
go walking around a female world
men and clucking cocked brigands
lam a green nest
and a bird of prey
listens to the day
and naked mutants have to slave
after eaten deaths

o a bun of ices feeds a roach
o a sun of faces
flails and falls
and eyes may well sail to a blind boat
far west when
a grey mind ends

men and hens and gourami girls
go walking around a female world
and ashes under clashes
cascade then arise
from naked tashes.

the cases of business men open out upon
a city of murdered men;
as time dies, we heat about peahens
o cases of business men open out upon
a body of bastard men;
and a mind of masks
dons a blood-shield
once upon a mind, trendless plasters
wrapped a hand in zinc
once upon a cosine, empties sink
blue teeth where casts
cut a dizzy veined
bad baby-  Oh, a town on the brink
sucks a stain?

the deus of god's daughters heave
unctive bosom-glaucous where
boned bairns break
and a bud of wipes feels for hair
and a sud of bight lights
pushes neons into bears
once upon a mind, trendless plasters
wrapped a hand around sinks.

ideal husbands and ideal wives
weep all year long
ideal brass bands and keen cries
wed sex to a song
and a bed of brass
bounces on one knee
and the songs of suns shine for
closures of fast daubs

o a head of mice cut rat-tails
o a bed of mites
spreads vegetables on old sails;
and we ride a bike
and we fall from trikes
and, laid, a car in kites veils
ideal husbands and ideal wives
once upon a mind, trendless brides
shit inside four winds
once, roped, a sea of endless knives
drop guns on powders
and a sofa's edge
masks the dead.

o a cat of cats strides the feline land
o a kitten God preens all Man
And a purring cat-boy
paws cool tailed happiness
and a bed of silk feeds catty milks
to perfect feline Woman
once aside a cradle, i loved my cat
once upon a cradle, i stroked my cat
and a keen kind claw and mane
dreams of lions and tigers
and we like to feed cat-wined pumas
o a world of petty hens will consume
female meat-pots
o a girl of cat-gems
will poke and preen a good cat-skin
i see a cat of cats astride an island
and my loud stroker beams

udders of cavemen always spurted spleen
fathers of killer gems
lather after river dens,
and a parted fissure-sea
lays dead waste to an orange country
and de slaughtered hour
rams a mixture down
fast dammed latrines
o i have launched bald boats with
use of salt champagne
and i have crunched upon rain
o i have launched sawn ships with
abuse of candy veins;
and my nude minds
must weep for Eden
and the gardeners of Gods rape figs
udders of cavemen always squirted cream
ah ah ah
and ideal wives sweat for ideal cars
and ideal husbands weep under dreamed
key nine toddy.

the meaty green hotpots that feed the world
hasten to glisten
the easy mean pork-pots that feel a girl
listen to missions;
ah, once aside timed worlds
an earth of fire
hears a dizzy boyfriend shaping lessons

the meaty green hotpots that feed the world
feed wrists to zen;
and a green buddha widens romancers with
yogic chakric daddies

heapers of hurtlers hem ghost under mammy
reapers of killers
and a dog of mirrors barks upon his tail
and a dog-dayed sea-shark
cuts a human dolphin
in fucking twain where old dead vales

cry for dauphins

hospitals under old beds
therapise the dead to heal the killed
o hospices lay waste to Devs
and a sea of gins
drinks a treating rainbow
and a bed of swords
slashes seats
as we ride to sleep, a stoned vase
will don rolled heaped
as we ride to rest, a boned vase
will stun guilty heat
o, a bod in the sky
hits along vaginal wives
hospitals under old beds
therapise the fled as we heal the drilled
sweaty victims of a crazy father
once upon a flu, a nasal sweat-bottle
sank sins into fever fire
and the digital radio and TV squires
shut a hot fist in a strangler's Dettols

mental mind tears as canine shadow
casts crabs across corona clans.

the hoarse head of forgotten heroes
shits outside the pan
this horse of a bed
rams honey down when easy yoyos
feed upon a locust
and a jacking heel goes from bad to
bitter worst
and the slaves of dirt
drop flowers on a skirt
o once upon a tine, we used a blue
experimental father for my hearse
and my eyes go from bad to worse
and i flow against my world

the hoarse head of forgotten heroes
shits outside England
the pissing pony under soft hands
lays buzzy waste to islands
and a traffick moon
shines upon a punched bed
and raw wives burn the fast moon
and gabbed truth
gives sex-enemas to visual sleuthes
O  a cage has to rock
animal prisoners
O  a stage has to stop
actors and killers
once upon a blood-mind, riders
doonned leopards and shot quivers
and de boats of christ
hiss across horney heart-life
and horny heart-life drink rivers
and  honeys drink dreamers
and we float against spies
and we grope for new york's wide
pepsi gate

O a cage has to rock
animal prisoners
O  a stage has to stop
actors and maimers

,, I heed soft starred seizures when
epilepsy fits inside hems
and we kiss a fitting den of
eaten rifles and blue cobra
the horse-head of forgotten heroes
shits inside ten winds
and a lazy lyon of a mind
slices easy cake as cooker's kine
shelter Mesopotamia in wine
la la

Robots of Du drive a stolen car
Robots of Hu drive a fallen star
la la la..
and we are Robots of Lu?

these mad words sleep forever.

about aimless emetics and a throat of glass
i will level now a mind of death
about tameles eccentrics and a throat of grass
i shall give now the stain of sex
and a church in fevers feeds small deaths
and an organ in scissors
shines down upon a bad mood

about aimless concentrics and a throat of gas
i will level now a vein of wrecks
about emptiness and the meadows of lips
i shall give in now to a strip of smoothed
body diamond

the shinings of dirty chandaliers rip
cruel towers with daisy hands; and mits
meld soft coloured hair with scarred gnits
and a baby in a fire
dances under a funeral spire

about emptied tameless logics, i snip
green dolls and emeries.

once, gunned down, i entertained my tall town
with breaded bone
once, gunned around sound, i swaggered for
easy hens whose long-haired groan
shouted at the ferns of walls
and a wall of Downs shaped me
a star-capped lover from a scented stall
and once, gunned around a wasteground,
eyes fed my bodice to a high moll
and de gangster and his moll
shoot my juicy body to swift death.

i should be made madly glad about dolls
i should choose to shape Life from gulls
and a moutain on a cliff
has to rend my dreams with sad kissed
houses of demure souls
and giddy gulls grasp glass from hipped
vagrant sawn vinegar mien
and easy mulls peer into hashes
once, gunned down, i entertained my tall town
with breaded drones
once, splayed around, i entered into ald
piss-proud manfolks who dared not scald
good bairns

O, a stairway leads wrenched mice to
curvatures of both night and day
O, a prayer for dregs dances where trades
sell fictional folds to horse-cut skin-graves
and the first turning of the stair
will lead a fallen falon to a city lair
and the second turning of the stair
will cede closed ribbons to blood-chairs
all eagre macadam boys break-up slaved
eaten daddy rifles

JDB 09/04/2020