further speed-written songs...

work in progress   title: Whiskey-Gold

1st draft Poem then poem-song


oestrogen flies like a mind
easy sin dives
and a butterfly light cuts times
and eager lovers
marry to a grape-vine

o a seat of glass is postioned
above father's veins
and a bed of dogs
causes canine pain; and missions
pull upon gauze

oestrogen flies from my mind
easy spun sin
awakes me,
and a doll at sea sails for dweebs
and a bull at sea
jumps cowed salt-cities

my grey mum grips to babies
and sadness shoots blue trees

the eagre furies of a fast fat head
mete out a sea of pegs
and a peg-happy fern has to shed
salt seeds
and a binary brain
bolts balls to rain
la la
the eager fairies of a fast fat head
mete out sex to urine
..  lacers of lunacy eat bread

one zilllion miles under sweat we
wash red hands in wine
o, zillions of smiles sunder
wakeners of blithe city thunder

the eagre furies of a fast fat head
speak no evil then drop dead
as Aladdin rubs his sex-lamps
then Paladin pokes a parrot
and menfolk sweat blood carrots
and girlkind
washes her hands in easy wine.

oestrogen flies like a mind
coastal wives
weep for sockets
and a fitted room hastens to unwind
and bad bodies play with
tameless spastic toys

a baby in a bin cries until saved
a doggy under skin
woofs until trained
and a cat of tailed war trades
rats for scoobies

oestrogen flies under vines
coastal cries
cry for rockets
and a fast fugue stops skies
and we hear sexed eyes


a sexing of the buried
hears a choker's cherries
laid upon a screen
la la
a baby in a bin cries till dreamed
and a bunk of card
swallows bedtimes
la la
a sexing of the buried
hears a chopper's cherries
laid upon a dream
la la
amen we say for the saviour
amen we say for
urban idlers of neon
la la
eyes deafen whilst blind
spies beckon
bees to flower under wine
and a bow of ash

shoots a laden moon

the shooters of dun bubbles
gun soap with rained blood
the rooters of stunned gables
stuns rope
and a star at night looks down upon
codas of day-lit tables
and a song of suns
absorbs pure fire
and a cat under gum sticks his tail
deep down where dope
oestrogen rising has to listen to
and a starry life has to use levers
to lift vegetations to nude blues
and we kiss hissed ice
and we deaden judas christ
the shooters of dun bubbles
gun soap with raised sex-mud
ah ah

once aside a mind, i tore Mars
with five fast cinemas..

a sexing of the cherished jostles Bird
a deafening of the perished
o a dying game which uses words
must hurl illiterate darts
and a boat of suns sails for curs
and a stoat of guns
shoots a feline father's
coded woman

eyelids don excess visions when
a cartel of heat-builders
deafens the blind
and a mouth of glass has to grind
bear jaws with mind-riders
a sexing of the cherries turns
fruit and veg into a tea-urn;
and we sex the cherried
and we wreck swift berries, La!,
why wind wells dry
will never be understood till cars
crash under eyes
eyelids don eggy visions when
riders of the corn
write for bikers.. And easy porn
swells like piss

i made a crazy pass at an old bent woman
o eyes fazed me
o cries caved me...and a bunk of semen
cares for beads
and i mad a pass at an old grey woman
o lives dazed me
o wives shaved me
because bowed god has no name
because bowed dogs
have to walk in pain;  O, because trees
seep into my mask
you and i will hammer lakes to hasps
o smiles burn me
o dials turn me
to the other side of the seas
i made a crazy pass at an old bent woman
ahh  when a venal garden
has no good gardener
ahh whence an anal raven
has no winged lover
then we hiss for certain..

waves beat on the shores
graves heat guns with whores
and we lay under meat as closed wards
sweat for pandemic flu..
Oh  i have sensed camal traffic
mounting a small mule
Oh i have wrenched canal traffic
sailing to a river feud
and baby bouncers have to move
sweet roe to fishy fugue
ah ahh

why the peasy faisty dead seasons
heat gay panty hose
will be known to figgy children;
and a bun of rice
sucks cream from angel-vice
Oh once upon a pan, wedders
shimmered in chiffon gowns..

blown naked bakers of sweetening soft meat
says 'Farewell' to a doctor
o, rancid butchers of sweetening blue meat
says 'Hello' to my daughter
and a bill of fayre sells me seasoned water
and a rill of air
dances under mortars
blown naked bakers of sweetening soft meat
bids farewell to a shaker
stoned naked butchers
cleave ice from rind where coded flavas
shape salt paper;

and a ghost of war shoots blue peppers
and a host of wars
shoots a fatal poppers
oh, blown naked lovers sweeten sleep
oh, boned fated fathers
fall to death's hot feathers
and a dog in May just has to run away


the doted limbs of a dense city raincloud
hark back to a homestead full of fire
o ropers of dreams
float across edams as sedans under clouds
hisses under spires;
O the accidental sun shines and shines
O the occidental guns
shoot when stars sky-stun
codas of kodak and porn-minds
the doted limbs of a dense city raincloud
jacks back to a naked yield of
stained dark figs
and a glass pig has to shoot for God
ah ah ah

eyes will deafen as sites go blind
spies will soften
and a bended totem pole about Eden
grinds flame to pure dust

the doted limbs of a dense city storm has
old weevil legs beneath its ass
and a bum on a bed cedes sex to glass
and a bone of edams
scatters fractures out across a grass
pipe of musks..

gassy gulls gasp for carrion weather
easy bulls grasp to a
bovine female thrill where yellow thunder
drops raisins from a car
la la lahh.

we will tread the bulb when leering under
old funeral friends;
and a liar on a stage acts up for Father
and a pyre in a cage
cases killer creators inside blue lather
Rope hardens round my neck
Dope softens men, and a corpse of sex
swipes dogs for tundra.

DE END is nigh
DE MEN get high
WOMEN flit
KIDS get sick
, ehh


when piped with flu, the pandemic god of truths
trips inside a soft mind
when spiked with screws, the pandemic god of vines
vanishes into violence
and a sea of sails screws masts to anchors
and a sea of veils spews riggings around sailors
and a bird in a tree
cuts a seagull from wide thinking
and de poetry of missions flows just like red rain.
once above a soft mind, i saw the spies of wine
weeping, weeping
o, once upon a crossed mind, i saw the sides of wine
creeping, creeping;
and a ballet underground
hisses across danced ice
and a rink of scissors snaps a penny chew wiith
dimed lips and mouths and crunched teeth-rigs
when piped with flu, the pandemic gods of truth
strip inside a lost mind;
and a starry christ will surely turn and heal minds
and a dizzy christ will certainly
turn molten tears to whiskey-gold.
the treasure train is coming
la the pleasure horse is running
uh the feathers of the dead are strumming
eaten greying nude guitars
and the faces of the West shine, shine, Ohhh,
the treasure train is coming
ah, the pleasure horse is thrumming
and the eaters of the dead shoot fay loving
uh uh    de robots of Du
heal gemstones with alien drugs
and a tribe of suns shines inside weird love
and a gang of guns
shoots a panamerican scissor-sea-God
and cunts seas seem lithe
and spunked bees seem all right..
sometimes, the moon looks like the sun
sometimes, the stars go on the run
sometimes wild heaven chews salt-gum
sometimes, god's sky shoots
trendless skeins of roller-soul
// and touts with rifle-boots
sea-slam eaters of torn death,..

sometimes, the moon looks like the sun
sometimes, the stars go on the run

Eyes idolise de female blind and mess
melds missonaries with baptismal sex

JDB 11/04/2020


work in progress     title: c/o City Bends

1st draft poem then poem-song


'the quiet aroma of a stinking devil
has to smell grey flowers
and the cats of war who paw flowers
must cast feline spells
and the silent aroma of a well
closes eyes with cool waters.

o a bud of sheer bone has to shiver
o a sud of sheer stone
quivers; and the sun at night stones
beds of silver
the quiet aroma of a stinking devil
has to inhale tv towers
and a bended city
cowers beneath baby.

these sodded days where i slept until
late evening peered into shadow
have to grace light with hills
and a face of midnight
fills body men with whipping meadows
and fat mice at sea
trip a venereal tree
and a chill ice cream has to bleed.
when once a sloane of summer reads
old dirty books
when once a drone of flavours
burns poem-books
then  a starry beard will star-seize
blown rooks

these sodded days where i slept until
the morning fell away
have now to grace a city's swathed
concrete clave
and an urban moon shines
these days are first dark then

a cigar under knickers has to exhale
demure and dangerous perfumes
a killer under kickers
has to inhale mirrors;
and the tides of March drink trippers
and the bridal parks
marry crows to dark
radios with pop tunes.

whence a factory of thieves shivers
whence promontaries steal livers
i will understand
that the day i was born was
most certainly the night i was
hurled from a cradle.

a cigar under kickers has to exhale
decorous yet sexy fumes;
and the cats of England taste rheum
and the rats of England
burn sex to silent death.

whence a factory of thieves shivers
whence grey cemeteries bury lovers
i will come to know
the name of the sun and its hot crow.

i hear the heads of the dark
i hear the kids in the park
and a sea of pigs
has to drown ceilings
and i hear the headless dark
and i hear loud kids hearing
deafened blind cuts
a dolly in a drive has to start
a bald toy vehicle
a baby in a dive
has to drive a dizzy car-heart;
and the wars of Eden
scatter salt seed upon
i hear the heads of the dark
weeping.. and my soft heart
grows creamy
and my soft dreamy soul
grows fast
too often.

hipsters dance for chilled rooms
cheapsters dance for gloom
killers prance on knives
o, ideal menders mend cold tombs
and i have to understand
about self-deaths and old renal rams
o o
o    oo.
hipsters dance for chilled rooms
killers dance for dunes
and once i have lost my children
and once i have killed my dog
and once i have died
i shall surely count upon the sky
la la
la    la  la.
a dabbler of a damsel has to cry
a rider of an angel
has to ride against gold scams
and a car of canals
drowns a red rooster.

we have to somehow rely upon
we have to somehow decide upon
and a bride of wishes
lays a dog to waste
o, once eyes cease to close, then
sunrisen missives
will certainly rise against
poets and all their mad expletives
we have to somehow rely upon
penis kisses
we have to slide a nut in a gun
and a sea-harness
swallows sex-bait
and the beds of dreamt hate stun
minds, bodies, veins and
all human bones.
a bastard on a ruddy hill falls from
bloodied bluffs where
chairs of sadness leap into hair
and we weep
and we sleep
and we learn to fly
the fuckers of a fast fierce farm
yield poked pigs to cows
the killers of a vast soft cloud slam
fairy fields inside grown hands
and a vase of ice
is found in a prehistoric field where
husbands sweat for husbandry
and there is midwifery in Heaven?

once when a sea of mice stared
deeply into the moon
a tree of christs healed gold hair
and a bone of prayers
had to shatter
and, O, as a vase of smatter snares
mown farmed fields
then a cat of life will seize yields
the fuckers of a fast fierce farm
yield pokered sows to sheep
and cattlers cry for kind sleep
and bull-men writhe
and skulled wheat-wives
widen into screws
robots of Du are detected near
the veins of dying fear
smashed seasonal fish
crash inside a petri-dish
cashed sermonic silver-fish
scare young sad kids
and a bone in a bowl has to list
sad weeping grey kids

fields under flies wing-rid
blind bluebottles of honey
o, we decay forever
o, we snap closed weather
and a starry father
dams cars

mothering moaners mark
dizzy gals in the park;
and i heed sin as old bark
falls from a public tree

we have to stone bees
we must suffer beads
and we will don seeds
and cum home


i went to the shops to buy a plum
the moon was shining and so was the sun
o i went into my little town
and purchased a lovely naked currant bun
and i heard my mind
and i gave funds to the blind
and i served home-baked cake to
homely vagrants that lived on the streets

rainy days are the best we have now
rainy days are
always the most common to happen
and a driving car
has to use its windscreen wipers
nearly all of the time,, Oh, riders
sell easy news to gay bobbies

i went to the shops to buy a plum
the moon was shining and so was the sun
o i paid a trip to my little town,
and there i saw a keen fine clown
and there i saw a genuine busker
.. My eyes may well shut
because i missed my town?
rainy days are the best we get now
men in string vests
sell cheap toys to infant nests; and crowds
queue for the supermarkets
and vast torn billboards look from the clouds
and the city's mayor seems
very well known..

i put both of my hands together and pray
i put my knees upon the floor
and pray that God will stop city whores
and my old kiddy bike
long since fell apart just like a
cold swing at the foot of a garden's
well mown score..


.can i count on you to sell me plums
can i count on you to
serve me actual meat?
O  piss falls down opened gutters when
mad men leap from urban bends.
i used a gun.. i shot it and liked it
i phoned my mum..i spoke with wit
and i used a gun
and i telephoned the sun
o, once upon a time, i dug a sandpit
o, once upon a time, i waxed my lips
i used a gun..i shot it and liked it
i phoned my dead father
and then i fell and died
i went to the shops and bought a pear
the moon was shining from thin air
i went to the green grocers
and bought me some good berries
and then i used a gun
and then i phoned my mum
and then i telephoned soft ladies.
i used a gun and then i used a drum
ah  a lovely leaping life is all i want
,, ah lively leaping wife is all i want
o i went to the shop and bought a gun
the moon was shining and so was the
burning sun.,.

i have always known that Jesus Christ
was the true son of sunny God
i have always believed in God, and Life
has me forever
praying for kind Lord Jesus
and i went to a chemist and purchased
some paracetamol tablets
and i used a gun..i shot it and liked it
and i telephoned the sun;
o i go outdoors all winter
and spend my summer days indoors.
i used a gun..i banged a drum
i used a gun...i shot my lungs, and
i have a good picture in my room
which features a crown of thorns,- And
i listen to the looming church and
i sing fast hymns for the Son of Man
and i used a gun
and i banged a drum
and i went to the shops to buy a plum

uhh uuh i used a gun
uhh uuh i bought a plum
uhh uuh i looked into the sun, and,
losing solar waves
led me to blithe holidays and the sea
and i when i was an infant brave
i watched sandcastles floating
easy seasand.. O, we went boating!
and we went swimming
and we had such a whale of a time
and i used a sail
and i launched my sail
.uh uuh
i used a gun...i shot it
i ate a plum... i bit my lip and
green apples sell to women
and bright peaches sell to children
..i used a gun... i shot it
i bought a plum..i ate it whole
..yes man, i ate it whole
yes mam, i ate it entirely whole
and i have always liked roast chicken
and i have always loved
rock salmon and greasy chips
uhh uuhnh
hu hu hu
du du du du du

i bought a toy spider
i loved it, tended it, and felt dead pleased
o i looked directly at a mirror
and then i looked at the sun
o i bought me a plum
o i shot a wet gun


JDB 12/04/2020