further speed-written songs...

work-in-progress      title: Arcana
1st draft poem then poem-song
the slickers of the bleated mind
wash hops in honeys
the ripeners of sun-heat
burn, burn
the slivers of beaten wives
spread tampax on bread
and the sun and the moon
yearn, yearn...
these days of sex when time
erects a noose
touches eat torches and sky
sweeps a brush
and we learn, learn
and we turn, turn
and we die, die
wallowers of wall-papers
peer into pealings
la, followers of walled pepper
strike salt from
ground ceilings
and we listen to ceilings
flickering holy tongues strum
cold neckties
shimmering holy guns cum
and wives writhe.
gee, when i lose my lungs
wow, where i moisten
blue corridors
then i shall push a mission
under belfries
wallowers of wallpapers
eat into peals
and we rig a hearth-light.
the slickers of an inner wife
rot, just like a heart
the razors of a slowing skirt
flow under knights
and a bell of piss
grabs for curtains
and we know midnights
o a bellied pantry hears hurt
grasping telly
o a jellied easy dinner
shoves sloes down baby
and we dance for war
and we prance
once upon a time, whores
lashed veins to feathers..
the slicers of an inner river
arise like a killer
and we dangled blood
and we died for God?
tragic busy dribblers
dribble for a balled child
magical dead drillers
drill after
salted mirrors,
and the stars in the rain
sup from rivers
mad men run from veins
sad boys stain
lost knickers
and we slap a groyne
across sea-statues
and latherers of loins
use chinese tissues
tragic buzzy dribbles
magic easy candles
burn cradles
and we shout aloud
and we use clouds
a keen crash in crisis
heaps hobs under spires
and dreamt thunder-spaces
and weepers
weep for creepers
and we dance for loud
city horses
the sliders of the sunny moon
heat lost hands
a rider of de rain
strips clouds from sands
and wheaty wide yields swoon
and legs cut out?
deadliness defines us..Just when
a vast backbone shatters
just when, cold, a widow scarpers,
eyed drunks will try separations..
weepers weep
and sidlers sleep
and hens dance around oak trees
deaths underline drakes as grout
poisons good teeth
and eyes chew grout
and eyes glow like meat
and we shout
weevils creep
wipers strip cars bone-clean
and ashen transits
suck a screwed butt
the sidlers of the sunny moon
heat crossed brands
and we purchase good brands
and we fuck cheap rooms
and we supper for
diggory dunny fever-fjords
hopeless killers of a kiss-noosed world
answer to Devils
ah ah, raiders of a kisser
heap hills under girls
and revellers of eagles hoot hot
huge hickers of shaven cots
we dance
we lanced a neon moll
we dance
we cut an urban bol
and as incense weeps for blue rot
and when thuribles intern
then hopeless killers of a crashed world
will know rivers..
a heart grows fond as fear gets heavy
a darting crow
cuts loud carrion
and we arise from blue-grey shrouds
and we stride
upon unpteen lies
and we told lies
hopeless killers of a kiss-poked world
answers to de Devil,
and a horny girl smatters after
ah ah
ah ah
thumbs pull plums for penises
guns pull shot scrums
and a bed of nests
drags birds for death.
nested incensers wave a jazzy josstick
underneath underbellies,
and the suns of ladies
shine upon brollies..
Eaters of eardrums chant the Mantra
Easels of oily bum paints
dress a canvas with swollen nudies
nested incensers wave a dizzy bread-stick
against olfactory lip
and we tell a bad time
and we weave a tale of lime
ah ah.
vastness summons ravens when
carrion crows in the dark
and a magpie sings at the edge of men
and mad seagulls
traipse a wormy sea-smile.
nested incensers wave a baby boy where
blue-green swaddlers
swagger after evil pig-prayer
and a clock of peat
digs a timeless garden; and bald air
puts a penis on the left
and a penis on the right..
summers soften jays as burners
boil a mad child.
when thuribles burn in my nose
i note the tocsins of the flowers
ah as dill-rascals water de Rose
ah as ill candles
set alight to church
then a signal mind must tip up
major arcana
O when thuribles burn in my nose
i choke the cherry words i speak
a doter of a roped coat reaps
dufflers and incense-hours,
and bombs beat upon gay bowers
and the easy kine of day
husbands after eaters of delayed
when chapels yearn
where apples burn
whence gablers turn, then i shall
enter mad Zion into
the green drinking of the water-bead
and miens must
dissolve into dust
a doter of a roped coat reaps
lemon ochres and sugar men.
the major arcana dictates to the minor arcana
o, a maddening game of Tarot
hastens gems to cards
o, a stain on a card rends fortunes from Mamma
and the Ides of Mars
sweep balled crystal under a sea of cars
the major arcana dictates to the fast arcana
o, a deadener of veiny scars
stirs Tarot under salt-hards
and a molten mooner in a shadow's arena
rocks de Ouija
and a bodily planchette
comes from a nude planet
eyes idealise a gastric astral stain
minds deal an I Ching to a baby-brain
and a lucky ring on a blonde jam rains adown
both the major and the minor arcana.
we hiss across palmistries
we kiss across ghostly missionaries, and mice
scatter tails against
idiot IDs and funeral Mana..
anointed by failures, i learned of death real young
o, appointed to grey miners
i had to dig to the end of my lungs
and a guilty school marm had me by five arms
and i was anointed by
mongrel tribes.
issuers of minted shelves stock good porno books
tissues under lubed fires
suck baby snot from the eyes of funeral pyres
o, a lady shakespearo
fashions cocks from cunt spires
and i was anointed under mud-tyres
blue grained adulterers of mission-happy mien
suck a forced nut
la la.. a fatal whoring slut
faces inside five winds when
baby jolters don flax and shit upon grey spind
heady weed
anointed by scissors, i learned of death too young
ah, appointed to killers
my headpiece span just like the bloody moon
and me and madam scarlet hastened to cum
and we lunged
and we grunged
La La..
weeders of mercury swallow golden suns
weepers under bodies
slam rifles up a bottomed vase
and mind men soap themselves well
and headers of rope
sea-hang riders from dollies and shot dope
O, once upon a ladel, i served blue shells
to emptied eaters of oysters
and Aladdin in a plant
jazzes after Paladin
and we take a blood-bath where cells sell
cunts to ox-tongues
i insist that i was sung too when very ill
i missed dead god
but then i heard a poem in my head which
snapped seas from krill
and. uh, i swerve to find a sexy hill
ramming moory leaves about my head
and, amen,
why a bed of geese snaps my soft bed
will surely not be known until
Christ and Buddha save dog-dens
and i eat off loud Bethlehem when a
hatchet cuts primal soups
from bled boys and baying body-skin
the blue blithe cunts of poxy evenings
rampage for eager autumn
and as spring and summer cut ceilings
then warted icy winter must
drag daddy dumps for easy city musk.
La La..
loud tundra of hymen hens hear calves
crying under bullock-wheels
proud mumma's siren
sleeps out in a star when a coded pylon
irons reason's shirts
and wee-wee flirts fan a dodgy skirt
and seasons float like a scar
,, and biddies abuse kinemas..
i once saw a sad lion on a cliff sharing
kitten broads with cochineal
and a breaded girl of glass hastens to
shearing rolled ears from
beetle roots and a genius in a drum
and i will come again to find
the green zion of our waterbead moving
pinioned pears with feline wine
cattlers of lost Gethesemne are swine
and rattlers of crosses
swirl coffee-pictures into glasses
Uh Uh
. La La
JDB 30/04/2020
work-in-progress    title: Sea VD?
1st draft poem then song-poem
silence in the heart will surely miss a beat
violence in the dark
will leap from pavements
and the flowers in parks damage heat
and the wives of grey scents
silence in the heart will surely jack sleep
and a clockhead owns
dogs of timed bones
and a tree of tights dons naked nude stone
and eyes die
the eaters of loud money monkey after
red skies, and a runner under mumma
jeers then rides
these glib days when a cup of tea turns sour
madden all families
and the dogs of days
draggle after memories
and a shoe-tree
farms plums from apples
silence in my heart executes grey swingers
ah ah, a sliding hand-slope
cuts infant chilies
and we dance for doobies
these glib days when a cup of we turns sour
sadden murdered rain
and the cats of pain
claw a feline war
and a ratted seasaw slaps lips then flowers
outside the earth
dog-dayed body faces
feed cheeks to jowls, O, once when time
burned up
dragglers of baby voices
fed a starry pup,
and a loaf of nuts serenades minds
and we think forever

outside the earth, we learn of wine
inside dirt-birth, we learn of lime
and we weep for de weather

dog-dazed babby traces
search for invisible feathers
Mild men go missing
Sawn men flow
and a house of bards has to slow
screwed leather

outside the earth, we cum for rhyme
within infant-mirth
we drive a glued hearse
ah ah
these kissed hands in my purse
sends coins to valleys!
volleys under sapphires leap around a folly
and a city Number
lights sweats
Dogs slumber for mits
volleys sunder campfires
and a cat of wood burns as she hits
her tailed heart's baby
volleys under sapphires leap around thunders
and we study beds
and we dream of bread
and we dance for families

apes in theatres perform for primates
snakes on cut piers
slide into huge reeds
and we camp in seeds
and we arise from seaweeds
ah ah
windows jump jacks as melodies
use rude factories
and a weeping layer of memories
sucks the moon's
blinding underbelly.
ten million mad men have sat down
upon a fast seat
Scutters of peat dig the towns
and city belfries answer to sleet
one zillion bad children raise wheat
one sun of crabs
dons a sea-VD
and local cinemas die for heaped
fat cabs
a jolted bedpan burns up, and
vamping valentines kiss dammed
lady sidlers
and a bench of lays
sells wet clothes to spiders
and a caged cold cryer cries for
easy liars
ten million mad men have sat down
upon a bummed bat
and a mule on a mat
awaits a sullen donkey?
all of  sudden, a tiny woman
hastens to a pit
suddenly, easy ogre lips rip
titian children
and we wave arrows under
westend women
and a belt of clits cock tips.
as bones flow high, i snip
golden giddy gnomes
and an elvin crowd sunders
eaters of December
and Xmas grows blue as
neon slumber,...
eaters of Bethlehem
caress holy thunder when
coded bibles cry
way on high
 i i i..
o O

all of a sudden, a tiny woman
licks her own armpits
the sudden shudderers of the evil hour
let innocent flowers g
Cellars heap thunderers under snows
Rapt cinemas
rotate on a visual table
and vein-woven hearts stick to crows
and easy utterers of stables
heat lady Life
a rumbler of mumblers messes after
donny digger drones
a father of grey glovers
dons bad lips;
and the kits of bones baggage ticks
under feline hay-ricks
a paint-stripping mind has to solve
blithe crimes where a sea of skulls
scatters shadow upon the land
and coffin-swine
strip paints from antiseptics.. Ah
a bolted mind
climbs valleys into gold mines
a rumbler of mumblers messes for
a supper of bended brides
o, we dream of devs as sex pores
reek of rectal honeys
and a bod of braids hardens wards for
keen banged becks
sudden shudderers of an evil flower
sets bulbs free
and flashbulbs break free
and cagers of bees
hive-hang doctorates from STDs
once upon a pit, red bandits seized
cocaine inside torn coffees.
weavers of apple-pickers
pull a plum-ladder from the moon
reapers of swollen killers
don fruiters
and a copse of dreams hears father
ah, a vault of horses saddles fever
ah, a colt 45 shoots the mind
ah, we dance for demons
la la  chemicals change when miners
dig for filthy lucre.
weavers of apple-pickers
strike strawberries from easy dreamers
and a drip in a pond
hits death's plucked seed
and a mental ass has to walk steeds
where ponies mutate to
riders of grey mules
ah a vaulting horse jumps for weed
ah and bunting tawse
whips, whips
and caverns under force cut up
old ashes where a dizzy fast sleeve
smells of burned roses
and candy fillers suck de Cross.
these dear days where god's loss
sells rings to mirrors
hasten now to a bow of demure
pnuematic feathers
and pnuematic feathers serve loss
to a tiny moon where infants
pray, pray, and
sandals underwater suffer clogs
and sufferance on Sundays rob
vast vales
ah  kidded whales sink into gods
la la, lidded dales
suck pus from grey mods
o a colt 45 shoots a green feeder
o a van of horses rides upon feelers
and mental bleeding Man
cannot mount a horse without
falling into fatal weeping
whence nemetic talons cut death dry
where emptied salons
drive a fist into a cut, then kosher eyes
will widen into woollen
catty minds
and a bun of light dons hairpins
and a gun of mad night
banishes eaten twigs to smoky spind
and a bull of stretched skin
eases flames into angels
and a stone of glass hastens to skimmed
milky foals
whence nemetic talons cut deaths dry
where emptied fallons
fast forever, then hicked hair-wagons
wash lungs in bright skies
the emeralds of preened ladies writhe
and a drill of masques
drains a dodgy coast where cold masts
cry when flailing
whence emetic talons cut death dry
where scented sandpits
swing, swing
then a matted hymn may well ride for
beaten magic rooms
and an asp in a wound hisses
and an ideal adder flickers aside
radial walls
the emeralds of preened ladies writhe
and a hill of clasps
damages death with gins in the past
and time passes
equidistant easter rabbits rotate around a
shrill pool where peasy peahens drive cars
ah  a bodice on a cliff
succcours faiths with moon-stiffs
and we set alight to flame
and we abuse a helio of sanguine spliffs
o once aside of trees, grey leaves fell from
coded blackberry punnets
and a band at sea
sinks titanic gas into woven mad sleeves
ah   equidistant easter rabbits rotate around
comic walls where
grey conducers of hairs
putsa penis on the left
and a penis on the right; and hollied chairs
leer into a school of calves
ah  29 garden paths
shield a cunny field from the distant past,
and i don 29 garlands when
dog-dayed pissers pee upon a turned gem
issuers of fascinators feel for a fiddler
tissuers of raging faces
feel for a fondler; and men and killers
burn, burn
and easy bridlers of wheels whip weepers
with foxy fascinating perms
la   i sent my mad mien reeling
ah  i scented a pig-pen; and old feelings
come once again into the bridges of
jawed jamming jazzed bone..uh, ghosts
gander a gooser
and we glister in hired hides where Love
twitches after de red rooster's
penis cage.
wee men pee on railways
she-men shit on cars
wow, as a soft mind melts under stars
wee men pee on freeways
and a pail of vast suns drops water
upon digger daisies
Autumn come easy to manxes
Bedrooms get chilled by vases
and a wintry staff slits throaty dances
and summertime stun
spring, summer, autumn
and weird icicles freeze snow-gunned
wicked chillers
the riddlers of the frilled have to
spin a birdy bummer on the wind's rude
sex-zephyred swarmings
and a lilted lullaby world will snuff blued
veiny spools of tripped steps and crude
naughty bird-broods
and a bulleter of gullets craps upon
a livid emptied glass-gun
and a body-guide grips to lunged
anal canal-scrums
early whirring cooking eggs will
dam edams with precious shell-mills
and a dirty street where gunmen play
will have to wash the dead of day
and a filthy cream-heart
glistens for instant murder
ha ha ha.
JDB 03/05/2020
work-in-progress title: c/o Red Crust
1st draft poem then song-poem:-
oh as an easy devil-press
publishes soft magazines, then death
will surely grin like a huntress,
and i have always cleaned bled sex
la la

a cruel crocus of the world wrecks
dunny dolls and breasts
and, lo, i wipe my bum with
red-crusted blue bread; and deaths
weep after mooned deniers
la la

o as an easy devil-press
publishes soft rapped rags, then
sentinels weep like a star
and i heave my eyes under venom
and i cede myself to Mars
la la

o as an easy devil-dress
falls to the opened ground, mess
melts into eyries
la la la la.

i wipe my bum on bread
i swipe bent buns as straight spreads
soften into pale fire.

a naked man in an endless hall
heats cold veins with drawl
a naked hand lays heat upon dolls,
and a house of fear
puts women on the streets
ah ah  coded cicada shade peers
deeply down into sweet tears
and a naked man in an empty hall
is shot dead by penuries.

coded eaters of the moon have to
sprawl across a wide blue mind
uh, roses under reapers
reap horses from deaf-blind Leaders
and Leda rides her toy swan
and dead Zeus leaps from de sun

a naked man in an endless hall
heats hard stains inside a mauled
city groan
and we arise from stilling stone to
find all children
led to lead

O laden ravens of raping rain has
five hands in one salt thigh
and a pushing clam sweats glass.

vastness in a cinema seals screens under
blue mental tundra,
vastness in a river's car
carries collisions
deep, deep down where latent thunder
lashes usherettes to incisions
la la

once upon a mind, memories sundered
evil grey-goosed Mumma
and a bay of figs
shine just like kids, O,
we are sweated as we cry for Lovers
la la

vastness in a cinema seals screens under
dukedoms of red and gold
and a chunk of bread
wipes buttocks on the dead
and a bed of night dreams after old
body sirens
la la

once upon a mind, families sundered
evil, and a lantern in a desk
sets fire to mien as an insane father
flees into a snipped
easy mirror..

the ideal husbands of a mad wife
ignite wheels with gold
la, ideal bad lands sweat, and life
cries and bawls
o-la, a baby in cannes cuts up light
and a bay of kids
widens into rubies
and a car of cinemas raises doobies
with nine clasped ladies

the ideal husband of a bad wife
set alight to musical waters
la, ideal wet sands sink into christs
and a baby on her way
to the dead cradlers in her grave
has to weep forevermore.
a slasher of a scrote sucks fears
a cashier of sweet notes
pays for feline eggs
and a cooking sneeze hears tears
and a cashier of sweet notes
pays for fried furled losers

instamatic candles cup ears
ah  deafening blindess peers in
a sofa shaped from old green sin

eyes may well open into livers?
i observe a sea of rabid romans
raising de titanic
la eyes cure the trees
la  minds heal the sea, and old coins
spin for blind panic
and a rill of tines teases a comb with
instamatic blued rolled pigs
and i observe a sea of rabid dead men
dreaming about a murdered legion

once, when shot, a cage of prisms
saw sparks shifting into prison
and a wife of wine
weeps g-&-t
and a vodka spine jumps for missions
and we shoot red evenings
i observe a sea of rabid romans
raising de titanic
and de shrieking devils of seasons
serve dogs to families

we see rise a purple wind as mummies
are wound in their mummy clothes,
and we raid ermine
and we raise vermin with vermouth.

a harnesser of haridans hits upon
a bed of bound brothers
a farmer of dark spectrums stuns
blind men with fevers
ah ah  we scissor into lung
ah ah    we caress a dead sun
and as a wicked candler moves
flames to anvils
then a star of Man prays for nude
mental spies

we see rise a purple wind as cum
shoots a devilled dune
and a kitchen in mid afternoon
has to rock bright tunes
la la la

a harnesser of haridans hits upon
bad graveyards
a grabber of ladders
scales heights for apple feathers
and weedling old keepers
weep, weep

the easter eats cause aldebarren
candy eggs where
eaten suppers feed dungs to snares
and a coded piggy pear
gets chewed to sweet death, air
will cum, cum
back homeward
ha ha ha
ha ha      aha      aggh
weeded wolverines wipe their hair
upon a furry duffle-coat.

pig-penning pluperfect chidden gals
heat a glassy oven
twig after pints as an SAE for girls
dons pearly terrors
and we speak for greyed onions
and we sink into nuclear worlds
ah ah

pig-penning eaty-weepy larders
show bums to bread
wig-whipping crazy slept adders
squeak across swirls,
and we saw god's swirls
ah ah

granular statues fall into fathers
granite gold hides
sculpt hands with feet
and a sea of guides brown dealers
and a blenched compost heap
drops burned cuttings into
dummy allotment green-sleep
ah ah

we are polite unto the very end
we are bright until
naily puckers puck around hills
and a naked bomb
bangs in the hand
and a boney island
falls to alien earth
ah ah

hoopers of hatred don good friends
ripeners of hatred
sup gashers from rich lost wrens
and my deadly boat sets sail for

grey-green money moors.... Uh?

pawed by brilliant apes, i swerved
outside a primal primate cat-curve
and my excellent gold car
had to collide with
grey toys and guinea pigs

a moped in a mouth drives kid
far East where
holy men on bikes live for trips
and, uh, a bone under stairs
does fucking jobs upstairs

pawed by brilliant apes, i served
old cake to a killer of a nurse,
and a serried swelled cell curved
a nameless sky with
keen mamma Kodak... Kids

prick porcelain
..coded glass trains
wave hello to veins
and a keen burnt flower
flows from a hand of dowers
ah ah 

we have summoned banded reins
to saddle a whipping horse,
and equestrian tattoos heed
grave baths
and sin sinks into a bed-bath
pawed by brilliant apes, i swerved
far fucking West
and then I died?

hurled to small bits, i learned about
a whirring dead world
curled up, i snapt lips
lo, once a loch of kits loves Scotland
then a boat of crypts
will most certainly boom in the West
la la

hurled to small bits, i learned about
a pearling wet girl
and an ounce of rice will redoubt
easy rippings with naked family
la la

a loch under five seas has to shout
out aloud; and a shrieking memory
sweetens cemeteries
and radio darkness hisses
and mail-order faces send kisses
to dark breaded
gilly cum-leaded bruised follies
and we mitch
and we twitch
la la

and we fix a face to a wytch
and we ride to wiccan sleep
and a readied vanning peek
burns to silent death
endlessness has outlived us
emptiness has routed us, Oh
a butcher in jesus sandals has
dirty jutes for dinner boots
and the fotal feline under grass
leads dummy deers unto vast
radioed kinemas

old treads slay a bunch of lies
cold ribs crack
and a boney boomber denies
doom-led hoot-deniers
and we hasp a nut across laps
and we shit upon pierced Pies
and we don a doner meal
oo pluckers of puppies reel
inside the East
oo cutters of poppies reap
hot smoked penis-teas
and a diabetic nurse in a convent
prays for death's release
and weedlers watch disease
climbing up a fountain
La La La
uh  uh
lA    o-LAY..


fast flay-headed poster men
slap a smatter of dogs across gems
o a fascinator of cold children
sweeps cold tears under the mat
and a den of pigs
props old boars up on stilts when
fast nave-bedded fever men
sweat for fay optics.

when once an infant in a car
smokes a lazy bra
then a bone of cards deals stars
with two bared old hands
and odals of naked brigands
snap grease aside bizarre
bison buddies
la la la

an oathouse in a factory wall
swells up under blue bricks
a soaped gorge of refactories
peers inside bruised oils, O, lips
crack up

la la, dined doll-ducts dam cups
and we are here today
to observe the cold milk-raid
and a nutted pudenda under
dilly graves
heaps a nut-trade where mutts
spoil giddy grooves with
sealed sky-sluts
fast grey-headed poster men
slap a catter of a dog within gemmed
star-soiled suitcases
and a bird of rain
cries for spanish grain
and a cat in easter
wallows for xmas; and wild weepers
reap as death sows
odals of slowed fields enter thunder
opals of closed fields
centre sex under Numbers
and a biblecase drops the Lover.

jdb 07/05/2020
work-in-progress    title: c/o Cat's Sleeves
1st draft poem then song-poem
a cattler of a girl
storms my head...
a rattler in my world
and a corpse of clays
sculpts decades
and eyes are slayed
by killers
o. a bed of bones in flower
sleeps to the quarter-hour
o a hide of silk
sulks inside a bed of milk
and killers
crisscross mental lords

a cattler of a girl
stormed me?

a slivering gun of minds
shoots the mad
a rivering of suns grinds
golden gads
and we pray for money
and we pass on by
a city in the sky
a cattler of a girl
swarms under me
ah a coat of dust breeds
small cat-sleeves
and a rat on ice
jacks a giant steed
a slivering gun of minds
shoots the sad
and we arise to wind
easy clockwork radio
a rammer of a rambling ramrose
dams sold flowers with
easy garden kids
and a lake of gobs
drowns fast daffs where robes
expose a false sex
and a sea of dogs has to show
a stomachful of dizzy crows..
a rammer of a rambling ramrose
lams a short flow of
green gassed bud-loves
and a cabin in a glove shows
blue beds and nunneries
we hasten to hoot like a crowd
we paste bines upon
a lay of easy clouds
and a bench of bodies hits gummed
scarlet sainted moon-towns
a rambler under metals has to
drive a girl to death.
oo a bony bagger of stoned cognition
carries sex to waste
. Easy sidlers season sense as taste
droops inside the mouth
and eyes in skies will burn ignition
a shrill faker in a fast field has to
piss inside five winds
.. Easy riders under grey sense
wastes wives with warders.
i see now the giant apple of nudes
hurling a core into
sweated flowers where killers
storm denial
doomy deniers in a day-lit nightdress
harken to the unsexed
killers of rivers slide upon a wrecked
flower of rages
and a bonce of fire head-hangs decked
bodies of camphor when
deniers of sadness don clothed men
and a dazzler of the star-snipped
scrams babes down ashes
doomy deniers in a night-lit crest
defecate upon an urban bone
la la  a car of drums
sinks cochleas under fast guns, and
ashen oglers of sadness
deify children with madness.
a seated head-rest has to cut sand
a heated death press
delves cold cubbies with brigands
and a motoring motor nerve
snaps rubies from sweet sexed
emptiers of gold honeys
hip to a midnight beat..O, mummies
don shroudsails as sleep
weeps under cold clothing
and a wept star-reaper cuts daddies
with five sliced hands
ah  emptiers of gold honeys
trip to midnight jeep where laddies
dance for grey barrows
emptiers of reeling empires swallow
grey-bedded bad swallows
and a seat in the gallows
swipe diamantes from daisies
o  a whipper of de Lord bellows
aside shitted gild spires
a raiser of kisses cuts bled lips
beneath blithe boilers of sex-bits
and a warden of pure rain
stations cats upon odal dick-veined
cunning vaginal meadows
emptiers of gold honeys
hip to a midnight sheet-;. O, Hades
cuts hell from bow bells as kiddies
talk sun home to the shallows
and a porny passage of red light
swallows emetics

and blind cats burn as heretics
shit inside rolled gold
,.angelic feasters of stared picks
prick upon a glass siren
, accidental feelers snap ricks
and we will slide inside women
ah ah
the son of Man cries red tears
the son of Pan espies
scrapers of grey venal road-lives
and ashen star-wives
blink upon cunt-seas-lithe
and you know that you will die
arousing sin with dizzy lives
and a coppice grate opens eyes
as wide as a woman's coo
the riders of the dead eat
white-headed gal-meat
la a vampire's blood-heat
hisses under rolled teeth
and the hoteliers of the mind
ring a motel bell
and the riders of the dead reap
wild-woven sea-swine
a cavern shaped from sleep
rocks illed cliff-houses
ah cold old Ibrahim knots faces
and a rink of rain
rams snow-houses
cold eager lucre pays the huge
medical purses of the
weeping wonder sex of screwed
body onions
and pushers of pariahs
peal pentangle with clued
baby bone
the riders of the dead eat
white-headed gill-meat
la, a cobra in a cupboard reaps
messy masses whose
laden ditty dive stocks
green boxes inside gold meat
the tricky dicky pie-men who
cook coke in a formless stew
lays lady waste to
hornets of greyed nickered
hooky pale-eyed peppers,
and a cat in a dustpan moves
massed eyes to soothed
germous weeping
the sun was told off today
the guns of God shot graves
and a muted sister skin
scatters dunes across the land
high fringes under female feet
comb ashes into sand
huge minges slumber
Mad midges cut gnat-heaps
and a blown boy at love's thorn-side
nestles within easy loam.
high fringes under feline sleep
combs rashes into strands
hired volcanoess sweat for bone
and the carkeys in love's home
serenades bunks with
tree-foamed focalites of figs.
the lashes i have seen now stand
against whips and whipper Man
and the greyers of Woman
suck hair from out a gay root
and flashes star-surmise
a bed of closed eyes
the dead come home to dream for
waxers of home-spun city gauze
idealised in Heaven, opened doors
feed native americans to
easter eaters of feathers in glued
and a languid hand rots nude
brooders of cat-cutters
and dead men hear dead matters
smattering doves with dames
nitric fever feels after bunny boned cotton
citrus dreamers
pee into limes
and a tangy pulsar hoops skins upon mutton
and the Suns of Death
drop lunacy from doctors
a dabbler on a dune drools after sweet killers
a draggler on a moon-swoon
layers cellves with warders of pure slaughters
and the valves of noon
string tocsins from funeral bells
nitrice fever feels after bunny boned cotton
o, glassy granite grains
grasp after baths as a concrete mind-mane
mops dogs with old cells
and a drooper on de dust has to constrain
eaters of snoopered city veins
aah ahhh
once upon a head, weepers cried for rain
once inside a bed
creepers cudgelled lead with bald chilled brains
and a star at night
looks down into a strange world's
whooping sullen girls
we are the dates we get out for
we open up the gates
and then we jump to ride against human walls.
One hot dazzler of a dead day
we will surely suffer after pitch-snapt hay
and we will caress a cat's haycheek
and we will take haylong where coda clay
straps ghosts around blue engines
Uh Uh  Uhh
ah ah ahh
O    O  OO
O  O
EYE EYE      EYE 2 EYE!!
this side of the east of eden, tyburns and elms
suck conkers from vast seeds
o a bride of the beast
separates limes from films
and this side of the east of eden, grey palms feed
old horsed eye pepper
to curled cunts where a scissor in blood feasts
fashions lambs from papers
and we widen up, up, up
and we swallow puppy luck
and weed walls us in to a brickhouse where need
assassinates monks in sculleries
this side of the east of Steven, tyburns and kilns
cut scrumpers from vast keys
o a wife on a swarm hammers heads beneath us
and world-weeping casements star-clad in Lust
has to carry a suitcase
underneath numbed staircases
ah ah
the keepers of cheapsters cut a cunny salt-face
the reapers of parking meters
swallow small change
and a madam in macadam heaps sex upon lace
and we widen a monkery into
a dizzy cage where convents swing under blued
body veins
ah ahh
idioms of mermen stick a plumed fish head beneath
roaring neon stores
fixers of wide men suck a broomed sail beneath
grey geezers whose periscaping words of sleep
swallow vines and rashes
and a bun of blinds
bombs gay drapes with old moustaches
and a den of drakes dribbles around coded wheat
ah ah.
this side of the feasts of Eden a dunny balled heap
sticks glasses up inside branded sleet
and we snow for trashes
and we row for crashes
O  O
once aside a memory monkey, a triad of old peat
snaps a body brain in a garden door
and washers of wounded old whores
hire dust for dolly creams
and a bay of kids
sails out to die
neon bandages break-in to expensive sea-spreads
and we arouse a candy bed
and we prowl around dated scissor-heads
and a salty urban hedge
is cut up where a pharoah on a ledge treads
egocentic blue water
above blue allotments, wastelands hear deaths
cracking, just like a snapped bee
aside naked basements, wastelands heed messed
and ther razors of the hour
stir cakes into livers!  Oh, once upon a desk
dockeries brought flowers unto aged swingers
hickory dickory dregs wallop a bloody torniquay
and we ride from easter
and we grind nuts with xmas-eaters
and, woven, madam Naples nips cookers from
blown daisy dots
ah ah    i enter into pots once everyday
then come home to midwinter
winged spiced dice drizzles ochres on lays
fascinated dabbed rice
truckles around a crazy hazy penis play; Ah!
once upon mount zion in a stable
eyes turn to eyes
and laden raven tribes snip a jazzed sky-spy
with emptied faceless bed-cars
and holiness hips for a lintle in a house-high
vomiters of deadly thighs
...& swines and woman get real high
& savoured saviours suck slides
& pasters of bethlehem listen to god's sized
endless biddy brides
JDB 09/05/2020
work-in-progress  title: About Purple City Nudes
1st draft poem then poem-song
a wallower of dark deaths has to dream of men
a rider in a death's Ark
casts vast spells from hot high windows
and, as seashells cry, then a wiccan under bark
will swallow city venoms
ah a case of milk spills tea-things underneath
spatial palmists where children play
and wallowers of dark sex have to dig clay
and the wicked wytches of the seasons
abuse sails

the diggers of dolly corn have to arise slayed
body bells whose brolly porn
suppers after news
and a rider on a noose sea-hangs old nudes
and, ah ah ah,
my eyes burn up
and, la la, my signal lover sucks a grey nut
a wallower of dark deaths has to suck muck
and catty keepers of feline fuck
will stop eating now..

the spiderers of martian webs spin cold truths
with two bared hands
the riders under fatal dregs
swill old lost leads
and a buttered roped bed
brags about sex brigands
and a mouse of deaths drapes rats underneath
purple city nudes
the eaters of eastern graves
serenade a blue-brained father
la la, a baby made as old as wet slaves
has to pleasure dogs with sleuthes
and once upon a mind, eyes burned to death
and once inside mines
we dug for wired sex
and a golden whore whose headpiece wrecks
has to seize a gunner from god's grind
the spiderers of martian webs spin cold truths
closed spines shatter
and youths and hens and de father

o and i cast spells from hot huge windows
o as i ring bells
i enter into witchery where a wand's swell
cuts my invoked penis down
and a gun of lice pokes wicca into crowns
and a bun of mice
sticks a warlock from a shadow
and i cast spells from hot huge windows
o a i ring bells, then i disinvoke blind hell
a baddy of a body breaksdown
a lady of a babby shakes the town and
ideal fotal burns
snack upon merlin-perms
and eyelids roll for stigmata
and mind-trips curse a bowl of porter
la la la

once upon a statanic fern, a sealed aura
heaped de lotus way too high?

this eye of hired orion has to blink for
easy wizard wefts where the suns of wards
cast spells from gigantic moors
and the wands of day point a wiccan paw
at a radio gibbet
and a radio gibbet hides a poxy rabbit
and mad words are spellled all year
uh uh

a masoner of a mind-piece has to sear
a blithe ocean of mental wytch water
and a warlocked tree of skin must fear
all wizeners of legal wizardy
-O  a mind-doctor's mental casted tears
crash down

and we burn a pentacle
and we form stars from pentangles
and we wash our hands in stars and stripes
uh uh ahh

this eye of hired orion has to blink for
easy slappers of invocatory devil-draws
and wanderers of cane-wands score
easy devil rhymes

these soft eyes of a whipped nude moon
smell just like hives
o these brides of naked nippled wives
weep for emptied children
and a ward of mikes broadcasts to
blind rooms where coded chicken
swallows faces

when once a bread of bytes cuts bruised
green stasis
then a lovely sex-bud weeps after cruisd
dreamed laces
but we tie our city shoes where
push-on sandals loosen buds with hair

these soft eyes of a whipped nude moon
smell just like spies
and we form neat sides
and we catch kindlers with easy brides
and we map a doctor's medical wives
and we cock after a naked cake-christ

the emptiers of the easy dead and gone
crumble after eaters of baked guns
and we have failed
and we have fallen from a valed garden

two hocked heroes hash after ravens
and blown body-vases outgrabe.
a petted fretted cunt-nest hits the street
a wetted netted cock-crest
dangles faces beneath ochres of sleep
and a bench of fires
seats fingers under pyres
and, lo, when once we succour sleep
then this grey town will resound

two rocked gardens grasp to meshed
and we wave hello to bruised tides
and we hiss across an urban bride

a petted fretted cunt-nest hits the streets
a shitted crested sock-press
snaps a wines from vinegars
and once upon my mind, i spray becks
and my prison falls

wallowers of wheatgerm have to deck
bald bones and bunnies.

the master builders of hot dead England
must arouse some city bread
the fathers of killers
may well build tears
and we winch a bed as a sofa under spears
shoots guns stone dead
ah  a vase of bone seals cats with ears
and we hear sex in our heads
when once a bone of brine snaps, then
veiny tripper tigers must
send cows to pure dust
and a pig of grease grunts for crusts
and a bay of builders
bends bully bricks with nine bared hands
the master builders of hot dead England
must arouse some city plebs
and, ah, once aside a baby, sawn dregs
sweep candy eggs from infant sheds
and a bill of fayre
sells bake to gold hair

we have to count aloud the suns of
starry eyes and cosmic Lovers.
i cast a sad spell from a shopped high window.
As cusped wizard-wells
shoot a poxy dewy-dell
then men on wiccan hands and knees sell
wanderers of petalled pentacles
ah  and witchery is a bunch of shit
ah  and bitchery bangs crosses when lips
read a leprous cancer into a ring of clits
ah ahh

i eat under cured phlegm when cars hit
veined vans of jackknifed day
and a speller in a cellar stretches poxed pits
beneath a wall of wiccan Downs
i cast a sad spell from a shopped hired window.
i entertained the dead with living flowers..
Deaths warm a lucifuge from a devil-dower
and the wives of March
sell god's Rede to a sea-side's naked Arch
ah ahh

we are detectives of satan until the past
swallows the evil present..

the rank dizzy sex-smell of the peeing dead
drinks to a vast sea-shell
and eyes i have it said that eyes can't shed
too many salt tears; and the summer in a cell
swells up, up
and rank fizz fiddlers of fondlers in Hell
slam the eaten brakes upon a sucked nut
these old halls i stride appear star-struck
but the giddy valours of  endless fuck
swaggers around a nut-naked gal-suck
and a supper for a lunch may well
inch into lynchers where a washed bell
gets down on soapy ringing knees,
and we will swing the trees..

the rank dizzy sex-smell of the peeling dead
cram cunty closed colours around
pissed crates of criminal creamy towns
and my little town
hastens a vehicle just for you and me
ah ah...

lidded glassy statues must crumble
gridded gassy suede-shoes
must lead lady luck to filling mumbles
and a voice of wine
lynches whored hewn neon grime

weedlers of wild cats carry a feline catacomb
way back home where blue kittens roam
o a perch of fixed fur
maintains a hot tail where maimed scruffs
swallow mice with water
and a blithe cat-heart heeds a fox under cuffs..
weedlers of wild cats carry a feline sand-stone
way back home when shooed catkin bones
build a den of dancers from mats and drones

five blown lions on a miraculous cliff claw
ideal leopards and easy queen-paws
and we may well observe a may queen's snore
shining purring creamings adown
a feline city where wide dogs left sound to
a bay of barking, mewling ground
and an otter in a lynx has to stroke war
and a digger inside a pulled star-leopard
hastens to a ring-pulled collar

weedlers of wide cats carry a puma when
easy cat-sidlers
trip from the moon then trundle back to
easy meaty foods
and i feed my petted gal with hot rat-stew
and minds melt under bats for certain
and an ogre in a kitty fur
abuses arrows where ferine fat-curd
weeps from a croft rough-lipped tongue

i saw a false cheetah in an animal theatre
peering into tigons and lyons
i saw a fast killer cat-mine digging neon
and i suffered catty limbs
and i preened my lovely lady
.and i gave my bed to a canine feline baby
breakers of cat-suiters don a tiger-stiff
raiders of cat-rooters don a ligron kiss
ah a leaping dream-cat that
sits upon his favourite mat will slap
cooled cooked liver and sweet fats

i will scour the kitten fields for money
i will crow aside the sun where cat-honey
jacks a raven with a crow's pawed chest
and eyes in eyes must burn
a street of rats where strangled ferns
scatter kitty oats upon a small death

when pushy pretty world-pussy lets
eager furry hands to preen gal-kecks
then a cheated cheetah can-can will peck
pet pectorals and blue-blind kitten ricks
and we trip from the feline moon
and we trundle inside a wall of wounds
oh    curved cats live forever?!

Copyright JDB 13/05/2020.
work-in-progress  title: On Honey Hill
1st draft poem then poem-song
the deus of a mad holy scam
sells dogs to leather
the digger of a sad holy fever
stops to love
these days when an SAE
vanishes in blood post, lovers
cease to varnish
and waves hit mothers
the deus of the mad sleep
the faces of old dads
dons daddy metal
as we treat sex with Dettol
then we learn of
dirt, death, and hot mental
macadam madams
these harried days when a boy found at sea
dare not dream
hit me directly in my mind
o, hurried graves
ram dead screen where men don't shine
ah ah
when a boy found at sea stops the trees
then an oak may find an apple
and a stoat under lime
has to tell the time
ah ah
waves hit the shore as eaten times
cry forever
in a timeless space
easy hot sliced dogs of deadliness
fasten beads to nunneries
.As we treat sleep
 then we arrive from
a bald headed station
ah ah   when once a sea of lungs
shoots a dead gun
then a bun of christs will cum
deep down within
anal sea-skins
studios of glass send old sins
where, laced, a godess
dams a doggy harnessed
sea of limbs
easy hot sliced dogs to deadlines
fasten beads to sculleries
and we wish a fond farewell
to children caught in hell
weevillers of wild wide saviours
heal the bloody rich
Ghosts hant a bitch
and some sonic vast bride shivers
and sad men play
and mad hens pray
easy hot sliced gods bark against
city grass
and city grass vomits in the past
and weevillers of dead dead glass
shatters like a body
the oaken applers of dead grave
sing for headed moonlight;
and all are saved?
the eaglers of eerie eyries heat
dummy beans
the feeder of eerie eyries eat
dunny dreams
and a night of owls heeds wheat
easy hot sliced dogs shit on sheets
and we ride
and we writhe
and we dance for light meats
and we lance a sea from eyes
eaglers of eerie eyries will beat
old men and sugar beet
and a riven tide
teems with chocolate
and a driven wife screams for
dogs and roses
easy hopped sliced Gods rob
cream banks for
cunts and wards
on honey hill, on honey hill
there is a pontiff selling pills
hot bled sunshine daubs rills
and we are here on
old dead honey hill
and ashen women stare
and children dare not care
on honey hill, on honey hill
there is a pontiff pushing pills
and i rise above evil prayer
and i listen to thin air
and my head burns up
and my body lifts a cup
days deep above old stairs
on honey hill, on honey hill
there is a pontiff selling pills
ah ah
the shadow of a signal crab
pinches ploves with pincers
and a wife of cars
drops a king-card
and men swing, swing
outside our world
on honey hill,on honey hill
there is a star of songs
and evil draggards jack songs
and you and i went
the gallows of the deadened
swipe guns from gardens
and a bed of peace
heals a breached fleece for
golden sailors
on honey hill, on honey hill
there is a pontiff pushing killed
Are on the night ship?
when stationed under funeral thunder
eyes under eyes may well
taunt bad sin to death
and a coronet of bloods bangs deaths
and when twirled, old ladies
father flames with cardial stiffs
and mummy's mamma moon lifts
lunar kisses from hands and lips
and strobes undercut
the massive veins we tread
o vast salty soffits get lagged by
sprawled pharoahs
and i am sent to pyramids
and my world is pyramid, and eyes
raise rosebuds from blue skies
when stationed under funeral thunder
wideners of wolverines
must swallow hard
and a dogdayed bard
shrills poetry at a wall of aubergines
and me and my odd world
weep, weep
o vast saline sun-kits build hot rain
and we burn for pups
and we tip a dog-cup
o villians of the forcing rise stain
bitumen with window-panes,
and a evil broad
cuts angels from narrow frauds
and repairs made to mind-wards
wallop the eager mad
and deaths turn just like a slut
we sucked a nut as windwells
donned drag then turned to Hell
the nice and dizzy stanchion in a bone-pulled world
summons up fay summertimes
and a shanty town
has to hide loud ghosts in war machines as
nice and queasy pantheons pull plums from mines
and a bay in a bath
wallops murderers with acid masks
and a neat wide lady
hastens to a cruel cab
and we cut blortedness from
coded beams where a writer on a gun
serves riders of air to
jabblers and eaten loud nudes
o villains in a forcing car carry cruklocks under
sweltered corn
and a bowl of sleep
serves soupy dreams to Father
and we fade to deaths as a coded evil Lover
sweats for de Mother
nice and dizzy dry stanchions in a bone-pulled world
summons up summertimes
and a sharpener of mummy-minds
thinks of cellars
and nice easy weeble christs
lend crosses to cocks
and wide and peasy sea-mice
scurry from the seas as men drown
o villains in a forcing star slap bright lips
and white streets which seem dirty trip
a cloned crowd of
buzzy men
on honey hill, on honey hill
there is a doctor in mill;
and word are leant to killers
as faces learn of mirrors
a villa in a bath has to shiver
a river in a car has to
collide wuth hero mothers when
honey hill falls down
on honey hill, on honey hill
there is a pontif pushing pilsl
on honey hill, five winds today
bustle under basin clays
and the fingers in the ground
twirl aside a sea of sounds
a villa in a bath has to shiver
a rider under planet Mars
melts into a lift and a mirror
and we read the news
and we hear massed screws
whining under rain
 de angled angels under truths
combat a winged nude
ah, a doll of death has to move
honey hill to fierce sleep
/and lunged seraphs don smoothed
heads where cherubs reap
doled deaths and slept meat
if the scent of the dead may reap
the auguries of mad male kind
then a cattler aside a dustheap
may whimper as weed reclines
in an opened grave..
on honey hill, on honey hill
there is a pontiff pushing pills
and a vein of dust
nips easy blood as cunny lust
o fishermen of mermen hiss across old tides
o kissers of grey ermine
lock a knottted gene inside a spool of Ides
and the nine o clock moon
rocks grey lunacy aside a veined cold rock
and fishers under gilled men
lay dirt-waste to gold hens
ha haa  once across my mind, i heard tithes
cringing in a fallowed church of children,
and the anointers of twelve hands
layered vaginal fingers on an old rock band
ah agghh
we are caved inside a screen
we are laid by sirens
and a crazy cosmic baby in a stream
cries out,    and lovers of babbies dream for
ochres of cradled
crammed dead emotion
 fishermen of mermen hiss across old ties
o, riders of grey vermin
rock a candle-cock under beds and school scribes
and we raise a rammer from
a pistol in a blue flame
and a vase of sweet rain raids dust as spies
sidle into lost lies
ah  agghh
once upon a buddy, a digger for dirty wards
swept a guilty rose into the rain
uh once upon a buzz, a killer of filthy wards
swept a mental rose into hot grain
and a charabanc of salt and honey
rides from out a floater of blurred muck
ah  a zen of blue men shafts easy aped fuck
outside green beans
..     ooo   ideal screens show a diamond
ooo      easy creams anoint a show home
and a cot unfound under schemes
rocks death's soul with clementines
and a baker of beauty
butchers flax with dough-dammed bodies
and a fellah on a dime
spins english coins where a dollar under lime
exchanges cocks for money
.and it is no go for the merry-go-round
and it is no go for indian cherries
and it's no go for the winter's sounds aahhhh
burners of bracken bounce daises when
coded riders upon red corn
baton grey lead with delvers of ashen
paved storms
and wiveners melt into tears
Uh Uh   
O     O
 O  O
 I  I  I
jdb 18/05/2020.
work-in-progress: title: Rolling Vin Rouge
1st draft poem then poem-song
rolling vin rouge feeds beers to Paladin
gold-spun roofs
drop upon a neck; and old gay Aladdin
washes feet in rude
body wine; and we drink to the vines
and we dazzle red glasses.

g-and-t in a razor shaves death clean,
vodkas under labia
hit the floor where children dream,
and the bells of flava
raise a glass unto midnights
and a bed of scissors ram screens

inside a pissed neck.. and pints
toast a seagull's carrion scream.

rolled vin rouge and dirty wrecks
dam a glass with a mind
sold soft screws drive inner lip
underneath a drunken wynd,
and we toast the dead
and we toast the fucking killed,
and we notice
a giddy capper of crap Isis
and we dance for mirrors.

here, when burnt, shrill faces
flail and fall to vines
here, when learnt, fucker laces
tie naked shoes;
and the kids inside old blues
marry babes to arms,
and we dance for dudes.

a casement in a valve moves
macadam madam to tears
ah a sea of limbs walks tears for
a bad boy whose soft mood
toasts veined sad decline,
and a gob of clinking swards
has to puke a banana republic.

o a mamma of mad men sweats when
hot city optics fill the soul
o a dada of sad men
sends dolls to sleep
o mammas murmur as a sea of gems
germinates cold women.

a faceless eyrie eats its blind eagle
a traceless study
swallows lamps as a house of bodies
gaggles after de family
and a brick of money pays for
fast fished helicon sea-dolls

o a mamma of mad men sweats when
hot buzzy optics
slash back upon a gun and a coptic
epileptic head bends
a casement in a valve softens men:
real men drink urine and
new men strangle under edams.

haloes of hunted angels set alight
a bad house where
a naked man of prayer cuts night
with diurnal boy-prayer
and gals punch red hair as mice
scurry down the stair

haloes of hunted angels set alight
a sad home where
men get taunted by haunted christ,
and a baby on a human chair
lolls against a ffing bled buggy
and my infant kissings
write blue poems for old snares

we scatter easy sand
we mass aside easter lands
and we cry for an xmas owl
and we piss upon a red trowel
and we raid
a cranular candler's shaved
body prison..

odes to salted wine ram a drunken feather
down hired streams where pomanders
lambast a crapped out sea-sent-father;
o a bowl in the moon
bows soapy edible bubbles under
a bed of torn tears

we scatter easy guns..
we shatter, and a vase in the sun sunders
coded veins where vineyards glow.

haloes of hunted angels set alight the
riders of stoned rivers
and a wife on a cliff falls for heavies
and we raise bone to dead family
and we caress grey guides

we scatter easy lungs..
we get battered, and my mind is crossed
by gals and ice-cream
and i eat from a naked newspaper
then dance into de Void


when heaped up days deep, a chalice of wine
drinks to a sober drunken hero
o as a bed of bytes computes beer, then
saline sinking glasses shatter.. Oh, old hens
don easy Gins
and queasy Devs dream of Fathers when
heaped up huge hired high neon semen
sheds salt seed upon a naked city season
when heaped up graves weep, a gassy vine
may well have to suck and suck and
body-bracelets bang the wrist's grey hand;
and we wee upon cunt-oceans
..and we dazzle ourselves as clit-lotions
smear cock into wax
a sea of sandmen supper on scissormen
and a code of beauty
sweats married optics; and naked baby
heats up then cries
for medullas and roll-eyed tear-tied
huh huh huh    chortle chortle

and a candy castle falls to candy pieces
ho, a familial parcel
opens up to reveal a soul; and old faces
father faeces with fleeces
la la  weedlers of dying trip red rain
o a candy castle will cut upon rivals
and we clasp wool
and we dig for gold; and we mine after
shit-heads when
balded beds drip upon a fucker's tether
we are drugged by daddy buses
we are cut with sky and daddy crushes
collapse into green shadow.

a sea of super men swells up for a
pissed post-mortem where closed cars
cry as they drive
and van of wives tinters into travel,
and a sea of subhumans whip eyes
with treasured guilty muscle

and fish-shaken docks in the seas
marry cells to gaoled hived teas
and a blown neon scribes
write dead words for old tustled
mutant rolled women.. Ah, rivals
attack sex as we flow downstream
a candy castle falls to candy pieces..
hah, a baby on a wall
falls, and becomes an adult gaul,
and we raise romantics from
sashes and bombs
easy eaters of dunny rifles strum
sawn splayed cunt-lungs
and cunt-sea-lives must come
deeply down where greyed gun
shoot famiial rabbits... uhhh

we own the deaths
death owns sex-deaths, and Idols
drink to bummers
dinosaurs of pure night haunt dead stone aged Man-
darlings on prehistoric beds
sweep sleep into sad dreams;
and a cell of christs screams after stoned aged gals,
and we dance for cunt when
dinosaurs of pure life taunt dead boned England
with dolly neanderthal smiles
once upon a bone, a saviour of feathers spins for
easy dog-dealers
once upon a moan, a fellah of fevers kills war
and we kick oil-dealers
and we sell fuel to sleep;
ah ah        As guys and goddesses maim rivers
then mad missions melt under wheat
eyes burn up
sticks cut sluts, and we weevil after meats
and we trumpet light streets

where we dress for endless days, a patina of life
suppers for a dizzy dining glade
and as we dine in the dark, we will amuse life
and make evil way for a hot knotted grave,
and the mindless moon
shines from out blue rain

o  a vastness of deadness fucks blonde chains
o  a sadness of deadliness
daggers after tidal ugliness
and where we dress for endlessness, a wall of night
heaps vases upon blind quests

the dirtying navels of a dummy dilly mad girl writes
dyslexic lifeboats with a lilo-tear
the filthiness of crammed cunt-candles spikes us
and, as clocks bend, then a vampire under musks
melds spines with veined bows

where we dress for trampoline, we have to spite
tall bled veins,
and, because we are dreamed, we have to bite
dolly coda with grinding nasel-sea-sprites
and a cunt-sea-life
crams currants down easy mikes, and old night

seals day in night-life.

and the night ship appears near
and the light under tears sails fear
days deep, where the sons of cars
crusade for a moped concertina
and, as bullets break, then a soft star
may well look down upon the town,
and violence in de bled cities resounds
beneath fathers who jack deadness

o  once aside a jacket, leather semesters
cut a fish of graces from
day, night, and late evenings in the sun
and sonar solar signets wash
guilty gobbers with crash-cut coved guns
and the night ship appears near to
a vacuum park where vanning truth
bang a fire-hanger's lips upon
closures of burning menswear,
and a hen at night lays an egg-sphere
and a cage of rocked dung
ripens lacers with hot dead fear,
and a pig in its pen bolts cum
and we hiss from a steeled lung
and scenes of souls seem endless?
emptied, a damsel in an eardrum
doctors cochleas with wax-won
mental deaf kingdoms; and, spun,
a spind water dweeb hits upon speared
bad roses of shear-minted raven-reared
curlers of dogs and maidens..

emptied, as we ride from rest, raisins
feed magic cods to easy minnows
ah ha

the whirring world outside our meadow
hicks to the click of a sacremental gallows
and a baddy berry bone
darkens life with sacred acid barrows
, oh a bine of beaded beards slease-stones
an inspiral parapet of damaging haloes,
and a slashed church at sea
scatters salted seed across grey leas

and the night ship appears very near
and the listeners under shadow sear
booking bloody labial showers; and beads
don shroudsails
and we watch angled angels car-cleave
red hens and dukedamed monkey
money dowers
,, Uhh

& we are on the night ship!!!!..

Copyright JDB 21/05/2020. *
work-in-progress   title: The Pretty Smile of a Pig
1st draft poem then poem-song
the pretty smile of a pig shines just like
a sea of pink figs
and a ship of ribs shatters
and choked bitten berries tree-spike
hammered feathers:
the stylus in a creek plays wet sound
and fists dig in a playground
the pretty smile of a sharp kid drowns
outside death's walls.
snappt shrouds upon sails launch soap
where, dammed, we sink hot dope
and we hang the masts
and we swing for masks,
and old dead pharoahs famish hope
scrapped crowds stun vales as rope
hangs easy money,
and a trip at sea suffers old sunny
night schools
a seizure of a sister dies for mums
a rider of a sister
cries out, and rivers punish guns
fevers heat deaths
killers reap death, and we hear the world
riding for rain
and fever heats sex
and readers read of pearls
feverfew has to wreck suns and stars
a moon shines fom Mars,
and we learn of passion
and suffer horrid karma,
fever hears death
hikers hitch to T Rex, and holy cars
fall down from hard
body stations
snapt shrouds move when natrons
curl up inside a girl's mind.
trickly trucking mary sue had to read the news
olden summer suzy had to turn mad screws
and a boat at night time
tramples oats into lime
snapt, we swig washing wine
crapt, we frig after ash-headed mad dudes,
and angled candle-angels
swing, swing
trickly, knuckling susan sweats for truth
and a naked mamma Marie
dreams about the city
snapt, we dig for heat
clapt, we frig for meat; and my Lady
climbs the stairs
and de Lady cuts thinned prayer.
concave killers grill a plate of dung
uh   nylon noddies spill sweet cum,
and we shoot life's mind
and we curse love's whine
as hearses fall, a bren gun's lungs
have to heave for broken guns;
and a shelf of dew
sweats for raven-roods, and we stun
heated hands and feet
and we screw.
concave killers grill a plate of dung
uh  pylons under rills spin from grunge,
and weepers wallop hired Heaven
ha hahh
trickly, we prick vast grinds
easy, we kick past passion, and vines
drape us with ginny wines
oh a chilly drunk has to swallow
men and children
as we ravel into minds, cages
shut earth in a body.
disembowelled by freight, i came to understand
the wasy wishy wells of de promised land
ah, a rosey bed of bells
rings across nine tides,
and a bench of prides sits upon wet eyes
and a sedge of saviours
pops both eyes
the outed parts of passion pluralise wives
o shouted hearts
lend burns to Ides; and a cats claw-knives
must stab ferns today
outelbowelled, a stony son of scum strums
a galled gripped guitar, and a starry mum
separates song from babies
and weeblers weeble for
fired trees and angelled glass-wards
emptiness smells of grease
endlessness cries; and men and old sleep
must dream no more.
cavy cousins of a family death have to
hip to the murders of today
la  empty sirens shot for trades, and boobs
bounce in a street car
ah  we have donned bone
ah  we have stoned Mars; and rode nudes
will swallow.
as tossed times flow
as lost dives close; as mad men groove
then kodak transfers
will surely snap to a tattoed hour
and wide weeping curs wag flowers.
cavy cousins of a family death have to
hit to the murderers of midday;
o, a ball on a hill swipe mumbler's snoods
o a stall in a rill
heaps laden Christs where dills
drill for cardial towers.
as tossed times glow
as lost spies crow, as a baying kid
baas at red lamb-white snow
then de asylums on the edge
certainly creep when locked crows
caw, caw
cavy cousins of a closed father
sweatswedded optics.. Lovers leap
from a thundred heel,
and grey thimbles sew for sleep.
tits reel and yawn.. Ungent sups a milk-drink
tits feel for spawn,..  Ungent saps a silk-drink,
and the slides of day
demolish photos with a giddy buggy, and claves
cloister where a bottler of ink
abuses pens where poets flower
tits reel and yawn. Ungent slips an ice-drink
cats reel for felinity.. Ashen crypts sink
deeply down in a tall town
O ides in burning heaven execute cum with
diggers of legs and thumbs;
and a widener of whelks wolfs food with
naked butters
tits reel and yawn..
Ungent sups a cock-drink..
nurses heal the sad
, O?
hipsters hop to a tanned beat
cheapsters yearn to dance
uh a familial guest of de heat
beat down upon a swingjng
sea-ball; and the brides of de beat
brag for gods and dolls
ah ha  we have learnt the moves
ah ha we have burned
up, up,  Oh
a cradler in a candle reclines
dep within a hair-disguise
Oh a crushed eye-cross grinds
odes to clocks and Israel
and a bended bell man winds
adown a tiny town
Oh   a digger of a deep mind
digs for dog-days
and a son of graves reaps
catted pigs from troll-graves
hipsters hop to a tanned beat
cheapsters yearn to dance
uh old familial guests drink heat
and we feed coke to sparrows
and we toast a pepsi sign..
shafted signets on a vine
sink wrists in hydra-wine, and
weepers weep for quick lime
and a donny kiss
careeses mummy with
woollen heroes
the curving church of kids
drinks milkshakes all day long
and a dreamer's grid
swallows arcana as film-pigs
reel unto a clocked lunged
body of lard and water
live men in cunt-sea-skies
rend to keen death
the magestic dying of Sex.
the dying of sex works on all levels
o a prying death has to dye
pickers of love inside blue eyes
and a beller of a wet dream rides
upon the back of narrow spies
the dying of sex works on all levels
ah a crying sex has to fly
after salt, sugar, honey, rye
and the hitlers of hotellers rise
against a motel moon where lies
carry toast-n-tea to nude angels
these are the raped words of tides
these are the snaky signs of Ides
and a baby in a spitting transept
digs for penile spinners
ah, we are sent to rivers as sex
melts into guilty sides
and dirt seems to have lithe sides
and here are the words of feelings
the acrid words which chap the lip
o, here are the street-lamps under
neon ships of filth
and i tread the dirty apsis of a
cold cicada under devil shades.
and my head swirls up, up,
and my bed spins round and round
nakedbness has hands for beards
mentalness holds heads in weirs
and the darkness of death's world
whirls a monster under
bled horned minotaur girls
ah, a bill of starving fayre swirls
eyes into eyes when we
suffer to see life's swirls made free
and a banging box of masks
cups a signal in a masted Venus
ah, once upon a mine in a tree
we swaggered this slut-strewn world
the dying of sex works on all levels
o a prising death has to cry
and a bell of pushers rings the Devil
and a Devil Jesus wakes God's sky
ah ah
a miner after dirt and soiled vagina
layers vaults with wormy Medusa
and de Medusa becomes de Seducer
and the snakes of hissed praise
swing for the serpents inside graves
veiled vastness vamps on a sitar
and a colt of cunts peals a guitar
..and we will wed the worm-head?

Copyright JDB 24/05/2020.
work-in-progress title: c/o the fountain-head
1st draft poem then song-poem

o a mooted silent bay where i sun-slaved
god's father and its wife
here now traps the grave; and my easy life
melts inside maddened christs
o a mooted silent bay kicks waves behind
statues  sss, the violent dead are born
underneath meadows
o  a shooted mask of lips kisses fawns
and we dance to the midnight storm.

a bastard body of God heals red porn
a buzzy easy lady
sluices clams down her baby's storm
and we awake to find the quiet dead
listening to veins of easy silver
o a mooted silent bay where i star-staved
god's mirror and its slave
hastens to add to death as a sea of trades
sucks a boned nut
ah ah ah
once upon a mind in de real world, caves
crashed under stools then died.

the fastness of fascinating fields unreels
time-travellers where starry oat meals
suck a torrid arse
and a vastness under apple-yields seals
orchards of fruity castes
o once aside a mind, seas under wheels
observed the days go by,
and a madam man hisses under keels
and men dance forever

a lithe fastness of fascinating fields reveals
a transgressive soul to a corpse of heels
and we sun-dazzle when
a bald cunt crunches under sweet-fens
and we glow just like a bright worm
and we glower just like a mine of gems

o once along some wine, i heard you
swallowing minds with endlessness. Truth
fastened to my hip
ah  a ghost of rosehips rode upon noosed
body rock
and our baby crock has to heed rock
and our body knock has to need rock
and rollers rotate upon
blind boys whose verging virgin vox

stops, and goes silent.. Ah, clocks
swing for torn timed
the focus of a fascinated family feels for
wards of grey and gold
the lotus of a fascinating babby reaps wars
with bombed bled cradles where souls
snapped up

o we smile for tomorrow as we see foals
riding like horses in the wind
and a fatal crocus gets crunched
and a natal focus eats some cunts  Oh
once inside a shadow, i heard junk
jamming veins with eyes.

o a silent villain robs old lust as spies
cry, cry
o-la, a picture in my mind moistens lies
and a bay of bagged figs
spots measles where a head of dives
drops a dunny helmet
o we smile for tomorrow as we widen
today's nude lubes with vacant gardens,
and inside robed sirens
we heard the dead when the sun's alarum
locked hands into veins..


i have told the time all of my bloody life
i have savoured wine since my father's life
brewed sloe-gin
ah a bay of faces transfigures deadly sin
and i harden for failure as a faceless hymn
shovelled eyes into maces
and i heard my own old heart shaping
skins from suede heads
o we smile for tomorrow as we smile for
vastness as yesterday's news
o we dial a wall
and we sacrifice fawns to nudes as wars
weep for scrawled
body guns.
i have told the time all of my bloody life
i have flavoured vines
and, o, a continuity of minds layers minds
with rope where sea-slammed christs
swallow lungs
once upon a sad time, i saw old crime
washing helen in a bay
and Leda and zeus-swans cut lime
and we used water and wine
and we cut a suckler from brine
the sallowness of men opens up
the shallowness of dead men sucks
a dyed haircut
and we cut a cunt-nut where times

drop a dummy grave.

dunny gals and sunny pearls hit upon
lashed ropes around sweet hymns, and guns
shoot a dummy grave
and we hoot after false bays when slaves
slash seated knaves
o o  a lamp in a cliff snaps statues and
granite porters slap a tit upon brigands

as we teleport down ashes, then sons
shine just like one zillion skies
and we ravel into a small town as eyes
shine just like one zillion knives
dunny gals and sunny pearls hit upon
lashed dopes around sweet gins, and cum
crashes under knotted seed
and a bed of thunder
loosens hashes from feather-feed; and lungs
leap for a lugworm
and a chest of pipes peers inside sperm
strange old cats claw rain as we purr,
derangers cut bats
and we search high trees for grey fats.
one zillion mad maidens have loosened
midnight's twirling knives
la la, seven zillion nations have moistened
deep dark sadness with lies
and a bay of kids clashes under eyes and
hoarders of silver and gold cut up sand
and once upon fierce tears trips for brides
strange old cats claw rain as grey fur
drinks vixen urine from a neon cur
and a fox of wine
weeps for sesh and horus
and a bed of flint sleeps for a walrus
and walrus glass shatters
and men inhale glass as baby matters
swallow easy spirits

easy spirits hits ghost-war
dizzy spirits haunt god's ward, and lies
leap for the moon
and summoners of spumes cut dunes
with the hand-sores of bedrooms
one zillion mad maidens have loosened
midnight's curing patrons
and a tonsured natron peers under herons
and we send a mad rilk to a hissed
and cunt-seas slide from blood sleep
and we cut cunny cum where wheat
washes honey.

diggers of darkness delve for money
and aped hidden nests
sting wasps with carnivals, and death
swings, swings
along a bloodied wing when desks
drink sullen inks from a room of skins
and a suede head hisses
and a faked dev kisses
gems and evil horses..


these dummy bays where i drown my mind
jazzes for curds and whey
o sunny graves cut prayer
o dummy graves share eyes with hares, and
mad men tease us when
bad hens lay bald dust, and a bed of old brands
softens deaths with air

underneath a mask, a faceless sea of hands
laid evil fingers on the mind
underneath de past, a faceless sea of snares
swallowed dunny butchers

this dummy bay where i drown my mind
jazzes for curves and claves
ah, ah, a woman in her wound wipes slaves
la, la, old children snap swifts with
old arms outstretched to the sides of pigs

diggers of darkness delve for figged kids
riders of madness delve eyes for God, and
we listen to sweet rain as we use brigands
to feed songs to blind silence

the binary of venereal herpes has to jive for
lemon rinds found inside vaginal penile walls
and, oo, as we ram old powders down
and, oo, as we cram keen sex round the towns
then we, dimmed, will surely crash around
giddy boys whose faces in a funnel
trap newspapers in two hands
ah ah, a weaver of de blue smacks rope with
doom deniers whose stitching naked sound
moistens buds with bodies,
and we are at the bodies
these dummy bays i have impeached stored
baby nests beneath blue bunnies
these city graves i have sent to war have to
sink a valley boat into toddies-  Ah, dummies
are in the mummy-cloths sense-wound
Ah, easy lemon ochres sink skirts into bruised
city buddies
and i count down from one billion
and eyes count down from seven zillion
and men and cunts are all vermillion?

the binary of venereal herpes has to jive for
lemon rinds found aside vaginal penis-maws
and we sink a lithe graveworm when
grey fingers reach out and sink old men in
waxen bays where seas on tits heap wards
inside a mad bad sex-gem
ices feed salt to peppers as a body's bend
fucks a city's raped bend.

the eastern apex of a sunny moon rasps
under a blind moon
the eaten helix of a stella dune clasps
blood sphincters in eyes as closed masques
enter a body bay into a room of dunes,
and the romancer under sapphires
arouses skin where a head of elders swoons
and a goddess in her mummy glades
drops faces when drivers of a dummy blade
swill female grapefruit
ah ah

the eastern apex of a sunny moon rasps
beneath de Thames where an English mast
pulls a masted Venus from a raven's past
and a bonny boat
star-sails for a baby soap
and a gardened neon rope skips for dope
and a waxen city lady leads loss to arse
and an ashen vixen baby
bangs a bone-bag where hunters of castes
cram a dolly tongue down a city's mask
ah ah

they told me when death was born that
purple liars would lead me under caps
they told me when sex was done that
pierced rolled cryers would train my snapped
sex-hiped cat-goddess
and here we sea-stand in a bayer's harness
ah ah...

tardy creature-crossed cunny cages can
blind biddies inside a horse-rode woman
and a boned blood wine
arses up a meadow in my mind's torn vine

the caverns of shallow men dig after straw-bales
the riders of talon children wag inside blue sails,
and the demeanour of rolled bald chicken sun-trails
an easy cracking shelled spine
uh, round about dinnertime, i washed ate wine
and a scissor of a suzerain grime swallowed timed
baked naked gin-feathers to swing inside the veiled
wintry fevers of mad light and midnight vales.

this here is the tracker's scene. This is the Ghost
which led dumb Jesus to a slammed shot
and here is our saviour, and here is death's lot,
and we turn down massed lamps as a lidded host
grins just like a nunnery.
once aside a walled mind, a fingerer of money
spread roped wax upon a a figure of mind-honey
ah ah, a dirtied fool of fawns inflamed sears Los
and old Mnethna's daughter cries inside de Cross

the caverns of shallow men dig after straw-bales
the sidlers of de gallows drags drakes for tails
and this is the tracker's scene-  the signal grail of
coded angels and whored heaven's cracked God

signals in a cruel vagina veer far West - o, Love
raises cunts from mary's flava, and odes to drugs
curl up in a girl's smoked eye
mmmm !  Tragic ingled families lace losed minds
with dirty fillers of a serial killer's bounced cosine.
o caverns of shallow men dig after raw rails
uh uh  a giddy weezil slam slams in holy Wales
o ravens under gold gunnels shoot a brined mined
city of endlessness
and endlessness suffers shades as cicada deaths
drool forever

o i have taken theives from my easy senses
o i have shaken beads with two bared hands,
and a tallow under yields rage againts rammed
dog-headed Jerusalem.. Eyes under fences reel
underwater, and a paved holy statue heeds fields
ah ah ah

i am a tawny trice of a man whose hymnals
rot, rot, rot..O, slammed skin has to seize candles,
and i am a tawny teaser whose closed sandals
leap all blessed veiny tweezers.. La, eyes cram
dolted shades where kissers of fathers slam
prehistoric wide opened moors
o      FINITO

Copyright JDB 27/05/2020

work-in-progress  Title: Mind Make-Up
1st draft poem then song-poem
made up from scented snow, men and women show
a sad mind to a sailed sea
made up from rented crows, men and women glow;
and the murderous hands of old bees
sting, sting,

weedy wolverines capture grass
easy summer dreams fatalise a moon of glass
and the stars of daylight
lead dogs to rain

over and under the rigid dead, gravestones pass
from death to life.

teeterers of trans fats fashion hands from legs
ideal star cans
drop stale water; and the stony heart has drams
swallowing easy dregs

weedy wolverines capture glass
eager woollen screens shatter; and eyes ram
deafening blindness

over and under bruised tides, a tree of death
tree-hangs elms, tyburns, oaks, pines O, death
drools for us all

weedlers of dustbins drag drapes from walls.

sawing mental men sweat for optics
easy menstrual hens cluck for soffits
and all good soffits get lagged
ah  a bed in a sky-boat rams lost stabbed
easy fayres
and men and women arise from hairs
and closed children care after
blown treetops
..O, there is laughter up-top, la, stairs
grind lifts into shot cars
and a longing jammed hand rams Mars
and weedlers weep for rivers
over and under bruised wives, wild pears
rot beneath blue apples,
and we ride nude candles
and we rise from furled fire-anvils
lo, once upon a mind in a dead world
my eyes crossed
over and under a sea of old pearls


o gee whizz    my old life is on the hiss
o  once aside a mind, i heard old lips
kissing a balds stone
and the model bones shatter just lipt
easy trips where a mike in a dome
drones after mystics

o a deadly head drops seed and crypts
track blue deaths down
o a family of deaths sucks beads and
apexes of pure filth knock the town
o gee whizz  my old life is on the piss
o once on the biz i heard a hard clown
campaigning for the death of circus,
and a bulge on a cliff stops a crocus

ideal mavrics kneel upon sound...
revellers of panic creel underground..
dead eyes stop
these english days where a learner must
read all his good words backwards
hasten now to a snare
o tutors use strict air; O, as dust must
shout for bubble-tables
then a pint of lust lingers where birds
sing out of learned tune.

ideal mavrics kneel upon soft drowned
sunken cushions
and a doll of reels ravels where herds
swallow wild beasts.

these english days where a  learner must
dig for devilled diamonds
then a suit of sluts sirens after peace
and god's yeast is spread aside egg
and thrush-men dream about musk
ideal mavrics kneel upon the moon
and a seat of wax lights cognitions
and a lunar heap burns, burns, burns
up, where bison shuts


cinematic creelers caress a naked screen
sympathetic killers caress a naked dream;
o a scissor sidler
slashes heat as baby bodies ram idlers
and weedlers watch strict sex films

when dog-collared feline stickers scream
we will surely have to whistle
o a river rival
rashes up; and a sleeve of cream saddles
bald girls who ride from death

cinematic creelers caress a naked screen
empathetic healers cut a death
o, a board of pure bone bangs hot mess
and eyes swirl under baby
grey riders of raisin rain cuts a ruby
and hot sweet honey will taste like candy
and jackers of dunny lice
lend canned VD to beds and wood-lice

bed-bagged beneath blue glass, an oval statue
falls from a painted granite sky
o grey mad sex-heat purloins wives where eyes
stuff skeins with  sculpted fallow bone.. O, tissue
tracks sweet traffick down when
bed-bagged beneath crude glass, a grass oven
cooks a roasting egg at gas mark mind;
and a rider of dregs dream about little gems
and an easy rider of ice-cream smashes gemmed
robbers of faith and logic

bed-stabbed, silent saviours cried for optics
la la a slit of violence raises lies from coptics
and the dizzy wild ocean of a nude smile
washes wands in zanzibars and zoo dials

a daddy from a bus has to sail after comics
a mammy under dust
hits to a her murdered child, and grey lusts
swallow vines as veins cry and shake
bed-bagged beneath the patient past, rapes
wash love's two hands in lard and water,
and we summon tiges from coded lakes
and we lay down with Madam Moon
ah we raise gaols from gins as gloom
serenades the place our eyes were set
zzzz my oval statue sharpens stone with meat
zzzz  my mental tissue hardens drips with wheat
and a passion of gem-gardens
lays men to precious waste
zzz  my oval statue sharpens stone with sleet
zzz  my menstrual issue drinks blood-heat
and a naked navel looks adown
upon stations of red, gold, green..

ah we raise a gaol from a pinned high moon
ah we raid sweet bud
and a boat on a cliff tightens grey Love with
coded wired jaws of fear and phased cribs
zzz my oval statue sharpens stone with meat
zzz my mamma muscle metes mess to deep
dolly floes
and once aside crows, i hip to a dancing drove
and my pasted hind jacks all fathers when
yellowy ochres of carmine city blood blows
all seasons out of god's brain
i saw the rider on the rain arousing crows
i sensed the secret easy veins
dropping from blurred love; and old troves
search for irrrational radios
and my veiled transmission hears loaves
and my eyed television cuts a bread-rose

zzz my oval statue sharpens stoned sin
with fabled coaches in invalid spin -  zzzz
a train of cake cums on love's tracks and
woven eddying curs yap at river-slammed
doctored nunneries
and we will send ma mary to a nursery
and we will have to someday settle down
in a prayer-milked tangerine town
uhh./...      DE END!!!

i used my facial elbow to knock a graveyard horse
i seduced my starred bow for
shooting candy arrows at drugstores
and a bitten starling startles death as odd lords
leap against a fascinated windscreen
and cock-closed eyries eat into mind-eyes
and clock-robed fly-seeds lob stones at skies

i used my facial fox-floe to crack a raven-force
i meddled with my cock-crow to
don a chicken upon my shoulder where old blues
sea-stabbed a salt harness with wicked shoes
, O

the tanzy towns where i learned love's trades
smothers guns with dolled scraps, and graves
garden cremated pictures
and, fed to stretchers, a dog-diamond lays
cobra codas with musical dauphins

i used my fatal star-show to rock a cocked horse
and, slammed, i entertained villagers in a sauce
and a baddy buddy buzzy boy
hoists his dreams from cogs inside a forced
latent lane where big-bedded bun-men toy
with an easy sea
the tangerines in my backyard soften rot
the clementies inside my car hasten lost
rose-radios..  and i shall cry until moss
peals all idiot flowers away, away, away


when magical seagulls scavenge after peace
o then a graveyard will burn inside the wind
and a shining saviour sucks a slut when peace
lays whoring healing hands upon citied bins
and a latent mamma hastens to the lip
and a parent's panda peals away death's trip
and a bulb of mana
minces wheat as guilty gold-fields fan spind
dodgy hired father

as mines fall down, a mental pithead will
certainly spiral around a noise of wide hills,

when magical seagulls scavenge after heat
o then a trainyard will burn inside gold wheat
and a shimmer of a saviour slashes stalls
and a rider of a lover stabs the lunar walls
and a daddy farmer fellows peace with clay
and manna under fever
sugars a welsched rose
as mines fall down, a mental pithead will
certainly whirl outside a christmas world

O, a dog on a roundabout yaps at pearled
catty functions where canine body-curls
brag after cities and blue-braided loaves.

as ideal vined vast veered faces flow then
funeral patients of failure will stop men
from drooling down a soft stain; O, de rose
rambles after nests as a swallow in a desk
dollops canals of finches where decks
dictate robed emotions to a demure flex

as mines fall down, a menial pithead will
certainly rule the wide world's dead drill

uh huhh..

Copyright JDB 31/05/2020.

work-in-progress  title: Pagan Heel
1st draft poem then poem-somg
yappers bark for anointment
killers killl contentment
and a loaded fire bursts then burns
and sad hot women
shout at the dark.
o a cage in lunar rain heeds hearts
and coded creation
widens apes with genius inventions
and a loaded spire
inside a
dead world
claspers of meteors lambast a napped chair
la la, indigo factories
shove veins up nunneries, and gilded prayer
cups defective ladies
yeah, moping male mail-orders eat hair
and a bed of bends
grabs, grabs
o, scented lads loosen cabs where babies
shoot the killed
claspers of meteors lambast red air where
odes to mamma move
closed closet groove
laden with Japan, a rectitude of faces
grips to chinese sands
o when raisins cut wigwams, then
jeepers of acid nudes body-send
grass eyes to ermine
..Darksome nettings wed for wrens
easy greyed bedding wets women
and a buddy boy
lambasts ash with salty sugar-hen
claspers of meteors ram fairy fens
raspses of swinging wards cut dents
and annals of aunties heap spent
giddy body-birds
laden with Japan, a rectitude of faces
grips to oil then cries
weaving inside a wounded wine-glass
i heard about grey rain.
Darkness surrounds as english flasks
pour pitta coffees
o, eating outside a brain, as hot body
hurls flames against god's potty,
and god is potty
.and sex is spotty
wandering, i laid my kiss upon a daisy
sundering, i raised my fists upon
dammed days where dizzy baby
falls, just like a busy lady
weaving inside a wounded wine-glass
i heard about clasped pain,
and a picker of shouts yells after
coded river-masts
and a canal in a craft cuts mother
wandering, i laid my hiss on a ruby's
diamond-knickered cunt-seige -- O,
a van of bandits read a blown cold
illiterate book-blow,
and a vast rook raises body-snow
la  oodles of ashen hens lay cotton eggs
la la    eaters of aspen men
 sell up and move away
and a house of fingers snaps a grave's
blind valley
la oodles of ashen hens lay mutton dregs
ah ah    seaters of ardent men
 sell up to a city cage
and a house of rivers snaps a staged
body alley
as minds go by, a cooker of ballet
dances to a midnight flower;
and a bench of christs sends valets
to a drammed room of hours
la oodles of ashen hens lay cotton eggs
la laa   spillers of flashes spit under
strutted engish fathers
la la la   eyes inside eyes lam tundra
cunt closures
heated holiday feathers eat rolled gunned
beaten family shivers
la la,     a canny craven rivers stuns
guilty men who swing for treason
heated holiday fevers sweat for cum
a glitter of a wide gate deepens gum
a ripper of a spy-gate widens spinners
and a soap of figs
washes dirty fangs in ingenious grids
and a star of kids
swallows very hard
heated holiday feathers eat spreaders.
Bakers of memory widen grey givers,
and a married sea-man drinks to spiders
and woven womens
sweep god's talons down closed riders
a glitter of a wide gate deepens lunged
spiritual sirens..  Ahhh... cupped scum
dies away
the siren sugars of a married Void
spirals down, down
under nets..o, wasteground avoids
eagles where a tall town star-deploys
coded cunny clowns
and a river raiser rams fairy boys
under nuclear shadow... la, la, toys
weeble inside wide water
and weevillers weep for widows
a glitter of a holiday flavas doctored
dizzy lady-rock where grey sounds
slappered a divine yoyo around drowed
intercity churches
the siren sugars of a married Void
spirals down, down
under fished figgy nets, Ahh, old noise
cups titty trollop tweezers:  fay lips
sweeten with a barbler's sky. Gnits
wallop easy jammed hair
and all this wide world suffers grips
siren sugarers of honey senses rip
daddy daffodils from garden trips
there are, nearby, a stretch of cake and water.
Deadness strikes blue sky...O, arched under ulcer
a constant grey tumour on a fierce ride
tames coffin-glades with hot madam lies
and a heaper of angled angels hereby slaughter
half the holy times where full times shiver,
Deadness strikes brusied eyes..O,   tinders
trickle down the thigh just like a sex-mirror
there are, nearby, a stretch of cake and mortar.
Constant heroes on the streets carry sand-hordas
into an oaken aspen mod mind.. zzz    dark borders
yield a dirty neon sod-swined
intercity trainsman's wives..  and sleepoing mines
swallow schemes of pure gold
fashionable fishy piss-nets ride up love's thigh.
Emptiness swings like a wreck.
Madness swings deep inside a CD decked
Digitalised starred mentalis..
we have trodden all we must
we have sodded walls a faces in the dust
dollop chilled hand-lust
and a chiller of a caged closed cabinet
widens into nude rage
talismen of body-men turn tarots inside the sun
Daughters of telly-men set alight to easy guns
and, ha ha, why sex and self may never cry
will not be known till wind-wells die
and a blaring body on the moon snaps flies
and a talisman of giddy men turn tarots..
O, opened wide, a freezing woman dives
homward, where the dogs are praying
once upon a statue, a greasy granite bride
sex-sweats after veiled demented honey
ah ah, as a bonce of a bad boy bags bunny
ah ah, as a cunt of a bald toy drags moneys
then families beneath droll molls snip tried
baby masques..
talismen of body-men turn tarots inside guns
and doctorors of worm-ferns feed after
scum bodices of both dark and light..Oh, minds
snap just like a flea
Uhhh  we have delved dirty salt-waves
Eh?  we have strode sexually parted waves
and we walk the sculpted graves at hired sea
and we hear hard curlews cry, cry
cell-wrapped with knives of butter, a green shield of skin
sheds bright hides from illiterate night
O dell-capped, a sea of tameless mothers slam light
beneath ancthered trees of bolted star-sin
and a bed of cancer breaks urine bread as soft pints
drip-feed de Buddha to razors of alcohols
and we push for easy mites
and we drill for lambs whose baaing under kites
sun-ignites closing graves
cell-wrapped, city heights lay facial wastes to
cunt-irons, and when once a cunt-sea-cry moves us
far down into a body's husk
then a towny doll-owl crashes in a skull of musk
cell-wrapped, with knives of lovers, a mean mind-reel
dials cellular radio,- Ahh, a mumam on a stiff creel
craps inside the wind
and whippers of mermen snap a fly-flea whose hymn
swings to a rapine pagan heel
lo four pall walls of lucrose red are drumming sealed
angel-christs whose comic crucifixion laid wealed
bled body burns
lo a five filed stalls of carmine thread are sealed
against a blithe moonside; and a mourner's sperm
splatters salt milk across a crabbed land..  Ahh?
udders are cream-struck with souring city scars
and mental messengers of fuck heat a spent star
with grass pots and ochres of walled pepper-paths
and eyelids close down
peckers of goosed fathers jack a female town
wreckers of noosed raise bellers
above an inking sky of grey and blue
and a naked Nineveh inside brained shoes crown
bastard geeks with rectal buttery star-crews
and a mansion in a factory sews burns into
screwers of cunny cloth, and we are moved
beneath gutters where a hang-headed grey sleuth
swallows hard
Uh     THE END
copyright JDB 01/06/2020
work-in-progress  title: c/o cremated green gods
1st draft poem then song-poem
isis serves madam macadam to odd tarry roads
o ideal women widen out.
Faces in a furnace shut drought, and toads
cremate green gods
and cremated green gods hurl stars down
upon a sea town
and antlers of dead wolves stab louts
and figures of death
dramatise pockets in a theatre-sex
and wee willy bodies will
whip all sleep...ah  ,..when dark hills
fall, then ideal stasis will have to thrill
ladies under rubies ruminate on devils
la  babies sunder bodies
la   shrift foot-work cuts a sad crowd
and we learn of eagles
and we write about flown hearts
and we suck upon a blue cloud.
antlers of dead cavvies stick pins
aside a pink arse where pig-skins
supper with blind rain
and men inside minds cut women
la babies sunder bodies
la  swift menswear dresses hens
and we will arise and live again
looseners of swarthy vermin ram an island
riders of grey words
brand graves with song-birds;
and an opened tomb swallows hot sand
looseners of swarthy vermin dam curd
easter eaters ram earth into fire,
and a dram of scans can a dog-hard
feline city where lonely tyres
puncture up
scrotal sex fatalaties murder pyres
pokers of raping families
rock a rotted tea-cup
and we weave a mind from shut
plied pissy pithy spires
once upon a mind, men and sluts
sweated where shril wonen moved
hot eyes to great tears
i've dived inside brawls
i have writhed; and a city in the stalls
seat one billion dolls
and sweated optics rise aside malls
and sin has her easy Fall
once upon a mind, we heard death
crashing into red rain
and a house of sin jeers for pain
and, laid by hands, a bay of rain
sea-slams easy countries
i've dived inside brawls
i have cried and cried, but soon i
can only descry feline molls
and i espy father
and i descry mother
once upon a mind, we heard death
sky-scrapping hens with
midnight flowers where kids
cry for de ivories of Mamma
i rode a cocking horse one sad day when
the queen of Eden rode sex-saddle
and eyes under closed sauce heightens gems
and horsy pony-plebs have to rifle
closed cabs where bad taxis flow, flow
i rode a cocking horse one sad day when
the king of Eden rode dicked angels
and skies under robed sauce heaps hens
i have dived inside brawl   O, gold crows
caw at raping ape-man troves
and cunts in a pie swallow thrushes
and old cagey caverns tread the rose
once upon a mind, a digger for easter
laid a surgical lamp upon a blue river
and an xmas of a scamp raided fever
and cuckoo boys
widen for bird-toys
uh uh
Wee weeping wild girls sweat for
blue minds whose ward
holds men who drink soft coffee,  Oh,
wee weeping wild girls sweat for
fast farmers of old pearls; and dead wars
drink cocoa for lunch
and we drink liquid edam as coded cunts
cut spots into spunk
when once a sun of self stops, gold junk
has to seep for dreamed coda scores,
and darners of rapped words
speak in zero tongues, and a motor spores
dead fern-seed across a blind land
wee weeping wild girls sweat for boars
and a german garland grits piggy oars
and serve quim to an acorn man, and sand
falls against wide earth
and a demotic sex-spurt traps closed births
when once a gunner grinds peppers, Ides
will certainly shoot paper at penile slides
and a bed in a peddle-bin
slops a litter drape upon curtained spind
hammer pins
wee weeping wild girls sweat for hymns
wee wilting wide curls
harden death as a bunny of a bad world
weeps aside a whirling sea-curl
as mad men melt, then sin swims for
fishermen of angled angels' sea-war
graven golly gutters grip to grey grist.
Gabbling dollies dream of gilded wrists
and a socked asped church
prays for father earth, and coocked fists
stink of boxed blood rain
once aside minds, a billy of a child had
male sex-births
and fusers of birth hammer baby earth
and a bedded crab craps upon dads
and sweated evil stags shit on stabbed
loony mamma
graven golly gutters grip to a grey kiss.
Gabbling daisies dream about old lips
and a bay of silks
sips swallows as swifts under milks
signs up for pens and chalks.
once upon a mine, an easy father
took coke to a pithead, and lovers
sling soft cocaine on a coal-mummas
easy digger brother
and for angels and men and funeral fathers
may i now introduce to a may-time's lovers
O, can i serve you curds and whey
Lo, can i tantalise youth with easy prey
and for angled angels and funferal mothers
may i now send your pleasures to sleep
a candy for a castle has to fall for reaped
wintry hills where i made life's cold play
and a mad radio inside a solar grave steeps
dog-dayed fevers with
batard canine dummies
and a ferine claw ripens
and a feline Law sea-dims central creeps
and for angels and men and funeral fathers
may i now introduce to a may-mind's lather
O, may i kiss death now?
O, can i hiss for death's blown cloud?
easy zen in yogic cliffs flail aside cars
peasy sin in magic lifts fail inside stars
and mad stars look down
and dead Mars hooks acids from towns
and tramplers of Eden supper for clowns
and for angels and men and funeral fathers
may i now introduce a palaver of birds?
oo with a headpiece of pure glass, i extemporise
a dizzy eaten fountain raised from
sin-extending tit-uplifting arms; and i sense eyes
come cradling demons within gunned
oo with a headpiece of pure glass, i extemporise
a dunny daffy child whose idiot skin
listens to cold parental wind...La, closed sus
shine just like one zillion sonnets; and odd pus
pushes plop and piss inside a chemical crust
and marital slags slap blue brides
and causal crags crap upon closed wives
..    O, angels of winged life sky-slam
  fleeing breadknives
oo with a headpiece of pure glass, i extemporise
a babby's soilings cradle-harness.
Death becomes you because you varnished
glib flamingo features with rotted star-lives
and a biddy of a bad boy baits bad cunt-cries
and youths, without men, sink cunt into scribes
la la
oo with a headpiece of pure glass, i extemporise
a maddy of a massing mad motel
and a sweet hotel where aimless whores swell
has to give head to a dirtied city seed-cell
once upon a gassed mind, i overlooked Hell
and men and noosers ring a burnt blue bell
ah ahh
when we flow then we close blue hells bells
a bastard of a filmic mind thinks about
nothing but dolphins and mounts
o a bay of kids snaps a slain drought when
grey lads pissed inside the wind
and a chronic creator cusses holy gems
and, hah, a locus in a crocus chews
naked nooses...La, a flown flower rends
colic budders from a nylon sleeve of louts
a bastard of a filmic mind thinks about
nothing but dolphins and dictators.  Oh
a lotus in an aspen tree sheds big tears
and a canny lady christ has to sieze loaves
and a bunny mary christ
lams all slashes with deus mice.. Ah Ah.
a bastard of a phoenix mind thinks about
nothing at all but the bastard under spouts
pushes peeing tea-stains under blue
fotal fishy foxy factories
and a neon bend breaks into memories
and, la la,
 a coterie of killers carves
mad midnights from hot distended stars
..sss an uttering ilex inside death's vortex
will sharpen catty guns with
powdered pits and palped paper-sprigs
and a moany mindist
menstrualises hooved dollars of a kissed
purple pissy peahenned dun cortex
shadowers inside two hands ram lips
gallowers aside twin strands cap clipped
wave-gorging razor lambs
and a gorgon snaked from silk expands
lazy lovers from ivories to sedans
and a loaded licker on her side has to
spray soft coffee mate about old blue
spem-soapers... Ah, a bawd in bruised
gridded pylons play for pissed clit-cruised
mother naked knotter..
a bastard of a bouncy boy hits pockers
with mental teeth and spent door-knockers
Copyright JDB 03/06/2020
work-in-progress  title: The Iris in Osiris
1st draft poem then poem-song
the iris in Osiris digs for poncho bones,
Sex dirt cuts a parish
and a bended slut cries after stoned
baby Isis.

the cat god has to abuse its tail,
Hot maned Bast
sea-bolts hired steeds to a dream of ale
and we cover the bad
with ferine fatal sadness.

the iris in Osiris digs for poncho bones.
Sex hurt cuts a vanishing
slashed summer of coded pushed thrones

and weeblers will die for feline Mary?

the idlers of the sleeping dead weigh
coded beds of instant clay
la, riders of in a falon bed bee-crave
rodeos of salt and silver

the cat headed carrier of dog drillers
lash the usherette to painted mirrors
and a saline radio
beats out the midnight hour

the idlers of the weeping dead weigh
coda kids with photographs,
and a kodak pig telephones midday

ilexes of frigid rosemary ride after
slowed looms,
Dirt dunes drop death as laughter
dons closed rooms
and a horse of glass grabs to Father
and a hearse of grass
takes stablers to sex-fabled Mother
the idlers of the weeping dead smother
cablers of salt and wine
the rizlas of the sleeping sweat brine
and weird weedlers underglass
spit buns at killers behind glass.  Ah

ilexes of frigid rosemary writhe after
blown bitten blue butters
.and we punch the air as lovers

divorce devoted demotic rivers.

demnotics dam the eager dead.
Daddies don a mummy-bed, and bikers
ride for idiot castles
o, demonic drams drink to knuckles
and we eat a keen easy green apple

demotics dam the eager dead.
Laddies don a lady-bed, and rippers
raise closed british breaded livers

a dizzy dollar man will use quivers
and countless dirtying puce lovers
must raise seasand from cut cars

daddy has to hiss across old stables
mammy has to hiss across iced tables
and a bed of wine
swigs caffeine where ashen brine
bullets after closed minds
and a dog of dust barks after gables
and coded rivers burn.

demotics dam the eager dead when
layers of killers lash fingers to men,
and the liar of all this wide world
will scent bays with cut pressed ferns

daddy has to hiss across old stables.
Mammy christ is wound in cables, and
weepers whine
and creepers capture blurry strands

sundials under lunacy lay after
gilded bruise-plied parapets- O,
giddy sex fever cuts fathers with odes
and a bed of bees
causes honeyed stinging dreams

sundials under families lay after
golden ooze, and once grey laughter
has come to shrilling nothing
then a seal of nudes will lather
closures of dreams and keyed cars

we had it all once..I recall Mars?
we had it all once..I remember when
a parisian purple passage
melted into carriages

endlessness sinks under sirens when
doltors of doctored thunder
stop the sun

the utterance of evil garden fools
follow cunts till a seal of mules moves
tolled eyes to dead sleep
o, a sad boy whose evil hard-on
lambasts graves with carded cum
and weevillers of whippyness strum
old hair-boiled guitar
and a bonce under-river
carries marriages far West

endlessness sinks into Hymen
formless dipped spreads blink after pylons;
and a blue blithe wild world

I have summoned sandals
I have suckled angels-
the utterance of evil garden tools
weeds poked apples from kisses
and a boat of death
has to sink deeply down, down
into a tangerine town-  & kisses
suck on a bald lip.

once upon a grave, i saw
grey lightnng striking dead wards
and i drink coffee off the ward
and nameleness seems weird when
angled fishers cut closed fire

the jamming jacking vagina of the world
lickers after dogs and horse-flowers
zzzz a wiped quango force dons ald girls
and a bleeded beach has to sweat flowers
and a rodded sun-heap
jostles cold mussels
o a jammy jacked fey fanny heeds pearls
and a bowl of sweeties
drops plums beneath meat.

the riders of the Thames sidle after a
dizzy cock-plane
o gliders of washed veins sidle after a
dog-dazed hiss of jumped ice and pain
and a bonny bib drools for a
keen cudgel of a fool; and we hear rain
riding under labile thunder
we have been trapped...
we have been snapped (like a flea)
we have been capped
we have been strapped (across seed)
uh    ha ha ha?

needlers of faces fawn to a formless sun.
Deep death races-  O, a neon baby-gun
shoots the vein-rained glass of faces
and weepers weedle needles under laces

needlers of faces fawn to an endless sun.
Dark deaths race- O, a neon body-gun
shoots a braille-bowed hermit
and gilly gulls in a gritted screen permits
grey golden gullies to yawn under clits

a daughter in the moon shafts star-stiffs
days deep.
Eyes cudgel eyes. Model dreams of sleep
lash the usherette to gabled candy-meat

once upon a gibbed mind, a rashed mist
comes knocking at hell's backdoor


well we hissed across the ice
just for youths and jesus christ..Uh ha
a cat caught in a door will
answer to a sea of war; and grey hills
fall into a street car

well we hissed across the ice
just for nudes and Deus Life; and
rodeos under castles
lams a rocker horse under slammed
naked ruby

well we kissed Lord Alien Love,
and the faces of a haloed void bugs
masked voices of loud rude gloved
easy fans

a dog-headed patient of easy hands
shovel waxy ash where coded drams
toast a dolled drink
and a rolex radio glazes under ink
and hot wet wrecks know squid's inks

a tantaliser in a lost flower thinks for
easy riders of both night and day..For
once zillion suns i shall state my cause
and ignite a universe with whores.

outelbowelled bairn boys who score
shooted pelicans with mourning wards
will surely widen now;
and de man in god's farm chaps clouds
and a buzzy wealing masked Buddha
hastens to star-moisten belling crowds

well, well, we hissed across ice
just for youths and sea - as we arise
then boned ballet shoots arming lies
inside a naked nuclear parapet
and a barny bled boy bangs red eye
deeply down, down

these idle dirging days when ground
hurls a hot face at a playground wall
here chafe under belgian lace..  Halls
snap a capper chap about mute space
and an eastern gun bags bullet-sounds
when, staved, a bulling biddy

drops, just like a fatal dolly baby.
pursed virginity vamps vile noise.
Jackers, prised, kiss a family toy
and a jazzy upstart closes into boys
and, writhed, mad postmortem noise
nabs a needle knicker from
opened opus eyes..    La, a fay gun

shoots racists....


Copyright 04/06/2020.
work-in-progress title: Cut Soft Meat
1st draft poem then poem-song
the eddying swirls of a baby sun
shine upon a cot
the wedded girls who use guns
shoot the baby's lot
and old Lot's daughter hears
sad mad children laughing for fear
foot first under fast rain, old tears
rain down just like red rocks,
and the dogs in Eden cut soft meat
and the cats of Africa
wander after deaths and pure sleep
the eddying swirl of a baby sun
shines upon a cross,
the sweated girls who chew loss
lay easy waste to bad eyed lots
and stir crazy daughters of Lot
sit and rock, rock, rock
the idiot ivories of Mamma sing for
coded killers who open the front-door
o, a cabinet of cold cries after stores
and vaginal limpets weep where whores
dance upon a strange beach
la la,  once upon a peach, my mind
pealed pearled sandals from babies
o a bed of wheat causes serial dreams
o a bench of sleep
widens; and a sofa-hand smothers
molten rivers where body-beats
bear angels into fire
the idiot ivories of Mamma swing for
bled marnalade and closed dead wards
and we had it all
and we painted emperor Paul..
soulless daddies dream about ladies
o a day of death wrecks the hands of doobies
ah. a pinioned mummy is wound in clothes,
and a miraculous baby cries for a rose
the idiot ivories of Mamma swing for us
and, laced, a glass of summer swigs dusts
and a bed of fists
fastens diners to eaten trysts
o a bed of wheat causes serial dreams
o a head in heat forces
uttering evil men to laugh at faces
and a gun of glass shoots thunder-stones
endless daddies dream about ladies
oo, dying small deaths weep for babies
and a cross of cane
crucifies the son of pain
reapers of candy wrappers rap all about
the son of Pan and His easy shout
o reapers of candy crap upon sweet drought
and bad eyes turn in.
when once an infant street led summer sin
inside a petrol world
we had to summon metal as carring girls
wept for a soft world,
and once aside loss, racers of blue hymns
sang for the death of girls O
reapers of candy wrappers rap all about
the son of Man and God's massing shout
but we know that God seems dead
and we crow after God
when once an infant street led summer sin
inside a petrol sign
weevillers had to assume menswear,
and spun spind cosines carry cold times
deeply down where odes to Love
get badly murdered.
the indigo patient of the midday moon
shines down upon a sea of screens
la la, easy forcers of a midnight's dreams
dagger after dames and wet screams
la la
underwatered, a dune of death carves
calming faces from hands and scarves
ah  as we float far away, wet baths
leak into pastures
la la
idioms of fastening flued fathers mask
eaters of eastern silks
ah.. a seat of milk crashes
ah.  a street of silt sits upon rashes
and an eager heart beats the past
and a man of feathers
fans a chicken diamond
la la
the indigo patient of the midday moon
suffers old menswear
and, torn, a fitting sphere hits hair
and, spawned, a biting starred prayer
weeps, weeps
la la
idioms of fatal fathers feel for fayres
and you and i have led sex to
eagled winters..     Oh, mental mares
cry out for easter steeds
fatalities in easy spaces face a button where
eaten riflers do a zip to the top
ah families in easy stasis
swallow hard
ah ah   me and madam macadam meet
a basement gun,
and we shoot the Bard
and we rout sunned cars where
fatalities in easy spaces feed a button where
easers of scissors slice a corn cake
mentalities have to hiss
scented gold gullies have to turn and kiss
the lukewarm aces of a girl
and a hand of bars cups beery girls
and a land of scars
crashes upon liquid wounds
fatalities inside a dizzy place hits hair
and the colours of our hair
sea-hangs sisters from waved hair
and a miracle inside the sky
shoots from an appled easy eye
ah ah
when a windy mien sails for lives
then a brook of spent vales
carry shires into northern wives
a liquid finger on the moon writhes
a rapid figure of the moon cries
a vapid rider rides his bike for lies
fatalities in easy spaces face a button
outside a world where vast grey guns
shoot ashes from the hip
and we wind down from weepers
o easy come and easy go-
come listen to the easy show where
mad men travel under times
and a crazy drum listens to air
o easy come and easy go -
come listen to the easy sex show.
as we harden in love's garden
then we summon drakes from crows
ah a mental sin under ravens
has to mentalise the veins of prayer
ah ah
o easy come and easy go-
come listen to the sleasy show where
irony faces in to a
bay of balls, and we are clothed
and we are sold to spent hair
as we harden in life's garlands
then we summon sense from sand
and sex sinks under an island
and eaters of rifles chew hands
ah ah
easy riders of a domed grave have
no road-tears to grasp.
the utterances of evil men
hire a woman to a crowd- Ohm,
coded heroes cry as love's shroud
damages eyes with children, and
an oaken tree of Love clashes hands
and appled ochre men
dig for martyred cherries
these poxy words i weave bury
duned city-birds
and the Ides of birds cut islands
and we stride a street of birds
the utterances of evil men
hire a child to a statued vault,
and the cats of kine crash colts
and a shooter of mind cuts gems
deeply down in a Frenched Town.
the idlers of grief clasp old hens
ah the sidlers of thieves
wallow under coins where sound
swallows easy glebes
and nude silence chats with
coded killers of criminal cribs
the ashen sleepers that rot railed ears
raise a rammer from a hot closed tears.
Deaths summons guns.
Decks wreck shot sons, and old fears
raise a rammer from hot robed tears
the handler of meteors slashes minds
o the gourdes of dizzy God
lams a sweet heart where funeral Love
lands dizzy dreams under closed minds
the ashen sleepers that rot railed ears
raise a wintry moon when
ash is interfusd with neon children
and the crying clock tells of vermin
and a doll at night
ravels into time...         Ohhh
hangers of hoodlums rape chickens
Death under fries executes the spine
and spind wind rakes ashes across
a dour dinner of blood and red crosses
the demon of this dead world cusses
a crucifix of men abroad in fields
and meadows sweat
and shadowed vermin fret for
odes to eager xmas forces..
endlessness flows like a flower when
dead boys are bled from nothing.
the feral fistulas of the fasted dead and gone
pay the teeanged piper for a distant old son
o, lungy punishers of the nightly wed
seize clothed epliepsy from a city raised from greed
and the owls of rapped music
coo aside a bed gripped from graves
o feral fistulas of the fasted dead and gone
pay the teenaged piper for a distant sun
worlds spin, and the jiving juices of Mana
rain down a mental tree of sin. Oh Mamma
rocks the night-lit sea-skeins of death
and lounged liquid fingers jab hands when
easels of language dream-paint cold women
and odes to gelled fistula
rummage in soiled pockets,
and coded mind-users nurse old children
with easy caves.
the feral shitters of sad gems swim under
waterers of gilded lady thunders
and a pursing lip at the sides of the dead
cover hands with sylvan silken tundras
once above a mind, the moon-made dead
peddles the spinneys in marks of wed
and a small stove of grease cuts the spread
easy thyroid of an ocean's tree of crap.
the feral hands are born where eager trades
snap rolled honey in dimming glades
and a snapper nurse on her knees raids
ideal flava with dopy doll-eyed hearses
and horsey mien
spine-travel beneath a cradled skin-den
and openers of killer cries
crack just like a starred mind
O   our keen world snaps like lies
and liars will snap just like a flea.
Copyright JDB 07/06/2020
work-in-progress   title: An Apple of a Pippy Drake
1st draft poem then poem-song
these easy chants for men-o-war
widen tears into spires
o busy grey plants cut a fire when
a burner of eagles sets old men alight
and we chant for a sea of whores

periodic pissers of planed weather charts
shoot across a broken heart
and a dunny moon  looks down upon
easy beds and dirtied dreamt cum

o milky weepies sweep tears as guns
fall to strickened pieces


i hasten to five winds where hot trash
tips treacles in the mire
o a baby wind-mind sears cold ash
and we cry just for fun
and a crocus eater shoots a bum

these easy chants of men-o-war
widen tears into tyres
and a wakeful saint swallows paint
and grey mimsy nudists taint
fast paned easy saints

o milky weepies sweep tears as guns
shoot false knives

a coffin has to taste a dizzy wake
o a boxed griffin
slaps a torn tear across coded lakes
and a weedler of scrapes
cums deeply down inside hissing
red sounds

o creamy cavvies crashdown
o eaties cut de town, and old snakes
learn to slide no more?

a canny cove of cutlers breaks
a dinner of herbs
and we dazzle after herbs
and we ram down rude shapes
and we listen to red apes
a coffin has to taste a dizzy wake.
Darkness raids grapes
and an apple of a pippy drake
dollops emeralds

welterers of boxy hands sea-slam
doctors of easy sands
a canny cove of Isis heals the damned
and we arise from
eaglers of lies which sink into lunged
body wipes

a coffin has to taste dizzy lights
a boffin has to learn about midnights
and a dummy pit-head
crashes beneath red-headed lungs

welterers of boxy hands sea-slam
doctors of easy sands...
Dipped death drags deaf drams where
we toast tears with babied

veiny vast winy vinyl dizzy Hades.

the masked Peter Pans of an infant moon
sweep starlight under blue rain
o, a casked Madam Ann swigs rain
and we suffer knights
and we murder night-kites, and bedrooms
swallow easy hurt

ah nude pillows on their knees boom
ah de blinded gallows sea-hang spooned
toffee bread
and we weevil after devs as ginners
drop a beery soul
veiny vast yawny yoyo fields roll
beneath beds where allotments halt.

cleft lunacy on a chemical brow
blows red tides far West..
O old honey sweetens clouds as
herded manses build soft deaths
and the Ides of life crucify sound when
a bottler of miction toasts dark hens

cleft lunacy on a dun deaf road
crows like missiles in two hands,
and the pogues of death drag loaves
under peed peaks of mad keen troves.

a bodyer of bakers butchers toast
a toasty of a father cuts pork-pokes
and a poke hole under memory
urinates inside a sea of anarchy
O a listener to sand heaps a bridge
under fishy castigated netted pigs
and as we writhe downstream, then
crowders of scratchmen kiss gems
cleft lunacy on a deep death-row
lams a biddy balded boat of robed
fuckering flickering folly closed
shops raised from blind menswear

the sidlers of a distant sun-rise send
naughty night birds to seas of women
o riders of a recusant moon ascend
coded killer plaits where a mental gem
doctors sleep with hands of purity,
and a familial pig grunts after stemmed
body bleeding where hot family
hastens to a jammy jemmy close; ah!

cleft lunacy on a chemical brow
blows red tides far West
and the scissor signal of a cut breast
dollops whelks upon a bald chest
and a riot of rilks rots upon mess

o a listener to two old hands decks
funeral funsters with grey hot sex
and i have to pop both of my eyes or
come home to see children bleed

to magic death...            Uh..

oo  a hired heated hater of a cruel glass void
rampages unto a little head
oo a hired eaten driviller of a cruel old boy
rummages into faceless bed
and weevils dream of oats while toys
teeter underneath roses and spent joys

o once aside a pinion mad men raise
a naked nude plesura of kicker-graves
and a kickered picker of knicker-slaves
lay a note of passions with cold trades

oo i hired a heated hater of a cruel glass voids
and the fires of faces fawn to me now
and a sea of masques rocked me when cloud
walloped my cocker with roller shrouds
once upon a mine, i dug for ropes
once inside my cosine, i saw a sea of soaps
sloshing eagle-spit where a washer of dopes
dragged closed kine for piggy tea-trays

the masters of massive moggies mash now
a male sea of loud cussive goldies
and we weep for wives as coded babbies

die in their sleep.....  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

mastiff mystic condor cries carry sadness deep inside
mastiff magic condor lives
curry weepers with combed wives
and the slits of Pan sink herods inside hooked brides
and a massive miner under eyes
hips to the bitter beat where a soldier under lies
leads saltiness to bald waters

mastiff mystical mangers meld gods with easy lives
mastiff familial strangers pelt a ghost with dizzy spies,
and down comes Man
and down thrums Woman; and we hear vocal tides
and we serenade gunned jokes and eddied sea-slides
a baby on a body-cliff chants a fallen mantra when
eaters of red rifles shoot a red eye dead as chicken
and a boat of lice sinks swaggerers under lichen when
mastiff mystic condor dives marry drives to old hens
the mystic rides we phoned interfuse cells with rings
la the cystic pies we choked on
lend meaty gristles to a sad sea of deadly suns, ah,,
and we weep for sleep
and we creep for wheat
la la la la...

once aside a mine in a dark world, i hastened to Mars
and then jammed j christs missed healed cars..


we wreak a dunny daffodil
we sleep with Lady Wifferdrill
and we lay a magnet in the yard..La La
tawny buzzy brides gambol after red Mars
and we wreak a stable
and we sleep with Madam Disabled.

in a sea of saws, a coda under tables
dreams about  the crazy death of Pan
and a canine mind barks upon a tin pan
and a leaden lemon loon
slavers after heat and sleep and de moon
we wreak a dunny daffodil
we sleep with Lady Wifferdril
.. aha.a cat on a stage preens sweet gloom
aahh  a rat in a rage rotates inside spooned
coffin vermin afternoons
in a sea of claws, a coker of old fables
tree-knots a brother soul to empty rooms
and we walk atoned
and we talk to stone, and a daffy tomb
damages beds with blown drones.
once upon a cunt, a shooter of junks had
a hasty peer inside a wounded dome
and a scissorer of soft gems drizzles
dooby honey aside a nude angel
endlessness eats into earwigs
trendlesssness eats under carves
and a lorry on a drive stabs grey cars
Uh Uh Uh


jdb 14/06/2020
work-in-progress    Title: Aside a Ruddy Milton Moon
1st draft poem then songpoem
the evil signum of the alarming dead
swipe petrol from Abaddon
la la, a dunny street where men abed
wipe gasolene against abandon treads
aside a ruddy milton moon,
and the sands of hearts flow just like
a cup of easy tea
and a dirty weatherchart uses seas to
dam waves with old cheese

fellowers of vermin catch codal cats
fallowers of ermine care for old rats
and the hands of the moon seize weeds
and we are bellied with sweet leaves
the evil signum of the alarming dead
swipe gas from cold stunned sex-bread


the eaten easter tides where i swam
back home, arise now from easy hands
o a dull afternoon cherishes childish plans,
and whilst we're asleep, the cold drams
make a dizzy toast to a bride and groom

the eaten easter wives who swoon in
aimless appletrees cut a skin of spun wind
and a competer in the country wins sins
o a dolly afternoon perishes under dimmed
baby night lights
fellowers of edams don cheesy kites
and we go fly a kite where grey mites
sing into an urbane city microphone;
and we wave hello
and we seize farewells from stone.

the piper of a pipper peals grey headed dreams
with eastern fairy thumbs,
and a rider on a cliff drops jollop on drums
and we hasten to the junglers when screams
deafen the blind with eaters of uttered screens
o, a large arsed gal shoots her sweet creams
o, a large faced boy hoots under streams

the dicta of a flown flower heal the dead
the pucker of a mown flower sweeten bed
and a dreamer of old follies feast for bread
and a summer's sun witnesses hot sex lead

the piper of a pipper peals grey loaded dreams
and an wakening dram of meals eats mean
body cake. O, we hear our world when guns
shoot a formless face made up from lungs.

once upon a mind, a flex-headed woman
rode along a witch-wived road; and children
swap hands for arms when a sea of seasons
chills a vacant land with easily swellings,
lo, a scary island in the moon shines for a
catacomb of intercities; and a bud of wars
hisses when kisses piss across thin-card

once upon a mind, a flex-headed woman
rode along a rag-wiped rose; and reason
chatters like a sliced saint and old wards
weep for laughter when a tree of treason
sea-hangs all lives and all wild deaths.

the piper of a picker peals loaded dreams
and, o, an awakener of eels sucks diamonds
we have seen five seas fail. The times are
undoubtedly midnight. The beasts in cars
die out and a valley of light stops old rivers.

the chantress whose swinging jazz-crowd
carries jivers to a jacking jazzed lips will cloud
all bad boys and all good girls
and a bully on the fall will widen into loud
looseners of grey silks and pulled pearls
and a baby in a bun chews old prey
and a static lady drops her curded knickers

we have seen five seas fail. The times are
loaded with chips and sausage as fed cars
crusade for coded crashes. O, old mirrors
raise a dunny cat from dog-dayed sea-scars
and a dobbler of a rat strangles sex-hards

the chantress whose swinging jazz shrouds
carriers of marital nudes will separate clouds
and a pusher of ploves pee upon pissed loud
gay inventions; and a bee's honey palms shiver

we have the eaten names by bitter heart. Lo,
a shaker of sirens socks to a lover's arc and
while loaded lady lippers leap for grand slams
a burner of bad burger books must heap old
incineraters of murder books and blind cold

dyslexic glove-stretched words of souls.

the peasy pullers of pluperfect minds sleeve
coded telephones with dialling mirror sleaze
o a busy brother who dare not see the trees
has a baddy boy for his father; and old beads
sucker for sex toys when a wedded old dweeb
drops a deadly fucker upon painted sweet tea

we have the eaten names by bloody heart
la la, a vein of beaten chains whips old leas
and god's men scatter ketchup on grey leaves
and a fat kid must go to the kitchen sink when
tealeaves and curd are eaten like soft hens.

the peasy pullers of pluperfect minds sleeve
coded mobile phones where ponies under gems
ride around a sickening and radial red castle
and as kind minds close then an easy fardel

will untie a pitted city parcel filled with flour.

floral eaters of a flora dance sleep underneath
grey headed vaginal sheets; and a pricked heath
sees british nomads striding as they hear sleep
making everything foreign work. Oh old heat
races down the kind sides of a keen black god
and a pig of a racist punk must die now.

the easy pullers of pluperfect minds transgress
chalked riders of grey headed tribes
and a dark hem of a grave scatters old ashes
and floral eaters of flora dance sleep beneath
dragglers of evil white headed vomit-cunt
and a cage of asses heeds glass where junk
staples sodded sunglasses to soft meats.

we have the eaten names by bloody heart
la la, a vein of carmine treaters rides sparks
around a loony bend when babied street marks
mark off the black creator with genius clouds.


the insidious demands of a dizzy daisy girl
come homeward now to a city in a poke
and a tree of iron snaps aside easy jokes
and a bell of lions rings tocsins from curls.

floral eaters of a flora dance sleeps for
a dyer of devilries; and a vase under ores
sails till blue boats cry. O, once a livid day
weavers of wicked eyes will sea-decay
a blooded raft of closed crowds and girls
we have the eaten names by heart. La!
a easy kicker of swollen flames uses cars
to crusade inside a giddy fast framed moor
and naked northern birds sing for scores
floaral pickers of a flora farm use hay
and men and women feed a cavvy grave.

softening suppers in a bright boy's bag
laid diamond waste to punny peasy toys
youths and their wastrel lovers lopped a hag
and a sign of swaggerers stationed old joys
underneath plural streets where a slit of slags
laid a knicker-sheath around the mind's ploys,
and we have darkened urban silence with
a bad neon mum and dad. Oh, once when kids
cried in our spines, a shadower of old gigs
hastened us where a forest on a fast bridge
swallowed grey geizering gold gushy figs.

softening suppers when a boy in a mail-bag
smattered salt seed across bled penis-crags
have hereby come to serenade a sex-cab,
and empires of indecent collons will out-grabe
gutters of sweet speculum and eaten pled pigs

as we suck a bad nut and as we breakdown
then the indolent gem of a jellied thigh-bone
hits jacking jostlers in jazzy diggy old towns;
and we had the city names by heart and we
used to listen to pink litters. Ah, closed trees
enter into a listless seaside. Ah, old sleeves
swim inside a sea-caged body of gold glebes.

the stutterer under fast words has to cry
o widowers under vast birds have to cry,
and the starry sinners of a screen must cry
for eager men and easy crooked woman
and the parks of the deaf blind oak trees
and the leering bushes where dead men died
hereby crack up and sweat for corpses.

the stutterer under fast words has to die
o widowers beneath bird have to die for a
shriller of a death whose warbler's stone
hurls diamante pebbles at a nylon city-groan
and the starry sullen draggers of a dead sun
looms down on open windows as if knived
and a takeaway brunch feeds easy wives.

the stutterers under cold cabins speak words
and spoken spoiled words cry for red nerves
a hah. old dead brollies in a forgotten world
teem with grey parasols, and coded girls
crash through four walls where skin-pearls
snap a raisin cracker for lunatical ill brides

and a canteen of glass cooks ogled egg
and a tureen of grass boils ogled breads
and a cakey soul pinions meat withe veg
and we dined in the pitchdark when dregs
dropped a butter-scone across bared hands

o the sisters of a donny sun strip soap
as bare as minds, and a bastard's rope
peers inside an invisible sandglass as cans
carry muted petrols where cats under clams
crash with tails the mowlers of grey islands
and a breaker of owlers use a hooted
dais of baby-bobbins; and old aged dope

drops a dilly daisy apon an urban big-band


Copyright JDB 20/06/2020
work-in-progress title: After Blue Meat
1st draft poem then poem-song
the waxen wide eye of a sad bad sky
serves eager classes to idiot wives
o a summer in a city shoots red-eye
and a dunny buddy flower
rains upon a dead world's mind
the aspen leaves we chose to grind
has to sweep trees under mines
and a dunny buggy boy who whines
after blue meat, dies for sleep
and a woven head kicks a cellar
where lemons feed lips then heat
chills us with burned fool's gold.

the fizzing faces of Eden shine for
a blown space where active whores
swell up for paid sex
ah  a cutting race of wine heaps sex
and we studied birds
as minds float by, a sea of words
slaps aside waves as forest curves
wallop a dragonfly
o a opened lady weds a bride
and a buzzy teasy thrill ride
sweats for rain- O, dead mess
sucks on some flint as odd death
drops, just like a patent T Rex
the waxen wide eye of a sad mad sky
hastens to sleep
the ashen wild mind of a buddy mind
sweats for shoved lady optics
the ages in a good book reads for time
o a waver of spind gods
cry for emptied fields; and a sad rhyme
washes fish where dogs call for blue
o an opened lady weds a knife
and death is coming now for its wife
a doctor of daddies dams a dolly date
la a father of ladies lams a lolly state;
and we arise from baddies
and we cry beneath cold daisies
and a binary bone shuts babies
deeply down where sawn cut snakes
stop to slide
ahh a focal fotus feels after fileds
ahh a local crocus chews de chill,
and a mad man at night
lashes hils; and a vast light spills
oaky porridge oats. Lo, old christ
swallows rain.
o, wise opened lady shits on grain
o,, dives open up
and weeing pushy sluts cram ice
underneath green focussed rage
the flaxen fast fled father of a suicide
hips to a fascinating side
o, words of castes cut mum's old life
and a cutey in a cage crumbles for
wheezy chests where brambler's ore
digs for mineheaded coker choked wars
o wide opened chicken run for Lords
o wild spoken children burn for walls
and a prison in a screen shows halls to
an easy bed filled up with slept wives
ahh a focal fatal reel rams de films
ahh a local medal adorns old wills
and mamma mary melts where claws
sink female talons beneath shadowed
babied babbied heels of stoned mice
sugary servers of soft sores dress up
a balding arm with silky plasters.. o, cups
toast late tea; and the maker of features
reel under films
and a naked paster of soft walls sever
grey seas from easy scissor mirrors
the flaxen fast fled father of regicide
rots in a familial city hand; and tithes
trickle from formless neon sandals,
and roped scribes script iron from old
easy teasy magenta lazy angels
ahh a focal fatal seal stamps a cage
ahh a facial under fierce lamps raise
octagons of christs from a father moon
and a wizener of heists covers graves.
the assing eyes of a mad spine shake a bud
ah amassing dives dream under dead blood
and a doctor on a healing stage
ropes dancers to ailments of theatre-rage
o assing eyes of mad mines dig for Gods
and a rider of writers ride against love
ah, a fetal fashion of fiece ferine fast dogs
dons a neon butterfly
and a metal mission marries nests to tides
and we walk a weeper's crying cold Life
the assing eyes of a mad spine shakes a bud
la, a burny bright bin brands bran with drugs
o a miraculous parted rave dances for knifed
body beauty
and we prance down the hour as we tug
blue thighs with icy wizard hands..Oh, baby
falls to the keen earth when a sea of cubs
sing a sad song for a murdered fox-glove.
the druggards of the darting dead dam a dead hand
under pillars where a body of blown bread
spreads tealeaves and curd upon a basin-bed
o a signal softening son whose sunny clash rams
fairy sedans down moaned milks jazzes for crammed
babby oceans
the assing eyes of a sad swine shakes a bad gob
la la, a canary in a bag caresses shag as puffed mobs
melt a mazy minx upside a caged cold crew of lobbed
dolty dollar daames whose abuse of faces slams
a bad bald fanny in a ridden frontroom..O, dogs
yap as they howl and bark at cemeteries inside a
buzzy blue kitchen; and the dunny starvers in cars
swing to the sounds of soft beasts under red Mars
and a doony dead planet revolves around old clogs
and a dooby of a dead gannet dials a dad's hands
the druggards of the darting dead dam a dread dram
and weavers of musical beers toast the eyes of
old grey vinegar swilling swine-steeds...Ohhhh

as we may laugh at the livid sun, we may well hear
the madness of the town colliding with hot tears
and the veins at dark drag fathers from the coast
and twinned brains bag feathers with fairy thumbs
as we may laugh at rigid rain, then we must stun
a body-cage with an easy eyelet.O, as sin strums
coded coda guitar
a bread-boarded river slides oak boats under stirred
alien human spines; and the eagle-hour swerves
beneath tigers and pugs and piggy chicken-birds
as we may laugh at the racing moon, men will hear
a shattering of goblets inside a room of spheres
and a giddy glad dog guides the mind far West
and the sines of mad gods ride a riven breast..
as we will come to order the silence of a smile
then a darting darling will drive a sexy while,
and blueness recalls hot diamond as city wiles
shadow eaten Eden with intercitied roof-tiles
the pocketing of houses inside a midday moon
must come to kiss forever the families of gloom,
and the ferbrile witness to a woman in her room
will surely come to serve us the very back of doom
we will arise again from de bodies
we shall drive again against the mind
and a patient of the dead will study wine
we will arise again from red babies
we shall ride again against a salt spine
and a patient of the fed will suffer time
all along the highways of the moon a
quietus of sadness bombs de wound of
a belly on the freeways to a skull..Gods
gasp for phoned lips where dying loves
set fire to farmers of lost rainbows
we will arise again from de bodies
we shall always writhe; and a daddy crow
crusades after keen carrion comforts
and the slides of dark write upon slowed
deep water rogues; and pullers on the road
lash aching usherettes to busy thoughts
all along the highways of the rain, pain
strickens buzzy beards with seared veined
body boxes that open up at midnight,
and the sermon of chokey cats ignite
shallowers of gallowers with bed stained
hurtlers of grey heat and bitumen
we will arise again from de bodies
we shall cry aside pain as wide toddies
slash against a beller of valley-kids,
and odes to baby rivers drink to pigs where
a bakery of noodlers butchers hair
uh a thudding colour in a chest snares us
uh a dodderer of murder has sussed
crooked croaky cockers; and a sea-bus
travels about rolled cliffs where sex-pus
oozes under eaters of bruised briny cusped
vinegar hands...Oh once i heard a song
yellng under sand..Oh once i heard a sun
falling from a rigid island's easy gun
the captive pharoahs in a boat of mead
toasts captive egos; and a bed of seeds
tramples ivories intoivies; and steeds
grampus across lips.  Ah, handsigns need
a baby bone to chew on. Gold deeds
draggle a bad bend from  ghost-greed
followers of vermin catch codal cats.

Copyright JDB 17/06/2020
work-in-progress  title: A Dancer on her Side?
1st draft poem then poem-song
such stupid baby words to chant O!
such idiot tears to be shed. Hearts
swallow beer as a sea of cunt sparks
a bell of booze from a blind blue day
and, uh, we rode on waves as baby
fell from a canted moon, and graves
drop biers upon an easy country. Ladies
loop a loud lozenge when a painted dog
yaps at barky sacrifice; and we sing!

such yokels to be raised! o, bled rings
slip a shaded swinger under hymns
and a sea of pain drops rain from a
deadly dream about night and day. Ah,
we storm halted blood-Hades and raved!

the ochres of old summers see cars
crushing under rubber; as we scar
crying dunes we face to gods and cry
and a dunny bay bolts corn as wives
widen into midnight; and city knives
stab sirens; and a head of sand dies
and a bunny busted rat craps eyes
until blindness brings a face from dives.

such carriers of carrion must writhe
such marriers of a cardamon drive
back home where beasts are dried
out; and wives hear the beast spied
outside. O, cagy gods have to arise?

doggers of pealed tears truckle
under nests where termites scream
ah a nuclear net fishes atoms from
eaten movies; and a kiss in a gun
shoots lips as leprous kissy suns
shine just like one million lungs; and
ancient kites cry for gulls as sand
stops upon a bled beach; and hands
heal the bad mind; and we preach.

such stupid latent charms carry a curse
from east to west; and a bud in a purse
spends old coins to buy a bright red hearse
and hearers of loins shed sperm upon
lady lions; and a body in a perm guns
creation with old suns; and rolled firs
force a corpse of pigs under birds.

doggers of pearled tears trickle for
grey kids who dance for world war
and a pen of pigs grunts for old stores
and eyes buy the blind as closed wards
drink machine bevvies; O, a soft mane
models canny cats from tailed cane,
and dog of dirt dips fangs into wine

such stupid latent charms carry a curse
from north to south; and a bomb hurts
keyed streets where a road of rain
cuts the fierce spaces in love's name,
and weird lipped noise sings for hurt
and a mad model of wax lights up
a filthy fascist candle. Ah, grey pups

suck bats as we search for bogies?

wind wipers whisper under seasons now
mind criers listen to thunder as old crowds
wash a dilly bum in a tramped stream; cloud
falls to sky-sleep as a bay of figgy trowels
digs a giant garden; and we face in to shrouds
and we hasten to a loud tissue of a sail
and a mission to the grieved must cut sails.

O, once a zillion times a day, eyes parade for
dinner men whose angular plates feed whores;
and a bended noose sea-hangs salt hammers
and a shended cruise give head to fathers.

wind wipers whisper under treasons now
mind criers fall from tears; and gay crowns
drive inside a burned bathing baby-lounge
O, once upon a mine, i saw golden feathers

cutting a plucker from a hot chicken movie.

cutters of cute couplers wed after optics
o a father of neuters nip hens with coptics;
and a starry life shines unkindly; and lips
caress red kisses as a cottage under trips
falters, then falls down a village of clits.

fat fearers flaunt terror and odes to mitts
mob a madam mind with thoughtless gnits
O a father of pooters peals upon armpits
and we raise a roper from a greyed tit
and we swing from pears as cutted pips

swallow deaths then drop from pockets.

cutters of cute couplers wed for rockers
o mothers of fevers sting with bright tears
and tears get in the city grave as spheres
spin around a dyed world of gay gear.

fast fearers of cuddly carpenters
lay golden waste to a city of cars
and dizzy creatures encage rivers
and drive-in features shine for babes
o a neon skull liquifies easters when
an instamatic writher rides for gems
ah a butterfly boat sails for trades
ah a buttery rope nags for hanged
buzzy busy dope-graves; and ice
cuts a rainy face where blind mice
rotate around a naked nuked cage.

faceless eaters of guns shatter us
o with razors under suns, dead dust
flies beneath soldiers and screened
baby-rock; and a basket of musks
tusks after tauran hills where slaves
loosen a keepers' rope. O, knaves
lead lemon peppers to salt soaps
and a lazy lioness roars at slaves.

fast fearers of cuddly carpenters
blay a goofy gin around gold dreams
and the hot moon cries when green
daddies of a cartoon reels under
claspers of Orion; and blue thunder
rocks a grabbed world from schemes
la la, eyes jack and jive and trades
suck a dummy skull then eat rage

sages of pluperfect aliens season ash with
coded sirens. As we summon aliens, wrists
have to cognitise old veins with ignition
and a bairn of buds sucks stems as pinions
enpenis vaginal freights with grey oceans
la la, a cobra of a snaked island reams us
la la, a loader of a faked sea-scam dusts
a godly empty father whose venal cars
drive far East then West; and Kosher pigs
cram tears down dead throats. Ah, MaMa
melts into orifices as neuterers of PaPa
set a scissor on a scratchman's easy star.

fast feeders of vegetates drip cuts scars
o vast eaglers of cabbage clits cuts bars
and a goal upon a caged stage eats guitars
and a soul of guns cries for sex as rivers
sun-raise rilk-trades from creamed livers.
sages of pluperfect aliens season ash with
palled plashy picks; and a lit-up cunt-lid
spreads dirty hands where splayer's figs
rill-rams rolexers with filthy diggered kids
and we raise the body-hour and we set squid
far, far away aside pints of golden mammas

fast feeders of vegetates lick chained shards
o a tree of red-minded napes cut cards
but i cannot play cards because i am carved
from mongrel marbles.  Ah, we have fever.

moggy mad men who sadden self have to
claim a kitty eye from deafening blind-blues
la la, a cat inside a mind prays after shoes
and, o, as madam millers tried for screws
then a bond of pure rice will scattered news
under beds, where dreamt song is playing.

moggy mad men who sadden selves have to
chain a broken spy to veils of meat; and
loud cappy cousins of de colours paint sand
and weevillers of baby dollars change hands
with fairy thumbs and moggy mastic dudes.

as we scent obscenities with wine and as
darling dangers drag a dame for glass, masks
will shroud-sail a fussing owl with cooed casks
and a sea of ribs rots upon a radio; and masts
drag golden sounds for easy eateries. La, La

i have seen the lost moon carrying sun-fire
under wise pigeons whose carrion gull-snare
drops a vaginal hill upon a burst inside hair
and a road of lice leaps a dirty pubis where
a mons of a macadam madam chops stairs

down, down, down; and i stand here atoned.

-the flight of a truckstop pierces red rain
ah midnight gun-shops swell beneath veins
and a body plays free when gassy god-minds
felllow pigs with heavens inside a soft blind
lo lo, a patient yoyo goes up and down times
and we weep forever when coded sea-swine
swing across loud heroes under narrow births
-the flight of a truckstop murders planet earth

when a boy of sadness pulls along old skirt
then a gal of madness swings around hurt
and i hurt god's parents by cooking in the rain
ah ah, as bodies boom for hooking then grain
grills a baby bunting; O, hard gems sear dust
la la  a brain of fleeces fucks hard sea-crust
and a bone of wine drinks to a cunt-tree
and pictures of Aladdin rub a light as bees
sting wild heaven with digital laden trees

-the flight of  truckstop pierces red rain
ah midnight sex-shops stop a wanked skein
and as we are featured in a dirty city mind
a trapper of vaginal heels rip away all time

i saw my dad in heaven saying 'All rhyme
will come to save forever god's gold mind';
and madness born in heaven heaps crimes
and my use of motel rooms hardens wine
and an abuser of death hires a whored clime
i said again that 3 out of 2 ain't bad.. O, rhyme
teeters into darkness as cemetery's dine on
old gassers of garlics and pushers of cum.

the pullers of plush Paladin peer inside a gun
o the riders of bruised skin swallows sad sons
and a bell of Dettol dams a mad mind's flava
and pushers of Paladin peer inside a razor
o, a dizzy ballet where a dancer on her side
falls into a coven then a tapper on his bride
will falter and totter on the angels of mirrors
ah ah, a vast rolled hall hips upon gold lies
ah ah, a fast doled brawl bites upon blithe
baby burns; and we weevil after cold skies
./and we raid god's jazz band and define
blonde beds and the scissors of the heart?
Copyright JDB 27/06/2020
work-in-progess  title: star-vinyls suck bees in heat
1st draft poem then poem-song
geesy jumping sea-hands drive dead tides
beneath collared men who used the mind
and a bud of bells rings the penis as wives
wee upon a wild beach of eyes; and brides
bridle up with sluiced steeds that cut lives
fiercely down; and a bark of bread writhes.

once upon an evil sermon, a baby's cries
crashed  Oh, as we drive then we slide for
ancient skies where mad mothers eat wars
and a lake of fear flashes under cold maws
and, uh uh, as we chant for thunder then lies
must certainly have to strike gods down..


salty sullen sweeties suck upon a red nut
la la, children under candies cut a soft mutt
and we dance for reason as a town of cuts
issues labile loaves to ladies and male sluts
la la, a boat of dust sails as she wails after
blowers of blondies and ancient gold laughter
la la,, a gal of gourdes grabs to glass mana
and a sea of figs strips a body down for
a dizzy dirtied space where a drowned score
sinks a shooter of lace with coca wards.

once upon an evil sermon, a baby's mind
ass-wipes gold cunny with peeing twines
and a buried stone hisses as fingers chime;
o, we slave for drones as catty scat signs
swash English socks outside a bruised mind
o, once upon an evil drum, a baby's spine
shook sucrose to the very bone; and wine
tips a trickster of a red-head; and a crime
cups deviant tits in both hands as rinds
fall, fall, fall.. Oo, a bunny boy must bind

salty sweeties to sawn jams and pines.

the vampy body stickers in an female chart
sallies roped shampy with evil feral hearts
o, as times flow high, and where old carts
carried horsemen far West, then old scarps
must swallow oaks from elms; and harps
fellow easy beer with dizzy fast drinkers
la la, a matrix of metals kneels upon men
ha ha, a veiny blood trestle builds women
and huge hired horses ride to deaths when
babies in granaries grip to cradle-sinkers

once upon an evil tide, eyes went too wide
oo once inside an evil sky, eyes went to ride
easy sex pictures; and we die for dickers
and, as we fail to move, billed stickers will
crash-down in a moldy moon. La, red hills
fall, fall, fall; and reptilian rooms hit feathers
waltzed wheaties weep for corn when gems
flail then cry upon old trees; and men end?

noosers of moose-men pee upon a boat
la, killers of looped sirens sing for dope,
and an easy mind has listen hard for
dunny caves and eagle-hastened rope
and we spend money on hanged rope

once upon an evil tide, spies fell in for
a layering of liars and the seas outdoors
and a gate of mice must catch boats for
abuse of shroud-sails and drowned whores
wanked weepies weave winding pores
and we cover poxers with shitted spores
and we arise from safes as costly wards
toast a naked safe-breaker; and old tors

trample dirt into dust; and we use wars.

we supper after supermen as egits under rice
scatter chirpy tea-cake upon pigeoned christs
and a bowl of rapists eases beers inside mice
and a boat of brothers baits bone with lice

wanky body beacons bray after shitty life
and a ship of fingers must pray for night
and a sea of mirrors sprays sex upon bright
deacons to dirt and dusty filthy sex-pints

we supper after supermen as egits under rice
sex-scutter; and a bell of beds dreams for ice
and a ball and chain cut strips from jesus when
we dance on the field and fall for city rain
wanky body beacons bray after easy mikes
and a bone of zeroes goes up and down for
eaten guns. Oh, once a ruddy day, i use a
radio for a homemade telephone; and cars are

led to incredible Mars; La, la, we eat stars..

a lunacy of mad mermen fishes after quays
la la, a family of sad sea-women hides glebes
and dolly texts which read about skin heave,
and we pant for sadness as we reap seed

o once upon blue lime, a gism of red need
wallowed where burnt mines showed greed
and weird skies of nudes will warp disease
and a bed of dimes must pay for England

a lunacy of sad salt-men fishes after dreams
and we swill old sugars as diners under screens
serve old health foods to heroes under drams
wanky godly beacons crash-down for edams
and weary woollen breakdowns eat wigwams
and sandy punched bowls drink to cold sedans


a dobbler of a pooing prate sheds salted shit
aside five winds; and a cat of lead cuts lips
and a dagger of a messed mate melts for shit
and bald girls shit in the wind;  O, a loud gits
grip to grazes as fiery fist under flown trips
hastens to a burning flower; and odals strip
a good pony down around babied blue ships

ah a weepy milky sigh cries for noise when
a blower of a teasy tie strangles old women
and a dizzy dibbler of a dirt-whorl summons
a blinded bombard of hitters and dead Zen

a dobbler of a pooing prate sheds sacred tits
o aside nine curs, a cat of shapes sucks zits
and anancee has to lose his big web; and lit
reads naked verbs to vast coded mind-pits
ah a teasing tea-seep has to smother gnits
and a boat of fools sails under naked hips
ah an eaten meadow fellows dirt with gents
and a boat of mules rages under hair-clips

daffodils for mermen strike ceilings from smurfs
o aged carpet-men drag a fount from old dirt
and a slow hot flower fixes crimes to hurt then
a rider of a sin raises eaten guns from women
ah ah  daffies under sirens swing for chickens
and a boat of fish fantail the sun; and old skirt
forces a pisser of planed pussy with grey gyms
ah  as teasing tea-sleep dreams about hymns
ah  when a eating cake-heat scatters grey limbs
then a goaty box of fluff has to heap a hearse
with horsy hands and curriers aside ten winds.
daffodils for mermen strike ceilings from earth
and eyes will serenade the rotors of bled birth
and a keeper of torn-teeed flavour heeds birth
and a maid in reading goes wordblind as earth

stops dead.. Oh, we weep for cunts as winds
parade as sex blows; and death has cleft limbs?

when desperate to abuse tarpaulin, a town of geese
fandangoes with pealed puce; and the sons of grease
layer boned herrings with soft spies and thrush-yeast
and a writer on red corn summons from dead peace
a river of a rider whose feet snap in two; O, feasts
gallow after ghosts when a dolly in the moon reaps
lost records where star-vinyls hack bees in heat.

when desperate to abuse trampoline, torn wheat
dances beneath a psychic circus on a heath. Lo,
as minds get high, then munchers of sex robes will
certainly smatter hired worlds in sex-batter;- hills
swim as they fall; and weedlers of sin suck meats
..and a hot growl radio blays a bed voice across dust
and weavers of meaty tapings delve for song-lusts

when desperate to abuse tarpaulin, a town in heat
refranges sin from head to prism-feet; and musk
hits upon a cuffed waxed man who kills his jeep
and my lady summer who gave head to fevers
slips her soft carkeys into a daft bed; and pleasers
pan for bacons in backyards where grass-givers
cut a masky maze from a gaoler under fat killers

when we move to a circus of paint, may saints
supper from a dog and cat named Moon. Eh?

ah my mill of a family says that skin is empty
ah my happening dead body appears bin-emptied
and dad says 3 out of 2 ain't bad, and mummy
is wound in patent mummy cloths as fannies
afix a dirty dagger to a tree of fallen poetry
when desperate to abuse tarpaulin, odd seats
may well appear worn and built from creeps
and a pyschedelic game must kill love's circus.

when we leap into a female ward we will find
a weeping constellation shaped from evil minds
and a corona of hospice-blood wrecks all minds

when we leap inside a woman's brawl we shall
petrify the giving dead with washed latrines, and
as we sail out to punish eyes, then a loaded hand
will jive for jewelled grief; and sad flashes dam
scissors, lube, tweezers, porators. O, hard mam

melts upon witched water when a sea of tastes
trickles down the sounders of weepy old lace
and arsed nicks and gold waste jazzes for land

when we leap into a female garden, we will ram
eaten dairy sons around a pulled cakey river
and we must writhe for sleep as an old mamma
raises robotic lips from gold gourdes and drama
O a glided fish of a whore hears dicks and lovers
lap a poppy kiss with snares and miction fathers
the indigo farmers of famishers feed from wine
ah  a vase of feathers varnishes mead with brine
and a magazinic bod breaks wind upon words
and a locus under crocus cures old blackbirds

when we leap from healing sleep then we ride
pony-backed upon a cat whose mane of suicide
lams a body lantern with accidental halved moons
la la la, dog boys bark for kids when mental runes
rob a feline case of sweat boxes and old money.
a loosening lozenge of a dead-headed girl swoons
after dunny cads whose faces scream with dunes
and we shall suffer scissors, lubes and gal-goons
and a fish boy will surely arise from the Thames
and a kissed toy will certainly end in gay Bethlem
a widower of ages divorces a male drake when
greyers of easy geizers gash a gold grand gem
o, laden rumpletezer has to lash roman women
and we wheeze as we widen. O, closed stems
seal saucy secateurs inside a barren pig-pen
when fixated feline visions vaunt after bends
o where asphyxiated idols jump for stooled men
then a local fool will pray for mares as brens
blank a bad bull with a fanny and gassed old hairs
and a giver of skulls now washes lard in skins
la la la, we execute the moon as we catch sin
la la la, we electrocute the babby as kids spin
beneath beaded bread-heads; and grey pus rims
a blanket of a blood bonnet; and we ride limbs
ah as we leap into a female museum, we find
dunny death dragging doctors under our minds
uh uh uh uh      THE END!!

Copyright JDB 28/06/2020
work-in-progress Title: oaks, elms and appled beads
1st draft poem then song-poem


writhers of wet writings weep under flour
and we sweat for suets
o old liars lie for celings and a bed of hours
swashes hands
writhers of wet weddings weep for flowers
and we sweat coptics
and we suffer porn-chicks and we iron
deeply down in darkness
eyes pierce pullers when old pugs power
oaks and elms and appled beads.

bearded shavers under glass stave a bright star
o splendid labia sunders us as a kicker in cars
carries veins down to rivers; and a salty barge
blows a boat apart; and a sweety's sex hard
cuts caves from cages. O, we siren after Mars

writhers of wet writings weep under paths
and a dummy blueberry brags for old calves
and a weird wide hen lays turkeys from carved
body stations. O, we assault beds for babies.

eyes pierce plashers as wetted wool-wynds
sweep a sallowed father down far West
and a gibbon bowl blows and starry minds
heap for a hippy beat. O, a doll of praise finds
codas of women eating sleep; and old times
stopper pinks with pled pins and bathrooms

o we assault men with rabies as catty wines
toast the rigid dead; and a film of a sad spine
drools,after old heads as a dreamer's mine
mines for a heart of pure soul; and calamine
washes easy thread in swissroll.. Oh, ??

the easy clocks say it is time to grow now
o easy rocks roll for green lime as old cloud
closes bens under blown dreams; and crowds
carry cunts into stoned screams; and clowns
don idiot circus crowns where a dunny town.
hips to a hispid beat. Oh, we valve for cities

eyes pierce plashers as pushers of babies
vamp after dizzy sadness; and we are babies
and we are adults under buggies. Ah, ?!!!

we shit into the wind as eaters of frizbies
bolt a vampy balled cock to urban teles,
and easy clocks say it is time to glow now
and, lo, i espy crocks cutting tits from delis
and i cry for the midday hour; and i know

absolutely nothing, and my god is slowed.

the bodiers of braggers salt-stab eatie eyes
la ha, flavourers of hackers tab on skies
and a cot for women feeds a titty wife when
candlers crashdown; and ald towny men
rend pig pens with warping hands as dives
drool upon a drop tank; and we hide eyes
deeply down in a dripped mind. O, ivories
play for ebonies as a clother of sold stems
suppers for trolls and toads. Ah, regimens

holster peat in arms where hot big chairs
chatter for sofa smatter; and we use fast hairs
and we volunteer for fathers when bears
vamp death on a grande piano; and tears
cause blocked swung weeping; and tears
always get in the fucking way; and we hear

everything when robed hearts heed whores

oxygenated by dust, an ivory mad man makes
swept stars puff like bright cigars
o as fatal eye-musk blinds dunny sirs then
shapeless fazers of lit rivers rams oceans
deep down within bent hearts and potions
and weedlers spin as bled barks wind us.

oxygenated by lust, an ivory man man shakes
universal hands where arms under odd lakes
layer piss with grapes; and we suffer snakes
and we cry as we drape drams with dusk
ho a fluer of dives dries out for vanny vast
baby bonnets; and bad babby power casts a
bled sloane whose hissers count masks.

hostels made from lubes swallow dev flasks
motels made from roods rams old rafts
and we use a skinned craft when old dust
swashes a perfume-watch inside the past
oxygenated by fury, eyes clench blind sleep
and a wavy wand widens magical wheat
and a grey headed hero hips after old meat
ah ah ah, hustlers of yoyos use closed heat

and we dance for doilies as dinner jeeps
crash aside a windowed baddy; O, sleet
cuts red rain from radio as televisual teets

feed the umpteen thousand. La La La.

while disabled in a holster room, a belly of a moon
shines like ladies; and as we swoon for frontrooms
then we sweep star-swallowers inside vast dunes
o when vaginas in pockets pickle after bathrooms
then a vase of darts cuts cables from brigadoon.

while disabled in a bolster room, a belly of a tune
swings to a dirty midnight boom, and we hit spoons
and we raid fire as we pull pyres from red tombs.

a dogger of dodged domed men walks on gay stalls
ah a rider of budged blown men spin from walls
and a hostel's mad hedge clips flowers with malls
and we attract dunged dirt from garden dolls when
a bouncer of a sea-trap teems with a guilty wound.

whilst we pull a cunt-socket from hides then we
hit to a killer jewel; and a honey tree strips old weed
and a hearse of silver rocks grey gauze from sleeved
bakerlite balled oldtimed baby radio. Oh, we are seed
la, dabbers of sprawled sin sun-found fast fugue sleaze

oo drakes of mermen fish after flushed nets when
a corpse of a sea-crowd wave-crashes under zen
oo shapers of fisssured men flash aside closed ken
and a bark of arks sails homeward where women
whistle down the pussy wind; and a snare of gems
germinates sex-germs all over this poxy town. Ah?

oo drakes of mermen fish after flushed nips when
a copse of a tree-crowd wave-washes under men
and we cry for cold as we delve for family. Skin
sickles off a sick smell as a body in a binner's bin
uses clasping apple claws for hot heads and doddies

oo drakers of children cut the faces missions tread
and a boat of masks goes wide in the dark. Bread
slices into cake as bedded sticky bun cries abed
and wived wavers waggly kiss-cave craps upon lead

oo a drake has to suffer for His yiddish mamma when
hot-healers of hilly sin spurts stringers around hens
and willy wipers wash wed hands in a car of devs


canners of cunt-creased woman weeps for robes
o slammers of spunk-teased woman wail for clothes
and the female dunks of a biscuit pasted sea of brogues
arises from donkey arousal; and an english budder
sea-stabs dilly crabs with dirty hands. O, slit butters
brag after dogs where a faceless vine of a lover troves
a benny body of boars with a gasher of mamma droves.

canners of cunt-creased woman weeps for dinned rose
o dammers of junk-pierced chicken fry under nosed
catty flowers that curl capes into kitchens; and ald coves
prick-anger after fanny drapes that pull across the mind
and avenues of messy snakes suck a scissor code when
canny canters of fount-flamed cutter gizzards cum when
cantonments of mirror mains suck a bald sex gut

o once aside a sad mind, we hooped houses from rolled
baby minds who dug for parasites and blue banged souls
and we salt-soil sperm restaurants with easy cunt foals.

the diners of darkness delve dabbed vegetate drips with
an eater of deadness; O, a valve of a bird hits ribs
and a blooder of minds melts into sadness; O, digs
don a british dollar bill for spending on fierce pigs
and, atoned by illness, a chairman of pain sucks figs
o as we stride against a garland then we cut kids
o as we arise, then we silence perverts with grids
la, la, a burner of english paint defines a dizzy wig
and we dance for dazzy dirt as a snapped sun hits
a piggy penance of blown blades and slaughterers.

the diners of darkness delve vegetable volt-lips for a
cantonment of belled men who abuse a ski-toyed car
and reasoners of celled gems noose caviars when a
dogger of a daft nave leaps aside bones and sea-scars
oo smelly madam moon pits old beds with currencies.
we have held to easter hearts as rude xmas noise rams
doilies down a sister who heals the eyes in wigwams
and a holy petal pees upon weals as hedons under drams
drip a dodgy deadpan dragged deal of petrol hands

diners of darkness delve female rex-sex-trips when
idolated father christ has to don a cross from strands
and a bell on a cliff rings funeral tocsins upon wed sand
and we weep for weevillers as a worm of days slams
donkey drooling lightning around a big panner of sedans
we have read the cabin news by fucking heart when
feeders of felixes fawn to flued eye-ducking dolt edams
and we dance for the laden dead and we serve Kaplan
and, o-la, a bin of breads spreads rot upon odd scram
vinegar islands shake an acid dam with dirty blue toes

Copyright JDB 04/07/2020


 Night bruise: a comae on a fender

Spatial summer - led ded asteroids collide & bruise: a comae on a fender,
like ashen love, our vehicle lords disprove. Set red beneath the hashpipe
- a sigma seance - the ghasted gods conceive:  spatial summer - like
wicked truth, the ark of death deceives.  Demnotic mumma, semen drummer,
when once the ghost began, what news?
In which angled park of angels; beneath which road did time confuse?
Under dicta, under spanish fervour,
which the sword of light
that carries us back home.
Spatial summer, sunder, thunder; dogdayed rite, which way love's dome? 
Spatial, the sickle, first purdah ghost of israel; spatial, the number,
the cretaceous hero's war; spatial, stained suckotash, skein of
ultraviolet; spatial, adolf stickla, the scream behind the maw. 
Spatial, demeter, ruined ruby of red sacrifice; spatial, the void, the
glove-gleamed scent of hero's death; spatial, the winter, the staining
artifice of emptiness; spatial, spatial sumner, doom deriver in the fuse
of breath. …
ahhhhhhh                    are we on the night-ship?
jdb 2000.
Nothing but infinities of nought.
Nothing but the girlfriends trying to find
a better way to come. None
is the number of the thoughts.
Nothing but infinities of zilch
clamouring and climbing up the mind.
Nothing but infinities of nought
chiming with the sign of the times
Nothing is the toast; the grace
that whittles the birthday round the room.
Nothing is the boast; the face
that burns and gurns in doom. Nought
Is the series of the wastes;
the clash, the calm, the croon, the throne.
Nothing is the size of taste;
the climax and the boom. No
Man may make nought rip. The
ideal case of nought is all.
In wombs and tombs the slick
of tarry tides must call
The merchant bankers round
into some serious peace
of grinding madness. This
is why all love's deceased,
And why all girls are cold
in the final row of the cinema,
and why all lace is rolled
in arsenic-dimpled stars. Nought
Is the number and nought is the man.
Nought is the thunder and thunder the lamb
that flips through the blue into nothing at all.
Nought is the place of the pall.
Nothing but infinities of nought.
Nothing but infinities of hate.
Nothing but infinitiies of thoughts
that rape and then gyrate.
Nothing but infinities of ceased
revelries and charms. None
is the nought of it all and
the final nought on the sun.
copyright JDB 1991.
say, the clocks say it is time to flow
I think I'd better die now
I'd really like to kill all night

Cars are thrilled by heroines
as streets confess to a murdered glow

spurn me from the wildness baby
thrills disclaim the dark
as thrills inflame the ball-parks.

say, the clocks say it is time to flow.
rape is dour and stuffed with minds
say, the clocks say it is time to flow.

and you will use love's heroines
and you must get high.
let me weep inside your mictions
and warm my veins inside your clothes.

true force proves real regret
say, the clocks say it is time to flow
as neon passions shine and shine
and vineyards dance inside your mind

and i say that i cannot move
and i say that i cannot move.
Copyright JDB 2020