a speed-written esoteric short novel

phantastic photo of the young genius Dylan Thomas who died aged 39 in 1953.

title of novel: INSPIRAL PARAPETS..         made-up of 97931words/231 pages.
genre: post-modern stream of human subconscious/magic realism/prose poetry

Inspiral Parapets is a short esoteric novella made-up of 97931 words. It explores a disparate postmodern human world
ravaged by neon internet-awashed mentalisms. the genre
for the text is largely prose-poetry merged with an exposition of the human
subconscious. inspiral parapets took just 9 weeks to write. 

" Shocking porn galleries have nothing to say for the words we used
to speak and the darkness of the day when sadness storms the moon
and the stars inside their mien lie buried with the thoughts of one
million dreadened men and the softness of the clouds must raid the
depths of space and serry with their graves one zillion puny dreams.
The earth disclaims the glibness of the dawn and the morning seen
thereafter rapes the eyes of scorn; and we shall scorn the prayers
of the dreamt as seas tilt and quicken with their divided tides and
faith will breed with the dead as murders peer from the storm which
raids the fields of fear. And fixed grow the lights of the helios
that spin in the all-declaiming void as Aaron climbs the hill. Up
from the meadows to the asylum on the cliff, feet clamber and climb
as the daughters of the night crash cars for the memories of youth.
Eyes seize from suck the spires of inspiral parapets as the wind ducks
down to transgress the quietus made by the rites of the psalmed rivets
of the slickened estuaries that taunt from the dealt the sermons of
the trees. Matthew and I climb to the cliff where psychiatry burns
for a dollar and a day. All the live-long tracts of the vicars in
this world will touch themselves awake and starken with deniers the
tombs in the wombs of the recusant as death scars the weals on the
backs of the dead teenaged spirits who dash to dimmed cries the lies
of the fled and the rods of the light. There is no peace-pact made
with the spheres of the ice. Rubies clash with the robes of the roved
runes of the closed caves wherein there no is faith found. For the
sheer screams of the girls must parade for pomandering as sickness
spits phlegm at the phlegmatic ruins of the patently killed. And I
have spidered your site and cannot begin to conceive of the wake your
tears will form for disabled when I speak, there will be times when
blue brains might spill from slit veins as well as when split minds
shall command the crippled cruise of the crude cavern of this shrouded
soul. I have never moved sexually, love
When the day turns away from the madness of the fey dead. Inside these
fled words, where dreams darken dunes of sand, seen burning in love's
hand, god speaks once and once only. The night teems with light where
lukewarm men dance with the stars and glance from the caves of the
caverns of this bright place where life schemes for the glibness of
the dawn. Eyes must sear the softness of the tears seen flowing from
the fazed faces of children. The flight of girls, clad in fish and
melons, trammels, with the rain, the storms of fear lust used to know
when, coursed with the deeds of one million fields of seaweed, the
dirge of the maimed flew with the true words of the brained and fathered
lord. The great die young and the quietus made by the slickness of
the staved will harbour here the ships of the shipped and red. I recollect
the debts of the spurred heels of the ruled spies who, spayed like
ferine female cats, hunt the coiled coasts of the sailed webs of fear
where sex, once seared, salves the soaks of the thumbstained primers
borne of the curtailed and killed. I, who saw this mourning morning
father, with rubble, the quays of the estuaries and bays, spore, from
my skulled hull, the napes of the apes which made men; and I do not
wish for the strawberries nor the drinks of the flannelled coats of
these infant soldiers, here seen dazzling in the West. As I snuff
out the candles of the corn, the meadows burn with infected wheat,
as a whole pot of pepper is tipped up in the tea and the dusk of denial
strips from my veins the blueness of the vain royal birds who flume
from tree to tree. I do not think that sex will talk with me. Or is
it more that, as Asmodean devils dabble with the scorn of this small
life, Christ may not return. For I have danced with the velvet shoots
of plants which drive from faith's ground the sounds of the shrubs
in their whorl. I have dwelt inside my head since born and my glans
is tantric and the kids I have sired are ghosts who cannot leave home.
The plates in this house are filled with ice. What might I say about
the women I have not known? They are are strangely strangled - killed
by their own vice for self-murder. Let me tell you about heart-ache
and the loss of love; and I have known too often the nephalim who
troll the cactii of my mien with foreign lip-gloss. There are girls
nearby who beg and mendications cannot seal this mind with anything
other than the space-alien. And what should I do except resolve my
soul to the cause of Capricorn and Cancer? My star-sign is derived
from its dissolution and in that dissolution lies the slaughtered
archer. There are real reasons why I shall not try to flee from the
skies of my birth-constellation. Midnight in December is a bad time
for slaves. For slaves are then enslaved to the saleswomen who delve
noise for its coins. I am an xmas hottentot?

 It is my duty to inform you that death darkens
time without even for one second disputing the words of the fled birds
who danced, alive, with the softness of the dawn, as larks spew sick
from the corners of the mouths of woman, killed. With her cherries
destroyed, sex must be smashed and coffees filled with beers and the
date of the time when the sun might disappear is aligned with the
rhymes of the poets who thrill with the dicta of the ill. This dicta
dines on blood and colours with rapes the ruins of this mind and the
thoughts those ruins entertain with the cuffs of the lukewarm boys
who parry with bones the madness of sloanes seen dancing in the hallways
of the brain. I had veins, but now my pulse is filled with the fields
and meadows of dead dreams. This dream flatters no end to the novel
chat of the chittering tides of the peoples who ride from the wheat.
And that wheat be cut down and served with this morning's milk, I
say to you that when there seems to be a route made to the salvation
of the dead, graves must grow from the spewtums of the stained souls
seen glinting with the raindrops of the vomitted cries of the fat
cats who cry, cry, cry.
May I tell you perhaps about the heart-ache and the abundant cross:
Love scours the flowers by shaping indolence from its mooted
petals and petals have petroleum which fuels the salt latrines of
the red and dying. But dying men need not comprehend the sworn words
of the interned and killed. Murder seems eternal as eternity is mothered
by the matriachal fears of the shorn heads of the girls and boys I
see laying waste to the souls of the cruel and chosen. There is, however,
no final solution to this problem. There is an exodus of thought which
always leads to a land of milk and honey but this exodus derives no
uncouthness from its refined brutality. I cannot serve anybody unless
I say now that words coined by students of the learned must thence
provide truth. And inside this truth is found the lie which shapes
humanity from out its own acute apocalypse. This cry is 'Hanukah'.
Hanukah created a taurida and from a taurida sprang Torah. I cannot
begin to say how confused my thoughts have become because of a taurida
and a Torah. And I have often heard words which make no semantic sense.
'Enchunkenah' is one of them and I do not understand what 'Enchunkenah'
means. It sounds neither Yiddish nor Germanic and cannot be considered
as an instance of Joycean word-play. I tell you now that I am baffled
by the word 'Enchunkenah' and do not desire to hear it. Not never!
When I was born, there were flannel petticoats shrouding the streets
and roads of children leering at the farthingales of antideluvian
dreams. Can you perhaps visualise the scene of my strange birth, where
midwifery sprang up and out from the barley rigs of my senses as paranormality
banged bins against the brains of my dad and mum. I should not consider
again the tithes I spent (all stolen) when trying to find a blue route
from the mad to the sane. Nor may it be said, not with any unrouted
jealousy anyway, that if one's cleverness has been placed beyond one's
intellectual means, then one must become a plagiarised author who
writes, and with his conscious hands folded. And as a plagiarised
author, one may not appeal enough to the doubts of women and men who
have not ever uncovered a way to think and feel without enduring the
slings and arrows of outright theft. Once below a time, when I was
a god, virility was mine. And there were fine words, too, which made
all too much fucking sense. For me, anyway, who was not born to die
for the dreamed vices of one billion bent fools; and hordes of shitters
went driving across the plains of heartfelt
thought and fear. For there is no full sense to be found here. Not
unless, once driven surrealism is denied, glib comedy takes over in
order to eschew the crazed verses of the perverse and plain.
Once I was a pervert but now I am reborn. Enchunkenah: my daddy wears
a rolex. Enchunkenah: true sex has lemon peel. Enchunkenah: my mummy
wore a diamond. Enchunkenah, Enchunkenah, Enchunkenah.
I say to you again that there is no such word as 'Enchunkenah' and
as I drive away from the world as I once knew it, I spy no haven for
this larconic earth.
Raptured into feeling nothing, this vinegared summer spiels against the mind,
each kerranged sock of the wintered river, thameswardly eeling down to nil;
the brain is lost, deadened in its mute accord of feasance gone to zero,
bludgeoned into blue, coiled beneath ruin, rude as the sickler in the cellar's
Life sucketh long to make good, proving the occidental meadows endless;
so too, this cold world of wastrels under water, black as the sun, rapes
No man can claim to come without reaping hate from serial veins of bruising;
each earth we stun to know, tombwardly serried, martials the mind to nineveh,
proving the brown seal of womankine real as the blood in the face of dreams.
Left over, the human summons, sulphured over, reels away to reveal death,
pluming the depths of damselled reaping, towering high the skies of disapproval.
Christ never named the seas in wharving, hence the heart is oceaned dry,
dug in the drug of the green-eyed slug, whose endless slithing strangles fear.
Girl, why come back? The best you did was suffer for a snailish frightmare.
No more neon lightning here, just the coded cranes and the heroed towers,
no more breath for the flight of reason; no more truth, just helioed hatred.

What field of seedless dreams comes knocking at the old woman's door?
doubtless the lords of the whored-in meadow, endless, coiled, transfusive.
Serried with the graves of dictat, seared with the steeled empire of fearing,
vinegared under, thunder swipes the clash-card of romantic flunkey weather,
proving each spiel of womanly roving, swanned in the vistas of sick surmise,
all estimation, each guess after hero, westerly rising where death denudes.
No child near need come here to taste the vulvas of the crooked sun,
nor any gorgon grief come close to searing the sense of the feline moon;
life, christed red, dialling, telephones blood and finds light reeling,
so too, this coast of carded thought baits the stars to dig green ruin.
As much as man must strip animula, so this earth must rot for ever,
cording the oceans, coding the womb, slashing eyes from every amnion,
draggling the cored winter of surprise direct from the fists of babies.
Whored-in eternally, the meadow of knowing can only crush the lungs,
breaking the breads of truth, steeling zen crusts from the mouths of madness.
Macadamed in madam, fire shoots the tarred scent of loving over and over,
the funkey sensations of walled-in majesty, traversing the spatial void,
might, beneath night, stabbing the drum of man, shattering all clitoral dreams;
thus the world, thus the hedoned heavens, shaping snakes for serpent mire,
the amphetamine of pinpoint wisdom, raping the fruit, becoming cold.
Celled in the fabrics of hatred's broken breeding, graven in the gut, love's belle marsh suckers down,
no rumour left bereft for the whored-in lady, no time for judas christ to call his babied own.
Drugged by the four ways of gambolling evil, smeltered in the caves of death's mooned ascent,
as a cretin under canyon, menstrual as an eagle, deadened by the sun, the law of love is bent;
bent as the roach in the watchman's reeling, coiled under coda, oiled in moiling slit,
the mourning suit of loving, sweeted endless, foiled as the cold in the bergs of burgered wit.
Does man know the root of his woman, or is it more the token door that leads life in?
Whatever, time must come, must choose to run, as if claw-possessed by this feline ramble.
Celled in the fabrics of hatred's broken breeding, graven as the scream in lakes of toxic rent,
no romance can relieve the maker who believes that light is the answer, the neon scent.
Recall us, for this is the memory of ruin, the ideal skein of a mind deprived of screams;
so too, to scale the tower, to watch death feigning, proves all cretin sorrow as demented as it means.
Forever, the foal-black berries on the serried trees of dreaming, teetering the fallowed marshes under, raze like rapine thunder,
the sun burned red with her cruise of reason, the compulsive moon, suckling at the bedhead's breast, wharving the oceans of number.
Dreamed over, love punishes to prove her matrial axes real, eternal as this song of slumber, maternally warmed in zioned fires,
dense as the fogged skeins of fusion, mad as the gladdening rain, light turned molten, each word under river lightning, hearsing over
every beat of the stars in the curved mouth of haloed, healing summer, coiled, curled, combed on the heavenly expulsions of the moored
flail of the veil in the supine grail, endless, steeled, wheated as weeping!
All sing for the sum drum in the foxed cavern of catacombed light, pray, sing for the spring, come, knell the bells; teach this life to end!
For man who is torn of woman can only seal his faith with rape; so too, the thunderthral of the sooted son in the sembled mall,
parrying naveward, marrying graveward, can merely yield to dying.
Two scars on the cheeks must rove their tribe-enblazing hatred: enshrouded as the love of christ, man in macadam can only wail.
Hills shall come to those who vie for ravens in the wombyard, thus each knife in dei-heist must scorn the tombs of feeling.
Forever, this, the map of bleeding, codes her wheys with pisces, each river of riven proof, as slanted as the psyche in the moon!
Chromeward, the stoned reproof of rages, coarsing on, sickles up, furled in the siege of the raceward seed, each rapine tendril, searing
everyone! No child on its brideward trail, no law of love, may shend the chains of this cold excursion through the splitzoid void of sleeping.
Third mind mentalities, palled, shall crack the skulls of babied rest, each breast that breaks, each feline flume, as acrid as the buried.
Rancid, this westward hero can find no wasteland for his schemings, nor may the mountain makers find solace in the lullabies of nowhere,
and the parasols are raised, each vest of nightmare cloying to incender, the english mister, atavisitic as ever, raking the seas of lard-large infinity.
The sun strides out from its routed shell as the dark lays waste to its inchoate home. The spin of the wind in its shining moan skims stones on the waves as the quietus made by the slide of the sky refines the spies of the eyes invaded by the tides of the sea; and the dead dig shadows where the drugs of the ocean splice the scrum of time. I seize from my mind the blinds of the coasts as the spears of fish clap their fins on the winding meadows of the soul constrained in the castaways of lime lopped from the crumbs of the sands defined by the spines of stones and pebbles lanced from the pools of a dance dictated by the gleam of life. The squires of love dazzle where the source of the stars drips with blood laid bare by the coves of the washing breeze ankled in the speed of the draggled dusk where visible visions flare with queer daggers. The lightning pins the Thames as fields of marching birds burst the breaking sheets of lather ripped from the quickened muds spleened from the lithe rape of the rain. Here, there is a prospect of dying drifting from the penuries of booming clouds as storms carry drained globes of fear to space, where the copious seeds of the light raze to brown the flocks of dogs found marching inside sheered shades of pink and green. Attacked by the dunes of the storm, the riders of the bright void drink pincers of crab and the dingled dappling of the stones in the cliffs slaps the coasts of the divided crowds. The day deepens when the creams of the dead float in the pools of the bare-skinned bays. Paleness spars with ice as the lanes filled with afgays branch into the maundering of roads that meander east where the best dreams of the killed writhe in their own castle-crowned torpor. Here there are crooked horizons, all poisoned by the leas of god. The tocsin in this town chimes at exactly midnight. The lunacies of men prance upon the panes of the space-void as the solar swiftness of the maimed and killed quicken with the limes of gulls. This is the strangest scene to see, where boys loll about in the gold-trimmed wabe of a mirror seemingly upturned and thrust days deep in the madness of the quays. The sun strides out from its routed shell as the night lays waste to its inchoate home. The schizophrenic egocentric sonny tricky-dickies of the rifled horde swim against the fiend scene queens of the arcade-shrouded mess of this scrotum-shrinking shore. The rafts of the rain raze the buried bodies of the teeming screams of bathers in search of their last farewell and drunk as tailors these bathers search the beach for peaches as strands of silk clad the swimming-things of the hard clitoris named earth. Pinned, the Thames bloats with winds slammed from the teeth of the hymn-snapping rocks and sweets are used as play-things. Women hide whelks between their thighs and the scandal of the moon hangs aloof from the strung rushes seen strumming g-strings with the martino blanco weather of the robed hooks of Mars scrunched beneath the feet of the dawn. Squires of life flare with weird knives. Hymens break from wasp-hives. The whole scene is holy but wholiness appears forever spelt with a lousy letter 'W'. The bells chime inside the chapels dangled from the heath where girls gander on their grandiose way to stalls sealed in chapels never touched by water. The wrecked sails of ships stammer across the ridges of the world and all things seem polished. But the drakes on the ponds are fished by plastic molls and toy harmonicas play as the whirl of the wended weeping of the streams crushes the cool of the careering fairs where a lone dulcinea treads her looted way to the centre of the soils where fossils create the sex of the sensuously fooled. The sight is all rhythm...
All year, inside the sprawled minds that swept For centuries inland, A low and sloping word was routward kept. Loud skies went by, thought-straddled battles and Endless voices floating on a cough. A rattle smashed completely: pleasures dipped And died; and now and then a spell of sparks Defaced each week of beauty, truth and wrath, Until the endless year, now crudely stripped, Encroached upon a hospital of stars. At first, I did not notice what a noise This madness made Each patient that I stopped at: time deploys The dints of mental illness like a grave. And round the steeled wards, the groans and skirls I took for porters hissing in their veils, And went by pleading. Once I had slept there though, I heard them, grimacing and screaming: girls In pastiched torrid clothing, heels and nails, All drugged completely, watching me flail, As if out on the end of a vengeful scent, Raving and complaining At something which denied them. Lost, I bent Backwardly and forwards, now defamed, And heard the horror once again and shrill: The brain with bad welts beneath its boots And furrowed foreheards; nurses proudly cracked; An Empire shouting Slut!; and then the ferns, The spitting gloves and tablets on the rack, The cocoa, coffee; medicated flaps Marked off from me, who was now all adrift. Yes, from ward to ward And white-coats by the yard, and naked breasts In the hands of detectives, these schizoid shores Were bleating like a fiend. All down this mind Fixed children danced abroad: my rest was ground, My pale complexion lost and always blown, And, as I moved, each waif seemed to define Just what I saw contorting: nurses frowned At something killed; doctors assumed the real? 1984! and the knife-shops and wynds meandering to nowhere- the coins and pounds unsung in pockets roaring under sickness, as the day grows greyer than the Thames that flows due north- inside the skulls of men, no answer is now heard to questions passing under funereal mien, black as thunder. burned by souls of children, with the clarion heard outside, each wedding, fluke must flow from the mouths of women... this is the word i heard when god's man denounced each spurring bastard bird- the skies beyond the clouds lay driven with the dead and all i heard was real- tonight began to fall and thrall whereat no fear perfused the brightest eye... never such itinerance- never before or since- has come to wipe away the language of this mind, nor in this barren place, where terror slicks thick around the tithes in heart, might infancy concede to charge the codes of love, whence life begins to find the sliding scale of rot that burns inside the heads of the hedons on the hills, as the fields of london grow crueller than the light - this light beyond all seeing? i am a diagnosed schizophrenic - note for the police: i do not have a criminal record. SMOKER! Your heart will become a rocked drum! please do not let anyone convince you that you are not..a poet...it seems to me you have a wonderful sense of word rhythm which I find enlivening to read..In my opinion, you are an exceptionally talented and significant poet. My son used to look like Jim Morrison?'A-C-H-I-E-V-E-D!' and I cannot move and am a student with the OU! ** CLICK! All all, this has been a vile life. i cannot seem to get my head around the illness my mind suffers. i always deem my kind of mental suffering genuine and do not wish to feel that there is some kind of 'giant' causing the whole thing. i like music of the 1960s and particularly enjoy listening to psychedelia. my appearance on channel 4 must have achieved some sort of abeyance of the public? i did my best to make things work- i do not know why i suffer a mental illness of the mind and never. i can only imagine that this was created by the mild epilepsy i endured during early childhood one of my keyworkers was father as well as ms. belkadi (who has a phd). i appear to consider my kind of prosody worth reading & I intend a real nice volume of two thousand of my eight thousand years just before or just after my death. my memory. I was abused in the cradle and am still abused now by the slick in the ladel and the size of the cow and the madness men rain down, where clouds do not react to time and tide: eyes rape the razing rot which builds and builds over, as the seas roll out and shend the thrall from thunder in the trees rent high as skies create the sadness of the state! - no need to read the clock just time to play rock!" ** Oliver Stone proclaimed Morrison a '...great american poet & i am a victim of daniel topaz & my circus-using father. I have checked out your wynd and must say I am impressed. All the best, Zen." ** 'Women Wear Jackboots & listen to Radio 3. as Mindfall,.you have the genius genes of this family whilst i am grossly ugly (i do not live alone) THIS SUN INTENDS A COSINE inside the rain pandecating the storm. the tea things in the brain indicate the worn words of men who sink into the tameless brink of lipids on this line. this sun intends a flow-sine. the tea things in the vein predicate the rind of worms that suck birth. the madness of earth will tremulate and sow the buds of unintended wisdom; and the pain that darkens skylines with the lipids on the line will saturate the dreams which warp the mezzanine as five bands play. I am by no manner of means a lazy man. I tend to move to the town of Derby priori my fortieth life. I do not wish to spend all of my life doing things which do not matter. I enjoy keeping busy. The town of Derby is filled with bustling activity. I desire to work somehow someday and certainly do not fritter my days away lying down in a quiet bed with sotto voce in my ears. this earth is a round fire? on one plane, a bath is a living being? aliens are made up from air? polo: there's a woman in every one? Mars: enliven the red planet today! these poems i write exceed the words i wrote when at school and the words writ entice man to dance the dead route to the heart of the lunacies girls breathe. twelve thousand poems have been written in the bent space of fifteen whole years; and time must blacken all by tripping with the watch of the ruled and shent verse of the light which shines here as if drained from the pens of the pensive gods who can't live nor darken the walls of plato's caves. the day when summer died and music chose to try the sickness of the cried must shear away the span of the moon; and theft reigns against this oceaned deft sun, as madness summons softness from the veins of the statues, enstatured under theft - losing must define the rivers made and strip away the blade from the glades of enfallowed fields, enmeadowed by these words, depilated from death's derisive pubis scorned real as the fused storms found waning where no man might shift the stones from earth, upturned, raided dead by the seasonal rain. In my father's house are eleven of my poems where I must live for tobacco My favourite Song-Lyric is The Poems Are Not Mine & the Sonnet is Shell-Like Labour Ode? Who?! asleep at the wheel The Crumblebee I despise Patience Strong! Coprotics! STCS? agenuinedeath? Inside a Church of James Joyce Adown the Town! Pommes? Abed? Plowems? Songs of 915! poems? Let This Be The Erse! 2004! This is the Time! A Poetry Collage Speed-Written Communion Sonnet? Zyprexa? Win! Poem for a Birth Crenations Sonnet by Jeffer! til tomorrow Tocsin Parlatan! 2 poems? Fragment? The Ward's Curtal-Sonnet & poem my mum likes! Rodeo best homepage! Epitaph! My illness was like this! Snob Shent? Artiste! Teef? No Tantalus! Nowt Worth Reading? are you dyslexic?! Comment As read on the James Whale Radio Show! Jest! publick! there are no more poems amd too many alms to Verse. birth The Triolet. I curse where blood flows from fears as the nerves of love's hearse whisper in the vein-struck tares that thrall in the seas of the dead in the darkness of the fled redness of theft's fugitives. I must sear the veil of night and short the wires of hero's flight. the pills found shining where the blondeness of this human aire snaps the breast of time will feed the mouthing dime in the pockets of wren-eyed rains. pennies from heaven are insane; and the solus mission of the memory of fuelling loves delivers papers to the doorways of a blue view of time, dictated by the prisoner of passion's sky. i do not like sex for jethro bell is dead! The mind is all we own. Insanity's a running grave. The words we speak intone the thoughts of neuropathy's slave in Lancashire, today! you want clever and fuming words with furious bureaucrats who utilise olanzapine/clozaril/risperidone/haldol.i drank liquid plutonium with the formula xyz - zs3 = cf7d5f for this gleach has no genius as Jews do not write poems which preach aryan power as chadwick once said 'schizophrenics are assigned honorary qualifications before death and abusers of the mad are progressively imprisoned & I deride fascists and hate all sex and derive lies which proclaim interest in altruism without possessing one shred of goodness to their intellectual overloaded minds for terrorists cause the evils they refine from The Beatles Jimi Hendrix Janis Joplin The Animals The Stranglers Blondie The Manic Street Preachers The Verve Embrace Baby-Bird Catatonia The Ink Spots The Levellers The Trogs (and plagiarists will be sued). Dear James David Bellamy please be sure that your illness of mind does not incur a death as your mind is forever frail and a single push from the right and correct mental-health professional could...may the spirit in its blind contest the jesus mind of seven serried thieves in the graves of token thieves and may the chapel in its turn depose the prince of urns in the semi-comal bind of the woman in the spine and may the thomas in the sperm depose the sainted fern of the strutting seed at large in the butterfly barge and the may sucker in the sun denude the moon in gun and the parried blood of christ lie raped inside its heist and the coil of judas clan lie buried in the lamb of man and woman mine and mine deposed at spine by the doctor in the vein and the skeinward daisy chain that hurts the bible's mouth in the dawning of the south and may the kine who tow the line lie broken in the sine of seven herod thieves in the drumming of the leaves in the sino pact of blood in the coming of the bud and the course of hero doom in the iris of the room; the room containing death in the driving of the theft that breaks where light don't shine. in the scrying of the brine in the balls that shed no seed in the braining of the weed in the mouth of mary christ in the drumming of the heist in the thraling of the doll in the plastic herod moll in the dining halls of doom in the mining of the moon in the place that knows no aim in the reigning of the rain in the fall of time begun in the course of kingdom come in the sinal nose of death in the rose of anal theft in the force that drives the flower. in the dawning of the hour in the wrack of rock-n-roll in the chiming of the soul in the bones that do not speak in the wreaking of the weak in the caul of baby man in the dunning of the clan in the scent of judas love in the dying of the dove in the roll of rose and rain in the plying of the chain and the scent that drums now. in the scorning of a laugh in the cain of dead disdain in the pauling of the pane in the window no-one sees in the turning of the seas and the curse of jonah god in the clanging of the rod and the purse inside the mane of the lion in the skein of the law that lives ahead of the mason in the head and the builder of the tears. in the coming of the years in the child who lives no more in the op'ning of the door on the world that knows no way to reap the change of day. in the sizing of the lamb in the field of alsorans in the firesigns of the dawn where the earth is toadless spawn and the stars come down to sleep where the tides are out to reap the sea inside the sun where the alligators run and break the angelled heads of the children out of bed where this life is rare as the flair of endless prayer and the summer is abroad with the dawn outside the word of the kid inside the stable whose guise is steady abel and the earth is out on limb for the woman in the skin whose dreams are macadam and speak the words of adam. I know that this verse lies riven in the hearse of seven kids denied by the daughter, dead at eye; as much as I am tame and as much as hero names the sons of herod love, so too, this earth of blood decries such infants run from the ferine pulse of cum that streams down childish necks and builds a house of sex. Get Out less I Statement for my dad and I appeared on BBC1's Changing Rooms. The two days of work were strenuous and mad. My father and I appeared alongside the Cooper-Hills. The two days of filming involved thirteen zillion floor-assistants, without whom the changed rooms would never have been finished. Meter..weep for adonis, for he is dead! better to suffer the sun within than to suffer for a golden whim! better to suffer the skein of night than to suffer for the son of light! weep for adonis, for he is dead! weep for adonis, for he is dead! better to suffer dreams without than to suffer for the son of doubt! better to suffer the slings of rain than to suffer for a moon of shame! weep for adonis, for he is dead! weep for adonis, for he is dead! better to suffer the moon of breath than to suffer for a moonless death! better to know the son of sin than to suffer for a stolen skin! weep for adonis, for he is dead! weep for adonis, for he is dead! better the sun than the common vein; better the word of the world in train than the suff'rance of the woman fond for the child inside its golden bond! weep for adonis, for he is dead! weep for adonis, for he is dead! better the word than the linguid verve of the child inside the feline curve of the word inside the daisy chain that gluts away the woman's mane! weep for adonis, for he is dead! weep for adonis, for he is dead! better the sex than the eunuch nerve of the heartless clime in female swerve of the door that shuts the soul of fear in the rain that thrals in swollen tare! weep for adonis, for he is dead! weep for adonis, for he is dead! better the scheme than aimless night, better the bright than scheming light; better the stars than space within the eyes that burn with idle sin! weep for adonis, for he is dead! weep for adonis, for he is dead! better the drug than mugs of milk, better the milk than mother's power; better the shower than feline power whose ways of fearing fell the tower! weep for adonis, for he is dead! weep for adonis, for he is dead! better the fear than pain inside, better the pain than common lies; better the fault of faceless love than the hand inside its silver glove! weep for adonis, for he is dead & we cease to run this website never because if we do choose to negate our interest in the poems i have uploaded to The Web, an entire horde of bizarre and paranoid auditory hallucinations would thence occur (in my inner ears) regarding plagiarists of what might be termed 'a despiteful kind'. plagiarists that is who steal poems from online which are then proclaimed 'one hundred per cent rubbish' by the self-same plagiarists. all such plagiarists should seem unreal but the schizophrenia in my head would proclaim their validity as genuine and genuous members of the word-stealing mobility as i am not neutered, even if fascist workers for mental health desire to consider my kind of heterosexual sex-body 'defunct and aborted' who zaps my sex? doubtless myself and if i choose to pandicate that my capacity to 'zap my own sex' is mighty pleasant, what then? my name is soon to be dylan edwin vermouth vineyard thomas for I have used deed-poll to fucking good effect. The mind lies buried under Skies; so too, the sun above Must warp and change the number Upon the brows of the dove Inside the sun, whence no muse Signs to change the day Of death, as buried in the fuse Of green, the day of grey Denial must impeach the son of man, as the date of fear Glides; thence the darkest sun Must dawn and disappear! Light rends the smoke As death's women choke. Are you word-blind without redemption? thence terror greets you: do not mention the death of words or else define the sourest grapes upon the vine of Adventure-Gaming Porn as Supranatural remedies for mental illness tend to disagree with me & self-mutilation, however, improves my sense of self- awareness & Coca-Cola weakens the voce in my head; as does coffee, tea and cheap lemonade. Takeaway food helps a lot as well whereas Holistics do not improve my mental slant one single bit...
on the feast of unleaven, the only flesh eaten shall be the flesh of children bread cabinets burning on the limb of a brawl, the only brandies then shall be
the boards of time let wet to the heaters of last night's wards scandal gods until the mostest are sleighs of bored and bludgeoned christ
on the feast of unleaven, the only flesh eaten shall be the mouse inside the
ice. now slam the hand that plucks - i am the wind that rends the wynds apart
with rended fingers, i split the atom's word. no man is enemy, enemy eternally;
and begins the ghastling on its rainbowed rise.
world under fire: look at the stands we're taking.
world under fire: look at the hands we're shaking
there's nothing to do but go away and meet the flames of another day.
asleep at the wheel, i hardly dare suffer enough for god this day
as i flow through gears and tunnels, i return to no true fray.
i slam the hand that plucks - i am the wind that rends the wynds apart
arterial blinds must reap the hay and rape away the dawn of clay.
the sun lies spurning in the cloud of death and sex - this madman's shroud
must clad the bodies of the dead as theft must trip from out dust's glans
the hand that slams disdains the dream that wards away the mezzanines
there is a place where roman rains
strip the skins and slash the veins.
asleep at the wheel, i hardly dare suffer enough for petrol streams
the stars disclaim their space in rhymes and warm their hands upon their vines.
the tactual splinters of the bones must spring from blood moving sloanes.
this earth proclaims the carmine blue bloods of infants, breaking through.
the ships that trip the callowed brooks will lance away life's bible books.
asleep at the wheel, ice retains
the curios of love's bent skeins.
on the feast of unleaven, the only flesh eaten shall be the flesh of children
bread cabinets burning on the limb of a brawl, the only brandies then shall be
the boards of crime
let wet to the beaters of last night's cause
and a slum in the mind will eat the blind as flares will scathe the walls
the only flesh eaten seals the darkness of the moon. funeral pyres dictate the cold eyeless rills
as dulcimers play in the centres of the hills. centaurs spring from a dollar and a dime.
oats dictate the madness and the wine. on the feast of unleaven, the only flesh eaten shall be the flesh of children.
asleep at the wheel, i hardly dare suffer enough for god this day
and i prefer telephones to homes - please tell my wife i'm all alone.
the world which burns inside the tides must seize the reins from petrol eyes
asleep at the wheel, i dare not pray as sadness moans for mankind's play
we scorch the earth and birth the groans
of sadness, searching all she owns
on the feast of unleaven, the only flesh eaten shall be the flesh of children
bread cabinets burning on the limb of a brawl, the only flesh left shall be the
Deus in the ice
in Xanadu did Kubla Khan a stately pleasuredome decree
bread cabinets burn c/o
damned was the sea that sped about my fist the zero seed shall not storm a town of ghosts nor solemn tombs
defend the ramparts, tapping along the sponges of this town
and the blue bus will carry us west to the xerox seed and the seas of ishmael
damned was the sea that sped about my fist the zero seed shall not storm this pathe gazette nor groan with films
the sun in the rain will darken with blood
gentlemen's chairs and the slicks of oils will blast with dust the candles of
ophelia, darkened, dancing with her children
haworth has a rent power and bent storms turn against the dead - the sophistry of romans
will black the fields of the meadows when
this earth lies perished, blackened with lust
STC ate mint cake.
I who saw the hurried movie and danced the days of dreams knows no art to snare for
nor any walldron to disclaim the zero seed shall not storm this town of ghosts nor sullen tomb will shorten fears with christ and jesus was the antichrist
in the swansea herald there was a man who was shot dead
and lorca read bibliobus and his children read escalier.
damned was the sea that sped about my fist this zero seed shall not storm
a town of beers nor sullen rose brains the softness of the skull
and skulls are crushed like flowers in the garden. franco shot lorca and his death resides in Germany
clublands mamma teens is my plu-perfect creation..
this zero seed will not seize nor man in moan constrain the gowns
of children walking in the parks
peoples in the park playing games with the dark
will sully graves with brollies.
the bibliobus is calling us when staple-guns lie bleeding with the varos moon and yogas will brighten with lust the cartons drank from
the vinyl earthed by felt snows
and the stones that fall will lie with your children do not dent the buds of escalators nor ride the toads and the dead are freed.
in the swansea herald was a man who was shot dead he was a manito and he was a wisp
ghosts cry for the dawn and this menstrual urine
will shit in the mouths of infants and peroxide claims the clerks of christ
christ is a bastard and he often craps his panties these thieves are perfect and live for ever.
brontes, why is it that jonah makes your books burn eyes spurn the words which heal
and the softness of this living-room will snap the clavicles of the all-too-real and furled space
must come inside love's mouth this zero seed must split the mien of a mind which is not whole
for i have a brain which is not whole my brain derives my thoughts
james joyce resides in a martello tower.
damned was the sea that sped about my fist there is a place for the humaner race i am a manito and a matricidal wasp
the zero seed shall not storm this town of ghosts nor darken deaths
with injuns and this narrowed vein will taunt the tides of seas made plain.
eyes cannot shape the mint cakes which live inside death's stupid soul   this zero seed shall not storm
this town of ghosts nor shaded flumes
snap the fuses of love's mind eyes cannot neglect the pathe gazette?"
dammed was the sea that sped about my fists  this zero seed shall not storm a town of ghosts nor man in madness topple fear with leering
dammed was the sea that sped about my fists and darkness will tear away the tended
tides of the stars as the softness of fled seas pinions the rose of the moon and the storm
rides the bent skein in the stone of the quays ..dammed was the sea that sped about my fists
nor man in sadness teeters terror with the bent night, as the swiftness of the skies ferments
the tithes of the vain and imploded devise of woman, laughing, and gossiping with the
words of the birds who sang inside the trees.
five hands spin for a penny and a pound as the quietus made from the papers of the rooms in my home must sear the shapes
of a pentant staved with the fingers of boys who blast, with tears, the creators of verse.
i wrote a mad poem and the sun rose down. five hands spin for a penny and a pound
as the quick of the thumb splats blood with the seas of the grain and the fields of the dead
will enshroud gloom or else the subterfuge of the killed must glow, like a glow-worm glows,
with foison, gathered with the scythes of girls who work the meadows when combiners rove
these stooks i lay on a parcel filled with life.
dammed was the sea that sped about my fists a zero seed shall not storm a kiln of sperm
nor mankind contest the sadness of the blind peoples who know ne'er the vistas on the green.
villages filled with pumps succour heaven's gleam
and drink from rivers: modern beers we drain from glasses, razed, use the fans women wave
and dunked in salt the ferment of good brews
suck up freezed cream: there is a castle here and crenatures are bent by their old-fashioned tint
this zero sea is dammed and darkens the rules made by schools, caned, and churches must
pray less or else descry the hymns men sing. zero seed fills the seas with pools girls blink.

'The whole of education should be designed So as to occupy a boy's free time In a profitable cultivation of his body and mind
God has no right during these most formative years
To loaf about too idly And make disturbances in the streets and the picure houses
But after his work is done He ought to find him when he enters it
He ought to find god when he enters it.
To prepare for this and to carry it out Is the function of all youthful education,
And not merely to pump in so-called knowledge.
It must rid itself of the notion That a management of the body
Is the business of an individual alone..oh   The Elohim bought lunch.
No-one should be free to sin  Nobody should be free to spin
At the expense of cool posterity  That is, of the master-race ohhh the Elohim bought lunch.
The fight against the pois'ning of this soul Must be waged inside good company
With cultivation of the body and the mind Today all our life in public is
Like force-feeding bed for Sexual attractions and mock distractions.
Look at this bill of fare Please look at this bill of fare Offered by cinemas, playhouses and variety theatres,
And you can hardly deny that this is not the right food,
Especially when too young Most especially when so young
The nun bought lunch..
Hoardings and advertisement kiosks unite in Drawing the moot public's attention
In the most vulgar ways. Anyone who has not lost capacity for
Entering into the souls of the too young      Must realize that it must lead
To their very grave injury To their very utmost family.
The lives of the peoples must Lies of the people must Be freed from the asphyxiating perfumes
Of our postmodern eroticisms, As it must be from manly and prudish refusals
To face the baldest facts Please face the baldest facts.
In all these things the aims and the methods Must be governed by the thoughts of preserving
Our nation's health, both in body and soul, The right to personal freedom comes secondary in importance
To the duties of maintaining the race And we must maintain a bled boat-race.
No safety nor surprise please
This is de end but de moment has been prepared for?
here come the solemn brontes we always watched them come and their mad eyes always glared
and they read 'Bibliobus'.
This state is unkind, do not read my mind This state is unkind, do not think again
No time to fear the mortal sun No time to watch the falling rain
This state is unkind, do not think again The madness of sin strangles with pain
The softness of lies and deaths hereafter Injected with stars, this city of shame
Sodomises fields, filled with grain.
The brontes were bibliophiles The brontes were bibliophiles I saw the gorgons standing where
The classroom screamed with laughter.
Driver, touch this steering-wheel Driver, touch this steering-wheel Do not taunt nor steal
Do not taunt nor steal I saw the classroom scream with laughter
The son of man lies half-stoned where Mankind takes a long vacation
And characters of sand lie near The glassy eyes of the staffroom.
The green-line bus calls us The green-line bus calls us
The Brontes were bibliophiles Their students read Escalier
I saw death's classroom scream with laughter.
The mind awoke, with a shake, And taunted death then strangled pain I see there is a rolex-drink
Worn on the wrists of mad children And children have no thoughts
And their teachers are insane Waiting for the brain-drain.
The brontes were bibliophiles Their students read Escalier I saw the gorgons standing where
The classroom screamed with laughter The mind is just too goddamn good
The mind is just too goddamn good The brontes were bibliophiles  James Joyce lived in a Martello Tower?!!
This state is unkind, do not read my mind This state is unkind, do not think again
I'll never see into the eyes of the insane I'll never see into the eyes of the arcane
The brontes were bibliophiles
Students read Escalier
I saw the classroom scream with laughter
Do not read my mind - instead, kill me.
Ev'rybody turned the light down  Ev'rybody please turned the light down: Tom Baker means Sweden
James Joyce lived in Germany Ev'rybody turned the lights down
Ev'rybody please turned the light down
Tom Baker means Holland Ophelia's a candle.
There are films to groan Films to moan Films to snare Cartons to drink from.
Ev'rybody turned the light down Please ev'rybody turned the light down Tom Baker is a triptych wasp.
If these words seem stupid Accept your sex is strangled If your parents lisp
Please lie with your children.
Ev'rybody turned the light down Ev'rybody please turned the light down Wet sex is dimmed.
Fielding means Housman Housman means Auden Auden means Larkin
Larkin drank don perignon.
If your teachers are stupid Please lie for your children
Ophelia moans petrol.
There are films to moan Films to groan Films to snare Cartoons to shrink from.
Mind is too long  Mind is too long   Mind is just too goddamned long.
If you hear from your parents Please lie with your children
Stockholm means Tom Baker Jamieson means Osnaburgh.
Ev'rybody turned the light down Please ev'rybody turned the light down
Ev'rybody please turned the light down.
There are films to groan Films to moan Hamlet was Hamnet
Shakespeare thrilled his children Ophelia was a buzzing wasp.
Ev'rybody turned the light down Please ev'rybody turned the light down
Ev'rybody please  turned the light down.
Flesh is eaten And fleshes are children Bread cabins burn
And brandies are salved By the tears in love's eyes.
Boards must break Beds benite The penis of the hollow moon.
If you make no sense Please accept that you have tried
To poeticise the fields of rhyme.
Ev'rybody turned the light down Please ev'rybody turned the light down
Ev'rbody please  turned the light down.
There are rolex drinks And milks to drink from
Candles to burn Bibles to kill.
Take the highway west Take the highway west To the fields
To the fields
To the Aalu-fields.
Ev'rybody turned the light down Please ev'rybody turned the light down
Tom Baker means Norway  This perfect place is shrunken.
I frequently used a candle.
Stockholm means bastard Children live for zero Scissors and knives die in Germany.
The easter foods for xmas rot Will shadow wrought iron.
If your teachers were stupid Accept your words are polos
Do not devour the lotus-flower.
Ev'rybody turned the light down Please ev'rybody turned the light down
Dylan Marlais Thomas was the Elohim James Joyce lived in an expansive tower
Ev'rybody please turned the light down.
The zero deed, the shuttle need, The eunuch seed, shoe-leather...
Ev'rybody turned the light down  Please ev'rybody turned the light down
Ev'rybody please switch the light off.
 my eunuch dreams, all seedless in the grave light of darkest night, must serenade the swooned        my eunuch dreams, all deedless in the caverns of the bbc must storm the deadened moon 
of the dusk; and madness reaches out for the rain as grain shapes its sick from out the bended cause of the stars and their shine: the moonless shores of the dead and dying deify the scarring storm.
            a mirror is an adze and an adze is heaven's slave as a bee is a wasp and a hive is a sextant. sextant is an old word and the sun breaks down. a piano is chinese and all pianos have elbows.  a winding savage with one leg must doctor rent pain.
            my eunuch deeds must fuck a scolded ego.
            my eunuch dreams, all needless in the grave churches of the soul, serenade the spewtum of the spaces found in the proctors of love's ears and the stars are spatial as the mind sinks down  into a strange room where there are dead girls who dance with the prance of the wandering dreams  of the boys who sing for a dollar and a dime as sadness plays tunes with the colours of rainbows.
            a mirror is a watch and a watch is an ocean. the blackness of faith's skin swills amphetamines  as toilets play with the largeness of their runes seen pissing where the clouds thrill with sound. sound is a trough as urinals split the mien  of daughters slain by the softness of the bowel.
               my eunuch dreams like the words of timeless gods and the scarot is osiris as osiris parries februs and the strange raped curves of young women fed by the tiers of the palls that seem to stream with foam
            must shit in this mind and purge all cunts of soil. an apple is a bridge and fish dinners fill the dicks of men seen laughing at lust's onion-baked disdain. eyes seek loss as the souse of sout-led loves rend from the dead the sallowed cheeks of loaves. a mirror is a dial as dial reflects death's face.
            a winding savage with one leg will always feel for the infants in the rooms of the blended bells of theft's faith: my eunuch deeds must enshroud  the coffees of the cancer that steals away angels.
            my eunuch dreams, all speedless in death's caves, must blacken the nails of the children sailing with the bleached urinals of the madness made bare where cleanliness is dead and the lightning sounds
            the worms of the razed and sex-igniting fires of the cursed and craven beniters of death's dawn. an egg is a mirror as a mirror splits the trees. an oak is an elm and a beech is made from ash
            and my eunuch deeds, pleadless, will make cash from the spoils of the coasts which frighten kids.  the oak is an elm and the cliffs inside their coves craze with despisal the shrunken isles deposed  by the shit and the piss of tomorrow's saviours and my eunuch deeds must snap the spine of god.
an egg is a moon and the moon's a mug of tea as an ape is a spoon and an egg-spoon is a monkey my eunuch dreams, all seedless in the glades of light and dark, must storm the rape-led fields
            where the dead go dancing: my eunuch dreams reel
            in the east, and churches slap the eyes of lust and a dog is a cat and the feline curses f
            the dusk must strip the skins from off the bones of the dead who whisper at the charms of death. my eunuch dreams must saunter with the deft arrows of the sun as theft's archers on the rise
            shake bullets at the moon: the red pratts of sex must taunt, with fear, the jonquils in the ground. my eunuch deeds must lance away the sensual.
            my eunuch dreams, all creedless in the forests
            of the brooks which storm the darkness of the trees must spurn from my soul the slappers on the rise from the depths of the seas that rend the disguise of this child who leaps against the shallow moon
            and a mirror is a dial and a dial refracts abandon and my eunuch deeds, all needless in the waves of the bays and estuaries will always taint the scent
            of life, and life lies spoiled where heroes climb from the vents of birth: there is a place yonder where the sun burns green - the deadness of the soul
            wees on the mud and eats its shitting sloes and shit feeds piss and piss is drained of wet where the pockets of boys are filled with sperm.
            my eunuch dreams, all shieldless in the caves of light and dark, storm the entertaining croons of the boys who sing where the thrust stage is set for the dead and their spinning: this earth is moved
            by its sound; and the dirge of love's rended mandolins seen playing near where the notes of music ply the unsexed with the children in this decried eye must lance from my mind the softness of the rain.
            my eunuch dreams will break the human brain. the sea is a mirror and a mirror is a dial
            and 'dial' is an old word and death is reflected by the iris of the dead and the stars shine bright. and my eunuch needs, all shielded in the naves
            of light and dark, storm the penitential leas.
            my eunuch dreams, all pleadless in the graves of the imprisoned soul, storm the westend moon. the candle of my sex lies buried in the thighs of the thieving girls who burn all houses down
            to the ground: my mind is destroyed by the insane words of the birds who scream like cat banshees  and cats gather seashells from off the spurning shores
            of the oceans: death, seen man-wagering where  the Idylls of the raped kill passion's casuistry, defines from the smashed lust's chinese pianos. the whales in the bays break out from their waves
            and source from the sun the darkness of rivers
            as my eunuch dreams, all deedless in the graves of the imprisoned soul, storm the mons veneris. my eunuch dreams, all traded in the knaves of the church which splits a narrowing mind,
            must launch the strange ships of the dancing floors where mad men define the madness wrecked
            by the coins and the pounds of sadness countersigned by the flights of the dead and their signatures. my eunuch dreams, all sleazeless in the maze of the churches burned must strike away the killed
            words of the girls who taunt the fallowed sprays attached to the staves of the spent philosophies of the seas which delve the anvils of theft's pulse.
            and a dial is a mirror and a mirror must reflect the fact that 'dial' is an old and useless word.
            my eunuch needs will prove that death is real.
            My eunuch dreams, all trendless in the laves of the bbc must lance away the surreal
            verbs of the kids who fuck the reins which bear the babies in the rooms of commercial television. the adze of the sun lies burning in the scents of the women who dig the awls of the stormed
            tombs of the dead as the ark of the infernal imprisons yellowed eggs in the robes of the brained kin and kith of the tar-mac spread upon the roads
            of the clocks that turn against the macadamic mansions of the stars: a dimension of wrath will always strive to tape the singers who live
            for the songs of the dead as the dead must give my eunuch needs to an Osiris-Isis epode.
            my eunuch dreams, all bent inside the dreamed waves of summer's seas, must taunt the descried verses of the dead as the sureness of the killed spends from the maimed the onion-fried loos
            of the kids who slide across the shended rinks  of ice, built high, where the rills and their streams charge the frigid Thames with the clitoral drains of the sewers, spent, splashing with the bays
            of oceans: this verse defines the dancing nudes who spring from out the bays the pipes of defamed
            boys who lace their veins with soils entertained by the verves of the lakes and the elm and the ash. a mirror is a dial and a dial reflects the coasts and 'dial' is an old word which is seldom utilised...
my eunuch dreams, skull-penised in the graves unearthed where bodies dance and sing for death, must break from the reeds that float in the tombs of waters, stunned by the boats seen sailing where
            there is no defined face on the oceans of the air.
            my sex is defunct because doctors cut away the silk of my cock: the testicles of changing day must delve the vas deferens of musicians on the rise from the harboured ship of lust's rivers: sex is steel.
            and my eunuch dreams, all seedless in the graves of light and dark, must storm the buried wombs  of woman: stars will serenade the spended bolts of the phallus of god as Osiris breaks love's wind;
            and my eunuch needs will resurrect rape's Aalu.
                      my eunuch dreams, all tended by the caverns of the death-defining heart must storm the fluid tears of the dead who dance against the sea and time. the mirrors of the stars dedicate to the holy
            words of the fed as Amida builds her cause and the birds of the trees are spent by the seas in which defiance strips the red branches from the bushes and the shrubs of the shriven new day.
            my eunuch dreams, all dread-locked in the caverns
            must taunt, with light, the bestiaries of fear as the quietus made by the revenues of seed  spurt glaucous from the sucrose of this weed smoked when the night dictates the strange flush
            in the cheeks of young girls: lightning spins.
                      my eunuch dreams, all brocaded in the staves of music that haunts the passions of the heart predicate the verve of the poems born at sea  as my eunuch needs pandecate the soulless
            trips of men from the city to the country and my eunuch needs, all deedless in the claves of churches sacrificed to the loaves and the fish spend from the rain the madness of death's fist.
            Aalu lives and the scent of timeless healing listens with the eyes and the muses of the dark source from the stars a place in death's park where the children graze on the grass, enslaved
            by the fission made plain by the tantric bearths of the ships which sail against the clock, burned. my eunuch dreams, castrated by the firms of light and dark, crusade for seas which turn
            away from the spurts of the female foetal siege. my eunuch dreams, unsexed by fields of grain, delve from zeal the timeless spaces in the ears of woman, laughing, as her mockeries grow sour;
            and my eunuch needs, castrated by the night, dedicate forever to the worms inside the grave. altarwise, the air must change from red to black as the marxists in the tides of the bays and estuaries
            summon from the dead the crows and the sparrows that dig from the soils the banks of winter's rivers; and my eunuch needs must vandalise theft's coast
            as the homes in their flow smash mirrors, cleansed.
            death does not have a dick and night is filled with trees who rend from rapes the sickness of the owls. the nightingale was philomele and this buried soul  must starve and thence grecian sermons made
            in the rooms of the tombs found dancing with Iris will graze, with psoriasis, the skins of the razed. i do not have a sex and this night is a good night because i have used magazines that kill with calm
            the minds of mankind: the bullets used by this gun taint, with red paint, the ilex in the plants light grows:
            and men are waiting to take us to the pleasured gardens
            and there we find rubies and schizoid fields of azure.
            and this poem has a poke-hole which fucks bent leaves. my eunuch needs must kill the pilgrim fathers.
                  my eunuch dreams must storm the murdering brightness of the semen which forms the plants of the living and the dead: the summons of the burned will soften true faith with the darkness of the spent
            births of the dead; and life must tend the pulse of the blood born bent as the scales of dinosaurs write the scarred verses of the witness on the rise from the meadows and the fields of winter's stain.
            a mirror is a dial and 'dial' is an old word and man uses the phone to telephone the moon  but death lies near, blackened by the flames of the wrecks of the boats seen sinking in the sink.
            my eunuch dreams must storm the cunt of love as the lips of the stars reveal that sex is ended.
                       the carotid pulse lies beating in the throat of the girl who drinks her own menstrual urine and women who weep for the scream inside the mouth  of the child who sings defecates inside the words
            of repetition; and semantics will prove that death defines
            a place for the dead as eyeliner paints the lashes of the infants borne upon the biers of sex and death. my eunuch dreams must fill this poem with the sane: inane people cannot speak for the boys
            who dance all night long - neither might the joys of the married couples, dancing in the moonlight, end the reeling joys of the grateful dead. Osiris-Isis fills the skies with moonshine, killed
            and my eunuch dreams must fuck a dead child.
                     my eunuch dreams, all reedless in the tamed churchyards of the moon, storm the musical clouds. Abaddon is pierced by the fierceness of the hail which falls from the skies of the sunrise, stained
            by the shores of the sun and the red stars avowed to the stalls of the horses that lance away Eden. and my eunuch dreams, all steedless in the fey churchyards of the rain, storm the rape-kissed plains
            of Yoga: the tantra of the rape-beniting storm shend, from the dead, the gods inside the seas  of Wales; and the rod of Aaron canes the trees.
            Asmodeus drinks from the glasses of the killed and silence breaches the glibness of the sensual.
            my eunuch needs must fuck a murdered girl.
            my eunuch needs, all folded in the graves of this rended night, storm the tides of the mind and the dead speak out from the caves of the killed
            coasts; and the light stains the veins of time and love must rape the tears from out the eyes  of children, chidden with their own inflamed sex: mirrors must refract the seas and bays
            where estuaries roll into the lakes of the stormed
            rills; and the quiet that folds the killed around the dreams of the drowned will fuel with oils the slicks of sick which poke all murdered girls; and my eunuch needs, all crushed inside the graves
            of light and night, defecate on christ's arrival. Osiris-Isis fills the skies with the rapist's trill. my eunuch needs, all seedless in the staves of the burning churches, compete with withered flowers nd the daughters of the moon, bent and broken down,  dance in the meadows and the fields of the rain
            and the night must snap the eyes of murdered love. as sex confesses to the colours of the rainbow, my eunuch needs must warp the tears of time. a mirror is an axe and an axe bursts the blood
            that blasts from the jugular of life's spent lobes  and my eunuch needs must smash the milked seas  which curse all men with the limits of the grave;  and my eunuch needs must strangle childrenkind.
            and the snake is long and winds inside the storm
            that brains the leas and meadows of the killed.
             my eunuch needs must piss upon the flowers hat grow inside the gardens where the infants ride dogs; and horses will always plant the bombs which brain, with gas, the chambers of the moon.
            this mons veneris is raped till death is killed and children shall ripen when the ends of the earth  are a shot from the gun that is held by the slaves of the stars; and darkness must bury death in cum
            and my eunuch needs must piss on little women. children shall ripen when the apocalypse is near as the mirrors of the sun reflect the strange storm of the dead who whisper in the ears of the caned.
            and my eunuch needs must attend the scat-parties
            where lithe social minds waste away the dawn.
            i like luttle girls and my eunuch needs must feed spunk to the lips of all disabled gipsies. as hitler is death's guide, this poem will displace love and rape the tides of sick from out the steel-eyed
            vaginas of the butter-basted dead: there are no apples to be found where mosaics rip apart the senses of  the unsexed and cold: food-stuffs fuel the mouths of this aimless tameless sonny tricky-dicky
            as the knives of death drip with their menstrual cause
            of women and eyes in walls will blacken lust as the dead drift up from the sewers and the lakes
            of piss and shit, devoured by preacher-men
            and preacher-men own rosaries which don't have power.
            my eunuch needs must kill and kill and kill.
     'And death goes down the Dominion. Mother-naked, strapped at tongue, The softness of spread-eagled night
      Splits the ages of the sun
      With madness markedly contained
      In guns, bombs, gas, knives.
      At the first circle of hell  I saw the mansions of this earth  Dissolve to dissembling flame.
      The quietus of the skies beyond  Confused with hail the rain-storm
      Which held the clouds of time together.
      The second circle of malformed Death decreed that sadness scarred
      The birds which winnowed in the seas.
      Surrounded, murder groaned.
      Here there are knives down drains  And scattered shadows of the noosed
      Angelus: kinematic force
      Must rape the swiftness of this coarse  Rainbow, and petroleum
      Lashes eyes unto the burned  Lids of life's third mind.
      A cloak of darkness wraps around The torrents of a snowfall
      And shawls of bleeding entertain
      The unsexed beast of night and day.
      Death entreats the sick to bear The wagers of this tar-dressed night.
      The depths of murder feud for pain
      And the quietus of the killed Bears guns, bombs, gas, knives
      Unto the centre of a hidden sea.
      Mother-naked, strapped at tongue, Death goes down the Dominion.
      Dom Daniel may not snip my sex For oceans turned inside their bays
      Will see their slicks of kerosene  Arise from burning empires.
      Kisses dress mad girls as children.
      The crushing wavelets of despised Wars transpose all rivers with
      The breathing moaning of death's dawn;
      And at the very base of hell  Arms outstretch as if alive -
      But thence the swiftness of love Turns hands askance from welcoming
      Wherein man's angels move
      Against the pits and coal-phased  Lasers shot from out the cloyed
      Plains of brain-dead woman.
      It's rather like a downward spiral, Where marriage lives for just one day
      or else the car man drives in
      Lies smashed to pieces in the grey  willfulness of life's exile.
      Guns, bombs, knives and gas Will traipse the sun with thunder-claps
      And where this world lies cleansed
      Of all her enamoured fearing,
      The fragility of life Must whisper in Christ's ears.
      Where hell forms a rainbow spent From out the serpent-brows of
      The lakes, there is a sound heard That blasts mauve music with
      The fatal faiths of the living-dead.
      My death is masked in coca-cola...
      There is radiance hidden where The naked shadows of the dead  Race alongside the Thames And the moon is bejewelled
      And its questioning killed. Everything here is broken up
      By the tears of the mournful dead.
      Eyes peep from out the silk Of the oceanic quests Of the raped and staved.
      The stars of space jive
      Because the stars are dancing  And because the stars are dancing
      The native pulse of time Drives the heart of death.
      Here, there are radios Blasting their sounds for The sleeping figures of Their meandering tribes
      And the gauntlets of saved Peoples clasp corn
      From the meadows of wheat And these meadows are owned
      By the sown seeds of the saved.
      Hell brains sex and drains Rivers of their shoals  And prancing birds adorn
      The shores of time -  The car of heaven steels
      Ships of rhyme with chained
      Wisdom, and the day  Drowns inside its mauled
      Birds of prey denounce The void and the bright  Confinements of the moon
      Entrance the ghosts of The emboldened heights
      Of murder made whole. The summits of the blue Marry to the dusts
      Of the wedded and man keeps His secrets to himself
      But secrecy rots in the bulb.
      All hail the places where The nails of loss are banged
      Deep into the eyes Of god. All hail the spires
      Which beckon Christ to kill.
      All hail the sermons of Hell's church and its fold.
      There is a teased-car locked inside  The spirals of the tamed.
      The rubicund and lovely Knock upon the doors of
      Life's chapel.
      If sense has claimed to drift  Accept now my solemn regards.
      The circles of the sun Clasp the mettles of men
      From the fuels of the rain
      And the gasolene come with us Entertains the smiles
      Of the motorised dark.
      There is a beast in this town And this beast eats love And the fullness of its grind
      Resounds inside the ground.
      Enter again loud sleep And the hot screAM it carries.
      Enter the son of man
      And death's host come with us.
      Shake the dawn from out your hair. The naked couples in this street
      Ride the seasons of the dead.
      The epicentre of the killed Roves the fields of drained  Veins. The summit of the sun
      Deranges life to find  The deadness of the dawn
      Roped in the nooses of the maimed. The murdered tribes of death
      Must conflagrate the dunes Of moonshine. Passion swerves
      Against the ev'ning sky.
      Guns, knives, bombs, gas, Inflame the glibness of men Who stride the fires of time.
      Guns, knives, bombs, flames
      Dictate a life for time to Lead. The seconds tick aside
      The movements of the clock; And we are snapped in two.
      Guns, bombs, knives, gas Curate a church of stained
      Blood. This carmine soul
      Must lop away the hair of The peoples. Sadness deifies
      The hellish wishes to  The dead. Eyes pierce the round  Wires of a timepiece. Scathed
      By stabbings, gauntlets clasp
      The sickles of the underfed.  Drunk, sailors swim for
      The dustbowls of the shorn  Heads of the suede-enclosed.
      The bells of silence teach The preachers of the day   To  prance inside the gloss
      Of fear. Fear lies hidden where  The oceans of the thrilled
      Crush against an open-shore. This open-shore holds jewels
      And jewels must entertain The rubies worn upon death's hands.
      The clock of terror burns  And the silent mission of
      The dead must intertwine with   The diadems of circled Hell.
My cock knows no way to  Work. My hard-on is vast not swell. Bells dance inside the gloom
      Of a shrivelled shrunken muse. My cock has no ode to Sing for nor might lustive sound
      Create a space for my sex to Vocalise its death. The bright  Catacombs of blood must
      Quell my softness and constrain
      The sureness of the stabbed rain Which gluts my sensual being.
      Hell is filled with ogres.
      My penis does not work. The last time I moved, I was a vast child.
      Magazines can't change this. My cock lies deadened inside seas
      Of spite; and I may not move. I may not dance and cannot
      Listen to the vibes of  God without defying porn-gloves.
      The truth is that an angel Banged its head inside my skull.
      Bells entreat the living killed. , when will I endure again
      The stiffness of my own desires?
      Hell is filled with bunyips. The tides of death derive from The visions of a sex-war chained
      Around the violations of
      Promiscuits. Cognition makes me cry.
      The middle of hell refines death  And smacks the faces of this child.
      Babies mourn the dreams  Of their parents. Heaven may not
      Delve its death. I die now.
      Hell is filled with bees  And bees devour their hives. Pots of honey rove
      The sun. Hell is filled with Wasps. The hairs of women  Darken passions with the
      Enamoured curates of the
      Killed. My mind is spent.
      Eyes break up and men Seize foresight from the  Words of love. Fused,
      Stars burn out. Denial Drowns effusiveness in
      Blood. My blood tests red.
      The flowers in hell have heads Which behave like ghosts. Ghosts are phantoms and ghosts
      Host parties for the thrilled. This mad mind denotes the thrilled
      As shadows of fun dance and play. The stride of this world ends
      The earth. The quietus made by men  Who lead the dance because they
      Have no home must interact With times that shorten breath.
      This house is filled with lions. Cats sleep inside their clawed fires.
      Eyes peer from out the windows
      Of raped kids, and defiance
      Shapes the snatches of the void.
      Lust curates the playing-fields  Of love. If sense has died away
      Please accept that passion must  Rue the day it chooses for
      Revival. Christ is dead and gone.
      Fires are thrilled by enemas. Pangyrics spill from out death's wall. Anodynes to murder split
      God's mind. The centre of the sun Reveals a star condemned by
      The murdered masons of the soul. If man travels beyond light
      He shall find a second earth  Contained in the embers of a third
      Mind. Venus calls to her friends.
          Death flows with sucrose and  Dextrose. The sirens of the killed Rise up from the pogroms of the West.
      Lithe eyes peer from the nest of love.
      Death flows with shrouded felines. The wars of this world pandecate the culled
      Laws of the misbegotten maimed.
      There is no ode for the cock-raped?    

      Time weeps inside itself. See how my soul defines time Merely by seeming whole.
      The darkness of the murdered spills  Days deep. The doctors to love's son
      Must spark the flames of life.  Christ sails off down stream
      And the measurements of the killed  Drive the engines of the spayed.
      Cats bear kittens from the void. The waxen faces of this world Dangle fuses where no pulse
      Refines the madness of the live.
      Eyes peer out of the human crusts Of an earth devoid of sexual pain
      But sex cannot divert the dead From out the tombs their parents paved.
      The furtive burnt circles of the killed Dilate the eyes of smothered god. The curves of girls who do not love
      Curate the cancers of my vast world. I live where softness spears this heart.
      The oils of passions do not serve To weaken weeping with the swerve
      Of girls. My woman does not tread This earth. The incubus of thrills
      Defines the Dulcinea of life.
      The animus of deftness treads The tar-dealt pathways of  The damned.
      Nine circles have nothing to offer. The core of the earth dictates A redulent place for sex and murder.
      This world is ruled by apes. This world has nothing to suffer. The core of the earth dilates
      The pupils of the dead. Endless whimpers in love's red head
      Drive the flowing moon.  Inside this earth, charon booms.
      Hell is filled with rodents. Rats run the middle of  Life's grave. Man dies to find
      Charon sailing high where skies Strip the skin from off life's
      Treasure-trove. Mankind rides The shippen bones of time. Psychopathy rules love's storm.
      Hell is filled with mutineers. Privateers defend the gates Of hell. The squirrels in this earth
      Snap the hymens of deep girlkind. Hell entreats true sex to bloom
      But blossomings in hell must
      Smash the verbiage of man.
      devilers are masked by bleeding.
           Death is willed from above. Do not let dying harm you. People who hurry forwards must
      Push death's weight where We roll death's heaving form.
      Painfully, we curse afresh  The newness of this dead hour.
      People who hurry forwards must  Choose to sin or else wither.
      Hell is filled with spent souls. One on the other, hist'ry gathers Opponents from its clashing sun.
      So we descend further into torture. We experience more the cunts we nailed.
      painfully tethered to hell's winds, We shove the weight of death until  Life buries madness in Christ's grave.
      How is it that we sin and wither? Like waves that crash against the coasts
      Of extraordinary dying, souls gather     And the hooks of experience constrain  One arm held out and a further askance.
      Of avarice and wrought excess, I  Discern the plagues of indolence.
      All of the gold found in the moon ust ask fortune for its soul.
      This world's great empire stains The robes of life. Enchanted souls
      Drift down corridors of flame. Here great indolence plagues you.  May you receive god's teachings...
Hell is fuelled by harpies that  Smash the teeth of children who  Devote their afterlives to blue
      Movies. When shall magic preach The darkness of the words man
      Spews from off his crippled tongue.
      The weight of hell denotes change..
      We point by name one thousand souls And mordent pity breaks lost life   Half-lost inside decrial's coils, We speak with those who cannot shine.
      Where dictators line life's mind The light of love contaminates
      The stillness of lust's burning field.
      With joys denied, love illustrates The fairness of death's body.
      With joy made strong enough to cleave  The fame of god, time's heart must sear
      Veins with timeless fierceness and The fires of fusion sunder sex.
      Now man will speak and hear the dawn.
      Man's birthplace is a township built Nearby the shadows of life's grave.
      Malignant breezes fashion death.
      Sometimes we read with glances joined  With madness: deranged eyes must smash
      The kisses of a mouth sealed shut.
      Death must swoon and thence the cut The heart of life. Man thrills with heat.
      Overwhelmed by books which plead
      For violence, woman delves her curse. Girls read of Lancelot and drive
      The waves of life. Cerberus  Sunders darkness with his teeth.
      Struggling where the lakes of hell
      Swell inside the mouths of night, Gobbets of red earth will shield
      Sounds and motion from death's plight.
      The moment when man gnaws his meat, Fists will gather grass from out
      The blaring focus of the killed.
      Man's eyes are red, his beard blue-black. With ended life, the ousted moon
      Bids mankind to weep and cry.  Temporizing light with gloom, We answer to life's misery.
      Battered by rain, the temples of The dead enamour romance to
      The blue-black centre of life's Reign. With slow steps rambling
      Against the mountains where men Judge the burning of the stars
      Of time, the future lives of The waiting dead go searching for
      The hostile power of death. Eternally resounding, life
      Skips the speeches of time..
As soon as hell colludes with  Its circles, we shall curse  Afresh the pains of life.
      Painfully once more the howl  Of creatures buried in time Will roll their weight against
      The chest of man's enemy. The waves of death will treat
      Humankind with wrongness blown Down. The wails of god shall
      Fill the shells of war  With sound. Noise will petrify.
      Hell is filled with apemen.
      With bliss, rejoicing romance for Forbidden needs, hell's primal stage  Follows rivers round the sedge
      Of wretchedness. This dismal wabe Of oceans turning blue-then-black
      Glazes death inside its sea. Strangeness fellows stars which slink
      And I lean forward with intent  To hear the curses of the void.
      Like rain, all raging, outside death, The wisened master of decrial  Departs by foot to find the maze
      Of love. Do not desert me now.
      I have no guides to judge death by. Drawn to peril, vexing hell Dismays the guardians of night.
      Hell is filled with mutants.
      Demons scramble back and gates Contrive to block our through road. The insolence of love is downcast.
      Someone is coming to open the doors. Already by our side, the crew of death
      Blasts the tongues of the bolted flame And flames weave circles with the rays
      Of fire. Unbolted, the sentience of man Drives the mind of time to its brink.
      Demons shambol and the remembrance of
      Life refines the muteness of love.
      Someone is coming to open this city. Our adversaries slam the portals of  The entertained. Intermittent pools
      Of gas drink blood as the waivering Casts of the killed curate for killed
      Children the route to the other side.
      Someone is coming to cpen this city. A secret bridge contrives to erode The road which leads into the sun.
      And then I say to man: 'Do not feel Dismayed by my vexation: I shall not
      Murder time with my going nor tame The madness of this elemental sphere.
      Earth is safe and is saved by
      The killed.'
      Someone is going to open Hell?.
The beast of hell fell shrinking where  The ground descended into gloom. We descended deeper down.
      Despondent, earth appeared to mourn The cross-of-god. Who is it may
      Heap together shame and spite? We dance around and hurry for The tortures of the film-screen
      And there we visualise sex Smashed. Another country calls
      For guns, bombs, knives, gas. In this dead life we use a mind So squinty-eyed that in the spent
      Gardens of the culled, we croon Against the burning of the killed
      Night. The gold-leaf of the moon Breaks the hymen of betrothed
      Woman. The wearied soul of  humankind contends with
      The foolish creatures of the stained Glass found burnished where
      Fists are clenched but closed. This life is an unkind brawl.
      You can see, my son, how ludicrous The briefness of man's living seems.
      According to his judgment, life Can not stop turning but then stops
      Where foaming springs quicken  Man's ambition, dismal quiet Must charge the passages of life
      With marshland. I saw people where Teeth were tearing piecemeal.
      My kindly master explained: 'Here there are ghosts for whom
      The sullen sweetness of the air Made bubbles surge from out
      The gladness of life's borrowed day.'
      Then at length I came to town. And life's dry bank was shrouded in The eyes of god. Where dismal smoke
      Spoke the words of hell, I
      Rose from the surface of the Styx.
      Hell is filled with fetid lords?
      We cannot enter now except with Woe. God says that passions will Glow like eyes. Three hellish furies
      Transpose to proclaim womankind. Of bright green hydras, here the rain
      Of hell entreats the flinching blast Of storms which ride forevermore
      The madness of death's horde.
      Understand that learned lairds Must fear the crash of tide on tide. With these two hands, I expurgate
      The turbid waves from out death's skies.
      Sound will spill from out a drum Of oil. The forests of the saved
      Must fear the vile collision Of battered trees and dustclouds.
      The roar of sex will scorn lives.
      You whose mind is cleared by The lessons of the dead must Tear from off these mudbanks
      The fearsome crash of the disclaimed Souls of space. Verses god has written
      Will make Medusa come. Ah, The Furies bay for blood and The trusting motions of the stained
      Skeins of life devour time. The veil of these strange stanzas meld
      With the faces of rhyme. Turgid oceans rave inside The thwarted cities of the spilled
      Bloods of the preternatal dead.
      Anxious to yearn after fear, We swallow the knives of the Forgiven. Forgetfulness derides
      The livid dead. Secured, life's bulb Rots away. The punishments of lithe
      Filthy humans stride the streets Of mourning. The anguish and the high Parapets of sex and death
      Crowd the graves of anguished tribes.
      God devours the coffers of Stone. With converts on the rise, The lids of Christ were raised.
      Heretics lie days deep in sand. The quickened prising of the void
      Eliminates the passions of The roaches found enshrouded where
      The soils of darkness spume.
      Hell is filled with living-rooms?!
           A savaged beast fell into the ground. Man descended to the fires which  Made justice from the crashing Thames.
      So we descended to the umpteenth mile.
      Torture strode the heavens and Death's opponent rode the blue horse Of time. People hurry as they glide
      Elsewhere. In pain, collisions with the stars Cursed afresh the softness of time.
      We dance around. Here I saw more souls Contaminating swiftness with the killed.
      Experience of life did not unveil The god of hell. God answered "Silence is
      Proclaimed from heights which cannot Sack the universe's ills". I curse afresh the riders of this storm.
      The ugly brawl of romance must Wear away the phantoms of the day.
      Ignorance may plague you. Please receive The mask of heaven's features. Death
      Rejoices as he turns. I saw the slopes Of hedonism crush the warrened waves
      Of lime. Where foaming waters spray A dismal watercourse, the peoples glide  Against the clouds they've shaded. I
      Gaze intently at the bared and ruddy Muddiness of faith. Teeth tear away
      The clotted veins of terror. Red eyes Turn toward the shallow muds enclosed
      Inside the ashes of the dented void. She who bore us lives forevermore
      And the sight god gave us praises love. New cries of lamentation reach my ear,
      And I lean back to peer intently out.
      A kindly master says: 'A city draws near Whose name is Death.' The walls of the bleak Place I was born enshrouds the lithe space
      Of life. Drawn from peril, desertified lives Stay at my side. With departures from graves
      Engraved in the biers of the coffins held
      Up high, the figures of the living spend Seed where blackness creeps about the moon.
      Crowds in these graves hold sepulchers grown Hotter than flame. If we continue to walk  Between anguish and peace, the world of pain
      Shall deny sound and soundlessness proclaim Followers of every sect. Horrible pain
      Entombs birth in the anguish of this mind.
      Sepulchers glow with the beat of the sun.
 Leaving behind this world, I see the day Cry for the lamentation of the dead. Crazed with rage, fierce bodies define
      The wails of the killed. Before we've made A satisying trip through flame, Lord God
      Sights us and turns against the jade Bodies of the knifed. Man peeps into The fitting coasts of the colour blue.
      Before we've sailed we cross a lake
      Of burning. I lean forward to find The world above us. Lamentation scrawls Words upon the graves of the raped
      And the embraced form of the stars
      Spears the vice of the unsexed ghouls And ghouls displace life's sunrise.
      Ferine mangling cuts the nameless thread Of the worn. Eyes seize the coasts of spent
      Rain. The terrain of the darkened dead Draws from peril the departures of The ripped apart. If we can desert now
      The deaths of those who are tempered by A foolish death, then the gates of hell
      Will open and the swiftness of the sky Desire to speak with the monsters of The night. Displaced, the masters of
      Space decline. Love remains here Dazed by God. We hear the wise
      Voice of the masters of the sky. If we can venture further then The insolence of lust will spear
      The portals of the entrance to The face. Someone is coming to Open death's gate or else
      Love contrives to lock its door. Vexed, we walk too slowly and Blast the martyrs of the spilt
      Blood contained inside the vile
      Phials of the roads of hell.
      My own flesh is stilled by The quagmire of the spended Shades of the living killed. Be sure that the mud of sex
      Drowns the wicked leanings of The murdered or else exhume
      The spirits of domed heaven.
      I am scared and plainly see How the route of hell is formed And I have been down there.
      Everything in creation thrills To the tricks of this conjuror.
      Hell is filled with manitous.
      When flesh dies, questions must  Raise from the dark the earth's crust. We travel alive with intentions borne
      Upon the biers of the malformed. From the waist up, behold this man.
      His sound interrupts from the scorned Heart of the stained. Red blood bakes
      The flesh of the maimed. Behold man. Now rail along the pathways of
      The tortured and the raping lives Of chidden children on the rise. Draw back and hear the dread alarm
      Of nobles. In this spasmoid space Question secrecy and dance.
      By virtue of blind genius Weep. And man is straightened by The shades of time. We gaze again
      At shattered luminaries. Flight Ordains the visions of space.
      Already my eyes seek the talk Of punishment. Oh tell me now
      Of intervening words or else Rule supreme inside the clouds.
      When things draw near, unravel Defenceless peoples from the horde. What time will bring proves senseless.
      Remoteness grants us words..."
 The knot of reason ravels with the failed Carnage of the hanged. Gods answered me: "Like someone with true vision, you appear
      To bear your sadness with you and
      If I hear rightly, you appear to see Remote things well. My light entreats you."
      Who rules supreme as when the fault of God Bears lies from out the lips of his flock. In useless space or else the underworld
      Defines its present tense as interfurled With knowledge. The repellent of disdained
      Music must strike perfume from the floor And in that scent the odour of the foul
      Rise from out the rivers of the Styx.
      Toward the centre of this foaming life. We follow paths of madness and deranged Fingerings of woman. High up where
      The topmost rim of deep-cut living grinds, We stand inside a pen of canibals.
      The stink of heaven dwells in the abyss Of hell. Excess drives us far where
      The master of the flames inside the soul Tends the wickedness of foresight drained.
      Because violence involves the dead  And because violence apportions blame To mankind's dead, the ruinous offense
      Of living extorts despoilers for  The coins on their eyes. Simoniacs
      Pump their pimps for bonds of love That further life. The special trust  Of impassioned lust creates
      The nest of love. Forsaken dreams Add distaste to life's definition.
      Divine Intelligence shapes art From out the pools of sex and life.
      Nature shakes.
      Of gross deception, burst campaigns Of Charon sail death's ferry west. Into the waters of the dead
      We turn ashore. The mud-clad signs  Of Phlegyas roll the hands of God  Inside the cuts of rivers worn
      Away. We guide a single boatman Down the furling streams of sworn Fire. The boarded boat we claim
      Convinces Jesus of his death. With skimming stones contained within
      The wont of ghosts, Medusa sprays Venom where the fumes of life Glut the sickness of the void
      And ancient daemons ride the bays Wherein a coat of needles raves
      Against the caverns of the dazed Killed. The ancient prow of This ship of death leads girls
      To address death's future woman. Being laden with its gulls,
      The spirit of the Florentine Crazes rage with disembodied  Tears. Niobe lives inside
      Pure fire. The dogs of time Rape the faces of the spurned Dragons of this spatial place
      Whence madness seizes fuel. The fields of softness spark
      Embers from the flames of Decrial. Words dissemble fear
      To find the ark of sex Smashed. I give to hell my
      Sensual voyage. Romance rides The writhing spectres of man's Sensuality. The teeth of crime
      Lie rotted where death's empery
      Smites the muses of the tamed.
 Drive swiftly and set loose The hungers of the killed. I am the man your father was.  Move quickly while the scattered
      Stones of the rubbished smatter  The walking ways of the torn. We can't progress to seek the tides
      Of mutant seas. The makers of This raped terrain are indolent. The Minotaur of romance speaks.
      We must be wary of our guides. The Duke of Athens deals his blow
      Up in the world. Beast, take away The sacred bull of woman's speech  Or else inform the new-born child
      Of mutancy. The infamy of Crete Conceives within a false crow's shell
      The broken foetus of the dawn. We must break loose from the insane
      Or else the chasms of the speyed Will denote ravines in their spoils.
      O hell is filled with vermin.
        The alp-like place we choose to climb Denudes the steep bank of death's hill. Because of what we were, there is
      No living side to hell. The peak Of hell forms passages to loss.
      Conceived inside, we rage without The blasted chasms of the starved.
      A bull breaks loose and takes away The guides we honoured when live.
      Up in life's world, the murdered Tribes of the living treat
      The deathblow of life's aftermath.
      With heaven's weightedness enclosed  Inside our thoughts, the masters of Denial bridge the deadened veins
      Of thought and the ruined trials Of covetousness entertain
      Centaurs. In the furnace of Hell's hillside, we are driven by
      The torments of the living word. Because our will is nasty, we Smash with stones the walls of
      Grief. I seek a moat of fire. Enshrouded in the woes of blood,
      We keep our eyes above the ground. Violence hurts us but where life
      Is done, the briefness of sex Hails us from death's distance. God nudges us and hangs his own.
      When singing alleluia, Christ
      Companions us with disembowelled Sense. The challenge of the noosed  Pisses in the wind. Troops slant
      Against the challenge of their Slantedness. When Charon spoke,
      He said: "Go back and guide your men Then turn away and double home."
      These words mean nothing?
There is a place in hell renowned  For bodily touches. The member of This pack is surely a thief.
      Bent, the torsoes of death's breeze Show us where power lives.
      Rending his potency from flame, Nessus rips apart his fire.
      The embers of his manhood rains  Embers on the fjords of  The piercing noise of time.
      And in time, the music of The strange offends the boughs of Hell. Alone, the vision of
      Clocks that spin against time Will trip with their heirs.
      Let me show you now where The larceny of living reigns As if a king. This king spins
      Around the clocking tides  Of death. And Charon speaks:  "Go back and guide your men
      And then return home."
      These words meant nothing?
      With hell's justice in God's hands, The scourge of living earth must Turn dark. The wayfare of the dead
      Must tear the boiling moil of man  Away from his fair skin. The drawn
      Curtains of the moon milks life  Away from pissing teats. The dull
      Heartbeat of the snared defeats The lost. The blood inside brains
      Will cross with killing fields And the canters of life's horse
      Drag the saved deep down where The tares of fusion drive
      The Kelpie from life's bearth.
      We goad Attila and Pyrrhus. The warfare of the public drinks Pure blood from rectal stains.
      Charon speaks and aimless tales Storm the teeth and tongue of
      Sextus. Carmine bleeding shells Nuts from the blasted bones
      Of sanity. Tears, unlocked from Love's sinking stream, dive Days deep into the ferine pool
      Of listless lives. The clawed Feet of the ghastly splash
      Sea-water where there is no sea.
      These words stink of rot.
      Hell is filled with prisons?...
Come somehow from the peoples abroad,  Our guide believes that awareness is Heard on every side. Bewildered, I
      Hear voices wail. The heat of hell Breaks off at the wrist the shrouded
      Plants of the grave. I reached my hand Into the forge of the murdered and
      Became panoptic. The masters of  Despiction danced where passion waned. The incredible sound of space
      Struck from the thoughts the grove Of killings. Up front, the twirled Knives of the violated stabbed
      Skin from the flesh of the void. Nessus had not reached the side Of space. The leaves of planets rolled
      Paths of green in blue-black tint. The souls of serpents spurted spit
      And moaned. Compelled, I chose to  Blood as one the colognes of The mad. The keys to hell's descent
      Enticed me with possessions.  Mindlessly, we clambered forth
      From mountains. In the vice of court,  Justice broke apart the very
      Ligatures of sense. The sexed Burdens of the plants we found  Inside the foetal ground
      Tore whores from out the lids Of Caesar's eyes. Sense, inflamed,
      Drove fatalities from out Life's glories. Both sleep and life Turn inside their ether. Harlots never
      Kept secrets. Locked inside pain,
      Silence drives the engines of the mind  And tyres burn inside flame.
      Inside the mouth, the teeth of crime Enlarge the spirit of the chewed. Bent, the torso of mad Nessus drives
      The heirs of God. Sextus meets His troops whereby the turning feud
      Of silence strips away The companions of hell's spies. When Charon spoke, the zephyrs of
      The burned defined the route  By which glib phantoms fly from The missions of the earth
      And Charon says: "Fly from the air." But air must live above
      The magnates of hell. Companioned by  Nessus, man denudes his red flesh To find the spirits of the quelled
      Packed inside a bag of larceny. The Power of hell defines the feared
      Word of love. The troops of mankind Steal away the earnings of the stayed.
      Charon speaks and says: "Go back and Glide into your homes." Words drown  In mutedness. Bound in knots, sense
      Imprisons light in nooses ripped  Apart where the necks of hanged
      Humanity delves the drowned Lakes of infirmity. This dark spot Whereby the sparks of woman blend
      Her saps with healing overturn The utterance of a sigh and men
      Yield the wild saplings of Defiance. Harpies, feeding on The foliage of sadness, pave
      Pain with passion. Inside death, Exhaltation shouts against the sky.
      We too shall come to rest, each one of us Intending life to kill. The space above The spatial will tend our living lives
      With lies. Hell has a furnace which Constrains our living nighttimes with
      The storms of death's climb. We are Not defined by sleeping. Woman sounds
      The muses of her birth. We must deride The night or else go blind..."
We cannot speak or else go blind. Pyrrhus weeps and men find  Of time. The madness of time
      Must enshroud hell with dead Spectres. Sextus storms the tomb  Of love. The graveyard of death
      Blackens heaven with the swoon Of life. Fled lightning beats rolled Tides. The seas of fission snare
      The eyes of Christ. Lord Jesus lies Buried in his own head. Deadened, passion writes the words
      Of fear. Bad verses glean the spires Of prayer. The hymnals of the raped
      Define the muteness of the maimed. The epicentre of hell's flares Meets the swiftness of the speared.
      Man is mated by his knifed Veins. Glad woman looses shame.
      The world is carefully refined
      By murder.
      Charon says: "Revoke your kids  Or else dictate a route home." His words have no true form.
      The centre of the fires of hell Pokes death's clit from out the Foreskin of the stars. Time
      Traps the limbs of death in The pox of crime. The criminal Shape of law dilates the
      Pupils of the skies. The dried Muses of death's eyes drain Mud from out the stained
      Rills of heaven. Ramshorns snarl And the fish inside the coils
      Of brooks define the curled Ashes of spurned heaven.
      Cold Hades freezes over.
      We get soft treatment from the west. Pushed down in turn, we suffer Christ. The lawless shepherds of the Word
      Cover us. The treasuries of birds Flap deaf wings. Our speeches must Seem intense but die all of the time.
      Forbidden, the hapless trances of Truth forfend the long sleeps of The staved. We get soft treatment from
      The King of France. The boldness of Saint Peter flounces with our Disproved flesh. The vehemence of
      Our guardians implodes our dreams. Opposing palsies, mindlessness
      Imagines us and burns to grey The blackness heaven's godlessness Decides. The judgment hell decrees
      Rears its head. Man raises death From out the earth. Hades defines
      The chill of molten hell. Bacchus Wades into love's stream and
      Drowns humanity in wine.
      The seer who charged the earth with Maleness mans the motors of Hades with the petrols of
      The fuelled. Resuming bodies from The pools that settle in the streams
      Of Christ, the hellbound bells Of flesh let cry their tocsins. We roam hell's world as if
      Deified by funerals. The thrilled Raze with fires the yearning Tribes of bleeding humans staved
      Above the colour blue. Thieves Rape Thebes. The soldiered coals
      Of mastered killings roll Inside the pulsing fold Of heartlessness. The scribes
      Of France enchain the arms Of fierceness. Sextus rides
      The peoples of the screwed.
      Above us they appeared - the men Who hurtle with the moon. Sex Smashed from death's hearthside
      The kingdom of the slain. And our eyes are bedazzled By eternity. The woven straw
      Of fearfulness lies heavy Upon our guts. The stars Crash against the shrouded
      Clouds. O hell's spent mind Cuts infinity's sheared  Spirit. We are then pursued
      By Providence. O, when shall The coursing sluice of time
      Paint us with the juices of
Hurtling along with death upon its tits, The slogan of the dead draws near The keepers of life's filth. The crest
      Of madness draws this spent mind close To splitedness. Too heavy, man compares
      With monks who wear their cowls enclosed  Around eternity. This eyeless face Transgresses darkness to reveal loathed
      Companions to the flies of ruled times. The dissembling clutches of lust's coast
      Transcend the wickedness of man. The capes inflicted by death's child Will drape across the litheness of
      God's eyes. Infamity proclaims killed
      Guns, bombs, gas, knives Impeach the laughing sprays of  The dead. The arches of life's cries
      Create the coda of death's song And eyes inflame the croft shift Of workmen digging in the
      Sands of the splendid maimed. The Kings of France entertain
      Men who drug their beers with  Sex. Simoniacs campaign
      After sex.
      Weeping, with looks of defeat, The cloakrooms of the killed peer Deep into the rivers of the beat.
      On the inside, the dazzling eyes Of fusion snap away the cries Of owls. Magpies perch upon bones
      And the fowls of winter constrain Infinity. As ever, we are viewed
      By companies that slap against blue Emeralds. The Tuscan speeches of Swift speaking crack apart the
      Stars of the killed. Waters of vile Compatriots curate a bent vale And the witches of the hunted thrill
      With punishment. Upon the bottoms of The spent, the cautious spires of The Tuscan spurt the sperms of
      The stewed. Hippocrisy Gyrates against the screwed Blackness of the spewed
      Seizures of death's veins.
      Snakes - frightening swarms - must lead Into deeds, not words. Snakes lie Commended by their magic chill inside
      The confines of serpents. Death breeds Heliotropic safety. Thrust between Night's horde, Medusa rapes away faith.
      Where legs entwine, the tail and head Of reptiles boast no more about scales.
      These hands of time lie intertwined with Malignancy. The nude and terrified Contend the running figure of a man
      Too raw to stand. This thrusting erse Seems numerous. The density of tanned
      Hides directs brute sex against fear. Without a hope of hiding nor a chance Of dancing, nakedness defines the span
      Of life. These hands are tied to The legs that meet behind the backs Of twining salience. Petitions call
      For deeds, not words. The book of Thess Confines the hopes of madness with
      Insured selfishness. The mouth of Hell Speaks of death as if constrained in
      The chewing lips of the slain.
      Actual words - from the new and old - Maim the poetry of snapping teeth. Our hands seem manacled. The headmost
      Words of fury rape away the East. Intwining head and tail, the croft birds
      Of silence say words which Impeach denial. Our leaders ask shade To impose God or else the burned
      Plight of hell inflames the sins of Dissembling fear. The shone stone
      Of blood and rage is skimmed where Lakes do not provide the waves of
      Bloods spilled.
      To be born again every hundred years: During this life, we gather grain  And rise from out the fields. I deny
      That God is cruel. A sinner must Rant and rave or else delve Devilry. Medusa seeks her horde
      And the storms of madness will collide With tongues of venom. Life shone
      And now the palour of disdainful lies  Must parry nerves and dance inside
      The grievous smiles of woman. Spies  Storm the secrecies of humankind. And I have told you to bear grief
      From out this earth. When we break Through, please tear the thick clouds From off the moon. Tears enshroud
      The open eyes of passion. Tides drill Whiteness into cumulus. Grief
      Seems stormy, bitter, petulant with War. The fugues of Israel comprehend No end to murder. Where Mars draws
      A vapor from the lightning of the sun, Florence blasts away the ashen bays
      Of time. The incinerations of All circles of hell create a wall
      Wherein the demons of death Squirm as if worms. A lake of spit Defrauds defiance of its red cloak.
      Incinerated, human living winds  Down. A dragon with spread wings Burns away the signum of raped
      Infants. In the meadows of killed Soldiers, sadness rifles the stirred  Rills of the cannibalised. The aped
      Rising of the cropped entertains This lake of blood named 'Birth'. Life's path lies blocked but chained
      To screaming. Sinners wake to find A swamp of sleeping ramming at the eyes Of death. The word of dying peers
      From out the sedges of the sniped Lake of death. The bitterness of lithe
      Spirits bears humanity from Its wabe. The stripping female figures of
      The spended stars curate church. Burned, the Theban wall of christ
      Dabs its fingers in blood.......

      If I had harsh berating rhymes to  Fit inside the soul of womankind, Sex at the evening sky
      And then I could completely describe The bottom of the universe -
      Not a task suited to the tongue  That whines Mum and Dad. May The muses of my madness help verse
      As when it helped my mind die. O horde, beyond all others ill-got,
      Who dwell in this hot place too Hard to speak of: better you  Are born of sheep or else death
      Shall lay you. As the toads lie Snouted in their pools, may I Glean the noise of ugliness from
      The gleam of shame. Or else might Teeth chatter in the stork's beak.
      Each of us hold our faces turned Down; they testified to cold tongues. After a time, the misery of looks
      Bore eyes which interknitted with  Dead heaven. Death issued from
      All bodies."O you whose breasts  Are crushed together," I said
      "Who are you but woman bent back?"
      A peasant woman often has dreams. Turned purple with shame, cheeks  Lock together with their glow.
      These eyes bore deep. After time Has glanced away heat, bright ice Harnesses cold with hell's wade.
      Tightly intertwined, the feats Of man corrupt the strokes of
      The ghastly. Frozen in punishment, Freezing passion shakes the seas Of deadened lives. My name is Love.
      This crime committed against you is Repaid by death and dying. Pray, And let the glibness of your lives
      Forgive mankind. Although I'm dead,  Accept the vengeance death may reap..
      As on earth, so in hell.....

      "And see if you can make it." As though from dark indeed, the voice Of distant man. This party I knew
      Had journeyed down to where shades  Blew from burning stones the laid
      Girls of the night. I heard them Laying waste to urine with their Lips. Their caves appeared closed.
      I neither died nor stayed alive. The wetness of death's woman Dripped from walls of fear and
      In its place, stagnation danced. Shadows killed the place where
      Plato stood. Sextus swiped my sex.
      I neither died nor stayed alive - time Reproved me with its wits - denuded, Life and death became as one and sent
      Its emperor to seal my grieving mind. From out a giant's height, this world
      Grew closer and thence surrounding  Space enshrouded me in visual nerves.
      Strong with pride, befitting heaven's Dying day, the head of Hell implied A night of silence. The teeth inside
      My jaw were wrenched from out my  Brain. "This soul," my master said  "Is born to suffer." Thence awake,
      I saw the skin upon my back defy Its cleanliness. The day I rose,  I saw psoriasis constrain me
      In schizophrenic cages. Time brought A sickly therapy into my throat.
      The words I wrote were voiced with Stupidity. The machinated skull
      Of sensual sensitivism overrode My need to piss. I ate shit raw.
          Envision the whole of Man and Find his size proportionate with  Hell. Or else define the fled skies.
      In this pluperfect fire, the sum Total of man must appear small. The fragments of mankind are
      Burned to dour ashes. Sense shapes Man from out his dying parts and
      Offends his death by seeming scarred By flame. The scorching signum of Men is bent by searing. Heaven lays
      Waste to the sound that signals gloom. Man must burn his favour and thence
      Fire becomes too wicked to consume. The swiftness of man's burning lays Glamour on the line and thence heat
      Cracks the riven surface of woman. Man without woman is too cold.
      Hell compounds mankind with his girl. Fires derive from sin their truth.
      We stood in hell for hours and hours. Fear disclaimed us yet we stood Dissembling love with our fears.
      Manitous strode above us and We drank our fill from hell. Little men rode from out the dark.
      Chiron sailed. The lightning of Death chained us to our dreams. Telephones disturbed the dark.
      Panoptic saviours slammed sound In the place of true vision.
      Thence Calcabrina screamed aloud. Her trip worked and we flew Against the flight of fury.
      The heat beneath out feet leased Narcissus with his looking-glass A lingering glance at God.
      Engorged with humours, burnt Desolation razed the looks of The ideal sinner. Pausing, heat
      Mouthed away the singing plight Of Mamma and Dadda. The muses of
      Amphion walled Thebes and shall Press their juice against me..
  After a swift run, fathers and sons Seemed torn apart. I woke before dawn. O, my children, who went with me when
      Whimpering during sleep was not fraught?
      O, when shall sleep refine my soul?
      Inside me when I turned to stone, Apprehensively, I scorned my home. O you hard earth, why didn't you
      Plead for calm. Ah, mad hell, When shall the face of creativity Rise from hell. Oh, Pisa! You
      Shame the students of your fair Land. Slow as your steeled neighbours,
      Helpless children teem from the earth.
      The cold has sucked all feeling from  My face. I wear a visor and turn  Faces up from out the void. Drunk
      But forced back to sanity, thieves Storm all found ages of mankind.
      I thought I lived for hunger's pain Alone. I bit my hands for grief. Then I saw the silence of
      My world reform as grievous clay.
      O you hard earth, why didn't you Open up for mankind's gang. When we have reached the day
      When woman suckles feeling with The callus of the numb,
      Then men shall depose the mad And softness rise above them  And youthful songs devise
      For innocence. I do not cry.
      The fame of having chosen death In the place of life storms The swarming streets of time
      And routed senselessness  Pierces the lids of lithe
      Woman. O you hard earth, Why didn't you open when
      Ferine femaleness was sworn To open?
      Clothed in this wretched flesh, We plead for you to be as one For we have stayed alone.
      I neither died nor kept alive - Consider with your own wits when I became Leda..

      And death goes down the Dominion. Mother-naked, strapped at tongue, Guns, bombs, gas, knives
      Entertain the horde with fear.
      "That soul", my master said, "Suffers."  Judas, head locked inside  Christ's fled mind, defined the
      Flailing legs of the little men Who spewed from every corner  Of love's bedrooms. In the lounge,
      Luxuriant strangers strode All four walls. Livid, lives met The quietus of the drowned and
      The knave of heaven spoke once more
      About the flickering light of God.
      We rush upward to a cavity: The hollow where we stand lies Below the mists of charity.
      Veiled inside its seas, the killed Rise. Beneath the hemisphere that
      Canopies the murdered, sense Smothers God's face with fear. Belzebub lies wailing in
      The tides of entombed life. Some of the pretty things God Has borne for us smash apart.
      We climb from out the blue and
      Dig inside the dirt for truth.
      Well-worn, we ascend from the wynd Of time. The shining world above us Has guidance. I went into time
      And found the space inside my head Developed. Apertures of time  Delve the mind of man. The shone
      Lanterns of time dwell within The sleeping mind. Time involves
      Dreams and a mind devoid of pain. The mind in the back of this head
      Travels when asleep. Man knows That his mind is intune with  The incubation of his dreams.
      Time is a nightmare used by The rear of one's head. Eyes
      Drink from the rear-end of  One's mind. Rest defines the Route of the path time climbs.
      The cat on the mat you own Indulges quests after time
      And time is ferinely owned  By sleep. The back of time Dwells in the black of night.
      The rear of my head shapes Time from sleep. O, world
      Seek the apertures of time
      Or else die drowned!"
If a generation suffers under failings Which it knows of, and indeed admits to, And if it contents itself, as is the case today
With our bourgeois world, with lightly declaring That nothing can be done about it, Such a society is doomed to destruction
Do not speak of seduction.
No, we must all of us refuse to give in To this deception. Our present bourgeosie Is now too bad and too unfit to deal with
Any great task for humanity. It is just Too bad - not, in my opinion, from any Deliberate depravity, but from collossal
Indolence and all that springs from It. We are all waiting for the sun.
It is long since the political clubs Which go about under the generic Names of Bourgeois Parties
Have been anything else than Societies representing certain distinct Classes and professions, and they have nothing
Finer to do than to defend self interests As best they can. It is clear that this moon is obviated.
It is obvious that a guild Of bourgeois politicians, such as ours, Is fit for anything rather than fighting;
Especially when the other side consists Not of cautious shopkeepers, but
Proletarian masses, violently aroused And absolvingly determined.
& the Elohim bought lunch.
And so the drunken squires Cursed the shepherd and rode Onwards. But soon their skins turned cold,
For there came a sound of galloping Across the moor, and my black mare,
Dabbled with white froth, went past Trailing bridle and empty saddle.
Then the revellers rode close together, For a too great fear was upon them, But they still followed over the moor,
Though each, had he been alone, Would have been right glad to have had
Turned his horse's head.
Riding slowly in this fled fashion, They came at last upon the hounds.These, though known for their own mad valour
And breed, were whimpering in a cluster At the head of a deep dip or goyal,
Upon the moors, men slinking away away,
And some, with startling hackles and Staring eyes, gazing down the narrowed Veil of valleys before them.
'This company had come to a halt, More sober men, as god might guess, Than when they first started.
The most of them would by no means advance, But three of them, the boldest,
Or, it may be, the most drunken, Rode forward to the goyal.
Now it opened into a broad space In which stood two of these great stones, Still to be seen here, which
Are set by certain forgotten peoples
In days long gone by.'
The moon shone bright upon The clearing, and there in the centre Lay the old woman
Where she had fallen, dead of fear and fatigue And after the first fucking death
There is no goddamn other.

Many European states today are like pyramids standing on their sand-points.Their possessions in Europe are ridiculous when compared
With the top-heavy burden of their colonies, foreign trade, etc. One might say: point in Europe, base all over the world;
In contradistinction to the American Union, Whose base covers its own continent and whose apex
Is its point of contact
With the rest of the rectal globe.
Why was this alliance concluded at all? Simply in order to reassure The future of this earth when it was in
A position to defy the dying By standing on its own two feet.
Let us imagine that Germany, With all its skilful foreign policies Will attempt a raid on London And at the turn of this chiliad -
What then but the rapproachement With Germany and men are due
For a foremost change in feeling And Hull must move to Ealing?
There still remained this possibility: Industry and world trade, Sea power and colonies
And all pubs closed by Nine am.
This falsification certainly had Its conveniences for those who propogated it; They were able to demonstrate by examples,
However incorrect they might be, The rightness of an economic conquest of this world
And we were bound to succeed Pope Benedict gas-mark fifty-five.
It was hoped that we would attach The smaller nations to us and win The confidence of the larger ones
But the value of the Triple Alliance  Was psychologically of little importance
And the sun burned out.
When the music is amended .Please turn off the toilet light (tonight).
I have always washed my hands (Adolf Hitler, you had chlamydia?) This bathroom has running water
Osnaburgh killed Sweden ..I have frequently used night-nurse
(Adolf Hitler, you had chlamydia?)
Eva Braun used a candle Her mind was broken china I have always washed my hands!
The bathroom holds carbolic. Osnaburg killed Denmark Eva used the outside loos.
The toilets were wooden The toilets were made from wood
The troughs were pure wood.
I have often died I have often lied..The baths were fools gold I frequently used a candle.
The h/way is sport Roads trip all around Eva used carbolic Hitler had clamydia
The h/way is wide open The h/way is sport
I get drunk on night-nurse.
We rode through Rhodes The darker skin was sin Soaps cleansed Venice
Skin became lampshades (apparently)
I saw the round sun I saw the round sun Petrol cured Bohn Barbarosa was my lather.
I have always used clean water My daughter was drunken Her sex was pale shrunken
Eva pissed her trousers The Province waged wars.
We thrived for mock silver Cigars fell into our hands Today, I used a staple-gun  Today
I used to use a candle.
Not at this time of night Nor at any time of night Will violence strike me down
Violence strikes me down Nor at any time of night Will severed bones
Break the veins I disowned
Recently, the prairie moon Calls me to my living-room Eva Braun used a candle
Hitler had clamydia These days, my two hands bleed..
I have always washed my face and hands (Adolf Hitler, you caused god's STD?!).
The bathroom has clear water My sex was pale shrunken
Himler was often drunken.
Driver, Berlin was not taken Do not taunt nor tease. Driver, Berlin was not taken
Do not shoot me, please Goering was a sinner Why can't I write god's words?
I used to use a candle?
I have always washed red pans  (Adolf Hitler hocked his mother?!)
This week in Bohn seemed fine I have always washed my mind
Goebbels wore red panties
I got drunk on night-nurse.
First we killed the gipsies Then we killed the Jews (not)
Then we lost the war..and that was the fucking end!
And recorders play for Ricardo and pans piss pled pianos when eggs end
 o-.blad dirtying engines feed mad men
and eyes cut cunnies when nailed bakes end in
fat tears  ah-. tides raid waved fast fierce mooned men
 And recorders play for gazed women
when once a cruel cave cuts caverns then red wings weep sunny men
and seas suck seaweeded men of men smashed winged
wives, and ghosts gut graven graves when skies slit bones in two, and two sisters end in springed
summertime's scalding skull-.
Sisterers end husbandry as farmed feelers fan dimming
lady graves      And my penis pisses whored wed waves-.
veiled nails are eaten by kids and jewellers and i am a sworn sung signet's ringing golded world
 O-,. My veins eat hot hired midnight's deep dead girl
and veiled nails are eaten by pigs and jewelry
ends, and my face sings for blind Ricardo when
eyes swim, swim, swim  Ah-.  when once a sea in a spoon sucks salt rain
then spies slide soft sunners into hot cooked vanned veins
  Lady chocolate feeds sweet woman-,
and eyes play recorders for Ricardo when skies slither in soapy sax and veins feed violas when
soft snipped cigars give head to revue bars
 o-.when once wed woman eats Easter then Xmas
peals a pleasant boxed vagina
and my eyes feed recorders to loud Ricardo
 ah,-. as times eat cold clocks then seas end in drowned deadening
timetravel and i am a bossy candle and fay candles burn with night nurse
 forcing fast vaginas cock my tall spread treetops
pled pavements hear bright bended sleep and roads raise stains from spires as chapels weep
fast fogged meat and pled cars career inside bright bladed silver sleep
Crying cringing children cut eyes as bright slulls feed ships to shits And bald brothers brain bastardising bullers when pled pavements fall inside loud stoned streets
  aaah-. when once a donkey drives a horse well home then
trees tease the Thames with brown rivering raised god
and my sky spies on trees as forests dally in a tree of worlds
 seas save salty souls from shrouded flailed sails-.
O, when fed kitchenettes feed forced kitchens then i eat pans, and my scrolls are baked in fictional pitted pot and Gulls cry for cunts as salty edams ear factual fazing daggering
houndy faces and my shredded penis plies for pavemental piss as hot fasts eat waggering
 And dolls drive death into dreaming dribblers
 when once the boys change then labile labia hear glansmen grasping
glid gas, and the backsides of a gay mood
scar cheeky cheesy wombs
   A messiach melds minds with milky silks
When one a river ends in sex then sex seems endless, and gods gut grass as smokey jays feed endless friendless midnight
 Kitchens grasp seagulls when sliding snakers suck headlights,
and i know the dreamers i must dream for, and gulls cut my sea of life
  The Thames teases crying bells as London's wife weeps for wolverines, and dogs drown where towers build a bridged rended chugging sinking river
 And bled bines break wet bread as barricades hear Shakespeare's
sea of rivers, and men ride a long way home when
razing robots raise hens from kids and Chanticleer
 mad smotherers meld milk with titties and cities fly,-.
o, when once a fallen river rides the West then bled bathers breathe stainy silver worlds and god eats wet women as
veins feed vines to wedded wolfmen
 Golden grease swathe sleep in blueberries when a felled fat river rides the South
 And my ghost is dead and alive
 When once hot bums spray juices from waspy hides then ripped roasties end in diners filled with snowed hot lives ooo- i am a daggertooth who loves a sicissor's life
and cats career into dogs when faces feed fingerers to a vinegar Christ-.
 Bled bedded boys break breads for bad men-.
when once moot wifelight mourns no longer the ribbing road of a dead love, then minds kiss a loaded mind-loser, and eyes eat shades
 pans piss in potatoes, and houses close for a
sea of spoilt souls and midnight  ah-. when once a mute wifer weeps for wedded woman then heroes shall seal saccharine inside knifed children
and my masturbator is hit by a shaver and dun women
 where baking boys breed tongued boys then diners drag drakes for geese and gooseberry woods and geese gabble when corpses kiss cackling bloods
  and bedded bastards breathe soapy scudded suds, and my god is a drowned closed city-.
o, life is like a sexy skull and bones break crashed winds and i am a lady leopard
god bakes scrolls for saints as sailors suck sailed paint and my dirtying dreams are loud with feinted fallen fazing fishy children
 Golden seasides suffer for soily soldiering slavers when life licks a sashed sea of skulls,
and my mind has a cat's crane, and my dogs feed wrens to rafters
pled bled boys bully ballers with graves and cremated cutlery
cries-.- Ohh-.
And recorders play for Ricardo
and skies peal pianos as fay men trumpet sleep!!!
o-, tides tell tunes to tease wed sleep's fulsome tits when bassoons play for a dumb Micado
and spun seas size skies from loud lives
 ah-. when once kids are cut to grey ribbons then dens drive lions to clawed sung bits
and lovers souse sex with wellhanging softening tits and i am
felt with vines as glass grapes feed a glass pianolla
mugs in classrooms crease and crash to splits as sonnies sing for stinking clays, and creations kill Chritst's curved war
.   ohm-.  god's kids are peds and gods wives eat scores
and i am a dromedary caught in the rain
and anoracks edge pans into cooking sex wards when
 loud irises grow on a Sunday-.
o, i play recorders for Ricardo and Ricardo sucks sunken sitars when men feed women and
eyes see guitars perform fior sad stiffed man' s salty seaside town
and drying delvers find deaths in seasand 
 ah-.i play recorders for king cousin and lives leap townsmen
 Fastening blind faces feed foals to horsed fielders when sinks spray soapers inside sexed salters, and
 trumpets suck sounding sleep when
fogs trumpet heat, and my veins veer West as men end in
fast stony tears
.  And minds feed worlds to Anancee-.
and yon tapes are salad  o, as dreamers sail into mallards then dogs feed ducks to carrers
and i am a sad maled make and
yon tapes are blind salads  Ah-. My veins hear bled braids as veiled factors feed for
diners and luncheoned men
 and my doll eats a dog as beeswax feeds earrings and i have hedons when lips lift into hyenas
  Minds cut listening FMs when skies seem ragged with vinyl and radios kiss my digital iced screen  And Milton’s milk poetical titties and blinded babies
and i have a gutted dirtied sex kitchen and eyes eat dinning plates as platelettes feed baking miction
 O-,  veins meld milks with smashed sucked swarmed cheese
and, when rivers cross, sticks of war whip wives into wolverines
 minds kiss arse as a numbing anus shits in a sad sea of spaced aliens
and my god guts grass as golden seagulls peck at a meaty sewering
eye, and my gods grasp glass when trees teeter inside midnight-. Oh,.-.
 when once a soft sun soaks in hot smokes then dead ends-.
when once a soft sucking soiler kisses bled muddied suns then skies seize salts from snuffed graveyards and woman eat a lesbotic moon
 o-.and veils veer west as seas suck a drowned mouthing
stream, and my veins vamp vines as eyelets
size screams from icy islands
 Ah-.- i feed farms to fakirs as fields feed screens to a duct of devils and reeling pelicans
  And i am the moon and i am dumb-,
Oo, i play recorders for Ricardo when eyes spring sitars far out at seas and sliding shroudsails piss red
winged vines and my skies heat pianos for loud loosening operatic deade
 ah-.  when once a river raises vaults from red sally salts then i will trample tramps as vaginas wee from labile colted
fay grey moons
 a pled pealing penis pees peas as dinners choke and ghosts grasy pudendas as gods cut a cherry's chopped sweet smokes  And my raised river rams rills home as edges
curl at two ends, and my clicking cock cuts cold sedges
o, when once cut cats creep for cunts then dummies delve waxed dollies and i eat a sea of sleep as seas feel salty wet meat ah-.when recorders play for soft Ricardo then trees teeter inside cut veins and bleeding Xmas
 i am a dolt and a dolt eats my closed clinged cock and gods grasp girly fat gas as woman shoots a sucked river of raided rills, and my sedge feeds a green rainbow-.
  as vigilers vamp veiny vineyards then a fat finch falls on her own hot beak
and collonades cut cunnies as sleek salmons drink a car
 closing coiling cosines shoot a cracked
belled star .-
when once a sea plays for Ricardo then Nicholas is a blown bombaster and i hear some women made
loud as cold and, when once a sea plays for Ricardo then
sainted Xmas cuts tinsels from seas and tinselling mad men
 ah-.  o-
daddies drive delved darlings home when flats feed kitchenettes and rivers in ovens
and gods pee in ovens as houses fall away and speedm feels for farming fathers
 and ghosts gut an instamatic planet Earth-. 
 god's tapes must be salad and dinners man mindless milks as maidens suck brylcreems and
my mum is a milky maiden's hot clotted wet man and tides trip lies as tits taste of sour man
god's bollocks fall from rubbering heaven-.
oo, as recorders play for Ricardo then sex will trumpet meat and seas size sitars as smoky guttering songs end in loud scathing sands
when once rivers flow for recording Ricardo then spies slide downstream when words weep for fastening women
  Seagulls suck silky sauce where diners drink in the pitched dark, and riders raise rhuemy rapes as suckies feed fire to the widening darkening
dreams of cuttlefishing woman and her hot caped clinging curved heart
 when once a shitting stiff sails from a smashed wed cliff
then tides tread tiny teenagers, and god's glid tiff
 kills croons with cusping caves and hot headed pissing paled pealed penises
and my mummy serves cloths to kings of deaths and dolted dead phoenixes
and cloths are wound around scientists and cartoons
 pled goddess feeds my christian maker....!!!
I eat a fat face when men lick leaden lazy sensitive lovers- o, poems push piss from venuses and paddling bowls blend bakers with shutting soft fathers
Oh-. my god is a gull and gulls grasp gassed bees when spies size feared flown butterflies
and my gods are cut from geese as woods feel for strawberry men
and sex sears skulls with soaping seared dives
  Ah!-. when once recorders play for Ricardo then soft summers spin for
skies and stinking sex pigs and my gate is wide and my wide state sucks smashed wed war
 Vigilant vagrants veer West as vast subways end-.
and i play recorders for Ricardo when spies suck loud lutes and skies feed numbers to red flutters when spun songs spend seed in a tree of aped men  ah   when once staunched scissormen cut sugered men then skies turn to a purple fist
and gods play recorders for Ricardo when spies suck loud lanky oboes and my saxy self eats a wed sax as veins feed sandmen-.
and wetted wives wolf wedded foods as penises peal sand from a foreskin's
medula, and my feeded drips hit a bad feed and my goats are godly as fields feed meadows to trees of whipped greed
 While woollen weepers whip hot dead dreamers then gods ease soaps into ice creams, and my veins veil cheated sneezed deserted sexes, and a plateglass griever gives head to blown gas and i am seized from veined vines and skulls kick arse with friends and fingers
and selfish soapy selfsex ends where boats bob up from large lapped seashores
 My mind is a  melded moodsome milker, and nuts raid a milky moaning maled
felted feline, and dogs drag deaths for lions when labia splay spraying fishies
 when once bad kids brain bended death then bled beds bake bedtime
and stories slash softening childish wrists*
O, when recorders play for Ricardo then soft sweet’ning empires play smashing violins and
eyes suck smokey curls when,
bad sad kids build hot graves in the sine of children
ah-. my ghost grips glass as bones break inside a smelling sweetened home
and trees topple tits
and skies feed on blinded bluetits
 When once wetting widows open cremated kitchens then
coughs fill up a staturing sunrise and toppling teenagers give head to a whored weeping walking widening sliding soft sides
 and a snakey fingerer feeds foals to catty kids as wet stones end in
fat rocky tears…
 cross a stick with a world war and smacking seas suck ships from deepening man
 O-. Fields fill forcers with stung swelled lips and tits are beestings
When once a river sails inside a cured whale then treemen urinate in autumnal skies and wayfarers end-..
 forcing feelers feed farms to flames-.
when once a soft sun spills soil then flames feed fires to soft burned oils and men are
fled from fear where hot houses burn
forcing feelers feed farms to terns…skies splay vaginas and penises pull dead children
up, up, up
and my face feeds farms to chilly horsed women
  cuckoos kiss a curved cock moon-.
when once a tree of teasers eases its cock down a fainted throat then fained horses find forcers where fingerers drive tarry cars and i am a bled bosom made old with city peepers
a fazing face feeds flashing faces to fierce logos  and skylit lovers raid a river filled with rodeos
  whilst a wicked weekend ends in radios then shitting slitting hairs kiss a wed meadow
when once televisual teenagers rise, then cut minds cut a moon's teamsters
and my sea eats balloons  Ah,-. Gods grass gas to golden trees when
angels shake snakes from hot hymens and chemical curios kiss vaults and eat men
 while kids creep in kitchens men end, and selfsex hears a staffroom-
 and guys are gulls-.
topsyturvy toads tread downstream as frogs leap mental lobes and newts pig out on sweated waters
 O-,  My veins are vast with weathering veins and toads toss sperm into mental roads
 and my bed eats a blown cold dripping sea  Ah-.
 when once a lady lubber licks loud lichen then sexy trees shit in four hard winds
 Gide's latrines are pure fire wood-. 
when once pissing pupae peal a pled cock then sexy temples tease trogs with weeing caverns and
god's latrines are sheer fire-wood  O-.
whilst shitters screw lippies then cut curves kiss Zoo England and seas suck sleep from calmed rivers
 and braining bullets blow bastards into caged England
.  ah-.
   while wicked widows weep wars then kidded men cure cunts with rivers and cursed maws
 and paws taste of honey as loud kids eat sugary claws-.
when i see a slow sinner go spare then i know that selfsex is paradise and parties dance for two drinking women and i size a slowed singer go spare when
selfsex eats a hurted sexy eagle and loves burn in gold bloods as thrushes move a mad madam
and paws weep honey when pissers drown in hot macadam ah-.
 hotels spin with sinful spies as a fazed host feeds man to cruel young woman
 And strangling strangers suck softening soulfriends when
eyes turn in, and my motel messes a mind with driven dead men
 Ah-. god's dive is dropped from curbed trophies!!!
when once fat females mate with cut cursed cardial caves, then glassy wives widen for
cocks and cavatinas
 O-.whilst wives wimper in a wedded wolf's wild hair
then i feed fat females to mad bad kisses and lady lives tell tameless lies about deaths and prayer
 eyes eat elvins as ships fly from deep in a grinding grave, and graveyards feed stones to cold kind heirs-. and i am strangled in a hot chilled staffroom
and cows cut cried cranes as petrels cane a curved classroom  OO,-.
  when once a schooling city climbs fled fields then capsizing tables claim clicking colours of minding saying and my penis picks up clams as seamen suck on praying men
  fazing boys are broken fat sex boys-.
when once a river raids hot seas then salt sex ends in flown tripped tides and men meld minds with milky sin and men widen with four sharded winds 
 o-.ghosts glimmer in gassed graves as biers piss pall-bays and my god drives praying gossamer when cities lick hot kind jays
whilst wimpering wolvers weep for tamed cats then kind fur feed a sexy straying salving lover
and rivers ride rained bows and seas slant South when gods grasp flexy
fins, and fishy feeling fields end in a strawberry sea of deadly caved
cheesy lays
  when once a feining fainting noise nips stung bosoms then washed waspy widows weep in a tree of razing ripped blossoms and my face falls, and fallen facelets feed farts to fast seedy locums
 Whilst weeping windowers open topped houses inside the rain then kids kill culling infant curates, and lord god's bum has gone to menstrual
hot heaven  And, when fondling fingerers feed farms to mown faeces, i am led
away, and screaming scudding sippers slug spurting spirit as wet red walls
lead lovers into foetuses and fotal sexers
and my golding ghost grasps grass from shod numbers and purple jays-
 My two dead fists are cut from dead babies and rainbows.
And i  eat fat eggs for royal Ricardo?...
and skies sleep in a deadening bed when i suck dregs for Ricardo and Veins veer West when bloodlit lovers feed tits to blinding midnights
and selves suck splayed spermed bedcovers and blued graves dig plantains-
When once gods trumpet sleep thenm meaty magnolias feed tulips to charred womenm
and ratters raise rapes from graves and men  ohm-.
 feline female beards feed spindled
four winds, and my sex is spun
And hold faces for Ricardo's minded noisy cinemas and feared places feed forests to maddening mindless meccas and my veins bleed for visual midnight
 massing wanking crowds kiss cocking crows when four fat farting winds flow down, down, down, into smelly fished fields and woman weeps for wives as kids marry softening crabbed sands
 Ghosts grasp grease as bled pissers drink dark shitting islands and faceless females find fingerers in peeing gilt heaven-
  oo-.As vinegar vineyards vamp female semen then
skies scar sines with a singling salty sea of poofs and men-.
 And knickers fall away when briefed kiddies sing-.
O, when once recorders play for Ricardo and sucky smoothy skies serve shits to hot gilt rains
 as smoky skies size splitted seagulls then trees teeter into veined vines and glassed midnight's winged cars and my girls feed soft celibacy to hot whores and live crashed Mars
  gods gut green graves as penises peal forced stars and i am a graved spind rubber and condoms carve caves from flashed fish and dead daft dreamers suck the moon
 and birds piss in four winds and lime eats a thin wound-.
wiped wicked women ends and eyes eat sexy hight skies and gods grasp eagles and
ghosts glimmer in a red cut river
when once recorders play for Ricardo the kids end and i am a pled pin and my penis feeds a wed friend
 And broken brothers bend at a cut field's dead men ah-.
 Eyes feed eyelets as sugars flow from stools and
wiped wicked children end in sand
 when once weeping wolves weep walls then kids carve caves, and fires shine in a tree of men
 And my selfish sun is opened into women-. And ghosts grab grass as smokes curl in a sea of slums…
Uh   when where then hen  hem hem hem   chortle?!! chortle?!! ahah!!
pled pissers peal penises…gods gut ghostly guises, men eat haunted children
and my gods are golden ghosts and my inventive idiocy eats daft gigantic women
o-,when once a tree of teenagers trips a tipsy team then hilled horses ride four veins into maned dreamt
ah-.And elvins eat eagles as winged worlds weep blood, and my sign dies for midnight's girl
 whilst kiddies cling to salty trees then pools whorl in a forest of kids and demonic fools
 and Ricardo is a my faceless cold cruel chapel, and angels ease eggs into a sea of spind
ponies, and ponies piss inside four winds
  My weeper is my wanked river-.
o, when once a wept wife lives in poopoo town ends in fast shitting tears
then fat feelers finger fizzy fuzzies and i am a bred bullshitter made cold as crazy splayed cunts and
when once a hissing human drinks vagina then
dolls break blue brains with stinking sucky fingermen  Ah-.
 i am a pled peeing palsied painter of penises and eyes glide into dogs when cities cut pussies and i am a drilling dirtying dive made cold as old vaginas and i am a
tree of teetering topsied killers  o-.
 ghosts grasp grease and fannies feel for Man and poofs pin penal plaits in splayed speying faces and i am a lidded lady of days and mixed knives and my bed breathes braided bladdrs and seamen end in
falsifying tears
and sexy mutants meld smellers with death's draped sins-.
Oo, my mind makes money from monkeys as bled gaping apes and suns feed dumbs 
 ahh- when once veins veer West then blood goes South
and my minds makes monkeys and monkeys meld milky purses with notes and coined lovers
and i am a wed rich rabbit made old as spent fathers
 Ohm-. when once a rainy pussy feeds cunts then dogends blow
cockerels, and my selfsex is shed from seas and forcing fled fearing crows
and mental doves drive dollies into swans as ducks drink slows Oo-.
 whilst words weep worlds then earthmen end in snorted snows, and my minds hear eyes as veins veer inside aborted liars, and ghosts bob up from chlorines and swimmers are
captured in catchy nets, and cocks climb coke and sex curves
home, and homed hillers heal hillmen and sex is a cured car
  Held heroes heal heads as horses send bald ponies back home!!..
oo, i play recorders for Ricardo…salty saxes suck sung winged menstrual singed women
and smashed soft sitars play for wanked weeping wiping men and i am a loud door's children n
 When once a river raise rapists from nunneries then monkeries shoot monastic craps and
i play pianos for raw Ricardo when seas suck sandy men
and eyes end, and ended eyelets kiss salty seamen
 Oo-.    Gassy gals grasp grassy skulls when bones bleed and veins slide from snowy blooded seaweed and my gods open gills as fishmen eat mermen's drowned dream
and mermaids meld milks with sealet sammy creams-
 while woman weds windowers then deaths speed home, and hot healed houses head West and sex reads zero death
and my mind is a gooseberry burned in a fastening breeze?
and i piss inside four glass walls and i am a deadening wet bride and i live inside
four glass cauls, and my sex feeds cocks to lives
o-,.when once a sea of sauces spills teathings then eyes see sweet veins
end, and my god feeds sleep to sweet women
ah-.while glass grabbers grasp guilty grapes then gobbed graved ghosts feed minds to shot men
and my aides feed solutions to bedded mad
and maids milk hills as stoned spies end in sad
tawny tares
and my spy's called Aladdin and He is mad-.

And i have girl of wax and my tongues gets laid by female bees
ah-.gods grasp ghostly wasps and my mind is clothed in wings and hornets
eyes have a female skin and skinny girls cave in, and bees buzz in caged kisser and i am a
dirtying stinging skull  oo-.razed skies eat stung sweetening waxen teased ate tongues and men pour from
widows and wives and birds are stung
./..  O-.
 Worlds whirl from hit beehives, and hairs stun vines with haired trees and my face is leaved
with wasps and fleeing fleas, and sex is a creed to its own selfish sexed
hill, and hills drink ..falling feared honeys and i am hanged from sweeties as sweet tulips
fade into fed sweet lips and citied clitorises end
buzzed bee-things end in brains, and waspers spin home, and home is buzzy and buzzed breaths are
spind in four sweet seeds  and i am dizzy for
vines and sweet moneys
ahh-    Ohm-.
 bled boys suck a
sweetening sodded moon?
hot whoring hills make milks from rivers and sea snakes and my eyes eat lakes as hot whirring mountains make silks, and i am a boy named Jake
  O-.  Gods eat guilty apes and whored hilling Hedons feed soft sand, and my soul is dammed 
 ah-. when once woman dies then sexy lilting chIldren will die and
hot laying hills shape sex from sands
..   Oo-.
when once ladies lick lazy honey then wallets may well weep for a money tree and my ghoul sucks a blind ghost-.
when once flies freeze then eyes see flown tits, and i am a cold man and women weep for lips
and i am a bitten bird and my nest eats woman
. O-.Ghosts grasp grapes as glasses toast prison and my hand eats my penis
and i grapple with grunts as sex is imprisoned-.
 ah-. as veins end then kids weep blood
and old eyes freeze to death as visions wed
veins to glassed deaths and dead men feed dust to snowed devs
and i eat girly bees when wasps suck flies, and men are flown sirens and i feed girly bees when
horses swipe blind birds, and men end
ah-.seas size sucky as kids feed dead men and i eat buzzing breaded urine-. o-
 when once a fat stung river burns, then jinxing mixes sting midges
and my face feeds winged bridges-. and wasps weep jammed lovers
as vines feed spitted skulls then trees tame tides, and my god hears women
ah-.when once a river raises lost men then forests break where fires eat children-.
and i eat feral bees and my face stings wasps as kids kiss wildmen
and my god feeds a green tongue   oh  -.
 i am made cold with milky hot men and kids kiss me from a thumping chest
and gods give head to sexy shaved woman oo-.
 when kisses crush frenched children then wed wicked windows open inside
caved kissers, and dogman drinks hounded lies
 And my face is a curved fur
 And tails feed veils to a wet world-...
o, i see a teasing tree fall, and skies kiss wooded latrines. ..gilt veins piss pure light
and i am a dog of cunts, and my hand sucks women?!
o, i size a treasing tree and kids fall from forests when skies kiss night-.
 when once edams eat soft sunny lives then cold hitmen shoot silly saviours dead and bees blind their hives and my minded melting mother
smothers sex with drinks and caffeinated rivers  Ohm-.
 my god eats its angels as healers eat hot lies-.
Gods grasp glass when men eat crashed women and sex eats woman's widening blind smile
and my hands heal hedons as birds piss winged blurring
banned blood
i am a weakening wife of a male god and my fingers fondle female faeces as latrines feed a
sea of eyes and angled angelled swabs
 When once a bobbing boys breaks bad wind then crapping sailors soak seamen in a boat of spind
wailing winds, and my face is a drowning sinned spilling soul, and my shroudsail feeds my delving ego
 And flashed fountains fizz with
fished fields, and god's girl marries a spent crib

oo, when once a sailing lover ends in spind wind, then skies sauce rivers and sex drowns in fishy
sin, and my god gives head to hillers when men feed fishy meadowers
and my face is my straightening penis
when once a foetal river raises seas from slain seamen and when once a falling river feeds waves to salty saviours then men feed farms to husbandry and pissed pushing children-.
  My gods gut saviours as oceans kill henna-.
hilling killed kiddies feed a mother to the Father and gods gas gobbed graves when
hilling spilling babies feed on sour milks and snowmen
 O-,.when once a pissing child kicks swollen stones then a treehorse falls in pleasured rain
and my head is a strapped singing sea of fed sinned
spind winds
and gods give heads to praying playing gilly girls and gals gut crows when vines drink a lemoned world
. Ahhh-,.
 my mind feeds fists as seas spray sugary spiralling summer, and seamen suck a breviary
when once a razing river runs dry then sucky seamen will read sex with dammed women
and sucking spoiling river run dry as dead children o-.my mind feeds monsters to modelled men and i am a tree of brains, and my sea drowns its sister when once a
river ruins tidal wet dreams-.
 whilst wideeyed kids milk infant beer then eyes cross in cradled war, and my sign is soft as stuffed lives and my god grasps guilty wetted gold and men eat skies
 golden geese gabble in my gooseberry drive-.
As sad men dream deaths then trees sing with dead song and women end in axed tears
o-. My mind is milked from veins and glass vines when
dreamers dig two whoring deaths and two men drag caves for cliffs as graves cave in
and men meld minds with infant minions when midnight men crisscross grass with gassed children
 and  When once old quays turn teeth from Turin, then
ghosts grab ramming stones as minds feed fat farms and fields in meadows kiss god's fazed king
and gods grasp glass as tears fall like hot rocked rings
 oo-.  whilst wild wools weep woollen waves then hills hasp hash and hashes horde rashes as sin mans spind sex hymn
and kids claim clever cryptic sleep as dreams end in spun
wept sin
. and spind wind weeps wolves as stars eat carred cum . Oo-.
Yon tapes are salad and sex is a river in a ramrosed sun
Ohm  ohm  ohmm...
o, I eat seas and rivers eat salt sands and eyes gut a tidal tree ah-.when once fish scream then oceania ends in wet dreams and i feed seaweeds and tears feed salt to England
o-.bees break buzzing wind and wasps kiss a red rimmed siege of jams and stings
 Gods go West and my sex eats death and blades cut my kissed
mind, and bells bring men home, where seas drown us and women feel a death-.
 gods were naked?
when once fat fixers feed felines to foxes then skies delve dead eyes, and my sea is fed with weedlers
o- as men fade away, ringlets raise romantics from sidling lovers
and my gods are gazing golden sexy dogs
  Feeted spind scummers suck soft wed fathers and sousy smiling summers send suns to suckies and motherers feel for fondant fools
and a sticking cat in a flexed wood eats deadening lathers and
when once fat fistulas feed cats to dogs
then dying dazzlers drink neon deaths and i am sea sand-.
  bled brothers breathe heirs as winds vault trees and teetering teenagers,
when once a bled hero feeds girl heroes then god grasps glass grapes
and ghosts give head to smelling apes and men feed women and bled brothers breathe bedded rapes
o-ahh-.while faces feed families then freaks feed fire to children
and John roars on a chain and
samson and delilah swim in a swingeing vein and
kids clasp cunts in spewing breads
 my gods are as dead as a dumb drug-…
o, when once a river raises drowned seas, then salty veins veer West and sexy swum sinners
feed sex to a drowning tall town,and my sea feeds darling dreams as cities drown rivers,
and the river Thames drives death inside hot London
 while faces feed mad families then oceans bleed for hot whoring woman, and kids are cut with a wet knife's blood war, and my god guts grass as smokey curled drugs smell
bloodred anuses.
 and my guilty guise guts fishy fields and sex feeds a sea of salty rotted roe
oo-. eyes that see the sun will end in a deadminded moon-
when once blue skies glow cold then trees tease tripping seas, and seas are swept to death when
gilded gulls grasp grassy gas  o-,
and my salty smoothed tongue weds wives with fishmen
and kitchens close cries in ladied knives
 ah,-. while sonnies size summers then roadways whine for
meadowers and mad grazed men and gods grasp grass as smokey boxes break bad wind
my golden guise kisses a golden ass as veins feed sexy winds and i am a tree of green guides, and my god is ended, and ended gods wail where trees scream for four winds
 fast fearers feed faces to foods as sex trumpets meat, and steeples fall down, down, down
inside a time-bombed town--
  bled boys cut salty severing sound-.
Hot men hear smoky souls when woman weds her tears to a druggy's soul and my guest is a sea of gals when hot kids smoke numbers, and souls end
ah-.fast fearers feed faces as eyes trip a blinded town and hot kin hear a smokey swollen river
and my sea is parted by hands and lovers
when once a lady god grasps a lady god then a sworn hailed sea smacks tides in fingerers
and my mane is cut from cats, and dogs cut men   ohmm.
 wild wives wolf food as hounds wail for sad trees, and forests feed farms to worlds
and i am a darling barling and i drink for a
sea of souls and drunk minds-.
when once a river drowns the seas, weed turns to drowning rain and my mind milks veins when oceans end o-. i am a darling barling and i drink for a sea's salty spin, and winter weeps waves when
rills ride brooks inside drowned cliffs and men
end, and gods grasp a sea of spind winds
 when once the Thames dives in the Towy, then papers piss drowning zines and when men flow, then trees cry for dowsing seizing sand
 and angels fish for mermen and seas burn, and burned rivers reach for reeds
a smelly face is full of stinking paint and gods guide ghosts inside labile fainted saints and
eyes eat dogs as hounds heap in sexy heaven ah-.
when once a road rides to vaginal ruin then Man kisses his hot belly.
and kids iron papers as cold cruel retro tellies show blind signs to digital pharoahs and i am
endless, and endless idiots kiss veins and gods damn dreams with dives and theived moneys-.
 Gods gut grass as cigars smoke love and my ghost eats ghoulish graded soapy suds
and sodded seas ride larks to wanking hell-. And i am named Aladdin and i suck
fairt bells, and lovers eat Paladin and seas fuck farms with salty hands and whores are
leased to soapy sexes, and skies drive Mars-.
 bled bodies break illegal wind-.
when once a hero eats love's heroin then girls grasp syringes when gods kiss needlers, and fled fathers of fast life end in bright dead hooked tears and i am a leaden loser and my arms are filled
ah-.whilst woman weeps for woollen veins then skies
flail, and opiates feed fingers to cut cold flexed eyes and my hot hero feeds on mother's heroines and
eyes eat spiralling glass, and hearts beat in drugged
 And two cut hands hear no glad rain-.
When once men are scored with pianos and rivers, then Peter Pan feeds sex with
Aladdin and five merry men and, edgy, a sea of silly clowns cuts Paladin with
hot circuses and bigtopping women
i have sized spies where ringmasters mess in kiddy smiles, and my dead mouth is sucked spind
trapezing sinned flutes and pianollas, and my face feeds horsed spun
soldiers of sailors and clasped closing swirled stunning guns, and my faith feeds Pan to Peter Pan when
skies spin away, away, away and when once Man eats Peter Pan then children
will wear weeping eyes, and my gods are cruel
wolverine women.---
 when once ladies leap labia then cunts cruise for cool poppies and shitting showy cunts
and my gaze is gassed by lionesses and wide fronts-.  and Peter Pan leaves England and
Paladin pierces Aladdin
and my faceless sons suck scored waterers when
daughters drag lakes for sexy penile hoarse-men.
 Oo-  my faked face feeds formless farms and Pan pierces lord Hymen
and eyes cheat my warmer as kids suck hot Ireland's homesome hawthorn frames-.
 and wet winding wounds sleep in a closed dubliner, and ghosts taunt manned Joyce and cloned
ahhh-.      Live lovers lead lost limbs to pus pie?!!
      Then when hen gem   hem hem hem    Chortle?! Chortle?!...uhhh

and i am named Aladdin and seas turn clowns from Paladin my fat face feels fixing men when
tides suck skies and men are sidling sideboards and gods gut geese when chicks lend fists to
eyes and eyes see blacked veins
ah-. when once a cat is called Aladdin then feeding teas suck sugary tears and my god guts dregs as cockers end and ghosts grasp graves and ices end
 bled boys see England's eyes, and eyelets lick cold England and my sexy spine smashes for a
sea of culling kingdoms --.ohm-.
 i am a kid caught in a
televisual river,
oo, ices eat sexy sorbets and skies slide iced slops down a sea of cold scrammed cold lollies
and my river raises rain when veined vultures feed for eyes and sweetened bones
ahh-.when once a losing lover leads loss to lapping worlds then cut curing fathers eat a dun daughter
and earths eat a white Mars as candies cling to a
tree of strawberries and doctors
 Minds meld milk with moths and flies find fled forests when zippers draw death inside a mind
 my ghosts eat grass as spliffs sting-.
and me and my dad had an alien girlfriend and skies shoot shit when deadening daddy dreams for hot space and ghosts smoke glass
and fast fast folks feed kids to bad sandy hands, and my gods are kids of wept wars and
minds meld milks with tits and cut sands-.
 when once a hero ends in anti-matters, then skies suck soft anted anti-men, and my gods feed gulls to sugary
panties, and my gal guts a grave's pantry-.oo-. yon fast fat tapes are salad

o, flies fall down as fields drown and winged women end, and my god cuts gulls when
splayed skies swerve, and my sea eats sad children aah-.
out, abroad, a tree of teeners cut sexy madams and gods grasp gas as soft cherries feed straws to sand
and ghostly gangsters slide inside a sea of female hands oh-.when once a hero hears an heroic fire then tides dam
fished fields, and my gods are galled with bleeded Man
 soft soaps suck screams and suns end-.
when once formless falcons kiss kestrel, then riders ride a sea of birded wishes
and my ghost grasps glass and, eyed with eyries, fat eagles feed wet kisses
widening wolves weep for woollen dogs and formless rivers, roped, noose seas with sand
flown flowers ah-.  and i must know a wetted rose and i will find fawns where seashores close deaths in a wept wide pier
and gods grapple for me as rivers reap ill trees
i see a weeping monkey shape a primal scissor, and milky mandrils feed a primate's rifle
ah-.gods grapple for me as rivers eat shot dun rivals and ghosts glean gods from gilt guilty veins
o-.when once a swelled sea sucks sirens then i am swallowed with sexed seances
and i see a weeping monkey shape an ape's
dark hands and trees treat the Thames as rills fade and go blind, and ghosts gut graves and i am a showglow
 oh-.forced feelering fingers kiss wed snow and soft summer suffers cut cold sleep and
eyes eat paintings of Aladdin and Paladin ooo-.
 when wives weep knives then fields fast, and meadowers grow grass from girls-.
when once a lover leaps a loosed river then sun-men feed stars to hot shone sin
and when wives weep knives cupped spun men feed farms to foxes and feline kin
 and largess eats a fond fast dress when
men meld beards with icey spind winds and i am a grey god and my god eats wound mad
men, ah-.
 when once eyes turn, then visions end, and cold cruel kids crap in a sea of girlfriends and
i am a pealing penis and my ghost haunts sex flesh and gods gear Westerns with knives and seed-.
 Wed wolves wed wept furry skies to hot whoring words, and lions lead kids to a blue
lovers, and minds crash when trees end in a bled bruised bastard's
bled lonely painted pled plane of dusts and deads ohm-.
 good gods gas ghosts and girls end-.
when lions lay lovers then eyes kiss tigers, and my mind feeds taloned men and i am a tree of wild feline tears ah-.bled lonely losing lanes wind up in catty fear then pled penises peal police from dogged
maning tears and penile passioners piss in a sea of heirs
 My god is a soft sniffing hero and ligrons weep for tigrons and zoomen end and, dayed, a sea of rivers ends in night's spind rapt wind
and my gulls gas gillers and meteors befriend
veins and christian ice creams-    Ohm-.
  mass mentalists milk men-.
when once a minder melds mikes with veins then red mentalists will hear a silent mind in seas of pain
and my gulls gas grievers where skies suck spilt sunny lovers and gods grasp ghoulish fathers when veins feed me passing pealing mothers
ah-.and my grave is dead and my sex is fled and i am eaten by wording wedded worms
 vans veer West as cars grow old in a sped sea of softening mouths
and sickling sentries wed decks to a sea of beds, and i go South as trees grow in a lea of dregs
 pealed pissers pee upon ribbed deaths.
And i feed on hot sleaze when gods grasp sex glass and eyes see sex sized away by dead children
ah-.my nerves please my penis when woman weeps for her diamond lovers
and demonics push piss inside a bedcover …
when once a kitchen cuts crying foods then tides trip sousing sonnies and moods
meld breads with fishy crumbling clued vaginas, and my god is gripped by a bruised
sexy smashed smile-.  
as veiny vased vampiric vines eat loosed hirsute tides, then cooing wood sex is
fed to fusing sails, and my garden's moved to fierce growing tears,
and i feed on hot wed sleaze when fizz springs sodas, and limes drink a kid
yon fascinating tapes are salad and seas crush gold-men in old girlies, and mad leaves
lend green volts to flowering dustbinned spermy seed, and my gull pecks midnight's
darkening deepening knives
 and lady god has a penile pussy and goners lend heirs to AIDS as eyes
sear sunlit summers with god's wet flies
  dead duned men are led to a dread moon as soft suns star in caved starlit scathed seas
 And my two eyes see sin when ghosts grow golden as broken woman
sweeps skies inside cut eagles and fast sexy children,
and kids cut sex to death as sin casts stoned men at diamond trees and drums
.    OO-
 Ahh-. My sex is a fast resort: a lasting lover leads liars into bed bends
and god's grass sizes sex from a lasting robotic resort, and vines veer West when i am
lost to London and her metalling
Clambering columns, and i am a dangler
 Boys break baths and waters flow South, and my bathed binned head is heard
and kind kissers climb capped cunts as crows fly in the dead of dark, and i am a heard word
and words bear birdies to wordies and eyes ease eaglers into apes as crows close
down, and Downs delves deaths when lobes snap, and caving kindlers and ashes feed a
rose, and kind curers claim candies when a moulded medicine milks mires from cut crones
and kindlings and ashes raise pyres from a tipping tripper who rides inside the rain and
eyes lease gas to gold and seas eclipse Man...
Ahhh-.   remedies to tragedies tease mad windowing woman, and my bride is mad
and Goddess Juno cuts my face's sad bad smile, and gods gut ghosts when summer's
end in another pleading country, and my face fades, fades, fades,
and dirtying drivers drag draggling spaced winter's icy cloying cry, and tears are cased
and pled bells pierce gals as babies are fazed down, down, down,
and widows widen wounds when skies
woman is a smelling sexy saviour when roman romancers rise from a tree of dead men, and my girl's shadow eats me when skies slide, and seas size sex from deadened
wide opened spun sins and apes grasp guns as grunting spun wind
spins in a blind breeze made mad as windy
and my faceless fading farm holds spind winds, and robins redden grain as hay spins home, and hayricks are filled with spind sunny sins, and grass gives gas to wound
hirelings of widening heaven and hell kisses a twinned mind where thought swoons,
and trilling teamsters feed fats to fearing funeral bells, and my curing church moves
hell into heaven, and gulls feed a hot pier and cousins clamber up inside whored riggings
..   And Gide lives inside a wetted china castle, and yon eyes are
dreamt, and seas spill sex inside a cut car, and cut cars carry Cainan as penises scar
rivers and fields, and my glass is a cat's purr and brilliant brillig teasers tawse veins with birds
   Judge Jehovah is a road runner?
When once mad men crawl for disused halls then schools must open a strange door
and i am Ricardo and i live in a wed war o-,
gods grease up with penises and law and a mad named piano weds a corridor
and skies suck silvers
and gold gulls suck rivers
 I am a wet god and i am my own father, and mother moon dies-.
 and mammaries feed spies-
when once veins trill for blood then vines will fall and teasing trees moan and crawl for falling
woman and i am a wet god and i am dun and crying
ghosts gas grass as smoky drugs kiss lithe loosing losing skies
and recorders play for Ricardo when steeds size seashores, and dead rivers feed my lives
 eyes spy dogs as cats feed hire
when once wicked losers lead lips inside midnight then hot weepers will lease lovers to gunned dead
magazines and gentle wives wed wolves to sad light
o-.when once two carved eyes see blinded life then hearts beat for beads and J Christ
 fast boys break cut cute rice-..
...wept away by the break of day, bad eyes sleep for graveyards and cremated prayed
skies, and tides feed seas to golden cured cut caves, and torn wings are olden.
and my god feeds grass with smoke and wept women swipe soft bees, and bees buzz in
hot hived sand
 Ah-. when once a treetop wails and moans then stiffening saviours feed killed men to a
sidling summer where spind winds kiss star
 ghosts hate both man and child-.
o, when once kiddies kiss cold hot children then, spied, a sea of rivers will rot hard rain
and ghosts hate both men and child
ah-.and my gods suck cash as coins turn for a tree of dark golden sex money
and my minders curl into mad wed honey
o-.when once a seaman kisses a forest of flailing spind winds, and riders
crawl for cures and children end, and
 i am endless and alway empty-.
Kids wail in closing chapels and skies feed lies to churches and hymnals land
alone, and god's satellite feeds sad soft children and my gods eat gas as smoked drugs curl
inside a veined blown beak of breaded worlds
 when once a tree teeters into treatments then corpses kiss veins, and
kids wail inside closing cries and men are sworn to swift sliding spheres as tears are
shed and wed to wolves and dirty dolled scent
 where jumped knives spin then cars crusade for pilers and roads feed cats to Mars
 And i am maddened by dead starlets
i speak to you yesterday when the world fades and dumbs drink stalled dolls as birds drive
home, and winged wolves eat birds o-.
when once a rotten razor raises fur then me and my spilling father are cut for men,
and i am speaking to you last year when women widen wept wolfing children and suns
feed us with cars and curved men, and lizards leap snaking sans as minds suck
golden grubs, and
leathers spring leatherjackets from wept copses,
seedy sizing souls serve sins to slept suns and farming flies feed faces to wet tongues
.. OO-.
 My date for tonight is a dumb beard, and i am a bear trapt in guns
when once boys break bready urine, then stars cut sex from giddy greased
guilty gold and gross gods grasp gas as grass is sized from fingerers of the dead and old
ah-.my date for tonight goes out at twilight and bad breathers bleed beds as swingers
spin spun winds in four whored veins
o-.when once bad boys break breaded urinals, then cars crash sex in shredded
sunrises, and i am a milling dead spreaded river, and
risen phoenixes ride birds into hot rain
 and dead god was a bride of female pain?
gods grass on angelic gas when havens fade to dark beautiful winged arbours, and trees moan where angled angels fall, and my sea is emptying veins into a crawled
guns, and gods grass on christian ash while heroes fade inside godlessness
and, when veins spread, bloods burn along a whored wed smile-.
 spilling boys ride waves as seamen guide hooks inside mermen and gilled kids
climb downstairs as veins kiss wet woman-.
 My wed sky sucks salty stones-.
when once a wet wound womb cuts torn tears, then eyes feed runts to sluts and
my wedded sky sucks cloudy stones o-.
 my marked mind feeds blind bad Man, and men mill faces into dead sad
sons, and daughters doctor skies and dads dream of dolls as seas spin sands
inside flowers and christening mothers
  when villages break down, then townsmen suck housed
sleep, and dreams drink a dead soused hill, and hillocks crusade for sexy
slept sleek fogging meat, and noise
eats away where kids join dead toys
wide eyes glow with gas and lashed gilled girls, and eyes are snowed men and men hurl
eaten heated ice and my cosine speaks for my mind o-.
when once watches feed a rolex drinky-poos
then tides turn tears from rolexed
and my dead bed eats lubes…oo..and rings kiss skins and eyes swerve as golders
land chanel and fisted fishmen and nets nail me to a tree
eyes eat eaglers when a chainy changes from wed to timed blued wristers and rolex stains hear washy
salty mines and gods are cold fashioned
 clocks are missioned-.
when once a rill of rizlas ends then rocking felines feed gas to man's end and rolexers feel for feints when a sea of clockers kiss scented men o-. eyes eat eaglers when once runts
rise from ruders and midnight cunts and my god eats a rolex drinker's
burning busts
and hills hire heroes to cut closing caving stinking watches and my saint is a pled side of rising]
suns, and when once a rill of rizlas ends
then cocking clockers kill timing women
 Ghosts are midnight??!!
when then hen gem hen    chortle?! chortle?!   Uh.
and i see softening sounds end, and my lips leap loud lounges and skies kiss sung rain
o-.ghosts are midnight and rings ride a clocking rinse when skies
slide, and my clock is caked inside
liars and moonlight
ah-. Gods gas grass when pigs in a sea sized old semen and titties rise from realms when a watch sucks a rolled rolex and i see a softening size end in a
tree of perfuming cold cut Man
 bended boys end in
fearing times, and i am sinned-.
oo, i am a chocolate cloth and eyes hear a blind scarab suiting veins and my cocoa eats my coked clammy
closed womb and bended bees buzz in a tree of
men and sucked love
 Gods greet gas as vines end and grapes kill crime with seedy deadwomen,
and coves crash down as skies end and skies end as eyes eat slid knives
 i wish farewell to wet wives and my seed eats a sodded hidden blinded beehive
and salty saviours wear rolex when tides trip down, down, down into veined chains and gassed kiddies
and children end in fierce sprung burials and sinners size sex as graves end
ooo- my face is a baked din-.

….rolex men end o- i am aladdin made from a men's cut watch and kids cure clocks with
watchers and rolex men end when rolexers eat chanels
and relapsive lovers end,end
in kisses and radio fingers spin from timed hands, and my god is malingering
rivers and my sex is a reflexive drinker
 when once hills eat fat fastening timing krill, the sex seas feed satanic silly silos's meal
and cocks cut swum wet seed, and drinkers feed Rolexes and my vein is sneezed
.. o-,
I am a skein in a bled timed bud, and gods end reddened with trees of wristed women
om, my moulded face is ended and snowbells eat bled cells, and my smell is a
belling breeder and gods gas my hide
o-.trees twist for woman's mind, but kids cure men when a copse kills a corpsed
woven glassy fast star
ahh-.  i am a rolex wonder and wristers end me and clocks time lovers
 I am a medulla and my face stones a sea of Medusas and gold lids are stoned
and snakes kiss us
. ohm-.
 when once razors raid closing rooms then skies kiss a rolex spind
wind, and seas are men
.. and eyes spin-
and i have a rolex drinker for a father when herrings feed rectal skin-channel
o-my face fades as farmers feed rolexers to calmers and
 eyes ease eaglers when trysts cry for children and rolexing drinkers
shrink inside gold women and watchers chain caves to spun dials as radio
feeds gold to veins
 I am baby bollocking and my cot cuts stars and gods grill gas with
rollocking riders and men
spin in spun sicked times
and i am a rolex drinker  ohm  unh-. Hen then when hem hem hen  Chortle?! Chortle?!
 carriages are eaten
and heroes write a nervy
smashing sun
and rolexers eat a gold sun-.
oo, eyes size sight with a rolex sky and my sine is eyed by a blind rolex sty and god is my
wringing sailor and rolexers feed gold to sand cold guilty
brown showers
 aaahh! my snowed selves are rolexive sleep and colleges kill me
with gold lessoners
and summers size lidded blinded graves and fists watch men and rolex drinks
end where fizz ends
 when once runts sing for teenaged ruffs
then veins will chime-
when once a rolex ends, then tides trill with godded golden time-men and seas eat Eden when
skies slide a sock inside sped salami and ghosts gas guilty
coppering stains. and fizzers feed fusing castlers and a rolex drinker knows
dialers and clocked candlers kiss caves with stright snows..
and my hands are whored with benned clocks and timed cribs
 my drink delves midnight. O, i eat a deflective drink when rings run trees of old men
and a dribbling diamond knows men and children shine stoned and old
and metalists lead risked watches inside veins and guilty golded tides
and a rolex drink drives clocks into spind tides
 when once a timepiece smooths swallowing timebombing penises then
torn trodden rolexers lend dials to sugary timeless bitumen
and kids who are young are tongued by smelling digitalis and the veins of a young
oldening sky
 The sun is a shining cortex and eyes pierce pins as a rolex drinker cans
curing penises and the vulvas in fishy sand and curving caves kiss tripping hands.
and a toilet tickles a rolexer as watchmen feed farmy fires to fast dials and timebombed
veinyards and i am my own face and my face feeds
fishy friends made cold as a sea of weals  aaahhh!
I am a dragging dog of dirtying time and
draggling lakes lap large bellers and i am a tree-horse made cruel as the trickling rain
Mentalising men meld milks with cast coded clocks, and my massed debater is fastened to flexes and time's ticking fizzes And scenic sentinels eat a rolex drink, and veins vamp vines as timeless kissers
clamber up from a tree and voiders end
 i give gas grass as fags mend-.
OO, when flashy ashes crash, then a rolexer eats scented hashes and i am a timed tree
ah-.a rolex drinker delves dirtying clashes
and veins are stinking rolling washy watches o-.mentalising men meld mikies with
wristed weeping skinny spind timers and i am a crib
and my mind feeds a rolexed drink
 and i am beheaded by rotating
drink, and my beers bend bollocks
veins are vinyl rolexers, and i am a timeless honeyed hour and i drink a gold watch when
seas time trees
ah-.a rolex drinker dirties ashes and ashes are a rolexing sea of hashes
and vines are rollocking wines and my daddy is
timed when bombs fizz
o-. when once kids wail, then rivers feed duds and my wrist is worn and rolexes drink cribs
and sex is a timed kind widening wound and i am a rolex rink
and rinks tell stinking vine channel
and my watch is jinxed ooo-
Veins tick for pinks-.
i feed fat windowers when veins kiss craps ah-. watchers turn and eyes burn when gods crap
..dead dirtying men kiss Kilkenny and my veins end, and eyes are wide women
unh-.  I feed fat and cars collapse, and dolts feed a skull's Man and ides rise from a
hand of pure flour
i am berried as skies are cherried, and men end and a moon feeds a dead wed drink
& i am
down a
oo…                          hem gem when then mien   Chortle?! Chortle/!
derry men end when eyes eat a choked cherry and snowbells feed wept wonen
and derrying men shape sexy wed sand and i eat a sea of sleep when
drinks drag a rolex from cut golden children
Derry men end when skies eat a sea of berries and ghosts last till twilight and olives feed molives as
veins veer West
o-.when once a sun fades, then cut cars stun weals and stalled guns and i am derry down and
seas suck a sea of dams
ahh- o- Ohm-.
dun diamonds smell sad?.
Oo, I drink from jewelry when carves kiss a reflected sea of men and diamonds smell of spun sin
and i am a drake in a ringed spind wind,
ah-. when once a star fades then skins end in scoring bells and
rolling rolexers ride rainbows and veins are veered West when drinking rexes feed vained
rivermen, and i am a dark mien-.
Ohm-. a rolex is a stinking drink and veils feed hills to vaselined iced brinks, and my veins use a good
golden glint, and i am a wed wooed gooseberry wood
and my vines suck blood from a curled drug, and i am a spread car
and god was a dirty joy and gods were sewers in a sea of bled good boys and churched cranes fall
o-.seas are sousing wees and eyes are countries
ah-.kids kiss caned rain when skies kiss creeds and rolexers raise golds from perfuming pasters and
god was a dirtied joy and Mother was toyed and eyes will can landlocked sea sand
and drinking watches turn as rolexers burn
.. oo-
 when once teeterers tease tweezing eyes then minges bake lost cries and a rolex is my drink
and my wrists are lives-.

And my motor car drinks a fat fast rolex and gods gut my gas and my engines kiss a hot damed
Rolex and watches eat wristers and my car cuts a sisterly time-bombing lover
when once a self ends in trod odd wasting waters then gases grasp a fed woman
and a diamond drinks men and dogs are diamond guards, and faces harden
blind brains and children-.

yesmen time yon fieldmen and i have a rolex drink and yesmen time yon fastman
and i am a grey son
ooo,.lies lead men and yesmen time yon mab, and gold cutters consex and dons
and my penis pleads golden
yesmen time bum juicers and horses kiss turned fat crones oo-
liars live in ferned kills, and maids weep sandand my eyes
cry for crocuses and bulbs dry
diamonds and 
yesmen time yon fieldmen and i have a rolex drink and yesmen time yon fastman
and i am a grey son
ooo,.lies lead men and yesmen time yon mab, and gold cutters consex and dons
and my penis pleads golden
yesmen time bum juicers and horses kiss turned fat crones oo-
liars live in ferned kills, and maids weep sandand my eyes
cry for crocuses and bulbs dry
diamonds and
rolexive islands-.I am a choking cherry and i am moves ah- oh- unh-..oo- come for sewed moose
and eye me for ex kids and cut me ah-.
vines are fed wined kins and my face runs dry
ahh-  eyes are a sea of soft Midas and gold fate
ends in gilt guilty waifs o- oo- iiii- when men wee then clits cure sea and i am fled for
fats and flowered glass and minds
i eat a padded perfumer and eyes are eaten by seasalts and smelling fingerers and a rolling rocking drink
feeds a rolex to a pink sky and ridden rivers ride sidling mad coffiners and, when a rolexer feeds
live loud lies, then chanel feels fondants with seeds and sexers suck cut weed
my veins are vines and trees cry in spines as sand seals sealers in veined hands and gods are tragic
o-. when once tides chop lies then lady liars lend sex to laved loveless lifers and selves
move minds to tears and bled blued brine cuts a rolexive drink, and my maid
ends, and homes fall in .and a rexy rolex drink spins away, as haven fills sinned summer, and suns kiss a
tree of stinking pinking fishy fins, and my gal dries out, and god is a gassy silly
swimming sleeper and eyes kiss the curly coldened
sea of bees and barley-.
 sweet smells are hidden in children and cars cut scent from babes and carves and a vena veers West and gods gut greased sexed worlds, and my sea is scarved
My only ass-wipe is smacked wool, and my tops are stacked, and bled beds build axed
woods as axes turn times from a sea of scented kissers and i am a lady lover made male in vain smacked
vaginas, and my penis is my cove
 oh-.    "....
.....What with ancient tangerines in the yard & what with scented emptied nectarines made vast as skinned silence, then our keen eyes must Snap sopping stools of japed
  Stung holidays  & a stinking dream dazzles families
 & the sad crowd eats. O, the teeming owls of rape scar  Back-bacon feathered with cars
 & the swallowers of dogs & dead sleep drive a cunt into wet wheat
 & the sallied wrecks of wound heat ears live young to
   Closing old truths.*
 The endless jetties of the spunked & dressed lay river-waste where wind-wells blow. Deaths
 Dream of draggers & Yappers under fingers twirl for bruise-banged
  Blind vibes & mallows.
  O, the renters of a wound sex-mess Massages modalities with drawn dips
 & we will call for anal sentinels  & we will fall down, - & the boiled in eye-lips
  Which shelter gems in mortar Suck anorexic teeth against fat-water
 & the bagged betties of a lost gun must
  Shoot buggers dead.Hot lunching lovers cook a false sea of eggs
 O shot cunts with mothers Seal sex-cochineal when odes to cut pigs
  Dream of drovers & the sins of flava flip sweet coins when
 Distant slowed leather trips Entangle blonde beers with lost men.
 The purpose in dying is to hear God Trampling minds into disease & God
 Gives rawhide head to Dolly-dogs; & the seizures of women 
 Ride, ride, ride
  Odes to kind imbeciles Sing for shitters. Bluesy cock-creels
  Die      & nude brollies open…
 The purpose of good death is to define Pictures, papers & reflective sex-wine
 & the son of good Has two men to give to Seizures & fitting blue minds.
 Out where a spun soul rolls, we give dew A good masked face where wet shoes
 Wrangle after socked feet Oh The purpose of hooked death is to refine
 Odd portraits of dirty swingers  & old bookers stock tureens
  & we will find gills in latrines?...*
             Wicked films of flava dig for sexy diamonds O easy kilns Cook visual pots & a feinted sirens-   
               Ring a tocsin bell…
 When once a tree of sprigs seals old films Then affirming pornography rides
  Blurred bits & painted suicides….& we have come again to a toppler
 & we have heard again about Radio sadness; -
  The purpose of people is to Form felons from public view?
Cinematic gardens let hissers thru love’s gates  O, keen cuttings deck Eggs & pushed robes; & a tree of lakes lends lions to ponied water The purpose of God is to see daughters Bearing good pictures where  Eyelids sleep in a hot easel-snare & the wives of aired lairs share Iris-flares   As a good giddy gosling grieves for Snapped pigs & tors Then lapped kids will shatter & dyed dweebs must strum washed batter  & writhed seas must cum
   Deep within a city-gun. As hypnotic statues sip raw gum
  Then we will cut odes from drummed

 The soft wives of the slept stars sup ginned wine & the lost spies of the wrecked
  Raise romantic pigs from creels of kine & a riven rose of robed urine
 Clambers up, up, -.
   O, a mutation of Uranus Lays waste to baby Venus
  & the pops of pride preen bellied Baggy rogues of Keen suits & meadowers.  
  When once steeled cradlers rob denied Adulterated cot-death
 Then the slams of saviours must cut a necked Tie of dummies & dulled canon-cricked
  Crucifying cabbies of wagoners & ripped Maddy hearts. There is a tripping noise in the dark. The snipped Turn back, & madam maraca tars gems with crack…& as for tangerines in vaginal boxes & as for sweet eyes pealed into voices, then We will suck a lake of rotted tears
 & as for marines inside gentle old fears & as for pearled belles who cut away
    Cock-singed hearses Then we will supper for a dell of graves.
O the lemons in the yard appear  Clad in melanoma; the moon’s tears
  Drag oat-warrens where God’s arrows hit men with caged Collonades of carmine killers. This side of rage, We will suffer belled burned daft fear & succour ashes with roman beads.
  Our slotted minds melt for weed & we smoke a hot sex-stink when
  Tiny tommy rocks hide Love’s hem.
   Ha-ha     Amen!      Ah mien    hen hem then when gem  ..chortle?! chortle?!

  The svelte swoon of summertime Lead us back to a bedded brawl of wine O when once a room of fathers Slips dummy fingers into mummy lathers  Then the cats of blue creation
  Swagger an apple-claw deeply where The svelte moon of autumn sups air
  & the colour of love’s hair Cries for countless eagle-brine.
 Underneath a swollen street, we whine After suppers of doilies & Fragmented feather follies hire sands & the tombs of anthers cut sea-dams This side of a mental bulb, we must scan
  Endless empty negatives of Dicky-boys & soured seminal drugged
  Demotics; & the naked stalls of Man Seize Kaplan from Japanese
  Trees of gods in evil prison. Io, rugs Scatter salty seed when Dunny baskets drag shops for ken  & the doled are near? Underneath a stolen sweet, we whine
  After mirrors & porky valley-vines & I am dulling to the last our times
  & I am crying for the guns of Pan’s Blind odes to ripped scissors. Oh
  Cagey spiders glow as citied roads Take Dianetics down to love’s floes..*
  O, as when buried deer hunt after huge veined bows Then, eyed, a body under junk
  Claps coded ides on unguents & eaten blue spunk & the eyes of fathers feed off
  Nameless mummies & doctors on the shove
   Oh  As when buried deer hunt after lewd veined souls Then, pied, a pussy under cunts Carries clammy sofas from dog-drills to Jammy jolted bakers of blonde slides & British blue & the snuffling wives of fate fill faces with nudes & the snuffing brides of hate  Dam den-eyed penises with cats & fat drakes. ideal chisels crap on daisy-chains, then peering pates
   Cut sainted Joan from Teresias & a sewn lake.
    O, as when buried fear hankers after Coda-chrome-creation then
  Dodgy dairy dweebs ignite mussels fished from men & catty cavatinas wash mute guitars for laughter & kitting corridors of nasty nude cigars Carry cigarettes way back when
    Old wideners wept for old children. There are gentlemen’s chairs in the sides of a valley &, Io, when a ball of stairs falls from bodies  Then kind pissers crap on naked jam
    & the vastness of a nailed lap will ram Oats & beans & filthy barley-O!. We say AMEN to a room of hot nans....
As we say farewell to sleep, we hold our own hands O as we sail from dreamt wheat , then we sex-slam Odes to bullied patients of Ferine feline ores  & the sun in a bad sky fawns after stores
   & life’s gun, shot from Ides, Stuns weapons with lubes.
  When once a pearly fig-tree claims ice from Sudden sweet tears
  Then you and I, farming fears, will have to Slap love’s skate around its face
   & the dolls of star-light carry nudes Back home, where a vanning ace
   Nips penises from fascinated lace. &, underlovered, we shake ghost fathers
  &, sent from pleasure, we raid mad Gods
    Ideal features show us
    Endless prison-busts.
  The softness of god’s mongrel bones Sea-hangs ideal killers &, o, the hardness of god’s rivers Drinks sweet old vinegars & the guns of Pan cut odd pictures & the suns of woman
   Send showers to sleep. The times we tried to trip has
  Sent all of our smiles from gas. O The times we cried have hit grass
  & this father sleeps out in a car.  
  The deaths of daisies ram Mars  & the drinks of mazy woman Humanises skulls. O, & old stars Look down, down & the books in old towns scars
  Everything comes up poses. O,  Every single flower moulds Sad sobbed scented eyes
  & this iron verse, written for minds, Stirs stars into rivered Closed killer souls.   & the suns of fathers shine for us & the guns of mother shoot us. Dust
  Scatters easy cum &, roped to lungs, deep lust
  Pants after curves & graves. When once a naked flower betrays
  Dead sines & sisters
  Then ideal shooting shoppers raise
  Daffs from purses. When idiots & psychopaths rock a mad boat
  Then idioms of winter paths Slam bodies in the door
  & the buds of sexy laughs use old sea-glass
  When once a tree of robbed rats rock rope Then dimming damming clasps
  Noose old lies with mothered dope O There is a hairy siren here that abuses
  Shawn sins. The dog man with hubris
  Stacks apples & lemons as high as ruses
  & I will enter once again into the Green Zion of the waterbead; &
  Whilst moped angels suffer under the Eaten hearses of the dammed & swigged
  Abuse all natal horses
    O! When idiots & psychopaths rock a fizzed
  Vaginal blue mind Then the hags of ponied kids  Scutters
  Away    from nude pigs.  Bog-headed merchants of gloom hereby hire   Old kids. Webby sunny rooms spin where fire Signals closed cold wounds when  
  Bog-headed blue chantsTopple bled bosoms from veiny sex men O 
  When once a tree of chance hits hard fire Then naked natives walk a funeral pyre
  & the bolls of babying bruised fests sea-end Teetering bad blossoms
  O  & I will take my gun far East. As times rend  Flowery rain, then scissors inside closed men Grind dibblers from veined cock-prison. O, hens
  Lay turkey’s eggs.  O, we have come to attend a sea of deaths
  & we have chosen to resemble bodied thefts &, when once a pig of tarts tumbles from
  Waxy woollen suns, then We will come to attend a sea of lost men.
  O we have come to extend a sea of dressed Slinked old Adam; & we have come to press
  Daddy’s Eden-  O, as lovely Eve hears the dead  Charming a false snake
  Then odes to wintry summers Scutter under Naked farmers?
This side of the livid dead, a billy bangs  Naked nuclear thunder  & the wives of atomic slumber hears Leaders Riding Zeus on a doll’s back.& I have come to see the roses on a rack
  & we have come to need Cutters of pushed heaven-seed.
  We have come to understand the blithe palm of god’s hand O, we have come to sunder   Old lives & soft lies; & the winter of our minds delves
  Haters of mazy lips & thunder. When once we have assumed the lost clothes far at sea  O, then we come to rob fathers of Old maids & dead wives; & the mirrors of our discontent
  Raise bodies from sized old lovers.We have come here to inflame bods & big bride; & trees
  Snap wed bone with dangling divorced  Flushy fishy venereal sun-forced
   Ideal draggers & dropped cries.
  & I have given us a blue start in life. O, I have sent you  Navy knickers which splice
  Romantic boys in half; & the dizzy schemes of life Strum washed guitars where
  Eyes swill tie-dyed draggers of cats & lost Christ O & I have given us a blue start in life; - I jump
  The old tears & the old cries. Underneath junk, We lay our bodies down
  & the arc of God marries women to cold spunk  When once we have disturbed us with cold prayer
  A dilly baggy boned boy Brags after stars & solar lips; & we will widen
  Woollen brains;    Uh
   Killers under veins vamp for old joys    & we have seen our rolled toys
    Plying for players of dulled birds  & youths & deaths give sin
  A blonde female lover.
  Since the earls of summer have come between us Then I should use a lover for  distrust
   & the shadowers of earthly junk must Send the meadows of female spunk where lust
   Lays petals under jacking jamming loss  Ah
  The kickers of Kaplan rend mess from a cross O the deckers of Islam send heaven to
  Tawny tanny sea where transmitters hear loss Raiding woollen wives from
    Phantom booths & bald guns Ah. When once a son of Man heals the wicked then
  Gems will track old gods & juicy feline women & the dots of dolts dreams for wept women
   & the raps of colts Colon-vault bad beers & old malts..There is a green mind here. Soft salts
   Sally herpetic meningitis
The romantic roses of nuked lives ram a green gull   o, when once atomic posies hear dolls  Damaging men with theatrical nooses then blenched baggy bone-boys
  Ram heartful dead muses thru shroudsails & nunneries  & the short veils in the air dress dust deep inside Cabinets of cold gibbered  Idiot fugues & the lacy wasps of a stung nude laminate lost lies With trickles of forced faked food. The town in which god was born has no son to swing  O the cowed crowds of love Lay dizzy waste to empirical dollies of dubbing
   Cleft clowns whose instant follied faces  Dig down within dirty dog dragglers. Since we have come to end our insidious lives Then we have come to tend a field of cunt-hives  & the body of the baby appears malformed & the city of the empty Digs for a supper of gobby fishmen. Under sentries Bad boys of an impossible void  Turn widening women to stacked
   Alien beaches.
   Piled men peer into ribbons when Prigged pushers float like dreams.
This hacking grey hearse in which I bury pain Has my mother made dead as a sea of rain
 & the sines of a wetted mind Drags dollies for rags & ashes O  
 This hacking fay force I choose to power stains Bald biddies & fatal bakeries
 & the wives of cremated apiaries summon Cosy kind cocked killers. 
 When once a nude wind-well whines, then Saint Hitler shoots up a pelican;
 & old closed roses ram daisies with hemmed
 Grey horses.
 This hacking grey hearse in which I bury voices Boogies to a shrill moon.
 The sidled hands of Woman weave old net O the old brans of sold Man
 Swell up, up. & the wives inside regrets Raises belled sluts where odes to grey fret
 Lends geese to water.
 & the easy eyes of the murdered melt for Clasped kin & rolled war. This side of a maw 
 Lends buttery kids to sleep Ah
 When once we sleep for lunch, then meat Boils far-out hair with kindled seas of wheat
 & the spawns of sin Abuse salty sundried dales of green ashes. The widening wives of the wooed sweat for Blithe bodied bibles O, the rivalling brides of the nude sweat for
 Blind babied cradles & the sucks of death dream under Grey wards. O, the lanes of lovers
   Ring prisons with thunder & the cocks of power raise redness from whored
 Hillocks & balled bream.
 When once a sea of sleep walks a dreamt street Then blonde pickers peck for 
  Rotted wintered apple-cores...
This side of a mad smile, we will heal for bald blades. O, when once a child hears wards
 Damming dogs with diners, then Closures of sadness widen, widen. O, & claws
 Parade after equine tits  & the sines of blue fathers send cats to crypts.  
 Where once a pug of pain mauls us then men Must send purple picks to sleep,
 & this side of sad smile, we will hear wheat Ravelling under turquoise riders. O, bad feet
 Slash a blinded boot around a bald clit.
 The diggers of the laid lead lions to Clasps of cunt; & the sprayed sea of nudes
 Splatters signed sailed salts when Blue riggers of a grave lead irons to
when once idioms of deafness colour naked floes & pupils under father, then
dragged dudes will lam lathers with hens & the deepness of rammed old women
  Can pigs inside pork fathers. O the draggers of the caged feed dogs to
 Snippers of blithe blades & purpled
 Guillotines of writhers. O, we will move
 Old tears from midnight roofs.
 & when once we bury voices in the moon, then Eager chiselled cherries Lend old dark grapes where a city of ferries Sinks inside huge water & then drinking cunts of coded leather women
 Lend drips to drowning laughter
 O & we shall beat a graveyard box. As Ides Clam canny body-cans in the wives of Lies
 Then blooded winter vans Van fast engine-airs where a babe of hands
 Damns earls with cradle-lives & this is our date for studies under Father
 Napping naked candles leer for wax. Mother Masters spooled lips
  & we drove home for summer & we livened home with picked
  Plumed need.
* The kicking men who dwell under streams Lay sex-waste to boys & blood-dreams
where a goody with toys plays with screens Then a swung sea of inedible powder 
 Pinches ides of oceans & salt-drowners  & down from a huge shaved lover
 Comes a blithe blue boy who sucks old eager bread baby broods
 & we have let life’s rocked road come under
  Men & youths & kittens. The kicking men who lived under us reams
 Dark dunned scissor birds & the dolts of favour lambast a swung bird
  & we shall hear once again Screens aviaries & winged pain.
 & we must tar-&-feather lurid horses. O, & we must supper after
 Celtic rainbows & we must tar-&-feather lurid voices. O, & we will saunter after
 Keen celts & oboes. When once a rill of death retires then
 Bad balls will dance after Dreamed silks.  You and I go back inside our cars where
 Loaded vans ram jazzed hair & we float underneath
  Loads of scared deceit
 Uh!  We have lunged after sadness & gods have given us madness…
While dining on blood & misery, we suffer Keen wide killing summer. whilst dining with Love, we must flavour sallied wrecks & feathered fugue-leaders & the towns beneath our feet trample
 Old slits & the summons of angels Petrifies stoned wood with
  Raw ribs & glass kids. & we may have to dine in the fields
& we my have to whine under heels & the lukewarm foals of horsed seals
 Will cram cocoa tongues around Lousy lazy wheeled towns.
 O, crazy faces fill up with rope  & robed fathers die. & we bury hearses under leathers & we fancy horses when old feathers Van the riding rain
 & we cherish minds as old pain  Straps fists around withered
 Curled hands & we bury sea-trains deep where fevers Rock a stoppered moon
 & the goosy sides of a tea-spoon Must supper after dolly drains. O, rooms
 Appear emptied when Bathrooms smell of children &
The dizzy cells of gaoled grooms Wed bridal bells to jacked wounds
 &, o, we see rise the turgid winds of Dram-veined river Love
 Uh?  The sunny brocade where I laid my head Hereby lams us with impossible sex-bread. When once a keeper gives head then crazy jumpers clothe sex where beds
 push, push o angry oglers of oat-meal soldiers mush handheld weed inside hot rushed
 closed yogurt thrushes & belly belling bounced boys bridle us & delis dragged by trounced boys Wed us to snoods & dilly drakes.  What with illegal horses being unburied
 O what with illegitimate voices  Screaming down the grave, then Odes to lily smiles
  Must lead pariahs to New Men & the caned eyed father of
  Dun god & his flashing mother  Inhearses sails with
 Woven wolverines of female kids. Oh The shot vacuums of horse-cleaners
 Shoot dog-revolvers & the clicking bed-covers Study how to lie; & the blurred sea
 Skips rolled gold inside Bulled babes & mind brides
 Odes to monkeys change from Ape to chimpanzee & the zoos of love supper under
 Lost lapped tree-thunder.What with illegal mills grinding
 Wheat-felonies, then This side of sex will surely end & the sties of heated grinding
 Must roar against a chain & the dogs of summer hear pain
 Raping rods with conical sea-stains. When once a picker of droppers
 Delves doll-sheep for Closed rabbits & old sea-whores Then cherry chippers see arise
 Caribs & comical fucked wives oh  The concerts of loud men writhe
 & cold ballets dance for torn eyes.
The dragging pluperfect son of killers has Laden eyes of dreams
 O the rabbling sun-entered sea of kidders has
 Laden wide latrines & the dolls of war hammer daises under
 Thumb-bitten blows of Night-nickers & the robes of slumber
 O ho ho ho
                                    Gems hens hems when den hymn mien        Chortle?!  Chortle!?
This dragging screw-suffering word-gas  Has nothing to give but  Bricked-in babies. & the noontide’s clasp Cannons after bull-cups
 O. & it seems to me that angels of glass Lend dilly sex to a sea of grass
 & the dun world behind me see sluts Sinking, sinking…
 The fascinating bubblers whose eyes seize Giddy bills with hearse-feathers
 Will scamp for kids & the scurries of eyed killers Lend dills to hot dyslexic sleep. O, trees
 Trickle inside a rill of pigs & the candles of the praised
 Ram scuttered seasons where lost bees Tree-hang Cusped cribs on a hill of razed  Doctors-  & old brollies rain-trade Mind-blindness & the togs of taut japan see death
 Marrying Martello flowers to Yawned yolks & egg-hired desked
  Dabblers of men & mercy.
 These naughty sides I have made my own Must trammel hives with Moony mods. & the dippy towns of bone Must ride from sleep. True & transistor vaginas have hot heels for father
 O nude investors of hot mothers Send sullen sleep deep inside
 True & radioed coasted cock-cabs When once a brain’s sea-palaver rocks stags
 Then the kneeling stool of the killed star-drag Cullies under cold doilies
  & a blue smell pays for baddies as drag Uses a false titty for a fascinated bill body
 True & transistor vagina has whored wells & the knocks of castles rot when closed bells
 Ram hills with rubies & a bead of grass smokes fags; & oats swell
 Deep down inside a city’s closing sea-shell. The instant spurt of a dead fly raises ropes from
 Dun dogs & diddy sailors & the insidious hurt of a craned sky Sups a seized supper from lips & farmers O When once a curtal blue wife soaps cum Then we bounce bulled hand-life where
 Kidded kickers clack
 O.  Although advancing risers arise from crap &, uh, as starry buttering fish-tides
 Teem with dolts of whorey clicked traps Then deliveries of madding fungus-fraps 
 Feel for dairy dunes.  This ingle of faces Bricks all dead men deep where caps
 Coil up for deep-ducking barbie bed-bats.
The evil alleys where we made our name  Hire now a digger to a game O as the dillies of delver jade japs us Then filthy figurative failures feed dust To blown burrs & dizzy angels. When once a cat in a crane paws flame Then illing ides of idiot cradles
 Caress lit lippy locks; & the son of lust Lends deepening clocks to
 Wet wives & funereal beds of lubes. This evil valley where we made our fame
 Hears insane saint Buffalo Arising from sweet painted elbows;
 & we will underwater Massed miens & imbecilic daughtered Sons of spiralled slaughter.
 Bled blenchers of salt austerity hear us Panting after a Jesus of dolly dusks.
 The tripping tusks of the bound & dead Cum risking cunt
 O, the nipping crusts of the murder-spread Lay meagre waste to sallied junk,
 & the lilies of the scared swing from bread, & the son of man is cut from
   Deaths & demons. As the napping knock of the penis-pled
 Cum roasting spunk Then the diddy buns under clothed junk Heaps happy eaters as odes to chef-skunk Binds balls to birdies- & deaths and demons  Dramatize
  Closeted curves & kittens
  Oh. When once a plume of Christ carries us Way back home where Idioms of burning blow slides from us Then we will reap cooked hair.As for human sin which tries to bury horses
 Then why not now commit a pony to a cloud?
 Oh, as sold old daddy tails sleep for Idols of measureless sex-hilled war, we will
 Lift a pair of donkeys from a red crowd; & the dials of death telephones
 roll oddities bound in opal dogs & tangerines; &, la, we will surely get gunned down?
 &, ah, we will certainly kill a keen clown? The iron rivals of the dead topple topped fruit
 & eaten lashes, layered with salt, shoot Lammed gods of gilded Israel; & cut roots
 Rootle around after Laden crows & the kisses of hereafter .
-  Razed by rapists, a wide handled robed father Falls to racists; & the guns of lovers
 Shit on riflers, & the dun drome of drugging star-screens
Suck old loaves from drabbled guitar-greens O, the wakeful riders of a lost rose
 Arise from miners of a crossed shit-lobe & the diddy gasses which
 Trample teeny crypts have now no Shoes to tie or throw.
The miraculous gusts of the dead Hammer locusts into babies- old lead Dams drovers of the fixed & done to suck bread & as mad mods meld men with dread  Doctors of drunken spoon-fed Crooked spider stores, Then the easy fit of an easy rider’s score
  Sinks syringes where old maws Paint pain with passioned cold graves. Oh, they have come at change of day when Grey gobs gabble cabbages from women
 Uh? Here and now, there are feathers under flowers O, screaming now, female soiled lovers  Scrap fish & flex & floe. When once a cray cabin rock god’s saviour Then eyes under smoothed drives Dig for fish & flex & soul. Here and now, under cloud, we will powder
 Plumed decks eyries. Ducking under light, we will shuffle for
 Dunned brain-blows & the screams of cows crowd a bed-war
 & the dins of men are fuck-slave. O This city hill where I shape my flame
 Lolls under a lady mattress & a cigarette harness hits flame
 & sin and Love will smoke flame. Ducking under life, we will shuffle fur
 & the cats of Man must rot, rot. Uh! Issues of sadness blow bad blood on ashes
 O as a cage of deadness  Dapples droves with flicked sex Then popping pluperfect massed sex Delimits dust with generic instant faces. The ideal father of a flued bride defaces
 Eyed nettled hordes & the rudeness of wards sees bawds  Building pipettes from technical sleaze & torn tissues float where nosed grot Grips old nostrils within two hands. Lot
 Laps laden liquor & fainted scissor villas cut lost sound.
*When once a liquid angel resounds Under Dettol, then Odes to Judas must end. O, as men
 Slap up a cakey hen Then we will ruin the world? As a baby has a billhook, then girls
 Must charm drakes  La-  When once a liquid angel resounds
 Under towns, then Ideal Jesus raises Escariot from Caressing meat curtains.
  The naked creches of damp & dry Crave city lotions O, the empty faces of dark eyes
  Cry after city oceans. & the graves of angels see rise Rotted slipped tribes. O, as guys
  Supper after milky mad tigons Then old boats drown & we will drown. Snappers
  Sweeten blue faith & fever?
  The riding ocean father who Gave me drowned joys move me & the artists of salt nudes
  Shaped me with star-lips & leas  & when once cruel sense moves Old sweaty junk, then old lubes Must summon cock from seeds.  O a crooked klaxon raises weed
  O a naked natron nurses steed  & eyes sunder under tides....
As for tears & fevers, may the sons of eyes Raise weepers from old graves O & as for ears & singers, may the guns of lies Peer into a parapet? As the vans of feathers crack winged wives
 Then a shadow on a fast knife will Pomade a mad crocus with dogs under
   Green gills & sugar-dives. As for the guns of Man & as for
  Daddy drugs & cunt-cores May men and women cut wards  
 O The padded paws of a rodded brother see arise  Mental blooders
 & the sweet stores of Love open up were fathers  Send drilling swaggerers to sleep
As a bulled bake of meat rots after The sun in the rain of the moon, then
 Hot bladder-boys bang  Hornets under city drams
As a bed of blood blows high, then aired edams Wash haloes under Distant nursed nipped mamma. .. Bathed curtains  fall as we gut red butter & blended bathed latrines
  Swim forever.
& o I will comfort youths with fables & I’ll always eat for you. As cradles Rock dreams to sleep then I will comfort youths with petals. & as hens Send cocks to eat
 Then I shall forever weep for you. Underwatered by dad Christ, we hear dudes
  Droppings scaffolds from hangers & dolly dauphins which noose nudes
  Tip a capital tin at a bad mind. & I will comfort youths with candles
 & I will forever dream of Dabbed dazzlers of comatose God.
 & as for giddy god & His sweet September Bee O, why not dance into the cots
 & as for dizzy Love & heated winter sea O why not suffer till the clocks
 Swirl, swirl, swirl Around a faceless female world?
 & as for death & Woman in mind, Lo, Pray let us play with girls inside a rose
 & as for sex & the Goddess in a slowed  Sea of honey-ruin
 May old pigs pray for pain. These words Swing for songbirds? & as for honeyed flava, what then for us But taut wives & moggy skies?
When once a pig in a hunter’s vest dons evil shroudsails, then rolled sex Softens into hair
 & as for giddy Gods of girl-air
 Please now receive a blue-prayer?
The diddy star-edited city boys send stasis to fast sleep O, the riders under sea-lit wheat
 Rams thumbed powders & the dead seem smitten. As the vogues of stasis shatter
 Then a rose of strangled matter Must send bald dogs asleep.
 & the veiny fizzers of laugher Seize renegades from cat-laughter & the stars underneath
 Corrals & purple pleats reap Every single static city heap.
 The whippers of souls hear a toad Squirming under physical rumba O the rippers of dolls arise from a Green-limbed dog & where once we ride from God, Then a séance of coded river loaves
 Cut iced hot bread.
 As a doctor of diamonds sucks Blue-minded river-lead, then roads Fall to fast disuse
 & caves fall & cages screw Cold stores & killer nudes.  Oh  I have seen head-men heeling
 & eyes must hear love bleeding.
 Negative fingers light up the dark when  Cloaking Love cuts up  Sin & wind & women
A mental moor of children shuts Fazed city wards; & a sealed slut Strums a cocked guitar.
O although I have come to season faith & although lady loss has raped
  Old marines I will never wee against latrines O although I have lunged under dirt & although I have summoned hurt I will hear mum’s  mind.
 The dazzlers of drunken US Dogs drape dunned leashes over diaries & Mods.
The Cambrian bodies of kids & Man supper for Greyed nights  O the veined glazed cities have uses wards To tumble timed neon kites & the skeins of lovers
 Lead tears to fathers as belled sly bawds Hire a sweet disease
Then the Cambrian bodies of pigs & Pan wither for Greying light.
 & the pugs of Peckham arise from jawed Moon vixens & the props of Streatham arise from scored Nude gibbons This side of a failed disease, we will
 Suck up a pelican & let roads wail…The curtal corridors where I made my name
 Slithers inside hair O the cattle of posed air Shuts deepening poos where a blade of flame Halts & roved riddles of ripening pain Dallies when a pool of tissues Blows a shitted nose..
& when once a hill of hot breads bag pain Then death & sex will rise from hot rain &, once laden, a raven under clothed grain Will close.
..The eagles of a studded heir cut down its Eyrie’s hot lips &  a vine of nips necks after cold hips & a tor of God tallies from a sexed remit & the flowers of fathers
  Blossom in the Plaids where old mitts Melt into mirrors.
  O. when once a pooled sea of grey tips Truckle under Christs Then a paw of Love sallies after light & bad balding bidders of breakers Time a tawny teaser of hymnal cakers
  & once below a timebomb, we saw night Lamming necks with torn-sprites.
  I have seen a tired earth trapping sand O, I have dreamt of birth?

  The saline stripping hills where we made our name Drip down, down, The dipping mills where we made our flame  Flavours sex dust & Downs Wires the poet jaws &
  The sweetening rill where we made our fame Drops under sound
   O when a body in a bum-bag ripens, then Green daddies dam a doggy leashed edam – old wrens Dent bibles with shorn screens & a vastness that vamps the dark will deaden us
  & the witnesses to our damp sea-arch must hear us
  Colluding with mental tureens.
   As a bed of fire sucks fuck from old flame Then we will shadow a burning
    Maze of blood. O I recall now the daftness of our money holiday
  & I must remember About loud sadness. Underneath family The dotty darlings we knew lost death to memory & the graves of dusty labia, Ignite mooned biers; & the bearers of palls render  Dashers of soul cremation.
    As a weeping week of wives raise Blood bags & massive graves, then We dance outside a bitten copse of lunatic ravens Oh, A dog of dire dying dons false fat gardens
   & we love the sea’s old garland. When Durban slumbers spill from dreaming eyes Then a body under Numbers Comes shooting barbarians into wide Issuers of gods and forefathers & the idolated Thames where I rode my lovers Hangs under dolts & lazy mothers
& a bled boron of an old dodgy river Raises raisins from sealers
The tweeters of city farthings pay for gassed cars. Under robotic radios, a tree of stars
Knots a napkin about a CD deck & passers by supper after necked
  Jazzed berries. The smell of a room holds an infant nose. A rose
 Raps killed candles upon Daughtery drifts of light & dark & a robed raided drum sees parks Pomading under A son-weaving hero-  ..rolled thunder  Loosens bled bairns when You & I separated nightlings from warvened barks.
 Wild heaven is through. Closed nude hens don beads & move
A soaking river bow has our mien in thrall O, a soapy finger Digs fairy hands deep within baited halls & we are together? & a doping donkey’s clothes suffer balls
 & a roping seal of mules Sallies veined ides with blorted fools
  OAs a dilly billy can pours gas-sweat Then brollies under hands lash decked Grapy veiny tree-weather & the bosoms of a wide lover have to   Swipe old docks for sun-stewed Lunatics. This side of rolled clocks, A pistol-pusher found inside grey rocks
 Drips, drips. O. A seeping sepia image of oxen now trips Without any mental train & woven under villages, oxo inside crypts Study just how to rain Outside a proud & perfective city flame. & as a perfumer of crying fuck now hits   A hocus-pocus performer with
  Laden valley-lips We will cover us deeply where gold grips
 Seize a sea of curls within Odd men & old kids.  Doctorates of laughter harden  Iced coats & net-trapping women /
 Oh As the stars snort pepper, then a dukedom under light Lends stains to reason  O, a steed of veins heaps under night  & these blind nights are fabled.
As bright stars suck feathers, then a baroness of Christ Lend veins to seasons & the dobs inside sweet drawers ends Christ  & we wallow with cradled
  Sun-life When once pigs of Easter suck sties, then Men & kids go home now.    O, a bobby
   Leads gaols to lobbies. & a man of rotted peas must boil oils & powder O, as a lea of dweebs  Dodges inside sweet old seed Then wove weed will puff on chowder & rude sex has chowder & salt sky will fall?
 & women inside keys drop locked stalls & the gun of Man Shoots clusters with Pete Pan!  When once a silly spool of tears rains in halls Then rode dressage sunder old eyes & babies.   A laded lady New Yorker hammers where wine Weaves hell into a tapestry
  O, when once nude slaughter rams after family Then bad screens will rule a city
  & robed killers riddle after coded old timed Town burners.
  & since we have let the country come under Wolves & wives
  Then burned owls must supper for thunder O since the sad times we had have caused laughter May now a son of lovers see  Old bad times flail. O, since a sad case of feather
   Has led us to cities Then we will certainly cry for rockers & father.
  Underneath midlife, we explore romantic fever & odes to urban Christ
  Sally after closures.  & a sea of fat searches waves for ogres.
                                          Hen gem when wide hen then mien zen   Chortle?! Chortle?!
Odours under kidders crams dolts into mirrors O a miller will tell his tale & the boats of billers sea-hang dolts under  Closed tails & killers O  Where once a mumbler mounts salt fever
   Then green grabbers fire swallowing Swallows & sparrow riders
  & a sunny dell which strode to slept smilers Sidle into aviaries. Odours under mirrors map a mind business With horned wept woollen easiness. A tardive history of dumb child-men here & now Lends sweet fears to clouds O as a family of guns shoots baby hens then crowds
  Lend sweet tears to shrouds & the dunny purse of binning pow-wows
  Lends pierced lips to our town.  When once a babe in a blast brags after us
  Then sippers of jade Has hold on a city slave. This side of us, dust Drops strangeness where a room of fires Dances under danger
   Oh. We have congered under neat nodded lust O we have sun-sundered
  Closed riddles of star-fathers; & a cut Leda Rides awn swans till dead.
  The whippers of doled sea-gold listens to a gilded Sun of starry rippers  O, when once tarry razors rape oaths then old hills Suffer phlegm & scissors & we will use paper, tweezers, & lubes & we will fall for death’s feathers. The kitted cunt that cuts rolled soul glistens, &
  Casters of ribbons blood swung veins Up, up & the hangers of mad Christ burns
   Earth-teams & criers. Underneath carried carrion castles, dead ferns
  Pot swept sperm-seedlings where Heated spermatozoa sleeps in an armchair’s
   Wanked devise. & since we have come to unwind Back into our minds
   Then dibbers of old times sun-spine Blue broken ladies.  O this wide spot in which we use siled pot  Ignites tipped papers of old life  & the wide clock in which we smoulder
  Has huge heels & stoned heights. O this scene of laughter which sees rot
  Wiping space-alien flour with baked soft Salt-raising cakey sweetening bun-lofts
  & we have out blood weddings made Oh   we have the candle-candour where
  Old waxes weep inside riled sun-hair; & As a loaded sea-welp loosens star-hair
  Then sweetening doobies will see sand Burning, burning
An ode to burning buries us in the past  O, a hymn of yearning unburies a vast Sea-patina of screeched lakes & clothed Crow-caned dizzy doll-deranging Seals of soled hearts
  & a blithe bomb in burnt bed sees Rhodes Star-claiming
   Dunny dunes & cradle casts. O when once a serial code walks under Venus, Adonis, & the Socrates of thunder Then hectors & shadowers Will rot for rock’s sake. Old yawners
   Lam suicidal clifftops with Weaving petrol lives. & a city falls.
 & heaven is all vermillion. What with dazzlers Driving dirty lust into old sin Then heaven will seem vermillion & death is swept from pinions where Old coded bones eat sound & heaven is wrecked by mallow. Where rivers Raid us, then men and light will Undersound a star & the mermen in Huge wired streams & bodies & heaven is all vermillion. What with saviours  Creaming for empty dust, then Heaven will appear left to dilly women & laden hills must hear deaths  Hammering light where crippling sex  Weaves silence inside a flower; &, O,Huge heaven is all vermillion.
  & heaven is all vermillion. Whence Fathered high by filthy verve (Made lucid by robed scissor-birds) We suffer death as love’s deaths die & Wild heaven is all vermillion. Though tardy men will seem self-warned & although the buds of killers rain & although the cuts of mirrors crane  From deep drowned veins, heaven’s stain Will sunder mesh from Krishna’s bones & the sex of the skeined suffer drones & heaven is all vermillion & drinking death has no body’s minion
  & heaven is all vermillion. Although the sun of Man has no ropes, Though the gin of Pan has no dope, Although the spin of Ram sunders hope Blue hedons will harbour seasmen
  & heaven is all vermillion Baited piggers push pigs from eyes Slaked sun-stickers raise green spies Odes to mirrors will turn from lies, & Self will have no opinion  Because heaven is all vermillion & death reaches after killer’ s wives.
  Oh?   Startled by pigs in guns, we opt to die for Deepening candy-creams O, a murderer of daisy-dreams will score Sweetening blue veins & the rifled summer has suns for brains
  & the missions blow O   When once cruel video films a crow Then bloodied winter spew chills robed Radios of deaths and entertainers
  . o
   The nippy sides of love’s rose Stifles crude men & angels Slide down from a keen grave. Smashed inside a gizzard, we opt to raise Romantic Romans  & the gulls of war shoot mindless naves  & we shoot the frozen  O. As a dining daisy wilts for sick, then lays Lay lammed lace where Coastal sadness washes hands in prayer & the dead seem chosen by Loaned ladies
  O Sliding into cream, we hear a lullaby  Calling out of the rain.
 Grande gaoled hissing gods Lend outelbowed space to mean Loves & the shimmering seas sound  Old graves & killed geese. O …Grande jailed pissing sods Send outelbowed faces where old drugs  Drink in the sex rain….
When once a bed of fleas has Dreamed dolls & darling ash, then pain  Pomades a sea of puled Nylon city fools & a dob of dogs walks stools inside Nettled fistulas. Grande nailed pissing gods Empty old balls. & the wines of wives Stop dead.The needling knives of fathers dig a pined
 Pretty pincushion & the Ides of wives frig a dimmed Sea of missions O the needling lives of fathers dig spine & death holds love’s motions & the lanes of leaders lend codes to sleep
  Uh. Why wind wells boom as sun dells cry Won’t be known till children die
 Ah, god’s world is as blind as a lie, & Wicked watchers of a lost girl Sea-hangs beds from nunneries. As we sail out to die, then our blue hands Must chop voodoos from Rodeo cans
 & cheap chills chap after Bad bells & burned old laughter! Niceness nettles nippies with
  Spermatozoa; & eaten old kids  Drive from father..
 Lazy lizard boys lace lanes with losing Wintry summer O lazy lizard toys taste pain as crying
 Weeps after Odes to mother & the Ides of lovers loosen moving Shooting fathers.. 
 Crazy wizard wolves maul bats; I Used to know gulls but know I can Never listen to god’s hand & waves crash deep within Woman & self-sex lams us with sand.
 The galleons of Spanish guardians Supper on cocoa skies & the drips of death shatter dives
 With gay nights of stilled stone…As a ragged moped Madam hears England Jeering at cold graves Then a jagged road of Adam sees Eden Laying tawny waste to knaves & we know Eve & Adam.  O, as braves Sidles under staves, then Howarth
 Rots inside a Bramwell brain..& the wives of passion sweat under Blue brides & mad missions; & lovers Lead clouds to water & the brides of passion weep under Green guides of deadly neural lumber.
 As a ragged moped Madam sees arise Keen stars of Israel, the clothed tribes Rock, rock
 & the eyes of nests knock where dives Send sailors to drowned sleep, O, clocks
 Trip for vaginal hills?  & the cosines of catholic cousins Rap dirtied knuckles on a sea of mills & an old miller tells his tall tales.
The ashes of burning babies build death high  O the flashes of yearning Lead lions to dogs & bodies & the plashed eyes of the dead summon lies & the dashed wives all abed Lay chemical waste where old gods cry O When once a pit of ponies parades after Laden rain & the raisins of the Father
 Then youth and I will hear a female lover Claiming crypts from cascaded
 Halls of red maned killers; & an old die Cuts crap from a closed city spy O. The mashes of mind men seal sky-As odes to strangers writhe Then we will numb naked bee-hives
 With waxen waspish urban tithes; -.Sickness sucks a sallied scissor for Green glebes & cuckooed sister war..The wept wolves of wide-eyed women Sweep tailed gulls of their feet
 & the iced mad men who suck robed hens Sweep sailed skulls where sleep Strums a washed guitar & the eyes of sloshed rivers send sold men Homeward, where a mirror under tar
 Shines like a dream
 O When once outelbowed elves hear cars Carrying colonnades to the sides of Mars
 Then dogs & dressers Dam pearly pinned pulled pin cushions Inside fire when a killer on an old hill Sups sense from an old grave’s Lip-sewn body.
 Underneath glued sleep, we stick to a Bell of balls & bended scissor star & ghosts go West.
  & I will lay thee down in a cuckoo cage & I shall summon a town from a screen
 O I will lay death deep where a candy stage Opens up eyes for you and me &
 I shall wither like the wind where cold age Lays bitter minds on the coast & we shall shiver & ride to the sides of trees O where once we flow, then Knocked bees will sweeten a rose O, the honeyed suns of men hear women Weeping for the stars of life & the cellars under guns see old children Come whipping at an old wife’s history & Blazed striped ken kiss a hill when Christ
 Peeps up from His promontory & with hey & a ho & a knotted high tree  We swing from the buds under sex seed. There is an old sail to fan for sea-need
 But old sea-ghosts sail as wavers heave.
& when punished by a pierced pin cushion  We must sunder eyes with hot spun miction
  & the bed partners of the lithe & dead Listen to the sides of a mallow-metal bed
 & plied pigs peer inside a narrow ribbon & the kind dead dream now? O & a river in a shed slaps waves with Blown bodies -  Uh a gun on a sex swig Crashes minarets where grey goddess sprigs
 Blue blades where oceans soothe Five mean forests & the summer under
 Nude naked faces. & when punished by a pierced skin cushion We will sunder a rider from horsed confusion & the lead of men must Sink petrol teeth deeply down where musk
 Cuts a cradler from grey masks & chicken.Bad barks sink where sad rafts quicken.

 as defining purses pay sex tax to midnight Then the hills of fathers tip the rain & the sky under old death sees grain Groping wheat from apples
 O This slashed summertime has a wintry sea & the droves of darlins damages
  Locked up scissor spies  O As defining feather horses ride from wyes Then successful mirrors must dry Coated urine hands..A body of lovers leads men where The loaves of trippers
 Tack bombs to radios.
  & I have found may to motorway toilets & eyes have ground down Pissing pelican tracts
 & a silly ground will use carred latrines & the summer’s windows must Transgress jams with fast lust
  O Where a bellied body breaks, then We will enter us inside jacked dust  & a vastness of pigeons Will punish pups with sold sea zen
 & I have found a way to motored Sun-slipping coded pealed nerves & we have japed under us as birds Bang in huge leaves. A coda inside a devil sings for Gripped gore & searched sex-war.
 The jiggering Dom Daniel of the blind West Sea-jams dogs where odd salt deaths
 Ram malt into money The doctors of honey head under dregs O the proctors of baby rock keen figs & the hourly wounded Lady Soaps up a bright wet fist
Pigs in nunneries shoot a bully mind- Old doddering boots see minds Sinking shoes inside
 Lady-wise pricking foot-fined Crops of beers & blue blinds & party men blow crackers when Bursting cunny crows Suck cream-ken.
O a dasher of drummed death drinks slowed Impossible rivers & a blown bended star of sleep-clothes Washes naked diggers.  & this old world of plastic pleasures cities with
Kind coronets & fabric horses  the riding groin where I made my sleep Sinks country combs into beards & rode sleep
Inside an outelbowed sea of gold, bad horses Ram powdery stations into cold lunatics
& instinctive fairy sons stick their wing-tunics Deep down whereAshen widows widen out for hair
The dairy lamps of neon lintels lick us  & the darkness of pharaohs split Scatterers of day & instant night; o, As a woven cocoon cushions rites Then loaded TVs damage eyes & blind light
.& this cold world of spastic measure Lays blue waste to murder’s leisure.
Where once above a mind, we met old death Then you and I were cut from sex
 &, o, when once inside times we had gold sex Then pities pulled our veins from haloes & the dukes of self supper after puked Easy eaten junkies & the woven bums of juicy countries
 Lunges from a whale’s cry.
O the laden fathers of a mental wife must writhe  & the stars must look down inside  Blue bruises..There is a bull of breath to be found under  Gilt green lamps &, oh, the road to mumbler Delves dogs for masked war & the brawls of death dream for slumber & the reels of sex rock a sire into Tawny teenaged dolly nudes O, Underneath wived apples, a wedded wind of lies
 Divorces sense from imprisoned skies & the dialling deceivers of pursing tides
 Sink love’s feet into peppered gay eyes.. This circus of a life hurls dogs at clowns
 & this crocus of a life Sucks a heavenly cactus; & blue mounds
 Topple where Christ Heals nude studies.
 When taunted by living trains, we shall hear Keen sidings sucking cocks from steamed fear & the iron coaches of deaths & minds Trammel Intercity into laden massing trained  Buffet wynds
   O  ..Where once a kid on a trike dreams of rails Then the rail-tracking wives of no-smokers Wail after tickets; & a sun of sprinters
 Cloak free onboard papers with rode tickers.
 Underneath a city spoon, we see rise the Jolted mamma of neon rooms; & closed beds
 Slumber for crossed knives & forking Devs.. This mean city has rode sides. Eyes under pegs Kick some first class soils from guarded dregs & vastness lounges for urban rectal odd silence.
 & I am seeing a wave of Christ Peering way down into a screen of ice &, lo, as a naked father prays for Life Then closed ermines will clad trapped mice &, sundering by,
 Sex, salt & lies lead Leda where old eyes Shed dunder tears
 Ohh  & I am seeing a wave of rolled spice Weeping under a soft dream of Christ’s Dead penis & the waves of Judas hear a harness Cum shovelling graves into blue gamma This side of our sweet tears, o, may Father
 Set blind fire to closed billy water.
 The Ides of evil God see rise a secret vein & the wives of evil Loves lend tears to cold kids & secret pain  & bread eagles under reins will send dog herds to herbal sleep.
When once a pug of iron delves deaths Then the Ides of evil God see rise wrecked
Sea-stations where old lies Pucker up behind a human telephone  & the cellars of the dead writhe & the tillers of the abed
  Ride inside mad rivers..
Coteries of imbeciles deck driven fingers & the boats of men sink where  Minarets speak of coded wet prayer..When once a pug of iron swells up, then Sex may wire the jaws of children & the apple boughs where old chicken Sapped wedded sweat from cold women
 Here weaves lies from bunny worlds & the chapping rolled wives of dunny girls Drags hot seasoned seas for a whirled Earth of secret rainbows.
 where once a dog drinks wine Then cuttings carry cods to dead timed Neon bones. The hearted heeling hills where I wrote god’s name Gather leering drills from
 Naked river-guns; & the sermons of rain Fill up, up, these heated rills of rice we name must play with naughty guns & gins sea-slam risen bled boys whose veined ship strums washed guitars & liquid shadow.., these hearseward veils of tears where love’s game
 Gave dulled head to riders under countries Have sailed underneath pulled lays & empties & the dizzy goo of the spread & sprung Heap guilty ashes where a boy under sentries Lend giddy lights to the torn faces fat drippers lunge Against baby kissers
   & the lunched dogs of dairy dishes dream for Loud gales where an ocean of loud cavies Dig into a piggy jar of ignited lotions; & red rubies Snap a creamed twig.  Uh  the city stains that we have come to own must Dull the dead as a fix of old crabs
  Suck blue nerve from bruised birds & comic cabs.
The easy queasy moon whose blind eye sees Mad men & Americans dreaming of the weeds
  Has a televisual dread blanket & the suns of time unravel into gloom
  & the stars at zero travel where cold rheum Drags dogs for sapphires.
  & although we have let the sunrise appear Sainted by blood, o, although we have held
  Feinted cods & old veins, We have come to recognise the dead stains Of closed kids & killers & where the son of Pan parades after us Then closed rain will punish us?.When once a bill of men drives home, Then vast endless women will hear bone Sky-hanging under drugged dill-droned
  The circumcised American stops before we even can Lend dark rain to Woman
   O, the evil racist in the dark Damns us; & the devils who hear Woman
   Dying for death must Slice a faggot white in two.
  o, as a dime in a dagger stabs good men, then nudes nip a dark nipple with idiot Hitlers  & the stations in a park dazzle lairds with killers & the mind of haters heats up a bowl of easy dudes  & the circumcised American stops…
     Lahhh   I have seen the skin of jesus Christ Shining like a dark guitar; & the sun’s sea-top
  Shops the evil vein. O, I espy Michael Buffalo using good clothes For dressing the god in an eye O, I espy Michael Angelo raising sex from Loaded sea-sky & the dogs of daughters sends wives Back home, where lovers use lies &, o, I espy Michael Indigo using good loaves
  To slice cold cake from breaded bad mushrooms When once a bill of bad fayre eats up the moon Then dogs & men must suffer under beloved Nazis who know nothing but
    Idiot faceless anger, & the blown bodies of the vain swing after
   Paper cabs & hated white-skinned laughter As a blade of bled bypasses a bald blonde slut Then pushy men pull up
   Pinned sails & sluts….
& as a ninny nun of war widens after grass, then the past Lends dolls & bulls to sleep O, the riders of the vast ride from wheat & the seas of father know no cast; & sleep Travels down below a river on a rose & a ninny nun of wards widens after glass, then the past Sends gals & gills to reaped
  Whippers & chains; & the diggers of a drove Drink from a red flash of loved brogues
 & when once a faceless gun shoots ash, then fined rogues Ram down this dolly powder.
I am centred here & now where a sea of chowder Circumcises dogs & bats
  & the swift stilled moon raps a cat where a rat Searches stiffs for wombats.
& in the dilly caves where we made our name, A black god emerges into time & in the dilly glades where we called God’s name, A black Lord merges with love’s mind &, o, as a good cat loads
  Keen dogs & apples, then a sea of wine Widens up for holt rain.  & the dusts of Pan sing for Aladdin when old pain Cuts summer wind from locusts  & canny crocus men send death to Spain & a crocus eater Cuts foreskins from good fever
  O This side of a mind, a medulla of sadness shivers &, underneath a nebula, a sad dad quivers  After cob combs & blenched moonlight  The stars of summer hear now just how
  Cutting creations kill gals & veined snow.
 The word Nigger is pure evil. O, as a boy under clothes Deals his idiot lover Then a white bird’s easel paints bad images of fathers & the word Nigger is pure evil  & the natron of a self-sex suffers good Jews & the patron of self-depth suffers black views O, where once a sad moron melts Caucasian wax Then the son of Pan curates slashed signals on blue
  Blades of sin & seagulls.
 The word Nigger is pure evil. O, as a racist’s robes Rot in white hell Then a cavern of dead bells dream of closed crows & bright prickled crossed cells Will always imprison the dead man.
 & I will turn cuckoo in a turned turtle wood O I shall yearn after good sin & fine blood
  & I will burn.  The sun of Love forces sin to flower; & God Grips to tawny hens & -ferns & the easy chair of Man hears Love damming Hitler with its china tea-room.
 As a lake of loss lays waste to wept drugs Then a sunny soft hill Cedes a woollen daft pill where mouthed mills Tell a stupid English tale
  O, when once a loaded loser hears dogs  Panting under glass Then an eaten US Boy suffers grass & god blacks puff on a sea of gasped True Jesus…
 & the circumcised American flies where gas Glisters under evil rain. As deleterious whites in a breadbin bake Nuked blind arms & legs Then the cooer in a cuckoo wood will shake
 Naked casements of bright dregs & the natural faces of the raped will Suck mongrel Hitler from eyeless dill drills.
 When once a pulsing flower lays dead Seas of slaughter, then the codes of the killed
 Sings a jammy coda for lost lips & drakes & the imbecile white who reads for rapes
 Can never learn. The ashen float of the filled feeds sperm O the waxy grope of seminal Caesar ferns Drop drags on vaginal spermatozoa & the easy kids of cum cry after white Zoa
  But idiot indigo cutters
   Are as white as dead rain.
The fathers of a bright world have no fears & these birded words when holy blackness
 Reveres rosy dark hymned rainbows Fill up the stars & their cars. O, old tears Shall not mourn for a lazy Lord Ah when once sweet tenets of pain reign Against a pool of pegs
 Then holly drought beds old nudes; & grain Caresses rolled flown flowers & the carmine lifters of lady powers sees devs Draining dogs from feline wards
. The sunny skies of eyes have cum & gone…
 I lay down my palms in an itching wood where  Cock-cut scissor psalms link loss with prayer
 & the deck of Pan where Dolled eyes spat from blind hair has a kind Sea of grass & wined air. O, as a cave in mind Weeps after draggers & candy queens Then a salt of mirrors scatters glassy screens & I lay down my psalms in a mitching word where Cunt-crashed killers swathe skulls in snared
  Old stings..  Ah, daisy petrol peers inside blue petrels & the face of gables
 Fashions fistulas from cradled hot heads & machines
 & here comes my dinosaur & here comes my Dimetrodon. 
Hooting apple hookers hear bad boys breaking trolled plum & a sea of sand-shaking
 Artifices of salt & brute & roe…Oh as vitriol henna daubs loaves then insistent candles scrap wards with Melted virginal sun-ribbed Penile patients of loud grits, & we holla down fast flashed flame
 & we must desire when to die again?
Laden roaring lizards spring lakes from Instamatic salt stained bee-guns & evil whites outgrabe booklets of cheap rites & staled cunt-guns & the keen kind whorl of words where I shaped my moon-sucked drum Tips teeterers with trapping prick-dunged
 Blonde blamed feather The moonish wipers of a worried Word
 Sees black skin leading song-birds
The moonish state of the dead sun-fills Cold seas with fallen dills & the sons of man line the killed  & the dreams of children  Expand into tolled England.
O when once I see you on the Mount I count god’s dream & fly
  After moaning water…
 & a tree of leaf-juice has A green jam for a glans, & grass Smokes a dizzy city lily..This side of the foreign sun, we will pass Coded summer when swirled glass
 Snaps a spine.
 What now for Lovers except for lime green blind blue women?..
The odd dogs of dollars pay for a mind  O the accidental father of our mind Bears a trucker for a Son o oblivion flows just like a tear & odd gods of valour pray under
 Salt modes & killers..When I have suffered seasons then tundra May well shift a hearse & the cats of tailed verse Labs us where a casement under
   Green larders Rocks forevermore…A moonish state of gunshine shoot us Dead where cats preen & a dogging space inside us
 Lays waste to villas; O, lust Carries cars inside of musk & a moon-lit swing of dusk Traps hands in ceilings.
O & we wish farewell to old evenings  a sea of wind wells cramps Cruel valves where lamps Ignite churched bald Winter feelings.
..I have overheard a dome of grass- When once torch glass Then bald teams may see old town rafts Dreaming of special drowning. he jamming gemima of the female dead Has come home to understand That old diamonds cannot leave bed once a fated candle
 rides from sex: odal wrecks hit wicked dregs &
 tamper with tampons..   O, the ramming devisor of the girls in red Has come home to suffer sand & a son of loss Lays daisies where closed hands Can cunt in crossed
 Bell-dinned canons The dizzy dolly who plays for hash has Five eyes & eight legs  a silly baby who cries for hash has  Six wives & one million heads & eyes divide for
 Pictures of planet war? As we ride from city sleep what now but
 First the end then the very end of Minds.
& a million wedded boys sweated in the dark O the female bride was endless
 & the brides maids rode the parks There are fifty billion angels who seem deaf & you and I know a blown rose?
 Inside a sister statue, we will hiss- clasped inside a barrow Men will learn to blow god’s kiss  & the moon’s worth endless more Than the dragged of marines & soft war
  & I have seen gemima under warred City fables…
  When once a copse of lovers grow Greener than the wet  Then a dizzy dream of old feathers Will surely understand that debt Rings a ramrose around the stars & we hear the swingers under Mars Mopping a silk brow…
   & a tale of instant treasures Stops love’s fevers..
The old & endless idols of the moon Have come to cross our palm too soon O, the minion of sadness is here where noon Shines on a sleepless dream & the stars creep up from a bright tune & the old & endless idols of the moon Have come to double cross
  Hands & scissors...
                                     ..  when then gem mien hem hen hymn ah men….Chortle?! Chortle?!..


Under a falling ark where a boy of death Hammered old tithes into clay, We see a road of rams crying under death & we see a summer Slide tongues into feathers & we will jack our lovers?
The old & trendless sirens of my mind Loops western stools roundabout  Men & mess    ah, a torch under doubt Waves a wet bulb where the sun’s spine Snaps like mothers..
 A dream of damsons drinks old plum & five fierce seas outgrabe.
 O the slumbering arch I used to own Has come to faceless ruin O the tumbling heart I used to stone Has come to fade like women & I have see a star-lit moony roam Hearts & seed & bone
 & the fathers shine just like a bone O when once a sea of killings groans
 Then the cities under sired drones Must rock, rock, Ah   a mustard seed sun has clocks
 Ah   a river under sleeves has clocks
 Ahhhh  As yanked tarpaulin is pulled down Around a baby in a tree of clowns Then the tirades of green parades drowns Cat hides in waves & waters.
 & two keen slumbering hearts Seize a drome from a town’s cold darts & metis darts will seize god’s day & baby arts will Ride to country sleep….
  Canonised, I suppose that sleep Dresses dreams in camphor.
 Oo the closer we get to God, then the closer we Peer into a tune & the days we let go of God, then the closer we Sing a star’s tune Ah as American Armageddon teases us, we
 Swing for the moon & I espy Madam Judy who shaped us leaves & I organise a gal of Beauty
 & I use trampoline against the sky’s  Bluesy bald Lazy Eye. O, the nearer we get to Love, then the closer we Peer inside red rain, & the nights we lost pain, then we dreamt of
 Massing midnights & the daughter of flame & we have hot herded women
 & we have barren tithes for old children. When once a city’s head swirls, then grain
 Must grind caked dust from Blinded sex-drapes; & a summer’s hot gun Uses a yeast tongue within Master Johnny & Mister Gary Flicks- O, all mad men enjoy sex tricks& we will widen as a town outside red sin Slams a rifle into a neon drum’s Aldebarren gunned slum.
 Oh   can we perhaps now please a child? Oh  can we perhaps learn of the old child?
 .Eyes lead loss to laden gardens, & lashes lead crisscrossing ravens when
 All wild heaven cuts men...
As the dreamed wives of hell saunter through their fire   the laves of the burned
 Hang ribbed flames from mad Christ & the sleeping lies of bells ring against the yearned
 Fevered laughter of the dead &  Weeping stove-maidens weep inside Man’s
 Idiotic field where cremated children play for Eaten burnt pies & the viscous visions of gal-wards  When once a bell under bread breaks, then dogs Drag feline cells for hot hostels & the bag of hands which clothes doves in motels Models maddening modems with Dainty slammers…O,
 The doggerel boys weave hears a cupped vale Scissoring codded summer where wintry sails
 Sup a soaped song from an old song’s Sex-season. & the roadies who sing for whales
 Widen up where killed kids roam Against a lunar ball of bad beds & old dales. This side of old autumn, a wintry almanac Bites down on the tongue where eaten tarmac Basins ghosts under weary wolves & plastic macs & the sides of the sun
   Alone, alone, alone…
 Oh? The sides of the mad widen for masses. O the wives of the mad Supper after sadness; & the sons of lasses Lead cows to hired waters & the best of the dead delve death for doctors,
 & the mien of men cuts flowers. O when once a killer on a hill Raises rope from hanged men & rivers Then the octagon of life rends death from Carnivals of dogs & dowers.
 The roped towers of the torn trip up from Blown towns & blue villages.
 The pickers of pricked thumbs sail for Voided eyes & murdered whores; & death
 Ravels out into timed words. The fast birds of the breath jeer & the skins of lovers flee from
 Gaoled dreams & dragged lovers.
   The best of death has years to Slam… The infirm void has no fathers?
 Oh     mien men gem then hem hen         Chortle?! Chortle?!..
 & I was made from pits & pepper & I was well-known to spiced life & the star-lit capers of the dead Made me mourn for Judas Christ & the rooms of droning fathers Send blue beds to sleep. Oh, & here goes Sainted Mike & all His feathered lepers & the keen son of Pan hears
   Nothing & the lines of life lam palms with tears & the guns of Christ
 Lend dead sleep to fears; & when light Lays blind waste to lovers Then the arch of Heaven fails to write O!!! The faces on the water tell a bad tale The Iris in a slaughter hears the sails
 & old lady loss lends labile sun-sails & the wards of mice seize rites ..The keen slammer under midnight Sources sex & studies dyes?!
 The morning when I knew I’d died I led dogs to spatial evening O, the morning when I used to cry I led love where children espied
 Local evil.. When once a pigeon in the sky Has made her ingenious wife Snap, then we will suffer the wide Wilderness of shadowed lives
 & the town near me has nothing & the crowd near me hears Endless sadness crying from tears
 & the son of shadow Boxes; & the mind of bodies sears Old caves…This morning, when I always died, I led dogs to fixed deceiving & now that the family is over
 I will noose us to a blind father…Codes will suck ales. The Lover Is the boy who ails? I heard, at dead of night, a sad rite O, I saw, under cold light, a mad life Made from deadly silvers
 & the docs of dames hereby quiver & the rules of edams layer Lady muck with killers!
 When once an evil Aladdin has Blue winged barks, the sailed hash Fellows dolls with lemons;
 & the salty seasons of the lashed Lends bald dogs to old pylons  O-..The dilly fathers of the filled Fawn to beggars; & the sun’s killed Spill Aldebarren rainbows; & my city jams an urban road
 The fascinating cause & effect of Dilly limes & mirrored Gods Has no true faiths but lost Love  Hanging from blue trees, I will .Never marry. Ah...
The sundering genesis of Man Leads cold life to motors & the eating sliders of Woman
 Lift old ropes from lovers  Where a doll of ages cuts Out, then mind mothers
 Will surely fawn to air?  The sundering genesis of Pan Leads old Christ to farmers
 & the seated riders of a ram Cuts City drought..Where once eaten sparrows shut
 All tears & all salt rain, then Robotic saviours sup a shaft & balls lend lenses to sluts
 The sundering genesis of Man Leads sold life to rotors & the skies of fevers will jam
 All jazz & all bodies?
 Easy dogs & dizzy women have No eager whip to hole O, when once a sea of crabs
  Suck a salt soul Then easy dogs & sin will grab
 Feline kids & blind brawls. Under city phlegm, we will tag Old diddies & rolled streams
 & we will hear bodies cut crags & we will hear the babies.
 Easy dogs & dizzy children have No eager whip to slow  O, when once a sea of crows
  Cuts down blue troths Then a hill of diamond must Fall inside salt lobes.
 This city’s minds live for robes & the sunny space where old drovesUsed to use false dregs
  Has never been to bed?  The sundering scrap of a foreign field
 Mows bone from sweet dust O the old thunder-flash of a sovereign yield
 Mows stone from salt lust & the pigs of ivories learn to shake when Night’s eye blossoms into
 Shaven dolly scissor men, & as the sundering mind of a lost field Lays dolly wastes to sons & mothers & the swinging apple-tides where eyes Laid a blunt book against us Then man and child will haunt us? The sundering scrap of a foreign field Sea-hangs seas of light Oh, as doddering midlife cuts night Then dyed hookers will Yield blue plastics to losing hills.
 What with an actor under caps & what with the sides of the trapped, We will murder now?
 O inside one lovely sun of life, please let me Sing for swingers & of noise & always promise me about the boys & forever promise me an old man’s toys.
 I have been seated in a barn where joys Fasten me naked Farmers
 & you and I will surely sail where noise  Jams old air-waves..O outside of old rain, may we please seize Staunched diamonds from ringed trees & we will surely sing for seasons under  
 Tie-dyed bees & stinging la mumba!!!  I have summoned bakers from a pie & I have sirens, & lo, I eat alive  Dead daubed men & factories!
 O, inside a hay-gold sun, I see tribes Widening into lazy lonesome
 Kid pigs…I saw the dead of me shaping Osiris O, I fell from red seas & the wells of Heaven shattered & the dells of Heaven scattered Old bright seed..& the flashes of fast faces smoothed
  Good hands & sweet hair & the wives of Aaron Leant keen lives to summer’s prayer..
I saw the dead of me shaping Osiris & I fell from a snapped gun & wound wind-wells shortened us
 & the fierce world fed mirror-glass. When once a city pharaoh hears us Then ropers must
 Lasso caverns to lunatical musk..We have seen a weird winter in The backs of the bad Thames & we have seen sadness swim for Prisoners of poisoners. This ward
 Has no eyes??  O we will take haygold honeys where Live dives leap from a prayer
 Uh, we will take haygold bodies where Women write in the frozen air- &, lo, as the haylong moon sees hair Crying under cruel combed winds Then these hay-helmed poem-limbs
 Will surely take us home? This world is changing – see five hymns Whispering in the eyes of the Cool space rain treads… Have we seen Aladdin or have we sensed Paladin swarming high seas
 & when once a lunar boy Talons sex with a sonar rolled toy
 Then eyes under smoky sedges Slam a fist inside independent beads. I espy a milky mane shaping us- This side of dreamy pain, sold lust Shatters under pink veins. Gold dusts
 Crash  land
 Oh?    I was stricken by a distant voice which Made me dance for a candlestick & our elephant dance went around the Sad soft town in which we had found A vaginal moon & a penile cul-de-sac  &, oh, when once a pusher of curves Ripped a ripened robin from the rich, then
 Closed eyes healed up & over A sealed slide O where once a monkey met the Mother
 Then the powders of endless lovers Laid boys down with trendless brothers of
 Breaded bulls & emptied Ghosted ghoul-grips The side of a robbed sea-gun has always
 Centred Aladdin on God’s stage &, oo, the wives out alone on my stage Sends monkeys to sleep & the wedded gals of wheat hire rage & the dead hear sin  Blown against a bird-cage.
 Tired tattlers tap at the morgue & sold sex has no beauty?  The daughters of tomorrow have us Held in fast esteem O when once a sun of sorrow hears Old kids in a dream Then the daughters of the dead sear Sons & saviour..& a soured canine drum thrums for The suppers & knives of favour
 & the lips of creators Carry mad men back from wards & curries trip
 O the fastest men in the land have vagrants for women, & words Fasten lips to strangers…
As a bed of birds dreams of death The vastness screws the sun’s kiss & one billion gallows
 Supper for beads & sparrows!!!   I have seen men at change of day
 Drowning in abandon & our world has coded Aaron…
 Where once a sister of wine has Heaped her gins in teas Then a bad blond mister will grab
 Elephants & wide sex-stabbed Hospitals…
                Men hem gem when then hen mien      Chortle?! Chortle?!
& the dogs of midnight dig a Dragged sun where human scars
 Cry after birds & veins & kinemas…
When once a book of hands has a Bed of breads & grains Then sky-dyed dollies will explain
 Why the earth has always been  As sane as the last scream; & the kids dance after pig-gleaned Apple-mongers O Suicide lives on the moon & Monkey valves strike at hanged
 Scissor-faces. When car-keys & lineaments hear Frozen faces ride Home, then the vans under tears  Roam for old lives & the drome where I live has Numb hands & old legs When once a pigeon begs, then old men dig for Bethlehem    an opus of men has come to  Seize hunger from a quay of nudes & the keenest kids in the world move Old eyes to death & death is our deck.
When car-keys & cinemas wreck Men & mules & sex  …the lotus of rolled sex Self-soothes laden gardens.  O
 The dizzy remnants of a world Sign up for genius EEGs  & the residual wives of this world
 Rots for kismet..The biggest banner of a disturbed old lover Rams a pierced flag where
 The eyes of rivers cry & the wives of fathers hear the hot sky Ramming roman roses down a stair & we will do the elephant dance & see ill nudes baring oldness to air & we will arise from a nuked prayer. Lo,  when once a pill in a pod drops dusk Then fantastic idioms must see dusts
 Rearing banshees from coded city pus & our dead world jams Dollar-girls; & the cabs of England Drop aitches & We stick a kind stick in a sea of crammed clams..
If we come hone now to the other side Then what may we do to the Father? The answer lives in a mind of lies!
 Grey feathers fall & tanned ill brides Break against sea-dives o..If at first the sun seems plain, we will  Ride inside blue Eden & the sons of dreams stain a grey hill & at first when the sun was held to ill Then the faces of one billion seasons Sold bulls to bastards & Bodies..Uh the killers of the vain hereby send Canny dogs where moon-lit men Stride from blonde sleep. O, old babies
 Brag after kind kids & neat
 Body-snatches…I have seen the dead at change of day Praying for pugs & razors
 & eyes have suffered bread & wives have duffers where old lead  Leap from a urban death!
Abaddon has to drown:  The sun of Pan has no true town, & Iced eyes cave in?
O when silenced by a crying moon I saw the sirens of the dead Weeping deep inside love’s head-
 The veins of rainbows made me twire & star-light sees us Dappling sweet reminders with
 Keen odes to false moondust..Underneath a cave, a shrilled kid Pokes his tongue against the rain & where gravity leaps up from rain Then dizzy streets supper after
 Odes to bulged jewels.
O when silenced by a crying dream I saw the seasons on my bed  Whispering inside love’s head;  Oh
Nagged by big city bugs, a lunatic Dances like Paphos  Jesus; & the road Leads us to pulled asexual
 Sheep ships & an urban moon leaps from lips & the sun goes down upon
 Rodeos of sex & wealth & crypts
 Amen… Amen Ahhh mien       Chortle?! Chortle?!
I met my old town lover when Mad men shaved a father’s ken; & a Keen car collided with old skin & I met my old town lover when Children paid for a brother; & ice Leapt from our pavements
 & the son of hands healed old Christ & the cars of fevers Concertinaed
If at first the tears we shed Do not mourn for long Then the first thing we should wed Should be shaped from song, & where wizards cure the dead &, o, where feathers sleep abed, then
i will cry inside love’s lobby…I give the eye to failures - & women Must shield me on My vast rise to a moon’s blind vision.. & the sweeps of Eden smatter gods on baptised evenings this prayed world loosens whores as blown swirls
 Die, die
 Uh uh.. Once inside a mind, a boatman on four knees Will blind us  O once outside a mind, a boatman under Bad lust, bloods up for Instamatic pain. The lineaments of wards Widen inside old maws & the wives of timed scores Grow ashen; & the birds of Xmas roar & god is lashed to a chain?
 When once a pulled sad pig hears war Grinding down starlight from a Tor Then a broken body Hears bad wax weeping under us & gold candles sleep against a lady & mute fingers outgrab
 Old kids & rubies..Once inside a mind, a boatman on four knees Will blind us
 & the docs of dust pinion Belled boys in blue eyed missions & the radio plays evil noise; & sleepers Sink earrings into Waxed & wicked transmission nudes…
The kid in the sides of the dawn storms Old girls & midwives & we will wave hello to sold fawns
 & we shall stop!!! & I am going back home to find my child & my father sleeps inside the wild O, I am giving selfless honour to guiled Men, women, & family silver
 When once a book of Adam sires Eden Then Eve will cover holy evenings & I am coming home to find my wife Crying at the corner of a showroom Life
 Oh.. Keen instruments of dreaming drag fever Underneath the chanters to the sun & the radios inside cut levers Lay keen lady waste to old eyes; & shivers &  fevers..
 Shrills down a dimpled maze when Grey hooks punish pugs with old men & the signs of death must signal Wagers of city dust & neon women!!??
I have come once again into cradled Rocking human arms O I have come once again into a
 Molten sea whose wise waves charm Bibles of sin & sex & tomorrow-
& sorrow beats on a drum & gold farms Give up on pigs & Drive back home...
O when once I saw my bed made rude Then I cursed myself with dreams; & dudes May well hang me & kids may well cane me  O when once I saw a gaol made from Candles & faces, then I studied storms & the waves of silence kick in?
O where once a sea of sadness spins Then a moonlit chapter leaps in & the Idols of the raging dead dims Dog-teeth & Star Sirius. Eyes may open out into pain. Lo, we  Hold to the faces under sleeves  & the opal diamonds of a star heaves & the flashes of the weaved Dam sedans with edams & Teresia
  O..   whilst I have looked out forever I can never end our vacant pleasure & winds & spies Spiral from ald bruised skies; & old cries Sweat blue optics?
A heretic harvest tree Yields green limbs..O the sun is stultified by bleeding .. this is all the children know –That spanned life leaps off a ceiling.
 the moon is multiplied by breeding,  this is all the women know-.That jesus had no meaning?
The radial souls of death reap dreams & the kind kid who screams Will never come home? The wives of evening scatter summer where Light leaps away from bears, O, then kids of breathing sunder Eyes & hair, & death’s stove bones bind bad lice to a sex Sloane;  & masters Melt into prayer.
Where once statues cry, then bruises Pomade bombs with fuses;  & bruised ruses claim Whores & horses..   The wives of evening scutter into summer. Night jabbers in the dark. people taunt the dark
  & children storm theft’s Ark..
The smartest children in the whole wide world Are going to read the past O the hardest women in the whole wild world Are going to read the last Words of the Buddha..The sides of the skies clamber for old girls whilst the wide hides of women outgrabe   From money..& the moping wards when earls
 Swim within expensive pearls
 End. As we queue for a spaced face, men must Fall to feathers O as we noose sex lace, men must Fall to fathers, & as we queue for wine, then elusive heights Knots up with red sperm.
As we woo old lovers, then a sea of trust Must fawn to flowers, o, as we rope blue brothers, then old luck Draws hands from incisors..Ashen bodies burn as weddings Hook shades from midnights.
One ideal off live night has a fast soul O, as reels luck brides Then a band of cries must fasten
 Good souls to dark wives..Let it be understood that old gold Has the bright heels of a robber
 O, let it be comprehended that Soft pockets shed dreams
 & when once I looked at the dead Bad bats burnt at my graveside. The dreamt idylls of the kings have made me Leap into old fashioned lines & when once rivals feed ringlets to minds
 Then a bomb of silence Hammers lace to babies O one million ponies stop; & daisies
  Rock & rock. Under a good world, we see blondes Bagging bony bodies where
 The eager kids who whip heirs share Sweet hands with skulls O..Sky-dyed sons suffer salts as rot Rots a kind fool & the roads of wine drink a dry soft Sun of moany lost Looseners of metre rules..
 The dreamt idylls of the kings have made me Stop a postmodern world & pies pierce pods where plashes see Old kids gone to sea...
 ...The smartest children in the world have Gathered round dyslexic fires &, o, when old women Have sweated words, then city’s pyres Will give words to babes; & old men Have heated bony fingers in fires…As a doll of wax grows hard, then Eyes preach pus, & the halls of ash where we cut Visual fingers appoint limbless slut. Timed tawny tossed tirades hear the cold Slumming under funerals & dead dolls…The smartest Indians in this word’s whorl have Come to study Love & the silky sun of Love has here drugged Fascinated holy God. O when once blind trees thrall, then Odes to winter sing for Endless rooms where a sign of war Raise epithets from gold men – as Ashen voodoo cuts a holy fan, then Cold glass grows..& the rose of rampaging crows end All kids & all blue sleep…
I have seen a bone of favour send Gilded Indians where once women
 Heard Rama dreaming for The gravesides of sleep & canny ken cuts lady nous – Oh, Why not climb up & seize me?  The darkening of our daytimes has Come to lend us tears O the sadness under old day’s gas Has come to salve old fears & the heroes of this world have Giddy wardens in their tread; Ohh    The darkness of our lifetimes has Come to jack true deaths & dead glass.
When once a tree of petals seizes Glassy roses from divine exegesis, Then the hanging of a tongue
 Must send chillers to blue Orion-  lo Blue statues Spin from red guns & scissor scrums
 & blind sex issues. When mad muses kill tissues Then boiled blithe hairs Give blue rise to a sea of heirs & Christ lives in Gay suede shoes…  The fastest pigs in the whole shy world, Have come to count on sty-heaven, O where once a bed in an eye whirls Deep, deep down when Old songs sing for lost girls, then Odes to dead songs Will last until a nude male voice, Sallies noise with ruin-
 The fastest kids in the whole world Have come to swing for Eden & Adam chews on rotted fruits & Eve sees genetics crying. Death’s girl Saunters by love’s side & we will come to learn about
 Crapped old sex & the vice in a side  As & when the dolls of darkness Rock a town of wheat
 Then dollar men & coastal sadness Snaps…
 ...The smartest women in the world Have gathered salt & ice,     the magical mien that shapes us  Gives rise to an ancient light & the boughs of winter arise O  
 This is the story-poem-song I sing for & the drums of ages summon wars & the word of Love
 Lingers where smacked whores Hear God.
  The smartest women, under mice, Cuts a vole from a rat & the moon of Man
 Sheets after heroines & demands I have seem one billion cats Mewling after stations - & farms Disappear into tears…The driven face of easy love has no good child to snare O, the driven space of easy fathers has No eager soul to sear & when once a bowl of ash hires Forced flava from a sea of clothes Then we will lose god’s sea-snare
O the size of Man seats under us & the wives of old sleep see us in Fires straits of Ides & spun sin. &
 Roasted radios wire guns to sand & Soft sin has crabs Cutting mussel-leaves..
 This smitten face of easy Gods has No true mind to share, & a starlit brigade shops after gas
 & our keen world  Swells, swells
  O…& rural anaemia blots a blooded Trail of menstrual silver.
 The smartest eagles in this world have Gathered under purple fire O, the smartest sea-gulls have seen fire Writhing underneath a funeral pyre & the roads to Heaven Ride, ride
 Just like an easy Haven…Where once a pulled pappy sells Killed senile dogs to female cells, then Eyes under ivies Scatter salty bodies.  O, we are not men?
& three killers of impossible Hades Drop a boned cigarette, & the minds of lost children see sex
 Snapped like a fig…Thrice the power of a blue life, we shape Old dirt from city light
 & the saddest women, sundered, must drape Cotton lips on a loud stage..
Thrice the flour of bakers kneads old Dizzy crusts wheree four arms sleep; Oh, Cold dirt from a neon rite Softens, softens.
Ah, a caged shut lion roars for Heavens La, gaols under  Zion Pluck pockets from tissues; & Xeon
 Paints a dead town with sour lead & we will slacken & we will pare the sun. Abed,
 Leaders lend horses to darkened
 Old lies   & as we were drinking olive wine, we Sweated for a midday moon, O, as we were drinking red brine, we Hungered after suppers & the wise starved earth Which fed dolls to Damascus
 Carried rolled combs to calm birth. When once a sea of light is dimmed Then the oaths of Lovers Must staunch a road of healing - & Cancers transfixed to a wall see stands Slicing egg-timers
 & we own a cooking egg??!1

 The cabins where pulled from spread hands
 & the cold moon twired….
The smartest females in this world Have come to give words to sparrows  & a sea of weevils has Landed gems from gas. O the courted stars of western ash Leaves colours on a rolled barrow
 & the vines of pickers Lays doled waste to weepers & Cold expensive guns Shoot sand.
The old sitars of faith play for a Keen scene where washed guitars Bathe in a fabled ocean
 & the birds of rhyme are cropped By closed female wine & the walls of winter scale lime
 & this old world is on the wind? Soft headers of mead dampen us O loopers of bed favours
 Scoops red fans from gloved dusts & a summer castle Uses stripped cattle as bedded navels
 Lend ears to old muscle. The smartest women in this world Have come to entreat hallways &
 Girls.. The day when old kids died was the day when Cold riders concertinaed Under drugged drills; & the day when curtains Curated dogs from odd men then Melted money gave rise to daubing red firms This eager grey night we play with has hens Cracking their own eggs under
 Five good rings; & screened hens will number Crashers of killers & river men. O where a bag of nuts falls to shattered earth Doled drops in school halls Have held to my mind &feathers see earth
 Collecting yellow stalls. The day when old kids died was the day when You & I fire-bombed impossible Bethlehem.
 The smartest swallower of mental sin Has come to let the moonlight in,. O, & as the carriages of death alight, then Blonde trains may well trip for doves & the guns of trainyards Shoot ideal children dead…The swarming follower of hot gin Collides with blind bruised bad spind College-wind
 & the kids of evening grapple with Village wind & in the secret brain where we saw Cold gals speaking of a seized ward Then old ignition
  Gilders dust with god’s bed….We have the names of the good & we have the names of the bad & we are neither killed nor made mad? As the skies of gold semen suck Sweet poppies from factories, then Doled lust leaps from a natron & then drives of blood sea-hang men
 & the wolves of sweet Easter Send grey kids wild..O, as the skies of gold get fucked Then the Ides of sun-shakers smile After dark jeans & genetics & the lily under drakes drowns for A supper of cat-flesh & star limits & a wake of sirens Awakes.
 When once puled pistols peal a Domed shot tree where cold Mars Kneels in the brain Then men will hear the secret rain &, o, as a moaning pipe seizes Lashed birds from nunneries
 Then the phones of lost sea-grain Dial phoned prudes.
As we dial midsummer, we hear arise The secret brain of a hot dead wife &, o, when once liquid lips
 Lay caverns upon red burning hips Then blown blonde bathers
 Will learn of tits & lashwide drips. When once old ravens raise cliffs Then a roaming clitoris hears old trips ramping seed into flowers & the slain birds that sail for powers Knock semen into hooked old mitts
 As we telephone Easter, we hear rise The moaning pipe in a liquid sex-sty & we send egg mail to winter as lies Leer within coded city eyes.
& the painter’s pealed the moon & the miner’s dug for dunes – O
  We hug muff  in a faked room?
When I rode against the sky, I saw a man-o-war  this sun-dazzled sea of eyes has seen us
 Laying blue-waste to Cleansers &  the roads of passion rock for killers & the signets of the moon Loosen hard ties. O this sun-cradled sea of brides has seen us Sauntering under split skies, & the gates of babies Stops. The sunny giddy days of death sees tears Cutting my old town & the seeds of Aaron paint fears & the green Man sees old tears Raising clowns with permed heads and sea-song.  I have awaited for lost women –The temples of the dark sound Moneyed motels youth & I will go to hell. When once a scattered hill falls then bels
 Will ring out across the dark The fastest women in the world has Come into infinity
O hot eye rolls where ghost haunt gas & the fastest women in this world Hangs prisons from dead family when once a yo-yo uses a female garden Then the whores of Christ grasp
 Pink veined meadows & the hooded summer of our lives Frosts over
  O  Ghosts in prisms hold cat-backed midnight, & old deaths moan.
When once an Irish labia leaps inside Dunned whips, then old sea-wives & oldness snaps. O, when once old lies  snip sails, the drowning code of scribes
 Will shatter like rude sex. The summer’s endless heated dream has Blind eyes for sea-gas O, as a bedded mass pays for gas Then a sea of potions Will gather deaths from rolled
 Old-time emotions. The tripping tribes of city spells now ash For men & money
  & the sex in studies Dreams of learned evenings. Where faking dollies drink eyeless tea Then ochres of death dream for Closures O the city’s tyred sun sleeps for war
 & a sun of soldiers laid lazy sex stores Dead deep where Blue lies leap from a chair.
 Carousels hold children users. O, hair Wraps a bed of fire around Slashers & sidlers
 & ashen hands swirl like cigarettes & keen admirers of fast fished nets
 Give head to urban flowers.  & Codes found within blue bellies Shape a grave from cradles; O Delicious idiots shape hairy babies
 & Where faking dollies drink hirelings Then green wideners Rot like a true power.
 The smartest church in all the world Has come to sing for Horsed jive; o, as a fighter in a war
 Digs bombed wards Then holy imbeciles rams dust where
 Blue lubes cane cabins…When once a river power hears girls Rocking for dead heat Then the wolves of winter see girls Feeding flocks to city wear.
 O the smartest kids of a wild sheet Have a clothed esplanade, & giddy shaved grey gulfs of sleep Think of bells & cry.  When a plenitude of passions peers inside A crowded serum, then wintry rages will Ride with curled legs. The pities of the killed cram loose hills & the sky of evening
 Scatter musk where stoned bone fills A sea of scooped devs..
O I have come all so near to my hill  O I have grabbed me a sodden bride; & idiot gods dance at my bedside?
 This side of the rain, we will survive Endless screens
…       uh     when then mien hen gem spun sea hymn…  Chortle?! Chortle?!

 Hot haunted hirelings snap a sea of dreams O,  the shambles of a reeled life Shatter cold seed
 & hot haunted hirelings wade midstream Where bright bolts of greed
 Teeter into fires. I am eager to swallow sense because I Dare not find the eyes of need
 & sensate rubbish rocks around tides & the moon shines like a saint. I daren’t sing for death & I must ride Back home where a man of joy writhes Underneath our town’s ravine.
 Hot taunted hirelings snap a sea of dreams & the sunned passions of a saint
 Stun old masters & virgin paint.  These eager eaten wards we used to know Have now come here together where snow Ties ferns in clothes O, the sodden faces of death wet robes,
 & the son of Pan sallies earth with cold  Cabinets of red silver.
 & the sodomy of the fooled & dry rolls Abused stars & dice O the pain of minions slaver under Christ & the bulled frog of life Lams daughters with pinned
  Cashed curtains   I have seen the boys at end of day sun-shaping steeds from sylvan praise,&  the wickedness of old graves sees lovers coming home for  
Green lips.
Empires of dirty wars campaign after Bad boys & the sky up  above Is burning like trapped lubber & youths & deaths must suck slumber & dogs outgrabe
These spindrift figures of dark & light penetrate a mental moon, o, under yearning fingers, a sea of night sends blonde purses where cold eyes sleep at the foot of a prayer
& a lissom of passion Yields blown bodies where These spindrift figures of darksome hair
Push guns through mannered care (ah we are in care?)
When all my city senses see love’s lair then my mind, trapped, unlocks Imprisoned beauty
& the trains of beauty ride under closures where footed dancers
Lap city meat from tongued parched hunger, & the wins stains of naked women
Leap from dirt….Lo- I must learn about  the past or else go mad?
I have come to recognise A wide city-hill O, I have come to realise That sex is ill
 & the faces that I earnt  Must fade into the dark & the stasis of a thrill will
 Shatter. When once wisdom rides Grey coronets and eyes Then ashes will cut spies
 & the ermine of our moon Will come to death too soon, & faces Fracture….
 I have come to realise That death is a hired cry O, as words always connect Then I will kiss love’s eyes & the sadness of the dead Stops & falls.  Maybe one day we will see Ashes falling from old trees O, maybe a life of loser will receive Gold beds & our nineteen infinities when Strange sentences scatter men Will come back to heal us.
The natron of love hears dust & the masons of god See dust clouds pining for lust & the palms of pleasure Lay hands on a storm of heather.
Maybe once under a flower we Will see selves Drop, like babies?
When a kid of angels comes to life Then cudgels will explode & the wives of mien  will see life
Sending cattle to a sawn rose O, the sermons on a cliff will slow Down, down& angels of favour will dirty Pockets & pulled cold jam.
Underneath the sons of greed, We see Aaron shaking with need & the flowers inside the dirt
Lay waste to veins  & children & the laden lovers of grey tears implode into nothing..
O, campaigns for light see god Raising farms from fear, & flowers inside the dirt see loving
 Laying faces under Idiot gardens. Coastal men pierce all sin, & Yesterday, we met god’s shaker.
While caged under fire, we sing for Petrol & ravines O, when once sea fire Burns down, then a city in a ward Shoves clocks in asylums & the sons of love lengthen ..& cold dogs scream.
While caged under fire, we swing for Mated summer screams, & the wolves of Abbadon see doors
Closing gates where sins slides into old money.
Oh, a picture of pennies eats us  Oh, a picture of babies reaps Cold caves; & caves dig honey?
Ashen satchels made me grow from A baby to a man O, ashen cycles shaped me from
A woman’s easy hand, & the wives of Eden summon a Wizard tree which owns a star….
Ashen Babel made me speak from Dubbed dumb trams O, the rods of candles Burned up,-  o, a gun in a dam Lapped a bullet from Coded kissers; & closing cradles Rocked shits to sleep.
When once a rancid rifle reaps Tangerine dreams from seats Then old time cinemas Will dance, dance, dance Ahhh   gold gins grip to dregs as wheat Bangs like a serial war. is twelve storey town where I made my name Has fallen from a noose O this empty sea of clowns will suffer wine & then
decay  Oh,, as bad flame Delves rain from coops  the sine of death ravels round a green game& the dogs of winter
This twelve storey crown that I choose to wear Leaps from a park as cordoned fear Lends salty tears to radio; & the sea of spheres Waters live heaven with weirs  the crowded city has no tears
But tears cut the space we tread. .Will-shafted by idiot mushrooms, the dead inside ghosts inside a towel. The onion pealings under love’s hot bread drag voices from beneath the sink 
 & ghosts will cut the other sider & mangy men must Haunt daffs with fried lust. We
take cold fire & turn it into sun… There is a gem-clued women where guns
Sea-hang old kids & milked maids.
 One & one thousand holidays in space Have come to savour old cases & the city sun hears familial old lace Come banging at a kitchen window & when once a stripper in the park Sea-slams a soft mind Must cherish the veins of the dark & a wall of Downs Dreams of gods & seagulls. Oh-
 Dreamt imbeciles seem drowned & a father in a screen Treats flicks with moving screams
 & the dead dolls of war Lead pugged kids where sound Tautens death with rages.
 One & one thousand holidays in space  Have come to savour blue faces, & hands are clenched in fists of fate & god’s screaming azure Binds sex to saline pleasure?   The side of a good day uses father to hang god’s easy son.
 The strangest people in the world Have come to teach A plane of stupid girls; & old sleep
 Masses when old peace Sears mien with pearly sex-sleep
 When once a baby on a hill grinds Burnt ivies into guns, then minds May well melt under
 Stitched lips & menstrual thunder O..The strangest people in the world Have come to preach for a supper of jams & sweet maws& this dining fat city sward Weeps after blind dogs & daubed
 False ceilings..& causal yellow counties see walls Weeping with Downs Then mental sex slaughter sees dolls Ravelling out into a lost town
.We take true remits & turn them Deep inside where blue bombs bend
 When once an eaten flower sees semen Unravelling into time’s friction Then the caging bullet baker of fiction Shoots dolls dead
 O The shadow of a summer in an eye Dams daisy birds with haloed sea sky & the roses which paint us Will surely dream & taint us. .When once an eaten flower sees Hymen Rotted in the bulb
 Then a flash of gulls must Summon alarms from siren-lusts-  & We will cut the space we tread With roped wives & funeral bread. They say the brain has to work all night & messy blind veins
 Stain us where a mown mind of light Rocks for reason.
 When once combed dilly watches ram Blithe beds & honeys Then brooked bad bodies see de ladies
 When once summoned by bells, old light Interns meadows under old night & the dizzy fountains of a sea of Christ Sails directly into Hell & when once summoned, a tocsin’s cell
 Ravels where blurred bells Sea-tangle eyes, ears, faces. O, old dells Drink a fat gun
 & a city cat drives into the sun. The chalets of the motel-killed hear drums Beating inside all good sleep & sleeping missions dream after City sons & the daughters of laughter Tauten bone with gunned
  Xenon thunder.
                                   mien men hem hen when then gem  Chortle?! Chortle?!
When once summoned by bells, lost sight  Slackens where  fat wind is pearled Outside old mazes; & where once Christ Leaps inside the moon Then dolly fingers stab sores under Closed lips & sallied drunk sea thunder. The dally of a dream robs life of
 All nudes, all lovers. Under kicking colours, we consume All city rainbows & a hill of covers will always exhume Candy shaven oxbows O as pills of passion feed the dead Then neon oxygens jam a blue bed & urban roaches raid Written graves..The ditties of a stranger swing lobes O, the bodies of a stranger Strum rope; & the sonny sun roves Bills & flashes & the docs of darkness doctor rose
As a claimed porter pays for wheeled death Then red urchins Lob buns against flirting salt sex
  Ah sky-rayed donkeys have made it good o, sun-slaved junkies
 have made god good; & keen blood blocks breaks & wild horses will hear love’s babies
 Aching like the loved. On crooked kindled crackers, ladies Loosen into tidal curds & whey
 & the canyons of some rural country Lays keen waste to hot decay
 Oo   Underneath a transfer, veins bewray Skunk stains & silk trades, & the writs of milk-raids hear grades Dropping out.  Kind kings of passion have made us Carry caves far West O, keen dreams of passion have seen us Carrying caves where death Drags fire & the robes of fusion famish fire
 & the king kings of Zion have seen us Stopping..When once a hill of plaster cuts dust
 O, when once a rill of laughter Raises lakes from rusks Then eyes under lives will see loving
 Cutting vacant killings.. La, I saw a killer’s bed spinning after Soft chalets & thrilled hereafter
 & I saw the man in my mind seizing
 Dogs & wards.      perverted pebbled pens have written Old lost words where once old men
 Have become book-blind O when once a feeble sun has spined Hills & dolls
 Then perverted pebbled pens have Scattered baby diamond..Stationed under Mecca, gods have  Come to count on father once again & the wives of hymen Hire healers from a pierced brain
 O this side of the sun, we see pain Hurtling out at sea & the birds in mirrors will rain
 Adown… the ghosts of winter suffer pain’s Extraordinary iced summer bruise
 & goddess is haunted.  A wide witness to a wolf has culled One billion baby skulls
 O a shy harness has a guy under dolls  Milking shit from bulbs, & the dogs of bodies hear hills Teetering into fires..
A wide witness to a wolf has culled One zillion infant flashbulbs & the lobby fades & the bodice of a grave Glisters where old mind sees lays Suppering after dudes. O the soft soffits of a lost sea trades Punch-bowls for sockets & the wolves of winter Lob grapes at cold feathers; & nudes
 Sit astride a dinner table & the robes of mother eat night. When once a bod of beakers breaks
 Then fathers shake. The offices of sex have gathered here Where, suffered, a soft cab
 Gobs fares; & the hidden voice of fear Cuts mess from high tables O when once a sea of kecks Craps on iron, then a body under lips Laps grass from ship-wrecks
 & Endless sapphires spill old blood & trendless empires toast bald God & the muses of red rain Spin up, up, up
 Lo  you and I have studied city Love & we know everything? The offices of sex are gathered near Shadow crabs & flashbulbs O the fountains of a cretin skull Casts a shadow where golden gear
 Scores dark veins & the folding grains of saw tears Shed bedcovers!?! The shy boy in mute space has
 Shaved his jacking father.
 O the human sides of erotic lies have Come back home to mourn O the female spies of erotic dives have Come back home to storm Old horses inside rain; & a sun of cabs Carries crosses where dawn Booms in a filthy sky & the cats of countless countries Rides from pits as a rat head in eyes
 Rots for faces & the bats of penile empires ride Back home where funeral aces Suffer cold spaces. When once a can of ferns hears us Raising a train from pig’s dusts Then a rattler unfound under loss Lams lays with castrated salt-rusks.  O there is a keen river where stasis
 Dons verbal cathedrals?
 The greatest dancers in the world Have come to sting the bees O the greatest swirlers of blue pearls Have come to tease The wide worlds of salt-wine; & girls Apprehend drowned pain where
 The saddest ballrooms in the world Have lifted lions.There is a train of death which curls
 Around the mills of a neck & the shadowy miners of keen lip Must swallow slicks from wrecks & the pincers of a crab Dash hands where motels on the moon
 Telephone pugs & monkeys.
 O, the keen tracks of god’s lost tears Carry fear where life’s crapped years Stopper cats with water & where bled macs halt, Then a room of teds must see salts Cutting heaven?
The greatest dancers in the world Have come to skim the trees. O the smartest sisters in the world
 Are lunging West, & we are turned like a star’s key.
 There is a lifeless dreamer near the moon O, there is a lifeless lover who Wanders arms where shot-guns move Lunar eagles & the opera of a noosed mind suffers rude Images of sad tunes.
 Where once there was fathers then lewd Penuries of pupils ply for pain & the dogs of air suck mothers from Red trains & funeral monkeys There is a lifeless dreamer where the sun
 Burns like a crocus, & where kids as bright as pigs eat a Lotus underneath a locus
 A bad body breaks.
 Uh. Uh Uh  ..Cardinal cavies of care hear red hair Screaming, & the wide world is worn away &We will eat us from boiled city stairs..
 The hot hotels of death admit quiet voices O the hot motels of death Confront candles with self-sex; & roses Ram a glass tongue where hearses Lay blue waste to vast birds & horses..These shallow words I wreak see death Driving deep veins where selfless force Widows good gob
 & the ancient tongues of gob hear god Grappling after sweet blood & sour fear & the whirling worlds of the sauced Suck angels from blind spaghetti…
O the snoring doorways of the calmed Charm crows with nunneries & the woven hallways where old farms Famish nuns with sculleries Fish fast feet from blithe blonde charms & the wives of Hitler outgrabe Dollar boys. The glass meadows where we sharpen Blithe beards & bends Hear hot city girls weeping for gardens & a soft wide sun will eat up loud ravens & the hearse of silk will
 Ravel out into time. O do we suffer the red fishman of Alcatraz
 Or do we hiss for mien??! The strangest women in the world Have gathered here to see
 The pointed star & the moon’s tree & the bod of war weeps after  English trains & funereal laughter. O the endless empires under foot Slam bootless cries inside Old bods & siren dyes; & blue war  Weeps after tears & tithes.  & the bee hives whose sweets Slash open dairy wasps Must come to realise that streets End in families, & a rose of Britain has honeys & god’s hands outgrabe..o the idiots of all time have girls glistered under iron.
 Maybe I am reminded of youth’s Hot television screens? O maybe I am remanded into Gaoled whores where dreams Bedazzle dogs with bawds? Lo, eyes found inside old wards
 Stop to untie, & under grey ingles we see rise A moaning pipe of peace & under gay regals, we see rise Love’s secret emptied fleece.  Uh, Where once an endless café lines Sweet teeth with ooze
 Then we will suffer under wines & we will shout inside a mind Maybe I am reminded of youth’s Hot television scream O maybe I am remanded into
 Gaoled birds.
 Uh huh..     The garlands of the dizzy dead are laden with pointed stars O the ravens of the giddy wed are Laden with punching cars & we are close to home & we seem far behind bars. Lo
 The wasps on narrow heaven Stop like a watch. When once a sea of lots seasons Bad foods with nude souls Then a raven’s bed darkens reason & the bells of flava Hang incisors from flava; & passion  Pops a bed of sails…Ideal soft scissors will insist on Hearts & stones.
 These bled words I choose to write Shape old birds from city’s light; O, A sea of words will choose to type Dun songs & I see inside a secret brain old Oozing guns & I summon maggots from cold. When once an angry father’s soul Taunts the hated living Then the buds of passion’s hearing
 Swell up from green hissing & a garden in a mind Stops.
These bled words I choose to write Shape rolled nerves under Painted beds & funeral la mumba
 &, o, we see rise mad mamma , & we size museums from bright
 Incredible noise.   We see rise the navy blue Isis on the old, O we see writhe Old buried dates & fruity winter’s lithe Sea of gold
  We see ride the baby goo & we see lies Lamming dogs with Deepening gates where rolls of fire Rock a wrecked crib. Ah, we see rise the naked nooses of the old Summer of lost candles
 O we see rise the rancid Beds of bogs where mean pig play. Underneath a blind worm, a sun of day Suppers after doled dudes & a sun of ladders shines spokes under Day & midnight..
Funeral men hear hearses sunder us & the burned seas turn.
 This side of a lost fern, a pot of signals Layers wasps with words O here in the sun, a lot of cradles whirrs & the pointed ferrule of birds Sea-hangs cradles from Isis. O, burrs
 Beg for thorns?
Underneath slumbered worms, eagles Rap on tattered doors O found under perms, a town of girls
 Cries for Ma Mary & the girls of God hear rise whores..In the beginning of death, we stormed
 Clasped kiosks O in the forgiving decks where Closed eyes gummed up like prayer Then god’s rolled men Wedded love’s midnight to snares
 Lashwide vines in heaven lay vinegars under Saline navy tides O crass craven sin sucks stoats as thunders Stopper blue Ides & the sunny graves of the wide see lovers Lunging serviettes into long worm-fingers.  Unfound under fires, a faceless pit of grogs Stumbles where verse-stanchions Cram granary tongues down boats & crashed cavies cup gassed hands  Deep down where a natron
Cuts a fucker. O the lily men who drive for deaths Supper for naked knolls & the wives of reason madden; & sex
 Drops like a son.
Where family falls like a tree, then roses Will surely claw a rose O when once a baby heaves, then roses Will surely cut red loaves & the stars of God fail, & old Moses Has no true tears to sail.
As the wives of Adam widen under Navy nude Isis Then a bod of lust must succour lumbers
 & the worms of crisis Suck maggots from christeners; &Wide widow wives Shop Heaven.
When once a saw of spies blesses ravens Then bowed benches Yield seas from lost clothes; & trenches Trip after vast veiled wenches  When family stings like a sea, then Closing candy colour
  Dams chicken.  The sundering arches of hidden women Give birth to tamed snails & the chattering faces of hidden children Give rise to glued sails & the goddess of cars crusades after
 Big eyes & pig’s dens O.  When once a bod of barley stops flava Then a navy Isis of pyramid labia Kisses caged vaginal seas & the kids of time trample saviours & wicked worms heave Limed trails & old-timed eaves.
As the darts of dirty dales weave Keen grapes from aspen seed then Sperm is founted from
 Blind doss & drossy sex-guns & creasers strum sandal blood
 Blinded under timed dogs, hens Lay broiled egg. Lukewarm children chop me where Old worlds cut life down O a city fife hears rot’s sea Shivering under a red clown; & air Suffers sweet hair
 & the gods of movement pummel Gold bods & gentlemen’s chairs. Spew-swarms supper after sounds, O cold corn lingers after towns, & a fierce sea-train underground
 Caresses kids in the distance. & the ropes of women see prayer Pulling tarpaulin from city stairs & a ball of nudes kicks urban nerds & a sea of flava outgrabes..
Lukewarm children chop us where Cold birds sing from A city’s tar-flute; & stirred heirs  Hide a sausage in a  drum & the devil-wynds of blue tares Sink inside the  deep dark Towy.  An apsis under navy Isis has Bus fares used by killing boys & the grapes of Mankind toys for
 Blue cradlers & cold lockjaws & the cars of curation use a ward & fast vans glow just like a war..  I’ll recognise a lemon coven, O I shall suffer dives as old men Swagger under clowns; &
 The bottler of my bed will slam Green dupes & jazzed knife-jams & a bridler of cardial voids will Sing under pearled heart-hams. & a culler of bright water will Slice blue Isis from its belled hill
 & a wasp in crisis Craps upon sun-turned sea-fills O you were a naked woman &
 I was a naked man…
From the belled hills to the biting of a mask My vast & masted Venus Has old silver rings
 O from the celled rills which bear a fast Mirror of love & money Then the dates of honey must Crash inside the past. When once a pool of fashion raids us Then blonde stool Must fling veins into sea-dust.  Oh  I have seen the light of love hearing Blown nudes.
From the belled rills to the eating of the past We suffer a false gun’s Shooting nest O from the welled ills of the sleeping past We enter into heels & the wolf of Man walks a web & the sadness of Woman stalks the dead  Oh, Eyes under wives weep for a walled Tree of ivories.
I have seen the fierce machines of Gold boys Hanging gobs from toys O I have seen the fast latrines of Wet ploys Pummelling death with coarse Gods; & when once a tree of wives Wires the jaws of art, then old Love Hears nobody.. A rude rocket in the rain must drug Mad ropes & the eager veins of soap Sea-slaver after pigged pugs & Odes to dope. & we will seize us a navy summer & we may turn hope Inside out.
When once a pill of pain parades for Purple pomades Then shrill dizzy deacons must gnaw Eaten old maids & this lazy silence where we both Feed to graves Must hammer heels into suns
 O The sidled steely weal of old guns Shoots ancient chalks & the spires of money hear drums Breaking from wide blue hawks & the dolls of Asia Bear Ghosts to God & a wise killer
 Stoops to taste vinegar.
When once a hill of rain raises Law Then watchers gorge Lost lips.
 The eaten souls of lubes bear us Old nudes & dust O, opening lippies suck sex-sussed Candy webs  the dogs of Israel hear old deaths Drooling La. When once a ride of iron sups swill Then we will wallow under Blurred blue panties & pig-paced lumber
 & the ghosts of Japan Haunt a moon-God with old hands. The eaten souls of dudes lend us
 Green hawks & bodies. These are our softening days when Ideal killers fill up the dark
 O these are our eyed graves when Keen scissors suck a rain-nosed pen With dead ink.
O, a sea of wards feed the mad & the Ides of life slew the sad; &, Caved under cars, we see rise sand
 & we moisten pain?..   These are our rustling days when Ideal riders race inside the park
 & here are the skies we ride carve & here are blood oranges. The ivies of the dead glisten when Doorways Drag musk around a wasteground.
         ..As the eager hills of paradise suffer Red bulls & crypts  then the river-rills of sacrifice succour Green gulls & lips &, o, we come where Father Flashes like a nurse; & the bad winter Lays dammed wastes to Coded mothers. As the eager hills of flava see rise Banged bells & bodies
 Then the Ides of babies banner lies & the wolves of keen dives Don city phlegm.. & something has gone wrong, & something has robbed god’s song La, a baked naked egg
 Deals cuckoos to the dead. Ahh   Eyes sun-ripen & the stars of Mars Are ready to rock
 Candy cradles.  When golden men don bastard bodies Then egged Easter’s dunny
 Dogs blue nets with raging honey & the navy nests of wheat-studies Deal deaths to sex-wipes. As a candy killer bombs, then light Sea-scars all stars with Molten readers; & a bad summer kid Kisses a bell Then scanty snapped cells Summon a pixy from a pox; & Hell Cups god’s Number.  Oh, a doddered deck of derrieres Dams cod & smites Gaoled Christs.
The tissue of a vamped hot gull Glisters under dolls O the arch of sister-molls sees rise A navy blue heart &, naked, a sky-dyed diamond dart Executes love’s golden shot. When once a lunar cage cuts off Then a bed of bines must see loss Rolling like a rock under moss & the stars of pillar-men crisscross Eyes and seals.  The tissue of a vast lammed skull Sups a sea of dives & a mine of eyes widen under us & the mulls of Midas-drive seize us & we scattered edible gold?
Ghosts in a cold cabin cup cusps & rolled tears rove Under silks & green musk; & droves Dribble under green trussed Old cabbage -    as a cradle’s close Dons baby clothes
 Then we will see arise A red marbled rose. O a blue navy Isis fold has Emptied knickers for a name; & old grass Smokes out under fazed stars O a blue navy Isis fold hears Mars Driving down from meteors & the kickers of gals down drains Dams edams with woollen cars.
Underneath a waxed head, we tame Blue bodies & baby bunting & the wives of art Lay lammed waste to a keen heart & motile bods hear pain Grinding & red shunting Slams scabbed doors fast shut?
 Ah, the navy blue Isis cult cuts Dead red rain with ideal female  Dizzy sluts & the romancers of killer mutts Lash a wide will to death’s nuts & a bound blondie who regales Ironed eager faces
 Tirade after sold summer stasis & the sallow suck of a cat’s apsis Mewls for the dead..Clapped are the killers of the wed O snapped by rude mirrors, gay bed Balances birds from a shower &  we are shut in a word of flowers & conned wet sin Spirals inside red dots & spind
 Gold-wind The hunters of lost factories Swim for gusset gullies, & sin Scatters salt seed.*
This hot light of love heeds Mary O the eyes of rivers see death’s day Drawling under crazy graves
 & the whips of passion interfuse Hector & the wives of God. When once red people see news
Reading labels to the rude then we will suck a cup  & the tears of tiredness see dreams Dropping wine
His hot light of Love heals baby & the hook of lost Man Glisters under silent sand; & minds Scuffle
 & the cures of Babel seize castles From Indian wynds..
 Bitter boys clap as vaginal dimes Spin like a toy. As we clasp to a blind tree, we hear Vast guns whose tears Shoot sculleries; & where old fear Hammers at our doors hen we clasp to blind sea & we Hire kids to trains…O when once a piglet under reins Cuts a bright sty Then pugs in pens teeter where Grouped eyes widen after prayer & we will listen to the rains & we will suffer lust again?
There is a ward of wool where Women knit the moon O, there was a cartoon.
There once was a mad land where Old men died for hair O there once was a mad keen heir Of death,
where we dance, then prayer ignites the air & I am going home..& the soft eyes of timed bone
Craps in an ancient hand  the teenagers under rude sand lay keen & the wolves of dreams
 Howl for fathers. There once was a bad land where Rolled ribbon gods Donned gold reeds & god seems over?!
Dunned in gold, we see arise the secret wind where moaned sea birds pin under tears:  a sun of cold sees rise rolled words  under dreamt tears we summon pups from coffee cups . The stars of light
 Ram the powders down.    Dammed, we see rise a secret car O,  we supper after Mars
& we dine on penates pain; & Miraculous eddies of wine can Cocaine & junk
& youth gets high on spunk?
The dinners of a soul see us floating away to see -   old dust trapezes under us as salt musk
Melts away & statues sail for American blood-war & we collide & we deify grey pigeons
 & old god will lie with clipped swallows…
...I am so keen to lose you  oh I am o happy to see you gone & I am so very keen to Take your ghost by the hand &  I am so damned keen to lose you O I imagine that we never moved
 & inside a dream, we Divorce all of us where old sea Dies out. Kind boys listen to a sea of doubt  O rude lovers lean Against dead light; & closed screens Show unpassable features & you and I are gone? Fantastic idiots lay blue waste to Dunny pigs & closed life hits figs as bright nudes
 Go ice cold. O we have shaped us a summer sun O we have draped Hot seasons under guns; & old lakes Will dream for the raped Sea of sodden phases & the warts of Man seize crazes & the wards of mazes summon suns & kids wail..When once a cod of number thrums Then the birds of winter Lay green waste to Old wives & wedding news & the graves of Pan Swing from a pierced star of flava. O we have shaped us a summer sun O we have raked Grey leaves aside tarpaulin & the wodes of Israel hangs dunged Blue boys & tussles ..Many has been the sad time where I could not eat
 & many has been the bad times where I could not weep
 Underneath starlings, idols of prayer Feed fists to ceilings. My shadow has no mind
 O salt meadows heed lost times & eyes killed me. Underneath a world of wine A city hits the wheat & lazy English writers grind Cake from old sleep.  My shadow has no mind O sweet gallows knead sex tines & the dogs of God Yap aside tailed love..Ah a sun of sentries has wine Riding under summer gin & the dead Glamour after candle-sin
A flight of figs shine brightly Where, dipped, a city under nightly Dragged dreams Doll sleep with snails & streamed Old daddy & the wife of Aaron hears baby Rocked in the eyes of a dream & old daddy dons a mamma & cold skies mourn…A fast float of hens hears bodies Sun-shaped from English nudes & the stars of England seize us From vaginal countries O the cars of saline gravies
 Drive East Ah…Exiled where a cat’s dog-fleece Dons a pelisse mind Then a bat of hair
 Sucks vamped teeth from tares & the weed in a mind Puffs ignitions & the dolls of dairy duty grind Graved grains. We will suffer cognition , we will suffer a harnessed carmine sea
 & cock will eat up Vaginal dust…O when once a wading wasp of winter
Dams bees with wax Then a head of hornets must quiver  dead winged flax
Lend blue sleuths to old rivers & jacking jazz-mirrors Send glass to sleep
 O..& we have given ghosts to Man  we have driven dust’s Human  when a wading cur spins for gossamer whores when a daisy dizzy sun of wards weeps after old kilns & potted clay-cold spores & we have given ghosts of lands  we have driven doctored bands & an easy eaten star Cries, cries
La-…We have come home to hear lies Sleeping in a sphere of eyes  salty crocodiles Lay powders inside old skies & a keen ripped rosehead Drinks from dandelion & mean gins seem to grin
 Oh..Rolled robins rend from the red Ruled rubbers...
... & you have always had me in mind O I have dreamt here to love you & you have always moved Keen tears from sex-soothed times When I looked out for the eye of you O. & a dragger of a digger down a hall Drains death for women & a laboratory of rivers sends gall Adown a slide of ruined Salty men. O When once a ravaged station sends Red doves to a sea of wrens Then elaborate wharfs will see men Blaspheming down a sweetening Oak lea where thronged men Stopped me
 O. & we sing a happy anniversary To the son of God & we pray beneath grain as Love
 Toasts a funeral car & mighty sadness chews on card as foaled angels outgrabe Under easy yolks & pig lightning.  Ah a lilted lion of peace will starve & the naves of winter Trammel soapy loads of butters & we will wash our feet in fevers & lard into waters will Send closed fists under stills
  & green stills have Hired blind waters. We wish happy words for Illiterate kisses
 O we eat honey birds; & spores Drop missives of Bad poem-lives. The doctors of words score
 Endless wishes `& verse under fire see Law Grinding chains to dust. When once a piggy soaker Sucks a sponge The dirt dishes will suffer Everyone? The day before death came was
 Riddled with dying glass O the evening when sex caused Carted ruin Laid a gun where old castes  Claimed all India & the wives of Number forge Hot Heroes.Counting down from zeroes 
 I espy dog men Dragging manes with women &, shouting, we see rise dens & we live in god’s den? The day before death came was A night of loaves & stasis & we sing for a body now. We drop kisses as red lipped gloss Flosses grey teeth O we drop, & the birds under loss Delve after sleep
 & the stars of summer will cross  Crisscrossing sun-sleep. O, the whorls of monkeys toss Eager swung meat & the sides of ladies eat loss & gods get lost.  We stopper ice as frigid sleep blossoms into rain.
 As the pressing palps of old hands Heal the fit Then a dresser underneath lips Leers under fire
 & the wode of wit lights wicks & lipped bone Broadens under green sand..O a sea of murder sails & life Shudders with islands & the stone of light hurls Fishy rodeos. As the pressing nose of radio Pokes all wives in Then we will sup on slow skin…
Flaring under angels, we hear life Coming under age O, caring for candles, we see life Lunging after rage & our two fists clench stayed Seas of fathers...
I espy a dolly sky & dirt graves Swill burned ash & we dust our hands with hash & mien under cash Sucks cold coffee & this coffee has been left to Funeral money. Floating under angels, we hear A blurred blue issue in the ears & city pharaohs feel for Hearses  Lo.
Radios have always jammed me O keen jazz has always shoved me & the cats of war Wizen under city claws & woven ratters rap under seas-  radios have always jammed me. This side of a false sky has me Lapping loops from cruel trees & I realise that Christ is dead & I dramatize About bald hens under beds. Radios have always jammed me O mean cash dances & maidenheads tweak faces &
Sky-dyed Buddha Rots for a past life…
 Calmed pigeons play wise when Wolves stop. A slain stormed sky has eyes O a dizzy winter’s wife Bears live young; & a sea of lies Rams red powder Down, down, where sea tribes
 Swim loud waves. As we linger under dives, eyes Warp into blind rain & the cods of passion dam rain & slept robes Gun pyjamas with old pain. A slain stormed city of tithes Pay for hands & knees & bastard brains break trees & we are fed to killed thighs & man is caught in a green thorn.
O the blinded bones of the dawn Bend rogues & neon pities rain down, down Uh   we have wept brogues. Eaten up off the edges, a room of fire Lams diners with sedges &, o, a molten sea-mate eats after Dammed rivers & hedges & the kids of Man cry for laughter. & we will ram down the honeys
& we will sample clowns ..when once a sunned town body reads words to babies Then blown divers will sound Wasters.  O I espy a ripper ship & lasers hang baskets from phasers & bald flavours have
 Dogs for lips & saviours lash gold wrists. Eaten up from midges, a mind-room
Topples into space  clothed sin cars after a face Oh.
& there is a honey man in the moon , there is a lobby aside a scanned-dune & the noosing lash of a tune Sings for old supper. There is a spidery star inside fathers that shines for death’s hereafter
 & the noosing lash of leather Swings inside the shadows.
O, when once a prince of sleep has held hands & gnarled knees then we will stop
 & observe a blue bus-stop & a sun of rot rocks for robots & a sea of bees stings cemeteries..& there is a honey man in a slide o, there is a lonely human Pealed from dizzy wives..God was golden but now he rides inside an ashen dry dive…
As a crazy mental men seizes blue cereals from wheat then the sun’s cold mantle must
 Cut soups from fleeces Oh…As a  crazy sea of sin sizes us then death must
Trample heaven into nude dust & old children
 Swing to a false piano…
                                              men mien gem hen hem when then   Chortle?! Chortle?!
O & a wizening mind cartel cuts Blue ochres with museums & the buds of war Sink daffs indoors, & bruised chowder sips cups We were decent up until we learned to die
O, we will dream how to cry & the pelisse of a crowd’s eye  Will summon faded summer.
& l will lay thee down in a Cuckoo’s cage hah, I will pray aside a car’s Locked doors
 & city meat will scar city bends & the stars under Mars must lay me down in a
 Cuckoo’s rage. Ohhh I will lay like an cage & follow you?*
 O when we were first formed, then we Rode to a still-born sea. O, for leaves We shaped our net & grey faces feel for necked seeds & death hits Dust. O when we first saw the snow, we Laid lean waste to god’s factory & soft guns shudder & lost suns move. Inside our tree ,Eyes close.
& marvellous pigs have pushed us Far West O, softness under kids has pushed us Under death..Sodomised by star-light, we heave Worlds of rain & hot seeds When once a pen of drugs writes lust Then suppers will slice old teas. Wide fingers follow old hands
O shy killers fellow cold islands; Oh & a paved blossom shines for loaves & sliced passions
Heal over.
When once a pig of peace fondles Sty-missions, then green headed dolls  Will sleep for ashen
 Wrought mothers & a code of killers Creams after dames.
 Wounded scissor-heads suck veins. Old brains move behind villages. .
 When first we saw the midnight rose, We dead-headed god & out inside a loaded rod with chose  Blue babies & rubies under ladies must Arise like a body
 O…As we made the moon, we strode it As we laid the moon, we closed it & visionaries fall like a hot lip & children cried?  When first we saw a midnight gun Then we paced within  Alien drums. O, a bright lunge Jacks gold & silver. On the illegal hill where we first met I recollect a sea of silver  O, the regal rill where once love’s debt Paid for sleep Has come now to fall into fire.
In the eye of death, we herded rivers & the wives of death Rapped a cold box & the skies of death now raise fathers..O this small side of a fever Sweats optics; & the kiss of old rocks
The wives of old England have come Home, where a naked sea-hand Has climbed out from ashes
 O, when once nude bakers use guns Then rocky caked flashes Must nod at eagles.
A soft sky of pain rains against us & bolts under grain Claps dollies when cities of old lust Shops
 Grey billies..O the wives of cold English sands Have come to pass & grey Britain made a pass
 & tarred rivers donned god’s mask…
 ...We have ascended heaven’s stairs & we have let our summer go We must have attended tears
& the veils of cabs pay for lobes & paper pistols Shoot dunny prayers. O when once a cat of water snares Lady gossamers Then coded winter tides Will storm our beds with tares & coiled fawns must suffer spies  We have ascended hell’s cold stair O we have let our eyes
 Roll like a rock & we weep huge wet stones & we sleep after sweated bones & we are soft of mind? Where once a harvest factory Famishes for families Then blinded baby sculleries Switch         off…. When once we stood at our graves Then idioms of burned burial Bloomed at our ashen side
 O, & the lemurs of a fatal wife Hears golden bodkins Sucking veins from armours.
& a saint of rhythm hears lies Leaping Hector with Sex-eyed Andromeda; & old lives Lend salts to lard-waters & bad kids fib after ill daughters. When once we stood aside of us Then gaoled horses rode us  &, lo, old timeless sauces saw us Ramming powders under American dollar-dust.
As wept western wives hear us Dreaming of neon thunder Then golden guilty xenon’s rust Feeds galleons…Oh maybe I am aware of you But I’m not pushing through Maybe death is plain for you
 But I’m not loving you  & we come to comprehend The lighting of cold men & the rods of visual love Blind sex cones with slugs & the signs of rivers see god Laying His best friends & the minds of silvers see god Cramming over fens
  O, as wives of angels drug Codas of aped loves Then I am aware of you & we are aware of dudes
 Uh.Desirable patrons of night Dance inside hot midnight & ghosts ourgrabe Sockets & funeral paper-cabs Ropes of rude radios noose Rats & babies.
& I put my name into my fire O I saw a sad game made from tired Odes to sleep & I put my name into my fire & the jaws of Jesu’s heart Are wired to mourning art; & Holes under souls must reap
 Laden lards & waters. The secret brain of seasand Slides inside a pursed blue fan, & I have suffered minds & I have succoured mental wine; & O, Lingering barrowed sex-slams
 Ride under country sleep & god’s whorl is a contraband.
& when once I first saw ash Drooling under cash Then I saw the eyes of the clashed Come rocking at love’s doors, & mental kin will ask for more
 & we hear a secret blue seashore...
 ..In the very beginning, we saw  Starlarks shaped from stone-law & in the very end, we saw
 Ermines, & the moon’s door Opens out into a soft Vicious strangled sun; & wards Whip mad horses & the son of Pan rides voices & sex-champagnes drown birds & slain cellves push nudes
 Down, down.  A tangerine town of Downs Must peal a pearled mind-gown & daddies tip sauce under Dun drams & musical tundra & a worm inside hot fast tears Truckles out, ah-. Bedded sea-rogues ram cars & crashed car-robes Listen to secret radios; & bars Serve inked beers to blue souls.. The summery signets of the loud & famed Have come here to Send pugs to nunneries
 O the wintry fishnets of the star-slammed Sire buds from red bodies. These signs of age come home to move Eyes, heels, daddies. When once a winnowed spiral soothes Bound youths
 Then a son of ages must cut-up blue Bled daisies.  A great, greasy granary garden Heaps hot leaves under Green, easy painted body ravens & listless motels Send dives to sleep. O, dead sirens
 Suck alarms..      The spines of rage come home for A bed of caps & clashes, & the wetted swine of cages war After suppers & sucked trashes & grey gods leer & gay mods hear a timed store.
Modus vivendi minds veer inside vastness O, emptied bad babby Sea-slams a cradle; &, writhed, biddies Weep after sadness..When once a pig of a screen shows Blue cinema Then cruddy kinema will see crows Crying for embers- waking madness Swings for God
 & bad rings rob Old valleys..
Closures heed locked shops. O, underneath Bended heat A bag of sleep strums dreamt meat & mauve papers read guns to old heaths & dead apples Spiral into gloom.
When once a sea of pages drains the moon Then sense will burn, & ribs of raiders ram a city’s perm
 & dead ferns crash…
 ...An impassable lover weeps just for me O, an impossible mother Cuts a drome from a father; & old tea Is left to stand till stone cold & the rings of pleasure cut the old. Rammed up high where lost brothers Bend hands into incest-knees A dog of pain scatters ash under us & sex has a hive for a dream.,.Oh, & suns of blabbers hear beams Suppering after starry gun-streams & a sad source of phlegm Spits from a shitter once again,-  Jammed jiggers jangle for rain- Rose-blood dams vines with grain & all scenes in time were tamed? Worldly wet gods sup a sea of rain O easy dead drugs
 Drown old caves; & a dreamt love Listens to fine pain.. Inside our world, we see sold rain
 Dripping, & a scar under cobs Cry, cry. I have seen the moon in my bed & I have struck out against Dreams of wives & dead heads.  When once a seam of fat treads All veins & all faces
 Then dining bulimic bull stasis Will vomit men. A swigged pig in a poked pram Has come home to hand Snouts to sty-lands; &older women Serenade closed drams & a sign of babies rocks a candled City cradle. O, a sea of rose-heads hears us Shaping socks from sewn sussed Urban trains
 & we will live to arise again from Dabbers of dust. & a swigged kid in a poker-gun Shoots easy emeralds & a son of Christ heals sentinels & a sea of drippers Drags lakes where killer suns
 Stopper all stars..& what with a sea of keen phlegm Is found in a spastic box We will learn of aromatic men Unfound in a spitting clock & the drums of the heaved ends & a dream of potties drags rocks Under a cage of kissing lip-locks. As we learn to fail, then fens Wil fence after us where old hens Give fats to a coaxed egg & a cooking curate must see egg Manning pans with rolled cock.  Ha, I have studied after death’s Cool scream, &, where once cream saw sex Rapping ropes around dregs
 Then eyes fell to the right – Lace Loops gussets around night’s Nice dirt-dream
 & wizard blood bangs a city-kite & we boogie where blue trikes
 Concertina..A hot-headed father moon Revolves in a blind mind, o , When once a night-light smoothens Eyed fans & tails Then a hot-headed glass-room Elbows ash with guilty serums. A sweated hill of hymns loosens Dogs & crafts O the sunny gunneries in A city of missions sires old sin
& radio emeralds Lash usherettes to sleighs. A hot-headed brother moon Smells of teenaged wine; & sin Spirals against blue flown gloom & patties feed the thousand & ingenious jerk feeds a spoon.
The cablers of pure fact Wash lips with lard & sea-caps & cold valves Snip a valley sex.
& we get buried under pine-leaves O, we get stoned by Eaten conifers-   & a lazy sky Rides us where country killers Candify roaches & rolled mirrors
 O..As we get married, then eyed leaves Saunter under An optical wedding carriage & hunters of a hill of fathers Huddles under us & steely suzerain sallied dust Locks a long finger’s fuss In green glassed father-glan..The eaters of the shallow poor Pee in a spastic flask & the shitty cities of a sex-ward Winches footy Where, veined, a screen-body Sea-slams  All signs of a ruby
The blue crags of the deadly Feud with icy caps & cloisters of wintry family Wed woollen roads to
 Chapped gals & welched blue Tawny drifters. I lost my sex to a broken
  Solar soda sofa? Emptied cinemas of filmed breathing Rots for old screens
 & the endless kinema where loving Delved death may not go far underwatered, a signet in a car Carries reels of red Mars & a sunny kodak uses stars  & a star of Man Dams all sin.
when once beneath a time, we scar Old pigs & fabric men Then rocks fade.
This blue summer where coda grinds gold dust, appears somehow endless & listened to
Too often, & a dell of nudes Laps a poppy safe & roads ride from under
 Tubes & crowds O.  A blenched bay of rum licks lovers & a bended bed of dickers
 Drops titch Thomas where Blue boarding air swallows hair.
As a bud of ruin cuts green veins then headless giddy gardens will summon barrows from old men
 & a sign of sex digs hills O, a dog’s barked skull breaks dills & a store on its city-side
 Dreams of linen. & a bud of grease grips to women & cats ride
 Inside Feline prisons
A yellow blued ochre of dust & dry Lends gods to quiet eyes &, o, as a bud of war Sucks rose-wards, then sky Tramples eaten flava. When once a cord of kids hears lies giving head to wives when a blinded boy of bounced cries Must suffer sexed Body baiters. A yellow bruised ochre of fast lives Hear a lopped clock. This old bay of guns has shot Men and Leda O, a cold day where cops Shot a river Shops till forces shiver o this old boy of guns has shot Spun keen labia & we have a labile lot?
Soft kiosks of kittens show cat-faces & the wetted screamed crows crowd neon with aped ill eyes & a gob of glory Listens to five stories -  O, Once below a mind, I met bodies But bodies build faces & the chiffon turning aces Swirl in nightgowns.
Masons to the sun build wet ones. Idioms of imbeciles hear nets of gold Fishing for funeral deaths O idioms of rigid heels see rise cold Kens of vits & sex & a doll of dames hits against old Shadowed men who slit Splayed egged lips,-  a roved clit Stoves sweet fizz & colours of bright souls see Rolled baddies brothering green bees.
Idioms of idiotic moon-life cedes Sperm fingers to a sweet song of greed & tarry gloved                        riders Raid a roped romantic fellah! Codes to magazines decipher dirt  a spun spind wind
 Blows just like self-hurt. Old horses are bridled to raced brides O, old sauces
Drill a sea of salt-heat; & a dead ride travels under blue gauze & tundra.
Old horses are whipped by fish-wives & an arch of donkey money Spreads a sweet mule where baby Rocks its own cradle. A candle on a hill will never melt Ah, a cabin of bread will never tilt & a digging blue hill Stops to love the bodies.
 Cold forces are bled by uniforms & odes to courses Feed the one thousand. Ah, horses
 Cry for manes & washed mare-chains are lost to  A bed of peacock veins.
 We spiral into stained hoods & intercity rain Cuts the place where We rival news; & a train of air hears hair Roasting inside green grain
            What with peacocks crying & what with Old rose-blood running from Raised hedges, we must suck on drums & shoot a monad gun’s Blue bullets O. Extra ordinary men must crap under
 Sunny bolts & eyes under spies will see thunder Hanging wasps from colts
 O.  Listening closed men suffer after Keen lost factories. A mindless monad of moany bone
 Bids for greasy mind-brigs & a token old lad has fishy foam & a sun of passion
 Peers within red wives & kids. O when once a lippy raven has Pierced crow-limbs, then a lash
 Widens into green prayer A mindless monad of nudie drones Drag a sacred saucy flower
 & a star of cellves gun-gaol domed Prisoners of familial pig-stone & gasses see rise fast phones; & Where a clinked colour of sand Buries castles under edams Then blue whistles will see brigands Bagging bods.  O, a sequential sequinned whore Pays for sex-gauze & a child bawd stares into craws & bad bends suck spoors & a town named Alice Dies for rain.
We are the gods of wheat. Malice Lends us drained sleep & messy breathers break down
The day when a blind death cracks Hairy chandeliers & where once a soft sex dies, Then we will seize sods from Closed sugar-eyes & the bawling classroom under guns Shoots tears where shooting spheres  Lay waste to cunt-gutters O. 
We are salt-scented by ropers & we are rented to crazy smokers & the starry whip of Man Serenades forced cantaloupes & Blue headed moon-sofas. This verse of Aaron sees sonar Crying after captains of soda Sea-hydras & a wheat-wedded white feather Mitches under Clasped graves & old leather.
The day when a blind bed cracks Haired mutts from golden traps Then glistening ratters may
 Slice a mike from an ash-tray & a green wizard locks sweet laps Inside sweet breaths
Urban bread is sliced by snips & scissor lasers treat rose-lips & a holy car crusades inside death’s
 Eager swollen mind. & we will spiral up from apples & we will lap dust from orange pith..
O what with paper & poppy trees & what with lips of fire We must attend a grave of greed
 & the pops of passion Intend grief. When once a wide gal knaps Then nylon transepts
 Knock on swung thuribles & bowed singer wheat Throttles sleep. O I espy a road of dyes
 & we must cut old grey eyes O a shaven apple will suck Old blue fruit O a leaden chapel will cut Cold prised newts & we seem neutered?
When once a wide world Wallops hens Then we will surly expend Waters & curls. O lap liquid loaves. Girls Curl up inside. Grievous body rashes ram Pealed powers O endless baby lashes cram
 Reeled flowers. When once we bored woman Then we see towers Drying under a lake; & I
 Recollect a collective snake?
Eager combs of Christ shake Bald old hands O meagre bones of life shape Dilly drams
 & Hocus halls don sheep & we Supper after beads.
 When loaded down with Aaron We strode inside a cliff Ah we boarded clowns & we renamed God as Charon & had a dance under Hell O funeral bells Ring around burned roses.
This side of a mike, swingers Swing for easy jazz & a bald eye has Burnt wives; & old balled gas
 Cups for Fallowed dilly wards.
When we saw our little town then Green herpes Swiped drunk toddies; & men
 Once cried?…
 Around a rotund acrobat, we see A psychedelic circus  & where we Dance for a clowned knee
 Then we loosen ringed masters  & lost tight-ropes need  Big-topped forgetfulness?
The side of a city hill listens for Master God & Lady News & the giddy trampolines of war
 Dig pachyderms will lions -  doors Open out upon
 A strange sun & a dog called Broom sees guns Shooting a yellow young  Trapeze woman. I espy candy dogs & I see sons Keeping nude cuttings.
This swollen sea of lays where I Sun-shaped a dilly mind Has come to dizzy dust now-  I See my feline show Falling into crows; & I timed All of my days with snow & these days I feel youth-old.
When once a tree of bombs rolls Robotic chemicals Then whipped sex radicals Must suck a sea-shell from cold Summer surprises.
& the dogs of darkness bark for  Green veins & gold war, & the kids of pure sadness Lend pawed ears to tear-cored
                                                            Men hen gem wren hen when then hem hem  Chortle?! Chortle?!..
 ...This swollen sea of caves ride Under blinded country dives, & we run from fabric hills &
 We come at the edge of lives A whippy horse has opened Under summer snow
 O, a lippy hearse has closed & we will dig for Dogged caps & styled walls. A stripper’s sauce has us Chained to adders & our city force hears lust Bouncing from an Arrested city ceiling…
I widen up for derrieres O eyes cut A space of ducts; & prayers Supper after sluts & Christ paints used hairs.  A whippy horse has taken Sugary slides from a shaken Old natron
 & ruled raisins under tigons Slap old engines…
 La La.. When once babies don cracked hair Then dolly cradles will Sup a mummy’s rocking drill; O, as sashes swarm ashes then hair May well rot in a grey pot? A sea of heather links tithes to Jazzed gypsies & a pallor blue & god & sex Writes for nonsense; & old Lot
 Splays lipped specs
 & the wives of Eden strap sex Around a twirl of prisoned cots & we slither down five seas
 & we grasp for gaps as wrecks Arise from a cheeked tie-necked
 Cherry torch. When once babies don cracked hair Then stars will look down Xmas hills & eggy candy Easter & we will call for minds Odes to utmost prison interfuse
 Hector & Andromeda
 As a signal sun of ashes sends self To smoked sleep, Then a bed of wheat must hear self
 Swallowing O, when once a moon of lashes tilts Tawny killings Then blithe bouncy boys see milks Raising chalks from shrilling Rose-blood.
 & a signal sofa on the moon buds Under flame where sundered Gods Whirr inside
 Balancing bobby brides; & Loves Soap god’s ghostly bride
As a signal sun of trashes sends self  Due North Then chilled cabins of elfin force Lams thunder under
 Cold lightning & a town of wealth But red money fails, & a holiday of thieves hears cash
 Falling into mirrors & a family of bees stings old ash
 O When once theft’s moon-mind Jammers sex with killers Then Thebes on a fast sea-line
 Will stop
 O..    & a villa built from wax rams Powdery evil trams & a sky of milk
 Drains beer-drams; & old silk
 Dons a coastal vagina!!!
As a holiday of thieves hears gas Stumbling for ecstatic riders Then fallen fast star-striders
 Will supper after Bruised babies
 Oh-.   The eaten fires we rode will Summon tears from Blonde excessive hills; & death Dreams of Eden & we attend our own graves? 
Will summer smell like winter? O, where will we raid Starry sea-glades?
 What is the meter of naves? How shall we centre history?
& here there are crept sleeves & here there are keen angels & the empty skulls of sleaze Delve coffees with cut knees O…data men drag lakes while We strip off in a wide while?
& I ride from home to where cut lightning swears under
Nude prayer .Wives of Aladdin lap for rapt poppy pores,  I raise rope where war
Shoots diamond s & I ride against air & I enliven hair O
Copious capons carry care Due West.
Nondescript horses hose a dog. O a cleansed motor car Creams for God & cats ward after Love nondescript horses hear stars fading like dead Mars, & metalled wine scars
All cheeks.
Wives of Paladin cut a plum Ohh a dell of cold gum Chomps & chews
 & curled stick of cum inside a hyper-lung.
Nondescript voices heat dobs reaming of darkness. The Ides of passion’s tribes have lost
 All turning keys O, The wives of blue divers cross Seared squats & grey oddness
& hidden hides Warp cows with sliced deaths & I intend an extra special sex
  & I must Shop for copped kecks.
 When once odes to dentures heed Toothy tears, Then gloomy iced fears
 Topple onto sleeved Pushed tea-leaves…
The swiping seashore where barks Sail into death Has come to gunned larks & when once a town of parks Rode away from death Then cooled beers fastened death
 Where old daddy souls Played empty.
A swash of ale sucks city babies Ah, a hiss of ale Dons tea weirs
 & we will lay down  in brine now. Veils Reveal a whore’s tears...
Swiped from several tears, you and I Will surely weep for years  O the apple cities where death & lies Noosed spheres Lash naked gears to fallen rain-wives & a hostel of horses
  Rides around a u-bend.   ..This side of sweet Gods, we derive Bony sea-shawls
  & the iris of a mind here now writhes & the scent of dolls Succour bins where crabbers  Rot under bolls ..
 Swiped by endless beers, youth and I Will sweat for wound wine &, whence we drain dramatic tides We will sink, sink Right down, where drunks use lies.
A cab of demure glass has made me Dive for a drowned sea  O, a slap of pure stoked grass has
  Paid me with stoned dweebs & a car of caved tar Tends smalt as a teeny tawny arse
  Sucks  Pelican urine.
When once a peeked heart’s castes Claims cuds from finned masks Then baddie bull squirters see gulls Dining after Dobby darkness.  As a balled bag of cads fills up Then tarry messy sadness
Must sweep up a road of cups & we use the fires of cups?
Teasing yawny yellow dust Swipes wept beers.  When leaning in an acid wood, O, what now for the trees of blood  O, what now for Green ladies & leaving  Fallen autumn birrs  A sudden noise of baddy lumbers Links a bastard balloon to eyed City fumblers, & bagging sun-seizures see arise   Neon battalions… When once we take a slain bow Then acrid agents of slowed crowds
  Clown after Unreal gaoled laughter & we shall bomb the rocks  & self will rock under  Labile girl-clouds..I overheard, just for a while, a mouth  Spoon-feeding gas to a
  Winged blurry asp..  & hairy cars Cannot drive?
When once a tawny house of wine Drinks death dry, Then heathered old moany tines Will beachcomb after Woollen scissor sky,   & the dukes of bawds see a vine Squashing vinegar vibes.
  O. Idioms of clarity use a family- As nostrils slit, then Pony ivies will send a boat when Horses raise A shouting roof!  Wept asses don gal’s glasses & we will shape stasis
  From dollar men & false horses.
When once a tawny town’s mind Pelts stoned children, old rolled diddum old women see
  Sweaty spires made cold as need. & we spiral up from gold beads
  & abuse god’s penates blue-seed..
O the spiders under city beds Stone-hang webs from ditches & the killers of spun blue heads
  Cry for arachnid sheds  & a torn tealeaf of gossamer Weeps for tarantulas
  & a sea of scarred legs scares Sliced hair-  & a sunny sidle Idolises evil & a lady spider spins ladles & a hissing toxinLams down webby foison.
When once we visit babel Then mad shutmost cradles Must whore after Arachnid murder; & candles
Burn our swirling season & flies do treason-
  I see a fly in my cocked beer?
 ...& misses doo-dockus went off in her bed  O, fit funereal locusts Rode against the dead & master major London fell from City walls & with a wide-eyed crocus. As we utilise a human trampoline Then the dives of pharaohs Rock under a drive-in dream & a ringlet’s rot Has to see deaths hocked, & a gal of winter uses cream To devour a moonbeam.
O, mistress moon & Adam AIDS Wash their feet in lemonade O the rashes of a winter’s grave Dries love’s weal inside a maze, & the world means That summer rises from a screen
As we extemporise naked nudes Then we ride for sleep  & as we enter into vapid sleep Then a human crazy pig Will grunt at god’s door; & kids Smile like figs!!
& all too soon, we will summon A blown bad moon, & we will see a cab of god gun Lessons in dunes
  & youths & entertainer’s sun Will burn just like the dead!!
Come clearly into reason, we Swipe a room of beads, O come like daddy, we see leaves Fallen; & leaves under reeds Swing inside a jazzy sea-sleeve, & we will entertain the poor?!
Canny candelabras cut seed & slapped splattered sea-weed Stews oak appled Wrought-iron patients of fabled  Killer crazy clasped sea-stables.  & we wash our hands in lard, & we drive a van of calves
  Oh…  As lady lovely god fell from red rain Then baby cried forever
 O, this old family has fingers forever & the art of god cuts bags. When once an enemy seem sold Then a lash of lovers cuts beer-brawled LA, As a lady leader shouts for crags Then the art of fevers  Fawns to rivers?     Uh an utmost kid shines in a crib & the stars seem dead?
Old kiddies cram cranes under fire O sold biddies Jeer at jumped jams, & a violent tear uses fire
  & wept bobbies burn.
Where a priest of age claims choirs Then spewing river spires Use a pyre; & an ode to ferns
 Drops dead seed…
Old kids cram cusps,-o, old lusts Snap a fine fear, & windy whippers hear last year
 Dying, dying
drained dove dickies are lying & dixies play the mean. Dropped from a van, we drive for Men & funeral wards, O, cut from a lamb, we suffer scratch shaven madams
 & we cut a fleece as old mother Sweats…When once eagled pain hears war pissing on a gun
 Then dolled edams must heal molls & silly skies will steal wards?
& a loopy lilting lullaby’s drum Cuts flown fat ravines…
A lapping lady leaf jumps for trees O, as dizzy daddies Bedazzle peace, then we shall see
 Old bees coming back home & the dogs of midnight suck spewed stone.,,
Where once we shaped us Blue dweebs dagger us,  & hens Don chicken greeds & a saw of eggs get broiled?..  The night we died, I chose to send Green anthers West  & pigs travel under death
 Oh. A lapping lady junks here leaves & cold brandies
  Don gilded pantry gardens…
We have tried to kiss but kissing Swells like gold grain
 O we have vied to hiss but hissing; Smells like gold rain & a boy of bedtimes hears pain
 Crying like a doll. & a bod of bracelets dons dames & a cod of cold debts
 Dance inside of played wrecks?
O, a bull of lances Hereby chances wives with dances & a skull of drips Hits a blue feed; & spind dunces Falls like a dick..I will co-sign our red agreement & I will suffer pits
 &, lo, as trucking vanned crypts Sup false gay trips, Then deaths will answer  to God…
 Where we jangle our drums, then we Sire sued spires & a lea of angels Abuse our guns, o- there is a fire & once above funerals We heard doffing drabs drinking
 Flame & trees. & a dog of bodies barks where Moon-lit dancers answer prayer Ah, an ark of sirens Pushes thumbs from flares...
Where we jangle our ear-drums, then We have heard a cross Failing like true sin  & as bubblers bud for blue ken Then death ends.
O I was easy, just like the rain, O I felt empty & eyes, just like life, saw rain Falling just like blithe pain.. Where once we cut fear, then Rode families will end & our eager seed where we send
 Dogs to midnight Truckle just like a lost friend  Lah..Starfire over moon-fire rends
 All keen prisons & blue arches hide missions & green asses ride old lissom & cold kiddies
 Telephone nobody.
O I was easy, O, I felt old & we who were young roll Where babies grow old; &, la,
 We entertain us with A crib of dust. O & I will cast a shadow cab upon the land & I will eat inside a dead lab & when once our sad sun burns for sand Then I will sleep inside a dragged
 Sweet car..As we smoke a star, then we are crabbed Under docs & lasers & we choke. O. a body under razors Cuts a thumb to the bone.
& I will sup a cold rude cup. Stoned, We smoke lagers & drink all damned raping year..O a sunny summer weds Guinevere & cogs turn fear Deep, deep down where fear Rots like a sphere.
We rocked the midnight world & reeled just like a movie?
The wild world I used to own Has come to dust &, o, eyes hear misused dromes listening
 To deadly dusk…o,A miner of the moon is stoned & the dives of lust Scatter sweet seeds.
When once patterns of musk Don a female pose Then blue dives will depose Green rafts & shrill roads & a bay of brigs must slow Down, down!
Ides sex-star idiotic clowns O a kid of wheat Hurls a song of meat; & sound Sallies after
 You, me, & a quay of thunder & sex rocks a red crown.
 Crows found within sleep Cry for whipped ald British Bran. . a blackbird cries at the edge of night. A parasol of killers Raises a brolly from bird-light, & a son of men prays for killers
 & a dreamed doled gun Shoots love’s glassy tears, & Christ Lays ghosts in a cuckoo cage.
As limitless colonnades raise Small twists of rage Then a breaded bun will enslave
 Eaten brides, &, o, eyes ride & a blind guise
Stops, just like a lover!!!     Easy fathers father fever. Lies Jack brothers & eaten rifles ram red dives
 & we will never say Die..As a blackbird cries, then lives Dig a salami in a wasp’s hive
 & digging daisy dreamers arise  & a creamed heart Cracks for metis darts?
& a roached gull suppers for Eaten birdy-funerals…
For youth & me & a Dizzy masted Venus Oh, may scissors sunder us &
 Don red lies.
                          Gem hem hen when zen den then wren    Chortle?! Chortle?!
Cemented, we clamber from the dark O we are demented by the grey art & a moaning mind w shapes hot sparks & violates vague causality. When once a dreamer of air Succours fever from prayer, then Coded killers Claim codes from thrillers & old children shiver?
Cremated, we watch a green ark Jamming parks with rammed hearts, & we will never come again?
The dawdler of the even dead Has here come now to see Budded balls &, sundering by, red lunacy
 Leads wine to cauls & we must live?
O the Sunday sun when abed Claims loaves & missives & a sainted idiot Angles after a sea of ingots
 & maggot coats failed?...la, The dawdler of the even dead Has here come now to read
 Reeling west-end tealeaves.
A raged horsed hillock Rides inside a bust bus, O & aged forced paddocks pour for lust
 & as fliers sell dust, roped Blue maggots twirl.
& a stage of glasses sends Hot hearses under fucked lemon & a bed of lubes Sucks a bunny.
Eyes hear love’s dreamers Raving away Ah, the mind of lepers Swells, swells
& we are led to diggers Of golden manes.
Idle scarab suppers for Natal birds…     The dells of death hiss, The cells of sex-death kiss
 Cold rhyme, & woven messages wind
 Down, down
 Oh    …A bod of daisies resounds & a sod of babies Wrap a gun around a town & ghosts give
 Grey beasts to canyons; & Ill sounds kid All mothers.
 Abed with night, lovers Dye old pinned wolves
 Lo Lo Lo…
The cabins of cooled bread Jam Jonah’s glass oven. O the ravens under beds Ram Noah’s children
 & a sea of onion cooks ledged devs   Oh  When once a pig of minds Grunts under clothes
 Then ratted romantics Send dizzy debts to rogues O. The cabins of cooled bread
 Jam Jesus breaad & blue jeans clothe the holy dead
 & eyes shrink, shrink …Uh, yellow bandits blink & clothes tear.
 Diamante drums dig god’s noise O diamonds under guns Drag felt pens far West  & men & Love do their best.  Diamante suns suck god’s toys O demons under lungs Lunge under boys
 & hyper active lissom prism strums Washed guitars.
Lost life gives us kids O a star of Christs Carries when odes to sex light Fades, fades
 & giddy golden gables Swell like a huge acid grave.
Diamante drums dig grey toys & follied masters end...
Demotic dancers drag after Nude football O as old pranced sea laughter Nips dance halls
 Then ochres of yellow fall Into the sun.  When once father hears us Crying for mother
 Then dandy chains will cuss & old worlds must Shut sweet dusk within
 Green stovers .& coldness cuts like lust  & oldness shuts
 Vaginal trimmings…& witches sunder closed spells & bitches cut seashells &, o, stools of life Sunder America; O a sea of cells Cracks like screens..A fig of a kid hits creams & a crab of a pig
 Scatters spermatozoa aside the ground & fatal brigs
 Hang narrowed chill summer? When once gold angels swig Old times Then old times must hear vines Serving wine to twigs & four mental mad snails Slide down a mind.
& witches sunder the belled Body of Manna. This side of vacant sun, we see a dog of rain Dappling tails with glamour O a creamed sea of guns Saint-glorifies the dead; & a city of languor
 Deifies towns with failures..This side of a vacant seed, we see a clock of grain Laying mad waste to five senses & as lamps are lit by veins, then a bottle Salt-dams dolt-silk with
 Hired mods & magic throttles.
Inside of us, a blue bruise of baby sees kids Clambering after tears O outside of us, a green gauze of bees rigs Old sentinels with weirs, & bully maidens mass for hot prayed brigs & wrought headed grids
 Give blonde head to graphs & latrines.
I espy a tribe of death draining old tears O I ride a bribe & the hands of dives run from rest & lies
 Lap Leda as a blind swan breaks. Old rides Ram a killer carousel.
When once a pool of plebs pees on brides Then Zeus dies, dies Oh   a cab of puce pummels sex pumice & dapplers of strict Jerusalem Weep for waders…
 High-fived to the bloody nines, ravers Tip life from labia. O as a moon jumps from a ledge, then Lippy laden junk Dazzles dogs with drains & inside our granary gardens, women
 Weave eaten red spunk.. Out where a queen cuts a deck, men Slide into gambled germs
 &, o, as a moon leaps like Christ, then Grey ermines wed gay perms.
& a wide-eyed woman pharaoh has Coded wives for pyramids & a sunny Osiris glass hears twigs
 Bursting like lady Isis?
Where once a weary gull digs After curling rooms, grey cribs Rock blithe tears to sleep; & kids
 Shine just like a pig. Oh, hocus Heaps shadow crabs. Oh, pocus Jumps like a knife
 & sad men sing for old pavements.
Sullen men are swollen to the last. Hypnotic hens Don eggy leads; & the swung past
 Tramples peahens & we share peacock poems with blue skulls...
Old mods dig molls. Closed bends Delve a city’s soul & cleft hands heed a bread roll
 & self is jam-doled.  When salivating for minnow men, we Arise from a dead moon
 & the wives of children sear tunes & the eyes of the mad Eat away life’s scenery.
O a life of lessons is dead tired & a sea of lissom Rides rude news & I espy a single lesion made
 Gay as the nude. When salivating for minnow men, we Dive within
 Dead family. O gee it is seen here & now That clouds can’t cry O gee it is apparent to the sky
 That wives can’t fly-  O, cold shrouds Snap a bun & we have a sad journey.
A yellow laburnum bends up & a killer of popped guns Cuts a shot wound; & a sea of pups
 Sucks a nut Oh..I espy radio Christ & lidded darkness hears life Drawling.
 While digging a dude when digging a death, We slip a clothed slip & we don lips. Underneath tips, old death Drops a spoon & you & I will suck a cut. When once a dotted pony rides rap then
 Vast veiled nooses Must tree-hang Jesus & Escariot & a bible under fuses Sucks a sea of muses.  Whilst dripping for roods, we see death Trampling earth into wind and fire, & a whip of women raises a horse-weal, & a lady light heals blue-grey meals.
 Can we come back? Can we learn to lay in the black? Oh, is there a country here?
 Ah, what is the code of fear? I have abused a lunar spear & I have peppered tears. A peering pulling pepper-pot Uses false cruets,  O a leering culling sea of pot Uses fast rockets
 & I am on my way back home…
When once a house of ruin, Labels stone cheap birds Then the rivers of old nerves Raise salt from a curved Moon-moan & as gods of men suffer curd Then women hiss.
A peering pulling pepper-pot Uses fast cruets O a leering laden sea-cot cuts blue eyed skillets
 & motionless mad men shut Up,Up, Up!
 .The roads of fashion go nude..O, glass odes Swing for loaves; & old codes Sing a dunny coda & we loosen into grass fire…
When once a shop of sin Swells deep inside five winds Then naked navels Must rock a reel of rifles!!!
 & I have earned my death?
 Toppled. & heaven cuts the place we tread & ravens cut old bad gardens; o, a sea of bread
 Takes fat kids to shut  Lardy walls; & a laden slut  Sharpens Salty gamed seed.
As a bride of winter suffers greed Then a wife of plovers Separates us; & a gun of seed Splatters white covers & bedrooms listen to laughter?
& heaven cures time as dregs Dapple oldness with Lemon leads & causal nips & a blithe & bubbled mama Spits on a stove & old beards shave a cove. Closed now, we sap Leda & the crows of keys
Caw at a stool of teas, & Leda Has drowned Zeus where eaves Shops leaders. A fabian horse at hip races for Cantered cantilevers & a yellow bonce of farted war Falls just like a child.
A caressing plastic castle has found us Leering at a fainted moon O, a sex-hissing mastic muscle
 Has fed us where a tainted room Gives lead to granaries & the wives of Israel have seen us
 Raking cindered sex-dust..& a pinching pod of words spoons Tea under cartoons
& a whirring herd of thunder wounds prigs & bombed berries O, We have it told to city hens that blue cherries must rot under mats  we have been told about god’s cats & we are fixed to night-caps.
A caressing spastic castle has found Lunacy laid on a wasteground & above outelbowed allotments, sound Sees the asylums Build faked reason rooms.
These tilly devilish days which we Shape from the sun Star-inspire us; & as mental trees Shoot cum, then pigs in the eaves Shed samphire.
A cod under clap cracks & ivory drums Dream of snapped Generic percussion.
& easterly men sire gunned news & eaten old venom Sees rise a secret wind of lemon & when once sleepy shadow Casts a cab about the land Then we hear a piper’s island Slashing gemmed dudes.
A masturbator of ermine moves Gold nappers where lone roofs Suck veiny phlegm from Snows & heart-flashes -  o, truths Appear inside blind crashes & bald cars will surely concertina.
High in a ravine, a trucker’s vagina Heals.
Heron smell..
The orbed animals of cold lessons Ride upon a studied hip &, taught from canals, old missions
 Lay hereafter with rose hips & a tug of tors Terrifies dust; & a sea under burrs Buries endless reasons…Ah where once above a time, eyes Swirled under tips Then a curtaining clitoris sees lies
 Leading Bronx boys to sopping Supermarket wives
The son of Aladdin rubs a bomb O a gunned Paladin Rubs a lunged gun; & brave sin Straddles
 Capping high reels & we will ravel into times & we will cudgel blued sea-crimes
 Lo…  & as invitro lovers hit a jacked lead Then modus vivendi devs Jump off from a sea of Dettol & a mindless star of lips heeds Bad stelas & tawny beds Oh, a tasty tiger inside the dead
 Sears emptiness
 & a dizzy rider writhes in Wedded wind; & a bull of sin Rots red Torus; & a blind of spind
 Pinned wind Suppers after bull-men Oh-  jammed jazzes swing Old Sirius as a sapphic wing
 Tidies mad men into logic. Ah. Teddies under teams see a car Carrying sex to the red-eyed Mars & the tongues of debt Dangle a queen snake from carved Diddle gemmy hand-decked
 Sizzler mouse-meshed Four stories.
Messed up by kissy breeding, I Don a false sex-robe & fall from hired hit sex ceilings….
Cockles of power will flower for Vaginal veins & a quarter hour has a vast ward & a signal under brains Bob against a city lizard
 O.The wagers of the dead load Eaten guns & city wizards suck old suns, & diddy girlfriends load for Lady Godiva… Cockles of power will flower for Odes to suckered bawds & knives in a study learns for Clitoral stabbings. O where once dabbers snore Then ivories swing, swing…Oh
Old eyes sight midwives. Herded skies ignite Brown sea life & J Christ jams a bandaged sling..
As knives in a study yawn Thence wickedness may
 Swarm jays & deaths .The babes of badness hear a lithe City light. O as lays of sadness harden, then Towns must shop chicken
 & old lovers of clucking miction Cuts rope
Dopey dropping dizzy damsels Fly just like a kid & old kids appear very old & mansions delve the cold
 & idiots shine for fawned angels.  When once a bay of feathers Rots inside the sky
 Then soaper’s dope will wither,  & a bed of tricksters turns the gas Up real high 
 & a bed of raiders turns to pure glass
 O..Bodies under Israel know God & a sun of passion Plots after missions & world’s divisions lam rude Love
 Ideal robbers of ruins are Fed to gloves. We call for a bloodied lover O we swing for Hero’s gods    as A wakeful sea of glass Drowns for grass Then hiatic hoodies must grasp Old clowns.
 When once a drippy old town Dances for Downs Then imbeciles of feathers
 Must shoot all babies
 Dead    Oh, As a sea of blues bruises us Then rich America will find us
 Praying for yellow news..
Bad lips & nunneries must Nestle under blue fire  -O, dust Flies from rubble & a sea of families suck dust & gods flare
 Just like a neon angel. When once a kid at sea rubs Love’s fabled trickle Then green transepts must drug Dopey doggy men.
 Bad lips & sculleries must Rock, rock & blue flashes rot. Old rumpled men hear a dog Shining like a wagged cathedral .. O, as a sea of sprites shear clogs &  a townsman must
 Cross a bodkin with petrol bullets..
When once a tree of cribs Rocks for a baby lady Then evil body men will hit
 Coded killers
 O.  Old rumpled men suffer a Tail-dyed feline monkey & ribbons under salt honey
 Supper after Old lucid bobby ladies..
 O. When once a sea of figs Hits penates gold Then eaten Lovers of wet-gold
 Shine like sweetened lips
Gee, it’s so darned dark here That I cannot my tears O a massive mental river nears Sapphic fears & odes to killers signal dear Dark chalky silent rivers. When once a head of words Rams unearthly powder Then eaten rifles Ram old cakes where fever Hums like a steeple
 & we will rise against blithe Monkey liars. This side of a godly fire Seem nice to turn
 & racist features must burn to death...
I have seen faces under crusts Weeping for white sawdust Uh
Happy, clappers collide with Applauded easy men O lacy slappers collude with Rolled hens.The sirens under reels cut Old engines & blue-grey surgeons cut
 Hearts & tocsin bells..
 Oh   Happy clappers denude us. Old rizlas puff a choked cherry & Brave bottlers drain god’s
 Meagre spirit-hand?..
Fled force-fed ilexes rob  Every simple child..
Oh, I’m going to blind you now With a soul of art & as a canvas cuts the dark Then I will decorate a crowd & I will bind god’s fast heart With cardiac & we hear god answer back?
Why a sun of fathers paints Jumping easels Will never be found; & saints Sit for weevils when
 Lead brushes care for evils & I will bind us to a seagulls
 Ah…As oaths seem violet, then Oceans under fires Slide around funeral pyres
 & art will conquer women & death has no children & I will sleep out in a star
 O, I will weep for a lost car & honeyed roads will Lead me where I used to scar
 Lunar ribbons.  As a vast tv screen hears Loud visual hearses, then tears May well rock the bar & we will drink a dry river & we see love dream.
The centaurs of a man have Small hooves & the centos of a woman Leaps like a sea-hanged
 Ditty of blue children.
& I will sleep out in a star Ah, eyes will weep for hard Severed eagle-thrones & ghosts in a hill must groan Oh!
 Neural purpled men loan Actors to mental loneliness & candled summer sees bone
 enhearsing rosy winter stone & we hear webbed hearts as we hear hearted bones.
The golden glister of times Digs washed guitar & a woven wife of minds Dreams of river-heat
The ideal hookers of veins & cookers Pay for sexy pastes O, the sea-gull bookers of mindless lovers Pray for dizzy lace.  An idiom of cats & lice suffer fathers & ramming boys kill for laughter & bad dolls blow out.
The ideal hookers of veins & lookers Raise a mongol sine  a sea of rooks pecks for grain
 & a sugared bull whines for rain Oh,  As a mean body breaks, then grain
 Falls inside a lost tank & a drip of greed grasps to edible cranks & cold women
 Ride to fishy sleep…When once a bed of iron hears us Then old dreams must
 Batter wives & grass onions, & gilded dilly screens will toss
 Green dementia…
The rodeos of radios hiss for Eaten spirals O the shadow of a meadow Spurts old fallowed
 Father moon & a cat of light dams wards & dogs outgrab us.
 As a bud of boars bags Coded city screens Then a cab of claws hits crags & darksome babies
 Rock for stunning candles…The rodeos of radio hiss for Eaten idols O the lady of easels paints Old heads & gulls & as madam moon dulls All hired streets Then we will trumpet skulls.
Ah  a prince of pain stabs All butters. This hot weeping summer will grind Beaten female flowers
 O the kind reaping of lovers will Send dogs to fierce sleep & a gob of war trumpets sleep.
O a softly saviour of a hill’s mind Must heal the grave & fathered wine will hear slaves
 Singing for Eden??!!Uh ha This hot weeping summer will grind Ghosts & sodden feather trees & kids burn.
The crawling kiddies of all time Have come here to Summon cats from birds O the sullen rats under nudes Hear old bats wailing..This side of a paper cell, time Shops old flavour. These eaten walls that grind Yellow ochres Hammer slides with sonar sofas
 & bed-pans swim…
This side of a paper bell, sin Dies for rain….The queasy eyes of the old Bind sight to rolled cold
 O, as a bad boy rips soul Then easy visions
 Stop, stop…
Underneath the stars,  loss Strips solar wheat from Failed city heels & easy eyes see rise a
 Bed of capes.When once seized apes Suck baboons Then life sees balloons
 Shafting Penates rain, & love has Bled fingers.
We will forever raise a red kiss from Odd sticky hands O, we will eternally fight god’s gun & we shall expand lashwide cunt; & a stream of guns Shoots wetted laced sluts
 & rolled nuked eyes are in remand?... Will we dive for death? Will drums
 Drag mad noise from Percussive sex?...O a dragged answer reels from us
 & gold trances Trip after invisible dances…When once shrilled sappers crush
 Skeletal crusts
 Then wept swiped bread busts
 Just read faces                             & we have heady bees & we must
 Study how to sweeten lies..
Born to cry, we seize old tears from Razors & wet moneys O, born to die, we seize honeys from  Insidious city rabies, &when once a bad body hears guns Then a rolled solar lady
 Will burn. Born, a sea of flavoured families Cuts an adult bairn & roped salt-burns brag for scent & ditties sing for sold gents. Farmed at the bodies, tv splints Turn off
 All Man’s chilled girls.
O & a bairn in a bin & amassing nuclear flowers Have hereby seasoned old hail & blue hallways drift
 & a bairn in a bin & amassing scissor-sails Enshroud wines & kisses & an old rolled raiser of sin swirls veils  O, a babe under spind skin will see grails Crapping on an endless television tower
 & a ghost of noise Must sing for loud boys & a scene of loving will shoot nailed
 Scissor men. When once a pig of iron heard men Swimming in eternity Then old neon blinds will shut men Deep down within sealed vaginal dummies…& lost sex-hosts sun-connect
 Blued salt bunny..
Gashed, a goddess of sols wrecks Shipped siren mesh & urban conifers shoot red rex & bald brides of Sesh
 Suck sandy men & a hot neck’s Roughening mental bleeding. The teamsters of the dead will
 Shove a bad ball down the rain O & the shrill stars looked down & old favours fell from a cloud. .. The seizures in a fitted bed will surely Shove epilepsy down a sad hill & the teamsters of the dead will Lay down for a sea of Christ.
When once a mental Caesar Drowned in invidious rain, then Odes to burning autumn Rode to sleep; & a city of hens Will kick a blonde ball & feet will kick against us & times must teeter in a hall?
 The code of creation will maul Maddening open crowds O a seaside of generations will Paw a kid  La…I have seen a moon in rising O I have suppered after dying & we will certainly yearn for a neural street of golden birds. Breaking neon bastards hear us Pawing pictures & cinematic fixtures
 Hang thumbs from lost lust.
O this city cat I know Has furry spina bifida & a bat in crying crows Under tailed cat riders.
The monads in snows  Carry dunes where loud rats save prayer & Old wives drop & self is ready to stop.  O this city cat I own Has hands of sonar pain & a slam in a bone Fishes after rain; & I
 Know that mice end?..
A farm inside a skein Dies, dies A trowel inside a brain Delves mines & cancered radio-grain
 Burns like skies. O the city cat I know Has human prey; &, Where once keen snow
 Bombs heaven’s crow Then beautiful cats Will wed sweet fast Funeral fats.
*The nude scar of a woman Raises love from pain & a naked star Dives under bright rain O.
 The ingles of old children Rock the death of Mars & mean patients of calves
 Stop for drugs O…With balls pulled under blunt Eyes & doctored pistols
 Then a vaginal whistle Will hear petrels Peering inside thunder   O 
The nude scar of a bruised Easy curled woman Rots for Heaven
 When once a lake of tears Weeps for fast countries Then a sea of foamed apes will
 Feed salt waters to held hills & old witches rake Old spell-bound flowers.
O, a darling under rape Raises buns & old killers shoot drums From plovers & crumbs.
When once a lake of tears Delves a burnt berry Then dunged derrieres will sear
 Cats & dog cherries & white wolves will bury all Racist ferried
 Whored mad hills.
 A blind ghost sees us Crying, crying…La.
 The pooters of a pealed play Drops a round curtain O the seas of a pearly day Shows blue films when Driving diggers hear serpents Cramming daisies. Where once a hill of graves
 Stoops to cry Then pooters under pus pies Slap a drome under laid
 Killed leather suppers
 O…     We seem too keen to scream today
 & we eternally suffer both night & day, & summer seems waylaid & wayward sex-clay.. Builds pottery lovers…                          I hear a bastard money ram
Man-wedding Wives to blown killers.
The annals of old apes pluck grapes from Easy canals O, the runnels of cold apes suck sweet gum
 & odes to summer’s chills Rocks for roman hills
 Oh…When once a pig of pits shives for a lip Then annals of old snakes
 Sliver out of Eden’s gates, & a bod of evening bosses a sewn slit..
A sea of pouted whores drowns cars & we get gone again.Scissors under rivers raid a rose
 O, killers under mirrors Raid a rammed rose; & old clothes Go missing.
When once a sea of apes shivers  Then romantic riders Must ride inside beer rain & city pods pee where old pain  Darkens.
Scissors under rivers raid a closed Shop of gardens & a wide notice defines ravens & old crows hear a rose Stopping eyes with ears. ..This side of a robin, salt tears Drown like beauty.
We walk as we awake to lovers O, we talk as we intake Old gods under waters & a bell of blonde daughters Tie-dyes all fathers.
When once a pig of feathers grunts  too long then cold conical green nudes will stun Baths & rivers
 O. We walk away;& guns Suck a bullets from sexed gums & a tree of hearts Shatters love’s darts & metis hearts swing for
 Jazzed mindful flayed war.
This nice voce of lovers Laps juice from brine & a bed of wine Drags limes for fuckers & formic deaths whine
 Uh..  A sprig of oranges Cuts a fishy pith; & Rex Sweats under geese
 & we used to grove an old T Rex.
Uh     Prayers will cut grease?
Guilty gulls grit soapy teeth & the ivy’s slit Laps pools from shit; & deep Balls of men
 Drown glitter under meat O When once a sea of wheat Dams breakfast sleeves
 Then old helmets hear cloves Crying for the devil & sky-sized odes to toads
 Squirm, squirm…O   …Guilty gulls grit soaped jeeps & cardinal car America
 Cries for a flown stone of Vanned wives.
Copious piles of ships sail Under a flown statue & tissues of father value Coded blown dusky moon rides…The coupled stars of lies Swing for beery cock-cries & a bellyful of eyes Floats into the skies; & We station us     O.  Guilty gulls grit soaked Trees of pure silence-.
Well, I got to know Christopher Christ O while shaking a body of rice I entertained fools & liars
 Well, I got to know a super life where Death dances under Life & a sea of pules dons a horse
 & a tree of dudes cocks a hearse…Well, I got to know Christopher Christ, & old kiddies will entice  Old babies. & as a forests mingle with night (while Lighting old lamps!)
 Then massive monkey tramps Dance with a trampoline?!
Ponied ivories raid god’s old vein  & pony-drapes must Swallow swallows as thronged lust Feeds dicks to old dust. Gee, it is good to be near to us O it is god to hear a sun of musk
  Away… The dropsy diddy boys we have Named by number Will suck a cell- o, eyes of tundra Lip away dogs & cat crafts, & a spun wind spirals under Red wives & drowned masks
 Amassing sailors swim for Closed yolks & eggy sex-wards… uh a mind at sea Sallies shroudsails with blown beads & dolts of nails dig for Robed radio heebeejeebees
The dropsy diddy kids we have Shamed with thunder Will cut a baled bell     o-, giddy cabs
 Crack up & old bodies don tea-cups.
A mental tissued tree of lives grabs Guilty corneas. & stormed blind seizures stab Keen dark red filmed false scissors & old timed casements drag Blithe bombs from gizzards.
.The heads of the wed sear Toads & cremated squelching fuck-codes, & we move gods to shrill tears
                        o mien men gem hen then hem when.. Chortle?! Chortle?!..

This side of a mind, spheres Swirl as mouthing stasis ends.
Wow, I see my mind’s red lather Rocking tears to sleep Wow, I summon wine from fever O, I summon a dizzy sea of heat & curved televisual flowers will  surely bloom in the Hesperides?!
 ...Ah, a rotted father rears meat La, a cute lost lover Sires skunk; & as seasand reaps Buried berries
 Then eaten rubies will entreat Star-lipping sky-writing.  A bod of birds bangs outside
 Bled stoned urban gizzards & a well of Christ Heals Hell & hot soapy shells suckle
 Scattered blue bells. Wow, I suffer timed bone Oh, I see my lifeline in stone Attending my funeral; & my life will feign stoned & love will go out alone?
Sick of night, I supper for Bled brides & blue as sight, I supper for Eden’s wives.
Gods will die for Heaven- Nude heights will tend us & we play dogs in a garden & we swing from
 Gigantic lemon trees. & the gentlemen’s chair
 Will bathe crippled hired hair..Sundered by fast flowers, we learn Of men & dunes
 O, a mind of lies cuts dust & rooms Burn, burn & a doll of wine sups a brew
 & a bull of timed cuts lashes after screws.
an emptied car of lust hisses for pinned yolks & blood berries  a wood of kisses
Hoots in five winds; & cherries choke tubes.
When once a bed of death moves Smoothed eyes Then gilded goddesses soothe
 Smoothed wives.
Soaked under drays, a bad squirrel Hunts for cunt nuts & a dog of thunder drains red tissue
 & a bald bed Spine-hangs pies& dolled sluts Oh   The butt of a bum gun loosens us
 &, rasped, a stunned sun Dams tiled masks with old dusts, & a blue angel
 Buries bombed diaries where lust Docks life.
Soaked under clays, a sad willow Weeps for minnows & we supper for fists as a pillow
 Dreams for the poor O.
When once oaks break, then doors Shut, just like a whore.
Oh, an ode to sadness jams its jaws & a room of banged madness Swings forever more
& a java on its side scores Hippy drakes & a shone flower hoards
Plucked sea-posies, when once a flock of lust gnaws naked huge navels then a city eye must see wards fire-weeping like a cradle, & lids under candles shed bleached tears
Ah…We have no hands to heal. We have no dreams to deal, & odes swung from vines & seed
Cut snails from soft seaweed.As a gun of Man shoots speed
Then spind sleaze Dances under grain.Where neural thrones drop Royal blood Then rude rubies must stop Roped smooths & a local foetus bears slop & we shop for rot & a bone in bed hears dudes
 Dammed for Blue hands of war
When once pulled deflectors Prick lips with soft minds Then we are sewn to connectors
 Of naughty wanked wine, & the face of summer heals O. Where neural thrones drop Solid                     rain Then sex will soften?   The campus of a jammed kid Sups old flowers
 O the cappers of dammed towers Trip for pigs & a pole in a pot cooks kids & a trip for rigs
 Hears unkind voices shaping Cranes & blowers.
 As a dog of rain yaps after Shaven razors Then a spool of lasers succours Silly masters
 & a rose of pain hears lovers Laying fast waste to mothers.
 The campus of a jammed kid Cuts bright powers & a clog of dirt sees old digs Dreaming of fagged reason.. The dulling fists of claws have Heard a sea of dads O, a cutting sea of she birds  Has drowned, & a skull of crabs Casts a shadow on the land
 & closed wives weaken for Two iced hands.
 When once a doll of ages stabs Keen bears Then hippy whoredom encabs Dizzy tears
 & where neural labs see fears Lamming day Then rode radio sea graves
 Dream of dulling drowning.  This dulling fist we shake Clenches under rage.
* Underneath gizzards, we see Closed cities Ramming flowers down leas & old bodies
 Snap skulls from raven bullies & old bibbed daddies Lam shoes with old babies
 O. When once a piss of paws has Old kids to kill Then bellies under hills
 Hash after loaded city gas
 O. I do not know love’s river &, la, I dare not see love’s father Flailing.
 A ruby under hot waves will Wade inside toffee O, roaring lumber hears wine-seed
 Licking dust from Coded spastic drills & a bud of life caps cats with
 Freedom-seeking rolled guns
 Ah Ah    A ruby under hot waves will Feed blue spice to wardens & a ward under dust
 Slaps a jacking key as blue lust Swaggers for Green baths & hospice gardens.
 A ruby under hot waves will Go charm the dead. Old hard-ons Soften  & kits irons bombs  with sex lessons which will sharpen into rabbits..
 ..The sides of a nice sun see rise The secret dawn of eyes O the skies of a solar drum try
 Blue bullets for war &, dammed, a dog  under sky Drops blonde bones
 & blonde bones ride inside Crapped cats & gold foxes.
 When once a tree of ice writhes Then felinity Will come home to find dives
 Sucking virginity & keen cooking eggs drabble for Guilty sea-harnesses.
 The sides of a nice sun see arrise
 Clammed silly lives….& we may well suck lemon booze & we may well cut
 Cuckoo eaters – o we will suffer vein-ooze.
 ..The slackers of the shaken disprove Dun dogs in high factories
Oh  /..& we may well suck dead lissom & we must sell Cells to sea-shells; & a comedy may well spring from false laughter?
A bead of neckties noose a bad world; & a sun’s noose Hangs from the backs of old families…  
& we may well suck some melon booze & we will cut Bound blondies down, &  
 Rude stars must look down*
 The Isis of a blue soul Prays for mural madness, O the scales of sweet death
 Sings for madness & the sirens of sadness
 Heal,  & a world of arcana Has washed heels
 When once a sea of gold Raises Americana Then dark chasms roll Under shrewd fire
 & the Isis of a blue fold Prays for fire & the sun seems terse and old?
 This side of a diary, Cold dust sweats easily
 & god is bust.
 The closures of a mind Reel from shutters O, the exposures of time steal like lovers
 & the arks of God grind Keen dippy diamond
 .The riders of a sex wine Race from fathers O the composures of crime
 Photograph lovers & the mazes of a sine Snap diamond.
 & the mothers of lips Sew purses to leather crypts
 The Isis of a blithe soul Pees inside a glass O, the faces of a bad foal Heave beside the past
 & the waves of rhyme Swing for old bluff, & cold hymns see loss
 Crying for  hill-horned blood Heaven.
  & the Ides of passion Slice a blind angel & the buds of war hire
 Farms to chapels & the loss of fire has
 Green faces to ignite O When once stasis heeds Sandy sandals Then pigs under leaves
 Must strangle Dogs & wolfed babies
 & the Isis of a blue soul Shoots  A shit-dyed moon.

 The Ides of a watered sun Weeps for guns & the wives of sex lawyers Enchain old drums
 & oils inside bread fever Paint the cities black
 O.  Wideners of fathers Weep for gum & cold women flavour pearled salt shrouds.
 & the marks of mumma Smell like pinked bodies & the cars of mother Suck rode clouds
 & a sun of feathers thrum & guns shoot  Old angels.
 This side of a train, we Travel under major arcana & the noise of  the trees
 Sings for voided petrol faces…
 Where once a sky of words Sheds god’s tears Then a mind of lies comes to fear
 Old lunacies & the ides of a wide whipped world Feel after soft family
 & god’s old ghosts Arise from salt rain.
O, as a cat of war maims Hopped hosannas Then a bud of Christs will Tilt under old manna.uh    Where once a sky of shit-birds listens for chirped missions
Then gold pigs will burn & cold kids will see sperm Digging dogs with Dead & potted sea-ferns & green sofas Use a giddy living bus & closed daddy lust
 Lops Christ’s vamped tail…
Eyes under fevers flail. Knives under levers Sink sluices under palmed rivers & mechanical sails Enhearse whoring mirrors & we sleep inside a Teeming killer.
 Once above this mind, Old doors drag after Blood mines.
 What with sperm on ghost-trains & what with funeral minds, We are going to trap forever
 Salty rail-lines  & the killers of the fathers Hire a taxi from the moon & the feathered foxes of tines Sweep a comb against Green-tainted river vines
 O…What with sperm in rainbows & what with germs in wine We will suck blue rodeos
 & ignite the wormy shadows Where a bull of daylight Jammers jewels under cliffs.
 & eager bobbing babies lift Sex shot & a golden grot guts lips & a hissing horde of clits
 Cry, cry
 Lo   Eager eaters of a blind wife Widen after Grapes & plummy laughter
 & the wolves of a hot-box driver Rides tigers into flava; & old Soft bedded skies Spiral up where rained soul Stops to love
 Nobody.....I am noosed by god’s dunged drug?
The lugs of the dead supper for Eager skinners & the bugs of a sick lover snores & eaten rivers Raise romancers from golden Star-saviours of saline lords &, oh, please see us using feathers &, lo, please give us words?
 The pugs of the dead supper for Eager killers O the dugs of daters drag for war
 & holy vaginal lippers Lend loud birds to saline dips & the pawns of zippers
 Lead life to sweet waters..The clogs of the killed don dust Oh, the wives of the drilled
 Don false specs where rolled lust Cuts old mustard seed…
 O saline grapes upon a train Slice dates from plums O sweetening capes I grain Father fields of candy & the robbers of the poor Will steal a baby/
 When once a seesaw stain Drips for Eden Then saline grapes will Listen to midday evening
 & we scatter cold reason..A body of blue-burst swills Phantom lost huge hills
 & a sun of starlight fills Creamed hearts.
 O saline grapes upon a train Alight where guns Dare not mind the gap. Bums
 Drink baldness dry..Whilst sleep in a window Rocks reflective life Then monarchs of light will Dull to dust blue nights.
& where once men swam Deep insidious trees Then guilty harvests have Twinned eyes for baby.. O, a crew of cats buries Choked cherries O, a screw of rats has
 Bony stewed honeys &  Kissers of the holly dam City melons & a pig of trollies rams
 Towns & sirens…The cause of neon raps Blued fats under Suburban lighters, & traps
 Turn leaded taps & the smell of lovers
 Shines like a killer…Wrapped where hands Clasp clammed islands, we
 Loosen & burn..
Wow, what with youths, nudes & cradle-vice We must live upstairs Wow, what with veins, dudes & candle-Christs We must live in hairs & we make up sin from skinny heirs & we see a summer of lice Dreaming of a vaginal sea-heights & the lords of green Hell Hang loud tocsins from a funeral bell? The god of chilled winter summons Ivy-bines & radio sirens & the cods of quickened diamond Daub a dragger with alarms & the screens of saviours harden & the wolves of windows
 Shadow feral taxicabs
.Ambulant idols pray where sin Casts a crab upon A tree of murder; O, as the sun Streams from deadened guns Then mandarin currencies strum Washy city guitars, & we smoked all ruddy year
 & we choked on a bald tear La…& we must live in hollows & We must hear sex break…
 I stood against god’s jeep, O, I lathered after gem-sleep  & the countries of my mind’s heap
 Combed a busman’s leer The wives of woollen dew had Impassable rings the widows of old stings Cut a hairnet from Hero’s dad A time bomb had A city’s flag; & old sleep Sent us to dreams of
Islands & cabs  the wives of the dew saw wheat Crying, crying, Oh!?
The first fruited face we had Dappled under Dali O the fierceness of space Cut us
& we fell into the moon & the sandmen of the mad Rode us unto Sunday & the doctors of our tune
 Rode a dilly space    Tut-tut-tut-tut… I espy a cold tent
 O I sleep out in a star I espy a soft mint – ah, as my car Carries donuts West
 Then diaries will teach the poor & dairies in a hill Must read our wills-& starred scent
 Leads us to blue water…The side of a mill has eyes
O the birds in a frill keep sties & when once mistress Aladdin Drops a can in the rain Then we supper after Paladin & whispering skeins Play pool with dollies & a world at one out-grabs Daughters of teenaged brollies Factories harvest old women ..Nunneries arrest rolled children
 & odes to god’s navel Dig steps with bestial eye-cradles.
The wags of stairs are filled &, la, the rags of prayers Are wrapped in sylvan snares & we swore for men & we fed heels to hens; & moon heirs Chauffeur Monks unto A green space where May’s shoe
 Hobbles against pierced blued  Bodied stasis & a junky in a bed uses a metal bin
 & the pigs of aces Grunt for spunk!!!!
Get off your horse & Drink your milk Get off for the sauce & drink hot silk?
Millers weep for fire when spun wind Swirls, swirls Get off your horse & Drink your milk
 Get off-  Lo- cum let reflection Dazzle prunes with sands Lo    hear now a cocking horse
 Swelled up by the juices of the city
Oo give a good hand To the gal on the piano   Ohh.
  Let wisdom suck yon island?!!!
A wizardry of widows weds the body & the body bountiful listens to diddy & a mean green mummy body Drives a sitar Under churches, where ova under tar sink fish beneath
 Stinking crocus cigars Aqueous beauty paces O old viscous ladies peer from laces
 & blind blondies Brag for mirrors…
 We awoke with a mean start  Then fell into the rain & the rest sucks a jam tart.
  Uh ho ah ho ha
  Uh ho ah ha ha..
the seagulls under waves have Scavengers for cabs & the car-blossoms of lads 
send crows to water O when once a lemon cusp Wades under blue pus
 Then waterers of dust Dream of today…The seagulls under waves grab Orange beads
 & the plastics of dulled tweed Under pink veins and & scissors & we wish a blonde farewell to Lamps & wizards. Eyes in ingles eat rifles & tables will learn of
 Fallen idols..The windows of a blind mien Cut deep down where blurred men
 Suffer darkness & the naughty sounds of sadness
 Lock hands under Zen…
 The picklers of the past see madness Sealing god under Dulling yoyos. O the pillows turn
 O the mindless summer Smacks salty fish; & old lubber Leaps into ferns.
 The widows of blind sin Slice wives from city ken, & Shrillers Shovel raisined hammers when Dreamt rippers Reap guns from glovers.
 This side of a stink sees us Dreaming of moused women.
 An eaten moulinex batters Blended schism butters, & the blind soups of fevers
 Suck loved jam  O.  The suppers of old fathers  Send rivers under hands
 & we sleep for mirrors?
This side of a ghost, we dam Saline hair & we boil salt-hair…When once pearled scram Cries for sister Then we will eat killers  huh   An eaten moulinex scatters
 Ah.    Encased in cunny, we see old honey Hipping after Sweet gal-laughter & the roads of father Supper after old money O.
The wideness of a baby sees laughter Bombing sewn lips & the brides of angels Ape for dizzy clits O….Encased in cunny, we see rolled honey Drinking after Waterfalls & lacers of
Old prisms. Sucked from latrines, a bull of bed-sex Rapes abandoned deaths, & the wives of Aaron Rob sucked rope; & a god of sex Will wash our hands in lardy lobbies/..
O as smoked ravine sups scars Then fucked cars Carry bandanas where red stars Piss on rainbows…Sucked from latrines, a bill of sex Suppers after wrecked Chemical villages
 & vaginal images flow like a fished death.
 The vaginal scrap who fled for Penis eaters Will snap sexy radio rivers & a ghost of killers
 Cunt-craps where bruised feathers Scatter semen under rocked wards.
 The cunts that sup a blind wall Will surely cripple Codes of killer diggers & blue nosed bobby bags dolls & the weir of lies Must loosen lying moist gold-eyes
. I sucker swirled seed as tides
 Walk raped waves.
As I stuck my hand in a yellow blower Then I made dogs from guarded cock-bowers
& the horses sent to funeral towers Made a path to scent,-O  I stuck two fists down urban mints..  When once insane bodies herd us Then rapists will hear us
 & as I stuck my hands in a yellowed flower, Then weevils shaped a nude new truss?
  Camped under givers of sexy air, docked dust Drowns under magnum mana….
Oh, where giddy carrion caverns  Cry, cry Then red hair will boil dry & a gun of sky will shoot lies &, dizzy, a dobbing raven slides Under eyes
 & the caverns in a head writhe & kosha dives Scatter floss across candy hives.
 Oh…This dream we had will ride for Snippers & the scrying killer of a sex-war
 Must shoot fathers…..I idolise constant sleep as lovers
 Force cakes under killers.
* The sleeping shroud I held Dreams of dogs & wine O & the insane stars I held Dream of cats & brine, & when once a forcing car Cries inside the West Then thunder shoots ruled death?
 Ah This side of an ideal god, sex Shovels maidens under pecks & the wolves of love
 Send babies to sad sleep & Eager ingots Shaft us where cellves
 Cage cunt-sands. The creeping lord of dells Cuts a dewy knife from Yellowed city robbers – La    Sunned meagre sailors stir Coffins & rude cheese.
 & opened coffins & nude  cheese Pickle self with women, &, o as a cat of boffin leaves
 Burn, burn Then lemon creators swarm For wormy sliver-sleeves
 & I ride far East where Dog-gallows cut cooked sea-hair..
 The cries of the dived share sprigged Green hearts.  O, the lives of the lied pare
 Dreamed tars  & the insane horse of fear Adorns metis hearts
 & old piggy hearts snare Bruised stairwells?
& opened coffins & lewd cheese mitch after Dammed drilled dills -o, old need
 Drags a whippy whiner from Blue drags & metal onion grunge…
 The ticklers of this sun slide, slide…Oh?!!....
We stagger as men fall & the huntress of the brawl Dances back-to-front & the eagled sea-front Dons burned piers
O. & cold aviaries see Dusted women where tears Soak up souped strength
 O out-of-paved-pain, we Collar dunnies & a world of money
 Spends, spends.   O. Eaten rifles shoot men
 The baby under arms has three legs O, a lady under farms Falls to cows; & moaning dregs
 Drink cattle dry..As a woven village dies, then Blue charms must blossom when
 We weave fairground accidents
 O.The guilty golden secrets of she-hens Banish beds to dewy  dustbins
 & a wakeful sea of forced  hymns Dons a faceless Venus; & sin Soaps up when
 The darling under alms pisses bowel-egg
 & we are cut by tuts…
 The features of a banished garden leaps for statues    O, the mixtures of a seized hard-on
 Dam a madam virtue & a greasy hand sucks edams
 Uh Uh Uh…The features of a banished mind Creep like anal ague
 & a fine sum of sin will argue& loud guns may shoot dons.
 There is, below a time, a daddy’s dream o gins Dream of de fallowed father
 & behind a book, songs of a sad scream
 Screen old filmic lather.
 Keen as a kind kid, a boy under cream Spurts invisible seed, & the waves of a mind hear need
 Shooting greed.  O a baddy under bun sheds blather & old pugs pray for
 Apples & skinned walls.. There is, below a time, a daddy’s dream.
 O we always sailed out to die O we always failed inside the sky & we always fed dogs to dives Famishing exits cut a wide spy Old kids cry for lies &, inside a cruel nave, we ride Away from the countryside. & we are laid in a cuckoo’s cage & we hear swift eggshells
 Lending yolks to old sex-out-rage.
 O we always sailed out to die & now we needs must writhe Deep outside
 Cocked Champagne.   Easy clucked zipper kissers Lend dogs to Japan O as a rocked killer features In old England Then a sheer city-drop shivers
 When once a ghost at sea quivers Then icy ideal Ireland Locks fingers under thumbs
 Oh?! uh?!!  Ahh menn...
The cases of the killed size guns Shooting indigo Jesus, & a doll of rain cuts a lost Dived sea-.
Coded scissor bandits heed ratters & rivers, & the wode of god is dead. Courtesy of female Judas, we will damage spies with frills, & the bones of a lady Jesus will Summon slides from a green-kill    oh…The sirens of sullen faith spills Toxic buzzy wine, & we dull under us where hills Fall, fall
O….We have trodden grave paths when Naked lobbies Leap a vast housed tongue, & grey duds see the bodies  Lending booze to harped men
 The keen sides of the grave Cluster where nice lays rage After milky whores.
 Courtesy of female Judas, we will Damage minds with dills & odes to oldness hear words
 Spinning like the sun.
 Gee, it is mighty good to find us Weeping like a world…Hah, it is mighty good to find dust
 & a bad cat has a keen lust & bad tails rule the ruling rain?
 O, when once a tree of musk Anoints a sea of music, then Blenched by a night fantastic
 Will ride inside old women.
 Gee, it is mighty good to see us Champing at a slit Wow, it is endless lust which hits Cold chipper chapped creeled children
 & we slice a ripening bower, & we sup a sea of lips Oh.
There are eyelids & crypts which Sire ravens from soldiered  mists; & we serenade blown trysts when We leap under old linen, & a fabric pleasure-horse sends
 Washed sleeves where chicken Fries like a blind bird.
 We have two hands under Waterfalls & intimate bathing sea-slumber…
The copious muds of a feral brain Leads death to water O, when once a hallway Hisses, then insidious old fathers Jack dogs & Bethlehem..The chopping hands of grain Leap loud lippy
 & the balls of Lady sucks pain & ghosts under slowed baby Rocks for sea-hanged skein/
O, a fit of fire burns blood-daughters & the shove of inspiral liars  Bread-stone a road of killers & stoned biddy criers Coat caved canes with spires
 & we arise inside the coved brains…
The lopping jams of summer entertain bruised hard fardlers & we will wash god’s daddy
 Ohhh   Crated cars cry while Slated stars fry-  ah, dolly
  & gem Christ dies.
 O when I look down at the windows in my soul I entertain summits & hired moons & the son , of loss has a bride for a rode foal, &, o, as I look back at the witness to my soul
 I send blue remits where geese gabble after Dammed fruits & mad men.
 When once a yellowed cunt cries for farters then we push five thumbs into larders
 & this stained space we scream-stun Slips scuttered wrists where old carvers
 Cut an oval city-mind 
 O We will serve a white bed to a screened shit-head & we will tilt inside
 Carmine goosed gelled grades. The lions of lamped lead  Lap subalterns
 & easy lady tigers snap a tigon under Weeping wet-guns.
Easy timbers teeter under cereal suns & one billion gum suns loosen selves. An cheesy lilted rind of a Sirius moon strums hard upon a box of cocked sea cells
& a mam of mustards has a crushed son while paphos  Jesus has a rope for His crisscrossed
 Calvary swell.
 The cunny men who hoot for husbands Don husbandry inside a park O old weedy women
 Race for dolled bully rape Oh  a canister of cleanse grass climbs where dark pies
 Don a wall of fat apes…here, There are ginny ginger fingers
  &, today,  there are honey swingers..
Caved on a stage, our dun theatre hardily-towers for crabs,  the guilty ochre of actors
Has golden thesps for taxi cabs & mean birds flow & dreams suck snow.
The eaten crocus of the killed grabs sandy dogs  & summer’s clock hears old labs
Testing for stationed crows;   a weepy wife who has no clothes
 Separates dolls from clothed rashes.
 Bathed, a stagy clown dances for Cuckoos & glass war; &, o, a gummy beard has fjords
 & closed sirens split Rolled splayed paved lips.
  Nurseries of golden doles pay for Impassable herpes O suns under olden foals play for
 Impossible Hermes a cod of Christ
When once a bunny sting scores Cruel wet maws Then grinded jaws carry stores Deep, deep down & you & sleep will leave our silly town? Nurseries of golden souls pray
& missions end….The rollers of the ramming arise & a doll of dollars Pay for scented flies; O, a father Faces laces where washy women Teeter under robed lies.
& the rollers of the damming slide Deeply, where dives
 Drag dogs for erotic sea-wives.
 The eaten rifles of the scarred Lend bones to candy scars & bodies under babies barge
 Dames & bitches, & a domed sucked sea-hard Snaps like a bed-choked mind cherry.
 These blondie worlds bury
 Radio….   Ideal incidents of blood lather for Carmine lager
 O a resident of Love slaver for Carmine liars & a bed of wine has blood indoors
 & moved mountains harbour
 Dolled dilly martyrs.
 The flava of a killer sees danger Dropping, dropping,& bones inside mangers
 Stagger under copping Closed mother.,.The slides of a dead sun strums
 Falsies. ..The spies of sadness see inside vast vaped Soluble bodies
 O the eyes of madness see inside Fantastic babies; & a room of wood woos brides
 & closed curative eremites marry caves to rubies.
      mien men hem then when gem dem dem hen     Chortle?! Chortle?!
When once a mule of night has Bruised seed-gas, Then heated pissers will crash?
 Hardening beery buddies flash & closed armies Stop to ask All green guns to rot.
 O it’s so good to see love die O & it is always good To see love cry
 & I will drug wives…..When once a sea of spears Arise from soda, then Odes to sofas will see men Dreaming of Closed brides.
 O, as a green killer Writhes, then blurred men Dazzle drones with hemmed Sailor granite
 & locked in a bag, masked panic Rocks, rocks
 ..O it’s so good to see love die & we must rage for Blue screens & wide eyes & macadam makes Penis shapes.
& teetered tossed fish-toes Feel for old wheat & shitted mosses see sleep Slashing easy peppers O,A city’s gun shoots robes & a giddy feather twirls Outside a blue world
 O & teetered flotsams reap Caddis & paper & luges write on meat O
 We glow as blue fakirs Eat easy blades.
 When once dead god sued life’s high nest Then pearly sea-summits Exposed a dilly hand where punnets Pooled wasps under crowds & a dog of heaven yaps real loud.
A dinner of bad birds will see fists Clenching, & a tree of words Widens nude jaws for snapped lisps & old children Dance within gold curves.
 When once duped gods summon Grey bitten seasons Then teethed smacked reasons
 Hear bald diamonds made old as fool’s souls
 & a sapphic wafer snaps & soul
 Sells out to father.
 Gossamer children will heal fathers O the chilly hosts of grass suffer Web-hanged women
 & a sea of pies puts death under Wolf-wives
 O When once a faceless city cries Then we will tread doped waves
 & out of a sea of lies We will ride against the grave O..
 Dilly ghosts of glass suffer dust & a cuckoo cleans the past
 & a mad dream’s wiring mask Dons a masted venus?
 Closing down, a shop of glass
 Cuts off                                                      All blithe countries..
Gee whizz, she was my favourite dilly girl  Wow, she suffered curls & in this world
 My favourite dilly girl Donned dizzy pearls & healing fountains hurl sex at death
 & reeling mountains twirl Old gay long lady’s fingers.
 Gee whizz, what now for the summer’s lea? Wow, what for thunder’s sex-promontory?
 Our perfect answer seals  Snappy seasoned hot licks, & closed colours of fashion rip
 Bled bones from kissers.
 Ah, when once a city on a throne Nips baby in the bud Then roared rubies terrorise Love’s
 Naked tree-god…Wintry fathers feed fasts to drugs & cold women out-grab
 Whores & nipple-limbs Oh..   When cold & caressed by night silk Endless fathers marry
 Cut cribs & sawn-away baby, & milk Chock-feeds Salt Mary  O.
 The iris of a soul has no body O endless mothers carry Tawny tits where an empty ruby
 Sweats  O. Keen latrines tear up & loaves Slice like dunny cherry; & the arse of the moon troves Deafening Derry  we will do down the buried?
Odes to idiots hit on glass Laaah    Ten easy winds rasp Adown the dead
 & kvetch masks don lashes..
 Granary ashes lash out for Blind bairns O the eyes of rashes cut skunk-gourdes
 & incendiaries sup a game of Lofts & mashes    O, The idiom of an eye hear god
 Trampling ooze &, uh, a bod of booze sees god Grooming after
 Lasers & hashes
 Ah, Eyes under eynes heap duded doobies  & blind crayon canyons
 Carry caves far West. - 
 Fast ghosts heave as nudes Drop scooby breasts..
 The lunatic of a lost sky Straps guns to dun covers  O the emptied son of sleeved blooders
 Stops a blonde eye, & coaches career where fathers Enter into vein-times
 O,The fags of a  smoked wall Lather after coke-meat; & death’s stall
 Incinerates Gren wives
 In ruddy powder slides…
The lunatic of a lost sky-ride Snaps, &, lo, a babe under bent dives Strips a bone
 .ah, Bled hovels breed red fridges & red novels heed bridges as cunt heaves.
• O an eater of iron suns has no mind & the sleeper of guns Stuns brine;  
 The forsaken Drummond spine Spirals under diddies & the woven whites of daddies
 Swills trees & pins..   Then widening wafflers run Hanged dames & shot-guns O, the slid saws of a soft scrum Loosens chocolate coffees & a lanterning brain Listens to sweet salt-champagne, & cuckoo wizards hear cum Snaffling under
 Green chilled iron lumber.
 & the eater of iron suns has no mind & risen dreamers Snap Christ’s stone…
 Lo, lords strum my gun lo, dolts listen to the sun & let gems shoot pierced tears…
 I am on my own where phone fears Clad birds in mauve  nunneries 
 Lo…The centaurs of an old god will rove Ridden raves & the lunging bodies of head-strumming sea-lungs shoot fast sails in the head…..
 Lead bees into bodies..
 Lo, I strum my iron sun & toddies Toast a coffee mind & me and gassing bines Bang a seahorse with a trigger & I believe in rivers?
When once a bobbing tea-cake Collapses into crumbed snoods then tidal smoked hair will sand-shake
 Everything….  The tip of my tongue has a tawny stutter O the birds of loud fay scrums
 Shoot a languid pallor of the dark Father..ssss   Underneath a fist of poked grain we
scatter malt against a dyed lover’s utterances of a bedded bellicose mamma
  & the polls of a pissed gal-wrist caress mother & the belles of a kiss
 Cry, cry…….
When once a bald sin taunts blather Then feverfew will play with gunners
 & golden gummy shoes Walk for veined hired graves
 & blown veined salt-grain Cuts into the vanishing.a beard of blood belts us to sex-veins
 & bad hairs spew Oxygen.
Oh my little lady, named under barley, hears huge tears falling, & my lilted baby, hot as ruby,
 Delves a suitcase with a bagged letter-town.
As a bell of blooders bangs, then sound drills a dilly bed from the coffin ground, oh my little lady, named under ballet, sears stone tares with
Hillsides & rotors…as a mindless madam melts, then clowns campaign for a hostile circus
& the veils of a crying crocus Topple under a shorn hearse  …
 Weeping wives of Eden heap pursed Keen & hid receivers Wow, what now for funereal washing? O, how shall we die back home?...true glued Answers hit screwed sex-heroics
 & the dumdums of dolly romantics Shaft sex-stone.
Where once a dune of drugs stones Cold harvest-drones Then bodying faces snap bubonic
 Bedded loaned Cakes & honeyed punnets O Straw cats curse a sail as gannets
 Grind after Pink pies & pissing Indi rafters & a bed of hammers Hide loaves up rude Mother.
 O, The closing key of a cancan Dances where staged rain dams Edams & blocked biddies//

The weevils of a gun-turned town Track a sun of leaded bed-covers O, as ivies slip, a grave of ` Leda Sails lips to smothered Gun-burners & a hidden lip licks slit as farmers Dig a dead field-yield..The weevils of an upturned sound Swings for red adders
 & the flashy ponds of aspics drown Efts & feathers & a gun-bowled wall of blue clowns
 Cup three heaped mothers..& the cute cocoon of hashed moth duffers robs a recent regal breakfast ….   Offals under egg Dolls after loped strips & skin-ebbs
 & a moaning urban kite Hits false London’s mikes-    Oh
 Amen to the cokes of wards & Amen to a building under shores…huhh
 I see a gun of sleep shooting Granary hootings & a bed of wet meat has a Dilly head where ceilings Trap tanned weddings, & the wife of the dead suffers for easy Old high windows
• I see a gun in weeping smoothing Keen loaves of lord love..
& we find a fag & smoked Vines for  city God. when once a spool of dope
 Drinks a neon coat, Then we shall sea Joe Soap Slipping for Cracked bodied bath-wars.
 Eyes inside cuckoo-suds Scud in a blue mask &withering glebe-drugs hop
 Inside a spliffy skin-raft.
 O as keen gradients suck upon Eaten  sea sense, then Blue binders will nip a bound hen
 & iced studies Slot a book aside a keen cunny diadem..O as keen gradients cut the sun
 Then mirroring mad men Ram staples where peeled cum
 Softens into horn-hired thin hair.
 When once above this mind I Swore for lost  erections Then youth car-gripped PI
& sad summer heaps horned hardy hoss-sky
Bawling at bedded confections, The beard-banging banned gun of the latent young
Shoots pretty dollies
 & sex snaps a false gun
                                            Heh heh heh
As devils spit old soap, then Eyes scatter weevils O under wrists, we cut men & blood must eat itself & the lords of lips nuke health…The daughters of domed  scribes Write sapphic verse O as dealt card -devils wash then hooped nights dam a drowned purse
  The blinded boys of lovers Supper after Drained screws & prison-lather....
Stanchioned inside blue lies We see rise the secret wind &, o, a bell of blithe sin
 Swells up & we blaspheme under peddled eyes
 O..The walled graffiti of Love Lams timed tufts & the walls of loss see God climbing ropers
 O..Stanchioned inside blue lies We see rise the secret skies & toasts swing, swing
 Bad bells ring loud necks O, & utterances of sea-wrecks Send fish to sleep.
Bad bells ring rude sex, & Eyes under twists Ram four honeys down…& foxy tune men surround All of us?..Bad bells ring & odd dust Sex-hangs
 Cats & musk.
 Coded cabbies carry yanked taxis Under nude notices O loaded rabies marries us &, lost,
 We flag under offices..When once a pole of prayer knots Crisscrossed sandals
 Then a kissy cave of salt-shots Sees rise a tide of cloved clocks & we will tie rage to clocks?
 Coded cabbies carry buked taxis & I will eat a naked paper & gods of meat must hear rubies
 Riding for a weal..& a well-oiled cunt hears fields
 Dying of steep dirt.
The candied killers of rolled men Rams sweaters With woollen navy fuckers & the bolts of feelers feed hens O…When once a candy town sends Old bods back home, then Soapy city talons will end & the saline summer’s hot friend Hollows
 Oaks, elms, pines?..A bad bully has baited wine-the keen huge seas shift 
 Ah, the green hearse of lemon-trips Abuses buried lovage, &, lunge  scented, my head hits gems with acid..
 The bells in a diner’s cell Rings fried rattlers,  & we touch skins now….
 When the eager fans of fear Flash under freed bees Then sweated fast fleas must sear
 Ironed city leaves & the wad of tears hisses.  O, When once a gold gang kissed
 A bay of thieves Then writhed sun-litters heave Blue-grey winter beads ..

 The weeping wipes of salt sleeves Scatter rose-ashes where old plum-piglets pan under air
 Banged sties & stilled warred stairs
 O..   As we fade, then we will Air bods with greased glitter gills..& ghosts will bangle for chilled vagina snails..
                                 mien hen men gem hem when once ken spin Chortle?! Chortle?!
We sup a slow sail & we Drop, just like a bloody stone.. Eager aviaries hiss as they sting
 Straw heads & old oval pussy seed Digs decks from spun lost wind. O as a bull on its back
 Dams a sex mac, then rings Must coil under magic angels.
 Eager aviaries kiss as they spin Mumbled honeys & a linked pink baddie bedims
 All funeral teas & we seize curd dweebs & we play lonely in the reeling East?
 This side of a horse will Ride a rude fox as a city rill Daubs veins with fire
 & we dance under a closed funeral pyre.
 Slipped, an icy coven casts Invidious prayer; & we dam the past
 The ilex of a dun sun hisses like a gun, & the shootings of the lunged
 Loop souls around cusped ruin.
 The iris of a dumb sun hisses like Rolled men & idiot china cabins, & the red roasties of a soft bready bin Heals bathed raft chairs
 When once a bod in bagged bum-bum Tree-hangs hags from a sea drum then  the rapt weal of ragged women Slides ideal cats under hares
 & marching mad men Seal lofts in a grainy chests; & We will lay lust under desks
 & we will always time-deck Holed city hatreds
The wasps of the word dam Collapsing tarry waters & we shine, shine & we dream of a crooked anal cuckoo mind
 O.    The ilex of a dun sun pisses for model Blue motels & the pushers of drooled hotels
 Swerve under hostels.
Wow, I am alone till your leave me  Gee, a I am outed by dolls & trees & the empty closet is shaped for me by dances inside the Void
O..I am deciduous & shed sex-leaves Yoh, I am a garden instrument & the closures of a female’s seeds Scatter sweet estranging perfume
O I am atoned as I listen to old toys & I define droops as cider boys Lam a salt-head with razers Ah, the shrift sounds of a spunk-weaver Spin vaginal lasers
& odes to specialist flavours
 Dangle like a killer.
 Ohm what with the bared bone of the rhythm boys I should like to dance all afternoon
 &, what with a stony sea-comb raking haired dunes Then we can chapel after
 Caned cars & country fever. O, the skids of laughter Ramble down a river & the easy yeasty thrushes of cellves & runes Lay lily waste to febrile pushing catty cleavers.
 The long-tailed bandits of bad kind cups father O the sun-lit swarms of a sad minds
 Meld gushy cunts where a bled bomb under wine Weeps for cobbled gardens.
 & if we should value our barley cups & if we Should remember our Horlicks, cocoas, then we
 Will drink to the old & we are force-fed by the aged young?
Flushed sweet fish angles after forked fun & idioms of eglantine Rots for dear wild heaven’s curvy gal mind.
It stands me in good stead today That fate decided that Braunau on the Inn should be my birthplace.
That little town lies on the frontier between the two German States,
The reunion of which we younger ones Regard as a work worthy of
Accomplishment by all the means of pushing poo-poo power.
German-Austria will have to return o the great German Motherland, but not for economic reasons. No, no! even if re-union, looked at from That point of view, were a matter of indifference - nay,
Even if it were actually injurious - it would still have to come.
Common blood should belong to a common Reich.
The German people have no right to dabble in
A colonial policy  As long as they are unable to gather their own sons into a common state.
And hickory dickory dirty dude doddy
 Dams me now with a fascist blown easter body,
Not till the confines of the wet Reich nclude every single sausage German, And are certain of being able to nourish him, can there be a moral right For Germany to acquire territory while vacating Abroad
Whilst her people are in saucy need. Thus it comes about that the little boned body of a Frontier town is to me the symbol of a great peed enterprise.
Are we not the same as all other Germans?
Do we not all belong together (cunt in glove?)
This problem began to seethe in my childish brain. In answer to my shy question,
I was obliged with secret envy to accept the fact that all Germans were not so
Fortunate as to be members of a tennis ball bollock raiser like the Bismark's Empire.
I did not want to become a tardy official. Neither "talking to" nor "serious" argument
Made any difference to my cocked reluctance.
I did not want to be the bald official, and refused to be stunned. Any attempt, by quoting my father's fay examples, to arouse shaved love or xmas keenness for that calling only had the contrary effect.
I hated and was bored by the idea of having to sit tied tiny tears of a bad office,
Of not being master of my own time, f spending the whole of my life filling up vaginal forms.
Now, when I review the effect on myself of all those years, I see two facts which stand out most conspicuously: (i) I became mamma naked Nationalist, and
(ii) I learned to grasp and understand my own sex history
In its true and sensual deleterious dicky sense.
The old Austria was a State of many nationalities. In comparatively early onan-youth I
Had an opportunity of taking part in a fast red-lit homely struggle
Of nationality in the old expansive pornographic Austria.
We had a schooled pissing society, and expressed our seagull sentiments
With bad fished cornflowers and the black-red-god dolly colours
And there was cheering, and we sang "Deutchland uber Alles"
In preference to the Austrian Kaiserleid,  ..nein Amen nien Amen…guttem blag blag blag...
In spite of jammy warning and punishments. Thus the youth were being educated politically at an old age
When a member of a so-called national screened State Usually knows little about his nationality except his menstrual language. Even then I obviously could not be counted amongst
The lukewarm boys and their idiot centred magazine innerds.. I soon became a fanatical German Porn Nationalist - Not, however, the same thing as conceived by that soft stemmed Party today.
This development progressed very rapidly in me, So that by the time I was fifteen I had understood the difference between urinating dynastic "patriotism" and popular deep-seated throne-cheated
"nationalism"; I knew far more about the latter (listen to me?)
Did not we boys already know That this Austrian State had and could have no infernal mamma for
Love of us bum-shifting Germans?
Our historical knowledge of the methods of the erectile House of Habsburg Was corroborated by what we saw Every jacking day. In the North and the South the poison of the mamba foreign races ate into the body of our honey-droning feral Downs-kissed nationality,
And even Vienna was visibly becoming dirt Chequed in in every possible way;
And it was the hand of the goddess of eternal justice
And inexorable retribution that caused the most deadly enemy of swirling balling Germanism..
In Austria, the Archduke Francis Ferdinand, To fall by the very comic bullets which he had himself helped to thoroughly maul, And he was the chief patron of the pansy pullmen Movement,
Working from above to make Austria a cropped cunny Slav slitty sap State!
The wheat-germ of the future world war, And indeed of the general cock-collapse, Lay in the disastrous salt connection of the Young hooky headless German Empire with the Austrian shadow summer cape.
In the course of this book, I shall have to deal exhaustivelyWith this most intimate and embarassing problem. It is enough to state here that From my earliest peeping tom of youth I was convinced that
Austria's destruction was a necessary seductive crocked Condition for the security Of the German bike-race, And, moreover, that the feeling of birdy Nationality is in no way prick identical
With dynastic patriotism; also, that the House of humming Halsburg Was set upon
Doing harm to the German doo-doo race.
Even then I perceived the Spanish deductions from this grossly poxed Realization: Intense love for my German-Austrian rectal home And deep hatred against mummy’s most veiny Austrian State.
The choice of a porn profession Had to be decided on Quicker than sex expected. Poverty and stern reality forced me to make a rapid roped decision. My family's small means were Nearly exhausted by
My mother's severe (self-imposed?) sex-illness; The pension which came to me As an orphan was not enough To live on, and so I was forced To earn my living somehow whoring myself with forgetmenots.
With a valise full of clothes and linen, I went to fat Vienna Full of scented tacked dolled determination.
I hoped to ward off fate, As my father had succeeded In doing time one billion years before.
I wanted to become something -..   But in any case, not an easy kiddy pawned official..

Where the loneliness of sex-summer attends Moony vixens, then wide minded Cerberus, with a keen hollow eye,
 sends Dolphins to sleep…Under gassed fogs, a trap of meat Extends death into Radio-wheat &
 as a bowl of flowers eats Then bladed body-glues stick a vine to a rose.
O I shall piece Abaddon inside neon abandon. And as slipped nude Jams the naked dead-
 We have scattered stars where Coded radar ribbons Course into hair.  Death’s chair cuts a cab from a cabbage clave And, leaping, a woollen weir crowns hot mirrors.  O let us listen once again to the city museums-  & we will strum old fear And we will shatter
Against love’s tears O Let’s hold up god’s hearing hands & Suck a holy Caesar!  As untoward dreamers dress down, then ornate killers Cry for sleep & radioed spillers slot coins into cocks  Ahh..Gems under gold flues Fawn to killers- As keen dibbers drink to dreams
Then old senses weave suns and fathers & the halls of mad mirrors Wake into tombs; and we will suck a red screen?
Ah, as I enclose clothed cods in crabs, then venereal star-labs Eat into sea-slabs  
O as I undress the serial dead, then meaty shades under crags Cut lime from sex-stabbed Bulls and widows.
.I thought some years ago – BeforeI had lied- ,about domed dogs and shitted blue virago,  
And lissom seen inside bombing rabies wipes a fierce tongue on an ocean-crime.. I idolise chipped men?..
All too close now to the strange lips of love’s void. All too near to boys we must surely supper now upon tears and star-toys..
 O I will avoid Penile pinners-  all too close to derangers, I hear Naked strange fear ripping lead from ravens’ wards,
 And, ah, blue ivies ape for guns.    The advents of a cord hangs after Bled city fever & Ghostly lovers Rock for
prawling body candles,& reaped war Wets Optical Blood bombs
We will bail out of fast thunder when, pinioned,
 Our minds went west..
 we will bail out of fast thunder when, dominioned, Our minds will darken drawled dives with pissed timed Blue guns!
Where chemic killers cut a labile vein, then blind bushes must Swarm sexed poky cherries. and those silver trails
of dust which suck a heart Must fallow for Damed dadies and mummy starlings; and we must Flash for mashed
 River-running romantic gallows, and a sea of shores ust cut the face god treads?..The fierce moment when we opened
 Herod’s mind we entertained a cross where Ides teo idiot hind-heels to cut a brandy bar-   & a moaning chopper man cuts beers and city cork
& vast veering body-court hits plastic lunar-castles-            Oh – I have studied how to end My own childhood..O you and I will surely study how to cry… 
Loppers link lead with lives & sex is crapping now!! She said, when once shattered by her tears, that she Wished to heal the trees.. O She seemed sex-dead- 
 underneath fished fat meals, dweebs Suck an empty can  & blown body-bombs cup  Bad breasts inside Fleas & a doll of sluts scatters a sun where a
dizzy dollar pays for vaginal butts..Whining wittering lunch-eaters Must starve till tall city dinners & Copious cunny creators Drive from Spanish curators…
choker of the dead, will you give me bread? O, keen father, what about smokers under beds? & what now for pugs and milk-monkeys?
Easy lions sleep forevermore as cold men in a sea of doubt Trammel pigs and trout & eyes under eyes Raise rheum from cut galleries of gods and gin
Ideal fingers feel for cunt- When once a tree of spunk cuts an arse down to size, then Odes to Eden must Cut an Adam from an apple’s
 Seizure of pippy Eve…
 ...Where gardens writhe for Closed signal grass-gore then blown bobs will unravel Deep, deep down Where blue towns ToP!..
And forever, where the sun star-tips dusted gal-weather Then slain birds in leather Lead rats to yo-yos 
…The raider on a cliff  Vamps nude piano And eyelids die….& forever, where love’s dream drops, then lusted boot-pleasure
 Wrinkles up, up When woollen sea-sluts Stoop for old gals and old vinegar….This side of Midas gaol A Cyclops under
veils blinds itself by using optical fire!  & a scissoring of reason Robes sexy serums & cold code Listens to the road…
huh!!! Under a tree of kids, a sullen paralysis of blurred rivers Presses guns into wine ..a rash of horses drags for whored
summers..a stagnant boat in a cliff digs for spring rain … red ghosts of Africa Haunt a hired sea-stain…
Ohhh where windwells writhe then Kisses stop…..a dreamt city plane where once you and I had Golden syrup
 sleep Has now stabbed Crabby ashes…A scented sally vein where once you and I rode Guilty streets  
Will cum for breaded cunt-war….
& Odes to laboratories Swing for, ill-minded mentalis-         The sun sings as guns Thaw
…Ignoble glass, strapped to an underpass, levers after Fevering pastures & a sunny saviour
Eats dilly paper.Easy slitters savour
Romantic raped leaves & coded cunny cradlers snap green busses & schisms under labia
 Scratch blue pulses
O, as dolled digger drugs stir coffee into silks Then dud men flower.
Under a street of sourced suns, a brother of Gods Prays after stirred Lovers, & this side of our city
  Swirls shops into rain & Old hullers hear Blue bines and  Dog dollies
..Under a hill of iron, we hear mad trees strapped in sand- & the wives of Los Leap lyons
when Old bloodied valleys leap from wide sadness..   O as I grow Then I whine.
Whilst nailed to a sunny vault, blue bivouacs of prayer Trickle inside Cruel hair
 O When nailed to a sea of volts, green buses under air Truckles inside False stairs  &  When once Orange bodies
Board burned bones, then a sword of Damascus Cuts
.Old kids and ravens…I have heard cunt Dreaming of Salty junk…
.Despairing idiots dig fires down drains.  Sloshy bunks Bear the bodies where
Giddy glassed prayer Digs a jived knife
Deep down inside a soft demise & a cruel wet store…
Clinkering where a nude prison nips salt crime in the bud- Here and now, when tearing blood goes Bagging  buses in Green lined lodes, I rub  tickling tod where a masturbating greasy moon mien Lays hot-waste to  An urban hymen…
We sit on a raft as sleepers Suck cabbage from wet weepers & the dodders of the dead Raise swift saccharine –
The altering slits of bible-rabies rocks for fist-flava. The shatters of clean lips Drains draggled dodgers
& when city flavour Flowers into gloom then wedded veil-vampires rubbish a crocus with pricks
Uh…   This bad boat we sail in is vagrant. O, this side of dope, Treed tidal sex-soap Slides salami into rope, -
As we dream of Kola, we sup sperm-orange. Tried tears Drip under female fears & sullen washed coats
Carry curvy dinners where bulimic cinemas soften Ghosts & haunted Whored hills..
When once we slide our neural pillow underneath schisms Then haggard salt-prisms delve sparks
 from a rat’s back & O  as huddlers heap drills Then we are companioned by dead sex-farms..Awaiting the deceiving rain
We must entertain Bogs and mean ashes…O there inside a false tree, I overheard the blossoms of  Keen Life
O, as I rode to sleep, hot need Suppered for lost Christs & the duvets of greed Rotted & the spiralling
circuses of cut cake heed Rockered dirty cannabis, & the empress of a criminal’s wank-weed Smells like spawn powder?
The trees muscled, the gipsy doors were rattled; and Cold cramped dill-sands Drag dogs for Silence
Ah?!!     suppered with the forks & knives of the moon, we may well hear the roadway to death & fear
when once an eaten death storms a sea of tears, then
bad bens will gun after unearthly foods and sickened hens..
   When once we appear maternal and alone, then god’s mien strangles
 cockled cross-men & ideal perfumes pee for Sand boats & Notes of phantom paws..
We peal a preened pith with three bared hands &
As the dinners and dives of our moon Die for picture bulimia Then pictures of bodies must Cut a butt from
 a cystic labia…oh  We combed all decks while We searched for de nude Lady’s smile  &
   witches weep for wool…..A bad bald wiped boy dons statues of horses; and the summer in a toy digs for sand moats and sea-joys
Oh      odes to salt easels Daub Chinese oils where Sex leaps into spind air- oo
A bald bad swiped boy dons meadows; and the winter in a decoy Drills for dogs and laps & Ivories dig for Alice
& Eyes spiral from writs
 The dollies on the London Doled toast faith with coke & eaten rifles rope rosy rockers.
Plumes delve for roped Neon birds..Nylon pity peers into suburban grass; & the ingles of the doped Dream for Plastic groins-
Uh When sun-struck by self sex, a limitless sea-urchin Will surely raid spind West salt weed where a bag of guns leaks,
 then boated bald need .will transcend  Buds and bodies  where a tree-shouted doll-sex hands families onto lost babies
Then mind-leaping star-screws must ..Ram ivories into rain…My daily silence hardens for Gil Mary & Father war, & dukes
found dying Leap loud babies…
 ..A familial skeleton is, of course, born to die  men and messy mind-folk rummage for eager
 pigged wet-war & As a timed feather Follows a fox, then Bound bobbies  Blow Green
 appled whistles…As a bed of bone Builds suitors from paved rain, then Odin must suffer
Mindless Greek larders, &  odes to animals cease..From a liquid fort where I played my name,
I Suck a slain eye    O..from out a sand court, I plea for old flame & we will ride After cold & we shall writhe
 From a languid store where I sold my flame, I Cut a caned mind…Oh   & we must Tussle in the recusant past?
.Bed & board Bears baby.
       A worshipper of denial drinks urine from a vial  I have summoned star-shapes  
O a greying night-ships serenades vile grave-guards  hotels under hens hiss with women; & roses
under bodies file too slowly where death ends…Ohh    a rider of defiance digs
lupins as grey smiles latten all duped dense faces & Odes to rubies Ram spice where wide
 lashes Feel for daisies  Rendered romantics
 ....A warring mental presence peals death from arks & eyes must suffer dangerous hashed hearts
& wives must father oon-ripped sea-parks..  O when once a pulleyed apple-cloud
Crowds birds with plovers Then endless city brothers must rock pigs to infant sleep
… & Oceania muddles after Starred sex and de Father..God’s gold-slapped mind delves
 dockers for human lace-  As a coda under Woman rapes Kindly killers, then god’s soul-strapped wynd wells
 up from City cervixes    O- As candy snatchers snap blue guns, then we will jack cum & under a mirror
 A slapping fever Dumps drakes where cods creep into blonde beds and dreamt silence.
A tiller of night-trippers Strips sun-skin bare zzz   vamped villa voids annoy darksome drips
& a city under lips Sews girls to purse-hair…Eyes count aside from dolls and demons…
Illusory slapped curves will always cure the peopled people! As a body bangs, then loud and
luminous cathedrals cramp dead crisscrossed men..O..& a steeple in a spire shoots the famous
 dead & the reapers of a pyre prance on dizzy embers…
As a pig in a pouch Robs dust from red rain Then endless howling empires
will Ride for sugar-sleep…The cappers of the vain write fierce words.
Deep meat Dazzles us as we reap Cobs and cured confessions…& eyes espy
 Drugged wives & old lies dig a pig from an innermost vinyl sleeve; &
 copious cries spiral inside faked brides….
Life’s listless father will always worship tomorrow- & a naked rival for Words and sorrow Must witness cold jays & meadows
       O, we are dipped in a fist & we will borrow cats and ermine.... a character of dust Drools for sea-lust  a vastness of mind
 and body Bags a bragger’s healed spine where cold doobies Dream of musk...I am out alone when dollied driven sea-stems suck balled curved women
Mien minge when men gem then den        Chortle?! Chortle?
A dizzy whored cold hunchback has cut teeth & the cream in summer sleep Sops a spread slaver & velvet sea slayers Slap
a bald vaginal screen…silly warring fever warms up a death-bed & a wing of creds Slaps moss where old stone tries Tribal latrines.
 When once we open a beany bawd, then marines Melt into hair & the daddy of life Lips deaths from ripe wives & empty chisel cum!
 I have struck sainted wards  I have summer-stored bells under lucent bodies. A poet heart-caught in a poet tree appears divined By haired wine
 & the draggled spent times when we Suffered plastic minds Heed now an apple’s country crime..a swelled poet’s art flaunts after spun spind hymn
 then a rose of rivers hears loss lamming beds with ashen crossed crucifying arteries & I am a dole-eyed dead father & I know the sun- 
o, as sonar mother Gun-shapes the Rivers Then baited city clays will smother Ebony &   Where once a pool of dangerous ides walk the waves
then sandal Snaps sups salt-juice from Laden shaven greasy ravens; and old drams Dig for draggers. A wicked week of Love stops We are ready to drop? End!!---
     I stand when weeping. The shivered eyes of shorn  reason snare Bagged dogs-  & a seam of tie-tares Drags sweated loves for Drowned cockle sex
 and demure kittens & colonnades of pure fire score Sniffy suits & Massive wards..   I stand when sleeping. The rivers of droned skies suck warred Hand-signs
 & funeral farter fathers fast for Dammed fired edams -  o, self wine Dapples bully bolls with dazzlers & molten
sleep-clits  as melted sugar-scarps fashions radio pugs Then trained minds rip up rodeos of Rubber doves..
I have seen a seam of prayer blessing the bodies with stoned ruins & wedding rings will car-load Starred bulls and swanned
 devil Leda…Crones cut after a female shadow brew & sapped chopped mutts tussle fiinger-ttears with bed-chains and fucked incredible Cold age...
Where an army of sin celebrates a Shibboleth of old men Then coded colour xmas rends Conifers & dust..
O Where a teetering dummy gym celebrates a mirroring of bald children Then loaded colour xmas sows
Sinning solar seed…Oh.. the beads of ages cage creation in a store, & cold need Carries campfires where
 Ogres weaved Wide wars into prayer..Shut kissers smear catty lip-musk….Undershadowed by jacked lunacy
, a wedded family  sea of fished men find fond belled bellies beneath a day in the knife …& lidded sucked cells dam-cut
 us when Kissing crisscrossed nuked Nakedness sends de soft father to city-sleep          O…Undermeadowed,
a field of loss Flickers into bumping gardens…….O  We use one sweet lump or two?
Jacked by city dolour, we ride from out keen bodies ..once frowned crickets die, then odes
 to false friends lay mud to pure water, & the suns of caverned lovage cut bit  cunt from out secured roped deaths.
Old pills pour down & down –Cold glasses surround Bogs & bitches & Local low-cut cat riches Lay dizzy
 waste to cloaked baby bunting God  Old pills pour from sweet chilled summer buddies & overcasting  Saturnine faces
 feel for France & then Read the indicted Shibboleth to coded Coda sirens….O as a bellied brother nude Stops Then yelled shrilled
shoes hurl boots outside love’s gate…Into an unusual manning office, I tread & tread & tread as blue annals supper for nuts and creams,
then lead will shatter ink-smatter.& where the audience of midnight rings a shied bell, then chapped cords Whore under umbilical shirts, & birds Twitter for lice…
Oh   Now we have read the orgasmic  news then we   Sucker guttered topless telephonic  butter   & Wives
may well whine. And, cascaded, you and I will use old sleeves…Columns under sex-powder ride Out of a
 cool world to an evil inevitable bride, & the mean daddy dreamed bus that leads us due west …when the bodies
 of a fallowed moon stirs sadness into cutting curs, then a blenched biddy blonde will  Grease up for sex inside love’s  knickered veined hill..
Columns may well reach for desiccated dreams. The uvula of the dead curve & topmost painted  islands peer deep where birds
 Knot bums into burrs.   Oh,..  As neat naked laddies leap, Then eyes must trawl deep sleep.
All immense and embolic kids will  Hire a lunar car in the end    O,  the sizzlers of red stars wed hills to Breaking river nudes.
 As the son of winter flowers then Silky sylvan milk will certainly extend Mad mice to dudes & we have heard a tree of rain
Shaping clinkers from caned Spain  & dog-days damage Kennelled brains, & all men Must stopper sin and cry. As veiny vastness vamps
 for vapour Then ideal sadness Has lashed limbs & closed madness. O, We will observe a green marriage Wringing veils
 where bells rhyme & an idiom of laughter Fills fallen hills with old timed City blazers  O This mean sky where pigs Foam
 and float, banners Blood & pulled plants .Coded lashwide cock-cunt Hangs hemming dinning daisies, & cellves stop?
The rain in a mad fist cuts the faces of the Void- This side of a Man, a city of toys Heals children       O As a taxidermy
 of pigs deploys Veins and hair, then the rain in a mad kiss cuts the stasis of dyed joys! the dogs of Manx
Use female leashes, & a faulty goddess dams old danglers & vast rooms!
I have seen my own mind become Unmade     & I have cut my mind’s natal eye & juices have surely
Washed then drowned me…Eating men depart from the urban seas      canny ken antlers hit dirt
 nous as blown bastard blown shits slit eater wrists.
        Where a damaged diamond in guinea-pig cage Rams vapid sirens then cavies
summon cats and cunt money..
 ..& I will tyrannise the son of Love  & wide city dives must Colonise blueberry fields and green-bugs
We will see softening fathers flinging fast kids up in the sky & holy cogs will suck  
Tweezers      & naked eyes Strum blonde guitars & laden lashes sup  
False knives & sluiced dolls…when once we ease our cocks into bruised mitts, then drugs Curl
up, up, up, & mindless sex-cuts Claim killer dreams from blandly scissor-blorted blue musk.. O there are cleft
 beasts inside me & there are nailed leopards outside me.  Blood-ploughed, life’s sweet seas Vanish…Into jacked greased panic       & god’s days are banished!
Ash as we are, the enveloping sides of the rain Taunt death like a fiend..O, as we star in candy  Mars,
then the developing seas of washed pain Slap a tawny filled dream..&  We writhe for cunt cream & we falter
under Fistulas & sundered Cock-climes….Ash as we are, the tree-soaking meadow where shred men seem
Atoned by a screen..&     odes to petalled plumes play for plumed deaths & Closed cabins cat Canny lashes & Bedheads bat
Dark doomed denier dinners…. La, quaffed Potions under baby sin drag lady lakes for brute efts & swarmed cigars.
..When once sad Alice should choose to wash my mind Then caged cunt-spines Will gaol me
under  Drinkers-   o When once sad malice has tamed me, then blue tundra Will certainly seem
Rocked in a cocking dream..
& ashes under wives yawn for dragged deaths & fugues under small deaths wreck dolled draggers with clogs
and sex-mess..O. entertained, massed men and city trains suck old rocks   we will smoke for cherries
 The sodden saline sofas of the dead dream after Bled summer laughter & the mirrors of the dead Shine where Father
Pokes five eyes…O, the sodden sails of lovers send dogs to sleep as heaped hereafter Cremates burned wives!
& As we serenade the  vein-killed Then we will hear mashed  knives Grinding salt from milled Body-pox..
The sudden death of brothers sends pugs to sleep as lipping Lovers Lend eyes to blind rock
Uh..    When once I encounter the death of easy Man then I send wolved  whores to sleep
& when once I scream and surrender, then a patient body under Peter Pan will sunder my mind’s deep
  Dog kennel of daubs and dreamt wheat..
Creepy killer jives jack a jazzy jolt where musical sun-wards  Cram crazy colds deep down inside-
& the sweet sides of old jolted new brides Bomb city tillers, &  the purse of Mary melds bells with celled
 summer’s chill leaders…Uh..O as Alice sunders me, then I hear deaths in front of me sending skulls to sleep.. 
as a palisade of sex reaps teenaged delis, then old meat parades after dragged dick-bedded salty feet
Lo..As malice mates us with droves, then petalled pushers of peace Build fast walls around Blue palaces
 of dead sounds..O,& the oinked vans of wheat Harvest red sauced code & the junked hands of metal sleep
 Wed flayed fists to cunt-clothes…When once above a time, me and soaped ashes whined, then old razed
Rhodes Stopped sex stone dead…Hashing holdalls where we laid our city guise Rock for wrenched  sweet vines and valve-brides
O, & the sands of rivals build kiddy cattle-castles where a sea of stemmed dives Rocks for the midnight train
& ashes under clashes Thunder-reap saline scythes & the winters of the folly-killed claim dowsed cunt from
 cheesed heap-scooped slayed sawn splayed  Sedans ..
I am burned each year & hairy heights hammer halls to edams & Sanded skulls summon Dead-headed diamond
& the dogs inside wigwams house holy native Americans inside vast feathers -   Lo
mind killer scissors will can Sidling brain whizzers & when once molten hands Caress a cancan
Then lightnings will ignite cemeteries & shovelled pig-rammed Radioed rodeos…
Widening kiss-flaps Splay outside my world  as videos of farragoes
.                                   A splaying sun of lust spread-eagles dogs and dust-rain  a city’s optic train teases
 wayfarers, then eaten sun-visors shred old breads where opals inside gardens Lash loaves to fishy garlands
& when odes to ribbons Lay blue-waste to gibbons then a blithe bone of shoots hires bootless cries where sirens
Snap sawn brigands    & females Shoot fatal monkeys & caging killer honeys Coop Alice in wept valleys
Oh,  When once eager Malice cuts closed tongues then wet mental bodies Hiss for naked Master Hades
 &  bad budders bunch gags for Neon city wards.
The wives of ragwort witches cast city spells against blue eyes as a bad sky call summons spelled fools
 then keen dark-hatted cats clamber against the Shibboleth of hexagrams & cold nudes O 
the eyes of rag-witch-bitches lend posies to fanning foxes & the demeaning dogs of  meadow-horses
Land insanity’s voices; &, uh, I espy a wicked mental nude & the lanterns of the rigid rude Sweat skate-optics
Uh..We have been caged under Annals of blue thunder, & the fact that sex seems stony dead Rocks
a radar in our blushed beady eye-beds..& the headmost mounted father carries us way back home
 where the killers of evening scatter
 Sunny lunar powder…
Widening vast bats build rat-cats where dunny demons rattle a Pont Vecchio & Dinning supper eats metal!  Oh?
An occidental sun of Christ claims god from giddy Gide & the riders of a veined choired ocean-bug Send blurred
 fathers within enveloping dogs and drugs Lo…& the vineyard snails under wept Leaves dub
Fanned loud musical rubbed Rickety mamma Mod!!! Incidental fountains leach to the thunderhead  & the
dugs of darlings Drool outside a leaping salt-star! We disown now all draped wives & tall gods.

Oh when once keen Alice leaps into my eyes, then old bitumen will send sex sapphires & the darksome
chasm of death Lends sparrows to water?.~& as for deadly nightshades there must be A curling wonderland when
Cannabis & mind-fever Fashions a mad hare with bared Cogging mad-hatted kid-rivers..
& when once keen Alice sleeps inside my mind The snaky card-playing Kings & Queens  
Sends carols to invidious cock-crimes O…Dreams which howl and shriek outside light Stare into a haloed night-light
&  oozing killers suffer skin as naked life Lips after synchronised bodies The fathers of the West
Rush aside the hunted & daubing demons dribble after Lapped kips and lopped rattling souls
- O all our life’s a Waldron which
Speaks in silly tongues & Dilly donkey caps curve away where midnight’s maid
Sallies birds with baby-etas and lemon curd? ..Lashwide statues sprawl  Ah  a lumbering lewd hall falls
A spray of seed flexes under pearls  &, mown, old moving trees Suffer veined sweaty apples. when once our sea-girls
 wed the diddy dark then bathers under green gables embody breathers within soft hot bees
& a city of spun weed Sets light to Bladdered bone-harnesses. O, & I have seen the fleece of Man
 Donning lanterns… Dammed by pushed clocks,- where locked life plagues the rain, I, drummed for harlots,
 & snare-shocked seasand christs, &   as a bed of birds bangs hard, then blue blenched pain  Sucks soft guitars
 & we wash our old guitars where pools of passion rain Down, in a false town &  riches under lipids lam lions with Saline boy,
 -clowns!.. As we smell of seized salt, then a dead headed hero-kid Winds off a belled reel, ^&  coded sizers of summers ride
 for Cut pigs & pigs seem as bright as kids?
As branches break & blow, then gushing glaucous holds Pitted lips & moon-glow underneath punched vagina, a sea’s fold dams
 peace with blue-crows,   We will summon coal as we will splinter-fold  priced men with star-stabbed native winds… Hen-cots & dead-end sin Slap a slaver when closing city-souls
   End with trendless hairy hilltops
La La     softeners of nightshade trickle with salty mien as we spill from expansive spanked- skies, and we suffer for veiny
 nodal dairy dweebs…& the swift heart of a rado Darkens Coded shadow
 Split, a bridge of deaths ravels out where meadows Raise reddening faces from Silks & smoothed bed-crusts..    
Underneath belled broods, shitted sea-guns  Shoot a sunken noose & a Pont Vecchio mind-mouths for
   Sodders & cold spunk walls…& keen jemmy cunt-juice drips away…
.. Coded liquid dawgs  Draggle for domed diamond lips & keyboards in blurred cliffs Die for peopled
Vaulted Viols & macadam clits…As a bell of fire rings the holly, then xmas hits Cut love’s mistletoes.
Leaves drift down a belled sea-path, - perhaps We will fall aside the lives we crap Ah,
waking into coarse cats,
Leaves appear star-swept when City movers intend dead dogs and bashed chicken.
The bruisers & the shapers of god’s men Melt for mental metals, & the car-stricken
Naples that rode necked men Will surely summon madcap dilly navels.
& the hissers of the dead lam baby weed & Combing city-lead Drops
Away, away, away….  Ahhhhh    When drafting a girl for passion, we will Ease
 eager eggs where cold-clayed hills  Stop to fill God.. & the figs of fashions bash belles as old rills Drown daubed bodies…This side of a sail, we hear heads Swimming for the curled
Oh    when drifting a keen world between us then the sodas of girls toast wine-lusts
& giddy promontories of pearled pus  rocks a roller- world.
Oh, the trees rustle &  the leaves mussel Moany madam cuddles &
   the roundelay of the filled fucks muddled
Mown sea-cudgelled Dolls and witches-..As a burned sea turns around, then
 ragwort-bitches Expand breast-lifting arms where Old cream speed sups soldiers from lost anal salt air….
I will idolise a dam of dolls & tracheas under blue bolls will Hang crows from carved
Neon pities & the faults of brained cities Slam green brakes where  Pont Vecchio madams hire
whores to the bodies…Dog-dazed cat-criers colt after red air & we feed from rotted red hairs,  & we pray for televisual breakdown..
As coded chrome cuddles grain inside our hearts Then a bottled sea of nipped hearts Bears
 bombed beers in darksome Radio flowers-  as coded domed bubblers raid keyboards under lays then raping rodeos will
  rot, rot, rot     Uh Hohh
& I will shadow punk hymns as nude craned cat-cots Clot kissy craven vox pops…Old eyes of wax
Wash rivers in taps~& grand mal seizures under gay cap digs for dizzy dinner gulls..
&   this surrendering hired moon melts for snapped pink Fishes in vaginal bottles…
Wide of blue-blazed  chalk, we lend tears to dear deranging strange cradles
 &   wept wolves howl for lamb grease..
This silent sea of rope has tied a tawse around me  wetted summer weed Ignites Bind entertainers
 & blued midnights…        Oh….A hatred for the killed carries clapped coasts where Bled bugs beat an old bed
& the blurred drugs of the dear dead world hear men Incinerating dogs with doped eerie pea-hens
   Oh A violent Pont Vecchio of sun and rain Will always see a woman of soft flame
Spiralling down where a corpse of Greek grain Hammers whores to smacked witches…
..As we tread a  blithe city bone, then roller- men Snap up the colour True?..
. ..   mien den men hen hem gem when then..    Chortle?! Chortle?!!
There is a sun-given ghost who taints gelled capes O as a wedded gun-ghost paints ridges
 & clammed soul-saints & where once a bed of tears drank boiled lace Then odes to glutton
ogres Hit hands with clams & prison saints..There is a moon-mission where Ignited Christs lead
loss into a pear & ugly lovely clipping cunt-hair Collides with grease as glowed hearts Snap cruel bone…
.Whence a lunar lantern falls, then we will deface
All war
This great gunge eye lunges after blind faith  O underneath banged caps, a  body of rages sunders
Faceless crapped cats, & we will show slow films as a A great mind lunges after deaf hate.
.When once we go to kind sleep, then fate Will pinion us. The dark side of gas Gives rage to thundering caped
Dammed tongues..   O , The whipping wives under sin rape Godless death-cinemas & bad boys break as blind faiths
   Die for swooned summer..
A great heart misses a beat. The sudden sides of nice perverts  Send bodyless bairns where cold hurt
Hisses & the distant stars of God  Look down where.Bad sods creep downstairs..O
The silence of the moon suffers rooms & the sails of ship-heads swoon…
I will idolise dogs & pleasure &  goddess has found us where the bagged moon Shackles spires
to feathered
Vineyard grails… 
I count down from men to heroes & when raised from salts and papers, we must read
 About mad maidens on a dyslexic cliff.   O, where once a ship of rubbing saviours
Snaps drowned bone, then delved death will certainly sprawl from  East to female West; and old lips
 Cut long ladies fingers from  Ideal metal babies….As we feel the precious air, so we strum
 Sherry-washed guitars & a toad under mirrors murders  Cherry-crushed curved rivers!
Odes to xmas carry craned easter words as rode death rides away.
The keen eaten city green where I overheard mown deaths Shatters me now! O, as a sea of words
Scatters swathed sex, then Eager eaters rathe Rome with soft miction children  & the roads of sparse heaven
Drop bone where ravens Caw at a dark love’s bird..
As we hear a raped stone of God Hurling summers into Love Then giddy city ghosts must suffer cold drugs
Apiaries cell-stung raise old nerves, & scored fanny faiths may well secure
Blue bods & a heel inside a whored pantry door..
Wrought where a scented centre sounds us Then a body in a purse Will surely rock then spend us?
& puked hospital dust dreams of the daddy past where toed lust wrapped mummy sheets under
  Watery canine sex cardiacs…
O, As we mussel to a filthy shroud-sail then old buddha Mother Must entangle doves with city Fathers
& now & now & now, as a blue bride of sad crowds Rots for Mamma, then easy bitten mental clouds
Cry for the menstrual wives of Eden!!
As sad stilled sailors sunder Mean drakes & palavers  Then horses will clamber
 for Old seas and cigarettes.
As we press our pick into rolled salt-scars Then a veil of winter drapes the hanged
world O as stricken pictures peal Planned oils Then easels underwater sees wheels Lending bombs to mad old MaCurie
& where passion pips Hot pursed receivers then bendy lips Lock a long  lady inside Old gaols & midnight eyes!
Lockets unfound where stiffs Sink a digit inside exigent cliffs  & bulling brain-brides must
kiss Cold wives of Eden….. We will awake to a lost dream when wide  women creep forever?
O why does your mind transfjgure  Wild eyes and cheesy rain? O why do we find rivers Underneath salt grain?
As keen welts see pain Washing bled lovers Then our sex wine must suffer Loaded dives & lubber.
The women weep after Bombs & blather &, as crazed cars sunder Stony cunt-sea-lather Then
blokes under poached fire trickle into fever; & mad bolls of rage age after Blonde bods & secured cut carers
Cats in a mental denigrating seed-strait Dig into metal sin -   & we will see hate Drinking divine cunt-fearers…
& Odes to madam Milton heed Cold forgiven greed & silence snaps a dicky green giddy crow-daddy. 
A great geek lunges forward as crashed ken Corresponds with self and mad men..As a belled bonce sea-slams soft
Girl bitumen, then a blamed  bodice under switched blades Hang hurtling herons with slapped thunder-graves
As we slide & sluice our blended veins, a Pont Vecchio under cloud taps wraps deciduous bone deep within
Vast souls & jammed faces way, way down in a city gallows..
& we hear a sea of killers Claiming beery buds from defaced  nuclear mirrors..& we must suck for
Hot rolled  mouths & child-war….
Made all lush and green, murder on a moor  Intertwines evil piss-dreams, &
the valves of a caned cunt-claw
Interwinds evil shit-screens…The wives of the wicked have walled Kid-graves within asylums.
Since we have let love’s load to the love-killed then old misuse must Nestle deep down where a sea of dills
Sinks rectal jives into dust & the nuking natives of holy evil lusts Stoppers vines with hilled
Wide Whores & old faces..& grapplers under nunneries will cut Casements of dogs & nut-sluts
Oh, as miraculous herons hear the dead shaping Snaky robbers from tiny lives, then wolvers of a sad midlife
Rocks rosy vales where hot pug-men Go home for a lost weekend.
As swinging nurses light up the city dark Then dunging hearses Drive within dreams & horses & the blade
s of sex Drink stoned silks   .. The weeping wives of Christs kiss milk & the dogs of blood winter Yap at boats
& the slaying sides of lovers Lead ashes when the Pont Vecchio lends Ponchos to a sealed buddy-father.
Since we have let this space between us Rot inside red rain Then erasing sex-grain Digs dolts deep within
Shadowing blonde bussed  Nude billies!...The teenaged toilers of nude deaths Smatter salts and cold lips.
Five sad stars fail to fall. Ten sad cars ride a hall  The veins of city tulips stall where a bed of beauty
Bounces upon gambo bed, & twirled cold ladies lock  a finger in a wax soul,
& although we appear rotted, we are fed to harvest foals.
  As minds blink
  Then sex shrinks.
Ahh   Burned by sensitive liars, a loaded tongue of pure rain pelts pushers with Pre-planned pigs   & sold pain
Will shatter & rolled men will hear father Raging like the sea!
As punitive passions prick trees, then we fall into leaved crocus eaters; & the  dilly
 darlings of the sun-killed crucify rotting filmed dark radios…& the stars go home alone & the rivers
 of red rodeos  Rock a  hearse inside soul-sleeved Vast rats..
O  when once eager eyes have eaten, then boned lies  Swill libel & slander
& we known children of Leander ..Ho, these dizzy darlings of the lost winter
Lay hot waste to hot Loss...
Made garish, a god in a harness heals Bad bones yapping fields Fall into silver yields.
O where we lashed against truths Then we hot-housed a shed of sleuths  &  the
 massive quarter-hour where eyes moved Hired hopped  youths and madam youths dream of soldiers?
Alike to a slumbering sleuth, we lose All sense of sane control & Just like a de Chirico doodler,
 old dames enter into hands, & Iced hot-hearsing owls set fire to dogs & sea-prams..
Sometimes inside a paper sun, we earn wingers. Sometimes, as holiday withers, we
Will surely uncover kids at sea?  & the shrilling slams of fathers Lay waste to city plovers  
Oh..Sometimes it’s all a dream (sometimes the mother seems
  Caught in cancer?)   & men and cream will have the answer?!
Big bald breezed bounders Bend bags from cold lovers the sirens of saviours Set scissors where barks rot.. 
Big bald cheesy fathers farm for female pastures &, o where a sauce of rotted cops Clip-clop, then
Lion-leaders of soft loss howls for good children & the birds of the owls Crow for birded plume-towels…
Bad bald breezed coffee-cake Cuts a moon-slice as bods under bun-cowls Cry for killer slots
&  entertaining adventurers of sea-sin Call for god’s burned curtains now….
Since we have let the eyes between us shine Then youth & age must jump into our minds. The weedy willies
of sex-haunts unwind for village souls & intercity green-wards… O, Since we have slavered after spies, then
 we will Soothe scythes for neon winds, The rattlers of the knockered claspt vampiric city hills  & sometimes it seems as if girl-claws Stop, stop as Dead as the son of words
when once winter hedges toppled under green pain Then eyes underneath us will Ply for impossible neon-hire.
  The canine cats in capped hills haul missions fiercely home, & the pinched veins in bone scutter as old drills
Stop the  stoned dead..Five lanes break. The keys of coffee capes shed tumblered old towels & whored rain.
When once wingers suckle green ganja, then death Shops sinewise metal inside smoky Woven crack-stalls & baby
 buyers & wringing body-bridlers Send a daddy green bus to shipping inner thighs.
…o,    We have lingered in the trees as old lies sea-search us for drams & daisy brides..
& when once old age comes knocking at our doors Then waxes of wicked girl-flame must Hear sex and waste ramming
 candle-dusts; & sweet bed-ridden specimens writhe under Shroudsails & policed sex-Numbers  OA tragi
c English moon glows like paint where washed tea-wards Sink a litre of tea from spastic cuppers; and wards
Make keen wool of the dead and mentally sundered.
& when once below a mind we suffer cumbered Cocks and rockers Then blown baby-bunting bytes will
lead unto lost lazy locked cocking horses.  We move  ahh …But renal movements die.
& since we have found that the lovely earth we live in Has come to good misuse Then we have certainly
made a city of pierced puce; & the raggle-taggle boys we have city-named Must rise from red self and live again.
   O.As a blonde bone bears a bloody bled boned domed dairy, then this
blind city we have softened must see gasped dirt grain Gagging for a suburban cheesy piss…
& fists fill fuck &  Dogged spinning hills reach for rat-muck & The never-to-be-forgotten yields of cut fuck
Will poise like a pen in the web of sound..
O, as we have let the earth underneath us Hissing in the rain, Then we must sire seraphic graves from
Coded funeral dust…& the sealed hands of a peacock drum Strap bells to our city lusts..
O, now that we have saved guns, then Fast floes of Gods swim screens when We will reach for women
& veiny isolates lam gaols with hems o Underwatered, we shall see the buds of men Bearing books to dyslexic
schisms. Old hens Cluck in a yard when Closed boys bury bods where a poet tree Lays green wastes to loaves & chidden
  Urban rain…
& as wives underneath children Raise feathers from blue pain Then blown biddies will sea-bang Odes
 to naked women…When once a pool of hands twirls around Haired floe-wax, then a boll of sound  
Heeds whores & bell-brews…& the lashers of the underground rock for skinned sliced hairs
O, Thunder-daughtered, as sin shares Cradles filled with mean pears,we rot for Christmas, &, as stairs
Hear the stars looking down, then bad boys will certainly raid our tiny town!
Rodeos under radios Serve darkness to moth-eared shadow, & as we made our way unto a sweated screen
Then the scary road we moved Jammed, & the cruel wind-dean Who prayed for eaten  nudes
Entertained the dead as blue dreams bolted into eagled  Easter…& azure under loose-thunder smooths
Fat thumbs & magazines.. Oh, pointed ferules fain dead as endless dudes Stopper salt with dirty marines...  
  Mind miners dig for slate & the doles of kids hire sweet drapes..
& Since we have sold out to fever, then apes will surely beat old bears to death & the bollards of the old
Dream of dog-headed seas and rifts where green smelt palisades rock for prayers.
Will-found in a dizzy fountainhead, blown hair Batters for green plaits, &, lo, where a dragged town-cap shares
Dolls with mad heirs then giddy ghosts of war ram dying soup-slappers.
Oh, since we have hurtled into Christ Then a pick in a lift may well Summon dullness from city shells
& blown bombed factories Lease loss to a cunt’s savoury/sweet Lick of de bodies.
& since we have left wet hallways, we must loosen into crags, & seize the skies of day
draggling desolations from cursed curs and pure graves..& we have seen a daddy’s daffy draggled fierce dream
damm British body berries with Cat-kine & laid pig
  O…we will have to recall those eaten riflers who Moved gunned men to weepers
& a dolly gunman shoots Green canyons & trenching blood blades ..Oh, we must ride the blade?!
Coded killers carry coastal murder when Kind vaulting canaries carry topmost invisible men Eagerly into Babel
& eyes inside bombed beards rattle All deaths & all gunny countries.
O we went to visit god’s grave as Dreamt old fever sucks old gas & the naked theatre in which we move hears glass Puffing on dead puffin grass
When templars under fast sadness Wrap nine hands around city levers, then the past Heals up!!
O we went to visit’s god’s grave & a tyranny of gulls whored us & teetering gilt fathers Warmed itinerant lovers
& guilty radio summons CD slumber numbers…
     Ghosts move for midnight. Oldness encumbers rumbas. Old wet wives move in...
I went to visit god’s grave. Sleeping in the dark, I Overheard blonde naves numbering curs with issuing
 city li& the maiming liars who balled lives  Come back to enslave Doctorings of paled puce & tree-cries..
The piercing pandemics of the dead have eyes Interfused with hokum limbs & deaths, &, when
once a sea of lips has cried Then a daring killer of six hot brides Extemporise tears as old gods writhe
Oh      When once I telephoned a sea of stone, then eynes Idolised the dying rivers of  nailed dives  
& the disusing gates where we used ride Teeters now  & fades into the sun
O the wearied cut of a spade on a gun Shoots pearled emeralds where Weevilling dunny dolls cut waxes from slashed city cum.
Underneath an unnatural world, scum Cuts the face we tread. O, drums  Swill oil  & we send egmail to
Bald deniers…I dare not expel learned air. I cannot hear the blue Mental moon &  as we slide into sigma, then old nudes Delve ashes for alarmed tombs..  
The ashes I tread for must suckle sun-gunned Dives of hands and roses & the daughter of red dust must hang wounds from Aged paranoid huge pleas..
I dare not expel aged musk. I cannot hear the Widening wives of foreign lust   O..We walk the winter’s rages...
the lost Carry cars where coded chrome-crossed Kind killers Double the dead & factories rust.
Pinking shears slice loaded peached hair as closed booze Buries bones in green slabbed trees & the wifelings
of the leas lam cruised Wide wolves & curmudgeoned rude Romantic risen rainbows.  As a knell of lust
Rots inside a jack-knifed tossed bus, Then blind blameless city fuss Fallows after washed shelves & blued
Abyses  -Candified careering kisses Carve teeth from torn kisses..
As we see an eye of pain, we suffer guns and fathers O the cities of the vain Lend dogs
 to dust as digging Spanish sailors Rock for bodied sea-sleep..& the handled luggage under wheat
Leans outside the moon’s mane…. As we suck wild pain, then we must reap Cold wives
 & Forcing motels cut deep Where vines & lovers lick Slayed slowed meat…
Since we have come to see the road between us Fade to grass, then Wilful wise women may well call us
back home, where the keen & dead fuss for  Cremated pigs & scathed war.
Our keen poems are rather like actual bird’s eggs, Delicately pierced where yolks & whites
  Stab a clock of cocked toast
   Oh   & the gatherers of lights Lend mad spies to northern rites
Our keen words are rather like active pigs- - Made underneath sties all damned year Slayed by swilled pug lives
& the occidental missives of boar-brides Hang salts from mothers?
…We will jam a jape of drams as drunken brothers Sink a chop inside a chinked vein.
O ours are the clearest truths. Under ashes, we see rain Cutting the space we tread & the motel
rooms of the dead Shrill for bombed beds.  O, we must Peer inside rocked pools as dust Flings waxes under wet wives
 & demon-lusts…. & the glib guides of the crushed Rock for naked loss  & the crisscrossing dives of pigs
Weep for drowning bubonic sweet-breaths..    O
The user of burned water lights soft dregs & we use water for worship & the riders of dark skies
Swallow a hallowed hotel moon…
& since a sac of crap feels for sexual pins and needles Then hot tied eels Squirm where roasted angels
 Close their winged forms around Cut eyes & loud towns.  -Oh, This waking world we summon
 has to heal All wedded women  & this story of the soul Sweats for romantic arson as wheels Turn, turn.
Lo, as we loosen our spun ties, then periscoping spermatozoa Cuts candy semen from a swung mirror
& the roads we have left must earn  Hot money from  Careering family fever…
Wide worlds under fire will feed after Bruised fists & funeral water…
 As choice of youth cuts up our peacocked hand, Then balls under feathered fans willl
 Cut blithe glovers;  & the road we have suffered lead sold loss to guns and plovers, & the sweated tree of Man raises
Royal groynes repeaters from  Idylls of nude naked faceless sirens.

When once a sad soul is sunned by static diamonds Then bloaters under groped seasons Slap a bald gal’s arse
& the alarms of the stilled snaps a silence & we touch a fish-Cunt & we empty rude violence.
The kindling seas of Christs have gone. Waves Sail away behind lost villages.
Oh our mind-headed moll of wards  Succours old dolls from private city stores & this
 road of stalls where we drove With massive light  Clambers down where uvulas of dark light Darkens steel hills with bobbing babies
 Oh  When once a pool of ridges winter-raises Cold heated pantheons of black & white
 Then a ball of racist bastards Cooks greyed loaves as whip-weeded ladies Link crooked arms with
Long bony Nazi fingers-    o, a sea of kids `brighten like the birds & the shrilly star-risen trees of words Whirr like a valley.
When once a mind-headed moll of wards Ropes beds to neat cliffs then eager easy eyries Stop.
And our jeering family skeleton is, of course, Trapped inside a factory built from night & the giddy gulfs
 of gods have seen green force Ravelling into old times.  The killer of four oceans seems abed. Minds
Swelter into whores as a vogue of children winds Against a hill of wind. O, the dollies get sea-hanged from
orange trees & This is the road we led Throughout a glass darkly fastens bees to scrams..
  Underneath neon stingers-  the loaded son of man Rams rivulets of sex codes &
Oaths to seasons score hirsute washy toads.
The familial smell of sex hell digs for sea-shells O, & a sea under cells gaols A family skeleton where the scented
 Desultory oceans where bells Chimed for green tocsins, then soft hills Weaken for green mirrors
& the chained sky-chapels of the heart Beat, beat, Oh, The rivers on the run from cold barks Sail for trees where closed sailed arcs Slam down the dusts of money.
Since we have come to disuse our fancy City charms  Then dollies under lost farms Send cats to comas. The
 diggers of babies  Bob out of the sitting killed  As we strive to record a song of arms
Then fast wives drool behind red palms.
Since we have let the sun come between us,  Then dazed dilly deaths wll surely stick sex where a dream of dust
Swirls, swirls.. O  & when once a daddy dreamer  Dips his woman in a sea of pearls A digger of a river
Nooses drams from drunken fathers & since we have let the sun come outside sin Then fazing furious flava
Knocks upon Porlock’s door…Eyes under spies spin for sealed wards  & star-life sees the moon’s sealed score
Swinging for wide Haven.
 a sweet silence recalls the soft tears of the small; & the wives of worlds Wed old kids to cake-stalls.
O where a seat of mongrel salts Lays mean waste to cruel soft birds Then the lantern of sheered life runs
 down a blind hall..& a sweet silence recalls The swift lap of the walled reamy daddy diamond where colts
   Carry guns to naked nude curves
As the body of the faint caresses keen volts Then a blithe bob of Christs Robs romantics of blousy sex-heists
& the dreamed gunnels of the stoned   Snap….    O, as we play alone
    Then we live for rooms of stone.
And a dreamer’s yawning mind melds inside Green beads and whistles, & Layered pug-dogs see sand
Spirting wives when woollen sex-knives Dam cakes with screams
.o, As a dolly in a breadcrust jabbers then Woken cat-men suffer hot gems, &When once a bull undercover
Ripens into four hands Then the dizzy drakes of scudders smother female classrooms….
Ideal swivelled tomb-traders hear Mother Anointing a dead dummy brother.
O a bullied rider rides for lit night, & Wetted weapons reap dark brigands, & this side of a dilly dune,
hot old vans Crash down &   we will ram Solid stolid peeking edams.
Undersided by water, we make use of gardens & the solemn snubbers of old garlands Arises from clicking
Toilet silence..& the wakeful wideness of soft violence Raps all ten healing knuckles Around bagged
dogs & suckled Laden piss-prats….O a bullied rider writhes for Darting cats ^& sweet cavvy Christ.
.. Since we have let god’s rivers come to ruin, &, o, since we have persuaded life to end, what now
Can we give to life but the embers of a dead heart? & eaten waters seize now The easy eaten rifles of life’s arcs.
Since we have let god’s rivers come to ruins &, o, since we have invaded loss with old crowds
What now must we seem to lose But bad worlds and old news?
Toppling pinking pugged pictures of the slain Rock a lulled lady & fast sleep runs like a body now?
Sun-endowed, when a world outside the clouds Rocks, rocks, then Gun-devoured, a hot hills dreams of ridden
Romantic pierced roses… Oh,  as a tree of rice feeds the dead, then women Arise, arise
& the guns of eyes shoot drapes as children  Teeter as youth Sours in love’s smoothed
    Mummy mouth
Zzz. Hidden city locks turn where father Buries a bonny pet in dirty Stoned rooms where mother 
Called upon a lidded kiddy funeral. The sides of sin Stopper  Cut breast-retaining
Cunt-tribes..  Moon-melded with salt-constraining eyes, We plot for darkness.
& as lies fall to sleep, & as kids carry rainbows, Then a valleyed sea of pigs Will suck salt heebees.
 The city’s stoned blow Haggles after fish-n-lemon & cemented cremated sky-weapon shoots huge
 sweater Hades where plumed pavers of old crows Crap upon a wool-hand.
O as wives fail to weep, & as pugs peal Closures of pained hills & sirens, then a valleyed boat of brigs
Dams orchestral movies. Digs Dog dives with dregs, & the slithering sines of God see loaves
   Slicing heat from spun hair.
 .                  mien men hem hen hem when then gem  Chortle?! Chortle?!
The lips of old cold cut the place we tread O the slotted suns of sluts Slash blue rollers where a doll in a bed
Rocks for sweated Heaven  lo, as a bad boy drops, then naked mutts Must slip a sky in a glass
&, ash-made, as town’s masque Bodies into hills & nations, then grass  Pomades the spilling dead
Outside a dreamed world, a tree of wax Washes green guitars where sex lead Rips a cord from a hot heaping
cunt-bed..the lips of the old carry ices where glass sallies drones with farters. The past dreams
of death & we must cast Old cards &cards will last forevermore.
The reaming sense of the sexed and gone  Lams our faces with guns  & the space where we saw the sun
Scattering birds into vast  Green gardens here now shape Rodeos of city drawers…
O & the fierce fathers of the past Lend laden Leda to mean spires & this bully-word goes around the fires.
When once a hissing boy sweats for scores  Then bad-bedded dreaming whores Hear death drive dogs into salt
& since we have left our liquid lovers to Donny dives & vermin Then dodgy sea sin has come to suffer
Blonde beers & loony fathers.
As the hides of whores strip gold, then dolly blued bosses will  Certainly ride from the eyes in the hills
& bonny boys bag bairns inside lovers…The idle smilers of grey grimacers will  Study just how to cry
& the manned moon in the sky will writhe..
 & dulled city rides dam drills& painted passion fills Fast fakes at the bodies…
Ah, we sleep beside dead wives La, we weep for lies; and closures espy Cunt-dreams.
O & a gay pantheon of staccato slaves hear sunken knees  Laying Roman-waste to Dinosaurs &
My dimetrodon daggers Damascus  &, caged in blood’s Waldron, a sea of need
Lights up Plato’s shadow of a cave…O, & erectile dolts damage Aristophanes as sex trades
skin bled knees & baited birthdays    & as bald dead Prometheus Sleeps in a shot-stunned cliff-crust
Then holy imbecile Pont Vecchio angels  Angle after wide bubbled bible-evenings
The parasitic piano of love’s uvulas hires Clicked angelled men who dine inside dark fire.
.,When once doled dictators of god & money Urinate on a campfire Then dollied
 sallying suture men heal bunny & the dead go on  & the sun is done
O since we have let the summer sun between us Vanish into rain, then deaths Will
surely size a body from a shipwreck & the opened panes of cut glass  
Snaps Aristophanes from Old knicks  & arsenic grass
 Grasp bowls of the wet drain liqueur  O since we have died, why let rivers Ram death’s Rama
For we have sucked on drama & we have hardened After all the nightjar’s nudes & all the dons of gardened
Salty winnows & city minnows & since we have left the father fellow us to dust  Then youths and I must
Saunter inside cremated sex-cut Meanies who register candled camphor with Dill-city-drives…
The whores who feel for love will rid All families of vaginal kids. .Lacing to the very
 last, a ball of biddies hear lies Dragging waxy walls for Dramaturgical austere fingers of wars
…O since we have let the winter blossom into wards Then we will vanish & sink a soapy gourde..& Healthy loss lops old scores.
O we overturned Florence   O, I had waited too long for The green fields & I dictated rape to
 a stage  O, I overturned Florence & seen crumbling under paintwork, I see Age Razored under Clocks & sages
& the blooded bods of thunder Snap gay clouds where A slain sky Pisses in the  mind
O I overturned Florence…
when once the suns of man Burn, burn Then very simple naked terns will Sally everything
& I overturned Florence?!!!!
We have always attended impossible spaces,  & e have forever summoned faces
   O the sun inside the sea lands Green lips & the dogs of denial
Lend lissom to cold nips, & we will attend impassable aces & We will strum a washed guitar &
 we will send closed rivers where
Closed pugs whine
Since we have seen mad mice murdering Man  Then our desolate sea of time Stoppers
Dun divination.. As we swelter for peace, then a bodying bud of love Sends a renascence
 god to Dead goodness & all bad blood  Oh  we have let mean wards beneath us summon
 blued Beds & babies & as we swelter for peace, then our shoes Will trample sun and flame..
This side of a swaggering star-train moves Old eyes to young tears. Back lanes laid by female
 stone Open up to reveal a sea of bone & the nests of death we have domed Dillies after sugar-sweet lovers-
The doorway Man has phoned Lost jived keys & when once a woman’s groan jabbers a  fast jammed face
Then the messes under shoe-laces tie bugs to bawds.
Since we have led sex-deaths far behind Then greenies cut from limes hurl pigs down backyards
& I dare not visit my own grave. Underneath tombs I dare not scatter my own ashes?   
O when once chapped flashes rock a hot hearse to sleep then I will never visit my time of day.
& when sight sizzles, then a bad boy’s meat  Will succour sweat’s ores…  Odes to kind sleep
Slam a dreamt sea-hand with The visual slumber of swept kids.
& as a bombed bill of fayre extends a dog’s doo Then bled boundless bitten screws
 Transpose vegetable nudes with Grey crows & kiss proud Pont Vecchio
Since we have let god’s graveyard come between us  then I suppose will surmise a sea of dead dust?
Or is it more that love’s sex hard Sallies meat Because we have no way to fucking sleep?
The vast spires of music rise a chapel’s car O since we have let god’s cemetery  Ignite pigs & warders