further speed-written songsheets

work-in-progress:  title: a strange sun and a red skin

1st draft poem then poem-song


as gobblers gripe after gaolers then a sunny sea-drum
wave-rams dykes beneath weavers of night and day..
Drugglers of a money helix hip to a grind when clays
crashdown; and a bell in a stream flows under braids
and a hashy whored fence wets tears with tea-trays.

as gobbers gripe after gaolers, a moony of a mind
has to surely break-up; and a donny inside a mind
helters after suet as a dunny diggy drive car-climbs
fiercely upon thinned air. O, a van of eyes here blinds
welters of wicked reason; and mad maled folks swim

blonde streets awaiting a strange sun and a red skin

as gobblers of gripe use a mike, then holy wed sin
spins around hot heaven's limbs. Death heats hymns.
Darkness screws sin. Sadness bends down. Uh?

hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell.
a slicer of porn seems clean-shaven. O, bowed bells
ring for rimmers of creams as a soft head wells
deep down inside a fixed creature; and hot cold cells
snap nails around lives as a prison in a blind well
leads memories to waxers of wind-heated citadels.

hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell.
a saddler appears killed. Old ponies peal felts
and a bound boned boy-baker bakes meat milks,
and dirtiers of darkness dazzle razzlers with pelts.
Slaying lazy dancers melt into snow's cold silks.

as gobblers of gripe use a night-light, then fins
fish after sweet watered bonny carps; and sin
slices a rider from slaughterers; and cold minge
mops a tomato soap-sud with a papered hinge

blonde streets sing for a dying estranged gun.

the street parties of the silver dead drag a cake for
a dinner of bodies; and a rider's bed dreams of wars
o street parties under mind-mirrors melt under paws
and we celebrate drinks as a holder of a hot maw
lays jubilee tables for kinks; and a rider of a bevvy
tea-bakes stables. Ah, once a blind day, cherries
lay easy waste to rattlers. And deaths eat berries?

as gobblers of gripe use a night-light, then whores
have to ply for pints of spite; and a wived old ward
rams hospice heights down pikes. Uh, coded doors
open out on a strange sun as a lady under shut stores
suppers for dirty privates. O, a naked father snores
Dark lubber bait eyelets. Sex molds fucking gore
and we burn, burn as we turn, turn.. END!!!!!!

hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell.
Rifflers of porn sever gas as matrial bell-cells
rock a cocked gun. O, a bed of ash hits dells
and bled walls scream where homes in hills
hip to a castle-beat; and castlers cry in mills
and hell is borne from drills as hell is saved.

as gobblers of gripe use a night-life, graves
give risen caked head to a loaf inside shades;
and we hear the sun come up in a hot sky's
dirtied burning eye. La, La. easy old dives
drop from out rain. Ah, a bolted beast brides
rolled dust; and we marry Mars as red lives
sink god's goat penis inside a bowl of knives


carriages of marriages ride upon an old train
o sad cardial sausages grind bled meaty veins
Deadliness becomes us and honey under stains
shutters a vased vibe with old rockets; and eyes
leap to a deaf-blind beat when odes to blue skies
supper for dinner gals whose easy breakfast
rises under coded mummies. Ah, closed masks
crap for masquerades when dollies in the past
are in the fathered cloths of gollies and grey hasps.

carriages of marriages ride upon an odd train
o bad cordal horses grind pepper ponies. Veins
truckle into times as a bled clock inside a brain
hits aside the quarter-hour. Ah, moistures stain
blonde toilets with hot and cold champagne, and
easy piggers of picklers strike plugs from sand
O. Easter eateries dull xmas with easing woman
and we ride from spinneys as a canine hand

rocks a robed gun; and rifled cunt-lungs dam
a babby booker with brigands; and cars crush for
streets of dirt where a vanner of stars hears walls
whipping cavers from scanners. And buds burn.

and hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell.
Gobblers storm bells. Blown boys brag about cells.
and heaven is born in heaven as heaven is born for
dizzy hearts whose filthy beat baits a cardial cord
and hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell.

carriages of marriages ride upon a milk train. La!
a bowl of coots crashes; and an apple in a fast car
cries for dead travel. Oh, a bed of beads has to stir
coded sleep with wisdom; and boiled gold eggs purr
and, lapwinged, a cat of confusion cries after birds

and hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell
dazzlers of sapphires sink gold into samphires and
we weevil after natrons as outelbowelled hot trams
trip, trip, trip. Ahh. we widen for watts as valvers
slam easy hummers down humungous city slickers
O a bun of bone breaksdown. Oh, a baby sticker
pokes punnets into pistons; and a Numbered river
raises plummy fluffs from green-grey idle fingers

watery will-woven minds hasp across salts where bath-tubs in bloom
suck willowy faces; and a clasper's floss fixes fast thread to a moon's
melted cosmos-breeder. Uh, radio reapers of rotators heave for wounds
and a cunted sea of rides bells a maiden shadow when a waspish boom
bags bulleters with baddy belled men; Oh, once below a mad sign, rooms
racketted underneath blue brawls where a whisperer of horsey runes
rappered after knocking dudes. Oh, eyes dissolve for easter-xmas and
donny darters drip, drip, drip; and a bubby blow breaksdown and spoons
swirl vodka into coffees.Deepening deaths dream of Eden. Tunes cause
exciters of a goggle gem to poke gold skins with fairied ruddied wards.

watery will-woven minds hasp across malts where basins in red dunes
dissolve just like postmodern aspirin; and a vault of hair cuts for tombs
and a bell of glass wrenches plaided bombs from dangling testicles.
Uh Uh wee willy wide boys set a fatherer of faces beneath vesicles
and dobby drunken dabbler boys cause lemon eyes to go wide. Tails
wag for pussy pies. Veils strip a jacked sty. Sails suck after gay nails.
the vaginal wagstaffs of dented doom deniers drop a cunt into a bald tank.
Dafflers of crag-castes crack-up. Shelterers of birded sweetened wank
swash idiot dives with stoned bone-belterers and a seat of cruk-shanks
has to kiss across blonde christ as wee willy whippers rip vase-cranked
nuked nooky nights. And we arise from pee as a shitter under lamps
wallows for fired amps. Uh, gods see now the abuser of a bad vale.

the harbingers of petrol misery must turn a burning face to the enemy
o sodded head-ringers hip to good dust where an Isis under penuries
pulls a sodden bed from dreamt lips which caress a kisser's melody
and a dog of dens drags a torn maned toothcase; O, rotating honeys
hit aside gods when odals of pled porn pelt a deadness of sex-lunacy
with rubicund worn misery; and the helters of sadness sup a cut nut
la, once upon a swamed mind, a dirty owl hooted after a salter nut
la, once inside a stormed mind, a filthy doctoror of a pigging plume-put
had tp abuse a blue-blind stethescope; and as a dawner of king Tut
tries a pisser for veined vast rainbows; and a dogger of a ferine mutt
melts aside chained corn. Ah, wideners will go wide when money
pisses from a rich bum. Ah, sharpeners of floes fly from old baby
the harbingers of petrol misery must turn a burning face to the enemy
ah ah, a vault of genes genetically dusts a shawn sickler's fantasies
and a wife of ducts dunnies after tusks where a doll inside a mammary
feels for titty suck. La La. Invisible sunny lenders bleed bent closures-
uh. Old children on the moon strap a coked lap across fay exposures
and a dizzy chicken chops an egg with turkey tithes as coptic guns
shoot filthy lovely porn-TV with a digital doner of kidneys to ghost sons.
the vaginal wagstaffs of the Thames teases cogs with barblers and
ideal pushers of pussy phlegms press a valley bell when small islands ram
doltors of daughterers with planet Death; and we flower for fizzed fans
ah ah. Ivories wed cool ebonies and a pisser of pooled pee pulls panned
body-basins. La!! woven wooden wives weep for eerie Kosher drams.
Beaters beat bad meat. Potions poison sleep. Casement cram cans?


dopplegangers of doled men dream about sireners of slayed mind-miners
and a dolly on a shrift cliff serenades the sport-skirted bones of a writher
ah ah, weepers of a tea-heap reel inside the china east and coded liars
slander after blue libel as the fearers of the flashed fuck up rolled fires
and we wallow under pyred tyres when a vampy scampii of green spires
loosen tides with happily strangled neck-ties; and emptied dreamt fires
fasten a bluesing rash to a doddered dais; O, as we crouch, then pyres
will rivet daisy craft with thinning lips in stasis. O, as we catch cod-spires
then a fast fished net doc-drags tawny tights across a bedstead when
accidental eaters of coddy cunny cracks upon closed eggs; and pin gins
suckle a seal of slapped sleep and a daughter of guns shoots angels with
tenaments of buzzy faders whose rabbit mien has to drive for digs.

dopplegangers of doled dauphin men ride mind-saddle when a hose-pig
deafens a trippy harness with daggery tides and menstrual oiled-rigs
and, o-la, as we burn for mangered boys then we hoot for a fig-wigged
bonny banged body breaker whose whoring weeper of spine digs
after babbied bubbled lotions. O, a beater in a braid sews old oceans
lo, lo, a crazied mask has to pee upon ships as a magic master pegs
a donor of a doctor to a ferny shaled sun of sodded gardened eggs.

dopplegangers of doled men dream about wideners. Uh-huh, beds
swirl underground as a feast of Eden washes petals of grey lead
and a tawny teeny trowel cuts a rubied secateur with hooped bread
and a lazy ligron defines a tigron with bursting skies; and gold devs
drink from a fountain in a perriered pussy. Lo!! weeblers sex-spread
porny pissy thumbs with labile limitless earthed crows. Ahhhh. Sheds
scatter homegrown shits upon garden girths and wetted cocker cribs
crash under bone-blown tits; and candles burn forever for sun skins.

reamers of rotated river men rush upon god's sun; and laden fayres
famish fetes with dilated mirror men; and parents of blind hairs
hit against rides as a drover of city dens rots aside blown mares
o a lilted nudist lichen-strewn lighthouse deifies dogs with actors
then a bended bead-gem grates a granite horse with bled jams. O!
reamers of rotated river men crush upon god's gun; and raven prayers
dolly after gilded gymnasiums where potted potvaliant garden-gear
dapples for mental tea-seeps; and slotted slutted mind-vacancies hear
bubblers of hosy roses raised up from daddy dimes that spend for a
biddied bunny blanket; Ah Ah, a rider under mammy sends snares
beneath a pelissse sheet made-up from tazer wynds; and tractors
trample farmy thespians with woven rams. Uh!!! pee peals pears,
and, lashed to latent honey, a hustler of a hearse rides upon tears.
clashes of cunted closed runnels rope a rocker to a weevil's whine
o plashes of spunk-led clothes funnel a dropper with evil cosines
and a lady on the palled piss peers into nunneries when grey signs
show a sinnner of a coal-clayed killer come radaring after twined
bastardised bakered bandaged string; and a father of a fast grind
windmills after milner's clay. Coarsed candlers cut a caned night-light.
Dorsal mangers melt under graves. Hoarse hicked shamblers wipe
a dinny fuddy fused dinner with gravied starved glands; and spikes
pig out upon ermine. Sex soothes hairs. Selves move sally-bikes.
Old teasers of hornered sense pulls stairs from dallied dabby-dykes.

reamers of rotated river men rush upon god's sons; and offal-pints
drain a dolly fixture with twelve mared cocks whose henny mites
meld sassy skewers with golden chewers of emptying seaside rites
and a dobbler at a dog's tooth-eye eats under eyries when kites
colonate cotton caves with canny crazers of eastern xmas knights.

clashes of dirtied filthy vases fill a parent flown flower with a
fascist freight fastened to arses; and a donkey pendant whips a
curvature of a canny driller's cask; and a steeded penant whips a
hitite boy whose washer of a fast hand hoops hops aside gay calves
and a daffy of a dotted dinner climb cracks upon cops whose cards
deal corruptive patience to a skinner in a mind; and policing marks
mass upon penon xenon zoomed gas. Dirt deals a bad heart. Ah!
slotted palled rums roust after glass. Hurt heals a hard heart. Ah!
shotted sprawled scum scatters grass. Skirt seals a sad arch. Ah!

reamers of rotated river men rush upon god's gum; and offal mites
dig answering termitic ants when loud hashing guns ignite delight's
doner of sweet tashes; and tassellers of flashing thumbs set alight
to dibblers of doctoring edam-crappers; and earthly hounds tree-pipe
for a secret seal in a secret brain where natal pearly pounds pipe
dizzy fanny ice upon caddied cakers whose butcherers fawn-pipe
giddy turkey shit mice. Dirt deals a paper cap. Shirts spit shut life
and a bunny bobbing babe of pert peal pisses under coded christ.

emptiness purrs for bell-baiters as wind-wounders wallop diced
billy furniture; and a cell of shakers scar-shapes hermetic lice

Copyright JDB 09/07/2020


work-in-progress  title: O Dogs Abuse Adam?

1st draft poem then poem-song


lardy lemony mental men scry after chalks and waters. O, a tree of sin
topples into metal zen as a dyer of closed hawked daughters dams spind
daisy weed. And the xerox rooms of the rose ram a daffy flower with
hectic donned heroics. Agh, as we beam for dunny curls then we dig
doggy eyes with canine heroin; and a cat-head heaps a tailing old pig.

razors under starlight shave dolly when madness is born from grids,
and a flower at night slave a brolly and the rainmost clouds of kids
sharpen rainy scissors with arching knaves whose easy bandit cribs
crashland upon cures of canny dogs and ribs in gizzard season. Lids
drop cavatinas of demure baby pugs upon cusping canaries. Digs

dollop damaged phlegm. Deaths drives our dreams. Sex cries out.

we lynch a bell of glass as we toast the eaten dead; and we shout
and a bunching cell masks us as we toast the beaten dead; and we
shout out aloud for a passionless past where nightlings heed bees
and a dunny crowd drops a dazing dogger of dead decks under seas
and a bonny baby bone breaksdown. Deaths entreat us. Meads
swim under cunny brine; and a stiffening fist-fish heeds gold beads.
lardy lemon mental men scry after chalks and waters. O, grey skin
sharpens body claves where a coarsing cavern collapses under spind
daddy winds. Deaths entreat is. Bees sting lusts. Dangers cut sin.

razors under starlife clasp a lemon gun in nine whored hands
and sunderers of moon-life rap a harvest mien inside islands
and a bed of seasons swipes sex-salt from bolted narrow sands
o we have to harden after stripes when guns shoot old waggons.

razors under starlife clap a gourami sun around old male drams
lasers under car-life snap a sickening gasp with radio edams and
lardy lemon mental men scry after chalks and porter as sex plans
hasten to a forced beat where hardening fuckers eat Japan.

lardy lemon metalled vein-games click for huge bloods where a
dunny imprisoned pussy pie peeks inside a bridled baby of canned
giddy baby sirens; and we arise from wheat as we ride a car
far west where hard wet pop is praying. O, dogs abuse Adam?

the knickers of the female killed create ald ash from wigwams
uh uh, riders of old female mills shape cloth from easy scans,
and a baby builder of bad times bullets after sidlers under dams
and a jacking boy-hen lays sweet rain upon egg-bedded grande
body cops; and a sea in winter swims against eyes where ham
slices yeasty thrush pies sink into powder; and a sanded scram
pipes penis-peace around dragged masks. O, a sea of woman
sends female titty toms to tailors of trampling easy children and

lardy lemon metalled vine-games click for huge bloods. Deaths
ram tonged blue tongues down parted crypts where old Sex
snaps a baby pool with twelve lost jive jams. And we heed Sex
and we lose Sex; and vastness under hot lambs reaps messed

buddy breeding. O as we chant wild heaven's mantras then
a pled pearling pussy field will surely die then fade to old men.

sunny starry salt wives sweat for menswear. O, old spined sin
wallows under vaults where a dreamy stare out-stares wind
and a bay of bastardised hair shits on shirts as coded hymns
widen into laid christs; and dizzy diggers of dirt suck a minge.

buddy breeders break a quiet centaur with huge spade-limbs
o baby readers are slowed down; and a family under skins
hollows a haloed head with dirt straws and drowned pinned
clocking cocking horses; and we arrive home to find winds
charging into loosening cradle stains; and we heap spiderers
under collonising cunts that weep brains as veiny idlers

hit to a fast procrastinating bled beat. Deaths entertain us
Self-sex sends robes to soft heat; and a webber of spun pus
gel a bellied bell-pull with eaten junkers. Oh, we hear musk.

we easily lay a lopping lion with passioned flowers; O,
we delve for lays as a filthy pled pulled pussy cuts gold
and we thrive for graves as we peal a plummy old soul

as we drive to dizzy sleep then we hurl shoes. Cold
cums through us just like pain. Odd drones dig rolled
mammy men; and we seize venal vibes from city goals
and, la la, a bison in a city cage drops veins upon sold

bodying bended biddy lotions; and we ride for mumma
and we shop the sexy dead; and we slide into manna.
Oh Oh, a cake-risen purple plume-bake has to stammer
and a boned bride's mind is drilled by fathers as dada
drops a doggy cliff upon a rat-mine; and we mine for

drivers of lashwide queens; and we hear a wide war
sweeping patent coffees off the ward; and old fellahs
sweat popping optics. Ah, a bummer in a lift spurts for
a titty essential lake which drowns all saddened flava
sunny salt wives sweat for girlswear; and labile dogs
supper after wreckages; and weepers cry for drugs.

cognitive wide faces have never been a haunt for me
la, endlessness of stasis has never been a jaunt for me
o sunny sickled wives sweat for fever as painted seed
scatters smelly smatter across Ides where emptiness
hammers city fields to anal concrete London; and trees
fall under wives; and lemon tubes carry tunnel-sleeves

cognitive wide faces have never been a haunt for me
ah, trendlessness weakens. Oh, a sea of cunt has me
writhing into cells. Oh, a sea of spunk waves after nests
and weeing spastic weirs drink from graves when sex
sticks a chalking pin inside ginny tea-trades; and sex
drops her snake-filled strawberry glasses under messed

laden lardy chained deaths; and eyes burn up for decks
and lashy cretaceous dimetrodons storm a T Rex dick.
ah ah, as weavers of Indian suns grass after cunt-tricks
ah ah, as seizures lam fitting fams then gunned ricks
heat to grey sleep where hall-dancing dreams sea-slit

radioed wintry fast fuck. Deaths drink sand as cliffs
cause aimless suicide; and mad folks sing forever.

the statues on death's cliff fall from out stone-rain
o faces under blue self swallows mitts as gold trains
ravel into mad times; and a wiffler on a mount flames
after vasty venal birdy souls; and a sea of chairs
collapses into salted fires when a driver of grey lairs
fix a laden lady lamp with bruised eyes and snares

radioed wintry fast fuck-noise has to jack to the
rotators of a naked timer of boys; and rodeo burrs
vamp after fay fumes as a raiser of romantic nerves
lop a cagey whisper of a child with blind bluebirds
the statues of death's cliff fall from out bone-dames
and a grainy godded flex-cliff swills beery playdames
and when autumn in mid-July cooks a turkey egg
then a miner for gold mime kneels upon grey dregs
radiod wintry fierce fuck-toys reach inside beds
and, ahhh, how now does an istant garden grow?

bevellers of hot glass canyons crush a clifftop down
o revellers of bird-grass have to keep a dead town
and a sun at night layers grey radio with gowns
and a sea of mice sweetens sex. Death resounds
Sense falls away; and we weedle after Downs

bevellers of hot glass cannons shoot a vast lip
la la, levellers of soft masks don old maled ticks
and a cat on fire has to hiss for food as flea-tips
tickle easter tissues with ecsematic xmas hits

bevellers of shot glass caverns swallow baby
o devillers of soft casks cook de eggy Lady
and a burning bath cusses pissers with brandies
and a softening evil smile shoots gas from family
radioed wintry fierce cock-ploys send a medly
to tuneless sleep where a naked lubing mind-tree
supper after lubes; and hands and knees under bees
rumage for boned wytches brews; ah, wax reeds
dunder under stoney bitches as fayred blue leads

walk a face-tainted dog whose teeth play dead.
the faltering faceless boys who weave eager ciders under souls
skin-parade for wasted kidders who cry for guarded blue dolls
o a father of a dead friend hips to the wallets of sun-hearsive
hallowers of gun-hollowed prince men; and a doctor under souls
accusers instant inkers of blotted brides; Ah, a church of molls
leeches from a fount-head where chinzty cherry brides seize a
daggerer of blue heat with fascinating softness; and a dead skull
staggers as she scatters a horse of a phone to a cellular bulled
wiper of windy rapine ruin; Ah a fazer of a fascist films screws
babiers of blown dregs and xmas easter times; and hoods move

motile killer smoked smiles to eager winders of nice nipped dudes
o we doll for dust as swirling gentlemens chairs trash grey lubes.

once upon a mind in a mown street, we learned about red roods
once aside a bad mind, we studied about the deaths upon roofs
and the blencher of a dizzy sweep suckered against blue hoofs
and sodden westend markets crusade for malls as coded truth
gives a headed rise to skins who go down; and we loosen bruised
cunter coda liced sex kodak; and we smatter after dun lubed
greeny glassed graves. Ah, the yobs in yoyos rap upon screwed
bladdery buddha rock where a scissor of a prayer hits smoothed
blind baby broilers of cockered kissers; and a laden latent nude
slappers hands of sweet dirt with billy stickers; O, sold sleuths
lampage for limitless star-fires that truckle out of dumb rain
the faltering faceless boys who weave eager sidlers under oils
hit to the wagging neat beat of a moon vixen; and a sky's moil
leans upon wide wives whose opening salt shade has to spoil
and a snakering sex tea-market kills under phlegm when soils
shit inside hidden trousers; and a baby under barns has to boil
and a poncing loud pig poppers grey grunters with blind foil
la la. Eastend boys will reel against the east as softening veins
gather up the teas with revolters of masked caffeines; O, rain
peal pelters upon shut hooky doors which open upon grey pain
ahh men...

Copyright JD Bellamy 12/07/2020