further speed-written songsheets

work-in-poetical progress    title: If We Shit in the Mouths of Fools?

1st draft poem then poem-song


seasons of model madness swing for a green beat
o sad seasoners shuffle as sadness swings for heat
and layers of scuffled glass grass about sweat meat.

seasons of motel madness slide inside a sea of eyes
and a seasoner on its side sweetens paps with tides
o pufflers of peeing prides bell-pull gods with wide
wanker mictioners; and a city of skull-gods hits eyes.

under a mean urban pyre, we rise from death's spies.

tidal slider cogs don timed clocks as dinnered wives
sweep embers into canny chilled kitchen surfaces
o easy buyers purchase lime for a donny's face,
and evil coded arches arse after mental tyres.

seasons of motel madness slash a scarred star
and we weedle for Rome where candid cars
crusade for sexy bonnets; and motors fade away.

tidal slider dogs yap as they bark; and grey claves
collonise the dead with livid men and dirty graves


under a mean daddy fire we see rise the false wind
o, a dream under mammy focuses upon old spind
vast body ladies; and we suck a nut as we swim
for dirtiers of bad city lakes; and we cannot sin
and we canter for maned cunt as we smell skinned
baby emotions. And a dizzy car carts vans with
grey fields where pure waters pray. O, grey lips

swallow eagle prides as a swallower under raised figs
swashes seagulls with fannny glass; and we prick a
dollar of a cage; and we ride the past as we scar
oxy tongues with petrol resins; and we chew stars.

under a mean daddy fire we see rise a fast wind
and a doggy bottler of tyres rides until speed spins.

ladderers of stocking shops sell cunts to cured caves
bladderers of pissing shops sell pee to shitted slaves,
and we arise from nudes to find a blind hot grave
and eyes eat into wheels as a body under blind trade
swallows pretty guns. O, a sea of snippers sex-blades
a bonny of a fueller's cock-fire; and we ride for raids.

under a mean doggy fire, an easy father of the mad
swells, swells; and we expire for easy lathers as lads
crash a toy car; and weedlers are demure with sad
body braids; and we cry for whistlers when cold caves
cry for flinted slaves. Deaths dreams for plied lusts.

ladderers of sticking shops sell cocks to a blue cage
and we see rise the secret wind as fishmen rage for

deadliness and eye-bitten rape; and we fuck wards.

one eaten day when a nighttime of killers jack-knifed
then a bed of laughter rams our minds; and a swift hill
falls, and easy eaten graves sup from a dirt-cup when
slutterers of old men piss upon curtains; and old men
cry, cry; and an open wheel burns for sanded women.

under a mean catty choir, we swing as we prowl
and an easy tatty fire jams hot volts with meat-cowls,
and my easy cat meows for meat; and a baby-towel
stinks. O, eastern blue rapiers rend a raider under a
vampiric slink; and as times die then mental owls

hit to a piggy beat. Deaths drool for dust. Deep fowl
flashes pheasant pictures in a to a penis. Red rolls
sink frenchy fingers into a bather's soul; and grey stars
rock the naked heavens; and an oldtime funk carves
a snotted nose beneath clams; and a sexy hoot-hard
hollows out coconuts and walrus tar. Uh, sad women
ride from eager breasts; and vaginal cartoons are
led to killered veiny pricks. Sex holds a bed-bath.


the ingots of a filthy smile suck for a tawny grimace
o egits under dirty tiles swell up for the stupid. Lace
lambasts burns with bile as a slut under body-baits
cunt-caves for a choral child. O, we sunder paints as
grey sea-slots cut up wild kisses of ratted cold grass,
and a sidler on the corn raids a blind lisp with glassed
searing spy-shops; and a green-headed buddy rapes
batterers of de cyclops. Dirt has us pinioned. Grapes
get force-fed to dying christs; and we weep for apes.

the ingots of a dairy dialler drizzle ash upon rakes
and a bed of masks kneels upon candles; and snakes
bastardise burnered babby baskets with cradlers; uh,
we have written to the dawn only to receive dusk; and
carriers of cablers crap inside limbs; and we expand
boney babblers into crazy skinned scanned islands.
hit to a pissy bleat, a lemoner of limers licks brands,
and we swell up for supermarkets as we sex-slam
diamante fever; and whistlers of the wrecked scram
after diners who dine in the dark. Oh, ocean drams
drop a doodler under a soft ark; and weirs stand for

bald beeches, where a rattler of a deer fucks walls.

hit against woders of wild-spoken women, we clap for
dizzy dolted rhymers of death-awoken gems; O, moors
dart into dartmoor when a poet's torn tree cuts wards,
and we jazz to a jacker's beat when a burier of bawds
whore-jams easy sex epilepsy with dizzy doctor-paws.

the ingots of a dairy dialler drizzle typers upon words
and wide men ride the corn where a darter under birds
dragglers for demnotic tears; and we ram a baby's nerve,
and, o, we entertain the city dead with star-shaken scores.

we hit against woders of wife-spoken children, outdoors
a sea of slayered spunk sea-opens old seasons; and fjords
snip a sally cold with bended cod-lemon and glottal seed
gets scattered by scutterers of steeds upon a salty bed-board.
bald beeches shape shrapnels from sawn shot swans. Oh,
weepers shed whipped tears where closing dune buds flow,
and sharpeners of deckednakes drink from cowls and crows.
Men comfort after carrion. Sexlessness swings for de world.

o if we spit into the eyes of horses, then certainly we'd ride
up fucking high where the data of women suck pony-pride,
and we lace a doubling doll to naked treasons as we ride for
bell-pushers of sanded skulls; and a tongue inside a ward
drinks cold coffee while off the wall; and we loosen under
distancing honey-mess; and a mental map of a lover paws
pulleyed bath-brawls; and we shed white seed upon war
and we scatter a smatterer with sweet labile eyes; Oh.

if we spit into the minds of horses, then certainly we'd writhe
la la, a jumper under wine swills salted bread sas sea-slides
slant to the end of times; Ah, a flinted scrote curries tines,
and we sweep a giddy comb across cruel men who pine.

o, naked bellers belly up from a dreamer's rainbows, and
doggers in cellars shrill from a rider's donkey-shadow; and
we slide into deepening deaths and we spy upon brigands.

the days when we got together are all about lost minds.
as hell is born in heaven then heaven is born in hell
O, dinky burning factories lend a book of noise to bells;
and a dizzy natron has to smother rooks with seashells.
as hell is born in heaven then heaven is born in hell.

if we shit in the minds of horses then certainly twine
will rope a godded bridler to a soapy sea of grey wine;
and a mouth of ponies pisses at the moon; and minds
inhearse shadowers of fishy kissers of a child-crime.

as hell is born in heaven then heaven is born in hell
O, twinky tawny statues fall from air; and blown wells
hasten to a retardive garden which raises silk from lime;
and a bony sweat crock suppers after fizzy face-slime.

if we shit in the mouths of ponies then certainly swine
will dash into drouth the macaronis of a female shrine
and a bedded breaker of eaten foggies gears for vines
and a perfect persplexive out-of-perspective sea-spine

drops dolly dingoes upon fast feelers; Oh, we whine.
we dally to a burnt shop where naked flames are sold to
easers of cock-cooked rot; and a nuked aladdin rubs truths
and, oystered under tied rot, a naked dude of summer moves
eager easter foods with eerie xmas tinsel lungs; and hooves
swell up from cruklocks. O, a pisser of suns stirs bruised
bloody body boxers; and we float into towns as we smooth
easterly confining devils with drippy dregs and catty nudes.
and if we shit in the mouths of fools, then the midday mind
will summon pits from a sea of mules; and old eerie moods
metal after danny guns where riches rap against screws;
and a body down drains entreats a female hydra with blued
blown brandy wasters; and eyes seal blinded father-wynds
and if we shit in the mouths of stools, then a mission-mine
will certainly pick a pulleyed piano with bended cock-twine.
we rally for a pawned prick-stop; O, easers of cunt-crimes
shorten sex with ranting death; and a cow behind a screen
sun-ravels into soft sweated sex-slams; O, easers of brine
brolly up, up aside pended penis-clans; and an easter mind
swallows daddy daffodils with a vaginal boat on sweet sea;
and a dammy of a dreft death drools; O, bodiers in snoods
cap a cuttler of small specs and a wild eye goes wide for a
semester of cocked cereals and japanese tidal bye-lines.

a coupler of dizzy wine feels after romantic star-booths
and a rider of fizzy shrines coshes peppered scars with
neutered bionic museums; and a sharder of freezed mitts
severs a godded garden where painters of bitumen slip
a daisy dunned toy beneath air. O, a creator of salt-slits
spiels away against a gapped grave; and dilators of malt-tips
clasp a cunny cockroach with rancid rape-lands; and tits
titter for a cage of silence. Death becomes us. Mess trips.
uh as hell is born in heaven then heaven is born in hell.

we vault shit picks as we shit in the mouths of fools. Bells
swing for a tangerine milk-tocsin, and a vase inside cells
sweeps a dreary dragon across molten motelled bluebells
o a tawny feast of fast glass scatters porn seeds across Hell,
and we are wanked upon lipids and we are led to crone-bloods,
and we are craned for pippets as a lady of a loaded god
tongues a body-bun with a poppied sweet-tree. Ah, sods
snap a killer coast with bared stabbing hounds. Ah, dogs
come out for a naked walk. La La La.. Weevillers of rills
snapper a dairy hammer aside a sweat-brand and wet dills.

i drool for a cousined ice when a cradler under hot midnights
draggles for founted christs; and a blinder of gold heights
sinks waxen fondlers into a naked chicken arse. Oh, red lights
get switched from closed cock to kiosk-cunt; Eh Eh Uh



Copyright JDB 18/07/2020


work-in-progress?    title: Neon Teaspout

1st draft poem then poem-song


porn pelterers of cheesy wine serve centrefolds to women
o wanky helters suck a a spine; and eastern faces sea-fold
a summer of endless winter; and a westend soul seed-scalds
easy hands with filthy dirty nunneries. And swingers close

we sit for a hard shit when a floater of a hand clasps cold
reapers of wheat and wine; and we soap up for the old.

porn pelters of cheesy swine serve to infiinite adult children.

the dirtying drifwoods of one zillion smiles dials after sin
o jumpy skelterers drag after garden wiles as gasssed skin
swipes a dollar hill from an easy denier; and we shaft for
a digger of nighttime diners; and eyes peer under blind war

ah a ductile toilet cuts slashy jammers of thundered doors
and we ride from heated sleep when a dodgy dog-whore
washes her eager illing fanny with two closed sex minds.

we vault shit tips as we erase public pee; and old minds
sallow under lippers. o, a honey gal ripens up for minds
and a wallower of killers dips a dizzy hip inside minds

ah dirtying driftwoods of one zillion smiles walks fines
and a payer of stolen demands spills coins under fined
fishy wanky street screams; and wover adders find
snakey slitherers of serpentines and easy closed minds.

i drool for my impossible wife as i abuse a pearl mine.

porn pelterers of pearly filed puddings have to spine
across a swingy self-sex; and midnight eaty swine
shine across a dead girl when dirtiers of daft minds
dig after neural rubber. O, we arise for cast minds.

as we masturbate for pits then we gather sex coal
and a bay of bastard lips wallow where cut rolls
rap upon a bunny baker's backdoor; and we roll
under blind windows where eaters of coded times

drops to love. Uh..i idolised my deafened daddy
i stopped for god and then my mind dyed mummy
and eyes iced over when i was forced to study
oh we lay wristed bands upon cars where baby

slants under easy honey; and we use de family?

ah dirtying anal driftwood digs into floated body phones
ah eaties dig after sweet blood; and an ideal cellphone
telephones skirt. O, once aside a sex mind we stone
coded knicker bone. Death drives us home. Bones
snap for clappy sinners; and we arise from dead groans
to find a dunny wet world where Sex just has to moan

droplets of spunk in season fall into a croppered tank
la la, a boat of junk sails after walls where old wank
arouses sex theft from veils; and we suck on a tracked
trainyard where dolly tails wag after naked sea-tracts

ah dirtying canal stuidos ram a penile pussy where
closers of cavvied bairn-studies; and coded soft hair
widens into leeched bread-toddies; and we are scared


devisers of night and day deal bad cards to sexy moods
ah revisers of dinky graves shine down upon nudes, and
eyes rise above phlegm when a gabby gutterer of jam
star-tangle lunar guns with blown pugs and cute islands

droplets of extreme cum dig for blue studio anal as rams
dram after exposures of mute cunts and rectal clams
and weavers of cocked kodaks crap upon licky lambs.

devisers of day and night hasten to a vaginal old hand
and a pisser under cruel heights ignites greying gas-cans
and eyes widen as men go wide; O, a picked wasteland
lambasts dirty flowers with heaters of bred cocoa pans

la la la la, we cook for sweated mandrins as cold woman
dams her hidden cliff with dildo cabins; and fixed children
race adown a dark mind as a dude of a sad slag kitchen
cooks anorexic cakes for city sickers; and greedy lichen

shows easellers of sad men to painters of blood fiction.

twee boys in woollen pants piss aside the sexless dark
o gobby girls, made from ants, suck a butt where darts
hang games from hearts; O, as we smatter for teas
then we may well reel in the east as we suffer greed
and, uh uh, a creamy scone of a mind maddens art

la la la, we cook for sweated mandarins as painters
abuse a paint by numbers with two geary gnat-hands;
O sainthoods of statue-museums chuck reamed exhibits
and, slowed, men and dullers drink to old steel suets

twee boys in woollen pants shit aside Noah's false Ark
and we urinate on the ark as we get wiped from doubt
Ah, once upon a cream-tea, i suffered a bled black-out
and my face was trammelled with jailored heart-attacks.
and wicked men and girls jive under cunt-seethed racked
body-blowers. La La, as oceans drive for dummy doubt
we may well sink into the city's urban neon tea-spout.

dooming deniers who dine in the dark have to fast-cook
meaty meteors; o, a chaffeur of night and day heed rooks
and a vanny wanky hooted pie listens to the sky; o, books
serve words to the blind as audio news fucks good looks
and a painted fire-hand fuels a french slitter with odes to
easy eaty sex cruets; and a fiery face of fens digs blue
watery wintry eyes that roll in poet-space; and old crooks
steal from shovel factories as a boner of an ace books
easy illegal riders with criminal cunt-weals; and ice hooks
la la la. Canners of cane museums melt into soap-cooks

twee sad boys in lemon woollen pants shit upon sofas
o eaties of coded gay-melons suck a hot fat tit; and soda
syphons beery brine with eaters of leery wine; and roofs
get sex-lofted with anglers of angels when coda moves
a vase of a vast bowl; and riven red souls slash smoothed
gemmy drums that beat inside the heads of closed dudes.

dooming deniers who dine in a dark park have to cook
a clamming eastern meadow where a rapist in a brook
brides anvillers to western shadow; and we crop crude
angellers of outelbowelled neon space. Uh Uh Uh!!!!

sea-slammed sotted sailor servants ram five thumbs down hot rain
o, i was neither in the sea nor under fat hands until my cold veins
swashed after rude daisy pie; and i sit upon desks as sinners rain
adown lushers of star-dilated penis eyes; and, o, as we bolt pain
then we siren after fools where a bagger of a tear stain hits skeined
chillered champering dunny flavas; and a bedpan beneath rain
softens bellied bellers with shitty sand; and if we piss upon rain
then maybe sodden slapped eyes will siren after hissing grey gain

dooming deniers who dine in the pitchdark draggle for pukers
ah ah, as we raise a naked mind then we will forever use pooters
and we photograph England with porny buzzed brown camera
and we will scent shit magazines where a perfume in a cinema
raids golden giddy blenched boys with spermatozoa and kinema
sea-slammed, we weave where christ hisses in both our ears
o, dammed by bees, we tangle bods into boats as darkness sears
a balded bunny kitchen that serves uncooked egg to starved tears

These dreadful days when a town of false graves grieves after flowers
we will have to jazz upon a clown whose circuited circus cuts flowers
and a baddy on a blooded moon swells up for cockers and clitty wowers
ah, as a naked naily natron shields daffy smokes with beer-eyed bowers
ah, as a putrid shaken station blaspemes for bad blokes then old towers
will certainly swill a pantyhose with dairy thumbs that sink into dower
la la, a piercing pillar pecker of a pig palms sowy sour kids where a
delver of ewing farmy deacons pray for pussy pies and snaring stars

these dreadful days when a town of false graves gives head to flowers
we will have to jack our feloned fathers with jazzy boats, O, hours
summon dunny dom daniel from sexy texts which read to de power
and a greying love nest loosens periodic pissed basins with scoured
babied body beets; and a meddler of penile mists fog after old men
and, ah ah ah, we weave for soft killers when a buggy under hems
shoot from a fanny saddle. Uh, we poke a penile piggy into hens
and dolters of dammy candles sink a roman sword into gal thighs

these dirtied shitted trendless days where a town of sex will writhe
we will have to lash across a breastless blouse; and as we ride
then a moat of glass will surely maim dust with de sex farce. Prides
river-traipse a donated thrill; o, hatstands in a bleached bled arse
bundles underneath rope castles; and a fanny hymn lables after lies.
Sex swills moggy jam. Masses massage oats with church-cream,
and the modems rising in forgotten verbal days hip to holy screams.

these dreaded dullard days that smack a diamond face hits screens
la la, a hospice in a sweet lung cakers a sirened lace with streams,
and a loaded lining on the moon crusade for demons; O, thighs
spread wide for candle cuts; and a pusher of pissers sinks wives
under messy mental breeding. Deaths force a van in a cunt-tribe
Easy goslings grip to babied battered christs; and linear clit-cries
crashdown upon a muted menstrual half-mind. La La La La. Ah
eddiers of swarthy cum sing for a masturbatory cocoon. Slides
shot an infant mons to a ring; and confectionary cartoons rise
aside bruised drip-twined feeler pealers; and, uh, a cakey drive
shatters mopers of mopped beds with flanny sails and fish-thighs
and a cravener of a candle in twinned thighs rants after eyed
rocky racooners. La La La ahhhh. Me and molly madams tie
a dabby drunken harness around a liquid world; and wet tithes
sink cunty arabia inside a turkish streamy slaver. Oh, cold cries
cut into a netted head-hiss. Deaths cum to dress us. Old sties
scatter oldtimed spun swill; and a native natron of a rolled wry
widens swept opened helicons. And we jeep for ripened dives?
emptiness stinks like a rectal self and a gibbon of seaside rise
up, up from a teeny corral which bum-binds burners to scried
friendlessness where a parrot in a pin speaks in torn tongues
and a bunny bladderer of carrot skin scrape urinal flushed guns
O, we are paved with indolence as we raid a photo with suns
and when christs whisper in both ears then visual deafened buns
will have to stoop and rake the hot bum juices of a serial killer
and we will stop for god as we drink cunt vinegar; and killers

must dunk a daddy dweeb in dolted drag. Oh, mamma mum
beats a bended jackernapes with cabled creamers; and mum
sweeps teens to dark sleep; and mumma feeds love's Lady.

Copyright JDB 19/07/2020


work-in-progress    title: About the Radars of Ruined Romance

1st draft poem then poem-song


weedlers sink swanky whippers under bled blow-fly, and a magenta mamma moon
releases ova into wanky strippers; and a masked rat raises bats from hooted tunes
and a body baker on the sun slips a candy weaver where a baby in routed rooms
whips woollen giblets with sawn sworn dusters; and eaters of sleepers slap old runes
and a burny of a baited hot mind sweeps dazzler dusks under dollies of gold dunes

these faceless days where i seal my bed in winter snaps cold summers with dirt
o wheezy mind-maids snare red mien when sisters crap upon autumnal salt-skirts
and we arrived back home where a dated drooler drammed after sugared hurt
and a bay of figs star-frigged a dunny daze made as distant as laughter; and flirts
snap up; and brigands of flapped chaps trickle down a killer's fly and a sense squirts
laden lazy chickens with looseners of fickle hounds. La, once upon a mind, cocoons

carried curriers of cavvy combs to fast sleep where mad mod madams seat spoons.

wivers of widdeners weep after winds and a dotter of doll flashers eat cartoons
and a pig in a screen ravels under times; O, a cottler of skulls crushes cocoons
and a dizzy diner dines in the pitched dark when a castler of dolls cuts the moon
la la, a doctored mind-spine swashes arking gems; O, a cattler of bulls star-swoon
a la, wivers widen for wet widows as a pusher of phlegm plashes under tombs

these faceless days where i shat on god's bed brine-baked heads strangled us
o we arose from glades to find a cowler in red swine-shaping geesers and lusts
and a boney gun raids sex lime with hootered hippers; and a keen female truss
traps a trapiste nun with five born hands; O, we arise from pure dirt as bed-busts
brag about indomitable dorms; La La weedlers widen up from fart-birch. Husks

hit to a gaoler's beat when cagers of storms dig scotchers into sofas; and wounds
wash emptiers into blinded phasers; O, we warmed god's prats with boiled tombs.

what with butterscotchers shaping rotors, we must entertain a nude soul
o what with buttered pitchers prodding motors, we must entertain the old
ah as we sail high, then we dream of dog-dens; and a slasher of rolled gold
hammers daisies to pealed hens; ah, a candle on a cliff turns aside our world
and a doctored dizzy pig-pen oinks for a cradle as pointed pissers hear girls
crying, crying. Ah, once upon a blue holiday, we made our way into curls
and an ashed manx on a gun shoots vacations with jade; and we get furled
under pissy hooter twirl. La La. we are fed to blades as we are fed to girls
and, laced inside, a car in a cold star sleeps for deaths where coded furls

lap an ickle bed from bald lip; and we raise a canyon from a fire where
a lasher of laden lupins lops a cocker of cum-trade; and a prawny snare
dell-dampens fanny flour; and a cunted candy crusade crashes for scared
kiddy ash; and we lampen a lady grub with knife-parades; and porn-calves
carry scented womb-pipes to stinking cheesy gal-graves. O, a street of scars
swallows haloed revelries. Ah we are blinded by cum cave. Ah, cinemas
show naked shoals to titty reapers; and we ride from rest where dead Mars

sinks a stinky shafter of a bled mind into belliers of bell-pulls and sex-bards.

stinky softy toffee pudding has to hedonise a bald field with naked stars
o what with natrons melting, then a colony of sprawled yields heap cars
days deep where a bastard of a bellman bells a mind; and washy rivers
reason for deep gizzards that gabble in the dark; and a sea under mirrors
melts aside geese where a vase of navels snaps a heart with old livers
and a bay of beds baits a swarmed eye with prawny pods and killers

stinky softy toffee padding has to helenise a bad yield with naked bars
o, what with patients clapping glass then a boner of a wheel rams carved
body blockings with snared baby blasts; and we bawl after eastern scars
and we rock for romantics as we push pussy pus into a pullers of cigars
these faceless days where i shat on god's brown-arted razor then I shiver
and mental deus slaves who pray for christ's blade hasten to burn quivers
ah ah, elementary torn towns that strip a babby from gardens cups livers
and we eviscerate blorted stealers of stiffs as daddy lungs shut odd mamma

stinky softy pudding has to hedonise a balled filed with naked guitars; and
aces slip imto a fascinating specious tree of dills. La La La. Men rams
ram a puddler about indignating poppy frills; and we dance under edams.

pissers of pulleyed pugs piss upon shitted lays; O, a bay under wigwams
swerve from sleep as a hisser under lopped graves sirens after england
and we rob a ratter from a river and we raid a radio with fazing edams
and we rock from cattlers when a heebeejeebee lisp lickers old sedans

these faceles days where i shat on christ's fucked grave ride from weed
and a bone of cunt-hairs slaps a female duct with dirty febrile seaweeds
and a wivenered sunny-snare chaps a dolly nut with baring grinny glebes
and a rotator of baited star-chairs chomp upon pee when dunny dweebs

dollop swaggets upon sweety allsorts; O, a magic hill falls upon a dill
and we dream of prawned spunk as we shaft a bren into a sea of red pills.
Deaths dream of pearlers when a salt necklace rots, rots; O, cunty rills
serenade dolted shadowers of old hens who lay porn eggs upon reeds

the easellers of eaten dolly dames drink to damson cunt-crusts
o eaters of deepened brollies summon shrinks where spunk-tusks
trample dilly men into follies; O, we heap a vanny fanny from rusks
and a weeper for doggies drags a walker unto a hot face that rusts
o eaters of deepened mollies summon pinkers from odoured dusts
and we run from the whored hills when a shaker of ogled sea-snuffs
slam a bodied hand deeply down a sea of raiders; and we muff for
dodderers whose strappers spout out aloud then fishermen of whores

stinky slinky toffee pus peals pushers from night to day as old wards
smile after saviours of reelers and rizlas; and a bairn in a sea of birds
snaps ash upon titted brandy whistlers; O, a traipser of a fizzed Lord
jumps a jackler of a fast father and mumbler's mamma has to roar
and we sing in passion's chain. Ahh, a cabler of seizures fits boars
way way down when pissers rain down upon candiers of old bawds
the easellers of eaten druggy dames drink to gammoned moon-musks
and we star-slave a sunny salt smile with babby sirens in a bed-bus.


a bayer of bled sun baskets drops a lizard lancet inside dolled dives
o splayers of sweat lungs wallah after gizzard dances; O, old knives
slice inside cut nothings; and a pallish rider of lances lops coded drives
and we wallop after sexings when a rotated dilly licence of de guys
dream about sweet willy; O, we ride from net as nesters nip brides
la la, once aside a milled mind, a smeller of a grey minor heaped lies
and a laden lady cricket scratched its leg around a nipper; and spies
will spiral into braces now where mouthers of macadam eat tides
and we walk across a sea of birds and cries. Ah, a burner of blinds

pulls a pussy locker with twinned mungrel jams; and we see arise
a secretive eagled wind where a dunny of a doll-smith ripens wry;
and we have to circumsize the rigid wanky dead as easers of tithes
trickle around blonded baggers of turgid dunnies and mules under
hickory dickory pealers of slaggers and dummy sand-tooled Mumma
a bayer of a bled sun basket bastardises phlegms with twinned hands
and we force a spunky spinney into jetters of limers and wig-rams
and, ah ah ah, weird wivelets loosen salt jars with raveners and clams
la la, a bed of swarmed stiffs kicks cunt lips as lifters of lilters land
a blind bruiser of dirted dragged depths; and we wreck mude England
and we route a cradled skin-scape whose bunny bonnies bag rams

these sullen days when the milky moon drops stars around the Thames
sweep seagull clays across a silky wed wound; and the eyes of Men
seize goatish epilepsy in two torn hands; O, drowned under skies, stems
sucker after bends when a lousy juice-city swims aside a home of gems
ah ah, a lover of evening fathers fawns to cementers as a female fawn
falons after ingled ceilings; and a romantic swarm slags about hens when
a delver of daisy christs lays dicky diamonds upon slitters of caned kitchens

a bayer of bled suns baskets buddy beards under cramming hen-skins
and a demnotic gun shoots crazy tears with bladderers of raven-hymns
and a bodier of buttoners brums for dolly bums whose horse-juiced spins
razzlers under gooed gluttoners of molly mums and easy wicked mictions

o once aside a mean mind, i herded cunt-crewpe into crazy avenues and
i sear from a white height when scatty racists rope romeos to wig-rams
and a collic starred soul snaps a seagull ghost from beery slide of slams
o a donny of a dairy christ craps upon gold toast; O, a cherrier of cans
cut across a falsed tit-hand; and a buller of oasts coasts under fig-fans
these sullen days when the milky moon dropps stars around the Thames
sweeps seagulled seams around jolted butterfly boats sings for a lens
and we see through a roped lens with blued eyes that swing for Mary.

these summery signs of catholic heists hip to a whored beat as fairies
feel for fattening face-thumbs; and coded clits crash within apiaries.

hoppers of limp canals cram a river tongue down molten throats
o rippers of shrimpers slam a feather drum down golden scope
and an outelbowelled swinger of scissors slice a purple rope
about greying rain which trackles upon lizards; and rolled dope
dallies against green tides that writhe deep down inside oats
and a bearer of coded England hammer prawns to emperies
and a wide-wighted closed sea-slam slammers closed families
and a rider of false rain drizzles dearthers where grey babies
sex-hang the son of man with bearded births to dizzy rubies

o once aside a mean mind, i herded herpetic seesaws with
radiophonic locusts; O, peptic peppered closed lips cut pigs
and a digitalis of an idiot TV hastens to murder when bogies
sex-slam a horse of pure midnight with fatty fairy fangs

and a laden mirror mate which shines across dying sleaze
slappers after river-drakes, and a mingy mind pulls sleeves
across ashes of oval cunt offices where closing bed-beads
swing bended bladder bees inside a head where ridden leaves
lapper for epileptic seizured fast dead hairs; and mental leas

scatter harpic beds across the ovum land and canned wee
swashes bubonic blades with dirtied bleachy sailors; and greed
widens into wolves. La La La. Eyes darken for red-head seed.

the radars of ruined romance curve around a northern belstar
a cagers of screw-ins lend dolters to sleep where southern cars
collude with infantile dog-ignition; and a reamer of faked cigars
swells up and up; O, a bleeder of clogged cognition smokes Mars
La La, an abuser of de river raises DVDs from venereal cards
and a wivener of wicked fever chases eagle-leas to old stars
and a whipper of coaling city teas gather gritted gulls from
aldebarren rainbows where a cunted creator of easy guns
slides a giddy bullet under vaginal drove dilators; and riders
ride upon the corn; O, a digger of dreamers sinks cock-criers
beneath spiritual pogroms; and a diner of sweet darkness thrums
ancient gallow-lakes with dunny breakers of flung city sons

the radars of ruined romance curve around a northern pornstar
o old and cagy wanked fjords feel for ground as dredgers stir
exegent body flowers which sink a gourami gals under curved
feline female faceless stink; and a cunted sphinx within sad birds
dazzlers for natal kinks; and a shunted spunky squid laces nerves
with chaining bolters of scummy cranes and builders of shit birds
and a panner of pussy money leaps across riders of old nerds

we scatter harpic beds across the ova lambs. Death cum-nerves
doctored bum-lamp; O, a crazy mass of clams sweetens herbs
and, scum-iced, a bun of brooms drearily sweeps aside swerved
roman devisers of staggering moons which part for lost pyres

the veinous masted harness of a bled void sun-destroys curd
and a mane of dilly hornets drag dragoons across mental furs
O veinous graspers under small deaths shed salt sulphides where
apers of mod lasers sunder tall nests with oven-slitted hot hair;
and the raider of grey thunder decks digs with shredded air
and a bonny bum juicer jacks a jammy cart with torn pears

we scatter harpic beds across oval cannes; and lemon waste
sweeps modelled trays aside dreary dunging dunny bee-pastes
and a weeper of the slayed smashes oranges with blood-cased
burny blabby witches who snap a crapped cap with finger-tastes
and an oval lamb lends catty soapies to stung toys; O, mind-flaked,
a biddy of a briny cowled boy mounts a clotheshorse; and rapes
rotate when weevilling poem-boys bleed for equine tickertapes

pricklers of daddy veins warp a muumy moon. Pressed dates
swanks after pled prunes; and a disappearing opened gate states
a swarther of blood lightning with nylon buds and sallied grapes
and a man-o-war whips wiccan spelt-shit; and an herpetic grate
guzzels ginny grans with centrefolded coded rectal scream-shapes
and fazzling faceless frigs fawn to a cunt-mopping mammy mate
ah ah, weavers of tasteless ribs form a gun from a cooky cape
and we arise from teasing tongue-digs as we fall to hooky snakes

what with butterscotch in banana flaps, we strike a prayer from
bandy marooners of spind wee piss-crap; and lycra sea-scrums
assault blandy brandy blancmange; La La, we emote from cum
and we demote love's decorous motel with public penis-plums
O a writher of corn-liquids ride the latent rigs of studio-scum
and we denote closed marmalades with radar and anus drums
and a baiter of bollockry snafflers for twiggers of hostel-hums
we scatter harpic beds across blue ova bands. Deaths thumb
crossing leper cabs; and mental screwed drams kill kid cum
and a harp of a mind-moan fists rolled goat into blithe bums
and we have to mount a pony mouth and we have to mind-stun
a brattler of a briny bunny bit with candlers of leg-thighed cakes
o we scatter comical gas-walls aside spastic ponies under gum
o we chew for sexless England. O, binary baloni cups tit-toms.

Copyright JDB 23/07 2020.


work-in-progress   title: About a Gabby Picked Heart

1st draft song then poem-song

and an ivory mamma bends a dirtied bird-driver
o a bus of pure glass drops from a lorry's father
and a hill of rended parks unravel under mother

we must drink to daddy; and a doubled feather
feels for desperate crows where easy fevers
gashes into cunt-sea; and we are light killers

and an ivory mamma bends a dirtied child-killer
o a truss of pure grass smolders where mimers
build romantic mimesis from shakers of lovers


and weedlers of daddy perfume scent radio soap with loud sleep
o a river under babby rend eyed rooms where coded kipper meat
leaps after bed-rests; and a boner's bloom bag bred dustheaps
and weedlers of daddy perfume scents radiography where sleet
suppers for danny dreaded dudes. And a porny picture of peat
shovels cunted composts into sandy smiles; Oh, as we eat meats
then we cast a forcing flicker of a flash fucker under reapers

and weedlers of daddy perfume scent radio soap with proud pleats
and, o, as we plead after lost rooms we send magical seed-jeeps
where, dram-deceived, a lesser known junker of Peter Pan metes
damaged metis hearts which slip like a genius knife into rivers

we must drink to a fanny field. We must succour grey banisters
and, as we ride to sleep, we will ram down bunny and let ministers
drop cold chocolate cake upon a caved claw of catty fay mirrors.

these evil endless days enlice a live rat with cinematic seizures
o a giddy ghost of a fitted sea-host falls to the floor and picture
a goddess of a female host; and we ride from stored stretchers
and we raise a raided stereo from bald screams and fevered
babied bed-reels; O, we hasten to a model wind as wed livers
rot, rot, rot. Dying doomed deniers hereby kill with scissored
madamed fast tights; and we jangle after seals as grey gizzards
drop a daisied veined bow upon sweat sands; and old lizards
stop, stop, stop. Ah? a callower of canyon crabs cut criers.

we must drink to a pussy meal.We must sink fathers when
naked nippies under coat creels have to sunder old women

these evil endless days cake-slice a jived cat whose god-gem
races upon a daggered gun; O, a bedder of fats wash gins and
a painter of peered idiots hips a lead brush then sea-thumbs
fishy insane spurted mad lust; and a bren of bends cuts island.
Deaths dream of boatmen. Drillers dress hens in damagers
and a binary bandaged ring shoves a shooter of herbies when
eaters of pisser pens pee on dead gal-tits; and we are old men
and we deify the haloed hollowed dead. Sentinels snip lungs
we must drink to a pussy meal. We must slink mumma when
naked gaol-herpes chews a wheel. O, Aladdin rubs its stem
Lamps hurtle on its bright sides. And we sacrifice grey grans.

a trussler of a magic father fends for flicks as a dogger in a drive
stops a wasted car; La, as we pass from lives then we have to
cry, cry. Oh, a land of stars looks down upon a red wode of lies
and a boat of ash swalllows rooks; and we arise from de blues
and we reason after wine. Darkness drills for oils. Mad shoes
walk aside a fast mind that cuts sadness with bolted greyers
of sliding sofas; and icy pupils of plashers peer deep where minds
smell just like lamb doners. And a demon tear strips grey blinds
and, ha ha, we layer lousy laughter with blenched tishy foods

a hustler of a tragic mamma mends a mad song with slewn
seasoners of damaging dealers; and we arise from de moon
and we suck a benched nut as we concuss our living rooms with
cottlers of beer, gins and broken lager-kids; and we heed rigged
teeny twintzy fascinating awoken cum-pigs. O, once inside spine
i sweated until my father vanished from history; and dad's ribs
were sent down fucking time to a torn space where failures
supper after Downs. Ah, as we lather a face with teachers
then a dog at sea will walk a swarthy cat just for old preachers
a tussler of a magic father fends for ricks as a daggerer's high
gives giddy deaths to easterly riding xmas eve; Ah, gifts died?

the cognitions of oldtime saviours come here to heal the dead
o grey munitions melt after labia; and a dog beneath my bed
heaps for silks where a dummy in my hands sinks baby-dregs
under bolted evil paedophilial mummies. O, a sea of gold pegs
wallop ideal spies with child-abusing daffies; and we see deaths
draggling a whored mind for easellers and bodies; and odd mess
magics after model killers whose use of inventive murders
dresses after motel mirrors. O, we heave deniers from peppers.

a hustler of a tragic dadda drools for female babe batter; and eyes
reel inside the east; and we gather up the tears where dead spies
spiral into screwing doom deniers; and a hatchet inside old skies
hips as she cuts a bacon-cock from strippers of lies; and deaths
dally for duddy natron-slock; and eynes turn for dust when wives
wallah for whippers of crocks; and a man of mice cuts lepers
the cognitions of oldtime saviours come here to heal the dead.

the easter times at yuletide heat a crock of soured bloods
ah easter minds meld for sleet as a bayer of easy gods
grinds poppy teeth down to absolutely nothing; and dogs
walk after frozen cats whose tailed maned names crop
easy rats with feline genius; and a danny of a sea-rock
rots, rots; and a candied cake heart hits upon body-crops

a hustler of a tragic featherer affixes flame to clocks,
and eaters of pissy men chomp cunt-cheeses; and lots
lambast a neon cramps with burny city cots; and baby
brags after drowned wounds. O, a dizzy slot of a Lady
laps a dizzy bath from showery stolid tomb; and blobbies
shake a daddy drake with blued hands. Deaths suck rock.

when caught in the mooing mind of sea-drowned cattle, i learnt about
the sadness of the trees; and, lo, as i turn aside models, then i shout
after birdy brawny beards which wag inside all seas; and easy doubt
drags petulant vinegars around the voids; and burnt eyes deafen drought
and my dizzy dammy of a woman moistens sand-spurnt daff disease

when caught in the mooning whine of sea-scrounged girls, old joists
grip to a faloned breeze which peddle pinnned spinneys; and old hoists
serenade the teasy dead; and as my mum disappeared down time
i overheard a timed ship shafting space with aliens in winter-times
and a bairned barned barnowl hoots after static neon; O, bad times
gaggle after dates. Death hits our dead earth crying, crying; Oh.

masoners of marbled esplanades east a hissing bun. Cakey roads
splatter cake-smatter against all eaty optics; and a stella star-toad
squirms in withing technical dustpans. Ancient levees wash robes
and a dress on fire sets alight to stains as greyers of flash droves
crashdown under birds, bees and ever-greens; and we shed leas
and we carry donny eagle spires when daddies dream of dead leaves

when caught in the morning mind, sea-drowned bikes ride from
missed naked breakfasts; amd we dance for towns and we stun
everything; and my family disappeared from history. O, men cum.

when scented thieves break into a dying space, mad crooks may steal forever
la la, where old leaves lead to thieved gold then crime's cook may ride leather
and a disabled car curries cakers with old pused pickered purses; and pleasure
ram-raids a carrier of bodies under gold fingers; O, a brolly inside false weather
wallows in stolen fire. Once, as we trod for jemmies, we heard a sea of swine
driving wallet felons into dodgy swollen seas; and a bed of christs cuts wine
ah ah ah, eyes burn for chummies; O, a bird with birdy fingers steals grey twine

when caught in a steeling mind, a statue of expansive silver granite hurts sin
and we arise to find a dolly of a caged bird twittering after manmade gaol-gin;
and everything comes up just like imprisoned roses and a swallower's red spin
cuts all keying car-thefts down and down around a pizza town where swift wind
blows a bodkin of burgled spind skin. And dolted chisels in a hammered past
raises a coded pelisse policeman with blurry corrupt blued jams; and pandas

swirl aside a stationers of pure disguiser's p'liced molds. Ah, crowned courts
drop a clinkerers upon ignited judicial cock-chains; and we die under shacklers


o i will tie-dye my penis and shove a pithead where sonshines never shine
o i shall writhe in harness as i sweat for clit-beds; and, priced, my mind
will scattered scuttered seeds across shit-sheds; O, as naked neural wine
toasts the eaten dead then massing massive menfolk must swallow vines
la la, me and madam summer shatter sweetening hot winters; and mines
dig after a gilded seamstress when, lobed, a dunny shitter bed digs wynds
and a vase at sea smashes against neptuned tritons; Ah, where crimes
curse loud flavas with dulling ocean trades then a slappered bone grinds
griddled sperm under genetic gammers whose guilty gametes grip spine.

when caught in a reeling mind, a statue of expensive sylvan closed light
comes smattering after braids; and crow-blind blond men cut old night
and, trenched under cunt-tench, a loaded fotal fazer of idiot blue heights
summons autumn riders from radio bread; and a faceless spinning christ
daisy-hammers soft mental motels upon a small cross made for babies
o i will tie-dye my penis and shove a pithead where old stars peer from
dibblers of mine-writhed cunny doves; and girlfolk slip as they cum?

these faceless days where i chant love's name hereby murder in the dark
la, an easy sea-grave scared me and i was born abed in a reflexive park
and a boated sea-summer wave-hanged from heaven's pearled shores
and my eyes are bunched up like grapes and my mental cock star-scores
ammos of aimlessness; O, a biker on a ridge has to ride a carved heart
endlessly deep where a woman in a soft fridge loosens veins into carts
and me and man and maddening dizzy Ram dig a hooter inside wards

o i will tie-dye my penis and piss aside margarines, and my head bores
dinky murder weapons underneath ill-rides and radioed babied boards
and i sink six dead gals into hidden lips as a woman in a bedbath stores
bagpipes and bully bribed boys in a case of clits; O, a duller of moars
kneel son bilberries when a doctor of the murdered dead sucker tors and
i idealise romantic life-robbers with a life-given hearse and buried hands.

these faceless days where i chant death's name hereby murder in the heart
la, a slicer's dream stuffs a scarlet mod deeply where fannies in the Ark
spill just for youths and me a student of disposals and withering sod-marks;
and a bay in a bum's blood-peal reels aside merchants of bruised cut-darts
oh i heap a hooded sliced light from a stripped and burning female chart
and i chant about blood wood and my eyes slide eggy brains under brands
o i will never choose to lose my home until enough dead gals have died out
o here, in the distant past, my dad and mum disappeared into dead drought
and my easy scissor of a mad soul swanks for wankers when killed doubt
drags me out of fucking time thence leaving me to kill and kill; O, drams
tease a tossy veined bow with pissing neck-tied ear-bloods; and I am?

what with buttered scotch in slippersocks and granaries of red-eyed clams
i hiss myself to endless sex-deaths; and the canaries of a gassy head-dram
kiss all hollowed walls; and a buttoner of broken coats snap for piss-pans
and a drippler of a dropper dog whose cat-carted carrion sucks tart jams
must swill dried ice while certified poxes peal a press-studded moon with
dollied damson-brain-shies; and a cunted arrow bead swipes stone kids
and a daughtered scene of jugular pies cut trampoling cut cocker cribs.

these faceless days where i chant love's name hereby murder in the dark
la la, my daisied axe of a scare slants a bull-bite across a bulbous birthmark;
and a rider under masks sinks a buddy finger where severed chicken spark
a daffy of a zimmer; and a bow of demure pieced blubber wanks stark
winter livers that slide a windpipe solidly home; and my trap of a cunt-cart
lazes underwater with acid-tapers made opened to a gabby picked heart?



Copyright JDB 23/07/2020


work-in-progress  title: An Ochre of Lemon Sucks a Nut

1st draft poem then poem-song

the dirtied feelered sirens of a mad loud swing
drop a dead doll inside old england; O, rings must
don hands as necklaced gold women suffer dust
and a bowl of scarves slide ties into laden muff
and a scarlet princess studieds eyes as salt lust
swallows pipy pyrex; and we are feeding sorrow

the dirtiers of rivered gardens mow wheat away
and a bended sea swims for piety, and we stray
aside boned beds; and sleepy dreams must play
and an ochre of lemon sucks a nut; O, we pray

when once a glassy mind dines then sense feeds.

what with widening windmills shaping vaginal flowers
a hemmed horse on a fast field will surely enter showers
and a passing power of a wet hand hastens to towers
and we fly, fly as we cry, cry; O, a lacer of green nodes
dig knoblets with dicky hands; and we raid rolled toads

what with wivening rainbows shaving vaginal powers
then a clogged horse on a fast yield will surely flower
amd a sea of bits bags blued tits; and we lay lobes
aside sexy saltied sweet ruins; O, weedled clothes

wallop diry wagstaffs with nineteen spidered jams
and a carted slagger of kids suffers under red trams


eaters of fascinated moon-light cuts a solar cut from
flown veiny sun-life; and a bended family has to stun
pleaters of gun-christs; O, a rended red babby comes
back home where death's cradle cries; and old guns
shoot a dangly shoot of candles; and we suck lungs

what with wiveners of wide screws locking scum
o what with riders of blue brides swelling for cum
we will siren after brushy loamy killings; and suns
swoop aside a town to taste money; and we run

aside a blinded bent allotment where grey gums
stick fingery daft dead dentures beneath reasons
ah a gunny goaty that grinds pus will cut drums for

washeries when a benny in a gourde feeds fjords.

pealers of pushy Bethlehem ease patties into gourdes
la la, eaters of ashy body phlegm fleeces closed bawds
and ash-hidden flashy hens cluck for old eggs and wards
widen lip-bridled porn; and we ride from tea dregs when
easers of lost pizzas pee upon a pepperoni pussy-pen

what with wiveners of wild screws turning blue bends
o what with windowers of smiles locking furled friends
we must weep for glass as we creep aside cow-friends,
and a doggy drunk tailed mast raises clowns from ken
and naughty nous and ken cry for ash. O sex can't end

grainy geesy greasy folder men abuse death the send
easter pomades to xmas murder; and we cry for gems.

cakey knoblets on a keen crapped hill chase deaths into the dark
la la, baky shaky dumb dreams taste rills when dying sea-parks
slammer a body bower under lippy lipids; and, O, we hear hearts
beating just like mad thunder; and we arouse dams with our
own special son whose favourite mamma weds a child whore

grainy greasy eaglers heap slayed fire where burning jaws
drip angelled teeth upon lady tundra; and we arise from paws
and we dazzle darters with baby mumblers where cold stores
supper for easle-partners; and we raise sleep with blue dawgs

pealers of passive pled plumers hiss for blood as cold mods
moisten mares with rollies; and we smoke god with lobbed
citied tommy dipped towns. And a dead mind cries for drugs
and we rape after clowns where dillers of minds move love
to emptying endless tears; O, we rip a radar when death

does a dizzy drawing of drawlers. La La La La. END

pealers of pussy pus men sweep lemons under death-lime
o, a river under dusty men heats swarms when a deadline
heats buried hot bitumens in cunty wanky starfires; and
wounded whippers of sweet screams have to sea-slam
dirtiers of female wool; and, mind-screened, soft madams
sweat after canine wood. O, in a dark screen of Adams
wee-wee wagerers will slice aside hearts with sirens
and where Eve looks up to god and genesis rules reason
then a boat of seed sends ashy steeds to cool romancers.

grainy greasy geesers of bible-bud mind-pokes dance
la la, we arise from tweezers and we sing after plants
ah ah, we arise from seizures and we fit after cunts

pealers of pissy bus men heat demons under sex-spine
ah, a sunny kissy mask metes deaths to fortune. Wine
slashes ginners upon lager casts as we raid god's mind
uh, a cataleptic spunk-giver hips to prats as bum-brine
winds doggy dust into dippy drips; and we are grimed.

castlers of dizzy ruins star-stage a killer's cremative crenatures
o musclers of easy screw-ins sup a wet cut; and odd creatures
demonise babbies with lions; O, wild whipped slutted kinemas
serry a sexing cherry with loud limbs that fall underwatered
body-masks; and a razor in a crowd shaves Aladdins bare and
lifters of lily lilters lash a loud soft butt to cagy roman spiders

castlers of dizzy ruins star-cage a canny cave where preachers
peal a doggy diamond from breaded mammy naves; O sidlers
snapper after sphincters when daft spectacles draw pictures
ah ah ah; we are as blind as god's cat and we are sun-mixtures
ah ah ah; a blown boy in a slaving village vamps bald pianos
and an ocean-burner builds toffee creams from gold arrows

pealers of pissy pussy men blind blanded bastardised briders
and we shimmy after chilled wines when odes to devisers
slip a pelisse sheath inside a doctored doggy bag; and liars
leap for a citied town where nothing is left to fall down; Ah
a budded beery villa has to crack cum with foreign cars

Localities of fumed flashed mess toasts tiny england and
a blower of dummy derrieres dress floats under seasands
and a sea of breasts pushes bagpipes inside hagging remands
and a toffee pulley pees upon emptied gal-knickered swarms
and we arise from bees when a holiday in need storms us
with lotuses and crocus eaters. Ah Ah Ah. Death drives us
deeply into akashic ghost-ships; and we die for a glue bus


when we move for sex optics we must mash lemons into blinds
la la we smooth coded soffits old offices get lagged; and minds
swell up, up with blue canine spirit and felines under glossers
vamp for drenched teeth when seepers of tea-sleep cuts lime
down, down aside an turbaned city where a silky milky goldmine
delves for easy candlers of carrion candy grime; O, sad wine
swashes acrid angellers across darling dom daniel; and twine
trackles after fever fued; and a blencher of blortedness climbs
up, up where fairy fotal foods french kiss deniers with bines

when we move for sex pockets we must mash melons into
a vase-hearted dog merangue; and a veiny tree-vault soothes
filthy fans with female bee-drams. O, deadliness sputters for
a naked tussler of day and night where a catter under word-war
weeps, weeps; and we shimmy in chiffon gowns as we spore
a dabberer of josting blubber with ferny fangs and toothy walls.

localities of fumers folly after glass-rape. Deaths drink chalks
Summery fatalities jolly after masked apes; and young hawks
simmer for menstrual fever as fast fisted shivers and fevers
sit a donny down inside a red town where nothing quivers


a duner of a doner mad bad lad layers meaty doctors with
lacers of a blood-kissed moonrise; and a duller of road-kids
snaps a meaty cross with twinny torn owlers; and radio pigs
pummel a blorted tongue with crazed paved bellers of figs
and we chant for figgy pillories of bled night and day-frigged
eyers of gossamer brawls. O, as slavy sun-streets fill up for
an urban dementer of drawled cagers and fizzing ride-war
and a blender on a sad cliff crusade for fuck; and we snore
after a purple parade of pullers and pissers and guilty whores

a duner of a doner mad sad lad layers rindy daughters with
eaters of wild woman-dyes; and a gunner under cheese-ribs
rams a blue porator around the river Thames; and low cribs
dream after salts when a bridler of utmost day and night hits
a fibber of crocuses when crocus eaters lay deaths in slits
and a dunner in circuses sends a lotus to sleep; O, blue lips
layer after rockers of closed men who sweat for blue nips.

we have golden fishy irises for gougers of green eyes and
a sylvan apple picker pushes veiny towels around brigands
and a baited heart shells cordons about the trees and sands
ah, a dated female swell suppers for drouth as red islands
flow into streams where iron-on lovers lash smaltz to tits;
o we serenade tiny men when the wind is filled with horses

riveners of popular flowers air-collide with sex-dead sauces.

these indigo nights where i laid my poems threadbared
hasps a torrid swarthy snare with a looper of the haired
o a crazy cabin falls like hair and a lightener of doll-prayer
pays in sullen dividends for aged grubblers after gullies
and i ride swanback to an apexed pile of perfumed dillies
and i writhe for snaps as a bodier of breakers bends lillies
and my bridal murdered gown swallows tears from babies

we have the golden grips by heart: we weevil for masks
and sad saint jane and her masted arse melts into the past
and a wakener of veiny rain blows blacken birds with
epileptic vines which murder all bright flowers; and kids
carry a crapper of a mumma under dogs who car-crib
a dolly diviner with lady summer and master star-ribs

these indigo nights where i laid my poems threadbared
hasp a florrid rectum under weavers of guilty sea-scares
and my gardened heap cheeps for alloted grass as mares
molly-cuddle a bony creek that sails inside faked meat
and a cunny penis twine knots facs on a spinal leap
and a benny of a headboard bangs after endless sleep.

we have the golden grips by heart: we weevil for casks
o, a dinner of a starved rolled girl raises a rapine rasp
and a beaded bedside bird bears a berrier of baby's blasts
o we have the golden grips by heart: we weep for wasps,
and a stinging of a miracle maze hips to a purple grave
and a swinging jumpy chemical cups tits with cloths
once upon a mind in a fast world, i sharpened gobs
and my mamma Bell Winda weeps for easy sods when
eyelets pass a pisser of a finger inside a vaginal serum
easellers hire petrol paint from dummy drivers: dams
dig for fire and a metal sainted dummy father fathoms
faces of mickling mermen who dive aside from falons
and a dunny beady bird ravels under crossing thighs
o a dinny of a biddy bad boy brags for oozing grey tides
and i talon after bat-ticklers as my blown bed's rawhide
asks for dented feeding darkness; O, a bended felon
reads a silly cookbook to a mencapped dizzy cousin
but my dizzy cousin has no head and no real wife?

chokers of musedy cherries champ across my life
o ropers of bluesday berries bank across my old life
and i know the faces of the teachers and i use life
to ascend the blowers of greyed preachers; O, mice
dangle from dangerous tails as sadness snatches christ,
and my daisy dotty darling whose face seems very nice
hops to a rabbit beat. La La. I have no see to slice
La Ah. I have no price in life. O Uh. i punish my life
once upon a mad grind, my teething baby soul spliced
dirtied penis peacedom; and my easy Lord ghost-triced
a toppler of anal titties; and my dizzy Lord roped spice
la la, eyes burn inside out. la la, peasy pissers rang kites
and my giddy god does not exist but sings for midnight's
tawny buzzy cunt-slot. Deaths drool about tight wipes.
and acrid lost stations capture old nations as grey gripe

ogles after dizzy dunes where a cat of a kindler spikes
donny bees with bearded bannerers of bunny old bikes.


Copyright JDB 24/07/2020


work-in-progress      title: Breakfasting Seesaws

1st draft poem the poem-song


these indigo nights where i made my name fashion now
the bluesy prisons of proud clouds; and rowdy boy-crowds
cry for criers when a boat of riders rots upon shrouds
and a bed of pistols shoot oats with pin-pricking valleys.

these indigo nights where i made my name fashions now
easy long ladies fingers; and a lane of rain captures loud
bad body braces; O, a statue on a ridge kills alleys and
heated pissers cry for fairies as oated oak-men expand

unto horesy homes where diamond sons sweat for tans
and we ride aside winded winos as ginners stop hands.

these indigo summers when weepy winters washed us
hip for dangerous fathers; O, a cracker of cauls rusts
and a boney binary of a lather soaps mass with rot
and wetter of a dead diary dreams after sexed tops

we have the evil names by naked heart: o, cocks hop
a canny eager vulture into racist art; and radio slots
slather after timed men who were swept from a
digger of pandemical sex history; and we must slop
a benny of a bridler with holy hummers and cops.

once upon a mad mind, i saw a baby woman
sweeping cold timepieces under walls; Oh Oh
coded under men radioed skin as i saw oaths
denying de rose; and a road of lions dammed cold
and a vaser of vacancy hits after scissor-souls

we have the eager names by pure heart. Lo!
a gouger of humaned rain cuts aside a lard-toad
a squelcer of a hammered skein raises robes
and a baby bomb bangs for suns where gold

grits to paled teeth as a naked headpiece folds.

furlowing under massive rain-macs, i saw the son of christ
sharpening nudes with stains; O, i saw the girls of old light
slammering babby souls into sap; and menfolk nip christs
and i learn all about bogies and odes to rams; O, dead life

swallows petallers with pleated ploved flowers; and life
lightens into murderers and christs cram cakered night
into radio rooms where a vampy shampy girl of delight
suppers for damed dogs; O, i saw the eyes of mice
layering blonded ratties with roman rabbits. Heights
end in self-death and a bay of slowed cum sun-habits

flusey flown families with closures of moused mikes
and we read to daddy dream as we colonise red bikes


hipsters of idle cheepers chaf for drakes as sky
falls under idols; and a leaper of carts jacks eyes
and, loathed, we learn about dolls and massed minds
swallow trampoline. Lazed with balls, dancers ride
deeply down inside a bath; and i saw a dirty bride
giving head to wideners. O, once aside of me, I
suffered veiny trains with local pigs and eyed sea

once upon a mad sign, my bedded body heaved
a miraculous dotted bum with vagrant street-seed
and a cunt on a bus hastens to piss; and old steeds
rode from deaths as a giddy mammy bus cuts trees

hipsters of eager feeders cuff for drakes as sky
snaps a cruel cloud; O, a startler of snakes rides
upon a manx saddle as a breaker of rapes cries for
eaters of grey rifles; and eyelids die off as whores

rise from city phlegm..Accidental loss shits for
penile vased vast vagina; and we rock for wards

the dammy boys i will always see again hit for a
mummy of loved joys; and eyes twist as old cars
marry medulas to toys; and eyes kiss coded card
and we swallow lamps as a shiner of a wife-ward
loosens cold mammas under insidious nutty stores

once upon a soft mind, my shredded body's war
swiped easy ginned guns with five-handed claws
and i eat for dada as i swing for ribs; and walls
sweeten lazy laps witth naked city nibs. O, spoars
licker after bummy raps and we shine for mauled
gigantic gold glued men. And Anancee hauls

sugar snaps from souled flame where burnies
bury body coke inside sullen dead luminaries
ah ah ah. once aside crime, i rode from family
to find a disappearing yoyo rising and crawling
back homeward; and a lemon cocoa is falling
under lynching dogs of catmen and slugged dolls
and eyes stop to drug us when ashy red bols
send mad macadam to madam moon's maze-mold

the lemony limey snatcher of a mad kid downstream
slayers fter briny catchers; and a dulling skull at night
shatters across a boney universe; and greying dreams
discern a body-batch where a wormy snaker screams
after an urban slave and an city shone Medusa

under lynching dogs of ratmen wrap bats in easter
and, o, an easter surprise unwraps xmas in summer
and a bannered bloody man branches under screens
and a vault of dullard dames use a boat for a mind

the lemony limey capturers of dirtying film trees
get filthy and buzzing; O, a manx cock under bees
raises revolting romances and a bodyied town heaves
pullered pled pullovers from pianos and stringers. Lo

once upon a dummied mind i saw love's old bed
geesing after daddied spine; O, my face is dead
and faces that twist in my mind slapper sex-bread

o my good girl had a tulip for a face; o, i used to understand her
but now a female world has cut my face, and where seas of curves
come to cure the farmed then i will have to glisten under birds
o my good girl has a tulip for a face; o, i used to apprehend her,
but now my fotal sex-swirl hisses to the beat; o, i don't hear.
once upon a dummied mind i entertained a wide witness who
sprayed severing ash-minds upon a delver of cold hit lists. Who
entertains death now will strap sliding doorways with bluesed
bagger boys who swagger for lobmen, lollymen and nudes.

o my good girl had a tulip in a bag; o, salty fulcrums remove
a daughter of a city dream with ten farmy hands that soothe
eaters of impossible Bethlehem; and a wife who studies sleuths
will most certainly arrive back home where weedlers weed-cut
rainmen from salted disappearing tears; and a mind of a slut

rotates around the evil sun where dark invisible faces fuck us
with daisy dweebs and long ladies fingers. O, cognition busts.

while strapped across a wide moggy smile i obeyed dead gods
la when i crapped across a wild sunny vial i drank to red sods
and a wiverner of trees summoned me with idiotic shoe-rods
la where i scrapped against de cruel bodies then i pierced mods
and a latency of evil fools hips to stalwart city lunacy. Uh, bobs
blind fuss with fixy hairs; and my mad bladdering blorting cods
heighten lilly craps with doggy drains and maundering steeples

while strapped across a wide moggy smile i obeyed bled gods
ah ah whence my mouths cum then my easy easter-xmas lud
loops a causal loop around coded cranes and fairground blood;
once asidea minny mind, my rawhide of a raped body moves
eaters of de gardens of eden scatter fat-clams upon grey goo
and a lady man must feel aside smatter when easy homo moods
layer xmas trees with eager tinsellers and magical city snoops

when crashing, my ivory dial showed instant men to cooped
cunt-seized fanny soups; o, as i ride for eager gemmy roots
then menial mad facades of chappers gives head to blue boots

the choking cooking cherries that bleed from out of wine
swallow chopping berries that heave for silken body-brine
ah, and we wallow under hermes when a bayer down times
telephones dialled cellphone sleep; o, we hiss across minds
ah we cry, cry and we study milk and tell tits not to die for
easy krinkly shrinky kinky. O, a beller of cells keyed wards
and my focal mental cooking egg hasps aside poached whores
and my evil honeyed head sinks straws under poked maws

the choking coating cherries that grieve from out my mind
melt inside viragoes where a mental money mamma grinds
dolly dusts from evil vines; and an eater of eastern passions
peals a lemon rope around sprawled hangers; O, grey prisms
shine beneath destracted light which sparks aside cat-prisons

these daddy days i have come to know sings inside missions
and a mummy cage cashes lungs with bagged mouse-visions
ah ah once upon the eager dead i saw inside a furious voice
a plenury of pasted pastelled pulled pussy; and me and hoists
hip to a trampled heap of bummy bunny; O, cold confusion
rams a daisy thimble on a female line; and we stitched for

eaten planet-surgeons who sink a needle-claw under war
and we shoot a helmic fast TV with breakfasting seesaws
ahhhh lemony delimited cock steeds raise a robotic daub
and a dinny dinner boy dines in the dark when geese-gauze
damages doom deniers with fierce faces and grey mauds
empired till the end, an insistent cunted geezer of a gourde
glams after bacon ken when a lemon spurgeon pees pork
and a sad MC micks in its mad mike when a bone of salt
shafts ingled penises with dammy fanny vaulted grey malts
and my miniature mien reveals a vast beast; O, cut colts hear
hardeners of demure bright shits that sail unto torn tears
the chokers of cunny cads ride false cabs and we revere
whoring hipped hotels that shine a barrow mind inside fear
kangaroo angels swing from winged windows and men
amass aside a ringletted gunning whining shadow. Uh
huh huh huh huh huh.. weevillers shoot fawns with cuts

Copyright JDB 26/07/2020


work-in-progress     title: From Midas Brokers?

1st draft poem then poem-song


Vanishers of blue midnights disappear into soft air
o bruised punishers of light endear to dangerous hair
and a dog in flight walks a cat as ratters under tears
wash a sunderer with clasped fat hands; O, old fears
snap a swollen soffit around an island. O, sex stares
into blind sense; and a mind of pure shit kills prayers
and my bladder for a wet brain dreams about spheres
once aside a fast model mind, i learned about old men
o aside a vast cradle, i earned love's pay, odd women
and as i peer inside a fire, then i must learn of venom
ah ah ah. Golden churches cry for crust as deadness
sinks a rumpler of a teacher into fat widow sadness

underwatered, i hedonised a happy day where greying pleasure seekers
crammed a weepy eye inside the moon; and men and thrill-ride seekers
searched for grinnng money. O, a tear-dealt hand grasps to glass reapers
and, dunnied, a car of honey drives aside jams as a rasper of healers
arise from dunny deaths when a leaper of rams runs evil ratty rivers
beneath blind screens where a mindless mamma messes god's mirror

once aside a vast model mind, i learned about old children; and fever
sweats for a vine as a vanny wine-burn shouts about death's fingers

underwatered, i hedonise easy days where an indolent pleasurehorse
writhed from coded coda men; and once i had died for a pony sauce
then i rode to equine rest; and mazy veined crabs had to suck a forced
vine-inverted sex-fest. O, i peed upon a salt-box. O, i hit love's divorce
and, la la, as i sent pus to easter, then i heard about God and His sex.


and endlessness under scentedness swallows sullen bloods
o emptiness sun-sunderers; O, a ball on a cliff sucks bloods
and, laid flat, a killer of deadliness drags a horse aside gods
and we must enter into fever as we cry for cots; O, sheeters
shoot paled paws with renal riders; O, we shelter under pizzas
and a bone of glass scatters bible-seed across a grey helters

underwatered, weavers of rummy rosettes wash grey napers
and a tree of biters bums for bunny; and we rest upon papers
and we slice a nailer's heist with blown trams; and peepers
puke for puled peckers as branner of a crow-cram pitters for
sweet stems of slapped star-screwers. O, we had to cry for
the end of time and her opening sex-door; and eyes will thraw

the prising pussy pies of old pylon hens have to lay electric eggs
la la, easing under ties, i saw a boney bedder being fed to dregs
and love's catty claws cut into baby where a rider of a chopper
trickled out to severed sea; and i scent care with veiny chappers
o times will die out now. The abusers of funfairs jacknife, La!,
weavers of crowds see a fairground accident made red as Mars

once aside a fast mind, a revolter with revolvers shot ribs with
cavers of vastnesss. O, once blamed, a baby in a soft culled crib
draggled against an invasive past when a clock upon a nailed grid
dangled dizzy hairbands from clasping vitamins; and massing pigs
peal an oinker from a grunter. Ah we bake a false cake. Ah, kids
swiftly appear to be more than sold. And ices open out upon cars
and, uh uh uh, a sexy bombed sacked soul drives from old sleep.

when rented to radios, a buller of a toned noise shrills under wheat
o scented, a tv's shadow cullers after stoned boys, and sex sleeps
and, loaned to mallow, a stereoed jay-juicer of a mad mind metes
vile vast body-cocks to gallowed cunt-movers; and my nude seat
bunches baby-bags to callowed spunk-cookers. O, inside meat
we learn of veiny dudes as a ladderer of a cunter snippets for
jemmers; and my longheaded heart is in both hands; and old war
goose-grips to evil boiled turkey egg; and men and female daubs
drag a dunny pup behind a dulux screen. And me and my whore

have to hip to a pimping street where a birdy inside porn-prayer
peers under shrimping heat; O, a burny of a bled bride star-snores
and eaters of limping meats slices growlers with radioed city-cores
when rented to TV twine, me and mad madam moon shrilled for
a coaster of a cunt-crime where a baddied stone-swoon seeasaws
deep beneath cloisterers of thinning rubied bone-blooming sleets
and men and macadam melt into frost. La La. Do men overheat?

and ideal icy eaty revolvers shoot a hermit with two infernal jams
o evil lazy baby dissolvers hoot for permits; and mental England
heaps to a suntan, and we hoop for wanky underneath monkey
o a bed of guns shoots dreamt soup and we raid dunny daddies.

when rented to TV wynds, we may well learn about cavvies
o as evil shended lime shoots dust from our minds, easy cabbies
may well drive us home for free; and when we see into bevvies
we will most certainly scale false trees. Ah, an eye in a bad lady
blossoms in the Hesperides as a mad madam modem telephones
brillers of brainless video glass. And dead videos ripped the past;

and evil eaty revolvers shoot a lone man with twinning hands and
we listen as we piss across shielded ice; and a biddy under bands
sinks big silly fingers across dirtied heat-crossed spermy ribbands
and we have to sing for saint Lucy who died just last year and we
must now sing for Addey whose body died of fear. O, hot wee
drips a dollar devil in a bronxed baddy whose eynes sear reeds.

when rented to disease, a meadow baby world has to deceive
rollers of embolic trees with sharders of rubby girls and bled leads
and, uh uh, we rise from sleet as we sunder bobby blood trees

and evil pented pussy pentangles peer aside gauze. Ah, beebies
bow to a bled bowl as we listen to growl radios; and old doobies
dribble under shoals and we hiss across de gallows as sex-doddies
damage sweety sugared owls with piercing meadows. O, this is
the end of all vampy words because i have lost my tongue to piss.

o early earthy men in early earthly caves hasten to a sad hired wind
o burny oveny hens cock aside easy slaves; and me and my old mind
hip to a cheeper's dick; Laaah as a body in a lave loosens, then tines
will most certainly flicker like a snake as a vile vase vamooses timed
early reasons for selves. And we strangle and we blort under wine
and we strum soft sitars with dolt-cigars bolted to our lip-lisped child.

when rented to strange disease, i overheard a meadow baby girl
she spoke strange words and did false bird and she donned bluepearl
and a cunt-sea-lie has to rise from pigs as a dunny birdy outside whorls
sirens for opened cars when a faceless fissure in a flag cab-curls
eaters of red-eye with cochineal cries; and, o, riders of a sad world
hears a hollowed hireling coming deeply down aside a davvy town.

o early earthly men in early earthy caves cling to film as coda clowns
crash aside la rambla as a cousin to clay has to cry about sex-sound
and a nuclear blenched disease snappers sunners from moony ground
and, la la, i hip to a jetty jeep that drives due West, and the West is
most certainly the true milk on a lone mumma's hidden breasts.Oh.

fizzlers of fixatives flash fingerers inside the pitched dark; and fists
gall to a liver-leap where a brolly in a stand forces rain into mad mists
la la la. Once aside a dummy bay, i heard death's children using trays
and, o-la, where once i used seraphic faces in my ooze, i saw graves
crapping upon five shent prams; and keen dirt drools after honeys
and a beddy bladdered old-boy's boner sinks teas into curdy dunnies
Oh Oh Oh.. whence a body-beercan bobs up from scrotal waves
we must heed the latent powers and dig for death; and children pray?


these are the easy giddy days where i listen to the growling moon
l.a la, these are my dizzy trades when i kiss the ghosts inside tombs
and she was sister to my worm; O, she was cancered by my wound
and men and chidden females ride aside the rain where sunshine dies
and i will awake where moon-minds writhe. Ho, a bodyer has to cry
and a butcher-baker has to bake bread-hides; and massive spun eyes
hit to a corneal beat where fast winds and bee-brides cum for tides.

these are the easy giddy days where i listen to the howling fast rain
la la, these cunty wanky hooty words i prise will hallow into fast pain
and my filthy cocker shaker that raises me from bats and bad papers
meld now, just for youths and me, a baby cake with candled peppers.

once aside a glid mind i heard a tailor taking me fat out to kickers
and a band of pure lime swerves about faking cardy hardy knickers
and, lo lo, a babe inside a veined bow sips vaginal faces from rippers,
and, ho ho, a knave aside a stained crow, cunny cunt-sea mirrors
medulas of spanky junk-spunk where a loosener of easy bum-brillers
canes a plaintiff mamma with copious fat English copper. O, raiders
star-centre under fever when a shit-bedded bald-breaded cocker

seasons after belled bummed dicker dens; and eyes shoot summers
and minds eyed honeyed hooty wanky reeved drugglers. Ah Ah Ah
once aside a bleeder of a bottomed grave, me and mien and shit-cars
crusaded after pinny phlegms that silenced chokey cherries with scars
and messengers of belly bosom-grips cane after eggy berries; O, Mars
sinks a marathon moon in a tippered titty grind. Ah Ah Ah, venoms

harden hickery pocketers of belled spawny apes; and fuckers end.

these fayre-flagged days where i hollahed for a fairground accident
slobber under blood-covers; O, the waller of acrid dying carousels
washes eiders down with dog men and swift sad sainted dirtied owls
and a bed at night clambers aside sexy chokey cherries where cowls
hiss across infant christs; and as i hollahed for a fairground accident
i hashed in five winds; and a loller of lazy bird bagged my eye's growl
and i kissed across twin christs where a layer of slaggers jacked soul

these fayre-flagged days where i hollahed for a carousel of graves
i found in my mental trade about the wallets of the tunnels of blood
and my nueral mind-maze hips to a graping jeep that drives for slaves
and my scented female glade trips for aping sleep; O, we are saved
by naked bulling fatal nonentities who ram a fairy scrum around graves

i have made a ratted penance from my clayed grave; and my skin
swelters with cunt-crock; and my penile autoclave dams my spind
body-baker whose heated reeler of ferile wanky blades spin kings
under imprisoned cabbage swings; and candifying dirty lays see rings
cock-raising roman tweeters of twitterers and cocaine clasping cut bins

o i have seen vaginal plaids being used by fazed fools and grey fins
come spastifying a naked brunch with doo doo mamma; O, dreams
wind adown dirtiers as blenders of bloody bum-cunts crash for spind
baying scissor cockers of slided squelchy sickers. La La old wines
tease milks into tea-seep; and my dicker of a head has to heed twines.

endlessness in a cunty wrapper mac drives dumb drugs to deep sleep.

these sunny deranging days have cemeteries for a pulsed skull
la la a dreamer's grave stabs old nunneries as a sea of gulls
swarms smitten streets with dolls and angels; and we see lies
guiding ignorance into tithed eyes; and the leader of the moon
stalls as she crawls. Ah, dinted by dives, we die in closed rooms

and a wetted hand delves for diaries. O, elisions in a soft mind
rotate upon a drowned vine; and we weep for the moon's wife,
and we drag bunny breaks for wines as the jailers of love's christs
catch weepers from dark radios. O, a reaper of the mind-sliced
sea-splices hearts just like melons; and the feathers of midnights
scatter dabby rains upon drakes and voices. Ah! cold leather

tautens jemmy rafts with star-death; and a pincher of pleasures
rides a rodeo horse to a stilled face where the sunners of fevers
darken mind-meadows with shrillers of failed fans and mirrors.

veiled hands study sails where gizzard givers race as they run.
Nailed brigands body grails where wizard wipers chase as they
cum to the sides of a dead slave; and the noise of a moon-mum
mentalises meads with red trade. Ah, a witness to forced error
slappers aside weed which glows in the mind's mouth. Terror

stalks after ice. Pleasure glows like a horse. Rivers go South;
and a lady lion lashes for crows as cradled sauce kills and kills
uh uh. Tattered ashy sea-loaves crack up. Spattered red hills
heed to dolly wings as keen bloody words shoot after sex-krills
and a shark in a head heaps to lazy bird; and winter-thrills
slay after drawn death. Oh a wife on her side has no her will?

these dummy daddy days of sworn silk idealise coded rivers
ah in boats where many killers meet, a rooker of lost lovers
rammels tawny mummy with flexed fawn; and fazed fillers
flaunt bedded tashes. O, embolised manna hits upon grey gills
and a fantasy of flashes fixes eye-fingers upon raised gourdes
pilers of pulleymen piss from wide gingers; and a soft sward
sings for shouted shit-drum. Old mad crash heals grey wards
and a fishy failed psychopath anoints gems with silken stills
And we rave after naked baths as the sonny of a broken horde
ignites dummy moon-masks; and a gallower upon a bad field
taunts lemon ochrewith naked candle-hands; and sperm-seals
suck from midas brokers; and a belted bogged hand reveals

a smoker of a church to a swashed sky where serpents soap
scissor heels where a cunt in a mind's eye blinds the pope. O
we gizzard downstream when time's wife eats red-eyed dope
and we sunder a closet creed with timed christs as we mope
aside blued bled livers. Deaths dream about everything when a
scrittler of a scriver rides upon corn; and a deviser of primal soaks
dribbles down bled chins where an angelled walrus drinks coke
ashes inside bearded hashes lead laddies into lazed limed coats
la la, bitten sad duned trashes reeve for dazy deadened dolts
and crashy wanky hoot men ring the hour with birded volts. Ah?

wide wivenrs widen into veins as tramplers of visual seasands
dress a doctored siren ear with dangerous menswear; and stoats
swing for canny weezlers whose harridan of a prayer gun-bloats
a scissorer of bandy screws; and biters of bottlers prick moats
with spastic castle crenatures that weep into bright star-scopes
the lazy roundalays of red-hot kids caress cured canines with
pierced picklers of grey-garotters; and ald demure felines frig
fixatives with gelly hell; and we ride from a secured gaol-kid
and a national hound barks at blind bum. La La easy suns swig
comic hydrants from sharks under gum; and lesioners in figs
interfuse coded Hector with slain Andromeda...prized pigs
shoot from soapy kegs; and laden cow-cummers calm coasts
the sun in her hot cage rages after burned silks as death ends.

Copyright JDB 31/07/2020


work-in-progress   title: A Goosed Star-Lift

1st draft poem then song-poem


what with seized horses riding unto sex
weavers of pig-roses ram a laden wreck
and a star of kiddies swim after hot mess
and a wanky hooty monkey sunders death

once upon a blinder, i saw dinny suns made
cold as a burning moon. O, ladies in jades
dram for cunted lithe seas where old trade

swells, swells, swells; and bobber-bends
smile aside my deaf city where red raves
swallow sucky hokey coca-cola; and naves

drop under looms where looseats burn
up, up, up., We strip care as carts burn
and the weddng cakes are burning when
the baker-heads are churning.Lo, Amen

what with spiralled spies seeing into vim
we must rule the rain where guilty gins
swallow dregs from veins; and greyers
swim as they cry. O, a rat under fevers
pushes fasting fingers under dead seizures
and we fast for fits when coded Caeser
snaps a doggy nap aside roman reevers

we drop junk in sucked eye-spunk where
old aged turkey trips for nested cunt-gears
and we wizen after blits as bitten old tears
tar fucked emptiness; and we ride from
old river seas. O, a cat under guns hears

mostly nothing at all; aaaah. Men steer
stolid porn-lamps with a grey mind-sphere

the fingerling of a puppet plume has to
reckon with curves and whey; O, tubes
sink slackeners under hams and roofs
sometimes fall in; O, a tree of nudes
spirals under walled cold; and hooves
molify deaths as a canner of snoods
snaps a wafer from a flask of stews

mostly, men know nothing at all. Ahhh
we rode down a false street's fast cars
and we got mown down by stars and
jolters of sin spin in old towns where a
reader of spun wind rots aside ribbands
what with spiralled spies seizing vim
we must surely hold a hand to lovers
and, la la, as rivers cross, then flavas
arise from knotted sperm. Ah, raiders
rock for a cut horse whose cattlers
raise doomy delled bells from antlers
mostly, men know nothing at all...
wizarders wash crows as men fall
down, down for a women in a stall

the arses of a purpled greased bum have to rasp
deeply down where cabled cunt-cum has to clasp
a cunny clapper with cold fangs; and weepers
grass about wet dreams as a city of creepers
cannies for dirt-drouth; and we arise for masks
and we sink swelled pulleys into faced casts

mostly, men know nothing. Mostly men fast
and a genital touch spews cabbages when dust
drools aside woven sad news; O, fast sea-musks
slay after doggers of mad truths; O, hot sea-nuts
wallah after dullers of bad coopers of odd sluts

the arses of a purpled greased body bum heaps
olden golden dirty dead cold women with sleep's
banner of wanky bed-heat; O, a tractor in heat
weeps, weeps, weeps; and wiseners trap lusts
amd we sweep a deaf eye against dirt-cusps

mostly, men know nothing. Mostly, men ask
after daggering nut-filled killed folks, and glass
rubs a pissy wanky hooty mummy with grass;
and we ride from hanky shooters and we pass
back into time to find all history dead and done

I remember mad mary whose headmost mind seemed mad
o i must sunder sad baby as i burn. O, a dog under the mad
swells for canny walkers of dead sperm; and weepers grab
a dolter of dun vaginas with a seminal sea-crumb. O, odd slags
slapper after voices when a briner of a sea-scum eats shag

mostly, men know nothing. Mostly, men are dumb as slabs
and we i ride from too much rest to find my mental nabs
made ancient as the true moon. O, odes to de Lady stab dust
and we ride from daughtery rooms where feline drag

tips aside a grey cusp in dragon-dells; and a wept sold hag
sells filthy slagazines to petrol-pills.O, i arouse nothing
O, I had no sex with loving; and a gizzard under ceilings
whacks out cunt-coffee as a breader in slumbered readings

stops, stops, stop. Ah! snippers of slipper-signs wrap up,
vinegar shadow seasons baiters and a skull in a tea-cup
drops lea-and-perrins on fabler's hands; and i will shut-up?

shoppers of slappy shampy fuckers flicker under chops
o i saw my dizzy mammy rising up from feeders when
endlessness span like an eaten sparrow; and odal-men
will sleep for Eden when a gully in a barrow heaps lofts
and, oo, as we dig into desolate attics we use old cloths
and we slop for a shit-slick as we raid a boobied hop

shoppers of slappy shampy duckers dicker under slots
o i saw my easy daddy rising up from tweezers when
eaters of angry angel Bethlehem had to murder men
with machines of timed christs. And i suffer chidden
body-boxes; O, a candid canter of crams rock's children
and i enter into the green zion of a waterbead and socks

soften easy wide wives with wolfers of weepy woks
and a cooky candour of eyes sees into peasy pot and
i set alight to my head and watched my brain expand
unto timed clocking latrines; O, i watched over woman
and my dicky lip lays words to bloody waste. Eyes jam

coded kodak cranes with fayers of camera cunt-rams.

i recollect my easy friends. I said nothing to them mostly
and i suck skies from friends; and i cut my tongue mostly
o i detect pushers of men who cry for quiet; O, family
fellows easy mind-rangers with hot melody; and deaths
cum in my lost mouth and i learn of monies as babies
grill a swather of a swaddler with painted head-rubies.

coded kodak cranes with flavas as a camera's crimes
picture dirty heels with splitters of deadness. Minds
slashes after daughterers; and a bone-bled sea-spine
slams bald live cathedrals with stoned layers of lined
buzzy faders. And i recollect my easy friends when I
hear my silent past rushing upon a goosed pubby gun

ahh, hens on the dummy moon wash lard in water
ahh, penners pig upon old dunes when i wet laughter's
impossible smile-screen. O, a dogger of grey fixtures
rally family gossips from danny draggers of fast mixtures

these haggard days where i lay my head upon god's palm
i notice, when laid, that my eager red-head sun heats arms
and i outstretch my hands to a girl men never knew. Charms
bury bones in mead where a featherer of old dew star-calms
canny careering lunacy and the painters of alcoholic farms.

ah hens on a dummy dune dress dolor in sweated strands
ah a lens under mummy moon dresses colour in England
and a hisser of a lone river kisses presses. O, old odd harm
stays me with herbs and apples which ram upon brands
the easy tiller of a tricycle girl who listens to odd seasands

these haggard days where i lay my head upon god's palm
i notice, whilst slayed, that my little meadow woman's jam
jolts a pisser of a pled lave led to irons and i dine on pranged
sisterers of soriety and faceless feline females. O, strands
sickle after funeral pepper; and i lop odd retails as cramps

study just how to fucking die; and a bomb of a swift bone
hips to a gallowed beat. Deaths drinks sex dry. Cold stone
honey-combs under junder-mess; and we toast gold foams
and we shudder for feather-mess; and we drink red combs

as curriers of kindler men abuse broomy skin, grey dromes
drag a drippler of a devil whose burnt lucifers cut crones
adown in a fixed town where a candifier of butter-drones
doctors easy sleep with easter's eggy cocoa christmases

ah hens on a dummy dune dress dollars in pounded pans
and weevillers strut for ruins as a lepress in her pig-plan
pomades for sexy wanky hooty parades; and old sloanes
shop for grey punchers of bruisy dog-trades. Wee roams
aside five bad trees which moan like deadening voices
and we cum inside a wide christ as idioms of old faces

drool under navellers of sliced dreams and rolled Rome.

i weedled after mammy minds when a granada of a fast horse
labelled me with diddled granite ponies; and my head saw force
raining on a donkey back where a mental desperate seahorse
writhed under blown crack; and a blonded bird-vibe coarsed
from scented navel thunder into scrammed traps of grey sauce

i weedled after mammy minds when a granary of a paste-horse
cabled me with draggeries of soft nunneries. O, pasta claws hit
canny dullers of monkeries with blue body-beads; and men shit,
and closers of comic wards scream after baby-beats; and lips
interfuse Andromeda with bloody Hector; and men who strip
may well attend a focal flower that wilts aside a cunty cut trip

all red hens on a dummy day lay bright eggs for sugar-drips
ah red hens on a dunnny day lay vast ant-eggs; and old slits
slobber aside woollen wolves where a catty closer of gay clits
cry for wine and wild waters. Ah, once upon a mind, my father
got fucking jacked by wide daughters; and sunny silver mamma
hastens to five zillion hot winds which hip to a goosed star-lift
i weedled after grammy food ghosts when i drank some wee
ah me and madam daddy moves hosts to hostels. O! gay trees
scar-strangle easy thumbs that sink a sausage hand into trips
and me and madam moon shine across umpteen horse-hips
and me and dadda's room grind across umpteen rose-hips
we are laid to filthy rest as we drag a dogger of daphini for
golden body babes. La La La. Eyes must close across wards

these tinselled days when a cupboard for bloody xmas
fills up with paper-bows come now to rest upon dusk
and a linen toy which shapes a pursed boy gasses husks
o a naked ridden festive dream hits to festive beat when
these robed tinselled days send cowing crowders to gems

the ploved coded romancers who dance astride a void
shines for DVDs with digital naked joys; and a red bird
washes its wet wings with vinegars and peppers as words
bite directly down upon a bastardiser of hot gifted boards

and a lemon kiss crashes upon ecsematic blood wards
and a deli hot miss splashes wine aside moany soap-dawgs
ah ah, a room in easter rashes upon trains when sods
supper after knighted knives. O, a baker of meaty gods
heaps to a dulled beat which shovels telephoned mods.

these tinselled days when a cupboard for fucking xmas
thrills to a burned beer-bleat hastens to fingerers; O, bods
breakdown, and emerging angels crease for kidded bogs
and i have seen a bed-bagged temple ringing belly balls
and i have screamed about God where no God calls.

once upon a lithe mind, masses of hair shit upon dolls
and a caged wide mind amasses for grips when bols
beckon dunny stalls to rasped sleep. O, family foals flit
and i hit to a drip as we hit a slowed mitt; and eyes split
after hosieries of naked holidays and vacant rides spit
into blencher's eyes; and men and women glow like gits
the ploved coded romantics who hide in shiny walls
rock for endless christmas and widen when gall-graves
tinsel-raid a bollock of a bauble man with turkey trades
and mended mensa men countdown to pigs as bright blades
guzzle down leechy lemonades. And menstrual drapes

swallow sunny meats with boxing xmas fanny flowers.

O i weaken for death as i creep into dunny dust-dowers
O i seep for lost sex as i reap unto my dolly dust-showers
and a melter in a distant moon rings sally bells. La- flour
spins a cake into a the quartered hour. O, dead powder
shovels diggy doles with druggard hands and mad power
these tinselled days when a cupboard for bloody xmas
teleports creation to a smoothed state where ruddy rusts
become rustless as easy peasy chickens; and we trust a
dolly of a dream in which the phantoms poo upon pus
o a puller of a pussy pie peers inside wide wiped wasps
and as we slide to festive screams we loosen clocks
with clotted seas of dally cunt-creams; and we kill rock
salliers of sunny swashed cabbage whitens whirls with cock.
parriers of duny damage darkens bird with grey gut-grot
easellers of mummy cribbage sharpens cunt with sex-rot
teasers of winter's heated village starkens spunker clots
and men of minted candy shrubbage don a silky sad cot
reason rams christmas plovers down yuletide egg-spots.


Copyright JDB 29/07/2020. 


work-in-progress title: About Bone Brides

1st draft poem then poem-song

o as i seize my own blood face i learn of dullards and their indolent crying
o as i heave a bone from mute space, i serenade dolls where men are dying
and a linted head inside a shoe-lace dams a dicky damsel; O, as we are lying
we learn of studied deaths and stride in death's easy mortals. Deaths drive
into heavy lungs; and we slide from sleep as we carve a cager of nude lives.

the sun in her lost rage raves after burned silks as a digger under tides has
no spade or trowel to own; and we raid grey milks as a father under glass
drips adown into leather sounds. O, we carve a cager from naked nude-ass
and we tear a teeny wanky torch from bared jams where coded mind-masks
wash a dinnered eaty shanky with shampy and sax and a girl named Mandy


the pecking pistils in pulled plants bow down to shit as as boyhood's lip
bites down on a blued trip. O, a blind cunt under strips sits upon swifts
and bodiers of stewed mitts sail for slain spunk; and men dream of lifts
and a rider of a raider sucks a dolly nut. O, a blind bunk falls from pits
and, la la la, when i ride from sally muts, then i shove an ape from wicks.

the sun in her lost cage rages after solar prayers and eyes stink for dusts
and i star-slam the birds downstairs till my deadliness winks after busts
and me and aladdin paladin shave pushy wanky shaky pussy with trust
and i wove me a mad mien when dizzy melted dens lost sex to pricks


deadeners of forced fucks feel after sad friends
reddeners of clawed fuck fondle laughter's hems
and i eat for England when i drink false teas. Men
glide by, just like children, and menfolk caress fens
and me and madam motion moon after bummy bends
and i seize rollered tarpaulins from fathers as women
drink to a devil's eyes. Oh, we jail dealers of pigeons
O, we dry love's sky when a bone in pocket rends
damed diamonds from good friends; and eyes end?

the distant equidisant moon slices stars from bins
la la, we dream of dunes when a mantis cuts skins,
and i learned of evening as i studied about hard sin
and a spun spind spine-skim has to crack after wind.

peckish pistils in dulled plants pee upon cabbages.

solitary saviours of soft men sallow dizzy sleep with
far-out killers of lost men; O, a meadower's pled pig
will rise from rooms as bathers in a fast slowed frig
wash a bloody bone with lardy coves; and easy digs
dopple after daddy drones where a hot shark moon
enters deaths inside mammy swoons; and my rigs
warp city salads. Uh, a dunny hen lays eggy squibs
and wide wiveners of eyes blind tears with deaf drips.

a deadener of a false fox flashes under shops when
a doctored sea of cocks shallows thunder. Loudness
trackles beneath pegs when narrowers wank noise,
and i strode against sounds where i saw darkness
shaping shaven summer limbs with token sadness
ahhh a flight of women eat winds where deadliness

wallops under fires when fondent funerals defend
nothing much burnt at all; and me and mamma end?

weavers of woollen whites dig an evil racist path
o heavers of bitumen ignite radios with dark arts
and a body in a dog-bag bins fairies with hearts
and i hiss for darkness as i ride aside grey carts

weavers of illing old rafts sail after blown men
and, ah ah, i scented a cunt-tail as grey women
star-gazed when space clouds looked down when
a reever of skin smashed a proud rooky sea-dart

wallopers sunder burnt dust and i sense de dark
dreaming of parks when a forest in a dumb ark
hastened to gouged god; O, we widen as we rend
all deaths, all dreams; all self-sex and old friends

deadliness nookies after lady soul where bends
swirl in bedclothes. And lazy hooky children end.

and ridden rancid rookers of red-headed sky
slide to slathering cookers; O, mental wives
skip to a glue-pot when eaters of cake-knives
gather sweeteners from reapers of snail-brides
and my model mum dons tails as menswear
shit-slides a vey fat girl inside coded kidswear

deadliness nookies after mallows and fears
hold illegal parties; and, O, we suck tears as
modellers of families loosen evil incest gas
and wideners of honeys spread tar on spheres
and i over-saw a skunk ward where red venirs
fascinated hoopers with cunt-cord; and ears

widen up for blinded deafness when chairs
appeared mind-worn and left to seat prayers
ah ah, woven weavers of deaths drink tares
and eyes must first glow then burn alive.

lo i am a keen listener to crowded clouds
lo i am a keen glistener who shaves loud
dirty city pow-wows with naked trowels
and, la, eyes appear down as i use towels
to station knickered shrouds to grey cowls

o i have always listened to growl radios
o my head nods for missions as salt blows
breakdown to reveal doggers of dun crows
and me and madam moon heat for powered
babyish bobby rock which rapes flowers?

lo i am a keen listener to crowded clouds
lo i am a mean mind-miller; and i am not
allowed to teach of mirrors as i am not
permitted to reach after pictures; O, rot

rampages after sweety wanky rusts and
a boat of boners sets ship for a bad brand
ah ah. I have to count aside from lots
la la, i have to jeer and drive for vanned
prisoned piers where dolt are slammed

against a glass gorge; O, i am stopped.

the shovellers of sainted wine stir salts into gin
o issuers of feintedness whines after table-skin
and a tabler of blown beers brags about deceit
and a cradler of stoned tears rocks for old sleep
and, uh uh, i rode the dead when i slashed meat

the shovellers of sainted wine stirs salts into sin
and my fabled fever drops from Gods as hymns
swing to a sad bad twee-beat; and greyed gym
glide to athletic heat where babby boy reaps dust.

lo i am a keen listener to sex, death and disease
lo, i am frequently sent to sex as my eye's lease
layers rotted sky with jayed messagers from peace.

the shovellers of sainted wine stirs salts into quim
o tissuers of paintedness oil-paint-pine for spind
donny rainbows with donkey hearts; O, bled gins
draggle for daffy droppers; O, a shark's red fins
becomes a blind shark moon; and a sea of pins

bollocks for cunted wanky hooty eggers: nests
drag a butterfly car beneath a lunar bed-rest;
and my feinted gal-falons necks under desks

monkeyers of apple-men hurl a shy core when
weavers of maple-men hiss unto the very end.

appled peering pippy men send darting darlings into vast sleep
o angelled whirring puppy men send farting fardellers when
heated daffy dream-sleep lays rended inside odalled cold sleep
and a vastness of a dreaming eye heaps us with coded fathers
and, oh oh, we will jack our fathers and we will jump all lovers

appled peering pippy dens sends a madding crowd to mumma
and, lo lo, we ride from chicken when a dog-bag in shot sky
slammers an umbilical grave which appears killed by scribes
and we sky-write for a mute living; O, dinners feed fat tides
O, a wiper of starred mice catch a rat-fire with hopper jives
amd a laden layer of hooping self-sex cuts a cockered life

appled peering pippy men send darting darlings into vast sleep
o angled angels swing upon bird-winged; and miners of sleep
mine for a heart of trolls; and miner molls cut coal from sheets

a mingler of mother's milk swells up for infant loss. Creeps
carnalise carrion comfort where i made my easy name. Meats
rot aside a boozy bubble skin found within a doddy parcel. O,
we jammer for a flayed rubble-wind when cagers of muscle
mount sea-stricken mules with wave-riders of rigid tassles

and issuers of golden sky-stems stop a sexy store with a
bunny of a funny fatal bandage-ring; and men who cut cars
will soften for sodden markets. O, a rider of wheat carves
medulas of clay within narky puky wanky hooty eaty girly.
Greed has a cunny stretcher raised from rubicund shit-sworls
and gritters of puny pannered pussy shed sweet junk for
gilded blonde-cream. Ah, we may well sharpen a sex-caw
because all plumed sex is a potent pile of shitting crap...

i have entered into hired seas where mad mermaids snap?

when pressed like dummy flowers, i overturned a book inside the seas
and there, where women glowered, suffered words and heard the bees
winging their honey-weights to softness and lilted stinging fleetfulness
and my body of sweet flesh hips to the blind beat of a buried poem tree

and issuers of golden sky-stems wash naked ladies inside lynched tides
and tissuers of ashen spied men abuse a little glass for a ride upon eyes
and, la la, a chicken in the pan burns up for turkey eggs when belled brides
star-bone a snarler of a shark moon that shines upon stars as they blink

and measureless stars look down upon a tangerine town where soft inks
swallow sunless cars from deadliness and sullen clowns, and eyed pinks
mar a bay of bushy tears; and tears look down from sounded iced sinks
and a basined body of bastards bake egg for bled butchers. O! old kinks
carry cash-n-carry to a nude space; and a cashier of killers licks beads.

when pressed like dummy flowers, i overturned a book inside the seas
and there, where daemons towered, i jumped jails with emptying old leas
and i live close to a monster mind whose frozen faces feed green deeds
and me and my maiden madmoiselle dwell in a sedge under grey seeds

a stammerer of weaving silence swallows sick when finches heave
la la, a daughter under god's violence fattens wicks with dank dweebs
and a bodicer of mothers melds coded kittens with dammy dog-sleeves
and a bolter of bionic dells dewify dogs where a melter of mad disease
helters to the veiny wanky winy vine that strips bald pincers blood-bare

a tyranny of tricker tailors itemise ghosts with fast nudes and we snare
a bricker of a slicker with tawny buzzy bears who heal men and stare
out alone, where diggers of god's animals destroy the lives we share
and, my my, as catters die out then the gods inside elephants will snare
a gooser of a geizer with gutted flowers that cry like men. O, lost air

must confine canny crime to daggered marsh; and mental lost prayer
snappers down on a tall town and a bed-bound city suffers cold hair
ah ah ah, Ides ravel into times as the sad clock of winters chills heirs
and we are heir to loss as loss is heir to deniers; and bloodied reeves
ropes a daffy castle into blown mouths where many rivers star-seize
grande mal seizures from pepilepsies and the peepers in the red dark.

poetical petrochemicals heap a pissy pus pie within naked ripe parks
la la, a dollar of a dime pays for sleet when a cunter under slag darts
damages dolor with damagers of sleep; and menial roasted luv hearts
hip to a wide wild beat. O, deep carrion comforts come to sea-start
local fatal fields with teeny weedlers of gun-forts and dizzy gocarts

oooo fishermen of flashy fingermen fan a skin of cards; and we carve
a million dirty kisses in the mad arcana; and we stir aside a bed scar
and, lo, a bed of hisses slams bad dictators around licky laid lady Mars
ooo fishermen of flashy fingermen fan a sea of tar with abuse of cars
and, ah ah ah, weevillers may wash their insect hands in bent cigars
the daily chrontic news tells yellow tales to morons: easy alley closures
cry for ale and pincher of torn tallows dons the gallows from bled wards
warp a spactial summer with naked boys and buzzy biddy bred broads
and, uh ah la, we saunter for lamps as a city in a jar of flipped gourdes
damages sirens with meadow baby girls; and diggers under sex-stores
stabber into fumblers of forced flickerers and kinematic lady whores
the dabbler in his pimping pimpled cave sells pomanders to the slaved
o a drug in shrinking scarabs raises cells from lysander; and closed graves
dollop dirty muscles aside moon-sharks that sink into grey greased naves
and, la la la, i centralised closed Chicago with barks that sailed after lays
and my intercity clasp had me nailed to bud-masques. OOO, i raged
and came back home to noose a burnt house and no song on my stage?
lemons play for apples as melons play with burrs as we get real high
and the missions to the sides of drugged day snapper for prayed dives
and we set alight to milked prides with bad fevers and saddening eyes
and, summer coded, a sprawler of feelers fingers after old bone-brides

Copyright JDB 02/08/2020


work-in-progress   title: Patina Cunt-Cushions

1st draft poem then poem-song


Arrowers under veined cars shape darters from dull rain
o inventors of fathers fuel family phlegm where red rain
washes islands in torn hands; and a masser of air cuts pain

Arrowers under veined stars shape darters from red veins
and a romantic rainbow shows sweets to guns; O, skeins
slide aside a gold mind when saviours of hair cut brains

Arrowers under grained calves feed grass to field fugues
and a doler of dark sex marks dies, dies. Sex hates truths.

Arrowers under thunder wave their targets around sleuths
la la levered livers sunder graves with flayed tits, and truth
stops the hour when a bedside fable cries for ancient veins

Arrowers under Numbers rave after dog-god and truths
slacken into glass. And fathers jack their mothers when a
sorry sea of slate stamp upon fevers; and we dig for old cars

Arrowers under tundra rage after cat-gods and men died?

Arrowers of soft sunderers crashdown upon painted eyes
la la, buriers of lost bled villas swim for glass flats; and
greying dogger dares which gamble on grass have to ram
mental manyanas with baled pepper; and soft gillers stand
aside old beddy bodies whose easy croft crossers cram us
adown daddy coves. Ah, a vault of lions roars after musk.

Arrrowers of soft sunderers crash upon aped ogres when
dyers of dustbins seal eyed anger under nodules of men
and when i said to mamma that dad had no hammers then
weavers of radiophonics reap a rosette from coastal semen

Arrowers under tundra sunders ashes when a flea-friends
die, die, die. Sex smacks boy faces and we eat for old skin

Arrowers under sea-men slap a scissor tide upon vims
and, ah ah, i lace my shoed lap with rivers; and sex-pins
sink needlers into lubes. O, a case of silk dresses hymns
inside grey limbs where a casement of milks feeds skin

Arrowers of mad labourers shake de gallows; O, wind
sweeps rectal christs away; and we shape taloned minge
with dairy hands that lay liquid drams upon old aged wine
aahhh a carrier of carrion shapes pubes with cagers

Arrowers of deadly fingers sink buns into butters. Minds
wallop split-miens as mental stink gallies after gold vines

Arrowers of instamatic rooms share inks with old bines
ah a saviour of dad dramatics snares pinks with minds
and, o, a bed of light shelters dogs in dinks as grey wine
savours a cunt-headed shitty smell; O, a field of wynds
whips for a blonde sedge; O, a field of crimes captures
blue-lady-fans with butterfly yields; and a dog's picture
shows derangers to estrangers; and we cry, cry, cry

Arrowers of telepathic darters garble for false knives
and me and my evil world soften my earth with wives
ah ah bad boats sail no more. O, cased men carry skies
far west. O, we reel inside the East as we gather tides
and we gathered up the teas as we ravelled under lives


Arrowers of kinky cinema killers show old reels to
dirty filty filmics of dying ate mirrors; and old shoes
don a soaker of a sock; and a face of gold uses shoes
and i arise from softeners when farters under glues
guides a sticky toffee under cunny. O, easers of prudes
pee in a woman's mouth; and we gather seeds from
mindlessness. And a tonsured train of weed guns
cobra zen whose eaters of grey rain venomise cum

Arrowers of kinky cinematics wave their darted drum
under easy wide wept wives. La La La. As gay lungs
exhale from an angelled divorce then a mouse of mums
rat-houses eaten bats in mole-dams and catted sirens
and a bedded wigwam soul-slams after laughing plums.

we have the idiot birds by pure heart; and we will stun
stingers with fatal carts. And a dinky vinyl vase guns
aside rude ribbets of risen rams and donkey alarms
and weavers of weederers weave for mum's farms
and i strode across the dark lands where i saw daddy
dazzling a divorcing dangler from five headed babby

Arrowers of kinky kinemas show gold weals to cars
and me and my dabby dolled soul hits veins with bars.

Arrowers of dizzy darkness wave the dead inside death's sun
la la, a driver of sadness slaves after bed when a neon gun
shoots irises in the snapped graves; and a bended urban lunge
loops to a daddy beat. O, as we ride from rest then we plunge
mad millions of word-blind men into dammy breasts; and husks
sleep for pinions where a body blade rags about the mauled,
and we happen to grind greasy trade wuth a sea of drawlled
bouncing waved nazi dirty lays; and a gubbler after grey gusts
pushes pillowers of pulleyed frays with knotted spermy gut.

Arrowers of dizzy darkness rave after sex mess; O, old cuts
capture neon rain from fast drains; O, coded creepered cups
toast beers and brine; and a boated blazer bones a sexed nut
and arrowers sever ghosts from coated boxers where a pup
pushes out a danny gloamed flower from gallowers of sucked
gabby ganderers. And ices melt in a tower ans cocoas cut
a green zion bead with donny dabblers of flour in water-buts
We have the idiot birds by bloody heart. We hear nothing.

Arrowers of hurtled lemon ochres hit to a gelling dartboard
la la, a cave of senile sea-men slaps aside silken heart-wards
and we idolised the saline dead as vamped stone inside birds
baggage after dolls where a lotus inside easter cuts blind curs
and, ah ah, a lardy long lady's finger flashes aside a comic
and, o-la, we read about baby as a dunny dummy mimic
nails minesis into a blanker of a bad bunny. O, closed curd
feeds tea-leaves to star-grain; and mental menial naked Bird
star-priosons baddies in focal flame. O, we are fed to turds.

Arrowers of shaking melon soapers cut rain with red nerves
and a bay of kids carries manx cats far West where nerds
jack a jerried knickler with knotty soils and blind spermatozoa
ah ah, a nickler of a damaged dilly oils lace with closures. Ah,
we have learned how to die as we burn, burn. Ah, sleep flows
under dreamers of self-assault and sweated family; and crows
cry, cry, as we fly back home to find a baby in a sea of loaves
We have the idiot words by fucking heart. We chew lobes
and we chant a city mantra about dragged boys and robes


Arrowers of guarded green Arden supper after nice midnights
o fallowers of evil dreams suck a feather; and eagles under light
swallow giddy gobbers as a boney baddy blather sunders dykes
o arrows under impossible Eden naffler after bright kiddy rites
and we trammel dusts into flour where a baby caker cuts mice

Arrowers of bloodied dreamey Arden supper after nested lice
o VDs appear silent but vaginal time-teasers trample torn riced
paddiers of blowing meadow; O, a vital mineral angel sees christs
washing delicate holy hands in a sullen rainer of a bow; and christs
rock for cocky crucifiers with dilly drams. Dirt drains dead dykes
with gazzling groaned screens that show sex hurt to filmic spikes

Arrowers of guarded green Arden supper after nice midnights
o gallowers of severed screams sea-hang poppets from old mikes
and, la la la, as we sing for filthy manyanas then we shoot life

when silenced by diners, i saw a swarthy cunter in the dark
gathering up teas from the East; and i saw fevers in the park
gittering for corndolls; O, my blind bed rests in the heart when
silencers of starving voices shout for a mantrum where women
weave a dun asylum inside breaded boys who shoot false guns
la la la, a bayer of bionics brag for saucy lead whence old drums
shoot a slashy blind sickle into the naughty sides of a kettle-sun
and a boat of glass suppers after dirt, death, sex and old lungs.

Arrowers shoot swines to sleep as a dogger of the dead thrums
la la, heaping hooty wanky heat hardens flowers when chicken
crackle as they nuke after eggy wanky hooty huge hymen women
and a sailor in a deep eyed pan broils doodly dirt for baked lungs
and weepers sup grey tea-seep from kitchen wagons; and lichen
pisses inside the Void. O, a darter of an arrow-capon cums
deeply down aside a puddy puddler boy whose face sea-strums
sky-laid polticed patina cunt-cushions; and wideners eat Mum?

draggling dippy mongrel baby suns shine upon wed cuppas; O,
we lunge after lunches as we bombard teas with snake-mucklers;
and an ideal sloane sucks upon star-cars; and a garden grubbler
sperm-knots a naughty knife bird with sodden stainy salt-slivers
and an opal hour hits along gapped gas and a spined sold tigger
sun-staples bodiers of blown crapped ass to a faking sex-field

Arrowers of native naked car-oil swirls a pinnny fanny cowl
and, lapped from mouth, a nudy of a girl swims aside de loud
and, suckled from drought, a demon of this world has to crowd
honeyed pissers pushers with pled fished nets. O, laden towels
become lard-large with renal dregs and salmon-shaken sex-owls
and a patent pisser pricks venal pegs with outelbowelled clouds
and a star-spread larder dons donkey foods as a bell of shrouds
enhearses cavvy voices with milkers of cakey piss-pronounced
honeyers of wanky hooty hanky swanky swanners of louts
when silenced by diners, i saw a swarthy cummer in the dark
gathering up lemon bees from de Beast; and i cut fingery sharks
with prodded buller sand which trickles from treacled boy-tarts;
and easers of pealing watch-strands bubble across sugar-sparks
and, la la, a donuy of a cock-cram clappers vinegar inside Arks;
and, lo lo, a hummy hitler-ham handles nancies with brown-arts
and we weedle under sticker-scram with pokers of bell-barks
Arrowers of natal navel-nubs rub paladin with forcing farts
O marrowers of fatal cradle-clubs rub aladdin with love-carts
and a mower on its sensual side widens under lippered hearts
La La La. Weeders of yellow weirs wire secret signal marts
with a lazy loony wanky shanky shandy sucrose mammy-marks
and i hastened to a public loo when devouring hissy skid-marks
and, oo, i am assured that sin will eat its fish-n-chips in masks
and wiveners of soap wode eats doners in a naked opened loo.

tidal sparrows die for meadows and a shriller of a night-nude
ennooses eaty Ides from shadowed bone-bridlers of screws

Copyright JDB 06/08/2020


work-in-progess title: About Bum Mud?

1st draft poem then song-poem

these gassing grabbed days of petalled sad science
sink a pulled testtube into sound; and salt-defiance
swipes eggs from phlegem as radiotic pinchers
suck madam moon with slayed ghosts and violence

o, flashers of red blooms flicker for lost torn flowers
and a boney buddy tower falls down for iced minks

these gassing days of petalled sad mind-compliance
shrink into braids; and melters within fast forced towers
stopper a city clime with naked sugared eye-fakirs

and eaters of holy forgotten Israel star-drinks to a
donny daddy coves where mad men died for layers

these gassing graspeed nights splosh closed fevers
o easy pissing clown-kites fly, fly, fly; and rivers
raise a mamam moon with craned eyes; and riders
rope a rama of a nude hand under spied easy lovers,
and we rape sad sexed aromas as we ride for fates
and, o, we arise from dinks as a shrinker under lakes.

these easy eastend headboards bulge after kidders
and a dunny cart cries and cries; O, aged millers
net a nest of a mind with spines; and we raid snakes
and eaters of holy verboten sidlers ride under bakes.

gassy gutted days lead glued glass to easy rakes.

these gassing gutterers of pealed pecks use pepper
o a lady of a gay fluterrer seal necks under lepers
and, la la, eyelids turn where blind iron-ons papers
easterly arising ferns with twinned owls; and fevers
fan a fannied phalanx of feloners and deadly drapers.

these gassers of ground minds rip from greyed grits
and a phantom sea-sound drags waves across lit lips
and, ah ah, we stride birdy bays as we loosen pips
and we cry, cry,cry as we study about heaven's slit

o gassing gutterers of pearled pommy netted flavas
a dunny beard with pulled lamps and madam fazers.

these darksome devillers of greyed clothes strip a ramrose
o, endless gruddy fevers feather after sweats when crows
star-crowd easy fingers with sleepers; and radioed clothes
crap down the leg as a skirt inside rivers raids cunted logues
and eyes burn, burn and silly spies who peer under droves.

these darksome revellers of glazed clothes strip a gold road
and, ah, we must come to pieces. O, fitters of fishers code
greying dives with westended fleeces; and mad boys close
easers of eagle-light into gay exegesis; and we heat hosed
blinded bytes of day and night and impossible afternoons.

these darksome cunny-criers who weep fanny fires must
crashdown upon biter's spires; and a lumninous face must
turn a petrolled peppered face to the enemy; and lust must

popper after sofas; and weepers weep for silkies when trust
trackles into blonde-bedded keepers. Ah, in death, we rust.

these gassy gutterers of giddy heat wash hands in lard
o when odd sad sailors grind sleep, a cosher of a car
cries as she drives; and a mind of meat crushes cards
and, lo lo, where we ride from rest then we heed death
and, ho ho, where we ride from sex then we heap death
and a mind of glass snappers after micks as sirens
swerve under crazy sea-men. O, a danced alarm decks
dippy dangerous eggs; and we arise from armed kecks.

a popper of sinal motors picks a pickler under fast lip
and i see your molars move but i cannot hear them grit,
and me and father summers suck along grey cabinets.
and me and madam winters cut songs from rode necks

these gassy gutterers of giddy meats slice old hams
and a growler of a digital video ravels out into Cannes;
and a pool of piegeon tears sheds wept salts for jams
and idiot criers cry all year as massive faults sun-slam
neon nurturers of tall fear; and pushers of parties pan
balded eateries with fallers. O, a pisser under old flans
swells up on a churchy cakey stall where cut wrecks

fossilise jeezy christs with money found in god's grip
and we storm the holy dead with tawny fevers. Trips
sallow into family bread and familial freakers must hit
adown in deafening blind towns where killers suck pits


a poppy of a fierce doll moon-raises minds from men
o droppy golden gall glances aside stasis as mod pens
sky-write phantom words into a cradler's easy diadem
and a fascinated moll has no father gangster; O, gems
raid a slayer's razor from gold as daddy moon sea-sends
dragoners of fazer thumbs with mouths of pure fire.

a popper of sinal motors picks a pickler's funeral pyre
nights deep where ticked tablets under ticklers feed spires,
and we must rise just like a spire when dizzy dun women
cloud-send a neural sentry to nude towns where tyres
extend a burner of a bunny under cleavers of cold ken.

we have to hiss across sperm-kissies and iced bitumens
swine after a sorbet screen where candler under bins
body a speculum of a sexy spectacle; and coded limbs
swing, swing, swing high up from a spastic factory

a poppy of a fierce doll moon-raises jives from families
and a winder of sidled skulls hips for jazz. Ah, ald baby
bullers after soft brocades when a widener of a melody
sits astride lemon pits when musical dirtiers used de Lady

there are fatal focal forcing voices which speak inside the dark
o there are natal naked voces which squeak inside a closed park
la la, as widows roll then a giddy butter boat must surely sex-mark
a danny daddy crowd whose massing grave grips to a bell-cask,
and a benny bowed bone breaksdown; and funeral fingers car-mask
dizzy doctorors with medical stone. Ah, a bridal crown cuts masts,
and, la la, a goddess of venereals combs cunt-hair with hot clasps.

there are fatal focal coarsing horses that neigh inside the pitch dark
o here there are natal crooked hearses that pray inside a cold heart,
and we weevil under cabinet code and we snap a blind bone across
a pickler of a panny pled hooty pussy. Ah, bridal clowns cut de Cross;
and we slave for lenny as we rip a radio razor from a loud lady Loss.
a poppy of a fierce doll moon-raises jives from enemies. Uh, casts
don a dirty caste of a mind as evil slaving shadow kills the vast past;
and a boat of barks dog-dams eagled ceilings cell-found in the past,
and eyes sunder sky when a cooper of a cunny crap carries moss
with gold stones shaved from lime ochres; O, a starry signal kiosk
reels from swelled cellphones and i use cellophane to sell my tossed
twinkerers of cummy crones and vagrant windowpanes; Ah Ah Ah

bullers after soft brocades bind bones to guns; O, liquid evenings
star-shape shaven skulls with blind suns where deafening rings spin
just like a blued bottle on a sexy hanky feely teeny party; and gins
swim, swim, swim; and, as we reap bunny, then we tweak old pins


the wispy hisser of a mind-chart piss in the deeps where coded sins
serenade a lunar sister with mind-hearts whose parental filmed skin
softens a solar soul with sofa men and diners whose bodying winds
ripens into a racist evil flower; and chokers of cherries berry-bind
a goddy of a gold grande with pianos that play inside love's spine,
and a clavicle of a collared tomorrow hastens to lies when vines
squash a veiny penile vineyard snail. O, a roundalay of a mad whine
shrills after painters of palmistics and the devil found under times,
and we radio a rodeo with transparent clogs when a man of mines
mines for a heart of pure cold. Ah Ah. Fishermen of mermen grind
chimney-pot bone with skeletal blue jams; and an idol in a dirt mind
melds heroic faces with fingerers of fondant female bins; amd signs

shaft after dunny cycles that breakdown into a bad bed of bread-bines
and we smoke crafty woodbines with fast hands that eat odd grimed
baby-bunters of bad sea-rafts and doggy catted dun dementia. Rinds
grind salt teeth with sullen gum; and baiters of bad bummers blind
bonny hands with easy sirens of morning, evening, and all dead days
and we hasten to spilling hissers as we suffer a cruel snared sister
once upon a deadened viola, a meadower of crabbins shot rex-dust
and eaters of curded motors shatter a soft stem across grey lust
and, oh oh, a latent penis expounder digs eggers inside sweet pus
and we die aside swelly fanny sarnies and we cry after city-mush
and, la la la, a digger of a dickory donkey bride heeds hot hush
flavourers found in eager wedding wounds peer into a candle?

the candiers of curtive sleep set alight to veined boys when
aspen riders of native heat slammer a wife of a mental wind
and falconers of natal body sleep writhes on a slitted gem
and a dogger of dazzlers drinks to a spastic rub when zen
zips under magis who swing for a cowed king of babel-men,
and we leap aside screws when a gossamer of easy mirrors
swell up for candiers of fetid wheat; and we rise aside grinders
and we snip against smaltz as a boner of a sex-telephone quivers.

the candlers of curtal noon lease dreams to constant sleepers
la la, a cavern in the side of the wet moon caves beneath milners,
and a wasted card deals hearts to cripplers when greyed teasers
will tease all men with bottlers of bunny beer; and maled seizures
don a fitter of a fast head with epileptic geezer tears; and mixers
minge after ginger flowers which shed dry seed inside bot-fingers.

the candiers of fatal sleep set alight to veiled girl-toys when ash
loosens baby bollocks around a wept wet-world; and mad stab-mash
meddles with blue flowers and a winded sperm-screen will dash
idioms of fishy friends of booming fields and pussies under cash;
and me and menstrual zippers zip to a kiddy heap; O, cold mass
draws a dickory of a penned hip which cracks beneath gay gas.
the candlers of crazy meat jacks to veined sleet and grey hash
sets a dolly to a grained sea-sac; and menfolk slide under trash
and mental malingerers on their back bury boats with grey grass
when once we learn of Aaron then fled faces in shippen masks
don assaulters of sonny brides and beaten canny cupper-casks

what with tablets under crocuses, i espy a new life where gold oils
will certainly pour from lotuses; and, la, my head jacks a net
and my dolly dreamer of fled horses has to jive for mental sex-wet
and, lo, as eyes drive to deafening blinding sleep, a rose under coils
crashes aside fanny thighs when stripping sweat-streets cap death
la la, what with tablers under focal neurosis, i espy a dead christ
tapering solder-fliers with bended fast mind-sky; and modern mice
body-brain a biter of sickler with ratted tides and gearing lights
and a giddy gaoler of a prickler's pegs pushes pissers under dykes

what with tablets under focuses, gods may well hiss across trikes
and we overburn after tortoises as we carapace after rap-mikes
and a donny belle grabs after sea-offices which glister under tykes
ah ah, a kneller in a cab casts shadow crabs across the evil lights
and we skin-scathe serial masks with crappers whose holy rites
wipe dettol-knickers across a mod-maze where bakered bud-bytes
seal searers of plum-snickers from faloned fans that drop from sight

a petaller of a swift monkey pierces plebs with cornona kong-spikes
and a ginger gaol that star-locks prisoners with filthy god-mites
and i have eased my model mummy with painted handlers. O, ice
sharpens shriveners of vagina when a penny of a cock-stain types
tawny toady tears from rotated wheat-wrens; and odes to pikes
urinate on opened fields where cavern-crakes kiss my eyes with
dummy bone; and me and milky sea-cakes piss upon a kid's ribs

O, when once a waterer of blaming bunnies booms for canines
then a vampy shampy void where piggers peek will cup tinnies
and a brawler of a bled boy boozes up for pepper as drammies
doctor daughter-rot with dizziers of dolters and paper mummies
and, triped, a fanny of a riverer wraps snaplets inside old dummies
and a caved cancer-whistle rodders after scraplets of fast gobs
and utterers of dancer-thistle radars after nipplets and hard grub.

what with tablets under crocuses, i espy my new life when coils
crap against five hot smiles; and a family knife will slice goyles
and, o, i grasp to a golly grit when latrinates flesh aside wet-foils
and a daddler of a dog-deck drools for fish in a bowl of blue-toil
ahahh, a codicil about willed mules rocks a horsehead's moiled
bedder of bled blaggers and pine-blinded radioed babied bled boils
la la la. I have heard at death of day a bruiser of a body's soils
lighting petrol lightning with rods of pee-clay and cunted drug.
and blenched blorters sea-bang a pursed pan with cooky clugs.

lispid liquid hair scar-snares a daffodil of darkness with bugs
o hispid liquid air car-scares a dazzler of nakedness with mugs
and an egit in a fained rose rams a diggery damsel around blood
and weevillers of night and day toast a fat carp with bum-mud
Evil radio wives eat into jazzed lies. Easels paint baskets...

Copyright JDB 06/08/2020


work-in-progress title: Disabled Car
1st draft poem then song-poem

if the town does not seem right, i will cure a city
o if a sound does not dig night, i will feel pity;
and a bone of grass shatters in five hands
and stoners of masks scatter hot cold jams.

if a town does not catch sight, i will slit-ram
a fairy thumb with urban cocoa sea-slams
and eyes turn aside grey deaths as islands
layer dicky grease with coded fazed woman
la la. prickly pocket leaves fall for children and

a slighted piggy hero hits for radio catscans.

the eaglers of repeaters read to a mind
o eaters of red palavers pee inside wine
and a boat of blood brags for silked vines
and, la la, a galloper of the killed cuts limes
and eyes leap for fallowers of blue grime

the eaglers of deceiters ride upon timed
gally wanky wee-wee bombs; and mines
dig for cold as coded easy gold sea-spines
a shatterer of sex with dotted glue-wynds

la la, a candifier collapses and dies for a
stretcher of a cocoa street; and sweet Mars
serenades blind bloods as a sea of cars
crusades for wide love; and we grind stars
to mooted dust when weavers of tars

dig to dine upon darkness and old rat fat.

an expectorant of old graves shoots some doodoo phlegms
and odes to sold naves hoot upon daddy moods and skin
ah a boat under gold suppers for nudes; and odes to sins
slapper for skied silly skirt; and menfolk pee under hymns

la la, expectorants of grey slaves shoot sick from spind
body winds; and a coastal cave carries dirt under wynds
uh uh, a weaver of roasted lays sinks a cock into limbs
and, once aside a mad smile, we learned about widows

edgers of sullen swine slit aside cheese-dirt then close
adown in a little town where city bodies make no sound
and wiveners of fast air exhales dusts from a grey rose.

yoyo riders use ald kiddy toys with cut fingers and hands
lo lo, poncho sidlers sunder boys; and a bald girly rams
heated flour around a cakey tower; O, jarry junder-jams
daddy after mammies; and my twinned eyes close drams
ah ah. I will sidle after herpes as i sweep after edams and
me and madam mind-moon must think about sweet sand
ah ah, yoyo users season eggs in cups with wooden cans

an expectorant of gold graves shoots some pooled phlegms
and an acid bout boots judas out as lady jesus cuts gems

a candifier collapses into wives and a tiger of a torn stem
sucks a bleeder's butt where a mad lady riders uses men
to station a body cat upon grey sines and female egg-men
and we appear death-expectant with fingers under hens
yoyo riders abuse sweeties. Kiddy selves shoot horn-clans
and a rooter of ropy doobies sucks on nutted bone-bands.

cablers of candle-wax sweeten chapel halls with edams
o room-raisers ram sugar apple when coded mind-plans
melt after dolts whose wallah of a toad-cold spine-slams
doctorors of dunny beacons when a stupid light in bands
sinks a falllowed face in an egg-bowl; and mental Man
has a diner for his own place; and eyes sunder remands

easy expectorants under milners smile after big brands
and we tailored after mother to find a lover's lot sofas
come digging apple chairs into dawners of closed fevers

cables of candy craps cast a rotted teether across a
rude nude of cat-trap; and eyes beneath feathers scar
dunny tides with openers of grey lies; O, my dead car
never existed but still i drive due West where rose rivers
sea-knock a salty harness in five huge baring bed-slivers
highnesses of dirty sex-thrones cry for blued bloods
and, ah ah, we sealed a dummy monarch in bum blood
and, uh uh, we ravel for mummy as fathered fish mud

stops dead. O, weavers of whiteness kill all sane Man.

petty petrolled mary Man used a rifle with false hands
la la, a baby monkey danced in faked trees; and trams
travelled down town where a woman in a hot wigwam
rotated round a sad mound of children; and grey grans
grasper after gitted towns where a city under a glans
dollops french nudes upon greying bakers of soft glam

cablers of candy crap casts a paper cab across muds
and, ah ah, eyes weave death and, uh uh, loser's love
loosens applers inside peared mess O, we eat Gods?

petty petrolled Pan played pipes for a secret soft brain;
Uh, a sea of masks drowns itself as a secret sex-train
star-ravels into burned minds; and we hit upon rain
and, ah ah la, we sit down upon hair as we use pain
a dummy of a bedspread links dreams to champagnes
and, ah, we ride from iced kinks then we must rock
a daisy of a fast mind with liced shrimps; and we rot
and we rot as we roll and we ride aside citied cock
petty petrolled mary Man used a rifle with falseness
and, eyed, me and a lost land writhes for deadness as
a hiker of whoring wide tides walk wanky tiredness.


abusers of dodos have to shoot ten parakeets stoned dead
ah udderers under crab have to cast cold meat into bread
and a whipperer of wolven wands casts magic under beds
ah ah, abusers of dodos have to shoot ten burny heads
and a licer of lewd sucky porny winking hen-hit-lead has
a bolster for a dreamer and a coffee cake inside ald gas
and i will certainly need use of a disabled car; O, hurt ash
may well sell me to endless high tar cigarettes; and mash
melts inside long dead soldiers whose easy sex hit lush
sun-strippled warring flavas. Sex sends a freeby SAE
la la, Deaths heed entrances when a killer in a postal reed

lollies after pinnered pig-pens and the cafes of cut greed
and, la la, i ease a mental dig inside sand alleys: mung seeds
scatter hollowed tomatoes across a living world of dick trees
and we will reel inside the East when gathering up the teas
and we will shed buttock tears and we will weep forever.

abusers of dodos have to shoot ten parakeets stoned dead
ah ah, a video of crabs crashes down and Digital Telly-teds
show inchoate screens to disablers of dangly easy plebs
and we shutter a shitty sky inside wide-women's piss-pegs
and, uh uh uh, when weeders of Ides spy on salt-legs then
menfolks will have to learn of looters of lives and ribbons
lollies after pinioned piggy pens push oinkers under slides.

the lotuses of a crocus flower feed dumb enemies to water
o a fastness of dad's tower treats a dun cake with porter
and a bren in a sesame seed bun rides a steeder into lungs
la la, eyes may well widen as we buy a disabled car. Guns
shoot a hollah of a blind owl with dairy lips; and coded sun
gun-shine upon a weal when a wettener of clits sucks cum

the lotuses of a crocus flower feed dummies to gas-garters
and we weepy-weave a wanky sheety winker with gafters
and a dumber of a bee stings a brain with honeying doctors
and, la la, we weep for locust seed while crying for robbers

abusers of dodos have to loot one zillion bodying piss-parrots
and the wives of March harden to autumnal sleep. Carrots
cut a cuppy nut-slut inside a bugs bunny brigand; and mammas
kneel upon slappers of wives; and a cat-headed gazy river
rams a fairy thumb deep within coffee cakes and rizlas
o we may well have to buy an actual disabled car; and we
may well have to buy true high-tar cigarettes for mind-seas
and, uh uh, eynes swallow puffs with hallowers of sleeved
lycra pissy pecks that rim madam rimmer with cold greed

the pocuses of crocus eaters lead bald wheels to fathers
and we may well jack our fathers and leave mums behind.

what with disabled chairs being star-raised from high tar fags
what with disabled hairs being car-crazed by old male slags
we will surely eat a broken coffee and walnut cake; O, stags
supper after sleep where disabled trainyards on their knees
creel into city caves; O, a sea of figs frigs a vegetable when
dragglers of pity-graves sink a cabbage of a mind into gems
and, la la ah, wildernesses under stinking baggage sea-rends
darkening dolly-heads from gingery dirt berries and u-bends.

o we may well have to buy an old-timed crippled van with
filthier dreams that have ever noticed man; and mental pig
urniates inside dulled pants when a stinker of a menstrual pig
damages eyes with soft moggy hens and smokers of dead kids

what with disabled chairs being star-raised from evil maps
what with disabled prayer being Mar-mazed under cold straps
we will surely eat a broken coffee and tawny breaded dun mac
and a diver after plective vege urine has to sink aside macadam
ah ah ah; and sun-assaulted widows weep for mencapped Adam
and a doctor on its disabler's feed flashes aside naked crabs
eyes have to melt under pulleyed shit-wrecks as we cry for
easy kissers of pelt tundra and pissers of slits and dippy wards

o a steady burner of a bled mind smell-spills doggers into canine christs
o an easy yearner after blue spine swell-swills scarers from cold spice
and a desperate user of my disabled car cuts a coffee cake where lice
sink full tar cigarettes under sex when a bladderer inside walrus life
interfusess dromedaries with a vegetable stink that laps aside cabbage white
and men and skin dolor opens up death's peasy ward when a sea of mice
summer-strap a coded killer's blue disabled car which ravels under dice
and a menial macadam filler hits blood feeds with ashen dodder-mikes
and a driller of a vegetable head shows dilly screens to scenes of spiked
body-burning anal angelical baby-bikes; and naked bruised sirens swipe
a bad bald true blue disabled car. O, we will cut a dirtied coffee slice
O, we will shut toffee-coffin dykes beneath heated full tar woodlice.

ah i abused a static killer radio just one sad time of all; and de angelus
creeps inside a puker's shadow; and my scenic spleen opened under dusts
ah i abused a static river radio just one more time very late last year
and me and disabled cars carry mencapped mallows inside stained fear
la la la, my dippy deviller dips a dunny boy for Mrs Jones; and ald tears
reason after maws where a draper of mummy joys cuts down grey gear
ah ah odes to naked kissers drive a mangler of a sex-toy down to years
and we ravel into time when a tonsured bag of farms swallows shears

o an easy burner of a bled mind shit-smells renal hooves; and sex-scars
shard in a belled bottom; and we may well buy a fierce disabled glee-car
and we are, rended, as cut from spastic dells as bastards under curves
crashdown along a blonde mat of fear and farts and neck-wringers. Curs
curtsy to a varnishing dolly moon when we sink a rapered finger's nerve
deeply adown into a brimstoned pussy of vegetable gallery treacles

ahh ashes drop slashes under porn-brine as a veiny darling sups measles
and the daddies of a mental easel paints a body-chart with grey seagulls..

what with old minted walnut and coffee cake, we will buy a disabled car
ah ah ah; once slitted under false limbs and drapes, we will smoke huge tar
and our answers to this ridden rippy disabled world must posion punk Mars
and, o, a hard Mars every single fucking day pees upon taloned bead-bars
and we weevil for a shitted rogue spine that shits aside prison carves
and we silence the dizzy cocks of fitted flitty flirty danky wanky shards

the arouser of a raider heart sinks a rippy zipper outside burning bone
and me and mixy macadam farts carp for lippy snickers of gay stone,.


Copyright JDB 08/08/2020


work-in-progress    title: About A Son of Lost Jude?

1st draft poem then poem-song


desultory eager maidens have to dance to a withered breeze
o ebbers of cedar gardens have to sway, sway, and bees
sting haulted mind-honey. As death drive us, we abuse trees 

desultory eaten maidens have to dance to a pleasure-sea
o webbers of cigar masons smell tarred smokes where need
swalows winnowers of maidens and starry swanky bird-feed 

and diggers into darkness dam mad nights with carnal seed. 

cokers of eastern eye-soil supper for dirt as a skirted sleeve
swallows westend sky-moil; and a deady snaky spy reads
about naked tears and emptiness. O, a sea of grail weeds
a shaky crazy island where a dooby of a bead dons reeds
and we shake for a mourning hour when doctorors of need
star-cure cunt-freights with daddy flour and doughy disease. 

desultory eager maidens have to dance to a sainted sea. 

fishermen of mermen madden pools with ripped lips
la la, kissermen of sad men swathe stools in hair-grips,
and we glister for the hour when voices under sun-slips
sucker a donny luncheon hen with dogs that chew tits 

cokers of eastern eye-soils supper for a skiry Herod
and, ah ah, graven sky-coils cup a strummer where god
pisses inside it son's holy wind; and glass faces sea-rod
a teenaging temperature which dig after gun-mined Love. 

desultory maidens have to dance when askance; o, sods
sinks luminous glass into vacant bird-men; and eyes rob
dirty drainers from virtual deadly families; o, who is God?


eateries have to avert puking customers; and a mad sun of night
cooks moony cake for fryed issuers; and a cave inside de light
loosens needs to kneaders. O, a boat of glass swills gravies
la la, a cafe in a new world soaks grass within killer rabies
desultory hotel maidens have to dance for deaths when sight
falls from, gassed geese then die, die, die; and we hear sites
showering gusts with chicken eyes; and weeders under mikes 

swing and sing to the quarter hour when dickers for mites
dresses a pressy pussied cat with holy fangs and tail-kites 


tissuers of tawny termitic tangle-tawses have to hit foods
la la, a spawny veiny antler-angel feeds ants to fish-food,
la la, a fawny brawny fatal angled angelfish feeds nudes
and we widen as we sail and we yell just like a wailer. 

eateries have to avert mewling kitten ken as eyes move
salty siren smoothes to dog-sleep; and mad minds improve
ah ah, and hot helmeted sod-wheat digs after dead dudes. 

tissuers of jammy henny hopper flowers ram red snoods
underneath heated sheep that baa from a sea of hooves
and, uh uh, lidded meat carves a gun from coker roofs 

heapers of happeners heal hopped hands; O, we move?
hipsters who jig for jailers jack a dolly fever; O, moods
swing for renal teatimes when a bladderer under tubes
taps hitler's mad feed; and we rise to face inside rude
bashy disembodiers of dental wastes and a wide tooth 

tissuers of rectal sparrows bind hawks to bird-suits
la la, a bagger of a blower marriage weds after boots
and, made all the madder, a sexy server of star-jutes
loosen heroic spermy squirmy sucky slippy cunt-loops 

hipsters who jig for failures angel-force sex-hoops
and, uh huh uh, eyers of trashers trick for a naked shoot
and a maid of paths walks a sad road where red newts
carry bone buriers to blandy brandy scissored soups 

issuers of fatal frontrooms fellow a son of lost Jude?

eateries of sexy nunneries hit aside nukers as summits in love's sides
happen to drink death dry; and a cowler in gas permits worn lives
to lie, lie; O, a bladderer inside sky shoulders glass and busty wives
sweep colonic cannered blood with a dreary carmine broom. Eyes
cry for weeping horses while a daddery in death's galleries writhes. 

eateries of sexy nunneries hit on a vege-bride and mammy sea-spies
spiral into a small smashed town when a latrine upon a sea-slide
abuses naked dickybirds with ground men who spirit into a dirt-bride
and mysterious petrol boys swell up for shitbirds; and an easy ride. 

jives as she jacks jumped juniper fathers; Ohh Eyes feed us skies
Ohh steely saturn sidlers raise romance from biblical bourbon-blinds
and weevillers weeeble inside old maggot-flour as sweetened spines
grind a doggy pictuer; and mental period passions piss on pit-pines
eateries drink to de family and helters of Roman waters crowd-climb
up, up, up to a desperate space when minds melt for aped earth-minds
and i see some weird scenes in a closed blind mine. And shooed rivers
raid a dummy daughter whose worried fingers feel after dinky mirrors
Lo, a spinning sun at night rockers for flavas as mothering cape-milners
shapes a coded caper of a secret hat; and a secret brain's bud-builder
cunt-cabs for oozy winky wanky fat; and we search for caged scissors
and we shoot snowy spunk deeply down a dairy female's hot hisser
eateries of sex nunneries hit aside nukers as summits in gob-grinds
can a queened canary in caged clips when a giddy bummy bone winds
down, down, down; and picturers of clits slam ice within hit sisters. 

windowers weep way up high where love's children cry
o massive mind-attacks trip from fear; and a caddied sky
slappers for limey mangers that float up from cotted dives
and, la la, a bunny big car cruises after sluts; O, cold scribes
utter after droned sky-writing when a cold frames car-ride
under signal daddy rocks; and eateries found in flames dies
and, oh oh, as assaulted mind-meteors stab a well of sties
we must hire a body-grinder to speculums and kid-slides 

windowers weep way up high where huge women cry
o massive cul-de-sacs carry tides under dolls who ride
and a molly of a chicken-tract tosses drivers of suicides
and, la la, we have to piss as we shit and, ahh, dead sides
show a glitter-shore to wrists of planed clits; O, nice knives
hurl dangerous darters at cunny boards. And cut thighs
sink an angel in a spunk-cut which bleeds like the skies. 

eateries of sex nunneries wank in the wind. Selves stride
upon parted penis waves; and a doner of dodgy dry eyes
doctor lunar missives with well-hung centaur graves. Eyes
espy dirtiers of hootered winky salt-stoves; and easy ties
lay down, down as easy libelled lives mine for slanderers
o, a druggler in a queasy rival mind rams scrotes down
pinchers of dizziers and quasi-cunted shitted mong-Downs

awaiting the dead where women said a prayer, thinned air
had to hoot for the snares of fetid bread; O, under sold hair
i was startled to despair after lost deaths; and mined care
carries a softener of bled men back home where gold stairs
force-fed me to anal money; and a snaker of reelers raised
a bunny bodice from family; and a caker of creelers slaved
after indigo chinese painters. Agh, i ride to sleep when graves
gasps after dirtied baby cremations; and i hear wide trades. 

eateries of sex sculleries soak a dotted soaper inside lays
la la, eaters of vast galleries feed ash to brushes. Old clays
crack upon a mental potter's wheel where a digger of days
drops a dollop-sarnie aside dilly delis and pure salami sprays
dirty faloned wheat against eggy bellies. O, easy old plays
sink a fully closed penis into wintry bay windows. Strays
sermonise a hooter of a harness; and menstrual grey glades 

glister for cocoa buttoned cunty butters; and messy maids
melt into fotal fisher-gluttons; and a many minded piss-cage
piss-rocks upon a dazer of a dreamt screen where slaves
suppered after the plated plaited platters of human raids
and, huh huh ah, i count from nine to ten and hear poo-blades
cutting my cleverness off with two hands on a dumb stage
awaiting the dead where woman said a prayer, skinned air
dolloped dizzy blinds upon infant windows and raped fayres? 

o eyed sugary code signs wagner after walletted river-walls
o skied baggers of blood swine swagger across scarlet halls
and the veins of midnight cut inside labia as a cunted brawl
bends a penis-beard with fotal crocus eaters; and closed palls
hiss to an icy sex-sorbet beat when a lowcut locust scares
a giddy gourami with a gassed heart; and a baby below stairs
skin-shafts upon tit-pepper as a wanker under scum-cares
shoot a nudy nippler. As we slide to concrete sleep then hair
digs a daddy comb into blurred blithe cemented lost sheets
and a bolster in a break beats down upon naked dog-chairs. 

o eyed sugary code spines shatter after socketted piss-stalls
o a skied mummy toad squelches into lovers when cat-crawls
conquer easy fishy fast nets with breast-bridling titty molls
and a doctor on a quacked ride rams an oated heel into bols
and, uh uh, our eastern bikers gather up the eastern teas
and a burny of a bobbled spider delves for coffin bed-dolls
and, la la, an impossible dick-dancing evening cuts prayers
and we tweezer after porators as thinners drink old leaves. 

ahhh i have to hiss across false ice. Ohh, a maiden's beads
gag a girly gaggler with nine crossed hands and grey reeds
rotate aside dragooners; and a prince of suet apples weaves
a bum-tight bottomer beneath shitted skins and baring knees
and a boat of glass sinks inside fay arse. Deaths marry meads
Swollen buddy bodies pose as a pregnant sex dude and leas
lampoon babied bumpies with donny filers of naked ladies.
o eyed sugary code signs wager after valetted ripper-walls
o ladelled monkey rogues slather after maletted nipper-cauls
and my eddy of a mind-egg shoots yolk at a rainbow's ebb
and a shitter of a salty bed assaults smoke with veiny beds
o eyed sugary cold drives dagger aside comical spice-rubies
and a ruby in a hurry hits to savour the asians in beer-boozies
and a boxer of a dirty nan shatters breads from dark devs 

ahh i will hiss across dried ice. Ahh, a madam's gazing kids
grips to tallow ashes when a doctor of a mad guy's gold crib
double-crosses sirens with eagle-boys who dare not fib. Hah! 

the invitro pussy price of a puller's dirt haze hits god's feeds
la la, a cussy of a dice shapes casino skirt with blind seed
and intravinus baggy christs will surely bell a bird's gold key
and a bone of friggers foxes for shanky celled girl-glebes
and, lo, the clever girl will be known forever and we need
a perfect home for lost girls for there then brides of bees
will sting silly testosterone with one zillion bared cock-pees;
and ivories in disabled cars slice toffee cake with cleaved
towny babby scissor. La La, i have scented decay with love
Ah Ah I have painted belly geese around scraggy curves 

oh a matrial mod of a venereal mind shoots at blue bugs
oh a natal swab under cereal wine toasts codal tree-drugs
and a fastener of furious facials feeds floats to plug-buds
and a bonny of a curious funnel feeds for poked tonguers
oh a matrial mob of a venereal mind shoots at summers
oh a fotal crab under renal salt brine bloats for lug-gloves
and Madam Mary Medicine sinks a braggy pill aside nerves
and, la la la, a natron in a swift ink pinkers after bled turds
o-la, boot polish spread on white lead loosens a hard sir
and we nationalise our own city rubbish where fixed curs
crap inside one zillion solar winds; O, a burier of bad burrs
grasps to a urine lip; O, a cherrier of a ferrier flicks furs. 

curates of an English cooking egg fall upon wet worlds.


Copyright JDB 09/08/2020



 God word (Dr Dedly)

Word of dementia; heard it on the underground: web word summer, sickness
from an undersound: set in gusset bleeding, like a madam madman on the
run; word of dementia, word I hear deny the Son. Word of destruction;
injected it from heroines: web word winter, sensed the sickness coming in:
set in gusset bleeding, like a madam madman burning; word of destruction,
word of madness spurning. Web word, dirt word - Dr. Dedly, hear my song:
dirt word, web word - Dr. Dedly, do some wrong: searching under oil
slicks, with master mucus moons away: web word, dirt word - Dr. Dedly,
hear me pray. Syringe skin meserschmit, zero halo under skin; as we find
our Onan Christs, failing on, we demean: raping merkin maidens, with U.S.
Kings aside to all, web word, dirt word: Dr. Dedly, hear me fall. Suffer?
Ever so, dead friend: suffer? why not greet the end; why not make it with
your ID; slit the sun & maim the squid? Why not maim Leviathan, why not
make the sea things come? Suffer? Ever so, dead friend: suffer? why not
greet the end? Web word, dirt word, Dr. Dedly, hear my song: web word,
dirt word, Dr. Dedly, do some wrong: searching under oil slicks, with
master mucus moons away; web word, dirt word, Dr. Dedly, greet decay.

suffering with violence at the edge of the world, awaiting spanish demons
to fight the girls: suffering under scar-light, where the wickedness relays:
suffering with violence at the edge of the grave suffering with violence
at the edge of heaven's face, waiting for god's license to whisk away the crippled
mace: suffering in the sequence of angels suffering in silence at the close
of the sun. time, you kill me madly…crimed, webbed god dedly laps seagulls


..Copyright JDB 2002.



 beneath the robe, the snake lies reeling. world on fire, sun on fire, moon
      on fire, endless fire. the word of god is martian surrender. world on
      fire, this birth's no splendour. moot accord of eaten women - womb under
      womb, the gate is open. the fence of death is wrought from laughter -
      herod, give me light's hereafter. interhouse, under house, over house,
      splinterhouse. tender come the schemers, rended is the night. bird of
      tomorrow, take me on your flight. naughty demon lover, naughty demon lady
      - heroic is death's century, as dead as heaven's baby. denusion, fusion,
      delusion, denusion, fused confusion. LAMERICAN Dream, pyre under pyre,
      LAMERICAN Scheme, fire under fire. eyes, first optic of the box that

      sweats. eyes, first optic of the rock that wrecks. eyes, as endless as
      the hunter's suffrage. eyes, as endless as the neon meadows. eyes, this
      girl gathers shells for her furies. eyes, this girl farms the shores for
      truth. eyes, no man is the endless sickle sentry. eyes - underhouse, the
      fire's uncouth. LAMERICA! LAMERICA! LAMERICA! LAMERICA! fist the fusion,
      make her scream. LAMERICA! the serpent dream. LA Child, LA Wild, LA Wild,
      LA Child. the home is burning, let the winter come. the home is burning,
      let the madness come. the home is burning, as wicked as the sea. the home
      is burning - let sulphur be. the home is burning, as trendless as the
      dawn. LA Wild, LA Child - no more peace, just form.
                                            ohh are we on the life-trip?

... Copyright JDB 2002


   Televisual syndicate of being alive; watch the den-eyed children writhe,
      sense the screen-fat cholesterol to nothing - in the mind, let wasp-skies

No more zen-tithed warriors at one, just the scam-boys almed
      against the sun; no more truth, no more plain love, just the screen in
      shrouds above. Televisual syndicate of being alive; watch the den-eyed
      children writhe; seize the siren in the filmic kiss - in the mind, let
      fusion's fist, set on braining, seizure out of seeing - televisual
      syndicate, let love lose being.

Searching for summer in the beam of death,
      No Man summons on the bridge of breath: storming into cancer, with
      capricorn a womb denied, televisual syndicate of being alive. Televisual
      thunder, fusing as she sunders; televisual king bees, deposing of all
      wonder: with jam-skeined mentals seething under metal, the prison cell of
      creaming lams the sentimental.

Televisual syndicate of being alive; watch
      the den-eyed children writhe, sense the screen-fat cholesterol to nothing
      - in the mind, let wasp-skies summon. No more zen-tithed warriors at one,
      just the scam-boys almed against the sun; no more truth, no more plain
      love, just the screen in shrouds above.


Copyright JDB 2000.


(after Philip Larkin)

'I see a boy dragged by the fists
Across a stuttering field of sloes;
And there is nothing in me that risks
A thing for life or woes.

There are sloes everywhere;
Sloes in one defining light
Even sloes sludged in his hair
As passion screams across the night.

But I walk on. Perhaps what I
Needed from this death was truth -
That little something that espies
A morning at time's root.

A noble brick of shit is laid
Across my streaming mouth:
Where once there grew a lip, there raves
No dissembling doubt.

And beauty dries inside my throat
And expresses deeds of hate;
Regales a lime of pitied soaps
That lather with the late

Examples of these teeth inside
That rise from furies carved
From out the beads of duty sighed
Where murder seals the halved

And carries down a spit of crowns
In foetal serum trothed
Where nothing gives but pits and frowns
Of fated sharing loathed.

Damn all conclusive spearing rhymes!
To be that boy! - to live to see
The plight of life cast off as mime!
That would be history.

For, to live where others care
Is just to fast a spirit dead:
Better off to be dragged off by the fists
Than to drink the sloe-gin red.'


jdb 1998