a speed-written poem about Jimmy Savile (written by Jim Bellamy).

Jim Bellamy's image of the late rapist, popular sodomite and evil paedophile Jimmy Savile.


And when once Jimmy Savile used a sex gavel
then vagina, punched, pealed penises from gravel
. o.
a darkscented marvel
melds smell with old mess, and cold white veins level
anus and cut soil.

and men and folk feel for rings as ribbing rubies
feed flame to hot toiled deadshelling eggy smoothies
and vaginal countdowns cure caverns as popmovies
feed fans to cold crows-. o-.
as a touchfeely penis peals plum then closed clowns
clone suits with golden gobbing rainbows

and now then a sea in a car cuts old dun sexlobes
but sexy cinders smell of gut as criminal sexloaves
slice sailed stale sexdust
. and as a topping popiscal musical
crashes discoing petards then
smoldering cigarmen feed fingers to chaining pulled
arterial jangling children..

a silver boy raids a danced floor
and men and Savile raise a saddle as sexwars
wend wolves from Yorkshire wool, and sexdoors
fling gobblers at a televisual sea of veined scored
porridged rocknrollin' flown fast fishy fat babebirds
and babies peal broadening bedwood, and worts
feed fangs to ashen Ashworths.

As spies spill from baubles then
fierce slicing sons swill insane sexdaughters
and massive attacks smell of sexporters as children
ride an old grey snake

Man goes to gas as farting spun sin
slices oats from shitting sexwind
and god seems dead as reds, and hearts hear skin
slide down dials and smudging sexpinned
.. and motels and swingers slice
oldgrey whistling machismo
and babies break in a bin as old sad sailors suck iced
hissing child pianoed
spitted eyelids, and smelly sin swims as greased life
ignites ovaries and Jimmy Savile used a sexgavel, and
wet wives stink of piss as fish in bottles cut cruel
canning rolled fishmeadows
Copyright JDB 2016