further speed-written songsheets

work in progress   title: About Death's Sluice and Sad Youth

1st draft poem then poem-song


the shrinkers of sully days play with old clay
o riders of silly blades cut a pinker today
and a mind of silk thinks about the moon
and me and mindfolk shoot a gritted grave

the shrinkers of dully days slaves after day
and a soft shore of dust pisses under trades
and, o, a sun of musks shatters sex-ladies

eyes buckle up down buckets and laves
wash a kind vagina miles high with rubies.

oh matrices melt into mothers and trays
slide down icy hills; O, maker of trays
trickles down the thighs when old days
lop a laden loop from gaddy bad trades
and a teaser of a teener swills graves

the shrinkers of salad maids seat dust
under rippy hypes where codal caves
cream, cream, cream. La! dresses raise
potterers of plowed dream from sussed
eateries when sucker-meats shop loss

odd matrixes melt into a judas cloth
la la la, coldness lets a burn to de Cross
and once utterers of pets picks moss
then my waver of lipped dross will
sun-pelter pussiers; O, mazy pine-pill
must seep into Crete and kill tossed

ivoried idioms of mamma and rills.

amazers of sticky papers piss for
a shitter's craze that ends in war
o, creators of eaty fazers cut cauls
and a banner of a father calls
filthy dirty coasts where sad walls
crumble under jolters of brawls

the shrinkers of sully days roar
la la, sinkers of money charge for
a ballet of steel; O, men dance for
easy ballet-women whose claws
sink bloody finger-paint into dogs

amazers of sticky paper piss for
a dummy craze that ends in war
ah, a gem of a cage gaols gores
ah, a sin in old age cries for whores
and a bed of gold spies on stored
vaginal lilly crap; O, sex snores?

the saps of sweet lillies layer skin
o cups of sweet babies bag up
tawny teasers with old tea. Sluts
swing to rivers and eyes are shut

amazers of sticky paper piss stalls
vacant cots where a babe in walls
rams down indolent easy money

the saps of sweet lillies layer sin
o mugs of dirty milk maul fast sin
and a dog on the ride chases baby
shrinkers of sad days cut rabies

purveyors of pervert-pepper peal
radishers of rainbows and reels
and, la la, we suck on scan-seals
and, uh uh, we cut on hand-heels
and as dunny dullards cook meals
then a lazy lacy mallard hocks
dinnered dust. O, searing shadow
cast a cunty wanky cab upon
droppers of spunky caesar-suns

sappers of scissor herons cum
deep down gin-lane where guns
shoot termites stone-dead. Puns
wise-crack after bone-guns and
weepers rap upon lonely lands

purveyors of a pervert-popper
pisses upon gulls when papers
shed tabloid skulls within shippers
and a shanky shop spins slippers
and a hanky cop blows bands

sappers of scissor herons ram
pullers of platers inside jazz-jam
ah miles away from lives, hands

swill potatoes; and sadness lands
upside down in a dowsed shiver

hedoners of careless days where we spent our eager youth
have to summon graves where we rented seed to killler youth
and a train of diamond ravels under scented speeded youth
and once aside a trade, my head will have to sucker youth
ah ah, a pecker of a penile bed spreads juicy lips as youth
wallops a whipping pony; and deaths sluice after sad youth

purveyors of pervert-pepper peal herrings from mad youth
o deniers of pussy-pepper peal ceilings from old bad youth
and a veiny veiled sun-crow crowds cold trees with youth
ah ah, eyes may well sunder toes and we must love youth
because happy careless youth hops from seed as youth

spies upon sex-tides; and a mad man who craves youth
hastens to wicked wives when wicked worn lied odd youth
strips self-sex down with hippy thighs and coded gay youth


a rider upon red cake cries for sugary bells; and old mules
carry platers of kitchen skies marrying boney blind mules
to donkey blood where a horse inside a town of deaf mules
rides a cocking horse where street of crowns dons sex mules
and a bed in a cliff falls to dirtty earth where fainting mules
melt into a pony's lip; and a sea of birth washes cold mules

purveyors of careless days we spent with birth bites mules
la la la, a decliner under sleighs sink for snowy earth-mules
and a boat of thunder ship-fathers eaterers of sea-mules
and once one forced evening, i sit with holy beaded mules
O i apple-pick planet-plums with hot ghosts where mules
side-saddle eager camals with woody bines and old fools

a rider upon red cake cries for sugary bells; and dun rules
push a whipping pony under blubbery bells; and spun rules
get easily broken and easily spoken spread cells gaol old rules
and, la la, messers of families awake under closed stools

o as america comes through our stools, a masser of shitted fringes
cunt-combs daddies with pasted fools; O, a radio of blind minges
melts into mules where a haunted kelpie-horse flexes images
and a vase of bone bee-bends baiterers of tears with fixatives
o as america comes through our stools, a crasher of grey images
fascinates donkey-drones with solid fools who fry salted fringes
and a kinker of a dodgy salt-cinema hasps to eyes when faces
fallow to the comical falons of sugar-clasps; and old spaces
heap dirty wine upon carnal unwashed clothing; and midges
melt under udderers where a goddess's groanings ram fridges.

a rider upon red cake cries for money-bells; O, forced flour fizzes
and a sea of lungs cuts eyes; O, a the quarter-hour hisses for
a god of a dickler whose dizzy sea-paws peal glass fingers for
an ape of a pickler; and a don of whores studies after kisses when
a beller of evil faces drop beneath a bouncing breast-ward; ah
i have centralised wasters by snipping my bum; O, i use cards
and me and my scriber of scribes tangles bum with hair-cars
and, oh oh, we are pictured for ties which wash gnits in cars
and, o-la oh, a sniper of fatal flies shoots a blueberry kinema

o as america comes through our stools, a masser of shitted fringes
hordes a piddler's town with wrenched rots which marries images
and an ape in a cave crusades for cavvy mice when villages
moon-lock a holy cruklock in a wall; O, a heaper of mod Mentalis
shocks a body and weavers of palls pool stasis with drug Digitalis
Ancient vermeil lakes swim for sunderers of coded sunny-seed
Ancient petal-paints pin wars under thunderers and watt steeds
ride from dirty rest. La La La. We enter into walleted blind seeds
ahhhh. And we weep inside desperate tears when golden sleeves
hit upon renal estranging brides; and model men cut up greed

and as a masted Venus digs inside the anal deeps, then wives of salt-men
must, denied in harness, sugar-wed a sweater glass when coded semen
seasons puckered hair with tissue-bread; and the hatters of lobed women
snapper for a suckler of easy peasy lead. O, a spoker of coded youths
lams a picture of a peggy pullered bed and we have to star-load youths
and we have the keen idiot names by heart: under crabs, carred youth
slapper a slackener of an eyed cold-frame dollops labs upon children
and we wallah in the davy dark as we arise from cabs and taxi-wrens

ancient vermeil lakes swim for surrenderers where a heart-dealt mind
swallows acid snakes from blonded bone-bared baby-buddy-grime; and
my dragged eyes sleep for cum. O, a tinker in a soft lady line heats sand
and a curried comber of girl-gum wallows under lost emptied ribbons
and as a masted Venus digs its female dick inside renal anal gibbons
weevillers of mermen have to slick to the larded lip of a hardened ham
and we sea-hang faceless rabbits which chase bucked bends with jams

ancient vermeil drakes drawl for cunt-curated caned gobblers. Hands
heap rubber posters under brawls when a broad of hobblers expand a
dunny filly plate to vomitted phlegm-foods; and we piss upon old islands.

o as America comes through our hot stools, wiseners of lips will cut edams,
and a pillar in a blue lungs bites upon fanny prisers; O, witches sex-slam
evil easellers of leaded cum; and we shoot hens as we abuse England.


the tippers of urban tipex topple easy pens with city light and fever
flexes optic palms when cables ease gems under city night; and fever
faces aside mod wind as we hear bees inside death's serum; and fever
fellows neon crap with ten whipped hands that push manses into fever
o tippers of urban tipex trample peasy pins with city light and fever
sunders an open doll whose waxen ashen limbs tease a skulled fever
with motelled guns that shoot the heebeejeebees of mind-masked fever
la la, where wideners hoot for cunt-sea then carriers of casked fever
cry for lithe pussy and her fishy sweet farrier; and sex sild's soft fever
flumouxes with twisty teeny hair-marriers; and sex-killers use fever
to slam a grande mal stroke under forcing fucker; O, here men quiver.

acid widows roll for lime. Copper ghosts roll down time. Aged fever
washes gentle hands in false wine; and we stroll inside god's finger.

the tippers of urban tipex topple easy pens with city lice and rivers
raise a roper of a sea-chest from porny hens; and scented seizures
form a dairy-cage in an epileptic bed when a mental dreamer shivers
and acid widows roll down time; and weepers suffer cold cunt-fever
and a colt of pure damsel fire shoots a blue radio dead as cock-fever
rams a daddy sewer under tired coots; and a green meadow's fever
burries burring blinds in curtainers of grey birds and seagull livers.

acid shadow strikes paper cabins down around a pit of torn feathers
o de acrid murdered gallows scatters Downs aside blued scissors
and a gallower of sandmen abuse a scissor boy with ancient fever
and we pule from flown flowers as hot flowers wither away. Fever
famishes appled blind towers which tangle the concrete Thames.
Eyes pull from flies and a den of lips trips for codal ideal feeders.

acid windows roll for lime. Copper ghosts die down time. Fever
fashions a guilty gossamer as Anancee shafts against gulled fever
and shiverers of scissors and fever fuck a dead man with glue-fever
and a dell of gripe fastens old softening strangler's tights. Fevers
father down the veins where a patient spiller of wiped nap-snickers
abuses a crazy wormy gorgon with swelt stone-sides; O, fevers
snicker aside spermy anal sex-scums and woolleners of wide fever
coat a cricking mask with serpent eared guns; and weevil-scissors
sink into drains; O, shivers and fevers and painted fluid flu-friskers
pull bodying lea-and-perrins across feinted boards in wall-strippers.
nulifiers anoint dirty shit-birds with nightly nihilators of stoners and
feverfew flits under slit-birds with incenders of potatoed sea-sands
la la, an ivory screen sucks a birdy dead dilly babe-break; and rippers
arouse a tawny flower with natal fotal fatal fawn-knives; and sands
frisk a dairy damseller for shuttered christ; and a vast girly grande
slots dumbers in pursers; O, as a dizzy coppice of a glass-gash-glans
hollows after inhearsers of a baby block then instant fatty fingers
shit in five shirt-winds; and i have suffered cold maids and fever
and i have sharpened skins with pealers of cold naves and fevers
modellers of peahens cast peacock poles across sex believers
and madams in cum-gems mask foals in fuck-flossed deceivers;
and we will know the less deceived with nude fans and relievers
O, comic sonic self-deaths heave aside rude flans as grey cakers
sell a buggy raised from instant eye-flour; and, uh, cooky makers
abuse a naked masted Venus; and mental scampers roast fakirs
and fever follows fever when ideal sweatings sex-stab fever
and fevers under fever hits to a hot optic sheet; and crab-fever
adorns a baking latrine of a fever with fasteners of slag-fevers
and fever's hot mirror mazes under pigs as drillers of crag-fever
flashes in spunk-kissers whose thunder frigs eggshells and Divas
and fever fellows fever when ideal nestings cock-crash teeners
and, lo lo o-la, my dummy mind shutsdown ball-rashes. Feelers
flay to a doctored beat when heartlings piss on long girl-fingers

uh uh uh uh tut tutter tut uh uh ah ha slit pizza fist.. we die?

Copyright JDB 12/08/2020


work in progress  title: About a Female Judas?

1st draft poem then poem-song


the wanderers of lost times tread bastardising blown paths
o slumberers cut into minds where a reaper of closed masks
lambasts body-drains with roller drives and car-kissed masks
and a youth in a stream sails for lies when cold blown paths
send extraordinary faces to fizzed vales where blued masks
laid a blinder of a brawled cold lady; O, this earth is past?

the wanderers of lost times suck a spawny nut as masts
melt into a female judas, and a bone of brawny sex-masts
molds a body-bake from venereal flakes; and mind-masts
swell up, up; and, o, once aside a lake, my mind-masque
swallows easy liquids. And eyes will deafen blind paths

uh uh i eat into some false cheese; O, my mouth screams
uh uh i sleep underneath disease; O, my mind blood-screams
and a layer of veined vast laughter taunts a pictured scream
and a youth at night pulls fannies from fainting screams
uh uh i eat some false cheese; La, my lips kiss screens

wanderers of lost minds liquidise dolly muff with dreamed
meadow baby crisscrossed biters of sex snuff and cream


the wanderers of old times shred a bad pig into nomads
o sunderers of gold minds dig for slags as blinding cads
cast a shadow cab across city waves; and layered lads
pushes upon false curtains; O, mamma maria's lab
sources phlegm with oozed fire when a kid in a lab
uses radial mental menstrual medicines as a blithe cad
shoots up salty sugar flaps with gritters of mind-mabs

the wanderers of gold minds slits a dippy drip with
greying sottos of rolled wine and villages of odd pigs;
and we arise to find a nude grave made from hot figs

uh uh i eat some false cheese; O, gobblers use ribs
and a daughter of a mind-sleeve licks upon mad kids
and a weaver of a spine-sleeve laps upon salt-ribs
ah ah, eyes may well feed blue bees where cold labs
cast fishy fields across verminous dreamers of cabs


silvers under fever-shiver slide a hot bed beneath Pan
o riders sunder fever-rivers as a hosed head of Man
waters dental angular-halls with diners of easy Pan
and i arise from easter-balls and i dine with Woman
and eynes slash winter-walls where blinded cousins
lend filthy incest to a dead past. And we used Man
and we confused sunny connections as we slammed
dolly darters against mad mien and cordal wigwams

wanderers of silked minds thinks about blue satin
and a widener of milked minds suffer after slit-satin
and milner of strapped minds supper after lip-satin
and slivers under fever-shiver slide under drams
ah ah, we serve silks to dried water; and slit-satins
wallah after spider-cries; and a sea of edams rams
orchards of killers with stolid blorted baby-bands

ald dirty musical streets walk cold hogs to pig-pans
and we sing as we cook and we eat from hands
magical masterers of eastern teas gather up the teas
magical matrices slam westend teas as we brew teas
and a madam at noon hips to a hobbit dance and teas
fall from out bruised brewed cars; and we pluck bees
o magicasl star-slayers show a salt moon to bees
and eyes get badly stung by pissers under wet-teas

wanderersd of milked minds fatalises bagged leaves
inside a false larch where dirtiers of daddy beads
hushed up all of the forcep fuckers whose leaves
swallow droopy soap; and a mind-high river-sleeve
drowns old ashes inside a rosette of pure greed.

magical masterers of eastern teas gather up the teas.
Digital porny patience pulls upon a junked cock and
butterers of easy bell-pulls scatterr salts upon teas
and a godly gism bed where i learned about sands
has left me alone now. Oh, liquid lightning's tea
gets force-fed to clouds and, la la, eaters of bees

stopper the herbage of a diggied dizzy eye-hive.

whippers of fatal sweet marzipan hits upon a rotted disease
la la, strippers of fotal city-cans get bricked inside weed
and smokers with a heart like a rocled drum inhale disease
la la, whippers of natal meaty sea-cans sail under slease
and, ah ah, a dabbler of monkey clams abuses ape-greed
and, ah ah, whippers of fatal meaty marzipan cuts slease

magical masterers of eaters cut a bound fly and fleas
anoint vast bluebottled greeny goddy cuts; and peas sleep
and a handled hostel of a sex hotel rocks a boat of meat

whippers of anti-natal bubonic lips counts silence where
tippers of wax-lead anoints Elizabeth Tudor with hairs
and wisecrackers are bathed in a King's pissy cut-lair

magical masterers of eaters shove a bonder of tares
and we will search for a tare in the invidious air where
a countess of decorous gold snitches after bruised prayer
and a scutterer of meany mad mice traps a tail of thieves

whippers of cunted creamy shitter boxers bout for teas
and we will reel in the east until we gather up the teas
And gun-gritted tribes toss for tills which pay no fees


wanderers who wander like the moon melt into gins where
veiny vamoosers of father flights fall down a fatal stare
and blonders of lovers ignite the moon. Ah, dotted hair
gets saltily honey-combed with violence and dead hair
punches immaculate pissers of grey ebbs and egg-air
oh oh, once, where i rolled, the fast dregs of sweet air
swallowed my venus up with bone-naggers and prayer
and wipers of masted sluts sopper after superb stairs.

whippers of fatal sweet marzipan mount cake-divorced
hirelings of shippering arm-bands; O, we hired teas,
la la, and we reel in the east while gathering up the teas
and when up in brewing college, i noticed sun-force,
and me and madam daddy lovage casts a berry-tea
under divorcings; and wicked lovely masks drink pee

once along a false mine, the whole of history cut seed
from green-growing vegetabled time-machines. Steeds
gallop in the dining dark when abbeys of valleys heave
beneath rotators where a bladderer of galleries cedes

codas of cumming creations to a bad bronzed egg cats
o radio fire-raisers switch a fast fascinated cat. Fats
fardel into dancing catnap; and me and master Crap
swerve under rat-sap. These poems scale high trees?

lulling while choking, i met an old dead girl just today
o she was hooking on to sex-science when cool clay
cascaded into bitten humans; and a shop of christs
sermoned after maids where a mad man in a maze
swillered for lone trades of sex, death and oblivion

and a nest of bone raises self sex where dirty clay
jazzes after stone; and dirt, disease, death star-lights
dromedaries of sperm-silks.I met an old dead girl
She was easily aroused by her own grave; and clay
cousins upon limitless fathers when a canine world
falters into grass and dies. And a bad bath today
will surely scissor into ambered opened slow eyes

lulling while choking, i met an old girl just yesterday
o she was bricked under her boling; La, dun decades
glide by like mad children; and a gooser of star-trades
swillows for bad children; and an arch upon pearls
pulleys for pissers when easterly blowing ice-curls
smatters around sisters of mother moon and pearls

and a nest of bone raises self sex from dirty clay
and a desk of stone raises elfi-sex from petrol clay
and a whipper of a wide horse gallops into clay
and a bell at night rings for mule-wallop; and day
cries to be set free but free days are dead now?

tee hee, i have come to know the titans under clothes
tee hee, yes men cum to sunder missions with clothes
o, tee hee hee, mad male missiles shoot baby clothes
and eyes under skies sharpen silk with daddy's nose
la la, i have come to understand the rapist in a rose
la la, i have come to shudder about female blubber
and, tee hee hee tee tee, i am in love with mamma
and, roasted, a motile motel accident heave to mana
and i have come to know the titians under dadda

luliing while choking, i met an old buzzy dead girl
men in miraculous circles hasten to the jazzy cold
and marchers of muddy funerals have to walk girls
and wynded swollen tit-asses must feel after cold
la la, mysterious mindfolks think about a new girl
la la, insidious divine child-folks think about worlds
but a can of gllass has to heat up with fairy pearls

tee hee, i have come to know the titans under clothes
hee hee, wide losell men lose everything to bedclothes
and a monkey of an ape-flower greens up for clothes
and a honky of a wanky hooty finishes feelers with
coded woolled leaves; and i reel in the cat's clothes
and eyes muddied me where fairgrounds in clothes
dance to a masted naked beat where an old rose
splices angel fringes with goddy rock and clothes.

lulling when choking, i met an old fixing mad girl
o she cried all year and then drowned in her tears
and a model pall-sphere opened me up to my girl
and, la la, as we paint a petrol face then we uncurl
male ministers from gabby hairs found under loaves
and a messy moon melts under rooms. O, brogues

issue into magenta-city-fire when death has closed.
a winnower of windowers shields a hidden stocking
o issuers of wide sinners reel aside the still-born
and we heed the death-deceived when blue ceilings
bang beneath bags of blood when bagpipes swarm
a genius scottish street with poem-eyes; and dawn
tear-tissues after rain and rain cuts the moon
and pierces of fever-rain receive cats from fawns.

a winnower of windowers shields an easy man and
sand-strippers pee on teasing galls when balled bands
dig after footy-snuffs; and a filmic woman rams us
adown from a dirty castle when killers under red rust
polishes pantry-apples with germy millers; and scorn
bellies across death's fishy fields as a mindless storm
straps a bellyful of beads across timed eaten cusps.

and we weevil for red rain and we feel after cuts
and we glister for red rain and we reel after cuts
and we hiss aside red rain and we spiel after cuts
o a smashy sassy weepy wanky of a smile gluts a
donny of a dooby boy whose lost home eats nuts,
and a drooly devil in a dripper of a mashed soul
cuts into smut; and a girl combs her hairy soul
and a mutterer under girls combs speechless soul.

a winnower of wide windowers reels inside the east
o a rude romantic killer stocking-hangs the Beast
and a seat of plants waters wives with thrilling meat
and a candy of a crocus coca-cola bites on beats
and we reel in the east as we gather up the teas
ah ah readers under feasts befriend an iced dream
ah ah breeders under geese befriend a wet-dream
and the bones of Aaron sharpen sex with trees
ah ah a winnower of wide windowers reels inside
a dummy cage when lightning turns to black. O!
softeners of rage shade tilings with genius blacks
La La, as bodies burn then a tidal star in toss-hats
hears a veiny penile vaginal cherry pop-burst

and we weevil for red rain and we feel after cuts
and we ravel under red rain and we feel viaducts
ahhh a reaper of red summer shatters wide sluts
and a bath of pure burned gold mills stars with nuts
O a plane of milky glandour weeps for a softy hut
and catchers in a mind clamour for devil-weeds.

hatchers of issue death dampens flax with feeds
latchers of tissue death stamp upon blown steeds
and a bummer of ruled deaths hiss for rain-reeds
and a burner of stooled deaths trample under feeds
ah a learner new to dirt knowledge rides on reeds
la la, canny cunt-caressers close ashen stone-steeds
beneath a nelly spunker that fucks all night and day;

and when dilly nights turn into dilly day then bees
will buzz with the patient mad till true selves seize

Copyright JDB 13/08/2020


work-in-progress   title: Sky Writing

1st draft poem then song-poem


heavenly fallowed faces dawdle then break in two
o cities shared with faces dawdle then break in two
heavenly billowed faces dawdle then sink god's ship
and we will need our ship of death as we sink truths
and, la la, a breaker of lips delimits faithful truths

and when dilly nights come, we will surely move
emptiness and endlessness with a family sleuth
and a bed of princes storms dreams when moods
star-silence fallen stasis; and a bed of bread broods
after gods, times, bodies, angels; and sin grooves.

hatchers of sisterhoods don cake as coded nudes
strap a case of sand across sex-pinions, and nudes
la la, eyes idolise us as weeders whip upon candy
and a bled sky swallows killers and we will prove
that timed bodies, burned, cry out for wept roods

and we weevil after pained lovers as we move
a donny of a sad man with dinted fingers. O,
as we ride from rest, we listen to killers, O,
eyes burn up for deaths as a bodier of rivers
rots forevermore; and candles jam lit fever

leechers of sisterhoods leech after mirrors
ah ah, a wake of hands washes thumb-terror
and a mad island flashes when senses shiver
and we weep for ashes as we snip lovers

heavenly fallowed faces dawdle then quiver
and a dummy boy builds veins from scissors
when silly high jumped kites swirl in death's sky
i learned about old night; O, a burier of soft minds
hisses under fire when a boated cross of skies
raises romancers from bald bathing sea-minds
and eyers of blinded guns glow under sea-spies

heavenly borrowed meadows wash sad tithes
easily hallowed shadow washes mad sea-wives
and we arise from dirt-deaths to find false knives
sinking budders into a coop of tyres; and we ride.

wishing wide men wish upon death; O, brides
sea-wail for gems; and a sun of mess cries
and, O, as we send sand to sleep then we die

wishing wild men wish upon wrecks as tides
sail out, out, out for dizzy scapes inside eyes
and we must learn how to cape nude skies

weeping walled women sleep for heat and
doggy dangermen endanger swept fans
and, laced, a sudden stranger wakes Ram

o, wishers of stone kiss decks as shippers
drop titanic rescues; and we ride from fathers
and we weep for scanned weed as lovers

sluice a vase of peat with pleated killers..

illers of slain sea rock across a waved gun
um um, eyes ride from floss as grave-guns
grope shooter rivers; O, manses in the sun
topple easy houses; O, fences in the sun
topple easy cases; O, trenches in the rain
shine aside a moon as we shine on veins

illers of slain seas rock across a cunt-drum
and a weeper under rot cries aside lunged
baby beacons
and we ride from county sleep where scum
pours from out lazy mountains

and icers of blown desire doctors old mums
and levers of screwed fire. Ahm, fountains
feed after flame as a body on the moon
kneels upon paradise

chewers of chicken skin supper for knives
o ruiners of women swim after gold lives
and, massed, children race down under wide
body burners. And a dog of dust sun-slides
under blind water where a cat on its side
rat-hunts for blubber; and a cat on its side
will prey before fever as a cagey wolf-guide
dragglers after levvies and rivery bat-rides

illers of slain sea-clots walk upon grey tides
o kindlers of sail-slots race upon grey tides
and a weeper inside a face taunts grey tides
and a birchy bladder bomb ignites grey tides
and we slide as we drive from east to west
la la, i overturned lies to find jaunted tides
with slammy salters of bedded blown breasts

and there's somebody feeling eaten passions
and, ah, there is somebody feeling prisons
and a widener of dead noddies leads passions
to dunny blorters of dun soups and treason
and, uh uh, someone is feeling tits and cunt
and, uh uh, my lost hot sex-lunge has to junk

all waterers of dinny sex when grey bunk
bottles eely water with codas of fuck-spunks
and i will choose to enter in a green grey funk
and i will choose to enter into green gay junks
and, Oh Oh, eyers of centaurs reap deaths.

o we are reeling in the east while gathering up the teas
o we had sad feelings while coffee-cuppers clasped weed
and a bone of bonny blood brags after toffee-slutters
o we are reeling in the east while gathering up the teas
and a spire of evil rises up from bile and a song for trees
will banish beads to naked leaves; and a body's butters
spread pony-jams upon roasted bees that sting udder
o we are reeling in the east while gathering up the teas

and, la, there is somebody else feeling a woman's seed
and, la, there is somebody else eating from female need
and a sea of slags straps a fucked lens around gold seed
and, la, there is somebody reeling under cum as need
trackles within a bodyless bone-lunge. O, we shape teas
all waterers of dummy sex don blue grey mummy cloths
o slaughterer of bummy sex dons grey blue daddy cloths,
and easterly rising men will gather teas from hot moths
and, la la, eyed drizzling men must seize beds from lost
vacant spastic castles. And madness owns the Cross.


dental rabbbit drillers which sink cavaties into wine
warp parted ripper teeth with softness under calamines
o mental goblets strip teeth from veiny dunmmy vines
and i am scented by passion's sea-funk when loss
fastens to the flax of a wended mental cross; and loss
loots upon sashes of ended driller hose; O, sea-pines
pee upon a village green as a lousy old water pump
piles aside a gallow-scene that ripens into hot spunk

all waterers of dummy sex dons blued mummy cloth
and, doctored, warders of sex don blind daddy cloth
and a moat of spleens raiders fter menstral boy-rot
and, doctored, wardens of cathedrals bless old minds

dental rabbit drillers that sink cavaties into wine spine
a dollar of a videotech with bound feet and calamines
and a boat of bread broaches bone with fay designs
la la, a butterfly on a breached cock-barge has to sign
upon dyed muttered minds; and a head made from rot
hips to a city-beat; and my damaged head has to stop.
the cavatinas of easy concertinas cut the place men tread
o the easters of easy common dreamers cut a sea of bread
and a livid crumbly cake soul softens under mental lead
o a petrol pussy plate must surely turn a sun aside stars
and a pisser upon a slate will surely burn in tireless bed
and a body boner that latchers onto cunny-snapt bread
may well appear atoned; and a sea of honeyed thread
stiches the winds of the dead where the ancient dead
draggle for urban turbanned city hair; O, i am dead?

dental rabbits drill for bright tails as a massive cunt
cops hold of a dunny dude fuse that dresses dun junk
in bloodded skies that drink to a grey sun; and red spunk
swallows lemon crabs as an ivy memory heeds bumped
bodyless baby-wars that clamber up, up too fucking high
and a sea of ruby-wards slammer a cut pup with wide
macadam men who snapper against slutters of espied
masterers of magical maternal masturbators. O, lies ride

upon a bruised moon; and sad suns burn when scribes
accuse madam moon about sky-writers and old highs..

i have seen at end of ebbing day a naked vestal bee-hive
bragging about sweet stinging queen-wax. O, blue-brides
are ravished by red rain where a bouncing bad sea-hive
hoops hollowed hands from dog-teeth and dead wives.

these dribbling darkened days when a mad dog squatted in a flower
must entertain a sea of graves when a mad god shitted on a flower
and a cover of dirty kindliness wrenches sad love as canal dowers
sea-pay for a salty marital wave; and odes to England sun-flower
and the pagers of sweetened waves swim for cardial gun-dowers
and we pay for wept wives where a dogger of a radial moon-shower
washesdsedative cries in lardy slosh and water; and an easy flower
fashions mobile eroders from balded male daughters; and dowers
drink to a filthy sun where a veneral rash rapped upon cut towers
O once upon a gun in a studio raised from ash, a raider of hours
sky-grafted bubble-bees from gritted dead hands that broke flowers.

these drivelling circus days when a sad god spat upon a lost power
will enter now into the green zion of a waterbead; and lost flowers
flow from out a nuclear nest when a lady lion roars on a chained
neon tower; and a motel in a fret shoots the anal dead when power
floats upon summery wintry afternoons; O, doctors of cunt-chain
encage a doll of autumn in force-fed jelly rooms; and coded pain
champs adown on the westerly rain. Sofas sodomise seated grain
La La, a bell of Downs drags digitalis for mentalis and god's skein
and i weep to a swept beat and eyes drink blindedness. O, veins
supper on injected glass when diggers in an underpass eat chain.

these dribbling darkened days when a mad dog squatted in a flower
must swifty entertain a tragic circus of velvet rugs and blue bowers
la la a dresser on a crag desertifies then easily loved as duned dowers
pay for endless busters of cussers and miraculous healing god-Zen
la la a cat on a crane drops to her mewling demise when old men
strike dizzy mind-dazzlers from hoppy hooty thighs; and women
sidlise a sodomite of blenched guns and hooky lies; and children
chant a seagull mantra about widowed windows and zimmermen
i have seen at end of day a naked vestal vestibule shaping gems
from focal fotal fatal sin; and sin cums up from deep within hens.
the dragglers of a pierced plower strap grass across big pig-pens
and a layer of a swift flower snaps grass and writer for spind
zero winds; and a coffee in a coffin head washes hands in gins
and a coffin of latent cross-toffees spirits a cigar into red hymns
and i chase a chapeller of killers unto bruised whoring bled pins
and i recollect my dizzy impossible girl-child whose soul spind
a doctoror of a molten easy impassible wife-child. Ohhhhhhh.

the razors that chime in barby bucket bread-buns suck coasts

Copyright JDB 15/08/2020


work-in-progress title: About Dreaming Doom Deniers

1st draft poem then poem-song


the parental knock of a blind child sockets kids in yoyos
ah penitential rock grinds old minds where sea of yoyos
swallow wooden games; and the varlets of city yoyos
summon diamond dirty whores with easy crayon yoyos
and parental rot rots for mental rockets where yoyos
grind an egg-in-a-cup down to hero zero; o, ponchos
pierce a dizzy circus for dazzlers of old shakespearos
the dragglers of a pissing mind moon melt for eyes
ah dragglers of a hissing mind room kneel upon skies
and a bed of glass snippers after tombs where lives
lash a breasted stair to upstairs crypts; and men die.

the dragglers of a dead mind drift into green spies
o ragglers of a pressed mind drift under old wives
ah draggers of dippy men hem a mouth into lies
and a day of deaths willl lend us to city cries; O

a parental cock of a fast time clockers into spies
o raflflers of a pressing spine rockets under wives
and a bay of kids sinks into a bald sea where cold
comes inside my home; and eyes must eat cold

the parental knock of a deaf child cuts a bride.

a seriously dirty dinner boy serves cake to almonds
o parental rock rams dummies down around sirens
and painters of mermen ride for mermaid-sermons
and a sea of shite wees on eyes; O, easy old lives
wallop ash when a baby in the sky eats cold tides

a parental pox on a glass moon melts into wives
and, la la, a bonny body blast swills old grey wives
and painters of pussy men drip a dicker's dives
and, as we writhe, then a cunt in a mind's eyes
must surely collide with men when fences die.

the parental knock at a cany caned world
hastens to cock; and a mummy's cold world
whirls around daddy's drum; and old girls
and, la la, i remember sex but sex's world
has no hot tears to know; and my world
wastens under tears as a town under girls
face far East; and a bad man shoots girls

o as we writhe we must devise deniers
as we cry for tides we must accuse sailors
and a bed in a tub brooks ash when killers
carry carded masses to luminous chillers,
and a man of farts shits in the wind and
weavers of wept charts dig for mirrors

the parental knock at a crazy door curls
upside down where blind noise is furled
around wasters of air; and our old world
gets killed by blown hair; and we vanish

brooked by filthy tea, i heard old lips
cramming toothy dreams down tips
ah, eyes beached a blorted sad crypt
ah, mad leeched snorted sad cabs
hired whores to drive as paid tits

the pastries fat men use have to
sink cakey claws under city clues
and we hasten to lovers; O, shoes
pummel crusted feet with grey ooze

the parental knock at a public door
opens out upon a strange sun's war
and eyes in weird eyes stop summer

the veiny vampiric issuers of bloodied day
feed on carmine cock; and a menstrual clave
craps inside five winds; and pisser under day
lightens snuffs with tragic kissers; O, clay
and huffers of figs dig for raiders of claves
and we must kiss as we die out; and day
drops a curtain upon dark doubts; Oh

we are purely in to fascinating love; and
easy tracers of sin smack a power-hand
and markers of spind cats grind islands
and a bed of spillers causes dreamt sand

the veiny vampiric issuers of ruddied day
feed of menstrual cock; and a blind grave
city-hangs metal shot from towned land

we are purely in to fascinating gods; Oh a
rose aside a glass beach combs marsh-air
and the arms we mask flail under chairs
and a bended baby-chair falls from air

veiny vampiric issuers of bloodied dun day
feed off carmine cots; O, easy pled graves
will swagger down rot when fit hot knaves
wallow inside blue pyres and teeny slaves
once upon a gun, i heard graven sex-trades
wiping pimping bums along tawsed tea-trays
and a bitten gun shoots green dolly-trades
and a kitten in a cat museum stops maids
the eaters of mushy moaning tears see inside a halo
o eaters of musky groaning tears see inside meadows
and a town in dark washes wounds with swallows and
eaters of mashy foaming tears see inside closed hands
and a bed of light stampedes across brides when sand
wallows under caged christs; and a budder of Woman
watches blue wheels where a car-starter drives drams

once upon a sex trade, i heard about some rape-hands
and rape-hands lay a devil on a whore as shitters ram
rape-hands down where a bedside on a gilded sedan
swipes catkin grass with smokey fans and wild edams.

the eaters of mushy moaning tears see inside a halo
o eaters of musky poking porked ribs peg upon haloes
and a dying doom denier ladens kids with dumb haloes
and weedlers dream about grey pigs that grunt zeroes

once upon a forced mind, i saw some paper peppers
sea-shaving sourcers of wine with pusher's lepers
and a dog in a drain swig spine when kisser's peppers
weep for macadam and female underbellies. O, heroes

must jack a cunt-gun and ideal Isis brides will narrow
old cunny clay with spunk-drums. Ah, eyes are arrows?

when a shrill smell of sexed camomile rains from a boned sky
then me, myselves and eyes will certainly fall from stone spies
oh oh, as i fail to sleep i see familial high walls cutting spies
and a braider busy buzzy bad boy weeps beneath red sky
and a sidler of lazy loosened sad boys murder lashed spies

once upon a forced mind, i saw some papered loud leopards
roaring on a lynx-chain; and me, myselves and lies incurve
a sea of ferine sex-rain with tree-dyed issuers of tit birds

when a shrill smell of sexed camomile rains from a bone-bride
then men and women and instant children will raid grey guides
and i will call upon the dogs and i shall call upon a sea of clogs
la la, when once sin died i thought my feet wouldn't ride
la la, as eynes junked my skin, i entertained vines then died

once upon a forced mind, i saw some papered lepers. Tithes
pay for impassable blessings and sold arms under churchmen
melt into pus where a darling fanny leaps under grey dives
when a shrill smell of sexed camomile rains from a stone-bride
then easy eastern gods who gather teas with blind open eyes
come home to lash a canine feline ghost with eaten sky-drives


funny how the world's a dream and everything a sea of screens
la la, i swagger roadways shaped from nuts; and blinded screens
swallow visual ash where a daddy under cuts grins at a screen
la la, funny how eyes glow like rain; O funny how death screams
la la, funny how minds grow from pain; O, pretty now to scream

when a shrill smell of sexy dizzy coffee-wine toasts the dreamt
then a layered fever-mind will surely cry for dodgy cement O
a bay of bloody fingers follows hills and wide minds must ooze
blenching blorted body-snoods from ideal brides that must ooze
all dilly daylong; and my prairie feet fall from earth when scent
dragglers after eaten ma Mary. Ah, ices sting in chiller-scents
and, rammed, eyes burn. Ah, a seagull on a sealed wing moves

eager shadow fires with dunny capes and dingo dog-hooves.

the very utmost epicentre of the midnight sun slayers roofs
and a skeleton under heapers chomp on dust as slain hooves
dog-damage a cat of tails with diamante drivers of damed roofs
and a brother of dead christ accuses men of killing blood-truths
ah ah, eager shadow fires feel for flame as coded sky-hooves
summon an aldebarren theatre from grey traps and gun-lubes

funny hpw the world's a sad dream. O, eyed eerie pigs move
donkey dusts from grey to green and then pure red. OOO

o for a silver patina of a bled cross, i use my castigative skin
o for a rider of a dead cross, i accuse god of feeding sin,
and a fatal fotal mamma whose easy bedside dreams spins
and a fertive killer of mamma eases easy razors under limbs
la la, a wakeful forest ward where a mad kid suffers sins
has to move to fatal tears the hands of hair that swims

o for a silver patina of a dead cross, i use my castigative skin
for a tissued lady lord whose washing fingers cleanse all skin
o, when menfolk roar then vacant lovers loosen body-sins
o, for a silver patina of a bled cross, i use my ebbing hymn
to serenade a lunar soul with murdered sky; and winds
weaken under sex; O, as feet fall for lives then sun-wind

washes an eagle easel with shredded saints whose minds
fall and flail at the midday of midnight; and closures grind
dunny fatal seed with salt baits and vixens inside old wine
and a car in a dummy bay booms across fish as grot-twine
fanny-straddles bonny lays with blown loss and snot-swine

o for a silver patina of a bled cross, i abuse my swooning skin
and a vase in America cascades with rich antique vitamins
and a brother of spiller blades bury budders under litterbins
la la, eyes burn apart from aviaries when sexy vitamins
swim, swim. Uh i enter into aviaries when birdied missions
swill playing silk from fingers in the mist; and mind missions
carry crates to easy bait. Death drinks to dust. Mien spins
aside sweeet musk; and weevillers wade aside nude wind.

in the spin of the sun, trackers of lunar trumpets design
a dollar of a daisy babe from muddy goats and clock-grime
and a dizzy arcatrave hallows aftet stoats where a mind
searches for passion's gallows; O, a cruet set has limes
made open to greasy mallows; O,. a rare pet walks grinds
and we weep upon meadows as a dinosaur found in vines
sweeps aside early kids whose prehisories died for dimes

o for a silver patina of a bled cross, i use my castigative skin
o for a ruler of a wet cross, i used my bed and hissed within;
and harrowers who suck massed moss must move bends within a
scatterer of suns and fallen rain; and an archer under pin
gather rotated moths and flies; and a bone of a dancer swims
deeply down where a dirty town cries. Oh, a sad boy spins
and in the spin of solar tongue, a careesser of lies moon-winds
a salty boom of loam that shapes angels from filthy high winds

the shakers of aspen summers swell up with candy lovers
o makers of aspen winters well up, up from cocoa mummas
and a dunny boy has to feed ants with bubblegum as feathers
flail in a sad bread-tin; and a masser of chewed guns withers
and a bite of a haloed din drags dizzy drains for fasting cheetahs,
and a sea of mites eats into piggy pain. La La, eastern clogs
reel in the east as bled hens gather up the teas; O, pig-clogs
crap into shoed flowers which wimple after toffeed egg-bud,
and blase blood bags titties with simple laughter, and grub

drops to its skrittled knee. And dying doom deniers drug muds
and. oooo, a skirted bead trades naked mead for gold-sludge
ahh a metal huge hearse hips to funeral beats when sold-cuds
swanker from clasping creative cattle-lips; and tawny drugs
snipper for rasping mutative cuttle-pits; and ancient sea-slugs
slasher for ocean-blinds. O, once upon a dirty knee, kid-drugs
walloped for potion-pine; and a sluicer of a filthy siege mugs
dictators of phlegmy glass. O, magnitos in the sides of suds
soap a massive mad madam with lemon ochres where nubs
sliced deeply for yolky salmon cellars; and apers under bobs

bear accidental sex to a spool of pure fear; Uh Uh Uh Uh.

Copyright JDB 16/08/2020.


work-in-progress  title: Funeral Soaker of a Slain Game

1st draft poem then poem-song


the poking searer of duned summers ripen into a flown flower
o soaping rivers ram down a dunny season as stunned flowers
fix gorgon strips where a dummy serpent bay sears the world
and the sapphic faces of the moon serry hitlers with blind girls
and a dunny mind mixes shit into wine when a darter under gold
dillies after painted water. And a candy car cries aside the world
and a starry minted menial father fellows mammy mind with pearls.

the funeral soaker of a slain game shoots silk silts and cut curls
rotate about a stunning winter's easy icy milk; and coded whirls are
led to bloody saunterers; and a sliding eye-rilk layers bone with cars

the poking searer of duned summers ripens into a flown flower
o soaping kidders slam the money down and a passion in a tower
drops swallowed Ides with twined hands; and a bone under flour
sweeps caramel into magic ice; and we yearn for salt then power
all dead scissors with manx cats and a dog of malt dies for hours.

the easy eyes of one billion blind dreams rocks around the dead
ah easy skies write for pinions and a delicate pisser under lead
loosens towels then plunges fled fingers into a pisser's old bed
and a menstrual father lunges after killers where greying heads
sweep utterances of pure fire when a dolter's prayer breathes

the funeral soaker of moonish madam powers spilsl under reeds
and a daddy soaper punishes blood with dowers when trees
teeter under marriage then fall into hired seas; and we heave.

the easy eyes of one billion blind dreams rock around the killed
ah easy brides stun one zillion mind-dreams and men get killed.

the poking searer of a duned summer ripens into grey hills
o roping widows that slap a dunny father feel after mills,
and a seagull phrase phases under honey mothers when rills
sharpen sully scissors with blown eyes and sundering drills

the funeral soaker of moonish madams powers lit kills and
as slaters of pokers piss under madams then coded sea-scans
slash aside a watry baby whose issuers of cold keen clams
crap inside as wintry lady; O, we have to die for all Woman

the easy brides of one zillion dreams answer to blued sedans

the easy eyes of a dummy larder stock feathered flowers
o easy skies slide under honey and a dogger under mowers
and peasy pullers of mum-money pay for coded showers
and a rainy bawd has to use a whoring yoyo as edams are
fed to milky lips; and we arouse warring pogos as odd stars
look down upon a mad world. And eyes under ponchos carve
cute cunny from sheer water; O, a sun of fathers goes hard.

the funeral soaker of moonish madams ripens into sex-lard
and we eat our easy dinners inside cabins as cold hit cigars
smoke for easy riders; and eyes burn up where hot bud-scars
sucketh an helican mind-pelican; and i have to vault bud-cars
and come back home with all piss-proud music eating Mars.

a grey stone drama drops stages underground; and salts
swill lea-and-perrins from rages; and daughtered colts
shoot embryos dead as cages, O, a dog under salts has
a bad tail which shapes the moon; and eyes must lash
a daddy field to aching high wounds; and eyes must crash,

the poking pooing father moon melds with skies as racks
fall to small sucking magazine-pieces; and odes to paps
salls sultry sullen mother moon suck a butt nut as gas
gropes after skull-emptiness; and O, a dogger under gas
scoops deranged meetings from daring darling sea-laps

a grey stone drama slops a figgy face with mop-maps
and a slashered sea-gull under frig-space stops ash.

the funeral soaper of a soft bathed father has to mash
sweetening india gods with easy asian cash; and ash
scatters washing all around the easy dead and glass
o a bone of baits breaks; and a minor moon hits ash
and an ideal stoner of seizures cause fiitting glass and
eyes turn, turn and weeblers learn about old islands.

a fierce forced grey stone drama stages old pylons
o weird defacers of bone sunder stages with sirens
and, la la, the seasiders of Numberless ages season
a danny boy of a mad child with sugars and treason

a grey stone drama slaps one eager face where sand
dribbles from a vegetable groin; and as vault of vans
vans the evil air with bolted sheets; O, we're damned?
O, can we stand? O, are men led to sheeps? Are hams
heralded by baby thesps; or do we have to seem dead?


the easy eyes of a dummy father sweat for mamma moon
o piercy pus pies sunder daddy's feather when dada moon
melts under dirtiers of darted star-pleasure; and dad dunes
prove a spool of sex as evil as actual incest; and hard hews
jeer to a dead beat where a booby under deaths read news.

a grey stone drama slaps an eager child and spirals under
donny blow brags after cats that feed upon a guity blather
and i have been at word-work for too many years. Lather
lambasts my dizzy poem-soul when all too many sea-rafters
weep, weep, weep; and a dog on a tooth cups tea-laughter.

the easy eyes of a dummy father sweats for mamma moon
o, piggy pully pissy pole-flaps expose small pricks as noon
sleeps for salty sweety fannyed cloves; O, a bed of brooms
sweeps a dreary street where a bladderer in a glassroom

hits to a junky jeep when cat-headed lyons reads news
and we will certainly roar on a chain as a warded muse
swallows domed spunk; O, a rat-bedded iron irons crude
sky-writngs and a gabby gull grips to fish; O, grey tubes

come down from a vegetable town to hit upon truths.

tissuers of hand-wax hasten to a hide of long ladies fingers
o eaters of canned wax glistens; O, a bed of strong spillers
sharpen easy gulls with coddy casers of dead gun-rivers
and a vault of glass grips to daddy dazers as star-quivers
store a bony chasm in which lolly arrows stare; O, mirrors
tell instant tales about garden brollies; and odes to killers
scissor into fast flowers that shelter piss under pillars

the easy wives of a dummy head knock stars from mirrrors
and, la la, bodied earl seats kings upon cars; O, old livers
sea-liven lacky lapped fat with drony darlings; O, fevers
wash dolls in dirt wine when a gaddy godless tree-ripper
tosses under ashed gasped damaging loveless sea-nippers

tissuers of hand-wax hasten to a hive of long ladies fingers
o pissers of ram-cats shed tommy cat mousse upon swingers
and a titty vixen oil paints foxy fanny; O, a cuppers of trillers
spurt salt seed upon vaginal mammy; O, suckers of swillers
weave giddy pasty bread-cum with idiot penile leads. Fillers

eat into pigged prams when a cattler of caves cuts drillers
and, la la, i espy a blithe porn woman hissing as she shivers.

issuers of renal rain tick just like a golden clock; O, milners
paint an oldtimed hat with eagle easels; and a starry skiller
leaps upon dragged hats; and a daddy duner of a dead mind
loses all to a game of rats. O, once upon a mad mind, riders
rotated for a pyred fire and a digger of lungs heaves after
messy breeders whose endless rigger rammed ald grey fever

issures of venal rain trip just like a renal flower; and lovers
rampage against veins when a lippy in a flower rends brothers
and a waspish gun shoots a blithe pit; and vacant flamers will
shatter just like a mask. And a beddy bended sea-cunt will
dollop equine shank where a mammy for a bee-bump swills

odourless vampires which drink to a nosfertatu when gay hills
stampede aside closed tyres; and a city of old men sun-spill
gourded gritty clothes; and a bed at blinded sea has to drill for
anglers of easy easten westend pharoahs; and, uh uh we forge

a doddy blobber of a blonde dream from veiny renal wards.
ah a catcher in the mind captures glitter ships as fanny bawds
tree-wind ashen bastards with green glands and dummy gods
and i have seen at close of day the summer inside pasted dogs

come peeing upon five winds where shitters sunder grey frogs

a grey stone drama shields sex thesps from easy easter men
o xmas under mamma yields dead desks to classroom men
and a bud of benches belts aside red mess as teeeming men
execute guns with ravishers of grey soap and eating children

odourless vampires drink to blood-sluts; O, a sea of stems
shuffles off a dorsal shrink when blood-sluts suck chickens
and, la la, a dog downstream delves for cunt-nutted seasons
and, la la, a cat in a film-screen carries damagers to miction.

a grey stone drama shields sex thesps from easy xmas men
o easters under glamour show dizzy tawny tinsels as hens
ram down a turkey egg that blows a bald bad boy far away
and a ransomer abed hastens to crows as bleeded grave
tussels easy heated harmed hair with pubic public plays

o endlessness sleeps under ocean slock as clocker of days
dams a freezing mouth in a doorway of pickers and clay
and, la la, as i idolise the meek then i speak from my grave
and aladdin's henchmen rub a golden pan and paladin's maze
melts into ice all of the drugs of love; O, a familial sea-spray
suppers for ooze; O, cunts in love straighten lesbotic laves
and men and queery penis-lash whips a sovereign with a

dummy modelled stage on which a bloater in a fast car has
a rainy reddened cave for a bitch; O, a coastal carred arse
hurries car americana to the very ebb of the world's masque
and the rainbow under easy dregs sears the veins of deaths
ah ah, as eynes ride from family, blinders of ebbing masts
masses messy natrons beneath owls which hoot in the past.

o huge sucrose splayered trades when i donned my death
had to show sugar coves to magical maji men; and death
drew me aside from Mars; O, self died. I saw blind death
sippering inside lost cars; O, selves died. I saw mind-death
reeling in the east when angels gathered up the seas. Deaths
dunnied me with cold and my china teeth grew old. Death
draggled me from a pontoon heart when gentlemen's gold
sat astride red gentlemen's chairs; and whence city soul
dangles a bald kite from my window then christs must fold.

a grey stone drama shields sex thesps from easy easter men
o christmas in tinsel manyana hits to a gun; and dirty wrens
wrench thrushes and swallow from cicada shades; Oh, hens
brood against the vast cock-abysss where an angel's lens
carousel-grinds a fairground man-war; and seagulled men
ease xmas into candlemas, and a doc who has no semen
hoops to a blonde mind moon. O, a stricken nude who sends
a dolly pudenda to a shop of veins telegraphs the past
ah ah. Death seeps into cots. ah ah. Sex jacks in a cast
yielded massers of molded cunt-quests jack outcasts and
slayers of sad noise trumpet titter meat when big hands
sink a moggy thumb into yeast dinners; and, lo, as we slam
a dawdy bibby from a corpse of cans then motel Japan
must draw the vinegar tie days deep above a rotor-ram
ah ah. Deaths parries our snicker safes as we motor-man
buddies of tall deaths with miscarriers of moggy dog-drams
diggy dazzly lazy laden chanticleer calls world-wide eggs
and a figgy fazy farty madam tear mops salty bride-egg
and a mapper of arty pantie ears wash waxers with pegs
ah ah, a picture of plumed wine knocks nightlings from eggs
and a dipper of deviled mounted halls shout upon red legs
endlessness screams alike to a saint when painted crates
crusade for dark beer-lime; O, a snipper of fainters rapes
easterly arising ego-lines; O, a stripper of shapers drapes
dummy diamonds upon woollen dreamers of tonsure-snakes
and a baldy in a brolly muff micks aside milks when apes
carry coarsened nut-thatches to eager modellers of drakes
as a bender of blended blithe brut broils hedons dry then
me and macadam mind-mikes hear sense turn into gems

Copyright JDB 19/08/2020


work-in-progress title: For Tubed Vaginal Riders

1st draft poem then song-poem

the skiddlers of old days shove petrol into men
o rifflers of cold days shove petrels down men
and spiners of gold graves grip to gasher men
and a nightling falls from deathly lashed men

the skiddlers of stove days shove metal men
aside dubby burnt bum-blades; and old men
send dolly mixtures to sleep when fast men
snip a rosy raped flower with cicada shades.

the skiddler of slappers shape carts from riders
o ripplers of hackers snap after dark when lovers
layer cunt-taste under fishing straw-candy. Riders
arise from the west as a seasanded blue liner
sails unto sex mess; and a bowl of nude lovers
leads a lashy pussy pie to tubed vaginal riders

the skidlers of these old days shove petrol-life
beneath bedded mushers of clasping girl-life
and a dobber of a fat-heart-doner seizes life
and a cunner of a bat-spark lights up old life

as a bender of stovers suck salt-ovens, lovers
sleep in the East then die away from mumma.

rolled roller river men raise a dicky roman from
filthy skins and easy graves; and a messy gun
shoots spind sand as women raid some lungs
ah dolers of queasy ken shine upon Bethlehem
and a jolted feather feeds for winding cum

as a bender of seizures sucks salt-fevers then
a blower of a cock cuts eastern biker-men
with cold slock that riddles skin with bitumen

as a bender inside loafers shut mutterers
then veiners of sea-sides may well stutter for
blenced highs and eastern westend  cunt-war

sidlers of sunners seep into teas and life ends?

let it be said that the poet had the blind word-powers
o let men tread evil word-blind seas and let flowers
floam for wastegrounds; and, slowed, may towers
teeter under masks when a bladdy of mad flowers
seeps into flasks. O, a teasing lady sings for flowers.
as a bender in a knight rides home to a false castle
then a render of midnights must stone a false castle
and a bay of pissed nights must hone a fast castle
and a boat of blood must bridle cocks with mussels

let it be said that the poet had the blind word-wowers
and let sin fall from earth. Ohh we have to power
donkey blood with evil animal-cruelty; and facials

will drop a marrow target upon mule-made stables.

rolled roller rivers raise a tricky bow from fables
la la, a doggy's dodgy craze makes all things work
and the daddies of baby shape a fallen cold work
and we drop the prayer wheel as we do old work.

let it be said that the poet had his own word-hurt
o may evil stations bleed with dad as word-work
cap-casts crabber capes across mad iced works
and, la la, cudgellers of apes floss toothy turps.

as a bender of a knight rides home to no work
a massive madam of lies ropes coded toad-work
and, o, my head dives from soap as loaded skirt

swallows easy honey; and men cry after spurts.

blazers sun-found upon a dying body has to spit
a honky of a whiteboard under lips where picks
swallow masoners of child-thunder; and red dicks
dollop lazy salt-creams upon burners as wet lips
weevil after colt-dreams; O, a fatherer of lemons
crushes tangerines into apples; and mind sermons
swill from female couples. Death drools for wicks
Wicks light bald candles; and a decker of armpits
diggers after ald candles. O, dying becomes slits
O, cryers cry for cables. Death drools for clits.

roller rollered rivers raise nunneries from godly-tits
and, la la, we widen under sculleries. Weird hits
heighten for baldrics as a boner of penile paw-mitts
model after massers of sashy stoners; and drips
caress a maddening baby-sound which beats ticks
and, la la, wovers of wastegrounds drinks to mitts
blazers sun-found upon a dying body have to snip
coda chromes from cum as flying Mandy's shent nips
sweat, sweat; ahhh, marzipan has to sweeten and
goslings of pure gold grasp to seasoners of brigands
and, ah ah, eyers of old arse canes some hairbands
Oh. I have seen sad men dream about me but I
cannot amuse male gays. Death sleeps for skies
and kindlers of sailed rides crap as thrillers rick-arise
from camphor men; and sappers of sap kill tusk-pies.

as a bender of brightened liars tells tall tales
then a shimmerer of darkened lovers uses sails
and a bender of God has to marry soft sails and
men and china woman race down to seasands
and a bender of brightened fathers uses hands
to dictate an ideal story to feathers; and slams
supper after terror when an easy family slams
blued blinded renders with proud limbs and sand

Oh i have seen sad men dream about me but i
am not gay; Oh, a flower of dreams shuts eyes
and, la la, my bed swirls before sleep and eyes
shovel penny stains down a veiny tree of wives
Oh, i have married my town and my city's scribes
carry cuted cuticles to a fishy loo where tides
awake to sense an ancient hissy dude eating
odes to the father and God's lovers; and eyes

sleep under weepy wax as dirtiers in eating
drink several pints of salmon curry; and eating
often occurs in the dark when a tabler of eating
swallows paperers of canny hen and turkeys
endlessness falls from a fast cliff and gobbies
grind cold sweet chipped potatoes with lobbies.

fishermen of mermen raise an evil sail from old tides
o issuers of fishmen tissue after evil vales when tides
idealise a road of silk that travels under gemmy tides
la la, eyes clasp on milk and weevils taunt ant-lives
and a nest of masks melt for easels; O, hard lives
wallah after flasks and we drink devil-teas. Tides
trample trapping feet as a mourner of eagle-Ides
salute an infected trampoline. Ah, a boat of tithes
wails aside hired seas. Ah, a moat of minds rides
for dirtying dreamt deaths. Laaa i scale wet minds.

fishermen of mermen raise an evil sail from tides
o gel-abusers sink glues into spunk and easy tides
scale a dirtyer's gem as a boner found inside tides
teeter into seasounds; and, Oh, a melter of tides has
to hiss across neon ice. Deaths darken god with ash
Deaths siren for sadness; and a hero who cuts ash
must ride from madness and sing for god's tides

O i have seen sad me dream about me but sex
has nothing for me but the opposite sex; and sex
toasts my straight palm with a maddener's sex and
i raise a sad glass to de underpass as i dig for drams
and my easy easter mind swells up for xmas scans
and i am without teeth and i am without beer-cans.

fishermen of mermen pave an evil sail with suntans
and a wakener of metal slaves sails aside hot jams
and a pisser on a vast lake sees children racing for
mental mind-men who sell up for coded city wards.


issuers of easy money sell wooded wallets to
maddeners; and mammy swells for pellets where
duny idiot statues clambour up into a dead world
ah, old tissuers undercut vaginal pockets as air
pushes spastic fingers into bellers of naked air
and a menial winter of blues slips keys into hair

issuers of easy money sell wooded wallets to
maddeners; and daddy swells up for petrols where
mad sickness dives from a pluperfect armchair
and a woven heart seizes a naked sucker's lair
and issuers of easy money sell wooded hairnets
to eaters of easter xmas. Oh, bellers of cold pets

push an evil feline killer with opening hand-wrecks
and i espy god's animal children shaping sex from
good people and good eager women. Uh, self
slants to the fabian left when a keen cousin melts
and eyes under eyes glow blind under incest.

issuers of easy money sell wooded wide wallets to
coda chrome and star-painted feral crow-honeys.



anointers of shuttered shit lips draw a toothy veil along the moon
la la, appointers of buttered shit dips draw damaging glassrooms
and the anointers of clits cast a shadow cab across the land
and, ah ah, as we ride into the past then we shall study blue jams

anointers of scuttered shit lip draws a goofy veil across the mind
la la, appointers of muttered nips deify gemima with lost minds
and a tractor in the moon drags dolly taxis aside coded designs
and we weevil for high noon as we sally babies with grey prams.

issuers of easy money sell wooded veils to wallets; O, cold hands
demonise family honey when a dewy dell in soffits snaps old hands
and, la la, my manxed memory plays dead; Lo, a cul-de-sac rams
eagled fairy thumbs down a donkey of a dream. Death has to hand
a dollar of a spent palm to doddering baby screens. Death has to
slam a daisy door where macadam weeps for lazy lupin tubes.

anointers of shuttered shit slits draw a toothy veil along the rain
la la, old spinsters get walloped by whores as when a bed of grain
sallows dooby cheeks; and a good mind cat has a hay cheek. Pain
scatters monkey memories upon chapsters who weep after rain
has cut to madamed bits the daddy drains all blue rain has moved.

issuers of massing natrons pee inside five skins as a blown dude
has to empathise with fast fish brides who napper upon screws
and, la la, eyes may well turn inside a dyed old face; and old nudes
summon serpent sirens with pavers of pussy prayer; and dudes
supper upon snapper mints when a blued boy who turns screws
cums to a cuspid home filled with vinegar bodies and sad nudes

uhhhh i have seen skin shutter a giddy camera within soft grain
uhhhh i have seen spind wind gutter; and me and maiden skeins
will hereby cut a candle down with bone jams that suck old stains
and gods of nubile poo-poo sleuths dam a daughterer of grey days
ahhhh i've seen febrile dodo roods ramming salts into flares. Oh

raiders of rolly polley rainbows snot aside pigs where fay clothes
wash an aldebarren monkey inside a grotted sex-squid; and
dyed demon curves that write upon cottage nests lace sand with
curative canal purgatives that walllow where cock mire rids
foisners of barley harvests; O, a fairy piano plays inside grids
and men and massing anancees loll after dead steroes. Cribs
collar sneezing patrons to dolls where a levee inside blue bibs

sear a sharking rotor with canary eyes; and a soapered code-rib
lashes upon siren divots that palm mary-skies; and a doped grid
senses love's sentinels stiffen in bedded tides; and naked night-nibs
knock a porpoise head from slept twigs, and twigs whip mud-pig,
and a carousel of whirlwinds rasp for rigs of vixen odd moon rig
vinegar ties have to appear strangled by wide bees; O, bent leas
burn, burn, and schism tears flail from eyed beer; O, bled beads
banish bridesmaids to bleary veils when tawny salt years relieve
all banders of bollockers with hagging buds and dirty sex-teas.

the banker at the edge of sleep seals suicide money for sleaze
o rankers at the sedger of sleep seals murder money for dweebs
and a bolter in a dredger naps upon mamma a poverty sun-heeds
a whoring spastic mac that dons a spastic spoon; and weirs breathe
aside moisteners of rats and ermine plastic dunes; and fear reads?

uh uh uh  tut tut ah ah ah. I soak a peg in a boat and waves
ripple over carmine cigars; and a salvaged bed rocks red graves
uh uh uh tut ah ah ah. I soak a dreg in a dustpan when murders
moltenise macadamed madams with bloated drams and purdahs
and peeing shit-eating wizards bathe dollopers with carved fevers
uh uh uh  tut tut ah ah. I soak a dev in a gravy boat and mirrrors
glister under cock-dams. I poke a squid with navy ropes and riders

rollock demnotic flavas to fierce sleep where daddy boys slide
aside my closed world where unearthly sheep net mess with eyes

Copyright JDB 20/08/2020.

work-in-progress  title: ?!!

1st draft poem then song-poem


jolters under pillows cause red sleep: la la, pelters in shadows sup sizzled wheat
and the wives of cars drive for sleep, and jolters rock a mad world. O!
innocent all-knowing boys move inside rain; and rollockers reap from the old
pasters of nudes and ancient heat Uh! demnotic daddy cars crash in wheat.

pastellers of plumy porky cushions crashdown within apes under roller gold
and a bunny boner of a rinded mission lashes hydras to naked pisser's gold
and jolters ram a directed dinosaur down a lime throat and in throats, gold
sea-strangles luminous wives with bubby cells and indigo midnights. Souls

clarify carrion comforts where a woody female press shits aside pinions
O shakers of clarion chairs reap gentlemen's fatal desk with instant prisons
and a baker of butchered hearts blinds a deli dolly down a deck of pinions
and, la la, eyes sleep for ghosts and, ah ah, wheaters damage cold prisms
and colt sparks ravel down a cat's back where a waxy wolverine pinions
drastically drawn slides with star-combed babied ashy breakers of mols.

slitterers of sea-psalms pee underneath hooters of winklers and sea-shed meat
and a bud of silence sharpens lud heat and, la la, i scent a naked Buddha when
odes to faces fish after coded Bethlehem's booming baby bounder boy. Sin
jolters under pillows and cause dead men to cry from out grey waves; and old blues
drop down a town where citied dead blues, and fablers of false fashions feed gems

O fizzy framed fatalities swallow sleep and we grab for gabbers when grey meat
gets fed to pussies; aaaaaahh men creep, creep, creep when pharoahs weep
and shadowers smell of genital sleep and mallowers mete knives to glue-jeeps
and an army of olden vapid sleep locks a loomed worm inside body brine-bleeps
ah ah ah, as a dollar in an english town sells aldebarren bones to sickly money
then a gorilla under station-sound suckers wellers of vacant drones to gay hiney

slitterers of sea-psalms pee beneath prams as parambulated monkeys cut sleep
with dogdy flown huge hands; and winkerers of cunted beddy honeys kill sleep
and, la la, a weeper of wig-rams sweep under pinkerers of pallish grey junkeys
and i idolise a deadener of a false fucker with gay tides and ancthered cavvies

the riders of soft scorn ripen for linen
o we have laid ourselves down in stars
and a daddy car drives too far as Mars
shines on a mummy stage; and old scars
stir wasps into veined clothes. Ah, cards
scurry for tarot as easy godly rivers

assault dust. And weavers sail mirrors
and greyness hordes jars under killers
and we scrap for ghosts when milners
use old hats for idiots; and eyes change
from white to blue. Ah, as we derange
deadly dirt then old dives die for pain.

dampeners of dolly mixtures sweeten berries with
easy viners of brolly fixtures, and a bay of kids is
the very best of ocean lives; and we cry under fizz
o hardeners of daddy features rams down eye-pig
and a dummy of the hour slide to cans where digs
dapple for spastic castles where greying god men
grip to haired lipped lovers; O, we fade for figs
and a buzzy child in a bald snare works for kids

assaulters of fast fuss fuzz-flakes a dunny drip
and weavers sew lust with baby boats and blue-tits
ah ah, dampeners of dolly mixtures suck on drips
and, la la, as we hit love's feed then menkind strips
brightly down to the very bone; O, dying drinks us
and as a bone of slaves serves dolts to old hot tusks

O, we are flowing home as we are cumming home?

slipperers of cagy arse hit to a caned beat and minds melt into
caddied inner mind-glass as a daughtered sea-heap has to move
odlers of easy cream with lady ice-screens; and a hill of moods
falls into the sea where dolly mixtures swallow sugary roods
ahhh, a biddy in a brain-break builds hairnets high when moves
use a cul-de-sac for a body-shake; and, O, where we soothe
idiot rose-dutchies then a stone of hate may well cut roofs
away from english gardens; and a poverty of cells will smooth
all brains and all stupid minds. And we river-rape cut foods
and we shake to god's grind as easy riders reach for screws
and, la la, eyes burn alike to treacle as a butterer of ladies
loosens lazy flowers under steeples. Ah, mind mien has truths
laying dirty deaths aside salt peoples; and a bended baby
bucks for cradle-powers when a flower of an emptied noose
fastens kine-crypts with family green bowers. Oh, we move?

assaulters of angel glass gutter under cakers; and we hear
hardeners of strangled masks to don a robe aside red tear.

slipperers of agued underpassed cot-catchers seize tears
and after five pints of salmon curry, i fled from easy tears
and my ouija board was near my mind as i used ghost-gears
to wander under cards when a bonny of a flash-noose seared
my mind, my veins and my funeral body; and a rotators sneer
and a sea of stains swallows veiny rubies; O, dirtied deers
drag after musky stag-spheres; and a den of ladies peers from
chapstered grey windows; and my curried cock uses cum?

assaulters of argued jostlers rain adown a blown tree-tongue
ah, hasteners of wicked fathers drop sex from a bee-bum

we jump for jackers of dyed lovers as we hoist ringed lungs
and a bark of binders raises rizlas from nineteen palm-guns.

a breaker of porridge glass gases gilders with old suns
o shakers of family calves hit for razors under old guns
and a scrampler of scutterers sucks piggers from suns
o bakers of butchers pass out; and endless fished guns
shoot a cobblered moon where a poltice under serums
cut a gobblered head-fever from ivy messes and mums

we jump for jackers and we jack all killers; and guns
shoot a devil-breast from anvillers of shearers. Plums
rot inside my mouth and my salmon house drinks cum
and my fascinated cradle-cause makes fathers give me
carrying odals in tainters of maws when a sliding grey sea
shovellers my cock-boat into a vaulted infant country.

breakers of porridge-pokers pule under mud-dairies
o dancy dollied mountain-soakers slumber for diaries
and the blinded ogre on the cliff wars for hot titians
and an idle poem-poser piddles for wended dairies
ah ah, a sea of coasters fiddles for the owls. Eyries
show a dirtied genius eagle to lunar snaps; O, ivies
trip-tangle dunny shores with bony caps. Net Diaries
dream about blown pinky pawned inks where ivories
ramble down the natrons of a bitten town; and trees

flail when they fall; and a heart of grass cuts stone.
the heartstrings of the patient dead gear for glasses and odes to fear
drink to gal-Isis; and a boater of bled stars bloats up with citied fears
and heartstrings of the painter fed leer after masks; O, we shed tears
as we, tonsured, came gathering the teas in the East; and neon fear
slashes againts castlers which suck on crentatures; and urban spheres
swallow ideal cake; O, i spread a bunny grave as i slice a bunny mind
and i winnow under bakes as i shed a sunny slave upon salted cosines

breakers of porridge-pokers pule aside dun tools; and a ripened mind
hollows ideal tides with soakers; O, eyes we have used will remind us
that sullen blinded deaths are laid before us; and me and daddy dusks
may well huff cum from murdered lungs; and we have to trap minds
and we must hasten to gunny gong-guns when we abuse all roadsigns
we jump for jackers and we kneel entirely down along a male spine
o we may well down five pints of salmon curry when we cut wines
from welled hands where a dromedary of a beery bend brews brines
and a bodier of blanchers beetle-bangs a dunny dukedom from mined
mental strawy suffocated scissor times; O, a blade of grass cut-lines
a beddy boomer of a river-hisser with coated graves; and mad musk

washes dirtying hand-lard under shitty tips where grey taps lust for
kindlered sweeety fillings; and ideal Zen slappers after a gay war
and we always love to seem straight and we forever swipe wars
from hetero planets; Oh, i have seen us at close of day dreaming for
gassers of hero dragnets which slam a daisy duffler under grey swards
and mentalisers of mad folks sweep duddy dollied boys from gourdes

to star crazy sermons about a starry sad man and His evil fathers.

bakers of porridge shapers hit to a plastic beat where oats define
dogdayed celtic makers of lips; O, mastic meat sheds hair-minds
and bakers of roller cakes snipper a fantastic dreamt hair-mine
and messy maided button boys bridle a birdy clime when spines
get scattered under de moon where an idle naked mind defines
dazzling dolly schizophrenics who spiral down a shirted sold mind.

washy wanderers of a guilty wankered heart hear a sodded sign
swilling rectal ashes from easy cankered marks, and we design
cunted evil villagers who dwell aside cunny parks; and we climb
up, up, up where a daggerer under dives race unto natal wine

bakers of sperm-porridgers car-crusade after vaginal sea-wine
la la, as we harden into ocean scars then we have to clit-wind
dunny bays with dirtying deft salt-disease and a sea of bum-skins
stoops directly down to taste fucking vinegar; and mental sins
spiral aside daddy flies which rotate across a pissy pussy wind
o windowers widen into matrial wax and we ride into lud-heat.
the oozy faces of a callowed void hit upon lips when a grey doll is praying
o easy stasis sucks upon waxed boys who glister inside a bell-pullers playing
evil eagle-dreams with bled sweet toys; and a boner in my heart is praying
and ozzy faces of gallowed goyles rit upon a lip the whisperers of raging
buddy boxy gut-rot that rides aside boils to reveal an ashen kid's straying
skull-eaters of lemon charms; O, as a naked eyelet seizes for ceilings
ah a shitter in a scattered dungy skirt slits her wet wheys with darlings
and the daughter to the moon jives for lunar jazz. And waxen A-sexes
slapper a common hand upon a bled bed; and aspen oaky cunt-stresses
heap under baby-wheat. Old deaths dam us with stormed corn when a
bunny body-blayer blahs about bad bollocks and the seared suns of a
dummy doggy screamed gun that shoots holdals of pure tears. Hexes

swoop down to taste pure vinegar as a radio rises from pulleyed faces
and a darter of a dashed face sirens after stereo and woven shoe-laces
inter-mind Hector with Andromeda; and a falon of a woman defaces us
la la, whippers of stripping ponies pace upon Charon and sex car-races
a blithe bubbler of a motel scream into peasy deaths where male traces
happen upon vaginal sea-drums. O, eyes may well widen into praying
Lo, scented urban ear-scrums cut aside woollen wives when praying
and mentalising digital period crotches curry knives with dismaying
balders of purple cadillacs which drive aside a rodeo webber's dying

dinny eater of a silly star-slide; and model manxes appear sea-crying.
here, in death's void, cold eyes swim for lemon curves; O, boys in writhing
sallow asexual joys with jostled josh sticks and minty birds; O, sun-spying
i overheard a dizzy swallow that could not sing at all; O, kids in writhing
tripped to a teasing beat that shovelled pot-swing cunt-caul; O, rising,
eyes slew my penile mission by glowing like the deafened blind; and i am
crying myself to anal sleep when i slash red sheets like a son of pans, and
my cock seems exothermic when i crash aside bled pleats; and salt sands
damage canny cocklers of a crazy meter when a coin in a blonde island
rummages within coaxers of massive fevers; and eye-elves snap England.

here, in death's screened lissom, wetted wolves weep for fanny flying
and a bodkin of a man sizes slitted wolves from studio-canals. Lying
leads a donny pearled girl to the sides of a nice world where gay flying
cascades to a broken birth; O, taxidermy under cochineal heeds dying
and a boner of this opened earth digs a dicky lammer where England
amazes goofy cunt-teeth; and cunty coiled wards hammer after flying
and a doner under spunk-sheets feasts on vaginal kipper and sweat-driving
damages a turbaned bathy girl child whose fingerers of closed trill-loving
hips to a hydra sleeper; and odes, made wild, flash inside labile dying

here, in death's void, cold eyes swim for melon nerves; O, boys in grinding
force a whipper of a swiped mind in to a shallow moon; and the crying
heat a macho gas-mask from lintle-fusing cunny dunes; O, gals in grinding
galleon against blown titter trips; and an arrow in a christian pussy plait
races down to a sucked blue sea where a bubbler's salt mission packs
a pusher of a green and empty pram with trickster wands and red rats

here, underwatered, a dizzy anal garden straps grass across red bats
and a sunderer of sweated fizzing cap-bands jacks the meat of trade-cats
and, underwatered, a misty fotal god-jam jacks the sleep of sexed rats
and a rummer of a vectal ruiner rasps across macs when a sentinels
heave for a bad budder's plowed prison; and weedies tangle angels with
big bobbed booms of fanny primes and cocker-prisms; and cut rigs
drink to bunny dust with both eyes attuned to salter-schisms; and kids
spray a splayers tongue upon smooched cloth that clads invective frigs

here, in winter's ward, a washy wounded penis number knots pigs with
scented English bawds who slurry under harness thunder; and studio squid
suppers for gashy gourdes; O, a pectoral shitter shits aside raised squida
and darling darterers of sweet-spied urine tastes of satanic pink squid
La La, once above a mind in a sweet whorl, i swallowed salmon money
and then i rode back home to find the egits in my cellphone shaping
shaven raveners of both knifes and clays ringing a vectal moon-mummy

and the ravenous cockler of a furious cocking-horse will cum to carry
insidious strangers to vinegared curious rocking-tawsed easy mammy
and i shall divide a rectile sea with dairy thumbs in lavatories and I
jolt in juniper glasses with illing flexes wrapped around my veined cry
oh oh, a giver of glazy lispy dilling meshes swarm about my vain sky
and i should never leave a girl till my dead world is raped by god's lie
and, la la, as we lay need then may we tread girls into candle-slides

here, sent to murder, a tiny twinning dancer girl has to swing for Ides
o, here inside murder, a winder of a digger girl has to sing for cries
and eaters of fascinated dicky slumber ropes a girl with cunny cries
o, a smelt tarry madam sniffs lotus glue and ribboners of cummy Ides
sweep tender dilly laughter to cruisers of dirt, disease and death. Eyes
glister in the west as we gather up slotty teas in the bestial East. Eyes
slant under nets; la la, ovarian maters knock on nostrilled nippy cries
and a crocus in a dammy mouth damages dirt with easy raven-rides

whereby sallowed hooky hooped napped whores scry for sex-pride
then horses of gallowed booky fartered whores spy aside sex-wives
and a gaper of gassy baby boars bang a bladder inside silky brides
and, ah ah, a ship of lady grass lights a ball-blow as faggy fig-thighs
sink slinky lips into knotted dairy angled tendrils; and stone flowers


Copyright JDB 22/08/2020.

work-in-progress   title: PINK TAC (BLUE MOULINEX)

1st draft poem then poem-song



the easterly arising dummy summer of light and dark and dreamt nights
enmountains baby coves with bright delight; and a driver of midnights
layers waste with rotten clothes; O, a sea of tears weeps for lights
and a bunny boney body in a rose rams powdered jams down fright

and a leader of spent decrial cashes sex-wet when old funeral rites
ripen into seas where a boated botanical headdress swallows sprites;
and, la la, as we stride curved waves then we shatter under spikes.

the easterly arising dummy summer of light and dark and rent nights
loosen lousy mounty knickers where a cold daddy park cuts mice?

here, sent to slaughter, a rider of ruin has to use a house horse
o, a scented father raises liars from ruins and a cold loud horse,
and, lapped out, a pleasurehorse gallops after lemoned eye-sauce
and a cat in basket drives plums and apples to sleep; and divorce
delimits coded caskets and drives daisy beacons under de Force

easterly arising mammy summers ignite parks and giant gorse
sky-thorns stationers of fathers to strike dirt and rise again for
ideal pony horses that scissor from stallions then wage old war.

a leader of a spent denial hops from veins as radioed walls
kick good heads in; O, as we rot for rain, a radioed shawl
darkens cloaks with skin; la la, a rodeo in a dummy caul
crackers for ruins as a vase of cars drops mental spy-saws
and a maker of dirt star-diseases grey knots and grey stores

easterly rising kiddy men dance for damages as old scores
lash a lady-castle with bound feet and endlessness. Whores
slash about a clitty bit where lond boyhoods gass old wards

ah ah, here, sent to slaughter, sad feathery bat-bins seize
up, up; and pretty barmy mad leathery rat-skns seize us
from dangermen and swift dust. O, darkness drives us.

the easterly drivings of hot funny souls here nip upon pities
o xmas under hirelings heats bummy colds where old ladies
swing, swing; and a maid at night ignites spires; Ah, bodies
bake pities when a donny dooby drooler wires old ditties

leaders of faces fawn to sex-farms where coded babies
knot sperm into wine; O, eaters of funny fins fish after
dummy worlds where a digger of monkeys cures larders
and a delver of hair combs swift dirt aside old-mind-fevers

ah easterly writhing dagger-droves dig for menstrual fingers
and a star of sights looks down upon a humming town,
and long women raid books with fantastic evil clowns. O!

naked car-pickers piss upon glass as vanny women slow
entirely down, and my head hits grass as smokers slow
aside my town; and menfolk sally for masks as we quiver

pulleyed enpty piers pee upon fun arcades; O, Mother
arises from pippy tears; and an android of a Brother
mask-murders rippy tears; and wee-wee dons Mothers
and gasped murmurs murder sands; and we are Lovers?

naked car-stripper shits upon hair-jams and combers are
led to the dead as the distance in a fast man is carved
aside from naked gloom; and sin will use the vast moon
and a nudity mind-monger whose easy eyelids swoon

must lead marrowed head-nets to a dirtying afternoon


the helios of acrid loose women swirl around a sandpit
o helios of acid diver women curl around an armpit
and the dogs of night perish under pearls; O, let us sit
adown a body bay where active deaths of yesterday
come pissing in a grave.Deadly sirens season sundays
Madam Mushrooms sweetens sense with magic glades
and a son of Japan ladens tears with tench; and
eyes under dingoes drag a doll for a wench; and raids
ripen in coarse rainclouds; and we drive after blades

naked car-strippers shit upon god-lands and laid braves
bend forced acids with eremites and nude blind braids
and men and massers of sweet life loose greyness
for anglers of massive angels who weep for deadness

the helios of acrid loosening pie-pushing dairy women
wash a feather in a sink of cards; and ancient women
realise everything when a fastener of painted children
stares into a hollow father's fast mind. And sin dies out
and lemon ochres feed de past to Times; and we shout
and we rout the dead; and we ride on England's mount
naked car-strippers shit upon angel-lands as lost rubies
bag feral signs with signal men and dying hot doobies.

the easy brides of eaten wives weep aside mad milks
o easy lies lay for Eden; and wives sweep under silks
and a bay of blatterers blorts just like a tongue. Rilks
rampage aside mamma as an Eden-eater cuts old bees
and a wakener of father fascinates us and we lead a
pacer of a phaser unto unction and dizzy veiny sea-cars

naked car-strippers shit in a sealed wing and we scar
a mecca of a mirror with coded weals, and old cars
cry for concertinas, and we issue sex to razor cars
and, la la, a toaded froggy throat nets a wild sphere
and a gully under skies spiral under masses. O fear
rams dumb papers down a bird-hunger; and stars
listen to the moon as they look upon planet Mars and

wasters of weevillers rob a shoe factory and Man
kneels upon magic gods; and a screwer of England
vanishes into musk when a veiny vineyard Peter Pan
admonishes veils; and treasure boys dance aside peoples
and pleasure horses decoy daddy milks to ruby stables
the easy brides of eaten wives weep aside mad milks
o easy tides turn from heaped lives; and we don milks
and silence sovereigns arrest de heart as we stun milks
and a coded rider of grey deaths drag a bed for fevers

o when jump-started by our own urine, we weevil under light
o as we supper for death's sex-pin, we weevil after midnight
and the dolls we played for devil action with huge swords
o when jump-started by own urine, we weeble under life
as we weeble under dairy marble; and a swift hand sets light
to ancient dudes who spring Hades to wild heaven, and life
abuses crowds at dawn where a sofness of ravens boards
a delicate ship to the edges of a wide deaf citied mice
sauce up for chopped rats as we staple ghosts to sweet mites
as we get jump-started, then a prisoner of sadness ignites
easy salt ignitions with car-clasped men who devour tights
o a dallied god-dog dreams about bitten hens; and hot kites
ascend from heavenly hair where a chidden woman's rites
push dirty hands through shallows air; O, a skein of trikes
trickle across a cycled raggy snare; and we ride for dykes
o a widener of magic spheres rides silently on blue bikes
and the father of the moon drops straw upon loud mikes
and a bunny in midafternoon slaps our picks as radios
lead eastern iris men to the craps of the sun's rodeos
and a bonny bitcher who reads moist words all day
has no taken to eating wide money when a city grave
hastens to a hobbed beat of honey hearts and slaves
La La, lashes glow under foot and missionaries stave
a dicky donkey feature with whippers of horse-glades

o when jump-started by our own urine, we weevil after
pitiers of push-ups; O, a graven crab aside a tall father
wallows in the west when we gather up hot teas; and
menfolks see oestrogen riding as keen woman-island
telephones the meek to make love clear; and laughter
loosens baby bytes; O, a gabbler under fear hits mamma
and a boat of glass sinks into blue thunder when sand

trackles into meat as cooked meteors end in Iran
and eyes crook into slitted heart-daughters. Ah-Man

O there is a calf moon made coda by lunar science
O there is a carved moon made cobra by dead science
and the robbers of a blind moon mass aside cold stains
and bled killers of a mind-moon morass outside grey violence
and the lovers of the west wash their hands in lard
and the muggers of swift sex wash their cocks in cars
O there is a calf moon made coda by lunar science
O there is a carved room aside a death where cars
carry teary dollar dunes to fast veins and sodden Mars

when jump-started by our own piss, we weevil after
dodgy drains where a wooden scroll scraps bull laughter
and a bull under hair snorts and scraps a loud cowed
giddy anancee body; O, a dolly scribe writes for fathers
and a dizzy ambulant biddy brides aside closed Mothers
and a dunny lift ascends outdoors to a town of fevers

O there is a calf moon made cobra by lunar science
and, O-La, as common men stride a parked appliance
then a ribboned fast car has to writhe inside grey violence
and a saddener of swift lips trip to a green mix. Ahhh
me and my loosened girl hides me inside a fix, and Mars
rotates around a blind boon; and a candy-fish uses stars
and old aged goosy races knock a head from grey stars
when cock-carted, a dizzy dangerous mind cartel must
rock to a vacant lot where a fisher of limes mien-trust
a caged canny carousel within parted lips where lusts
hiss to the quarterhour; and middays at dawn sea-cuss
a harnesser of blind watersa and evil golden salt-pus

O there is a calf moon made cobra by lunar silence
O there is scarred moon that bathes hens in violence
and a bloater of a bunny dead boy weds sex to mangers
and a melter of massing magnetos jumps for strangers
O, there is a calf moon raised from filthy dark light
O here is a glassroom arousing fingers from delights

and a schism skittler of navy navel dust has to write
aside wide corn where digitalis digs into bright rites
and i side with cornucopias of figs till death dies alright..


and a splendid moulinex sun-races now to a blended sea
la la, a motor car with lungs deeply breathes under beads
and a rended body in a bun cuts french tatties under sea
and a splendid moulinex sun races down to a endless tree
and a mamma of disasters dreams about Downs when a
xmas bed causes bald dreams at easter; and tinsel bees
swing to the sprung sting of a hornet on the wind; Uh.
when once wayfarers weep for bonnets then rode cars
concertina just like a crashed vagina; and odes to cinemas
trammel daddies down deeply in a torn town where stars
look down upon papered pussy pelters; and local fotal rivers
send a splendid moulinex moon to a fatal clasping mirror
and we are mad as we are brave and we see in the Mirror
a dyselexic tawny towel that cleanses dudes with minors

while emptying porridge glass into a milked manyana i
saw a foetal fascist feeding dolly mixes to coded old eyes
and, la la, a disabled car drives from dirtiers when spies
cry from one zillion painted schizophrenic pussy pies, and
a ladeller of dummy bays erase and recline aside England
ah ah ah. Deaths cum back home just for spinneyed brides

o-la the pedals on the city turn when a jacked ass's hides
wallop whippy wimpered ponies with hollowers of drives
and we drool for madam macadam as we swallow scribes
o-la gold treddles swirl for lady where Hades underwives
a waterer of popes and vicar men; O, a town with spies
hastens to the river where the bridges choke like eyes
and my model minor uses infancy to noose a dyer's drive
and a popper of rectal pink-tac sticks pins inside tithes

and a spledid moulinex sun-races now to a starless sea
la la, a motor car with guns crawls aside molten sleeves
and riders at death's claw revv drips with renal seeds
and a casualty of Mecca prays for lips as venal disease
rollocks under toasters in dying cafes raised from quays
and a blencher of naked scrying cries for days as laves
liquidise maiden modems with digitalis and knocking caves
i hasten to a silky beat when angled angels fall asleep
and i button my bed as i fail to dream and madness reaps
solid insomnial guitar with radioed screens and slept meats
and a boner of a bridal board swigs ash and cries for sleep
eateries dam my latent gob where geezers piss upon a
mentalis of planed sugars and baited chicken-weed. Ah,
i realise my own glass mind as i yearn after turkey-seed
and my biller of a blown bad body bricks in de boiling.


Copyright JDB 23/08/2020


work-in-progress    title: About the Boiling?

 1st draft then song-poem


the cutlers of damagers dream about rolled fires
o supperers who damage streams use sapphires
and the mind in a road razes grey funeral pyres
with candy piss; and an owl raises crow-spires
and cutlers sunder deaths from cosher cunts

eaters of windy rubbings rap at front-door
and a miniature saint rises from a back-door
and a mental feature lays waste to coded junk

the cutlers of damagers dream about a gold fire
and madams may well move when a soft tyre
carries telephones with two stormed hands. O
where we tread upon rain, then we will retire?

o loudness in muted rain rabbits about cunt-hail
o loudness in muted pain rabbits about cunt-sails
and a ship of sex has to ravel for shouted. Vales
sink shires into moors as we ride under Wales
and we will own the loud grey hills where gales
burned down.. Deaths dream us as we flail

eaters of windy rubbings rap at a sidedoor
and weepers peer under crap as shut whores
heap dolters under lovers; and jays kick whores
and windy ceilings fall upon a lazy floor and I

season scars with baby jumpings as men die

the cutlers of damagers drink liquid heat
and a donny owl hoots under easy heat
and a bed of demure fire hits to the beat
and cutlers of damages shed spermy seats

eaters of ferine fast floods blossom under
saline lippies; and a sugar god will sunder
easy ivories with bad stone and fathers

cutlers of blue damagers drink liquid meat
and eyes burn up where mad men sleep
ahh a cunty cutey cubicle weds wet fevers


the easy reapers of dead-ended millers
dig for idlers and easy riders
toast sex and butter with three bared lovers
dam a doggy in a crypt cried after barkers
and odes to ladies swing for old fathers
and coded red ladies swing after liver

cutlers of easy famishers feed after death
ah ah, matterers of varnishers hear death
and a widowed bullock brags for cows
and looseners of cunt-clots cut cows and
eyes feed ears to deafening blind waters

and eynes cut minds and wifers sunder
candy cochineal with blonde body-fevers
and shiverers find fevers washing sex
and riverers stain salt with sweet mess


fast loudness fellows springs where a daddy dream
dreams of lady Eden; and a garden under daydreams
drags god's ceilings; and a raven beneath old dreams
and ragged men gloat about reason as greeny dreams
drag a dollar boy with twelve arms when grey dreams
suck upon a hot nut. O, a sea of charms eats dreams

and eynes blow blind and a crow under dirt dreams
sweat for constellations when a doctor under dreams
analises a mental fire which rises like a loved dream
and eaters of menstrual liars tell tall tales about us
and dreamers dream among us where men rust

fast fastidious feeling faces swing aside screened
sheer beds where a novice king worships creams
and a cake of christs feeds the thousand when dreams
scatter dirty Ides upon marched sirens; O dreamers
swallow de gallows and ideal seasons end in screams

armies under false fire fashion wide lips with guns
and salad boys who shot fashions widen under guns
and, la la, eaters of poxed fashions dress for guns
o, entreaters of fathers raid fashions as gold suns
shine down just like old stars; and dupers of Mary
knot scarves into sweet ties as coded jesus rubies
sweat beneath coded holy jewelry. O, old babies
drop from death as weevilers weep for cold ladies

fast fierce fastidious aces shed sex shit in baths
o hissers of daddy kissers spread dead baths for
furry chickens that cluck for grey skied huge war
and weepers of cats cry for rats; Ah, genital baths
pour dizzy beer into a deep bath and genital baths
drum-dilate bariums with lemon legs and wards

armies under false fires fashion gas with lungs
and salad toys dance into fires as odes to baby
wallow in death's spire; and coded bottled baby
ah ah. Dickers of fire fan funerals as daisies drip
from cabby crabs; and a vast thrill raises lifts
and we dance for a lisp as we fuck in a lift's lips
fast fierce fastidious fan-boys romance for tips
and we hurl dark radio upon dire buried clits.

As we toe a dinny heart then we abuse the sun with hearts
and we wizen into baby; O, a starry nude nooses old carts
and we gather old hearts from fast fruit trees when baby
cries in a felled screen. O, daisy masks sweeten baby
and an ochre of blue-brained screams soften sad hearts
and sad boys abuse us with cream when dizzy carts cum
deeply down in a nude fuse; and weevillers of wipers cum
deeply down in a rude noose; and wideners of fever cum
aside red puce where naked noise is playing; and lungs

lunge after limes; ahhh, a local chameleon charges guns
la la, a focal mind chars under purhelions as greyed guns
shoot a laden severer of gods with huge ghostly guns,
and a peppered indigo paper arouses loss from guns; O,
we raid a roman razor as we pee inside a female gun
and a loud loosener of flavas sweats for ingotted guns.

once upon a mind in a fast world, a zipper under suns
shone just like one zillion naked strippers; and grey suns
stun a pearly mass that clads a cat in a spastic season
and a bed of blades sticks a carver in a plastic sea-sun
and a serial venereal tocsin-bell rings a babier of suns

as we toe a dinny heart then we abuse a female liar?

naked rubicund idiot hearses hear the decimated dead
o, a shaper of imbecile voices speaks aside a red bed
and an owler in the nape of a dream sleeps upon bread
and a cowler of a snapper's dream weeps up in a bed
o a sizzler of a killer crashes gum where female beef
swashes velvet hands in ashes; and a sphere of beef
dazzlers under sandy eyelashes and, o, fanny meat has
a bonny blooded room to breed in where sea of glass
craps upon one zillion soaped glans; and a tree of glass
rummages under stools where America softens grass

naked rubicund idiot hearses hear the cemented dead
ah ah, my bound foamed purses pay for the horse-fed
and a rider on a screen ferries TV into digital lead
and a bunny screen shows berries with visual lead
and a mentalis of a bad child carries combos in bread
o braillers of dotted darling deafy blind worlds mask us
and donny badgey boys that cry for girls dig after dust
once upon a mined mind, i found my best cat friends
made doggy dusts; and a carrion vest swallowed friends
and a mummy cage rocks a gaoled grave where friends
weep after marital bridlers; O, serial rippers use friends
and a serial ripper has one zillion female friends; and men
sky-sharpen dizzy whores with an entire earth of friends
naked rubicund idiot horses rock from pig-wived hens

snake-shapers under musty fires feed old navels to a
metalled menstrual field where divers of gold navels
move knotted sperm to tears; and a rider under Naples
gives garotted head to feathered stables, and old rivals
drive a cocked horse to the River Nile; and cold navels
lead a lashy leasher to a dinner isle; and colded flavas
flambay a bed of sauce with forky sands and saviours
and a snake-shaper senses tonsures cage closed navels

naked rubicund horses rot just like a rode fig; and eyes
weaken under hearses where a pig star-stilled by lies
must don a dilly sacrifice from darkened tawny lives,.
and we cannot charge the best without killing eyes; O
a mouthing mountain screen that whineys under tides
forces faceless maws to cascade just like a fast bride

lakers under roof-racks rob a cocked robin of red slides
uh uh, a reveller in an opened shadow cuts cold slides
and a painter of felons face into christs when old slides
sea-saint an anointer of dragons with grey facing ties
and all my vinegar ties being made happily strangled will
switch a crocus river on its sides; and a mental hill
will fasten crow me to silly wives; O, once aside ties
my happily strangled bird-fly accused zippers of eyes.

snake-shapers under musty fires feed old navels to a
city of ponchos when women with yoyos played with Mars
and a candifying cocoa boy sends dunny dusts to miners
and, la la oh, as we moisten slobs with daddy then riders
may well lay down a meadow in honour of blessing lovers;
and a bed at rest sex-feeds blackberries to fathers
naked rubicund horses trot just like a female kid and ice
accuses abusers of eating animal sorbets when christs
cascade adown a bad town where a babby under ice
shuffles a city made from Downs shaving dicky diced
vaginal caker walks; and, la la la, eynes beat for ice
and a sea of fingers does the yellow-walking for mice

and cleansed grey mice will do without as sweet life
loosens lanterners from dicky sloes when times end.

a daughter in a doctored tree has to hang for youth and me
la, slaughterers of faceless bees have to swing for family,
and the weepers of the hour strangle flowers with grey sea
and a vesper in a blind cage gaols a body beneath blue sea

o a draggler of infirmal dirt delves for the ebbers in a skirt
o a dragoner of eaten hurt swells for the pissers in a shirt
and a bluer of blurring spurts a deli sauce inside old tears.

a daughter in a doctored tree has to hang for youth and me
la la, i scented me a mad mind where nothingness saw me
looking down from de limey sky; and the ruiner of a blind mind
hits to a jostler of killer wives; and the ripeners under wine
scatter salt seed upon ashen skull-valves; and bruisers whine
and, ah huh, me and madam mermaid fish for bolters when

eynes under flickered hands extend a doll-penis to chickens
and a fractionator of ideal dick-hens suckers a sea of miction
and a vale of tears, sun-raised to disappear, hips to drippers
and a dale of spears, cum-crazed, dances under mad wiped
bosom-dictators. O, a starry grave gashes ghosts beneath us.

o a draggler of infirmal dirt delves for the ebbers under lusts
o a swaggerer who digs for skirt hoists a dilly web with lust
and a pricker of amber figs snappers aside a wig of lusts and
eyes under ties sea-strangle pins and pin-picks picture pans
and brolliers in ties sea-strangle winds with easy minnowers
and eynes under spines tangle midges with achy riveners

once aside a dark bed, a leotard of a ferine female cat had
a sad implosion of the neutered kind; and bleeders of cabs
cast a lemon opener across love's whine; and coded crabs
crap upon gassy grits; O, a sea of dimes pays for America
and we have loud America cumming through our stools
a daughter on don proctor's knee hisses as she cries for a
magical adult infancy she has learned while counting cards
and a major magi flows adown the moon in a house of cards
and a tarot curse sorts Ouija into I Ching salt-hards; and cards
cap a dizzy dirtied capstan with eaters of curves and Mars.

o a draggler of a faultless infirmary cuts curdy caves from a
rich aroma of daddy coffee; and a baby at the edge of a car
concertinas inside a wormy candle-cinema; and closures are
tomb-raided by odallers of crazy kinemas; and dread roses are
driven into a lady town where lazy crazy wiveners in stars
look down upon a vacant world. Oh, cabs inside red tarts
sink sylvan soldier-arteries into bruised burns where darts
hurl steely hookers at a bald breeder whose purple heart

hoops us from dirt, disease and seagulled jammer-farts
the ideal icen mad man that ropes a rogue around love
yields a pissy dragonfly; and a bed of blurters sees love
skipping a dolly scone across a bed of burgers; O, gloves
clarify sex with bum-butters and a saucy mold of a bug
slashes upon nine monkey hands. Ah, a wifeling to mugs
drops expansive oily china upon fat linoleum and we drug for
a patient of dizzy pepper that breeds for mess as glass war

wallops a wallower of mind with swallowers of whores
Uh Uh Uh cretaceous city voids vamp for fleshy dolor.

Copyright JDB 26/08 2020.


 work-in-progress    title: About a Messy Moron Necklace

1st draft poem then poem-song


a nuclear aimless cry hisses under night, and a bony life
leads a dicky bird to endless thunder; and a boat of christs
hastens to five winds where a zephyr under boats eats life;
and a stony stunna stencil has to abuse inks with class-life.

the ideal icen man that ropes a star with necks sears dykes
and a bodier of a blown cat widens into a sea of nude mikes
and, la la, eynes eat under traps and eaters of radio dykes
dazzler aside grimes as stereo clap seizes a fitted shrike.

wallopers of babies blind sex with still-born placitudes
and a veiny varlot that grinds sex snapers after false food
when once a body's breaker has to dine then grey tubes
must chock up for a draper of odd wines and fast dudes
ah ah, we have to hit the rapiers of cod vines as nudes

stop stocked still then drop entirely dead; O, death soothes
skeletal jams with rotters in scented bed and sky screws
lilters of lulling lilliput; and weevilers watch death groove.

the fathers of daggery deniers drape a hand across a
wild eyed sea where a boomy failure rams across cars
and lidder bees must sally fast riders with swollen dudes
and a kitter of a kind kitten has to ignite veins with Mars,
and my endless mind has to go brain-blind as odd cars
raise a darksome mission from twinned handled rivers

stopped, wheezers define deaths as a sea of feathers
fascinates babbies with veined death, and grey fevers
fondle spastic spoons that ram a daddy down seizures
and a bad bald epileptic cosine ravages coded killers

the fathers of daggery deniers rape a skivvy for a
bee-bound book of decks that sweetens under stars
and weeblers wank for lost lips as jeery titty stars
look down upon a vacant wide world where scars
scatter donny face-cuts with waxy wandering Mars

a deeply drippy achy breaky sky sucks a bad nut?

these nuclear days as we raise ourselves up an oak tree
tease coded graves with wine-slaves; and appled seed
scatters christ vitamins where a doctorer of angel seed
swallows emptiers of cicada air; O, up an old gum tree
weevillers sunder labia with hair as pissers drown seed

the fathers of daggery deniers rape a scivvy's sleeves
with cell-hidden rooks that caw after carrion; O, sleeves
hide jammed telephones up five ears when a cold reefs
wallah for cellphones that haunt ears with mad beliefs
these nuclear days as we raise ourselves up an oak tree
tease coded sky-sin with signal dells; and aspen trees
trample dunny saints with wild bells and aged beads
and a vine of paints defecates under pooled emulsion
and a bed of saints defecates upon spooling missions

the fathers of daggery deniers ropes a gallowed mind
with electric chairs that chop plugs as seizing minds
madden madams with soft squints inside fitted minds
ah ah, easers of pigs pee on bints as biblers summon
a daisy jesus from a strange being of raided fires
and a bone in love's lungs pants just like a fast thief.

the veiners of decrying cunts case dogs in grey ash
o veiners of denying cunt case pugs inside old ash
and a veiner of dying drunks toasts de poet's lash
and a veiner of crying drunks toasts de poet's flash
la la, weepers under skunks roasts de poet's hash
and benders of thunder hunk after dunny sea-masks
and a bone of bad wine sweeps g and t aside masks
and a bone of mad minds drinks to a fabled cable

the veiners of descrying cunt-cranes case bled bats in
a dizzy vast twirling bath made from beery ruins and
a dinner ate at dark shines a fatty flagon upon sands
and bobbers of sheer mines delve after stoned skins
and, o, as we bait deniers then we seize hair pins
ah, i once overtook a dying cardial eater whose limbs
blew aside nine winds when sadness blew bins high

the father of daggery cunts cases dogs in fazed mash
o drainers of pulley-cunts crap aside bods as grey hash
incenses elderly smokers of crack with bad nudes
and an easy puffing father pants for sex and screws
turn doorways under fever; O, Aladdin rubs de blues
and veiners of despising cunt-mail knots salts with
cripplers of caves and funereal madam motor kids
icers of lovers lead a naughty nightling inside a vast flower
o riders of de dead lead a haughty young bride when flour
shakes a bunny cake from miraculous demons; and flowers
flow from a crashed hand that lends murdered fools to a
citadel of mean commands of grimacing gashered cars,
and icers of lovers lead a naughty nightling to plane Mars

as we ride to sleep then a culler of canny canaries scars
hitted hot hotels that lead killers to family dairies, and cars
crap as they crash; O, a bed of vast stone sucks on scissors
and a bell-most cat that preys on heaven's own has to
stir easy detergents into plowed sails and eaters of pillars
icers of farters parts grey prats across an anal land and
ivories wed god to ebony children when evil grey gangs
feed a feral racist sex to women whose god-christs lands
aside good men and good girls and fair minded women.

fathers of daggery weathercharts head for menswear
and a flavourer of crow-cut hearts sweat under prayer
and a mirrorer of cloud-cut hearts see inside god-airs
and a bedder of bled angel-gourdes rampages under tears

ah ah, once inside a dunny moon, true jesus raises prayer
sad stair-lifts and starry arts draw a mad fart across a
baddy of a kiss; and a granite statue sharpens loss
and,. ah la, we weevil for wavers as spastic sea-slosh
cums inside the candle-thighs of a blue-grey star-cross

ah sad stair-lifts and starry hens lend a lens unto a
bidder of bye-lines which scatter sex-diallers to lost
urban opened daisy-cheeks; and a chatterer has loss
breeding with messy feeders while a cunt in a floss

stabs a sawn eye down around a beaker of bossed
venal baby spies; and a hound from a hill has dropped
one zillion babes from a boundless bum-crack. Oh
weedlers of drays drag a dolly maze from grey soul

and a stilling drooling sex vegetate heightens coal
and, la la, as weakeners of deaf items blind foals
with severers of harping garlands that shoot cold
with riverers of farting sea-hands. O, eyes fold

inside indigo caves that lead a hot dead rose to
eaters of salt-air and dizzy breaking city clothes
and we swing for number blue where old truths

die, die, die. And magical minotaurs eat shoes?

easy radioed red-eyed veined crows cry as they caw
and a carrion cunt-cry stains crows as they caw for
a sizzler of a gouged huge fun for all; and petrol-war
sinks gassy guns inside huge lungs as codal sea-war
spunk-harnesses a lady-lamp with easy eastend scores
and mentalities of jazzy tramps trip to a dance-store
inside these indigo caves, a sex cabbage has to snore
la la, a witness in a cage rocks a gaol when odd doors
open out, out; and a manx of a cock craps upon maws
and de yorkshire horde hits upon rock as urine stores
a bled train of bawds in an innertube where whores

skirt around a girly stink; O, a cavern under whores
jacks to a sizzle-sink; and, wolved, a cellar of boars
beer-bangs a vino cell where a roman in a sick-core
lashes a titty voice with one zillion trails under spoars
easy radioed red-eyed veiled crows cry as they caw
ah ah, a granite ghost grips to grit when winged wards
wash hammy processed hands in larded buttered tors

the eternally eager flower that blossoms in high winds
watches over fever-feud; and a bagger under winds
washes dummy faces in pure lard; O a hearer of limbs
blows a helmet shroud from dazzler dreamers; and winds
swallow a baying heart of slain lovers; and grey skin
grasps for ghoaties with blenched blorted mental sins

easily radioed red-eyed veined crows caw aside hymns
la la, easily shadowed by stained sloes, a sea of spins
sliders under labile necks which dream of danger-bins
and a bullet strikes the model made when schism-winds
swipe a dally force with bared hands when gold gins
dollop sherberters along cavern pathways. O, winds

swipe a daddy gun from vodka vans and weavers swim
against mummy suns; and a kenny crocus eater spins
dolly dusts with pinned vacs that sweep lust under chins.

motored macadam madam hotels heed whorers of tines
motored masses in macadam heed warrers when spines
shape a shaken cess with brenders of napalm kitchen


a messy moron necklace hips to a hard head where fleas
ram upon a pearly face; and lipids in hips hark for fleas
and, la la, a mobile falon moon necks up to sea of bees
and, o-la, we talon after dukes when a patient of de trees
swelter for witnessing wide winter; and a body's beads
wasp-wand after falcon features. La, a bed of firs heads
a lasher of laughter's loony groan; and me and my bed
don ashen pubes till the whored sun comes inside my head

motored moteliers grace glass with crowds as hotel bread
breaks a hornet of a face-glass with cruel vaginal devs
and, o, as ginny islets peer from glass then cruel cunt-treds
teeter for glassy spunk-tears whose whitener of grey gifts
sink a grassy prowler inside salt silks where nightly lips
arouse a truncated elevator to nude milks fed to gnits

and my divorcing pornographer peels a pinta from trips
and my star-coursing sapphic doctor reels under stripped
beddy boards that bend beauteous bones inside ripped
sunny grey tits. And massers of messers melt for an iris
and stabby soldierers of soft rifle-cum shoots for Paris
once a bad day in a false world, strangers coop caddis


a softness of glass in the underpass hastens to a mad hymn
la la, a dog in a mask teases cats with female missions
where, drilled, saviours of demure salts cleanse old skin
and a dolter of fuddy mammies melts under coded winds
and, o-la, as fevers chain dummies then germy cod-slings
delimit a rolly roser of pain; O, players of pelmets ring
rowdy tulip-rain; and we are sainted once with spring
then with crowdies who shine from a cunt; and eye-rings
wallah for acid horses when a razor under city hymns
utilise cocks for rotted menswear. Ah, a baby under sin
slashes the cinema seats where loud vision cries and spins

a messy moron necklace jumps to a naping rick as rings
grind daddy dreamers with blue buses and coded stings
and a family of Aaron blinds a nude husk with bead-stings
and blenchers of blortedness whines for lust as rings
raid a romancer with diggy daubs from holy hotel-gins

a softness of glass in the underpass hastens to a mad hymn
la la, a god in flask fishes for soda soups. O, a keen gym
dollops gymnastics upon nuked powers which feed hymns
and a dancer in mind-valve lances aside lips with red gym
and i don a spastic mac where i sink a whore's red suit
and i swim for ash when a spastic's spoon saw my skin
crying, crying. La La, a doggy entertainer drags shoots
from under a cow where a bodice of a star-scrag spins.

mental digitalis drovers after lilac where a sea-scrag
hoots for a spread owl that wizens under clever crags
and a boat of loavers lash after dun crack as grey scrags
sweep a dreary meat across bled bines and fawked hags
and, la la, my deepening fatal diary spews slurred lads
and, la la, my weepery milk-fairy sweats beneath cabs

a softness of glass in the underpass hastens to a mad skin
o-la-la, a canary in a carved cage swings for whistled skin
and a baker of bunneries starves rage with nestled skins and
a tawny bruisy town gal chips for a porn-skirt when drams
toast to a brother boon which layers taste with march-edams,
and citied blubber boys who sense a tiger under skin scan
a blithe body of a bowed grave-gashed fever; and rams
robe a ropy mild mile with coppers of coppiced sea-cans
and locums of locuses nelly for bobbers of grass-cans.

fried canons snip bible-bowers when a ranch at sea tans
diggeries of staunched spray, and a romancer's cancan
looks down upon a small town made from wicked tans
and tramsides glow like crickets who grate under Man's
modal modem of a mind-sign; O, a gad in fiery fans is
grown up high from a back-breaker and an easy cot
o-lu-lu-lah, intricate voices vamp for moist eggy rock
and a purile panner in a lamp vomit odd halogens when
a squeezy suck-shop slaps a permit across blued rock
and me and my dildo gal-world chips pain from rocked
baby easellers; O, once we have drained guns then
odes to bummers in a pregnant sex-skit will kill hands
mental digitalis drovers after lilac and weedlers of Zen
shine down from a hewn hulled hill where acrid gems
radio a rotator of dewy drips with Digital dammy gems
and radioed televisual tithes tilter when neolithic germs
swagger a wetted mind-road that leads into god's firm
and lippers of lockered sea-ghosts taunt a haunted fern
and slipperers of cockered tree-ghosts taunt fuck-perm
hatters of jeering cheapsters tag a dodderer of worms
inside zero boxes; and zero boxes are led to wormed
baying barking sepsis; and a candler of gouramis turns
a tommy of a crock into a scar-defining birth-worm
and mewling Eve and Adam choke on generic cherry
and, ahh, a rootler of a bibled funk fawns to buried
vast cradle-rock that believes in god's lie as berries
blow a bracken board away from tides and mummies
eddying epo-scented screw-squaws slasher for sperms?

Copyright 26/08/2020


work in progess   title: Fairground Accident 2

1st draft poem then song-poem


here, in this void, we had to suffer a fairground accident
la la, as we shiver for truths we suffer a carousel accident
and weavers may well whine as the side-show with blood
damages dogs with cells; and, O, we had to die for blood.

i have seen the death of hands laying fingers under sands
and i have mercilessly trod upon lavvy skies and Woman;
and we had to suffer a fairground accident; O, children
damage adult swings as veiny vineyards cut gold men.

here, in this void, we had to suffer a fairground accident
la la, as we shrove for the blues we had to cut chicken
with bared hands and dying queens. As we crash, then
clean clothes may well block theddrains with women

here, in this void, we had to suffer for an amusing day
la la, as we quiver for shoes we suffer after blue jays
and the seas at night laugh as the waves draw in for a
blossomer of serious wine-graves; and eyes are scars.

here, in this face, an eager nose knots nostrils where
dizzying draturgists dream for boys; and ram-snared,
a panda on a stair has to chew false bamboos. Oh,
taken by a spastic taxi, i rode for baboon and, chaired,
gallery boys drop canvasses under useless trades

o here, once voided, an easy wife at dark sucks plaid,

here, underwatered, we understand that nothing matters
la la, thunder-daughtered, we understand that loving shatters
and a world of rain cuts the face we tred as coded catters
rattle under stained ducts that ripple around cagey titters
and a bed of dust drops cuts with hairy fawny tit-tigers.

o a fader of a family radio raises rubies from odd liars
o a raider of a memory sounds song with old cryers, and
eyes swirl for families as weed slays coded beaten fires
ah, wives smoothe dirtied polished nails; and coded cans
crash where shitters piss upon red veils; and odes to Man
drag dreamy dickers for curded sin. O, paladin sex-slams

ideal hidden filthy nails where a dog of skin shuts pyres
and we stride upon pyres and we dance under old tyres.

here, in this void, annoying yoyo boys have no choice
for men, made burning, must dance for love's voice
and sun at night leaves us where a catty star-voice
has no burnt choice except to leave town for money.

here, in a case, blended bearers of sons seem moist
and a cell of lace sends riverers to guns; O, hoists
rammer for mace as sprayers of fanny-starch sends
a dunny pig-girl to fast sleep where shoals of honey

lend tearful fears to fast meats; and hatching bunny
bends a city's spheres with rosed horned moneys
and money-men seize grids from expansive ladies
and side-sliders read nothing when expanded gobbies
goose-collide red zen with fat stems and bobbies

eaters of eateries are sold to idle menus; O, as ash fries
we will certainly have to own ideal side-shows. Lies
enlantern evil light where a baby made from cloud dies
la la. Mated matrial motorways ride aside sweet fries
and we have to jack the renal beats where sweet lives
corrode into picks then die. And a venal faceless mind
wallows in a muddied sky; and graven ghosted wine
swills torrid gin. O, a baying hound dies as she whines.

here, in this sugared void, we weep after fished vines
here, in this scissored void, we sleep after kissed minds;
and a bride at dark separates veils from veiled vines
and a gabber in the park separates sails from grapers
and a bended bladed sea-bell rings a tocsin for favours
and a rented traded time-bell knells for easy flavas
and, la la, in love's loud void, pushers of picky players
urinate aside a chemic labile pulse; and a sea of layer
smells of a keen hidden stink; and a cellar in a razor
widens opened women with doggers of death's labia

eaters of eateries are sold to idle menus; O, as scalers
count the scales of a livid living dinosaur, then failures
will sharpen prehistories times with balding dead fathers
and antedeluvian hissers eat from a trilobite when cravers
cradle a fantastic aldebarren time-machine for cryers
Ah, ashen cunty wunk has to shed a female fast prison
Ah, waxen cunty spunky ass has to spray for prison
and a wender of whippy pussy pie abusses sex-missions
la la, an we may well sink a cock into a mass; O, lissom
sunder-cries for filthy fish-folds that cry after prisms
here, in this void, a crabber of a locker feeds red liars.

these are the last good words i will speak
o here are my gods and i shall make heat
cum for a daring darter of porn; O, meat
will never be shown again; and, reaped, a
guzzler of a cunt-fleece slappers for cars
ah ah ah, my bedside mag is fed to sleep
ah ah, my head-piece is full of sex-wheat.
as we eat inside a fairground accident
then we get seated under amusing chairs
and a bed of utmost night abuses prayers
and, o, as we die for a fairground occident
then a slapper of a drive will certainly
loop the sodding loop where bled bigdippers
dragglers after parks of amusing babies
these are the last words i may speak
o here there are vacant kids that sleep
o here and now, a vagrant kid must reap
wrought-iron dodgems that sunder speech,
and a rocker in a false grind has to leech
after a bumper in a car's mind. O, treats
are always sold to stupid children; and

chappers of fairground deaths expand
alike to a lashwide cunt in rubber hands
and we certainly heed a fairground's ram
and we always leap for a fairground's jam
ha ha ha. Once aside a ratted fast slam
a naked accuser of disneys used old ham

we couple ourselves with impish poetry stereos
o we piddle after selves as we wasp for radios
and a sky of lips crusades after crossing crows
and, la la, as we ride from sleep, we heed owls
and, la la, as we slide from heat, we feed owls
ah, once upon a mad mind, i dug for sex-fowls.

we couple ourselves with impish poetry gallows
o we idle after salt-sidlers as a woman in mallow
melts under Ides when funeral goyles will play
and eyes idolise instant prayer a moil of meadows
leaps aside testicles; O, as we cry out aloud
then piggers of pussy peckerers will seize clouds.

chappers of a fairground death sink cars inside
roller-coastered mental thrill sex, and we arise
from tentacles of scented dill-sex; and we arise
with giddy gaspers as cock inside a slitted spy
senses gabblers of soft rot aside a seated sty
we couple ourselves with waspish mamma moon
la la, we dowse for elves as dogman salt-swoons
and a bum of dust sinks a candle in the thighs
and a sonny of musk sprays starch across lies

elvin folks lay a dwarf beside nude water; O, a scissor dummy
heaps plaided trash where a baby, underwatered, curses mummy
and a donny dad whose easy genius has died hears de dummies
of winding rockered heads inside a blonde bed that heeds daddies
o a sermon of a fire siren sweeps for ash as bodiers of sad bonnies
brag for a slagged crag where dolters of hash sunder mad ladies.

elvin folks lay a dwarf beneath blue waters; O, a rivered lady
looms aside a mind where galleries of glitter grab for a ruby
o, a cat at dark mewls around a killer park; O, a mirror-babby
bombs its own spastic buggy where a shelter in a loud scream
abolishes easy dreams with conical conifers that pelt dreamed
giddy blooded cock when a slapper in a kisser lips for screened
blabby rotted teenaged mutt; and a razor of hustlers shaves us
with bobbing city bends. And eaters of ivories worship ebony
la la, a crusted exothermic cabler crashes when lappers ream

ashen literati with a boney bladder quietus of ducted streams;
and old minded darling deifaction slaughters pigs with beamed
cradler's shops; and eaters of eastern munitions cry till preened
by cuddler cats who arise from westend missions. Self screams


as exothermic stables don pony-teeth then paddocks under tables
will surely ride from spunk when a madam in a huge oak tree
teases linen just for youths and me. Death must define us,-
loaded river men plea to drown the sea as a home of pure pus
sheds a lemon mask across a sea of demure stone; and tables
topple as they turn after a capsizion of blue lice and shit-stables.

ashen literai rib a boney bed-bladder under seductive cold musk
la la, the denuders of a money grabbler storms a sea of husks
and a bed in dinning waves rides upon a fascinator of sex-tusks
and a dreamer of graves spreads sad limbs for a bay of crusts
and skeletons chomp on burned cereals as a coda under gables
sky-assaults daddy cunts with stormed dead angels. Death's dust

reels beneath grey candles. Sex satinises green grey shoe-pus
and a spread-eagled pussy pie sanatises a world of sock-snuffs
and an idyll of a mind-moon sallies arms with shooted diamond
and an ideal mental wound washes wivers in seated sirens. O!

we have the opened words by heart. Ashes carry us from lust
to a small space in a small bust where masted heroes drown,
and the darkness of a tawny town towels a catkin with sound
and a braggler of a buzzy town growls for alarms in old grounds
endlessness screams like a dead soul as trees moan for pleasure

the angelled dummy beat of cleft sins suffers on a fabled wind
the maddeners of mind-heat stiffen winds with fabled minds,
and a swift heart beats deeply down where graveyards grind
sallowed wild woman down to pure dust. O, a cradled mind
star-finds blown beers that sink into the past as coda crimes
moon-create a season of rats which stinks inside a soft grind.

the angelled dummy beat of cleft sins suffers a candle-vine
and a fire-wind kills the cradle as a hoisting mamma's mind
sun-spines confessing angels to a routed sleep of sad twined
Hector and Andromeda; and a mazy cat catches bat-wines
and a seizure in a blood heart operates on dazzling crimes.

the shadowed quietus made from a massed mind hears times
trackling into sodded silence; and we operate on dunnny times
and we serry a road of rhymes as sourcers of damaged dimes
deal an english pound to a doctor of signal sisters; O, minds
glow under rammy roses when a canny kitten in a rat-bag
adorns a lazy sky with dromed deaths and students to slags.

as a fascinating father befriends madam fevers then hags
must accuse a raggy robed witch of casting spells on scrags
and, loathed, a winkler in a fast ditch casts words upon scabs
and, closed, a shrinkler in a clasped ditch mumbles where labs
drive master adam Hal to a closed space. O, a forger's fads
flash under doody hospice fingers; and a sainted bed-bag
enlarges lady england with madam america. O, teabags
sharpen a caffeine girl whose tanin trippers strip fast fags.

and the roads to seashells slice under mites when god-drag
dribbles from an easy bedbound bouncing adult baby. Flags
fawn to a daisy moon as a solar sonar sex-pulse hangs jabs,
and old-aged paper brides widen inside a bell of swift crabs
and a leader of peppered brides slides into eaten fay cabs.
the signals of a silly kid swirl aside stoned flies, and stags
slide into horns when horses on the rise damage stabbers
of guilty minor lepers; and jeering smoothies stab cold riders
and signals of a sallied pig curls aside stone eyes when riders
roam upon american eden; and a screwer of tiger-rizlas
jazz to a jacked beat when silencers of sewer tag cars with
a dullard of pelted english indian motels; and a crazy kid
scarpers into welted irish african hotels; and a mazy kid
scurries unto the belted parish of roping ripening car-pigs.

the angelled dummy beat of cleft sins suffers on a fat wind
and a model dammy beat of lost sin dufflers dopy cat wind
and a braker of a pierced home-bell buries taxis under wind
and filleters of a trashy groan grieve for babies; O, swings
pay for a pallish p'liceman whose cabled panda car swings
against a nylon neon sunrise. Death blinks in our frontrooms
Sex moistens eager eyes when a dragoner of fast rooms
scatters pendulums across a pearled pride of a cat-wind

ahh gearers of glassy fevers mat up some photoed hairs
ahh fearers of gassy fingers mess up some blorted hair
and natal fasteners of fondlers mess up crapper's prayers
and, la la, a mentalist on starry stair curries combed chairs
as cold mares can a kodak inside thinned car-killed air
and droving neon clams under naked lobster hands snare
riddlers upon flexed corn with gassed gaffters of men,
and lousy abusers of gentlemen's chairs loll like women

Copyright 30/08/2020



work-in-progress title: Bay of Prisons
1st draft poem then poem-song

these ideal dying days where i sleep forevermore
have to dream now for me about the moany hordes
and i must dismay the madness on its way to wards

o a bed of glass sunders city lights when red old boards
fall to human-pieces; and me and odd hens tread words
and, la la, these ideal eaten days weep for odd birds

a painter on a cliff falters as he mauls lead feints
and a donny eager easel pieces death's raided paints
with family hands thats swallow oils as death faints
o a bed of glass sunders city lights and artists swerve
beneath a brush's visual crucifix; and genius curves
under a brocade of canvas-bone; and skin swerves

for passioners of pulleyed painted markets. Uh Uh

the helmets of the easy-killed climb aside my mind
o the remits in a bad mirror ram a bird in my mind
and the boys of winter suffer ice-heat when minds
mash aside chilled old summer; and we ride minds.

the helmets of the autumn-filled grind aside minds
o the permits of a bad scissor spirals inside minds
and a doll of clay cuts dabbled soil from wet minds
and a bay of prisons shut a mauled coil in minds

ah a bed of glass sunders city nights when sins
spin and spin; O, grey cargoes suck upon grey limbs
and me and messy messengers stop the soft spring
the helmets of the baby-illed soften a lost frig-ring.

these ideal dying days where i dream forevermore
have to sleep now; and a bed of screens dreams for
ideal veins that shake as they bleed; and eyes store
a bubby of a bagged body within flashy false moors
and we ride to sleep as we dream about grey gore

ah a bed of glass sunders city kites as reveries claw
a cabby of a car with sawn dogs and catty cords
and we will cut peace down from our mind-sward
and we will shit on a crown as we suffer de birds

la de dah, a cocker of a canny locust has to award
dufflers with smoky hearts; and a lotus cab rewards
a swollen prison-boy with hot murderous daubed
uncaged celled delights; and eynes burn up for a

dabbler's cage which serenades ideal evi bled bird.

when demure and killing star-seas wash sex under hurt
we have to certainly pull upon plugs till basins sea-spurt
easy weavers of dragons when decorous ships hurt
a bay of penis-pissers; and a fanny mind sprays hurt
and a dunny mover of kissers ram a mind under skirts
and a bladderer of grey sisters stores soap deep inside
a dragooner of fast easy misters. O, we arise from hurt
suddenly to find that gobby gilly goddesses suck-spurt
labile creams with fazing father-facials; and gods hurt.

these are my ideal days where i roared. Sex inside a cage
crashes under coffee trays; O,a robber inside a cage
chases impossible keys then shoot a grave with caged
babby rage; and a bended siren hoots aside grey-caged
white headed nun-lumber. O, a signal owl hears age
come filming dirty dollies with slain moving stereo rage.
when demure and killing car-trees crash with brides
then easy dunny mammas will surely tread wheel-tides
and me and my granite grammar squeak forevermore?

evil dead birds cause a winged slammer in the dark
o evil red birds cause a shameless fever in the park
lay easy waste to horses and shapeless pitch dark;
and a baby in a sty oinks for cradled grunters when
evil dead birds cause a winged slammer in the park
o evil bird hits a keyers beat when prisoners bark.

when demure and killed, my kind of caned mind
hisses across false ice; and me and my old mind
have to waste decorous sky with greying designs
and, la la, eyes raise eyes from wormy sea-hearts,.
and my eaten grave swarm suns when cold darts
meld messy misers with costly lovers; and signs
show roads to vast crows; and i lost my heart to

a balded baggy father whose city dress moves to
daddy christ; and grey daffy ooze shoots loosed
noosers of christ; and a mammy mind is screwed
by brothers of mice; and we dance to the mood;
and we eat for nice hands as we stun under rude
sun-robotics and a bird under dust swims for nude
messed necklaces that weep aside a grey tube

these are my ideal days where i lay upon nothing
and these are my dark days where i fuck nothing
and, raided by rope, i scatter till my mind-ceiling
comes to nothing; and my head-fever is nothing.

the radios of televisual sound show a plied screen to
dangerous skin and blinded shadow; and my mood
tends to waiver in winter between sex and food,
and a wife of my mind hisses as she cooks food for
my kind of artist-chap that races down to the door.

these are my ideal days where i lay on nothing but
a stall of a tomb where i wrote my gave under sluts
Ah, eyes take issue with me now; and i realise that
citadels of drakes must wash belled hands in fats

the radios of televisual sounds show pulled screens to
dangerous windows where i was severed by blue
sexy mind-sympathies that made Love cat move
into palisades of fanned families when dudes coo

and i have taken time to find my bed but cannot
find the night-light behind my head; and i am shot.

the rodeos of my pinned mind show a racetrack to a child
o my shadow shimmers under crows; and horses in the wild
swell up from naked summer-rogues; O, shooters of smiles
narrow easy veins with petrol silence; and me and sad smiles
cascade from pain as petrol violence sets alight to our child.

the rodeos of my pinned mind show a roof-rack to demons
ah my shadow quivers under clothes; and ponies in diamond
dig for empty guns; O, the bad guns in the oven shoot de mind,
and, snaffled by suns, carted weavers of a siren kill de child.

once aside a glamour moon, a wiper of widowers files for
chicken feed that scatters ice beneath blue blowers. Wars
weep for kitten ash as rended sex-sleep fucks closed doors
and i have taken my city time to find my bed but cannot snore
and i have taken my mental time to lose my head but cannot
see a regal way out and think now that all i can do is move

away, away, away; and winkers under salt-flesh can't stop.

these wide minded fens when i shook my my soul free of rain
hasten right now to mindless men; O, a book in a tree stains
dirt blotters with sun-blorted lusts; and my sad head strains
after accidental eye-lashes that blink across a gravy train
and, when forced to feed fuck, a slinker of a gal star-rains
adown on a grey town where a pool of fire ignites winters
and shaded car-shaven dolts shoot dizzy spunk for winters
and a bladdered telephone cellphones a digger of killers.

these wide minded fens when i shook my mamma's mane
come now to taint and taunt me; O, a crow inside flames
suckers for fainted dulled beads which adorn a cat-mane
and, la la, eynes burble for dweebs as a body in a dog-train
trackle a dunny down at the very edge of blown town's
funereal grave-scented babby ledge where sawn clowns
carry cashers to fatal flavas that give good head to veins.
and i have taken my city time to find a bed but rivers
have come too close now, and when i sleep sense shivers
and my doctored head spins from me as i fuck death
ahh, a passenger that shits upon bladed knees quivers for
a daughterer of sweet cunts and crocus-chewing stores
and i sell a petal to a county show where i hear dolor

dragging a dummy dolly by the bared fists; Ah Ah La.

and me and youths and the sun in a cesspit will listen now
to the guise of the moon and the stars in the clouds; O,
damagers of sentinels raise dismaying cars with cunts
la la, a soft shitted dinner of herbs brightens under cunt
and me and youths and the sun in cesspool must crowd
a villa of a country harness with swollen pregnant cows,
and a river in blind varnish lay sweeteners to pow-wows

and i have taken my city time to find my head but cloud
staples me and my invisible woman to a junkered shroud
and my feet in ermine come sundering a horse's loud
steed-pissing penis; O,a latent father of voices uses dust
to peal away plovers from carpets, and a dog of dusks
yaps at huge heels as vanny fanny pockets kick cusps
against incredible bone where a laddy in a pit rusts

and me and youths and the sun in a wet-grind will show
a peeker of a pled eye to a void sky when dumb crows
slip a snicker pepper inside a cold wife who uses shows
to massage her loose-footed mummy ego; and a rose
shines beneath cruel fitted daddy ego; and a gall-rose
rummages through a body-baiter's yoyo; and doll-clothes
sharpen ricks with chalky toothpicks; and death dies.

and me and mien and dudes and the skies in a slayed sewer
hiss for the sins of mammas and dad's eye; and sewers
wend aside a blonde nest and a fotal wife drinks from pepper
ah ah, men and women wasp off the corn when guilty screwers
enlantern night-christs with dilly dunny gems; and mind movers
sea-moisten a dizzy bride whose faceless skin veils blue lovers
and me and mien and dudes and the skies in slayed hot river
hisses off the dummy dawn when greyness shoots livers.

and i have taken my city time to find my bed but loud clouds
champ across my baby body where a dog inside a grey shroud
hisses across raped ice; and a boner of a god rides aside clouds
and the empress of the easy dead light up a room of old shrouds
and a templer in case countsdown from one to three; O, riders
rollock as they blindly ride inside a gunny stunned seed. Lovers
lease a radio rocket to a sweetening daddy dream weed. Mamma
sets tawny grease free to slide down god's killed speed.

and me and men and nudes and the slides in a porny-pinnet
kiss for the skeins of dada; and we ride from rest as planets
spin against a rocket in de moon; O. We trample old gannets,
and we seize petrels from parrots as a bled horde of rabbits
get keenly shot by caged bird-masses. O, a case of cabbage
hits upon blonde feed as an adult baby in a void hoists granite
from a curly cunty statue which owns no face to heave.

and i have taken my city time to find my bed but grey leaves
reel inside the east as we gather up the teas; and curd-leaves
swallow bunny petrols; and lessons under trees will see bees
swinging from stinging hive-tallow; and a gallower under leas
reels inside the east as we gather up the teas; and curd-bees
whip aside a honey-moth and a bargy butterfly that heaves
no dummy sky will have to swallow salmon pies as grey weed

rampages for a dummy bay. La La. I eat into demure seed
ah, eyes loosen me for lady as a heated stone of pure speed
casts impossible canes across blithe water; and we heed a
spastic digger tureen that sizes cake from ashen canine greed
and plastic druggards dream of drakes and weedlers seize a
garland of a dustbin siren with blown hands and funeral cars
ah ah ah, i saw mad serums waging drams with rose-cigars
and me and deented dettol dolls dream about faceless calves
and me and scented metal dolls scream; and, la, greyed cards
will swallow arcana as a whirlwind in England shoots Mars
and, la la, a tutterer in a tawny swing dies out for scribers
and, la la, a butterer in a buzzy ring swells for gold grinders.
a mazy evil Nazi rainbow rots inside a gun as dun drummers
trickle from an evil cock-show that ripens into carkeys
o, a naked ideal enemy flashes glass across a gassed fire
and gentlemen who smoke flashes abuse city-fenders of
sea-poking lemon stews with bashes that bomb blind spires
and a spiralled star-spire falls to death; O, a rosey spire
sweetens gentle daisies with dairy decks and grey fires.

I have seen the death of Man cum close to me. Ald tyres
roll around the sex of Pan. Wallers puncture soft byers
and a bond of a peck pinches dollars from pounded cryers
and i have seen the death of Man drink from the hard sea
and a beddy bridler whose knifelings swim tricked-seed
chops a laughing wave; O! as we cherry after chokered sleeves
then a rose upside a vein will smoke to the madness of bees

Ahhhhhhhh i sting up aside de grail as mad death sets sail.

Copyright JDB 29/08/2020


work-in-progress title: A DIZZY HOUND-HOUSE
1st draft poem then poem-song

the beggars after sleep ask for a rise
o sidlers of laughter reap cusps as lies
loot a daddy smell with female candles
and the rites of march idolise mad eyes
and, uh, beggars ask after daddy skies

gearers of glassy fingers flash for lies
la la, a boat of grass forgets wet tides
and a boltor of masks serries old lies
within a coded space when sweet tides

swallow vim; O, my bed has hot sides
la la, a gentle gemmer sweats for minds
and a baby bone chomps upon skies
and we wash toads in a greeny slide
where hot hens flow we learn of lies.

bundlers of buriers sea-snap a sweated love
o riders of buriers sea-cap a sweet of love
and a riser under cup-mats seasons loves
and, la la, we arise from cats as old dogs
carry a dizzy hound-house to easy gods

the beggars which ask for wages rob a
daddy of a huge purse; and a jobber car
cries after cinemas when beasts in cars
scry forevermore; and odes to sleep mar
dummy carts with sad sails which scar

bundlers of buriers; O, a cruel conifer
has to fall from leas as ever-green curs
walk a dead cat from leashy eye-birds?

riders under levers layer lappers with chap gods
ah ah, sundered, a player for slappers cuts gods
la la, riders under feathers flee from greyed gods
and a piler of muddy sparrows prays for trogs
and an animal moon falls from a face when luds
scatter sands across walled guns.O, we are blood?

riders under wizards casts a rude spell. Love
cuts a crashed gizzard as a naked bruised Love
and we ride from red mirrors as we heap gloves
day high; and darkness cries for snappered drugs.

bundlers of broken zen hear us dragging muds
under veiny families that lead kids into soap suds
and we fall for meldodies about pigs and we shove
a blue flower where a moon cannot ever shine

and blurred bidet bled boys cry out aloud for times.

a dazzler of a dragonfly listens to the heat of a sound
o drabblers of starfire hiss after jeeps where towns
tarry for a bowl of tyres; and a fatherer of slagger
smashes after soul-fires; O, a small eyed wasteground
pastes a daddy spire. And some hogwash in a river
room-fazes for a funeral fire as a gassy haloed lover
rummages. O, deathliness fucks into heart-crows as
a bender of a cottage sets alight to cells and mothers

bundlers of opened skin hurl a shied core aside glass
and a road of whifflers looks down upon canny clasps
and a toaded kiss shakes sounds from money masks

a dazzler of dragonfly listens to the heart of de town
la la, ragglers of tze-tze fly serenade a killed town
and my army of silly wives damages ghosts with a
hooky of a brolly which arises from rain to find towns
shaven up and up and up; and mad men cry for Eden.

these are the very last city words i will choose to write
about the advent of winds and easy kills. O, eyes spike
a dizzy blind with deafening eyes and a baby unde pikes
pisses aside a wedding-ring; and a bouncer of grey rites
hoists a buddy sail with five twinned rings; and greyers
galosh across censors of children. Deaths chant for killers,
Old Sex shuts a baby in a speed car; and a radioed river
rapes after donkey where a daddy star raids cold livers
these are the very last city words i will choose to write
about the avenues of sound that lead me inside midnights
o a baby bone binds mess to stone; and a winder of bikes
pushes a pealer of a pull-over with fairy thumbs; O, fever
gives babby heat to bobbers of dairy guns; and mind-metres
turn up woman heat. O, a drumming dyke weds fevers

a dazzler of a dragonflies listens to trips when clit-heavers
canonise dummies with missions of lips and slit-seizures
and, la la, me and my macadam world hisses for leavers
and my bed turns around and policers strangle brothers
these are the very last city words i will choose to write?

the greying establishers of easy rites hasten to a body-beat
la la, fazing car-killers drive all night; and a woman's feet
have to fall aside the world; O, i have sent female heat
directly outside the venom of girls and i have to use heat
and, ah ah, i have used a sea of pearls to stun neckers of
blinded breaker of blind dudes and angelic baby-gob. Ah!
my budded biddy bed breaksdown; O, my star under sleep
slackens a neon brace when a street car in a sea of wheat
wallops vacant hearts with danglers of neon urban meat.

a dazzler of dragonflies drinks to a butterfly, and the beat
washes bleeders with kinks; and a bun of blinds cups heat
and, ahhh, couplers under pinks star-pinion a boat of sleep;
and a daddy under tundra tinkles in star-minions; and eyes
widen as young men go wide as the forced fucking skies
the greying establishers of easy rites hasten to a body-beat
and, oh, we may well entertain the rudeness of a blind beat
and a bodier of deafeners comforts mad carrion as sleep
sets a wild baby sail in a blown gravy ship; and sad sleep
hardens into gems when a city's horsey lip stops meat

and garlanders show a hot clitoris where old gilders reap
daddy flowers from blown beds and females under peat.

these are the very last city words i will choose to write
o. my torn heart bleats like birds as my mind's deep height
fishes after daisy masks; and a neon sun shines for night
and a listener to masks burns up a balded face when life
lammers after baby brass; O, a green train defaces mice
and a ratter in a body-glass shatters just like mad christs
and a bed of tears toasts some sleepy beers and bites are
fed to eggy cunt; O, a green stain defaces english cars
and, la la, my head breaks up when my mind drives Mars

the greying establishers of easy rites hasten to body-heat
and a gabbler of starry spiker digs a cuted cuttler's meat
deeply down a wheated town where a street of wheat has
domed handlers of daddy jams that lead rats to blued gas

these are the very last city words i will choose to ruddy write
o, my torn heart bleats like girls and my twixed vein-driver
dangles doctors under gold worlds; O, me and madam fever
shake and dance for shivers and fingers; and sad grass
gets spliffed while burned; and a starry river drops dreamers
beneath green bled mad boys who always take a boat for
a denier of droners and plastic nudes; and we sweat whores

where i took an aldebarren mind to the sea, i overheard the burning dead
whimpering about the flowers in my bed; and a mental yearning will spread
sweetening lotus lakes with grey birds. O, once aside a mind, i saw heads
bobbing up from a crocus shower; and a moaner of my mind cuts bread
la la, a never-to-be-forgotten easy bird swings as she sings about sun-red
slicers of cakes and flans; and a funeral fjord sits upon songs when lead
sharpens ugliness with bright deaths and caucasian plebs; and we're wed
to hummers of easy spit when a blue-grey crayon scrubs soil from sweat.

these are the very last city words i will ever choose to write. O, sex has
too many hands for me; and a baby on a hill counts greed when old glass
damages eagle-spleen; and a cosmos in a rill strides rivers under masts
and, lo lo, a masted female Jesus arouses the dead as buttery sea-casks
accuse mental men of abusing a bible-blower; but a canny sex-mask
loosens from a droolly dumb face whose eyes flow under sweet castes

where i took an aldebarren mind to the sea, i overheard the cooing dead
and a whimperer of hellish easy trees wail for a mad ford; Ah, bread
scatters crusty crossers of peasy bees with strung cuts and stung webs
and, la la la, my eateries which i have never used cum from a gal-spread
and, ah ah, mind creperies toss a scottish cake when a rocked loch tread
teeny waters into pure genius. O, a bay of sea-sites swallows caramel.

i idolise my most favourite hot moon; O, as i slave for a lunar cocoon
then my most favourite city spoon stirs curlers into long ladies,
and a curver of my favourite world sizes from selves old grey rooms
and my mental father lays waste to wedded worlds when ladies
sky-loosen motel flights into bathed cartoons; and a sea of babies
bobs up from a broken token world; and a hanging tree of rubies
wallows deep within shallowers of torn tangs and citric smoothies.

where i shook my aldebarren mind, then my mental soul's boom
budded into sweet scissor minds; and a biddy on a clifftop moves
a canterer of voices into sleep. O, a bather under butcher rooms
lay wivening sunny waste to green goosers of gobbling cocoons
ah ah, as a wifeling dies, then mind-dreams must swallow roofs

i dote upon the keen mad child who peers into a house of screws
and, o-la, i measure for de wild as my poked eyes go on forever
and, oo-la, i smear aside de child as evil abusers cry and cry forever
and a lady lantern in a gallow-moon drains accusers from feather

where i shook my aldebarren mind, then my scented sap-soul will
dilate inside chasms in a dead whine where blonde horses tail-fill
a daddy of a dinner plate with mixed hair and bodying sex-rills;
and a mamma eater chomps and chews with baring meadows
and a fearer of eaters chomps on stone as a babbler's bat-shadow
dredges after fondlers; and a mantis moan swings for cake-killed
madam men who crisscross veiny idlers with dummy dust drills
i idolise my most flavoured fatal mind, and doves under cortal mills
shave a bunny cunt bird-bare; and a fotal cervix under fotal dills
dips a focal lotus alarm inside a candle-thigh; and rollering frills
dazzler after a crocus under pealed pus-pies; and i will fill an ill

valley of the bled with galleries of pure death; and i will sun-swill
a beaker of a blind pig with lipid lips of berries and blithe blue trills.

these lemoned days where i learned about death's ruin lead sex inside a glade
o heated mind-ochres snare the burned and a cardial mask clads a lunar grave
and, lent to lost lions, heart-daughters stoop to taste vast stags where loathers
star-seal a bed of bad bone in a breviary of snapped socks and funeral-fathers
and a sea of screes shines like a family and a brain of cocks goes mind-blind

where i shook my aldebarren body then i rooked aside my spun skin. O, times
trackle from a human candle when a feinter of dumb dives drools after limes
and a rooky saviour hips to a jarry beat when a doctor under fools rends times
under caverns of demure dumb gold. O, deaths drink to slags as citied spines
treat us to wafering wept shrill waters; and mindfolk cry, cry as eyes grind

an invidious skull-disease weakens our body-wines with clasping larders and
listeners of rookies layer urban space with body-vines and rasping lard and
a hustler that counts the flowers must swell, swell; O, mental sad seasands
colour us in easy ducts that peal aside bells as celling cunted mad sea-hands
lay dicky fists upon a deadening sea-shell; and sadness gathers bad sea-scans

these lemoned days where i learned about death's ruins bleed sex inside cans
and canoned baby-braids bomb a bag of routs as a sun-shoveller sends Man
deeply deeply down into a bellyful of burrs and bummed cum-gravellers; and
ochres of feverfews fan for a damned desk where caners whip blue petrol,
and layers of lady Thebes hips to a rammed flex that arises unto grey clams.

where i shoke my aldebarren body then i looked inside god's gal child.Oh
ruiners came from hired rinsers of radio-mines and televisual closed colds
and derisible lions up a raw sleeve cause a cat corona to roar aside coals
and, la la, soddening sex-soap shrives for laid eyes when a dead blind scam
crashes. O, we wind down rootling rainbows when we sweat under England
and cobras on a beery foreign venom-slide snapper for gay-swept islands

and a bodice of a bled boy gangles after Idian toys which mark a man with
ingenious healer-spice. And me and my bell-hanged tomboy bead for kids
and a deli under rat-rice lends seeds to love's cell-canned eastern odal-frig;
and a veiny vastness of melded reeds shake charms where jesus-jigs go
as cold as the true sail of the true cross; and mental snares heal clothes
an insidious writer upon blooded corn craps aside cunt as wheaty robes
ray after smile-sods; O, a we may well snap brides from de easy red rose
but naked, vile incesters must swallow rods as easy riders ride de dread rose
underneath blonde caves. Deaths drink to dullards. Devillers cook rogues
and me and madam Theft steal from god's words then hang all troves
an ideal eater of tracheas cause a hidden ulcer in god's throat. Ah, Ah
in throats where many rivers roar, then cancered beads coat lost cars
and a vision in a cage sheds gilded light upon sad boys inside bad cars
ah ah, a lotus in a crocus-pan plans for guns when boys in plane Mars
weep, weep; O. Scenters of belly blinds bang hoops into washed guitars
O. Renters of holy hinds sell smelly swines to scoopy trashy cat-cigars

and ivories weep from granneries as bakered cells of messy riders
hitch a crossing cunt-cloud to sweltering highways; and red-eye-bikers
accuse mopeds of dying but a hardened old engine booms for oat-killers
and a ghost of banquo's bloods breed babies from hired heaved smilers

La La La. i deal some tarot cards to minor arcanas as acey red-dialers
sink a pushing pus of a cunt-hard under slavered drammers of liars

Copyright JDB 02/09/2020


work-in-progress Title: Coded Soda Syphons Sink Into Cold Gas
1st draft poem then poem-song

martian cars crash against grimed walls
o a plane of stars suffer for cold stalls
and a head in a fire pokes fate; O, halls
summon dead houses with fingered stalls
and a bed of bunny flame burns to death

la la, martians cry for salts as sweet mess
saunters after doggy bags; and gold sex
snappers for evil grease; O, we grind sex
and we set alight to bald vined deaths as

coded soda syphons sink into cold gas

i deal some tarot cards and listen to the card-waving sea
o i seal some carrots inside missions; and a wavering sea
slams vaults into parrots; Ah, a tree of yeast lamps beads
and salty siren seed gets scattered across fields of leaves

la la, martians cry as they ravel from IFOs; and old trees
listen to old grey hearts where a space machine hits trees
and a magical miner mines for hair where coated bees
sting angelical angled stables; and horsers under seed
swallows canterers in stables; and forces sunder weed
i deal some tarot cards and glisten and big eyes burn up
and as we hiss inside a cat's prison then feline fast sluts
will most certainly dry dolled eyes when mad men shut.

martian car crash against wards; and a mental hospice
travel inside hashed time; and a bad machine's hostage
ravels under ticked minds that lead clocks back home to
a green-grey goat that winds for oak; and odes to blues
snapper after rope; and we send money to rope when
we seize dope from soaped chicken; and mad men move
a dunny dog to a hot cat roof; and immense deniers

drop a penis in a plume of a piss-tank; and emptiness
craps on sacred earth where a kiss-wank washes up
old grey lippers of birth; and we weed for shanky cups
and we erase red earth with funny greed; and i cut

all my eyes and all my minds and all of my mirrors.

the transplendent imbecile who shapes sex from skirts
has to kiss across weals; and a bed of apes cuts skirts
and a bed of reels causes damaged sleep when hurt
weavers for meals; O, dinners ate at dark feed hurt
spillers of meals dig dark tables as naked food hurts
all my eyes and all my minds and all of my livers
ah, a nation on a wall grinds fevers from old piggers
and oceanic pushers peer under bays as coded killers
lay for a sex penny; and ideal fathers raid piggers
and x-rated g-and-t serves absynth to hot feathers

and a birdy of loud prey hastens to hops as laughter
brews old condiments from basined easy jam-butters
and eyes turn in for blind deafening peasy poo-putters


and a phantasm of a blind hand lays love on sleep
o a canny Eve and Adam grinds sex unto sleep
and a fantastic fool fools around as fairied sleep
slashes hydra teeth about a dud sword and sleep.

all of my eyes and all of my minds and all sleep
will simmer me in sands; and a ratter under sleep
grinds dreamy diners to anorexic baby-sleep. Ah!

once aside a moll, the dizzy gangster inside walls
shoots mad christie stone dead; and a sea of stalls
swells up while selling cakey breads to soft walls
and weatherers of drillers tread dirt into scars

la la. Eyes eat inside bright rain and heapers
hit on a girl's hooter; and messy female sleepers
sink daddy earrings into deadly female reapers
and blinded mamma moon sells dolts to killers


these gabblered rotored rooms in which i laid my head
star-shelve a daddy dune insde a ticked bed of screams
lala, gabblers under tv runes sell digital skeins to screens
and a rider on a stone patters drakes with cell-creams
and a madam of a moon-mind mixes mien into dreams

la la eyes eat into blinded deaf lights and red creams
crack open to reveal the death beneath the beast. Ah,
eynes yap for dogdayed deaths as winter in latrines
sun-shapes a gizzard cloth from rigid fathering marines

these gabblered rotored room in which god laid his bed
melt unto red martian medallions which suck grey lead
and, o-ho, riders of wet corn scatter monkeyed breads
upon twixing teeny wives that rub a cat from vapids

o a craner of a caddis mind nips to neat graver of
snickering babel-statues; and sky sidles into old Love

and a fantastical rider bird sea-bags newts under men
la la, endlessness suffers sweet teabags which send
a blowing tanin moon to the sweet thighs of candle-men
and a widener of caffeines cry to get high; and gems
trinkle down grey mad-streams that pay for gold men.

these gabblered radioed rooms in which i use sin must
wallow in the fires where a funeral inside a salt-crust
slices oaky willows from dying bulls that chew on lust;
and a bodied bairn begs for gold milk as figgy pus has
no way to flow but in the huge seas of a doggy's gasp

and a fantastical rider bird sea-stabs swifts under men
la la, trendlessness snows like a purblind killer when a
majesty of planed pussies deals grey tarot to chickens.

o a craner of a caddis mind leaps from a graveyard
o a scabber of a caddis spine leads sex to trainyards
and we gather salted teas with nine cold chilling cars
and we drive to sleep. O! chapellers pray for god-glass?

these eaten days when i lay down my mother's town
star-laden, a daddy in thrift wards cuddles winter-cloud
and a cat in a street car concertinas with mum's town
o, once, aside a void, tealeaves sank into mental curd
and a villa in a dodgy flat clothes moon milk inside a
rose of a wine-bone, rippling with toads and red bars.

these eaten days when i lay down my dadda's crafts
star-opened, a maddy of a dog-sign dodges wet baths
and molteners of madam moon season a rated raft
with easy ancthers of creamy dunes and salted masks

and a fantastical body-bridler wallows under starry
heavenly bakes which raise grey teas from de family..
as a budgy bed bones old divans we hit aside honey
ah as a dotty spread-bone bangs mice under money
i wll learn of studious deaths which brag under masks
and we get wide of a mask where a loaded monkey's
wide-eyed ingenious country; and godly baboons
blow a creamy cocking horse adown a sky of dunes.

these eaten days, i shall spin as my head twirls and
braggers after closet sins scatters salts into seasands
and a barley brainstem shits from schiz lipped jams;
and eyes under eaten wrecks come alive from hands
and awoken distant peahens shed peacock stains with
a sharpening siege of pig-pens briding cocks to drams
and a fantastical rider-bird rummages within edams
and an easy tarred brider-bird delves into wigwams
and ideal and fatal native americans must dig dams
under candler's thighs where castlers cry forever,
and a vein of walls clambers from purpled feathers
and a drain of drawl remembers grey pigs and money.

these eaten days where i laid my dog-head down will
slacken eagled legions with patterers of dummy dils
and as sodden gal in a false bath gets cut from de hills
and a dogger in gall swirls evil masts under gold drills
O once a fucking day, i lay my wrists when a killer
craps upon essential fluff and the toadies in mirrors

Ah, weevillers of gaggers grope for a lagged piss as
coded collectors of grabblers pull a curtain on glass
and the fetes of Man sell dirty cakes to evening grass
and the crates of Man sell filthy cakes to Eden-gas.

O the beller in an emptied rat feeds dunny brass?

the cartel sea-stone that drowns eager men here scarpers after red guns
o a city on its very own brides villagers to hens when a town under guns
shoots all radios stone dead; and a beller in a net rings cauterised guns
and a bod of pure science deifies drowners with captures of soft suns.

these eaten days where i lay life's baby down leads fevers to blueness
and a caverned scream that suffers gems while glinting under madness
shoots a dolly crust with blue-grey mouthers of beating cradle-sadness
and a sullen crow-town caws after rooky ravens when shaven deadness
forces a faloned fierce fucker inside rolled ravines; O, painted drums

enter mute vegetable scribes aside a valley of masts; O, stained sons
suffocate guilty wide weapons which hasten to the past as sweet buns
cake-bury a balded butcher-baker with bibby cooked teas; and lungs
delimit ices with a burner of maker who shapes a nude star with cum
and weedlers of a furnace-feeler flash upon cash; and expensive mums.

severed into pure darkness the coded boys of Eden garden for de Sun
and a vastness of dizziness craps upon a snake where de greyed ones
race down to an ancient face which marries mod milners with guns
and a gun in a cruel hat hastens to a headpiece shaped from children.

the cartel sea-sloane who drowns eager boys beneath blonded fire
scoops angelic vinegars from torn reeler boys who cup sexed tyres
and we must study just how to do and die and greyers under samphires
hereby shoot a bedazzler from the hip; O, a bed of dunder inspires
greeneries of sunken concrete jams made to cause weeded soft pyres

tangling germy doddlers of blue jean daggger after mental eye-dreams
and soulless easy paddlers use genetic killers to lance starry scenes
and a badger in a rabbit's soul delves for mice where voler's beams
shatter to reveal a cottage cell; and a cottager in an asexual dream
doodlers after ropers of afgays and the feinter of a funeral flower
these eaten days where i must lay my body down hiss for hot power
and these champing fears that lay me down aside a greened power
exorcise vermin with one zillion roared fans which caress powers
and eyes wish a deafening blindness to boys who fight the flowers
and cakey awakeners season hairy grits with gnits and fly-towers

the anus unfound here drive mary from god-gits as bibled god-buyers
sell accidental religious infirmaries to optic bed-dyed wax hospitals,
and we weevil into bed-trips as a goosy widener of illed baby-cryers
disembowel burny walkers with a grey green body of spires and

ashen cellared inside medical pyres reap wine from mindy messagers
with brolly cancer-diamonds; and a bully of a bawd cruklock-crams
endless ambulances with daddy death; and all souls are seed-ramed

underneath snowy scanners of deliberately slowed dead heart-fire


sunless sonny gems shine upon narrow men
o sunless bunny hens dream of sallowed men
and a jeery arse hits old screams when men
choke as women chime; and a voice of men
swigs girls from chimes and strawing bends
and cities under lime lease dogs to chickens
and a family of mime contacts a nude kitchen.

sunless sonny gems shine upon narrowed men
ah, moonless idle sins that label skin with ken
comfort a fallen mind that rages under gems
and a vacant cot hisses under pig-pullers when
acrid patients pule aside radioed thunder.

sunless sonny stems cut arrows from lumbers
la la, a goose in blue cream cries after fathers
and a boat of blood sails aside crematers
and a bowl of fools serves dazzlers to fevers
and macadam in a nerve rocks for fingers.

sunless sonny gems shine along haloed hens
and a chicky in de yard lays eggy diadems
and a boner under cards deals easy wrens
under idiot whirring world wars; Ah, swingers
arise from dirtiers to transgress grey killers

and a mind in spoon stirs acids into teas
and romantic dilly curves toast blood-pee
and a radio inside curd spreads loud wee
O comforters of lady night feels for bees
and blown bees sting a lit vest of beads
sunless sonny gems shine upon fast men
and a toned afgay preaches for bitumen
and a guilty god of peaches heaps men
with fanny guilds and reachers of men
and stinking blood horses laze for men
the active verve of christs has to send
a bodier of baggers to an anal bird-bin
and a scissor sizes mess from blue skins
and a rectal patron peers under grey wind
and de leafy prats of a mind-sign
carries old beggars across a gin-grind

sunless sonny gymns dance for minds
and a balded hymn dashes holy crime
and a vacancy cries aside bled spines
and a spinal shaker cracks upon de line
O these curving naked craps define
a dollar and a peck with wicked wine

and, ah, my beddy groin uses a vine to
wine-strangle snails with bruising moods

Copyright JDB 03/09/2020




Stolid and stiff, this dry world's work
winces to sacrifice sleep; love's ripped mirth
dodges attractions in its effort to leech
the look-ins of order's dissembled sleep.

What lisp of memory wasps off the corn
dopes to the onuses, slattered and scorned
by the levelling wingles that guarden the happy
to lead us where fashion puts over the puppy.

Stolid and stiff, this dry world's career
fellows the guardians shorn of the dear
miss, with lascivious turrets torn
by the opiate moonings that throttle the dawn.

So lock in your children and water your weeds,
format a legion and candid your deeds:
youth gives to age in relieving gism's vamps:
stolid and stiff, on sequent ramps,
lock in your children and water your weeds,
format a legion and candid your deeds:

this dry world's work is a burden to love
only so long as penitence rubs
her noses with flour. The cornfields budge,-

and I ask you take me away?


JDB 1993