There is radiance hidden where The naked shadows of the dead  Race alongside the Thames And the moon is bejewelled
      And its questioning killed. Everything here is broken up
      By the tears of the mindful dead.

      Eyes peep from out the silk Of the oceanic quests Of the raped and staved.
      The stars of space jive
      Because the stars are dancing  And because the stars are dancing
      The native pulse of time Drives the mind of death.

      Here, there are radios Blasting their sounds for The sleeping figures of Their meandering tribes
      And the gauntlets of saved Peoples clasp corn
      From the meadows of wheat And these meadows are owned
      By the sown seeds of the mind

      Hell brains sex and drains Rivers of their shoals  And prancing birds adorn
      The shores of time -  The car of heaven steels
      Ships of rhyme with chained
      Wisdom, and the day  Drowns inside its mauled
      Ecstastic mind-empery

      Birds of prey denounce The void and the bright  Confinements of the moon
      Entrance the ghosts of The emboldened heights
      Of murder made whole. The summits of the blue Marry to the dusts
      Of the wedded and man keeps His secrets to himself
      But secrecy rots in the mind's bulb.

      All hail the places where The nails of loss are banged
      Deep into the eyes Of god. All hail the spires
      Which beckon Christs to kill.
      All hail the sermons of mental church and its fold.

      There is a teased-car locked inside  The spirals of the tamed.
      The rubicund and lovely Knock upon the doors of
      Life's cognitive chapel

      If sense has claimed to drift  Accept now my solemn mind-regards.
jdb 2020.