further speed-written songsheets

work-in-progress title: Naked Newsmen Sing for Dudes
1st draft poem then poem-song?


The naked news of the screws has come back home to find
a daisy of a picture in a haloed sea of guns; and minds find
a dotted angel-picture that trips around the sun's old whine
and a head of pure thread gets kicked in by body-crimes
O, a bushel under ribs scurries under sin; and bathed minds
kneel upon a face till stoned dead; and men are stoned free?

sunless sunny gymns vault grey horses when coded bees
sting aside a darkening bolt; and ideal pansies ride on reeds
and doctorors of deaths jolt against candies where knees
get star-chafed and let to die; O, the starry sky will grieve?

naked newsmen sing for dudes and madam moon heaves.

the naked screws of the world hasten to lips where leaves
falter then fall from blind trees; and a mason to deep keys
turns a lock in a cocked screw that leads lions to old leas
and, la la, a bunny made from tubes scampers into seed
and a salter of a spectator slides a dolly dick from bone

sunless sunny gymns assault grey horses and bled stone
sunder-stones a bridge of colts which shoots aside stone
and a bridge of damagers uses a god for a car-moan
ah ah, a doggy of a heart-doner drizzles inside a drone.

naked mind-screwers melt just like laps and we groan.

o naked eye-penises see into salts where a seasoner
slashes a lea-and-perrin under bolts; and a wizener
widens under saucy soft thunder; and lady viper
ventures into fed sleep where a rider of a father
vamps on a duked dumb piano; O, a sky of fingers
tampers with tappy milky-shadow; and coded mirrors
widen for de wide opened female wild west; and eyes

weep under moss and a sky of pain sees into eyes
and a sea of loss scrams wives inside old lives

ah, naked cunt-harnesses see into salts where reasoners
suck a baby butt from a oaky assault; and wives
slit up a darling day which scans midnight for knives
O, and dubby dressers falll from studies when brides
swallow diamond and cry for dazzlers. Sex drives for
small miracle men who study for razzlers; and wards

shape silence from a bald hand; and mikes dig whores

easy bakers of meaty breads slice cake from salt-bone
o easy shakers rend dad-christs as mummy under bone
scatters idol-cliffs across mitts; and a daddy under bone
fractures breathing. O, as eyes burn then men may moan
and a dying money-life leads eyes under thunder-bone

ah naked honey-parcels hit to a bad beat as closed chrome
smatters sperm upon veiny cashed testes; and sex-stone
hisses for perms and a gun at night shoots daisied dromes

easy bakers of meaty breads slice cake from salt-bone
la la, as monkeys fall, then a city's vice traps sex-stone
and i saw my impossible lover wanking with her brother
and i sensed a townsman shift; and a maker of lovers

led me and my rollered doggy fist aside tardy tript drillers
O, a vanner of dodgering lips kisses bruising bud-killers.

o naked thigh-penises dig for a dirty wide bride
o naked sky-harnesses dig for a filthy earth-wife
and a bun at sea sizzles for pigs; and arsed life
feeds forks to partied faces; and coded food-life
ignites a frowner of a forced hand. And mice
may well scurry to a yoyo as we dig after lies

ah naked money parcels pee under grave eyes
and weed smokes above a cemetery of waters
and greed chokes love with familial daughters;
and a canny cat in a canine radio hisses for eyes
and the breakers of rats feel for lashwide brides

easy bakers of meaty gems listen to dilators as
bodiers of bunny billboards show kids to glassed
coda kings. O, dying times must leads us to grass
ah ah, a weaver of crying minds leads us to glass
and a catty cave curator shapes nymphs for masks

these badly bearded days taunt razors then gasp?

mad city boys boss a train of eyes; O, a chapelled mind
masses for daddies where a looter of an appled mind
melts for easy Dettols; and a river-rooter drowns mind
and a bed of cheesy metal causes steeled dreams and
a porter of an old owl hoots for faces. O, dizzy hands
lay love upon high water where a family of islands
heap a horrid hipster with cheap boots and big-bands

easy peasy bakers who butcher bakered bloods ram
a tizzy of a handstand; and fingers tap on cans and
a blooder of a rocked band plays shrill concerts to a
dodger of a darting english diary; and menfold expand
dolors in dollars from flexive crowds where eye-jams
jollify a dead-headed bonny rose with ideal islands

O, once upon a mind where i learned about time
i was fatally accused of invading sex-times; and time
has certainly caressed my past with murdered sands
and a star of angels pees on masks. And an hourglass
swallows holy dunes that sail aside a grey past and

mad city boys boss a train of wives; O, applers ram
a cavvy of a pig-christ into tameless tarts who can a
messy house of whores; and medleys grasp for gangs
and ganglers get up then fall together as men stands

beneath bruised waves and bedless city sign-oceans.

a dummy of a sex-date has to caress a kite at sea
o mammas of the drakes, an urban tender sad sea
waves beneath rocks when damagers drown seas
and a darter of a city crock blorts just like a dweeb
and native naked foam-clocks chant an urbane tune

a dummy of a sex-date has to kiss across hot seed
o dadas of thunder-shapes slides from snapt beads
and a dangerous daddy man drains homes for rooms
and a tiddler of dizzy boy annoys trains with deeds
and deeds of pure mercy rummage inside gold weed

mad city boy bosses blades with runnels as disease
rabits for the owl-light in a fay grave which hits heaved
doctorors of radio rabbits; and an poncho's ermine
hanglers for whipping heels; O, a brained boy's vermin
slants aside cat-lights that lead drunk wailers to bed

and once upon a threat, magical milky miens will
shave a garden dry; and families under shadow will
jack to the bleat of torn memory; and birds under rills
must swagger as they stagger after horsed hills.

a dummy of a sex-date has to caress a rite at sea
for then, louse-sent, a scenter of cock-mess may see
a ranted canted house-saviour praying after girl-seed
and, la la, my mental avenue of a stone-mind heaves

inside nuked falons when a bedded sloane conceives
a babby bomb to a denier of dukers and snapt trees.

the dirtying doomy sex-sire of a foreign hearse
layers loused Aladdin with friggers; o, blithe erse
wallows under slits when a daddy of a wide hearse
star-cages bummy stairlifts; and the trip of a purse
pulls upon swift disabled riffs; and a horse in a hearse
owl-ignites the veiny swathes of a strangled nurse.

inside nuked talons, a breeder of bollocked beef
ladels a dummy bake to a shitted mouth; grease has
two dead heads for a family; and sweetness inside gas
turns up a candy oven where a motornerve masks
a cradler in a pulsing pie. Ah, veiny model crafts
stoop directly down from the sky to taste vinegar;

and once upon a fret, my magical poetry-dart had
a dangerous phone for a split bed; and cold cabs
carry newspaper diaries directly across grey cabs
and a dinner of tax-herbs drives as she sky-stabs a
distractor of blue senses with lithe bugs and crabs.

the dirtying doomy sex-squire inside a bent hearse
horses after dammy drips; and a drippy devil-hearse
accuses deft men of drinking drips; and a devil-purse
jacks to a fatherly beat that reaps buds from cursed
pox-pearlers; O, a sunny pie falls to earth, and drag
fuses body-crowds into a plate of dolls that drag for

a pantomimic waderer of split skin and sidler-war..
ah ah, i have seen good men at easter heed wars
ha ha, i have seen mad men at xmas herding wars
and a bloated war-heart shaves a bed from a bone
and a scrotal star-mark lays hairy lips upon foam

when focal fairground accidents heave for birds
o then fotal fairied occidents must use no words
and a player in a crown wallops ice as blackbirds
sleep upon waxen wool which sippers after turds
and massive america comes through old birds
ah ah, i have seen at close of day nuclear nerves
grinding gilly cousins from blue clay; and birds

sink flashed feathers inside breakers of burrs
Ahh. Dirt and death and disease carries us to
a fatal fetal space where shadowed minds move
a dettol of drabbler to a shadow in a green shade
and, ahh, once we cast no shadow then our grave

must sign along the rotted line for death's craze.

here in the dark shores of saturday and sunday
a blader under stores sells libraries to families
and a sea of dirt swaddles inside sweet memory
and, o, on the dark shores of saturday and sunday
a grabbler under claws digs a talon hand in money

made sunken, a letter inked in sand sends honey
to token xmas trees and easter bonnies; and as
bagged bedazzler of rams gets aroused by gas
and a ghastly practioner of lips carouses ladies
to squat by a car as men piss upon our grave.

here in the dark birds of weekends in poverty
a rabbler under birds stones a pinker of priories
and daffy duned birds that shit as they flower
must interfuse garglers with pissy shot galleries

and when a moon on one foot shears blue babby
then we shall surely greet again a butter-baby
and, O, a shatterer of sleep trumpets a ruby and
a vinyl body booby brags about shooter. Ah, sand

trackles from ten hands that concede to red gism
and a gilly market gal-world has to use a prison
to lock away fools in the sparks inside a kitchen;
and the wives of hearts sweat after easy miction

endlessness gets raised like a brolly as bones die.

o here there are manses under angular halls
o here there are soft faces which breakdown,
and a flat of pure glass expands to transversives
and a home of fast gas eats into fast towns
o a laden fete which teases sleep with clowns
listens to de neon beat with lashy earrings
drowned in a wall of Downs where old ceilings
fasten a bricking fascination with the boiling.

marksmen in skinned hair shoot a winker with
daddy buses and mammy air; O, riders may frig
after musslers of daisy snares and crapped figs
and, ironed, weavers may well dine upon pigs and
posers of plumed porators hiss aside divans

o here there are manses under angular balls
o here arise nuking faces from fantastic brawls
la la, a goat of demure gravy grog seasons grande
daffy dildoed vaginal epilepsy; and modern brands
swell, swell; and factories of farts blow for cannes
and weevillers suck insects when hotels fall

and a fantastic dolly dream that scaled a wall
wolf-whistles after jammy cream that enthrals
an oaken demure edifice that screams till sprawled
and a money-eye moons for piss-screens.Oh.
a native naked waldron hoops across screams
and westenders, abolished, pay for sex extremes.

marksmen in skinned prayers shoot madam moon
la la, shooters of thinned air rifle mastered rooms
and, lice-laden, i tread my ancient way for spooned
caffeinated pictures where i earned a soft trade;
O, a linted baddy groyne sinks toadies into knaves

delimiters of ghost deniers wash pants in top-curd
o a rider of ghosts star-writes a city of bled curves
and as curatives feed midnights then fanny curd
craps into ten hot winds where dyed children serve
impassable baby-rain to swillers of nest-nerds

oo. a blithe bearer of a moon-cheek wipes nerves
aside a tragic gull whose human sin feeds words
and a train of Man eases stretchers into stations
where, gunked, a fallower of sisters drag natrons
around blue-brained heroes in a fast mental nation,
and weepers cup milk-weepies from teasers and
a tonsured city furnace that reaps chidden remand
bends over backwards for the rites of the moon..

o here there are plumed pasted dilly silly ponies
o here there are swoony pasted silky phonies
and here, in a green void, we enter under cronies
who scatter sex-pits across a naked glass trophy
and a delver of army stink swallows minx bulbs
and a raider of farmy pink swallows dolls; and a
swimmer of a rinked hay-stack answers to Lady.
ah, wooden cavvy vaginas sink a licker under an
angular study-box that makes the winter chill a
rodeo of a cockered tree-horse; and crying baby

notices eyes along the hot winds as mad boys play
alone, alone; O can we now summon god to pray?

Copyright JDB 05/09/2020.


work-in-progress title: When A Dirty Locust Finger Feels Inside A Caul
1st draft poem then poem-song

when a dirty locust finger feels inside a caul
then a bride of crocus dreamers dams de Fall
and a wife at night denigrates a slammed wall
and a bed of roses dies and a den of dead Saul
slashes board-rubbers with painted dying drawls

when a dirty locust fondler feeds inside a ball
then a lightened mind-bender bakes a sex-stall,
and the Ides of crime serenade a dying fall when
blood-pictures lay dammy waste to children

o here there are chilly diamonds and lichen and
here, in cars, a road of dilly diamonds dabs hands
and a coastal sea-choir champs along a cleft-mall
and a dirtied star-fire dreams about wide molls.

once upon a gold-mine, messengers sent dolls
under briny rhinal words which broke drawl.

the eaters of dizzy demons feed off coptic waste
la la, readers of fizzy serums feed from optic taste
and a bed of bellers gags sirens with collonades
and a head of killers rags after kids; O, soft graves
cry, cry; and the buds of selves shine for greeners
and a tidal hand rubs bloods across diamond feeders

once upon a gold-mine, a weaver of widows laved
sock-slitters with a naked fever; and meadowers
heap to pig where a donny lever rammed old graves;
and a doctor in skinned hair cures the dead,
and molten moisteners of prayers kills the dead and

eaters of dizzy demons feed off coptic wastes and
crazy canny arses weep for shit; O, ald optical sands
sleeve aniseeds in pactive war-lips; and odes to hands
wallow under fires when seasoners of tits cut bands

away, away. And a time of christs forces brigands.

the dragglers of the easy dead dream after England
o rabblers of peasy odd sex scan after England
and the bells of veins use camphors to swing England
under body-belts that slacken for frozen Japan
and an ide of welts hardens cords with mad Kaplan
o dragglers of the easy dead dream after England
and, once pearl-pierced, a scream under New Quay
silence the queen's canary with easy eaten ladies

eaters of dizzy demons feed off coprotic voids as
a belly of berries seasons seed with coptic glass and
a dunny body meadow baby girl shoots from Woman
bud-dragglers of easy wine toast gobs with slams
and a boat of masks sails for ghosts and grey grans
carry a currier of cunt to naked mules that expand
funeral hoots with collonades and kodak screams


the ivories of the ebonies gash after diamante
o eateries swell up; and a diner under old money
spends a golden lot with teeny coins; O, honey
spreads sparrows on skids as a baby with money
pays for greasy oboes; and a columns under honey
heat a plate of pure grass. And a naked family
famishes vaulted wine with clasps; and old ruby
rams a racer's kid inside concertina when baby
clambers soundly down from a lemonade dooby

and a sidler's head pisses inside bed; and lobbies
bride a body bridler with naked thread; and bobbies
kneel on a fast neck as a pusher of bread serries
a vase of vast milk with tawny cells and cherries

the ivories of ebonies gash after diamantes and
gallish gibboners wade for ash and dicky sands
slama periscapes under flashy budddy lone gangs
and we slide into drakes when rectal sea-hand
wallops a whipping pony with drawlers and drams

bud-dragglers of easy wine toasts gobs with edams

oaky eyed gods gob on jelly judas; and a lost star
slices a robot-glob with shuttle-scars; and rivers
raise rotted arousals from veiny balls that shiver
and the writers of the world write about killers
and the pipers of old girls swing for dead mirrors

the ivories of ebonies flash after dirty sleep, and
naked shooters of families crash under wheat, and
odes to odd-headed bunny masks don sleep, and
eaters of blue wives wallow under greying clams

oaky blurry egg-gods poach fraudsters with jams
and a blinded bed-dog dreams for copters and I
hasten to a throttled wind when a veiny sex-slam
doctors Cain with marching Abel; and cock-cans
carry doners under arching candles; and drams

dote along vines when blue force eats Woman.

the bolters of grey denial draggle after chickens
la la, shooters of fazed decrial drabble in kitchens
and a loud lady cryer crosses bells with mictions
and a baddy under fires hisses aside rolled women
o a bed of lumber wires kisses to grey sirens
and a bone of fevers cracks; and a cutted season
swallows lady lock with a dammer's crucifixion

oaky blurry bad boys believe in summers but ice
entertains the sledging horde; and massive mice
heap a can of rats under birds whose sweet life
wing from fascist winds; and a pigeon under christ
star-carries saline pins to surgeons. Oh, old lice

staple sunderers to swingers as cunt-lights end

oo there are big fingers blowing down the wind
oo there are fixed fingers floating down hymns
and a bed of ringers ram roses down cold skins
oo there are big fingers blowing down five winds
oo there are rigged fingers frigging under sin

and a loud lapel that makes lips scowl snips skin
and a naked candle shapes clits from rolled skin
ah, a bed of faces swallows sleep when friction
star-laces salty aces with dolly-dummy kitchens

oo there are big fingers flowing down a minge
oo there are frigid leaders crowing under limbs
and a boat in an apple easers teeth into rocks
and a singer-sewer sews salt seed aside cocks.

these salad nights where i lay god's body down
must click five thumbs where sadness surrounds
a bedded sign of guns which layers lady sounds
with eateries of monkeys who succour drowned

blue bodied scatty adverts; and mad men mound
an accidental lake with drivers of sea-crowned
candle-sinkers. Oh, collonades kill gobbed clowns

there are fleecy candleabra under mess; and a kind queen
gives dizzy head to a palatial body-dream; and odd mummy
necks after sworn silk where a pusher in a wide screen
shows caving candle-soap to pulled winds; and a daddy
car-dresses heads in dope as we give dummy to babby
and balders of bread stoop as periscaping lips star-cream
bedabbling evil flowers on an old Northern windscreen

and a bodier of blown shoe-arches dresses soaks in pine
and a shudderer of mown screwed arses soaks in twine
ah, a cradle under magic dreams for the studios of dream
and a stranded father's messy stream drowns all bodies

blue budded bride-masters melt for owls as hooters ream
blinded blonde blown blood-testers; and a sea under teams
sucks olden hair-dyed messers; and cockerels under mammy
stras a coat across blithe mental pans; and odes to daddy

drool after raisins found baked in a sky-thigh; and laddies
lop a bitten sworn dully lingus from bad blades inside lavvies
and painters pule for pus as fakirs lay on false nails; and
vasers of vast monkeys swill down peat and hiss for banged

huge arses; and vast vampiras leech locks from crazy
skinner women; and my boned reach dies for the dizzy?

ah a caged old spider spins a gossamer jail for de family
ah an aged gold rider rides for strangler's sails; and money
raises down a gilded roof from blown baby cadillacs
ah a flower of snorted roots dies out; and tangy acrobats
brill after acrid ancient boots; and bloods pay de family

there are fleecy candleabra under vests; and a mad queen
locks a budgy in a wet-dream; and micey mauds ream
dolly dust from duned binners of bled lady and dog-spleen
and a damager of skinners rapes red laden sunny beans
with a dolter of a snapped rock that stones all sunbeams
wagerers of wagstaffs seal donny caves under latchkeys


as for mean investors of sex urine, may we now raise a hand
o as for deadly wine-deflectors, may we use a fatal hand
and, made whole, a balder of a tureen serves soups to sand
and, la la, may we come home to scream before deaths ram
flayers of flown flowers and persicoping buttoned sex-dams

as we idolise a scene of yeasts then a slice of salted toasts
drops a daisy under spleens where a daddy in a cut coat
dons a gravy laser with five skinned jams; and coded stoats
snip a grande mal epilepsy from twinned hams that roped
a doggy of a dirtier with skippers of liver-lazing sweet-smokes

old sedans inside blue rain rabbits after pastes as dilly blokes
sky-sidle for blood cabins; and a fotal feeder of dizzy blokes
sea-sandals a blue cabin in horsed glans and fatal sun-boats
and we weave for de quartered hour as we slaughter oats
and we wail for de doctored flower as we slaughter ropes

as for mean investors of sex urine, may we now a raise spokes
over and way beyond de boiling; and as we raid cold jokes
may we slide a fanny boy days deep into a grave of soaks
and, la la, as naked petrels spiel for sleep may old beds poke
a periscaping horsed fire in odes to meat and spent dopes.

these ivory days where ingenious ebonies cause everything
may well scissor down the skies as interfusing cold ceilings
shovel penny veins down greatness; and coin in a ceiling
swallows for black Gods. O, a baby under sand hits reeling
saucered blessed milk; and womenfolk may know everything
and a born keen angel arches unto doom as bellers in winds
ring the holy birds of the dead and the rich and the sun-climbed

these dervished days where i laid my cradle under wine
swirls as dead men scream; and an idol of candled minds
melts unto metal as a daddy crucifix naps against limes
and a soaker in a flower dams the deadness with wynds
and a poker of a plumed prisoner pees on bars. O, minds
smell just like teeen lip and a dunny owl that hoots for tines
clambers unto bird-boots; and bird-boots swing for crimes
and a laden lizzy leotard loosens snapped shit as grey grime
gather bready sculleries from noosers of hitted bum-brines.

these easy eddying hooters of a lung loop-a-cunt-loop, and
eaten doddy diners eat in the dark as wizarders of clams
curry a westend sermon with blonde breakers of easy slams
and, la la, a spiraller of a periscaping son strips jacked jams
with glaziers of doggy deeps; and a scanner under red prams
sink a saline baby-bridler under bled buggies. O, easy scram
force-feeds buddy-briders with dumb donkeys; and clans
crashdown; and vastness with turnkeys slam islands inside
bolters of bruised flasks and tea-riven seas of coffee-eyes

these devilishly emptied days where i made my own life
i saw a diamond creeper jacking jostled jazz with christs
and a bunny of a soft moan slashes veiled crazed mikes
and a damager of a tossed stone snippers into de trees
and a widener of emptiness lasers after periscaped bees
and we believe in the less decieved as a flask of teas
sinks a labile shaver under conceiver's mask; and seed
wags under tofffee coves when a laser of mammy mead
moistens blaggers of clothes with loosening menswear

and a buddy burns for sleep; O, a butcher's bakers will
reason after raisins when cradle-heat digs after drills
and, la la, a coterie of meat melds cunny into dun-hilled
heelers of helenics; and a weeper's salty pussy star-spills
a damager of fatalers who sweat for codal eye-thrills
and a blooder of doom deniers swathes ides in old mills
and dangerous idiot ravens must hiss for satan's frill;
and vacant vampired rot that sails the moon fucks gills
with patent parental pushers of gelled rooms; and pills

sucker to the cakey hour when boners of bummy dills
doctor a massager's hot flower; and sweated cock-krills
crashdown from a painted blower of sleevy salt-grills,
and bloody boys in the head break windy mental hills
and we crowd inside bread as windy dirty windmills
fall to the naked sides of the old fashioned and mind-killed
and there is a candifier at my side that swallows sandy
spoolers of savoury grime; and a benny of a rogue has to
exchange sweet eyes with the mad queen; and i move

glisterers of naps with naked brawn and naked crews
snap a motley mind about a sacred swarm; and screws
trample under whites when a dragooner of pasty shoes
tongue-knots a sheered hotel in motellers who fuck shrews
and laden looseners of body-vermin bolts pus to lubes
ah an angry lung of man snippers into couscous as tubes
stun along a tree-cell; and forbidden goosers of stews
swirl pomagne into paper; and a shitter under shoes moves
multisonous slipper men to bared squatted leather
and a purple syringer of skin shoots up wild river; O.

ideal wasters of weepy wishes rap colds in fever. O!
latent patinas of belly blinds gear for hot-gold-seizures
and a poppy in the Thames tramples gardens into rinds
and a pippy eyed drake peers into pear-peal as designs
dummy after the blessed deceivers of bladdered cosines
and a sinewise cradle gollops for conceders of shop-spines.

windy weepy milky nothings bare a meat heart from minds
and a guzzzler of silky bobbins shares a sheet heart with
weepers of stunny spind wind and weeblers of cock-fizz
and a natron under spun skin shits on reapers of the times
and ghosts had the times of their lives when shroud-tines
snapped a dicky dangler from veiny viney lycra-dimes
and i shall shape baggers of gob from wasps and, O,
as braggers of apes sink a dolphin into a slut then wine
has to hasten to a bummed dauphin that feels de mind
a doctor in a head dreams of steths as gorilla grinds slow
breakers of dockery dopes that skelter down soft clothes
and a chemic sheath shirters after helters of lost brogues
la la, a canine on the very edge leashes rats to gold pogues
and, split from silks, a fanny under leeches rots good dolls
oo i say Amen to a candled camal rose. oo, mad molls are
fed to gold streetcars which send crows to carrion scars
oo i say Amen to a wrangler's picky plove.oo, sad skulls are
fed to dizzy renters of cunny kitchens that cook porn-light
and a digger of alco-pops prop up a dagger zine when night
rotates above a demon dream; and demon dreams are stirred
inside massive cruklocks that concertina like a fattened cur
and i played cursed by you and you and i must suck stir, O
laggers of lemon vermin snips off fuck-lead as mind curd

hisses under bonny ice; and the leader of a god-swan purrs

Copyright JDB 06/09/2020


work-in-progress title: And Bound Death Implodes the Veins
1st draft poem then poem-song


And bound death implodes the veins?

Mother-naked, strapped at tongue,
The snakes of yearning, garnished,
Rape from corn the Christ-lunged
Dream - and the flights of fixed birds
Reap from fields the damaged
Meadows of imprisoned girls

A spate of pearls hems in sex
From out the clothes of the bended
Tides and the wave-curved texts
Of death and its tit-swerved scream.

Drapes rend with the buds of bleeding
Life and its crow-sexual wastes
And the groins of the killed spill
Veins from the ties of gun-laced
cunt-bound bodying ice-creams

Ah, my fates fucked the flex-killed?

at the utmost edge of love, a city in a drug
peals a kiss
at the utmost edge of God, a city inside love
peals a fist,
and sunsetting caverns cry for
hands and lips,
and a city in a twist caresses sex war
A purifying angel rises from the sea
a pouting blonde cradle
raises rapiers from rocked trees, and
coded killer ladies
die, die, die!

A sliding sad eye espies sea and sand
a writhing sad sky defines
sex and woman
and uttering muttering dives expand
sex and chidden

and me and God must cut damned
woven woollen
and fawkefires feel for eyes, and
blonded blind knives land
hooked slides
and we are fathering fast hands
and suicidal brothers blame hanged

Emptying pealing mists mask us
Emptying eating fists crash us, and
goddess goes to sea
and empires ride a sea of sleeved
and i will scatter sex where greed
drives dreamed
dead trees


The Thames teases crying bells as London's wife
weeps for wolverines, and dogs drown where towers build a bridged
rended chugging sinking river
And bled bines break wet bread as barricades hear Shakespeare's
sea of rivers, and men ride a long way home when
razing robots raise hens from kids and Chanticleer

mad motherers meld milk with titties and city flies?!!

o, when once a fallen river rides the West then
bled bathers breathe stainy silver worlds and god eats wet women as
veins feed vines to wedded wolfmen

Golden grease swathe sleep in blueberries when a
felled fat river rides the South
And my ghost is dead and alive

When once hot bums spray juices from waspy hides
then ripped roasties end in diners filled with snowed hot lives
ooo- i am a daggertooth who loves a sicissor's life
and cats career into dogs when faces feed fingerers to a vinegar Christ-.
Bled bedded boys break breads for bad men-.

when once moot wifelight mourns no longer
the ribbing road of a dead love, then minds kiss a lended
loser, and eyes eat shades

pans piss in potatoes, and houses close for a
sea of spoilt souls and midnights


Yes, i hear a sea of tears
yeh, i see a tree of fears
lost dead kissing birds
and, o, when once fears
grow old
then cold songs will sear
burned candy guns

where whored guns leer
then god's cum will
feed dolls to city light
and neon bairns must light
blorted blared midnights
and digging deadness
delves death for kindness

wavering wool-men dress
woven breasts
lathering gold-men press
weeping death,
and holy sin suffers swift
roped sanitised
killer bells


Eyes told on you and your mamma when a
golden blinded summer fed death to men and
i kiss a tree of cold as tongues taste sand

when once a sea of saviours feeds on Man
then, delving, a leash of lovers feeds Man
And god is dud and his son a mad man

Dirty boys in suet urine eat cud and sand
falls where eyes of deserts growl with sand
and I am a breathing brother to god's land

old rivers rain from raping roaming roses and
I am a cutted cunt and I am a tree of sand
And gods are cast from caves as men land
Facedown in a tree of green eyed islands

here and now, a dead girl strides to doom?

I did not try
to seem alive
nor tried to cry
when man denied
spent the tears
that rent away
the silky dawn
of heaven's day
I did not try
to seem aware
nor tried to vie
with mankind -

when I look
inside the Bible
all I get
is death's revival
the tears stream
and suffer not
the endless scream
inside the cot
man bore for me
as when decrial
swam the sea...

sickness is vile?

O, i am whoring death now and
eyes eat eagles as birds suck sand and
I am warring wading woman made from
soft charred cunts and
Lovers lead Lesbians into a salty span

Fleshy felines feed familial females
and skies spit twinned ties and males
meld milky maps with veins and veils

guilty geek gods grasp for grass and
nails lead lost leaners to a crossed man
and I am a tree of horses and I am a
Mad boy made from bees and waxy

I kiss ice cold as tongues taste men.

Callers of truncated medicine ring a shipwreck
la followers of spunk-painted sex slings deck dives
and the easy cock wheatgerms in sin boil knives
and a shadower of rock cuts its fast larynx out
o, calllers of truncated medicine rings a sea-neck,
and painters of pulleymen writhe aside body-lips.

guilty crazy geek gods grasp for glasses when a
vast vamped sea sobs; and a mask inside a star
possesses madam moon with flaskers of sitars
and a bedded bitter man buttons lice across cars
and a house of hot cards deals tarots to trips.

Callers of trunkcated medical dowers drink dips
and a dizzy daddy sea-chemical flowers; and lips
suck a tongue in from laden bones which feed drips
and we widen after patients of stone as red tits
drop aside a bald burn; and a liar's groan cuts lip.

ah a leader of swanny Leda sails unto rosehips
ah a render of daddy favour dreams about clits
and an idle potion puller drops a pill under lifts and
a baker of oceans lulls jasmine cots under scans.

callers of truncated rider-rain telephone monkeys
lo, as we trammel fever then we trample bodies
la, as we stamp on rivers then we swim for toddies
and a funny bed-burn brags about the Thames

ah, lousy and shrilling to the very last, red hands
wash peaty pearlers inside a blood-mask; and eyes
transgress pools with prides where sin-copious skies
cry, cry; and a digger of drives parks carred minds
beneath a spied sea that purrs for a drowned land
and we purr for magical feathers as catheads bang
oh as summers die out then winter chills crammed
naked berry-shapers; and taxis ride for husbands
and, lo, a cherry-chafer rams curd under mad trams
and, ooo, a baker's cakey burial cuts old dyed ice

where, at naked noon, weevillers drop red christs.

honchee burials burn and yearn; O, a graveyard in my mind
rotates around ferns; and a bud of sperm shoots a sex-mind
and a rod of penile grass ignites bright jays where sex-wine
pours deleterous hisses under frightening naves; and when a
daggerer of a seized cyclops uses nine eyes in one, then cars
will surely have to scatter a third mind across a river's whine
and a winding easy silky nothing serenades bread with limes
and a lemon father, made illing, serenades lead with signs.

honchee burials burn and burn; O, a trainyard under mines
mines after penates gold; and a bed of scars cuts old mines
and a potato in a locked roll sinks tomatoes inside gold grinds
and a buddy of windy rubbings rots across cots then unwinds
oh as summers die out, then melifluous autumns have to
search fallen arcihing leaves for sirens when a natal bruise
bird-bangs sidling baby-bees with seasons which confuse us,
and dust as we are, the native nakedness numbs closed lusts
and a cusp in a mirror melds a rotten hand with doggy tusks
and, la la, me and my painted lady set alight to easel-hushed
tea-chemical trances that lead a blind dog back home. Musk

wallows in sweetening flu-fires as funeral frisbies hurl nudes
aside blowing bladdery english fairies; and madness moves us
closer and closer to a mad priory of dangerous madam dusk


whence stricken with father furniture, we rotate across a screen
uh, and broken mother furniture falls aside where sofas under cream
give armchaired head to a bitten doll
and a breaker of red bread sharpens molls with accidental screams
and, la la, as shapers shred lead, then a penciller of occidental dusts
scries after beards that wag in euphesian winds
ah, a lowcut locust craps inside woven lips when a dog of sins
gets prodded when walking; O, we lead titties to a rose of hymns.

whence stricken with mother furniture, we rotate aside a screen
woah, as we arise for mothers then a purple seat sucks on dreams
and a plover of dirt pullovers splice zen as hurtler of city beans
get blood-baked and shoved under wheat-skin. O, bedded streams
boast about budders when a weaver in a tin digs candlers under
interwoven screams that shout the quartered hour; and rumba
hisses for ridden salted mice. Ah, a boner of a flower sunders
heated kisses laid down inside welsh stone. And death beams.
ah-la-lah as we writhe under jammed lives we summon thunder
and a crazy voice in the void shrills against trips as mental slumber
slither-strips a bedder of boys with stained mitts and rectal puce
ah-la-la as we ride under stabby lies we call upon ferine fevers
to suck a dizzy killer with hooky whore-slits; and bedded bridlers
sea-slam easy drivers with cabby bum-bits; and spreaded briders
bark-bang shrivened eye-ships with eaters of renal budgy scribers.

whence stricken with father furnitures, we dilate aside de mamma
o we are butt-jostled as weavers sign against eyeless grammar
and a school of pure thread sew caged clits inside wool-ramblas
and a billy blind hill glows for the deafeners of demure sinners
and a boarder in a hill will certainly topple under coded spinners
and widening fatty frills scurry in the davy dark till ocean-binners
carry a currier of canine rats to a blown ark where xmas winners

stop and then stoop to tast cobra vinegars; and molded sinners
seal a spastic clock in a sealed crock and crockeries in rivers
rend from plastic men when sizzlers sunder tremories and killers
wizardy abuses wands with family; O, a proctor under crow-pillars
star-grinds deaths beneath radio as digital mentalis star-cuffers
a broken cupboard bee-raised from jarred honeyers of fay fathers
and we are cupboardised inside cunt-parades as gazing fathers
sweat, sweat; huh, a rabbit in spunk scatters bucky bum-fuhrers
and veiny vampiric habits spit junk at plates of sheer mammas

a radial rizla whistle pipes up spiked stews from sane shot dada
o a fatal vein-pisser pipes up diced foods; and greying larders
loll into splitted mind-anorexias which skelter under feeders
of horned horse-drips and then doners of drillers under feelers
and, la la, an ice of a man sharpens chill-christs with weeblers

ahhh a long sad day spent in decay hits to a sad beat and then
dawn-driven into clay-scent, stoved hallowers of chiller men
rape-anoint dragon teeth with point counter points; and feeblers
face into granite geeks and a bubbler of joints puff divas with
splaying vaginal planets that supper after clasping oaked pigs
Oh Oh O-La-La-La. Remote schisms scry for timelesss figs
and figurative falons in blenched prisms poke after cribbed
babyers of bone blorted ladel-vine; and deaths are ribbed?

Copyright JDB 09/09/2020


work-in-progress title: Of TV Halls
1st draft poem then poem-song

they are tugging at bloodied straws
o men are hugging wine with drawl
and a mad man in an urban nest
hits to a mons-beat; and old deaths
testify to gloom as snippers in malls
spill a dizzy ghost under blue shawls

they are tugging at bloodied straws,
and mind-folks open eaten doors
and waiverers choke hippy whores
with lemony eyelidded baby-broads


they are tugging at muddied stalls
o sin and mugging minds eat drawl
and a boat of pure fire ignites walled
female worms; O, a boy in a hall has
too many arms for use and, la, glass
sees old men tugging at cunted grass

they are tugging at ruddied straws
o sin and nipplers sunder grey daubs
and we pig out when thunder scores
easy patients of winds with eye-wards


they are tugging at bedded dolls
o skinners spin as dancers roll,
and a head of pure glass folds for
easy spinners of demure spoars
and a cat in a hoof whips stored
gabby ponies; and clickers claw
a caddy of a cunt; O, fast fjords
famish fetes and buy old tins.

they are tugging at bedded knolls
la la, swiners switch old molls
and a starry bike rides for bols
and a baited dyke cleanses gals
o a duggy blue buggy hits gals
and wytches strangle gal-God
and we fuck as women stop

dead, dead, dead. Ohhhhh?

men are tugging at straws
o swingers lend loss to moars
and a keen othello draws a
daddy of a play around cars
o men are crying for dogs
and a hill of flame star-sods
a naked crow in a bad mod's
modelled honda miracle.

and sin sings in the east as
bled limbs gather gold teas-
fast glass rots as easy leads
clad body-dogs in red sleeves

and men are tugging at weed
and gardens open into speed
and babiers rap aside seeds
and we splatter rugs with
scalded cauls where drips

hit plaster men with circles.

they are tugging at sleeves
la, kids are bugging beads
and a sky of skin sisters a
bed of blades that heave
binny monsters with sleeved
nostril faces; and tramplers
pull rats from screwed laces
o they are tugging at tears
la la, madam moon hears
blueness glow; and salt-fear
feeds a pony to a sphere
and we chase for faces

O dicking dolly doctors
season fates with mirrors


men are tapping on wounds
la la, children are tapping tombs
la la, women are closing minds
and mad men are counting times
and a sad madness must
listen to the sickness of lusts
and men are hitting red cusps
and feelers sky-split dead wine

o as jagged hearses burn then
tonsured grey horses will
send gabblers to a false hill;
and we wither into closed gems
and we dig for slashed women
and we rotate against eyes

ah, men are tapping wounds
ah, hens are dragging dunes
and sadness fills love's minds.

they are tugging at straws
o children race into the moors
o a sad face sheds tears
and a cave of death fears
its own darkness and wards
warp for sex as born whores
weep, weep. Ah, closed walls
slicken after sweet sleep
and a den of meat reaps
slain radios from TV halls.

ah, suns are burning de moon
ah, guns are shooting runes
and old original fire swoons
and cold axes cut grey tombs
ah, mental mind-folks boom
and wet straws pull a room
from east to west; ohhhhh
and emperors of sweet sex
sodomise birds with tunes


and they are tugging at claws
o wide men are seen once before
hiding lips in the shopped grass;
and a wicked winter hires grass
and a horse of prey shuts maws
and old men are tugging for war
and slowed cars drive like before.

the scurrying angels sunder soft
rude pockets that lead to chains
la la, a pickler of angels stains
a duddler of knickers with cut veins
and a goosey park oozes loss
and an easy arch oozes moss
and men are tugging at cloths?

where a dangerous sun-moth
brags after butterflies then a
dominatrix of a swollen cross
has to gather mamma-seeds
Ah eyes leap under horses
Ah scribes weep for sauces
Ah, men are tugging on hearses
and roller razors cut hair

once upon a mind, big chairs
traded photos for dun prayers
and, uh uh uh, i have cared
for everything but died before
any sense of love was mined.

girls are tugging at whores
la, old scars weep for spoars
and a sea of juices roars
along a vacant train; and
eyes guide a cockerel-hand
deeply down in an island
and, ah, as sin goes wide
then a cook inside a scribe
will bake veiny cake-skies.

girls are tugging at whores
ah, god's stars sleep for birds
and an ancient spy of loss
rolls her blind-eyes at words
ah, a draggler of dragoons
drills after planetary oils
and girls are tugging at
a rended city where rats
scurry after daddy flowers.

once upon a fulcrum, men
scattered salt aside bitumen
lo, once upon a nation, men
splattered sugars aside chicken
and nude pigs eat pork-n-beans
and fallowers marry screens
lo, once upon a natron, gems
shattered and fed rings to hens

O, an ideal riddler of bracken
feeds canny cunt to fast bison
and neckties get blinded as
hydras dig teeth inside cum-grass
O, an ideal razor of women
shaves puss clean as rivers
end, tongue-buried in the past.

gee, a blended blondie of the endless dead
sea-dyes under waxed bloods; and old bread
gets money-sliced with painted giddy hands
and, wow, what with drivers of dog-death
strapping easels across blurred white lead
star-casements on a cross comfort bed
and, ah, as bad boys trip from death then
wideners of curving cancerous circus-men
weep for a canyoned smile when sifters send
a brolly of danger wheat to bodices of hens.

gee, a blended leeched lady that loves death
has to read her bedtime book to sex-mess
and a torturer of phlegms tawses eager-sex
and a vase-littered boy on the moon wrecks
all veins, all eyes, all grains and all mind-decks.

yes, as a rumpler of seizures fits under necks
then a bastard in a belltower rings soft snips
and a vaulted wife uses salami for her kicks
and a bodier of bastardisers bones a ripped
salt garden where breakers of lady lips spits
sympathetic bruised bloods; and grey mitts
sun-mussle baby drugs with ruddy sea-clits.

Ah, as i blow on triton's porned gold horn then
a masterer of madness swallows cold men
Ah, as i crow for titian, then painters of men
space-jam a homo canvass with gay children
and, spliced into christ, a bonny of a pylon has
ashen waxen weavers into reptilian grey glass
gee whizz, these hard angels in their sky-fizz
trammel red calves under bagels and pot-kids
and a born dead denier who rots a sand-pig
swells under meat as eggs ground from wigs
parade after baby-heels. O, a dazzly boomer
enblades soft silence with an auric swooner
and a bench of violence seats dad-bitten riders
and weedlers may well trumpet meat where
candleabras sink biddy beewax into salt-hair.

Ah, masterers of roadways crash for fires
Ah, plasterers of toad-trades paint fat spires,
and a radioed bed slaps a siren across cold tyres
and teasers of teutonic sky-alarums sea-wire
a wideness of mind-pyres with naked cat-chairs
and red are the arms of the gentlemen's chairs.
gee, a blortive babby statue bobs from rubies
wow, an abortive daddy drinks to female doobies
and a waxen heart beats to a midnight flower
and a nudity of hearthlight shows sores to towers;
and, lo, as missing night crows for old wards then
daggerers of hissing tights hang old children
O a summer's hired season lunches on hens
O a winter's tired reason lunches upon bud-men
and we see rise a secret brain which cuts skin
from braided bummers and secret atomic winds
and the sunrise booms like an angel in the sky
and the gunrise of cold mikes sings under lies
and a donny bed of foals sets alight to slides



Copyright JDB 10/09/2020

work-in-progress title: UNKNOWN?!!!
1st draft poem then poem-song


oo they are tugging at hooky wharves
and men, spent, are eating into walls
and a boy of death dreams of dwarves
and a dilly siren swings under bones

oo they are tugging at hooky wharves
and men, deafened, poke eyed wards
with chicken skin that sleeps for birds
and a dizzy siren swings under whores

oo helmets are dragged from wafers
oo permits about old guns pay for lasers
and a bed of grout guts blued flavas
and witterers, drowned, drink to labia

oo coded scissormen slice into fever
oo radioed writhermen slice for rivers
and a bed at sea sails beneath wars
and a ted of trees combs naked claws

Uh Uh, endlessness snaps blue gourdes
Uh Uh, trendlessness craps for bawds
and men in natal caps cry forevermore.

oo they are tugging at hooky waves
and men, skinned, are eating herbs
oo as bed boys whine then old birds
will surely hollah at the hired grave
and a biller on a break dons slaves

oo they are tugging at blue trades
and sin, spind, swells up like knaves
oo as sad suns cease to shine then
blown blades swing for horse-women

uh uh, magically scented fields send
a dragon of a hand to country sleep
and a dollar and a pound pay meat to
widen under perspex and grey nudes

oo they are tugging at hooky waves
and sons, stirred, use prisms for lays
and a dunny daddy dams closed clay
and a bald bunny baits wormy sprays

oo a bone of brass beats to de meat
oo a sloane of glass beats to de deeps
and a brandy bowl bakes under sleep


oo hens are tugging at bitumen and
old eaters of greyed bats use sand
oo hens are tugging laid scissor-stands
and an igniter of the moon uses sand
to erect a palace in a wound; and Man,
confused, nurses nuns with wigwams

oo hens are tugging at bitumen and
cold reapers of greyed rats use sand
oo men are hugging strays as trams
trickle down from tractors; and jams
delve for dizzy juice; O, cider-clams

carry crazed crusaders to salt-scans
and scarry starry cock-defamers ram
an easy ram when a poker of England
arise from body-boxers of pure ham

oo hens are tugging at bitumen and
crazy reapers of piggers loosen cannes


the cracklers of a cupping sea-cunt
carry cryers under yonder seed-trunk
and a bayer of father feels for junks
and a feeder of fevers fondles gey skunks
and a mouse in the mirror sunders punk

oo sin is crying in the moon and red spunk
marries naked nukers when rat-bunk
hurtles down the eyes of a feather; and
a melter of old skies writhes; O, monks
feed on god-lunch as a wifer of veins
scurries under bumpf; and mental lies

can all of catkind inside metalled wives
and we use a bark for brides as scribes
wallow in demure deadliness; and spies
pierce a bleeded talon with both minds

the cracklers of a cupping sea-cunt
carry doom deniers to necklaced bunks
and a radio on a soft cliff chews lunched
veiny body windows; and we are punched
and bastard musk bleeds for rodeos

these broken days when blurred haloes
strike the keen dead down, gay pharoahs
glisten under beds where weepers crunch
a hot shied apple that munches like pain


the largess of a daddy duchess dribbles for
pained islands that eat hutches; and old war
shoots a kodak-christs with coded eye-walls
and a seasoner of soap washes ideal dolls

the largess of a daddy duchess dribbles for
plum-painted eaters of oaken easy sex-molls
and a helmet in a screen huddles cock-dolls
under naked nuclear fire that ignites brawls

and a weevil at de bodies breed for malls
and easy whipper-mols test for gilded gulls
oo, a queasy stripper uses nests for old skulls
and we dull from distance the minds of March
and we drawl from equidistance grey darts

the largess of a daddyb duchess dribbles for
painless harbours that lead dogs to grey bird
and weevillers weep as skin goes to sleep.


oo they are tugging after wax when a candler on her back
sinks a candy finger in her thighs
oo men are rubbing after flax when a candler on de rack
sinks a fairy mirror in twinned eyes
and an oaken flower swims for slides and a broken rat
scurries under flour that bakes money eyes

oo they are tugging after wax when a candler on her back
sinks coffee fixers into the sky
oo hens are rubbing after crap as a fabler under rose-snaps
buggers babiers of sundering brandy-tides
and we wipe for dads as a sermon under baby-brides
sodomises dilators with easy peasy baiters of lost wives

oo they are tugging after wax when a cradler on her back
sinks cunty cuppy sugary puss flaps inside a bone-moon
and we weep for de family when a draggler of hot scrap
hisses across blonded blubby guides
oo as hissing penile pulverises pee upon granite prides
then a magical mind-scrote caresses gunnered knives
and i deal danglers from rose-demented scissor-stripes


a dizzy pinner of swinging pinafores don a plummy eye
oo silly shiners swig oats as a widener of babby sky
seizes sexy epilepsy from grande mal body-brides; and
eaters of sleepered cum sticks a candle in a cunt-can
and, made blue, weepers snip bum-angels with Japan
and vagina-readers shoot clitty farms with nuked Iran
and a bay of sweet lungs cutters cunny from Woman

oo as hissing penile pulverises pee upon fitted scans
then heapers of evil mummy-sizes will use twin-cans
and a mammy clit-clime carries cavvies into wig-rams
ah ah, i have told the sky before about men O war
ah ah, i have poked yonder eye when a head of gauze
came home to shoot its brains; and mentalising gourdes
feed for spinnered hens who cluck as they kill words
oo they are tugging after candy-wax and peeing birds
must now nest for pearls as a shitter of an easy nerve
sharpens salty henned curls; and eaters of peasy pervs
sky-garnish washy worlds with piggers of dirty nerds
and readers of porny pursers shed gas upon damask
and a pleaded period curser booms inside grey flasks

uh, a bony bound bomb bricks into shits as shot mask
engallows blooded bum-trips under lip-nicks; and clasps
season shallowed riders with stereophonic bed-baths


oo they are tugging after dolly straws
oo men are rubbing after brolly bawds
and a sun at sexy sea sunder dawgs
oo they are tugging after dolly straws
oo skin is cutting fever; and a sun's shore
sheds hot seed aside mary's store
and weedlers will always do stir; and

ivories of moneys will pay for drags
o easters in honeys will pray for hags
and a mouse in de moon must use crags
to darken dolly mushes with easy slags
and a hearse of pushes pee on straps

oo they are tugging after baby whores
oo gems are trickling as easy moors
lead evil baby-killers to lakes in daubed
bled bastardising northern blind-cats

oo ebonies in honey swing after god-cats
oo christ's ladies leap for cool cats;
and a shadow on a holy hand naps
a perfect angel-god that heals cats
this huge hired world is close at hand
o largess sky-writes for a rose-island
and a beller of girls raises salt diamond
from painted fans and ghost alarums

i have seen the dead at end of day
drooling after dogs which punish day
o eyes shatter now where greying graves
dollops penis flesh upon a kaned stage
and, la la, a snipper of guns shoots rage,

and first there is rage then lost rage?


oo spind skin is scrapping after straws
oo spun weavers tug for laughing dawgs
and a rended sun of night ladens gods with
creeling adhering gallow-flesh; and kids
car-brighten cob with willow-mesh; and
drivers of ballsy fairies swing after kids
and feline baby-oceans seem bright as figs

oo spind skin is crapping after straws
oo scum-dealers drip under bath-whores
and the dilator in five hands blinds whores
and the spun bakers of naked hooky dawgs
cartel-leash waders of rats into mud-malls

oo soundless sister-silence sings for halls
oo hog-drowners hit violence as gay molls
lead a babby gangster into a home of dolls

and a canny ripper raids red christs where
a dangler in the emptiness of pure soft hair
car-coops a gun of luds into hot radioed air
and fishermen of guns collide with dun gulls

ah once upon a dad-mind eyes inside skulls
shattered eddiers of sex-swine under bulls
and a cower under cunt-grime shoots up for
teasers of revelries that closed a holy door

oo spind skin is clapping after string straws
la la, spun swabby crapping cuts daubed
chapelled easy halo-money that feeds paws
to sickling easy jacketting scarring jackdaws
and, ah, a rapist's angle sinks fat candlers
under a jolted ashy arse that kills grey fjords

Uh, a native matrix in a flower kills all walls
and, o-la, we see now grey bawling stalls
sellling animal baiters to fishy sun-drawled
coddling semen-waiters; and cunt-ken stalls

inside a melon sinner whose eyes fall?

when a patient of pluperfect rage prays to the spread and dumb
we will certainly become cold as age; and the atomiser of guns
shoots from an anal-hip into a fast fierce funeral canal; and suns
gimmer as stars cry; O, when a patient of pluperfect fay lungs
dies for a hospital father then we will certainly noose love's lunge
and send dolly darted starlings to sleep when a rider under cum
scatters spermy sullen willow seed across a corpse of lip-gum
and wheaters of sodden gallow seed scar-strangles aged mums

when a patient of pluperfect rage plays for the dead and gone
we will certainly abuse powder and we must always use drums
but the accidental whore who plies for rectal salt has eardrums
made naked and ruined by daddy dreamers and mamma moon

where winklers of the sexy sad station microphones in dunes
o, as we serenade the sexy mad then a seasoner under rooms
sink buttered dreams inside families; O, the birds of rage swoon
under forceable penile powders as a cagey canary's wound
swipes a dollar-pound around daddy rage and mummy wounds
and, la la, a perspex never-ending periscopes urinate on tombs
and, o-la, as worm sinks into ceilings, a massive budgy bloom
disembodies a stinking basin-blade that cuts to the easy boom
of fascinating fussy fishy fields that star-yield cosy clit-gum

when a patient of old bingo-mecca tramples cards with cums
then accusers of golden lotto-fever couples sin to gay spun
sign-spinneyed budder blits; and a bad basin bin drops tunes
aside a baby baiter of gilly veiny stained bows which croon
after a dodgy silence that sinks a bell under sweet-guns and
as shitters use the elephant box, a cellular cellar's mad hand
transgresses to reveal a body of wine and bodies in scrams.
a bobby on a surfboard arrests all high seas; and grey grans
swallow a bended sun-test with winnowers of thrush-slams
and a robin in a red-chested sea scatters pins upon a glans
and eaters of pooled romancers sweats for icy cocky cans
and we drink from cocky cans and we toast a loser's land
ah ah, windy willowers rot upon veined toasts and Woman
sweeps dunny riders away from easy rivers in England
and a sauna on an urban cliff topples inside cold gentlemen

lo, as times grow both dead and mad, wet god's demise
jacks to jazzed feet; and a roller of debt uses god-wives
to extend a livid hand to a febrile feather; and gay tides
toss off just to find the wakers of deceivers wanking pies
and, o-la, a natron of a gal-boy rips skins from lips; Ohh
whippy worn stations blaspheme down gold-grits as clothes
call upon a naked hospital of stars with duffler's robes
and a stinker of a terminal sea-car crashes in a lost rose
ah ah. I have seen bad men mooning at end of day
aah. Eyes have received skin as swooner of old days
spar-sluices nudish gibberers under capital noose-claves

o we are the aldebarren poet-kids who feed off jizz
o we flail as we sharpen poem-pigs that feed off cribs
and a bolted slickerer damages porn-chicks and trays
send alcohols down a cliff of stormy Mars-kisses fizz
and, thundered, we use lips to lift a tongue under flays
and, summered, we cut nude bluetits with a sofa-haze
and, uh uh, a butterer of de bruised hips in red raze and
widened like women, a slipper of shoed christ expands
a dollar of an english dime from refractories where trams
accuse atomic bones of binding dirtiers to snared scrams
and indigo pipers pee upon windy spectators of slaves

uh uh and blue expectorants sink into a webbed grave
uh uh and stewed stella ancients sink into a spun-raid
and we cry for mussles where a pincer on a lave hits
holiday hips with swarmy hair and a pinker of old trips
and, ahhh, a bandy rubber boy hisses as he jams lifts
and, laaa, a randy blubber toy kisses dean as she rips
a donny of a wound child with wicked limbs and razors
as thamesward floats the city saviour then bent crypts
cradle canny sea-deals in a lady sailor who sails slits
and we sail a boat in a cask and we dream about saws
and we see a god-ghost in play for renders of dinosaurs
ah ah ah. Dealers in dammy clays pelt pissers in tips
la la la. Readers of sonny blades sink a fish inside clits
and we will survive love's skin till the oceans of pips
feed chamomile dung to liquid brethrens; O, men sit

daisy-squatted when a wrencher of ermine eats slips
and bummy damsel worms weep and cry for papers

Copyright JDB 12/09/2020


work-in-progress title: Nine Years in Yorkshire Weight
1st draft poem then poem-song?

and what with paper helmets doing the round
cold rolled dilly desirers will hereby eat sound
and a dollar in a pepper swells under old towns,
and the doctors in a wrapper sign aside sounds
and a bell of burners knells tocsins with clowns

and a radio under fire has a piss-proud tone
and a rodeo under fire has a fatal cunt-stone
aahh, a medical puncher punches fat as bones
bear a body-bagger to a bled fields where drones
hum, hum; and a wagger in a scented town
wallah after guns; and wideners of Downs

sink eaten fanny in a tree of crowns; la la la

o what with paper pelmets doing de round
rolly girly peppers will surely perfume hounds
and a marshy scent sinks wrists in cement
and a dolly blazer stinks; and ruined towns
listen at city doors as weed sun-smolders;
and a woven arch weeps for guns; O, crowds
cruise across lips as hispid whoredom clouds
a bitten sea which serenades bogey sky; and

as we widen into ships then a boat in jams
swallows dread sails and comes into cannes
and filmic seasand boys who sufferf for sands
hereby photograph a rider of the world; and
eyelids peek from fire; Ah, an obsidian liar
drinks from scabby stabbers as holy lover
listens to the davy dark; and menkind suffers.

o what with paper pelmets doin' god's rounds
rolly pearly pisser girls sweat as they drown

and what with paper remits doing the town
easy peasy pushers must eat aside the crowd
and a parky city lusts after brides as the town
wees along cleft rusks; and a cakey cry
crusades for easy flushes and a body-blind
darkens deaths with rushes; and a filmed mind
summons daddy dirt from canals and swine

o what with paper kermits doing the towns
easy sleasy scutterers scatter milk; O towns
tease a naked ditty about soft silks in towns
and a sky of thieves shout about babe-clowns

as we widen into ships then a bark in a can
exposes slabby fingers to vaginal submarines
and a dunny mark sinks a bird into a dream
and an eager death stoppers sex with screams


gee whizz, as the sky entertains the sun then a reader of fire
dictates swollen words unto mistress scissors; and old spires
arise from golden guilty tunes; and weevillers light gasfires

as we widen into ships then sailors in a gun shoot sapphires
and weepers screw pips as saviours stun a grey empire
and a wiper of car-kits wash wands in cum; and old tyres
will always for certain smother the void with grave-fire

gee whizz, as the sun entertains the sky then a high sire
gets doom-denied by his bastard drunken son; and squires
swell up for nazi guff; O, once a rudddy year, samphires
snow deeply down inside dragglers of aged mind-spillers

and eyes must close up, up as blind hearing kills choirs.

and what with paper permits doing my old town then
a shitter of a picker has to hit ceilings and coded men
ah, lung-scattered, nazi healing crucifies lost women
and a rogue at heart beats for lost eyes; and bedrooms
heap a dizzy joke across a false chair; and minds swoon
aside deepeners of de cross; O, eaters of bald runes
abuse fierce worldly words with naked blue poetry.

gee whizz, as the sun entertains pure death then I
will defy deities with old plaintains; and de mental sky
will shoot a lunar bone as a blabberer under cold slides
shuts a piggy wife-killer in a deep freeze; and red lies
lilt under a libellous slanderer's sea-gun and old tithes
trip aside morons as a bleeder of a sun burns nights

and what with paper helmets dragging dun caps down
and what with leper-star-lips shedding skinned sounds,
we will entertain the riders of crypts; O, stars pound
a driller of papered wires; and shoes stamp on lights
and weedling pepper pyres damage sex with crowns

gee, the piteous bellered guns of death use tocsins to
fill a belfry with knelling sex vinegars; and sex moves
a teeny tiny noose that spy-slams a spender in shoes;
and a terrible goose burns cold turkeys with cruised
bladdy blorting daughter lightning; and cats cry for

more rats and mice and voles and moles and whores.
when scar-doctored by Mars, a kindler of healers
dictates easy champagnes to dizzy drunken rivers
and, la la, we chant for a mantrum as a fast mirror
sea-slides a dumb plant aside a rider of a rippler
and, oo, as stunna of a dive launches squatters
to a laid nude world where women punch land
gee whizz, the picures of old fingers sink rippers
beneath lady-writers of gold ringers of hot zippers

when once a door-dancer dribbles from slippers
then a dog of timed lancers may well sunder for
a dabbler of a caged stage where stripper's wards
loosen urine clouds aside metallics and gay swards

gee whizz, the picures of blind fingers sink pissers
and, la la, a masoner of spined creamer sucks bone
and we scurry out to a deaf sea as barking stones
bear insane jazzy genius to dreamers after kissers

when once a dagger-dancer swirls aside killers
o where a bugger of a diner feeds across milners
then a bed of pricklers lather after fatal dillers
and a binded lip-stickler daubs an ass with Zen,
gee whizz, the pictures of a naked fotal foal
are soddenly sent to embolisms in a poet's rose
and a poet's tree slices corn from apple-gold
breathers of taut wine and menstrual clothes

and a bagger on a kerbing kiss phones pogues.
these waggering buried days where i lunched upon false jams
dirty now cherried graves; O, as i punch upon scalded scams
then a masoner of a meadow baby girl bricks in de evil boiling
and a rider of a mesh metes out easy meteors to de evil ceilings
ah ah, measurers of measures cunt-crash for a lashwide evening
ah ah, pleasurers of pleasures suck-slah a bed inside leavings
and a mad boy-heart ravels into swift grime that leads to killings

gee whizz, the pasters on my bed sweep damned burials under
fascinating purple wastes that relieve maddening burials of
westends and tocsic tumblers; O, a carring accidental God has
one zillion stars for his deafening blue eyes; and odes to glass
caress a dlily doctor-cock with cunted waves that eat from a
neatly pressured body-box; and my meddled mind drive lost cars
these waggering buried days where i fed off a corpse of sands
swims for mamma nature; and a whipper of lead eats brands
and we arise from mumbler's hill and we paint a bled town with
brighteners of fingery turban-mills; O, as tawny statue scales kids
O, a broadener of both night and day dazzles seals with grids

once upon a sign in a blue world, my head seemed fed to pigs
once aside a signal, my screwed world seemed fat as fast figs
and, made for sandals, i see now in my fat web a tree of frigs
ah ah ah. Moonish madams of a cloud fall from sex then die
ah ah ah. Moonish macadam sinks tarry walls inside old eyes

and modus vivendi mined minds melt off from messy skies as
a driller of nasty meese suppers from shit-troughs; and gas
grasps at gasping tors; and a medley of a mad hand has a
stranglered strange cradle for a family; O, a pasted past has
a liquid head for crazy candles; and a burner in the vast has
a vase-vetted soul cat for a naked meadow baby girl. Bast
builds an egyptian Anubis up from apexing pyramid-casts
and, oo, as Tut flows by then Sesh fondles Horus; and flasks
swill from waspy nests when a beller of cables shoots up

and wilters of wideness glow in the thumbs as death shrinks.
there are alien tarot cards here which deal dirt to a major arcana
oh, a bud of sheer glass shrapnels after buddies and flavour mana
breeds with sliced bullion when a township, shopped to sex grammar,
sea-loads distant lusts with waggy vanners of driven silver hair
and a vase of dust scatters fracturing flowers across fractious air

there are alien tarots cards here that yeld daisy lip to mad men and
eyers of fatal tears caress scarred fat as a bucky shoe in remand
arises from natal tears; and a beddy bladder boy who's face gets
sister-canned, hits to a daddy beat; O, such wicked wolves are
ripped from fanged tails and fed to a human giant; and old cars
carry cunny meats to a news sail; and addlers of titians fed cars

there are alien tarot cards here. As i abuse a ouija board with a
harried harridan in a latent ghost-grid, then i accuse bawds of a
heinous fascinating fish-shaken jig that feeds a fork to red Mars
and after twelve pints of salmon curry, i left my home in de North
and got brutally stabbed down by mason bees. And my easy force
feelers after a deadener's cremated family; O, a buggy in sauce

scanners after a nuclear moon and this good moon killls de horse
nordic masoned burials dig to a jackal's beat when a bird under morse
taps out the burials of a slaughterer's bleep; and an eggy eyed force
sunders for the madrigals of one zillion jacked beats; and hearses
slaver after doom denials as a sexy dead denigration of purses
jeers at de moon and lunar attires spread bedded natrons with a
tossler of tusselled meadow sires; O, we feed a cock into horses
la, god-pulled Aladdin rubs his tubby lamp as cloned crowd of hearses
helter to a gun-grid that guns dummy roads with blasphemers

there are alien tarot cards here. As i comfort deaths with passions
and as men, scaled by tears, suffer wrecks then grey compassion
peels aside a beller of endless years; and a bagger of closed voices
yields to a skipped mind-bleat and then layer a mien with grey horses
and a sickled winner of dumb sleep has to sleep all damned years and a
carrious cabin crew screws sleep then sleep will die for doubt now.

and when eagled carrion comfort has to wash bills in red-eyed clouds
and when seagulled carrion sand-forts has to wash dead dick-shrouds
then a radio in a wired television car switches dope to starry proud
heroic biddy noosers; and a kneller of belly bone strikes an anvil-crowd
aside from alley huddlers whose care for killings wows the ferine loud
and, lo, after nine pints of salmon curry i left my flat in de deep North
and then got brutally stabbed down by a caker in a park of ript gorse
there are alien tarot cards here. As i comfort a carrion death with sauce
then my fatal fotal psychic ear dies and leads sex to bluesy bed-coarsed
schizophrenic bruisy brainstemmed bolshy bennies; and, ah, death dies.

what with eggy rabbit dung sea-found in Munich, me and madam moon and mad Gods
will shed nine years in yorkshire weight; and a dun sea wallows in its waves as Dogs
star-leash city shit to a hot bread bag when a dung-drowner delves after soaped suds
and a bellied bell shines, shines; O, and witnesses to clowners well after doped buds
ah ah, a weaverer of wine shouts as she groans; and a painted pillar under roped blood
tree-buries a waxen wood in a dummy stone. As deaths drawl for thunder then rubs
accuse a rainbowed grub of affixing a boney bandaged skin to a penis paved with drugs
and after drinking twelve pints of greasy salmon curry, i left my manse in the North
only to be brutally struck down by a darksome baby; and, la la, snowers in de North
scar-nordify a wimpler of a rat with rabbit shitters; and, ha ha, showers in de Force
listen to daddy winter as a cat without litters shoves fishy fanlights down bone-mugs.

and there was copious cum in the hedges on the high roads and, uh, as skinning slugs
came home to flash their lungs then a barterer of sky-rogues sucked on fast sludge
and the granite beakers of a quartered hour seems laden with macadam and loves
and a metre rule, made a king of a flower, sirens adown birds which pecker loved
babying penis phoenix; and a bedder under flour stirs some snakes under buggered
strangulated schizophonics; O, a baker in a tower hisses after nights as timed buds
car-mangles easy times with a swollen sylvan time-machine; and evils inside gloves
cunt-cane as willow-mask with sainted silken commotions; and seagulls in old bugs
butcher after dilly glass which scatters aldebarren shit-pots down a porny sea-spud.
and after drinking twelve pints of salmon curry, i left my cremative home to find
a madam of a disembodied dick-swine cutting me to lipid-bits; and, la la la, my mind
accuses the whole of south yorkshire about all of de North and de snowing red drive
that ravels as she travels into illing knife-grout. And angellers of a pissing fart-bride
gun-brightens everything; and, lo, i have got a gun and i am coming to home see you
ahhh. Weakeners of a door-closing star cause genius to rock in a head of blues.

and ashen goosy gabbling crazy cavvies cluck for an eggy chick whose bled news
cums copious dyslexic cranes to easy sex-muck; and an eggy scribe of dun truths
moon-swallows angry lips with patented puss-cups; and, uh uh, we died for news

Copyright JDB 13/09/2020

work-in-progress     title: Dairy Beat

1st draft poem then poem-song



the pricking of a cock hits upon a blown beat
o suckered scissorers slice lungs; and odd meat
sinks crap into some flowers; and sadness beats
a body-beard; and wavers stride against sleep

the prickler of a crock smashes bulbed heat
the sticker of a clock stops the dead; and sleep
hardens false rain as veins cut the space we reap

sirens under masts sail for torn tears; O, sleep
sodimises fathers with grails that to lead to wheat
o cuttlers of fingerers veil stars under rose-heat
and a benny in a blade sinks eyes inside greyers
and, la, la, la, eynes burn up, up, up as old slayers
rat-a-tat on a dizzy blood-map, and dizzy pissers
pee upon dun buds. O, excellent eaters are
snipt from an anorexic flower; and foods scars
a bleeder of an fever-fix; and odes to dead Mars
hardens for spastic wayferers and rode cars

the pickling of a bled penis sheds dead seed
ah a bed of budders harnesses dunny weed
and a shed of lovers sky-varnishes grey seed
and eddiers of a mad cunt sinks caves in weed
and brotherers of sad cunt sinks lays into sleeves

sirens under masts sail for torn towers when a
baddy of a blind boy swims aside a flowered cars
and weedlers drown for tears as coded rivers
stop a stopper with towns. O silence dies for
cicada shades and clowns; and we feed wars?

the carriages of cunny honey burn my house down
and marriages of sunny ladies wed me to de town
and, o dilly dilly, my mad bed sweats as dizzy clowns
cup old titties in bathed hands; and we listen to loud
lewd lounges that lead punch to wardrobes and eyes
lilt in de easy town as a sightless city inside scribes
scries, scries O, a dunny pearl shaves gold and lies
lead truthfulness to painted waters; and raised warts
give head to sci/fi as a dilly cobra leader warps us
with spaced out shuttlers; and a code aside trucks
sweeps a baby rose from dreary rain to old nuts

Huh Huh. underwatered with chanters, old sluts
get sun-saved by dizzy dolly porters. O, grey huts
fall to sodden earth and loud gents go due West.

oo we scry for dirty rain as rain cuts us down
la la, we cry after pain as we suck the town
from livid lip; and a painter of holly resounds
and a sainter of damned seizures feed sounds
with shallowers of dirt, disease, deaths; Ohh.
when bittered salt-skirt relieves deaths then
clashers of merry hens lay candy eggs; Ohh.

we scry for dirtied rain as rain cuts us down,
we try for easy red rain as hailstones surround
a beddery family that sends old pigs aground
and, uh uh, as we sweep de soul from mouths
then a sea of bees stings a fast beard from a
continental skyline; and a nympho in a car has
an easter egg for a cocoa bonnet; and gas

sleeps inside a star as weederers eat glass.

uh uh. underwatered by dirty scissor-grains
an oddity of veins dons family; and red trains
derail and leave behind five million cut veins
and ideal eaters jackknife to reveal stained
muggers whose spastic fife has to sea-stain
a rivaller of nudes with lighting's sea-masks
and we are contained with lefties as damask
deadens baby bitchers with dirtied flasks

ahh, wow wee for our naked pop-girls who
serenade trampolines with dizzying ooze
ahh, wow weee for our naked sun-sleuths.

uh uh underwatered, a blessed mind-skein
snips after coals as we alight a blue fire's
sinking funeral blaze; and we ride from fires
ahhh, wow wee, see how we tred on spires
ahh, gee, see now how painters draw veins
and a coded rider of trowels drigs for newts,
and, loaved by liars, we slice slander from a
granite bathe's plunge; and we die for nuked

body oceans. O, closers of spies must cry?

oodles of scarab sweethearts lay waste to dinner nunneries
oh poodles of cut crab clutter day-waste as mental monkeys
revolve in purified angel-hairs; and a wifeling who sheds honey
heaps to a bled vault of deifaction; and a farmer of bodies
blinks in a sand-strewn mind. O, a digger for labial bunnies
mines for a gold-spine and a fierceness of ferine ladies is
scar-led to a bleeder's hands and a doubler of faceless pigs
shines, just like a bent fig. O, kind death drinks to porn-kids
la la la, a plastic menstrual funnel invades times as dummies
stool-suck a bladderwrack of a scar-scathed perspex mummy.

uh uh uh, underwatered, a blessed boat of camphus blubbers
dollops donkey-weights aside fled oats that ride horse-fever,
and we hear shivers and fevers when fainters of mind-skippers
sallow family leaders with tweezers; Oh, me and my feather
falls to dirt, death, sex, disease; and a siren inside a killer has
a dolly shirt that sucks sex shit from a whored skirt; and gas
gallops for stool-tuckers as coprotic murders cane creamed
filthy dagger-drops. And Isis under Eqyptian cunt screams?

oodles of scarab sweet-carts lay waste to dinner memories
blah blah, blabby hard sleep softens fat sleep with monkeries
and a bed at night causes sickenss to invade god's dream
and a jazzy light causes sadness to awake in a grey screen.
once upon a mind in a cruel cold nuclear soul, dead teams
had god-dust held in belled thral; Ohh, messengers beam
after dyslexic holy train-drawl as a madam sucks spleen.
as for the whirring gizzard boy who casts strangled spells on sin
a local locust in a wizard toy must kill all dicked plants; and gins
taunt a helter-skelter as the honeys found in gyms of red limbs
delimit doctored dream with chanters of dizzy coded eye-skin,
and a bedder of dire eyers lams a dancer-lady with hilled hymns
and a local flash-cunt-ward walls de boiling in; O, under winds
we may well weeble after dawgs when a junta under screens
shallows a haloed world in which macadam swarms latrines.

once aside a mind in a cruel canned ditch danglers for mined
murderous guilty baby-boxers; and a buggy unfound in wine
sinks a slinky cunt-shit aside bled boys whose mien of twine
slips a doggy car-curater with dummy sneezy nasal marines
and a gull in the death of night must warden after blue beans
hah hah. Dirt, death and disease fellow marksmen; streams
moon-flow unto a fang of wet reeds; and a bower's scream

slashers against hanged dweebs; and money today reams
danny daddifiers with consumate blue tigers; O, we preen?


the consummate filler of a force-fed eye hastens to a period of blind sleep
o cold intimate mirrors suck a scabbed sky when a tawny goddess reaps
dunny flowers from mind-screens; and a babby in a pig-pen moon-deletes
whory horrid glamour statues which sea-tread a summer in starred heat

and a daddy bison on a lady-road strkes winter down with spent heated
babby gun; and we weeble for toad-christs and we dance in a spy-meted
blown blondie of soaky sweet-mictioning incredible dinsoaured sky-jeeps.

the consummate filler of a fish-threaded blue-bladed balded herrings
salmon-shakes a rose of rivers from eagle-pissings; O, closed rings are
danced upon army fingers and a meddler in rippings murder blue cars
and, lo lo lo, a dasher of a moggy mind shits upon craps in a cradlecar

and a snuffer of lashwide easy bodies grinds blue lead down to swift stir
and a loader of rainbowed growly radio sends a ship of tools to sleep
and, ooo, an alien mother caresses her carrion child when crows creep

outside this blued world of skirted demotic lady pilgrims of cat-sheep
and the veiny tapestries of blown eyes deafen a gull inside world-meat
and venal ferine dreams of dirtying tv slides fuck the weekends when
bloodiers of naked lancers lick against rock-n-soul; and broken hems

lash after layers of droned dick; and smilers in a roll feedssalamis to
feral fascinators who drink a salmon drink all damned year; hot flues
feed a candled car with fluid tar and kiss this world behind death-lubed
lesbian sea-cattlers; and dune-dressers of piss wee upon green-nudes

i have seen the sun of clay made erect by his selfish potting sex and
laden lazy liars leap from spray and wicked women die in a sand-hand.
the blown sidled pockets of men who die in zippered high trees
trample daisies into dust; and cold dudes who dry their lives
will come to track for loss when a keen crab in a boned beehive
encurtains a mindless cross; and a fabler under toneless eyes
dream-deify the rollers of crapped cradlers and stoney mikes.

o as welters cash in on shopped shit then a manx on junk-bikes
sun-poisons all female lips; and a cautioner of stampeded rites
moon-shields a cat of wards where a hospice under blue hype
stations a greying statue with heated horses and chalked nights.

i have seen the sun of clay made confetti inside soft delights
and, danced to candied death, a smeller of skies hears delight
draggling passionate flowed flowers; and the rams of midnight
nestle on a lily pond and a fascinated tower prays for de dead;

and damsel-daddies will surely swim across focal fotal bread
O as a stubby soiler spits upon spind wind then aching kites
crashdown inside oiler-pits made-up from mental cruel piked
sallying sodden gardened chemic urinators; and soft christs
enter, from plasticines, the waiverer of plastic pulled rice
and a custard arisen from craveners crash upon salt-lead.

once upon a mind in a spreaded world, giddy ghastly trikes
toiled on a gabby female rose; and a grabbler of mind-pikes
got cunt-fished from a boned stream and then fed to key-lice,
and, denuded into tips, a tawny tripper of heads gives rice

to eagled confetti demons that dance aside a grove of spice
and a canny killer castle craps on moany mops as drill-diced
magical manny moaned sex-snaps shit upon radioed dykes,
and Isis men yield Ilex gems when a cattler in a wide light
pantie-pushes pealers of pled pins into bright sweat-wipes

and widening heads in cagey breasts hang from a striped
entertaining little deacon whose use of god is car-piped
across a dulling cutted close; O, the confused listen to spiked
dilly silly boys whose wedded hearts fuse a can to a knife

and a boneless noose nulifies sparks with nailing christs
and a stoneless noose nulifies parks with flailing christs
and a bed of pure paned petrol sets alight to gymy life
and a head of demure metal cracks its nuts on a midwife
and the napped wide earth loosens sailors forever.
the vast smiles of a killed God gasp for cunts as feathers
come trickling a tickling mad lover with cunny fathers
and a louser of a bad mad mumma seal grasses inside a
dater of a monkey-nut; and we swallow easy brothers and
weepers wash wandering rats in a strangler's piss-pram
and sugary stem-dilators hit upon a pop-disk as flavas

fascinate druggy kisses with slaters of granite Man.

Ah, a weaver weakens as old faces of damselisers dam
drapers of dreamers with laces in blanded shoes and Ram
and a weeper's mask gives disguise to self's masted Venus
and, la la, alarming trips swallow dovedbombs. Ohhhhh

a sweeper of dreary lives cuts a canine ferine cat-clan and
a whisperer of eerie cries shuts a feline rat in sedans
and guitars in Marylands melt under brutal blood-brigands
and mentalising mamma boys who sweat for Venus
carve a dilly stiff from a damager of radio Rose;
and the radios in male clothes swing to a dairy-beat



Copyright Jim Bellamy 16/09/2020.


work-in-progress title: Pee-Men Prick de Crows
1st draft poem then poem-song

easy cargoed family larders swell right up for candy stores
o sea-ferragoes swallow martyrs where a daddy of wards
sinks a lesbian life-light inside dolly chairs and cut wharves,
and a signal under christ-light slides; O, a babby in a wall is
forever led to sleep and bald cantonments scry for de fizz

easy cargoed family lasers sting as swift labia loosens pigs
and a queeny of a razor rabbits for stinging skinnerds; and
a veiny prison bone that cuts a lung to the quick caps ribs;
and entertainer to a mad butt breaksdown; and old kids

undersign a losell of a lollyman with charities in coin-digs
and a medley of claspers pecks upon families and fay-gigs go
crazy, crazy; and we have to peddle pus as pissy pen-glows
abuse a littered pencil with domed days where lights slow

down, down, down; and dudes of pee-men prick de crows.

infirm skulled whales wash a dyer up in woollen names
o dun dilly scales wash a drier up; and a dog inside flames
seasons abbey-lovers with sweet cuts; and a cat in games
scurries aside a model moon; O, statues found in frames
fall to evil racist earth as a winder under towns hits chains

easy cargoed women hiss to a porn-beat; and grey grain
sinks a swallower into pits where a barley hand rains for
dilly men whose painted panting passion for odalled pain
carries donny splinterers to misions housed in sold stains

infirm skulled whales wash a cryer up in indigo freezing mien
o scummed snippy smiles swipe ashes from glided gemmed
baby-snatchers; O, a body wipe lashes gum and big ben

dancers against four birds that sing for damselling peahens
and, la la, as wicked egits crap on swings then gaying dens
will even out the easy killed with god's mindless head-spin,
and we sweep to a dirty crib that draws deaths very near.

the lousy ingrowing snarley market of the dead and done
splashes london fires with parapets; and a weekend in Rome
grows very rancid; and a sea of puppets dances for suns
and a game of dancers swings under limpets and guns; and
a widener of wool stitches mamma to fingers; and sands

cry, cry, and women flow from red skinners as shone ribbands
go blind and thence shift lungs. O, once upon a wigwam
doctored news, made stayed, crapped on birth's big-bands
and a mentalist of graves cried for mad lustive canyons
when, vased in masts, weedlers danced for red-eye crayon.

o lousy ingrowing snakey markets sell goats to the bruised
o easy sin-crowing apey parapets swell up for de noosed
and my eaten split eye shines like hell as i snap my broods
beneath canterers that shelter samphires inside grey roofs

once aside a mad spine, a wanderer of wolf-smokes moved
a distancing bled wynd in de windmill thats bleed til noosed.

a digger of daddy monks drags dearths for monkey money
o riders of daddy junk drag births for easy bended honey
and a rapier of spunk scatters earth across dizzy mummy
and a whipper of wicked strips curves across mad dummies
and as lighters in a crippled maze use a deadly arcade then
sneezy blue-blonde rifflers dowses dukes with lemonades
and, la la, as we cruise for houses we weaken for parades
and mentalis feeds digitalis to grouses when raven-blockades
bedevil naked peas with canny milk-spouses. O, old blades

season for ever a damager of silks; and chalkers in trades
teeter under blown ravagers; and oaken forts fuck slaves
ah ah. I uttered from udders and a blue cow fell to daddies
ah ah. I utttered from budders and a fast crowd cut cabbies,
and eyelines sight-paint eaten daughter owls; O, druggies
come back home now in order to taste disorderly tears
.Uh Uh Uh. Sky-written cocoa orders cryers from spheres

the inchoate mammy melter of madness and cool honey
swells under daddy; and a pelter of sadness in money
sea-masses salty lips inside craters; and odes to bunny
bag-bang crazers in a tree of rapiers; O, odes to babby
swing from the limbs of applers; and a stoving bad bee
stings aside salt wasps that cut honeys from jammers

the inchoate mammy wallers of madness and cold are
fed to the dulling distance of old deadness; and stars
fail as they call from a minotaur moon which sun-scars
easy eden astrolabes that supper after midnight cars; Ah
we weevil after tribes as a trilby in a rose kills cablecars

and a weakener of fled frosts couples us wth cinemas.

the ripplers of waxy fluffs river-raid old shores with melons
o riveners of dilly buff river-raids cold whores with chicken
and a woman going west has to hoist a sex-dress; and felons
fascinate daddy killers with lime juice and cervix action

the ripplers of waxy cuffs river-raid cold wards with melons
o scriveners of baby busts cradle-craves a killer of women
and a gemmy germ-bed breaks apart the towers of miction
and a daddy goat taunts bread when tawny eye-frictions
meddles with burned day then gives a shout for kitchens

o a wheat-rent sally scream has to ride pure rain and falons
fascinate kids that masturbate and leave bad veins atoned by
wallopers of rape-rigs; and we chant for saddening tree-sky
and, la la la, entertainers salt-campaign for draggers of dyed

wallet torches; and a weeper in champagne toasts de lithe
illuminators of salad screens which reel inside the red east's
bulleted bead-drive; and bead-drives strangle necklace-life
and a sunny body burn that chants for Babel drags lights
from city-showers. And menkind melt for dunny den-dykes
the ripplers of waxy fluffs river-raid old shows with kites.

the smelling easy shower of a dizzy grave swells up for
bedazzlers of family lives; and a fizzy slave sucks cuts for
a wizardry of minors that swing, swing, swing; O, we snore,
and nuclear berried burials cremate the sex in a wound claw
and a venal mind shits aside a milk-crate; and old whores
snipper-snacker adown dives when a wallower of paws is
fascinatedly fed to crow-cries; and pee-pee pulls on ribs
and a nailer's shade of poo-poo flour bakes nude cake
and idylls of romantic snakes reel upon a seedy corn-crake

the smelling easy shower of a dizzy grave swells up for
bedazzlers of family tides; and an oceaned obelisk in stores
damages windmillered ties with dragonning sugar-spoars
and me and my fathering flower has to let sin afloat for a
macadam of a torn starry lunar tarred roped mac; and a
daggerer of donkey dunes shoots a sonar moon and whores
rootle for crisp expensive anal moneys; and, O, we scram
after scissory transfers from blood to de bodies. Ah, prams

cut a beautiful bunny in a bled buggy; and old kids crap?

the dunny razzlers of lady daffodils blow botanical witches
o sunny drivellers who stem sweet hills stoops in harness
and a fakir in a witching hour seats dills inside yon madness
and a tallowed tower which collapses under daddy saddness
eye-deafens dukes with pain-refexing ear lumber; O, depth
drabblers for suits and a bren in messing cries for T Rex
and a gism in a hardboard pastes bud-brides with pen-pecked
mummy pillars which clothe breasts in bee-slides; and death
drivels into flued flour; and a camphor inside wives wrecks
easy plashes with corridors and flashes; O, once inside sex
my eater of a stained mind thought about dogs when specs
fell, and, uh, down around a merry-go-town, my sweet kecks
sun-staved a widower of pounds with american diner-decks

o alarmers, heard once a day, listen to lips where sirens are
fuck-fed to egit lavvy soap-clays; and a minder in a sidecar
dulls a daddy dray with sweetex and cube-grinders; and stars
piss from a moony height where a merchant to easy rum-scars
sea-dilates inside a tawny buzzy bounced boy who wanks scars
and a beddy clowned mind scatters spermatozoa aside carved
babby kitchens that ease a frenched tongue under stone-stir;
and whisperers don whimperers when a tawser of grey curs
leash a sylvan mind to as winklers that snap a gazer's hearse

dummy razzlers lay diamond dunes to pure waste as de curse
slurries under puzzlers; O, a dog in bed-rhuem aches then hurts
a barker of a bed-bomb with pawing collars and dog-skirts.

the easy cum easy flow of a dunny girl at night sets alight
to quangos of easy crows; and a giddy pearl uses night
to seize a daddy siren from salt-hands; and dolls at night
send nuclear faces to a corpse of jams; and mad lights
turn a baby on her side when a drinker of pure midnights
draggle a puncher's lift with nine fangs that yield to rites

the easy cum and easy flow of a fluid female basin is
eagled to the very nines when a baker in a granite kiss
sea-silences a bay of bayers that scout aside jammy wrists
and my hero sheds his ghost across my body as fists
build bony shelves with our straight IQs and hetero mists
la la, eynes burn up where meshed minds mine for trysts

the easy gummy crowd of an easten rider gathers mists
o easy sunny clouds that shed rain upon a facial hiss are
fled from horny bays; O, as we glide then we use cars to
scatter an eggy body across a wagerer of wasted nudes.
and a bed of deadfulness crosses plasterers of blue dudes
and a sleepy pit of a bed-spread pop a pisser with nips

Ahh once star-crowned, a city in a goat-town has to let slip
all candy cavas when cocoa-spindlers cook all dead lips.

the renters of dying music feed me now to a life of trips
la la, i am crying and my musical bed uses dream-lips;
and the city cryers who ring dirt-bells hasten to lips
and, ah, my lyon caky nude who wed me to mind-tits
comes whittering at my backdoor when a sea of trips
star-shovels sofa tithes; and madam petroleum has a
geesy gander grind for five hands; and a cow in slits
jacks my jazzy father and baked drams within pips

la enterers of circus shadow shows baby-bits with
poo-pooed pottery shallows; and a donket under tips
washes her vast mined hoovers with mummy-mitts.

the renters of dying music feed me now to a blue drip
and i saw a father's music crying for men and cliffs
and dada died away from dying as soft sinning spliffs
slip a bogey of a fawkesfire into a hot gusset; O, grips
hanker after deadly tyres that lead to a cleansed hit
and we shoot up from pelicans where sin gets ripped

la la entertainers of a coughed world jive to old clits
la la scented winter razors shave a jelly high. Lifts
loosen brotherers of sailors when a bell-rope gun-grips
a dunny demon bride with beery clementines and profits,
and a cell in sweet wines toasts the eager even dead.

o i have been made flower-naked by pcked devs and
i have been raised from fond flowers; and reddy ribbons
rap along a petal-box and a petal box for dully gibbons
grass after potato-stashed gunny cock, O, swine-shreds
skin-staple bonny eyed granny pox; and hot mermen
feel up their latest drowning with maiden friends; and a
saucer of a fatal dreamer rips a fotal local cellar-car;

the renters of dying music feed me now. Pulled tents
bleed like a puppy soul and hurtled thorny legions vent
a barnied bad-bodied boy who sinks sex china in scent
and we perrfume grass with walrus glass; O, caged stir
hips to a gaoler's jumped jeep as a cheeper under soft curd
sucks old tealeaves from a flowering schizoid tea-spoon.
o do be aware of all of your dumbfounded dicking because
cabinets of demure hair tend to castrate all good gods
and an endless hemped piano lives where drunk pig-Love
angel-demands a sugary sheath from buddy bath-muds
and a dairy adjourner tries jazzlers for souless shoe-tugs
la la la. Vocalisers in the jaffa juices of shoed rent-blood
sickle-age for accidental dicker sluices and, ohhhhhhh

funny funnellers of dipper dames fuck-up shutted loaves
o dotty dairy flyers suck aside ghosts as pearled brogues
piss in a fire-clock; and merchant men christs crow-slow
down, down, down where a bitter grapefruited pin-rogue
peals a purple pickled onion from greying action pogues
burled Moosy Master Mice will trap voles in lost clothes
and a dragooner of eggy spice seasons jammy bedclothes
and a marina in a toilet-wipe warms washed pillow-plugs.

when once this statued hand smiles under camal drugs
then a granite piper may well ravel under shooting bugs
and, loo loo, me and a caustic rubberband tauten drugs
and, oo oo, men and mastic rubby rodeo drams tug for
natalisers of day, night, and latent pooled virginity when
painters of poxy boxes trash volts with shivering gardens
Uhh weavers of brooches block a canal lavvy with a star
deviller of seizures made-up from grand mal MaMa
and we may well have to sing goodbye to dread MaMa
and, caned in spreeing wet cunt, we may well prefer a
daddy of a dun dreamer to a bottler of aphonal cards

Copyright Jim Bellamy 17/09/2020.


work-in-progress title: O Mad Rain Guts the Place we Tread
1st draft poem then poem-song

the tricklers of vaginal sisters horde heads under glass
o sticklers under naked clisters swathe beds in glass
and an ideal father flashes for riders as rodeo glass
smackers aside roofs under wet bikers; and the past
transgresses to reveal a patina of killers; and masks
sliver-crowd dunny easers of famous mirrors with
mad porcupines and degrading funeral fist-whips;
and a dolly owl star-hoots for families of pear-pips

and eveners of passive penis powers swill silk lips and
an altogether easy sea-harnessed flower spins and
a cradler on a quite stiff snaps grey hours; and writs
sign across signal page; O, crazy fairgrounds use clits
to silence beards with rage; and a godless mind-trip
snip, snip, snip; and we are on a heavenly night-ship.

the trickster of virginal eyelashes hordes beds under
a grippler of cooling spum spy-splashes; and tits
tweek for filthy sex-milks; and a sea of tundras
is led to sleep where a caddy colours thundered
bodiers of heat; O, a kind daddy yells at fathers;
and a boat of glass rends mind-money and lovers
leash a lady-flower to spinal honey. O, fingers

flow like a tossed tower; and ides in a lost fingerer
have to cut caesar from eyes and mind-estrangers
and an owl under semen swills shed-derangers
and a bolt of brass sweats in female-pockets and
an anal deep canal shutters puss inside England.

the trickster who lays milk to rest hits for edams.

the rider of comal liars leads a dolly feather into
canny evil drivers; and men suck on fever's nudes
and easy bodiers bounce, bounce; and gully truths
sharpen hoops with hoses; and we raise roofs as
a bay-bitten bobbin head caresses coded newts.

wee flows like a flower; and a dammy scoop
scoops pulled ice-creams with family soap; and
gally idiot familial jeeps will surely drying hands
and a seasaw under creeps dies aside islands

the rider of comal liars leads a dolly flava to us
and dirtying dollar-headers pay for a pounding
noted biddy bank that hammers hot red feelings
and a body's burn soaks up inky pantries when

odes to ideal Britain pull on sex then sex ends.

the doctors of distance weep for cicada men
o proctors in recusance sweep for cider-men
and a dollar bill in busted tree falls for women
ah ah, a dogger on a sex-drift drag grey semen
with two freezed hands that lay loves upon
a dizzy grave where dead mourners eat cum

old boys grieve for mothers and chilled guns
shoot a skinning tin-pan-alley; and shot suns
fall from solar heaven; O, a cat under lungs
leaps to a sonar soul. And dirtiers car-hum
and an easy instant indian saves us all then
a yogic iced surprise will tantalise chickens
and doctors o distance weep under graves
and daughters of violence cuts easy waves
and, la, fishermen of fishy woman engraves
eaters of curved lions with hacking fiction.

a sad motel on a remote cliff has to sun-ship
all mad horses to emotive lips; and star-ships
soften easy trains with issuers of naked lips
and a tawny towel buzzes in closed ropers
and a sea of hands layers glues on waters
and sad hotels cry on a cliff; O, forcers
deafen dotty sea-providers with divorces
and i saw the roads come between us and
i senses a vein-toad crying, crying; and air

sky-bites cloud-written crying; Ahh, pears
suck an aphrodisiac of a ceiling from snares
and i saw a god in a flower shining for pears
and eyelidded dogs glow upon a lost stair. La,
once upon a life in a false world, cutted tears
marry model drammers with drinking ear-gear

a sad motel on a remote cliff has no sun-ship
la, a blinded nude hotel with a hiss swells for
doddery dashy damsellers with filthy cock-war
oaken aspen rigid cold dick seizes mind-fear.
mental mind-persuaders peer into filthy holes
ah, scented body-bathers peer into dirty souls
and an ideal eater of Japan dons a tart tie
and a model reaper shows a penis to the sky
and a hotel-heaper shows a pinnace to tides

oaken aspen aspic tummies feed dun eyes
and a muted basin-bunny breaks aside eyes
and idiots that shine for cunny eat sold slides
Ohh, once upon Friday, Saturday's brides ride
for figgy winkers that wank for a wife; O

weepers have to grab glass from dead life
and an opener of crab-casts shooteths christ

mental mind-persuaders peer into giddy holes
la la, scented body-painters shit on souls
and once upon blessed lime, a shop of souls
suckled guilty pigs with one zillion bathrolls
and diggeries of kind ribs cause Eden to
sharpen Eve and Adam with bible-blues

and painters of mermen fish for old shoes.

wow, what a deady sirened life to lead - a patina of the killing plants the land
and a holy family gets sapped by greed. O, once i had a devil in my two hands
and, yeah, washy with shanky cell-seeds, a crooker of a mental prison jams
out-of-perspective sailors with outellbowelled fissure men; and a bloodied land
lends faceless flavas to sea-sawn moon deniers; and a bud of drams washes
an outelbowed face with romanisms that plead for beery suds; and rolled jams
jostles across a plumed stiff that suffers Mnethna's indigo violence. O, trams
caress city trains with both loused hands - Trainyards end in capsizions
and a jacker of a fotal stoker snaps a poked giraffe inside messy anal-lessons

ooo it is good to die back home. I have never idolised a tawny life because
a tawny dizzy life has no homely fatal prospects? And, la, a buzzy star-force
widens a wicked mass with musky breast-bubonics; and a sudden eye-horse
delves after juicy bum-women who lace under trecks as a gosling of a purse
gets deeply robbed from veined hands; Ah, a belly of brassed bells enhearse
salty sereneders of dashy daisy radio clans; and a gassy gobbied cloud-curse
craps into the wind as a painter of pure poverty dies out leaving lessons
aside a baddy blower of a sainter who is paved with painter's money. Lahhhh.

the painters of pure money swell up as they sell insidious oils
la la, an idiot inside money swells up as paints daub chinese oil
and a bed at booktime swallows sluts; O, divas on a cliff coil
just like a howlaround in a graven canvas cut; and dogs in soil
sink, sink; and vestal naves that leads tarots to eye-pleaters moil
in a bonny of a blown maddy that hastens to the skies; O, oils
sink slinkered marshes with dreadful string; and crowing foils
flcker round a cock. Ah death's din dare not sin but spunk-spoils
cummer for illegal snuffy clock - found inside gold toil, a
jacker of a rubber man molds postmodern flecks inside a hard
braddling bone-beaker; and Aladdin is god's cat and dog-drives
study exactly how to die..As ancient pennies stain rat-rides
and, lo, as cuppas snoop for a beer-root, men and macadams
may well play dead while a breaker of poots pierce sod madams
and i rise from evil sex sleep to find that the buried are alive.

the suffix to a fiery sex has to ravel into romantic eyes
o a family of easy mess has to ravel unto dead blood-tides
and a monster in a nest taunts sex mutts as dogged lies
lay abundent city-waste to flaunters of sluts and eyes
and a sill of dirt shines from a bedded window; O, tithes
gjve alarming salt-head to eagled pussy shadow; O, sky
scissors after plaits; O, studded poesy maddens wide
blue-brained baby oceans; and weavers of wept wife
gun-washes sunned badeas which leads to a letterknife

the painters of pure money swell up, up, up; and pies
piss hot rotten gravies into crude cups; and puss-pies
deceive the lost and gunned with proved sluttered sties
and the markets of the dead sell green glebes to wide
winter-summering bed-bread; and i have rode from lives
and i have shattered blood and i have roared on cries
and i have pawed a panging pusher from wards and lives
trickle as heat trackles into sperm-sleep and gay tribes
la la,. Once below my mind, i swore at lunatic dives
and then ghosts grabbed my home and killed all brides.
o and i washed my hands of Judas, - O, nude crypts were crying on de Cross
and the lions of eyes soaped a beard down to a baptised knuckle..O, Loss
lingers in a naked chapel;- as lotions leak, then may we idolise love's horse,
and a pleasurer under maples sheds sunny swooned seed upon de Cross
and, ivied with fathers, a bloater of a belly fish flashes for forgetmeknots,
and the gilling chickens in hired winds washes fistulas inside green gorse.

once above a buttoned mind, i sensed my egos glow like heaven; and dust
drillers from under me,- coastal bends that sup upon Bethlem eat trust
because, slain in memories, accidental mental frauds fish inside red dust
and weepering windows fold and a purpler of pissy pens sign for dust
and weepies unfound in souls slams a hurtler of a hissy pen; and dust
signals a woollen reaper of cola cans; and hearted pussy pens use dust to
write along a dottered motor-motel-man; and ivies sleep for swept shoes?

o mad rain guts the place we tread- idols under lichen sup beer-clues
o mad pain cuts the roads we thread - idols under kitchens snap screws
and, la la, i have seen fire and i have seen flame kicking at carrion broods
and, ah uh, eyes are nearly wired to visual deafness in midwinter sleuths
o mad rain guts the space we tread - idols under miction cup titty-nudes
o sad gain slits a throad of bread- red dolly crucifixions sunder truths
and me and madam macadam sally sores with blinders of old noosed
body-brainers; and a cunt of ice widens whores into vales of smoothed
massive amazing mastiff stains; and mad rain cuts inside our screwed
canny adulterated candy candle-carvered cradle-vice; and deaths move.

a daddy of a deer to a reindered race of invisible dazzly fawny thumbs
ahh a mummy sphere falls from lace and divisible draggly orb-thumbs
sinks a feather-dish in an invasive cervix-cry that feeds babes under a
callowness of fever-disks and mental dunny minds; O, we use melters
and, o, mad rain cuts the place we tread.- Idols under kitchens sunder
dizzy statue-screens that shut the eyes we hit; and ignited dizzy slumber
knocks upon granite cats; and a dazzler's fawned clit uses easy thunder
o and i washed my hands of Judas.- O, nude lips were kisssing de Cross
and the ligrons under seasand smelt like rude jesu-trips and weedlers lost
a daggerer of diagonal pyramidic concentric circles to widen under moss
and weevillers just have to kiss sun-moss when wearing venal cusps
and a damager of cabs hires a rainy rose from an evil citied town-bust
they said that i would come back home to find my father turned into God
but the soft times when i came back home, my holy dad was dead as bone.


Copyright JDB 19/09/2020.


work-in-progress title: An Ocean's Hand Jams Urine
1st draft poem then poem-song

these easy times when i wash my soul in summer
hiss down the wind
and these seaslammed gems i used inside lovers
hurl rings at the rain
and i have layered my veins with venereal fathers
and i have lashed a leopard to a wolf
and my mind is staggered and my brain sheds feathers
and my spine crashes as a fox inside a gulf
scatters vines across the mad earth

these days when i wash my soul in summer
kiss clean erectile stains
and these vanishings that float aside wild winters
wizen under caps as teetering fanny skeins
sear a sodden mamma from gold grain; and fever
swallows appled grapes as graves raised in rivers
rummage under a sickler of sods and smilers

there are livid layered eyes in my head which seize
a rabbiter of rapists from a body burned at sea
and a cabin for a compass has my cradle overturned
and me and madam mutterfly have crashed in a fern

Oh once below a time, i saw four seasons burn?

the faceless feeders of fractious female mines
dig for a sea of gold
o faceless rivers ride to sleep and eaten minds
swallow gas from souls
and a daddy on a cliff trickles under old clothes
and a foot in a dead sock sinks under hands
o faceless feeders of fractious female minds
drag darkness from paid rain
and a godless mien listens to the sides of Spain
and a collonaded skin glistens under clisters
and an ocean's hand jams urine with sisters

these days when i fill my coffee cup, kissers
heed to a hermes beat and wash sluts in scissors
and a bed of perms irrigates salt with waters
and a shed of sperm wallows under blind slaughters

the faceless feeders of fractious female mines
dig for a sea of coals
o faceless fondlers of fractured body bines will
hereby surround old pissered baby vines with hills
and me and my daddy shadow hisses under rills

these days, i fill my mouth with toffee and spill
a waxer of a thrill with lampooners and grey gills

these easy times when i wash my hands in rain
delve after laughing pearls
la, these sad times when i wash my feet in rain
delve after rasping girls
and a scissor in a whorl slices ice from Spain
and a leader of a girl spices mice with earls

these mad days, i lay down my bird aside swirls
and a hen on a bridge swallows coda as worlds
sink a summer seizure under willows; and
eyes idolise the easy dead
and skies centralise easy bread with weevil-sands

i have seen the dead come home to play for a
footsy of a soul that leads the ladies west; and rams
damage eastern paths with tealeaves and sedans

these easy times when i wash my hands in rain
delve after dizzy pushing laughter
and me and men and idiot mothers cut salt-grain

the eastern vein of peace where i saw my mummy cry
heaps aside old rain the sadness in my eyes
and a hearse of water winnows under city's skies, and
ideal reapers of fever wallow under neon wives; and
eastern teasers of rain hurl clouds across river-sands

i have seen the dead come home to play for dead hands
o i have entered bed only to find that my soul has plans
and i weave from bread the madness under aged tans

the eastern vein of peace where i saw my daddy die
heaps aside gold rain the madness in my mind
and a dolly on the dust drops actors upon riddled wine
and i have chosen to fall from time
and odes to ravens arise from oldness and crimes
i have seen the dead come home to pray for dead hands
and my head swirls as fingers cut milked drams
and me and my shadow sear dirt with easy lands

i have sensed, at change of day, a new moon inside of me
and i have wrenched at sex-clay; and my mental sun-sea
shallows men as weepers cut graves; and my scented dream
hits upon veins where moontides close

i have seen the dead come home to find a tomb under cloves
carrying comby curriers to naked gods in a pictured rose
and men and mental lovers noose gods as easy olden clothes
drop kecks upon twelve floors

i have sensed, at change of day, a new moon inside of me
riddling easy puppets with trays; and my mental wife sees me
crying till the dawn is done
and me and metalled guns shoot a hooted owl and sex weaves
a dazzlered mind of suns that leads thoughts to weed


the sadness of dead summer straps suns across engines
o deadliness issues fever and
i have seen, at change of day, a rider under perfumes
irrigating saline senses with boned deaths
and madness melts in the moon
and sadness pelts a golden room; and a night of pain
sallows eyries with eagled city rain

the sadness of dead summer straps suns across engines
and a dizzy deadly mind-gym dollops tramplers when
a body in a swag bag buries brine inside odd children
and my knife has no point
and my wife has no rhythms

eyes pulse as they burn and skies scream under women
and a mummy purse pays for bloody moneys
and a daggerer under clay craps upon red monkeys
and, uh, when we widen then we will kill old children.

the dawn of sex-deaths has to harden oval gardens
ah, swarmed eye-mess has to harp for oval garlands
and a dog at sea summons death from ova when a
dragger of cat-seed snaps a bat across greyers

eyes pulse just like a beard
o bully breeders wound tears; and me and greasers
gallop after piss
and the dawn of sex-death has to harden oval gardens
la, stormed at mind, a splitted grind kisses loud lips
and a daddy swarm cries for mind-tresses
and the dawn of sex senses sentinels under dresses
broadening boars under napped screens that rip
radioed wet jazzers from snappered screams

the dawn of sex-deaths has to harden oval cream
and me and my lesbian shadow crap upon dreams

splintered, a massive jacking hammer has to heal
o, murdered, a massing jazzing lammer has to seal
eyes under roofs; and me and my mind are steeled
inside a blanketed body grind
and the dawn of my sex-deaths arise from summer
and the storm of my own death prises from thunder
and a boat at breaded sea sails after old drowners

o baby builders brag after slams and dialling clusters
swallow gilly vosene; and a mad sun under sisters
snarls for loud sweets; and a babe of a river has a
daddy drawl for all men, all minds, all cars..

splintered, a massive jacking hammer has to heal
o, mass-murdered, eating jammers summon wheels
and i watched the turning wheels of a naked blaze
rotting inside a hot cold evil ground; and eyes raise

codas from cicadas as baby of islands kills days.

a great gulf-load of wine washes jewels in water
a baby on a bridge fellows crosses as gold slaughters
snap a buried nut across the moon
amd a car of ice crashes for high noon and
faces inside glasses drop dropsy across rheum
and a soldier-master shoot huts with entombed
baby basters

a great gulf-load of wine washes fools in porter
la la, a barking boated mind blorts when mirrors
melt inside a bathroom smell, and oddness shivers
and a minor in a child-mirror digs after riddlers

splintering, a dolphin in demure rigs sees murder
rising under torn purdah; and a kitchen's motor
draws bonnets from riders; and bolted breakers
bang inside donned liars; and folded cat-shapers
dog-create daddy seals with twinned rat-shakers

a great gulf-load of wime washes fools in doctors
and me and body-brine cry as weepers falter
and back home now, where criminals reap fathers
i eye a deafened blindness then wee upon rafters.

there is a changeling in my mind that sinks all mad ships
and a bell in a bone chants about rats; and all mad ships
leer under a drome and rollering ramming eyed reason
slips a candleabra into goldness and dark mind-seasons.

there is a changeling in my mind that sinks all sad lips
and a cell in a stone chants about cats, and soft mitts
serenade blind sulphur with spooling deaths and hot clits
derange an evening in the moon when jackers of reason
crusade after laden gardens that feed jays to waters

and a sizer of sweet jam jazzes for a pig in a peck
and a rizla under sweet land smokes a mental eye-wreck
and the dummers of the weak storm a swollen father
o a blinded biddy boy who rises up in the face of death
dragoons after baby: and the lighter of a devil desk

drops to scarlet knees where mental munitions rest a
drabbler of harlot beads; and an emoter in a blue tower
lung-dilates a miind-weave and a changeling in a flower
showers massing seas with buttterers of burning sex..

these are the duggy days where a midnight fellah necks
a singlet of a spermy necklace; and the cats in a peck
utilise coved fingers to ram the feline money around us
and a bugger of slimmers feeds lamb to mummy and dust
erases all of the coast and coastal choirs cry for lust
there is a changeling in my mind that sinks toed clit
crashes: and the data in a soft spine chatters for tits
and a blender of a blind moon binds deaths to old crusts
and we bake a butcher's cake with two cleaved hands.

the flava of the bloody month fries cows in sirens and
the stapler of the dead cries in crowds when sex slams
slayer for a milled mind; and a wife of a bastard island
suppers after muck where a rivener of a dulling hand
chops down the illers of a razed sword in a bin. Rams
race across ocean fillers as a bobber of a blenched band
star-pastes a stella loony to eye-robbers and frosts
gather snowflakes as men amaze iced boats with loss..

the weeper of a silent guise raddlers after a green cross
the reaper of a violent life straddlers after a mind-cross
and a radio wincher straps curves across a head-cross
and a stereo waster digitalises bad birds in a bed-cross
and a fabler under fever melds sad curs with death's cross
there is a changeling in my mind that transgresses faiths
with spittling life-shakers; and the sallowed eye of wraiths
roar along a bread-chain; and the hunters of blood lace
stick a puppet fire inside lost lovers and sludged ape lace

the pool of men is minted by lake-spreaders - drakes are
importunate for squirters and milkers found in a blind car
scrap a town of killers; O, blank dirt sleases after loud tastes
and a leotard in turning drops a naked fleece when space
lightens into fire the babbler of the faeces that star-trace
lunar banquets; and a robber in a screen sizes multicolour.
these ankled biddy days i have made my very own with
a changeling in a car and the smell of red Mars.. Piss
stakers a dirty grind in a cellar of old cigars. Mist ribs
a cager of a filthy soul as a vase under razors star-picks
a canterer of bleeders. The apsis of gold thunder rips for
tangential body men and writers of london teach the poor
and wizeners of red hens teach mad dens on the wards
we are torch torn by spires as we tongue away swards
we are torch fawned by pyres; and funereal bed-sores
saw inside a lyncher of a gal-squire; and easy swarms
serve after picture pinchers who sweat under prawns
and the disabler of the tears weeps for deleted porn
and the car-taker of tears sweeps tears under spawned
gobbly gooly lashes that perfume eynes with burned
giddy visal crashes and, oo, low fat dimes spend sperm
with daddy's ashes and high fat tenors swing to worms
and an insidious maggot smiles in my tears. Urns shaketh;
and vast vase-headed tree-dials telephone emptiness
these sad days when we pray to a navy blue Isis occult
may well soften now for the midday moon eats salts now
and the bearer of clouds rings across blinded vaults and
these sad mad nights when we pray to an even moon
will surely snapper spleened graves; and evening's bang
star-skelters crappers with shaved hands; and edams
spool into girls the end of de world; and pissing prams
sink donkey feet in the spirals of death's world. Clams
scatter dolphin batter across a watery birth. Drams dam
sleepers of easy scotch with damagers of human clans

o once in a salted mind, messengers to spoken waves
strangled stocking wynds; and the lips of chemic graves
storm a mastic castle with aged corn-trips. Ah, door-trades
shufflers after spastic muscle as a craker in tea-trades
suck a summer whisker from benders of dying slaves?...

Copyright JDB 20/09/2020


work-in-progress title: Chicken Meal May Well Peck On Cochineal
1st draft poem then poem-song

i am a wet boy when I fool sex and
i am a dun boy who eats sweat-scans
and god is my romancing devil guide

Purple pealing pee feeds skins to wide
weeping draping mad wives when
horses heal halving fathers and men
end, and I am a devil in a caped gem?

Gals taught me about the dark sun and
I am a scattering sea of dumbs and
Mojo peals my prickler as angels land
facedown in a tree of ghost satans

Lady love is a losing hissing lover and I
am exited when rivers kiss my mind.

AH MEN!!!??

chicken may well peck at sparrows
o dirty pits may well egg in de gallows
and the farms of light slaughter meadows
and chicken boil their feathers very dry

, i am whoring death now and
eyes eat eagles as birds suck sand and
I am warring wading woman made from
soft charred cunts and
Lovers lead Lesbians into a salty span

Fleshy felines feed familial females
and skies spit twinned ties and males
meld milky maps with veins and veils

guilty geek gods grasp for grass and
nails lead lost leaners to a crossed man
and I am a tree of horses and I am a
Mad boy made from bees and waxy

I kiss ice cold as tongues taste men.

loud chickens may well peck at dunes
o filthy pelicans must fish for de moon
and a carapace of a cocking sea-child
slaps a dummy mule around grey noon


Yes, i hear a sea of tears
yeh, i see a tree of fears
lost dead kissing birds
and, o, when once fears
grow old
then cold songs will sear
burned candy guns

where whored guns leer
then god's cum will
feed dolls to city light
and neon bairns must light
blorted blared midnights
and digging deadness
delves death for kindness

wavering wool-men dress
woven breasts
lathering gold-men press
weeping death,
and holy sin suffers swift
roped sanitised
killer bells

nude chickens may well lay baked egg
o rude sun-graves may well murder egg
and my minty mental nave has to dredge
heated melon eyes from racist fay-deaths..

This side of a billy can, I slap slash backs and
Keen cool razors
this side of a vein’s hands, I cap cats and
raise radios from lasers
when once pulled pigs pull on seizures
then fitted red weals reel after
eaten rifles and the deaths of hereafter
and, rocked by sand,
as veiled hearts dam titted tom litters then
starved sons splatter silk

The slutted shits of a shipped death will send
Dallied daddy sauce when
Rats rape ladies....


these endlessly chortling days where i laid my sea-harness down
sea-poke dinner flames with a dew hair-grave; and chicken towns
toss a teeny tonsure into pled fire; and a wallower under crowns
strides under chappy towns to find all dreams riven with sound
and a musical heir swigs from jazz-brawl as a frozen sea-town
trackles under masks when a greying geezer of a soft clown has
no eyes to circus-paint; and sirius in a tooth dogs after dead gas
and eyers eye for deaf saints and faces fail, fail, fail; and sounds
fill a street-bedded star-car with lunar-sea-sails; and my town
hisses for conundra as a sweet car crashes upon fishy ground

these endlessly chortling days where i laid my harness down is
dune-affixed to hurtled poesy-plaids; and a woman under fists is
led to a man-netted gravy-glade that leads chickens under wrists
and renders on de blue run shave fats with crucifixion's bled lips
and a dangler under grey nuns slap a pig-fig as munching ole kids
breakdown and slurry-sleeve ancient gay rib to a boned Mars-rig;
O, as we nuke the long dead bomb then we summon frigid frigs
with gentle gentians that revere guns. Dying thin sane ovens dig
a dollar and a dime from a long failed english pound; and towns
trickle down a sticky toffee thigh; and sex will never closedown?

stickers of saddening billy men advertise drag with old fish-twigs.
Deathliness comes to us in a robed face-guise to find blue lids
lathering; and, O, once aside of us, a human in a crust has to rid
a robbery of signs from signal eyries; and mad children gun-give
easy heapy winky weepy fuck-funerals to crematers of blue tips
and, la la, masoners of muck-headers cement pigs to toad-trips
and eynes, postmodernly burnt, brags for Lent then kills hot hips
once upon a glass grind, i heard of webs then span a spider-slit.

an eager sodden soul that edges ebbing rainbows under horse-shit
looms across a budded garden; and a fox under crows eats shit
and a dauphin of a donkey dramatises vinegar apes with dog-shit
and, la la la, me and my mental dolphin-car drive inside a nut-lip
and, ahahh, me and my periodical cunt-scar crashes on lewd tits

an eager sodden soul which pledges after milk has to sodomise
with bummy cagers in the bright moon's prison; oo, weed writhes;
and, o, sullen slippery drips dig a donny hospice underneath eyes
and, o, sudden drippy kicks shove green petals; and spied eyes
weeper as they radio-whimper for aliens and their rubber skies
and a spacing pricker man sinks a flamer of fear whence skies
slacken de cock-killed. Devilry drinks to loss when easter eyes
widen for dippered cocoa pinks; and we wash ticking ashes?

once endangered by purple urine, a swiper of tripping tod veins
comes burying bitten hearts with a chemical dog's tail-stains
and a massive doom denier snips grey pentacles from dead veins
and the dogs of rain yap as they bark; O, users of dead trains
dampen trainyards with Noah's heart; and bended root-champagne
toasts a tom-tail-tit with spicy farts; and sexy shrill windowpanes
siren after bladder boats; and geezers wank with keen stoats and
skyliners cry for sky-scribers and a gallower's shank strains
from maggot latrines where a nuker of shallowers use sands
and eager sodded souls that edge eating rainbows under clits
are here and now riding under rats; and a mazy wintered slip
schisms under dames that pull nicely apart the dreams of ticks;
and a lemon soul for a fast cat fascinates mice with flea-flits
and a melon mold catches bats with dinner-fangs; and bee-bits
bang upon bunneries when eastern wigs face-paint gay flea-pits
and monkeries in droolly nunneries ride for eye-saints when tips
shelter alca-selzta in movie-manes; and a boner in hearted hips
mashes to a blenched beat; O. A witness to stovers drops kicks.

ah ah, a bleeder on a feral cat-track farms fitters of england
ah ah, a flavourer of a ferine rat-crack farms pissers of men
with evil idolisers of bladder sap; Oh, we yearn after england
but blue-bursted britain stops cunt-nap and odes to sticks are
blaring on bruised radios about canine caps and stinking calves
and weakeners shaft blades into feline tacs as pinking scarves
navy-shroud a blued isis revolt that bleeds tapping milk-cars.

an eager sodden soul that pledges pusselled pussy papers to
ripen under Eden must scatter poppy seed upon britain's bruise
and Aladdin shakes his gold-lamp when dog-demons cut noosed
blathery bed-hangers; and an architect of god's suck juice
sweeten sirens and swagger for a kitchen bod; and cunt-moose
molds a cagey figure from a fingery ginger rod as cock-brutes
slammer a rifler of a handstand with levitated dummy flutes.

benited by bummy men, i see a roman cradle fiddling dukes
and, star-tried, as wisdom crawls, a daddy of a pissing mute
magifies birdy beacons with trawly nets that stink of fluke;
and a magazine on its slagging sides sweats after spunk-puck
ahh once aside a netted hagging tide, braggers poxed spooks
and, carrot-crammed, an idiom of wanky wept holes root for
dangerous lifers who comfort god's maul; but gods use whores?


*O the full frontal pined image of drakes and dolls
Drag daughters for veins and idols
O the skulled scissors of a dead village
Slice bolls with ballrooms
Sss we walk across the hall where eyes eat
Dark wives and sisters
O the full frontal fined image of drakes and dolls
Sucks wallets from killers
As eyes extemporise a wide while, then sailors
Will cut dogs where rivers
the cisterns of the wine stained must flavour
lambs and lies.
Lambed by yarning yearlings, I sup suspended kills where
dammed, me and messy changelings
Jam jazzy jackers with wired vines and peopled prayers

As digging burned coats clad the coast, then grey air
Etherises silk with sines and cars
And, o, as a body breaks, then a river under mares
Washes stallions in hired money

We have jazzy wives for wedded knives
Ss we have diddy lies for spear bedded tree tides
And, o, as sylvan scissored monkeys ride
Then vast vowels avow to wasp hide
And we dig satanic cobra eyes

As slammed permits rain then catted tribes
Dig for false history.


Icicles, over isobars of burgeoning snow,
cluster in the fields of London
madrigals and permafrozen rivulets and floes
rage and rave like a cruel Victorian;
and the manacles in the river
sire their balling chains along
each contemptuous ideal shiver
of the cafes in a murderous and frozen throng.

Winter's here, and ice seem seared yet static:
where the English Temples heave,
love that knows no fame, pnuematic,
blasts the eyeless lungs of sex-sleeves:
in the Centres of time's palace,
when the eagled standards crow,
cut and glutted comes the malice
of red heroes in the gear of their frozen nodes.

God's life is made empty: crying causality
slakes lust's cold sisters as
icers, gyring, disappear:
with our northerly memories
come the white-eyed emeries
of these winter garlands inside chill-tears.

winter kills springtime as if commendable;
as bright drills align,
down come wintry tentacles
who, brushed by the crows of time,
blow upon cooling mind-glaciers
whereby the spheres of frigid wine,
chilly lipped, turn racier
than any commandeer of this coldly frozen mind.

God love is made empty: crying causality
sears us with tundra and
spikes us with antartic geology;
and, as blued heart-strings grind
deeply under the bergs of times,
crow-shoes and hats of freezing light,
chilling our tongues with midnight,
shatter like a family across the melted sines



A family of dives drivels after old grey cities
O, a memory of knives ravels for
Bombed blued bodies, and, sss, I see war
Ramming hands into honeys
And men melt…
A family of cries ripples after cold closed dairies
And, la, as a tree of milks
Trips for lilacs, then scabby scathed silks
Trap clothes in pelts

As sisterly cisterns crack then
Blonde bones
Dreamt sea stone.


chicken meal may well peck on cochineal...


Copyright JDB 23/09/2020.


work-in-progress title: A Naked Blusher Glues Soft Kisses
1st draft poem then poem-song


the twirling trashing mentors of a mining mod mind
swelter under cascaded pictures; and blue wines
washes easy crockery as a tidal fissure in minds
mows a dicky arse then dies, dies, dies. Old wine
whispers down five winds when a bleeder's mind
scalps ogre-iron with nine winds where skin flows
la la, a bendy buddhist christ hisses form cat-crows
and a naked busher glues soft kisses to rat-snows

i have jived for all too many hours; and this show
has to listen to false voices for hours; and crows
caw at huge spires when a cattler under bedclothes
cupa a cunny cut in bandaged strings; and red snows
scurry from a star-hurrying sky; and we daren't die?

the twirling trashing mentors of a moaning mind
shelters under flash meteors; and a bed of brine
gashes; and a bay of pure beers pours old wine
la la, a giver of graves tarries after rolled brine
and a sea of pure sleep drowns in dreamt minds

eyes have lied for deaf visions; O, red grime is
sky-found; and a town of prisons shines for fists
and a dawdler of a clown pisses under cut wrists
la la, a god in heat lays live young as cobra-lips
sodomise veiny venoms with coded easy ships

and, dead within, i sigh for salt as sugar-slits
suffer croney hearts then pass into god's grip

the twirling trashing mentors of a crying mind
swelters under flash river-walls; O old minds
melt under cash; O, velvet stalls sell mines and
a weeper of hash puffs upon jays as remands
hurry dirty potty boys to guns; and as we ram
a pocket-camera down de sun, then we will ram
a doddler of a cunter with sugary river-hands

eyes have had dead visions; and a bridal can
gets widened with knife-prisms; and old rams
sink blue buddy horns under a bruising islands
and we weep for Father and we wail for minds
and, oo, as we sail for fever we abuse divine
burny buddy rock. Dying may well fuse disease
with bunny bridgers of blood rain and unease

ah twirling tappered sphincters wash for leaves
ah whirring slappered splinters have to relieve
a living ogre scratchman whose wheated sleeve
scoops icy macadam from carmine cold deeds
and the slain deeds to my home have died out
and, oo, slayers pissed on my home; and drought
spills soupy linens upon fat chromes; and doubt
scares a midnight lunge with softening shouts
and ideal female husbands will lose sex tricks

and an ivory aeroplane cries for hanged ships
and a daggery dopey tribe dies, dies; and tits
feather-titter in the dark when a vanny blue-tit
swings for a twitty semen ditty. Oh Oh O-la.

the twirling easy paper which sodomises news
has to hasten to a fevered friggery bum-thumb
o an ivory major melts under guns and old news
sinks an anal wreck inside female cheese-lungs
and a cunt at night trickles when odes to news
reads a neon fable to heated rivery sun-scum.

ah whirring cardy planes fly after mouthers
ah hurtling candy veins cry after grey shouters
and a bed at night shelters porn inside drivers
and a creamy lemon-head licks aside micers
and a moosy maiden cat catches sea-rats
and a molten vermin latch opens doors for a
belter of a sex-spread; and odes to easy guns

may well shoot an orange glassroom. Inside a
portable death, me and my flasks drink stars
and a model mite shaves fleas from grey cars
and a porny pint pees for weed when mad bars
serve pig-shits to beery vast weed; and cars
are fed to tawny tashes; O, a cartel in cigars

may well shoot an orange classroom or else
cunt-fine an expensive moon with a poor-pulse
the twirling easy patients of a gigantic red moon
move dizzy beds from dealers in titanic blooms
and, ah, an idol to de dead shovels sweet spoons
sunder spastic thumbs that bleed inside cocoons
o easing patient waters swim to drown; o, tubes
scurry off from desks that bend a babied boom
in a candy cradle that falls, falls; and easter tunes
swing to an early xmas beats; and cosy minders
swell up from idiotic mind-tv as candler's grinder
swills banders from ginny vodka-manglers; O, as

a bodyer of braziers finds arse in pockets then a
bastardiser of labia may well shed sweety rums
and a cistern in a dun bay sweats bladder stews
and, once chosen, a chiseller of mental blues is
sent to raider's growly hammer radio. Old kids fizz,
and a floating statue drops from pillows as pigs
drapple for dappler's darkness; and old jesus crews
slather for nests in anty deadliness and gold screws
treat teetering tummy troat with coded cat-dudes

ahhh the whole wild world owns nothing much
ahhh the empire's city girls know nothing but fuck
and as we inhale cod-stink then we will fuck up
damaging damsel engines that boom under fucked
gobby ghouled period-towels; and catters of sluts
mess all bedders up with men who know nothing

as for the whorling faces of a dizzy market town
may we now poke a farmer's tongue at the moon?
o as for purring lace, may we accuse womanswear
of diddling a sparrow of a skirt with purple hair?
and when a gallower's noose-shirt splices air then
certainly we'll ravel down a flower; and oozing men
skiddadle on a youth-town that leads yolks to pears

as for de working aces in an eggy seaside town
i have founded wavelets from ebbing feline clowns
and a bed of sails comes sailing at my focal side
and a shed of nails comes nailing mess with ties
o once aside a bad bone a studier of fossil thighs
layered after dated drones; and i will seize eyes

and as whirring stasis snaps space-wind then i
will saunter under craps till tractive women die.

we swagger after mushes when dad's dresses made men lean,
o we stagger after thrushes; and a daddy-damsel uses sperm to
lapper across a budder a skein of slewed sex-angels; and screams
shriller to a slaughtered flower when a daffy in a rose-gun reams
endlessness from mummy flour and flanny eggy cakes; and lubes
sear a summer seizure from scouring easy eggy bakes; and nudes
sun-circle dilly sweety stalls with blown minds and sugary tastes
and, la la la, as weevillers weep for ring-wirrms then grey pastes
must extend a chalice-arm to riders under firms; and gay waste
glisters in de archers of balmed fivers and idiot eaglered dudes

and as for pearled suitcases, may we leave a mine to digger?
lo, as for catted perm-cases, may we convict gals of mirrors?

when, once above a massed mind, i saw a teeny dabbler's liver
spraying jeery hearts from waspy wynders of humane killers
and, once above a crashed mind, i saw a dreamy drabbler's finger
stick a dumby spent spine under painters whose earless canvasses
slid upon a leaded stroking godly ooze. Ah, my permit for masses
led a fainted sparrow to a seeded goose; and my anal remit
bags haggy barrows in plastic coops; and my birth was flaccid
and as for pearled suitcases, may we leave a mine to diggers?
and, o-la, as for swirling faces, may we live in side lost pictures?


well-woven, the sun i used on its heated back layered stars with skulls
o city-frozen, the stars i knew looked down aside a world of old gulls
and a baby iron slid inside sad sleep where i dined in pure demure darkness
and a sallower of body lyons struck blue peat from sonar solar madness

we swagger across false marshes; Ah, a deviller on a sofa cuts sadness
and a boner in a cross crashes a lamer inside a reveller of sudden deadness
and we slept out in a car when we cried about split shovellers; and foals
gallop as horses fold from ecsematic pylons that bleed after closed crows

well-woven, the sun i used to own has come now to frigid ovened space
o, biddy-broken, a tasseller of bone bends under crowds when grey waste
weeps after seepy tea-tanglers; and a boney buddered cloud guts space
o, body-opened, a hustler in dromes hits to honey when pythons under waste
rivets us to a daring bath-day when a magical Magi leads christ to water.

we stagger across fast marches; Ah, a deviller in loafers venomises gold
ahh weedlers farrow for arses; Ah, a leveller in sodas drinks to the old
and, never and ever, as my country girl rides to sleep, mentalises will shoal
after daughterers of dunny day and duking eyes. O, as we open into souls
then we scar-tangle memories with sweetening lies; O, as we grow old

then, Mars-coloured, a crazy english pipe whistles down a secret soul
and, ever and never, my mental irish wife whistlers under easter molds
and, la la, my familial shadow sinks bedding in a blinded harvest moon
and, o-la, my family's gallows sinks bending sin in glamourous cartoons
and, oooo, a balded bed caresses evil pinks; and fingers burn tomorrow?

cell-woven, the sun i used to stone has to cry now; and teary sorrows
must hit upon sex when a drony drowner in my town salts tomorrows
and i know that you that you've got to die and i never knew my body?

ashes swirl inside a dyed blonde cruise; and creation plays stock-dead.

and these turning cars of night and day concertina for ribena
and a ribby flower sups on death's grave; and a ginny hot fever
loosens nude bud with star-shaken slaves; and a vodka's winter
whips a whistler of a guy who guides drinks unto radio splinters
and a cane in the female thighs washes welts in light and dark
and a candle under wives crosses milks with painted sea-darts
and these turning cars of life and death dramatise chalk-farts
la la, my manx of a whistled pharoah dreams of scotched hearts
la la, my penile phalanx thistles shakespearoes; O, grey harps
seizure-string gassed marks from fatal heroes; and, la, old carts
dig a market-blade beneath barks that fail as they sail like carps

and these turning cars of night and day concertina for bed-ribena
and a pasty flower has to dip eggy bread in a slit; and vaginas
labour after spraying labia when an easy dev under old moisture
ladens a ladeller of scents with fishy chinese; Ah, cold cut vagina
hips to a spread scar-sheet that leads lady loners to blue cigars
once above a mind in a sexless body-curve, i heard salt-rivers
Mar-raising nuking breasts from dredgers of soft patty pullers
and a boned and fluked breast heightens selves as codal rivers
spar-sizzle for sand and newts and sirens made wild by scissors
and a buddy burner locks flutes aside asylums made from riders
and an ovened yearner licks poots from lunacy as grey drivers
crap upon expensive baby-boots; and i am dead and i'm on fire?

bakers of cakey lemon butchery sail for Abaddon then expire.

whence a bitchy dunny witch-breeder buttons a spoon in a bred-cage
o, whence we cry and study how to lie, then pinky wounded bled rage
may well sun-strangle levvies of eyes that lead strings to wild waters
and a winnower of daddy's wynch-reader turns on a fay ramble-rose
and a dummy gun gets drowned in bleepers and a candy man's nose
swings aside lips when a bully of a blind bind brags after gayed age
o. Eynes cling to washy wax as english venom poisons xmas caves
o. Times tick for lady and tooth-traps tiddlers after bisons in graves

whence a dizzy doodler dramatises vinegar shadow then mummy
may well linger in the West; but the darknesss cries aside mummy
and dolly mamma hits to the ivories of madness; O, crazed mummy
gets in the mother cloths wound; and a dog of dirt shoots gunnies with
vaginal dilators; and a bladed tomb drinks to deaths; O, coded cribs
carry madam summer to fathering winter rooms; and codal squibs are
moonily dressed in dottery arks as scrittlers swim after mind-cars;
and witterers in aviaries mask glass grittlers with rectal cabled cars
and, gym-dressed, spind apiaries grasp gritters with splinted tartar
and, scum-stressed, spin diaries get blood-censored by female barter.

once below belly-bends, a davy of a dark scythe harvested shoe-pelt
oh and a comal deli drivels adown a scarp when socketers of melts
nudge mason mongoosers with melon mops; Uh, teasing sky-tops pelt
a buser of a beautiful fatted woman with burnered briganding kilts
and celtic macadam deifies scottish Allan as a dreamer of oat-silks
serve brood-perfect smiles to easy shortcakey kippered loud ilks
and a spader of a welsh sporran heeds after drakeys when milks
set a super smokey to an irish fire; and feeling funeral pyre-pelts
pull a devil of an english mamma aside from drakes as english rilks
swim from icy bines; and a me and dadda moon shine along spilt

sister cream. O-La. i am blinded by gaga as we hear a ramrose
hissering for tisserfer and hissefer; and dead planets burn clothes
hashy harbourers of dammy gaols hit aside a walloper's robes and
mashy nazi flavas dig clammy gales and witterers feed horse-hams
and a lazy crusader for drammy vales rapes a crocus with dog-jams
and a crazy lakey expander of red grails caps a cunter with cat-clams
aahh once below a bled bonce, a carrier of killer spunkers sea-dams
a cartel of fanny leaks that feed all wombs; and a worm in edams
smiles just like an ear-dressed maggot; and a wifler of a roman ram
waffles scissor shakes from dizzy ingots; and a pisser in a salt-scam
scatters ideal romancers of pissy skin-spots. Oh, while ants grieve
then termitic breast-bags burst under sun-shots when antled seed

finds dollar boys narking after knees; and knees seat catty seed.

Copyright JDB 24/09/2020


work-in-progress title: Words From the Unknown
1st draft poem then poem-song

fever feuds vanish into webbed famine and the stars in the moon
look down upon a vacant bird; O, a vased sea of cars croons
and a bell of brass sunders dirt in an emptied flask; and rooms
smell like dirty papers; and as a lardy lover leers under dunes
then a weeviller of nippers sprays dolt milk aside a sinning moon

fever feuds varnish bluesing deaths; and a coat in a cottage has
too many rooms in a de fields; and duned dreamer men hears us
crying in an appled chapel; and doggers of streamers sees us in
a bodyer of a raped denier whose cartel stocking lynches sins
and weeperers shed binoculars into models. O, we cut fins and

fever feuds may well come to nothing where a old suns end?

fever feuds collapse into tyres; and a daddy snare upends a
draggler of diamonds and spires; and a daddy hare sends us a
bairn of a bedside. O, we dream of fires and we heed dusts and
feverish fast faces drop and sweated mires send suds to sands

fever feuds may well come to dying; and dollar drugs use hands
and a bed of liquid gold will most certainly arise from big bands
and weavers of linguid lippers must raise a demon from sands
and, la la, reapers of ermine travel under times when woman

darkens hell's heavenly door. Decimators dream of drought
scented papers deliver claws; and a dizzy diadem feeds drought
and me and a knave and a piper lynch buds with raised shouts.

lakes may well drown us forever; and a dialler of strawberries
eats into naked towns; and a lover's failures sap blue cherries
o a lukewarm bed of fifes sings for rooms where grey counties
blort a bay of breads with rings; and a daddy snare hears lovies
loosenig dabbler babies under swings; and daddy bear eats bodies
and i hear a fated party coming dresses under smoothed ladies
and i extemporise evil drive-ins as dresses sunder poked ladies

fever feuds may well come to dying when a dredger of rubies
swallows stems from wild guns. Ah, dementers of caddis are
bended across denning dog-drums; and a driver for filth is
fed to disease as his father's kiss crusades for fearing pigs
and fuckers feed samphires with lip and vaginal easy cars
cry as men drive homeward; and once in english kitchens
i heard of dizzy bone-birds fleeing west from grey cars and

lakes may well drown us forever when lovers eat ribbons
and a purple painter of lust severs gems from red gibbons
and a face of pierced fires fade inside a room of gold cars
and, la la, i server a baby lord when rhyme died for Mars.

the fever feuds relapse into dudes, - o, a daddy stare
stares into one zillion eyes; and focal nudes will stare
directly inside evil tides. And a rider of nudes sea-scares
odes to ogled oceans when a seasaw of dudes pares us
urgently back from old men. Dying defines nudes as pus
peals a bloodied city-bend; and a Dying redefines pears
and we suck upon easy quince as lemonades eat pears
and looseners of lungs lead bags to breasts when dust
flies underneath blown breads and fotal blinder's busts

lakes may well drown us forever when lovers use musk
to find a fabler of towns made clever by haloed sea-musk
and a widener of clowns shapes pleasure from sussed
easy riders under sounds that marry gels to roman rusks
and we feed rusks to women as we cook a sea slush

the fever feuds deify gold toothed mentalisms and hush
hastens to a singing flower where a garden under nuts
suck an american mind; and we mine for minds as butts
bare an arse of clasped glass; O, a digger for canals is
led to father as a mamma in a flask flashes for old kids
and, la la, a dumber of manyana crashes for gold bibs

lakes may well drown for us. Because death cuts, sluts
may well scent a loud tune with menthol evil eye-butts
and a lazy crazy butt woman must seal minds into cuts
and a beddy blender of children must sing to blue ruts
ah, old english movies use a radio for a screen as mutts

mope under ropes then die. O, male magpies steal nuts

a lasher of dunny dales wails after city moors. Cuts
curtsy to daddy when sails send boats to wards and
candified dirt vagina men sail from soap as soft cuts
cry, cry, die; and incenders wail when greying sluts
ply for horny fire; and a bod of ale swills beery butts
and designer spunk shoots god from tails as easy cuts
carry mad man far West. Death defends lust and musk
eases a chokey cherry under mesh as aquaria rust
ah, as weepers bury Numbered slits then gold sluts are
fed to faloners of navy trees and rippers of cusped
bald bent flowers; O, easers of need scuff sued-dust
and a derry of a sea walks waves when tidal trusts
sink a naked brook in a seed of naves; and easyness

rampages aside wounds when a bayer of deadliness
dulls vast vixens with tombed chicken; and laziness has
a godly grist for kids. Devillers of miction pot ald grass
and polly piddler pacers prick roses with candied crafts
and weepers serve rafters to dilly porn-prigs and masks
kneel on a young man's neck when a citied sand-raft
leaps aside dumb male wrecks; and eyes use a scarf for
sea-strangling strange bells in nightly evening; and wars

wallop for madam macadam and dom daniel kills wars

lakes may well drown us. Sex faiths may well sunder
men from de town; and listless wraiths will have to
attend to geeks when english mace sprays rape-thunder
and a babby in a towel cries till dead; O, ald easy blues
jazz-bags easy owl eyes with deafening blinded fathers
and a dammy child rides from sleep when whimperers
sink a shrilling candle in girl-meats; and odes to lubes
swank for jetty kids who smash a coca-cola under us

and we lighten into rain and we rise once again from us
and a birded banged boat breaks wind along titty-tusks
and a sliverer of rammagers swims within lost tubes

lakes may well drown us. Self-sex dies away and we
remand a brolly bell with salt-healths and odes to trees
wail just like lost seas; and loud bees roar after maids
and lasherers of crossed trees wail as blinders breed
magical monkeries from convented sails and sleased
gummy angels; and weepers of fast nails claw maids

and we lighten into grain and we rise once again from
hooped issuers of molten pain; amd we arise from suns
and we arise from mad rain; and we arise from guns as
bodyers of breakfast time shoot a screen then use glass.

wow, what with divined doll mutants sea-treading high waters
we must certainly dream of moll students; and dried fathers
are summer-led to caved cars when a martian under mother
has to lease a helmet-drip to a petroller of purified fevers
and we shoot the day when megre nights cut salt-mirrors

wow, what with divined skull producers star-skinning gems
we will surely hoot for a city owl where a babby under men
dons dizzy bed-rooming menswear; and strange roads to wrens
germinate salt steel when a fatherer in a hanged rose rends us
easily from ferine weals; and a dunny wet whip canes us

with wicked wrecking dog-veins that bleed until rolled lust
lops a ravened messing with garden gels and idiotic bone-musk
and a weeviller of winkering wash daddy dells in lard
and a bay of weavering cunt-cloths sinks nine seas in cusps

as we draggle horny strangers then we strangle all of us
as we draggle pie-eyed mangers then we will strangle pus
and a dowser of dirty fucking growler radio fingers pie-crust.

when an easy eyer of naked fire pokes a guilty pyre
o then a daddy of a naked liar sheds murderous boys
underneath trestles that lead de dead to ocean-toys
and, la la, a head of pepper peers inside a gut when a
bastardiser bed-severs raven pools from dizzy sex-pyres
o a daddy demoniser star-pleasures dolls as odd men
drive a scissor-car to a long day's jounrney into sins

as we draggle after honey strangers then we use skins
ah as we bedraggle money-mangers then we use tins
and as we sleep in a can then we supper after women
and, la la, we accuse an invective penis-rash of hens
and a cocker of a cunnny dower showers spunk when
doddery donkey dawgs dress up with guns and chickens

when an easy eyer of naked spires rises like the dead
o where a family sidles under tyres, then god's gold bread
will certainly pave a way to nuclear sires; O, lichens are
always picked off by crazy troubled thumbs; and we are
forever fed to skeins where a canny candy in a streetcar
layers pussy taste with doggy codders of pushy america
endlessness screams for deadliness as we rape gems

oo germous weevilled sexed wheat germ lashes eyes to sheds
oo vermin under eagled piss-wheat firms us with bird-dregs
and a weepy woollen hour chimes for sleep when grey devs
star-strangle bullet flowets with grinded meaty closed beds
and a dizzy hand chops cake from a phlange when heads
shoot a suckether of heroic cum; and sands pee on bread

when an easy eyer of a naked spire scatters buried lead
o as sick hens croon, then a gabby fire found under de bed
has to hop till deathliness sends daffy pyres to nuclear plebs
and, la la, a scented beller may well knife pigs with red teds
and, o-la, a rented cellar may well knight whores with bread
and a dazzler of spilers welcome cakes to easers in countries

oo germous weevilled sexed peaty sperm women shed will
dagger under desks till the madness in a successful rill will
sharpen dogs with pints; and a dollar under cars cup swilled
body-bakers of dirtiers whose heart-sore bleeds under hills.

oo what glib men found within an old blue rabbit tin, a capstan under beads
has to sell up from rainbows as a bony breaker of spind winds raids leas
and a crayon under masks shelters beards with de underclass; and trees
topple as they moan and flail; and once above a mind scatterers of bees
wode-pinched a pincer cab along dirtiers of old bud, and a rose in sleeves
radios wealths with endless sinking dromedaries; and perfumed glebes
swallows in the mires. Oh, a capper of a sexless flame factory hits feeds
car-ramming coda cages around nuked wailers who bum-bomb atomises
and weedlers feed off female germs when sexless cunt-guns shoot swift
sugary apple-shits. And a baiter of fishy nuns knots prayed sperm; O, tricks
silence cold puffed gables with pushy puffy pissy penile schoolgirl ricks
and meddlers of cuffed tables wynch a janus pipe from caning body-dweebs
and shatters of darkened gabblers grasses after cum and a dinner of reeds
rotates across an iron sizzler whose schizophonic beat cuts venal lifts
and we get dilated under Zion and we whip as we eat cuts and renal mitts
marblise softeners of wet lions; and junglers in telescopes cry after shits
and, la la la, a cellar dug from aeons peers inside periscopers of red lips.

we weevil as wide opened weed woman boom across love's fishy fields and a
rosary of hippy hard harridan bacon blooms across life's pissy yields; and
green grocerers of lard interfuse bled hector with natal andromeda and cars
cash under riders when easy mental bread brakes under fotal fascinators
O O O. Medulas in horn-scissors cut a pussy drake with fatal castigators
and a leader of pins storm-seizes slutty baddy bait with nasal cunny craters
and a liddy lady lippy of spawn scatters scutterers across sinal bastard shakers
and a widener of wet wool slides poesy inside a dossed cross that eats razors

Ah what with glib men found within an old blue rabbit tin, a capstan under labia
clitty clinks rosed fanny with paper skin; and an old rollered gym dances for
labile chemic faces that lead blind winds under solared ripped hymns; O, wards
whistle after danny scents as a layer of thunder hits to a jazz-gemmed Lord
and, uh uh uh, weaverers of dinted players smoke bald tits and sew salt-herbs
once upon a duddy mind, i suffered belted wax and saw blurred cocoas cry.

Copyright JDB 26/09/2020.


work-in-progress title: God Is My Sex-Stand?
1st draft poem then poem-song.


Eyes told on you and your mamma when a
golden blinded summer fed death to men and
i kiss a tree of cold as tongues taste tans

when once a sea of saviours feeds on Man
then, delving, a lea of lovers feeds Man
And god is Dud and his son a mad man

Dirty boys in suet urine eat cud and sand
falls where eyes of deserts growl with sand
and I am a breathing brother to god's phlange

old rivers rain from raping roses and
I am a cutted cunt and I am a tree of strands
And gods are cast from caves as men land
Facedown in the tree of a green eyed dram

i am a flamed god and god is my sex-stand?


O, I am a sad sodden boy and I am
A dud boy who eats veins from sand

i am a wet boy when I am sex and
i am a dun boy who eats wed winds
and god is a romancing gashed guide

Purple pealing peas feed skin to spind
weeping wives when
horses heal halving fathers and men
end, and I am a devil and wet men

Gals taught me about the sun and
I am a scattering sea of dumbs and
Mojo peals my prick as angels land
facedown in a tree of ghosts and Man

Lady love is a losing lover and I
am exited when rivers kiss my sky

And glad youth is torn away from
bad sex as veins feed death to a hot gun and
lady sadie lover is a lousy loosing river and
I am a fled god and my god eats a cradle and
glad youth is torn away from cots as
cunny sees sex rise from raided vacant
lots, and veins veer West as rivers are
closed in a sea of sexy sense and a star

when once a green gleaned plant
pees bulbed seas
then horsed heroes heal for scant
sliding soft trees.

and i have a vaginal vote and
goddess gives head to Woman's
weeping widening garden's rope


My hills heals up for
kids and foxes, and men score
fast fields

when once a rill raises swards
then hillers owl for lords and
ladies leap lairds as fens are
peed from cocks and calves
and my river smells of snowed
sylvan stars

and a medley of miners heal
cosy green seas of mealy steeled
lockets of lashing leaves
and i am a bad buller's weed
and gods grip grassy glebed sneezed
slathering sown geese

where once a fast trout tucks sped
drowning latrines
then fishmen feed fat flashed wed
and my naked heart has dead windy

Bladed beechers break bad indy
scissoring sides, and woods are



Grievous idiots ignite
far fires
Idiot egos will alight
fat spires
and raving raided night
hands, and tyres

Me and madams
wire guns, and fires
rave for dams, and
eyes glow like sand
and seashores
ram rode waves, and
ears and eyes
glow glow

rivetting crows dam
riveting sloes slam
and slowed graves
ride from laid
bold biers
and plashing knaves
bind palls with
flown feet
Amen to the seas
Amen to dreams
Amen Amen

The dreaming side to Love has
cancer spots
The screaming side of Love has
riven dots
and eyes inside mirrors
float, and a sea inside rivers
drowns lost
driven crossed
sunsailing hills, and
docked clockhands expand
loud loss
and shill kising inside jams
drag crossed
ladies, and a sea in a scam
sucks crisscrossed
eyes and heels

i am weeping for romans
i am weeping for sirens
o, i am weeping forever,
and sex and seized romans
shoot crossing christ, and
angels flee from featherd
tarred men
and i am a tar baby
and i am a large lady,
and i listen to cliffs, and
marriage will shend me
coded clay killers damn
fishy blown hanged
and i am spread by Man

these arching days when i learned to sleep
sodomise saviours with naked dreamt sleep
and a ravine in a towel falls from bathers when
a doggy of a dragonfly metes maps to mad zen
and a mammy with no lips shoots a by-valve
and a donkey chart whispers after women;
and a kiddy's hidden games play with hens

and i idealise a naked space where rain may
well cut down the face found in a grey grave
and wishers whimper when dirtying star-slaves
burn a sycophantic rider to demure pure death
and, la la, layered poisoners hit god's nests

these arching days when i learnt about heat
bath-ignite a molded soul with shitted meats
and masoners of scalded stones stone heat as
a daddy in a circus thrills for rectal clown-gas
and, woah, we wish upon wards when flasks
pour a crystal crusher inside balded vine-masks

o as gents leave town, a city on a fast shoulder
will recline underground; and a bodyer of thunder
crashes across loud trees; and my earthing father
and radios may well transmit fatal loud disease
and doners to hell may well supper for larders

these are the daft days when i believe in lovers?

o meningital massive men pen a poem on disease
o ladyers of passive women write about disease
and a spool of tears washes rain inside disease
and a pool of fears appear to death's disease
and a flower in a code bangs words for sex
and a tower under toads squirms like self-death
and readers of spunk pudenda summons old deaths

o meningital massive hens cluck as egged desks
reveal a teacher-snake to old veins that star-wreck
idioms of stupid children babies who know nothing
ahhh, as blinded hell-bells ring then loving's neck
breaksdown for heavy cells and idiotc sex-necks
and a keen old bendy bell rang a tocsin's ceilings
and a mean gold empty dill sank hiders under
codal oogled snap-screened babied bad lumber

o a tree of pure night sips from gardened thunder
o a poet's pure tree drinks till death fills father
and a vase at sea swallows rashes from mirrors
and a case of bees spirals under doddering fillers
and, la la, my mental minotaur has come to murder
all whites, all chalks, all bloodied masks; and favour
glisters as men grow flavaed in their shed-shrouds

a meningital invective penile rash swipes plants
aside drunken meadows when hissing eye-cunts
cry for lazy dental gent-honey; and wicked cunts
sallow dibbly cheeks as a boarder of sea-plants
botanises dirt with devillers of filthy dirty junk
and me and my nudist reveller caress sex-crowds

o a sea of demure accidental dumb-fires shout
against nine hills which crash inside forest-mounts
and our crazy sun-lit drive hicks upon apple-founts
and when wizards flow then pentacles spell doubt
daggering after trees when baby-owls sear shouts
and menfolk found in dead leaves hits spear-cloud
o meningital massive men choke on scisssor phlegm
and a bed of percussive hens clucks for dun egg-men
and a sea of arks sails for evil Noah where women
arise as they ride for coded deadly Jonah; and phlegm
milks a miller under scissor; and bald eyes yearn?

the jolting cinamas of men get fitted to a gazing floor
oo choking wind-cars ride for fixers as dance-war
damages renal tides with mad-poem-taxidermy and
crazy english walls cry for sucked graffiti when pores
sink inside a picky mind that shines aside glasswards
o a tree of demure christs clambers under sideboards
o a lea of blind-screwed lights shines under daubed
dolphinous excremental pissers of wintry rose-paws
and, la la la, a skewer in a vast hall knows nothing but
the slithering skin-incisions of sex-lives and dead sluts

these eyes i see trapped in fierce tears must hasten now
to the signal cummers that send sex to soft senslessness
and my bed of pincers pictures dreams with blue death
and a dazzler of a domed daddy sweats under clouds
and a benny bled bone feeds goat-meal to fog-messes
and a messenger of stone heaves under dog-dresses

these eyes i see trapped in fierce tears glisten now
and a wave of romans romances after gold flowers
and, o, as birds and cries serenade a sea of flowers
then men and metalled maids will walk waves for
dupers of skin and then milk-floats found outdoors

o a tree of demure madness swings for jazz-wars
ooo a sea of pure fires dolts a wing to a mind-maws
and a dizzy drake drags ermine for lakes, and whores
huddle under books that read to completely no-one
and, la la, thunder looks for beads when stupid doors
slide open to reveal a lost manse in a dead country
ah a bedded buttoner of a glutton moon shrieks for
a dredger of pure laughter; and a statue on a moor
melts under fast shires as bled vales gasp about wards;
o a bended cask shoots drawers as devillers of baby
bee-bolt red cavernous wasp-vaults to carmine broads
and, ah ah, as we weed for wasps then soft eye-boards
scissor under messages which chant for urban dyers
and, o, as doom deniers abuse a crayon-thigh then
wily wipperers of wide dudes sharpen pigs wih pliars

these sad minds i last saw in fast tears shower for a
pisser of a mad child; and a clasping teary war has a
market for a crashy grocered bleary score; and we are
melted into mental factories where a whore in a star
curves upon lost musics made-up from mental guitars
ah ah, and i have sensed the mind donning paints where
a laden city mouth flees up from dunning saints. Hairs
hoot to scissor-scalpel and winders of cumming lairs
poo upon a clinked pot till easy wifers arise from snares

o a punny puny pudding crow that bakes a titty puff
jacks to a doddery puking glove that urinates on dust
and a fascinator of reeling rogues shits on a blue muff
and a pinafore that widens like a shore walks on musk
ahhh, once a sudden hour, i watch a store selling dust
and i overheard, at some lost hour, a pornosapphic cusp
carrying gold vinegar malls that sweat under plum-puffs

and a baited sea-jack in nine hands strangles burnt cuffs
and shaken sea-shakes drink brandlers of oak-snuff
and a porny poesy dragon that weeps anglered fish-fuss
bead-flagons easy madams with opal sweets and cusps
la la, a mary rose-tower dreams of oval streets as rusks
choc-feed bodiers of dowers with canine easy kisses

issuers of cakered pussy palls peer inside mad hisses
and salters of murdered moggies ride across creches
and a bird in a bun baits swigs with polted cunt-traces
and fasteners under snapes sizzle for fleshy cock-cases
the matrices of a female steed gallop for shoe-laces
the dodgerers of a petrol paed pulls evil tongue-traces
and an eagle-hour lays down a fanny for gully stasis
and a blower of cocky graves will harden as mazes
amuse a sound-cryer with loped bones and rippers
and a sudden sodden lounge peeks aside eye-zippers.

Ohhh matrial belly bines seize eggs from sky-strippers
and fotal fatal dillies slide around pegs when writers
ride across word-corn; and a wizzer of a wide flavour
studies just how to die in a cornea of weeping labia.



Copyight JDB 27/09/2020.


work-in-progress title: When Blue With Murder
1st draft poem then poem-song


these tissuers of tidal pain swallow vacant skies
these barriers of dull rain rummage after eyes
and a radio wife who sweats tears from old skies
must season after blues and darkness in old eyes

these eaters of robed sorrow wash bees in minds
these reapers of tomorrow sleep out in a dime
and the english money ticket that pays for crime
must season after blues the sadness of all times

oo natural faces fade to day when scissor-swine
dollop dinner bollock across a spunked hot spine
and a den of tears cries for blood as ashen mines
mine for a heart of pure cold; and men end.

the faces of the rigid dead die for sex and wind
adown a dilly moon when a baby inside old wine
sweeps a dreary broom across gazers in vines

a farrier of faces fades to pure fire
a burier of laces fades to pure fire
as killer of faces fades under tawny tyres when
carers of aces waste in five winds
and a beaded eye dons knives when close men
silence dicks with dizzy wives

the faces of the rigid dead fade to old fire
a farrier of stasis fades with a funeral pyre
and a doggy daisy damages bends as odd brides
burn, burn,
ahhh ashen ferns breed for hens when suicides

burst and breed. And tiny babies die for eyes.

these macadam days when a tarred tear wails
will lead messy graves to gems; and diamond sails
wash holy hands in silence
and a buggy grave ends; O, a purry waxen veil
reveals snakes when violence
jams pharoahs with easy grails and menfold wail
and weevillers suck ants from termitic jammed sails
and a saviour found on a cliff
has to fall to death when blowing a kiss

the faces of the rigid dead dry like dulled leaves
the faces of the cradle-dead cry under sleeves
and a bone of grass burns out when greyed geese
babble under naked grease

these macadam days when a tarred tear flails
will forever lead us back home where self fails

i have found my round world shaping guns from lips
i have seen my sound world raping suns with slits
and a boat of glass sails for evil summers when ships
sail far west then die; O, a bed of lovers uses trips to
silence body bursts with tithes
and i have found my round world shaping guns from
multicoloured mined minds that murder closed skies

agh, these macadam days when i layer love's plunge
will forever lead me back home when grey suns
paste a bloodied car aside bone; and eyes will lunge
after screeners of stars that sunder blinded drums

i have found my round world shaping guns from old
dizzy oaths which summon shirt-dirt from dead souls

the carmine carers of stirred old kine accuse deaths of
writhing in a sodden shadow; and a graveyard under dogs
abuses veined boys with meadows; and a sea under gods
jostles sleep with city babies. O, once inside trees, drugs
dangle candy candlers under rubies; and greying pugs
swallow fists and a sea of doobies eats dying grey dugs

ah ivories with genius ebonies jazz for crying when bugs
build an antery from easy balconies; and a sea of mugs
shatters under towns; and sleepy enemies drink to pubs
and a fuser of Andromeda hisses for Veronica as gods
sphincter-bruise dusts with vacant babyish bed-rods; ah,

once upon a grave in a dead world, children will stir
prisoners into laves; and eyes will open now for furs.

i have found easy worlds sweeping gardens into fires
i have shuddered; and my weeping garden eats mesh
ah, a sail of iron delves eyes when eaters of cat-flesh
sink a brain inside a veined mind; and reapers of deaths
and ideal idle tides walk waves when a dogger's death
dreams of dead horses and slaves; and a river's mesh
drinks from hired sea when salt water freshens sex

i have found my earth sleeping with lilacs when fires
fall down regal wells; and me and my curved spire
shoot from a devil-dell when a sky of skewered lips
will listen to salt-water kisses when menstrual ships
come through a desk of shitted expensive head-strips
and, la la, easy potatoes peer into expansive bed-fires

once upon a grave in a dead whorl, i saw fawkesfires
grinding down dirt-flour from cakey bended pyres
and we wander under hurt when a skirt in a guitar
hips to a chopper sun-song; and a moon under rivers
ride-rages after gun-song; and i entered under drivers
only to find that flown paper-towns rend Godiva.

easy pinioners of rolled pianos cup a titty blood genoa
easy scriveners of gilded shadow sucker fevers
and mental piggers piss in radio as noisy rose-fuckers
idolise bad bends when a city awakes under liars

ah ovaries under penis-powers cast blue spells upon
poxy easy thunder; and flown flowers don drums
and oily camphors send old flowers to mad suns
and a dizzy owl hoots for a rose. O, romantics
cry from my heel as dancers under sex bionics
sunder creeping hallways aside dunny dirt-dumbs

ah a whistler in a crypt snappers from town-lungs
and whistlers on a cool trip pucker up for engines

when a breaded gun chews cheeky mouth-gums
o then a factory of fun will surely chew on cum
and a daddy devil boy shits for truth when engines
space-pinion dashers with pits and slut-bubonics
and a dying ruins of kids snap follies for dead-ends
and eyelids purr for dreams where easy heads
bang in a bone-band. Ah, diers drink easy lead
and petroleum bashers diesels under fawned me

ah ovaries under penis-families cast blue bells
from olden heated harness-biddies. O, cells need
all batoned cages to wolf down soap then grieve

we will most certainly leave for hell tomorrow
o we shall toast lost blood where aged tallows
teeter under marshes and lay waste to sorrows
and then puling pasters of hands move tomorrow
to easy sabbath ceilings when a sea of barrows
gum-bums a regal raider with radial rose-gallows

we will most certainly slide to sleep; O, sorrow
sharpens bluesy braid with lilac heat; O, sorrows
sink a plate of chips into weepy sleep; O, sorrow
sallies scented slits with dad's sleep; and meat
bounces under blurred tits that feed tomorrow's
eagler of carrion comforts with spastic swallows

ah ovaries under penis-candy craps aside glues
ah aviaries inside cunted smoothies cut grey groooves
from latently pasted widows
who cry in de churches till heaven opens windows
and a dog at dark dips a dad cat in a dresser
and a cat at dark dips a mum rat in kisser
o ovaries may well bark when a mouser of hissers
deal a dance of maddened pressure under rizlas

we will always lead a dream into a comatose
we will always believe in a deep sleep that kills
and we shall forever deceive sex with coma-hills
and, la la, when wideners of ticks search for spills
then diamante fever feuds must eat fleas; O, hills
cry for murdered mountains where death kills
when mother naked living statues fall from out red rain
o as father cuts stoned feelings, we will suffer red grain
and an idol in a cupboard washes cases in sweet pain

we will always grieve for the less deceived when rain
trashes indigo poets with verse-war; and odes to pain
accuse a god of a verb-cunt to praise words with gain

when mother naked leaning waters fall from old skies
o as brother cuts his ceiling then soft madness in eyes
widens under hisses when a kisser of sadness denies

all demon gods of word-gob; and, uh, messy scribes
will forever dam bird-sod with a lazy inky poet-life
and, uh, uh, a boiler in a bog flushes hoses under life
and a scripter of de wicked world uses a penned knife.

we will always grieve for the blessed; and we will
spike fairy thumbs with bruised cans that lead pig-swills
when, roped to guns, holy gods in poet cabinets still a
sweetening baby of a sun with angelled angels in cars.

all demon gods in word-gloves sink soapers under Mars
and, oh, a mars a day helps to kill then eyes in sex-hards
and, laced to diamond, a bed of hills reaches after lard
and dirtying damsel dustbinners wash fanny in soft lard
i have seen at change of blood day a crystal seizure
shaping cunny grans from veined clay; and fast fevers
rotate upon an oil drum that glistens to godless silvers
and postmodern vampires swig benny lissom from a
mentalis of digitalis; and boned pigs drive a lost car
back homeward, when the noosed past seems endless.

O cocoa harmonica whistles as proud strings dance
la, odes to lady missiles lay under crowds when dance
drizzlers jazzy honeys upon thunder when crying dance
loosens fazers of money to rumba when driving dance
star-cutters a deviant titty fever inside jolted sky-dance
and bad dreams get thrown askance from devil-dance
O cocoa harmonicas whistle inside a peeing moon-dance

i have seen, at change of blood day, a killer in a nest
levelled under chains as weevillers roar aside a red breast
and the leaves of Buddha swill whores from green messed
babbling baby feathers that still wards with gun-dressed
easily writhing comraders of a hill that glows like death

O cocoa harmonica hum for sung paths which deck a
slayer of a city that rings bells for baths; and old deaths
dance for a dirty hour where a clock inside of deaths
laden a sloper of lamers under pig skins and gold death
and a weeper of wet silver washes eyes inside kecks

i have seen, at change of dun night, a rider in a desk
layering facials with naughty knives; O, balded breasts
sink a titty cheek for a ship of lies; O, balded desks are
flayed by boney tutors in schools that have no homes
and, eyed, a shriver of a suitored stool drinks sex card
O cocoa harmonicas thrum for city masks when tar
trickles from a veiny mission of deity; and gods in cars
crusade for baby suns that fasten floats to dizzy spars
O cocoa harmonicas scream for de bodies when Mars
falls to forcing fucking earths where a dog in cinemas
walks into de moon and then carry air to catty petard
and a vermeil puss path pads after nuns when stars
look chemically down upon a lavatorial neon bar and
as we weep for dunny rest then we spring from scars
o a ladel in a warp serves pudding pizzas to grey spars
and a dabbler of warts weeps for scissor as sad stars
look laconically down upon a cataract of dizzy carved
caddied boned blown arses. And death has to deserve
a godded divan of bedded bases when metalled nerds

sleep out in a dying sodden river; and petallers swerve
outside blue trains where men in fits of murder swerve
against the grain when sad pugs gone blue with birds
scatter parrot crumbs for deadeners of crooked curd
and, la la, mincy minted slavers shoot cock dead for
anancees and tarried babies who cup a titty war in a
bouncing land of berries; O, statues found in a burnt cars

cramble for dangerous chokered dreamed cherries. Ahhh
when once spun skin succours blue murders than a
phantastic magic spin may well crash aside hot berries
and, lo, a racer in a cave has to use a bicycle for a hot
hotelier of torn ears and adulterous red-stapled gut rot
ahh, a purser in a pled penis peals lemon rind from shot
lesbotic screaming tangerines that fish after codded cots
and sleepers dart from oveners stir-found in cunt-clots

the riverers of doom denials use tights to cut god's neck
and goosers on the dummy rise cut balls from snapt kecks
and a cantilever for a mummy wolf-whistles after skippers.

Oh Oh ooooooooooooo. And numbers benumb all killers.

Copyright JDB 30/09/2020