a further speed-written songsheet

work-in-progress title: Disabled Car
1st draft poem then song-poem

if the town does not seem right, i will cure a city
o if a sound does not dig night, i will feel pity;
and a bone of grass shatters in five hands
and stoners of masks scatter hot cold jams.

if a town does not catch sight, i will slit-ram
a fairy thumb with urban cocoa sea-slams
and eyes turn aside grey deaths as islands
layer dicky grease with coded fazed woman
la la. prickly pocket leaves fall for children and

a slighted piggy hero hits for radio catscans.
the eaglers of repeaters read to a mind
o eaters of red palavers pee inside wine
and a boat of blood brags for silked vines
and, la la, a galloper of the killed cuts limes
and eyes leap for fallowers of blue grime

the eaglers of deceiters ride upon timed
gally wanky wee-wee bombs; and mines
dig for cold as coded easy gold sea-spines
a shatterer of sex with dotted glue-wynds

la la, a candifier collapses and dies for a
stretcher of a cocoa street; and sweet Mars
serenades blind bloods as a sea of cars
crusades for wide love; and we grind stars
to mooted dust when weavers of tars

dig to dine upon darkness and old rat fat.

an expectorant of old graves shoots some doodoo phlegms
and odes to sold naves hoot upon daddy moods and skin
ah a boat under gold suppers for nudes; and odes to sins
slapper for skied silly skirt; and menfolk pee under hymns

la la, expectorants of grey slaves shoot sick from spind
body winds; and a coastal cave carries dirt under wynds
uh uh, a weaver of roasted lays sinks a cock into limbs
and, once aside a mad smile, we learned about widows

edgers of sullen swine slit aside cheese-dirt then close
adown in a little town where city bodies make no sound
and wiveners of fast air exhales dusts from a grey rose.

yoyo riders use ald kiddy toys with cut fingers and hands
lo lo, poncho sidlers sunder boys; and a bald girly rams
heated flour around a cakey tower; O, jarry junder-jams
daddy after mammies; and my twinned eyes close drams
ah ah. I will sidle after herpes as i sweep after edams and
me and madam mind-moon must think about sweet sand
ah ah, yoyo users season eggs in cups with wooden cans

an expectorant of gold graves shoots some pooled phlegms
and an acid bout boots judas out as lady jesus cuts gems

a candifier collapses into wives and a tiger of a torn stem
sucks a bleeder's butt where a mad lady riders uses men
to station a body cat upon grey sines and female egg-men
and we appear death-expectant with fingers under hens
yoyo riders abuse sweeties. Kiddy selves shoot horn-clans
and a rooter of ropy doobies sucks on nutted bone-bands.

cablers of candle-wax sweeten chapel halls with edams
o room-raisers ram sugar apple when coded mind-plans
melt after dolts whose wallah of a toad-cold spine-slams
doctorors of dunny beacons when a stupid light in bands
sinks a falllowed face in an egg-bowl; and mental Man
has a diner for his own place; and eyes sunder remands

easy expectorants under milners smile after big brands
and we tailored after mother to find a lover's lot sofas
come digging apple chairs into dawners of closed fevers

cables of candy craps cast a rotted teether across a
rude nude of cat-trap; and eyes beneath feathers scar
dunny tides with openers of grey lies; O, my dead car
never existed but still i drive due West where rose rivers
sea-knock a salty harness in five huge baring bed-slivers
highnesses of dirty sex-thrones cry for blued bloods
and, ah ah, we sealed a dummy monarch in bum blood
and, uh uh, we ravel for mummy as fathered fish mud

stops dead. O, weavers of whiteness kill all sane Man.

petty petrolled mary Man used a rifle with false hands
la la, a baby monkey danced in faked trees; and trams
travelled down town where a woman in a hot wigwam
rotated round a sad mound of children; and grey grans
grasper after gitted towns where a city under a glans
dollops french nudes upon greying bakers of soft glam

cablers of candy crap casts a paper cab across muds
and, ah ah, eyes weave death and, uh uh, loser's love
loosens applers inside peared mess O, we eat Gods?

petty petrolled Pan played pipes for a secret soft brain;
Uh, a sea of masks drowns itself as a secret sex-train
star-ravels into burned minds; and we hit upon rain
and, ah ah la, we sit down upon hair as we use pain
a dummy of a bedspread links dreams to champagnes
and, ah, we ride from iced kinks then we must rock
a daisy of a fast mind with liced shrimps; and we rot
and we rot as we roll and we ride aside citied cock
petty petrolled mary Man used a rifle with falseness
and, eyed, me and a lost land writhes for deadness as
a hiker of whoring wide tides walk wanky tiredness.


abusers of dodos have to shoot ten parakeets stoned dead
ah udderers under crab have to cast cold meat into bread
and a whipperer of wolven wands casts magic under beds
ah ah, abusers of dodos have to shoot ten burny heads
and a licer of lewd sucky porny winking hen-hit-lead has
a bolster for a dreamer and a coffee cake inside ald gas
and i will certainly need use of a disabled car; O, hurt ash
may well sell me to endless high tar cigarettes; and mash
melts inside long dead soldiers whose easy sex hit lush
sun-strippled warring flavas. Sex sends a freeby SAE
la la, Deaths heed entrances when a killer in a postal reed

lollies after pinnered pig-pens and the cafes of cut greed
and, la la, i ease a mental dig inside sand alleys: mung seeds
scatter hollowed tomatoes across a living world of dick trees
and we will reel inside the East when gathering up the teas
and we will shed buttock tears and we will weep forever.

abusers of dodos have to shoot ten parakeets stoned dead
ah ah, a video of crabs crashes down and Digital Telly-teds
show inchoate screens to disablers of dangly easy plebs
and we shutter a shitty sky inside wide-women's piss-pegs
and, uh uh uh, when weeders of Ides spy on salt-legs then
menfolks will have to learn of looters of lives and ribbons
lollies after pinioned piggy pens push oinkers under slides.

the lotuses of a crocus flower feed dumb enemies to water
o a fastness of dad's tower treats a dun cake with porter
and a bren in a sesame seed bun rides a steeder into lungs
la la, eyes may well widen as we buy a disabled car. Guns
shoot a hollah of a blind owl with dairy lips; and coded sun
gun-shine upon a weal when a wettener of clits sucks cum

the lotuses of a crocus flower feed dummies to gas-garters
and we weepy-weave a wanky sheety winker with gafters
and a dumber of a bee stings a brain with honeying doctors
and, la la, we weep for locust seed while crying for robbers

abusers of dodos have to loot one zillion bodying piss-parrots
and the wives of March harden to autumnal sleep. Carrots
cut a cuppy nut-slut inside a bugs bunny brigand; and mammas
kneel upon slappers of wives; and a cat-headed gazy river
rams a fairy thumb deep within coffee cakes and rizlas
o we may well have to buy an actual disabled car; and we
may well have to buy true high-tar cigarettes for mind-seas
and, uh uh, eynes swallow puffs with hallowers of sleeved
lycra pissy pecks that rim madam rimmer with cold greed

the pocuses of crocus eaters lead bald wheels to fathers
and we may well jack our fathers and leave mums behind.

what with disabled chairs being star-raised from high tar fags
what with disabled hairs being car-crazed by old male slags
we will surely eat a broken coffee and walnut cake; O, stags
supper after sleep where disabled trainyards on their knees
creel into city caves; O, a sea of figs frigs a vegetable when
dragglers of pity-graves sink a cabbage of a mind into gems
and, la la ah, wildernesses under stinking baggage sea-rends
darkening dolly-heads from gingery dirt berries and u-bends.

o we may well have to buy an old-timed crippled van with
filthier dreams that have ever noticed man; and mental pig
urniates inside dulled pants when a stinker of a menstrual pig
damages eyes with soft moggy hens and smokers of dead kids

what with disabled chairs being star-raised from evil maps
what with disabled prayer being Mar-mazed under cold straps
we will surely eat a broken coffee and tawny breaded dun mac
and a diver after plective vege urine has to sink aside macadam
ah ah ah; and sun-assaulted widows weep for mencapped Adam
and a doctor on its disabler's feed flashes aside naked crabs
eyes have to melt under pulleyed shit-wrecks as we cry for
easy kissers of pelt tundra and pissers of slits and dippy wards

o a steady burner of a bled mind smell-spills doggers into canine christs
o an easy yearner after blue spine swell-swills scarers from cold spice
and a desperate user of my disabled car cuts a coffee cake where lice
sink full tar cigarettes under sex when a bladderer inside walrus life
interfusess dromedaries with a vegetable stink that laps aside cabbage white
and men and skin dolor opens up death's peasy ward when a sea of mice
summer-strap a coded killer's blue disabled car which ravels under dice
and a menial macadam filler hits blood feeds with ashen dodder-mikes
and a driller of a vegetable head shows dilly screens to scenes of spiked
body-burning anal angelical baby-bikes; and naked bruised sirens swipe
a bad bald true blue disabled car. O, we will cut a dirtied coffee slice
O, we will shut toffee-coffin dykes beneath heated full tar woodlice.

ah i abused a static killer radio just one sad time of all; and de angelus
creeps inside a puker's shadow; and my scenic spleen opened under dusts
ah i abused a static river radio just one more time very late last year
and me and disabled cars carry mencapped mallows inside stained fear
la la la, my dippy deviller dips a dunny boy for Mrs Jones; and ald tears
reason after maws where a draper of mummy joys cuts down grey gear
ah ah odes to naked kissers drive a mangler of a sex-toy down to years
and we ravel into time when a tonsured bag of farms swallows shears

o an easy burner of a bled mind shit-smells renal hooves; and sex-scars
shard in a belled bottom; and we may well buy a fierce disabled glee-car
and we are, rended, as cut from spastic dells as bastards under curves
crashdown along a blonde mat of fear and farts and neck-wringers. Curs
curtsy to a varnishing dolly moon when we sink a rapered finger's nerve
deeply adown into a brimstoned pussy of vegetable gallery treacles

ahh ashes drop slashes under porn-brine as a veiny darling sups measles
and the daddies of a mental easel paints a body-chart with grey seagulls..

what with old minted walnut and coffee cake, we will buy a disabled car
ah ah ah; once slitted under false limbs and drapes, we will smoke huge tar
and our answers to this ridden rippy disabled world must posion punk Mars
and, o, a hard Mars every single fucking day pees upon taloned bead-bars
and we weevil for a shitted rogue spine that shits aside prison carves
and we silence the dizzy cocks of fitted flitty flirty danky wanky shards

the arouser of a raider heart sinks a rippy zipper outside burning bone
and me and mixy macadam farts carp for lippy snickers of gay stone,.


Copyright JDB 08/08/2020