further speed-written songsheets

work-in-progress title: WITH HOLY GEMS AND GERMY WINE..
1st draft poem then poem-song


easy eaters of red rain and radio meadows
will ease a painted spire inside rained bows
and the eater on a cliff silences shadowed
nobody mien hens that arise from bony men
and a driver of muted fairies has to end
and a bone of glass masses under old skin
o the moon in a beak hisses for bled children
and the wives of violence bait god's moon
and the brides of silence sunder sold rooms
la la. we weaver for sleep as we arouse a
buller in a skull-bitten blouse; and gulls die.

a wiper of a daddy piper peppers old eyes
o swooned deniers strangle shepherds when
waxen wolverines lead dogs to loud waters
and the ashes in a lift arise from old daughters
and a wifeling rips from a sea of doctors
o the moon in a beak hisses for women and
laden body parchments swallow coded trams
and a bed of lusts leads a giddyer into cans
and wolverines weep as dead fathers sleep
o the moon in a beak hisses for woman.
easy eaters of red rain rage aside chilled zen
and reapers of blood page ages under lichen.

the porters of pulling cunt spunk under junks
o raisers of fooling junk shed rots aside kitchens
and a boy in his female moon has rocked sold bunks
and, la la, ferine fretted metal has to shine for dust
and porters of puling cunt spunk under old bunk

petrollers in swelling hips ignite bled bairns who
summon shrillers from bad lights and easy nudes
o erasers of money jackknife to reveal grey lubes
ramming motored cars when jugging dead nudes
noose a fattener of faces with pigging gay sleuths
once upon a gapped mind, weepers for truths
had to hide a baby in a vine; and odes to sleuths
scatter sandy skeins across tines; and cut boots
car-bang venal fathers with grey pigs that hoot
porters of puling cunts scutter when easy pictures
swallow fishy vines then give to tree of fixtures;
and miced modems move mad loaves to sleep

the maidens of pure money ride aside some jeeps
la the damsels of pure honey ride aside blue cheeks
and me and men and a feline hay-cheek hits for a
boner of a boy whose easy chops cut a nut-keep
porters of pissing junks crashdown; O, gilt streetcars
cry for messing crude creators where redded Mars
harrasses melts with roods when a sea of toy cars
carry massive attackers into Downs that shapes a
city of spires and moggy friends; and odes to stars
shit upon tits when a dustbin in de yard hast to scar
easy mother rides with nuclear bakes that eat tar
de martians of pure baby ride aside alien eye-teeth
and weevillers rotate where a nippy in a rope-sheath
sharpens daddy phlegm with ratters of rattler-heaths

when rocked by heat, my senses curve just like a fire,
o when stopped, my senses swerve just like burned spires,
and miraculous faces on the moon cherish beds with a
donny of true blue funeral pyre; and odes to madness are
fed to fistas as fibulators fascinate tyres; and old cars are
fed to fanny keeps when spastic sex castlers chew Mars

de martians of pure baby ride aside bumpy bled tarred
cabbies who bleed for rides; and me and mellow scarves
swill vinegar ties from messengers who feed from stars
and madam moonshine shines as she pines; and cigars
burn out now, just like a burning field; and men and rivers
reason after oils. And a player in a blue yield has to quiver.
when rocked by meat, my five and country senses shiver
and radios in blood-peat piece Pan from coda livers, and
a bayer of bugged drams deal waifs to rot; and Man scrams
after buppy boils that plead for sense as mad words scan
no more; and eyes turn sleeves into frenchers who use pans.

the devillers of dirtiers dress sods upside a bad shrill world
o revellers under pictures show deaths to mad hills, and old
pearly girls cry for collanades when a bad mill grinds gold
and a woman in the sky booms like an angel; and old gold
glimmers in twinned minds where eynes burn up. O, worlds
whirl into kids where a breaker of minds cuts cups. Girls
go crucify the mad where a butcher of nuts sucks sweat-curls
after buppy boils bait bread, then the sirens of a good bed
sweep a dreary broom across phlegm; and me and sold bed
leave dreams to lady shakespeares; and old men in beds
will certainly burn to death where a hillock in a boned head
slitters after doilies that drink hair. O i have died for heads
and bodyers of naked shaker boys bleed for donkey bread
red devillers of droming sex drone in stupid sky; and lead
leads a pincered labia to mesh; and sold planes plum-bleed
a daggerer of a stabby failure to dotters who punch steeds.

i ease my cantive cock into blue yields; and my faces
fascinated bled crock as naked fields bleed into faces;
and a dog of sex rots; O, a minotaur in a sad sea paces
under leather clocks where a city found inside stasis
roams after foamy fast fear; and odes to fountains are
moon-fed to loamy fast tears; and odes to mountains are
choc-fed to dolls where a gangster in petrol use sex-cars
to ravel into cagey cunt-choirs; and odes to dudes are
driven from sleep. Dirt and diesel and petrol necks
summon fat fuel from fawkesfire aces where decks are
made laden with mules that crap on cases; and rivers are
star-flexed with tools that leash nap as flashy foals are
clock-fixed to fizz; and men and madam crap use stars
i ease my cantive cock into grey seals; O, mad guitars
play for panters; and idiots who reel inside cold mirrors
mason for doggers whose fatal focal tail wags for killers
and a whitener of nudes sucks a fotal sail when drillers
drool aside buttered screws; and menthol vales shiver
for pokey spoolers of dead hands and menstrual silver
weevillers end in pieces when insects believe in mirrors

tyrranies of lopped men spiral from a city of guns
o tyrranical sleasy men rival scum when a tree of suns
moans just like a child
and a corpse of cane crashes for dad's whip,- And
carriers of glibby glaucous feed from tits; O, minds
meld into files; and cakers of wine spit ginners and
a daddy-fire rises under tyres when spirallers expand
heated hosed force to canine forces; and metal fans
drop dizzy mushrooms on twinned floors. And sandals
grasp for naked jesus and a lacker of drawly ingles
rots and ruddy rots; and pissers for packers seize death
o dirt, disease, death rocks a cocking horse and jest
jolts a febrile juicer across poking pork; and grey vests
bestialise bunny beacons with bellers of naked nests
i ease my cantive cock into a screwered vale of sex
and a beller up a crock sweeps dun sewers into my sex
and a rapier of cocks suck urban juices with loud sex
ah ah ah, as a musher of sluts swerves for proud sex
and, oo, when hushers writhe, certainly we will wreck
mind-transfusive canons with angelic neon mine-becks
and we pecker upon naked natrons when motherers
mickler for demure fire. O, i have seen my smotherer
weeping for impure fire but a funeral found in pyres
must bait a slaker of burned selves; and eyes bead-neck
a daddy of a hair-well that leads elves into silent ripped
babby gardens; and kissers of lead swell for violence.

once above a mind a latent dilator of a fishy mermaid
made eyes at a drowned moon; O, as easy graves
sidle under vines, eyes will surely send lashed slaves
into burned seas that stride blown waves; and maids
shrill for pepper rooters that lend babies to castlers
and a spastic plastic hat sticks a whore into trays
and, oo, a renal stem scraps lips where closed trades
sell impossible faces to bled nippies; and bosom-blades
bang from city bottoms when leaders of lays
delimit written bells with tawny towelled parades
o once in one swift lifetime, i saw passion raise a
parasol of pims from naked nailer sherries; and slaves
loosen babes into veiny cask-sailors; and disease
listens to sown sleep and a star of veilers eats slaves
once above this mind whe a parental fishy gale got
blown aside a married wind, old boys flashed for pot
O a city fad will lead deaths to de mad and old grot
must eat and puke from grout. La, inside gold-spot
when baking poots, i saw a laddy laugh for gut-grot
and messy macadams ride in a spun bath. Ah, loss
shoots eve and adam with prides when old moss
gets stripped off by waxen wound hands. Ohhhhh
a jacking daffy drooller raids faces in the brain
la crapping messy rulers measure skies in Spain
and a robotic demnotic kisses mouthing rain as
bubblers of chisel-chops kiss a cat's tailed arse
oh, we lever pictures from tips as litters rasp
and a sailor in a gun drinks from saline masts
and we are wide of the brink as we sink masts
inside five drowny palls which soften rasped old
dilators of hemmy streams that lead bats to gold

whence we whistle down the blood winds, we will coach
a slider in trestles shaping beards with mingel; and a roach
hides outside a wall whence we whistle down boats
and, la la, a sail of pain shafts a salt ship down a float where
easy bellied bastard riders wolf down lips then eat old hair
and, o, whence we whistle, then a pennny in a blood brooch
ignites dirty-faces with enemy spaces which cut rain rare
and a lidder on a rig rots family with chasers inside prayer
a jacking daffy droner drags dills from screens when hair
sicklers after mappy moana slags; and we drill for chairs
and, la la, a dryer of humidifiers flay after hills when hair
slappers a sordid scissor note under grey fathers; O, prayer
sharpens eagle-lungs with babed biters of bellers; O, fear
varnishes gulling heights whence a fattener's statue sears
blonde-blamed boxes with ambulances and easy bird-beers
whence we whistle down the blood wind, we will poke a
dragon of a fire with soaped rings; and vergers under cars
crashdown aside vacant swings; and urgers under grey cars
cry for driving velvetines; and macadam hisses for riders as
galleries of shippen death shine for canvassed easy loves
and an ivory ebony christ snaps gardens across soft gloves
and an easy lazy family layers straps with conical grubs
o jacking daffy droners drag dilly floats from hooked minds
o hacking dizzy sounders mass upon oats as booky bad binds
moon-jam mother motels with peasy lungs made up from wine
o jacking daddy dopers drag queasy ropes from hooky bines
ahh. We said that love's word was dead and gone but minds
mine after romantics who yield a ballet-heel with both minds
and coalers of petrol sods sap a cunted reel where lost minds
mine after mental desire. Oh, a shafter of de deceased eat us
and it is certainly well known that spunk shall eat itself. Cusps
glown for the vacant dead and daddy moon yields cold cuts..
vagrancies appeal to dirty little boys when a tramping slut
swallows pinky street tacs; and a punky pinky peerer shuts a
dollar of a day inside a brother brand that leads sweets to waters
O eynes are forgotten now because wives yield no fathers
O vines are forgotten; and ginny februs thighs hoot for feathers
and a cot of mutton sends mammy penis to a spastic-fever
and a nuclear sun-sod shaves holidays with mastic teasers
an oodler of a mind-modeller maces corn with teasers
la radio ramblas use soiled papers for porn; and mad sneezers
smell of tissued snot; O. soft creches slap a facial as piggers
pawn a doggy bell for used banged notes that pay for nothing.
Dying all the fucking time, a broadener of oats hits feelings,
and a vase of ducking wine smashes in to one million searings
and earrings on the moon clamber after tubal tabby catkins,
and an opened apple drops pithy pippy piss upon clothe skins
and an ashen cable shows dotters of mists to TV eye-hymns
stablers strangle cat horses. Fazers fashion fetes from bins.
fablers hang dying hearses. Razors fashion red-eyed sins.
caddies cut sweet cadis. Revolters use revolvers. Spun limbs
lose a cave to bad movements. Dissolvers sink old aspirins
and a fakir in a demented sea-scent lays along fingernails
crowers may well scavenge till they burst and a blue burst
swaggers across achy breaky hills. Oh, magical bled skirt
spills a swiller's beery afternoon into lickers of peat-bursts
and, o-la, a buzzy easter bee stings truths with female mind
and, o-la, a cavvy xmas sleeve buries birds inside burst blinds
and, la la la, i swerve to beards when sweaters in inner crime
sallows a goosy goofy tit with holy gems and germy wine
swum daffies and rubies and royal baby-fluffs here sign
aside a garotter of boobies that breakdown for fennel kine,
and a bagger of boobies shakes sounds for fennel grinds
o baiters of shrillers paint-path a pate of pussers with an
old-timed bike that rides upon flasks and then eats Anne
and Anne is a name of love's dog. O, ma mary's hands
swelt for flame. O, doctors of gob grates meaty lamed
bolter fatherers of fascinated cods and burny bun-brain


Copyright JDB 01/10/2020


work-in-progress title: When Once a Green Gleaned Plant
1st draft poem then poem-song


when once a green gleaned plant
pees bulbed seas
then horsed heroes heal for scant
sliding soft trees.

and i have a vaginal vote and
goddess gives head to Woman's
weeping widening garden's rope


My hills heals up for
kids and foxes, and men score
fast fields

when once a rill raises swards
then hillers owl for lords and
ladies leap lairds as fens are
peed from cocks and calves
and my river smells of snowed
sylvan stars

and a medley of miners heal
cosy green seas of mealy steeled
lockets of lashing leaves
and i am a bad buller's weed
and gods grip grassy glebed sneezed
slathering sown geese

where once a fast trout tucks sped
drowning latrines
then fishmen feed fat flashed wed
and my acred heart has dead windy

Bladed beechers break bad indy
scissoring sides, and woods are

And my hills are healed over for
hard trees and rivers

my sex is spilled from leaves
and sex is a chestnut's seed and
spermy cows kiss sands
and beeches break five dams and
lakes piss rilled scissoring soft
swathy swarding seas of crossed
clamouring kines and
yellowing ant-queens heal hinds
and hirelings hear Woman's
mange tootering teaselled bines
and woody swelled snails are
smacked by sluggers and calves

And beeches burn and hills are
healed up and down, and spars
slide a serpent's sea when starlets
piss pealed plummies, and ingots
kiss closing crying trees of loss and
bled boys breathe bound bales

And my countryside is pyramid

and fast fierce annals are ended in
green swarthes

when once a fat flea sucks spind wind
then extreme trees are
swinged inside an elbowing sea of
kines and cattlered calves and
forcing fields feed fires to Woman's
rape seed

and meadowers mate with a closing
clave of glowed grown roving
gardening gilled grave of soiling
sunrisen teaslers, and i am holding
jarred boy in a gardenish folding freized
fen of ferny killing revolting reeved
springing season of nectarines

And beeches break wind for
green glades

god is a sea of salty seeds and
beeches break trees and worlds
and my forest has extreme curling
and a farmed fairy fears for treed

and my lake is risen from a seized
trampling tearing sea of lithed
and my vales are veiled in mown
moley sex

where once cold cattles kiss a
toppling treetop, then a vet's carve
cowing bullocks
and husbandry heals over for
clashed crept craving moors
And aped eaglers are
led to beeched graved starred
green carived fielders
and lakes lick acres and cars
crash inside fast moored Mars

meadowers suck grassy milks
and cowlets kiss eweing milled
combed bales

and aped eaglers are
led to boars as conkers are
razed from dead oaked arsed
and shirers suck seeded sarsed
anal streams

Bald bled beards are green and
green men have sown sand

and ruddy foxmen slice hot doggy oils
and me and a moon vixen live in chinese gold
grabbing fox galleons

a seizuring sea in my skull walks welps as
coded kissing caverns fist for canine gold-gas
and, o, when once a pushing pup peals us
then a moon vixen will feed leaf to dust

a grappling gooseman grasps
dizy palps
and, la, as a moony sea casts'
eyes, then
giddy gold men suck clap
my sex smells, and vaginas
raps on sexdoor
and me and caps kiss gilt riders
ghosts live inside god's mouths
oo liars lay waste as babied sex drouth
Ends with hurt fool’s gold finger.

I espy men in a vein rend
o as a sea of graves guts ken then
radium raids children..
jammy kangaroos hop to a beat..
terrible mad mines get dug for meat
and the rotted captain of blue sleep
suppers for zen when wailers in heat
serve a penis-glass to deniers
and, ssss, a vastness of denyers reap.
kodak clones for negatives and meat

i gave my horny head to a fast glans
and, o, i gave my mind to a hard glans
and a masterplan for bad covers us
inside milky divans that shakes us
i espy men in a vein send
trainsmen to passion men; and we must
weave under passions where lust
smokes a silky fag with a beer in dust
serving saviours to drunken body-rust

o as a sea of graves hits a bus then
a flotilla of ladies may well feed skins
with dusted blind bone; and we will send
ancient lovers to wheaty wounded skin.

i espy villagers denuded sex when sin
spins to a jackal beat; and we don't win?

daring dotters of dangerous sex must
sidle under nets where a sea of lusts
fishes for thunder; and a bark in musk
sails for veined yachts when grey tusks
snap a dying reindeer from coded trusts
and a poet's tall tree has to fall from us.

daring rockers of dangerous sex must
sidle under pets where a sea of pus is
belly boned from mangers; and old kids
are coming to the cribs where cold pips
pip down a murder-phone; and death rips
a rosy randy rained bow from grey lips
darkening dotters of danger will hush a
body-bay of human liars; and sin is jarred
by a ruby ward when a rider under card
signs a false toy-will; and sadness halves.

a diggery of a daffy dream hits aside a fast false ocean
o easy dyers dye screams; and death's guide eats lotion
and a boy of rabies shrieks down smiles; and, ended, a
town and a city of geeks writhes for smiles; O, emotion
carries curriers to nude lies that tell tall tales to Mars.

a diggery of a daddy screen shines down aside cars
and a bashy grabbler summons wine from cut Mars
and a bellyful of snakes baskets after vinyl cut cars
and an adventure into snakes slides across hot potions

ahh as sufferers snortle then bled preachers will stir a
stormy cigar under snorkles when a teacher under birds
sinks growl radios within baddies who shoot good girls..

the daggerers that dangle droners under boots swirl a
beddered sea-cat with sandals; and odes to mutes whirls
around a penis-world that cups titty jams in both hands

lo what with virtual diamonds in tin-cans, heated scams
iron-sidle to veering sirens which poke out eyed clams;
and invitreo drippers dog after pits when cheesy clams
bolt dangerous fingers across engines that drive drams.

a diggery of daffy dreams hits aside a fast false notion
and a bed of lips loosens ticks with eyed naked trams
and we must trample messengers with ivory salt-jams
and we must strangle messages of fires with wigwams

once below my mind, i heard baby spires eating clams
and, la la-, as we slide to sleep may we use our hands

we may not use the sleep of words. La La, when invitro sun-dreams
eat into a lardy flown bird, eyes under udders must eat from screens
and a writer about birds shaves blithe feathers with hot jammy dreams
and, oo, mental mad scientists ride upon pillars when rammy eyers are
fed to foxy phalanxes which fart after drillers; O, a dammy sea-car
slanders all physical alibis; and a boarder in knickers knocks plane Mars

once below my mind, i oversaw mad blue babies bawling under bees
once below god's grime, i oversaw sad nude rubies donning dead bees;
and a wasp off the corn malforms mad pulled nudies who use red bees
to entertain sweat-slease; and when a strawberry trilby accuses stars of
looking down too plantively across this world, then surely a bed of seed
will come to a fucking bad point in its life when drooly dog-heads heave

deeply down below. And i sensed a road come between us when trees
tried to moan way, way too often; and a toad under spleen squirts trees;
and, lo, a madam of masonries mashes plaster into tumblers when trees
pee upon a focal fotal fascinated corpse in a dead copse; Oh, old trees
chant de forest mantra with dunny lips that lead dollies to guilty dweebs.

uhh a narrow slider of a sad sea has our doctors collecting cock-reeds
uhh a shamer of a keen mad sea has our proctors collecting cunt-seed
and a bastard specimen in the East forces men to gather up the teas
and a reeler in a hen-den has to course blood-bends with rafted leads
and, la la la, we ravel into rafts as a lino-pulse drops a cat into sleeves

we may not use the sleep of words; and we may never tell the times
o, we may not accuse men of birds; and we may never eat swine
o, as cousins rally us to sweat in the incestuous antiseptic dark, then
daddy flowers inside of us must surely drop a rose-bud inside wine
and, la la la, we circle muted circuses with rot where a bed of bines
star-slams a hammer-horse with twix-tans and laden female swine

ahhh as a haloed killer shines inside blind midnights then rose-rinds
will most certainly heart-conceive a jacker of men who rose-rhyme
with abuse of colic raised bows; and mien will know de rainbow's
scented colour-ebb. O, once aside crows, messy breeder's mallows
hissened to dollar-death; and a five and twenty english gallows is
fan-fled from chocolate mind-gloves. As deaths define love's fizz
then salted sweeteners of spine-buds abuse the latent mind-kids

ooo we wrangle after de female moon where a dog under ribs
stirs dilly pentangles into poxy male runes; and a cat in old cribs
rhymes dirt with skirt where a passenger under rats has to strip
all dying sexy patients with a bald chain and a lunar raping skit
and, la la, as waxen ravens cry after rain then blooders of figs
shine just like a sea of syrup-kids. And dyers of baby squids will
sermonise daddy spastics with easy raisins found inside gay hills

these piled days when i attended my own grave have to kill for
summarian bearers of star-compended sea-stone; and sex stores
a tie-dyed plesura which warps diseasing tree-stone under wards
and me and madam scarlet hit to a jackal's beat when sky-wards
-swipe some venom gas from dizzy hole-dolls.O, as god's kangaroo
hops aside come neon glass, then muted tendors of dangerous shoes
screw a poo-sphere in a bended den when faceless fascinated dudes
lay candy-waste to burning petrol bakers and this cakey life's lubes
o the slackeners of a blueberry field pluck oceans from sweetness
o the wives of daffy blackberries yield faces to flavas inside death
la la la, a cinema in blonde cherry flashes like disease when eager sex
swashes a bunny tide with balded burned cloud; and baby mess
mangles all of me as i sail my dead bed where oceans reap death
and daring darling cherry engines stap fear across twinning wrecked
babyfying indolent body-reason. And the viewed world ends now?

Copyright 03/10/2020.


work-in-progress title: rubbers erase shaven basins
1st draft poem then poem-song


the tenements of bad times build bald houses sky high
la la, endlessness keeps times; and a sea of spies writhes
and the moon in hell shines along fires where men cry

o razors under cupboards bear beers to hair; and drives
loop dirtied cars into meadows; and picked air sun-dries
and mental lunar mind-fields shin across easy brides

and a loaner of daddy drones sends dollies to hot sleep.

the heapy hasteners under bone blind minds with coffees
o easy fasteners sunder stone where mindless toffees
trap a hard tongue in de bodies; and an arking face of sex
stoppers chilling burning hell; and a marker under self
suppers after screws who unlock faiths we easy ladies

o razors under rubbers erase the moon-dazed sun and
washerers of feathers craze after old starry bigbands
and me and my fever raises murder from fat hands


these widening wolf-eyes which shine from a well
snapper after gall-guys; and a rich mind eats well
and a bladdered body breaksdown; and mental hell
has to ring those heavenly bells when a sea of cells
topples into nudes; O, while jacked inside blue wells
idlers inter-bruised will surely hack a cat from old
greyness that returns to cut hairs; and ancient drawl
drools heavily after frenchers of snared sands, and

when once a doctored enemy heals aside england
then a vault of fathers phlegms up then kisses hands
o razors under rubbers erase shaven basins when
coded coda crime grinds pure dirt around old women


the entertainers of one zilion worlds have to
waste away; and a pigged battalion hits blue
body clay; O, we weeble for digs as truths
sunder baby days with stragglers of bruised
binary boys; and stablers of baggers move
an easy burny sex-buyer to a swift snooze

when once a doctored penury abuses bars
then, laced, a swiveller's cemetery starts
to soothe mental shriveners with candy cars
la la la. Visions of sly dribblers spit for Mars
and endlessly holy eyes glow for dead dudes

ah oddness flows from towers as hot rams
rock a cockerel seahorse with blared hands.

woollen artisans delve de arts for keenness
o easy sedans seat elves well; and sadness
hisses to the beat where a daggerer of men
shrivels inside sleep; and a horse under death
adorns a canine sky; and doggers under fens
sleeps for minds as mental froggers lose pens

agh, wide weepers shed blonde tears when
Isis leaps aside from deaf gunnd gear. O, gems
shine like one zillion hotels when pissed pens
drag a pencil penis across stemmed odd men

woollen artisans shelf de heart and sadness
croons across a rained bow that eats madness

easy weepy tea-seepy women seep under
naked pavements; and, O, as de senses sunder
a bad glass and a cup-of-pee, then thunder
will certainly feed asps to leas; and old lovers
tauten vinegar ties where an aspic acid father
sky-writes across minds that scent mamma

agh, wide eyers whip salt-creams when a
long holiday in the moon rips dreamy mana
and these queasy days have my head inthral
and my easy bed swims around then crawls

ah oddness flows just like a strange flower
and a massive may queen eats cooked flowers
and a venal maze pushes plums from flour;
and we bake a cake for the slaughtered hour
when once a sea of beards shaves old waves
la la, when once illegal tears rage after waves
then dizziers of early sex fears will use slaves

Wow, i have seen the best of my dying days interfused with girls and water
O, my bed-mind swirls when all my sleeping trades topple wounds with a
wivener of matal minds that pries aside dreaming to reveal the sky's slaughter
and a woven ark snappers after wynds where windshells flow like a daughter.

Wow, i have seen the best of my crying days interfused with pearly torture
O, my bled mind whorls when all my dead but country senses see slaughter
hammering homeward the lights in the skulls and the bad birds in torpor
la la, once below a mind, a chalice under gulls searched after easy waters

and a father naked spire arises from fierce tyres when a doctoror of self
slashes aside blinded blonde-headed horse-fires; and collapsers under elf
scurries into galleries of briars boat-sailing drowners with dangerous health
Wow, i have seen the best of my illing days interfused with idiot milks. Ah
once in glass dreams, i saw a worldless brother made old as genoa murder
and chappers of chapellers score nerveless fathers with syringing purdah.

the green genoa of my mad bethlehem ravels up, up, up and into minds
o the mean zion of a waterbead drags pussy from cuts; and, laid, minds
mess-up the faloned horde whose dragon horsey rides a sad mule's whine
o green genoas, drowned, drool after flagons de godless bodies grind us
from tasted foot and heel and ballerina hearts.O, how now my mind has
tissued out of murdered weals? i should like to know how just before gas
has tricked my mod brains into mad christs. And renal heart gas has to
whistle down love's locked veins; O, my medula is built from Medusa?

the green genoa of my mad bethlehem ravels up, up up and into timed
fishy bombed slacks that slip a sock into a car-key where driven crimes
interlime a babied boom-dock with gravellers and instamatic bye-lines;
and a bed of rubies raises silvered god gold from green deniers; O, minds
mesh into rolled choirs when wiveners of rolled guns shoots deaf times
wow, i have seen the best of my days illing with a bacon-beded cunt
o, i have entertained the very best of my days with a labile cunt-bunk;
and a massive plastic disease hastens to nine winds whence gold spunk
sallows after glossers of jacking lessons in mind-grimes; and gold junk
splatters easers of heroic jamming missions that ring a bell of skunks

once a green genoa loosens apes, then a canine cabby has to funk for
disablers of dreaming oozer snakes; and, lo, as a veiny stereo scores a
soaking pussy piece in a puller's wide smile will forever strike dead cars
and mentalis daggers after digitalis and male hills will fall from guitars.

Whence made egg-generous, i uplift my male circus to a bad room
o and mean masoners of eyes shift blind shutters across shit-dunes
and a roaster in a cart curries minds as a seasoner of blue rooms
enters a bladed ballet of doggies under sweet vaults in bathrooms
and a knifer of valleys taunts rubies with rabid salts; O, plumes
boom in the west when a valisse of vapid colts shoots cartoons

once a green genoa loosens, then a plate of lions will forever
damage a dunny mind with strickened lakes; and wet old father
goes down to a city stream and then whines as urban eye-feather
fascinates droolly craft with baby towns; and a neon deceiver
wallahs for daisy lips that turn as they twitch; and dun believers
swagger for suburban piss-puss that eagles a cat in torn mirrors

when made egg-generous, i hold my easy hand out to lovers and
ashen madness swings from the soul where lashers under drams
dilate for a quartered dollar spine; and we will cut inside drams
and we shall toast the sliding grind of sweet salters and edams

O headpieces are stuck full of pharoah kings and darkness rams
a seizure of fairy functions to belled eye-slings; Oh, dying cans
sweep streeters from beery urine; and a lager in crying cans
crashdown along weekend crimes; and a masser of gold-cans
washes de drowning bodies inside the ides of glammy dead grans


ooo, i went down to a dolly station which led me to a bastard train
and, sewn up like a baby, i shat on lips and fled across dead veins
and the sires at zero made bodily waves when the moon came
blindingly across my live gravel; and a sea of skin used a cane to
whip away shoulders in a rained bow; O, tired lovers who move
a show-crazy english dinosaur hiss to a wide beat when nudes
scamper under skeletal sex-paws; and a falon under blind blues
croons to the slaughtered hour. Dying faces amuse a sex-game
Eying cases open out on dinners when a dog inside a sex-train
tosses indigo cock-catchers with blurred minds beneath brained
bodkin-pissers; and a holy reef castigates spines with stained
baby-bouncings that snuff a candle cunt-grate with french grain

ooo a dilly darling head-nest naps across burred birds when pain
bell-smoothes a bay of crests to cleanse blurred curs with pain
and an equidistant flava tests a kiddy bladder for cock-pain and
an issuer of evil neighbours brags about breads as towny island
flashes off downstream to a fiddly face-threaded mown slam
hahh, a beddy by-line strips dreams from space; and england
layers a patina of pullovers with paper cunts and kecking hams
and a radio in a felted flyover fastens paper spunk to cold hands

ooo, i went down to a dolly station which led me to a hot man
and, once sent to dollies, my mummy of a wound ram cut drams
with easterisms and xmas picklers of veiny wounds and edams
and, la la, a cavern will-found in sticklers pushes baby in trams
but, la la, a caver in a dilly sound pushes old ladies in gold prams
and, made up just like a vaginal oyster, a pusher of evil bands
cry, cry, cry. O, my mind has a dinosaur for a pisser and lambs
baas on de lame white hills when diggers sent sins to hairbands

wow, whence cottled cunny combers enter into farted fans
then a buttoned diamond, moneyed, will center killer tans
and a babby's inverted cot suppers after drovers of woman
wow, whence coddled honey moaners enter inside woman
then a buttoned mind and a drilled moon will wane for clans
and me and father sex seep under runes when versy vans
van a transit prayer for delvers of dragglers and pissy pans
and a coda slut-test teases after old haggers handstands. O-
a quicky of a star-rest raps upon bugs whence milky silence

drops a daddy flame along lionesses and tigry pussy violence
and cruel elopers to dung sweat glass as they fade to day
and a dollar of a coin-sun exchanges pennies for de grave
o a crocus flower chomps a locust when burying de grave
and a bayer of a cunt cat-screams aside a cherried grave
La. sisters who read for comfort mass inside de gold grave
La. misters who ride porn cherish masks that close de grave
and an ermine master hisses for his father whence de grave
swallows danny minds then leading draggoners under naves

and as times get all too high then slippings in times will raid
a rhythmer of rainy bud-mice with gentlemen jacked in blades
la la o-la. Craveners of blood heists heighten wasps in slaved
dinner tubes where a catcher of hypes swells up till cunt-trades
weaken a naked farmer with harvesters of guilty tea-trades

Oh a candified castle on de hill is sat in deathly passion-mills
Oh these hornered fardel under fetes sells cakes to nose-drills
and roaching rollers under menstrual hate cry until killed


Copyright JDB 04/10/2020


work-in-progress title: Molten Heebeejeebees
1st draft poem then poem-song

the tappers of yawny apes idolise molten classrooms
o rapper of easy drakes tears lips from smiles; and dunes
simmer potted flakes forever
and easter eyelids lop deafeners when idiot star-phones
dial dogs with cat-weather

Oh candified castle lap up crenatures when old bones
bride after sausages and salt-crap; O, death is stoned.

easy liars swing from trees when an idler under stones
swills easy bait; and chicken dials watch ideal combs
shaping dogs with miction; and, O, i watched drones
digging after soot when a picture of a pussy's foam
swept dogs under caned blows. Ah we are stoned by

candfied castles that lead mummy taverners into sky

a pied eye of tat tosses tears into candlers; O I
extend my hat to flosses where blue manglers slide
adown a hum-drum cross; and palavers of brides
wed sweat to horners where a sea under eyes rides

beneath fled floors that charm heads with dead eye
ah parchmental pissers pee aside bread; and rides
teeter into rippers of rude tiled gal-lead. O, we die?

washy waspy wifelings raid father-fever when
easy ideal eye-rings ride father lovers from gems
and, la la, old pins ping tac as eaters of radio men
raise a summer skin from eyers of loud linen.

beneath parcmental floors, lino floods onto skin;
and we learn about whores when dead men spin
and a doggy deviller of daubs paws a markers

dizzy drainer of swum sinks that dollop drivers.

the tappers of yawny gates open up sky-wide
o tackers of fawny apes open up mind-wide as
easers of horny piss-drapes cover us with glass
and we hiss for lifts
and we star-travel inside memories of masks

the tappers of easy grapes suck a pippy wynd
and easterly glowing xmas has to present minds
to ravellers of gifted sawdusts; and gold wind
wallops a whipping pony with horsing pinned

city samphires; and waders rig coded skins

the doggerel of the western world has to crap
aside all good words; O, a daddy of a sky-snap
sidlers into bad birds; and mummy's gloves snap
a daddy house from a molten flower; and saps
sup from scissors when a bloater in a sex-cap

star-crusades for darling sex-rended iced caps..

the doggerel of the western world has to crap
aside all cunt-curls; and openers in lilly-crap
ash-bevel coastal choirs with east-rent gapped
golden body-broods; and massive yeasts slap
a fastening mad thrush of the face with traps..

city samphires, dragged by weed, smoke pap..

o-la, when coshers become fissures then hats
will most certainly search daddies for blue fats
and, roasted, families must weep after ald rats.

soaped down with a female flannel, easy washing wives
sweep lemon and lime into chapel; and washy sweat-brides
shed sprayed tears from crazy apples
lo, a static satanic pier burns when an arcade under maples
shutters limbs within coded easy tables

soap-soaked, we poke for dope as we pay after candles
o, rope-stoked, we pray for stoats as we arise for angels
and we shed sad tears from pupils
and we stab an anvil into blind ears when a sky of gables
gallops aside a gentle goose that gobbles till sex-dyed

o-la, we will most certainly hear god's false world made
as easy roofs to ceiling-veins; and we open after jade
and a woollen snoop has to summer-tame a dead grave
with molten mawling mind-rain
o, a show boat to winter pain chills the dead then laid

ashen angels under fishy vices that cheat the grave.

conical smilers will forever grimace against lost times
o maniacal fathers jam pleasures when holy sun-wynds
scatter fishy faced gourdes across a citied space in time
and ashen peaches dry along the lost
and ashen leeches suck a bloodied cross
and conical smilers will forever grimace inside gloss

conical fevers will eternally spring death from lime.
o magical mind-seizures willl forever shooteth vines
and a baddy inside tillers trap
a doctor of a driver under blued nap where laps
relapse into green writhers; and sadness shoe-straps
evil natal natrons around blown seas where death

grinds cheesy drawl with salmon-shaken seed-sex
scatters velvet brawls along semen-eaten gun-sex
and a picker of a pocket prickler scutters when sex
widens wolfy powders with graveyards
o, a mysterious mad child rids a mental sinner-scarf

conical smilers will forever grimace against lost times
o manaclers of mad hills will trill and spill across times
o comical diners will forever grind dollies unde times
and a rinsing star-priest cuts a spined bully with a
slayer of salamis and false penis down a blue car
o-la, we will most certainly hear god's dead world
caressing canny cascaders with dicky easy pearled
pissy pawing winkling cunt-girls; and sex killed Mars

oo the filthy patrons to the moon break cake into a
weepy tea-seeper of a cocoon; and snakers use a
candifier to accuse a sexy room of maiming cars
la la, easy ironers iron beneath spoons when guitars
get strung from biddy binds as a fakir in lost cards
deals ancient eagelled idiot tarot; and Ouija scars
scamper as roller-ghosts taunt a tombing sitar.

conical smilers will forever grimace against loss
ah maniacal drivers drool after starred faint loss
and a bunny bed-boat sweats for flowers when a
crisscrossing bird in a wreck cuts flowers with a
bladdery bone-table; and ardent Indian god-gloss
arises from Rama as old aged judas jesus rots
beneath blencherd gold; and, O, a liar under cots
forget to telephone the cops; and eyes must stop.

when urging dirty violinists play to the quatered hour
then i, dragged from harvests, blow my woman when
a urinater under filthy highnesses rams aside hot flour
and me and cakered harnesses hit upon burned flour
and, once upon life's mind, chickeners of tossed flour
bun-creates bum-bathers in blood bakers; and flowers
flow underwater; and a wizener of lakers cuts flowers

conical riders will forever grimace against owl-hours
and a plate of pils will most certainly raid owl-powers
and, la la, a bended eyer of de family sharpens hours
and a buddy in bended fire has to leap into owl-towers

when urging dirty violinist fiddle in a garden bower
then i, dragged by strings, pray for skin when flowers
bud-descry baby rings with celloists and guitar-showers
and masoners of milkyness creams up inside owlers
and blenchers of blorted sadness slams dizzy towellers.

the pate on the plate spins then crashes to de ground
o a headless moon-snake sharpens skulls with sound
and the mad house on a cliff topples underground and
salty venal verves valve for tits when a nipply ground
weaves interfusions into bald beards where de town
swallows beddy brushers of naked veal and fishies

the weeders of rashes rap for naked weals when
a dumdum inside tashes entreacle babby firemen
and a horse down a drain sets alight to slitter zen
and a dawdler in a dipped stain slappers old men
la la, a candier whose face star-slippers women will
here and now shake to a slaughtere flower as hills
mind-collonise mucky space with UFOs inside hills

conical riders must swill rust when applers spill for
accidental anus anarchy; and, Lo, a mouser under war
slips bombs across Mary; and a draggler of dawgs
will enter into lifts when elevated heady sea-mogs
moltenise duped creation with ushers of dizzy hogs
and, laa, my head-board uses rushers for cunt-clog
ahhh moterl-abusers slam a dirtier of drowned God
under hotel-accusers; and eyes ride from gobbed
ratty miction where a birdy scribe sings love's cods
and, la la, a diamante fever has to drop aitches when
easterly arising pussy-men go reeling in the Eastend
and, lapped out, we cut titties from detectives when
idolers of sidled irises snap a daffy drum from bods

and, when sold to mothered ladies, death hears God
mind-murdering milky sofas which break for drugs
and a penny vein vamps for sonar when cold mugs
serve fist-freezing teas to daft men toasting bugs
and a crappy creator in de mist messes vast pugs
with aldebarren neon dilators; and loaned men grub
after lovage and rotted onion. Ahh, women daren't
grabble after salt-love because hedoners sink blood

O when a coppice grate serves mad flames to oils
then a lushly stoned ape swerves; and coded coils
crashland upon a caged cavern that leaps under soil
O when a coppice grate bakes then turns, fox moil
masses under ladies when a chatterer chews foil
and a bed of glass seems to shatter and sleep's toil
dilates inside nineteen eyes where a goddess in spoils
dickers after one zillion wives; and a cantive coda
grinds dizzy grey hair to lesbian dust when old soda
dilutes doom denials with booming musty mad royals

and, when sold to smothered babies, a death sits for
a mud tonic of a bastard portrait; and mien under war
suffers dirty vinegar whence a passenger of whores
hordes a lily face in blown minds and queasy maws

O, when a coppice grate serves mad flames to dust
then a stooping hungered saviour has to eat lust for
a beller of handsores which lemonise a tree of claws
and, la la la, me and my meadow cuts grass clean for
a daisy of a demon and, oo, a siren's opening star-store
smashes purple beacons across alarums and walls
and, ahhh, a beaker on a broken tongue teases brawls
and, laaah, a seeker of a token gun shoots a ball
O when a coppice grate serves mad pains to drawl
then a grinded gassed grape sheds sour seed and
falls adown a melon town. Uh, i am sent to England?
cheesy with the donkey dogs in marzipan, islands
rip aside a dummy mark and dance aside gold jams
and the fatal aladdins that storm plants shape hands
from dooby doll-faces of blind space and holy cans
Ah. Weevillers waste our minds as felines rat-dam
a doner of a crossed heart with lunacies and drams
and, when sold to smothered rubies, messy strands
cling to disease where a coaxing baby rots for Man
and a babby's crayon sinks puled milk under vans
and an infant pantheon limps from silken egg-pans
and lotuses lead a laddy to a crocus. Oh, Japan
serenades a clothed tight seizure which expands
a crocus eater to night-light; and urine sky-scans

hocus pocus heebeejeebees that die for midnight.

Copyright JDB 07/10/2020


work-in-progress title: More Words From The Unknown?
1st draft poem then poem-song

tardy teeny trapped rats rot aside a honey stream
o cheesy eerie snapped cats rot aside a tail-screen
and the ides of death weep under seasides when
a buddy boy leaps up from a painted evil diadem,
and eyers of meat beat drums with dirtied phlegm.

tardy teeny trapped bats rot aside a honey dream
la la, easy eerie dairy gaps cut wives when screams
swallow bushy tides; and a mission in fast rain reams
dust from deadliness; and old coda skin drops cream

across fairy jams that lead ice to de gallows. Ohh

hocus pocus heebeejeebees poke a tongue under
a daisy car that drives the mad into the cold
and a fairy hand lams the sad with instant souls
and a bed in winter wallows with dilative molds.

across tardy sea-tans, weepers with coded dolls
dream about eatern trams and trainsmen scald
city tusks with eastend scans where ald thunder
sweeps haloed hedons under blue blinded father.

across heroics, a land of cagey sail-birds withers.

tardy teeny trapezing cats cry after feline fever
o a diary under eating lies lionise a doggy fever
with a vole in de vein; and hot chilling rat fever
swallows apes from sand; and a doctored diva
dollops dung upon silent cops. O, a sea of fevers
shakes to the vast where a daggler of mirrors
weeps, weeps. Ah, passions pull upon mirrors
La la, missions peal fat prisms from mirrors;
and coppers of copernicus cut a slider from a

wakefulness of spent pigeons; and odes to cars
crash along a scent when surgeons cut cars
with daughterers of spent men. O, a galled cars
cry as they speed and a road of gems drives cars
far east where fast teas get gathered by Mars
tardy teeny trapezing cats mewl as dogs growl
and a teeterer inside mats topple then use towels
to period-clad a star-clap in a missionary's owls
ah ah. Deaths define sap and dying feeds fowl

hocus pocus heebeejeebees raise a sun from a
coupler of distant baby days; and a night in Mars
sends copious pigs to sleep;
and, lo, as we arise from graves then body heat
will herd our words with naked cars
and, closed, a canny bird shuts lids under stars

tardy teeny trapezing cats mowl as hounds snap
and we weed for wise crap as we cradle
nappers inside eyes which shine like an angel
and a tidal knife stabs lip
and a table-christ heals lips; and, O, we cradled
daddy in mind-arms

hocus pocus heebeejeebees raise a sun from a
distant daffy star; and awakeners to blurredness
bed-bombs brutal rivers with
jeery jeepy wanker fillers of pavements and pigs

o a listener to doom denial marries sexers to kids

the arrivals of sad men cry for nuts that crack
inside candle-thighs and the red slut that craps
aside laps, en-anus bodiers with shufflered nap
and the eyes of the rain weep for wailing cats

o hocus locusts scatter corn when ginger-gaps
carry dolters of laughter when a bed of slats
sucks a doner meal down from lip-cut rats and
idiotic loony liars cut dirt meats from islands

the arrivals of sad men cry for nuts that crack
aside cradle-heists and children under cloud-cack;
will most certainly prise howlers from shroud-sacs
and a bobber of a mind loosens guns from macs.

ooo shouters of de cock roar along city-hacks
tardy teenaged tawny tills serve free money to the moon
la la, easy veiny buzzy hills serve free honey to rooms
and a raided rainbow's blind ebb cashes dunes for spoons
and a tardy feathered rill shines for lashes as cocoons are
fed to foxes in dog-minds

oo shouters of de cock roar across urban tac; and cars
cascaded from old shops that closed down long ago
and rapists of gold cops radio-tag a bastard's ego
with happeners of cold
oo shouters of de cock roar across urban macs; and

easers who feed a lady cunt with false regrets ram a
bouncer of a dweeb with scizzler hands and brigands

and tardy teeners trill forever when porn-plans slam a
necky pickler of a lesbian feather under robber bands

the indigo television shows films no more
o fingerers of mental visions reel no more
and the cars of scented crows crashdown for
a daddy of a diner who feeds crows to whores
and tardy cheepers fasten weed to wards
la la la, a bedded easy baker cooks cake for
anglers of easy angels

sleepers that bleed the ear have to don claws
o dazzlers of greed amuse tears when swards
sweep eateries into torn tubes
la la, i feed familiies to porn-flues
and my mentalis opens under screws when
weavers of washed wine feed a sea of hen.

the indigo television shows films no more
o fingerers of period pin-cushions feed claws
with helmetted spinneys that believe in friends
ah ah ah

while weepers shed salty tear-cots then men
will whiten evil shadow with assaulted chicken


wide woded candy mushrooms raise a romantic from
a horsehead that sleeps under graves
and a wooden ruby cruches dunes the pray for guns
la la wide woded candy mushrooms raise romantic sons
and, made mobile, moneyed schoons cry after graves.

while ashen faces creep, then a dog in a mind will
slave after linen when a cavern gets caged in a hill
and a molten mind melts spinneys inside crazed guns
and, la la, i have shot pelts
and, ah ah, eyes have cut welts.

wide woded candy crossed rooms raise a razor from
a pony-bed that bleeds inside wintry lungs and scum
and, laced with fat, my blind deafening drum cums
deeply back home when sundials cry aside ravens

O dollary doled dead boys rush as they run for a
deviller of knicker-bread..
and silvan slicker-heads shed eagles under old gems
and, laaaa, we widen for decks as shiverers send

bunny wives to hot sleep that lead sex into bends.

O as a moulinex shit-spits, then a motel on the rise
must listen, while picked, to a daughter in disguise
and ther radios under mallow melts aside de mind
o as a moulinex shit-spits, then a hotel under wives
may well dream after midnight bells and closed eyes

O dollary foaling father faces wail after head-lives
and oozers in layers lacquer after laughter's spies
and a model killer cracks in two; and lost dives
race down to a sodden tree where babied knives
sink a pinked boddice under hairs where tides are

force-fed to foxing flavas that fuck a jolted screen
and, la la, eynes meld with fazers as molted screens
scurry after cunt-cells; and a prisoner under dreams
daggers after swagger-scams that give head to cars.

O as a moulinex shit-hits a rainbowed mind then
grey stars may well fall from dun deaths; and hens
lay impassable gully-egg where a mansion in a bend
swallows brushes when a gilder of a patient sends
a dolly darter out across drilled sleep. Ah, gold men

sun-season helmet treason with gummy chickened
god-blorted vegetable reason and odes to cinnamon
hastens to a bled beat that sleeps to a sea of brens
and i saw light in its fast lens shaving spunk-gems
the catchers in the rye rotate across crossed mien
ah fakirs who anoint weird christs murder hot mien
and fathers in de skies dilate across crushed mien
ah mammas under joints puff masks when serums
slide a cakey pistil down muffed plants; and skin
widens into pled pepper,
and the artifice on a leper sheds lippers whence
a woollen mental-fever daubs cases with tench
force-fled, a vixen oil sharpens gods with vents
and a fucky void coils gardens under sweet dents
and a faceless closed garland sunders salt-mint
and a lady loser anoints heavens with mad pinked
baby valves; and we position rope around slinked

easter men who serenade trees with egg-xmas;
and a widener of tubes use a train unto TV ash
these are my salad nights when i will feel light
lo these are my leaved lives when i will ignite a
dolly of a damsel with diggeries and poked cars
ahhhh. We weep for zen when blind boxers flash

away, away, away; and judas christ has no trade
when made blood-giddy, i saw my fire flow just like
a funereal lake; and a radioed sapphire uses night
and a gallower of sweet shadow accuses mad night
of showing dirty flexes to cablers of meadow-christs
and a model mind-madam shafflers under blue christ
and, o, when made blood-giddy, i saw my city christs
come ramming a crashing cross outside madam christ

away, away, away, i sent a charabanc on its way to
pivotted pissers who sway scent with canny broods
and a TV falls whence bruised candy feeds screws
with accidental farmers; O, a cherrier of a stone-nude
dodges eye-wax with wizard tongues that kill bites
and a dealer under kids washes dung inside mikes.

oo when made blood-giddy, i saw my fire grow like
a pusher of family daddies; and my siren has to light
a daffodil summer with baggers of easing midnights
la la la. We toil for tudors as we coil around fairies
la la la. We moil after noosers as we summon dairies;
and a puking angel booms inside insidious crowds

the fish-felt scags of feline female Alcatraz haves to
dish out a dreary moon; and fishy ceilings use blued
salmon-shaken spoons for feeding scraps to tubed
babby rot; and a fatal wall dies to crash; O, truths
have so many fishy lies to tell
and a bodier under pissy cells swinge across hell
and a locum to pussy dells spreads winged wells

when made blood-giddy, i saw my fire flow just like
a funeral made for baby; and the godivas under pike
pee upon a sexy barble; and a donny feathered trike
rides mind-saddled till de acrid cycled moon sea-bites
blorterers of sandies with acid mussels in sea-stripes
oo easy dobblers of ice-creams and urine car-swipe
drainers of gobblers; and a scream bell-found in piped
secret brains; and we jazz for mum as we jack after
pitta boys who chew on de doner diamond; and lovers
limp across death; O, we have seen diamonds suffer
coded capsizing mothed kiosks; and sentinels smother
galleries of mossed eynes and brioche; and gaga
grabs to invective crimes that feed nags to ald dada

what with a tudor aladdin rubbing scamps with fever
then a bolted femur falsifies carp with bubblers
and a moistener of a sky-cry cashes netted feelers
and a mad anointer of mind-tribes fishes for dealers
and, la la, a helmic thruster brushes deer from pizza
ah- wicked bell-fires strike ashes with rosy reelers
ah- acid swell-pyres wallow for infective reapers

the fish-felt scrags of feline female Alcatrax have to
mess with dromedary peel when an appler in a prune
and a focal fotus of meals send romantics to runed
blazing poppy-pox. O, riders of soft manics swoon,
and we fall from the heels of a killed ballerina who
shards after drawl to find a dancer in a sun-snood

loud tuna men will slaughter gins with cold glues?

Copyright JDB 08/10/2020


work-in-progress title: what with cunts and acid and the news of the screws
1st draft poem then poem-song 

what with cunts and acid and the news of the screws
a vulva of a monk gets old
and a penis harness shuttles after petroleum's loosed
enemy fire; and fawkesfires cut lovers under gold

what with cunt and acid and the screws of de world
a vulture suppers after solder
and an easy live sleeps too often and idiot dead girls
shoot a saucy season where death dines

both alone and in the dark; and messers dink brine.

what with cars and stasis, the indigo sea of crime
wallows inside grey faces
and a dulling arch arses after cases
and the pissers of laces tie aces inside deadlines

what with jinxing laddies come home from life
a vulva of a monk prays for salts then rides
aside a dunny monkery which serenades christs

both alone and in the ark, naked nuclear dice
hurl dies aside nunneries when holy eye-rice
scatters herbiage at a city jemmy, O, we climb?

the disk-shaped scurrier of mad men and times
suck after cloaking mother; and a female crime
swallows pee as a shitter of a father eats birdlime
and a bed of leaves glitters
and a shed of thieves listens of mam when
ideal kissers cold-create deaths and dead rivers

the disk-shaped flurrier of sad men eats times
and a boney bummer scatters seats where rhymes
dilate in a bald bowl
and a catty in a hole heaps heat from old mirrors
O we grow cold as we ride to murder-moulds

both in the dark and the light, fingers find coals

the piss-painters of one thousand years are
coming back home to find a city scar
shaping dromedaries from intercity cigars
and a passioned ivy snappers after stars

o piss-painters daub oils on old tears and
weepy widowers soil a gun as we demand
endless poppies from coiling old guitars
and this guitar brought us a sea as shards
swept seesaw violets to eating sex-stars

what with cobra boys made gold, rivers
may well dream about drowning demands
and salted sugared sign sex sweeps for a
coda of beads that listens to necky clams

both in the back and front, gals are killers.

the wristers of slashing sisters hereby swell
up and up; and a shadowy sister's hand-bell
rings denial from throttler's deniers; and hell
widens when a miner of defyers digs in cells

the disk-shaped scurrier of painters has to
sell a computed flurrier to sainted old broods
and we summon summer from greyed broods
and we hiss as we sunder gunny car-roofs

both alone and in a mask, a room under hoofs
caresses live TV; and ochres of thunder moves
heated eyes to fast sleep;
and mental tithes pay for arms as guns sweep
killer poppies under blue heat

wailers under a seal-shaken sea hiss with the best
o saviours sunder reels
and a garden driver digs for wheels
and a flat on the moon opens dogs into fields of sex
la la, a mason-bee kills a cold cricket when old sex
sweetens nasty natives with coded pickers of eels

the disk-shaped shavers of deniers heap soft peel
along wasted dressers
and a road of fleshers flashes for heltering heels;
and a baby's arms shoot swaddlings
and a lady's charms puke child earrings

wailers under a sea-shaken eye hiss for breasts
and a fallen cat-angel fondles lashwide cunt
and odes to lovers sing badly
and an enemy feather falls from daisies as junk
feelers for de weather

and disk-shaped gunneries shoot stars stone-dead.

the rosy rabbit that shoots itself dead
here now hastens to nuclear easy-beds
o a fancy of a cat shoots cut rats and
easterly writhing, a baby on an island
suppers for dying
and rosy whipper boys ride saddled
and grey weals swirl like dead hands

wailers under a fish-shaken villa are
led to nude loud-hailers
and a dog of night shines under stars
and a cross of light shines under cars

the rosy rabbit that shoots itself dead
here now traces tears for dawners
and a bay at sea has no family
and a banana body breaks for devs
and fairgrounded ginners use pegs

while alone in the dinner dark I saw
a pigger of puled passion using wards
and me and nuclear treason sees dregs
draining pots for evil easy tea-heads
wailers under rabbits shoot pockets

the gallopers of a studio field hock old horses where
a diamond of a weirdo rides amock; and a sea of air
pants after dust; and a poet's tree drops plums where
a dizzy doctor scarlet preaches unto skinner's prayers

the rosy rabbit that shoots itself dead always scares
ashen baby habits with loot; and a money madam scares
all of her painted kids
and a romantic sea of squid spurts squid-oils under
a cagey blue ochre that sods a skirt with gal-lumber

the gallopers of a studio field hock cold horses where
a remander of meadows shoots shamanic sea-stairs
and a baddy beach in a root rots after citied chairs

and a smelly carousel leads kids to ground where a
bodier of delis surround beads with drowners. Mars
hisses to our mercury beats
and a juniper feather bead washes beds inside sleep
and a jackler of danger bleed

masses in a fairground crash; and a roller under heat
leaves a dunny will to dead creeps;
and we weevilise the stilled as we murder sleep

once aside a mad mine, i tried to dig for Mary
but mamma Mary had no holy prams for me. Ah
I widen as i glance upon a painted false bible. Ah
radios in rodeos rip suns
and i am left atoned in de davy dark as old guns

shoot tomorrow's mind-moon with chewed lungs

i am a god in hell and i live inside a sea-shell
and my macadamic cousin has no eyes,
and the scissors i have come for enter bells
and the ashen eyes of guns shoot a knife
and a body burner breaksdown
o i am god in hell and i live insidea sea-shell
and my macintoshing father sweats for rain
and dead winter rocks till the summer rain
falls aside this gentle town
oo i a god in hell and i weave a little spell
about the burners in a dream
la la, love cries when fed off cream,- dells
romanticise about blue skies
and emeralds dance aside dewy mills
and i remembered blueberry hills as i
cast a crayon cab across the land

i am god in hell and i live inside a sea-shell
and my macadamic woman has no eyes
and the reasons why i live has no minds
and the heartstrings that i give have no spies
and our blurred tides are written in slides

once aside a burnt tree, a forest of pity
star-punished my veins with de deity
and my local brain weeps beneath grain
and my fotal harvest sleeps beneath rain
and death's writhing storm picks my veins
from under city beaks that cry after brides
i am god in hell and i live inside a sea-shell
and my tar-dealt madam woman swells
up, up, up when a moonish master's smell
hisses across a vacant state in gold gels
and i am fed to loss
and i must use the cross

once upon a mean mind, i fed the blind
and the clever blind fed me to my mind
and our times are very near
and love's times are very dear
ahh, messy bathers hasten to hot tears
ahh, messy fathers fasten to lost years
and a miraculous radio listens under us
and a miraculous studio blares for lusts
i am god in hell and i live inside a face
o-la, the night seems heavy as she rapes
a rodeo of pure silence that feeds drakes;
and contusive moors bury infant capes
and a money bender bends coined drapes
across a blind room in a deaf screen.


the wild world outside my mien has
fierce fingers brought to xenon gas
and, ignited, a summer by itself has to
summon four seasons with pizza glass
and me and maids went up an arse
and, oo, worldly hoods will use blues
to sever rills from candy hills; O, truths
may well sunder now or else cry.

and i espy seagulls shaking for wives
andi espy sea dolls dreaming of wives
and i espy bee-balls shaving for eyes
and i see now a cocking-horse inside
dunny deacons of glass germy grass.

disembodiments sweeten my girl's mind
o easy condiments sweeten my girl's spine
and a cat on a beach
hisses as he kisses a backsiding leech
and a cicada wand waves aside times when
macadamic husbands stride across women

these stashed days where i end my gem
has to befriend a chiseller to old men, and
a shrine aside beauty beautifies england
and, la la, a brassy bed falls asleep and i
eye a petty patina of bread as eyes writhe

disembodiments sweeten my girl's cry
o queasy monuments supper after lies
and me and madam summer stop lives
and men and salamanders suck wide
bobbling baby fiction
and i fail to fall as i dream about walls
and i hasten to dust when a neon scrawl
beshrews me with vineyards and drawl

these stashed days where i accuse lives
of peering into christ's favourite beehive
hoot to de fascinating west where brides
bleed a baby fever across vasty tides
and out of a sea of cries i strode tides
and saw mamma falling in my window

disembodiments straighten my lud's spine
ahh a driver on de tit feeds a candy climb
and a coke upon a cliff feels after wine
and easy bridlers, pierced, pee inside vines
the accidental death of a fairy slam stands
across a venereal backdoor, and mary anne
has to caress blenched charts with hanged
eaters of lady frost and her bastard Mam
la la, a cupboard under fans fascinates thighs
la la, a cupboard under meat puts a candle
deeply inside an angel whose winged sides
glow just like a glow-worm glows; and I

hip to a gaoler's beat where i rock vines
o eyers carp-smatter belling bears in tines
and a cuppa toasts de ceilings when wynds
jack all man's fathers. O, dogs will grind a
butterer of a buttoner with eye teeth
and coded male soak must wash wheat
with bastardising desert musk; and minds

mallow into shinglers as vanners of minds
chain-swallow henna from indian wines
and, ah ha, i shall surely see once again a
dazzler of nests as bird-things lay swine
against pulsing eggs that bleed from timed

and a vastness of rats comforts carrion
and an easiness of cats purrs in crimson
and a canner of bats wings aside dairies
and aped men toast eyelids with belfries
and, as for my candelabra in pinky peas
may candy hide in a fast flotilla tree?


Copyright JDB 10/10/2020
john lennon was jesus!! ©


work-in-progress title: and, ooo, a holy butwoman
1st draft poem then pome-song


the butcherers of bled breads breathe cakes into lungs
o wiveners of dread mead massage meats and cums
deeply down where a wangus sits on a huge chair and
eynes weep for wideners where a pig in lost hair rams a
damager of a feline uterus under goddesses and hands
and a wiper of sidlers slumbers
and a swiper of riders slumbers
and a beller of a horse-trip tangles pony pyramids with
westerly arising moons that open shitting prats for kids

pled pulleyed piemen piss on a saddle and naked pigs
peg a dusthead to a kisser
and an angled kangaroo caresses paddles when figs
blow up just like a blinding blue sister

the butcherers of bled breads breathe cakes into lungs
o a saviour to a labia drags a dawny sea for killers
and a magical pusher cuts a yellow bawd from mirrors
and a bed-grinded sea-slut
washes yellow fleas under bruisers of angelled butts
and, ooo, a holy butwoman blends catters into rivers

we shit upon grey boxes as we pee across a field
and we gun down foxes
and a moony mind vixen metes bends to boxes
and a mental whine eats a netted skin with loaves
and, uh, me and my invective shadow chews brogues
and, uh, me and my deflexive mallow chews voices

pled bellymen believe in rice
and we weedle after mice when a tattery small yield
lams a doggy father with blown men and sugary steel
and as we wipe cold tears away from laden laddies

we shit upon grey boxes as we pee across a field
and we strike babies down
and a reddener in my town has to eat cars whern sound
wallops pastes with skinners of blind afternoons
and me and madam macadam will come home to soon?

the butcherers of bled bakers gee us with lemons
a naked ditcher hereby slams a gut inside demons
and a balded giant falls to earth thus
causing ogres to bomb birth; and a madam under us
swallows dreams where eyes burn
and a vastness of air shends minds and eats dust

pled pullermen shine as they chain a latrine to a
coronar of a blenched minds and we eat after lust
and we burn a mission down
and we storm an evil town as sounds drink sounds

we shit upon fazed oxes when an infant in town
trickles down five legs where treason burns and, o,
once above a time, i heard my bastard child laughing

the helters of body gloom snapper a head-snake
with keyers of baby doom
ah, we widen babies; and a boner under old lakes
slides a comic button under gloom
o helters of body gloom snapper a head-drake as
we widen madam ladies with tarring body cold

pealed bully boys deepen as women close; and
ashen giddy toys play with kitchens
and a balded diner has to eat under friction
and a herded father has to reap ideal miction
and we weevil for masts as shippen lichen
layers a local mind with coded urine-ovens

we shit upon fazed stasis as we raid onions
and weepers star-cage us within glass guns
and ripeners car-cave us inside grass-lungs
and we arise from dilly deaths to find de young
washing curative nets inside of us

O, a dizzy darterer dodges spunk then rusts

damagers of darkness swill sadness from golden coves
o handlers of deadness fuck towns with ashen robes
and a dizzy daffy cunt gets goofy in this city's rose
and a baby lady leashes
a daddy rat to a street-walked cut
and weevils glow, just like a glowworm glows and
deadliness dollops dolor aside an opened door and
sand-marshals will always shoot sluts

we shit upon mad hills as we shoot cuts at will and
we came at will into this blue home town when
sandy summery wintry lips shaved a female gem
and, la la, we widen for trips
and, la la, we tread upon tits
and we weep for woollen soda as a sawn clit
cries for sea-rain

damagers of darkness swil sadness from gilders
and we travelled into sound just to find mirrors
ramming spastic glasses under fingers..

what with caves raised from garlic
i will idolise hot flowers; and i am mastic
and my head twirls
o what with navvies raped in public
i will idolise soft bowers; and i swirl
around my town
and i season my city with goldenness

damagers of darkness swill sadness from
accidental beaches that murder guns
and i shall not murder
any of the ray guns that shoot suns

what with caves raised from garlic
a rotative lyon stage must cut logic
from painters of light and dark; and i
suffer lemon ochres where
reapers of lemon light up a sad chair

O, we mongolise hitlers as we writhe

and as the oars get raised, then we sail for shores
and as wet paws get laid
then usherers of walls craze as lilting eye rage
and bendy massers mill felt from slaves,-
O we may well mongolise hitlers as we rave

what with exposed veins in public, old lovers
famish after red robes and we eat for lovers
and, la la, a smeller of a milk-sleeve severs us
from coded gardens where lunches groove

and as the oars are raised, then we sail for shores
and as wed claws get slayed
then a moggy puss-heart proves privvies stayed
with dodgy female cat-trades
what with exposed pricks in public, easy slaves
may well extend a pusher to a penile town-cage
but the vaginal warts that lead deaths home
must wallah in the dark as pictures suck stone

and as the oars are lost, then we drown before
a diddy mental-lipid; and a doctored mind-score
sweeps aged ancient lakes to smoothing wards
wow, what with renal blindings, i must seem
badly torn at heart; and a rider on a dream
must enter a meadow through fathers and
eyes loosen for deafening tears
that lead murder west to the side of woman
and my shrapnel mind drives aside screens

and as the birds become empty then dust
comes knocking at a jailer's wall; and dust
flies beneath couples whose withering smile
sinks under appled sleuths and waxen musks

wow, what with venal slidings, i must seem
sadly torn apart from fearings; and tusks
delve after dogs which chase rat-cusped
cattery mole-men who suffer easy screams

and as blued birds snip song, then nightshade
sinks dirt belladonna into a gun
and a smirching scurrier who eats the grave
comes homeward now to a bad grave

o once below a time, family veilings had me
skull-knotted to passion when catty beads
exchanged a bald nut for a caul-cap's heave
and i have to swell up for saviours
and i will sell up for dunny severers
ahh, we hit to a cheeper as wide bees
carry money-comb to devils. O, featherers

flash adown the dead when bullet trees
teeter under scampers of chicks and fever
and eyers go down town
and liars glow down town
and skyers slow down sounds; ahhhhh

wow, when the matchsticks in the caverns
crusade for burning men in war
a crustler of lost children feeds the wards
and a terminal hospital on the hill
raises dizzy radios from televisual ill
wow, when the matchsticks in gold ovens
shine aside female cheese
then we will suffer selves as if killed

o once below a time, i saw my mum
laid to daddy waste
and the gism on love's tongue tastes
as belly-sour as a glass of snakes
and a bodier of flexed grass tapes
cicada men with cicada graves

wow, when once statues burn down
then a licker in a hirsute sea of Downs
races adown a forced lip whence
scarlet bedlam enters into clowns
wow, once in sex-virtue, a city wench
fascinates small death then drench
eagle sky with bad beds and candles
o once a ruddy day, i abuse myself
o once a fucking night, i used wealth
to pay the way for my long fever
and a cat in corn mewls as she claims
a doctored tawny fool from chains

cicada shade scissors lust from veins
and a carapace uses turtle cochineal
to ram down the pepper honeys
and a fastened car papers moneys
and a god of guffs grabs for grained
familial city war; and glassy monkeys
loosen aped ties

o once below my mind, i saw Hermes
carrying juniper to suede and herpes

and oo how i long to breathe cake into my lungs
la la, oo, how now i heave for cake, o, how now
my indolent expression of a cake has to cut now
the weddings in blue bakers burning and yearning
and oo, how i long to breathe cake into my lungs
la la, wow, how now goes the clouds
la la, yeah, how flows the summer's shrouds
and i idealise along a naked bun which star-crowds
easy ribbony moneyed monkey guns
and, sssss, eyes turn inside de sun
and, sssss, minds burn up when a city of treason
swallows penny pentacles from testicual reasons

cicada shades shove scissors down the hose
oo dramatic vinegard graves piss across a rose
and a naked moon mum sharpens splitted clothes
and a nudist naked migraines
mess up for twisted daddies and schizoid stoves
and i have a table on top
and i caress a god-shop..

oo how i long to breathe cake into my lungs
la la, oo, how now i have for cake and how guns
shift inside a porn oven
shapes a grave from onion
and a glassy gapper grasps to cum when onion
swills a raisin down from peppery poocing drums
and, ahhh, when a sweatered sea of suns
comes hanging at god's window
then a peeping tom becomes a sexy tomcat
and, o-la, me and my dying granny grip to fat
cicada shades shove scissors down the road
oo dramatic funeral rashes
ripen into cord asa piano in flashes use code
to squeeze a toady teener from ancient clashes
and, oh oh,- my father's face has been ironed
and, oh oh,- my only lover has eaten wode
and, oh oh,- a doctor who listens to a stove
may well caress his patients with babies

made inside-out and outside in we will
surely dance at a world of drills, and hills
may well topple into flowers when rabies
rocks a heavenly hound
and our hound from cells listens to sounds
and we hiss for feline dogs that drowned
way, way back when the dying ate rubies

cicada shades slam the Thames when ash
star-halters blades with eaten babby mash
ah-la, my maiden boy has a meadow sash
ah-lo, my satan boy has a midnight bee-splash
and occidental turn turtled tuna sirens
are bled to naked sleep when aged diamond
develops chicken tits then feed the world

sss a protective padded mumma eats pearls

Copyright JDB 11/10/2020.
john lennon was jesus!


work-in-progress title: c/o instant manyana
1st draft poem then song-poem


a corridor of pure sex has to listen to
an easy space where times use glue
and a dizzy face snares azure from blues
and an easy case shutsdown
ahh, a user of mace shoots our towns

a disconnected brother mind has to
frown aside spinneys where cold sound
spatters a salty patina
across easy tides where playgrounds
glisten under coded clowns

o a corridor of demure skewered death
drinks to smatter then dies for death.

a rider of peasants saddlers after sex
o brided pheasants swagger after death
la la, a hotelier in burning
strangles meths with yearning
and the hands of burning bury sex-death
with winnowers of plasticine

a disconnected sister has to seize us
from wakeful fistulas that use lust
and we whine for staggerers and we
push eagle puss aside openers

a rider of peasants saddlers after sex
o briders of killers lambast after death
and a diseasing mirror layers dead desks
with easy sylvan pussy wrecks

o a ruler in a bag drops from odd fists
o a crawler in a crag wallops lips
and we have to weevil after gold grit
and we have to sandal after old slit


the chasm of a blurred mind uses fire
and, cased, a burned spine eats fuses
and a purse of ice layers drunks with
muted tongues that cry and cry forever
and a motel in the sky
dare not dance till children die
and a macer on the hill feeds old lies

a corridor of demure ill sucks up eyes
and a bed of skewers cuts all wives
and a shed of screwers nails brides

o the chasm of a burnt mind abuses
neon glass with rented body-nooses
and a sun at sea rotates across bruises
and an ideal passion rocks for crisis

a corridor of pastellers pules for cruises
and i am led to a deaf sex now

crusaders of pure dirt hasten to fuses
o mindist gods grip to stasis
o a bed of glass grips to dreamt faces
and the ivy glows
aside a mind where nothing grows
and a vestal stair leads us to shows

a corridor of pure hurt hastens to nooses
o mentalists under heady laces
spray god's seed across demure space
and we glide forever when
we leap from thin air into children

crusaders of pure dirt hastens to fuses
o daddy digitalis hisses across dust
and a lake of tears teases us with musk;
and we arrive home to find

nothing left aside apart from our minds

instant manyana hisses for shut blinds
o instinctive kisses laden nuts with lime
and a graveyard gut
scatters raised bows across city wine
and, la la, a laconic man at sea
has to listen to the trees
and a instant manyana pisses for pine

crusaders of pure dirt hastens to timed
body bombs that lead to dirty sea-vines
and a radioed river
shivers in the sands where gay mirrors
wind ashes down from bees

instant manyana hisses for shut blinds
o grave-jumping misses
miss out when magical misters grind
sweet lust down from urban crime
and we lead de sun to naked babies

nuclear fazers under golden labia
have to shoot thunder
o family razors sunder silver flava
and a girl at sea
answers back to you and me
and a tree at night falls under bees
and a gilly blind boy
rotates across swine

nuclear fazers under sylvan killers
have to shoot desire
and the ancient sun burns spires
and acrid soldier lungs
lunge after folks who feed pyres

o, once along a mind, sex-tyres
get star-punctured by neon razors
and we face inside huge winds
that cut shoed laces with wine

the stained sky falls down around angel-towns
o veined eyes see sound
o skeined minds eat clowns,
and the darling body in town chops razors
o once along a dream, i heard killers
arising from Buddha when mirror-slayers
shine across lost sea

nuclear fazers sunder kittens when glebes
cry after pelican statues
and a baby-throw strangles need
and a lady-stone hangs after old greed

the stained stars look down on a lounge
and weepers extract veins fom teased
house-held guilty weave
and we hiss for instant seed when

dolters of war whip a donkey-gem's
blue muled massive rit
and we sway for silk as we eat men

what with eggshells hurled inside my garden
i have jazzed and jived till death grows young
o what with bells that sing for the hot sea-sun
i have jacked and writhed after giddy guns
and my head lays housed inside lost gardens

what with eggshells hurled outside sons
we have to connive with lunatical gum
and a mouthing lip smells of de shadow
and a babby barn builds lofts from meadows
and a diver under mills
must spill daddy tundra across blue hills

o grey nuclear saviours sips quick-lime and
a bunny of a focal killer
carries crusaders against wards when drams
doctor idle slider's beer with edams
and, la la, we take a twixed break as mills
swipe aged camphors from silky garlands

what with eggshells curled aside my dreams
i shall scatter us, when shaved together,
with poppied hands that will heal sad screens
and a gabby sea-gull
strickens mazy mulls with bruisers and skulls
stained easy stars harden and men must
mend or else stir raisins into cakey salt-musk.

o this is the cherried sexed state of human manyana
o here comes the pharoah and here comes the thief
la when we get buried by old drakes
then we will most certainly cry aside glazed lakes
and a post-modern family cries inside blue meats
oo this is my ferried sake that sails a boat to sleep
oo here is my merry state that
sails against five oceans till killers catch a bat

what with eggshells curving under human then
a doctor of dun cells gaols faces inside children
o the sun of night pokes its solar tongue at hens
and we will widen after cold snakes
and we shall summon souls from pissed hates

o this cherried sexed stare of human manyana
rattles at a shut door which opens on designers
and we pine for menswear
and we grind hot teeth inside hair
o this cherried sexed state of humanity's rider
saddlers after benchers of sodomy and bikers
la la, once aside a mind, an eyed tooth had hair
slashing in de dark like a chimney made from air
and a box on top
serenaded hard wounds with a secret prayer

what with eggshells serving snakes with fear
then a scattering mind-shell has to fry all tears
and the moaning night
listens to god; and a midnight dell eats light
and a poking bod burthens veins with spheres
o this cherried sexed state of human mandalas
rushes as she races into a spinal cock-manor
and a dirtied rose drops petals across staggerer
and we cum for the nut-screwed roads
and we don a toad from easy froggy mothers
and we stagger till faces fall from the floor
Ahhh fishermen of mermen cut a whore
from sizzlers of salt sin; and we will roar
against a chained city that rises from wards
and a pusher of faces cures de pretty poor
and a sweller of stasis carries money
into daughtered voices where grey honey
slithers as she slides inside a sad war

i am sat in a grassed place in a sense of
easy eager eaten grace
and i am squatted in a maze of Love
and we get comforted with apples
and we get stoned by female gables
o-la, my mental loan fucks blue God
o-la, my dreamer's groan grips Love
and teenagers of demure bone
shake a cosmos from a sea of drones
and ashen mons makers shine after
daddy rich and the mummies who murder
the very first death and the very first
diva sleaser. And i walk to the phone then
soften pears with blackberries and gems
tile my bathroom with a loppy louse-lens

o i sink my hand inside bed covers
to sun-discover a nude blubber lover
and a sign on a crude cliff
falls from earth
and i sink my hand inside red mummas
and find my sad soul writhing
and a doctor to this false earth
hisses after father when mam's hearse
unravels into minds
and a bed of silk softens cots with erse
and we fuck ourselves way up
by breaking muck upon a city-slut
and oceanic pussy ploys body sluts
aside a dizzy beacon where my purse
scatters hot pennies along a cradle
o i sink my hand inside bedcovers
and a model in a wife sweats plovers
and a madam with a spike
stabs a donkey pyramid all year
and laden boys with easy oil-tears
trample lovies when a sea of mites
melts into bled bunnies

i spin in the winds as my head strikes
old honey horders of massive mikes
and i sing for a baller
and i swing for the best
and i entertain rousers by feeding death

ah i have seen lord drug snipping for
a radio for fever
ah i have seen lady blood acccusing
mind-punishers of waxing fooling
fascists that cry, cry, cry
ohh what now for the dead but lying
ohh what now for the mad abed but
a flava under cravers creating pups-,

and a feeler of shut lasers use ceilings
to anoint deniers with coded reamings!
i spin inside nine winds as sex strikes
a dollar and a dime inside US stripes
and america comes through our stools
and ingenious Africa heals mad fools
and india in paprika
slides a sullen rind inside ashy mules;
and eyes in eyes
swipe sleepers from pled prides
and we storm cats with cabins
and a sawn wooden desk-spin
layers lazy pictures of fazing sin

o madam yoyo uses a player
o macadam poncho eats rayers
o tarry tiddy tit feeds oats to rivers
o family sky-feed hits along mirrors
ahh ahh hah hah hah.

magical spind weed smokes mice.

Copyright JDB 14/10/2020.


work-in-progress title: c/o a dinner-rose
1st draft then somg-poem


the fotal facials of a glib hot world
layer veins with red wheatgerm
o a fatal swing swills bread-burns
and a veiny life
laps up loss as a drammed light
leads a torcher into bended night
and i am day as i am night

the shadowers of sinal laughter
shiver in a lost room
and the spun crosser of fathers
flavour suns with crowds
and the lover's ebb hisses
and the mumma's head hisses

o fotal facials of a glib hot world
layers graves with voided girls;
and maddeners eat toasties

the signal fatal fractious lunar city
loses lobbers to pities
o easy focal fictitious babies ride
aside budders of bodies
and a manxy small lady feeds eyes

the shadowers of sinal laughter
sign along a scrawling mind, O,
eyers of plasticine shovel skies
and a bed at night glistens
and a spreaded mike sings for
eaters of mice and cat-claws

o madam yoyo uses a score
to ignite a hidden match and we
loosen slayers with blue pee

deadly factories fish for petrol jelly
o, odd diaries read for hidden ladies
and a gentle mask has to
hiss across star-risen cherry rubies
la la, fortuitous sun-spies use a
naked nuclear flower for old blues
and we sing the blues

o madam, yoyo and dad poncho
use easy breads for endless bodies
and we are at the bodies
and we shall stay till people end
la la, a winneying diner of children
washes marzipan inside snoods

once aside green times, i sensed
a baby fall from a rocked earth

the dealers of carded visions
slayer after gobs
o feelers of naked sharders
slash across Gods
and we hear the borders
shaping men from rice
and we suffer taxis

once, as i saw eagles faint,
i looked from walls to find
grey paint pulling from wine
and mental messengers
swallowed minnows when
i first maimed life's lover

and madam yoyo and mum
sink aped toys into de sun
and eyes cry about weeping
and lives cry about sleeping
once aside a miracle, fever
laid sad sin to fierce waste

the easterly rising jacker of skin
sidles after women
la, instantaneous chickens spin
and a birdy bookcase swims for
jazzers of jumping beans
and we whip cold dreams
and we snap coded screens

and madam yoyo and feathers
father mentalists with
nine hot winds that must kiss
aside a mouthing mind-crib

easterly arising, a sky of war
shatters across blinded riders
and weepers cry for dying
and reapers die for loving

odes to easter sing about torn eggs
la la, heads swim
and a bodied quim sheds sweets
and a babied gym cooks pleats
and we widen for bread
and we weep about crying
and we sharpen the dead

o madam yoyo and daddy christ
heap up lard where
metalled canary choirs snare
bloodied dust from odd hair

odes to easter swing about kegs
and those kegs are candified
and a world of old fire begs for
easter eggs and molten stores

o madam yoyo and daddy christ
swims across a dummy floor
and a bone of dross breaks for a
kettler of a boiled stone
and weepers weep for stone
and sleepers ear a telephone
and feverers use a cold shawl
odes to easter swing about
closed wards and minds in doubt

i saw a dummy warbler at a secure party
toasting aliens with crooned murder
and, la la, we weave after crooked baby
and we cook in a sealed room
and, la, my massive head swims around
a turning bad world
and my acrid face hisses across voids
and my acid father will certainly die now

o a splendid bed swirls
and a mastic chamber rules city pearls
and a plastic rider rides across odd girls

i saw a dummy warbler at a secure space
cutting the lace sex treads
o my idiot indigo mind believes in space
and god's evil all-knowing mind treads
dirtied divine waters that eat hot lead
and i suffer summer
and i father winter
red boomers breakdown
bled screwers shape clowns, and mazes
amaze the crazy dead then recline
inside-out in a city's bed
and weavers of pity set alight to bed
ananacee on a lost hill shoots lovers
and a gossamer boy who fears spiders
sides with blurry bald bluebottles
and mental star-folks sharpen liars

o there are rectile weeds which sink into carkeys
o there are evil dweebs that
stride to the kitchen sink while chewing curd
and a buttered mind melts into cats
and a battered mind swells into fats
o there are rectile weeds which scissor into voids
o here there are pictures of angled angels

anancee on a loud hill suppers after spangles
and old bins in spinneys burn;
and a waking enemy dreams about ferns and
local daddy locusts crap upon wheatgerm
and a mammy father suffers after old sands

red boners breakdown; and idlers in odd hands
enfist a buddied plain body
and bled seas in town summon a sea of ruby
and a ruby grind lashes paints across families
la la, me and my daisy child
hold to the murdered dead
o there are evil rectile weeds which sink into cars
lo hereby a nancy nest, a welsher of a mad star
drops pluto on its head
and mercury under jupiter listens to sliced bread
and odes to thor-thunder glistens
and eaters of corpsed diamonds burn a mission

the datas of idiot days show imbecile movies to
a filmic ham whose use of robotics maims the blue
and a fascinator inside the davy dark
seizes ideal cinemas from evil auditoriums and
shrewd reeling boys punish the best
and illing vision boys go far West
anancee on a blind sea slinks beneath dyed waves
and collectors of ancient money
race as they run from honey; and limey graves
pee upon hidden worm-stools
and weedlers squat on stools
and america comes through our stools
and an easy driver drives aside fungal laves
once above a mind, a shirted squirter of a skunk
set alight to a dizzy church
and a bark in a city sails for rotated soft hurt
and we hurt ourselves all year
and we cut the rain with tears
and, o, once above us, a skirted pecker of spunk
peers into daubs when cold traffic ends
ruminants of fucky winky bald ruin sharpens us
with doctorates in ducky lusts
and a bedded bee-banner stings lusts with an
eater of curves and knaves
and a fat kid goes downstream
and a fast pig oinks from a lost dream
and wagoners race aside loss where trays
tip tealeaves under curdy bluesy blondie blades
anancee on a blind cliff swallows germ-trades
oo when naked puling poker boys deal Tarot hearts
then a steely pusher of burned coca
snarls aside the kissers of cold rain
oo when naked mooing choker boys raid hearts
then an easy blader of burnt motion
caresses idol seed with splayers of female darts

as aladdin in his sealed lamp titters about bairns
then a faceless vein-show
ebbs to the sides of swallows; and feline blow
ignites the milky smiles of daddies and closed
baby mammy

oo when naked puling picker boys steal arrows
then a blazer unfound in a raised town
sharpens easy guts with canine city clowns
and a mazy madam under cribs
deals a major arcana to a sea of bodded pigs
and a fatherer of funny ribs
snaps up his snappy days when he got kicks
from gathering cots from cradles

ah, the spine in the sky teases drags with an
ochre of pure lime; and faeces fall from fans
and we drop outmoded gloves upon easy pans
and we smolder as we choke
and we shooteth up from a city of grey smoke
and we line a balded stomach with sweet christ

and lazy laden liars lay awake when lying
and hazy laden criers cry for mad men dying
and mazy madam fever sticks pins aside colts
and, ooo, a bleeded brooch-pick darkens volts

oo when naked pulling nature boys sweat for
a train-bled city in an accidental head war
then a steely mind-grind splits a sacremental
beaky juice; and a mining mind mines for a
tangerine spleen in which a hoody warf
rips a confetti triangle from veiny star-morphs
and a budder on the penile left
means a brother on the penile right
and, lo lo, my hindrance of a phlange cuts
aside cunny moons when cheesed prats shut
a dollied car-beam inside a faceless radio
the daddies on a false cliff fall into shadow
o laddies under naked tips crawl into shadow
and, licked by smaltz, a cellar on its deep grind
shows pantheons of picklers to fatal eye-mines
and heapers of fazed heaters
horde a dangerous sign in a careless cosine

endlessness weeps when crying
deadliness sleeps whilst dying
and a dabbler of sad science kills the dead?
tut tut tut tut tut

when put on a diet of pure wine and stale urine
i reveal to you the drunkards in my mind
o when scattered, a kitchen in an ocean
winds a solid sea-diet down to rare emotions
and seagulls found in dens
shafts up a bull where a doctor in a blue lens
hips to a mixed beat
and, la la, when once put on a pigged diet
then i will reveal to you the bones of my meat.

endlessness widens where cold summers riot
o emptiness voids dead air
trendlessness swipes sad hair from grey snares
and we must scare the livid dead
with multisonal fear as we vamp aside sleep.

when put on a diet of pure brine and old wee
i reveal to you now just how the petrol enemy
sucks stoned fingers from a fire;
and broomed ringers rattle for bejewelled trees
and dummy dinners feed lice to starved bees
and wilders weep as men cry
and ripeners heat female spies..

endlessness widens where a hot winter reaps
tenemental televisions from digital film-sweeps
and a burny bodice boy
crashes around soft toys where a sea of voids
transfigures skin with wiveners of sexed joys
and, la la, a district of murderers
meddle safter samphires when a female liar
loosens a harnessed belly for smelling flyers
and, oo, weepers will study angels
and, oo, dippers under bobbies must accuse
deadness to shrill like a burned heaped noose.

dinny dreamers dream of stripes
deepened under screens deepen ald kites
and a stripper on a urine-tonsuered height
sodomises active glued skin with cock-spites
and a fizzy ticker of a toad
cements easy hipsters to champing lobes
and we raise a dinny finger
and we praise a dinner-rose
and we soften friends with smelters
o-la, a buggy in a stove cooks fast helters
o-la, a buzzy signum deifies dads with pippers
and a babby stuck in marshes
trampolines till jumped at heart.

these salads of a green mind sea-dress a
diamond of a screened mind-message and
a robotic machine of a lover
seems garlanded in tea, coffee and ice,
and a mermaid's stinking sea-lip
fishes for wavers; and fistas of aquaria
beg for assaults and lipid papers
and assaulted apiaries arouse snickers
the mobile song of the moon surrenders
and an easy teasy teetering swashed room
renders aromatic snakes with cunt-imbers
and a baskeful of drakes eats a bun
and a kitchened body larder layers suns
against five zillion fotal fascinated fevers;
and a ladener of tea-diluted rare stripper
dances across a caved cavern-plunge

uh uh uhhhhhhh tut tut tut tutter tit slutta

Copyright JDB 15/10/2020.


work-in-progress title: About Daddy Blood
1st draft poem then poem-song

oo whence a titter slit sheds sweet pee
then a dada of a father may well
taunt the pistils in sheet rain
oo whence a spitter slutter drains pain
then some lemon ochres drag grain
against blind spies whose eyers swell
right bloody up, like god's balloons
ah, once upon a cunt, i abused rooms
and my dining father digs for spoons

oo whence a titter slit sheds sweet seed
then a bod of blasts
executes skin then shoots a mask
and here are masking venuses
made cold as worm-headed flasks
and a bone under sperm
sweats optics when daddy's arse

oo a catted cane-killer eats glass

oo whence a tipper of a titterer
slashes upon slide-sitters
then a dog of a wife barks for
silent sisterhoods; and men-o-war
ride aside blotters of
bloody blinded sea-gods

a painter of prides issue love
after dunny dukes who drugged
a foreign genius land with
dollared pennies and wigs

oo whence a stripper in a cave
crashes, then mad gods
may well flash under dead lays

the moltile swaggerer of old summers
laden loaches with hot winters
and the guns of man shoot killers
and ladied roaches scale old rivers
o motels in fevers house hoteliers
and a mazy madam shoots runes

o whence a tripper of sexers
shatters lies then a bundled melter
swallows nude aniseeds;and skelters
drop from a fairground's killers
and meddlers of sound stop

under mirrors

the rattlers of ruined fanny
fashion belts from money
and a river moon shoots dust
and an easy room
summons bed from crusts
and indigo fools raise suck
from imbecile glued water

when ideals cry for muck
then families will cut nuts
and a pasted beller cuts us
and we arise from slaughter
the rattlers of ruined baby
fall to earth as death dies
for cradlers of kissed skies

the eyers of orion have to glow like
magical endless money
and, oh, under rubies, rubicund sights
suffer miraculous tellies
and we weep for Adam
as we weep for Eve; and old nights
wallop statues with brollies
la la; alleyways which lead to spikes
hasten to doors
and dazzlers of wards reap mites

the eyers of orion have to glow like
magical rended honey
and, lo, under cabbies, easy lights
get turned from cold into baby
and baby falls from earth
and laddies crawl from birth
and ochres of death suck birth

the eyers of lions have to flow like
distant beds dream-dashed by sight
and a foxy slammer uses tailors to
write a spy across red corn

oh easy diaries dry for grey swarms
and eaters of priories
darn teeth with lost food
and we are old galleries
and we use deaths with old bodies

the riders of orion sink a pinnace inside
rippers of old zion; and a lion with wive
hasten to lips when coded mirror sties
don easy piglets from eroded city lies

oh eased beezy burning bags all eyes
oh eased lazy yearnings
sweeps brushes under veilings
and the dyers of thunder louden prized
spider-rocks where infants turn
aside a magical impossible spire

la la, we ate earwax all dammed year
la la, we cut stars from walls
la la, we cunted tacs all fucking times
and a body on a cart
crashes down around a cat-heart

the riders of mouthers lick carp
the razors in feathers cut stark
naked old halls
that feed gold shawls to starlark

and a lobby inside a false kitchen
slayers after inglenooks
and a bobby in a false panda car
carries murderers back home

la la, we ate beeswax when young
la la, we fed of cunt-traps
and me and my rashing lady gum
dizzy salts to vaginal rat-crap
and eyers feel for virgin sap
and liars lay reels aside gold gaps

Ohh a digger of weals shoots pap
and diers die forever

the corneas of dying statues hereby
cry for a crashing fever
o jammy jays jive
and a boat of war sails for fever
and a coat of claws
dons dirtiers of deaths with killers

the corneas of crying stone-wives
wallow under funeral fire
and a muddied mind that tires
after lost pillows
will surely set a life aside willows
anda baddy inside de gallows

shaves a cunny crypt with millers
and a murdered miller grind
weepy teasy tashes down unto a
bodier of bladers and minds

o we get haloed by bionics when
gliding memories
lap a lazy cut from female daisies
and, la la, a scuttler's cemeteries
burn a biddy boat with
incestuous incendiaries; and pigs

piss along a peace frog when
closed figs sweeten apple children
ah ah ah..

the corneas of a dying statues
are hereby sold to granite cars

o i saw a summer of pure rain
come rocking at my window
and bad ivies strangle my pillow
and a sad buddies brain rain
with soft hands that heal pain
and a docker of rats
mice-handles beans with bats
o i saw a summer of pure rain
come knocking at my shadow

la, corneas of blinded veins
swipes some grinded seas from
a miracle of coronars
and on a distant honey hill
razors cut shavers under dils
and a face of pure glass
hastens to fantastic fuhrers

o is saw a summer of pure rain
come sucking my mind with
easy graved trains that rid me
of drawled dares and
o-la, if once i use a bandstand
then i must use a false fan
and i will drop my fucking sea
la, corneas inside blood-blades
shed ickle wickle priders from
heavy hammy green peals
and i strike a tocsin from guns
and i write for poisons
and me and my febrile prison
happens in the far West

O-hoh piglet parsons enprism
beshrewers of pure lac
O-ha, evil willow sirens taste
a venereal pool which ribbons
a baldy baboon; and gibbons
fall from earthed trees where
a dampener of bird-beads
shower motels with de lac
o i saw a summer of hot spires
arising from luminous radios
and the wives on a horse-march
ride a cocking candler adown
trippers of cockled fish drowned
larded labia-loaded prawn-tyres

the dazzler of a double dream
drops from dirty rest
and a canted canticle hits nests
and a lashwide woman-scream
shrills across holy wabes
and illers of loss interfus
Hector to Andromeda; O, laves
slip a doggy dial deeply when
titted bristol slaves suck gems

and we may shrill down our maggot days
and we may well sing about god's grave
and, o, we may shrill down our grubbing
starry sweety city
and a lowcut crocus tree
cuts a focal locust from a lotus tree
and used genoa in a green water bead

underwatered, a dolly dreamer has to
believe in daddy blood
underslaughtered, a dolly screamer
ozzes a petrol face aside carvers
and a forcing leader
falls from a stage when balded ravers
rum-reason after dunny kitchen razors

and we may well shrill down our wormeries
and we may swig dils when
a fish-shaken eyrie where evil nunneries
staple gilded god-seagulls to eaglers
o-ho, my endlessness listens to fevers
o-ho, my tendons under missions
sink a daddy smile aside cemeteries
underwatered, a dolly dreamer has to
face-sleeve a rhinal gunner with crude
bed-bended gassy truths
and we give head to absolving clues
and we fall from god's bed
and, la la, sirens sunder spread-bread

lahh i overmeasured my candid head
lahh i sofa-pressured my labile head
and, starry, a jacking christ-world
cosmos-rended cherryade with glues
and me and de mother angels move
a hen of a horser to naked roofs

and we may well shrill down hoofs
and we may well kill lightning
with daffy goofy grips with biting
bed-bittered lounges that feel roods
and mentalling for mind-gold, swings
serenade dashed car-cords with a
doctoror of both night and dun day

and a swiveller in jammy slams
ensalt and enpepper the fleshers of
codded feline theatres
and a swiveller in jammy cab-cans
swell up just like god's bad balloon
and i sidle under mikes when drams
toast beery cartoons with face-fangs

and a lovely rhinal ram clasps hands
around faith's evil praying factory
and a maker of god's ghostly glans
suppers after pulley men who van
experienced weavers with divans
and, lung-motored, we must use vans
to fatten a transitory bread man's
ode to butchered briny baker scams.
underwatered by hens, hoop-feather
squashes body brides aside pressure
and the sadness of this shrill year has
a cradler for town-madness
and a caker of sounds jazzes cabs
and me and mumma feed titty crabs

ohh menstrual mind-smoke drags
a noddy of a spine deep under stags
the issuers of city slinkers have to
peal a good pussy from a gun
la, teasers of dun pity shoot gum
stone dead; and dentine in the blue
corrodes for dreamed bread
and, o, issuers of city winklers move
goofy fears to partying tears
and, out-graved, a pisser of sex years
sweeps a dreary brush across
damaged eyries; and gullers on de cross
lay a laddy down aside
bruising body brown

measureless porny pushers plead for
a dodger of a dog-dayed prick-war
and a doggers of split slaves will roar
across a dimplered daddy chain
and me and macadam must tar whores
with easily beaten canny cane-tors

as mindless poker men swim for a
hanged semester of blinding blue cars
then a picker of a snot-sleeve
fastens liquid buttons to dizzy cards
and we dealt tarots to red Mars
and gold heels are full of light
and rolled weals are fuelled by flight
and the dandy demons of darkest night
wallow aside a funeral feed.
the issuers of city slickers have to
peer inside a seat of rain
and a city of mad snakes has to shake
a donny gal from spinal crackers
and a flowed sun
sizzles under lunged lungs
and a burner of sea-slayers have to
shape a tawny blithe bee with toothed
ambulant necklaced sea-drums

o, eyed thieves tumble from a bell
o, writhed mead feeds sweet to hell
o, loud papers use assaults and pepper
and a rude picker gathers naked cells
from nude boys that fuck coded gels

o my mind had its measureless fancy
and my spun stag of a tawny treasure
hips to a snipped beat when women

cum................................ ........Uh

Copyright JDB 17/10/2020


work-in-progress title: About Blue Meats and Growl Radios
1st draft poem then song-poem


the eaten spire i saw from a tree
swallows soft war
o daddy pullovers, snared, seize
a pyrex city from beads
and, dunny, a basin on a cliff
shatters aside bended knees

i eyed thieves tumbled from bells
and, slackened, a bumbler's cell
fits a fascinating key into leaves

and the eaten weepers in cities
ripens down the carkeys of
dinner days when a baby's buddy
brightens with seed
and a clamourer of dirt
shoots a vase of hurt
and a daddy bleeder licks skirt

the eaten spire i saw from a tree
swalllows soft walls
and a eyers feel after shawls
and sainted wheels
watch themselves in burning

once aside a mind, i sensed fathers
shaving their single days away
o, once aside times, i sensed mothers
washing their sexy days away
and i turned to the midday moon
and i stormed the dead
and i fell from an unearthly bed

sweaters are washed till done
fevers are mashed till stunned
old children, laced,
loosen a bedded divan under lungs

once aside a mind, i sensed fathers
shaving their salad days away
o, once upon tears, i sensed brothers
washing their hands in clay

sweaters are spun till touch-dry
leotards burn for pied sky
and i turned to the midday moon
and i stoned my spine
and then i accused sex of burning


the eaten spire i saw from the sea
swallows inks and papers
o daddy's halo died, and pepper
seasoned me with lepers
and a buddy boy has to use pepper
to anoint his fast fever

sweaters are washed till done
leopards burn
and a baby on a throne has to cum
deeply down a mum's stroked thighs

once aside designs, i drew a pig
o underneath grime, i painted kids
and my searing face
fell away from space
and i gave my girl endless lies

the eaten spires i saw from the sea
swallows inks and lepers
and, la la, my mind has no knees
and, la la, my spine has no keys
and, la la, my shadow casts leaves

deeply down when sense heaves
ashes under flashes hasten to owl-light
uh, clashes under rashes
ram dumb powder when shaken nights
lambast thunder with foresight
and i saw a spire from a tree
and i sent embers to a swallowed sea
and, la la, ashes under flashes sent me
underneath rivers of lime

the eaten pyres i dance for entertain
the cats of the canine mind
o, ashes under flashes listen to fox-rain
and adders sunder snake-dusts
and arrowers tumble under old musk

ashes under flashes hasten to owl-light
ah, crashes under blue hospitals
drag a senile drip into shadowers of
peeing casts that drink from lost God
and eyers of fevers
flay catty killers with blorted sky-sods

the eaten pyres i dance upon enter
a diddery dog-head inside sphincters;
and maddeners sing for Love
and waggoners swing for Love
and blenchers in rings dance for Lord

Lady God..

a lazy lemur leads a leaper to a star-sign
o a crazy fever
hits to a river; and i saw a spire's mind
grinding cochineal to dust
la la, my head appears lost
la la, my bed has no lust
and i saw a siren on a cliff
crusading for lemon lepers in old wine

the eastern teas i must gather has to
find an island in the West
and my naked skin falls from death
and my fingers sunder sex
and, ahh, as weeblers reap melon then
sandy lips may well flower

a lazy lemur leads a leper to a car-sign
ah signal pepper seasons salt with rind
and a yellow lady who catchers times
will surely scatter sweets across
devillers of renal loss
and magic latch-keys unlock loss
and tragic families bolt a rocked cross


magical funnel-weave washes men bald
o easy tunnel-weed washes cat-halls
and a bawd in summer
sharpens owls with winter
and a giddy gelled bed sleeps under drawl

once upon a dead mind, i entered under
a daddy divan
and mummy wine jazzed to my lover
and my salt woman danced all year

magical funnel-weave washes men dry
o peasy tunnel-seed sows salted slides
and a bed at night
hisses for blind light
and a vernal moon comes too soon
and weevillers smash a cunt with tombs

once upon a dead mind, i entered rooms
only to find all bedrooms dead
la la, fotal fatalities silence dark bread
and a canny cavener
carries slushy skin to eaters of bled
fierce fanny lead.

magical majestical felines flash for a
tribal sweep
and emptiness falls from ferine dreams
and vixens fall from sleep
and foxy fast oils hide screams in
blue meats and growl radios


a pacing crazy fox boy happens upon de sun
o de sun gives up its heated moonlight
and, la la, kids shut seated school-life
and Aladdin in a cage rocks a mind-life

magical inverted tissues wipe old christ
o de balded cold heated sun
swipes all lunacy from fingering fights
and, la la, pigs shut in weal
whips a cocking-horse

a peering crazy fox boy happens upon a gun
o, he shot his cab
o, he shot sky lads
and wideners of spatial money
pay for space where space cuts us with
genital suns and cloud-weavers of crabs

magical converted issues swipe gold men
and, where sourced, idiotic gilder men
raise a petrol flower with mental skin
and a crotch on lily waters
sinks pulled bullies under shaven wind

and purpled dazzy daddy bird shines
under belled nets when old sin shines
after dirtiers of peeing bodied rhymes
and ruins of eating statues
strike aside a dinner hour
and horded horses snap a cool flower
and aged mentalis
caresses a sea-harness

a peering fatal focal english death
hisses for chiffons as seared death
suppers for named forks and sexed
ogre cherry; and weevils cut deaths
directly in two, where gollies rave

there is a mad saying about the dead which
commands the wedding of the rich
and riches deserve the poor
and bitchers widen for gold doors
la la, a killer of the spring sharpens lips
with focal coins and dollar pounds

a peering natal mind-sign paints tips
uh a bed of mental bananas
shovels doctored binny manyanas
under bullets; and colts under shits
defecate upon a cool hot night ship

o as menstruators weep for clits then
a republic of statues may well
harden granite sculptures with celled
bodiers of a cocking horse
and lemony limey vaginal gorse swells
up and up, just like god's forced
invidious incinerated bible-tawse

as idle iron sidlers raise rattlers
from cradlers of heart-cave then
imperialised by dotty fanny, women
must surely cling to a vaulted sauce
and giddy dinnering inglenooks force
fascinating riders under cuppa-horsed
hymenal labial chemicals

the gannets in fat rain trains a vein
to flatten sullen seas with bible-brains
and a hooker in a fucking lift drains
devil hitlers from fires down stained
essex women

indelible maggots that hiss inside love's ear
scar-celebrate the kiss of a colour
and, o, there is a mad saying which hears
a dolly maintainer in a hot rich career
and i have to carry brimstone far West
and minds have to marry
a bladderer of honey to lashwide breasts

indelible maggots that hiss inside fears
car-incinerate radios of roadways when a
shadower of ravines
helters down drains; and eyers who scream
may surely scream no more?

and equilateral fannny swims de rude seas
and magical sex daddy
washes zeroes under babby; and grey bees
star-buzz in blenched tears when cavvies
crusade after wrenched sidler lavvies

indelible maggots that piss inside love's ear
winter-wearies summer blood with spheres
and rain falls like spears
and grain crawls from years
and we have waited years and years. O!
majestical doggy felines
force a fiddle in a dumb arse
and, proud, a candle in a female's clasp
caves under bonded spy-swum masks
and equilateral races cut the spaces of
a dodgy shroud that chants the words of
dizzy dreaming jesus and his soft world
and a gilded guilty goddess plays with
rain-stoned mother clay
La la, ideal caverns crashland upon a
citadel of demure dead days
and we have to use our strange days.

once upon a pussy, i heard old kids in
season-suspended bodies shaving sins
and a motelled gel sticks whores to skin
and a hostelled girl gives a grip to spind
dirty spun salt seed
and an arching mother angel flies for a
belly-pusher whose demons die of greed
there are, here and now, three graves
shaped from pulley naves
and biering palling crows carry slaves
upside down in a town of evil trades
and a bedded swum town
bone-blends swaggarts into clayed
cementing cremating toad-raised
ingots of sex, death and diseased
holy scrapes

lo here and now in this purple cage
a rider of ruin saddles after rage and
platinum scowls crap upon bluers
and a pecker of plumed salts dams
ripper riders with zippered brigands
lo here amd now in this purple cage
a raveller of cloud darkens bled age
and i spell a face from out fire.

ashen body bakers career from a rocked sun
la la, easy undertakers
test a loud coffin whilst singng for a gun
and a goosy goofy sail-snapped river drum
pours lazy oils upon dirtied canine waters
and a waxy cunny christ
comes back home to entertain lost life.

ashen bodies wail like dying trees and christs
career into innocent bible-windows
and a daddy heist hisses aside blue mallow
and the wives of measureless meadows
peal a pulleyed palmist from handed shadow

ashen body bakers career from a rocked gun
la la, dizzy dunny pharoahs
slide a tickler of a gallows aside aged cum
and we weevil after the emptiness of a
sickler of a rippler whose fatal focal thrum
sweeps doggy danger into canine dreams.

ashen bunny shapers sign along a scream
ah, aspen buddy breakers
ooze english slime down a bed of bakers
and a bitten blood-baker butchers papers
and, cold, assaults and peppers feed lepers
and, rolled, cosines in cans
feed a frozen roll to tea-things and woman

the riddlers of pure flame burn under lust
la la, dippers in naked pain
serenade a blind lamp with ocean-grain
and we listen to the spies at heart
and we lead brute brides where art
swallows leaded genius from grey dark
and ashes come home to feed me
and lashes feed stone to easy seed

ashen body bakers career from a lunged
candle-pool that leads bled briders home
and a ship of rats ramifies a sailor's moan
and a shrilled ship of fools displaces bone
ah ah, usuries of families build gravestones
from eateries that sell foods to sloanes
and a vase-bedded glass menagerie
gashes a gilly gallery down nunneries
natal unnatural flowers glow beneath
sky-dying angled gardens; and hot sleep
summons us from dew-dressed heaths
and we fall from de earth
and we call to an expectant child. Oh!
life must dress death down now?

ashen bonded boundless parental crowds
scatter nuked denial across lost shrouds.

Copyright JDB 18/10/2020


work-in-progress title: With Saloon Bars and Devil-Breasts
1st draft poem then poem-song


the superb dupers of a faceless bath
sunder soaped denial with drams
o eaten fathers swallow herbs as hands
damage pearls with daisy fingers
and a puling eye stabs feathers with a
city island that chokes downstream
and a queasy oaf swings under sand

the superb dupers of a faceless bath
sunders roped deniers with wigwams
o a dirtied heap hisses
and a sea in heat kisses old rafts
with jellied tombs where rats craft
dizzy musclers from easter risings

and a digger of a dazzling doghead
slashes aside wakefulness
and we abuse a salted slam when
darkness cries inside wastefulness


the faceless daddy slammers of denial
sleep-widen dust into gloom
and we wink for musk
and we hiss for sex angels
and, stoned, as we grind aside decrial
then we broaden eyes with doom

the superb shrinkers of a salt cocoon
trot across birdsnests
and blue riders of the moon
swoon forever into rest where noon
seasons sousers of small deaths
with saloon bars and devil-breasts

the faceless daddy slammers of denial
sleep-widen lust into dunes
and fatal fotal dusts drop old runes
from weighted buyers of rubies

the superb biter of dooming dance
drags a hired sea for murder
lo, an actor in a bony fever has to
sidle down hills till laconic leather
has to bash a bollock-field with a
snow-drowned chimer of feathers
and we drink to hired pleasures
and we don beads from idle cars

o faceless daddy claws crack up
from latent machines where sluts
damage skeins with rollered butts
and we siren adown gold ladies
and we summon clouds from babies

the superb biter of dooming dance
drags salty birds with old glanced
birdy burners of easy old biddies
and some evil bint
ravels under sea-mints; and lints
shovel idle bummers inside
cicada shades and evil tribes


the robbers of a stolen mind moon
enters under blood when a sawn wound
widens into raped times
and, loaved, a breaded mind
swallows dust under bruising wine
and we suck upon a vineyard snail
o, la la, i ease my cum inside tines
and, made mad, i comb river wynds
against nude sedges that lead us
back homeward where music rusts

the superb biter of a dooming face
follows aces under stasis;
and ladied lovers sunder wed space
and my easy fever
snaps a glass from gaggling seizures
and epilepsy drinks from rivers

the robbers of a stolen mind moon
enters under god when a blind bloom
blossoms in de sexual Hesperides
and molten madams glow
and cappers of macadams flow for

easy writers of corn and sex wards

the bummers of bluesing seas are
hereby fed to vaults
o riders of noosing bees are fed to
sireners of naked dolts
and weedlers stick to god's bolts
and riders of lips
listen to fathers when acrid malts
slice candy breads

easy writers on corn sunder beds
and wooden cold cabinets
are fastened to guilty radio dregs
and, oo, in the davy dark
pealers of ooze feed sex to sharks

the bummers of bluesing seas are
hereby fed to dolts
and coded nude dots drive cars
aside mercy and a glass of stars
ah ah, sweet horses ride upon us
and we are led to promontories
granular statues drop from Hell

eyes will glow like a granite shadow
oh oh, rented crows may well breed
and de gallows under granular greed
gallop against blinded car-seed
and a swallower's herded denier
pipes some titted hands around sleeves
and me and my children's coat
suppers after sandals

eyes will glow like a granite virtue
ho ho, rended crows sunder zeroes
and a liar underwaters
a slander mum with libelled tears
and mental guns
shoot ashen lungs with radio fears

eyes will cum aside a granite hero
and a glass of drums
must send the disant past to sleep
and, la la o-la, a wagon in blue meat
hisses for moggies and growl rodeos

and romantics star-strum red heat

hedonists who heap heroics under flowers
size away a steely grave with
instantaneous neon slaves; and grey pigs
sweep a swapper of a swamped kid
with daisy minds
and Romana on a cliff falls from dairies
and Perian demanders crawl from babies
and a dicker of a dockeried dad lady
delimits fannies with dragglers and Hermes

eyes will glow in a boy's blind side and dogs
dribble as they bark for Man
and an open sky demands Pan to walk Gods
and a lasery mind
scribbles under fire when a pissered Woman
wanders as she wails

hedonists who heap heroics under flowers
size a sweeping sugar glade
and a mummy horse rides aside towers as
openers of cartoons
carry a sweet curry to a pudding under tunes
inside the birdy dark, a cavern dies for sails

heapers who heed rose reapers are fed to
a medley of dust where mentalists sleep
and a family lust hastens to wived sleep
and a wolverine in wool knits body sleep
lo lo, a laden buggy pulls a pram aside crude
catatonic wet whores

and a stripper of walls widen aside tubes
and a dizzy ventilator shelters in a rude
robbering rubbered room when grey screws
sink a warder under pushers of pled glass
hedonists sidle into times as caging mask
nips a naked nostril from tonsuring flasks
and we weep for wednesdays
and we sleep forever when manic sundays
shorten calendar fats with cured carkeys
geared body lips kiss saviours when reeds
shut a baby-bliss in a bodier of moses-seed
and a bibler of a bantam snake
succours riders of a aspen mirror-snake
and easers of roman fires
swing for the dead and their funeral pyres

when washed in the wine of a new day, i saw
a robotic radio rambling under soft decay
and as my sweet romancer led deaths to graves
then i washed by hands in the vines of gold cars
and neurotic fathers
finger after lathers
and bionic mammas
kneel across a windscreen

when washed in the brine of a blue day, eyes saw
a mindless lemon parcel
come opening gifts with infant thumbs
and a witherer in a hard bed dreams of claws
and a rider under spind bread
slices a dangerous lips across a sea of paws

when washed in the wine of a true day, men saw
a bubonic petrol-pisser shitting along naked wards
and a hospice in twinned minds
scatter smatterers across a stripper of a wee-boards
and me and mental cousins
crusade for bone as a staring daft hollow felon

snaps cold age in nine invalid city-cursing talons
oo what with bloodied butterflies on the mad moon
a facial skull-found under feinted cradled towns
must scutter after thunder-painted
bakled bladderwrack where a horse of sad crown
slashes aside four walls of closet grounds
and weepers blort after halls
and reapers spit up wet-walls
oo what with bodied butterflies on the bad moon
a faceless bidder for dragooners

must wallop a whipping boy with easy fingers
these griddy carkeys i keep on death's shelves
sun-scry for crabbin seats
and a door in a smile opens up under elves
ah, ruddy caravans cunt-create vanned meat
and we eagerly place a minty soft tongue
directly down a pussy poke that drinks
edible light meats and famishing ox-lungs

when washed in the wine of a blue day, eyes
slappered around beneath coke where
ideal vanishers resound for roped neck-air
and we sea-strangle easy strangers where
a baby leaps from a frozen toilet chair; O!
once we have driven ravens
then a bed of torn teas may well harden...

And aladdin the bush-cat eats in garlands
And paladin the ash-rat eats hot sea-slams
oh, a miner in a blued drain has to cram a
poisoner adown a screwed city-skein
o-la-la-la. practioners of illness slease-stain
a horrid massy head from forcing sex-trains
and eynes ravel into wine
and spines travel underneath spun time
when washed in the skies of a lewd day
i overturned bridges whilst trampling slaves
and a boogier of blown crowing rude day
friggers after a sown writhing sea of slaves
and a bed in the beeches sunders nude day
ah ah, i have sourced swarming cabinets
ah ah, sex has forced warning fishy nets
and caverners have to accuse grey frets
of suffering the illusive dreams of denial
and denial in old age cages easy sapphire

o as a heavenly gannet swills a shoot of granite
then a heaving garden will
punch a wig of rills; and poppers on bad hills
sway under a blurred sky when bastard puke
sickens a dusted head with plovers of nuked

and a loaded lie lies all of the fucking time and
daughterers of villas build statues under seasand
and me and my unearthly mind
erect pyramids for the sex-spined
and madam macadam serenades perian bins
and old-aged romana arises from lady limbs

there aren doggies in red rills and there are
national killers seen murdering a street of cars
and an apex inside five winds
swills down laid sex from winy briny statues
and, la la, modellers of sex-value
pays through a vaginal nose for gold rivers
and a plover of a scented blue nose
layers evil sex with moggied madam Mars

o as a heavenly gannet swills a shoot of granite
then a lady of a sex-lamp will
scooteth up with altar-risen owl-lit wank-drills?
narrow streets shaped from nude diamonds
fill a shadow up with a manx and a masted venus
la la, carrers for neon tramps
sells a soft big issue to pullers of buggy prams
and a melter in a huge high window
glistens for falling female hair
and, o, barrowed streets shave a naked mons
with asexual helters of a cut-throat flower

amd i will live and die for a moon river as
smoky earrings pierce my facial glass; and
cold spun dummies fall from oil-glass and
easers of daddies crane after walrus-lands
and me and my petrol settee
rummages into flown flour that bakes a
beery bodice of a sliced levee

la, wide of the gallowed mark, i left Mars
then time-travelled into cold alien cinemas
and my mad unearthly sharded head bled
la, wild as Pluto cut jupertia then beds led
damgagers of massive hairy Mercury
and massing Neptune rotted
in easy planetariums when starry soffits
got star-clad in opening houses when
easterly arising christmases wrapt men
in gollied sun-shifted blousy chickens.

and loaded lazy lives will shooteth up
for crazy candy kitchens that cook cuts
and a nodder under lichen
has to wallow in quicklime and odd sluts
ruled endlessness sucks on fucked nuts

Copyright JDB 21/10/2020


work-in-progress title: c/o alph, the sacred river?
1st draft poem then poem-song


the arrival of pure hurt
slices heaven down
o easy rifles raise sound
and sin craps

as a gooey fizzy cat
swalllows hens
then easy fives round
a curtal snap

and in the underground
eyes shine like boys
and heroic bats
snapper snap..

the arrival of pure hurt
weds sops to skirt

soapy soupy easy throngs
don red thongs
la la, easy eastern suns
shine like faces
and eaters of spaces
cut all rain men down

the arrival of pure hurt
dices losers
and a boat in shark
digs deep jaws where
eyes leap into Care

o, silence has to snare
a scary pool of hairs

the saddening arrival of
lady christs and mad God
hisses as death prays
and the skies inside graves
listen to lost loves
and a medal about lays
sink cockerels very deep

and in the underground
sirens sire wastegrounds
and, la la, greeny gauze
guts beds with screams
and marmalades ream
shitted suns inside beans

the saddening arrival of
baby mice will trap sods.

vast endless flown flowers
layer a daddy bus with sweet
green swarded body wheat
la, a bone under toddies
fractures down a thigh and
sufferers of sound
listen to the loud town

vast endless thrown flowers
lever damp with dry
and the faces in the sky
fall from mad earth; O!

emptiness breathes salt
trendlessness eats colts
and a dirtying dairy gun
shoots the morning sun
and we mourn after

sad lust and lost tables

featherers of fat foxes
slayer after vixen boxes
and a widener of masks
lends viruses to sleep;
and a boat of blades
sails as barks die; O!
once upon an eye,
radios killed the sky

vast and sad ties
soak bows in tides
vast and manic wives
weep for children
and a cakewalk slides
beneath blue silver
and a feline hound
listens to de ground

featherers of fat foxes
slather after sloths
and we slot a cloth in
sireners of blue skin

what with tea and cofffe stirred in one cup
patrons of seas must
sail after mocha; and ideal dust
drags oceans for crust
and we weep as we wheel side sluts
and slutty easy butts
blort a sea of peasy cuts with loungers
and loungers swim for children
and tonguers spin as men sin

what with pee and poo-poo melded, old
eaters of lavatorial fish-n-chips
have surely to hasten to blood doners
and shishes of demure death
swallow shitty sausage twists

what with tea and lemonades made whole
o a sidler of a veiny rained bow
shows a dirty wooded leg to crows
and me and my mad meadow
caresses blue fields where trainyards
sleep, sleep, sleep
as missions are burned, then sheeps will
suck on a nut and deify false hills..

these angry days where i lay my lady down
must kiss at the hems of slaves
o a skirted hand sends sweats to town
and a sea of cans defecates across slaughter
and a bed of clowns
slips some carkeys into a suburban crown
lo, as rinders fry sound
then a bay in a bad box has to swill mother
and, la la, a daddy moon shines on murders
o featherers of flotsam fish for thunder
o witherers of pushed plans
ply doctors with yeasty flans
and mental flashes feel after hairbands
and an ideal lover
loosens layers into serial mad purdah
and hitters of evil hitler men see birds
twittering in a tawny tree
and a bed of blood uses cemeteries
to warp a goofy ledge with perves
and red matrices sip from curves
and a daffy flower
flows under salt and red wine
these angry days where i lay my body down
must cause dead crowds to
scatter shit across my grave
and a world in red sharpens men with a
squalid town; and a shyster of a grave
attends a loaded family funeral
o, featherers of evil himler men raise
dizzy dogmen from eyers in a blue maze
and eyers ice over
and criers sod mamma
and riders eat rovers
and dyers dye red clover

ashen bubblers suck wax from fathers

what with nightshades in demonic castles
i may well herd fast cattlers with runnels
and it is always said
that cattlers lead bread to easy bed
and a rider under tunnels
shines upon tractors when fizzy idols
piss in an upturned body-stable
and icen oceania layers sex to gables
and nightshades sunder candle-muscles
and sad men sleep, sleep, sleep

what with a lemon pistol shooting frays
then a witherer on a racing run
star-rushes for gummers of evil sons
and our daddy riches
may well fade to day as prayers cum
deeply down inside a chested moon
and a pure dose of belladonna
drizzles spitted clothes across Mad Honor
and a sea of citied red jupertia
hips to a beaker that spills under fever

o, featherers of evil fanny men hasten to
a bedside raised from jackals and screws
and, la la la, my body's uniform uses
a blanket of a woman for mental fuses
and, uh, i painted the dead
and, uh, i sainted the dread
and, uh, i put shit on my breakfast bread
once upon a lotus, i fed off a crocus
once aside a reel, i ravelled hocus-pocus
once inside red weals
me and massive eyries shaved my
easy feather that falls from a bird-sky
and pepperers of purified sheds
open out upon a blurry body-chemical
what with nightshades in demotic funnels
shooting salty newspapers
we will certainly slaughter boats with
dragglers of sweetened tapers
and a light meat taping of the sun has
no intrinsic sense for there is no gas
and, oo, a burner under fear heaps ash
across gilly genoas and filthy damage
i serve a dinner for dad's darkness as cash
scents bullets with deadliness, Ohhh.

wow, we opened a doorway against a liquid hall
yeah, we opened a book aside a
bedded binary sea that led men to endless drawl
and me and savoury Adam
surrenders to a tree of alarms
wow, we opened a doorway against a liqud brawl
oh, we cut a fulsome bible where holy pissers
shitted on an outstretched plate

wow-wee, my cold life has come to nothing as
odes to marblers mass a doghead from grasped
funeral money,-
and sweated family cries for swift honeys as
layers of heated robotic lashes
tunnel after clashes; and we are thunder-snapt
by maddeners of twelve christs and an easy cap

these sodden days where i shape god's brains
has to hiss across dunny air
and a vaulted frost sunders tears with hairs
and a cunt under moss
hips to an asylum beat where a city of snares
sky-writes against moon-dross and grey prayers
lo the heated horse-farts that ravel in the East
go gathering the teas whilse dancing for the Feast
and fandangos under Lancing thrill as men fall
lo the heated dog-darts that pierce the ald beast
go rocketing under dweebs
and a sodden saying has no words to damn
and a garden under vast crows
cunny-creates a daddy mask from slow scans

wow, we opened a doorway against a liquid hall
yes, we opened a book inside
a mummy world that got wrapped in cloths
and a dishy damsel has to hike all blood-moths
with indigo purple stalls that sell cakes to eyes
and eyers may well kiss the blind
and drivers may well kiss death's minds


wow, what with drapers and honey bees come
car-knocking at my frontdoor
easellers of rats crap aside wallets when guns
shoot a crazy mad pharoah with fairy thumbs
and a scryer at a huge window
suffers prophesying birds of war
wow, what with drapers and money seed,
as sin cries high, then tablets under old greed
come whistling in the West
and a poverty of famililal spies hits feed
and a bayer of skeltetal Hermes cedes
softening mind-meads to eremetic leaves

wow, what with dreamers of honeys come
grinding at a walloped moon
weevillers of granite suck a hollow wound
and a reddener hastens to god's lips
and a deadener of basins
pants in the dark while slaving grey tits
ah ah, my regal days lead me under tombs
ah ah, my seagull lays
delimit puss with fannied flaps and stations
o i am the man god's father was
o i am the Pan your mother was
and eynes lease me to leashes when loss
drags a dairy lamb from a ridiculous cross

yeah, a bud of scissors sizzles down de isle
yeah, a lud of mirrors drizzels under smiles
and a diary monger has to sit and dial a
baby of a loudening soft brain
yeah, a bud of braiders beads aside rain
and, lo lo, lidded butchers serende grain
once aside a mind in a cataracted swirl,
i entertained lost countries made of pearl
once, when stopped, my heart made girls
supper after slowed slippers
and a slowing pavement snake uses curls
to ignite lemon demons with sugar-worlds
and a bedded mind
silences the dreaming dark
and a bay of pure glass succours mined
golden boys that dig into this slaved art
a vase-destroyer weakens at the bit
a snipperer of snapers soften cold tits
and melodious lemon smokers use lips
to delve for grips
with ideal crams and the earth outdoors
and, lashy, a venal bosom-cave stores
peeing peering pupils aside sex-wards
and, ah ah o-la, i have supped my pride
and, la la o-la, i have scented coda brides
.and, sea-fastened, a weighted shrill wife
sweats optics for chiffoned shimmyers
and spinney spoons force feed dizziers
of baited bread and eaten sex-drillers
i have seen my earth appear denied by
heapers of grey and green; and my sky
hits to spoken stars
and i heard god in his spatial lost car
ah a baby in a scullery skulls gold guys
and guardians come sleeping from high
and a molten maiden swells for thighs
and a bitten candle sinks into salt-pie
and a muttoner of a geesy geezer writhes
under sallowing seas and daughters
under thunder once i saw a cell outdoors
clamouring after caging bastard money
la, as i suffered junk then i saw whores
crying after bread and jam and dummies
and, when silence breaks, a bell at sea
sucks a healthy gut and stops sad bees
from stinging waspish hands
la, as i suffered spunk then i heard wards
widening empty lifts from birds
and a mental hiss crashes aside me
hangers of deaf slammers heap islands
with daggering missives and blind drams
oo leaders of blind shammers spy edams
cum whimpering at a citadel
and lady leapers jump jackals as a
dawner of a reaper claims infidels. La!
what now for the change of clay
other than a mind in its cage? La!
what now for sages but herbal calves?
i swore upon my knees when born
that christs should end my grey form
o-la, i tore a mental reed from dawn
and laden parents fed my skull to a
seizurer whose fast peppered fawn
strapped a blonded mask across me and
patent pussy pendants ride to sleep
once above a mind, my fotal fathers
jacked blue blinds with natal retchers
once, as dying died, my fatal mothers
jacked bled drives with rigid cellars
and a heightener of dolls used rivers
of draining rills for pigeon waters
as i have warred after evil nations
then i will smoke a river of pelicans
and rush where i run gently home.
Copyright JDB 22/10/2020


work-in-progress title: c/o Studio Anal
1st draft poem then pome-song?

the vernal chapters of a well-blown mind
dine upon plastics
o vernal killers of a cellar under mastics
swallow grazing spastics
and an empress on the rise chews upon
a riding eggy river where a sea of lungs
lunches after decay

the vernal chapters of a well-blown mind
dine upon mirrors
and a bay of cinders sets alight shivers
and a flu in a cage
damages ghosts with fevers
when once a baby bounces, then rivers
will send bakered butcheries to livers

o for several pounds, you can pay for God
o for evil sounds, sex can sing for Love
and the hands of winter
swallow summer from deaths that splinter
o for several pounds, you can pray for God
o, where selves resound, sex will kill Love
the vernal charters in my nude mind move
a siren of horses to sleep
and we will whip horse-heat
and we shall summon elves from mad sleep
o cicada shades don specs for
old fashioned framers of an easy war.

when once a baby bounces, then gourdes
will scatter salty seed across old dawgs

o for several pounds, you can play with dogs
o for several towns, we can sing for drugs
and a city face
slashes downy bods with tawny laced
bosom mugs
o for several pounds, you can play for suds
o for endless sounds, sex can spy on buds
and a tawny bead blazes under nuked cud

the vernal chapters of a false mind drug up
a leader of a father to
rodeo-ruminators who eat aside a cut butt
and madam minderly
smells of sculleries; and a seized family

swelters until loaned faces fall to nuts

weepy tea-sinkers slink upon a gun
o strippers shed sweet wee
and, loathing, a blue space under suns
swivels under cruet seas
o strippers shed sweet weed
and a bench of towers crashes lungs
and a trencn of flowers
rummages where a stationer of leads
lashes Leeds to Scotland

o vernal rotors whirr as bodies grow
beneath skulls
o vernal motors whirl as bodies sow
seed under wine
and my body-baker brands crows
with easy minds in easy chairs

weepy tea-sinkers slink upon gum
and we chewed on rope
and we abused devils with dope
and windows on the climbs
crash under huge hair; and soap
washes minds in dental prayer

and weedlers who plant grey bats
will surely dance for old cats
ah a baby on a cliff looks for fats
and battlers of cum
spurt arrows across graded mums
and ghosts shine when rats

get easily strangled by old men

severers of silence shutter god-men
underneath blurry matches
la la, weatherers of buttered snatches
swallow rain as gods tread
crimimal easy waters
and a bud of sleep sunder old bread

weepy tea-shrinkers serve cocoa to
a basatard of a grave
and we shine just like emptied lead
and we grind lead down to dust
and we slice oat cake with lust's
pushing pussy blade

severers of silence shutter gold-men
underneath english watches
and a weeping doll uses watches
to tell the time of death's women
and ices of plumed cake
slices coded river snakes

weepy tea-drinkers brew buns for
sellers of donkey moods
and we ride a cocked horse for a
magical ride to a sea of lubes;
and a skull on the rise
rides along crumbs then drop eyes


o we shine just like one zillion eyes
o we grind dust down
and, oo, as weavers drown in skies
then a pool of tears
may well hiss inside ears
o we shine just like one zillion eyes
o we grind dust around
as patchwork chair where sea-sound
sings underneath blue water

weepy tea-driven old women crown
a body on a dead bed
and red flowers under city Downs
scales a bled wall then slaughter
all sons and all daughters

o we shine just like one zillion eyes
o we whine as we must
and a road of fire burns coded eyes
with blown minds
and we don lays from dirt-musk
weepy wine-riven saints paint skies
ah, easy vine-driven saints drink skies
and we learn of Eden
and we burn, burn, burn
and, o-la, sunderers of spermatozoa
splatter female seats with perms

wow, as we shine for family wards
we must seize dummy droves from
coffins and schizophrenic graves
wow, as we shine for family boards
we must seize mummy stoves from
easy chefs who fry cold loaves
and a tree of dudes
teeters to de forest floor
and sweepers of birdsnests store
pluperfect eyes inside cool stores
and eyes dare not die?

weepy tea-stinking body birds may
well seal houses in old ceilings
and a bus of glass stops dead;
and bitten buttoners fasten sex in
a mental moon
and a pylon in a tomb
straps delis across a sea of spind
female wounds

wow, as we shine for family wards
we must seize mummy cloths from
daddy wharves when a teeny tongue
sinks a deep throat adown
a room of sex-sleep
and a cager of towns kills sleep
endlessness burns up
emptiness sucks nuts
deadliness storms sluts; and dyers
shaft deniers with old mad liars

the runnels of the face and hands
extend a filty palm unto Woman
o tunnellers dig cages unnder hands
and helter-skelters jostle Woman
o, a moon-melted foxy tides jams
old hands with dizzy damsel-dams

wow, as we shine on family wards
we must receive the less conceived
and an archway in a smile
suppers after churchyards where
a trainsman drops a silent prayer

wow, as we dream of jackers
then we will sear blenchy cakers
with evil yellow milk-floats
and nineteen million city-stoats
may well shed ferrets under boats
the runnels and the face and hands
extend a dilly pig to damson-hands
and a giver of figs sun-transfixes
a burner of a blithe bite
with shrillers and yelling trikes

and a babby beached boy's bike
loosens for streets as collisions
crusade for a perfect fall. Night
comes as diurnal noctunres light

a bald lamp in a hot cold window.

these mad camal days where i use my dolphin almanac
go grinding down a city raised from thieves
and the sunnners in the West grip to carmine vests
and a binner of binner-men rip to a drip in grey birdsnests
o mad camal days which praise studio anal
sink flamingo-blood under lappers of nuclear gun-rests
and eyes feel for the deafening blind
and primed reels ravel inside timed minds
and a balder under soft daz bedazzles linen with lime

o a bald lamp in a rapist-factory yields a red clime to
a sodden swathing market
and rotted berries and cherry caskets choke for bruised
budder boys that sink an old gal's nimble bud
beneath braddlers of stink; and a granny rapist bugs
grandson murder with indigo purdah

these mad camal days where i used my dauphin almanac
go unwinding down a choker as grey televisual tarmac
teeters till madam macadam
slides, slides, slides
and, Ohh, when we find a sad bride made sex-shaven
then we most certainly raise a spiral from a raven's
darksome carrion-cage

and what with the incorrigible taste of a cobweb sun
we must ride spine-saddled into lacy tasty diamonds
an a lazy dreamer will certainly shoot us
with ninety carat gods and shiny guarded blue husks;
and we plow after wild waters
and we crow after laughter when disastrous lorders
laud a bacon butty in a backyard
o a bald lamp in a rapist-family yields a red wynd for
peckers of peddle-pizza
and the fatal natal bled child who cries just nextdoor
o a rawled lamp in a rapist-melody sings red jazz for
liquid baby syphons and
eyes under eyes must rope a robed fan to islands
la la o-la, i countdown to a howlaround when wards
weep, weep
ahh, meat deifiers damage me wth haulers and birds
the maulers of pizzas share pasta-wines
oo the drawlers in theatres snare pussy limes
and a fascinating bitch subscribes to the rich
and bodiers of witches witness the rotting of vines
la la, i have overseen my moon this day
o-la, i have thunder-screened my sex-grave
and a bonnet of glass enters engines under crime
and, moon-cudgelled, scented car-wind grinds us
with pinions, racks and screaming steering-wheels

radioers ram a rollered rolex thigh down town
o televisers of hands swell up, just like a crown,
and mental digitalis swipes snaps from cherries
and cheery lady berries
sinks a custard cake into ginny blood tea-raids
and an accidental fireplace
fallows for occidental daisies; and closing raves
ramify revolted revolving revolution trades
with a heapy winky weepy seepy button town
o a bald sugar light teeters into brandy crowds
o a bald sweet-pipe blows salt seed when cloud
marauds the livid sun....

Ahh MeN?!

oo when serenading scissor sorbets, my heart at half mast
donned a dilly shroudsail whilst looking at the disant past
and, lopped, a lamming circus looked up aside a clown-craft
and circular sadness, fucked up, shed tears aside man's masque
and weedlers suffer vaults when heroes hide inside de vast
oo as a tissue of tits milk-feeds a sea of lips then the past
may well linger for a baby finger
oo as an issue of clits silk-feeds a sea of slits then the past
may well layer lashes with killers;
and the candifiers of cocoa cryers sink a hispid mirror
under belling knickers that stink of sweet rivers

oo when serenadng sizzler sorbets, my heart at half mast
donned a dilly shroud-nail while cooking in the lost past
and, popped, a ramming circus spoke up from daisy flasks
and, rocked, a damming crocus fed chewers to clown-casks,
and the verves of fathers tell tales to mother moon
and the curves of larders serve sweety meat to classrooms
laddy boy has a false bone for lunch...
married boy has a gall-stone for his bride...
baby gal has a false stone in her cunt...
wedded women feed from loaves then cry, cry, cry
oo when serenading scissor sorbets, my heart at half mast
donned a dizzy shroudsail while looking from a blind-mask;
and the turners of madam macadam
melt into spurters of tar-spreaded eaglers of the sex-vast
and bellers aside roped slits
succour a bed of soap with easy milkers of a mental-flask;
and a bodier of demure decorous pure fire
incinerates a bairn-box with crowds that dance on trips

laddy boy has a false bun for brunch...
parried boy has a fat bum for its spunk..
madam macadam sets alight to all trees where aniseed
swallows thrushes from screwed junks and passion-feed
and weevillers will hit god's feed?
gussellers of fanny gut fuss after porridge then read for
a stupid feline woman who sleeps outdoors
and an aping eyne which glows aside a blinded ward
heaps to a dark beat when a brassic felon on its back
lolls for heart-heat; and, O, we are ivories in the black
ingenious ebonies of both night and day; and sin cracks
for evil racist ruins.,.And mental slavers suck from pap
laddy boy has a false bone for lunch...
married boy has a gall-stone for a bride...
babby gal has a bubbler in both sides..
O. looseners of glass shave a pizza from sweet skies
and ivies glow, just like a city in twinned minds..

pinners of fishermen and mermen sunder sea-signs
la o-la, drivers of clams sink cabbage into sperm-signs
oh ah-ah, riders of clams sink lovage into herb-signs
and a bedded beast shows a reeling snake to cosines
ahhhh bled cousins in the dark sweat in striped minds

Copyright JDB 24/10/2020


work-in-progress title: c/o pylon chokers
1st draft poem then poem-song


the mad curates who wash christ in spires
enter into suns when suns end
and a starry life leans upon dust
and a seeping siren sails the moon's fire
and a sulking liar lies about dust
and a shaking vagina sunders salt tyres

o a saddening sinner swigs across us
o maddening drifters
drift for teasers when a boat under dust
drinks from sex dusk
and a sweeping siren sails after crusts
and bad bears chew on nylon

the mad curates who wash christ in fires
will not be permitted to die anymore

when bubbled down the grave
a bidder after lounges seizes a gold stage
from lemon crafts,
and a nylon creator creates sullen masks

the mad curates who wash christ in spires
enters into bums
and a juicy blind city mounts a gasfire

o weepers will shed sweet optic water
o reapers wil send death to blue slaughter

there is a message here hid inside
a bottle of pee; and a cock on its side
slides daddy capes beneath
seaters of cinematic sheep
and a messenger of fear rides for
a body bay where killers arrange war

when bubbled down the grave
a biter of creches sweep from wars
the gunners of the spread and gone
and weevillers collect
indignant buried insects

o mad curates hereby lay down on
gabby geese and hard-ons

the pealers of plodding pine martins
swallows wrens from mouthed
and a sun at night swipes ghosts
and a gun of light wipes spun sin
around deckers of dragglers
and we weave for papers
and we heave for peppers

o mad creators listen to broads
and a city's grinding fevers
balances dolls upon grey gobs
and a stunning cattery
sets wide eyed pet cats free
and, la la, here and now, mods
maul mind countries
the pealers of podding pine martins
swallow hens from dowsed
candy rain; and old scowls ruin
everything but the past world

the eagles of the word have
come to share their eyries to cabs
o sassy gulls peck for crabs
o easy painters pee upon maps
and a sea of faces
fellows veins with clay; and laps
feed faloned rivers to night rats

o mad curators rustle for harps
o sad dictators muscle for cars
and de body feint
will anoint daisies with paint

the eagles of the world have
come to an urban pinion
and factories open prisons
and prisoners drink to cads
and eyers go shrill blind

feelers of fanned famishers
lead slides to cool water
o riders of lambs shave farters
and a cat at night
arises from rain as sold fathers
sweat for dead mothers
and cobwebby anancee lathers
for fishy grans and lovers

the tissuers of rancidness
shape swoony jewels from
a granular murdered sea
and a clapper on blue seeds
swills invisible peat; o, bees
bomb their hives

feelers of fanned vanishers
lead wives to cruel waters
and minnowers fish for lies
and carpers swig fish-skies,
and a harvest moon
sinks a mesh into de hose
feelers of fanny falseness
breed blinds from deadness
and weiring boys will mess
aside lashy lampoon-deaths;
and cats hiss as they rest

along a radial feline nest

the vampers who vampirise a held stream
sink fangy tangerines under naked screams
and the vultures in the Void
hip to a chalk-tip that scavenges for Boys
and an evil sidling eye-ful
dreams about basketfuls of easy tom boys
ah a slower of deceivers uses phones to
dial aside meteors when bye-lines seem blue.

fanfuls of evil sun-life fear for slashed shoes
la la, fanfarers of gun-life
stampedes against wool when naked spikes
fall from endless heaven, just like a knife
and a weaver of ravens
smells inside a cage; O, just like dead christ
an angeller of a croppy pigeon
has to fondle after bodying deaf reason

the vampers who vamporise a sad screen
sink some blooded bone with naked screams
and the nazi nuker of a dome
dollops a sacred river in a rider of stone
and a careless warder walks alone

and an iris in a cavern snaps a cave from
sidlers who eat from a lost can
and a ilex in Abandon seeps under guns
and withering faceless masted statues
cry from the sky
and an iris in a cabin sups a caged bun
and liquid nighttimes swallow grey cum
the vampers who vamporise a wet dream
sink slinky dinky fangs inside cobra-cream
and odlers of acrid nosferatus swig beans
and a canner of brandies
notifies the easy dead that don fist-shandy

and shampy and sax and a dying family
loosen salt pomades under pealing honey
and a budded bricker boy
cries no more when his mother's toys
struck limes from fished rinds; and boys

dance aside five seas when stung trees
swipe a dragonfly from a buttered lea
and, la la, i came back homeward to find
itinerant pissers bulldozing heaven's mind

pinny dicky dippy demon men
hereby serenade blue bee-men
and a waspish christ hals gem
o punny pickler men who send a
galling rider to soft blues
will have to suffer now sex-shoes;
and when naked truants outdoors
shuffle off an angular kitchen
then weepers under pan-lotions
hiss to cry, cry

pinny dicky dippy demon boys
are bun-fed to snippy dick-coyes
and a killer in the dark
dines on the deadness in the dark's
car-turning evil crashes
and a curtler of cutlers dashes
a daddy from aitches and arks

a babyer who tranfixes lace is
always bled to timeless death
and, plashy, my accuser's fizz
falsifies rope with coded cribs;
and a angled angles from above
rot, rot, rot

la la, me and macadam drug
easy peas with peasy bugs
and a vastness of sugar suds
shuffles off death's lonely God

and a baying bricker dog has
a latent cat for a keen tail and
devourers of rats cut england
from ireland, scotland and leeds
ah ah ah... faces die now?


when gannet boys lay birdy waste to quick silver
then gasping robin plays shine across moon river
and the modellers of decay
shed seed across old lovers
and a blouse of blood buries beds under feathers
and a house of suds soaks a mansion in mirrors;
and we monkeyise a racist lunge
and we fragment a sown city plunge
and ole glass boys lay turdy waste to swift failure

when gannet boys lay birdy waste old fevers
then a granite grave may well sharpen dippers
and a mental sport strides a sexy cakewalk
and dementers of hurt
clamour under coiled skirt where women spurt
female clit-juice

and, la la, once upon a mad mind, weeblers were
noosed to grey machine with twinned body-fur
and a waker of disease
dangles a sharpening belief in lard-hard bum-bird
and, o-la, my roaring mind-chain
collapses into deafening pain
and a candle in a secret brain bites upon grain
and dissolvers of cowled rain
rush upon a gun; and bitches shoot old skeins

when gannet boys lay babby waste tos swift silver
then raspberriers of fazed laddy mace
sinks eldeberries beneath shadowers of shit-cased
bubbling lunar mushrooms
and, raped in glassrooms, a blader in a cunt-case
cries after atomising bed-crepe
and green vaginal hills rotate across spunk-slips
and, ah,, falconers of radios
farry for darting mary-fingers and eaten clits
flash a fanny farthing down a shaven raven-grip

/ah a dilly delicate farthing-girl made sex stop
ah, a silly buttercup of a spilt world
rammages for gold mutts when a bellied crock
sinks a super secret train in illusive rose-curls
and fascinators will secrete ash-semen and girls
will strum on a pokey blind writer
and silky milk-weepies cause causal winters
and easy bleachy teepees forge inside strikers
and wee-ridden pussy poo-pates
glamorise daffy calendars with shit-shapes

o when gannet boys lay birdy waste to sweet milners
then a massive mind attack
launches a breviary of pink tacs with woollen macs
and a ripener
radios cancerous lunches on sausage sands; and
ebonies live for ivories
and, la la, netted fishy priories snack on de Moon
and me and madam macadam will come home soon.

these dashy heart-dirtied days in draggled heaven
listen to lot as the rain falls down
and a diddy kiosk that sunders sounds in heaven
will lead old dogs to keen hounds in heaven
lo, a wastrel on a path uses a public hearth when
indigo latin painters dip a cleanser under children
and a wasted sex-high
sky-sunders sky-writings with instamatic lies
la la, as a coded sofa in a cage cries for bird-wives
then punchers of picky findus fingers
loosen alien ties with tawny tac and gingers
and, oo, we have to frig buzzy cars with old
scissoring evil features

once aside a sonic mind, i jammed after gold
o once aside a conic mind, i jacked after gold
and a latent mind-moon
shines across fazed space aliens and old gold
washes guilty napper knees with angel spoon
and a cavvy inside life's taste
sinks an implausible tongue aside body-waste
cunted curious emeralds eat the lord's face
and a coppice child serenades mute space
and darkeners draw a moll from mined lace
ah, mentalis suffers digitalis
ah, robed cock-clips spurt vaginal hypnosis
and a rendered doser of venal chirrosis
falls to a crapulent birth when baked waifs
stone city fugues seen on the waters.
these dashy heart-dirtied days in draggled heaven
listen to dummy lessons
and talkers on a mad breeze learn of nothing
and walkers on a sad sleeve learn of mittens
and a bedded blencher
suppers for snoods when a lost television
shines, shines,
Ohh, wicked radio veins vamp off bright minds
but all true bright minds go blind
and a wicked rodeo snaffles upon rind

as lemon fakirs lay adown a nailed town
then, draped, hirsute lovers give blood-sound
to hidden howlers, then stainers in wastegrounds
tug upon lemon tears
and a nylon smoker lays adown a daisy town
and a pylon choker
lists deranging chowders with emptying fears
ah, lemon fakirs eat glass
ah, melon flavas feed gas
and a babyer in a bald arse cudgels doom denial
and, oo, dammy doom deniers
haggle for stocking as tights strangle spheres

ohh the mad night long years where woman
slathered under guns must now feed children
ohh the mad day long tears women shed will
now become clapped aside ribbons on a hill
and hillmost feathers must guide a slowed hill
with dairy jams and impish pushers of sex-dill

and sashes come to writers of pornosapphics
and ashes come to riders of pnuemonic rabbits
and dunny drilly dames feed termites into soffits
and daddy doggy drains
sweat optics where red highways bleed in trains

Copyright JDB 25/10/2020


work-in-progress title: Couplers Of Snails and Snakes
1st draft poem then poem-song

where highways yield cabs then a sickly sickled summer
may well lead to drouth
and a bloodied sea-mouth
executes calendars with father
and a bell of blades blazes
and a well of naves rages after madams and fevers

where highways yield stags, then a sickly sickled number
extends a masted venus to leather
and the wives of marks cane feather
and fear falls to caned weather;
O, a cage of a currier cries when ancients don thunder

where highways yield killings, then a sickly sizzled summer
may well bleed kids to a hot death
and a bloodied wretch who carries sex to loaned sex
hastens to five winds where daddy mess
carries a master of thin air
into liquid self-polluters; and an ivory tram combs hair
and petrol elf-confusers ram god's ebonies
under active dirt where nine women bleat

where highways yield illings, then soft sleeping meat
will most certainly topple into eager murders

when highways lead to nothing, then a sea of light
must surely sun-mould a geezer from female night,
and the eyes of Man
listen to the blind when voices under stoned Pan
and a daddy hymen in de moon
cries, cries

O, when highways lead to dying, then seized hands
may well shut down spunk
and, la la, when voces cross, then easy junk will
serenade bums with candle-skunk

and the eyes of March silence coded tea-trunks
and the wifers of autumn
gather chestnuts where an almanac in sea-bunks
swipes blue worlds from sirens

and autumn is my favourite colour; and i stink?

where freeways cry for speed, then anancee weed
may well smoke inside de force
o when freeways die for speed, then anancee weed
may well choke eyes with sweet gorse
and a man at night
blows down middays as manic monday's horse
gallops for midnight

where freeways drive nooses at high speed
then a bed of wives
hips to a statue; and classes clasp to weed and
a man at leisure
dons its pleasurehorse
and a gal with christ pays for a naked hour
and makers of mice tree-hang old flour

o eyes on sunday teeth for prayer where
monkeys leap from de big chair
and a woven heart beats for bent hair
and, la la, we whistle when cookies burn

when flyovers coop soups in rain
then dyed lovers
lace a daddy shoe to fathers
o when dyers dye drapes then rain
will fall like a mother

o sunday shakers shave for pain
o maunday brakers pray for grain
and a dolly nan
sweats for gran
and this world is full of cats.

when flyovers coop newts in rain
then dyed feathers
will, de-mouthed, eat bird brains
and a bay at night
shaves us clean of easy grain

o sunday saviours shade pain
o friday fingers sweat for rats
and a lousy pisser wees on flats
and our lost home was good?

when flyovers coop boots in
smashed dryers
then brutal boys will burn.

this fern i grew has lost its life now
o spermy feuds
feel for prudes; and a sea of crows
cries for sleuths
and a world of fires fixes snows
and me and macadam use snows
to decorate blind cliffs

and heroed mien that worships
coded bleeding rose-hips
must pollenate roar sky-trips
la la, eynes buckle till ships
ravel out into blenching lips

this fern i grew has lost its christ now
o honey nudes
pose for salts where a slaggy dude
robes dilators inside clouds

and i in two minds will use shrouds

couplers of snails and snakes slide downstream
o fathers of vales ram drakes
and an easy sidler soldiers after moon-dreams
and, once aside fathers,
i used a burned boat to sail after my saviour
and,, uh ah, me and my mental grail
tip a lost cup upsidedown in this mad town
and a mad town glows like one zillion crowns
and sodomites that lead dreamers into nails
star-hammer gold carkeys to acrid tales

couplers of snakes and snails slide under us
and dogdamaged dicky men fell from tusks,
and madam macadam who spreads tar
must wish farewell to focal fotal old tars
cigars for bracelets snap a shakey car
o, riders of face-dips swallow easy cards
and we deal arcane tarots
and we reel in the East
and we attend dead feasts
and we widen into water when papa
exposes his mummy's grave
couplers of snakes and males slides for
space aliens and open wards; and sex
stops, stops; and wankers shed mess

this fern i grew stacks seeds upon champagne
o-la, a screwer of macs
dons a spastic hat
and a ferny nude lap acedes lungs from cats
and, la la, we weevilised the elbowed sea-straps
and we harnessed dolls underwater
and a daddy moon senses canteens
oh, a bud at night
shoots from latrines
and a blatherer of a sweat-dream
star-strangles beards with beads
couplers of drakes and snails slither for a
mind-wickedness; and a woman under Mars
swills apes from gorilla cages
and weevillers inside aped stages dance for
mind-miraculous dragglers of moony mad-war

this fern i grew stacks seed upon pomagne
and a roasted wife
swaggers after mice when ideal rope-christs
hiss aside sapphires
and a ratted nave dons beery biers and fires
get tramped upon by easy open funeral pyres
couplers of snails and snakes raise old spires
from coded toady shut shit churches,
and we widen into sluts as we smite tyres

and macadam men will swill odd pills
and the arch of gems
may well suck bitumen; and old hills
must burst from mills
la la, a locust in a chair scales hens
and hen lovers collect eggy dils
and a gooser under petrol pills are
fed to losers of both fire and rain.
and macadam men will swill coldpills

then wicked deniers of a naked day
lambast fannies with basin graves and
as we cut milk-weepies then islands
layer droned waste with fatal england
la la, a lost mind in a crib has to hiss
and the wakes of Ishmael sunder lips
and hen lovers collect eggy tits
and a nooser under decks licks shit

o a cavernous fatalism forges lyons
with dizzy basements where pylons
serry scissor-graves with old iron-ons,
and the sadness in a smile
wakens coda coddlers with sundials
and a foreign turning fable has to
dial 'M' when the sun falls down
and macadam men will swill Downs
la, within deep sandal-wood, towns
star-shrink unto a dreading sound and
woollen riders raid cycling sea-hands
and, oo, chocolate spitters seize towns
and a bad bed spins when sleep falls
la, within deepy forest-blood, molls
meddle with daddy as incested bols
breed dirt into cakey fevered lungs

ah macadam drills for memories
ah Eve and Adam slide inside trees
and the serpentines of a grey apple
send dolphin razors to instant sleep
ah macadam enhearses bobby beats
and we slate a porno emery and we
layer sandalwood with karmic seed.

O once along a time, i saw Buddha
star-arranging wild life with butter
and a comic comet slides under fever
and a doll at rest
rampages for birdsnests that sever
colonic gardens from funeral heather
O once along a mind, i saw Buddha
car-creating dollar beasts with a
tawny buzzer of a ghost sheet. Ah?

and we ram spind gossamer when
cobra codas grind dirt from children
and we ram meaningless women
under dizzy diamonds snap ravens
and punchy winky weepy wide men
scatter sex as they scutter
and a pinky pulleyed pervo rends
howarth castle with endorphins.

ah, once below my mind, dolphins
sky-write about plural coda skins
and a bell of night rings for tocsins
and de taj mahal has to feed spind
lady-hymns; and weavers inside a
blazy radio sew TVs into wet spars
ah, once below my mind, dolphins
spy-sight daddy statues and carved

human rivers; and masking angels
strangle bully beef with scandals

sun-ridden till the crocuses fall, i will send flowers where
lined leopards leap from a stall
o star-bitten hills cunny-climax aside drillers of pink hair
and a summer in a snowed moon
crashes from hot wards that listen to cocoons
and major madams melt for runes when a dunny wound
shortens ballet-fists with furlers of dinosaurs and old rooms
and a gammy dog-basket lends ears to the cats of Man,
and boyish roller caskets
lampoon after thunder tickets, and sex has no will to drive
and, la la, a dunny mummy remit catches sex from eyes
and, la la, a honeyed sunny sin layers salt-mesh with slides

o, once upon a twirling mind, i heard a whore-child begin
to sink an angelled cock in her still-born quim; and sins
strap bended bombs to pulley pullovered daddy sand-skins
and lengtheners of de blues
disembody drapers of dancy aunty shrieky widow roofs
and angry eagled boys who swell up, up, up
must certainly drag hired waters for catted pussy pups
and, car-closed, a biter of a slaughter
hisses against blenched cryers that cry for mnethna

sun-ridden till crocuses fall, i will send flowers where
acrid romantic focuses thral; and bended sea-stairs
may well silence a creamy scream
with woven wolfers of cunted sweat schemes
and, la la, me and my gobby world weakens for prayers
and, la la, messengers to daddy worlds
weakens a moggy painting of bruised wives and fayres
oo once aside a bird mind, i twitched against soft pears
and, laden with lies, when once i learned to die, shears
came leaping up from death where leaves were shared
with copious clays and bionic cunt-basins
oo once aside a wet gun, me and madam macadam
slavered on a tit
and a boney city clit swells, swells
and a stony city clit wells up, up, up from sea-shells
and a blorter of baby bouncing
swaggers nutted streets when the bad boys love Hell.
sun-driven, an electric epileptic haven fits into wells
and a baddy gilly gal grasps to grapes as fanny-smells
scar-loosen dilly dog masks with intermittent grey bells
Oh Oh Oh THE END..


Copyright JDB 28/10/2020.


work-in-progress title: c/o petrol lashes
1st draft poem then poem-song


The grey and easy faces which
shine under lemons
shoot thunder; and naked gibbons
cry and cry
o grey and easy faces cut eyes
and mamma maria heals lies

sun-driven, men learn of spies
star-ridden, women eat spies
and a crusading spun sky
serenades the death of Man

and greying easy faces damn
mental tears and breaded jam

the grey and easy faces which
shine under sirens
shoots summers; and a wide bitch
suppers after lips

o, once aside drips, a body-witch
signalised stoves with seasons
and mental menstruaters lynch
baby coal and infant squints

and grey, eating faces cut lints
with goosey boys and sea-mints

when hirelings of blue winter
drags a lake for pure ice
then a biddy under red sphincters
will rock an evil dice
and a toady radio growls for mice
and roady who shadow-towels
dinner boys and lice
hiss to de beat when easy mice
catch rats

o, aside motel mitts, tree-fats
flatten lady tits with cold cats
and weekends with holy cats
carry god from sweat-fur

the grey and peasy faces which
lambast sex with wives
hastens to a a bruising clipped
old house; and walls scale knives
and a coded city drawl
layers phantastic golden galls
with eaters of xmas-easter

o, inside hotel hits, bees-wax
ripens into spastic honeys
and a rude radio hisses for
dirty stations that fuck walls

the grey and peasy faces which
whip a bald human horse
gallop from sex as death dips

o aside hostels and bad lodges
a ginny homeless girl crashes
la la, a hill on fire loves lashes
and menfolk live for lashwide
titty trees
o aside candles, urban tears
teeter where fire dies out;
and fearing falons feed doubt,
and severers steam iced drought

ho, idiotic mazers shoot us
and a vast flashbulb blinds us
with naked beds and emeries.

the grey and greasy gobbered ald gods
dedicate now and forever under sods
and, o, a creamy sofa in the yard robs
good wealths and motel islands
and a prince of sonar worships god
and a giddy god of blue blood bugs
evil queens with kingdomed drugs

o, aside jostlers, i see arise loved
bodiers of blind blades and gloved
baby lashes
and we weevil into rain as ashes
slap a coffee urn inside bled buds

and we camp for cancer when a
blonded banged bay breaks Mars

these silly appled days where i shake my heart
with ashen fruits
sunders now the claves of three jack-boots
and a nudist in an evil show
swallows seagulls;
and, o, dizzy stapled days where i donned suits
answer now to modern eagles

o aside tacky tossers, i used my mind to root
shooters of flashers who hoot as they boot
a naked bleeder in a forest-car

these appled days, where i shake my heart
with waxen foods
drop some orange piths aside coded news
and eyes saw deafening cities made true


the blue bleeded naves of one zillion graves
sunders tombs with tawny worms
o bluesy fisted caged hands
swash a healer's island,
and the coat of the moon shines on perms
and daddy christ nooses brigands

these appled days, where i shake my heart
hisses, under figs, just like infant darts
and a metis power booms in de flowers
and doomed deniers
scar-strangle meths with ginny ravers

the blue beaded caves of one zillion fathers
jacks de River Thames
and blown babies under blinds suck feathers
and a coded idol shoots the moon.

these pealing tangerine towns when gloom
swallowed hens and made men swoon
has to feed now a full orange to death's
crying, lying tomb
and naked butcher-bakers cook messes
and an old-time army power dies, dies

greenly bearded sacrifice snips Tides
dead; and a scissor sister slices brides
and a sunny sacred river knocks wide
seizure-scribes; and, oh oh, cut thigh
sink birthday candles into a high eye
and a waxhen family swashes sofas
under blown boys who drink soapers
and a naked bed found out at sea has
a four poster chit; O, marital gas has a
hungry hedon for a hymenal wood-wash
and, la la, mentalising menstruators cosh
a teary tearing veil that leads to lost

female genius; Ahh, mindless sea-moss
gets picked off by one zillion soft men.
and holy female genius is locked in gems
and widener of genius knows everything?
eyes under eyes sea-tantalise rings for
endlessly opening periodic backdoors.

what with cheese-on-toast in a ward
what with edams under roasted gauze
weedlers may well cry forevermore
these azure coasts where i write my sandy name
sky-peer under air
o azure toasts to hair
garland dolls with money
and an endless eye shoots deafening visions and
these azure coasts where i write my sandy name
sky-peer under the stairs
and the granite cry of the mad
open up, where delicate children die
and a feasted snare captures milled men
O, totems to prayer slice a biker from rode Zen,

these azure coasts where in write my sandy name
insists on smiling at cocoons
la la, faceless dialling lynches hot cartoons and rain
cuts the slutted space we tread
and a wallah in a flower loosens lead with salt stains
and, uh, as we trace a cab from out seasands
then wearying icy sea-crabs
carry dolly carrion to sunderers of dirtied England.

the anti-cyclones of a sad mind lends tears to hens
and, laced from stone, a mad fever
serries eager berries with rectal gas
and cousined fairy bikes bite upon dead sea-glass
and the wives of weepy weddings
surrender to the chalk naps of hung-spun spillings
and creative crabbers move sad milk to fast sleep
o antithetical craft crry for dolly meat
o contrary to masks, a doner of viral heat reaps
dollar bills from coded english bone

these azure coasts where i wrote my sandy name
scissor-slits a renal prayer
la la, razored floats sunder eyes with dirty flame
and weevillers of maggoters
flag a penal pig aside plural murderers; O, air
sea-strangles bald pee on a shore of shredders
and, la la, a priser of darted whores
lambasts car-criers with painted city wharfs
and a cow in a bugging pram
slices easy dates from slashbacks and dwarfs

the eaters of xmas easters frame cattlers with
giant carped horse that leads candy under lids
and a cunted spine-horse
slappers under green gorse
and a shunted junker of tomrrow's sauce rids
silver sirens with naked mother force
ah ah, - trackers of trucklers marry gold pigs to
sullen skies when pistols shot a rude tree of nudes
ah, as makers of plasticines swipe salted clays
then a giddy glue-goddess will surely dismay
edam hands and hammy stilton fingerers; and
daughters to slaughterers lop a lazy hatstand
and, la la, issuers of mermen fashion limbs from
natal crowds and crowing raven seed-suns
and fatalisers of drams toast a crooked siren

as witterers walk de walls then the red boiling
gets winter-wanked by dolor and fatal soiling
and a bed at sea
hisses across vacant ice when a man of bees
suppers for the tea-things of de mood
and a wailer of men abuses loud lost roofs
and a saviour of hens feeds chicks to snoods

the anticyclones in my mind eat into grey rivers
la la, as vagrant skin cuts wine
then a sedan under cheese toasts mad mines
and we dig for damsels when radios blare
and distant jazzy children dig for swung hair
and dolphins dye all stars as cars look down
upon a blue-blonde scissor town

Vacant easy lofts ply doners of pig-heads to
a naked nylon-burning river city
o, ancient easy cots splay fast fingers
and the dollar bill in an old english vein
straps a bully bedhead aside naked rain

Vacant easy lofts peal after lady attics
and a bone in a wasp
stings a sonar child to utmost death
and a string of moths
surrender living air to turin cloths

The dizzy daughters of sexy birdlime
sunder washed sherry cavers with
sidling indigo vines; and beery kids
car-create a naked urban fizz
o, as weepers fake lost tears
then the nuclear sides of red fears
come neutering at hired windows
Vacant easy lofts ply doners of fast heads
to voluble abusers of mummy sand
and a nooser of nasel men drink sand
and a loser of diesel men drain plebs
and, la la, matrial baby fixes are bled
to silently drawling sex.

The mauling mess on a burned pier
swells up for fairground fears
and a ship under guns storms fear
and the mindless sun's culled form
fascinates pirates with drowned cum;
and the wolf aside the ground
seizes surrender from a spent sound
and fairies who dance and dream
bury faces under wicked star-screens

and the dredger men who fatten us
dig for mental strangers
and the pigger of closed hens rust for
chillers of piggers and derangers;
and the chisellers of old aged whores
ramd down the soffits of caged wards
seraphic strangers cove-caress bawds
and indolent magical sailors drown words
and a magician in a shy pram
gun-buggies wrens to weary Bedlam
and a season in many throats
bangs raisins with grapey fruit-boats
and bended city guns
shoot tomorrow's sun
and, la, rumpleteezers shoot stoats.

copious menstruators bleed moats
cantankerous beetles bury smokes
and a bodying beady boy chokes me
and sliding ridden curtains cloak me
and a sea of sleeves shirts aside seas
and a gad in shrift need
falls to the earth while shredding seed
ah you and i had petrol lashes
la youth in mind had penile weed
and a burner in the mad
covers pitta with salami stags
and the wastrels of the earth
dent pigeon smiles with birth
and a curator of sundered hags
haggles after veiny celled slags

Copyright JDB 29/10/2020


work-in-progress title: aside a street-car
1st draft poem then poem-song


staggerers swagger upon naked lewd streets
o shatterers of lager
loosen vines with father; and ole blue sweeps
slash aside an old-time soot-balloon,
and a sea of choirs survives male cartoons

ah you and i had petrol lashes; O, lathers
layer beery smiles with lemony rivers
and an old-fashioned shop
charges five pence for everything
and a son at sea loses mum as daddy
sdrops to his seasoned lovely knee. Ah!
boners of blenders brag aside a street-car

staggerers wager a city has no wars
o ideal flavas sell pities to bird-wards
and a dirtied mind-wing
wallows under mud-blood
and, la la, an ocean on its salty rise
rampages after expensive eyes

ah you and me had almost everything
but everything died
and we will waver now ships of lies
and we will cut gasolene from tides

staggerers of chestnut roads are
cavernous and bleed like dead scars.

ah a dummy vent shows sex to a rude age
ah a mummy scent
is in the mummy cloths wound
and a city under rent charges for wounds
and a flat-headed cage
locks devils inside bled boys who rage for
gentlemen who sleep on a lost stage

ah you and your son disappeared for a
balded afternoon where a bodying age
suppers for the spastic knives in caves
and staggerers of plexi-glass have to save
all pigs and all model children

ah a dummy vent gets plugged by slaves

staggerers of nutted neutering seasides
wash easy amusing hands in old eyes
and a bowl of fruits
must easily eat under juicy dinner-boots
and we count to ten
and we shout for women
and we ride soft-saddle till easy coots
sing for a quartered hour

ah, you and i will suffer rainbows as
a crock of easy gold-rain
damages queasy puppets with flour,
and a blonde cake gets made
and a dyed drake sings for jades
and a boner in a body
brags for mother

staggerers of nutted neutering seasides
wash hermetic herons with soap-slides
and weevillers will always shoot fathers
and hiders will always rout killers
and bridlers will forever use rivers


swaggerers of softening brain-cells
mind-imprison motels on the rise
and lampooners of hostels use eyes
to shovel the homeless mad with lies
and a boney boy
star-builds bennies from doped skies
and a regal bear
carries disease inside thin-hairs

ah, youth and i have never been good
ah, roots and minds
muscle candy frets with dirty bloods
and a boat in weeds
sails for drinking sleeves
and a classic illness rocks stairs

swaggerers of softeners use bells
to cherish choker cherries with tares
and a tear in a galley
drops from deaths as wavers stare
deeply down into a hollow baby;

once upon a mime, i saw silence
delving chemic mimesis for violence

staggerers of dizzy demented diamonds
dragger after fizzy car-vented sirens
and a bay at night
appears dredged by pylons
and a vase of light sings for gardens;
o, a bustive sight that causes gardens
sheds lovely seed across nine winds
and, la la, steeds underwaters grind
dizzy cats from dogs in tailed minds

once above crime, i heard the dead
crying in an appled chapel
and an ideal farm
dances down barns; and sweet bread
swipes musk from dyed hens
and, O, we must see rise secret arms
and we must rape burnt charms

staggerers of dizzy demented diamonds
drag a dunny film aside blind surgeons
and a chick at sea
swiftens for parrot as sparrow seed
pecks pools from pigeon waters
and, laced with bees, i saw slaughterers
laying easel-tastes with dying doctors
and laden star-weals
whip a bloodied pony

once above de gallows, a magic phoney
covered shitty beaks with lady macaroni;
and a scissor on old honey hill hastens to
eyers of drippers and hitler's insane moods
and, laced to bits,
i idolise passionate clits
and you and I will have to phone ships


the bumblers of abaddon hiss aside a monster-sea
la la, fumblers of Eve and Adam
serenades fingers,
and a dunny heart listens to coded silly fevers
and we own shivers and fevers
and we stone killers with deceivers
la la, a canny coat in a cruel wet store levers
daddy buses from coded coaching van-seizures
and mental easter folk
swash aside builders of soap

staggerers of dizzy demented doggy dope have
a catty collonade for a dark mask
and weevilers under walls
wade across blind reelings as shitted malls
supper after the spastic tables in the shopping
sundering xmas rottings
and eyers live for a dress
and fingers fix a salt-meal.
bubblers of Abaddon hiss aside monster-mead
and a starry skein
sees easy stars in towns eagerly serving beads
to beardy baby-pain
and hirers of England fights for Zen as drains
carry crusaders to blowers of ears and heels
O, we cried as we ran dry
O, we died as we used lies
O, we spied upon naked minds
staggerers of abandoned trees fall from Leeds
and Ireland enters into Scotland
and easy scented Wales will drink to bees
and maddeners of America must believe
in the less deceived and their swift sleeved
telephone whisper

o and a demonic princess pulse answers to Azrael
oh, where passions sleep, then the demon of Israel
cuts dictators from two outstretched hands and a
moronic moor of blues huddles shires under vales
and, la la, a body knight who serenades lost sails
slapper down around sweet palavers of glad Wales
and my body breaks

o and a demonic princess pulse answers to Azrael
lo where missions die, then easy doggers will veil
a valley of supper dolls with veiny creature tails,
and a horned mamma at sea
crashes under crates; and a blonde buzzy bee has
two fast wings for a city of blown honey

where staggerers of abandoned trees fall for gas
then a bully harness will punch eyes from glass
and a weeper of a wide child
peers directly inside eyed smiles
and a crazy idol on the cliff snaps greying masks
from daddy grass when the mind gives in
and, laden with pasts, a digger of a fast year spins

la la, as times cry by, a daughter to a cleft dream
may well lead to sodden murders
la la, as dreams fly high, a daughter to a fever
may well insist on bald hairs
and the waker in de church wanks after fever
and the shaper of the hurt wanks after farters
o a lingerer of vast voices veers west frorm a
snare of a tree that leads voces to you and me

o and demonic catacombs carry carrion men
under sundering cunty winky talon children
and where we look to the air
then a blarer in books routs sense from dyslexia,
and a baddy of a booked man
preaches word-blinded chicken lands
and, lo lo, a wakeful mamma who expands
cruel horse-heights from fathery star-slams
hastens to a blitterer of bitten ruddy man

where staggerers stride nut-roads then a
blinder of a bagged city blood-urges cars to
scatter scuttery gassy knees across de blue
and, ah ah ah, once aside quays, coda shoes
splatter for claw-sandalled sun-dials; and nudes
bruise themselves till killed by sapphic hoods
worshippers of dippy hags don sex-shrews
and easily broken hippy hags don cock-shrews
and weevillers must abuse a blithe corkscrewed

daddy rider.....

confutors of vaginal computers
serry wide graves with empty noise
la la, a sea of trays turns aside boys,
and a nuclear radar sleeps for rooters
and a bed at sea
washes toads in bared hands
and a head in Thebes steals islands

o confusers of vaginal cherry moon
weedle when a blown room
sunders a bad scent with tunes, and
o, as we blossom then we expand a
zero prick to a blower of wet sands
and we softly trudge across sands

confutors of tightening mallow drips
slaughters a prize of a bended slit
and a cousiner to pure wine rips
a dazzly crowded cure for lips and
eyers of assy bottoms
delves for sassy bathrooms and

easy feeders of glassy mask-rooms
trundle after sense when sex booms
aside a crapulent cheesed cock-croon
and an ideal lover
sends bottlers to sleep when mother
mind-melts a salt spinney with larders
and i suck across a garden's carver.

o a saline picture thart bleeds at home
kisses a jazzy beat when canvas-bone
combs petrifiers with trickling stoned
albino force
and a blade of gorse
sinks a lantern into sea-chrome
and a dangerous sea-sauce
shapes milks from sea-water shakes
confutors of vaginal pressure birds
dances for murder-passion,
and a guy on a cliff shits upon reason
and mad gods are feed to lesions
ah, my parish-lit pronounces nerves
ah, love's perished slip
sizes glass bell-jars from old curved
baby bunting beautiful..

o the harvests of bountiful gauze has
a broken tomb for a bombed mind;
and tweeters of tweezers tweek as
and woofers of riddlers reap bagasse
and a pealer of a pelisse sheath grasps
honky-tonk roods with razoring paths;
and mauled pathways fill the sun

o a saline feature of veins and guns
salute a carrion croon that shoots
hard rooky comfort; and alien boots
pull on pelted pooted cunny hoots
and a basher of a blackbird roots for
easers of whacked wasps and floors
that lead an attic into shrift wharves

la la, i have entered into loud wards
la la, i have cemented ego-wards
and a messy meagre fever here paws
idioms of deaths and xmas age..


o-la as instamatic easy writhers ride for a
failed factory in an illegal stores
then, dredged, a leaper of sidlers ride for a
bludgeoner of a sex war;
and the ides of eager men slash aside card
and the sides of figure men
pen a pissy pleat from buriers of paper hens.

o-la as instamatic easy writhers ride for a
veiler of a nude vest
then a closed mandala leads deaths to a
honeyer of robed city lathers
and we wish upon fathers
and we hiss for cold mammas
and, la ha, a cherry in a chopped chair stares
directly down in a false town

o-la as instamatic easy riders writhe for a
doctor's quacking mind-shift
then a boat of wine sinks tweezers into lips
and, under-slaved, eynes snip deafeners with
laundered cold old souled lingerie
and a bird of prey becomes naughty as kids
and odes to children
slide down a stairwell where deadliness frigs
dolly mixtures and mad Zen

o, the butchers in the bakers bends buns from a
weepy cakey tyre that burns all icings
and a wedding cake is burning whilst ceilings
float away to reveal hacking yearning feelings,
and the wives of grey shadow
slacken for pies when a meteor in a salt meadow
roasts a bacon boy;
and women on the moon die for smog-smokes
and chickens drag after wide walls
and friction ignites blown graves with molls

as curious carious cavatinas reveal old dolls
then a wankerer inside filmed illers
must chill all planet earth till closed millers
melt a toffee suit with a coffee hat; O, rivers
surround cold newts where drifters dig gulls

Copyright JDB 31/10/2020.


work-in-progress title: as we drag a crocus for wine
1st draft poem then poem-song


as curious carious carousels jackknife
then the buds of ages
must rock a flower
o as spurious faces fade, then old life
must rock de power
and dolters dolt death
and feelers paint sex

these days appear dun and midnight
tramples birds with grey nests;
and a bed at sea
washes a cocker in a false yard

as curious canters crashdown in england
then a case of flays
whips anointers
and a face of clay swallows england
and a face of maize
melts under summer

these hot days scream while fathers
sweat for daddy christs
and we weevil after judas lights
and we turn down the winters
and we burn for abandoned frights

the flickering of blue owl-light
sunders beds with flowers
o diggers of nude cows shower
horses with pig manure
and the cells of night seem demure
with barrings of guilty nights
and we spend our times under pure
fled foxy fire

these hot days scream while mother
smothers hens with creams
and a bird at sea
sings for ancient rumbas
and i watch walls where cities
die for closed big men

the gauzes of denial dream after forces
o horses widen for iced cream
and a sorbet lover fathers sex with farces
and, lo, hit horses ride under pet latrines
and wideners of old silver
rock a fat car
and, la la la, eynes supper after marines
and, la la ah, eyes snapper after screens
and bright lives heap a cat aside killers

the flickering of fanlights swill drillers
o darkening music mice
scurry under elves when flexy thrillers
ram dogs down mazes

the accidents found in filmic faces
fades to sullen life
and a magical christ hisses for life
and weedlers do Life
and a secret piper swings for mirrors

inside a secret brain, a world of sapphires
rotates across a mad dream,
o outside de world, an earth of sapphires
rends sex from moon-beams
and a cockroach off de wall eats spires
and a slower of coded dolls
shoves vaginas down penis-flowers

aside of me, a smattering of fathers is
led to mamma mind;
and a dog in a mine digs for barkers
and a clog in my spine delves for fizz

o inside a secret brain, a world of fires
fits flames under crocuses

and aladdin's plastic toy lamp wires
a duddy cock to old funeral pyres
la la, a bay of breakers bags squires,
and squelchy squires sup for nackers
and nackers drop god's knickers

o inside a secret brain, wolves die
and, la la la, a pony whisperer will
arise from country meats..

aside a secret mind, a daddy to a mummy's whine
crusades after crimes
and we are in the mummy cloths
and we are fed to honeyed cloths
and we must always call the dead
o, aside secret mines, a daddy to a mummy's whine
weedlers after lotus babies
and we drag a crocus for wine

la la..a circus of demure pyschedelics jacks times
and we arise to find the wasps of times
draggling signed slippers for suede grime,
and a boney bodice brags after farthings when
idiot farmers harvest shredded meat

aside a secret mind, a daddy to a mummy's whin
crusades after countries
and easy ferine mines dig for gold-sex
and queasy debted dimes pay for pound-sex
and easellers, wrecked, spray rich starch
o, a bunny bedpost
uses cunt to hotel-effect
and messers of dead moss kick off arks
and wideners slam nine hands with hearts


and aladdin's pasted toying lamp
arises from rubbing dirt
and a modelled vast body of a flirt
sinks paladin under skirt
and a beller of timbers cuts dirt
and a rider of cinders cuts cramp;
O once a fixing day
i harvest stars with sweet hurt
and a massive feather moon must
tear devils from moon-dust
la la la la

eynes poke into minds
minds choke upon lost hearts
spines get soaped by blind bone;
and a venal rash
hastens to a body-crash
and a silent siren uses ash to
lay vaginal waste to wet lashed
petrol pussy pie

and aladdins pasted crying lamp
gets rubbed by silly goofy
and a road to rain
cuts the infant space we tread
and wideners of blue pain
wash lardy hands in moisture
eynes poke into renal vibes
and sodden soakers sink jive
with jazzy evil prayers; O, a
sucker of prawn-ink rides for
endlessness and blacked doors
and easy asian riders
use weals to fast effect
and holy darkness writhes


these sullen times where i happily strangle my neckties
yield a fanny smell from sex-styles
and a dell in hell swings after daggerers of flexed lies
and a scarf under baths
sodomises de father with lost paths;
and sad Leda and its swan
sink, sink

la la, ivories of mamma melt into drinks
la la, ivies under dada slino as flown flowers stink
and a latent star-parent
sweats for separations when dazzlers on the brink
sallow tears with silence
these sullen times where i happily strangle my neckties
yield a cunny smell from lashed wells,
and a mumma on a wrist
shares ole wristbands with fists
and, scar-coded, islands under blenched sex-discs
dollop dirt dolor on a table

as these heady days harden into crows, then cum
will most certainly lead parrots into cables
and a vase of light shatters
and a clasp of christs scatters curtains under gum;
O an evil sailed scrap-cunt
carries a harvest moon to a hose of laden spunk
and eynes will whistle
and spines will mussel donny drakes with evil

la la, ivories of mamma melt into drinks
la la, fast factories devise jobs for cold pinks
and a vine at midnight
swallows earth as light turns round; and spit
pisses on a peace kid
and, gunned, a sea of pigs
grunts after nuts where germolene frigs us
with ballet rigs

a cashy holiday in a foreign fast field dusts
a rollering giddy window from guilty gusts
and, ah ha, we will learn just how to die
and, ah ahh, we will shed lust under tides

ooo, a burner of a lady's lost sex oven
star-stores red porn in a cross sex-onion;
and a stove of nests
nods across cookies where fast headrests
get stuffed with easy straws
la la,.- when alarmed by nunneries
then we, made clean, will study sculleries
and leave a box of dates in monkeries;
and families of pharoahs kiss de forced
trainyards of rape and do.

the easterly arising mind-god has to study smiles
la la, as menfolk gather teas
then the world inside green sleeves
will slather till the end; and a city spent with dials
telephones pricked digital bees
and, la ah, a coded killer under reeds
slull-cradle cosmic anvillers underneath moon-miles
and a dollar on an english lisp
lolls after bladder boys and coastal car-tricks

the easterly arising heart-god has to study style
ah la, as sinned folk gather teas
then the reelers of de beast have to
slide an oaky apple into dives where naked bees
mons-mangle metrical swards with lemon dweebs
o i have contacted a leather cage
o i have refracted me inside bright rage
and a cabber of a killer listens to dark radios
and a scuttler in a rizla
gun-ignites pushy pissy pee-paraded mad Hitler
and, laden with maidens,
a draggler of a photograph shows a titty lover
to daughters that carry tissues West

ahh is madam mary trapped in a carmine vest?

dotted blazer boys weeble after evil joys
and, once razored, seagulls may deploy
a majesty of fanned lost graves
and an ideal man gropes salt reason and
dotted rizla boys weevil after dead joys
and, once savoured, seagulls may well
darken tears with scatterers; O, cells are
fed to roaches where pushed fat scars
fallen eaten starred calves
and canteens of carved satyrs
whistles down five crone winds

dotted geezer boys weeble after sex-toys
and, when raised, old steeples
will certainly arrive from de fires; and
loud god-odes to seamen
rush as they run along vaginal sirens;
and copious spunk-slavers suck alarms
and emptying junk-bakers
blend banged bone with cunt-shakers
and, o, salty pissy poesy leaves
lead a camphor-glass to easy teats

dotted blazer boys weeble after evil coye
snap a lardy head about a goldfish
o, damaged razors shave fanny bare as
a driver of demureness shoots red rain;
and the adventures in the scullery gas
a ghoul-driver whose eyes turn to glass;
and, ah, once aside a bled mind,
blinding bacon tocsins sweep for grime
and, la la, focal fotal derangers grind

dad's dauphins outside earth's brine..

dotted bubblered bad boys shoot wine
and, uh huh, a rinse of loud boots climb
against the sodden towers of evil rhymes
and a bitten saviour goes to sleep for
one hundred thousand zillion bird-wards
and eynes suffer all veins and all wards
and winos vomit expensive nude cheese;
and a dabbler in dog-dreaded fleas
fasten all mind-tenets to ancient beads
dotted, a lino leaver drops cloth upon
a daddy who is wound in mummy suns
and a broken dude hisses
and awoken rude tresses are fed to a
citadel of vases and vaginal roses
and eyes may well suck on roses
and, oo, me and Pan's world is hard
and, oo, men in Pan's world eats card
and leggy dancers are always starved?

ahhh i have censored my male scars
with a loaf of belladonna and fast stars
Copyright JDB 1/11/2020


work-in-progress title: Down a Blue Snatch
1st draft poem then poem-song

chanters of bloody mantras raise mien from armies
o, cattlers under cobras spit venoms
and the wives of march weep for sonar families
and a widener of a drowned wrist-watch
swallows timeless violence

cattlers curry pigeons and darkening silence
swipes a bloodied apple from
a stygian city that paces under rude guns;
and a bed of yeast
lolls for vastness where a counted beast
rams down pure honey

chanters of bloody mantras raise men from priories
and eyers of red lions roar across fast factories

harkeners of diddy features
can a daisy cab in blind cars,
and a spastic park shoots Mars
and eaters of wolves use love
and eaters wolf scissors
down a blue snatch

cattlers ruin statues as thatch
clads a ruin in wet cats
and a dog of rain has to rap
aside hot nerves
and a rabbit under curves
snaps a spent match

harkeners of daddy features
feed mam to ruddy creatures

rudeness under de penis pees from a
dromedary's arse
o thunder cuts the past
and rudeness in de harness
feeds fever to endlessness
and a boat of blades stops de world

ah long, long ago, i learned for girls
ah, long time ago
i heard of dreams then used gold;
and me and a mad ego
shitted on piss when holy lego
dropped dead

o, rudeness under de witness uses
a daddy dreg for a bad soul;
and a weepy whorl
accuses five winds for paper gals
ah ah ah
hardeners of heated haloes
rasp for a laden lip
la, a dog of sleep sucks gnits
and a gripper of a slit
summons oats from lime-pips
and danny girls end in meadows

ah, long ago, as i snapt minds,
giddy gods leapt from shallow
easy veins
and guns in pain shoot suds

hardeners of heated haloes
gasp for a licked trip
and, la la, i widen for spuds
and i listened to fools
and mental truths spool
into raveller's school-rip

and eyes under fast mud
glow just like a fast bird
and weavers use old love to
shift a brolly to papers

the faceless emperies of a mad mind
swivel on a chair
o defacing old families ride along hairs
and weevillers gather blood
and wiveners slaughter Love
and a bed of beans causes dreams to
sleep inside old bloods

hardeners of shovels dig for drains as
magical bald hovels rig
daisy dogs with pushing pussy-pigs
and eyes may extend a bad finger
and cunt cats may use a bad tail

ah, faceless emperies of a sad mind
slice a sea of stairs
and we fall from grace as red mares
ride from county sleep;
and we harden balls with dance-meat

as eyes feed gardens then mousers
are led to drains and then killed

oo my ole street star shines down upon
bedazzling oaks and carving guns
o as my mad skin aches
then a bone of pins scatters apes
aside doggy bows that rape
planets of pulled pines and tapes

hardeners of blind flowers skate
across pissing ice
and a bed of rice curries mice as
a sugary dauphin stops old glass
oo eyes hark to strung harps as
haspers under arks
snaps along a blinder of grey ash

oo my ole street star shines down upon
gracers of folks made mind-dumb
and a blast of mind-drums
drools across sacred horse-peppers
and daddies shape a fever
and mammies shape a mirror

hardeners of death dream after a
shadower of sin and spun Meccas.

the hashers of salted haberdashers line cloths with
a bedazzler of keying pigs
and we shoot a bun from an eyrie made from figs
and eyes may glow like a glowworm glows
o hashers of sainted eyed lashers
drip down from a trundled moon; and crashers
cry, cry, cry

lahh. I awake at the end of day
lahh. I shake after friends of clay
and, o, a miracle in a lost life has to use papers
to push piddly peppers under abused basin-blades..

hardeners of sweet cars carry vans when lays
lap a poppy peep from blinded hands
and we drool from blinded hands
and we moan for guns and we ball after graves
and we listen to lost pans
lahh, i poke a punnet inside nude trams
lahh, i choke across planets
and a bird at sea loses her need to fly when a
gannet under bees cuts rained seed

oo my old flavas flocked for fandangoes as cars
careered inside bad eggy rainbows
and i must know the rainbow's ebb
and i will learn about the dead or never die?


when mordent with the endlessness of men
i stir a pussy pearl aside nine hands
o when old kids rock for de rose then hands
cum entangling me with grey gems
and a hickory brother darns heels with Zen;
and once aside my mind, doctoror of hands
seal jammy witches under trackling islands

o my old flavas get flocked under Woman
o my cold razors get bled by faced hairs
and a prayer for dummies
gets sound-wound with armies
and de death of night cuts flowers from dust
and a seat of powders
gun-grabs golden seizures from pepper-pus

when mordent with the endlessness of men
i stir my pushy prick-fly under old children
and an evil mind-mine
swallows infant shit where coded women
wallow inside blue brine

o my cold flavas get flocked under swine
o, la la, a city's fathers jack green vines
and eynes telephone the sides of rope-wine
and, lashed from winding gulls, aspertine
swirls easy instant coffee into sweet milks
and trippers of caffeines delve sweet milks
and a baddy of a tea-tale reads for bodies

oo a snatcher in de ride rides inside silk
ooa a patcher in de wide opens gay silt
and the son of gran sits in a steel-chair;
and, made lotus, dead Pan under pelt has
a faceless thumb for His moggy spy-glass;
and a rodeo in a splintering dolly
scatters waxy lips across a sanded mast

and we hiss across de freezing
and we piss across icy ceilings, and,
O, when masked in bleeders, toffees
clink for china teeth..

and an eyeless eye-tooth snaps coffees
and, made bridal, ravishers of tin-pans
slide a java onion down de dead. And,
ho, metal pinions pee upon shit-slams
and pan america cums from out stools

when mordent with the emptiness of men
scissor a porn-valve from a cock of gin
and we are the headpieces of all women
and we are the rafflers of sodden hymns
and weepers vault hairs under fast gyms
la la la..The teasers of teasels get thin
la la la..The feelers of weezels get sin
la la la..The radios of beezers get spind
from a drakedom of ducks and herons
and, ah ah, buttered rilks cry, cry, cry,
and emergency bakers butcher de Mind
o-hah..o-hah...o-hah... me and i grind
keen mummy cloths inside gas-limes.

whence revolting criminal trees shed dust
then a pool of perfumes may well crush lust
o a bolted brain-tree badgers after lost dust
and a dealer in fast widows rolls under us
and easterly arising tea-stealers
rampage for a dunny goofy sea of pealers
and a motelled bunny rider
ram-rages after rummy kids whose fathers
get jacked by mothers

whence revolting criminal trees shed rusks
then a pool of car-fumes may well cut cups
and a mental mint-spy
slowly slides a cocker inside a burned slut
and we slop a snickerer under rumblas
and we drop a pickler's ramba with mutts
o. As renal skies shed weed
then a templar in bed shines for de Father
and, la la, vaginal slavers shoot mumma

whence revolting criminal bees shed dust
then a spool of hot sweet tears weeps rust
and a bulger of idiot ices
chomp on an english sorbet when stasis
hits to a blinded bruiser of flakey cages

the riders of lost times cry about faces
agh, blinders of deaf rhymes cut laces
and we dance for a suede moon where a
faisty falon cheek shovels imps from a
daffy of a dubbed cheek;
and cheaters of rubbed meats use a
rabid raver of a growl radio
and ole dumb popular noise eats sleep
and, oozed, ald popular boys raid sleep
the indigo angels of de navy power are
led to rodeo anvils
and hammery bread-rakers kill cars
with tatty twirling moggy tarot-cards
and lynchers of whirling fountainers
slip a cracker of crying keys when calves
crap along killed holistic window-panes
whence revolting easy kinemas stain
all twirly-whorly cyclones under rain
swing from a rocked drum; and champagne
slides a drammer of a soft scrum
directly beneath de sabbath and England
and Ireland swims the moon
and Scotland drinks de moon
and Welsh gods espy a naked sky-room

as a street of closed dirtyers swigs us
o as sleep dreams for dyers then musk
surely glows just like a tusk
and glow-worms glow just like Israel
and impassioned heroes suck a sail

o as we ravel into minds, then we learn to
suffer the mad fans of red rain
and the darkness under gobs drinks rain
and, once crow-sundered,
a lame lamb in Bethlehem cries for blue
blousy sex-linen
and a beach of lips trickles under Spain
and a land of clits
cunt-slathers after diggers of cold trips
and, la la la, mental body-statues rain
adown de blue town where women stain
a slowing bodice
and as we ravel into times, then we learn to
entertain de living wards
and here, there is love in our asylums..

the herded wide wirers of red dum-dums
rout a rooted sun-fire from gassy lungs
and we who are all too young must cum
deeply down inside a citadel of soft scum

o a gaggler of pure fire feeds de circus
o a raggler of pissed tyres
sinks a dazzly danger-candle where spires
emerge from luminous cathedrals;
and the arch of small deaths
tramples tissuers to tall sex when pyres
weep for cremated cunt-willows
and, la la, eynes eat into their tears
and, ah ah, swine eats until ill with fear
and a babbler inside mumblers head
sinks a granite statue inside welsh-lead

the herded wide wirers of red dum-dums
slinks upon shit-mess as a ship of sons
winter-wallops summer shadow with
repleters of blue dames and blonde pigs;
and we will glow like a glow-worm glows
and we will summon peace from clothes
lo- budded fanny levers lead sex astray
lo- studded pussy leaders fuck ashtrays,
and the sad world of guns
glisters for cunny pistols; and old mum
glistens for money where cold trades
serve tea-and-curd to mental mad maids;
O a dog at sea will fascinate trees
and a marching cat will prey on graves

oo please give my regards to plagues
oo please give my regards to disasters
oo please give my regards to Vagina
oo please knock upon infernal plaster.

Copyright JDB 04/11/2020.


work-in-progress title: Baby Heaps
1st draft poem then poem-song

and tricky dicky darling flowers
serry bloody baths with graves
and, la la, guilty spearing flowers
serry beds with feathers;
o once inside kids, daughters
send doll men to sleep O!

odd tricky dirtying dog hours
yap at an owlish moo
and a flock of carrion powers
seal cats in bowers
and a rat of towers terrifies
an english cousin with plagues
and, la la, eynes burned?

and trickly dearies drag showers
and an eagle in a bath
shares gulls with masks
ah a berry bomb darkens flowers
and a boy made from glass
shatters under grass; and gases
grope for latterday trenches
and a balded rider shoots baths
oldness under biddies brides us
with blind gods
and a mental deafness hears us
coming back home to land
aside baby and lovely islands.

and we answer to love's shrouds
and we dance upon easy crowds
ah we weave for sleep
ah we eat dreamt sleet
and balded snowmen hurl clouds
aside burning winter heat

oldness under de bodies reap
daisy mouth-mounds
and a robber of blood star-sleeps;
O, once a ruddy year i will
sharpen my ego then shatter for

wild heads and children indoors

oddness feeds the thousands; O,
coldness feeds a loud oath; and
eyes under reeds
will suffer men who eat ribbons;
and a boat of meat
sinks under spurgeons

oddness feeds the thousands; O
chronic appetites are fed to
common girls; and a forced dude
slurries oats with budders
and old nippies have to move

instantly homeward where buns
feed cakey shits to waiters

the daggerers of two zillion skins
don shits and ran for Man
o, shadowers of naked blue skins
don lips then choke along hands
and a bed of mazes
ties runnels to ancient faces

the daggerers of two zillion pins
will most certainly die for stasis
la la, eyes accuse minds of limbs
ah ha, skies abuse all dreams
and a bedded cruise
sinks an army ferry into butter

oddness under margarine utters
beaded words to endless shutters
and, O, once zillion cold feathers
wash shitters in bird-ponds
and, la, eynes creep from song


easterly arising brother xmas has to
fasten men to stockings
o easy doom deniers drag after bruised
pleasure cumming,
and a bed of christs savours noosed
nuded baby drummings
and, la la, i canned my man with
doddery closers of anancee pig

oddness raises rhuem from figs
o, easy bladdery winkly old twig
sink de body-deep under grey kids

easterly arising mother xmas has to
adhere female grottos to sad truths
about old saint nich
dying for a free tinsel gift; and,
oo as vacant baubles burn hands
then easter will arrive when

glad christmas shouts for gems

oddballs who dance outside de dance-hall
may well jump swung ladies
o cold molls who dance inside a baby
rock from cocking horse the blind wall
when a prancer of morse
melted into answers; but no-one answers
and nobodaddy died long long ago now?

come jacking at god's door, cold crowds
must lend a babby bone to a funeral
and, laid from ruby,
weepers cry sweet tea
and reapers of sweet wee swallow up
squid's sink and once zillion trees

oddballs who dance aside de dance-hall
may well jump for swinging dairies
and an iced cold mum
swims back home where dad-drowners
reap guns from sounders of
impishness and cobras on the moon.

come rappling roads with false tyres
a rippler of a toad drives till wet fires
squirt and squelch till mamm's spires
arise from dead skirt; and we cried.

there is once above my mind a softening story
and, o, we speak for love
and, lo, we weep for God
and a searing tale is now told about baby
la, de queen's canary whistles from lobbies
and a cagey cuckoo king
consults now his sealed wing

come rippling at a rose, a budder of spring
seasons sodomisers with rectal rings
and a deepener under leaves
sinks a dippy dick inside Aladdin's cheese
ah ah a donny owl hoots
ah ah a bunny cowl covers roots; and i
ease my head into de dedly cervix.

there is once above my mind a whisperer
who, cut from sound, hisses for Hitlers
and a sodden sailed tale must be told
about witches, wives and feline molds
and, uh uh, a bodice undersands rolls a
sainted sausage thumb in a street star
la la, i account for lungs
la la, i account for guns; and my star
slips greying carkeys under dead Mars
come ramming with a rose, a bus in winds
plies easy digital hire from buzzy limbs
and we fall from a coach
and we fall from a roach
and we drive a lorry till death gets spind
by blue survivors and webby coats
doctors are hereby slaughtered by time's
eagled time-bomb
and an evil sun-gun hereby murders time's
sea-gulled mind-bomb
and, la la, my bedded son fazes for time's
crazy easy mum
and, ahh, a forking sad father's whine
weeps till reason dies
O give my soft regards to english vines
O give my hard regards to british swin
and, always forever, please forget sin?


oo when a Hippogryph and a cup of tea
murders sex for you and me
then the slaughterers in the yard kill me
and, la la, once aside a crime, dreams
sally roman rain with mulish screams
oo when a Hippogryph and a cuppa
siren after coffee whispers
then old bod will surely eat himself..

oo when a phonal laugh licks health
then the oaks of children
must bend pokes beneath women
and a bath at sea
gathers rafts from bees; and old men
may well gasp where focal fleas
get shoved

oo when a Hippogryph and a sip of wee
murders satans with squid mesh
then a braid of pigs
silences grunted violence; and old trees
fellow reeds with rushing sapphires
and we all know that death has samphires
o, as we sail from country heat, then
odes to bitten nunneries
may well turn to lust; and crowded men
swing from pear trees
and lazy crazy fishy men
angle after stinking mermen; and bees
bleed ole honey hives to death
and a bed in a neck
gets strangled by doomy diners when
sex gets wrecked
once along a bad rhyme, a cup of men
hastened to a wild eastern beat;
and men go reeling in the East
and hens go gathering heaven's beasts
and skins go gathering the teas
and gyms go ravelling under timed
baby heaps.

o pray shine long harvest moon
o let timed song blind a frontroom with
lunacy and dazzler boys
o pray shine long harvest moon
and, la, once hurled awake, gloom
may well leap inside a draped
darkened tomb,

o pray shine on and on harvest moon
and a chapper of a goose gal
gropes for meat when grey gall
grasps to a fairy neck
o pray shine long harvest dick
o come let song cut field-nips
and may love's mind, bombed,

sail across the sea and the sun...
oo pray shine forever, lady gun..

the easy dead seem all right
la the mien in bed seem all right
the easter girls who chat all night
hiss for curtains and jewelry;
and me and madam Mad ignite
arson cowls with margarinest
o easy diamonds seem all right
la the sirens in screams feed life
with herring bones
o we sail across wild seas when
reptiles gather snakes for children
and mad cousins to drakes send
a twister of a killer at worlds-end
and macadams under ulcer-men
bend seesaws with vulva-hens
and a coward at dead of light
layers cagey crayons with wrens
and dummy warring bathers blend
gun-moulinex aside river-bends
and, lo, this is where rivers end?

o pray shine long harvest moon
o sacrifice song to blinded rooms
o cum uplift my son to deadliness
o cum kiss love's thumbs as ruins
ram a doctored flower under necks
and, o-la, come blast the decks of
funereal writhers
and, o-ha-ha; come flay lovers
with dairy lungs and bunny lawyers
the daddy spine at sea has to
grab a deli from an eaten shoe
and, la la, a rocky fabler uses nudes
to extemporise skinny waders
as oozers shed spun sin then a
scissorer of Caesars kills labia
with campus sex-craps. ahhh!

Copyright JDB 05/11/2020


work-in-progress title: You Should Hear the Silence!
1st draft poem then poem-song

hoh hoh- xmas deacons bless festivities
and a lousing father
layers deniers of flavas
and, o, as mindless voices cut families
then today's deacons die

as oozers swirl for liquid midnights
then fawny telephones layer bright
comic owls
and a sonic wall falls, falls, falls
and a conic stall sells buns to molls


hoh ah-o xmas deacons dress mean trees
and a mousing mamma
melds teasy tinsels under diry cat-leaves
and a blade of feathers
fellows chicks with leathers

as oozers whirl for mad life, heathers
are fed to dunny bled girls;
and i give in to dead girls
and i weep till blue times die.

ho hohh as mother xmas cries for lies
then a father christian blesses eyes
and a vault of glass
summons sirens from wiped masts
and sin knows of a masted clasp,
and a dog under stains
rains across red pain

as we sail five false cities then
we will nail false criers when
a vamped cross lies under tea
and, la la, teasels sunder peed


ho ho ooo xmas easters harry for
hoodlums of yuletide blisters
and a head of hands lams sisters
and kids cry for lost walls

as we wail for mistetoes, halls
lam-pack emptied rooms with
loud gifts for maddening kids
and a robin hisses for its breast

ho ho Ah easter xmas eats dolls
and a robot on a short lead
cries till santa takes to bed.

o abed with the nightly dreamers, i jacked
all of my faces from wet screams
and a boy at sea
enters lice under blue streams
and a wader of misery washes lapped
babyish kiddy waters
and a golden proctor blesses snapped
poppy tears

o abed with the nightly dreamers, i jacked
all de almighty's washed socks
and eyers under mashed body-cocks are
fed to piggy vales

ho ho ha!! menfolks scatter pearls
aside drawlers whose jasmine swirls
to darkly daggering dolted rat-girls
and we weep as we bolt cold grails

o a laden loop of a concrete garden
washes ash in rainbows
ahh, a fader of a stone rocks crows
and weeders of star-shows
swallow easy rest
and, la la, as timeless clothes close
a naked boy in a wreck

ho ha ha, heapers of Israel will
supper for a angel God
and a tree of sandals uses hills
and ingenious dolls will fill
all veins and all true hearts

o a laden hoop of a female garland
dribbles wax where fishers
fish after fishy nests and mirrors

diners who dine in the pitched dark
hereby summon deaths from barks
and a ship of self-sex
swims adown dogs and T Rex
and slowly returning dinosaurs
dance, dance
La La..

diners who dine in the darkness rap
a coda thumb on a lost car,
and a skulling bleeder must snap
windy baptisms and sex-scars
La La..

ho ho easter xmas eats Mars
ho ha easter christmas eats cards
and daddies dine like a beast
and closed trains open meats
and turkey gooses pork stuffings
La La..

endlessness uses sex as ceilings
show paper chains and killings

o a laden sea-prison locks aside stars
and imprisomed stars look down,
and a cell at sea scars cloudy clowns
and a laden sea-mirror shines for stars
and demonic fathers sleep for cars

o a laden sea-cell roots after calves
and easy depleters of rich curves
sinik a glaucous tit in a blackbird
and, la la, as slitters don cards for
love's unfair arcana
then a fasting vagina may well
store delis in cruel wet scores
a balder of a dummy dock sells
candified confectionaries to Hell
and the scum at night who
stink hired heels in a female bell
staggers after essential sex-spells
and a babbler in a wide sun

sear hocus-crocus slides with
dartling damager's thighs, and wigs
get shoved down veins
and a sparrowed sound entertains
redoublers of pins and grids
ol, a laden peace-fire lops kids
ol, a felon under tyres
cat-strangles peerers of pyres
and pirouhettes blind briars
and ivied oaky ancient elms
wank upon hollies and kilns,
and samphires get filmed
o a laden sea-prison hooks stars
and broadening stars look down
and weedlers must leave town

instantaneous river-men ride unto death's skin
o a carter of shiver-men arise unto death's din,
and a model female pirate sails a drunken ship
and a motel eyed sail
scales a rig of pigs that launches red hail

instantaneous river-men ride aside death's door
o a smatterer of killer-hens fry eggy wards; and
a bedtime of slippers
comes sucking sweat from eaters of sea-slams
and, oo, a holiday in de cosmos
layers drugs with boned cut moss.

o-la, a laden peace-fire cremates de grave and
pipers of secret rain cuts the songs of loss
and, la la, large city tuna gals swim after drams
and, la la, hard city spooner worlds
whirr aside models whose pundenda hurls
a baited billy bridler with knotted sperm-strands
instantaneous river-men ride unto death's skin
ah, a pursing pisser has to drink to closed spring
and a naked bled heart
hisses to de dead skirt of oaths and onions
and, la la, tarted ruiners of clothes use darts
to dig blorted arrows under dolters of farts
o-la, a laden peace-mire cremates de grave and
lighters of napalm nunneries
slink for god's burns where a dallier of babies
blinks closed tides from eyers of dyed rubies
o-la, baited dilly chicken carries curders where
massive duck-attacks teem with hairs

and, laced, as we slide, then a hostel-scare
scurries under cat-wives
and, laced, as we writhe, then hotel-air
scurries under rat-brides
and a bleeded blind bat taunts the live
and a rended mind-hat molds old cries
from a cattler of a pet-cave which rides
aside all men, all sin and all dead wives
instantaneous seizure-men drink fitters
ah, as candies cry then eastern pickers
plunge epilepsy into stormed sky-fitters
and savoury moon-phlegm picks ticklers
and ivory white-skin snappers for rippers
and daughterers
extend a shadow slaughter to strippers
and eyers of meat shows
sunder soapy suds with spudded crows
as splendid dunny oestrogen cuts snows
then dammy gummy weevil gems
may well suck a spider from germs; O!
daddied dulled grannnies kill de roses
and a slam of babies hooks red crows
o-la-la, a lesbian flower-show glows
o-la-la, a thespian sun-show flows from
easterly arising statues that end suns for
babby beakers that smell in a child's claw
and an evil draper
damages soap-shakers with old capers
and a bone on the moon
sugars a drone when, after afternoon,
weepers wept for fakers

instantaneous seizure-men cut spoons
and fitters of grande gins suck wounds
and me and a mental-malingerer swoon
against bruisers of glades and tombs
and whippers of whipping boys move

way, way back home where sin grooves.;

the adders of lady jesus hip to a crossed beat
o addlers of baby bone-lip
supper after news where the shooted heat
hisses like a television;
and the son of arks raises sex from lemons
and the moon of massed hearts
swallows limbs from carts
o adders of lady jesus hip to a crossed heap
o meddlers of bony blood-judas
star-jam stars with softening guilty Jobe
and, la la, idol Juno sink penises under robes

addlers of honey men weep from de rose
ah fashioners of money men accuse de rose
of daggering after slavers and evil tides
oo a bed of marks causes sand to writhe for
slaggy saint joan
and a belt of stone shovel waterers under
cloners of grave stones
ah ah ah

i have seen a son of Pan dropping Mars
la, i have spotted eagle-rams
with neutered spies of spires and sedans
and a waker of blonde drams
bedraggle icers with blown blowy grans
and me and a female rival
loop a lazy locket under coded demisals
and a bed under pleats
plays pleasures with vaginal sheets
and a bounder of castle-keeps
swagger after adders as timeless easels
sit adown to paint a town of seagulls

a pisser in a phlange peers inside skulls
oo a hisser in a pram wheels for skulls
ah a picker in a tram pays for drills
and a napper in a scram feeds off drills
and dummy dead Aladdin rubs his frills
and weepers shed blind tears for culled
gashy grassy canonised grey gulls
addlers of lady judas star-hang life
pullers of baby judas christ-hang light
and, oo, when we turn aside false light
then a dunny digital VD will use life to
poke out dun surrender in eyed loped spools
and, uh, i saw america come from stools
and, luh, i swore for car americana
and, ah, my petrol head burns up, up
and, ladied, we turn a petrol face to rules
and we ignite the flexes of de enemy.

well-found within a glass levee, mules
came walking just like a donkey god;
and a skein of dust
flew for noosed cradles and Loves
shelter now death and its clothed
cremative hearses
and eaters of slitherers use force
and reapers of pinioners use gorse
to silence spind sin with sex sauce
oo here and now, i hear de silence.


Copyright JDB 07/11/2020


work-in-progress title: Wow, What With Flowers in the East
1st draft poem then poem-song

wow, what with flowers in the east
i, idealised, must empower dirt peace
and, slaved, i see inside the past
and, lo, idealised, i blind aside peace
and a local dresser
slashes a bleeded desk
and a locum to pressure wrecks
de fired beast

the focal intimation in a far-off town
tethers bloods to blowing clowns
and, la la, when once a city's sounds
layers radio with sore kids
then a radio under stored kids
slammers a tweeter on a whoofered
blinding deafener,- music roots digs?

wow, what with flowers in the past
spreading leaves, then culling masks
drop from a fazed face.


wow, what with flowers in the east
i, fed to pigs, peck aside for yeasts
and a daddy baker in the west
swivels under failures
and the bodies of de hour compress
naked naughty babies under crests
and a heralded blown star
cooks after sins where radio calves
moo while drowning cars.

wow, what with flowers in the east
i flexed my bed and rode unto a
spastic warren where killing beasts
damaged love's cancer with scarred
daddy wheels
and mental fevers flash for marred

nippies; and bladderers get tarred
by madam macadam and mirrors.

wow, this dumb earth seems wide
o my stunned birth was caught in
wild wool where a bathtub of sin
span to a dead vault;
and Orion spreaded salt
and onion-men shedded colts
and evening died for grey bolts

wow, this dumb earth seems wide
o my scrummy birth
snapped across teeth when lies
loaded my soul with hurt sides
and a bony believer cuts sides
and menfolk have nice eyes

nippies, advanced, milk minds
and a draggler stones sweet wines
and weepers wash reaped vines
under roses and stony star-blinds

eaters of phantastic writhers
feed flatteners to easy riders
o as eyers shake
then a pond inside a drake
shapes a shaver from lovers
and a slowered bedside
causes fatal wank.

nippies, advanced, milk us
o lidders under dance busk
after spastic choirs; and lust
cries inside a loose chapel;
and mad men on de moon
sink moon-dust into apples

eaters of phantastic writhers
feed dead sleep to red liars
and a ghost of a holy fever
chants an emptied mantra

la la, as we get caged for
appled pineapple, then wards
will surely entertain fires
and dancers dream of swards.

the bodyers of bethlem loosen easy ties
o my headmost sea of gems
has come now to genoa and green eyes
and, la la, a dollar in a fen
fashions fascinations from english pens
and we weedler after song-men
and we finger after easy cunt-dens
and, oo, we listen to a guilty lens

la la, eaters of phantastic feverfew
slashes coded India with city-crews
and a budder of a sea spine
slammers a shaker of sex with friends
but all god's true friends are dead?
the bodyers of bethlehem eat old tithes
and i abused my mind-mandala
and i accused my mind of moggy lies
but sentinels, here and now,
swipe gardens from roman sea-crowds
and eaters of teary starry cafe-towns

drop de fucking crashing parapets.

the daisied draggler at the front-door
sizzles after scribes the night lets in
o wheezy caverners cage men in a
gemma of a genoa gym,
and the wives of March abuse sin
and the brides of art paint gold-gore

the bodyers of bethlem eat from claws
o the belliers of bell-men lift drawers
and a cabinet chiller
lasers after swivellers; and nippers
nap in a napsack
and a rap of pure fire shoots killers

ah daisied gagglers rock hearted
billy-can pissers of cardial wasted
bellying purplered perfected skirted
fanny stink
and a wife of Zen prays for kinks
and a knife for Men
accuses England and Africa of
filling Irish glamour with dark God
and, la la, as diamonds sell out
then a titty treat of a mind-shout will
swash within curvy wheys dad's hill
and my mam left for dead daisies
and a cunted pooler of bled dairies

swallows sense when piss moves.

ices under blurred pans chill salts with sweets
o faces under vast hands
money-infect poor diners with easy wigwams
and the sea at night
raps a naked gasmask round kind midnights
and, la la, seven oceans now change for stands
and standardising lotions bathe the boys of sand

ices under blurred pan chills sweets with laves
la la, a seizured grande mal mad boy
scatters epilepsy across eight tides where trades
sweep kiddy whores beneath gold money
and, O, i scent myself
and, O, i wet myself
and a bed of burns has to grasp to aped wealth.

ices under bladed bins bang in a sea of darts
and, once bruised, a swum dram which carts us
moves beneath a bluesy river
and sofa-sorbets drop stink along a moon-scissor

oo heapy jeery jammy gassy glory grits on dust
oo weepy wimply pissy lassies
drive a dumber moon to cities under lake-lusts
and we angelise a pricking prickered tree
and, la la, a cupboard in a fen swills sleaze
and, ooo, as juicy jumper gems dream about
illlers of accidental minors
then a townside hisses for diaries of louts

ices under glared grandes grasp to givers
ah, a laden lady who spirals into grippers
gas a golly glans with eaters of sweet zippers
and, lashing, a female gent drips with riders
and, clashing, a female skint drinks to bridlers
and a bed at sea
sleeps aside poppy teas.

these burning days where a helter-skelter
has to grind daffy seed down to dust must
rotate across a goofy disease
and a bedded grave scutters aside dweebs,
and a focal spine dominates de mind
and a fotal crime detonates mental weeds
oo issuers of pumpkin prizers star-sneeze
oo tissuers of vermeil pissers
splay a sprayer with verulent dog-kissers
and we may well kiss a hound in heaven
and, la la, sunshine will walk in dog-heaven
ices under granite stoves roast a raven for
eager piggy plebs that live outdoors; O, war
widens after mickle-muck


a peering margarine mind gets spread sky-high
la fearing fanny jeans grind gas from sun-slides
and a boy at sea
answers to sex for you and me
and a dizzy damseller drops to her dirt-knee
and babby diamond listens to me.

ices under gannets storm a patient moon
o Isis under dragnets storms a fatal tomb;
and a gassy god-ghost
comes shrilling at lost palls under stoats
and, la la, weavers of Anancee
spin torrid smiles from black-coffee-webs

a jeering submarine mind gets dead sky-high
ah, a piercing piece of bread
hisses for dragons when a gasher lost abed
hastens to a blonde meadow
and a bed of wheat hardens coded sparrows
and, la la, rolled pigeon rain rocks de gallows

ices under gannets storm a patient mind
o faces under fished nets fish after lime
and a weeviller of green shadow
casts a shadow cab across castled grime
and a weeper who cries itself to death
hits to a gite where frenchies kiss mines
and gilders of hair dig for neon ruins.

the foxes on a vixen ride rides from a
daddy of dirt, disease and chopped sex
and we weep for Eden
and we hurl stones at reason; and sex
gets chucked now down a sane heart

a peering mandolin mind fears hurt
o a fizzling fondant nurse
accuses a bedded gem of lifitng skirt
and a boner in a lemon bat
slashes for stoners of dizzy cat; and
eyers of faces rip a tawny tongue and
jeerers of stasis stamp upon England's
neckless American drawl..

the uplifting head is made: old galls
jostle for wax when a babby's fall
thumbs a molded fried fantasy from tall
arm-raping noddy sex-walls
and a televisual hermit cuts up malls
and a vampire under nuts cuts cauls
o, periscopes for blinding girl-givers
stink a pissy piner into junky geezers
and a waxen shawl
drops a crow across a bed of balled
madam graves; and we listen to tweezers
and we caress mummy stingers
and we dance till the death gets done.

lo as i drop some fissures into water
i am, at once, struck dead by tears
lo as i shoot caked lungs, then warders
cum nippling at my bedless mind-cell
and a bed of guns
murders heads with scum-suns
and a poker of denial sucks a sex-bell
as men, melted, mass for desert-fathers

lo a diddly fete in a hospice-traipse
has to helter after hostels and rhymers
and a damager of snakes
gets stockinged ladders with kid-capes
and a melter in a blithe cage
steps to meat
and a fastener of limes anoints doners

lo as i drop some fissures into torpor
than i arise to see a torturer under torpor
cunt-casing caddy kidders
with blinders of weepy skies; O, torture
sinks fatal snakes adown fanny killers
and masoners are fed to a
canny cage where a family under kissers
swings to de slaughtered hour

ahh the queen's keen canary cuddles a
diner who dines in the dark
ahh the duke's easy family uses carts
to draggle postmodern roads with hearts;
and the boncing breeders of cunt-marks
are bled to timeless death where parks
lead a bendy bodice to a sea of sharks;
and we sharpen as we flow
and we glisten as men crow

i will sing again about madam Cheerio
and, lammed, i will sweat for cherried
and i will sing about father shakespeare
and i will stop veins



the carmine caresses of loud men come jarring under noise
o, eaters of grey fretters
afix a tangy town to mindless letters
and the public in my heart rip away butters with netters
and, la la, blinded sky-darts sky-write words about peppers
and, la la, an idiot named Kippers
sinks his drawling fanny hive from deaths and dead lepers
and, ah, a case in a shot cunt
crusades for mace when a dreamer of dust junks is
waylaid by standards when cosmic dirtied musk eats fish

oo carmine caresses of proud hens come jarring under boys
o, eaters of grey dressers
transfix doom deniers with blithe bolts which strap ole toys
under passengers of murdered presses
and a skirt in de Nile appears hot with tresses
and a cut in a dial telephones reflections with wide horses
and, la la, virginal shitted cock-crams
cry, cry, cry; and saviours of sock-slams season edams
and colonel penis cums spurting seed at a lost door.

where angellers suck on an infant transfer, aspic whores
moon-ride until the very beery blades of an urban ward
loops a candy carousel about teeny trades that leads curves
under magical muck when a familial freeker fashions birds
from coffee-woven giddy gossamers
and a retching oven hides porn inside a stoving fever when
ladying lazy-onions ride aside daffy swarms

o carmine countessas trip for soft nights when pee-men
slash against hanging radio carpets- oo, gold mien
idolise a venal cock orange sent gassing Leda when a
cursive renal cunt lozenge shaves massed fanny clean



Copyright JDB 08/11/2020


work-in-progress title: Aside a Blonded Wife
1st draft poem then song-poem



the diggers of watery waferers
stick nine twigs in love's eyes
o odd hitlers under guff eats eyes
and, la la, nine snakes reel by
and a dogger of a darling rides
aside a blonded city wife

the dizzines of faces holds cuts
o the fodders of fatalists cut
and the attics of fuck suck
blonded baby buntings

the doggers of watey wiffeners
scatters steady leaves
and sad bods will always lead
a daddy boy to dead need

a carmine county has to stalk
blithe boats with corks
and corks will blow
and salt will slow
right down; and a sea of crows
slashes under wine

the dizziness of faces holds us
darkly down in a neon show
and a sea of kids
glow like glowworms and dust
cries for steeples

a carmine country has to stalk
blithe boats and dyed men

o when easy hymen-chewers
swallow false glass
then a pulse of grass
beats for ladies
o when easy chemic chewers
swallow false gas
then a pulse of bodies
must rock a cooked drum

the dizziness of grey guns
shoots a feinted moon
and deadliness sharpens suns
and labial fazers send
carved cabins to cut sleep

and oozers ooze lost meat

blowers of bedded men
gamble on fuck
eaters of shredded men
butter money-nuts
and a honey doctor
slashes under fire
and the dead know best.

a carmine fount-head
rests glass upon tums
and a glotted eye-fern
scatters grey seed
and we weep for need
and we sleep for seed

o the dead know best
o the babies wreck
all fascinating cradles
and beds get spurned
by heated cunt-fire

candlers crave communion
la la, candiers craze sedition
la la, bodiers rage for missions
and dumb christs cave in
and a deadness succours wind
and nine cheeked winds spin
under daughter-tyres

o shakers of shavermen
ram pokey razors under gems
and germy wheaty men
supper for wives
and ocenia cusses knives

candlers craze communion
la la, candiers raise mutton
and weeders cut apples from
easy eastern wode
and a kindling sill reaps cloves
and a digger of drills
drinks to the livid hills


butterers of basements battle for
eastern feline walls
o cutters of chicken twine
ties a cock to footballs
and an easy head hits dance-halls

bled natrons build tonsured wynds
ha mad waldrons cry for laughter
and a bashing beard
wags like naked kings
and a lashing weir
washes hives in slashed gear

butterers of basements battle for
western canine drawl
and a ferine kid suppers for
bawling native tears
and eaters of pactive wards

seizes mad boys from asylum

maddeners of manic trampoliners
jump from a spastic mine
o we dig for tantric mental killers
and we lead plastic minds to a
bad river when sunsets carve a
lunar bint of bitter from grey cars
and needlers shiver for gay stars

bedded glued organs summon us
o we dig for tartrazine
and we weeble for webbed zines
and we whistle down choppers
and we use a cherry cell
maddeners of manic trampoliners
jack god's idle flavas
and a bark at sea spreads waves
and a shark of sleeves
silences ghosts with bible-riddlers
and a host of bone

grins for flax when lost Rome
gets new paint and new stone

when blurred of brain, an idol on a cliff
drops its fallen shadow
and a sky of gripe gets fed to baby-lifts
and a deep sky-kite
crashes for a caseful of sylvan christs
and we swagger for mikes
and we stagger after lights
and selves turn off midnights

la la, the xmas bells ring for thunderr
la la, bluesers don hymns
la la, cold cadavar suns storm spind
bladder winds
and a focal stranger strangles fathers

o when blurred of mind, a pig on a cliff
drops to the sodden earth;
and metalled ashen births
brag, brag,
and evening cartoons shine
and ceilings, in tombs fall aside minds

la la, the xmas bell rings for thunder
la la, accusers of deceiving lovers
loosen colted kiosks where grabblers
grapple with a hemmed
dead owl

o some use the owl to fray the faces
others, moved, shit upon shoe-laces
and a bed of mites
sucks upon bread
and, star-swarded, as music dies,
the stirrers of blinded galled guys

swipe some gel then feed thighs
and i espy a candle in the thighs

i arise just like a murdered phoenix
o i writhe and writhe
and, la la, i ride from endlessness
and eyes seize my pride
and a sea on sunday loosens lies
and a bone of pure grit
answers to a female slit; O, lips
moon-licker for germy spy-slits

o some use the owl to fray the faces
others, nude, pose for painted spaces
and an oily mind vixen
sallows heaven's teeth with miction

i arise just like a murdered chil
la la, whence apiaries burn, then wide
estranging roman hearses
will glide from county sleep when eyes
weep for sullen failed horses;

and i arise from an eggshelled rose
and i connive to don lost clothes
and i arrive to find a sea of toes
come dangling easy drowners

and mad skin watches over toads
and sad spind voices
hack a wife of hoists when forces
flay at a floamed beat
la la la, la..

i overturned doom denial to find a
pottery picture standing on a wall,
and fainters of Israel
slam a live god under netted malls
and a sea at sleep
dreams about sunken jeeps when
a collicle of faces

fashions masturbating heart-hens
from netted beaks and tendons
ah ah, eynes are led to voces when
drunken dartlings shoot blue fens
and me and history's old mentalis
knocks on blood-letters
and, ah, some knotted sperm sends
onanists to filthy fellahs

and these dirty days when i rend a
vase-grasped daughter from red Mars
hacks aside maskers
and bellymen who cry for razors
are hereby sent to pushers of day
and all day is clasped in night
and all riders ride aside a glue-grave
ahhh a perfumer of brides
grabs basketfuls of snakes from naves
when Andromeda is linked with Adam
then a starry seal
will certainly trickle down cottons
and a laden mien ravels into buttoned
blowers of weals which reel Madams
under green lakes
and, la la la, i lashed my lost garden
to eynes of strangers
and my scented ranger hits labia
with twinnted dolts that sky-flava
satyrs with dread colts and readers

ahhh we will fit till our heads die.
ahhh we shall slitter under tribes.

these barny bollocked days where i shaved
for diamonds, eyes have appeared to erase
o ha, i have strapped my hands across rings
and now i have severed lost slaves
and a mum at sea severs sex from skin
and a barn of bolts beavers after spind sins

these barny bollocked days where i shaved
with sirens, eynes have appeared to appraise
a garden of snake-salt
and a bed full of snails slides across vaults
and a room of trails
searches after a naked trackers's scenes
and weird scenes full christ's gold mind

these barny bollocked days where i shaved
for rigid lime, minds have appeared to erase
everything goddamned thing,
and a plectrum in a sail flies along sex-strays,
and a bed of night
rinses dreams in mikes
and we turn up the vocal gravel
and we storm a focal faceless gavel which
bangs to a dizzy familial beat; and a bitch
will come back home to unwind
and a dolly taught with Which has to grind
dummy ringlets from bacon-rind.

oo i hurl breadsticks into my backyard
oo i curl red lips to meadows
and a bun of glass shines in a hard car
and a star of masks
serries cherry-castes with porn-casks
and, la la, tawny weavers don clasps
and, la lo, buzzy drivers stun grey flasks.

these barny bow-blocked days when i
sea-strangle hoops with renal wives will
surely slowly decline under
blued gates that open inside sad thunder
and a vocal violin
fiddles under naked bins
and a hotel under spun skins
swallows tattoos from fatal baby-gins
and, o-hoh, as the songs of swallows
raid a ruined strip
then, wrenched, the swinging willlows
slide a splicer inside bright tits
and a rivener of rafts collects minnows
and minnows get fed to blue lips
and, Oh,- as venal champagne tips us
then slayed specimens will hit us
and an ovaline orchid under cunt-pus

pushers pally pictures where crust
marries silly mixtures to grey gusts
and five winds blow
and all winds will crack their cheeks
and all mad men will
certainly run back home to find hills
falling from vacant clothed
disappearing founted mountains
and, la la la, i pissed upon a barge
and, ah ah ah, ghosts peed on trains

the ravenous buttercups in grained
butterfly cars
raise robotics from losing stars and
conical stars look down aside seasand
and a birdy nested vaginal factory has
nothing at all to gas
and, oo, we see arise a cell of mashed
body brailles

Copyright JDB 11/11/2020


work-in-progress title: Finito?
1st draft poem then poem-song


the filthy bells may ring
aside a blind lake
o, easy bells may swing
aside a mind gate
and a minor city's fate
fellows eyes with stringed
godly geezers

the filthy bells may sing
aside a blind skate
o, peasy bells must rape
granular statues
and madam macadam
treads deer under lubes

and dead pets flower?

dead vets heal the thousand
ah wet pets
peer into debts
and a sun at sea star-pecks
easy impassionatas
and a doggy on a lost shore
sinks eyries under wards

once aside a spine, ladies
deliberately used rubies to
sign a signal sexed ladder
and de kids on de moon move
sirens to killer sleep;
and eynes erase blind-sleep

dead vets heal the thousand
ah sweaters kill vests
and one million perverts
snap a gun across sounds
and grey wizards cry forever


the easy times inside blown bibles
entertains a holy mask
o, ideal minds ride aside candles
and mad madams shoot sandals
and coded pissers sing
and romantic buddhas spin
beneath shadowers of spun swings

dead vets heal the thousands as
miraculous divas spread cum-gas
and a volted sea-plug
switches de light to dizzy pasts

the easy times inside blown brides
entertains a holy masked
belly venus,
and cookers of penis shed eyes

deeply down, where sex dies

dead vets cure one million hens
la la, red wrecks
signal loud laughter where hens
lay shitted egg; and daddy gems
dream of Eden
and we race down to sand-gems
and we rush across lips

the easy times inside gluers stick
a penile fount to a fryers
and bodiers of mouths use picks
and a babier of mouths
drags teas from coded dead drips,
and christs hit god's knees
the names of hearts use beads
, la la, gallers of farts
sink cocked smells under sheaths
and a bath at sea
centres sex from selfless bees
and mad captains sing for

infant spunkings and whores

de ivories of mamma are fed to
refluxive pigs who oinks for loos
and a newspaperer
peers under pepper
and de ivories of dada are fed to
reflective kids who laugh at poos,
and posers pee on nudes?

deadly boy-bends bake cruised
and dumb diaries get slaughtered
by rectal killers
and a bud at sea
shelters selves under green teas
and weaselers ram mad leaves

under coppices and old trees
and jolters jack Islam and peas
feed godhead to fevers
and golden dirt-christs sever
all cots and all lost feathers

and fishers of mirrors see
a bladderer of killers seize
a grey day where trips burn

venal vaginal tapestries try to
summon bone from eyes; O, truths
may well lead to lies
and canters of bread feed sky
and Abaddon seizes rolled wives
ah, eynes blink for sex when nudes
snapper a god about a father

under coppices and old trees
ideal women sweat gold; and seeds
scatter sperm aside bodies
and a bed of perms
sheds ferny leads aside babbies
and we weevil after silence
venal virginial faders feel for
daddy moon
lo lo, dodgers of runes sing
for even evenings that swoon
after dirtied morning rings
and a blindness jacks gyms

under coppices and oak trees
ideal pussy-pans boil bled briefs
and an eater of de world
enemises hermetics with gals
and, ha ha, whilst wolves fall,
then musical flavourers sprawl

and then play at being dead.

i will lay me down in hot vaginal sheets
la la, i will raid my town
and, uh, as heroes pray about clowns
then mad skulls will break forever
and, made ashen, i deal rapes to a
killer river where stupid female cars
get crushed by evil men
and, ah, i will lay me down where sleep
sunders a boned cruise.

i will lay me down in soft virginity
o my rolling sex-eye will feed wheat
and field under a penile cruise must
paste a canny cunnier to alien musk;
and a dunny beaver boy
slit-slides a heady cheese aside lust
and the cystic face that feeds boys
may well moisten men with dusk

i will lay thee down in shot pinker-meat
la la, i wil use light tapes to record sleep
and a body underground
sallows baby vibes with faired sounds
and a rapid roll-rodeo
slaps a digital shadow across ground
impossible maddam mallow;
and me and my favourite car drowns
beneath cunted beds where de town

tramples lunar burstives into round
theatrical theatre-muses
and a flailing flytower drops nooses
under sonar burstive trees
and youthdom and massive dweebs
drag sodden silence for grey sleeved
giddy babby-rock

O, me and mental fireworks receive
a word of hell from de less deceived
and as a daddy claims growl radios
then busy braggarts will dourly read
eaten xmas bibles to farted sex-seed

ah ah ah uhhhh...

the whirling world outside love's window
cherishes balls of wine
ah ah, a city's mind censors god's shadow
and a bell of vein
knells the funeral tocsins of de hour and
we take some pears and shape pear-cake
and we soften raisins with incarnate grapes
and a vase of seasons
smashes; and a sea of treason drapes dust
with distant booby gardens

o, me and mental fireworks deceive lust
o, sad joys and menstriua spirals sea-suss
a gabby of a gabbling field
and eaters of wigwams dream of reeled
ingenious blue-love
and, oo, as we swim for screams then a
melter of a sun-quim
swashes eager hands inside lardy limbs
and a dobbler of spun winds
loosens heaven's cheeks with lost hymns

the whirling world outside love's window
perishes into periscopes
and a baby man uses a female pram to
cut-abuse all stations with sterero glues;
and me and gems are breaking through to
naked huge swum cars
and a gigantic mum-star shoots dead Mars;
and we issue incesters where
easings of penis etchings defuse spares
the jazzy natural boys who perm prayer
mind-sidle under perfuming body-air
and weevers weave for greying prayer
and reevers raise salts from puss-chairs
and i under eyes
gets wound in de mummy cloths
and, la la, a sallower of sliced moths
sink a gallower inside bended behemoths

grappling peahens push upon cemeteries
la la, snappers crush de sun
and, robed, a dress in a gun star-buries
sizzlers of reason aside ald cherries
and a lunar burster carries cranes where
a doodler of a father
separates his wife from air
and a sunny heist loses beers to snares
and a mammy mind-brother
muscles under wined mushers..

the jazzy natural boys who perm players
dig prehistoric pavers under worm-waders
and a lounging fitting head
lounges under seizure-bread
and a phantasm in a castle ruins razors
with radioed walrus-glass
and ideal poesy pissy pasts
peer into salts where a naked english mirror

yells adown the binded bibles of the breath
and, ah ha, a binary of rivals
snacks upon panting spiral,
and a reaper of cunting idols
layer pissy pacers with dodgy kids who
lever a dunny searer up, up high
and, made-up from sluts, a serial sky
washes naked figures in figgy rainbows.

and, la la, me and my poem-world
hasten to robbers of blown life-crows
and, la la, as eyes wet my deaf-blind bed
then haspers of the periscoping dead shed
silent salt seed across purplers of spread
pulley plebs

and mental sapphires dig for sex-samphires
and easy budder-bread
sinks evil butters under jammy marg-lead
cruel cretaceous creatures of de dead
marmalise rain and metal illings
and rolled nuts mete cunta cuts to a
shaven pistolled ceiling where odd beds
bellow up from blithe night-clothes and,
once painted with lithe begging
a native vagrant on a false side-street
lashes lashwide guns with
carded vines and snails under cribs
and the eyes of parks
dance in de blinded deafening dark
and a walrus on a regal prowl marks
gaddy fiddly mamma moon with darts

the jazzy natural boys who peel razors
ram a doggy dummy down red rinds
o-la, a glass cervix on its road to pizzas
swallows glum lads frrom roman pisa
and a pigeon in a glass
feeds lemon friends to banging Caesar
and, la la la, as i open pegs into rizla
then oaken ashen waxy window-scissor
sinks a berry-boy under
practical sex and lesbotic thunder
tut-tut-tutter uh uh uh
tit tatter tune tripper
o when we awake, we'll be in Mars


o i get happily strangled by my saline mind
o eyes bleed
and my naked vinegar neckties receive
latent postcard from the less deceived
and a vault of phlegm
swaggers adown pigeons
and a wader under bitumen
cums slicing clams from old dried women,
and i get happily strangled by my saline mind
lo, minds heave
o, wives cleave swamped seed
and a dangler of a bled human
snaps a gutterer of gals who swat fly-feed
and, la la, eynes change to hit god's sleaze
and i am led to believe in bodies
and i am led to relieve sweet bobbies
and as veins shit upon jugular waves
then sodden farmers will weep for graves
o i get happily strangled by my saline mind
ahh hot ghosts sneeze
and a bunny in the dark abuses its theme-park
and, la la la, mental Abbadon
gets greased by triton mien and gardened
body blinds...
o i get giddily strangled by easter on de rise
o eyes get evilly mangled
and a bowl of sucrose swallows xmas lies
and a soul of modems
digitally telephonea the sun
and a weeper of slow-zen unites lies
with the interfusers of Hector and Adromeda's
easy model ride
and easy motel evenings teeter as they cross
a dollar of a reeling
ideal bandaged strings
and a baby's ceilings give way to Titan's back
and red mummy's clothings
get wound when the children's cloths are wound
la la la,
once upon a mind in a matrix made from ferns
i saw a sullen maker feeding glades to sperm
and should loud winters ride aside a zygote's lips
then eyelids under sphincters
would surely pee from the slayers of the kissed
.ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhh
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhh


Copyright JDB 12/11/2020


work-in-progress title: Words From de Heart
1st draft poem then poem-song


the slayers of tomorrow's news
summon tits from christs
and red hands at sea suck nudes
and, la la, players after screws
succour a celled imprisoned nut,
and, washed in sad wine,
a christener of death cuts timed
city bones

the riders of the red corn stone
easy ovens that cook for drones
and ole xmas under seas
summon gas from thundered
sunderers of hitler's greed

and a locum star eyes seed
and a focal car drives seed
and madam macadam sleeves
a vinyl fist inside a baby's reed

ah ah ah, my eyes don't hear.

the slayers of tomorrow's news
summon clits from mice,
and a bell at sea rings for news
and a cell in trees
layers loaders with loped nude
introspective boy-angels
and, la la, a soft sodded crew
strides across rainbows

the writers of de swarmed
moves burnt words to tears
and islands inside glued spheres
drops caverns adown the
intercity town,
and mad merchants use sound


at the helms of a forcing helmet
i saw a balded soldier
shooting hermits; and de saviour
shoots de moon
ah, with films, a forcing helmet
reels inside the East,
and vowed vast men seat dust
under apes

at the helms of a coursing can
a melted siren feeds Woman,
and we widen after grapes
and we season summer hands
and we weep, weep
as we sleep, sleep
at the kilns, a lazy pissed pot
spins clayers from shit-cloths
and a pelmet under fires
sets alight to ghosts and tyres
and a sonnet of the world

cuts caves from funeral gals

the shadowers of a lost hand
loosen meadows for seasands
and a mallower
smells like a father
and, oh, sallowers of mamma
shape dogs from larders

at the helms of forcing flava
eaters of stasis
snaps a code from a labia; O!
once aside a bad mind
i saw bedmen baiting Timed

and a scissor slashes for us
and a mirror races for musk
and a mindless sainthood
slammers deaths under lungs
Ahh, eynes breakdown
Ahh, swines shape crowns
and bodiers abuse the Thames

funny how time's a man but man can't
understand the nightly changes in plants
o a clock of steel
scurries under weals
and, la la, funny how men shan't feel
except when crazed?

at the hills, successful trees are laid
aside greenness where a tabled grave
grapples after vixens
and, la la, funniness flails
and, carved, deadliness eats veils
and ideas grip to angels

funny how time's a mad man
oo funny how man dies in de sands
ahh funny how crime uses man
oo funny how time's a mad man
and, lammed, i heard old chickens
laying digital thighs
and here there is a candle inside
titties and breaded breasts
at the hills, successful bees ride
aside brides
and menfolks heed bridal skies
and slabbed folks
suck noosers from fresh hope

hookies of hoodies use a hooker's claw
o bodies under babies
bang cradles into walls
ah, a boat of bodies sails aside cauls
and a dizzy caul-cap
and a vineyard vale volunteers for
easy cities and urban cases

at the hills, successful rubies store
sated swards under blinded wards
and, la la, a daughter on de rise is
always fed to Abaddon
and a blind leviathan has to fizz for
flamingoes and dead sex

hookies of hoodies use a hooker's paw
and, lah lah, a dada of a radio scores
a sucker of a renal brain
and weevillers raid aside stained
policed stairs

Oh a tumbler of sex drops rain
and men and mentalis stop haired
cradled evil
and unicorns run messy snared
minotaur givers
and maddeners of fevers tear

mad words from stoned fear

o i make way for a scissor-flower
o i shake graves
and, stunned, a mitre under flowers
sheds buds under naves,
and biters of tundra snip lays
la la, me and metal lips cut slaves
from babies and child manyana;
and eynes must open to mandala
and spirallers must
soak a traitor with ocean-lusts

o i make way for a scissor-flower
o i shake plaid
and, gunned, as eyes hit de power
then powders under trays
must sell waitresses to plagued
rocking men
and eynes sunder gems

ah, as we walk a tomb then we
will most certainly tread de trees
and masses in another country
stopped cr avers with candies and
crafters of marooners
layer waste with dotted shiverers
and, la la, melted digitalis
swipes coded hands from
softeners of rapes and evil thrillers
o i make way for a scissor-flower
oo i shape de towers
and a dogger of a demon stars for
a toppler of moony cold showers
and, la la la, eye inside eyes
erase noise from deafening skies
and, uh uh, utterance about spies

swallow wheat from killers. O?

hardeners of shaven female gardeners
layer limitless meadows under severers
and, la, eynes believe in noise
and, la, minds believe in boys
and a dog at sea abuses sweet toys
and a massive mental lantern
finger-feeds a candle under ovum
and a labile sexy chain
sizes wounders from fotal flames

o i make my fierce way to the killed
o i shape my horse with
whippers of rats and ponies, and fields
teeter into marsh
and, uh uh, venal cagers use masks for
ideal worlds where fatal hearts
vanish under the lousy earth

hardeners of shaven female gardeners
layer deadly sown beans
with easy kids who eat moonbeams
and a cradle in the four winds
livens dustives with refracted miners
and, dug from figs
a pelted summer pig pokes a tongue
aside dunny gloom where oinked cum
scatters pissers upon ragged guns
o i make my fierce way to the killed
o i shape my hearse with
sotto voces that lead death to spilled
chicken drugs
and, la la, mentalis shoots de thrilled
and, ah ah, digital boots don frills
and madam macadam uses hills to

snap a spade and an easy balm-nude
and, lazy with cans, a modeller of truths
sweeps daddy sleep under
castlers of mummies; and blue suits
succour eateries from closed boots
and i will have my moon shoots
and i shall entertain a bed of hoots
o i make my fierce way to de killed
and, made ashen, my gardened drill
delves for dragged dirt thence die for
sunderers of razors
and belling fevers
la la la la. Timed mirrors shine for

all of us; and all of us are pure war.

the vegetable claws of one zillion men
serenade beds with treacle
o, vegetative vinegar sores
slide a dolly dick inside a sea of spoars
and the laden faces of the West
wallop garden-stasis with death
and death forms disease
and disease froms lost seed
and bolted gunners shoot grey wards

la la, the fucking crucifix of a flower
falons to talons
and a crucifier under aliiens showers
vermeil daggerers with grey pylons
and a gabblered city-head
leeches to de fountain-head;
and blonded pissy pies peal bread
from ancthers of blinded lost bed

the vegetative claws of one zillion gems
will most certainly clarify dead mien
and a cradler in a spin
couples venal skin with penis-penned
sex-lenses of the dying poor
and, la la, weavers dream of walls
and, la la, reapers dream of molls
and odes to impossible gangsters fall
aside a small mad death
la la, the cupping cunta of a pall heeds
refractable passions of crying creeds
and a watch inside my lip
loosens bitch-wives
and a bodier of lies ticks from eyes
and handlers halter to feet as minds
suck a bald gut
and the eynes of sluts peer for wine
and, o-la, my selves must repine for
daggerers of scuttlers inside doors.
i have seen a perspex buddha when
a lacy knicker-mind thinks of gems
and a gym of hair
serries plasticines with naked ken
and a loss of heart
loosens rats with radio-charts when
easers of burnt carts
feed Amodeus to dilly christ-marks
and a dirtied requiem
slices under cakes where grey air
returns to acid; and i hear hens
laying matrial metal seasons.

a harp-strung messenger stares
directly in a torn owl's eyes; and air
glows just like a dead child;
and the vows of night sear air
with naked bone
and an alarm in a stone hits wild
cosmotic rectal senses;
and menkind scarries after lenses
and deaf sex gives head to wenches
the son of god is a ghost of fences
ah de sons of Man weep for faces
and a dollar on the moon
exchanges dimes for pounds,- Laces
delimit walruses with drowned
down-market funeral embraces
eaters of almanacs caress runes
and radiophonic castlekeeps swoon
aside a bedside shaped from cocoons
and a waker of de diamante dead
kiss a seal of summers
and, la la la, we abuse cruelly wed
bastard bitches that sweat for bread
and me and madam feelers
feel for Voids as massive fondlers

fear the eastern dead then cry away
from westended lead and graves.

wow, my heady mad mind drowns in mlks
wow, my dizzy badland
burns-up Bedlam; and a horn aside milks
swills germs from vacant violins
and a bed of masks melts under lost sleep
and a bed of clasps
succours vermin from de deeps
and a horse of clay whinneys for meat
and a hearse of claves hires hostel-heaped
dying ultraviolets

wow, my heady mad mind drowns in silk
wow, my buzzy sad mind
gets spine-shaken by daddies of wine, and
i have sensed cold sentinels
grinding faces down from purple drams;
and a sky of blood
seats spies aside gods
and a welted wife cuts fawns from Love
and a bride of cut horns
dig a digging light aside fields of gloved
busy virgins

o-la, dead surging urchins swim for corn
o-ha, dreaded jacking vein-skin
storms underwaterers of vacant limbs
and a soul of spoilt glass
walks from dented star-masks
and a doner of scented refective winds
wallah for dreamers of blorted casks
ahh, i see separating ported pug-flasks
cum lingering for orbs as dazzling rafts
gather velvetines from murders
and killers of guns don a turning bath
with twinned flamingo finger-purdah.
the dolly slid sky where i earned sex
sallies for purple prides
and, la la, with princes under tribes
the lilly liling lullaby of a dun wreck
sails for daddy's cruel
fatal fathering of naked star-schools
and we see stools coming from schools
to entertain America with split meshed
radio dada..



Copyright JDB 14/11/2020


work-in-progress title: More Words From De Heart
1st draft poem then poem-song

o a daddy moon amasses when deaths
slide to noddy rock
la la, mummy afternoons
send cafes to sleep; and odes to thefts
swills paid worlds

o daddy moon amasses when sexes
slide from dunny tunes
and a world of fire
tames small dreams where flexes

tie hands inside a wristed moon

o a daddy tomb amasses when death
trample lady-flowers
and mummy gloom crashes for flowers
and all us flowers have withered away
for green-gardened love-graves
o,a daddy moon crashes under claves

the daughter of de wild world slays
idiotic ants anwd fascist queens,
and a day at sea
hisses across christs
and an icen wall leads christs to streams
and we must believe in streams

oo i tied hands aside a dead flower

o a daffy tomb bends salty burials
o a sassy wound
slashes for graven naked carnivals
and a dizzy wound
gets cured by drowning
and i am drowning as i send hell
back home, where de music swells
up, up, up

ah a scanty candy bar sinks for a
city sweller whose eyes cannot carve
any depth for skies,
and mental lies ooze under lard
and weevils wash their hands in lard

the daughters of oblivious demented
jammy jars drool till sex gets done

oo daddy tombs arouse a dead beat
la la, mammy roses
rain aside buds when a sea in heat
slashes idol cravers
and a sea of spies spies aside meat
and, ah ha, mammy roses
lam a doctor flower aside grey sleep

and, we get killed when a reflector
fathers the utmost davy dark,
and a mummy wound yields paper
and newsmen cry for dyslexia
and a spectrum of eyes
damages veins with blue minds

mm maddy madam mentalis
dragged her sex-dragoon across
chaired families and killed loss

a daddy dream bus jack-knifes for
illegal village radio,
and invective meadows
cry aside moon-shallows
and a solar dreamer stops walls
stone dead

the leaders of cousined labia will
most certainly drop aside dills
and a dilly pepper
swallows feathers; and old hill
fall from blue earth

ah a daddy drifer train unravels
into spined times when angels
taunt pigs with windy stables
and menfolk swirl and sin

until blonde heaven bursts.

until blonde heavens bust
then mad men, in dulled lust,
may well chew de flowers
and, la la,when once dust
cries under closed couples
then mad men, in dun cuts,
sink de hunter days deep,
and, oo, we shatter sleep

ah a daddy dreamer reaps
dotted sails from hot-heaps
and the doll under rain is
wizardly waxed under lips;
O, we weep as we keep
castlers aside blind crypts

and, dolly-made, keen ships
fall underwater and rip
a titan of an ocean from snipt


a feinted foreign jeep concertinas for a
darter of a cherry store,
and the foods of sleep serve hot swards
to cheesy women who feed dogs
and a candler in a cusp
serries boys into strict rows
o painters of soverign meats
switch a curdler of a crow with broads
and, la la, eynes glow like a worm
and, ah ah, minds flow like sperm
and seagulls, drenched, feed ferns

o until blonde heaven rusts then words
may not speak till herons die
and, uh, a dollar in a till spend wide
english coin on lizards and brides
and a dunner of a monkey mind rides
aside bluesers of ghost-graves

this sad day, where i dig after tithes
a hot petrol gas-enemy ignites wide
hippers of burned caves and ghoulies
and a grasping ghost-nun
ravels aside bound times; and tongues
sweep a sullen label under gunned
impossible fairy-waters
o until blonde ravens cuss after birds
we will most certainly suffer curves
and a bum in a bed
anoints asses with shakespearean
baby-bouncing ingenious bread;
and odes to seasons
slash upon de milks of reason's
fierce fantastic river horse
o, all of the poisons of the year get
happily strangled by junking sweats
and blenchers of minds
shell a body-branch with easy grime

o made giddy as the death of the dawn
i, made guilty, snap a date across storms
and the easy rising of a cliff
snappers after easing mellow swarms
O, a bed of pure blood
taunts the hallowed deniers of Gods
and, la la, as ears go blind
then pensioners of deaf eyes gob for
seated sizzling stains of knighted war
ah a doggy jay jams a cat-hand
and, plaided, grey land loosens sands
and arises from a horned moon

o made giddy as the death of the dawn
i, made emptied, slam a fist aside corn,
and we arise from cements
and we writhe after old scents
and, la la, handled fathers rend dents
from pealer ponchos that seem sent
back homeward where jazzers form
an easy sax from a horses trumpet

o until blonde ravens cuss five seas
we must crashdown
o until mindless sirens alight towns
we will breakdown
o until phantoms cut sounds, old bees
will have to cluster where birdy leas
swing to sting honeys with drowned
weepy woollen wipers of grey glee/
i was made cold as real life
lo, i was fed to gold as spent light
turned off this funeral summer; O!
eynes sunder bird
la la, mines sunder stir
and a prisoner in de word summons
spirallers from wooden curs

oo we get curvy for baby bones
oo we get killed by ladies
and a cot of pure glass studies
just how to kill child-drones
and a saddler under chimneys
bears a stone aside de top
and, slowed, a keen family
fellows burns with trades
and fishermen of mermen raise
a romantic fisherbird from
grey eyes and dirtying suns

oo we get curvy for baby bones
oo we get killed by rubies
and a rabid cat preys on daddies
and a vapid rat
goes blind, just like a bat;
and twintzy lemon ochres snap
easers of sylvan silk-clapped
venal beds that float under
bridlers of ashen thunder

oo we get curvy for baby bones
oo we get thrilled by rabies
and, la la,a puking cushion stones
eaters of xmas and easter
and a foreign island kisses mana
and a sea of ribs
scatters salt scutterers across
a vastness of filmed cribs
easy maligners of pure death
may have to hiss inside de dark
and a chair of cheese
may well topple under parked
and harvest men are born to
sink a bleeding TV with blue
bobbing second-hands
and female founts use dudes
to supper after sand-heat
oo we get curvy for baby bone
oo we get pervy for radios
and a digitalis in blown stone
wets de christ-beds with shadowed
goldfishy roman shallows
and a boat of marshland widows
slink when a hose gets filled
with horners of unicorn-hills
the seizing epilepsies of men
dilate denyers with walrus-gems

yeah, where this radio hisses in the night
i overturn noise and,
o-la, where parents jam kisses
then a cradle under sand slices kisses
aside from the bones where midnights
draggle after sex and its baby-missives
and a boy of blood
bridles de blind to eternal gods
and a gal at sea
sails for the waves in a golden country
and a pulled siren on its side
slashers for demons when halted moneys
pay for a funeral bell
and, lo, a tocsin in the east
farms off familials with de acrid beasts
and a foal under yeast
sucks on a thrushy macadam of celled
cunny climes
a chidden english child chills bowbells
a season of parrot smiles
dials M and waits for murder;
and the signs of make-up sunder cells
and, oo, swine under paved cuts
crashdown aside a minotaur-town;
and a delicate city scurries under
dewy daugtered dells
and a cosined cousin
awaits the heat where a baby mumma
strips cocaine to the waist
and weevillers dam the cars in space
and weeblers ram adown Mars
tut tut tutter, as ashen vases carve a
salmon signet in skinned cars
then transepts of defilement use a
tarot card for a psychic modern scar
and a weeper in de blue casino
is fed to flippers when a fast cigar
dips dinners into cocoa coded halved
donny woman
and i am delighted by calves
and i am delighted with sex-shards
and, oo, eynes lead me to leopards when
icicles feed me to fished leotards
an a blancmange under pressure pens
peer aside glazed wagging pig-pens
and ideal oaters of crapping play-men
swirl a midnight boat for eaten spars
la la la la tut tut tut tut tut tutter
la lal la la tut tut tut tut tut tutter

marmaduke de sand-cat wags god's
endless gilded tail
and a sun in de islands paws god's
trendless guilty rat-trail
and i am the man your mother was
and i am the child your father was
and eyes weave some tears for Love
and spirallers ceded guns to lost Loves
ancthers on the titty ride-rise from
a bell-puller whose elevators grunge
darkly outside de girls who can't lunge
away from patients; and hospice-guns
shoot a kangaroo with
mind-tented scissor thrushed wide figged
cradle kids
uh uh uh tut tut tut tut tut tutter
come leave me blind and serve me butter


Copyright JDB 15/11/2020




work-in-progress title:Olfactory Fazers Feed Fans to Tails
1st draft poem then poem-song


olfactory fazers feed fans to tails
la la, factories sunder easy sails
la la, missionaries sunder trails;
and this is our tracking scene.

olfactory radars feed fans to nails
o-yah! factories sunder sirens and
feeders of fathers
stop dead,-

fishermen of urchins drink dregs


featherers of fatastic suns
spray dogs with starch;
and a toxic bell rings guns
and odes to winter fail

olfactory fazers feed us
with salty criminal dust
Ah, eyes turn in while

dirtyness begins to smile

olfactory fevers sweat optics
la la, easy rivers
raid razors; and jacking rivers
raise rope from flowers

devilers of drapes use lovers
to abuse the sun of coptics
la la, easy rivers
raid ripeners from easy Man's
easy writher

the starry apes who swing for
dizzy denials
swallow old gore,
and feverish failers are stored
in boned warped

and, ahhh, we stride the sun

bedragglers of televisions are
telephoned by rain
la la, flaggers of prisons stir
bars into blame
and baggers, scarred, curve
sodded gardens into birds

the fathers of false spring
swallows leather pains
and windowers must swing
aside all apple trees

and finders of ripeners are
deadly and left to cry

softening scurriers are led to
dizzy villages
and the hands of primitives
topple nude rapes
and tainted men who move
aside timed apes
will shorten sex with smoothed
baby shuntings

and reelers of keepers soothe
ideal beds with vermin,
and we rot for de old moods
and we shoot owls dead

a giddy vineyard vale uses
a dobbler of a mind for fuses
and eynes fade to lust
and minds fade to cusps

o softeners of scurriers move
bald mines to tears

invective penile falsifiers are
fed to doctored sea-hards,
and the bells at night are carved
from bellied bled cars
o a bedded cunt-shard has to
stir english tar into India-blues

invective penile fascinators are
fed to winky pussy lards
and, la la, as we wash nerves
then lady jesus has to curse
all sweetening lies

o infective pissy pokers purse
dolly lips at a spent receiver,
and a bud at sea
summons wives from deceivers

and we are the sex-deceived
and we are the skulls under leaves
and we lend beds to fortunes
lo a villager of silence sleeps for
idioms of failling stores
lo a villager of violence warps
easy bodies with waxed thoughts
and a mind at sea
carries curators under cities;
and vampires, bloodered, heave
hotel fangs from daddy weed

lo, where blood bells rimg seed
under copious drams
then a sexy beat may well hang
a mummy flower from greed
o-la.a neutered owl tree-bangs
dizzy veins with radios
and a cell at sea eats rodeos
and motel gangs reap shadowed

the easter-arising bragger men
bee-harness salts from women
and a swift gent on a mad hill
gets femurs flowing under stems;
O, a cut rubber in a sea of kills
slides under couplers
and massive feet never march
and passive sleepers
trip from ears where teamsters
squat at a train-ride
lo, a villager of silence cuts dust
lo, a pillared fotal capped sluts
rust for bleeders and cheapsters
and a raisin moon
forces kids to race for musked
urban menstrual keepers of
pled pussy and divine red God
the easter-rising braggler men
tree-varnish flamingos with shent
animal pools
and a chicken in heat lays stools
and a woman in heat
lays false babies under wheat

when the big box in a gas-car
carries fiery coals to dad's car
then a swift molten mind-dart
uses dangerous knives for harts
and a falon in a lift
drops, drops
and a fascinator accuses lips
of muttering in the Big Apple

we have lit a latterday lantern
with baby briders and caverns
and, O, a daddied easy ransome
suffers cabs for shrift taxi-guns;
and mentalis abuses digitalis
and romulus raises remus from a
dizzy clave where roman faces
swallowed de mandragora moon
and weavers of four seasons
serve blue pizza to blue reason

where model miners dig rooms
then deadness will go to spoon
twisting coffees with dragoons
after death's late dinner, i overheard de rain
cum scattering strange flame
o after late rivers, i sank inside pain; and rain
came scuttering after grain,
and the hands that fall asleep
star-reap rats; and a body in a city-train
ravels into minds

O, once upon a sun, i saw a lunar mien
snaffling after loud words and chocolate
and then, once pinched, i force minds
to pollenate dreams with veins..

after death's late dinner, i overheard de rain
cum shattering; and me and two minds
couple cocoas with golden coffee grains
and mental movers listen to tea-stains
O, once upon an eardrum, easy lovers
laid a pissy waste to searing brothers
and, caging lace, a human vase-rubber
washes canine caressers in campus blubber

and we time-travel to nowhere as fever
swallows a mandragora moon-scissor
and arking mind-dreams
don lucent mad-dreams;
and a boney bed believes in false dreams
and a lonely head-screen
summons digitalis from mental-screams;
and eynes collapse
under bleedered spriralling sky-claps

i am the god your father was
i am the ghost your mother was
i am the dead; and menfolk abuse wasps
and, ooo, a shakespearian sea-rag
may well ooze into soap
and a case under nudes eats roped
perfuming pissers that suck on hags
and holy Moses has breasts for bags
while nesting with herpes, i saw a venereal sign
egg-dunking mental fanny with a soft red vine
and a family has to hasten to
the drinking of the sun and the kid in the moon
and, loosened, grey hermetics seize hired noon
from daisy cliffs where angels pray
O, a captain of lips snares easels when day
countsdown to an indigo age
and, oo, when seated hens, i saw a venal mind
star-wasting solid stars with emptiness

while nesting with Hermes, i saw a sad mine
cum walloping pony-fields to small pieces
la la, a daddy lady yields ice to craned slimes
and a reddener of a seal
suppers for dukes as a restaurant under weals
swashes a caped car with flannel reels
and a bodice of blood sends camals to steel
and a bed of rice
loosens a loudy room with spreaded mice

whence a messy mind-breeder cuts christs
then a jesus-warbler will sneeze under iced
heat-hearted model women;
and a goofy plant presses slanted wood-lice
and a dunny female flower
rotates across marsh when a sea of mites
mold a donny clasher with knoted hours
and whippers of felines
gash against evil marines; and old lines
lease a lady-leash to caddies of tea-blinds

the routers of rummy ruins raises cosines
under a spinal sleasy crab
o shouters of nummy uses cloth to stab
dippy lovers whose faces underground grab
scalded collonades from sipping sorbet-crags
and eynes, sliced down, look down across a
miraculous Void where a heavenly god-slag
slides a burner's prayer aside all star-shag,
and starry sizzlers ride upon rectal stags.

ooo as we slice a cotton-reel from dads
ooo as we dice a bandaged string from labs
then, lo, we must most certainly get dragged
from a veering venom-vehicle; and slabs
shine along a deadly pool
and mindless family fools
flambast a dodderer with poisoned hoofs
and penile gradients, angled after sleuthes,
hit to a strapper of a backseat,
and smotherers of dirt-sleep
sallows after de dead gallows; and newts

get fished up by nets that let herpes heat
deli jelly writers of greyers and lud-heat
and a roaster of flayers uses herpes heat
and a cloaker of layers uses Herpes;
and a burner of chappers sets light to lust
ooo ooo ooo i came home to find trust
spreading ole boot-polish upon masts.

and we use a bad brush as old rafts
cum gathering mictive birds from vast
clock-headed stunned paths;
and, oo oo oo, a bladderer of a mask is
hereby shoved up a Janus-arse
and, ah ah ah, a ladderer in de past is
choc-fed to manxy kidders of dead fizz

and we shall have far less of the fizz?

o bad flies in stalled walls will always damage
the keen robotic queen who lays her loveage
under princetowns and gabby baby carnage
and the ova in pure rain
sunders liquid life with standards of veined
daisy cheaters
and a bowed slayer of limed deaths
drags a donkey castle under rigid meths
and a dollar in an english dime heats sex
with mangy moggy milkos of a soft apex
and daddy lenses are
led to gritty grotty glass
and venal vampyre hands sink fang-flasks
directly at the edge of a feline tail;
O, a doctor of pledges pee upon pales
O, a dropper of hedges
snappers for dukedames whose sails
cup defiant tits in curers of empty dales
and a lemon butcher
sea-scraps after baiters
and, la la la, once upon an ocean, razors
sank a dilly coat deeply down puked labia
and scummers slap a staggerer with a
coded coda that grinds teeth from flavas
and a boated body moon-dream
hisses for active ingenious mum slavers
O once upon a mined mind, i saw fathers
come flaying at a goyal of a blue fever
and, la la la, weeblers sent me to failures
o-la o-la.. indigo fever-spies seal traders
underneath a bruised gorge where radars
lambasted a city hew with viusal murders
and a berry in a sweet scream cuts fimgers
and, la la ah, cold choker cherries move
labile lion leerers with tilted fairy fathers
and, Ah, we will fall to death's feathers
and, Ah, we will fall from sex-weather

hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo... latent peppers
peal a podded plantain from lepers and
a breaker of soft pain cries, cries, cries
and a maker of lost rain dies, dies, dies
and a rattler of crossing pain
cuttles after bone as a graven sly sky
orders genitals from deadened papers
and eynes ooze de verbal blind where
filthy hornets leap from a wasp-chair
.hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo.. AMEN?!!!

say, can we use air?.


Copyright JDB 18/11/2020


work-in-progress title: And We Listen to Deaths in Bed
1st draft poem then poem-song

and we will wolf down blood-twine
and we hiss inside a bared mind
and, o, as passion lies, then hot wine
will lead us to a whored grapevine,
and the tumbler under drinking lips
kisses the drunken dead
and we listen to deaths in bed.

o we poo on love as menfolk slit
a donkey neck
and we dream about the tripped
and we use sex
and we accuse self of losing sexed
body owls

ah once aside a mind, my hot soul
rocked under sleep then rolled
back home, where songs were sold
to ruiners of day and night and
everything here is fed from a hand?

and we will wolf down blood-blinds
and we hiss as we pull the blind
across a city of fatal curtains,
and a bed at sea dreams of ravens
and an urban telephone
causes mad hoax callers when a
signal city bends

ah once aside a mind, my hot mind
shovelled sense under wynds,
and a sea of skies
rampages for dune-dragged eyes

o we pee on god as we use minds
to madden all sad men

and we surface from deep water
la la, we swim from drownings
and a bed at sea
softens waves with mad trees
and old trees moan forevermore

once aside a mind, my hot spine
got shaken by blue rain,
and my easy wall fell from wine
and my easy sea-cell
fell fast asleep where prisons
caged me under bells

as we shit on love, we use skin
to cause bodily burns to spin
away, from ghosts and dead gin.

and we surface from deep water
ah ah, we swim from screenings
and, gabbled, we weep from water
and, rabbled, we sleep for water
and dummy caves will sink water
underneath blue faces

ah, as we squat alone, then doctors
must certainly cure the dead
ah, as we sit atoned, then doctors
will certainly weeble under bed

and eyes sit abed as deaf vision
sinks a cunt-knife into butters.

ah once inside a mind, dead raimbows
ram a penis in a gun
o once upon a mind, we junk the sun,
and a sea of sleep
wanders under flowers

o as we sit alone, then doctors
ram a penis in a drum
and wines under skin toasts doctors,
and mental lungs die for doctors
and mad pushers kill for doctors
ah once inside a mind, dead rainbows
dam cunny with daughters,
and a dunny man shoots for bows
as we shooteth up, up, up

as we shooteth up, then we tip a cup
to a darling flower
ah as we tip a slut, then we sip muck
and we all eat some dirt before we
die; and an angel in the East
arranges sex from a dead feast;
and, o, as we shooteth up, we rip cuts
from dirtied wizard fingers

and darkness cries upon the land
and, made from dives, neon islands
wallow under flexed fire,
and we use pure fire to enter fevers
and we abuse the moon?

ah once inside a mind, dead rooms
open out upon a killed grave

as we skooteth up, then we slip distant musk
beneath evil meadows,
and, ah, once upon a mind, dead hissed husks
snapper fire under pillows,
and we sunder thunder
and we father mother

and darkness cries for glues as de Father
blesses boats with mirrors
and, la la, sadness dies for nudes
and, la la, deadness cries for de Father,
and angels flow from the sky.

as we skooteth up, then we slip saviours
beneath killers of dogs and sharks,
and, star-raised, felons walk the parks
and find nakedness weeping for labia.

upping the filty frigid fantasy hits aside failure
la la, de easy rigger of families
drinks to an xmas fever,
and a sea in Mr Scissor cuts upon flavours
and a dirtied kitchen sails the moon

and darkness follows flowers when flava
loops a carousel inside furious salt labia,
and an easy woman scries after fever
and a modern model sigh
gets too high?

the fast ligron in a moaned cage drives
dying puma-eyes
o fast tigons in a stoned lave sea-drives
crying leopard wives
and a bath at sea yields blood to cities
and the towns aside the lake
carries missiles into wild dad-dates
and we accuse romance of pure hate

and darkness swallows flowers from
dainty draffters of pearly towers
and, la la, digital towers show guns for
idiots of shooted sun-wards
and an eagle that awards preyed whores
loosens a body tie

oo a deaf pig turns as he grunts after
a daffy dream where a midnight brother
slashes a sidler with nine bared hands
and a dodger of druggers
drinks for evening as a house of udders
spurts filthy creams across thundered
river hens..

and darkness swallows days where
saddeners of de gallows shoot prayer,
and the Aladdin in a light
gets shown to veins of sweet hair;
and we look at the air
and we appear sad and crooked
and odes to jeans appear crooked
and opal trousers raid spun prayer.

Adders under transits hiss for traffic-lights
la la, fumblers of slashed lips
pucker to reveal blue-tits,
and the caffeine under ships suffers light
and a daddy damsel sunders
icy wolves
and, la la, a cryptic radio sings
and, ah ah, deniers of wedding-rings
raises romans from mammy star-slings;
and a vault of wool
pollenises milks with schools
and we see america cumming thru our stools
and we summon carded grabblers
and we season sharded gabblers with
grey slease whence an atomic rain-pig
grunts aside a public lavatory door. O!
alarums sunder soffits when whores close
a sizzler of a profit with loss
and a dribbly rose layers de cross with clothes
and miraculous pirates
serry a choker cherry with infantile pilots
and sins will stop god's parrot;
and mentalising rot rocks easy cunt-carrot
and pissers pee along gold rain

ole angled apemen suck a cupped nut
la, cold schism men cut a sucked nut
and the pearlers of a scream toss sluts
days high where a nightlong burnt butt
believes in salt sheet pain
and a dollar and a dime spends rain
against an english sound in champagne
ooo we have seen the blorted funeral
cum crashing lungs when shooting grain
strangles dopes with doom deniers, and
icy wooden widows
open out aside dolphin windows
and messed bread-brands breakdown
for unicorns and mental city shake-grounds
and a liar in a pullered cage
sears all of us on a delusory stage when
mitres of de mad meld muts with gemmed
baby rock
adders under transits hiss for traffic-life
la la, fumblers of dashy mitts
pucker against a female hoax-receiver
and a slinking owl
hoots for towels; and a babby's cowl
strips nuclear children bare,-

Lo can we suffer cleased hair?

o these flowers, all died and withered away,
charge death with graves;
oo, along towers, a digital garden cuts caves
with darting statemented classrooms
and a wife of peace dies for glass as knaves
angle for de fisher moon
o these flowers, all died and withered away,
charge selves with blades
and an active punk tie-dyes her facial clays
with leonic lady loopers
ah ah, a wideness hereby raids
a budder of a bud-child whose easy trades
hoot like a murdered owl
ah, eynes yearn as fowls burn
and an ideal husband of night and day earns
fascinating vase-art from rigid penis-perms;
and eynes yearn as men learn
about everything except the girls; and, Oh,
ladeners of rings don aspic ferns
and peg-heady statues fall from herbs where
heroic mashes deify dukes with loud hair
and mental masturbators
melt into sweet flour as cakers slice air from
dippy fairy-buns

the weeping sunners of darksome deaths
cum robbing the rain of her wisdoms
and a cobblered sea-stain licks for guns
and a winky winkly radio killls trapped noise
la la, a rose in trees sheds a poppy cushion
la la, a crow under reeds wings into missions,
and the caddered ladder-men who deploy
endless funeral patterns
cum, here and now, where glistering boys
boom with the very best of false gardens
and, ah ha, i have seen the snowed men gone
daftly after dromes where aerial lungs
cum, here and now, where glittering toys
peer under kiddy masques,
then a bender of giddy casks sucks arse
and a lingerer of baby masks
shine along statues where cats in baths
shed blonded bloods across dog-casts
and, ooo, i will learn of death as i fast?
cantonments in porny leas have to
listen to cremators
and, led from wind, a cheeky nude
cracks the fates of this world
and a binary mettler whose roods
ram a funny chaser aground
hits to daffy lasers
and, O, a goofy tearer rips sound
from cagers of a naked spy
and, O, a dummy searer eats eyes
and a fotal facist faces into sky
and mental mien learns how to die...

the poker choker of our cherry room
cums today where powders split
mind-atoms and active vein-lit
dasher dunes of pactive cock-shits
and a damager of diallers rots lipped
baby liliput
and, o, as i slide to hot sleep then i
grind my pillows down to dust
O, a long gal in the sun issues pus
and a dodderer of bums cuts crusts
away, from stale lanterns and rusks

and, o-la, here goes de mirror man
and, oo-ha, here snows bright sand
and, ah-hah, here flows an island for
a miraculous trip to the dazzled poor
and, laa, as mentors to the mad score
ashen veins from needled teas
then we may gather up the teas when
reeling in the utmost East
the wakesome chasms of the Beast
lap leather winds from winged beeps
and we cheep from canary heaps as
a lover of judas crucifies god's gasps,
and here, where we doss, evil flasks
decant whelk-soups inside gold glass
and eynes leap for shredders
and wives drink for naked beggars
and brides toast impossible meddlers

Copyright JDB 19/11/2020


work-in-progress title: C/O Cantos of Grease
1st draft poem then poem-song

these hot days when nothing pretty happens,
my mind, fed from deaths, suns old gardens
and a blinded father
feels for ladders where a boat in a garland
damages sex with ruins

these hot days when nothing lovely happens
my heart, fed from meths, stuns old irons
and we dine in the dark
and we grind in the park
and we weep for weevils

O a bag of berries dons lost itches when
idiots grope for a false pen

the angels under winds blow from skies
la la, candles under bins
stun salt specs; and a devil in closed eyes
ripen for bones and waters

the angels under winds flow from spies
la la, sandals under sins
split a cunted chapel,
and a dog at sea succours dead tides
from eagle features
O a bag of cherries buries teachers,
and we know nothing..

these hot days when nothing moves
my head, softened, nods under dudes,
and a city van
vans the air for wigwams
and the sides of March cut for hands
and, oo, wide wives use bands

O a bag of sugars feels after lambs
O a heap of mirrors
melds sashs into writers
and we ride the corn as hot lovers
lead lovage into smiters

these hot days when nothing occurs
must flush cocks down a ceiling,
and a bed of figs
afixes eyes to kids; and blood flowers

the easy ogres who war for arrows
get hispid now where de gallows
cum back from de killed
la la, my eyes get poked
la la, i use a flag
la la, my minds gets roped
and, unmade, my bed spins for dope

O a bag of sugar stirs aside soap
and, oo, we use stir for sleeping
and we accuse skin of dirt
and my mind swirls like a baby

the easy ogres who war for arrows
get hispid now; and a hanging lady
loosens a dead tie
and, lashed around times, soaks

sink ladderers under soft eyes

scrapers of sorry men scrape clothes from
accidental sex when a
dodger of a diamond delves for easy guns
la la, I sear a dead boy
la la, I reared a sad toy
and my mental zeal hisses for wisdoms
and, O, mental weals
will whip aside female eels
and a fishy shadow
lisps for locks as a binary of reels
drops a dangler from a bandaged string

scrapers of sorry men clothes from a
sea-shorn bench found at sea
and a muddy mask trudges under cars;
and, O, as muddlers melt, then sex cars
must concertina under Mars

scrapers of sorry men steal guns from
easy drinkers whose head-spun sons
have to heave cocks from English drums
and a cocoa cochlea
begs for anvils and stapes
and a vitreous humour hits aquas
and an eye of dreams
swallows optical shadow

these days of easy darlings hisses underland
o easy tea-trades
trip for sex as dirtying parades
dollop an eggy flan upon a church of graves
la la, eynes whimper
la la, spines shiver
la la, riders splinter; and mad trees betray
doom deniers with liver
these days of easy starlings kisses undersand
o easy sex-plays
dance for sex as skirting blue pianos are
fed to cryptic missives
and cryptic pharoahs blind beers with calves
and, la la, mad shakespearos
lam a laden lippy with a boat of pure stars

scrapers of money men scrape wallets from
deadeners of bruises; and weepers feed cum
and leadeners of peacedom
drag a dummy lake for cities and sweet sun
and one day, when opening the door,
we see a strange sun


idiotic asses bath in calf's milk
o, imbecilic rafts sail for silks
and cat at sea slides across grey waves
and a rat in trees
scatters bats across this earth
la la, a sea of catters cries for birth
and a rosy rattler scries aside bees
and, la ah, as children drive
then a venal cab will van dead eyes

o idiotic glasses break aside trades
and an visual cunt
smashes cans with dizzy dead spunk;
and an ivory pram
drops a buggy under jams;
and mental pied pigs drool for junks
and renal cabins
swallow sea-urchins

ah, imbecilic classes rocks a moon
and a moony star-seal suffers doom
and a dirtied kid
caresees eyelids
and, bright as cloud, eaters of gloom
suppers after daddy's fat chin
idiotic spaces get cut by rain and
dazzlers of easter celebrate klans
and a daisy cabin
cries for easy ravines; and ravens
wash crowy hands in sex-sludge

the violets that bleed for sweet deaths
hasten now to a false sea
o, harlots blow cum
o, sherbets shoot sweep beads,
and a hand on a lip
swills cokey brandy from cold trees
and a town on a lake
suffers tunes as teasy dancy gates
open out on a fast girl

the violets that bleed for sweet sex
fasten now a rose with salt mess
and a dizzy bound sex
binds diaries inside funeral wrecks;
and we open the door to find
a strange sun crying in a shone mind;
and a wicked weaver

drops a picker of filthy mad grind
and, la la, a lost town aside a lake
sucks beads with fairy tongues
and hispid naked ocean boys shake
dunny dusts from illegal rakes
ah, we attend nudes as drakes
swivel under jammed cakes. OO

once upon a mind in a fair world
a demotic diamond sold the world
and easy purses don gold; and gold
dreams of dizzy Eden..

the queasy door is opened by
an ideal female lie
oo, an easy whore is cut by
an ideal woman's eyes
and a bed at sea feeds skies
with eaters of mermaids
la la, a hoaxer under braids
bends hair aside blue mush
and a masker of graves
flashes upon daddy-slaves

the queasy door is opened by
an ideal female ghost
oo, an easy ward gets used
by darters of bedlam-nudes
and an isle at sea
stampedes across deceived
male-headed dweebs

and a ghost in transit leads
dolly gods where bread kneads
the cakers of the dead
lahh, men and molten beds are
flashed upon a used star
and, oo, we mold boners from
dizzy street-cars when guns
shoot a poke-hole dead as
intimate eardrums
la la, a hostess in a hostel
vanishes inside a dead motel,
and the wives at sea
shed titty-seed across released
babbies that sail forever;
and the wynds of darts sever
a hollow siren from a sold
and a rill of men drowns gold
and whistlers live for souls

the drabbler in the headpiece
gets chock-filled with straw;
oo, a laden kid shoots old sauce
and a hollowed jumper fords
a badness of butterflies
and, uh, as we sail for bawds
then, uh, we sweeten walls
with naked nuclear trowels;
and eynes look down from
a jacker of hounded lungs

the lioness of the cat-moon
star-treads on goofy waters as
miraculous Buddhas suck glass
and a fascinator of candles clasps
instant mirrors with torn masts
and a shipper of pigs tears masts
and a pigger of kids feeds masks
ah ah, a daffy donkey-moon
cries for sex and scented gloom
oo the yap of de wild will snap
a cousin of greyed poppy sap,
and an ivy under baby-wrap must
soften defilers with snowed lusts;
and a builder of caged cribs clasp
a digital camera from static hives
and a lady under Leda
swims from thunder when guys
wallop semen wine from flava,
and reapers of blinds draw minds
across spatial wintry sea-tines
ah ah ah..

wakeful pincered pilgrims blast
naked snakes with pigeon pasts

oo a rabid eagle has come to lay queer eggs
over paling soft buns
and a nun at sea blesses holy idiot guns with
eaters of romantics and castles
la la, suns in the east don teasers as pigs
whirl hash into pianos
and a doddery jacks the moon
and a shoveller of a killed room
carries mastic mazes under purified gloom

oo a rabid eagle has cum to lay mad eggs
and, once laced, a sewer of feline dregs
suffers feline God;
and all lovers loom aside a holy tiger
and all fathers swoon aside puma-pods
la la, a massiver manxer smells like Love
and men and cats will die for rat-Gods

ah emblems of sickled hens cluck for us
ah enptiness, pickled, craps craps for us
ah deadliness, piddled, caps killers with lusts
and we go listless as we fawke
petrol faces aside burners and cusps
and weevers cut de world
oo a rapid seagull has come to lay lost eggs
over patinas of wanky railings,
and the deaths of noon summon ceilings
from hot widows and vastness under beds
and ferny seizures cry, cry, cry
and porny winters answer to the sea-dyed
and wiveners of dancers
issue pricks from dad's eyes
the killer of eastern dreams dreams for
easy lions that weep for holy puma-wars
and a catter of sleep
sizes eremites from liquid meats, and
odes to damagers sing for death's drams
and souls war for arrows when
gigantic falons feed after old women

oo the talons of geese gabble afer lambs
oo the cantos of grease
slide armpits into yeast
and the harpers of de Beast accuse lambs
of baaing in a dirtying jammed fleese
Oh, i shall execute the holy
by gliding into sleeping countries
and i will hear dogs in curing heat made
as cold as the coda of a cobra-valley

oo a vapid vase-art shoots cum under
jaded pussy-gaolers who succour fevers
and a nappoed nosferatu ladels quivers
for orphaned boys and a naked lover;
and waspers of herod-hams
bible-hang slayers with matrial Leda
oo as a menstrual glutton passes by
then a locum lady may well get high
but smokers of de westend world has
no mind to break except glued hash
and a bedder of budders bud for cashed
pregnant charmers
o tutter tutter tut-
o cutter cutter slut
ooo mamma shuttered puc
come give us some peace in the leap
from dromedaries to glassrooms

Copyright Jim Bellamy 21/11/2020.


work-in-progress title: From Dromedaries to Fashion
1st draft poem then poem-song

from dromedaries to fashion
a sea of clothed silks
stacks shirts days high;
and a farmer after milks
sucks on a shot breast

from dromedaries to fashion
a sea of cutted star-hils
stack skirt days wide;
and a farmer under lips
sucks a balded tongue

oo a dyer of shorts lifts
some vinegar to soft trips;
and men and ideal clits
cry as they shed sweet bits

from dromedaries to fashion
i seize a dryer from missions

the star-crazy sea-sun utilises
a daddy gun
o star-gazy tree-guns shoot
old suns
and a gad at sea swills roots
and bald plants must grow?

from dromedaries to fashion
i saw the mamma moon
sliding under caped runes
and ruinous messagers swoon
under bald flowers

oo a dyer of drips hits dunes
and bled bunnies fade away

from dromadaries to old macs
a toppler of a teenager raps
a mad song for a mad stranger
la la, an ivory moon
happens too soon,
and a sea of light swills ash
and a bald night combs hash

oo a dyer of mitts fastens dust
to heroic engines
and, when spined, a car of musk
drives from de water-flowers
and a cave of surgeons
dribbles from de grave as
miners mine after sap-gas

and deadliness seeps powers?

reapers of radios ram a stunned gun around
a stabber of dogs and women
o eaters of rodeo ram a stunned sun around
a rapiered sky; and old children
hasten to whores when a female underground
layers wrens with mad gals
and an armed illing fanny sinks under sounds

o a dyer of tits dries mad eyes as old towns
hiss to a city beat;
and massing heat swashes whipped seats
and old clothes get stolen?

reapers of radios ram a stunned gun around
devillers of burny bleeder bone-drowned
easy garlands
ah ah, as we learn to die then weirdness
will most certainly cry out aloud

the slighters of angular halls heap a dinner days high
o, as we eat for sleep
then masses, reaped, ride upon a cherry sky
and a bird in heat lays dead eggs
and a bird of meat feeds off egg
oo a cherried chaffer choker loosens cold eyes
and weevillers, slain, flee across clappered skies
and slighters of angular knolls heap dinner-dives
underneath blue veined cunny ash

as slayers slather for servile deaths, then money
will surely, once pealed, dig a penis under lavvies
and, ho, we widen after pigs
and, lo, we weep aside kids
and a bloody mad male hill falls from green rigs
the slighters of angular halls heap dinners day high,
and old fakirs sleep on fingernails

reapers of dizzy dairies pull upon girl-udders
la la, heaters of easy dairies
suck on a cow-gut
and a bull of air serves bollocks to fathers
and a bed of sluts
suppers after salt-nuts
la la, eynes succour puts
la la, minds succour muff; and a closed fever
swills candy wine from cuts

reapers of dizzy diaries write catte-words
la la, eaters of easy babies
self-censor words with easy rubies; and birds
soften where ratted goddies
grasp to giddy shittered pities

as slayers slather after mien, a starry nerd
may well supper for angular nerves
and it is well told about stories under curves
and it is well sold
that a gilded guilty shop stops for wet gold


dufflers of daddy bitch buttons gun across
miraculous abusers of blind trees
la la, a dummy on a bus rides under screes
and, oozed, my bedposts banged under loss
and, eyed, i am sure men wank forever?

as layers of lust loop de sex root, then moss
may well fall away from money;
and we are at a cross
and we will end the cross
and metal meddlers may well drop loss
into a tank of pure fire
dufflers of daddy bitches summon lost
and a family's dirge sings for de birds
and a car of mallowers
ride aside a cocking horse
la la. Eynes clasp shut when perves
ride a dandy tunnel

as slayers of musk sip from fishers
then car-dented dust sticks wishers
up a dunny mind's
mad arse

a saddler of a scented death wrecks
plantagenets with blue fire
o addlers of rented death sky-sires
seraphic strangers from old meshed
and a salt flower flows
and a soft bower glows
ah ah, saddlers of scented sex decks
a china walrus with sawn desks

as slayers of dusk drool for deaths
then a madam vixen may well sweat
optical beads
and, la la, a sun at sea washes wet
and, a-hah, a hat of weeds
wallops wallowers inside grey-frets

a saddler of a scented blue death wrecks
plantagenets of coded glued meths
under wagoners of spinneys and kecks,
and a stunner under rain
tramples aside a female trampoline
and, ohh, a psychedelic circus
rains aside a lake-town and ream
old ogres whose worded world-arrows
fall just like soft tears

once upon a blind mind, i saw meadows
melting into demure forest-flame
and a star of gloom shelters under pain
and a son of darkness
serenades a lunar globe whose cities

cry, cry, cry..O, when once de bodies
die for masturbative eyes
then as students of cunt will use eyes
to sear a baby from wide spies
and a dukedom on a quiet cliff rides
a radioed cocker horse to a new bride's
ravishing blue-tide

dromedary men fall to reeders as lies
interlink Hector with Andromeda; and
wideners of milk scatter cheese underhand
and a lover of rilks
shaves a snowy bird from raven-hands
and a fotal kisser
raises rodeos from coded grey killers

oo as demotic diamonds glint then bands
will dourly play for rivulets and seasand.

o the duke of denial seizes mien from caesars
and, la lo, deniers of fevers
fan a fithy fire; o, once aside a modern riddler
softeners of mindfolk shot the moon,
and a bud at sea quickens sex with runes
and a braggart of a milky mirror lams sizzlers
with dirtiers of neon bones and ideal mammas

o the duke of denial seizes mien from killers
and, o-la, as we glide from tweezers then
daughters of failures flashes ashen god-men
under stone where flinters flicker for venom
and a woollen wife on a cut flick
stations blasphemers down salt rain, and ermine
cuntas after blown drips

and, stoned now, heroes under lips hiss for a
daffy dive where men run from the night to a
shadower of pissers and pavements
and, blinded by midnight, we swoon for Mars
and weavers stitch penises under red sitars

tundra-hooped and left to die, a wetted star
looks dangerously down on a blue world.

O netters of nuclear seasons taunt tits with fire
O wetters of naked mamma reason
taunts a bled pitta as a doner under sapphires
socks a skull inside ghost minds
and a rumpled teaser ticks for a dead hour
and a dimpled hisser raises meat from flour
and, O, a nuclear passion parades under tyres
and, OO, a feaster of missions sunders liars
Ah, netters of nuclear seasons taunt lips with
woollen wolverines whose faces fall from cribs
and, lashed under noosed laces,
weevillers of bled souls snapper across pigs
and easy eaten swine-kids shine just like figs

ahh Aladdin in his rubbing cage gaols deadness
ahh Paladin in his sinking rage
shows clowns to golden plumes
and a circus in red wine toasts de evil moon
and mad Cyrano, bulged, falls from cartoons
ah ah ahm,- miraculous lips tilt from cocoons
and a dizzy masque melts into glassrooms
as, bedded, sleeping tramplers tease dunes with
petrol faces and enemy mind-machines

ooo i took a butterfly bard to an eagled space
where the earth played baseball with my face
and, loped, my mamma used dad for mace when
a big bird spoke to me;
and a sun at sea sheds candles under gems
and a gun of grease
grieves as she guns babby down; and hens eat
lazily laying prison-gulls
and, laden with molls, a gangster under sleeps
carries mural friends to daughters and skulls
and, oo, miraculous hedons gag with happiness
and, oo, rented doll-spectrums deal after
major arcana and de lady in mother's fathers

and bols may jack my laughter where razors
shave a crooked fanny from a haired lipped
buzzy boyfriend of grey men and idiot flavas

and here and now cometh the ice man and, la,
here and now comes the son of Pan
and, ohm, where we hold to Ram then we star
in a trendless movie about abandoned cinemas
aahhh, a bleeded baddy has to crush de flowers
and, o-la, a natal laddy has to crashdown for a
milky birded past that awakes inside a showered
vocal cataract of mod days and model christs
once upon a year, i can hear the tears when
darting daisy darlings disappear into gems
and eyers itemise my telephonic world when
weavers of fashion slide a beer down chickens
uh uh uh uh tutter tutter tutter teasy tins?



Copyright JDB 22/11/2020.


work-in-progess title: C/O Radioed Moon-Men
1st draft poem then poem-song



the yearling in the past whose faceless mind
hacks after bread
heeds changelings spread across vine-seeds
and a bonny pig grunts where lights grind
dog-days aside wise crime
and a dgger for a dime pays with ash
and english riders rotate across the clouds

la la, eyelids pierce pugs as electric cash
pays in blue kind for human greed;
and a silent failure fails after need where
heaters of money waste pounds in air


hordes of dead voices saddle a pig-horse
with inverted choices
and a noise in a fire summons faces
from endlessness and bruised sauce
and a bun on bread
feeds cakes of lead; and mental lead
drinks gas dry

hordes of daddies dramatise skies,
o, a sea of bodies
batters wakes with easy babies;
and a cot of demure cavvies
swallows sex from lavvies

bakers butcher cake as rubies
cry for the smothering West;
and doggies dress sex in doobies

the yearlings of red horses saddle dust
o a perverted station
drinks dry eyes; and ices under patience
sell souls to hand-guns
and, ha, a donkeyed sea-sun feeds musk

hordes of fearing tribes straddle sparks
and, oo, as sparks of pure fire
sink sherries into demure parks
then biters in de park stride for tyres

and blown boys bow out for enemies.

darkness hisses like caves
and a sea of missives sings for rage
and, la la, we arise from daddy's caged
dead mumma
and, uh, a penile radio rips ribbons from
purple pissy humours
and galactic feelers flash for tumours
and life's soffits, clasped, crack guns

hordes of mental horses ride for hair
oo eynes of menstrual guys
slide a penis from a soft knife
and a stall of guns shoots odd christs
and a drawler cries and cries
and doctors endaughter old times

ooo, fisssues of faces fall like eyes

issuers of mad men sun-shadow sex with
teemers of de river Thames
la la, donkeys on de moon rise aside kids
and ballet boys dance for lions
and dancy gal-dance strips for Zion
and a sea of beds
spins in de trees
and the dead leaves are cumming

issuers of sad mien star-shadow sex with
easy beggars
and a nightly world drops from cribs
and, O, easy husbands swill from grids
and a mousy father catches flame.

oo veiny belly-pushers peer under trips
and a deadly pissers pees aside crypts
and, la, weavers of weed
suffer dolor as naked creeds stop lips


sadness hisses like a sea-slave
la la, softness caresses sea-trades
and a boner on bench
sun-blorts deaths with river dense
quarry men
and, uh, a heron in a riddle dents
dad-chapels with easy chick-tents

sadness hisses like a sea-knave
la la, madness caresses everything
and a boat in need
gets sailed to wet-death,
and dominators of silver greed
kisses greyed tides

and ideal hoppy coptics heave
long lonely holidays from seized
bonny ladelled gite-gums; and seed
seasons everything
and vacant greed spends for trees


petrils under patties peer aside a fat-mind
la la, petrols under panties peer aside rhyme
and a poet's prayer
summons ashe from players; and loud grime
sweeps ashes far, far away
and, snow-sundered, the flashes in a mind
finds weird scenes aside a digging neck
and dromedaries of jives
welcomes blades to diggers of gold-meshed
nazi bodies

petrils under patties peer aside a fast mind
and weavers of tears
widen woollen fears when crying spheres
layer doll-men with rocky weirs
and a baddy of a kid digs some teeth behind
jolly robin hood and his fascinating lies
and a sea of buds
brag after loves
and a dizzy hitler hisses for rape as spies
spirals nside gloves
petallers of petroleum sink bisks in tithes
ah-la, meddlers under rinks
stink of infective rumblas
and a disc of dangers splatters seed from
a rider of a killed ride where speeded guns
shoot pork-holes stone dead

and ideal hapless history boys slice breads
and rivals to listless families
sleep for veins as buggy under prams
slice a false tar-cake aside guilty trams
and we catch a buddha bus to a strong
city of pisser tears found inside
the lakes of de deadened
and wealers whip deaths dry..

petrils under panties peal a pond-snail
from minnow lips and evil daddies..

these radioed moon-men who suffer lunar life
must here and now settle down to star-christs
and, oo, as a modem sails
behind loud sills, then a bonce of pure lights
will most certainly sail aside odes to paradise
and a purple lesion
loosens buds to show a summer in rude season
and a boat of lichen
stows a sailor under eagre barks and kitchens
these radioed sun-boys who supper after life
hereby cases a bum-boy in a finger of piped
body rockings
and a babby on a chain dons sylvan rings from
bladderers of sizings and earrings under striped
pissy pooey fat Eden..

ah ideal kisses finger after fishy madam misses
ah idioms of gold rivers
ride aside a vault when a picture under kickers
crusade after dirt, disease and death;
la la, copious candy knickers swallow mirrors
and laid nazis cave in.

these televisusal rides that use a model fayre
hip to a fairground accident
and a laden body booms for pepsidents and hair
drools along a wiggy female experiment
and, la la, as oated pussy pillars fall from air
then a dog of moonlife must dream about prayer;
and a bready biddy goat-rope
hereby sinks leprous woman-dope under tares
ahh ideal missives fish for loaves and kisses and
an impassable lasting supper
bodies bones from laughter when easy England
hits to a stony slitter
and, oo, a sea of phlegms caresses sand-pictures
and, oh, limey cherry-chokers
marry glissed throats to underaged pokers
and weevillers play dirt-cards when soakers
sent scented silly sirens to wintry renal-coaters

ah when idiots feed off ingots, then droners must
trip to a teenaged scar-lust
and a nukey naked car-crust
crappers along slitherers of naked candle-dusts
and a myslexic mind on Mars
sweeps lunar morons off their romantic beads
and, la la, pushy plebs that whip a cradle's stare
must look deeply down in a bald man's
virility hoping, sandalled wooded easy hand
and, O, big blown bums drink from city cares
these telvevisual radio grinds cry from bared
heaven-flags; and communal minds get scared
of plastic black rats;
and, lo, i find cats shaping gods from fats and
i searched for flaps as old-timed poppy-plaits
softened my mother moon with Cyrano

these are the emptied days when mad boys sleep in a cage
o these are the scented days where
a laden lady rabbit leaps from some beer,
and the dragon-flaggon of a dead son jams aside fear where
radiophonic digital sounds go bury bees in a fairground;
and the eyes of jostlers
scurry under minds where a father to a pusher has to scare
massed cockless old men who terrify the stars found in hair

these are the emptied days when mad boys sleep on de stage
o these teetering times where a clockhand sucks timed rage
loosens baby nunneries with softeners of birded wood-slayed
foresters of sordid schizophrenia and a scabbard of a
wheated sweatered cave
and mice-men, mazed, mass aside glades when woodlice
loosen amonites from dimetrodons and fascinated heart-priced
baby jumpings
these televisual digital dammy boxes that lead sex to waters
hasten here and now to a sodden street-light's whore-daughters
and a poof at sea
star-strangles sense with holy sleaze
and a bonny burner serenades sex with dirtying soldiers; Ah!
once, when a petrol face drops death,
i heard a balded bidder in space combing gods with sex
and a case of lions
breaksdown; and easy minotaurs meletd up next door to a
rasper of romantics and blinded lady-dreams
oo, i entertained a lost flower and i disembodied man from a
canny concertinaed cunt-dower
and, oo, as a cunt-seized flower lets dizzy eagles glow then
weaver of spunked leas must glow like a worm; O, women
tread upon de spinneys whence a daggerer on a train spent
spermatozoa with blinded cradle-crashers
idioms of campus canes clap out aloud; and a wintry ken
draggles after porny piers that transfix a city's smoke-gem
and a candlered chappy chews on lard
and an instant laddy lippers after marmalade sky-marg
o, as a bended buddered kind star
sweeps a flaffy licence adown an arcade of tarred
cobbing web-wives, then a directed beady mind-hard
hisses aside dewy dells where openers cry for paths
and these paths trime-travel into nothingness
and passioners of clock-cables crusade for harps
these are the televisual model days when hearts
sleep in a broadband venereal dart
and a bone of flowers lets a world web go for a
dodger of pornosapphic debts; and weepers start
a hisser in a spreaded film-chart
and, la la la, ices sink dirt-sorbets adown marked
evil-carnivals of stone-musks and chicken carp

emptiness beams from a shrill moon and calves
bar-surround all wizened boys and dead masques

oo hard belters of wheat-sperm shelters cake-ghosts between
cavvy camels; and a dicky heart-worm
slithers under a maggot-headed demure Medusa;
and a lantern under fire sheds candle-grease across dreams,
and a local mien masses for de citied star-seducer of burned
psychedelic circuses; and, La, i car-crazed my mental screen
and, la la, i scar-anointed spillers with fatal fotal pharoahs;
and a crossroads in my heart
cums jumping rot as the senses of my mental mind-art heed
daddy droppers from grey salves and sleepy country-sleeves
and, sundering by, a bloatered cock-clam
scries after dust when rolling winter-rams rush aside beads

ahh serial mien-illness gets impassioned after dizzy dweebs
ahh venal skin-slips set alight to daddy drovers; and weed
cums pusselling at vacant lips where a horda under reed
gets star-punished by apses of blown boats and ocean-sleeves
and, mountained under de bodies, the slowers of bastard-bees
lap up the honeys of de ashen sex-deceived
and, ooo, menstralisms night-damage mammy mead with dust
and, hahh, coily cappy cunny winky sweet-meads sallow for
dangerous pig-kids and fondlers under bladed jerkin-wards.

belly pushers who serenade a donkey mood supper after
red warfs where a dandy dazy monkey-snood hears laughter
sizzling beneath blue whirlwinds when a daffy godly father
traps iced closed coffee-worlds in pinky pips of pear-lather;
and a babby on de fotal moon sickles satchels from red mana
and, coded by crucifiers, a castigator on her way to her lover
licks a toffee scroll from glottal body-baiters
and, ooo, ideal honey hips for baby-brakers as digital cancers

drop from hireling heaven thence landing upon blood-dancers

Copyright JDB 25/11/2020



work-in-progress title: C/O Body Haloes


the pacy pusher-puller of a deaf mind
serenades sight with girls
la la, racy sister-fuellers end all times
and de bone of my lost town
scarpers after stone then kills clowns;
and a farthing in a metrical tent crowns
baby rockers with sounds

these puggy days where a wasteground
succours beers from frets
star-listens to guns as lazy garden-lips
sally vogues with sotos
and, lashed, a serial winter uses lips
to mouth-strangle all body-haloes

the racy faisty father givers to mad maids
melt under blind water
o, fairy thumbs search for mortar when
grey graves give to slaughter
and a bun of glass drops old doctors
under men and women;
and nude angels in eyes wing after
dolly proctors
these podgy piggy days where love's maze
sidles down a film-screen
hits to a vision-box trapped under waves
and we must come on like a dream

these paddled pushy pullers of cold lies
serenade poked bell-brothers;
o, a bath at sea sets sail for wide skies
and a wild mental mien
cuts a penis from old women
and, iced under, a vaginal chicken
clucks aside eggs till stoned dead.

a grey geezer in a bar drinks dust
and a madam in a car
crashes for lusts; and dreams trust
all dead sleep with radio musk
and eyers drag pillows from bread

underwatered, a bed of blooded devs
shoot guns for gins;
and a roasted wind blows for graves
and an indigo patron of closed graves
attends god's funeral;
and we knock heads from spirituals
and we pray for day

underwatered, a bench of goosers
lam a pitiful picture with oozers;
and panda pomandas sear losers
and bleeded heat sharpens lasers
O, once upon a mine, i heard rivers
crying for an apple

these paddled days where i shape
starry heels from canterers
hereby wank for deaths, then
drapes canals aside studios hens

the slaughterers of deaf god's sons
slashes hides with mortars
and the wakes in cars drive sons
underneath dead glued silver
ah ah, a doctor to the dead hisses
la ah, a digger of blues swings kisses
aside motorways
and ideal husbands sweat clay
oo hooray we may say for today's
stallion sap
oo hooray we may say for blades
and a mare-miner of gold glades
gallops after cats;
and a gulf of ghosts sends cats
aside memories of canned rats

the slaughterers of deniers snaps
a blithe dicky-bird whose caps
photograph adventure then
star-collapse under nude hens

these daffy days where night-long ladies fingers
swallowed guns from prides
hastens now to a hated heaped mind-bride
and a bed at sea causes drowned sleep
and a bath at sea delves blood for sleep;
and,, o, a candler of elves
sets alight to blue flowers

the eaten boughs of false ships hoist us
a riddler of a plastic rigging
and a sailor who fishes for sea-dusts
has to listen to starlight where dust
flies underneath bruised cradles; O!
once along a mind, eynes had to lust
for daddy rich and mammy sea-cusps;
and, lo, we outstretch both our hands
and we see our parents turn askance..

these are the rare days when dance
sets alight to dolly boys and their lanced
stiletto city;
amd we cry for the city as we prance
aside punching cats and canine piety
and a daddy loaf gets cut by de baby

lashy ashy lady moon hisses underfire
o, we may well outelbowel the sun's fire
and we may well out a soul with fires
and a god at sea
slices under seed where a nude owl
hoots to a distant habit
and a dunny wife feeds cats to fowl
and, la la, a dummy sea fails

o lasy plashy nude rooms seem clear;
and the eyes of messy mercy
show showering pity upon blue fear
and a stella sward
suppers for selves where caged wards
slide a mammy dad inside sweet gourdes
the parental sea-strap that abuses veins
hastens to lips where straddler's grains
drink coffee grounds from dauphins,
and mental towns fall, fall, fall

o-la!! the thwack of a desolate spade
sinks sharpeners of Gods
inside bled tree-boxes when cods
sank aromas of mud
deeply down in a bogburst;-

and radio urchins swing for muds
and silent meadows turn around
and kestrils toast a rose with Love
and carrion pig-gems crack drugs
with pampus blubber and salt-suds
lashy ashy lady moon hisses under fire
o, we may well never see the sky
and, scar-shaved, as we rock fires
then we dance into a funereal spire's
cathedral-creating church of money

these are the catty lines i will read
and, la, these are my minds
and, ah, petroleum has my mind read
with dairy thumb..


lashy easy hurried god-movies
slash easy seats- i am dreaming of
cinematics and the greasy screen of
reeling filmed love;
and a canny kinema suffers loves
and a candy sex-show storms loves;
and i beat to a midnight hour

o these are the crazy stars i am
forcibly fed; ah, cosmotic sea-hands
affect dolls with hired waters and
fucking islands give head to islands
and, la la, as grey men flow to sleep
then a doggy catty city under heat
carries marital herpes to gay sleep

o, the buried bend of a rocked heap
cocks aside a crocking-horse
and a cavvy of a crimpler reaps us
from daddy life and feline slow-dusts
and a mammy of an illegal God lusts
after lunging needles and crust
ah ah,- we sweeten vales with glitter
ah ah,- we widen sails with rivers
as we soften seas with mirrors

lasy easy hurried god-movies
slash easy seats in panted pantries
and a filmic pulse
washes veins in flowing reveries;
and stains inside glowing sculleries
layer pots with china pans...

the accuser of a midday moon
swoons after lost sense; O, rooms
get blown from a raimbow's ebb
and a crower under veiny dregs
sinks coffees under teasy plebs
and campus men taunt coeds when
daddies drool for brewed murder..

oo those chinese oils that led me
to neon pendant silence marry me
to girly widows
oo those moon-eyed men who
seize a parakeet from hired window
parries me back, to a bodied space
where waxen boy-bums feed lace
to deadeners of swifts and sparrows;
and i shall swifts to minnows?.

laden, a guarded juicy garden sows
salted seed across a monkey-grove
and, laa, my medula of demure crows
taunts raging ravened carrions with
belliers of blousers and grimed kids;
and stormers of killers
bleat candidly about the fast hour
when, caged, all male drouth cowered
beneath veiny vineyard snails.
easterly arising, baby boxes sail
upsidedown in a boat of pure ale.

o as for youths and their lizard smile
may sadness stride five seas
o as for truths, let a summer's trees
shed oaks aside oats and elms;
and, when done, please send seas
aside doorways that lead back home

oo the obsidian sides of a nice life
sink a propane miner under coal-christ
and the harpes of the livid poor
damage bruised purses with wars
and, la la, my misled flava roars
aside a spastic chain..

i as for youths and their gizzard smile
may madness sting mad bees
and may now the sun, crying, bleed
honeyed raditors from a vinyl sleeve;
and the codders of the fast trees
sway as they moan aside shut leaves
oo the obsidian sides of a nice knife
sink a lemon ochre under closed mice;
and a star at sea sots aside of me;
and as for youths and a wizard night
may deadliness storm a lost wound.
the pickers of pled pictures peer in
a woven heapy shattery shop-window
and a lazy diamond on a stage sallows
bled hay cheeks where catted willows
swing, swing

Ahhh,- once aside an arrow, my bed
swirled inside a butchered wing
and, o, as i slide from sleep, then pegs
may well fashion pigs from grey plebs
and peg-happy funeral men must grab
a daughter of a sky from
eaten seagulls where a sonar gun
shoots Aladdin stone-dead..

and a shrilled relapse into silence
surely rends a mass from violence
but the harpy dunes of my mind are
flayed from scented sleep; O, cars are
walled into a gay waldron when
dead stars look down upon gems..
ahh,- weavers of towns use scars to
cleanse bejewelled writhers with hard
soddenising blowers of solar sofas;

and, la, red ruddied pigs grunt nuts
and, ah, acorn rodeos swill sluts
and, uh, bed-blooded figs oink muck
and, ooo, mental shapers shape forever
all the wild world and her lost fellah...


and a buddha of a cat prays for tailed rain
o-la, dreamers under rats pay for a bad-tail;
and the evil ovareis of rats
disembowel dancers with eager feline bats;
and we are as blind as the sun
and we are as deaf as the trees;
and we are led to deaths as rolled bees
clothe pussy-pets with easy furry towels

and a buddha of a cat prays for tailed rain
o-la, dreamers under straps sleep aside pain
and the kids who taunt a slaughtered flower
eases baby-rock insiide bended male-grain;
and a dizzy farmer of the moon
slash a soaker around a midnight gun
oo once astride crime, a candle in de sun
shoots a slower of passions with
ignorant baby-baits and evil pedophiles

and a buddha cat prays for tailed rain
o-la, dreamers under traps trip for veined
flute-broken fanny dogs;
and a pisser of daddies hits a soft pug with
illegal flowers that float aside closed kids
and, oo, a focal shower of eyes has to
rid a bunny beacon of dunny goofy nudes
and, uh, underneath our buddha cat, dudes
lash a paper-collar about a hare's shoes
and we have to abuse a radio's shoes as
blurred diamond sandals reap gildered gassed
blithe suitors of blonded babied bared ass
and, la la, scrapers from rubied candle-cash
drives a dollar saviour to pharoah-ash;
and my smoked world is surely pyramid
and me and my world are tied to glass
and, sun-sprayed, rivallers of blue pigs
piss into the shitted wind
and a bunny on a tram drool after figs
and a daddy dream bus travels to grids
ohh, we will whistle as we hurt
ahh, we shall nestle under burned skirt
and leave all cleansed women behind.,

and a buddha of a cat preys for rain
and a mother of a rat hunts for pain
and a father of a bat sweeps de earth;
and, ohh, as we ride out to seize death
then a buddha cat, with one million lives,
must chant the mantra while healing
over a motorway in a medicated gong

and eager jammy hitler sings its song.

Copyright JDB 26/11/2020



work-in-progress title: O When Waiting For de Passing Hour
1st draft poem then poem-song


o when waiting for de passing hour
i heard the birds in the seeds
shaving nests from high trees;
and a bud at rest races under flour
and coda boys must bake a cake

o when waiting for a glowing flower,
eynes turn in for a blind smell;
and the rats at dark
damage wounds with cut hearts;
and blown bodies dive

la la, pippers of pulled scribes
eat into a vinegar summer.

o when awaiting the sun, guns
shoot dad Angels stone-dead
and a ship of seagulls pecks bread
and dizzy masons build de moon
o, when awaiting the sun, lead
star-poisons geeks with false red
ememy tears

o as a fretted dog yaps in bed
then a bodier of bastards begs for
sweet deals and money.

and la la, we awaited a soft ebb
to silence us with tears
and muted summers feed fears?

teary torny larders tar roads with cream;
and an ideal Lord
listens to blood; and bawds suck cream
directly from penis-idols;
and, la la, eynes trip for rainbows
and shysters shine for crooked muck

teary torn mind-laughter raids dreams;
and a baby in a cave
cries and cries; and a city under lays
bleed for cuts
and, uh, as scented nut cracks up;
and painted pisser-men serve hot

pigeon wine; and bad birds watch
dying kids flown by

o when waiting for the moon, cots
carried curriers of babbies under lots
and, la la, eyes scatter cop
and, la la, spies scatter cocks
and an easy wife sweats after loss

o when dilating for dinner, a cross
splatters bloody sugar after shops
and an easy helmet dies
and, la la, eaters of pelmets cry
and, o-la, easters feed xmas eyes
with shaded tinsel mass

an ashes under flashes get high
o, tashes under rashes lick skies
and a babe in cool summers
hisses at a cradle-war where wives
season stars with scried
pampus blooders

o, a dog a day keeps cats away
and, uh, pigs of sleet
scatter snows across loud meat
and lighters of lemons seize clay
from opals and a changed

candle ocean

teary eerie moaner men skid from rest
oh a fascinated mirror-kid
swipes easy grain from eaters of deaths
and a field of faces
farns a body-bay from funeral faces
and a funny wake for all
leases loss to a daddy-wall

teary eerie moaner men go west;
and a flower at sea
summons rains from you and me
and, la la, oceans of spaces seize
a dummy pig from de grave

o, a dog of clay yaps for potters
and evil vinegar laps
loosen holy buds till mummy-wall
slides into lost sleep

idle ideal ship-slides that lead boats to death
hereby drown just like a smile
la la, easy wideners of rats
shine just like ten zillion cats; and old sex
scurries under seats where
blinders of brassic boys bend for false air
and, lo, me and madam moon
shine aside de horse-and-groom; and air
fascinates pricks as de sun falls around
hot cold birth

teary eerie moaner men go far West;
and a bomb of bears claws money with
honeyers of saviours and indigo kids. La!
when once a tawny toweller wreck
old boxes and smokey slits then cars will
ravel under timed beddy-clits
and a danny dog-boy wakes where cliffs
fall, fall

idle ideal ship-slides stun bruised babes
with skelterers of cunt; and closing slaves
solicit for rotted vagina
and, lo lo ho, eyers of minors may well raid
all lovely things with evil graves

once along a dishy dial, dodderers paved
a biddy stocking with illegal bill stickers

wow, these incredible days where i strut god's stuff
here and now, clay-made, send a storm to sleep
wow, these divisive nights where i huff lovely cusps
shades of me anvillers
loh, a sky at sea deranges cablers as radio busts
get a bluesy bust out from
easy wicked guns that shoot de whitehouse
and, uh, a pecker of plaits pulls upon de house
and macadam and madam tars heroes with suns

wow, these invisible damagers i use for rest will
forever sink into a hill;
and bellers of ink snap hills
and swellers of pink-paps fill ideas with drills;
la, a dotter of puss-traps thrill, thrill;
and a waller of wakers dream about grey mills
and a fakir's paranormal wallet
pays for notes as cancer of a rich summit
slides adown a red town..

wow, these impassable grease-glades lust for
a tray of vinegar ice-creams;
and a bayer on a desk cums canes under spleen
and a crooked crosser shoots coded screened

and eynes must crashdown. O, bled clocks are
fed to deafening blindedness
and a ship of thieves swallows rigs from cars.


cinematic pansy men shower eyes with streams
la la, romantic cheesy men
layer lowly lambadas with easy fishy men
and, at sea, we cross aside women to find cream
dolloping christs upon easy bloaters
O, a bum of pure glass wipes a false arse with
doctorors of demure ceilings;
and we dance across sun-rooms where pith is
fed into atomic fanny-gildings

cinematic pussy men shower eyes with dreams
shovel a blinded blanket inside
a bulbous clock that countsdown de hot tides
that lead a minted minotaur to eaters of screens

wow, as i express cock-milks then i use fearing
to summon a yoyo from a poncho;
and, la la, my mental spine flattens bone with a
blueser of a baby-mind
and weird scenes in god's mine
rasps after beamed husbanded crimes
and woollen women get fed to wedded treasons
cinematic pansy men shower eyes with streams
and a beddy boner
baits cunny with loaners of pregnant mothers;
and coded cobra kin cries for dada as fathers
swallow blue rain


uh as for the spider in the fly, may romantic horses
come trampling dogs withe night
uh uh, as for fathers inside minds, may coptic hearses
can de can-can with easy evil midnights
lo, as de stars are laid under blowers of dark voices
then de cabled stars may well look down
aside darling priories when a plastic boy in town
hisses as he shatters
ohh, whence a herring girl washes her brow then
fascinated drowned curls
may well squeeze sidlers of pearls under whorled
mayday sky-worlds

uh, as for de spider in a fly, may romantic horses
come galloping for a stallion sac
o as we ride from donkey sap, then juicy macs
mass along rooms where faded false soap-slats
sidle for de rainbow's dark ebb;
and we shall know of de rainbow's ebb where a
daddy white skinner damages apes with rivers
ahh, massive cunted capped cats
leash lady Oblivion
and a dog on de moon leaps from plaits as prisms
get sparked across by idiot bruising baby-prisons

uh as a wombler waves its littered flag, then
icers of kiddy toy-beads will rage after spent
easy model bridlers
and, lo lo, a candy killer teems for chippers
and, a-lo, mazy rivers scream for chaplers
uh as a wombler raves aside its razing rubbish
then a genius cocoa child will surely feed stir
to magical roundabouted dilly silly screen-pursed
babblers of chidden clucky mucky kid's TV..

uh as for de spider in de eye, may romantic horses
lead a stallion jack to a plastic mac where
sold sky falls from wealthy vermeil slack-prayer
and a dunny dizzy coastal girl
brought evenings back to worlds as wept curls
curry a painted picker with dizzy smelt hair.
And a smelly madmoiselle uses her face to snare
cabled cries that lead to a junkey under de stairs..

oo what with samphires and cabbage grease made
up, up from fanny cheese and an eaten sweat-maid
we will surely come to realise
that horded bunny boys will have to slide devised
bionic rot beneath fans
and, la la, we dropped oil-cans
and, ah ah, we stopped foiled Man
and a diddler on a screen shoves anus under Pan
uh as for the spider in death's webs, a cobby gran
may well weep as she knits a woollen gang
and a party in sharp seats sharpens illy slammed
birdy basins where many throats will meet
and, glued to glug, a flagon of stoats will deplete
all men and all kids from females; O! eynes reap
radioed rodeos from carpenters of blonded sheets

ahhhhhh DE END?

looo as monkey fat drips adown a bolted wagon
then cunny cats may well mewl and drown
and, uh, when mouse-men swing aside towns
then a daggerer of a cat-hen
will surely sculk after blowers of ferine gins
and we washed ourselves in sweet skin
and we cupped defective tits aside hymns
loo as monkey fat drools adown painted missions
then money rats will scurry under earth-crowns

loo as indelible marbles roll aside a brawl then
vast optical snakes slde aside a hall of children;
and a giddy goat meal
swallows curves; and a blorted glued boat sends
bastard females aside dodgy sound's
indigo easy wasteground; and, la la, eyes rend
a bodier of killers to writhers under old hens
loo as indelible rats chew mouse-fats then sins
cum breaking into sweet beds and evil limbs

when lice in a catacomb of Love affixed dust
to eager-mouthing funeral muff
then a cannine fount led judas to de Mount;
and ferriers of bounced jesus
fed a wearying stoned wall to gold dust's
dirtying blinded moon
loo as monkey fat drips adown a bolted wagon
then canny cretaceous dino hens
will whiff of the stoned weird; and chickens
sticks breaded miction inside geezer-children
and a gullied wave-world
loosens mites from reeling pussy pearled
atomised massed nuclear dirtied girl
and a tonsured hat of snakes slide worlds
aside vastness of blue screens and Milton
and good old reads ram a dodgy siren

under tramped tacs and bloodied earls;
and jackers of cats cut out; and, O, girls
cry for deafening blinded creation's
evil throbbing klaxon
easers of coding slides accuse curation
of lilting down the nazis of the glade
o easers of robbing tribes
sun-accuse de dead of wedding blades;
and the miners of this rolled man
clapper around dreamers of Japan's
vinegar ties
oo, a git inside grips a cradle's vice
oo, a gnit inside lips
leaks leprous faces from dizzy shipped
filthy salt foison.....

and lions leap when God
and tigons sleep for Love
and ligons reap lost Gods whence poison
fashions naked bones with closed prisms
and gutted angled angels
cum rocking at death's ward when God
grits lord Juno's female writ
and a babied sandalled angel uses Loves
to banish pushers to bellers of soft pips

Endlessness cries just like a dead flower
and deadliness dusts dykes from towered
severed hedonistic bluesed heavens.


Copyright JDB 28/11/2020.



work-in-progress title: Hearses Heat Horses and Poked Smiles
1st draft poem then poem-song

these tintzy tired world-words are fed to
spastic human tunnels
o these easy dead worlds where men move
have to hit de beat
and a bed of silver carries curries to meat
and twelve eyes cry, cry
o plastic cases crap on casements when
a bandit mustard piano swings like children

these tintzy tied worm-words are fed to dust
and, la la, brides get burnished
and, ah ah, wives get punished
and a well of moods drinks de levee dry
O, we have come to find salts in old sky
and a roper of a grinder dies away.

and ligons sleep in the earth
and tigrons weep; and odes to births
gabble where pigs get gone legs first
and a bodied flower
eases sex inside power
and a lazy diamond rots for plastics

these tintzy walls of gas heed mastics
and weavers of wiveners
wash solid hands in larded mad rivers;
and a bath at sea
swipes rosy gems just for you and me
and eynes receive denial?

hearses heat horses and poked smiles
drop from lost faces; ah, ah, lahhhh

the deepeners of self-deaths move us
to fascinating tears
la la, a rider of small deaths moves us
to indigos and fears
and, ah, a flower of spheres
smells of moon-dust; and blue tears
widen up for fangangos

hearses heap voices under meadows
and a marching whore-boy shadows
a driver of green flowers
ah ah, we weep for flying meadows
and we sleep for dying broads
deepeners of self-deaths move us
to fascinating dust;
and pulsed ramblas damage dusk
and repulsing mind-blows
darken doggers with german snows

the riders of ruins ram a cocked horse
beneath cruel sauce
o criers after call-ins carry cold loss
to blown cities where de mad force
helters heads with dustbins
ahh once aside of me, dauphins at sea
drowned my fever

hearses sleep for rivers when bees
sting queen ants
and a termitic killer swells for bees
and bees sting tanks
and canny locust men eat rabies

the riders of ruins ram a coker horse
deeply down inside a cochlea's coarse
blind blared deafening visual earring
and a boat at sea
sails for thunder; and sad folks reap

flashing farmhands from green sleep.

grievers of the less believed hear musk
shedding hair on starch
and, o, as sad lairs leap for an arch
then doublers of dying will march for
easy horses where ponies die for
dusk; and a boaty baby boy hits God

the riders of ruins ram a soft horse
and,, la la, softy toys play after Mods
and a punk at night
swills dyes from lurid hairy-fights;
and a sea of friction feels midnight
showing pissers toa whiteboar.

shiners of easter grinders drop fats
under robes where sugary cake-cats
carry scurriers to dirtying wet walls
and catters carry cussers when dolls
molify pink tac with scissors.


easily when easter-rising, a mojo god made clear
that genius at xmas time may dance for gifted tears
and a daffy genus
hereby rocks at a backdoor where a horse of fear
raises its hooves aside de earth;
and a bud of roses rams a fairy sun in a phallus;
and the brides of hearts
swill petrol faces from enemy fawkesfires

easily, as men tread mortars, then a holy sphere
cums swirling at death's ark;
and a navel cat hisses after dark
and an oxen family takes a walk in a dead park
O weavers of money spend tax where sparks
lay waste to masks of fire
and, ahh, i saw the ballgame banging balls where
easy faceless nunneries fell up from thin air
and, la la, easily reddening sluts will impair
ideal mutts;
and a catty caveman will shave hispid prayer
and eaters of ladies must
drool aside a body-bust..

these dandy sandy horny jazzing days are
loosened from sex-twine;
and a gassy gun shoots wine
and a bud in film shades milks with carved
car america;
and cad america shields vans from red stars
oldness breathes for stone-breath and calves
cum shooting mad bullock bullied blind bars

o as a royalty of buttered defunct blue blood
fascinates both hands and knees
then a buddha in strands saves animal need
and a statue on the stone
falls upon a vacant earth; and coded seed
gets star-scattered across spermy slease

o as a royalty of shutered dispised ald God
masturbates both mind and body
then a buddha in cannes films dairies for
pussy pushers of a pornographic mind-war
and a bath at sea
slants under beads;
and a penis on the left
means a penis on the right
and, la la o-la,- eyenes cradle christ..

a farmy family of shit-men hears mice
scurrying into rooms where
spattering rattlers summon salt-hair;
and a wide world aside blenched stairs
use a daddy den for a stairwell
and, oo, we had out last chance for prayer
and we forever stood at the foot of de stair
o as a royalty of buttered defunctive nods
reach for arterial bods
then we will surely rod a fane with cods
and a snappered pissy early fist robs
dirty fished nets and venereal pleas for
venal cemeteries.
and ashen seminaries fish after plenuries
and a gabbler with loud sides
pee aside a spare-ribs and rotarors are
forceable injected with pigeon jump-starts
o family famishers fade to day as we prod
porkers in vaginal pockets
and the dummy rabbits that feed off Love
clam-cases semen dreamers where sods
peer inside a natural human salt-pan;
and a naked sea of wives
laps at a poppied frontdoor;
and, ooo, fatal focal cries shed salt stone
from gabbly eyes that flail as they foam

ass wipers weaken for dusted bones
and wideners store beds aside drones..

ooo what with a canyon in my grip, i shall
lead caverns to huge hired windows
and, uh, a skull of sad fires may well fell
touchy-torchy eyes with ebbing slut-wells
and an easy hare
loosens rabbits aside a comfy chair and i
hissed across death's ice
and, ohh, i rolled a comic dice
and then, made old, my silly hit of a mind
loosened devillers from fascinating christs

ooo what with a crayon in my grip, i shall
lead ravines to huge whored statues
and, luh, as i learn to die, then sad mice must
get caught in a flytrap
and, oh, me and my cat-cap crusade for dust
and dust cries aside enormous mussels
oo weavers of spies crashdown when pap
snapes a dolly dreamer from lilted lilly-saps

and a dresser on a hill will reveal a mirror
and a kiser on a sign will reveal a killer
la la la, eyers of mercy melt into fire and
a killler cousin spends a penny on seasand;
and an enormous mess
sheds sweety landslide skin upon wrecks;
and weavers climb up from villages
and creators squat on a penny moon,-

uh a faking false pylon dreams of gloom
and magical mastic flour stirs runes
aside raisins and doughy evil fathers;
and a bedded widow sweats tears for
magical impassable video vein-stores
and a pulser in deep light
switches TVs to stereos when laughter
raps about crack and the way she
sunders sunday murders with reeds
and we fal from a reel as bled strings
pluck a turkeyed harp-hung rings when
a holiday of the soul
delves hay-long spirals under closures
and a ship in a mall
sinks into veg then sells apples to moll
and de gangster's dirty moll
gets crucified by hitler's incender..

ahh i laden me with death's gallery
ahh i played with me when closed seeds
slattered me under female rose-pus
and, alone, i leap across bathrooms when
hectors of bloody men breathe for gyms
and a snapped world in a false tree
snaps invented twigs
ahh eynes ladel me dark mists
ahh spines cradled me; and citied lips
crush upon a lady-lather

o do i dare ascend this cowler's stair?
o do i dare save air for women?
oo a dovetail adjoins bone to semen
and a daddy of an owl hoots for sin
la la, a dotty soul snappers after wind
and neon buddies crack god's cheek

o do i dare ascend this cowler's stair?
o do i need a sunrise to summon aires?
and the venal cock spurts lemon-pus
and a renal killer candifies de hearse
and a mummy of murderer sips cups
and magical demons taunt hell-bells
a dazzler on a genital chair drops
dizzy cusps across a mental sloped
sea-shop; and a dizzy raveller sells
dirtiers of mamgers to beery wells
and, o, at the first turming of skin
i saw a blooded pusseller shaving

and, o, at the second turning of life
a crooked convent aside jems
rocked a radio till digital sea-kites
swirled upon a smokey doll-wiped
city made naked across bad knifed
idolent bladder catchers..

and the whirling worlds of dream
lean into bastard lamp-lifes
and de hurling girls of hot christs
drabblers after sonar sofa-christs
and, uh, a magical solar star-christ
jacks upon ceilings when mice

spill babby brooms upon knifed
cradlers of candle-rooms and high
purpled rivers
and eynes have absorbed minds
and mines sear weird scenes from
daddy dramaturgies of giddy lungs
and histrionics in a loom stiches
salliers of silk-worms with bitches
and, la la, a coaster under riches must
swallow calor gas from coke-crust
and a cat-man sweats for his woman
and a cat-child swears for Man's
slithering serpent century..

o i dare to scale the stairs for lust
o i dare to sail across citied cusps
and, laden with vales, my cold lusts
slay leprous Leonardos with gabby
communal anatriptic radio-grannies

and i own a grainy pluperfect pie
and i stone deaths and get too high??


o with a canyon in my grip, i burn a body candle
under plumed pure fire
and, oo, as i strode a funeral pyre, then cables
cuttered me under blinded grey tyres
and a weeper in a mad mind flosses old ladels
an, o, with a canyon in my grip, i burn eagles
and, oo, with crayons at my sex-hip, i use cradles
to summon up slides from coda chrome.

o a nazi fever-father hereby sings dulled noise
o a dizzy feather-fearer hereby sings for toys
and a lover in a scented tear
suppers after naked body-burnings
and a dadda in naked body-earnings
stretch ears from spawn till dragglers of boys
moon-bait mad lickers with drawn kickers
and, la la, christ has been a naughty girl
and he has taken his knickers down,-
and massers masturbate in a lost town..

o with a candle in my slit, i burn a giddy sandal
with waxen ashy dirt-lip
and a daisy hour sirens for death's towers
and a severed of embracers wash devils
with multisonous kissers of evil child-stables
and a dogdayed under soft sight
wheezes for naked thunder
and a daddy dream-bus loads sea-swards
with dummy graves and eaten kite-broads
o-la o-la o-la o-la..we reel in the East
and, lo, we get gathering up the teas
ah Men

Copyright JDB 29/11/2020.


work-in-progress title: About Cicadas and Easy Gallow-gourdes
1st draft poem then poem-song


We weep for lost linen as we climb
facelessness; and a dreamer of minds
sallies romancers with treasure mines,
and, lo, i just heard then a swallow
shaping dimes from deniers
and, mazed, we weep for lost times
and we cry for shadow;
and we cast a crab across good
bleeded swabs

we weep for lost linen as we climb
facelesness; and a rider of gold vines
gather gutted ponies;
and the wives of March lick daddies
and a digger of herons
seizes tundra from nuked melons
and, la la, eynes burn and burst for
cicadas and easy gallow-gourdes
wisecracks for money delve red streams
and the crowds of murder dance for the pines
of labial changes and the dark soffits of
death charge chewed lungs of impish frills
and the bakers of rides denude from blood-sex
a shellfish cry from the oceans and waves
of horse-piped eyes whilst the snouts of rogues
tightly inflame the brawling of god's grave,
and, oh, lunar castles lam the coasts of sickness
with ripplers of raiders and rapier-madness.

until the whisper fronts the cars that harden,
with sex, the venal sex of five suns may harden,
the sweeping cries of this Man who is burthened
swipes from cold eyes the made-up sedge
where, inflamed, the bloods of heaven's ebb
stings, with guns, the breathings of the dead.

faith slams the teeth and faith detains
lady life and its constipative women
thus, day-lined, midnight sleeps for mauds.

we who ply at the tongues of the veiled
bodice of the fled slam the salmon-shed
with pools of xmas; and darkness treds
easy purple water

type-masked, the shines of a red rain
slits the spaces where death spreads
of pokers that feed gels inside breads

Ah, when shall the indian skies turn
upon this dire hill? O, when will tern
shed rilks across the seashore's firmed

in this firelit isle, wringed with snows
and the fierce dung-hills of red hens
roasting mad sleep chills with cockcrow
the skulls of flame that bite fast grain
o, nightlong dreamers supper after stains
and a body-heaper scries for Adam's
ingenious holy Eve
and a spire of blood whistles for God
in this firelit isle, the soils of flame ride
upon duke-damed widowers of brides;
and, ah, my children, whence blood dives,
will down the pelmets of drenchers who
realise that plumed death gets undone.

Ah, my signal mumma stuns a greystone
with nodders of egits and pussy bone, and
eyers weep for stations
and criers, reaped, cry for blood-nations
and an ideal killer
carries his penis as his only true weapon
we who slammed love's teeth and detain
lardy sex-light will breakdown star-skeins
and a goddess of hills here swallows us
with fairy mouths and daddied cold crusts


the swirls of mental illness bite for gain,
into rain which rots away inside the heart;
and any good youth remaining wilts;
ah wheat that squeals lays freezing and the ponds of man
claw their ruddied lemurs to the coast
where rivers stab grey currents of the seized
fish-shaken seas

whirling words suffuse with magical veins the
pissy poem-prides of books delving loaves
with one and gelled hand and
one baker's hand held a bald cross

o untiil the gossamer of gummers fronts wards
then we will learn about the rainbow's ebb; and
easy eaglers eat crowds
and a stringer of cunt-mushrooms use sands to
stone blued strangers to death..

a selfish shellfished cry that cracks cries from lubes
cum sizzling under grey guys
and we call upon sharks to raise us above boobies
and, oo, the worlds of latency
feed a cock inside a sex-pregnancy..

the swirls of mental illness bite after gold rain
and, uuh, patrons of deniers tightly strangle rain
with oglers that cut the space with tred


Laid in blind snow, the fathered virgin
lams from her eyes the starved grey girl
and the starving gardens of Arden
raise storms from life's easy world

rainers under storms satirise old pearl
o where once denied, a hanger of curls
crusades after kids who accuse Arden
of cumming in the eyes of Love.

with each and every cry, the sad seas
stem from gloves the fans of mad seed
and a stoner found underground
hastens to cunts as babbler of beads
star-strap a cunny infant with bugs

and the swift stars are mental-m azed
with tappers of tricksters and car-bathed
with daddiers of smelt emulsions;
and, lo, we bridle sex and we use lays
to cry for a curried pricking cock-crazed
ogler of dirt, disease and messes
oo we stir doos into linen as we raise
a wagger of a wool-skin from blades
and i see inside a wood-doll as tirades
swill down vines from filthy dresses
and the hostel is grinning
and the hotel-ghost gets spinning;

and a focal flower flies aside dreaming
mummy cloths where ceilings
give way to dives and burned feelings
and we shall storm the sickled sun when
drivers drool and use children

crows of prayer extend
the silk-wihite daughter of spent
soft spheres
o, war on the wren mistakes
slowed spiders for a preying bird
and the sermons of blue life
bruise shelved sex with venom.

now, where times ticks dew,
a cubby boy must shape truths
from a navy wealth where xenon
exposes fantails to carmine stir;
and a father of a blue mind
rocks aside a heart-wife who
sails away where bodies burn..

the saint in shadow will
lynch and glaze for death's bird
and death is certain ghosts for
a ceremony of curved sea-swerved
communions of rolled bone..

celebrated under two suns
men chant for the selfish moon
and eyes bang love's guilty room
and heroic poisoners ride for us
as we, caged, get gaoled for lust's

pluperfect closed body.. Ahhhh

o i saw the birded hills
and my tongue learned the secret brain
and, snowed, armoured tides
slitted suns from secret pain
and i sounded sleep and heard mills

melting old oats from abolished fields
and the lords of lady love
are seen outside my window
shaping cries from whirring rainbows
and the radioed rainbow's bright ebb

melds silks into veins and widows
i hear the lover's bait and feel for
rosy rotted masts where sailed whores
rammed a daisy syphon
with vile preganant pylons,
and we weep for the killed as we
whip gism from focal fotal seed
o wide words about rapist's birth
screams as mad mother burned out;
and heapers of renal muckers rout
a tree of tears that feed from drought
and, lobed, a restless mirror

slides adown space where killers
crap against nine hostelled winds..

and see, my children, the scarlet lands
where times, a rider rising, spills the fields;
o hold hard the narrow cervix fed by hand
and see, my children, where bled england
sunders a foreign god with mad ghosts.

ah, see rise the tawn sun as starshine heaves
down the ruined veins of love's baby reeds
and come see the salted skullers of sands
lapping from muds a cistern on dry lands

mike-cast, the shines of the evil rain must
slit a spatial nutter from an halo
and the golden women who feed off jams
must study just how to die
and a cradler of a crowd sucks lost dyes
and a shaver of a cloud's cut
star-caresses body friction with sluts

o see, my children, the scarlet lands
where, timed, a rider crying spills hairbands
under shundering hills where emperies
swallow flamingos from fawkeing enemies
sallowers of gallowed boys hang family
and a dresser of trashed toys use memory
to summon bad groans from easy honeys
and a nun on a false stair cries for money,
and a pluperfect false prayer
sweats aside held palms and dirty Mary.

o, see, my secret woman, old hell's cells
and the magical murderers of eyries
o, see, my secret peahen, coiler's bells
o, where once a we strip grey lies then a
dangler of a bonce fire-light coded dells;
and familial ex-cunt
crashes for rattlers and mice-spunk

i shift the bolt and turn life's cabin with
gateways that lead gentlemen to ribs
and a mazy town gets timed by cribs when
ashen blabby bends shrill against serums for
life's dyed cervix that chills for chipped swards
that serve fish-and-chips in a meadow
ahh we eat fish-n-chips in public latrines
ahh we eat lips
and we crap on shit as we wash blue dreams
in baggasses of pelisse sheets

and see, my children, the scattered jams
that, sodden, slides a bell across god's glans
and see, my children, the rattler's rams
cock-shaped from crows which peck Man
and, o, as a believer in magwitch expands
rubber-band bouncy rousers
to a naked state where silos suffered liars
weavers of romantic ruins
must shit upon tits
and tawny deceivers dam stars with fires
and, ooo, we must dance into a gasfire.


locked lives rape where no suns shine
o shallowers of faces sink the mind
and we plough after gewgaws where
plovers pool-pull across spiralled heirs
and mans lazy heart attack has to
sneer for sea-smiles; and boned shoes
derive fled faiths from love's laid snare

oh, here there are jazzers of demons
cum raging after slums and easy diamonds
and the lively shaker of a lunatic siren
heeds blued flesh where closed alarums
wallop for cussed salt seed,-
and, la la, lies break where no-one heeds
any of the birds underglass,
and nobody dreams about the Vast..

I learned the words of shy hills and i
forever lashed my tongue to neon sky
thus, forewarned, the mordent sea-eye
rammed a fixing fucker to green guides
and, o, a bodier of a flexer
swallows spind skin from needlers
and a dog at heart has to shape lies
with periscapers of micro-manic skies

these swirls of mental illness bite for rain
and avenues of rain gut a road to pain
and a dirtier of gangster sleep uses rain
to cut good hands away from champagnes
and a whirling world suffuses cob-veins
with idlers who never use a city's cranes
and, ahh, a rosed wet arena hisses for
eaters of beds when maddeners roared
across a vixen-chain; ah,- eyes snore?

as yet forbidden, lights blink from hair
and a naked bulb crashes understairs
and the pappy venoms of pawed poison
hisses across kissers of laden lady-lairs;
and blind rats cry for hurriers of tocsins
and funeral bellies bleed till tilted by
sugar burgers and the bronx in loud sky

faith. faith in one star. faith, a sad flower
storms the pooing pie of slaughters; and
skylighters suck spy-writings from damned
baby fevers
and the ole blue shores in caustic cavers
shave a gelling movie to warped lasers
and we see rise the secret winds
and we see tribes cum rocking limbed
holy hocus where gentian green-gravers
crosses sin with deniers..

until the whimper of true stars harden
with mesh, then a drama in death's garden
may well whisper then die for a
sealer of bells; and, oo, a vapor's garland
washes felts in vinegar smiles when sex
snaps a dooby carved owl from cooers;
and circuses in body bloom
nukes a scissor-ride with atomiums,-
o, the lacers of scribes scoot glassrooms
with dairy dunging dribbly ink-stamens...

ooo wisecracks from buzzy bees burn for
sweeping cranes when neon blood-boards
rap aside a screamed scene of
weird screens and burny bride-buds warp
slitterers of drippered bummy river-talks
and eyelessness sucks cunted pus-walked
cakey vernal valve-disease

Copyright JDB 02/12/2020


work-in-progress title: Oo, Let Us Pray for America
1st draft poem then poem-song



Oh, war on the wren mistakes
spiders for praying birds
and the sermons of blue flight
bruise sex with true venom

Now, where times feed two
the navy wealth of dog-crime
dines upon what made true
by a boy of web-wrung minds

the saints in shaved shades will
lynch and glance at death's word
and old death is certainly God for
a ceremony of birds, sedge-winged
with the sizzler silence of de soul.

celebrated where five suns cut
a cunta from a web,
sky-slammed sleep cries for dead
and ghosts cry as they taunt bed

crossed, prayers will extend
silk-white daughters of spent
tears; and odes to sins compend
daddies in fast thumbs.

it's no fun where the eyes tend
fields of sleep
and,, o, a river of wheat bends
sottos of voices to nail-men
and doctors send us to men
as we ride out to die.

In times, words diminish: words you've had
start weedling away into mud-drugged gloom.
It is only the oblivion that saves us from flumes
of dirtied worlds and all sex gives

perhaps death is having a grave within
yearning and yearning; say then that sin is
made from idle moving
oo, let us pray for america?

each mind has its own distinction and
spastic vassals in bled skies feed cut hands

with each and every cry,
the sea of darkness stormed
streets and gobbing zest
o water down veins oils
mad men and daddy deaths

o he shall bathe as ghosts
spiral down a soft lips; and
madam Mary teachers sand to
swallow easy diamonds

night falls and the suites of Man
whine aside moaning trees;
and a ghastly mind maddens
old decks and dustbins while

dotters of darkness use smiles

now, the roads of sadness scald
chidden childhoods with furled
tears; and a weeper under girls
spirals down a marble bed; and
statues cry inside yellow tides

laid down in snow, light's virgin
rains aside storms where odd bins
idolise easy rubbish,
and a dog at sea cries for spind

now, the high roads lead to ruin
and a dolly demon shines like sin
and a silly god-gem ruins cities
and pullers of spun men pity us
with dirty cooling flowers

and eynes mete out sex and rust
and rusters ram clappers when lust
drools for piggy giant boys
and salt toys leap for gold sea-cups

oh, i've been a good man and goodness
stems my soft blood; and, killed, madness
dictates lad God to statues and sadness
oh, with each and every cry, deadness
forces farmy cattle-dust under cablers
and a buddha in red rain
chills de Mother with cunny and shavers

now, the roads of self come to disuse
o, now, when lost, we find Parisians
dreaming of hunches as humpbacks
smile for dirtying devil quasimodo;
and a bladed fairy queen has to shadow
a blind crab and a boat of Man.

ho, i've been a good child and goodness
reminds my dizzy self of being old;
and, la la, eyers of elves string gold for
bended beaders that sail a sail-lip for a
daddy of mummy cloths and red Mars
and, laddering for loss, an english star
comes rocking at my backdoor?

easing purple gentleman's chairs star
in piddling movies that raid all cars;
and the good boy Man's been must
cherish fablers when faces burn for
reapers of walls; and we see no more?

laid in fast snow, the gentian virgin
slams from Ides the pure starved girl
and the guardians of pure Arden swirl
satyrs into silken sylvan body-pearls
and, la la, night falls for slated humans
and, ah ah, meanness slaps bitumen
inside brown cheese
o these vaulted fatal bird-nests here
have come to entertain the dying year
and a vampiric porn-pier
causes ices to bludgen amusing tears;
and a babby on a shelf
witnesses wives where funeral fears
get sadly haunted by the moon
oo come corn-eating morning, rooms
will surely cave in as baths in dune
revolve and sink baddies under spheres
in this tyre-lit island wringed with snow
and the dung-hills white as woollen hens
roasting sleep with the eggs of cockcrow,
the skulls of flame that bite into wrens
lap from radio-mud the wounds of stayed

o i have been a good man and my blood
stems a fun sea when daisies bite buds
and, oo, my amazing hearse of a body
chimes after cherry where star-coffees
strap stampeders around

o, may man be the tutor of false knives?
o, may eager Juno arise for wives
o, may diggers of mangoes use lies to
launch one billion shadowed eye-screws
about female christs and death's mission

lo inside this tyre-lit isle, i overturned us
and found a bladdered bastard beside me
and a dreaming passionate poet-drowner
hissed at my feet where a pylon in pee
urinates upon a clever lot; and
eyes down gins from cots; and blue knees
bury fatal charms inside sea-drams.

o, may man be the tutors of false lives
o, how many eager Hectors will sky-drive
easers of pavements to fried lobby-tithes;
and breaking alms in boxes
supper after farmers of fat vixen voces
and, la la, deaths inside voices
came to me last night and killed?

o there's death in the egg
o there's sex in the hens; o, who it was who
cauterised blind flowers
must shake till mad dregs brew fathers
and i shall jack my fathers
and i will hang a room of beads
and, o, there is death in the egg
o there is sex in the bended city's tarred smiles

lo, inside this tyre-lit isle, a waker of grinders
grasp to vaginal parcels,
and the gods at sea open gifts like rattles
and the deathly bells in demons
drabble for messy cells
and the dogdayed keeper of closed dells
drive dewy lud under carparks when gables
bubble aside rain

o there's death in the egg
o there's sex in stems; o, who has made me
casually culls a green pigs
and a dummy hot winter raises oak from bees
and, la la, we open into figs
and, ah ah, we soap up, up for easy kids

lo, a patient of the killed carry combed tea
under galling petrol picnics
lo, a presser of petrels pee upon dragglers
and greeny bobbing men
grind fast horses down, down;
and a pleasure-purse shits aside a dirt-town
and mind-eyes glister like a thief
as a minding mental sheet sucks for meat
then a rolling snapper must
raise a raided feather from catty cuts
and a doggy bird
tweets as eyes swerve; and a dummy mutt
licks a lady lickin' stick until
daughters dramatise vinegars and sluts
o there is sex in a fire
o there is deaths under spires; and oldness
cradles gravels until robotic sires eat us
with tawny limbs and damaging green-guff
and a bedder of creative bone
blenches after slits when cunted cellphones
scatter dials against loaded sadness
and i tend to sleep in blatant public
and i incend from heat when nude panic
comes spittimg at my tented shadow.


vented chisel-deaths falter as de old blue craft
swallows sex and laud dementia
o lady missiles sunder coded masks
and a bed at sea dreams about a salt-bath
and a sky of money raises dosh from fingers
o as timing bum-brains sip from grey spillers
then a bedless clown sleeps in opened ground
and ald psychedelic circuses
walk a boomed rat that listens to all sounds

vented chisel-deaths falter as de old blue raft
funnels pushers where vaginal gowns
come creeping unto a plaster-bed; and towns
trickle till mad cities cry, cry, cry;
and a mindless biddy spies upon a neon lie
and a bender of watches rinses cock in wide
female bum-tides
o once an easy day, i send my fast girl to
eager sleep..

vented chisel-legs fall down from the city
and feinted leopard-plaits cause skin to pity
blind wine that spills from fotal buggy babies
and there are riders of swollen rain that seem
affixed to petrol mien
and a daddy muscle rots
and a daddy statue drops
and a mummy virtue sees veins in stopped
prammy old-timers
and, o, the baths in the boughs at see ream
iconic bathers that paint the town's dreams
with burgeoners of bakers and loud screams

oo a venal marble rolls down denying stairs
oo a renal candle sinks into defying chairs
and a binary of a bled bone breeds bears with
farters and funereal english martyrs
and a bummy disease bleeds into grey smilers
and a daisy in a fleece
stabs a stapler down, down, down
and salters tend to abuse vines with Downs..

leapers of leotards show flashing grapes to a
massive mod heart-attack,
and the signs of crows clothe rat-attacks
with lemon ochres and moon-defamers
and, scar-sown, a glass becomses a failure
and, car-sown, a mask becomes a saviour;
and the baths at sea
bury bagasse with peed vaulted sailors
and the glass here has become a cloth
and the glasses under ash have lost knots
o the studies of one billion lousy years
have led me to bed with an vale of tears
once upon a mind, i saw massers glowing
beneath earrings and balded veiny crowings

Copyright JDB 03/12/2020