a prize-winning poem!!



a glass is a cloth and is played by a flute
and the sun is potatoes as the darkness fails
for a flute that is salt - the stars have an oboe
played all day by amida and her man.
a glass is sardines as the softness of a soul
descends from plasma and two men flail
in seas of tomatoes - the stars are an elbow
which burns in a void and shortens the taste
of tomato lace. eyes are merely doctors.

sardines are lutes which dance inside the sea
as waves are petals which serenade the slicks
of oils which are sails suckering on buckets
of fish that are ash - hashish is a cubicle.
a flask is a flasher and the light is the round
roll of a die that is a pail of metal.
sardines are flutes which blaze like a wasp
and wasps are bees who burn against the mien
which is a leper blasting salts which are
a viola of plasters that cannot speak at all.
a flask is a flasher and a torch is a swede.

onions are cats who preen for the smooth
curse of their fur and a fur is a rainbow.
onions are cats who preen for the smoothed
pint of beer which is a strange comb.
and a comb is a plaster that cannot cry at all.
onions are pommes who preen with the true
burst of the waves which are a cup of spit.
ale is a house and the largest place I've known
is a home which is a mongol in disgrace.
can you picture, please, the madness made
and madness is a lamp and a lamp is a net.

cream is salt and the rainbows on the ground
and the ground is coffee and coffee is poos.
eyes are ears and ears are cans of wine
and sick is boiled and kettles are a grave.
tomatoes are onions as lemons are toilets.
picture the scene where the sun is an opal
because i have seen the curtains drawn tight
and curtains are glasses and spectacles are cream.
spit on this floor is lifted by the sextant
who digs in graves and graves are cuts of meat.
sextant is an old word and words are flies
and flies are wees and wees are surely skin.

decanters are tea and tea is swallowed by
the axe at this head and an axe is a penis.
woman is a bulb and a bulb is tomatoes.
decanters are tea and tea is swallowed by
eyes and eyes are beetroots and the sun
is a paper and a paper is a glass of wine.
the axe at this head is an adze: wood is brine.
eyes are ears and ears are cans of flesh. Oh,
petrol which is sick canes the iris of
the oils in hissed paint and paint must view
a bridge which is a cannon and the night.
darkness shields panties and panties use hens?

copyright JDB 1999.