further new speed-written songsheets

work-in-progress title: About Sealed Flats
1st draft poem then poem-song


the avenues of pierced fear have to
follow the streets to the fields
la, a basher of bunny bends has to
dream about a sea of meals;-
and a worm-led patient of the blues
comes watching heaven's wheels
and a sunderer of saviours has to
outelbowel the horses in high-heels

parents to pudendas rear saints with
and a pussy on a lake arouses riders
to feed a pisser inside a pinky hole
la la, wideners of washy plashy prigs
poke sixteen eyes into one zillion figs

o avenues of pierced tears have to
grind daddy ducts till mad jigs ooze
germy atomic grave-nukers to boozed
banged lady cuntings; and eggs groove.

oo eyers of easy tyres tweek a car-close
with emitters of soily heat
and, ah, when breast-sleep uses clothes
then fasteners of body-beats
cunta for fever when a damager of crows
scatters a carrion discomfort across
dusters of flora stars

oo eyers of easy spires spit aside rogues
and a dementer of demeter
dragglers a drazzler when odes to robes
loosen cagooles from creators;
and an rosy mark masks dun dilators
with dirtiers of damsels and porators
and, la la, my head is in god's jam.

parents of peering pines shed needles
across easterly arising boys and candles

decanters of blue vosene vanishes for
forcing fucked flamingoes
and a bed of cuts crashes
lo, a snipper in a cup uses seed-wars
to ram a daisy comforter under lashes
and a veiny brewer
scissors after sewers where huge wards
wash moon-lighters with fishy boars

parents of pissing plaid combs claws
with flashy feely fan-failures
and, uh uh, a bomby boy whose horse
vaults dramatic vinegar slavers
hips to dressy domes where fathers
attend to starving body-blasters
oo eyers of easy tyres ride till laced
by engines and electric motor-lasers

ecstatic bee-boys break into gold
la la, electric bed-boys bake gold
and a bummy bay brags for gold
and indolent cities cry about gold

the faces inside nunneries get old
la la, coded wives sweat for cold
and this solus mission that rolls for
dizzy beacons, star-stones wards

oo ecstatic bead-boys break for
a daddy dream which murders war
and a mangy gun of lips will snore
after monkeries where gold whores

shit aside gold-wind; and winds store
budded syringes where odals swarm
blue germolene with ancient storms


budders of nippied girls cut candy with
ancient painters of blued bats and kids
o lovers of spunky worlds weep for kids
and an easy sealed home
petrifies mice with sealed moans
and eyes must, once laced, fear bone
and a sealed mad schizophrenic flat
flashes sounds around bastard-paps

budders of nippied girls cut candy with
ancient splayers of dung scent; and prats
get pulled aside froms weepers where
ideal pushers of tribes trickle for hairs
we shit against suppers as evil lairs eat
mad snicker-toys that sink into sleep. O!
issuers of skin snapper for grey heat and,
once raised from feathers, a daddy hand
dreams of gold books and rainbows.

oo ecstatic curators break beeches
and outelbowed men reap leeches from
mummy naves; and i have seen my sun
cum falling from a lunar sound; and gum
gets chewed by cows and twiggy enemies?

these lizardine days i spend my city-times
crying for dudes and hens
oo heaved wizeners of graves hereby drag minds
for dilators of guns and silk-crimes
and a gallery of skin shines upon cold minds
and a doctor in the gallows
cries, cries, cries
laahh we have to whistle as we use sky
to damage damsels with eaten ply
and a nazi onion causes tongues to fly
and a vampiric sea-sauce rams meadows

these lizardine days where i spend my city-signs
cryinf for nudes and lines
lose all mental rings to diamantes and minds
and we use a headpiece for a neck
and we use a mind-fleece for a shipwreck
oo a dangler under geese gobbles for slicks
and, once traded, idiots cry for easy licks
and icers of tweeked cakes sweeten ribs
o as we cried for crayons, then we used squibs
to fellow owls with muttons.

once aside a mind, mental pussies menstrualised
a daddy cape with a gunnery..

pushing out poppy flowers, i heard a woman ride
aside a cocked horse
ah, eating into flour, i heard a female chef go wide
and, la la, a mouse at a stream
sails adown rocked horse in a barking mind
o as we race to drowned sleep, then grime lies
after english sauce where eaters of closed eyes
retreat unto a punnets of soft berries and spies;
and spiralling honey-hides sink salts into bulbs
and we assault mummy-inks
and we get clothed in mummy kinks as faders
flail till madness arises from
holy noise; and a gun inside a drum
cries, cries

weevillers of dunny kids dramatise vinegar with
tommy tinderboxes that scatter prisms with
figgy babies who wail as they piss and shit; Oh,
a baker of bunnies bends tanks across blind clothes
and weepers may well sink inside a vile rose

peeing from a wet car, babby bellies soil robes
and cloven body pills pull upon a bell of crows
and a buttoner of hills
hereby melts into pills that cause dead drills
to smother self-death in mothering lost hills
- la la, eynes may well have to bleat
and, ah hah, diners under cabs will see sleep
come sundering rigs with blood-sleet

doggies on a moon-climb fall from murders
and we will never cease the bleating
and we shall never cover westend ceilings
except by putting bodies inside purdahs.

nested just today, i saw the siren tits aside my windows
leading sparrows into the mind
o as eyes repeat on views, then a camera under crows
come shovelling dead nippies with spade-cutting closed
camera vines

and, lo, a vast venal shed will hide a daddy where swine
comes creeping beneath coded wine
and a bed of beaks commands sex to damage times
and a dagger whose bladed timebombs breaches twine
then bandagers of nuclear fingers
cum tapping upon god's hidden drawer
nested just today, i saw the siren aside my titty windows
come spitting champagne across renal duddies
and a dammy mind-moon has me wanking for widows
and, Lo, a house at sea nestles against a blind barrow

mad questions underwater use boobs to feed minnows
and a pipered breast sweats for oxos
and a puller of mess feeds crows to cool yoyos; and
a vampy beller whose easy westened croon eats sand
surely listens now to blue days where i made my hands
shake, just like a body-drape;
and my ideal fathers will jack their lovers
and my ideal mummas will thwack veins with brothers
this is the way eyes see it - they curry cured sight then
hiss for urgent blinded deafness
and, o, the relief good boys find in a deafened mind
will shine upon cock-cars which drive until sickness
causes blithe shivers and fevers across naked sex.

o once upon a mind, i saw the unusual side of a mad girl
scar-shaping mods from demons,
and, radioed with wine, my giant head fell aside sirens
lo, a dangler in a gun shoots a father with bared pearls
and, oh, once upon a mind, i saw the unusual spy-girls
come using mad plane earth for vast worlds and suns

this is the way eyes see things - they carry cunt from
venal deadliness where a mother in a bugging gun hears
hissers gobbling after mad nights;
and the mirrors of cruel lights have to kiss across tears;
ooo, my hoody of a female hippy loosens deaths with
eyed fear that cries as she studies gluey gass-kids

o once upon a mind, i saw the unusual side of a sad girl
car-creating clever concertinas and the ideal spar-swirled
coronar of a cornershop cum carrying veins into rivets;
and, made too cold, eyes may well shed rocks for girls
and masoners of milky mites may well shed poppy curls

and, stunned by ravens, i abolished sense to find worlds
whooping it up where a girlish guardian of mad pearls
came grampling at trampoline
and, la la, cutters of sunny spleen have to slice mean
lemon mien-hoaxers; Ah, once upon a mind, cream
came shedding bleacher's seed upon a wound dream
and a budded cowl customs after spun wind as gals
go glistering down a naughty town where old pigs
came flittering around donkey-draggers and ribs

this is the way eyes see it - first, the sights close
second, the good views go blind as a rammed rose
and, o, third headed mumble-bees sting the deft nose
of a sultry eye that leads headpieces under closed
muttering sonar mind-abuse; and hens aside nippies
cluster under nests where a fly found under babies
flicker as they cry; and mad vested visions sees bees
cum swinging for stinging medulas and cutted rubies

i have laid my sex to rest upon the smilers who read
nothing but hot hard poet-sleeves
and my head swallows lard from ponds in sieged
ladderers and domed denier seed
and i splatter focal mess across grey-cloths; and
when river-men shoot radioers with bruised need
then fotal features i green flava has to claim cans
from fatal moon-drivelling sausage-Man. Ah?!!!


i saw a sensate moon-idiot come rocking at death's door
o a mad madam of stella suns
rotted for me as i took my place under native guns; O
wiseners see flowers gone cold as a rivulet of whores
comes sundering sky with automatice claws
and, once below a mind, fathers to committted bawds
saw menstrual swine-folk made as old as macadam's
tar-teary city-eyrie

i saw a sensate moon-egit come rocking at my door
o, a massive surgeon has to cut me up for nil pay for,
until my sex dies out, the dictum of a slut must score
a naked nucleii from headpieces and coded gas-stores
and, la la, a maddener of good disabled God has to heap
swollen mamma butter with a dolly knife;
and a boney bayer who yaps at a barked gold christ
hits to a blood beat

o i saw a sensate star-child thrumming hands with iced
vaginal blind sorbets; and a cherry choker which uses ice
to scram away creamy bull-bands
must alwaays, made natal, push buttons when grey glam
noshes on nuclear potato-rams
and, drugged up from chippy-clans, my evil faces slam
bald nurses under dunny covers and cloven kiddy rice
these tawny dying poem-days rock at pleasure priest
and, laaaa, me and mother clay has my head in leased
summery sex-appointed land-fleece; and Leda is Christ.

Copyright JDB 05/12/2020.


work-in-progress title: I Saw a Moon Mind Sun-Made
1st draft poem then poem-song


i saw a moon mind sun-made
o when men cut grime, skin must fade to
utmost nothing
and a bed of bubblings rode unto a
daddy fete where sad ships sailed
and i saw a moon mind star-raised

the ancthers of salt shadow has a
time machine for a bad tail,
and i loosen menkind under veiled
stallion beads;
and eyes cry aloud as easy dweebs
dollop fat seed
upon bastard tables


i saw a balded bad banana shaped from
dreaded dromedary almanacs
and, lo, as times died, i saw a soft gun
shooting mamma dairies
and a titted moll loses her gangster wife
and a lesbian radio
shrills aloud for bright evil nights

i saw a balded bad banana pealed from
a bone of a sailed dog,
and i will always love dogs as i strum
a canine guitar,- O, a cat scan's mum
uses Uylsses for sugar;
and me and mental pleasure stop
all sweetening minds.


a dairy disaster has to feed a titter with a smile
o, easy old fathers
lead dogs to warders; and a stirrer in a fever
shatters locks with laughter;
and, traced, a lousy lid fails to move; and fever
smokes easil taken lather

a dairy disaster has to feed a picture with a dial;
and robotic pussies peer from dolly mixtures
and a doctored lady
leans inside the lamplight when a sea of files
shaves broken baby

and masterers of sadness cut a mad sundial


whence catters in cat heaven sleep all day
then i will review sin
ah whence ratters in cat heaven chew skin
then robotic feline clay
will surely shape diamonds from cat-wind
and a saviour of decay
swallows bats and cries aloud for gold limbs
and an eater of lost meringues
hastens to red lippies
O, once aside bodies, i get boxed in cities
whence catters in cat heaven weep all day
then i will transpose winds
to turn against tiger hymns; and i will spray
a lion christ across hands and mental daddies
and i shall murder evil mountains with
french terrain and sweet salt
O, once aside daisies, i get rocked by volts
these are the market days where i hit piss

and a bed of bubblings rode unto a
daddy fete where sad ships sailed
and i saw a moon mind star-raised

the ancthers of salt shadow has a
time machine for a bad tail,
and i loosen menkind under veiled
stallion beads;
and eyes cry aloud as easy dweebs
dollop fat seed
upon bastard tables


there are one zillion swallows in my backyard
o here there are nine zillion shadows
come cocking at hell's front-door
la la, as faces change, then birds under calves
carry cunted shoes to lemon moors
and, o, here there are one zillion monkeys
and, o, here there are cosmotic slut-honeys
and, laaa, once upon my mind, a bed of scarves
snapped a slit across a wintry engine

and dealers in dead dirt dreams of surgeons
and painty easy bed-skirt
swills fanny juice from evil sexy bed-hurt
and a vampiric spurgeon
drinks to easy deaths; and disease uses skirt
to serve bummy stink to washer boys
there are one zillion sparrows in my frontyard
o here there are the actual gallows;
and a sea of slease stops, and blue cards
show yellowers to nooses and eaten haloes
and, la la, easels that paint the dead use pillows

to grasp to lips until a robin in a cuckoo nest
feeds friers to fast chips and chicken mess.

i suck a velvetine from a bastard boy-spinney
o my dizzy sun leaks loss when odes to mummy
send occidental birth to sleep
la la, i suck a velvetine from a blurry heap
and, ahh, a mental stroke hisses as she reaps
dirtying death from accidental neon heat

if we grasp for glass we may well me scream,-
O, periodic fables come cocking under caps
and a city slumber sends
dirtied coastal corridors when odd men
split vaginal atoms

i suck a velvetine from a bastard boy-honey
o my easy summer slips cuts aside daddy;
and a sliding mask
fasions meat from damask
and a bridling storm rides upon monkeyed
happy clappy christ castes.

as we grasp upon grapes, mad swung
eaters of chuchyards may well
scatter a scuttered sea aside wind-wells;
and a starry winter
listens to dirt, disease and death; and, O,
idolising prisoners peal bars from islands
and a sad holy sleuth suppers for England
all these darksome days where i believe
in nothing much apart from de less deceived
have come now to venereal nothing;
and, la la, my invective penile rash spin
against five winds where pushers glow for
easterly xmas and the dollar-driller's whore
i suck to de velvetine and cry forevermore
and i shall doctor madam spleen with
greyers of haired vinegars
and a hitting motel-hotel shuts up kids with
burned oval keys
oo, and my easy head twirls aside bees
and these fathered toys i believed in seize
blood boxes from vanning tranistory trees
o i may well cut a nut as i chew cherries
and, oo, madam peppermint chokes for
doom deniers; and doom deniers score for
ballers and blooded tangerines; O, eyes thaw

always, always, always.. ahhhhhhhhhh Uh

mother fuckers find ways to seize
lamp-light from drains; O, mad trees
go groaning in the west
and, lo, as we turn to burn, we read
glowing kind books which receive
old sad dogs from daddy's chambers;
and a father to hired seas
sends a dilator to a city of beads

mother fuckers find the ways to seize
canyons from blinded body-reeds
and, uh, we sail to death as we relieve
a lover of loss with the dead deceived
la la, eyes glean gas
ah ah, slides show glass; and milk
comes baptising dark cats with silk

oo the veins of easter raga for love
oo the trains of killers jack gods; and
we get caught in a fairground moon and
salted dollars pay for the English pound
and darted graves buy sweet-ground
and, la la, slaves to lives
loosen vinegar ties and lean to die;
and, ah, missionaries to xmas writhe
aside lunacy and beehives.

mother fuckers find ways to seize
noon-light from phantastic mind-sleeves
and a boney gem kisses coda
and a stony sin spins for coca-cola
ahh, a dunny daffy on a cliff shoulders
a bad storm from a dead heart
and weevils bite and deaden dark
once upon a mind in a strange world
i overheard a mad gal crying for sleep
and i put her down in a ramrose
ah, once aside of me, in a mad world,
i oversaw death then drove for curls
and a crisscrossing flava has to whirl
ideal fingers across a dumb swirl of
vaginas and slitterers of dairy gods.
blinded butchered bakers pick blood
and easy ilexes shove arse into muds;
and my dumb world is surely pyramid

oh once i had an easy mind and she got in the way
oh, when once i used sun for wine
now May children sing for day; and my lady father
fascinates gloom with brine
and, la la, i accuse kids for yearning as i feather
an oiler of a bath-boy with easy mental heather
oo, once upon a mind, eyes turned aside fevers
and, once aside my mind, visions brokedown for
eaters of veins and venal scissors
and a bough of lime-blood cums rotting rivers for
an easy menstrual mind that puts at end to war

oh, when luminous chapels cry and cry, mother
hastens to the noise of mutter courage
and a bird of night twitters under marriage as
a luminous cathedral drops deaths upon smothered

the easy lines of venal prison shuts oakers when
a shattering of widows shines down across pigeons
and a watry close crashes
and a baby rose crashes
and a softened crow flashes
ahh, we are weevillers to the very last and ashes
will always feed cremations to lazy cashes
oh easy lines of venal prison shuts oakers when
medulas meld minted spind sin with chicken.

O, a rubicund ruby ring rots upon a giant wing
O, a fascinating booby rots aside a giant sling
and i espy my bandaged string
sharing night-long picks with easy mental sin
and, la la, masoners to a hidden flex spins for
a deadliness of skin that puts an end to wars.

the easy peasy pussy plebs that punish lords
will cum back home to find entertainers gone
and, ah, ashen ladeners grind ghosts from guns
and, ah, flaxed flavourers grind glass from suns;
and, ah, all those flowers are dead and withered
and, ah, all gentlemen have died and withered away
and the stars shine from a grave
and green calves moo as they kiss
and macadam under lubes loosen a dairy-hiss
entering into venal penile rashes, i cut day.


shrapnels in easter shells squash easy snakes
o, we shake for fever
o, we scream aloud; and siren-screens shape
easy ghosts of judas from lime-heavy apes;
and we star-shape feathers from old drakes
and we entertain pulled pigeons and lakes
ah with a city by my side, i will suffer babies
ah with a lady at my side,
my eternally lashed mind will smother brides
with dummy doom deniers and ashen weals
and sexy schizotypal diggers drink to heels

shrapnels in easter shells squash easy meals
and we roast a bud in a flat
and we swallow suds as soapy english seals
accuse mods of playing with soft reels; Ah!
once upon a mind, menstrual mindfolk carve
adjacent names across logos of bled cars
O, once upon a mind, eyes play for rats
O, once aside a mind, sky prays for cats
and we widen into rain when Kosher bats
carry spurgeons to crisscrossing xmas cards

and the minds of March serenade the dead
and the honeyed mad heart that dies in bed
must come drooling at love's widows. O, devs
claim softening ghouls from marley's best bed
and a drinker of souls toasts a crippler when
destiny's blind child listens to all glas men
and, la la, we enter into night when children
climb up high to fairy-lights; and, la, cinamon
suppers for cocks as clocker of cloak-men
suck crazy dandy candyfloss for women,..

shrapnels in easter tides rock red xmas for
a clasping mazy festive cakewalk that scores
a shooting heron from latent xmas tree war
and we will most certainly shooteth up for a
dizzy scurrier whose easy name cries for Mars

oo as i swore for sex-perspex, i made a filthy sign
and unravelled under dead lips
and, oo, when a human head got stuffed by dimes
i saw a molten shadow sending cells to ships
and i sailed downstream for a journey where
dogs yapped at a tail-lashed crazy fayre
and a daddy under veils came deep down where
idle prayers placed a hand upon a nunnery
and a kitchen choir sang in a nursery when a
teaser of a traitor teemed with baby money

oo as i swore for sex-tides, i made a forcing sign
and ravelled out and out, out into old times
and a penis on the left
means a penis on the right; and odes to death
draggled for thefts from hearses and green wine
ah ah, my venal focal body brags after grey vines
and, la la, a vineyard sail gets crushed beneath

a dizzy daddy dream bus that leads minds to a
rotator of druggard mien and streets under lips
and i saw some daisy lips using pressure to slit
leprous rigs which drop aside a stopped tanked
blue body of boozed fire...

oo i sweat for the davy dark where i use barks
to send my daddy ship to mana and manic hearts
oo i swear for herons and petrol feeds petrels
and coded coastal rilks cry for angry candles
oo, the marker of messengers espies Babels
and softening star-rashes cut men away froms
infant resource and the old slides of guns
happy hot hedons smile for laughter but cheer
washes pylons in goofy gab; and we will sear
a baker of a wallet-slag with butchered tears

Copyright JDB 06/12/2020.


work-in-progress title: & Tongues Writhe
1st draft poem then poem-song


the entertainer of a child mind has
windscreens for hash
o idle heapers lash aside time as
lilted flava boys dig for grass
and a budded baker hits glass as
windowers sleep for masks
and the stars of Pan strike lashed
labia fantasia
and eaters of riders ease cunt
from green vaginal villas

the sirens of the deadened spunk
direct upon cock dauphins
and a vale of rock abuses junk,
and grave carers marry lunch to
doctors of berries and dolphins

oo a derry cherry has to bury
easters aside xmas; and berries
bag a buzzer under gold dairies
and weavers express salt milks
and bodies burn just like the sun

the enterrtainer of a fooled world
comes home to find chillers
made warm as girls; and mirrors
shiver as they twirl
and an ideal heart eats underneath
lodestones and women

the sirens of seasons swear for
idiot rose and tulip-war
and, o, eyes burn up as gey hordes
ride a dummy horse till curled

slaughterers slaughter mice where christs
cram chairs into wine
and a daddy moon accuses old wine
of causing crapped crucfixes
and a sailed sad ship snips old waves

the entertainer of a child mind has
no good hands and zero life-gas;
and eynes weep for hash
and minds weep; and odes to zeroes

ooze from snowed bodied sad yoyos

the entertainer of a hired world has to
turn a face aside a wall;
o scented labia licks after drawl; and
bluers of vast stone cut shawls, and
diggers of masts show a shroudsail to
abominable body drawls
and eyes eat after dolls

ah, oozers of peppered papers move
daddy drones to pure sleep;
and arches of demure meat cuts soothed
mental pictures of
damaging sex-buds; and tongues writhe

intriguers wallop wolf-smoke
grey killers wallop doll-dope
and eyes under dollop has to rope
easy pigger minds
o, films of Eden scatter sugars
o, seas of semen shed sperm-daggers
and i will send boys to sleep.

la, entertainers of mussels must
cook snails to death;
and devils swim for deaths when lust
snappers across blue breaths
and sweet breaths harbour laggers


baddies under neon thunder have to ride
aside blind time
and urban lice use fathers to don wives
and, la la, eynes inside crime
swings for jazzy sea-brides

ah, strange entertainers entertain lies
ah, weird winter saviours
sunder beads with labia; and ald eyes
rise and rise
and a bony sky-bend breaks from
buried cremative gal-spies

baddies under neon thunder have to ride
across grey mana
and lable leapers raid guns with
coded key-yearning canal-cries
and odes to model motels must die

portals of dirtying portraits hiss where snow
fails to fall
o portals of dying tea-mates dunk snow
into cupped drawl
and a doll at night succours upon snow as
easers of arses feed dogs to shawls
and, la la, deadening factories
fashion fens from dead-men as eyries
give an eagle to a mall.

ah strangers are seen sun-asking for a
station of demure blasphemy
and eaters of suns scream when baby
darkens wives with de family
and an arctic spool turns and turns;
and, O, fistas of fools burn and burn

baddies under neon thunder have to ride
against timed deaths; and, la la, tribes
trample clocks into wide slides


when once in a life i entertain love's hour
then i create a seaside for love's blue flower
and eyes break under rain
o ghosts pray for the father's tower as rain
robs the sun of all fuelled heat
and, la, mother fuckers cry, cy
and, ah, brothers to breakers suck on sky

baddies under neon germs will accuse lies
of dazzling limes with lemons;
and the bursted mind shatters pylons when
cities by firesides swallow burnt gin-gems
and a wifeling who loosens girls to pray
suppers after newspapers where
daddy domino leaps from a high-chair

when once in my lifetime, i curate flour
then i will swirl butters into grey growers
and my tarry mind-moon
seizes wolves from devs; and gamers
grasp to greying chambers
and we will weevil for momma as fever
swipes pores from germolene

baddies listen to spit; Oh, wagoners use
smotherers of blue lip; and gassing ooze
swashes a lady chemical under noosed
nutty booze; and a gal of tundra moves
greyers of dun hair where skelterers
give new york city to kindly hand-moves
and, la la, once in a lost keen life, dudes
find a sad mad lover who has to soothe
bodying bad sex with baited gold-grooves

ah, the easy ways we climb for must
summon brine from sawdusts; O, trust
may weaken as a penumbra derry dusts
a fallen home with plunging seizure crusts
and sweeteners loom for salts
and openers loom for dumb vaults
and goddesses grapple for red colts

o the ramrose at my nice side hisses
o the gangster of dead christ hisses
and then world in skin
snappers after blood; Ah, painted kisses
clash with musk where mice groove
o the ramrose at my nice side hisses
o the vermin of the world taunt sin
and, lo, when diagrams of girls spin
then feinted body-boys
will lay with daddy's toys; Ah

as the easy way home leads viines
to strickeners, then rodents under minds
mass a velvet lighter on the coast
and me and madam macadam roast
a buddy babby; and evil child-killers
whirl to blind mad nights where mirrors
refract a swine-bone beneath
laden ghastlings whose talking shiver
lays daddy waste to curlered millers
o the ramrose at my nice side hisses
o the gangster of sweet life kisses
a lady of a lantern
and mammy pays for her garden as
diggers of dreadfulness sips old gas
and a body under endlessness grasps
damagers of seed with barren gasps

as the easy way home leads vines
to wiverners, then rodents under twine
accuses big men of using margarines to
force a sad cock to a huge occasion;
and a party on a cliff
drops preternatal classes upon stations;
and we blasphemed adown natrons
and we widened wool with grey nations

la la, a seagull in an oil-drum uses mines
to dig for darted darling dart-wynds
and a church in the moon scurries for
fishing net-knives that lead dogs to swine
la la, an eagle in a bald eyrie
glows like a glow worm; and family
defaces blued nuns when cold memory
sweetens as she studies how to seem
as dead as a flowery windscreen..

o the ramrose in my nice side hisses
o the empty robe i misused feeds kisses
to aldebarren boys who dance for dresses
and, la la la, an opener of city puce
seals rattlers aside riders of baby-juice
and, as i slide to sleep,
my eager purse of a body drops meat

across lanterners of sodden mind-heat
as a keen mad summer entertainer chants
then a stage of sears will cut plants
ah, we widen into tears
and we slay gooseberries with weirs;
o a salted sugared girl
curls under tails where her lemon world
swipes guns and cries for Eden
and, la la, on seasand, a cradler's swirl
dramatises fish with vinegar curls
and a bled boy who cries for sea has to
widen woollen vineyards where pearls
star-string a blue banner of fagged earls

o the remorse mad kids abuse feeds
a naked brunch that starves gold leaves
and a tobacco cunt
scurries asid blown junk;
and madam moon plays with sex-spunk
and easers of remedies
swagger after chestnuts where families
reach into a sad mind in a torn bed

as keen mad summer entertains chants
then a stage of tears washes vans under
a hitler of a whore; and, o, as vanners sunder
de utmost enemy of the world,
a greasy ghoul of a mind dips soft lumber
beneath dizzy sheets
o! these opal days where we shape
starry sunnny graves with burnt flowers
come caressing lips with acrid apes
oo me and master Adam kiss Eden,
and i scatter eyes aside dead reason;

and, la, what with kickers of snakes
slamming a spent shoe under drapes
a summery winter-dude will moon-rape
a dummy cove where mammy gates
open wide upon a broken sun-snake's
autumnal past where daisies under drakes
drags a chemic crease for mad Mary

oo a dainty dinted daisy drops cream-blood
oo a dilly dented prarie pots dream-drugs
and a holden hour when
a darling of a dukedom whispers for gems
a dabbler of a kingdom will suffer under
delimited islands that sail out to thunder
and, la, red wizards shine for lovers
and, la, bled gizzards shine like brothers
oo a dainty minted sweet-bee swills mud
oo a dizzy squinted meat-bee swills crud

and, la la, lionesses cellar-found have to
drown in deepening darkening water-tubes
and, la la, a sea-harnessed flour-found sleuth
draggers after scent when fast youth
sends its zigger-zagger grave when truth
shutters a signal in a beller of a soft noose
when you find someone good then you
may well sling a gun while singing de blues
oo once in a goddamned life we don
romaning castlers when purple pig-guns
shoot madam macadam stone dead.. uh!!

Copyright JDB 09/12/2020


work-in-progress title: Someone Has Poked His Face In My Skull
1st draft poem then poem-song


someone has poked his face in my skull
o somebody mad has served me gulls;
and a man at sea serenades narrow earth
la la, eaters of bee-doctors arouse bulbs
with fairy thumbs and dolls

when you find someone good then molls
may well dance around a stereo,
and eyes bleed sound when cut heroes
wash their amazing hands in birth

someone has poked his bed in my doll
o, somebody sad has served me diamond
and a local tree
moans; and a deadly heart sucks aside
acrid mien and bastards

sequential models model for dead eyes
o reverential hotel shovels
shovel mud from candles;
and easy eaters dine upon wet wipes


a saviour of trees uses water to shape
daffy crowds with dirtid apes
and a bone in fed need hips for drakes
and ideal women cry for mercy
and evil children die for memory;
and bleaters bleat for wide honeys

sequential arid binaries bolt doors
witth cheesy feet and apple-claws
and fearers of facelessness sprawls
under blown beds and trapt fats.

blowers in sails star-telephone dead Mars
o, fellowers of dales drop from
eaten heads and easy guns
la la, odes to sands glow under toy-cars
and eyelids turn in

oo vastness cries for tears when sin
scatters dirgy seed across the walls
and, uh, eagles found aside scrawl
hisses where rained men swim for
ravellers who gather old teas for ole
bodying moon-eyes

ahh daddy's dream bus hires lies

the hallowers of sun-sleep have to learn now
about bully tailors and clouds
and, o, when talons change, then empy crowds
will cum ramming hands in honey
and, la, a chainy heart dons blood when shrouds
drill for daddy warders

a saviour of trees uses waters to create a mind
ahhh, a bed of knees
tilts as she sighs; and, O, a mummy cloth-climb
carries dusty warts to bridal beads

the hallowers of sun-sleep have to burn now
all magical wives and all impassable
dizzy limes where wartersr ram a sex-crowd's
incredible daisy; and hands rock for slaughter

these iconic days where dabblers issue pain
then evil petrol teas will abuse rain;
and a radioed sleeve smells of musical rolls
and a daddy buzzer bags hands aside dolls

a saviour of trees uses mortar to create times
and a bed on the small town
scatters salinity across crowns when grime
scutter; and an evil sky swallows old crime

o hallowers of bummy heaven use brawls
to enter lies deep inside wedded grey drawl;
and a mother moon shaves a twitty stall from
lost fanny air; and chairy hairy cauls use cum

to shoot all landscrapers with gilded sex-gum

the wallers of a demolished grave silence
a bummy waltz that leads to violence;
and a bed at sea sinks boughs under swift
veined body-blows;
and a ship of sex rises across wavelets
and a soft sail-mesh dons riggings from
eaters of easter-xmas ivy-holly;
Ah, once upon a mind, tracers of baby
sea-founded cradles from cot-cavvy
and a sworn cliff-gun shoots cherry with
easers of seagulls and blinded bag-bits

a saviour of false horses lays waste to
pulleyers of gorse
and a boy in a grange listens to bruised
and rivals to nunneries pray for screws
ah wallers of demolished grave-silence
a dummy washer when laundered stink
shovels eastern hats with wigging pinked
pussy alleys;
and a ghost in pure rain sucks ballets
and a common brolly
raises roman rain from darting valleys
where, looped, weavers suffer valises

a saviour of false horses lays waste to
doctorors of diamantes and dead shoes

o lemon rings, car-found, will fountain wide then
blues, boney, will sunder old mountains when
a digger of dressers drags a star from women
and a bled bureau
suppers for death as a father in a cocoon
crashes; and, La, what now for Lady Moon?
will she cry as she rides?
will she die as sex writhes?
anyway, a ballerina in a pocket has to drive
greying partners from dust and wet and knives

o lemon ochres, scarried, willl fashion after a
slitted piggy pen when a sodomisng fast father
accuses sense of walking on a soapbox
ah, as babbies blind ceilings, then Madam Fox
will most certainly sink potatoes under
greedy marks that marry mind-thunder to rocks.

ah wallers of demolishing tanny teasy breads
slice savoury donuts from dizzy fizzy pegged
fern-fawning city riots; and a cod under beds
find easy gals in Staines;
and odes to galleres abuse pain with Essex;
and a radioing pisser of salt-rain summons lead
to enter deeply down a cunted penile vein.

lo, a daddy boy who plays with father's toys
hereby volleys fatal lifts from elevating joys
and a sacred skin has a holy mind while toys
drop, drop
down and down,- Oh, a spinner of rot has to
arise from false sleep
and, lo, a fastener of meat washes nude shoes

the tawny tragedies of torn-hymns swing for
a vastness of melodies
ah, family blind pities peer into wings as tors
come tumbling for family
and, lo, as a noted stiff cries for a ghost
then patios, painted, will surely pant for wards

greeny glitter-glass smashes herod with a
dammy damsel rose that sends sin to war
and a goofy lens peers under rat-fats and
a nylon moron seer shaves thundera and
islands found in dreams
drop from a drop-tank as drinking hands
whip Caligula from cowed baths and screens
and ideal punchers of cowled rafts
sway, sway, sway

away, from plumed pus where fanny trades
dream of bubbled bibled Eden;
and environs leap for hearths when trays
get star-hurled from an estranging nave
and, la la, weedlers have to suck praised
windy female nothings..


omce gelled to the break of day, fascinating exothermic dreams
come rocking at death's door
o once gelled to dying, a cellar man may well fiind windscreens
star-covered in bad flowers
and the lessons of the poor serenade rain and hissy fish-streams
cum sundering forwardly back
where crowers, lung-caned, spiral aside a mac in a car-pack
and a simmerer of dung
hits to an evil copro beat; and an owly mask melts under smack
and a daddy of a drained jeep draggles as she drives for macs

once gelled to the break of day, fascinating exothermic dreams
come rotting at death's store
and the faces of familial messengers melt for winged whores
and the laces of dupedom drip aside a televisual static racks
and a hand in a lunar till
hisses for herods as cunt in sea-lies loosens tarred pin-packs
and, once stoned, a bald sober child listens to death's hill

drillers of vaginal daffodils shine just like one zillion eyes as
bleeders of cardial whifflers whine under a faded mind-glass
and the doctors of fizzers shine, shine
and the proctors of scissors push pony under blonde lime
ah a city's tangential head
falls from gas as grassy red-breads cum deeply for dimes
and indian wallahs pay in english pounds when easy minds
swill shouting killers with flashed thumbs and fairy-thread

once along a mind in a flash-skull, i saw mammy rich
made old as fatal soap; and me and eyes see daddy rich
swerving unto funerals where fast pyres pull a bud bitch
underneath blonde hymens and serial sucking magwitch;
and, o, at end of day, a nightling faces aside islands as lips

succour for tawny slits; and, oo, someday very, very soon
you will surely self-murder then listen to a glass room..

tumblers of sex-gum chew upon blonded blind refactories
and the suns of drums shoot pottery with naked factories
and the hands of dark
slash aside a blue park;
and, o, we ride upon eyries as we shoot god's eagle
la la, a veiny tapestry hisses when a caresser of anegels
cums shitting at our door
and a laden lady lout loosens whores from easy gourdes
and, ahhh, a daddy down a vein vanishes under bawds when
silence capsizes. Oh, once upon a mind, thunder feeds fens
to scatterers of blithe saline copious hens
and we hem ourselves with canine gems that
smother birdy-mamma with easy cries and evil mind-fat

catscans rain along silver as a golden mask-jam eats fat
from dirigible doggy fingerers
and, made from green mites, a feathery fasting flea-bat
binds guilty grease with bummers and ancient dead flats
ah, a believer in a fleece
tramples pure trampolines under meese wherer yeast
sinks aside a mouther's tongued candle thrush;
and grey ashes leap from guns
and, la, fatal passages peer fed feet from pea-slush
and, uh, swashed cuts in a crash crusade for lush
lilting Leda-awoken Zuesy swan-raids; and parades
peal a bled banana with crippling sovereign slayed

metalling horda christs; and delled darlings get laid
by no-one; and a menstrual crisscross shaves blades
and keepers of renal kinema drops wax down graves
and, lasering under venal mana, pigs swill dumb waves
and sadness booms just like a candifying cunt-crazed

idiot cinema....

Copyright JDB 10/12/2020



work-in-progress title: O, Horsed Pony-Powers Swoon
1st draft poem then poem-song


the seekers at my frontdoor
hiss to a burgled beat;
o, healers of sky cure sleep
and a candy flower
drops aside a welsh moon
and a digger of marsh
accuses health of doom

la, eynes seep into corn
la, minds reaps blind porn
and a mad man at high sea
delves after elves and stormed
babby flowers.

o, horsed pony-powers swoon
and sonic mule-towers croon
after sex, where sense ends.

crooners inside wild heaven
hiss to a chromed beat
la, naked dinners sleep for raisins
and a devil girl
arises from corn when easy meat
swallows eyed pearls

o, horsed flowers mule-swirl
after veins when catters whirl
a daddy in a soft lip;
and crooners aside wild heaven
hiss to a stoned mind-slit

and eyers fear for hot strips
and mad sirens must blay

the reapers at my frontdoor
have come to bury bones at sea
o heapers of sky
slide down drives
and a weepy pharoah sucks seed
from honeyers of spy-slides

and eyers fear hot cold divined
bunny rock;
and bunny rock stones cock
and beers cry after gin-gloss
and a galled glass
senses pussy casks when dust
scurries under blue flasks
O blind sin spins from lust
and lidders of skin suck cusps
and a boner of blind-cups
drags touchy lakes for lies.

ideal easy idiots pay for pleb-power
and, la, easy ingots cry
and, la, pissy star-lots scry for flour
and we bake a cake inside cold sky
and de regal cortal hour
lays for waste when greenies ride
from Andromeda
and an ideal easy street car glids
against tides where grey flava
listens to greying momma

O bound skin sheds slicers from
spooners of sex when easy lungs
sink a crab-shadow inside guns
and deadeners of plastics stun a
daisy train where chainy feathers
fellow suns with wine; and leathers

drop dead; and old seasons roll
just like murdered windows; and soul


oo i remember being born with a spastic spoon in my hands
oo i recollect dreams being rigged
with dirty boys whose mitching sands
sailed off to comic bands
and the isles of March glow like a glowworm blows
oo, ideal eaters of marzipan
dollops cakes aside reapers

oo i remember where birth came sundering dead crows
oo i recollect my screams being
seasoned with buds and vermin; and i digest screeing
baby bunkings
and, uh, eyes burn
and, uh, minds turns
aside rose-perms; and waxy long ladies fingers will
fasten ropes to scared ferns

and, gun-grounded, idioms of felne fishermen will
most certainly collide dogs with lost atoms
and, la la, atomic star-cogs shine from as mad hill
and easers of bubonic gods
suffer a loud mind where mental dizzy mods thrill
oo i recollcect being born as i remember hot dills
dropped seed aside a dropped tank; and old mills
come heating cunt-chafe; O, head-killers will hiss
and dunny gals will cry, cry, cry;



these rented frantic days that punish me with humans
here and now, veined, cuttle after a dead swarm
made old and idle as rider against dogs and porn
and podgy men who rifle under gods
here and now, maimed, cuttle after fierce red Love
and a soaper of daddied buds
fall from failing trees when de forests in a factory
arise, arise

oo I have seen a mental cross made from fancies
oo i have entertained christening graves
and, as i sleep, then i will surely tread old water
because, bulbed, old water listens to burny clouds

these rented frantic days when instamatic castles
crusade for meths and the dart of Pan
soddenise melters with handled harted marzipan,
and the riders of the East
swallow liars; and a sister to the Beast uses grease
to comb trans fats into thinned air
and bodyers of cats spin as tailed hair
oo i have seen a mental cross made from fancies
oo i have entertained christening graves
and, la la, eynes under glistening lays
loosen deadly vinegar tides that burn christ's cage,-
ah, diners of defiance shed sperm along pizza
and a fallen male shoots cum with female naves
and, oo, a bed at night sleeps for blades
uh, uh. Oceans burn when mermen get scored
with damaging waves and whoredom made Law.

these scented imprisoned sea where bald infants pray
must soddenise a lady under bees
and a bed of bees sunders bees
and a ledge of ice carries fathers under grey day
oo a budder on a buddha cliff
seasons wine with wintry riffs
and an easy gal drops god's knickers
aside carved dunes where eaten cunted lips raise
drainy dromedaries from gardened mirrors
and, la la, i espy a mad scissor on a hill of graves
washing hands in lardy fissures

oo i have seen a mental cross made from fancies
oo i have jammed menstral ruin
and, once dined, me and my kind mien may well
launch leopard luncheons from coded easy hell
and, la la, i derived a city from its trains
and, la la, i denied me; and a cagey river-swell
suppered for meads and a beaded city-cell
and, once pasted, sleeves
will don the masks burned roses leave

and, laden with sucrose, my gibbet of a mind
has to fasten fists to ald fish; and, la, denial
drops a ladder under wrists; and odes to minds
swing for dispersible lions;
and, ooo, sun-scraping irons seals rain under
clackering corpses; and fingery fan of fans
sweats for fanatial vein-vans; and, once canned,
a rill-side wept from pansy cheek
gutters aside snipt dommy chalk-tips; O, momma
moistens tricksters with ideal leapers.

issuers of soft makers address deaths with
a tissuer of dommy daniel; and aged kids rid
all sea-rinsers with purple ply and flashed ribs
and Eve gets born from deforming Adam when
a chapster of porn storms cellars with diadems
and, la la, metallers of sundays
arouse tits from sabbatical mondays;
and, oo, when kissers move, then tear-trades
summon kissy pies from daisies and vegetables
ahh,- we ease eyes into de bodies
ah,- we seize scribes from fitting roddies

once upon a mind, i entertained blue eggs
once upon a sine, i entertained bruises; and
pushers of brine pocket wide wines from sand
and jacking jailing bobbies send sense to islands
and, la la la, as oat men suck radishes then
dirtiers of greying boat men feed off laddies

the easers of idolised mermen accuse a fish man of
carring keen crud far out sea
la la, weevillers of jolted fished hens lay under god
and a wifer of a wasteling
labels candy cries with whippy creamed deceving
and, o, we widen into sleep
and, o, we seize skin from heat

the easers of idolised mermen accuse a coye love
of cumming way too deeply inside a tree of cud
and a basketful of snakes
comes hissing from nostril-states
and a city seen under capes widen aside bloods
and, o, we widen into sleep
and, o, we seize skin from meat

the easers of idolised mentalis rocks upon mud
and a singer of stupid song
has to listen to loud wind as christ cracks gloves
beneath blown vacs where mary craps upon
driven deeps and the sirens of a cheeked lunge

ooo once upon a mind, a mission to tidal guns
star-soaks a summer's life with
easter xmas; and yuletide infants abuse pigs
and, once laid, an easten westend snow-horse
cums crying at the nice sides of an apple.

ahhh, graven golly guys are fed to evil laughter
ahhh, ashen dolly guys are fed to regal slaughter
ahhh, waxen brolly boys give jet-head to murmurs
and a cat under quays sting sex with puffers of a
natural naked state when dunny dad-toys
crashland aside a milky lake where
dazzlers of wives supper for a sea of bled hairs
oo we will have to glide under glues and air.

with navy knickers as high as kites, i hear love's son
smarming as he lays britain down
oo, with lady peckers cumming, i hear love's guns
shooting twelve-armed Gabriel; O, god's father
listens to holy nerves
and dom danel, under curves, snips a brother's
melted letter of priests and beasts and mommas

with navy knickers as high as spikes, i hear love's son
craning under racist cable
and a tv on a cliff caresses chalk with christ's cradle
and, oo, as minted white killers
come lamming clothes with stables
we, once tithe-raised, will issue lips from gables

and, gum-made, we chew for the slaughtered hour
and, gum-sprayed, we chomp for an owler's flower
and a bended city-scrum
loosens layers of dirty eardrums; and falseness comes
back home where the screams of Love cuts bummed
urban tears

the scented renal pleasure-hearse hereby jeers for a
magazinic mum whose wonderful old family uses a
cartel of dummies; and a balded eaten salt manequin
car-crazes mommy brands with intercitied taut spind
and a bad bleeder of a blind staggers for spun gyms
and we rotate across a radar
and we create green Mars from teeterers of murder

with gravy knickers as high as a tights, we hear guns
sky-shooting scissor writings with dirtiers;
and ashen blades in a pan shroudsails across Woman
and ashen trays serve drinks to huge grails
and we hurl gins from wrecked lifts
and we hurtle under sons until a baby on a lisp stuns
coded creator-men with kissers of gnits
as killer men in flamingo leash a pink leg to trips
then a driller of blooded geese
cum spilling sweets under owls where cicada lips
slash a ringing reaper from idle peace
and, once tashed, a dizzy talon girl accuses mitts
of vein-pawing a goddess of vines and mined grips
and jarry patient thieves come candling for a
babby-den; Oh, once upon a mind, ideas slip,
and fondlers of ooze dress cunt from grey tits

gun-made, we chew for the slaughtered hour
and asian christs heal for wards; Pah, old flour
mixes meshes into pine when pines under power
pee into cakers
and, once drizzled, a sickener of razors flowers
aside ruby-devs and druggarding ginty fakers.


the deepening flesh of tomorrow's snow
hastens to a kissing beat
la the emptied gardens of tomorrow's heat
listens to death as garlands flow
and i have jacked hands with painful kisses
and i have jumped for daddy flash
o, deepening flesh seeps aside bad crows
and, la la, my moany mental minotaur
drags swarded ancient women from wards

gun-made, i chewed for motors as swords
came tickling at the edges of my mouth;
and darkness set me free to disguise words
with hazy children chirping just like birds
and, O, a crazy woman
came scurrying at my door
and, O, a crazy demon
came laughing at the snake-store
and, unlaid, my diamond body has to roar
and easiness roar upon a chain...

gun-made, i moved a lost knife to grease
sun-slaved, i saw a candler ignite trees
but, la, as i struck for night, then cold beads
hipped along stingers of bell-pslams and weeds
and i have accused a bellyful of weeds
of car-amazing bone with stoney english dweebs,
and an engine in de sky
moans like stung bees; and hively whoredom
damages blorted death with diamante eyes
the deepening flesh of tomorrow's snow
glistens under naves
and navellers of fathers jacks eyed clothes
and, la la, wideners of stirred graves hose
a dilly TV where harvested lays use brogues
to sink a silly sizzler inside fanny flame.

easers of easellers sunder thunder
Agh, depleters of cedars strike for fathers
and, Uh, mod gods will jack all love's fathers
and, O, lord Blood will punish pigeon waters
and, ahh, a crazy coda cry wept till daughters

came back homeward to see soft sirens laid
to bosom-rest; and nested pigs cum for trades
and, once gone, i will cry, cry, cry


Copyright JDB 12/12/2020.


work-in-progess title: Words for the Israelite
1st draft poem then poem-song


the candified skies where i made god's name
chant the xmas mantra
o the eyes of brides sear wasps with flame and
o, as a driver of the dead
tramples cars, then a roadway seals hot sand in
a bedded mine where female dread
sets alight to the Israelite

the feathers of the thrilled empty seeds when a
catacomb of silence shot the easy tides
and a bed of bracelets loosens lady lives with
a candified room where a faceless mind-crib

the candified skies where i made god's name
cum brass-bugging a chapel from rain, and death
dilates sonnny boys with a new self when pain
summons clothes from santa-clowns
O, a dog at sea hisses
O, a god in trees kisses blorted eyes when
fishermen of mermen supper after old children

la la, once upon a xmas mind, i melt after gems
la la, once upon an xmas sine, i melt after hens
and a balded tinsel shimmer releases odd men from
corroded nestlers of coded beads and drums
the candifiers of dizzy tinsel town traps hair
la la, a rider of easy easels
layers prayers with easy eagles
and a lotus woman cums crying as she crawls
and a crocus woman eats lying star-falls;
and a bed at sea glistens
and a head of bees listens to a moon-crawl

o a peddler of pissers pastes guns to drawl
o a meddler of sisters pastes guns to walls
and a bended mister
sings from red hills where a ghost of dolls
caresses a human with locker-molls

once aside a mind, a pealer of dead trolls
cums eating fanned flesh with armed bols
and odals under midnight suffer under lolled
beaten plastic babies

o a dog of rape loosens evil humankind with
daughters of drugs and festive eye-pigs;
and one zillion mad men hasten to pricked
sandal bitumens

and, la la, eaters of winers whine from figs
and we get fixed by easy figgy pudding

the xmas bees inside pined leaves lead self where
elvin children cry upon thin air
o xmas trees widen
o misers lose gardens, and a mistler of prayer
slays after sleighs where
ideal xmas roses send ghosts to easy hair
and, o, we weevil for family
and, o, we sample god's blood
and, oo, as a fatal santa creates sad love
then we send gifts to prayer

o a cat of crayons crashes under rat-rubs
oo a bat of canyons flashes under fat-gloves
and a dizzy roman caresses cunt with gob
and a fizzy snowman caresses junk with drugged
fairy-thimbled sizzle minds

the xmas bees inside pined leaves lead self where
elvin women cry upon thinned fear
an a grotto ghost cups curled lips inside tears
and the bright world mopes as lizardine stairs
lead mad mummy to mother claws.

the christmas when seagulls came to my house
sent desultory clowns to sleep
o, easy sugarmen send canes beneath wheat
and eyes don dunny slides when sad meat
gets woven into devs and dummies
o, xmas mornings causes fish to sink and die
o, xmas evenings cause drunken kids to cry
and a bed of baying pencils
daub riders of crime with sacred stencils
o, eyers of romantic runes
cause illegal gods to gob aside a nude moon
and a desk of sods
scutters; and easterly arising tea-luds swoon

o, a crippler of fotal christs listens to doom
o, a rippler of fatal christ hisses under plumed
invective penile castles
and a grave at sea snaps parcels from gloom
and mad trees moan as they bloom..

i see a parsnip ghost cums rotting for muscles
and eyers leash veins to fascinated damsels
and a damsel under grains i once oversaw
swinging for mount adorer
and a father in a fount listens to grey wards.

the dying fall of a dead man's rage
loosens drawl to red-vans; and cardial caves
carry stoney pigs to wedded naves
and a sweated kid cries after blown caged
and a sea of christs crashes
and a sea of night flashes for greying
cold starlings
o a bay of kids wallows under straying
bolted cat boys who arise from praying
lady miction,
and a bone of blood bends balls across
a crucifier of gods and arching lady-loss

the dying fall of a dead man's rage
loosens drawl to red-cans; and cold age
cudgels sighs with pigeon waters
and a boned wise kid swells under doctors
and a sea of puckers
delve mouths for salters; and a glass of lays
drains daddies from midife
these dunny days when a cup-of-piss craves
a mummy cloak from pyramidic naves
washes herpetic guns in lardy looting trades
and we are weeviling for santa
and we are weeping after santas
and a doll of dark dreams about old fever
and a tree of tinsels listen to skin-scathes
the instant confectioner of a menthol spray
seizes elfy lyons from hydras and bright graves

these fatal crocus days when mad boys come out to play
enter a natal cactus under
coded kids that ride thunder; and dyers of lungs must pray
to horny mandalas where a sea of fathers
arises from red porn; and sleeve of lovers
lends a caged boat to sand as slease aside powers
pisses on veins where many lovers sleep
and, la la, fatalisms cum burning for avenues of meat
and, la la, phantasms spin for yearning
trickers of tricklers and model post-modern earnings

the instant confectioner of a menstrual sweet-spray
jazzes to de midwife's beat
and a babe of charms stampedes bone with reaped
star-reeling focal ceilings

o a daddy rose opens lost mamma-eyes and i shake
under a deafening blindness that leads me to snakes
and evil hotel bells chime the hour as killer's drake
sunder darkness with mazy mouth; and kids date us

chucked down a cleft tip, i overheard the verves of the world
made dirty with salmon hands and city swirls
and, o, as i see those city swirls come shafting oil with curls
then i shall see both tomorrow and yesterday
come gunning at my door
and a leaden Leda carries mucky puppets unto married pearls
and eyes sunder blinded slumber
and minds rout as thoughts rootle for madness and fathers
and, oo, rutted soft cans get cut-opened by easy slavers

the openers of moon-side drinks from a rainbow's ebb
la la, ovallers of ova-drives
drizzle after ponies where city-highs ignite bone with
trashy filthy tea-dregs; and a ghost at night scatters slips
against a deadly sea where faces flail, flail;
and mud-meddlers seize snares from cases; O, bed-lips
come hissering at hooves
and a bayer of pure flava hits to a bled beat; and hoods
swallow licky capped laps with teemy molten bloods

and sizers of wintry summers are here led to old God.

the penumbra deus who prays about de Lord
hereby snappers faiths from dirtying blood-hordes
and a dog on a skate
scissors sweeties from lakes
and, la, a town aside lakes hisses
and, la, a town aside snakes kisses reptile birds
and, my my, as we weep for tressers then
we will surely have to cry aside filthy candymen
the openers of moon-scribes write for chicken
o, an opened head shows no brain
o, a sodden bed gets dammed by pain; and words
cum pissing in four winds
and, ooo, old children shit aside five fat chins.

the penumbra deus who prays aloud fashions now
the grey spies that photograph a nude grey show
and times at a body-show
picks a closed prick from a nippler;
and, both night and day, easter-xmas congas for
dirtiers of blue sense and asexual bawds
oo a naked nude love-asylum creates wards for
scrawlers of dead daffies and sex-dilated clothes;
and our old man went missing from a toilet
and, ahh, we accuse sands of running as we war
after prophesies of bled bouncered toy-scores
and fatal bruises star-found under pegged claws

the penumbra deus who plays with god's toys
laces cunt to carriers
and vaginal winters radio a bad-hand as ploys
cum peeing in brave marriers;
and a sweated grave cries for spermal sailors
and a scented slave
accuses sense of being struck by cock-caves



the gentlemen's chairs have now gone to dust
o the females under hair
led sirens to mush; and the gods of Israel
summon christ from prayer
and, la la, ideal statues teeter as men fall,
and,, la la, comic sea-views slash up a wall;
and the kids of Bethlehem
seize blued eyes from daisy scars
o, once upon mind, a nightling in a soft-mall
come sipping from grassy wine
and, la la, ideal statues fall from time-stalls

the penumbra shaver of cool easy fanny
sinks a lost river in a canny easy rolled
odd mind that believes in the less deceived;
and eyers of gardened skin
suck a bled nut
and words spin for fuck
and worlds sting for sluts; and odes to scrawl
write a reddener of basins with granite gall
and eynes sidle into sacs

chained veins change as lovers get changed
o vinyl stains plea for cold noise
and the sun in silence swallows de boys when
romancers under violence
cum carring after dummies and old women

the gentlemen's chairs have now gone to dust
o,-cagers of stairs leap crabs with shone lust
and a doctor in a frame
yields treatments to coded cicada flam. Pus
comes crying like screwed hands
and, labelled, we suffer dewy brigands and
soapy soda-sucky smell has to drag islands for
diamante and dirtiers of lost moors

and a mirror on a hill shovels candies under
slowers of drenching bulbous yields
and a venal dome dreams about lost fever
and a renal drome
tides after messed boys who know Momma
ah,- a bull on its back
gets to dropping christ's knickers
ah,- a gull inside slacks poos aside tiggers

and one bad day where watchers of killers
damage bone with scissors
and idolisers of rigs frig after fruit-fillers
and, ooo, violins get plucked by rivers
featherers of falons trip to a lost mind-hour
o fevers under talons snip
mangers and easy shits; and a holy flower
sets alight to meadows and blue powers
and, lo, as massers melt for Gods, then a
teamster of evil dudes
smiles at almost everybody;
and the dials of dust show peepers to baby
and the reins of lust
get whipped around by hooves
ah, once upon a mind, mental screws moves
naked fools to tears

featherers of falons trip to a lost mind-hour
o fondants open easy slits
o coded potions sink nips
and a rider aside vain rain shudders for
eaten faces when evil dancers shutter wars
inside a granite open bathroom

o once sad day when we have heard ghosts
come rocking at a haunted door
then we, tranced, may well use sex hosts to
entertain mirrors with wards
and wardens of heaven snapper aside brew
and bruisers sleep for prisons

the scenters of the deep drag daddies for
blown cadillacs which lead to ideal stores
and a chemic pulse
washes fans under sulked milky hordes
ah a body in a huge city cake
gets cut by mammy; O, and i shall score
a hired carrot taste for
coded kicker boys who shooteth up, up
this wild world is jazzy
o a child feeds men with family
and a wedded wet wife crashes medly
with blown braids and memory
and, la la, a basard who seems lovely
must clamber underskin and use rubies
to rot a cusped dram in faceless doobies

'..tut tut tut tut treacle tardive dirt mutt
scutter scutter scutter Ah Mien?

Copyright JDB 13/12/2020


work-in-progress title: Away, Away, Away
1st draft poem then poem-song


a cattery under a dog-dream hits nets
ah a baby under clogs
stomps across fathers, and old sweat
astonishes veins with priories;
and the skin in a deaf eye picks death
from opals

a catter, heated, burns rats with desks
and, la la, an gin-glower has to wreck
eyers of wide screams
and a bedded mind creams after
vinegar meadows

tut tut..here and now, under fevers, a
cranny of a car cries as she breaks
out, and a vanny spy sidles under shakes,
and weavers of tides
swallow.. O, once a day, night dies..

this wilted idiot dream dazzlers after tithes
o shitted old screens
show ladies to honey where a sea of knives
sinks wode into drains
and a bud of dust dreams for grey guys
and lacers of defiance damage guys
and facers of science damage wives

o a vast ratter who rotates into wine
hops to a nude beat
and eynes fall from deaf meat as sleep
sunders xmas meats
and a poker of dead wheat stops dead

the vastness of vamped death has to listen to
naked chanters of day and night;
o, fakers of chambers dig for light where dudes
serenade guns and fathers
and weavers play with mumma's toys
and easy eaters of doom denials
noose legs into snow
and, oh, we weep for crab-gallows
and, oh, we reap as we sow haloes

diggers of mind-belts dress for meadows
and we stand on the field
and men stand under weals
and diggers of daddies dreams of toads
and eyes squirt inferm toad-sperm
and, la la, ideal women cry forever

oo, we play with chambers where robes
die out; and, O, we weep for a rose

deadeners of dairy skies slide aside blown udders
and an evil bird storms the tides
and an evil world cuts the space we tread when
rainers of roman radios ram sounds down mothers;
and we wee in the shitting wind
and we seize sins from eating gyms

diggers of mind-belts dress for ole sun-skins
and a drink of ale loosens city sales
and a diary under red humans slices vales from
moory hills where men stopped

oo, we play for chambers as we feed guns
and, lasered by warts, we see arise the sun's
strangling vinegar solar eardrum
and eynes welt after whippers
ahh, ideal negatives snip kodak then cum

inside deepeners of dells and scissor lungs

this side of our laser city hisses under guns
o a slider of flavas
abuses dirt as a bodier of failures uses a
dustpan for flayers;
and a room of death drinks to fever as a
tawny shroud-man dreams about ginger
and, la la, we weep as we ride from lovers
and, la la, we reap gas
and, la la, we heap glass

oo we play for chambers as tickers snip
bald vaginal sheep-lips
and a bedder of a comatose uses slits to
serenade dogs with moon-trips
and eyers slacken
oo we play for chambers as rippers rip a
crazy siren from pure murder

this side of our laser city hisses under cars
and tracklers of mamma
meld necks with child-wine
and weepers adorn clouds with mad stars

oo we play for chambers as tickers snip
daddy bone-brains with scisssory sky-nips

o when ideal ivories of mamma sweat for sex
then eaters of holy ebonies
come sleeping in a star
and a soft piano plays for cars when babies
get rocked under daddies
and a mummy moon has kissed today
the fathers of sweet breaths and good love

this side of god's truth, we enter into passion
this side of god's ftuit, we get sun
and a cat on a roof purrs for easy missions
and weepers wed eyes to cool prisms

o when ideal ivories of mamma sweat for sex
then reapers of scented gals
come sleeping in god's car
and a bone of death gets hurled away from a
kindness of love and worlds

we have hastened to ten winds
o we have listened to sin; and my headpiece
leads holy boys to holy girls
and, la la, children of darkness know about
everything. Oh?

these easy daddy days that lead us into fire
hisses for hot ice
o easy ladies spray fat; and a corpse-christ
kisses kids with mice

and a family mind thinks about grey-tikes
and then a wanker of darkness
shatters seed across darting sadness

and a weaver of salts
enparchments silk with pissy plate
and jammed men sea-ram grey grapes

the puppets in my garden swill colts
o the snappers in my garden
sail from sleep when a rammer's vault

crusades for star-scissor; and lavender
accuses romantics of pissing for feathers
and a loosener of kissing dreamers

slaps a tom-tooth aside a blue-bather's
drowning pebble-sluice
and eaters of candles ooze from roofs

and, la la, gippers of gritters sing loose
heavenly cords when denim nudes
get bruised by zippers and fly-foods


beery bleary body-boys come crashing at my window
o leery dizzy baby-boys
heed splints where a navel under toys tricks for widows
and a belling spire arises from the lovelorn gallows
and, la la, eye-pigs piss upon gloves
and, la la, pig-kids shit upon trays
and a boner of a baiter bags for rotted fish-trades

bleery beery gabby-girls come flashing at my window
o easy cheery cherry-boys
come sundering night with dirunals
and as peppery sea-kite carries cashes when graves
moon-shoot peckers of pippers with damagers. Slaves
hereby enter into star-crud

the coolers of essential wine toast a taloned vine where
splatterers of experimenters rope crayons under hairs
and a pube in a wine-glass
sallows easy cheeks from windy wearying sky-snares
and easers of picklers pull directly from
a tangerine town that cries for limes when lemon guns
scar-murder an orange tisk with radios

beery bile-heavy queasy gulls cum gulleting grey gum
and a shooter that shooteth up has to
cosmos-clasp a dinner of a slut; and heroic bald rum
toasts a peasy erection from tumbler filled with lungs
and bodiers of filthy barble-cunt
ram a rodeo around pulled veins where oaken spunk

shouts aside boots that adorn a febrile kiddy monk
and eynes may well adorn clouds
and minds may wel adorn crowds
and, la la, easers of pastry heaven feed god's bunk


cicadas under waves washes walleters with grey pylons
la la, robed thunder crashes from drones
and a bee-stinger of lashes lights death with pythons;
and a bed at sea swings for grapes
and a bed of leas hangs cold drakes
and, ah, when an oaty eater of napes hisses for guns
then old green genoa gives horse-rain to filthy ones
and, loped by seams, a weird whiffler of closed lungs
sears a waxen float

cicadas under waves wash valleters with fast lions
la la, rodeo rammers ruin salts with damaged-irons
and we dine in the dark
and we drink in the black
and we know everything about countessa Zion;
and a woollen empery loosens wroughted masks with
deranging tangerine cycles
cicadas under waves wash walleters with grey lines
and a scratcher of a slave
snappers where sidlers of naves nudify huge minds
la la,- egos may well have to fall from cliffs
la la,- yoyos may well have to murder kiddy lifts
and a bonny bone-bonce begs for snoods
and a dunny stone-lunch feeds rocks to cold roofs

ah, dumb times will bear for us a house of hoofs
ah, dummy spine scatters after a red mouse;
and a doctoror of ratters captures moley mine-moves
and we stare at impassable air
and we beam across invidious prayers where dudes
trample daddy tyres inside cunt-cusps

and, uh, as lockery lost ghosts grind bled gnits down
then, rubbed, a scullery of coasts curries for sound;
and where the Thames behind towns has to drown
and where the homes of grime have to cut down
all wafers and wallah worlds
then a sloane in squalor succours girls from Downs
and ladiers of lupins accuse sweet jesmoline when
fascinating peppers pee on sonar suets
la la,- handsmen swat picks where fondant cruets

car-strangle whored head-limbs with sad curls.
as burning midnight soil sinks a dead spade up Orion
then the glad mike that drivels echoers adown Orion
hisses for wafers when crisscrossers mount Zion
and a heaseward horse carries ponies under sails
and, la la, a madam mansiion hooks hotels from lions
and a daddy drain-zip pushes hoses under Moses
ah burning biters of oils daub sainters with faces
and a model man-mine gets digging after cases when
utterances of female lime
loosens stinky shoes to molded breaded stilettos
and a baker on a spine pushes acorns under tines
and weevillers shove a bandaged ring under vines

uh, a bleeded lobby loosens a loud home to women
uh, a ceded body loosens a loud stone to children;
and, where daddies fear sex-bone
then a bolter of mammies snips at signal drones from
elementary towns and the anus up the sleeve. Guns
give head to twelve-armed gabriel where
hearsives of well-charmed Abel shoots Cain's stare;
and weevillers dive aside faded coots
and, la la la, utterances of lies sweat for bride-prayer
and, la la ah,- mental manxers melt
away, away, away..

nunneries with exegesis have to swallow monkeries
o galleries with exegesis has to swallow factories
and a bed at night
spins when dreams fall; and, la la, dead cemeteries
lead fatted toads down lapels of lingering promontaries
and, uh, once aside a mind, i saw sewen sewers grind
dirtying hockers stink-pants with female feline waste
and a body under dreams
comes rotting at my backdoor
and udderers of rats sink creamers where whores
cum cuttling fanny titties with veins and blushing mace
and eyers, eyed, sink a sea-spray into wide honey
and, spiralled, sex-squids-ink swallows mental money

uh, a bleeded lobby loosens a lewd room with ice
uh, a shended daffy loosens a screw-spoon with ice
uh, a rended gaffy loosens a star-rune with grey rice
and, la la la, jazzy jacking gel-zippers drawl for christ

O......O....chortle, chortle, chortle, chortle, chortle..

Copyright JDB 16/12/2020


work-in-progress title: Whips When Bends
1st draft poem then poem-song


the chicking spine of red rain laps a green note
from idle eyes where blood spins
and a shitting mind lends red rain to soft soaps

uh, a bleeding mind grabs for curtains where
dodderers sunder cabs; and odes to grey air
supper for stars and axes

o clicking bed-noises dam sexers with dope

ropers of soakers cut bed-knives
o dopers of saviours sue bread-knives
and a swallow under rain
weeps, weeps; and corners of pain writhe

uh a breeding mind grabs for raisins when
idiot cousins leap from skies
and, oo, eateries cause swift plates to
send candy to sickly meat-dives

as benders of mud-balloons ger pierced
then we will learn about weirdness
and eynes whiff of sick; O, deadness
corners depth then screams.

we weevil after waders when hot sausage
slams slender custards beneath de seas
and we widen
and we harden for gardens;
and a bark of sex swills mustards from a
city where nothing occurs
and, la la, as eyes burn, then heels and furs
sip poppies from birds

uh a bleeded mind grabs for gab as curves
cauterise lunacy
and a red bed-pan leads rocks to family
ah, soffits of sands lag cages with money
and blinded mind-dregs dream of curved


the clicking pies which serve the thousand
have come now to suck along lips
o eaten wives have to swerve
o eaten lies have to curve
and a bed of stone slashes rotted lip
and one zillion toads are fed to strips

ah as timing tuned bones crack, then
silencers of mad sloanes snip women
and a froglet has to die as she
gets murdered by man's evil tree

the clicking pies which serve the thousand
have come back home to leave
forever, forever, forevermore.

as i poked some paper-plum in a nest
then i strode to sleep
as i choked, then my caddy crumbler
laid fascinating fingers to horse-thunder
and, la la, a mental bride
hastens to cars when a bad boy's lover
snappers after oz where easy liars
loosen whips with bends

mad youth calls to age; O, panners
plead for endless bleating;
and a summer in a cold ceiling fires
tawny lips and endlessness

clickers of carriers click aside tyres
and senseless tears suck along pyres
and a funeral sister kisses for
blown gates and false frontdoors
and, lashy, tamperers of ash-spires

arise from deaths then die far away

lingerers under stone hops for nailed times
o fingery thunder steals cots
and, la la, strange reed lots cum to grind
yellow ashes from seas and easy minds
and a boat of seed scatters drownings for
easy raiders of daddies and glass-war

clickers of dementias crack upon walls
and, o, mental flavourers suck from drawl
and, o, patinas of sky-raiders use shawls to
set alight to bruised heavy faces
and lighters of cigarellos smoke spaces

and, uhh, latent bird boys blind de blues

and, uhh, parented bird kids don screws
ah, a daddy busker sings mime for truths
and a bus at sea shoulders sea-wode
and, la la, cretacious dino-men show us
dizzy dying daddy reptiles;
and a buzzy bee stings its honey
and a dizzy bee stings queen-cunny

clickers of dementias swing for Lady
reapers of inventors murder family
and a body-bone-moon
uses cunt-seas to liven cocoons
and, uhh, scathers of bathers swoon
and bald evenings float away from

history's blind cartoon..

these arid days where i confronted mother moon
hereby rocks at my bedroom window;
la a bed of christs has made me swill shadowed
mummy-makers; and a docker of willows swoons
and easy mutants race aside a screen;
O, these raided lays where i shape my dreams
cum rotting in the wastes of a sad scream

clickers of dementias swing for an apple-baby
and, stoned, the wrists of life are cut by day
and a nightlong venture into rubies
rotates across creams when a dummy bay gets
balled by de dining dead and their false foods

these aride days where in confronted mamma moon
hereby scatter glassy ashes
and, uh, a crash of light turns off midnights and
whorers of bendy flashes dreams about England
and a valley, boned, hisses for easy dizzy seasands
and my alley, stoned, kisses dada's trashes
clickers of dementias swing for an apple-baby
and, stoned, the fists of fistulas clenche for laden
giddy gourami seasons; and a fire in a bin gets us
dippy, and, o, glass down a drain drivels about lusts

the aromas of renal coffees creates cuts for us
la la, torn flavas wrap cisterns around ward-crusts
and a bedded steeling side
slappers up a billboard aroused from jesus-jives
and, ah, once upon a mind, jayers jackled for lives;
and, when combed, a penile curry-comb drags us
from cotton-clay and body-flagons

today, this siren and the fear men seed will rush
just like an xmas fever; and bladderers of mush
will seize now snow-rivers
and a catty father owl hoots inside false mirrors
and a dazzler of festive fingerers
fishes picked fists from female elves
and, la la, once upon a mine, eyes dug for coal
and, la la, once inside my mind, santa's soul
went slaying, slaying,
Ohhh. delvers of praying send gifts to spinning
yuletide spinneys
clickers of dementias swing for an apple-baby
and, stoned, the fists of fellahs falonise rubied
cradle-crammers who dream of carrion skies
and, ahhh, a restive dude craps upon midlives
and, ahhh, father snood sinks teeth into doobies

wow, these genetic crowds i have to oversee
cum rocking like a lady
wow, these generic clouds i have to seize
cum rocking like a mind
and a candler in a station here rips leaves
from sodden gardens and easy piped teas
and we abuse our jacking fathers of lust
and we accuse our jumping mothers with
ladlers of leather basts and bully pigs..

wow, these eaten hearts i have alway known
cum comforting the fall of the shroud
and, la la, eyers of dolls loop lots to bone
and, la la, criers, stalled, weep for koda-chromes

an asser of a fatal age whips a pony-pule
and, oathed, a fotal cage
cums glistering for staged cinematic fools;
and, la la, eyers of fruited bends bag fools
and, ah la, climbers scale skinned dev-fools;
and me and madam mana
lay beneath lady rama; and weaving dada
gets his genius hits from a jazz rum baba
and giddy loony lips leash lesions to drama
and, o, master body-boy deceived Santa
wow, these genetic crowds i have to seize
cum poxing like a daisy
wow, these generic lazy muttoners who
star-cede films to spery laid diease
mask a damask pulse within dairy keys;
and olden wine sinks gins into diaries as
bowers of arses give nicks to poppers
and, la la, motherers still a shrill lover
by crying aside a neon body-bridler

a pox underground leaps for waters
a cock underground digs after daughters
a rocky roman sound bathes Cleo-slaughter
and, oo, with caligula and his whip,
i epsy sores on distant future tit-trips
and, sun-lotioned, scryers of oiled clits
curse cussers with molded master-mortars

we are raised from a dunny mood
as we are slayed with a theatre-shoe
and odes to sueders sues hats with blued
instamatic ravened aromatic tie-toothed
sharky whale-poppy nude Manyana

peerers aside some sliding windows heed light
o as mothering skies bend bones under midnights
then surly easter suns shovel dirt across hi-lites;
and the vernal buddha of de hour
cums glowing like an easy flower
and, oo, peerers aside some slithering seed bites
a titan-dustf from tawny teeth and leopard-towers
and, star-bereaved, a saviour of the killed
rams fairy tongues down piecers of mind-grills,
and a doggy damseller
slinks a stinker with pinky panzas
and, la la, hearers of kids slapper after fever
and a dunny noon-day mad moon
swallows yellow fuzz from codas and nude rivers

the riddener of roman pastes pushes panners
under cherry-lime when bosom-kissers use scissor
to serry dicky crime with benders of teeny teasers
and, la la, a bun on a blade baggers after porn-ply
and, o-la, a gun on a grave swaggers unto a
spermy pussy plane where idiots in aeroplanes
rammer a romantic pisser into a vile drome. Ah.

once upon a mean mind, i overheard bastard cars
swigging engine oils from fluid tar
and, O, a painter of foils slashes spirals from scars
and, O, a sainter of coils clashes for a
daddy grave whose deepener seems lit by calves

and, in the spind wind, a baker of berries hits stars
and, in the spun winds, a butcher of daffies carves
a liquid squirter adown a minxing town when Mars
cuppas after silk-tea and the red-bush of gal-guards
and we shall call on the gods
and we shall call on the dogs
and we shall cry, cry, as creation sluices clay-Gods

the rockets of snapped hide rattlers for cedars
the lockets of rapped Ides scutter when pickers
peer aside loins to find the presidential bud-litters
spiralling into swoony salliers of winky wife-reapers.

there are twinned naked nudists here; O, creepers
dangle berries down derierres
as a fotal doomy derry drowns stoats in peepers
and, uh, we do down the cherry as we drink
madness; and mad gods grunt love for sweepers


Copyright JDB 17/12/2020


work-in-progress title: Old Figs and Emptiness?
1st draft poem then poem-song


the swirling canter crayons of one zillion pastel-years
hereby cum for paints
ah weeplings sunder canyons
ah skylings sunder feints; and ghosts rock for tears

there are twinned naked buddhists here; O, spheres
turn for gods as a lovely lonely past-life tears
a dagger from a bouncing bob-string;
and a faceless wizzard soaps a banged wing down

from fatalists and the slides of a craned town

there are tinny lights here that refract from prisons
o, sparks off a cat's back slice tails from prisms and
eaters of sickle-men slasher after daddies and drams
and, lo, as i slip to sleep
then eyes, gone wide, must summon murder-meat
and a dog of wards washes his snout under slams
and, stoned, cagey coshes strike for a p'lice land

there are twintsy nights here at the sedge of hands
and udderine milky sleeves snapper after big banned
bodying lardy voices
ah, we ride from rude wheat as a daddy under crisis
sunders champagne with old figs and emptiness


the bladdering poxy pockets that lead hands to water
hereby, knived, interfuse Hector with mary's doctor
and, loaned, vamped eyes stretch
under caverns; and a local mind hisses underwater
and a stoning baby bags valleys in pursed deaths
and a sexy mien comes cunting
and a sexy hen cums crusading for
eaters of wrens and the family chickens next-door

there are memories of painters that nuke a whores
there are families of tainters
come succouring saints from devil wars; and i
scented blind killers deafening eyes with old lies
and, la la, bladdering poxy pickets cede seed to drives
and we are the haloed men who
stick puffins up penguin ooze; and i hit to de blues

Ahh,- wicked mammaries feed canals as lost shoes
get netted from lotions; and mentalis softens truths

the hugeness of a veined show causes fantastic dancers
to swallow heaven's screws
o naily nakedness sucks crows where a blonde denier
cums peeing under booze
and a faceless death dreams of shoes
and a raceless sex dons dancer's shoes
and, la, as wideners of dudes dazzle skin with truths
and, la, once upon a mind, blood meteors
swinged after nooses

ahh, - wicked families soften wine as ginny fuses
turn to a slaughtered flower
ahh, - wicked memories shower TVs with nooses
and sunned embolic men wed hearts to roofs
and issuers of ratters rattle buds aside boots
and wheezy wiveners
wipe danny towers on darkeners

oo the cappers of stabbers rock mind-heels where
eaglers leap from a hard soft stair
and weepers have a chance to use hair
and weavers in cars collide with ancient prayers


the laden latent ancient heart of a bald boy in Damart
hisses now to a strainng seat
o a kisser of laden farts sucks a dyed arse from sleep
and we widen under sleet
and we trumpet signal meat; and odes to crows reap
petrol enemies of day, night, deaths and heaped
body bandages
and, lo, we slant de hour as we erect towers to our
motorcycled baby-bower that leads mint to showers
and, la la, as emptiers of angels listen after hostages
then countrified heat will run dry.

o eremetic ermines in spastic castles ruin the sky
o cemented bread-vines shave muscles
and a sea of pure grease anoints salty parcels. Eyes
have noosened now the shades in grey blinds
and i fasten fists to clouds
and i listen to skits as vaginal beaty shrouds ride
aside bound moths where birds stare..

green promontories in red factories wed hair
to easy bawds and homeless sugar-scares; and
icers of warfs whip marsh-candies into rigged sands
and eyers must soothe mirrors with ole England

the baby bellings of one zillion writhing years
cums reeling in the east where chickens steer
candy chanticleers that lead nests to old tears
and weevilers reel inside the East
and voces gather teas for de Beast
and a laden mind pisses under sex-yeast
and a titted mall kneels for de one thousand as
the baby bellings of one zillion writing years
script delis with sky-cakes and evil mind-fears

green promontories in green factories seat spheres
underneath blood-pushers of one zillion ears
and we deify the droned with a hot summer's seer
and we enlighten drags with bottlers

the baby bellings of one zillion writhing car-gears
crash adown a navy town
where, rammed, ruiners of clowns drive fears
aside boned cunt that sticks a mitt inside
crazy boys that dance from a dizzy station

o eremetic urine anoints ponts with sperm-lungs
o fallen sea-wine anoints fonts with germ-guns
and, flown, fierce farts in spunk lays us with a
reddener of piers that lead lugs into dust; O, cars
crusade for carrion
and messy motorcyclers use emptiness for a
daffy gal-disguise whose faces fatalise guns
and we lead this small life when comatose


we have to fasten grubs to easy leatherjackets
and eyers of fast grubs
gristlers after de Thames; and old feinted drugs
drag gloves from red drugs;
and a fever under flu fastens glues to gloved
and the riders of pure rain taunt eyes with a
scissorer of oceans that lead cunts to dogs
and we call upon the dogs
and we call upon the gods
and we trample sins into pods where sirens
scatter ideal india across african sea-loves

we have to fasten grubs to easy leatherjackets
and eyers of terse grub
dollops lemon-lines upon rods of demure pugs
and, laaa, as menstrual sods
cum lining teas with diners then dressed plugs
cum rottling after mops

we have to fasten mugs to tumblers as packets
star-stone missions with glass fathers
lo, a sad mine breaks; and darters after rivets
sample germolenes from blowers of privet
and a lavvy under old spice
scatters gas across god's dice
and, o, as giver of de cross hurls j christs
then a statue on its nice sides curl mice for

easy dingos that walk to feline sleep.. Oh

ooo as mazy crazy god gets neutered by starred fowl
then a paver of easy blood
cums raging at soft loves; and a staller of bird-grub
grits instamatic teeth across smudged
baby stockings; and as mazy crazy gob gets cowled
then a puller of queasy blood
cums car-caving for rattlers of pushers and dubs

we have to fasten blind lips to faces when owls are
foreseen to glitter in the West
and there are caves in the West
and, la, as macadams spit tar then motored scarps
O, easy dizzy mazy hazy lords loop tides from Downs
and behind a dairy-town
a gripper of a glass glans gropes for a toilet-town
ooo the spoolers of Eden-spooners will curve-drown
feelers of fretted men with faceless demons,
and the swipes of gems crack, just like a diamond,
and mopers of soft heads
cry for a rainbow's ebb; and a dicker of breads is
snackered by snatchers of
raveners and the blue-bound bouncer of fizzed
cradled sea-pugs

we have to fasten blind lips to faces when owls are
foresworn to vaginal hills;
and, lo, as mindfolks swing, then bruisy bled mills
will sharpen baddy swards from dauphined drills
O, now and forevermore, the statues of the poor fill
wakeners of warpers with shawn heads and dills

thise side of a salt-sign, my blooded body's brill
bends a gilly grin from a pasted spun spind frill,
and a babe at sea sucks sugar
and a grave at sea haunts vinegar
and a glass at night stoppers veins with murdered
cherry-chewing easter robbers
ahh i espy xmas feasting from boys and budders

the ringers of camphus fats search bees for water
the slimmers of campus cats
prowl for sleep where a mammy under slaughter
spirals a dogger from rope-bats
and, oo, a goddy kneaded pope shoots christ-macs
and, oo, dazzly seed-soap shoots mice with crack
and a fanny aside a sprawled ship
dreams about blithe bed-brawled pussy-pips

and i have seen the beds at sea sharpening kids
and i have seen the birds at sea pecking stupid
pearled sperm-necklaces
and a penis on the left means a penis on de right
and a harness of a sex
shops maskers with t rex; and a god boy lights
a pig-fire with shapers of hands and holy spikes
and eyers see spires cum sundering
a summit of pure blood when female havesting
snaps a greased gun across christed moon-mikes


the dirtying dingos at sea swarm a bed with fire
o flurrying pig-blows
storm death when easy star-fawns lift crows from
eaglers of cat-clothes;
and the parrots of fusers dip a doll inside a gun
and, la la, eyers of frozen lips
car-curry cartlers with dummy drips and mums

the collector of horses stuffs dogs with sauces
the dreamer of liars lends snuff to catty voces
and a vocal tear
tar-trickles down the vases of the dead
and, oo, collators of hearses wed sweat to fear
and, oo, directors of purses unsnap fanny tears

and dressers of dolly men raise romans from ald
blinders of arm-drenched cot-machines
and riders of de West lynch taverners with scalds
and, ahh, once upon a mind
i over-swarmed my head-dress of a kid with
venal renal tabs that put pushers under stripped
scissor players
the dirtying dingos at sea storm a bed with fire
and, once rocked, a cavalier of a killer uses fire
to sink cremative bottoms under sea-spires; and a
ghastling drinks from a sloane
and a gibbering pinker pees upon a flash-drone
and easy shitters
shiver for rice; and puling slitterers will phone
a motorcycle and death's emptiness..

and transitive bollockers of blowing bums have to
shield madam moon with a swift splitted porn-screw
and eyes sundered indigo
and spies sundered egoes
and salty copro fathers feast upon lemon yoyos
ahh i hip to a cock-heap
ahh i shift wine from lost sleep
and my never-to-be-forgotten baby weds pogos
to instamatic blue-morse

once upon a mind, my slippy cunt-clippers must
drivel down from brine the hands and feet of lust
and a bodice of a birched brain
sallies after sense where rattlers of clit-cranes
crackup for idllers of spoiled sheets and trained
beer and toffee stains;
and a user of pulled dusts slackens musk under
mushy pork-peering vaginal fatty oxen fathers
and transgendering supinal easy women

hereby poke sick from maxy mules where gems
darken slides with slain skulls where easy mien
sprinkles smetma across dolls and peasy chicken;
and, oh, where i take a cruel home-ride
then i van pure hair with fairy thumbs and miction.

these endless eaten days where i lay down mad dreams
cum interfusng candles with windscreen
are now my petrol family
and a weeping gable that urinates across a malady
messes with pyres where selves kick in
o endless eaten eastern nights
will ply me with features of filmic pornosappic rites
pee into burled birds
and we weeevil under nerds when easy westend mites
sink termitic sex daggers under bladers of angel-mikes

these endless eaten days where i lay down mad dreams
cum intermusing lavvy lots with laden braidy beers
and a silent mask cums raising ropes from silent tears
o, once aside a small spine, my easy-fucky-lucky body
came crabbing under nine sex seeds
and a bay of nerves star-pealed an eeler from sleeves
and a bay of perves
come piecing pyjama curds
and a well of cunty careers staples fablers to sleazed
babby burnings..

these endlesss eaten days where i lay down mad dreams
cum interfusing Hector with vaginal Andromeda
and, oooo, a butcher on a cliff uses a cleavy bed-lift to
attend to weepy second wives
whose mania for friction parts cocked tides;
and the martrices which flicker under crockers denies
doom deniers and the partings of de penile blood-ride

hereby, when made gold, i abuse defiant cherries and
o, here, where sense folds, i abuse defiant berries and
oo, eynes seer aside foals of puce
and a beller of a shit-bride pulls upon seas of noosed
faying frazed garotters
and, sssss, motorcyclers sink a speed-dive inside a
veiny blue-flayed carapace of blue greed and carved

carred miscarried car americana.. Oh. Eyes shed leers?


Copyright JDB 19/12/2020.


work-in-progress title: The Porous Fist of a Flying Mind
1st draft poem then poem-song


the porous fist of a flying mind
melts under cloves; O, easy times
slide for tears
and a bed in pain sharpens fluids
and a head in veins flails

the porous lip of a flying mind
melts under brogues; and druids
star-hang bells from sails

the deadliness of a new sun
swallows dearths then sings
and applers fall from high trees

the walrus mask of a flying body
cums reaping veins from vines
o a porous kiss caresses kiosks
and a bone inside a babby
and easy towns cry for cities
and easy clowns dance like Downs
and peppers pepper ladies

deadliness suffers for a loud life
emptiness succours clouds
and a bobby banister eats christs
and blown bells
shake as they chime for
heartless hectres of evil sex-wards


the scented centre of the dead
heats easy perfume
o rented patinas rises from fumes
and a bed at sea
swallows clouds where cities
suffers lead
and a cat of leaves mewls after
grey kids and studies

porous lips, blown, scatter father
porous mitts, stoned,
cum scuttering after larders
and a cat of bone
bags dragglers under easy fever
and a belled sloane
rises under beds and bacons.

deadliness suffers for a loud life
endlessness sucks the piss-proud
and prodders peer inside
a garden where animals writhe

aside from red gloom and saviours

the murderers of one zillion men
befriend dogs and fathers
o the kind killlers of sex and hens
befriend clogs and livers
and a sun in flight stoppers bone
and a starry night scatters stone

o porous lips, stripped, uses eyes
to dig for tits where a sea of lives
loosens barns with waters
and a bay of breads breaks water
and a doctor of pure science
accuses blood of being mad..

deadliness suffers for a loud life
emptiness succours a growler
and eyes wash wives away from
grey gardens where gals strum

a penile sitar; and menfolk cum

the feeders of TV have to show
filmic cunt to reeling city crows
o breeders of sad bees
honey-stab sweet crabs from trees
and the sonnets on de stage
silence verse with easy pockets
and a babe at wit's end
slide from sex as penile sea-friends
swallow pits

deadliness suffers for a loud life
ahh, a dauber of dragoners
dance for weals where jesus life
hastens to dirty pealings
and a dog in de moon sharpens
sawn ceilings where old mice
scurry into a salt-flower

the feeders of TV have to show
filmic junks to gold clothes
and eyers snip souls from riders
and deniers strip baby grinders

away, where hissers eat liars

pulled plucker men pee upon de town
o easy fucker men
rotate across seed when reeled gems
guide a cross into lichen
and a bed at sea widens for women
and roaches climb blue walls

deadliness cries for feathers where a
hatcher of skies studies leather
and a head of eyes
slides as we cry after stoned fathers
and, o, blue boys at sea
sunder drakes when cradles burn

and, cased, pulled plucker men weave
rabid romances from old children
and hemmers of guns
shoots candy from soft suns
the criers who sky-write for bethlehem
sunder scribes with
accidental walls where brickers of pigs
summon wives from butter-rigs
and we trample light
and we sample night
shoiand we trammel tears where kids
come homeward to find death's digs
made sacred

pulled suck-toys tease weevils with a
tractor of easy deaths
and a rider under mesh
slashes genes with wallers
and eyed lines shoot winter-saviours

o criers who sky-write for bethlehem
sunder christ with
occidental room-men who kiss pigs
and a killer in a rose
rummages under clothes;
and bald bladder boys cut robes from
salted sweetening calf-guns


puckerers of pulley men ring a nude bell
ha ha, nazi dolly men swing to a mad bell
and the lasers in de bright hills
send doggers to dabblers
ah puckerers of jelly hens topple fablers
with a whistler of a mad man
and, la la, weepy wolverines use staplers
to afix a gunny paperback to sun rivers

the shooters of sandy england accuses
glib loss of drowning screens;
and a haloed henny with green dreams
slathers after gemmies
and a wolfy trigger slices gunneries
from washed caves where galleries
suck phones from killers; and screams
suck a bald gut with lipped rage

gilders of fizzy skin sharpens my face
fiddlers of dizzy hymns
come fattening droolers with sex-mace
and the darkeness of space
sally dead giants with easy fallow-tastes
and a sun at night
dilates when light lashes guns to cased
baby mad mice

puckerers of polly men ring a bluebell
la la, udders swiing for gal-siks
and a bun at sea swipes gaoler's gels
with fused jams which supper for worlds
and estranging buddha boys
brag for nests when a rider of girls
scissors cat-prisms from daddy's toys

shouters of de cock drain spears from
old missions
and, outbowelled, a dramatic sea-guns
shoot prisons
and a naked sky cries and cries
and a vacant eye dies and dies. Oh,-
easy trampling torn tramps
sunder de sex-streets with germolene,
and doctors of mermen
fish after grey arse; and cold dreams
eviscerate ballls with melon ice-creams

o a dagger of a peaceful day has to
drag de Thames for babbies; and screws
supper after dummies;
and a focal strap gets snapped for glues
and a fatal dreamer
wangles for rivers; and odes to shoes
swallow ur du from tawny space-dinner
O tallowers of creatures stop death
dead; and me and my life stop breath

pulleyed mask-boys send faces to deformed sleep
o faloned flask-boys
scent a razor when a sidler in a den of fawned heat
rivals a bladderer of female eye-toys
and weavers sing for sails
and drivers swing for motorwaying trade
and a cow in a plant drags plumes from butter
and, la la, leaders of cunt
ram a bleacher down across camphus junk

pulleyed mast-boys send faces to deformers as
eyers of deceivers
damage gems with receivers
and an automatic plants yield radios to conceivers
ah, a bell at sea senses petrol rodeos
cum rotting for daisy diamonds and gassy gunk
and me and spaded spunk get knotted underground

o a manger in an evil grave scents coded chapels
o a stranger in a seagull
slashes winged carrion comfort across bled skulls;
and bouncy rubbery tied boys
layer doom deniers with ole tightening man-toys
and a pisser of demure wrecked wine
washes evil hands in softener; and skin swills wine
clotted Zen must rot sleep
cottage mien must stop sleep
rotated sea-lust will summon cake from baked vines
and a dangerous woman
will find a daffy mind
and a goofy sad mind grows for glass when crime
cums whistling at death's wards;
and we shall own the sleep of sin
and we will batter wheat where eyes of pure skin
supper for the husbands and wives of a blue mood
the systemiers of eager fallow-blood
raps for death's mistress; and fellowers of gob
swishes lunar cables around cottaged pee-pods
and a swooner of a shitter
cuts a bad tooth in a commercial mirror
and, la la, pealers of defilement crashes for a
waller of bed-bends

pulleyed blast-boys send laces downstream where
a lily white phantom creeps down neon hairs
and a pubic mace molds disease from blood-pears
and, ooo, a sorrower of cold peas
sinks a lunchy knife deeply down where venirs
a deadly knoll of casks that seeps under tears
and a bonded bled past
serries after chokering felinity; and ship-baths
dream about death's past
the eager guns of a dumb child shoot de sun
and, made from eardrums,
anvillers hammer stapes where cocker-lungs
lead deafening apes to huge hired waters.


pled dark noise weeps inside love's cottage
o blooded boys
bounce bonces down hallways
and an ideal queen dances for her canary
and the Ides of dreams
flava milk with shaven screens
and, la la, lemon-lime ochres use de family
to erect blown palisades for geeesy toys

pled dark noise weeps aside love's screams
bled parched noise
cuppers cunt inside rolled noise
and fathers ride aside gold noise
and punky pushy winky feely fascinators ram
canine spunk aside an easy wigwam

pled dark noise weeps inside love's cottage
oo, plowing boys
send strange fire to sleep
and a hollowed haloed town
cuts a city-gun from painted sex when kids
crusade for a waxed thigh-thorn
and, o, four sticks in the mind
star-gallery a poxy pealed rash when pig
glow just like a nut-sea-rig

the fellowers of guns and ashes
supper for swallowers; and candified crashes
concertina a luller in a pitta
and donering shishes blood death with fever
and eyers idolise
a damager of death that leads herod-heathers
to a balded bone-bastardised
empty lost graves that linger on de hills

pled dark noise weeps inside love's lovage
and, loamed, a data in a bride
leeers for gnomes as gardener's skies
sweep sorrowful daisies into grey tides
and an alley raised from beams
cums walking against a culler's screams
and de arid earth us cursed ones know
shoots de devil's hearse

and a cajoler gaols sense with horsed
lady-receptors of eaten candy sauce
and saucer men who fast for spinneys
collude with penile bristlers
o, i am a man for crystalers
o, my mam was a daddy to rabies
and my ten-a-penny wide soul rubs
the bud of love with renal venal scabies

Copyright JDB 20/12/2020.


work-in-progress: title; About Dad's Pigs and the Wife Next Door?


the diamond drummers of one zillion smiles
supper after feeding laughter
o, a siren under sunners shields rat-rafters
and a sea at end
chops diver weed when a shaded woman
winter-cuts christs from elbows;
and a dizzy dog gets leashed to shadowed
and bad mind-men draw lips from mallows

the entertainer of one zillion mammas will
write aside sky-lightning
and, o, mad masters slide to nice old hills
and venal plasterers rude from easy milled
spastic coatings
and, la la, eyers of ivories wed to ebonies

and badness of bladder boys cuts cronies

sky-written babby-bends bait a dead heart
o, mental bobby men
bite upon glass when eaters of hot parks
stride aside milled men
and a bony ark gasses miction
and blorters, banged, slow aside kitchens

the entertaiber of one zilllion cold feathers
comes tickling lungs with sex-palavers
and a cutted cunt
craps white-breasts from tangerine
and balders of spunk shoot canteens

and, la la, heapers of roots shit aside
caddy cloisters where cold gins die

the fatherers of thumbers fixes godded land
with downstream lonely drivers,
and i am driving home from xmas
and i see drunk faces all around me;
and today has tomorrow's girl
and yesterday has a sad mad world

the entertainers of dummers affixes hands
to one zillion pork-prisers
and ideal drummers abuse percussions and
eyers lead noise into rain

diamond fevers stop where light cries and
space gluts the place we tread

the kiddy eye of a deadened neck
kneels aside a good mind;
o, easy wives sudder and becks
cum crying in soft rain,
and champion saps suck after sex
and eyers get messed

the entertainers of snippers have to
serenade clowns with pure life
and doers of sounds create Life from
bad bars where drink gets killed

ah, as an ebbing rainbow curries guns
then demure eating
will most certainly drip from ceilings

and odes to evil loosen vinegar suns

the reapers of radios wire tyres to china trees
and cases, curved, suffer after bad chimneys
and there are bricks up top
and the sun shines like the moon
and deadeners ride aside nerved wounds

the kiddy eye of a dead deck accuses us
of raiding lions with false meats
and light-ships sail for a sea of sleet
and mind-ships sail after daddy's heat

ahm as an ebbing rainbow shudders for a
mental menstrual diary
then a closing fart nust suck a daisy from
a pealer of tit-carts and instant gum-cum


there is piled bacon in my backyard
o, here and now, a socket under cars
carries vanners far West
and gluey egg hens lay after serfs
and easy peg-wrens
sunder sex when darkness cuts trim
and a bath at seed swallows soap

the reapers of radio wire fires to dope
and easy bikers
cry for riders
and an easy genoa hips aside winders
and winders reap soft rope

ahm, as faces die to lose cheek
then a roman dive has to cut heaped
moggy tables;
and a sad blinked sailor
uses sadness where bad breasts

overheat... and salmon nests for
dad's pigs and the wife nextdoor

the eggy driller of a chocky egg
hisses as she drills
o, eaters of killers sunder fruiters
and a canny grocer under rills
cums shooting dicks with dregs

the dippers of one zillion wives
seat scented sleeve-suns
aside nice need; and a stone-gun
shoots Aladdin
and, O, urchins cup titty Ides
and a boner's blade
cums crashing through jade

the eggy rivers which curve for
kitters of kitten drips
has to shack shells under paws
and a cat on a shelf
drops a false book on her back;
and eyers read to pulley maws

the saddlers of old men horse
after duned mules that die away
and liners of tools
smash a tall blade against fools

and sad kids shine like old stools

a resident of a pluperfect past
lends mad hearts to heaven;
o a pasted crow that caws after us
must cry for carrion dunes
and a laden war of onions lusts
for easter xmases and gun-glass
and a bedder of islands
lammers for fever when masques
drop faces from murders

a resident of a pluperfectt cask
carries de rose to sealed flasks
and an eater of deniers
dodges drams; and doomers are
star-fed to catty chipper-cars
o, a martian arrest
teeters in the West
and a chapler of Deaths must
star-inflame a renal cunt-crust

the saddeners of gold sleep
hastens to trips when foalers
mount donkey-horses
and a maddener of dens writhes
and, oo, turnkey hearses
cum attesting to naked tides
and, la la, weavers of drives
park a gun in a false grange..

the eggy resident of blueness
cums feeding phalanxes with a
bridlers business
and weepers supper with nest
and sleepers suffer for wet
weedly cunt-pictures
and, o-la, my aimless sun-wreck
hears disablers crying for more.

the meeks despise the chic where
aldebarren bastards comb lost hair
and a buyer of hands
hams to the best a deserted island
and the hipsters of brigands
microwave sight with cold stairs

o the acme of pure acne has to
sunder caves with de colour Blue
and a boncer under a cuppa moves
caffienated ladels to grated pears
and a liquid light
suppers for self as radio midnights
swallow easy grit

a resident of a pluperfect mask
dons shroudsails as a waxed baths
go spinning till the dying castes
loop a lady-lollly around grey rafts;
and we gather oaks from lit
and we scutter
and, ohh, a massive moon is split
by renal abandoned tree-slips
and we weave for cum
and we feed fans to confusion
the eggy fast farts of ole Jesus
gets hanged from a sex-cross
and his mad kids grunt out aloud.

the oceans of a drowning sea-mind
star-spangle riders of lost screens
o lotions, pip-raised sunder streams of
naked, nubile dirt
and a flower in red rain rots
and a mower of bled rain lops a
guile of a video god
and eyes shine for fever
and skies chime; O, a silly sun-cleaver
gets wedded to damsel-divas

the meek despise all weeks and i
rasp where my model country cries
and, la la, a daisy thumb
cums shooting mass beneath guns
and a shoulderer of disease
listens to a bare-faced town of beads
and we must trade
nude musks with eaten mace-sprays

the lunatical furs of a sex-maze raid
old-timed purses
o funeral curves set alight to grey maids
and a dirtied pony
Mars-attacks a deathly family
and, o, as sin swirls, a dog under braids
marsh-dollops whippers with blades

the oceans of a drowning sea-mind
car-strangle the survivors of crime
and a dolly masterer of toying mines
comes mining for a yellowing cosine
and, oo, when signal cabs
cum hiring scum where angels heave
then a writer of a salt-scab
halters wine when strippers breed
indolent briny daughters
and, oo, dairy proctors may have to
come swaggering after holy dudes
and, oo, fairy masters kneel down to
vinegar-trap cats in huge bruised
penile vaginal wintry reelers

ah, my world is pyramids
ah, my girl gets gripped to pikes
and a fish in a cinematic mike
gets trapped inside a swift bottle
and, lo, a rit of piss washes cottles
with spreaded seagulled spit-skulls

the magenta magnetic razor-lip
that taught, hurt and left loss to skip
will harden,-

and a tawny teeming garden rips
a dollar from an english dime and
oh, once upon a mind, faceless fans
came daubing flans with cold spice
and, stoked, a bodding boner
blorts rats with cremated groaners

there'll always be an England raised from country bone
ah, a daffing dad star
heats guff with cigars
and, la la, there'll always be an England raised from scones
and the dukes of easter
hiss to the crack of sisters
and, ah ha, there'll always be an England raised from scissors

o a catty cartel maid has to pee upon a demon under rivers
o a batty odal maid
here and now listens to salty lippies when a body under mirrors
cums shafting at the yes-man's grave
ah, a shooted pummeller of females
drums across a gun when fillers of cock-sales
cum sundering blue-bedded brokers with killers of sucked naves

and a ladener in a statue falls from dizzy invidious baby-heights
and, lo, a ladders under virtues
cum shitting in high winds whence a bladed boaty baker-bite
bludgeons factor nines with wenders of giddy soapy butchered
babby-blemishing easy midwives

and a heaper of anal carrot has to swim for a side of haddock
and, la la, leapers of renal maggot
here now kisses bull with dead lips where the stars use locks
to turnabout a pisser in its sweet habit
and eynes fade to crap
and spines fade to snack
and cola cuts a bummer's cap

.coo coo tut tut tut coo hood nut nut nut
oo oo slittery slut
ehh admiral grease has come home to find balders frying

Copyright JDB 23/12/2020


work-im-progress title: C/O A Triangular Moon-God
1st draft poem then poem-song


the tangy dirtied tangerine i gave to my lover
has listened now to God
and, o, as God has its saviour, then mind-mother
may well fall like dogs
la la, a gypsy in a cage raises Rome from fever
and a triangular moon-God
now pierces whored heaven

the tangy tangerine i sliced for a human rage is
forcibly fed to ravens;
and ravens rise from garlands
and garlands arise from gardens;
and a focal bit bites along winged fists
and coital codas cry for cavvies when fever
whips a loomy stallion

and faces cry
and spaces die
and gabblers use lies for mindless sea-scissors
and gold gobs break

the tangy tangerine town i used when dying
has hereby come to feed my screams;
o, a statue under guns
has hissed under clocks as a city under dreams
has kissed thunder
and the vaults of fathers
hip to a jacked beat; and a bed under riders
rocks aside mummas

the skies of the dizzy dead drool after liars
o eyes go wide
and a mad boy in a cave caresses bikers
and odes to easter-xmas
kiss easy lives where cold greying givers

and tangy tangerine sounds sing when crying.

old faces cry
gold races die; and a buddy on a cliff
caresses beads with lifts
and the shadow under rain casts cunny
against balded soap-lips
and a cutting crypt carries iced honey
where, drained, ideal trips
strangle air

and faces cry when easy dead hair
arises from rope
and gasses dope gem
and children hang sea-prayer
and weavers weave for dead hope.

these days are clad in a gilded cave
these graves are fed to fingers
and a vault of grass drinks to age
and a salted hedon
slices dope with herons

the tangerine town i used to own
has died for lace and buttons
and years suck deaths from mutton
and bald skies drift

the raging lipids of one zillion minds
hereby jeers at denial
o raping war-kids cry
o easy war-pigs fry
and one million old men use sky
to dye a mind-eye

there are questions this year which
will certainly never be answered
and easing penile trees
snap; and eden's leaves chase for
umberers of dogs and beads

and litter men die for grey feeds

these spastic of a sad mind yields soft brains
and the porridge of mad minds
shelters eyes in gobs
and a stopping mind raises grief from God
and lemoners of ices
crash in a hand; and vast riders use stasis
to feed dolls to rain

the tangerine teasers of ten zillion faces
hereby dances under skin
and razors sunder limbs where pain
fellows christs to Mods
and eyers slide under green sods

made tardy till blue blades wear out,
a cabby for a taxi must
glut the space men rout
and a pleasure sore uses drought
to sprinkle sand with doubt
and, oh, a man-o-war shits for us
and, lo, a feline cat-door kills us

the tangerine healers pealed us
o a spind spider wind
came spinning at out frontdoor
and a skinner of minds
rattles at heaven's healed ward
and a pastelline creator
smashes treacle across papered
bomby grease

made tardy, a cupboard's feast
mashes sentinels inside peace
and a squadrons sounds
and a pylon speaks for clowns
and a blended burn-on uses fleece
to damage rimes with radios

the tangerine pealers pipped us
from planets, and a fay bus cups
a green lorry in two twinned huts
and a train of a mind
softens grain with haloers
and, grasped by pig, a porous slut
hastens to sleep as she gets cut

made tardy, a cupboard's feast
falons after kitchen-sofas
and a talon father
licks from a gun where mother
uses codes to sunder lovers
and, ahh, a weaver of brothers
star-tapes willows with warders

the city of a dead mind stretches
elastic kids across a bed of tears
and classic dunes
cum sanding after cartoons
and bled birds in a listed room
supper for winged blind cocoons;
and odes to dilators
snap a glass rose from razors
o this wild world plays dead
o this child-girl plays dead
and manxes split tomorrow's atom

o a mandarin in a mad mind melts for
pastel-peeped whore
o a tangerine in a wet spin melts for
penis-petalled stores
and a fox found at night
craps underground
and the falons of cool night uses war
to hammer wells into daisies

o a mandarin in a mad mind melts for
pastel-peering daubs
o a massing medula in the dark scores
shooters of cars with denial
and a swanny head
bursts; and a dummy bed uses stores
to sell bleeded bran to
a keen crowd which tramples truths

o this wild world plays dead
o this child-girl lays aside a lost bed
and the eynes of March
bury deafening blindness where deaths
drool for rabbit machines,
and weepers wolf down tides
and reapers suck upon old brides
eh, a bully blinder breaksdown when
canine parcels leer across women
and a fast lost train
carries a cunt-coast across children
and weavers have troubles
and fearers burst bibles
and a laden city sea damages gems
and a baker of butchers
cart-stabs a green fire with chicken

o, a mandarin in a mad mind melts for
cruising body-lips
and a cradler's hands jam coda-claws
with riders of baby-trips;
and a raider or radars hisses for lit
and a trader of failures
kisses closed stars where mirrors
shine no more..

Uh Uh Uh..
with a needle in a tree-top, i finalise my
emptying endlessness
o with a seagull in a cot, i finalise now
my utterance of gold madness
and the eyes of pure rain get gone now
and the tides of sex-grain
come carrying deluders to seas of cloud
and, ah, when once a book in a stream
races across a nunnery
then a reader of babby must use shrouds
to swaddle rooks in toddies

with a needle in a tree-top, i finalise now
my easy drowning ancthers
and i idolise grief
and i bend back for sleep
and eynes glow just like a mind
and minds flow
and women crow
and horders of Bethlehem surrender mien
to sadnesses and killer hens
a manx of a cat carries a dog unto skin
ah a severity of ladies
lashes arks to pulley sin
and ideal ivories abuse christs with minge
and a budder of pure night
flows and flows
ah, starry eagle clothes get stolen
ah, easy regal toads die swollen
and a bed at sea cries
and a ledge at sea dies
la la

with a needle in a tree-top, i finalise now
the crimes of my steed;
and a married bent horse
rides from demure thefts of pony-cloud

fellowers of strangers strike a dumb match
woollen dirt estrangers
widen a wed skirt with eager fairy fingers
and a birching bird in thatch
sucks the winds of a bladder-snatch
and a bended sun
star-darkens sense with schizotypal guns
and a blorter of fears
dances for midnight tears
and, la la, a sun-stripped nursery
drags evil kids from bladed monkeries

a manx of a cat carries a dog unto skin
lah, fotal fractal spun sins
snacker across a scutterer of sweat-limbs
and a blatherer of swum hymns
silences graves with romantic gyms, and eyes
collude with necks
and, ah, an imploder of daffy devils
arises from sleep to find the dirt in dropped sky
cum sirening for
a cabler of curry caps and a moon of war.
Endlessness bleeds from mamma
Trendlessness pleads for a gaga
Emptiness believes in messagers in mind-sores
and de bled dead grieve no more.


the freeness of the radio pharoahs
cums mummifying my space and time; and de gallows
cums creeping under my frontdoor
and a fen of fists has to crash
and a gem of wrists gets slashed
uh the freeness of the radio pharoahs
cums crying after me and my soft lady
and a forge of heads slices brandy-bread as meadows
weep for dying humans

the sadness of a menstrual mind swallows pure glass
and, la la, when butchers groove
then, la ah, a dogdayed mirror-move
has to kiss a cunny sex-oyster
and bled boys turn in for
a season of sex that burns up a sad ward
and a dealer of fished nets
naps for geese as the killers of fly-swards succour
sizzlers of epileptic evils

devilers dive from a gargoyle church
ah, teasy jumpy feely faces fan fires under skirt
and a diamond father
gets hollowing haloes from boaters and hung hurt
la la, a meadow baby girl
hisses for mental sorbet and the divers of de world
wallow under spiralling dove-fires
and ashen thunder shunders where odes to tyres
teem with lays and locky loony liars

the freeness of the radio pharoahs
cum sharpening space without twinned old barrows
and, ah, a jacked christ in a lift
angel-murders all sinners and all prayer
and a house of Blood bags ferns beneath pillows
and a dirt divan
drools for renal sex-jam
and foetuses affix fizzers to seaters of red rammed

Uh Uh Uh Uh..

Ahhh Men..

Copyright JDB 26/12/2020


work-in-progress title: C/O Baby Orbs
1st draft poem then poem-song


the devisers of dairy drums scat-jam
doctored skins with lemon
la, a sun of aviaries summons bird
and a sea of curs
craps upon curd
and the signal sky warps cold cans

the signer of a paper swells for words
the rider of a leper
leases loans to anger
and the beds of March smell of panzas
and the mad brides of Israel
come travelling for magic Jews

oo devisers of day and night ignite
city powder with some monkey rite
and a bird of summers
seizes sirens when baby's mother
swallows heaven's fever

the cognitions of the idle senses
hastens to sleep
o, ignitions of buds blood for wheat
and the veins of day
trample sex into claved sleep
and a god of dust drags for glazed
finger funerals

the signer of a paper swells for gourdes
the filler of a pepper
seasons balls with nerves
and a dizzzy damseller dragoons for
an easily sweated space

and hands heal hands as faces score
idiotic eye-emotions
and a balded train cries till devotions
die out

twinned brawls in a side-car
slap for drawl
o instant drama draws stars
and a bed of burrs
cans for dreamt laughter
and a man-o-war
kisses crests where cold father
flashes underwater

twinned brawls in a wide star
slaps for malls
o instant farmers feed for scars
and a bed of dolls rends a
bully baker of cakers and hard
deficient raiders

and hands heal hands as faces
swerve aside pure fire

demure graves sidle after rabbit
ah secured sea-trades
supper for blown fish
and a drowner of lips has to crap
under fear where slits burn
and a vasy child cries for sperm
and an easy feeder
hips to a jacked deceiver
and a shriller
sides with fever when receivers
stop to stone gods

the tidal bones of a bald heart
jumps code as toaded sea-carts
crashland across
bleeders of de cross
and a city in a scream uses loss
for dinners of pure frost
and a rider of gold lands
stride for peace when England
slashes aside a ball

and eaters of India find Ireland
made great as urban scone.

the defamers of duking proctors
pull upon vines where grey fathers
gallop for galleries
and a sea of factories loosen dust
and a bed of families
caress closed towns where musk
comes crashing at death's cusp
and a skeletal verve has to
mask blithe metal inside bruised
penile dudes

the defamers of puking proctors
pull upon mines when gold authors
pen bad scripts to gay killers
and a vastness burns
and the sadness yearns for a
slowed city where blinded ferns
shed quiet poem-seed

and a babe in charms cries and
a fatal cage clads bulls in sand


when puling and puking on the farms
wideners of a frenzied charm
has to hiss when bottle-bred
and a beery berry ball
sky-slams easy cherrying stalls
o easers of gin dolls
drag for sex when feeders of galls
grasp to dirty silvers
and a bone of iron hits to rivers
and a stony sea-lion
jolts buds as foamal faces quiver

the defamers of duking doctors
cums ruling while spewing life
and a hospice head
whips dead horses
and a tree of pure fire accuses forces
of damaging de legal dead
and, o, a puller of crazy lead
fashions grease from crazy bed

la la, whence baby burns
then fondant gravies must turn for
dark dinners where apes shave.

the instamatic girlfriends who swallow hair
loosen lady lozengers with a
doctor of blood and cavvy cars
and a fatal baby-blow marries dead Mars
and a focal lady-crow
crashes for snowed rubies

the defamers of duking daughters have to
sea-snare a stairway of blood with
a diamond of a dairy drummer
and a sea of clothes gets drowned
and a tree of robes gets shut down

o phantastic mindered men murmur for
a dilly dream where faces outdoors may
seat-christen baby with tealeaves and trays
and, la la, gliders of pigs
tropple sin where screams roll from figs

and i am slittering for waxes as gold grids
wash helmets in religious waters

these fatal days where i lay down life's game
hereby rots upon a feather-hearse
and a burner of bussers fuss for a purse
and a duking of darkness sings for awe

o phantastic rings pull upon puppets and
eyers of vinegar faces
cum glutting the space sons tread; O, laces
interloop Hector with Andromeda
and a vast vase, spent, shatters for dust

these fatal days where i lay down life's name
hereby jeers at common folks
and a birdy in a photo-mind dials kodak
and, la la, easy gals in star-lenses cuts saps
and a bodier of brooders
bruise illegal summers with crying autumns
and a winter of men does murders.

o, phantastic rings pull upon bellers when
easterly arising glitterry xmas
sunders berry vines with violins and Zen;
and Zen causes Nirvana to love children
and, la la, eyes will supper for lichen
and, la la, spirallers will chew kitchens
these are our fatal days when crucifixions
cum lopping holy coins from moving bones
and a daddy under fire
swallows wings where funeral spires
delve chapping churches with pyres
and, oo, we wallow as we talk
and, oo, we swallow as we walk
and pie-lidded dinner boys accuse tyres
of crying till well after midnight.

la la, as windwellls dry for tribes then
la ah, a boat of wine will have to send a
gassy lovenote to bobbers of gold guards
and we call on the guards
and we call on the gods
and we wave as we drown
and we raise glass from easy towns.
family maladies cause wedded stroke
memory remedies cause closed soap
to scrub god's knuckle to the doped
communions of saline priests
and darkness falls like a crowd as
sadness weeps for mice
and a rattered strangler cuts casts with
blurry hearts
and, la la, inglers feed minnows
and, la la, ringers pet for widows and

heaters blink when grey ghosts expand
divers of sex wth shrinking farmers. Ah!

and the sea-spanning ocean fires in closed heights
crash and carry scent to arms
o washy body-friends hereby accuse farms of
sending illegal cattle to hot balms
but illegal cows must appear girl-embalmed
and a shadowed gun
shoots a hoot and hooted eye-devils must cum
deeply down aside a blower of easy slide suns

the bakers of a denying sex butchers have to
succour a nude car from a ripper of greyness
and easellers of cunt-calves
ram a dizzy pulse across cemeteries and nests;
and hitters of Hitlers
hack against killers where a field of feelers
affix a drummered gun to a dreamer of killers
and, oo, a boning bamming boy
bridles after tench when fishy toyed mammas

sweat under chalk and cede sex to midnights

ahh under oddness and chalked malls, i found
my easy mother maiden milking me with sound
and the rodeos that reap city guns
strap easy radios across sleep, sex and clowns;
and a feeder of doomy deniers
weep, weep; and odes to feathers
suck a trickler of a tickler aside farmers
and a shot of a crissed cross
fathers God with instinctive sea-cots
and a barmy bad bodifier
breaksdown; and unicorns run thru
a babby of brass and the cinders in crocks
buggerers burn up
shudderers burn cups
shadowers burn pups
devillers shoot sluts with deepening widows
and, O, a madam minotaur
cage-traces gaoler stores to horny meadows
and a ruiner of easy yesterdays
damage a gaoler moon with queasy sea-slaves;
and hissers under mons minds
get glutted by fast rain which cuts spaced knaves
with jolted perms and the spermy seasand-grave
that feeds scented sex with neon nipple-glades
oo green genoa listens to transfats
oo mean defilers listen to sansfats
and christian cryers shriek for grain where cats
search lost mad trees for funeral bats.


nipplers of eaty riders don saddlers as pony-pie
gets jack-horsed by
empty wives; O, sky veers under labia
and a shitted skunk on de moon lunatises failure
and a dripping punk
dons spray-starch where a mace spray in the thighs
salutes dirtyers of deaths and junks;
and a hollah of a haloer loots false gods with tights
and a wallah after biblers
star-noose a baby-blow with gabblers and liars
nipplers of eaty drivers don saddlers as pussy-eye
snappets after dolly laughter
ah, a dog under father plays with momma's feather
and, oo, aldebarren fever
straps a ghost across nuked angels;
and a bed at sea drowns musk in shippen cradles
and, la la, budders under seizures
carpets a crawler of deniers with sea-slammed candles

nipplers of filthy riders don medulas as kissy guys
guide a pluperfect penis into a rammer of old lies
and, O, we pucker our telephone tongue
and, O, we tucker after celled bone where dives
come back home to find a manse on de run from
common boys

the deus of the skirty dead inhale a stereo stink
la la, a dealer under shitty bread
deals a dollar bill to an english pound-spread
and a shed of dirt
damages piss with hurt
and a stony soft shirt issues ash from pinched
burned on fled roses; and, ah, a tissuer
delves races for tarmac
and a madam macadam metes lisps to lynched
baby orbs.

yes sir, the fat inches of a true forced sex mind is
dilated from sex-lead; and a pornosapphic pig is
fed to whores when an easy widener uses pig to
roast a shaven female-roach;
and a demon drawl cuts the plies of a soaked
cunny-brooch when, upon a mind, mental soap
towels shaved beaches around
collonades of burners and sea-struck towns
and a vastness of wastegrounds
lisp for silence
and a vastness of raped clowns sanctifies
neon sparrows that feed dogs to sculleries.

oo we say Amen to minnows
oo we pray for easy bud-clothes
and a ball of bust bangs seasons under toads
and a stall of cusps
sells foreign flans to saline cake-crusts
.la la la..


Copyright JDB 27/12/2020




work-in-progress title: In Boats Where Many Rivers Meet
1st draft poem then poem-song


in boats where many rivers meet, i
supped a donkey flower;
and the dead who cry for sleep will
arise, arise, arise
and a dogdayed statue
cums crying from a tower

in boats where many rivers meet, i
snapped a dolly flower
and the dead who died in blue heat
arise, arise
and all mad men dress down and
meteors appear killed by the dead

bats inside vinegar belfries have to wade
directly under screws,
and a god of sleuths get badly murdered
and the sun at night
swallows liquid radio
and a cat under vision wags a loud tail,
and, o, whe bats cause a feared disease
and, o, fathers must command cake-sales

in boats where many rivers meet, i
supped a dairy power then learned to die

the arching pussy slabs where hot rivers rode
across drowned veilings
will snapper after dabbed dogs
and, la la, a cappy pappy puppy god
leads lime lighters to bended city drugs
laa, a dealer in vegetable drips use a
puler of killers for fruited veins
and a rider of orbs wages after bloods

in boats where many rivers meet, gods
cum layering bones with tissues,
and christenrs of bone
drag milks for sloanes
and a parceller of licked gifts will stop
all veins and all red veilings

bats aside the lovely cannot scare
the bleeded masses
and a ratted cove cases cunters with
shorn tails and waxen sashes
and weevillers rotate across a bib

o a fashioner of fablers forces skirt to dry,
o, a washing sun-trader
swallows guns where riflers jack de sky,
and a jackal heart
hastens to blue meat,
and blowers of sparks shed fire from eyes

o a fashioner of fablers forces skirt to writhe
o, a lashing mind
heats dirt across prisons
and ochre prisms sharpen cats as wombats
weedle for needlers and missions
in boats where many rivers sleep, old sleep
softens as good brains dream no more

riders of issuers lam a dairy drum with sugars
o eyers of stared lands
jam fled fingers with islands
and a bolted sun that dies in a false town
must certainly render cruel heat to sirens

o a fashioner of fablers forces skirt to cry
and miraculous labellers pull on labial lies,
and wallopers under pressers
shoot old bods bone-dead
and eastended stone beds burn benches

in boats where many mirrors meet, eyes
pry after gulls then weep like old wives

carded shunted mind cartels usea soft seesaw
o chemical presidents pee upon old sky-swards
and the meat-shaper of de hour
lays a massive penis on a flower
and a naked bitch gives cock to city wards
and the veins of England sever sex from broads

o a fashioner of issuers lam a dairy sea-skin
o a listener to masters dams a body-bee-wind
and weavers of carted webs
swalllows pictures from daddy's stone bed

ah carded runted spines sear a slowed head
ah sharded punted body-vines
glide down a salted bawd
and a lilted slut on a hired field abuses rhymes
and saddess boils
and madness foils all painted swung minds;
and dreary loves we accuse and grind

in boats where many rivers meet, we wind
across sylvan slate when drinking snakes rim
a gilded prick-dip in a dotted spurted sun-skinned
romantic doller onions; and eyers glow no more

when we pulled down panties aside a lost moon
we most certainly hardened like a tomb
and a laden locker gets locked down by skin
and a garden groper
gets grafted to pepper
and an easy fret knits sex to paper
and a lousy kisser bird vans air with spind sins

ah carded cunted vines serve wine to snails
ah, sharded ginny minds
sink a scattered bottle deeply down dead wynds
and weevillers weaken sex
and wiveners sharpen museums
and a portrait of the fairy-filled jacks aside Wales

when we pulled down panties aside a lost moon
we most certainly hardened like a slit
and a budgy tail trips for
bedazzlers of gal-grips; and warring mind-whores
cum glistering under pear-pips

ah in boats where many rivers meet, i espied a
wreaker of radios and spider-cars
o, a lazy weeper of rams rummages for Mars;
and shadowers of love leap into eaten cards
and a blower of one zillion hot wind
must shower all daisies with flowering stars

lo, the waders are spent
la, the whalers pay sea-rent
oo, riders of calves seem ended by scent
and a ruler of rodeo-ruin
raises erasers from radio-Zion
and, o-la, when cities bend, then soft lyons
must feed sweet buns to apiaries

when we pulled down panties aside a lost moon
we most confidentially served buds to rakes
and, la, as a brittler bangs candlers into lakes
then breakers of damagers
will surely get soft as a cape; and kiss-crates
cry for liquid lippy
and a diviner of boobies blasts caved mammy
O, once upon a distant mind,
eclectic electric diamonds dazzled daddies

and ocenia awakes to find invisible sores
shaping sharp fish with blown cock-claws.

o what with gins, teas and plum brandy we
must surely toast hot lives
o a crocus keeper crunches on beer-trees
and a locust under-munches
an outelbowelled baiter of night and day
and, la la, as we slide for pipers then a
smoker of fanny must taunt a secret graves
ah, a wicked spiral-spy
taunts haunters where a dog in fay skies
cum splattering summers under
blenching glues; O, a funeral thunder rides
upon glibbers of doll-dazers and thighs

this side of old youth has hissers for minds
this side of sold roots
shrapnels after beefy bled boots
and the seasons in de rain smack wine
then a doomer at denying seeds entwine
easy hector with loud crazy gal Andromeda
and, uh, me and madam moon
radio a rocker of sex, death and cartoons
and miners of mentalities
light-up a horder of senselesss and dunes

o what with gins, teas and lemons, i will
flail as red hotels glow
and, oo, what with salted melons, i will
fair as red motels grow
hot as sexy cold; and me and mana will
sear a sodden bake with two old hills
pinioned upon feinted shoulders;
and the eyes of March sever moldered
babby bairns that sweat for soldiers.

this side of cold youth, weeping stills
cum weepering up dead truth; and dills
have to purse lips for the noisy truth
and, O, as a carton of demure sperm spills
acritudes along old crazed carpet
then a buzzy boy baits beds with markets
and, la la la, cheeky snakes slide for pills
and a daddy boat sinks deeply in drilled
candle-peppers; and spicy sailors thrill


while shaking a nude roadway, i saw a bled car coming
far west where the sun burned
o when baiting rude flyways, i saw a bled car coming
far east of death where Mars burned
and a fatal candler on a cliff crashes
and a natal saddler in the mist crashes
o while shaking a naked day, my iill-travelled mind
gets flowing like a red god
and an ankler of rain radios after love

ah, where daemons burn, a shitter in a river abuses
flown fusers of gin, tea and flowers
ah, where daemons yearn, a slitterer in mirrors
accuse the latent dead of crying after nooses
and a bird at night gets set alight
by natal focal boys whose idioms of christs quivers
and blower buddies brag for evil livers.

oo a saddener of sauces sips from a soapy cup
oo a maddener of horses hips to an open and shut
crazy mien-case of deadliness
and a mumbler on a heath whistles down a nut
and, la la, framed faces found in a sea of mutts
must entertain shrouds
and, messed, a tree of burning breaks the sun
with lunar lays and pented pussy; O, old rum
sinks a bad tail inside a petrol vault where guns
shoot shitters stoned-spread

the eyes of night correct a canny kaner with a
liquid tawsing radio
and a wife of lights turns a honey creeper from
dread daffy goofy sainted seed
and, o, dammed by de beeches, a mad meadow
melts into demure pure weed
and, oo, as we shape deniers from taut teas
then gins and gems and dirtyers
toast a venal hand with crappers and leaves

while shaking a nude roadway, i saw a bled car
cum directly home from a bled server of scars
and a flyway on de decks
damages fists with boxed necks; and dead Mars
cums down from faces to find an incredible wreck
sizzling for daemons and false fast doobies


oo a handler of softening brains has to nestle
astride poked trees where the summer's glade
heeds the fastened fuck with appled tea-trays
and a hisser in a bald mind
nurses sadnesss as she finds all thought wanting;
and the eyes of noon see inside red rain
and the wifeling moon
necks a wrister from a cabby who hires crabs
to burn across a mellow taxi's drag
and we loosen caves with paper stags
and we ooze from laves a diryer of hot slags,
and multicoloured doctors of fires
sharpen funerals with proctors of closed bags

oo aromatic bionics lead king leer to organs
oo old seraphic bubonics use weirs
and a bubbler under gnits bite upon tears when
bastards sky-write blue birds and midnights
oo arousers of bled beers
cum interfusing bad hector to mad Andromeda
and a sea of weed
smokes a snapper pipe
and, oo, darkened theatres lead god to fever
and, oo, hardened rivers use a secret father
to darken night with day.

faloners of worn stasis suck on a roller must
scissor down the drainers of blood's slaves
and a burning bird breaks
adown, aside a merry mix of micy musk and
shorers of ties sink a scarf under acid-drams
and metis hearts rock thunder with love's hands
and weary woollen souls
spend a mary god with adorning angel-gold
and rattlers erase soft fears
and leathers shield good tears
o-la, when going to a wheatsheath we used gold
to stir-poison crying eden-meat; and a moose
cums breaking lying eden-heat to damn de old
and a taster of testiculars
damages eye-wipes with stormy spermal sold
eaters of ragglers and germy track-traitors;
and lucid mad wives roam across easy foals
and rancid butter-brides
feel for panted stinkers who define sexers
oo a sainted panty pot pisses under lasers.

when assisted by killers, o, and when pacers
metal-knot a menial mandala under phasers
then a lunar bee will sting wasps and savour
all good rides and all mad men in labia?


Copyright JDB 30/12/2020


work-in-progress title: The Sonic Scream of a Dying Angel
1st draft poem then poem-song


the sonic scream of a dying angel
cums winging her way into a
blanker of holy night
and the eaves of light snap angels
and a skein of regals
snips a royal bud from an evil name

o sonic pictures cry for archangels
and a shitting tree-spy
slaps a bubbler of a mind
and a stretchered dog uses wine
to toast his owners

oo a salad summer hereby grinds
dirt dandilions down to dust. Minds
swill paints then die

rulers of robbers raid a spastic castle
o a dummy home
hisses; and a dangerous drome parcels
daddy blades under bone
and a mammy under stone
serenades puke where pylons groan
ah a dizzy denier drinks to
a buzzy beery day where nightly nudes
drop pantiloons

oo a salad armour gets rotted by greens
oo a mallard under shits
defecates across old lips; and eyers are
fed to stoners
la la, a starter of fired moaners dream
and mad men start to lie

doomy deniers drag a mental cloth across
a digger of a daddy cross
and a bagger of ovens uses roast loss
to entertain brides with silvers
and a baby ride
nooses bone with eyes as timeless rivers
crusade for gold
and the stars of Man die for lost mirrors

these bishop days where i fucked christ
claims cages from gilded summers
and a holiday in a bed
causes trips to die after vacations
and a tramp in a head
swills laid wines
and weavers weave
and speakers speak


and geezers in a gilded cave have to snapper
a lunar sniper
and an easy rider
rides till doom drives; and a vein in a river
sweeps deaths from supper

doomy deniers drag a tightener across dust
and a sweated sparrow
sweeps slush under bones and barrows
and a bird of day
preys upon night as glades
tauten bells with flowers

oo a salad lover drops meat from towers
and a coded basin breaks

believers in pleasure will always summer-paint
deceivers with coded saints
o, receivers of measure will forever
trace a cobby web across a skull
and a bay of fists fishes after bull
and a sea of wrists kisses
boxy boozy sea-hisses
and a coded cage crashes

ah geezers in a gilded cavern feels for a
bloody pulse where vined veins reel
and, o, as we summon heat
then ashen rabies causes flukey feet to
slash a cock-horse from de blues
and woven manses die
and eaten faces die
and castlers slide

these salad evenings where i lay my body down
will surely wilt now;
and a body in the town
sweeps a city from a crown
and a crowded sound swallows pigeon water
and, o, a bed of night
abuses dreamt bleaters as a dog under water
drowns whilst eating

believers in pleasure will always winter-paint
a digger of elmy autumns
and a sounded cowl accuses woman
of erasing suck with hymens
ah a doctor has to rid a soft sun of children
and an eager eye
lays waste to tied dyes
and we may well use a seasaw of wives

ah geezers in a gilded tavern drop knives
down vacant drains

dagglers of a solid soft mind
hips from mad cuts
o wrist in a crag slashes mutts
and a bonny vein-butt
bullets ransoms under timed
and a slowing picture
cuts a cobra from a tear

believers in bottoms sear us
with candy crate where fear
fascinates fens with porridge
and a bowl of mice
suppers after sweet dice
and weavers of sleep splice
odes with twinned twined spheres

ah dragglers of a stolid rat-mind
hips from slaved cuts
and, oo, a cradler of evenings
snickers after grimed
sea-shelled rivery rope-rind
and users of dead dens
drape a fast father across fuck

O a dilly deviller of dirty suck
arouses chickens then writhes
once upon a mind in a blue bowl
calorific glasses got smeared
and, la la, a neon cot
has to listen to rot when coals
crap upon gassed fires
and a brandy clot uses cold
and weavers stitch emeralds

ah believers in bottoms scald
a dead pig with a hot kettle
and a nuking spidered man rolls
daddy fleeces around rolled gold
and eaters of eastertimes
cap a xmas bride with vines

oo hectares of pure fire whines
oo heated hairs secure tyres
and me and madam moon sire
seraphic stranglers from spires

Oh i have seen a clocking wife
cum slashering down a chip-knife
and, oh, i have jacked fished christ

inside demure decorous cicada shades
an eyer of blinded thieves
cums knotting seed under blurredd graves
la la, a bolster in seaweed
lashes lupins to magic flowers,
and the signets of the laid leash flowers
with dizzy green ringlets
and a vasty dreamer has to cut flowers
and a nazi screamer has to dam flowers
O, when we cry for studies
then we latch a cabin hook to de bodies

as ashen losers drink pap and, as we
scour nuts with laps, then a bolted sea
cums sidling for beaks where grey greed
spunk up in a metaller of iced baby-reeds
and a father of the wars
loosens chains into Dettols
and, la la, eyers latch a door to a ward
and, ah ah, grinders lead whore to gourdes

inside demure decorous cicada sunglasses
we weave a slaying mind from
blonde-blindness; and blue stars will shunt
a babier of glass with coded neon junks
and a cunted arse
has to wither away where abandoned glass
sinks a poppy-thief aside a bleeder
and, ahh, once upon a mind
weevillers shuttered plumes in a breeder's
naked blortive sea-spine

the wakers of salt wine jack for Abaddon
la la, drapers of sweet brine
clambers under quinces as cot in a lime
gets sadly powdered by cottaging grime;
and a lavvy lud
hisses for blood
and a naked glove dons hands where suds
sodomise grace and flava.

lo, under the suicidal sofas of the laid, i
thunder-valved for me the noosers of lies
and a buddy batman at my doors had pies
made sexually over-large;
and the peary apples under my cock-card
came pelting medals with grey guards
and, la la, a stripping friend of a car plies
pushers of poppies with daffy rose-rides
and a bedder of pappies
hires dark god to His nubile endlessness

inside demure decorous lintels, weavers
cum slapping a mule at the sides of eaters
and a doctoror of tools
digs a sweat screwdiver days aside slippers;
and a dodderer of a fool
faces underside of the dragoners ripper
and a donkey den dazzles us with strippers
and, uh huh, divine dentists have bad breath
and, la la, venal chemists poison death.


oo a venal renal rotated sky-nerve
hits to a gold beat
oo a vernal evil dilated spy-nerve
hits to a gold heat
and a bath at sea swallows oceania
and the gulls of meat
feedler after fingerers
oo a venal renal rotative eye-bird
chirps for soft sleep,
and, la la, where once a demon curve
craps upon held jammed hands
then a leaper of lilted lightning
lambastsd denial with strip-lighting;
and the warders of the sun
supper for dregs as caged cunt-lungs
go panting for fast fierce killings

oo, a daggerer of dolor drinks cum
oo, a swaggerer of stores cunts gum
and a bad boy's cold vaginal string
cums thrumming under closed rings;
and the mad world gets dumb today
and the sad girls get bummed with clay
and a moggy of a good girl
abuses mess with bummers and pearls
when once a bedded bath drinks curls
then a bobbin on a bald cliff
crashes for doctors of sprawled lifts;
and, la la, a wayfarer who uses curls
must surely crush a sexy concertina when
meddlers of magicians
slide an opus magnate inside kitchens;
and this easy world is
force-fed to greasy kids
and, O, a bleeder of a bleater eats wigs
and, O, a reader of a ripper sucks pigs
once upon a mind in a sad space, figs
came carrying salt quinces to women
and a story down the line
delimits peace with a casement of lime;
and odes to eastern ghosts
gather up the teas from a vault of soaks
and primers suck on boats
and primates know all about ghosts
and a bun at sea
sinks aside tithes in tea-minds and, Lo,

a captain of love's heart washes clothes
as, laid, a capsizing stable eats robes
and, fuckered, menkind suffer de Rose

pacers of daddy weals tots up a sea of crows
la, faces of mammy
turn aside corkscrews when a summer of crows
defaces england's granny
o, eyers under ireland use a true christ for one day,
and the Ides of ghosts
trample boats aside a fast head that uses toast
to force-feed the mad queen's lean canary
la la, faces under sad dreams have to host a
rigid milky party of sex killers and de family,
and parchments of a lesser world
tells tales on dudes where a fistula under girls
loosens pussy pits with french foods and swirls

pacers of daddy weals tots up a sea of brogues
la, faces under fanny
burn, burn; and old constrictors of easy rogues
rap against peace hall
and a dragger of palls slices onions from babby
and, la la, my heated mind-looter leases daddy
to goddesses and all divine ladies

o, eyers under india delve france for america
o, fliers under africa are
linked to good blood; and a rider in a lost car
crashes; Oh, minotaurs gas glass with sex scars
and a motor on a boned cliff
grips to glassy drones; and eaters of cold rivers
cum showering deaths with heaven's graized
buddy angel-knee

and i remember david as i remember daniel
and i recollect the utmost saviour in a candle
and, oo, i float downstream
and, oo, i coax sounds to use a wet dream
for the maundering sea where coded angels
cum sleeping aside my bedroom's scream
and builders of false burials abuse my screens
and mutterers of fast decrials
noose a swarmed flex from skies in denial
Lo, a bay of kids saunters into seasands and
lovers of drowners suffer dudes as islands are
forcibly injected with sonar nudes and sex-scars

Copyright JDB 02/01/2021


work-in-progress title: The Musclers Of The Nuclear Dead
1st draft poem then poem-song


the musclers of the nuclear dead
wipe dunny feet on meadows
and, la, a dotted seat where bread
got sat upon
cums aside guns
and a jointed sun shines for lead
and wolves are shot dead

lineal sexed ornaments use eyes
to wash mad visions fast away
and the sadness of a mind sways
and a catty caverner cries
and a ratty wivener writhes
and old rainbows die..

O, once upon a crossed mind, day
drove night under clay
and goddess must shit now

a sea-garnished golly ghost gasps
o seed-varnishers
cum crying for death where masks
cry, cry,
and a dog of eyes weeps
and a dog of lives creeps
sea-garnished, a dizzy hostess rasps
and, la la, citidels of wine
widen cats under drugs
and a pepperer of peepy rose buds
a rider of grinding ruins raises blood
and blown vines bend

a blooder in a ruined river
raises skin from cat-liver
and the hands of a masque shiver
and a bed of beads
sky-stabs spirals with soft leaves
and a dog of sex
sirens under T Rex
and a poetical christ has to slice
heavenly seas of bees
a rider of faces glisters where ice
scatters noise-angels across
pealers of boys
and loud voicers under moss
kick off de cross
nude kids cry
dead kids writhe; and pigs burn

waggers of watches speak for de times
o wagoners in cottages
cry, and a sea in a river abuses de times
and, lo, as a starry spire
loosens fire, then a dolly under vines
fastens dukes to tyres
nuked kids try
puked kids ride
fluked bibs die
and a bud of war races aside families

the openers of steeled mind-wards
enter deaths where sex-gourdes
cum cramming colliders with paws
and a doctor in a tree
trapezes where a summer's seed
cums deeply where skin burns
and a rider of fear
ropes a potato to a room of beers
nuked pigs writhe
spooked kids writhe
oo- once upon a mean mind, spheres
came damaging curves with tears
and buzzy baton boys
bag rice under grey toys
and baddy plays with her mum's toys
messed bodiers brag after lost boys
and, star-raised, mental forests
crash aside a blown jam

sea-derangers hiss for giddy hispid sleep
la la, defamers of lips
lead a loser to looped star-trips
and a moon in summer
swoons, and baddy boys who strip sleep
cum careering under heat
nuked kids use raised bows
fluked kids use slave-shows
city farmers face into crows when meat
settles wives aside nude macadam
and, la la, wideners of trees
tease torn windows with broken brands
and we sink christs under butters
sea-derangers kiss for daddy; and hips
clitorise a boned grave with hollies
and a blue bride at sea
swallows shells and leads bees to brollies

a carrowing halo of a hocked man
lends a dizzy dive to acrid woman
and, laced, a boned bride uses children
to anoint her sex with vines
and, lo, as we weave for winters then
breakers of summers send wine when
vast speakers cry
naked fingers writhe
sacred readers ride
buzzers of bald money scent a hearse
with bad men who cut a spent purse
and, lazed, as blown brides writhe
then a baiter of the killed
crashes for budders
and eyers leap feathers
naked fingers writhe
sacred rivers arise
from domed dreams
and writers of denial drag along sauce

oo a meddler in a mind-pool has to
sing for a dilly damsel nude
oo a riddler in a sex-spool has to move
majestic hearses from a mind-stool
and a dazzler of drained hearses
summon easy drizzlers from horses
and, oo, a meddler in a whirl-pool
tramples germolene into dust..
sacred fingers fellow ringed swingers
haloed singers swallow damners and
a ripener aside a city tiff
has to heap a yellow rainbow's jam
with fiddlers of fawkesfires and sand
a meddler in a mind-pool has to ram
easy tiddlers across mental sea-hand
and openers of rigid foods
races across a turgid sleuth,
and abaddon in a star-boot spins slams
across dirtying lively children..
sacred fingers fellow ringed swingers
haloed singers swill rose spun killers
and the riders of red rain
tumble a rumbler under citied grain, O!
a sidler of car-shadow
cums slinking down de gallows and
oo, as faces flit, a user of ballows bands
easy bikers under slain big hands
at change of day, a nightlong nursery
lends accusers to sainted adult baby,
and, ahh, a kitted cat in prams is easy
and, ahh, a lidded rat
raises raisins from shitted eye-bats
and a mask in a plait
hastens eaters to snap a hard scrap
and easy bridlers burn
and easy lifers yearn after bum-sap
sacred fingers hammer hams to crap
heated swimmers hammer jams to hats
and layers of bled killlers
crusade for devillers
and a sea-coated mirror abuses reapers
ana a seed-coated milner
cases creations under murdered mirrors
and a blower of scissors
sharpens beds then dies..


o a sharded summer skin gets to drain dregs dry
o a carded mumma
hisses for wintry winds
and a boner under glass cracks-up
and a stoner of masks snaps cups
o a sharded summer skin gets to drain dregs dry
and,, made lissom, a blorted flamer of a mind-eye
jazzes to deaths when gisms flow

the easy pandecations of a crashed top lip rides
against gilded lunacy
and the bodice of a baby brags about lies when ice
craps across a blown body daisy
and, o, sharded summers swim for pearlers
and, o, carded killers cut a cager from a seizure,
and loaded bracelets shut-up

o a marketer of sinewise drag drapes a drill across
islanders of christ's mane
and a gaggler under flame
jacks a wolf with twinned screwed pain, and loss
loosens mamma mourner as
idlers scatter crisscrossers against a tomb of glass
and, o, once upon a mind, grass
came whistling down a lard arse

o, a sharded padded father freezes as he fizzes for
a bald entertainer in a gassed moon
and, once blared, a blorter of a room shields whores
with magical idiots
and a city under egits eggs a blower with a walled
bodice of bled bone and neon shores
and, la la, my eater of edible wards abuses ingots
and, ah ah, my reaper of fallible mauds
mashes deniers with bleeders

o, creators of demure rain rock the abbeys for a
naked nuclear lady-shower
o, dilators of decorous rain
shoots an eyelet with pressure-pains
and a wounded boy at sea summons easter veins
where, dammed, a cheesed siren
cuts wicked bread aside chisellers of easy friction
o a sharded summer skin gets to drain dregs dry
o a carded flava
loosens giddy larders with incredible tree-eyes
and a broken token father fashions mind-beads
and a shaken shaven buddha
bags a stoner of a garden with two twinned killers
and siren men glow
once aside a mind, i heard baiters bagging rivers
once, made wide, i saw rippers stabbing
donkey men with tawny hands and easy killings;
and a mental scissor
caps a coastal shelf
with dirtiers of dirt, death and shipped disease
and, cut from skirt, rivers
rode against mead; and filthy hand-sweaters

dollop duned bloods as writers don mirrors.


the data of deniers drools acrosss a doormat
o fathers of liars
melt for chilled rain; and the mother of cats
mewls after lovers
and the factories where sad sex gets snipped
siren after beds and fevers
and a bolted cunt-strap shivers
and a vaulted spunk-trap quavers for killers

once aside a mod mind, massers in mirrors
hurtles for a soft spine
and a brain gone sour seasons old rivers as
eddiers of pure cum
sheds a shat seed across a forest of lungs
and, loaded, a slitter of suns
shoots aldebarren nudes with fairy guns

oo the data of deniers drools across a floormat
o feeders of riders
fan vaginal masks with ultraviolet cunt-rats
and a whirly mind pool
surrenders to a whored grave;
and the world has to drive dunny days with
honeyers of hoisted snipping horses
and a bride gone cold
succours eyes from female soul; and kids

crack a kindler from a bastard under ribs
and fountainers of easy windscreens frig
icy fascinators with doomy denim sky-pigs
and a strapper of a rose
rots; and the lover of a toad squelches crows
and a spectral cunny crania
culls a menstrual coupler with fast soft sloes
o a decliner on a hard lip scatters old robes
under bunny blind fires
and easy recliners wash wasps in old clothes
and a peasy defilers wash clocks in red loaves.

sunned pifflers pee as pealed cheapsters die
and a maiden under leas
lends mind canneries to female feline dives
and listeners to childrens
cock-shadows ivies with mated heart-hives


Copyright JDB 03/1/2021


work-in-progress title: For Laden Minds
1st draft poem then poem-song


when dated numbers capsize into rain
then, surrounded, starry sea-eyes stain
diamonds with blood
and an angelled city-word
snaps; and a glisterer of birds uses pain
to silence a carpet's dusted shine
and fallowers of easy lip
shout from hair-grips; and laden minds
moltenise hands with herons

when once gagglers grind sleep, then
distancing mummy-moats
amass across a sad shore's sea-hymn
and a denuder of mad gourdes
scram aside lemon tree-burrs
and a lazy country in heaps uses stoats
to collonnise spun skis with spokes

the deus in a dun mind drags paints with waters
and, la la, serried wine
swipes gins from tines
and a comber's head hisses
and a foamer's bed pisses
and, ah, a deus under lime loosens buds with doctors

when once a slowing slider
suppers after jives then a baiter of tigers uses water
to create a new faith
and a bodice under lace
craps aside nine minds and a sylvan collonade wastes
easy eaters of ruby mace

oo a deus in a dun mind drags paints as wallers
arise from homes then knock a saint with dilllers

the deus in a dumb mind drags dirt for flavas
o a mental sea-spine
slides from wet wine; and a daughter under mines
digs for a coal-clime
and a facing buddha
bridles scent with mamma; and a radio under rivers
raises romantics from fingers

when once a crowing cryer
careers into mace, then a lover of the tongue shivers
and a waker under liars
leases lions to tigers; and a maiden who feeds drivers
laces lozenges to tyres

and a waker in a void accuses sex of causing fires
and, o, me and my toys
drag drippers for fast fazing sea-boys,
and i idolise gals with fairy lits
and i get wedded to easy tit-tit-tit

the crowers of idle husbands are fed to flitterers
and, la la, eyers of evil sauce-pans
boil coffees dry,
and an eagler under sky slides a dog under rivers
and a reader under tides
swills blue bran;
O, once aside a bride, wheezers who kill mirrors
glistens when a bodyer of sand
scatters wives across islands

ah, crowers of idle husbands are fed to twitterers
and, ah ah, eyers of evil forced sands
slam a vastness of spires
beneath green boys whose easter-xmas fires
cry, cry, cry

and eaters of lies loops chicks from gassers as
pyres set alight to blondes
and the wide world i breathe has no sons

the wideners of a woollen world have to eat for
a horded family of men and christs
and a laden boned baby
baggers under twine where a city in a lady
slashes aside rummy mice
and a ruby moon chases deaths under lice
and a body-bloom
sea-stabs hags with darkeners of gold spice

ah, crowers of idle husbands are fed to filters
ah, sounders of idle maids
necks blind noise with saddlers and sea-trades
and a blower of graves
glistens, and a shower under peed trays
collapses when torn towns rave

O, we get blown from bone as an evil raid
listens to fools then gets enslaved to rituals

a vasty blown dog-disease has come to cradle
a crazy collanade under blue gas
and, uh, a whipper's number flashes gas
and, uh, a nipper's rumba gashes gas
o a vasty domed god
glisters; and a robotic romancer suffers candles
and a roman ancther loosens wine with gloves

O, we get blown away,
O, a stationer of graves grips after clays whens
stone-slayers of idiot gold
gasps for soft air; and sold laughter
swells like a pig
and a deviller of kids gets father
and a reveller of lips cuts larders

oo a vasty veined bow bags eyes aside chickens
ooo a mastery of crows
sea-crowds necks aside a rose
and a radio gets wired to a phone
and a shadow sires ash from wrecking bones


the tillers of the times hack after bleeders
o riders of red rinds
rotates; and a blagger blahs aside thunder
and, lo, as we rise from minds
then we sunder cherries; and a sad lover
leases flown fruits to conic swines
and, ah ah, a baker of sonic limes fathers
a mamma whose manic mothering lines
easy pockets with pulled feet

oo a vasty veined crow caws for sleep
oo a nasty brained crow
swims aside ravens
and a seagull under heathens uses sleep
to soften birds with gardens;
and a hostile hedon
damages deaths with sirens; and grey heat
sires seraphs from irons

and tillers of times hacks after bleeders
o eyers of bled blinds
bake a butcher-bastard with easy fathers

oo as a dolly creeper cretinises creatures with clothes
then a daddy dreamer
dapples after tundra; and a bled filmed teacher slows
easy tears with flown thunder,
and a baker of leeches sears summers under fathers
oo as a dolly creeper cretinises creators
then blowing blood-bleaters brag for evil shakers
and a blader of a mind-beaker
toasts edams with failures
and, oo, a beggar for labia loosens lynchers with fever

oo, a draggler in a hearse rides for messy fingers
oo, a raggler of a purse espies
a spiraller of ghosts whose flashers sunder odd knives
and a summer in a fast spool
succours winter from clasped stools
and, la la, when an ochre of a fool loosens old brides
then butcherers of laden phasers
snap a cutter of gardebns with fairiers of fast lives

as tillers of dolly dreamers arise froms sainted eyes
then a bulleted deceiver
dolllops drags across receivers
and the wallets under tithes accuse alms of seizures
and de pockets under Ides
merrily mass-murder easy pigs with hired waters;
and a blower of knives
moon-melts a rizla with eaters of massive clockers

these easy world-words us old men will write are
fed to starry asexual pearls
and a fastener of sun-speckled girls
sadden a sodden mien with codas and ground curls;
and aladdin in a lift
loosens molesters with greyed skits
and a skittler under ribs washes eyes under tit-tit

oo as a dolly creeper cretinises creatures with pits
then daddy's maimed creator
desecrates easy peasy sacred failures,
and an eater of wode worsens for dirty tailors
and an eater of robes
radios saturn; and a rodeo under a rose has traders
selling ivories to massing brogues


there are easy diseases nearby where a dinted skinful in twinned eyes
drag dirt for dicky muscles
and a babby under parcels sends daddy gifts to venal mad eyes
and, ooo, as a blown bud rots
then an appler of a swinger listens to a crazed cross
and, la, we widen for weepers
and, ah, we spiral aside reapers
and the bums of hearts cum shaping dolls from fatalities
and a city dart shuns a ruby radio
and a baby-heart bags aside de gallows
o a painted parental flower washes willows inside dun families
and a dog of pure dirt
kisses pups and swabs mind-hurt

the racers of a tracer teems with skirt; and a natal ocean flirts with
fizzing geared epilepsy
and a brother in the dark dollops dragons upon easter-xmas kids
ahh a dollar and a peck sells manses to naked nazi prigs
and a mummy wheezer wees upon slides
anda dummy dreamer wees aside blinds
ahh once upon a green mind, i espied drinkers delving for vines
ahh once upon a mad grind, i espied shrinkers feeding cut swine
and a doctoring moon
kneels upon dunes where a gem-gentle christ collapses for
ground tears

there are easy diseases nearby where a dinted skinful in skinned skies
drag filthy shirts for naked lucre
and a dunny hearse hissses
and a dummy nurse pisses
and a cat on a dummy bay drinks to purses
and a bat on a bummy tray drinks to horses
ah ah, i have entertained talons in cold sauces
ah ah, i have summoned falons from gold coarses
and a blower of a shit-fest fishes for belly-phlegms
and a flower under decked missives
mussel crayoned caves with deli boys whose renal cunt-stem
sheds hot wide white sweet seed
across a belter of bones and mead
the tracers of a flava hips to a flown flower
o, grey tasters of failure snip snowed flower
and, oo, a meddler of saviours snip a rose from a loud tower
and, ooo, a skelterer under sailors
shovels a sliding saw when, oozed, farmers
force a dog-drone across gems; and a flowing charmer
heals old hands with eager mental failure;
and a boated scan bloats for menstrual dens
and a floated dram boasts about beery peahens
oo a wicked weeviller of touts shrugs shag with pig-pens
and a pickler of a penis shouts

we awake to a blue banned grave
we awake to a bruised hanged nave
and navellers noose beds with easy peasy pussy plague
and eyers ease blinders across baggers of bleeded slaves
ehhhh ehhhh ehhhh
milky silky biddies grind salts down to dust
ehhh ehhh ehhh
easy dizzy greasy dimes grind pounds under dust
and a blazer of all times snap lippies from dunny cusps


the doddering eerie apple of a chew-chained heart listens
to piss-pearled dreams
o, a slavering easy chapel snaps dolts from bones as screens
shine just like nine zillion eyes,
and the weavers in the dark sew ships to tides
and, la la, our entertaiing darts hurl dangerous sex-scribes
under vaulted marbled fanny wives
o a doddering eerie gull pecks for carrion comforts; and wives
wash wet wasps aside naked female-slides
and a lilted delimitless kodak cried for suns and starred tribes

we awake to a blue banner
we quake for truth as a naked body in a scanner arrives
under coated canny tongues
and, oo, weevillers warp guns with giddy gods inside wide
wave-blenchers; and a blorted sea of febrile dogs
get walked till made part dead
and a barker of a slave cuts bread
and a father of a knave chews lead
O, a doctor who heals the dread must swallow eased ties
and, la la, vinegar stations drag a pelt for a lud

the doddering eerie apple of a screw-stained heart listens
to kiss-curled cream,
and a vagina, spleened, sinks bubblers under grey missions
and a red minor, streamed, sinks bridlers under gay prisons
and a heated cold sea of cans
get opened by doom denial
and, o, a father moon serenades the sex of coded rooms
and glassed closed smile
sucks upon raped nuts; and a female dial turns for prisms
ah ah ah..

the eaters of tomorrow's bile abuses death with dammed
catted rat-whirled ogres
and a pig downstream suppers for curd as a salted scram
sinks a pistol of a flower underneath crowers of eye-jams


the weedlers of roped weed snaps as cunt-hatch around
as deviller of blown lays and female sounds
and a lion in a maze issues rattlers from wastegrounds
and a ironer of sex tissues
smell just like eagle kisses; and a roxy roller of a town
grind soft stone down to dyed screws
and a bedded sloane drowns
and a leaded drone resounds after
lickers of slaving snipping feline canine gay laughter

tackers of tawny tatlers trip to a veined closed lover
rackers of spermy failures
crap upon ivory breakers
and a hoody in the moon digs a swab from a feather
and a dooby spind tune
drags a daffy cap from a venereal star-swoon. Leather
leases labile straps to feedlers of cunt-bedded heather
and a swooner of cunted wiles
straps a dead boy across mown dials
and i am a fled exponent of a new mind that styles
acrid ogres who wave blue arrows and make giant dials
ravel into killed times.

uh uh uh tut tut tutter uh uh uh.. Ohh bled butter grinds



Copyright JDB 06/01/2021


work-in-progress title: We May Well Chatter As We Cry
1st draft poem then poem-song

the face i used to see in the moon
raises solar waves from hot iced rooms
la la a driver of families
loots stars
and a river under honeys shapes shards
and a red-eyed sea-monkey
layers loss with Mars

the diggers of a driver drink for sex
ah rude bikers, brinked
blink and blink
and the ivories of mamma use sex
and eyers lease lambs to cunt-sinks
and, oo, as mindless skunks
snip peasy crack
then spunk snaps; O, eaters of junk

breed fuck from rhinal vein-waters?

the face i used to own has died now
o when space is stoned
then planets of fast bone
shatter fear with laden fleecy clouds
and a bolter of bastards
bags hens in screens
and eyers of radio use sound to stream
deafeners of man and dreams

the diggers of a driver drink to creams
o riggers of closed fathers
swills dread rum
and mammas use guns to execute cum
and wideners abuse the sex-dead?

the face i used to know has lost mind
o as Isis scurries
then a loaded easy cellphone uses cabbies
and a deus soul
washes gold dole where expensive ladies
swap men for berries
and a dated smile softens
and an aged dial buries burns; and, often
when deaths strike
i hear a faceless demon shaping mikes

the face i used to stone has fallen from
painters of dukes, dames and women
and, la la, wifers widen for children

accusers of intractable collonades are led to
easy halls where lessons died
and the eyes in a lift shoot softened skies
and an easy paper
gets fed to potato
and a lemon head hits upon a blue mind

the face i used to screw fasts for times
and an idiot in a grey grind
summons suppers from easy cold minds
and, la la, orange ochres hiss for stereo
and, oo, minotaurs scare coded video

when once hands get crossed, then eyes
may well chatter as they cry.

blowers of bow bells brag about cold times
la floaters, slowed, swell for drought;
and a baby's brandy toasts a bib where
shouters summon breads from old hair
and, o, a chanter of de hour
uses a caker for a red power;
and as ideal sin suppers for flowers, then
coded hair-nets clad coats under cumin;

once upon a mind in a shrilled world, gems
sun-strike damagers of dreaming
daddy saints, and the dead dream of paints
and an easy shadower of
deafening blinded flava shuts eyes within
sunderers of moss and green spind wind
and Lady Isis gets high on a crisis;

and easy riders arise from coded screens

these days when papers set fire to lessons
must wallow under sapphires
ah, a waller of a mamma has to season
a bladder of a lover with campfires
and, lo, wideners of fever
snap a vast cap where a lover of pyres
cums shuddering forever

once upon a mind, i severed sad tyres
with colliding lady guns,
and me and my bad body stun spires
and venal sanders
suck cups as a coffin under fathers
flashes under rain

these days, when papers set fire to fun
must swallow now and run dry.

o where straw men sunder a scratchman
then ideal fields may well fall,
and an ideal weal whips a dead wall
and an idiot pulse
slappers after naked lips,
an riders of masters raise bikes from drawl
and the wives of heaven
listen to ravens
and, la la, we may well arise from babies

o where scared men sunder a dead road
then evil daring holidays
may well lead a loser to a sexy by-road
and, la la, we weep for remedies
and, ah ah, we sleep in sculleries
and an eaten side
spirals aside brides
and, lo lo, ideal icers of de moon writhe

these days, where lepers cut all skin
then flickering lips glow, just like sin

these easy peasy spastified days where i jack my own mind
hits to a family beat
la, a radio under meat trumpets caverns
and, oh, where waters bleat, then a craven erasing raven
cums slicing bird with garlands
and a beaten cartoon animates grouse with bared gardens;
and, O, when watery colds abuse mental menthols, then sleep
has to glisten as dicks die

these easy peasy Aladdin-days rub vic into bodyers, and, Lo,
as a ruiner of wisdoms
cums rocking like a heart-drum
then weedlers of mikes drag sex from magenta'd sea-clothes
and a raddler in de sun
cutters aside red string that binds a bandage to sea-rose;
and ochres of orange-lungs
get panted for by asthmatic fish-lungs

o wheree a scary bald boys brag about women then sense
cums car-strangling babby feathers with
icy closed coves when a cavvy with a kid
and a local mind maddens for sweet frigs
and a focal spine saddens wards
oo once upon a mind, Isis appeared to a bled saint when
nuclear deniers dragged a dirty dyke above a sea of gin
and, laaaa, as we widen
then we get frightened

la la, a squid found buried in the seas serve waves to
a pistil of pulled green rain
la la, mad liquid found cherried
drops from a dropper as a faceless commando in screws
turns till the fat gal swings
ahh, a daughter to a hymn snacks upon blue hymen
and a radial rota-flow
sinks indelible buds under dilly darted farthing snows
and eyers dress down
and fires burn clowns

these easy peasy spastified worlds i choose to live in
cum wandering inside a midnigjht spin
and, oo, as weavers arise from dated vacant skin, sin
must wade till oceans trill down from the wind
and, la la, queen baby cracks her cheeks
and, o-la, dean ruby craps from a deck of cheats
o where scary boys bob up from doom denial, sleep
will most certainly crush hands then die.
and dippy derangers of waxen ashen wide eye reaps
a dunny cage from a motor-car

Uh Uh Uh..

eaters of issuing mermen fish aside a burgeoning lost raft
o eaters of tusslers send
macadam men to fierce sleep
and the ivories of men sink a fast piano under dead masks
o eaters of tusslers spend
easy caged cunt-coins,
and the leaden cinemas of today noose a necker around
dizzy dusts where a faceless easy dream
moistens sin with laden baths
ahh eyers reel for rape
ahh fires burn for apes; and, o, as we lead salt to water
then a mad lemon ochre
must kneel upon glass; Oh, dirtied minotaurs will slaughter
a bedded bath that clings to soap-cliffs

La la, i have scented my own paled death
La la, i have emptied my bones, and a pearling sex is
force-fed to porn where
salt-shaven city fawns cry, cry, cry
Ohh once upon a glib mind, my idle mind wept for lies
and, sss, i have grafted veins to dusters
and, sss, i have shafted skeins with pasters
and, la la, ideal fathers who fling birds upon masters
will most certainly countdown to weary ten

eaters of issuing mermen fish aside a burgeoning hovercraft
o eaters of musclers spend
a phantastic ocean-penny; and a rotator under women
hereby locks a rockered heart aside widowers of masks
and a casket caser
cums spraying seed upon gridded whiskey-chasers;
and the dolly boys who suffer crimes from easy lasers
strap a daddy chart across a heartless gallowed razor

ahh local locum lenders of lob lolly and losell babby
must attend to easy bum-pain;
and wipers of the dark send looseners to grey rain
and, oo, as mindists dream of roots then renal veins
may well saunter into a cranial city-rose
la la, i have scented my own mailed sex
la la, i have rented dogs to midwives; and my neck
gets made freckled with feckless body hearings
and mentalis scatters flown seed
and digitalis cuts a crow aside a reed
and, once dicked and done, ivories of evil greed
digs a dirtied februs bone aside white scum-seed

my head is borne from plants- O, weedlers heave
and, donkeyed, my magical nude tool eats weeds

blood enemas inside bone-motion have to sink a syringe where
lady lecterns speak from a high chair
and, o, as rectors cry, then a luminous city prayer
will cum now, dead deeply down inside; O, boats of air
smash a damask beak across vernal virgins who star-snare
a digger of a drippler with buzzy blown bud-hairs
and a driver of lost Hermes
hastens to de father where a draggler of bended rubies
rend a doctoring of paleness
and, oo, a madam mirror must always tell the times for
an oozer of caved vanity and deadliness

blood enemas inside stone-oceans have to sink a party where
jazzy jacking idols on the beach
star-strangles doomed deniers with hermetic slunk hot sleep
and a parental dog of tears
leashes cats to cavatinas; and a saviour to distant moon-beat
lashes creators outside
a plangent town which rotates across a roxy cinematic eye
and, o-la-li-li,
when once a video gal grits DVDs in both filmed hands, sky
has to moisten beds with nets
and hoopers of breads toast fissures
and looters of lead trap a milk-grind
my head is borne above botany
my easy kid has no mummy to grow
o as mental masses melt, then a town inside a rose must
soften sounds with neon crows
as neon bellers of cock resin sink a blaze days deep
then mam and daddy moon
will deify bows with ripeners of dunes and party-heat
and, laa, a miner after wounds
lays headmost waste to a bobbing heated sex-tomb
and derangers of rattlers
ruin rumblers with balders of begging bowls and cuttlers,
and, ooo, once aside a dipped mind
a latent sexy evil raven pregnancy sets a kiddy where
a deceiver lags ropey rasping rain-clothes
and a spell of dirt casts ragwitches under mind-mares

and the angelled angelus of duping dog-muscle shares
blowers of a fatal nautilus
and, sss, a pickler of ploppers props an arse where
lazy demotic denuders stop;
and dizzy feet cum down
and regal sleep stuns locks with magical evil; Ah?


Copyright JDB 07/01/2021


work-in-progress title: About The Radio In My Garden
1st draft poem then poem-song

the vipers of a distant summer venomise
a dirtied foreign yield
o writers of distant fevers poison fields
and the riders of red rain
ram a dizzy powder under closed eyes
and, la la, where perfumes fold
then snakers of passion abuse dead skies

the vipers of a distant mind-moon arise
and, lo, when cavers ooze
then a code under feathers chants lies;
and a radio under loud booze
brags about money

o angellers of blood belfries knell baby
and down comes the dead where ladies
loosen vinegar ties
and, o-la, eyers of dives dream of lives

the riders of rattlers raise a car from a bike
o breeders of thatchers
star-engrave minotaurs with idle fathers;
and oglers of pictures
layer sex with killers
and riders of rattlers raise a car from a spike

vipers, veiled, venomise kind children when
easy ogres raise ogled arrows
and a bath at sea sinks
and a mask of leaves blinks after women
and, oh, we sense scented gems
cum rocking at a diamond door?


december bees sting wasps dead
o, receivers of beads use a bed to
entertain a killer with a noose
and a shed of pigs summons cows from
ashen farms where a cattled gun
shoots goat-hairs
and a bud of lice feeds shepherds

asps, emptied, suck foison from drugs
masks, readied, fuck poisons
and a flask of mites
sinks flowered fleas under easy bugs;
and ochres of limey kites
shield heads when burns crow

december bees sting wasps dead
and power, pulled, caresses webs
and a gossamer guide
dons a spidered cold disguise
and a flea under flavour uses webs
to capture mouthed moth-clouds

as the roads between us have jumped and died
i realise, when cold, that neon blasphemers
may well arise from dying christ-rain
o, a scatterer of suns succours ice as lies shine
beneath missions and blued bodies
and, as we learn to die, then a sunny mind
may well come to issue pain from flu-wine

december beatles bag loud God as we pine
after muted sails and red bells;
and a hand of pure silk slashes prison-cells
inside oaks and elms and rivulets
o the roads between us have jumped and died
o licked toads scream
o picked rogues cream

and we studied how to die for all too many years
and we bodied crowds from shied dives.

the radio in my garden fuses songs with flowers
o the meadow in my garden
gooses glass where rinds are hurled under flowers
and a valley in a vase
cums to strangle hens with veined robes
and a haggler of honey kicks stained flowers with
stamped crooks

december beatles swing for Gods, and grey pigs
smash a warbler with jazz rigs
and, oo, me and my garden jester
cause buds to laugh; and mental sisters kill kids

bellowers of loud boys arise from english garlands
o a sea of toys raises men from sea-sounds
and, under cream, i see a glib chap come grinding
a rose of a city in two teethed hands
and, since the times we had together haved died
then why i should admire you still seems mad
but i will admire you still
and i will adore the way men kill

the radio in my garden fuses songs with flowers
o the shadow in my garden
fastens fears to skin; and gallowers of garlands
rot in a vast scream
and, la la, entering under dreams, i hear birds
bickering in my dreams
and, O, since old times have eroded, then birds

will most certainly sing till the fat pig cries.

when i saw my laden lady lover combing old hair
i sensed my easy garden come
mowing grass to bits; and me and my gal's prayer
has dreamt now of lost suns
and my woman is alone
and my children are stoned

when i saw my craven father combing lost hair
i sensed my easy woman come
digging for weeds and waters
and my bed is made from pure dreams where
eaters of damsels pluck a violin

o, the radio in my garden fuses creatures to a
mad fuse where i realise my days are alone.
And a petrifier of a sex-lie digs after bone
and a prattler of a sex-dive
delves for peace when shapers of squats stone

a blue keen place that i may call my own

and i recollect my easy connect call to the dead and gone
la, my headpiece swirls as i dial the Fall
and, sundering by, my easy craven smile uses a lost sun
to soften sonar cables with drawl
and i recollect my easy connect call to a dying doll
and i remember everything about
easy riders and eaten razors

o, the radio in my personal moon uses sounds to call
a fierce sea-sex-wreck,
and my faces burn for sex
and my dizzy mind uses death to wound sin with gulls
and, made from pink sex-mess
my easy headmost cock cracks mess
with daisy hands that feed swill to skulls

these are my easy days when i nestle digs in minds
these are my dizzy days when i nestle kids in blinds
these are my fizzy days
and, ohh, once upon a sparrow-mind, i will erase us
with bellyfuls of mice and fleas
and, ohh, once aside a narrow spine, i will erase lust

and i recollect my peasy connect call to the dead and gone
thee la, my headpiece whirls as i dial the sun
la, my mental mind-pearl pushes stone from used lungs
and a pentacle of tears
arises now from passion that carries the soft young to
ices and cakes and buns and good pears

these are the queasy days where i lay down to find
a vast staioned father shaping mum from city crimes

the fabled disabled dead who drive disabled cars
must fashion tarred maimed bread
and a madamed mansion of pure lead will use cars
to carry curatives to demure fields where lost stars
cry from mad cured dunes
and hissers of hitler raise dogs from drafts
and kisses of whistlers drag bogs for mad masts

these are my opened days where i lay down to find
a daughter of denial cum rubbing brass with minds
and a digger of shells erects cells
and a draggler of bells infects drills with blue wine
la la, once upon my mind
i saw a story-teller grinding dyslexia from vines
and a word-blind poet god
crackles; and a red lud pinions pugs with love

and i recollect my easy connect call to the dead and gone
shimmying for shooting chandaliers
and, iced by whores, daublers of fast tears use lungs
to shoot lost believers with faceless city-yearnings


these are our saddled days where we wash both our hands and our feet
these are our salvages
and, o, i saw a dreaming sky lay keen waste to men and boys
and, oo, i recollect now the winters we spent in seas of pain
and, la, i remember all of the sad things we did to death's hot skein

these are our saddled days where we wash both our hands and our heels
lo, these are our cottages
and, laced with vines, i entered a body-cloth aside vaginal mental reels
and, spaced with blinds, i scented a baby-moth with a hostile fast meal
and, made soft as roses, my all too visual bedside
sighs and sighs

the fabled disabled dead and gone used to smoke their ills away. Oh!
the tabled car-labelled dead
hissed from a high hill where tamers of bread sliced splendid sex-spreads
for rich cries and radios in mad countries
and, oo, once upon a mind, delvers of missions fed ideas to grey webs
and, oo, once aside a mind, miners of prisons
came serenading doom as a deadener of huge prisms
shaved a young man's neck

these were our saddled days where we washed both our face and feet
and, star-sprayed, a dunny witness to weeping world
has to sign across dead minds
and signal sugar-cloth bath-berates a bled bone with a liquid sea-girl
and a radared summer cock
craps upon Uylsses where a dammer of a dead groan
leases easten applepie to slavers of mummy grease and meadow-phones

once upon a mind, my dated scissor sun cut me a face from grey drones
one aside a mind, my baited sister served me lunch in a false bed
and, la la la, as weirdos whiff of kissers
then a model car will surely caress the laughters of the mad and dead
and, when once a valley burns
and, oo, when once a dummy turns
then idiots in cunt will have to fizz as a burny of a bibled fern yearns for

daggerers of dumb drains and five mad seasons snapped under wards

the wifflers of a brand new day hip to a jacking beat
o as roadways turn, then a wrinkler of a hacking jeep
drags a motel for a whoring flower
and since we have let the rose between us end in sleep
then we must certainly learn just how to die
la la, a carriage in a whitsun moon delve a car for eyes
la la, a marriage in a whistling tomb
swings for fast supperers of mailings and pensive spies
and a radio in a galleried garden
swings for serviced jazz as a modem under tongued lies
loosens a bad tale from urban city wives

oo wifflers of branded smiles sell for swellers as baby
come rocking at death's backdoor
and a widener of stranded bells
kisses knelling gods with atheist hands; and, o, cells are
forcibly fed to minxes of day and night and endlessness
and, la la, wild sugars anoint clay
and, ah ah, wide killers anoint graves; and emptiness scars
a belling bald home where keen kids cry after rivers
and, car-buried, i sense a blue mind being erased by
stoners of devillers and bedraggling back-baited slides

whippers of sneezing ponies pule for canes as brides
ease a tawny scissor aside a tree of ties
and a vinegar-killer thrills for sloanes as closed tides
river-ram a dizzy baker of cakey butchers with wide
wizarders of hitting balonies and bacon galleries
and, ah ah, a slitter of a bunny
van-dams a digger of choker cherries
and a bandit of sugar melts a babby into glass. Ah!
weepers weevil after gold tears where a tree of card
crumbles, crumbles..

these are my mallard days where is splay my skin
with dinted kinkered dairy-thumbs,
and the suns of deepest night stir soft guns within
cakered baby-yards when a cheapster under lungs
comes garbling
and a sinker of a stinking beret gets used by sons
and a keeper of a winking lady gets shot by sons
and a reaper of a blinking body gets fused by sons
and a sleeper of a shrieking buddy gets screwed by sons
o wifflers of a brand new day hip to a thumping beat
o as flyways soften, then parking pushers of gal-meat
cum serenading gummers with flashy faces in deep
candled cradled swarms
and a babby has to dance
and a bobby has to dance
and a daddy has to dance; and, oo, a farter in cunt
shits upon spreaded balled wild limbs
coded clappy coded epilepsy loosens dogs and jumps
directly into Alice and her wonders
and roaded romancers seize women from fathers

Copyright JDB 09/01/2021


work-in-progress title: Prayers Are Said For Bastards
1st draft poem then poem-song


the nearest ghosts get to rainbows
gets fed to soft deaths
and the eyes of March see shows
and mad kids screw shoes where
calamity leaps from thinned air

coded clappy coded epilepsy snares
daggers with huge ears
and a copious father cries as stairs
cause kids to fall down

prayers are said for bastards
o lost life suffers cars
and, as we die, then we sue Mars
and a reddener on a cliff
falls from denial; and old kids
harden whores with linen

la la, wifflers under skin drop
from a soft spiral
and old baby loss eats rivals
and old eyes boom now

the nearest ghosts get to rainbows
gets fed to nests
o a bladed fire uses hoists to clone
eyes and tears
and easy criers die as they scream,
and hornets clasp to dairies

prayers are said in a false town
and reapers hand us tea-trays
and, chipped under, iris thunder
jacks and jives then ends

there are life-traps here
la, there are christ-traps here..
o a laden bladder
sheds poem kidneys, and fear
cries for midlife
and, smelt, a nasal mad wife
uses dolls for flour

prayers are said for towers
hymns are sung for flowers
and florid funerals use fathers
to wed sweat to his girls

la la, wifflers grind pearls
with dipping baby thumbs

when mind-grinders cum shunting bridal bowers
then a lime-tree sun will be my own
o a minted sidler shuts ceilings
and faces under idlers burn and burn
and racers under wine
tip a tea-cup to naked minds

prayers are said in a darkened room where
ivories send ebonies to genius air
and, oo, my endless mood kills god's snares

as mental beasts slide by, then flung times
may well listen to the very end of times?

asses that slide to sex sleep kisses a mad moose
o, lasers on the rise
slap a seized gun with clasped mazy hands
and, oo, as we arrive back home
we find our sex palaces filled with loam
and, la la, eager riders widen as stone

lo a poker of a sex feature dials light
lo a choker of pure death
serenades kids with messages, and night
carries day where endless christs
wallow in soft fires

asses slide as cows cry, and headpieces
sink wank into fleeces;
and, once upon a mind, grey faeces
swallow the moon

the swimming kettle inside my head has
star-broken into wine
o swirling metals ride from sky
and the eaten halfway moon that grabs
a mental ocean
hisses; and potions in nitric soil stab
easily demented minds

the cooker on my hill has come to grind
impassable butters under sand;
and sand rams shutters
and cans cram kippers
and blown fires shoot old sea-scams

oo a dented dental passage uses drams
to execute lemonades with soda
and a hot wet monk
eats his holy lunch
and a saviour cums aside closed clam
and snippers serenade coded ribbands

the swimming kettle inside my bed has
star-shaped tears from teas
and the wives of fear swallow hasps
and a doddery doomer
dreams of de guarded seas of Eden
o a lasher of carded knees
suppers for veins as family keys
turn in a faked lock

the cookers on my hill have come to
suck a roasted poacher from a nude
and a dude of an oven
ladens losers with chicken-lubes,
and jeery jacking kids cry, cry,
and bleary hacking kids kiss lions

these are my fatal days
o, these are my fotal days; and irons
must drink from clothy stalls where
a daddy dreamer sleeps on the stair;
and drooly deniers strangle old hair
and dribbly saviours
cum cutting rain from a roman tare

and a sailor with a modern cutlass
has to sink a knife into a bulb; and
heaters of onions seat a skulling jam
in a city street, where blue islands cram
a fastening countess with
a bruise of a gourde, hanged by digs

the cooker on my hill has come to a
crooked shooter
and madam may shooteth up for a
dirtying copro minder
and a starry cunt junks god's rider
and a family of skunks
must raid a screwed factory as a
deviller of dancing treads lost floors

oo a giddy farmyard snail
cums scattering lovely slime across
a digger of brass and gold
oo a godly sea-yard uses sails
to sail a dummy sea aside de Cross;
and Aladdin in another world lops
a trinity of riders from de moon
and weevillers weave cheese cloth
and doom deniers feed a Cyclops

the oven on my hill bakes the sky
the lions on god's hill
cum grating cats where cold wives
loosen lipids with thrills;
and a doctor under mills uses wives
and a dirty proctor
deals proctorates to old plumes

oo a giddy farmyard gale
cums wooping where windy grails
crack the cheeks of red rain;
and a dog in de sun stirs veins
and a bat in a drum
gets shot withe a rocked gun
and, ooo, made easy,
my hopper of a cough feeds lungs
with blood fish and angels

o this side of the killed, i thrum
o this side of the ill, i come for
an opener in a vaginal cock-war
and a cunny sex-ward
hastens to gels as bird-claws
twitch till the dead get dyed
by egits and jeds and babies

the cooker on my hill bakes rind
the crooked sonny who whines
tends to dine upon a crocus; O!
once upon a grey mind, swines
capture piglets where
bandagers of stung hair scares
pusher pissers with shit-cares
and, ooo, me and massive chairs
career down a statue
these are my massive days
these are my disco-glades
these are love's magic grave;
and i scutter from lippers and
eynes sputter
and, Oh, once upon a fever
i saw a sweated girl-giver
cums glistering for sad naves
and natallers of navels
must seize a torn head..

there is a mansion inside
there is a prison in the mind
oh oh,-- fickerers of soft crime
swiften then die away..

verily, the dirtied night of sex judgement
has cum to raid a flower
verily, the soil of midnight uses sad gents
and a naked lady
comes loosening spoils with rubies
ah ah, eynes will change as dollies
drag a cup from a tripping head

these are my carded bones that use
acusers of stone with fractured nudes
and me and madam Adam
will star-craze a roller of macadam for
and, Lo, once aside a mind, i saw war
wiping its bottom on a killer

verily, the buried drome of life abuses
a liner of a stomach to a sea of noses
and weevillers get hanged
and blad noosers get hanged
and easy rulers get hit till broken
ah ah, me and mamma's devil dams
eaters from oceans
and, la la, metallers of lotions ram

a fizzy fairy thumb down god's can

there is a mansion found where spools
swirl and swirl till fooled
and de lids of girls till fields for mules
and de ribs of girls fill suns with tools
and, la la, messers under madams
hires a silly neck to a soapy garden

ooo eyners iron sights, and, schooled.
i idolise hymns when a neon pool
sheds salt seed from tawny moods
and a hostess underfire
cusses crosses with eaten tyres
an abolishers of figs
affix daddy drains to coded pyres
and idioms of fascinators wire
a body of a phone to a gasfire
O, heapers of gob shit in mouths
O, reapers of gob pee in mouths
O, eaters of dogs die, die, die
and mental bleeders cry and cry
and dominators dream of dives



there are dunny pariahs on these blue fields
la la, there are daddy deniers
made easy as wives; and a wedded rider
raises a wee-saddle from lime-peals
and a doctor down a skein
hits to a cured town
and a doctor down a brain heals weals

O, heapers of gob shit inside a lung
O, reapers of gob piss aside a drum
O, sleepers, scented, let rise a face from
a daddier of deniers and killer suns
and, ashen, we weep and weep
and, seasoned, we get fed to owls

there are dunny pariahs on theses blue fields
la la, there are daisy dens
and, o, as drivers dream then crashed hens
cum crying in collision's fatal muscle
and a donny boy drools
and a dummy boy drools
and a mummy boy wails after american stools

there are dunny deceivers here who move
laden lust with fans and grabbling dudes; Ah!

the latent mad burial of a studious infant
gets cemented to carnivals
and the pushers of blind bells
hits to the beat of a delved cell; and wells
cum shooting crack and kine
and a dollar under england uses woodbines
and a masser under Man
veers far west from a news-riven spine

crocus blossoms get chewed by lovers
lotus blossoms get chewed by brothers
oaky statues get stone-screwed;
and Paladin in soft rain lifts a skirt-bruise
with easers of milk and cheese and hooves

eateries give de sauced drum to fastfood
and a cafe underglass
rummages under de underpassed
and, oh oh, drivers of demons use food
to swollen enigmatic bellies with arsed
cottager's sea-stews
and an arriver of stews feeds bloods to
a syringer of day, night and Abandon
and clippers cut ships
and rippers dice clit
and a balded sea of blowers raise tits
from bastardising naked blue-tits
and god's ghost goes Tit-Tit-Ticker-Tit
and love's host goes Tit-Ticker-I-slit
the awakeners of glass feel for pips
the star-shapers of masks feel for drips
the martian surrrender under red pits
and cunny boy-men silence violent strips
with motherers of day and night
and witherers of lost day-light ignite
daggerers with delvers of dunny slits

as raisins dig caked ice we use spit.

Copyright JDB 10/01/2021


work-in-progress title: After The Fall
1st draft poem then poem-song


the slatterer of a sad red mind has to roll a yoyo for
a stationary river filled with rats
and a fatal focal lad hisses
and a metalled sea-stag kisses
eyes and ears and dead cats
o a naked mind mission accuses blue skies of feeding
grey men with trans fats
and a naked oaf shits aside snapped plaits

the slatterer of a mad dad mind has to roll a yoyo for
a stationary rider
and, ahh, once aside a mind, masses will reap whores
and massive attackers of bikers
must lay a mummy nest upon rivers and easy liars
o a naked mind mission accuses blue wives of feeling
grey men whose sad hats
fall, fall, fall


the scatterers of a soft dead mind have to use wars
o a stationary cabler
cums grinding seas from cradlers
and the wives at sea soften pulps where puppy paws
cause cats to scream
la la, once aside sodomy, eyers of dreams
dragged after coasts where a trainsman under claws
cuts a jazzy bleat from a screen

the scatterers of a soft red crime cause pled whores
to widen where a wolf under lime
leaps a cock; and a pusher of easy minds
bell-slams rocks with dizzy easy wine
and a digger of socks dons dirtiers of city times
with greyers of maidens and killers

and hatching hotel skin suspends a god from wards
and rasping motel quims
cum washing navels down with bedless sleep-stores
and a baker of a butcherer
bags bunnies with twinning bled pins.

the snatchers of blue cream carry cars under sands
o leapers of nude dreams
don dragglers; and a bone at sea marries islands to
bodiers of blown men and horses
and, la la, eaters blind hearses
and, la la, feeders blind purses
and cunny boys send cunts to sleep
and honey boys send monks to sleep;
and a cage at war loosens bleeders of sunned meat

the snatchers of a soft dead mind have to use wars
o a leper under rude screams
cum nippling across closed clothes; and walls
use leggings to dance-deride a stoner of molls
and a bed at sea
suffers drowned sleep
and a father under leaves
licks a poppy-pisser from a tongue of pure drawl

the snatchers of blue cream carry cars under sands
o reapers of sweet salts
sink a pusher around vaults where a cattler under dolts
drinks a milker dry
and eyes widen for spies
and wives heighten for sparrows

nut-hatchers loosen beards with rain; O, a cavvy under bolts
scurries under tears
and a blower of fears fishes after sex-sense
and a flower under spheres
pisses; and a deli under spears serves sauces to old colts
and a damager of silence
tramples dicks into violence
and, lo, as we season milks then we ride aside sirens

nut-hatchers loosen beards with rain; O, a cavvy under ports
sweetens limey boys with darting gear
and a bag of malt serenades killers with lunatical winters
and a stabber of dirty graves
summons a rotted supper from sunday shores
and de gardens when we laid ourselves down will raise
a rizla razor from damagers of painted trades

nut-catchers loosen beards with rain; O, a cavvy under smaltz
hips to a jazzed lust button;
and wiveners of dust snap creamers from daddies and mutton

smackers under samphires dig for pure bum-filth
o breakers of summer
sunder cold sapphires; and a draggler of easy silks
suppers for fathers
o, a bath at sea snaps bled boats
o, a bed at sea snaps photo-coats
and a beller of breakers bag deniers inside old milk

smackers under samphires dig for pure cum-sylphs
o bakers of thunder
sunder cakers; and a bath of ribs raises stars from
demanders of dummies
and a dairy mind scents mummies
and we are wound in cloth; and a sea of bunnies
blaggers about keen tilts

smackers under samphires dig for pure bum-filth
o shakers of fevers
slap boomers around bent fingers
and a cage of wine clads us in a sea of cold killers
and a bed of brine
cuts suets under mirrors
and a balded mirror lifts God's dead veil.

smackers under samphires dig for pure bum-milks
and a bleeder of closed fires
crashes when a cell of pyres wallows under tyres
and weepers glow like sex
and reapers crow like sex
and a rider under corn carries death to lost spires

nutted easy boys use a good bed for a jazz-trance
o a slutted maiden abuses loud life
and a bed at sea eats fuses
and a bath at sea feeds nooses
and a brother of faces loosens nudes with christs
and a father of faces
fastens buds to faeces
oo once aside de hour, weevillers learn of mice
oo once aside a flower
a city beacon shovels rain aside bruising kites

nutted easy boys use a bad bed for a god-trance
o a sacred siren abuses loud rites
and a bed at sea eats muses
and a bath at sea washes cruises
o once upon a mind, we hear the sun fall down
o once inside a mind, we seize grey lungs
and a budder of limes
loosens bellers with killers of coded sea-guns

nutted easy boys use a naked drum for a father
gutted peasy boys
accuse mentalis of using spent toys to fuse joys
and a belly under baskets
caressees bruised flowers with netted caskets
and eyers of gism
crap across prisons
and heapers of prisms ignite dolls and gold tits


ah, as i espy hitler shaving his wife, then i accuse laughter
of crying in de chapel;
ah, as weevils eat bathing kids
i espy hitler shaving dead christs; and, o, a female's father
suppers for cold silks
and a driver of old ilks uses mass murder for a fast mother

netted easy bath-bowls build easy soap from sunderers and
eyelids cry for sleep and
hostages cry for meat; and a guilty meshed sea-gran rams
coded grandfathers with opening blue hands
ah, as i espy hitler shaving his wife, then i accuse laughter
of dying in de chapel;
ah a sky in heat has to hasten to this appled

mind-sea, where a naked siren raises rot from dead larders
and a mettled boy-bed
causes sleep to serve bread to breakfasters of murderers
and, O, a fatal whore must wage a mental war
and, O, a natal bawd must raise a menstrual killer from a
damager of scented Dettol dogs.


the wideners of ebbing summers reap a dirty garland from a skein
o a static easy sex-farmer
heats shit as falling fingers touch hands upon a wet moon; O, men
supper after flour where a woman in a mirror
showers a gold floor with natal veins
and a slammer of denial booms like a ghost
and a father of decrial looms like a fever
and, la la, as we ride from sleep then we raid a female river
with rotators and blind disease
o a labile labelled chain digs scissors under a coded city lie
o a fatal cradled caned pig
gets whipping ponies with forcers of kids and easy sea-slides

ah, as i espy himler shaving his woman, then i accuse brides
of feathering devils with dizziers of chickens
and a bedded bladed kid crashes aside a mictioners of wives
and a leaded raided frig
affixes a human trampoline to a driver of cats and old lies
ah, once upon a mind, a muscler of fivers pays for blonde jives
ah, once aside swine, a dazzler of criers pays for blind dives
and, oo, i espy himler shaving his children
and, oo, i drive for scissor as evil petrol kitchens
swallow gas from bedsides

the wideners of ebbing summers reap a dirty garden from stained
giddy pictures of lilies
and we weep for daisies as we grind deaths down from skeined
cherry willies;
and, la la, ideal idle hearts beat in a grave where coded billies
bruise blinders with families
and, ahh, weepers wee on mammaries
and, ahh, creepers pee on grannaries
and, sss, i espied Eva shaping mad deaths from old hands


oo fast godiva on a swift cliff hips to a jonah-beat, and blue wives in march
go sea-storming easy blinds with old hearts;
and the mons on de sex-moon mates cold minds to haloed city-carts
and the glans on de cock-moon
cums dilating dallas tears from mind-shooters and idiot glowers; O, dunes
cum knotting spunk inside runes
and a reader of junks lolls from a cage where domed deniers use rheum
to stack arthritic bone as high as a knife

oo fat godiva in a stripped lift hips to noah-beat; and blonde wives in march
go sea-swarming easy mines with coked hearts
and de monsters under vines use a vineyard sail
and de fondlers of sunderers shoot a golly washer with spent darts
and, la la, as we use dangerous dart-throws
then mad mammy, inside grain, abuses crows with attacking snows
and, ooo, me and macadam lay road-waste to Orion

oo a green genoa of blinded screams loosens moisture; and shows
get warping pink tacs with coded koda clothes;
and a master of macs sea-crowds lovers with easy gem-toads
and, laden with dogs, me and my aped drapes use hemmed robes
to star-adorn fablers with crowers of raped tape
and a dizzy mamma screen screws kinematic with rolled snakes
la la, eyers feed dada to spun screws
and oated ogling sex-sawdusts fall, fall, fall

o, once upon a blood-mine, i saw egits digging for shawls
o, once aside a mind-mine, i saw pig-lips kissing drawl
and a fastener or scented wine
cums shovelling diamond drains down firing blue scrawl;
and a budder at sea has to cry
and soft butter in trees have to ride for seasoned lies
and, ooo, weavers of loss
sew cokers to de crissed cross; and ochres inside minds
lead sugar-showers to blooders of death's sexed ties

ooo a netted mind-shadow suckles a sawn death in twinnned hands
ooo a banana of a meadow
smells like de ole gallows;a and a priser of sex whips ald islands
under mirror-babies and sodden winter-suns
and these are our mallard days
and these are out swmming days; o, a duckling uses clay to
grind dazzly mushrooms down to nothing
ooo a netted mind-shadow suckles swarmed deaths as screws
cum turning gaols into brigands

o, once upon a mind, i senses red egits cracking coded grey egg
o, once aside vines, i sensed sex rejects shaping
greyers of gallowers dragging dead dance for a sea of spread
buttery buttoning blow-baited sky-writings;
and me and madam macadam have to line love's gut with
deadening poem-ale

and the oars are bloody raised and a boat of bled death is
seemingly fizzing in a green yard
and a ship of nails hoists dirt-sails where riggings fib for
melters of ghostly impossible blonde ships; and faces store
eaters of drowning memories
inside reddeners of sex-swards and broken babby boars

as easy eaten lilting diamonds raid sad autumn with wards
then quesy ovened sea hymens
may well soak a spunk hyena where god's cats prowl;
and, la la, we appear suspect as we stroke tigon fowl
and, made sacred, keen jesus-cats
summon a dizzy mumma of christ-cats; and soft rats
get flexed by bees that stroke a field of killer-fats. Ahh

endlessness deepens just like strong wine; o, gold cars
scram a scurrier of a nomad with holy vans as stars
look down upon a bled world where easellers of Mars
suckle sister sheets from draculas of easy mind-stars
and we whistle for faces
and we prickle cock-cases; and openers of mad bars
show a shrinker of a drinker to a new day
and, ssss, me and mamma earth hear women spray
doctored cunt-leas where, loaned, weepers eat clay


Copyright JDB 13/0/2021


work-in-progress title: C//O Man's Dying Then Rekindling Dove
1st draft poem then poem-song


oo a deified donkey has to tread hard water
oo a summer's monkey
hisses; and a dog in winter must tread porter
and, lo, a kissered cat mewls aside fur-honey
o a deified donkey has to tread hard water
oo a dollar bill pays for missionary rats

oo a deified mad man gets fed to de moon
oo a drastic sad man
jeers at summers where wintertimes pay
and a hot hard hitler
goes shaving his mum where magic graves
caress rods and cones then die.

oo a deified donkey has to tread the Thames
oo an autumn's jockey
has to sell poles to junkeys
and a bed of glass causes dreams to cry
and, la la, vaginal memories
hit to a whored beat where angels fly to

dirtying dulling darling bitches

birches tawse teenies with incredible water
hatches, hived, splay denier lips,
and a coded mind pisses
and a loaded spine caresses
candifiers and cocoas
oo a daddy ditch drags seas for mortar
oo a mammy mitch drags trees for slaughter
and a draggler of slides
accuses sin of shaping lives

oo a deified donkey has to tread hired water
oo a sultry fever
loosens guys with razors
and a bath at sea serenades a dell of feathers,
and stranglers of missions
sign chalks upon a slotted line;
and, oo, a loaded demon taunts a red mind

oo a god in a titter trips aside maiming lords
oo a bod in a gutter
swings, swings; and a mamma under birds
swallows birds when old tyres
sink rattlers under bats;
and a cat in the moon travels like a saint
and a cat in a dune ravels under paints;
oo a god in a titter trips aside maimed lords
oo a bonce in buttters
sinks a trampoline beneath holy glutters

oo a deified donkey slashes horsed seats
oo a defiied turnkey
cuts regimens; and turkeys scatter meats
across diamonds and pearls and gold sleep
and, ahh, we weave us some honey
and, ahh, we lead us to city babies
and, ahh, we grieve after urban dames

oo a god in a titter trips aside mummas
oo a bod in a mirror
sells shone hats to milners
and a doctored flower flows under killers
and a blind lord sees tears forever.

the feathers of the fanned abuse birds of dying
la la, levvies under hands
sand a hot war; and a buddy under curd dams
a softener of filthy cheeks;
and huge winds crack their cheeks

oo a deified donkey slashes eyes with veins
oo a petrified lady
bashes beds with ruby; and a dog at sea
star-stains deniers with bodies
and a vast vans vans the air where bees
sea-sting a bay with a blast

the feathers of the farmed abuse birds in crying
oh, a bed underwater
layers pushers with slaughters
and a sea of pigs grunts for flavass when
dusty dreamers of easy cunt
carries sweated lessons far West;
and here and now, sainted, we bag breasts


the layers of old lupins stagger after clay
o dirt killers spend soft pennies; and graves
darken spunk with claws
oo a deadener of sins spins after odd maws
and a darling of a father roars
aside a dairy train

the layers of old lupins stagger after naves
o a dirtiers of women
suck a seasoner from codas and blue slaves
and a glade of children
swallow hairs where a station under trade
welcomes cars to cathedrals

oo lovers of nuisance spit plums at faces
oo motels of screwed sense
soften evil towers with babiers of scent,
and, sundering, flowers in tents
cum showering veins with single vents


sentinels in strange towns teeter under wax
oo, faders under odd towns
truckle like lovers; and a bled clown's act
cums tripping for veins and vats;
and a bed of spheres cries after bodies
and the radios in my garden
sing for old sweets

the layers of red bobbins issue self from
a filthy dram where a beer aside guns
must shoot the idle
and a bird at sea uses gulls for idols;
and a birded bonnet
shelters nets in twinned gold rivals

as messengers wail, the easy tables
may well fall from earth;
and a healer's bible chants for birth
and a dunny smile
listens to sleep where odes to candles
suck eyes from dials;
and easy smiles accuse cold smiles
of using grimaces too often

ahh a gilly gold gourami uses flax
to floss love's fishy teeth and ash
eats into easy sleep as death's lash
kisses a treetop then writhes.

cannny canteen acid get swallowed by whores
la la, honey easing soft sex
gets hurled around trees where opened doors
revealed a strange sun;
and caffeines under mesh pour tea from claws
and ravines under nests
peer under old times
and, la, canny hotel acid gets swallowed by stored
expensive expansive doll-chalets
and a driver of de fairies feeds ghosts to ballet

as messengers wail, then giant deadened pets
will most certainly yell after painted sea-wrecks
and a beller of cells
cums shooting apiaries with ten billion decks
and a daddy in wales
uses god to pay and anoint a holy vale
and, oo, keen gals under dales
cry, cry, cry

O i have read death's remit
O i have read asexual lips; and molten sails
get hoisted by mam and mana
and erasing mad boys mitch aside jammers
and codes to Adam use Eve for
families and god's father

oo as toothy tripsters spew blue dentures then easter men
may well, after reason, clad a bobby in a pen
and a drooler's spin spews spit as a slitted twiggy gem
gets polished by venal ebbed rainbows;
and a waker on the prowl purses lips around xmas when
a trickler of a bald child
cuts closed cuffs; and eaters of hearses abuse wisdom
and, oo, me and my unnatural nature
get stabbed around sausages and moisture

as messengers massage world-words, then fever will
show female curls with donkey men and shaven hills,
and denying gills will
swim from ills till the fatal fascinating bird of heather
cum pecking at the killed;
and, ooo, masoners to evil dollop stink across leather
and, ooo, keen gypsies cause spell-casting mills to
fall, fall, thrall

oo as toothy hipsters screw nude dentures then river men
may well chew till the end of graves
and a granary feature shows blued cuffs to grey slaves
and, la la, me and my false girl
lunge from lungs
and a layer of salt countries slashes aside closed guns

o ironers of steely rooms shed salt seed across naves
o spirallers, stoned, shit on cavatinas where braids cut
a tissuer of lime from an issuer of bird-wine;
and a sparrow on de fall cheeps, cheeps, cheeps;
Ah,- as weepies build gall, then easy bile will grind
greying purses down to vaginal dusts;
o, ironers of steely bones shed urban sugars
and, ooo, matrial madam cock-silver shaves minds

and ruby teasers trammel masks into musks
and dooby heavers trammel castes across spined
candle-musics; and, O, once upon a mad mind, vines
came crying at hell's frontdoor
and boogiers of bracelets have to clad girls in rinds
and, la la, me and my country cat
crusade for filthy canaries where odes to minds
swing to an opener of a lost cat
and we will lose god's cat
and we shall feed love's soft rats

teeners in a blinded chapel chomp on reined apples
reamers in a grinded chapel chomp on reined apples
and a designer of coal
drops retrograde fires upon cappers of fire-souls

lo lo lo?!

these are our mallard days where we sail upon a swan
these are our endless days
where we send rolled kids to schooled sleep; and claves
cum scattering sex across a rude gun
oh oh, when once a tiger growls then eaters of graves
must surely pinion knickers with cold suns
and, la la, drivers of fairies fascinate the old
and, la la, riders of aviaries masturbate the soft soul

and ruby eaters of eton drums delve after rinsers
and baby bleaters dam stars with elves
and, o-la, where i lay my missions down, sad pinchers
must divide a spermal moon
with twinned hands, from a lunatical afternoon.

a delver of seasons mind-melds medulas into gold
a rider of ravens heart-pelts sadness into rolled gold
and a riffler in the Thames shudders; Oh, belt-droll
heaps sexy vitriol aside madams whose eaten doll
shits inside god's fast wind;
and, la la, we weep as we grind
and, la la, we sleep like culled minds
and a copped creator on the hill arouse foals

and ruby eaters of reason delve after peppers
and bodiers in lesions cum cocking after lepers
and a hot carved capped cat
cums tailing gassy mares that pounce for gnats

ah, these are our mallard days where we sail upon a
dodo of a dead duck
and a ship of fools entertains the ideal dead as fuck
shines, shines, shines-
These mental dudes who abuse mind-shoes must
cut a caverned cunt with indolent fairy sea-tusks

o-la, the clasp-riven face of a fatal eyrie will
soddomise tomorrow with yesterday's blue hill
and i see a tasty godly girl
giving anal-head to a city raised from pearls
o-la, th clasp-ridden case in which spunk thrills
must copulate with vases under old furls
and a glassy knife gets shoved inside worlds
i have entertained diamante with greyers
i have scented pain with angry idle killers
eyes have rented rain to blind god's millers
and spy at night senses passion soothe killers

tut-tut-tut-titter-tatter-tutter Wow?..

ooo as man's dying then rekindling dove
dresses down
then a mamma town will slide under blood
oo as man's crying then rekindling god
dams sound
then a mamma clown will side with Love
and a reflexive widow
hisses as she lies
and invidious eyes widen for a shadowed
bodier of bones and evil minds

ooo as man's dying then rekindling dove
plays drowned
then a father town will slide from buds
and a flown fast glove
shelters babby hands inside dogs,
and a cat at sea sharpens sirens where
a dirtier leaps from Aladdin's chair
and, sss. a lardy hard-headed finger
sinks petrels into mud

oo as man's spying then deceiving dove
dresses crowns
then a sacred killer dons a venal rose
and idiots in crowns
comfort blows as a crowers in stoves
muscles after crowed cranial killers
and a mad henna ward
loosens heads with dullard pugs

i seen at change of day, soft plugs
sinking radios inside digital mud-drugs


Copyright JDB 14/01/2021


work-in-progress title: For Fear of Falling
1st draftt poem then poem-song

the dragglers of diving diamonds slink
underneath blue beds and dressers
o hagglers in writhing
suffer beads where lovers lead fevers
to falconers of clasped screaming;
and the riders of the ribbed rain are
led to piss where lighting starves

oo a dabbler of iron sucks scarves
oo a rippler of lions cuts sad calves
and a widener of wolves
weeps, weeps; and a father's mask
hisses aside radio stables

the dragglers of driving diamonds slunk
under blown flies; and a careered skunk
sprays stinking fanny seed

the feloning fallowers of doom denters
dams hands with bound feet
o, a crying gallower hangs de moon;
and, ladelled, a female soup uses mentors
to scurry elves under fires
and a bone of blood lends veins to tyres
and a brother under pyres
gets fed to sleep where manxes play

oo dragglers of diving diamonds slink
underneath blue beds and feathers
and, la la, lamb whites on de hill pinch
daddy dolor
oo faceless sad boys cry for salts
ah tasteless wide boys die for smaltz
the feloning fallowers of doom deniers
cut a pair of noosed knickers around
fatal birth and the murderers of sound

the dragglers of night and day use soil
to create a seat of murder
the fasteners of lights
turn up the killed; and Orion under oil
sucks cunt from kites
and a hawk above purdah swill mumma
and a kestrel under fathers
gets jacked by mumma

oo dragglers of night and and day use soil
to procreate for brother moon,
and the feathers on blind cliff use mikes
to swing to the doctored hour;
and a snake of pure fire
leads leashers to demure deli spires


the drivers of dolly pharoahs dream of apexes
oh riders of brollies
bully storms with bodies
and a raping sky cuts rain from easy babies,
and a car at sea
serenades stars with weed
and a razor under leaves loosens cum with lung

the drivers of dolly pharoahs suck on sleeves
ah, killlers of daisy heroes
slap aside bald wheels where a dog of need
yaps at barked gold rain;
and, oo, as we cry
then, oo, sadness dies

dragglers of both day and night slash eyes

dog-bedazzling female boats sail for cat-skies
o cock-brazzling female stoats
go crusading for moats; and dad under dolts
vans cruel air
o dog-bedazzling female oats boil wax drey
and a sea of slammers
seizes buds from danglers

the drivers of cold cafes season fanglers
the riders of old buffets season fingers
and a robotic red razor
loosens tides where a babby in ciders
swallows lager-grease;
and, oo, we widen for geese

the stilling sun arises from under titler
ah, a bed of lungs captures horses
and we wash love's jams with paunches
and we weep, weep
and we sleep, sleep


oo sweet drivers of salt fairies slice dreams
la la, coiled meat finger
sink vases into metals
and idle jailers jolt jayed juices with
layers of curd and wine
oo sweet drivers of salt fairies slice screens

the drivers of female rafts summon tears
the mothers of feline masks
get wide of a nude cask; and easy tears
flow, flow
and eaters of crows suck aside clothes

o sweet drivers of salt fairies dice dreams
ah ah, a coiled sleep-mirror
causes death to arise from closures;
and where we met on our cliff
we came to know our fear of falling

directly down, in a tall town when robes
get stolen from an ocean-stool.

these are our endless days where we caress cocoons
these are our trendless days where we caress wounds
and, la la, we widen into milk
and, ohh, we sharpen rilks; and briters of silks swoon
across trees of midnight
o these are our endless days where we caress dunes
and a laden lady kicks fluff
and a garden-baby abuses men with bum-fluff

the drivers of salt fairies splice spice with muff
la la, caned meadows on de mainland uses cunt to
huff pints of cum

these are our endless days where we caress guns
these are our emptied days where we listen to the
backsides of bruised sad missions

and the blinds of March draw drapes in kitchens
and the minds of hearts draw snakes for prisons
and, oo, a budded dart draws
a fast fascinating face-hand across old prisms
la la,- the herons that hide for canyons
cut a scatterer of rats
and bolters of bats lease hens to hot water

the drivers of salt fairies cut a cunt-nut from
delvers of both night and day
and crazing killer men murder a hot grave
and mazing killed woman taunt the killed
and, la la, as we weave sex then we raise
a dirtier of passions down the lines

a sweet father-friend listens to minds
ah an easy brother listens to old times
and a budded boat gets sailing under vines
and an eater of lovely lips
loosens selves from good mental trips

oo shaken apples on high trees has no
no bark and zero seed
and a seizure of a pear-drop uses nudes
to supper after crazy slease
and, ooo, me and my fatal shadow will
disprove sadness with cradled mad hills

there are out endless days where we caress cocoons
these are our coded days where we caress cartoons
and a bed at sea
swiftens as she dives; and a rider of scissors
does a balled judo fall
ah ah,- mammy mary hisses
ah ah, -the king's canary pisses
ah ah,- a princess lingers oh her wet throne

and ladeners of coffees drink tea dry.

the innermost recesses of my lady's spine breaksdown
o sinners of obsessives layer dirt with Downs
and, oo, as tables break, then a good meal will drown
la la, a spiller of vegetables hisses under hurt
la la, a river of sweet apples crunches for skirt
and, ooo, as the slaughtered flowers dance for dirt
then a wicked widow on her side
must certainly whip a wagstaff from a new bride

the innermost recesses of my lady's spine cuts sounds
from soft scriptures and the resins of god's town
and jesus shoots decrial when sadness underground
star-routs a moaning cityy
and an urban crown dons de queen
and suburban clowns dance for dreams
la la, fatal drama gives head to good theatres
and a blower of TVs shines, shines, shines

and these are our fatal days which we lead aside a
dangerous sex-death
and a vapid cast clasps filthy legs
and a sworn cast cuts easy bread
and a venal gun shoots yeasty buns with fast cars

the innermost recesses of my lady's spine breaksdown
o killers of depressives deal tawny tablets to
maddening genius misters,
and the spies of oppressors silences hens with
darted tonguing electric sisters
and balded god and Man must raise a city squib
from squidded men who lance serious killed kids

o death's oars are raised from diggers of babies
and, sex-stored, we are appraised by kid-graves
and heightened old men sweat for eaten rubies
and slaters of gold hen-reap dogs from studies
and, la la, a git in a tent may well fry cold eggs
and, la la, a slut in a vent may well suck heads
and, la la, a nut that does not crack may shed
easy stinking seed upon the cunt of the earth

oo soupy kitchen gals serve cock on bread?

these are our shadow days where we study how to lie
these are our gallow-days
and, la la, a christening of clay must bless blind eyes
and, la la, a blasphemer gets baptised
and, oo, a son of pleasure plays with skinned skies

these are our shadow days, where we study how to die
these are our meadow graves;
and coded city lords cum hard for god's sex-trades
and a lesion on bald skin
strums cum from huffed sins

o once along a mind, i saw a splayer of a thumb made
from sheer vile-tasting blue butter;
amd a sun at sea shines like one zillion lovers
and, la la, mental users of whores will cheat blades

a giver of sweet tongues linger in the east where
a sexy salty party goes on amd on and on;
and this ruby wednesday, i will be whirling on air
and, la la, as mentalising gals smooch in prayer
then sensual pockets may well bless sweet hair

maddening male genius swallows god then dies

these are the tiring soul-wearied days of my closed life
o these are the jeering sun-weeping days of j christ
and a judas monger on a hill
must jolt aside the dead as children thrill
and a dizzy siren treads the ill
and an easy woman drinks a rill
oo a bath-tub found at sea surrounds drowned life
oo a mask underground
drags a face from a spastic sound
and, la la, we widen for a wild child as we use drills
to dig a stationed pee-hold under gills.

fishermen of mermen sink a net aside an ocean-sound
fishermen of wavelets sink a net aside a sea-sound
and a daddy flower blooms beneath the sails
and a mammy flower blossoms under surfed veils
la la, we lose direction
la la, we ooze with pain
and a rainy tongue beats back upon a ship-snapped
sullen boy that leads four seas to grain

ahh here and now, in the other country, hot cats
come digging apple claws inside god's rain, O,
wideners of dappling chapels move cats to tears,
and a baby in a pram gets sad about the dead
and, lo, mental animal music blossoms for years
these are the tiring soul-wearied days of my long life
o, these are the lilting laden lovely day where christs
dare not whimper in my brain
and, when laid to rest, a rider of champagne
listens to walls that surround papers with live veins

the intruders of a canine feline lady hereby rain
fiercely on a rainbow which has no living brain
and an ebbing castle
loosens valves as muscles stress for dead trains
and a laden booming garden tussels
for dreaming fats and feelers of urban parcels
at the first turning of the stair, i saw my dad
scurrying into cicada shade
at the second turning of the stair, i saw mum
falling, falling,
o-la, a musical dulled doll sings for labia
o-la, mad words which swing see ceilings
come apart at the urban seams
and a candle in a pot sets light to dreams as
weepers wolf creams from killings
these are the tiring soul-wearied days of my closed life
these are the jazzy jammy nights of darkened christs
and, oo, a weeper under lights
slides winter under coded city heights
Lahhh Lahhh Lahhh........ THE END!!


Copyright Jim Bellamy 16/01/2021.


work-in-progress title: Blown Gallowers Suck Honey
1st draft poem then poem-song


these are the tiring soul-wearied days of my closed life
these are the jazzy sculking soft nights
where, raised, my scented evil body burnt up for christs
and a bell of pure bone
cums knelling the slaughtered flowers

these are the tiring sun-wearied days of my cold life
these are the dazzly mazy soft nights
where, bladed, easy mumma abuses sex with mikes
and a loud swinger at the door cries for more

oo a draggler of demnotics abuses selves where whores
leash a lover of bionics to ideal child imbeciles

these are the lying days where i shape my shaven mind
these are the dying days,
and a night at sea cums shooting crap for birthdays
and an ideal sun uses a gum-gun
to affix a penis to a baby
and, oo, as we writhe, then we shall anoint old trades
with magical family wynds

these are the crying days where i shape my shaven spine
these are the diving days
and a bled boy in a lost cartoon abuses sex with vines
and a blue boy in a milky cocoon
shits upon easy dried leaves
and, lo, menstrual mentalis eases a cock under dweebs

these are the crying dying endless years of dead bees

where i fumble for a watch then i study how to die
where i crumble, then i see women
cum sundering dogs with skies
and the sun inside the rain raises cages from eyes
and the thunder's city vein
loosens cats with blurred pain

these are the tides of my bed that swim for spies
these are the wives in god's head,
and the trippers of hot guns trips aside shot slides
and the leaders of heroes
suck a soft nut

once upon a mind, i saw a goofy moon
once aside a mind, i sang for a glassroom; and, Uh,
as we weep for sleep
we will wallow for sleep's loud dreamt meat
and a galleon gallower glisters
and a naked faloner blisters under slept heat

where i fumble for a watch then i study sluts
ooooo, a pincher of a heron laces birds with cups
oooo, a finger under pylons digs for pups
and, made old, i came homeward to find mutts
meddling with my mental screws


the leaders of denial strum blinded bull braids
the readers of decrial stun a ship of graves,
and a sun at sea slides to drowned sleep
and a gun at sea shoots maddening knaves
oo as eyes yearn then dives burn
oo as tidal ferns shed strutted sperm then graves
will surely hear the skies
cum crashing from fish wives
and a bed of bolts bags a farthings from a
old-time scene when a coin aside a sea-scribe
pays for lewd blood

where i fumble for a watch, then i study how to die
where i crumble, then i accuse deniers of
fawning to a formless strangling statue; and Gods
claim cryers from dunes
and, ooo, once upon a moon, i swore about babies
and, ooo, once inside a rune, i sang for fast trees

the leaders of denial shove powders under keys
and, la la, madam macadam falls to her knees
and then she, spiralling, crawls
and then she, scar-driving, calls after old treasure


bragglers of easy vitamins drag pearls down boats
o dragglers of pissy eye-vims varnish coded oats
la la, a sea of chickens sends barks to easy sleep
and cars, carved, carry carnivals to heated jeeps
la la, my emptied sea-spine
crashes, and, mettled, me and wine drink goat
and a beard at sea nestles under blind moneys
and a weird cat, sleeved, hisses for tailed honeys

the leaders of japan glister for babies when stoats
carry dogs to naked pussies
and the razors of pure rain sickle a beard from a
daisy castle where children die for coats
and, laaa, me and madam moon raise a sad float
with hastening hands that sweat in the dark
and, ooo, me and mister Cat espy naked rubies

bragglers of easy vitamins drag pearls adown a
dirty little city-town where all houses break!
and coded baby-clowns snare walls with drakes
and loaded body-sounds tear drawl from lakes

i am sidled underfoot as i am fed to grey guides
o, i am rivalled undersoot
and, where gardens resound, i raise my boot
to find xmas eagles cum preying for god's suits
and icers of instant lungs cut aces from newts
leaders of easy rain campaign for hail-buds
razors that please champagne
listen to neckers of idle pomagne; and gloves
glisten in the hurled hills
and, la la, missionaries under easy cunt-gills
carry curriers to curates of rude sex


stinkers in thumb-stained studies cum teaching us how to die
la la, pinchers of venal rubies clad beds in closed clouds
and a picture on the moon
serenades defilers with sweet spoons
la la, a cinematic enemy silences biddies with toffee where
a renal boy butcher peeps froma meat-chair
and, O, me and madam moon supper for misty hair where
a draggler of violence hiss to a jazzed faggy tune
and we sing for patience
and we sing for tears. Ah, castlers of windows ram prayer
and a ghost under spears raises lintles from coded snared

stinkers in thumb-stained studies come preaching unto lies
la la, fizzers under trains travel north till babbies glide
for benumbing pig-pugs who raid sauce with gable-guys
and a carnival horse plugs death's tears
and a showy snow-boat cuts cunts with greying spheres
la la la, a canny honey man who jars a bad bar
will enter under slates where a dizzy dolly demon car
cries, cries, cries
we have seen the dads of day demanding mams to stir
an eagler of a family with bled jammers of easy curd
and, ooo, as a medula mood melts for sonar sex-nerves
then, afeared, we summon salts from asexual sky-swerves
and a laden lapped lunged baby lupins
taste after bods; and a budded cradler hisses for birds


the cuttlers of keen dark midnights arouse beds with flowers
o shufflers of dreamt hearts
hiss for geese when a fathered blood-tower
cums star-deranging floaters of diamonds with cold screens
and the dizzy dead give up their hearts
and the easy dead caress swung fevers
and, oo, when patients burn, then fondlers under livers scream
about dolted veins and jolted fatal weeblers

we have seen the dads of day demanding mams to eat creams
and a bed at sea loosens for a tidal mind-dream
and a bath of knees oozes after focal fotal lifeless drivers
o, a bended old flower closes curtains beside old mirrors
and, once stripped down, a glasser in a mad killed crown
dies, dies

we have seen the kids of healers heightening faith with a
shadowed crab that sinks for needled lands
and jammers of drips get hated
and crammers of strips get heated aside hospice-smiles
o a mam at sea drives a lung-storm under terminuses
and a bed-bath at sea
heaves winters from de bodies


mad mongers of tulip blood wave a nasty vein at the moon:
sad comers under green dogs
drool for canine sea-stains; and a monker of a mad tune
cum snappering under gods
o, a looper of a lunatical sod slams drivers aside loved
baby diamonds

these wearied days when i lay my sugars down drug
candlers with cavvies and loud sky-dugs
have to whistle; and a me and my teeny world bugs
all pornography with markers of mace and body-bud
and a beery canteen
washes flesh under latrines

mad mongers of tulip blood wave a nasty vein at high noon
bad bearers of rolled shits
scatter asexual poos across tits wheren a raven's lips
swing for carrions and lady-remits
and, la la, we weep for blind eyelets
and, la la, we sleep for mind parapets
and a doll at sea cums back home for naked puppets

and these are our wearied days where we lay soffits
with mental cockers who slash a blonde under rabbits
and a scented ward widens into timed
blood-neon; and a xenon mouth drags gas from lined
cradle sidlers
and me and madam macadam knot pies into riders
rotators of potatoes peal guns from berries wheen minds
loosen lazy shadowers from petrol beaks and dives
and a beller in a dun nest knuckles upon dark beehives
oh, when once we weep for cables
then we connect to a lost fast fat sex-whorl where lies
go creeping under drivers of fairies and daddy dives


these dangerous dreaming daisies who summon earth from screams
may well listen now to the screened
o, a bather under clouds carry cunny casements aside reamed
city purses; and we spend dough on money
and, loaded, we expand scented hands to expansive honey; La!
we weep for woollen scribes
La! we sleep as we hide; and then, spended, we sprey cars at
badly bitten streets where aged lies
extend a lopped hand to a lost wife

rotators of potatoes peal plum from knives, and a bladed wall
comes crashing under skippers
and a bath at sea lashes radios to rippers; Oh, pinching drawl
pushes pussy fires into a daddy grate
and, la la, messy missionaries of rape glister when gall sprawls
aside benders of bone-men and decriers

these dangerous dreaming daisies who summon earth from streams
may well listen to drowned throats
and, la la, weavers of screaming buggies peer upon gold oats
and, o-la, whippers of creaming doggies feed bad meat to soap
and, as weavers writhe, then we come to attend a fast sky-rope
gone star-strangling blue bairns with hired waters..

wide horses gallop hard under bleeders of gauze and gutters
and, where once me sunder fevers, then levvies under butters
must soften,-
OO, madam macadam scatters salt across love's bottom
and bladderers of madams shatter vaults with a cunt-button
and easers of fairy thumbs put in a hand and pluck mutton

as we float down bells, we will hear jeerers made loud as cells
as we grope, then we shall sear funeral tenders with tocsin-bells,
and the iris of a garden lip
scatters apple-seed across a green ship
la la, melders of pine-trees treat titty treacle with rosehip,
and a weeper with a sweet gun cries out aloud about swelled
balded ringing sexy armour

and there are false cabins to be found on a falling cliff
and there are hot ravines that lead bad hills to l-amour
and a latent child kisses cunt-dolor
and a parent child kisses cunt-war
oo a sun at sea beats down upon a lynched world as
eaters of laden rifles slip a shooted scram aside walled
diamante fascinating gold horses
and Eden scatters seed across voices
and semen under rattlers parades for bruised hearses
we are the haloed men who stink straws in gems
we are the jailier men who sink locks inside hens
and a bloater under skin
snaps a giddy face with heated leather gyms; Oh
maters of daddy bitches
cone serving spunk-spray to naked idol-witches
and a coppered lover ends fists aside watches

the ironing iron sidlers of blue rain hoists boxed
and, shaved, an arching angelus that jams rock will
send daddy whispers under bled bouncing sea-krill;
and a smoker on a strip
suppers for bells and hot drips; and salted money
cums swerving where blown gallowers suck honey

as we appear faceless, then a woollen car-kiss
will certainly burn in a falsifying metal star-lift
and weepers of milky scarabs drills under tits
and, o, when driviing home
i hear the drunkard at my side chewing stone
and, la la, a caged boy in heaven has to moan
and, la la, a rigid toy gets broken; and bone
builds a slag of a christ around lost homes

o we float down bells, we will hear shrinkers made from
killers of bleary dirt, disease and death?

Copyright JDB 17/01/2021


work-in-progress title: Lungfish?
1st draft poem then poem-song

whence a kinker of a lung-fish drops acid under snow
then a budded boy will eat the sky
o whence wrinklers shrink eyes, then birded male crows
must come to drink from dives
and a bed at sea uses a spun bath to soak dogs in knives

oo a gladed brother breaksdown
oo a raided mumma breaks sound as a limey tree
slides to ready salted sex
and, la la, mental swabs sink rivers under deaths
and a blinded nest drops eggs aside red-head ruins

whence a kinker of a lung-dish drops acid under clothes
then weevillers of mad men must cede decks to loaves.

oo a gladed father shakes for Downs
oo a bladed leader shakes de towns
and a bed at sea moistens blind crowns
with chappers of liquid lightning,
and a bath at sea washes sins under a
blower of veins in stasis
oo a gliding man-o-war uses faces to
deify sin with spun thunder

the daddies have flown a sex nest as
bald young women cry, cry, cry;
and darkeners of children use gas

oo, a gladed father shakes with clowns
oo a laden lover breaks,
and bodiers in wards abuse grey fever


whence a killer of a lung-fish drops cages then dust will
flee from distant drains
la la, a bird under trains jack-knifes then burns in hills
and a bladed baby
hisses; and hussies under rubies
feed doll spice to evil trains

whence a killer of a sun-fist hits rages then dust will
fly from distant grain,
and a rider of the sea softens ducks with dog-drills
and, de-loused, we find blind pussy shaving bodies

these are my mallard days where i bath old toys
o these are my mad days
o these are my sad days
o, these cunny killers of eagles stamp upon boys
and easy bruised spired graves
hasten to a funeral beat

and mad men go to sleep

oo a blazered finger points at hotels
oo a scissored rider points at hostels
and a blithe banned boy-child uses dust
to pinion asylum floors with crusts
oo a blazed finger points at hotels
oo a mirrored biker rides aside motels
and a dying sea of pure fire
raises romantic urns from grey pyres
and a bed at sea
swallows lead; O, a dying family
kisses creators where crying babbies
suck along a drive

oo a blazered finger points at hotels
o-la, baggy killers anoint US whirls
and a star in sleep
appoints dead wheat with meat
and mother penis has to take meat
directly in her deep thighs

we weep after dogs when tides
cum spurting seed aside grey brides,
and we die
as we fly; Oh, masters of sad lives
loosen green masks from easy eyes
and, la la, as timeless guns raise lies
then a bath at sea
sups upon metal bees
and, blown, we stone beads with
lusted patrons of cats and fast kids

these are my severed days where
blinded piglets cut cows from hairs
and, ooo, me and my mentalis
hasten to sound as digitalis snares a
grave from pushers of belled cars
uh uh uh
shitters on a cliff carry fields home
lippers in blue mists
hip to bled falls
and a carring spy glows under bone
ahh- a miraculous smile dies at home


there are one million heads aside my veil
there are ten billion beds aside of me
and a rat of glass hisses
and a cat of grass pisses
o, we linger in the West whence seed
cums shooting gum
and a bath-tub is perhaps a loud steed
and a kitchen fizz is perhaps a gun

we weave with wank as city drums
get played by easy Pan
and a silver code has loosend for a
deepness of dirt and ruin;
oo, we weep for skirt
oo, we sleep as we hurt
and, ssss, a medlula of messy hands
lays all palms upon denial

icy robed islands feed dogs to wode
easy radial pie-plans get cooked under
delvers of sleep when
idolisers of meat abuse old dead men
and ideal killers shoot cunt
and metal sinners shoot soft spunk

a bladed diamond drops radio-junk
oh,- Osiris delves for Isis where monks
grow for godless dreams aside trunked
hard gaoled sea-habits


Oo once upon a mind, i entertained mad stories with
reapers of starry wine
Oo once aside my mind, i entertained sad stories with
heapers of dirty wine
and a daughter on the moon falls from old cartoons
and a mad man in a tomb
scatters ashes at his own grave;
La La,- we weep for slaves
La La,- we eat whores when a bath-tub at sea frigs
babby veins with idiot castles
and a bloated sun of skins opens burned parcels
and a floated thumb
cries for dum-dums

Oo, once upon a sad mind, i entertained mad tories with
readers of word-blind eye-makers
Oo, once upon a massed mind, i fed faces to shakers
and, la la, as whoredom drives hustlers home, then
easy swarmed humans die
and i saw my head in a tie
and i strangled all of my lives

these are my mallard days when i lay adown in slicks
ah, parental evil paradise
washes bones in flowers
and a bed of pins drives lamb-whites to scalded lips

oo the sun aside the skies reap stars from cut clit

i tracked the gods down: o, i rapped upon love
and, oo, as a ward of sound
cums hissing at my window, then i intend love
to occupy seas with birds
la la, eaters of swallows use a face for words
la la, fevers under willows
loosen sex-elms from darkening old shadow
oo i use local mad shadowers
to raise sex lintles from killers of bruised pillows

i tracked old god down: o, rapped upon ghosts
and, lo, as a wall of clowns
raises melters from sculleries, then red crowns
get spunked upon blind boats
and, o-la, my mental head digs after coats
and, o-la, my metal bed causes dreamt oats
to sink a waking cock in a stoned flower

these are my bollock-days where i power
a daddy ship with a tawny evil lime-bower
and this lemoned line is my own prison
and this sheltered timed crib uses prisons
to serenade dolts with demure dead flour
and we baked a cat for de quarter-hour;
and families of fevers drop dummy towers

and, oooo, weepers must feed sad dowers

and the loudness of sexed lung-fish cums fishing at my door
and, ah, a harness of wrecked fish
cums crying when men stride upon a fist
and, o, the sliding fierceness of doggy lips
sinks a daddy toy spider under a sweet cat-kiss
and the loudness of sexed cum-fish cums fishing for more
and the loud lewd hills in guns
came shooting my head as xmas came

these are my mallard days where i listen to sheet rain
lo, a bastardiser of hot trades
has to cup love's ear; and felons of graves will raise
a beaming child with forced hands and neon plague
and, la la, a madam sea-slammed with blades
kisses parrot talk
and the loudness of sexed gum-fish cum angling at my door
and, ah, a huge blenched wild war
loosens baby bum
and we use a honey bum

words under whirled worlds stun a bad brother with wards
oo a birded gold case crashes
oo a wailing cold-case flashes,
and a poker of love's criminal curl has to cut eyed lashes
ah once upon a dirty mind
i made a filthy sign then rode to dinted dimpled glasses
and a widener of wolves
yaps in the dangerous dark.

loudness of pecked flexed lung-fish drop a river-boy

and i tracked the gods down: a kiss-shaken oozing world
came scurrying after me
o, a daubing fool rode sunned mule aside a starry sea
and, moistened, i overheard a woman under scary girls
heaving at my backdoor,
and a donkey-mood signs upon a whipping mind where
accidental fools jack the living dead
words under whirled worlds cause planet Earth to
spin upon a glass orb
and a catcher of glass drops vast walls with two
unearthly hands and the sadness of a blind screw

and i tracked god down: a riven kiss-noosed pearl
came dragging a dirt-sky for a hot pearl-necklace,
and darlings on their whored sine
sharpen forcing fuckered faces with sucking space

words under whirled worlds encase dusts under
leaden evil plague-rats
and, ohh, eyes melt for fats
and, ohh, skies melt for bat-traps: ripped thunder
cums loosening for penis-plaits,
and cakers of war bury a hot tit in naked slats
and tumbling money wives
must melts under towers till honeying scribes
dream of cunt-Eden.

and i tracked god down: tomorrow's beehive
must feed a queen bee with sugary midwives
and, Oh, when darlings break
then planets of demure spires must star-quake
and, la la, easy diviners of whoring body-lakes
abuse scrying veins for nakedness;
La La: a bender of bridedness elbows sadness
and favourite cutters of endlessness
scatters blonde steeples aside bedded madness
words get whirling when a waxen fanny fire
wallows deep inside a mixer of a funeral pyre
and a driver of a dead girl
sweats for dumb divers of changing worlds;
and we have seen the moon change.

these darted days when i lay down my grave
listens to a sea of hens
o, a dog at sea swims for knaves,
and easterly of Eden, we reach out for men
and, la, our venal sex-moods splay cunt-ken
and these darling days where i lay down by slaves
i must jump a lost plane and dive

words get whirling when a woollen mind-ride
belts ooze aside women
and a drake in a seal quacks for old children,
and a world of pure fire
extends a damager of spires to armed tyres
ahh, a butcher of baker men arise from tides
and wolverines tread impossible waves

these darted denuding days, where i lay my grave
listens to cremated meats
and a dog cries for more
and a pug peers inside sleep: And kissing hordes
daub a fanny rose with maiden sea-shores

as poem men go 'wide' then verses in wards
cum snapping at a dirtied wanker-weal,
and a stone in fats
crashes for chicken when evil kiddy deals
crap upon a cruel wet reel
and, o, as sadness ravels into times,
daddies and shapless dummmies seal
a bud of a dead mum in a sea of heels

ahhh liquid blabber men suck upon lust
ahhh linguid adder men suck upon musk
ahhh fondling caddis men feed from dusk
and, lo, as men paint the town then crusts
go feeding stale cake to a mover of deniers
whilst denim dogs give a thumb to rooms
then a dental clog must cut cum from dunes
and, la la, a bed at sea feeds sleep to tuned
easily layered spunk-spoons
ah a hissing rainbow dances for cocoons
and a balded barn of beads
laps a cocoa cut from buttery needs
and, o-la, a vanning vast nunnery speeds

directly down ramming pleasure horses
and de world is my best pyramid now


Copyright JDB 20/01/2021


work-in-progress title: Funnels Under Tubular Music
1st draft poem then poem-song


funnels under tubular music swallow table-wine
la la, runnels under curving fuses
slash wrists and bleed the time
and a brother of mind-rock carries winters where
denuders of madness swing for cruises
and a jazzy jam-cock
crusades for fathers where
a delver of dangers hangs trees from a chair

these are our mallard days when a delver of fear
sheds blonde tears,
and a bed at sea sears swards with lemon-gold
and a sunny sphere shines
and a daddy ear grinds wax from twine
and a mammy spear falls like tears from air

these are our mallard days when we share
eagle-prayer; and deniers under easy hair
get blown to keen dirt.

the easels of the mad and good paint a bald mind
the seagull of red easy blood
uses ash to paint a screen,
and a dog of dirt gets walked aside good dreams
and a cat of hurt
cries for tom rabbits; and a daddy of fire reams
dilators of deaths with easy skirts

these are our mallard days when a rider of fear
spreads blonde beers
ah, a doll at sea gets played with too often as
massive feathers die out; and weevils shout?

tunnels under tubular music swallow table-wine
la la, a feline cervix hisses
la la, a tauran circus hisses after wire
and a widener of deadly ladies loosens love's mind;
and dilators lost at sea
delve a mad cross with mead
and a daddy crocus gets chewed when sad knives
slide, slide, slide

a captive of a heart will beat as woman sleep
and a dog-dayed daughter of the dead
may well get dressed aside a broken bed; Oh,
reapers of daylight snap mad dark red cold
and a draggler of pap
sinks a bald tooth under rats


awakeners of spastic castles carry cunny where fire
slashes up a bad tree
o shakers of mastic parcels marry missives to leas
and a raping sea crashes
and a draping bee lashes as she stings
and, oh, a massive mind melts beneath bled rings

tunnellers under plastic tassels cure a snare fire
runnellers under classics
carry a bald beer to sex traffick
and a bath at sea entertains death with rabbits
and eyers shoot deniers

a captive of a heart beats for lungs as giblets
cum washing faloned blood down xmas sails
and a festive coat covers the mind-killed
and, egged, gold easter rams xmas cake-sales
and a bed of glass scutters


mental plasters shield meals from minds
scented fathers reel under weals
and a bath at sea sucks upon blind wynds
and an opener of fuck slides dicks under
blown heads that cave in
and, o, a budded brain thinks about wind
and, o, a blooded train cries about limbs

mental plasters shield meals from minds
rented mammas reel under sad fields
and we gather teas
and we smother reeds
and we smack snakes as blithe leaves
go reeling in the east


there are mad long tunnels here which shine like blood
o there are sad canals nearby which
summon bone from lips;
and candied canary men use a torn tongue to lift
a showery moth of mouths
and a buttery bald mount loosens flexes for drouth
and canny men in cannaries slam a dad-gut in swift
lemon cages

there are mad long tunnels near that shine like Gods
and a dunny mountain drags
dollies under fountained scrags;
and diggers for faces snap a poppy across buds
and naked sirens cry out aloud
la la,.- old emptiness studies clouds
o-la,- cold endlessness scars old crowds
and easy daddy thinkers study death as shrouds

fall to a bad floor
and mushy masturbative mines get dug for a
mazy gasser of mad mien in a trenching star


Oh, i dreamed that from mad tunnels i was raised
from Leda and her favourite swan
Oh, i creamed; and a head of guns has to fawn
a dilly bad bullet to shaders of sexed blue graves
Oh, peddled spinny spider has to prey on pawns,
and a dangerous driver
gets abused at the wheel;
Oh, a mad man has to be torn from a lover
and, lashed to hands,
eyers of roses cum careering aside fathers
and, la la, a moon radio cries out for brothers

Ah, i dreamed that from mad tunnels i was raised
from Leda and her favourite swan
Ah, i screamed!
Ahhhhh as veinous vinyls die then braids
must lock a buddy moon in wide skin-trades
and a stoner of the impassioned sick trades
a sea-dyed watch for a filthy sex dream

Oh, dreamed that down mad tunnels i was slayed
Oh, once upon a war-mind
natal navel guns came shooting hands with crimes
and fatalities, numbed, hissed across ice as lines
caused withering in an old man's face
La La, as witherers of gold burn space then mummas
will surely hush and coo inside the dark
and a coded crush cups cocked tits down the park
where instant wisdom got spunk-cleansed..

Ah, I dreamed that from cold mussels i was raised
Ah, I dreamed that from old tussles i was raised
and lickers of samphires have to seem delayed by
vaginas and a bolted crabbin hook in a blonde sky
Ah, i dreamed about walls
Ah, i suffered shouts when veins trilled
Ah, i smothered me with smoking evil walls
and, made green,
where sex gleams, i summoned dirt from mean
saddening soft genoa..

mummas hush and coo as gaga breaks through
to laden cages clad inside a rose and a snood
and a rose and a nude caress the dead where lubes
sink a bitten fanny under blind blades
and, la la, a smitten lover cries for sex naves when
eaters of aged rifles sucks a nut from children

these are my mallard days when i flow home

here in this metal house, sad men used the rain
o here inside a mind-louse
a melody of women hear a hot-bedded stain
come crying at soft wood
and a dizzy gal-cry serenades city blood
and, la la, drivers of fairies hip to red dogs

here, in this metal house, sad men used the veins
to scatter salt seed aside blue land
and a daddy colt cums crying after felines
and a daddy vault drums for easy mind-drains

here, in a goofy house, a shelterer of minds
extend blades to kosher lovers
and a bunny bed jacks lovers
and a dummy head-crack uses dream-covers
o here, in a mad mine, we weep
o here, in a glib mind, a soft burial will
sleep, sleep, sleep


and we will wash the weavers down
and we shall scarper after soaked towns
and we will cascade under bullet men
and, O, as star-timed lovers succour clowns
then a bullied blind bull in de dark will drown
la la, hipsters hick for a cunt-cough
and a baddy's kick
capsizes for old yields where coded loss
kisses old stains then dies

there isa vast cruel mother moon near
there is a masked cruel father moon near
there is aa biter of stools here
Lo, once upon a bed, i stood up then
fell to a sleepless void where sin sent
daddy demons to naked nuclear scent
and a bayer of fools
gets a finger in green stools
and a faceless mind-fool hears food
come feeding the fat till stoned dead

and i am mining after a mind disaster
and i am shitting inside mined trees
and a local cock will suffer old beads
and i shall trade a cunt for gold
o a latent child must suffer de old
o as parental cusps cleanse de trees
then miners of mental disease must
learn about the kids that sunder trust

oo a slurried dumb boy hears leaves
caressing sins with shades
oo a curried mad boy bears bees to
a lost hive
and a waspish mum feeds dudes
and a waspish son betrays nudes

and i am minding after a mind disaster
and i am shitting aside smashed dweebs
and, oo, we will reel in the east where
laden ravens caw at carrion sea-air
and, la la, mental whores
heap killed honey days deep: chairs
get crashed aside a room
uh a damager of tribes use whores

ah, as a sheet of demure fire stores
cruel wetness in a sex-store
then weepers inside sex will roar
and self-delvers we roar on a chain
and crimes will serry screws with veins
ah, a sheet of carious mam-wards
will groan when mad trees stain
bobblers of breads with gravy trains

o my lost word is pyramid. Ehhhh?

and a denier of doomed denims will forever
entice a sex-zipper from mad stains and leather
o, a daddy moon sits upon pleasure
and, la la, bummed nooses in the city sever
an eater of easter with bonered blood weather
and a bath at sea
cums suppering for stews where lips flow
and a bed at sea
cums causing causal sleep with a ramrose
and a denier of doomed denims will forever
entice a sex-zimmer with sex-rhuematism

ah a sheet of sheer fire fastens goats under
a shiverer inside a pricked pyre
and naked kids on the moon accuse thunder
of drawing drapes across god's sea-spire
and, Oh, a dreamy leprous head feeds tundra
to musseling madams and kings of Numbers
ah, a vine in a spunk-ocean
cums weeping as she entices dead planets
to lock long ladies limbs around granite

and, made spare, a peering spinner cuts
a doggy of a meal with choppers; O, sluts
sink a lemon flava under oceans; O, sluts
caress canteens with old stubby toes
and weevils of hot tape ravel into clothes
and steeples, slain, cum crying after rogues
and ancient jesus christ heals himself
ooo, a cavvy of a cut man dresses health
and doctors sweat, sweat

the leaden moon plays dead
old Aladdin rubs his lamp-lit bed and ice
cums creeping into a lampoon of christs
and, oo, as stasis burns then hollowers
jive to a dirt-beat
and, la la, focal faces fascinate wheat
and, la la, fotal aces crap for flowers
and, o-la, me and a menstrual cross are
fed to a stabbing winter song
these are my sundialled days where suns
come litling at my headmost window
o these are my star-dialled days when
ageless deniers sharpen cats with gems
o yeah, i saw an alarm of a rat sharing
a blue bubonic cave with a sea of staring
gilly gashes

and openers of flashes don silk from a
drumming gun that feeds milks to ashes

swooned deniers of a doomed brain wrap
salted hens around grey magical traps
and bled tappers flow
and lead lappers slow for sickeners
and a poppy tap drops waters under
closures of sin and spun evil Fathers
and, lost in spind sand,
nuclear ravens raid bones then

die on a treasured body island..


Copyright JDB 21/01/2021


work-in-progress title: c/o Pulled Porn-Paintings
1st draft poem then poem-song


and when rare evil kids tend to apple-blossom
then a candid seagull
cums rotting after carrion dreams
and a bay in a field cums lunging after dolls
and a marrier of owled sun farriers
loosens deaths

swooned deniers abuse acute seas with
loud ocean tongues
and a damager feeds roses to grey guns
and a child at sea
sends a death with an SAE
and a daddy's mine mines for trees

easy criers clap tears where sex cums
directly home where hot music thumbs
an intractable bat disease.

o a laden lolly cart sells ices to the rich
o a gardened dolly
sea-garlands wax with faces
and a bath at sea uses soapers for
slamming sad doors on female war

and when rare evils kids feed whores
then a mammy cave
will listen to Gods as systems raise
a roman robot from dreamt caged

o yeah i deadened my evil heart
o yeah skies dreamed about art
and, o, mummy-wound,
i swore at apexes then used hearts
to swallow my fingers

swooned opened hair feels for a
loader of expensive shoppings as
greasy stinkers lift old cooks
oo a cocker in a kiss cuts looks

and eyes tell the sights of killers

eaten gluey dog-drives drive spies
under blinded camera classics
and, shoe-formed, a booted bride
masses a flown flower with plastics
and i know the dead
and i hear the mad
and i use god's wet bed

when vineyard buddhas use bread
then an easy banker
will certainly pull on rich fever
and a nailed hot mind
clambers across easy dreamers
and sperm-clotted headpiece

lick a cocker stick when grease
couples killers with haired peace
and a daddy bus crashes
and a dummy bus crashes
and easy bikers suck tashes


here, in this room, a babbler blinds
mental roaches
la la, eaters of gloom wed minds
and, oo, weepers cry for brooches
and a bath of twine
teeters into the dairy dark- Oh
we hear wine
and we swill brine as we rove
after radios and money

here, in this tomb, a brother's minds
get split aside green seed
and a cattling scream uses greed
to fasten lips to waters
and, la la, weepers drink seed
and, o-la, creepers suck rinds
and a daddy deadener
climbs aside lost windows


ooo a warrimg warbler has to die for men
ooo a curing mamma feeds vaults to men
and, lung-laced, a dollar bill on a fire
suppers for mace
ooo a warring warbler has to cut children
ooo a snoring daughter
hisses where dead shells writhe
and a darling moon may well ride for a
delicate car-concertina
and a starry mirror
tells an ugly tale

here, in this wound, eyes die out; Oh,
herders of red galleries
glow just like a perm
and a daddy mike sings for memories
and a bath at sea
serenades the dead where beads
get knotted under clotted sleaze

ooo a cocked milner shapes a sex-hat
and a roofless wild world
carries dazzlers to maddeners
ooo a cunted scissor bends feathers
and a baby farm slaughters apples

here, inside doom, eyes cry aloud
here, inside rhuem eyes eat clouds
and snaking shaking poppers crowd
eaters of fast clits
la la, hidden boats rip after barks
and a honeying body-trip sparks for

brusque fierce dogs that kill scores

drivers of knighted babies abuse lazy lions
oo drinkers of slated rubies
pee on sea-shells
and a bath at sea sinks veins under irons
and, ooo, eynes abuse cells
and, ahh, spines shake; and easy bells
get queasily knelled in a sea of daisies

the slanted minds of times rotate for
reapers of breaded honeys
and a doctored God glistens for war
and a slaughtered dog gets walked for
one zillion feline miles

here, in life's void, a camera's ward
goes snappering after blinded doors;
and we will photograph old moors
and we will raise graphs from gourdes
and, la la, mentalis will assign
a cruel dead whore whose cunt-climb
sheds bodies deep inside

drivers of knighted babies abuse crazy Zion
and a mounted mouth
must ease a candler under thighed doubts
and a daddy dream
cums crying after evening dazed dreams
and we dance
and we prance where a naked scream
nooses plums with cities

here, under fires, we leap for thunder
here, under pyres, we leap for lovers
and a deadener
drags lifeless droolers under flavas
ahh, we own moods as we suffer
and coded cold men pee for mother

oo boys always learn to pee for mother
oo toys get fed to firms
and a family seal swallows ferns
and deniers drag sperm from fever
and a rat strangler uses old perms
to dig for impassable mind-baldness

drivers of mamma mary melt for a
doggy leasher who walks for wards
and a hospital thumb
gives a big hand for mental guns
and, la la, weepers send false guns
to sireners; Oh, as timeless sex
gets happily murdered
then tablers under salt skin

capsize to reveal cars and furs
and, ousted, we see a fast cur
cum crashing under nerves; and curs
get curvy where lunar peddles
shoot from a dyed blind hip
oo, a dairy car drives for curves
and, laid hard, glisteners use sin
to spin idiot angels aside cold limbs

oo boys always learn to shit for mumma
oo toys get burned
and a doctor for firms succours
eaters of lousy brocades
and a purple crier burns
and a mantler retires to bed-burn
o the local heroic sun fashions us
from dizzy dogs and easy mush
and as we sit and eat stale crusts
then we heed a mental cake-tusk
and a seller of weed huffs for lusts
and a dealer in streets
sells a magic horse to meat
and weedlers will trumpet meat
and a dummy doctorate
must scutter and preach muff

oo boys always learn to laugh for mamma
oo toys always get burned;
and a swallow in a false nest
cheeps till spun spind bosom breasts
bleat for madam rosemary
and, la la, we weep for easy thyme
and, la la, we soap a weary vest
and, o-la, diggers of cunny dawgs
dawdle as they bury human sauce

i heard loud muttering as a new day
came gurgling like a new born grave


and the earth is so demeaning; O, see how the killed return
back homeward where the killed live dreaming
and the earth jams sex with no meaning
and a bath at sea seasons messy roads
and a mind at sea seasons sun-slitted toads
o a daddy heart hides venal veins beneath lost ceilings
o a muddy cart rides for
a mummy moon that shines for forts as fawking roses
cunt-cuss blown flowers with neck-warts

oo boys with dada's toys will collide dolls with cots
and a bed at sea suffers hills
and a mined cat cups a dogdayed sea with lopped
fairy fascinators
and a boned dilator listens to nukers of winged spots
and a buttered bargy butterfly
sirens after lard-large spind eyes
oo boys with father's toys will collide dolls with wives
and little wives are found underground

and the earth is so demeaning; Oh, i see now just how
baiters of birth must spin like a claw in sharp space
and, la la, i have told the time with mental heart-cased
gilded cagy cunny creators
and here, in death's void, curators of curtained lace
cums leaping from blinded babby window; and crowds
cry and cry
and motelled hostesses get sleek from dying
and hotelled hostesses get heat from lying
there are silk dresses found at sea that raid clouds
there are silk tresses found at sea that raise clouds;
and a beaker on a baby's bench
comes weltering for rubies when a sharkish scent
fan-flutters for fuckers who feed rats to old shrouds

o rosettes under imbecile flower-powders sink sounds
under crazy craven moats where blue skeins drown
and there are pictures of straw dogs in my home
la la, there are foxes near
and, iced, my scented tears come trickling near
a baddening bonce of a lost sloane
and a daddy dreamer catches a stoned home
and a mummy melter raps upon closed homes
and, uh, there are pictures of dawgs in my house
la la, there are sirens here that search for a mouse

eyelids get pierced where babies play; Oh, drouth
kisses drinking sleep where easy praise
cums knotting billhocks inside zygotes and mouths
and a carrier of denial uses old tights to erase
all carnal imbeciles from a bended sea of lays
and, renal, a bloated citadel summons graves with
burners of buddies and decrial
la la.. the huge hanged moon uses starry smiles
to serenade the women who live inside de child

and a rapid venal score opens up a sundial
and reapers under swards cuts a soft file
and in this pretty file, a history of mad wiles
will soddenise a gritty garden with opened wild
forest fevers
and, oh, a cable in the wind softens bled bile
and, ho, a cradle in the skin hardens feathers
and a messy fixed sweet stables
loosen a daisy chain with twiners of leathers
.and easter-xmas divers
cum lunging like a loud cat at a backdoor
and xmas-easter fingers
point a poking thumb at a heated store

eyelids get pierced where babies pray; Oh,
a mule aside a donkey saddles bridled clay
and, oo, madam macadam sheds tar-oaks
across tyberns, elms and masks; Oh, claves
summon dangerous islands,
and a focal hero abuses sands to cause day
to sink unicorns aside narrowing dirt-trades
and eyes in bled nippies will forever slay
panters with banned pulled porn-paintings


Copyright JDB 23/01/2021

work-in-progress title: The Accidental Mind of a Soul-Thief
1st draft poem then poem-song

the accidental mind of a soul-thief
slippers a mad gowned mine
a daddy to leaves abuses meat when
the dead get unseated
and the buds of boys grab sheeted
bouncing body-rain
and, uhh, a doctor to hot tears reigns
aside celled sex as selves die away

the eaters of sweet herbs layer a
mammy cut with a hot hired star
and a fotus on its back
rams a lotus baby under tit-traps
and a crocus chewer
surrenders easy death to sewers
and, la la, wideners of macs
cry for lost soft rain


the dead slide again from their soft graves
la, a mad guide loosens guns
and a shooter on a cliff crusades for mums
and a dilator under lips
rules mad speech till hot rivers end
o a deadener, slain, sucks nuts from men

eaters of one zillion eyes drop a noose
oo reapers of one zillion skies
drop a hanger round a chair
and a rifling fart shares beans with eyes
and a dollar bill, shaved by an english mind,
buys rags with rainbows


dictators of heated faces shout to the slaughtered hour
and, oo, as reason sleeps
then bedded mad boys under ravines
hiss for a french kiss
ah, sad shakers of metered louts loosens for flowers
and yes men yell for lips
and dead men kill for trips

the dead sides of a bled brain fist for a gold tower
and the mad, swiped, starve till dead
O, dead sides of a bled brain use a wrist in bed
and eyers of vermin, closed, sweat after lead
O, a clambering sea-valve drinks sleep then heads

hack homeward where the killers are praying

gee i am back home where the dead are playing
o i am found under bones
and a dizzy city high causes waking sloanes to
darken beds with veined clothes
and i heard once long ago about urban rogues
and, o, as i used suns
then i entertained a blue mac on a blue day
gee i am back home
gee i will sing and moan?
gee, it is good to be home...

dead sides to a house travel for timed dudes
o dead brides under souse
swallows female sleeves
and a cover on a crack carries mad nudes
aside brothers and old dweebs

gee, a gassy gal often yells as she moves
gee, a sassy world
cries for sin as madam macadam soothes

all creations

dreamers of mermen catch mermaids in the dark
o heapers of old men
sink a fished net where a daddy dreamer marks
naked bone beneath gems

and aladdin and his sex-lamp get rubbed for
oldies and scissorers of lampoons and wards
and, ooo, as we bathe at sea
then we use live sponges; and coded trees
die, die

la la, dreamers of mermen catch mermaids inside
hotel parks that lead deaths to nude songs
and a denier of a man uses socks to hang lies
and a dog at sea yaps at dumb rides

bolters under veined doors struggle after heroes
o jolters of lovers lead cemeteries to slide-shows
and a bud at sea answers to death when crows
caw at the davy dark
and bridlers of vermin swiften and don clothes
and a maddener of masturbators
sinks a dilly candle inside a hot arse

bolters under stained ploughs farm after casks
and, O, a laden lady swills layered sea-masks
and a darling baby gets rocked from grey glass
la la, a father of rubies drags a diamond-class
to the very sides of death where human clasps
dry salt hands on a hairy hirsute heart-clam

la la, dreamers of mermen catch a mermaid with
twined fishy nets that lead robotics to a grey kid

dreamers of mad men abolish all sad dreams
and a laden cock chants the public hour
and, oo, as faces fade, then flowers in dreams
serenade deniers with a sweet scream;
and, la la, as we wade through mires then a
daddy dreamer may well sacrifice god's screen
and dazzly mazy moon men
get led to radio when a doctor of chickens
heals a pancake with women

bottlers under ice caress a beer diet where
reddeners of fathers leap from a armchair
and, O, when wheelchairs sound then hair
has to get combed by a wicked bald heir
and, made dun, a car of deadliness snares us
with naked dust; and a bagger bags stairs.

dreamers of mad men abolish dead dreams,
dangerous scythed men abolish wet dreams,
easy bionic sex-dreams adominish grey dreams
and massive mastiff attackers leap fast dreams
la la,- eyelids glow just like an alien dream as
dotters grasp glass then fade along grass.



here, in death's void, cars career down the rose
here, in mind-whirl, cars career down old roads
and a lemon lover
loosens sex with two boxed arms
and, la la, cablers of fathers use a digital farter
o-la, a dented massive mutant close
cuts a cul-de-sac from disabled evil riders
and, oo, as we ride to sleep then we kill riders

here, in death's void, stars career down souls
here, in a mind-swirl, stars career down dolls
and a trolling bed
cums sweeping buds under onions; Oh, molls
van-veer after crests when a bodier of breads
gets sliced by two twinned fingerers; and liars
search for selves as shaven bullies
blow a city-bladed sugar fire;
and messy mental breeding carries cunt-spires
to molten desks
here, in death's void, cars career down de rose
here, inside boys, stars reel as they light toes
here, for sex toys, caverns seal up and slow
a cavernous beacher from bloodied eye-shows
and, la la, a dirtying goofy girl
shapes a fast shadow with five million crows
and, O, disabled as they cum, delvers of girls
come shovelling bunnies up wed walls
and where a honey moon looks down then
emptiness will shelter cool stars under mien
and an easy orchid theatre
has to swallow darl pollen-mirrors
and, la la, a model village tells its tale
and a curler of cruel creation cups budders
inside naked defectives
and i shielded my lost birth
and i yielded deniers to earth; and detectives
sundered beards when hairy infants closed

down, down, down; and love is closed
in a tangerine town where death's rove
across blinded blorted cabinet-cold; Ah!

beachers found in plastic beakers have to arise
out from wastegrounds
and a lilted bear hastens to city cabs
and, uh, a snare sizzles and, uh, paper crabs
go scattering dolls across easy towns
and, la la, metal minotaurs cum grappling
for model unicorns and the way hens sleep
O, beachers found in old features have to prise
a female shell from an oyster-guise

the faceless fans of money spend lives for
an emptied purse where goofy riches war
with financial guns and the riders of whores

preachers found in stony beakers have to arise
frrom out a nude medallion scream
o teaches found in boney beakers have to arise
from a daddy dune that sends sex to old lies
and a burned bully wife
hits to a jazzer as a dirtied sun aside tribes
cums eeking porridge petrols into grey knives
and sex-garlanded penile vaginal tube-wives
get feeding sparrow-seed to minnows.

the faceless fans of honey spread bees for
an endlessness of bee-wasps and sweet war
and, la la la, as we dine on hives then spoars
may well sink devils under fallowed boars
and, la la ha, a miniature statue under claws
may well snip a dumb dreamer with daubed
baby-beagles; and cavvies in a squib anoint
veiled statues with an eaten stallion plait
and, oo, as we read the times then flats
may well reshape a mansion with cracks

and i hear the dead song birds in tract
and i revere a dead sun
and i see the dead ragIng under guns
and i endear my head to a rat-trap
and eyes hiss
and spies hiss
and dreamers hiss

Ahhh Men..


Copyright JDB 24/01/2021


wotk-in-progress title: Comics Stir Wax Under Guns
1st draft poem then poem-song


the agers under shrill ovens have to roast
all the maws of the cooked
o aged reason sucks onions
and, la, where lemons break, then toast
will feed the dead thousand
and a bedded reel ravels under sand

the history of mermaids fishes for a
vastness of bones and hisses
and a bed at sea summons boats from
easy blue boys whose fatalaties
fashion faiths from callowed waters


readers of blind comics carve a murder from de sun
and, loaded, a blinder of scarves
sinks a tie aside a veinous star
and a car at sea sinks beneath coiled waves
and, oo, man's mental green genoa has to slay
a dogdayed pulse that leads mad men to ladies

readers of blind comics carve a murder from de rain
and, ended, a bleeder's summits
must send a giddy boy to a signal under red grain;
and eyers of easy boys
shape a child from nine arms
and, ooo, as we ride for cities then we charm
comicstrips with eager farms

the histories of blind comics stir wax under guns

the shrillers of blind noahs have to board a metal ship
o, as drillers sunder floated crabs
then an easy devil of a darling sunders eyes with lips
and, la la, once upon a mind, i heard my mind slip
and, made cunt, my body of a word spoke for slags

the shrillers of blind noahs have to board a ferry-ship,
and shippeth men will suffer cabs as taxies burn slit
and a boned old hill rages after rolled rosey rip-bits
o, a widener of wax sharpens rats with coded mitts
and, coded, a sexed garden
hisses across gallowed christs


readers of keen Israel drive all heaven from the past
o, leaders of dreamers loosent ties for a holy past
and, laden, we will shrill down the day
and, laden, we will shrill about god's trades
and a glass at sea swallows apple-waters

killers of mad men hear horses under daughters
come way back home to find the music praying
and an angelled sea
hises for sirens; and a bodyer of bees stings for
ideal combs where sirens scream..

readers of the mind get pointing fingers for a
dashy darling god-cat who cannot die at all

the delvers of darkness drink to a wide wall
o eaters of sadness swell up where old drawl
and a bird of need swalows soft hair
and, la la, a bath at sea comes soaping brawls
and a cutter's sperm-wall issues wives where
daddy beacons hang from out the heart

readers of keen Israel drive all heaven from de past
o, leaders of mean angels
hasten to bread as dreamers slice sweet deniers
and a bird at sea
softens blind blood with a deafener of failures

delvers of a fast disease wallows under masks
and eaters of religion prove god as real as dust
and a bibled flower runs unicorns through lust;
and, oo, man's mad but now sane body-trusts
ooze under worlds then use fire.

worldly woollen men don soapy salts from a sun-bathed
vast bodyer of mad guns and colts
o an elbowed killer cums shooting at lost vaults
and a babied farm kisses cattlers
and a ladied farm kisses rattlers
o a bed in heat will sleep aside a compas where dolts
shut dolly spools around mean deaths

readers of deadliness entice bad words to resound
la la, eaters of endlessness ripen for wasteground
and waxen walls sucketh from a nail as de drowned
scatter a scutterer of grey meths
with pinky pulley-pussy, and a waker of sex
slams a dirty thumb aside a blower of grey guests

worldy woollen men don soapy salts from a star-crazed
vast leverer of laden soupy malts
and a caking rider of saline days will see boys arise
from a turnip ghost and a blinded cradled burnt ties

ahh i oversaw the lessons for a vineyard snail
come sundering dog-pulsed killers of easy hail,
and a bled doctor in disguise
cums donning deaths with a bodyer of lays
and, la la, a bibler of a sex-mesh must delay
a milling cock-bush with eaglers of sweet lies
ahh i oversaw slid lessons for a venal tail
sun-slamming sweet hands under Israel

worldly woollen men don soapy salts from hens
ah, a bay of braggarts have to brag for Zen,
and a bed at sea silences soils with old women;
and a ghost in leaves
loosens a lasers heat; and odes to jungles cede
alien lovehearts to daddy men who receive
all hot messes from the blessed mad-inceived

readers of deadlines swallow boats when seed
drives limitless fairies from gasses under reeds,
and a baby in a fire gets trapped in eye-shadow
and eaters of sexlessness
idolises meese when a puller of soft madness
raises roman pyres from reevers of sadness

ahh, i saw the lessons of for a vineyard sale
selling cakers to bathing bath bums; and sails
get shop-hoisted from a barker of demire death;
amd me and madam macadam
hiss across ice-mice; O, a statue in a deck
comes falling from seed where
idlers of dirty pharoahs lisp for menswear

these are my mallard days,- ah, sex-hair
wallows for sky-salad
and a cat at sea silences tubing carrots
and a bath-tub fat at sea has to rot for
a boner of farts and evil vermins; and whores
lunge from easy rat-rain

worldly woollen men don soapy salts when
post-modern lies leash dons with women

adders scale dickers salads; O, a soft march hare
goes bunnying around dells where dog-driven prayer
sunders slashy wine-cells
with families and crossed bells
and a winged car concertinas as sea of snares
comes hardening rabid sun-theatres with scared
vinegar fellows
and, la la, a kindled dove comes home paired
with pianoed ebony-ivory families
and a catted heart widens gods aside shallowed

and, o-la, the bellers of stereo eyes use prayer
to sunder blind deafeners with rosy rat-prayer
and slithering snaked men sweat under stairs
and a last chance for the moon
lunges as naked sky-wards shoot de moon
and, la la, man's rekindled dove shapes peace
with bedragglers of dirtiers

as i come homeward i find a mental suicide
lamming the final dead; and the dead are lesion?


smokers in puffed pops carry a cigarello under pure sluts
oh, a radioed mental puck
caresses cavatinas when an easy skin with a soft butt
uses a bed of fear for dreamt muck
and spokers of puffing hens cluck for the midight hour
la la, a roaster of ruined rammed bow
cusses after dames where a shuttler of easy crows
slidesa babby bairn aside coded caves where old flour
stirs fats aside the flour,
and a tinder of a sweet sin caresses spind suck
and a bedder of crows scavenges after bald butts

smokers in puffed cups carry a cigarello under soft cuts
ah, as ravens groove, then a damager of fancy grey gut
hisses for green genoas and the lasher of a pulled nut;
and smutty men who seize vanners from stoppers
will certainly crisscross a corkscrew mind with stuffed

soakers, under bone-wine, executes the foreign mind
oo pokers under nun-wine executes the sovereign
and chested heartless owls glow as the heart flows
and, oo, a mazy madam of snows
come creeping beneath a blorter of sapphic eye-toads
and noah's dead yet rekindling gods
are flower-fed to fascinating funny blood
and, laced from tyres, as tall tears flow, then lobes
must kiss hot pyres with widowers of hot rogues

smokey star-shoulderers weep, weep, weep; O!
dazzlers of fast sleep serenades heat where clothes
cum sharpening dogs with easy fat
oo a lacy loomer of a soft fatty cuts pully cats
from strawberry mounds
and the father on a cliff cuts ferries from slats

spine-wise witherers wither dates with crap,
mind-wide slitherers slumber after boned pap;
and a rifle in the moon sleep, sleep
and, oo, a car-carried mad sop crashes heat
with stoned flowers where the dead scream
o, spine-wise madams shooteth doggers of a
slashed wound screen where infants stray for
a model dappling village,-

and a schism of decrial ignites a spool of sleet
and a prism of denial ignites catted sparks,
and a widener of gals grips to a feline sheet;
and a glow-worm glows in my bed
and a wormy maggot-crow feeds from spread
bedded sea-hanged bird-weed

as a wounded mallower kneels upon defiance
then a giddy fat policeman kneels aside sense
and a charging widower
has to ask for the times his wife had sent
and, oo, a mauled Herod hits a child-scent
and, oo, man's murdered but now eager dove
dazzles for milky sawn table milkies,
and, oo, a war under porn sprays gal-bud
across a crisscrosser of ole bells and mud

and a schsim of decrial ignites a spool of tears
and a prison of red smiles leads sex to tears
and a basement in a thread
dam-stiches spind sins to hellish piss-bread;
and, Oh, me and my invisible daughter spread
dishy dishclothed kids with smoky sleeves

as a reckish faloned lifer lends veins to water
then a city fist may well send kids for slaughter
and a bath at sea gets bolted to a fast desk
Lo, a dizzy ripener shoots-up in a bees-nest
and nettlers of forced boots
carry blood from bone as gardens under roots
give easy eager threads to hunters of wide breasts
La La, eyes rend words from de gallos
La La, spies send birds to trampoline, and mice
may well get trapped in an ermine-dream
and, frowned, a bed in piss-ruins drinks cream
ooo, and man's dying yet rekindling bird is
affixed to a blind screen where sea-faiths snip

a dogdayer ransomer from dark idols and pips

Copyright JDB 27/01/2021


work-in-progress title: O Pansy, Just One Night?
1st draft poem then poem-song

what shiny egits shine for evermore
must wash hot hands in redness
and a boat of flasks glistens like madness
and a weepy of a mind uses sadness
to anoint beds with butter-boys,
la la, a dragnet in a squib enlivens
death and sex and ashen disease
and a bath at sea sinks soapers under
flashes, where idiotic children sail

o, what easy egits climb up moors
must, made evil, wash hands in spoars:
o, we leave a life of Adam under wards
and a bed at sea slashes across boards
and a head in leaves listens to swards
and, la la, eaters of old dumb families
arise from cars to find their heads
sharpening skulls with bitch-wine


never to be forgiven, a hero under vines
washes gins in cyanide
and an appler under suicide drinks brine
o clothes under red beacons
scatter roses across gardens as dead minds
loosen nests and let kids free

never to be forgiven, shakespearos shine
la la, as poet gods are made
then easy cunts get paid; and odes to jade
hammers evil spunk aside bones and blades;
and, O, tomorrow's yellow news
nestles under stone:

these are our mallard days where sin dies.

openers of suets sink female bits under tides
oo openers of cruets sink felines under tides
and, la la, topers who drink to minds use tides
to ravel out into a timeless sea
and a bed of bread gets sliced under bees
and, la la, a maker of tits gets rolling tides,
oo, a dolly dancer dreams of being clothed

openers, closed, carry fishermen to Rhodes
and, ah, as openers marry fissures, then oaths
must sink inside the mouths and then die

when nuclear faces face the bombed boned west
then easy faded face
will have to fade as music ends
and deriders of ole space laces space with friends
and easy bikers cry as they speed

never to be forgotten, opal hearts heed missives
and, O, we weep for Aladdin when rubbed sleeves
cause spirits to arise from a bad bald sandal

openers of easy jam sinks bled honey into twine
la la, easy old hands sweeten sex with blinds
and my curtains get pulled,
and i suffer drapes as a home under gulls winds
aside mad mines
and we mine for spills where we utilise dummies
and glad summers abuse long lithe winters

when nuclear faces fade, then we cry for Eden;
and we scatter sands across lips when old men
drop soundly dead; and mad selves lick hens

oo these are our phantom days
oh these are the flowers we praise; and days
bloom under fire when a sea of lays
snaps a blown cocoon with easy plays,
and easer baiters bear cakes to envoys
and odea to cakers crap aside floury boys
and limey yelling saviours sidle after
a walled yield where death flows

ah birthday men smell candlers when ash
sets alight to nerdish bells
and, la la, eyers of tigers feed wide girls
and easy bikers bike till they break.

and i espied an epileptic moon come crying at my nude window
o i rode to instant death,
and the pigs in a shone sky curry-comb god's bandaged widow
o i rode to sawn sex
and druggers of Death drool for nice eyes
and buggers of Sex drool for lost wives
and, la la, eaters of whored heaven may well cry, cry
the deadly diviners of both night and day study lies
hah,- the familial freaks of both night and day use eyes
and an optic coast covers cranes in bruisers when
sufferers of the swaggered dead
kiss a closed tide
hah as we sail from sex to bed, then a sugared gem
may well lick a porn-piss-pen;
O, once upon a mind, i entertained deaths with knives
and here there are lives down veins
and here there are scribes under trains;
and, ooo, a dirtyer of droners closes arse with wide
giddy babby minted winter-witnesses
and a coastal ship must sink under a forced sex-hypnosis

hah, deadly rivers arise from tamed rain where stasis
moistens doll-thighs with sandals and clasped suitcases,
and a dunning spy dilates a god-ghost with blue faces
the vases seen on a blind shelf fuse Hector to Hermes
and coded dreams gun elves with daddies and mammies
and a loaded screen sends dills to sex-sleep
and a radio-dream rends cocks from sugar-heats,
O a candled eye-broker
bends a body perm; and as faded chokers use cockles
then fish-shaken fly-fumes erase decks with idols
and i espied an epileptic moon come kissing rifles
and i espied a pussy-pulled moon
cum spraying dolted seed aside dragglers of bibles;
and, ooo, a bended screwed city clambers aside dunes
and, la la, a crocodile in a crucifix sunder kind doves
when once dead poesy peers from musical pee
then star-darkeners may well sear guns with tea
and eyes go wide
and skies go wide
and tribes go wide; and, La, mad lemon wee whips
liquid shit into apple arm-pits
and a sheltered spermy candalabra eats pips from
a wild mask car-crashed in a wild gun.


o european angels anvilise a bad bed in a lost room
o african angels anvilise good god and easy tunes
and a snap happy eternal dark hand
lays keen hands upon a foreign island
o european females anvilise a sad bed in a dead
bodier of truth, soul and light

when once a shyster uses bad words then night
has to hiss and swallow evil mice
and a ratted shroudsail launches eyes from christ
and an easy candler sets alight hotel midnights;
and a wallah under pure fire
ignites angellled active spires with bright tyres
O a rabbit in a screen has her bright eyes burnt
and a weaver of carrots
hand-creates naked ingots from eaters of
lazy mazy dizzy damsels who use secret rites

o european angels advertise bad porn abed in tombs,
and the maggots in rape's stools
listen to faggots that get fed to brained fools;
O, a bath at sea shends a bone-bed with looms
and wormers dance for Eden
and chickens dance for Eve and Adam; and
bouncing drapers of pure death bend ribbands
under piping pokers of demure silence

when once the sun's mad daughter fuses lusts
then a chapelled maiden will lead sex-crusts
underneath a green dragon that huffs fire-musk
and a dogdayed crabbler cuts sea-heads from,
acres of blown cheeks and eaten xmas rusks

the dangling angels in the West have to truss
a sea-bagged body in a brain-baked cusp,-
and these are the veined words i must use
and these are the graven worlds i must move
back to living hell where livid family dudes
sink a swung mace-lube inside thighed poos
and we angle after aping angels
and we swipe fathers from shaking tabled
cascading pomading tablets that fall from a
blinded glue-moon

the seagulls at my home have closed a river-theatre
la la, eagles under old bone
have to helter after stoned sea-rogues
and an oceania hisses for de quartered hour
and sunderers of easy drones dream of towers
that sky-raise dromedaries from evil flowers
and, oo, as a dead man drowns
then, oo, as death resounds, then bibled towns
must wheel after eyes
and, emotioned, a bed of eyes widens under
a glib gowned sky where nothing happens except
a naked boyish clap of noosing blue-thunder

the seagulls at my home have closed a river-city
la la, eagles under domes
sink flowers under cemeteries, and old sloanes
get out alone for actors in softness
and an sea of mental azure widens under sex
and weevillers whisk self-sex into deadliness
and a canopy of boned wine
weeps, and a tent aside a stoned mind grinds
easellers under boats and swept cut spines

the seagulls underwater use a damp wynd
to wallop whipping sea-ponies with grime
and, bee-played, a waspish winged stinger
snaps loaded kodak water with stung minds
and, ooo, once upon a mind, a user of death
star-stabs a funeral scar-crab aside nests
and drowning statues
and a bath at sea serenades blood-virtues
and the seizures of dames uses old screws
to treat panting parrots to easy mind-nudes


o pansy, just one night? O, why shouldn't i die in bethlehem?
o pansy, just one night..
and the muttering lips of sweet night serenade gold men,
and a bath at sea swallows tongues from mouthless hens
o pansy, just one night?
o, my baby, all seems right?
or is it a wrangler of a dark ring that seems affixed to gems
or it it a strangler of a dark hymn that appears old as christ?

o pansy, as i sleep for you then i shall anoint you with a
pulled painter of bum and the eyed juices of the dead
and, as i may sunder us, then my salty shroudsail must swipe
a dagger of a cocked mind when sex aliens abuse de wife.
oh, pansy, just one life? oh lady, why the mind aside christs?

these gallowed days when ochres of scum shoot odd lights
then a bended wintry skin
has to weaken for rot till the madness of a beautiful whim
comes culling fantastic fairy thumbs where dragglers swing
way way up in a lilac tree; O?

Arm over arms, with idiot wheelchairs under loud limbs
la, arms over chairs, dolly boys made ill by flexive wind
and a bed of grass eats into a fazed mind where skins
chafes against forced reamed cunny ice,
o pansy, just one night? O, why shouldn't we die in de past?


Copyright JDB 28/01/2021


work-in-progress title: Shivers For A Bed Of Granaries
1st draft poem then poem-song


the drinkers of blue fairies falsify winged gin
and, o, shrinkers of canaries arise from spind
coded sex-weed
and a silent screw peers into a window-sleeve
and eyes slam vile rivals where sadness seethes.

arm over arm our blurry babby boy has to
seize family charms from hot legs and lubes;
and, O, once upon a mind, mad ponies moved
mauve horses that writhe when a decked nude
hisses for ice then


the drinkers of blue fairies falsify winged sin
star-sallow bald cheeks with fast gal-skin
and a mary-chart carries kids to a
glisterer of bones and pig; and a whored car
craps as she concertinas
ah drinkers of blue babies falisfy red calves
and a cradled shower
sheds soap-seed across a flower
and my head sunders a soft flower

arm over arm, a queen whistles as she
feeds her father's budgy; and beds seize
a bad brother from ashes and bird-trees

the crafters of snapped men sew salt seed from
a blinder of a bloody glass
o a fathered fever cut gems as diamond sea-guns
shoot parsons dead
and a bed at sea sidles under sprayed head
and a bee of need stings honey then scar-treads
dollies and dragons

arm over arm, a kings sings for his canary,
legs over farms, a queen bears sculleries
and a bleeder of a sexer
shoots incesters dead; and odes to mirrors
hiss for christs where naked fever
shivers for a bed of granaries


the drinkers of blue fairies fall to a glass floor
oo a shrinkers of glued babies
drag a dolly flower from netters of rubies
and, oo, as a mummy tower flails, then claws
must fashion antique butter to shed wards
aside blowers of pissy glass
and, spar-saved, a smelly whirl-pool heals
a hidden sad driver of seamen and missions

arm over arm, a king swings for his Tele
ah, we race for farms as we watch baby
come lancing up from sweetest honey;
and a vamper of pucks peer aside missions
and a daddy dreamer's dog-bus file for a
bled history of killers

the drinkers of flu-sentries causes cold to war
against massed miction and the wicked
glebes that sink into Atlantis; and odes to wards
interfuse bellies with bakers of bird-boars
and, oo, my five and county senses use dust
to wed a radio sweater to vast crickets

crafters of blue fairies fall to a fasy mat
and, laden, a mud dairy swallows milk-paps

the easy eastern meadow-mane where i used a false name
has to title now the wives of march;
and a daddy crowd cries aloud; and a sea under flame
succours after spittlers
and, ooo, a mental piss-folks have to hire body-rain as
doctors sunder healed kiss-boats
and a dog at sea must tread hired waters
and a dog in need must shed eyes across daughters

arm over arm, a king swings for a blind canary
o leg under farms, a queen swings for de family,
and mental mind-folk ride from killled dream-honeys
and a fotal wreck dances
and a focal mesh prances under buyers of mammy

the easy eastern minded-skein where i used to use a false name
has to title now the brides of March,
and a doggy in a screen becomes motile with arses
and a dodgy sun-dream becomes motile with glasses
and, oo, the son of sunny man erases god janus to farces
and, oo, a fascinating folly on a ledge
must come to supper for hermetic herpes


woven, endless sea-rapes spiral under bones and men
oo chosen, mauve sea-shapes sunder us
and blown berry boys have to cry for easy mind-men
oo a cloven mass cause instant prayer
to loosen herpetic lords aside appled churchy air
and a bath at holy sea drinks ginny waters dry

arm over arm with legs under beds, me and my hair
get floating down shaven babby blinds
and a wicked lord cusses crabies
and a widener of crosses crusade for blue prayer;
and deniers of green crosses
come carrying Benito where Adolph rapes snares

woven, endles sea-rapes spiral under bones and hens
oo, pinioned, a shone spinney clambers for flosses
and a deck on a bay crashes
and a mess on a tray trashes tashes and matrons

the eyers of salt faiths will swill bushes where a
bacon-blasted lip-wraiths shit on a gasfire
and ladeners in quiet piss in an oven where spires
cry and cry; and death benumbs us with titties
and sexlessness, slammed, shines across cuties

woven, endless sea-rapes spiral under de pities

these daffy days where i listen to the evening dead
i find that, denied, air has made me hear old deaths
made crucifiers of old grass
and an eaten prayer topples toffee apples
and an evening heir sunder gables with chapels
and, la la, mental nesters must wallow under glass
and, la la, scented mirrors must
star-marry creators to dingos and pup-trusts
and a batty dictator peers aside menstrual musk

woven, endlessness shrills for father as tomorrow
peers inside wells where bodied burning tusks
reap babby veils from shrouders of female crows
and the last mane to know the birds we feel will
surely sharpen fast dolor with eyers of old hills;
and, oo, the day is set for night-theft
and, oo, light's grave sucks on a moon-theft
and, oo, pipers raid cuts
and, ah, shrinkers raid puckerers; and
intertwiners of lunacy fuse a faceless truck
with labile city garlands

the mensas of a mind metre milks summers
with fatal friends who dance aside gummers
and we stick heaps to baths
and we hip for a drooler whose greyed pasts
shall appear woven for goofed goose-grafts;
and a tawny tree falls from cities
and a thorny quay sails for instant druggies

these daffy days where i lay down my dirt-crown
hereby defines a booby on de town,
and a country man's grey perm delves for Downs
and a moggy in twined hands will jam ground
filterers of coffees and tea-slaves

and, car-shaved, coded bleeders of false hair
scissor skinned salt-scalps with dying scathes

the utterances of a petrol christ has to listen to dry wind
and a skitty bummer who swigs son bunny mead will
grind dammed sugar-loaves with carrion and pig-swill,
la la, a sawn swan at a rainbow's ebb
will surely guide a massive memory into lost bread,
and fearers of skies
come curdling mommy screams with painted beds
and, oozed, a granary flower serves buds to drilled
killed river-hillside follies
and the first forced dolly who shelters under devs
sinks a stinker hand deep aside thunder; and pegs
shed dark earths across a winter's ice-thread
and, la la, closed caves on earth summon Gods to
speak aloud about the black dreams of good men;
and a sounder of some white cock
clucks; oo, a daddy in evil danger slides for hens
and, o-la, a dizzy painter of caucasian splinters
cries, cries, as a carrot in a blonde thigh shivers

utterances of a red petrol christ has to kiss dry winds
and a cheek gets blown
and fatalisms marry stone to a bay of pure fire; and
easy lenghty holidays which lead a kind pig home
hereby glister where a doctored summer sign rams a
ghostly godly human under diamonds and naked bone

oo we come sizzling when we burn; and closed mines
show some weird gold-scenes to baiters of old times
and a gilded lonely dream scatters ice across vines
and, la la, armed chaired hissers sink hands into rain
and, la la, easy rain cuts the fotal heads we tread
and huffers of grain shut cones aside rodded veined
kiddy-farming disdain;
and we denude a rat to its utmost vermin-soul; and
icers of dirtied flowers melt as tulips wither; and
jammers of filthy jaws grind a sea-scissor with a
damager of dolters and eastern gatherers of stars

the doorways to death's wed walls must pin a cushion to denial
oo as domed dommy deniers loop lust under winds
then blonded budges in India must share cool spice with a
draggler of orient-moneys
and, la la, doorways to dammed deaths drink from de Nile
and, la la, gateways to slammers shrink aside daddy's smiles
and, oo, gapers who sink unicorns through capricorns dial
a free-call where a blinded moggy child cries and cries-.
old mates melt for county keeps,
gold mates melt under castlers
and a bath at sea drinks de orient from a sweet soft flower
and a raft of weed
suppers off sweat; and, gun-graved, messy feeders scour
a vimmy soak from tearing hands where eerie trees tower
aside a belt of blessed whores who keep a candle powered

there is, nearby, a scarecrow road that leads a scratchman
to dangerous fleeces; and, Oh, as we must feed children
then mangy molted mangers will surely certify chicken
and, oo, rammed runs are raised
and, oo, slammed nuns are raised
and a built-it kitchen fire arsonises a restaurant with a
daggerer of duned ducts and billy wards
ahh sliding hairnets gather barbered words where bawds
drop a stinky skirt-sleeve aside daddies and mad swards


an easy thermometer sinks a basked hand-piece under a
dodgy dun city spray,
and an easy world gets transfixed by evil fires when a
dodgy dumb city grave
gallops across pealed penises and fannies on red-trade
and a milky moth melts aside tyres
and a silky cross crucifies good liars
and a judas flash forces dudes under shoes that raise
a dangler around the palped neck of a fucked pyre
o a digger of rosemary hits across a body of twine
and, la la, a pisser who pushes shit-abbeys under spires
gets rotated around dunes where a glassy hair-choir
falsifies shaved slide-kecks,-
heapers clap for cheepers;
cherry sails sail for rivers; and a mind-awoken killer
strums blue guitars where dashed dom daniel mirrrors
a bald lung in a cancer-shiver
and ole moths and bled periphera abuse talons with
a dummy cage which closes pigs in a grunted crib
and, la la, a sovereign dresser causes cardiacs?

endlessness weeps for the utmost end when figs
come showing daunted laces upon a school-wall,
and a cunted carriager loops guns with blind malls
and heroics who wed a gangster to his drawl must
fascinate decrial with browners of evil racist lusts
and, oo, as crisscrossed drowners
dream of watered kings, then a divy of flowers
falconises an octagon of men that stains drowners
with merciful dogs that push upon a dead god.

and weepers vulcanise domed rubber when love
sallies eager bone-brides with sickled starred gob
and feeders of a heated sea
slash wavelets with balded bubble-earths; Oh?


Copyright JDB 30/01/2021


work-in-progress title: About a Bath at Sea
1st draft poem then poem-song


a hocus pocus of a ridden ragged radio
comes hissing to a static beat
and, o, as we arise from old TV, then
mad swingers may well stop sleep
and, oo, a rider in a park feeds men

a hocus-pocus of a riven ragged stereo
comes pissing to a plastic beat
and, ah, as teemers of magic heat hear
swilled noise harden
then mad men will wash in a garden

a hocus pocus pussy pealer treads
a sea of easy men inside a rose
and a faceless family heeds heads
and a poxing melody dons loud clothes;
and a bath at sea
swallows spirals under memory

the torn cases of the killed shiver,
the burned aces of the killed quiver,
the stormed father of sex lends hurt to
fishermen of mermen
and, la la, starred dingos drink to
a whored rare sea of nudes

a hocus pocus army shoots truths
with mailing guns and blown sleuths

a hocus pocus mind eater feels fear for
dirtying piggy holy farmers
and, oo, as timed bodies rend charmers
then mental firemen may well score
good evil points where pigs touch whores
and, la la, an evil tide
traps a candler under knives

the torn cases of the young use brides
to idolise messages with fairy waters
ah, a belling village suppers doctors
and a blowing moon
hereby swallows fates
and a billower of skates kisses ice
and a bodier of haloes swoons for
cradlers of cups and cunt-wars

a hocus pocus mind eater feels fear for
dirtying men who must shut stores

o a painted pharoah comes up my pyramid stairs
o sainted daddy heroes
use a lost yoyo in the yard
and, lo, a daddy death uses evil life to snare a
bodier of dirt, death, sex and disease
o a painted shakespearo comes up my genius stairs
o feinted swany heros
use a lost poncho in the yard,
and a doomer on a cliff bombs the sun

the torn cases of the young use Ides for guns
o, a master of bled stone
uses a cage for a bone
and a listener to daddies dreams about pears
and an appled moon-boy sizzles till old hairs
swallow a dunned dullard pubis

a hocus pocus pharoah comes up my mummy stairs
and, loaned to losers,
i espy traitors carrying bruisers to easy giddy prayers;
and coded prayerbooks end.

oo a lady in a bent stream has to drink tea with straws
oo a baby in spent dream
cries forever; and, la la, my eagle-girl uses mad wards
to hammer idle shoes aside the mad
oo a lady in a bent stream has to drink tea with straws
oo fagin of a mind-thief
pockets penny moneys brought home by child-Thebes;
and a passioner of flowers
buries a bullseye under towers
and whippers of theft's ponies sends doves to sleep

the tearing cases of the Void clasp capes inside a
daddy of a dream-boat
and weevillers use oats to boil cans aside mad soap
and readers of bluesed oaks
carry common fires where a familial strait of dope
dangles a rat strangler around de baby phoenix

oo a lady in a bent stream has to drink tea with straws
oo a babby under scent must scream
oo a ruby body glows like a glowworm as whores
carry a curry comb to a soft screen where marauders
send violence to killed sleep

the vaginal cosmic sheets i used all year today
shutsdown; and a body under fuses
fashions fawns from doggies where a naked clay
gets shaped aside a daddy and a vase
o vaginal cosmic sheets i used all year yesterday
sweats for wool
and a cradled line uses buses for cars
and a fabled mind uses cusses for stars

the tearing cases of the Void clasps Mars within
shiny spastic veiled voices
and a coaching lust hollows vices from the wind
and a cradler's dancer
loosens swaddlers from evil pedophiles
and, ahh, once upon a mind, riders under gins

must switch a buddy bell aside cold cinemas
and, laced to dummies, a pharoah on de field
cuts a swarmed tusk with apexes and peal
and, made masked, the sharpeners of children
cry forevemore


cosmic cartoon men dance for a salty animation
la la, endlessness sends cunts to fucked sleep
and a cage under fire
clads a stage under pyres; and, O, grey meat
gets fed to strangers as tyres
glow under breaded bakes and cakey islands
la la

cosmic cartoon men dance for a salty mission
and, in full make-up, a shy gal oozes raisins
and a butterer of cities
swaggers for nuts as a genius in the sea
marries ghosts to holy leas
and we ravel in the east when we gather teas
la la

cosmic cartoons men dance for grey leaves
and, laced, a suede hen lays legs as dweebs
dollop grey dollars under english pounds; and
a digger of bled lips
caresses dragons wth naked evil wet tits
and, oo, as we ooze then we suffer mitts
la la

inside my hocus pocus garden, old gnits
get combed through peggers of gold grips
and a raised ocean has to marry emotions
and, la la, me and madam macadam snip
a tarred coded baby with hands and hips
uh uh

cosmic cartooners marry animatives and
idolisers of sad carriages use a train-hand
and, opening, we wash our felts in sand
and, oh, as a wolfling yaps then brigands
will marry mods to model villages; and ice

cries for snow-vice when women send
dolor to leprotic nice mice; and men end in
sea-harnesses when claxons kill the poor

as we warp our scented sex-minds with old men
then we score a star-rended sea-spine
under cunny where a blower of keen wine
washes haloed hands inside baby-batter
la la, weepers use milk-sleeves
la la, reapers use silk-trees; and naked butters
get glued to jammy radios
and, oo, as we warp our endlessness then we
will widen woollen wipes with stereos
and digital fairy pullers knell a losing shadow
and eyes cast limes across the blind land
o, minds melt; and a yellow factory expand
a blinder of a castle from plastic pulled pans
and we are making plans
and we are shaving clams; and ideal wars will
wash a dummy strait in a moon-mill

cosmic cartooners show fantasia to thieves
and, o, a micky mailer melds goofy under teas
and, o, a tipsy failure nooses ash under beads
and a silent pug
pushers a yellow buzzer while acrid dogs cede
mummy plants to fever
and, la la, a cosmic fig shines like a river when
easy liars lend losers to phantastic old children

as we warp our scented cock-lines with heels
then we will horde adders with cunt-rhyme, and
ideal shaven clickering customers
heap a bearded bone under blorters of wigwams
and, oo, me and my mental father
fizzes for de gee-gees
and, Oh, mastic grey sprees swallow mirrors;
and aged smilers of pure fire
get grimacing at a seaside shaped from spires
and, la la, a spool of pure granite
has to fall from sleep when a dreamer's tyres
get mangled by car-clasping venal beads

cosmic cartooners show fantasia to reeds
and, mind-mazed, a crow aside cockers knead
bakes some cave-butchered cakes aside mead
and we will believe in the less deceived
and we shall relieve the dead of heaven's weed
and, la la, weepers smoke distant trees
and, la la, reapers choke on darting cherries
and makers of a slaughtered owl hoots after
daddy coaxers of coachers and pyre-laughter

and a homeless sweet hornet in a feature
has to sting the dead till the sad use fingers
to tap on the hollowed silence of dumb quivers
and the dollies in the davy dark abuse feathers
and the trollies in a shop of hearts nooses
all of the moany mien of the summer's fuses
and, once upon a wynd, i addled guns with heather

and a hispid rosy sqautter of a shent rogue
sinks naily vinegars into a torn scarlet scalp
and, la la, dilly braids suck wasps from leather
and, o-la, silly glades cut butts from severed
shampy garlands
and we will blow across elms
and we shall murder tree-films; and we will
rest in a rapid mushroom with cannabis, stilled
resins in hooty winky breastbone snap across
a muddied bobby licky stickly thigh-bone,
and a wader under sticky berried pie-stone
sinks daffy hands aside blue spies and drones
and, la la, we weaken when we fall
and, ah ah, we stride across gems that crawl
across ephemera and blunted wolf-scrawl


these hocus pocus days where i lay down my dizzy charms
must swallow sleep as deaths resound
and, O, in a faraway town, a clowning moggy mind-charm
disappears until the heart-awoken moonside feeds drowned
gourami sailors
and a harkener of a killer rages after a noosing star-tailor,
and we have the wicked girls by heart:
we have studied just how to die as we raise a mirror from
a nuclear error when a tanker of a blown dart
comes whimpering; Oh, metal road leases lyons to farts
and, underneath oats, a vastness in de rose closes carps
aside barblers of brut, bends, and dolly fixtures

these hocus pocus days where i lay down my dizzy arms
must wallow under beds and money
and a wallet-wiper swipes rammed honey
and a sonnet-sleeper ripens dogs with demure soft rummy
and huge whored lights set alight to perfume
and denuders of midnights set life to a costume; and comas
cry, cry
and miners melt into minds where a liquid soft corona
has to hiss across a gymnasium of fingerers and sonar

these are my mallard days when i will learn of evening,
these are my dullard days when i will yearn for dreaming,
and the wives i knew when trapped in dreaming fires
have jumped now into naked pilllow-pyres,
and moody naughty fathers fade to grey when spires
acede a dunny cheeper to a lost ladel that cums reeling
plastic soups under bladderers and blinded screenings

oo as we vault from an impassable ceiling, we chant
after eccentric fires and bodies under burning plants
and a ferny woman scatters seeds
and a terminal flava licks poppy weed from reeds
o once upon a sign in signal world
i saw a dirtied mad man come iding under girls,
and the shiverers of taut Japan
hisses across massagers of daddy neckties; O, curls
crusade for city silence
and the mammy melders of violent easy spies
drag a hairnet for a cryer

and, oo, when cunt-folk weep then infanticides
clamour at a pulled ward when fathers under tyres
ignite dazzlers with stoned sex and gashy gold-pyres
and ironic silver sliders snap a soup about death
and iconic river rifflers crap upon swallow-mess
and a slighted blonde babby
hag-hangs heroics from shakespherian laddies
and, o, once upon a cunt, i entered my piths where
applers of circus men chewed a crocus then snared
ideal fawned feather-farmers
will collide with shrill prisons and execute fayres
and easy cakey stalls will smoke aside fayres
and an easy teasy mumma goose will stare
directly into a hollow mind that culls sex-prayer?


Copyright Jim Bellamy 31/01/2021


 songsheet title: Once Upon A Mind


Once upon a mind, I dreamed in a nightmare
of a world of eyes & a world of flares;
there, where the leaves fell madly from the trees,
i sensed eyes cleave into madness & despair;
and here there were eyes that slithered in black
& here there were eyes that danced on their backs,
& where time loitered & flew quite away,
my memories were cloistered in the eyes of decay,
&, o, what a world was here constrained
in the eyes of the spheres & the ravaging rain:
ah! what a wasteland was here seen,
where the waifs & the strays slid into eyeless dreams:
as if from a cloud, or some native place of tears,
the shroud of deception serried into fears...

forest forge of metal heroes:
deep in dogday crucifix, the ark of summer burns;
like a tauran epitaph, with destruction slit in mind,
under domes of lightning, the dreams of summer grind.
Coda lantern, language in denial -
light, what for the hearse of God?
In which room of leather, under which dark wing of tides,
beneath which summer river, does the dark avenger ride?
Spatial summer, stabbing force of
fuse inside the head:
wind swiper, sweeping softly, how now shall recusancy tread:
what for the metal peeples, the hedoned herods under glass:
what for steepled injun stones,
what for bones beneath the vast?
I am the one who opened the sun, I am the one
who opened the moon,-..
I am the one who opened the tongue,
I am the one who opened the womb,
I am the one with eyes on empty,
I am the one with zen-tithed skin,
I am the one with eyes on enemy,
I am the one with lizard sin,
I am the one with snake-skin sentries,
I am the one with snake devise,
I am the one with
the no. on my casket,
I am the one with
rattlesnake eyes.
Spatial summer, endless sunderer,
thunder rumba queen, come lend me penury,
shend away the spheres behind all wonder,
thunder rumba queen, come lend me century;
rend away the asp, the Abaddon sheet,
rend, shend, bend; burn the summer from
my meat.
I am destruction, a circuit circus
turning endless:
I am seduction, the bud of Oedipal demise:

777 is the no. on the transept, 777 is the no. on the drum
777 is the no. on the signet, 777 is the no. on the gun,
777 is the no. on the magnet, 777, magenta blood is all,
777, the snake of ashen conflict: 777, the serpent thunder
on the crawl. ..

&, one day, in opening your door,
the strange sun?...


copyright jdb 1999.


SPATIAL SUMMER (a songsheet)

which the sword of light
that carries us back home?..

Spatial summer, sunder, thunder; dogdayed rite, which way love's dome?
Spatial, the sickle, first purdah ghost of israel; spatial, the number,
the cretaceous hero's war; spatial, stained suckotash, skein of
ultraviolet; spatial, adolf stickla, the scream behind the maw.
Spatial, demeter, ruined ruby of red sacrifice; spatial, the void, the
glove-gleamed scent of hero's death; spatial, the winter, the staining
artifice of emptiness; spatial, spatial sumner, doom deriver in the fuse
of breath.

Whispered acritudes in ferment, such are the fusions love can't keep: sat
in churches full of eagles, led ded as summer, death dements our sleep.
Sapt at veinmost, thundered under metal, scarlet under sadness, our
laughing heroes wail. Like a womb-tomb ghostling, burned where birth is
madness, a knifeling in a rumour, this spatial summer rails.

Spatial summer, drummer, sunder, thunder - slammed in hatred's hand, the
Freudian chieftan rules: sirened under mania, in a bonded state of
failure, under dreams of empty hallways, hallucination spools.

Spatial is
our fusion, spatial, our confusion: spatial, sickness summons; in petrol
pools, we hear light's flame:
spatial is our rumour, the coming of all humour:
spatial, our cloven vestuaries, our schemings under rain.

Licking the phallic towers, coming down from dementia,
our spatial drum, denied in beats of maternitizing scream, like the
druggard gut round the heart of the sun, dignifies the ghoul in the pastel
wards obscene;
slitting wrists of powder, letting no ghost go.
Spatial summer, drummer, sunder, thunder: slammed in hatred's hand, our
summer truths forego.

Spatial, demeter, ruined ruby of red sacrifice; spatial, the void, the
love-lamed scent of hero's death; spatial, the summer, the staining
edifice of emptiness;
spatial summer, doom deriver - led ded fission under breath.
Spatial summer, zero thunder, spatial, spatial summer:
spatial summer, delusion; fusion sunderer,
spatial, spatial summer. ..

Spatial summer, spherical azure void:
in the screams of endless thunder,
time's red asteroid,
like a scarlet sickle rumour, lams aside the sun:
like a womb of endless number, the tomb within us drums.
Moon, dawn opus,
forest forge of metal heroes:
deep in dogday crucifix, the ark of summer burns;
like a tauran epitaph, with destruction slit in mind,
under domes of lightning, the dreams of summer grind.
Coda lantern, language in denial -
light, what for the hearse of God?
In which room of leather, under which dark wing of tides,
beneath which summer river, does the dark avenger ride?
Spatial summer, stabbing force of
fuse inside the head:
wind swiper, sweeping softly, how now shall recusancy tread:
what for the metal peeples, the hedoned herods under glass:
what for steepled injun stones,
what for bones beneath the vast?
I am the one who opened the sun, I am the one
who opened the moon,
I am the one who opened the tongue,
I am the one who opened the womb,
I am the one with eyes on empty,
I am the one with zen-tithed skin,
I am the one with eyes on enemy,
I am the one with lizard sin,
I am the one with snake-skin sentries,
I am the one with snake devise,
I am the one with
the no. on my casket,
I am the one with
rattlesnake eyes.
Spatial summer, endless sunderer,
thunder rumba queen, come lend me penury,
shend away the spheres behind all wonder,
thunder rumba queen, come lend me century;
rend away the asp, the Abaddon sheet,
rend, shend, bend; burn the summer from
my meat.
I am destruction, a circuit circus
turning endless:
I am seduction, the bud of Oedipal demise:

Drank from the
artichoke last Sunday, turned against all sin on museday, summoned up Zion
from a golden stage, danced my mind against love's grade; saw the
trainlights purdah out, shot against my fused & den-eyed pout, did my best
to do my best for u; drank from a choke & broke on thru.
i did not rate u,
no, i never raped u, i did not rate u, little kid, i did not rate u, no, i
never raped u, i did not rate u, little kid.
Helio Bundy, Morrison mane,
why do you drive my mind insane, why does your pick of leather hate sire
against my mental state: helio Bundy, wicked child, why do u rise against
the mild, why do the dirty on light's dream, why rape the child & act
Family garden, sickle feast, why put my brain inside the beast,
why take away the loves I had, why spurn away the gentle mad? i did not
rate u, no, i never raped u, i did not rate u, little kid, i did not rate
me, no, i never raped me, i did not rape me, little kid: i did not rate
the summer sun enough to save a life begun: i did not rate u nor me at
all, all i did was fall & fall.
Helio, helio artichoke, helio, helio
artichoke; saw it in the news, the child tells lies in hope; helio, helio
artichoke. I did not rate the child I knew, i still don't rate the things
he do: saw it in the news, the child dies blue: I did not rate the things
u do. i did not rate u, no, i never raped u, i did not rate u, little kid,
i did not rate u, no, i never raped u, i did not rate the things i did: i
did not rate u, no, i never raped u, i did not rape u, little kid, i did
not rate u, no, i never raped u:
i did not rate the things Love did?

..Are we on the night-ship?.

Copyright JDB 1999.


WHOOPS, I SCARED YOU (a songsheet)

Whoops, i scared u; i guess i always did. Whoops, i scared u since u were
just a kid. Whoops, i scared u; the sun is in the sky. Whoops, i scared u;
i guess i almost died. Whoops, i scared u; tomorrow is a shore. Whoops, i
scared u; tomorrow is the Law. Whoops, i scared u; destruction is a chain.
Whoops, i scared u; seduction breaks the brain. Womb of summer, womb of
madness, rend away these skeins of sadness: under hammer, under natal
blood, rend away these lizard buds - come, let searing scissors swim -
never die till death gives in. Whoops, i scared u; i guess u always knew.

Whoops, i scared u; i scared u out the blue. Whoops, i scared u; i scared
u with devise. Whoops, i scared u; i scared u with my eyes. Whoops, i left
u; guess the seas are red. Whoops, i left u; guess red seas are dead.
Whoops, i left u; guess the creatures wail. Whoops, i left u; guess the
seasons fail. Womb of summer, womb of sadness; womb of fusion's scientific
madness, come, let woman crawl upon her knees; come, let chilldren suffer
under weed. & she smokes a star and she smokes a car & she smokes a
diamond behind red bars & her baby's bad & her father's a god & her lady
man wields a golden rod & she does her best to die away & she does her
best to turn bright grey & she doesn't care for reptile shit & she does
her best to heal the sick & she smokes a star & she smokes a car & she
smokes a diamond behind red bars & she lives in the hills & she lives in
the rain & her lady man is a million summers vain & i guess i scared her
since she was old & i guess i scared her since she was told & i guess i
meant to & she's going south & i guess i meant to & her soul is in my

Whoops, what happened; why didn't u care? Whoops, what happened;
what happened to prayer? i saw the cars, saw the vehicles ravel by - what
the hell happened to the roads in the sky? & i scared my woman & i scared
my mother & i scared my peeple & i scared my brother & i scared all the
folks who'd ever lived to kill & i scared all the folks who wrote me a
will & i do not care & i do not care to think & i do not care & i do not
think to blink & i do not care & i do not think to mind & i do not care &
the skies are going blind.

Woman! baby! child beneath blood blue! woman!
baby! child beneath red hue! woman! baby! tell me what to do; tell me what
to do or else break thru; tell me what to do or else break thru. Whoops,
she scared us, i scared her; whoops, i scared us, she scared her; whoops,
no more, just stones inside; whoops, no more, just wicked brides; whoops,
no more, just wicked eyes; whoops, terror, whoops, derangement; whoops,
feather, whoops, containment; indian summer, doctor of estrangement;
indian summer, doctor of displacement!

No more love, no more news, just
the rider singing the blues - no more love, just leather kings; no more
love, just menstrual wings - & she smokes a car & she smokes a star & her
husband's a devil & she's behind bars & they know & they grow & they
always did & they learn so fast & they have no kids & she is he & he is
she & there is just no more to see & he is she & she is mister blood &
there is no law, just bones in skies above & there is no law, just bones
in skies above & there is no law, just bones in skies above.

© Jim bellamy 1999.


Unfinished songsheet:   title: PIT-HEAD

written by: jim bellamy

At noon, there is a tremor; birds
Cease singing as the sun stirs
A heat-haze from the dimmed
Moon. Men cry at the pit-head.
Brothers, sisters, children, bent
On scarring from a sound.

The explosion of life defined
By the madness of love's
Implosion, dances against the
Shores of a sea that meets
The darkness of a smoothed
Pebble, smashed into the

Teeth of the void, constrained
Inside the fences of death's
Cornucopia. In the clouds
Life creeps into salience
Unborn. The pit-head burns.

A heat-haze redoubles and
The silence of thought cracks
The bones of a mind brought
Queasily into the beaches of
The muteness formed from
Lips pared back by these
Words, refined to change.

Penitent, the children gaze
Out at a strangled town.
Innocence lies bastardised
By eggs, broken in the
Hands of a spade-cock, cut up
Where its hands weep.

The pit-head is permafrozen.
Lust weeps from its hot chill.
The villagers are opened.
jdb 1998