a festive unfinished songsheet...

Title: O, This Day Inside An Autumn-Christmas Mind


Out of cloistered reach, nude vales suck snow-powder from peaks of hill-hanged xmas Valhalla…

O, this day inside an autumn-Christmas mind
Berries bury hollies in the snow
O, this sea of time where xmas whines
Will learn of festive yuletide shows
& the early morning winter rose
Summons ice from dined
Snowman lips.

O this day inside an autumn-Christmas mind
Chestnuts banish iced hate to find
Robins & turkeys lost where time
Sea-hangs mistletoes from November vines
& the fathers of the holly trees
Must answer to keen ice-trips
Ah, the pipes of peacefulness
Deliver kids to dreamfulness
& the yules of distant mellifluous rites
Hurl true gifts where belled midnights
Lend happy cats & festive dogs to Santa & His snow-kite

The happy ice in a sea of autumn-xmas time
Chills yuletide with the gifts of fruitful wine
& the red breasts under rites
Ripen inside sleighs & human reindeer
As the prance of Christ’s light
Hears us!
As when this xmas mind will feed us
Then elven girls will give gold & receive us.

Oh! Happy xmas autumn everybody?


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