a further speed-written response to Dante's 'Inferno'

               kinematic force
      Must rape the swiftness of this coarse  Rainbow, and petroleum
      Lashes eyes unto the burned  Lids of life's third mind.
      A cloak of darkness wraps around The torrents of a snowfall
      And shawls of bleeding entertain
      The unsexed beast of night and day.
      Death entreats the sick to bear The wagers of this tar-dressed night.
      The depths of murder feud for pain
      And the quietus of the killed Bears guns, bombs, gas, knives
      Unto the centre of a hidden sea.

      Mother-naked, strapped at tongue, Death goes down the Dominion.
      Dom Daniel may not snip my sex For oceans turned inside their bays
      Will see their slicks of kerosene  Arise from burning empires.
      Kisses dress mad girls as children.

      The crushing wavelets of despised Wars transpose all rivers with
      The breathing moaning of death's dawn;
      And at the very base of hell  Arms outstretch as if alive -
      But thence the swiftness of love Turns hands askance from welcoming
      Wherein man's angels move
      Against the pits and coal-phased  Lasers shot from out the cloyed
      Plains of brain-dead woman.

      It's rather like a downward spiral, Where marriage lives for just one day
      or else the car man drives in
      Lies smashed to pieces in the grey  willfulness of life's exile.

      Guns, bombs, knives and gas Will traipse the sun with thunder-claps
      And where this world lies cleansed
      Of all her enamoured fearing,
      The fragility of life Must whisper in Christ's ears.