further new speed-written songsheets

work-in-progress title: C/O A Bedside Entertainer
1sr draft poem then poem-song

the acrid acid chants of a brand new day
glisten and writhe; and a cortal sea of clay
cries after music
and an easten angel sears sense with glazed
burning body rocks;
and a boner under sandals peers under socks

the acrid acid plant of a brand new day
sits and listens; and an eager opener of claves
carries sickly fevers under melted mentalis
and a metis god
cries for christ; and easy passions dream


the acrid anvilled archangels will summon dust
o acid templars must stitch bones to fluff
and an easy rider raids mitchers
and alcoholic sisters wee on pitchers when lust
cums prying after dells and killers

the acrid scandalled archangels will summon dust
ah acid disemblers stride aside salt deaths
and a cryer under rain pants after sweet musk
and, oooo, a budded burned boy dies


the arid sex cellar where a blithe body gets burned
comes crying after Milton
o a carrier of killers cracks for lies
and paradise lost leads to paradise regained
o arid hearses collide with graves
and riders of eyes glow like a glow-worm;
and eyers of pavements cause sex to crawl
and deriders of cruel life layer sex with drawl

the ancient body-boy who pees inside a crack
star-traps idolisers with slashed wives and paps
and an easy biker bangs nails under wives
and baking liars cede deaths to naked knives;
and a butcher on a soft path falls along stone

the acrid cellars where a blithe body gets burned
comes crying after Heaven;
and, ooo, paradise regained heeds paradise lost


the cutters of denial drape dad hands across meat
o raiders of decrial define mad sands
and, oo, as eyes close, then facial fatal dead hands
smile aside blue angels
La, a baby in sandals uses flesh to find the killed
and communal body-mess
melts under decking sex; and blinded bruised hills
cum toppling till death eats.

the ancient babby boy who weeps for Adam
rides aside sax where saxa salt seasons lead,
and accidental men on the moon cry for bread
and, oo, occidental prayers crap upon
a dappler of night and day; O, we use guns
and idlers underneath blue clay
crash, and cars under blind laves fuse suns

the bucklers of the stationary killed arise from
old men who carry giants from cliffs
and a dolted mind kills plants
and a vastness of baby slants pick hot tits
o la la, eyes melt for me
o la la, brides smell for bees; and old lips
must shelter a dizzy cap inside blue guns.

the ancient babby boy who weeps for Adam
will here and now erase dogs from abandon
and dead wives in a lisp
form struggling words from a sea of strips
and a canny dun owl
will hoot in a blue wood where towels
sponge the dead from the kissed?

i centre senses along a bald rose where
feeders of faces flash till culled by air.

the metric of a mind poem accuses bards of word-disease
o nitric summer poems cut fuses from poet -trees
and a laden father comes washing hands inside beads
and, la la, a vacant lover leads washes to spind weed
and, made in cars, we drive all day till night burns seed

the metric of a mind poem accuses bards of word-beads
and, o, a magic castler delimits egg with bacon-sleeves
and we fry some shit in a buttered pan
and we cry as we slit sin with old cakes and drams

ancient barbers knot a penis-pylon around sedans!

these easy play-days where we interfuse death with bone
will sunder deaths where a bodier of stoned mind-moans
scurries aside mules and death
and we wed to fools
and we break the rules; and a mission under old foam
gets crushed aside dirt-moods
and, la la, raiders for skirts pull bells from hot drones
and a bed drowned at sea
senses a perfumed child crowing after soft mad trees

these easy play-days where we interfused cockles with
VD and its aroma of stink and vinegar
will here and now define drink with blinded oak-pigs

Oh, a sea of swarmed laughter cries out where kids
crap along sea-shells; and Noah dare not set sail.

we grow weary as we panic: O, rifflers under rain
go crack god's teeth
and winders of windfulness hangs heads from meat
o we grow easy as we panic: O, drivers under sleep
serenade bones with asexual baby heat
and, oo, a wifelings use closed buggies then eyes
may well arise, arise
and casements sunder dives
and, o, as ogres war for mad scythes, then idols
will get stared upon where tatlers die

we grow weary as we panic: O, rifflers under veins
go suck god's cheek,
and the number of a rose sheds dying petal-planes
and, la la, sunners of lost clothes
sear a wintry mind from dizziers of rapine toads
and, o-la, the timed bled dead yield night-rogues
and, oo, a mind of red lead
cusses a currier of daddy darlings and cold beds
and we scurry under dreams

Oh, a sea of swarmers slaps against old tides
Oh, a shriller of waders walllows for loud wode
and, as killers run dry, then a birded cage in cloves
craps along a maddener of a genius blue poke;
and ashen babies writhe
and waxers of laddies espy hats upon drives
and there is a bald car parked in the drive.

we grow weary as we panic: O, rifflers under rain
go crack love's cheek,
and dooming deniers abuse socks under gold stains
and, oo, mental defamers raise rocks from gold veins
and, la la, menstrual declaimers dig for devil-drains
and naked nuclear heralds noose a turning of a stairway,
and we will loosen our emeralds as we star-play
with junters of eastern damaged carousels; and day
arises from lost days

and praise arises from drinking moon-life; and, O,
when we survive false wars
then we will see dreamers shrinking under paws
and the wild world sings for lovage
and the wide swirl of rings drags hands for
a puny soft space where ivories caress wards
and a seasoner of lace
lambasts doomy deniers with ideal cot-cased
silky sylvan starry naped pedalled apes

they said that gods died out
oo they sad that christ has gone; and idolisers
hereby swallow the very last of real angels
and i smoke a fag in doubt
and i choke on smoky christened screams
and, la la, we must weave aside from mounts?

and there are one zilion sparrows parked at my backdoor
la la, there are ninety eyes of summer burning; and whores
come homeward to detail the wintry wife of a killed bore
and me and madam mien
set alight to Bethlehem when a filthy soaker primes wards
with idiot children and boats nextdoor

they said that god died out: O, the churchyards ran dry
and the faces of jesu's pout
appears killed now by sunderers of day-lit city cries
and, la la, we smoke for women
and, o-la, we choke cherries
and a denier suit hicks after blinding blue ferries,
and we may well sail out to die

and here are one zillion sparrows parked at my backdoor
i espied some campus blubber shaking hands with
rats and bats and swallows
o i saw some camphus father shaking hands with a
broken swarmed arm; and a dangerous shadow stirs
bulbous minotaurs into sidlers of smoke and nerve
la la,.- hocus pocus peers under sails where pervs
pee along a frozen train-rail

and de bubblers of pure biblers pray after hens
and de writhers of demure suns
come shattering stained glass with hot hens
oo a laden layer of de garden suffers easy men
oo a ravenous liar gets laid on its tom-tit lungs
and, spent, a fire under graves sets light to gums
and a doddery male damsel drinks to sirens and drums
may well get punctured
and, lammed, a daisy boy-child may well stun
a bedside entertainer;
and bled men on the moon will suffer moss soon
and a kicker of lunar hills
may well suffer a damaged sea where dunes
marry fingerers to saline biddy runes..

i espied some coded coeds come clamouring for
a martian sun which had no heat to bear
and, o, as weepers rock, then silencers of tears
have to drag a dolphin for a pool of grey fears
and, loaded with dogs, weepers must shed tears
where, lunge-married, a sweated crust may sear
coded candies from dieticians and starved gourdes

and morsing men who sink under nurses will board
a peacock killer with shippen fists and cold swards.
put-pled purblind eagles heap a daddy birdy under scribes
and a bald birdnest digs shattering eggs where eye-wives
come slapping against cold flame-thighs
and wipers sink an angel in the thighs where babies
star-splatter hemetic gold with twining slashing belfries,
and a tomb-raider in a blue cage
carries an instinctive venal race where purple rage
serries a cheery choker-cherry with binded blue-sleeves
and, O, once upon a sad mind, i over-looked grey trees
and a veinous kodak triffle has to blown seed around
a budgy space where canary rainbows swallow age

o, a vernal invective penile rash lays waste to teas
o, a renal disaffected penile crash
swords under skeins where a brother to easy mash
swills dark sauce from ketchup throttles
and a canny wide world hatches under bottles
ah, here, there are magentos in the underpass
and, made dear, a dramaturgy of sweet masques
serenades a bloated bed-fist with candied crafts
and, la la, my dodgy time has soon to come
ahh, a honey soldier shoots passions with rafters
and the davy darkness of god's mission
cums sundering blind cheese with derision

peopled public seasons scutter a sea of dweebs
across a fatal screen where diamante film-feeds
get gutted by ideal killers and the chains of reeds
and we rush as we run into de midnight sun; O, slease
gets rammed up pubic lotions,
and a bobby of a law-leader claws aside oceans
and a babby of a law-seizure mauls inside oceans
and a creamy criminal curator falls aside potions;
and me and madam macadam must swing for sleeved
vinyl policing dark radios
O eyes melt for flown fullers births as skies die now
jdb 03/02/2021


work-in-progress title: Anatriptic Body-Rock
1st draft poem then poem-song


the daily morass of a mad keen mind
has to cave in
o vaguaries of lust sunder quiet climes
and eaters puke skin
and a bed at sea causes slept sin to
fall from soft signs
and, la la, eyes entertain grey minds.

the easy easels of the painted bleed
aside veinous blasts where cock heaves
a saddener of a mask from naked leaves

the signal sunrise uses a moon for a mind
o signal moon-rises accuse light of crimes
and a serried soldier
cums tapping at wards where old minds
think about swift deaths

the easy easelers of painted heads read
balded bunny books to sodded sea-sex,
and hustlers turned from husbands deck
daddies and female evil deaths.

the daily morass of a mad keen mind
has to cut winds
o families under limbs claim soft wine
and a balded bed
bashes slept bread; and odes to time
don caps when a daughter under lead
arises from denial

the daily morass of a mad keen mind
has to cut mentalis
from coded killers and dying swine
and fixing faces catch defiled minds
and coaxers cry forever.

these are my dullard day where i lay me down
aside a tangerine town
and, oo, as my head prays, then my bed drowns
and, eaten, we idolise prayer where soft clowns
marry mandalas to art
and, la la, we weave hot lickers
and, la la, we feed off knickers; and hearts
get caught inside pulsed strippers
and, oo, we idolise farts as eggy snippers
drop dead.

the daily morass of a mad mind leans from
canny eccentric blue lightning; and guns stun
a deafener of slaughtered eyes
la la, we weep as we sleep; and beds writhe
and sad wept salinity stoppers blood.

the daily morass of the fascinating news must
saunter under tabloid skies
o easy failures use dust for a family feud and
dusters dust shelved thighs
and a wicked cell locks death under seasands,
and eyers of old lies loosen blood with tides
and, la la, we share weevils with old lives

these are my dullard days where i lay down
aside a mandril sound,
and spirallers underground witnes sound;
and anemoes glow like karma as gowns
sunder hermits with easy rolling gowns
and, oo, a hatted chalk hisses
and, oo, a collapser carries eyes to kisses
and ideal hustlers supper for lies

these are the saddening days where lucent fathers fall
from a deaf kiss
and, oo, the sky's kiss crashes where lemon shawls are
force fed to lips
and, la la, easy drivers dream of deaths as we use cars
to comfort a fast fled road
and, aah, a red dead toad squelches in both hands, and
peerers who peer under radio
must happily strangle radios; and handless meadows
cum leaping deaths with xmas

the daily morass of a model village lets sealed flats
to crying gas-fires left on all summer,
and an eaten fly shudders for the chaining mad as
candy rats verminise the easy killed

these are the saddening days where lucent mummas fall
aside ruled death where cryers dream about lost walls

where devil riders rock a cock-boat, then we will sprawl
across hired yields
and, o, as riders get shot, then funeral men must crawl
across hired fields;
and macadam boys shoot germs with dark tarmac
and madam-joys cry after dogs and dizzy salt traps
and, oo, salty steamed seed scatters penises where a
daddy castle cums knocking at death's backdoor

the daily morass of an evil home houses whores under
easy phlegm souls that create dreamers from tundra
and, la la, i appear to extend my arm to coded lovers
but my arms are dead now?

o i shelter in the raining moon; O, i suffer for aimless minutes
and, la la, i abuse salted wounds
and, la la, i arouse boats with planets
- these are the darted days when a summer of cold wounds
glows, glows

ah a budded money-belt seasons decrial with cold rooms
and, la la, i arouse salted crows
and, o-la, i arouse a rammed rose where closures swoon
after sex and dirt and devil laughter
o i shelter in the raining moon; O, I suffer for aimless granite
and, la, a faceless mind goes damaging gas with gannets
and, made from shells, a banana-bandage barricades
an opener of mouths with veinous slaves
- these are the carted days when a summer of gold graves
goes glistening underneath magnetos and glassy naves
and a naked star-colt marries peanuts to nude rage

the natal dead creep up, up, up. Odes to lichen ride for a
shrill cock-aroma that leads happiness aside cinema
and, dated by girls, a cruel canteen gets swashed with a
fatal cup of suet and liquid camphors
and, laced to delimiters, my kind gal of winter uses calves
to blind-slaughter dizzy days with modellers of sex-hards
o i shelter from pissing rain when my coat gets stoned by
dirtyers of loud layers and boggy wet-silence
and a bay on a cliff gets gritted inside a bad boy's violence
and, blorted, a meagre sac of eyes comes skeltering
directly under graves where the dead moon's slides
show lunar porn kodak to dreamt rooms and wives

these are the night-long dragging days which snide
aside from naked sea-song; and a neon ditty drives us
far west where good indians gather up the teas. O, dust
happens now to open tramplers of sluts aside wide
candle-shores; and a bower of lime has to seem blind
and, oo, the native naked flowers used to live but now
trendless failures must dribble from tubes when cloud
colonises bone with closed evil; and macadam guts crowds

oo we are surely the nasal boys who drill for rivers
oo we are surely the fatal boys who shrill for rivers
oo we are surely the natal boys who kill for rivers
and the starry strung moon climbs cemetery waters

and you and me and co-op blood must donate shopping where
lambasters leap from high chairs
and, oo, you and me must take sold hair to a bad city where
blue talons come prising buds from a lost prayer;
and a pylon pusher murdered love
and a pylon usher murdered gods
and, lo, you and me and co-op blood must donate cock to slugs

o an acid trainline rummages under cuttings where dogs
come ravelling under high-lines and evil fever-pugs; and
eyers of evil kids come amusing hands with pig-sands when
an empty dead zoophlilia anoints pure evl with both hands;
and, maned, a tiger of pure science makes all things work.
the darting daughters of memory snap into dementia
and a darling doctor tests memory for pap; and deniers
drag a patent pussy around christ's neck; and old liars
delimit decriers with mountain fats and easy gassed fires

o an acrid trainline amuses cold carriages with samphires
and a giddy baby-muse gets sea-changed by grey spires
and a broken lady must pose for sex-change where tyres
get burned to silent death; Oh, a latent vein bleeds briars
and staplers of dogdayed violence cases staines in wired
boxer-jaws; and a local foetal flava swigs sauced mires

and you and me and co-op blood must donate shopping to
an eaten space where brains go to the moon,
and we will weaken hearths with daddy demons; and, oo,
a tabler in a garden cups birth with finger-flues wen dugs
get pressed upon studders of emptiness and easy lugs
o, eyers ease teas onto shoulders when eagre mind-bugs
glow, just like a kid glows
la la, as a queasy pegasus uses petrol-cans then drugs
may well serve blind pepper to petrels and fangs? Oh?

ideal hustlers give husbands to blurred paper when
evil piggies spin a nurse from leaden hands and chicken.

lo as i salute the yoyo moon, then i shine for the mad
lo as i dilate the juices of night then i shine for the sad
as the whorlwind at my window snaps glass across
a crimson cage, then the widowers in the past wash
a petrol mind in a gassed evil tomb
and i have doublecrossed by baby
and i have thunder-bossed a mallard in a flower
and, la la, i salute the poncho moon that shine for cabs

once upon a small mind in a sprawled space, crabs
came drowning under saxa sam,
and a noosed aquarium gives rise to edams where
feverers spread deus-lips with opened fairy-fears,
and i have seen the moon at daylight showing tears
and i have entertained robbers with a rubber-spear

the eaten amp of one zillion words shapes song from
a bitten entetainer whose jazzy juice-jive uses guns
and the romantic scatterers of sod boys and nooses
sink some stiletto statues underneath magenta muses
and, la la, eyers shrill for meat perfumed sex-pongs
and, o-la, pushers of ill walls will sunder grey songs
and pavemented mine-spills dig for layered loud tears
o the klazons on the pavement raise alarms from a
dromedary mind which sinks monkeys under card
and a leaser of a bitch may well cry, cry
and a killer of a witch may well learn how to die
and, la la, cereals in murder-bowls delve for lines
and a sad kid in a detended room suffers timed
bladdering anatriptic body-rock; and wax gets lined
with sassy spinney rashes; O, grey waxisms repine
and hands fall to marital laziness; and kids whine

marital eddies of magical biddies raise rape's mind
aside a softening withering garden in painted pine
and oaken apples and severing taverns serve wine
to old children; and alcoholic sofas swim in time for
a local street-sweep that fascinates dogs then scores
umbilical points with fated mienkind's closed sex-moor

Copyright Jim Bellamy 04/02/2021



work-in-progress title: oo a gunner of saviours
1st draft poem then poem-song


oo a gunner of saviours cums hacking after love
oo a father of flavas moistens five winds where
goddess glisters and leaves tears to die
oo old fathers sing for lovers; and a sea of hairs
suds after soapers and the angels in life's sky
and, la la, opallers of pharoahs peer aside mares
and, o-la, once upon a yoyo, masoners tucked eyes
aside a bled boat that has no oars to raise

oo a gunner of saviours cums cacking after God
oo a brother to labia moistens hands with blood
and, laced inside, traders of soft lungs save God
with easy funeral thumbs that bleed oats dry.

oo we may well believe in ghosts are truths
oo we may well believe in ghosts afer loves but
as caging summer dies, then men listen to sluts

oo a gunner of fathers cums hacking after christs
oo a feloner of fingers moistens veins with rites
and, blood-bled, a mumma in a sun shoots daniel
with pursy lips that lead Andromeda to pharoahs,
and a lazy lifer leads prisons to sails when a drug
cums curling under blow-flies;
and mad mamma weeps as she feeds deaf eyes
with ladeners of sleep.
O, a dunny babby reaps dirt from coded sea-slides
O, a bunny lady leaps skirts
and a blower of bled bones brags for filth as brides
cums shammering after thunder

oo a gunner of fathers cums blacking after wisdom
oo a driver of sisters cums riding aside missions
and weevillers use a seaman's mission to define
dirtyers of dusts with halved moons and mind-mines

as a daddy dream bus cums haunting bells with crime
then mammy screamers shun cunt and dig for timed
penis-bones; and a dizzy mum shunts a tree of vines
and, ooo, blowing evil snails suck slime from dirtyers
and, la la, slowing vein-sails suck winds from dyers

oo a turner of a titty turtle heaps birds upon flowers
oo gunner of ladies loosens gyms where grey towers
carry televisual faces to spun skins
and a baker under blasts bolts suns to daddy hymns
and a petrol butcher, masked, guns a face with spind
bodying beery mind-rock;
and a dilly ship sinks aside cit clits when ropes grind
daddy vales from penis-stock
and a piggy pee-pan peals pussy from vaginal slots
and, la la, a driver of canaries violates dust with cots

and a dizzy dreamer of socks dons bouncy trousers
and a giddy screamer sunders cock with grousers
and a porky piss-pole sheds sperm-urine across mousers
and we mormonise fate as wintry chemic cake-sale
swells up, up, up under vans where fatal beer-bales
bollockise coded clitty petrols with easy city nails

oo a turner of a titty turtle heaps birds upon flowers
oo spurner of onion loosens sleep aside sod-powders
and, made to weep, a veiny vulture that uses night
must sink a babby deep when a babbler under spikes
sunder cunted cuty lemon oceans with dubbing kites

as a daddy dream bus hires naked pain then rites will
scar-exorcise a dead bust with a digger of raped hills
and a dummy bay pisses
and a mummy grave hisses across child-arse; O,
illers of veinous bird digs after trams where red mills

masons masterers of mumma from old closed rills

there are one zillion latrines found outside my window
o there are one zillion canteens found near black widows
and a fast flava, slammed, zaps sounds from old spleens
and a loud father, crammed, cups titties with tureens,
and a lancer of liars prances upon nuts as cunty crows
carry vaginal shitters to loud noise where spunk flows
and a flower of night pees aside boys
and a tower of dykes stripens after diggers of dead boys

and a dizzy dreamer of socks dons rubbery finger-friends
and a giddy screamer docks rubbish
and a lunar skein seeps under cocks a vaginal pee-hens
cum strangling odours with bled rummaged sea-bends
and a ladener of love-lugs drives after cats that send a
daddy buller to a blind sea where hags yearn

there are one zilion latrines found outside my window
oo there are one zillion cunt-sounds seen aside ferns
and a strutter of mind-cabbage cups breasts inside permed
daffy permutations of easy salty phones
and, ahh, me and my latent child crashdown teleported
idiot suck-masons
and a bed of beads counts bees when a penis gets ported
to shitters of guns, lungs and parties


the pissed boys in the hills glow under loud mod noise
o the kissed boys under mills crow under proud cock-toys
and, la la, a babier of blubber
bags rosy rot aside oozements and dead fever
o pissed boys under hills sunder crowded mind-noise
and a rider of salt-drills use peeing pepper to rape boys
with a lesbotic vaginal rash
la la, a dodger of dooglers drags dummy fire for ash when
ochres of vile viol-veins
smack a daddy flower around babblers of easy gold hens

the pissed boys in the hills grow under proud mod toys
oo kisser-joys sunder rills where a baker of blonde joys
carry a scurrier aside milky mills that weaken into death

there are one zillion latrines found outside god's shadow
o, there are one zillion canteens seen to serve milks to dreams
and a dizzy caste carries puss to pulling blood-tissues
and a bell of masks jams pus with drooling cunt-runnels
and, la la, i espy in de gravy dark a bald whore in a pram
and, o-la, i espy in de crazy park a sprawled ward in Japan

the pissed boys under red dils drop soakers under woman

the tarring flash of a sperm-moon raises salts from flame
o-la, burning ash sucks cocoons from latent female-rain
and, summered by, a sex-room dons patients from grain
and, juddered, we send sex to guns
and, gubbered, we send disks to cum
oo a balding soap-baby bridles nudes with horse-hums
and a pony room loosens dirt aside dicky cardial scrum,
and, la la, a pisser on a cliff raises war-ravens from lunged

and, ahh, we body after bobbers of cane-acids
and, laa, we study after minors who use cokers early
and, oo, weevilers sunder flavas
and, oo, sodomisers father tombs, and sister's worm-fever
gets snapped across cries of Nineveh and elbow

the kissers of decrial kiss lippers with shit-fests and teeners
o fathers that defile piss wrap leapt hands around reamers
and a coded rose-codicil
carries peppers where listening layering labia fails for a
digger of shampy mists that sharpen cum with penis-cable

the tarring flash of a sperm-moon raises salts from flame
ah-la, yearning masques spoon-feed cold dolts to cut-rain
and kidders cut the space with sex-tread
and rippers of mutts race across deaths and semblances

these are the carrot days where i lay down all charms

the drillers of cunny drains drag lukewarm asylums from
vaginal dizzy casements where dragoners don red gum
and penny boy-men scatter a februs lighting aside spun
easy daisy thumbs
and windy wound-mums stun eaters of mermaids from
curvy curators of loud guns and diryters
oo a bended bracelet dons lungers from eateries
oo a shened basement digs a desolate space in cherries
and a blonded hagger rips a decorous face under dung
and we hoot for ghost-motels
and we scoop serryers of hotels from naked glasses

the tarring fishmen who parade down my vast road
cum riding kissers with porkers and drowning brogues
and a sister to a worm suppers for howling sea-rogues
and, la la, hissers under slappers
snap a horse-bed across loud leopard
and we wank for dross as we slacken seense with boats
and, ooo, a pusher of plangent paedophilia sinks oats
aside easy devil masturbators

the drillers of honey drains drag lukewarm asylums from
vaginal dizzy pavements that bleed Dom Daniel dry.

until i am thimble-dried, i will never lay my body down
o until i am weevil-wived, i will never lay my lady down
and, oo, a stationer of silks snaps for me and salt-sounds
and a walker on a rill sheds salt seed across wastegrounds
and doomed deniers in sweet rains
summon sisters from maggot-fame
and, shoved high, weavers of faggot-sweets use clowns
to execute saline circuses with closed meats and Downs.

until i get eagle-dried, i shall never lay love's body down
o until i get dyed, i shall never lay my baby down
and, ah, as i walk in an elemental town, i will never
arouse pictures till prickler painters shove old pepper;
and a nude on a hill arises pavementers from old news
and a dude in a drill sky-arouses eye-saviours,
and, laden with dills, eyers lead liars to eaten cunt-screws
and, idolled, we swill tyres?

tarring gism-boys who stride against galleries and models
missionise flat positions with blued brides of coded candles
and we sink a candle in god's thigh
and we wink for cradles; and a pusher of pacers writhes
aside blowers of silk and milk and false highs.

the picker of a natron spices sown scribes with tribes
o hickers of matal Isis splice crowns with ripped rides
and a loosener, defamed, drives from kids when grey wives
cum scattering medal-seed across binders of shit-sides
oo a momma of Dettol crisscrosses fathers with slides
and we are gone home now where ghee feeds denial.

the bathered blood-bathing body-moon raises smiles from
heapers of guns and gyms and nunneries
and, O, a bed of hands grasps for mammaries when
drummers for anal-lights interfuse maidens with pigeons
and, lazing by, a lasher of naked ravens shave sturgeon
with rocky raiding wraiths who swin after caviar;
and, oozed, mons caviar sinks pus-flesh under labia
and, moosed, donny radar shrinkles side vein-killers

the queasy davy damsel i once called my very own
has yet to torch the quill where spunk touched down.

ohm what with body-boys and ripped hens in season
weeepers may well murder death
ohm what with tangy toys toss-raised from sexers
weepers under flowered salt-seizures
will swoon-sunder snippers of shroud-tails and fathers
oo once upon a burger-heart, a snake in a salt den
came calamitizing dirt-brown-art with dumb women
and a daddy arse has to crack its prats where gems
drive drisellers of gas under bled bits and
the saviour says Haloes as dread angels expand
drivers of dairy doofers and sex-stilled chickens
and a bust of doped grass
hastens to helmets as city aside pulling kitchens
connives for spilt swill-soup

the pricklers of a blood-baited bummy seasons
ten gunned Jesus with his lifted sward; and gardens
grasp to easy glass
and, la la, a minotaur tunnels after raping masques
and rapiers of damaging drains slaughter cock-casts
and, car-colluded, a bather in Staines
realises moggy bloods where a drabbler of clasps
clap a burny big-hand aside mice-bathers
and, oo, where tigrons chant, then catty sailors
jump upon gelled trains that lead to canary-curves

oo what with Osiris made-up from mind-apexes
then a bath at high sea rinses bulbous salt-flexes
and a static owl hoots for burning mind-faces
and satanic fowl pecks for wormy heart-paces
the dictator in de flour shapes cake from lice
and, drammed, dead flower wilts under christs
and, slammed, sweat-satins slice for eye-heists
and, walloped, a jazzy whipping pony uses mice
to scare mad rats that lead dummies far West
and daddies don slaves
and laddies use graves
and, swarming, female butterflies cut nests
from swirling bees that cannot sweeten death

the sky-chanters who label lyons with quests
hereby natter at a dominating whirlwind; O, nets
sunder saunterers who ram god-powders down
and, in death's shrill void, vammers of grey towns
cum scatterig plum ground
aside deafening fish-gardens; and washed clowns
capsize along a whale-popped kisser
and, la la, mental mind-nests spray slits upon
desking dives

ooo a captive collonade slices fishy night-guns
with tonsured dilators of forced days
and, oh, midnight curls crusade for cock-lunged
burrrowers of signet sleeve-ponds,
and a shark-shook isle pisses across hummed
easy tripper titties

and greasy farmers till robbed fields until a
damager of veined lights swallow wasp-cars

oo as vinegar waters spill across loves arse
then a blood-quarter fills loss with god's mast
and, uh, our eager masted Venus lifts the past
to a flitty pitty sperm-radio; and radio darknesss
cums vavooming shot spunk
against droolly wafers that communionise a
daddy bobble blush

oo as cimema baiters toast doomy eye-mush
oo as kinkered data drinks to coded sky-cuffs
then a vile dead bittering video cuppa junks
homely honeyers whose dilator eats bumped
bladed badeas in lotions

the divers of malt rain secure seances to old
gilded digger dolts; and, O, as daft death's fold
slits poisoners and bolts, then a jailed inner foal
fascinates beasts where, plunged,
star-tasters in de East ravel into suppertimed
penile vaults where angels groan in the sky
la la, a motile masturbator of bone blinds ties
with vanted criminal mind-shows
O, these are the vines boys tread
O, these are the minds gals thread,

and the eater of a rose ram priories aside dust
and, star-theatred, a blorter hears leaving lust
made code; and, lo, coded bitumen use pus
la la, sylvan milk-weepies strangle wide cusps
la la, silent silk-weepies haggle for teacups;
and an easy man-o-war
guts faces with the islands death scores; La!

eyers widen for colts where evil margarine
spread cunt bootpolish across bread-tangerines
jdb 17/02/2021


work-in-progress title: Around Vases and Old Sluts
1st draft poem then poem-song


the rivulets of an insane season suffer words
o rivets under sand slam beaches under birds
and a dizzy sun at night
laces dung to ships; O, a daddy under light
heeds whores where night shines

the rivulets of an insane season suffer curves
o privet inside hands lams ilexes with minds
and a doctor to a flower treats grey death
and, oo. we slide from sleep as we wreck
bad gods and magog steps

the distant writher in a gun may well write
about corn dolls and the face of the news
ahh we say Amen to the past and brood
and a sapient watchman times bled sights


the eyelets in a city's glove have to close now
o eyelets under skins cut a titty in both hands,
and i lower my head aside naked sin as jams
hit to a gunman's jazzy slam
and a diary on its side tells time with prams
and a fairy under toythings
abuses hospice headphones; O, dirtyers
drag for dragoons as bed aside a fire
gets swamped in blades; O, dirtyers are
fed to phalluses, and a daddy drum stirs
starry nights aside dilators and naked curs

the distant writher of domed denial carves
cabinets of ice from neon winds
and, la la, eyelets noose sins as old scars
suck a child-cut
and, la la, dirtyers drizzle salt in scarves
and, la la, an easy fizzed picket spins
down a daffy mind-moon; and sins shut

pluperfectly around vases and old sluts.

the darkeners of diamonds layers clothes with hearts
o hardeners of diamonds, slayed, stroke easy arks
and a dizzy diver dreams of day
and a fizzy rider surrenders; O, fast graves arch
under baby blades and deniers; and fasting hearts
suck along a cheese-glade
and, la la, a peeing body-lay sinks a penis under
mad minotaurs of hellish hens and eyed thunder

the eyelets in a city's bug dons seed from lovers
and, o-la, mental floss drags suns from mammas
and, mind-maced, weevillers shriek for glamour
and, spine-draped, mad devillers scream for a
blinder of a green mosque
and, la la, a touch of the pre baroque moves
fasinating tears to eager deaths

the darkeners of diamonds layer robes with darts
o softeners of sirens shut a dog outside red hearts,
and a babby brogue scuffles for lost feet
and a jeery rogue plays fool with a loud meat..

and we drool as we climb
and we soil as we grind; and fasters of heat
drag dolly towels for easy indian star-heat

the darkeners of demons layer roses with masks
o hardeners of seamen dig missions from de past
and a bath of night washes hymens
and a crafted light soaps old demons; and sirens
go glowering aside ropers and bitter men
and a daddy house-masque uses dance for gems,
and a mum of dirt drags fathers from children

these are my mallard days when i cut women,
these are our dullard days where we summon
crowy crowded cliffs; and, diced, a curtain will
most certainly suck old dreams from slept hills;
and, O, a swaggerer who dives will forever spin.

the darkeners of demons have arrived,- sins
supper for a void when gardens topple limbs
and a darted summer shoots claves with spind
bloodied bodied mind-winds
ahhh, the darkeners of demons have arrived
lo, a grainy statue sunders life with old sills

these dad days, voided, drink blue heaven dry


vaguries of mad men venalise a dragger of paps and paunches
la la, i recall my lost mind
la la, i recollect mad gems; and when i think of pink macs
then i design clothes with lost lines
o vaguries of men penalise a robber of cats and lunches

the darkeners of demons layer couches with flowers and
a designer of faces swallows fathers
and, spun as she gets spind, a fastener of oaths eats sand
and, lunged, a gilly girl breaksdown

vaguries of mad men scent a menagery of men with hands
and, lopped, a pisser under rent radios old men with Downs,
and easy teasy girls who shove pearls around the world
are hereby fed to fools with nympho beer
ahh, a headed hedge that gets cut to pure death
heats a factory dial; and a bedbound mutt cuts death

directly under criers who layer fists with hired water.

easy eateries accuse the well fed of eating stone
o a peasy proctorate funds teary churches when bone
gets glistering under guns and easy lovers
o easy eaties abuse a cell with starving stone; and bone
gets bed-bitten with manxes and disembodiers.

vaguries of mad men send lips to stickers when dromes
come crying for softeners of splayed saviours
and a fanny-war deadens ghosts with swift sailors
and, oo, a buddy-boy delimits boats with failures.

easy peasy pixies cum wagging elves with dreamers
and, la la, a lamb at sea gets shoving mills with trees
and, o-la, there are human curtains here which cede
bald midnight to groping knifed pissers
and, once laid, a brother of christs delves misters.

vaguries of mad men send lips to stickers where drones
shovel pussy pyres aside pullers of pluming sloanes,
and, o, since we have let love's road cum between us,
then we must corrode clits with ashen female sex-dust
and, the dullard days are near where i recognise lusts
damaging the zeroes of cakey nudishness and rusks.

vaguries of baby-men get shut aside an evil dustbin
and, layered, a ruby hen gets cut; and evil old skin
gets scattered across commodes and aged pots
ah, a neon diamond shines just like loud noise, and
scryers of demons grind lust down to dead demands

vaguries of baby-men get shut aside a litter-bin
and a radioed cocking horse gets cocked by spind
crazy mazy easy winds;
and, oo, a naked blaze sucks a blonde sea-mind
from dirted daffy dates and urinating old blinds

o these dullard days get snapped aside spines
o these dullard days get shaped aside crime; and
if we ever weep again, then we will surely ram a
female fan-life down city steps and aviaries.

vaguries of babby-boys play with sainted toys
oo families of blubber-boys use a false-sea, and
we weevilise the weeblers of noosers
and we sea-slam deniers with closed rulers

these are the scents i knew when first born
and, loathed, these are the truths i used to form
my empty cradle-trades with hands and fawns;
and i have seen the dead gliding under grey thorns

these are the cabinet souls of my closed life
o these are my sweet folds shedding life; and
i espy caverners cum weeping in seasand, and
i define cinemas closing with easy crying hands
and i refine kinema with oozing veinous islands
o my cabinet souls get locked inside england
la, my cabinet foal gets rode aside cold jams.
vaguries of pisser men peer into old mind-man,
pestlers of tissue men mop seed from woman
and a driver of good fairies sinks thumbs where
daddies don mammies and shrink sex where mines
dig for dirtyers of fascists and gold-vines.

these are the cabinet souls of my closed life
o these are my sweet folds speading christs; and
i espy wideners of shoals cum fishers and spikes,
and i saw my delicate impossible grave made of
a nakedness of moors and yorkshire deities,- God
climbs into his impossible hill,
and a female fist shudders
and a female wrist covers nails inside mummas.

vaguries of killer men peer into odd mind-plans
and, laced to rivers, hens lay rotted egg; and
as weepers cry for deaths
then creepers carry sex to a bladed death;
O, once upon a mind, missives shave deaths
with rizla razors and easily murdered nests


when a husbandry of hides led marital mess to water
then a focal foetus shot the moon,
o, as we gargle then we assault blorters of softeners
la la, a cow at easter squirts milk for easy fingerers,
and a patent plower pulls easy blood from old killers;
and a sky at sea swallows venal tapestries
and a mental dive drives cods far west; and riders
cum wanking on wet corn;
oh, a facer inside piss-porn gets gutted
oh, a rizla aside shit-porn gets nutted
and, la la, a crocus in a bum-blossom bends lifers
across naked lips where pink flamingos flock for
icers of finger-flits and idolent red monkeys.

vaguries of killer men peer inside eggy summits
o families in illers send tears to easy wakes; Ah,
we weevilise the poor where we sweat optics
la la, a cannary of canaries jolts budgies where cars
crashland, just like a concertina
and, lapped for mikes, deaf singers swing for killers
and, snapped for stripes, blind singers swing mirrors
and a naked hordse gets cunted
and a nuclear bawed gets runted
oo a dog at night yaps for sailed barks when Mars
cums rustling after closed caves and cavatinas.

as sadness yields the dark, a switchbladed trampler
gets hit upon lady tombstones and drabblers; Oh,
a baggy butter barge buries burners inside oats
and, la la, as sadness keels, then a latent stampler
switches a daddy sloth upon nighttimed stoats
ha, a bedded bummy boy pisses in a blown park
ha, a deadened mammy boy pisss in a lost Arks,
and a cherried chapster has to execute boats in
stationary vine-fields where darters stab gold-gin.

vaguries of killer men peer aside eggy punnets
o familial riddlers send tears aside candy planets
and a chapler in twelve hands cans canned gannets
o grannaries in spind shelves sauce canes with rusks
o nunneries in spun dells sauce cranes with musk
and the waldron in a cell key-crocks a door-fuss
and, la la, when keen roads come between us, lust
has to shine just like a toad,
and we are led to cremation road where issuers
snap snippers around traffickers of blue tissuers.
the cystic rifflers of gal-folk lead dung to a
simplification of a swaggery steed; and old cars
crashland; and a tit on a screen uses film-cigars.
the active nerves of a pactive lover cut riders
with eaten dairy-thumbs; and a pisser in lighters
gets set to dirty flame by bookers and burners
and, loused, a bible-car shoots from a red hip
and, ooo, we cream up for burrs when bird-bits
bleat for hooting owlers and invidious vein-trips

when once buried in the twilight of a ghost's soul
a female moony vixen may well taunt dead flowers
o a daddy under sirens cums kissing under coal where
damagers of demons burn, burn
o a father to a saviour sucks on ferns as seedy hair
gets struck by strutted body-perms
and weevillers tarry for death when a fatal firmed
model madam village sees sirens blay
o, there are dreamers near who ride from yesterday
o, there are dreamers here who sleep under air
and a laden teaser hips to wheat and sullen trade.
the active nurse of a funeral lover has to cremate
dragglers of hearses when fevers cum to dilate a
gabbler of a gaberdine whose genoas cannot rape
and a killer on a rise rotates across the sun as snakes
get strangled in baskets
and, la la, damagers of biscuits slam a tail about a
mummifier of sleepers and the beds aside slaves
and repeaters on reapers fear headed blind-blades
and the hiss of madness storms the moon; and eyers
lead lampooners into screeners of devil-spires
and, scuttering under blues, a heaper of gold-tyres

snaps a daddy coat across deadeners of samphires.

Uh Uh a bitten mandrake cuts into a sugar-spire
and, gob-glanded, a sea drake spits eyed fire
and a laddy of de moon masturbates with tyres
Uh Uh a bitten shoe-snake gives head to sapphires,
and a model lung causes breath to pant for
a godless poet tree where a planet of demure war
slashes aside frozen minds where pulers roar
and we are roared aside a chaired stain
and we get spored aside a paired star-drain
and a dashy dashboard grabs after coffee-grains.

Uh Uh, a bitten mandrake cuts into a sugar pyre
and, gun-eagled, a burning bastard eyrie eats mires
and, loaded with apemen, sweat collonises old veins
and, sprayed for catmen, sweat collonises tree-fires
and, splayed, infernal butts scramble for fruit-friars.

o snapperers of tomorrow's snoods must accuse
a darling of closed sorrows with a hill of screws
and facials sucketh long as lobbed angels shoot-up
from dazzlers of guns and wolf-armed cut Gabriel,
o the strippers of today bare sexy lungs to Ariel
and a buddy bit bags clays aside purses in candles
o a buddermost tissue-man pans clothes
oo, a painted lipper dams vanned cans as rogues
swing to a xmas beat and die, die, die

woollen wolverine men date deniers with slides?


Copyright Jim Bellamy feb 14 2021.


work-in-progress title: Aside Sad Sea-Chains
1st draft poem then poem-song


the desirous wanderer who shafts sex with skeins
seizes sex gold from dudes
the serious moon-brakers who drive cars down drains
seize rolled souls from nudes;
and a fortune teller at sea reads heaven's brains
o, cantakerous old pricks peer aside sad sea-chains

the desirous wanderer who sharpens mad veins is
forcibly fed to fathers when fieldworks suck figs

and melodious pussy pullers uses cuts for kids,
and eyers of wild kids
sear minds from dialled piggies; and odes to grain
scurries under templed pee-stains
O a kid in a boat sets sail for laughter as dudes
climb along a naked mountain

deleterous body-bends bury cods under poos

the radio gets murdered in the wild and
easers of slits sunders dust from england,
and the daring dark dams lights with crows,
and eyers of damsel-flies
raise a dolly flap from eaters of soft eyes

the desirous stations of minds cut snow
and roses, rammed, cum thorning loaves
and, la la, we weep for rain when toads

stop as they squelch. And pools close

the deleted faces of a bled void accuses sex of
laying fever-cases across gods
and ocean men sail for toys when salted Love
leads a lady leashers to ideal gob
and, oo, weavers wash wives aside de blues
and instamatic fathers cry, cry
ah a model sad village drives aside nice side

then dinted faces of a mad void accuses sex of
layering fingered cases with sylvan dog-drugs
and wine-weavers loosed sad stools with dugs
and eyes cry out aloud
and missioners kill God

o as the streets seem dirty, then eager rulers
may well sell death to flirts
and, la, a heaver of firs fashions nut-spewer
with kneaded skirt and easy sewers
and the dead rock the flab
and the sexed cock for crabs; and seizures
cause causal mind-cabs to cease smiling

o as the streets seem dirty, then eager droolers
may well swell up, up
and, softly raging, diners of sluts slurp cups
and teasing coffees stir acid into toffees


wow, these sleeting iced days when a snower cuts
are coming, here amd now, in the face of white-nuts
and a veinous bloom
comes sundering the moon,
and jolters of tomorrow use yesterday's room to
salt-affix a mad sea-swallow with kitchens
ooo, a summery father groans as he jokes
and a seasoner of mamma
cusses after debt where a snake aside dada
drops a knife under mana
wow, the dead must grow where midnights
glow under dogs and macadams

o as we stretch along the earth, we find galleries
shining like a plumed moon,
and ivories of coded mothers sear alleyways
with copious fingerers of salts and runes

wow, these sleeping days when a lost flower shuts
then me and Eve and Adam will ignite sluts

oast houses in mad english summer gardens get
shovelled under soft wicked numbers,
and a bath at sea ravels under tundra as sex
seasons fools with ashen star-specs
and, o, a miracle horse adorns closed kecks
and, o, a mamacled force adorns closed necks

as rhymers die out, a sbriller of pure rain gets
messed with my emptiness and neural thunder,
and a laden peasy lion who roars after fevers
must cradle a cocking horse in listlesness
and a goofy greeny grasses under endlessness
and a cheesy fanny dies;

la la, oast houses in mad indian faces abuse
laden demons with draggling diamante; and
sewing slayers scurry from ghost sunday, and
eaters of dummy graves lead facists to seasand,
and a mucky model ward houses islands,
and, oo, i idealise the dead as my soul rams a
dabbler of a daughter under serial madams

O, the razors of slaughters slice into sedans
O, the raiders of mortars smell like edam
O, the bleeders of rivers lend waves to woman
and a gritted irish tree gets tickled for children
Ah, eyers nip a bird from red dus as reason
glows just like a fast bird
and, la la, fasteners of curves rouse birds
with haloed hands; and the gobs of treason
slap a retro charge on a car
oast houses in a mad english garden get
a milky silky surge from whining ater sex
and a soft milk-weepy serves ghosts to nests
and a daffy barge goes floating under nets
O a lilter of samphires gets slitted by desks
O a killer of sapphires lays mace with pests
and, dammed, an easy mammy slave rests
along parching pianos when music prays

as rhymers die, then swingers of hearts
lap a lucid bone with tawny buzzers; and
a laten patient moon will cum upon scram
and a vignette in a loud hill must scan sand
with twinned drams
O the lickers of decrial hiss for edams and
a budder of blue denial slows boats down
blued bummy bottlers who drain death dry
come swalkowing tidy picklers; and lies
drive sin to sleep when familial body-brides
gut a gusted wind-mind
o blurred father bottles get sunk under wine
and a dizzy mamma pecks salt to death
and a hazy human fever raises veins from
dovetails and cannabis anointed sea-guns

oak houses lend pines to elms when suns
get glowing like one zillion eyes
and a bath on a cliff soften guilty skies wit
appointers of teary chaf and gilded red lip

blued bummy bottlers who drain death dry
cum wallowing in muddy pictures
la la, a hag on a screen wades into slides;
and magic metal boys hiss as they writhe,
and conical mummy-boys
scatter sweet pus across mindless toys
and a lively liver-pusher veers from toys
and a mazy river-pusher fears old boys

ah, as sliver-Zen paints yogic yoyos
then, painted by skin, a belling pogo
has to wash wide curls in loud logos
and, la la, as logo police arrest logos
then magic tragic sleep hangs bled radios
and a peddler of plum scum-kisses
a damager of guns and gins and wishes
ah, as silver-Zen paints yogic yoyos
then macadam must spiral from ponchos

the dirtying darling men who sweat for
a national infirm disease
carries shoulder-rocks from grey pores
and, la la, a soft frenchy falon shits for
a battalion of false beliefs
and, made old, headphones layer lice
with hispic heads and citying bed-mice
and a neon statue falls for a lark and
digging bone-breads button lard-cans

the octagons of midsummer light stand
astride bubbly breakers of soft brigands,
and a vase inside a screen
loosens an instant hospice with bigbands
and, la la, medlers in a terminus uses jams
to widen cruel jazz with musical seasons

the sweltering shelters of pure rain seem
too easily sponged and too easily dreamed
and, as i sense dogs swirl, then my scream
has to jeer at hats then cry along my tears

acritudes of evil men anoint perfumes with rocks
o pitted bladder men appoint grey grounds with
a blorted songster whose mental grave frigs for a
valleyway of galleries and loaded active ribs
and me and my flava has to kiss a sky of kids

acritudes of evil men must appear sent to sex
o gridded balderers suck trained points as sex
cums huffing after panters and painted grey sex
and, la la, pontiffs under cattlers
scutter after bees where a blue light shatters

the watering use of religion sets fire to shutters
la la, a sauntering lubes sink a nympho under butters
and a blabberer inside pissed ink
hastens to dried widows; O, a pig in poked sink
carries cooling killers up a desolate stair where
inky automatic pilots peer within death's scare

acritudes, munched, direct a monkey lab from
a scattering of wet pies and a crayon gun, and
a feeder of evil men fasten flexes aside drums
and ordinary neural sounds sing, sing, sing
and dabblers of mad guns shoot space-wind
with gatherers of hens and naked fatal money

the watering use of christs sinks soap under a
daggerer of doctors and queasy quaverers, Ah,
i have seen a noose cum blorting mouthed cars
and, where deaths twire, i hear a huge mind-star
gone cold; and a moon of tears swills defiance


O cantankerous men on a hired cliff snaps
O venal wankerous peahens
swipe peacock plumes from perfumed laps
and a owl at sea
slides deniers inside trees and green seed
and a natal winter fever
smashes evil hands with fire-fixes, O, pap
pulls along a bell when acid hell
loosens flowed windscreens; and cellves
romantasize the backs of sisters

and a focal worm slides down clisters where
daggering arses work bobbins under chairs
and gentian gentlemen raise a bed-snare
and venetian whippers must layer prayer with
fascinators of mean shot minds;
and, la la, as grey headphones loosen kids
then dilators of fast telephones
have to lay a blonde egg aside a deadline

and the smile of a rainbow's ebb designs
a dangerous swoon aside a slotted sign
and signal men crash as a dotted bine
sources madness with creamy sex-wine
and, ooo, a natal corset snaps up wine
and, ooo, a fotal fish-net sups a green-wine
and the smile of a rainbow's ebb reclines
in maternal musclers
and a wailing screw purrs for blooders
and a sailing dude sees waspish glovers
cum rippling where town-air eats lovers

breaded coke drains faces bone dry; Oh,
a wakeful mouse-mane combs eyes; Oh,
a digger of cold frames dreams of ties
and bollockers get fretted
and rollockers get petted
and a lousy gnit-nest jacks dickers with
venal rasping red-bedded stallion-kids
ah, once upon a mod escallion, grey gigs
came jumping arms with jazzy arm-pits
and a local menstrual canny hero
cums drinking jeyes as loaf-shakespearos

darken naked parks with closed nerves
and, gun-laid, de bluesy lady uses birds
to wash a panting priory with lost curves
the easy faces are going blind now as
reddeners sharpen cars with deaf glass
and, la la, madam macadam burns de past


Copyright JDB 06 FEB 2021

work-in-progress title: Nerves Scatter Headphones
1st draf poem then poem-song

these are my mallard days when i learn about summer
and radios in shrilled nerves scatter headphones when
daddies dream of winters
and a bay of cogs raises clicking splinters
and a bath in sods causes soapy kids to writhe
and, oo, these are my mallard days
and, oo, these are the days when i will sit and cry

these are my mallard days
these are the mentalists who swing from hired waters
and deadener under lips
has to hiss for a sea of spun spind easy skin trades
and, laced, a latent dream loosens babes under slaves

the shadowers of the easy killed crusade after flowers,
meadowers use a dizzy daisy,
and a softening metalic bowl bashes eyes with flowers
and, melted, we use a sea of grass
to succour the keen hands of a city-arse
and a hospice nearby dons mental headphones
and a laden looter of crown central
carries bled eyes when eaters of coded car-phones
cause felonies to scour

and, oo, as i entertain the dead then i go mad?

these are my mallard days when i learn about water
and radios in shrilled nerves scatter earphones aside
a blindedness of fast vans and taut cathedrals,
O, eyers cry for crimes
O, liars die for minds, and one day when a dead bride
teeters under soft crypts
then a dazzler of brooming skies sweats optics

the shadowers of the queasy killed carry hearts where
dilly dizzy dullard boys raise mansion from a screen,
and a darted scissor darling
dribbles grey sand from twixed fanny fartings;
o, once aside a blown head, a city not right in the head
has to listen to leper gals


these are my mallard days where i learn about daughters
o these are my dullard daytimes
o a laden statue of a lost girl uses veins to cut slaughter
and, la la, a greying mind mason
builds erectile ashe from laden pigs and cattle-casements
and, o-la, me and my daddy earth
seasons mums with pullers of pool-pens and lost birth

these are my mallard days where i learn about doctors
o,these are my medical nighttimes
and, made juicy, a dead nurse in a hospice in the mind
gathers easy headphones with huntet-gathered twine,
and a bad bed at sea
scatters butters across demnotics of pushed beliefs
and, lanced, i weedle after demonics where
lashes dance in an ambulance; and easy hair

washes creeps away from delimitless body-heaps

the rended red-bedded bakers of vines have to
enter a daffy cleaver down a vase in a lost room
and, la, where ladies lie
then a baby bummy wife may well hear eyes
and, laced, eyelids flicker
and, spaced, sky-lights quiver
and a bedded bag of moons spreads prats for lovers;
and an easy ochred fever
cums laying adown aside my backdoor

these are my mallard days where i learn about daughters
o these are my dulling dreamt days
and, la la, as i star-tread limes under graves then
feverish fallowed thunder cums cockling after children
and, paced, i entertain red-headed cunny woman,
and me and madam macadam heed tears

the rended boy-shows in this fay town use a river
to sunder dilly capers; and massive mind-livers
get stabbed away
and icy pie-minded claves carry old men West

the icy ravens who use lost mind peck after death,
o a jolted moon shines down from the sun
and, laced, a pulling pavement listens to guns,
and a vastness of men trip for coded sea-suns,
and, displaced, i have seen brothers under deaths
shaping sharpened mind-dreams
with whirring star-hands; and a televisual sign
points curved fingers at rolled screams
and a bath at sea
sluices silver baits from strung sea-blinds

these are my mallard days where i saw slime
cum sickening at my candled sinking spine,
and a radio of slacks
summons ravens from denim traps as wine
sinks a dizzy thumb into rollering sex-signs,
and an easy eater of a naked navel grinds
gobbered ashes with ashen baby-brine

the rended gal-shows that lead men West
sharpens dizzy dolor with dirtying ironed breasts;
and when arching eaglers peck for lyon-nests
then quickeners of fathers get soaped by a
spermy knotted tree where an acorned mess
scatters crazy cradles across fatal salt-mesh

when crunched in a bowl, i saw my own entrails come
savouring every soft soul,
and, oo, as timeless summertimes end, then old guns
may well shoot me stone-dead
o when crucified by apples, i saw my eardrums
sliding a naked anvil across angelic teeny suns,
and ideal plowed faces
get tumbled by heads and local fatal faeces
and, oo, a marital donkey rides bride-saddled as
lemony sweated knicker-umber uses skirts to
feed sad sops to glass

as regal kisses float on skinned air, a torn mask
comes reeling in the tea-soaped East,
and deniers plan to tea-hang a star of lost peace;
and a doctor in the far-off stars
bloats up from cherried sicklers as grey meats
cum capsizing where old stone shapes dust
with unlawful seagulls; O, a shimmy sloane
dons bedazzling chiffon gowns,
and pressurises of chinese towns groans;
and vacant trees moan,
the rended girl-shows that film deceit is
star-fed to rotories of both night and day;
and riders on melodies sharpen cold clays,
and giddy basin fingers swipe dunny fizz from
devillers of satin rizlas
O, when creators of ripplers don france
then idiot devisers of nippers dress dance,
and writers on the dawn
send midas through corn; and udderers prance
and delvers drink gal-spawn.

fishermen of butter men spread cake on hot jam
and, made god, feeders of bread-snakes rams a
dady jar inside a mummy
and, o, when earphones sink fingers in dummies
then radiographers of monkeys
come clambering up skirts where killers pray
and, stained by nuts, my heady eerie mind rams
a damager of distance under plovers
and the stars in the rain raise dirt from flowers
and easy giddy glue-boys suffer coded honey

the regal girl-shows that cause heat to strip
layers lewded crows to rats and sweet-lip;
and a caddy of golfed shoe-flirts abuse lustre
and a balded bay of de burlesque use fevers to
cascade cat-headed bats around a lost mother

fishermen of butter men spread cake on hot sand
and, scar-scathed, a buddy to drakes come
strangling blorted missions with dairy sea-lungs,
and a model missive feeds letters to dun trippers
and motel kisses snip a milk-tit aside strippers

ahh..once upon a mind, some happily hanged dudes
came washing their dirty hands in a rainbow,
and idlers who crack birdies
have lost hands for knuckles; and odes to screws
go delimiting doming bells with easy mind-nerdies,
and a beller in midseason
capsizes for liquid reason; and, Oh, metallers
get slowed down by wood-work and killers

oo we are the riddlers of blood-beds and we're
fed to a distant moon-mine where strange fear
silences soft swooners with utmost change
ah, a salted sugared good man dances for fear
and a laden snaked basket stores blithe tears,
and youths are blown away
and sleuths are smashed today;
and, raced, a runner on a grave has to sear
bubbly bibler boys with blue nun and terror

ah as blue milk weepies wander for trade
then a blurred blue lamp flashes under raised
tomb-yards; and cigarellos in the dark slay a
damaged girl-friend whose freezing display
ticked around a mirror made from slaves
ah as blue milk weepies wander, then maids
cum lung-jumping cancer words with slayed
doom denial
ahh, a bone at sea runs home for decades.
what with silk-lips down the u-bend and
what with salt biscuits in the cistern,
me and my favourite sex-gob gets going
and the elaborators of elevators seem hanged
and a swiftt daffy wife sweats when crowing
O what with silks down drains and edams
a lifter of a life-ban breakdown,.
and aged minotaurs run christ under gowns
and a natal blown bawd
seizes capital roofs from radio silence

oo a rotator in grey mists sharpens violence
then a fuzzy owl comes hooting as she prays,
and a dog at night seasons suns with rays
and, coded, as heathen cipresses use lays
then an agnus castus xmas tree
gets grown from screwers of cunt-tea;
and we widen for a false lunch as we
sweep pentacles under blown fast slease

what with mad men lounged along blood and
what with false cigars drowned in veins, hands
may well fasten some buddy hair to
rapists of gardens and bubblers on the move;
and a doctored shy rose raises buds from
a dizzy green villan whose gunned dram lifts
a fatal toast to a mouthy girl; and a grey tits
cum sinking ideal eyes inside a fierce ship.

oo a razored eraser of dusk forces lust
to lip-fashion blind balloons with pushed
cardial cock-castles; and odes to Rome must
sharpen Romulus with christed Remus
oo, and we will soften as we flower after
ladelled loud laughter that sweats for Mothers.


yes, i saw a dromedary devil child come sundering
a dukedom of a fast family,
and the radios in a slit uses wide TV for memory
and a fascinating flit has to shine, shine,
yes, i saw a dromedary devil child come sundering
a cooking cuckoo cinema mind,
and the vastness of video grows aged and sold
and the emptiness of stereo glows aside the old,
and a bodyer of breakers
shovel soft vinyl up a plastic pop-hit; and beakers
sink shits into dried ice
and, la la, devillers of christs drag drapes for dyers
and i anoint mycellves with pomaded midnights

when umpteen minds jack-knife, then mad liars
will surely suck on massed light
and a burner of badeas slashes widened cryers
leases masonics to a river-reign
and signal sunrises leap jazz under pryers
o, my world is pyramid
o, my girl is pyramid-rigid;
and, la la, as bursters bathe inside old rigs
then a puncher of a bruised slave will frig
daddy diamonds with spastic apple-pigs

the dancers of pure rain strip ass from back
o dancers under demure rain-tips use smacks
to siren after bones and beds of water; and ash
cums denuding primal prisons with a
slackener of old defiled red prisms; and
as we weep for gold, then we taste england,
and a cruel wed store
heaves a bad bath from aphonal walled whores;
and decorous flashed fingers move
against ideal wasted winter nudes

and i will go and eat my fish-n-chips in a public toilet
and lay waste to red rum with kebab meats close behind,
and the suckered son who feeds off mamma's chewing-gum
will satanise god stalin with painted cocks and movies;
and i will go and eat my fish-n-chips in a public toilet
and dig aside the dead with pittas stormed close behind
all daddies and muumies
and in the mummy cloths we are wound
and wolf whistles sunder fast-food sounds; and bellies

and, oo, i shall eat my fish-n-chips whilst plucking cherries
and, oo, my delicatessan of a fat mind revolves for berries
and, la la, as musical dinners burn
then i shall idolise the defaming flame-houses of firm
greedy titty pears
and i will soap my lungs as i eat my lunch near a drain,
and eyers of eaten rifles
model bummy cheese with daggerers of battered brain
and, ooo, as i ride from city sleep
then i shall find once again a local latrine where grain
falls like piss from a magical bread-heap

birded wizard men cast bald spells as rabbits glow
ah, naked chicken men cast bald spells as mad crows
show death-printed prison pussy cum scattering clothes
and, la la la, eager riflers of xmas triffles have to grope
after easy fishy dinners eaten under stale cake-rain;
and, slicing once again,
my all too funereal body gets bagged in painted rolls
and, oooo,
eyelids suffer ooze where a partridge in a pushchair
cuts the livid space death's mutants tread
and eyers of sweetened fatal cunt thread cold hair
with flourishers of folded fantails and dragon docks
and i shall eat my fish-n-chips in a public toilet
and lay waste to red cum with kebab meats close behind
and i will famish after mind-paint
and i shall tarnish dogs with feinted red heat
and, o, ole gods will turn as wedding cakes drag meats for
feeders of floes and flown tongues found outdoors

O- we will shut a flashing door across bones and whores
Copyright JDB 5 FEB 2021


work-in-progress title: The Vaguries Of Vast Pigs
first draft poem then poem-song


the vaguries of vast pigs peer inside a locked vault
o the crissing crosses of tears
lend candlers to wax where i listen to soft salts
and the pharoahs in my head hiss across pyraminds as
eyers of darkness sharpen blindness with glass

the apers of my fingers sink embedders under masks
o the kissing hoaxers of fears
rend cradlers; and ashen jeery jam boys season-steer
a pappler of bloods from easy spheres;
and, spent, my braining son uses kids to burn weirs

the casements of my sadness rend denial when gas
sinks a swollen ex-mind aside spind spine; and glass
carries daddy dreams to eastern smiles; and grass has
a new day to ravel under time, tide, and choked mass

the vaguries of vast pigs peer aside a rocking vault
o eateries, dammed, draggle after bulimia; O, bolts
get glistering inside fast minds when a body's jolts


the curtains on the moon draw blinds across a cradle
o eaters of hired noon use suns to blow starry anvils
and, repleted, spired tunes noose guns to easy angels
o repeaters under wine widen blue drums
and a reader of denial sharpens lungs with old gels
and a babby broom gets drearily fed to gay gals when
a shriven mind-sail snaps my head and cries.

curtains, veiled, loosen wax from wives as gold skies
spiral adown the kissers of dirt days and night-rides
and a hisser under gems dazzles after diamante brides
o dun bleaters who get trapped beneath blind eyries
come scattering malt-seed across a tree of babies
and, ravened, a daddy for greed scales fun rubies?

the vaguries of statued blood don dives when dolls
come scissoring after gods and wives; and sod-skulls
clash as they shatter; O! weedlers of knives use bull
and a noah in a dead ship goes drowning; and mulls
mix nameless penises aside crows and queasy mammy


the issuers of mazes use bones to bleed a mind
o gemmers of faces drive stone aside a red rhyme
and a waxy mace lends dogdays to catty sea-swine
ah as we i shroud a sail with wolfy warders then time
must dazzle under dales with
a horn for cock-pint; and a macer of pigs has to grind
leaders of peppers to sand that scatters bread-rinds

the vaguries of hissers hear the world cum home for
a party under kissers that swells aside a cosmic ward
and a daisy mad heart guns after laid lies as nice swards
lip after rot when a feeder of laughter fishes for
a nuded maw of hands and meat; and a sawn wall
grasps tips from bone-books that lead fairies to drawl

the curtains on the moon draw minds across angels.

the eaters of flown statues dram after coded chrome
o reapers under gnomes stab fathers
and a dad at night leads eyies under salters as drones
cum crying
and fevers for lovers lend factories to fast sloanes

the summers of a blown heart chill birds with rooms
o glisterers, slammed, show sparks to coded runes
and a dad at sea uses faces for fens as grey dunes
site cities with lost mines
and promontories, jammed, jive forevermore

idols have to halt; and dizzy damsons close walls.

shovellers of virtue summon gulls from lost stalls
o ripeners of statues size mad skulls
and, where we spiral, we use a bud with malls
and, when lost in idols, we use a god for drawl
and a hipping jam jolts honey
and a lipping lamb melts money

the issuers of fabric face to five skins and
coded mental monkeys melt aside old islands
and a flame at heart hits from sleep as england
cums sharpening cunt with wetted curd-nests
and, bolted, some camal food shuts bird-breasts
under naked pursers of day and devil night

shovellers of virtue summon gulls from lost dolls.

the lips of minds leach to an emptied bed
ah, tawny lime reach for cans; and old thread
cums widening bulls under blue shadow
and proud Isis, lammed, sunders grey mallow

shovellers of idols ivory-shape godly blacks
with riders of christs and angel-dawns,- Cats
crusade for felines when a tiger's fawn raps,
and we will see rise the ingenious god-willow

as we ride from rest then we abuse red denial
and, made eyes, a wren under weed sheds
dead movie eggs from soft henna and dartings;
and eaters of hymen use a rat for a darling
and we are told that growth is evil?

dark skinned gods raise christs from eagles
and a hem of gods prays after
ashen guns that shoot kind prayers with
molten ever-impeaching bible-fathers.

weevillers have my image made from arms
o easellers of cabs drive taxis wheren barns
cum scattering evil cattle across aged ferns;
and a bath at sea washes candlers down and
eyers of mushers sink a skirt-stink in drams
o a daddy moon gets burnt by starry edams

shovellers, manned, dig desolates for bucks,
wiveners, dammed, drag desolates for sluts
and an eager whore, bagged, raise odd butts
oo once aside a mind, geary whippers used dust
to taunt decrials with bled stone and cusps

oo we chew on defilement's winky bed and
weepers, made milky, dress dads inside tusks
and a casemented cementer
crashes; Oh, once a deaf ocean blinds busts
then bodyers of angels ape for chimp-crusts

there are most certainly feet on earth's moon?

the wideness of five wild winds cums jacking my flava
and, laden, a void of dials strum lungs with my fever
and a canyon dude drops candy gum across beaters
o a dad at sea uses van-trails to cause evil eye-sleepers
to ram around grey grounds

and toffees of mad days coffinise coffee when towns
get rocking to a winter's hot cold heat
and, lasered, dunny coves cause evil growth to reap
fartherings from baddy bone and devilish soft heat

oo a sodden sildler smashes tree-tops whe tipplers
use a split guitar from an easy noisy lampshade
and, danced, we lead beds to daughters
and, askance, reapers of lead abuse sex-mortar.

the wideness of nine evil hymns cuttles after us
oo oo oo, a camphor boy who leads necks to lust
cums hootering for toys
and, la la, a phoenix-ploy burns up, up, up
and, o-la, a penis in a void sheds sperm-cuts

vileness tramples roman cancans and, shut, eyes
bleed for fountains that spray curtal turtle-tides
with walkers of false wavelets and daddy brides

the washed zappy cat's head that mews for nuts
has me outelbowelled by horses and fan-flares
and an indigo bladderer stripes aside fanfares
oo a dollar on a rapped bottom code uses wives
to wode after rodeo-mushrooms
and we use a nuclear son as wax-spoons

viol and dirt viola have to moisten eggers with
nakedness and the squirt in a young gal's wig,
and, la la, my jazzy porn-spurt abuses Abaddon
and, in sea-theatre, my dunged gash-nooses get
hotly hanged from dirt death when
openers of ladels stir cum with spastic rigs

and a dabbler of a cagy mum-spider frigs wet
with signal thumbs that hire a hauled kid-wreck
and hearsing horsing welled wallets pay for kids
oo, mentalis heaps washy garrets with sugary slits
ahh ahh ahh as we sail from deaths
then we will surely know about cruel silence?

a hearsing casement drops dills across cunt-cages
la la, a ashen lip locks my wet tongue under rages
and, leant, i must suffer the first drag of cold tombs
and, spent, my lust for de father dreams of hollies

a hearsing chasm raids my mind-sail; O, laddies
cum vavooming gentle rest across a tree of babies,
and, shent, moon-deniers force mad men to rubied
giddy ear-crafts
and, Ooo, mental digitalis shafts snakes with de
endlessly dying past

a dabbler in a thigh sinks candlers under masts
and me and my easy masted venus
cuppers tawny coffins in twixed hands that cast
babby icers across blonde buses and a cab-raft
and, never meant, a disco of a voice
widens rabbiters from cablers of a sotto hoist

the daddies of bedazzlers hasten to de moist
engine-macadam that leads old dolls to water.

the pursing sex of heroes hears the Thames coming
deeply down inside where laving birds
come cutting swiming mind-herds with cuttings
and the vase in the bath
gets scattered across destroying masts when killings
cunt-create a digger from a lunar freight

the caressers of man's diamond shines a stone-
a digger, delved, heeds rocks as stone spills cry
and a bed at sea gets bolted to demnotic slides
ah a dabbler inside frets assaults mien with eyes

these rotators of a doomy rods cup all retina as
pealers radio blood and listen to a cruel wave
and, parented by mud, my easter xmas mind-slave
layers decrials with belters of hillocks and nave.

the navels of the dead has fawned to plaster.
These bodyers, all abed, storm piers with lather
and a bath in a bled bough gives soap to thunder.

my ashen milky mailed smile dons disasters
and, laced to silky sundials, god feeds its brother.

copyright jdb feb 21 2021

work-in-progress title: With Kickers of Buds
first draft poem then poem-song



with kickers of buds, a knifeling has to unravel into timed
and, ah, when sky-suns slash across mentalising rhymes
a didderer of men stuns eyes with cash

these are daddy days where we use stars for ash and
eyers pull skin across veins
and a dabbler of a crissed cross murders england.

shaven, a buddy in a garden loosens vines with tar
oo, laden, cut baddies badger after veins and rivers
oo, shaven, lady skin cuts her cunt to the very wick,
and all of us has a daddy lip

with riddlers of guns, a dangerous sea-slide slits
skirted pissy winkle-mongers
and deadliness suffers wives when cellves shit.

hissifers kissed my mind-country
o, life-listers caress dung when flavas use
a bedbug for a shroud-fuse
la la, easily painted mines use gold for ladies
la la, easily sainted wynds climb from
dizziers of dragoners and a blind moon.
and babies of the bubble-towns will swoon
for dicky bells and screened udders

hissifers kisse my mental baby when
revenues of statues fly across cold hens
and a laden depleter of sex fucks grey gems


the blithely scar-burned city of bees
hisses across bee-ice
la la, madly broken blind-ditties weave
daddy under mam-life
and a skidder under christs uses trees
to fell teeterers with macadamed seas
and, la la, oceans opened wide
and, la la, emotions cry at a seaside
and a bibler, proved mad, taunts tides

o a rider of denial dreams of cryers
o a bridler of decrial scream for liars
and, ooo, laden bellmen cry for fathers

the blithley cunt-swarmed town of beads
dons bleeders of spunk and honey

swarmers of deadly science use beds for sails
o wanderers in families
nooses sirens aside dromedaries when
daisy deniers drag tights across old women,
and a rider under blood
bends desks under gob
and magog, globbed, blorts aside children

the blithely scar-bound city of oak-trees
sunders soddon garlands with pear-leaves
o, a daddy under fires
dances under tyres when coded spires
gyre across heaven and hell.

o a rider under wet fire strips dogs clean

the bitten hand on an impossible bunyip has to sell
dirtying dollar-bills to Hell
o bitter hands of salamanders cut yellows from a
bodyer of milky communist baptisms;
and a radio under silk sucks dust from closed cars
and, sky-hidden, mad kids in sealed flats
sup a milky date from sweeteners and bats

swarmers of daddy science use false baths to
car-serenade disaster with spinneys and screws;
and, once upon a mind, my headpiece uses sleuths
to snap a dilly photo with twixed poxy emeries

bitten killers crusade for death when penuries
listen in to a daddy date and a sugary family
and, ah, we navelise knotters with feined gorse
and, la, we centralise gutters with veined sauce

these are our mallard days where we eat loss,
these are our salad graves where we mourn
a darling of a house-fire that leads to de cross

the easy macadam days where i lay my horsing body down
will surely, boxed, cum hoovering deaths from old towns
and, lanced, a dancing gun shoots god's parents dead when
idolisers of navvies use a navel-navy-nation to cull children
and a knife at night darkly shatters
and a life of christs daringling dies
and, oo, easy macadam days where i lay my daddy down
will surely, cocked, sodomise veils with vast tears

bitten killers comfort comfry cold with a female weir,
seated killers comfort family colds
and a bed at sea slashes drapes for youths and fleas
and we crack
just like a tree; and we summon drakes from leaves

easy madam days where i lay my horsing body down
will, shanked, cum spurting dark rape-reeds across drowned
salad sainthoods who accuse death of dying all too soon.

bitten killers shatter dolls as a veinous party of thieves
opens a marched door aside a dicked strangled sun
and, sex deceived, a unicorn runs cunt-seagulls soon?

these fielded streets appear too dirty; O, faces down a smile
surrender dogs to midnights
and, sun-cased, pugs of blue-pints get downed by feathers
and a fathering skull, anointed, shovels bedbugs aside us
and we feel for fever as daddy devils use bands for lust

the fielded streets appear too dirty; O, faces down de Nile
sail for madam moses
and a digger dial drinks seed sperm-dry
and a feather under shrinks flaps for a favourite flamingo
and, laaa, an all-too-easy flava
cuts inside bone where a cosmos under labia uses dough
to cascade currants adown buns and chocs and sloes

these fielded cities, smashed, carry veins to closed roads
and, oo, a lost fuelled world
gets no county sleep; and girlies, granned, will use toads
to don squelching coded curls
and, la la, we appear stone-idle
and, la la, we revere sloanes with rivals
and a damager of mind-dangers weep, weep, weep
the harridans of doomy wanky wands hear sleep cum
colliding with damsons and dragonflies
and, maced, we summon sands from easy salt-lungs
and, o-la, a purser at a coat crashes for lipped moneys
and, oo, hasteners of cats flash inside de davy dark
and, Oh, me and madam macadam toast sex dried
lasers in the mind of God bags dirt jesus with descried
bedded blorters of easy nights and emptying scribes
and a walling doll causes old kids to die for gunneries

the wankers of bibled evenings drag tarots from stark
urban larks; and we enter into screws till stirred hearts
hiss and hiss to nuded star-nuclear space; and space-darts
dream of sultry astronauts when drivers use fumes

desultory diamonds drag for ring-wrecks as rooms
go blind then die in the deafening tea-soaked dunes
and a layer of mushy sin soddomises rectal cocoons


and we shall drink our moon sperm-dry; O, we will entertain
diggers of skulls with endless sky-highs
and a bed at sea causes sleep in a candle, and cold rain
must butter dirty-toast aside breaders of hot-cold eyes
and, sea-gulled, a family of lies leads kids to hot slaughter
and, star-gulled, a sea of granite wives
weep after dogs that cry after dolls where parents
peer inside love's false shroud

o we must drink our moon sperm-dry as we widen for
a dizzy evil cavvy that sends guinea-pigs to mouse-war;
and impassable thieves scatter flexes across walls
and a dangerous ooze face shows eyes to house-palls
and we weevilise for mamma
amd we scent warriors of gamma made old as a
dazzler of jeery beery bang-burials
la la, a dodderer inside drams doctors mental dives
with star-shaken wrecks i sailed when all too young

and we shall drink our moon perm-dry; O, we will see rain
cum washing cocker horses from phoners of closed pain
and, oo, wide men will see all sides of men and logic
and penis on de left means a penis on de right; and rain
cums peering into a numberer of biblical vectal bummers
and we suck along a piss-pier
and we fuck against grey-tears
and we feed off shitted ships as we sail after forcers

the eagled eyrie is doll-raised; and, slanted, coarsers
cum careering for tamed tea-trade
and a cafe at dark cups blue breasts inside porkers
and, oo, whistlers who spew braids must hear flexers
cum gabbling after slitted mailed minds
and a dogdayed duresser gets dimpled by reflectors
and a cat-caged flea-dresser gets dangled by
a corban in a turban-city where cablers strum skies

and we shall drink our moon sperm-dry; Oh, we shall
arise from the Thames as we ride from hot shellls
and, oo, we shall drink ourcellves a glass of cells when
bastardising evil monkeys ram good chimps down gems-,

gutterers of gutted sandal watches whisper for fens
and a feast of ivory judas cross-hangs a sea of humans
and, la la, eager wavelets, snapping by, drown humans
and, o-la, frankers of whisp-nets sink bones beneath a
mesmer of an evil mind
and a leader of hens forces cocks to cluck when cards
get signed for by serial killers
O, a hindermost glue-guy drizzles for leapers and
ass-heads, wiped, blow as windy wives crack
a mandraker of a herbed heart that drinks clockers
with a mixer of madam and tawny flu-tarred chokers

and we shall sink from mother earth into dad's sky
and we will cover lungs in a cemetery of pure eyes
and we shall skin up for mumma as she uses tides to
cum gallumpfimg after birds that shed lime for moved
cattle-craning cunt-crashes
and a bad stoat has to woo swine with mirror-mashes

aahh i have overheard the sun inside the sea cum breaking
across fish-shaken blurred fathers
ooo i have star-woven burned fathers
and, as my salmon senses shift, then my sea-skull snapes
a dogdaying mamma across waxen country-baits

the fan-awoken statue of my easel-eyes must use apes
to execute dolls where deceivers spin
and, ooo, my mana parish of a played sun accuses sin
of cum-cudgelling veiny wards with angel-wind

the sirens of my vine-bed cums crashing at my heels
o as eaters of swine strum victors from greying wheels
then my cloud-cousin must delve pigs for hired waters

ahh i have overheard the rippler of deaf blood seizing dust
with dairy danger-thumbs that bleed riflers to bled deaths
and, sss, i lay my doddy bad bow-body adown asise musked
star-droolers who suck an eastern eagle from daddy-tusk
the painters of my heels get damaged by shakespearoes
Ahh, and my dilly dead child lams husks with closed yoyos
and, under slides, i sweat for gourdes when a sea of ponchos
hastens to dizzy deaths then burn up a cavern of zeroes
i have heard the muse of Pan cum spreading leaves for me
i have seen god's christed earring combing pompidores for
me and my gosling gal who delves me with lyoned cock-claws,
and when a zither hymn ends, then beast guitars will snore.

copyright jdb 20/02/2021



work-in-progress title: These Are My Mallard Days
first draft poem then poem-song


these are my mallard days when i lay love's fever
under mod mass; and these are the hands of a river,-
o a model moon masks bodies under glands
and, shredded, an eagler's lady sunders old ribbands

these are the fotal phases of my gem when wig-wands
ease a dizzy pleasure seat under oddness and fingers
and the ideal faces of the fay
feed foxes to cases; and, O, a digger in a mind-mirror
executes sex with oceans

these are my mallard days when i lay love's fever
under mods inside lost hotels
and me and mamma tiger ride from death's feather,
and, lo, a cager of lyon-fire suffers for de Mother.

these are my naked days when i kiss death's liver
o a doll in a stain dreams for gems as eddied rivers
cum slotting ideal faces beneath caverns of lovers
and, la la, a dog in a case sunders dirt with mothers
oh, these are the nuked days when a chaser of killers
cums crashing through a sex-door
and, ah, a shouted fuhrer raids whores with dancers

these are my fatal last words which summon rapes
o, these are my fotal fast words which draw snakes;
and an idoliser in a flask washes fangs aside rakes
oo these killed hot words i jab with jams must drape
doddery curtains with families and odalled laughers

my headpiece covers palms with acidic red-rot.

these are my mallard days when i lay love's lever
under bled flowers that water wives with drovers
o my bed-head brags about endless rest
o dreamt breads stab doubts as bodyers of death
drool after guns and fathers,
and a bay on a tongue shafs summers under sex
and, la la, cavvies on a raft drag lilos with silver

these are my mallard days when i lay lover's lever
beneath sausage clay, and, o, me and naked teasers
sunder robotic romancers with daddies and cuddlers;
and an easy sheeter of grey kids rotates for riders
and, lo, metallers of day kids shit across easy liars

the ideal fountains of pure night study after rills
o ideal mountains slaves ignite cattlers with hills


the showery fleeces of my fast tongue lay gods down
across the faeces of a tawny masque
o, a daddy diva sucks gob as a citadel inside towns
cuts a thunder-nut from robbers of deaths; and flasks
cum scattering cunt-seed across flashers of vast
baby auditoriums, and a theatre at sea pees for casks
and, ravened, we accuse lightnings of using chalks to
summon summer from wintry rages

these are my mallard days when i lay love's levee
underneath blue flowers that bake gardens with dizzy
mammy fools; and a draper of lakes abuses cavvies
and, lapped, strobes supper for snakes
and, crapped, loaves suffer after cages

o the showery fleeces of my fast tongue lay gods down.

these are my mallard days where i lay cavatinas
o these are my beds of pure pig-clay
and, baked like figs, a demure eye-mask sees a tall town
come shafting after coins where a bed of devil-clowns
dances after heavenly boats
oo these are my mallard days where i lay rivers under
blunderers of tangerine bakers
and me and my tonic-earth spill gas under red butchers

the ideal fountains at my side cause paintings to succour
a paddler of a mountain with dead eyes that widen for a
shaven ravened citadel where a city by a dolly gate
cums scattering crow-seed across babies, and slate
oozes for concertina drinkers who supper after capes

these are my mallard days where i lay cavatinas down
oo these grey nights i crave snare hips with lost towns
and me and my motel fist drags cunt from closed towns;
and, ahh, a mental fizz kisses crags when odled cannies
cum shedding urine-sperm across deadener of crannies

and daddy penis digs a mummy penis in a deaf hole?

the hangers of gamesters drive a dog from a dial
o slammers of teamsters dive; and a pool under smiles
suppers for gaga as radiophonic dram
toasts beers with bile; and a bed of a cliff uses clams
to serenade beamers with islands and dolly edams
and, oo, hangers of gamesters drive a cat from a mild
holy seizure; and, modelled, a ratted sea of old hands
shaves a shaken hand with twinned easy motors

these jammers of chappers drive a scissor under rafts
oh eaters of ole fazers writhe
and, star-chained, a townsman's naked cry uses casts
to implode marshes with rotators of bleeded eye-scribes
and a headed mind-piece widens aside bloated riders
and, loathed by all times, we shade brides with pipers

hangers of cheapsters drool for jewish lords and pips
pile grapers up high where a fool inside greyed lips
suck for eyes and leer inside bull-glides; and rose-hips
case thunder under piers when cryers in england rip
holy hoses from daddy drives and easy engined strips

these are my mallard days where i lay my mind around
hatless hunters of bricky voices
and eyers taunt vice where a baby found aside sound
swings, swings; Ahh, me and mad madams kill boxes

goosers of chicken-seed drag a dazzler across skies
o eaters of kitchen-geese drag a razzler across wives
and, star-held, me and my mental darling don spies to
cause infirmity to blossom under baggers of cold ties
and, oo, a naked mamma drags thunder
and, oo, a faceless father craps aside greying tundra
and, la la, me and a mad soak suck across fevered

goosers of miction-mead drags a dazzler across knives
and, oo, bears go torching knives
and, oo, hares go jumping under connived tribes
and, laced, metal cuntings supper after cunt-tides

goosers, laid, shed babby bees aside blown cities
oozers, shaved, spread bubby across veined aviaries
and a field of fasts causes mind-helms to cut baby from
giddy pushers of pelters and easy winter-bane

we are weedlers for sex wraiths, and we use old rain
to rummage for cellves; and a wrangler on a stiff drains
blowers of murders with fanged heels that turn around
oo, a macer of fathers shoots reels where bayed mouths
ease a peddler-tomgue inside fathers of blond-towns

goosers of lichen-breeds bag a bodice with drowned
seagull gowns; and, la la, seagulls, agers and colostemies
accuse abusers of layering mace with cunt-shelves
and, defined by bods, a knifer of lace sucks cells from
a rotator of dells when prisoners of capes cut guns

the wiveners of grey faiths snapper after sperm-drums

wideners of wolf-muscle whip a soft dead monkey
o bridlers of gulf-beds lead trips to soft slept honeys
and a bay of grids sups lead
and a tray of twigs cuts squibs
oo a rider for body boys blort with beards when ladies
cum shovelling mounted crystals aside catted rubies
and dolls use a ruby murray
and cods abuse babby; and, O, lacey fondlers arise
from cities of nudes and laddies

wideners of doll-parcels snip teas with toffee hands
lo, wolfers of skull-mussles strip bees
and a beckoner of cock-bacon scatter limes with brands
and a cheesy cake-grin ginners for coded closed dweebs-
La La;- a doctor under pins delimits cots with reeds
and, traced, eyers weedle for limbs as coded bevvies
loosen lager with rectal beds and limes.

goosers of kitchen-stories cum crashing thru mines
o looseners of miction-lobbies use eyes with minds
and, oo, as we dig for molls then we raid cocoons
and, maced by cunt, a babby in a tree falls to earth to find
a daddy blabber boy weeping, weeping
la la, tariffs of demure muscle shares lips with ceilings
wideners of wool-wrens cause deaths in de Thames.

danglers under schisms weep for horsy heeled twisters
o stranglers of prisms reap wards,
and, laced, a candy craft suppers for whores who
realise now that the dead aren't real;
and a city by a snake uses basketfuls of weal to move
easy tiny weirs with sandlers of hissers under lubes
la la, a daddy on a lisp drags a dun tongue from dudes
and, ahh, a driller of lips loosens craft from mongrels
and a baby-shifter bends bad dogs across star-life

goosers of friction-christs scatter smaltz seed across
a dangerous mind-spool that captures fithy mind-moss,
and a bath at sea serenades a lunar cunt when de cross
crisscrosses aside lippers of ladies and burnt dairies
and, made gold, we listen to levees when a shot eyries
cum skeltering after boners of sleevies and old mice

goosers of wooden pears drops pearls aside christs
and, shaved by ashen stairs, we weevilise code-lice
with milk-stretchers that lead fast men aside gold-dice
oo a bedder of flavas snaps red masks where old ice
cums slippering lady-phlegm with poet trees and spice

a dagger of a Leda uses my head for bees when a
daddy to a sofa causes chairs to shift as kids arise from
dabblers of sonar forces
and a bed at sea cuts blonde vows from easy horses
and a gash at sea smuts for clouds when easy tawses
get whippering after hens when glass buddhas use dust
for slapering with naked gyms
and, ahhh, eyers dine on limbs

hoovers under skinned cleansers weep for closed cusps
o lovers under rimmed benders sleep under nut-tucks
and an angelled soft angel sucks wheat from bad cups
and, made old, we see arise five windy leper-sluts
and we widen for trees
and we spiral into deeds; and, Oh, we swipe lovers from
dangerous lifts that travel to deer..

the modern motel hisses for trains where bruised fear
shoots bald curtains dead; and we arise from lost tears
as snaking booby bosses deal titty cards to ex-men, then
sea-shaken moonies will arise from dirt and cry for women
la la, a digger for vines raids a wino with twelve twin-gems
and, o, wide germous fluff gets run through by coded hens
and, o-la, as a we weep then we learn to die
and, o-uh, as we sleep then we yearn to fly
and, snaking, a buffy bad boy rocks aside a dangerous sky
and a magenta bobbing bed-toy slides under green genoas
and a rider of demure silks suppers for damsels under flowers

as a rapine raker rots for cunt-fluff, then a marbler of hours
gets star-radioed as weavers of spunk-dust milks flour
with a quatering hour that lays cake down to sleep for hours
and a radioed bled salmon-staker
gets slutted by sapphic burns; and a blue bursted failure
hits to a jumped street made-up from jams and false wheat
and, la la, once upon a dirt mind
eyers laid a lasher upon skirt-wine
and a cheese of a father rotated after corkscrews

happening evil sewers shove a dogdazed latrine under
a fork of a fawkesfire where damagers ruin sex-thunder
and, lo, a balded kestrel raises romantics from dancers
and, lo, a shended cradle gets rocked till cotdeaths resounds.

the leas of times leach to a mountain when lazy gas towns
glow, just like a child glows
and a rider of mikes abuses song till the endless crows
cum cawing at the midnight show;
and, oo, a burner on a stiff sirens for closed mind-towns
and, oo, a mourner on a tiff sirens for closed veined towns
la la la,- we have to extend our lost sucked hands where
a nakedness of liars leases loselmen to sapphic pink-air
o a baying canine beach drops salads aside eastern prayer;

and, scar-slain, a radioed moon-flower has to eat hair


copyright jdb 24/02/2021


work-in-progress title: Oo As Minds Collapse
first draft poem then poem-song



oo as minds collapse then float downstream, gobs with laser beams
cum scurrying after dogs and towers
oo a mien dies out, then the fathers of gold screams use dreams to
sunder beds with flowers
and the fevers under money melt fast away
and the levers under sex-honey drag graves for tea-trades.

the silent mad Paladin who accuses wealth of night has to raid
a delver of pushers and dead piglets on a nave,
and isobars across red london mints suns from easy red lays-
O cages glow just like a prison glows
O rages crow after tight missions,
and a rose at sea snips dolls with dairy thumbs as kiddies

die fast away.

the pushers of bellmen snap cords from boomed deniers
o eaters of soapmen snap birds
and, la la, as we sail from sex then we summon old curves
and, o-la, me and my naked world naps aside slept burrs
and, eyed by mines, a digger for flashes
cums crapping along old-aged fairy veins

the pushers of bellmen snap cords from droning deniers
o reapers of sperm-men star-load daddies with mandalas
and, looped, bleached spermatozoa snappers for
killers of kines and other golden animals.

kettlers of easy washermen widen for grass as skin daubs
dolly kitchens with fascinated bells and glass

flasks of passion don daddy jams as a belted dizzy bark
cums spraying caddis across lyons
and, ooo, a bedless sad miss cums sweating in the dark
and, ooo, a headless mad kiss cums shitting in the park
o as fallen drums use guns for minds
then a bath at sea straps gods across spinal grey arks

the pushers of bedmen scatter wet pillows across masks,
and we must listen to seagulls
and we must piss upon bad regals
and, la la, me and my fatal mamma drink coked skulls
with naked sore lips that lead tongues to easels

flasks of passion don daddy jams as a belted dirt-shark
scurries after flinted bather-boys who know nothing.

these are my mallard days where i lay my harness down
oh, these are my dullard days
and, lo, a dogger inside a clasp claps across dead towns
and, lo, a rider aside a flashlight leaps across Downs
and, o-la, me and a mental tiger hisses for easy clowns

flecks of iron ease lionesses under ripeners of daisies
and a flower at sea scraps all roses
and a flower in trees cuts daffs with posies; O, ladies
cum shovelling summer moontide across easy graves

these are the salads i ate when clothed; and, laid, ice
cums caressing dingos with yoyos and easy rose-mice
and a masher of mandrins melts for pears where christs
calamatise after daddy robes and the skirts cunts snare

these are my mallard days where i lay my harness down.

ten billion easy crafts cum sliding a soft ship against sound
o a lazy mission boy hisses
o a crazy prison man kisses
raising red mien-lip; and a dog at sea slices cats with drowned
baby ceilings
and a mum in mines tit-feeds deaths with baby entrances
and a gun in spines slit-sleeves
a baker of butterers with coded kodaks and photo-straps
la la, eyers of pure wine glow, just like a human snake,
and a vinegar soul rotates aside dust where daughter-drakes
die out

ten billion easy crafts cum scraping sea-shit from crowns
o ninety-nine female rafts cum slapping sea-lit from Downs
and a baby mien showers balloons with blades
and a salty spun flower gets snapt; O, a city under graves
cups dizzy titties in twinned hands
and, easy, weevillers swim for brigands
and, queasy, welling star-boards drag cries for England.

ten zillion cheesy hearts spit ivories where dark-wigwams
show holy chalks to hearths where sealed fires affix
daddy dusts to ladies
and a ruby gym gets bolted by dogs that screen clits with
ashes and mind-slits
and, oo, digital mentalis season crypts with dizzy head-crypts
and a damsel, dragged, shaves hips with strange ships

a latent house of pure fire gets telephoned by dirtyers and ice
craps across hymns when a lined layered wind
gets crashing through hell's backdoors
and eyes, lammed, ease kickers aside wet whores
and spies, spanned, ease rippers aside murdered seashores
and wives, drammed, seize strippers from reptile-wards

ten zillion easy parks pee upon frozen mien when gourdes
go galavanting after meddlers of ravens and slipped broads
and a blinded lemon-score
serves fish and chips to a nose aside a roared sky-store,
and medallions of pure blood rotates aside whored sex-claws
ahh, these are my mallard days
ahh, these are the meadows in my hands
ahh, these are my dullard days when i understand islands

a parent to missions meld massers with dogdayed bug-bands
o patients to munitions swell, and a piglet that snorts drams
must surely devise stying deaths with eaters of closed cans
and a bath at sea scraps a poet tree
and a mask at sea loosens bobs with sleeves
and a mind back home lashes ladeners to city dweebs..

the tellers of the times drags droollers for naked weed
o cellars of grey grimes snag for rulers
and shatterers of minds brag after movers who sneeze
across ninety-nine zillion maids that feed veins to disease
the diner found here on a cliff must rot where flowers feed
manxes with amazing dolls.

the summery cervix of one zillion worlds has to hear now
the easy sounds of a lost swallow
o gunneries rend mits as a handled crow uses old crowds
and a bath at sea serenades a butcher with a cloud
and a mast in trees serenades a father with old mounds
oo a babby who leads milk to waters
rummages for blues; and a daffy undermortar hisses
and, eyed, hirelings of sand snap aside mamma's kisses
and saltwater kisses
clamber from sweets where a tongue inside a tree pisses
directly up a lost skirt

the summery cess-pit man's massive mansion found gets
stunned by spring and autumn and winter
and wintry bayers, bounced, brag after easy shivers when
scatterers of prayer, dowsed, lag laughter with chickens
and, star-shended, as we sail from grey sleep
then our basking cock-pockets wills suffer torn meat

these are my mallard days where i lead domed sea astray.

the crusaders of the ramming thames uses jammers to
entertain tides with tea-trades
and an aladdin under keys shed doorways under glades
o crusaders of the rivering mind use lousers for trays,
and a kittened eye-kettle
carries clamberers to irons
and a presser of fathers feeds t rex to genius lyons
oo a daddy to a mien feels for weals
oo a mammy in a den deals card-meals
and the ochres of my mind abuse sense when petals
cum crying for cup-cunt and funereal fast Dettol;
and massing menfolk slash across flown fields when
idols of dizziness slacken

the crusaders of the ramming thames use scanners to
entertain tides with bead-blades;
and, iced by vegetates, a blue cake on a city-nave moves
bedbound boys with sealers of gasfires inside summer
and a bleeder of pigs
pushes dragglers from eye-frigs
and amazing lace, stunned, shaft minds for grey kids

the wintry rage is done by listeners to jammy gardens

these are my mallard days when i lay my harness down
aside a secret town
o my soft slain salad bowl hisses for kitchens, and sound
sallies drips with crowned
body-canteens; and a sacred mound mouths wastegrounds
and, lamed, a bay of cracks sounds mouths with drowned
easy fever-friends,
and a dog at sea summons sylphs from sacred disease
and a cat in leas summons milks from scarred unease
oo a daddy male melts aside dunes
oo a madam sail cuts seasands as metalled rooms swoon

the dotters of mind-decrial knot naked nets with broomed
dairy walkers; and defilers under reeds
get rammed adown rushes; and blokes aside ole leaves
go gathering up the westend teas
and a guarded skin scatters dells across rhinal sex-bees
and a sharded mumma harps as she coos
and a carded dada grasps oats as fled floats soothe

these are my mallard days when i lay my harness down
aside a blanked town
and Isis, curved, apexes for pyramid as a bast in gowns
glisters where daddy stasis drags bollards for red mounds,
and we widen into rain as fevered salad
cums cracking coss crust from easers of evil wands.

the scattering ideal womble-crisis that leads kids west
has to silence mentalis; and a dady moon uses deaths
to crisscross the easy dead with fathers and grey nests
O, an eaten maid, made red,,
O, a cowchild, slayed, rides from the livid dead
and a pig at sea oinks as she anoints sows with bread
and, car-crazed, dunked weed smolders underbed

the lyncher of denial defiles piss-poison; O, lead has
no baker of iron to soothe
and a sun at sea slashes naves with navels as ash
cums shattering shop-shadows with easy gay-trash,
and we weevil down from Mars
and we slide adown red sun-scars
and we layer a listening bee-breast with chickens

the dyers of dementers sidle under wine as hens
clasp a daddy wing to a sad shield where old gems
scutter; Oh, a chick in the wind shops grapes when
an usherer of gasped lips lick along a lemon scarf,
and a dragger of raspers lead dung to melon-calfs
and we widen for whippers
and we silence cunt-vicars
and we womanise weepies with milky bum-treaties
the scattering ideal womble-crisis the relives timed
city-crows will hereby splatter Isis with apex-crimes
and a blower of damming dials
gets shut in nets; and a blinder of smiles drains bile
and we see the lost earth in all of her hot smiles
made from purina and a cat-god that lives all the while

the dyers of memories drink swelled inks as a pen-child
widens wolves with hairnets and dromedaries.

o there is a soft parrot at my widowing windw
o there is, denied, an apple of a winnowing shadow
and the doctored poppies of a grey vein has to
divine dark fingers with daisied fallowed thumbs,
and a bed at sea slants aside blue hours
and a bath at sea scrubs wide soapers; O, flowers
stem-soak endless screens with filmics
and a giddy blown bled-drug nooses deniers with
gashy grippy poking stools
and a mammy of a stiff comforts spool-squibs
oo a gallery of pure death paints voxes then
accuses male phlegm of salt-arousal

o, there is a soft parrot at my wandering meadow
o there are guns here
and a unicorn father searches corn for tears when
idolisers of saline mastics suck along a sea-stem;
la la, a hunter of canteens
sells swellers to grey latrines where marines
shoot spud guns then leave for the coast
these bladder-days where i lay my baby down
star-stirs a crisscross with creamy soft towns
and, o-la, a statue in a false lift raids drowned
blown pudendas; and a lazy pharoah nooses sound
and, denned, a pinker of a feather fanner resounds
and, spind, a spider wind spins breezy web-roads


Copyright JDB 25/02/2021


work-in-progress title: Where Idelible Poppies Get Pissed Upon
first draft poem then poem-song



where indelible poppies get pissed upon, then angry love
comes baiting christs with gob
ah an evil valley rapist who violates a mob must drug
doomy deniers with hands and knuckles
and, oo, a bath at sea swallows brine; O, a hill of gloves
dragglers after lemon odours

where indelible fortnights suck shoes, then endlessness
comes creeping; and a gallower of poos pecks emptiness
and a shadower of faces fucks cocoons
la la, a radio in a locked garage leaps for sealed rooms
and trendlessness sleeps like a god-cat

these are de bladder days where i lay my body down,
these are red batter-days where eyes
claim cuppers from inglers of knotters and sea-clowns
and me and master macadam dream for clothed towns.

where inedible faces get fed to starved pots then old age
gets caged in shoe-laces
o a bragger on the field sweats for caves
and, la la, as creepers cut boards, then nude buds on stage
go sweating orange squid-inks;

where inedible stasis gets fed to starved lots then gold age
gets murdered
and a plait in an eye widens after greasers as hermits
clasp fists with daddy ice
o a whistler in the sky suppers for mice as shit-christ
damages whelks with sunderers

the tigrons in a lesson teach tears as weepers loosen

where sunners get scarred by star-fire, a father under skin
saws splayered thumbs with dirtyers of lathers and spun sin
o a warbler on a ledge
extends twelve fingers to a lost head
and a bather under wives weeps about lead
and a raider under sides weeps about blown pegs

o a tigron of a cat-mind accuses dust of carrying breads to
a bakering blood-screen when coded cinematics
cum clapping for mud-streams;
and, oo, as we summon slaves then we summon women
and, oo, as we sweat for red graves
then we abuse female slayers with nakedness and hens

where summers get scarred by star-fire, a father under skins
swallows eaglers with tongue-sweated seagulled hymns,
and dangerous dolly dames crap along broken swirled gyms.

oo a daggery dirt-dancer drools along a naked blind stage
oo a bladdery skirt-dancer
drinks to pee-health where a daddy under blind rage has
dinky fingers for de answer;
and a family flower murders sound
and a mentor of hours murders gowns
oo a dabbler on a stiff kiss sucks sippers from de towns

oo a daggery dirt-lancer drools across a naked eyer as
fiery idiot wax-toys create manx boys whose easy gas
gets grappling with dinners caps
and a madam in a celll dons a hat down de cap-n-bells
and, oo, weevilers rotate across god-radio.

the eagles in a soft train to eyries uses a taik for a well
ah, riveners of lost rain suppers for fuses
and, oo, i smoked one hundred puffs a day as sweet hell
came rocking at my dead bedded scissor-bell

oo a daggery dirt-dancer drools along a naked blind play
and, uh, bellers of nuclear naves navelise bounced clay

the shysters of one zillion graves gusts after daddy-gnits
oo fathers to one zillion red trades
grasp glass; and an urchin on a screen raise old lips from
taggers of zen and one zillion graves
and, oo, a bedded bridler feeds trays to easy writhers
and, la, a shredded rider feels for slayers when drivers
glow, just like a slowed worm glows
oh, a shadowed road spirals adown crows when lovers
star-happen for daggerers and bedazzling knife-throws

o shysters of one zillion alms gusts after angel-lit
oo mammas to one zillion crusts
cum chomping after curves; and a galleon under cusps
carries crammers when a babby in a wet cut
cups a dirtyer of buggies inside twinned evil eye-throws

shysters, lammed, spray goosers aside vinyl sea-crows
oo, lanterners leap for lust when closers drink grey pus

the sirens down my pub have to drink stone as they drive
o alarms, drowned, hereby scatter pinkers aside odd lies
and a bath at sea
surrenders gods to puppies
and a bath of eyes rotates across daddies as poppies
use a hot candler for bodies
o sirens drown, and me and madam cab ply for sex-brides
and, oo, me and madam moon stab dusts with closed eyes

the seashorn labellers of angel-labia listen to aged tides,
the clayshorn ballets inside flavas glisten where red rides
star-ripen under traders of sucked pies
and a pisser in a fable tells childish lies to incest-idols
and a countessa, bombed, scatter aviaries across cables

sirens, stocked, hear lost p-lice klaxons claiming rifles
and, looped from fear, we arise to find death's sandals
cry-creating curators of minds with fatal forced disease

once upon a mind, i overcame sex with a mad salt-rash
oo, once along a mind, i overcame death
and, lammed, riddlers in tit-heaven heap dung in cas

once, laid down, my buzzzy spine got splattered, and
fatherers of clowns coat dreams in scuttered-sands
and, oo, gooseberry bed-men dream about denial

once upon my mind, i overcame sex with a mad salt-slash
oo, once along god's mines, a golden scene uses trash
to sunder pissy genes with babies and rocked sockets

the clayshorn fiddlers who suffer greying smiles must
feed dummy dashes to doctors of laddies and tusks; La!
abusers of peahens drop shit-quills across old arses

glasses must shine upon grey water as weepers carve
cabby cars from a taxi-truss which listens to ole scars
and, drained, a spinney-rusk gets fed to family farms
and, veined, a gobby moony gets forced to eat arms

there is a model village here that gets sealed inside a
headlong closed flat where gas gets used midsummer
and a bath upon a vein grows for washy wankers
and a pinky pomade of sloes brews family strangers

once upon a mind, i saw swollen fotal babby razors
to shop a sullen scream with doltors of mum-labia
and, danced for cream, a shafter of coded failures

leads daddy lunch to a fryer of foals and soapers.

glassy mutators of daddy defilers don dangerous dragoons
o easy sun-makers drag riflers from easers of cold cocoons
and, la la, dog at sea goes chasing mackerel
and a naked God, gobbed, flows under naked grey cartoons
o, a rapid rotated fever flashes for flashlights
o, a vapid dilated lever flashes for fan-life; and a cunt-croon
cums dictating missives when a fishman in sands cuts spooned

glassy mutators of daddy defilers don dangerous dragoons
o easy star-makers drag mommy's tears for daubing wombs
and a kid on trial loosens doll-boys with nuclear mad wounds
and a drizzler seen on high must murder lies with lost tombs
and a naked nattered worm hisses as she awakes

glassy vulture birds bait robins with raided swallows where
laden lanterns piss across a neon strip when curtain-hair flits
and a gemmy on a cliff falls to sodden winged earth
and, oo, as wideners of whippy women salve body-birth
then endlessness scatters dippy chocolate wolves; and lips
get trickling from gey spires that cum homeward to find pits

carrying doctoring rabbits with casers of dummy mind-mitts


once made empty, a wader in a shorn sea has to use a mind
to delve after scatterers and odd women
o, when once in mind-makeup, a digger of washing grinds
easy bluebells down to regal fluff,
and a horser of a town carries skin-muff to grey wine as a
dabbler of dangerous fish-throws
cums calamitising messy fist-shows; and a ratted undercuff
code-creates a dummy child with whinging sea of crows
and me and madam moon dilate across a blue void where
alarums, snapped, succour seed from fields inside clit-hair

once made empty, a wader in a shaved green has to use spine
to desecrate denying cherry-prayers that summon dog-wynds
from darling genius genoa boys who kiss holy cats
and a dangerous god in hound-heaven loosens eyes with rats

grassy, a valley bird stirs curd aside bunny bake as bats get
star-wounded; and a daggering dummy joy proves love's set
as greeted by sound-cryers who hiss across baptismal pecks
and a daddy dreamer dazzlers after crisscrossing mind-wrecks
and a mummy mariner cuddles lovers with mental heart-kecks

once made empty, a wailer with a soft mike must use air to
suck upon crazy craven spy-hooks,
and a deviller of paved dames gets caught inside red rooks
and a daggerer, dammed, drinks to Eden when easy gold-books
cum crying for wide-opened shave-raised bums and cooks
and, bagged for brides, a fotal feeder of guns rams looks with
a naked female tyre that tames war-paints with grassy kids
o easy bladdery bone-tat cries and cries
o easy laddery stoned traps collude with east-end tribes and

once upon a cream-mind, i swore at lost hills then softly died


these are my mallard days where i lay my evil body down
ah, a cup of trees surrenders brooks to easy closed towns
and, lapped from pudenda, a false sex-side drools for a
dangerous latrine where a smaltz of a mind drives clowns
fantastically east as windy whispers gather apple-sounds
la la, a devil in a cupboard yields to sealed ghost-bricks
and, o, these mallard days, wealed, covers coats in lips
and, o, my savoury dazers dream about combs and crypts

grassy, hot death's gallery sharpens hens when pig-trips
tarry after blown flies and serial rape ends gems on trips
that cow-cousin pyramid gulls with dangerous car-trips
oo a buried choky cherry-skull swipe rakes from eyelids,
and, la la, a moronic mud-virgin hears gallers under cribs
made old as the star-sold
and, oo, master Aladdin tolls Paladin's bell; and souls
moon-make a mind mien which breaks on through to a
ladener of bummers and haloed pigeon screws; and cards
get played with by pontooned male virgins
and, oh, macadam wills wintry girls to gas in summer

the world and the face i breathe slackens doilies; O
this girl and the space rain heaves go painting under
a slither of a room made cheese-sliced; and mamma
swells up, up, and a foreign coca dice rolls grey mana
aside dabby deaths
and a pinioners self-mess messagers winded souls
and a bad mirrors instigates ebonies as ivory molls
lay layering chalked men to black God and red bols
and, side by slide, me and my macadam madam rolls
dirtyers of snow-spies with meat-nans and lost gold

oo filthy strips and cattle-mouths metalise stoved
family sleep; and a sandal-mouth de-scents the old
and, oo, heapy dogmen get gum-leashed to strippers
and stovers of Israel mount holy shops from rivers
and, when once alone, a thespian has to use scissors
to cut a bud-worm into nine million squirm-arms. Oh
once aside my insect-mind
i heard about the defects that jammed breast-mines
and, as we sprawl, then detectives abuse tit-crimes

oo mindless as illegal sex-heaps, we are enslaved.

Copyright JDB 27/02/2021.


work-in-progress title: Yes, I Can See It Now?
first draft poem then poem-song



yes, i can see it now: the dud drowning paddlers and
yes, i can hear it now: the soaped drag of ragglers
and, moistened, a pool inside my world cuts stranglers

oo illing sex-strays use mace sprays for indolence and
eyers of fabrics widen along a layer of innocent hands
and, la la, cryers who feed lungs cause parental gangs
to suck a bleeded berry from a vast roped tree

yes, i can see it now: the dud drowning drinkes and
yes, i can hear it: the veiny vineyard snails and drams
cum lingering aside cured death where madams heave


killing pylon puppets have to peer inside a dead world
o illing pylon rabbits arise from tears
and a glowing leader defines guns from raped years
and, mazed in maces, a mental mum
cums scattering salt seed across a full metal sun
and, o, as we dream about minds
and, o, as we scream, the romantics under vines
will summon our gentllemen from female cat-kine
and a licker of a fotal woman digs pearls days deep

yes, i can see it now: the sauces of forces and meat
yes, i can hear it now: the bleeders of horses
and, la la, menstrual babies get rocked from hearses
and, ah ah, demeter hits soft soffits where
camals under anal canals strike pissers from hair

killing pylon puppets have to peer inside a dead girl

nearly fatal, my easy lover got writhing in the East
o my mum, spied, got fever from crying for the Beast
and a local foetus came clamming at my door
and, la la, easy locusts chew fast clays as whores
suck a dragon nut from blousers of blown scores
and, oo, we ravel under times as we don cages
and, oo, we travel under mines as we cut rages,
and a blurry blind-bone buries features under claws
and a daddy mind-bone dies.

yes i can see it now: the stables under horse-eyes
yes i can hear it now: the candles under fish-flies
and, oo, a cabby who plies for sandals must arise from
kickers of cunt-quests that rotate across a town-gun
and, laced, a mace in a sweet spray-hole
must entertain doggies with flavas in a piss-poled
painted planet of liars

killing nylon puppets pee along shit as shirted skirts
get wed to sinking sweat that launches mind-hurt

the hurtlers of dirty lancers get junked across coal
o cutters of skirty dancers get crunched,
and a baby on the moon slants after easy sea-foal
and fishermen of mermen cum maiming dogs with
a venal penile rash,
and a curtal dairy crashes
and a fotal baby feeds mash
and a fatal eyrie leads lotioners to dizzy rainbows

yes i can see it now: the urinal anointers of old clothes
yes i can hear it now: the chemic cunt-cappers who
raise radioed deaths with baiters of shitted dudes
and, la la, a face in a flan drags cakes for raiders
and, la la, a case in a pan digs dates from saviours
and a daddy moon here stops dead

the hurtlers of dirty lancers get junked across bread

there is a cave near filled with cars and cunt acid
o there is a boy near filled with stars and spunk-fawns
and, la, a babe at sea spills Mars
and, o-la, as weedlers fill Mars then mercurial horns
get crashing for sweaters and spunk-skirt
and, ashen, we reel in the east while gathering hurt
and, maidened, we dig sealed ole smiles
and a sovereign in the West hisses for a dun heart
and a foreign sea of becks kisses after a dumb heart

there is a cave near filled with cars and cunt acid
o there is gal here who thrills for blind cinemas and
crooked beds in the brains
rag after pullling warders that lead ladies to seasand
and a pecker of fathers faces north
and a heckler of mummas coo across a red force

the hurtlers of a grey dream dig a drip then course
aside blue-spied lovers of wormers and maggots.

insidious bald darlings dream about meths under cocoa
o video-souls die out
o radio souls hear drought, and a lazy dad at sea shout
across blue flowers,
and we rock flowers to sleep as we grow green louts
and we cut cakers
oo a radio anointer rabbles across pink papers as fever
swallows a canny bush from a closed cunt

there is a cave here filled with cock-acid, and levers
show a painted shower to a kidded cloaker, and fingers
get worming for wax-hands
and, oo, long ladies fingers poke a moggy fringe as sand
slappers aside evil squinters

insidious, we see rise the secret wind as secret train
derails, and a secret mind dazes skin under salt-rain
and, painted up, a cruel wet horde dreams about Eden

the rotating gametes of one zillion sex-suns must use
a naked pelt for a gun, and a lady messer whose noose
gets wed to berries has to
shave inching chopped cherries under green mind-moods
o rotating gametes sunder zippy zygotes
and a dewy dad-dell drains dreams salt-dry
and a boy at sea stains screens with soft eyes

there is a cave near that teeters for rabies, and mikes
sear sweat-song from loud sex-dykes
o a daddier of pissers crowd decks with dolly-wipes;
and, once aside fuck-times, we loosen zips then drive
far west, where the dead are playing

the rotating gametes of one zillion sex-suns must use
a naked hilt for a kilt-gun,
and, oo, as we ravel for comers then we spurt lungs,
and, once upon a mind, a weaver of cocoa children cums
stitching limes with african meadows

insidious, a slayer of gum sucks bald ash as cockers
drum insiders with flayers of mushy macs and kickers
and, once sliced away, kidders cry for a doctored hour

these are our words when raised from long ladies fingers
o these are our birds
and, once leashed, a dogdayed curve must snag fazers
and, cunt-creasedm a bat-bayed perv will surely swerve
aside dazzlered times where we learned about sleep
and, oo, the daggerers of defiance drool for soft heat
and, uh, as wicked nurse perfidene abuses loss with curd
then a ridden mind-smile must track the dying down

these are our words when raised from long babied cinders
o, these are our nerves
and, once stirred, a baiter of bled boys brag about divas
and sonny divas lend blooders to a far off antique flower
and, rended, gunny divas spread blue paint across reapers
and, star-spent, riders of bread sunder fainters
and, la la, me and madam mucus kneel across failures.

rotaing gametes, blenched, get blorting messengers
with plural pickers who peal burnt babes from pissers
and a fatal scream shovels dog-plates inside delimiters,
and glowed cunt factories stuff ducks with easy flavours

these are the greying days we spent slithering for labia
and, ooo, a shunted pusher of clit-scent crys after Buddha
and, ooo, a spunkeed leader rips dents from de crazy father;
and, lopped, a dummy nerve leads mints to easy razors;
and the ivory spies on a mind-moon
maces mazes with mummy cloths and a blood-clotter
and coaxing cloaker nerds press skirts with murderers

and a local fotal fast boy heaps hordas way up high
and a fatal motor-mask-toy dons veins then dies
ah ah,- and i have seen it all: the faceless men who ride
aside from sleep
ah ah,- and i have heard it all: the priceless men who
arise from puss as a slaying splayer of a picked-lube
heighetens messages with blood flowers and babies


the bluesy bakers of one zillion sea-pies leer under burnt skirt
o easy bladers, gummed, cause sidlers to peer under hole-flirts
and a bobbin in a salt-flower
delimites english garlands with a cock-bower that lands dirt;
o, a daddy full english rotate across punctive tv towers
and Aladdin, capped, craps as he rubs paladin's sky-purse
and a daddy under seas slam a canner of england under
a mammy rill where lime gives in
and, edamed, we silence vine-sails when a cock of lumber
cums dilating mother motels with faders of rocking fanglers

these are my baying days where i bark aside modernity,
these are my screaming days where i yap for de family,
and a robotic diva, dammed, slices mumma under medly
and, oo, noosers of fever
and, oo, we die for mirrors
and, liced, as mousy killer craps across criminal divas

the bluesy brakers of one zillion sea-spies leer under skirts
o easy bobblers, strummed, drool after bedded body-birch,
and a candied bone-man cuts imbecile watches from pert
dilly moggy sci-fi darlings
oo a waxer of wives warps starlings with ageing skyers
oo a weaver of lies snorts ceilings
and, lotioned under thunder, a dizzy captive of gay flyers
widen under nets where deniers cry and cry

these are my braying days where i bark aside modernity,
these are my praying days where i anoint nude flowers
and, lo, a bed of glass carries scurriers under towered
illegal porny-spread;
and, oo, fatal fishers fish for fascinating mermaids, and
ideal riders trip after vaginal hills where a maiden under sand
collapses under flava.

the darling dragglers of doom denial drag dolls for seasand
and, garden-laden, messers in decrial stab gulls
and, shaven for reason, a ravener of a salt-skull eat edams
oo a lady in a quiff shakes a barber-town
oo a lobby in a stiff shapes a fenale clown; and old rams
glow, just like a pig glows
and, once pawed, mentalis and digitalis will abuse
mauled dust that suffers midnights from coded dudes

a codicil for willing fathers moistens hands with veined crows
o when family larders cum storming dark dinners, then crows
sear easy wives with labelled death,
and the remanders on the moon star-strangle dirty money
o a leader of denial layers mesh with a sea of easy honey
and a digger for dragooners slaps pigs with maxy lovies

a coda in the cornice of the heart leases sheep to lies and,
mumbler-fangled, a rooter of lyonesse leaps shit as saltsans
crucifies the lammed whites on the hill,
and a crooked caned birthday hoists defilers from grey rills
and, la la, me and my madam mentor melts aside lost hills

the laughter in a torn wept sleeve cusses canners of semen
and a bath at sea snips the deadeners of the easily stormed
and, looped from beads, the slaveners of old families fawn for
a digger of drought and perfumed pulled pain

a codicil of wily lovers moistens hands with veined crows as
a delver of mastics dawns across an octagion of demure gas
and a pig at sea storms sowers that lead squids to waters
and, smashed, serial fathers jack skinned trades that slaughter
the jacks of christs and the starry worm of Mnetha's daughter

the tawny easy heart which leashes caves to cawdor will
moon-raise lunar devils from a doctor of eyes and blue hills
and a sainted rush raids lungs with a slappering of old mills
ah rushing across graves a city of fevers layers chalk-fields
with a damseller of pulers
and a lacer of dumb foolers interfuses mien with colours
the signal shaft of the signal sun dopes cloths then dies.

copyright jdb 28/02/2021



work-in-progress title: Here, Horsed, A Flashing Fanner Of Dumb Death
first draft pome then poem-song


here, horsed, a flashing fanner of dumb death
leases coded cars to japan
and, raised, as time glows, then a sea of hands
cums peering into deaf breasts
and, lo, mod fairies scream for winged seasands
and, loaved, maddeners sell up

indigo children lay a cross across five seas
and, oo, messengers feed salt epistles to weed

here, forced, a lapping dad lampooner raids
an abject prison horse
and, wave-rode, robins flee from ponies
and a widener of days
loosens eaten midnight

ah a kneader of peppers drags salts from a
digger of blinded deafness
and eyers weave tears from coded cars.

circumflexers of doomed deniers feed shoes to knees
o idolisers, stained, drive a doll aside prison-beams,
and a daddy moon
arises from mummy wounds
oo cervixes lash lords as a dizzy bed-cat eats dreams
la la, a dummy body-bum raids cities with cocklers
and a sister screen scurries under sawn cinemas when
lidders eye-rid salt frames of old evenings

ah shredded pussy pits peer aside earrings as men
drip across a german dancefloor
ah easterly riding jammy tears float across swards
and, la la, a driver of denial drinks to beer-wards

here, stained by wax, an eater of ear-traps use suns to
exterminate dolor with ashen sleepers
and, o, as faces drift, then pagers of reapers raise nudes
and, o, as stasis hurts, then papers will read to reapers
oo a static jammer jacks jaws then cries for easy pepper

circumflexers of decrial carry curry cans under tapers
easy fazer fools carry canny money to lumber-staplers
and an easy crime hips for honey
and a dicky mind rips for baby

as petrol tides cum for lady then a gassy fire-bobby
must enter dirt parks beneath codas and cobra-cabbies
and we hire wool as we screw knittings with rubies
and, laaa, wipers who swipe grey dukes

caps a diamante demon with gloaters that feed hoops
and, la, a weaver of windowers weep after coops
and, la, a sweeper of snail-cells nips after tea-troops
and, la la, mental darlings dream about pompidores


oo we think about swung sleep as we drag after lemon minds
oo we shrink, and hung meat sheds salt seed across wynds
and, newted, a daddy eft sirens for colts
and, abluted, daddy desks send alarms under slept vaults
and, abed, mammy mesh melds seasons with sweet dolts

caps under diamonds dream for sex serums where malt
gets delved with beery lover-fingers
and mal is God and malt drips for tigers
O, as spinal crap crashes, then holy nights will devise us
a married space where drinkers move

oo we think about swung sheets as we drag after mined
eerie god-seams
and, washed, a babbler of screams shrills for greyers as
smelly head-scenes swallow fists then dunks bunny glass
and, made rolled, a rocker of a kiss cries for red-vines

catters sunder felinity as a family killer rides for minds

oo we harden as we flower,- headless body-braves use night
to sunder hearts with flour
and we bake a cake for a signal hour
and, oo, a weeper washes sands into light
and, ah, a sweeper of ashes slams a heart under midnights

oo as we harden, then we arise from darkeners as dykes
drool for salmon friction
and a figgy fled fool dreams for kitchens
and a dizzy bed causes fatal rooms to swell for old mikes

as i studied lathery life from my tall rooms, i saw daisies
cum lepering layers with fictional closed room
o a baby bar-land hisses for cryers when woollen dairies
noose a dolly hearse with stained blue brands
and, la la, blue meats glow just like a woman glows

ah, a sticking stocking face fails to fall; and crows are
force fed to inedible mallows
and greying lips get leaping from de gallows as cars are
driven till murdered

and ash-keyers crap on curtains which pull across Mars
and, capped, snaps swagger for a piss when radios
ram rummagers under blue nights and easy willows; Oh
menstruating hydrants polish poled lungs then ooze
and commanders of peeing vanishers
van city hats as dobblers of empyters use clothes

we studied just how to cry as menfolk lashed lives

the cabin beds i used to own have cum to pure night
o crabbin heads have made me as cold as old
and a daddy mask drags dunnies from rolled gold
and, oo, mental sea-slags sin aside beds and souls

cabiners of sex-senility drags for dirt as old rolls
cum feeding the stale poor
and, ashen, radioed dawgs get leashed to cities
and, waxen, radioed mogs shed lovely pet-hair,
and aspen dragooners glow where sex is opened

rolls lead the poor under bun-pities where stores
get scattered across a burgled maw; and tokens
get pushed inside heart-machines
and, wolved, brides cudgel rings as old gardens
get fed to vaults and glasses

these neon days, where i lay my hunkers down,
cum crusading as air gets raped by evil towns
o a daddy drone drools slate as a bled sound
drives blowers of Europe across shoved clowns

the cabin beds i used to own have cum tonight
directly where couplers raged
and, eyed, my vinegar ties must strangle spite
and vinegar men in vinegar belfries must write for
easter-xmas, where a parambular of snip-wars
uses a radial scrittler for nakedness

o these are my neon days
o these are my sofa-trades; and odd desks
get shafted around doctors and cancer-quests
and, oo, a massive decrier drips for antnests
and, smoothed, a defiler of tits must use deaths
to trample damagers with fatal fotal red pecks

the hand i gave to sheer rain has got sex-dried

the smelly sex-schisms me and my cock have come to own
must scatter salts aside old minds
and a dolly room, bathed, gets cleansed under old sloanes
o a daddy dreamer gets toppled by blue sleep,
and a dizzy teaser traps trickers with cold naked wheat

the smelly sex-schism me and my cunt have cum to stone
must shelter under trees; and commaders of disease moan
and, peeved, a devil light sets bedmost pigs alight when
a pigger of pavements lippers for draculas and blood-bends

o these are my prism-days that lead my mind far West as
carriers of canaries feed pigeon meals to caged mice-glass
and red dribblers for casements
cry, cry; and, domed, a city knife layers cakes with scents

the puller of pissers in the frigged dark draw drapes across
dazzlers of mirrors that scutter for smashed diallers; O, loss
leads a dogger of rats to boned townships that feed de cross
with tigrons and aged river-cyclones

o these are my prison-days
o these are my pissed gey trades; and me and metal suck
sources sex with crappers of grey snails and risky muck,
and, oo, where manses stop, then amazing candle-cuts will
swallow heaven's bush with clappers of staining lost heels,
and emptyers of english graves strap ashen beds with
galling blooders of naked nuking pigs

the eyes of lost jive jack to a heart-beat
the wives of lost lives jump to fast heap of body-bends
and an easy sky slashers after dodgers of candy-wrens
and, can-writhed, we learn of fathers
and, car-cried, we burn, burn, burn
laaaa, issuers of trees storm ferns with oveners when
ideal miction sprays salted beers across naked gems

this world is ours to beat as the boned streets we sent
aside and homeward must loosen piggies with scent.

whilst bolted to a veined soul, my maddening contusive heart
came sundering me and god's mother,
o hotels aside slayers had me missioned under grey fever
and, dammed, easy grave dames
cum sliding england across fast fumes where me and father
skidadled across a mapped modern lancet
o, a child of war waters weary tears with coded hairnets
and a draggler of gloom gets affixed to grey-blue pelmets

whilst bolted to a veined soul, my maddening contusive heart
came thundering after blurred pleasures
and the horsing hearses of denial crowds ghosts with slivered
babying cot-murdering marm and butters;
O, once aside my mind, a tameless man at sea used feathers
to pluck a porny chicken from blown doves and slippers
and, la la, a renal heart cums cussing cod at the garden-gate
the eyes of car-choirs slam sopered brakes across garlands
the cheesy mind-choirs slam murdered breaks across seasands,
and an easy eagle moistens mold men with fizzy edams

whilst bolted to helmets, a prisoner of pelmen abuse ribbons
and the dark in a riding robed radio jostles after gibbons; La!
why we move sex to tears must
never get sweetly answered; Oh, mumma musk drives scars
aside glowers who star-flower
and, fed to frenched finches, a ladyer of black flowers seem
aroused from pig-dens that lead ripplers to ripped screams
and bended gobbing gold men

hiss for a small miss whose weavings die for bitter bends

oo butterers of buttoned men bleed against murdered wall
o-la, as distant space snips a broad from paints
then an easelled head-eye picks crayons from saints
and, cap-reined, a riddler of a nick nobs aside old drawl
ah-la, fishers of mucky mermaids kneel across dun colds
ah-uh, dishers of sucky sea-shades creel across dumb foals
and a rider of red rain slides from a spunk-soul as madams
creel aside diners whose bulimic tissues
get struck from odlers of bionic father-poo-poos

oo butterers of buttoned men bleed against murder-hall
o-la, as distant christ couples jonah with napped bible-brawls
we may well weaken as a damaging spy-kid
cums racering across glass; and rummaging bible-rigs are
made bottom naked.

wifers of floral windscreens clamber up from sweet murder
burglars of focal mind-screams climb after gustive purdah;
O, a scan at sea snappers for paint-crimes where cars
get easily strangled by boxers of saints and snared bars;
and, fotal, a heaving herbiage that feeds cunts to marrows
must survive mistle mush
with weeping hands and crashed body-fluffs; and swallows
cum crying in a shadower of masses that maim Love
and ashen spind skin dragglers for tat when bald Gods
gyrate across macadam which cuts roads from willows

oo butterers of buttoned men breed against a taxed swirl
o bearded scattered men lead seed to a sea of curls and
eaters of deniers dribble from dirt-mouths
and, in spoons, a toffee seagull picks sweets from drouth

catters who swim for dog dishes snap a pappy sap from
a driver of kids that bury brooders in a milky mind-sun
and, ahh, as berries burn
then the fallen fleas in perms shed spores from gunned
idiots that peal fled bowls with eyers of fascinaters
and, laid to death, a daddy pig pees across scissors.

and a crisscrossing god-neighbour hits upon skirt-weed
and a crisscrashing love-flava hits upon a skirt-sleeve
o a shanty bone-town bakes a caker of cum with reeds,
and blue laddy loselmen hear a failure shaping red seed
and, o-la, mettlers of faceless fathers fondle for horse-rot
oo butterers of buttoned men reel from christ's dead son?

Copyright JDB 03/03/2021




work-in-progress title: Aside Ravellers Of Radio
first draft pome then poem-song


the vases of the mad get murdered by pure glass
the arses of the sad get murdered under green gab,
and a focal hummer rides knifeward under trees
la la, a fatal cavern carries cuspids aside wise labs
and a serial miller, bread-made, grinds flour-crabs
from bakers of soft money

the vases of the drained deprave mummas with
loud lutanists of devs and endless monkey-cribs,
and a dummy mind uses veins for daddies as grids
come sundering easy whirls with greasy mind-kids
la la, avenues into peasy girls snap; Oh, hands moved

aside ravellers of radio and the digitalis of the smooth.

what with microbiology shaving gal-cheek, we will
enter into painters as we cause heads to sleep
ah, a widener of flavas points ferrules at meat-mills
and a daddy under fire shapes tassels from wheat
and, la la, a bodying bonce of a baby bags meat in
some cold tincans where mad boys stopped

the vases of the stained drop cloths beneath shops
la la, an occidental mind rocks moths
and a dizzy veined crow carries swallows to hops
and a vastness of clothes carries willows to copped
scissor missions;

and we wish a dead farewell to room of prisms
and we caress bread
and, oo, as vasty vanners of deaths drag for prisms
then darkedness dangles dirts across a flower
easy ruiners raid robbed razors from tv towers.

the vases of pelisse men don daddy sheaths where mad birds glower
o easy mad faces don painted faeces
and a dolly dune drags for sainted babies
and, ooo, as we ride to sleep then we arise aside coded old towers
and a tv dream focalise for pig men
and a radio scream localises cow-pens
and a daddy mind loosens lollies with de Thames
O, a dangerous mine finds mad schemes depraving oldies

the vases of pelisse men don mammy meat where bad birds flower
o easy madam macadam loosens vinegar
and weavers wallop dragnets with ties and tidal misters where
a daggerer of jollop stabs sad dreams to sheer death;
and a ballet boner builds musk from screens; O, brothered necks
loosen dummy power where damagers drink to breasts

delimited by fractal hisses we don bald statues then feed wrecks

the masted fatal venus whose lousy arms caused heads to flow
hereby whistles...

o, naked metaled odd dudes suck a titty from a sea of crows,
and a pelter of candles cums colliding with makers of cloves
and clothers of petals peer aside riding pig-bakers

the vases of pelisse men don daddy drams as endlessnesss
covers easy riders in pocketers of veinless mad shakers
and a catted owl hoots for sea-sands
and a colourful grease-god, jammed, heals sealed trams

la la, a fatlism has to ride from shorn tears when grey cans
cum souping evil missions for mourned fears and piss-prams
and, oo, as sad mons roe deadened tears
then murderers of sex-doners drag eyes for easy scams

the cigarettes which cause fags to flow must eat edams
o, easy egits piss on crags;
and crackers on the roof stab mazers with england
and, oo, as we weep for ladies then we cry for islands
and, o-la, as we sleep for buddies
then a tawny mind-shift slashes a bird with old budgies

la la a fatalism has to ride from shorn tears where flies
cum weeping for minds and guns,
and a focal heart loosens after trees and dirt-drives
and, oo, as we weaken for masters, we must define
deafeners of dragglers that shit across glassed liines

o the salavators who slice sleep will hereby change?

dummy boys who play with mother's toys have to noose de flowers
la daddy boys who play with mumma's toys
will vanish under fierce fire when a daddy for a sea of hours
bakes mind-guns with cakeries of butcher bummers and bowers
la la, a fatalism will arise from salt-bake as a babby in towers
drops faces across the mad and wise

ole cigarettes cause fags to inflame after shaven gal-tribes
and a gardener of grey gab senses martyrs sliding ear-eyes
from dolted blinds and sentinels of feathers
dummy boys who play with mummy's toys hasten to wide
salt-slowed-payers of dirtied summers; and coded cries


damagers of venal deaths have to kiss a dangler
o facers under renal sex
must shower rubber-bits with shaven eye-slammers
and a local fete causes bunnies to glow as they number
eaters of stale marriages
la la, a fatal forcer of carriages snap beef across thunder,
and easy fathers feel after lumbers
and dizzy fingers seal crafts under slumberers

old bent cigars cause smoked worlds to cry for skies
and a coda on a trip summons songs from smoke-minds
and teeners who snip gardens must accuse blued wynds
of finding drivers of hairlips and gripers of swine?

damagers of vaselines spread lice upon grey gourdes..

vases, scattered, suffer for menageries, o, stations, bulbed,
don sculpted eyes and female dromedareies
oo a scathing soft spade gets desolately dug with a dulled
pulled prisoners of jacking mice and easter-xmas diaries
and, once raped, blue hackers delve for dirty rabies where
indolence grooves in city-snares
and we get outelbowelled by sad chairs when ole hair
hits to a disco's dance-heat

vases, masked, supper for munitions as lady meat gets
bud-torn for latent mind-maws and ideal mental tits
and a blower of parental wards
lay atoned by leapt dogs and crystals and ole lips;
and, O, where stir sounds, then mothers to crypts
will most certainly slide against a rider's bike-bit

a ladener of wigged boys goes whirling down the grave
a patient to draggered boys
here lights curvers; and a hotel moon, bum-slaved,
feeds a wailer wallet to dabblers and mind-trades
and, la la, we swill cologne as we sweat optics. Lays,
made bruised, sucks a haloed nut from grey plaids
and ole macadam Adam dolts Eden with lovely Eve,
and tomorrow's wasps
are seen to sly-saddle a domer of dukes and lofts

vases, scattered, suffer for menagaries; O, crops
cry for spent wheat
and a dodger of sleep snaps a shop-cat across lost
mind-scribes; O, melons umder cots suck dross
and a parenrtal mind scurries after feathered-rot
the painters of damsel flies cut sex from natrons
oo ladellers of dragonflies thrum for city car-guns,
and, o-la, as we arouse guns then we shoot suns with
scrapers of gas and souse and ruined urban teak kids

we will forever light the fire when we suck on pig?

mad mice in gilded cages scamper aside rodent radios
o a sad skin loses tails
and, la la, rat-bedded, we learn of sales that sell males
to indigo horses and moling shrew-grails
and a wounder in a shy lift cums slicing cakers
and a radiophonic digital father slides aside drapers

mad mice, triced, scurry aside cat-sound when shapers
lunge upon ginnies that sacrifice mummas to heapers,
and inside a mean mod store, eyers widen for reapers
Oh, heart-oceans change
Oh, heart-potions derange gob
and, once heaved, a stranger on a cunt-job hears
greyers of moused blood cum scattering vein-tears
aside bolters of crabbin cabins

painters, poxed, slam ermine across vermeil spies
feinters, rocked, dam edams across vervent wide minds
and a doctor to evil cancer-family
hits to a jazzed beat that sends eager babies to
tawny towny trinkling head-memories.

mad smellers, scar-trapped, don devillers of lubes
and killers, car-snapped, stun revellers with nudes
ahhh, a fatal hearth-change dreams of red Eden,
and greyers of fluid enemies sire crackers from sudden
bone-chasing biblered stone-headed evil gardens

we will forever slide to sleep where ova in garlands
cums shooting dunny lungs across pissing shit-scams
Ohh as mother kelly gets shot to alleyed bits, grans
hear slaughter dizzy decks wth rotted buggy slams
Ohh as father dilly gets shot to valley-bits, sedans get
star-creamed with hollowers of craveners and debt
and, slammed, petrol pissers burn up, up, up, and eyes
shoot demons from the pierced shadow of red sky

when once we learn of silver then we fuse den-minds
with copy men and lobbers of losells and mute spines
o a daffy goofy moon cuts mien from cheesy cradles
and, uh uh, plovers of rooms scatter cock for candled
emperies of filthy crime
and, la la, we snap a catted scratch where minds

get off.....

wagoners of wide eyed mad men slide aside a kodak belt
o falterers, star-cried, weep for soft tides
and, once vinegared and strangled, a soffit under pelts
cums wizening after soft steel and briders of old lies

there are nest-works here that reel as they dive for a
summery winter's tears
and a soapy sofa score hips to an hero's dead eyes
and, lunged then blorted, a swift saviour has to rise
from benching caps when darkness suffered spears

wagoners of wide-eyes cum dreaming of shakespeares
and, sun-deniered, a statue in a corpse swims for fears
and, woah, as watry empires cut napes then hot years
go cat-sliding aside soft tyres
and, slithered, a woman ghost witnesses corpses
and, rivered, oak children lease parapets to horses
and, razored, me and my keys get lost underfire

these are my nest-perched days that slime for hearses
these are my tawny burnt days
and, made cold as lost souls, a giddy bay of clays must
come sharpening dazzlers with enemy fawkes

the dicta of dirtyers drags lampoons for cinder-thought
the rippers of skirters lag dragoons
and, oo, a sodomite of crags crap across slags as
bastards, banged, kiss wolves then dream of ole gas

wagoners of wide-eyed wolverines wash slow-purses
and weepers, sty-wived, attend a seaman's prison
and sleepers, ear-dyed, attend a gold man's mission
and reapers, scar-scryed, attend a lost man's glass

Uh Uh Uh- as madam mary anne digs for gold then
a whole wild world will supper for tips and children
Uh Uh Uh- as madam maria digs for cold then women
will surely come apart,
and rizlas, in the heart, slayed scatter gutters where
delvers of suns seize blown farts,
and, easelled, a massive town bends fardels where a
digger of mind-scars
digs for a natal bard; and, swept from parcels, cars
crusade for dilly neon lilies
and, oo, a faded face-town turns loud boys to stars.

this is the bread we owned: these are the dead calves
o this is the bread we used: these are the mad calves
and, laced from anointers, cherried men suck sex-paths,
and, head-woven, comforters of berry-men cut masks
from a massive masted doom denyer,


Copyright JDB 04/02/2021.


work-in-progress title: The Tickers of a Dabbled Red Radio
first draft pome then poem-song 

the tickers of a dabbled red radio
cum sliding into sleep
o riders of a cudgled bed reap
rodeos from salt and honeys
and, rosey, a driller for meat
dollops old ice
the eyelids tell the blind times
and devils blind the deaf?
riders of lost bethlehem don christ's crow
o liars under loss
layer sex with a sundering blue cross
and a statue of pure meat
rocks, and ideal summers swallow sleep
tricklers of gloom raise a roman from a
diver after salts and creams.
ah as ashen sappered oddities use sex to
siren after lime
then we learn of fiddling death-minds
ah as waxen waners wander, then blues
cum rocking, just like the sun;
and the midday sun has just begun?
waders of mind-play have to sunder
funereal men and easy flowing thunder.
the eyers of slain sewers abuse a ship with a mit
o riders of maimed bruisers
damage hands then reel,
and carapaces, burned, accuse easy lit mind-lit
and old suitcases, spurned, abuse eye-shits
and, carapaced, a turtle-turning rat has hits for
jazzy mien and burials.
riders on red corn carry marital faces where
deadeners leap from a dyed chair
la la, eynes sleep when spied prayer snares
daddy dusts and evil ridges,
and, lo, we arise from sand as deaths snore.
the writhers of money get writing on the corn
the womblers of baby get riding in the fawned
lady, and daddy god grinds death from swarms,
and deniers, chopped, star-strangle babby
ohh a false man in a lost car
carries vanners due West as layered Mars
smacks god's chippen picks
the icy blown cities where i shaved my name
hisses hard now,
and fruited daddy snow dreams about flame
and, la la, easy crowds crap aside blue-gain;
and easers of sunshines
loosens stirred mind moons as sex rows
about easter-xmas bodies.
grinders of pulled teeth trip for tawny bell-boys
o, messers of mule-teeth
don crazy dogs where a lover of animal joys
feeds cats and dogs to god-peace
and a laden head gets misled to culled sheep?
icy ideal towns supper after meals as meats
get served to bluesing dinner father, and sleep
washes long lady lands in a starry moon-heap,
and pulleyed razors lash a daddy with
heated catty cunt-cries..
the stagrinders of pulled teeth teeter when cell-boys
feed killers to concretes and sealed flats.
these are my mallard days where i lay love's lady down
o these easy bollock graves
cry after milk-sleep,
and a marching mare eats from a stallion as crowns
get scattered
o as mad maria uses clay, then easy riders of sounds
snap after dairies
and, la la, a quartered flower sunders aviaries
and olden ashen blue flour
gets swirled aside a false cakey sweet-cunt-tower
these are my mallard days where i lay love's salt mirror
against rapists of melodies and fever
and, la la, eaters of memories sunder aged rivers
and, o-la, hiders of mammaries melt under sleepers
and, uh, a chainy god greases silk with fish-meal
criers, crammed, weep for stations when grey zeal
collides with rooms then burns the town
and, oo, a dizzy factory slips from easy fay reels
and, lammed, leapers sweep minds from bowls.
where arrowed newts and eased eft men hiss for tomboys
then doomy draggler net-deniers
cause cock to collide in the dark,
and an oval cage prisers gaolers from a city-heart
and, la la, drizzlers of fingers
wallop a mental cusp with sodden lip where men decoy
envoys of blued boys and scissors
where arrowed newts and easy fishmen fish for toys
then doomy arrow tigers
may well snap raided filers of lions and cat-croners
and a bruising world at sea
snaps a waving girl across narrowers of flavours
and, la la, ole naked pull-flies damage bloods
and, o-la, coded doll-dives damage readers
the stationers of trainsmen attend a seaman's
doddery netted dream-mission
and a rider of delay dreams about prisons when
ochres of salt and melon drag grey prisms when
eyers of tiggers drop a cat-lung
these are my haloed days: O, these old guns
get shooting mind-trade
and, la la, mental sea-trades cut lost guns with
daggerers of damsellers and soft slits
and, heart-raised, mummifiers suck pits with
a dummy cloth that leads an apex from kids
who glow, just like a pyramid.
where arrowed newts and eased eft men kiss toms
then, maced, we must yearn after cutters
the dicta of the fluff puts pissers under muff as
locators of silver cut spitters with greying glass
and, oo, a female demander commands de past
and, oo, a flasher exposes cunt
and, made cold, oldness suppers after spunk
where arrowers lease lots to grease then junk
strums dolly cigars with cigarettes under monks
and, oo, a crazy bone snappers
and, oo, a mazy stone-brother feeds from
old trunkated trunks that lead bodies from a
sea of bays and skull-men
and trappers of daddy trapistes don gems
with twixers of tearers and evil gardens
oo as we drop our cat then we will move
ancient kids to sonar rats
oo as we drop our hats then we will move
ancients pigs with grunted blonde-screws,
and, once aside a mind, me and madam lube
will serenade arms with guarded arm-bats
where arrowers of duned dung slice fats
then we will search the fields for soft saps
la la, a damaging romancer stops crap with
sunderers of green boys and fasting dance-kids
and, ovened, we cook coke
and, burned, we cook a snake
and, sirened, we scream for drakes as riders
rotate across dolly dykers
bakers of butcher-men cause hot rinds to sweep
a caky radio-phone
o shakers of butchered phlegm dreams of bone
and a lantern in a stone
cums washing eyes inside scones
and, oo, as we elevate crimes to easy deaths
then we accuse our world of crying for nets
bakers of butter-men cause blue spine to reap
a radial roman cradle from eased cot-heaps
and a radioed wife-mine
mines after willows as a softener of blue beats
gets slashing after cogs where moonish minds
stir porridge into wynds
where arrowers of duned kids shoot lifers from
a daddy of a mean boss
then a statue, salted, feeds moss to gal-guns
and, oo, granite jeans flow down a wet cross
and, crisscrossing for seams, a market-mosque
shines, shines, shines
bakers of bitcher-boys brag about dummies
oo lakers of picture-ploys shoot porn-daisies
and a molten sex-thief
loosens camera leaf,
and, oo, we cower for de beasts
and, o-la, we shower veins with heart-sheaths
just as dead death will become us, grey gites
will most certainly house our Lady in jeeps; Ah,
a cradler of a former flower
will snip gobs till mouthing mothy camera-cars
slash a bled slipper with teeny tappy clit-stars
these are our mallard days
ah these duned rooms we keep caresses clay,
and a denier of a skull-hanged papers
gets growing from a lost sea
la la, and cocoa curtains must feel for swede
and, smashed, hot potatoes swill soft-weed
where tawny men chant, then we go hang?
and we chant as we sleep
and we dance till madness sounds
and we pray for hills until ghosly wounds
cum spraying camphor across dark beached
blorters of cavvy cages and molten spar-bleached
fascinated prawn-rages
and, o, as eyes in prisms cause cats to spark
then, oozed, mind-wives
don mazy coats that smother stoats inside a
daggerer of boats and drowned dunce-deeps
and hallowers of straw-men
sink vacant lots into flowers when fay gems
slink.- Oh, madam merry-go-round sends
daughterers to prodded evil porn-mailers when
dancers, drawled, dream of shorn chickens
and, la la, roses, rummaged, must read men
this whole wild world has to pucker daffy lips
o, this whole sea of unearthly pearls
must suck on a blind gut as a citadel of curls
cums scurrying for muts
and a cunt in a town colludes with old sluts
and, ah, when chinese gods cook for loves
then a parchemental end of a blonde birth
will surely sink blown pantries under doves
this whole wild word has to fuck a torn lip
o a daddy moose must bathe in pissy pits
and a tawny burner owl
goes hooting for summers where sun-fowl
hisses; La, a parented father leashes cowls
and, Ah, a segmented brother leashes dowl,
and a dovy tailed joint
cuts buzzy apples- Oh, oink-anointed,
a wounder in a pointed counter-point will
teeter for vased vagina where eyeless hills
strum tomb-jagged balled jeered deaf hills
this woollen statue i saw last afternoon will
summon deniers from janglers on pills
and, la la, eyers of fascinators cut dills from
endlessness and bobby-blowing sweet guns
happiness jumps from the moon whilst pills
get fastly pissed down necky throat-swills
oo a bunny nympho scraper uses old ills to
summon cider-shadow from diryers of truths
and, once aside a pink mad mind,
pickers came thru like a flamingo's mind
and, quested by sleuths, deepeners wind
down now
and, knaved, we shoot mod spastics as a
greaser of a bee bags wasps aside cars
the drippers of fish-fairies leap from Mars
oo rippers of kiss-fairies
cage a dunny boy aside bronxes and disease
and, lacquered, a badger of a bald lip-tease
cums rocking, just like a smoked sea-lung
as ivories link a lily to a mike, father-thumbs
sink pits under pie-plumbs
and, oo, a grapefruit answer peals blue bum
and, laid, we chant for seals where horse-hums
cum crusading of tits and milky bird-buns
Copyright JDB 06/03/2021

work-in-progress title: The Special Edits of the Livid Dead
first draft poem then poem-song


the special edits of the livid dead
tread bones under statues
o easy maimed minds shape screen-tests
and a hunter on the moon
cums crying, crying

the boners of a blorter snap spiring
macadam as a teasers under rings spins
doctors of animated body-statues
o tracers of instant cagy mind-virtues
englass grey england in horse-shoes

my star creates a heaven made from sunstrokes
ah i deal in states
and my honey head hoops dogs with drakes
ah i deal in tastes
and a blinded boner braces up for soft slate

specieal edits build dads days deep as tides
rotate across dummies
and, rivered, a keen sea loosens bled daddies
and, oo, a shriver under ravens rots for laddies

my star creates a heaven from a bled boy

the extra social evil cunt i overturned today
silences all sweet junk
and, ladied, a boat of spunk cuts sweet clay
and a bud at sea
uses eyes to mop the madness of sweet bees

the extra special evil cunt i over-yearned with
dragglers of devil tit-monks
and riders, roamed, enclose dogs in cat-cribs

o a sea-shaken viper wasp weeps for crystals
o a moped in a wiper send slumbers deep,
and a curate of a henna egg gets mum-struck
under bladderers of gem-guns and false sleep
crow-creates crocodiles from city-meats.

the bedazzling rider of grey england arouses
riders of red radio
o daddy bakers bake false egg as closes
carry dom daniel to fast bibs and babe-toes
and, sliced, a cherry maker fastens dog-groves
underneath balls and ballerinas

the bedazzling rider of grey england arouses
writers across red corn,
and a bee that stings swarms nutures stasis,
and, o, as i ride to dawn
then my fatal fotal flava hisses under fawns

the extra special gabbers of thunder-pawns
will swing a porsche-weal across grey fever.

crow-creators carry a curry comb with hands
o slow dicators marry a cunt-cone where cans
get cut up by dribbler lips
o crowers, married, shoot shit from islands
and a bended mad boy shoots a cockerel

crow-creators carry a cunny comb with brands
o softening dilators mar nudes wuth fig fans, and
oo odourisers in cars spew dates aside woman
and, eyed, me and my evil siren
scatters cherry seed across dying gardens

the bedazzling rider of grey england arouses us
with domed dust and dragglered devils. Lust
hits to a vine as trainyards end

easy idlers who sup along a lime-lisp have to
serenade deniers with strung mind-lifts
and a lemon bod bases bone across sleuthes
and, o, as we sail from life
then, o, we must sail from christs

bedazzling bastard binners drean about noosed
body-blarers, and, spider-woven, dead loops
lead daddy leashers aside a stoney daff-shoot
and, flayed, we arise a roman radio with boot
crow-carriers cave under bollts and ex-scoots
carriager for a naked fever
and, lashed, nuclear killers raid body-roots
and evil riders, withered, leads dogs to scoops

bedazzling bastard zimmers cause lousy age to
collonise veils with cautersied windows; O, crows
cry for feathers
and, la la, a petrol pussy pees along grey illers

riddlers of ebony-eagles get pecked up by ivory-gulls
oo drivers of babies
rasp across rubies that shed rings along dull baddies
o a sea at home
extends deniers to loopers of deadeners;
Ah, a candid spill shoots hoopers across hot razors
and, death-dried,
eyers of flashy mind-wives heaps aside blown binners
and, roped, a den of wine
drags lemons across liquous daz-vines

the bled boys are wrapped in sleep
the fled writhing cars are crapped upon as blown wheat
sunders buryers with dangerous cans and sweet-meats
and, O, feeders off blue ham
sirens seasoners of nudes with liguid easy jams

riddlers of ebony-eagles get pecked up by ivory-skulls
and, laden in ravens, a weeper of a slut
tears ashy drammers from sweepers of dead mutts
and, sea-strung, a daddy to its keeper
swallows ferns and scatters spores across old rivers

bled hired sexy toys get rammed into babby livers
ah, fled fired sun-joys get dammed with easy fingers
and a gilt ebony goddess
hastens to a studyer of craziness
and, woolled, me and mamma christ docks teasers

riders of rosemary rodeos sit as radios squat for
idiotic stainers; and, lo, shitters glister for junk-wars
and, made taut, evil killers of a phaeton dogron scores
eyed bruisers withn ardent clams that feed red wards
and, la la, splitters of ungents
loosens a geesy glaucous with bleeded bone-bawds
nd eyers tread the dogs
and fires centre red gods
scatterers of moon-dads radio de roxy as wet dawgs
cum fiercely in a calved sun-lab
and, laced by tin, a coded appler dreams for cabs
and, maced by skin, a coded eater vomits old slags

these are the dragooned days where i kiss the dead
o these are the madamed days where murder bed
and an evil tower stamps along diamonds as cribs
cascade aside milkers of sex-lungs and filmed pigs;
and ideal bled men
lop a coded carousel where a bandager of chickens
swallow a cleft string with arrowers and mouth-men
the riders of daft dawns drinks to cords then extend
drabblers aside murdered pinks
and a budded blind beard shaves fanny red-bare

the blindered boy who trolls around mute girls
listens to daisy reasons
o grinded, a kid toy which falls down seasons
hereby rocks and rocks, just like a sullen gun
and, once traced. a binder of lust dons de sun

scatterers of milk-floes nestles under red lungs
o tatterers of silk-crows nestle under eardrummed
bayers of golden gobbies and easy tongues

the easer of dun sleep raise duners from young
ole kid-boys who laugh at cradler; O wet mums
slash aside knived rivulets
and, la la, darters of rolled breasts damage
seated soul-islands that lead doddeers to lips.

these are the meadowed mice that snatch pricks
these are the gallowed lice that snatched pits
and, oo, a laden owl
cums carrying curtains across skinned towels
and, ashen, weepers weep as tinned fowl
slap a diamond across a melon

the blinded bop who trolls around nude gals
glistens; and wrinklers, drolled, snaps dolls with
a missionary hand that serves crap to male-grids
and, lo lo, a ladener of birds
mousers after bake as a city aside town-nerds
sends shallowers to incredbile blown kids
ashen miners dig for blow-fly when coda frigs
a dummy dinning bay
and, oceaned, weepers drive for opal-twigs
and, o, there are four lost twigs inside minds
and, lo, there are divers who listen to wet rinds
and, stationed, closed leopards
moon-dictate a tawny gal-girth aside blue earths

tissuers of tawny teens track idols down
o issuers of honey dreams
cum drizzling ash across a sea of Downs,
and, spied, a toddy in a tree uses crowns
to sunder salts with sad denims
and, oo, we widen for mad-winds where
tilers of riders rock, just like a soft prayer

tissuers of lazy dreams track sandlers down
across pinioners of plum-farts and clowns
and a bodyer of oats sucks for dined sound
and, la la, entertainers of cock-salts surround
riders of meese and dolty vein-towns

the tirades of the skinned squat on pear as
coded applers spin daddy rot across gas; O
heebeejeeebees jam a vault
oo raped lays suck a bed-nut as termite ooze
for fizzy bled bends of urbran diseaese
and, la la, laden laser-gods jack oak trees
and, o-la, ridden flava-gods snap pear-beads

the openers of diary drinkers write words for
an eagler of minds that sharpen flit-walls; Oh
as we crusade for bats
then we collonise fast rast with dodgy pee

tissuers of tawny teens track idols down
with miraculous tears that cry for daft mounds
and soundless men hereby rule earths

pearly passion meters drag dolts for birth
pearly passion readers drag smaltz for earth
and mettled mod mentalis nooses sacred mirth
o, a puller of a feinted penis
hisses as she grinds old daddy down to dust
and, lasered, a boning gold daffy
gets slitted across peed screens and mammy

ochres of macadam men shed opals aside us
soapers of madam hens soak dogs inside us
and, oo, we sunder phlegm flies from old tusks
and, oo, we shelter denims aside greasing masks

these are our mallard days where we lay denyers down
these are out sqeaky graves
that feel, with samphires, a lesbotic easy sea-slave
o downward, casked, a daddy for a sexy jolt-nave
hips for roses
and, ohh, a damaged sea-train captures ghosts from
dragglers of rummagers
and, ohh,.a fanny under dirt rain crashes upon closes

these are our mallard days where we lay denyers down
these are our racist tea-trades
and, oo, as massing markersons shoot soots dead, then
easy saladers must surely dig a div-dock aside women

these dizzy damsellers who fuck a latrining body-blend
gasher now after pullers of marched nuck,
and a dangler in a dream drinks to ducks
and a rat strangler, spleened, shrinks minx under wrens
and we use murder in the hen
and we dig slaughters under gents
and, loaf-amazed, a dragger of sex-scents toast mints

oo marmites on yeasty klaxons heed wasps with splints
oo soft tights sun-strangle piss as a dummy under prints
cum bedraggling star-angels
oo accidental cliffs supper for cables
la, accidental quiffs shine a bled eye with guilty tables;
and we sink our butters under navels

these are our mallard days where i lay denuders down
inside a fascinating mule-cupboard
and a craven bird rides ingenious statues with bawds
o-la, insistent holy angels wake a godly donkey's score
with listeners of holy ponies and bled wards

ooo, float-arranged, a puking markerson shoots Bod
ooo, stoat-inflamed, a nuking easy gun shoots God
and, car-shaven, a drizzler of poesy plum cuts rods from
eerie blind-cods and evil cone dinner;
ooo, boat-declaimed, a daddier of a dimmer cuts cum
from goofy bun-lungs that lead destesters under gum.

there is a dusrtpan hereby found drearily dusting suns
there is a dr under family found eerily sweeping crumbed
doddery waxen baconers who store brides aside mums
o a dappler of latriners loop a lyon around a shent lover
o a dapplers of marinas hoot for irons
and idealisers of pukers padde for zion as evil skin must
sunder sodomy with wailing dizzy tusks

la la la, candfiers dwell in de cookie jar under cigars?

Copyright JDB 07/03/2021


work-in-progress title: The Dreary Lash of a Pink Knife
1st draft poem then poem-song



the dreary lash of a pink knife leads dromedaries to felled water
o eastended ash
layers cunts with masks, and jacking jammers jump old mass
and a dada in seal dies

we swell up as we shop for rain, and deaths cut mamma.

dreary eyes dream for evenings
easy minds scream; and knifers in ceilings stop mummas
o a laden loser lobs money after eyes
and dirtiers of darkness sunder thunder-minds

we swell up as we shop for dire men and sequins

as we weave waiverers from silk then we use a pinky sud
o as we reap red killers
then we arise and die for rivers
and, la la, as diver after riders ripens
and, la la, as bikers die then coded hermits will ram us.

summery idiot eyes loosen as they fade to coded pus
an inglers rape a laden piglet; and flamingos eat dust?

we idolise chalkers as we raise a rumba from a dream,
ah, once upon a mind, weepers sundered grey dreams
and a boy on a cliff suffers fallen heart-burn
and, la la, lazy mad lyons swill flowers where sperm
scatters salty gems

dreary eyes glow as they sweep visions, and men
cum crying; and mountains fall away from children

weepers shed teary milkers across dairy thumbs
la, breaded eerie eaters
laden turnkeys with turtlers
and, ashen, a bed at sea cries and dies

we idolise everyvbody as venal eynes fly for a
easy peasy beller of belt brain and easy cars,
and eases of cellars bury hidden bodies
and, waxed, a dire mein ends in swiftness

reapers of supermen cause sugar boys to writhe
la raiders of budda men cause gals to lie
and, oo, a naked kid snaps jams as old prides
cum rotting, just like old reasons
and evil ripper boys glide aside beds in season,
and jarry bird-heroes supper for grey gardens

ah a lady, dammed, extends moggy fangs and
eaters of early hands pan after daddy islands

reapers of superwomen cause words to die for
easers of emiline and a soft denier sealed ward

we enter inside the snakes of the beast as we store
a monkey-mumma at the edge of the world
ah, as daddy drummer heats drums; O, gal-whores
ooze metal; and a slammer of guns shoot pearls
and, ahh, a vineyard snail shops dirt to slime-curls

renders of scissormen cut cities; and the pawed
will feed gods to kittens
and, O, makers of kitchens cook flowers when
draggers drag for lichen,
and eyers of bethlehem loosens blind towers

we enter under clocks as we supper for gems
we scent ole thunder
and, ooo, a millly maiden sheds cream-hens
and, la la, a silly mind-wind shoots gold penned
caged pussy

oh a romantic's ballerina has to spin four winds
oh a romantic sea of dreamers
has to fountain locks dead wide
and, oo, we learn of bread as we cry for wives

weevillers, washed dry, sink suds into plexiglass
o droolers, spammed, send porn-gods to sleep
and, woven, city wives wolf hot cold mind-meat
o-la, a cherub in a cherry
sugar-anoints faders with ferries
and we catch a train to rain
and we jack coats and bury billhooks in wheat

a memory of melodeons uses cars for summers
a family of fixed romans uses cars for winters,
and a blowing vein gets sealed inside grey rivers
and, O, once upon a mind, my massing father
saw birders made grey as sex-gold
and, nursed, laden trades force feed the old

weevillers, washed dry, sink sods into plexiglass
o movers, drammed, send dog-gods to mumma
and mummas hush and coo
and sisters, crushed, stand nudes with duders

a cancer of a stammer-lad uses pain for cotton
a needler, dragged, sinks eyefuls under kitchens
and, oo, as diners die
then molted sisters have to drive aside lichen
and, Ah, renal faces fade to slave
and, Ah, venal stasis fades to graves
the bollocks of midsummer cum sundering a
mental microphone in a sea of tar
and a fluid gluer sucks rockets from cigars
and, la la, we weep for sockets
and, o-la, we sleep for pockets
and, uh, a nation of mermen fishes mirrors
from dangerous dice-throws
we externalise doom deniers with crocuses
we extend wide wapped gasfires
and we dance into glass
and we cut into masques
and we ride along de moon where damask

and, bended, a cotton-knee
gets rended by gluttons and slease
and, shaved dead, a mixer of traded trees
moans, just like a killer
and, rended, a cotton tree hastens to drivers
the dictators of Aladdin rub a wax lamp
o deformers of Paladin rub an sashed cramped
blooder of occidental lanterns
and a martian in a fountain cries after mountains
oh, the dirt effects of murdered dyslexic mice
shower caves with drippers
and, laid, knaves strip pickers
and strawberry boys are here to feed us all.

the indigo proctors of demurely seated death
trammels sex into spines
o easily treated mad doctors shaft rolled death
from dove-tail to woody vines
and a daddy castler erects dunes aside wynds

the indigo protecters of slat science use tines
to curry-comb a wolf-girl in her factory,- Mines
dig for coke
Dimes spend english smokes
and a buyer of sadness lights up plunder rope

dictators of Aladdin rub death's whore where
eaters of pulleyed pastries
ram daffy jammed hands inside old pantries,
and an indian child
causes ghosts to arise from candles
and an urban hostess arises from easy sex

indigo directors of nights and days use T Rex
to swing and sing for the poet's power
oo, a daddy bus bags coaches under flowers
and, laced with busts, trainsmen sunder
mammy boys who get wound in apex-lathers

as strawberry boys on the yield clasp mumma
then we slide aside bad boats
ha, a city of eyes slights blinders as stoats
cum ravishing goofy men
and the deltas of the deadened claim soap
and the riders of the sirened hang dope
from wizeners of devils
the congealing dates in a cunt cartoon move
lesbotic rats from homogenous dizzy lubes
and a laying pegs
get sharpened by cupped bed
and, oo, a doctor of denial scar-hangs
a limitless sky
and turny turtle tides arise from tides..

herons slouch where petrels peck horns
pylons glow
sea-pythons flow; and mad kids storm
a pleasure horse that rides aside crows

the clinkers of one billlion gaoled men must
dream about fishy galleons
and, lapped out, hissy mind-guns shoot lust
o clickers, slaved, suck a mutt from crusts
o riders, slain, sink a kissy lip in a pink flower
o doomy drains expose limbs to cat-works

riveners of poppy ponchos drag icers for
a wombler of messengers
la la, witherers of daddy yoyos string whores
to harpers of deadeners and doll-passemgers
Oh, salted natrons noose tonsures under pictures
and, malted, national dudes
drink to dames where a draggler
sucks cream from poesy phlegm

and the characters of golden gems grit teeth
with woven shampy hordes that feed lip
and a deafener of braces winkles at beasts
lo, a lady moon-rise swallows gins from
dirtying pink pests peal pusselers from guns

riveners of poppy ponchos drag icers for
mad meridians that lease crags to swards,
and there are seas to be made here
and, lo, here there are bees that disappear
aside a fatal view
ah a burden of a sleuth suspends tears
from valley-nurses and yellow broods
canticles of sherberts shoot alarms with
piggers of closed herpetic star-charms
o a dazzler's hose sinks rice under cabbage
o a razzler's crow cuts christs
and a dunny screen fastens mice to lovage
o once upon a mad mind, colliers under
dummy dunes clasped city tumblers,
and a focal world shops heat with a
fastener of glued girls..

fruited trampolines pee upon factories
rooted starry screams cry aside dairies
and a german rose rocks, rocks,
and a damask rogue stops cellves dead.

o eyers of drivers dribble after ribs
o dryers of cryers rival laughter's squibs
o razors in tractors dangle boats from kids
o fazers in reflectors strangle
bleeded fist-fish that detail a moon of figs

we get grappled with red rocks
we get straddled with grey crocks
we get addled by grids where aged knocks
serenade daggerers with shaven clit-clocks

endless impossible windows widen for
a dipper of impassable meadows
and a cat at sea preys on closed wards
and, oo, sealed in mad flats, a hot bawd
turns her gasfire up full in midsummer

we get griped by saviouirs
we get spiked by terror; and an old fever
cums ransacking hens with wool-traitors
oo a bunny beak bends scanners from a
cantobment of meat-bends and soft scar..

the day before skin came, a lampooner
came needling shades from skinners
and a daddy roach regaled closed trippers
and a buddy brooch
came sinking a haloer aside blown snippers
and, oo, i have owned you
and, oo, i have sloaned you with
kipperers of rice and sweetening food-digs
ascenders to naked Mars abuse deaths
with gassers of fatal rizlas
and, oozed, a bun in a screen cooks sex
and, boozed, a gun in a dream books decked
abolishers of bled minds and labia
uh uh uh ahh men..

a hidden chemic pulse rides mind-saddled
o forbidden cults
cry for holy taxidermy
and the weepy eye of a feline sky uses salts
to dramify freaks with family

a hideous radio showers birds with noise
o star-riven pulps
scry for fotal face-grubs
and a daffy dum-dum shoots clouds dead.

a rider of soft rain seasons crows with bread
o-la, as wakers of the mind
mill-mason a bricky from a dance must shed
sweetening semen-seeds across
damagers of doctors and crisscuttings

the labile faces of a fast soul wed for beddings
the fatal faces of a vast doll
gets raped aside gourdes where eaten gulls
clasp to a blind nut

as we weave for wastrels then we use gut
to fasten daddy burners to a city of cuts
and, oo, ten zillion vaults hiss for gutters
and, la la, twelve easy colts
cum crashing through love's openers

a jizzy fizzy face-man fondles for cryers
a lazy daisy spaced man fondles for liars
a crazy hazy laced man feels after drivers of
maulers of phalanxes weed after rowlocks
daughterers of dummy dweebs
dollop grey chiliads aside dolorous sleeves
and a vinyl bell
rings the tocsined funeral flower
and a goofy gun shoots sirens stoned dead

me and my evil gallows get warping spread
bodiers of gusters
me and my devil shadow gets cutting lustres
and a bled boy in a napped noose
car-hang a valley vulture from a fatal clues
accidental fearing fire-honey warps truths

and these are out trendless mallard days when
nothing much happens but the death of bethlehem
o, a slithered light shines down from the evil stars
and, laid, night grinds towns aside jesus-sea-bend
and a local farthingale routs pummellers of sad gems
and ginners tote bathers
and spinners soap blenchers
and gunners shoot razors
oo a bath in the boughs at sea sirenises dolters of
feverish fangdanglers whose wicked robin stops
a blushy titty of a trickler with
elaborate wanglers of brittlers and broken sky-lips.

once upon a mind, medlers of scrittlers don scripts,
and geesy gaying padres
bum pleasure forces when a rider of a killed snip
gives chiming charming head to babbies and cots
and these are our mallard days
and these aree our faceless days
and these are our fractal days where all dreams rock
a blown brain and a neon gun?

tut tut tut tut tutter manses break and gites stop.

Copyright JDB 10/03/2021.


work-in-progress title: Where Rain Departs
first draft poem then poem-song



the bellers of blowing bed-babies
veer far west
the cellars in clothing feed death
and indolent crowing cuts mesh

the idiot of a curving mind decks
a vastness of raped poppies
and a bath at sea entertains bobbies

o a delicate pussy jeered heart
heaps dirt where rain departs.

drowners of deniers drink silk stone-dry
oo sounders suck venir
and a body bone blunts a sky-weir
and, la la, eyers glow just like a kid
and, o-la, riders flow as mental ribs
get cut from a garden of treason.

riders of rapiers rotate across grids
writers, robbed, hear poet trees rid
a limey cock of sentinels
and, oo, as defiance shouts then mitts
will surely drop.

drowners of deniers drink silk bone-dry

weepers widen after garlanded feline fetes
o reapers of old laughter
scans blue fever
o, as de radio finger points at a void
then stereo darkness sunders blue boys

the idiot who cries for rain must seem
star-adorned with mental screams
and a babe at sea
suppes for lays that fall from de trees

weepers widen after gardeners when
scissors leap up from a fatal seed-gem

radiophonics supper after butt naked digitalis
oo sunderers of fathers
cause mam to swell
and, laked, a bodice sunders bells
and, la la la, tocsins cry like cells
and, ah uh huh, a daughter to delis swells for
tiggers and twiggy dames

weepers of wild eyes summon death from
ideal sliders who suck long a gun
and, noosed, we move fuck aside de sun
and we weedle after daddies

radiophonics, caged, swings after mad
stereo sadness
and a deck under rain cuts our madness
and coded coda men
sip across meat as liquid corn cuts out


there is a romantic felon at my backdoor
oo here, strangled, ole ties get sold to war
and, dammed, damagers of eyes
slit a mind from an ear
and, rammed, a dicta of a naked sphere
drops easy candy aside renters of tears

there is a romantic falon at my front-door
O, a laden fast flashing granny
dons dog-paint
and, loaved, a bed of saints cures whores

.the dead dourly answered to me where
a darter of soured sea-dancers
came entering love's wife with weepers
and, la la, a daddy doner crab
dons dirt while cuttting up rolled slippers.

there is a childish grey neck getting a
giddy heart-venereal
and a penis on the utmost left
means a penis on the utmost right

the leaden borders of soft night has to
listen to bled boys then cry for old age,
and a final star-toy gets played by screws
and balded warders sleep for gaols

there is a romantic talon at death's store

direly shaved, a pictogram of killers thrills the world
o death-raised, a rhymer under rivers
cums dilating mournfukl eyes
and the dairy moon shines, shines
and the fairy soul, spined, doctors gods with crime

the fearing pharoahs of the dead glow as they hiss
the weeping shakespearoes who dare not dance
get fed ferine dog-poetry
and the wives of hurt siren after the death of Man
and blue foxes, framed,
dictate dinner deniers to dirt and death and disease

direly shaved, a pictogram of pleasures fills de world
and, spied, a dog of pure jam
cattlers for dragglers when a daughter of a wide hand
cums shooting crap across twelve evil fingers

the dilators of decrial summon sons from grey mirrors
the red tapers of denial
damage heads with wound wombs
and a dizzy bird dollops decks upon her blue cocoon
and a father to Andromeda fuses spun skins to de moon

wideners of rodeos raise a screen from dead dusts

cripplers of voids cause carriages to carry invalid stars
to red doctors of seed and soft wine
la ripplers of boys cause marriages to marry invalid cars
and the eyes of the deadc
cum deafening ears with blind bread

the instant face of a foal races after lead as old scars
glister as they purr
and, moistened, entertainers in furs drag cake for sales
and devillers of winter tailor
trap emetic talons in melted labia
o a daddy whose mam was a failure
strums across death

cripplers of Voids cause carriages to marry red Mars
la la, molten demons drive for sex as washed rivers
slash upon a golden broom
and a road of ashen moons parts prats as she cries
and a daughter of denial defines dirt where lies
loosen eager tops from young girls dressed in dunes

the iris of the pulleyed dies for clashed eye-clothing
the faces of the bullies ride for masked eye-datings
and a bag of shoes rocks all heads
and a crag of dudes knots sperm into beds

oo there were stains in Essex where beads burned.

the writers of the corn delve bled fields for wide words
the riders of the dawn
dictate Aaron to shielded porn
and, liced, as elvis cries then trees groan like ole birds
o a stationer of bone sells paper to bellers of curves

the writers of the corn delve bud-bits with old tongues
the riddlers of odd spawn
cums crashing thru old fawns; and a porno star runs
a filthy pinky sign with blowers of deaths and guns

the local mind-locum who comforts evil lungs thrums
outside of eagle wings and daisy posies
and a draggler of spind winds dreams about rubies
and, o, idle smokey monkeys reams doubt
and the mental meteors of ladies laps dirt with gum

these are the faloners of my loosened mind. Suns get
car-crammed into signum as a murderer of blue nets
nooses naked winglers with wormers of curtain-nests
and, as we ride from sleep, then we carry blue quests
aside daffy boys who shave a blonded balded death
from shimmyers of showers
and, made locust, a pealer of flown flowers
fashions mysterious purses from gloweing dead farters

the moon has no shone mind to give
the sun has no stars to grind
the sky has no space to climb; and active bled pigs
bone a stoner of mien with swift cunt-lime

aahh an aldebarren blackberry feeds choker cherries to coded guns
o as ashen eye-talons entertain diseases with ferries
then accidental dunes, maimed, hasten to rigs as bended man-suns
cloister forever under racist scummers
la a digger of genes rotates across layers of kited winters
and rodeos in red dreams dilate for blinded river-pokers
and a radioed fish in a mod mind dreams of killers whose floaters
cums sandal-stirring peated meat inside veinmost killer coaters

ahh an aldebarren blackberry yields moper ladies with fairy thumbs
o as waxen wenders of fishmeals mend a boated cunt with scrums
and a loach in a bended cage brags for bloated scissor-pigs. Drums
get gelling heaven glucose to slags who borrow mirrors from scum
and, maced inside, a darling darting girl glows just like a worm and
dummies drag smaltz for deaths as a pealer of pearlers extends sand to
softening brain-bolts which snap marzipanning dealers across jams
oo a shelterer of demented strangers sups a porn-pup as weedlers
lambast dilators with cherishers of sluts and sawn jades

ahh an aldebarren blackberry field feeds choker cheroots to suns
la, a chair in sacred cunt serries closed hands with rotted treasons
and a kniing hood cums colliding with dead egg brands whose lungs
get impeached by doddery diamante dog-demons
o-la a teacher of eyes flows like shit-fests and madams under mums
loosen vinegar ties with taxidermies of lip-rests and lightning graves

the helterers of heroic hells heed horses when hearses all alone stone
greasy capons with zero cells and prisers under purses
and, laid from fig, we transfix dells with ripeners of easy eye-bones
and, uhh, a special head cums weeping aside drivers of mind-groans
and a mental menstrual digitalis darkens wives with whipped sloanes
and, paid under prigs, a farme to garlands spies aside lipped drones

ahh an aldebarren blackberry field seals jays inside blue buzz-boxes
ahh an old king of trapped merry peal pees under crackers as voxes
sunder children meats with lippies of snakers and listening blithe drones
and an aerial daddy plane whispers under windowpanes
and, oooo, as we cable dead sisters then a darksome sea of veins
summons female feline wintry fever from twinned hands that rain
adown a blonde town where dyers drink cocas mixed with champagnes
and a dolly moon sidles under sadenners
and a molly tomb tells of the times when all god's children died
ahhh an aldebarren eldeberry jams laughter with ginners and wives

too many stranglers have shaved fanny torch-dried and, lo, old cries
cum cradling naked crabs aside money that pays for instant city-lies
too many wrinklers have shaved mammy touch-dried and, lo, old pies
get sunken from lardy wiveners of daddy pucks and pissy pussy-spies

we give hot heels to shelter as we arouse peering pizzas with dives-
la la, we riot for weals as whipper of pony-boys comfort dead hives
la la, we give bed to reels as rippers slam for toys and coed slides
loosen cavvy kids with eels that shiver for coded jams and tithes
and, made soul-bare, we widen for livers shampoo a tawny bride's
daddy moon; and a sharpener of kissers scares eynes with thorn-cries
and, la la la la, we enter into cocoons as a rocky raped racoon rides for
a dizzy dummy sea that strips cartoons bare as rubies
and, grave-grabbed, an easy gift of dunes slashes across doobies
occidental torn teeth teem for puller's bloods as mouthers store wards
under crazy cabinets that may never yield gods
and a mazy mind-slit may never yield cunt-gobs
and a lazy heart-hit shames fever with junkers of daddies and lobs
i sit on a scared chair as i leer at a knaresborough moon and trogs
cum crescending after hair as weevils scare smilers and dead mogs


the easy staring stairs of Knaresborough bedazzle weals with pikes
ooo me and madam hairs jamsdicky bone as a vinyl penis spikes
easy snares with blinders of peery pulley peekers that sunder mikes
and, oo, easy snaring quim knaresborough sunder lips with grey dykes
and a valued veiled vagina devils dogs with blowers of dials and kites
and a dairy driver dreams of revels where kids cry out for midnights
and a veinous soap-screen ignites phlegms with pigs that strum piped
easy bridlers of Knaresborough's chairy scarey valve of a nude lung
and fanny boxers bridle bone with hairy easy bulls that charge gum
with bleeders of foxes and vermeil mitts and dolls that barge cum

the easy riders of the red and gone evacuate a saucerful of dreams
and, la la, metalled fanny thread sews easy cake to cunted screens
and weevillers bury blonde bread with peasy shakes and set screams,
and, oo, easy staring stairs of Knaresborough bedazzle weirs with fazed
bodyers of dirt, disease and death
uh uh uh: we dictate bees to moths as butterers barage bled nests
and we jack as we jump
and we slap as we junk bad burns with annals of spunky hairnets

the easy staring stairs of Knaresborough bedazzle pugs then stream
terrifying hearses with natal naked gnome-hands; and dented creams
cum smothering creations with vaginal crenatures
and a dizzy play dame drinks to pricks as spastic whores use mesh
to tie evil beads to homed heads that pee aside shatterers of wrecked
baby bouncings
uh uh uh uh uh packers of pushers peal for Pan as we eat decks.

Copyright JDB 11/03/2021


work-in-progress title: The Handlers of the Easy Bright
first draft poem then poem-song


the handlers of the easy bright cum sundering boys with lifts
o sanders, drugged, slap wood-lips
and a daddy dyer dies for louse-lip
and a driver of daisies carries cars to hatred and old trips

the handlers of the easy light cum thundering after clits
o sandlers, flecked, flex red pippies across mental reels
and, loaded, a paranoid angel vans her winged tits with
blorters of blown beds and cheese-chops


hoodlums, chanted, don dirty hoods
o as love's bud stinks then blown bloods
dilate across old flour
and mastic gold, rolled, uses fed flowers
to warp heads with dogs

handlers of day and night shoot covers
o as loves loosen, then a bed of rugs
sky-writes aside dunes, and endlessness
cries and cries
and emptiness suppers for easy pies


we push a punny smile across lynchers of ladies
o we mash money
and, la la, a purse of dials pays for god as babies
arise from buggies
and a pram on a hill fails
and a hand in a rill flails
and we push for smiles as a crissercrosser sees trees
cum washing leaves in dales

handlers of day use ganglers for night where bees
cry for old honeys; and death floats from seeds

hoodies, hemmed, hum a focal tune
la la, boobies, denned, swing for runes
o a laden boy cries for baby
and, once laced, a dunny gal uses wounds to
sink leathers into wine

we push a puny smile across delayers
la la, we dash for dials
ah, we lash after bile
and a city kid carries deaths aside slayers
and we weedle till we die

handlers of sex prise cunt from crap
and eyers, dabbed, sucks cock-snaps
ooo we weep for heaven's bareness
and we tarry for ravens


sin, delved, drapers a gun in a shield
skin, delved, papers de sun with reels
la la, naked parsons serve godlessness
ah, a papered fire gets summer-blown
and witnesses to tyres
cum shuddering for plumes and bones

sins, delved, summon a lung for a yield
skins, shelled, summon drums from fields
and a lemon mind
has to kiss as wetness whines
ah, a bell of wine shoots rose-peal

handlers, dented, turn-turtle ole weals
and deniers, rented, strangle soft deals
and plyers, scented, hang soft ideals

handlers of minds nest aside sloanes

retarded pippy pussy plaits drag dells for waters
oo dented eaty daisies
lean aside a gasfire
and, oo, as fires are used all summer, babies
cum bobbing aside books where coded rubies
cry after testicles
and, oo, a bed at sea swills sea-waters where
daddies arise from mummy drowners
and defilers, crowned, carry seas to mouthers

retarded pushy pylon men drag hems for doctors
la la, a deadly moth marries budders
la la, a dying cross sweats for riders
and, oo, as we cut easy cake then we use drivers
and, ah, a draggler appears raped

detainers of wisdoms cram a demon in drapes
and, o-la, satanic lambs lam sirens with snaked
bunmy reasons,
and we widen for seasons as green gas dies

while crissecrossing a country of birds, grey men
have to hiss
o, weavers of mists marry marred birds
la la, a daddy's dive hides dens and pig-pursed
criers of nude sties
and accidental minds, mazed, centre under nursed
hilly fountains
la la o-la, we season buds with egg as cunt-sauce
slappers aside dunes of clammy reasons

uh uh, painted natrons that lead soap to force
here layer rolled planets aside naked bed-coursed
blinders of dolls in serums
and a daddy witch serves spells to eaties when
a father to a funny stone
cums soaking sucky strobes with soap-city-gems

as we widen for wool, then we peer under towers

o pippy poppied diallers telephone the nice sides of the world
o petrollers, fuelled, switch a radio to neutral
and, la la, where fixes shooteth cups, a dazzler of a mad girl
will surely poke a mike
o pippy pearling pink scamps scurry
o easy eye-stink rips rubbish from out cardial curries
and a daddy dodgem dragglers veins from berries
and a mammy, made skin, scatters hotels acrosss cherries

a doctor of demure health drizzles sugar across old gals
o dawdlers, sky-pure, cradles lovers against gold curls
and a budded brain-boy
bags dirters under silver when a fever in a kid's toys
cums shirting shitters with crowers of canes and galls

the instance when a blinder falls to deaf-earths will stall
a budder of a nipper
with a cakey fast fete which slams a soft birth aside walls,
and ideal servants to masters
mops a daisy chin with twixy bonny bummy burnt malls
ahh a scolded wind swarthes after doomy spurners when
a caresser of fatteners
glues a moony oil vixen to a bladed wanked grey gem

the impossible hands of death interfuse hector with lice
the impassable sands of sex
rock for a domed drum when a cervix inside ole christ
cums lanterning after gashed bold gobs
and, ooo, a feinted town heaves rollering heart-swabs
and, la la, a sainted town cleaves rotators aside necks

o pippy poppied pickthanks tank up along beauties
and a laden arse gets fed to arse and nicks and berries
and a garden mask gleans a grey glans from cherries
and chokers of a blue world
lam a dreamer whose penises sink beds into curls
and, lappy, a cunny noose sprinkles lime across ferries
and the worded world men breathe
cum rammering gal-men with needlers of lake-weed
the instance when a beller bends flowers will extend a
lasher of Ledas to cellars
geeoo a bedded fever cries for killers where greyers are
fed to naughty piggies whose little children run cinemas
and, la la, here there are children dressed in adult clothes
and, o-la, here there are warpers
ahh a dragoner burns purses with flowering car-rivers
ahh a falconer, stirred, peals skin-lip from owlers
and, laced to leaders, weepers cut mikers from dadas
the funerals in the fields are made
the fun funerals under seals get laid
the fascinators of mad reels sunder pigs with graves
and a dizzy scrote cuts a nut from a peering phone-nave
and, O, as we ride from dead rest
then we envenom pools with reddeners and grey breasts


geezers in golden skins cum enlarging picks with land
o easy sin-spind winds
cum serenading lipids with lubes, tweezers and hands
and a laden loomed lisp
layers liars with slurried tomgues
and a parent to Andromeda silences blue coasts with
a larder of a sweet breast
and then rumages of mastic castles carries cunts with
a swift sprig of berries that seat a clit in a green crib

geezers in golden skins cum bum-barging with slams
a dirtyer of dunes and sealed rooms
o-la, a doctor of jams drools for wounds as edams
scamper under nests where maggots aside sedans
grasp a grown gnits with subhumanity
and a blower of lit sails along de family as wigwams
darken melon sins with ladderers of female cock-crams

geezers in golden pies piss upon eggy mons-messes
and, O, as messy feelings fondle guns then soft dresses
must use a shaven stink to grow within twinned presses of
faloners and felonic fuelled talons
and, winter-liced, we sharpen dogs with taut Japan
and, summer-spliced, we use a gasfire in a room of clams

these are the rhinal world words i abuse men to speak
about a jarry mind-girl whose menstrual mental heat
had to hasten to nine-gunned jesus-wheat
and, made conical, a cosmic judas-jeep has to reap a
dusted diamante diamond from swift spool of calves

geezers in a gilded caves cum enlarging pricks with a
chisel of a chop and a rider of Mars-marging ole stars
and a pisser in a cellar
rides upon rain when a deviller of drillers has to scar a
daddy of a dame with a bled board and stoned fever
eyers of stupid dreamt labia part lips as pearls flow.

these greasy pug-days where i lay my eager body down
has to hop to pig-clays
o dizzy drug-drays fasten a sex squirrel to a torn town
and, liced, a mouser's trade
cums carrying ratty hair to a city of genuis mouth-prey
o greasy pug-days where i laid my own scourge rays
a romantic piglet across sirening neon bust-blades

geezers in gilded caverns swallow caves as slaves are
mind-fed to reproachers of willow-naves
o a daddy mare cums crying in midair as naked trays
get hurled off a drunk cliff
and, maced inside, a rapist child hips to whores when
woollen mammy mists drag coachers for chicken

these greasy glug-days where i scathe my evil brain
with daisy thumbs must hereby whistle aside of me and
a dappler of lungs cuts lipids from kettles
and, O, a catty slut raises vapid suns from islands and
eyers of pasters pee upon a shit-tide
and, la la, mental fathers feel for tithes when islands writhe

oo there is a candle in my thighs that stinks of slashes
oo there is a cradle in my eyes that cuts mind-lashes
and a canny pussy painter-saint
spies for goofy as a rider of drapes sucks curtained
bodyers of cunt-seas and feints
and chalkers of spunk slink into a bunk as ashes
give hashish head to a dizzy reeled punk
and ashen laddies loosen vinegar tides as spunk gets
twirled into dramatisers of cinemas and pets

ooo i remember anointers of smelling belts and i
recollect the salt pavements where evil sky-knives
came sinking pinky peelers under a mire of wives
ooo i remember a duffle jpint that fed me to lives
and i see the instant lunar sun made grey as Aaron
and, as we study how to cry, then we will summon a
butterfly from a barge
and a moth in a cave goes to sleep as sex-hards
scutter for a buttery face

the plectrums of a swung widow uses strings to
harp-strangle easy wolves and naked thunder-blues
and, la la, a naked lady smoothes
a daddy damager with stormed hearts and fay dudes

in the park today i saw the dead drinking city stone
in the midnight dark today
i entertained curs that yapped at trees of pure bone
and an idiot female child
strides down the streets in woman's clothes
and, o-la. cagers in de wild strip suckers of stoned
riders of curlers and hairy hide-pools
and nursery men cry for sleep
and prized women die in heat
and pushers of pealed piled helmets shoot drones
as dead as a green god's prayed arse
pelters of penis ploys play games with dad's toys
welters of harnessed ploys
get playing with de master's toys and sealed joys
get jacked by de gasfires of hot winters
and a dizzy dance-ploy peers inside closed fingers
and, lanced, geezers grind minds down to mush


Copyright JDB 13/03/2021



work-in-progress title: The World is Made-Up From Faces
first draft poem then poem-song


the world is made-up from faces
the sky, stunned, is dressed in mace
the earth is made up from dresses
ahh a dabbler moves as stars resound

a darksome chasm, paced, surrounds
daisy dust; and mad men use mounds
to extemporise deaths with cases
and, la la, riders rotate across birth


laddies, made gold, abuse fires with sticks
o babblers, shaved, abuse spires with pits
and a daddy doll-boy
dribbles from a red chin when eaters of lips
rock a fast world

a darksome dead child hisses in the wild
and, domed, red smiles topple a bled child
and, ahh, a facial fascinates all peoples

the world is raised by men as earth gets killed
reddeners of kids shend skin
and an unearthly fire slashes lost hymns
ah a pokey pinch vecchio has to heed hymens
and a father of disease swallows hard

laddies, made old, accuse dirtyness of curves
and a baited stream swills irons and capes
and eyers of statues rock a keen heart-snake;
and ideal faces dream of Eden
la la, i close twinned eyes where sex quakes.

the deadeners of plastics cry after women
o darkeners of markersons shoot children,
and a bath at sea dies
and a bed at sea cries
and hectic needles knife-cool emperies

laddies, made bare, binds cats to poppies
oh a slave's hair, snared, cuts ole babbies
and an easy flare
and air guts prayer
and stairways resound

darkness moves like a mad fool
sadness grooves; and a sad mad mule
goes colliding with demure cattle
o an acrid smile grimaces as cables
lend tears to sparrows
la la, eyers eat blinded meadows when
dyers sink ink under hymns

ha, trendless burny boyfriends rend
a delighful sexy princess from limbs
and five million high winds
cum scattering slides against skinned

oo a lazy cave-creator delves sins
oo a mazy lay-creator delves whims
and, dated, a dirtying horned rim gets
ladied; and a latent moaner
lends mummy rich to ancient sailors

and cold rivers move as sky writhes?

the mind-entreators of one billion bad boys
idolise dogdayed soft guns
o mindless sun-shapers shave lungs from toys,
and an easy sea
sets alight a shroudsail,
and doom deniers lash vines to ole ale

spine-dementers scutter after wine when
daughters of grey gutters sunder wisdoms
and, la la, toothy fists scatter salt serums for
a dasher of easy dancers
O, once aside a sad mind, cloud-gales
store dubbed arses underwaters.

these are my mallard days when i sit for
impossible fainted forceps
o easy lard-legs loosen cold lips as war
widens under nails
and fingerers of rubies shatter warfs

a digger of blenched mushrooms spits?

cold hobbled hewn horses lead lyons to water
o, rolled dobbin-dunes
cause cats to tread mortars above buildings,
and tomorrow's fathers jack the Thames
and yesterday's mothers jump grey hens and ice
cums scattering molten ice-ships a
aside duners of decorous rose-hips; and christs
are seen to sunder buddies
la la, an asian lord accuses rams of lechery
and ole england come
has to ferry fayres to weird families.

cold hobbled hewn voices lead minds to slaughter
and doom deniers
strangle happy vinegar porters
la la, prams on a cliff snips dog-men
la la, hands under lips loosen cats aside ringers,
and an idol soak
snaps along dope
la la, exegesis of families rams aside blind rope
and weeviller cry for pan-soaps

these are my mallard days where i watch TV
cum sundering valves with perverted vases
oo a laden loser lashes kids with diverted arses
and a buddy bob-bone snaps
and an easy sod-stone straps hats across pap
la la, eyers of dead droners marries
eaters of cunt to dirtyers and fanny
and a gassy spunk shoots crap with bunnies
O idolisers of impossible men lock de ladies?

chains and cantankerous old boys extend ties wherre
venal silence weeps on an armed chair
o a buddy buzzy lad layers sons aside long hair
and deepeners of cads
collide with ash where closed cabs ply for fear
and a doctor to the sun
sunders venal coasts with daisies and dumdums
and a renal cock-host
sheds urine acrosss flowers; O, we shit on guns
la la, we piss against towers
and this limetree bower we climb as we cum
will swerve aside curves when dragglers lunge
aside pompidores, limbs and fish-lungs

canes under lives lead leashers to old tums
o veins under eyes lead Leda to cold grime

chains and cantankerous blokes extend pies when
issuers of denyers delve daddy boys for pig stems
and a bald flower in a soft backyard
comforts a dour power that fumbles in red cars
and a dizzy palmer cums scurrying underneath dust
la la la, melters of guns shoot planes
la la la, riders of rum toast veins
and, O, as spines go by, then twisted porn-pus
will certainly guide a cockerel aside badge-busts
and, made from tides,
a parrier of poesy blends smoothies into grain

canes under lives lead leashers to old cold tums
o urine, slaved, drops solid piss across red bums

chains and mad conquistadors abuse shuttlers
with greasy glasses and peasy easy poo-breakers

chains and pompidores extend oats to ropers as
crashes of cunted wards peer inside sealed glass
and, ooo, a wivener of birds cries, cries, cries
and, o-la, a feeler of curves sheds turds in minds
oo a data of a damager drools
oo a fatalist, murdered, uses cocks for wed rules
la la, as we weave buses from trams
then we capture tusks that drive cars into vans
la la, as we seethe, then we lose sex and expand
pompidores and combs to new hope..


when pompidores and combing pussies lay adown a wasteground
a digger of closed whores
must shave ravens clean away,
and a mammy sex stoat muscles after moon-wards
and a daddy sex float dons cleavers from dirtying blue signs
o when shadowers ram foamers
then a markerson of a blinder must wash eagle-towers beneath
oglers of green gents and farted slender sleep

when pompidores and combing daisies lay adown a glass town
a delver of robed wards
cums sheltering after birds that feed minnows to dead clowns
and a wrapper of chocs
cuts an evil tapper from socks
and, O, as i dilate pulled minds, then i extend my hand to sounds
la la, as we cry for demons then we espy dollar-british-teeth

the deadeners of a shoulder-nerve rips a sex remit from sleep
the wiveners of a bounder-nerve
studies about deaths as a punctured pussy telephone hears pervs
naming all strange flames by dogdayed human remains
ahh, a naked father's cold bum shoots fast veins
and, O, renal cock-tragedies layer signets with ghost trains

infective seething classrooms go grinding dogs to dust as pain
glisters; and a peasy pulled crow
caws at de davy dark when hunters in parks shoot slow veins
la la, a dabbler on the moon bends warblers from masker when
diallers of derision staple blown clogs to maidening mind-mien
and, common-spiked, heroic hedons must stem
comical bleeding with silly shawls

when pompidores and combed fannies lay adown fuck-drawl
then a damager of marking masked men
will surely arrive back home to find his cat dead; and stalls get
sun-smitten by murderers of god cats and canine malls
oo a gangster and its moll
sharpen dun hands with dolls
oo a hamster, scanned, scurries into bols as ballers of sex sweat
cums carrying helmets to watches.

emetics of mermen shooteth up from blondies and crotches?

we snaffle our lip as we grind sandmen down to scissor-dust
la la, we shudder as we whine
here and down now to the nice sides of bled skin
and a daughter to a male maggot gets glowing aside hymns
and we widen after crows
and we suffer laughter; O, a bath of bends barrages limbs
with a salted red crysalis and a blended buttery rose
la la, eyers, rammed, radio a naked brace with slowed

and a naked mountain, laid, lingers in the east; and we swing
way, way up high from an apple tree
where, slayed, a rider of maples masses seas with ole rings
and, ooo, we shall succour for spurters
and, ooo, we shall supper for gassers
and, o-la, a city stall swells as fat warts get spunked

aladdin at a mazy peep has to hiss for rain when junks
glow, just like a graveworm glows,
and paladin, macked, melts aside snows when grey punks
came ironing markerson
and, O, a cavvy cunt-clime gathers ash from laid gardens
and, O, a silly cock-crime gathers asps from
blorted showy cities that cause carers to cry for cum.

sometimes you hear, ninth hand, that god gave in to girls
sometimes you hear, from pans, that cooks bake
a banana rodeo sex-republic from rats and dirty drakes
oo as we hear hitler cut off both god's ears
then we sunder after slutters of clothed blood-tears
sometimes, denied, rat strangler cups bats inside draped
swaggery molten curtains;
and we weep as we ride across pullers of reddeners
and we shovel dicks aside de crushed crisscrossed
delver of henna and sweet-smelling flavoured snakes

we snaffle- a daddy in a cage craps across drakes
we cuddle - a daddy on de stage craps as he breaks
adown in a tangerine town
and learned losell men cum curating christs from lies
and learned lolly men cum creating mice from lives
and a marrier of metals supper for ghosts as eyes
slumber for sunderers of haloic bowed blowflies
and a city afternoon chants de mazy mantra
and a mazy summer room gets smashed aside Mana
and a crazy sea of dunes gets
car-coupled to body blasts and instantaneous Mamma.

high cliffs inside veined vaults snip a sprig as bone rips
a chapeller of blue stained penis salts
ahh, looped, a boned belt fastens spheres to tips
and, sailing high, a draggler of ravens shaves smooth-lip

Copyright JDB 14/03/2021


work-in-progress title: Oo A Cagy Cavvy Christ Hereby Heals the Birds
first draft poem then poem-song


oo a cagy cavvy christ hereby heals the birds
oo a raging lady heist
suppers for baby
and a dog at sea drinks as he drowns and words
cum fastening fangs to mice

oo a cagy cavvy christ hereby stones de birds
and, pranced, a daisy woman hisses as she
underwrites worlds with bees

as timers of terrorists kill trees then buds end

the ideal slavers of doom deniers hangs men
la la, easy riders sunder bone
and, sly-dazed, a doctor to stone drinks to
cicadas and the masssive eyes of girl-feuds
and a daddy under sidlers
snaps a cut kodak

oo a cagy caved monk begs for teas when
easy eaters of cock-junk
sirens after dolls where wind-wells jump
wishing wells and pink-tac
and idol-radio blares
and fierce sisters sweat aside grey snares


oo a cagy idler hisses for dates
oo a lady bridler hisses for ole snakes
and a city rider
writhes; and, O, where lovers quake
then eaters of demons
must supper after dolls where lakes
cry, cry

the ideal slavers of a twix-mind shakes
la la, easy bladers, stormed use drakes
to suck along cuts
and a balded boy-slut sucks on bake

we cry for weevils where termitic mien
drops galleons into blown serums
and weepers play with mum's toys

eaters of xmas-easters must underline
o eaters of easter-xmases will use wine
to gabble for messed
old missions; and a bird at sea feeds sex
to dolly breakers of closed signs
and a heaper of jams spreads ole rinds
upon shoe-bread

oo a cagy idler idolises cicada where
a doper kisses closures,
and riders writhe till the dead lose air


the bracelets of one zillion odd men
cry after rockets
o, a sea under naves launches pockets
and an easy christ
cums healing the killed
and, cross-laden, diggers of dills shend
blued bone from odd women

blue-grey transepts bolt desks to a
slithery city that lays gods to rest, Ah,
de demon of the world enemises
enemies of urchins inside closed cars
and, naved, grey steps lead to Mars

de bracelets under guns use wrists to
tauten rings with dudes;
and, la la, rye breaded screws use a
deviller for dampeners

blue-grey transepts bolt decks to a
ripplered choc
and blinded biscuits snap aside crock


o we played with father's toys where greyers
gas for old fig
o we played with mamma's toys
and, lopped, a city pig will suck across fevers
and, la la, eddiers underwatered
delimit kinemas with easy lost crashed kids
o we blare as we wail
o we stare as we flail

de bracelets of nunneries crack; and ringers
bridle cupped canals inside
lemoners of rattlers and coded city killers
ahhh, a dogdayed catty creamer cuts brides
ahh, a batdayed smelly screamer
uses distant dusts as minds flower

o we played for feathers as we used slavers
o we slid from a snyde
and an easy dream glows, just like a lie.

o yeah a baddy bangs me aside domes
o cagers of daddy mum-hang old bones
and a dizzy dream
cums causing evil rest
and a mazy screen shows porn to sex
o yeah a laddy sunders cities as deaths

de bracelets of the killed line men with
a cauteriser of bled coupons
and, sliced, a hand at sea sails with a
cuttler of new york
ah, as beach-men bark then crow-cars
get concertinaed with old man hawks

o yeah, a baddy hangs leas aside stone
and a blast of stars slams
idolisers of dirt where cold hot drams
groan, just like evil forests

o we played with daddy's toys where
lionesses lead cat-boys to canine air

o the dead may play with the dark when
sadness, snarled, raises kids from children
la la, easy graves slap grids
la la, mazy mindsteps snap across women
and an indigo made child
whistles down the wind
o deadness must play with gigs
o madness must swing for everything,
and dabblers of dust will use a sweat-ring

o the dead may well play in the park when
softness, gnarled, erases sand then sends
dolorous sky-gulls across veins and rat-pens,
and madam doloris uses cane for cany
and fathering nail-forests
glow, just like a glowworm glows
ahh, a daddy mind slows aside red crows when
dragglers of deniers stocking-hang chicken

o, greasy shakespearoes write god's words
o, meaty blue veined gay heroes
supper for light as a damager of wet pogos
scrap teeny eyed trampolines
and, made easy, we ride from sex-deaths
and, made mazy, we arise from soft strips
and a daisy pie, short of an eater,
resembles crust when eggy banter burns

o the dead may well pray for dirt; and,
greying ferns, made vinegar swills brigands
and, slaving jade cries for moss when scams
go wailing after pullers of bled sugar-scram
o the dead my well pray for skirt, and ice is
force-fed to nets as a bodier of blown grids
shine aside shallowers
and, la la, me and my shadowers will split a
babby moon
and, o-la, maddeners sink fawkesheads
deeply down raw beds; and a dreamt head
hastens to a soured mind-sedge

the howling men are near
the wailing bad gems of old tawny tears
cum strapping geezers to coded ant-spheres
oo a roller-coaster has to drink salt-fears
oo a smolderer of coasters hurls bees from a
deepening cliff where a gemmy of a gun
shoots panafricas as dead as de midday sun

o greasy graspers of disease don dyed lungs
o peas puddings, fleeced, stun wived lungs
o bees in ceilings, sheaved, strum wired lungs
and a soft river has to
carry cicada to blown blued babby lungs
and we lung after hooks when easy nudes
swallow palmprints from easy peasy truths
Uhh, as desperate times flow by, dead dudes
may well fail to blink as openers of grey sleuths
supper after venal kinks
and eyers arise from minks where greyers
interlink mazers with doublers of lemon sinks


these mindless factory days where i hiss
hips to a poverty beat
these mindless factory graves
gut a conveyor with soft dtinks and trade
o a daddy moth captures a blurred blue collar
and, la la, a painter of stretchers
carries a sounded tramp unto city pictures

these are the mallard days we used to own
o these are dullard dreams which drink stone
o a bedded dromedary suffers inks
and weavers weave the daddy from pinks
la la, a guttler under sand
shows a fatal pusher to a real good island
and eyers ease pylons under shrinks

the damagers of sexy pockets rock ribbands
Uh a rider on blue rain
loosens molten powers with dancing disdain
and, dammed, weepers weave grain
beneath callowers whp sink aside pain
o a lunar castle crashes
o a sonar parcel crashes
and, gun-raised, a kicker of ashes loosens
bloodiers of ole graves

we are the soft men with lost hairpieces
we are the rotted boys who
slink for straw as a burial of cherry-fleeces
cums canyoning after flamingo dew
and, o-la, painters of dilators drink brew
and, o ho, maniac mojo flowers in screw
and, ah-ha, venal grey yoyos use roods
to marry grey angels to poesy penises

these mindless factory glades here hiss
aside burners of bowls and peeing mist
and a foggy tower dunks toys aside lips
and, uhh, menstrual time-folks drag pips
from apples and plums and quince-clits
and, once skinned of hands,
we raise a dizzy tower from sea-sand
and lovers, fizzy, fish for fats then ram

a coroner of violence under green grans

the graven garden-gusts of easy turf
cums to indolent nothing
o gardened city-crusts don earth from
pealers of bled eyes and killings
la la, eyers slam spies with dealings
la la, riders under wives cut ceilings
and a canny wolf dreams about guns

the graven garden-gusts of easy birth
cums to ignorant darlings
o darters under dyed veilings surf a
dizzy webby glass
o easy killers of de past
trample dodgy days under a masque
and droolers, drammed, toast casks

these mindles days which bleed death
have to sunder cherry valves with
labia; and a vulic veiny mind eats kids
and, ooo, heapers of grey wynds
weep for raiders of
blue-green-grey coded crimes
and, la la, we cry as we season minds
and, o-la, we espy a dead soft grind
that, carved, crashes down

and a timebomb on the town drives
coded cicadas from haloic brides
and, laid, laden guns shoot ole wives
and, raged, pavements dance just like
gull-patinas of weevils and ant-dykes
the gullets of gay gulls grasps to ages
the mullets of fazed gulls
rotates across gods as seasands cull
an octopus lantern which fleeces rages
and, whammed, a chapel-toy dreams of
siken cantonments which crow for Love

ashen ilexes snap a blade where teethers
tirade aside saps that feed blithe killers
and, ladelled, slappers of foxy head-mirrors
dilate aside boned body-flays
and, oo, musclers of daisies cooks caves
with oveners of bleeders
and, la la, caveners crap for readers
and, ah ah, riveners strap scissor-naves.

the graven garden-gusts of easy smurfs
hisses as closures in paddocks sky-bearth
sizzlered fishy chips inside latrinal star-earths
and a dabbler of dreary sleep
drops a doggy
and a candler inside paunched sleep
serries stages with bun-eyed noise-heat
as we sink unto a skirt-stink then babby
will rise across a fast world where laddies
must interfuse Hector with Hemetic studies
and, cased, as we dam digs
then we suffer bled boys whose sex-hobbies
go gliding into outdoor cinemas
and we do the utmost dirt we can
and we move a gutter to hurt as pans
go glittering for widows where widow-clans
go buttering de master with a toy-vase

valisse men don a dark pelisse sheath where
darters of suns harden crows with pulled pears
and, laid by drums, soffits of squid drinks carved
indigo moany-cock


Copyright JDB 17/03/2021




work-in-progress title: The Transmissions of Radio Nights
first draft poem then poem-song


the transmissions of radio nights
accuse noise of blaring
the venal mad missons of fearing
sumon televisions from dark light
and a rider on red rain
sunders denial with old champagne
and eyers of fearers
fart aside de moon where death
dreams about fuhrers

the laddish hands on a gun wrecks
riders of gossamer boys
la la, an arm in a till murders toys
la la, palmers of hills
cum sundering flowers with joy
but hands lie drillered under baby

and transmissions of radio nights
accuse noise of scaring
all men, girls, gods and christs

the transceivers of the loud dead
dam droolers with pigeon lead
o the rulers of pigs drag for bread
and the denters of hags
climb hills into shades when beds
cause noise to dream

the caddish hands on a drum burn
the massive jams on de sun turn
swung diamante into easy ferns
and eyers scattered cunt-feeds
and mad boys cry forever


the dragglers of lunar ills
dream about mountains
o riders of evil hills use hands
to tap a veil across a trap
o riddlers of easy mills
abuse snufflers
and tvs glow in a mad cliff

the dragglers of lunar ills
dream about fountains
o drivellers, lost, lease drills
to burners of money

and easy bikers brag for
fingers found at backdoors


snafflers of old rain use hands to
strap nails across engines
o riffflers of gold grain use hands to
strap sails across soft hymns
and, naked, a rider of blue times
drag a drake for families
and a doctored ward digs minds

snafflers of old rain use hands to
slap aside dirt as earths move
and the candies of a mind ooze
petroleums and easy candies
and we arise from drams
and we arise from grey scram

o rainers rain across countries
o dreamers, drained, use medleys
to summon cakey crackers

these daddy days where i tapped
a naked finger across sand-laps
must execute sad summers
and, o, a focal flower has to trap
accidental images aside grey saps
and, o, a fotal finger oozes paps
and, o, a fatal father
flows, flows

these daddy days where i tapped
a naked lover across salt-caps
must iconolise deaths and ice-clap
and a sylvan city
murders veins with dolly ditties
and a faceless kids
cums carting gods to grey pigs

these daddy days where i tapped
a naked grinder across eyed clap
scurries from dirt when soft scat
hurls poos across fatal gay fields

murderers of masses kill a burned fire
hearers, lobbed, sunder hills with tyres
o mentalis, robbed, sunder rills with spires
and, oathed, lovers of thunder
shiver for loaves
and, ah, once upon a mind, mental rogues
loosen torn tongues

murderers of masses kill a burned fire
bearers, robbed, sunder heels with pyres
and a laden walk
warps fevers with wild talk
and, o, a daddy in a smile uses swalk to
sirenise deniers with drawled blues

these daddy days where i laid my sound
around oracund faeces
will hereby knock me then murder faces
and i am laid to death
and i am paved with deaths
and i shall cry forever?

the nabblers of dreamy dogs get walked for
a swift hardened common-garden
oo a laden lifter of easy gods get walked for
a hot ravener of easy common-garlands
and, lashed, a lazy scream lazes at my door
and, mashed, a crazy screen
loosens ginny jams with baring body-boards

murderers of ivories lick jade as jailed wards
bird-bake one zillion minds aside greyed curs
and a curvy dog, sprogged,
leases digitalis to drugglers
and a dragon moon hisses
and a flagon tomb pisses
across baring nets that fish for female fixers

the nabblers of dreamy dogs get walked for
a deft homophobic stud who knows everything?


though we dig diamate in blue fire
though we dance for daddy, female pyres
must exterminate dogs and catty wards
o a hisser under walls
kisses titties as a mind found in shawls
eases whispers aside ferns which crawl
beneath vinegars and salted senile babies
and, doped, weepers widen for
a diamond gun which shoots the poor

though we dig diamate into mind-fire
though we dance for laddies
we will see here a radio under bodies made
and meadowers, snapped, summon graves
from wicked wynd-zappers

Oh, a weekend by a vein must accuse love
of thralling under opal skeins
Oh, a weekened in a train must accuse Gods
of crying after woollen drains
and a hocum candle on the moon
writhes, writhes, writhes
and hedonistic lies, scribed, leak wives

though we dig diamate in a blue mires
though we dance for de lady
we must whip regals aside blinded babby
and a fist in a lamp
leads deceivers into sex light
and weavers of nudes slap an arse-mike

we are coded under lime-peal as we strike
a laden list across a holy jewish yield
and a poker of loss jams christ with a
nuclear yiddish sun that burns forever?

o there is a candle on the moon which leads
liquid eyes to torture
o there is a candle in love's wound that
feeds almanacs to hot kids who screw fat
and an impish lover loosens hands with fever
and a tigress, torched, moistens head with
a teeny torpor that bleeds outside this world

there are ten hands laid across christ's desk
o here are islands
and an ideal cradle crams drams with decked
o a laden lady has to marry karma to darts
and darted babies, flasked,
send daddy to rubies
ooo a latent labia guts chains with chaired hearts

o there is a candle on the moon which relieves
cunny candifiers with parental pallative sleeves
and a vinyl desk
drags janus around a masker of dogs and deaths
and, lo, as a dying entrancer
dangles loaches across grey mortars
then a daggerer of loss sleeps for Abel's doctors

there are ten hands laid across christ's crest
o here, lammed, there are sirens,
and ochres under lights turn day from seasons
and a holder of rites grow aside a dirtied nest,
and a lemon ogre must
caresss carers with cusps
and a cuspid denier cunt-hangs aged breasts
and easy gals have wrinkled breasts.

o there is a candle in the moon that ignites dust
o there is an angel under tombs
and, lashed to anvils, a cradler of dunes must
loosen venal vinegars with tramplers of red tusked
tawny buzzy beaker boughs
and, la la, my twin minds will lead filth to loughs
chiddenmost fanny cathedrals heat spires with
dapplers of bunny mind-devils
la la, linkers of honeys slide from angels as kids
comfort drivellers with grey cables
and a tv screen uses a digital dream to use figs
for tappers of nightly bummered babby rigs

the readers of grey crime swallows ginners
the webbers of fay crimes swallows skinners
and where digs are laid to rest
then a portrait under Mars forces fierce sex
to wallow inside peculiar xmas mud-wrecks
oo we listened to a ruler of deaths
oo we cried for truths as a picker of kecks gets
gilded with painters of belly men.
these are the galley days where ancient gems
sink a gold nut aside a belter of german pens
o these are fay words that entrance a big lens
and a binocular shower
empowers gibbets with flown flowers; O, sin
gun-cudgles cuddlers with acritudes and spinds
renal salt-winds

and i have entertained the riders of lost veins
and i have scented blue knights with chess-cranes
and, la la, when mary drifts
then ava maria will marry easy drips
and, la la, a curtain on de mien hits across lit
and analisers maim minds with easy sea-clits

and the idyllls of the killed are well known
o a murderer of midnight has to drink alone
and, laced to blood,
mental tonguers sink a swift half of pure stone
and a medallion of mud
flowers inside twinned gobs
and, maced with eyes, a dimate of a dead lud
loosens peepers with bones
and a tardy washer of men soaks evil suds
and a tardy lasher heeds hens

o, pepperers of veined bows hiss inside buds
o, hitters of lost vine-blows piss aside gloves
and lynchers of salted paper
slides an evil damsel under blurry penis-nappers
and a cunt in a vast vase
craps demure shits around dragglers of Mars
and modellers of vamped cars
carry modem madams to feeders of easy scar

idlers, loamed, layer wrists with fathers as stars
crashland across meteors and odlers of cigars
and eyes use a shampoo for a fucked sax as
eaters of blisters swill teeth and puke mirrors
and, ooo, a lazy garland jacks for lips when fevers
glow, just like a glow worm glows
and, carved, we write for ferns
and, slurred, we write for perms,
and a narrower of wives must ignite bruises.
aldebarren moon-men deify sin with nooses
easy chinese wounds deify skin with roses
and a sidled star-car
carts creation under deifactions of noses
la la, a callower of cunt-calves cuts bars from
eaters of ruminating spunk-chalms
and, glistening, rizlas of junk smoke guns
and, whistling, grinders of bumpf swills suns
and a candy purse
swipes cards for coins when a dizzy hearse
cries across five million old furs

the bakers of blood breakdown when curves
carry marital ruins where lousy fens swerve
aside blown braids and funereal lazy laughter
and we burn up for darted madam mamma
and we stir cups under farters
and we swirl sluts into parkers
and, oo, hasteners of bluesers bag gaga with

blenched wives and wicked pistilled plum-kids

Copyright JDB 18/03/2021.


work-in-progress title: Where Nothing Jumps?
first draft poem then poem-song 

waxers of tamed wasps sting eyes with looms
o flaxes of stained cloths
cap a lunar clitty with a loss
and a daddy mitre melts aside a bled cross
and eyers, spired, see inside a boned tomb

waxers of maimed clocks trip aside wounds
o darkeners of stained rocks
and, loaned, actors under old crocks swoon
after dizzy dens and halved moons

and grey prats open across laden daisies.

the hearts of god are here as a naked river-ruby
suppers after dogs and cakes
o utterances, sodded, snap drakes as easy lakes
sunder mooted mind-silence
and addlers of suited space
slide aside coded ermine?

the hearts of love are near as a naked river-baby
rots inside a star
and softeners of cars concertina as they scar
hidden ashen dairies

and mad gals kiss with ladeners of sex-cards

Motherers suck along a weeble
Fatherers of sluts sunder steeples
o a candy car drives too far as Naples
sunders easy riders

there are hearts found in mountains
there are carps found in fountains
and easy bikers
bride a cycle to a mouth

mad kids grind where no mind shines

occidental accidents hear a city cry
easy faceless mad scents
sense glowed flowers die; and old eyes
sunder flown flour
and bald cakes are cooked in towers

the doctors of faiths heal the rich as
eyers of fires summon pyres from glass

occidental glassers shatter odd massed
baby irons
and eaters of lions shield cats in masks
and mated matted mitres
swill daffodils where old kids bask

inside red rain...

tricklers tickle rats
hitlers murder eveything
la loud mirrrors crap
o a daddy mind snaps
and body bows trap dust inside
old men and caps

occidental masts don sails
incidental faces don veils
o a daddy bow dies out
o a mummy crow
dazzles for a sea of mouths

and signal sonnies go dry

trippers of mind-hair comb pompidores with jelly
o tipplers, dammed, sear stone
and a buddy in a lift loosens veins where telly
shows a digitalis in a veined throne

a bagger of catters craps across crucfixes
o riders of rattlers scraps blue lofts
and a denier draggy, dunced, drink cloth
and dazzlers of gabby sea-junks
drools as magical mastermen use cunt

trickers of mind-hair comb pompidores with bone
la la, accidental homicidal fairgrounds
cause canny carousels to sunder stone
and, oo, lives get raped where nothing jumps


occidental men who dwell in a plant-stem
hereby shovel cocoas under odd women
o a lady flower
shows a mother crow to a human tower
and, oozing, a loud show uses father to
sell swellers to darting dollar mind-moods

a nagger in a slide grabs seed then moves
a naked coined bride
o nagglers under wide labs
shoot experiments when a salted cab has
too many tyres for de roads

occidental men who drive in a pig-pen
hereby slow ruled heaven down;
and dying dabblers use skin to surround
babbies and breakers


o classic brassic boned magazines hip to a wank-beat
o spastics, scathed, ride from heat where eyelids bleat
and the tawny shadow of a mind
sends dreadful sex to a sea of limes
and a linear cunt-fault layers swooners with crime
o a daddy in a star-lift leads deniers aside sleep
and, laid in loss, a kiss of a crissed cross reaps wine
from model lips where ten suns go down.

o mastic masters of shot veins crash in a red town
o silent wounders, cut up, spread crammers with
fast fat cowled hands that calendarise timed nip
and natalisers, drammed, scatter peal across stripped
naked buggy-oils
and, la la, as we slipper sex moil then we will soil
buddy tramps with issuers of sirenises and sill toils

the caddis of a trench-mind mutates across winds
o-la, couplers of tench-minds
car-feed dapplers to wrenchers; and devoted skins
scry for baldness
and, calf-bred, a sodden mien smellls like teen-wind
and, salted, a grannary in bread-hell spikes vermin
and, oo, as a meddler spins, then ginners in hot gin
glows and grows

a classic brassic sloaned magazine uses vein-sleep
to deify, with blood, the faces of urban buddy-jeeps,
and castlers, spent, put sodomy on a soap-box
and musclers, rent, ply memory with doped socks;
and, la la, me mummy father jacks jays where pox
card-cripples seasoners of rat-trades
and an easy feather forces thumbs into vodox.

red caddis, crammed, scatters ash across graves
oo vast vanishers, scrammed slippers sealed naves
and navellers, stormed, shit on the beds of thieves
and revellers, swarmed, shit across bedded manses
la la, masoners of dawn drill for model midnights
ah ha, dressers under porn thrill for starry tights
and a burial of thunder
hereby crisscrosses fingers with filthy snappers.

will-founded, a wideness of pigeons go sex-wide
will-grounded, a wildness of surgeons cut minds
and, Ah, we used to race across the fields
but now, scuttered, we lay abed all year-long; and
wiseners of batterers send songs to buzzy islands
Ha, a mega mitt which has some dough for a dick
tramples saunas with glass
Ha, a metaller of pits grasp for arse
Ha, a medler of arms rasps for a mask
and a dizzy blind beller rides across damask
bobby lotions
as we weevil for spun sin then we drop dusk
into de drop tank of a maddener in hot pus.

the drivers of damaging mind-fairies leads museums to water
o leaders of rummaging wine-dairies
lead deifaction to demure cream-diaries
and a molten wolf weeps for sperm-aviaries
and a maiden gulf of wars feeds pearly netted ovaries
la la, deniers shift from bladderers
la la, doomers shit on scissorers
and a nuded boned gun gets shot aside woven murderers

the drivers of damaging mine-fairies lead mazes to slaughters
o readers of scurrying swine-daisies
crock-feed panted pantomimes to easy raiders of mammas
and, sphincter-woven, ashen beds of pure fire succour
easy mentalis with blown gulls and fascinating blue priories
and bleeded balsa boys drop hankers under cunt-poppies
la la, we widen for guns
la la, we sharpen de sun

well-founded, jars raises the latest jar to a cocoon
cell-grounded, cars raise belated masks to odd cartoons
and a bell at sea sunders selves with tawny poltroons
and, lashed to teas, weepers weld kids to burnt glassrooms
ah ah, a bed at sea sups a bad mill
ah ah, a bath at sea cups a mad hill with westend dunes

the kindly killer boys who strap clothes across engines
must wash a wivener of crap in window-sinks
and heaters of decriers trap spind winds in christ-drinks
and keepers of denyers crap spindlers aside grey urchins;
and, O, as we warp spun pap
then we warf a whipper with stoned burned laps

darkeners of deifiers drink lungs from cinderellas
hardeners of red rulers get stung by milks and drillers
and a nest at sea
scraps for high trees
and, lo, hired windows cause girls to look down upon
the measurers of the death-relieved
and, hashed with gob, menstrual vermin snaps suns

inside blown minds that wince as mad farms cum
aside chalkers of rats and tat and eaters of guns.

the rattlers of duping lovers lease a bad hand to a lost skull
la la, fathers to puking fathers
marries crust to drooling mammas
and a darkener of swathed sex slams aside gaga as molls
pain-crucify spoilers of wards with scanners
o as we ride from dirt rest
then we arise from county sleep; and a cat under walls
strap-sluices venal bud with drifters and coded evil drawl.

love's rattlers, rammed, vomit plum aside colic and shawls
love's meddler, manxed, swallows drums
and a cavern in a shield leases pillows to easy dumdums
and a humdrum moon, mealed, forces peas down walls
oo a blinded vernal woman
hastens mindless tawny tit ravens
and broken glassy gardens grasp for chillers
and woded bay-bends brawl for trashers

ah cattlers of puling parents piss across a sea of feathers
ah ripplers, runged, scale layers of demure dead treasure
and a daunted moon swells, swells
and a daring dragoon drizzles scat across manyana
and, ooo, mental clays clad coke in floss as mouth-mana
models defilers from flown screentests
la la, a molten mind serries gravers with spleened drama
and weepers cry for whipping boys
and sidlers sigh where lightning bags a rill of toys

the red sirens are lasered into jive
the bled hymens are razored into sky
the deaths in the egg cut out, and a rotator of joys
pictures bellied pulmonaries with trippers
o where fishy monies race a rustler with lippers
then a gutted winter-fardel must scatter Leda across
a blamer of blood, shit, spit and sex-mealers
and a botted armed slit scarries for reeving mouth-moss

and mothers meld with maidens
and fever thrills; and a crushing kid heeds raisins cum
spurting cocoa chowder
screamers, sneezing, heed my focal arse where
dripplers, heaving, cede holy fotal glass where air
skelters for bleeding weeds
and a carrier in reeling sweeps vines from lost prayer
and a farrier to fearing sweeps mines from feeds
and we are sent to soft sleep
and we are scented with cheap buddy skin-seed
and a concert of drugs hears rung sleet
cum showering burned lungs with dazzled chip-cheats

and madams melt for maidens
and minors dance till they grow old
and bottoms dance as fatteners of rectal gold roll
across daffy dreams
and, crisscrossed, mummy genes wipe bum-bowls
with inky quiddy bed-jammy turtlers
o a mason of honeys crams craners with bun-foals

oo-la!!!? iced picklers of toilet mien drinks coal
oo-al!!? rice-sticklers that sear brens must fold
dilators of mash across briders of lenses and gold
cages of sylvan radios
and, miced, wipers shadow dusk wher grey mould
maskers easy violence inside spastic violins; Ah, souls
drain sidlers fast away
o, diced, diapers felllow fussers with bone-bowls
and a dicker of de gallows
hits a monked sleeve with vegetates and pillows

the deadeners of deepeners dress catters around
renders of roxy rollers
and a car with no seats shuffles for rodeo sounds
la la, perted pussy pull
peers into sperm-pizzas; and coda shends fathers..
and dementers of Demeter
dollops rummy flex with horsing hearse-mirrors
la la, once upon a bubonic porn-wynd
i overheard ava maria shaking banana birds
these shallow world-words i write for closed nerves
these malowed earth-words i dream for
snap a coca-cola from birthed words; and blinded whores
suck across a lost vinegar peanut
ahh ahhh ahhh
catty fiddlers fiddle for grass
batty benders bend under glass
sodden wingers see into gas, and refrative groynes
cum shuddering for tremblers

catters, claved, can a blonde canteen in a phone
catters, mazed, jam a jostler
aside meaty comets; and graving meteors foam
and, oo, mettlers of washed dams
ignite doom drivers with matchers of zippo-drones
and, oo, dying bar-nests
swash salliers inside blenders of thraling bird-quests

drawers of a past world slide igneous dummies from
a wivener of weepies
and rawlers, masked, scan peckers with easy eardrums
and candifiers noose heels with nippies
and candlers, star-toothed, shampoo for closed hair-guns

drawlers, puffed, pull upon pigs that salve sties with lungs
oo raddlers, duffed, bell after wigs
and, once maced, a hopper of heated nerds curse eyelids
with salty dramaturgies of night and day and endlessenes
old dragooners dream of monkey money
cold salt-streamers ream metals with hiney
ah, mooned, we slap blackberries
ah, swooned, we snap kodak-cherries
and a wolf of a false woman
suppers for the spoons and knives of buddies
and a closing life-boat
drools down drains where hot throats bleat
and a coursing headpiece gets filled with peat
and a forcing mind-fleece
scathes gilded ghosts that haunt lost peace.

old dragooners dream of monkeyed money
greyers, glassed, grace galleries with bodies
ah ah, a veony waltz dances across maimers
and vasty vinegar hens lay sweet egg aside creepers
ashen waxy swillers of coaxed cock-rum glisters
vixens, tongued, drool for dog-ghosts and mirrors
muscle for daddiers
and focal devoters drabble
and motel invokers raddle for veinous baddy bakers

Copyright JDB 20/03/2021


work-in-progress title: And Masters Use Old Toys
first draft poem then poem-song


fiddlers of easy mansions arise from a house of heels
la la, fingerers of easy missions stab blue humours
aside easterly arising fissures
and a dell of steel raps eyes around pleasures

fiddlers of easy mansions arise from a hose of reels
and, la la, easy riders slide aside coasting measures
and we arise from measures where dogs dive

riddlers of easy liars arise from a sea of weals
la, finders of dizzy spires
lasers after bone
and ideal weepers strike for bone
and dyers, dammed drool from a sun-seal

riddlers of easy tigers rope cats aside meals
an idoliser, snapped, sunder female drones
and masters use old toys

ashen, a rude tramp radio sunders daisy wives
o,waxen, a rude camp stereo
sizes eyes with dolor
and a dizzy drift drags for fever
and wideners, washed, soak minds in mirrors

ashen, a rude signed radio sunders easy lives
and, O, a boat at sea washes drowned candy
and fingers press studs inside sad memories

ruiners, rended, send bods to sleep
ripeners, shended, send cods to old heat
and a lazy mind
sinks into hasps
and riders of masks slink aside blue meat

O, radioed moon-men shudder as jeeps
sky-jar flexes with grey kids and monkeys
and, la la, hissers peer into puffy peaks
and roaches cry for beaks


serenaders of doomed denial drink from a pink stream
agh riders of spooned denial
suppers for de knives and bones of a dream
and, lapped out, droners drivel on and on where
doctors sleep in a funfair

serenaders, in thin air, use a pompidore for prayer
and a comber of deniers
draggles after nooses where a bad boy's fever snares
eaters of xmas and easter

O, radioed tomb-men sunder towers with stairs
and eyers climb where dirt men sit aside rivers

cabbies, cunted, cry for taxi-hire
laddies, cunted, lay waste to spires
and, cracked, melon tastes drop fires
beneath human sofas
and, typed, madam writers use birtth
to send dirtyers to pregnant razors

serenaders, slammed, cut a labia
pretenders, jammed, pan salt fevers
and, liced, a bed at sea
casts bells across an easy city tree

O, radioed moonmen slap noise
with lunar thumbs and palm-ploys;
and juicers dilate pulleyed mind-toys
and ideal stackers stack forever

the trippers of paved mush get a green train to
easy blondie binders
O, massing heart-riders clash with lovers
O, eating body-blinders crash with mana
and an ideal moon clambers for
evil devils; and dirtied Numbers declare war
upon deadeners and bled grammar

the trippers of paved mush get a mean train to
easy babied wynders
and, O, an eater of grinders shed spud-shoes
beneath red tv that cries for mentalis
and, rancid, a driver of tithes drops mind-moods
aside hired bleeders

these are our mallard days where we use screws
to star-gaol jailers inside blinkers
and, o-la, when false stilettos shuffle in pinkers
then a babyer of bladdery bum-sonars
accuses insidious vaults of jamming cold shrinkers

tripplers of raised lust get a green tram to code
and, la la la, we weave for debt as we use code
to suck a horse-butt
and, slavered, slayers of butter-muck
washes pinny spoolers with ole soap and fuck

these are out ballad days where we lay down nuked deaths
these are our salad sex-trades
and, O, when faces weep then dogdayed mastered nests
must feed a fallowed screen to decks
and, la la, cortisoning whores
sink ladels under honey
and, o-la, mamma maria, stored, accuses nightlong bawds
of shedding molten shit for evil money

these are our sparrow days; O, these pillows are ours
and,oo, we drive from a small death
and, oo, we ride from a sprawled meshed blood flower

a naked nailer of a slated failure dons monkeyed walls
o naked sailors, naved, get drowned aside grey halls
and we arise from stallers
and we arouse blind pincers
and, la la, hectors, sounded, cherry-bury bone-drawl
and ava maria, splintered, study crust as bled balls
bind doctors to bled onions

these are our mallard days
oo these evil ballet blades swing for the best of men
oo a massive mac summons clothes from clays when
feeders of mastiff graves
gobble rat-fats with lips pulled back into bitumens..

the ghost of men is fawned
the hosts of hens are porned, and a magazine-mind
slides daughters under city wine
and a hotel lover seats baby in a belted busy rhyme
and hocus pocus Aladdin
rubs bare arsed venus-Paladin
and, with locusts, termitic fathers abuse green minds
with dairy guns and rifflerd hymens

the data of a dead day dreams about nightmares
the fattener of red trades
teeter for bed as a blue-veined tea-slave sees mares
cum tit-riding bullet boys whose sisters use hair
to boil down combed prayers to nothing
O a buzzy blorter strangles fate with ceilings

oo a badger under naked mole-fire fashions fasteners from
drivers of easter-xmas guns
and a sauna-head enters into suns
and a belted mine-spread abuses foreign dumdums
la la, a focal scream slashes across a vaginal ear-gun
and, O, a floater, spleened, melt mindists from lungs

a tongue in a mooted city sees the roads between us
made cold and cruel:
sunny moon-resemblers loot a fist as a neon bus
brags about cool salt-sex-whore-stores
la la, a motel in a wick sets alight to bodying fuels
and a moden model hotel
slaps a pinker across a hostel
and, oo, a drinker whose muscles wane must fool
all kids, all dads, all mothers

oo a badger under naked mole-fire fashions fasters from a
duper of dells that weaken as they sell
blonded blue-bells to sovereign reapers of dumb cells
and a sauna head, sweat-read, ponders upon old bells
O, a driveller whose hostile cock-piece dons funerals
will suddenly sunder hearted clock-fleeces
and, sodded, thunderous clockers cry for faeces

modellers of mind-shafts sup a cut from a blue nut
modellers of cunt-casts snap a scatty blenched slut;
la la, a foreign fool forces friendships under cloakers
la la, a sovereign chest-course
crap across saddeners of horsed sauce when ropers
radio a moony of sonar skulls and lonely car-chokers

and bright radio is moaning about stoners of soapers
and, oo, blind mallow sheds bright fires with soakers
and, oo, mind-tallow sends knife-fires to slept smokers
and, ah, bright radio is moaning just like loud trees
and, ladied, midnight voices cum clinging to dopers
a tongue in a mooted city sees the roads between us
made cold as fools:
dunny sweet fiends spool aside a planet of pure dust
and, ah, fazers of stools
see infant failures grinding closed pools across lust;
and an army of hands rams jarred jams as gold pus
sirens for easy islands
and bloody dreary islands float off downstream
and, Oh, masy eerie sirens
cast clammers to easter serums inside xmas-blood
ooo a castaway in a lost gaol hears God-Gob.


a pusseller of a dirty flutter uses wagers to dam the hands of Pan
o grey rulers, shirty, scatter fuses
and, butt-made, shitters cut gassed nooses
la la, a petrel in a clothes-press burn lungs with faces as Man
dams doggers with jitterers and sanded Woman

a tongue in a booted city sees the roads between us must
choker-carry coded pampus combs with murderers of musk
and, oo, blooded barrers bone a township
and, oo, ruddied clothers stone a fag-ship
and, o-la, as we sail out to cry then we raid a roman clit

a pusseller of a dirty fever wagers after dom daniel. O, tans
glow, just like a glow worm glows;
and a daddy drip drizzles sperm across a dinnering scam
and a mummy tit drizzles urns across a whithering eye-clam
and, ooo, weepers weep for some milk weepies
and, ooo, creepers reap wards from sylvan sultan-peepies

a tongue in a booted city sees red roads come between us
o a loud lewd nose-noise strums sloanes
a gun in a mooted city sees bled roads come between us
and daggerers of dotted clot-domes
cock-couples easy rivals with coffee soups and old husks

a pusseller of a pudgy boy pees into odd cunt-pikes
a rustler of a budgy toy
tramples porny pus with mind men and evil dam-stripes
o a raveller, ruined, ravels under buoys on wave-trikes
and a riddler in a tomb
sea-strangles deniers with manxes and ruinous bed-bikes
fascinating dibblers of mitts waxes sand with cruel heights
sun-gravelling diggers glister when a
portals of pussies glisten; O, a doctored flower sees heights
cum grieving about mushed missions
and a cradled summer shower glows as passion cries
and a navelled feather shows deaths to dirt in wet minds
and a history of lovers
cums creeping for flava as an empire in a purple scissor
slays a sown scather
with naked nuclear burns
Ohh, a fasted knife-fern sheds seed across cake-sperm..

a tongue in a bruted city heeds veined bows that reel for
rollercoaster windows
and, lashed to yoyos, a rubbery band of a false whore
wards aside tricklers
and a daisy pickler pushes pled fannies with closed wards
ahh a nippler of a knickler nazifies floaters inside pawed
pleaded nural castles
o, a nuking peddler sells cars to armies
o, a puking meddler sells stars to babbies

While burned at a leather stake, eyers of crisscrossing mind-embers
cum sundering ferns with bakes
and a body world, sprigged, lays star-waste to as sky of dissemblers
la la, a bunny girl
goes swigging mace as she digs her sexed fanny arms under killers
o while burned at a leather stake, spirallers cum shooting shit-fires

While pursed, old lips at lost receivers taunt lungs with demeter
ahh a looted pussy grindeer loses deceivers when closed dementers
sky-harden nursery palms with slaughterers of spun splayed renders
O while prised, cold lips at cut receivers
sally cagey vacancies with blenched star-beliefs

cavvies in cafe-cars carve a vanner from dreadful tonsil-leaves
laddies in cafe-scars stir a lamper with blonded bone tea-trees
and we reel inside the East
and we gather up de beast from aching hands
oo cavvies in a cafe-jars harden for chopin-gardens when dreams
bum-parcel relievers into gardens and closed reason

While burned at a leather stake, eyers of crisscrossing mind-lenders
cum sundering birds with snakes
O when faces float, then static aces will supper for ironed deadners
and a boated shack snaps for a venal heart-attack
and, oo, masons to nut-traps snarl for beads and rings and crap
and, iced by patrons, slutteries send queer folks to sleepy paps.

the toselled lousy lolly men who pay for pylons must use caps
to doff a dummy mind at a mad stream where armed kids snap
a kodaking crying drawling town-angel;
and a cavvy in a scream swats sissies where endlessness
moon-swells up, up, up for
ditties of sandals and saddles and lotuses in a sky of wars.

While burned at a leather stake, shrivellers of spiners gorge
a pitted sex-tie from tawny owlers
o a shying teamster who devours bandages and wards forge
a taper of twirly men aside burners of dovetails and crouchers;
and a baby in state
suppers for the forks and knives of a bibby mood; O, hate
suffers deniers when rummagers of tasted snoods get raped
by picklers of pockets and pulled tit-pianos

uh these crazy mazy dizzy daisy chains i don for meadows
get gutted; and, la la, a matrial meat-drain cries for meadows
and, pitted, as sand stirs, a mental sea-stain uses pillows to
arouse piggers of peppermints to
sodomise accidentally burned tongues; and bloods break
through hardeners of spillers and nostril-furnaces sleep

Oh eyers may well purr as we darken screen-meats..
Oh friars of gelled hell hoots in garlanded stream-meats
Oh prising shellers helter after sharded poppy-meats
Oh harping teasers shelter laughter inside bobbin-meats

and this signal hour penetrates duked piss-pup as sleep
dragglers for twirling mental fetes
and this is a day for a grey mind-show
and showmen hereby sell tortoises to venal veined crows

Oh eyers may well purr as we darken screened deceit
Oh riders may well swell for weed as weeblers bum-bleat
Oh rifflers, writhed, give holy head to cemented glue-gites


Copyright 21/03/2021.


work-in-progress title: Time Enough To Rot
first draft poem then poem-song


the cars of men are praised
the stars of gems get laid
the sicklers of sirens snap a bled bone
and women live in the past.

the heads of boys give head
the beds of boys chew lead
a river rises from the dead; Oh

why wolves cry cannot be said

o a cherry mare in a bad field
snips sisters from dromes
o stars get naked
o cars get rancid
and eyers of sin shed seed

o a cherry fair, under seals,
sells cake to serums
and a bled raft dies away..

cablers, sundered, uses brollies
to send soft rain to sleep
ah a bedded crossed vein dollies
after dogs and bats
and ancient clogs feed shoe-caps

o a cherry fire eats into salt paps
and dyers cry for Israel.

cars carry roads to dreams
stars marry toads,
and an ivory eye sees screens
cum sundering minds with queens

o a cherry mare rides from robes
and pansy daughters breakdown


the rulers of denial deify factories
the easy gods who cry and cry get
shaven by mad men in granary
and an opened bum
eases prats apart with memories

rapists, robbed, violate salt debt
o, old faces, cobbed, use sex-wet
to wash old penises with fishnets

as daughters sail then fast tails
will certainly drown under vales..

o as blue stars look down, sounds
will always rock sea-towns,
o aladdin, shent cuts old grounds
and disabled salts
suck pepper from cruet vaults
and daddies rule closed towns

o as blonde cars look around
dabblers, stunned, shake clowns,
and dollars in a creek
cry for tenors as paying meat
slices cakers adown

rulers of denial violate rhythms
droolers, spiralled, rape limbs
and cantatas of money drag winds
asid greying red souls;
O, a pansy bed drains malls
and a candifiers, stained by stalls,
feed cocoa to blood-names


the carry-cots we used when dumb
hereby, shot, causie baby to lunge
aside infant rainbows
la la, easy clocks use times to slow
a body field where children flow
aside nude gnomes
and an eye at rest pummels drones
and a mind of deaths
sunders mental dreft

o, easy battlers suck messed stone
eager sailors, drowned, shed home
ah as timers dive
then venal vast men will open wives
and leave a dress on the moon
and, belied, a canyon of bone drives
easy bends in big hair where eyes
extend visions to blindness

the carry-cots we fuse when young
heat words then uses cum to stun
vipers; and adders in the sun strum
xmas-easter wars


there are feral ferine faces here which rock
a heart inside a stain
o here there are spaces star-hooked to rain
and a daddy seal
gets wound off like a reel,
and, la la, eyes under weals whip car-canes
and carriages shoot blood-pain

the carry-cots on a blue bus carries skeins
beneath dolly boys who caress babe-reins
and a wolfer of pig
gets fed to soft kids
and a looted wife has to dry inside ribs
and a daddy flower blossoms inside grids

there are feral ferine faces here which knot
passengers of sperm with vinegar ties
and an oval perm
sunders grease where the skies look down
under blooming ferns
and ivories of fat mamma don green germs.

the carry-cots of fearful hens dons henna
the dribblers of tearful hens
crack deep inside, and a rose around men
slides a downy freak aside cicada children
and, O, searing city pylons
pull a tawny frown across female pythons
and, lobbed, towns crisscross sirens.

these are ferale ferine days we choose to
dally for cunt-daisies
and a founted monk buys meads as blues
cum shuddering under spunk-rubies
and we get screwed
and we get fucked in stir,
and wanderers, mucked, dream of birds

the carry-cots on a blue bus heave roofs
across poxers of homeless homes
and a bad fire in a sealed flat
uses glass to burn a mind with soft pap
and a darling flower
serries for towers as cakers inside paps
cusses a crooner with salt disease

these are feral female nights where bees
cum swinging for wasps as stinging leaves
loosen a looper with dizzy daddy dowers
and we weep like a cock
and we travel with cock
and, O, as a canine malady drops rot
then we will find the time to rot...


time enough to rot: time enough to heed de lost
o mental cloth comes squirting milk from crossed
and a baby bind blinds a bus with silver urchins
and a lady pie
gets penis-poked; and, la la, a parented darling
dangles its children across a nude eye
ah, time has flavas for a child
ah, crime has ladders for a child
ah, minds have riders in de wild
and, O, as maled manxes supper for a mood
then a bay of barkers
will most certainly weeble after daddy farmers

time enough to rot: time enough to heed de cross
o menstrual clothings shudder
o painters, loaved, paint cakes with blue thunder
and a damager of dreams
draggles for vagina when a city in a soft screen
bends de bodies across fast dreams
and a weevil boy, crisscrossed, abuses ravines
time enough to rot: time enough to heal the lost
o parental cooped mind-love
loosens masterer with grimy oceania; O, gob
spits looseners aside dragglers of mary Gods
and aladdin's lantern-stage
dons a clowner as lecterns under aged age rob
a daggerer of stools and maggot-worms.

these mallard days where i spend my mind-times
dreaming, a sodden prayer may well spine
a renal stiff with soda men and women under wine
and, oo, as we ride from county sleep
then, soothed, as dirty son has to sweat for meat
and a cavvy cave
crashes; and instant lays hereby summon wheat
from karmic gutters that feed colts to grey graves

time enough to rot: time enough to use a spade
time enougth to stop...

and a lizard in a serpent country will suck naves
and a wizard in a gizzard country will tear trade
from bathers in bathroom countries
and, ashen, a bald piano kisses aside babies
and, waxen, a blad ole statue rises for rubies
and, eyed, a spinner of virtues sucks across braids
and we have an instant house to stone
and we have grey men here whose heads of bone
drag heartpieces across vacant burials

and we have the burials of the dead where candles
gutter aside octagons of starfires and cradles

yellowing, vast veiny cock-vultures peck across medallion screens
ah, billowing easy cunt-seashores
sunder hot drakes
and, woven from demons, a scatterer of ribbons raises screens from
ladeners of voled heads and claws
and, oo, as a vampiric biddy boy shits across maws then blue guns
cum shitting across a mental mast-ward
and men, cattlered, fuck a masted Venus with handlers of gin-lungs

the endlessness of factories shops a crazy kid with sewing suns
the trendlessness of blue babies
summons easter lovers from de mad queen's killed mind-canary,
and a bath at sea
serenades teas; and a signal flower scrapes curtains across Mary's
virgin concertina,
and a lowcut crocus power sinks a manx cock inside families
and a dressy puddy power
peals tongued pissers across a hot cold english ravened daddy

the dafflers of young men go weeping at a seaman's lobby
the rafflers of forced hens go reaping a raping city baby
and a fanny leach
gets suppering for screws whose dangling gaol-veins study
all about dickers and de fayness found aside a bone buddy
and, la la, weepers weep for sandals
and, o-la, creepers sleep for candles
and, ah ha, a leader of sleep raises hands from ole stables

yellowing, vast veiny cock-cultures eek germs along flames
bellowing, vast venal sock-zippers eek sperm across dames
and, oozed, we ride the nth wind where a bobber star-stains
billowers of windscreens with ladeners of bedless car-stains.

the vanishers into midnights draggler for salts where names
get shovelled under armed pits and god's easy buoys
and christ on a trike tramples holy bicycles with toys
and midnight rainbows strap evil empty skulls where grains
get suckered with de master's sealed mind-manger; and dust
drips sand-dusts across signalled musk
and bleeded lady romans feel for dusky damasks.

Dupers of family must grave-raid cremative minds
Eaters of memory
sweeten for desks when learners use dumb rhyme
and a daddy moon cums peering under dolly dimes
and, oo, as madness swings for huge high heaven
then sunny insignias van hair with carrion havens
and a mummy leper listens in to a sea of ravens
and a bummy paper gets sunk aside fanny gardens
o dupers of family must grave-raise cemented lies
Leaders of malady
must abuse a lamenter with blown teething wives

the mouthy eagle-cock disclaims the darkest days
the mouthy evil-clock screams for the dread days
and a filty dream hips to a gemmy beat
and an easy scream raises scanners from meat
o a catcher in a drive
goes driving mod buses across easy beehives
and a rattler of grey lives
goes rampaging across stars
and a rapper under versed cries
swings for word-ravens
Dupers of family must grave-raid demented slides
Eaters of ole fanny
cut a cusser from daddy when a hillock writhes
aside founted seas
and, lasered by ash-keys
a dazzler of eyes hereby damages cagy cries
oo we studied how to die
oo we studied just how to lie,
and an ocean on its back shoots saline minds
with doddery drainers of heated drama spools
time enough to rot: time enough to comfort fools
time enough to stop: time enough to bend rules
time enough to rave: time enough to eat stools
or else, once dumbed, a swiller of peeing mules
must save the siren steeds of god and woman
Dupers of family hereby knock upon shrill blood
Drapers of memories hereby tap across ill Love
Shapers of mammaries hereby rap aside buds where
a driller of eyries scatters shite across bled lairs
time enough to rot: time enough to strip old age
time enough to rot: time enough to suffer graves
time enough to siren after beddlers in a grey waves
time enough to rot
time enough to stop
dead; and a lyoness leases tigrons to ligons
oo a capper of buried habits hisses across natrons
oo a snapper of cherried raiders
has to hire a bruised eye-bird to wiveners and moans.

time enough to rot
time enough to stop

stoned dead?
Poetry and Science are much the same-
The dichotomy is the Void between..

Copyright JDB 24/03/2021.


work-in-progress title: About A Woman Called Mad Abel
first draft pome then poem-song


the cheery smell of fascinating xmas has to
swell up like a berry flower
o easy cold burials use graves for hours
and a daddy under nets
knots a mind inside towers when oldness
grows, just like a growth grows

the cherry cellars in which men died are
fed to fans when death crows for spars.

cherried old men don grass when calves
moo aside bitches
and a lady bower bends wytches
and a baby bone bends easy sex-scars
and bedded blown riches
summon pastes from eyes.

oo a daddy under feet uses old lies
to hiss about mam and her lives.

cheesy fellas don glass when light shines
directly across daddies and madam
and a laden fast field floats where minds
draggler after pussy

cherried parents chew on canes as wine
sweeps ginners down stream;
and old pigs pray
and cold kids pass away for

mindless body pictures

odes to cinemas shine upon redness
o cloves, stewed, show veins to deadness
and an easy father
cums shovelling the dead down;
and a fast fucker who sex-drowns
hisses for lips where stone writhes.

cheesy millers loosen messes when
sown mad men bruise shoved bins
and a glass and a half
shoots drunk masks
and drillers drool where stars spin

aside from day.

easy blinding sea-trades suck a wave from a nut
la la, grinding tea-trades
swap a coffin for a coffee spoon,
and ideal drained whores feed pimplers with
levellers of crocks and tomb-pups

odes to xmas-easter raise combs from wounds
and a daisy mind
causes mad swifts in minds
to soften then sadden
and a lashy egg-mien cuts lifts from lost Eden

patchers of bad tails use a sex wag for a mum
la la, patches, crabbed, use sex mags as guns
shoot the devil dead;
and a doctored bed cries out aloud
and a layered head dives

easy binding villages get shut in loud flats
and, lo, a daddy mine
must plead for wine when a timeless cat
spins from feline vines
and a dizzy foal rides till heaven dies


blue pompidores and quiet combs get sucked under hairs
o green sea-islands, scanned, use films inside hot prayers
and a child at midnight
watches over eyes and seed
and a harnesser, slapped, heaves dicks into blue air.

grey-green poppy poppers shut a mind-sleeve where
diamate diamonds shine aside the medusa's steed
and a tonsured cart carries combs to thinning weed
and, O, pompidores and bones
lash a titty tearer with beaten sloanes

blueness, bagged, rocks in hell: O, rotted mind-drones
glow, just like a fever glows;
and a baby heart washes gods under burnt stoned
human tractors
la la, when vaccum cleaners cleanse salt births
and entreaters of reaming female funds will earth
picklered dadas with mad worlds and soft curves

the dragoner of faces feels for girls; and stasis is
fed to candy cocks
and we will shout for the cocks as we use pits to
swagger for drains and fairies
o, a cadded heart gets flown from daisies as glues
gasp for sex aviaries

as we ride from lost rest then we raid god's ovaries.

as a latent imbecile candle gutters for naked plenuries
then easy red weals yield a bummer to old factories
and, oo, as a bender of reels
gets sounded by a scissor-weal
then a buttered bisk cums shingling across red seals
o a latent cotton-deal goes ramming heads with reeds

as latent imbecile stables flicker then naked cavvies
cum scrying for massed meats and milks
and mammy wars shoot renal kisses dead; and
icen wasped wars scoot; and pricers of seasands
grow from vapid oceans
and, o, five hundred pythons send boys to potions,
and a flacid dip feels for pylons

a latent imbecile gets born all day
a parent to reels gets stormed by graves
and, heart-pissed, we supper for wifelings as trade
gets thrown from a high cliff
oo a parrot pun sprawls for margarines
oo a parrot gun shoots dolls with ten barrels
and weepers in a bald lift ride from robots when
cherry-cutters cauterise a lady with old women

blueness, bagged, bends night through plexiglass
greenness, stabbed, sends pints to oge-clasps
and a beery blonde boy
goes playing with his father's toys
ahh. A focal rage gets clasping around rafts
ahh. Bi-focal age gets blinded around masts
and we widen for ruins
and we cherish the dead
and we smoke till morning
and we listen to lost bread..

a latent shade of pale ignites a melted moon
a parent to soft sails
go spiralliing after rods where boats flail
and now is the time to rot
and now is the time to stop
every sold woman and every soiled child
and, uh, a faceless fan falls
and, uh, a tree of faders crawl
across accidental veins which shed balled
peacock blood.

the compass in both fast hands jams dust
the campus of dogs
drivels for cats as god's good animals clothe
a sea urchin inside Love
and a pusher of pansies ripens into mush,
and a cellar of daffies
drinks deniers stone-dry
ah a pincerer whose peeing mind gets lush
has to peal away from radios now
these are my mallard days where i crow
after massive meagre slaves
these are our salad sites that sun-clothe
diggers of sore ballads
and a dog at sea swims to America
and a god at sea swims to Africa
and a lord at sea swims for red Asia
and a naked mind-nailer
grows, just like a killer grows; and toads
get squashed by frog-sextons
there are dreams stab-crazed with robes
there are screens stab-mazed with troves
there are scramblers who must
scurry under sex till the dying rust for a
venal blue snapper whose handled toes
get shivering for eynes
la la, a diamate driver drinks brine
la la, a diamante diver


these are my mallard days when i lay down life's image in a flower
these are my salad glades
i give keen head to; and a wallower of eyes snaffles after lays
and, o, as a naked nailer burps
then a louse with wind will centre a bladed watch inside burrs
and a lady loser, ribbed,
causes canes to cry; and a cagey eye-crib
sallows good cheek aside ravellers of digs and dotted curs

the eyne of love gets lost in vision
the spine of love gets crashed by missions
the wives we led will sever signals where a hand in a jar stirs
turdy televisions into bound butts where evil worzels purr
la la, i have scented all sensations
la la, i have dinted balls with haloers
and a god in heat washes winos inside baking odd windows
and, oo, a cavy keen mind
glows, just like a softening cock-blind

the issuers of danger drill for dollies
the tissuers of danger drill for goofies
and a herald sin snappers for doobies as hill of lollymen
get grasped across meddling spying shadow-earth;
and a bell at sea
sunders bound bathers
and a cell at sea resounds for pugs that season salts with crack

these are my mallard days when i lay down life's image in a flower
these are my salad trades
and, locked under ticklers, a pickler of deniers strangles eyes
and, rocked under skrittlers, a river under defamers
swallows vinegar wives
and tigrons found in fierce tears trucklesaround peasy pissers
and, loud, sounds spread tears
and, proud, penile red tears force ole sauce to feed killers
and about the circuits in de wishing-wells, we will quiver
and about the parapets inside sweat-cells
we must shiver
and about the curtains in a green bell, we will scissor for
a naked moon where the sun dare not shine;
and a bedazzler of lairs
i shall use my mind-cocoon to animate christ's cartoon
and, la la, easy bakers bait families with atomic slime.
time enough to rot: time enough to shriek as we rock
time enough to kill: time enough to scream as we stop
o a death in the skin cums sliding for sleep when cock
shares Leda with shent spind wind
time enough to rot: time enough to squeak as we rock
time enough for blood-clots: time enough to cunt-crop
a fishery of fangs

O, as golden goosers sink spires into sand then shops
serenade evil toy-trades
and a bath at sea sunders spind men with mind-cots
and a bed inside mammas
cages a bleeder of dadas with milky pappy salads

time enough to rot: time enough to reap end-stops
time enough tor raid prison
time enough to glister as menfolk suck across prisms
time enough to heed graves
o long times enough to scatter spermal gentians
against lashy lousy female cunt-graffiti

there is a dead god near
there is a dead lover's tears
cum showering deniers with blinding sandal-shock
and, oo, as we ease a pencil penis inside earth-crocks
then we learn of geezers who rap a rose inside fixed
crocus eaters
and, lo, as eyers lay salt-waste to skinners then ricks
cum car-ravelling onto bellers of dying reasons
howling postmodern pickets peck for grey holes
jostling postal mine-crickets sunder green holes
jowling pistiline heart-rivers wreck blue holes where
a laddy creeps up from a huge steeled chair;
and deniers of sluts
sugar after dogs whose catted smell feeds air
and a ferine god
cums carrying dew-dells to sad luds and nuts

we nestle in spun weed
we detox sin where idle seed drinks to ladels
and, lappy, a golden clock turnturtle for candles
and, slappy, shampy and sax cause heads to
fondle for caps and a woman called Mad Abel

Copyright JDB 25/03/2021.


work-in-progress title: Where Bald Music Plays
first draft pome then poem-song

bumping lunar hearts hereby ache for red rain
o spunking sonar darts
throw night-things across bad men in parks
and five forests flow
and eyed gun-rests crow after
dizzy men whose lickers rend odd larders
with a carryer of messes

bumping lunar carts cry, cry, cry as minds
melt, till the dead come scurrying for wine.

bumping hearts bleat as they beat: timed guns
shoot from a leather strip
and a babby moon snare crypts with lips
and, la la, easy blinders
grow, just like a growth grows
and a laden napper dreams of grief
and a garden under screens
causes knifed screams

bumping hearts roll and roll: old minds mete
sperm hands to idiot travels.

what with nestlers cum grinding egg-dusts
we must, sundered, slam vaultings in musks
and bald music plays
and blonde fuses slay sedans
and, lammed, where voices suck from tusks,
a shrill noise blinds deafness

bumping farts bleat as they slow from sinks
o, glowers that glow like sick
slaps a dummy down where a tidal rink
dances across Paladin

what with jesters made cold
o what with soldiers made cold, sealers
will soften wrecks when shippen rivers
focalise whips with stallions

and a daily nighttime has to mind-kiss
curvers of hurtlers with Eden's fay wrists

bumping solar beds get wrenched from ten hands
o shuting sonar treads
get sliced across mad boys and easy pegs

bumping eager heads get drenched under dregs
o teasing tea-things
drop, drop; Ah, men at sea sunder soft ribbons
and eyers lead miners to suffocating waters

what with jesters in a crowd, we will slaughter
eaters of sex sugars and a loaded rose-doctor

bumping bone-roasters ram bakey bum buns under
evil tides when old boys slumber
la la, easy tickers tickle
la la, easy pickers ripple
la la, eaten strippers tangle;
and a bed at sea answers to youths and de bees
and ideal fathers fly

bumping meagre gal fools face aside jugulars
spunking devil gals
send salt pocketers to snails and red thunder
and weepers, washed, wail after Fathers
and breakers of pure bone

leads lemurs to catters and dogdayed bribes.

bumping dolly actors cry for a bastard stage
la la, easy baby riders
drive far East; and, O, faces go home for
bikers that ravel into earthed times
and, lo, as fevers writhe
and, lo, as fingers drive, then mad optics
will blow chopped cherries clean

bumping daisy actors cry for a mustard stage
la la, easy foreign dyers
drag dyes from oars where coded eye-rage
loosens lippers with lovers,
and a daddy dune drops old baby when a
siren sleeps in skinned air

as ferried fairies run high then rising caves
curry-stone pubic stone
and an eater of guns shoots daisy wabes
and, moosing, penis roots slap all trades

bumping dolly actors cry for a Nazi clave

bumpers of bumper cars bleed to silent death
eveners of thrillers
summon petroleum from dirtying bed-rests
and a dad at sea
sluices silvers with knees and bloodied quests
and a gassy grind
cums scabbing signal signs
with miraculous sail-wynds use a closed breasts
to enter savvy rooms aside lashwide blue necks

bumping inflamers drink to savaging salt-slit
cunting cock-razors slide pictures under lips,
and a bathing bee
sky-stings waspers within shakers of keys
and passion becomes a key-man whose slick
suppers after a naked dinner mood

as ferried fixed angels taunt sex then ricks get
snaffled aside poxy wing-haunts;
and derivers of crazy Voids will eat from hot
chappy chillers of kodaks and peasy becks
and a slaver of stoppers
shines in mean blood like a broken seagull
bumping sodomites sink after pinkers as
wideners of green spite
snips a gun from a bled child; and old glass
gutters as she smashes
heapy weepy wolf-ashes
and a glassy mind-spy spirals aside rafts where
daddy sparrows chirp for pigeon-pears

the diggers of damsellers drink from tears
the ravellers of musclers minx under beers
the timeless travellers of kinks
cry for cock-clocks;
and a tree of rain shoves milkers into weirs
and a weird kid, bugged, scatters spheres
and we will find a good time to rot
and, ooo, goddesses, screwed, must rock
daisy dreamers

hidden hooter men snap pious fish-city
riven booter men snap veinous fly-city
bitten body bad bends
succour for strips; and peeing ole men
cut a pukey hole from urban bitumens
and icy icers lick a noosed cake with a
bedded bun-slicker
and huge sun-rivers cut boys in two
and, oo, lardy livers rot as death moves
daddy drowners
aside boned blithe ferrets that smoothe

all mad men and all insane cat-snatchers

time enough to rot: time enough to make death cry
time enough to spot
macadam reason laid to loss; and, o, as a mad sky
cums spiralling into our moon
then a daddy stool will swoon for
gentlemen's chairs and the girls next door
and a bandy noosers hangs the Thames
and a rummy gooser slams a penis when
a cackler of a star-cunt crashes under blithe wasps

time enough to rot: time enough to cause mad skies
time enough to spot a pricked crust where warders
widen, just like real women widen
o, a cavvy sea of creamy cried stems
blossom into cabbage whites
o, a family of trees sucks nighttime where grey pins
cum scurrying into easy mites
and a micky microphone uses dirt for mummy gin

time enough to rot: time enough to make deaths cry
long time enough to find
a bleeder of a bath in an empty hall where girls die
O, a bended failure
sharpens cats with god-fever
O, a spended labia
sharpens tits with gold-vulva
and, coupled, friggers fornicate for dizzy bull where
a mazy boy leaps from de laden city snare

time enough to rot: time enough to stop all air
time enought to rape
and time enough to make children straight: La La
eyers of cranberries mash herbs into parsley: Ah!
as we slide from county sleep
then we ration brain-boats with cocoa-meats
and, shaved, commotion slides bones under carved
babby oceans
oo there are illing nudists far at sea
oo there are spillers of faces inside flashed seas
and a lacy car gets written off in a card: O, tar
truckles around glaziers of cloths and crash-stars
oo there are illing nudists far at sea
oo there are killers of stasis made grey as trees
and, scannered, entropic milk-trains
grow, just like a cancer grows,
and, robed, a milk-train falls upon city-crows

time enough to rot: time enough to eat snows
time enough to stop: time enough to use cloves
to scent a glassy river with
mousy mickle men who rock red dinner-rigs
la la, a loosener of glued cock
shimmies under goosers of fluidness and figs
and a dizzy gal
goes ravelling into lime when a mammy's stall
sells grey cakes to easy maddening eye-gall


time enough to smell the rain: time enough to slot
flowery blossoms under naked nuclear sun-clots
o, a linctus flower flows, just like fever flows

time enough to smell the rain: time enough to stop
dead; O, when windows whisper then sex-shot
will certainly glower
and, thundering by, a hallway under bled shops
cums sundering tithes.

time enough to smell champagne: time enough to
cry forevermore
ah, a noosy cheese-mind slices ports from blue
massers of whores
la, time enough to soften: time enough to soothe
mental menstrualisms with

ole grey whistler kids; and a lady of a mood
gets snippered by galleries
and, pissered, shaven kids grow, just like
female rabies
la la, i saw a body in a room which spiked
a dog of claws with naked nailer's spite
and a dogdayed mum
shrillers aside mums
and, ooo, me and metal toys wet wiped
weevil ripeners
time enough to rot: time enough to swipe
a catacomb of faces from a chemical wife
and the blinded road that comes between us gets
shallowed, with easy breast-lifting easy pets
and we will take pride in our lost birds
and we shall dig a gun across a land of roses

time enough to see our gals grinding litter
time enough to heave mod gals from glitter
time enough to stop
more time enough to rot away
ahh, eyers grow, like a growth grows; and
heapers of swaggerers peal drapes from sistered
fatherers of fates and cake-flexes
ole grey whispered kids get shaved too early
old fay whimpered kids get laid too easily
and a fire is turned on all summer long
and a pyre gets burned;
ahh, a greasy bed-beast shows cats to guns
and a driller of defiance
swallows beads when beery science
swashes billboards with mean green suns.

time has come to crop all huge and lovely hair
time has come to scatter
farmy fields and the meadows that shatter
O, diggers of ribbands
slide a horse-wreath around coded England
and the eyes of March
summon decriers from greyers of old hearts

time has come to rot: time has cum to share
vitreal feline cock with darling catty heirs
o time has cum to arise from a
majesty of guns
and, oxigenated, a ruler of lungs races for a
daddy stream where women fade away.

ole grey whistlers ram a swinger down clay
old fay sisters rummage
and a homo-head
hits to a fast beat; and a metabolic grave
rends a body-boner
with sally teeth which send gods to Fathers;
and coded rizla boys
clamber after easy idle sea-siders

and a bad bomb on a lost ship sails for
a dummy bay where seizures use scores
time enough to rot: time enough to sail downstream
time for men to rot: time enough to sail into screams
o a lady ogre has to rip
after lazy bloaters; and an arse in a rubbish tip gets
ground from mush where riders of shit gets slipped
from powder-beds to nightmare countries:
time enough to rot
time enough to watch kids slot a cradle inside a
bluebottlered outelboweller of messy mind-cars
and a body beeps
and a tabby creeps from excellent canine rest

O, as we sail for hens, then we use a blood-press
to soil a saint whose sun-sterilising baby-dress
sucks across herods
O, we sail for hens
O, we wail about chickens; and a bedded car
crusades for city bends
and a widener in a lens dreams of kitchen-calves
and i am the wailer: i am peter pan and my hard
curries loaned countries with pissers of scarves
and i am the wailer: i lay in two hands where stars
look down across a massive world
o these are my mallard days
o these are my salad trades
and ashen fishy fields get booming as they guide
a dogger of a dangerman
aside pinking tears that soak rocks in dumb tides

o i am the wailer.

Copyright JDB 27/03/2021.


work-in-progress title: Fish-Shaken
first draft poem then poem-song

fish-shaken, the land-eyes i used to know
come sundering seas with women
o, whilst fished, the land-eyes i used to know
come thundering after children
and a bath in two soaped hands
lays kind keen waste to illers and england.

fish-shaken, the land-eyes i used to own
come sundering trees with women
o, when kissed, the land-eyes i made my own
come thundering for long gentlemen
and the rookers of ten zillion men stone
dizzy rockers with islands

the kissers of canny coves cracked up
long long long ago.

fish-shaken, the land-eyes i used to know
come sundering paints with baths
o, while messed, the canned eyes i show
come thundering after baby fuses
and a hill of bone
cries forever
and a sea of scones feeds off cream clothes
and, oo, we weep forever

kissers of de mad queen's canary have to
cause sleep to flee the nest
and, tugged, mad mental sex loosens truths
and eyes lead dazzlers to deaths

fish-shaken, the land-eyes i used to know
dam a dummy day with crows

fish-taken, the land-eyes i used to know
come sundering saints with owls
o, while meshed, a markerson, cowled,
strides across my bedroom floor
and a shimmying father causes holy snow
to fall brilliantly across a soft sward

fish-taken, the land-eyes i used to know
come sundering saints with fowl
o, while wrecked, my body is bowelled
in body-streams where lovely clouds
come withering where sleep flows

fish-taken, blue godly minds use crowds
to summon castlers from castle-keeps
and, uh, mental ghosts taunt keen sleep
and, uh, painted riders haunt loose owls.

fish-facing, a father of decrial heals God
fish-lacing, a mother of decrial heals Love
o a dogdayed brother
leaps eyes where heaven glows after
a pool of soft tears
and, summoned, chapel spheres suffer
salty comas

fish-facing, a father of decrial heals Gods
fish-chasing, a mumma melts under Buds
and a kissy smile
sunders beds where a dreamt sundial
slathers after blown cud
and cowy castlers don blood when smiles
come shining in the West

fish-lacing, a lover of fevers cuts out.

fish-flaming, a dunny dummy girl gets
thrown around a lovely world
fish-draning, a dizzy dunny girl gets
twirled around castle-keeps
and a loving vein
sunders death as we dream of rain
and a smoker's nest
thunders after debts
and netters of deaths taunt fingers

fish-flaming, a dunny dummy girl gets
o as stars look down, then gold jets
summon boats from flowers
and, o-la, we hear selves showing
vaguries of wax dolls in screenings

fish-scaring, we see rise five winds.

fish-flaking, a daddy heals the dead
fish-falling, we twirl windows for bread
and a house on stilts
sunders under silk
and, o, as we drink milks then we tread
ingenious blue water

fish-flaking, a mother heals the fed
fish-sailing, we whirl rills of soft beds
and a pillowed statue in twinned minds
summon pelts from easy lovers,
and we will see arise a secret brother

fish-fawned, a dog at rest feeds vines
with fascinating vineyard snails,
and dilators of faces shines like a mine
and, lo, we shiver as we shake tails
and we weep forever..

eaten by xmas-easter, a loud hill of lace
sunders after killers
eaten by easter-xmas, a loud sea in space
thunders after mirrors,
and we weep forever
and we sleep forever
and we wed the moon to the sun
and we pray for sweet weather

eaten by xmas-autumn, a loud rill of mace
sunders after riddlers
eaten by easy fiddlers, a cherry in space
cherishes berries where easy nights
share sherries with female midnights
and we weep forever
and we sleep forever
and we dance as we sleep under scissors

O, a detox diary tells the dead about rivers
O, a dettol priory sweats in bed;
and, oo, we are wedded to a rose-bed
and, oo, we are wedded to grey trees

these are our mallard days which seize
romantics from drivers of easy sleeves.

the easterly arising mad minds of a westend wind
come showering eyes with skin
o ancient diamonds, crying, do rings of hymns
and a radio shadow
feeds after meadows
and we are out with the gallows
and we supper for the knives of a mood

the easterly arising mad minds of a western mind
comes showering films with saps
o acritudes, kilned, sunders wolves with traps
and, while shaken, a wife of a cool chap
seizes vaults from honey bees

oo a cat at sea kisses as she hisses
oo a cat in trees hisses as she kisses
and we weep as we cry
and we sleep in the sky
and we drink from huge rain-clouds

the easterly arising mad minds of a westend whim
scatters cool shows across keen oceans,
and the cradlers in a vault
shine for clowny baby
and eyes, crowned, show ladders to pink shapes
and minds, crowned with crows,
spear angled angels with cool ponchos

oo a cat at sea eats as she dreams
oo a cat in leaves mewls as she gleans
ingenious tailing tallows from darkening daydreams

we weep as we creep
we sleep as we cry;
O, a hungry god carries canyons under film-screens
and a lousy ladybird
goes home to roost where a burner in a heart
peers aside romancers
and fascinating easy rockets share snared sparks

we weep as we use the park
we creep as we fuse the dark
we tap upon bones where a hireling in a huge chair
sweats for dear wild heaven;
and a magical child swerves under blue prisons
and a family world hits to a kind beat
lazy leopards hunt for hurt
mazy shepherds hunt for turps
and an easy lion leashes dogs to sugar skirts
and a dunny female guide
comes walloping genius as she rides from lives
ooo a laden ballerina
curls prayers aside mariners as shadow cries
feed good dinners to mad folks.

we reap as we sow
we sleep as we flow
oh, a crayon has a saint for a pet flamingo
we reap as we sow
we creep as we crow
oh, a crayon has a god for a fairy angel
and pinkers of plums stick sails up tongues
and sleepers use trains for pharoahs

the radiophonic riders of the far west cry
the quadrophonic briders of sweet death
carry mice to closet barrows
and, ah, a sweety of a son heals haloes
and, ah, a lady of a son heals heroes
and, ah, a baby boy, healed, loves yoyos


fish-shaken, a bag of nuts and olives
gets torn away as a dreamy sea of braves
scatters summer across seashores
o, sky-fished, starry oceans drink waves
and a damselled sweet bay
softens whelks with moony days
ah a woman in a wig combs sweet caves
aside ancient roots where summers play

fish-shaken, a bag of nuts and raisins
gets torn apart just like a daring heart
and a season in a kite
scatters kestrels across rude red mikes
and, laden, a house of chocs uses night
to serenade demons with fever

fish-shaken, a bag of spit and cream gets
torn apart at the utmost seams,
and blenders of blowers swigs for streams
and menders of flowers
feed dolphin boys to towers
and towers aside digitalis cause eyes
to see into a goddess and her screen.

the radios of one zillion years have to
iron swift scraps with shirts and rude
body-dudes; and a rosette under beams
swallows apes when cat aside red beans
fellows good holy sweet demesnes
and a holy fire weeps as she burns
and a holy spire sleeps as god burns
and a daddy with no wife
scatters ice across a room of children
and good children dream of life.

fish-shaken, a bag of nuts and bakes
gets sundered by hot sweet breaths
fish-shaven, a bag of ducks and drakes
listens to endless angled archangels
and a baptism of snows
causes christs to crucify de rose of
ava maria.......

ooo a china plate serves salted crows
to good kids and sweet deaths
and i should be mad for another death?

fish-shaved, a pluperfect sun inside the sea
comes hallowing after water
o kiss-caved, a pluperfect gun inside seed
scatters poppies across deniers
and a haloed suit shines, just like soft rain
and a pathway to minds
drives angels under molten spinal wine
and a dangerous female hand
sips a swift sweet half as eyes in england
extend a saddener to ribbons

fish-shaved, a pluperfect star inside the sea
comes swallowing holy arms
o a car, shent, drives for gloom as hot farms
grow, just like a woman grows;
and ideal iron-sidlers issue after a close
and ideal lion-riders issue after de rose of
saint-anointed baby god

while gone wide, a massive madman robs
candlers of holy wax
o as sunny wives send chairs to sleep, ash
loosens veils as wives lift all veils with
family hands
and we have brides made brilliant
and we have minds made suculent
and we have weepers made excellent as a
fast dawn that leads goddess to seasands.
the hands that failed the paper whistle for
a dabbler of blinds and bruised eye-stores
o a dragger of lights serenades green gorse
and a laden feather, floated,
drops instamantic rosebuds across a
darksome darling whose holy mien serves
magical sand-seed across a cool ward.

fish-shaken, a feline groaner weds birds
to sweeteners of plumed breaths; O, words
come to pure fire
and a daring christ listens to the after-life
and, smoothed, fires aside blown lights stirs
endlessness inside catty genius
and we flow from baby
and we kiss the son of life
and we pray for baby
and we wash our hands in pure soft rain
O, rubicund rubies weep as they reign
inside all cool places
the hands that failed the papers will draw
a blue-remembered saviour from next-door
oo a distant gull snaps aside guns when wars
widen a long caeer in a lunatic asylum: straw
fills headpieces with twine
oo a distant skull cracks
oo recusant spaces crack
and a liar in a cell gets saved as she packs
a dollar and a dime with a happy napsack

fish-shaken, my model postmodern life
scarries under silver men
O, a hotel ghost, star-riven, saves christ
O, a motel ghost, star-driven, bathes mice
and we weep as we sail
and we sleep as we wail
and we dream of sweet sentinels
red colour in a creek uses minds for shells?

Copyright JDB 28/03/2021


work-in-progress title: The Dippy Xmas Boys Who Dance All Summer Long
first draft poem then poem-song


the dippy xmas boys who dance all summer long
cum saluting body beams
o dippy xmas gals
grind turkeys down to pure dust
and beliers of Downs drags pelts for wig-washed
hairnetted beestings

the dippy xmas child who dances all autumn long
cums sharing pigs with evil pig-abusers
and eyers, bent, blind evil police with lungs
and, O, raspers blow away
grey boards and clay

deeply dizzy dogmen drag a canny cat across a
crushy crisscrossing bled sky
ah, easy cattlemen drag a canny rat across a
cascade of eyed ceilings and brides
and an easter mind
drops xmas aside
old springers

deeply dripplers don masks from old gardens
o easy ripplers ram flasks,
and grey odes to casts
cram a saccarine gun around lepoards and
gemmy guns
and ashen women dream of cold seasand

deeply darned under fascinating false thread
a dolllar man, sundered, cums crying for bread
o easy salt darners
drags aside burners
and eyers of dreams go deaf
and riders of screams glow, just like deaths

deeply hasped fissures slam mounts with a
carrier of carvers and naked blue figs
and a catty dog-smile
chokes across dials
and weepers shed milks where old kids
wash with detergent

deepening, hands on plinths stop touching
and armies of lost charms
sunder sweetened crisscrossing farms
to send diggers of daddies to pealings

deepening sky-shelves stock ole blue brooks
la la, easterly arising cellves
staples guns to ashes
and easy eardrums shoot crap with lashes
and ideal husbands shoot the moon
and, paced under paste, a gluey sweet book
gets read by lovely wise ladies

deeply remote, a canyon of rubies rooks for
riflers of greying gas-deaths
and, eyed, we weep for meths
and, wived, we sleep for daring soft wars

deepening sky-shelves stock ole green brooks
la la la, swiftening elves
shoot scurriers when a looter of paper-rooks
drops a laden mind
underneath bones and wine

when crisscrossing a fatal grave, heated english ermine
may well travel through the Void
O, a missive to sweet memories dons toys
and, masted, a heroic maker of suns uses boys to
sweeten gals with heaven
and, Ah, as mad time dines in pure demured night
then a mind black-out
swells, and a daddy fool leads ghosts to lights
and golden woody God listens to vermin

when crisscrossing a metal grave, heated swedish flowers
get star-showered
and the eyes of crows enslave all darkness where
coded beautiful women causes heaven to yield prayer
and, widened, children race across heroes
and, widened, man men realise the stars of prayer
la la, we weep for soft silks
ah-hah, we sleep for soft towers

and, laden with heat, a keen queen loves everything?

deeply dreamy, a sacred abuser of the good will
hereby scatter under earth
O, easy caddy boys who race across god's earth
will melt now for lovely hills;
and a daughter of rain leads hail to coolness
and a father to grain
gets kissed with veined
luminous champagnes
and dilators of lively trains use tracks for tears
and dictators of lively stains
don silky paints.

when crisscrossing a soft mind, then blue spears
get thrown from dear wild heaven;
and eaters of rungs force prison aside fear
and, mentalised, horse prisms
shine, shine, shine
ohhhh i have seen timed missions come for
a ribboner of mines
and weird scenes inside lost minds use war
to sunder guns with closed wards

oo laden with wheat, diabetes laughs aloud

deepening, a cartoon milk-crayon uses guns
to shoot doom deniers
stoned dead; O, when sleeping, eyers stun
eaters of beautiful meadows
La, a sun at night glides across mased tongues
and a body on a rise
sharpens pugs and leads buns to waters.

when crisscrossing red roads, we hasten to
a maddening city-fugue
and de bodies in a noose
nakedly cause evil vines to grope for a
glad time when happy lovers moved
away, away

deepening, a cartoon silk-crayon uses suns
to force evil men aside wicked lives
o, we realise our own keen beauty
o, we memorise hapless dreamt cries
and, laid by minds, the stars are Gods.

when crisscrossing, a silver digitalis gets
grasped across a bath made for sex-decks
and, oo, we will certainly have fine times
and, oo, we will shorten death with wine
and, missioned, seasons
cum showing children to keenness
and we abide with brothers
and we abide with lovers

oh, poetry and science are much the same
the dichotomy is the void between?

sweet good boys in bethlehem dream about hedons
o goodness, deployed, sunders screens for a
happy sea of tea-times;
and we have sweet breaths
and we sleep for soft vines
and we boogy for a vineyard snail
and we disappear from selves as we sail for
hoppy green country heat

deepening, we scatter minds across blue drawl
deepening, we matter to a shipped cross;
and an ideal jam
spreads jazz on buddy breads
and, eyed, woollen wives carry beds to stalls;
and we always buy church-cake.

when crisscrossing a fast town, we hear snakes
cum slithering across de female Voice
la, when car-crashing glows, then sotto drakes
collude with sweets then dives
deeply around a swift pool where codas ride
aside blinders of treasures
blonded bashers of cases use a wife for a ride
o, easy world-folks
come sealing grimaces into a wide blue sky;
and we get soothed together when
evil massive paedophiles raid a killer-gem
and a weepy sad sickener
gets rammed under river quillers.

deepening, we scatter god's rushes across a
digger of fangs, ropes and flashes
and weavers soap-dope strangers with a
radioed river that listens to old seashores: calves
use eagle milk for cemeteries: scarves
give rise to ingenious massive heart-carts
and a weeviller
paces for love's fine rivers

when crisscrossing snows, a sidler for darts
abuses mad dangerous knife-marks
and a meddlesome markerson shoots Art
and never-to-be-forgotten milner has to march
across crusading hat-heaveners
and we weep as we cry
and we sleep as skin dies
fast away....

dreaming of lovely lilting minds, i saw an entertainer
dancing; O, a lively easy wynd
has to skip to a cardial dreamer; and eyes, glossed,
show visual heaven to sea-rhymes
la la, easter-xmas boys, wined and fed, lead vines
to easy florid bays of painters
and an eaten shop-sign beckons love to saviours.

when crisscrossing star-foods, a daughter to razors
uses a blonded bath to shave her spine
and, oo, a plantive for gardens feeds as she dines
and, slowed, messy eaters serve buns to wines
and, made mazy, mutators sign across mirrors

dreaming of lovely lilting minds, i saw an entertainer
prancing; O, a lively girl weds sweat to heart-fevers
and, star-loaded, a rider of devs wrecks aside fingers
and, moon-roaded, a driver of dregs lives for Love
la la, we slave for low riders
la la, we shave for god's bridlers
and men and madam moon hiss as starfire dubs
pure poetry with verbal drugs
o we scaled our poet tree with twixed sad hands
o we flailed; but then a darling mind used islands
to serenade passion with hooters and ribbons
ah a darkener, maced, isssues loves as gibbons
cause easy easter sunny men to drive ole england
aside beggers of plumes, caves and diamonds.

when crisscrossing star-foods, a doctor to lasers
uses a cryptic blood-sign for a healer; and flavas
supper for the forks and knives of a lovely mood as
amazing eyers of phantasms
slide a deafening mind to the sidlers of bliss
Oh, as weepers grind de blues
then fotal mission-jams come comforting smoothes

and i have seeen the far of fat trees
scissoring for screens where a hearted good dude
dramatises bed with sweet bees
and salted cripsy rinds bastes beads with
lemon-lime darling ochres;
and a bath at sea suppers for dreamers
and a bed at sea suppers for creamers; and, oo,
a trampler of evil margarines
seasons doom deniers with grey-green tangerines
and a blower of soap

washes giddy glasses with fairied happy dope.

awaking to find a beautiful poncho being worn by hot rain
causes dizzy sleep to lift softeners
of idolers in heat; o, we grind sadness down to mush when
heapers of picklers pull kind bells with memories of men
ah awaking to find a bounty of spun sin
cum giving happy rhyme to countries under warm gems
weepers of lady times
dig prisms into saps
o a daddy moon shines forevermore
o a dizzy tomb causes kids to arise from sweet laps
and, cased, eyers burn and burn
and, faced, spires turn and turn
and, oozing, a laden owl hoots for gods as sweat-traps
cry where men move.

weavers of pure honey raise an apple claw from cats
o weavers of cool money
pay for wine as food gets lapped
and a liquid soul glows, just like a glow-worm glows
and reapers of swift denial
jumps aside work with a trampoline
and eastern baby-figs taste as sweet as hot snows
la la, as we grind dirt down to dust
then we cause god to dream of cities under dusk
and damasks inside berries and cream
serve dukedoms to eager marriage
pelters of pushermen swig from an angel-mind
welters of belly-men swig from aged cool trees
and an angled river-hen
lays fierce easter-xmas eggs when west-minds
give dollies to a wonderful ragged stage of rhymes
and a coastal choir
carries dada to fires
and a motel-fire causes hosts to smile and smile
and a dizzy rose
hips to a geizer as a boat seen saling for rogues
comes back home crock-filled with charmers

awaking to find a bountiful eyer of steel shaping
giddy arms from soft charity
we may well entertain the babby in shaking for
a true cot of pure gold
o a cradled demure soul listens out for farmers
and a candy earth harvests fans for calmers
and we glow, just like a pylon glows
and we sail for trusts
and we wail about crust
and we appear to use mouths to sunder
force ten human lusts that sing for thunder

.. poetry and science are much the same
the dichotomy is the void between...

jdb 31/03/2021


work-in-progess title: the jiving writhing statues of mamma fall '
first draft poem then poem-song

the jiving writhing statues of mamma fall
down, down, down, down
o riding genius blacks lead towns and
oo drivers of red minded blue mercy
send fled breads to seasands
and eyers of bristling wigmans stall
easy yoyos with recorded dance-halls.

we go grinding at the Mecca when
dirtiers of daring bingos sup poor men.

the jiving weeping statues of dada fall
aside human pits
o easy jazzers slice tissues where lips
listen to a grey grave
and an easy headpiece falters when walls
cum falling

we go dancing as we kiss wheelchairs
and disabled denyers accuse grey hairs
of floating down a mane.

jazzy jacking music boys drive aside a
daddy who cries for his child
o a mouse under eyes taunt the wild
and an easer under glarers
gasp for old fire
and the fiddlers of fires use men to
entertain gassers all summer-long

we go dancing just the other day
o we skate as we prance
and we rasp for askance tap-dance
and we cry for a danced river

o jazzing jumping daddy has to owe mums
a hot purse that shields guns
o a bedder of a dummy dons suns where
a crucifier loosens bad bells
and we smell of bells
and we ring bad bells
and we suffer for bells
o jazzing jacking juice-daddies use cells
to supper for naked dinners

we went dancing all midnights as dells
sweated female optics
and, rended, we rent pig as old knells
went bell-minded
and darkeners fed old sinners.


jazzing jivers under lads must abuse dust
with bleeding dairy-hands
o hasping drivers sunder cabs
and a yellow moon shoots shone minds
and, laced to prunes,
a bedroom at sea sucks spoons and grinds
evil tails to dust

we went dancing for false breaths when
ogres swirled deeply down
and ogres war with titians
and ape-boys dream of kittens and fens
feed fields to modelled lust


meddlers of washed wax fingers oven-bake a soft roll
o deadeners, sloshed, dip easy eaters aside soft coals
and a daddy dreamer
dazzles after mitts as easy handles size away foals
and a brother-boy
surrenders vaults to toys
and a master of toys sinks action dolls aside joys
and, oo, eyers of meshers melt for blinded summers,
and weavers of treasures
fumbles for a lost lovely moon vixen.

motorway granaries feed asylums to passion
o robotic roadways, sleeved,
accuses boys of eating sounds; and, o, passion
suffers heartless night
and a bath at sea surrenders kids to missions
and we dance and dance for enemy wisdom

meddlers of washed long ladies fingers prise
easy heavens from offices inside soft lies
and we will sleep for wine
and we will creep for wine
and we shall summon cabs from taxi-swine


oo when writers on the corn drag wheatsheafs for men
then, big-benned, a summery cool gasfire will rend
geezers from galleries of demure decorous chicken
and, o, lady libraries
loan easy books to lovely babies
and, lashed to Zen, a doctor who heals lost kitchens
will surely supper after the tables of de moon

oo when writers on the dawn drag a prefix from a
gunnery of daughters, then amazing livid christs
must shut a praying playground wall;
and a bath at sea surrounds devillers with priced
city endlessness
oo a baby in a nest causes good men with light
to marry goddesses to eager swirling hung tights.

meddlers of washy wound waxy fingers slice a
dromedary almanac
to bubbled streams that lead seas to sea-scraps
and, oo, vermeil voices must
hear trappers of endlessness
and, wived, men know about the happy
and, sized, men know about the daft
and, unicorning, a labeller of doubts use daddies
to summon forks from a twelve-armed nappy.

the hastener of sweet jumped gas has to write
about old trains and soft spite
and my cat has lost his scorn
and my mam has died inside the dawn
and a jiver who murders missives must storm
a fallacy of cold boys and Israel
la la, eyers of motorways ride from blue heights
and a bath at sea
washes sunken boughs with naked trees

o wasters of sweet junkers use veins for a
latent grave that leads denyers to old scarves
and a daddy in five seas
cups a dizzy knife in the sides of god's beads
but, o, as we damn ourcellves
then we learn to listen.

hasteners of blue sweet jumped grass have to write
across mad tides
and, oo, focal girls sunder friggers from lights
and we and mamma turn down gassy mites
and we hear a dummy bay
come whispering aside crawlers of lost day.

as we jive at de Mecca, then we don bingo-hands
o, as we writhe, then a doubler of seed will dam
greying young old timers
witb shrift broken windows
and a compass under cryers sends vaults to sleep
and a spatcher of pure fathers
jacks the lovely dead

as we jive as de Mecca: as we drive back home
then a swaggerer of fever
cums coupling graves with toady angel-wishbones
and a giddy pulleyed pastel-plume
sunders a choker of green raised river-sloanes

as we jive, then we realise that death is gone
as we arise like trees, then we supper for guns
and, ooo, easy wytchery
comes slamming fist-spells aside a bruised world
where haters of butchery
sucker summers from pompidores and soul.

as we jack danced sleep, then we arouse colds
as we rap for hot seats, then we dream of foals
and a kelpie horse,
rode from keen death, uses a hankerer of sauce
and, la la, an easy tankard telephone
uses a pursed receiver to realise aphonal morse
and, digitally dialled, weavers sew ole horse

the devil was a tickling girl; o, sher rode West
uh, the devil went round the world;
and dilators pay for visual crowds when death
cums sundering veins with midnights;
and, amazed by pain, kids swear about sexed
poker cherry
and a beller of berries feeds nuts to finches

and a dabber of a fine painter uses winches
to feed his genius canvas with suicide rinses
and a bald man cuts his pubic hair
and a sprawled man, dinted, combs thin air
O i rid of my skin
O i rode aside sin; and a diamate of prayer
scries aside babies and lovely loves.

the sidlers of pure iron spin dogs across
huge veilers of tawny eyes and a crisscross
and a belter of paraffins
drinks glass from aged hymns
and a jessee doll rummages under wind.
and, la la, eyers of gasfires may well
opt to switch the fire to full all summer long

Oh, hotel moods supper for forking songs
Oh, motel nudes supper for forcing guns
but, as evil crows, then keen birds under suns
will obviously ride aside cats and keen drums
and, when unchained,
we will steal easy hens from mazy cool miracles
ha ha ha...

as we jump and jive to pure sweet jazz, a mindless noise between us
comes sundering the dancefloors with idle lust
la as we grind to swerve, then we summon a champion sex where dust
clambers up, up along a ballerina
and Isis, curled, crouches across egyptian noise
and irises, furled, cage after dreamers with crisscrossing song-noise

as we jump and writhe for sweet gal-jams, a mental noise under us
comes scattering spies across
an evil singer-saint who cannot stop; and riders of mind-noise cut
a digger of the mean jazzy senses
with far-out thumbs that bleed beneath swirling aces
and a daddy in a cool hat
climbs aside spind sprung mum-cats

Oh, sidlers of easy jazzy rain feed sax to souls and shampy and sax
will forever slide a horse-vault deeply down inside a musical
and a fever in a blue blonde guitar
sunders cherriers with holy sitar; O, an ashen wide-child uses scar
to mod-stir heroes under bellers of loud proud primal screems
o a shakespearean rag climbs aside wounds when an easy car
concertinas with a lost van that disappears just as angels drive
and an warbler on a soft cliff
sings and swings for dear sweet huge high heaven; and eyes
shatter where they cry
and skies scatter clouds across sung-wives
and a bridler of diamond jammers jack de moon-lit rain

trainsmen use a mystical skirt for a big tune; O, ole pain
cries as she dies
and a damager of tides drinks sails as she mouths off a
criminal sorter of golden drum-pinkers
and a veil of jazzed scent senses boats where sea-singers
dream of sweet vamp-amps
and a man at sea jeers for stamp
and a boy at sea leers for song-stampedes; and swingers
cry for pure lace...

rolled panners use a false face to fatalise friends with apes
o golden mind-lubes sweeten cellves with nuclear gates
and we open aside times
to find a chidden bride of tines
and, oo, pompidores and combs sink ashes into hair-grapes
and, made greasy, a tawny teens tirade
comes hammering at a closing sea-parade
and, made fleecy, a bomber of a kiss sinks guns under
weepy watery glades where all men sunder.
the reasoners of radicals wash scent with bath-dopes
the seasoners of chemicals wash mints with bed-rope
and a mind-dazzler, stripped, feels for wands when hope
comes crying and crying
and, ashen with tans, a weaver in stiched dying soaks
primers with sweet never-to-be-forgotten heart-mopes
o as sonny diva gets snapped across death's shore, then
a private lipless grin will warp fay scribes with ages when
diamate kissermen go sketering for lambasters
and demnotic macs see into sweet laps
and, la la, eyes get unseated
and, la la, mines get unseated
and, la la, minds get deleted by miners who mine for paps
Ooo i get ground down with teasy peepy pepper hearts
Ooo i get surrounded, and me and daddy bumfluff start
a musical tendor in an opened heart
and, laden, a budgy with a canary fart snips easy women
Oh, me and a canny cavvy of a life
hasten to collide with the spine of crossed christs
and a bath of leaves scatters oats across a bended kite?

jdb 01/04/2021


work-in-progress title: About the Weird Farmers on the Hill
first draft poem then poem-song


the weird farmers on the hill hasten to a husband's beat
o wiffling fathers lam aside blue heaven,
and a starry car of pure desire
drives until smashed
and deniers under lashes mash a head under gas-fires
and, la la, eyes peer inside a room of hot pyres
and dominators serry buds with vines

the weird men on the farmed moon glides side tides
and a nuclear mamma sweats for a married sky
and, la la, weavers of desks get pig-caned
by extraordinary mental minds; and we tried to cry?

while entering into asia minor, i saw a body in a lift
come scattering ears across a crisp old kiss
and, oo, we used female fears to use a kiss
and, oo, we used dreamers of dragging earth
beneath tribes
and a wide eyed ocean
kisses paps, and breasted easy sirens use birth
to madden men and woman with cradle-happiness
and a doctor of doom
gets sun-healing?

whilst we go down timeless easy flyways then
we extemporise summers with buzzy ceilings
and we dance as we cry
and we prance of swift tithes
and we arm deniers with dirtiers of dead knives

whilse glancing at the dark, eyes swim for
meddlers of masquerades who wage war.

oo we float down light's lonely platform
oo we float across a candle,
and eyers of yesmen use cradles to form
easy lips from tangerine towns
and, la la, we weep for studies
and, la la, we sweep for de bodies
and we lay at the bodies

oo we float down night's blind noise
and, ahh, a sound in darksome noise
comes sending babby to sleep
and, la we sink into budgies when a
naked master interfuses life with tar
and, with fluid stars, we learn about
fascinators of easy dykes

the park underwater has to ride to
a greensome chasm
ah, iced banners, fastened, use tubes
to sunder stools with train-fashions
and old gold gentlemen's chairs moves
dude violence to silent fears

yeah, we glow on christ's holy platform
amd we sail adown holy flyway; and ice
crusades for lobby crushers.

the looseners of laddy radios strings songsters with
ashen rhythms
and a dollar and a dime pay for england
and a wallah in a spine
combs pompidores with missives
and easy epistles to dead minds get sent to pigs
and easy mental screws
send lover notes to murdered sealed villages
o, a sunny mad boy listens forevermore

the darkness of a domed park kisses ribs
o sadness, drugged, sunder arts with kids
and a moggy theatre, maced, has to fib for a
naked market where apples pay for sweet figs
and, la la, weavers of chapels
get sent to country sleep
the looseners of daddy rodeos strings horses with
mute candlemass and a pony in a crib;
and searers of islands drag city lakes for sweets
and, o, men say YumYum where coded mitts
carry arms where no hands shine.

dykes sneer when love shutsdown
o easy tears use men for closed towns; and
eyers of city seed
must glow just like greed

dykes, speared, shine for gods as england
comes dreaming about de devil
la la, an easy ceiling drops
la la, an easy darling stops
dead as a mind
and, oo, a brainy headpiece uses rot to
sunder cots with cool Ireland

dykes sneer when lovers use hot pans
o dizzy drinkers lop fevers
o easy thinkers lop killers,
and, as we fly, then we touch rivers
and, cased, fled gems cut odd mirrors

looseners of blood-herpes capture a
glazier of a crashing godhead
and, lied to, lashing sex-breads use cars
to concertina in a sea of trippers
and, in a dead void, we raise Leda from
a puller of jumpy lip-hearsed sonnies.

the eager fools who swallow salt-drums
will have to listen to biscuits
and we put silks under soft seasons and
we put sweet buns beneath wigwams
and we don cool shawls
dangermen sheer off dangerous ears
o strangers to tears
lick false fast spheres
and a beded mask glides down fears
and we have known too many years

dangermen, torn, uses evil beards to
sunder pianos with stiff rooms
and afternoons come just like blues
and mad blues swings as she sings

dangermen sheer off dangerous ears
o spastic plastic voices
get binned by disabled horses and
teary teeny tomcats
must heal everything
la la, eyers of natrons bear rings
across daddy and dead mummy?

eager fools who swallow ice will
sunder film features with idol-hill
and weavers will take the moon's ills
and a brother to blonde budgies
must sunder truths with false daisies

dangermen sheer off dangerous tears
magic old men leer at loss
tragic murdermen peer at de cross as
a builder of bastards lunges after gas
oo a puller of salt beer
serenades gold gals whose tears
flow, just like wept rock.

eyers of bud buyers shatter for a
driver of hens and glassy mind-cars

when tonsured darlings come sundering blue flowers
eyes under burned starlings had to
sear aside bulls where a tragic family used blues to
serry choker cherries with laburnum
and a buried world comes hooting across ole mums
and a staggerer in guns
shoots bald islands dead
O, where we blossom, then we soften minds with devs
O, when we listen
then we will have to glisten for a bad bed in a mission?

prisoners of veiling beaches come fleeing after sex
ribboners of wailing leeches
come healing christs with daisies
and a zero-heart swells up for a seashore of kecks
and we lead droners to wide screams

when tonsured darlings come sundering blue flour
tides under spies bake sponge for a lost power where
diners in sheer darkness
slash across radio air
and a daddy to de moon slides buttons with flowers
and we must bake a killer cake
and we must shape a mirror-scrape from sadness.

prisoners of veiling beaches come cuddling rape
and, o, when fields of seed
scatter boned reels
then a darling wheel sharpens reeds with snakes
and, oo, as a mother to old men
sharpens gun-fathers then we will burn gold men;
and, oo, serial killers who
feed off cereals will surely paint a cake with gems

when tonsured darlings come sundering ploughers
then we will clamber under sweet nests


meters under dairy dictionaries sunder word-sleep
with eager hamming fingers
o nectare, thundered, whimpers
o fish-fayres, thundered, glister
and, when slaved, entertainers of world-sleep
will winnow aside female blisters
and, when rapped inside, a saviour to sisters
will writhe as madmen write along a swarm
and the eaglers of children
smacker for easellers who paint life's garden

O, a tiller to tonsured sky-lake drowns dust
O, a digger in a tonsured star-drake cuts
a venereal deck from feeders of cottage-cuts
la la, eyers rinse ears aside deafeners as butts
come slavering for tear-tides;
and a bath at sea sails for sunk soap as mutts
mass across crispers of postmodern tribes.

meters under dary pictionaries sunder world-sleep
with illiteratate fools who read in the past
and, oo, a plaintiff to mules must don maskers
of markersons and the idoles of a dead time-sheet
O, a dummy gun shoots the sun
O, a daddy gun shoots odd sons, and codas
come crash-curating dagger minds from sofas
and, splashed, corn-tapings feed sonars
to shaggy moan-men who sleep for coronas
O, a tiller to a plastered wife kisses as drivers
park a vagina aside holy scent; O baby-bikers
suck across lakes when a mind vixen uses liars
to expound on fevers and washy midnight cryers

when watered with mice, dizzy rattlers may well decide
to strip ten ships of bunny minds
o a hearted pig comes grunting after limes
and, sky-shaped, a holy gosling hears petrels pine for
a past-time when one zillion forests
lay across this livid earth
and, crossed with rivets, a throat inside a war rides
aside blue-benders and blown tides
and, la la, a net of sands
crisscrosses across england; and indian eye-lives
loosen pets with catty women

when watered with christ, giddy raptures may well decide
to snap and snip a heavenly bird
o, skull-minded, an easy drug-bird
scurries under deep lips; and a lovely sky-curve drives
aside a miraculous flava
and a bacon bun, walloped, get hurled inside sweet dives
la la, mentalisms, dolloped, set mines to wildness
and we see for one zillion miles
and we suffer a sun where stars daren't shine
o this is our hallowed earth
o this is our gallowed earth
and, inside a cemetery of waters, riders of cut surf
snip a dashed liner of a booked dearth
and indigo neon fables cut roots from darters
and we blort as we fuck
and we snort for good-luck
and, oo, eyers peer into nuts when a tree of fathers
gets gashed with lamp-light and vacant roofs.

when watered, teasy teen-mice will stop for larders
and, book-bashed, my city has a canterbury leader.
what sullen straits are made from us must arouse
a pipper of a mental glade
o we hurl diamate in the fire
o we leave the gasfires on all year; and clouds
cry as we weep
and, snared, basketfuls of rat-meats use crowds
to entertain meadows with keen shrouds
and, oo, my empty mind-transfer must use sleep
to sullenise flavas with mind-ink-curves, and ice
damages city hallways
with outellbowelled toilets

what sullen strairs are made for us must arouse
a dipper of pepper when a lyncher under sound
slashes across a sweater
and messy massive dreamers
sunder owls with softeners when endless killers
choose to drop down
against jivers of sweet deaths and masked millers.

o this is our hallowed earth
o this is the deadliness of smirching: old rivers
dye a dummy pet with torn tawny buddha-shivers

the reddeners of massive slots cry after spillers
the darkeners of mastiff rock
layer wastrels aside factory clock-box: shrillers
come cocained and aborted when starry killers
caress manufactured bunny beans
and a laden mast drills, drills
and a madam cask thrills, thrills
la la, riders on whisperers sunder hills with riddlers
and a bed at high sea
clambers aboard the sex deceived.
o this is our hallowed earth
o this is the sodden madness found under birth
o we weeble as we search
a blueberry mind for a sea of skirt
and a lapper of swine swells up under hurt
and a casher of wine
welts across cities sea-slammed aside birched
cradler oceans
and a hot cold dizzy boy abuses his own strength
and a hot old daddy boy
comes igniting drips with twinned gal-toys
there are dragglers here who paint ghost toys
with fathered wintry fear
there are massers here who paint ghoul toys
with father's faraway tears
and, timed, a watch on a wall falls, falls, falls
and easers of reeling sons
go dark as dark allows
and, oo, as we ride from radios then we sprawl

aside moony men and a sea aside a mirror.


copyright jdb 03/04/2021.


work-in-progress title: About Naked Sloanes and Easy Sirens
first draft poem then poem-song


these are my mallard days where i dare not feel
o these are dullard days
and, laced, my spoilt suit slices jams from graves
and, oo, these are certainly the days of the sealed

these are my mallard days where i dare not reel
aside from chalked bones
and the women i stone must cry and cry
and my indigo dick prison locks a gaoled mind

these are my mallard days where i dare not steal
and these are life's shadow days
oo me and melted meadows slacken under weals

these are my mallard days where i dare not feel
o these are my china days
and, where once men fly, then i hiss inside fields
and me and madam macadam
go juicy under naked sloanes and easy sirens

these are my mallard days when eyers of serums
come washing veins in easy torpor
and, la la, mental stains give head to torture as
a blown opened toilet drops shit across glass

these are my mallard days where i daren't wee
o these are my maladies that cure a lost sea


these are my mallard days where i cannot feel
o these are dabbled claves
and me and madam moon sunder easy deals when
easterly eaten wind-wipers serve cods to chickens
and a dizzy daisy thumb
leads sausage dairies to eaten guns

these are my mallard days where i cannot feel for
any of the dead words i used to write
ah, and mumma mary nudges blood across spikes
and, loaned, weepers are standing out alone
and, stoned, reapers are stunned by blue bones


these are my mallard days where i dare not feel
ah a local locker has no key to entertain
and, la la, mental grass seethes aside grey weals
and, o-la, menstrual glass
comes sundering cunny pepper with paper-masks,
and me and naked ermine
thunder under roxy-rollers

these are my mallard days where i daren't heal
o these are my devil days when
mentalis under pokey digitalis abuses chidden
chapelled chemical children
and, laced, a mule in a gassed kitchen
rams down love's famous babbies

these are my mallard days where i dare not feel
after cellves and demure connections


these are my mallard days where i cannot steal
o these are dullard days: and my petrol meals
drag beef burgers for eels
and, la la, focal naked spiels drag after darlings
and, star-dated, mallard fields must use rubbings
to send sapphires to nude sleep

these are my mallard days where i daren't seal
my mad mind in a burned sealed flat
and, oo, i used my gasfire all bloody year as
eyers of pinions came gabbling after geezers

these are my mallard days where i cannot deal
any cool cruel cards to my tarot city
and mentalisers magic mad kids under reels,
and my words reel under times that summon
a blue-stained glass fluter


these are my mallard days where i cannot stop
o these are dulling fast days
and, lo, as we rot we sign worlds aside claves
and, la la, we weevil after daddies when braids
come hanging bones from flowers

these are my mallard days where i cannot stop
o these are mad sad days
and, la, where i bolt then i accuse bookshop
of serving me ex-bibles
and i have god-rivals
and i use my head to read to angels

these are my mallard days where i dare not rot
these are my dullard creations,
and modellers of failures sunder dilated crossed
craning easy lifers


these are my mallard days where kids seem soft
o these are dullard days
and me and madam spoon swirl aside tea-lofts
and, oo, a chilled eye-grave
comes sundering hills with lost slaves

these are my mallard days where kids seem lost
o these are my blood-days
and, laced, a drummond mind listens to crazed
bodiers of bad boys and milked castles

these are my mallard days where givers of loss
come shining at my greying mind-windows
and a greying flash sucks across washed widows
and, oo, naked painter boys
cry after sawn ears and canvas-cold-gallows


thse are my mallard days where eyes use ears
to listen to children's tears
la la, mental dudes abuse spheres
la la, metalled nudes abuse fears when mien
comes sundering paints with riders

these are my mallard days where i use skin
to chapel after boned boats and seizures
and a mind-mine carries roots to pealers
and, la la, as epilepsy chimes, then readers
must serve bald pussy to ferine cat-hearts

the sliders of mad boys ease shits under
men who dine in darkness
and, boxe under sin, spindlers of fathers
show a naked lip to a family slather
and a rooky mind-ship
comes drinking waves aside rose-hips

Uh dullard dives dream of old sin as
eaters of wives go down upon an arse
and a sister coast carries seashore-masks
and a lifter of oats marries dummies to a
dizzy damseller of coded fast damasks

these are my mallard days where i cast
easy bone across a jammed screen
and, stoned, a crosser of kissers screams
and, loamed, a father to pissers stream
mummy madams with easy oaty fasts

uh, dullard wives i call my very own will
hereby sunder cortal slumber
and a dizzy parent under rivers will spill
successful beards across mounted hills
and eyers come blinded with quills

the sidlers of sad boys shit across dust
o riddlers of bad boys hit across pus
and plaintive pissy boys use mien to crush
conical curations with easy family-mush
and we weep as we cry
and we reap as we fly
and we idolise pushers with phlegms

ahh, these are my mallard days when
mentalisers mop a yolk from butcher-men

these are my mallard days when i lay men down
across wastrels and petrol towns
o these are my mallard dilations when clowns
come swelling up, up
o, a keen cafe under cups sells buns to sluts
and, la, these are my mallard days when mutts
come clambering after mad shearings.

these are my mallard days when i lay men down
across nazi fields where ole londinium drowns
ah a doctor to doomed denial
showers pinners with vile pigs hung from tiles
and a doggy cat-man
loosens rats to rat-man
and a daughter to de slammed kisses smiles

these are my mallard days when i lay men down
across a servile station
and we baptised the rain
and we christened patrons to sealed pain, Oh
lovers of lardy language uses skins to drag towns
aside braggers about
a laden lazy face that talons after grey drought
and, snarled, a snazzler of laughter
delimits odorous musclers with fathers.

as we weeble in sweet skies, then we use doubt
to erase laser castles from plastic mammy
and a layered heart
hits to fever-darts when a park aside grammy
caresses Hitler with evil money
and, lashed to bits, a hotel under salt-honey
creams as weavers cry.

these are our mallard days when i lay down
aross a steeled raft that leads boats to clowns
and, opening, masted cat-creeds
come weeping after seed
and eyes scatter clasps across soft Downs
and, O, we fasten dolls to losers as sounds
dribble from god's stereo.
as we weed a nailed butt, a fatal wasteground
sallies blorted mussels from natal sea-grounds
and we use beached lockers
and we use bleachers
and, loaded, sandy leeches bathe in bloods
and we rage for widowers as we use grubs
to fasten worms to closed rockers

these are our mallard days where dun mass
goes drawling adown stations
and, oo, we widen as we weep
and, oo, we sodomise easy meats
and, once sex-done, mentalisers who crash
come shovelling pins into tautening sea-ash

and a laden lardy farty gal drops her ass.

these are our mournful days where eyes read
aside deafening blind silence
o these are the saddening days where trees
come slumbering after bled forests
and a buzzy mind slays beds with hornets
and washy bible flowers
glow, just like a woman glows,
and we extend greyers to crows that slow
all keen mind-veins down

these are our blue days when a feline crow
has to hiss across carrion ice
and, pissed, loss serves clarions to christs
and, kissed, crisscrossed mind-stallions
surrender bruised jeans to generic natrons.

genetical glided ceilings ram a fanny round
a dictator of purile pushing masts
and madam macadam uses father grounds
to serve bitter bins to endlessness
and a female spind dude dazzles emptiness
and a dodgy calf
curates dad creations from acid baths

these are our mallard days when cut crowds
slumber aside dazzlers and dumb shrouds
and an easy father has to
wipe a bald arse aside de colour true as a
dictator to masques dons a bomby cloud
and weepers whistle in the clouds.

whence pureed mien snaps across towns
then veinous blue buddies
must signify parents of slain buggies and
feverish flashy phantoms drop bitches
and eaters of tonguers stop airches when
eyers of luminous cathedrals
pour burners across bluesy ole seagulls

and faceless feelers farm for regals.

o as warmed worm demons bedazzleS leathered spleens
then a bodyer of ashes kills dreams
o a warmy worm-seasons sky-frazzles aside screens
and a doctor on its back
glows, just like a cancer glows; and a mouse in black
slits pullers of dykes aside
blooders of bruised eye-wives
and a wallah of a hearse slumbers for snacks
and a windower in a purse sweeps doggy paps with
a dreary moon-boy who brooms all fat bats

o as warmed worm demon sun-ravels under dreams
then a bodyer of blow flies
cums swivelling across lost tides
and an ocean head slashes across easy brides when
screamers plug dirt with twixed bone-children;
and a quarry in a stream shoves wallets aside hens
and a mummy skin
sheds old-flakes from dodderers and aged eye-gems

o these are our mallard days
o these are our scissory claves when we lay down in
miraculous pelts and spun lapped gyms
and a golden ark swivels till drivers found in wind
slaps a sodden park with
darksome chasms star-pigged aside a blank birth;
and teamsters found in cribs
winter-surf where towns, in ribs, feel neon bibs
and molten men-boys abuse cellves with kids
and, ahhh, as a lashy labeller of cells
scatters pinkers across bells then a gaoling smile


copyright jdb 04/04/2021.


work-in-progress title: There Are Burning Neon Ribbons at My Door.
first draft poem then poem-song


there are burning neon ribbons at my door
o there is a sodden pylon made
as real as the city dead
and a holy heart darts aside knives where
easy riders collide in bed
and a daisy moon, maimed, cuts fake hair.

there are burners aside me where air gets
fizzed inside twinned loved jets
and, oo, as a fatal farm uses decks then hair
gets star-washed under veined prayers
and a coptic nest sunders maimed lips



there are sodden nylon bones nearby a dream
there are padlockers of sloanes here
and a waving paddock scatters horses where
a damager of daisies moves inside fear
and a woven boner brags for instant tears
and a leant God gives head to easy fathers

there are ridden python pokers found inside a
meadow-minded giddy garden
and a horse inside a hat stampedes until reason
comes surrendering boats to sex treason
and, la, when we supper for dudes then we scar
motorcycles with fierce stars

as a battler of pigs peers under cars then baby
comes shovelling figs aside thunder.

badgered under sweet heat, a miser under rubies
comes suppering after sleep
o, slavers of meat sunder dun babies
la, razors under wheat shave canes till blind
and a laden horse
comes using frames with pleasure-sauce
and a bummy child gets guttered under minds
and, laced with dials, summery mammas grind
sweet tablers down to dust

badgered under sweet heat, a miser under dairies
comes suppering after sheets
o, the stunned juicers of de town tear aside diaries
and a gemmy gal-bride
rotates across daddy
and a mauve mad spiral shines across red daisies
and a naked lady swallows sties

as a battler of bastardisers belled bone then eyries
must scatter assaulted pigeons with eagle-wives.

we stow a blinded barber with hairless baby-cheek
we slowdown
and a baby burner lathers after airless ruby-cheeks
and, oo, a latent town
comes sundering crowns as a baddy under jeeps
carries curriers far West
and a parent to a loud death
scarries off, off
and a pigeon cot crashes
aside doom deniers.

we stow a blinded father with prayerless baby-beats
we squat down
and a bodier of sounds sunders cherries with meats
and a lighting baker gets ground
to purile pure dusts
and a cradler of pus pisses across wiped wastegrounds


we slow down as we die for eyes
o we killed the towns
and, once robbed, a purse of wives
will come down to expensive seagulls
and a naked crowd craps for dolls where closed spies
slide a bob under blue tides
and, oo, as we split for blinds then we dig for a
dragoon of dippy daddies
and a baker of a pinned bum breaks dusts aside biddies
and a cakey sweet heart

we slow down as we dive for eyes
o we drilled the towns
and, once stubbed, god's crown uses a glans-wife
to sharpen molls with teste-christs
and, uh, eyers of idlers must supper for easy mice
and, uh, riders of bridlers
must suck a snapped gun from an easy smiler.

we slow down as we die for pies
o we crap across tithes as tillered bird boys slumber
and, diced, balded badger boys leave for mamma.

these are my scabbard days where i don bled iron
o, these are my haloed days
and i listen to shakespearoes as my mind gets glazed
with easy riders inside graves
and a naked wasp stings bees dead
and a fatal wash gets spun aside my bed
and a focal cross gets hung
oo these are my scabbard days where i drive lions

we slow down as we dream for lives
o we caress sounds as we scream for pies
and a puller of a plumed horse races aside brides where
focal father friends slam ashes across blinded blue hair.

these are my scabbard days where i don mouthed zion
and, oo, as the green haloes of a waterbead
get star-crushed
then a daddy drabble-horse will surely cry for lyons


the dashy dashboard boys are here, and a scattered sea-sound
comes scattering toys across fears
and a laden latent mind-boy
crashes; and a pinker of a pulled tear craps across sea-clowns,
and murder sirens nooses mad men with tears
o a poker of a pusher peers under gems when horsed ears
get driven under wheat-crows.

the dashy dashboard boys are here, and a cuttler of sea-towns
comes murdering lashed spheres
and a maiden of a mass smelts into crowns
and a sacred mumma drags pelts for neon piers, and daisies
smash a veiny bald face
and a female flashed gal-grace cuts a motor from deep space


factory boys with factory smiles come sending baths to keen sleep
dictionary joys use remedial dials
and a romancer in puce summons guns from sea-styles
and a coupler in a sea-screen
causes digitalis to suffer knife-dreams
and a rider under blues saps a slit-scream with body-meat
and a weavers of truths
serries sex with cellves as gaoler-dudes
drag cherries for rubies.

factory boys with factory smiles come bending baths when freaks
summer-sunder veined vales with deaf wheat
and a female rider cuts sails from spoilt doobies
and coopy scoopy newsmen walk dogs across soft eye-heaps
and a scooby headpiece
gets layered with salt geese
and a rotator of juliet-romeo drops from a blonde fleece.

factory boys with factory smiles come sending masks to sex-sleep
and, lo, as a meadow mind loosens
then massive cardial grinds must hasten wasps with missions
and a cartel bowl of crime
washes city fans in sperm-lime
and linear lyon toys get eased under swine when a bed-mine
swallows heaven whole



sugar-stained, a laden body bird bashes a crocus bush with
seeders of fay rain
la, a doll in garlands catches torn trains
and a cat of screams shovels batterers with twinning grids
and a tawny treasure horse
comes slavering aside coarse doomy deviller cavvy pigs
and a luscious grinder pelts panners with evil mind-kids
and a faceless demonic horse
gets ribboned with daddy sauce
and a puller of rat-wine grinds sex from silver battalions
and a drooler, in grime, grinds spillers from easy fountains.

sugar-stained, a laden body bird bashes a lotus bush with
swindlers of grey rain
la la, a budder under grain dollops mice aside a blue prick
and sireners of lathered pain
drop scissors across ported mind-drains
and a pleasurer of knots scatters salads across champagnes
and a leader of blue clots
comforts carrion with blown bruised heart-spots, and
greasers of daddy mines shoot weird schemes across england
and a burner in de park
departs aside bitched arks
and navellers of birchers rotate
across smoothed crates where applers under chaplers move
mauve tirades.

sugar-stained, a laden body world lashes across blue beaches
and a fatal tree-hide washes pearls inside parks
and a natal bee-scribe clashes across mindless mind-baths
and idolisers of seized tides
sunder a babby cave with twixers of old kids and night-crafts.

sugar-stained, a laden body whirl gets fed to a girly world and
itemisers of garden daisies swirl pop into lead
and, oo, me and madam metal rot as we tread
dirtying nasal water; and, doped, soft wee-thread has to ram
easers of fatalisers with ava mary and her moggy cross-hands
Oh a parent to nebulisers smacks prams across
a crisscrosser of mamma rat
and a river underwater kisses flown fat


O with a helterskelter chicken made salad under grain
the issuers of vermin vamp heads from pealered rain
O rubbers of lunar pelters sunder eyes with lunar trains
and a rider of Eden grows, just like a baby grows,
and, oo, a weepers, slowed, fuss across ruby clothes,
and the render of the weak
rummages aside doves as a sonar temple, tweaked,
damages tissuers with sleet
and a flooder of frigs fashions deniers from nude heat
and a rizla under ribs
scatters a daddy kaliedescope across a dummy rose.

O with a helterskelter chicken made mallard under rain
the kissers of mod bellers ring ringlets under champagne
and an idle jeep
glows, just like a woman glows; and a razor under sleep
sunders massive merlins with kestrellers and meat-sleep
and, la la, a lonely female radio damages tellies with meat
and, la la, a lovely dovetail hisses for glad cradle-sleep
and a gabbyy damsel
drifts into dreams when a laddy uses infant easels.

O, a spended rector bleats as she brawls after Gods
O, a rended ghost-picker peals skin from dun buds
and a sea of earrings smells of lime altars
and a sea of herrings, shaved, signals easy vaulted
valley mien
and, oo, a sonar eagle quickens to lud noise when
magical magi men silence christs with blood-hens
and a waldron in silence
drags a droppy screen for a rodeo raised from
indelible comic sex-violence

and a dog of stooled spleen cuts a fish-sparrow
and a lord of stools
sends blind streams to fools; and an evil minnow
shaves life's bodice bed-clean
and, la la, as an indian dummy fuses veils to creams
then kickers of pricklers sunder thooming rules.
the maddening tar-kissed madams who drool for
english gallowers
come scrying for hallowers and drifters in walls
war after billowers
and a naked nuked heart hums across pink-stalls
and a faker in a puked heart
happens to find a darter of a mindless mirror
and mindlessnesss glows jusy like a bright fart
and endlessness bleeds under porn and pepper
and a lady in blown seed
sucks upon moonies whose parental body-harp
peals nude oboes from musical sky-carps.


all this glib world is a body-shell
la la, all the world is a blue cage
la la, always, when kissed, age will
shelter hands in demure mean hell
and a daddy dreamer in the West
studies just how to die
and, O, a giver of eyes rams sex
aside breast-revealing fanny-flecks.

all this glib world is a baby-shell
o-la, all the wild earth feeds cells
and a capper on a screen has to swell
up, up

and a cavvy of a cold cuts uses up
all this wide world
and, pooled, feline prisms fuck up
a flamingo in the sides of honey
and drabblers of tides
noose darling zen to easy wives
Copyright JDB 07/04/2021.




© James David Bellamy