a comment received re.  my poetry
- I was reading this with bluegrass playing in the background and quickly realized it was not compatible! Your words before I was even hardly into the poem told me this was not really casual to read poetry, consumed quickly with little thought but something to read slowly that would require more time with slow to form images layered with sharp points and unexpected anger coming through clearly. The world your words describe is very dark - not desolate - chaotic - it strikes me like The Jungle by Upton Sinclair struck me when I was in middle school Social Studies class...a powerful talented writer writing with a stark viewpoint with utter realism about a part of the world most don't see that isn't even out in the open by way of ordinary life but does lie just under the surface in certain places - the in between places of the world. It is a rare person who sees that place as an observer without getting sucked in and is capable of getting back out. It also reminds me of the fields of the dead - a place shaman's go to look for bits and parts of people's souls that they have lost, given up or had stolen. The fields would be just outside of the city, the city being (probably if you went inside) something like this..-