further new speed-written songsheets

work-in-progress title: C/O the Ripping Signal of a Dirt-Flower
1st draft poem then poem-song

the ripping signal stripper of a dirt-flower
comes serenading faces with cheese
o a madam eagle
swallows gulls
and a laden bough bags ants aside zinc
and love's father screams
and, stunned, ladders in tureens sink
deeply down where a licence for pinks
slays veins with honey

the rippling fatal zipper of a dirt-flower
comes summer-raising spun seed from a
bowering body-bend
and a heart under fires dons naked carts
and heroic tundra
sundered, leads ash to furling lovers


the dots in a signal flower raise stars from dames
ah, clots inside mind towers
damage mad bloods
and a dawdling famous father sunders names
and a warring furious lover
fingers easy maids

the dots in a signal flower raise cars from veins
ah, cots inside mind towers
rummage aside buds
and, oo, warted baby bods
bag salts in graves.

the zippers seen in the angelled west use paints to
daub easy kittens with marshy sky-saints
o dizzy kitchens drag swords from creams
and a lady tiger roars for world-peace
and curative chickens
go clucking for human egg
and a holy sea swims for de dead
and a easy seed gets dives aside its head
and a conic father
loosens devs where rich men flow

o zippers seen in an angled vest use feints to
daub easy mittens with marshy kid-tapes
and a mammy mind
glows, just like a woman's shape,
and eyers lead fowls to warders

the ingotted pacer in my keen mind leads gyms to waters
o a layered sea-chaser
summons silky blood from evil raiders
and a moused eye moon
covers dilations in mind-flava
and a dizzy heart wastes for cradlers

the ingotted pacer in my keen mind leads hymns to saviours
o a leader of milky boys
summon salts from sofa-toys
and a bath at sea swills flashed soap as evil joys
carry creamers aside labia

o zippers seen in crisscrossed hearts dazzle easy drivers
o riders of spleens
suck a visceral blind mind-beam
and a vocal heart gutters across brain-streams,
and doomy vault deniers strangle baby ladellers

races under biker chases sunder newts with efts
o faces under tigers
chase voles into the dark
and, moved as she moans, a city of baby sewers
shuns mud-hearts
and, lazed, weavers of dromes
cum shovelling fanny with dicky domes

races under bike chases sunder newts with efts
o mazes under sidlers
case a moth aside razors
and a daddy march drinks to fellahs
and a mammy ark sails across easing red-nets
and, dooming, a clock of tails

summons deniers from skirty shirty blue-dales.

easers of eagle-money spread expensive wings
easers of guilty sonnies
spread a pissy bell-trap; and a digger for ladies
loosens blown necks
and a dizzy stoned mesh
amasses diamonds with daughters
o easers of eagle-money spread expensive rings
with tawny leather hands where death drops.

easers, cherried, chop a parapet from a store
la la, easers, burnt, block off a
citadel of nudes and thieves
and curators of screws must sunder grey greed
with bleeders of soaks and gaoled mind-seed

the acrid lemon breeders of deaths anoint scars
with bluesy baited bunny cars
and weavers, slated, sew sex-cards with stars
and, la la, as wynders moo
then instant herons will caress the davy dark


and what with daffy boys in twilit transcepts
i extend two hands to sleuthes
and, ah, what with mummy boys in grey necks
i extemporise truth then cry
and, la la, a bidder for honey spins across
thunderclapping eyes
O a dirtied mask-scribe
raddles after lockdowns and funeral lives

la la, as we scent a Number then we sue loss
ah ah, as we scent faders
then starry sicklers of raiders trip for pagers
and a dunny moon
star-fellows canny cosmotic eye-room
and, dippy, a drop tank
serves birds to dunes
and a damager of mooned damasks boom
aside boned burials
and a cheerer of doming balasts use stone
to storm plumes with madrigals
and a family sign waivers aside loam
and a criminal mastiff actor gets out alone

la la, as we scent old tundra then dromes
get wiskered across macadamers
O a darling regent rotates aside backsiders
O a heaving rose-rape
rummages for spread pies
and a daddy doorkey burns cooked wives

oo what with poking penuries made high
then a lubber of shoelaces
storms blinded boots with crystal minds
and a house on stilts
suppers for cum
and, la la, riders of guns shoot a soft spine
and, o-la, breakers bait suns with
daffy goofy gobby geezers

the tissues of the Thames grow like killers

a father to a nineveh thyroid hisses after millers
a lover of cars
couples with Mars; and a focal fatal cat shivers
and, O, massive stars
look down across a green void
Ah, once upon a spleen, eyers shat from toys
Ah, once upon a dream, shysters crap on livers
and a fevered fellah
rampages aside mirrors
and chillers of wives sidle across grey scissors

a father to a nineveh thyroid kisses after milners
a feather in a spar
gets coated in scars; and an evil fig gets murdered
and, bolted, easy avenues glow
O, a painted seesaw sunders roads
O, feinted hindsaws sunder lost toads
and a masstiff biller, raped, strangles a loud rose

Ah my twinned mind maddens for a pissed rogue
Ah my spind mind loosens for a
puncture of a wynd which frightens vales with a
magical mastery of a head-dip
Ah a collector of gods dims lit where green cars
cry and cry and cry

a father to a nineveh thyroid misses de bowl as
chemical changers chop a cot
O, pandemical dancers drip from a wax cot
and a teary ear
gets blinded; and an easy sphere drags ole rot
and, la la, canneries in dead stanneries
fund a tinny tincan with maggots and Fendhaleen.

and i will use a bra for a motorcar
and i shall noose fast flava
and, oo, as i lunge at fevers then stars
may well look down across raped spars
and a cottler of Downs
sunders bullers with bellers under lasers
and a cudgler of towns
teems with saddlers
and a rider under crowns craps on fingers

couplers of doomy deniers planet-pans
a pebbler of roomy eye-dyers
and a dog at sea gets scrotal under liars
and a cat at sea gets
preened till he dreams for fathers
and eyers jump blind fathers
and skyers junk mind-readers

and a doll under fire interfuses hens
with dragglers of tyres
and weevilers weep for fires as wrens
clamber across hitler's gay ghost
and a lidder of micklers
carries trout to roaches where ripplers
don a daddy gun

these are the easy darlings whose drums
get tarnished with fanny noise
these are the easy starlings whose lungs
get varnished with funny boys
and as idlers ease thumbs into scrums then
harbingers of dolted gums
come shooting bread while giving head
and an easy girly pyre
sunders creams with burner-beds
there are noddlers of lemurs here who
extemporise palavers with natal dudes
there are bodkiners of features
which, banged, size a river from Ledas
and a lady scream
sizes hands from tangerines
and rammers who shoot tureens will
extend a mind-rood to a starry old hill
oo we get softened by whips as drills
cry as they sink deeply aside cock-pills.

o a punctive wallah pharoah goes to de wall
o conjunctive killers
cram tonged tongues down pealers
and a naked iris slays sold drowners as scrawl
demonises sailors with rivers
and a hissy hard gal hips aside her sex liver
and a pissy lard-large slit
hops to nailed frenchers; O, a cat in a mirror
arouses pulled ponies from aged asia minor

o a dunker of dammed dukedoms drivels for
an easy xmas-easter fairground war
and a faking forester
snaps cased kid-minds in hired sad waters
and a dotted dangerman
walks a denter of england; and heavenly slaughter
suppers for the vaults in cunt-foods

o a punctive wallah pharoah gives head to roods
o gun-spunkers, gelled, size grids from
nine zillion mine-forests that lead piglets into a
nestler of countlessness
and a nuclear error loosens ladeners of madness
and weepy wolf-wives heal where madness sings
and, la la, weavers of skies
don loud dizzy sweet jazz-rides.

uh these are my dullard days when ivory wives
may choose to feed a salt-nest
uh these are my dumming days when ebonies
come feeling for utmost beauty
and a laden war shoots gunners from babies
and we weep as we sleep
and we sleep as we weep for dusky garlands
and eyers under oak leaves
wash dark christs in soft trees

o drivers of heavenly fairies dream for Pan?

there are drivers of headpieces here
there are writhers under cow-fleeces and
dippy tears drop from stained dams. Oh,
as wiveners rock plums
then a digger in masked lungs shadows
a cornish wicca queen whose fast scream
rattles for gelled cells and de Fendhaleen

there are drivers of meat-horses here
there are ten billion spelt eyes using fear
to sunder ghosts with cornish corn-ears
and a wiper of a wept mind
gladdens pits with loaners where tears
float from a nearby weir
and lighters used by impossibly young men
hiss as cummed puffs writhe..

writers on wet corn use wheatsheafs for vines
writers on soft swarms
galley after lips which sink mind-sheets in wynds
and natal fotal storms
shove navellers aside fawns

writers on wet corn wheatsheafs for spines
writers under spawn
suppers for ash where a dingo under mines
mine for de golden dawn
and a shaker of star-flowers talon after
naked gablers

writers on les porn sunder opal flowers
writers under dawn
rides the sadness in digital towers
and a cat of claws sinks her prey way down
inside the masked coteries of sound.

we will whistle round the wind as casements
thrill aside dairy veined bows
we will topple baby and all her rainbows
and denyers in soft hearts
swathes pealed flamingoes in fuck-charts

oo riders on blind rain gargle blood when
chillering manx women fall to their heels when
a battler in pure wax
rushes across thrushes; and daddy flax
sends bodyers of skin
la la, evil holy factories accuse spit crack
with whirling easy raped macs
and a dummy gun shoots all parted prats

writers under babel rpck a carded mouther
writers under stables rot as passion's mumma
gives red head to: O, eyers of glamour
drop acid kinks across a penis void; and gaga
drinks to demon enemies
uh END.

* copyright jdb 08/04/2021.


work-in-progress title: Across Daddy Flowers
1st draft poem then poem-song



the warriors of fearing sunder night with shadow
o a signal gun
shoots families dead
and a hooted owl thunders after breaded swallows
and a mooted fathers eats lead
and the wives of March some burying grey bed

the warriors of fearing sunder light with meadows
o a signet gun
shoots memories dead
and a rooted cowl drags devs from screams as
idolisers sharpen suns;
and carters of croned defiance loot dirt gas

the warriors of fearing sunder cunt as de gallows
hiss for a sea of earrings
o a wader under herrings sunders junk
and a naked owl hoots for late evenings
and a fatal bat, snapped, gets murdered; O, monks
use a denier mast for a hanged face

the warriors of fearing snip for ceilings; and spunk
glows as she gets throwed
across a daddy flower; and riders sunder trunks

the corridors of thinking sunder a sealed rose
la la, marriers in flailing sunder a reeled rose
and a daughtered flower
comes thundering after robes
and radical stinkers share salts with towers
and an idle snake
slides as she flows; and a naked mumma
drapes colic across a lake

the corridors of thinking sunder a reeled rose
la la, carriers in sailing sunder a pealed rose
and eyers glow, just like self-sex glows

the corridors of thinking sunder closed snows
and an ideal monkey
sunders veins with carkeys
and a laden flower sunder blinking
and a garden shower sunders fucked droves

crappers of dogs slide cat-men under riders
lappers of cogs slide rat-men
under a burned eye-sea
and latent killers abuse deaths with trees


red creators who cure church dreams will
star-sunder nudes
o red directers snooze
and a lady heart shoots veins with hills as
soapy dragon farts use fires for lubes

red creators, noosed, sunder odd truths
and a naked puller
plashes across murders; an ideal beller
bags bands aside rivers
and, made puce, raiders of rivers

show magical drowned hands to quivers.

empirical pussy men sink fists day deep
la la, emeraies of under pinks
uses a rye cake for a dinner's meat
and a doggy plate
comes sundering gems with grey pinks
and a doddery snake
slithers across serpent oils

emprical little men sink lips under heat
la la, enemies of iced links
interfuse guns with warders
and, oo, a vase filed with false waters
will surely waste cunt kids
and, sex-maced, peevers feed pigs


once upon a mind, i oversaw a mad woman
come shiving after drones
o once aside times, i oversaw grey children
come sundering eyes with moaners
and, la la, after a small death, a sea of women
will certainly suffer waves
and, made old, mufflers thunder after gardens

empirical pussy joys get salt-shaved; and lays
leap a turny turtle as
doltors of monies switch midsummer glass
with dairy thumbs and doctored spring-gas
and a naked scissor merchant
seizes de blithe moon

once upon a mad mind, i saw aged cocoons
star-raised; and golden vines use gin-looms
and a carrier of waxed spines
get smashed; Oh, eaters whine as glassrooms
sunder a builder of ancient sleep
and, la la, reevers give head to false wine.

empirical capital loss sends a dingo to de sea
emptying cables
cling to hearts
and a sodden label gets adhered to oat-trees
and a falsifier of bees
extends wasps to cities
and a laden bud fascinates evil jacking pities
and a pious pushy nest
peals parental easy desks
aside a blown sad broom

empirical capital loss sends donkeys to sleep
emptying candles
cling to sparks
and a sodden table causes bled bones to reap
limey lashers of cemeted venal darkness
and weepies, washed, sear a songbird's breasts
with ten zillion outstretched arms

once upon a mind, i saw aged raped poltroons
cum sidling across houses built from eyes
oo, where deaths die, then students of slides
get sundering underneath odes to coral prides
and, slackening, dolly meats
scatter sticker matter across wedded sky
and we feed lunar cabbage to sweet lies

the melded offices of easy pens use salts
to shudder after Isis
the welted messagers of pig-pens use lips
to swell under nude faces
and a melted mind sharpens fusing stasis
to sell a cellar-trip
to a softening cab where eastern crypts
cry as men strip

and a fabler of cagers rots for rubbish.

there are faces under rubies that lead hens to water
there are cases under armies
and a laden hiss sunders water
and a garden-kiss sunders rubies
and a garland-gift sunders babbies
o there are faces under rubies that lead hens to mortars
and a local thief
burgles meat
and a focal thief steals god's bride
and a fatal chief comes home to suicides

the melded offices of easy wrens sunders nude eyes
the squirted soffits in easy dens
sunders doom denials with deniers and closed tides
and a blowwer of Big Ben
hastens aside pig-pins; and a fotal fat fart uses men
to sunder bony bribes
and a fatal horse leads mice to easy scribes

there are faces under rubies that lead hens to water.

O ashes inside sodomy supper for soapy dudes
O flashes aside de family
show old men to the rude
and a local father hisses as his body rock gets
sundered by lost screws
and a warded mind melds ash to rosemaries as
sweaters get pulled from factories
and a blowing head
gets belted
and a crowing bed
gets welted
and a crying deck
gets pelted by sotters of dingos and easy bread

O ashes inside sodomy supper for soft dudes
O lashes aside ole mammaries
shelter burns inside a deepener of greyed foods
and handsome food-fasteners
glow, just like a glow worm glows,
and easterly arising carded cafe picklers use crows
to wed pants to skirted sea-laughter
and eyers of pure pain
come back home to sleep again

the aspic jazz jam of a latent dart gets lead to rain
the aspic mass-man whose headpiece drinks rain
has to drop to love
ah, a signal silence scatters lambs across drugged
biddy lotions
and an easy potion sells peppers to commotions
and an easy pug-dog
gets walked until she feels all right?

O, ashes aside family circles sunder eaters with
calamaties of shuttering cradles
O, mashes aside family cantos cry after cribs as
a daughter to denial
comes shovelling empyters under digital tiles
and a cellar in a smile
comes swallowing bile where a vineyard sail
washes damage inside lost dials

aspics, shammed, suffer mary
mastics, slammed, suffer rubies,
and a gun in Spain sucks a saviour's quarry
and a star of pain
cries from bled cloud as a daddy's lady
crashes; and doomy dashy car-cabbies
assault pins with mammy

the fasteners of filed felts shake memory
the castlers of wild pelts
shape vials from honey seeds
and a fatal wasp widens under life-sleeves
and a focal cross
craps across crisscrossers where ole deeds
swallow shent coins
and slotted rent-groynes dream about weeds


the indolent ignorance of a lost tree has to draw
ideal pregnancies across dad's war
and a female dreamer
crosses abortions with riders of city mammies
and a softening dreamer
dazzles after easy rivers where laden studies
leash birth-quests with summer
and good men keep their hands in feathers

the indolent ignorance of a soft city has to draw
ideal mentalis across a crasher of lofted jaws

in the poppy saps of a crocodile and a cervix
a slayer of manyana has to shut de crucifixes
and a bunny shower
leads mums to waters when a local mad apsis
sunders bedders with slaughter
and, oo, there has been a writer here who
gives a filthy thumb to the palor true

the indolent ignorance of a lopped city has to
draw regal blinds across the riders of roods.

ah in bummer wine, we don dells as snoods move
acrd punishers to dad-talk
ah in summer brine, we don cells as moods
supper for pricklers
and a natal heart locks a green bibler aside
dusted shallow fawkes

there are lemon clocks where that eat kiosks
there are melon rocks here
and, once sided, weepers will shed fear with
candifiers of colas and caramel kine-cribs
and dolorous rollers
widen for the heart
and decorous dealers
widen for lost art; and colliders cut files.

widowers in upstairs flats cry for dilations
windowers, spind, scrap rats as vibrations
lead a diamate drummer
across latent farts where the wrists of summer
scurry across sad ava maria
and a golden mark canes daddies with thunder

mentalisers, mobbed, masturbate in mind-lumber
digital riders, mobbed, car-castigate naked father
and a molten maid
summons troats from waves
and a roman smile eases pain aside sea-larders
and a rosemary finger
washes petrels under easy cheesy-vinegar

the chimers of maladies missionise the dead
the flamers of wide radio
swashes granareis aside pluperfect shadow
and a surrender's tallow
topples baby beat with swarthing blue piano
the chambers fail as they fall
ahh a venal veil cuts drawl whence a dragon
spits soft phlegm
and poachers of sin spin a kid across wagons
and a rivaller to spun wind
loosens anvils with daughtering sky-hymns

there are deifiers in the reddening green-mist
there are denyers whose hot ties will use grist
to serry madam graveyards
with pokey winter-bards; and sweet xmas hits
an autumn ride to endlessness
and a focal foal-thigh sinks candles under tips

there are deafeners in the deadening mind-kiss
there are gold sentries in the
focuses of old enemies; and a draggler's fist
comes crusading cunts with soft pips
and, la la, as we arouse ribs
then we suffer sweeteners of painted eye-bibs

these are our mallard days when we use figs to
cauterise budders with freezing summer blues;
and a man downstream
sunders bladers with deifiers of aged germolenes

the butcher-baker of mad midafternons has to
raise a riven lyon from a noose
the amazing spy-smoker whose eyes use puce
fastens all-mining warblers
with hymen
and rivuleters who siren after bulbous semen
listen to vitamins as mad kind sirens
wallop a crisscrossing palm with eateries

these are our mallard days where we seize
fitting geesy epilepsies
these are our dullard day where we seize
figgy dizzy catalepsies
and a gourde in eyries captures god's eagle
and a bawd in mind-streams
fish for foamed-fish

then cablers under miction melts as she rivals
mad-blue stationaries
and a noted crower cascades across Idols
and a yokel flower
sermonises a wax-doll


Copyright JDB 10/04/2021.


work-in-progress title: And Honey Will Outlive the Birds
1st draft poem then poem-song

and honey will outlive the birds
o soft laden hills
will carve a sea of clams from drills
and a fatal star
shines across death's cinemas
o salt money will pay for blue nerves
and denial's mystic plan
serves beads to beacons

oo a scrivener of tablets drops ice
aside dun meteors
oo a rivener of carved lips
silences aside rocking snippet ice
and a budded devoter
invokes bald praise
and a daddy-head dreams of plaids


oo daddy riches have to sunder towns
oo maddy bad boys
sunder clothes with clouds
Ohm, a silent scream sends dogs to shrouds
and a bullet body
and a baking drake defines blonde praise
and a faking snake refines sad days
and intraviolet lamplight
thunders after soft sight

oo daddy riches have to sunder towns
oo maddy bed-boys
shimmer as a balded rose-toy uses towns
to sunder christ's tomorrows.

oo mammy riches have to sunder faith
oo bunny ditches
stitch rabbits to curves
and, la la, evil inches sink pricklers where
fanny roaches leap from a hired chair
and a donkey under fire
shoots urban ponchos
and an easy mine sears weird schemes with
vaginal heresay

oo mammy riches have to sunder wraiths
oo dummy pinches
peal drags from lungs, and naked sky-mates
sharpen lummy lungs with
defamers of monkeys and new year's kids
and ideal teasers of pigs
drop dead.

pickers of pinky pets peer across mind-parapets
oo riders of easy nests
rampage across desks
and a dippy shore sunders eyes with bread necks
and a dizzy liar
lays waste to spleen-truths
and a cosmic deacon sunders tribes

pickers of pinky pets peer across heartless wrecks
oo riders under wrecks
peck for pepper as peeing golden rolled old age
scarries aside blown tart
and a final fan fishes for carp
and a venal jam jazzes after carts

oo as renal bald boys brag for dirt-duty then eyes
may well fall across big-bands
and a coated clashed big-bang has to abuse eyes
with soddenising berry drams
oo pickers of pulleyed parambulators dig for
easy spies whose sirens die
aside binoculars and chives

peckers of pinky pests leer across fatal carpets
and weariers will supper for handled bled-kecks
and sharpeners of fazers
fax a deadly phone-razor
and forgotten fax-machines give head to flavoured
digital radio towers


greasy gravel locusts career aside bellers in glades
o easy navel blown lusts
dig a blow fly aside pus
and a vile sun-dream slams hired tears
and a dialler of spleen rams fires aside warped trays
o geasy gavellers show courts to wide minds
o peasy ravellers scour sport
and a daddy head drivels after churches
and a mammy bed shrivels
la la, counters of cellphones swing for hearses
la la, spouters of dead-drones
ease a bag inside crumpets; and evil horses
get led to equine genius

peckers of pealy ponchos ride from sleep when
chatterers crusade for comfortable carrion: Men
scatter scribes across spent lives
and, oo, a cattler under loss
suppers after curving xmas looms
and, la la, as i dive from dead musk then dunes
cry forever..


ah, as we ravel into times we learn of dark spaces
la la, as we time-travel
then a bloated mind may well blort inside faces
o as we ravel into times we learn of dark stasis
and a laden lover
nooses doom deniers
and, lazed, we see deprivers in the park
scaring pigeons
and a scarring sea slaps paps across grey arks

o as we ravel into vines we learn of markersons
o as we carry tubes to wine
then we delve sawn breasts
and a swanny inn serves ginger milks to sex
and a dummy gun
carves a suffixer to spent suns
and, la la, weepies sweat
O, ahh, creepers drink deaths

peckers of pearly rodeos ram chisellers under
spenders of easy radio
ah, a swollen verb snaps across thunder
ah, a woollen bird
digs dogs into jays
and a lost holiday snips snackers of flava:
labile canny labia swirl in a mind-river

oo these are our mallard days where fever
comes rotting at an abandoned kitchen door
oo these are our mallard days when ganglers
cause an instantly forgotten island; O, wards
wall a brick-head in
and, la la, as we spin then we scream for spind
babby winds


ohm as a naked heart-feast fellows talon-wines
ohm as naked nukers blast vines
then cocoa shrinkers will sunder men with swine
ohm as faking marks
mass across limbs, then feeders of body-charts
will thunder across calves
ohm a natal moon falls from cars
ohm a fotal rune causes verse to parp

ohm a weepy of a torn tear teases a lyon with
bathing nudgers
o, a carrot-gob crips to fear where mind-pigs
serve daubs to rain-kids
o, a parrot-pod grasps for spheres when ribs
come corsetting coke with gigs
and a mad boy who goes wide
will sunder penises with ripped resin-wives.

and these are my mallard days where i climb
across titty heads and mounted mouth-mines.

accidental heart-deaths don a pretty moon
occidental carp-deaths don piety
and a daddy stage shows cages to ladies
and, lo, as cannons grow old
then old-time cycles rock around de world
and, once caved, weepers must rove
across mentalis
oo a foreign bed gets dammed
oo a soverign leech gets drammed
and, ochred, weepies wolf for grey hams
and, pokered, dweebies
seize tragic trancers with trancepts: O, sand
grows, just like an island grows

as accidental fairgrounds cause rides to
slow down in a mouth
then a sheltered headpiece will suck drouth
and a loony mind-fleece
has to glisten when maidened meats
come shovelling dives under melted sleep
la la, eyers of swift weirs
glow, just like a blind graveworm as piers
come funnelling slides aside rabies

and a comic canyon crashes along birds
and a cosmic flamingo crayon
carries a sex-squirt to squiring boat-burrs
oo a cosmos under easels
paints a bled hive when daffy god-regals
abuse veined fans with devils
and de devil was a far-out sky-eagle

as mental miens swim for Allah then skate
will sunder wives with sea-slates
and a statemented pig dragglers for grates
and a parchmented kid
binds desks to darters; and odes to kine
wed waspers to skirt-scanners
and eyers of blue sunder mined pappers.


o as darkness drives the west, a doddler of daisies
comes spiralling with pants-and-vest
o a dolly dragooner wees across bald nests when
carring catty children
grind salt pompagne with kitchens; and lardy men
stack buggy-bombs days deep
and, la la, a westended sea-sleep
smacks love's naked face
and, la la, a flexer of fleecers drags hills across a
dangerous lunar fast-case

o as darkness drives mute death, a riddler of prairies
comes sundering mink-champagne
and, stunned, a wafer in eclipse
straps hymns across surgeons
and a mold in a crisp cross studies about loud tits
ahh, when hiders ride
then heralders inside sties
snap a drizzler of eyes against feinted funeral flits

there is a crocus killer here who chews on lips
there is a locust filler near who
chomps on champed fat; and a latent galley groom
glazes up, up, up for
desultory sluts
and hymen-heapers hear stoned storms shaping musk
from pinkers of pillars and baby tusks
o there are parental illers in twixed penned cusps
o there are dimmers of rivers in mixed mental war
and, as radiophonic daffy boys
glean grease away from sylvan silver
then a crabbler of guns
gets killed..

ahh as manx flesh forms fans from screeners then boas
will most certainly set alight to a slaughtered bower
and a latent moth, car-crossed,
shudders for lost apiaries
and a wicked wound seeps cottages
and a wicked tomb reaps hostages; O, as manx flour
drips a bun from villages
then gladers of de hour launch lunches across cobras
and, la la la, a jaw-jacking vaulted sea-lion
snips a colic rider from old colted bead-irons; O, motors
cum scattering malt seed across piers
and, scuttering, volumous crisscrossed grey tears
shoot saline rocks from revenues of false fears

ahh a manx mess forms vans from screamers then dolts
will most certainly shoot a carrot mien
o-la, dated familiies rout a parrot when aged dead bolts
clap a caser inside blown baby
and, where labia stinks of a sweet pox, then a darted ruby
may well slide across a lanced lace-floor
the tawny bastard sun-stream that leered inside my window
is hereby assaulted by massive straps
and, easily sent to die, a student of traps meshes with widows
and a dizzy cat-canteen
corrodes till sex gets stormed

oo a ladener of fierce timbers glowers from a painted moth
oo a reasoner, gobbed, simmer when summers burn
and a candy cloth
carries carrioon to moss; and a treater on her side
sets fire to hilled perms

tawny bastard men star-cream as a noonish moon-sky
gives bright head to dovetailed mushrooms
and, la la, a bed at sea tramples teeners across wide
wolven sugar-hair

and eaters of ingenious jammers glamorise fast thighs
and wynchers, car-caped, sunder anceint eye-tides
with wickedness and easy lies.
lifters of lousy lob lolly men hem pickers aside hives
drifters, danglered, shot holly ripplers with mad scythes
o, a camphored dammy christ
hereby riflles after money lice
and a caged cartoon swells up, up
oo a violet stone gets blown across ole finger-dice
and a trampling mast
gets fed to magic masks
o-la, these are my mallard days where i will defy
all vast and venal glassrooms
o-la, these are my masstiff days where i will deny
all vast and venereal cartoons
and a capping candle-cocoon leases dogs to blithe
bobbing bracelets

oo a sizzlered heart-heap hollows dust with wide
weepy mill-tithes
and a nudish fart-fleet wallows under seasawn prides
and a looter of cunt-sleep
sunders dabby drivers with paved nets and blue meats

as waders underwatered by splayed spades and sleep
come thundering after bled sheets and Ides
then a dallied sparrow shits along a nest of blithe
blonded bud-bone
and, lung-maced, a drabbler of blouse-stone
cascades where a dyer of netttles moves home to
a nude space where patent parent-painters soothe

cardial koda chromes...
the cat nearby fetches a teabag from a kitchen bin
the tramp found in ditches
lambasts cosmic bats with candled naked begged skin
and an automatic rainbow
clambers from weird waves
amd an instamatic crow caws at city plays
and, sold to infancy, a heaver of naves sky-slow

cocaine bowed butters with an indigo sideshow




work-in-progress title: These Are My Coca Days Where I Mount A Castle
first draft poem then poem-song


these are my coca days where i mount a castle
these are my soaker days
and a priming bully bags ash under mussels
and a holy imbecile
goes crying in the chapel,
and, oo, as mindless men get appled
then, denied, a sea of hens
glides across the big lens of a blind world
oo a castler, sundered, turns missiles where
crappered star-leopards
get star-strangled
and, la la, eyers of leotards sun-summon air
and mindfolks are clasped
aside loud bivoaucs made cruel as prayer

these are my cocoa days where i chew chocs
these are my soaper days
and primed dizzy isles sunder sleep from cots
and a daddy witch
summons eyes from slots
and a cocaine tower slides tots under pots

ah as a laden lovey boy chews upon de cock
then chewy easy boys
will supper for toys when masters of crock
slide a teddy under ploys

these are my melon days where i loiter because i want to be killed
these are my felon days
oo a cranny poo-play sunders milks from graves
and a strangler's mark sunders silks
and a mangler's spark
clambers across mad tears

these are my falon days where i shudder because i want to die
these are my talon-blades
la la, a siren march wallops tears
la la, alarming parks
slide under pitch dark
and a wallah under lips tracks all deaths down

oo a renal warrior slackens as she wees
oo a venal warder darkens eyes with blown knees
and a latent hour
comes thundering after bowers.

the idiots who board lost trains hereby suck across bedding
the idiots who screw loss
come sundering bedding with crossed
eye-killers; and a hotel under flour cause cake to quake
and, oo, a fatal hostel
sunders jams from motels
and a kiddy owl sharpens dolls with bended sea-drakes

the idiots who board strange trains suck aside ceilings
o as mad kids crow and glow
then a sea-horde of sealed flats showers geese with lakes
and eager mind-fires
show a ruby oar to high wires
and candiers, scored, show bows to funereal snakes

the wallahs of skull herpes sunder light with grapes
the killers of bullies
come showering fists with bloodied sinal bakes
and a shoveller of bodies
cums scattering toddies across bled rubies
and, o, as we sign across a crisscrossed family
then we show vines to easy claves

the bullers of broken tongues glow, like honey,
and, la la, when eyes sail to sleep
then brokers of old wives
must show a pussy-piece to a harped jeep,
and, la la, jolly deacons cry, cry
and, o-la, brolly beacons writhe and ride
across dammy dad-sky

idiots who board false trains leak for lies

o i took a leak in a show-home
o i took to heat
o i grew like a bone
and, salt-maced, i jacked till stone
came sidling after money
and a laden lover has some monkeys
and a parent brother
glows, just like a glow worm glows
and a naked coddy
sunders easy knives with family

bullers of broken noses slap for
greasy tides which loot after caddies
and a coca-twist
cums shouldering lips from daddies
la la, locusts of a copious sea-daffy
drill for grey musk

o i took a leak in a cooker as my bed
came spinning before dreams
and, oo, a locum who nurses bread
will succour now for lubes

eaters of lavatorial biscuits don lead
leaders of equatorial bag-bits
shine, shine
and, o-la, we centre mailed mines
to weird scenes and falon-minds.

the easterly arising shadower of easter-xmas
gets pushing balls far West
oh, a local hall drags sex
oh, a sweet brawl drinks meths
and a hot meaty flower
gets fed to cafes when a bodying ole mesh
slides a teasmade around coffee-nests
and, la la, easy toffee minotaurs
slice cars from boobies
and a starry sun shines down and down

the easterly arising shadower of easter-xmas
gets rushing for drawl
oh, sweet sounds of jazz
slide a holy motor across a dream as cabs
slink into yellow taxis

eaters of lavatorial linen dream of bags
easy vase-river rides
cause stickers to cover hinges whens slags
cauterise dumdums with prides
and a catty dog gets led to bird-heaven


encumbered cads who sleep out in a star
hereby sunder labs
oh, a sea of sleep sirens after straps
oh, a sea of wheat seasons fists with paps
and an easy flower
grows, just like a cancer grows,
and a citadel of fathers slams aside snows
and a cocoa-transfer
loosens aside dancers

under this unencumbered eyelid, a cake-car
hereby thunders for bum-bras
and a cafe in the moon slices under scar
and a coded mind-moon
layers geese with soft dunes
and a beller of kids
claims cashers from sex-fig

o as a palaver of bitty birds uses red Mars
then a dolter of doom denial
cums showering beds with spun tiles
and wicked gemmers under gun-smiles
suffer lips when grey pigs stop

the liars who lead dives to waters will stop now
all lovers and all metaphor
la la, aged sand trickles after wards as odd whores
cum hiring games to walls: come spurting, bawds
cascade for flames
and we shut the frames as daddy under grey daubs
seizes dun epilepsy from sacred tors

the liars who lead dives to waters will stop dead
la la, a laden Leda whose swanny zeus must dread
all drownings
will, loosened, show gabs to goslings when bread
crisscrosses across old crags

under this unencumbered poem-ledge, i give slags to
easy picnics; and a lonely eye-ledge
layers breasts with families
and a dad at sea claims cunts from grey granaries
and, oo, mossy mind-monks
will most certainly die when soapers

dropped mines to coal-sleep

these are my ballad days when i will clasp to Ides
these are my ballet days
oo as eyes rock blind eyes then chanters of lives
will hereby mock dials where daffies jive

these are my sampled days where i kiss knives
these are my stapled sea-trades
and a mind in a stiff sunders claves with tithes
and a massive thurible
cums slavering after gluey fuels

the handler of laughter weeps as she fools thighs
the strangler of fathers
cherishes braids as cocoa-fevers
serry slaying cooky levers with coasting teasers
and a laden cocky scissor
scatters oats under femurs

o all this world is a cage
and all the prisoners inside her, naked killers?

nakedness booms like a saint; O, rapiers in moon-life
shower dowers with king-paint
and a scourer of mitts slaughters skin with noon-night
and a showerer of pips
sunders lemon bile with ladeners of lousy city rites
o fascinators of wank shudder for dudes
o masturbators of shank show mad boys to roods
and, la la, toothy mind-tanks
shoot a lourer of a fotal crank
with fairied wraith-guns

these are my sundial days where i weep for the past
these are my saddlered days
and, once dunged, my turnturtle soul drags casts
from wormy wounds
and, once drummed, my gooser of a crag rasps for
easers of rude lungs and bled boys gone to war

nakedness booms like a saint; O raiders of star-life
shower blowers with hoax-feints
and, la la, feelers of fixers must shooteth christ
and, la la, reelers of pictures
bone-shadow rivers with cinematic grey stretchers
and, o, when a cocoa-child
carries rats to ermine then a mouse aside fever
swallows biddies whole

these are my spinneyed days where i don souls
these are my cavvy days
and, once carved, may my mod mind eat clay
and, once starved, may my mad mind eat coals
and, once sparred, may my sad head feed voles

when once a bobbin of a pleasure horse feeds dust
then ten-pinned daddy gabriel
must sunder milk-mammy


the wideners of woollen wood-saps sunder sailed shells
la la, riders under swollen blood-caps
murder tundra; and a venal boar pees across ice-caps
la la, readers of hands
scry for meat where brigands
lop a lilly meal

the wideners of woollen foal-flaps sunder sailor's bells
ah ah, riders of feathers
darken dung with scissors
and a quarterer of kids crisscrosses spires with cells
and a world of blood
caresses demeter when a dabbler of fires drowns wells

the wideners of woollen wood-saps sunder veiled dells
o-la, riders under eastern mind-maps
mass a model mad man
with westend wigwams; and a rizzler in Japan drops caps
across venereal plum-tans;
and a router of rivuleters ram an easy hand
deeply down and down

the avenues of madam mercy kisses Downs then snaps.

these darted dated late nights
come carrying mated minds to mikes
la la, a latent female world uses robed rites to
sun-strangle newts from day-nudes
and, lashing, renal guns shoot sex stoned dead

o a laden radio gets shown to a tv life; O, bread
cums crusting after naked pie-plebs
and a naked vermeil mammy
hisses across passion's babe-buggy
and a neutered mission melts aside druggies

these darted dated late nights
come carrying mated monkers to grey gripe
cums heaving for crisscrossing daddy-spikes
and a female flower
serves dummy towers to indigo moon-hours
and this sad day is always ours?

shadowers sunder pyres as bakered flowers
get pasted on a windscreen.

oo as a crocodile in a crucifix gets jailed
then a local sad shakespearo
will serve mad dials to easy cocoa heroes
and aladdin's grave
cums coupling buns with graves
and, slopped, odd nuns will sweep yoyos
across naked purple trees
oo as a crocodile in a crucifix gets mailed
then an opal frontdoor will
surely fail

these darted hollowed racks i call my own
must weaken as eyes groan
these hearted gallowed mac i call my own
must weaken as hear moans
and a hotel on a hill
cums falling under drones
and a gummy rifle-saint sunders dillies

oo as a crocodile in a crucifix gets jailed
then a tawny gassed owl
gets fed to buzzy easy-fowl
and a jostler under dowls must use veils
to sunder beds with cowls
and weavers suck on towels

these darted haloed traps i call my own
must weaken as sense stones
eyers of piggers and prickly car-domes
and easy whippers of fascinators
cum serving gas to hot winter collapsers
and i have entered once again
into then green zion of a waterbead
and, o, me and madam lyon use steeds
and, o, me and madam iron
stoop to taste vinegar..

oo as a crocodile in a crucifix gets gaoled
then pissers of lemon bile
must certainly wind stiles with green-sails
and a dodgy whale
gets beached


Copyright JDB 18/04/2021.
© James David Bellamy



work-in-progress title: These Easy Model Days
first draft poem then poem-song


These easy model days where i lay down my arms
come to evil chasers
o a chainy god-ghost sunders hair where old charms
come sundering weavers
and the focus in a flower slices dogs from heavers
and the locus in a tower
clambers aside wall-winds
and a devil on a stall surrenders dreamed deniers
to plastic tights where old boys flower

these easy model days where i lay down my arms
come to evil lacers
and the backsides of the moon get stripped of charms
and a chewer under lasers
shoots tawny rebellers with soft cocoons and scoured
vinegar patrons

these easy model days where i lap a lash with dunes
must sodomise the dead with glassrooms
and a dad at sea
and a stag at sea
and a hot mad tree climbs from webs when runes
sidle aside stealers and kitchen moneys
oo these easy modelled days where i heed ashes
must become queasy as the sea.

the hedonists who cry in castles must rend easy boys
aside rented city eyes
o ladeners of wives send mien to dust
o riddlers of wet skies
sunder cocoa traps when a daring dolly under spies
snap a coffee coffin-bride
and a fatal tomb sunders lust
and a natal wound swigs dust
o hedonists who cry in castles must rend easy boys
aside rented palace parcels

the hedonists who cry in mussels must fry sleep
the almonded nude minds which swallow heat
must canonise bone with cradles
and a slaying sugar-maid hisses
and a praying poker-slave hisses
and a poling picker-knave kisses aged daddy:

the pasters of peeing pulmonaries feed hearts?

venal retards harden as they flex the hidden earth
renal bastards scare gas
and a dad of flames sears grass
and a mum in veins
catonises eyes with sea-stains
and a body in a bib bulges aside from red-reins
and a laddy under squid
sunders pain with feline cribs

venal retards hidden as they flex the hidden earth
renal cakers scare glass
and a son of tears scarries aside a blind birth
and, towered, city marriages
carry canto-lovies to a sea of porn-savages
and we heed dry salvages
and we lead minds to carriages

the hedonists who cry for almond tunnels
may well wash god's hands in cream
o easy redolences sand spun wind as funnels
scatter peas across a wetted camal
and a dromedary almanac silences the fatal
and an answer to lauded sex-licenses
drags dodgy digitalis for a jam of canals

pasters of poesy men delve teased cans
plasterers of dizzy hills
harden inside satan's mills
and a babbler under tincans crams islands
aside bolters of blatherers and families
weakened by samphires, candy calamaties
corner junk-keys
and tearing jackers jazz to a sea of maladies

the snaker of a blenching flown flower
darkens necks with softeners
the draper of a wrenching town flower
hardens necks with orbers
and a dizzy daddy deck drains sofas

o a coca kazoo stiffens after sonars
o a crackler, smoothed, sunders flour
and, la, as cakes get laid
then bunners of oceans drown rage in
a geller of potions

and a cagy creature christ cuts limbs
with taloners of vermin
and aged peaches dice sluts with wind
and five beaches flow.

o a cocoa kazoo stiffens after sonars
o a casader, moved, hardens laughter
and a motile motel maid
damages dogs with a soft pomade
and a host on a hill gets glazed
with fairy fans..

the eyes of gods go out as we cry
the spies of loves lead doubt to wives
and a lemony mental ochre
races across venal mind-coaxes
and five seas flow
and five deaths flow
and one zillion horses crash as voces
summon sirens from signum.
these are our appled days when voices
cause gabblers to wee inside
the livid mind-dead
and peace frogs squat on a bad bed

local fotal hinds heap sparrows from mush
fatal focal wound heat
glistens for air as city-meat
cascades across demure millstones and
lustres bend for dusk
and mitres send beers to sands
and a beller of tears darkens blue england

local fotal minds heat minnows in tusks
matrial statues reap dinners
and a fractal tissue washes eyes in cusps
and a mental issue
swashes wide sheds in easy grey ginners

these are my mallard days when drivers
come swilling beer from wine
these are my mallard days
and, as sin feeds its maze, a house of vines
crashes across binners
and a laden lost spinner abuses rivers
with pentacles and mad witching quivers

local fotal drives dramatise eastern lifers
and a matted sea-slide
delimits deniers with wolves and riders
and dada knows about wipers
and gaga knows about bridlers
and a hotel-moon
shines across spoons
and long ladies loud fingers twirl ash
into scrapers of whores and diddy cash
the melters of dummy drays use tunes
to wallop cows with squirrel glassrooms

the dramaturge who dreams of the stage
hereby treads talons into madness
the venal actor who screams across rage
hereby treads falons into sadness
and a cloaking flower
fellows the dizzy towns where age
gets sistered by fawned fathers
and i see a wintry sea laid from feathers
and i hear a summer's trees
get blown from dune deafeners: O, bees
come stinging plural flowers
O, ladied swinging tramples grey glebes
and a hostile moat
comes sundering beds with oaks; and,
la la, as we rise from dirtied soaks, hands
reach across veiling islands

these are our mallard days where we jam
doming daddy clays with foetuses in scrams
and a beddy bone-power
shoots english eyries from dogs and edams
and irish treaties
come sundering christs with celtic sedans
and oaters of darkness
serry boats with deadliness
and a soapy troll fuses clothes to oceans

the dramaturge who dreams of the stage
hereby treads falcons into midnight sage
and a wallah of mindless dudes
silences waters with heavenly head-screws
and we have the eyes by heart
and we have the skies by heart
and we listen to dying screens
and we glisten as we lose dreams to art
and a keen defiler of the poetry dead
glows, just like a god found abed
these are our mallard days
these are god's gallow-days, and parks
peer into meadows when a sea of barks
brands ghosts with phantom pealers
and a daddy darter
dreams of easy lights


as fotal messengers drive dogs to sleep
then a parental city dive
will thunder after cries; and lousy sleep
sometimes swallows the live
and sometimes, gallowed, urban sleet
crashes through love's doors
and a naked servant to the dead reaps
a daggerer of serpents
inside twixed tomb-tans; and old meat
carries collonades to sweet scents
and a candy of a canny cologne reaps
dangerous mice
o a daddy heist holds fast hands to christs
and a fallower of gold
comforts carrion trolls
and a maddener of souls extends christs
across hiving city screens; and grey light
sunders students
and a dizzy mutant learns of rent nights
and modellers of mind armies
carry cherriers to dolters and grannies

these are our mallard days when souls
glower under ovens
these are our mallard days when souls
gave diamate to covens
and, wolfed, a dog in caverns slashes
a daughter of a son with signal lashes
and a dabbler of craveners
splashes brut across crazy taverners


Copyright Jim Bellamy 18/04/2021


work-in-progress title: Ashes Aside Rashes
first draft poem then poem-song 

the oveners of a bad baked day grind powders down
o soft shrillers who sadden raves
come sundering piers with seatowns
and a salmon moon gets shaken
and a fishy wound
sets sail for petrol enemies

o a daddy fist gets plunged into a sex heart as clowns
come dancing after circus crowns
and daddy riches sunder whored sweaters
and mammy riches sunder snored potatoes
and a brother boy grinds

ashes aside rashes: and eyers slide under tomatoes?

mindlessness travels for thougtless paints
o endlessness ravels for
a pictured space when a city of ward stores
emptiness under de bodies
and a master stroke causes hearts to study
after deaths and easy dying
and, oo, as timers float aside easy warfs
then a boated blorter of a keen lady
layers meths with cocoas

o daddy fists get plunged imto crannies and
dramturgy sunders fixed flashed hands
and a mammy fever
comes crusading inside rivers
and, laced to bone, a fucker of a killer rams
crazy pavings underneath blind bones


the oveners of a mad messed day grind bakers into sands
o, riveners of gob
gabble for tears when a fotal summer came to nude bloods
and an easy nest
knocks on desks when a teacher of studies uses old muds
and a daisy dune draggles after sex
and a dairy moon
hisses after rooms; and eyers of meths drink blue cocoas
and, la la, minders of mentalis
sunder wall-ways with meningitis
and a local harem shoots cards when a careering yoyo

and a ladener of sluiced knives gets stabbed one today
and a ravener of noosed tides
gets screwed; and a petrol bride has to sweat for pay
ahh: once upon a mind in a mad world
mindless voces cried and cried
and a vocal spine seizes canons from lemon rinds?


cocoas under meths sunder easy mind-hearts
cocoas under mesh
melt into samphire; and a loaded death starts
a daughter-fire aside nets
and, o, as kingfishers catch decks then Sesh
will surely sunder alleys

cocoas under blue thunder operates on valleys
cocoas under nude tundra
slices broods from fathers;
and a fatal fan feeds after mammas
and a local flan gets fed to diced manyanas

o a ladener of eyed cream feels for bananas
and a fotal gob
grasps for word-yobs
and a natal bird-bug bends sand from farmers

cocoas under meths sunders easy mind-farts
and, ohh, as operative thunder
sunder grease, then macadam will use karma?

these ballad days when a dolorous dicker thrums
has to hasten to chop-children
o a fascinator in hot kitchens
comes sliding sin across a bathroom floor: guns
shoot hermes dead
and, la la, fatal lead gets pasted
and, ahh, gnatted necks get wasted
and a city lung loses puff

o a ladener of eyed cream feels for vaginas
o a shadower of soft dreams
slithers across fatal screens where mad miners
dig for a heart of gold
and a city river arises from bunny
and a town-liver
gets sounded
and a berry boyfriend to a cruel girl-world
gets comforted by criers


meths poured under grass arouses pinkered pussy
deaths, daubed, sunder glass
and a hearing mind shatters grass
and a searing mind scatters money
and, la la, as a dizzy siren cries after honey then
idealisers of wine
thunder after twine; and a meteor of silver sends
daddy riches to mammy swine
and, oo, a bed of aspics swallows peg-brine

o a ladener of eyed dreams grow, as birth-signs
come shuddering for demons
o-la, as risers stored meats in sirens then times
will surely command deaths from soul-spines

meths poured under grass arouses shrinkers
and a naked head-germ gets rocked by illers
and weavers, cut, shed sewn seed across rivers
and, Oh, as endlessness cries out aloud
then dangerous emptiness may well cunt-crowd
easy briders with bird-blinds

mathematics, pre-planned, swells up till minds
grow, just like a numbered cancer grows.

stiffeners of lost drink dazzle aside tilled fever
rifflers of a lost sink
sunders milks with burners and easy eye-fever
and a latent whore
carries crashes under walls
and a bed of gas gets spilt across easy readers
and a petted pelmet sprawls
across mad city halls
and weavers, wool-wound, sunder ole shakers
with hymen and sex-coda

stiffeners of lost drink dazzles aside ill reapers
o stiflers, slammed, suckle a cursor from riders
and a peppered heart
gets fed to spicy farts
and, la la, eyers of pylon fathers face aside marks
and, as we close god's eyes, we
come to realise a sad space when shooting beads
get fed to grey refactories

mathematics, sky-counted, faces into petrols as
markersons, sized, shoot countessas dead as
ashen babies blend benches under cold mind-glass


as a widening signal wet world sets alight to farms
then a dodderer of a wax world must
sunder illuminations with twelve twinned arms
O a weepy milk-tide
swerves aside brides
and, naped, necklacing star-wives look down from
minted menstrual skin-cars
and a native nooser of timeless guns
shoots an aldebarren moon stone dead

as a widening signal world sets alight to farms
then a magister under gals
will surely scum-slam a pinched girl with bread
and, lo, as loaved sea-drams
serve eels to rainbows then easers of red edams
must certainly spread dams with fairy thighs
and, oo, madam macadam soups after tribes

a weeper of a sweat world heaves from tithes
a sleeper under ear-curls
crashes for conger
and a caddy seal raises rope from dirt-dives
and a mummy weal
slashes against a big meal
and, oo, as we warp love's head we will strive
to scoop pus from Bethlehem

oo a daughter to a knave shudders as she writhes
oo a doctor to a brave
suffers sudden graves
and, la la, what with guns in ballets shaping tides
weevillers, sloped, may well shoot piers with eyes
and this mind-world has one zillion eyes

inside a purple rhubarb channel, hand-signs ride
across mentalists who slap a bony bum
and a scaling tree
teeters: O, a passion's bee stings honey lungs
and a pusher in a blind sea
champs after spind poet beads
la la, a daisy blue chair seats reeds
la la, a mazy man-chair seats weed; and buns
get baked inside bound ovens.


when u-bended under latent daddy leas
a sunderer of lumbers may seize
a ditty under fathers
ah as wednesdays fail then sundays cede
ancient plumes to diggers
and, scar-mooned, a bummer of fingers
fondolises city burns with daft drifters

when u-bended under latent daddy bees
a labourer of summers may seize
red pities from murders
ah as thursdays flail then fridays wheeze
o-la, made old as perfect
a shadower of gold raises easy lip

and, when blenders burn, a sea of tips
will most certainly arise from ocean-lit
ahh a daddy dog-boy has to marry shit
ahh a daffy mum-boy has to wed blue pits
and an army of a saviour
sunders babby urns when lost labia
comes shovelling terns up petrol picks

the rick of the head is made from rits
the click of the head is raised from tits
and, o, as lunar mallow melts into fire
then eyers may well burn for spires
and a rattlered dumdum shoots pyres
and a scatterer of star-gums shoots tyres

when u-bended under parrotted blinds
a sizzler of a mind-conger
hisses for wheat where mad women grind
dun teeth down to nippy crusts
and a budder on a break cuts wine from
squashing funereal vineyard veils and
la la, weepers shed salt cards across jams
and we stripped butters bare where
a focal foetus of a heart screws sedans

these are my mallard days where i entertain
a sliding cockling garden
o these are my dulled days where eyes constrain
an evil beagle under sodden tears
and the dammer of the dead
gets scarring mush with the patient dead
and, once crushed, the drammers in spheres
cage a chronic castle aside blagging gear
and a daisy donkey god
graces emptyers with penile pickler-pods
the grinders of pull-heaven heed the past
the sidlers of bell-herons
concertina in a brevelled garland; and masks
cum sundering a bobby christ when
dictionaries gabble about plebs and children
and a mitred feather under wax
widens aside candlebra
and, oo, wives to gully fever
drag across a dunny wire; and odes to hens
issue u-bended dogs to reapers

these are my mallard days where i entertain
a writhing cockler in a streamed vein;
and, rasped, when stations burn for rain, then
loomed pariahs will kick a gun beneath grain
and a jazzer of a jewel-jeep
jacks gold fathers with stainers and salt rain;
Oh, once upon a grave mind
a Leda under drums drowns swanny Zeus
and a daddy bay
breaks bald wind.

the bays in death's dummy beard season
one zillion molten teeth with shaved treason
and the ladeners of sheets
sodomise cradlers; O, a bunny under sleep
serries a doomy denier with dunged reasons

the bays in deathly bummer wine siren for
a supper of knights and regal whores; rice
gets scatttered after curry coasts where mice
scatter a demon nan bit aside spiced sea-life

the bays in dummy summers snazzle after
a daddy light; and daddy light burns rafters
and, with kites, a kestrel of a perm suffers a
naked static leak when telephones use laughter
to blind beards with dammy dumb pastures

the beds in a bacon quilt sermonise stations
the devs in a broken quilt
quicken as sleepers end; and a fatal tilt
trickles aside minds and moneys
and a bedded blow-mask swells for honeys
and a dicky salmon-sleever
snapes across dogs as catty coma razors
ram fascinating drums down seaweed.

the digs of bacon pillows use dreamers to
entertain dolly nations with softening screws
and we sleep as we weep salt seed
and we creep as a we reap clits from sleuthes
and a holiday in a brain
gets swallowed by trippers under skeins
and we see mad scenes inside a mind-train
these are my mallard days where i use pain
to celebrate the fizzings of the moon; and rain
clashes under prams when buggies under veins
season smokey wallets with meteors and strange
baby flowers
oh oh oh tut tut tut tutter butter box


copyright jdb 19/04/2021.



work-in-progress     title: C/O An Indigo Sideshow
first draft poem then poem-song


o a cabinet cola face hastens to a fast moon
o a cabinet under mace
sunders mad lunar dunes
and a focal lace fire sunders dreams with waste
and, uh, tomato castlers
summon palaces from green fire

these are my mallard days where i use eyes to
siren after guarded venal views
and a cabin garden gets sucked under pews
and a daddy diamond
sunders necks then bleeds forever.

o a cabinet cola face hastens to a vast moon
o a cabinet under space
sundes sad solar tunes
and a fatal facial summons sex from monsoons
and crazed faeces get eaten..

these are my mallard days where i use eyes to
dig for paintings and salads..

the rigs of bacon billowers slap a fast arse
the gigs of beaten gallowers
slap a vast mask; and a digger for old glass
sunders sindlers with featherers
and a blowing skin
gets cut from hymns; and a parent wind
washes hands in de devil's past
and a dog of sin
sunders spinneys where the darkness grows

these are my mallard days where i use eyes to
sermonise the petrol laves of evil girl-snoods
and a soothing pyre
ravels into time as daddy spires sink tyres
aside timeless easy fellowers of pink mires

the rigs of bacon billowers snap a fast mast

o a cabinet sofa face slashes across a bled world
o a scissor in mute space
clashes with limbs; and a dogdayed eye-pace glows
aside flourishers of blind mace
and milky fatal bone binds dolls to dust as souls
get fed to silky domes
and, ah, as fearless fawked drones sunder rivers
then salted sky-sloanes must
cum scattering butters across easy feline musk

the rigs of bacon billowers snap from damasks
and a nippy on a flower
sheds chewy leaves where a fascinator of livers
launches diggers of powder
and a rhythmic painter pisses across lost riders

eyers of easy wires splay fairy fans as codas
come crying at death's hall
o eyers of easy tyres
cum slamming car-gall; and a deadener mauls
a darknening statue with pacers
and a father to a star-mall sunders dead drawl

la la, a rigging bridal gown shaves mess clean
la la, a digging idle town
gets cut up; O, a daddy moon uses red dreams
to ravel under vines

eyers of easy spires spread angel-tusks as dolls
summon vaginal hermes from a mummy moll
and as eyelids cross
then feinters of loss sidle where coded moss
gets kicked off

la la, a rigging bridal sound shaves songs clean
la la, a digging idol-ground
sunders massing murder where a local dream


the starry wintry nights where i live inside christ
will hereby sunder prayer
o a glosser of thunder snares
a living faith; and a human snare uses old life
to summon dogs to air
and a daddy mask vans keen air for red mice
and a daffy mast
gets burned
and a model class sears lessons from permed
body bakers

eyers of easy spires splay thumbs with hounds
eyers, bugged, deafen as a blinder has to sound
a buggy box and grey seasons
and, la la, eyes sunder pies
and, la la, spies sunder treasons
and a badgered flower flows as mental towns
shy aside a nude mission

the starry wintry nights where i listen to clowns
must hereby supper for nightlings
and, oo, blue holidays share cars with killings


the ideal hustlers who sunder easy fevers
hereby nestle under blues
o an ancient face sunders truths
o an acrid face cuts chopped broods and
fathers to fatalities
siren after maladies as slitted gassed sand
leases veins to granaries
and a bolted bed seasons guns with islands
and a vaulted naked fox
barks at hired winds; and a baby in a box
cums showering eyes with garlands

eyers of blown husbands scour after rocks
eyers of stoned sea-slams
ride across scent as a deacon under clocks
glows, just like a mother glows;
and an ancient mike sings after dummy docks
and a natal mental saint
collides with minted paints
and, oo, as timelessness fascinates ole cock
then easers of splinted bums

carries deaths far west where Mary swings

these hostels under motel fire use fans for rings
these hotels under nuked spires
sunder chambers with naked sea-squires
and a focal father feels after murdered hymns
and, o, as fevers reel
then foetal fingers will seal hands aside quim
and a flowery lap
cums sundering sap with poppy feed
Oh, a nudist rat slams cats across seed and
Oh, as fatalists ram bats then crooked seasand
sirens after a mazy scream

these hostels under modellers nuke ole slams
these motels under fashioners
nukes a beller with a killer's closed issuer
and, la la, a daddy kid shoots pigs to death and
slavers of madam pick
savour corneal thumbs with fatal mother lips

O, a coded coda cry craps across blue ships
O, a loaded sofa wife
slappers across masked rites
and we weevil after musak
and we sear mirrors with pikes
and we scatter sculleries against shit lights

these devilishly dirty dames who bend
must send trillers to maimed wet-sleep: Men
must don dragglers
and a closing figgler must send sweat-hens
to claspers
Uh Uh END?

these are my mallard days when i believe in hired waters
o these are my winged days
and, once laced, a vase of eyes must sleep for doctors
and, once maced, a glass of lives
must surely interfuse a rainbow with fast tides
and there is a mountain at my window
and there is a killer's fat cat preening sounds
and a cavvy christ caresses mills with wastegrounds
and a savvy light
gets cut from mice

these are my mallard days when i relive god's daughters
o these are my winged claves
and, once mitred, my hands seen in caves
will surely sunder me
and impassable unencumbered bees sting across trees
and men and impossible river beads
get glowered aside daddies and matrial moon-leas

these are my mallard days when i relieve life's nests
o these are my washing days
and me and oceanic budder boys dream of nets
and me and conical butter boys
cream for a looted eagle-circus
and a boner in booted seeds bag a big topper with
sacred dials where beds spin

o a coded coda cavvy crusades for spind winds as
piggers pee along shorn sties and,
mind-gabled, a bended storm sunders cold England
and, mammy-mined, a spade scrams digs for glass
and, oo, as we ride to county sleep
then we sunder idle bibles with celtic welsh-wheat

Ahh, these are my mallard days when i send cat-meat
to impassable feline-canine mind-heat
Ahh, these are my salad teas when i feed bat-meat to
cornices and carnival heart-sleep
and a budding sky-valve startles a rattler as blues
widen boats under carters and sad cattler lubes


the dramatisers of daddy vinegars loosen minds with rain
o fascinators of lady kindlers
snap across naved babby; and a hotel in a plumed brain
comes to sunder dog-data from caddis
and, star-shaved, a batter in sea-harness
summons serial cervixes to blown flowers where diamonds
supper after candlers
o canny curved cave-christs walk aside warders when grain
bedazzles mazy armies with sandlers

canners of cannibols shade a director of dirt inside lays
ah canned mien-dolls
shoot venereal fathers stone dead
and a bleeder of blue fever sends blonde men to slayed
mental findlers
and, once nuked, a baby under brens bounces across rain
and bald rain cuts the space we tread?

ahh as manx flesh forms fans from screeners then boas
will most certainly set alight to a slaughtered bower
and a latent moth, car-crossed,
shudders for lost apiaries
and a wicked wound seeps cottages
and a wicked tomb reaps hostages; O, as manx flour
drips a bun from villages
then gladers of de hour launch lunch across cobras
and, la la la, a jaw-jacking vaulted sea-lion
snips a colic rider from old colted bead-irons; O, motors
cum scattering malt seed across piers
and, scuttering, volumous crisscrossed grey tears
shoot saline rocks from revenues of false fears
ahh as manx mess forms vans from screamers then dolts
will most certainly shoot a carrot mien
o-la, dated familiies rout a parrot when aged dead bolts
clap a caser inside blown baby
and, where labia stinks of a sweet pox, then a darted ruby
may well slide across a lanced lace-floor
the tawny bastard sun-stream that leered inside my window
is hereby assaulted by massive straps
and, easily sent to die, a student of traps meshes with widows
and a dizzy cat-canteen
corrodes till sex gets stormed
oo a ladener of fierce timbers glowers from a painted moth
oo a reasoner, gobbed, simmers when summers burn
and a candy cloth
carries carrion to moss; and a treater on her side
sets fire to hilled perms

tawny bastard men star-cream as a noonish moon-sky
gives bright head to dovetailed mushrooms
and, la la, a bed at sea tramples teeners across wide
wolven sugar-hairs
and eaters of ingenious jammers glamorise fast thighs
and wynchers, car-caped, sunder ancient eye-tides
with wickedness and easy lies.
lifters of lousy lob lolly men hem pickers aside hives
drifters, danglered, shoot holly ripplers with mad scythes
o, a camphored dammy christ
hereby riflles after money lice
and a caged cartoon swells up, up
oo a violet stone gets blown across ole finger-dice
and a trampling mast
gets fed to magic masks
o-la, these are my mallard days where i will defy
all vast and venal glassrooms
o-la, these are my mastiff days where i will deny
all vast and venereal cartoons
and a capping candle-cocoon leases dogs to blithe
bobbing bracelets
oo a sizzlered heart-heap hollows dust with wide
weepy mill-tithes
and a nudish fart-fleet wallows under seasawn prides
and a looter of cunt-sleep
sunders dabby drivers with paved nets and blue meats

as waders underwatered by splayed spades and sleep
come thundering after bled sheets and Ides
then a dallied sparrow shits along a nest of blithe
blonded bud-bone
and, lug-maced, a drabbler of blouse-stone
cascades where a dyer of nettles moves home to
a nude space where patent parent-painters soothe
cardial koda chromes...
the cat nearby fetches a teabag from a kitchen bin
the tramp found in ditches
lambasts cosmic bats with candled naked begged skin
and an automatic rainbow
clambers from weird waves
and an instamatic crow caws at city plays
and, sold to infancy, a heaver of naves sky-slow
cocaine bowed butters with an indigo sideshow




work-in-progress title: Hot Cold Hills Darken?
first draft poem then poem-song


idle nunneries shape monks from holy nets
evil sculleries raise buzzy cowls
and an easy rider rotates across fish-pets
and queasy fathers,
star-framed, sunder deaths with scissors

idle nunneries shape monks from apples
o as massive mutators melt
then tragic mushers will surely suck felts
and a naked bummer,
star-flayed, sunders drills with easy pelts

and the summer's hot cold hills darken?

idlers who smile whilst asleep sunder chapels
messengers who cut wheat
come tumbing in sea-harness
and a vaulted sailor sunders garden-gable
and a van of night
dies, dies

idlers who smile when sex-deep have to
set alight to torn flowers
and an eagled storm buries wide shoes
inside boned refractories?

these mindless matted days where i lay with sound
has to murder now
a shy crow; O, crowds sunder hair: underground,
easy writers write across the skies
and, la la, a dangerous sea-force sunders wide
molted mind-wives

idle nunneries shape monks from holy wrecks
and, whilst spaced, spunk
cums showering beds with balding sea-decks
ahh, a cup of pure lead
will sermon after families?

where cunny men suffer after pulled gulls
then a dumb decrier, covered, sucks skulls
and a tawny boy-bowel
gets outelbowelled by faces
and a buzzy bee-owl hoots at the dark as
skelterers of seed
slap a corked cock across voids: grass
surrenders cooks to kiosk-mead?

one soft day, i heard a lousy lost mask
sharing lost roads with dreams
o once i have closed the churches then
calamaties will swell up as coded women
get bejewelled with nuts
and men must swagger a sea of seaons

ahh, a draggler of tocsins rings sluts?

meadow-baby-girls serve wine to sailors
o eaters of lady-curls
come serving meats to failures
and a bath at sea sucks upon glaziers
and a mindless dream
comes sundering picks with rapiers

where cunny men swing, then raiders
will, once rent, don rings where flavas
sup upon a coke-beer
ahh, a candy cavvy coat kisses tears
ahh, a banded lavvy coat
caresses evil dufflers

as meadowers squat down, fears
must spurt eyes from sissy spheres
and, la la, riders from poesy spears
lead deaths to blurred waters?

oo heapers may well reap huge rivers
oo leapers of clay
may shake death dry; La, as reevers
rampage aside trades
then annals of bribes sunder pearlers
oo as naked hospitals
drag a cancer-child
then an easy mind has to use de wild
to season scraps with fatal smiles

oo lepers may well rape lost fingers
oo as skin-ducts sprawl
then tardy massive morphs will shiver
and, once towelled, forks sunder balls
and a dining discotheque dons
a clappy cap of prison-cells

these are my mallard days where bells
come claiming me from wells
and, with faces lost, eyes bind dells
to my mallard days
O, a hospice in a glade snaps wounds?

the easy razored blather boys
have hereby locked me in a cupboard
o, when babby gets geared
then blowers under slits phone gob
and an easy party-man
goes slithering as a serpent in veins
gets stored in a reptile skein
and, o, as eyes burn down
then rotators of ferns enter drowned
drooling metal mussels

oo lepers may well arouse limbs
and, once graved, cells under winds
go shuddering aside stoney brine
and, la la, as mental broods time
a spinal heated face
then a dogdayed father uses lace
to sew herbs aside veined crimes

easy come, as easily painted minds
come weeping after tunnels
then, loped, fathers accuse minds
of befriending rafters and funferals
and a parent christ
moon-heals a dustcrowd with mice

oo leopards may well chant for
a nakednes of lyons and cat-claws
and a mainstreaming bed of hearts
comes glistering
and a bath in wash-whispering
scans slippers for heeling sharks

ahh, a claiming whore sea-casts
payer for layers
and a stoned spine-whore casts
players from pleasures
and a monkey cruise feeds arse?


pectoral imbeciles cum showing sex in a wreck
la la, invective heart-drums
swallow jazzing with genius guns
and a local kicked sun sunders signs with lungs
o a baker in a fist
silences mamma with lists
and, Oh, as pectoral mana-meals feed trysts
then butcheries will surely end?

easily scanned, a slasher of a weekend strums
decanters and sweat sitars
o easily carved, a meated god uses guitars
to widen parks under beaches
la la, a body-breast bleats as venal peaches
cum sodomising at christ's backdoor?

when pactive lyon wives heal the world
then a belled byte of Zion
slides, under cells, a blue bird and curled
female feline swirl,
and an easy cousin dies as she cries for a
meddler of green veins and sculleries
invective female ash will have to hear Mars
crusading for ole mashes
and, ah-ha, as times roll heights from tashes
and, ah-ha, as wine toasts belly bums
then ideal sworders whose dangerous cars
cum carrying swellers back home
will surely shoot designers with cellphones

pectoral imbeciles cum covering sex under
a bended sauced sealed son
and we use our siblings to entertain father
and we entertain mamma with easy drums
and, ooo, as a salted lovely lonely lover
accuses kids of liking death
then a blind of spikers will drop fever

where mad god's reasons stop towns?

whilst colliding with kitchens and castonets
i overheard a winter's trees
oh when once abandoned, the summer nets
gave witness to an old town;
and a drooler, spanned, came to town
and, la, as wifers of scram dropped nets
then an idyll of a lover led dudes to mesh

pectoral imbeciles cum covering sex with a
pistol of an urban corban-sun
o petrolled mind-seals sunder smotherers
with hated stoned sea-vines,
and loosened bibles in the rain
cum spidering through ole books and grain
and, oo, faceless truths sunder rooked veins

whilst colliding with kitchens and maisonettes
i overcame a small child
ah, disgusting witches abused a small child
and, oh, vileness, run wild,
gets to glitter in Gethsemene
and, gone wide, a female laser cuts into
a wolverine
and a velvet sea-heart sucks aside screens

o-la, a vinegar psalm seizes dusted blues
o-la, a pinner of palms
beads after genoas and alms
and a fatal scream spirals across bodies
and, la la, a metal farm
grows, just like a cancer grows,
and, oo, a fool of a fakir swallows crows
and, oo, a fool for a finger
carries maladies aside cruets and spinsters

whilst colliding with kitchens and cold kecks
i over-rode a tall smile
o, endangered, a wall in a dial had my sex
cum crumbling under drawl and lost death
and, oo, as masters play for chickens then
idolisers of fevers will spray
aldebarren mooners across closed graves.

and aladdin has his sex-lamp in grey glades
and paladin has his circus-stamp
made eager as saved sex and cicada rain
and, oh, i dream of texts
and, oh, i study Venus; and my head drains
headpieces from vaginal pecks
and, la la, eaters of gentle decks
sky-write till daffy boys die for lost trains.
pectoral imbeciles cum sundering missives?

when serenading a moon-lit dinner, i saw the stars of Man
come rendering a star-dipped cantata
o, as i rode from blue rest then i surrendered to Leda
and, mitred now, the earths i knew when young use hands
to dig after bones and wafers

when serenading a sun-lit diner, i saw the stripes of Pan
come rendering a car-clipping dancer
with sprawled paws where a dangerous world-raider
came crawling under the beds of me
and a roman rocker
hisses as she flows
and radio kisser sunder sdogs with black rodeos
and, oo, as genius blacks send kids to wild heaven
then daughters to Mercury study godhead; and, Lah,

we have chastened to a winter drought
and we have fastened to a mumma's pout: cold Mars
slinks aside all good dark female shouts
and, as eyes arise, then i will send grey louts to carved
evil racist scum manyana.

when serenading a sky-lit sinner, i saw all Americana
come crying forevermore; and de apple is my father?

these are my mallard days when i send my cat to sleep
these are my pussy days
o as a signet drags sleep, then vaulters of doomers raise
idle reapers from love's cage
and, once dunged, i will succour Lot with vacant age
and, once tongued, i will suffer for cots and wicca
and men and wytching mind-folks
cum today to bad screamer.

the ruler of rimmer men sunder sealers with dramas
the tooler of spinned men
cum taunting flesh as the stars aside digital minders
glow, just like a killer glows:
O, once upon a mined mind, i saw sickness shaving
vaginal curry-creams in a bled car: ah, lost evenings
scurry across camps when a lickered lantern's spilling
knots wanky spermp-snuff with testicular rape-disease

uneven eden-horses sink adam under evening; Oh
a cabler of cunt men
sunders roses when a glassy vain parsnip feeds oaths
to mouthing mother-gems
and, la la, my scented natron uses glass guff to load
easy bridlers with canners of cannabis robes

uneven eden-horses sink anancee under eden; Oh,
a fabler of cock men
sunders a henna jab that ravels under kiosk-odes
and i see a radioed river arise from
a daggerer of dollies and baited false alarms: we close
across nodes as we follow a raised road to menswear
and a dilly driver
dangles a stringlet across gentians and dying criers.

an oven in agers spreads cunny gull lathers as Los
sunders easy farters with domed deeds and mind-bossed
braceletted bake-bean eaters
o a dog at sea shatters theatres as a fearer under moss
gets kicked off by de lord and de masters of de Cross

inside a fanny field, i noticed mad nannies reaping soft
doom deniers: o, as balled times flew by, i saw a clock
made eternal with holed red rings and ravelling cocks
and, aah, whence the sun seems dead, then rowlocks
must raise the shippen apses of a boat-eel
and, ahh, whence the moon lays abed, then slow lofts
must sermonise dells with haloed yellow waters: Rocks

carry ku klux commandos under busy phlegm; Oh, sops
marry naked sotto shakespearoes to balded mind-mops

and, oo, in flanders field, a miniature but eternal poet-man
gets jabbed with blue christ
and a holy dreamer executes light with seizures as night
comforts the fall of midnights
Oh, an epileptic in a shed hammers jewels inside christs
and wiveners of spin skin
taunt deniers with doper tight-dazzlers
and renders of Love lop dragglers of demure noon-sin?

the jazzing jamboree boys who dance beneath shins
crap across blued slides
and, lapped, bruised brides sweat for voices as pins
star-pinion dogdayers with painted feinted mind-whims
and a bladed gabby heart-hymn
slashes after bulged bulbs
and, crocus-hanged, luminous hulls sink frets under
aged lotus-sabres
and the ideal meaty mazer whose face gets sundered
must repeat on smiles or else

run to blue fields and touch upon sweet breaths?


jdb 22/04/2021



work-in-progress title: O, As Tulips Glow
first draft poem then poem-song


latent patent mind-seeds suck a lady spinner
ancient parented hearts
go gabbling
and a lost father executes roses with rivers
and, o, as tulips flow, then ideal mad lovers
send dogs to sleep

latent patent mind-weed sucks a bled binner
ancient peering carts
go wheeling down death's mirror
and, o, as tulips glow then ideal sad brothers
send dolls to wheat

once upon a mind in the free world, burners
came pealing gnats from cattlers
o, as a sea-sun drowned burn-ons, lovers
laid mean waste to newts and fingers
and, oo, as laden laddies sail, then killers
will sunder birds
and, la la, menial curves shoot bum dead
and, o-la, mentalisms, swerved,
has to shoot guns aside limey fast bed

latent parental mind-meads stop devs
and, shended, as sin grieves
the salt-painted shadows will cull bread

latent parrot heart-reeds talk as bird boys
sunder cherries with beads
o patent parrot soul-sleeves get
lung-shuttered; and a bay at sea gets reaped
by soverign cardiacs
and, la la, as weevils drink flour then
veiny venal cadillacs will surely shoot slits

latent parrot fart-feeds talk as mute men
sunder berries with leaves
o patrons to sprigs anoint bells with gems
and, layered with kids,
as cells swell, then painted seals will send
daddy dreamers to closed pips


bar-shattered, a local fled foetus hears gold men
made evil by candles
o, car-battered, a fatal fled crocus gets fed to
evil butters; and, red, deadeners
get led to daughters
and, o, saturday foods serve nuts to brokers
and, under canned roods,
weevillers heap headpieces day-high

patent nude blessers of decrial adopt Adolph
o rented rude dressers
fall from dodgy sideboards; and evil Benito
pisses across grimed pressure-boards;
and, ooo, as weedlers snap sawn gourdes
then, scared, glass sidlers
swallow rain


deepeners of dizziness, sprayed, serve dinners
to idle sky-opened veiled idiots
la, a fatal thigh feeds candiers to
a dusted candle-crowd
and, noosed, mental shrouds clothe seas under
naked masts that widen into clouds

deepeners of easiness, damed, serve thunder
to nuclear jazz-jived jacking fondlers
and, once tied, strippers of cavers must sunder
leathery slumbers with easy lips

o, patent feathery fangs feel for nazi lovers
o, patented heathery drams
toast pig hitlers
and, ah, we widen into lifts
and, la, we widen under tips
and, uh, we grind dogs from kits

and these are my mallard days when i snip
the endlessness of my dick with parsnips


o i saw just the other day a bald girl in a candy car
o i must listen
o i will glisten: and a daddy bled gal flew to Mars
and, once imprisoned, a deaf brawl inside missions
came rocking at god's backdoors
la la, eyers of cousins pay the sexless price
la la, riders of soft skins
dies when warped; and, lo, once upon dice
i swore at a filthy sign

o, patent pleasure ponies slide summers from
a darter of a odd wall
o, parented measurers ride aside wintry sons
and, encased, i see a large hallway made from
manicures, pompidores and combs: eardrums
cannot comfort a deafener
because, baked, a blinded fever must strum
lots of hot haired sitars

and, once stirred, a baby in an adult bed stuns
all men, all hens, all false women

patently raised from rizlas, me and my fatal heart
will come to suffer code
o, patiently robbed, a scissor slices grey toads
and, once rolled, a doughy sea-ice
gets sun-swallowed
la la, as parented poesy causes poem-deaths
then a tidal mind-slice
has to hiss after body-lice

patently raised from rizlas, me and a odal cart
will come to wheel barrows
o, fatally braced, a market under sparrows
must sunder me as my cocoa love's pillows
bag baths inside grey widows
and, la la, weevillers hereby listen to haloes

as dark radios caress sung-sleep then heroes
will come to summon dells from shakespearos?

oo a barefooted countessa has to ride from rest
la, a stair-booted star-dresser
has to collude with venal pastors
and a lady on de moon sunders seagull pastures
and a blown cartoon
sea-smothers saints with cellars

oo a bare-booted sky-stresser sunders after
salt-deaths; and, once tried, courters of mummas
go cooing in the davy dark
and, lo, when fast feathers intercross
then laden body sirens
will surely pass guns to lyons
and, slayed, a dead eye on a blind stage
sends flashers to nuked trips?

as a matrial fever points, then femurs of age
come sliding catty fonts aside
doming droners who bleed wives dry
and, once peppered, a nuclear tree-dive
sends moral pigs to prickled van-vibes

oo a barefooted countessa, glassed, grieves
after tawny laps and sweet leas
la la, as buzzy traps captured sweet bees
then modellers of pure rapture
come sidling after blue mien and red teas
and, sliding to laughter,
weavers of candy kids rock lost cradles

as a matrial fever points, then lemure eynes
sear vaginal creeks inside a bright bone-spy
ah, a fatal coda stone
throws flint at bones
ah, a natal cobra cone
dreams for Eve and Adam: and linear wives
wolf down curing hemping mixtures
and a bed at sea
swallows drowned dreamt teas
and we reel in the east as we gather the teas

a nudist under impotency loosens his tree
a bladderer with cold family
scar-loosens kids when crowded monkies
lease a bled fate to a screwed world
and, eased into snakes, baskets in whorls
send surrenderers to bruisers
Oh, once upon a blue mind, native suiters
cherished after drakes

i have seen a hanged countessa made god
and i have summoned deaths from rakes
and i have swilled a slain mind?

shandied with beery lit lips, i extemporise birds with flowers
o buried under eerie slit lips, i extend my words to flowers
and, la la, as heated heaven shifts
aside from Mars, then tempered huge lifts, star-flowered,
come sundering after a sea in demure decorous pits
and a laden raven mind
guts peahens with wine
and, oo, a daughter to vines intertwine Hector with a
dramaturgy of Hermione and herpetic pips

shandied with ginny lit lip, i dig for flour as buns carve
a raider of a cake-hole
and a lightning moon summons waggers from old cars
and, la la, mentalis and digitalis
cum sun-swooning
and, la la, mad Osiris and Isis swell up, up,

blended beakers in a baked hall serve mums to nuts
rended reapers in a sex-mall
share robotic entreaters with daddy divers: O, sluts
get missioned with bellers as a laden wifer feels drawl
and, oo, as a dunny island quakes
then a dummy drive-in must lead America to sprawled
car-eaten english snake-lakes

la, i have scented peppers with plates
la, i have rented lepers to giant gates
la, i have jazzed my own true body for red straits
and, uh, as bonny bum sinks forks into eyries
then men and blabber crafts
may well murder all torn truths; and, O, de Past
listens to cunt-molds


the readers of rosy traders slide across a dulled scream
ah, bleeders, under eye-lasers, serve cats to film-screens
and, jar-made, thundering spy-glazers
come shooting daffy drips across dyers of flavours
and an idol to almanacs
sends craners to soft caps
and, oo, as genius digs for paps then ratters under laps
get sweetened by dogs and gold hats

the readers of rosy traders spiral across a grey dream
ah, reapers, washed, give model head to a lost dream
and, ooo, where ladeners shovel ash across statues
then plaintiffs for raveners
come shooting guts with modems and spider-fevers

as matted hairs and glassy wives weave after singers
then a gull's fish-shank
labels goofies with swank
and a dolly permer delves for pubes when stingers
collude with messengers of evil singers
and, oo, as brided heart-pressers
suppers for cellves and baiters, then netted nipplers
will sunder ice

o readers of rosy traders spiral across a wet screen
ah, weepers, whammed, ride a cloth aside latrines
and, slapped, me and madam naples
serve a canner to coastal Babel
and a gun on a cliff shoots sucides with lost clothes
ah, eyes search for boots
ah, sashes slink into roots
and national murder ballads cascade from nosed
blue-bedded star-lutes

once upon a mind in a glass world, i saw France
shading eager Spain with Germanic english dance
and, oo, as my sweet head span, then soft dance
looted my mind then swam quite away;
and i then knew the crocodile in her river-grave
and i then knew the dreamer in my sad cage
ah, as i gasp for burrs
then i butter a dunny arse with twixing curs?

uh, if one haloed day we come to reap birds
then surely, prized, we may feed false words
uh, if one heroed day we come to eat birds
then surely, dyed, our winged hairs will curve
easy rainers from fascinators
and, la la, here and now, in death's motel,
birded bunny fountains have to snare tors
with blowers of sex hoaxes.


there is a canine leopard nearby which roars on a chain
there is a feline dog-guard near a city in a leashed train
and, lo, as faces wither
then icings cover livers: and a flavoured shroud stains
coded Turin with mental splinters
O as a tidal teen turns in, then coking puss-bits sunder
wintry fires made hot all easter
O, a natal gallower sears plumed lust with hispid leather
and, nuking, pulers who spew flamed sick
come snidering for ole heroes

the moon is held to glass as a nippler of Zion sees sloes
come scattering ginny gemerald
with horning wicked skivvies
and, spewed, unfinished herrings slam minnows aside from
devillers of mons roe and theatrical sons
ah a crocus eater shines god's false shoes
ah a crocus heater
glows, just like a dead face glows; and maltreated riders
revv their cruel coded tyres

the moon is held to scrambled ceilings: soft tea-dregs
dramatise cold cognition with ferriers of cellves abed
with the naked dead and the midnight entreaters
and, O, as a daddy dog head gets walked till fed
then a babby in a briar
gestates across blue fire
and idlers in sex samphires will cogging mien to tread
endlessness made still as a granite meadow
and a bleeded slave
hips to bled grease
and a bodier in a sad fleece surrenders to the East
the ringing mind-bell which knells loud blood feasts
upon navels and arming skunk-heaps
and a compost under fearing gas-keeps bury meat
beneath mad Adolph and crazed Benito
and, oo, as gravemen gabble for biers, naves and palls
then summery lighters of unfinished nettlers will sprawl
across a bad hill where mitching infants pray.

vast ballers of the killed layer christs with dromedaries
la la, mastiffs, under rills, layer christs with nunneries
and a bolted mouth
comes cracking teeth where wind-men shout for a
daggerer whose marking markerson shoots dills dead as
the bees of the beasts in the honeyed South:
and slobbering feline fakirs feel for teas where glass
gets crescending after lilters of headpieced tall arse.

flickering fast figures in the candlewax sheds hot phlegm
eddying masked fanned fingers
abolish sex when a latent beast-bender bags de Thames
and, o-la, a tidal birth-nest rocks a shadow gun with gemmed
badeas and oiled fox-flocks
and, eaten under soil, genius gals don black ghosts when
amazing blue skies cause black jesus to arise for mien

and these are our fatal days where we kiss a turnturtle
with twinned horses
and these are our fatal glades where we kiss a lost kettle
to adventurers of falcons and white hearses
as witnesses to shavers cut god's hair then burnt purses
will scatter here and now
a tall-sexed meadower whose mitres under rended crowds
teeter and cross-kiss a furry cunt-gun
and ripeners shout 'Scutter' as wiveners of death's sun
create moot space from torn turned porn nerves
and guns weep
and hedons reap a dummy cove from a shouter's shrouds
the rippers of orange phlanges drop dirt from rollers and
pippers of evil bread slices buttered towels when islands

fall from fled heat.


Copyright JDB 23/04/2021


work-in-progress title: C/O of a Modeller Under Dogs
1st draft pome then poem-song


the pushers of one billion tears accuse eyes of
sun-betraying wet faces to lady God
o, ushers of red lungs
knell green bells when fast guns shoot bums
and, mated, a modeller under dogs
sunders sex ices

the witnesses to Glamour serve mags to
easy meddlers of topped shelvers: dudes
car-screw a penile salt memory
and, loaded, senile mind family fuses screw
bled eaters with xmas-easter


pushers of one zillion minds use grey eyes to
sunder chokered blood cherries
ah, a local man extends his love to berries
and, liced, a VD screen
surrenders buds to ferries: O, easy ladies
abuse a piss-boat
and a candy missive swells up
and easy riders sell lords to pups

pushers of a paced earth gives rise to rubies
and, star-scraped, birth gives rise to a
native car where vans scream,-
vocal pro Lifers chant mantras as babies
bob aside veins and cavvies

once upon a mind, pushers of blue buddies
will bind yields to london fields?

piercers of easy grime hiss for dromedaries
la la, feelers of glued lips
get shed from spewers; and candy ships
serenade hot cold waters
and a simmery of summers uses fires to
serve beds to doctors

once upon a mind, i strode under fever
once upon a mind, i rode under reapers
and, once splashed, radios inside feathers
came cunting after stoners

piercers of easy grime kiss for dromedaries
la la, feeders of drippy clits
come surrendering knolls to evil lifts
and, strained, a mind-vault sunders mitts
with manx-fires
and, inspired, a daughter to tyres
gets wallowing under midnight labia

bellers of bladderers sunder sleep with fairy thumbs
oo cellars under romantic fatherers
slide a mental bolt across grey rafters; and guns
glow as they shoot high noon
and, sent to clay, an admirer of de moon fuses
cagey larders to simmerers of chiffon nooses

bellers of bladderers sunder wheat when songs
grow for dad and mum
and a naked church serrries song with lungs
and, nailed to hurt,
severe mind-skirt drops fish aside dirt

once upon my mind, i observed easy flirts
made up; Oh, a dairy walk milked me where
dirtiers dropped sex across soured hair: Ghosts
came gobbling
ah veinous shuddering sent my lords to air
and, rented, suffering scent
gapped my teeth and made me seem cold

believers of old dunes stride across prayers
blessed bed-deceivers use gold rooms: cranes
slice budders from bread-runes
and, dipped in scissor-gums,
i idolised sex as my mindpiece uses cum
to spray dogs with warders

and, just like last week, a permanentm sky
goosed gallowers with killers of lost minds?

miners after gold burn a nooser's tallow-cherry
o renders of soft sperm
serves blue crags to sweet perms
and, once crossed, a vacant mad smile turns
a digger of a turtle under tortoise firms

miners after gold burn a bruised falcon-fern
o sliders after souls
chatter as masoners cry for stone-tolls
and a walled in nest
cashes bricks with desks
and a lady lip cuts tongues from sweet breasts

believers in old dunes swerve
aside braids: milkers of nerves use jams to
aside trays; and a coffee saint brews birds
with winged soft islands

miners after tea-trolls sink cuppas inside a
blended whorled world where
cagers peer from gentlemen's chairs
and easy colliders
mace young fanny
and, dated by money, pursers under prayer
will sear drips with granny

o, just last year, i saw timepieces murder
the livid whole of me; and, eyed, mumblers
leases dogs to Numbers?

idolisers of finite ringers glance across denial
o old bud-prisers
serrry after gob-graves
and, sent to reevers, bodiers of wax-style
sunders easy trains with mad lifers
and, slammed, cocoa stains
build buddies from fotal fatal sea-skeins
and, oozed, we strum
evil loud cigars as we smolder
and, boozed, riders sunder cobras

idolisers of finite reapers reap old cures
o easing fairy mikes
use rude toys to spike a dollaring skewer
and, led to babies, mires
get sunken beneath sad sods and demure
candy spires

miners after tea-dolls swell up:
decriers, after brawls,
get stuck to shawls; and when blue pups
come crashing through a leashing cup
then leaders under news
bury soft tundra aside blowers in nuts

o, just last year, the whole earth was in
a vacant cut
o, latent soft fear had me fed to spind
old vacant sluts
and, lammed, a dazzy drunk-wind spins

across daisies and daffodils; Ahhhhhh

the ripeners of daffy times use a barrow for a friend
o, darkeners of goofy wynds
serve salted eyes to body-bins
and, colted, a sea of sweet-waved gas has to send
a rodded cloth to holy sins
nd, o, a darter under wound shins
get screw-shined
and, o, a farter under drowned winds
gets hissing from boars and dirty acorns: hymns
crap across blind naves: limbs
get glowered by panties

ripeners of daddy times use a pillow for a friend
o, sharpeners of mammy stews
get burning a brew
and, once chased, a runner of truths
gets bedded by dickers
and, once raped, a human gal-group gets sent
back homeward where good kids and waiting

'o, just last month, i was told that timed eating
has to somehow feed the ten thousand
in china town, where chinese cafes serve to
one bilion diners
o, just last week, i was told that mad rent is
fed to reassuring vast easy chinese fizz
and i used a restaurant which fed all men?'


fishermen of mermen slide a quoted net across five streams
o tissuers, gobbed,
get gulfing after wide cars
and, once deified, a holy loser lobs lolly at fast screened
vase-vapouring dad-Mars
and, snappered, marksmen use a markerson for a dream
and, cappered, sharkers under sodden gardens
creep as alleyways turn
aside from blue rain

fishermen of mermen, sliced, sink rock into wave-grains
o issuers, clogged,
get mulched as wet money slinks across a city's stains
and heaping heaveners
slam angled angelled sex-baits
and, once turned, a turtler in a hearse uses catkins to
arouse mounted morphs
with green trains and endomorphs

oh as weepers widen, then criers get mind-salty: foods
sunder candy wine
oh as weepies widen, then criers get heart-salty: foods
sunder cocoa vines
and a burner under garlands dips a head into a fox
and renders of fathers
push sconed creators
aside blued pyres that lead daddy candles into socks

fishermen of mermen slide a quoted net across bloods
and, once swiped, wivers of bolted wrecks
sermonise wicked lives with vaulted prison-pecks: Ah!
weepers widen for tides
Ah! reapers widen for brides
and, sun-stained, a wifeling's spies will send red cars
unto bollockry


fishermen of mermen seize an epilepsy from a fast world
o kissermen, lobbed, heave after complex dinner girls
and, once relieved, the lessons of the death deceived
slide a thespian across a spider
oh, a darling boss darts under writhers
oh, a fearing crashed cloth
delves daddy drinks for mad moths
and a bath at sea shends a bled cross with weavers of
painted plumed gulls

o as weepers widen, then salt criers will have to lob a
glassy bearded sky to spent cobs
and a fisher under teas
gets ravelling under fleas
o as weepers widen, then salt drivers will have to lob a
minister of a mind-crate aside beers, tears and soft gods

fishermen, slabbed, cast sugar nets aside a grey seed
o tissue-men, dragged, cast sugar rods where cones heave
coded sea-holidays to vacancies and demure mind-weed
and, once crabbed, motels under sands
slash budded canes with naked islands...

ahh as beads get danced in euphesian wind then bands
will most certainly swing for sweet jazz
ahh as beads get lanced in egyptian wind then gas
will most certainly swing for signal jazz
o a patent parented mind-ring

dollops trumpet christs across risers of holy steeds.

these are my mallard days when i willl lay my body down
these are my darker days
and, whipped, i see a sea of quilts made soft as sound
and, stripped, i see a sea of milks
come sindling after a hive of silks
o these are my mallard days
o here comes my midnight days when i will surround me
in slaughtering pompidores and conic combs
la la, a pylon under sweat-cloths caresses a naked dome
aside wicked looped shent lives
and, as eyes walk, then red passions may well use drones
to surrender bees to waspish gorging hairnetted sloanes
and these bled streets, seeming dirty,
will sodomise sleepers
with canyon trainyards: Oh, a drabbler of ear-creepers
slide a crayon creed across crisscrossing lady leapers.
these are my dullard days when i will lay my head down
upon crashing female arms: And farmers to loud towns
will slacken street lights
and a widener of red light comes shuddering for nights
and a wivener of forced towns
cum swiping sonar stretchers with laden latent heights
Oh, as dads turn severely turtle
then a radioed messy moon-stable
has to heap clothes days high
and a local fart fashions bellies from torn hides when
a lacquering lady-smith
strides across cavvies and canine slow-drips
weary diamate drinkers swig bottled brine as trips
get murdered by shrinkers
o easy dreary pinkers pee upon nettlers as crypts
cry for madamed brain-skits
and a burner of beers brag after sermonic tinkers
the lady of the lake feeds flanned fissures to dust
la laddies, mast-shaped, flee from wombed crusts
and a brasser in a stream
gets drowning for sonar cream
and, once hurt, a signal filthy mind thinks of cusps

the lady from de drapes swings curtains across stinkers
the brandies under snakes
drain flashes from funferals
and old funerals seem fun for all: Plasterers with pickers
must rot a hound-room
and a dizzy crowed cocoon feeds flamingoes with
purblind pink pepper

lousy licked lob lolly men fish for maids with paper
crazy mazy gob dolly men fish for flays with fever
and a shivery city spire
arises from pure pentacled penis flesh: fingers move
wrenched bums from female buses: staplers smoothe
drenched buns from female missives
and a wolverine gone cold snares brands from dukes
and a vast bath in the boughs of sailed pities
clamour for masques

de lady from the stapes drizzles anvils from hammers
de bodies from eared napes
get deafened by a blinding cochlea failure: Old drammers
dramatise histrionics with leotards and flailers
and, hooped, as fearers flash from pillars the gold slammers
scar-interlock shakespearoes with panners

as a laden biddy blancher brags about a four-hand tryst
then a meddler of braiders
will surely swallow labia: a hymen in a scrum uses fists
to sacrifice willowers to geary greasy gully ghost-trips
and, once balled, a mettler of the arousing dead
drops finches under thrushed grey beds
and swiping robin-hens click as they cluck: fuckers
bind feathers to stalls

there is a dream about restaurants that seat one thousand men
there is a dream about cafes that seat one billion starved hens
and, laid to feeding rest,
pyrotechnics set alight to smashed incredible edible lifts

there is a dream about china town and a raider of fed gorse
there is a dream about chinese crowds
and a citidel of pure lust...

scutterers leave town to attend a loud sea of pus?


Copyright JDB 24/04/2021


work-in-progress title: C/O Crimson Liquid
1st draft poem then poem-song


as mindless memories serve thoughts to mines
then thoughtlessness will deepen like a rhyme
o a doddery pasted pastry boy
hereby surrenders gods to crimes; and old times
yield faces to fast toys

as mindless memories swerve, then mental mimes
must sunder beds with overjoyed
hustling farewells;
and a naked stairwell splashes sexed dells
and, mast-lynched, rashes serve boxing cells

to distance: Masked men groove as vixen wynds
swallow mad maimed kisses

the deepeners of sadness nag after belled kites
the sweetener of madness
dig god-noise; and a matrial moon abuses night
and a native hand, slammed,
cums weeding drams with soft isles and mites

as mindessness burns focussers, wept rites
scatter bread-buns across baked wells: pints
get swilled by milky babies;
and, O, once duped, fatalists in foxy tights
get damaged

the deepeners of sadness nag after cruel heights

listeners to daffies drool for birds
hyper killers
sunder rain as rain cuts across curves
and a silken mummy
gets us wound inside blind quivers and sin
sirenises bleeders

deepeners of wagstaffs summon gay wind
daggerers of neck-marks
sunder choked cherries
and a laden father serves boats to skins
and, o, whence times die, then blind limbs

get flushed downstream where enemies
turn a petrol face to de moon.

fishermen who fish for mermaids must
serve a rocky fast-fist to some sea-dust
o easy gliders
glide down mensa as a bodier of cusps
crashes; and, paved, a city under musk
surrenders dogs to children

deepeners of pine-crafts swills old oils
and, darkened, swine-crafts
cry forever
O, a burier of thieves steals masts with
ideal women who dare not have kids

fishermen who fish for mermaids must
abolish veins as cancers in rodeos must
feed mines to gold diggers
O, a canny cavern world will lust for a

nuclear mirror where lost grime halts

pine-shafted, a mooner in a mind-vault
hereby surrenders necks to cars
o, mind-masted, a ruiner, spind, vaults
heroic killers of boyish smiles
and, loped, we use zen for easy dials

pine-shafted, a crooner in a spine-vault
hereby serenades decks in stars
o, heart-inhearsed, a wreck under Mars
cums crusading after cigars
and, oo, weavers sunder rivers

deepeners of duked dames sink fluff
o, scar-seepers sink for dolls as snuff
shore-slams a sea-harness
and, once scanned, a poet tree guffs
and, lopped inland,

weevillers dance and dance till mirrors
shine for all good times: Ah.

injected female mass susses after broken whistles
o defective evil glasses
sunder all eyes; and a bath on a cliff snaps stasis
o invective ash
scatters hot masts across crisscrossings; and faces
strum deep eyes
and, loaved, we ride in eyes
and, robed, we glide from eyes

injected female molasses shits laughter: ole maces
sky-write aside a mind-moon
and, rosed, a liar after false moneys
heaps dud coins too high:
Ah, coastal spy-loins utilise bees with lost honeys
Ah, evil mind-groynes
pay swift attention to carp-joiners

injected female glass shatters: Old golden joys
come purloining grass
and, made cold, a soft lass has to sunder bodies
Ah, coastal choristers, laid,
lam looseners with tea-trades
and oily star-tuned moon-vixens
shadow lovers with venal kittens: O, cosines
across a
veiny little town
and eyers fuse a hector to andromeda

deepeners of mermaids fish for renal fluid
car-reapers, slammed, fish for crimson liquid

We may well have to writhe as we ride red corn
we may well have to despise
all fat children; and a lemon fever uses storms
to sunder hills with rats

We may well have to ride as we scry aside pus
we may well have to extemporise
fats and flowers
o, as evil beagles get tamed
then loving eternal wildlife will swallow rain

infected female wounds drag cuts for signals
rejected female tombs
sunder graves when ole life daren't shine
la la, weevils, shent, sells lies to closed swine
and a dog on a blue cliff
sends serenaders to slowed eye-tips

We may well have to writhe as we ride storms
and a nuclear error
slams a seaharness across beaded terror
and we scan for pleasure
and we don measuring horses where fever
scathes skies with killers

invective female ashes get cut from kodaks
entreated eagle-plashers
glow as grey thieves burn;
and i used a cafe with one thousand seats
and i ate inside a dream.

Ah, coastal digger boys send crowds to
a fatal restaurant, then canteens under shoes
send focal mien to chinese nudes
Ah, fotal river boys send clouds to sleep as
weavers of livers

rend the loud dead: Oo, icy suitcases gas
a bender of breads with nakedness
and, car-snapped, kids served natal gas
to riveners

We may well have to ride to sleep as grass
gets lit and puffed by bled boys who
elevate smokes from huffs of cum: O, truths
ferry gelled bells to city mites

citied under chained bows, i oversee a wounded christ
made easy; o, as memories cowered
i saw massed men murder veined power
and, sundered, veined crows
get crisscrossing side de rose; and a gabbing flower
gets thrown down hot smiles
and, la la, drowners use sweetness to save christ

citied under chained bows, i overcame a gal-christ
made queasy; o, as families shower
the venal doctor-tapestry of life and gaoled mice
sunder despisers with fairy-dowers
O, lighteners of fivers pay for flown babby heists

Ah, coastal digger men dig for dentures: dicers
damage frigated cream-men
with porking jammers of greyers and old flippers
Ah, coastal river men dig wards
Ah, fatal rider men sink paws
and an accidental Aladdin grieves claws when

evil tawny teasy tigers rock for all catkind: gems
get stuck aside ringers
uh, rectal brides swing for animal singers
and, stir-masoned, riders of carnivals use hens
to sunder brickies with de boiling

citied under chained clothes, i oversaw red christs
cum scampering for rats and lemurs
ah, weeping for chained troves
i used a sad sign for my own; and coded toes
will send sireners to sleep

the deadliness of calmers sweeten sex with
dramatic sleepers inside dark pillows: pigs
must pave the urban caves for salt-figs: kids
wallop a whipping horse; Oh, nuking thumbs
sink into Marx and Engels

modern easellers swill edible paint as angels
suffer crazy collonades
modellers, stilled, feed from paints as raids
get jamming fires with instant canvas-trades
and a motel inside a YHA
hastens to hotels where eaters into clays

carry a dome of fuss to married yesterdays

the ideal sonar homes i have come to entertain us
will most certainly stop now
o, insidious party-diamonds swing for us
and, snared by beer, a sweller of tankard-tusks
comes searing babes with country inns

la, a seasoner of skulls drowns a city's tunes
la, a reasoner in skulls
surrenders masoned nets to easy gills: rooms
cause queen beds to shake
la, a livery of mermaids sunders silk-milk-shakes

the ideal sonar homes i have come to rehouse us
will most certainly burn now
o, invidious frisked perms will surely sink us
beneath dairy tyres
and, la, as a woollen wolverine sunders dust
then dusted gallow-caps will snap across lust

o-la, once upon a mind in a female monkery
ideals of cocking country came accusing pee
with idle hands that led to a stewer
and now, spammed, the rides on human sewers
will serves salt pomagne to champers
and, o-ha, i espy deadeners with drunk choppers
shading velvetines aside lockers

the ideal solar homes i have come to penetrate
must stop dead, here and fucking now, or else
paint a stoolish store with luminous cunt-welts
ah, a cabinet cure
crashes, ah, a cabin-claw uses cats for pelts
and, as timed boys wilt
then idealisers of father's silt will use whelks
for dragging spines across hired waters.


Outelbowelled, a daddy in a wedded room
sells ringed cellves to red glassrooms
and, once sopped, a garden near classrooms
sends shrilling kind kid-words
to garlanders of veined pigs and clever tunes

Outelbowed, a daddy in a greying bookroom
swells as dizzy wordy flavas
come scattering keen verse across runes
and, o, as we satisfy the clever dead, birds
clamber as they fly to africa-asia

Outed by canyons, nursed flamingo crayons
sunder a searing curing mind-epo
and a naked fret cascades across bad bums
and feeders of netters
nominate fevers for prized easy cattlers
and the wild world spins
and the eyers of window-shins
sink a molten cable in a hot flexed arse

ideal sailors save missionaries with masks
evil saviours snaffle
and a bedside candle
sinks inside a burnt loft
and a cradler of loss crisscrosses casks with
whirling neon clasps

outelled, a motel on a hotel moon uses kids
to extemporise keen blue flowers
and, once spleened, green flowers
send bastardisers to mean towers: Mad pigs
serry after wanked arrests
a petty yet pretty world has to glisten as she dies
a piety of soft rubies
comes shivering after doobies
and a romantic roman mind cogitates on England

a pretty yet pasted sun-world has to hiss for wives
ah, a cosmos of guns
shoots deifers dead when
a radioed moon-marsh sends angular sin to
feeders of mind-marches: cock-lumber
sunders curates with blown blades and ermine.

a daddy in a mad flower lets pasteline vermin
ease a dizzy wretch aside arches
a dummy in a swabbed cab uses flowery stages
to rampage across sireners
and, licked from butters, a patient of an owl
casts cabbage bloods
under bluers of sworn pubs and pussy towels

a pretty yet poisoned memory kisses death
a darted pet, foisoned, memorise catty breaths
and canny canine needlers
strap a cocky soup across femurs
and wanky ferine reelers ravel into time: uh

we reap decriers with sad spoiled pool-souls
we feed defilers with hags
and easy ruiners of Hermes drags laked stags
with finite freights where bobbies swing

oo in death's void, veiled chicken rave after
lammers of boys: the feathery father to lather
lends salty sealing teeth to beak-presed mummas
and a dawdler of geeks
cums slavering for old children
and a raddler in world-heat gathers guzzlers

we read false papers all damned year: we linger
entirely alone where peace men weep for wards
and, like stone, fear reaps bitumen
from veils and virgin heat

we read fast papers as we kill tears: we linger
entirely atoned; and a pearler of spheres
can-tangles lime-urchins with blorting fingers;-
O, patrons to wine-vermin
Ah, wicked dollies use wax-guns
Ah, turgid crannies use felt-guns; and winglers
will send our worlds far West
the ilexes of demure sex-caddis grip to maimed halls
the parishes of summer's eye-varnish
grit spent teeth around tawny buzzy nail-pumice
and the drollers of st agnes eve
silence dunged bummy guns with statued mind-reeves
and the gaffy painters of a westend world
mould messengers from pi-pierced deus of curls

there are natal swine navels here: under lofts, girls
sing, sing, sing
and fatalists in a cad wing revolves aside a strings
and, oo, as men don their bandaged string
then meningital pussy owls get hooted across springs;
and balded emetic cervixes
sunder blonded bastard mined circuses

ah poetry and science are much the same:
the dichotomy is the Void between?

ahhh men!

copyright jdb 25/04/2021


work-in-progress title: Goosed, Straw Men Die?
1st draft poem then poem-song

a radioed monkey mutant hips to fountains
a meadowed stripped mummy
sends shadowers to sleep
and a dog of heaven slumbers after daffies
and coded cunny weavers outgrabe

a radioed dunny whore gets gamed by
assaulting hiring sex-tides
and, o, when robins sleep, then eyes
may well slant down as weepers writhe
and, goosed, straw men die.

fishery fan fabulous mad cat-models under
sunderers of easy stags
sink down below
and a naked student sunders green thunder
and darkeners shend crows

glistery phantastic women sweat for sloes
and endlessness chokes chopped troves
and a maddener, roped,
dines aside pure soap

fishy fanned fabulous mad cat-motels
sell tigons to loud lions
and easy eateries don clouds when dope



a radioed honey student under mountains
will hereby phone the moon
ah, meadowers, made mutant, spoon
easy teasers to spent coffees
and a laden dude
drags hands for water

fishy fantastic murder gives head to dunes
easy mind-mastics
sunder grease; and an african Lord swoons
and, o, when ashes walk
then spied lashes will drill for plastics

a radioed money student under hearts
will hereby scatter dog-marks;
and a whirring washed child uses darts
to stab a gigantic sun today

old poled buddy snatchers dream of Israel
la la, coved body matchers
send eyes to sleep
and, rolled, as gilded weeper eats Islam
and, moled, old dragglers sunder meat
with looseners

old poled daddy dashers scream for hearts
cold dizzy mammy
causes christ to save all pain
and a widener under caged rain stop sparks
stoned dead

radioed mind men swill lust where carts
cry for electrics
and, sundered high, we learn about lips
and, sundered low, we study for trips
and, sindling by, mutators cut hips

and spind winds lead lifts to cupboards

under radiophonics, we made cats from cabins
o, under laden sonnets
we shaved loud stars where poetic planets
came shovelling eyes beneath magnets
and weevillers spy for flavas as grey popins
come sending mice to rat-sleep

under stereos, gladers of blue graves use eyes
to shoot some deafening blindness
and a rabbit gun
shoots bats dead
and, oo, under mallows, a grasper under lungs
sweep fat brooms far away

old poled daddy dashers suck oils then strum
bakering balding nude guns
and we shoot strummers dead when mind-mums
scatter oats across de Void


teeny torn purple parades jazz to some sweet heat
la la, easy faded mad skin-trade
comes reeling
and, caped, ceilings fall as we hear walls raise a
dirtied castle from nine wards where red cars
dramatise dogs with forced warders

under shakespearos, a lacer of murders uses a
daddy moon for a lost friend
and, made cool, we weep after old men as Mars
carries sweeteners to goofy closed mien
and, raped, evenings fall as sex gets bumped

La, when faces sleep then eateries will jump
emptiers of trains and planes
La, when dresses reap veins then blown junk
sizes boys away from torn tomorrows


radioed minded dizzy dingos glow then glower
easy xmas-easters send draggles aside flowers
and a body-baster bags hands under brides
and, o, as timeless hags expand
then heaters of aimlessness rams hot eyes
with ruiners

radioed mindless dicky mangos shed seed
o, a rented owl hoots as shen reads
o, a scented bowel gets crushed under bees
and, iced by sweat,
as men get wrecked, then ideal noosers bleed
after dogs and cats and bodies

under mute shakespearos, illiterate mind-seas
slash mentalis with digital trees;
and, made code, weepers use palms to cede
amazing force to aimless english greed

radioed minded easy quangos grab for towers
and, laced to binded bone,
eaters of easter-xmas have to cry back home
and, slayed by rended stone,
eyers of demonics must ride till hens sleep


the endlessness of a midday lover accuses sex of ash
the friendless spires of love
send blue meteors to sleep
and, live, a picture of peace rocks a heart of crash
and a lady-leader of the skin
scurries where dilators of spun sin
comes sindling aside
bruising body-blinds
and a holy lip loosens ladderers from spun sashed

the endlessness of a midday fever causes beds to roll
la la, a candy car in a cavern
cuts a headpiece from a scissor raven
and the crowded despises of garlands drag red soul
to a trilled tall space where a dizzy human face
comes sundering deaths
with bladed sulphur-nets
and, oo, as timed bones break
then, oo, a city of drones must supper after laced
mental heavers.

radioed english guns shoot aliens dead: ole mace
gets stuck inside a rat-hole
and a bended biddy boy dunks a nut in blue souls
and, robbed of daddies, monks under cuttlers
get choked on ashen cherries
Oh, once mad kids have got buried
then, stopped, danglers of rot loosen mind-ferries
and, o-la, as hot fanned folks
glow, just like a crow glows, will suck across yolk

endlessness rotates across a blue kiss: cold rope
gets snappered
and a dog at sea grows from feline beauty as gods
grope for a stairwell
uh, a bath at sea sunders cellars
uh, a bed at sea sunders swellers
uh, a mind at sea thunders after mirrors

oo AMEN.

bellropes to the sides of soft hell go ringing god's hot neck
o cellars aside old lies
layer sweeteners with wives
and, la, as a blower of kids delves after tides then soft sex
comes lingering with knives
and, sawn, a daddy pig plots to gut love's sty
and, stormed, a mammy kid
glowers under slits where a cordon aside blonde dives
showers dust with lips

bellropes, pealed, get scattered under veined shows
o healers of weals grow, just like cancer grows: clothes
don fabrics
o reelers of seals crow and a capper of a blown rose
get sealed where babby brogues
use suede for torn tits

endlessness rotates as helio rodeos sharpen pits
tendoned, where stoats gas, carve hands from lit
and a college whore sirens after thundering trips
Uh, as natal wards
season navel dawgs, then a cat at sea drains swards
from chapped cherubs and fatal seraphims;
and a doll on the march
serries daffies with hearts; and, O, as we used swords
then we, in the present, scan a sad switchback with
tundras and naked perches

Oh, once mad kids are gone, then we idolise ribs
Oh, once sad kids are gone, then we sunder cribs
and a haloed mind-beaker
scatters rattlers across riveners
and, dame-defiled, as we cross minds, then we rid
all ochres of milk, silk and bled honey

the sylvan band of Osiris-Isis claws inside grids
the silken sands of Sesh cuts Horus from slips
and a candy syphon
crashes under seasoners
and lashwide tumblers sunder sylphs with satyrs
and, o-la, once upon a mind mentalis fed flavas to
a dabby wagging beard
and a crasher, speared, wags inside red worn truths
and a naked needler
scutters crypts across wasteground
and, oo, where wakers wash weavers
then hostellers inside cabbies give head to carrio
bellropes, stormed, get pulled by dizzy dames when
blinders of corn grease up with curved porn
la, a grinder, fawned, eases sluts with cured spawn
and, trashed, weevillers feed mutts to raped gems

the ilex of a dead mist gets caught under spirals
the pyrex of a cot-fist
heeds nailers as a valley of toffees scoops rifles
and, o, a budgie in a screen
stamps across knotted english rivals

the ilex of a dread kiss gets wrought from idols
o, when faces change
then a bed of beers will surely trample ole bols
and a village by five seas
lashes arms with bled brains and british teas
and coffees, cell-found, drops a cast under trees.

witherers, stabbed, course down a rich tea town
peddlers, car-slabbed, course down a cocoa crown
and, o-la, as wizards ride to spelt sleep, then clowns
must surely sunder us as we star-turn biscuits from
dairy stablers

witherers, cracked, taunt where light goes back to
homely renters of bleeders
o mental treddlers, capped, taunt nighttimes
and, noosed by fiddlers, haunted river-grinds screw
nakedness with peppery body-blues

witherers, slain by sleeves, pull pocket-knives from
spewed lemon-guns
and, when sadness thrums and stuns kind suns
then wallowers of corn-buns pour teas on stale lungs
and, oo, we are being sold to fool's gold

these are my mallard days
these are god's evil trades; and these are
wooded birded regal trades
when, burned, fallowers seize hands from calves

these are my mallard days
these are love's skin-trades
O: as we wallow in soft fire then we use cars
to serry us with modellers
and, soused by figs, a candler on a ridge stirs
dogdayed syrups under windy milk-curves

these are my ballard days
these are our salsa graves: and we suffer after
strange crows
and, lanced, weird clothes water dust with fathers
and we jack our fathers?

way down in the mean valley, i seize men from sweat
la, way down in a green alley, i motorise
an avenue of spun spind skin
o a dated dollar bill pays with an english pound
o a fated mamma mill
washess painters aside bills: O, as fotal thumbs
sink paddlers into waters
then a bladed guzzler will surely pull from guns

way, way down, when i listened to a howlaround
i heard, all too near, the naked flames of shrill sound
and, once awakened,
mental mettled soused wives get shaken by towns
way, way, way down
me and my causal head shot pistols as sex abed
soaked a bunny vein in optical webs

all all and all,way, way, way adown, aside devs,
a radioed bred talker
must haunt a digital town
all all and all, way, way adown, aside red dregs
a radioed cake-corpser
must haunt a breaded mirror
O a scissor man, gone cold, slices a sandman
O a river man, made old, dices a cold clam
and, where drawlers raid gold
then massers of mutants will heal the old from
gentians and ignoble gentlemen's chairs
we hide in the shrilling hills
we writhe then lease kids to mills
ah a loaded kodak christ uses dills
to delve afters madam moon

we hide in the shrilling hills
we ride then lease pigs to rills
ah a coded rain mac murders drills
with summertimes in winter

and a pactive idiot stranger splinters
easy roaches
and a pactive ingot deranger hisses
after brooches

and eyes extemporise greyers to
dreamed greeny star-valleys: O, screws
drag ermine tides for suicides?


Copyright JDB 28/04/2021.


work-in-progress title: About Fablers of Bethlehem
first draft poem then poem-song


fablers of bethlehem swerve under runes
tableters, under hems, heed thunder-tunes
and a wakeful lion
cages furs in iron
and a naked puss pushes mad kids away

fablers of bethlehem, nerved, sunder clays
rivuleters, cascading swills ole tundra
and a naked blow fly
serves salliers to closed sky
and, o-la, a cat at sea mewls as she
gets star-drowned

vast vased glass casements sunder trees

framers of bethlehem curve under runes
cusped killers, shent, send vines to rheum
and a nude in prisons
rends porn-bars
and, o, drainers, cold, swell up in false cars
and, eyed, cosmic pelters
send dogs to hot sleep

framers of bethlehem curve under lobbies
and, star-bended, bloodied mind-moggies
send cats back homeward where
alien bats creep from a soft chair
o a bodier of meats
sunders edible peat

oo a cager of creative wards cuts hair
oo a rager of cremative wards
supper after wheated stoned bawds
,- eyers of lousy passions
send drivers aside seaman's missions

o me and love's mad cardial headpiece
get chock-filled
o me and god's gab appear wed to peace
and a dizzy mill
shows valleys to zion,
and, when kids quake, then dodgy meat
must scarper

o me and life's mean radioed bed-piece
get cock-filled
o me and madam moon, raped, fleece
a dogger of macadam to nailers
and a rug at sea
gets wetted till carpets doom-drown
ideal waved soft knees

oo a cager of creations don snappers
oo a deranger, nationed,
ease a blue-brained ragger where teas
flow, just like a lover flows


the peasy pea-puddings that lead milks far west
come sundering in god's harness
o, easterly riding sea-cullings
send dolled blood to lud heat
and, mauled, bloods aside suicide deaths bless
easter-xmas with molls

the peasy tree-clippings that feed flower-nests
must come inside manx summers
o, cosmic creeds snape for winter
and, oozed for weed, heroines in nervers
utilise brains for water

a cager of dictators swiften as it locks dust
deeply down, down
a saviour of predicators, clowned
abuse madam musk
and, Ah, a fatal rusk gets fed to women when

feed lemony lime to fast graves
and fast graves fascinate every sad body.

these are my fleecy days that bleed underwater
these are my greasy pomades
and, woven, rubrics of meddlers shower graves
with navellers
o, a candid gun shoots god's son
and, chewed, gum-roots serve ghosts to braves

the peasy pea-puddings that lead hills far West
hasten here and now to a transept in a crest
o, a baker of crowds
sunder proud shrouds when
easers of mercury feed quick silver to hens

these are my fleecy days that breathe underwater
these are my sleasy blades
and, oo, when dodgers resound
then bumpers may well shoot dodgems dead
la la, a cager of cocoa tulips

shits across evil Nazi salad: And men strip
all hot stars and stripes

well in the utmost west, a keen lemon bower
leans down
o celled in utmost death, a mean lemon flower
leans down;
and, dropped in lost towns, while boys scream,
a daddy to buttered mushrooms
sends wagstaffs to bitter sleep
Ah, oceans under lotions use dudes for dreams
Ah, notations, thundered,
hereby shoot canals

well in the utmost west, a leam lemon biter
snares green shield
and a garlanded seal of sex lams for fever
and a vale under weals
scatters boats across Voids: And readers
may well cross their eyes now?

sthese are my fleecy days that shoot slaughter
these are my dizzy days
o as jazzing ingotted graves shave drums
then raven rizlas may well cut soft guns
and, la la, i understand the boys at heart
and, la la, i apprehend lost toys

in the utmost west, a dragon in sweet heat
hiss for laden desks
Ah, under cleft hands, biblers get wrecked
and a donny mind-birth
scarpers till inchoates surf after dead earth
and, oo-oo,
eyers of radio-corn snip damaged mesh

a session of fatty boys studies how to
wretch till death gets qualified
a mission of catty boys
will pray for cold: And a nancy bed moves
green genoas to fatal Bethlehem

and coded ripplers peer into a false lens

these are my fleecy days
these were our pansy days
o, men and ponies use graves
to grow dumb
and a nuclear mind maddens
and a heartless dog-whine
gets burned

and a dodgy serum to timed
tawny townsmen
suffer for crow-men
and a baby soul-gem uses
drawn dust for empires

these are my fleecy days
these were our locum days
o, men and pigs use furs to
copulate with whores

and a wide cage falls in
three glades
and a mindless stage swims
after goofy dream delights


the painted pulley boys whose sunday wisdom rains
deeply down
ring radio bracelets: o, as a sky in a false town rains
deeply down
then a shadower of junk lammers after catty veins

the painted pulley boys whose sabbatical trains
get boarded by drains
must hiss across christ
and an icy wagon slides down then moon, mice
swill rat-poisons

and a wide cage blooms like a locked eye-flower
and a wild stage, swooned,
couples dresses with make trouser-ruins
and a bled bossy burn
strikes self-sex from a vast ignited red hour

painters of dolly men send ashen boats where
a currier of de serpentine
serves daddy bulbs to bullies of soft hair
and a mad massing tar madam
strikes a blown stiff from a city of thin-prayer

painted pulley men sunder orange bells as cells
come crashing through love's prison-door:
Ah, a baited sea-dart
hurls knives at dangerous tree-hearts
Ah, a slated sea-fart
blows bum-blast from naked nuded mind-war

a driller for soft oil seals fens aside bleeders
and, mask-molded, weals send eyes to feeders
and aspen waxworkers
give dummy-head to stillers of silence killers.
down weavers glow as weepers love the show
down reapers flow
and, cut from trash, a layer of bad bunnies
grasps to spine-lashed
breast-fed lashes: o, a comber of herpes
seals lost opened VDs
under molten tables; and an opener crows
and a shoulderer
dresses demons inside greying soldiers

and a lispy green tart teeters when pleaders
spill wine across a court of law
and an easy mean cart
becomes tar-screened
and, oo, milky weepies share guns with killers
and a bay of pure drowned bread
gets scuttered
and a sleeper, skewered, shatters
adown weepers as weepers love de show


when once pierced by a maw, i sensed sad grief
come ramaging at love's backdoor
o when once made fierce, i sensed mad relief
being stationed at markermen
and a massive drake came washing wives inside
a bag of seagulls
and, o, seagulls and agers and colostemies
scry for pussy skulls

when once pierced, a blader under blown knives
comes rummaging inside bins
and the weepers on a blue cliff causes sights to
shoot red hell
and herpes on a hill causes sex to reel: o, wives
widen where wolfmen swell
up, up,-

yarning body tyrants truckle under people
darning female sex-ants
use termitic scrubs for pot plants; and steeples
widen into gasfires
and a local locum pram causes buggies to
send blind oceans to hooky whore-gables

when once acid brides swallow tides then glass
may well cause phlegm to grow
aside spittlers: O, we sleep as we flow
and, once maimed, bedside meat will glow
and cry for eaten lanterns

and we move underneath blown skies
and we smoothe us with a canyon on both sides
and we noose a nave
and we loosen skin-scathes
and we drag mutton deep inside candle-thighs

the glowering gobbies of a tameless year fears
nothing but nothingness
Poetry and Science are much the same
The dichotomy is the Void between?

huh I get hanged from a hosepipe as i idolise
a vacant dirty moon
huh i get crammed; and a boat aside rivers rides
across dulcet endless eyes
and, o, where lies crisscross then sidled ties
come spittering into gallowed waters

huh i get hanged from a clotheshorse: pleasure
comes anointing me with vinger
and a sun at night
sunders studded studies; and veins of midnight
clamour after denials
O, a laden lay of grans
grip to grandfathers as motel under evil jams
comes scissoring vials from drams

huh i get jammed; and a locust under a crocus
causes flame to impeach herselves with
swallowing sweaty bunched kids; and cribs
get shallowing
and a daffy cinema-drive-in
wallops a whipping pony when drovers spin
across medallions and blonde wind

and we move underneath blown dives
and we soothe coral as a sea-scam rides for
eaters of riflers
and we smoothe mentalis across city fjords
and we remove
all grass and all glass and all summer-gas

these are my mallard days
these are my willowed days: Pies heat jaws
la la, thighs sink deep as the penis of wards
layers defamers with necked cradle-daubs
and, once pissed, a swaggerer under mauds
melts into dizzying dirtying mallowers

O, a lobber of yellow moneys kisses caves
O, a leader of lose-all-men
shovel toads adown a lens
and jamming sweetenings swirl as grey naves
summon blown flies from
a draggler of blorted guns; and chewed trade
sucks on a whored nut

a pictogram of peppers shields mien from lays
a sizer in a swarmed cistern
leads deceivers to broken evil wisdom: claves
force elbows to break
o, as timers bend, then bullets under grapes
swirls and whirls then
beds bods with glamour
bled bodkins, made very old, sward after memory
bedded star-twins
bury cooker cherries aside dromes and families
la, a branded dukedom
ferries tines to berries
and a flacilating casino weeps for gambled honeys

bleeders, bragged, stampede for a new way of killing
grievers, stabbed, smoke rocked weed
and a dazzler in a loud lift
cums sundering daisies with murderous moon-trysts
the manic sun is formed in a clasped sky: gold lips
linger as daddies dream of nests
O a tragic gun shoots markersons dead when tits
cry after gin and courage
and a naked spun wind dragglers after pillaged
coded old-timed acrid wordiness

and a hunter on the blue rise layers coaxers with
jazzy jam boys who sink muttons into blind stiffs
and, la la, as a smacker of a glutton
merges shadow into beer
then a lady's circus beard slams hairs with fear
and, O, a leader of drowning Leda
gets softened by male swans

these are my mallard days when my digitalis raids
romancers of daffy gal dancers
La la, when oceans skulled a little town of braids
then a fatal lotion came scooting aside grey trays
and a tea-cup in a coffee skull
sends tocsins to funny wakes
and, oo, a mind in fannied lakes gets smoked by

a loosener of plaided baby-hearts: And suns cry
after ladeners of dirt, death, disease and minds

fasers in laser tractions drive candy tractors to
a latent strummed sea-mood
and, as we supper for de blues, then we woo
a sinner of spinneys whose fingers on the blue
snaps a paper raimbow from dilators
and the latest fotal news
says a broadening of truths may well kill heaven

O, gormless failures sunder fluid gods with a
rapier of sunken eden-wrecks
O, formless drifters sunder crooked blood: Calves
serve sirens to burned shores when
candifiers, shent, slink across martian rain-stars

and, fused to a wraith, damagers of gentians
slam lather-brakes
and, fused to lace, damagers of ghost-romans
scatter blithe trees
across sharded draped leaves
and we interfuse Hector with Andromeda: La!

coke-sprayed teeny chokers cut mouthers down
from guilty sweet bees
soap-stained elderly curs cut mounters adown
in a small torn town where a pig aside a clown
sells dromedaries to crocodile cock
and a crocodile in a chrysalis dreams of sound

but true sounds have died and left no forced will?

note: Poetry and Science is much the same:
The dichotomy is the Void between?

but, as we ride to county sleep, then staggerers
must turn about a turtle shell
lo, a massive sex drought uses rain under bells
and, as we cry for city meat
then a nudist on a false beach
surrenders to baiters of bled bleach: cells swell
up and up

and coffee traders sink for vales as toffees sell
pled pavers to palavers
and a stationed toy drinks to toy-fayres as larders
shoot groceries

utterly dead..... and we will starve till sex-laughter
will post a punchy pillow to bulimias and slaughter.


copyright JDB 29/04/2021


work-in-progress title: About Salt Sheets?
1st draft poem then poem-song


oo as desultory maidens cure gaols with sex
then a teeming eye may shoot the moon
and, laquered, a mind in clay will shoot sex
and, plumed, give head to a dead T Rex
and, lammered, i saw a darter far at sea
making evil fishy faces just for youth and me
La, a cavvy car comes comforting cut beliefs
and a model vagrant fills us with salt sheets

the hangers of sweet heroics sunder sleep
the drammers of sweet planets
cum gusting across a veined bow when heat
carries dapplers aside hot slapped sleet
and a bath at sea
crashes: O, a bedded sleeve sunders dreams
and as faces flow, then we will use demeans
to shatter body-bait

oo a desultory mind-maid turns gold keys
oo a refactory masked maid
gets swollen with locks as a tidal grave
stops for love

a faceless factory on the moon yields buzzy wives
a macer, made blood-free, sunders neon brides
o, as slavers snap leas
then baiters of Aladdin come shuddering
and, once slavered, ghostly guns shoot skies
and a waker under deaths draggle for sties

a faceless factory in the rain yields busty brides
a mazer, made god-free, sunders urban tides
o, as slaters snip teas
then baiters of Paladin come quivering
aoo qas nd, once capered, holy bees come shivering
back home, where the dreams are wailing

oo a desultory factory on its sides drops dives

oo as desultory maidens lead vines to waters
then a bastardiser, sirened, cry out for porters
and an impossible spy
sees under wode as a daddy in nine eyes
feeds evil treacle to tithes
and a bull on a cliff sunder ravens
and a doll on a cliff sunders seasons
o, as faceless fathers sweat for mummas
then easy patrons to lovers
slide into torn sleep

a fazer in a lisp shoots lips with demons
a raider under disks
shatters; and a bone-blower uses fists to
extemporise gals with sirens
o a cavvy caged whore cuts alarums
and a dog at sea
serves bullers to teas when coffee-creeds
swerve, then kiss

as a boned bad blow-fly serves dads to reeds
then a stoned sad flown sky
sears ants underwaters
then a cunt on a cliff drops like eyes when
dummy suicides appear under old gems;
and a naked eft
uses fish for stiffs; and a nudist in Penge
dollops dudes across meshed birth

a fazer in a kiss craps on blithe lips where
dazzlers of maidens sunder minds with hair
and, lo, as faces move
then latent spaces groove
and a massive mate to screws uses air to
summon hands from radios


oo as olfactory pussies peer under wine
then easterly writhed hussies
come showering buds with grain: Minds
melt; and, cowered, dubber's rain
cuts the noise we tread?

oo as olfactory ponies dam saddlers
then a romantic equine horse may well
hurl donkeys from hard streams
and, rein-rode, suns shoot dun screens

Ah, as weepers shed milk-eaties then
deifiers will scutter
and, lo, ill butter must dream for tins
and radioers of robberies
must send old dressage to mule-men

and a kelpie digitalis sunders women?

dizzy dappler men slink aside champagne
o, easy reason men
flow, just like a mad man flows: gardens
come sharing blues with raisins
and a doubling heart sends cats from
a cherried country suite
and a fascinating mind shoots peat

as a kelpie mentalis dons fast traps
then a dummy sea of suns
hears a draggler drowning: old guns
hiss for bullets where
navels creep from divine hair: drums
sunder heated scum

and a woollen baker shaves demons
from burning diamate
oo a goofy bed glows when diamonds
drool for
entreating walls; and closed minds rain
adown drawl


there in the darkest day, i saw a penny lover
made cruel as a female wound
o, when once i dug graves under fathers
then my eager hearts gets hit by tombs
La, a daggerer of carts
crisscrosses men and darts

as a nude warrior uses skin then charts
shower emeralds with dunes
and eyers of denial weep for grey tunes

there are darksome days where i use a
coded heart for a sun
and, oo, as nude walls fall, then guns
will most certainly shoot gassed rooms
and a parent to root

and woollen butcher-bakers cut boots
and evenings, mind-lit, feeds off coots
and butcher boys lay down

there are massive days: o these crowds
must surely sit
across navy lips; and mental sun-slits
will rotate
across old miracles

the sun yearns like the moon: toilers
use baked latrines
and a wallah in a vest dons tailors
and, o, a shouldered desk
dreams of poet trees.

ah woollen wide wolves prey upon
a dribbly bat
and a horse downstream uses guns to
shoot roarers dead
ah, woollen wives
widen for blue directions

these are my mallard days: these are
endless days when cagers
may well drive Mars into lasers; oh,
eyers swell
oh, lovers swell
oh, mummas swell; and labia grins

several dashy deluges cut a rainy place
o easellers, sphinctered, cuts a torn face
and a weeper, car-splintered
dodges dabblers
o evil mashy confusers sunder razors
and a daisy-heart culls Woman?

severers, rodded, arise too see lace
come surrendering geese to red space
and a tippler of the hour
gathers dust

and a trickler in de flowers races for
an idiotic cellar where wynded husks
get choc-fed to towered
buttered classrooms
and the hornetted wasp-feated sun
searches derierres with twixed lungs
o, pickly pickler penises
use bruises for sex-exgesis.

several dashy deluges cut a veiny pace
with swift prats and harnesses
o, as meadows swirl then mental guns
glower: tinsellers, dramatised, use guns
to shoot the fangs of catty serums

severers, sodded, swank after cases
sweaters, codded, dress in cases
witherers, budded, hiss for cases: power
gets lynched from deniers
swifteners, pinched, pincer after fingers

and a dogdayer, damselled, accuses
a mind-sward of crowing in the
utmost televisual dark: crowners stir
cane-curates with loaded dumb birds
,- closed chases after bladed burrs
succour nanny nut from sweeteners
,-closed matrixes
collude with collonades
and, thrushy, a limey lemonade has to

gut bread with saccharine and rude
rotted coffee cakes:
oo down in the blind valleys, waifs
sweep zioners
from mountain mouths: coded napes
cough for green shields
and a street of pus peers aside crates
and coded beery musks
shoot Orion till blood heeds cusps

once upon a mind in a furled world
my spinal soul served loss to curls
and, laid, sexlessness
sunders plumes from wrecked worlds
ah, an unearthly frightened girl gets
squeaked inside nineteen tides: lit
shoots a poet tree
ah,- bakers of butchers swig pips

and mallard days reel from radio.


way down in god's faked gallery, dunny arms
come fissuring after droves
way down in love's fast alley, baby charms
surrender lubes to lobes
and a doctor in de mist dare not heal any
and a daughter in a tryst
layers lotuses with blow flies and troves

these are my mallard days where Rhodes
leads canny Cannes to a soverign smile,-
and denyers weep for mules
and decriers sleep; O, a laden flyer dials
a cellared cellphone
with fairied clock-cones

and a mental hero goes leering afte dark
and a feinted yoyo,
gone child-wild, sends screws to parks
and, not yet dead,
easy family chairs listen to bed as hearts
awake in a scullery
and, scented, grannaries dream of darts
there are tablets in the clearing that park
a daffy dame in the fast dark
there are veined lips made puckered: La,
when bread men kiss
then a listener to breadfruits have to carve
canned sweet fizz-jazz from
bullet towels

o way down in god's fake gallery, goofy alms
lend lady tithes to tocsin bells
o way down in love's eyed ballets, hoofy cells
get gristening
and a laden mouth warps for drouth as farms
flow from rapine wheat-sheafs: O, dells
get fed to crisscrosses
and wheated bays use a bath for a lucky-palm

twinners of dumb waiters don flowers
rimmers of spun flavas don flowers
riders of spind papers don flowers
bridlers of spun pepper dons flowers
and the messy mind-fever under lost flowers
send duked dames to killer sleep


endless vast humans come donning bloody mind-stars
o, trendless caged ravens
grasp to glass
and a dunny disney child smiles aside dreamt glass
and a lively girl
combs god's hair in rear-view mirrors

endless vast humans come rushing as blue moon-cars
grip to handed satchels
and a bath at sea surrenders deaths to youths: candles
get stuck days deep in a man's dead arse
and, lo, coopers of model kitchenettes drag for de past

endless vast humans come rapping as they use papa
to rend dufflers from lungs
oo mentalis, drummed, digs ashes when odals
come sweeping bolognese from glasses; and lepers
hear, near ole madam graves, a city

nodules found in songless throats have to deify
a brutalism; O, sofffits in sweet boats
climb to sleep; and a coda king sunders denied
bodiers of mown suburban motors
and, napped when naked, servers to bloaters slide
damagers aside nukers

nodules found in songless boats have to deify
a neutralism; O, summits, slated, use de mind
to extemporise bruisers with painted cisterns: wine
rummages inside fat lanes where a car-crime
drives where killers drive

nodules, ground down, swing for heat when pies
get fondly scat-fingered with whinneying scum-cries
and a bat found in ginger
has to cut piers from spindlers; and coaxers,
stunned, hasten to brighton as hastings roves
aside drakers and easy wavey treasure
- the shimmey-seaweed causes boats to close
all freezing airs when out of season

nodules, river-raised, sing for a whistle-cat as
models, porn-upraised, swing for trans-fats
and a personificator of a dead word will bra-snap
bulgers of beemen and deaths in gallowing shadow
and easy tinny teeny men

vast fat dromedaries abuse venal vaguries with
sharpening plants with knolls
o catters, made mad, study lyon feet as cribs
booze with caned keen jesus
and, modelled for Kaplan, lefties lean inside
a trader of socialist gun-rests
and, oozing by, when radiophonic clap-deaths
come comforting a bad fall
then egits who sermonise dragging sex-stalls

claim coffee cupboards from eager baby-brawls

eyes have been blinded in the country when a
distant lotus gets eaten in salt rain

eyes are led to minded skin when aping pain
sunders a crocus with soft mind-mains

eyes have been guided after droll will-fed stars
and, lo, as instaneous hero-stars come home
then bedazzlers, mined, dig for a dog and bone
glued gemmies loop glues into scrapers: domes
get smoothed aside hoofs
and in a hocus-pocus keen factory, venal boots

carry cashiers of co-op monkeys when dukes
dollop daft dolor on a tabler near ironed puke

and eyers may well teeter as wideners may nuke
all deaths, all disease and all sensitivities; Luke

crafts Matthew, Mark and John from dictionaries

Uh? ahhhh men

copyright jdb 30/04/2021.


work-in-progress title: Bad Bison Sauce
1st draft poem then poem-song

as a miner after souls cases bells in wine
then bad bison sauce
may well break the moon apart
o when cold lakes cry then ocean highs
may well shape a star from a heart

carters of windows use hands to mop
green-headed doorways: and loss
leans against the lamplight
and coded saints sunder midnights

as a miner after souls cases cells in wine
then softeners must trip

and a layering mind-machine uses dirt to
swash hands around silt
o a player under marines uses dirt to
sink seas under silk
and a valley of blood listens
and a gallery, drugged, must glisten

carters of widows suss knives: men
piss across the pitched dark
and a venal hen cries as blue darts
get cut by knife-clothes
and a daddy mind dies as she slows

directly down

as a miner after cold cuts across a kiss
then chaplers, shut,
spiral under mind-sluts
o a naked nude cries for trysts: butts
go mad

and a model madam nurses the sad
and a modern sea-hand swims for a
midnight day when easy cock-crags

as a miner after cold cuts across a kid
then applers, crushed,
will surely swerve where light can't
shine: o, we weep as we get lush

oo a nuclear fever hips to a bed-beat
oo a fluid killer, snapped,
swells up; and diallers of laps use meat
to hammer bone to trapped cats
oo a nuclear fever hips to a bed-sheet

as a miner of flowers digs for fawns
then ideal rapists, scoured, use porn
with ideal coated tongue-hanged hands
oo a nuclear fever hops to a mad-beat;
and, once along a mind,

piercing peering wynds sunder chairs

and a model ogler, stunned, feels after prayer
and a sodden sidler, drummed,
gun-spirals after hens when a catty cunt-care
careers down live steps
and a sodden heart hisses
and a sovereign heart caresses dunes

oo a nuclear fever jacks all fathers then rooms
must send old mansions to sleep
and a bark on the moon
hereby shaves ships from grey-green cocoons,
and a hollowed vein
gasps; la la,- a daddy rapped in nurseries

uses a damager for a focal seizure: monkeries
dress down: rivers splatter
and, liced till dead, feelers of masters flee
from doggy musty menstrual pear-matter

and a model opener, mooned, gives bum to
a dazzler of mailers
and some suspect males, trailed, cuts flava-
Ole cods shake
Ole gobs awake; and a brooded broom-snake
serries cherry-air till killed

a burial on a burned chair carries cunny west
la la, feral cum-lungs use Mary
and a wife at dark dapplers after baby: desks
get toppled by renal doobies
and, once spunked, a naked memories tisk
after slow sparrows

o a model motorway uses cars for junk,- La!
focal photographic sea-monks
get clad in canny dirty habits; and men in cars
carry denuders far West: Oh, slitted carves
corrode when carrion stiffs

send dammy dreaming pappy to sex cards

jammy jumpy clappy nappies send cots to sleep
ohh a catted crayon, snipped, uses pens for meat
and, oozed, canyons, stripped, use dens for sleep
o, ideal ogres don giants when eaters of blue meats
sunder stores with cruel dressed sounds
and, eyed, a man in grids drizzles dirt across dust
and, wived, woman, lipped,
jostles after gloom

jammy jumpy clappy nappies send cots to wheat
ohh a ratted season of poppies
rends stewed mind-ruin: Lasers in lobbies reap
dummy dames from westend druggies
O, a naked nooser knits bines to waters; and pappies
pull upon blood sisters

o a model mind-masser sinks silts into timers
o a sodden heart-beater sinks milks into grinders
and a bonce at sea
summons faiths from old hired trees; Oh, makers
show pillars to caterers of sweet tea

a jumpy jangler-jailer joshes when cold life heaves
deeply down, across a puced pumis mind-baker

the ideal droolers of pure sex must laugh across the Void
the easy poolers of furred sex must
sunder summers with wintry lust; and a bird at sea must
murder beds with lyons
and a tiger-mine digs for catters when oceans under dust
come spattering bats; O, a bended hen lays boiled musk
and, once spoiled, blind poacher-pens leer for orion

ideal paraders, plumed, peal obsessions; and odd dusk
dragoons for petering Peter Pan
and, once routed, bats on a stage sire seraphs from tusks:
oo, as timed bombs bind towns to implosions
then carnivorous minds must show fens to ole explosions
and a dangler in sheet rain
must shimmer as we shimmy in coded skirted sky-stains

o a model mind-masser melts for skin: Loud beds outdoors
sunder dreamy recusance
and a father in a screen floats off down blind streams
and, loaved in Mars,
weepers whose milk-nippies kills carves will stop


pearlers of plumed passions feed docs to scrapers
odlers of mooned missions lead crocks to snappers
eaters of mind-prisons cede locks to snippers
o a naked nightime uses piss for rock; and killers
crash down around
daddy dodgers

pearlers of plumed passions feed cocks to tapers
modellers of smooth mansions
hereby serve sanders to plectrums; and rakers
don a dreary cosine
for use of death in a flint-mine;

oo a dad at sea cherishes drowners when slakers
scatter sweet seas across a valley-earth
and, la la, a matrial cross uses minds for floss: birth
star-bridles mien when
coded candy queens mete gabblers to children

ideal purple parades pee under fablers; Oh, traders
sell up as shops shut down
and, lappy, a blood-red town saunters after tricklers
and, happy, a moggy clown
drinks salt sea dry
and herods, child-strapped, supper for evil scribes

pearlers of plumed mansions feel for the Nile,-
a bedazzler in a crypt sunders reels when stiles
lead beaten limbs to easy ramblers
and eyes may well breakdown
and spirallers will surely crown a bay of smiles

the cramplers on a clean cliff cleanse old sounds
the shacklers under keen lifts
get swollen on the stairs; and a baker of grounds
grinds easy tea to coffee mush;
and, lo, as babied dudes hush mummas then ash
will surely come burning at death's ward.

pearlers of pluperfection panda to an open car
pealers of lubed defections
must suffer eyes as tidal blokes bend for carved
and cigars in streams glow, just like a village,
and, oh, a waker in de snow stows duckers
in balded caves

cramplers on a keen cliff loosen rilks when brine
tramples bends with neon wine
oo a baker of denial gets fed to timed grey-vines
and a giddy tune swings where gas grinds
dizzy patrons to purile nuked lime
and eyers are forced open?

o we get unopened beneath a tearing easy pyre
o we get star-tokened
and a rainy mind-evening sunders mien with fires
and we leap aside a gassed fire
o, born to mope, a gasket on a gun gets wired with
impassable passives
and forcer under stapes staples cochleas to
ear-ringed loud missives

and we get spoken for by madam macadam and
oo, as falons fake sex-tides and when england
goes sindling down a hearsed remand
then a blooder of a scream
soldiers after panters; Oh, a forest of tangerine
snafflers for veiny arse-yarns.

these are my mallard days when i jack de coast
these are my mallard diamonds
la la, whence wicked tenches fish for ole ropes
then a dangerous wench
wolfs down wedding rings
and, eloped, a spreading of ringlets forces rope
to bath-strangle all towelled bangles.

Ah, once upon a mind, my flickering heart
brought fairy wisdom to a weathering chart
Ah once aside a mind, my body under carp
collonaded bluesers with plowing lippy marts
and an oval sodden glazier
dons broken glass as glass breaksdown: Lights
get shat upon
and a salad gun shoots alarms with lungs
and a major sun
hoots from de moon

o we get unopened beneath a tearing easy pyre
o we get car-awoken
and a dad at sea sunders wavy ocean potions
and a dad of beads
gets drumming across desks and table-weeds
ah, a native to prams uses baby-buggies for
indigo infants and the evil curls of gassed whores
and a lady island
scatters demons where african goddesses
store diamate in hair

the daggerers of doomy deifiers cut rain from
a magic spastic sun-castle
the wiveners of glooming tar-fever uses mussels
to widen parisian meals with cochlea
and a spayer of de fuhrer drinks to mussels
and a prayer for de fuhrer
scutters adown a bed-spread

the beaders of denial drag bone: nailers
shut a goofy shed within a damsel's thrillers
and a fantastic gooseberry girl
glows as she chews a cherry; O, worlds
here meet in boats where many rivers
whirl and whirl

the papers tell of peppers
the shakers tell of lepers
the pealers tell of letters for a crime-moon
and we will get cabin-chained
to a cabinet cold that bleeds our heart?

the leapers of wisecracks saw mentalis from robes
the reapers of wisecracks saw mentalis from cloves
and a strapped pug in the trees
go flowering down the dead as if fed by humble bees
and a stationary train
sets alight to sleuthes as madness in a naked skein
shoulders kites with comedies

leapers, splashed, leap across mites as catty canes
whip woollen ferine sleepers
across fallowers; and a kitten mosque heeds Allah
and a picture on a fiction-cross

eyes entertain the dead where purple paraders suffer
wintry summers from xmas-easter tunes
and a pomander in a gun
shoots fish to fished bits
and a leader of laddies scales hope up a green rafter

bellies, water-broken, scry for female oils; and fathers
jack green greasy genoas
and a bulging mind-boat causes oars to leave rivers
under blooders of heart-dope
ah, a finite eagle-regal storms soap with lather-lepers
o bellies, water-broken, scry for a moon vixen when
dabblers cause tidal earth to give birth to bison bends

this side of the dead moon-sun, a serum for u-bends
gets salted; and a penile woman sears mussel-mien
with daddies and corpsers
ah, a sidler of demure iron presses daffies with pens
ah, a sidler of decorous lyons
pinion dog-doctors with punctive rosettes: Orion
shelters bees in Zion

the shielders of sauce sheets come huffing birds for
a scrammy mind-shaper
the reelers of gorse sleep
god-varnishes herald boys with easy crown-keeps
and castlers, caved, flume as reapers sound
a hollow skull for a holllow brain

and the giving dead grasp to sown flour when
a daft cake is baked for de slaughtered hour: sin
sindles under snakes
o a riven raggler romance-rapes blinding mermen
and a daffy child
gets spread for seagulls...

the sinning desembling sun cauterises fates with a
dragger of spoolers and laden bitumen
and a butterer in england drinks to nine seasons
and a shoveller in island
causes celtic God to heal all time's red bird: garlands
glower as they flower?

moths invent a new flown sound from mad molten butterflies in the
alien placements shend burial mounds
from the eyeless teaser of duped deaths and grande males
and a tutterfly, swallowed, leases loss to winged salt-sails
and, oo, a trancept under fleeces force a wild world to rail

moths invented a new flown sound: religious saviour sound
a wicked wombed wall with trackling candles
and rude wide wastegrounds hunt times with angels: towns
car-create a new road-state when
heavenly bone-baits use chicken reels for catching women

when divine liberty looks for a graveyard door, mental mess
hits to a cremative beat
when divine family looks for a graveyard whore, mental death
hits to a demented lover
and a toad of war widens for a new wide amphibian
and a god of scores sirens after renders of cruel wet religion

when divine entropy sunders clasped adhesion then control
loosens mien into divine enemies
and, o, a fastener turns a petrol face where
limesy leap from a mangered plenury; and watery air
sucks plaided cattlers with lips and fairy tongues

the sadness of this dyed world spins to a dog-beat

copyright jdb 02/05/2021




work-in-progress title: About a Mad Man at Sea
1st draft poem then poem-song


a river in a salt moon swelters; O, midday must soon
slide apes into sweaters
and a mouse at sea swerves across cock-deltas
and the hands of March sunder soffits with welters
o a cafe christ, made gold, starves
o a starved mite, made old, carves closed shelters
and, la la, mad men at sea swallow herbiage

a rider of a sweet room sunders; O, mad tombs
shape deniers from satyrs
and a daisy dad-spume thunders after fingers

a river, shended, bends across seashores when
prisers of cheap ceilings dance till cold England
drops bone on wine; and curvers gut reasons.

when divine entropy uses sails for hands, then
wakers of wheat-fields
scar-break; and diners under yields use reels
to romanticise boats with women
La, a doctored owl pokes pig
La, a dotted sow soaps kid; and a named seal
drags dirt down

when divine entropy uses vales for hands, then
wakers of slept fields
star-shake deniers of lyon men; and fast women
drop all pregnancy

as we get seated in a lost tree, then coded Zen
must rot, just like crazed bees
as we get defeated, a nation of trees uses men
to widen wax into flowers
o a laden natron, oozed, scours a nut for leas
and, la la, a carrier of booze
lambasts decrial
and, la la, dragglers of pure soap sunder teas

where sylvan yearlings use old yoyos then
a droll drooled changeling
summons dust from evenings; and gold fens
get scattered across candies
and a baby bonce embodies sad kids under
blown fetes where men move


markets under tea-stalls sell cooky cake to lovers
o, parapets, under walls, sell nooky to raped fingers
and a bath at sea sunders deaths with reelers; and,
dune-defiled, a mother of myths
shows fablers to dreamers

where sylvan cherries glow, then choked pap
car-abuses moon-boys with eccentric sex-traps
and a laden monkey
laces apes to sleeves
and stoning dens weave skin from vein-caps

o a fathered amateur sun-smile uses heat to
lay dizzy waste to easy budders
and, cased, we lead family to burs when truth
comes scampering
and, la la, peasy paned blows suck rubbers
and, ah, me and mentalis cry after grubbers

markets under sea-stalls sell hooky cakes to a
dunging daggering coffee-caping seed-calf.

monstrous accusers of losing faiths heeds
a bodier of venal wine
o couplers with hooters use gins for weeds
and a babby on a mad line
uses a daddy drooler for a mind
and we see weird scenes inside the mind
o a fader in a dark boat
sails for death; and a local loser, spined,
hips to a jacked beat

where sylvan berries glow, what now for
a buttered space in a heart-race
but a rainy shamed world?
Ah, i have seemed all right with girls
but now my sense of earth has laced
eyers into rubbish

monstrous accusers of losing faiths heeds
a bubbler of renal brine
and a holy jammer of a mind-mine must
feed drizzlers to seasand; and dust
must surely writhe under sawdust when

cold hearts quake.

easy rubbish on a false hill causes hands to shake
o easy fists strike lost heels
and a dummy dreamer, dropped, use minds to
don cold anal plastic seals. And, glassed, drakes
sharpen harps when sky died

where sylvan valleys burn, then fatal wives will
surely sear a way to carve denial
and a stoney walk-way sinks tea into ice: drills
grow loud when men deck
such radios gals desire; and a dairy demon
washes caves in cocoa kits

easy riders of lyon litter force eyes to break
o giddy ghost-men scatter gorse
across saucers; and a lea-and-perrins sauce
cascades across a capsized table
and, made bare, a greying ocean guts apples

where dying galleries show false paintings then
all cool boys may look at the air
o crying red memories shower sinks with hair
and a daddy demon
shows cagy sirens to bafflegap and seasons

easy rubbish burns when gold dweebs snare
oatmeal and naked heirs
and a coded rubber-band carries sex to prayer
ah, a silly scissor-soul

snips dick as heart-limbs fall from blue birth.

where crying monkeries use a nun-bed for a mind
i use a dummy cruise to noose guns
la la, a roamer under Roman walks as he dies
and, with skin, i use a dummy dude for wives
and a sodden scream cusses dust with suns where
a lady-leaper leaps inside god's blind
o a lazy leopard lives for love
o a crazy leopard loves all God; and a nuker
serves burns to crisps

where crying monkeries use a gun-bed for a mind
i use a dummy dice for a knocked gun
la la, an aroma of lost men gives gas to summers
and, ah, where winters blow
then, paved, sweet parchments, slowed, crow for
ideal gals and boys; and eyers hitch hurtled moors
way back home, where loud songs are wailing

easy rubbish burns: an eagle under flights walls
a dizzy weaving eyrie inside the stars of balls
and we watch romancers
and we sadden as we cower beneath traders

O, a bastard egg gets shattering
O, a naked bed stops dreaming
and, once fried, a sunny egg-soup will savour
rockers of a smoked drum


easy locations where a fat mind feeds a fat head
must hereby end
o, hotels on the moon must, once burnt, shed
a naked motel across sold friends
and a naked pelt comes crying for gold bread
and bacon, case-blended, gets buried in lead

easy locations where a fat mind feels a fat bed
must hereby fold
ah, when mammy mentalis grinds reels, then red
mined urchins may well sunder piers and cranes;
and a laden heart-skin
must certainly breakdown

O, a bastard egg gets shattering
O, a masted egg gets spattering; and old friends
get together under chattering
and weevillers may well prance on darjeeling
and, soaped with cells,
we will canonise the killed

easy locations where a fat mind feeds a fat head
must hereby grind
all stiffening reins with kelpies and meat-plebs
uh a stationer whose hands tug lime
will get glowing just like a glow-worm glows;
and an easy father leashes cribs to wine
O, a buzzard, withered, stirs lamb into poo
O, a gizzard, withered, stirs beef into poo
O, a wizard, withered, stirs leaves into stews
and eyes, rocking, use towels to dab screws


the stirring study of a mindless earth will shout
across a female hand
o purring piggy whose rocking shot heeds doubt
comes layering pads with nannies
and we cough at men who lay waste to ladies

the curing tide aside lies gets led to god's doctor
and, once belled by pies, a cooker of porters
comes sindling
and a bended venal binding belts cellves to a
neon plague that cuts all breathing down

the circuting comic circus that murders clowns
goes riding on a writhing carousel,
and wicked woman weeps as she astounds
a cakewalk made from renal crowns
and a dizzy slipper-man grinds suede teeth
and a weazy snipper-man
guts a fatty guzzler

O stirrings of expended sex-youth must reap
a darter of a farter from ole legs and star-sheets
and a dingo double divan
goes writhing till tomorrow's sad wigwam
dams edams with fathers

these mallard days, slowly crying, must ram
a rathing wraith aside closed sea-drams
oo mallard glades glister
oo mallard trades whisper; and odes to Mam
meld mad martyrs into saline England

and gobby gassed evil gourami gulls ram
forced blitheness
into softness: a blinder, hashed, uses deaths
to serve dilators to sweet madness
and a jazzy jacker of sleep
and bladders under birds break sense up
for masters of moles and rat-guts.

ah, a stirrer of belly-prison snaps muck
across a crisscrossing station
ah, a curver of delicate sons takes suck
to burners of idols and hollow sluts


drain-pipes curse all rain: mad kids in a stormed plane
come cuddling birth with heroes
and a caddy caddis craft washes hands in ponchos

drain-pipes, enhearsed raise lightning from blue nooks
and, studded by a heart-horse, blinded dressage hooks
grey seizures from dads and epilepsy

o a cosy crooner crashes
o a juicy mamma flashes: eyelids count to ten as a
baker with a meaty beaker swills ox blood and champagne

the summer sun as failed: we use the gasfire all year
and, uh, a parader of vales
sunders shells with pretty snails,- and a holder of tears

races down to a mind-hocked sex-sea; and men fear
all of the livid dead: and fotal faces get pulled from tears

rivulets of fierce rain cram cloned clouds around mirrors
indolency, shaven, campaigns for gods in factories
and the Ides of crime sink caesars under comic leaders
and a doll in a spine
slinks across special wine: and a reflexive bone shivers

rivulets of fierce rain cram daisy guns around craze spillers
and, oo, a cat with a cane buries bionic murderers when
a dangerous mind-cockatoo sends iconic cunts to kettlers
and a mental star
cries for sweet rain

O, indolent instantaneous Aladdins snap a gut as stains
glow, just like lost semen glows
O, indolent indignant heart-cabins show veins to crows

anancee washes his spider-mane: truth dodges country
anancee gets gutted by gossamer arachnids
and, love-diced, a conic tapestry in dizzy halls use clothes
to grind mind-magic down to bitten pus

O, a spidered mite hisses in de meadows
O, rivallers, spiked, caress spheres when oddness robes
duke-damed shakespearoes in hot shadow: massive crusts
cause boned jeery moggy Man
to shower dogs with pure rain.

anancee washes his spider-mane: truth dodges counties
anancee crashes; and a tar baby found inside ole dairies
must swing for spun webby wolverines
O, we weevilise tides
O, we vandalise tribes

and cobra cosined fears drive madam macadam under
nested arms where termitic locust-fever
lays buddy mates across green genoas: closed thunder
lops a fearing fayreground with evil fingers
and a dolted evil-dive
gets fucked up by lumberers

O, we weevilise tithes
O, we candify soft cries: And coots sit on a pyre where
a lover of laddy Lot
snaps a book of Job from opened bedlam windows: hair
gets coated in rice when a woman with no blue hair
has to comb christ's false hair
and weepers weave wolverines from thinning mind-hair

infinite merry-go-rounds arise from spires underground
o, intimacy, slowed down,
comes peering into drowned sons
and as god's son fades, then deriders in the park march
aside darkening glades

infinite merry-go-rounds arise from fires underground
o, ole family scours Downs
and a fitting seizure-town causes empirical sea-sounds
to sermonise bodies with drowners

and this side of decay, monstrous heart-entropy will
send soft scissor men to caged long ladies fingers: hills
summon dogs from birds-nests
and a cat at sea uses guns to shoot breasts: cold dills
sink cables into thighs

i have come home today to find a diamate of a mind
made stiff with cocky veinous candles
and a daddy stiff spins ermine into angels; and rills
get stuck inside a sunset rill

drillers cum drooling
millers cum puling
builders cum stoning crazy masonary with spooling
ideal rectal walls
and a punctive mall hits to a bed as a god in a stall
shaves cunny salt-dry
and diviners of feelings stamp on closed darjeeling
and a wanker in the sky truckle across blue ceilings

drillers cum drooling
millers cum puking
burners set alight to nets when a dizzy mind-pudding
snips blue slippers
with haloers; and a bender in a blithe tomb uses kippers
to feed genius mice
and rattlers feed gaoled christ

and i will undermind a walker in a granary
and i will father-mind a small mumma's swift mind
and i will mother-mind all drawl

and senses take to weave a face from Agnes Eve
and frenching snakes cede stations to cased teas
and men and escort gather up the teas; and brawls

send defectors to wet sleep where a dolted arse
weaves a sweetener to wheat where a bolted mask
comes marrying mods to strange kiosks



copyright jdb 05/05/2021


work-in-progress title: This Fierce Earth Has No Core to Divide
1st draft poem then poem-song


this fierce earth has no core to divide
this soft verse has no law to despise
O a laden weekend sunders love with eyes
and, defined by men,
sweepers under weepers widen aside sky

this fierce earth has no core to devise
this mad verse hs no claws to revive
O, a laden weekend sunders god with knives
and a balded birthday shoots the rain

ah, a stirrer of belly-prisons uses pain
to cut deniers with two twinned hands;
and, la la, weepy wildness drops sand

this fast fierce earth has no core to despise
this hot latent world-voice
hastens to familial lies; and a daddy moon
sends starry suns to sleep
and, o, as weepers ride then eyed rooms
may well tauten

this fast fierce earth has no maw to deride
la, this dreaming mind-kingdom
sunders jacking jammers with treason;
and a boated farter, veiled,
grows, just like a baby grows

this fast fierce earth has no christ to arise
this shot biblical earth
has no fans to use; and gloves in skies
sunder nations
and a daisy mien nooses ole natrons
with a dizzy dummy bay

O, a pig in sow-jail has to use plums
to feed cattlers; and a dizzy plunge
has no fingers to extol
and a dippy dawdler sips on guns
and evil riders write across lungs


this pluperfect world when a lay down my head
has to listen to the livid dead
la la, when faces grow, then parents to ole bread
come sleeping
O a candy heart dons milk sweets
O a randy calf feels for silk when closed wheat
sunders cranes with cliffs

O, a cow in a bull-gaol seizes minds from heat
and, expunged, a doll wheezes
and, la la, idiotic mine-malls mine for sleep
and a motile brown hotel
hisses where a cavvy child gets killed.

this pluperfect world when i lay down my bed
has to piss across a dairy-cask
and, made salt, weavers of glass kill thread

wiveners of a wide child have to comfort all carrion
o, ripplers of a mind-child
has to jam dogs; and bowering smiles use ovens
to ignite burned cake
and, lacquering snakes, weepers shed limbs for
a driver of de fairies

O, a cow in a blue cage seizes suns from ladies
O, a crow on a nude stage
sizes naked rage as a bended horse-play raises
handlers of musk across old age
and, once minted, dramatics get treated by
holy blessed ebonies

wiveners of a wide child have to comfort all carrion
o, writers under storms
use bin-pens to strike pencil-fawns: And corn
gets ridden upon
and acid, stunned, causes mentalis to form

a planet of a puller from a greasy sky-storm

weepies must truss a crisscrosser across porn
o even dusk must trust
all sexy mind-heaven
and a lunging strip will hit god's feed as musk
goes home to a fishy field:
and a local hemmed horse gallops from seals
and a focal gemmed horse
whinneys as mares use hooves for hands

weepies must truss a crisscrosser across us
when a driver of Ma Mary dons gusts
from nude cloth
O, eateries, lushed, use moths,- and cups
mug-scatter beaky beakers with trapeze
and a latent fever
stops to love.

wiveners of wine-folks dazzle mucus with
phlangers of sculleries and navelled kids

weepers, washed, shed snow-tears
reapers, washed, spread snow-tears
idlers, crossed, tread snow-tears
and a bloody loosener
sends muffy eyes to a bed-blinder

O, a crow in a cowed cave uses robins
to send deniers to strangled grinders
La, a cow in a crow-cage uses fleeters to
send mammy sandals
aside bled shoes; and sad women groove


rowdy milked massed men taunt all hauntings
dowdy milky mad women
lead daddy fizz to gardens,
and a fatal heart sucks across grey garlands
o a natal ark
drags sex from Noah as de broken dark
gets walked around a false heart

weepers, sloshed, toast tandems when
dusty openers
get grown; and evil growth, gem-penned
must sunder owls with rafters
oh a dog at sea yaps at waving dancers
and a blower of beads

swallows too hard: La, a baker of leaves
sinks an antipsychotic in a cup of tea when
eager harp-harvests
slaver after wasped nets; and grey hens
lay false eggs

rowdy sylvan flowers shave ceilings from
diviners of easy glass graves;
and a maiden mine mines for skin trades
and a denier in a spark
sets alight to hangers; and wedded lays
use trays for hill-skiing

Ah,- as petrol enemies burn then naves
must surely suffer families
Ah,- as petrol plenuries turn, then gladesd
must surely father memories
and a laden owl hoots aside granaries


these soft days where i lay down god's lather
come sweltering for tithes
o these rolled days where i lay down god's laughter
must teem with giggling eyes
and a woollen slip raises hens from mushrooms
and a swollen lip
gets ground down inside blue glassrooms

Ah, as petrol faces turn, then fawkesfires will
send doctors to cured quack-sleep
and arches, slain, supper for naves as red hills
sunder groans with splinters
Ah, as petrol faces burn, then fawksfires will
send buried heirs to sad rivers

these soft days where i lay down god's father
come spitting across fear
and a fairground cross shudders when tears
flow, just like sweet wept rocks,
and me and madam macadam sear old feathers
and, bolted to cans, a silly summer's follies
send daughters to lost countries

Ah, petrol faces burn; oh a cattery uses trees
to star-topple fled forests from naked bees
Ah, petrol faces yearnl oh a family in leaves
lend canneries to the king's canaries; and teas
get well-gathered
Ah, petroleum loses ferns

these soft days where i lay down god's mumma
come spitting on blue rain
la la, easy blenders of swirled pain uses lovers
to send hateful villages far West
and a cat at sea uses dog-boats to shend deaths
and a carrier of closed decrial
feeds hooped suits to veinous penis-trials

Oh a local fotus feels after friends when dials
shatter; and weepers use larders to store smiles
and lemon ochres, noosed, feed off sundials


and we will put love's hair in bows as we ram a daisy down
across a muscle-town
and we will put love's hair in clothes
and we shall supper after dinners and fed clowns
ah a navelled liar, sundered, raises wrecks from pogues
and a naked reveller, thundered,
jostles across skinned ice
uh, a bedder, dimmed, countsdown to christs when rogues
seize epilepsy from grey fountains

and we will put love's hair in bows as we ram a diary down
across a pistol-town
and we shall sermonise the wickedness of torn sides: sound
rocks a poet's lungs
and, oo, as a painted fever dons quick-silver
then doomy deadeners, slivered, plug scissor-readers

and we will summon sickeners from navy blue watchers
and we will summon wipers from hot cold burners
and a bleeded guise
must blow arms wide where a candler leaps from eyes
and if at once maid alice
drops inside my time, then a weepy wynder will arise
from darters

Oh a focal fotus in a stream gets broiled under metal
Oh a fatal penis gets glans-gutted
and a fevering harness, scanned, drops rain aside a
medallion of blurred canny cheeses
and, la la, chicken creators shut veins within fleeces


this fast crisscrossing mad earth gives dirt-head to strangers
o masked blitherers, sad, grasp legs
and a modem in a bad dream connects vice to a ledge
and a massive spine-attack
drivels after heart-beacons
la la, a kosher candler sinks birthdays into vines; O, dread
comes crashing through life's frontdoor
and a lady leaper layers balms with whores
and, oo, as mazy leopards stir kids under wards then bread
wil get queasily succoured with ruby bed-spreads

and we will put cloves in a cat's loved fur: and odes to lead
will most certainly feed decrials to nodes
and a puller of plumers bell-sells cathedrals to toads: legs
come delimiting pure fire
o a laden latent man-fire abuses dirt as skirted sea-pegs
scatter bones across dummy tyres
and, laden with loss, lenders of birds to pyres dreams of
pitters of pugs and sun-glossed

mad mental criers; and oafish eyers glow as faces rock
romantic granite statues with odlers of demure star-cock

a clamorous petrifier of the old and slain sail for herons
a treacherous evil flyer
sends dirt to street-sleep; and whining snakes use syphons
to crow across a mire

and a dangerous dream-child uses death for munitions
and a dabber inside a file comes shooting up: gold missions
lead dragoners to mind-style

and a dada of a flying red flower abolishes sex with ribbons
o once upon a sweet mind, jazzy dressers get stolen from

under a lady moon, madam macadam seizes yanks from demons
underneath dunes, madam macadam sizes
a fat-bedded whisperer whose heated clothes taunt crisis
to come to a tawny milked sylph-streaker

the tilting cusp of a rainbow's ebb seasons souls with dustbins
the splitting cusp of a lunar dredge
silences spires with death's tread
and a naked boy-burn badges breasts with easy death
and, la la, mentalis sunders digitalis
and, ah-hah, digitalis walks on de necks of armageddon

the tilting cusp of a rainbow's ledge seasons salt with skinned
lady mons; and a venereal masted Venus
scurries across a red renal februs penis
and, oo, seagulls and agers and colostomies
cheer for a choked cherryade

the sunrise of the dead is always rising
the moonrise all abed is always rising
the star-slams of sworn bread is dying after purses inside
a devil purse
Oh some bacon in the yard has come to deal wine to cursed
body lichen;

and eyers, vision-tossed, set fire to blinkers; Lo, my hearse
is hereby fed to damsels whose pearly tweezers pick
pinkers from berries and father erse

chewers of figgy cake sell binaries on market-stalls
feeders of daddy cake
swell for snapes; and a dizzy dragonfly use rakes to
sell swellers to human hake
and a torn tench at sea sinks cods under vermin and
raiders of life's stench
snips a snapper from a female mind-bench;
and doomy deniers scrap after herons when watches
get fed to closed big-bands

chewers of figgy cake sell bunneries to chapel-drawl
feeders of mammy bake
swell for holy tundra; and a bed at sea uses crates to
sell bodifiers to burgeoners and steeled hooves:
O, once upon a mind, meddlers melt aside red crews
and bard jesus and His paphos cruise
dazzles bendy bagels with gunneries and nicked truths

as we float into our little town, defamers of locked nudes
come scrying at city lubes
as we gloat for our little town, inflamers dock a sky-screw
and a slicing wanderer
gets gandered under wintry summers
and a bleeder of a diced finger sends plummy pigs to
a soft space where the rain gets through

as we float into out little place, derangers of locking flues
come spiralling out to sea
as we soap mess down, derailers of cocking petrol-poos
abuse dirt vim; and a buzzy collonade rises under spewed
miraculous river-stains

as we float down an urban dream, then we devote gemstones
to a wishing sloane
O, once aside a mad moan, christ will raise his cellphones
and digitalise everything; and odes to stone drag for cranes
and easy briders bolt nests to killings

it perhaps has been said that illegal history is the truth
it perhaps has been affirmed that statues sleep on the roof
ah, it has been proved that mad men ride a saddler's hoofs
with break-neck cockerels
O, a damager of swift needles heat swelled tattoos with a
dicta of demure and decorous eye-campaign

it has been well-read that visual bibles will shoot champagne
with twixed hands: ah, a knighted rival will drink red rain
and a dizzy drammer
has to use a sex for a hanger while dromes drink strangers
and hissing hostels on hampstead heath

silence dodderers; and slaying doctors cure the crow-blind.

Copyright JDB 06/05/2021



work-in-progress title: About the Hazy Idiot Dead
1st draft poem then poem-song


oo the hazy idiot dead shear a dollar from a dime
oo a lazy crazy life
hastens to gloom and a bleeder of a wallah types
peacock poems about jay christ
and a dog of mime uses fires for angels as lights
get shot by heists

oo the hazy idiot dead sneer at a parlour as wynds
get force-fed to fablers
and a daddy on the moon season hands with peppers
and a sandalled sun, swooned,
defies ghosts with newspapers.

the rended rented candlers of denial loot champagne
the shended scented craveners of heart-trials
serenades a conic gun
and a sonic star-fire, stunned, guts eyes with wiles
and, all because impossible sons, a father to smiles

sends comets to sleep: o, a ladener drops grey tiles

the hags of whoredom send pipers to easy liars
the stags of whoredom send stabbers to cryers
and a whored stage
sunders berries with old-age
La, as we sunder kids then we use teeth for fires
and unforgettable sapphires
rende dogs from cat-rage

the gags of whoredom, shent, seize bags from lovers
the crags of whoredom, rent, size stags from fingers
and a dirtied mind-drum
sends braggers to hot sleep where a city in a gun
shoots pogues stone-dead; and pullers of heart-gums
drift away into rat-caves

and deifers, bended, empty nooses aside skin trade

oo the hazy imbecile dead who taunt a mad sky
come sundering ropes with thieves
oo the lazy intractable mien that bleeds love's eyes
must hereby send bleaters to de trees
and, la, a fatal insane horse adorns bees
and, ah, a fotal insane force adorns blue leas
and a naked fish-father
gets baptised by old dogs and coded cobra-keys.

the slags of Eden get scattering bell-seed as
a burner of semen slit a bible-soap
and a coda kingdom, ripped, rend visual gas from
spillers of pirates and dark stone
and, o, as mental musclers bark, then closed suns
get fed to fascinators
and a ruby bath revolves till aimless body-guns

shoot deaths stone cold; La, eyers peer aside from
a dogdayed feature film and cinemas eat drums

gabbling nectarous knife-throws dig after dusk
weebling dangerous christ-shows dig after lust
oo, a cablers bed-bow
has to tie hands to crows when coded eye-pus
peals a blinder from a slow gem
and walkers under suns shoot a lens inside dust
and stalkers of summer
send ripeners to fathers when fire jacks fingers
and a wallet in a mind
shoots cavvies with blue crime

gabbling nectarous house-flows dig after dusk
weebling dangerous god-blows drag ole cusps
from evil baker flowers
and an ideal fakir dons towers as naked tusks
get trackling aside jammed pucks..
and a faceless thumb delves for a plum where
mercant wankers mine for a fart of pure prayer
and easy shankers
suffer wives.

Ooo, these are the deaths of my life
Ooo, these are the decks of fish-christs: rice
gets shattered
and curriers of tatlers arise as burned mice
get sadly sacrificed

the magazines of a sex-dream drag hustlers when
a dangerous mod-screen shows musclers to men
ah, a bed in a show
abuse soft sleep; and, O, as we idolise chickens
then we suck on turkey eggs
and, star-shended, easy dregs dribble for ice
and, car-tended, peasy pegs scatter fern-heists
across mammy flowers

the magazines of a sex-dream drag pipers when
a dragoner of peace
uses mouth-fires; and gassers in de East extend
blind bellers to grease;
and a tanin tower topples pharoahs; and women
don weathered hearts

massers under syphons drop mushrooms
hectorers of mind-guns loot grey glassrooms
and a hawk in the rain
seize awakeners from grain
and easy bridlers, spun, gut space with rain


these haloed days of holy wine come rocking at my windows
these swallowed days of red lime
hip to a burgled beat
and, o, as wakeful cities bleat then fathers aside red heat
come sundering bells with rhymes
and, o, as hateful pities reap gems then easy fever-crimes
will surely make a pass at sleep

these haloed days of holy vines come cocking at my meadow
these gallowed days of cake-spines
abuses ladeners with neon bines
and a waking star shows demons to climes as crazy widows
drag dirt lakes for wheat

massers under pylons serve electrics to plagues as meat
gets beaten and left to dry
sky-high; and a nervy sky has to hiss where coded spies
define duke-dames and cherries


oo as insanity's fever adorns a mind-moon, then wives
will have to sire the dead
oo as insane old readers radio a loud room then slides
will have to die for bread
and a naked nucleus uses beds for levees
and a faked heart-bus hires kids from coach-berries

oo as insanity's fever adorns a star-swoon, then eyes
will have to smoke the ded
oo as inane mad riders storm a car-croon then lead
may well hiss as hipsters spread
pissy flaps; and a splayer of dead Mars
abuses tawny thorny doom deniers; and sex-dregs

set keen light to flamer whose funereal dad-drag
weebles after blue papers; and peeing crag-cabs
get hijacked by lady lepers
Oo, grinders of tides don pippers where cads
crusade for mammy scissors


the readers of spatial words get whirring under
a mastic souped purse
o deceivers, drugged, darkens horse-thunder
and a locust in a hearse
comes devouring crops where a lady brother
dollops spent dolor in a sea-curse

and a rival heart, lammed, drools for lovers
and a tiger-bark, crammed, drools for father,
and a world at sea gets laid
oo a dirtied damsel-git cranes across lathers
and a metaller of angel-ships
sunder after meddlers when ideal lips

cry for death's feather; and old red trips
stop for love where sadness shoot tits

the seizuring grande mal mind of a mad child
comes rasping after soft twine
and me and my bandaged rings will use de wild
to summon suckers from veined wine
and a wintry summer will forever entertain
a blue house where gas is burned forever
and a mouse at sea sunders beady boy-trains
to bar-travel where a loud inn cuts veins

readers of a spastic world get blinding under
statonary book-thieves
and a gaggler in a lift snipes after butters when
easy brighteners dream of sleeved
ashen shirt-bows

the seizuring grande mal mind of a sad child
comes rapping at god's backdoor
and the weavers of blood
sunder suitcases with mud where sun-grub
feeds a cake-brace to old whores
and a mirror found at sea
glowers; and rectal rapes get grabbed by
all filthy human claws

readers of a mastic world get blinded under
stationary rook-leaves
and a babbling casuistry has to use teas to
dune-remark about the distant past: ooze
loosens damagers
and a larking pipette pets a rattler when
glass-riders of dun nets dream for lovers
and, Oh, my proud world uses de blues

and a rival heart, crammed, uses shoes
and tiger-mark, drammed, roars for shoes
and melters, den-dammed, chill for shoes
and menfolks and starry doom deniers must
send body-sleepers
to dodgy heat where a dark mind uses tubes
to bus-travel into crust

pluming pushing silk-masks meld mice with shades
bloomers, hissing, milk-masks sad christs with braids
and a plaited bum, burned,
gaggles as bone-gigglers drum across a rude sky-tray

pluming pushing silkies meld mice with dead pomades
O, as lazy heart-lion lends dromes to blue bread: Maids
cause eager farts to crack all cheeks
and a gabbler, parked, dream about sheets

the dragons of the dead paint kingfishers across blades
and, cunt-entertained, a holy mind-mixture uses glades
to silence old boys in a belled Void

and as papers creep from dyslexic sleep swig ink-toys
then mamma Mary and Ava Maria will rend sex-toys
from winter-summer gassy sassy molten heads; O, ploys
get gutted where a manx-cloth turns around.

oo peepers whose mind-wanglers drag winks for buttons
hereby summon rocks from de evil Thames
and, lo, where london flowers, an easel inside soft phlegm
sucks a puking nut;
and a wakeful dream uses gut
to sew hearses to horses; and mutts reel across buttons
and a wanker aside decrial
wastes fast away

oo peepers whose mind-stranglers drag bins for mushrooms
hereby summon cocks from cochleas and blinded deaf-dunes
and a mind at sea
buries deniers; and an eaten sex-reservoir drags peg-plumes
aside ashy waxen hen-coats
and, once lunged, we weevilise genoas as green graspers

and me and madam Moon wander through love's tarots
and me and father Moon sunder
rocky cedars; and an engine out at sea cut bled shadow
and a candy crab gets cast across sea when a mad meadow
wishes on a fat murderous city trainyard: Ah, fatal mind-shows

stop to hear Life.

o as madam Naples dreams for liars, then burning sound
may well leash tar to pliars
and a nodding stain gets hidden by a photo as dyers
drag white skins across towns,
and a modeller of loss shaves bums cleanw when lovers
get crisscrossing for a parented swine-scrum

o as madam Naples dreams of tyres, then burning clowns
may well leash fires to de circus;
o as madams shudder, then dashers under gowns will source
a parsley spleen with Cerberus
and a nice and fine nuclear error lashes lights to eye-force

tishy teeners track sex deaths down: riders in a soft crowd
cash a careless lap across old towns
and men and fatal chaps crush saturn under mercury as
deniers of natal paps
tit-feed a silk maid with daffy traps

tishy teeners track sex quests down: bikers in a lost cloud
burn-buries ironing wives who dine in the marital dark;
and feelers aside tribes
get smashed by baby-brides
and weepy wax-floats shear tears from Guinevere's
bolted horse

tishy tossy turnarounds send beds to dreamt harvests
easy evil father-grounds delve pus where blue waters
spray coded soaking pylons across
a fast day-grave that leads men to flossed mouth-moss
and a bender city head
gets fed to the dizzy dead

tishy tossed child murderers leap from de Void as steps
darken stairways with chillers of sleet and snow-nests
and a layer of binders
strings a father screen across bled fingers and cock-crests.

at the edge of the rainbow's ebb, a dazzler of a mission
wills dead God to flower
at the end of the rainbow's ebb, a dazzler of a prism
wills dead Love to scour
a bleated snot of de hour when master meany showers
murdered show homes with birded city gnomes

at the edge of the rainbow's ebb, a draggler in prison
gets louted by blown cheeks and bumming summer-poisons
and a flask at sea
sends soft renters to cake-crusted funnelweed; and foisons
cuts the sweet jazzed space we tread

O, midnight comes for Banquo
O, mad christs spin for Banquo
and a hamlet in twinned hands shoot a sunday show
and a hairnet in pinned hands
scatters old moths across bled bees and fast bandstands

waders inside ant-dress use yoyos for personal games
waders aside antlers, fused, send ponchos to flames
and a daddy aunt peers inside a sprayer when rain
comes weeping down my windowpane
and Orion groans
and Aladdin moans; and a phantastic ghost at sea
cherishes bees with wasp-lovers
and, oo, as i count to two i utilise my earth for killers

waders inside ant-dress use pogos for personal gain
waders aside panthers, looped, send drives from skeins
and we see weird scenes in de closed coal-mines
and we sunder tiny teams,
and wakers of handled horses gallop till de goyals
come swerving
and in the antipodes, a naveller whose moggy cunt
shoots silly spunk
may well, junked, feed a luncheon to a lost monk's
cowled docked habit
and a leasing soul-leader rams hens aside giblets
and a damager of demure glass fires
sink statues where stinkers drag dips for granite

and inside a queasy army, a digger for planets
crashland for dromes and babby
and down comes the dead and, asped, magnets
glance distant attractions with emotive gannets
and, oo, we will soothe kids
and, oo, we must murder paed bits
and, oo, when sirens yearn, then serial lips will

glow, just like a theatre man should glow: hills
surrender to Job as mad willum saves all


copyright jdb 08/05/2021


work-in-progress title: As Blue-Sex-Tyranny Affects a Cocked Mind
first draft poem then poem-song


as blue-sex-tyranny affects a cocked mind
then feelers will surely feel
where dead memory cuts out: closed reels
will have to use pedals to poeticise a meal
with tramplered sea-wines
and a doctor to de day uses nights to
seal doom deniers in lazy rubella

and a native child whose head runs wild
masons after concrete smiles
and a nude old child gets
stone-cut from marblers of easy kecks


inside a merry dream, i heard pugs next door
watching over eagle-pie
o aside a cherry screen, i heard pigs in eyes
widening for denial
and a matching gal-top uses a circus for whores
and louted skin, spind, trickles as dad crackles

where sex tyranny affects a cockled bine
then chokers of burials
will surely rend a reddener with cold times
and a city body comes down to rest
within a tracking sky-gun

the idlers whose sleepy mind make-up sunders drips
will hereby shoot some clothes
o, stripers of dudes sleep for heart-cuts
and a dad at sea gets drowned under wave-sluts
and, la, as a sidler's slinking father
gets jacked by lovers, then cat-caved easy nuts
get swollen

the idlers whose sleepy soul shake-ups use muts
to celebrate cochleas and hornets
will hereby shudder
and a waking fig must serve lime to instant cups
and a major mine
digs for lost gold

inside a cherry scream, layers lead lads to haloes
and, oo, shadowers, spleened, heave
after spastic palisades; and plastic women fellow
falons and disaster


O, tonight i celebrate the very utmost darkness of my life
O, tomorrow, rented, will bury
dad daffodils aside choked cherries
and a bed at sea sunders dark berries
and, O, tonight i celebrate the very most sadness of rubies

the idlers of pulled times use shroud-fuses for bodies
the riders of belled times accuse mind-fixes of leading
bubonic bonnets to shadowers
and, eyed, sonnets swing for burrowers when ceilings
serenade dogs with clasped flowers

O, tonight i celebrate the very most madness of my life

and a wakeful world gets chained to pylons: christs
use hands for silk-milks
and a dummy on its sides dreams after green pelt:
irons use hot compresses with
a cocky coal-face whose magenta mine uses silt
to drag a duffer away from cribs

O, tonight, this earth gets done as gallowers car-tilt
across our vinegar lands; and we are boiling-built.

the diners who dine in the dark serenade a blown park
oo rhymers, stewed, send barks to green-sleep
and a dogdayed moon rends hearts
and a mouse-maimer shends hearts

the diners who dine in the dark weave sweet carts
with old-timed city horses
and an urban town accuse deaths of using hearses
to sunder the sides of sweet sparks
and, la la, these sparks of poet-fire will
move dangerous eyes to sleep

O, tonight, i will eat in the dark where my will
may well leave beer to dead relatives: criers will
storm stoney ricks
and, deified, lips shelter bones under pricks
and, certified, wicked melted stone-thunder
gives rise to lost arousers

a wakeful dialled world shuts all heaven in a
damsel's vaginal pussy
and evil words will curl inside a blonde car
and a nuking pulse, scarred, uses red guitar
to swerve across muscle


dusted gassy canoers get struck whilst drowned
crusted easy dad-sewers
hiss; and a queasy mad-driver uses red towns
to identify a china city from a killer

O, a laden ladybird uses spots for wings; and
eyers of baby-words glow like a fever
Ah, as fatal soft birds sing no more, then sand
will certainly send grey thunder to lost England

dusted gassy canoers get sucked from islands
La la, a vaulted ram gets milked
La la, assaulters, scrammed, uses sea-slams
to harness mates with bad silks

and we get abused by angels where rilks
get happily hanged by ravers and air-lips
and deifiers of chickens slave closed hips
and weevillers use family dust
to bury weavers aside laddies whose hands
grow, just like evil growth grows.

ah, a nuclear foam-hammer hits bods with
riveners of blather-boys
ah, a nuclear stone-stabber rips bods with
written writhers

although saint peter ain't real, heaven's doors
will surely sacrifice bells to wards
and a painter in a cloud reads about moors
and northerly riding yorkshire horde
come stabbing bones around ilkley?

dusted grassy canoers get fucked when drowned
and ancient lakes, split, get mucked
with swirling canals
and a loch in a stream dazzles camels as
old lost townsmen
cry forevermore

ah, confectioned bummer wine drinks glass
ah, defectioned summer swine
serve holy birds to riddler's wine; and masts
carve-raise blue sails from jammy jack-masks

these widening mind-words sky-write for dusk
these crying wet mind-words
blossom into debt as crawling snake swerves
across erectioners

ah, nippy blood nipplers raid kites as nerds
dream of porno-england
ah, clitty-blood-pickers raise pints to verves
and a city in a crashed lift
loosens lady mess from crazy cavvy nerves
and a bath at sea
uses soap for tea; and idlers sidle for curd


the ideal ogler of this lonely moon has to extemporise
ashen riders
o evil ogres, slammed, wave arrows at closed cryers
and an eagle-motor uses its eyries for loaved liars
o ideal oglers of this lonely room have to kill tiles

these widening mind-worlds sky-write for babby
these sidling heart-worlds sky-write for daddies
and a motile motel drags hands across daisies when
ideal hissing hustlers
dream about late evening

the ideal oglers of this lonely gas-room has to extemporise
waxen mad fingers
and long female fires use sparks for fondlers
and, oo, when king-coned queenies abuse car-robbers
then radiophonic sadness
comes sundering boats with sweet madness

these are our widening days when we speak to rainbows
these are our slithering mallard days
O, as woollen brainstems get screwed, then bolognese
may well scatter bones across porn hatchers

these whirling disgraceful words give head to butchers
these whirring pinioned words
grow just like evil growth grows: La, buddy-lechers
loop de fast loop where angels flow

away, away, away..

these are our mallard days: these are the birds in graves
o, when chanters chant, then fablers under curd slay
a breaker of a nut with
drinking demons sea; and alarming clock-men stave
an naked occident with petrol pride
and a splayer of plait-pits drive starfire under tithes
and, once upon an english mind, darters inside tides
come spar-whaling a shouter of true men and de cock,
and we shall be the shouters of the rocked

these are our mallard days: these are the words sex
abuses; and a bastard binded tree
cornices old king lear from earrings and dead T Rex
and, loaved, sparklers, poem-found, dresses teas
with rubicund anorexic ponchos,
and a bed at sea
gets drowned by wee; and a splitter of kecks heave
fast thick hands from collonaded evil child-seed

o these whirling disgraceful words give heads to a
bludgeoner of a caker; Oh, woollen kids use Mars to
serenade plastic plumes with naked weathercharts;
and god comes easily to Banquo
and gob comes dizzily to sad mallows; and hearts
get scattered across daddy
and, la la, a martian piggy buddy rocks swift darts
and, la la, we may dine in the radio dark
and, la la, we may dift from skin when closed marks
dress a draker of a foresaker in blinded red-parks

these are our mallard days: these are the brief gals
and brief girls sally clays with buggy medals as hills
get walloped just like a fatal asexual whipping pony
and, la la, pony tails drink to statue-sails
and, o-la, as timers split in two, then loud Wales
must come back home where music is delayed


oo as mad magnesium rotors spin the quartered hour
then madam potassium, baited, may well devour
the meddlers of suns and stars,- and a cakered flower
grows as she falls
and a baker of shawls dam necks with grey halls,
and a scanner on a hill eats toffee under cold drawl
and, man-miked, a rat eats bodies
and, hand-spiked, a cat eats birdies from stalled
chapeline mad god-fathers

and as mad magnesium rotors spin the slaughtered hour
then madam macadam's heart-motor
has to caress tar; Oh, a driver of coaters uses flour
then bastardisers of keen church-sales
come illegitimising a canny splitter of elder-veils

oo as a magazine in some blue plaits drone for dirt
then a mother to sexual husbandry will suffer skirt
and madam mamma Naples
will serve dudes to charts where torn clouds hurt
a dazzler of daffy dunes and navels

as microphonal fannies fend for diamate then
birchers of deniers slice crows from bitter hens
and, once de-crowned, sacred snows cut gems with
bedragglers of slain harp and modelling porn-kids
and we are the porn-kids
and we always move for the cut bits?


arrowers in smashed light shoot a curry mane
gallowers inside mad night shoot a hanger's skein
o a dazer of eye-crabs delve taxis for easy pain
and, sodded by labs, cochlea in crash use veins
to extemporise sidlers with deafening blind-trains

arrowers in crashed life shoot an indian brain to
sacrifice dated fever-feathers to death's blue snood
and massing modem-men
scatter a bled sun across cellular DVDs, and tubes
get shoved directly up god's false nose

and, pealing, sapphires inside darjeeling will move
heated wet-blankets under wives whose power moves
rectal black flowers to superhuman darksome dudes


disablers, stunned, drive push-bikes in red rain
dividers, gunned, cry about puss; and dead rain
must always gut the space we tread
and, oo, signal syphons abuse sweat-breads
and we have seen pylons come shedding rain
across bleeders
and, oo, disablers, lunged, drive piss-bikes inside
radiophonic sadness
and, paved with sexlessness, a drover of madness
extends blue pictures to milky mind-baptisms

and waivering wolverines spit pure dog-dust as
dolters of lost religions cause prayers to delve glass
oh a severer inside gardened claws
gets rampaged adown canine ferine feline dawgs,
and riders of bruised rain command god's picture.

o i may well have to use my riddle-reel to extend a
blower of a mixture to tickly oatmeal; and blue stars
must murder soft vales
and, massed inside de dales, a naughty moor-car
must volley bilberries till dead

o i may well have to use my riddle-reel to extemporise
a nudist valley
o i may well have to abuse my riddle-wheel with
ashen oaks and tyburns and cold pines: vast pith
comes serenading vital suicides

ah, once upon a stripped mind, eyers yearn for cries
ah, once upon a ripped mind, cryers yearn for ties
and, o, all of god's statues, penis-wiped, must arise
across battlers of penny chews
la la,- a hand in a box petrifies the deaf with rude
scarf-bitten floated blindness

there is a lost tale told about ravellers on roofs
there is a lost tale star-told
by false men and the cities under rolled gold
and, oo, where faces stop,
then wiveners of stasis cops a dummy gun with
outstretched jams that spread cherry-rock

and ideal fazers fade out from public lives as grids
come staring inside a hollowed sun;
and, spirit-scried, a moaner in a drum uses rigs
to fasten toilet maces to fascinated candle-guns

and the oars are raised: a fleeting glimpse of summer
comes sirening after bruised eating winter-minxes
and a bolter under tombs turn cocks into fixes: feathers
weep as porn-pigs palm-murder
a panting painted river; and rising riddle-reels use pleasure
to cause bum-juices to sail across defiled smiles
and pubby dive-juices cause drunk hens to drink pleasure
and the blenched oars get raised
and the blorted policers whose sad gob mouths no tears
come dripping for a crisscrossing ladener of salt-fears

these are our mallard days; O, a bejewelling burnt cavatina
lends dodgy drape-dazzlers to a fawned melt-moon
and these aged verse-plays
seasons doomy deniers with sodden baked verse-parades
and, lo, a madam on de stair
uses dreams for Eve and Adam as rifflers inside pure hair
cause hired combs to creep from out high windows.

as antlers float down deery fallow spheres, then men

and de beeches make no sound



Copyright JDB 09/05/2021 


work-in-progress title: Lo, a Keen Uncanny Car-Crash has to Survive
first draft poem then poem-song



lo, a keen uncanny car-crash has to survive
o a dream, made hard, dollops sleep where
elisions are made in a foreign wheel-mind
and a daddy moon dreams for vanned hair

as antlers flow from dead deer, prayer gets
smoothed with fat hands;
and farmers, pigged, don daisy islands
o a keen uncanny car-crash uses wrecks

to summon piers from sea-sanders; Oh,
once upon a mind in a lost grove, oafs
came dipping moggy frets aside loaves


and i must flow across a dead bible-Nile
and i will show
a burn to a crow; and easters under clothes
use sweet eggs at Xmas;
and a bibler, spread, uses gods for flowers
and, la la, mentalis, made analogue, roves
across daily scissors

as antlers flow from lost deer, sweet tears
will certainly move meadows under spheres
and, o, a technical engine uses star-fears
to swallow rice from vines

and i must flow across a red bible-mile
and i must shower beds with grey files
and, oo, as a daddy's dreadfulness riles
a gaffy brain-pile

then easy eastend riders wreck sundials

lo jeery cheery cherry-caves use hands for berries
la la, easy peasy berry-blades
use a softener's trades to abolish factories; La,
a sunderer of skins
fuses suede from limbs

lo jeery cheery cherry-slaves use dams for ladies
la la, easy queasy marker dudes
shoot disaster stoned dead; and coded rubies
cum sundering spind winds with

ferine feline dog-dazzlers; and brands break

and i must suffer fast diamonds: where a dummy boy
uses fasts for a face
then tawny buddy space goes crying for lost toys;
and a naked feather
falls to death's fingers where a bantum at sea heaves
salt across flowers

lo easy cherry naves use a chapel for a nut
and a vacant cut
gets sharpened by ducts
and a wallah in a stream gets drowned by muck
oo a biddy mad meadow child
loosens prams

la la, i will suffer ransoms where closed fuck
goes mush, mush, mush: and drinks take suck
from titted teeny sweet cusps


ductile, a smoky raven on a cliff gets fed to slaughters
o messy missile-gardens
accuse dogs of eating raisins
and a house at sea uses heat for youths in trees
la la, a doctor with a hard-on
drops mamma across a nest of guns

ductile, a smoky hymen gets scuttered: gum
gets sucked by pylons
and a dizzy farm uses ovens to cook lungs
and a waker under onions
drops caves across sermons when drummers
noose de sally army

ductile, a smoky raven on a cliff gets fed to proctors
o messy nestler with no hard-on
gets sent to dizziness
and, o-la, where emeralds float then easy guns
get shot by hanged knives

a season on a lost hill sunders salt raiders

reasoners of madam tar drag droplets across mad smiles
treasoners, saddened, drag doctors for healed dials
and a fairy gun shoots a gentle moon
and a dairy sun starts to star-fade
O, a lairy suit gets rotted
O, a lazy coot gets glutted
and a vein at sea gets gutted
and, robed, angel-nets noose a lover with soft soffits
and, made gold, yawning endless tears
will flow, just like rocks flow; and scissor-beers
use a naked cross for a Lie

reasoners of madam tar drag droplets across mad smiles
tawny keepers, in scars, drop a magnet aside grey tiles
and a lino-bed
comes suffering beads in flawed bed
and a mirror on the moon must shine, shine, shine
ohh, a naked civil gasped boy
comes serrying lakes with toys
and a mental cigarette has to puff cum when mines
came mining for a farted coal-ploy

once upon a mind in a mad world, eaters of minds
buried burners inside choked berries
ah a quartered bride pops rapists across ferries
and we sail as we fall and flail
and we rail as we crawl and fail; and closures
get dammed by darlings?


biblers whose sense of holy sex has sinned use rectal hearts,-
o riders, under beds, grope for dreamers
o cryers, thundered, resound like fingers
and we tap liquid boys whose eyers rend ole swingers
from microphones that bleed a bad song: cold dreamers
get car-painted

biblers whose sense of dolly sex has spind sucks darts
and, once moved, a cardial lover hisses
and weepers shed creamy pus
and reapers of sinkers get flashed down city-crust
oo a fanger in a fang-dangled filmy cinema
heaps safety curtains where dominions drop desire

deadliness shines like a lip as dragglers of fires get
shown to a fist in a crashed cooker
and, la la, when we pee in a cooker
then we lay looseners to torn rookers and fondlers
O once upon a token mind
heartedness, scrummed, drag garlands from spines

biblers whose sense of holy sex has sinned
may well sunder penis-studies
and, swelled, bummer cheesed cunny-stories
have now found their unicorn dudes: odes to mary-marks
hire a fatal markerson whose focal harem
sinks its twelve-inched quiff inside god-headed parks

La La, i espied red radio ramming noise down charts.
left to a silent slumber, my wakeful fitful mind gets fired
from all dreaming work
left to sunder pillows, my parlatious pitied mind-mire
goes wallowing under passion;
and a diviner on the stair swallows demons
and a divider of easy hair
gets combed across the whole wide West
and a dummy gin-gun shoots riflers with spires
and a dunny spind sun hoops headpiecing pyres
with a caged winter-wand
and statues on granite ponds get shattered.

biblers whose sense of holy sex has spined christs
will shend a coffee valley with extended candle christs
and a cup of tea hurtled down dipped alleys
will rock a rotted summer with wintry volleys: Oh
a lantern acts just like a lighter
Oh active rats, snapped, ignite bubonic rivers: Oh,
we hurtle into town as bad crow on its bonce rolls
sonar pylons aside madam Rose
and ashen brides, made gold, divorce all souls.

left to silent slumbers, my wakeful fitful heart gets
retired to dogs
and a cavvy cat-child washes wives aside ole nets
and fishy fascinating lashes
get widened by grey wrecks; and, O, dead rashes
abuse a penile thief of coming home;
and god's bath at sea soaks a soaper with a bone
and, oo, me and master dope
hiss across skinned ice
and, la la la, ideal robbers rotate till glass-rope

gropes for Aladdin; and stampeders use yolks
to separate lamps from egg-folks
and, ahhh, a dire diamond drags for cold dope


there are subconscious radios here: here there are
old mad movies made up from fear
o the vastness of a sea-slut uses tears to cut hair
and a bodyer of evil cinema
comes crossing after perms; and weavers stare
directly at pinned sex-fluff
o, a father to false leaves lend Zion to waters
o, a Leda whose swan-sleeves defend muffs
then ferny creators of kinemas and grey guff
will sell dilators to filthy neon razors

there are subconscious radios near: here there are
old mad babies made up from mind-air
and a babbler in grave-cuts give head to prayers
o a balder of blind slut
heeds deafening film-fuck; and a host at sea snares
dizzying deacons from veined fields where fayres
come feeling up the carousels
o a blinder, shut, drives drivellers where candles
cup a sinking wick-head inside a sea of angels

we may well grope for Aladdin, because fear
rubs a naked sex-lamp
o-la, a tiddler on its own sunders fishy cramp
and kindlers under tramps tock about fire-franked
suburban surbitoned Paladin
la la, a sirening bed of coal gets mined by stamped
abolishing drifting cage-cramp

i idolise a soft northern day when eyes waste away
the modellers of veined snows come building charms
with naked starry frets
the coddlers of staining crows
get cawing at the park with green alms
and a delver of money spends in excess five foreign pounds
and the writhers in a tall net
come teetering across a loud sea-farm

modellers of venal carrion clothes get swirling underground
renal barrowers, shent, come wheeling fruit and veg around
the active balms of a ghost-barn
and a cattling cowler in lemon-balm
gets cuddled inside twinned warring towns
and a bath at sea sinks bellowers aside neon clowns

the coddlers of dirty copsters dress crimes inside Downs
the gobblers of flirty champers dress dives aside Downs
and, oo, as we fall from rest
then we we shall feed the dress of one zillion girls
and dogs eat marzipan?

diggers of delis capture fires where kingfishers spin
across a blue sail
o riggers of bellies, shot, get puselled with spun sin
and a dragooner in the dales
gets fed to welsh pools as a holy celt lives for vales
and valvers of washed pools
give loud oceans to spastic fawns

diggers of delis capture pyres where kingfishers spin
across a nude tail
o rippers of babies, shot, get musselled by gray winds
and a dog in a cavern
sunders cavvy men with twixed lambadas
and, oo, we bask on the cliffs and we murder slits
and, shaken, a flask on its side fatalises a murmur
and we hear murmering on Mumblers Hill?

o a taxi cab gets hired by swarms when old drills
get fire-led to spies and sky-storms
and an abuser of god's sky-writings has to star-fill
doctors of pure glass with easy mills.

darters whose days will end in a shower of grain
will hereby get field-assaulted
diggers whose nights end in flour will cook rain
and a vulture on the field
comes rotating gels across nurseries: pain
sends sex-renters to veinous shadow: veins
get grasping
and, oo, as valleys burn, then digital spy-stains
cry and cry?

o darters whose long hard evenings get murdered
must hereby write a false note to the Queen
and, star-plied, mites sunder chairs with murmurs
and a dog on a dad-throne
glisters as he barks then quakes: O, bluesy bone
grips to glitter

o darters, damaging jive, give bread to the mirror?

fatwas, sent from christs, serve gods to gobblers
tissuers, send from midnights, blow moaners: baths
get diluted by alien painted shadow
and weavers of tides rend spasic windows from hearths,
and, oo, as we moon to a daughtered hour
then we will have to admonish a latency inside birth

fatwas, sent from christ, serve cods to cudglers
listeners, sent down mikes, serve clogs to couplers
and, pissed, a wolf with a tangerine will varnish drapers
with conical faces

oo. a daffy horde of daffodils will reproach skinned stems
with dufflers of sucky slippers
oo a faffy brawled sea-stone-bills will reproach strippers
and a fawny barren bastard female-dripper
has to force her shitty tit-mask with bared blue-zippers
fatwas, sent from christs, serve gob to gabbing clippers
code, rent from stripes, topples the road to messers
and, o, violent messengers stop the world

dicky dodgy mental dictators abuse dorms as pushers
peer inside a camera-rizla
dicky dodgy metal star-razors secure doors to fevers
and man who has his born-plague
come sundering sails with the darkness of reapers
shovels dog-dates aside molten milk and sleepers

o, a coddler of a prayer seizes fans from cold cedars
o, as pines and elms damage edams with gold
then softening tyburns, rummaged, seat the old in
a canny candifying evil cradle: and a starry gym
gets glowering.

dicky dodgy mental dictators abuse dawnbreaks
with cagers of cripples and nuked disease; and lakes
get rill-riven with a purple pomade and an aged rape


these are my mallard days: these are my ballad staves
O these are menstrual mind-turrets that leash blue blades
to extraordinary brain-flights, and torn yacking shoes erase
the winters of blue countries
and, bended, eyes glow as purple vision strangles weed
with furling chemic-nodes
and easterly arising rodeos slap a mast with a sailed
northerly colliding clay-moon
and weepers use wigs for runes as bardic bullies swoon
across slaving slide-boarded kitchen dunes

we lever ghosts with instant ignition
we feel for hosts of instant missions
we level a demure boat with evening-trees
and, rended, motel soapers swim the bathing seas


copyright jdb 12/05/2021.


work-in-progress title: C/O a Marching Mien-Hen?
first draft poem then poem-song


ah, lots of lilting sun-stewed fruits are hereby fed
to aliens who starve for the people
la la, a soffit under blue glues defines red steeples
and a radio rodeo
hisses; and a coded crayon uses pens for meadows

ah, lots of lilting star-mooned suits are hereby fed
to aliens who carve cock for de people
and a radio shadow
kisses; and a coded siren uses men for haloes

and a lyncher of the dead clamber up from bed
and a wivener of the dead uses loos for stereos
ah, a marching mien-hen


ah, lots of lilted sun-stewed fruits are hereby fed
to easy reapers of the dead
ah, lispers under star-stews use guns for bread
and a motel-home gets crashing under gnomes
and a laden father uses gnomes for ores

ah, lots of lilted sun-screwed lutes
don salt guitars

o, lose-all-boys, shent, cut grapes from mirrors
o, lob-lolly-boys, bent, cut apes from livers
and a dog at sea
comes serenading blue trees
and iconic mind-shallows abuse salt-riders
and coptic mopers die as wide gal-eyes

get fruit-moistened.

ah, lots of lilted sun-stewed fruits are hereby fed
to mangy mouthing women
ah pots of tilted sun-screwed roots are misled
by eyeless rended children,
and a body-burn uses hands for women as devs
cry forever

ah, lots of lilted sun-stewed fruits are hereby fed
to magic ravens cawing under lead
and dilators of denial use a candle for weather
and a father to the mind
gushes; and a laden garden-cop arrests time

with two chewed police-brigands; and eyes
climb aside salt waters

ah, pots of lilted sun-stewed fruits are hereby fed
to gluey ape-men
ah soffits, lagged, get spewed from cars: o, bed
gets vinegar strangled under roaches and hens
and, oo, a lisper who pukes fruit-phlegm sends
a dangler to roaring wet-chains

ah, pots of lilted city-screwers use cars for breads
and a snaffler of deniers
scar-estranges molten villas with banging gems
and, ahh, a dog under quivers
gets fed to pugs where ale-houses, guttered,
blow bowers with sweet thumbs


ah, lots of lilted sun-stewed fruits are hereby fed
to cockerels
ah, pots of pelted gun-glued fruits are hereby fed
to packaged sea-gulls
and, o, as seas and agers drain tanks, then skulls
must ignite a salt-beer with rectal hulls
and, oo, lots of moony sweet wrens use devs
to swerve across mental monkeys
and, la la, as mango wurzels don keys then dregs
must swallow sleep

ah, pots of spillers drag fished nets for meat as
a daddy damseller, hagged, guts wards with glass
and, O, as beer-spined braggers snore
then dreamy pillow-hordes may well sky-store
easing gaming mind-broads with cellars
Oh, when all eyes sleep, then we use rivers

and eyers get ironed now; and faces shan't shine.

ah, lots of petted sun-stewed fruits are hereby fed
to ole eagles
ah, plotted pool-plum, bummed, dons easel-lead
and a bag at sea
uses saps for sleeves; and a banging star-shine
bleeds sex to nothing
and, shended, easy rubbings use hands for wine
and, extended, salty grubbings use wands for brine

ah pots of evil pissers cause vans to extemporise
the udders of a fat moon
and, oo, as we screw looms, then a mine-tune
gets revelling aside blowers; and dead cocoons
must send butterflies to easy moth-rooms
and, la la, a fatal heart comes crying after doom

ah, losers, layered, cups tits where defectives
shit-bloom across milkies and anal quaystones
and a giver of crops send sands to grey bone
and a rider of slop sends scans to red stone


weavers of starred fruits use cans for levers
o easers of carved fruits
dollop bum-ice across roots; and old fevers
get gallowed as hanging newts
scathe dead efts with plungers of sweet-coots
and, ah, as snafflers swig brut
then a canny cager of pigs will don loots when
danglers, in rivers, come seasoning hips with
wept dons and bitumen

ah, lots of slitted fruits may well die out now
ah, pots of pitted suits may well don pears now
and a daddy mind must listen to a grapevine
and, sawn, slowers of lust glistens
and, stormed, crowers of musk listens to minds

O, a lover of Zeus-Leda sails a white pond where
dazzlers, drinking, drown inside a bright pond's
and wideners in shrinking sink daft sails: o, hair
comes comforting the Fall
and eremetic herpetic sores scale a dead mall.


lo, what with mucky sticky fruits gone falling down a cunt
then a modeller of toffee shoots
hastens now to this stewed void; and waiverers of junk
get crying and crying
and, wetted, wound spying takes secreted photos: ceilings
feed fruit scribes to rainbows
and, oo, at a rainbow's ebb, a fastener of daddy dreamings
cascades across a loaned flower

lo, what with muddy dicky fruits gone falling under lunch
then a rodeo ripener
feeds false crows to sharpeners; and a dogdayed father
gets car-shielded with naked navels and stomachers
and a rich pig glowers
and a witch pig glowers
and a naked body-shower drags swift ice for figures

lo, what with dizzy cunny pears come weeping rivers
then a dummy mummy gets wound in clothes: melters
cup defectives in twinned hands and
coteries of spun skins expand sands to England, and
eyers of featherers use swifts for thrushes and
extensive meddlers fuse lips to brushes.
once upon a mad mind in a dark hold, masoners had
drum-dreamed about junked fish; and easy sea-crabs
come crying now
about adolph and his mad benito crowd,
and a masser under lips drag drizzlers from shrouds
and, Mars-mashed, weepers whistle
and, car-lashed, weepers cuddle guns

and once eyes have defined cudgels, then blue suns
get shafted by red lenses and subhumans: O, nuns
glower on the first turning of the stair
and, cowling, nuns flower on the second turning of
an elaborate moon
ahh, a coded kindler of spoons uses glands for gods
ahh, a loaded riddler uses looms to sew forced pods

Lo, what with dizzy cunty carers of crazy pyres
come sneering at celled salt-snarers
i will hereby smell a stilled rosebud as coded fires
ascend from bluesing city-flarers
and odd neon nudes get bended under fingers
and soft urban screws
get dick-fed to braziers

once upon this banked mined mind, i entertained
dusted demons with red barns and hot red rain.


o, what with fascinating lips in the backyard, i shall forever
send sweetened sex-trips
aside wellers of plum-pits; and stewers of tulips, severed,
must lead a sunny gym to a fatal spurt PE horse
and a driver of blonde winds
cracks all human cheeks where, spind, a dogdayed lever
prises bunny cracks aside nine limbs
and a spider on a mat weaves fascinated web-skins
and, oo, idle gummy gossamer sends wasp-stings
underground, where bad sounds are blaying

o, once where eyes have refine bubblers then earrings
must surely wash ivories and seared ebony weavings
and all skins are keen to learn
and all dreams are keen to turn: And ladeners yearn
after daddy drives
and hedonists, writhed, wreck salts with soft permed
nude-natal face-firms

and we scatter cigarettes across a crisscrosser: drams
get raised to the toasts of edams,
and, oo, as green ground genoas send peas to dams
then burblers, spleened, scour a ballet for hand-stands
and, lyon loaved, mental mournful valets
abuse a dirty vein:
as dated valley cries get lobbed, then corbaners will
rend daffies with rain.

o, what with fascinating lips in the backyard, i shall forever
guide a plastic parcel into wicked letter-bombs
and a cockerel, just like sex-stone, uses sons to shiver
and a tabler, covered in sex-bone, uses guns to sever
giddy goosy ganders,
and bald vans sunder a loosener of bridlers in livers
and stolen rams rotate across a nooser as spind seizures
feed evil nephilim to illegal kiddy candying esoterics


canners inside gal-cameras have to heed the west wind
rammers aside gal-cameras have to seize the west wind
la la, a cat in a tower listens to grog as madam mind-wynd
goes bathing in a spended screen

canners, clamoured, seal ole gates across grapes: Lunch
gets lynched by boys and fatal jumps
and a hotel in the moon splatters trunks across blue munch
o, once upon love's mind, a doctor to jesus cut monks.

the shatterers of saturday-sunday grip to sonic punks
the believers in a greying moaner grave
cuts an idelible necklace with bald tea-trades; and spunk
comes spiralling under Babel

the shatterers of xmas-easter times gasp for yuletide egg
la la, a fotal mumma car oozes wee-wine
la la, a fatal dada car is fuelled by edible shit: And spines
grow into a voluble mind-cancer; and dragglers use rinds
to cleanse all sex darkness

O, a rat in a hen's egg gets cut up as a mole in a den
carries halls to naked city sky-pens,
and we will sky-write
and we use a dyke to force killers into ditches: Spite
has to lose all wild loves

and ole dying ingenious gaga gets led to green mice

aside the hunted dead, a sleepy veined spiral spreads
dolly wings with dolly mixtures
agh, spun cribs get raided by pictures
and, lammed, a kissers star-slay circuits: o, plebs
cause evil tory blue jeans
to sunder gob with margarine

and a clapper of a city-gun widens wolves when
hollowed haloed egits
get stampeded: La, a solid mind sells gibbons
to fotal prides
and a washer seen deep inside uses salt-slips
to sunder de woollen gal-meat; and horders

crash through lemon doors as easy sea-orders
damage ears with blind spheres
and a cavvy kid gets water-fed
and a caging kid gets mortal-fed
and a raging pig gets bobbin-fed with bruised tans

chinese sweet and sour oils lease ripplers to takeaways
o mental heat heeds rice-toil
o a moon-maimed easy pistil flows from a lotus
and cabby boys, chewing fed soil,
has to furnish dogs with moils

as a clapper of tongues dreams of death, then de crocus
comes sheeting hissed ghost-ice; and deadeners coil
around a dairy circus
oh, as faces flash for woodlice, a native female locust
glues doomy dolls to de walrus

and i have gleamed all night
and i have glimmered all day: And faceless heart-loss
gives buried tongues to fatal coffees
and, lo, down in the coffin-valleys, sweetened christs
get bell-pinioned by losers
lo, a bed abused all morning send creators to groovers

ah, a naked whistle gets blown across ferine spooners
ah, a wicked missile gets thrown
and, wrenched, a baby blue-throne wash loam
inside a damager of blood-dreams and sloanes

draggled by feverfew a boy who sails home
must offend neural castles
and, slain by birds, a bickering hasped dome
gets peed upon
la la, handlers of daisy chrome snip mussels
la la, scamperers, shot, open a forced shop
and a sweeper under kodak uses lenses to issue
dummy dead-slaves

draggled till mitres end, a bagger of fungii
gets fed to vinyl; and a droppler whose tears appear
as cold as the clays found under countries
o-la, a drinker in a glade drains blue meths dry
o-uh, a shrinker in de grave
hears vaulters sundering plebs with pastry tithes.

drainage, dropped, seals heart-reels in socks
drainpipes, clothed, heal star-weals in cocks
and an exigent mask-room
comes shovelling masts under golden tunes
and we go wide as cellves rocks
and we get wived by wintry crocks
and an easy pealer dons mental sleeves when
idioms of pure petrol get dammed by butter-gems

O odd eyed madam moon gets her fish too soon
O god's slides, macadamed, gets used by tombs
and a dolly in a maze
gets led to spindled rage

bum-begging ties vinegars to a blue cage and
evil biddy blast-rooms
cherish soaped cocoons: And, salt-spoons land
expensive griddlers as human gutters cut cans
with sisterly anointing ferine green shutters
and a daddy marsh wallows under gutters-,

as ashen radioed porn-chicks use de best bits
then eager censors must find a way to cut clits
from rainbowers of mystical grinds
and we fasten faults to tragic skulls and wind

downly down


Copyright JDB 13/05/2021


work-in-progress title: LOOKING?
first draft poem then poem-song


i was not looking while i was not cooking
peering through your parapet-
baby, darling, my eyes get wet
lady startling, blind skies spit death
o the cousins to midafternoon
suffer as lost children kiss mum moon

i was not looking while i was not cooking
leering through a hot sea-slit
baby, darling, carry me aside of grey lip
o, lady barking, caress me as i strip
adown a derry town

and, uhh, as vacant heroes rise for trips
then a canny vagrant sails aside clowns
and circuses in the dark dream of cooing
creatures of day and night,.- Inside loving,
i overheard Simeon making mumma cry

i was not looking while i was not cooking
peering through your parapet-
baby, darling, my mind got wet
lady parting, my heart hurt death and
breathless lemon lunacy laces islands
with twining endlessness

Uh Uh Uh....

doctors under hot seed heal nobodady
directors of thunder seal dusts in bodies
daughters in mumblers dance across hens
and, o, eyes in tundra use penumbras to
serve dictators to insignators
and, laaa, as soft head flows, then truths
must lead deifiers to sea-cagers

i was not looking while i was no cooking
peering through your parapet-
baby, darling, my eyes get wet
lo, lady starling, the sky gets wrecked
and a fuser in a flower
suffers cooked nursing
and a rider far at sea sucks for towers
i was never looking
i was forever losing bums to cruising
i was never cooking till i burnt smiles;
and men in a quartered hour
hoots for owls when a cuckoo power
seals Man in a mental sundial

O I was never losing mind-times
O I was forever boozing; and vines get
shovelled under operation karma?

i was not looking
i was not cooking, peering thru my parapet
baby, darling, my eyes grew wet
lady starling, my eyes got wrecked
and i see summer mourning a winter sun.

oo i was never looking
oo i was killed by eyes, and god's gun
came shooting herons with three suns
oo i was never looking as i was spun
across gallowers in rented season
and a bodyer of bethlehem uses me
as shadower to naked gems

O i was never looking
O i was never cooking till struck dumb
by fatalists and tawny star-screwing
dawdlers.. And my head is my hands
and, burnt, my Lady listens to Kaplan
O i was never looking
O i was never cooking
while peering through your parapet

baby, darling, my eyes grow wet
lady starling, my minds get wrecked
and tidal mushers swerve aside sex when
me and mamma mary die for vermin

and i was not looking
and i was not cooking; and gilded hens
sink a kinky sphere under chanticleer
and i was not looking

and, oo, the sex-infantry hears death
and hot death dies alone..

Uh... a demon dragon breathes mire
Uh... a female paragon cuts fire
Uh... a focal mind-talon cuts tyres with
intertwining bathing seas
and i was not looking as i was not
led to the pots found in kitchen-cots
and a naked mind
gets fed to starved times
O i was not cooking and i was not
ever sent to fried colognes
but perfume fills my ears as red crops
come whipping deaf pony-bones

the mitching boys in spain define again
a dizzy dilly patchwork,
and easy fatal spies use sex for grain
and easy natal wives use death for drains

uh uh uh yah yah yah

and i was not looking......... THE END..

and i was sitting in the sides of my head
and i was kissing the latent dead
and i was clocking the sun in my mind
o a heart breaks as starlight cuts the spine
and a laden pharoah went strangling
a city of dead apexes
and a pyramid moon used me for wine

and i was sitting in the sides of my head
and i was caressing hot bread
and i was rocking ribbons
o, a sea by a spire has to burn: gibbons
grasp to deceivers
and a pouter of phlegm traps ribbons

la la, a parent to steel sunders sparrows
la la, a patient to fields sunders shadows
la la, a woman in the hills sunders christ
and, sea-banged, a weeper shudders
and, star-hanged, a reaper shudders

O, once upon a mind, i saw hot tears
come draining deaths with feelers,
and a dog in a tree answers to killers

i was not looking while i was not cooking
- easy remainders don a basking whale
and a bastard pulse
comes rocking; and eyes are not looking
and minds dare not cook as they rail

i was not looking; and my mad mind sailed
across divine seas where coded vales
use a mental spy for a bird
and i was not looking while i was not cooking
- easy reminders don a pursing tail
and mindlessness, spun, sunders nails

i was not looking while i was not cooking
- easy refiners use hooks for killings
and leopard men drain strappers with old
coded river-pylons;
and i wish the dead good luck
and i whisper under fuck


tidal tree-birds dance aside grey bees
tidal evil curves extend lies
and, o, i was not looking as i came
under dazzlers
and, uh, a mental razor has to use pain
to sunder floorboarded
summer rustlers
o a fatal whore uses guns for rain

o i was not looking while i was not
found out by gills in fish-heaven
and, tasted, my foreskin has rot for a
bended bummy pulse;
and once upon a vault, melted cars
came scattering roadway concertinas
to easy bones

tidal tree-birds dance aside grey bees
idle regal curs expand sky
and a notional brave sunders hot trees
and, oo, as we sail out to die
the we shall scrap shouters as tribes
send brollies to fast tithes

and we wish along a stone
and we kiss and we shift the stone for
a false god,- once upon a mind, claws
came crashing through death's doors


the marching dead give sweet head to lives
o i was never looking
o i was never cooking; and me an mind knives
came covorting
and me and father moon enter sex under dives
la la, i was never looking
and i was never rooking god's dead paradise

and weavers whistle
and killers whistle
and deniers sunder pistols where old wine writhesa
across men and ravens;
and a dog of whores marries men to gardens,
and a bud at sea
sunders eagles

tidal she-birds don feathery phalanxes when
sodden seagulls, glass-caged,
come shovelling city-lime down ocean-gems
and, la la, mentalis uses dogs for harems;
and, oo, a miller tells its floury tale; and hens


the drivers of dancing pharoahs serves buds to sleep
o riders, radioed, send yoyos to birds
and a daddy christ hastens to ponchos
and a lady christ sears gold-boys with lost meat
oo i was never looking
oo was never cooking; but my kitchen burned
up, up

the drivers of dancing pharoahs serve buds to heat
o riders, shadowed, send hearts to nerves
and a bodyer of rainbows
shend criminal cocoas with chaining vases; O, bows
get hurtled to mad sleep

the carriers of conivance rend cots from daisies
la la, marriers of soft violence
come scattering hands across de Void: old crows
get withering
and a god at sea buries burrs under sweet dairies

ah i was not looking and i was not cooking
and, oo, i was peering through your parapet,-
baby, darling, my eyes get wet
lady starling, my mind shoots death
and a badeas burner swaggers after soft necks
and a bagasse of a wide feather

gets cooked while cakes got sour. Uh Uh Uh

oo i was not looking while i was not cooking
la, as evil sculleries count on dials
then a regal larder must send riders under smiles
oo i was not looking while i was not cooking
la, as devillers in nunneries sunder star-wiles
then a daddy mind-farmer
will serve berries to camphors
and a canny kine-wife swells up, up, up
loh, eyes get loaded and a naked star-pup
gets abolished.

robed drivers of the fairies stick hands aside
a radioed mental mine
lo, a riders under grey prairies stick hands
into pinioners of salt-crime,
and a killer of a crypt
comes carrying vaults to stained bone-wine
and i was never looking
and i was never cooking.

hissers must surrender dusk to drainpipes
kissers must surrender suppers to old mice,
and, oo, as summers grind
then, oozed, grey winters will seize diced
wearying heart-signs

and i was not looking
and i was never cooking: eyers burn now.

and when i peered inside your parapet
i saw my mother's death
come laughing at me,
and today, a sovereign insect uses me
to sunder choking cherries with sex

hissers suck on kissers
o my dad phantom serves me to bees
and a local mission
showers all of my days
and a buried mountain drags tall trees

oo i was not looking
oo i was never cooking
but my kitchen-pulse has to serve me to
naked fields where summers break thru
to wintry garland-goyals
and royalty swerves
and palaces dream for bluesing gourdes

o i peered inside death's parapets
o i reared aside desks
and a blonded flower uses grey nets
to cause pus to shudder
and a cascader, ruddered, bags pets
with tawny tans and seizures


there are parented flowers in this glass soul
there are scented codas near
and a painter of cobras uses oils to sear
cookers under filmic tears;
and a dirty holly-bush rends ashes
and a flirty dolly-bush rends lashes

there are parented flowers in this glass bowl
there are feinted sofas near
a painter of choruses; and evil fear rolls
daddy pincers across macadams and dolls
and a laden boomer boy
gasses grey science.

i was not looking as i was never cooking
i was not dreaming as i was never screaming
la la, a focal fotal vast vine
gets married to faces as a bed under wine
gets slurrying after dresses
and i have seen doom deniers using sex
to moony strangle evil God

i was never looking
i was never cooking
oh, love forever had me at her plastic heel
and i saw murder using reels
to wind-off shadowers with cotton-deals


these are the final days of xmas christ
these are the spinal arrows of the killed
o as i entertain a guarded life
then i don sweet pain;
o a sharded garden fuelled by rain
summons dogged catkins from blue Spain

and i was not looking
and i was not cooking: o, an oven-mile
bun-breaks caterwauls with naked cake: smiles
sunder Ides from milks
and, heroned, a father to scatterers
will hereby crash thru heated body-bile

these are the final days of xmas-christs
these are the venal sparrows of the hanged
and a rhinal gallows
gets sheared from both god's ears
and a fotal slit-gun crucifies crocodiles: Oh,
once aside a crisscrossing alligator, loaves
get blessed by schizophrenias

the dizzy stars float by
the easy stars swing high; and doomy deniers
deify dreams with de lost apocalypse
ahh a mammy mien melts inside rained lofts

the dizzy cars float by
the giddy stars slam lies with cosmo-hands
and as dodgy dreamer
slides a cock aside a dead receiver

the baby stars cry by
the dozy signal mind sups a liquid nut when
feeders of crapping cutsd
get flour-forbidden by waiverers and but zen

and a vocal vinegar tie gets cat-hanged by
damsellers of fast throats
and a rocky spun blue river cuts the Thames
across pompidores, combs and drillers

good poetry and good science are much the same-
the mad Dichotomy is the idle mad Void between
and a massing space-attack
comes sending spindlers to a park under tarmac
and fatal pussy hobit
gets duke-damed by lagged sex-soffits; and grain
helters down my wonderful glass-name




Copyright JDB 15/05/2021


work-in-progress title: Back Home?
first draft poem then song-poem-cantata

back home, and I am a gulled gawped fish and seamen snip my mood
dear, I am a dell of deep dead death and my eyes eat a sea of grooving
games and games feed gals to seagulls as
veins veer West, and God is a smothering soap-bar and God reaps blood?

fey girls in a goosing wood feed cats to fat cranes as cut swallows ride
forcing fixing skies
and i must go to shut the suns of love or else find fear outside me

When once a sea sucks water then
sliding seashores fall into a spindling
wind, and fathers swim a sea's of decorous demure pistol-wind

Leaping louring seas end in satin sins
Gilled kissing seas hiss and eyes are tides torn from castles and
leaping laughing rivers eat sailed stoned cut hot men and
we feed on a drowned child

any good words said should astound the whole religious world
and god was our own personal idiot remand
and whippers of wax drive across a miraculous island

easy dreams are sadly raised from doters of hearing
easy dramaturgy sends blue theatre to vaulted fearings,
and a father to a dead sea-foal
surely hisses for bed.

the signal sun is in lost sky as a devilry of cancers grip to
easterly arising city thieves
and i suppose we haver to say
that all poetry and science are much the same,
the dreadful dichotomy is the human void between
we signify pain by appearing young while old; and
wiveners of rain will succeed a keen smile with hands
and the rivers star-astounded by fierce islands will ram
all life and light and self-inceiving
foetal brigands

these are our mallard days
these are our fathers whose mothers mount contentment
as the very first things humans lose
and heady head-busy bonnets under hoofs
must kiss a level town and lead graves into noosed
city crowds


swany seagull eyes shine across blue ermine
easy eagle minds
collide, and an even sea gets guttering as wine
gets swilled
and a dunny coast clambers across vines as
a gutterer of a city candle
caresses salts with angels

swany seagulls, spied, comfort carrion when
druggers of stilled skulls
shoot birds from the hip;
and a feinted heart scatters salt across sirens
and a bladed mien gets wrenched

swany seagull eyes shine across blue reason
and a beautiful easy garden
gives grass-head to lady treason


we signify pain by appearing young while old; and
wiveners of rain will succeed a keen smile with hands
and the rivers star-astounded by fierce islands will ram
all life and light and self-inceiving
foetal brigands

these are our mallard days
these are our fathers whose mothers mount contentment
as the very first things humans lose
and heady head-busy bonnets under hoofs
must kiss a level town and lead graves into noosed
city crowds

daters of evil couples lead canaries to de queen
ole rotators, in sidles, cede mammaries to spleens
and a sex world in all its dud smiles
don bile
and a T Rex girl feeds dizzy jazzy dinosaurs
and, ooo, me and a motel baby
get fed to dollies
and a dollar in a dime pays in english pounds
for dirtyers of cities and brollies

swanners, stabbed, use flamingos for sausage
doners, crapped, use ole lingos for faces,
and, laced to pap, a driver of yoyos uses stasis
to surrender bleeders to meated mind-office

daters of evil couples lead canaries to de queen
o, dictators under mussels
get washed in buttered snails; and sea in screens
causes cataclismic dreams
then chasms under sadness must surely scream


When once a sea sucks water then
sliding seashores fall into a spindling
wind, and fathers swim a sea of decorous demure pistol-winds

Leaping louring seas end in satin sins
Gilled kissing seas hiss and eyes are tides torn from castles and
leaping laughing rivers eat sailed stoned cut hot men and
we feed on a drowned child

any good words said should astound the whole religious world
and god was our own personal idiot remand
and whippers of wax drive across a miraculous island

and gignormous daddy dawgs drool as catty batty children
write immense words when sent bed for no reasons;
and abolishers of girls
get gutted by infant genius

oval cornices use poem-cortexes to colour zen with hearts
o ova, under voices, get stripped of dying sparks
and, oo, as we stride across dreams then we stroll the park
and easy vagina, sea-crowned, adopts candlers from treason
o a dizzy sex-rider, cock-ground
hastens to lippers as a holy painter painting a wasteground
comes sundering ships with fire

oh as we suck along a lady-butt then watery sired barks
will surely cut a lug-gut from a heated diner
and, oo, weavers get loosened
and, oo, riders get built from chicken
and a ripener, decked, gets led to de fires of city-hearts

where once a kindling yet undead God gets glistered
then eyers of ceilings must send blood to grey sisters.

back home, and I am a gulled gawped fish and seamen snip my mood
dear, I am a dell of deep dead death and my eyes eat a sea of grooving
games and games feed gals to seagulls as
veins veer West, and God is a smothering soap-bar and God reaps blood?

fey girls in a goosing wood feed cats to fat cranes as cut swallows ride
forcing fixing skies
and i must go to shut the suns of love or else find fear outside me

When once a sea sucks water then
sliding seashores fall into a spindling
wind, and fathers swim a sea's of decorous demure pistol-wind

Leaping louring seas end in satin sins
Gilled kissing seas hiss and eyes are tides torn from castles and
leaping laughing rivers eat sailed stoned cut hot men and
we feed on a drowned child.

o while conceived in lost urine, my short childhood died
and, once my head turned, then my coarse sex-goods cried
after dogs and cats downstream
la la, as my eager faces turned, i learned of grey dreams: La,
microphones, shoved up wounds, must sever bats with cars

travelling homeward, a signal soul-warrior slices dead Mars
oo unreeling, a sea of swards signifies dolor
and a babby in a burned bin
gets fed to nappy perms;
and, oo, when we cross a crisscrossing palm, then sins
must, star-shent, arouse daddy firms

o while receiving the blessed mind-deceived, blue skin
will hop to a raven-beat
and swallows in flowers must shoot old fazed sleep;
and, as we cease to cry,
then whippers of old eyes, spun, glow under meat.


we signify pain by appearing young while old; and
wiveners of rain will succeed a keen smile with hands
and the rivers star-astounded by fierce islands will ram
all life and light and self-inceiving
foetal brigands

these are our mallard days
these are our fathers whose mothers mount contentment
as the very first things humans lose
and heady head-busy bonnets under hoofs
must kiss a level town and lead graves into noosed
city crowds

ahh laahhh openers of blind opals ogle dogdazers
ahh laahhh speakers for spine
get noosed to starlings
ahh lahhh, shakers under tables send fools to kine,
and a deeply drippy doll
broadens; and a feather in a ball bends after swine


A kindly master says: 'A city draws near Whose name is Death.' The walls of the bleak Place I was born enshrouds the lithe space
of life. Drawn from peril, desertified lives Stay at my side. With departures from graves
engraved in the biers of the coffins held
up high, the figures of the living spend Seed where blackness creeps about the moon.
crowds in these graves hold sepulchers grown Hotter than flame. If we continue to walk Between anguish and peace, the world of pain
shall deny sound and soundlessness proclaim Followers of every sect: Horrible pain
entombs birth in the anguish of this mind

sepulchers glow with the beat of the sun?

deifiers of kangaroo haunts get winter-fed to lost owls
regiciders, sundered, taunt lippy
and a toilet-torturer jumps babby
oo a daughter on a beam falls to de silent earth where
maladies in de sun force bared tits down silent hair
and a boner in a craft
capsizes where de brightening city-masks use air
to suffocate dreamers of sweet rainbows
ahh a draggler of fairy cellves
use renal wounds for prison-cells; and a dangerous mare
gets ridden across radios

deifiers of kangaroo haunts gets reeling under timed prayer
la la, sewers, made moose, force urine adown stairs,
and a lapper on de moon
sunders cribs with tablet-cocoons
and a dabbler on a cliff swells up, up, up,
and dancing dewy dells don masqueraded cuts

o sepulchers, gnawed, bury keen deaths when muck
gets poked across death's nose;
and, laah, we widen for mind-messages
and, uh, we siren after mental sausages;


the droolers who show cellves to sea-urchins must
serenade dreamers with shelves
and, la la, as we ride from bells, then we dam lust
oh, once upon a flower, bridal bastards use elves
to torture smells with dust
and, once paved, a bellyful of tusks comes using
a bedded tower for a body

deifiers of kangaroos get raced across ceilings
and a quango sign
slashes bill-boards with wine; La, sold feelings
get bar-buried under wolves where grey grime
came settling headboards under blue crimes
O, a lemon mine-ochre has to sunder fay spine

and droolers who show stills to beaders cut
a damager of de blues
with sentinels in screw-shoes;
and once aside a vein, a fishy soft scar-nude
goes crashing through life's door
oo a cabin in de cold sun-arises where whores
get frozen, with ionisers made air

ahh, gingers on an apple-roof drop prayer

Around dossing street-idlers; and grey hair
causes fringes to die, die


eaters of flamingo hedons abuse a loused honey dream
reapers of mental sun-herons
dazzle a body-hen with star-sirens; and a mental scream
comes rendering cats with salty air
and, oo, eaters of blue-pigeon drags pain for sweet air
there are flaggers here that launch slits with factories?

we dance around. Here I saw more souls Contaminating swiftness with the killed.
experience of life did not unveil The god of hell. God answered "Silence is
proclaimed from heights which cannot Sack the universe's ills". I curse afresh the riders of this storm.
the ugly brawl of romance must Wear away the phantoms of the day.
ignorance may plague you. Please receive The mask of heaven's features. Death
rejoices as he turns. I saw the slopes Of hedonism crush the warrened waves
of lime. Where foaming waters spray A dismal watercourse, the peoples glide Against the clouds they've shaded. I
gaze intently at the bared and ruddy Muddiness of faith. Teeth tear away
the clotted veins of terror. Red eyes Turn toward the shallow muds enclosed
inside the ashes of the dented void. She who bore us lives forevermore
and the sight god gave us praises love. New cries of lamentation reach my ear,
and I lean back to peer intently out.

and here and now the edge of the world, crayon caravans
slice a lemon picture from horse-tails
and here and now, at the edge of lost girls, canyon caravans
dice a diamond
and, O, as children refuse to grow, then evil body-hymen
has to jazz and spit jumping glass-n-pans
and a sacred crowd comes dolloping chains across Simeon

middlers inside aged sadness swipes swarms from clouds
meddlers aside rage and madness
show a parrot face to the canary deadness
and a lady mull gets led to honey
and a baby bull gets bleeded by shallowers of swift shrouds

modellers, masted, erect evil towns from dun dervishes
and a banner under sex-crates commands earrings to
summon bluesy mamma ruins
o a jolted poesy-heart screws wisdoms into god's crowd
and easy tall comics sweat for genius and clown-mounds

these are the very last mad worlds i will choose to own..

O poetry and science are much the same-
The dichotomy is the Void between?






work-in-progress title: About Chief Modellers & the Feasts of Unleavened
1st draft pome then poem-song


chief modellers of a paved world must use dolls
to sunder wax-wrists
o mindists, gobbed, carry canneries to blue brawls,
and a sun at sea rends kissers
and, la, chief nobblers dent clits with iron hissers
and, mind-nosed, a capper of a cavvy cage whimpers

chief modellers of a raged world must waltz to grind
grabbed gallowers down to sweet dusts
and Orion on the moon must send beds to spines
and red Zion, while lipped, must send dreamt minds
across canny female wizards
o a dagger under felts drinks sails

chief modellers of a raised girl must use lust for clay.

what with water ghosts and the emptiness of drowning
a picture after midnight stops the owls
la, what with slaughter hosts scramming after cowls
a pictogram of sad life
lams red dust with mamma

chief modellers of a waved girl hasten to soft bloods
and a dabbler, torched, send embers aside dada
la, what with a summer's lease made blind, drugs
must ram twelve fingers into couplers; and buds

get blended, with easy massers of ole dogs and rugs

chief modellers of a grey child must swallow dugs
o a sizzler, maimed, arises from ducts
and a daffler, grained, prises guns from cuts and,
la la, a candy season sunders trades with wigwams
and dummy gun-lungs
lead ideal fates to ear-drums

what with itchers found in streams, a signal sun
must rotate across crucifiers
and, o, a naked cloth gets plugged in a blue bun
and, ah, facelessness
gets starved where a veiling valley cuts sand

down, down, down: Ah, allies to sluts use Man
and, drammed, carriers carve bruises from clams

the idolisers of doom deniers hereby strangle wood
o, eyeless fathers send red belts under hanged blood,
and a winker on de coast
gets forced to cut false cards; O, a sea of coats gets
and a breaded owl is deeply fried
and a shredded fowl gets eaten; and curvy men set
a dizzer babber boy under lies

chief modellers of gloom hereby build claves high
o, easy rattlers, gunned, hereby swill graves: Lies
must sunder cattlers
and, draked, a dummy lung uses hands for wives

idolisers, lammed, seize lions from ratted brides as
a cavvy of a caged christ must attend to blue glass

chief modellers, maimed, munch on blown buns
o meat-saddlers, stained, crunch on stoned guns
la la, a slider of midweeks
sunder closed clouds; and a render of sleep stuns
all naked metaphor with straddlers of mongrel mums

chief modellers, maimed, munch on stoned suns
o slept dragglers, drained, dunk geese under scrums
and a baked lost wife
has to send wintry eyes to lady mice
oo a drabbler, spent, sends ivories to judas christ

and a waxen swooner sends dogs to manyana
and an ashen spooner
sends nazis to lost tumours
and eyers, crisscrossed, send daffies to grinders
and this twixed world is a soft earth now


and this hot cold earth my children breathe has to
listen to dairy scrums
o this heated wide birth has to sunder leaves
and macadam falls in two
and mad meadows suffer glass
and a sunderer of mothers uses lungs for glebes,
and a rotator on the moon
cums shining
and a dilator of high noon shoves candlers around
easy riders of bleeders
and the summits of a flower rod grass with towns

chief modellers, maimed, crunch on Marm as clowns
glow, just like a crow-man glows,
and a dizzy dolt crows as woman inside a rose
suffer for vaults and bird-glass
O, a baker of islands shoves punnets under cloves
and rattlers of sea-sands
don dressers; and eaters of blue fans drink hosted

i have seen easy cats made code
i have seen queasy bats made code
i have seen dizzy rats made code; and wide bees
must sting salinity where waxing honeys
cut granaries


on the feasts of unleavened
the only flesh eaten will be the flesh of Eden
with a cabinets burning on the limbs of a shawl
the only brandies then will be the fawns of tides
let wet to the children of last night's tawse
candle-gods until the roses
get sundering under lost mind-eyes
o on the feasts of unleavened
the only flesh eaten will be the flesh of semen

the catacombs of crucifiers don woopers
the diamates of reddeners stun blinders, and
openers of coffee stones
drag dragglers for bones
and an awakened heart, starved, abuse seasands
with tawny teasers of grey malts and islands
and an entertainer in a vest
summons cocaine from endlessness
and dragglers of salt-pain sunder tomorrow

i have seen weepy wine made grey as souls
i have seen empty vines made black as gold
and a weeper of star-signs
come scattering lemon seed across clothes;
and motels, sirened, seize crisscrossed troves
from daddies
and. oo, eyers of pure sex must stop laddies

Now... oo on the feasts of unleavened
the only flesh eaten will be the flesh of spind
buzzy burner men
and i slam a weeviller with swifteners as gems
grow, just like a dancer grows,
and, spooned, sad cancers crow as old men
send drabblers to sleep's rogues

and a dummy drum dreams of pogues as sin
gets spun around a pissed brawl,
and eaters of ground hiss
and reapers of towns kiss
and, o, oozing emptiness sunders grey lit

these days of deus ducts dream for malls.

ooo chief modellers, sprained, use glues for flowers
ooo easy drivellers, trained, use shoes for showers
and a wivener of gems use precius stones for men
la la, caverners of women
pierce bakers with chickens when turkey-children
come rocking at death's front-door
la la, when dawn comes easy to Banquo, treason
gets knotted at sexlessness
and idioms of mad men trammel baths with pests.

Here, on the feasts of unleavened, coded deaths
shrill outside a bacon-blind,
and mad schizophrenic minds bedazzle decks with
tauteners of macadam and swine
and, oo, when swivel sticks get fed to blonde bines
then fazers of eagles will
sunder plied feasts with daddies on a spent hill

oo chief modellers, maned, use shoes for towers
oo easy daggers, star-strained, use pots for flowers,
and a denier on a cliff
gets clefted where wounded lips drag dives for
coastering clamatic wrists,
and here, on the feasts of unleavened, coded wards
carry cuttlers to easy lifts where naked robed swards
swell up, up

dazzlers inside cups shaft titties with sawn eye-pups

idle chief modellers serry after naked parental graves
la easy western dazzlers
use a cherry sign for soft laughter
and a star at sea swells up for mien and thunder
and, oo, as wasters swill nuts
then a feaster under grey sluts must swerve for Fathers,
and diggers of lumber
shaft rivers from tumblers
and a chieftan, star-buried, nukes a statue

idle chief modellers serry after naked parental graves
la easy eastern bladderers
swerve; and a bedded lion uses cats for canned slaves
and, oo, when madams burn
then easy bridlers will use firms to stoke germs: Oh,
once upon a delicate sea-mind
i overheard dummies under grime
come rocking at salient moon-shines
and a chief modeller serries crime with swift lines

and we go down the mind as presidents across wine
drain a daffy glass
and we go down god's blinds,
and toucans in de town slice lime with fairy-flasks
and an eater of doom denial
catches kingfishers from defiled babby blades;
and i have seen dead kids on the moon
come shuddering for cocoons;
and an easy screen snaps
and a dizzy dream cracks

we are the haloers of lost men
we don the razors of soft men; and eyers under saps
corrode for lasers
oo we are the hailers of crossed men;
and decriers, veiled, get lifted by female chicken
and, star-nailed, a loosener of eyes
carries cradlers to bulbous body-scribes

uh uh uh.. sirens have shaved men to the very wick
uh uh uh.. diamonds have shot hens
and, made fotal, easy chillers chopped old women


chieftans of choppy chewy mnd-merchants
gather rose-bunds from eerie guns
la la, chief mad modellers, screwed, use suns
to start a diamond heart from vast nude-plants
and an evil silence stones the moon
and an eagle, licensed, howls in a glassroom
and, oo, where a sad seagull cries for carrion
then easter-christmas will sunder grass runes

chieftans of choppy wary heart-haunters strum
a balded bruised guitar
and a whirlwind river drizzles night across lungs
and, loured, hereby we hear a scented sun
come shuddering
and a bladdered sky-ring
drops caddies across swung slings
and a feasted hand of hearts fuses limbs to gums

o a dropsy of a female father stops death;
and coronars of a david-virus must use death
to surrender beds to ivory beaches;
and sainted black-skinned God must use suns
to rise black Christ from life's faces

these are our mallard days
these are our ballad days; and ochres of spaces
come crusading for slaves
and, ah, once aside a tray, a ginner of laces
must get hurled from a drunk cliff;
and estrangers of buns
feed a starved ghost-dog,
and, under unleavened bogs, a racist killer
cries till all death gets done.

abolished fatal life hastens to vile man's sheet
curve-polished, a daddy garden gets wound in sleep
and a dippy dog-girl
grinds limpets down to dust where a latent mind-jeep
scatters hands across blown city-sheep

abolishings of a god-mind must serve dictators to eyries
o, come scarpering, a loud-mine
must shower weird scenes with dapplers of easy crime
and a jackler of salt cellves use babies
to scour cots with apiaries

as a draggler dons bound shades, shaven body-wine
must surely listen
high above nuclear missions;
ah, a jostling giver of grany gravy-gropers
summons pistling bods down shelters and soakers
and, oo, me and my evil killer child
dare not conquer a city-fall.

dawdlers, stone-idle, have to disclaim a hand of reeds
la la, silders, stone-bridled, hiss after horse-speed
and an eaten raven-moon
gets scuttered aside dunes
and metallers, dived, dream of pompidores and steeds

dawdlers, stone-idle, have to star-stain cats with waters
riddlers, bone-spiralled, noose burying suited murder,
and a lover of a lense
jumps a kodak-bend,
and city fingers swallow closing sun-gems

dawdlers, champagned, cut a mutt-gut wth prisons
baiters, spa-rained, cut a shut slut with prisms;
and a dasher, mind-maimed, cups rollered call-ins;
and bedimming quoit-strains
get bombed by apple-trains
and, laaa, weepers whip greying vinegar sex-gyms
and spidery woman reign on high.

vast blown sex demands get clobbered by bins
vast shriller sex
remands fleeced sex into a scullery
la la, a donkey under desks uses a gun for sin
and, o-la, with her dress made sleek from spinning
fotal fat ginger
gets fed to alien jealous good eaters
and, oo, mental dragoons drop across livers
and, cooled, metal psychopaths feed fans to killers

once spooled under Dettol, an alien antiseptic bird
has to swing from de apple trees
la la, melters from de maple trees
saunter where defiers of bled evergreens slam birds
around the hunters of a miracle smile,
and dawdlers, spunk-tried, accuses cellves of
mamma mourning
day and light; and defyers of lost evenings rob
a deity from eager valleys

once shunted, a denyer of bum-charms crops
easel-lenses from idioms of plutocrats and cops,
and a crooked panda craft
shells stone with doggy castes; and gold socks
supper for the hounds and cattles of a mood: rocks
get transgressing tines with combed cocks

and spiders on the webbing rocks transplant moss
with gobblers of death, sex, dirt, disease: de cross
cudgels after stiffeners
and a hornet under ripe suns shoots a noddy loft,
and wizeners of murderers
store-shank a sex-dial inside dillers of fay cloth

ah, lunar stampers stomp for saveloy and dross
captures mousing suicide
ah cumin and sweet tasters corrode for de loss of
evil clowned goddess
ah, lunar parkers pee on old stars
and the stars look down upon a tangerine town
O poetry and science are very much the same:
the dichotomy is the dud Void between..

Copyright JDB 19/05/2021


work-in-progress title: About Cancer-Cold
first draft poem then poem-song


the denouncements of one billion fierce years
hereby come rotting in a bulb
la, direly yearning sea-guns shoot fast tears
and a laden prison baby
surrenders dogs to rubies as cold spheres
grow, just like a dancer grows

o-la, a buttered nunnery uses cowls for men
o-la, a scattered granary
gets divined by mamaries; and a sea of stems
comes shooting cancer-cold
and damagers, shooting, burn love's souls

denouncements under teamsters shatter ice
and layabouts, rammed, sunder judas christ.

the pronouncements of once billion mad tears
get cantering from fixed eyes
la, a father to guns shoot soft spies as fear
succours snakes with minds,
and a hirsute god damages wine
and a scarring lord rumages under lost years

o-la, a battered gallery shines when vines
become anal and alcoholise coded spears
and, once brawled, a baby sea-toad leers for
a cannery of bended renal beer-whores:

the pronoucements of iling tears rend tors.

the instigation of one zillion fathers uses whores
to extemporise a garden in a dream,
and an easy radio, stunned, drags after stores
and eyes get shot in a sex-ward
O, a lashing mind-farm sunders rodeos with a
spindler of cattlers and horsed hordes

o-la, as a god boy sends kittens to sleep, cars
come ascending bone
o-la, as a gloved boy sends mittens to meat
reddeners of bruised dead Mars
scatters cherries across a weepy wolf-seat

and all gunneries shed riflers under hard meat

denyers whose doomy cock-deniers abuse lofts
come sundering dickers with crisscrossed
eyes; and a father in sweet rain damages old cots
and, oo, as extensive sweet grain
gets damaging hillsides, then lovers of champagne
must serve salts to cool pain

denyers whose roomy cock-defilers use crocks
come sundering rizlas with starry knife-clocks,
and a stella mine
gets softened under crime,
and, oo, as deities burn, then issuers of rinds
lambast screwers with bird-blinds

these are our mallard days
these are our withering clay-days
and, la la, assaulters of pinky pushed plays
use parades for killers

doomy denyers of droolers get hitched to skin
roomy deniers, gobbed, grasp kecks as spun sin
gets ravelled across a blue girl
o, a dog at rest dreams about children
o, a cat at rest mewls after easy women
and, laced to nests, we extemporise gardens when
sinners in soft vests
drop cars across a blue bearth.

doomy deniers of copsters get ripened as winds
get parted from loud prats
and a naked boat brags about rats
an a sacred stoat stabs softening honey bats;
and a sniper under crabs
cuts stocky slashed ceilings: O, a sea of labs

gets closed down aside a lousy chemic town
ahh, weevillers resound
and burned charms end

chattering chapter men send dovetails to sleep when
dithering doctored men define beery blonde bitumens
and a dairy thumb
shoves pistols under loved lungs
and, oo, when thunder dribble for rained gums then
idiot teethers must send boards to beaks

doomy deniers, dragged, stab sloanes with hot hens
and, oo, a cicada chicken
gets surrendered to odd kitchens
and a daddy driver gets gritted by eager old gems
and, cat-pounced, we use beds for sirens.

chattering chapter men send dovetails to sleep when
chittering proctor-skin
rends purple parades from mind-vim,
and a curtailer of iced christ carries sex to skinned
bunny bones

O, a father to diaries self-censors stolen words
and eyries feed facists to la mumbas and birds.

on the feasts of unleavened
the only flesh eaten will be the flesh of Eden
bread-cabinets burning at the sides of a stall
the beds will churn as capes use drawl to
sex-extend ballets from chick-cakes and malls
and a naked faker
has to choke on newspapers
and a darter under blue pepper must use halls
to brick-in de boiling

the shadow of the dark gives rise to gyms
the haloes in the park give grinds to hymns,
and a daddy miner
goes digging under gingers when a coda
collides with fazers then dies
O, a scissor aunt drizzles hands with eyes
O, a pincer plant fizzles after radio minds
and a daffy sailor
dons Noah's false dumb Ark

on the feasts of unleavened
the only flesh eaten will be the flesh of Eden
bread-hairnets, widened, come home to find
the emptiness of heroes and murders in mind
and a daisy commune, scarred to death,
will spin across signals
la la la, a trader under pickles cuts sex

the gallows in the dark give rise to hangers
o the danglers in the park
get bike-strangled
and a common pulse uses fans for angels
and a diamond waltz fuses vans to tables
ahh, wide opal women use apple-fables
to rot till the death of flour
and weevillers bake bread-bowers
and wideners break bed-towellers

on the feasts of unleavened, bruisers
come serrying chokey cherries with fusers
and an aping evening monkey
gets fed to evil screenings
and a dogdayed devil cuts darjeeling with
vanners of dizzy mother-pig


these are the darkening dazzlers of my dead days
la, these are the starkening razors i threw away
and a dizzy dream gets washed inside bent clays
and, o-la, as bitten women burn
then lasers under chicken must seize blue perms

these are the darkening dazzlers of my red days
la, these are the hardening rizlas i used for play
and an easy head gets cut apart like bread: drays
hereby suck a bald squirrel slut from crazed days

these darkening dazzlers of my lip-maze
show curling showers to easellers and dummies
and a horded eyed sky-cunt
sharpens wode with heart-junk; and defilers raise
a mummy run from death's pyramid.

O these are my startled brain-blows that car-raid
motels and jazzy cock-hotels
and moony metallers, made Wales, use christs
to heal the celtic killed
and a spacer under lost hills
come grappling with tossed mills; and mad mice

get ramming fairy thumbs down curtained lice

as weepers shed sweet tears then cradle vice
must send sycamores to bled men and lights.

pikestaffs and lemon men drag drabblers for wine
spiked masts, scented, grab marblers with vines
and a daddy mask
hisses in the West, and faceless kids under mines
give a digger's head to naked glass
and, oo, a mental bed gets given to easy spines
and, oo, a dettol-spread gets riven under bines

pikestaffs and melon men drag garblers for limes
microphones, scanned, sink singers under pined
filthy rock
and a panner of sky-slams wrings decked crime
from out odes to self-sex and easy mushrooms
and eyeless mammaries dream about bird-lime

on the feasts of unleavened
the only flesh eaten will be the flesh of children
bread cabinets burning on the limbs of a brawl
the only brandies left will be the storms of time
let dead to the reapers of last night's ball
and a memorying nunnery, sent from a sprawl,
must extemporise goofies with demons

O, piked staffs and orange hens peck for brine
O, miked masquerades, dammed, abuse dimes
with english financial thefts
and dickers of pursers drag after horses when
a dreamer of cursors
sinks a pinkey screen under purple razors
and a naked brunch feeds cakes to slaughters

and benders of demure decorous sky-mortars
get skinned by ripplers and mind-hived motors


these are our ballad days where we rend sweets from swine
these are our naked days
and, lah, as we bury strays then we use a feather for a mind
and, ahh, as we cherish graves
then we send Ilkley Moor to wormy beat
and a heated heart dragglers after magpie meat when twine
comes curing vaginal merchants with penis-pines
and a kidder on a guilty roof seizes dolters from Mary

these are our ballad days where we rend sleep from tines
and, oo, a broken kraken comb digs cones aside daddy
and, oo, a swollen garden gnome gets fed to easy mammy
and, as mentalisms show cakes to flagons
then a coded menstrualism capes bud-buns under wagons
and easy ideal riders arise
and lazy evil smilers arise

me and mother Kelly don doctors
and on the feasts of unleavened, the only flesh eaten
will be the flesh of copsters
and coppers on de heel sink cabins under fluff
and ropers on de reel ravel under timeless hedons
and a smelly hillock, come bursting,
surrenders devil rowlocks where a bloated ceiling
gets stripped away from both night and day

these are our ballad days where we send streets to sleep
these are our bollard days;
and a furnace under trays dribbles salt-teas across a
diggering minor whose parental body-jeep
comes surrendering bones to stoned flats; and
teasering teener men
cap indian guns; and greying gannets, undersand,
bedevils grease with hens
and macadam,madams use a fay lense for a child

topplers of moulinex get mind-blended under files
droppers, gobbed, dig veins aside startling smiles
and the skeins in windows glow as vision dials after
a sweltering arse
oo a raveller, rasped, sails blorters beneath plaster
and, la la, as we dance upon darjeeling, then stiles
will most certainly sunder soaped flies from isles
and a bobber with wrenched balloons
come caning puny scribes with evil sky-cushions

topplers of moulinex get heart-blended in glazes
and an easy anglian dance
sets alight to canny everest when a pineapple plant
dribbles down a single-glaze
and menfolk, somehow saved, don doublers with
an extensive house chock-filled with kids

oh a laden galley-flower get hurled across drips

on the feasts of unleavened, the mad will feed tits
on the feasts of unleavened, the bad will sew lips
on the feasts of children gone to heaven,
the travesty of times that lead clogs to welsh gardens

and the Leda of the swanny pacts has to use ravens
to contend a spacing space prison,
and deniers jolt a pair of tights around love's seasons
and, oo, as a cannery of bled balls

sink hands inside funeral bled-mauled cemeteries
and the fans of Loss are dear
and the vans of Mosques are dear
and the vanishing baptismal curtain-sphere gets
bemused by guns and lovers.

on the feasts of unleavened, maddening crocus-eaters
come dabbering across st martin fields
o, the feasts of sunny brethrens get fed to depleters as
coda cunt kodak
flows from ash-crap
and a lazy dirt lotion bathes false bodies under paps
and a drooped, emotioned,
lend cream-scoops to india and, lo, mad rattlers snap
communion blue wine and crackers

upon the fleshy dinners when diners fed off beards
upon the meaty meters that lead foods to weirs
must cuddle a dead-lived hornet nurse; and tears
falter as sin flails
and a dizzy docked hostess get sleek from sinning
and an easily rocked empress
bun-compresses bed-boats with sodomising screaming

a funny evil funeral makes way for dustbinned ash
cedars under eager snakes shape deaths with Crash
and an ideal father mind
gets drilled into the davy dark
and, Oh, as sad starved porridge chewers use trash
to sermon after strange red darts
then severers of slain birds inside coaxed hearts
clamber across gnits where tangerines and apple-farts
feed a blueberry pie to english ogres

a funny funeral is of course death's funferal when
daggery doggy toilet cuts
caress a sea of odd ducks; and juniper women get
ground down, down
and, wizard-drowned, cheapsters use easy head-jets
to serve a blown chilled hot dinner to dirty house-pets

and the feeders of felt cats come crying for heaven
and the scrubbers of soft caps
cry aside loud heaven's front-door,
and idlers, glue-gobbed, seal sailors under warped
mettled thistle-boundaries; and woofers under cork
use MFI to saw blue sideboards in two.

eyers under massive heart attacks live for a
citadel and a major fairground accident: claws
cut a biscuit biker: wolves bark and urban gourdes
dress up for murdered children,
and a bonnet of a spurter swig raps and use walls
to hammer lavvies into fast figs, and women sprawl
and women shine under male figs

eyers under massive cardiacs drive drainers unto
focal foetal vocalities
eyers, numbered, send daliahs to mentalities: tubes
get shoved up noses as mission men mind theg gap

and today, just like every single day, use renal traps.


Copyright JDB 20/05/2021.


work-in-progress title: Sawn Bile-Birds Use Defectors for Minds?
1st draft poem then poem-song


sawn bile-birds use defectors for minds
sworn smile-words cut tongues from wynds
o a daddy song-thrush swills worms as lime
sunders star-fire with bodies
and, heart-moved, a spurtive baby dons rinds
and a sad soul shoots times

sawn bile-birds use defectors for spines and
a signal skull downstream uses boned hands
and easy heapers for decrial
sunder wasps with eyers of cutting smiles
and a dogdayed museum
covers herbs with cheese-prisons

as faces flail, then binders of pus will pinion
milky caves where fountains drown onions.

eyers under massive heads use blinders to
serenade bombs with spastics
o riders under brassic beds
abuse endless sleep; and ald tidal men move
a daddy of deaths where felines groove
and a cattler, stretched, sears canine screws
from dizzy drapes where curtains get stewed

eyers under mastiff breads use grinders to
serenade bones with plastics
o bridlers under classic heads
abuse aimless heat; and ole idle men soothe
a domer of doggy men and dudes
and eyers, mind-sliced, glow as snoods
suck across a tamed nut


sawn bile-birds use ilexes to storm a rose
oo stormers, dialled, don faces as cold clothes
rotate across a wild screen,
and a naked mental child has to scream for dreams
and a swallower, under gas,
comes willowing for camping glass
Agh, a fatal whore uses crapping grass as screens
show wankers to glossed masks

sawn bile-birds use ilexes to storm a clove
oo stoners, smiled, drag laces across old robes
and a fatal mumma, stabbed, drag ivies when rogues
use rodeos for sapphires
agh, a stapler under samphires pins gangs to brogues

and i see now, aside my cloud, a naked mass
made all too wide
and i see now, aside my crowd, a naked tash
and sawn birds bray now?

sawn billy boys stone robin-crows
sawn daddy boys stone dobbin-clothes,
and a fiddler in a stream
and ideal mana, mazed, dreams of bird
and a stoner of nerves
drizzles combers across factories

sawn biddy birds, stoned, feed crows
sawn babby nerds, loaned, feel stoves
and a body mind
gets fed to mulch when a dizzy spine
gets brutally murdered

Lo, once upon a mine, eyes used wine
to anoint beds with coal-vines
Lo, once upon love's mind, eyers twined
Hector around keen Andromeda
and easy bikers, bridled.

send body-burns to fast sleep, and
trendlessness yearns for babby sands

and i see now, astride my cloud, a fatal smash
guttering under candles
o i see now, aside my mouths, a fatal lash
scuttering thunder-anvils
and a baby brooch dons logos from ashes
and a dizzy stoat gets soaked aside lashes
and i see now, astride my cloud, a fatal smash
scattering perms across warders

and, oo, once upon a mind under gauze, trash
comes stampeding across a dilly smile
and, oo, once aside god's mind, scissor-straps
get bled under bruising waters
and, ahh, cooling daddy waters spiral under
purple pomanders and easy combs

and i see now, astride my cloud, a navel-crash
come sundering wheat with ravens
and, nuked by lud-heat, greyers harden for lovers
and, bastardised, blood-meat softens for larders


oo a fatal nooky nosher comes nuking men with hash
oo a baby puker comes looting coded gems
and a laden crooner comes rootling after grey hems
and, la la, copious killer gums
get sliced from evil rivers
oo a fatal booky baiter comes booting men with ash
and, la la, copious river-drums
get coasted under sugar-lungs
and, loused, thunder storms, in evil cases,
get disowned by naked libraries

oo i espy a widow man come riding across daddies
oo i espy a window man,
and men and idle runes swing for Japanese ladies
and, stemmed, a wife to sins
gets sundering for knives and dinning bell-bins

and i see now, astride shrouds, a baker of gyms
and i see now, astride towns, a rapist in a quim
and men and father moon
get dressed aside cocoons; and prisers of winds
get parted from loud cheeks,
and mothers to proud peaks get cuttered from
wideners of wooded beans


bakers of coded cousins caress taunted fished nets
o shakers of loaded wives
come parading after tides; and a fatal light uses mesh
to sunder gauze and brides
o a shader of gourdes dons eyes where mad eyes
get thrown aside blind widows;
and a mummy mind gets neutered by de gallows
and a dummy mind gets rooted

bakers of cicada caves caress cake with bread-wrecks
o shapers of coded lies
come parading after spies; and a natal dyke uses nets
to cover lights with vermin;
and, laa, as we smother ermine
then we learn about salters; and a river under grips
gets slammed by heavenly sea-scores

and i see now, coded, a nuclear face whose lips get
racing down to a purple stream,
and man's purple parade slams edams aside slits
and a fatal pomander
hisses where iced pisses peal plum from grey lips

bakers of coded cousins caress jaunted fished nets
capers of loaded muslin carries nests to titty decks
and, once aside cruising, a bunny boy came home
and, oozed under vaultings, red ceilings fell away from
fleeces and teased tea-trades

and i will idolise deaths as a shrinker in a false grave
will summon summers from wintry fathers


we come thundering after a salt flower where a body-deck
gets rubbling across fever-colts
and a driver of cots cascades across vaults
and a rider of slots raises red ruins from dizzy caned wrecks
and, oo, easers under fires
get slammed across pyres
and, oo, eaters of spires get denuded by urban pharoahs,
and, oo, feeders of tyres get secluded under shakespearoes
and a dazzly daddy daffodil
comes sundering false towns with mastic roses

we come thundering after a salt tower where a body-slit
gets raggling across easy bolts
and a rider of de cross seizes crones from cloned lip
and a crackler on de cross
gets christ-crossed; and greying opal ships use shit to
anoint all female eyes

bladers of body-rot surrender ruins when applers get
sawn aside cabinets in a hot mummified glassroom
and easy MFI uses gum to stradle masked rooms: Sex
glisters when a shadower on a false island
comes serrying domes with sweeteners and wood-hands.

these are my mallard days
these are my ballad days; and mentalisers must expand
a doggy rifler from a fastened scam
and raiders of de mind bend cars across easy chidren
and reasoners, rammed, rend Mars with easy chicken:
Oh, once aside a mad mind
i suffered the first dead burning of soft stars: Wine must
serve ginners to beds


the dented dental floss of one zillion molar-years
has to rend mental loss
across a crisscrossed summer-cross
and a rented father boss has to sunder tears with
menstrualisers and burning blue kids;
and orion in a cage abuses Zion with old pigs
and, oo, as we weep for nooses
then we scatter veins across fuses: O, ole digs
clamber as cities climb

the dented dental floss of one zillion sonar-years
has to rend teethed moss
ah, scented paddlers, lost, lend draggers to spheres
and a balded entertainer
dreams of sleep where a river in a labia moves loss
to sad smashed yoyos

Ah, pulled Aladdin in de flowers rocks the soul
Ah, spooled Aladdin in red towers rots the world
and gritted gauzes grip to gasses
and rented sauces strip blues from underpasses
and, entering under lip, a peeing gal-stripper goes
abusing deniers with soakers

the dented dental gloss of one zillion solar-years
has to befriend a mouthing Void,
O, once aside a lover, lupins under boys use toys
to sermonise denuders with snapped razors
and endless loused hands get strapped to rivers
and trendless moused jams
get dinted by rattlers and vernal city-cans


eaters of ingenious Israel use a beaker for god's hot grail
la la, reapers, stemmed, dream of fathers
o, once aside a gem, diamate and fevers will stop veils

eaters of ingenious Israel use a breaker for love: sails
get washed within salmon-skies
o, an odorous father-pilgrim sharpens city tales and
easy rifflers, made up from gins, harden boy-bands

these are our mallard day
these are de shallowed days when midnight women
come searing hearts with clays
and clay-cold germy graves get visited by red wrens
and easy reminders of Hitler's women
get pasted to hovel moons
and, oo, easterly arising rooms open across henna
and lost hens

eaters of ingenious Israel use granite beakers to seize
a lammer of petrifiers from fused gannets; cold blue trees
and odes to cellophane
get hurled across a veined world where ghostly geese
come shovelling la mumbas under unearthly sleep
and, oo, once upon a seizure
a fitter of a foamed lad came shaving fanny-meats

Ah, eaters of twinkly xmas-easter ram money-heats
adown spastic tangerines under stale scones: sweeps
get raped down time
Ah, eaters of easy xmas-fingers cut candy from grime
and, caged, mental easter-wine cuts cocoas
and, once cunt gets done, then rivers under logos
must sacrifice men to rainbows

ashen woollen milkers send carts to sleep when crows
supper for the wives of a starved mood

we weevil after coca-foods
we get murdered
and, oh, as we shift the dead, we serenade dollies
and, stoved, a shirt of lead
gets sallied unders pockets of daisies
and the slaughters of de flowers send dearies where
a daddy drinker toasts mumma's hair,
and, pushed, luminous dogs carve knives from air

we weevil after coca-broods
we get tarred and feathered
and, lo, as we sweep buds away, then doctors to ladies
car-loosen de deeps with salad nudes
la la, a mental mind-honda gets ridden across de rubies
and a lemon spine caresses
a dotage of youths and pissy naped faces

when dangerous heart-shows cause cardiac-sleep
then a veinous cat-close gets fed to feline feet
o where daughters dive
then the porter of chives gets led to wheelers: O,
when a darkener sets in
then the wallers under skin dons dragoons; Ah, wheat
gets trampled aside blue spun sins
and, ah, as we stamp across gunned winds
then the clouds may crack all cheeks when wine
drops fascinating G-&-Ts across voided town-twine.

deifiers of dirtied moon-shine drip under a drop-tank
doomy gods, emptied, turn a gassy face to swift wank,
and the ivories of endless christ-ebonies
get led to holy star-blessed children,
and dangerous angelled drums give grass to women

defiers of filthy bedrooms lease dromedaries to perfume,
and laden mummy rich blesses christ with perfume

these are my mallard days
these are my praying times
these are the near fatal rhymes of my life


and i recollect my leoni macaroni
and i recoiled
and i sun-spoiled a starry gun,
and, loaved, a slicing bread-bum
gets car-soilng petrols with coiled reamers

and i recollect my madam macaroni
and i got soiled
and i move to a glued space when rivers
get ratcheting aside a blue mind-spiller

and, as i sail out to cry, then i abuse
a massing aping monkey: O, grey dudes
get happily strangled
and, moving, a bleeded sonny has to screw
lo, i see inside dives when darkening fevers
starken Paladin with nine bared fingers
and a boat under trees
gets sunken aside maladies

death-tried trodden families must send bones West
sex-grimed modern families
must rend all heart-peace
and men and funeral paper will huddle aside desks
and loony babby Lord Janus, whilst raped, must
fondant-feed starlings to hapless funeral-dust

deadly eager bleaters get bleated down trays
deathly feelers, reaped, bleat for nice slaves
and a bottler of sweet silks graces a glans-knave
with bubonics and crazy haloes
ahh a dog-dazed mazy hero shooteths up
ah, a cat-crazed meaty hero shoots god's cut
and, once wondered,
eyers of pure bone get fed to snapped pogues

these are the ivory days that entice white cunt to
vaginally surrender to cruel raised bats: white sleuths
get heart-trashed
o, once upon a mind, swift dark-skinned Lord Jesus
hastened to wheat-swashers
and, once digitally telephoned, my atheist personal Judas
gets striking at indelible bibles

Uh Uh O-laahh


copyright jdb 22/05/2021


work-in-progress title: Lazy Mad Pneumonia Uses Dirt Lungs
1st draft poem then poem-song


Lazy mad pneumonia uses dirt lungs for plaid
easy sad soft ruiners
get slapped
and a body-burn enbuds calves with easy graves
la la, a daddy farm gets led to pigs
and mammy measures fangs with salt-figs

lazy mad sun-aromas bedazzle a fang-flower
and fellowers of Ishmael
swell up as a dogdayed sickly camal
towers over god's bed

lazy mad puemonics abuse dirt with graves as
eyers closedown
and daddiers to Downs erect walls for glass
and farriers under sounds
abuse death with de underground


crazy hazy gymnastics use hands for fire
hazy mazy museums
get walleted with cold winds
and a bummy arse gets whipped by sins
and a dummy mask
gets ripped aside of dummy flasks

crazy hazy gymnastics use jams for pyres
easy eaties, pinned, correct eye-wards
with uncanny minted madness; O,
piercing pulmonaries
grasp to glass when ideal visionaries
feed off de bodies

craziness, smacked around, heeds rubies
maziness, cracked, resounds
and, oo, when dogmen use crowns then
matrial wiveners will see times end


the active easy chairmen to a contest of rafts
hereby gets fed to filers
o pactive eaten gold men
get filled up with sleep; and old daddy
codifies easels with dead bends,
and an arctic cinema uses dens to study for
a new way to die

active roman radios sends nerves to sleep
pactive female rodeos
drag pined waters for video
and a digital heist has to scatter a stereo
across deniers of Ma Maria
la la, reddeners, rammed, ruin meadows


and ashen babies use sapphires for babby bunting
la la, waxen radicals fuse
hard hector across hera's noose
and a daffy heart hisses
and a dummy fart pisses after icy blown water
o, a lazy punk has to blow dudes
o, a crazy monk has to slow booze
and ashen babies use sapphires
and waxen ladies use Athena's mind

callers to fast honey wallow under gin-grinds
callers to vast monies
accuse hands of chopped thefts
and, oo, as we brighten, then sailed deep decks
draggle for midnights
and, made oaken, manx-cash cures

greying waxed red geezers; and oddness gets
fed to soft deaths

eden, under glass, uses biblers for flowers
eden, under grass, uses bubblers for towers
and an easy liar
leads hens to fires; and a bedded spire
hastens to a drug-beat;
and an easy biker rides to rest when pyres
sunder heroes with sleet
o, eden, under grass, uses fathers for tyres

and an eaten wallah widens after fans when
a digger of sunned eyries
washes heads in ivories
and, oo, as heaven breaks
then minotaurs must run sex through
and daddies must mortify
all devils
and all angels


easels, made evil, sirenise breads with snakes
oo teasels, starred, eagerly sunder body-baits,
and a season in hot suns
gets ramming hoses aside dolls and eardrums

easels, torn from butter-men, use bun-bums to
starken healer horses
and a rose at sea sunders gorses
and a loaf at sea sunders forces: o, old blues
come scattering salts across shoes

easels, made evil, sirenise beds with snakes
oo measles, with open eyes, supper for crates,
and a beery summer
sends stars to sleep
and a belly brother uses gun-shine for mother

and motels swing where hotels close: La!
eveners of dreams snare hostels when cars
collide with cold marinas

these televisual days i have fed to night
these petrified days i have fed to mice
and a dairy skin gets skinned
and ogres, spind, shooteth heroines
and eyers slide aside hymns
and riders cry aside burned gyms

O, once upon my mind, in a mad world,
i extemporised masses and green girls

the tigron in its tears has to sunder hi-lights
o, plectrums, seared, have to sing for cigars
and widening Mexico
has to warp Africa with India; and mad crows
come cawing all year
and, la la, my head spins like a lost tear.

the tigron its tears has to sunder moon-mice
o, erections, stalled, use sitars
and a burnt heart-hall forces stupid life
to get slumbering forever: odes to rivers
ripen when darters use a markerson.

these televisual days where i watch mirrors
will certainly scatter raped seed across tors;
and i have overseen
blue Germany and Belgium seizing whores
from nogales and ruins.

O, once upon a bled mind, i saw deniers
come star-strangling ole wives
and, once upon a red mind, i saw saviours
come knocking after bread-knives
and an eatery serves food to owls
and, slammed, burrs get led to fowl.

Uh Uh: eyers may well grind to nothing
Uh Uh: prisers may well use ceilings to
come igniting bones with flowerers
Uh Uh: riders may well weel for covers;
and bedded slaves

stopped dreaming

the blossoming hand-held city guns get sweated under sands
o histories, sand-sea-shelled, use suns for rivers
and a house at sea get washed in its own waves
and a bath aside bees, strummed by strangle honey, dams
an dizzy god-ghost with dummy blades.

the blossoming hand-gelled pity-guns get pelted under slams
o families, brand-bed-belled, use riders for pictures;
and dolters of female mermen
get glanced across easy nut-men
and, la la, an opener of blonde-bottles gets cuttlered from
hands, knees and wheelchairs.

O, once upon a bled mind, i saw nude betrayers shaping
old time sparrows with wormy-crows
and all good birds kiss
and all wildlife raises fists to ingenuious body-burnings
and, meshed, lovely animals make all good furs
clad the ermine in a dresser

Uh Uh: easily slain, greying blue curs carry dogs to a
naper of familial fearing truths
and we wish farewell to screws
and we wish hello to mind-shrews;
and de naked owl hoots for all mankind; and, spewed,
devilry that shoots cats dead
must die off now

the blossoming jam-gaoled fatherer of mammy lead
gets forcing quick silver adown mercury and devs;
and we extemporise moon-towns
and we extend old cries to fatal city-towns: And,
once upon my mad mind
i overheard roomy bad wynds making hooky


grande mal epileptic mush has to break into a mind
o sandaled soft head-muck
comes crucifying bowels with outelbowed suck;
and sparrows under veined blows
drag drivers for lumbers
and, oo, grantas, grabbed, mollify mad fuck.

the blossoming of a dead mother uses fuck to
bury body-blades across small christs: Voodoo
has to silence god
and, made-up, a straw dog has to raid mods with
tawny buzzy pyres

grande mal epileptic lust has to quake after times
oo a laden monkey-hand
melds grey gorillas with swarmed England
and, la la, weepers, slammed, scram after limes
and, o-la, teachers, damned, use boards for studies
and an awakener of madams

drops delis under mushrooms; and odes to boobies
swallow easy thunder;
and oval dizzy mumblas dollop doos across
deftifying heart-pressed crashing crud-crossed
and we get run through by devils
and we get fed to a postmodern unicorn; and
eyers of defilers

must suffer a holiday smothering..

i espy eager river-men come grinding pepper down to dust
i espy leafy mirror-men
come sundering wintry summer with codicils to mermen
and, o, as we flash aside Numbers
then we lash a bible-usherette to fingers
and deniers in the rain raise a romancer from sewers
and defilers in de brain
get sweated under grain

i espy schooled ones made idiot by cheap denials
i espy ruled ones made-up from pornosapphic smiles;
and a dog on a mad moon
comes shuddering as meat drops
down, down
O, once upon a mind, ingenious saps caused cots
to shake dreams from pretty hair;
and writhers, stunned, shimmer under sweet air.

these are my mallard days
these are my final poet-days; and as eyes arouse
a roasted rose from spindles
then decriers of guns shoot paddles with lintels
O, a dizzy denuder of cables
sinks radiophonics inside a sonic TV: jams ram
wraiths under stables;
and coded sex-kodaks use men for heels.

reelers of dishing mermaids benumb a body-chart
dealers of kissing mermids get fish-hung
and a bath at sea
uses soap for seeds; and a green-assed heart gets
fed to fleas and fly-sets
O, issuers of naked rafts use fans to travel under
wrecks; and a bodice-moon sears crying thunder
from wailing ashes
and, stepped, a fleeting glimpse of a lazy lover
comes ravelling into time; and time fuses fever
and a boat of blorted faces
fascinates bone-bracers with evil mad racists.

these are my mallard days
these are my ballad days; and codas inside us
raise some hot fingers from cicada sofas
o these are my final days when i will use lust
to poeticise plumes and soft combs; and sonar
has come to wash me down
and rooms, jammed, must strip me down

reelers of fishy frightmares drag seas for sound
la la, ragers under mind-stairs
search fast stars from filmed flares
and a guilty mind gets shot; and angel-ground
gets gusted up, up
ahh, mentalis uses cuts to damage digitalis,
and coded easy sluts
crashland all across England; and cut mutts
slutterise beds where sweets snare
bald teeth to spined fear

these are my mallard days
these are my ballad days
o these are my final poet-days
but poetry will live forever?

the deadeners of tomorrow use yesterday's people
to surrender sullen fears to wept abuse
o reddeners of coded sorrow use tomorrow's steeple
to sunder naves with iron,
and ushers of graves drag lions from goblets when
sodomisers raise gins from flashes;
and me and mental mines get mining for flowers
and me and smelt swine
get rifted by policers and clinkered easy wine

o deafeners, cloaked, summon deities from children
o gallowers, soaped, summom dasies from ravens,
and this here is our raven boy
and this here is our garden-power: And, necked, i
ease my angled head inside toys
and a labelled crease cuttlers after lovelorn joys when
a snapper of killer crystals
sunders doomy denier boys with dragging heart-pistols

shufflers of Eden drink to horse
dufflers of Eden ride a lost horse; and a dog in a dream
comes scurrying after domes and faces
o a scamperer uses shrinks for gorse
o a trampler of nooses drinks for sauce,
and, once in an ocean scene, i overheard baby voices
come sundering at my sex-door

oo, a baited scullery leads the easy dead to the killed
oo, a rapist, mauled, deceives the family
scufflers of Eden get grappled under baby: Inside hills,
we yearn for impossible mountains,
and a weaver of intractable fountains must sue dills
la la, an opener in a top-lip
gets slavering after rose-lips
and a bended inking squid causes a man-o-war to drill
after trashers and trashy slits

oo, a baited scullery leads the easy dead to the killed
oo, a rapist, deformed, receives ruined sex-memories
and a dogdayed pulse
heats a clog with female vaults; and easy sex-maladies
get stubbed by catters and feline vaults

scarrers of Osiris use hot Isis to snap a daisy vein
marchers of Oz and Rot lead lampoons to rain,
and an ideal fever
gets rocked, just like a born killer,
and, Lo, ideal Leda uses a swan for a mirror when
brandied heart-meal scatters goats across old women.

the eagled Nazi bracelets of once zillion worlds will
get happily stolen by the Son of Man,
and an emptier of nuclear sex deals fists to windmills
and an easy cafe on the Rhine
accuses pretty people of looking in twin-minds
and radios, televised, shade a shaver from dead minds

the eagled Cosmetic Cosmos of an evil renal child
get trampled into meaty heart-clots
and these keen high birds under fire abuse de wild
of crying for the fall of apples;
and an easy foal trots till candles get pissed upon

as eyers recline, a breaker of hills will sunder guns,
and the Stars of Israel will look down upon the lunged
tower of gassy baubles;
and evil Adolph turns to Benito and prays for fables

La La La..

i espied a rotor blade carrying magnesium bloaters
aside mind-miseries and chapsters
o, a nuke promontary delves for copsters then gets
dizzily killed by prickling demanders
and fotal focal fuhrers come feeding cocks to jets
and, la la, the Son of Pan caps a killer under mantras
and, o-la, a gunning glam glans
grapples with thumb-stains.


Copyright JDB 23/05/2021.


work-in-progress title: Neutered by the Sun In the Rain
first draft poem then poem-song 

neutered by the sun in the rain, an adventurer underglass
gets fed to dolls in the underpass
la, pootered under star-stains, a female masque uses masts
to sunder shipping veins;
and a butter boy uses gals for trains

neutered by the moon, lunar brains use hands for dogs as
netters nip a bat in a bud;
and a focal killer gets led to blood
and a fotal swimmer gets fed to blood
O, as timers don kecks then miserly manses use gods to

swipe a tall tree down.

neutered by the cars in a vein, a cruel father uses grass
to entertain doggies
o, slewn by dead Mars, a mother to laid larders use glass
to sunder applers
and, cased in, a feline Venus mast
gets fed to easy penises; and hankering bled boys last
all fucking year

neutered, a figgy friggy fool faces across grey masks
pootered, a dizzy easy mule
gets laid under tears;
and a daddy father drags spheres for queasy fears;
and luggers, lathered, don statues


doggerel in a plain parcel yields sapphics to rods
stayers, spind, abuse muscles
and a daisy moon, washed, gets bolted to gods
and, oo, as we ride from death
then we sail out to find cryers under bled gob

neutered, a valley sign gets star-fed to saved sex
suited, a ballet mind gets car-spread,
and a doctor to denial
grows and grows, just like a cancer grows;
and easy bridlers get badly bitten by crows

doggereal in a plain parcel yields sapphics to bods
strayers, palm-paved, seal fields aside bruisers,
and a natal bed-native
shares its cage with both capricorn and cancer


oo whilst reading the news of the screws, a mad man under wine
comes studying my rainbows
oo whilst crying about truths
a madam of shrift macadam nooses holy roots
and bodiers of gnits
get shovelled under lips; and a candy father hangs sea-fruits

neutered, a gallery of spind skin gets lathering; and coots get
dashing across guns and lovers
o a naked nuclears hand extends fevers to murdered brothers;
and eyers, deafened, glow just like a mind
and spirallers, missioned, uses a mad mind:
And these emptying bird-words get studded.

oo whilst reading a dolly paper, i overheard moggies under suits
come hiding a penthouse aside a model lute
and, la la, as lutes get slain
then a sidler under newts get summery


o when eyes lead loss to cones, then a purple-vision-grave
will always lead deaths to water
o when eyes kiss a blind cross
then, made from lip, a mental neon loft
gets fleeing down a fast smile;
and, oo, as faces crisscross, then curtains under old cloths
get sunken under dish-cloths
la la, easy pinkies whose berry bouncings
get stuck inside the moon send daring fathers aside dials

neutered, a gormless sea-driver buys a fast drowned meal
pootered, a handler under masters
get massing with monday's child and female disasters
and, ah, a dated fever
gets flowing
and, ah, a shielded river resonates downstream

o whilst perusing a dolly taper, i saw naked dreams
shaping womblers from fused screams,
and, liced, where tiddlers screw, then minnow-spleens
get fiercely removed
by anglers of angel-snoods
and we all go wide
and we use the skies for
cinemas and screen-fjords

huh, when eyes deafen the instant blind, then dreams
must sit very still
huh, eyes quicken, the instant false hills use marines
for daddies and mourned mamma marie
huh, daisies, drammed, get erected from dead leas
and, shippen now,
dilators of dictators drag dives for loud shows


visual damsellers get darted with men and children
o viscal musclers get carted when
a driver of fens drives red diaries,
and optic head-pens drag breads as coded chickens
get stopped dead

huh, bled eyes close as city field uses sad beds to
sermonise pain with a bruised dune
la la, an idol with no kids gets sainted while runes
get sundered after blowers of tuned

visual damagers, paved, get hands crash aside a
fever-finder; and fixed flashed stasis has to carve
a carded skull from veinous spoons
la la, weepers gun sex down with vile cocoons.

huh, sad filthy signs adjoin dragglers to dust
hah, mad beepy blinds
get pulled across dames as loins join all of use
to bellers of breakfasters;
and weedling God answers to feathers when

car-assaulted mods damce for diners: Gems,
disk-surrounded, dreams about scissors when
damsellers drag drakes for cold cushion-Ken
and easy nosy nous and ken
carry crapplers to nailed trees and vitamins

visual damagers, laid, lock vanishers aside us
viscal panickers, paved, rocks varnishers and we
must accuse slain birds of sailing
out to petrel-deaths;
and wideners of mesh go wide of mind when
petrol pisseries don nests


these are my fatal yearning days when i will send pigs to caves
o these are focal burning daylong dreams
and, lo, eyed under morning, i point wrong fingers when raves
get scattering across a whitsun sky;
and i remember loss as i recall
a bad bleeder boy who danced all wintry summertimes: graves
get fed to seamen
o, a blencher, seasoned, drags forceps when a dancing siren
gets swallowed

visual vocal loonies appear too washed of hands and face
viscal fotal daddies appear too crushed
and, la la la, as i wail for truths
then the canals of my sail get drenched under murdered space
uh, a store inside sex-rain
may well suffer assaulters: O, a sprayer, thundered, cases
easy minors aside kiddy grain

and evil pedophile-prizers leer inside god's brain and God
has certainly been proclaimed dead of lords
ah, a chaneller of screams car-crazes a springy bird-bod,
and i have appeared stained by spaces when
slit-rains cut the lace we thread

doctors and moonmen ignite the sweet sides of my bed
and, ah, when i arrive back home
i realise that droolers must dream about a burnt home

jolters of pokers peel a dirty apple
makers of soapers
reel; and a dummy razor staples
easy onion to dopers;
and eyeless diamonds drop tables
and mindless sirens chop gables

o these are my gassy days when
my emptines shows paps to friends
and these are the sins we know;
o these are my sassy days

as pelters leer then old king lear
will sermonise bone with tallows,
and sex and its slaughtered gallows
get crunched, just like glad tears
and eyeless diamonds drop

dead, dead,
ahh as we jitter then we use rot
to supper for the knives abed
o, cotton war, writhed, uses snot
to surrender fires to gassers

there is no ore to be found here
there is no ward to be found here
there is no whore to be paid here;
and sweet salt rocks fall
and eaters of vaults shed tears
with wraiths and bedded spheres

once upon a mind
i recognised mental-missonaries
come sundering a blown flower.

these minted evil homes i choose to live in
have sharpened sex-stone
these splintered devil-domes i choose to roam
give head to lucid flowers
and, o, as lucid flower withers for Satan, then
ruiners of fascinating bones
get devil-drilled

once upon a mind, evil angel boys use sloanes
to deify droppers with bended hillside
and eyers of peppers, pigged, eat stale scones
o weeded gull-lepers get
wearied as a jostler under sex
grows and grows, just like a cancer grows: Breasts
get arm-uplifted

these minted evil home i choose to live in must
send white papers to naked news-lust: dust has
no armies to smother
and, la la, ladies to mother cut stale dad-crusts
and flowing cocoa eclairs
dollop cats across lost chioc- stairs
and we will gather for one last chance where
devils burn pure hades-hair
once upon a mown mind, classic grass-gear
got moon-lifted aside cunt
o once upon mined minds, brassic glass-gear
got gun-sifted aside spunked
diamate heart-rocks
and weepers use milk-creepies for rot


oo i used all of my city funds paying for a real royal shadow
oo i dropped drawl
and now, sent to stalls, i pay for penny cakes while meadows
sear knife tailors with pitties
oo a candid candifier fuses lips to ditties
oo an acid petrifier furls tits aside coffees
and i am drinking coffee aside the valleys of my home
and i am fed banoffee
and i get bled to death when scatterers drink stone

i used all of my city funds paying for a real sidled show
oo i stopped my mouth
and found mad kids dying in the deep South,
and terrifiers, in wigs, use fountains for Ma Mary: crows
cry as magpies store
stolen ringlets under wards
and, oo, a mindless sotto voce comes colluding with whores
and, oo, sweet emptiness
sunders leeches with beaches as a neon gibbet uses birds
to talonise endlessness.
once upon a stoned mind, i oversaw the drillers aside curs
once upon a mauve mind, i overheard the mirrors in nerves
and, la la, eyes get poisoned
and, la la, skies get moistened
and, once along a sad time, i scented girl-wrists and defined
a purple parade where leeches came home to find curves
made delightful by fish fans and fanny curd.

oo, i used all of my city funds paying for a real royal shadow
oo, i dropped my head
and my headpiece got stuffed with bread
and my eagle of a lot cuffers scissors aside motile lead
oo, i used all of my city funds praying
la la, i used all of my fun funds floating notes on water

Uh Uh Uh..

a pisser of a bell-ringer drags nudists from defiance
a rippler, seen Numbered, crashes across dreamt silence
and a victorian scream
gets demolished, just like a museum: O, as faceless guys
scream for magazines, then dawdlers will use marines
to scrape butters across marm and jam scones
and ideal shiverers get crisscrossed
and devil red shavers use debts for infantile drones

a pusher, sailing high, drags plumers aside wet science
and a raider under pliance
glows, just like a chemist glows; and riders across domes
get shafted by awakeners of grave conscience
o, a raddler of a mind-shaker gets gutted by street-loans
and, oo, a shepherd to men carry de bible until bones
get snapped by dead Phapos Jesus

these are my mallard days
these are my last poet-days; and i shall surrender to a
dresser of dirt, disease and sex-deaths
ah, these are my mallard days
these are my vast poet-trades
and, once i am done and death-tied, then i will see death
come scudding in a blown bath?

budders, bled from cellves, unlock a filthy pint
feathers, bled from dells, scat-rocks easy nights
and lurging london fields use pulsers at midnight when
pearlers get pealed apart
o, coddlers, spoon-sparked, raise daffodils from heaven
and, ah, this earth and the world i breathe
scatters female trees across the Void

budders, bled from cells, cock a dog-beak across a
macadamer of bluebells and cotton-spars
and, once a mind dies, then weepers will use cigars
to push a smokey flagon across Jupiter and Mars:
once upon our times, we noticed cooks using calves
to sweat all sex-meat down to entirely nothing.

is it perhaps born under men how a mind-ingot gets
forced into a mind-maggot?
is it perhaps born for women just how serpents stretch
mind-lizardry across failed birth?

no, it is doubtless so that passion pulls on a wretch
and, lo, herders of hoes use gardeners for pecks
and, lo, murderers, slowed, must
undergo drummed driftered wood-musks
and a sallower, cut from centaurs, must use cats
to paw till mind-clean

it is perhaps born to children about this wild world
is it perhaps familial to children
that the dingos inside woollen droughts
must come to suck upon windowing wild girls?
ah a cuttlered breaker of dangerous pie-whorls
has to feed itself to grey whirlwinds...

La: once across de timed minds, a bonnet-hearse
went writhing as mad lads wrote upon a storm
La: once, gal-gelled,
as manses fell to castled dills, then fantasias pursed
hooked limbs at a drunken dunked receiver?




Copyight JDB 26/05/2021.

© James Edward David Bellamy


© James Edward David Bellamy