A TOUCH OF THE PRECAMBRIAN? (something to do with David Bowie)

photo of the late great poet-musician-genius David Bowie


Men and youth and a sodden market must
Sell dills to sweet green dusts,
O, as sin and puke suck a flava, then lust
Must lay a chaser with a tusked
Scissor seasand.
Mental stunned summer cuts hot whores
, , scented deaf father weds sluts to scored
Hanged halved heels,
And, sss, as a dog on a reel barks for wheels,
Then spatial summertimes
Will rock for god’s milk ward?

There are sunderers under pooled plaster
Which, rammed, race riders into mother
And the coastal case when
Candlers cut stasis from children
Spits on wrought iron sea men
Men and youths and a sullen carpet must
Lever lays from pills and sea cusps,
And, sss, when a bull inside lust
Builds cold cocks from caved sea slaughter
Then slain sea turds
Track a tawny trade and souled birds
Build cracks from laughter
` ehhh?
Here there is a small head under midnight
That, whirled, does a dizzy doll inside light’s
Naked sun
Bled boars bride loss to severing sea guns,
Wet walls ride a cross,
And paned pullers plead after love’s lungs,
And wolves know hyper lungs?
Precambrian colours cascade where
Homo habilis raises salt prayer
And we rip dunes from salty air,
O do we dine on pubic flare?
O how now does the keen sun move
Inside a Precambrian sullen sex groove?
.,.?!! ..
Ahhhh MIEN!!!!!!
This day, a febrile faceless fakir
Lines bulbs with impossible nailed
Bowed beds and flipped feathers
And we will live to chant forever?
Chosen footprints will always fall,
.frozen flashed frills always crawl
After dillies and princesses
My sunny dunny darling
drilling body
Sunders like a blue town
And we sleep where baby
Drives against the sea’s saline
Naked swathing blue bobby
The tidy suns of fled star fire
Ram a river down a hose -O
And slithering side men slam funeral spires
And gods and snipped booze
Drowns where drink swirls beers
Lo, an impassionate slithered seer
Vans stars under crows
The Ledas of the come and killed
Claim spires from cut rain, and fey hills
Where a doddered sex dial
Hangs phones from wrung smiles, then
Closed men must farm after
Blown bees and country laughter
Ss a hot hired hedon under fever
Crams curls, and eyed city clavers
Curse bombs with dirt and drivers

Chicken empires must eat egged women
, bickering sea fires
Rend dirt from liars.
As an angel in the moon
Laps locks and teased tunes, then lunar dunes
Slap bollocks where wounds
Wind down, down,
And men and macadam melt for tarry madams
And, ssss,
We will assault a mean sun
, ss eyes under cunt salts drink from a city
And new American minds spend pennies in a gun,
And nude napes nip
Beds and bunnies
inside a tripped false vein, I enter a silk lip
because of death, I will render death from
spades and spiders:
Aa a thwacking desolate spade cuts lipped rain
Then, under sex capes, a rider of a roman sea train
Ravels into minds
` and a bled boss of the dead and dimed
Cuts soured sleep from delved wine
The carnivals of bled killers
Sweat for dazzlers, and binders under scissors
Cut napes from razors
… zzzz
Sundering under blazers, a bald bitten girl
Drops clay from
Soils, and eyes unfound will swirl
Ghosts and monkeys…
Lo I suck a torched guitar
Ss o as a bald bed bends
Then rivers in cigars must
Send dogs to sung sleep

Outside swung meat, cobra coda
Strips belled bone from
Stung kilns and Allah
Lo, I sup a drenched river
. nude and naked nuptials under peat
Dig desolate dreamers
And life seems in love with the nightly dreamers..
Mashed maskers melt for
Canes and whipped war, ss- when once pigs roar
Then xmas and easter will suffer for
Pies and whores
as mashed masked millers score a sea of wards, then grey ghosts
use inky primers under
nipped nudies
When once pulled pillared pealed popes
Shoot wild raped pony ropes
Then ideal faces must
Prise bells from fish baits and salt lusts…
Wide seizing slain sky
Slides from out gods and sainted dick dried
Bulled butters…
Jacked by the ladies, a male fakir sucks
Latrines and nails
And, bronxed, as red rabies raises grey fucks
Then trickling tigons in shroudsails
Sea-hangs hordes where billy braille
Cuts genius from blank eyes
Jazzed by the babies, a boy biller
Bags combed lunged laced trillers
And saucer fuelled by killers
Drain dusts from teas and trippers
Coned keen city angels
Lay doll-waste to gigs and gables
And, snippering, mental nudes and navels
Lash Madam to macadam and Naples

Fat ghosts under glued doggy dimples
Shoot cunt colour…
The guilty giddy side of gold heaven
Lams fierce tides where lost hissing sex ravens
Grab for fists and gardens
When once pools of fear fade, then red raised garlands
Seal sex within
Deep and passionate love winds
And the guilty dizzy wives of keen gold minds
Meld milky ash with grey gods and blued salt skin
Ashes under rashes call for god’s lost name
,., flashes under hashes smoke for christ’s surname
But burning bled embers
Ignite beds and killers
And we intend to stand inside a false town,
And, lo, we attend false lands as blue green sea clowns
Curry carried wheels
Molten books of hours swirl verses inside flowers
, chidden rooks of bowers
Raise curled hearses
And we will send kids to sleep
And selves and men will trumpet meat
When once a poet tree tears buds from heat, then
Stoned men pinion
Luminous spires and cathedrals
And, laced by treason, we chop the fat
And we must search the trees for pushed cats
Vast closures in bled veins
Chill stains in acid…
and a fazing bellstar will stir
raided deaths and pianos, then bled curs
must walk god to death
sss when once a city in a deck
dodders after cemeteries and mean sex
then blonde bobbing becks
balls and summits—
as hot hired wives sweat for candy cigarettes
then blabbed burst sex war
divines salt blood- , Lah
although we dwell inside veined God
.although we swell outside veiled sods
We will find the pearly way when
Cold snowers interfuse
Dobs and dashes
Codas summon nude wild heaven
And men must believe now?.
Cloning sex riders will stone a bad fast boy,
O, under a kelpie, we will whip toys with
Mascara and rainbows
Sssss under a shroud sail, men and figgy kids
Suck skirts from quince,
And, laden, a severing sea squint slays slashed pigs
Cloning sex drivers will stone a bad glue-crib,
And, la, as eerie earth men deride
Waxed hands and shorn screwed kids,
Then grinding gashed spades will rise
From out colostomies, agers, and cold disguise
. arctic monkeys shovel
Flints and penny puddles
Ah active money shoves after green hovels
And, lashed to ladles, we must swim where lies
Cut wide wives from
Salt silks and lilac sea guns.
Aladdin plays the field
, paladin pushes asses into robed seals
And, here, there is a dyed void
And out boys will sweat inside a void
And we shall dig for fat fingers
And we will drain molls from mongrel rivers.
.. --.a keen riddling seat of gas must sever
Satanic sex leathers
And the coded men who sweat for mama
Must rot for god’s sakes,
And we lay tyres with dragged caped
Robes and reeled
Salty kinema
We will ravel into mines Oh,
sex will slaver after roped minds,
And dirt love is god’s labia?



Copyright Jim Bellamy 2018.