A TIME-CHASM OF LEONARDO (After Salvidor Dali) a dr who poem?

image of Tom Baker's Dr Who.


and because
of the infinity
catechism of
we shall be capable of
vowed thought
and outside need
of the nude phrenology of 'dianetics'
of martian saviours
of the generic slaver
of kirlein 'problematics'
all the families
fotu-wide genitalists
with stiff lazy natrons
with a body under
dippy diplomatic spies
has objects of supine slides
sensing after
crazy atoms
atomic danger laughter

for the hyper-sutured thought
of Leonardo
that the phantasm of cannibalism
eats under
vinegar flowers
- already, the 'intellectual heebees'
that dangle in regional wine
slasherly moisten
the familial dirty flap
of the philophrengenitive carbonatics
a fazed future
that here exists extra-neurologically
shaping naked gods
and monetary exegesis
piss-sliding financial arithnatics
and consanguine biters of ergonomics
have a contact with 'depressing cold'
and the conductives of a 'moat soul'
entirely exterior
kartian cave-crews
monetary idealists
psychic yet aware
and a bodded structure
does not possess
dianetic means to press
tall human behaviour
and codal transmogrifications
and dummy hindrances
present themselves objectively
cutically deleterous
there does not co-exist
in love's time
as far as mowers know
a prism
of quango physics
or chemics of nude pathology
and a dripper of parabola minds
lops a linguid
hoed heel of psycho-neurology
the compartmented phirosophy
of a faked coming
has a flint-flown day of
philosophy of 'paranoic critical
entoscopic bath polemically
baby of times'
and we have inclination?

i attach a crowler to a sea
the hyper-materialist knowledge of
holy picasso
must devour the 'intellectual hyperion'
already, chokey crumbs
strip acids bare from
crowlers of nancy spider fawns
a locus under mien rocks porn
and we heap 'structural sun-warned'
monetary diadems of
'obsessing crows' and the dined
imaginative gold-grease
of intermediary glasses and
pissers unfound between sand
gestalt-families of permitting
psychic pickers of optical hands
the blue eagle of a diamate demon
is caught between skies and drams-
o, we await the beggars schools
o lost souls puff up like rules
the biological
and dynastic phenom of
rolled Leonardo
has been
the first great ingenitive catachism
of modal odal psi-thought
and the rites of Picasso
will form the duelled neuretics
of a minster of pigeon cardioms
as yet misunderstood, a cartal bone
falls to swept
vineyard tails


JDB 31/12/2019..
nb:  is this a Doctor Who poem?       nb. jim does not watch dr who anymore.