more than 200 speed-written curtal Shakespearean sonnets.

foreword:    it is of my opinion that lots of these sonnets are complete rubbish
(but each sonnet did not take more than 5 minutes to write!!)

 ...       please search the rest of my site for much better fulsome words (some of the poetry here @ Jiim Bellamy's Songpages aims at seeming great).




The fear man knows lies buried under
Mystic terror, as time gains
The sun from out its fev'rish thunder
Serried with the falling rains
Of light; thence, the son of man
Rends to dead his aimless dream
As, burning, hist'ry's plan
Shends from death its living scheme
Upon the day when denial
Reaps christ's bird from out the brain
Inside the head of Mary's trial
Whence entreaty reaps the vein
    Of time, succouring umber
    Terror. Hear this number!


The terror rended from the mind
Lies buried with its teeming fire
As, disclaiming terror's grind,
Life inflames its living pyre
From the plenitude of peace
Whence no heart is ordinary
As, enrending light from peace,
Passion proves extraordinary;
Thence this life lies broken though
Whence no glad entreaty stains
Passion from the mourning dew
As terror's heat enchains
    Light! With the dawn
    Time proves its storm!


The peace man idolises
Lies buried in the sun
Where no peace comprises;
Life divines the sun
As, entreating narrow faith,
Man whispers in the ears
Of this infant wraith
Who whispers through the weirs
Of the tears which thral
In the eyes of men
Who challenge easter's fall
As with its prayerless pen
    Time shatters terror
    With no bled error!


The sun lies in the sky
As man answers back
To the sea in sky;
Denial rules the black
Dawn: death's creation
Spumes all ruled denial
As all predication
Spears the worded trial
Of this infant birth
Which whispers in the wild
Whence no adult worth
Entreats all heaven's child!
    The date of death decries
    The tears inside its eyes!


The sightless state of sin
Must rend away the night
And suffer for the sin
Which breeds inside the light
Quests of men who earn
No monies from the night
As talent rends its sperm
From out this patent light
Which loiters close to kin
As death entreats the day
When silence in its spin
Must rite away its lay.
    Life's extraordinary;
    Death's extraordinary!


Lightning strikes the moon
In this misgiven place
Where the mortal womb
Lies riven in cruel space
As the dawning day
Rites away the rivers
From the seas of grey
Where immortal shivers
Rend away from passion
All mortal mettled fission
Where its mated passion
Rites away love's mission.
    This day is drowned
    By love underground.


Dictator on the heath
Why rend away the light
Where the sun in sheath
Entreats the bodied night
Aside from men who walk
Their all-too-patent ways
As with the fears of SWALK
The night dissuades the lays
Man parries with his mind
As in the fields of terror
Man suffers for his man
As SWALK entreats error!
    The day ahead must dawn
    Inside SWALK's mallow form.


The page to macadam
Is crueller than the street
Which burns like Adam
Where apples scheme to reap
The dawn from out the day
Whereby no titled loss
Enchains the mortal grey
From out the rented cross
Which burns inside the mind
As terror seeks to dream
Against death's mortal mind
As terror, here you scheme!
    The date is close at hand
    To nero's fiery brand.


The christ of christs aligns
With piss; this you find
As burning death aligns
With cortal mortal mind
And as the day begins
To storm death's palisade
Inside all weightless sins
This dead room of jade
Of passion raping through
The daughtered dying day
Entreats the dawning dew
As passion leagues away
    The night when up ahead
    The dead lie out of bed!


The passion of the day
Lies riven with the dawn
Whereat no sickness fey
Entreats the rising dawn -
Inside the forms of none
The date of dying nears
The draping of the sun
Wherein death disappears
And rends away the light
From out this regal place
Whereby the scorning night
Competes with man's disgrace!
    The lightning of the moon
    Shends away death's womb.


Creator, bear me apples
As apples dream to find
Dictation in the ripples
Buried in the mind
Of women walking west
As time entreats no change
From out the aimless west
Whereat a world in range
Should warp, or else define
The distance in the brain
Whereat no living mine
May dig to rend its vein!
    The date ahead is sure
    Whence the day is law.


Pleaids, lend me light
Or else divine no rain
Whereat no fluid plight
Entreats the lasting shame
Of men who loiter near
To death, as falling rain
Pre-empts the listn'ning ear
As in this broken brain
Parents rend the fear
Which tides away the vein
Inside all woman's ear
As man competes to gain
    His aimless, red disguise
    Which tumbles in the skies!


The daughter of all god
Must lie deeply down
Whereat no regal rod
Reacts to pummel down
The data of the light
Whereat no scoring tear
May rend away night
From out the regal ear
Which fumbles at the lock
Which rattles at the door
Inside the raping rock
Which rapes away the law!
    The day inside the mind
    Lies buried in its grind.



The rotor of the moon
Lies buried with the son
Of man, as heaven's womb
Entreats the dawning sun
Which rises with the east
As western ways we find,
Or else no manic feast
Enchains the mortal mind
Of man, as narrow fire
Competes to undercut
The scorn inside the fire
Which rules this moral slut!
    Tapered with the tides
    Seasons rule the tides.


This morning I began
To reason with the sun
As with the solar clan
Of man, the mourning drum
Dictated mortal fear
As terror rent on high
Whispered in the ear
Of children born to die -
The lightning struck again
Where no loving lived
And shended with its gain
The light of man unlived.
    When fighting to forgive
    This man cannot give!


Death, you find me living
Whereat no mortal light
Rends away from giving
The brimming mortal night,
Nor any man forgiving
Enchain the living plight
Of man enchaining loving
Whereat no lawless spite
May rape away the riven
Dawn of mortal day
From out the reason given
By palours waxen grey.
    Christ, find me grieving
    Whence man is leaving.


The dawn when man began
To like the dawn, morning
Rose above the mortal clan
Which lived for summer's scorning
As where the lord forgave
His children, melody
Rose above the mortal grave
Wherein death's threnody
Rote the moonless skies away
From the dawning malady
Of the infant, as death's day
Rit away death's parody!
    The date when man succumbs
    To death; the sound of drums.


Creator of the mortal mind
Why seek me as the dawn
Dictates the mortal wynd
Inside this mortal dawn?
The day of death is forming
Above this mortal quest
As with the day deforming
The hunter in the vest
Details the ways of grieving
As the morning rites away
The mourning ways of thieving
From out the skies of grey!
    Death entreats decrial
    As light entreats denial.



The death of god is deified
By aimless whispers; snow
Must fall on ground endeified
By children laughing at the show
Inside the mind, where creation
Warps the seas to prove again
The twining ways of creation
Whereat no patience lives to rain
Upon this town, nor any thunder
Rends to grey this living theme
Whereat the runes of mortal thunder
Shend to grey the darkest scream!
    Creation knows no mortal end
    To its friends, as his'try bends.



My soul and heart are all-betrayed
By infants laughing at the moon
As terror stalks my fear bewrayed
By infants laughing at the womb
Of woman, rending graveyard dreams
Away from sex, as in the tomb
Death divines its mortal schemes
Whereat no terror sears the spume
Of light, wherein night's leaves proceed
To warp the talons of the night
As fear regards its mortal seed
Whereby the dark entreats the light!
    Today, the earth is crueller than
    The guise on the face of the ku klux klan.


My heart and soul redeem denial
As decrial rules death's womb
And in this place where death's decrial
Storms, so too, this aimless moon
Must warp and bend the tameless vein
Of the sun, as lunacy
Scorns all death, as in death's skein
The rock of god proves heresy
As cruel and cold as time divined
By patent whispers in the spine
As in the room whence refined
Poison breeds, the broken spine
    Dictates, as swollen emeries
    Predictate against the seas.


The cross man bears is all and all
As real and cruel as mary's mind;
So too, the rain that must enthral
The sky, must prove the aimless mind
Which burns, as in this tameless place
The sun in sky deems too cleaved
Away from light, as in this place
Soft asylum schemes relieved
By men, who dance and entreat
This witness to the moon above,
As, dictating home's green street,
The fainless sirens wail above!
    Time disproves all urban fear
    As time improves the urbane ear.


The dictum man entreats to know
Lies buried in the tameless sun
Which burns, as man inside his show
Competes with death: on the run
As night disproves the talons of
The dark, so too, all light enspurns
The witness to the falons of
The sea, as terror always earns
The deep, whence no favour lies
Riven in death's empty dream
Where hedonistic cries
Rend away love's metal scheme!
    Doctors doctor endless light;
    Light is treated by its blight.


Terror has me all dissuade
Away from dreams, as denial
Entreats the way we dissuade
The rocks of god: red decrial
Must rend from gloom doom
As death's clock rends today
The silky dawning of the womb
As the night is grey as grey;
And in the morning, dawn divines
The milk inside the brain
As with the riting of death's vines
Each word entreats the vein
    Of the child who lives for ever
    For the ways of endless pleasure!


Darkness summons aimless sound
As the child inside the mind
Rends to dead the mortal sound
Of the infant in the mind
As the day competes with bliss
To summon oceans up above
From the flashing glance of bliss
As the lightning up above
Rends to grey this mortal day
As blood burns in metal tears
Endless as the break of day
Warding off all metal fears.
    Love, you love me madly
    As day dawns too gladly.


This day sees in hero
The night when the moon
Will ward away the hero
From the taloned womb -
As the night gleams badly
Above this day of rain,
Thence the heart beats gladly
As the dying, scorning pain
Inside the mind begins - so bright
Fingers tap upon the mind
As this mortal man with sight
Shapes death's dying wynd!
    Streets summon death
    As streets summon breath.


The day when I was born
Was a cruel and broken day
And with the dying dawn
This birth came out to play
Amongst the fields of corn
Whereat no dawning ray
Of light, nor any figured dream
Contest the way to pray
As in the meadows laughing
Each man began to pray
Against the fields in laughing
Whereat the mortal day
    Rote away death's sky
    As christ began to cry!


The daughter of this poem
Relies on duteous faith
Nor any written poem
Decries the human wraith
Who dwells where denial
Rites aside the mortal day
Whence the dawn in phial
Entreats the seedless grey
Shape of formless kin
Whereat no shining form
Creates the formless skin
Upon the rising of the dawn!
    Death dictates creation
    With timeless predication.


Dictator, bear me all you know
Or else dictate the mortal shine
Of children, laughing at the show
Of people, as this mortal spine
Breaks, as almost red abandon
Writes away the day of dreams
Whence the heart in mute abandon
Rites aside the mortal screams
Of the dead, as greenest fear
Rips the eyes from out the grey
Milky thralling of the tear
That glows within the forest fey!
    Dreams create creation
    For all the world's creation.


Creation lives to suck
Upon the timeless skein
Inside the rod in suck
Whereat no fear insane
May rip the eye of light
Aside from mortal rain
Wherein the love of night
Must rend aside the vein
Of man, as in the brain
The chalice of the mind
Entreats the lasting flame
Of shame inside the mind!
    Death fears pleasure
    As man fears leisure.


The christ of ages knows no end
To his trial; so too, decrial
Reaps the sun from out the bend
Buried in the toilet's vile
Empery, as scarlet faith
Rules death's terror; thence denial
Rends away the mortal wraith
Who dwells inside the tower
Built upon this tameless hill
As the lightning up above
Shends to grey the mortal ill
Scheme of life: death must trill
    As, inside mortality,
    Christ entreats reality.


Eyes have sought this lonesome path
As creation rends to bare
Each man who walks this lonesome path;
Thence death's woman wanders rare
Where, entreating flowers to bloom,
Nature shends away death's guise
As, creating nature's fume,
Fugue dictates its mortal rise
From the tables of death's fables
As time's gables turn away
Men, who whisper after fables
As death's light proves all too grey!
    Terror loiters under thunder
    As the spine disproves its lumber.


The date is set: this mad woman
Must wander where no light is known
To the child who frightens woman
Whence no terror teems unknown
To the child who rends to grey
All who challenge easter's path
As the darkness whispers fey
Inside the ears: this reddened path
Must lead where no man may own
The light, as talons summon fear
From the phallus in death's bone
As creation deems to leer!
    Light entreats the night
    As death entreats the bright.


The diamond in the cage
Is purely out of mind
As time conceives to rage
Against the purest mind
And fear must shine full on
Whence time creates all
Whereat the sun which shone
Creates a mortal fall;
So too, the blackest wish
Must shend aside the grey
Wherein the reddest kiss
Shall rend away the day!
    The cross is out to find
    The cross inside the mind.


Today, this insect and its worth
Must rend to dead the christ
Of man, who shends his birth
Where no fearless heist
Might entreat the blood of man
Whence no firmity is borne
Above the rain, as in the clan
Of christ, heaven is reborn
Above the tides, as the ides
Of march rattle chains of iron
And the lightning in the tides
Of regal seas reap Mount Zion!
    Man fellows man
    As man follows man.


Deep within the reddest sea
Man calls out to find the lie
Which, black, rends the tree
Inside the talons of an eye
Whence, raping suns dictating
Summer, here, man must own
No end to fear dictating
Terror, whence no man known
May shend clouds away
From death, as dying trills
Deep, where love's mad ray
Blasts light and all ills!
    Lightning strikes adown
    The men inside the town.


All dreams face due north
As death#s dream concedes
To change the sullen north
As in death's place, seeds
Reap this earth and grow
Away, whence soul conceives
A multisonous row
Of plants: as man receives
His life, this earth is known
To women on the rise
Whereat a village grown
Is yet as cruel in guise
    As man, who lives for ever
    Proves his hedoned leisure!


The cross is buried under
Seas, as seas become
As aimless as the thunder
Which rends away the sun
Which lives in readers' eyes
As man disproves his mind
And talons ruse the skies
Which burn inside the mind
Of christ, as tameless fear
Rends away this mortal word
And terror loiters near
The darkest, dying bird!
    Blacker than the moon
    Man reaps his living-room.


Doctor, why are you weeping
For men who never die
When men who scream in reaping
Create this sallow sky:
Inside, the night is void
And voids must teach you well
The ways of man devoid
Of all his primal hell!
Why summon womenkind
From out the veins of man
When man is always kind
With minds divined in clan?
    Doctor, please entreat
    The user of the street!


Purse, why tell me all
Whilst the money rings
Inside this ear in thral
As man and man brings
The day when duty dies
To bear the bandaged string
From out the mortal skies
Inside their faery ring?
This date is aldebarren
And hell must reeve away
The dawning of the barren
As passion fades away.
    Death grows clear;
    Mankind is dear!


Daughter of the lamplight
Why rend away the dark
Whilst this falling night
Entreats the buried Ark
Of children, filled with rain
Wherein no passion burns
Against this mortal brain
Who lifts away the urns
Of ashes, as the mind
Completes its mortal space
Whereat no moral mind
May beat this human race.
    Life suffers soundly
    As sound suffers roundly!


Madonna, here I stand
As man who cannot live
Nor any regal land
Creates a way to live
Neither might denial
Entreat the sun in sky
Which, enveiled in trial,
Completes this open eye
Which widens with the wind
As death parries fate
And rends away the mind
As eyes enwhiten hate!
    Time, sear my terror
    Or else impeach terror.


Mary, give me life
As love parries up
The faith of aimless life
As lust sucketh up
The dawn, as dictation
Creates its ruled trial
And passion's predication
Rapes the seed in vile
Ascent, as dying dreams
Descend to shend away
These darkened moral themes
Which reap away the day!
    Doctor, pray forgive me
    For I cannot redeem me.


Manse upon the hill
Pray, rend the lightning
Which, entreating ill,
Shends away the fright'ning
Law, as here at hand
The night competes with faith
And rends away the land
Whereat this patent wraith
Grows a mind as long
As passion, running through
This dick, which enshrouds song
And spurns the morning dew!
    Toward the watchman's light
    Love parries hero's plight.


This fever, I must own it
Or else deceive the moon
Which burns in deadly remit
Each light, as living room
Dictates a place to seal
Inside the darkest place
Whereat love's regal spiel
Entreats the blackest face
From out the sun and rain
Wherein all fear becomes
As shended as the brain
That rends away the sons
    Of man, barking mad
    Because he is not mad!


Enshrouded by the shame
Of sex, this ground concedes
To shend away the flame
Of man and woman; needs
Contest no place to own
As in the wasted gloom,
The blackest, rended bone
Entreats the loudest moon
And death must summon life
As life must summon death -
This potent lay lies shended
Of all its mortal breath!
    Love lights the lamps
    As love rites the lamps


This doctoring of light
Must rend away the dream
My father dreams at night
Whilst in the meadow stream
The ranger to my mind
Lies buried under thunder
Whereat this regal mind
Lies burning with the number
Smoked by mortal men
As in this rural place
The dawn of aimless ken
Lies broken like a face!
    Lightning strikes adown
    The clown inside the town.


Peace finds solace
Where light dreams
A place for solace
Whence red screams
Rite all malice
Away from force
As light's malice
Rips the force
From the tongue
As regalled vows
Shend to grey
All sacred cows!
    The day is set
    For Sutekh.


Son, why do you weep
For this day we know
While the men who weep
Reap away the snow?
Time is out of mind
And the sun is dead
As the dawn we find
Lies buried in the head
Of the infant dawn
Who never dreams alone
Nor any regal scorn
Shends the living bone!
    Time seeks to kill
    As the dead thrill.

Man who parries loss
As the day is borne
Above the regal cross
Must be sabbath-born
From the womb within
As the dawn defines
Fears from heaven's sin -
Time inside its vine
Must contest ruled faith
As the light without
Shends the living faith
From the sun in rout -
    Time proves denial;
    Death proves decrial!


Lady of the lantern
Who treats man bad
Rends away the lantern
From the summer's sad
Light, as in the fountain
Passion shends to dead
Night, as in the fountain
Passion rends the head
From the mountain's edge
As the mountain scours
Blood from out the sedge
Buried with the flowers.
    Time rules loss;
    Loss rules Cross!


The data of the mind
Lies serried with the rain
As graveward as we find
The sun inside the vein
Of the dawn of man
As in this place of rest
Man inside his clan
Must rend away the breast
From the daughtered child
Who lies all alone
Whence the daughtered wild
Lies rended with the moan
    Of the infant laughter
    Rended red hereafter!


Terror has me all-impeached
So the day; the night upturned
Whence the light is impeached
 By the rule of thumb upturned
By the night, whence creation
Lives to kill its loyal dream,
Where, decrying all creation,
Love in light entreats its scream;
So the diamond in the mind
Which dictates its dying shine
As the shine of love in mind
Blackens time with time.
    Rended with this dawning hour,
    Light contracts its power to flower!


Time and heaven cannot part
The lips of love, nor any place
Retreats to rend away the art
Of women, dancing in blue lace
Whence no terror seers to know
The darkest art of heavened mind
Where, above, the regal snow
Binds to death its heavened wynd
Which leads, lord knows, unto doom
Whence no terror deems to gain
This night from heavened aimless gloom
As this heart entreats the rain
    Which falls, as hearts enthral
    Darkness from death's hall!


The bluest kiss rails in the fist
Of infants, dancing all due-west
As the greenest, aimless wrist
Pummels deep inside the vest
Worn by woman lancing under
Death, as life impeaches fear
Where, dictating mortal thunder,
Terror writes away death's ear;
And the plight of man concedes
To rend away the lightning's ebb
Which, competing with its needs,
Whispers gently in the ebb
    Of light, as tides contract to change
    Time and tide! the moon is strange?


Death lives for loss
As the lying dream
Rends away the cross
Of the giving dream
As the son of man
Shends aside the dream
Which, intact as man,
Rends away the scream
Of the pupil borne
Above a school of eyes
Where no terror born
May rend away the skies
    Of this man who knows
    No route to lust's shows!

dbellamy, 2002


No lout may leave alone
The son of man defamed
By woman, all alone,
Where the earth inflamed
Dictates a massive land
For men who loiter near
The fire inside the brand
Which whispers in the ear
Of kids, who cannot know
The falling of the snow
Inside this patent mind
Whereat the sun in mind
    Must rend to dead the day
    As infants pass away!


The lightning of the moon
Lies bursting like a gun
Whereat no lunar gloom
Entreats the solar sun
As with this mortal man
Creation steels again
The lightning of the clan
Which murders once again
Each storm we always know
As terror thrills the mind
Unfound by mortal show
Whence this mortal mind
    Creates a place to live
    And does not choose to give!


Time, why are you laughing
At men who do not live
For pain, as time in laughing
Storms the men who give
A light, whereat creation
Dictates its place of loss
Wherein all predication
Compels the sun to cross
The moon, as seas of ruin
Rape light's woman sour
As rape entreats its ruin
And chooses not to flower
    Nor any man come near
    The rending of the tear!


Today, as fear compounds
Its closeness to the sound
Which pours from out the ear,
Life's speaker must resound
Within, as heavened fear
Entreats the shallow faith
That burns inside the ear
As man entreats his faith
And lends a metal hand
To women dancing under
This narrow, metal land
Which knows no thunder.
    Time seeks crime;
    Crimes seeks time!


I know that man is mad
And that the world is read
Inside the books as sad
As mem'ries in the head
And as the night begins
To storm the solemn sea
Inside all mankind's sins
The raping of the sea
Must bake the mind alive
As minds concede to change
The shaking of the hive
Man knows, as seas derange
    Time from out the brain
    As madness fills death's vein!


Fear, why know me
Whilst death's grove
Seeks to snow me
Whence love's stove
Cooks this son
Who knows no aim
To death undone
By woman's gain
From fire! This loss
Lies with the cross
Which burns within
This day of sin!
    Love, seek me
    As you reap me!


Night dawns within
As sin grows sour
And night within
Storms herod's power;
So, hearts enchained
Reap all who ride
Time, as enchained
Christ must ruse-ride
Out, whence denial
Routs light's entreaty
Whence heaven's dial
Rites out its treaty;
    Thence, all who live
    Must live to give!


Time, what have you done
To children who aspire
To all of murder's drum
As in this mortal fire
Man leagues to grey
The darkness of the moon
As, reading darkness fey,
Passion storms the womb
Of girls, as the black
Night, constrains nobody
Nor any chicken-shack
Enchains this narrow body!
    Lightning in the brain,
    Rend away death's skein!


Time, why seek me
Whence no terror
Writes to greet me
As time's weather
Rends from light
This narrow body
Who knows plight
From death's body?
Fear contracts to fine
This tameless spine
Which breaks: the dawn
Resides in scorn
    As fear blackens all
    With its patent fall!


The rule I know
Is cruel as cruel
And cannot know
Akashic rule
Nor any man
Contend decrial
Whence red man
Entreats denial!
The darkest moon
Lies buried in
The blackest womb
As here I sin
    Against the light;
    All death is right!


Man rites away
Death's dawn: the night
Must rend away
The dawn of light
As burning minds
Compede no circle
Whence sun in mind
Accedes its circle,
Nor any man known
Entreat the snows
Which fall, as bone
Entreats the shows
    Which fear the rise
    Of Jesu's guise!


Fear, fear; terror!
Fear, fear; night!
Man's mortal error
Must rend light!
Fear, fear; terror!
Fear, tear; light!
Man's mortal error
Must rend night!
With sin undone
Life must entreat
Fear, fear; sun!
Time is a street!
    Love lives;
    Death gives!


Darkness knows no end
To its penchant for
A door, nor any friend
Entreats the reddened maw
In which dead people fur
The veins of aimless light
Wherein this sullen cur
Must rend away the bright
Dicta, as denial
Shends away its bloom
And wharves aside the vile
Seas! The dawn of doom
    Must rend right away
    The milk of the day!


The plight of man is ran
By fears we do not know
So too, the ku klux klan
Must loiter with the snow
Which falls where no love
Entreats a change to turn
Against this sea of love
Which loiters in the urn
Of life, as death's dove
Rifts through the sperm
That scorns up above
The rapes we learn.
    To shend away the gloom
    Death's day must boom!


The time we know is real
As men who choose to know
The eye inside the steel
As snow falls on snow!
Inside this regent hour
The darkness lies abroad
And madness in the flour
Creates the bread onboard
This ship, which sails again
Whereat no funeral
Proclaims the man of gain
From out theft's funeral!
    Time steals the sun
    Where the sun is gun!


Do not go alone to find
The darkness of the moon
Nor shape the phallus-mind
Which dictates death's womb,
Nor ravel with the hearse
As time proves time again
Inside this leather purse
Which proves the sun in aim
Against the oceaned tides
Who are as cruel in fame
As men who rend the ides
From out the summer's flame.
    Toward the sea of thieves
    Man lends his sea of leaves!


Do not go gentle whence the night
Disproves creation, as decrial
Dictates the sun inside its plight
Whereat no fission proves decrial
From out the moon, whence dying death
Predicates its lunar trial
Nor any patient of death's breath
Improves the seed inside the vile
Nature of this man who is
Both cruel and cold as Deus Christ
Nor any motile on the fizz
Unmakes the shroud around the heist
    Of woman dancing for her lover
    Whence the sun entreats no other!


Do not enchain the son of man
Nor rail against the jaded night
Whereat the son of aimless man
Lies buried in the evening light
Nor let the children rove again
Whereat no peril deems to know
The rain that falls, again, again,
Whereat no peril deems to snow
Adown, wherein the stars above
Rend to grey the skies of loss
As man, encaged in prayers above
Disclaims the son upon the cross!
    As much as girls are sound
    The word lives in the ground.


Today, the dawn is out of mind
As man entreats his sallow dream
Which burns, as mad men find
Their shallow graveyard scheme
Which, competing with the sun,
Knows no end to terror's scream
As, enchaining man to gun,
Time dictates its westward stream
Of light; so, creation's trial
Rends to dead its dying theft
As heroes rend away the vial
Buried in this moon of dreft.
    Terror rends to dead
    The madness in its head.


The fear man knows is real
As man who knows no rain
Nor with the hunter's deal
May man in man ordain
The changes of the tides
Which, impaling faith,
Live in the narrow ides
Of man and his mad wraith;
So too, the madness borne
Above the oceaned ebb
Of children foremd forlorn
Must rend away the dead.
    The sadness earned hereafter
    Must shend away the laughter.


Too many men have here revered
The changing tides without
Nor any man who is endeared
To fame and christ, may rout
The darkness of the night begun
Inside the moon, where denial
Preaches sadness in the sun
Where no madness in the bile
Miight entreat the morning run
Of the child who is born dead
As the sister in death's brine,
Nor any whisper in the head
    Competes to find reflection's dial.
    As the stars intend their bile!


The doctor to the aimless moon
Has eyes which look for ever
Upon the madness of the womb
As death entreats the pleasure
Of the man who chooses west
Without no proof of denial,
Nor, as love entreats the best,
May the baby in the phial
Create the burst of judsas man
As the light completes the sun,
Nor, as woman also-ran
Dictates, might man-vile
    Darken halls with fate
    As we learn our hate!


Doctor to the tameless moon,
Death must find us wanting
Where the darkness underspoon
Must entreat the shunting
Ways of man, as death's curse
Lifts the latch on Spain
Which, deriving Mary's hearse,
Must move out to reign
Above the sea and tameless time;
Thence the falling rain
Must complete the shended brine
Buried in the throbbing brain
    Of the woman, rended under
    Blackness! Hear the thunder!


The loss of god is deified
By transmutative modesty;
So too, the darkness rayified
Must rend to dead all honesty,
And in the light, the sky above
Must shend to dead duality -
As much as man divines his love,
The christ of man's infamity
Must, transgressing faith with light,
In the blood, obsess no-one
Nor, as children in their flight
Break the chain, might crow-one
    Topple beneath the me
    The maker of the sea.


The darkness in my mind
Must rend to dead the dream
That totters in the blind
Madness of my scream;
So too, the arc of death
Must shend away the grey
As sadness saps the breath
From out the living day;
And in this place unknown
Bad man must wander far,
Whereat the sun in moan
Must blend inside the scar
    Of man who is becoming
    To children all-benumbing!


The death of god is deified
By aimless whispers: snow
Must rite the sun in regicide
As with the rain, death's show
Pummels, as the falling moon
Rips light's eyes: christ's denial
Must ripen with the thralling womb
Buried under death's decrial!
Within the stars, pining fear
Must blacken like the stars
Who, enchaining tears with gear,
Must create the stolen car
    Of man, buckling under
    The maker of the thunder!


Time must lend man loss
As terror warps the sun
Related to death's cross -
Woman's man upon the run
Must entreat death's dream
As, raping, heaven's chant
Entreats the tameless scream
Which bangs, as hero's slant
At living, rends to dead
The living herald of the moon
Who, enchained at head,
Encounters love in womb!
    Light must shend away
    The dawning of the day.


This piercing of the navel
Man cannot understand
Nor any living marvel
Enwarp the lying land
Where all men must read
Or else divine death's fate
Where, enclad in seed,
Living man must rape
The sun from out the rain
Where all hist'ry glides
Against the livid vein
Buried: light must rise
    Into a state of grace -
    Where's the human race?


The darkness of the rain
Must fellow hist'ry's fate
Where no aimless gain
Entreats man's dead date
With losing, nor denial
Competes to rend away
The dawning of decrial
Which blinds light's day
Of peace: inside derision
The night burns hard
Nor any dread incision
Dictates love's lunar bard!
    Love promises all
    From death's fall.


The peacedom we seek
Relies on sabbath sound
Nor any madness weak
Contains the lunar ground
Which grows, as dictation
Predicates light's fear -
As madness in dilation
Enshrouds the drying tear
Which falls, as denial
Cracks the mental curse
Which summons up decrial
From out light's hearse!
    Death decrees the light
    Of tameless burning night.


This is the end
My rended love -
No time to befriend
The madness up above -
The sadness is set
As in the lunar tides
The badness upset
Must suffer no ides
Of love, nor any moon
Entreat the glad words
Which flow from the womb
Enbirthing heaven's birds
    As death encurves
    Life's dunder nerves!


This is the way we live -
Enchaining all with words -
Inside the ways we give,
The shadows of the birds
Must rend away to grey
The dawn, as time concedes
To change the empty fey
That linger in the reeds
Which play an aimless tune
As time deceives the sun
And shends away the gloom
Of children on the run!
    The night inside the mind
    Must travel with the blind.


This son is well-endowed -
Dictators must conceive
Of fears inside the crowd
Which travel with the eve
Of death, as dying christ
Creates the vow of love -
All all, this sonnet heist
Must live like hand in glove
Where, with muses changing,
The madness of the mind
Must punish fears deranging
The moon, as this we find:
    The blackness of the coast
    Unburied with death's host.


The madness of the mind
Lies buried under flame
Where no humankind
May prosper in the vein
Of fire, as fashioned light
Enshrouds the living day
From out the dying night
Where no shade of grey
Might brighten with the dawn -
This man is cold as cold -
The christ inside the morn
Must rend away the old
    Schemes, as sadness founds
    The glad way woman sounds!


Peace, why bear me madness
Where no reasoned dream
Contends with hist'ry's sadness
As man compends the scheme
Of women, striding west
To seek the graveward drive
Of children, clad in vest
Whereat no madd'ning ride
May rend to dead the day
When man shall storm the sea
And grind away the grey
Mourning of the key
    To time, as sadness rips
    The mind from out its strips!


This is the day when darkness
Will shend away the sound
Of madness rending badness
From out the living ground
Nor any shade of human
Contend the living soul
Where no dying reason
May shend away the role
Of sun and moon and star
As woman makes her grave
Date with mankind's car -
The witness to death's maze
    Must blacken like the plane
    Enlightened by the rain!


The date for woman's love
Must blacken like the dawn
Of death, as heaven's dove
Creates the swollen scorn
Of children, dancing under
The distance of the night
Which wracks aside the thunder
From out this ray of light -
As man impeaches sound
There, where madness yearns
To rend away death's ground
Burning, where love spurns -
    The wisdom of the mind
    Must boil inside its grind!


The passion madness lives
For, must blacken light -
The fusion madness gives
Must rend away the bright
Blast of sadness, turning -
The fission in the skull
Must slacken with the burning
Glibness in the mull
Where, constraining fever,
Man must break the brain
Which boils away the lever
Inside the human vain
    Promise of the dying
    Dream! This man is crying.


The date of dying death
Must scorn heaven's dawn
From out the living breath
Of martyrs set to scorn
The lightning of the dead -
The morning when we wake
Must rend away the red
Enshrouding of the lake
Well known - the real day
Lies buried under fever
Where no shade of grey
Might shend away the lever
    On the moon, as man tries
    To smother heaven's eyes!


Smothered, as this eye deceives
Its place - the darkness sunders
Time - hist'ry's sine receives
The dead! In this place of Numbers
Man, who proves dead as dead,
Totters badly; thence death's dream
Sullies peace! The teetered head
Must break, as time's aimless scheme
Must blast the lips and eyes of god -
In light's palace, fear might scour
This vision - for the lightning's rod,
Love and lust must rend the shower
    Of rain, shending earth from crust
    As the son of man metes dust!


Dot, dash, colon - deft
Fingers find the art of god -
In this home, living dreft
Lightning finds the tameless rod
Wielded by the art of man
As, enshrouding aimless doom,
Darkness joins the mystic clan
Buried in the moon-shod gloom
Of light - love may never find
The bright, soft, moot parade
Of the mind, nor sadness bind
Dying eyes - hist'ry's raid
    Must raize the sun - creation
    Blackens predication!


The news is borne of men
Who never suffer light
Nor madness lift the pen
Which rends away the plight
Of infants, bearing error
To pages, twisted by
Hot metal in its terror -
The words inside the sky
Must drift and lend a hand
To whites who do not try
To rend the rigger hand
From out the schooler's eye -
    Suffrage in a word
    Must shend all Bird.


The patch upon this arm
Is warped by its intent -
The bruiser on the farm
Is rent by infant scent -
To glut, this poem must
Divine no patent zeal
Nor dabble with the crust
Of earth, as man may feel
The drying spit in mouth
Which cloisters in the vein
And shuttles off the drouth
Enshrouded in the skein
    Of red - as blood roughens
    The dead day toughens!


The blue eye of death
Relies on its infirmity -
The madness in the breath
Must shatter confirmity -
The handcuffs on the hand
Must rattle conformity
As nature rends the land
From liberty's informity
Of light, as lightning burns
The mind of primal fear
Away from strutting ferns
Which whisper in the ear
    Of god, racing under
    Equidistant thunder.


The sun on the run is done
Down by the mystic dream
Which parries histr'ys drum
By banging on the scream
Waylaid by magic's child
As in this mystic place
The madness of the wild
Dictates the empty face
Upon the lakes, where words
Drive all lunar seas
And rabble with the birds
Contested by the trees
    Buried, under thunder
    Where there is no number.


The day when death was dead
Lay riven, as the moon
Invented fear at head
As night and day in spume
Created fears unknown -
The stars were out of bounds -
The data in death's bone
Lay riven in the mounds
Serried with the graves
man knows but may not find
As in this place of raves
The funeral of the mind
    Dictated tameless dreams
    To children born of screams!


The darkness of the sun
Lies where man conceives
The whitest human son -
The madness in the eaves
Dictates no magic place
For infants born alone
Inside the madd'ning face
Of god - this earth is known
To fools of aimless pride
As glibness ends the mind
Enshrouded in the guide
Who wipes away the wynd
    Which leads forever west
    As gladness dons a vest!


Peace pulls the ticket
From the bin - this raffle
Rends away the ricket
From out this human battle -
The son of man proceeds
To shend the chains of god
As winners rend the seeds
Of man, and sadness builds
The price inside macadam
Wherein the word of man
Creates the blasted mills
From out the banded clan
    Of fear; this is the day
    When men turn gay!


Proof inside the mind
Must shend all dreams -
The madness on the wind
Must shatter all screams -
The blackness of the soul
Depends on even luck
As sadness in its shoal
Constrains all livid fuck;
And as the day declines
To strip the skirt away
From out the written lines
Of shrouded aimless day,
    The darkness of the moon
    Depends on living-room!


Truth parries might;
Death marries fear -
Terror and its plight
Must whisper in the ear
Of men, rending dreams
Whence no fear resounds
Against the mortal screams
Which travel from the sounds
Bended by the mikes
Suspended from the air:
The gladness of the pikes
Inside this river's flair
    Must shatter all theives
    As putrefaction leaves!


The blood runs red
Where mad men thrill
Inside this living bed
Where no woman's ill
Shatters chains about
The arms, as denial
Lifts the deadly rout
From out love's trial -
The bad man knows
That this day deals
In digging red snows
From out the dead weals
    Blackened on the back
    Of pratts, burned black!


Cameron Washington, I speak to you
As one who has never hurt nobody;
Nor in this place, where sky blue
Contests the moon, might somebody
Reach the sun, as red rain
Falls and rends away this mind
Which is as cruel as time - the vain
Must call and crawl the wynd
Due west, whence no man's fears
Shapes the madness in the grind
Of death, nor any falling tears
Accept the lunar tides in blind
    Change! The darkness falls
    Where no light encauls!


The wasteland on the shelf
Decries the ways of man -
The man abusing self
Contests the blindest clan -
The coven of the moon
Lies rended under thunder
Where no child in womb
May battle with the number
Smoked by men who fear
The changeless madness borne
Above the scarlet tear
Enshrouded in death's dawn -
    The light man must know
    Is cruel as whitest snow!


Peace, man, or else no
Fleece man, or else do
Things, man, you know
Where, man, the blue
Breaks, man, the tides
Where, man, these eyes
Seek, man, the ides
Buried in red skies -
Dark, man, the moon
Rends, man, the rain
Thralled, man, where noon
Dawns, man, in pain
    As, man, the night
    Shends, man, the bright!


Lightning as we know it
Sears no land undone
By the earth in remit
Where the lunar sun
Rends from out the rain
The darkness, as the gun
Owned by heaven's plane
Breaks the scarlet run
Of time - the road ahead
Lies buried in the stars
Where no man in bed
May shred the dead Tsars
    Borne from loaves of bread
    As light chews blue lead!


Compacted in the mouth
As drought proves real
The doctor in the south
Creates the lunar seal
Upon the dead pariahs
Who whisper endless on
Against the day's entire
Ways of rending sun
From moon, as the stars
Create the blackest waste
From out the motor-cars
Who blend within the taste
    Blasted by death's tongue
    As mankind lingers on!


The lunacy of christ
Creates the void begun
By madness under heist
Against the lunar sun
Created by the rain
Wherein no passion foils
The darkness of the brain
Enshrouded by its toils -
The shuttle in the loom
Predicates creation
Where no moon in zoom
May shatter predication -
    Peace proves real as real
    As man proves real as zeal!


Death proves real as real
Where light rends away
Fear from time's ideal -
All all, the change of day
Must break narrow night
Where terror shends to dead
Each plight, as the light
Rapes the man inside the head
Of peace, blasted under
Thunder, as the dreamless grey
Wode of this mystic number
Proves all madness fey
    As christ, bastardising
    Herod, enterprising!


I do not want what men need
Nor any prize decreed by man
Neither, as this heart of greed
Disclaims creation, might the clan
Of man and child all-dictate
The room of death, where denial
Predicates the world in state
As woman rends away the vile
Bastard of this earth, my son -
No occidental birth may reel
Against the lunar seas undone
By man in man - time must spiel
    Against all light, as this dawn
    Speaks for heaven's scorn!


The oyster on the plate must rend
Away the sun, as death's moon
Rites against the stars in blend
With the dawn, as death's womb
Splits apart the mind of man -
In the day, the darkness drives
Woman from her ku klux klan -
The darkest guise must always rise
Against the seas of ancient fear -
Terror shends all dead ties
For the reason of the tear
Which falls from the scarlet vise
    Spended from the blackest grave -
    Meadows laugh; thence the brave!


Pierced, ears must always hear
Fear, as the day declines
Down, where the falling tear
From this eyeless light reclines
Dear, where all madrigals
Wipe shit on empty hearts
As terror rends and crawls
Time from its fire of sparks -
Life reels against creation
As man must suffer close
To the hands of predication
Where time is too morose
    To lift crime - lightning sears
    The brain, as fear endears!


The mind of god is madder than
The dream man makes within -
While searching for a masterplan,
This human race is filled with sin -
The darkness rended under light
Must punish life with aimless soul;
So too, the blackness of the night
Must perish as the teeming role
Of time contests the laughing schemes
Of children, shending tameless kith
And kin - the madness under screams
May bury time! The madman's riff
    On guitar must prove more realer than
    The badness of the ku klu klan.


Peace lies buried in this hall
Which, encauled, must birth denial -
The sadness parried by The Fall
Must break apart the seed-in-vial -
Passing madness must acclaim
The darkest path away from faith
As madness strips away the vain
Truths of man - the realest wraith
Shall sunder, or else sadness builds
The palace, where no sentence for
The crimes of man distend the guilds
Whose council breaks the door
    Opened, as the lust man knows
    Rapes away death's pantyhose


King, why make this musak work
Where all music rends away
Man from man - pray, do not hurt
The darkness of the dawning day -
Lightning strikes adown the moon
As the faiths of madness show
The peacedoms of the endless womb
Which tussels with the falling snow
Of man; thence, all peace must sunder
Where the show of christ concedes
To blast the lips and eyes of thunder,
As the light of mankind's seed
    Shatters, basted by contention
    Where all musak rends convention.


That weekend, I was fading fast
Inside a train, where mankind
Rended death - the night is cast
Against the madness of the mind -
The curtains pulled about the rain
Must perish, as invention finds
The sadness lifted by the vain
Reproaches of the broken wynds
Which ravel from the brain
As sadness rears against the blinds
Falling, as the widowed stain
Of curtains, blackens under rinds
    Of morning bacon, blasted where
    The evening lives to shend the rare.


Lightning seems frightening
As rain falls and falls again
Upon the grounds in lightening
Strains of music - vain
Peace must punish thunder
By seeming all-too-clever -
The storms inside a number
Must rend away the pleasure
Ignited by the dying hordes
Inhaling smoke from narrowness
As madness taps upon the boards
Intended by the farrowness
    Breached - all sadness finds
    The route to empty minds.


Life never seemed to good
As christ never seemed alive -
Aligned with the cedar-wood,
The light we seek must writhe
Inside a teeming prism
Wherein no lightning burns -
The frightening narrow gism
Of sex must strut the ferns
In forests, as death's spores
Align with nature's mouth:
The day man opens doors
On time, must shend the south
    As madness scraps the laws
    Intended by the poet's cause.


Darkness lifts the wedding veil
On the wedding carriage
As the user of the nail
Hammers home the reddest marriage -
The blackness of the sun
Lies rended with the parried scream
Of the infant on the run
As the badness of death's dream
Strips the flesh aside from bones
Blasted by the words of god -
Castle-turrets rend the moans
From Judea's shit-struck rod -
    The day when mankind lies
    Down, then no more skies.


Piss drunk everyday
Breaks mankind's light -
Urine drowned by the fey
Glass of wine must flight
Fear, as terror unbegun
Blasts lips borne up high
By bladders underwrung
By fear - passion's sky
Must rip lips from mouths -
Love blackened must
Split clits full of drouth -
Sex knows no man's lust -
    Piss creates creation
    From death's dedication.


Terror rends the mind
From the madness made
By the child in wind
Where no madness raised
Rites the words of god
As man seems appraised
By Judea's rod -
Time enshrouded braised
Must dicate the dreams
Blended with denial
As the darkness schemes
Against the sperm in vile
Shapes - the real beginning
Depends on penile rimming.


Trapped in the caves
Of man, as light reams
The cunt inside the graves
Of children, red dreams
Of passion rend denial
As atoms split their feed
From out the broken dial
Which telephones the greed
Of man - created under
The darkness of the mind,
Terror smokes the number
Which burns inside the wynd
    Leading, god know where
    Man shatters woman's flair.


The peace of madness shapes
This doorway to the moon
Which, rending man from apes,
Contends the living room
Of children borne to rain
Down, where storms undone
Expect no blood in vein
To scorn the entombed sun
Burning where no spheres
Compete to shend the dreams
Entired by death's careers
As badness strips the screams
    From infants, undertaking
    The seas of fear in snaking.


Timeless, terror seeks you
Where no minor fear
Entreats the colour blue
Inside the list'ning ear -
The blackness of the sun
Enshrouds the glowing stars -
Inside the man upon the run,
No end to trav'lling mars
The plans of man undone
By madness, glist'ning where
The sires of light begun
Impair death's living prayer:
    As sadness breaks away
    From time, the dream is fey.


Enwracked in chemic blood,
The sires of madness raze
This poem from death's mud
As madness sears the daze
Of infants, lancing under
The badness of death's mind -
The courage of death's thunder
Must shend, or else the blind
Compete - the truth unknown
Lies buried where creation
Dictates the tides of bone
From times dread predication!
    Fusion in the reddest vein
    Proves life as real as rain.


Twenty-four years remind the mind
Of tears which fall forever down
Upon the town, where life in wind
Rends to dead the foolish clown
Who dances, as the darkness thrals
Inside the vein, where madness cites
This witness to the citied cauls
Which burst within the infant rites
Rended by the dearths of man
As fusion breaks the wakeful way
Enshrouded, as the wiccan clan
Blasts the lips and eyes of day!
    Truth entreats the brightest dream
    As lies complete the baby's scream.


Time, see how this town of death
Rends to dead the mourning moon -
The darkness of the dawning breath
Must shend to dead this living room -
The peacedoms made with infancy
Must blast the lips and eyes of god
As, dabbling with light's industry,
The blackest plane must lift the sod
From gardens - fruit inside this head
Must bend aside from herod's home -
The growth man likes lives in the bed
Intended for the hallowed bone
    Of murder - fear must break the bane
    Of the child who dies in vain.


Pass, or else deny
The maker of this dream
Which dwells inside the sky
Intended by the scream
Created by the child
Who lives forevermore
Inside the regent wild
Which opens up the door
That leads, god knows how,
To time decried by men
Who suffer for the row
Created by death's pen -
    No need to stop the time
    Nor any madness rhyme!


Death divines this empty face
As abaddon grasses man
To the madness of the space
Buried with the ku klux klan,
Raving where abhorrence rides
Faster than the sullied bright
Fear which snips the swollen tides
Shended by a sea of night -
Aldebarren as time's terror,
Warped, the oceaned day ahead
Must contend the living error
Blasted in the babied bed
    Of passion, rending death
    From the rivered breath!


Time in time can never seize
Light from out the seas of man -
In the darkness of death's trees
Scaled, the blackness of the clan
Blasted, as its witchcraft rends
Rhyme from out this living face,
Fear as terror blasts and ends
Panic, as the depths of space
Snap mad boys from aimless tears
Blackened; thence the charge
Of passion broken by the years
Of infants laughing at the large!
    Summoned by the tameless coasts,
    Man and child divine no hosts.


The terror rended by the moon
Shatters heaven, as dictation
Spends the seed inside the womb
Blasted by its red dilation -
Pain must sear the sun undone
By the madness of the mind -
Darkness breaks the hearing drum
Bastardised inside the wynd
Leading where nobody comes
To shit upon the bibled mouth
Buried by the sons unhung
By the preacher, rending south
    From the mystic's aimless ways
    Dazed inside their roundalays.


Genius is born of truth
As the mind competes to kill
Madness and its ways uncouth -
Intellect is mourned to thrill
Sadness borne from moot estates
Blackened by their cruel division -
Genius is born of states
Known to men who rend incision
From the sun - the night ahead
Batters woman, as decrial
Strips the mind from out the bed
Blasted by its mute denial
    Of creation, rended under
    Badness, wrought of thunder.


The darkness of the lunar tides
Must shend to dead the dream
Which prospers in the aimless ides
Rended by the caesared gleam
Broken, where each whispered word
Must blast the lips and eyes of god -
Blended with the street-wise bird,
Fear and terror must enrod
Sun and moon - the rains undone
Impeach creation, going spare -
Passion shapes the builders' hod,
Blackened by the seas in prayer
    Against this world, which rites
    For mankind's brackened sights!


Lightning rites away the sun
As infernal wisdom wears
Death - this always firing gun
Must spend away the living prayers
Of these tethered infant words
Rended, where abandon grows
Amongst the treeless, giving birds
Blackened by the winter snows
Blasted, as the dying moon
Rips apart the seas of breath
Blanded by the lunar womb
Blasted by the wheys of death -
    In the caves, the preacherman
    Shends away the poem-clan!


The truth man knows is rended
By peace, as time compends
The rites of fears upended
By this river's rended blend
Of light and night and terror -
The crucifix is here to rite
Away the lightning's error
Where no woman of the night
May rip and split the sun -
Each purse of copper blasts
The cornice of death's run -
The house upon the hill enfasts
    This dream, which proves as splendid
    As god's red home, intended!


Darkness, why entreat the rain
Where the storm outside mankind
Blasts the cornice of death's brain -
Clan in clan entreats light's mind -
Night intends to rend to dead
The living dreams inside the vein
Of the poet, burned at head
Where the caves of hist'ry reign
Down, as storms of light entreat
Girls to stroll the aimless road
Rended, as this tameless street
Rites the skein inside the toad
    Which leaps, as intention rides
    Against a sea of murdered ides!


The proof of mankind's light
Must imperil Jesus Christ -
The passion rended under
The marrow of this heist
Of words, must rend to thunder
The blackness of the dark
Which rends, as time in number
Smokes the cretined ark
On which the beasts of death
Impend to batter fear
As the tiers of heaven's breath
Blast the sound inside the ear
    Held, where noise compends
    The poise that theft upends.


The siege of god lies buried where
No end to terror rends to dead
The madness serried with the prayer
Which shends away the living red
Bed of truth, as love which tends
Fear, must perish like tomorrow's
Branded, brackened way which ends
Sorrow -  in the dial of hollows
Death intends no sleeping wish
As incitement batters day -
Time must vanish like the dish
Blasted by the rivers fey -
    Cornucoptic, man reveres
    Nothing but the words he hears.


Time, why does your sleeping lover
Rend to dead the darkest cause
Of the night, whose supine brother
Shends to grey the turning oars
In the seas, as rivers run
Westward, where no simple dream
Breaks the tides inside the sun -
Man must shatter hero's scream -
Thence the heart is all contrary
To the notes the waters write
Deep, as man must end the story
Ritten by the mindless night.
    Passion breaks the living art
    Of the heart with counterpart.


This day, the sun and the air I breathe
Lies rended, as terror shends away
All dreams - the moon must enwreathe
The darkness - with the break of day
No end to fear will strip to dead
The light, as man must blast the fey
Witness to the gun at head
Which gluts the dawn - distant gay
Sounds must break the mind apart
As man intends to blacken all -
The madness born in counterpart
To sadness, must enslave the pall
    Which leads, as incisive doom
    Rapes the heart inside the womb.

There is no need to change
The word 'rended' - as used in
the above sonnet - to 'rent'...



The mind relies on plural sense
And cannot rend duality
Away from death in recompense
To ways of moot feality -
In the dark, the madness turns
Against the sea, as denial
Rites the vein inside the urns
Filled with ashes - spent decrial
Must strip love away from thought
As the mental heart is rent
Away from manic sadness bought -
From the simple sirens bent
    Down, by man's decision
    To shatter love's recision.


The peace man knows defines
The madness of the moon -
The grapes upon the vines
Must punish peacedom's gloom -
The sadness of the soul
Lies rended with the dream
Man seeks to fued-extol
Whilst man exudes the scream
His girl let fly in vain
When rain was thralling down
Upon the riven brain
Which buried half the town
    The clown upon the heath
    Bore inside his sheath.


Darkness suffers no intent
Nor any reason rends away
The madness buried in the tent
Man sleeps in: aimless day
Must blacken all with dreams
As sadness shends the drapes
Which hang above the screens
Implored by regal apes -
Lightning proves extraordinary
As the moon creates creation -
Within the sun, man's orderly
Must shend the chains of dictation
    Blended with death's stars
    As hist'ry goes to Mars!


World under fire -
Look at the moon
As hist'ry's pyre
Rends heaven's womb -
Light proves denial
As madness schemes
Upon the sun in vial -
The sadness under screens
Rended from the black
Must prove the ordinary
Words enbuilt in shack -
The sun extraordinary
    Must suffer for impliance
    As death improves defiance.


People are deranged -
The sun must inflame
The darkness rearranged
By the sun in pain -
The madness of the mind
Lies buried under snow
As sadness on the wind
Improves the strangers' show -
Peace creates the moon
As man mourns the day
When gladness in the womb
Dictates the colour grey -
    The light inside the rain
    Is rended by its shame.


The fire is lit once more
As children on the run
Must open up the door
Which leads whence sun
And rain define time
As madness rends away
The gladness of the spine
Which shatters in the grey
Back of aimless sin
As bodies shend to dead
The sadness of the sin
Impaled inside the head
    Of man, as glad girls rise
    Inside their pale disguise.


As mad as madness roves
The sadness in the fields,
The glibness in the groves
Impales the empty yields
Intended by the mind
As mental illness kills
The coarseness of the wynd
Which shends the thrills
Constrained by empty loss
As man proceeds to climb
Above the rented cross
Intended by the rhyme
    Dictated by the maid
    Who builds death's raid.


Fear must undo
The words we use -
This linguid cruise
Must paint all blue -
Madness must intend
To blacken everything
As man inside his trend
Enshrouds the wing
Of birds - light becomes
Too old to impair
As the sadness drums
Inside life's empty air -
    And woman shall contain
    The blackness of the rain.


The pace of this child
Must prove evidentially
As cruel as the wild
Which dawns eventually
Upon the day undone
By men who prove estranged
By madness on the run
From passion too deranged -
Inside the number zero
The time is always dear
To men who suffer Nero
For none - this sad ear
    Must plead and undo
    The strange colour blue.



This low and reined woman
Must suffer for her sin -
The muse of heaven's children
Must strip away the skin
From man - too many chins
Have formed below the face
Enchained inside the slims
Who warm all human grace -
And life must dawn again
Upon the seas of death
Wherein no sinner's gain
May warp the living breath
    Constrained in statuary
    Skeins, too ordinary.


Peace proves sour
Where man lies
Down, as the hour
Times man's cries -
Fear sears death
As terror reigns
Deep, as breath
Shends all chains -
Light must sear
Man and child
As nights peer
From the wild -
    Fusion strays
    As man prays.



This garden of light
Improves its shine
As madness tonight
Rends the mine
Deepened by fear
As terror proves real
As man in the ear
Embedded in steel
Sounds the noise
Boys understand
As stationed poise
Improves the land
    Blended with the yield
    Impaled in the field.





that bad year, I was sectioned every day.
not until around nine per cent of my mind
had burned and strayed, did this delusive death
defend the poaches of this man we find,
who serries graves with an enshoaling breath
that strangles thefts with a glibness in the grind
of darkness, buried where this lunacy
births with the wounds of a sky, unblackened
blue with the troves of a mean ship-at-sea.
and the sadness sought must ensummon rare
the hats which doff at the sun, ensearing
the softness of this intellectual fare.
gone away with this horizontal moon,
ruled stars undertake this rent livingroom.


they must rise, make for the strange room
where madmen dandled with
the sadness of the coke-filled womb
which sang and sang all night.

the evil bad must appear salved
by those old-type native foolish things
which don the jeweller's hocked
and sin-beleaguered rings

and the scene was direly set
to feature fools who could not
dive in the pools (once called the lakes)-
the stage was cold and would not

darken the faces of death's cot.
demurely, night must swallow day.


dreams seem tougher than we are.
just as birth must swallow life
so too, this day when deaths are
seen to rise from out the rife
words of a poet beleaguered by
the dark and all he must do
to murder men and teem with
words which hanker after lies;
from thence, the softness of these
sick and easy faiths must seem
assuaged by madness, sloaned
red with the streets of lazy spleen.
verses, razed from flames untied,
must believe in seas revised.

copyright jedbellamy, 2004


these days; what are they for?
do they emerge from strange words
or dandle in dyslexic pools?
some men should choose defiance
rather than this path of legal verse
for their defined and regal births.
but the night defines for us all
a place where poetry must force
no end to the blackness dreamed
the dancers on this mezzanine
must sully worth with words
and darken night with birds.
these chosen trees are filled
with madmen underthrilled.
copyright jedbellamy, 2004


(a curtal-sonnet)

to seize the stars which choose to procreate
seas which spurn the glibness of this age,
man must deride the sadness of the state
and storm fled suns with the madness of
all spires; and chapels must deride the rate
of tax, as sickness softens with this word
each bad child - the lunatical wild
must parry boys with intimated ploys
made spare by slick and rill-defining pools
of oils - these seas are filled with decoys
which pummel sex with the worlds of fools.
and crime must offer perfusionism's glee!
the date when murder proffers the moon
must not summon christ's death too soon.

copyright jedbellamy, 2004


(a curtal-sonnet)

today, as i was walking down the street,
i met a man who could not be discerned
from these paving stones; and the blue-red
lamplight of the moon was always
raving at the stars; and the way kids tread
the slickness of this mind must seem
darkened with the softness of the bread
which cuts days thick; and man must hear
the gleeful worlds of childrenkind
laughing at the lunacies of fools.
we think the thoughts which, underfuelled,
by intellect, make conscience die.
death brings us always heaven's claws
and smites the hedons found outdoors.
copyright jedbellamy, 2004.


(a curtal-sonnet)

a decent boy, a gentleman,
straight as the sun which we all read.
a fine and darling gleaming joy
of women and the words we need.
he was the best and did not lie
nor did his manners bypass faith.
we need not live to see him die -
all humankind must fear the wraith
who travels from the empty sky
to burn and bastardise this guy! -
though white is not my favoured colour,
i must confess to feeling queer.
the mirror here is veiled by valour;
and merchants till the fields of light.
copyright jedbellamy, 2004.


(a curtal-sonnet)

loud sound moves from the radios
as sadness moars its noises to
the shores, where bearthing ships
glide from the stars and underlay
each word of the mouths we
use to speak the poetries of
mankind; and magnamity bears
its soul to the shorn and wild
verbs which roll from the linguid
lips of this soft and rended child.
and i am no stranger to these
sea faiths which spin from Mars.
man wars fears and fashions
sheer sadness from munitions.
copyright jeddbellamy, 2004


(a curtal-sonnet)

naturally, time will meld
faith with baptised glee.
and the words we weld
must ensummon fears
of christ and all fled men.
the madness of the moon
must comment too soon
about the words we reel
from off the unreal
tongues of the fallowed
fields, which here lie
demented by death's cry.
and the stars must preach
the poems out of reach.
copyright jedbellamy, 2004.

(a curtal-sonnet)

hurrying to rend defiance
one dark and dreadful noon,
which shortly, with decriance,
would shend the silent moon
and blacken with creation
each word of heaven's sent
and blackened procreation,
with which the ruling wet
words, of mankind summoned
from out the seven seas,
must darken time's forgotten
and splendid restful trees.
this day, do not dictate
the madness of theft's state.
copyright jedbellamy, 2004



enclosed, the cities of death's fled
and looming pities must send back
none of the words fled christ may shape
bright gloss and fey - this earth intact
must shend the harnesses of kerbs -
all glad streets must summon gloom?

when infants rule the vested words
or women running from the shops;
and rancoured dining overtops
the wild white faces in the hops
which grow in meadowed lanes.
the verse of christ builds window birds.

unreachable inside death's rooms,
the trafficks part to let thefts flow.

copyright jedbellamy, 2004.


(a curtal-sonnet)

minds rend away the thralling of
this madness, shent aside from
the puling moon and skies of
the dark and dreamsome page
which turns, revealing unruled
exercises, demanded from these
verses, splendid and alight
with the flames of funereal fires.
and encription spurns the storm
which rides for the mourning scorn
of fish which ravel, tamelessly
against the lakes of the casuistry.
this night must transgress faith
to prove glad heaven's wraith.
copyright jedbellamy, 2004.


(a curtal-sonnet)

that mad year, i was fretting from the fey
pule-eyed sadness of this uprended gey
verse, which rends aside from the fallowing
fields of denial - theft's gladness underlays
words, as glibness must entreat mellowing
yields - enmeadowed, the softness of the grey
stars, which blacken with verse-forgotten day,
must dance with the eyes of the blue-red-lay
of the rain, which thralls forever with sound
which preaches ghosts to scheme from out the ground
of the lord, and all he has to unteach.
with the words of the birds, beeches preach!
the best of the west must undercarve
astride from the boys who are not suave.
copyright jedbellamy, 2004


(a curtal-sonnet)

striding around this misbegotten park,
which darkens dreams with fearing impended
dead, theft starkens silence with upended
words; and bards of this spent and unrended
perch, must preach the madness of the markened
scarlet march of stars, with hedons shended
by poetries of hunters, shrunk inside
an arc of errors - teach this erring mind
to tutor logic from the sadness of
a mad and mutant tenement of Kings!
we soften souls with the visions of a wynd
which teaches Zen to live for heaven's rind.
the sharpness shapes the shoes of heaven's girls
and slackens sleep with hedonistic whirls.

copyright jeddbellamy, 1993


(a curtal-sonnet)

if i was called from outside humane sin
to reconstruct this spent, fazed religion,
i should make use of christened water.
going in to seek the faltering church,
i would enfold a fleeing, forgering
slant at fled death, beshriven with a lurch
at a litany which disproves the spared
image of godhead, rent and flowering.
and i should raze inside the riven west
a mad and moot and all-contesting quest
at men and children, forever laughing
at womankind when she was seen bathing.
and time should not curtail the driven war
of courtesy and its nail-defaming Law.
copyright jeddbellamy, 2004.



'give or take twelve years ago
two children came in where I worked -
a broken bastard infant crow;
and her friend, who was not sound
of mind: those faces of fled woe
dictated theft and did not find
a finer friend than mine is.
but it was a wedding I took out
in seven hundred years undone
(wrote one thousand verses;
gave a set of pewter earrings
got sent back by the splendid post!)
as numerous cathedrals rise
the love I seek divines death's guise!'

copyright jedbellamy, 2004



truly, though our element is time,
we are not courted by the wrongs
which open up the sums of lives.
man links us now and loses all
to faiths of madness sliding where
no sense of living might abscond
these words of terror, always fond
of enhearsed living, riven tracts.
uncovered whence the night's most fond
locks of hair denude the sane
words of death- divined most sane -
each spartan word must ensmooth taste!
and the sun must spend from dead
these mazy whispers in love's bed.
copyright jeddbellamy, 2004



the yokel in the field
strides against the dawn
and maddens with red yield
the darkness of the spawn
which ravels with the horde;
and this day is shortly set
inside the stars we board
when sailing for the wet.
and seas must always rain
inside the ears of fools
who rend away the pains
of children raping rules.
the seance of the sun
must remove herod's fun
copyright jedbellamy, 2004



admit it: heaven's pain is real.
but when did love not vie to change
this earth back from itself - no cost,
no past, no peoples else to feel,
so new, and mental-sharp, and strange?
the decades of a different life
which opened past your finch-shut eye
belonged to others, not to gain.
nor could you heal the angry mind
which proclaimed beauty lost to find
too many years of wasteful shame.
the sun schemes diffident to pain.
heaven rouses faith to steal
and dulls to distance all we are.
copyright jedbellamy, 2004


these lies seize you
unsimplified by distance
which rends the sun;
and your petalled head
flames continuously.
fire is theft's hero
and the stars, gold.
uncoined here amongst
the lonely dreamed
fears, faith coexists
with fled space, shent
by time's lunar echo.
these stairwells, rent
must seem untravelled.
copyright jedbellamy, 2004



here, i was saying, these
bushy v-shaped masques
of the smaller traveller
must don the fled masks
of these alms, unfolded.
buried in these rooms
whose flights encluster
with the sudden-caused
panes of theft's windows,
the sterilisers stream.
and the routined planes
of the sun must burn.
and decrial's drift
must blacken dreams.
copyright jedbellamy, 2004



on spined decks the fraying cliffs
must punish ruled light.
sweet under the diffidently
scouring sunrise of the night,
fled stars must differently
darken madness with these
flights from unfallowed
stars, which pierce fled space.
huge recisions printed with
the feet which travel west
must shorten the curtailing
windows of death's beast.
and red midnight must cluster
inside this feather duster.
copyright jedbellamy, 2004



slums, all years; and the stars which rise
console you if they would. words are said
which sully with fears their fled disguise.
and the night must blood the lunacies it lives.
to these faceless passions, i make word thief:-
even so distant, i can taste the grief,
bitter and sharp with stalks, he made you gasp.
and the mind must bury the metronomic strides
of the dark and black; and these daily ides
of the dead and dreamt must shorten faith.
the sinuous glide of this thoughtless wraith
will live, or else no ruling schemes begun?
lightning strikes too many mourning times
against this clock and its xerox chimes.
copyright jedbellamy, 2004



this woman writhes with patent wrong.
i squat between contented songs.
the weekly harvest teems with yields
which parry blood with shended fields.
and lady-sizing fardels give
these bones of fearing poems which
derive from fey distended lips.
and the choired may not create
the rousing rhythms of the state.
this woman writhes with patent wrong.
eyes squat inside contented songs
and darkness must dictate denial.
these words must scheme away
the milky fawning of death's day.
copyright jedbellamy, 2004




and to live here, amidst strangers,
calls from the dead behaviours;
setting down a chair,
cleaving the moon aside itself,
reaping the soul from air
or maiming the whims of wealth.
all; all must suffer from the mind
which preaches girls to sing
against the wind and the wringed
slide of the dead undone
by the swiftness of theft's dream.
this fled light must appear dumb.
the search for heroes dimmed
must loosen women, quimmed.
copyright jedbellamy, 2004



'so are their separate routes
of building benedictal love
unmeasured by the suits
these playing figures wear.
the days spent hunting men
or holding parties are
as evident as sin.
the darkness in this star
must rend aside gloom
and punish girls soon
with blood-inked verve.
the stars have lunar ides?
lighting steels pariahs
with rosicrucian fires.'
copyright jedbellamy, 2004



for such invasive dust
can make so much clear.
much blessed is known of fields-
much more than fear.
these words have rhythmic names
which travel with the words
that write away the veins.
the sun has tides and birds
must cloister with the hordes
of children laughing where
there is no tear to share.
theft breeds inside the rain.
deaths do not have nomes
and sadness 'honeycombs'.
copyright jedbellamy, 2004



today, this square is rended: skies
drain down the golden twisted air.
and man must live whale-bearing where
the townsfolk pother and entice
death to revel in her lunar vice.
and the darkness cannot shield
the sheaves of corn from out their yield.
of theft, denial proves this word
and gambols madly with the birds
who strip for a dollar and a dime.
tonight, impeach the softest crimes
of children, or else summon fear!
the days when madness roamed
improve with night endomed.
copyright jedbellamy, 2004



dreams are tougher than we are.
just as earth will always reign
against this light and the gravy-train
of the plights of men, so too
this poem turns directly blue.
and the tantalus of farms
must till too many rended charms.
the flight of fear must underspiel
each sadness of the lunar horde.
and the plays of thieving overboard
every whisper of fled madness.
softness stains this word and puffs!
when doctored by the slickened,
the pomes of time are quickened.
copyright jedbellamy, 2004



later, the square is empty: bad sky
rains down the temples and is held
by the gold river; and the riven house
unstills the lakes lit. I dowse
after silver and contend my enveiled
native nature; and the roads rouse
a space for the stars and sun, nailed
against a riven plain of unmooned
clouds. and the night is rended with
the darkness of the coves which
blacken with dusk the tusken fields
where madness spends its fled yield.
and the lightning disproves rain
as sadness scores its fallow gain.
copyright jedbellamy, 2004



selfishness parifies! hereby fear stands
unlike the rain, which spends the land
where madness shends his hunter's vest.
and the darkness must contend the quest!
these moot combustive words must sway
from out the sun; and stars define
the burnished fingers on theft's vines
the blackness borne from out the rains
distorts the sadness in these veins
and browns the nose which undersneeks
the rhyming rhythms of death's cheeks.
this deftness scorned must summon grain?
enshrouded in death's hunted rhythm,
these moons must scorn denial's prism!
copyright jedbellamy, 2004.



what was the rock my madness chose to struck
except the reddened spiel of this sadness raised
by the rooms in the womb and the words of fuck
which steal with the gloss of gladness glazed
by the tired and unruling softness of a mind?
what proved the runes except the raining blind
eyes of the fields; and these meadows must enrut
after the flawing stars and their heady lunar glut.
these tombs hold tears and blossom with the dawn
each swiftness made of the fired and blasted fawn
which gambols here aside a ditched and ruddy yield.
this euphony of men oversneers a bloody dawn!
and the canticles of faith must rip away the wraith
and dance with the prance of the predicating moon.

copyright jedbellamy, 1992



surely, though our regimen is rhyme,
we are not courted by the strongest things.
theft links us now to the lowest cause.
time seals us now to the promise of the past.
by acting fearsome, time must procreate
and deal from the sun these stars faiths fly.
and we must rend from the strangest state
the darkest depths of the helliconing sky.
every word dictates the lunacy of trouble
of these eyes at sea and their fled red bubble.
and the black must scheme aganst the flaws
of the lie-betrodden schemes of the poet-wars.
all man must drain from the vein-tithed weed
the pactive slates of this man's bled greed.
copyright jedbellamy, 1992



thence fifty years on, when the rapists
had supt up coffees and retained
a brightness of fears, into this lane
the rooms of fools lay spended with
the darkness of a moon-forgotten smile.
and the dead lay sparsely where
the grins of kids defamed the vile
disease of men who could not foam
inside the mouths of the summer's snare.
the sun was dark, so too, this word
was blackened by its flailing bird.
each softness serves the rhythms sought.
the sheerness of the birdhome rent
must slacken time with discontent.
copyright jedbellamy, 2004



mad meals were had by all;
and the reapings of slight theft
was held by the fled thral
of all; and times bereft
disclaimed the worded sense
of the sun, in second tense.
rift lunacies ensounded
the flight of heaven's rounded
fears. the lightning scoured
the birded trees; and thence
decrial softened verves
which shent this poem's nerves.
each man must always live
for prosodies which give!
copyright jedbellamy, 2004



and of mad sadness always,
as sureness wends away
the sotto voce of fear,
the softness of theft's mind
must darken with death
each fashion fusion rains
against the seas we walk
and the lakes man maims.
the quietness of defiance
will shame and slight faith.
the blackness of the soul
declines to strap time.
all love lies bleeding
where men lie feeding.
copyright jedbellamy, 2004



deranged to be arrogant and never to know
the reasons for the things men need -
their sense of being and their rended aims -
the willingness to change must seem
refined by the madness of this noonday hour.
and the bulbs which blossom on the garden bower
must blacken with decrial, the rains.
deranged to be arrogant and to stain
all highs with the muses of this mind.
and the dark must brighten as men find
each swiftness of theft's soul, waylaid.
the stars inside must serry with the grave!
each witness to the aimless moon
must summon heaven all too soon.
copyright jedbellamy, 2004



let me compare you with a winter's day.
you are more cold and clad inside
the icy wastes where mankind plays
his games of cruelty - words collide
with the bergs in the sea of words
which voice the sounds of endless
emptiness - the frostiness of birds
which sing for spring smust sear
these words of ice inside death's ear.
let me compare you with the wintry
drums which blast and bang the wide
wastes of theft: this sun's enshrouded!
there is no faith for frigid minds
which seek the bird's quick-lime.

copyright jedbellamy, 2004



when i summon heaven with my bootless cries
and drum on doors which open out,
eyes can't reveal the pale blue skies
which collar heroes with the shout
of noise; and sound must always spend
its seed where madness slickens peace.
the musics of this moonless end
must darken hedons with the East.
and the codes of softness swallow
souse, whereat no gladness reigns.
the posing glibhess of the feigned
must mind the deftness of the horde.
without one word, the silent
must shend away the violent.
copyright jedbellamy, 2004



and man who knows the long way home
must come to slur what berry burns
on the green dream trees of time denied
through knowing the spaces in the eyes;
build what tattered dreams love has to kill
that time in time can yield the rain.
adopt the sickness of this vein-shaped word,
nor make the severed heart beat fast;
devise for the dawn, and the dawn be over,
that love and light might raze the womb
and suck the sloanes of summer's feeling,
as much as life is dead before its birth.
the rose of death shall topple hunger
and storm the thefts of narrow thunder!
copyright jedbellamy, 2004



this is a house where thoughts can fly,
where words may sing and roar;
within this house ideas are hived
and humming minds explore.
inside these walls emotions brew
and feelings seethe and pour;
beneath each ceiling dreaming throbs,
and waking thrills each floor.
here shall the Pentecostal tongues
find welcome as they roar
and sighs from every fertile muse
may open any door.
each verse i speak must smite
the words the poets write!
copyright jebellamy, 2004


curtal-sonnets do not need defined metrical patterns. nor do curtal-sonnets
need defined rhyme-schemes.



this house today lies blended with
the light, as sadness rends away
the madness of the former life
i knew; and gladness thickens fear.
the day when lightning struck aside
this mind from all infanticide,
the blackest dream lay defined
by deafness. this red house must find
a way to split transfusive grief
as peace intends no regal praise.
and the oars are raised: no time to know
the clock which turns, nor any grave
impend here now, as bright contention
breaks the art of slick invention.
copyright james david bellamy, 2004



not looking back, not looking back -
for the jockey, this is all. he has,
all of him, stamped out, some when, some time
where he must lose. so our trysts later
construct us, and our beliefs, whether in
odds or evens, take for granted
each course of ill will, each
driving, hooving skein.
a fire so enchanted, was once
enchained. this girl, so blown, so free,
sees light, and must enthrone her ends, must
cross into a field of leaves. now,
in title and hoard, theft is a thief;
must ride around the coral reef.
copyright jedbellamy, 2004



the hand that rocks the cradle
defies the truths the children seek.
once speech of heaven knocks no longer
upon the doors in pen-heroed flight
from faith; as truth must choose to linger
as answered fearing writes fled words
on blankets, ripped and razed by anger
too grail treated to be free from these
birds who sing, unfrilled with trees.
raped by the moon, the sun has stars
slit by the boys who ring and round
the paring laughs of the infant kings!
found reaping hays upended,
the yields of death lie rended.

copyright jedbellamy, 2004



she ordains sanity.
lopped by the wind and rain,
inside the lakes, bypassed,
love intends mystery.
locked with the lunar skein
inside this firing world,
fear must maim love's miracle.
and the darkness thrums
whereby no fusion sears
the fairy thumbs undone
against a sky of fools.
theft's weather rules the glades.
the mission bell contends
the fission faith intends.

copyright jedbellamy, 2004



I am an old man trapped inside a leaf;
and the mad moon moves
inside a cemetery of waters.
this month falls behind the grooves
of a sad old record, always playing.
I am an old man trapped inside a leaf;
and the glibness of the slurring great
must tally with the funeral state
of girls who dance and lance away
the silky scorning of death's day.
and the mad moon soothes
the nooses of death's mind.
do not contend denial
or else transgress the vile.

copyright jedbellamy, 2004



the sun sounds the fled sea
as men intend their mortal end;
and the darkness must flee
the softness of the sullied trend
of boys who dance due-west.
and the moon must intervene
whereat the slickened breast
of death's woman quickens
the thickness of the beast.
the zero seed inside the rain
lies buried here, in countermand
whence verboten infants writhe.
forbidden, thefts befriend
the children lights offend.

copyright jedbellamy, 2004



our eunuch dreams, all seedless in the light
derive from the rains their eagled schemes.
and the deaths which wharve away the night
must storm all seas: the slickness of screams
divines from the snows the swiftness of
the birds who cry and rend away these
words which preach for a dollar unfrilled.
the dimes of the dead and reddened screes
must soften the eyes of the tithe-taped gods.
our eunuch dreams, all seedless in the light
devise from the dark the sadness of
the stoved and roaching rhythms of the saints.
these verses store one million daft
deaths which preach from out the vast.

copyright jedbellamy, 2004



here, where leaves shend away the gloom
serried with the graves of one million naves,
time and her talis hear the rended spume
of kids who laugh at a capsized dish
the sun lies dead, so too, the spent wish
of the man who dreams ten million pounds
shends from bent death the lakes unsized
by the sun and the rain: time's shent tithes
of love must darken the stars with pains;
and stormclouds bark with the encroaching
runes of the skies and their mad fears.
starbursts spurn the thralling of these tears.
stormed west, the phallic towers define
the red-blue callous of theft's vine.

copyright jedbellamy, 2004



the shuttle-seed, this eunuch deed
will parry space with cursive stars.
the shuttle-seed, this eunuch deed
will rend from dead the driving
cars of fled and seasoned hordes
which spend away the dignities
of children laughing at the moared
ships, which sail for ever west.
the shuttle-seed, this eunuch deed
will serry graves with plebiscites.
and in the musics of a need,
the night will thral away her flights.
enthralled with heaven's moon,
faith and fear will surface soon?
copyright jedbellamy, 2004




the zero seed inside the rain
lies buried with the quietness of
the slicknesss of this fled campaign
for light which treads the drug
of madness and assorted sane
words which summon fear
from out the glibness of the ear
which listens to the stoned.
the sloanes of thrift must tape
the meats of sadness, shent
aside from softness rent.
and music's brightness thrills.
thick with dourness planed,
the darkness seems ordained.
copyright jedbellamy, 2004



this word in spinning, no man may understand,
nor shape the suns ahead for love that lives forever,
where, in shades of pain, woman knows her aim.
sightless as this moon, the winter teems abroad.
this novae's ebb proves quicker than the mind,
neither might this world contemn light's grieving.
mad, sad, both ways of this bent poem know
each fall of furling snow from the parried stars.
thereafter, with this earth must dawn the fear
and the bright curse borne from the meadowed toil
of life gone mad, and the steel-thighed whisper
at the ears of aaron and the curled nerve of flame.
as to the son lost and the verve of the field,
in this slight place, the quest of rhyme must yield.
copyright jedbellamy, 2004



there is no dark nor light beneath the towers of death,
nor stormfall nor mooncall for weather in the tears,
neither might the day when calm proves real
grieve for men who know no candled loves to greet
in the rended, shended schemes of girls on the dance
in the parks of pure bewrayal.
i mean by dying the caste of christ gone mad at soul
and the dawnbreak of the stars and the sufferance after;
and the cruel, cold world that fellows
each breath of the brain in the rain that fails to fall,
where, lord knows, the summer seems abroad,
as red as the blood in the crying vein.
the soul enshrouds the words sung loud
and the quiet of this mind lies ended.
copyright jedbellamy, 2004




And so allusion's fusions flash like gipsy caravans
Across a busy, cherry-bustive and all-decried composure
Where mad dodgems crash and crackle round the sexy
Sorcery of you and I, in a mystery of irreverent
Contacts, wrenched amid a boss-eyed sculk
Of bed-hop deviations; and that is why, a ring-a-ding
Down the Harlequin corridor, we wield our tools and serve
A brace of selfish codes that our naive recessional
Mummies and daddies can't decipher nor slam.
Inadvertent then, we maraud our oases,
An antithesis to adventure and the animated Grail;
'We could have had!,' we cry, pick our gums and weep.
With today as tomorrow, and the high moon's leap
Derived of summer's sorrow, romanticisms creep.

copyright jedbellamy, 1992



And man who knows the long way home
Must come to slur what berry burns
On the green dream trees of time denied
Through knowing the spaces in the eyes;
Build what tattered screams love has to kill
That time in time can yield the rain.
Adopt the sickness of this vein-shaped word,
Nor make the severed heart beat fast;
Devise for the dawn, and the dawn is over,
That love and light might raze the womb
And suck the sloanes of summer's feeling,
As much as life is dead before its birth.
The worth of men denudes the stars
And drives to death in rural cars.

copyright jedbellamy, 2004