further speed-written songsheets



once upon a mind, i oversaw a mad woman
come shiving after drones
o once aside times, i oversaw grey children
come sundering eyes with moaners
and, la la, after a small death, a sea of women
will certainly suffer waves
and, made old, mufflers thunder after gardens

empirical pussy joys get salt-shaved; and lays
leap a turny turtle as
doltors of monies switch midsummer glass
with dairy thumbs and doctored spring-gas
and a naked scissor merchant
seizes de blithe moon

once upon a mad mind, i saw aged cocoons
star-raised; and golden vines use gin-looms
and a carrier of waxed spines
get smashed; Oh, eaters whine as glassrooms
sunder a builder of ancient sleep
and, la la, reevers give head to false wine.

empirical capital loss sends a dingo to de sea
emptying cables
cling to hearts
and a sodden label gets adhered to oat-trees
and a falsifier of bees
extends wasps to cities
and a laden bud fascinates evil jacking pities
and a pious pushy nest
peals parental easy desks
aside a blown sad broom

empirical capital loss sends donkeys to sleep
emptying candles
cling to sparks
and a sodden table causes bled bones to reap
limey lashers of cemeted venal darkness
and weepies, washed, sear a songbird's breasts
with ten zillion outstretched arms



once upon a mind, i saw aged raped poltroons
cum sidling across houses built from eyes
oo, where deaths die, then students of slides
get sundering underneath odes to coral prides
and, slackening, dolly meats
scatter sticker matter across wedded sky
and we feed lunar cabbage to sweet lies

the melded offices of easy pens use salts
to shudder after Isis
the welted messagers of pig-pens use lips
to swell under nude faces
and a melted mind sharpens fusing stasis
to sell a cellar-trip
to a softening cab where eastern crypts
cry as men strip

and a fabler of cagers rots for rubbish.

there are faces under rubies that lead hens to water
there are cases under armies
and a laden hiss sunders water
and a garden-kiss sunders rubies
and a garland-gift sunders babbies
o there are faces under rubies that lead hens to mortars
and a local thief
burgles meat
and a focal thief steals god's bride
and a fatal chief comes home to suicides

the melded offices of easy wrens sunders nude eyes
the squirted soffits in easy dens
sunders doom denials with deniers and closed tides
and a blowwer of Big Ben
hastens aside pig-pins; and a fotal fat fart uses men
to sunder bony bribes
and a fatal horse leads mice to easy scribes

there are faces under rubies that lead hens to water.


O ashes inside sodomy supper for soapy dudes
O flashes aside de family
show old men to the rude
and a local father hisses as his body rock gets
sundered by lost screws
and a warded mind melds ash to rosemaries as
sweaters get pulled from factories
and a blowing head
gets belted
and a crowing bed
gets welted
and a crying deck
gets pelted by sotters of dingos and easy bread

O ashes inside sodomy supper for soft dudes
O lashes aside ole mammaries
shelter burns inside a deepener of greyed foods
and handsome food-fasteners
glow, just like a glow worm glows,
and easterly arising carded cafe picklers use crows
to wed pants to skirted sea-laughter
and eyers of pure pain
come back home to sleep again

the aspic jazz jam of a latent dart gets lead to rain
the aspic mass-man whose headpiece drinks rain
has to drop to love
ah, a signal silence scatters lambs across drugged
biddy lotions
and an easy potion sells peppers to commotions
and an easy pug-dog
gets walked until she feels all right?

O, ashes aside family circles sunder eaters with
calamaties of shuttering cradles
O, mashes aside family cantos cry after cribs as
a daughter to denial
comes shovelling empyters under digital tiles
and a cellar in a smile
comes swallowing bile where a vineyard sail
washes damage inside lost dials

aspics, shammed, suffer mary
mastics, slammed, suffer rubies,
and a gun in Spain sucks a saviour's quarry
and a star of pain
cries from bled cloud as a daddy's lady
crashes; and doomy dashy car-cabbies
assault pins with mammy

the fasteners of filed felts shake memory
the castlers of wild pelts
shape vials from honey seeds
and a fatal wasp widens under life-sleeves
and a focal cross
craps across crisscrossers where ole deeds
swallow shent coins
and slotted rent-groynes dream about weeds



the indolent ignorance of a lost tree has to draw
ideal pregnancies across dad's war
and a female dreamer
crosses abortions with riders of city mammies
and a softening dreamer
dazzles after easy rivers where laden studies
leash birth-quests with summer
and good men keep their hands in feathers

the indolent ignorance of a soft city has to draw
ideal mentalis across a crasher of lofted jaws

in the poppy saps of a crocodile and a cervix
a slayer of manyana has to shut de crucifixes
and a bunny shower
leads mums to waters when a local mad apsis
sunders bedders with slaughter
and, oo, there has been a writer here who
gives a filthy thumb to the palor true

the indolent ignorance of a lopped city has to
draw regal blinds across the riders of roods.

ah in bummer wine, we don dells as snoods move
acrd punishers to dad-talk
ah in summer brine, we don cells as moods
supper for pricklers
and a natal heart locks a green bibler aside
dusted shallow fawkes

there are lemon clocks where that eat kiosks
there are melon rocks here
and, once sided, weepers will shed fear with
candifiers of colas and caramel kine-cribs
and dolorous rollers
widen for the heart
and decorous dealers
widen for lost art; and colliders cut files.

widowers in upstairs flats cry for dilations
windowers, spind, scrap rats as vibrations
lead a diamate drummer
across latent farts where the wrists of summer
scurry across sad ava maria
and a golden mark canes daddies with thunder

mentalisers, mobbed, masturbate in mind-lumber
digital riders, mobbed, car-castigate naked father
and a molten maid
summons troats from waves
and a roman smile eases pain aside sea-larders
and a rosemary finger
washes petrels under easy cheesy-vinegar

the chimers of maladies missionise the dead
the flamers of wide radio
swashes granareis aside pluperfect shadow
and a surrender's tallow
topples baby beat with swarthing blue piano
the chambers fail as they fall
ahh a venal veil cuts drawl whence a dragon
spits soft phlegm
and poachers of sin spin a kid across wagons
and a rivaller to spun wind
loosens anvils with daughtering sky-hymns



there are deifiers in the reddening green-mist
there are denyers whose hot ties will use grist
to serry madam graveyards
with pokey winter-bards; and sweet xmas hits
an autumn ride to endlessness
and a focal foal-thigh sinks candles under tips

there are deafeners in the deadening mind-kiss
there are gold sentries in the
focuses of old enemies; and a draggler's fist
comes crusading cunts with soft pips
and, la la, as we arouse ribs
then we suffer sweeteners of painted eye-bibs

these are our mallard days when we use figs to
cauterise budders with freezing summer blues;
and a man downstream
sunders bladers with deifiers of aged germolenes

the butcher-baker of mad midafternons has to
raise a riven lyon from a noose
the amazing spy-smoker whose eyes use puce
fastens all-mining warblers
with hymen
and rivuleters who siren after bulbous semen
listen to vitamins as mad kind sirens
wallop a crisscrossing palm with eateries

these are our mallard days where we seize
fitting geesy epilepsies
these are our dullard day where we seize
figgy dizzy catalepsies
and a gourde in eyries captures god's eagle
and a bawd in mind-streams
fish for foamed-fish

then cablers under miction melts as she rivals
mad-blue stationaries
and a noted crower cascades across Idols
and a yokel flower
sermonises a wax-doll
O? Me and madam macadam will hiss



the cordial umbilical of the latent dead
cuts a mad moaner
the premordial sea under mussels
feeds cocks to groaners
and the tides of March smell bread
and the whippers of stoners
hurl trees at the rain.

the easy faces of the fanned eye-dust
the eaties of sex aces
o, Pan feeds nuns to suitcases
and a monk on a prowl peers under us
and easy faces of the hands dye lust
colour red.

the cordial umbilical of the patent dead
spreads wine upon jam,
the ideal partners of a chemical head
chill cold thighs
and we bomb a blenched sky when
rats rise up from scissor men


i used to urinate in an opened oven
i used to procreate
but then i earned money from
vandalising cold hates
o eyes burn up
o skies burn down
and i used to do a poo upon an onion
i used to defecate
but then i earned some money from
cuttting old knickers down.

the cool heated store where i stunned
all of myselves
has a cap for keen sale
and a cooling coil makes strange funds
and we dream forever
i used to drink my own silver waters
i used to stink.
Because death has links, eyes wander
because heaven blinks
i have decided that i will heed father.


killers of nakedness
hear old riders riding into town
killers of endlessness
hear old bikers crying for sounds,
o a lake of dreams
gives boats to emptiness

eager men always live to sweat
eager women
like to slink downstairs
and a good news bible necks
a good pretty lord-love

killlers of nakedness
heed cold hikers crying after
blue boys and candy laughter

we have to stink as we father
all dead human mothers.


limitless openers of pornosapphic fanny
heap a closed bag on a dashboard
endlessness suffers
easy suicides
friendlessness suffers
dizzy self-killers
and a glamorous killer heats baby.

me and my mad mind must study
all about the deaths men own
and i will cut a bad tree
away from all roots
and i will cut up shoots of
very damp mown rubies
limitless openers of pornographic ladies
loop a car in its drive
and, ah, why we drive
and, ah, as we survive
we will most certainly jump jives
cars crash, vans smash, lorries writhe!

where we marry two pints of milk
up, up, to a fat man's cradle
we hasten for sure to a milky anvil
and we hammer wine into silk
and we marry sin to soured cream.

where we may scurry, we must
snip a plastic rose,
and a lazy lunch hour uses clothes
to mop the chins of the reamed.
i ride above de family
i writhe above faking felicity
uh, my perfect snout has sands
cupping strangled dust upon
swingers of night and day
,., hey hey

where we carry sheets of milk
where we hurry under larders
we will have the wild world's lathers
laying crap in a field
and meadow mazes
swill house martins

and we died out long time ago
and we always washed milk-egos
and a bended usher of easy crows
will rock de ghost house where toads
come cunt-squelching





servants to dead god sea-harness
drowners of servile claves
Because Man dies
Because hands writhe
we will serve jesters to old graves.

as closed times flower for spring
closures of fingers
will surely fondle lovely rings
and we hiss as we kiss
and we miss the dead as swings
push ideal children
i know nothing at all about love
i realise reality, and that is all.
O because my bed is smashed
O because my head is slashed
i instantly intend to raid walled
distant life-prisons
servants to a dead God varnish
all febrile fingernails.


the jeering female crowds
have dressed men in kissing clouds
the peering feline crowds
have pressed men kissing towns
and i cooked a brunch
and i moved hot spunk

the items on my shopping-lists
have been erased and forgotten
the stations of my verboten kiss
seek to tongue a basin,
and me and my easy world
lay damned waste to raisins

while eating cake, i heard mists
rising across my sweet mitts
while eating, i heard a cold wrist
slashing a milk-jug
and urine spills upon blue trysts

the jeering female crowds
have dressed men in nude shrouds
the parasols of passion
don greying umbrellas
and we swallow curled missions

we have the easy names by heart
we hold guns to lovers.



i dunk a stale hot biscuit in my cup
i drink flat ale
i listen to a deaf radio when
custards are fed to damaging sluts
and the pianos in my moon
play till the dead are done
easy emptiness grows like a flower
easy deadliness
sharpens foods with old aged mess;
and we nip a bad dress
and we trip, trip,
Ah Once upon a mind, old lips
pursed sex around receivers.

i dunk a stale hot biscuit in my cup
i suck old plums
o, i heard a moon-man piss from
pulled sea-plop
and my dying mother has to stun
all of her dead children..


once sealed in a broken filing-cabinet
i will surely write against my days
once reeled inside a kitchen of magic
i will certainly dig my own grave;
and the masters of the meek
meld my phallus with paved sleep

once upon a mind, i suffered heat
once above a mind, i suffered meat
and the dolly grease we make hot
underlies cheeks with green sleek

once sealed in a broken filing-cabinet
i will certainly write about drag-nets.
Death comes into my room
Sex thrums flour as cake-bed pets
fondle cats with grey ravines

these are the mad words i abused
these are the sad words i accused
and my heavenly body hires nude

the naked loaf of bread in my bed
has been sliced from sleepy deaths
the bakers of rude lead
stir white-breads into flour
and i take some milk
and i swirl red flowers O
the mother naked loaves in my bed
feed my flash body to a sea of crows


as i awake the hour, grey salt bread
swallows emeries of buns and dead
pussy pullers of both day and night;
and eyes glitter just like gold
and minds whisper just like de old
rolled city cold heats a gay oven
sold city gold
hires a spoon from jesu's coven
and we lay ourcellves down
underneath a cellar of clowns
ah ah ahh

the naked loaf of bread in my bed
has been sliced from dizzy Sex
and sawn spraying cake-soft mess
cries, cries,
and we load a cell with grey skies
and we hiss across icy sea-knives
and we raise a cross of wide eyes
the miracle men who flood death
try to heal the mirrors of dirt breath
o osiris isis drinks a cup of tea when
Eden leaps up from the evening's
starry bible-wastes
and, o, a bed of lace
ties the cummed lips of love's face
we awake the final hour
we star-shape a dreamless power,
and dunny darling showers
knock history inside cooking space




Seventh sense (sixteen pence)
Seventh sense (sixteen pence)
Seventh sense (sixteen pence)
Earth is ruled by money

Finance flows with pearls
Silver coins write for ills
Cheques defame their thrills
Soon, soon, soon

Seven’s a tender of death
Seven paydays seize decline
Mountains moil with costs
Finance swerves decay

Seventh sense (sixteen pence)
Seventh sense (sixteen pence)
Seventh sense (sixteen pence)
Earth is ruled by money

Thunder cashes noise
Postal orders kill their brides
Loot-defending storms
Float inside financial Ides

Leavened purses burn
Darkness funds the days
Farming richness roams
Streets of poverty

Seventh sense (sixteen pence)
Seventh sense (sixteen pence)
Seventh sense (sixteen pence)
Earth is ruled by money

Gates will fund the wide
Wallets must glow bright
The sun must always win
Soon, soon, soon

Time-bombs in this town
Nuke their glad accountancy

Christ is the Clerk of Death.


o for the endless suck of a saviour's death?
o what for the skeins of fuck?
o what for the endless cut of a saviour's
disembodied mental rush?
struck from a maimed mind, we see death
drawling around a scabbard world
& a naped menstrual ground heats girls
& a raped scented wasteground eats pearls

for the vines of a vein, may we heed
coded crucifiers of cat-pain, & may we whirl
a girly spire around death's worlds
for we are the mien of loss & we sun-swirl
midnight rubies within ferine boy-curls

for the veins in vines, may we believe in
haltered gods that break a sea of spun sin
&, once we are crossed, may we be quimmed
under a horse-headed bible-jungle-swim
o for the endless suck of a saviour's death?
o what for the mines of sluts?
o what for draggling crimes against sexed

a giddy body bell rings the quarter hour
ah a dizzy baby cell traps a locked flower
& a biddy in a rose rams a dicker adown a
sapping laughing sea where a dogdayed ram
sinks easy ripper teeth underneath doll-jam
the dyers of doom deniers strangle hands
o a dill of old rooms scatters seed-islands
& a bed of hair heaps ovens under stairs
& a groper of air listens to yoyo reasons
&, la la, we have no sullen need
to raise a radio from out a gay sleeve
greed will most certainly outlive us!
Uh Uh Uh robots of Du?!!!

Eyes heat eyes as we do in dust
oo oo lahhh.



a car down a sewer collides with lust
& we drown on a skewer as holy musk
swings for the spind wind of laden sluts,
& a horse at noah's heel walks blind
seamen mammas of shaken hearse-wynds
& a bone of glass shapes the past
& a sloane of budders shrouds love's masque
& a bairn underneath bluesing blinds
pulls back the drapes on a venus in a craft

a bodied butter bomb breathes for casks
a ladied summer sun seethes for vast
cinemas where a dove of darkness star-rasps
dunny angel vows,
& we ripen as we sharpen harped clouds
& we soften gas as we summon
green masts from a mother of sirens
& we will hear dreams when bayed bends
suffer a city on its head?
uh uh uh robots of Du
uh uh ahhh vineyard snails are marked
uh uh uh robots of manna
herd a hippy horse where ashen dada
drops a doggy purse aside love's mine
they have heaped a gang of gassers
they have slept for drams as features
fellow fanged falons with radio wine
-they have cum to eat us
- men have cum to reap us...

uh uh uh robots of Du..
ah ah ahhh a lardy laddy has to flush
pharoahs with nine hands as jesu's crush
courses around blind sonic seizure-slushed
impossible blue babbies
native biddy bairns breakdown when hot
unicorn evils run the winter through
- we sharpen blondeness with fever fueds
- we harden oysters with shelled river nudes
-. we sever stars from easy trees
& we starve forevermore as beads
trade wives for brawls
this is the world we always knew
: the gun on the gum & the faces we blew.
o a magical minotaur melts into grass!!
uh uh uhh robots of Du
la la lahhh controllers of a romantic's car
concertinas with the shivers of endless stars
uh uh uh ahhhh
robots of dardy-dahh
oh oh ah huh robots of ruddy kinema

lu THE END!!!!


leisure seekers snap a hedon-gun as fannies
wallop blue tails with samphires
o, pleasure peckers palp a sun's gold fairies
& a burned naked death
sea-stabs salty sauce-deaths
I will come home one day to find dairies
swilling unigates from dirty cream-eyries
& a milky eagle in a phone
telephones sex when we are all alone
leisure seekers snap a hedon-gun as babies
bounce down a cranny cunny candle
la easy colliders must cut child-killers
la easy dun saviours must cut
eaten green meat...
eyes drink spleen & shut

as we pinion plashy dummies then we rock
death's drinking murder-seasons
o we splay easy mummies as we wind rot
underneath castlers whose coded treason
scatters dolly veins
a lady of drunk drains drops aitches
la, a biddy under spunk lops red mazes
& a bay of bloody trains
dreams of drowning... O, as we are slaved
then a car of midnight's faces
cums fast back home where eaten graves
sodomise the fields of tomorrow's trades.
as we pinion plashy dummies then we rock
death's drinking easy gum-clocks
Ah we take hay-long holidays to stasis



wow, what with a pearly necklace aroundabout
rondlays of pure fire
i will face in to a petrol enemy
o wow, what with an early sex-space shouting
then a family of pure fire
rotates around a bread-crust
once, as we played for pus, then we shut
all doors & all dreams
o a vase of hands layers dogs with duck
& we bend wraps under screens
wow, what with a pearly necklace aroundabout
roundalays of pure tyres
i will show a pet kids to a petrol melody
eyes inside eyes ease a cocker under baby
& bended city wives seize a thunder-crazy
cradle bomb

o we will surely take haylong families where
naked gabby gobsters
dream of lady-pin-cures
o we will surely take haylong families where
naked bodied bursters
must gush from thunder-walkers
la a bended bay-burn brags after docored
daughter claves
la a spended hay-perm pushes after graves
o we will surely take haylong families where
naked doddy pornstars
drop sex aitches
& a greeny salt-bishop who appears snared
drinks from dirty faces
the idols of the dark dine on ships & hair
stinks of sweets..
o will surely take haylong families where
aching ruby star-air
strums a splayed guitar-prayer
la, we fall behind as windows under times
spirit stalled scissor cosines
these days when we study crime then
we have to summon sex-rhymes when
grey piggers push plums under old gems
idolent pharoahs push a pyramid-mine
where, tombed, hush heats river-wine
& cars crawl behind villages: we whine.



wow, what with a pearly necklace aroundabout
rondlays of pure fire
i will face in to a petrol enemy
o wow, what with an early sex-space shouting
then a family of pure fire
rotates around a bread-crust
once, as we played for pus, then we shut
all doors & all dreams
o a vase of hands layers dogs with duck
& we bend wraps under screens
wow, what with a pearly necklace aroundabout
roundalays of pure tyres
i will show a pet kids to a petrol melody
eyes inside eyes ease a cocker under baby
& bended city wives seize a thunder-crazy
cradle bomb

o we will surely take haylong families where
naked gabby gobsters
dream of lady-pin-cures
o we will surely take haylong families where
naked bodied bursters
must gush from thunder-walkers
la a bended bay-burn brags after docored
daughter claves
la a spended hay-perm pushes after graves
o we will surely take haylong families where
naked doddy pornstars
drop sex aitches
& a greeny salt-bishop who appears snared
drinks from dirty faces
the idols of the dark dine on ships & hair
stinks of sweets..
o will surely take haylong families where
aching ruby star-air
strums a splayed guitar-prayer
la, we fall behind as windows under times
spirit stalled scissor cosines
these days when we study crime then
we have to summon sex-rhymes when
grey piggers push plums under old gems
idolent pharoahs push a pyramid-mine
where, tombed, hush heats river-wine
& cars crawl behind villages: we whine.



& when mixed up with poos & porter
then we lay waste to the moon
oh as deaths rip up grey nudes then
we answer back to a front room?

a tonsured furnace of spunk spoons
sugar-graves to ashen waxy wounds
& we are mixing up
bruised lardy platters which shut

& when messed up by naked guts
then we board a bed-train
& we hiss for pores & we strain
all eyes, all sluts

a tonguy spind face rots stain
salt-eloquence moves under trains


o a widener of wolfing mushrooms
jeer at polished bedrooms,
o a silence under killings sees noon
awaking to understand.
hot mawing beds that spin in sand
o & we sleep for rest when runes
rope poetry stereo to closed spoons
ah, as we suffer salt sounds
then a helter of mamma surrounds
dark deaths where a blind clown is
stopped pure fire.
& a widnener of wolfing glassrooms
must peer inside demure pyres;
& we dance for grey lies as choirs
ignite city bends
o as we creep to sleep then we tire
for sufferers of pushy dream-fire;
& a sad mad look will walk de fires
& a boat of dads
will hurl love's oars away
for one screened day & forever?




the shrinkers of sully days play with old clay
o riders of silly blades cut a pinker today
and a mind of silk thinks about the moon
and me and mindfolk shoot a gritted grave

the shrinkers of dully days slaves after day
and a soft shore of dust pisses under trades
and, o, a sun of musks shatters sex-ladies

eyes buckle up down buckets and laves
wash a kind vagina miles high with rubies.

oh matrices melt into mothers and trays
slide down icy hills; O, maker of trays
trickles down the thighs when old days
lop a laden loop from gaddy bad trades
and a teaser of a teener swills graves

the shrinkers of salad maids seat dust
under rippy hypes where codal caves
cream, cream, cream. La! dresses raise
potterers of plowed dream from sussed
eateries when sucker-meats shop loss

odd matrixes melt into a judas cloth
la la la, coldness lets a burn to de Cross
and once utterers of pets picks moss
then my waver of lipped dross will
sun-pelter pussiers; O, mazy pine-pill
must seep into Crete and kill tossed

ivoried idioms of mamma and rills.

amazers of sticky papers piss for
a shitter's craze that ends in war
o, creators of eaty fazers cut cauls
and a banner of a father calls
filthy dirty coasts where sad walls
crumble under jolters of brawls

the shrinkers of sully days roar
la la, sinkers of money charge for
a ballet of steel; O, men dance for
easy ballet-women whose claws
sink bloody finger-paint into dogs

amazers of sticky paper piss for
a dummy craze that ends in war
ah, a gem of a cage gaols gores
ah, a sin in old age cries for whores
and a bed of gold spies on stored
vaginal lilly crap; O, sex snores?

the saps of sweet lillies layer skin
o cups of sweet babies bag up
tawny teasers with old tea. Sluts
swing to rivers and eyes are shut

amazers of sticky paper piss stalls
vacant cots where a babe in walls
rams down indolent easy money

the saps of sweet lillies layer sin
o mugs of dirty milk maul fast sin
and a dog on the ride chases baby
shrinkers of sad days cut rabies
Agh weavers use clay for bodies.


purveyors of pervert-pepper peal
radishers of rainbows and reels
and, la la, we suck on scan-seals
and, uh uh, we cut on hand-heels
and as dunny dullards cook meals
then a lazy lacy mallard hocks
dinnered dust. O, searing shadow
cast a cunty wanky cab upon
droppers of spunky caesar-suns

sappers of scissor herons cum
deep down gin-lane where guns
shoot termites stone-dead. Puns
wise-crack after bone-guns and
weepers rap upon lonely lands

purveyors of a pervert-popper
pisses upon gulls when papers
shed tabloid skulls within shippers
and a shanky shop spins slippers
and a hanky cop blows bands

sappers of scissor herons ram
pullers of platers inside jazz-jam
ah miles away from lives, hands

swill potatoes; and sadness lands
upside down in a dowsed shiver


hedoners of careless days where we spent our eager youth
have to summon graves where we rented seed to killler youth
and a train of diamond ravels under scented speeded youth
and once aside a trade, my head will have to sucker youth
ah ah, a pecker of a penile bed spreads juicy lips as youth
wallops a whipping pony; and deaths sluice after sad youth

purveyors of pervert-pepper peal herrings from mad youth
o deniers of pussy-pepper peal ceilings from old bad youth
and a veiny veiled sun-crow crowds cold trees with youth
ah ah, eyes may well sunder toes and we must love youth
because happy careless youth hops from seed as youth

spies upon sex-tides; and a mad man who craves youth
hastens to wicked wives when wicked worn lied odd youth
strips self-sex down with hippy thighs and coded gay youth



a rider upon red cake cries for sugary bells; and old mules
carry platers of kitchen skies marrying boney blind mules
to donkey blood where a horse inside a town of deaf mules
rides a cocking horse where street of crowns dons sex mules
and a bed in a cliff falls to dirtty earth where fainting mules
melt into a pony's lip; and a sea of birth washes cold mules

purveyors of careless days we spent with birth bites mules
la la la, a decliner under sleighs sink for snowy earth-mules
and a boat of thunder ship-fathers eaterers of sea-mules
and once one forced evening, i sit with holy beaded mules
O i apple-pick planet-plums with hot ghosts where mules
side-saddle eager camals with woody bines and old fools

a rider upon red cake cries for sugary bells; and dun rules
push a whipping pony under blubbery bells; and spun rules
get easily broken and easily spoken spread cells gaol old rules
and, la la, messers of families awake under closed stools


o as america comes through our stools, a masser of shitted fringes
cunt-combs daddies with pasted fools; O, a radio of blind minges
melts into mules where a haunted kelpie-horse flexes images
and a vase of bone bee-bends baiterers of tears with fixatives
o as america comes through our stools, a crasher of grey images
fascinates donkey-drones with solid fools who fry salted fringes
and a kinker of a dodgy salt-cinema hasps to eyes when faces
fallow to the comical falons of sugar-clasps; and old spaces
heap dirty wine upon carnal unwashed clothing; and midges
melt under udderers where a goddess's groanings ram fridges.

a rider upon red cake cries for money-bells; O, forced flour fizzes
and a sea of lungs cuts eyes; O, a the quarter-hour hisses for
a god of a dickler whose dizzy sea-paws peal glass fingers for
an ape of a pickler; and a don of whores studies after kisses when
a beller of evil faces drop beneath a bouncing breast-ward; ah
i have centralised wasters by snipping my bum; O, i use cards
and me and my scriber of scribes tangles bum with hair-cars
and, oh oh, we are pictured for ties which wash gnits in cars
and, o-la oh, a sniper of fatal flies shoots a blueberry kinema

o as america comes through our stools, a masser of shitted fringes
hordes a piddler's town with wrenched rots which marries images
and an ape in a cave crusades for cavvy mice when villages
moon-lock a holy cruklock in a wall; O, a heaper of mod Mentalis
shocks a body and weavers of palls pool stasis with drug Digitalis
Ancient vermeil lakes swim for sunderers of coded sunny-seed
Ancient petal-paints pin wars under thunderers and watt steeds
ride from dirty rest. La La La. We enter into walleted blind seeds
ahhhh. And we weep inside desperate tears when golden sleeves
hit upon renal estranging brides; and model men cut up greed


and as a masted Venus digs inside the anal deeps, then wives of salt-men
must, denied in harness, sugar-wed a sweater glass when coded semen
seasons puckered hair with tissue-bread; and the hatters of lobed women
snapper for a suckler of easy peasy lead. O, a spoker of coded youths
lams a picture of a peggy pullered bed and we have to star-load youths
and we have the keen idiot names by heart: under crabs, carred youth
slapper a slackener of an eyed cold-frame dollops labs upon children
and we wallah in the davy dark as we arise from cabs and taxi-wrens

ancient vermeil lakes swim for surrenderers where a heart-dealt mind
swallows acid snakes from blonded bone-bared baby-buddy-grime; and
my dragged eyes sleep for cum. O, a tinker in a soft lady line heats sand
and a curried comber of girl-gum wallows under lost emptied ribbons
and as a masted Venus digs its female dick inside renal anal gibbons
weevillers of mermen have to slick to the larded lip of a hardened ham
and we sea-hang faceless rabbits which chase bucked bends with jams

ancient vermeil drakes drawl for cunt-curated caned gobblers. Hands
heap rubber posters under brawls when a broad of hobblers expand a
dunny filly plate to vomitted phlegm-foods; and we piss upon old islands.

o as America comes through our hot stools, wiseners of lips will cut edams,
and a pillar in a blue lungs bites upon fanny prisers; O, witches sex-slam
evil easellers of leaded cum; and we shoot hens as we abuse England.



the tippers of urban tippex topple easy pens with city light and fever
flexes optic palms when cables ease gems under city night; and fever
faces aside mod wind as we hear bees inside death's serum; and fever
fellows neon crap with ten whipped hands that push manses into fever
o tippers of urban tipex trample peasy pins with city light and fever
sunders an open doll whose waxen ashen limbs tease a skulled fever
with motelled guns that shoot the heebeejeebees of mind-masked fever
la la, where wideners hoot for cunt-sea then carriers of casked fever
cry for lithe pussy and her fishy sweet farrier; and sex sild's soft fever
flumouxes with twisty teeny hair-marriers; and sex-killers use fever
to slam a grande mal stroke under forcing fucker; O, here men quiver.

acid widows roll for lime. Copper ghosts roll down time. Aged fever
washes gentle hands in false wine; and we stroll inside god's finger.

the tippers of urban tipex topple easy pens with city lice and rivers
raise a roper of a sea-chest from porny hens; and scented seizures
form a dairy-cage in an epileptic bed when a mental dreamer shivers
and acid widows roll down time; and weepers suffer cold cunt-fever
and a colt of pure damsel fire shoots a blue radio dead as cock-fever
rams a daddy sewer under tired coots; and a green meadow's fever
burries burring blinds in curtainers of grey birds and seagull livers.

acid shadow strikes paper cabins down around a pit of torn feathers
o de acrid murdered gallows scatters Downs aside blued scissors
and a gallower of sandmen abuse a scissor boy with ancient fever
and we pule from flown flowers as hot flowers wither away. Fever
famishes appled blind towers which tangle the concrete Thames.
Eyes pull from flies and a den of lips trips for codal ideal feeders.

acid windows roll for lime. Copper ghosts die down time. Fever
fashions a guilty gossamer as Anancee shafts against gulled fever
and shiverers of scissors and fever fuck a dead man with glue-fever
and a dell of gripe fastens old softening strangler's tights. Fevers
father down the veins where a patient spiller of wiped nap-snickers
abuses a crazy wormy gorgon with swelt stone-sides; O, fevers
snicker aside spermy anal sex-scums and woolleners of wide fever
coat a cricking mask with serpent eared guns; and weevil-scissors
sink into drains; O, shivers and fevers and painted fluid flu-friskers
pull bodying lea-and-perrins across feinted boards in wall-strippers.
nulifiers anoint dirty shit-birds with nightly nihilators of stoners and
feverfew flits under slit-birds with incenders of potatoed sea-sands
la la, an ivory screen sucks a birdy dead dilly babe-break; and rippers
arouse a tawny flower with natal fotal fatal fawn-knives; and sands
frisk a dairy damseller for shuttered christ; and a vast girly grande
slots dumbers in pursers; O, as a dizzy coppice of a glass-gash-glans
hollows after inhearsers of a baby block then instant fatty fingers
shit in five shirt-winds; and i have suffered cold maids and fever
and i have sharpened skins with pealers of cold naves and fevers
modellers of peahens cast peacock poles across sex believers
and madams in cum-gems mask foals in fuck-flossed deceivers;
and we will know the less deceived with nude fans and relievers
O, comic sonic self-deaths heave aside rude flans as grey cakers
sell a buggy raised from instant eye-flour; and, uh, cooky makers
abuse a naked masted Venus; and mental scampers roast fakirs
and fever follows fever when ideal sweatings sex-stab fever
and fevers under fever hits to a hot optic sheet; and crab-fever
adorns a baking latrine of a fever with fasteners of slag-fevers
and fever's hot mirror mazes under pigs as drillers of crag-fever
flashes in spunk-kissers whose thunder frigs eggshells and Divas
and fever fellows fever when ideal nestings cock-crash teeners
and, lo lo o-la, my dummy mind shutsdown ball-rashes. Feelers
flay to a doctored beat when heartlings piss on long girl-fingers

uh uh uh uh tut tutter tut uh uh ah ha slit pizza fist.. we die?

Copyright JDB 12/08/2020



the wanderers of lost times tread bastardising blown paths
o slumberers cut into minds where a reaper of closed masks
lambasts body-drains with roller drives and car-kissed masks
and a youth in a stream sails for lies when cold blown paths
send extraordinary faces to fizzed vales where blued masks
laid a blinder of a brawled cold lady; O, this earth is past?

the wanderers of lost times suck a spawny nut as masts
melt into a female judas, and a bone of brawny sex-masts
molds a body-bake from venereal flakes; and mind-masts
swell up, up; and, o, once aside a lake, my mind-masque
swallows easy liquids. And eyes will deafen blind paths

uh uh i eat into some false cheese; O, my mouth screams
uh uh i sleep underneath disease; O, my mind blood-screams
and a layer of veined vast laughter taunts a pictured scream
and a youth at night pulls fannies from fainting screams
uh uh i eat some false cheese; La, my lips kiss screens

wanderers of lost minds liquidise dolly muff with dreamed
meadow baby crisscrossed biters of sex snuff and cream


the wanderers of old times shred a bad pig into nomads
o sunderers of gold minds dig for slags as blinding cads
cast a shadow cab across city waves; and layered lads
pushes upon false curtains; O, mamma maria's lab
sources phlegm with oozed fire when a kid in a lab
uses radial mental menstrual medicines as a blithe cad
shoots up salty sugar flaps with gritters of mind-mabs

the wanderers of gold minds slits a dippy drip with
greying sottos of rolled wine and villages of odd pigs;
and we arise to find a nude grave made from hot figs

uh uh i eat some false cheese; O, gobblers use ribs
and a daughter of a mind-sleeve licks upon mad kids
and a weaver of a spine-sleeve laps upon salt-ribs
ah ah, eyes may well feed blue bees where cold labs
cast fishy fields across verminous dreamers of cabs



silvers under fever-shiver slide a hot bed beneath Pan
o riders sunder fever-rivers as a hosed head of Man
waters dental angular-halls with diners of easy Pan
and i arise from easter-balls and i dine with Woman
and eynes slash winter-walls where blinded cousins
lend filthy incest to a dead past. And we used Man
and we confused sunny connections as we slammed
dolly darters against mad mien and cordal wigwams

wanderers of silked minds thinks about blue satin
and a widener of milked minds suffer after slit-satin
and milner of strapped minds supper after lip-satin
and slivers under fever-shiver slide under drams
ah ah, we serve silks to dried water; and slit-satins
wallah after spider-cries; and a sea of edams rams
orchards of killers with stolid blorted baby-bands

ald dirty musical streets walk cold hogs to pig-pans
and we sing as we cook and we eat from hands

magical masterers of eastern teas gather up the teas
magical matrices slam westend teas as we brew teas
and a madam at noon hips to a hobbit dance and teas
fall from out bruised brewed cars; and we pluck bees
o magicasl star-slayers show a salt moon to bees
and eyes get badly stung by pissers under wet-teas

wanderersd of milked minds fatalises bagged leaves
inside a false larch where dirtiers of daddy beads
hushed up all of the forcep fuckers whose leaves
swallow droopy soap; and a mind-high river-sleeve
drowns old ashes inside a rosette of pure greed.

magical masterers of eastern teas gather up the teas.
Digital porny patience pulls upon a junked cock and
butterers of easy bell-pulls scatterr salts upon teas
and a godly gism bed where i learned about sands
has left me alone now. Oh, liquid lightning's tea
gets force-fed to clouds and, la la, eaters of bees

stopper the herbage of a diggied dizzy eye-hive.


whippers of fatal sweet marzipans hit upon a rotted disease
la la, strippers of fotal city-cans get bricked inside weed
and smokers with a heart like a rocled drum inhale disease
la la, whippers of natal meaty sea-cans sail under slease
and, ah ah, a dabbler of monkey clams abuses ape-greed
and, ah ah, whippers of fatal meaty marzipan cuts slease

magical masterers of eaters cut a bound fly and fleas
anoint vast bluebottled greeny goddy cuts; and peas sleep
and a handled hostel of a sex hotel rocks a boat of meat

whippers of anti-natal bubonic lips counts silence where
tippers of wax-lead anoints Elizabeth Tudor with hairs
and wisecrackers are bathed in a King's pissy cut-lair

magical masterers of eaters shove a bonder of tares
and we will search for a tare in the invidious air where
a countess of decorous gold snitches after bruised prayer
and a scutterer of meany mad mice traps a tail of thieves

whippers of cunted creamy shitter boxers bout for teas
and we will reel in the east until we gather up the teas
And gun-gritted tribes toss for tills which pay no fees



wanderers who wander like the moon melt into gins where
veiny vamoosers of father flights fall down a fatal stare
and blonders of lovers ignite the moon. Ah, dotted hair
gets saltily honey-combed with violence and dead hair
punches immaculate pissers of grey ebbs and egg-air
oh oh, once, where i rolled, the fast dregs of sweet air
swallowed my venus up with bone-naggers and prayer
and wipers of masted sluts sopper after superb stairs.

whippers of fatal sweet marzipan mount cake-divorced
hirelings of shippering arm-bands; O, we hired teas,
la la, and we reel in the east while gathering up the teas
and when up in brewing college, i noticed sun-force,
and me and madam daddy lovage casts a berry-tea
under divorcings; and wicked lovely masks drink pee

once along a false mine, the whole of history cut seed
from green-growing vegetabled time-machines. Steeds
gallop in the dining dark when abbeys of valleys heave
beneath rotators where a bladderer of galleries cedes

codas of cumming creations to a bad bronzed egg cats
o radio fire-raisers switch a fast fascinated cat. Fats
fardel into dancing catnap; and me and master Crap
swerve under rat-sap. These poems scale high trees?


lulling while choking, i met an old dead girl just today
o she was hooking on to sex-science when cool clay
cascaded into bitten humans; and a shop of christs
sermoned after maids where a mad man in a maze
swillered for lone trades of sex, death and oblivion

and a nest of bone raises self sex where dirty clay
jazzes after stone; and dirt, disease, death star-lights
dromedaries of sperm-silks.I met an old dead girl
She was easily aroused by her own grave; and clay
cousins upon limitless fathers when a canine world
falters into grass and dies. And a bad bath today
will surely scissor into ambered opened slow eyes

lulling while choking, i met an old girl just yesterday
o she was bricked under her boling; La, dun decades
glide by like mad children; and a gooser of star-trades
swillows for bad children; and an arch upon pearls
pulleys for pissers when easterly blowing ice-curls
smatters around sisters of mother moon and pearls

and a nest of bone raises self sex from dirty clay
and a desk of stone raises elfi-sex from petrol clay
and a whipper of a wide horse gallops into clay
and a bell at night rings for mule-wallop; and day
cries to be set free but free days are dead now?


tee hee, i have come to know the titans under clothes
tee hee, yes men cum to sunder missions with clothes
o, tee hee hee, mad male missiles shoot baby clothes
and eyes under skies sharpen silk with daddy's nose
la la, i have come to understand the rapist in a rose
la la, i have come to shudder about female blubber
and, tee hee hee tee tee, i am in love with mamma
and, roasted, a motile motel accident heave to mana
and i have come to know the titians under dadda

luliing while choking, i met an old buzzy dead girl
men in miraculous circles hasten to the jazzy cold
and marchers of muddy funerals have to walk girls
and wynded swollen tit-asses must feel after cold
la la, mysterious mindfolks think about a new girl
la la, insidious divine child-folks think about worlds
but a can of gllass has to heat up with fairy pearls

tee hee, i have come to know the titans under clothes
hee hee, wide losell men lose everything to bedclothes
and a monkey of an ape-flower greens up for clothes
and a honky of a wanky hooty finishes feelers with
coded woolled leaves; and i reel in the cat's clothes
and eyes muddied me where fairgrounds in clothes
dance to a masted naked beat where an old rose
splices angel fringes with goddy rock and clothes.

lulling when choking, i met an old fixing mad girl
o she cried all year and then drowned in her tears
and a model pall-sphere opened me up to my girl
and, la la, as we paint a petrol face then we uncurl
male ministers from gabby hairs found under loaves
and a messy moon melts under rooms. O, brogues

issue into magenta-city-fire when death has closed.

a winnower of windowers shields a hidden stocking
o issuers of wide sinners reel aside the still-born
and we heed the death-deceived when blue ceilings
bang beneath bags of blood when bagpipes swarm
a genius scottish street with poem-eyes; and dawn
tear-tissues after rain and rain cuts the moon
and pierces of fever-rain receive cats from fawns.

a winnower of windowers shields an easy man and
sand-strippers pee on teasing galls when balled bands
dig after footy-snuffs; and a filmic woman rams us
adown from a dirty castle when killers under red rust
polishes pantry-apples with germy millers; and scorn
bellies across death's fishy fields as a mindless storm
straps a bellyful of beads across timed eaten cusps.

and we weevil for red rain and we feel after cuts
and we glister for red rain and we reel after cuts
and we hiss aside red rain and we spiel after cuts
o a smashy sassy weepy wanky of a smile gluts a
donny of a dooby boy whose lost home eats nuts,
and a drooly devil in a dripper of a mashed soul
cuts into smut; and a girl combs her hairy soul
and a mutterer under girls combs speechless soul.

a winnower of wide windowers reels inside the east
o a rude romantic killer stocking-hangs the Beast
and a seat of plants waters wives with thrilling meat
and a candy of a crocus coca-cola bites on beats
and we reel in the east as we gather up the teas
ah ah readers under feasts befriend an iced dream
ah ah breeders under geese befriend a wet-dream
and the bones of Aaron sharpen sex with trees
ah ah a winnower of wide windowers reels inside
a dummy cage when lightning turns to black. O!
softeners of rage shade tilings with genius blacks
La La, as bodies burn then a tidal star in toss-hats
hears a veiny penile vaginal cherry pop-burst

and we weevil for red rain and we feel after cuts
and we ravel under red rain and we feel viaducts
ahhh a reaper of red summer shatters wide sluts
and a bath of pure burned gold mills stars with nuts
O a plane of milky glandour weeps for a softy hut
and catchers in a mind clamour for devil-weeds.

and when dilly nights turn into dilly days then bees
will buzz with the patient mad till true cellves seize



easy eaters of red rain and radio meadows
will ease a painted spire inside rained bows
and the eater on a cliff silences shadowed
nobody mien hens that arise from bony men
and a driver of muted fairies has to end
and a bone of glass masses under old skin
o the moon in a beak hisses for bled children
and the wives of violence bait god's moon
and the brides of silence sunder sold rooms
la la. we weaver for sleep as we arouse a
buller in a skull-bitten blouse; and gulls die.

a wiper of a daddy piper peppers old eyes
o swooned deniers strangle shepherds when
waxen wolverines lead dogs to loud waters
and the ashes in a lift arise from old daughters
and a wifeling rips from a sea of doctors
o the moon in a beak hisses for women and
laden body parchments swallow coded trams
and a bed of lusts leads a giddyer into cans
and wolverines weep as dead fathers sleep
o the moon in a beak hisses for woman

easy eaters of red rain rage aside chilled zen
and reapers of blood page ages under lichen.

the porters of pulling cunt spunk under junks
o raisers of fooling junk shed rots aside kitchens
and a boy in his female moon has rocked sold bunks
and, la la, ferine fretted metal has to shine for dust
and porters of puling cunt spunk under old bunk

petrollers in swelling hips ignite bled bairns who
summon shrillers from bad lights and easy nudes
o erasers of money jackknife to reveal grey lubes
ramming motored cars when jugging dead nudes
noose a fattener of faces with pigging gay sleuths

once upon a gapped mind, weepers for truths
had to hide a baby in a vine; and odes to sleuths
scatter sandy skeins across tines; and cut boots
car-bang venal fathers with grey pigs that hoot
porters of puling cunts scutter when easy pictures
swallow fishy vines then give to tree of fixtures;
and miced modems move mad loaves to sleep

And hedons sleep, sleep, sleep
and herons, reaped, feed petrels to sweet meat
and ideal husbands, peeped, show mam to wheat
and a naked fatalities vein-hangs dogdayers with desks
and, once across wed memories,
a daddy-dingo-father feeds maladies to hornet-nets
and dazzlers of mamma
appear bled from gamma
and radial radio reads dark dials across blue pets

uh uh uh. THE END..



the maidens of pure money ride aside some jeeps
la the damsels of pure honey ride aside blue cheeks
and me and men and a feline hay-cheek hits for a
boner of a boy whose easy chops cut a nut-keep
porters of pissing junks crashdown;

O, gilt streetcars
cry for messing crude creators where redded Mars
harrasses melts with roods when a sea of toy cars
carry massive attackers into Downs that shapes a
city of spires and moggy friends; and odes to stars
shit upon tits when a dustbin in de yard hast to scar
easy mother rides with nuclear bakes that eat tar

de martians of pure baby ride aside alien eye-teeth
and weevillers rotate where a nippy in a rope-sheath
sharpens daddy phlegm with ratters of rattler-heaths

giddy easy blown god hisses in quiet when sleep
gets cagey and mind-repletive; and sleep
oozes dream-wine
and, once spleened, a circus under meat
gets taped by growl radio's moggy spine



when rocked by heat, my senses curve just like a fire,
o when stopped, my senses swerve just like burned spires,
and miraculous faces on the moon cherish beds with a
donny of true blue funeral pyre; and odes to madness are
fed to fistas as fibulators fascinate tyres; and old cars are
fed to fanny keeps when spastic sex castlers chew Mars

de martians of pure baby ride aside bumpy bled tarred
cabbies who bleed for rides; and me and mellow scarves
swill vinegar ties from messengers who feed from stars
and madam moonshine shines as she pines; and cigars
burn out now, just like a burning field; and men and rivers
reason after oils. And a player in a blue yield has to quiver.
when rocked by meat, my five and country senses shiver
and radios in blood-peat piece Pan from coda livers, and
a bayer of bugged drams deal waifs to rot; and Man scrams
after buppy boils that plead for sense as mad words scan
no more; and eyes turn sleeves into frenchers who use pans.


the devillers of dirtiers dress sods upside a bad shrill world
o revellers under pictures show deaths to mad hills, and old
pearly girls cry for collanades when a bad mill grinds gold
and a woman in the sky booms like an angel; and old gold
glimmers in twinned minds where eynes burn up. O, worlds

whirl into kids where a breaker of minds cuts cups. Girls
go crucify the mad where a butcher of nuts sucks sweat-curls
after buppy boils bait bread, then the sirens of a good bed
sweep a dreary broom across phlegm; and me and sold bed
leave dreams to lady shakespeares; and old men in beds
will certainly burn to death where a hillock in a boned head
slitters after doilies that drink hair.

O i have died for heads
and bodyers of naked shaker boys bleed for donkey breadS
red devillers of droming sex drone in stupid sky; and lead
leads a pincered labia to mesh; and sold planes plum-bleed
a daggerer of a stabby failure to dotters who punch steeds
Ahh, alarmers whose sirenisers come cutting laddy seaweeds
will weevilise old stored fanny flour
and, la la, a cavy of a cager dreams of martian flowers
and i will idolise deniers
and i will scandalise defilers with twelve twixed body-fears

a coded curtailer of closed cars will stab de yoyos down




i ease my cantive cock into blue yields; and my faces
fascinated bled crock as naked fields bleed into faces;
and a dog of sex rots; O, a minotaur in a sad sea paces
under leather clocks where a city found inside stasis
roams after foamy fast fear; and odes to fountains are
moon-fed to loamy fast tears; and odes to mountains are
choc-fed to dolls where a gangster in petrol-noose uses sex-cars
to ravel into cagey cunt-choirs; and odes to dudes are
driven from sleep. Dirt and diesel and petrol necks
summon fat fuel from fawkesfire aces where decks are
made laden with mules that crap on cases; and rivers are
star-flexed with tools that leash nap as flashy foals are
clock-fixed to fizz; and men and madam crap use stars
i ease my cantive cock into grey seals;

O, mad guitars
play for panters; and idiots who reel inside cold mirrors
mason for doggers whose fatal focal tail wags for killers
and a whitener of nudes sucks a fotal sail when drillers
drool aside buttered screws; and menthol vales shiver
for pokey spoolers of dead hands and menstrual silver
weevillers end in pieces when insects believe in mirrors
O, mad rivers
come stabbing a moon-gun
with fatal fairy-thumbs; and oozing sirens
get gobbed from teeny porn-drums

laaaahhh we are sweated till cold seasons
get swallowed aside prickling pasta-gardens



tyrranies of lopped men spiral from a city of guns
o tyrranical sleasy men rival scum when a tree of suns
moans just like a child
and a corpse of cane crashes for dad's whip,- And
carriers of glibby glaucous feed from tits; O, minds
meld into files; and cakers of wine spit ginners and
a daddy-fire rises under tyres when spirallers expand
heated hosed force to canine forces; and metal fans
drop dizzy mushrooms on twinned floors. And sandals
grasp for naked jesus and a lacker of drawly ingles
rots and ruddy rots; and pissers for packers seize death

o dirt, disease, death rocks a cocking horse and jest
jolts a febrile juicer across poking pork; and grey vests
bestialise bunny beacons with bellers of naked nests
i ease my cantive cock into a screwered vale of sex
and a beller up a crock sweeps dun sewers into my sex
and a rapier of cocks suck urban juices with loud sex
ah ah ah, as a musher of sluts swerves for proud sex
and, oo, when hushers writhe, certainly we will wreck
mind-transfusive canons with angelic neon mine-becks

and we pecker upon naked natrons when motherers
mickler for demure fire. O, i have seen my smotherer
weeping for impure fire but a funeral found in pyres
must bait a slaker of burned selves; and eyes bead-neck
a daddy of a hair-well that leads elves into silent ripped
babby gardens; and kissers of lead swell for violence.

are we on the night-ship


once above a mind a latent dilator of a fishy mermaid
made eyes at a drowned moon; O, as easy graves
sidle under vines, eyes will surely send lashed slaves
into burned seas that stride blown waves; and maids
shrill for pepper rooters that lend babies to castlers
and a spastic plastic hat sticks a whore into trays
and, oo, a renal stem scraps lips where closed trades
sell impossible faces to bled nippies; and bosom-blades
bang from city bottoms when leaders of lays
delimit written bells with tawny towelled parades

o once in one swift lifetime, i saw passion raise a
parasol of pims from naked nailer sherries; and slaves
loosen babes into veiny cask-sailors; and disease
listens to sown sleep and a star of veilers eats slaves
once above this mind whe a parental fishy gale got
blown aside a married wind, old boys flashed for pot
O a city fad will lead deaths to de mad and old grot
must eat and puke from grout. La, inside gold-spot
when baking poots, i saw a laddy laugh for gut-grot
and messy macadams ride in a spun bath. Ah, loss
shoots eve and adam with prides when old moss
gets stripped off by waxen wound hands. Ohhhhh

a jacking daffy drooller raids faces in the brain
la crapping messy rulers measure skies in Spain
and a robotic demnotic kisses mouthing rain as
bubblers of chisel-chops kiss a cat's tailed arse
oh, we lever pictures from tips as litters rasp
and a sailor in a gun drinks from saline masts
and we are wide of the brink as we sink masts
inside five drowny palls which soften rasped old
dilators of hemmy streams that lead bats to gold


whence we whistle down the blood winds, we will coach
a slider in trestles shaping beards with mingel; and a roach
hides outside a wall whence we whistle down boats
and, la la, a sail of pain shafts a salt ship down a float where
easy bellied bastard riders wolf down lips then eat old hair
and, o, whence we whistle, then a pennny in a blood brooch
ignites dirty-faces with enemy spaces which cut rain rare
and a lidder on a rig rots family with chasers inside prayer
a jacking daffy droner drags dills from screens when hair
sicklers after mappy moana slags; and we drill for chairs

and, la la, a dryer of humidifiers flay after hills when hair
slappers a sordid scissor note under grey fathers; O, prayer
sharpens eagle-lungs with babed biters of bellers; O, fear
varnishes gulling heights whence a fattener's statue sears
blonde-blamed boxes with ambulances and easy bird-beers
whence we whistle down the blood wind, we will poke a
dragon of a fire with soaped rings; and vergers under cars
crashdown aside vacant swings; and urgers under grey cars
cry for driving velvetines; and macadam hisses for riders as
galleries of shippen death shine for canvassed easy loves
and an ivory ebony christ snaps gardens across soft gloves
and an easy lazy family layers straps with conical grubs

o jacking daffy droners drag dilly floats from hooked minds
o hacking dizzy sounders mass upon oats as booky bad binds
moon-jam mother motels with peasy lungs made up from wine
o jacking daddy dopers drag queasy ropes from hooky bines
ahh. We said that love's word was dead and gone but minds
mine after romantics who yield a ballet-heel with both minds
and coalers of petrol sods sap a cunted reel where lost minds
mine after mental desire. Oh, a shafter of de deceased eat us
and it is certainly well known that spunk shall eat itself. Cusps
glown for the vacant dead and daddy moon yields cold cuts.

vagrancies appeal to dirty little boys when a tramping slut
swallows pinky street tacs; and a punky pinky peerer shuts a
dollar of a day inside a brother brand that leads sweets to waters
O eynes are forgotten now because wives yield no fathers
O vines are forgotten; and ginny februs thighs hoot for feathers
and a cot of mutton sends mammy penis to a spastic-fever
and a nuclear sun-sod shaves holidays with mastic teasers






an oodler of a mind-modeller maces corn with teasers
la radio ramblas use soiled papers for porn; and mad sneezers
smell of tissued snot; O. soft creches slap a facial as piggers
pawn a doggy bell for used banged notes that pay for nothing.
Dying all the fucking time, a broadener of oats hits feelings,
and a vase of ducking wine smashes in to one million searings
and earrings on the moon clamber after tubal tabby catkins,
and an opened apple drops pithy pippy piss upon clothe skins
and an ashen cable shows dotters of mists to TV eye-hymns
stablers strangle cat horses. Fazers fashion fetes from bins.
fablers hang dying hearses. Razors fashion red-eyed sins.
caddies cut sweet cadis. Revolters use revolvers. Spun limbs
lose a cave to bad movements. Dissolvers sink old aspirins
and a fakir in a demented sea-scent lays along fingernails
crowers may well scavenge till they burst and a blue burst
swaggers across achy breaky hills. Oh, magical bled skirt
spills a swiller's beery afternoon into lickers of peat-bursts
and, o-la, a buzzy easter bee stings truths with female mind
and, o-la, a cavvy xmas sleeve buries birds inside burst blinds
and, la la la, i swerve to beards when sweaters in inner crime
sallows a goosy goofy tit with holy gems and germy wine
swum daffies and rubies and royal baby-fluffs here sign
aside a garotter of boobies that breakdown for fennel kine,
and a bagger of boobies shakes sounds for fennel grinds
o baiters of shrillers paint-path a pate of pussers with an
old-timed bike that rides upon flasks and then eats Anne
and Anne is a name of love's dog. O, ma mary's hands
swelt for flame. O, doctors of gob grates meaty lamed
bolter fatherers of fascinated cods and burny bun-brain




paid copyright jdb 2021