further speed-written songsheets


there was no terror felt that Saturday night
Because we felt pain, we had to sleep till
midnight ended
and eyes must shut
and skies must send clouds to sleep.
the rider selling papers posts flags to
mad boys who like junk-mail
and there was no terror that Sunday night;
and eyes must shut
and skies must cover clouds with light
because we like cake and because nuts
can cause a fatal allergy
because wheat is capable of killing
when cooking, we
must surely bake resins; and ceilings
fall from afar
and bakers bake for mirrors
there was no terror felt that Monday
there was no error in the light on day
and a car of iron
crashes, crashes
wide of the city mark, sad men pray

once, lost, i leapt from a city wall
and the roads were ridden with drawl
and easy bikes hit me
o a car of killers crushed me;
and once, while chopped, i heard need
begging at death's doors
ideal women wed excellent men and
ideal children are devoid of sex hands
and a wetted weeping old boy
shops for little infant toys
the crying in the church of Love has
dead eyes for Gods
o a marvelous communion of Loves
listens to j christ's cross when drugs
poison chapels with iron dogs.
weeping, i saw my favourite boy
dying for God
and i know that God was an evil God
and the sadness of man Man raises sods
and a sea of bananas uses lost
wagons; and fruit and veg swab
green grocers with two pealed bananas
and eyes glow for mown
pure pineapples. o-la!! FINITO?



i went to the shops to buy some screws
i carried the right money
The fingers of paid money dons shoes
and we paint fine footed city pictures
oh a lemon meringue dessert features
good tv chefs where coooking mixtures
serve cruel food.

i went to the shops to purchase glues
o i carried the correct small change
The riders of the rain suffer hot moods
and we cry, cry,
outed, an outelbowed sea of violence
heeds blue films

and ice cracks for sex screens and
odes to sexy silence
stop stone dead..

i went to the shops to buy some screws
i had my right-wing money stolen;
and reapers of night bear suede shoes
and sadness pushes through

after corn-scapes and easy devil-tubes


the razors in my home are never stored in the bathrooms
Because blades slip,
i have decided to cut my lips
and there is a woven mouth which wanks in schoolrooms
and de razors in my home
cut a keen cheek and run dry.

these lost days where i count on day-time sleep have
endlessness for an urban dream
and eyes in my head tend to glow like the dead and
i am surely deafened by sinned easy spies

the razors in my home are always stored in the bath
oh, sun-shining bathroom mirrors
drop in the tub
and easy-turning taps trickle, trickle, trickle;
o, bed and board ends in fatal sex?

there is to be found, underneath a typical road,
tarry pipes chock-full of toads
and there is to be found, inside a main road,
a sewer filled with rats, bats and rogues
o is it more that the idiot words i speak
send all clean gutters into deepening sleep?

i raise an eager hand to the moon where
old lovely stars look down
and a river of sand flows from hands where
the afternoon moon falls like a saint
and saints are always painted?

there is to be found, beneath a radial road,
dirty pipeworks, chock-filled with clothes
and these clothes have been chucked down
a filthy coprotic city of drains
and a river of sand flows like veins
and banana butters must feed lost rain



because the dying world hears old pain
desiring the same old plasters as usual
because the crying world hears cold pain
requring the same old doctos as usual
we must raise the real Titanic and rain

Out Out endlessness-
come drink some wine when feeling death
o out, out, out
.. dustiness always need sweeping
sadness always causes weeping;
Out Out endlessness

come drink some wine when fearing deaths
the tablets i own are always stored inside
a kitchen cabinet
and i seldom use medicines, but lies
have been using paracetamols now- ..

the daughter of my grandfather uses
self-abusive kiddy toys
and the tops Mum knits makes soft-toys
and because children grow
and because women glow
we have to snuff out all human angels

Out Out aimlessness: Out Out endlessness
come brew sex brine whilst stealing sex
o out, out, out
out, out out



easy sin dives
and a butterfly light cuts times
and eager lovers
marry to a grape-vine

o a seat of glass is postioned
above father's veins
and a bed of dogs
causes canine pain; and missions
pull upon gauze-gob

oestrogen flies from my mind
easy spun sin
awakes me,
and a doll at sea sails for dweebs
and a bull at sea
jumps cowed salt-cities

my grey mum grips to babies
and sadness shoots blue trees
and bodiers hiss for rubies where
faces fall from gentian chairs



the eagre furies of a fast fat head
mete out a sea of pegs
and a peg-happy fern has to shed
salt seeds
and a binary brain
bolts balls to rain
la la

the eager fairies of a fast fat head
mete out sex to urine Ah,
.. lacers of lunacy eat bread?

one zilllion miles under sweat we
wash red hands in wine
o, zillions of smiles sunder
wakeners of blithe city thunder

the eagre furies of a fast fat head
speak no evil then drop dead
as Aladdin rubs his sex-lamps
then Paladin pokes a parrot
and menfolk sweat blood carrots
and girlkind
washes her hands in easy wine.

a baby in a bin cries until saved
a doggy under skin
woofs until trained
and a cat of tailed war trades
rats for scoobies
the eager furies of a summer
use hands for drummers
and, lammed, wars in fevers
loop hymns across rivers

ah, lazy latent crazy merchants
weep as dogs cry
ah, mazy patients of sex-chants
will cry when death writhes



a sexing of the buried
hears a choker's cherries
laid upon a screen
la la
a baby in a bin cries till dreamed
and a bunk of card
swallows bedtimes
la la
a sexing of the buried
hears a chopper's cherries
laid upon a dream
la la
amen we say for the saviour
amen we say for
urban idlers of nude flavas
la la
eyes deafen whilst blind
spies beckon
bees to flower under wine
and a bow of ash

shoots a laden moon

the shooters of dun bubbles
gun soap with rained blood
the rooters of stunned gables
stun rope
and a star at night looks down upon
codas of day-lit tables
and a song of suns
absorbs pure fire
and a cat under gum sticks his tail
deep down where dope
hisses for sapphires

and a starry life has to use levers
to lift vegetations to nude blonde scissorsd
and we kiss hissed ice
and we deaden judas christs
ah, grey shooters of dun bubbles
gun soap with raised sex-mud bibles
ah ah

once aside a mind, i tore Mars
with five fast cinemas..
and once across lime, i used sweet weebles
to sunder me
and eyers used me to snap across bees



o a dying game which uses words
must hurl illiterate darts
and a boat of suns sails for curs
and a stoat of guns
shoots a feline father's
coded mad girl-drum

eyelids don excess visions when
a cartel of heat-builders
deafens the blind
and a mouth of glass has to grind
bear jaws with mind-riders
a sexing of the cherries turns
fruit and veg into a tea-urn;
and we sex the cherried
and we wreck swift berries, La!,
why wind wells dry
will never be understood till cars
crash under eyes in cold ferns
eyelids don eggy visions when
riders of the corn
write for bikers.. And easy porn
swells like piss..
i made a crazy pass at an old bent woman
o eyes fazed me
o cries caved me...and a bunk of semen
cares for bees
and i mad a pass at an old grey woman
o lives dazed me
o wives shaved me
because bowed god has no name
because bowed dogs
have to walk in pain; O, because trees
seep into my mask
you and i will hammer lakes to hasps
o smiles burn me
o dials turn me
to the other side of five lost seas
i made a crazy pass at an old bent woman
ahh when a venal garden
has no good gardener
ahh whence an anal raven
has no winged lover
then we will hiss for certain..

waves beat on the shores
graves heat guns with whores
and we lay under meat as closed wards
sweat for pandemic flu..
Oh i have sensed camal traffic
mounting a small mule
Oh i have wrenched canal traffic
sailing to a river feud
and baby bouncers have to move
sweet roe to fishy fugue
ah ahh

why the peasy faisty dead seasons
heat gay panty hose
will be known to figgy children;
and a bun of rice
sucks cream from angel-vice
Oh once upon a pan, wedders
shimmered in chiffon gowns.



blown naked bakers of sweetening soft meat
says 'Farewell' to a doctor
o, rancid butcherof sweetening blue meat
says 'Hello' to mnthna's daughters
and a bill of fayre sells me seasoned water
and a rill of air
dances under mortars
blown naked bakers of sweetening soft meat
bids farewell to a shaker
stoned naked butchers
cleave ice from rind where coded flavas
shape salty blue paper;

and a ghost of war shoots blue peppers
and a host of wars
shoots fatal poppers
oh, blown naked lovers sweeten sleep
oh, boned fated fathers
fall to death's hot feathers
and a dog in May just has to run away

the doted limbs of a dense city raincloud
hark back to a homestead full of fires
o ropers of dreams
float across edams as sedans under clouds
hisses under spires;
O the accidental sun shines and shines
O the occidental guns
hoot when stars sky-stun
codas of kodak and porn-minds
the doted limbs of a dense city raincloud
jack back to a naked yield of
stained dark figs
and a glass pig has to shoot for God
ah ah ah

eyes will deafen as sites go blind
spies will soften
and a bended totem pole about Eden
grinds flame to pure dust

la la lahh.

we will tread the bulb when leering under
old funeral friends;
and a liar on a stage acts up for Fathers
and a pyre in a gym
cases killer creators in exercised murder
Rope hardens round my neck
Dope softens men, and a corpse of sex
swipes dogs for tundra-nests.

DE END is nigh
DE MEN get high
WOMEN flit
KIDS get sick
, ehh ooo.


when piped with flu, the pandemic god of truths
trips inside a soft mind
when spiked with screws, the pandemic god of vines
vanishes into violence
and a sea of sails screws masts to anchors
and a sea of veils spews riggings around sailors
and a bird in a tree
cuts a seagull from wide reeds
and de poetry of missions flows just like false wine
once above a soft mind, i saw the spies of swine
weeping, weeping
o, once upon a crossed mind, i saw ceilings
creeping, creeping;
and a ballet underground
hisses across danced ice
and a rink of scissors snaps a penny chew wiith
dimed lips and mouths and crunched tea-things

when piped with flu, the pandemic gods of truth
strip inside a lost mind;
and a starry christ will surely turn and heal minds
and a dizzy christ will certainly
turn molten tears to whiskey-gold; and nudes
accost all planets as
falons sprawl for glass

the treasure train is coming
la the pleasure horse is running
uh the feathers of the dead are strumming
eaten greying bruised guitars
and the faces of the West shine, shine, Ohhh,
the treasure train is coming
ah, the pleasure horse is thrumming
the eaters of the dead shoot fay loving
uh uh de robots of Du
heal gemstones with alien drugs
and a tribe of suns shines inside weird love
and a gang of guns
shoots a panamerican scissor-sea-God
and cunts seas seem lithe
and spunked bees seem all right..
sometimes, the moon looks like the sun
sometimes, the stars go on the run
sometimes wild heaven chews salt-gum
sometimes, god's sky shoots
trendless skeins of roller-soul
and touts with rifle-boots
sea-slam eaters of torn death
with butters and jammy dumb desks

sometimes, the moon looks like the sun
sometimes, the stars go on the run

Eyes idolise de female blind and mess
melds missonaries with baptismal sex

c/o CITY BENDS (a cantata)

'the quiet aroma of a stinking devil
has to smell grey flowers
and the cats of war who paw flowers
must cast feline spells
and the silent aroma of a well
closes eyes with cool waters.

o a bud of sheer bone has to shiver
o a sud of sheer stone
quivers; and the sun at night stones
beds of silver
the quiet aroma of a stinking devil
has to inhale tv towers
and a bended city
cowers beneath baby.

these sodded days where i slept until
evening peered into shadow
have to grace light with hills
and a face of midnight
fills body men with whipping meadows
and fat mice at sea
trap a venereal rat-sleeve
and a chill ice cream has to bleed.
when once a sloane of summer reads
old dirty books
when once a drone of flavours
burns poem-books
then a starry beard will star-seize
blown rooks

these sodded days where i slept until
the morning fell away
have now to grace a city's swathed
concrete clave,
and an urban man moon shines
and these lost days are first dark then

a cigar under knickers has to exhale
demure and dangerous perfumes
a killer under kickers
has to inhale mirrors;
and the tides of March drink trippers
and the bridal parks
marry crows to dark
and dark stereros use cartoons

whence a factory of thieves shivers
whence promontaries steal livers
i will understand
that the day i was born was
most certainly the night i was
hurled from a cradle-pram

a cigar under kickers has to exhale
decorous yet sexy fumes;
and the cats of England taste rheum
and the cats of England
burn sex to silent death.

whence a factory of thieves shivers
whence grey cemeteries bury lovers
i will come to know
the name of the sun and its crow.


i hear the heads of the dark
i hear the kids in the park
and a sea of pigs
has to drown ceilings
and i hear the headless dark
and i hear loud kids hearing
deafened blind cuts

a dolly in a drive has to start
a bald toy vehicle
a baby in a dive
has to drive a dizzy car-heart;
and the wars of Eden
scatter salt seed upon
Mesopotamian murder-dung

i hear the heads of the dark
weeping.. and my soft heart
grows creamy
and my soft dreamy soul
grows fast
too often.

hipsters dance for chilled rooms
cheapsters dance for gloom
killers prance on knives
o, ideal menders mend cold tombs
and i have to understand
about self-deaths and old renal rams
o o
o oo.

hipsters dance for chilled rooms
killers dance for dunes
and once i have lost my children
and once i have killed my dog
and once i have died
i shall surely count upon the sky
la la
la la la.
a dabbler of a damsel has to cry
a rider of an angel
has to ride against gold scams
and a car of canals
drowns a red rooster.

we have to somehow rely upon
we have to somehow decide upon
and a bride of wishes
lays a dog to waste
o, once eyes cease to close, then
sunrisen missives
will certainly rise against
poets and all their mad expletives

we have to somehow rely upon
penis kisses
we have to slide a nut in a gun
and a sea-harness
swallows sex-bait
and the beds of dreamt hate stun
minds, bodies, veins and
all human bones; and skin shakes

the fuckers of a fast fierce farm
yield poked pigs to cows
the killers of a vast soft cloud slam
fairy fields inside grown hands
and a vase of iced shrouds
is found in a prehistoric field where
husbands sweat for husbandry
and there is midwifery in Heaven?

and cattlers cry for kind sleep
and bull-men writhe
and skulled wheat-wives
widen into screws
and a bone of prayers
has to shatter bargy soft hair


smashed seasonal fish
crash inside a petri-dish
cashed sermonic silver-fish
scare young sad kids
and a bone in a bowl has to list
sad weeping grey kids

fields under flies wing-rid
blind bluebottles of honey
o, we decay forever
o, we snap closed weather
and a starry father dams cunny

mothering moaners mark
dizzy gals in the park;
and i heed sin as old bark
falls from a public poet-tree

we have to stone bees
we must suffer beads
and we will don seeds
and cum home


* i went to the shops to buy a plum
the moon was shining and so was the sun
o i went into my little town
and purchased a lovely naked currant bun
and i heard my mind
and i gave funds to the blind
and i served home-baked cake to
homely vagrants that lived on the streets

rainy days are the best we have now
rainy days are
always the most common to happen
and a driving car
has to use its screens for bridlers
nearly all of the time,, Oh, riders
sell easy news to gay bobbies
and spun sin got murdered.

i went to the shops to buy a plum
the moon was shining and so was the sun
o i paid a trip to my little town,
and there i saw a keen fine clown
and there i saw a genuine busker
.. My eyes may well shut
because i missed my town?
rainy days are the best we get now
men in string vests
sell cheap toys to infant nests; and crowds
queue for the supermarkets
and vast torn billboards look from the clouds
and the city's mayor seems
very well known..

i put both of my hands together and pray
i put my knees upon the floor
and pray that God will stop city whores
and my old kiddy bike
long since fell apart just like a
cold swing at the foot of a garden's
well mown city-score.


. can i count on you to sell me plums
can i count on you to
serve me actual meat?
O piss falls down opened gutters when
mad men leap from urban bends.

i used a gun.. i shot it and liked it
i phoned my mum..i spoke with wit
and i used a gun
and i telephoned the sun
o, once upon a time, i dug a sandpit
o, once upon a time, i waxed my lips
i used a gun..i shot it and liked it
i phoned my dead father
and then i fell inside death's feather
i went to the shops and bought a pear
the moon was shining from thin air
i went to the green grocers
and bought me some good berries
and then i used a blind eardrum

and then i telephoned soft ladies.

i have always known that Jesus Christ
was the true son of sunny God
i have always believed in Gob, and Life
has me forever
praying for kind Lordy Judas-Jesus
and i went to a chemist and purchased
some paracetamol tablets

o i go outdoors all winter
and spend my summer days indoors.
i have a good picture in my room
which features a crown of thorns,- And
i listen to the looming church and
i sing fast hymns for the Son of Pan;
and i used a gun
and i banged a drum
and i went to the shops to buy god's plum

uhh uuh i used a gun
uhh uuh i bought a plum
uhh uuh i looked into the sun, and,
losing solar waves
led me to blithe holidays far out at sea
and i when i was an infant brave
i watched sandcastles floating
easy seasand.. O, we went boating!

there are severed eagles here that
swim aside vaginal blagger; and cats
comfort a mixed god;
and a romancer under blood heeds fat
and we search deer for venal cars
and we summon arms from grey bats

once across a renal store, i kissed hats
once across a vernal store, i hurt paps
And a local focal fatal head-hero
must seclue dogs under prisms; and laps
get scuttered
and bluesing blind-clogs fasten butters
and men and kind kiddy parasols mutter;
and, oo, naked magical magisters grip crap

ahhh a naked coffin teaser has to snap
all communions with wafer-thumbs; and
keepers of soft delusion must use seasand
for ape boys
ahh a fascist bodkin breeder has to crack




the woman kind, the eye not blind,
the woman kind, the mind in mind,
the woman kind, the woman kind,
the lover, the mother; woman kind.


the woman in the field is love,
the woman in the yield is real,
the woman in the summer's spin
is endless as the winter's sin;
and should this earth of shapeless fire
denude the winter in the spire,
each way we live, each way men die
would only turn against the sky.


the woman kind, the woman kind,
the eye not blind, the eye not blind,
the woman kind, the woman kind,
the eye not blind, the mind in mind.
for seven years, the way is real
and then the sun must choose to steal
each wake of god, each wailing rise
of womankind inside the tides.


the woman kind is endless love;
so too, this heart is red as blood -
the woman kind, the woman kind,
the eye not blind, the mind in mind.






funny how time's a man
and man can't understand
the way the grains of sand
flow from out the hand
funny to see the summer
fade into the thunder
funny how time's a man
and man can't understand
i see the rumour change
on the height, the ruin lives
the ways we died
the nights we cried
the evenings on the cliff
as much as we are weeping
as much as we are weeping
funny comes the flight
of the bird of might
i see you eating apples
the earth is lost in dreaming
i sense the winter burn
and the orange storm away
funny how man is sand
and sand can't understand
funny how women give
funny how children live
so too, the sickness grows
inside the serpent bower
and man who loves not much
can only rot against the tide
and love that lives forever
can only sickle loving cruel
funny how wisdoms rain
funny how life's insane
and should this system change
should it at once derange
then man who comes to know
shall have no more to know
and stars that burn too seldom
can only rake aside the moon
funny how man is mad
funny how christ is all too sad
i sense the seasons break
and see the reasons shake
and know no way to come
nor any way to live for
and funny how love gives
and funny how love dies for
and funny how man drives
for woman he cannot know
i see you eating windfalls
i see tuition changing
i sense the sickness turn
and the seas of heaven brain
and funny how we live
for those who cannot give
and funny how man dies
for those who rape the skies
goodbye, i did not know you
nor can i ever know you
and this is roman truth
and this is roman proof
and love that knows no meter
and love that knows no reigning
and love that raves forever
can only break my heart.





the stone beneath the rain
lies serried in the brain
of fifteen graveward dreams,
as cold as jesu's schemes.
the ark inside the oat
lies serried with the note
of fifteen graveward suns,
as cold as jesu's lungs.

inhale the pipe of death
& watch the acid rise -
do not turn away,
do not turn away -
the sunrise in the moon
is barely packed with light,
neither shall this wisdom
bewray the heart of reason,
nor serry with the flowers
in the graves of hymen.

with these dead hands
and these red eyes,
sawn from scorning ways
that revel with the lies
with these two brains,
with these two minds
with these nine veins
and these five spines,
with these red deeds
with these dead hands,
with these eight souls
and these red lands.

sawn from scorning wheys,
the woman is the baby,
sawn from scorning wheys,
the woman is the lady
& man shall know all
and man shall understudy
death, as much as christ
lies serried with His ruins;
more, the patch of ink
must know no lightened load,
or else blow black
and light the lamps of Eden,
or else blow black,
or else blow black.
and now nude laps are lit.






On the Feast of Unleavened
The only flesh eaten
Shall be the flesh of children
Bread cabinets burning
On the limb of a brawl
The only brandies then
Shall be the bornes of time
Scandal gods until the mostest
Are brains of bored device
On the Feast of Unleavened
The only flesh eaten
Shall be the cradle in the ice.

On the Feast of Unleavened
On the Feast of Unleaven
On the Feast of Unleavened
On the Feast of SEVEN.
On the Feast of Unleaven.

With flaring stake, the skein of love
Shall, with shrouded rakes
Rape aside the sigmund blood
With madness torn and tared
Weeded dread as a scarlet son
On the Feast of Unleaven
The bread & bones of a roseless gun
Shall, like chicken laughing
Warp away the English Skies
On the Feast of Unleaven
The only flesh eaten
shall be a bare disguise.
On the feast of unleavened
On the feast of unleaven
On the feast of unleavened
On the feast of SEVEN.
israel's out of town


hammer into anvil,
bear me fishes,
hammer into anvil,
lend me grapes;
the head at the door
is worth far more
than the planet
and its endless apes.

hammer into anvil
bear me madness,
hammer into anvil,
lend me news;
the bed in the sun
is always one
and the magnets
real as blues.

Down where light
denudes to prove
each of the sights
in the winter's groove,
real as red,
black as heaven,
speak to christ
and rend the brethren.

Teacher, give me
doctor vampire,
preacher, lend me
eyes of pain,
teacher, give me
doctor sapphire
preacher, lend me
scarlet veins.

man in man
is girl in girl,
girl within girl
is zero's pearl;
endless come
the herod ones,
trendless flow
the sons of guns.

hammer into anvil,
bear me water,
hammer into anvil,
lend me state,
hammer into anvil,
bear me madness,
hammer into anvil,
rend all rape.



NEVER MIND! (After The End)

'This is my mind. Do not be unkind. This is my mind, this you will find -
That every word I've said is sane. No need to fear the failing brain.
No woman here may purge my pain.
I'll never see into mad eyes again.

Can you see what you have done by working for the healing sun?
My mind is filled with strange refrains - no need to say sad words again,
No safety nor surprise again. The words I speak are taught by hollow men
Who reign on stars estranged from earth by the yellow scars of birth.
The moon is white and far away. No need for thoughts that do not pay.
This paraclete is untouched by Medusa's roleplay

No need to know the words we say nor hold our hands in strange display -
The world still spins, from day to day.

Can you feature in the films about the sun's conquest
Of madness on the rise from the murdered tameless West?
Walt Whitman said 'go west'. Walt Whitman said 'go west'.
Do not fear the words of the hunter in her carmine vest.

Ride my mind, ride my mind - do not seem unkind and
Ride my mind, baby. Do not rape the blind and
Ride my mind, baby. The mind is cold and its sin is manifold.
Ride the mind, ride the mind - do not kill the blind and
Ride my mind, baby.

ABOUT BODY-FIRE (a cantata)

o a mattress on the top-floor
cannnot cause dreams for
anybody but Cain and Abel
o,visual sleep kills lithe deaths
as viscal meat
pushes at sex cables

here, in the lunar mist, i scented
easy papers with stinker's news
here, under moon-mists, i rended
dizzy code with my penile hoofs.

Darkness screams for curves
Madness shrieks under gold bird
and a flat in the moon
swallows jammed feathers

easy summers swim for nerves
divers of mummas
send dad to sleep
easy summers swing,
o old caverns crash

and the stars will look around
and blue space must end?..

old bedrooms cry in the past.
old bathrooms
hear ill old soap washing
grey wounded masks;
the ilex of a dunny flower
shines like a burning tree; and arches
swell up
and faces suck
coiled muck
and a mind of filth cries and cries.

the iris under bright lives seizes
grey rain from factories
the parish of mental sight
cuts out
and faces suck
spoiled fucks
and a mind of thrills scissors for

hands, knees and plastic gal-war.

warders of mad sad heavens
heed silk as milky gardens
cry for cut gasses
wardens of sad bad garlands
suck a sex sweetie
old fingers tap upon brigands
cold feelers
snap a cunt-cap
and we extemporise riders
and we murder baby.
cold heated killers arouse
old baddies
Sun-men pry for honeys.
and mammy sweetie uses monkeys
to arouse primal earth
and i reel for renal camera-births


UNDER RODEOS (a cantata)

The dabblers of my car-mind
drive a wooden van
the fathers of my tarred mind
ride under rodeos
schism-makers melt for wine
lock birds into heat
dabblers of old men hear sleep
rocking a bad cradle's
puling baby-angels
eyes enter dummies into mouths
scribes write books for
ideal nagging broads
and a bed of christ

glows when sleeping.

cloisters of hidden soupy women
hide a sea of sex-bells
riders of bitten lazy children
hide inside a wishing-well,
and the wives of saints
crap upon twinned hands, and
cloisters of hidden easy bawds
tread the chilled earth.

windy seas of nothingness
roar against a chain. Lo, sex
lowers its knickers
and a hubby in a rooftop reads
dirty peoples loud tarots:
cloisters of hidden soupy women
hide a peeing manger when
crapped out earrings pierce hens
and we ring a gold world
windy seas of emptiness swirl
dog-dayed bat-men
wntry leas cut headlessness
and a boat of earls
sails then heals the world
Uh Uh Uh

windy seas of endlessnees
sink buzzies under deadliness
and our world has emptiness
affixed to cock-cash



my favourite screen idol when young
had a mask across her face.
Deaths dumb us down with suns
and death shines like one billion suns
as we sail out to die, a sea of fathers
bears a mummy curse to
a baby family
o a house of memories hears truth
caging skulls under the bodies
and we stay behind blue bodies.
my favourite screen angel when young
had a mask across her face
Sex sets small deaths alight
December's dead bee hears de night,
and my mental shoe-lace
and causes slippers to shoe-displace
hands, heels, feet,

wideners of wild wool stich then darn
knitters with easy chants.

o-la where wind-wells dry
will not be known till summer's skies
falls to wiccan earth
o-la where wind-wells cry
will not be known until god's eyes
are crisscrossed inside
mien and cradles
and a babby in a beak listens for
easy widneners of female wards

where wind-wells die will never
send a girl to level-pleasure
and the canny clay-cold lover
will admit a sun to a mumma
and the christeners of lovers
give rise to a baby's
green-eyed child genoas

the weavers of a wild wife
whips a torn holy donkey
and eyes under knives will strike
berry-bombs where
grey fingers push through air

mindless midday men messed me
deeply down inside
endless silent movie-men writhe
and we cry for evenings
and we cry for screaming lies

a barn of sadness entertaisn us
Deaths suffer deadliness
Cells lock the back
and a baby in a kinema-seat heaps
coded film spawnography

mindless midday men messed me
deep down where woman burned
and i have seen the loveless dead
jamming all cinematics

screened worlds under fire tread
sex trade with woollen horse-thread
and we have loosened
all of our petting reeling minds.
whilst reeling, i saw a dummy of a dog
spinning where canines wreck
all poodlers and all feline stick;
and the maker of the Wall licks
cold sea-snouted body walls; and lips
press a dolly hanky to a soul
ah my sex is reddened and blue trips
corner me with moggy collonades
... as we glide and ride we heat clits
and leave the dummies to the snipped
mourning dawning flower

cunt crashes
junk flashes
eager eaten slingshots peal the hour
with decorous nips
and a gay money monk has crypts
crying for dirt's dolled lover
and we lead filthy dog-men where
easy cunny madams
sway and storm in a bag of hairs
ah ah

we snip a salty sucker as pears
feed aphrodisaics to mummy mares
and stallion bridlers
bang heated mule-men
beneath a crowd of evil pea-hens
meddled by monkies, i turned
into a gre-snared lift
meddled by mummmies, i turned
into a grey-signed tryst
and i have sacrificed to boys where
oglers of lady twists
lay special waste to coffee-fists

.cunt craners crave after bulls
cock comfortors lap warted molls
and a gangster and his mould dulls
blued streets of purple pansy flower
and we sit when hissing in a midday tower
o i extended a masted occult
to find for me the dreamer of gulls

cunt crashes
junk flashes
eager eaten slingshots peal the hour
and spies know the hour
amd we will know the hour when
crapping cousins sweat for old gems

oo the wives of March have to send
illegal porn to coded church-men, ah,
oo the brides after dark have to send
incredible movies where coastal friends
abuse a teuton's sex-hem
hmm hmm hmm
brmm brmm moon
soon soon soon
death-wedded this very noon
god's lies will breach the moon
hmm hmm hmm
brmm brmm brmm



as gobblers gripe after gaolers then a sunny sea-drum
wave-rams dykes beneath weavers of night and day..
Drugglers of a money helix hip to a grind when clays
crashdown; and a bell in a stream flows under braids
and a hashy whored fence wets tears with tea-trays.

as gobbers gripe after gaolers, a moony of a mind
has to surely break-up; and a donny inside a mind
helters after suet as a dunny diggy drive car-climbs
fiercely upon thinned air. O, a van of eyes here blinds
welters of wicked reason; and mad maled folks swim

blonde streets awaiting a strange sun and a red skin

as gobblers of gripe use a mike, then holy wed sin
spins around hot heaven's limbs. Death heats hymns.
Darkness screws sin. Sadness bends down. Uh?


hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell.
a slicer of porn seems clean-shaven. O, bowed bells
ring for rimmers of creams as a soft head wells
deep down inside a fixed creature; and hot cold cells
snap nails around lives as a prison in a blind well
leads memories to waxers of wind-heated citadels.

hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell.
a saddler appears killed. Old ponies peal felts
and a bound boned boy-baker bakes meat milks,
and dirtiers of darkness dazzle razzlers with pelts.
Slaying lazy dancers melt into snow's cold silks.

as gobblers of gripe use a night-light, then fins
fish after sweet watered bonny carps; and sin
slices a rider from slaughterers; and cold minge
mops a tomato soap-sud with a papered hinge

blonde streets sing for a dying estranged gun.


the street parties of the silver dead drag a cake for
a dinner of bodies; and a rider's bed dreams of wars
o street parties under mind-mirrors melt under paws
and we celebrate drinks as a holder of a hot maw
lays jubilee tables for kinks; and a rider of a bevvy
tea-bakes stables. Ah, once a blind day, cherries
lay easy waste to rattlers. And deaths eat berries?

as gobblers of gripe use a night-light, then whores
have to ply for pints of spite; and a wived old ward
rams hospice heights down pikes. Uh, coded doors
open out on a strange sun as a lady under shut stores
suppers for dirty privates. O, a naked father snores
Dark lubber bait eyelets. Sex molds fucking gore
and we burn, burn as we turn, turn.. END!!!!!!


hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell.
Rifflers of porn sever gas as matrial bell-cells
rock a cocked gun. O, a bed of ash hits dells
and bled walls scream where homes in hills
hip to a castle-beat; and castlers cry in mills
and hell is borne from drills as hell is saved.

as gobblers of gripe use a night-life, graves
give risen caked head to a loaf inside shades;
and we hear the sun come up in a hot sky's
dirtied burning eye. La, La. easy old dives
drop from out rain. Ah, a bolted beast brides
rolled dust; and we marry Mars as red lives
sink god's goat penis inside a bowl of knives

Oh. loud hell is born in Heaven.


carriages of marriages ride upon an old train
o sad cardial sausages grind bled meaty veins
Deadliness becomes us and honey under stains
shutters a vased vibe with old rockets; and eyes
leap to a deaf-blind beat when odes to blue skies
supper for dinner gals whose easy breakfast
rises under coded mummies. Ah, closed masks
crap for masquerades when dollies in the past
are in the fathered cloths of gollies and grey hasps.

carriages of marriages ride upon an odd train
o bad cordal horses grind pepper ponies. Veins
truckle into times as a bled clock inside a brain
hits aside the quarter-hour. Ah, moistures stain
blonde toilets with hot and cold champagne, and
easy piggers of picklers strike plugs from sand
O. Easter eateries dull xmas with easing woman
and we ride from spinneys as a canine hand

rocks a robed gun; and rifled cunt-lungs dam
a babby booker with brigands; and cars crush for
streets of dirt where a vanner of stars hears walls
whipping cavers from scanners. And buds burn.


and hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell.
Gobblers storm bells. Blown boys brag about cells.
and heaven is born in heaven as heaven is born for
dizzy hearts whose filthy beat baits a cardial cord
and hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell.

carriages of marriages ride upon a milk train. La!
a bowl of coots crashes; and an apple in a fast car
cries for dead travel. Oh, a bed of beads has to stir
coded sleep with wisdom; and boiled gold eggs purr
and, lapwinged, a cat of confusion cries after birds

and hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell
dazzlers of sapphires sink gold into samphires and
we weevil after natrons as outelbowelled hot trams
trip, trip, trip. Ahh. we widen for watts as valvers
slam easy hummers down humungous city slickers
O a bun of bone breaksdown. Oh, a baby sticker
pokes punnets into pistons; and a Numbered river
raises plummy fluffs from green-grey idle fingers


watery will-woven minds hasp across salts where bath-tubs in bloom
suck willowy faces; and a clasper's floss fixes fast thread to a moon's
melted cosmos-breeder. Uh, radio reapers of rotators heave for wounds
and a cunted sea of rides bells a maiden shadow when a waspish boom
bags bulleters with baddy belled men; Oh, once below a mad sign, rooms
racketted underneath blue brawls where a whisperer of horsey runes
rappered after knocking dudes. Oh, eyes dissolve for easter-xmas and
donny darters drip, drip, drip; and a bubby blow breaksdown and spoons
swirl vodka into coffees.Deepening deaths dream of Eden. Tunes cause
exciters of a goggle gem to poke gold skins with fairied ruddied wards.

watery will-woven minds hasp across malts where basins in red dunes
dissolve just like postmodern aspirin; and a vault of hair cuts for tombs
and a bell of glass wrenches plaided bombs from dangling testicles.
Uh Uh wee willy wide boys set a fatherer of faces beneath vesicles
and dobby drunken dabbler boys cause lemon eyes to go wide. Tails
wag for pussy pies. Veils strip a jacked sty. Sails suck after gay nails.
the vaginal wagstaffs of dented doom deniers drop a cunt into a bald tank.
Dafflers of crag-castes crack-up. Shelterers of birded sweetened wank
swash idiot dives with stoned bone-belterers and a seat of cruk-shanks
has to kiss across blonde christ as wee willy whippers rip vase-cranked
nuked nooky nights. And we arise from pee as a shitter under lamps
wallows for fired amps. Uh, gods see now the abuser of a bad vale.


the harbingers of petrol misery must turn a burning face to the enemy
o sodded head-ringers hip to good dust where an Isis under penuries
pulls a sodden bed from dreamt lips which caress a kisser's melody
and a dog of dens drags a torn maned toothcase; O, rotating honeys
hit aside gods when odals of pled porn pelt a deadness of sex-lunacy
with rubicund worn misery; and the helters of sadness sup a cut nut
la, once upon a swamed mind, a dirty owl hooted after a salter nut
la, once inside a stormed mind, a filthy doctoror of a pigging plume-put
had tp abuse a blue-blind stethescope; and as a dawner of king Tut
tries a pisser for veined vast rainbows; and a dogger of a ferine mutt
melts aside chained corn. Ah, wideners will go wide when money
pisses from a rich bum. Ah, sharpeners of floes fly from old baby
the harbingers of petrol misery must turn a burning face to the enemy
ah ah, a vault of genes genetically dusts a shawn sickler's fantasies
and a wife of ducts dunnies after tusks where a doll inside a mammary
feels for titty suck. La La. Invisible sunny lenders bleed bent closures-
uh. Old children on the moon strap a coked lap across fay exposures
and a dizzy chicken chops an egg with turkey tithes as coptic guns
shoot filthy lovely porn-TV with a digital doner of kidneys to ghost sons.
the vaginal wagstaffs of the Thames teases cogs with barblers and
ideal pushers of pussy phlegms press a valley bell when small islands ram
doltors of daughterers with planet Death; and we flower for fizzed fans
ah ah. Ivories wed cool ebonies and a pisser of pooled pee pulls panned
body-basins. La!! woven wooden wives weep for eerie Kosher drams.
Beaters beat bad meat. Potions poison sleep. Casement cram cans?



dopplegangers of doled men dream about sireners of slayed mind-miners
and a dolly on a shrift cliff serenades the sport-skirted bones of a writher
ah ah, weepers of a tea-heap reel inside the china east and coded liars
slander after blue libel as the fearers of the flashed fuck up rolled fires
and we wallow under pyred tyres when a vampy scampii of green spires
loosen tides with happily strangled neck-ties; and emptied dreamt fires
fasten a bluesing rash to a doddered dais; O, as we crouch, then pyres
will rivet daisy craft with thinning lips in stasis. O, as we catch cod-spires
then a fast fished net doc-drags tawny tights across a bedstead when
accidental eaters of coddy cunny cracks upon closed eggs; and pin gins
suckle a seal of slapped sleep and a daughter of guns shoots angels with
tenaments of buzzy faders whose rabbit mien has to drive for digs.

dopplegangers of doled dauphin men ride mind-saddle when a hose-pig
deafens a trippy harness with daggery tides and menstrual oiled-rigs
and, o-la, as we burn for mangered boys then we hoot for a fig-wigged
bonny banged body breaker whose whoring weeper of spine digs
after babbied bubbled lotions. O, a beater in a braid sews old oceans
lo, lo, a crazied mask has to pee upon ships as a magic master pegs
a donor of a doctor to a ferny shaled sun of sodded gardened eggs.

dopplegangers of doled men dream about wideners. Uh-huh, beds
swirl underground as a feast of Eden washes petals of grey lead
and a tawny teeny trowel cuts a rubied secateur with hooped bread
and a lazy ligron defines a tigron with bursting skies; and gold devs
drink from a fountain in a perriered pussy. Lo!! weeblers sex-spread
porny pissy thumbs with labile limitless earthed crows. Ahhhh. Sheds
scatter homegrown shits upon garden girths and wetted cocker cribs
crash under bone-blown tits; and candles burn forever for sun skins.


reamers of rotated river men rush upon god's sun; and laden fayres
famish fetes with dilated mirror men; and parents of blind hairs
hit against rides as a drover of city dens rots aside blown mares
o a lilted nudist lichen-strewn lighthouse deifies dogs with actors
then a bended bead-gem grates a granite horse with bled jams. O!
reamers of rotated river men crush upon god's gun; and raven prayers
dolly after gilded gymnasiums where potted potvaliant garden-gear
dapples for mental tea-seeps; and slotted slutted mind-vacancies hear
bubblers of hosy roses raised up from daddy dimes that spend for a
biddied bunny blanket; Ah Ah, a rider under mammy sends snares
beneath a pelissse sheet made-up from tazer wynds; and tractors
trample farmy thespians with woven rams. Uh!!! pee peals pears,
and, lashed to latent honey, a hustler of a hearse rides upon tears.

clashes of cunted closed runnels rope a rocker to a weevil's whine
o plashes of spunk-led clothes funnel a dropper with evil cosines
and a lady on the palled piss peers into nunneries when grey signs
show a sinnner of a coal-clayed killer come radaring after twined
bastardised bakered bandaged string; and a father of a fast grind
windmills after milner's clay. Coarsed candlers cut a caned night-light.
Dorsal mangers melt under graves. Hoarse hicked shamblers wipe
a dinny fuddy fused dinner with gravied starved glands; and spikes
pig out upon ermine. Sex soothes hairs. Selves move sally-bikes.
Old teasers of hornered sense pulls stairs from dallied dabby-dykes.

reamers of rotated river men rush upon god's sons; and offal-pints
drain a dolly fixture with twelve mared cocks whose henny mites
meld sassy skewers with golden chewers of emptying seaside rites
and a dobbler at a dog's tooth-eye eats under eyries when kites
colonate cotton caves with canny crazers of eastern xmas knights.

clashes of dirtied filthy vases fill a parent flown flower with a
fascist freight fastened to arses; and a donkey pendant whips a
curvature of a canny driller's cask; and a steeded penant whips a
hitite boy whose washer of a fast hand hoops hops aside gay calves
and a daffy of a dotted dinner climb cracks upon cops whose cards
deal corruptive patience to a skinner in a mind; and policing marks
mass upon penon xenon zoomed gas. Dirt deals a bad heart. Ah!
slotted palled rums roust after glass. Hurt heals a hard heart. Ah!
shotted sprawled scum scatters grass. Skirt seals a sad arch. Ah!

reamers of rotated river men rush upon god's gum; and offal mites
dig answering termitic ants when loud hashing guns ignite delight's
doner of sweet tashes; and tassellers of flashing thumbs set alight
to dibblers of doctoring edam-crappers; and earthly hounds tree-pipe
for a secret seal in a secret brain where natal pearly pounds pipe
dizzy fanny ice upon caddied cakers whose butcherers fawn-pipe
giddy turkey shit mice. Dirt deals a paper cap. Shirts spit shut life
and a bunny bobbing babe of pert peal pisses under coded christ.

emptiness purrs for bell-baiters as wind-wounders wallop diced
billy furniture; and a cell of shakers scar-shapes hermetic lice


lardy lemony mental men scry after chalks and waters. O, a tree of sin
topples into metal zen as a dyer of closed hawked daughters dams spind
daisy weed. And the xerox rooms of the rose ram a daffy flower with
hectic donned heroics. Agh, as we beam for dunny curls then we dig
doggy eyes with canine heroin; and a cat-head heaps a tailing old pig.

razors under starlight shave dolly when madness is born from grids,
and a flower at night slave a brolly and the rainmost clouds of kids
sharpen rainy scissors with arching knaves whose easy bandit cribs
crashland upon cures of canny dogs and ribs in gizzard season. Lids
drop cavatinas of demure baby pugs upon cusping canaries. Digs

dollop damaged phlegm. Deaths drives our dreams. Sex cries out.

we lynch a bell of glass as we toast the eaten dead; and we shout
and a bunching cell masks us as we toast the beaten dead; and we
shout out aloud for a passionless past where nightlings heed bees
and a dunny crowd drops a dazing dogger of dead decks under seas
and a bonny baby bone breaksdown. Deaths entreat us. Meads
swim under cunny brine; and a stiffening fist-fish heeds gold beads.
lardy lemon mental men scry after chalks and waters. O, grey skin
sharpens body claves where a coarsing cavern collapses under spind
daddy winds. Deaths entreat us. Bees sting lusts. Dangers cut sin.




razors under starlife clasp a lemon gun in nine whored hands
and sunderers of moon-life rap a harvest mien inside islands
and a bed of seasons swipes sex-salt from bolted narrow sands
o we have to harden after stripes when guns shoot old waggons.

razors under starlife clap a gourami sun around old male drams
lasers under car-life snap a sickening gasp with radio edams and
lardy lemon mental men scry after chalks and porter as sex plans
hasten to a forced beat where hardening fuckers eat Japan.

lardy lemon metalled vein-games click for huge bloods where a
dunny imprisoned pussy pie peeks inside a bridled baby of canned
giddy baby sirens; and we arise from wheat as we ride a car
far west where hard wet pop is praying. O, dogs abuse Adam?


the knickers of the female killed create ald ash from wigwams
uh uh, riders of old female mills shape cloth from easy scans,
and a baby builder of bad times bullets after sidlers under dams
and a jacking boy-hen lays sweet rain upon egg-bedded grande
body cops; and a sea in winter swims against eyes where ham
slices yeasty thrush pies sink into powder; and a sanded scram
pipes penis-peace around dragged masks. O, a sea of woman
sends female titty toms to tailors of trampling easy children and

lardy lemon metalled vine-games click for huge bloods. Deaths
ram tonged blue tongues down parted crypts where old Sex
snaps a baby pool with twelve lost jive jams. And we heed Sex
and we lose Sex; and vastness under hot lambs reaps messed

buddy breeding. O as we chant wild heaven's mantras then
a pled pearling pussy field will surely die then fade to old men.

sunny starry salt wives sweat for menswear. O, old spined sin
wallows under vaults where a dreamy stare out-stares wind
and a bay of bastardised hair shits on shirts as coded hymns
widen into laid christs; and dizzy diggers of dirt suck a minge.

buddy breeders break a quiet centaur with huge spade-limbs
o baby readers are slowed down; and a family under skins
hollows a haloed head with dirt straws and drowned pinned
clocking cocking horses; and we arrive home to find winds
charging into loosening cradle stains; and we heap spiderers
under collonising cunts that weep brains as veiny idlers

hit to a fast procrastinating bled beat. Deaths entertain us
Self-sex sends robes to soft heat; and a webber of spun pus
gel a bellied bell-pull with eaten junkers. Oh, we hear musk.


we easily lay a lopping lion with passioned flowers; O,
we delve for lays as a filthy pled pulled pussy cuts gold
and we thrive for graves as we peal a plummy old soul

as we drive to dizzy sleep then we hurl shoes. Cold
cums through us just like pain. Odd drones dig rolled
mammy men; and we seize venal vibes from city goals
and, la la, a bison in a city cage drops veins upon sold

bodying bended biddy lotions; and we ride for mumma
and we shop the sexy dead; and we slide into manna.
Oh Oh, a cake-risen purple plume-bake has to stammer
and a boned bride's mind is drilled by fathers as dada
drops a doggy cliff upon a rat-mine; and we mine for

drivers of lashwide queens; and we hear a wide war
sweeping patent coffees off the ward; and old fellahs
sweat popping optics. Ah, a bummer in a lift spurts for
a titty essential lake which drowns all saddened flava
sunny salt wives sweat for girlswear; and labile dogs
supper after wreckages; and weepers cry for drugs.


cognitive wide faces have never been a haunt for me
la, endlessness of stasis has never been a jaunt for me
o sunny sickled wives sweat for fever as painted seed
scatters smelly smatter across Ides where emptiness
hammers city fields to anal concrete London; and trees
fall under wives; and lemon tubes carry tunnel-sleeves

cognitive wide faces have never been a haunt for me
ah, trendlessness weakens. Oh, a sea of cunt has me
writhing into cells. Oh, a sea of spunk waves after nests
and weeing spastic weirs drink from graves when sex
sticks a chalking pin inside ginny tea-trades; and sex
drops her snake-filled strawberry glasses under messed

laden lardy chained deaths; and eyes burn up for decks
and lashy cretaceous dimetrodons storm a T Rex dick.
ah ah, as weavers of Indian suns grass after cunt-tricks
ah ah, as seizures lam fitting fams then gunned ricks
heat to grey sleep where hall-dancing dreams sea-slit

radioed wintry fast fuck. Deaths drink sand as cliffs
cause aimless suicide; and mad folks sing forever.


the statues on death's cliff fall from out stone-rain
o faces under blue self swallows mitts as gold trains
ravel into mad times; and a wiffler on a mount flames
after vasty venal birdy souls; and a sea of chairs
collapses into salted fires when a driver of grey lairs
fix a laden lady lamp with bruised eyes and snares

radioed wintry fast fuck-noise has to jack to the
rotators of a naked timer of boys; and rodeo burrs
vamp after fay fumes as a raiser of romantic nerves
lop a cagey whisper of a child with blind bluebirds
the statues of death's cliff fall from out bone-dames
and a grainy godded flex-cliff swills beery playdames
and when autumn in mid-July cooks a turkey egg
then a miner for gold mime kneels upon grey dregs
radiod wintry fierce fuck-toys reach inside beds
and, ahhh, how now does an istant garden grow?


bevellers of hot glass canyons crush a clifftop down
o revellers of bird-grass have to keep a dead town
and a sun at night layers grey radio with gowns
and a sea of mice sweetens sex. Death resounds
Sense falls away; and we weedle after Downs

bevellers of hot glass cannons shoot a vast lip
la la, levellers of soft masks don old maled ticks
and a cat on fire has to hiss for food as flea-tips
tickle easter tissues with ecsematic xmas hits

bevellers of shot glass caverns swallow baby
o devillers of soft casks cook de eggy Lady
and a burning bath cusses pissers with brandies
and a softening evil smile shoots gas from family
radioed wintry fierce cock-ploys send a medly
to tuneless sleep where a naked lubing mind-tree
supper after lubes; and hands and knees under bees
rumage for boned wytches brews; ah, wax reeds
dunder under stoney bitches as fayred blue leads

walk a face-tainted dog whose teeth play dead.

the faltering faceless boys who weave eager ciders under souls
skin-parade for wasted kidders who cry for guarded blue dolls
o a father of a dead friend hips to the wallets of sun-hearsive
hallowers of gun-hollowed prince men; and a doctor under souls
accusers instant inkers of blotted brides; Ah, a church of molls
leeches from a fount-head where chinzty cherry brides seize a
daggerer of blue heat with fascinating softness; and a dead skull
staggers as she scatters a horse of a phone to a cellular bulled
wiper of windy rapine ruin; Ah a fazer of a fascist films screws
babiers of blown dregs and xmas easter times; and hoods move

motile killer smoked smiles to eager winders of nice nipped dudes
o we doll for dust as swirling gentlemens chairs trash grey lubes.

once upon a mind in a mown street, we learned about red roods
once aside a bad mind, we studied about the deaths upon roofs
and the blencher of a dizzy sweep suckered against blue hoofs
and sodden westend markets crusade for malls as coded truth
gives a headed rise to skins who go down; and we loosen bruised
cunter coda liced sex kodak; and we smatter after dun lubed
greeny glassed graves. Ah, the yobs in yoyos rap upon screwed
bladdery buddha rock where a scissor of a prayer hits smoothed
blind baby broilers of cockered kissers; and a laden latent nude
slappers hands of sweet dirt with billy stickers; O, sold sleuths
lampage for limitless star-fires that truckle out of dumb rain
the faltering faceless boys who weave eager sidlers under oils
hit to the wagging neat beat of a moon vixen; and a sky's moil
leans upon wide wives whose opening salt shade has to spoil
and a snakering sex tea-market kills under phlegm when soils
shit inside hidden trousers; and a baby under barns has to boil
and a poncing loud pig poppers grey grunters with blind foil
la la. Eastend boys will reel against the east as softening veins
gather up the teas with revolters of masked caffeines; O, rain
peal pelters upon shut hooky doors which open upon grey pain
ahh men...



the ripping signal stripper of a dirt-flower
comes serenading faces with cheese
o a madam eagle
swallows gulls
and a laden bough bags ants aside zinc

and love's father screams
and, stunned, ladders in tureens sink
deeply down where a licence for pinks
slays veins with honey

the rippling fatal zipper of a dirt-flower
comes summer-raising spun seed from a
bowering body-bend
and a heart under fires dons naked carts
and heroic tundra
sundered, leads ash to furling lovers

and love's fever mamma screams after
lauded bells where ashen dreams sunder
sifting softening dreamed blind thunder
and wives to screenings
appear washed from medical deaths

and a fiery faceless dada has to use sex
to sink slow limbs across moggy wax-wrecks;
and a daisy rasher
lops a scoop from cashers of penis-razors

and men hear healers furling fans across decks
and hens sear spindlers
and egged tears cause gripe to grasp fondlers

la la, a coated lime-tongue murders all fingers.

and the baths in the boughs at sea
gather soap for teemers of veinous casustries

de end...




the dots in a signal flower raise stars from dames
ah, clots inside mind towers
damage mad bloods
and a dawdling famous father sunders names
and a warring furious lover
fingers easy maids

the dots in a signal flower raise cars from veins
ah, cots inside mind towers
rummage aside buds
and, oo, warted baby bods
bag salts in graves.

the zippers seen in the angelled west use paints to
daub easy kittens with marshy sky-saints
o dizzy kitchens drag swords from creams
and a lady tiger roars for world-peace
and curative chickens
go clucking for human egg
and a holy sea swims for de dead
and a easy seed gets dives aside its head
and a conic father
loosens devs where rich men flow

o zippers seen in an angled vest use feints to
daub easy mittens with marshy kid-tapes
and a mammy mind
glows, just like a woman's shape,
and eyers lead fowls to warders


the ingotted pacer in my keen mind leads gyms to waters
o a layered sea-chaser
summons silky blood from evil raiders
and a moused eye moon
covers dilations in mind-flava
and a dizzy heart wastes for cradlers

the ingotted pacer in my keen mind leads hymns to saviours
o a leader of milky boys
summon salts from sofa-toys
and a bath at sea swills flashed soap as evil joys
carry creamers aside labia

o zippers seen in crisscrossed hearts dazzle easy drivers
o riders of spleens
suck a visceral blind mind-beam
and a vocal heart gutters across brain-streams,
and doomy vault deniers strangle baby ladellers

races under biker chases sunder newts with efts
o faces under tigers
chase voles into the dark
and, moved as she moans, a city of baby sewers
shuns mud-hearts
and, lazed, weavers of dromes
cum shovelling fanny with dicky domes

races under bike chases sunder newts with efts
o mazes under sidlers
case a moth aside razors
and a daddy march drinks to fellahs
and a mammy ark sails across easing red-nets
and, dooming, a clock of tails

summons deniers from skirty shirty blue-dales.


easers of eagle-money spread expensive wings
easers of guilty sonnies
spread a pissy bell-trap; and a digger for ladies
loosens blown necks
and a dizzy stoned mesh
amasses diamonds with daughters
o easers of eagle-money spread expensive rings
with tawny leather hands where death drops.

easers, cherried, chop a parapet from a store
la la, easers, burnt, block off a
citadel of nudes and thieves
and curators of screws must sunder grey greed
with bleeders of soaks and gaoled mind-seed

the acrid lemon breeders of deaths anoint scars
with bluesy baited bunny cars
and weavers, slated, sew sex-cards with stars
and, la la, as wynders moo
then instant herons will caress the davy dark



and what with daffy boys in twilit transcepts
i extend two hands to sleuthes
and, ah, what with mummy boys in grey necks
i extemporise truth then cry
and, la la, a bidder for honey spins across
thunderclapping eyes
O a dirtied mask-scribe
raddles after lockdowns and funeral lives

la la, as we scent a Number then we sue loss
ah ah, as we scent faders
then starry sicklers of raiders trip for pagers
and a dunny moon
star-fellows canny cosmotic eye-room
and, dippy, a drop tank
serves birds to dunes
and a damager of mooned damasks boom
aside boned burials
and a cheerer of doming balasts use stone
to storm plumes with madrigals
and a family sign waivers aside loam
and a criminal mastiff actor gets out alone

la la, as we scent old tundra then dromes
get wiskered across macadamers
O a darling regent rotates aside backsiders
O a heaving rose-rape
rummages for spread pies
and a daddy doorkey burns cooked wives

oo what with poking penuries made high
then a lubber of shoelaces
storms blinded boots with crystal minds
and a house on stilts
suppers for cum
and, la la, riders of guns shoot a soft spine
and, o-la, breakers bait suns with
daffy goofy gobby geezers

the tissues of the Thames grow like killers


a father to a nineveh thyroid hisses after millers
a lover of cars
couples with Mars; and a focal fatal cat shivers
and, O, massive stars
look down across a green void
Ah, once upon a spleen, eyers shat from toys
Ah, once upon a dream, shysters crap on livers
and a fevered fellah
rampages aside mirrors
and chillers of wives sidle across grey scissors

a father to a nineveh thyroid kisses after milners
a feather in a spar
gets coated in scars; and an evil fig gets murdered
and, bolted, easy avenues glow
O, a painted seesaw sunders roads
O, feinted hindsaws sunder lost toads
and a masstiff biller, raped, strangles a loud rose

Ah my twinned mind maddens for a pissed rogue
Ah my spind mind loosens for a
puncture of a wynd which frightens vales with a
magical mastery of a head-dip
Ah a collector of gods dims lit where green cars
cry and cry and cry

a father to a nineveh thyroid misses de bowl as
chemical changers chop a cot
O, pandemical dancers drip from a wax cot
and a teary ear
gets blinded; and an easy sphere drags ole rot
and, la la, canneries in dead stanneries
fund a tinny tincan with maggots and Fendhaleen.


and i will use a bra for a motorcar
and i shall noose fast flava
and, oo, as i lunge at fevers then stars
may well look down across raped spars
and a cottler of Downs
sunders bullers with bellers under lasers
and a cudgler of towns
teems with saddlers
and a rider under crowns craps on fingers

couplers of doomy deniers planet-pans
a pebbler of roomy eye-dyers
and a dog at sea gets scrotal under liars
and a cat at sea gets
preened till he dreams for fathers
and eyers jump blind fathers
and skyers junk mind-readers

and a doll under fire interfuses hens
with dragglers of tyres
and weevilers weep for fires as wrens
clamber across hitler's gay ghost
and a lidder of micklers
carries trout to roaches where ripplers
don a daddy gun

these are the easy darlings whose drums
get tarnished with fanny noise
these are the easy starlings whose lungs
get varnished with funny boys
and as idlers ease thumbs into scrums then
harbingers of dolted gums
come shooting bread while giving head
and an easy girly pyre
sunders creams with burner-beds
there are noddlers of lemurs here who
extemporise palavers with natal dudes
there are bodkiners of features
which, banged, size a river from Ledas
and a lady scream
sizes hands from tangerines
and rammers who shoot tureens will
extend a mind-rood to a starry old hill
oo we get softened by whips as drills
cry as they sink deeply aside cock-pills.


o a punctive wallah pharoah goes to de wall
o conjunctive killers
cram tonged tongues down pealers
and a naked iris slays sold drowners as scrawl
demonises sailors with rivers
and a hissy hard gal hips aside her sex liver
and a pissy lard-large slit
hops to nailed frenchers; O, a cat in a mirror
arouses pulled ponies from aged asia minor

o a dunker of dammed dukedoms drivels for
an easy xmas-easter fairground war
and a faking forester
snaps cased kid-minds in hired sad waters
and a dotted dangerman
walks a denter of england; and heavenly slaughter
suppers for the vaults in cunt-foods

o a punctive wallah pharoah gives head to roods
o gun-spunkers, gelled, size grids from
nine zillion mine-forests that lead piglets into a
nestler of countlessness
and a nuclear error loosens ladeners of madness
and weepy wolf-wives heal where madness sings
and, la la, weavers of skies
don loud dizzy sweet jazz-rides.

uh these are my dullard days when ivory wives
may choose to feed a salt-nest
uh these are my dumming days when ebonies
come feeling for utmost beauty
and a laden war shoots gunners from babies
and we weep as we sleep
and we sleep as we weep for dusky garlands
and eyers under oak leaves
wash dark christs in soft trees

o drivers of heavenly fairies dream for Pan?



there are drivers of headpieces here
there are writhers under cow-fleeces and
dippy tears drop from stained dams. Oh,
as wiveners rock plums
then a digger in masked lungs shadows
a cornish wicca queen whose fast scream
rattles for gelled cells and de Fendhaleen

there are drivers of meat-horses here
there are ten billion spelt eyes using fear
to sunder ghosts with cornish corn-ears
and a wiper of a wept mind
gladdens pits with loaners where tears
float from a nearby weir
and lighters used by impossibly young men
hiss as cummed puffs writhe..


writers on wet corn use wheatsheafs for vines
writers on soft swarms
galley after lips which sink mind-sheets in wynds
and natal fotal storms
shove navellers aside fawns

writers on wet corn wheatsheafs for spines
writers under spawn
suppers for ash where a dingo under mines
mine for de golden dawn
and a shaker of star-flowers talon after
naked gablers

writers on les porn sunder opal flowers
writers under dawn
rides the sadness in digital towers
and a cat of claws sinks her prey way down
inside the masked coteries of sound.

we will whistle round the wind as casements
thrill aside dairy veined bows
we will topple baby and all her rainbows
and denyers in soft hearts
swathes pealed flamingoes in fuck-charts

oo riders on blind rain gargle blood when
chillering manx women fall to their heels when
a battler in pure wax
rushes across thrushes; and daddy flax
sends bodyers of skin
la la, evil holy factories accuse spit crack
with whirling easy raped macs
and a dummy gun shoots all parted prats

writers under babel rpck a carded mouther
writers under stables rot as passion's mumma
gives red head to: O, eyers of glamour
drop acid kinks across a penis void; and gaga
drinks to demon enemies
uh END.


the warriors of fearing sunder night with shadow
o a signal gun
shoots families dead
and a hooted owl thunders after breaded swallows
and a mooted fathers eats lead
and the wives of March some burying grey bed

the warriors of fearing sunder light with meadows
o a signet gun
shoots memories dead
and a rooted cowl drags devs from screams as
idolisers sharpen suns;
and carters of croned defiance loot dirt gas

the warriors of fearing sunder cunt as de gallows
hiss for a sea of earrings
o a wader under herrings sunders junk
and a naked owl hoots for late evenings
and a fatal bat, snapped, gets murdered; O, monks
use a denier mast for a hanged face

the warriors of fearing snip for ceilings; and spunk
glows as she gets throwed
across a daddy flower; and riders sunder trunks



the corridors of thinking sunder a sealed rose
la la, marriers in flailing sunder a reeled rose
and a daughtered flower
comes thundering after robes
and radical stinkers share salts with towers
and an idle snake
slides as she flows; and a naked mumma
drapes colic across a lake

the corridors of thinking sunder a reeled rose
la la, carriers in sailing sunder a pealed rose
and eyers glow, just like self-sex glows

the corridors of thinking sunder closed snows
and an ideal monkey
sunders veins with carkeys
and a laden flower sunder blinking
and a garden shower sunders fucked droves

crappers of dogs slide cat-men under riders
lappers of cogs slide rat-men
under a burned eye-sea
and latent killers abuse deaths with trees



red creators who cure church dreams will
star-sunder nudes
o red directers snooze
and a lady heart shoots veins with hills as
soapy dragon farts use fires for lubes

red creators, noosed, sunder odd truths
and a naked puller
plashes across murders; an ideal beller
bags bands aside rivers
and, made puce, raiders of rivers

show magical drowned hands to quivers.

empirical pussy men sink fists day deep
la la, emeries of thunder pinks
use a wry cakes for a dinner's sleep
and a doggy plate
comes sundering gems with grey pinks
and a doddery snake
slithers across serpent oils

emprical little men sink lips under heat
la la, enemies of iced links
interfuse guns with warders
and, oo, a vase filed with false waters
will surely waste cunt kids
and, sex-maced, peevers feed pigs



Copyright July 2021.