200 speed-written songsheets

we have to use pain


farting dead fathers
leap a female moon
eating dying lovers
sup a lager-wound
eyes inside religion
go blind as we pray for
fascinating dog-walkers

the prisoners of prisons
escaped all year
the missioners of
wide opened tears
cry, cry

we have a boy who
weds a little girl who
wallows under minds

farting dead fathers
leap a sapphic wound.
Death demands attention
Cells demand defection
and we sunder

graves and burials



and i have used a zimmer in a store
and i haver accused
easy shoppers of melting into war
and iced chilling buns
serve a candy cave to sweet lungs

a bedside table has to shatter
all bedside books and dreamp-smatter.
Deaths drip for cock
Sex fucks a clock
and we have the city names by heart:
the dullards, the boobies
uh uh

and i have used a zimmer inside a
focal local pluperfect cinema
and ideal whores wee in a car
and men under women succour
a vast bald head
a bedside candle always causes
intense and fatal fire.
Daring dotty darlings drop fire
and a gob of a real God
stops old Heaven.

good and excellent mad-minded reason
lays keen hands upon
good and fantastic man-woubded
rolls of fattening mind-guns
o a bird of prey
summons up a chicken feast
and cold rainbows fall in the East

a bedside candle burns up when
houses catch fire
a shed of eyes scatters ferns
under forced fatal chinese burns

i have seen at close of endless day
the statues of pure midnight
and i toast the sun
and i toast sad rain
and the moon must always pray
keen grey stars look down.
Death becomes us
Sex hears sound on a red bus
and a seam of sheet lust drowns



the ideal husband of a rapine woman
raises sex from drums
a ideal old wife of an asexual son
raises death from children
and a bob of a head hears the guns
shining in live young
O a hymn of praise swings for lovers
O a skin of day
swings for false Lord Jesus

eyes eat under wind-wells
spies spew kodak as cities swell
up, up, up
beneath a blind sky
and ideal male killers cry, cry
and wedded sails
set a dead boat afloat
and a car of rage drives a milk-float

these hollowed days when I
crammed my fingers in a pussy-pie
must linger on forever and ever



odes to drowning dolphins
drag a patent sea for fire
odes to drowned endorphins
drag a latent lea for a pyre
and we tread upon a pyre when
old apes and old men
cause shitting to happen in public

eager riders of grey lips
ride upon a flyway of desire and
guilty sand men
drop sand upon wailing eyes
and eager bridlers
mount blue horses where bikers
speed into tigers
the moan of a murdered tomcat
hastens to set light to fat
the groan of a sundering old bat
abuses sonar
and we sleep for a dying day
and we reap soft toilet paper

because we cut our hands
because we cut bollock hands
because we feel for islands
we will surely deify
dizzy singers with genius-wives
the sealer of a bad bald body
tit-feeds a tomtit with a baby
o a bench of rocked tench slides
inside an evil paedophile tribe


the easy riders of the city rain
crane down upon a dreary salt-train
the easy riders of a city skein
drags hot christs for
coded teeanged salt-war
and a neon pool pisses upon grain
and a xerox fool
shines upon an eaten body-bed

the islands of a sad mind mentalise
swinging vined baby wives
and a bud of flame
answers to a dead christ. O, veins
cut into a Lady
and the easy riders of the city rain
crane down upon a dreary ghost-train
and we watch an infant fairground
dying as merry children
chant a blue mantra

the easy lovers of Numbers hears pain
washing sex with window-panes
ah, trafficking traffic lights
rotate upon a bench.
Death becomes us
Self benumbs us
ruddy fatal factories suck upon dust
bloody faked promontories
sharpen skulls with husks
and eyes seize bed-vision when musk
hisses across cold kray-fish



i went to a deadened shop where
i used a gun for spending money
i went to maddened cop-shop
and my eyelids turned inside out
and my penis got sex-blinded where
xmas and easter shout
out aloud in a christmas fayre

easy lazy female sex-shows share
eager hot cum with
slashing crazy prigs
and a night of pain summons air
and a mind of rain
sheds false clouds
eyes turn in
sky turns out
dead curves spin for naked crowds
and a star of life
looks down upon a female christ
and bad intensive head-ache
swills a false pill. Oh, cold slate
tots up way too many funds?

eager to go sleep in a subway
we learn to reap a vagrant grave
eagerly stained by hobos
we don a tramp's hat and hear loaves
serving dirty crusts to tramps
and street-goers abuse a yoyo




a keen broom of glass
is thoroughly cleansing
four winds in an underpass
a dream under glass
is screaming while sleeping
and the veins of babies
rock murder till she sleeps

an island of hard hats is
drearily dragging the day
a sea of hands has sex-fizz
groaning till break of day
and a neon castle
claambers hard into a
romantic female parcel

as we tread upon sleep
then we show blue pain
as we turn inside candes
then we show green rain
and a street of azure
turns a car of pure desire
ah eyes burn for pleasure
ah skies hear love's measure
ah ah...

the fatal lotus of the Lady
delimits light with rubies
and a street of pure wheat
raises rain from heat
O these verses flower
O old purses glower
a wakeful hill of lime where men alone
raise a city light
has urban words by heart.
Deaths benumb us
Children own us
and a wasteground where stone
digs blue domes
must surely toss up the daisies?

a bended city high has our home
sent to flashing pieces
a rended city spy
peers under pussy pie
and the fast ways of our mind
raises death from sweet fleeces

a wakeful hill of wine where men atone
buzzy boys with scripts
learn all the fair lines and tread
thrusting theatre boards
and a vamper of pianos roars
once upon a mind, thinking kicks
shied cores
once aside a mind, thinking kicks
soft walls
and a park of doubt has our lips
donning face-plaster



the hills in my idiot home-town
trap bones under sound
the hills inside my soft home resounds
and a bill of fayre
abuses expensive menus
and the son of man orders hot hair
and mother Mary feasts on air

eyes eat into nunneries as clowns
caress bended body crowns
eyes eat under monasteries
and a wife of God
decides that God is odd
and then a happy hymn cuts God
from worn true Love

the hills in my idiot home-town
trap bones under Downs
and cutters of thunder heed Downs
and moggies awake to find
all cat kind gone into a mad mind

frenzies of mad man
star-caps a body of woman
old whores grow older still
cold stores sex porn to children
frenzies slap hands
and a private killer dances under
blind sperm-moons
and we cane moons

the eyelids of the vain
shut vanity into fire.. Oh, rooms
catch fire
Ohcartoons feed the stupid
and my city dreams
have given bread to tamed
baby boys
frenzies of man men
car-crash beneath a bed of toys
and a lonely child
has been lonely all the while
and i looked at the sun.



the butchers and the bakers in my road
have closed down now
the bread-makers and my crowd
have gone to pieces now
ah when road-signs change, my cloud
will surely spin and break
the butchers and the bakers in my road
have sold right out now
the shed-makers in my yard crowd
satirical shoe-makers
and a dog in my bedroom
wails as he howls
these salty days where i cook towels
these empty days where i hook
will most certainly come now to
sweat like a mad pig.

and my bedroom draws hide
dirty female panties
and my bathroom curtain rides
porngraphic bodies
la la, a bed of sex-trades
swallows beef as meaty wives

as a sea of rages sweats for
missionary highs
as a tree of ages sweats for
fallen city lights
i will learn about the real earth

and my frontroom has no eyes
and my kitchen has no pies
and a cat situated just next-door
slams a hand inside
homeless pussy brides

a sea of rages sweats for war.
Death has us trapped in dirt
Sex gets excited with a dirt-campaign
.Robbers of dust hire whores


robots of sex dance to the midnight hour
mothers of sex
lance a youngman's boil
and we sweat for sex machines
and we heap a female coil when flour
lends butters to oils.
Robots of sex dance till a midnight power
rips down a smoochy birthday

once, made pure as lead, i saw death
drooling after murder
once, made pure as kids, i saw deaths
fooling self with murder
and i will have to order now
the boats in the tides where sailors
crowd me

robots of sex dance and dance
demure lost sex
seats a fire down a tree of flexed
and a baby has no place to cry
and a babby has no mam to eye




there is, right here and now, a room of dolphins
just like
mental water
there is, right here and now
a bad boy awaking sea-harnessed clouds
and eyes swim for dolphins
and eyes pinion dogs with endorphins

a fever in a child's face grimaces when
hot grinners grind glass to dust
a fiver in a purse
hires a superb hearse
a father of pure pus
chokes on crusts and a cake of gems
feeds old women with false drips

there is, right here and now, a room of dolphins
just like
cooling waters
there is, beneath odd spikes, a bay of dauphins
and a bud of pikes
sticks some blueberries in our arse

endlessness shines just like a dancer when
old kids shine just like a fig
and we share daffodils
and we share baby-hills
and we dig castles from sandy rills
and castles fade

pokers of easy fanny pies pierce graves
dopers of easy pussy prides
force pigs to seem stoned
and a kid at my knee
hastens to tame a wasp in a beehive.




shaded shelters of ochres blue and green
have made my woman homeless
shaded soft homes
fall as lost homes
swallow river cities
and a house of bone shatters
and a massive messy mansion
shuts down my little town

shaded shelters of ochres green and red
have made my woman sexless
shaven sex bone
falls to bits, and
my dizzy lady has been burned in bed
and, lo, a little loaf
goes too bloody stale for use
and my local GP is abed with nudes

shaded shelters of ochres grey and red
have sent my woman down
and the boys of summer hear the dead
weeping, weeping
massive tramping lesions lap a sleeping
and kids on the streets seize sleeping
forever and a day

and this is my grave.



i went to my local convienience store
and bought some spastic plums
o i went into my old home town
and sold some figs to a mad clown
i went to my closed lost lady
and, as life arose from a crown,
i sweated senseless optics

the landmarks found near home
have happily fallen away
then hard calves that melt away
have maddened all stone-graves
and i build for a dead mind
and i swill old petrol
i went to my local bakers
i bought some buns and fed them
to easy eaten hot wild bunnies
and a crack in my city times
have to open female macs. Men
drool for fast dinners
the chalk horse found very nearby
writes a chalk giant
under blue pits where a bad sky
sends my mind to very pliant
disabled country tyrants
endless boys in endless poses
photograph keen YHAs and we
loosen hostel ties
and we hasten after rude lives

why windmills do not stop
has me and my old dad moving
red wives to castle-keeps
and a flat of iron
dons a city bed.



i have forever used sex-scented soaps in my bathroom
i have alwaays scrubbed my dick with foam
and ideal power showers
defame a drowning quarter-hour
and my invisible bidet has to swallow orange wine.
Wet Death sponges me
entirely free of indiginous dirt
and my sweated brain which washes as it hurts
lend incredible sex-brushes under
blue seas and seedless ocean-thunder

o as i was sex-assaulted in my local cinema
i understood just how the bad purse of my body
should be swiftly rammed within
piercing pissing shrines where forked grey sin
comes knocking boots all night
o as i was sense-assaulted, a theatre of wind
came shitting at my artistic backdoor

as i store felts and paints and pencils inside
my deep dark dank
dear kitchen
lives sit in the dark weeping after sun-dyed
bubbling girl-miction
and a crowd of castles cries until ruins
and a mound of mussels
melt, melt..
Eyes war after painted easel-saints
Sky cies out aloud for women's silk
and dangerous city urine gives soft milk
to dirtied sex accusers.

and i went to the shops to buy a plum
the moon was shining and so was the sun



these careless days when i keep toy cars
well hidden
i writhe for buried buttons
and carry flowers
outside, where sex, forbidden,
marries blue stars

rippers of toy scarves swaddle
wide necks with prisons
and we warp kind kids as muscle
first flexes then dies.

these careless days when i keep toy cars
well hidden
i cry for onions
and carry towers
unto my old bed
and we have surely learned to drive

the maidens who have always crapped
upon scented tissues
widen now
the mad men who have always crapped
inside sex issues
smarten now

o as holiday in the rain must surely crowd
hay long homes on moon-stains
we may rent a gite
we might raid the beach
the maidens who have forever slapped
bunny bum-cheeks
will ravel into time
a rotated knocker at a fast door
will have to
let in the pigging dead.



easy shadowers of coded well-paid jobs
paysmy wages
easy star-killers
extend a rich arm unto river-rages.
Death has us scissored
Sex writes a knuckle-duster poem,
and faces on the moon
must falter;-

these days of fear rock my father's
excellent memories
these days of tears
i have jumped a train and seared
silly blue meat
and a dog of death heels for sleep
once upon a loud mind, old heat
launched me to horrid stardom
the theatre set was made
the comedy was raised
but then my brain fell out and
then my voice ended
o easy shadowers cut old loaves
and pig-heads oink beneath
sawdusts in old time butchers
and men don't need to be known.

whispering bebbies are rocked to sleep
whispering cavvies
cry about domestic pets
and a bird of prey pecks beads
O deaths have us cut crowns
O sex has a slut of hot sands
crisscrossing whored frets
the busts of ancient Gods hum
easy statued tunes
the masks of ancient Gods hum
empty statued tunes
and a road of glass leads us
to canals,
and canals drown my city
weird smells will always linger
seared cells will always chain
idiot prisoners to thieving fingers
and a bell of brass
rings a picked pocket of grass
whispering bebbies are rocked to sleep
whimpering hoodies
cause schizophrenia
and we have to listen to mental
heaped heads spin
reaped beds swim
and slapped heads swim
a brain-damaged infant



while wedded to ice, i saw a seizing river
raising old confetti
o a shed full of mice
sets traps for cats
and easy rodents wrap rats about bats

kittens have always pleased me
catty crabs have always fed me, and
when we sweat
and when we fret
a bound flowering sex
has to cause sweet crying

while wedded to ice, i saw a seizing river
throwing brown rice;
and a skull of grime
cracks up..

i swore at old emeralds
i stored some gold in my mind
and a washing sea of comestibles
sorted a diamond just for me
ah, endlessness swallows seed
ah, trendlessness rides a steed
and a bed of hands
jams soft islands.

waking under coastal idols
awakening, i saw the eyes of need
studying just how to cry
and movers of clouds saw de sky
faltering as old tides
disappeared into an ocean's dive
i swore at old emeralds
i stored some old inside god's mind
and the richer of pure hills
drop all gardens
Selves stall ravens..
cripplers of laden parents
pay for fractured pavements
ghosts gallop
hosts galumph.



tidal fuckers force a boat to sail
wide of the sailor's mark
tidal suckers feel for a rower and
sea-birds sail forever
and a lake of christs empties sand
and the face of life
drops space like a gun

fascinated fathers dote on dreams
expensive blue mothers
feed kids to screams
and a vast commode shits upon
dark leaves where brothers
shot feathers

the rites of men have no hands to
lay upon the dead
and we write when lost in bed
and we loosen old graves
and, well priced, a bed of plebs




diggers of dollies used to give toys to
sullen brain-damaged women
drivers of bullies
ram sweeteners down a
wounded burial mound
and we are too bright to read
and we are alight
old bodies lay very still. Lips lop
sinking fingers
cold rubies lay on a hill. Lips crop
eaten burning swimmers
and i have seen the louse of day
ramming powders down
diggers of dollies used to give toys to
solemn brain-cabbages
and i see here and now, villages
shutting cakes under clay


the daisies in my favourite and most dandy back garden
are glowing just like plastic flowers
the daisies found outside
where blue-belled crocuses abuse powered garlands
entertain bruised tulips with green eyes
and a bone of a flower gets the snip
and the stone of a flower gets stripped by brides
once upon a mind in the real world, bodied lies
laid down the bastard record
and a house of tar
smokes a hot cigar
and a daisy mind has to kill the bruised world as
openers of bodies floats downstream
i have always and forever washed my dirty hands
i have forever and always
talked to talc as the showers of all my grey days
eases smoke into fast graves
and a maddened madam who shoots cold clay
must see for fucking certain
the wind-cussed heart of knaves and curtains
breaking down..
and windows will compute our scarlet town
and we run from our fascinating dives
and we uncover lips
and we smother cunt-trips



way back dated, when my mind was suffocated,
i overheard a bird inside a tree
swinging as she sang
way back dated, when my mind was berative,
i overheard a birdy and a bee
stinging while swinging to the chosen hour
buddies reek of bodies
ideal husbands shoot the moon
ladies smell of babies
o a cutter of closed spunk sucks afternoon's
female tea.

way back in time, i overheard a son of gloom
washing his head in a sea of spoons
and this versing tract
has to swerve whilst turning back from a
bay of bastards
and way, way back
i saw the stars of my childhood scraping
dolly deaths from drivelling moon-mating
suns and mothers

wee willy leaves lay loudness when feathers
fall, fall, fall
and the ideal steps which lead to old killers
cram a noosed tongue around
a burnt mouth on a wasteground...
Liars leap for boys
Criers weep for kids
Messengers clasp a haunted crib
endless sin rings a tocsin bell for dust
trendless skin streches
coded cunt-lightning upon a fay cross
and a phial of glass
toasts roasted piss as sampled masks
hide honeys inside blue leather
as witherers of beggars bear scars
as cold killers send guns to sleep,
then a girl of praise must drive cars
underneath martian castle-keeps

way back dated, when my mind was suffocated,
i overheard a woman on her knees
swinging as she drank salt-wine
way, way back in rude time
i overheard a good body in high trees
slamming gold pealers of vaginal need




a dreamer of luminous islands
has a star-light for a wife
a dreamer of scentedness swipes
cruel clouds from diamonds
and the blue wake of Man hands
misery unto Woman

eaters of rivers raise mikes
under amped boys whose light
sunders blind midnight
and the yoyos in a boy's hand
heaps comics upon kites

the trippers of the Thames send
london's bridges where
eyes leap up from an armchair
and we listen to treason
and we cry for snapped hair

a dreamer of luminous islands
sail off where kind easy bands
swing for the quarter-hour. Ah




these killers at my feet
wash woman underwater
o a bone of drugs
dips hands into slaughter
and a mindless sea of wheat
drops stone
against a boned town

the trippers of the Thames
send hills to town
the zippers of a female friend
telephones piss christ
and a bed of sleep
and darkness crawls beneath
pugs and britain

o these killers at my feet
wash children underwater
ah ah
easy electric ladies reap
dogs and babies
and my dizzy world keeps
cats and rubies
an idle liar always lies for
the death of Man and His whores
an ideal lover
sends dust to sleep as old mother
suffers sex wards
o a bend of lust
stops a lost father
and a bobbing stone has father
sweating where gold lives
hiss like the moon

the dictum of a killer's mantrum
sleeps fore the dead
the serums of a lover's siren
hiss under rooms
and our rooms are ignited
and out tombs are long-sighted
the blossom on an ideal tree
the pogrums of an evil baby
rocks haloes
and idle liars always lie for
the death of Man and His claws

hot elf dust
drops a soft trip
halted lips
suck grey musk
and a bay
bangs for lust

eyes will see
ears of noise
eyes will seize
and we use
a bald bike

hot elf dust
drops a soft trip
halted tits
feed old clits
and evil mits
the sun spins
stars curl
space swims
and lovers



lustive spaces where jeering boys
laced bald shoes
will set alight to bleeded joys
and the wives of March
celebrate a very early Easter
and faces seer finger-boys when
junk leaps off city men
the diggers of the dazzled rends
cages and firemen
the riggers of bedazzles suspend
fast figures around women;
and a bouncing flower
sucks up dirty rain
and blue flowers in the rain spurt
dirtied veins from sex-hurt
lustice spaces where jeering boys
laced bald shoes
will surely swipe hills from dudes
and a skull of squirts
squirts head-pieces under screws
and plied prisoners move

all hands, all heels, all dreams


the digital TV set nearby
burns an old taped deck; and loud lies
lay vision under wives
and we see thunder visualising high
killers of video fusion

these days of death where eyes
strip screens from four poster lives
have our gold midnights
sharpening guns with coded tides
and we will listen to the coast
and we will hiss underneath
blue earth where a casement hides
vestal virgins and caged rope
the digital TV set hereby
burns up, up, up
and Aladdin's on the wall when sluts
slash a roar wand

once upon a city, i heard of suns
once upona a baby
i softened up as four wound guns
shot my Lady

sloanes of war hear mad boys
mending city nudity with
rats and cats and batty pigs
la la la
eyes have entertained me
la la la
spirals have cut and blamed me
and so, so soon
sold eagles will raid a sad sea
once upon a time, i heard a gun
shooting pugs to death
once aside my twinned mind
a bed of locusts
sending wives to sleep
and i ate the crocus
and i sucked a dead lotus
ah ahhh
la lahhh

canny coppers stripped us down
crabby shoppers
stripped us down in a red town
when a bust of boars
boarded a train to Texas
o a blade of fire
purifies the dead
o a navel tread
pluperfect whores whose bed
slices dreamt hot bread
magnificent killers are near
transplendent riders disappear
mad bunny boys
play with a wound mummy
and we are in the mummy cloths wound
and we love mumma.
and we cut mamma
... hiss hiss hiss
i am on a blithe kiss
hiss hiss hiss
i am cauterised by fists
.. dizzy razors cut a cake-slice
easy raiders shut a snake's heist
and nothing happens for me
and ideal partners forgive me




the evil endless walls of the eaten moon
heaps a house of sods under fire
the evil emptiness of
grey killers of men and high noon
have here and now come together now
to supper for graves and hot gods
ashes burn above villages
lashes widen
flashes swim under kisses
and as i raise a naked moon
and as i enslave dad's bathroom
i come to see again
a crazy cliff where naked pain
causes lady suicide
the evil endless walls of the eaten moon
jump a sad plane
the seagulls under palls
heed carmine sea-thread
and eyes hiss for ice
and spies peer for christ
five idiot winds here blow where dolls
drawl forever and ever


waxy waning wild folks
swallow easy rain
easy sleeping mad veins
cut egg-yolks
and we boil a crab
and blind cabs
scatter taxis on the ground
and we live underground
and we kid
a boner of a pig with
bad jokes and treason

the lapels of a rich jacket
will cause mad men
to listen to mental darkness
the stables of a harness
will surely sea-stamp
neural thrones with sadness
and we went home
to find our house burgled

we always eat at table
we always use a ladel
and a car of sin
hides whores under skin
and a flat on my hill
is occupied by strangers

waxy waning wild folks
turn a city key
under manses and beads
and we use a latrine
and we have never been
and ghosts haunt
obsidian knives where dreams

snip a hot male pussy.



we snap the naked roses
we tap on a garden, and cured posies
pull on groomed green noses
and we dig for the quarter-hour
and we swig plowed gin
the eastern whisper of a lime tree bower
rocks the sun
the eaten sisters of a garden power
let the starry city stun
old eyes and lashwide woman-wands.

we sleep as we sup on a gravestone
we weep, weep
we cheat, cheat,
and the rotors of blue radio reap
Digital TVs from
visual crowds where a city gun
shoots a leather drome
we snap the snaky roses.
we glister as we run across suns
and we sign on the line
and we whine after family,
and we shalter hills in our arms
and this earth heels to memory
and my city pelter
raises me a blind shelter
the eagles of a glass moaner
melt spit into iced shit
and nylon feathers fail to shiver.



and we slide into lives
as we summon, we will fail
and we slide into lives
and we shit inside four winds
as we billow will shall fail
and a sea-clit has to flail for
dirty pussies where cock-claws
star-create a bed of memories
o the caged old man
who listens to disney land has
all too many scrapbooks to grasp
o a caged old woman
scatters old lippy when
a cauterising dead siren rends
bald bones and children.

the hot cold touch-dry oceans
tap on the waters of the moon
the hard thinnng winter spoons
jollops of dirt to ravens

and we slide into lives
as we summon, so we fall
as we eat guns, so old lies
will certainly shoot glassrooms
with bombs and filly gas.

and i held my head to mass
and i fell into the sea
and i laughed at the lips of war
and i saw the sun floating
upon a lantern where cold stores
sold me essential beauty
cocaine and cocoa twists will
cause a mind to fall downhill
closed pain and caramel pills
cause a man to
thrall after deaths when truths
sex-slam salty female prudes
and i idealise a face of sweet pills
and raggard boney boys
swim to the midnight hour


the sizzlers in my endless cupboards
use old fires
the giver of my mind's sword
abuses sapphires
and a ward of flame gets aboard
all boats and all hovercraft

as invented lions roar in the past
as sun-vented Zion
straps guns around a soft mask
then a bud of blood
will drink a pint of mud?

the sizzlers in my emptied kitchen
usen stabbed tyres
the rivers of samphire here ride
in search for stinking buds,
as we learn of midnight
we yearn, yearn, yearn
can we perhap reimpose the cane
can we perhaps whip a body
till she cums
or shall we live for freedom
or shall we heed a clean siren



the tigers in my cat's eyes
heap lions inside
a cool feline world
the pumas in my cat's sky
heaps kitten brides
and a street of hot tails
travels under dark
sizzlers inside my cat-mind
dream of India
spillers inside my cat-hind
spill for Easter
and the tracts of my tears
play harps.

can we perhaps entertain
old dogs in nunneries
can we suck cemeteres
o can we cast aside the rain
or will we live forever
suffering the wealth of never
the tiger in my cat's eyes
heap lions inside
vast feline bows of brides
and a field of flies has lives
crying for something new

the eaters of blue rifles has to storm
the easy shooting dead
the easters of spent spirals
drop self into a tank,
and a sea of arms sucks a rival's
well-guarded prison-home
and we will ravel into our mind
and we will travel unto
body-blows where naked nudes
booze upon emeries
the eaters of blurred candles
have to storm a castle
o wildness storms the angels
o childishness fawns to sandals
and we used cedar-wood
when a radio screams for blood
where a shadow
cries, cries
we will learn all about haloes
and westerly winds hide minds
away, where blue birds spit


a teacher of soft money
sells lessons to ladies
a preacher of god's honey
sells coins to de bodies

when a coin of hearts has
slashed expensive glass
we will entertain
rubies and gentlemen's
smoky chairs
a teacher of soft money
sells lessons to baby
a reader of centuries
sets alight
and learned lissom
shits on lessons
a blade of glass has to
cause a girl to die
and we infuse de sky
with fish-wives

once woven, life
must entangle us with



fussy fished nets don a pile of cods
easy caressed nets
supper for female sex-gods
and we arise where a sea of pets
get treated just like Lord Love
once mental mien hisses, then
cold closing cupboards
hide dirty sauces
once scented sin pisses, then
cold carousing sideboards
contain broken plastics,
and the world outside horses
buys an expensive pony
fussy fished nets don a pile of clogs
ah ah ahh
and we arise from crooked sleep
and we cry and cry and cry
models of sadness raise forces
motels of madness
swing for a swinger's flower
and we fuck into deadness


the poker of a fast fire
dances for a funeral pyre, and fire
jump starts penuries
and i spy a mad kid poking fires
and i espy burned centuries
and i shove a log on my open-fire

when a shed outdoors falls apart
when a bed outdoors
catches a death of cold, then
heated hooped jammy hearts
just rock, rock, rock

a citadel of pain causes clocks
to awake a dying cock
and heated crying rot hears fire
feeding a funeral pyre

i saw this afternoon a true liar
crying for slanderous beliefs
and, woven into tombs, criers
crammed some easy libel where
mad men look for a lover

whatever we did, i am sorry
whatever we did to you, I am
sorry forever
whatever we cried for, I am
apologising here, now, forever
and eyes will cross blind fever
and spirals
must wish farewell to rivals

spanish curls underneath eagles
shoot carrion comforts dead



the flashes of a naked Judas
heed ashes as a snappy crocus
chews upon a lotus.
Death becomes us
Cells define us ..
and rotating crashing lust
falls from a midnight bus
these flashes of naked Jesus
shines torches in both eyes
these ashes beneath a circus
carry sin to old-time rooms
and a vase of tin hears eyes
crying out for major deafness
the natives upon bruised fields
marry hilltops to eaten meals
the plaintiffs of one billion reels
unravel into timed
city killings
once above this rhyme, weals
soak blood from a stripped back
once upon a gold-mine,
coppices of curates snap
a keen-wived kodak porny
pussy flap

i have seen the dead come
back homeward where guns
shoot a dummy moon
and we in the mummy cloths are


these queasy eaten days where i led
a dead wife to my best bed
these easy peasy days where i fed
a deadly child with a rainbow
will suffer here and now the dead
forced fuckers of the moon
and we are on the bloody moon
a doner of kebab meats swoon
after cafes where eaters swoon
will surely forever use a spoon to
swirl coffee into instant rum
or is it perhaps the fact that spoons
swirl toffee into a glass of cum?

ah these opened easy days where
holders of fanny grease
sprayed a pistil with flower-hair
i entered into the very pitch dark
to find my old murdered neighbour
standing at the very dead of night
beneath a dirty headpiece
.and, i got murdered
and swine got murdered?

Ideal Ides kiss the mind
Ideal Lives swallow Time
i was all of bloody sudden
launched to disabled fandom
i was all of while fucking stationed
outside a famous pier,
and the sea fell down
the batters of a baseball have
incredibly high bodies
o, as games flow by, bodies
transcend cricketers until
baskets fill up with spilled
dancing net-balls
i was all of a bloody sudden
lanched to ruddy stardom
i was all of a mess when sirens
cut me down from
hot blue fame where a kitten
donned a sex-suit
infamous Gods haunt fruit
ingenious Loves
taunt the very break of brutes
and eyes eat into fruit
and minds eat under fruit.

stationary in furius orbit,
hedonists smile for sweep lips
and widening pastiche slits
spray impossible venoms...





just this very day, i fell from the flowers
just this very day, eyes
spilt into a water-but
as we ravel by, skies ease hurtlers
under canine cuts
oh just this very day, i fell from the flowers
just this very morning, tides
sea-hanged brandy snaps with sugar

o we entered from a cage of thefts
o we scented guns
and, clasped in the sun, a moon of sex
sallied us with bad bones and T Rex
and ingenious dinosaurs resound
where, cropped, a toy mammal sounds
cretatious fields
we have lingered in the cellars of the trees
we have fingered spinning saviours
we have opened up inside
a funeral of dead men
and prehistory enslaves old women
and old family sweetens death with stemmed
heaped days high, a flasher of a peahen has
coded peacock feathers

cleaned linen smothers my brain
mean missions cover my cut veins, and I
have come to the utmost conclusion
that lifted banners should heed derision
shining on a public wall

just this very day, i fell from de flowers
just this very day, minds
shitted down a gold mine
and we hiss for failure
and we kiss a river's grind
and we sell bunnies to fucking flavour
Oh, the slaughtered hour
smashes a window-clock
Oh, the stars of a sea-shower
crashes a box of cocks
ha ha ha ha ha hahhh

once a keen day, i take some pills which
are meant to mend my inner baby
and pills are sometimes poison
and inner babies sometimes cry for reason.
Streets that feel very dirty
will arouse a wheel upon a swung body
and a melted horse
mounts a pleasure-seekers red horse
o the six-o-clock shadow of de Lady
heats up Love as the holy Jesus-baby
is dropped upon god's skull
and wastrels in bruised churches cull
eaters of xmas and easter;
and salty sovereign sisters slip eager
churchy posies where a dog on a river
barks at the dead.



the cordial umbilical of the latent dead
cuts a mad moaner
the premordial sea under mussels
feeds cocks to groaners
and the tides of March smell bread
and the whippers of stoners
hurl trees at the moon.

the easy faces of the fanned eye us
the eaties of a aces
feeds nuns to suitcases
and a monk on a prowl peers under us
and easy faces of the hands dye us
colour red.

the cordial umbilical of the patent dead
spread wine upon jam
the ideal partners of a chemical spread
cold thighs
and we bomb a blenched sky when
rats rise up fromn scissor men

i used to urinate in an opened oven
i used to procreate
but then i earned money from
vandalising cold hate
o eyes burn up
o skies burn down
and i used to do a poo upon an onion
i used to defecate
but then i earned some money from
cuttting old knickers down

the cool heated store where i stunned
all of myselves
has a cap for keen sale
and a cooling coil makes strange funds
and we dream forever
i used to drink my own silver water
i used to stink.
Because death has links, eyes wander
because heaven blinks
i have decided that i will heed father



killers of nakedness
hear old riders rider into town
killers of endlessness
hear old bikers crying for sounds
o a lake of dreams
gives boats to emptiness.

eager men always live to sweat
eager women
like to slink downstairs
and an good news bible necks
a good pretty love

killlers of nakedness
heed cold bikers crying after
blue boys and candy laughter

we have to stink as we father
all dead human mothers

limitless openers of pornosapphic fanny
heaps a closed bag on a dashboard
endlessness suffers
easy suicide
friendlessness suffers
dizzy self-killers
and an glamorous killer heats baby

me and my mad mind must study
all about the deaths men own
and i will cut a bad tree
away from all roots
and i will cut up shoots of
very damp mown rubies
limitless openers of pornographic ladies
loop a car in its drive
and, ah, why we drive
and, ah, as we survive
we will most certainly jump lives
cars crash, vans smash, lorries




where we carry two pints of milk
up, up to fat man's cradle
we hasten for sure to a mikly anvil
and we hammer wine into silk
and we marry sin to soured cream

where we may scurry, we must
snip a plastic rose,
and a lazy lunch hour uses clothes
to mop the chins of the dreamed
i ride above de family
i writhe above faking felicity
uh, my perfect snout has sands
cupping strangled dust upon
swingers of night and day
,.,hey hey

where we carry sheets of milk
where we hurry under larders
we will have the wild world's lather
laying crap in a field
and meadow mazes
swill house martins

and we died out a long time ago.



servants to dead god sea-harness
drowners of servile claves.
Because Man dies
Because hands writhe
we will serve jesters of old graves

as closed times flower for spring
closures of fingers
will surely fondle lovely rings
and we hiss as we kiss
and we miss the dead as swings
push ideal children
i know nothing at all about love
i realise reality, and that is all.
O because my bed is smashed
O because my head is slashed
i instantly intend to raid walled
distant life-prisons
servants to a dead God varnish
all febrile fingernails

the jeering female crowds
have dressed men in kissing clouds
the peering feline crowds
have pressed men with kissing towns
and i cooked a brunch
and i moved hot spunk

the items on my shopping-lists
have been erased and forgotten
the stations of my verboten kiss
seek to tongue a basin,
and me and my easy world
lay damned waste to resins

while eating cake, i hear mists
rising across my sweet mitts
while eating, i hear a cold wrist
slashing a milk-jug
and urine spills upon blue trysts

the jeering female crowds
have dressed men in nude shrouds
the parasols of passion
don greyed umbrellas
and we swallow curled missions

we have the easy names by heart
we hold guns to lovers




the route to my mental life has to
dote on oats and grapes.
Death is my father
Sex kills my mother
and the route to my mental life has to
swill down pills and potions

i heeded cars and tried to drive one
but i failed life's test
and cried in the chapel
and the pills and potions of love
adores me and makes apples
thrill my very soul

the route to my mental life has to
drink blue pop and certainly blue
lunacy makes me a bed to
sleep well upon
and i love to sleep upon
matresses of pure fire
o, does lady death don an apron?

i have heated some mean mead wine
i have searched for a dream
i have suffered drunken glamour, and
minders for screens
unravel into minds
and i have swallowed some lovely malt
and my wife lives on an island.

the route to my survival leads cars to
speeding vans that travel into bruised
and a bench in a park seats confused
city trades
and the route to my survival raids
ruins and hot graves

ah , a kitchen has to own a blender
ah, a chicken rots somehow for
underbellies; and fortunes of war
send ballrooms to fast sleep, and
i candify the killed
and i sweat upon milled lovers
the sunrise has gone away for now
the winter's grasp has burned somehow
and a playhouse darkens
all theatres


the swallows in my roof have been
gassed and thrown away
the gallows in the boot have been
smashed and hanged today

a fattening vast meal has trades
losing coins to pounds
and an urban mask covers slaves
and swallows in rooftops
have been stopped

ideal brothers embrace us all
ideal fathers dance, and we
fall imto a city sun
and the birds in the attic sprawl
under mouse-traps
oh timeless faces fall for walls
and this house hits four walls
and i walk and then hit the wall
and my head has no real walls
a fattening full fast meal rots
brains and veins and body
and we strap saps around cots
and we die.


the key to my demise has no face
the sea of my eyes has no place
the tree of my mind
falls to cremation when
a vast bird of sleep listens to wine
and my head swirls
and my body twirls.

once upon a mind in a fast mind
an eager blue titan grasps for girls
once upon a soul, a sad mind
stopped to fall asleep
and my head swirls
and my babe dons curls

the key to my dun guise has no world
the sea inside death's drive
drowns all cars
and we know the rider on his rise
above road-deaths where wives
swallow guns.

the seasoners of saviours swipe
green gas from flagons
and we wash hands when dragons
drink blonde wine.





dangerous sailors sail upon dangerous seas
dangerous failures wail upon
coded waves
dangerous creatures sail upon danger
and we cut sea-fingers with
hot obsidian knives
and we cry for lies
and we force-fuck imprisoned skies
a figure of evil heats a pan of milk
a river of seagulls
turns up gold gas where soft skulls
come deeply
and we underframe worldy milk
and we christen cold baby.

dangerous sailors sail upon dangerous seas
dangerous killers wail inside
ashen decks
oa tribe of thieves listens to tides
and a boat of pigs
oinks at drinking wide tides
once upon a sphere, i saw grey wives
divorcing all famous partners
once upon a fear, i cried for wives
but i came on back home to find
a false wife and spastic microphones
and then i was left alone?

a coldframe of evening hastens us
to abolish trees with old sawdust
and because we are killers now
and because we hate rivers now
we must learn about sawdust

the easy riders who ride until dead
have invented some safe good mopeds
easy rivers which carry bikers tread
excellent road whizzers
and i am led to sleep
and i am left to reap
and grey canyons reveal caves when
gay killers kiss a fast grave.

easy pin-ups on winter walls will send
diamond gods to heaped
motels; and hotels provide chalets
and hostels devise a clean bed for
old vacated children
the easy drivers who dream of sex
crash against huge walls
and a doll of nudes pictures wet sex
and a church of stalls
hastens to grey prayed sex

a body of bells rings a tocsin when
vital hymnals arise for Jesus Men
and a good blessed vase
is filled with peppermints as glass
is filled with a sea of card

easy devisers of night and day pass
salty hands upon beds of grey
lost wallets
and we pay for lust
and we pray for dust.


the key to my revival lists a reel of lies
the treetop where i tongue-kissed
naked lies
has my penis skinned of sexed lips
and men and I hiss across fierce lips.

beccause we always loved xmas
because we always paid for gifts
because we forever loved de business
we must weave a keen present
for men and hens.

the key to my demisal hits dyed eyes
the summit of my survival
loosens flowers from keen vast skies
and pained rain
rocks my sweated heart.
a blown hirsute bomb atomises us
a flown sex-boot nukes white dust
and an ant upon a nested tray has musk
raging in a rill of cake-crusts
and we toast old breads
and we will bake fast buns
and we shall forever taste sweet guns
the key to my mistress hastens to
a hanger of whoredom
the sleeves my sadness listens to
a minder of murdered fortune
and a bay of kids drinks waved nudes
and hedonists nuke burned tides




lives run naked through the eyes
skies thrum
and a boney body sees eyes
and a scented book of flowers
leads a sweetness under guns

the rider of my bed dreams for
wide eyes
and the slaved city's dream-store
sells porn to brides

lives run naked through the eyes
skies lunge
and a hollow dude rips eyes
and exhaling old lungs
pant for fierceness

the painters of my ultimate death
crowds my face with lotions
the saintedness of a grey death
clouds high space with potions.

lives run for lubes
wives caress lubes
and we dam emotions where death
drops graves down
celtic christs and holy ground
lives run naked through my eyes
lies cum for sacred clasped eyes.
Figures of fainters
taint turning papers
and i tread high water as we
thread a drowner's needle,
and ghosts spin




i have always loved gods
but have never believed in god
la i have always like church flowers
la i have always liked harvest bread
but i have never found
a real christ or a real church-God
and i am madly in Love with sound
and i imagine christian wasteground
tends lovely blessed gardens?

the hiatus in my head plays at prayer
the harness round my bed
plots for churches swinging
and a stage of lions acts for prayer
and i have always liked God
but i have never received Lord God
ah, a painted altar under dreaming
dabs a haloed bully with
blue china and tait-and-lyle
and a cinema of angels sweetens
harvest festivals with gardens
and i have always loved Gods
but i have never summoned Gods
la la la la la ha ha hahh..

secret sacrements of blessers
wrap a tawny sheet about the dark
secretive porny padres
shed easy holy seed upon a parked
vicar's car
and we wipe dirt from our hands
and a funny funeral fashions stars
from easy cold-bedded disciples of
sacred coats and Josephian dogs.

i have always loved lady life
but i have never had much of a life





and i hang hot vases from the wall
and my house is mad and very small
and i hang huge vases from the wall
o because my veins seem right
i cannot dance until midnight when
greasy faces fall to bloody earth O, men
swirl spittle into wine
and i hang hot vases from the wall

ideal spouses shed blue seed and sin
sends hot boys to sex-sleep
and eyes burn out
and skies cause drought
and the fathers of the moon seal sin
inside a mutataive mind-moon..

and i hang vases from the wall
and my house is mad and never tal
and i hanged opera glasses
and the son of Man shatters faces
o because we are born part dead
o because we are formed in bed
we must hang blue plates from wet
evil messages
and cunted ships of death will wreck
all boats and all streams.

the bitter place i used to live for has
broken down
the eaten summer town in which
soundless mummas built crowds
has my two hands tied together
and the idols of the westend world
sing inside a hollowed beach of girls
and because i hanged glass vases
and because i slammed river-stasis
i will surely come to in a drowned
city of girls..

here there is a body of light
here, there is a city of midnight
here, cold collonades snip the rites
of killer gems
and hotel mirrors register the cross
and a cross goes in
deeper than the lost

o here, there is a body of light
here, there is a city of stone Christ
ahh ahh ahh

i have sacrificed my name to a
ship of keen death
i have scarried into raging death
and i cop-car sirens after
lunacy and funeral laughter
and i am gone to chilled hell now
and i am gone to find the flower



a coppice of faces features in The Sun.
Death stinks of war
and the couples who fuck with whores
dents sex disaster with
old sex gods and guns

underwater, a capsized sea of ores
sinks boats into the Thames;
and we salute the armies of men
and we shake an apple tree.

a coppice of faces features in The Star.
Death stinks of crime
and the married boys have no mind
and the cars of joy
crash and die for mime

highways to women ride upon a
straight road
and American Freeways squash
the lovely flesh of a wet toad.

magicians at children's parties
celebrate mad illusions
and a see of hands throw parties.
Because of the dead, families
drop a magic trick
we hear arise now magic wind.

i want to feed a captive hound
but captive hounds need freeing
i want to read about wastegrounds
but wastegrounds are stupid
and the darling buds of May
drop an easy rosebud
early on in the morning, i lost
my favourite tea-cup.
I dropped it and then it went missing
and the cars on the road
drive across a heavy load
magicians at children's parties
celebrate magic spells as babies
bob around for magic bells
and i hear magical seashells
disappearing into sound




a newspaper delivered before morning
needs hurling in the litter bin
a sea of paper may well wrap sin
inside an old full frontal Page 3
and a caged old killer scatters sex skin
across a guilty porn stage.

the miners for dirt have five fingers
sinking lengths of wax into aged
homes without fires
and eyes have to burn out
and skies have to shout out
about dizzy clouds upon fingers

a newspaper delivered before evening
needs reading to the word-blind
and a bun of ice feeds a lovely bear
but bears need freed
and a fox on the road hunts a mind
old shavers of blonde-dyed women
cut all keen pubes off




we have faulty pugs in our hall
we own lovely gas-ovens
but we haven't mended wires in years
and our house is without walls

the shapers of a castle shed tears
across crenatures where old stalls
celebrate a Son of Pan
and we stride around public ruins
we have faulty plugs in our hall
ah, our castle is in constant risk of fire
and we must certainly decide
to cremate the dead with sucide
i rather like the idea of legal arson
i rather love our local pyromaniac
and the apartments up the stairs
vandalise lifts
and we die, die
codas carry ferine songs unto
their utmost ends.
Eggshells shatter whites when men
stop to kill god's friends

figurines found on my windowsills
heaps old dust where ornamental ills
sweep a lost house clean
and the riders of the dead see dreams
dreaming after sad bad screens

the saviours of the sun fuck up
the miracles of angels
the sailors of the moon cut up
sagged tits
and an exposed wet cunt shuts
all sexed doors

we will see arise the moon of
dead boys whose penises
are always bloody hanged...

figurines fould in my front-room
shatter old glass
and a sea of casts show vast
bodies to

people who live in sheltered homes
and because a room with a view
fellows the dead past,
a bone of sudden sadness will
move dead men to tears... KILLED,
we ride into rain...

i saw the eye of earth and liked it,
i saw my mind made up from lit
deadened eyes,
and the world awoke dirty lips



the vastness of my rolled home had
several billion bloody walls.
Because we appear homeless, mad boys
may well beg for money
and a cast of billions scatter money
and a sea of diamonds
hires cabs for families

we waved as we left our town
we raved as we drive into sound
and a sea of fire
set alight to oceanic sea-towns
and a kid from space
ravels into outerspace, and clowns
swing from a dying trapeze
the vastness of my new home has
too many fucking rooms
and because i moved by accident
i will surely never move house again.




a local car-crash has upset me very much
a fatal crash on a lost main road
has hereby filled my mind with pain
and, o, a waster of the speeding dead cuts
transitory dead transits with
a pair of urban scissors
and collisions are surely common now?

the drivers of killed dreams dream now
after speeding nightmares
the bikers under city screens hear crowds
hurling stones at killers
and i have never driven a car
and i have never suffered suburbia
a fatal elision in a massive heart sends
copious car-crashes
back home where the music is playing.



and a dragging fish-nest has made me
swim far West.
Dangerous, a big boat of sex made me
dive under death;
and an open sea arises from seaweed
and a bay of billions
heed drowned selves whose cold sleeves
bury ponds under carrion.

a budded bearth of sea-things heaves
scarring starfish from the rills of thieves
and thieves rob all day
galleons where a piracy decays
and a nasty sail flags for cold clay
and a clay-cold river sends ships where
insidious killers rock...

we have to fish for crabs with splendid
bent pins
we have to fish for fissures
and a broken sail forces sea-things to
issue seagulls to easy kissers


this fine shapeless day where i rode to see
the heat of a happy sunrise
entertains me with sun and salty sea
and a soft swimmer has me in thral
and my swiming shorts lend bikinis to
a river of hot lively waves

this fine careless day whre i rode to see
the beat of a burning moon-rise
entertains me with endless seashells
ah ah ah

a vaginal sea-cavern hisses where bells
sink tocsins into the quarter-hour
and a leaping ocean summons seasand
and good eyes close inside soft cells

as fleet butchers cut fair meat, bells
ring out across the chiming town
and happy joyous mad men drives cars
far West where old wizards spring
old spells from city crying

a carousel in a flighty fairground
has my mind in thral
a merry giddy cakewall resounds
and the thrills of big dippers
lend shooting games to mazy mirrors
o, a trip to a vast kid's ball

fashions of merrygorounds from
child-thrilling loud air
trills along the parks where drums
bend a dizzy songster
and a bowl of golden fishes
swallows a hotdog kiss and guns
shoot for canny cakewalks
the vision changes scene: instead
of fairgrounds we hear of faces
which lead dogs to mad shoe-laces
and good shoes in a strung bag
clothe candy castles under crabs
and a VD listens to a female moon
and dizzy dremers soften
easy veins
trainyards suffer cars and rain
buckles wet roofs with star-stained
fatal cathedrals
oo eyed eynes give cold seagulls
the rule of the carrion dead
and fast dreamed lives sea-tread
sandy fields where passion trains
babies with cot deaths

leprous minds flicker under us
and dead men grimace under lust's
dogdayed abuser's fever
and fingers swim the moon where
dangerous nestlers harden snares
la! la! la!




the summers of my favourite days
shines down just like the sun
the father of my face caress sundays.
skin swigs from a calendar
and the cops from Mars star-raid
every month of the year

the sailors who sailed high noon
use piggy riggings to
sell ships to a hot moon
and a winter of hot rain swoons

the summer of my favourite day
spirals down to cemented graves
and bad eyes glow forever.

the kisses in my old home heal
hot sweet lips
the missives inside love's reel
ravel under wheels
and a sweetened mind seals
coda coldness inside crypts..

easy bikers storm the streets
easy riders stone fast sleep
and a hill of rain
falls, falls

the utterances of faces heaps
coded cunt and cute jeeps
and a dandy hour trips just like
old dreams in a clock of light

talons cut backs as midnight




i hammered a diamond ring upon
two urban shelves.
Because i have died, a sun's gun
may well use cells
and inside cells we may see girls
sweating blood

daisies in my front garden drug
oglers of tulips
and i will soften
and i will behave less mad

i hammered a heartstring to a
scissoring gun
and my mind drops into the sun

inventors of utter crap sit on a saucepan
eaters of female sap
heat a bowl of pure sand
and eyes turn in

dainty drivers of gin travel into tonic
and an earth of fires
shatters messengers with sonic
blood booms.

the summer under winter swoons
the auttums under rivers
abuses coffee spoons
and a boat of fire loosens rivers
and a ghost of grinders
sharpen lies.

inventors of utter crap squat on a cooker
and keen weavers
sew feathers into minds.



the key to my demisal
has bad hands and dying feet
the route to life's revival
listens to the streets..

devils on their backs storm sleep
angels in the sack storm sleep
and a key to wild heaven
stops sex dead.

these days, a loaded gun will
surely shoot dead meat
tonight, a roller of a sun will
certainly trumpet sex heat
and a bay of brothers
swallow angel's skin, and hills
fellow ancient angels to
old grey mothers

these dud words i used where
accidental sea life
allowed fishermen to net christ
and accidental mice
get trapped then killed

a rat upon a hill dances with mice
a cat upon a hill
expands dogs to leashes and life
shoots feral killers
and a rat upon a mind sees life
dancing till dead as judas
a dud of a world widens unto a
bed of bolts and pots
and i keep a sex-aid in a soft
milk cup
and i use a yard for the use of
storing drinks and nuts

a catkin falls,- A rider of sluts
stiffens up
a catkin falls,- A killer of sluts
suck muck
and we shooteth up?

a rat upon a hill prances with mice
a bat beside a vole
gives life to a mole
and a fur of night dresses mice
and bat at my side
weds tails to brides.




easy blinders arise from an invisible road
easy liars fall from engines
o a city's eyes shut then fade
and a road of lives travels into graves

fishermen fish for hermit crabs.
old eagles flee from midnight cabs
and a teaser of lovers
laughs at love until love's crag
falls to easy earth.

a cat upon a hill arises from
fangs and manes
o a cat inside a hill hisses from
tails, ears and sleek veins
and a bat is caught by feline sun
easy riders arise from an invisible road
easy loss leads love to cold
divorcers of reality dream of the old
and kissers of families

die for endless wild blue heaven



five impassable winds have to blow
all clouds into snow
five impossible winds have to blow
all winters into shadow
and a crab caught with a child's net
is soon cooked and fried
and fish men are cooked and ate
the dairy full of hot milk tips
a bottle filled with fluid wine
and a heartless man of langour grinds
vin rouge and tipsy hearts

five impasable fathers have to clothe
an entire family of invalids
and a bed of fires hears shrill rogues
stealing silver from old age
and vapid men heed a cut rose.

the edges of love tend invalids
the sedes of Gods rend invalids
and we feed from old rice
and we vomit the moon; and life
spirals down, down
uh a dizzy drum of city oil drowns
all hospital angels.

i went to the shop to buy a gun
the moon was shining
and i bought a water wheel as
stars of murder looked down
inside my town
and i went to the shop to buy a gun.
Because my lost wife hears
echoes in her bed
because my cross life hears
noises of the dead
i must unbottle a blue beer and
shape pubs from tears

i went to the shops to buy a gun
the moon was shining
and murdered stars looked down.
Naked nuclear families use gum
to stick good children to
the easy smiles of the colour true.



noises of the dead send a crying
churchyard to praying sleep.
Gods abed with dreads will reap
a dying game from a bough of meat.
Ghosts abed with threads will
heat a bowl of piss with a torn grill
i went to the stores to buy a plum
the moon was shining out of the sun

huh what a good fine day it has been
spent creating garden tools for green
fast husbandry
hu what a huge proud night it has been
spent sun-shaping a patio from dreams
and a talented female swan
holds gold Leda upon her back
and men and Zeus fish in a pond for
mazy sex mittens.

pitted dying dates wizen into flowers
rapid crying grapes
wizard after grass as a bun of towers
wipes buttocks on city drapes
and a bud of bends slags after crates.
Death becomes all of us
Sex bedumbs the best of us
and a coast of cards deals self to huffed
bone shelters where eager dust
covers hands with estranging shirt-cufffs
O a church of steeples consecrate us
O a stall of iron staples capes with
donkey riders whose mules under pigs
can never ever marry
huh, what a good fine day it has been
spent creating ravines from baker's beans.




there are two lovely swallows at my heel
there are five happy swans
sealed to heavy seed
and the rooms of need kiss a winged dawn
the eyelids of the deaf watch keen sounds
unravelling into time
and the vales of time drop from towns
and mad eyelids cry for greed

the mongers of nastiness rock towns
the shapers of tardiness
swill from dead wine
and the dogs of pain swig piss-brine
and oglers of easiness
stamp on drums
there are two lovely swallows at my heel
there are one bilion feathers
fillling deaths with cotton reels

a good happy family clasps hands and
prays for Heaven
a good happy melody causes sounds
and a radio of pure fire
plays great ingenious songs for
kind teenaged children
and pink champagne toasts whores
the hands we held together store
palm-prints under wards
and a dead dark father's sex war
chains mad men to babies
and a bed of ice freezes
a good hapless homestead expands
hot dead rubberbands
and we bide our time
and we do not cry
and because we hear a city sky
and because we arise
from sadness
we must answer to the sea
grey men in soft palaces heave
hot thick pants from dizzy bees
and we hang a cat
and we mourn for rats



i have given my old best bed to the mad
i have ridden upon
sleepy old horses
and a dell of dust dreams about guns
and a cell of chains
clasps sad boys in manacles

at break of day, mental testicles
grabbed salt seed from old vehicles
and we drink our own wine
and we drink to mad.

i have given my old best bed to the
wicked minds of the killed
O we wallow in peat as poked hills
drop dead

eaters of eastern riflee cut cats with
instant feline thunder
o a vast room in which we store lovers
feeds cat-meat to lovely kids
and a nice dinner is had by all
and a nice mother smiles for all

eaters of eastern eye-fuls sex-snip
a scissor mister
with hot closed hands,.
Death comes very soon
Selves under family play the spoons
and we rise up, up
and slide down, down.

the babies of the killed rock a crowned



a dangerous cliff-face has killed so many
a faceless mountain
causes endless suicides
and a gallow tree hangs a kind family?

a bedded sea of deliberate deaths
rose-hangs kids with de bodies
and we raided life
and we killed the Light
and because we hate keen nuns
and because we shake
a rattler's gun
weevils beneath us can only strum
bald guitars.

grey vices vocalise the bitten sun
gay faces thrill
and a bouncy hill
swallows a dirty field



these dying glades where we made our nocturne
hastens to cool flowers
these crying days where we made towers
topple into the sea
heed a bed full of bees
and a head of pain abuses heat.

a seat of smashed stone sings for sleep
a heated lashed sex-groan
screams for lady-voices
and we couple kids to stasis
and we suckle tears from swiped meat

these dying days where men make their journey
way back home
soaks a bible in a pan shaped from stone
and we soap a dog's back
and we search for lively bats

here, in my house and home, i will groan
where, closed, my bedroom
snaffles for pissed pillowed sex-moans
and old trees have endless voices
and combers of a holiday beach
stops to lose Love



the ravens in hired trees are hereby
raised inside good cages
the ravens in huge leaves are now
wedded to a lovely bride
and hot loud stages tread the clouds
and soft sad faces
flicker, flicker

blue ravens in high trees hereby
drag molten water for a tossed sky
and i hasten to cars when
old vans drive to Jerusalem

a well-tended hard-on hurries lives
back home where the musical mind
destroys dead radio
and we may well dine in meadows
and we may well dine in the dark

O, panting parting garments spark
city cunt from a cellar of darts

giant leaves on high trees
shed apples upon hire ground
massive dreams sleep underground
and we dream of Eden

a ravager of failure heeds evening's
scattering of blind light
and a raider of a washed night
sinks teeth into a grey bed-gown

giant trees upon high trees
sheds pebblers upon wasteground.
Selves shatter
Cells matter to gaoled body-thieves
and we raise glass to smatter
and we snap a cocoa lover's
lilting use of candy crowns

a ravager of romantics heed
lunacies of killers and dweebs.
Gigantic washrooms wash sleeves.
Incredible bathrooms soap
stinking winter-water
and weedlers of lovers heave
old row boats far West



o this very merry afternoon, i chose to quiver
and a lovely family swoons
o this very merry afternoon, i chose to
ride to fevereed sleep
and a ship of glass sank into hot wheat

we who are young appear always old
we who are stung
string nooses from a wall of cold
and Anancee the Spider hears a soul
crying in a gigantic cavern.

reason cries himself to utmost sleep
seasons writhe
and a bow of busts shoots jive
and a wind in gusts drops a knife
o this very even evening, i chose to shiver
o this utmost dreaming seat i set to quiver
has me in darting thral
and there is nothing left but pegs in the
porch and my hall


we used to play football on the beach
o we used to kick balls
and the games we play inside old halls
hurl an old oak apple at high heaps

we tossed a shying core into the moon
we loosened ties
and a bay of birdies softened spoons
and a wake of eyes
danced till the whirlpool's friends
dropped just like flies
ashes within hashes hardens men
flashes of skin sever shifty women
and a bell of glass
cannnot be rung with breaking
down, down
and eyes awake to see the drowned
dancing in soft rain
easy users of fine easels must paint
ivories with nude live ebonies



a whispering weepy wife of love
chops her ring fingers
with a blunt ten pound note
a kisser of bright lights shines upon
catkins and apples.
The summer in the trees cuts guns
and leeches suck bound blood

i drove a naked car just today
i strode over sweet ruin
and a breaker of fast graves must
snap a favourite chocolate
and a plate of cake
may well feed the thousand
the witness in a van heeds lust
the harnesses of hands
wash roller soap with lost musk
and oddness hears violence
and sadness hears silence
sweeping lost brushes across
fatal matrices.

a whispeing wife of love
chops off her fierce clitoris
and a house of silk darns for Paris.




i radioed the television as a dirty film
danced across my bedroom
o a stereo blared as mad men
mangled hymns with sounds
and a vase of flasks hits the ground

we have been told that cemeteries
always please the dead
we have been sold to promontories
just because the time of day
has no tears to flow

i radioed the cinema as a filthy kiln
naked naked clay flesh
i listened to blue mamma
and the swipes of Israel
dollop prayer on meaty tables

this day, a burnished match films
old dogs and blue countries

marsh-lit litters of dead dogs
bark from out wild heaven
car-kept reapers
feek for red sleepers
and an ear of fire burns heaven
and we rock to roll.

the radio under meadows
melds shavers with a foal
the beakers we drank fom have
bad cups and dead souls
and a bib of knights
protects baby from dropped food

marsh-lit crept creatures swab
blown blood
and a box of dates we rub
hides horses under naked drugs


i have rubbed a dirty knee all of my life
i have washed a filthy sea
and my latrine back indoors
sharpens old pencils
and the pens we used to use when
we cried at school
have died out now.

i have a gun in a case
but the case is part broken
and i shoot my face and find my town
dying for the city

the valisse of the poor opens up to find
men and women
eating too excess
and a naked sex sticks a cock in a mind
and we have gone blind

the necklaces we sold to the brownies
have shattered
the fleckess rings we sold to babies
have gone missing
ah a fine keen wedding day has rubies
clothing hands in fires.

i wallow as i sleep
i hear my dreams crying after sleep
and my bedroom is to be found
underneath wild eyed lost and found
and i swallow sleep



the neckties of old have been sold to
easy church fetes
the wrecked lives of the cold have raped
a good decent female vicar
and eyes sunder
and brides thunder for
blown sky
we wallow as we sleep
we dance upon dreamt wheat

i felt so ruddy happy today because
i have never had a dream so good
and cats abed
cry for dry meat
and i felt so very good today because
i have never had such endless Love
and we arise from within
a magic candle and an eye of sin
we wallow as we weep
we swallow as we sleep
and accidental gods cry, cry, cry
and ancients cut the sky

i felt so ruddy good today because I
have never had a rude life
and eyes will witneess midlife
and a keen mind must stop old christ



the easy riders drowned on an open road
ride behind red buses
the eager bikers found on a speeded road
mow pedestrians down
and idiots who drive when cussed
will surely blaspheme about concussed
city sound

the hikers who trip all year will appoint
fair ramblers for their very own
and a car of light
travels forvermore
and a van of night crashes into whores
i have never felt so bloody well today
o my heart seems whole
o the park near my home has laughed
and a hill of clouds
has filled my soul


a catching laden bird of Love hastens
to somehow sweat for ravens
ah, once upon a time, i heard gardens
swelling up just like a cunt
and a green headed boar whose spunk
swallows phlegm
must serenade now a bridge of men

an old toy teapot has fallen to bits
a gold boy who has too many lips
kisses his action men
and we sell toy bears to women
and we sold up?

the easy radios will hereby burn for
swivelling films and televisoon-war
and we have a Digital world
and we grab to Love as old girls
spread dead limbs

i ease my mental hands deep inside
reflections of gods and men




this kind day when i pealed a vast plantain
i nod at the bowls inside my head
o a saviour of the day has given sweetbreads
to fascinating ideal sons, and soft grain
grasps to easy oats
and kind keen family swigs milky-soap
and a find fierce melody
has me and god and Man inthral.

i listen to laden lovely fruit as stalls
sell home-baked cakes to church-walls
and i eye an easy currant bun
and i go to a shop and buy some plums
o eaters of rifles ram down the lungs
and i am nearing a baker's
city of rolled buns
and cakes seem in abundance where
lightning leaps from an iced old chair
littterers of laybys hasten food to sleep
ancient killers of baby hasten
to sea-slammers and rocky meat-sleep
La La La...

i am made immobile by idiot hands and
i am raised from a sundial
and because i have no visibile soul
and because i cannot listen to the world
i must surely rise, rise, rise
aside the cunts of lovers and old guys
this kind keen day of ideal sex-rest
hits upon lazy diamonds..





i always keep an evil mask inside my mind
i always use a children's swimming pool
and my eyes are led to vastness
and a cake of dyes feeds a bun to a fool
and i always keep a mask inside my mind

because my family has come to end
because my mad body has no sex-friends
because talent dies where women rend
hot sex Zen
i must surely dig for cocks and fashion
odes to whores
and salty sperm will shovel under words
and because my senses reel for the birds
i must summon lightning from sweet curves

petol in a pissing bottle molly-coddles old
greying drying kisses that suck a sweet soul.
Death divines us.
,, just as we close, just as we hear hushed
strange voices
we have our english words by heart, and
radios of fishy female hands
lay healing fingers upon a sun's brigand
thed sad day where my father died, wives
sweated in the departed marital dark . Uh,
dividers of darkness
heed a sex-steed where ashen sadness
raises romantics from closed grey madness
and closed grey madness
swing, swing, swing for
now and evermore..


there is a kissing snake in my front-garden
there is a twirling drake upon love's pond
and i await the visits from my carers
and i placate soft remits of keen kind players
as we pray for life than we pray for song
as we prayed for christ then a star of wrong
suffers the spies of the rain.
Bad easy egits grow old and very bald
sad easy cunt-lips moisten braying dolls
and, gnashed, a pocket in a skirt's stain
sets light to kids in old nunneries

water softeners drain sleeves
odd soda sucks upon gold tealeaves
and a boney pushing harness heaves
against fat winds where pussy need
knackers after pulled mental greed
and corkers in de moon melt for mead

and there are hatchets in the classroom
directly beneath the stairs.......


I SAW...

i saw a fearless swallow in my backyard
he was tarred and feathered
and his winged hands sung for rivers
o a bird of night flies inside the day
and i saw a fearless swallow in my backyard
the scenes of sex are changing: see now
the sadness of the moon
the madness of the stars because crows
caw at a city sun
and sex and death a used by guns

O, a cherished heart beats under clothes
Outed by negligee
a rabbit girl in a catsuit has here robes
made soiled




therer is a mirror in my gold house
and that mirror has been knocked down
and a lady on the landing
has no front-rooms to go to
and ashen fast kitchens cook the town

oh, an fast beating heart has to sound
baby boys and tiny silly girls
and we read the sun
and we read the moon
and we breakdown, and old tunes
ring inside slowed tears
there is a mirror in my old home
and that mirror has been bulldozed
and i hear the urban dead
come whipping at my door

waxed female faces sink a knife into jam
axed female stasis
plays with a space doll
and a filled sweet bun feeds molls
o, a gangster near sheds mafia tears

the mirror in my bathroom exists
outdoors where the stars are straying
and we look down upon our world
as if content to cry forever
but salt tears may well slide forever
into an emotionlesss bag of pearls.

waxed female faces sink a spoon inside
grey marmalades
and we stroke a keen tomcat
and we preen a lovely catty lover
the mirror in my bedrooms is found
buried in a cremated chill wasteground.




rapid eyes bear dreams to ancient visions
rapid sky bears screens to
and we watch the film all night
and we stay awake well after midnight
and we play with toy TVs
and we pray for christ's strode sea

a contents page to a holy book needs
no gods or angels to read
and a book of Law
hastens to a study
but god's study does not exist

rapid eyes bear dreams to ancient visions.
Because sex is dead
Because we want to raise the dead
we will harbour sinking ships

wideners of laden countries slit hip
horny wrists
and men and women have no lip.



an unearthly eerie earth religion
hastens to fire and wind and rain
o a family mind
remembers everything
and a sea of time watches time
and a sea of lime
hurls soil on calm graves
a lilly on a child's pond sees rhyme
loosening a song into a spooled
drowner's pool
and a bond of glass heeds fools
and a sunny moon
an unearthly eerie earth religion
hastens to wind, fire, rain, Lah
if only i could
break into religion
then i would learn of god's scars
and i know god bears the scars
a silly billsticker has old wood
well-axed and turned to blood


the ripening peaches in my hotel room
have widened into sweet flava
and i just adore those nectarines
those scented cox apples
o a feeling fruit bowl boxes razors
inside a green grocer's tables

iced bath buns break up very nicely
iced cream eclairs
dollop sweet plastics on old chairs
and the ripening peaches here
are feeling up the girls whose hair
lends sugars to crowns

eyes eat inside spooned minds and
we heap leaves
and dressers fall to bits
and lessons fall to bits
and school children eat from trees
once upon a mind in a mental world
we stoppered old pigs with crazy
body heat
and silence plays golden
and violence dances home to a
world under waxed babe-meat




i espy the dives of squatters
i drive from lost blown London
and a home of glass
scatters windows under vastness
o eyes cry never again
o spies spy never again
o live lies listen to blind brains

i espy the dives of lovers
and because men hit me, i shall
most certainly fall from veins
and i saw a dicky bird whose father
wedded wives to stains.

because grey shawls are mothered
by doggy leads
ah because fast walls are smothered
by canine need
i will choose to suffer the endless hour
when a cat of greed
causes a human hunger-strike
i espy the dives of dreamers
sky-writing gay scissors underneath
jolted sandmen and dizzy killers



these sad days when the cock on my shoulder
damages all of my old body
hastens to damage me as a bloody baby
and eyes under vision
and ears may well listen
ah when i go to sleep
ah as i fail to weep, then i will abuse
golden gods on television

these mad days when the cock on my mind
summons impossible chanticleer
hisses but dare no cock-crow
o a women with no hair hears a lost bow
shooting endless arrrows into crime

these sad days when the clock on a rotor
jams TVs with rainbows
eyes come up from old streams
and tears will flow from sightless eyes
because i am dead as passion's drum
because i am abed with death
i may well choose to arise from lungs

.. winos outelbow faiths as old guns
shoot lions dead

i laid a keen pair of my many shoes upon
a lamp-lit chinese table.
Death speaks too soon
and the rifle at my cradle shoots the sun
and i am just a baby?

a candle in a cot sends babby to sleep
and me and my young father
have to hold to hands as my mother
appears to go grey when kissing me

i laid a keen pair of my many shoes upon
a lamp-lit african table.
Passion speaks for all and a starry sun
glimmers inside heaven's kiss

a candle at my tiny feet star-hiss for
marvelous ganders of blue and green
and a dog outdoors
runs with his lover until laden dreams
spoon-feed this adult baby.



the mad hooting poise of a trapped car
sets tyres upon a maimed road
oh, we burn our engines with belstars
and a bell is rung by
easy slamming hands
and a duke of sand sinks tyres into
palladiums of wine, salt and Gin.

a baby on a bench seems starved of food
an adult child
dreams of mental handicap
and we use bad words when we move
a PC mien to a city of caps
and we all know that sexy cats
wag their tails whilst catching rats
O sex is a load of crap..
O lifelong lingerers hiss on a lapped
popping poppy flower
and eyes ride upon a radio tower
and digtial polarise fights de power?

eager sunny moonlife melds flour
into the fats and the garden bower.
and hour-long diamonds use flour
to cook angled angel cake
and the sides of Pan use grapes
to pollenise skin with veined lakes
the witness to a wicked world has
whored fists for face and hands
and a ligron in a torn cage sees glass
ramming genius cats in the underpass
o laden latrines stink of male pus
o ravens under blue sinks
swallow hens as tides flow in dust
and herons shoot up
and parrots shoot up
ah ah




the heated sex hooter of a bald car
collides with hill of blown halved
and a caged dragonfly kisses scarred
mind monuments which cut
a loud criminal from a biked-nut
and we have the cities by pure heart:
the faces of the rain
the eyelids of blind pain
the masses who cry after lost veins
distant docks all mind..
silent stocks water chained divine
whore-snapped neon rotors
sofas swing, swing, swing
painters sing, sing, sing
there was a laden leading lover in the field
there was a garden nearby the sun of tides
and a bed of fathers
fashioned dizzy skirts from endless lies
and men and women
swing, swing, swing then die

eyes eat thru eyes
minds eat thru minds
the bodies of the dead swallow wine
eyes eat thru eyes
minds eat thru minds

there was a laden leering lover in the tides
there was a killing father inside
nice babies
and a sea of skin snaps a soap where brides
dream of rubies.





eyes eat thru wives
minds eat thru minds
the babies in closed arms suck on swine
and a bunch of spies
caress the killed

easy sassy saviours heat
soups and breads and body-meat
dizzy dazzlers of soft wheat
sup on endless rivers
and a bed of mines digs for old sleep
and easy sassy saviours heat
soups and breads and body-meat

the manses at the back of my home
operate on maisonettes
the kitchens at the back of my home
open lakes upon killing crypts
and eyes break up
and minds feed sluts
and a stew of wine
toasts the winters in a cocoa cup

easy sassy saviours heat
soups and breads and body-meat
uh uh uhhh

romantics under pistils grow
old greying beards
and a sea of tears tosses snow



i deal a queen of hearts where darts
hurl dangerous knives
i seal a dream under carts when cries
weep across wives
and a bed of eyes swims, swims, swims
and a head of eyes

the idiots who hear death will always
spin bad coins
the egits who near death will always
spin sad coins
and we learn to join couplers with sin

i deal a king of hearts where darts
hurl dangerous knives
and a bone of glass swigs love-hearts
and a drome of drives
swims under mad men and dustcarts

the easy riders of the tipping rain
adjoins old glues to hissed pain
o as a baby rider raises red-eyed rain
a pusher of pulled prams
peer into baby eyes
and a grave of lies guides a blind vein
underneath obsidian plectrums
and we learn about the killed
and we burn

ideal husbands and ideal model wives
lay a lunar car upon
grey caverns where a city in a drum
slides a scissor in a cold gun
and my old bed is left to my son
and my best soiled bed
is bequeathed to the midday sun

the easy riders of the tipping rain
adjoin old glues to hissing pain
the eyelids of the framed
don false glass
and a sea of nudes buds upon masks
and we are nailed to
soft sottos and easy lady barks

here and now, grave-made, we
sharpen hearts and bones
here and now, slave-raised, we
sharpen harps and stones
and a baked seizure fits in trees



the naked nitrates of a sad and sleeping town
will now inject knives with clowns
o eyes enter into nudes
o spies enter under lubes
and cappers of thunder lease a rat to drowned
soldier wars.

the naked nitrates of a sad and sleeping town
will now infect eyes with clouds
o skies slide into roods
o wives widen under foods
and a bed of nuts
falls apart.

where a bell of ash breaks,
then men may well learn about green lakes and
cellars under drapes
must widen fathers with coaxers of seasands
and we who watch seasands
will supper for woven whipped capes

the lippers of the dead carry cashiers unto
big dippers
the riders of the spread a heart where dudes
drag doggy lakes for rippers
and we track green lobbies down
and we snap dreams
and we suffer screens
Ideal men and women hit on hell-flame and
Ideal hens and children
jostle bones with bombed flowers



the riders of red ruin mount easy steeds
the riders of death's ruins
saddle a dog of need
and the baggers of greed fall from seed
and we swallow dragglers

raiders of mad midnights dream about
easy magic moons
and the sun at night shines upon drought
and we raise a river from sand-dunes

the saviours of the killed pray for fathers
the lovers of the spilled play for mammas
and a boat of flesh
sails unto the stars inside salt breath
and a skein of sex
swallows hands and knees

ther riders of red ruin don silly tweed
the razzlers of death's sneeze
abuse blue hankies where a bed of sleaze
wallow under city thieves
and a bun of rice swipes coded leaves
once upon a day of deaths, i saw sex
dropping her arse.





arses open spoils into flowers
marshes open oils into towers; and old men
hold cold female hands
and old seagulls snap sand across women

arses open soils into flowers
cases carry boils, and a fountain under sand
eases coins into showers

o once upon a keen time, i saw an island
sailing away down a sun-beam
o once upon a dream-time, i saw England
shining like a sun

we have the local games by heart: the guns,
the never-to-be-forgotten sea of old mums
and the washed wives of lost seasons
arses open into flowers
marshes open coils into flowers; and chicken
serenade old eggs where picked thumbs
sunder body-cake
and we will hide power
underneath coded children
the dunnies of the easy dead dream of rape

trappers of torn teenagers trample good blood
rappers of stormed mean riders
rob a rose of bones and glass
and a stiffener of stone has mental mask

this side of truth, we hear a ship in a bath
shining across death's mind
this side of a noose, tears sunder the past
and wheatfields break

trappers of torn teenagers trample god's love
rattlers of easy wisdom
loosen ladies with coded crusaders and drugs
wed wolves to treason

this side of truth, we hear a ship in a mask
sailing inside passion's bubble
this side of a noose, a sphere inside a cudgel
spins, spins

easy fast faces feel for spind winds as skins
supper for suede headed haired sins
and we learned god's lessons
and we burned for god's lissoms

the caverns of the killed here sweat optics
the gardens of the stilled
swallow fun funerals
and a bed of darts drops a female hill
as tides swill ice, a baby in a lost mill
drops from the livid dead...Ah, do thrills
deify the killed?



eyes eat thru eyes
skies eat thru skies
la, a dance of dirty death heeds lies
la, a dance of deadly sex
eats thru thrill-rides

the magic castle in a keen mind
rides to country sleep
Death entertains us
Breath pants under soft lust
and we suck palms
and we fuck forced farms

eyes thru eyes
skies eat thru skies
la a dance of the decked rides for
writhers and fast spies
eyes eat thru eyes

spies blind paranoid passion
ah we writhe for war
ahwe cry for the poor
eyes eat thru eyes
skies eats inside wide wounds
and a tree of dust
salt-scatters lunar cock-crust
ah ah ah..

a magic castle sails downstream
a tragic mussle
hides blue teeth
and we raise a rider from
optic moon-beams.

lady New Yorkers pray for city sleep
crazy female talkers
pray for urban fathers
and a star of life glisters under
codas of grey, green and black;

the undertone is under lovers
then belly's kid sunders mumma
and red thread
darns silk with flava...




are you that filthy tinker i used to call my friend
or are you my ex at the end of women?
Death advertises for rich heaps as gilded men
sign 'Sex' upon a dotted line.

Because deaths have no true lovers, we send
dangerous tombs to a sea-cemented hide
and a vast coast of air dollies after lost lives
and a killer on fierce cold rain
casts idiot spells upon radios and champagne

o you are that filthy saviour who hurt my mind
o you are the drinker of gal-pus
and youth suffers age
and truth is encaged
and eyes burn, burn,
and brides yearn, yearn..

idle books turn to ash as word-blind hash
ignites a burinng moon
and jazzers of dyslexic death reaps crashed
blown buddies whose clothed rooms
rampage into idiiot verbs
o umpteen men in mad castles hire
drawn desks from chalk-headed sea-fire
are you the fiithy vagrant i used to call Men
or are you just an easy waste of time?



the clashing cars that move far West
collide with pain and fear
the slashes of sad nudes hear kind death
razzling under moon-tears
and a bum on a lost road rams sex

the data on a window leads loss where
crisscrossing patina heed mean air
and we crash
and we cry
and we suffer till we die
and sad sirens espy dead men and lies

the crashing cars that move far West
collide with selfless fear
the ashes of sad dudes sear sad sex
and we count on bone
and we shout inside stone
and the candles of the hissing dead
cry, cry, cry



ashen faces swerve into summer
wintry spaces serve sex to lovers
and a bed of hands
lays thumbs upon fingers
and the son of Man jumps old fevers

the darkness of the moon hears
rotating hands where deafened tears
trickle like a vein
and a bed of christs rocks aside fears
and ashen faces
swerve where lightning kills stasis

and i have entered into the stars
and i have counted on rivers
and i have learned about the rain
and i have suffered under pain's
swift hot kerb-crawl.


the pushers of sapphires heed the dead
the fathers of samphires
dig deep down into a sea where sex bread
slices old cake
and eyes shend deaths
and minds rend deaths
and an old man in the head hisses
and a cold hand holds the heads of kisses.

when once a bone mask dons a flame
then a cat of pure fire
will answer to the killed
and a boat of glass
sails upon a swan
and a mindless rider sucks a swarm
i have idolised ants nests as self dawns
inside a dairy moon.



fairy fingers fondle after mumblers
easy killers cuddle
coded sugar plants
fairy seagulls fondle after Numbers
easy murders cudgel
coded city cunts
and the baths of children bathe underneath
chidden chilly chopped children

o once aside a mind, we heard the blind
darkening shadow puppets with a mind
and we dug for girls
and we fed the world
o once aside a mind, we heard the blind
and once upon a time, we saw pearls
shattering like the sun.

fairy fingers fondle after mumblers
easy rivers cuddle
coded dreaming feathers
and a bed of bone bags the dead when
hot bread digs for lovers



the strapped horsed angels who fly for fears
trample veiny winged tears
the clapped forced temples of the dead
shear hands from fears
and a stable under spheres
fallows kitchen tundras
and a cabled easy father
wallops spermy coves with distant thunder.

o when once a cavern in a cage rocks
roller men with city ravens
then a brawl of crazy wipes must rot
a buttered cage of milk and wheat and raisins
and a daughtered flower
vanishes into ovens.

the strapped horsed angels who fly for fears
trampled veiny winged souls
the crapped cockers of a father's rose
has no true flowered mien
and we owe owls to sirens
and we rock around a dairy gem

the fortress of a keen mind glows like skin
and my world is pyramid?




easy, we see thru eyes
easy, we see thru skies
easy, we see thru lives
and a mind of power thinks about wives
and a mental flower
drops a rosebud

easy, we see thru sleep
easy, we hear the deep
drowning, and a sea of sleep jabs tides
and we live to die..

eaten razors cut into hands
frozen pleasures cut into fangs
and a cat of god
uses his tail for Love
and a sea of drugs
feeds the ten thousand

easy, we see thru eyes
easy, we see thru skies
easy, we see thru mirrrors
and a mind of powers thinks for brides
and a mental tower
topples into wide
whipped wives
oh! oh!
ahhhhh men..



the users of a mad gun shoot up with
killer vehicles
the abusers of the sun shoot up with
killed shot missiles
and a cage of men cuts a sea of pigs
with a cavern of guns and lovers

o a bone of glass shatters just like
a mad sad body whose height
fell down into the sea long times ago
and a house of sleep
rocks a mind with castled wheat

the users of a mad gun shoot up with
killler cradles
the abusers of a drum bang cuts with
one million candles
and we have the words by heart:
the dead, the killed, the stars of dark
dreamsome fathers
a rider of the red carries horses home
a bridler of the dead marries to stone
and eyes peer thru eyes
and minds leer thru minds
and woman cuts into spines.
a saviour of the moon seizes sad cartoons
a sailor of the sun
heaps love as lovely men upon the run
hear mad noise
and a laden mental room sleeps for tunes
oeyes have gone love-blind
ospies have gond mind-blind
otides have died, and light sees minds
digging after mad gold

a saviour of the moon seizes sad poltrooons
a kisser on the run
peals hot breaths from lunged
body guns
and we lay awake in ther rain
and we drag lakes for drowned pain

o a dogdayed sinner has to burst for sleep
o a cat-prayed sister has to
enhearse her mind with the colour true
and a bed of mice
swallows heaven's price
and a sleeping tear wallows under christ's
blue burial
eyes see thru eyes
skies see thru skies
minds see thru lives; and a bolt of rain
rackets down an urban village
and loud towns assault a vicarage
easy riders writhe as odes to pain
swill down English grain.



the murmur of a murdered mamma
hears sirens in the stars
sex-killing old men with old mirrors
the mana of a murdered dad carves
keen cruelty from web-washed cars
and we see into
a sunless sky of screws
and we see inside
a mindless sun of suicides
the feathers of the canny cut hard
salt boners
the fevers of the deadly cut scars
and we bear the scars
and we cry for Mars
and, lo, as a van made from stoners
suffers for old mirrors
then we load up with lost gold
the murmur of a murdered mamma
hears sirens in rivers
raising guilty blood from old killers
ah ah

outed, a bill of rape pays for rippers
routed, a sea of drakes pays for zippers
and a shouting owl
hastens into a thundery winter-foal
and a horse on a chalked hill
listens to Saint John still..

these are the days of darkness and fire
these are the days when
everything impossible happens;
and because day leads to dark pyres
and because day ends in midnight
the loud clouds of deepest life
will surely fill the moon and rend
dogs and windmill men
these are the days of darkness and fire
these are the days when
dark crowds cover a moon of gems
and a brawl in a field has to send
pantheons of women to a fast spind
body wind

there are sad nights owned by sin
there are mad dark rites which spin
phantom bats out from a sky of gin
and oats and beans and sugar barley
widen sweets with young lips



a brocade in de boiling has winds
breaking bood
a fast parade of faces bends winds
and a month of mondays
happens where death turns sour?

bad sickly silk burns up...
mad sticky titty milk burns cups
and a bonce of pure iron craps
upon two outstretched eager hands
these are the days of death's coming
these are the graves we had
made numb as the legs of cads; and I
jeer and point cunt at the western moon
and strike cruel distance with crags
and easy suvivors
are killed off, and easy riders
revolve abount a carousel of tigers

my mind plays tricks with brain boxers.
Local heroes chomp on a crocus
and my mind casts crabs across rivers
and a duke of Athens
disappears into low-hanging gardens

xmas holly burns on bearded cheeks
systematic babies break up for weeks
and a canny veil forms tears from
indigo studies
and xmas holly burns on bum-cheeks?



i should play romantic about God
i should pray for the shadow of blood,-
i will swell up just like sex balloons
and knocked evil fires
swallow bushes as boned sapphires
sea-scratch nude rapists with spires
and razzlers of radio death
warms eggy bums on neon theft's

heaped high noon...

eyes peer thru eyes
skies leer thru skies
madam moonrise summons
soaking fists when
lady loss leaps into children
and a bunch of hens
feeds swine to old men
lo old eyes peer thru
raised lickers of dun jewels..

heaped, a spastic city soul
sweeps guns from stasis

eyes peer thru eyes
minds leer from brides
macadam loosens roadways
and we hasten to
the midnight birds in
naked fawn when spun sin
drank from a crab
easy rider, why tease me
easy mamma, why please me
o i have counted on burnt hills
o i have routed blind berries
and icy veins of silk
wash cunny in lost milks
Ideal hotels
heap hostesses under cells
ideal hostels
heap old losses under bells
ah ah ah
ah ah ahh

Endlesss pharoahs swinh
Trendless shakespearoes
glow inside five winds..




the eggs in a distant pan have
withered away
the dregs of equidistance stab
artichokes and crab
and we cook rope
and we roast clay
and our fast lives will sun-pray
for lovely endless women

tea things swallow dope
teeted rings are cut from soap
coffee, cannabis and old soup
boils dry inside two hands
and a taste of money
wanders under expansive sand.

the eggs found sterilised must
shatter underground
because eggs under deep dust
shade kids with babies

o we lay a still-born baby to rest
o we pray and pray
as we cherish fields
as we perish, then a sea of death
will punish women
o we lay a still-born baby to rest

i detest my life
i despise the fact i want a life
i hate the fact i want a good life
o eyes see inside
sinister clothes
and i play naked now and hiss
across cold thin ice

o we lay a still-born baby to rest
o we pray and pray
. I have put this life upon my sex
and let pussy-cat speak for me


i roasted me a banana cake
i toaste me a plate of snakes
and my headpiece turns inside my mind
and a soft star-fleet
swallows space

easy fingers fix black christ where
we touch a hot body
and listen to fear
and easy days lead to night as tears
stream from endlessness

i roasted me a banana bap
i toasted me a plate of crap
and as impossible food-things snap
wafers and ice
i feed off buns and eat old saps

easy fingers fix a black God where
we feed love's true lady
and a bead of wheat dons prayer
and keen dizzy dreams
into a holy town where angels
fall to the ground




i fill my favourite automatic with fast oil
i thrill and thrill
i feel for sanctified cars
i close the van-door and see the soil
uncovering coercion from old sitars

blue veins transgress red fear as
eyes peer into eyes
blind veins tear death from odd sky
and we aim to torch the rain
but the kind of torch we carry
hastens to burnt pain

i fill my favourite automatic with fast oil
o i don't think that i killed
and i do not remember now just how toil
made me climb a cliff
and sense seems filled

these sad days where i learn to dream all year
have come now to an junction
these mad days where i learn to disappear
have come now to nude emotions
and a bed of butters
spreads dirt upon jam
and a house of shutters
spreads poon-lips

these sad nights where i learn to hear fear
have come to darken me
these bad nights where i can't function
heaps mud upon slags

a bowl of lice loops old dinners.
Death becomes us
Cellves benumb us
and a cap of christs dons a bread-crust
and the lap of life
bends over a cooking knife

i have come again into a green bead
i have come again into heaved
coda heaven
and lost songs end as listeners heed

darted deadliness




i lace a life with penile burning
i face into life
and eyes ignite ferns with yearning
o we have to fear life
for then fear listens to midnight
and a bone of madness
twirls like an apple
and we sink old teeth into candles

once a year, i take a brief holiday
once a lifetime
i take a dead break
and i telephone sex
and shake to de power.

Deaths have us harnessed by rapes
Sex has us sea-shaped
and sunny boys at the side of mess
turns a hot blanket
upside down in a torn town

i lace my life with female yearning
i face into mice
and minds set light to jesus
and weepers hit kites with judas



purple sirens give guns to old soldiers
purple seasons
shine upon barracks
and old blue grenades shadow sailors
and gold nude barracks
drop naked bombs upon murder-givers

a vast stone has been somehow shifted
a vast dome has been
shot to easy pieces
and a don of all times teaches dreams
and a son of all minds
listens to easy screams

purple seasons give guns to old saviours
purple serums
drop bombs into ashes
and roller men shoot lashes
and guilty men confess to hashes

i know all about the reasons why
dead men disappear into the sky.




i love life but tend to sleep all year
i loved christ
but jesus is not real anymore
and judas doesn't hang no more
and a holy eye
widens into tides

i lost life and tend to die all year
i lost christ
but jesus does not hear no more
and judas dare not betray no more
and i sweep sweets from masses
and i preach to the poor

a bended sunken garland stores
easy coke in a sea of whores
a rened shrunken sea of wards
wails after mind-dogs
o as we ravel into time
then we time-travel into cogs
and we swirl for a baby
and we twirl for de Lady

i love all the time but love has not
found me a lovely partner
i kiss all the time but love has not
given me any head
and a bed of mols
melts into dolls

wicked teachers with low knives
summon spires from lies
wicked preachers with old eyes
deafen the go blind
and we are as blind as rude brides



the meadows of a country christ
are searched now for corn
the shadow of a country wife
is here searched now for fawns
and a fallow deer
dreams of non-existant tears
and we dance upon the ceiling.

wicked teachers of the poor
sneer into glass
wicked preachers of the poor
jeer into grass
and a fallow deer
dreams of eagles as old whores
shed penates blood

o the mellow fields where once i
ejaculated teenage cum
has now hit me in my mind; O, i
cannot feel my thumbs
and i may never shoot my spine
ancient dolphins listen to time.
Sugar-loaves break
and we swim with sharks as wine
obfuscates the thousand
there is a model woman here who
has always been bloody and nude?




Outlived by everybody, the son of Man
died upon a small cross
Outlived by every man, the son of Man
died upon a torn cross
and a tomb of loss
tosses off
where we extend old alms, then moss
gets kicked off by ladies
where we extend cold charms, then
crucifying agents if holy babies
will certainly crack;
and easy riders fade to crap
and soldier-shadow stops the rap
outlived, we use a mind for a mane
shout-rigged, we abuse mental pain
and the delvers of the wacked
weaves old wives into pigeon-rain
and we dance inside the rain
.. O
a cellar filled with telephones traps
pursing lips in voiced cathedrals
and the stars of Woman
falls to female earth where seagulls
peck beads from carrion idols
the slivering marmalade slices i
have always spread on cake
thrills my gold kitchen with eyes
and me and my natal girl writhes
deeply down in a withering soul
outlived by everybody, the son of Man
gets ripped apart by crossses
Outlived by every woman, sonny Pan
swings to a crucified jazz-beat
and the gods on mind-wards reap
slain birds from opened holy sleep
lambwhites on a lily-wet hill flosses
alien Juno-teeth with radio kisses
and we cook ourselves some eggs
and we roast ourselves hot bread
and we listen to a cooking egg
hands clasp to palmed meringues
and the son of children heaps dregs
and we push sweet piss across ice
and we dream of a an utmost genie
and cardboard toy boats sink life
into an unsinkable papered moon
i had a passion for a real God but
now, these days, i tend to pray to sluts.
Missions of dirt have raised me from
eaten mindists of biblical neurosis
and i hear a dun deaf eye listening to
sad winged servants of a holy bruise
mandatory demons demonise truths
mandatory sirens darken cloved boots
and because heaven is stoned and dead
and because real heaven never existed
and because true gardens
must always turn in flowery circles
we must eat into green reason
the oats and plums of sweetness
heap salads upon windy wine-deepness
the oats and plums of sweet nests
heap cooked mallards upon loveliness
and the words of Man
read verses to old England
tiny british islands flow directly where
bad traffic lights leap from sweet air.
Death pours a dram
Breath parts macadam
Sex mauls brigands and
old oglers of city papers use hands
to grip a solemn ego

whatever we have to say is now
lost in the easter weather
whatever we used to say has now
crapped upon a gourde in the clouds
and a starry hilltop surrenders to crowds
and ogres wash ovens
and killers cut onions
O Out Out Out
O Out Out Out
deadliness... FINISH?!



back in flagrant times, where women sewed twine,
a sack of patent grime
gave way to a sea of minds
o, hacked off by nails, a doctor a miidday's whine
swallows disabled wine
and a room of fire heaps cat-men under time's
invaded sauce

the daddy on the nookey has no sea to tread
then baby on the ruby
swills de curries down;
and a bulb of gasses serenades the body
and a sun in reason drowns
back in ancient times, where women knitted
a vest of volts,
a loom of dolts
entered a real pincode in a bank machine
and a spire of all time
writhes up, up, up,
and a heated cup drops drink under dreams



daddy weds mummies
baby weds dummies
and a room of hands changes times with
cradled watches

daddy weds mummy
mummy weds bodies
and a room of hands charges times with
candled faces.

a mansion on a lost hill falls into the trees
a patient on a crossed hill
falls into the seas

daddy weds mummy
babby weds honey
and a room of races links times to
brilliant mad boys





back in the fists of time, a body on a bench
gave head to watches
back in a kiss, golden wine
celebrated eyes and ears
and a bone of Love cuts tears for wrenched
lady faces

handles on coffee pots fall to china-earth
ladles on hot tea-pots
fall inside birth
and a naked smell cuts on naked births
and ladies lead old lots

back in the mists of time, a body on a bench
lost all its clothing,
and a baby on a bus fails to alight
ah ah ah

a droplet of stale water lines taps with
driven dried men
a droplet of old water lines traps with
dragged cold kids
and we sweat forever
and we reap the weather
and we cook ourselves a nice meal.

a summer in the sun burns everyone
a winter in the sun bears hot ice to
all men and all women

a droplet of stale water lines taps with
driven dead men
a droplet of rinsed water caps cats with
wonderful feline mien

eyes smile thru eyes
skies smile thru tides
and i will learn of night till blue brides




me and men and odd old women
have taken a trip to the moon
o, me and men and odd old children
have taken a trip to cartoons
and a rocket heeds
burned shuttles
and a star in need
watches over chicken
and eyes burn up

me and men and old rolled women
have taken a trip to the sun
o, me and men and odd kid-fiction
launched a keen ship to where
starships fell from thinned air

once aside a mind, i thought of
coming home to my wife
but i realise now that my wife
has been dead since life

as hay-long cities harvest country corn
we may learn about
ideal farmers of sheer drought.
Dead men mean business
Dead hens lay eggs no more
and eyes turn on
and eyes burn out..
Oh, dead men will harness
cold ladies

a bad cup of coffee stains the body
a sad mug of cofffee
strains for instant toffee
and wheat ends
and sleep ends

as hay-long cities harvest country porn
we may burn out.



all around our easy world
we listen to the stars.
Old babes burn and as heaven's car
dreams of death
all around our easy world
we listen to dead Mars

once upon a time, we softened
coded caves
once upon a mind, we deadened
coded graves
and our easy world hastens to
the shooting of the blue

eaters of mermaids suck new
baby buddies
eaters of fished lays suck new
baby lovies

as times die out, a naked view
heaps a mound of honey
and a crazy world
sun-travels round the world
and our world is surely pyramid





wee-wee has a saline smell?
pee-pee has an anal shell?
or is it more that most people spend sex-time
staring in the eyes of cock-hell

beside a cockle-pit, i fished for wine
inside a fishy lip, i fished for filly brine
and a man at ease
will arise from love's knees
and rot outside a cruel and crazy world
where lightning fills all trees

i have a fat lardy body
i listen to bats
and my dead mummy has nobody
and my dead daddy
hears old reason flying out to study
everything about de joys of sex..

wee-wee has some sugars?
pee-pee pokes a yellow cell?
or is it more that most people spend sex-times
rocking around dead prawns




and i will cauterise a keen wound
and i shall suck an old chid's cut
and eyes will certainly fix me inside
old prisosn where sucked cuts move

o i am going now on a fast holiday
to the sides of the seas where family
shoot drowned seagulls dead

and i will cauterise a keen wound
and i will suck a slut's sweet swoon
o once inside a day
men shit in the wind then pass away?

because i can never cross the road
because i can never
use an automatic car
i imagine now that the end of my road
will fall away and sever
all loves and all lives.

once we have built out model homes
once we have built
keen birds-nests from coffin-silk
then we will study how to cry


and as we see sad writers on the corn
scripting erse for funeral lovers
we must aim for
soft dyslexic seasons where old fathers
suffer the sins of closed moors
and we dig into burial mounds
and we sink clasped teeth into sounds

the wicked winners of gold wars
jeer at a pot of gold
the wicked spinners of gold wards
peer into a gilt soul
and a soft sofa in the moon stores
lilted lullaby beds inside the sun
and as we see sad writers on the run
scripting erse for boys in the gun
we aim for the blue moon
but end up made mad as blue wounds

the sinner in the starry rain has lovers
lynched by cats and dogs and bulls
lessons in lonely self-sex has skulls
exploding into soft starred seagulls
and the ides of March
hit lemon grease where chiller hulls
leap from grey to green to black.

heels burn, coda burns, soldiers burn.
Deft deepening sofas
seat rude women upon soapy motors.
Heels burn, coda burns, saviours turn
and a coast of solar rotors
spin to the quarter-hour.



endless robed counter cabbies who
cast a paper statue on the world
endlessness shouts aloud as dudes
drop dizzy dames across a shut girl
as we see sad writers on the corn
sharing meterors with passion's fawn
as we supper after dreaming dawn
as we succour strings of curled form
then we stiffen
lucre sits on a killer's hands
future sits on a radial island and self
scatters pepper on death's shore
a baggy bell in vaginal hell sharpens
sodded bees and a mull of gorgons.




time has broken all my windows
and a starry moll climbs under windows
and a mind of steel
sharpens bones with babies

the sad sandman who causes sleep
has to confront a sex heat
o somebody mad has used pots for meat
o someone bad has
looped my oven in a mask.

the drivers of salt-rain hear the past
abolishing vans with castes
the bikers of salt-stains hear the vast
lamming cocks with venus-clasps
and a mad naked chick
drops a forced world.

winters have a chilly summer
o fevers heed a hot cold mamma
and a pot of sin
sinks a prick within
codas of sex and women

o somebody has stolen children
o some bad man has
swollen into killed time
and a gassy mind
has to stop, stop, stop?

drivers of salt-rain hear the past
gliding down easy loss
and we lost to men
and we are left to Zen

emptiness glows
deadliness flows
and a bed of Zeus heals under
gold gems.

a gemma of a rich mind has to fall to
death's fast feather
o a mumma of a bitch-mind
has to summon self from old rivers
and the stars of sin
supper for liquid food-fins
and we sail to death.

somebody has stolen my backyards
somebody mad has
bull-dozed my home and left the past
falling down death's alley..

a gemma of a rich mind has to fall to
silent soft earth
a mumbler of a ditched birth
swallows dust as biddes under blues
swings all bloody year?

pincers of killed crab cuts us up with
maddening salt-waves
killers of killer labs use chemic wigs
to form a sad serum
and we move under waves
and we sail inside the sea
and we whirl to the beat where graves

somebody mad has stopped my glamour
somebody sad has killed the poor
somebody murdered
has climbed inside stoned windows
and a bone of bread
slices oatmeal

we lingered in the stars where femurs
shatter under bone-life
and we wing after old cars.
Death came homeward today as lover
lopped the dead

can we stand up?
can we stand down?
there is no good answer in this town



these easy days of endless liquid clouds
must come to city sleep now
these empty days of endless liquid crowds
doctor night and day
and the summers of cold clay
sharpens dogs with de old days

once upon a heart, we learnt about
moon-crusts and a starry son of slaves.
Because we proclaimed dead
Because we are sent to constant bed
Because we know mostly nothing
we have to seize medals from dead
grey children
these easy days of endless liquid clouds
must send death to women
and women in a shrill mind heeds
gay gods where red hot wines
toast nothing but the easy dead.

o somebody both short and tall has
stolen my crazy paving
Dun eyes move
Spun skies soothe
ants and all other insects

o somebody dark has cut my ass?
o some sad lady
has murdered my garden
and the sun at night jams glass
and the stars look down?

the easy soapy hearts which
serenade a blue dick
have all sullen words by heart
and the tripping of a heart
sucks a cardiac

o some man neither short nor tall
has come to a crucifix
and a disembodied christ-trip
swallows mien
easy radioed riders ram tripped
winter clits.

i once had a large brain
i used to dream forever.
Old thought appears insane
Cold code appears deranged
and the labels of the moved
trip under tables
and a cut glass vase smoothes
bad pebbles with cradles
i once had a large skull
i used to dream about gulls.
Old thoughts appear deranged
Coastal ports revere
guilty pigs whose sea of tears
weeps forevermore
and a bunny gal has no fears
and eyes eat inside wards.

oglers of cut rhythm steer
green cars into motorways
oodles of sluts shed city tears
and a horse in blue rain
falls under mare-made manes
and a mule of assy war
rides where flown ponies split
hands and bagged bridles
i used to hear a tape in the park
i peal myself some grapes
i see a sunny man feeding apes
and i fall asleep inside the dark

we may well dance all year
we may well disappear
into model tallows
and, dust as we are, wax-weirs
raise romance from de gallows




and there is sheer doggerel in Hell
and there is fast poetry in bells,
Dear poets swerve
Feared poets dig for a dead nerve
and there is sheer doggerel in Hell?

the producers of versed feed swell
up, up, up with verbal sea-smells
and dear poets swerve
under vocive fists that hear cells
strangling loud heaven's neck?

the penile pushers of vaginal sex
self-abuse till bled to death
the venal fathers of mummy sex
hits birds as killers scream

and there is sheer rot in Heaven
and true words die with the rain?
Dear poets swerve
Feared wordsmiths cut curves
down, down

once upon a mind in a mad world
i saw an animated movie
once upon love's mind, movies
awoke me to films of the real dead
a fat horde of kittens chew hot red
burger meats
a fast house of mittens clads fled
hats and feet
and a banger inside children's sleep
enters inside a river of old sleep

daft lambwhites on the hill stand
stock still when rammed rifles hang
dizzy bulls and craven sheep-hands.
and there is demure doggerel in Hell
and there is fast poetry in wells
and we push our fingers into wells
and we stink thumbed kilers into
wallowers of dead wived star-soothed
body breakers
and midnight breaksdown
and soft light kills the town.



there are pots of natural yogurts in my bed
there are cots of old oil
stored in a gizzard
o the dotty dolls who pay for the city piper
storm laden heads
and a bay at night hangs a bruiser
and a cage of light hangs a city cruiser
o o

the salads of the daft serve cocoas to
rotating blind tomatoes
the mallards of the daft
swirl upon a stool;
and a bum of lightning strikes old fools
and a sun of stifling mikes
turns up an amp to full

there are pots of natural yogurts in my bed
there are lots of old soil
stored in a scabbard
o the dotted dolls who pray for mustard
are burned to death now
eyes yearn for burners
tiddlers feed fish to yearners
and i am led to find the edge of my world.

the vagabonded wagons of a hot dead kiss
caresses green fire
the eaters of old dragons
demonise mad sad lips
and we swallow falons
and we cut birds down

the wankers of lost guns hear a sad mist
clothing cunt in sound
the shouters of old suns
sweep after talons
and we swallow passion
and we shut words down

once upon a mad year, an extended town
dragged me down
once upon a mad tear
utterances of bad fear
caused cats to hunt themselves
ideal drovers of dagger-deaths will
easily die for rain.



the egits of a dummy globe
dance into moon-roads
o a planet of pure rogues slows
toady ministries
and an ogre of the tides
swallows mutant shadow
and eggy remits
swallow spires

a factory of faces deranges
gay promontories
a family of faces sea-cages
and we tie shoes
and we die for babies

the idiots who live upstairs
will never come home again.
Deaths dream for the ded
Decks scream
and a radio's sunbeam
rocks a bubonic gun

we ply ply wood around
riders of perpendicular rain
we cry for spies
we sidle where paved pies
pickle a plum-finger
and a bone of writhers
shatters inside
deadness, where fuckers
weep forevermore.




electric nasty monkeys send dust
into sleep
eynes of ancient nazis
knob a knot wuth idiot meat
electric nasty junkeys
swallow dolor

why we open wide
will not be known till tribes
trip for warring knives
and we have to
send waterbeads when truths
succour Jamaica

kitchens in nunneries raid rusks
miction in cemeteries
quaff the yellow stuffs
and we widen

why clay-cold cabinets season
cabins of demure fire
won't be known until
piglets oink forevermore.


weevillers wash a vacant oven
o a weeder of a roasted garden
whips canned pushers
and a mind of glass
cuts a false mirror
o as decorous families afix masks
to venus masts
then a cot of radishes
will surely cut old sisters

once in a candy grave, i saw castes
crying for theatre-brandy
once on a candy stage, i saw baby
hotels of pure ruby
and we grinned as we swirled
and we sinned as we furled,

weevillers was a vacant oven
o a weedler of a roasted garland
strips god's petals down
and Dettols in a dizzy town rams
silly money where drams
toasted a neon clown
i used to use a pram
i used to abuse England
but the vows i preach hear slammed
easy onions



i was a sad boy when young
i was a bad boy
and now that my mum is lost
and now that my son is crossed
i will extemporise
easy faces where family voids
keen children's toys

when i ate into flowers, joys
jammed my plate
when i raped old flowers, boys
rammed bound drapes
and hitlers under riders
have to enhearse guilty killers

i was a sad killer when born
i was a mad lover
and my bound bedcover
heeds blue rain
and a boat of forced pain smothers
cunt cosines

brens of baiters prey for cat-cattle
men who paper
blonde bobs with sacred salt-pepper
hands reach for flava
and a crucifier of labia
sloshes a wide wife with failure




the sassy cold cosines of the painted
heap killers up very high
the crazy gold cunt-minds who writhe
will heat a veined cup;
and a bren of cuts
cries for the garden of Eden

the easy wet wipes of the sainted
wash hands in dregs
the peasy sweat wipes of the painted
swash dizzy missions,
and once above a lake, green lessons
stripped me down

the sassy cold cosines of the feinted
wrap a cousin of constant loss
where, roped, a catholic fever crossed
giddy boots with supine flavour
and a grey bark
carries pissers into dark
baby camals

we heed the rigid dead
we need to arouse the dead
and a bum of grass
gallops until ponies in the underpass




and i awoke and i dreamed i was dying
as i was choked, i screamed
and, lo, a sea of ash raided my dreams
and i awoke and i dreamed i was dying
o the sentries at my woman's bed
heaps piles of hard pillows in my bed
and a massive heart attack
digs for cardial rain

i have jabbed and jacked my body
i have strapped and capped god's body
and where a human cinema of pure life
digs a pistol in my heart
and where a woman sunders screen-life
i will advance into cemeteries
and i awoke and i dreamed i was crying
and i was poked as i was led
inside a fast funeral where a sea abed
waked up to find the stars of the crying
leading cunt-fuses into bad bedheads
we will surely strive to stay alive for
all of the woven woes of human wards

and i keep a living statue in my toilet
and, stone-handed, mad ultraviolet
rams a busy hand-set under fished nets
and i keep a living statue in my toilet;
and the easy sculptures of the dead and gone
shoot some eaten granite under suns
o i will live for fascinating stone
oi shall daub a fixed coded stoned sun
as if a shelf of chisels is smitten beneath
living statues found under brain and body
and i have seen the sculpted museuns
raising indolent follies from smelt stone
and i keep a lover's statue in my toilet
and, hammer-caught,
easy eaters of ruins on a hill must
cuss a cunted sanded cutted dust
city mandrils float out to sea where
dirty candles caress hot burned hair



the certified cemeteries of the ruined
dips fingers into socks
the sadness under gay nunneries
slip a sex disc
and an old aged killer knight rips
both hand and heel

o a box of neon is stored under
weary stairs where a lunar Number
knots a fag inside a grave
and a nest of sin
pisses in the dark
and we ride a starry wind as Fathers
stop a bottle.

the seed seeded sex-palms of
riddling blue petrols
uses a fire-bomnb for a blue God
and the mind must slip
and the soul must hit
all veins and all mindful Loves

we arise from ruins as we ignite
deep dreams and England?





the fiery uirban foxes who suffer for
the mental madness of love's gourdes
will suck now a seedless orange
the turtles in sea-boxes
swim stark naked
and a tawny terrapin teases old birds

hoppers of maddening lovers fashion
bald heads with fiction
and we sufffer sex-wigs
and we suffer female merkins

the fiery urban foxes who suffer for
the mental sickness of death's wards
ram a silky hand where
bright clouds clear all tears

old easy armchairs
seat a comfy ghost
cold easy city snares
chill a motel-host
and the hands of Eden
stroke a cat

as ridden times rot
as chidden minds rot
and elderly wine rots
then we catch fire

old easy armchairs
seat a round of toast
rolled easy winter prayers
stroke a rat


it was more about you than it was about me
it was more about the way you
held my head and made me cry.
Death dreams us
Murder reaps us
O it was more about you than it was about
mother nakedness
and a bridge of madness
heaps our senses high
and we ride to sleep..

i have seen dolphins in a small cruel tank
i had wet-dreams
ah a droning piss-wank
pulls bald curtains on the moon and screens
insist on Big Sister
eyes are often too lidded for vision but
digital post-modern glasses
will surely show the fucking way.




handles will often shatter
candles will often scatter
holy beeswax
and a hotel room has me onboard
a ferry to blue France..
handles will often shatter
candles will surely burn down
all good houses

eager eastend fools hit hounds
sisters of cockney rules
rotate around locked hands
and we snap a sex-kodak
and handles will often shatter
and candles will burn forever
easy eaten fountains seize
pulled pylons from dried beads.
Dirt has a wise face
Hurt has a lithe space
all to its bloody self;
and a car of fire drives wealth
deep into bad health

O i listened to the keen face
where idioms of a dropped case
fastened porn in a cradle
O i hissed across sex-life
Ah i sat upon an old girl's kite
La La La.. eyes melted.



where a soft raider of the city parks
dolloped cream upon a birth-mark
i espied a larking dolly
drinking eastern brandy in the dark
O because eyes burn
O because all reason yearns
where sister grooved, i saw bullies
bullying father moon

a calendar of cravers forgets about
the idle change of days
a collander under labia
strains old aged vegetables, and clay
carries kind cold zero graves
under bone

we know about old marble
we own stone-spouts
and a bed of birds snaps a Bible
and a sweat of words
weeps for winged cagey snouts
there is a world of fire which routs
all cunt and all vaginas.



since a day of night-times terrifies
children and animals
i have decided to murder all humans
o i have devised to cut-clarify
all living men
and since a day of lifetimes terrifies
women and gay mammals
i have made my decision to tunnel
deep in a holocaust of need.

the bakers of burnt bad cakes
choose to savour old bath buns
o we rise from sweetening guns
o we drive from a sea of blue drakes
and a body in the back
is worth five million men in a staked
city allotment

since a day of nightmares deifies
all fierce human tears
since a body of dead stairs denies
all fast humane fears
i have decided to spread my thighs
ruddy wide
just like a wife


the brightness of a burned cold world
hastens to the sun
the blindness of a cruel holy world
listens to the sun.
Deaths become us
Selves cock-cram us
and brightness gods carry cunts
outside a bound nude world
the seasons of the rain fall hard
around a city sound
the prisons of the veined
cut a picked syringe into stained
body socks.

the brightness of a void heats gold
the softness of an old toy
sells bears to ashes
and we have the shitting balls by heart:
the stumps of a cricket-mask
bowls murders until batted casks
mark Man out.

the eaters of homegrown apples
hang heaped pears from a hot fable
the reapers of homemade idols table
hot good dinners with a cloth of glass
and a rigid cafe in an underpass
stirs tit-milk into cakes and buns
and eaters of a guilty orchard cum
deeply down where icers groan

as a bend of cities roasts de meat
when a pan of ciggies
raises gilded passengers from sleep
as the dugs of woman
force-feed the eyes of Peter Pan
we must learn of salty male hams

these days, i sleep with a statue
these long hard nights, i will value
nothing at all but the statue in my bed
but there are endless riders in my head
who swallow starved cooking fire
empires of oven-burning catch alight
boiled star-fire turns
endlessly where a microwaved fern
drops swells of larded seed
and sapphires have to roast away
the eaters of homegrown apples
sea-slam sweet garnishes made for
lovely laden fabled tabes where wards
serve cornbeef hash to mental hoardes
and we are alarmed by a lazy
garden barby
and we are burger-fried and left to
abuse a drip as dogs hit love's feed


the spectacles i have owned all my adult life
have just been smashed to pieces
the emeralds my wife has worn all her lift
have just been robbed by fleeces
and a knob of a ring
has seen me crying for a killer's neck
and a bastard in a gold sling
heaps golde up very very very high

the vesicles of my cock cry for eyes
the testes inside my bedroom clock cries
and a bony killer
comforts the Fall
not at all

the spectacles i have owned all my adult life
have accidentally been destroyed
the sentinels my wife has known hear christs
laying holy hands on a bed of boys
and my old dead father
has divorced my old dead mother
and a widening cunt-crack
craps upon a bed of crap
and self-sex is a load of shitting crap

ideal illegitimate rapists hereby suck
giddy meats
and girls swirl
and pearls furl
and i feel for sleep and am then fucked




i kept my invisible vineyard for one whole year
i slept in a summer garden
and a vase of planted silk may well harden
all english roses
Maddening sex-poses
rock a poxed drum
O i loosened vast sweet apples
O i soothed self-sex with pineapples

a salted sea of peanuts pokes imto fabled
disappointing mon-existence
and a boy on the ruddy moon heaps
coded furling fingers in a sea of kink
O eyes burn down, just like a house
O spirits burn the town
and the scissors of my mental town
stops dead

i slammed my lost backdoor
i landed sky
and a bed of flame burns eyes
o i slammed a garden's mind
o i grew great flowers
and a lawn of beauty
is mown till pretty

a sweetener of ghosts unwinds
a clocking ghost
a rider of radio ghosts
shouts to the end of power
o i grew great flowers
o i grey a lime tree bower
and a lawn of duty
is mown too empty.

i rammed my pet rat inside
rodents and moust suicide
and eyes turned
upside down in a tea-urn



the openers of candlewax
hiss under trapped flame
the openers of cradle-crap
bombs a live baby
and the riders of old rain
traps old girls

a petrol-listener uses pearls
a gassed sunderer
sunders a town of curls
and the riders of old rain
caps cold girls

endlessness always hurls
false doggies and
faded moggy islands

a wasp may well dam
stingers with reason
but a bumble-bee crams
sweet honeys when
spreaded honey's season

wallops jam


the vineyards in a winter's garden
swallow now the skies of March
the slowed delicious veinss of hurt
serve fried suet to vine-leaves
and a bow of grass
has to shoot lost arrows
ah vineyards in a winter's moon
swallows ash and fire

o a bed of binary counts upon
curvy dream-dressed sleep.
Deaths died for cream
o a purse of moneys here guns
good bankers and old cashiers
these days, as eyes yearn, suns
have come too deep inside
tonight, as minds turn, sea-guns
must shoot a drowner
the vineyards in a winter's garland
swallow now the thighs of March
and where we tread water
and when we walked on mortar
we must entertain




when i was aged just two
i took an adult bath
when i was aged just seven
i donned an adult mask
and the wives i have owned
have now died

a brute in a tub must roam
deeply underneath
old cities and subway heaths.
Eyelids turn up
Blind kids learn of dark loves

when i was aged just five
i opened up a blue beehive
when i was raided, i writhed
and when i was aged nine
i set fire to my daddy's home

these mad days, blue sex groans
Death enters into skin
Self scents a sea of sin
and ivories sound ebonies
and saviours shoot the moon

emptied now, ices taste nice
emptied, a bough of faces strikes
loud cockney bells
and ideal women suck seashells

a balloon of a fat boy heeds
hot fairground toys
a platoon of soldier-boys read
all about sex joys
and a mass inside god's speed
has to make no holy sense



ovens in a public kitchen
over heat a hob of fiction
onions in a tear of miction
cause a sea of tears

the sliders of city ice hear
freezing sidlers of iced fear
and we eat a cake
and we ice a city

ovens in a public bedroom
over heat grey sex-friction
onions in a seat of grease
eat the holy crucifixion
i have not got what i need
i have never shed live seed
o i cannot cry anymore
because i cannot shut the door

ald limbs of self-sex appear
crippled with pissing queers?
. Deadliness has just today
walloped a midnight baby.



curious carrious beds of pure fire
burned my house down
spurious decorous beds of sound
swing, swing
and a house of cards
deals a pack of tarots to hymns
and we deal cards for hymns?

an expensive estate on the hill
listens to castled keeps
an expansive estate on the rill
swims for mansions
la la eaters of private missions
lock holy kids in prison
and an extension of closed arms
shoots an castled millionaire.

curious carrious beds of pure fire
burned my home down
furious fantastic beds of pure sound
healed me, and i ogled underground
and i found my body
crying as it fell apart

i used to cry all year
i used to die, but now a sickness hears
and because a crowd has disappeared
i will surely dry my eyes
and listen to sad rain.

eaters of fiction appear word-blind
reapers of friction
transgreee bodies with old rain
and a bed of demure fire
ignites dust as we fall under pain

i used to cry all year
i used to die, but now loved madness
hisses across ingenious ice
and because the clouds keep sadness
i shall have to learn my lesson?

eaters of edible Lord Jesus listen
deeply and intensely where miction
sheds sexy urine
and i haven't got time for urine?



there are five keen and lively girls
sharing white-bread foods
there is a picnic here
ah i wager my anorexic wife that
there are fine keen and lovely girls
indulging in a feast of nudes
and a roasted egg feeds the world
an old eggy bread
summons bakers of starved sphere
the plaintiff of a bulimic woman
hastens to force-feed cold children
and we have our lively cold collation
and we eat cheese-stars
and we crusade for fed rivers
there is no lunch-time at work.
Workaholics here starve at work
and there is here no dinner gong
and here there is a plate of cum

grey trollies outside a huge store
answer back to purchased walls
fay till-folks pay for old goods
and the co-ops of a sea of blood
sells stale crisped rice to cake-stalls
there are five keen and easy girls
chomping on a green beef-burger
there are twelve easy and eager lads
who suck on pork while chewing crab
and a fascinating oven
lets cold flame heat a bastard onion



a rotund mind of meat
savours mental body-heat
a venal mind of sleep
swills ices from a heaped
flown flower of pure Autumn
and a bed of mice
sacrifices ill dreams to pigeons
and a mind of sea-life
rocks aside a heart of seasons.

builded high in a coffin-glade
a manx of fevers hits jade,
rended from skin, a coffin-blade
exorcises dolls from skeins
and a horse of halls
rides inside a ball-room where
eaters of sculleries
send rosey grain to closed prayer.

cooks of cocaine harvests air
inglenooks of sea-pain. I
suck a gun from living hair
and the producers of bodies
lams a dog with canine tears
and a dummy rat jacks babies
o the cemeteries of sex-fire
dam easy puzzlers with pyres
outside an easy eaten world
guilty creators crash a swirled
avenue of cats and star-pearled
dreamers of lips and spind shit

the radios of a crying intellect
crane down inside a minaret
and cigarettes burn aside hips
and dying mentalis rips the spimd
seesaw of meths and old men

i went to bed today and nearly
drowned in sleep
ah ashes on my eyes dearly
sounded dumb sleep
and the dirty beladonna of my mind
rampaged after
sleepy suicides and hyena laughter.
O the intimate stairs to murder's father
lams the killers under snares..
Death entreats the killed to repair
washy jamed heads
and a mean daddy bus raps lead
under honeys where birds dare not
swing or sing,
and a woven heart
lashes destroyers to brown-arts
these ladied days where i read
dirty newspapers to closed heads
have me snickering under bed
and rollers of sin-noosed sleep
waters snakes with flowers
uh uh uh uh,.

in the chisels of my heart,
shaven swallows suck marked
veined felines who cut barked
body ships

we drown in the town where
a miraclous mind turns around
and around dirt's merry-go-round


i am in the perfect process of cooking wheat
i am in a pluperfect burned
city of roasted camals
and because my bed has to go to sleep
and because my head
heaps mad pussy
i must learn the day of night or else
glow just a like a body

eyes ease rubbles into a blue sky.
Death becomes us
Rape destroys lust
and we feel for arrows as old ties
appear ruddy strangled

i am in the perfect kitchen where meat
cries out aloud for crmbled murder
and my naked mind
melts into pentangles
and my sea of self drops off under
selfishness and dyed arrows

these endlessly fuckng days have
sex-midnights for death's blue sorrow
and a vein of fire
gives easy blood to a funeral pyre
and burners of tyres
loop the fucking loop where
eyes leap up from an armchair

a fire under a hot fanny heaps hair
under cupboards and prayer
a spire under a hot pussy snares
sex odours of blue and lemon
and because death has no reason
and because sex has no soul
i will arise at late morning
and crush a hot dreamed fish-bowl
eyes sunder city Numbers
skies rumble
live lies fall and fumble
and the rockers of the quarter-hour
empower kids with tabled
easy eager cake sales
o we have to ride a cooking flower
and give rise to sails
a fire under a hot muumy heaps air
inside bivouacs of hot fucked vales
and i shall cause a vale of tears
oh i will force a vase inside tears
eyes sunder city Numbers
skies rumble
easy raises of fables afix thunder
to eaten digital cables
we have the names by bloody heart


i dunk a stale hot biscuit in my cup
i drink flat ale
i listen to a deaf radio when
custards are fed to damaging sluts
and the pianos in my moon
play till the dead are done.
easy emptiness grows like a flower
easy deadliness
sharpens foods with old aged mess
and we nip a bad dress
and we trip, trip,
Ah Once upon a mind, old lips
pursed sex around receivers.

i dunk a stale hot biscuit in my cup
i suck old plums
o, i heard a moon-man piss from
pullled plop
and my dying mother has to stun
all of her dead children..



once sealed in a broken filing-cabinet
i will surely write against my days
once reeled inside a kitchen of magic
i will certainly dig my own grave;
and the masters of the meek
meld my phallus with greyed sleep

once upon a mind, i suffered heat
once above a mind, i suffered meat;
and the dolly grease we make hot
underlies cheeks with green sleek

once sealed in a broken filing-cabinet
i will certainly write about drag-nets.
Death comes into my room
Sex thrums flour as cake-bed pets
fondle cats with grey ravines

these are the mad words i abused
these are the sad words i accuse
and my heavenly body hires nude


the naked loaf of bread in my bed
has been sliced from sleepy deaths
the bakers of rude lead
stirs white-bread into flour
and i take some milk
and i swirl red flowersO
the mother naked loaves in my bed
feed my flash body to a sea of crows
as i awake the hour, grey salt bread
swallows emeries of buns and dead
pussy pullers of both day and night;
and eyes glitter just like gold
and minds whisper just like de old

rolled city cold heats a gay oven
sold city gold
hires a spoon from jesu's coven
and we lay ourcellves down
underneath a cellar of clowns
ah ah ahh

the naked loaf of bread in my bed
has been sliced from dizzy Sex
and sawn spraying cake-soft mess
cries, cries
and we load a cell with grey skies
and we hiss across icy sea-knives
and we raise a cross of wide eyes

the miracle men who flood death
try to heal then mirrors of de breath
o osiris isis drinks a cup of tea when
Eden leaps up from the evening's
starry bible-waste
and, o, a bed of lace
ties the cummed lips of love's face
we awake the final hour
we star-shape a dreamless power,
and dunny darling showers
knock history inside cooking space



and i am trying to put nudists in an underpass
and i am always dying
and i am always crying
O my distant Karma has put me underglass
and my naked head
swims, swims
and i am always trying to put female masks
underneath glassy sweet limbs

once upon a mind, my darling body blew
directly behind a bad wall
O a distant distinctive baby ball
was kicked into my bed
and i saw death dreaming about brawls

we have the pussy names by heart:
we have the easy flames in a dark
wasteland where a spool of sad cars
crusade for concertinas
and my eaten name
cries, cries

Daughters of robbers get sex-burgled by
a chicken of a vile loathed scribe
la we fall to sleep
la we curry sheep; and a lobe of lies
lops a tiny tongue from
a mouthful of grey heat

daughters of robbers get sex-hurtled
and a boy in town
scales a metal chimney; and towns
wall-in a bald sound
dizzy doctors prescribe milk as sleep
throttles the easy dead
la, we fawn to ambulances
la, we pawn healed rings when crowns
crown a pussy dream
daughters of robbers get sex-ferried by
a lantern to pure hell
and we swim inside
and we flow in shelves
and we read blank books



a pangyric of a pissing sex-horde
has touched upon the trees
a pusher of a hard banner hears leaves
dropping easy caves
i get stoned on sin
i get boned, and me and mother sin
scatters sex trades
and a boat upon a vast lake
sails till bodies break
daughters of robbers get sex-noosed
doctors of flavas
slash easy pips where feathers
put bluebirds to labia

heaters of guns shoot me
eaters of suns burn me
fathers of fun pun upon me.
Death's killer wheeze hastens me
to go back in time in order to
kill my infant self?
while Juno gives head, truths
end where liars soothe
all large churchy families.



weird dinner smells have led me to
feed inside the dark
weird eaties have wed me to dust
and a microphone
shouts the hour as a room of mush
serves weetabix to musk

muscles will grow up as a child
uses padding to hide his frailty
parcels will deliver porn for money
and muscles will certainly
grow until let down
weird dinner smells have led me to
dine inside a park
and i took my hot-pot to the park
and i fed some beef to a clown
wheezy chests cut kisses down
easy deaths shut-up
all evil female mutts
and eyes turn-on for blind sluts
weird weedy winos weep for
bad meadows and de cold war

widened up now, old cold thighs
eyed sexy cloud
and we bake for lies
and we cook for pussy pie

a rotten lime-tree-bower rides
ridiculous foreign tithes
a broken moon-beam
swallows deaths when
sweeteners of coffee-men arise
and die, die

widened up now, old cold thighs
are opened up for
easy sex and the voice of knives
, A spread of pores
sink pus into corpsed
veiny baby

and i die for lies
and ghosts taunt some cherry-pies
and yoyos are alway used
by little kids or else genius dudes



badly belated paintings
adorn a city wall
galleries of glass mount portraits
and we glance into
a ship of artists
o badly berated paintings
adorn neon halls
and we hiss for artisans
and we kiss the sun
there is a laden lady who
sweeps a painted street
there is a laden baby who
sweeps a feinted road; and dudes
dodge cars as blue vans
carry copious valleys where trams
weep and bang
a starry vale of tears hits upon
green dragons
ah ah
a starry sail billows in de sun
and mien awakes now




these aimless days where a sleeve of glass
hides hipped rabbits in the underpass
o these trendless days
where i pull my coat along a mat raids
eaters of cakes and creams.,
Deaths forever entertain us
Wrecks forever spin upon bad busts
and we heed bust-outs
and we career under old closed cuts
i willl choke with doubt
i shall suffer murdered louts
and i will wed to sweat when old nuts
are cracked up
these aimless days where a sleeve of glass
hides ripped rabbits in the underpass
have come to trade again
toy cats for rats and gravy trains

heapers of holidays take hay-long minds
deeply underground
and undergraduates are underground
and bodied bakers
bake blood-bread for laden minds




these easing days where i shape my grave
is eating here and now inside
bound cages
and a web of clay falls down a mine
and a tea of slaves is served to rages

because i dropped sugar on the floor
because i cut my cock in two
because i am a man without a whore
i will surely enter now
a green home on a hired hill when
dead male virgins end
these easing days where i shape my grave
is sleeping in the rain
these shadowy veins which
ram the powders around a deep ditch
follows flowers with decorous shame
and life knows that flowers will live again.

because i dropped my children's hammer
because i shot my moon
i will extend my two carpal arms and
ask of you your passion and your love.

the bedroom i use looks over a garden
the bathroom where keen flowers
flowed and flowed
lead me into my expansive kitchen
and my huge larder is filled with food
and i have always loved food

the bedroom is used when very young
used to overlook a cemetery.
Deaths cause funerals
Loss causes men to cry, and guns
shoot the sovereign hour

i had a toy dinsosaur once which
ascended space where toy rockets
caused my child-mind to pulse with
endless infant happiness

the bedroom i used overlooks a garden.
Self must be denied because
Selfishness causes humans to crack

o once a day and once a good night
i swallow easy hypnogogues
and, eh, i am here and now polite
and sleeping tablets and LSDs
have forever made me high as kites,



just last Wednesday, i paid a visit to my local shop.
I was sold a big bag of lovely sweets.
Just last evening, i paid a visit to my local store
and was sold, amongst many things, meat
o naked as i was when born
i pay now for all expansive expensive things
and when i intend to buy more and more
i will most certainly pay for a trip to the
murderous chilling northern yorskshire moors
whence a good and happy life has achieved
the utmost very best
whence a good and snappy life has achieved
the utmost city nests
i will arise and
i shall drive and drive and drive
due West where the hot rich songs are playing
once, as i was breast-fed, i danced upon a
ghastly high ceiling
and i fell from a great height
and i cut my own face with scissors; O, light
clambers now into my dreaming

why i do not care for anyone anymore is
because i have never had much of a life
..and if i have to experience no fun, then
i will surely end my life when
death pops up from mental ruin?.

death's words are cursed
and curse birds sing erse to
mongels in a menstrual horse
empires of bruised dirt moves
purple reason
from day to night...
uh uh ...FINITO!


the ashes in a beercan cram a sunrise with a jar
the flashes of a siren
rampage after doggy dusts
and the hearts of air beat beneath coded cars
and cashes of sad skin
warps rolled gold with holy sin

the trashes of the tamed train a boy to sound like
a female crooner
the masses of a toy train
mounts boards as a baby under red rain
rocks a dead heart
and the clashes of a river raise fires from Arizona
and the fastened dead
cry for pain

ahhmad memories tremble
sad families use dead thimbles
and soft pigs pray
ahhsad avenues lead roads astray

and now is the sexing of ashtrays



tailors of lost shirts drag a nape around a neck
saviours of lost hurt
drag a drape around a skirt
and a bath of grass has to rotatea about death
and whipped eyes burn

tailors of lost shirts drag a snake around a deck
sailors of wet-wort
drag a ship across a pan
and sweaters of spurts hammer anvils round
baby wrecks

once above all time, a house made from ground
swang for swanny jazz
and a flat of toad-crabs
cast paper cabs across the land

tradesmen use a sex-net where a baby island
falls into huge seas
and wideners use glass nets for england

the videos of old men have now dissolved to
ingenious dirty digitals
o, shadows on the brain have to suffer blues
and a mental gun
shoots a soft bun
and eyes yearn for mumma
and crazy ferns drop seed under screws

this is the bad world we sleep inOh,
here are the mad words of the heart
and a vase of leaves
digs flowers into sleeves
and a bud of blood brags after carts




what with faces found in vast rooms
we will learn about the ugly blooms
and we know the turgid dead
and we arise from
grey thieves whose abuse of a son
loosens tom thumb
and a tomb of guns

shoots hashes dead

the eager swipers of nocturnal telephones
slice a blue cake
the meagre swimmers of maternal cell-phones
telephone dark drakes
and a puller of the heart
rocks a hot drum
and a bed in heat hastens to hiss for bones

once upon a sad mind, we learned of stone
once upon a mad mind, we learned of drones,
and a cardinal flower
has to listen to a green flower
and a town of dromes
washes a sandman with two keen guns

as we wash ourselves we come to tower
above the stars when
a broken necklace dreams about children
and a believer in women
prays for grey gods

eager swipers of a nocturnal telephones
dial after cattle
the eager meter of maternal cell-phones
phone old saddles
and a dunny dream mounts a city-sloane





we have understood everything about the necks of men
we have chopped hot wood
o we have starred under drought
and we have understood about feline blood

a cavvy in a blue pram shoots a buggy
a lady with a nude pram
swallows old England,
and the wives of hands dams a body

we have understood everything about the necks of men
we have snapped raked Loves
and a bed of rages
shouts as fathers dream
and, right now, babes scream after cages

once upon a stool, i saw soft shirt men
undressing in a corridor
and a maid of fevers crams shit bends
inside city fingers

we have understood everything about the kiss of hymns
and we have laid hooped blessing eggs.
and the signs of God have swooped eggs.




where a singing sunrise beckons eaten rain
i will lay down my idols now
o when swinging star-rise strickens, then
grey clouds will stir old crowds;
and i heard about the moon of men when
easy idols cried from clouds
we have to soften
we have to seem swollen,
and a cot of glass heals a baby sermon
and a bench of garlands
swipes hot tears from cradle-sirens
we have understood nearly everything
we will come to anoint
swift trippers with a flower of evening
and a ship of sex
has to sail into death
ha ha

we have to soften
we have to play stolen
and a puff of grass hears the stolen
swallowing sweet mess



when a barn of bad carrion cuts into bitumen
then a sun of mad carrion
cuts good family down.
and the fazing sad clarion in my town
dances under night-rain

when a swarm of comfortable meat
sings for roasted wheat
when a storm of comfortable pain
drags brushes
then a photo to itself must
crust up with bent elf-husks

a barn of bad carrion cuts into scissormen
and a boating lover
sinks into a feather
and oaks, tyburns, elms sea-lather
after burnished abusers
and a hiatus of heroes cuts Fathers

the darkness of the daddy dead
sweat under summits
the deadlines of mummy is wed to
briny binary bread
and we teeter as we fall
and we whisper where we call

the darkness of the daddy dead
picks a prick from a burnt nude
and asses stink like bottoms
and faces sink into soft lungs
and woven killers
thread dead gods with a devil


sadness sucks on a hard nut
madness cuts a sea of diamonds;
Because vermeil fazers sea-sup
well-trodden waves
i will scent a solid nylon grave
under cots and caves
sodomisers of pleasing flowers
sink a penis-chop days deep
and the riders of a sex-hour
blossoms where naked power
gives head to blind cathedrals
and the wives of Heaven
chase cats imto Hellish havens

the darkness of the daddy dead
sweat beneath punnets
and strawberry scuds cut heads
with a crucified bread-knife;
and jazzy masses ride aside gannets,
and geese gabble after
funeral men and cremated cava

a laden licker lense frightens
all eyes and all visual sirens
and a blue sympathy on the moon
ravel under timeless cocoons
uh uh



waiting for sense as i brushed my hair,
i noticed a sea of change
- the inglenook where i suffered prayer
seemed at first killed and then
shut indoors..
o awaiting rain, as i scaled the stair
i noticed a sea of insanity
and what with the sad time of air
and what with the sadness under wards
i kiss the jailers bent above me
o i kissed the stars of my days when
easter women combed their gems
and eyes whisper as they see
odes to passion shining like bees

waiting for sense as i washed my hair
i observed a new way of seeing;
and a blushed bad grave in hearing
hastens me to look beyond the stars
and window men who brighten
will see my impassable woman
made from grey tears and sex-scars
imperfect english peoples see Mars
wanking a dead planet into scarves
and once above my veins, a cock-hard
hissed inside of me
and mental sirens

drop a loud rock




and i was just shooting off to the shops
and then i found a penny in a slot made
grey and old as blue day
ah a counter in a coil spent my moneys
and swift hagglers after rich clay
had to swag me where bankers died
..ahh i cried where expansive lies
stole a penny from eyes;
and a lyon of men must
seal a pursed wallet inside deep lusts
and a pussy in a crust
has to heap hot tenors where wives
steal a husband's hard earned fuss.

once upon a dime, a dollar-seeker
laid mean self where eager reapers
opted to spend a pound per day
but one zillion swords
swell up and up where spended lays
gamble upon fascinating casinos
.and we reach out across a blaze
ah as we spend for drought then pay
shatters a guilty golden robbed grave

and eyes don blinded bandits
and wealthy walkers whip coin-dip
and i was just shooting off to the shops
and then i underspent
for a silver mind inside a mined copped
gold pithead
Uh isolated, my shrinking thumbs
sink brass into pounded piggy plum
Uh annihilated, i shoot gum
against GGs and exterminated red
russian roulettes...ah here, a bookies bed
bets about a killer with a chopped
financial headrest..

and eyes don blinded bandits
and wealthy warpers pay for remits
.ah a long time ago, where gold lips
had to kiss a silver writ
we held to wagering wages.. Trips
dance aside walloped purses





the vitamin of a veined gull
stirs coffees into muds
the kitchens of reined dogs
dribbles into meats
and a strap of a heart heaps gnarls
where, shaved clean,
a match-head in a screen star-skulls
bones of wheat
and a crocus of a stabbed mind
weevils carves into gloves
and a hymen's city drug trips phlegm
around scored sleep

the fish-opened watch on a bald wrist
snatches rats
the fist-shaken crotch of a bald kiss
catches bats
and a mug of catches
pours coffee into baths
and a venal float falls upon vast
vaginal races

a bed of busy grease has to salve
a sea of catty cures
a desk of easy jeeps
jack a flown face as a cock-valve
roams into pure fire
and a bouncy girl's lowered beard
clasps a tawny spire

the vitamin of a veined gull
stirs coffins into blood
and we wash scent against God



thermal benders have to drop blind shavers
o a veiny mumma
pads a milk-pot where a golden lover
leaps across Leda
and we ride a crowd across a killer
and we rise under a forced roe-rider

thermal benders have to drop blind shavers.
Deaths draw blood lots
Sex stares, and a ruiner of baby tops
swims for the murdered hour
and paraffin is poured down a flower

coffees in cabins set a chin of beer
where, skinned, a wreck of tears
blows a cunt-blade
and thermal benders have to drop drillers
and poky poxers
pee upon glades as a shitted pox-star
dollops baby rum

blazers of blown bollocks shoot cum
razors of stoned self-shots
shoot a dizzy a scar around de hots
and a breaded cot
falls to dumb pieces

easy riders cry for city air when
catters dog-crucify
grey baby blooders

the spinning guilty juices of faeces
stop wet love
with mad gloves.



this bedside room where i chose to die
has hissed inside the Ark
o, a poster of dark noon
shines, shines
and the riders of the moon writhe for
indigo eyes

a vitrium in a veined blow fights for
idiot children's whores
la la a coffee in a shower hits gore
and we wee all year
and we caress veiled tears
and we kill sex shores
this bedless room where i chose to die
has pissed upon the dark
and a flat of faces
dulls sadness with stasis
and a bell of aces plays sex poker
endlessness grows like grey cancer



as dunny dreamer
drool like lovers
Death grows like mothers
Self yearns like murders
and a sea of figs
drowns flour as baker's kids
eat stale buns
and we wave at the sumner
and we cherish hot winter
and softening fingers
noose spring and autumn

a dunny bride upon a hill
sucks a clothed nut
a dummy bride inside a slut
cuts a robed rill
and we sink a tea into a cunt
and we swallow camomile
a dunny dreamer
drools like a liar.

a dicking manor of a dead house
rips a pretty bird
a kicking hanger of red nerves
slits a dizzy mouse
..eyes burn like stings
skies turn as buggies under wind
grinds salt from musk

a budder of a brainer buries us
where, spind, a focal fotal bus
rides car-west
and a sea of spires trips us
where jays wire lipped trucks

a dicking manor of a dead house
slips a pretty girl
and a bed of pearl
mothers a piss-pearl
..and cubbies of this world will
surely find no lover.



the tea-things in a bath have to move
soothers with booze
the coffins in a mask have to move
ald beds where
a bound penis-prayer
toasts god's killers
and a bone of carts breaks us down
a vaginal chasm rocks a doll-town
a oracular cavern
has to taunt sleep where wide sound
whispers into mirrors
and the coastal kids eye pris'nors
O tea-things in a bath have to soothe
tap-drinkers with strimmers
and i ease a donkey-drum
up a pony-fed stair
and i listen to boiled air

i am in touch with fish rudders
i am fucked by dicky truckers
and a labile change
drinks a salt-chain
ahAs wideness loosens rain
then we will dance again?

vaginal vaultings will see pain
crying for roofs of sperm-rain
and a blenched buttoned father
falls to rape's tether.



these fixing dazzlers of old liquid clothes
wash a family now
o a female face in a crowd clouds robes
and we seem loud
but silence is our lot
and dumbness shapes our city cot
and deadness craps upon soft toads
we ease a blue gemstone where moss
gets kicked off
we ease a green gravestone where souls
slap a spirit-coff
and a loud tureen serves cakes to crossed
angel cloud

we heed vast hymens
we weed salt-gardens...

these fixing dazzlers of rolled liquid gold
towel deaths down,
o a female case in a cloud snaps,
and a wrenched hook of buyers has traps
trickling down a trachea
and a pactive passioner pees on paps
and a cusped tongue
teases teased tirades with licky laps

we heed vast pylons
we read about hyrdrants
and a capper of a panda coda taps
petrol fingers upon the past
and we heed vast diamonds
and a masser in a grey mask seasons
soldiers sirens with orange
pealer lemon.

the endlessness of deadliness chortles
the friendliness of native nests
rock a raised drum
and my spun heart hisses where metals
mix cunts into clay



chickens may well peck at sparrows
o dirty pits may well egg in de gallows
and the farms of light slaughter meadows
and chickens boil their feathers very dry

, i am whoring death now and
eyes eat eagles as birds suck sand and
I am warring wading woman made from
soft charred cunts and
Lovers lead Lesbians into a salty span

Fleshy felines feed familial females
and skies spit twinned ties and males
meld milky maps with veins and veils

guilty geek gods grasp for grass and
nails lead lost leaners to a crossed man
and I am a tree of horses and I am a
Mad boy made from bees and waxy

I kiss ice cold as tongues taste men.

loud chickens may well peck at dunes
o filthy pelicans must fish for de moon
and a carapace of a cocking sea-child
slaps a dummy mule around grey noon



Yes, i hear a sea of tears
yeh, i see a tree of fears
lost dead kissing birds
and, o, when once fears
grow old
then cold songs will sear
burned candy guns

where whored guns leer
then god's cum will
feed dolls to city light
and neon bairns must light
blorted blared midnights
and digging deadness
delves death for kindness

wavering wool-men dress
woven breasts
lathering gold-men press
weeping death,
and holy sin suffers swift
roped sanitised
killer bells

nude chickens may well lay baked egg
o rude sun-graves may well murder egg
and my minty mental nave has to dredge
heated melon eyes from racist fay-deaths.


This side of a billy can, I slap slash backs and
Keen cool razors
this side of a vein’s hands, I cap cats and
raise radios from lasers
when once pulled pigs pull on seizures
then fitted red weals reel after
eaten rifles and the deaths of hereafter
and, rocked by sand,
as veiled hearts dam titted tom litters then
starved sons splatter silk

The slutted shits of a shipped death will send
Dallied daddy sauce when
Rats rape ladies....


these endlessly chortling days where i
laid my sea-harness down
sea-poke dinner flames with a dew hair-grave;
and chicken towns
toss a teeny tonsure into pled fire;
and a wallower under crowns
strides under chappy towns to find all dreams
riven with sound

and a musical heir swigs from jazz-brawl as
a frozen sea-town
trackles under masks when a greying geezer
of a soft clown has
no eyes to circus-paint; and sirius in a
tooth dogs after dead gas
and eyers eye for deaf saints and faces fail, fail, fail;
and sounds
fill a street-bedded star-car with lunar-sea-sails;
and my town
hisses for conundra as a sweet car crashes upon fishy grounds

and we will get tracked down
and we will sunder our little town...



these endlessly chortling days where i laid my harness down is
dune-affixed to hurtled poesy-plaids;
and a woman under fists is
led to a man-netted gravy-glade that leads chickens
under wrists
and renders on de blue run shave fats with
crucifixion's bled lips
and a dangler under grey nuns slap a pig-fig as munching ole kids
breakdown and slurry-sleeve ancient gay rib to a boned
O, as we nuke the long dead bomb then
we summon frigid frigs
with gentle gentians that revere guns. Dying thin sane ovens dig
a dollar and a dime from a long failed english pound;
and towns
trickle down a sticky toffee thigh; and sex will
never closedown?

stickers of saddening billy men advertise drag with
old fish-twigs.
Deathliness comes to us in a robed face-guise to find
blue lids
lathering; and, O, once aside of us, a human in a crust
has to rid
a robbery of signs from signal eyries; and mad children
easy heapy winky weepy fuck-funerals to crematers of blue tips
and, la la, masoners of muck-headers cement pigs to
and eynes, postmodernly burnt, brags for Lent then kills hot hips
once upon a glass grind, i heard of webs then
span a spider-slit; and lemon ochres will sunder chickens.

Uh Uh UhEND..



an eager sodden soul that edges ebbing rainbows under horse-shit
looms across a budded garden; and a fox under crows
eats shit
and a dauphin of a donkey dramatises
vinegar apes with dog-shit
and, la la la, me and my mental dolphin-car drive inside a
and, ahahh, me and my periodical cunt-scar crashes on lewd tits

an eager sodden soul which pledges after milk has to sodomise
with bummy cagers in the bright moon's prison;
oo, weed writhes;
and, o, sullen slippery drips dig a donny hospice
underneath eyes
and, o, sudden drippy kicks shove green petals;
and spied eyes
weeper as they radio-whimper for aliens and their rubber skies
and a spacing pricker man sinks a flamer of fear
whence skies
slacken de cock-killed. Devilry drinks to loss when easter eyes
widen for dippered cocoa pinks;
and we wash ticking ashes?

once endangered by purple urine, a swiper of tripping tod veins
comes burying bitten hearts with a chemical dog's tail-stains
and a massive doom denier snips grey pentacles from dead veins
and the dogs of rain yap as they bark; O, users of dead trains
dampen trainyards with Noah's heart;
and bended root-champagne
toasts a tom-tail-tit with spicy farts; and sexy shrill windowpanes
siren after bladder boats; and geezers wank with
keen stoats and
skyliners cry for sky-scribers and a gallower's shank strains
from maggot latrines where a nuker of shallowers
use sands

ah ah, a bleeder on a feral cat-track farms fitters of england
ah ah, a flavourer of a ferine rat-crack farms pissers of men
with evil idolisers of bladder sap; Oh, we yearn after england
but blue-bursted britain stops cunt-nap and odes to sticks are
blaring on bruised radios about canine caps
and stinking calves
and weakeners shaft blades into feline tacs as pinking scarves
navy-shroud a blued isis revolt that bleeds
tapping milk-cars....

O-La O-La oooooEND..



an eager sodden soul that pledges pusselled pussy papers to
ripen under Eden must scatter poppy seed

and Aladdin shakes his gold-lamp when dog-demons cut noosed
blathery bed-hangers; and an architect of god's suck juice
sweeten sirens and swagger for a kitchen bod;
and cunt-moose
molds a cagey figure from a fingery ginger rod as cock-brutes
slammer a rifler of a handstand with
levitated dummy flutes.

benited by bummy men, i see a roman cradle fiddling
and, star-tried, as wisdom crawls, a daddy of a pissing mute
magifies birdy beacons with trawly nets that stink of fluke;
and a magazine on its slagging sides sweats after
ahh once aside a netted hagging tide, braggers poxed spooks
and, carrot-crammed, an idiom of wanky wept holes
root for
dangerous lifers who comfort god's maul;

but gods use whores?

O the full frontal pined image of drakes and dolls
Drag daughters for veins and idols
O the skulled scissors of a dead village
Slice bolls with ballrooms
Sss we walk across the hall where eyes eat
Dark wives and sisters
O the full frontal fined image of drakes and dolls
Sucks wallets from killers

As eyes extemporise a wide while, then sailors
Will cut dogs where rivers
the cisterns of the wine stained must flavour
lambs and lies.
.Ahhh wicked mind-eyes drive roses across
severers of heaving english gardens
and we weep as we sleep
and we sweat optics till killers cut sleep
from hair-bands.

La La La...



Icicles, over isobars of burgeoning snow,
cluster in the fields of London
madrigals and permafrozen rivulets and floes
rage and rave like a cruel Victorian;
and the manacles in the river
sire their balling chains along
each contemptuous ideal shiver
of the cafes in a murderous and frozen throng.

Winter's here, and ice seem seared yet static:
where the English Temples heave,
love that knows no fame, pnuematic,
blasts the eyeless lungs of sex-sleeves:
in the Centres of time's palace,
when the eagled standards crow,
cut and glutted comes the malice
of red heroes in the gear of their frozen nodes.

God's life is made empty: crying causality
slakes lust's cold sisters as
icers, gyring, disappear:
with our northerly memories
come the white-eyed emeries
of these winter garlands inside chill-tears.

winter kills springtime as if commendable;
as bright drills align,
down come wintry tentacles
who, brushed by the crows of time,
blow upon cooling mind-glaciers
whereby the spheres of frigid wine,
chilly lipped, turn racier
than any commandeer of this coldly frozen mind.

God love is made empty: crying causality
sears us with tundra and
spikes us with antartic geology;
and, as blued heart-strings grind
deeply under the bergs of times,
crow-shoes and hats of freezing light,
chilling our tongues with midnight,
shatter like a family across the melted sines

O... these ragged days are midnight
O... these tragic teamsters flower for
deniers and hanged wards



Lambed by yarning yearlings, I sup suspended kills where
dammed, me and messy changelings
Jam jazzy jackers with wired vines and peopled prayers

As digging burned coats clad the coast, then grey air
Etherises silk with sines and cars
And, o, as a body breaks, then a river under mares
Washes stallions in hired money

We have jazzy wives for wedded knives
Ss we have diddy lies for spear bedded tree tides
And, o, as sylvan scissored monkeys ride
Then vast vowels avow to wasp hide
And we dig satanic cobra eyes

As slammed permits rain then catted tribes
Dig for false history.

A family of dives drivels after old grey cities
O, a memory of knives ravels for
Bombed blued bodies, and, sss, I see war
Ramming hands into honeys
And men melt…
A family of cries ripples after cold closed dairies
And, la, as a tree of milks
Trips for lilacs, then scabby scathed silks
Trap clothes in pelts

As sisterly cisterns crack then
Blonde bones
Dreamt sea stone.

chicken meal may well peck on cochineal.



i am a wet boy when I fool sex and
i am a dun boy who eats sweat-scans
and god is my romancing devil guide

Purple pealing pee feeds skins to wide
weeping draping mad wives when
horses heal halving fathers and men
end, and I am a devil in a caped gem?

Gals taught me about the dark sun and
I am a scattering sea of dumbs and
Mojo peals my prickler as angels land
facedown in a tree of ghost satans

Lady love is a losing hissing lover and I
am exited when rivers kiss my mind.

the eyelets will open behind old women
AH MEN, - ashes yearn
and lashes burn
and dukedoms die




chickens may well peck at sparrows
o dirty pits may well egg in de gallows
and the farms of light slaughter meadows
and chickens boil their feathers very dry

, i am whoring death now and
eyes eat eagles as birds suck sand and
I am warring wading woman made from
soft charred cunts and
Lovers lead Lesbians into a salty span

Fleshy felines feed familial females
and skies spit twinned ties and males
meld milky maps with veins and veils

guilty geek gods grasp for grass and
nails lead lost leaners to a crossed man
and I am a tree of horses and I am a
Mad boy made from bees and waxy

I kiss ice cold as tongues taste men.

loud chickens may well peck at dunes
o filthy pelicans must fish for de moon
and a carapace of a cocking sea-child
slaps a dummy mule around grey noon

Yes, i hear a sea of tears
yeh, i see a tree of fears
lost dead kissing birds
and, o, when once fears
grow old
then cold songs will sear
burned candy guns

where whored guns leer
then god's cum will
feed dolls to city light
and neon bairns must light
blorted blared midnights
and digging deadness
delves death for kindness

wavering wool-men dress
woven breasts
lathering gold-men press
weeping death,
and holy sin suffers swift
roped sanitised
killer bells


nude chickens may well lay baked egg
o rude sun-graves may well murder egg
and my minty mental nave has to dredge
heated melon eyes from racist fay-deaths..

This side of a billy can, I slap slash backs and
Keen cool razors
this side of a vein’s hands, I cap cats and
raise radios from lasers
when once pulled pigs pull on seizures
then fitted red weals reel after
eaten rifles and the deaths of hereafter
and, rocked by sand,
as veiled hearts dam titted tom litters then
starved sons splatter silk

The slutted shits of a shipped death will send
Dallied daddy sauce when
Rats rape ladies....




these endlessly chortling days where i laid my sea-harness down
sea-poke dinner flames with a dew hair-grave; and chicken towns
toss a teeny tonsure into pled fire; and a wallower under crowns
strides under chappy towns to find all dreams
riven with sounds
and a musical heir swigs from jazz-brawl as a frozen sea-town
trackles under masks when a greying geezer of a soft clown has
no eyes to circus-paint; and sirius in a tooth
dogs after dead gas
and eyers eye for deaf saints and faces fail, fail, fail;
and sounds
fill a street-bedded star-car with lunar-sea-sails;
and my town
hisses for conundra as a sweet car crashes upon
fishy grounds

these endlessly chortling days where i laid my harness down is
dune-affixed to hurtled poesy-plaids;
and a woman under fists is
led to a man-netted gravy-glade that leads chickens
under wrists
and renders on de blue run shave fats with crucifixion's bled lip
and a dangler under grey nuns slap a pig-fig as munching ole kids
breakdown and slurry-sleeve ancient gay rib to a boned
O, as we nuke the long dead bomb then we
summon frigid frigs
with gentle gentians that revere guns.
Dying thin sane ovens dig
a dollar and a dime from a long failed english pound; and towns
trickle down a sticky toffee thigh; and sex
will never closedown?

once upon a glass grind, i heard of webs that span a spider-slit
and acidic revolvers get shooting artisans
oh, oh, oh: deniers under nets appears shafted by onions

and looseners
appear jammed by blue killers




an eager sodden soul that edges ebbing rainbows under horse-shit
looms across a budded garden; and a fox under crows eats shit
and a dauphin of a donkey dramatises vinegar apes with
and, la la la, me and my mental dolphin-car drives
inside a nut-lip
and, ahahh, me and my periodical cunt-scar crashes
on lewd tits

an eager sodden soul which pledges after milk has to sodomise
with bummy cagers in the bright moon's prison; oo, weed writhes;
and, o, sullen slippery drips dig a donny hospice underneath
and, o, sudden drippy kicks shove green petals; and spied eyes
weeper as they radio-whimper for
aliens and their rubber skies
and a spacing pricker man sinks a flamer of fear whence skies
slacken de cock-killed. Devilry drinks to loss when
easter eyes
widen for dippered cocoa pinks;
and we wash ticking ashes?

once endangered by purple urine, a swiper of tripping tod veins
comes burying bitten hearts with a chemical dog's
and a massive doom denier snips grey pentacles from
dead veins
and the dogs of rain yap as they bark; O, users of dead trains
dampen trainyards with Noah's heart;
and bended root-champagne
toasts a tom-tail-tit with spicy farts; and sexy shrill windowpanes
siren after bladder boats; and geezers wank with keen
stoats and
skyliners cry for sky-scribers and a gallower's shank strains
from maggot latrines where a nuker of shallowers use
and eager sodded souls that edge eating rainbows under clits
are here and now riding under rats;
and a mazy wintered slip
schisms under dames that pull nicely apart the dreams of ticks;
and a lemon soul for a fast cat fascinates mice
with flea-flits
and a melon mold catches bats with dinner-fangs;
and bee-bits
bang upon bunneries when eastern wigs face-paint
gay flea-pits
and monkeries in droolly nunneries ride for eye-saints when
shelter alca-selzta in movie-manes; and a boner in hearted hips
mashes to a blenched beat; O
A witness to stovers drops kicks.

ah ah, a bleeder on a feral cat-track farms fitters of england
ah ah, a flavourer of a ferine rat-crack farms pissers of men
with evil idolisers of bladder sap; Oh, we yearn after england
but blue-bursted britain stops cunt-nap and odes to sticks are
blaring on bruised radios about canine caps and stinking calves
and weakeners shaft blades into feline tacs as pinking scarves
navy-shroud a blued isis revolt that bleeds tapping milk-cars.

benited by bummy men, i see a roman cradle fiddling dukes
and, star-tried, as wisdom crawls, a daddy of a pissing mute
magifies birdy beacons with trawly nets that stink of fluke;

and a magazine on its slagging sides sweats
ahh once aside a netted hagging tide, braggers wept
and, carrot-crammed, an idiom of wanky wept holes root for
dangerous lifers who comfort god's maul;

and gods use whores?



inside wet radio skies, i hear now the stereos
come sliding where schizophonics slash souls
down, down,,
uh a mummy town searches suits for mad crows
& the crowded rains of rape sup on shadowed
hands, kneees, & body crowns

as a bench of blood bangs in a hand, sounds
snap a wader where winnowers nape ground
keen maddy waters
& i imp for aces & i lynch ropes & proctors
lam a noosed face with
rabbit gunners...La, a lashy lady who kicks
cold kindlers
vamp a vast vine from grey city chases.

the burnt shot feet of the shouted moon
neck-draggles a star of a meat - Lo, faces
fade inside nude nothingness
&, when vixens vaporise, the grey drivellers
dog-dam a dangerous city's sallied Hitlers
o the box of the veined
teem with billy birds...

timeless tinder voxes sip a sotto voce
- la, a liquid head of sugar silt has hoists
hoodluming after
closed caverns & bone-bagged laughter.

we shoot lemon geese..
we hoot for female lions-
the blind world gaggles......
- gargling natrons slit a pierced peck
& deaf ghosts kiss vaunted stations.

AHH Men..


whence a wicked salt of Man
cuts blue loss away
then a spoil of dead sea-hands
must taste midnight

a bled brawl breaks, la, ribbands
bake a waspy moon

whence a crooked style has
two fangs for cat-gas, then
snoozing labia snip mermen

a bad stall falls, bad seamen
fish for gold.

shitty soul-sex has no loved ghost
o idiot foals
suffer tawses, & a boat of gold
sleeps for thunder.

these two hands i hold hear
fishermen of sea-fear
made old as mother?

& a dog-headed dame sears
homeless brothers
then bad drawlers dam
sweet kicks & female tears.

the brides of the deadmost drink
coded sweat-bear
o a lover of the bedmosts shrink

ladymost pleasure lops cold pink
potato brutes
& a bed of lines telephone lynched
bobbin suits
a limey lock of feathers snaps us
& dusts drip for
peacocks & plumed pan-pus.




oo a boat of binaries beats old gods
- a rolly pole of mods heats
moped blood
oo a boat of binaries heaps gold sods
- ~where we die, then
eyes cry for
gilded piss-men.

the abode of the eagle-dead rob
old silks from seizures
& as epileptic night knots drugs
then fast fitters flay
god's brain?

o, lard-hard on a stable, cuts
slut after fish.

heady hot voices have vamped our trail
.-a tree in heat hits wowed axes - O, sails
snap a bed around an engine..
& sturgeon laces a wave-fix
& spurgeons cut a grave-lip

o greasy men, who drink from vales.
supper after dune-dayed sun-gin
& a salt-shaken torn town's kits
crap against bright limbs?

heady hot voces have rammed dales
where, mitched, a bell of daffodils
wash love's eyes in lardy water-hills..
we have jammed a sobber/-La-
cunt-curing curved cat-clubbers
dance to a midnight maze
&, drained by news, we hear Mars

come laying the dead with
vaginal gassed cars....

once inside my mind, i was
killed by a catty glower..



These daddy days where i sent ma to sleep
heralds a family wake
o, as faces shake, then we have to car-reap
gold summers of a keen father.

& we suck a soul-nut when idols of wheat
rock a bay of christs?

o daddy dancers share songs with deep
estranging rabbling wave-wipes
& we heave a fast thick breath of steep
dolly hills that fall down
easy idlers of a lazy sound shatters
siliver angels of dirt Gods...La, snappers
snap a city's dicky
& blue-grey fast faces will hear feathers

tickling a dove of Love.

idioms of wheat-lips hear a diabetic fool
wolfing grey venom
la a bay of kids craps under old tools
& a bed of baddies
block a grey drain of eaten dummies

o we are wound under mummy cloths
ah, we appear wrapped under moths
Endlessness shapes our feline souls.
,sun-risen apes hurt a sea of gold
& closed cuts rave..

idioms of wheat-hips harness sweet
diabetic bonces that bounce sleet
deeply down where ices break..



when once aside god's den, we hear
a drizzler of an angel harping tears
o a cunt of light lights ozone lamps where
dogdayed flashers
flash within wetted nights of blue air

a lady on a keen height knots hair
inside shadow-guns where odd prayer
prays for the death of God?

when once aside love's din, we hear
a rivered dunny chap come to peer
deeply down inside
bleached blanco parrot wives. Oh,

one upon a baby, we cradled christs
& once, for babby, we heard mice
hiring a vole-hole to a maggot-heist
gearing ghosts of gas grip to night's
slumbering dream-failure..

the entrancing dolly flower which slides
old pushers from familiies
hoists a sickled shroud-sail from
trembled scents
& a bowl of honeys caps a gunned
sonar table where odoured minds
morass under a cardigan of wives

this side of a damaged moon, eyes
hammer sex from daisies
& a rivered stench of tit-dairies
tommy after steely stabby skies

once above a diamond, i heard
roped rusks feeding a body-bird
& a spire of lips
lap a lazy cage with tamgy curds...

ah as stamping mirror-mud swerves
outside a false hotel where perves
sweep a gunny wart from outed
diamante unicorn
& a horse in a net catches fire
& kingfishers sweat for wired
bobby caged cunt spawn!

i have wizened when i learn of
ravelling kicks-Oh, neon gobs
smack a sister fista - Ahh, suds
sodomise sense with a whiskered
dammy cat of cures for petters..

there is no mind may set us free
la, there is no wynd may star-freeze
for God is gone..


the sunshine has my dizzy mind
running grey faces through..
where unicorn ivies strangle foods
then manic aces grind
giddy oils of acid
oh a breaking moon has to find
death inside roped nudes

& a murder's hanged dominion
must raise a noose from minds
ah a wicked easel paints dudes
&, leant to weevils, sex-screws
slash a bush in a a veined blow.

& Love has a naked boy, Lo
bled God has a nude-eyed toy
& we stomp at the fierce Savoy
&, lo, as sin strips off, then
loud weezers must buy for hens
lunatical blind restaurants?

gee, it seems so near today
that the nurse in a hearse displays
pinking monkeys made from jams
gee, its appears that dismay
will shape our suns from a gay
jazzy jumping city grave.

neon mermen run roses thru
o a old hissed hens spiral news
down, down, down
where the kissed rats smoothe
eaters of radishes & rifles.-
la la lal la...

ogres in fruit-seasons stifle
hot weird wards of eager rain
& a circus made from clasped cars
van the airs of dyers with
monkey men that mate with figs
& a musical baby uses gay scars
&, liced, we stroke sparks from
prism-pallied feline fawns.

rivets of roman men melt dung
civets of aroma cut a dog-bun..
ahhhh ha-hahunh...
skillets rock a robin den
& ideal cheetahs carry gems
back homeward when
christs listens to god's elbow...


naked we come, naked we
fall from a town hall.



she's a real secondhand girl, spastic in her secondhand world, making
secondhand chocolates for secondhand spies - stop now, girl, and wonder
why. making secondhand chocolates for secondhand guys, making secondhand
chocolates for thirdhand eyes - stop now, girl, and wonder why, stop now,
girl, and reap the lies. secondhand girl, thirdhand world, secondhand
world, furled under furl, secondhand sinner, secondhand woman, secondhand
girl; a death in coming. she's a real secondhand girl, spastic in her
secondhand world, making secondhand chocolates for secondhand spies - stop
now, girl, and wonder why.
i met a boy at turn of vein, he had two minds, he had two brains - two
creatures, wrought in milton lobes - i met a boy at turn of toad. i met a
boy, yet nothing more - a boy of leers and dreaming scores. i met a boy, a
key-ho-hey, i met a boy at change of day. confessed in birth, this earth
is mad, duressed in curse, this earth is sad. i met a boy, he had two
brains; two-brained boy, two-brained boy. i met a boy, he had two brains;
two-brained boy, two-brained boy.
this is a crucified crusade - come together, join together - born in
shells and born in blade, we go forever. see the bearers meet for pleasure
- come together, join together - born in tides of festive ether, we go on
forever. this is a crucified crusade - come together, join together - born
in cells and born in jade - come together, join together - born in shells
and born in blade, we go on forever. as the scanners strip the heavens, we
go on to feast unleaven, as the scanners strip the sky, we go on to mystic
high; as the scanners break the summer, we go on to cryptic number, as the
scanners live to ruse, we go on to mystic noose. this is a crucified
crusade - come together, join together - born in shells and born of
leather, we go on forever. born in shells and born of leather, christ must
reap the weather.
now i've found this birth is sound & the rivers scale the trees, i won't
choose to be profound, but shall dement to please. now i have made a
birthday blaze & the easter sea is sailing, i won't choose to be profound,
but shall dement through failing. i have found the endless earth, i have
found the hunter's worth, i have found the sea of summer, i have found the
petrol thunder. i won't choose to be profound, less this birth is
howlaround. i won't choose to be profound, but shall dement to please. now
i've found this birth is sound, now i've found this earth is round, now
i've found, now i've found, now i've found this birth is sound.
everybody look to the air, everybody rise from their chair; everybody, see
it coming - the whirlwind, the whirlwind. this is the whirlwind; no man's
skin blinds away where children sin. this is the whirlwind, this is the
whirlwind, this is the endless whirlwind. something's going on round here,
what it is is just not clear - we must reap the moon today, less the
whirlwind pass away. everybody look to the air, everybody rise from their
chair; everbody, see it coming - the whirlwind, the whirlwind. this is the
whirlwind; no man's skin blinds away where children sun. this is the
whirlwind, this is the whirlwind, this is the easter whirlwind. some boy
told me god once lived, but god lies sundered in the crib. this is the
whirlwind, this is the whirlwind; see it come - the whirlwind.
she drives on in her mint star, drives all night in her mint star. no man
has ever seen her scar. she drives on in her mint star. she has eyes that
burn with pride, lilac robes that storm the skies. she has all the best of
you. she drives far in her mint star. she has insight into graves, she
holds the key to all dismay. i should like to hold her tight, but she's
coming out tonight. she drives on in her mint star, drives all night in
her mint star. no man has ever seen her scar. she drives on in her mint
star. she has hairs that burn and rave, she has heirs that know no slave.
she drives far in her mint star, she drives far in her mint star. i should
like to hold her tight, but she's coming out tonight. she drives far in
her mint star, she drives far in her mint star. no man has ever seen her
scar. she drives far in her mint star.
Copyright JDB 1999