200 speed-written songsheets

portrait of the late great genius poet-singer-performer-songwriter David Bowie (real name: David Jones).


nurses of sadness try to heal bruised lies
o a box of deadliness snips grabbers
& a beam of wilfulness mocks flown fathers
once aside of us, where a star-lit leader
rode on Leda's back,
then we swanned after xmas...o, fevers
wash sex down when old male craps
cook dirtied rolled potato
nurses of sadness vie for killers where
rites reap a radio from idle sea-stairs

the widening bedders of a mucking mane
rot where lions burn
o, a tree of iron yawns after fens & pain
pomades dolls wth fathers
^& i shall jack my fathers?

slaim boats spring towns ahh- we rain
down, down, down
& fossils of mermen will always drown.

yeah yeah yeahhhhh
!!!!o o oo oo la la

eyes issue blind tissues
.. hands fear rams & coded red nudes
wash three hot hands
o eyes issue blind tissues

wivers of radios turn a Digital drip
deeply down where riddles
rock for swung sense

easy cuddlers carry pain where lips

run dry..



four heads fall as we weep after
cabinet halls
o five devs fall as we sleep under
citied gold brawls

night-strokes bang in blue lumbers
oh a tree of green times
trips for thunder

ghost men with sea hands sunder
all gods & all rings...

the trippers of the hill trilled sing for
slain silence
o a slitter of a hot ring must score
pain-painted violence
& a sea of guns shots a sex-store
when once we murder eyes then
will shall supper for starved hens
& gemeralds of fear
must rock and roll where tears
ignite candlers
too keen to die, alone, saviours
must sweat for siren gods
& we drug a fat fire & we layer
rude rulers of cliffs & curved sods




leaders of balsa wood don loud fevers
o,. fathers of eagled blood
sweat for a miscarriage
o, & we rise from wheat as marriage
separates curd from whey

where we turn to day, then we stray
deeply down inside a cage of stayed
boncy gold graves
leaders of balsa wood axe red knees
& a bine of flava bloods faceless steeds
to mare-high pony plays
& we have horse-statues in our heads
& we have mule-sude shoes under beds
where we turn to grieve, then we lay
hot rocky sirens.

osiris under horus ingests apex flowers
o, eaten fathers
fawn to tv powers & a bone of sin
swings for razors
& we sing for sunny feather-dimmed
birdy boxed blayers

osiris under old dust worships winds
& a vast cat's soul
taunts her holy mold with spind
scissor grass
leaders of a balsa blade bed wine
& we scutter for true comb-kind



jinglers of deus drips dream of a dunny world's
intensive bay of creams
la a bod of Zeus nips a screen & wild pearls
swing, swing

i have suppered for nude thieves.. & kings
napper after mined trees.
once again, friends, where we jump hymns
then we rage for brigades of dolly gyms
& we learn about a face where bled bees
slapper a bedded dancer....Oh, we will see

odes to anal canals made cold as girls
& we will stun christs & we shall unfurl
bodying bruisy carpets where rugging dweebs
dollar for bones & dried scissory
slashers of rats & canine mirror-seed.
jinglers of deus drop deans under Loss
& mnethna's daughters drool on the Cross
& a dude of winters heats a sun's bossed
we have come to understand nothing
. ahh we have cum inside love's thrumming
& a bed of wights lights up fay thumbings
Endless men shake when emptiness ends
dolled up with grease & papery dead friends.




o as we linger under swallow-spits then we raise high
the masses of lifeless sea-spies
-& a road of runes counts the devil's beat as lies
loll inside a spleened tongue
once aside the dead, we overtook a car's eye
o, as we burned love's sea then we swarmed sky
& a baited shipper has no good mien, &, la, dives
dollop a ginger squat upon a nest of lungs
o as we linger under willow, then we sear gums
& we chomp as we chew
& we supper for lips where red-headed guns
shoot aside a brassic nude...

lemurs lap a layer of loss as a baker's snoods
snapper for nice mean slides
& we leap away from cheesy cunt-cries
& we watch swirls sweeping under rude

body aces...

On a sea of mites i tottered under milks
o aside eye-whites, where i span, silks
softened my world with a pyramid...Ilks
held my headpiece way up high as felts
dammed a dolly heel with glassy sea-pelts
once upon my mind, i swam for devils
la, la, i am love's grind & i swig hovelled
green greased glasses
.& whittering washes ram fairy idols
^& ideal odals of Americans cap rivals with
a walrus lantern & a beetle-suit..
when juicy ivories worship emperies then
keen heated ebonies sing for god's men,Ahhh
once upon lopped swine, i overheard Mamma
spoon-easing raping hearts to holy DaDa
On a sea of mites, i teetered under hilts
o aside spired tights, i harnesses red kilts
& i will always sun-love a celtic sea-tilt



the cabbies in a cave are working near us
& we, pled for age, have to pay for dust
& we lean against a tragic bone-fire...Tusks
shoot god's elephant
& we swig from a sea-rant
& we kick lungs....

once inside a wolf, a bomb of winter slants
against a sperm-scrammmed bud of plants
& eyes ride to the right
& eyes ride to the left
& we are left to own the waxer's theft
& we are lent to deaths loaned cunt..

i heap my hairs up high when gold junk
spunks up, up, up... Ahhhhh
we are the whales we knew...Old monk
melts within a pan of pulley wind &
we cook a false dinner for a blue scar
eyes in eyes ease a tree of glass
into red macadam.I will heed glass..
eyes in eyes will sadden
easy boys with pearly tears...Masks
must city-shroud a ben of fears as fasts
find anorexic gods made thin as masts
On a sea of mites, i remembered when
lippy had smeared coats upon children
& we wove a dammy damsel when hens
donned full-frontal music.

As fullsome music has hens
cracking at an egg-wind, then
bad boys must taper for stereo ostroegen.

la lahh uhh unhh unhh oooo
do we taste rain as she calls
ooo do we do a crab for balls
the sun is out of times when
all blue egits fill winter-men,.

END..END.. we chatter as we bend...

yeah...yeah..yeah... amen?!!!




the chucking heads of keen curves
lay waste to gallowed heaven
o the sun's wet heat burns...& cold burrs
bollock for optical birds
when once we dream of raisins
then we bake a sweet-eyed prison, oh
once upon a jack, we danced for clothes
& we hear hirelings
draggling for seers &false ceilings
the chucklings beds of tentative reason
have no true meanings
& we swiften for creamings as odes

cut seizure-ships from county robes.

nurses of curing hate heal over
headed cut lovers
o, a horse in racing seals after
doctors of healed laughter

when once we chant, then ghosts
collonise a body-stain
& men & kids will always host
dizzy evil parties
nurses of curing rapes peer inside
woven beaks when
slayed grained miction rams
dollars for pursing tribes
oh we must hear a solid moon
crying, crying, dying



as we part fishy tips then we wish for
guilty feline female mermen
o as we gut fishy nips then we fish for
openings under peahens
when once we go inside, then doors
may have to open on the meek
& i have learnt about deaths..Wards
warp a nave as an altar reaps
mental dead Gods..

as we part fishy frips, then we fish for
eaters of wide wetted church-crawls
& we must pray for prayer
& we must cry for lost air
once we enter in to dust then we
saunter when a bowl of naves cross
mad men & old history.

bowels of flowers fix a flashed life to
chapels of truths
& we study truth when holy nudes
mess us with bad boys & dilly snoops
& a nuke of loops
sinks a coil into mushed grounds
& we swagger after humming coops
washing men haggle for rolled newts
o, as blue earths wed an eft to suits
then we suffer glan's fever
bowels of flowers fix a fast christ to
mettlers of mess & money

we will study heat as we hear truths
cutting pretty liars.

if those pretty lies come near me then i shall
summon death for skies
o if coded cities end me, then i will writhe
& a bay of bone brawls after celled minds
once aside a stave, i sweated after swine
ah, a peach of plum pealed lemon & times
dolloped tape on crossed eyes
& i heard heroes jeering at fast mines
eager eaters of Japan cry for sun-grimed
evil God...& god is freed & god is slimed

the dogdayed dolor of a dune-man drugs
easy liars with eaten lugs
o as faces think of a swung jam then
old clogs click where dolly women
stop dead

we have the names by heart.. Old men
sweat cold glass as
we summon dollars from british glass
& we are dodged under mills
& we are swabbed under hills
& we will listen out for windmills

the digger of dangers drops the past
underneath graded killer cadavers...Masks
melt for pillars
& we arouse rivers when seas of flasks

drown no more.....Eaters of sadness




we wallop when we wallow
ah we gallop under trees & a widow
funnels for sheer bells where dark shadow
drops sex inside a tank

what with biscuits in cisterns
& what with silk-lips in a u-bend, then
hot grey wank has never had it so good...

we wallop when we wallow
la we dollop dirty soups inside shallowed
& we rob a rolling smile from meadows
& we glance aside the mirrors
& our mirror stands upon a hill
native ladies to pain trap Isis as rills
swarm up for a storm of fishy frilled
winos whose ginny body appears filled
with u-bends & candy pistons
what with hens on fire, we will iron
love's pluperfect face
& Aaron suppers space as old Zion
must shield whores from Israe
.. & we draggle for loaned space




limey loathed trees that weep under widows
hears a heated mind-cat
mewling after droned wives of sex-bats
& we suffer wine when a glass of rats
capture collies with five hands
when once a sea of minds drops, then
a star-dyed transfer of spined chicken
must rock a glass bar
limey loathed leaves sleep under mallows
& we heed snapped stairs
& we fall down a fatal snared
blown british body?

when once a bine of sparks fuels prisms
then we see arise a feline-moon
& we suffer trippers of titty prisons when
dogdazzlers walk wavy digger dunes,
i have seen the death of day dreaming for
faceless dolly iron... & as we snapper rooms
then we stride down emptied hallways

O as the empty binaries of Britain bend
endless nuked balloons
then we study strippers as we die..
odes to rivals suck tit cartoons & lies
loop a dancy dressers down blind tides
once, when we lost night, then cocoons
daubed a doggy prancy chin-hen
slopping vavoom where a sea of gems
ginned after dolors of deathly runes
eyes inside eyes will terminate wives
lo, a stall of scribes sells mess to tides
& olden odals anoint a urine-bride's
cat-depressing sauna of bread-bites
O as the families of England end
then pushers ply after guilty gin.



o what with biscuits in the prisons &
silk-lips down the u-bends
we will suffer as we penetrate scram
& a bone of necks must don men
& a sea of punches must seize slammed
dizzy blamed bodies.
a screwed sown summer ledge heals
giddy buttered toddies
& a we will pull life's reins as weals
whips a genius pony
& we shall incend riders with lonely
bacca babbies..

oo what with biscuits in the cistern &
sylvan slits down a pan
then we must supper for easy hands
lo as we force a face under clams
then we suffer cakes beneath scram
& we yearn after gilded clit-canned
cagey westend groupies?

canine catty riders eat aside smoothies
& an easy brother loosens
bruised bonds where lonely ladies
chant a blonded mantra...

o what with buns down the mean road
old kids will halt when slow-crows
caw at a bendy beard...Oh Oh Oh...

Ahhh men..





menkind stocks cakes in a cistern
o, where wives break
then we learn of slavers.. o, miction
pisses under lakes:

the dufflers of the mad pinion
all veins & tall lives

the newspaper pigs who deliver sand
have no dreams to read
o a star of peppers rigs after islands
when once a sea of sheets sleeves
all lives & lies then steeds
damage petals with pussied cries
endlessness has to drop here....uh

one zillion wives widen into parks
oh we walk the sex-mile where dark
dons a sleeping pose
where once we soften, then we
closedown all croppers of a crow's
winged drapes

one zillion wives widen into parks
ah we stride for dreams when apes
wallop chimpanzees.

odals under udders squirt silk-milk
o one zillion killers
drop a wedding gun
& we suck mousaka from a sun's
sea-burning soft sphere
we lay a zingered finger on tears
la, a ball of light
crams tongues down midnight's christ
& we swing, swing
Uhhhhtutters treat jam with petrol
litterers use goose for petrels
& bodies die..



the empress of a carmine fool star-shapes
shaven sister crepes
o a pan of lions burns crates
& we hunt for sweeteners of mental

ferny sex flutes drown, - red pastures
capsize into a shadower of fathers
the empress of a blood-red nude scrapes
asses from pratted sugar-slates
endless empires burn when cakes
crumble for a cake-walk.

candified killers crashdown
lo a a beat of millers cakes our town
& we learn of meat
& we study sleep
once, when self stopped, i drowned
ah a boat of wheat
sailled my bollocks dry & i drowned
underneath the earth?

carndified killers crashdown when
softening emptied birth
sweetens dreams with wine-curs
& we walk after

nuclear men who dare not serve




the cripplers of sweet marriage raid
rollered romantics
&, loosened, body semantics raise
river-running environs where trades
glow for bionics
when once we stuffed bread under
thunderous pussy flesh
then we shoved hot biscuits under
father & mother...

we will fight the nudes of lovers
&, loaded by night, we will lather


marigolds mess us up with green roses
la, a tree of poses
docks a dammy summer
& we sweat for winter
& we don green noses.

underneath chapels, we hear father
dragging topers from mumma
& we abuse hot wrecks
& we don green posies
a dodger of mad deaths see rise
bruisers of dapplers...Oh, we ride
against lost rain
& odes of faces must star-bride

radios of pure noise & mad lies.

messes made pure & whole will
chant for a diamond father
o nurses made demure must fill
wide hills with criminal midnights

when once a bud of iron writes
upon keen, mean easy corn, then
meeses made puire & whole must
slant a sappy finger under dust
corneas of men kneel for lust's
rodded bed where blinded lusts
loosen vales into sails
& we ram butters down veils
& we serenade a moon-tailed
budded blooded bread-busts
messes shaved by wool swill
diamantes & venereal windmills




hoh what for a seasoner of celled selves?
hah what now for a killer of blue shelves?
i have frowned at the noon-day heat where
my passing belly daubed farmer's hairs,
o when once i learnt of coded sun-dells
then i jacked my midnight flower..

hoh, what for a seasoner of swelled cells?
hah, what for gold onion-powdered bells?

i have entertained the dark sun-styles
&, as we scream, then i must see dials
jazz-jamming idioms of catty tree-smiles
oh i have the words by heart as if like
a neon hallways crammed with mice
& i will surrender to tilings of red christs
fussy fistulas of fascinating grass hikes
dolly dolers with creamy handle-mikes
we speak from midair as romantics
rock for a moggy mane... laaaahhh

chisellers of vacant statues hammer pulses
radios cry for winter
la a dog of emptiness lammers gold lips
& a bed in summer widens where
rolled slips
shit on fished chips

o, where a pomander pees, then we see mares
walloping where she gallops

chisellers of patent mad screws hanger rare
body bakers.

the juicy ganders of giddy heights lash after
tom-tits & tomato brandy
la. a veiny lover licks up buddies as fathers
soap a blue crack.

when once we snap, then we see laughter
lolling when birth dies.
the juicy manners of dizzy kites see mumma
crapping under knives


diggers of daddy-men hanker for idiotic spies
oh a bairn under hens
sucks a tom-tit & a layer of liars sees rise
the baskets of breaded rain
once aside times, we cut the clock...Wives
send dolls to sleep
& a bird of meat scatters heat as drives
lose cars...Ohh, a baited jeep
vanishes into sheer air..


riders on salt corn delimit loss with children
o a bite of porn
uses porn-chicks to storm a bay of kids

riders on salt-dawns stirs for sad women
o a light of swarms
summons night from liquid star-men
the laden lips of red ladies enclose sound
o a rider of sad rain weeps for
eaten books....& a bed of wheat stores
soft indians where natural wards
supper for nudies.

riders on salt corn delimit loss with chidden
bald boys who hear crowds writhing
i have seen a moon of death dreaming of
charmed feather-caverns
lo, eyes hear a moon..

does emptiness have a blue name?...



sympathies in blue major suck a green nut
o we see rise a milk-cut
lolling into spind heart-flava
& a crash of kine cuts cattlers where sluts
stopper guilty boy-mutts
when once a moon of silk cries, then sin
will surely melt away under
domed dinners whose starving hunger
heaps a babby on gilt thunder
we must weep, weep, weep.Ohh
we must sleep, sleep
la, lashed to laces we tie a heaped
mutated mumma where
idioms of families summon chairs
the deadeners of stars will slow
ashen bobbers carve lusts..ahhh
kind crows will carrion after clothes
endlessness falls like a statue
& we arise from dolls as dark roods
grind dogs to death..




oo we sleep for sadness & a robe of fear
clothes clouded doggies where
bandaged burners bear air to fast tears
lo a bed of glass
breaks up.la, as bone-breakes sear
coded weals, then
we sleep for dunny deadliness..,

we have to learn about death & we
will surely pattern plebs with trees
oh a bulb of grass
scatters lightness under old masques
& a skein of bees
wallahs for honeyed hauled trees
we bag a biddy in a bad tower's needs
o we snap sourced suppers
oo we sleep for sadness & a rosy sphere
falls just like the stars
& stars look down from open cars.

the sunny scripts of a sullen moon
shines just like one zillion eyes...Oh, runes
speak of mongrel poetry
.. & a bone of women tipple for spooned
dog drakes who sail for families
once aside a mind, we mentalised tunes
ah, a flowering wynd
sweeps salters from scissor mines,---
the sunny scripts of a sullen moon holds
green grief to motored starry souls



the killers of kind painters have the paints by heart
o the riders of mentalis
dagger for digitalis

as riders under wine flicker then we have faces
made salt-clear
o the killlers of kind flavas have a sea of stasis
suppering for veiny blue tears
we have the paints by heart..ahh, we hire laces
.. loh

the killers of keen kids drop wounded spaces
o a dog of dawn
dragglers for corn, -....

aces snap up
races suck a nut
traces of flour rise a cake from mushed
body bees.
eyes must hear dreams



o as for the flirty boy in his dirty river
where old men break
then a rill of stars must sleep for
giddy buddies whose ancient kissers
crammed vemoms down lip-wars
o as for the idle dead who quiver for
idiots who shaft lead into false doors
then a bone of brothers
hires a stone-horse to gold gutters
this side of a lashed smile, butters
sink a cape inside a cell of cutters.. Lah
a bench of grapes sucks upon a scar
&, lashered, we ride upon guitars
&, mangered, we writhe upon starred
baby-blown blithe bushers
ohhh the vines of the roped crack-up
ahhh the veins of the soaped see loves
losing, losing,


& i went deaf for voices in the Thames
lo i sent self against blinded sea-stems
& a bud of rashes reddened rouge-wrens
& eyes said I Glow to nightly carrions

ideal baiters of bedrooms bug ravens
with telephonic easy fires & raisins spit
crowed winged birds of lips...Oh, hens
swallow fowled air as reason hits hips
& i went deaf for voices in the Thames
uh, i vended a cocking horse when dips
dragged a dolly from a toying remit,...

ideal wives weave a woollen soup
,.,This side of truths, we learn of crypts
& god's male clitoris hardens for coops




the eagled sex-strippers of all scented times
dollop sweet drippers inside wet minds
o a song of cages control a whored sea
& we sink spies into cuppas
once when beds turned, then saviours
lapped a nasty nest from abusive labia
& we laze for sex-sleep
& we cry, cry, cry
the ogled sex-livers of all rented minds
stops here..

we harden hosers with female motels
ahh we soften sex-sickness
& we weep for whippies as sadness
tunes in to the radio darkness
eyes jam eyes as holidays sea-sell
saline trumpets to sugary sea-shells
we harden as we flail.. & we kill
all god's faces
& we ride from rest where pills
pour dirt down pooed suitcases
we will hand a ram to a lover
ahh we shall cram a dizzy dada



ideal wet-wipes sink a gonna under
meaty asexual dunners
& we sweat for guns & we number
alll fists & all starred dinners
once when we stained lust then we
strapped a gut aside our engines
& we ride for deaths
& we pride after wrecks
& we sire dolor from old mess
ideal cum-kites float away from
stallion seed,.,ahh, we are dumb
laa we are sleeved
& we suffer angels under sneezed
body forces..

we have the eagle-games by rote
o we see arise a bone of sex-smoke
& a dog inside a female disguise

drops all raped suitcases....

the dolly dunes of citied body-beans
cut dates from appled moodies
o a son has spoons
o a mum has dental wounds & screens
swallow guts from laddies
aside pulled lights, a nightling craft
carries rollered mussels as sea-sparks
fish for whelks & female onions.

the dolly dunes of urban slitty-seams
dons rats where micers under us
dam a bad beer
& carved bonnets bear gold gusts

talons of blued coaters... END..



The doggers of a fined headpiece
cock-krills for scented wheaty fleeces
o, a blonded body of faces
feels for loud nights where a leases
lend a bald house to a false room
& we suffer gates as gropers swoon
we have the eager dreams by heart-
the cages of light,
the rages of christs
o we have the dumb words we knew-
the stages of night
the faces of the moved
& we topple grass from third-sight
the doggers of a refine shadow-man
rocks kiosks with blind tables
& we summon cunt-lice from gables
& we know the fist-proofed woman
of choppered farms & rotators.
i will always kill god's painters when
arches fail to fall.




a balded vapor of a mad man has to cram
blonded capers down a baby's hands
o a bake of light lops meadows when drams
dazzle us with veins & radios
odes to old sections side with crab-land
o eyes will suffer wives
& we shall slitter after dyes when lies
yield killed ghosts with spies..
a balded vapor of a sad man has to slam
old grey fanny
& we arise from money when grey lambs

mate with mam & daddy...Ohh-
we have the words by heart... Ohh-

we hear a blind angel stabbing hard
billers of winter
& winter delves for mother.


ideal dunny darlings dig a hitting god's spleen
o a sweater for loud starlings
has a berry for a choker- & we size dreams
& a watery wool-window paws staring
greeny idols who peer inside mental-screens.
once upon a meadow, we saw a nude death
inflaming virgin wives with dolly necks
& we suffer breakfast meads
& we supper after hostels & bunny beads
ideal dunny darlings drag a lipper's scream
o, a digger of a diner's vermin
clasps a killer's cram around an ermined
glass bay where laughing deans
dog-daze a spool of massing missives
ideal chokers chap kine-girls as riders
drop from hips & study worldly drivers



male chatterers of keen chokered cherries
lay a stoned marine around de family
& a boat of wine toasts death...Oh-
where once we cry for honey then crows
dig for dark wingers
we know the birds by heart; we slow
pockets of feathers underneath sloes
& we brew a mousy gin from clothes
& we know all the birds by heart
male chatterers of mean choke berries
lay a city-spine where gilded oak-darts
abuse a slaver's moon
& we have dangerous sky-throws
& we know all the birds by heart
once aside a tear, we swore for crows
-ah, once aside a sphere, we star-stoved
babby binners with ropes & moon-mauved
doddery ships of scarves..

endlessness weeps for wolfed jams

& i will soften songsters with a musical
la eyes will widen
uh skies will seize men
& i will soften songsters with a musical

o the moon looks down upon this mental town
o a noose of starred hooks
expand dogdazers when a bed of rooks
lammers after dolly dillies who burn
& i will soften songsters with a musical disease
la minds will siren
after menstrual seasons & a fist of old bees
believe in a stinging sea of guilty robed seed.

eyes beshrew the brassic dark .... old umber
rocks a daddy boy as modemed arks thunder for
laid lights & daisy lubes..



spun crooners create a sad denyer's
banged star-songs
o a den of night dictates for lovers'
shrift living gun
& a band of suns star-shapes dumb
mummy powders.

where we ride pints then we stun
all beers & all bums
& we search for cum as riders
rotate in a punched hand
spun crooners create a daddy's fire
& mumsy dies away.

the statistics of swelled summers
sticks a witness inside old fire...
o a wicked willy delves for feathers
& we witness wide rolled desire's
loaded fanny
when once we fall, then we inspired
guilty halls where ogres under honey
washes love's hands in money
o statistics of swelled lovers smother
all gods & all screens,

fascinating gravellers grist after
rolly radio
o a dialling meadowers grist after
dolly rodeos
& a bun of braces breaks father's
dunny pants
& fascinating gavellers grift after
dizzy jacked droves,

we have the evil names by heart
&, shouted, we have dreamt darts
hurling knives at a shadowed
glazier of gilded gibbons
& we harden deaths where arks
hear sirens spin,,

fascinating gravellers grift after
trolley pups
& a vault of sluts peers from
daffy cups.
eyes may well break....




diggers of bone-apples shake a candle-tree
ah riders of stone-cradles
shake an eagle's candles
o a road of wine dons ice where grey candy
staples dirters down.

drifters of dub dugs dream of grey baby
o a sea of tripes has
salty cattlers for prison-glass
diggers of bone-apples shape a bed-tree
&, as we moan, then saline winter seed
stoppers a dead mountain.

o what now for the wrappers of easy God?
o what now for the trappers of easy Love?
.. the answers lies in a deep fruit-bowl
when once Anancee spun for us then God
sang an antique song
o as we cuffed a drum then we praise Love
& a spiral's sun shines upon good flowers
o what now for the rappers of Love's bower?
o what now for the flavas of God's tower
..the answer lives in a sweet world where

all lovers jive...all lovers ride
uh all women



tramplers of tidal toys trackle under prisms
oh, sidlers of bridal boys
trickle, & we tickle after candles where
messy mad idol-joys swing after prisons
when once a fire of yeast sheds jams
then a serious egg must shatetr under hands
& we suffer sainthoods
& we helter for apenecks & wigwams
& we burn a feather's blood.

tramplers of tidal toys treacle under hair
lo, a gossamer scream spiders after air
& we summon dogs from crazed prayers
& we dance for the eaten dead
when once a fire of beasts burns jams
then we season bugs with sweet clams



the focal fanned father pharoah who needs
a body of flowers
must, robed, swing aside naked apexes -
as we rot for flour, then we suffer sleeved
baby pyramids
,., & a bone of ice shivers under faces
& a bell of rice rings tocsins from stasis,
we have the names by heart....a cage
collapses under a dark art
& where once we harped for grey age
then we swiped a catkin from raged
dizzy body gourdes.

a focal fanned father-gallows has wards
drinking diamonds from a spastic sward
& we hear sedges slappering where sage
blossoms under sinks.



we peer into a buddy bone as a star of ease
sinks a bud-cunt into butter
o once a home of daddy stone hits flutters
then a sea of rain must stone a lover
& a bee of sin stings sweet dust a Mother
drops all her swinging dreams.

the arch of angled angels swim for Dada
- this side of a swum table, we hit Mama
& a mandate for a manium has grey creams
& a magnate for a cranium jacks fay screens
we peer into a buddy bone as a car of grease
dollops brilliantine upon a fever's brow-crease
& an jazzing baby gun
shoots a body-brethren.
& a wife of dukes swallows cock's marriage
& a christ of pukes
pulls boned knickers around vomity grey-suits,
we peer into a buddy bone as a stirring fleece
tocks alike a sheep-clock.




here, in a daddy dream, i met up with two keen strangers
o as the moon rolled round, i said farewell to city raiders
& a pier of pools pearled me
& a tear of spools curled me
when once we tred hired water then we hear trees
groaning like broken babies
& a pier of pools pealed me
& spherical nudes whirled me

here, in my daddy dream, life met up with city saviours
& we bid Amen to leaves
& we say Farewel to cities...

eyes under soft dives run from nights to lady-liberty
Ahwe learn of mummy
Lawe yearn for families



o the twitchy tumbler of rolled men & christs
switches an ivory tallow to
daddy dawnbreakers.Oh a sun of dudes
dams a doggy arse where odals under mice
rock, rock, Uhh

once aside the Thames, a vision of blues
concertinas like a filthy car& old truths
drop a rager where
eaten idlers sleep upon a townman's hair
o the twitchy tumbler of rolled men & lice
hoop a cinema from hens & fiery doll-mice
& we seek aside perms when
dilly daffies bedazzle hirelings of venoms.
i have draggled a poison street-kite from
giddy axes of spheres & carrot-sea-guns
& massive dinosaurs becoome fuelled from
infamticides & dock-dreamed prison-bums
i have shot a doll to small pieces &, um,
we have shot a bull with faces &, uhm, roots
bend like a city shaped from hymns
& eyes under tribes must topple under boots
fishermen of sea-hens fix a head to a root
& issuers of mad mien rips a bed from a
naked nude blind suit..



the markets of the easily killed thrill for
caned caves & birds
o the families of the easily filled see
familial geeks speaking nude words
once aside wine, we heard of warred#
whippy weepers
& a bud of whsispers rots till trees

oodles of christs cripple for a cat-caved
clock of naves
o puddles under life staple a gun's raised
rode rivers where old men
grow silent
omce aside times, we heard of claws
& we will metal down for
evil idylls of romantic shadow war,

o we will carve a cage from blood
o weed shall harden
& a boat of glass must oar after
keen gardened toddies
when once we arise from fathers
then we must soften
blithe tax where purses scissor
under green bodies
o we will carve a cage from Gods
& we sentinels of sex
must cease to dick-drag now.



these ivories of mamma hasten
dizzy trips where mental goose-gems
gun-gill robotic cells to scented
cradled demons

when once gas grinds, then ended
body pealers hiss
& ghosts hiss across ice-shended
bobby sirens
idle spind winds rot for rotators
& we ride from dragon-smokers
& we star-mission where rapiers

die out.

the dollies of dun disease drip, drip
lo the moddies of sun's fleece
dons rivers

once a day has failed, then peace
must shave mind-mirrors
as a week of wrecks rips flavas
then a dummy dog will favour
sympathies in nude major

& dollars under pounds will strip
all gals & all wine


We dollop dung on a candle's wax-cap
o we wallop guns
~& eaten lungs pant for cum as laps
drop a baby-sun

we will lead dips to water as biddies
sky-bomb a neutered father's
old cold sine
we rot for depleters when blue wine
stops to drink colts
& once aside minds, we saw salts

dying for de Lady
Ah, we abolished Sexy Ma Mary
and, made olive, jesu aside a dairy
came homeward to sleep
forever, forever, Oh,-




chains fall from sex-malls ..O once aside a mind
we rode from molls to treason.
- the aces under brawls fight for seven seasons
& we ignite a gold-leafed fish-bowl
& we cry for gourami wiine.

ahh a lazy lion of chance roars against us
lah a crazy Zion enters watery whip-gust
& we swell up
& we grow down
chains fall from reason.. O, a dubber of wynds
feels for guilty febrile flashed souls.



a fistula of a fined face has our fierce fates by heart
lo a windy spy-case
pinches boys with schizophrenia&, as we start
a blonde-fire
then we raise a roper from a snoody sea-spire
once upon a rhyme, we bellied up for swung lace
& now tell false tales
a fistula of a fined face has our eaten us -Oh, harts
bum-harden an easy beggar
with romantic wives whose use of coin-peppers
pawns a blaze for a feather
once upon a rhyme, we believed in gilt-cods
but now, chained to wine, we scatter drunk-blood
.we must be aware of killer earth?



oh i intend now to bleed inside the moon
oh i intend now to drop a lunar tomb
la- & as we break from sleep then dunes
must cop some lips as a bunny in a wound
scatters self murder.

i espy a dodayed rider riding after Mum
oo i attend now to a vile rug... Old gum
sticks a licker to a carp-dyed stream
- as odours fade, then a bed of bream
denoates a loud cream-horn
ah i intend now to breed inside the mon
ah i intended to die but dying has soon
cum to lucrous nothing...

bed-riven banks of drakes drug poddng
pudding men who stride against buggings
& i espy a dunny grape made from honeys..
focal herons of deformities stop mummy
. - & we fatten into crime as de family

loses to all veins & all midnight rooms.




nunneries under cowled kitchens crap
deeply down upon a monast's cap-..
as an indigo eye goes deaf with cats
then a laden raisin show swallows hats
& we say Howdy to suckling rats
& we say Fear Well to cunt-fats
fascinated brinx men melt after
grey soffits where riders of de Father
lend dirty tears to swelled gay Mumma
& we soak a soapy sky where
odes to veinyards vamp for chaired
scissory wry sickled body-haired
giddy boners.

i saw just yesterday a life of stone
shaping leather lamps from gold drones
& i swallow a tree of christs
& i splay a money-sea when snares
scurry just like a a fly-freezed Flava
the openings of gem-germs favour
a bald wing where star-soaped fever
cuts a curvy board from a mirror
& my mirror stands upon a seizure
& we ae abolished when fittting for
gassers of dawgs & midnights.

we will roam against grief's maws

as when a mad lion yawns at butter
then a sky of cabs will
drive a naked paper aside red hills
as when a spent tigron hits father
then a slit of crabs will
drive a naked mamma aside lovers
this side of false rain, a bed of brothers
bends down & thrills.

the matters of one zillion birds lathers
after dizzy pharoah slides
lo a beaded red sun
snappers for wafers as naked larder
stores ideal foods
once upon a mind, we saw red flava
rocking like a cochlea
o a malus in an angel heated nudes
& a bench of deafeners

drops down down down



as when a sad lion roars at gutters
then a shooter of penuries
rocks aside a green moon
la, a bone of cads craps underneath
blonde wreaths that carry cutters
deeply down where molten killers
drop for heaven.

once inside a sign a roadway swooned
ah, once aside a mind
we rotted fish for a fistula of timed
doggy fines.

as when a soft baby kicks a bat then
a saviour of a cat has a dizzy season
& we cup tits with defective reason.

the dollar bills which turn up in London
search for american dolor
oh, a wallah in a hill wailsa after surgeons
& once a day & then all night
messy mad men breed after salt-light
as when a soft bobby books death then
a fascinated bay of dweebs
swims for blue remembered grey thieves
the dollar bills which turn aisde ravens
deals a fresh-fever with kissy taverns
& we toast love's smile.

as when we snip a dill then we wile
after daddy dune-dials
& a car in heat drives for a tiled
city of nude writings
& we shall write for corn..




the dolly heads that burn us have no tears
o, waxed sweat-breads
don milky vines
& a brine of sadness shoppers for seared
dufflers of angel-wine.

once aside a don, we learn about fear
- as radios stop, then televisual years
cry for naked screened spines
& we jeer at dogs whose tail-twines
swallow grey saviours
the dolly heads that turn us jack timed
citied biddy terns
& tyberns shoot elms as meadow-perms


we die out on a regular basis... O,
we cry out aloud
. . & a banging shroud enters crowds
& a sadness under clouds
dons a dizzy natron
we die out on a regular basis...lo,
once aside timed flava, a car's robe
drove inside a mason
we die for current dust as shrouds
for doctoring eaten husks
^& as we die all year then we towel
tawny teasy train-tusk
endlessness learns of wights as dusk
topples into knighted vaginas
& a poppy star listens to cinema
& a dizzy stereo suppers digitalis
& we heap a poncho from mentalis
odes to feathers flee for air's miners
& we sing for greyness
& we dream of sadness



the eager derangers of ideal mangers
swings from a carousel-tree
la swiggers of old papers
season lollies when idylls of strangers
supper for diddy bees,

when once a vine of death sheds beads
then a whack of bone-wine
will staple stockings to stoned rhyme.
we have the bloody names by heart
o we answer now to a team of tarts
^& a bloated body-crowd
soupy-suns a moon's easy sleeves.

the eager derangers of ideal mangers
swipes after cake-crumbs
dalliers of phone-guns
shoot a post-office
,, ,
ralliers of stone-sons
leave mam behind..

a dolor of daddies drags wynds
deeply down where coded crimes
go down for ten thousand years!!!

empresses of silly england sear
modems & webbers of screen-fears.




the billies of a goated napsack snaps
bags of dinner sugar
o as bolted babies are car-napped
then a city concertina's greyness laps
daffodils underwater.

when once we rode then we scrapped
all ears & all minds
& we went deaf in our eyes as
looseners of mad angels smatter ash
then radios of infimaries write gashed
riders of smitten eagle-corn
. & we writhe for birdies as porn
tickles an infant's sex-ignorant thigh
the billies of a goated car-cap wraps
earlings when a tragedy of sap-trap
turn forceps into wardens

oh for the snakey gourdes of the lifeless hills
oh for the apiaries of bawds
oh for the winter's cold roar
when once we spat pips, then we filled
rollers of Rome with ridersof the killed

o for the snakey gourdes of the timeless fields
oh for the aviaries of words
oh what now for the summer's daub
painless widows weep for wicked lords
trendless meadows sleep for ticked birds
& the sons of wound hands
snaps a palm aside a brigand of islands
oh for the snakey gourdes of the lifeless hills
oh for the wormeries of claws
oh what now for autumn's conker-cause?

wow! i heard a strange child at my door



& when i soak some oats in flowery urine
then i toast an joke house with evil sins
o as i jolt salt cum then i will heed bed-skin

as a bed of gutters drinks dirt-rain then
ogres with yellow butters spread women
& eyes inside eyes jostle to
numberers of dyed metal venus-dews.
as when i soap some oats, then Turin
cover-shrouds a bonce of butlered nudes
& we swallow darkness where truths
swing, swing,

i saw a kind woman using an ink-ring
o suffered a blurred mind
&, where garlands fell, i sucke a sling
& bandages ruled my ickle rhymes
o when once a dog plays dead, then
butterers of fevers sup a breaded bend
& we have to wake life's bends
& we have to conquer death's rend

ah, when i coat an ox-tongue in grief
then i tote a crowy candied car-sheath
& a bone of rain rots aside wheat-heat
& a dial of glass
purses eaten lips around a pursed mask.
golden goddessses die for amber when
an insect in eight hands pins pet-hens
& a bay in burning heaps
dogdayed soldiers from greyed jeeps




as when i soak some oats in wed-dreams
then i swallow
all by myself?

o i will swallow rain all by myself
o i will swim where rainy cellves
stop to taste brine.

once upon a soul, i heard cells
cock-knocking vines under elves
& a board of paints
daubs drugs with draggy dells
o i will swallow rain all by myself
ah as killers spin, then wealth
sucks an illed nut
& we dance under cappers
& we dream of torn sluts
endlessness sups a river where
dried seas drown a city's heirs

the eaters of lovely deaths drops
watery waves where oceaned slots
drown for sails
& a boat of fires drinks for cuts
& we dance under wailers
as a doggy famuily fries, then
wizards of ash-men dream of Zen
oh a bark of bikes
ride for pirate trikes
& a bone of war wardens after
sucky pyramids of hateful hens
the eaters of lovely dreams stop
& green cavers blort for crops.

the drillers for senen harden
o the spillers of peahens garden for
sad killers of lousy female sex-paws
& a bud of twine
trangles paints with dollied scored
shooters of ironed-on waste

the shivers of the flowers taste
blue funerals where lemon paste
suppers for plastic pussy-prides
& a lion of sin
roars at wondrous fathers when
naked monsters suffer spind
the drilllers for seasons harden
lo, the fixers of wards will swim
against a face whose sexless vims
must topple down the sky
dollies in waxy heavens will die



we never the two of us had any life to try
o we seldom chose to move
o & we have never cried for true skies
when once we ride aside fond truths
then we soften in our brains
& a skull of sirens stopper our veins
we never ever knew the life we knew
for we never chose to suffer grains
& a cage of light has us in the blue
Oh when once i come back home
then blackbirds at the side of stone
will surely skim bones across waved

body lightning.....Ah,.........END



the wivers of wounded guns shoots all christs
lo a rider of noosers
land-slashes eager brooders
& a grave of mice hurls voles into priced
shoppers whose tills of wine
sell saills to shoplifters
once upon this mind, we suffer souls
o we healed over
o we sealed lovers.
& a spool of tears must
ram cogs under covers
& a sea of tramps sails for mothers
& a bench of cramps loses father's
abandoned hair-piece
when once laden with ides then
tricky sad sonnies willl trade children
& we float for dizzy coiled reasons
& we will cry for extinct real women
the wivers of wounded guns shoot lights
o once upon a briny bully
we snapped a sapphic dolly.. Oh, night
falls fast asleep where red families

sweep chasms under second sight
O we know god's games by heart.




the musclers of deniers jam a sock around
a sad woman who cunts after wasteground
la above lost rain, we will ride aside a town
& then will die way back inside
a hairnet of a home...

when once blown bodies bang, then sound
must rotate beneath a fun funeral..Ohhh
i heard gerns gesticulating
& i pursed dead lips around radios
the musclers of deniers ram a cock-sheath
down a fanny made from cocklers
& a bud of boards snaps after writhers
the very best of God has no brain to move



These blazers dead kids use have come to
die for studied deaths
o as a sea of legs cuts off, then school-slips
stopper a learned desk
& we loosen chalks & light-pens
& we harden school-halls with taught hens
& we studied how to die?

once upon a mind, a tutor of bright lies
class-moved a sad moan
& a losing bell rang for deadeners
& a cell of lucid skivvers hoots tribes
& a dell of formless kidders hoops spies
these blazers dead pigs used have come to
relax beneath shapers of prenuier-prides
& we sup a hidden beer
& we smoke a glass of fear,....

the angular school-walls rasp for wide
cities of whiteboards
ahh tutor-angels warp a wall of eyes
& we use our adidas trances to derive
stolen sweet notes whose stupid word
scatters spastic slugs across swerved
early yearners..

once upon mind, a tutor of blind tides
appeared aside an expulsion of lies
& we cry till the boards ared denied
^& we die for dinning sponged lives
we have the tuckshop names by heart
,, Ahhh we hurled exams at darts
& when once we open red-brick narks

then we will own our own sadness



hanged by the moon till dead
we spy upon gunners inside old bed
o a dream of light
rammed a dogger about a spread
dunny cat whose pawed god-sight
wallows under burned mad devs.

when once dizzy shadow revvs
an intercity bike
then a bag of mikes sings for
crowders of grey bodied dregs
& tea-shops will always shut
& bus-stops will pay for sluts
hanged by the moon till dead
we widen upon drillers of lead
& a bowl of flour bakes cakers
& a soul of towers rapes ragers
the sunny heads of dawn dagger
after bones of vast mangers
& a shed of iron hanners ripplers




the scratchmen who heed straw-pain
serenade a chimp with beauty
la a scarers of dudes seize a snuffed vein
& a duke of rages
rampages upon a city's scarecrow road
once aside a dark drive, we see a rose
raving underneath dolls on hampstead heath
.. once upon a bald bine
we suppered after cut tines
& a comber of kelpie manes cat-winds
around a filty twirly-whirly garden... O, meat
drops bedfirst inside a pearly hinder-heaped
sloppy soul whose radios of cinder-sleeps
source a fanny with veiny cloves
the scratchmen who heed a stiffened train
derail donkey children
cell-made, we trample every world we knew
o as evil hay gathers scared men from nudes
then we will cup defectives
cell-hired, we stampede every girl we moved
o, as regal graves bury cunt then detectives
loosen crime badinage into as burberry coat.
aside of this, an earth of pyres ignites soap
&, ah, we will thunder-study a spool of dope
& we will recognise imaginary evil stoats.
..we weevil after original fire.... la, soaks
swallow funeral mire when an ancient hoax
hops after dreary dives of dreary gold boats
cell-made, we trample everything men knew
o as seagull hay drops an ocean's wing then
loppers of sauce-quests
carry melted jesus to a place of crossed
can kindlers..

once upon a mind in a mad world, loss
led ignorant warders where starry moss
suppered for donkey dangerous man-tossed
pealed poncho-flyers
reeling under yeast, a falon thrush has hot
birdy boys who gather up salt teas
,.& a bed of efts drizzles where hot knees
knock a head-cocker with bended beads..

i say farewell to times as opalled devs
tap a morsing heron with liquid's beds
. & all lovers die as good mothers tread
a punching potty-seaside's
out-of-perspective rifflled fairground
odes to sodden markets swing for a
drawling enmity of accidental cars...




as we drool for a fairground accident
we learn of merry--go-round
la as we suck cat paws
then a sun of silver sexes after sores
& a cell in winter closes mental towns
& a bell of canes whips and store

as we drool, o, as we flinch for tors
then a spastic castle must shoot doors
& as write to sleep
then swashed silk organs piss claws
& a bed of brass has no sun to score
eyes have endless grist & we ward
after cat-caged lemon riches
& as we dream to die then we award
all men & all live

blown bitches.

the causal eyers of an odal wood
weep, weep,
la endless riders revv after blood
& we cry for sleep
& we tear tarry hands from wheat
once, when we jacked, blood heat
slip-stabbed a country under meat
o a sad time was had by all
lo, i sat for wine as sex lost a wall

the causal eyers of an opal wood
weeps, weep,
& we rock a coker as old Gods
dream of heaped

opals under fire dress a bad neck
ahh a spind mind-bin hurt wrecked
babied barked ships
& as families fly
then we widen into a mind..





the emptiness of truth knots sperm with iron
o a scented sea-roof
walks wide waves
&, washed, a bud of newts drinks slaved
body pools
once aside times, we rocked for fools
ah we rode from rest
la we rolled from nests, & a bud-stool
erects a home of kites
the emptiness of truth knots Orion
with vast nuns whose cowling lyon
lessens us with intellective light
& we will turn down the lights
once aside times, we rocked for nudes
ah, eynes whine for ricketers
uh, minds dream for rippers & hooves

crack up, just like pony ploughshares.



we will supper for diners as we eat
a plate of pricks in the dark
o we dine in the ark
& a sun of spun parks ignite sleep
& we pray for nine seasons
once upon a wing, we crisscrossed
buddy vultures withe lemon hartso
,, Oh as we slide then we see loss
laying radio-waste to stereo heat
& we will supper for riders as we
heap our gunners under roped beads
& we shall father
all veins & all dives
o ghosts will hang us
lo hosts will force us food
once upon a swing we swung after
devilish kickers of pantied palavers
& as daybreak fell
& as starred hate swelled then mumma
will wallop skied mother?

we will supper for diners as we heap
gilders when purses hearse for cheap
dolly dames.
family flies too high...
melody fears the sky


the crisscrossing serpents on my hill
suck a mollusc from five bared hands
lo, we will ride from merchants of thrills
la, we will don a salty drum
ahhhOh as ices fail, then drills
must serve whippies to kiddy guns
& death is our keen dancer
& dying pigs whose pricked roasters
rotate on a poked porked star-drum's
deafener of tears
we know the names by heart- Suns
& spaces found inside cut babbies,
fatal dead mamma,
eaten cancers of a grey deadener
the cries are overheard when fear
tramples heaven's father
& we will jack all fathers when
banged bodies build a grave's
cryer of lost gems
the crisscrossing serpents on our hill
wallop glass
., O


the talony teasers of terrifying farms
force a cod down a plumed neck
la, emptied killers eat petrifyers
& we suffer corn as we use calmed
once, drill-saved, a purse of killers
will enhearse the stars under mirrors
& we will cut grey cats
^& we will search for fat
the talony teasers of terrific wrecks
cry out for a fairground accident
the riders of god-cats size decked
digital romeos
ahh when once we die then we slit
phallus-beaten cunny radios
the talony teasers of empty arms
shoot fanny dead.

the honeyed halls of sweetening friends
have left our sun-showered bower behind
daughterers of gin-flowered garden men
o eyes have plants of minds
o skies heal for bubled grime,

once a sad day, i forget death's grind
& we grind deaths down
oh we swing from town as lost times
dollop gins under wavers
the honeyed malls of sweetened friends
have laid a gangster on a crime
o we race from rest
o we chase green desks & sexers
shut seedy jams in a drawer as killers
crumble then break,,

we have known the names by heart:
the ashen moans of flame,
the waxen groans of emptied rain
,. all things are known
all dreams seem stoned.
herophants of nature bathe under us
,Oh we are the riders of cunt-pus



We bruise up god's hearts
O we soothe deaths with planets ,- Where pubs
pull ghost fountains
then a bill of rain must trip where closed love
weeps for drunken silver.
we widen into rain as we listen to drugged
body boxers
o, a mind of pain helters when givers
sky-grease a maidened river to killers
We bruised god's charts
O, we move sex as we hand-pollute
A feast of veins with finger-roots
The trendy tearers of Kaplan shoot
all grey gunners from a ship,O, suits
are dry-cleaned till dead
^& we hire hordes where hens abed
chant a mantra for a lilly cause
We bruise up God's old darts
Lo we heed death as cities under wards
Dunk pyschotics in a ginny daubed
Hospital of stars.

We have told you before about Mars



when melon glass hears a bad bed of snails
made slurpy as salt rain
then a bunt of mash sizzles for shroudsails
laonce aside pain, we treated lost gain
& a bun of ties pushed a bad blouse where
memory gave shits to water.

O a bone of twine hangs the hour when
bladers of scammed tribes
dog after silly dunny ambulance-wives
& a stoat of four creates a poo-cake
& a loaf of lime scatters deathly dives
underneath greying vinegar stakes.

when melon glass hears a sad head wail
then the mournings of dead trees
teeter where green-gloved beddy-bleeds
lady-land;& ald eynes in wine breeds
chestnut voices from swaggering vales

i like to slit my largest finger......Oh
does christ live for old vinegar?





oo blue brained olive vixens yap at the moon's
canine blinded country
o, screw stained chimping kitchens
carry mods where apples swing
& a bedded train of miction cries where counties
park a giddy empress in the rain
when we sell a summit then we heed pain
la, where once we sear planets then red reins
willl trammel sexes down
oo blue brained olive vixens yap at the stars
ah, we appear dammed by dollies
oh, we appear to own nuked brollies
& a vine of night knots salt-seed where cars
crusade for veiled dotty vans.
ahhhh we mack after tarmac - la, blue calves
balance scissor bones upon sad daddies
& a daff of light swipes a bell from cock-card
& we snap duned breath
& sweet breaths brag after donkey wheat
oo blue brained olive vixens prey on noon's
fuzzy late-lunch sleepers
oh a corded clap of creepers drugs rooms
& a spell of day fazes under winter-meters
eyes inside eyes must board a nude banshee
&, loaved, ties scuffle swards
&, rogued, suiters suckle roxette baby
& down, down comes the baby
& drowned, drowned cries the Lady.
i have seen the boys of men wed to rubies
- & i know right now that worlds are dead
emptiers of germy girls sweat
& king-killers stone grey debt
i am the crawler of a magneto flower
o i am the father of magenta salt-power
& eyes are plowed under sweet towers


the budded bakers of emptiness force wheat to die
o, a cake of lovers
sinks a knife into shutters & we swim for bread-brides
once aside of the true mad me, i heard a bun of lives
feeding matches to dog-men
& eyes bid goodbye to vast vacant vineyards?
the budded bakers of emptiness force wheat to lie
against rawled rampaging screens.

the doggerel pissers push from paper has salt-eyes
widening guns into volts
lo, a cockerel hisses when budded blown seasides
slide from shingle-islands

once aside the sad & the blue, we heard about wives
& we awoke to face the lungs within
shortening wolf-widowers of winter sin...




the budded breakers of endlessness feel for eyes
ah, a cake of cusped feathers
famishes sweeties with foam rizlas
& we slice into skates as optical dancers arise
deeply down where sotto kissers
star-create dogdazzled kissy floe-weavers.
once, as times died, i saw our riders come to
a weariness of salad-sense
& the road i shed has no kerbs to climb .. oo
the budded breakers of friendlessness move
scarring fits to hot furred tears
After the death of hands there is no truth?

jazzy jumping hatred softnens naked prayers
la fizzy hunting heltered wasters of snares
fawn to fits & eyes in stasis blind snared
grand epileptic foreign spaces
the budded breaths of shakers feel for trimmed
tawny oaken slide-seed
o a horse of pine rides for steeds as spun winds
weave webs for a pled pawned pony-spider
jazzy bunting dread beds dream for latrines as
a bone of beauty skull-expands
odd girls who piece a pussy with old flans.,
as cute as a cavvy, we weep for cat-scans.





whilst cawing at a screen, we saw a bad birdy
crying at the edge of night
la, as we suffered dreams, we saw a mad girly
winging dark selves to curs
& a dog under lemons walks for a cat-swerved
tail-headed baby human.

once aside faked times, we burned reasons
la a bowl of silver shops a tree of treasons
& a bud of knicks
has no husband to whip.
o when a clawing at dreams, i saw honey
creeping silently down a sweet screen.

an avenue of sadness rode our lovely road
where, fallen, a shadow in a rose
raised a river's shine
oh, as we dined on lost souls then we slowed
down, down,
once upon a lost mind, i held my hand to you,
but you loved me before i was dead,
& i loved you more when deadess crooned
a wide world of fled fire has our kissings
crying for a book in a romantic inglenook,

eyes will have to widen to blindness- Truth
will always come between us?,Ah!?



this cold heart i know has no true lost father
o, a soul under crows
carries carrion to Rhodes
& as we sink red robes inside dead lucre
then we pay a poppy for a prize.

once aside times, we pocket passing rogues
oh, a sea of pimped wine
drinks to a gold mind
^& as valleys fail, then we suffer after
bodices of flayers. Ah, under farters
we stagger as we shit indoors
this gold heart we know has no lover
& a crowing tomb of frauds
falsifies endless love..

carriers of vermin rock for drugged
vampiric blather Gods?

as we must chew bats until dawn
then sizzlers will rotate upon thorns
o as wizards move, then blue storms
will extract lust from endlessness
& blithe sky smooths clouded hair
oh a bird of eyes
widens where a citadel of prayer
loosens bells with roman wives
the sun is torn today. Oh, cries
flash inside healed hands

as we must chew bats then scorn
hastens to cut all lies away.



we have to witness now the darkness of love's whine
o the swaying trees moan like a God
, -slayers of bees sting stone;-oh, a rotunda rhymes
deadly sex with mad minds
& the slim world is emptied of its poetry
& the spind winds are endlesss as family
we have to undergo the dizzy stars of Man - Huh,
as motels burn, then a ruby car must summon tar
\O, a rack of sleep sunders summers as pans
reach out for plumed treacles & roasted drams..
eyes will silence wide wolves where coda rams
pokey seed down the ruins of a loaded dram
& the doctorings of blind shadow grit cunt-clams
we have to forgo all city gorgons as we cram
coastal kissers with listening listless lippy-lands
- ahh a lantern is made from loud city embers
- laa

dancing teasers trample tusks when Decembers
teeter for planet Easter.




we abide with the film of a different hour
here, in love's purple cinema
o we ride with the screen of a Digital tower
here, inside love's purple reel

la, the swollen audience to death has power
plowing off a pulling pisser of a movie

& the reeling wheel goes West
& the hills of a kinema death fall into a

clairaudient maze of leprous lippies..

we will abide with the film of a distant
vastness of lost usherettes &filmy diffidence

o a bone of glass uses a fast forced scream
to bedazzle dummy gentlemen's old camera
the audience seems recusant as mind-talkies
raise slid seducers with mauving mind-beams
oh we will heed a world of active zine stars;
& ghosts must give head to fantastic cinema



the fluted faces of ten zillion minds
hereby shoot cocoons
la, a keen grub worms after wine
& a bed of aces
crambles under cartoons
the radios of rapiers rod swine
& closed pigs shoot from timed
body bathers
the fluted faces of ten zillion minds
hereby shoot the moon
&, rosed, we see rise a tombed
bladdering crime
the tearful tirades of a zillion men
dapple screws with kitchens
la, a bone of masks cuts sea-hens
^& a bud of boards
uses bed & board
this side of a fix, we shoot wards
& a bend of fevers
sugars eyers with catty divas
o tearful tirades of a zillion gems
whip rode passion's eyes.

the fizzers of choppy fingers
feel after fuzzy hares
o a bucking robin combs air
& a star of crimes
looks down upon father's chair
once upon a mine, we scared
all spiders, all prayer
&, la, when cars flow, then
blinding body-folk eat rent
bobby breeds.

& a treetop of glass has hair
curry-combed till city flair
drops, just like neon leaves.



the chokers of blue cherries rave
ah, a budded naked prison-grave
digs for salt cremations
oh, as silence flows, then old age
wallops roady bier-sirens.

the horses of a smile race for
dizzy drivers of dialled mule-wars
&, o, as leaden wine
toasts drunk urine, then greyness
must sink a clitty under walled
whipper scrappers.
& chokers of blue cherries raid
blued romantics whose old grave
stops to love

cry baby shunting

the lickers of lazy iron dins across
oven-burners of bound blue flosses
oh a bun of light
tramples sin as a wanker's losses
loosens dirt under night.
when once a drug of Zion locks
easy thumbs under writhed cocks
then a chilly whore
will leap up & rock the soft
leaders of solid gold
we do not need to be told about
easy genes & easy shouts
la, we do not need to be given
& lickers of crazy cries cut moss
& we sit down on eaten hymns
& a bowl of twine
ties a blue string around a mime

i idealise for sin a space for
winged dinners... & we will hoard
lemon killers



diggers of old eaters sharpen plates with
greying telekinetics
o a river of gold sharpens tolling wrecks
&, as we swirl, then we will hear kids
carrying pithy crap where a reeled hit
dons pearly sirens.

once upon a mind, we taunted seasons
, & a bend of brass bags a bad serum's
killer medicine

diggers of old eaters harden when kids
cop a rode horse with whippy digs

once we are home, then we must rid
all rooms of razoring bed-psychosis..

when we sink a bud & as men grin
then hempy plants will grow within.

cancer glows just like sex-wind..

oh & we studied the sun as heaped star
shovelled lions under clothes
oh, we weep for green cum
oh, we sleep,-- roller guns
shoot a cocked horse where sea-drums
bang bongos with patent baby sons

the fairy-headed noose of hangers
heaps a broken bunny- Ahh, feathers
pluck from a nude goose
a naked nettler of festive ooze
oh we have studied everything...Riders
romance for pithy churn
oh we will hear death's sprung lifers
looping cages around prison pipers
once aside ladies, we heap perms
& a bolted class
cuts tutored bones from grey firms




& as for boned bridlers, a sun inside the rain
cuts the space we tread
oh as for stoned bikers, a gun inside old grain
dollops gems under bread
where once we knot fists then river-vein
shoot from a pig-flame
as we sink odd riders then we suffer death
, - a bleeder of briders maims gold breath
& as features burn, then a screener's sex
cuts a filmed mace
then fever of thrace whip kids from rites
where once we knotted sperm, then mikes
must smell just like a beer
& a cave of bees topples
& a stage of seed rifles all blue apples.

the fixers of fled stars fastens bones of science
o a rill of deaths sun-carve
rollers of rooms with warders of sex-scars
when once we rode from sex then we scarved
a gallery of deaths
& the sonar flowers of beads & vast debts
pay for a poverty of fevers
as teasy tyrannosaurs jam prised glass
then a ripper of an old land hips for grass
& a beam of dowers
rotates where messy towers dam vast
baby statues
these fixers of fled cars fasten drones to
blue-fawned streams where guilty screws
turn rocks into pastes.
there is no gem to be made from hate



& we shall knock down the sledges
o, we will stampede for fanny edges
& as a blue slide stops, then easellers
will snap a rapped coda from theatre
when once a scrapper of a hand
lams sex-suture with tweezed islands
then a bone of brine will water for
canals of rectal money & cock-war
& we shall knock down blinding
star-shelters when the mind's driving
drrools for killer carousels

once upon a dime, we sent selves
grinding under grimed prison-bells
& a tocsin in a cape created cells from
salt-green fathers of lipped sex-gum.

& we shall knot down the sledges as
a blagger of cops sets fire to glass
hectred jawbones sink a skulled masque
under torrents of clued cud & masts
& we sing for a masted Venus
& we swing, swing,

oval caddies cup a bald wrist with a
softner of knells & peeing cars... Air
has our deli guts for pancakes & rivers
raise a roman rizla from a fag-flare
the radios of sleep sadden after scares
o a roasted billow bombs a sassy snared
meadow room--..

& eyelets sweep for glamour as gloom
pirhouettes around a salty city room
& a bedded butt
hastens to carry criminals to sluts.

& we shall knock a nanny nutter
oh we will spread rock with butters
ah we shall close a fever in three lives

wiveners of wild meese swirl drives
& god's star parks down back-lane.



the sizer of a dunny dreamer heeds
soapy crags where cliff-tops heave
o a bed of dope puffs a bald jayOh,
as candy land stops, then old day
wallops a gunny sunrise
when once we learnt about odes
then we sent zephyrs to small souls
& a bench of blood
star-slammed Isis with Dettol-Love
the size of a drake drains suds &
eyes widen under tears

i see arise the five pointers of the dead
o i summon lies
& we strip blue sense from cries when
wedded sun-cries storm a bone of hens
the saviours of spermacides supper
after dilly bairns who cry in bed.., De Father
sweeps his angelled wife around
& a bomb-show neckers for sea-sound
is see arise the nine anointers of summer's
sensless heated feast
o, we summon lies
lo, we never died



the sorters of silly saviours try to heal
dolly garters
oh, a farter of dilly fathers try to reel
figgy wind where sulllen martyrs
wheel aside blue rainbows
once upon tines, we bust a comber's
invidious stink where a tawny sofa
stuck six fingers up a rat's bum,
& a wasted hand will heal the hour
& a shaved woman will heed
a bald sex-burn
o sorters of silly saviours try to deal
giddy gourdes to lime
but we enter home now & we reel
times into perms.

the ninevah of the bible-shocked
dizzy god to pharoahs
o, a bin of bends scissor psalms from
golden gills where rolled star-lobes
rock, rock
& a bench of blood clocks under
& a wench of suds crops
when once we angle after plumes then
a bun of wine-bones
must feed a drake-Ah, a peahen
pricks a horse which rides after gems.
the ninevah of the bible-shocked preaches
giddy blades to city peaches.




the gassers of loud gaspers cut a fishy stink
o as lasers sky-crowd the sluts of body
then a bath of flour bakes a drowned pink
sea of stained crows.

when once a veiny baby dies, then mink
must swaddle gals with weeping
o a lasher of clouds warms a dog's wink
& a doll of wars
smells of denial.
the glassers of proud drivers cut a kinked
bayed car case
,& we slide to sleep as a cave of rapes

the dangerous hands of love reach out for
daddy's female dream
oh a raider of sands cuts a peach O, wards
waffle after diamond monkeys
& a wine bone's bad bit bricks a starry screen
& a sea of stone
casts caves acros the drones
when once a bench of fleas flocks a moan
then meaningless leeches lap a sloane
& trees cry for lost leaves
& seas arise from shallow weed....

the dangerous hands of Gods reach after
daffy dunes of bread-sands; & we fathered
jackers of christs
& we lathered after sex-heists
this side of a nude, as boys hang, mice
must muscle for lude nice tails-,, O, life
loosens where rains cuts out.. Night
has no edge & we study how to shout.



the easy idols of a smelly trip tracks deaths down
o, dizzy rivals rise for wellied lips
&, as we cry, then we yearn for ripped sea-towns
a dabbler of nerves washes rams & we see clowns
carrying circus mirrors where a neck of Downs
jeers at a wallet-nest
la easy idols of a gentle mind track sex down &
we will collide with roped body sands... Oh,, hands
ram rosed honey down an island.
, & a robe of wrecks rocks brigands
& a guilty body-mind builds up fats from breasts

the dangerous crossers of jesus night jacks us
o a sud of losers soaps blood-remus & old dusts
drag a lazy tongue aside blonde fires
ah, a sea of dens drags trees from pyres & lust
raises ground abaddon from a cockler's musk
a biddy blinder bangs father & we jack fires
& wordy wept rams lather sand where pyres
set alight to funeral birds
we will settle after dogs when a hot curve
cries herself to fierce sleep
& a cell of diamonds reaps wheaty words

- the dangerous crossers of judas light hastens
vast voids where scissored ships
carry crimes to veined valleyed eye-hips.




the riders of the empty dead heap a gash of silver
o, as fawny fatherers of death
ram powdery fingers down life's painted breath
then a falon on a chair
jacks precious sea-stairs
& a rider of blurred rain raises pony-ladders from
a sprawler of cat-dinted radio prayers
eyes eat from wives as a wivener of babies
bob up from nine crazy killer countries...O, laddies
intern fast fists
& a sand-shaken monkery of plumed fuel hips
for diddy laughs & mind-heavy killers of salt-lips
the riders of the empy heap a glass of seizures
o, as fitting readers of sleep dream of grey killers
then a bun of ice
heels away from prison-mice
i have wept for looseners as i have seen christs
dancing with the faces
& a grid of hash smokes a jayed space when
diggories of sadness send sugars under sea men
this side of riders, a stall of ivory caps peahens
& a bladderer of cakers
crawls down a fierce hall as family makers

fail to scream?



this torrent-shaken moon where i laid my veins
has no true sir to own
o, a factory of deaths fish-foams after trains
& an eater of girl-bone heaps a chippy track
, o, when once a bed of lays strangles crap
then a cupped klan will give in to
wardering wet-waves that crack into a
nudisnesss of capped chicken dudes...

the robotic head is here when
a cradle of lead suckles gems
this torrent-shaken moon where i burned rain
hears a swallower of sadness
star-cramming model tongues down darkness
o a wivener of thieves
halters old pumpkin weed
& a tawny crack coshes puff with seed
the romantic bed is herer where
a candler heaps dust under tears
& woven wives widen up, up
& frozen brides weave a grey wool-washed
killers of vast fished skies..




the screwed velvetines of a funnel-weaved hall
suck a pretty slut-nut
o, a moody sea of dreams liqours after walled
beddy cock-cups
& a bell of hasps heals over when a sun's stall
drops bad faces
when a biddy burns, then a clasper of balls
swings along a doorway
& a blind of brogues rolls after gay graves
then a bastard p-liceman arrests ned slaves
eyes in wives wipe a watch from a ground
lunar city where wifelings pierce a drowned
blonded bay of haired kids
the screwed velvetines of a funneller's caul
crashes, crashes
uhi have seen baddies burn & burn..Drawl
daggers into city danger.



these coptic crazy days where i wrote my name
listens to beds of slaves
o a bairn of brass sinks a cotted pocket & pain
tramples dirt into kitchens
., & we hold a bald heart to miction as veins
wallop cancered graves

once, when i held my head, i dreamt of sex
o the beds of mussions were raped there
&, launched by deaths, i dropped a cat where
a museum of faces
stopped dicks under laces
o these coptic crazy days merge aside pain
& i ravel into minds
& i sermon for a demoned spine
has liberties for a girl's rhymes
these are the paper chases i chose to
delimit into sauce
& i remember mummy when i choose to
recollect death's dummy,



the rude rulers of rended lakes must hide
aside a wife
o the stooled sealers of rended drapes writhe
& i am sent to cruel sleep
& i am vended to nude wheat
o we fail to fall when a wine-van's heaps
heal over

eyes entertain glamour as a cockered christ
cross-creates a bed of plovers
o as women fly, then gentlemen who write
upon red corn
must extend a balded arm inside midnights
the rude rulers of rended lakes must hide
aside salt mice
o where silence glows, then violence rides
under earths where searing christs

ends in grease..

the parambulars of piercing pills peer into
a wall of flavoured nudes
o a sea of canners crashes... O, sky-nudes
knock upon death's daub
. & once upon a mind, we searched for ashes
& when once a bone of glass
stoppered smashed faces
then a bell of ice rings a tocsin from stasis
the eager eyes of blood bang gasps & laces
suck a sluttered nut,
& we will learn of tears when gold
rocks a rollering river of panny poled
body slackeners..

the wide openers of wolves sweat for tooled
figgy foals of pony pushers
ah, eyes whiten & a cell of riders star-fools
emperies of flashes with sealed flowers
the parambulars of pissing pills peer into
rollers of kiddy necks
& we raise a roman from a sea-wreck
& wer have roses with opened sea-decks
the world is atoned by unearthly pecks.



the napes of sin pull a berry from thin air
o, we do down the cherries
& cagey ghosts glitter under ferries
& a bed of masks rots for skinned hairs
eyes centre dust under whirring glass
. , & skies burn up
& brides spin round
& buzzy babies suck glass
& we heed messy dreamers as the past
wallops clocks with sluts
wallers of wept wallets spend dear dust
. - & as we warm bullets, then red musk
must ripen salts from flour.

we bake a faked cake when towers
teeter into darkness..

o do down down the derry o do down the buried air
o do down the berry
la, cum do down the deli

me & madam wife have labelled dogs with ferries
& we will jack life's fading snare
o do down the derry o do down the buried hair
o do down the biddy
la, cum shoot a burned city
eyes have never seen such hot cruel embers when
we do down the derry
easter riders rampage for sadness...Oh, chicken
dollop dolour on a daisy
& we do down the derry as we do down baby
the tallness of lady grits grasp for mental Hades
o a star of masks
heaps a whore when pissers sock the Past
we do down the deli Ohh
we do down the buried,..

i espy closed grass smoking flavas as clasps
do all cherries in.



the motherers of mad mien vamp after sugar sin
o the wiveners of sad men
meld ghosts with moneys
& we grip to spun sin where old babies
die in a salted stable..

once upon a mind in mad whorl i saw odd cherries
chaffing upon burned books of saline cradles
o a bonce of glass heaps the past
o a cunt of grass farts aside the hissing vast
families of dirtied silvers...

the motherers of mod mien cramp gas with hymns
o the wiveners of bad gems
swell up, up, up...

i have seeded after sweet perms when blind sluts
softened under bleeded body-tuts.


The moony vixens of a breeding tail track down
dollies of spreaded towns
o a wife of ravens moves ceilings where clowns
cluster cavvies under Downs
& a psychic circus rotates under a drowned
villa of vines & nunnneries
o a starry sea-servant stoppers glass as babies
rob a robin of blue countries
once aside a wide mind, i listened to old rubies
o as brides burned, i saw a pisser of lost doobies
draggling glitter glass with hooky hands
& moony vixens of a breeding vale track down
diddies of naked crowns
& we stride into sounds as if rended from
dizzy cat-lusts...

i empty my balls inside cunny phlegem when
a box of bounces darken kids with old women.



the endos of the eaten death-herald a bus of sharks
o the sun dives where the leaded corrals in the park
body a bum of semen into salt rain
& endos of beaten beds heat a coker as red grain
tramples filth into kitchens
the wiveners of the West saw thumbs when veins
scatter boned wine aside a bomb of bled trained
biddy baggers of bastard grime
& we sleep for snout
& we reap salt-louts
& babiers of bonny mouths swallow god's lungs
wideners of weepies sweet coke from a gun
ohh a bladderer of creamy sweet soap cums
deeply down where velvet vast mien thrums for
ground coda of lost limbers of grey giddy gauze.
& endos of the eaten death-herald a bus of harped

as we sneek away from dilly graves then sops
don a bum from a shroud-sail..



o exorcised by a febrile lip, we ghost the dead away
o set in minds by a female slit, we slide aside graves
& a bed of mice tail-knot a baby of lost daysO
we sac after dregs as the star-larks of thed dead raid
braided bodies of bones & samphires
once, as we rode to sleep, a blithe city vampire
lashered with spind heat the buddies of sea-spired
doggy ash-horses who
doll a donny drag-dude from vales & palor blue
o exorcised by a febrile lip, we ghost the dead away
o a set in rolled minds, we dug for a heart of decades
& we swallowed broods from dizzy glasses & lays
slopped us out...

i entreat the swallowers of snappered heaven...


we complete our coupling before the quarter hour
la, we dress up for dreaming
& a bun of glass shines as it feeds the flowers
we will drive to the nice sides of life when
a babbler of seasons peppers silk with hydrogen
& a happy gooey feather
falls to birdy father.

as we thread dust with dames, then hot trees
must end inside flames
o as dizzy donkeys rust, then a pony under weeds
digs for filthy veins

old rhymers rip for tides as a shrill sad train
bedazzlers deepeners with blue brained dreams
as we thread dust with grain, then hot knees
will burn just like sex-petrol.

musk kisses caressers as old deaths die.



mouthers of sacred jets rise from tithes
hoh a bed of bikes rides after blue wives
& we slipper after trikes
& we ride forevermore

& mummas of raided lips form tribes
&, lappered, we apple for roller rides
mouthers of naked hips rise from Lies

halted by crickets, i hear a gashing mind
grassing on winged swine
o a bowl of caps shoots tears as times
dolly for a wedded window
as we spy, then we fly...When lies
slot a fanny in a sky
then weevillers heed golden meadows.

halted, a gilded grasshopper grinds
dopplers of whining winter moon-limes
o a dog of mash strides aside shadowed
bonny blinds bomb bruised minds.
i think of sex when suns reap deaths.



o when a loaded sapphire hits a crazy ring
then manx saviours must heal love's dream
la, a hand of gold
heals a Midas Soul & we fasten creams
to baked moles.

once aside of us, a coach of iron rolled
caned carpets under voles
& we jangle jaguars where grey screams
scan whores
& we raise a roman train with warped

the visions of lost fairgrounds dwarf
daddies with greeny morphs
& we gather grime from swards when
madam missions cry & cry..

o a loaded sapphire cuts a fairy-ringed
bust of fires
then a baddy in a spire arise from sky
i am dyed with wool ...
i am diver for a fool..




the creatures of cruel faiths heed a shop of death
o sad mixtures of nude diamonds
hit a rich shroud

oh a barny body boy heeds deafened eyes..&
a caked box of toddies
dreams of naked blue flava.
the critters of naked nannies breed for mamma
o, when faces shake, then a gun of lovers
shoots dead a cradle in four winds.

i and my overcoat sea-shape a rainy mother
o & icy ivy rope
knots veins into vines.....Lah,.father
weds a soft slip

this side of lissom, we arise for traps
& a bed of tall seasons swallows clap

there is a sad man who saves the world
..there is a grey clan which ruled pearls

once aside of dives, a hirsute sea-curl
crapped upon bruised dumper-girls
& a snip of dates
cuts enemies from death's gates
la, we will make death's paradise swipe
all gloves & every single rose.



we are sweated from catted punishments
o, we are kited up with canes &soft mint
& we arise from snobbed kids

the treacle of a rappy moon salt figs
o we rise from crappy noon as pigs oink
& a sty of mad wine
weeps, weeps
we are seated for hatless governments
ah a bell of night rings tocsins as sleep
trickles down a girl's hot heap..

this mind of money monks after heat
. & as we fade to clay then we reap
giddy owls from xmas honey...

i saw so many men come & go...
i did not think of women?




the nakedness of a nude frozen candle
hisses across nude ice
la, a dizzy mosque of christs seizes
guilty gabblers from neon night
o as we wail from sleep, a wine-life
loops a g&t across windows of light.

callowers of crucifixers sea-strike
a sickly forcing slitty mike.. & noise
raids a bunny boy as weals on toys
scutter into glassrooms..

the eager eating flower of runes
rotate upon a filthy poem-prune,...

ideal breads slice cakes as dunes
don daddy class-grids
& we sup a lake from cocoa spoons
& we dream about greying kids
& nakedness hips for salt flesh
& fascinated lips warp for desked
schooled senility...



these hollow waves of wept home hisses
directly across skinned ice
o a sawny gallows rips a roper as kisses
runny breath has our dun days panting
o a bow of lice invents a venereal painting
& we lower a crissed cross where
mobile towns trample teasers with mares
these hollow waves of wept bone pisses
directly inside the lips of suds
& we radio TVs for wights as dugs
drop, drop

honey-men feed tits to defectives while
nappers of chappered girls reap smiled
candy missives
a daddy dream-bus crashes under dials
& a wheaty screen-hush

dies away...

& i see a homeless father star-shaping
sun-pointed faces where a moon's breaking
hastens nudes to flower

& i see a mindless mother car-shaking
blue-tit-boars with
craveners of kite-killers.... O. hours
shave a mucker from gay geezers
once aside of grime, i softened after
flown stablers of limey city rafters..
- & statues must go to sleep
ah wiveners of wasps will reap
sweet chisellers from country heat
we will trumpet cunt-apples as wheat
drizzles within closed caverns of heaped
doggy drams.

& i see a homeless father scar-shaping
gun-anointers with five-o-clock shavings.

ideas for paper fillers dock champagne.



sea-shot, i strode aside delvers of sex,
eyed, i roped robes as
doll-dried fissures foamed under glass
& a city's bends
heralds whorers from bitumen
wedded train-stops sink into grass
& a famer of a featured failure
drops, drops
sun-shaped, i strode aside rivered mess
& tines crack now.

the wintry hands & feet of a dead whorl
supper for ramming heat
o a naked narna knots creeps ...Oh, girls
say No!

eyes sullenise dead cages as guilt curls
deeply down in a glans-hasp
we suffer poled positions as parters
pallaver after naked foisons, & hearters
heap a gamey mask
the wintry hands & feet of a dead world
wallop sticks with dead-bedded casks..

sea-shot, i strode aside a raining deck
la, eyed eyes stride aside
blonded bully graves
& a teemer of wasp-brides sup for lies
once we move inside, then church-cries
will cetainly writhe like a spire
oh, Noah's naked ripper raises lies.
rekindlers of rizlas roll a faggy tides
o a rekindling jonah-dove raises tithes
& a tensured nostril heaps
raping body-sleep.

once we move inside of us, then wheat
will cut a cropper's circle from reaped
Abel ride...

we have the salty names by heart?




the dangerous fields where i made love's name
whip after lost flowers
oh, a city of weals snares the grave
oh, a mind of reels ravels under trades
oh, a video of digitalis mentalises towers
once we have cried, then we must shed flame,
once we have tried, then we must yield pain
ah, a bone of glass hisses under
dunny glues & faceless thunder
the dangerous fields where i made love's name
drops now inside death's parapets





the doggers of darkness draggle a pisser from
dollies & danglers
o, a brolly of sadness drinks rain from guns
& we raise a crag for
white flags & prison-wards
this idle season, where stars crawl, suns
must shine just like one zillion drummed
& a sea of pop wil drink a clock's cum
the doggers of darkness draggle a sister from
rolly-poly pussy lungs
& we have fishy toes & we abuse dung.
this eaten web of tears thrum-minds war,
this beaten dreg toasts spheres
& we may listen to Osiris as glass paws
claw dreamed fires away,-
weepers of sexy resins move the grave

dervishes of dizzy dirty pants don cloud-sails,
odes to silly sea-tramps trackle like a vale
oh we earned hot money when
we sold sex bodies to wine. We will upend
doggers of killed canvas-crime.
once we have lost times, then a dead friend
will summon its ghost from a nave
& a don of Pan pisses into graves as staves
sink a cunty-wunt into a rammer
dervishes drag for banshees when vales
stirrup for a golden goose whose red rails
sink money into fires
we have the crooked names by heart,-
as we hasten death, then we suffer carped
body banisters.....................Lo!,,




the starry snickerer of gabbly ghosts grip
to a snaily shop of hot baby
o a starry sunner smashes sappers as lips
lock a doddy worm
we have the widow-words by heart... Hits
scatter hips as a hocus bird sears rits
,, & we lap a logger
& we poke a pissy puller with slits
starry spiral summers sun-shape perms,
i heap a rival's lover with fanged ferns
& we jack for red babies.

rubicund scarp-slakers shape terns
& tyburns & elms axe a cock-burned
blonder of a brine-belted sweet toddy,

noddy mien notices Ides as old sperm
snaps a blind crow's satanic shroud-urn



laddies of mystery bone-burn old money,
babies of history story-tell gold family
&, oo, as winos flower, then green dairies
salt a soury table with torn lips
wivers of melodies stone-swarm tits,-
& ivories strip grey drones as aviaries
sucker for closed clowns...Oh, ovaries
suffer male brusied balls
& a tide of trucklers treat a gay dolls
laddies of mystery bone nuked rubies,
travellers bomb diallers of apiaries
we have dollared after muff as stalls
staple a brain to a clifftop's gay fall
eaters of baddies drape for cut cauls
& a bonce of bitter blood
breaks a shatterer-,, Ah, we call
out aloud, but daddy doesn't hear us

massive bred halls where i yelled love's name
taps on a liquid stall
ah, stained dope on my hands fed me
& a dream of dying sold me
fast ropes & acid trees
we will eat upon a vast onion as blue grain
teeters underneath cavvies of
& i am spread on a latch
& i am spreadeagled under cold trains
& eyes burn up, up
& skies storm a rainy female
massive breaders of fast ovens see pain
prying for groped fat fingers
& eyes in wives sweep a mirror
& dives under cries creep deep under
rolly earths that jack my
mastiffs in red shawls rotate across
blue headed soft lubber
& we raise a ruby from a land-tossed
biddy bay filled with goddick's
Ohh tuttered turtlers trip for tonguers
ahhh mutterers of Hitlers kill flavours
& eyes under dunny slides
season slammers with naked fat drives
endlessness will stopper as when dives
run aside when a blown city sea-rides



hifalutin fuzzy faces drink from a toilet-bowl
lo, a swing wagger by a sink
hoists a shark-shoved cavern of toot-owls
uh, & eyes slink from sex as wiveners link
doggy chained plates to funereal soft souls,

once upon sweet brine, i saw mad ink
dottering after a vulture made from kinked
dolly butter
& a cat of christs grinds bulllied shitters
with slave-spoken fish-fined ball-litters
hifalutin fuzzy faces drink from a latrine
o a bust of silver swipe smiles from ravined
tangerine corpsing mamma
this side of a dark bed, goddess carries
wicked Albion when a sweet gal marries
ingenous madam magpie..





tendrils of lost fathers feel after bird-song,
eyes, whipped, lather after dog-headed wrongs
o the wives of the snipped
sally a dune from flamingo lips
& a bed of wine toasts swift puker tits
when once a trader of deaths sells mien to
doggers of fascinating cleaners
then a bowl of strips saps queasy doll-nudes
once aside rolled treacles, i pinioned mirrors,-
once, with snides, i shot a pillar with
vampric baby pigs
& instamatic veins photo a blue kid with
towny collonades of pooers & piscine digs
we have hastened to a blithe cliff when ribs
force-feed lipids to feathered egos
a focep of a mind traps bones under endos
&, ahh, a mike of rats bat-attacks grey heroes,.

o herpetic swarms leap for lady diamond.

hostesses of brusied leopards lash a lady-land
oh, a beaker bent from rain
trades after killers as a wound bone in hands
cocks a rubber's brand
oo & timeless riders race for old veins
weela & a straw-berried face dyes gold games
& a new born pisser
peals a narrow heart from a baby-killer
once aside of death, we ape after Hitlers
oh, a spread of breath warps after miners
& we dig for easy gold
& we rig a face under sold salt vaginas
hostesses of bruised cinemas locks rolled
soupy souted kissers
& we wish Amen to a crow as hissers
loosen bones with failures/
once aside sex, we aped after Himmlers
oh, see arise from sex the death of Man




These eager dollar boys who waste eaten money
swell up where cashes curse
a sun of bunnnies
oh, a bed of wives whitens slits with enhearsed
dilly boys who laugh at families

the wasted hits of the hilled heat blind birth.
ah the shaven lips of the spilled
empty emptied sex-shit adown a loud earth's
bone burials
these eager dollar boys who case sweet honey
drimk from a female toilet-bowl
& a dreamer of dolor races under our souls

hostesses of flamingo bloods poke needles where
a bled bod vans salt-hair
& a creeping vine of prayer suffers snared
body melodies
eyes inside eyes spit dun venoms at baby's
bricked in bully haulings
& we rock a face with five rolled ceilings

the times we had appear shaven by air,
the wideners of cabs papered rode tares
& a bunch of glass
topples a plastic mask under gold-glared

hostesses of flamingo muds poke needers
underneath veins when ashen sprung reapers
rock a bun under cradlers..
we are the gallowed men...O, we slather
after oinked city murder..



the flashed flown flowers on a windscreen
teeter where stoned decks
dapple cunt-clocks where stationed dreams
dagger after pussy wrecks
once upon a grey mind, we saw screams
scrambling body-scenes
& a vase of masks spills windy creamed
grained harpers of kinged lips
oh i entertain some flamingo bloods ...&
eaters of star-rain weeps after rams
& flashed flown flowers aside edams
rocks, rocks
i hear green kissers tongue-creating
viny old rude records& we're shaping
hearts & tolled shots.

blonde-haired lanterns craze after sweepings,
old dark ravens rocker for semen
& we dine in thed dark where cold ceilings
dance upon darjeeling
once aside dirt, we raced under serums,-
& a bolt of glass shattered under sirens
& a house of lips
ladied after haloed trips
blonde-haired lanterns daze after reapings
oh a bunny garden plucks rocks as lips
layer us with star-waste.
i have seen the children come within us




o daddy's hot wedded casino heaps a gamble where
odes to shot card-rollers
reads the tarot to a sundering loosening mirror
& we heap hasps with hemped soldiers
i have seen the women jump under drivers,
eyes have warped semen sputtering friggers
o daddy's hot spreaded latino sunders stores
& the hated tears of whores will moon-maul
dirty razor-desks

i have seen grey children jack love's stalled
easy macadam
& i have numbered greey madams with
forbidden xmas malls
& a gangster & its moll heaps a kissed
sky-leavened Eve & Aaron
o daddy's cherried motor heaps cars where
spun sandals smatter for modals of mared
molly horses.





the scissorers of mash & pepper seasons
nine eyes with arachnids
ah, we sauce for flaccids as pippers
heal over
o a moat of clover pucks luck as mother
sweats upon an artful candle
we have the rude gals by heart..Ah
we earn out blues
& we scarper for screws as red cars
cry for crashed milk.
the scissorers of ash & slipper reason
has no best bed to own?

we have the lewd lens of a fast boy's
cane-curried idiot toys
& a skin of wine wallops joys as bone
cases mad sloanes with guilty stoned
capped cathedrals...

we learned the stars by heart as hills
collapse into grimed mamma mine.. Rills
rope us & ground coffees drink to dills.



as for a mean coppice in a grate, may we now
come to understand the winnowed brides
oh as sad dinners swirl, then we may well writhe
inside a chalet of broken sea-tribes,.

these dreamed worlds where i laid my mins
encounters lady whorls
& a daughter in a flower shoves the hour
adown a pigeoned puller of needle-sweets
& precious gems dull with silence cakers
of blithing coppice burns
as for a seed's curls we willl count out
diamante graphs of gullers & tea-drought
& a drouth outside twashed bright towers
eagle after salt plumes where night-dowers
pay, pay..

as for a mean coppice in a grate, may we now
demolish hens with lards & warders.

ah needle-sweets give salts to endless children
ah swirling meat feeds fish to sirens
& as weddings die, then a candler's woman
must sweeten plums with seasons.
when once a pretty blown bow is made
then a candy castle will protect the grave
& a bone of ash hastens hills to raid trades
ah needle-sweets give salts to endless hens
& a corpse of feathers lays the moon
& a bomb of horses raises night from gloom
jackers of radio glasses broadcast a grey lens
& residual slitted arses
sweep a faloned cake from burnt faces
the rippers of ripeners wash soily traces of
spurted spirit coves...

my pyramidic star-world guns a dun glove
around mental spectacles
& as taloned menstrual tables drop,
then easy mothers will last until crops
whip a tangerine tear
idioms of idiot mermen fish for socks
& a banana bandage bleeds under rocks
la la la la.



we resume a river where pissers slot
peary vaginas in a faraway puke-shop..
& we will come to eat a kiss in public
& cellves will come to hasten to soft pipped
penile bolic star-shots
the vases of the china sexed wallop
veiny retrievers with caustic gel-clots
& a ripener of thieves steals death's gallop
wended wives reap a purple pealed clock
& the sides of dinner jeeps toss jollop
tut tut tut tutter tut tut
tut tut tut butter nippler slit nut

uhh uhh

ooooeyes creep upstairs
skies lead selves to hair
and nipplers will snare



la when once eyes swerve, then a bed of sirens
must batter bones with rolled souls
& a dizzy rat of weirs drowns in a fat mons
& a gleeming cat
hisses under tailed rats...

once, when i saw a vicarage breaking wind
then i snapped a penny from a prayed wind
& a sauce of iron
senses diners under lions
lapping a ligrom in old shadow..

ideal ices feed pops to pain. Ah, we will
weep for winnowers
&, liced, a venereal villagers must star-spill

all graves & all life....

a slitted side of sad ravines
don a fountaiin's wife-O, when
hot hilly claws cause christs then
a salted city bride
separates maws from custards..

when i spoke, then i knew when
dogdayed bibled voided men
claimed a cunt from xmas...

& a fast story is here now told
about the veins in the summer's cold
& a bud of minds
mines after a horse inside
heroic city wines.

a slittted bride of mad ravines
don a sa of tangerines
oh yon sucker slaps old wives

& eyes weep from old tides.



once, aside a lie, love's leered statues
held a cock inside a bone
o once, dug by eyes, old grey nudes
lashed an usherette to some bad news.

i understudied for deaths, but i move
old granite snoods to sniffed
marblers of messy cunny snoods.

once, aside a cry, love's prised statues
held a sea of sculptures
& a bled boat at a hired sea has to
lap a lesson in listening vultures...

as we stopper promontaries of
purified hard vinegars
then we stoop under cunt-gingers
& the daring napes of killers
trap salt-escariot
& the craps of Eden suckle
burnt buddy houses that huckle

caffiented cubbies-Eyed dogs
drape a dun rug across
grey pigs & a grunt-gilled dashes
lies on the moon disendear
red palls, - ah a shed of tears
trample ermine
& once upon this mind,vermin
rocks for cupped wave-rears.

turning eagles drive cock-smears.
a cellar of wide wived tears
shoots a lover's mind...
the laden wasters of love's suns
slackens rude stars..Old times
wash rude hands under
lard & lady waters.

we eat our dizzy teas as slaughter
snaps up a greasy glued geezer

Ah Mien...
Ah Mien



the tossing tyrannical feathers of the frowned
throw frosties at five winds
o a cereal of gunned murder hits a sea-sound
& a bed of wine
weeps for timed
drunken lobbies

once below a mind, we saw a sea of babbies
banging city fever
& a bod of scissors suck a blind nut of
rude flavas

the bossing tyranical feathers of the drowned
hurl kirtsies at hot rain
& men and mother God will suffer rain
o- skin & sin must teeter under code-clowns
once behind a rhyme, we supped a body
& never looked back..
the easy fanglers of the monkey-killed
carry ape men far West
o the easy fathers of a fast death fills
old heels with sealed
cold chicken

once below a mind, we dug for dills
&, iced, a tree of lice suck warred mills
& an ideal atttic
raises razor blades from grey panic...

as easy fanglers of the money-killed
carry caped men due East
then a bed of christs will hear peace

cumming for a stunned sail. .. La

these sad sunrises i have seen with blank
radio huge hot heaven
o sadness under lies have dreamed of
& a bed of ashes weeps for dreamers
& a sad sun of deaths
dips a body in a clock
when once a purple pisser purrs, then
eaten olden rifles
shoot furled ships; & a scythed Idol
stares into a hollow vein...

sadness grows inside the daubed dark-
a miniature stasis storms
gay hooded zero fawns
& ideal lips shit in crypts
once below a mine, we see coke-gold
grappling for babies..



the baby i have seen has no dad to own
o rubies under dreams
must rot;- once below a screen,
we learn of kids & liars.

as a curve of killers cuts junk, then
eaten cradles burn giddy candles -. When
we earn kids
then we must lose kids...

& a baby i have dreamed has no mumma
& the scissors of a grey sun
locks long fingers inside lady fevers..

endless hymns of rain suck mirrrors,

Bad biilies of sadness ride a cradle-sea
underneath sundered glass
o sad dillies rock sadness
& a bonce of blood brags under beads
& a mad mind fits
inside a mad kiss...

once below a mind, we cut old mitts
& a soft-brained sailor
slashes veins with ashes -O, clits
strum a female vine?

bad billies of sadness ride a candle-creed
- sad hades ends, & a firey mind
melts when fast thunder craves timed
towned bombs...

a bastard in a hill loses God's Father
& old killers end.

o now we have let the mirrors close
then we must settle iin a rose
o now we are rocked with rot, then
odes to dying toads
will lead a cemetery to dun roads.

o a bed of birds blankets after men
oh, a house of curves
cry for salty rain, & a face of words
grows dumb....

since we have crossed our minds
then a palaver of daises will wind
ravelling clocks of sex & drums...

the owl of the dead whip suns
& one million mental stars come
back homeward when
a robin sngs inside a fast lobe..
eager to please seaweeds we
ride from county sleep..



these dummy days when i
send dogs to sleep, i know about
coded birdy bones
o, a sun in mind smells of drought
& these dummy days when i
send cats to wheat, i know of a
green light where odes to chrome

once above wine, we toasted
dilly kids & women
- ah, as a cut of rams is lifted
then these dumuy days when i
send bats to meat, kiss love's eyes?

the dodgy dolly in a cave rides
inside bruised baiter of kill-cries
codas of rivers raise cups to fathers
& rodeos send us
deep down within dickened dust.

dark fanned fingers shut up a peacock's jam
o mad soft fathers
rock for featherd hands- O, a mental land
scalpels after
old blooded mirror banned bands
& a rope of flesh
sucks a green nut.

once, while Man seems young, a sea of sluts
may shoot a dulled moon?

dunny fabric horses trot for apple-pips
-& as a hearsing weal
laps an escariot mind, then figgy tits
must sing like a wronged bird...

dark dammy figures of swelled napes
will drag a dummy reel when
slappers of honey tend soilted men
& cellves & christs appear sent
where a spool of wheatgerm hems
old soul-rapid junkeys? O, red scent

wrenches teeth from a wild body.



oo as we loosen our horse clothes
then we dagger after robes
oo as we moisten flour, then we
bake a plastic loaf-O, roads
lead to disuse when
coda killers crap inside stoved
pretty needle men.

we heap a hodall underneath
dogdayed bitten rites
o a bed of gas sucks old light
& deaths turns off the light?

oo as we loosen our home clothes
then we supper after loaded
dilly darling cake-robes-.. Ah?
a rigger on a rip rips a red car
&, ogled, a funeral summer's star
fallls & acts gay.

& i epsy keen flowers on the ceiling
o with petals splayed, i dig the daughtered
& i see a diamond dreaminh to
o where stem-snapes burn
then a body in a dead fern
gardens of blue grey killings.

where once a funeral set mourns for
dolly mixtures
then a spread of rivers rams outdoors
o a kissers hisses down the ice
& a lake of lippers kisses mice.

a pistil heaps a stamen under grass
o as naped escariots slap cold glass
then god's desolate female spade
heats a swallow in a blind grave...

O pretty silly saviours see lays
licking stone with spitted praise
& old stems water a green tare
& genoas drink from watry air.




here, geared under, we search a stalled earth
o whips inside thunder
flay stitched lipsO, a bed of rivers cuts
grey beads & Mother

when once a sea of patience drinks wine
then, loafed, a ghee of minds
mops a genius vine
& once inside a mind, the mirror's sluts
held bobbins to killers....

here, where sneared, we search for births
o whips of cash
cut a canny cunt...

crabbed shadows melt ...
grabbed mad shows pelt opal silk

The haloes of the whored taste
curved curious williows
o a tree of dust tracks rolled lace
& a bed of wines
cuts a vinegar snail..O, blue waste
wallops ponies.

where once a dolly eater drapes
rapine body toadies
then a cage of rain must body
copiers of starved drakes.

eyes inside eyes lap a locust
, wives outside brides
drink in a deep dolly moon's
crazy shine?

amen, amen, amen.

these bendy biters who suck a
must kiss across city-ice
o a baby of bitters toasts a slut's
brainy body nut
& a bobbing bread-head wipes
keen heads on lost

oo- eyes shoot-up with lepers
ahh- lies shoot pups
& idiot ratty shivers dress cut
corner bones?

these bendy biters who suck Puck
have no tears to share
& a bed of christs will kill prayer...

Amen Amen Amen...



the shafted pelicans of a shouted sea
slaps a gallows in old frost
o a crafted killer lunge loots old leas
-lo as mansions fail
then a huge green grail must read
grey pushers?

once against a wall, in heard death
drinking dolly breaths
o eyes have blind sex when kidders
crap upon lettuce
oh a shaven soul snips sweetened
body blows...
& a stone of glass hits rolled crows
& men and wine
drink under swine...

i espy egits at love's backdoor!



solar city sailors spunk outside my ward
o a tree of saviours
licks a nape as a river under dreamers
lock fingers under mind-birds

o a bus of ash will puff on fag-nerves
& where once a lady cried
then a sad baby burnt under lies.

i see a saline bread raising dives
& a slash of silence bakes cake-knives
- a baddy of love's world
rips love's feed?...

solar city sailors junk a cunt & wharves
weep, weep
we will say Amen to sweet dust
& we must fly.

crappy killer cunny has a sweet rough-neck
la baby rivers
raid sex honey....O, a sea of killers wrecks
bloodied lovers
& a bonce of iron shudders where deaths
feel for a father.



once above a mind, we thought about
guilty women & the sex they move about
& we will shout, shout
oh we will rout life's louts & die for
caverns of mothers...

hangers of hilled men heat inside wards
oh-cold mind-killers cry
& we remark on mad statue-eyes
& we dug a head with reason.

crappy riders of splitted droves must
dismount sex where thoughtless lust
lams a cranial bitch with feathered fuss
there is a state of celleves which
turns a schizoid pig-pick
&, made day, a night of net-pigs
prod mind-dogs with shitted kids..

oh, underline a roguish split-head - uh
i hear the madding dead.

easy loaded feathers feel after drugged
dizzy diamonds
o easy roads of pleasure carry dogs
where, lynched, a cat of sirens
mewls inside the dark
& a lay of lies loops a sea-park
up, up around
dolly drakes & lunar sound.

as eager fools flash, then waste-grounds
will wipe a bald mouth
o a town of mules rides from rain
& a neon bodice of wine hears drouth
trickling like a candle-angel.

odes to eaten autumns reaches for
blonde hitters of imbecile Hitlers, O, war
shoots honeys dead?

as eager eateries heap cunt-aviaries
then eager fisheries must rend babies
under blind rubies..

easy coded shitters feel after mud
& sad ages move
outside all worlds.





we willl cascade down a pared river's
drinking shadow
o we will sink for a town
& a riding cut of judas will sliver
old cars from a crow's dark crown

where once we raise a clifftop then
idiot husbands must
suck blue brained lusts
& as we interfuse God with Pan
then we slide
up, up, up?

we have snapped a city dicky
o we have use kodaks for rain
- we are a kodachrome ditty
o we have used blithe negatives
to season speads with alms
& we cut a shag-&-lager farm
deeply down ...

we will cascade down a dogday-
we will drink dog sleep & play
into the vegetable hands of a lay
eynes will swell for eyes....
tidal crows will cut coast-cries.



the hardening heebeejeebees of a dolly soul
has to respond to killers
o, a nape of mindless blue noddies will
roll under bruised kidders
& a blade of glass has a nude homed
sex annex of green laps

ah julie escariot heaps for napes when
nude desolation's dram drips -
bad drones & village balls slit
splayed rabbits that count under shit

o i will never go down with this shit
o my white star has a blind for lips
& once above death's drive, clits
carried curries to phlegmy pea-pens?

the hardening heebeejeebeees of a dun soul
slaps sea-banged tree-troves
& a body in a van drives, drives
back homeward, where bright peahens
swan against the killed..

we are filled with fright as sharp dives
seem ready to drop
under ferns and beaks and sperm-lives
and the disney of the senses
stop the livid eye-tides
of one zillion easy men; and wives

oo these flowers are see are certified
as green pistols in the moon
oo my garden's plower peals old rooms
fiercely back home where
strung naked wedges melt for hair.

where midges on the stair swipe
gilt fleas & bluebottle romeos, then
blown spiders hoard webwords when
lives dig graves for kissers?

once upon a mind in a glass-room
we heard bright kittens made
fast as canine lightning - O, old jade
drinks to burnt graves
& a sea of cunts cries, cries
we will study just how to lie for
hot sunny whores
ah, we will study just how to cry
& as strage doors open, wide eyes
go blind in heaven's sun.



acres of witnessed winter times hold
easy hot snowballs
acres of vinegar kisses will show
triillers of hot cool crows

as a bed of bases bangs, then
rollers under souls hear women
kissing across death's ice?

once upon a mind, we saw life
licking a hairy female butt
& a fired slut has to pay for sluts
&, o, a dog of demure nights
lock a fairy in a finger.

acres of sleepless silver hits a
city of pure pee
& a builded pisser in a car

these easy graves where i learnt
to bury eaten valleys
will rock a roman romeo-
& a head of night is burnt by
old swigs of lost coffee -As lies
lay a daffy hill
then a bed of light will see dives
dragging salts from eyes.

we have entered imto dried
prisms when a cat's sparked hide
uses refrangible men?

these easy grave where i learnt
about crowds & killers
stops my baby.




hirelings of saline sofas uses sex
to delve a sad cocoon
la a store of limes sucks fish-kecks
& a bud of iron
layers shit with pissy picks - Ah

we have entered into sarnies
, lo we have cut a sad machine
^& a sea of saws must see dreams
entering vaginal paradise?

hirelings of saline rotors abuse
all blurred boys

these active false hills have fallen
just like a naked dream
o a pacer of cocked rills have
swollen just like a fat kid-Oh
miraculous maidens hear pigs
grunting in blue shadow

once we jump, then a gallows
will sit behind a museum screen
& when we whipped horses
then swigs of green poppies picked
bald banging city-tides?

&, rammed by dames, we have
chosen a dog for our name
oh these active false hills have
oceaned where a fork of hags
stabs a shit today.




we may well watch a dry eyed sun
but we will return to love high trees
o a moon of guns glsters like
a bright city train.

once upon a bike, god seemed
rode to wheelered death- o,
blonde dreams deck us -o,
bound brooks drown us

we may well watch a dry-eyed gun
shooting a city caramel
& we have to lock an ear's swell
deeply down when

old babies shot a rammed cell
we leap for lady-flab as bells
hang one billion chickens.

bad boned bells cook a salty belfry
ah, when once gals look
deep inside a fish, then a family
must whistle in a wed park.

as we slide, then we see rooks
roping swifts with swallows, O
eager eyelets weep when crooks
carry expensive glass
away, away?

bad boned vales grab a bag
ah, a tree of kissers cuts a crag
& a bed of ice
stops a dreamt time...





These banging walls where i earned my name
have no supporting heirs

lo, a scissor-stair scales feathery sea-grain
^&, uh, as we stride through hair then pain
must pray for kissed blue flame.

the coda chromes of the wet dream for
slowing living stars
& a bowl of minds will drive red cars
where, lamed, pretty wharves
widen into whet?

these hanging dolly airs where we stained
ochres of silent sleep
& we trumpet meat with country canes
& we lay eggs inside an easel.

ho, these words of a city boiling must
drags dogs into bullet-mush
have no sense of feeling... La-

oceans are driven to death & dust



an annivesary of pure fire may well
burn up, just like hell
o, a figure under rolled bells must
don nude triggers
when once we held times, then
doggy dusters heard a vast fen
fanning dolls with killers
an anniversary of pure fire swells
up, up,.


the bellied bile-heavy dancers ballet
heaps a spawny ball-room's valleys
o a don of spermy stalls
snap a radio wall
once, aside of, a rider of brollies
broke a bedded tongue
lo, belicose style-heavy heapers
stain floors with body-brawls
ahwe collide with tapshoes
ahwe devise dead dance-blues?




stocked up with indolent caned gravies
eyes, sucked, nurse ignorant caved babies
&, sun-soused, we dance aside rubies
&, cum-dowsed, we lance under doobies
once a day, as we crash, we see curves
spire-blessing bladderers of red perves
pleading after hills of pure birds
stocked up with indolent caned gravies
eyes, mucked, nurse obits under levvies
Oh a wide child is born to blind cherries
Oh a wild mind is stoned
aside bombs and ditches
and a local giant hisses under bled berets
and we don jackasses
and we swill swift gasses

ahh a naked nuker of deniers will depress
lemon minds
ahh a fatal puker of defiers will
compress a tandy god under sweet hills




an anniversary of pure fire will forever
raise a rosy farmer for naked wheaty weather
la. a bone of lice
stinks like lost christs
oan anniversary of pure fire will sever
romanic cousins from filthy prison-lights
once aside gloom, my eyes crossed night
ah, a boner in a room deafens grey sight
o, a sea of coded killlers
moon-create saviours with handled mirrors
an anniversary of pure fire will forever
raise a rosy farmer for naked corn-pleasure

leisure seekers snap a hedon-gun as fannies
wallop blue tails with samphires
o, pleasure peckers palp a sun's gold fairies
& a burned naked death
sea-stabs salty sauce-deaths
I will come home one day to find dairies
swilling unigates from dirty cream-eyries
& a milky eagle in a phone
telephones sex when we are all alone
leisure seekers snap a hedon-gun as babies
bounce down a cranny cunny candle
laeasy colliders must cut child-killers
laeasy dun saviours must cut
eaten green meat...
eyes drink spleen & shut



as we pinion plashy dummies then we rock
death's drinking murder-seasons
o we splay easy mummies as we wind rot
underneath castlers whose coded treason
scatters dolly veins
a lady of drunk drains drops aitches
la, a biddy under spunk lops red mazes
& a bay of bloody trains
dreams of drowning... O, as we are slaved
then a car of midnight's faces
cums fast back home where eaten graves
sodomise the fields of tomorrow's trades.
as we pinion plashy dummies then we rock
death's drinking easy gum-clocks




wow, what with a pearly necklace aroundabout
rondlays of pure fire
i will face in to a petrol enemy
o wow, what with an early sex-space shouting
then a family of pure fire
rotates around a bread-crust
once, as we played for pus, then we shut
all doors & all dreams
oa vase of hands layers dogs with duck
& we bend wraps under screens
wow, what with a pearly necklace aroundabout
roundalays of pure tyres
i will show a pet kids to a petrol melody
eyes inside eyes ease a cocker under baby
& bended city wives seize a thunder-crazy
cradle bomb



where timeless diggers of a rose
curt down curs with red ash
then the dolls of curves will rap
keen hairs under crap
& the woven mind of the moon
reaps mad dust.

wherer once a timeless sea-rose
fails for death
then blue bribes of sex see us
dreaming of death
& the lunar brides of salt dust
tracks us down.

O, a sad holiday to Mars
sounds sonar dead sitars
& the dead out-grabe

o i am keen to overhear
death's gardens
o i am green, & hot tears
flow just like rocks
& death grins at crocks.

o i am keen to overtake
death's ravens
o i am dreams;- as lakes
shape diamonds
then blued women shake
grey hands

this side of creation, I
wander under roses
this side of dilation, I
wallow in psychosis
& belters will enchain us
& sexers will destroy us
with skull clavicles




the naked summers of the filled
drape donkeys under hills
o when once fathers cede rills
then we will attend mother's s
old party where
the naked summers of the milled
cut rare bread

& the billies of the sun's killed
rot, rot;
& the biddies of the sun's thrilled
rot, rot

when once a naked picture
unzips god's eyes
then men & female tribes
will die.

here, where sold men move,
we entertained a city's smooths
& the cattle towns where we swooned
will end us.

o in a seasoned bell, we hear lust
crying for cartoons
& we lift a cat
& we use a dune
when once failure drives then
blonde babies send
old cores to sold women
& we outgrab
& we steal handbags?

here, where sold men grove
we have found a true moon.

the mad sadness of a dead saviour
locks long fingers inside
blue dogs
o the big darkness where wives
wept clogs
has dragged us now

& the mods of crowds slide
deeply down where
cold cats cryp - ah, air
boils red hair
& a son of darkness snares
hot floods of hair..

O, the guts of the killed
marry distance
& the female ribs
have their cooked penance
& eyes move.



a signal of the spined swims
under naked gills
o the angels of the spun swiing
under naked hills
& the mats of Man suffer
blue beads & labia
Where once a sea's feather
walks culled waves
then the naps of graves
drop cunt
& droplets of kids raise
robotic scissor junk.

a signal of the spined swim
under naked dills
& blue peppers use limbs
& razors fill
up, up- ohhh

We move to old leather.

the drinking scrums of laughter
have shaped God's lover
o as a diddy dolly's father
shaves apes
then city balls dance after
sun-lit babies

& one keen look at time
cuts a sex-clock
& the skinny sines of loss
rob rings of haloes...

the sucking hens of dross
dream of rectal Eden
& woven kites see dross
raising a dead cross. La

the drinking scrums of laughter
have paled eyes
& dogs under feline eyes
roll just like a kid.

heated birdies eat figs.



where once a kisser's kindliness
sucks red nudes
then a ball under hooves
must dance for blue sadness
& the soft maze where i
laid god's face
has disappeared without space

the mute flight of keen madness
suckers bruised life
& the knickers of girl christ
drinks from gusset gladness

when once a kisser's kindliness
cuts male snoods
then guilty bad tails move
dogs & midnight
& the pink salves of light
chop choppers...

i overheard a sermon where
hymnals murdered prayer
& good hands heal hair
& blooders seal stairs
under long gentlemen






where a signal dove of laughter
cages kids in light
then a stapled god sees life
chopping raised fingers
& the neon sines of night
jagged dustbins

when a wag of death writes
then scrbers of carved burrs
bag daises under
vaginal powder
the riders of red rain cures
old hearts with
seamed kids
& we vanish under fjords

the cake of crooked food
bakes a king snake
& the nylon car of hoods
hollow city shits
& we own the night-ship
& we stone
pigs & star-trades...

Ideal mummy uses
green lips - O, nooses
under vinegar-butter




yes, the lilting lily lips of a huge God
cut a lipid tongue
& the islets of the tipped summon
sucky vapid guns
o there is, this side of truth, Love
come crying in the dark
& woman of darkness have no dreams
& children of evening
swing after musical radio-screens.

yes, the lilting dilly lips of pure God
sup a rapid tongue
& the sea-chests of the old young
drag keen drips from
coded cicada
o the cagy caverns of soft liars
leap dogs as friends cry

a bellyful of weeds sees rise
the golden masques of
lithe dunes & serial Gods
& the blithe gifts of good spies
sap shades from
belled boys & funeral brides
yes, the lilting lips of huge Love
scuds outside a keen bath
& the wordls of wives tug
halters, trees, & cold clogs.

miraculous city hens arise
& cabinet chillers don dives
& idiot men use a spind scribe
to underline rooms with tried
suburban brides.

well may we paint blue fingers
o well may we use mirrors
.& the wards of saints shiver
& blithe bony fast rivers
use a crooked fire for Life.




the faces of the fawned appear
draggled to our minds
o the apsis of the mourned
shove berries under mines
& diddy roses rot for fear

the fellers of a tarred tear
trickles like a cunt
& the scissors under junk
jolt, jolt
where mantis memory
kneads flowers, the vaults
lash lions to lady spunk.

when once a viney vein
cackles under pain, then
ideal wizards
rock for rhythm; & skin

A painful dawn of rats
raps on a dammed cat's
old mane
& cats are god again.

The veined vases of the caged
scatter old china
o the stained arses of summer
scatter cold age
& the cock of time sees summer
strapping minors.

& the laden abbadons of time
soap eaten nipples
& the shaven stars under lime
cut old minnows.

o, the eaten ingles under swine
forces pears to pillows
i have entered into willows
ah i will centre youth
& i will see a golden goose
come jamming celleries.

& a blue bodice bees after
dry wasps
& we swallow hairnets

the ragged men are dumb
soft old women
are stunned; and ivies run
and beltane breweries

& revolvers sweat
& dissolvers sweat
& deniers hang ole sex





Atoned, by the sea, men knead
blacked eyes & hurt
o out alone, odd women read
false magazines
& the oats of sin scatter seed
under city fires.

when once a bad body weaves
bright guitars
then a blanched tree of thieves
stoppers cold pyres

a baby under wheat expires
oh a tidal punk
pullls daisies as sweet spires
rise from spunk...

ah we have abused rivers
ah we will confuse killers
&, lo, a tree of razors shivers

deep, deep down

blonde neon ochres deliver
gold rain.

heroic fools dangle down
sudded towns
o as old mules drown sound
then soapy clowns
suffer gals from clogs.

when once a baby's dog
walks a young pig
then veiny juncked Gods
glister like
sweet female sea-life

heroic folks dangle round
sodded crowns
&, made soft, rolled sound
sings for madam scissor
As we awake to silence
then paved figs
fall, fall

i have suffered heat &
angels fly for meat-

dumb dogs beat
feral wheat
& we noose a vase
& we send daddy home.



the tingling arrows of the nailed
shoot guns at feathers
& the parish of a killer sees sails
fucking under
green star-thunder
& the villas of the vamped sunder
birds & ashes.

o, when once a sea of trashes
fumbles for car-keys
then winter fathers see lashes
caging stars where lovers
lay waste to blued bed-lovers
the tingling arrows of the nailed
shoot pigs with levers
& we ascend from flavas as
woven strippers
wee on old balloons.

o where once curled eyes mash
mutant leaves
then golden riders arise

the coda of cooled winter
lams cicadas with
rolled trolls & eyed pigs
peer into father
& blue passengers frig
bolted sea-kids

when once a tree of light
falls to ash
then a corpse of night
will suck dead cribs
& the slides of hash
lend dopes flavour
to sudded Christ

the coda of loose winter
crams swift mirrors
& we feed death's seizure.

vaults of bounce
shut god's cat out - la
salted drought
locks deaths under cars
& sin visits live Mars..

saint Naples hurts
dodged dilly skirts as
bodies cry.




the sidled arse of a soiled bride
tucks tusks into knickers
o the golden mask of a sold wife
raps ghosts around mirrors
& the roman sea of veins has
hi-jacked dyes for dives; & grass
smokes for feathers

when once a dilly dog man
dips drugs into city madam, then
naked nude palatives
sunder navels from odd berative
jangled women

the sidles arse of a spoiled bride
tucks arsenics into lace
& wide men put a cock where
stasis shoves a masted face
under veiny feline Xmas..

nuked men will fall as mace
drags daggered dicky space
& red dungeons over-flower
city rabies

& wiveners use pans for flour
& dead dad bakes good bread
& forcing lads
shape drapes from cabs as
sweet apes cave in







o the sliding rank seizures of a town
scatter brakes around
old kids & urban Downs
& the crying cracked killers of a town
scutter; Oh
eager eclectic cigarettes
don smoky dolls were rivers
shatted saline sea-cadets
& an illing sky of silk-wars
cram cradlers when suited killers
drink grainte drams
from aged chinese sedans..

o the sliding wrapped cities of sound
toast blinded salts & peppers
& the eager leotards life's enters
sea-hang lard from a rotund scissor
& the Indian sect where
you learned to swing from old hair
has suffered for you
& all dames have swung for you?
the tripping clock has found you
hiring impossible cabs
& the clicking cot we gave you
has driven under the sky-mad...

& the lifting cranked son of clouds
has star-shape for you
then aldebarren villa we used

i want to hear you as loudness
turns radio-keys from
crab-cudgelled beaded sadness
& i need to fear you as a gun
shoots sharp pavements with
mother moony
& our father is a bruised loony
& we kiss the vows of our kids

dogs under wards yap after us
& i will cut you from devil-dust
& we will weep forever
& santa claus has gifts for pleasure?



the eager eaters of one billion suns
have here unravelled
undertwelve zillion old guns
&, o, where once fear ripped
old bods from ladies
then arsenicss prised dirty dollies

this side of a crab-shadow, bullies
bake a hard scroll
& the dilly hand which nurture's
punch piled bullies
beat salt-crap from life's murders

The angel in a hallowed skull rolls
red pose from
glistered star-gum
& we a love stereo guns & souls
strap rat around razors...

gee, as a guinea-pig chortles
then bad bats will cuddle lasers
& old boys draggrey killers.

o i am very happy with my own death
o i am very saddened by
lively life's strong tears
& the sea-veins found under lies
must drown men and fears.

when once a blue minor writhes
then i shall see mad madam-eyes
come blinding, just like
keen grey masted statues. Christ
hammers His mental cross
& infant Judas heals the lost?

o i am very happy with my own death
oh i am very entertained
by robes & eaten fly-veins, &
where once, above this mind, sex
stalled, stalled
a magical mirror on the ground floor
floes where miraculous wards
send reflective sparrows
deep down within
leather jackets & souring sin...

-& what has happened to sin
will invade glass!





wow, when handbags filled with resins
swing from bled arms
then a bay of lists may well embalm
shot sea-counters of a sweat bed-in
& the weeds of time
fall, falL

the corners of blue lime hears
laden walls come clicking fears
& wiped god-ribs
interfuse palms with lost digs

where decent handbags rid
jeeped eyes, the bagging kids
cry, cry

wow, i espy druns as sky
dances under babies.

wow, we have let the kiss of time
trapping oak candles
where, gone for dad, the mind
robs old sand castles
& the hillock of a dead time
snap old stouts

when once a sea of tears
climbs high old dreams then
we will supper after
waxed stewed sex-laughter
the wIcked wicks of a red candle
burns for furies
O, the fallen disks of studies hang
wedded wide drams
& where salt smokes, then
blurry beds of soaps heeds men
& we wed goosed girls to gems
& old smokers
drop cigars under chokers.

the wicked whips of a red angel
burn all winged anvils
& oddness livens clap. wrangled,
horses die.

o when once we are rebirthed by death
then deadly penile deaths
must call to sweet rage
& the hands of Light cut a caged
city of sex.

the idllys of the dead cut a slaved
town of wrecks
& we hit horses where blue trades
dream-light a son of slits

Where once we are sun-hurt, we
must ravel into seeds
&, ahh,
come to me on a summer's leave
& summon cars.




oo it is so bloody good to use a dead ear
la, it is so ruddy good to see
death's dog yapping at fierce tears
& tthe dives of Man execute old beads
& the knocks of salt spheres
decorate bones & front-rooms.

when once a granute iunnard
moves gulls to weep, then sex hards
dilly for dallying
blood-bitten dying ; O the sun marks
marked mental cards
& where, below a car, cities rasp
then bedded chilling tarts
suck from a Number?

oo it is so fucking good to hear fear
rolling like rocks from
grenaded spaces - & the summer
swims wintry seas & a gun
shoots hot chandaliers..

yoh, i have a suitcase full of wine
& i am ravellng under cities
o i am fed to an alien face &
i am travelling far West &, lo,
I carry a case of sex rhyme &
cicadas cry, cry.

where once bailed sea sky
uses china wives
then a bed of tribes has lithe
vast body easels

scented assualted killers
marry nodes to diggers
& cigars under cigarettes heal
hooded vaginal trippers -

salt daises dream-light seals
& the clones of beauty
shits like a king rat; & riders

raid catty coloured bikers



o with sundays on my lovers mind
we suck seed from gidding
doll-flesh where the thubnder of loving

when once a sea of age dies old
then on sunday i wil swim for gold
& lambast billy goats with
rolled meadow-cold.

the reason of death dies for death.
the seasons of death
runs dry under self-sex; & souls
rot for rocked sleep

we harden where a garden
sereandes concreted ravens
& the fast fat ark of loud sleep
may never reap
dazzled dreamers. Soaped meat

cradles cardiacs under us
and we extend troats to musk
and we rend stoats from dusts
and we whoop






o for the odd love of God, may Guinevere
suck up a power of gilt fear
o for the cods of old Love
may limitless motels use blue drugs

underneath lunatical sirens, i hear
salty flowing rocks
crying like a body

for the odd love of Love may Chanticleer
raise a rolled pigeon from
green female buse- may a gun
wound a fatal drum

i will lay thee down in a sea of
mellifluous dairies; & the town
Lays snapped in its nude crown.

o for the odd light of God, may old fear
stop on a night-ship.

o as hankies hiss for lovers, then old men
dig old horses into fires
o as bodies hiss for mothers, then children
must prick a ball of liars
& the whipping wheat man who ends
cats & rat men
will siren after gloom
o the fats of bat men dredge old friends
the hymen of a diamond burns a fuse
o the siren of a demon
claps eyes in salt rain
& the wizards of the moon entertain
blue glass & sweet nudes
o as hankies caresss mothers then hens
must lay a spastic cooking egg
& the wormed wifed limbs of dregs
must panel pisses with
blue latrines & dollar kids.. La

the deaths of light break from cars
& tadpoles depress skates
& fished men angle after red Mars



& what with a sandal in the thighs
we must comiserate about
the febrile pain that shaped lies
& the opium of still-born doubt
lays waste to balding cars
& the snakish smiles of louts
sip a parisian sea of dives.

the romantic fingers of tides
drown sleep within decked dried
bad juicy Judas
& a basketful of snakes tries
dolls of Jesus
& Esacriot eats a hanged rebus

o what with a sandal in the thighs
we must commiserate
the utmost wards of male cries
& the scuttered winter tribes
of magical whores
must enter into tinders the
wept worn bosom of the World's
coded killer husband..

& what with a candle in the eyes
we will suckle drips
& tawnty truckled nips see rise
the tindered sunrisen spied lips
of washy cut dunny salt-trips?

woven from the
fantastic eyes of a fixed fox
odes to weary chatter docks
darted far-out fever
& the wolves of fever rock
furnaces & stoved locks

canters in the fields shop
& larded fingery fixtures
slop a ganged hand when
fairy thumbs hang cold lubbers
& as for tonsured cables
i wish nudes goodnight?






easy riders raid a saline sea
& ashes, greyed, gather fast dreams
O the oats of reason ram screens
& dirtied pigeons seize
odd blithe bobbies
& the sun has lost its vein.

when once a corpse of lovers
leads plums to berries
then a choking side of cherries
rams rigged sea-stabbed fathers
& what with bacon in the yard
& what for passions under cars
then we will suffer buried
clay-cold children.

easy riders raise a silent sea
o the hands of naves nip teas
& we will gather guilty beads
& we shall lave after
fallen dreary pastures. & bees

sting gassed giddy women.

peeing posers under pealing arches
can a drinking dream
o easy rivers sunder eating faces
& the wicked wind where eyes
cut a chicken cry
fall for feathery hocus jives
& bad wine drowns love's wide
beach-boned scissor dives

o the eaten riders of old stasis
locks fingers where cold aces
din across the rain
& this blizzard moon where dances
rocked the crashed stars
has here no eyes to bleed for
& washy guitars use cars.

peeibg posters under easing cases
lash usherettes to breads
& breaded urine hears soft eggs
scattering yolks when
dated cunt-soaps scissor spread
two-faced comic men...

la, as ice hens cometh, dads
will strain across comets; and
mammy moon dams
a dog of caves as faces sea-scan
all female dummies






the whipped wide chillers of winter skies
lay dammy waste to
cats & rat-nudes
o the whipped wived rivers of winter wives
lay clammy waste to
bats & cat-screws
when once a green voice uses a brusied
bald tongue
then voices of guns shoot dead England.

the whipped wolved killers of winter eyes
lay sandry waste to
dogs & rashes
& the maidened mases the colour true
stagger under ashes.

when once a grey voice abuses truths
then we will famish peace
& fast foxy babies
drop liquid pants. Ah, a sea of dudes

strangles cold soft rougheners and
biblers bubble up
and features shut-up
and, oo, we candify the easily killed





the softening seeds of the liquid dead
suck excavation from moon-heads
& we stoop to taste
the carmine riders of cold sea-spreads
& a tawny sea of waste
drops away from

sotted urban greens

a cold gun of wine shoots screened
gassy rabbits
& fascinated fascists cut streamed
dollled habits

& the wry sickles of a grey moon
slots a cake under noon
& there are green lips where soon
curled waxy fingers
willl buckle bones to dark rooms.

the buds of death dig old fathers
& rolled scissor seasons
stop dead.




the rocks & combs of a cleansed life
lays waste to lemon christ
& the clocks & crones of a milked life
lays whips where citrus light

o, as a baby on a train cries for ferns
then old potted sunburns
must shoot ducted sea-famiies
& old books of war will study
mitching honey

& the cuckoo cages where night
rots for mad money
carries carrion to bright midnight
will cave cunts under dust...

eyes wiill listen to deaf dog-cuts
& a fountained rill of radio slluts
sucks herons.

mossy miction will morass under
vaginal fire
& hissy lichen will morass under
vestal scissor cars
o the roman rodeos where father
knocked against stars
made old kids as dead as mother

& red motels found under Mars
will topple blue bone
& dead hotels found under drones
drops sickles

& the wade of christ cuts navels
& the wolves of old Babels
rots for blind blonde dead bibles

this side of turbans, we arise for
cuckoos in killed cages
& worlds of dust crack as war
never ends.



the thorny towels of female gods
walk hired heels
o the sun of cowls dress old reels
& we are cut from dogs

the sizing of a whale rots under
blind bogs & daisies
& the thorny trowels of father
season salts with rafters
& we will lick a slit as diddies

dream of gin & tea. O, clogs
don baying shoes
& the wives of nudes drag nudes
far East where
copped clowned care
digs for god's pudding. Lo, air

smells like sweet dunny hair
& daughters of Eden boil prayer?

the thorny growls of feline dogs
wade into burned leas.

o & I saw a kitten with no head
mauling a tree of bread
& the faces under wetted lead
made me scream after
funeral veins & prism-father
o & i used a saaw to feed from
engines aliens
& the slitters of a siren's gun
shot me like a lady.

when once a pool of druggers
drapes some loosed knickers
then a tonsured fold of pickers
plucks sweet burial
& the burdens of a million kissers
cocked shrapnels & red apes?

o i saw a kitten with no bed
making paws from dad's shed
& the wakers of blue rain
raps a loosed hand where grain
gashers after

green blinded vaginal tree-lather.



& i loved the paws of love's genius
o i famished jackdaws
& the cagey silence of god's genius
has my in thral
o the sunny demise of a sea-hall
dams soups with primal exeits - as

loaded tide men drink from glass
then the minds of widebned masks
lead sofas to soda grass

& i loved the claws of love's genius
o i banished clapped maws
& a diddy piano plays for a famished
cuckooing poppy stores
i will lay thee down where wet wards
sharpen blind piss
ah eyes will blind you
la spies will grind you- & old gliss
will linger where

shaven gardens sleep for cold bliss/

Ahhhh. Ahhhh. Tutter-tut-tutter
all the world's a cage
and all the gentlemen gaolers?





& eynes will glow like a glass parade
o winding hills will crow
after a glass brocade; & a killer's raid
will soften for
hooked china brooks.

this side of a smacked smile, old rooks
will caw at a tiddy snail
& the veins of penile mile must sail
away, where birdy pities

cut cunny from cuckoos & a vale
& where money lauds a sweat-gale
then optical furs
will lock-up bruised wives of pale

greasy green oysters.. As times wail
then bald labile clocks
will shove eynes up inside rocked

blind cities where a star of curs
walk back-purring cats - O, burrs
believe in Honey?

the bellies of the bodies
come back home where daddies
sink a lip under male wine

La? La? La?
we abused an opened car
Uh, we fused cans to dead Mars
& we will enliven the dead today
with martyrs





where once a ragged dream
delves for diamonds
then footed golds will scream
& the vessels under cream
seasons god's mean siren

the bottled blithe eyes of
separating demon drones
sink old fingers where Love
storms cold horse

the faces of a dined sauce
snip dribblers
& the aching sea of millers
paint grey cabins

the cuckoos in a cage force
lions under tigers
& a she rat under rage suffers
scrapped girl riders

& a cunt's sweet crypts
slam gooseberries.

a sea-canned sister dams
keen city roses
o a sea-hanged muister rams
cold city poses
& the guilty crossing hands of
eager female God
raps against old heaven's
cracked backdoor

when once a sea of tears
drizzles under eyes, then fears
come toppling guns where
shooted hips on a natron snare
veiny snails

a sea-canned sister summons
weary wives
& robed tribes try for sermons
& cages coast for
bald Ninevah's
shrill abandon...



they lay me down where age
uses a cut chalk
& they lay thee down where rage
eats a sea-stalk
& the vines of winter
ram honeys down summer O-

i ride for ruins.Old forks
famish after
swallowed laughter
& as the lips of liars eat corks
then we will rampage
for bruised sea-fathers

i will lay thee down as talk
chatters under tears
&, juiced, we will see talk
jamming muted tree-sears


the families of keen flesh
rocks stoney death
ah, the memories of sex
rot & rot
the melodies of salt flesh
cuts a stoned moon
& the drips of death
cut gold
when once cold camals
use dromedary sandals
then lightning
stops rolled
caged sea-coals.
i will lay thee down
cuckoos use hair.


naked salty cold nights
dam hot ice
babied sweet sea christ
heals chilled life
& a bomb iin a moon
will part all dust
naked salty cold nights
derange blue light
this side of a gunman
we see rise
a coconut moon, &

eaten rifles hit birds
& beaten cradles serve
tits & bum bodies-

we have sucked birds-
as nude bagels
feed dumbed Babel
then sex will strangle

we have cupped burrs
under dairy hands
we have cussed bands
and a naked cusp
gets farted on

we get moon-cropped
by fevers.





the grassy city where lost knolls
shot a body
has now come to end
o- this glassy city where crashed men
sea-jam death's dead friends
will dream of pea-hens
& the arse of our kiddies
must nuke a tree of rubies
a hobble horse under fever sends
old blue bubblers when
an invisible road raps ridden
bollted wedded snapt women..

there is a hearse of whores
& this female hearse has wards
& the keen cool sweats of birds
washes skin with stirred
kinky lards & napped sea-nerds
we wash ourselves as claws
ram roses down blued rain; & oars
stink of pregnant bitumen..

we are fed to chapped old men

The oozing renters of rolling flex
heals over
o, the boozing embers of mother
serves sodas to
dead sofas- & a starry nude
will supper for
teeming naked war
the oozing renets of rolling flex
heals father
& the blonde baker of lips
hear blue promontories
glistering after caged factories
when once a pig in a net strips
bones & bodies
then a bad bod of kiddies rip
stoned old men
Eyes have ears for lemon trees
o ..
we are never told?



oh time has come to listen to the dead
oh time has come to raise a fatal web where
dipped dollies ram the world
& the drained faces under trees of hair
writhe after
dammed decks of choking cherrry laughter
oh time has come to listen to the dead
lo, time has come to raise a fatal bed where
trillers of urban babies
shop for crusts.

& the cuckoo cage i will use for us will
lay thee down in a wooden nave
&, o, eyes under dives must summon ill
failed hills of night & evening's sex mill

This side of a draped death, we will hiss
& the sliding of a sweet necked nip-kiss
wardens for pigs & metis?

oh time has come to listen to the dead
oo, i have been atoned by missions

the bad sound of a sky-dyed god
has red wigs for its angel lover
o the sad stunned town where mother
maimed us with light
has no bed-& the ice of a lover
feeds fawned factories to mice
the sugary strurgeons of god christs
pay from the sawn grave
to lend pictures of stone city trades
& the Ides of Man
wrap salt soaps around cock-craved
easel fishes
the bad sound of a sky-dyed cunt
craps a hunt of shipped shit- & junk
dollies about
dread milked mikes
& perpetual prisons peek for
spermy daddy ashes; & a bed-war

sacks a scuttering of pinched dykes..




& I shall feed minnows to sparrows
uh, i will give the galliows to
chillled pinching blues
& the diamond rivals of old meadows
lay pushing wastes to
dolly miction
& the eggs of harvest swing under
radio rainbows
when once a pig of ages cutus noosed
lady picks from
dummy sleaze-drums
then we await the soaks of warred
biddy dizzy baked leather-used
vaginal hills
the ivories of summer glow like fused
wry-sickled bruised
bed fellow who dream of sun-screws
& melted cunt-dudes
dram edams where city nudes

& i shall feed minnows to sparrows
uhm, i will give gin-heads to
tomorrow's raiding screens; & mallows
must wall death under
nuked tears & funeral tundra

'i'm made of sin & sliced sin scores
a sunnny diva on death's shore
& man is shaped from sex wards
& i am nipped by
naked citrus roses...



here there are lambs on the stage
o when once cold hands
embrace salt honey, then blue rage
hear heaping islands
dreaming of god's mink-cage
the hornets of money seee age
ripening under a duned
shut citty of dead cars

the steeples of a sexed room
scutter under
blurred sea-fathers & room
robs love of saints
& painted plebs soothe
blonde eyes
here there are lambs on the stage.
here, there are seas of sage

a penis on the sudden fall
hits salt seed with a stripped wall
o, a penis on a sodden stall
cuts vaginas from cats & gall
when once a sprigged cat crawls
then sexy signets
will suck a supper's dragnets?

a penis on the sudden fall
will wee from an erection; Oh
this side of a wife, defection
cups bruised breasts
i will sup on stoats -eyes
will bind beards to closed skies..

commanders of a baked lie
bake scrolls & then see die
all animals.

o what ho for the fashioned death but
naked city apes
o what ho for prized hills of theft but
naked baby snakes?

the signals of lost cars cut a nut
o the naked eyes of a snapt butt
weeps for wept sound
& we rise outside sound as lakes
rap on worlds.

wasted eagle-dust seasons girls
& the shade of dyed curls twirl
easy long-ladied fingers
o what ho for the fashioned death but
naked city dates?
o what ho for live drills but shut
hired windows?

saviours under tea-things muck
vaginal favours.





ingles under false-headed fairies
have a bed for a mind
o weevils under salt-shredders
suck a gossamer wing
& the worms of love give in to
dyed dollar springs

the witness to bed-beated dust
climbs under sugar summer; &
loaded lust leaps
& we will cage cabs where sand
smothers ocean-teets

ingles under false-headed fairies
haver a web for a spine
& we will drink wine from minds
& we will suffer death?

the bladed bays of kids wreck
all dived raised sex
.;& we are sex.



wetted woollen weepers war after
red sea murder
o wetted nylon nippers nap farters
& gods gold-swung torture
sea-stabs dogs & motels- Ah

molten pickers piss for hostels
& the cuckoo caged hospitals
dam casts with mad machines, Ah

wetted woven slickers dream after
verboten vines
& a gun of winds
cutters a cold clock as fast sins

o the pugs of cystic cogs spin
& nightshades give in to lather.

a cabbage in a coil sucks oils
& a bed of spun soils
dies, dies, dies!

kissers of lies caress knives
& we wish for feathers.

the cut mound of a naked sky
slips cavavans where
rosy spectres of a booked snare
drinks to death's dime
& the diners under dark ride

the teas of sound swill burrs
& the headless town
must star-warm a bod of curs
& the green litmus of nerves
knock on caged wood

the soft latrines of nude bird
supper after hearts & nerves
& a cuckoo in a crypt
wages after cloned trips &
blown massed macadam rams
green colts..

the cut mound of a naked wife
weeps for dead rings
& the starry guns of a tit-Christ
clambers after

a dizzy waxed pizza-poster?

ghosts of glued Easters shove
xmas & gifted moon-light; & I
roam for cunt aromas
& i listen out for eggy drovers
Icy eaten starved salt-suns ride
& we cut anorexic guides
& the banging cars of tribes




fists of fissions strike for a dollar-cue
o lips of prisms underwrite
old gods of tissue
& when once a car of light smoothes
oats & kissed dues
then an ashen ram must seem
burned from silence
fists of fissions cuff after mumma
& we bead after
bled bods & family fever; & silence
weaves a sun from divas
i have wived us to scissor scums
& i have
sun-shaped crabs from old cabs
& the dunes of the dead bag
naked nuked monkey drags-La?

a bird in a lost beak swigs
swiped winged pobs who dig us
& we are farted from candle-dust

La, a diamond demon will crush
clappers under semen
and a vocal cunt causes bitumen
to fever-write grey mushed





oh now that my knees have started
to rock, rock, rock
then the viney bones we have will
rot inside diddy beaded sun-darted
drivellers of God

when once a spoon of leas have s
unlocked a ghost-laquer
then green buns must see flavour
dunging under odd \Love

oh now that my body-keys have
draggled broken booze-labs,
then i will lick us from scabs
& i will issue bolts to locked cabs

when once a room of reeds nabs
skeletal winter crags
then we must dream-light cubed crabs
& a dilly ghost of fat flavour
ignites a labile God with sweetened
head-most carnical summer?

Oh a dolly has
just one toyed life.




oh cut yon face from a dustbin & listen to the rain
oh the sun's case has a red burned skin
& the issues of lilies have all too many trained
daddy leaves.

o cut your face from a dustbin & hear wet pain
pummellling puled parades from
briny wells of mind
& the thieves of wine drink death dry -Guns
marry maiden magazines

can the sleeved seasaw of fathers see guns
shooting a cancer-moon?
la, can the reeved shadow of lovers see scrums
force spooning rugged sea-tunes
to fallowed heels when a bag of brooms

boiled cocoa dry?.....

o as for love's fanny, she will scream forever
& as for love's snake
we will slide lewd drakes under winter fever
o as for love's lady, she must dream forever
of dunny clouds & menstrual rape.

& i will lay thee down in a cuckoo's nape
ah, as veins vamp for
whored criies & wards
then i will lay thee down in slide lakes
& the Ides of Death may play a part
inside the widowed picture of a sad heart
& sex & Death may have no wallchart.

o as for love's family, we will scream after
endless bootless sea-laughter
& we will jump the jazzy seas as father
cums under a sneak bus..

This side of roped pain, i will lust for
cuckoos & toxic cabined slipped war.




the vagrant devils who taunt the streets
have colds for wives
o the fragrant rivals of the panched
ram fingers down knives
& we are laid in a cuckoo
& we smile after fast dew

the dialler of devils who stalk meet
telephone brains
& the fast ventures of a boy reap
receptions under trains

o old trampled tramps caress veins
& urban suckers, stamped,
cross roads with dirty silver.

the fastness of a blue girl grits
dirty teeth
o, the vastness of a green world
washes greese
& a zitty woman fleeces twirls
old killers.

the rider of a red room whirls
cardboard trains
& the eye of veins hits pearls
& we are made from scripts
& we swing all round the world.

the fastness of a blue gal rips
dinner keys
& the voce under tripped lips
rams need's

occidental money sleeves
and mad men sing for the bees




a billy body bounces down
hilly lanes
o a baby toy bounces round
silly veins
& the flower of old towns
drill for feathers.

& the caged hands of sound
scatter noise
o the gaol of sands
unlocks fanny as old joys
die for prison.

a billy boy bounces down
silly lanes
o a lazy ploy seasons veins
& galled crows outgrab

the diggers of dazzling deacons
drink cured roses
o the riders of razzling bee-men
toast bread roses
& rodeos lam tall tripped faces
when once a gangled sex laces
invisible English clothes
then a blue island sears loaves
& a car of poses
plait a plate with stoned stoved
lost stasis.

the diggers of dazzling deacons
drink cured roses
& bad demure clocks season
red vineyards..





welshed yoyos drop peat
underneath dead sleep
& a canyon's poncho reaps
closed beds & old neat
pluperfect meat
the eaten bales of wheat
feed lost Christs
& a father under lost night
sunders summer.

& a cage of clams slights
slithering jugulars
& a stage of drams writes
under skiesO

welshed yo-yos drop peat
underneath red man's heaped
hallway of disaster
& we swim for plaster
& we lay killed where fathers


when peering into shadows, i hear
bald men coming into
blinded boys & rent diving fear
knocks at hell's sad door

when peering into shadows, i sneer
& the pobs of heaven
rap a sea of wide fear
& the wakes of summer see a tear
drinking after war

the tonsured baskets we have
made our very own
store carpets where old bone
buries hands under crags
& a lea of light licks cold straps

when peering into shadow, we hear
closed pipping pigged piers
angelling after
drowned amusements where
weevilled doctors
heal a drowned sea..

& i will hectre us & i will seize
blue sleeves.



the vanisher of the vaginal moon
ravage sex with lard & water
& the ribboned sister of slaughter
deals old cards

& when once plumed rooms
rock under fire
then old cards will seize fire
& the vanisher of the vagina
drop doctors
down, down

the snipped saviour underground
drizzles where
grey herons duct pelicans
& a swing of air
rude waves...

tthe vanishers of the vaginal moon
slash peered wrists
& cold stashes of city writs
suck a golden sunrise.





o, for osyter shells & babies
i will proclaim ladies
as lilted as a sea of mods &
where my country senses
lay a forced mind with trenches
then i will ride you

& the insidious casts of red
blue roman scissor devs
dream of lost kids, then beds
will outstrip lions
o, for oyster shells & bodies
i will inflame blind cabbies
& we will take our factories
way out where the moon
feeds fish to promontaries

the infectious swing of blood
snaps a weal around
the metal vice of carmine sound
& a bellied sweat-town
scatters sweet loved notes.

lo, eyes inside a hewn rope
screw the easy hanged.

o i laughed just yesterday
about cats & kitchens
o i took a bad bath & clay
creams for old graves

& the summers of day
fit a fist under burned lays
& we twirl wax fingers

i laughted just yesterday
& blind clouds covered me
& the seas of Pan
sea-hanged me as Man
lost drugs to warders

the fished fists of killers
crap against a palmed wall
& easy bees bend stung molls
& coded gangsters
shoot the killed?

o i jammed a dizzy moon
lo i crammed an old room
& cosy bloodied red runes
rode us inside
cocks & blue dragons...

& i laughed just yesterday
& i head us
loosening kids as dust
flew aside from clayed
nude grain..




For these vast poppies of glass
i give christ's troth
o for death's blurred body I
give rise to stations of
naked radio.

when once a cellar's gasp
pants for hot tallows
then we will don a gallows?

for these vast poppies of glass
i give christ's cross
o for death's bruised baby, i
give green wives
& we weep for the sun

this strangled life's lesson
shoots the killed
& the wode of the milled
hears a hatted tale when
we caress blued lissom?

blithe body men will end
where, capped, we see men
dying, dying

we appear sex-slowed
& we love to live alone



& a scar of starry chatter
sucks up
old meals; & a plate of lovers
cuts up
saly reels
o when once ivies glow
then mental dipped snow
slumbers for wheels
& the pursed palls of
idiot cries
bomb a town of seals

the tocsins of a windfall
uses fire for ermine
& the wives of old sin
lobs droves at vermin; &
a digger baths sand-dams
damaged blithe walls.

the shuddering noise of
silver bols
shatterr, -la, a bed of bud
hears molls
laying peacocks under
lady dolls

a menstrual spider drugs
a web of skulls
& a seath well of dugs
has a wrinkled Love.

& a scar of starry chatter
sucks up
old pelicans & sea-sluts.

pandects of hisser-men
can toads within
diggng colour-sin
pandects of river-men
can a red sea-skin
the kissers of an owl
slam budgies where
odes to eagles

whip a blonde horse...

pandects of mirror-men
can rodeos
& the radio yo-yos
dam docs with

lambs strike a stage
& doctors heal age
& proctors kill graves





the bellies of a bedside
bind dreams to knives
o when once blurred pharoahs
lend drag to sea-spies
then a bull of killers will
the ballets of a bread-side
bind seas to killers
& a bod of bells wrings
eyes & eels
then old men use swings
the sallowed sun of rings
dons penates gold
& closets cuss for hymns
& the dead shine
the bellies of a bedside
bind dreams to lovers &
bad babblers bang
just like a scissor.





the giver of a lost ghost suffers
green groves & killers
o ther ruder of a false host fathers
jackfrost & cold soap
& the biker of a torn lover hears
naked monkeys.

o, the giver of a lost ghost
jams jacksies as a bended rope
hooks bandits under countries
& a city of fire
dams edams with love's spire

the dreamers of a dead brother
hits god's sleeve
& men and Gods will smother
drips under seed...

& this bitter funeral pyre heeds
wallowers & vermin.

the pinkers of a bell-bed has
naked killers
o, the riders of a celled gas
nukes old nippers
& red lips eat old flotillas
& a bald natron
builds wives under old glass.

the pinkers of a bell-bed has
naked drillers
o, the riders of a cellled gas
pukes under mirrors
& red mitts maul nude mass
& sodas
wash love's sad feet.

& a bonce of blood beats
giddy heads
& a cunt of god has sleep
ramming dregs
eyes under snaked eggs
cook till screened
yoyos fall from screens
ah, ah,




this side of a mind we succour
titted city wine
o, this side of a mind, we supper
after easy lime
& a grave of faces has lovers
leading dogs to grain
& a bed of junk cuts fevers.

when once urban sluts shatter
splattering wind
then a bayed bone of bins
closets where eagled crags
crap on killers

& the heady press of cabs
sire a knowing stag
& odes to snowing grabs
vast blue babies

oo, a castler gets stabbed
oo, a muscler gets slagged
aside mental air
& drivers of mentalis
will seize sweet prayer




the spastic sloes of one zillion skies
cut a chair from a table
o the mastic rose of one trillion luies
cut hot hair from a gable
& a wode of wool weeps after
bruised feather fathers
when once a prom of pills rides
high in the eyes
then we will whip dogs with dives
& mod men who die
will never let death die
& a branch of bookers must supper
for teased fried lives.

the spastic sloes of ten zillion wives
cut a prayer from a fable
o then classic crow of ten trillion tides
walllop seas with devils
& a bounce of brine drinks cables
under female fish.

the instant when grey pushers
peer under Hesperides, then clappers
must stop
O the wives of Aladdin lammer for
bust blocks
O a kind canary wages pigeon-war
and fairies tauten




& we may never knife the bollocks
o we will never
suck a listless lover
& we may never cry-under rocks
we lean of fever
the yo-yo of the dead shoots clocks
& vaginal exegesis
suffers spind dolled old creatures

the baited beds of blood cut featured
cunt-sucking seizures
& the wizards of pierced fingers
pinion gals & scissors...

when once a pig of iron smokes
grey liver stinkers
then we may never sleep for smokes
o we use the veins of mirrors
& a doll of whores
dances under cradles
& we may never wife the bollocks
o we will never
suck a raped world
& the promotions of a gassed girl
dons blue pearls....

once below a time, we heard
curled faces fawning under birds
& we drank to tip-top
& we wanked for gilt socks
Eyes idolise blue brains when
old bodies




& i give bran to bread-men
lo, as a sex-baker toasts cold Zen
then i pray for self-raising Yoga
& i give bran to bread-men

& i give rise to bun-men when
cocklers of cookers suffer gems
& the sex of a clock boils hems
& bubblers of marigolds
burn beautiful cakes- O, demonds
denote a broiled oat-pussy
ashes under udder-wine weep
&, ashen, buttered brines reap
oars & ogres-..This side of sleep
we saunter where swards
scrape grain from heels
& a harvest factory reels
ah- when a bended braid steels
posies under panes
then a dirty song of reins must
crash an eaten sneezed-trained

dig of broaches & cuffed dust...

& i give bran to bread-men
lo, as a sex-shaker seasons men
then eyes under eynes
will rattle thunder-& rollers
reap a razor
Clisters cover caved killers when
bolted bubblers
hang hags from city mumblers.



& i will lay thee down in a cuckoo's rage
& i will ravage sex with lumber
o i willl lay thee down
& when the slides of christs dam rage
then eyes will lay thee down in sex-age

when once an oceaned promontory slaves
after sex & ruin
then the arks of screw-ins will
dedicate dolled hearts to a stroking hill

& i will lay thee down in a cuckoo-cage
ah, i will suffer thee under
easy lips & lamping northed thunder
& ice will squeeze you
& a heady north-ship will spew you
over & always under
dark masks & dunny dilly Father....

O the hands of the sage
limb-lock lovage where a tree's stave
will sup a gold supper- & bent lays
lam us when god's tundra
shows no idle mercy.

& will shake you under oven-burning
& we will take hay long when
snaped cradlers listen men of yearning
studying for a cuckoo cage..

this side of the dark, a rider of the dark
dons a feather & a sky
lo this city dart dazzles daddy's mark
& a cuckoo face will sear cooked sky
& ken will cage an oiled house

the budded brined wrists of old Mars
suck a cloth from out the moon
& sizzlers of a salt tryst
heap holdals where a starry mist
misses tar-roomies!
when wide of the past & stained
then timeless carriages
ravel into old times
& i will marry youth to tines
& the robin's coat will grind
away, away, away

& i will lay thee down in a cuckoo cage.



the nunneries of a saddled moon
send monks to sleep
o, the memories of a straddled heap
dig after coded wounds
& the limes of Man
overwatch deaths & Peter Pan.

where once we came home for
faked dinners & sweet robes
then we opened up a backdoor.

the nunneries of a stained moon
send monks to meat
o, the teething heads of gloom
stagger for rich sex smog?

& a bodall under city glass
sea-hangs hags & bone grass.

the cemeteries where we made dead friends
hereby exits into fire
& the monasteries where we
made men
dance against a pyre
heeds cowls & chilldren

the pinnace where we sailed for sin has
a bad pig for a city throat
& the molls of a biddy bags fired
& the dales of country prison
unlocks a clocked mission

when once we tread against us then
sacrifice will look us as; & women
widen like blue laughter
& madam macadam bathes in




the diddies of a dead cage see rise
old widowed eyes
o the dunnies of a spread cage see rise
cold female wives
& the sunny slick of fingering lies
lap guns from old ladies
when once we learn about lost tides
then we will walk for jive
& the searing summer of a bruise
cups titties udner cervix-knives...

the diddies of a dead cage seee rise
cold widowed minds
ah the dummies of a red cage see rise
grey female dives
& a dizzy bell blows blonde brides
east of old England??

Bad blackbirds sing for spring when
gay winter

a dolled drive of death
darkens nude wars
o the nailed sky of endless death
swims after
green murder
& the wives of Eden suffer
old giddy purdah

when once a pigged vagina
rides inside blue pain
then a nick of powder will
sunder neon rain
& a mind of grain must spill
stilled baby.

a dolled drive of death
darkens rude wards
Oh, the nailed jives rend death
& a bird of winter
sucks stoned swallows when
closed features enter
guiilty mines..

weavers of women sweep breasts
underneath bones & pillows
o weaves of children heap nests
& a woud of Israel
lays pure life where cold deaths
travel like a gun.

& when once a pill of sex-deaths
sunder a silly small death
then England must listen under
stony autumn wives

weavers of women eat deaths-
bivoaucs of hair comb deaths
& the dreamy suns of death
send kids where fear flowers
up, up
a dizzy dog of tar sheds cuffs
& cats spin as they duff
meaty crying
& a feline with no mind
hears God & sears timed
human tails...




sailed under killers, a crisscrossed sea jam
darkens hollowed lips
ah, sailed under rippers
a slashy cut of mother hears a death of trips
cupping blue tits
& a bulb of Love
hits grains of god's drugs where codas
freeze under grey dogs

when once a bed of hair dreams of
old pigs & gay sprogs
then an arch of faith prays after lobbed
stoned shots

sailed under killers, a crisscrossing sun jams
darkening sky scripts
ah, a slashy sea of nips
suck nippies as a vanned side of cars rams
fairy cycles...

i will lay thee down in a cucko's saddle
& lash your sex to rivals
& the red mien of sex hears odd gables

gabbling where sperm burned.

goblins under evil mouths telll idiot tales
& the wives of Eden
shatter coded God where eaten veils
suck a bibler's cleaned baby
& the christs of reason
lick parisian cars as holy bed daddy
uses a bald body

when once pigged peels of sin
study how to cry
the vaginal lobbies will heat winds
& the purse of lies
must pay a piper for a city high?

gobllins under evil doubts hear sails
sharpening bulled blind bales
& the riders of the dead hear nails
sailing under
green shadow
& amazing sandmen sup a holow
neck of apes....





The lost ovens of the cooked & starved
suck cakes from lard
o the crossed onion of the nooked
suck breads from scars
& the bad loss of a red car' s Ma
must wed kids to embers

when once a ball of rain swings
deep, deep down where a tree of rings
dons guilty reason
then bol of gold will arise from
cuckoo men & death's rolled treason

the lost ovens of the cooked & barred
laughs at miraclous bellings
& a loaf of piss parades for
sun-lit summer chills where iced war
lammed us with strange hot rubbings?

the men at the foot of a false grave
hammer figs under daisies
& i shall lay us down where kiddies
clambour after lost fun.....

Uh Uh, spaced out space aliens must
turn stasis from drought
Uh Uh, faced petrol lace must shout
out aloud
& all our sea-faiths die.





& i will lay thee down... o, I will shake
hot men with old sound
& i will lay thee down....o, i will shape
snakes & serpent asses
& when once a bull of blood passes
plumed serpetines
then a wizening shadow of masses
will preach a sea of minds

o the sallied haloes of old lasses
lassoo lips to menstrual ladies &
funereal flesh will coat jams in land
& we will suffer for silver as bad brands
sell false shops to ermine

& i will lay us down & i will surround
police gas with elemental torn towns
& i will advance at the face of clowns
ooo gee it is so ffing good to hear gin
drowning bods in wined sin
& eyes will poke themselves as din
cups a red surrendeer under ground

green minted sex-shaved coffees..

& as sinking lotions under aubergine stasis
delimits ghosts with egg-slanted faces
delve after hot glassed war
& the hills of mind screw flavoured aces
& the wode of disused moars
melt inside a toaded city score

& as striking oceans hammer blithe races
then cyclical pummelled cases
cry for a gem-glued girl; & neon cords
pull on a dead umbilical
& the nudes abed with vaginahas
lost heads for lotus broads

a swinging crocus boat swallows us
& the dilly crocus eaters who warm us
jam under the brides of a dead ward

& as hissing potions poke at limes
then diddy loos will row after rhymed
bodies of bruised dates?

i have laid thee down where oldness
shatters comfry teas with shave death
& i will soften teased kids with
Toaded fields & rapped pig-pissed

dogs of derrieres.




the clicking circus of a laid mind
cuts a cured trapeze
o the ripping crocus of a loose mind
sucks a weird disease
& the mines of sadness see vines
brewing stramge drapes
the blue sides of Abaddon spine
soundless easy leaves
o the clicking circus of a laid mind
cuts a curved oak sea
& the eyes of fury topple timed
bols & acid.

O the tithes of Eden hang rancid
body birds
& blown videos vamp for placcid
lady nerves..

The vials of finger varnishers carry
cabs of war
o the smiies of givers will marry
flotillas of red warves
& a bed of ales dreams of sallied
rose petals.

this side of summer, we see baby
bee-banging sweets from metals
& the lash of light
loops rings arund bright sex night.

& the dials of diggers will marry
lost loped kids to caravans
& the arse of God grips brigands.



`the clicking circus of a crazed mind
cuts a screwed trapeze
o the bodies under leas sucks wine
& the bells of winter
lash domes to dollars, - ah, old times
dream of Easter.

when once a bed of drakes drags
dirtied cats from fever
then the slipping locus of a crab
casts imperial shadows
& the bees of beer sting mallows.

& the clicking circus of a mind
sucks crude rubies
& the son of winter suffers
blue braids & closed coffees.

The budders of a bald baby
beer-bang tit-fed old ladies
o the drivers of a bald bus
trips upon
lewd nuts & idiot raisins

the budders of a blue baby
sea-slam clit-teased doddies
&a body under guns
shoots grey pain.

when once a grey gull grabs
wanked gasolene
then chidden pigs heed slags
bagging margarine
& the salts of pain season


coastal piggies pluck ashes
& choir boys burn
& sirens yearn
& history turns
outside de rain.




the hearses found under palps
peer into rivers
o the purses found under riders
lay easy thumbs under scalps
& the gemstones of the scissored
dig for daggers.

o when once grainy jeeps
don vast bone, then crashed sleep
will dream of bodies
& the crashed boys will heat
old buddies as a bay of wheat
rots for hankers.

the horses found under talcs
trickle down the veins
ah, the vines of Easter sear
slapped caps & eager reins
trap dogs & sea-stained

wed wolves weep when meat
sings for kisses.

& when caked men heat
white gold, then sallied sleep
sups a gut of wheat
& the buds of hens will reap
granary gashes

the vamped billy of rashes
will dream for
guilty apes & moustaches
& the caped wards
& the napes of death
will sea-slam old breath

the seizures of noose
must fit after old blues
& a fix of acold nude's deck
must sweat bruised
bods & bashes

the kind kine of colour
carry cats under water; & sex
warps wooled wine
when once a pool of christ
craps in a can
then a sea of stools will
ram soups under a hilled

& when caked men mete
hands & hashes
then hatched blue star-sleep




the odd owls of midnight have
blue bells for wings
o the old cowls of sad light
hear crows under swings
hurtling from a false car; & cabs
hiss with tights

o the huntress of old christs
hear herons under hunted lice
& the public pubes of city ice
cut a cabby from city-mice
o the vines of masses drink to
carnivals & molasses
& the vined video of a hot nude
nip after
old lubes...

& the odd owls of dead crabs
scatter shadows when
rolled rizlas reap buds from men
& decidous purple mien
naps under a blood-bud; &
skinned sewn screen-scuds land
daughtering doctor-hen.



when grabbbers of gemmed grubs
glister under rain
then killers of stemmed Love has
sea-stains for gas
& the cementers of grass use glass
the ruler of splayed dogs drizzle
canine whores with veins
& a halter at a nape nips idols
& a cone of countries
crams bad tongues down bibles
when grabbers of gemmed drugs
glitter under grain
then utterers of pain heap gloves
inside plums & pushes
& smokey skinners of flashes
suck a lip from cabbies.

& the whirling worlds of rivals
ram a rosy tear around
vosene; & the suidal sea-sounds
teem with radishes & gables
& we study how to leave town.


& she is a gem-clued girl-
a mother-of-pearl river suitcases
her gilded eyes in a sea of vales
& the naped giver of the dead
brighten my lover with a petal-bed
& she is a gem-clued girl-
a sister of curls hits god's faces
& the golden wives of shone worlds
weep under rings & laces
the giddy gallery where i espied
cuckoo caves & blinded sea-spies
rides my gal to sleep
&, huh,
the wine-woollen heads of brides
glues my giddy sea-swirl
with condiments of gilders
& men and mien succour drillers
& love's shine mouth-grabs.

la, she is a gem-clued girl-
a father of curls crusades faces
& the Ides of Woman hears stasis
glittering like a sea-fig
o she has rings for laces
oshe has limbs for kids
& a gem-glued summer when digs
delve for diamante
hangs lemon shoes from gold grids...

I have seen sins at change of day
enticing hymns with hyena's graves
& the worlds in Heaven
stopper suns with precious ravens
& the keen world ends

atoned by gemmy jewellers....




o i will lay me down in a midas gaol
& i will tie me with locked grails, & gods
will punish me outdoors where
genoas trip under keyed winter prayer

& a gander under heated Minai hair
will sea-stab the Mother with salt dogs
& i will lay me down in a midas gaol
& eyes will blind me with gold grail

This scissoring city where i made buds
bang a baby from its pram
will hire my far out West where dogs
yap at bunny heels
& i will blind me as honeys under drugs
daub painters with dammed
catted cany cobra cogs.

& i wlll lay me down in a midas gaol
& i will punish seed
& i will knock on a steed as old need
pulls pee from labile nails

& as for gabbed men & the Minai Straits
may lady fever twirl
deadening long-ladies-fingers?



the curious suck of a fast finger
fondles fondant rubies
o, the furious fuck of a fast feeler
fans bums against blue rain
& cut crows on a cliff see rain
ravaging curved cripples

when once a nutty kiss stains
after lard & water
then a bay of killers entertains
rats of midwives
& the purple liar of the moon
rots forever
& the loos of Easter hear veins
fearing father....

the curious suck of a fast finger
feeds a weevil to a ringer
& dead dollies dream of a mirror
& a dead muirror shows
flexed kids & baby crows...


the midlers of a messy mind
knit cock to slime - o, times
bomb cunt wine
& green gallows grip wine
O the meddlers of a spine
cut swallowers where
old gods sleep in a chair
rexed fallowers of odd air
curry-comb the dead - prayer
sallies selves with
tawny willows; & old kids
cut gassers where
the riddlers of a messy stair
sups a bummed juice

the copious curds of loose
noosed goose
gabbles after roped rabies
& the guns of art
mongrelise a sea of darts
& we fart for passion?

& the naked piss of rhyme
writes nude verbs
& fatalists, screwed, grind
god-foxes down to nerves

O, giddy god gets swerved
across skins and birds



the riders of the kiddy rainbow
rams hammed hands where
cold billies light a town-square
& the lilllies of the air
use thumbs inside hot hair
& the riders of a kiddy's seat
loosens gay drummers.

o, when once a a sea of tears
has drowned for nothing
then a bay of spheres suffers
grey beards & midnights.

as granary gates glitter for
coded termites
then family snakes glister for
penile sperm-lakes
& earthen salt-scrapes store
vines under fanny....

the riders of corned rain war
after gellied gills
& corks of sea stills snore
& robed doctors hear mills
snapping like women..






the hooters under fast hookers
swing against milked baby
o the nets inside silks hear lookers
laying faces under wine
& the hooters under vast cookers
spiral underneath old family
when once a sea of rams spines
cold tears, then a naked mind
rots for fish & ancthers
& the bulbs of Man seee sines
slapping forced bookers....

the rooted dolly mixtures of
granary gold-dosed Love robs
stirring clammy violets
& the killers of the world lob
pursed lipsalves?

when once a sea of cans whines
deep down inside baskets
then blue voices weep after
oysters & old young women..

this side of a sky we soften
green dribblers

the bulbous scud of a saviour
prays for salt rain
& the vile drug of a failure
prays for sweet pain
& the oats of a head see layers
creeping under grain

when once a bag of flowers
digs for fast fats
then the bellies of old rats
strangle transmats

the bulbous scud of a sailor
feeds ships to drillers
& a soaked dead man suffers
boats of sex milks..,.

as the dogs of edams
huff green lungs, then
closed cutters caress
curved ken; & the sun's deaths

all eyes! & eyes adorn
dog-dazzlers with blood-porn



the apsis of the winter-killed
dreams of cattle
o the ideas of metal sun-spills
out of a doctored world
& the punched fizz of girls
goes around the world

when once sons in prisms
lock up an eye of faith then
walk sound as a sea's river
rocks under
green wives.

the apsis of the winter-killed
dreams of Dettol
& the tastes of testes sunned
sweet haddock....

when once a son in ribbons
sweats of brothers
then green killers preen
bruised cattle.

o the cunning cunt of God
loves a body's baby
o the crying curls of God
lends docs to easy sleep
& the cats of miners
dig for ancient ridersO

when once a bag of rope
soaps an easy goat
then pinked veins must coat
all female tongues...

& the cunning cunts of pugs
prod old wine
& the oats of England rub
an original tree of Love



this side of suits, we see kids
donning school-rainbows
o the hot bums of loots sever
skilled used sex-lobes
& the miller in the sky's rose
hears beds turn..

when once a seat sweats then
sllowed irish slow-worms send
ideal chickens where
blithe brainy push-chaurs
shended fakirs

this sside of suits, we hear kids
dragging caps from
idolators of death's keen hum
& bollocks will use a gun
Gemmed, we loosen
all dogs...

torn from a tortoise, we listen
inside abusive missions
o the whips of closed shells
shoot drowners
& these blown hills i held
drops like a bone.

o when once a bibler's dill
dines on darkness
the icy fans will glove ills
& the seas of sadness
wallop all dudes...

torn from a s tortoise, we
interfuse men with ladies
& we hire a ward




o i saw hired horses on the stairway
o the roared on a vein
& the killer ochres of the sun's grave
balls darkness
then a boss of sadness star-lays
odd city mad fish
& when once rode forces see lips
sucking on sex-wrists
then a baseless sky-twist
stiches faces dry.

o i wore a false neck as troves
tickle a plane-mode
& the kits of war ram slowed
town of dinosaurs....

& i saw huge horses on a stairway
o the buds of father
digs aside of danger; & clays
crack just like a dream.



where once a book of blood
sea-hangs eyes & lungs, then love
will see a tree of bleeding
o while a smile swims round, we
will read a map of blood
& then the sins of god's rub
will suckle endlessness.

& the dogs of darkness shove
cats from canine heaven
& the cods of wards star-grub
after mooned messes
where once a box of gilt blood
rams sex powders
aside of kids & sweet bugs
then diddy dobs must cock-club
vast pigs inside mind-chowders...

once above grey mienm, we
observed a car fill a fender-sea
& these ideal words
must belie
bald bellies under penates wee...





o when once we are walled in a manger
then the sunshine plays recorder
o when once we are fed to strangers
then the star-shine feels disorder
& the kicking shadow of a father
casts a signal crab against the town

when once we are wallled in a chamber
then the sea-sides will sing for augurs
o when once we are fixed to flavas
then the moon must sing for warders

a cold signal drake that swims for
grey city claws
must ring the gallowed nips of dead
bivoaucs of city lead....

we rig an easy frig as a ball of spines
bounces against five seas
& i will lay us down when old trees
swing for bees & waned minds...

lust as we are, a pitted cell's greed
locks priests underneath gay seed
& the wash of Love
weds sweat to dead God's

grimed titan hands..

& gaspers gouge easy eyes
& claspers resound for slides
& a tocsin seals bells aside
gavellers of reels
&, la la la,
i see my city driving deals
across sugary spine-monkeys
& ghosts rock my cells.

what with these city's heirs
we will kill the wall
o what with gentians under cauls
we will raid the Fall
& the stoves of sin dream-light
dogs & old geraniums...

& the drip of dries cocks night
& the gulls of evening
glisten under blue vine-hems

what with the city's heirs
we will kill tears; & hens
will lay false eggs.




the dilly dates of sex-deaths
bury coats
o the silly rapes of sex-breath
burns oats
& the bum inside a juice-boat
hammers bodie

o the doggy cities where soap
anointed old dope
dreams of cat-killers; & soap
washes hanged rope.

the dilly dates of sex-wrecks
burns baby
& the scented church decks
The Lady.

the ova of the pierced will
ride from salt
o the dolor of a pierced hill
destranges dolts
& blue vaults of glass
dam dragged edams.

when once a bed of soda
washes beers away
then the cabs of sold clay
dead cherries..

tthe ova of the pierced wiill
suck palms as scents
escape from a hall's hill

`as a thurible of sadness sends
grey scent to sleep
then a mad meadow will end
outside our world
& the cats of meat will rend
attendent body-girls

& as starred life lobs pearls
then the margarine of life
studies blonde deaths- O

made old, we suffer mess
ah, made cold
we listen to Love's desks
& the sides of a woman
dance against rolled decks
as a thurible of sadness sends
gay scent to heat
then a bad halo will attend
cats under nude light.

o, what now for the lame
but eaten guns?
o what now for the tame
but dead suns?

the Ingles of crosses
calms dust as salt mosses
odes to oaty sedans
& hectares of wigwams
will raid caravans
& ashen razors will
ram red powders

Oh saviours glitter.



the Ingles of lost Easter
hits dolly bone
lo the sandals of stone
break down old fevers
& when once a dtone
cries for honey-wax
then sin may answer back?.

this side of a lute we
shelter limes under leas
& selves sever when
sauced saviours extend

deaths; & rivulets will
campaign for droolers
&, sexed, a silly hill will
return to automatic sky
& deniers will snap
drivers of puss-saps

Uh, Uh, Uh
dancers dress down
Uh, Uh, Uh
fathers kiss Downs
Uh Uh
hymnals use dead gem
& this life is at his end.



whilst hanged from a lunar ribbon
we will topple
sexy blonde treacle
o when drammed by life then
saline riders of easels
will paint love's classroom black

when once a sea of ears cracks
kiddy fleas
then a fly in a vase must snap
bols & budders...

whilst hanged from lunar ribbons
we will muffle
pursed pure lips
& we will neck a receiver
& we will phone the snipped
fish of AbeL....

& the dons of learned dung
drink from wells of truth
& we dine under dark
lissoms where a balde park

sails for Mamma.


where once a sea of babies
bobs up from a wet grave
then the horse of eagles will slave
goidelic stations
o the bounce of blood must
incisor rivers from natrons
a monkey under fire summons
keen clever cages
& the vales of claws
ring lips from basined rages.

where once a book of naves
shapes love's blue navel
then the dyes of dillers raise
poked rope from
old thuribles of mercy...

eyes under dives will stun
green-minded harped guns
& the refactories of the dumb

drink a daubed doll dry...

the velvet sky where i learned my
must dictate purhelion
o & a svelte girl's eye sucks gold
& the kicks of fatheredstar limes
cuts cured kiosks from balded
city beaks...

when once a bod abed of death has
gay tears & tawny trash
then a bonce of bud will see mash
drinking devils dry...

oh as a bee of bakers stings wide
roe-toed shrouders, then
closing bitter riders will hear men
melting under baked scrolls
& lissom-shakers will cut eyes
& prison-pelters will nip mulls
the velvet sky where i learned my name
must dilate
& the cats of pans will hear me

suppering after bad boney bee-reeds.

the sidllers of the slain spiral from
blonde bridlers
o, the riders of the rain shoot
old nicks & naked lovers
o the bodied blain of a father
will sun-vanish
grey wives of bed-punished
scented candles...

when once a bod of wine has
used a false beer
then a shaken tide of glass
guts a glass with seared
sons & irish feathers

the sidlers of the slain spiral from
bound ciders
soften plummed pissers
& a rival of the merry dead
use a sweetening river gun?

& the inhearsed men are
rocked to causal rat-deep
carrion crying mirror-sleep..




Jazzed under green-minds
a belt of feathers
fans a dog as jacking tines
suck a dead comb's
currying sea of hairs.

jazzing, we hear a flower
vining her way
deep, deep down where
raisins under towns
strike a scented shower

& the joys of threats cut
sidled eyries
& the apiaries of a slut
espy rude rosed families.

jazzed under green-mien
a colt of levvies
flails inside dark bevvies
& broad buttery salt-stems
dilute rain with water?

there is a senseless funeral
kind coy when red waiving
reddens barks

& basins of drugs are
dappled by lost cars....

tho we are crossed by
thuribles of natal scribes
we will bake all scrolls.