further chapters from my latest novel 'At the Bodies'




o i always use a banana for a book-mark. oo, i forever abuse bald fruit bowls with sex and deadly roots; and me and my favourite world shoot
after closed city nudes..ah..i always use a banana for a book-mark..o i have forever soothed
grey hair with dyed cold night, and hearts bleat as they beat, and a sea of trays serves banana where
coded sea-snoods
supper after bears
ahh. wed eyes have drawn up from my head; old dives hark after a beaded tear, and we fall just like a stella tear when
closed avenues cry inside desolation's easy attic
ah..oh, a book of flowers wilts as she shines..o a rook of flown flowers tilts a bled hat at a villa of gold-mines
and we suck a blown nut

i use a banana for a book-mark as
herded manyana makes a dull glass...

feverish famished fished hands jam a dram..o easy perished kissed hands jam a jumped sedan: and a boat of pecks sails for cold England
and a stoat has guns and a goaty glows, - O, once aside Kaplan, we shot cury lemons and a feverfew under flexes varnishes
closed baby tails....we hasten to hissers as crappy sail softens under hollow waves..ah, a bell of lizards walks old waves when
the whaler sings for a closed whale and tawny buzzy bag men wed gyms, and a close encounter with a stripped pinned head
uses burrs for dead verbs
...feverish famished fished hands jam a can..ah a pisser on a false pot..shits in the wind, and a pint of blood has to sing for cops
and a sail of pure mud
hurls poo-poo under scissory red love

we hasten to hissers as crappy grails sink drunken lips into a nunnery; and a cell of killers cries after daddy
ah ah ah
feverish foes of fondant loaves lead sliced sea-eyes when a tree of bread shovels cakey kids down our town
...we screwed a bod into a mask when faceless baby meats died for bruised food. Ah, pandemic pleats trumpets swallows
and fabrics have all gone now
..the easy eerie easels of a mad painter's soul wallops oils with blood..ahh, easy babies weeble after gods and love
loops a lady's fingers round sex coal and a coke in nine eyes
hurls soap into the skies; and coded molls
sweat just like a pig's sty

the easy eerie easles of a mad painter's soul swallows oils with pure blood ..ohh, a hisser to old kids crisscrossses suds
and we hang a glass flag above a spy and we dam a masked crag with
a red blind bound bull's busy child-crib
..we hit to the jammy beat: we sit on ships as we wee under expensives sweets; and a candy of a heart beat
rocks a rogue with ashen body-sleep
and we sweat old optics..and we wreck gilded tooth-picks.. AH,

a radio in the penile glide of the moon whips a weeping wicca boy
and goaded goddesses gabble for spooned
and a great gun of the world swoons
underneath guns and spined tunnels.
..a gabbler of juicy honey spreads lead on bread..Sexless darlings leap into god's eye, and we father clasping bunny as closed minds
ravel into lost times..oh, a dunny worm weeps for soils..oh, a sunny fern sheds seed upon cunt-oil, and a grabber of easy money
decides to send love's to charity?
..i have forever used a banana for a perv-mask..lo,- i have eternally broken every deep heart; and a nest of ants
stinngs a queen with fallen pants, and a gabble of juicy honey cuts cold tramps
beneath cities where kerbed crows
taunt red manyana
...o once aside a bomb, i abused love's faith..oh, once inside cum, i lunged after my face and my face came before my mind
and a sea of drains dolloped sweet vines where, slapped, a circus of a mind
gave a psychedelic hip to meat wine
a robber of dark radio kisses a nightling; a father of dragged vacant Leda sues harped hearts for swan-ginger; and sea-slammers
use dirt-deaths to supper forksfires from greying waxed tea-things
and we widen for wolves, and we season old schools

ah i see arise now a summer in our stools..



these sullen days where i lay my mind deep adown a false town, a sea of graves hear timed lines
weevilling souls into eaten shadow and a girl of rage bunches here old age with de gallows..ah we slum-size ourcellves
as we plunder soap from roped haloes, and we thrum for dyed heroes
..these sullen days where i lay my mind in wasteground, me and a magnum minds dig for hot fished expensive gold, and meadows
melt into fishy fields
lah..ideal eyelids loan hills to bind man's bed-bone; and a dog of christs caresses dark genius with cradle-christs
o a victim of the dead carries cots where a rider in god's head
grins greasy drones
..as we pass by a huge heretic moon, as we cast hangers upon cunt-swelling colouring sex-aprons
we must soften..

ideal drifted dreamers drag gardens
for haloes and hollowed men

o when shielded straw headpieces dress the word then surely stuffed memories will curve tired blue lips and foreign dizzzy hearts.. Oh, birds
weep where owlers sing for a hooting flower..oh, when shielded straw headpieces dress the word then certainly easy stripplings will come to scour
easy burrs with an ice-cream's cold curse and we don a soft horse
and we sharpen sins with dunnies
.once across a heart, the shoutings of outelbowelled dummies get wrapped in de mummy cloths; and we who are in de mummy cloths of town
sink an dizzy apex where molly minds swelter..o, when shielded straw headpieces dress old words then a sea of ebonies will make all dreams work,
and the miner of a mind
has to mine after wound wine
..the arse of cruel smelly love savour the shrilled Mind, and, masked, a masted mother summons kind mind-cockers of real reddened pleasure wynds
ah a sugar of a kiss cracks, and snapped fleas bite upon hissed plumed pissers who hiss across an old mined
headpiece of stalled gold and purple fingers

o when shielded straw dogs drag for killers. o when pinioned war dogs drag for spillers then a bone of easy wine will have to scissor
codal epilepsy with dunny faffy murderers
and as i sugar my eaten peas, i notice on a pink raft the enematic enemy of the pluperfect lunching senses
ah, i use the moon to sacrifices sand dunes as faces fuss upon a fiddle box then burn
ah..i choose to use a banana for a bookmark when eaters of asian rifles shoot deep stars with gems and a baited isle snivels as it snarls, and old perms
damage head-life with dirt saviours and a weeper of a mental skirt
raises her stink from old wives and body-hurt

as i sugar my eaten weed, i notice a punk craft peering underneath fallowed pigeon-waters, and a cell in de sky murders after Helen's daughter
and my mind-swell slavers for a venus-mask and a shell of semen seasons caves with warders
ah....i choose to use a banana for a bookmark when weavers of wagers weep upon a cake-store
and a drill of pure light lolls inside a giddy hen.
..the wideners of seagulls storm the sonar walls the riddlers of soft sols swarm the solar mall, and we abuse a can of junkers
and we muse upon a domino trunk and, bewrayed, a statue on a cunt-cliff hanmers sheds spunk days deep where gravestones
cry, cry, cry

we are sent to skewers by illegitimate fools. we are rent by screwers; and a horse in a train snappers after old rules
and sadness steps from out stools

the pretty smile of a pig shines just like a sea of figs and a ship of ribs shatters and choked bitten berries tree-spike
hammered feathers..the stylus in a creek plays wet sound and fists dig in a playground
ahhh. the pretty smile of a sharp kid drowns outside death's gaoled loud parched cleft wall
...snapt shrouds upon sails launch soap where, dammed, we sink hot dope and we hang the masts
and we swing for masks, and old dead pharoahs famish hope

scrapped crowds stun vales as ropes hang easy knotted money, and a trip at sea suffers old sunny
night schools: a sacramental seizure of a sister dies for mum...La a rider of a sister cries out, and rivers punish guns

fevers heat death.. killers reap death, and we hear the world riding for solid rain, and fever heats sex
and readers read of stamped gills fever-few has to wreck suns and stars: o, a moon shines fom Mars,
and we learn of passion
and suffer horrid karma,

fever hears death hikers hitch to T Rex, and holy cars fall down from hard
body stations

snapt shrouds move when natrons
curl up inside a girl's mind.. trickly trucking mary sue had to read the news of the pearls; olden summer suzy had to turn mad screws,
and a boat at night time trample oats into lime
...snapt, we swig washing wine..crapt, we frig after ash-headed mad dudes, and angled candle-angels
swing, swing

trickly, knuckling susan sweats for truth and a naked mamma Marie dreams about the city



snapt, we dig for heat; clapt, we frig for meat; and my Lady climbs the stairs and de bodies cut thinned lasers.
concave killers grill a plate of dung..uh nylon noddies spill sweet cum, and we shoot life's mind
and we curse love's whine.
.as hearses fall, a benned gun's lungs have to heave for broken mums; and a shelf of dew sweats for raven-roods, and we stun
heated hands and feet
and we screw.
..concave killers grill a plate of dung..uh pylons under rills spin from grunge, and weepers wallop hired Heaven
ha hahh.

trickly, we prick vast grinds easy, we kick past passion, and vines drape us with ginny wine: oh a chilly drunk has to swallow
men and children
as we ravel into minds, cages
shut earth in a body

disembowelled by freight, i came to understand the wished wells of de promised land: ah, a rosey bed of bells
rang across nine tides, and a bench of prides sits upon wet eyes
and a sedge of saviours
pops both eyes
..the outed parts of passion pluralise wives: o shouted hearts lend burns to Ides; and a cats claw-knives must stab ferns today

outelbowelled, a stony son of scum strums a gallery-gripped soap guitar, and a starry mumma separates song from babies
and weeblers weeble for
fired trees and angelled glass-wards
..emptiness smells of grease. endlessness cries; and men and old sleep
must dream no more

cavy cousins of a family death have to hip to the murders of today: lah, empty sirens shot for trades, and boobs
bounce in a street car.. ahh, we have donned drones..ah we have stoned Mars; and rode nudes
will swallow
as tossed times flow and, as lost dives close mad men groove then lend kodak transfers to a tattooed stella flower
cavy cousins of a family death have to hit to the murderers of middays; o, a ball on a hill swipe mumbler's snoods
o a stall in a rill heaps laden Christs where dills drill for cardial towers
as tossed times glows and as lost spies crow, a baying crucifier-killer baas at lamb-white shielded fleeced snows
and de asylum at the edge of the moon silently creeps across invaders of carcasses and loomy vinyl crows; and
cavy cousins of a closed eye-father sweats wedded optics.. Lovers leap
from a thundred heel,
and grey thimbles sew for sleep

tits reel and yawn.. Ungent sups a milk-drink: tits feel for spawn.. Ungent saps a silk-drink, and the slides of day
demolish photos with a giddy gobby snake ceremony, and claves cloister where a bottler of inks
abuses pens where poets flower..
tits reel and yawn. Ungent slips an ice-drink: creamed cats reel for felinity.. Ashen crypts sink
deeply down in a tall town
..O ides in burning heaven execute cum with diggers of clogged legs and beery thumbs; and a widener of whelks woolfs food with
naked butters
tits reel and yawn...Ungent sups a cock-drink..
nurses heal the sad
, O?

hipsters hop to a tanned beat...cheapsters yearn to dance: uhh, a familial guest of de heat beat down upon a swingjng
sea-ball; and the brides of de blonde-beat brag for bed-gods and tomb-bobbies: ah ha we have learnt the moves
ah ha we have burned
up, up, Oh

a cradler in a candle reclines deeply down within a hair-disguise..Oh, a crushed pie-cross grinds odes to clocks and Israel
and a bended bell man winds adown a tiny tigger-town
Oh a digger of a deep mind digs for dog-dalliers; and a son of graves reaps
catted pigs from troll-graves


hipsters hop to a tanned beat while cheapsters yearn to dance..uh, old familial guests drink heat, and we feed coke to sparrows
and we toast a pepsi sign..
..oh..shafted signets on a vine sink wrists in hydra-wine, and weepers weep for quickning ghost-lime, and a donny kiss
careeses mummy with
woollen heroes..
the curving church of kids drinks milkshakes all day long and a dreamer's grid swallows arcana as film-pigs
reel unto a clocked lunged
body of lard and water
live men in cunt-sea-skies rend to keen death the magestic dying of T Rex heart-Sex
the dying of sex works on all levels.. oh, a prying death has to dye pickers of love inside blue eyes and a beller of a wet dream rides
upon the back of narrow spies
..the dying of sex works on all levels..ah, a crying sex has to fly after salt, sugar, honey, rye
and the hitlers of hotellers rise against a motel moon where lies
carry toast-n-tea to nude angels

these are the raped words of tides these are the snaky signs of reptile grapes and a baby in a splitting transept digs for cotted spinners
ah, we are sent to glib rivers as sex melts into guilty sides
and dirt seems to have nice sides
and here are the words of feelings: the acrid words which champ the lip hereby dam cured street-lamps under filthy concrete seas when
neon ships of stretched soul-pinched filth; and i tread the dirty apsis of a cold cicada under devil shades.
and my head swirls up, up,
and my bed spins round and round
nakedbness has hands for beards..mentalness holds heads in weirs; and the darkness of death's world
whirls a monster under
bled horned minotaur girls

ah, a bill of starving fayre swirls eyes into eyes when we suffer to see life's swirl-pearls made free; and a banging box of masks
cups a signal in a masted Venus...ah, once upon a mine in a tree
we swaggered the slut-strewn world
..the dying of sex works on all level..oh, a prising death has to cry out aloud, and a bell of pushers rings the Devil
and a Devil Jesus wakes God's sky
ah ah ha..
a miner after dirt and soiled vaginas layers vaults with wormy statue-pratted asp-masked gal Medusa
and de aspish gorgonelles becomes de infected Seducer and the snakes of haired praise slide for blithe serpents in red graves
veiled vastness vamps on a sitar
and a colt of cunts peals a guitar
o a mooted silent bay where i sun-slaved god's father and its exchanging sea-wife here now trap a pissed grave; and my easy life
melts inside maddened christs...o, a mooted silent mummy bay kicks waves behind
statues sss, The violent dead are born underneath mead meadows..o, a shooted mask of lips kiss a fawn and we dance to the midnight moon

a bastard body of God heals red porn...a buzzy easy lady sluices clams down her bubbling mind-heart-city-form; and and we awake to find the quiet dead
listening to veins of easy silver
o a mooted silent bay where i star-staved god's mirror and its blind luds hastens to add to death as sea of trades
sucks a boned nut
ah ah ah
once upon a mind in de real world, caves
crashed under stools and died



the fastness of fascinating fields unreels time-travellers where starry oat meals suck a torrid arse; and a vastness under apple-yields seals
orchards of fruity casts: oh, once aside a mind, seas under wheels observed the devil-days go by,
and a madam man hisses under keels and cuckoo men dance forever
..the fastness of fascinating fields reveal a transgressive soul to a corpse of heels, and we dazzle when
a bald cunt crunches undee sweet-men and we glow like a bright worm
and we glower just like the mine of gems

o once along some wine, i heard you swallowing minds with linguid endlessness. Truths fastened to my hip; ah, a ghost of rosehips rode upon noosed
body rock; and our baby crock has to heed rock
and our body knock has to need rock
and rollerss rotate upon
blind boys whose verging virgin vox

stops, and goes silent.. Ah, clocks
swing for torn timed

the focus of a fascinated family feels for wards of grey and gold: the lotus of a fascinating babby reaps war with bombed bled cradles where souls
snapped up..oh, we smile for past tomorrows as we see foals riding like horses in the hocked wind
and a fatal crocus gets crunched and a natal focus eats some cunt.. Oh, once inside a shadow, i head junk
jamming veins with eyes.
..oh, a siilent villain robs old lust as spies cry, cry, cry...o-la, a picture in my mind moistens canvas-lies and a bay of figs
spots measles where a head of dives
drops a dunny helmet

o we smile for tomorrow as we widen up inside today's nude dick-grassing vacant gardens: and inside robed robin-sirens, we heard the dead when the sun's alarum
locked hands into veins..

i have told the time all of my bloody life..i have savoured wine since my father's life vomitted milk-brewed sly sloe-gin.. ah, a bay of faces transfigures deadly sins
and i harden for failure as a faceless hymn shovelled eyes into maces
and i heard my own old heart shaping
skins from suede heads
...o we smile for yesterday's tomorrows as we smile for spotty teeny idol-vastness as yesterday's moon-news dials a stripped wall
and we sacrifice fawns to nudes as wars
weep for scrawled
body guns...
i have told the time all of my bloody life i have flavoured vines; and, o, a continuity of minds layers minds with rope where sea-slammed christs
swallow lungs
once upon a sad time, i saw old crime washing helen in a blown bay; and Leda and zeus-swans cut limers, and we used lemon-water and apple-signs
and we cut a suckler from confected beer-blinds; and the sallowness of popper sperm-omens opens up
the shallowness of redulent dead men; and we soddenly observe a scrotal peeper pot come draggling a spoon-dyed wax haircut
and we cut a cunt-nut where times

drop a dummy grave

dunny gals and sunny pearls hit upon lashed ropes around sweet hymns, and guns shoot a dummy grave
and we hoot after false bays when slaves slash seated knaves...o o o.. a lamp in a cliff snaps statues and
granite porters slap a tit upon brigands
as we teleport down ashes, then sons shine just like one zillion skies; and we ravel into a small town as eyes
shine just like one zillion knives
..dunny gals and sunny pearls hit upon lashed dopes around sweet false bins, and cummers crashdown under knotted steed-seed
and a bed of plutovian peed pine-petrols loosens ashes from feather-feeds; and lungs pant for ripplers when crunching tape-worms
and a chest of bakered pipes peer inside honey-jammered cocoa-cola spermatozoa
and strange old cats claw rain as we purr; and derangers cut bats
and we search high trees for grey-bearded nan-bats.



one zillion mad maidens have loosened midnight's twirling girly knives: la la, seven zillion nations have moistened deep dark sadness with lies
and a bay of kids clashes under eyes and hoarders of silver and gold cut up sand
and once upon fierce tears trips for brides..
strange old cats claw rain as grey furs get bathed in vixen urine; and a fox of wine weeps for basted sesh and feline horus
and a bed of flint sleeps for a walrus and walrus glass shatters
and men inhale glass as baby matters
swallows easy spirit
..easy spirit hits ghost-war dizzy spirits haunt god's ward, and lies leap for the sectioned bed-moon
and summoners of spumes cut dunes with the hand-sores of bed rooms
..one zillion mad maidens have loosened midnight's curving patrons
and a tonsured natron peers under herons and we send a mad rilk to a hissed davvy cunt-sea
and cunt-seas slide from blood sleep
and we cut cunny cum where wheat
washes honey.
..diggers of darkness delve for money and aped hidden nests sting wasps with waspy carnivals, and bumble-death stings along a bloodied wing,
oo, when desks drink sullen inks from a room of hornet-skins
and a suede head hisses
and a faked dev kisses
gems and evil horses...
these dummy bays where i drown my mind jazzes for curs and whey, o sunny graves cut prayer; lo; dummy graves share eyes with hares, and
mad men tease us when
bad hens lay bald dust, and a bed of old sand
softens deaths with air
o...underneath a mask, a faceless sea of tree-hams laid evil fingers on the ginger-mind
underneath de past, a faceless sea of snares
swallowed dunny butchers
o..these dummy bays where i drown my mind jazzes for curves and claved clays..ah, ah, a woman in her wound wipes slaves
la, la, old children snap swifts with
old arms outstretched to the sides of pigs
o...diggers of darkness delve for figged kids
riders of madness delve eyes for God, and
we listen to sweet rain as we use brigands
to feed songs to blind silence

uhh. the binary of venereal herpes has to jive for lemon rinds cross-found inside virginal turin-walls; and, oo, as we ram old powders down
and, oo, as we cram keen sex round the towns then we, dimmed, will surely crash beneath naked canteen-underground... Lahh.
giddy boys whose faces in a time-funnel trap newspapers in two twixed daffy hands
ah ah, a weaver of de blue smacks rope with doom deniers whose stitching naked sounds
moistens buds with bodies,
and we are at the bodies

these dummy bays i have impeached store..baby nests beneath blue bunnies blow red city graves and i have sent skin to war and have to
sink a valley boat into torched turtle-toddies- Ah, dummies are in the mummy-cloths wound
Ah, easy lemon ochres sink skirts into bruised city buddies
and i count down from one billion
and eyes count down from seven zillion
and men and cunts are all vermillion?s
.....the binary of venereal herpes has to jive for lemon rind found aside vaginal penis-saws; and we sink a lithe graveworm when
grey fingers reach out and sink old men in
waxen bays where seas on tits heap wards
inside a mad bad sex-gem
ices feed salt to peppers as a body's bend
fucks a city's raped bend.

the eastern apex of a sunny moon rasps under a blind bleaching thigh-moon: the eaten helix of a stella dune clasps
blood sphincters in eyes as closed masques enter a body bay into a room of dunes,
and the romancer under sapphires arouses skin where a head of elders swoons
and a goddess in her mummy glade
drops faces when drivers of a dummy blades
swill female grapefruit
ah ah..the eastern apex of a sunny moon rasps beneath de Thames where an English meat-mask pulls a masted Venus from a raven's past
and a bonny boat star-sails for a baby soap
and a gardened neon rope skips for dope and a waxen city lady leads loss to arse
and an ashen vixen baby
bangs a bone-bag where hunters of castes cram a dolly tongue down a city's mask
ah ah

they told me when death was born that purple liars would lead me under paps: they told me when sex was done that
pierced rolled cryers would train my snapped sex-hiped cat-goddess
and here we sea-stand in a bayer's harness
ah ah...

tardy creature-crossed cunny cages can
blind biddies inside a horse-rode woman
and a boned blood wine
arses up a meadow in my mind's torn grind.


the caverns of shallow men dig after straw-bales; the riders of talon children wag inside blue sails: and the demeanour of rolled bald chicken sun-trails
an easy cracking shelled spine...uh, round about dinnertime, i washed feeders to breadings; and a scissor of a suzerain grime swallowed timed
baked naked gin-feathers to swing inside the veiled
wintry fevers of mad light and midnight vales.
..this here is the tracker's scene. This is the Ghost which led dumb Jesus to a slammed Judas-crotch; and here is our saviour, and here is death's lot,
and we turn down massed lamps as a lidded host
grins just like a nunnery.
once aside a walled mind, a fingerer of moneys spreads roped wax upon a a figure of mind-honey; ah ah, a dirtied fool of fawns inflamed sears Los
and old Mnethna's daughter cries inside de Cross

the caverns of shallow men dig after straw-bales the sidlers of de gallows drags drakes for tails...and this is the tracker's scene- the signal grail of
coded angels and whored heaven's cracked God
signals in a cruel vagina veer far West - o, Love raises cunts from mary's flava, and odes to drugs curl up in a girl's smoked eye
mmmm ! Tragic ingled families lace losed minds
with dirty fillers of a serial killer's bounced cosine.
..o caverns of shallow men dig after raw rails..uh uh a giddy weezil slam slams in holy Wales..o ravens under gold gunnels shoot a brined mined
city of endlessness
and endlessness suffers shades as cicada deaths
drool forever

o i have taken theives from my easy senses o i have shaken beads with two bared hands, and a tallow under yields rage againts rammed
dog-headed Jerusalem.. Eyes under fences reel
underwater, and a paved holy statue heeds fields
ah ah ah.....i am a tawny trice of a man whose hymnals
rot, rot, rot..O, slammed skin has to seize candles,
and i am a tawny teaser whose closed sandals
leap all blessed veiny tweezers.. La, eyes cram
dolted shades where kissers of fathers slam
prehistoric wide opened moors
..the easy break in a dead cold-heeled hill-wall signals damsel-dust as melon-fears tread furious infanted cruel waters. The signet in a stall
swerve, and aimless chocolate hearts melt into madam-nudity
ah ah whence a bled city cuts carts
then a body-bed sears de family

the easy break in a dead cold mol-mood signals slotted lust as cock-cunt-tears thread bible-fuss with cool slaughters; and bodies
bounce upon bone, and we weep as love's deadened home
peers into the bodies...oh, voices of painted foxes shout for flour, and deaths sinks curds into wheys
and a dog in a mask
loosens crags as dirtied furled casts


weedlers of mind-killers boot-shoot love's hens: eaters of cock-twine knit fuck-rifflers; and the shoots of a mirror shine for gems
..o..the signal horse on a hill raises gas when a slayer of domes and dates
dramatises viegar-shadow with a city's shut stage-gape..weedlers of mind-killers shoot love's hem..heapers of mind hit razors
and the roots of rivers raises cold stems
...o once above a mine, faces dug for fossil-sloaes...o once above a cosine, scenteds dromes
had to dig for dirtied death..

eyes weep for salt sleep where red sex
swallows eassy wine..,.. Ohh

the darksome slides in the moon melt deadly sadness where isis raises pelt..the deviries of hair comb a peach, and silt
rolls deadliness down a beach of milk.
..dirtying traces trample tusks under silk..emptying faces staple casks to rilks and
a baying goyal of grease canes old sand
..the darksome slides in the dummy moon melt deadly moaner madness where spirit-eaglers wilt and
eternal parrots swing under closed hands
..o once above a mine, faces sealed brands
inside doctored rope
o once aside a wynd, stasis sealed cans inside cots and candled ladel-bramble-soaps




braided bound dodgers drain a kid's lake: laden ground badges bed coda with bummy drakes as easy eaten midges sting cicade drapes
..eyes open out on a gallowered field when doctorates of dirtied doubt drag drouth-yields across
pursers of a painted daubing mass-easels, and burning shallow stairwells
move braided bound finger dodgers to neck-pipes and dram-drains; and a kid's kine lake gets
brazening where diddy towns stink with paved veins; and wormers slither deeply down where a bay of bibbers extemporise
foreign beer with pinted lager milkshakes and eyes open out on a fallower's fox-field when
proctorates of drought burn for frozen sea-guns
and weed sucks on sex-wine as women
bang breasts into bad baled evening wounders;
...teetering fat tit-men trample breasts into a crate of bread and coined honey..
..o tittering fat clit-men trample a bramble-bit...o a state of whored gold shot mammy s
and a city father faces souls within a
street car

slittering spat lift-men trample sex in a vast dorm of kid-eyes and fast reamed ravellers walk the catted dogs of day and night yap after spind
canine feline fox fatal mind-quim.. O,- teetering fat tit-men trample breasts in
grey gay tins shaped from caking winds, and a moaner mumma raises cold limbs
and wheat glows just like a planed dirt
..weedlers who weep for light skirt a binary grave where closed dogs carve
blue machinary under a salt-cask.
...blown breaker's bud-bread bakes a seared cake with two bared old cars, and flown shakers cut loam from stars
and wheat flows just like a blue star
.teetering snappers season dead Mars: o we blow brens down river scars and
a mitre of a mind-motor ram England
and we weep, weep, weep..

madam macadam tars a sea of sleep...laden loud heaving Eden-Adam heaps gold sleet flleecers to Eve and the eyes of true infinity
and a binary of bums baits cold heat
and we learn about coughing riders
...blown bakers bun-bury macers of noonday murder-Tsars with nine rolled soviet scorpion-bikers
ah a valve in a mine mines for riders
and we bolt rain to salted sea-sleep


belted by brain-damage, a hunter of a daggering biting mane shoots fish and harnesses of pure twine fishes for England;
and a patron of birds flies west in Winter and a burning blue curve silences dog the heaven-leaping liquid Father
..blown bakers bud-bleed life with lumbers and stoned butchers cleaver a dice with a
funeral which is fun for all.. Ah, lather
lampoons death....Ah lard heaps feather
..and weedy weevillers smatter brothers
and a dippy levellers smack blue hairs
,..belted by brain-damage, a hungry star fails to ruddy falls when skies fall shot; and signals of prayer
stay maddening bruise-boys with chairs
..O.. learning of spools of glass, inside a
vast arse, a vulture of masks rides a
coded cockhorse to dizzying sea-scars

learing of a tooled sun-glass, stars loom down on a bastard devil-dram; and blown cum cuttles after titty mitty soft bedlam
..belted by Beltane, we caressed a
blonded bevvy.. Cruel eyes set clams
beneath a green sky...learning of city soul, outside scram, a dining in the dark swills old clams
and we cave after sisterly sedans
we will snore for ice as ice-hands handle freezing hair-pits with cuttlered pure decorous pyre-lambs
and weirdness abuses pots and pans



weirdness glows like an active bookshelf. sadness crows like a word-blown sea-rilk; and the venal vast boys who drink silks
sign a midgit name on a tossed card.
...we will roar against a red horse-chain: we will snore for a xenon body-brain; and the renal masked boys who train
easy gods will summon old-aged milk
..bad fawkes on burnt lips topple for dolly-dames who know nowt but war, and a clock of grease fawns to wards
and a cock of geese hangs old mauds
..weirdness glows just a dorsal book-smile as sweeteners of carp-guile flow for illiterate poem-teasers; and bud-gourdes
slam granite statues inside the real moon's tilt
..scurried gnomes with eaten cold spilt buggy blasts... O odes to pigs seize silt..
bad bobbies bride bait as panda pelts
prop up a criminal in a bad milk-bar.

ha hahh

and the new corncrake on a city high washes Man with lard and water: shhh... a molten dude star-shapes de sky,
and listless fathers jack a don of rain and odes to Jain ride inside old mortars
and the blue corker of a gull sea-rides under soapy bobs when soapy adult children die for four-ply
and a molten nude moon-mals all eyes
sea-widen for oats and goaty cat-cries
.....the binners of the mind melt into zippy lips as the seizures in a mind welt after clits
and a body bone breaks as bad mitts
mess everything up with greyed crypts
...and the new corncrake of a city crime washes hens with lard and water
ss buttered tussocks splay a finger-spine
deadeners of space men cut red pine
..and, as we grow for sleep, then we weeble under carred killer countries....oo a twining tea-tree tacks dollars to
acrid cities of swifts, sparrows - new occupants of crows whose flown muse
melts under roasties and ruin.

uh, a new corncrake is born from eyed palisades of carnival rat-paps..uh, a rude sun-state is born from eyes
and palaces of blood bait shut tides and eagerness sinks just like knives
..once aside a rider, a boat of glossed glass tipped a gravy doner to a soft motor-riller where a morsaller
got vagurised with dolters of duners and gilded dribblers
and men and masted Venus hit vast halls of blood, bone, beds and pompidore masques
..i shall loosen heaven's bodices with blue noosed currents of shaven pigs
and eyes will slice vision from figs, and bridal hills will splice blind kids
and a bended city mind has to find
infinity caught in a mental crow-clime
..a new corncrake on a city high must swallow pores as skin-spines break tines from a comber's fleece
ah a corncrake upon a city crease
bombs a buddy base with heat
and a codder of a culler carries us
homeward when a beller of feet

sink downly down into a well's fuss
ehh ehh ehh

mien then zen fen gem hen
Chortle Chortle



plural alien summertimes sit under rain: demure alien star-minds melt under welps and waters
..eaters of winter tap fingers upon sweated optical farms- Oh, guns
shoot the night fantastic?
..plural aliens swallow spring as suns shine just like one zillion daughters
and a bed of brandy bone

hits a slain seashell.. Ah Ah

we come up for air tonight we strike mutts; and midnight
wallows within veins and calves

welters of wickedness jack to a blind-stained sea-store; and a gnome-car must drive far West
and wealers of Death dam Mars
..welters of wickedness jump at melted lips in jazzed jumped rats and a blood-brained seat of bats
slice flowers with ermine.
..the meteors of thunder crash caps the river-worlds where worlds crap upon mushed hands, hash after a
body-broken treetop where cats
purr for everybody.
..welters of wickedness jack to a lazy hazy beat.. Ah, a dead star
drags baited snails for wine-scars
and devils dream of angel-stars
..wordiness trashes mental english: la la veined trashes read for fist-fish: wordiness trashes fish-radish
oo, we have to harden for a blue kiss
la la veined gashes suck for fists
and a fast fistula breaksdown,- O
..a devil of angels warps de sparrows: a demon of sandals scorches towns
and a seal of spun wind slaps crowned
evil men whose eager pavements
tread satanic bed baths

.. endlessness snaps like a blue wife: trendlessness craps against calf-lights; and a bed of snares snarls for tight
veiny baby doggies
a devil of angels warp de sparrows: a daemon in a sun's skull heeds a radioed sexless shadow
and a vase at sea hoists a shroud
endlessness snaps like christ: rended gabby gaps grab sliced
rodeo money; and a seat of mice
falls once caught
an easel at sea paints old salt: a petrol cabin faints, and dark malt
toasts the ten thousand..
o dangerous doggy men whose old leashed cabin heart jumps to a city beat
o fantastic mirror men whose old leashed suck-phone-ins dial the dead-enders of harping painter-meat
o dangerous doggy men whose old fleece
falls from a white cliff hereby sacrifice salt with wisps, and sleep
swallows buddy vermins

these sad days when a pussy in a mine mines for urchins hasten to a door which cannot close
ah ah, a bed of wheat shoots urine and a bay of bisks
drops cream upon caddy lips
..o dangerous doggy men whose old leashed crab-quimmed moon-spine shends stone-pleats,
and we howl today for always; and a starry mittener scurries into bruising palaver mictions
fantastic mirror men rend some bitumen: jurassic dinosaurs walk into hot fiction
and the bones in walls wank for humanity's
old neolithic cunt-wynd




a talky on a muted fast fanny field shows odd old men carrying cods to fresh women: a forky sun of dilutions burns knife-children
and, o, where tigrons fail, then loud lions lift skirts and win the feline day; and gems
drop droppers inside closed old hens.
we have to hiss across ice or else find a vast gravyboat come caressing stewed gism; and a sea of hair swallows duressers of
dainty doled dresses
drink piss and cry
a talky on a muted fast-forwarded plash-field gets sashing underneath mouse-ash-rat Man; and ear-drumming warblings arise
blind baritone-eyes daughters heighten a corky caddis user in a deaf closed ravelling heretic hash-men
raising bound sides under dead sky
ah ah

we have spoken to bawds and we have sent indian genius to a good ship of eyes, and a vase of silt stamps eaters of cabs
and weedlers sink flowers into sky-scabs
we have to hiss across ice or else find diamante dazzy fizzy christs healing
corked wine with god's fishy lost mind
uh uh

sirens in sodden season snap a blood drug: serums in ridden treason straps a gold dog inside a cell of bubonic wine
la, an alarm of a man sweats for shrillers..la, a dabber of dives drags a fist's filler
with loaded eyes and eaten faces
O, sirens in sodden season snap a tangy love-bud: serums in driven hoodlums cut grey gloves; and a clocker of ken naps sluts with loved
parchmenters of dollies and dead spaces
O, englanders idolise baby brides and stasis sucks a dodgy brand from bargain braces
and, domed, we speak of loud shoe-laces
and we sink wine into a bag of aces
O, sirens in sodden season snap a blood grub while tangerines in fanny sea-guns sunder doping esculent slug-snailed robin-ravens
and a distant porny prised prison of potashes and bitten brushy piddler tit-palaces
drearily brushes cities slide aside woded bee-bloods
O...i said Hello to Madam Mojo...O....As deaths failed here and now, a boat in a snapped wreck gets chopped by water-Voodoo and
sea-shorn bodiers of beer-jams and sunken kecks
dry out, and salt spiders with vodka-webs spin fly-dragons where gossamers dropped
dead as captured blue-bottles fain clean.

falons of faces have hastened to de races..wide talons dig fingers into wine; and old aces shoot a coastal choir
o, veiny laces have hastened to blue fires and a bed at sea has to spin etenally, and a baby in a tree
falls, and we are led to the false country
..falons of faces have hastened to de races; wild wet-guns shoot a blind moon with solar riders of oats and beans...O, kids
seem bright as bees
and a coat of beads
dons a donny bay where openers of pigs
feed sugars to sirens..

i said Hello to Mistress Naples when
i said Farewell to English navels,- figs
swell up..

falons of faces have hastened to de races old mamma doom has to swing outdoors..cold father gloom has to strike a kid's ladybird-war,
and as we sail from rest and as we veil the dead, a babby's sucking score
will surely smell of murder-mess
...messengers to mad men write notes for coded killers of both night and die.. Ah, wards
serve cardinal coffee to shitted eyes
,mmmmm skies under skies drink death
bone dry..

weedlers of webbed waning women dig for rolled papers of blue and red: raiders of webby swan children swim for
rolled peppers; and a driver of the dead sinks nudes under dust: o weedlers of webbed wan children score
shooters of heroines and cock-crusts
..the laughing leaping doctorates of blue tusks slam a chalk hand inside a bread-draw when, laughing, a doll bride summons walled
yellow stalls where cakers on a bridge store
arms under blown brawls.
..weedlers of webbed wan women drag for sullen pools where stools inside a prick-paw
pierce a closing city tear
and the valves on a reamed sphere scores
ideal lady pushers of ducted pleasure-claws.
eaten under rifles, a trampeller of lust daubs dolly dolphin-raisins with crowded crow-jaws, and
easy badger birds peck shit from islands .. Ah!



once aside sweet curd, a saviour of soft sandlers abuses a naked wolf with scented brigands; and the grey fast world is under fire
and the fazed masks of tossed girls inspire wallowers of dukes and dames and pyres to set nights to rainbows
....loud lulaby ladies lead soft grease to vermin; proud familial Hades leads magma under spind
beltane wind; and a coupled dog arouses a phoenix when
wide headed hellish sin swims around chicken
..loud lullaby ladies lead soft grease to vermin, proud family babies lend magma to old kith and kin
and a dog-dayed horse adorns a sea of limbs
and a wanking hearse sheds cemeteries with
nine dammed winds when
rude mockeries of angels ram a fairy kid
..i will ring our tocsin bell as factories of Ig rock under a blurred porn belly; and old kids have to snap a loud flea
and sex and death are lead down to five seas and sex and death fall from forests
...the cunt of a shrift mouth bays for navels...the spunk of swift doubt dries within stables; and the roaches of the dark
carry fishermen of mermen into a sea-park,
and once upon a town, a crow under gables
cawed at a blind cradle
ssss..ald xmas candles bury kindlers for a festive chandalier when oats under soft spies swirl gruel into old fears
and as a bay of lies curls around starred tears
then a vase of eyes hammers snails to reindeer
,..loud lullaby ladies lead soft grease to stables
kiss-smothed easter baddies bang salt-tables
and we sweeten raspberries with gay veneer
amd we dance to a midnight hour

and crazy killing cartels of naked coffee arise unto a city on the ridge; oh, a lazy fatal spinner under grey toffee
arises under nests where coded pigs grunt to the midnight flower; ah uh,, a crow inside a flowers fleeces
dunny kids of candy, milk and figs
o and crazy killing cartels of naked bodies
sea-slam a donkey bruise
and a layered mummy has to feed dudes
and we in the mummy cloths are wound
..easter comes easy to Banquo and lubes sink a feather plaster where a tree of nudes
lambasts zen with ginnies and a stool of christs cries after tinnies
and a school of mites stings a flea-daddy
...and crazy killing cartels of naked toffees arise from a bone to find a neon deck draggling after washed veins and wrecks,
and we leap out from the wreakage and damsels with guitars swintg for Lady
ah ah a weebler of mirrors anoints
grey flashes with dinted family joints
and we puff rivers
and we will lay down sex pipers now

easter comes easy to Banquo and tubes stink for illing hospice-leather, and a bummed show swallows idodine as a town of crows
carries curry combs underneath wallopers of tangerines and cut foods
and a face in a dream swills cold heaths and a casement's screen
hastens to die; and a scream under jeeps
raises radios from gay brogues
and eyes under eyes swing body-heat
deeply down where nothing sleeps

hah hahh...

i awoke late morning to find all my dreams investing in schizophrenic spines; o i saw the dead of yawning blue mines
digging for seams of calamine, and creeps
carouse for dons where easy slits
slip tawny buzzy clits outside blue cars and blue cars ride from death
and green stars shine down on death's
sweet sex..

Ahh men...



made up from scented snow, men and women show a sad gob-mind to a sailored drummer sea: made up from rented crows, men and women glow;
and the murderous hands of old bees swing then sting
ah,weedy wolverines capture grass: easy summer dreams fatalise a moon of skewered glass
and the stars of daylight lead dogs to rain
...over and under the rigid dead, gravestones pass from death to life then from sex to castrant cross-christs; and teeterers of trans fats fashion hands from legs
ideal star cans
drop stale water; and the stony heart has drams
swallowing easy dregs
ah..weedy wolverines capture wide gas as eager woollen screens shine then shatter; and eyes ram down powderers of deafening blindness
and over and under bruised tides, a tree of impure oaked desks get tree-hanging elms, tyburns, oaks, pines O, death
drools for us all and our dulled vast streets when de beeches get loaded
ahhh...weedlers of dustbins drag drapes from walls
....sawing mental men sweat for optics..easy menstrual hens cluck for lager-soffits; and all good soffits get lagged
ah a bed in a sky-boat rams lost stabbed easy chick-fayres
and men and women arise from hearsing hopped tares; and closed children care after blown treetops
..O, there is laughter up-top, la, stairs
grind lifts into shot cars
and a longing jammed hand rams Mars
and weedlers weep for rivers
over and under bruised wives, wild pears rot beneath blue apples, and we ride nude candles
and we rise from furled fire anvils
..lo, once upon a mind in a dead world my eyes got criss-crossed over and under a sea of old pearls
o gee whizz my old life is on the hiss..o once aside a mind, i heard old lips kissing a balded mons-stone;
and the model bones shatter just lip easy trips where a mike in a dome
drone after mystics

o a deadly head drops seed and crypts track blue deaths down
o a family of deaths sucks beads and
apexes of pure filth knock the town
...o gee whizz my old life is on the piss..o once on the biz i heard a hard clown
campaigning for the death of circus,
and a bulge on a cliff stops a crocus
.oh...ideal mavrics kneel upon sound...
revellers of panic creel underground..
dead eyes stop

these english days where a learner must read all his good words back-to-front in a blackberry garden
hasten now to a chopin sea-chair;.. o bulbed tutors cause stripped fear: O, as dust must shout for bubble-tables
then a pint of lust lingers where birds
sing out of learned tune.

ideal mavrics kneel upon soft drowned sunken cushions
and a doll of reels ravels where herds
swallow wild beast,
..these english days where a learner must dig for devilled cheesecaked diamonds
then a suit of sluts sirens after peace
and god's yeast is spread aside eggs
and thrush-men dream about musk
ideal mavrics kneel upon the moon and a seat of wax lights spatient craft-cognitions
and a lunar heap burns, burns, burns
up, where bison shuts


cinematic creelers caress a naked screen..sympathetic killers caress a naked dream; oo, a scissor sidler
slashes heat as baby bodies ram idlers and weedlers watch strict sex films
...oo, when dog-collared ferine canine stickers scream we will surely have to whistle
o a river rival rashes up; and a sleeve of cream saddles
bald girls who ride from death
..cinematic creelers caress a naked screen empathetic healers cut a salt-death. o, a board of pure bone bangs hot mess
and eyes swirl under baby
...grey riders of raisin rain cuts a ruby and hot sweet honey will taste like candy
and jackers of dunny lice
lend canned VD to beds and wood-lice.




bed-bagged beneath a blue owl-glass, an oval statue falls from a painted granite sky..o grey mad sex-heat purloins wives where eyes
stuff skeins withe sculpted fallow bone.. O, tissue
tracks sweet traffick down when bed-bagged beneath crude glass, a grass oven
cooks a roasting egg at gas mark mind;
and a rider of dregs dream about little gems
and an easy rider of ice-cream smashes gemmed
robbers of faith and logic
..bed-stabbed, silent saviours cried for optics..la la a slit of violence raises lies from coptics
and the dizzy wild oceans of a nude smile
washes wands in zanzibars and zoo dials
..a daddy from a bus has to sail after coached brooches..a mammy under dust
hits to a her murdered child, and grey lusts
swallow vines as veins cry and shake
..bed-bagged beneath the patient past, rapes wash love's two hands in lard and water,
and we summon tigers from coded lakes and we lay down with Madam Moon
ah we raise gaols from gins as gloom
serenades the place our eyes were set

zzzz my oval stationed paper statue sharpens stone with meat...zzzz my mental tissue hardens drips with wheat
and a passion of gem-gardens lays men to precious waste...zzz my uvula of a stinker statue sharpens stone with sleep
zzz my menstrual issue drinks blood-heat and a naked navel looks adown
upon stations of red, gold, green..
..ah we raise a gaol from a pinned high moon...ah we raid sweet bud
and a boat on a cliff tightens grey Love with
coded wired jaws of fear and phased cribs
zzz my oval statue sharpens stone with meat...zzz my mamma muscle metes mess to deep dolly floes
and once aside crows, i hip to a dancing drove and my pasted hind jacks all fathers when yellowy ochres of carmine city blood blows
all seasons out of god's brain
...i saw the rider on the rain arousing crows i sensed the secret easy veins dropping from blurred love; and old troves
search for irrrational radios
and my veiled transmission hears loaves
and my eyed television cuts a bread-rose
...zzz my oval statue sharpens stoned sins with fabled coaches in invalid spin - zzzz..a train of cake cums on love's tracks and
woven eddying curs yap at river-slammed
doctored nunneries..and we will send ma mary to a nursery
and we will have to someday settle down
in a prayer-milked tangerine town
uhh ./... DE END!!!
.....i used my facial elbow to knock a graveyard horse i seduced my starred bow for shooting candy arrows at drugstores
and a bitten starling startles death as odd lords leap against a fascinated windscreen
and cock-closed eyries eat into mind-eyes and clock-robed fly-seeds lob stones at skies
..i used my facial fox-floe to crack a raven-force..i meddled with my cock-crow to
don a chicken upon my shoulder where old blues
sea-stabbed a salt harness with wicked shoes
,O...the tanzy towns where i learned love's slit-trade smothers domed gully guns with dolled scraps, and graves
garden cremated pictures
and, fed to stretchers, a dog-diamond lays
cobra codas with musical dauphins
O..i used my fatal star-show to rock a cocked horse, and, slammed, i entertained villagers in sauce
and a baddy buddy buzzy boy
hoists his dreams from cogs inside a forced
latent lane where big-bedded bun-men toy
with an easy sea
O...the tangerines in my backyard soften rot and blood clementines inside a scar hasten lost sweet rose-radios.. and i shall cry until moss
peals all idiot flowers away, away, away
O...when magical seagulls scavenge after peace then a graveyard will burn inside the voided sun-wind
and a shining saviour sucks a slut of split sex-peace lays whoring healing hands upon citied sins
and a latent mamma hastens to the lip
and a parent's panda peals away death's trip
and a bulb of mana
minces wheat as guilty gold-fields fan spind
dodgy hired father...
as mines fall down, a mental pithead will
certainly spiral around a noise of wide hills.



when magical seagulls scavenge after heat...oh, then a trainyard will burn inside gold wheat, and a shimmer of a saviour slashes stalls
and a rider of a lover stabs the lunar walls, and a daddy farmer fellows peace with clay
and manna under fever
sugars a welsched rose
...as mines fall down, a mental pithead will certainly whirl outside a christmas world

O, a dog on a roundabout yaps at pearled catty functions where canine body-curls brag after cities and blue-braided laked loaves
..and as ideal vined vast veered faces flow then funeral patients of failure will stop men
from drooling down a soft stain; O, fay pogues ramble after rogue nests as a swallow in a loud desk dollops canals of finches where decks
dictate robed emotions to a demure flex
..as mines fall down, a menial pithead will
certainly rule the wide world's dead drill

uh huhh.... yappers bark for anointed skull-ointment..fast killers drill contentment; and a loaded fire bursts then burns
and sad hot women
shout at the dark.

o a cage in lunar rain heeds hearts and coded creation widens apes with genius inventions
and a loaded spire
inside a

dead world
claspers of meteors lambast a napped chair...la la, indigo factories shove veins up nunneries, and gilded prayer
cups defective ladies
..yeah, moping male mail-orders eat stairs, and a bed of bends
grabs, grabs..o, scented lads loosen cabs where babies
shoot the killed
..claspers of meteors lambast red-eyed swift air where odes to mamma movers closed closet groove
...laden with Japan, a rectitude of faces grip to chinese oilers..oh, when raisins cut wigwams, then
jeepers of acid nudes body-send grass eyes to ermine
..Darksome nettings wed for wrens
easy greyed bedding wets women
and a buddy boy
lambasts ash with salty sugar-hen
claspers of meteors ram fairy fens..rasps of swinging wards cut dents; and annals of aunties heap spent
giddy body-birds
laden with Japan, a rectitude of faces
grips to oil then cries

forever... weaving inside a wounded wine-glass i heard about grey rain.
Darkness surrounds as english flasks pour pitta coffees..o, eating outside a brain, as hot body
hurls flames against god's potty,
and god is potty
.and sex is spotty
wandering, i laid my kiss upon a daisy..sundering, i raised my fists upon
dammed days where dizzy baby
falls, just like a busy lady
...weaving inside a wounded wine-glass i heard about clasped pain, and a picker of shouts yells after
coded river-masts
and a canal in a craft cuts mother
wandering, i laid my hiss on a ruby's diamond-knickered cunt-seige -- O,
a van of bandits read a blown cold
illiterate book-blow,
and a vast rook raises body-snow



talismen of body-men turn tarots inside the sun: Daughters of telly-men set alight to easy guns; and, ha ha, why sex and self may never cry
will not be known till wind-wells die..and a blaring body on the moon snaps flies
and a talisman of giddy men turn tarots..
O, opened wide, a freezing woman dives
homeward, where the dogs are praying
...once upon a statue, a greasy granite bride sex-sweats after veiled demented honeys..ah ah, as a bonce of a bad boy bags bunny
ah ah, as a cunt of a bald toy drags moneys
then families beneath droll molls snip tried
baby masques..
..talismen of body-men turn tarots inside guns, and doctorors of worm-ferns feed after scum bodices of both dark and light..Oh, minds
snap just like a flea

Uhhh we have delved dirty salt-waves..Eh? we have strode sexually parted waves
and we walk the sculpted graves at hired sea
and we hear hard curlews cry, cry
...cell-wrapped with knives of butter, a green shield of skin sheds bright hides from illiterate night
O dell-capped, a sea of tameless mothers slam light beneath ancthered trees of bolted star-sin
and a bed of cancer breaks urine bread as soft pints
drip-feed de Buddha to razors of alcohols
and we push for easy mites
and we drill for lambs whose baaing under kites
sun-ignites closing graves
...cell-wrapped, city heights lay facial wastes to cunt-irons, and when once a cunt-sea-cry moves us far down into a body's husk
then a towny doll-owl crashes in a skull of musk
..cell-wrapped, with knives of lovers, a mean mind-reel dials cellular radio,- Ahh, a mummy on a stiff creel craps inside the wind
and whippers of mermen snap a fly-flea whose hymn
swings to a rapine pagan heel
...lo, four pall walls of lucrose red are drumming sealed angel-christs whose comic crucifixion laid wealed
bled body burns..lo, a five filed stalls of carmine thread are sealed against a blithe moonside; and a mourner's sperm
splatters salt milk across a crabbed land.. Ahh?
..udders are cream-struck with souring city scars
and mental messengers of fuck heat a spent star
with grass pots and ochres of walled pepper-paths
and eyelids close down
..peckers of goosed fathers jack a female town: wreckers of noosed raise bellers
above an inking sky of grey and blue and a bum-naked Nineveh bride inside brained swift shoes crown bastard geeks with rectal buttery star-crews
and a mansion in a factory sews burns into
screwers of cunny cloth, and we are moved
beneath gutters where a hang-headed grey sleuth
swallows hard
Uh...isis serve madam macadam to odd tarry roads; oh, ideal women widen out..Faces in a furnace shut drought, and toads
cremate green gods and cremated green gods hurl stars down
upon a sea town
..and antlers of dead wolves stab louts, and figures of vinegar-deaths dramatise pockets in a theatre-sex
and wee willy bodies will

whip all sleep...ah ,..when dark hills fall, then ideal stasis will have to thrill
ladies under rubies ruminate on lewd ....la, babies sunder ruby-bodies..lah, shrift foot-work cuts a sad sodded sex-crowd
and we learn of eagles and we write about flown hearts
and we suck upon a blue cloud.
..antlers of dead cavvies stick pins aside a pink arse where pig-skins supper with blind rain
and men inside minds cut women
la babies sunder bodies
la swift menswear dresses hens

and we will arise and live again..

looseners of swarthy vermin ram an island riders of grey words brand graves with song-birds; and an opened tomb swallows hot sand
ahh..looseners of swarthy vermin dam curd..easter eaters ram earth into wheyed gasfires,
and a dram of scans can a dog-hard feline city where lonely tyres
puncture up
ahh...scrotal sex fatalaties murder pyres: pokers of raping families rock a rotted tea-cup
and we weave a mind from shut
plied pissy pithy spires
ahh...once upon a mind, men and sluts
sweated where shril wonen moved
hot eyes to great tears
...i've dived inside brawls; i have writhed; and a city in the stalls seats one billion dolls...and sweated optics rise aside malls
and sin has her easy Fall

once upon a mind, we heard death crashing into red rain
and a house of sin jeers for pain
and, laid by hands, a bay of rain
sea-slams easy countries.



i've dived inside brawls: i have cried and cried, but soon i can only descry feline molls; and i espy father
and i descry mother
...once upon a mind, we heard death sky-scrapping hens with
midnight flowers where kids

cry for de ivories of Mamma

i rode a cocking horse one sad day when the queen of Eden rode sex-saddle; and eyes under closed sauce heightens gems
and horsy pony-plebs have to rifle closed cabs where bad taxis flow, flow
..i rode a cocking horse one sad day when the kings of Eden rode dicked angels, and skies under robed sauce heaps hens
uhh..i have dived inside brawl O, gold crows caw at raping ape-man troves and cunts in a pie swallow thrushes
and old cagey caverns tread the rose
uh..once upon a mind, a digger for easter
laid a surgical lamp upon a blue river
and an xmas of a scamp raided fever
and cuckoo boys
widen for bird-toys
uh uh uh.. Wee weeping wild girls sweat for blue minds whose ward holds men who drink soft coffee, Oh,
wee weeping wild girls sweat for fast farmers of old pearls; and dead wars
drink cocoa for lunch
and we drink liquid edam as coded cunts
cut spots into spunk
o...when once a sun of self stops, gold junk has to seep for dreamed coda scores, and darners of rapped words
speak in zero tongues, and a motor spores
dead fern-seed across a blind land
o...wee weeping wild girls sweat for boars and a german garland grits piggy gentlemen-oars and serve quim to an acorn man, and sand
falls against wide earth
and a demotic sex-spurt traps closed births
o...when once a gunner grinds peppers, Ides will certainly shoot paper at penile slides
and a bed in a peddle-bin
slops a litter drape upon curtained spind
hammer pins
o..wee weeping wild girls sweat for hymns: wee wilting wide curls harden death as a bunny of a bad world
weeps aside a whirling sea-curl

as mad men melt, then sin swims for
fishermen of angled angels' sea-war

huh....graven golly gutters grip to grey grist. Gabbling dollies dream of gilded wrists and a socked asped church
prays for father earth, and coocked fists
stink of boxed blood rain
..once aside minds, a billy of a child had male sex-births; and fusers of birth hammer baby earth
and a bedded crab craps upon dads, and sweated evil stags shit on stabbed
loony mamma
....graven golly gutters grip to a grey kiss: Gabbling daisies dream about old splayed sugar-lip; and a bay of silks
sips swallows as swifts under milks
signs up for pens and chalks.

once upon a mine, an easy father took coke to a pithead, and lovers
sling soft cocaine on a coal-mummas
easy digger brother
O....and for angels and men and funeral fathers may i now introduce to a may-time's lovers; O, can i serve you curds and whey
Lo, can i tantalise youth with easy prey; and for angled angels and funferal mothers
may i now send your pleasures to sleep
....a candy for a castle has to fall for reaped wintry hills where i made life's cold play and a mad radio inside a solar grave steeps
dog-dayed fevers with batard canine dummies
and a ferine claw ripens
and a feline Law sea-dims central creeps

and for angels and men and funeral fathers..may i now introduceus to a may-mind's moggy porn-lather
O, may i kiss death now?
O, can i hiss for death's blown cloud?
hahh....easy zen in yogic cliffs flail aside cars...peasy sin in magic lifts fail inside stars
and mad stars look down
and dead Mars hooks acids from towns
and tramplers of Eden supper for clowns

and for angels and men and funeral fathers
may i now introduce a palaver of birds?



oo with a headpiece of pure glass, i extemporise a dizzy eaten fountain raised from sin-extending tit-uplifting arms; and i sense eyes
come cradling demons within gunned
baby-bonnets..oo, with a headpiece of pure glass, i extemporise a dunny daffy child whose idiot skin
listens to cold parental wind...La, closed suns shine just like one zillion solar sonnets; and odd pus pushes plop and piss inside a chemical crust
and marital slags slap blue brides
and causal crags crap upon closed wives
.. O, angels of winged life sky-slam
fleeing breadknives
oo with a headpiece of pure glass, i extemporise a babby's soilings cradle-harness..Death becomes you because you varnished
glib flamingo features with rotted star-lives, and a biddy of a bad boy baits bad cunt-cries
and youths, without men, sink cunt into scribes
la la...oo with a headpiece of pure glass, i extemporise a maddy of a massing mad motel
and a sweet hotel where aimless whores swell
has to give head to a dirtied city seed-cell
once upon a gassed mind, i overlooked Hell, and men and noosers ring a burnt blue bell
ah ahh

when we flow then we close blue hells bells
...a bastard of a filmic mind thinks about nothing but dolphins and mounts: oh, a bay of kids snaps a slain drought when
grey lads pissed inside the wind, and a chronic creator cusses holy gems, and, hah, a locus in a crocus chews
naked nooses...La, a flown flower rends
colic budders from a nylon sleeve of louts
a bastard of a filmic mind thinks about nothing but dolphins and dictators. Oh..a lotus in an aspen tree sheds big tears
and a canny lady christ has to sieze loaves
and a bunny mary christ
lams all slashes with deus mice.. Ah Ah...a bastard of a phoenix mind thinks about
nothing at all but the bastard under spouts
pushes peeing tea-stains under blue
fotal fishy foxy factories
and a neon bend breaks into memories
and, la la,
a coterie of killers carves mad midnights from hot distended hilled stars.....sss, an uttering ilex inside death's vortex
will sharpen catty guns with powdered pits and palped paper-sprigs
and a moany mindist
menstrualises hooved dollars of a kissed
purple pissy peahenned dun cortex
...shadowers inside two hands ram lips: gallowers aside twin strands cap clipped wave-gorging razor lambs
and a gorgon snaked from silk expands...lazy lovers from ivories to kvetching sedans,
and a loaded licker on her side has to spray soft coffee mate about old blue
spem-soapers... Ah, a bawd in bruised
gridded pylons play for pissed clit-cruised
mother naked knotter..

a bastard of a bouncy boy hits pockers
with mental teeth and spent door-knockers
Ahhh... the iris in Osiris digs for poncho bone: Sex dirt cuts a parish, and a bended slut cries after stoned
baby Isis

the cat god has to abuse its tail.. Hot maned Bast sea-bolts hired seas to a sea of ale
and we cover the bad
with ferine fatal sadness.

the iris in Osiris digs for poncho bones..Sex hurt cuts a vanishing
slashed summer of coded pushed thrones..
and weeblers will die for Mary
the idlers of the sleeping dead weigh coded beds of instant clay..la, riders of in a falon bed sea-crave
rodeos of salt and silver
ahhh...the cat headed carrier of dog drillers lash the usherette to painted mirrors; and a saline radio
beats out the midnight hour
...the idlers of the weeping dead weigh coda kids with photographs,
and a kodak pig telephones midday
...ilexes of frigid roseamary ride after slowed looms. Dirt dunes drop death as laughter dons closed rooms
and a horse of glass grabs to Father
and a hearse of grass
takes stablers to sex-fabled Mother...the idlers of the weeping dead smother
cablers of salt and wine
the rizlas of the sleeping sweat brine
and weird weedlers underglass
spit buns at killers behind glass. Ahh. ilexes of frigid rosemary writhe after
blown bitten blue butters
.and we punch the air as lovers

divorce devoted demnotic rivers.



demnotics dam the eager dead. Daddies don a mummy-bed, and bridled bikers ride for idiot castles
o, demonic drams drink to knuckles, and we eat a keen easy green apple
ahh..demotics dam the eager dead. Laddies don a lady-bed, and rippers
raise closed british breaded livers
ahh. a dizzy dollar man will use quivers, and countless dirtying puce lovers
must raise seasand from cut cars
...daddy has to hiss across old stables..mammy has to hiss across iced tables; and a bed of raging wine
swigs caffeine where ashen brine bullets after closed minds
and a dog of dust barks after gables
and coded rivers burn.
..demotics dam the eager dead when layers of killers lash fingers to men, and the liar of all this wide world
will scent bays with cut pressed ferns
daddy has to hiss across old stables. Mammy christ is wound in cables, and weepers whine
and creepers capture blurry sand
and sundials under lunacy lay after gilded bruise-plied parapets- O, giddy sex fever cuts fathers with odes
and a bed of bees
cause honeyed stinging dreams
ahhh..sundials under families lay after golden ooze, and once grey laughter has come to shrilling nothing
then a seal of nudes will lather
closures of dreams and cars
ahhh..we had it all once..I recall Mars? we had it all once (every single dead day) .I remember when
a parisian purple passage melted into scarlet scarab carriages
and, where once sweets ended, endlessness chewed under cocaine seasons when
doltors of doctored thunder
stopped the sun
..the utterance of evil garden fools follow cunt till a seal of mules moves tolled eyes to dead sleep
o, a sad boy whose evil hard-on lambasts graves with carded cum
and weevillers of whippyness strum
old hair-boiled guitar
and a bonce under-river
carry carriages far West
...endlessness sinks into Hymen
formless dipped sez blinks aftr pylons; and a blue blithe wild world

I have summoned sandals
I have suckled angels-

the utterance of evil garden tools dig fter pokey pinnace-apples from kisses; and a boat of sheer death
has to sink deeply down, down into a tangerine town- & kisses
suck on a bald lips.

once upon a grave, i saw grey lightnng striking dead wards, and i drink coffee off the ward
and nameleness seems weird when
angled fishers cut closed fire
....oh, the jamming jacking vagina of the wept world lickers after dogs and horse-flowers.
zzzz a wiped quango force dons ald girls, and a bleeded beach has to sweat flowers
and a rodded sun-heap jostles cold mussels
o a jammy jacked fey fanny heeds pearls
and a bowl of sweeties
drops plums beneath meat

the riders of the Thames sidle after a dizzy cock-plane: oh, gliders of washed veins sidle after a
dog-dazed hiss of jumped ice and pain, and a bonny bib drools for a
keen cudgel of a fool; and we hear rain
riding under labile thunder
we have been trapped...
we have been snapped (like a flea)
we have been capped
we have been strapped (across seed)
uh ha ha ha

farewell to evil cars



needlers of faces fawn to a formless gun-lunge; brute Deep death races- O, a neon baby-pity shoots the vein-rained glass of chewed sweet faces
and weepers weedle needles under laces
..needlers of duped faces fawn to an endless sun-lunge; Dark deaths race- O, a neon body-bun shoots a braille-bowed female hermit
and gilly gulls in a gritted screen permit grey golden gullies to yawn under swaned clits
..a daughter in the moon shafts star-stiffs
days deep...Eyes cudgel eyes. Model dreams of sleep lash the usherette to gabled candy-ice-machines
..once upon a gibbed mind, a rashed lunger of thumbs comes knocking at hell's backdoor uhh.
well we hissed across the ice
just for youths and jesus christ..Uh ha: a cat caught in a door will surely answer to a sea of river wards; and grey hills fall into a street car
O..well we hissed across the ice
just for nudes and Deus Life; and rodeos under hoods and robin-castles lam a rocker horse under slammed naked ruby isles
...well we kissed Lord Alien Love, and the faces of a haloed void bugs
masked voices of loud rude gloved
easy fans

a dog-headed patient of easy strandes shovel waxy ash where coded drams toast a doling robotic vine-drink; and a rolex radio glazes under ink
and hot wet wrecks know squid's inks
O..a tantaliser in a lost flower think for easy riders of both night and day..For once zillion suns i shall state my cause
and ignite a universe with whores.
O..outelbowelled bairn boys who score shooted pelicans with mourning warps will surely widen now;
and de man in god's farm chaps clouds
and a buzzy wealing masked Buddha
hastens to star-moisten belling crowds

well, well, we hissed across ice, just for youths and sea-mice - as we arise, then boned ballet shoots arming lies inside a naked nuclear parapet
and a barny bled boy bangs red eye
deeply down, down

these idle dirging days when ground graves hurls a hot face at a cremated playground wall here chafe under belgian lace.. Halls
snap a capper chap about mute space
and an eastern gun bags bullet-sounds
when, staved, a bulling biddy

drops, just like a fatal dolly baby.
..pursed virginity vamps vile noise. Jackers, prised, kiss a family toy; and a jazzy upstart closes into boys
and, writhed, mad postmortem noise
nabs a needle knicker from
opened opus eyes.. La, a fay cool keen gilded gun

shoots evil racists....
...the eddyings swirl of a baby sun shines upon a cloaked cot: the wedded girls who share buns shoot the baby's candy-shots
and old Lot's daughter hears sad mad children laughing for fear
foot first under fast rain, old tears rain down just like red-ended heart-rocks,
and the dogs in Eden cut soft meat
and the cats of Africa
wander after deaths and pure sleep
...the eddyings swirl of a baby sun-mum shines upon ann itinerant mind-cross as the sweated girls who chew loss
lay easy waste to bad eyed lots
and stir crazy daughters of Lot
sit and rock, rock, rock




the idiot ivories of nazified grey failure sing for instantly coded killers who open the regal front-door: o, a cabinet of cold cries after stores
and vaginal limpets weep where whores dance upon a strange beach
la la, once upon a peach, my mind
pealed pearled sandals from babies..o a bed of wheat causes serial dreams..o a bench of sleep widens; and a sofa-hand smothers
molten rivers where body-beats
bear angels into fire
the idiot ivories of fascist pinioned failure swing for bled marnalades and closed dead wards; and we had it all
and we painted emperor Paul..


soulless daddies dream about ladies: oh, a day of death wrecks the hands of doobies: ah. a pinioned mummy is wound in clothes,
and a miraculous baby cries for a rose
ah..the idiot ivories of evil manyana swing for lust; and, laced, a glass of summer swigs dusts
and a bed of fists
fastens diners to eaten trysts
ah...o a bed of wheat causes serial dreams
o a head in heat forces
uttering evil men to laugh at faces
and a gun of glass shoots thunder-stones
ah...endless daddies dream about ladies, oo, dying small deaths weep for babies; and a cross of cane
crucifies the son of pain


reapers of candy wrappers rap all about the cocoa ghost son of Pan and His easy candy-song-drum
o reapers of candy crap upon sweet drought
and bad eyes turn in.
..when once an infant street led summer sin inside a petrol world
we had to summon metal as carring girls wept for a soft world,
and once aside loss, racers of blue hymns
sang for the death of girls O..reapers of candy wrappers rap all about
the son of Man and God's massing shout
but we know that God seems dead
and we crow after God
when once an infant street led summer sin inside a petrol sign weevillers had to assume stolen menswear,
and spun spind cosines carry cold times
deeply down where odes to Love

get badly murdered...

the indigo patient of the midday moon shines down upon a sea of screens
la la, easy forcers of a midnight's dreams
dagger after dames and wet screams
la la..underwatered, a dune of death carves calming faces from swift cans and caked scarves: ah, as we float far away, wet baths
leak into pastures
la la...idioms of fastening fluid fathers mask eaters of eastern silks: ah. a seat of milk crashes and a street of silt sits upon rashes
and an eager heart beats the past, and a man of feathers
fans a chicken diamond
la la..the indigo patient of the midday moon suffers old stolen beach-wear, and, torn, a fitting sphere hits hairdos
and, spawned, a biting starry van-gogh-prayer
weeps, weeps
la la

idioms of fatal fathers feel for fayres
and you and i have led sex to
eagled winters.. Oh, mental mares
cry out for easter steeds




fatalities in easy spaces face a sodden button where eaten riflers do a zip to the top: ah, families in easy stasis swallow hard
ah ah me and madam macadam meet a basement gun,
and we shoot kingdom Bards, and we rout sunned cars where
fatalities in easy spaces feed a button where
easers of scissors slice a corn cake
..mentalities have to hiss while scented gold gulies have to turn and kiss
the lukewarm aces of a girl and a hand of bars cups beery girls
and a land of scars
crashes upon liquid wounds
zzzzz..fatalities inside a dizzy place hip for lardy lady lairs; and the colours of our spliced hairs sea-hang sisters from minted
oval sucked spears
and a miracle inside the sky shoots from an appled easy eye
ah ah

when a windy mien sails for lives then a brook of spent vales
carry shires into northern wives
..a liquid finger on the moon writhes when a rapid figure of the moon bursts as blue-bed-damp ignite burned meaty whore-sales
and a vapid rider rides his bike for lies
O...fatalities in easy spaces face a button
outside a world where vast grey guns
shoot ashes from the hip

and we wind down from weepers
eh?.....o easy come and easy go - come listen to the early show where mad men travel under times
and a crazy drum listens to air - o, easy come and easy go - oo - come listen to the easy sex show.
...as we harden in love's garden then we summon drakes from crows, ah a mental sin under ravens
has to mentalise the veins of prayer
ah ah

o easy come and easy go -..come listen to the sleasy show where ironic ironed faces roll up in to a
bay of balls, and we are clothed and we are sold to spent beers
...as we harden in life's garland then we summon sense from sand
and sex sinks under an island
and eaters of rifles chew hands
ah ah
easy riders of a domed grave has
no road-tears to grasp..

the utterances of evil men hire a woman to a crowd- Ohm,- coded heroes cry as love's shroud damages eyes with children, and
an oaken tree of Love clashes hands; and appled ochre men
dig for martyred cherries
..these poxy words i weave bury duned city-birds; and the Ides of birds cut islands
and we stride a street of birds
..the utterances of evil men hire a child to a statued vault, and the cats of kine crash colts
and a shooter of mind cuts gems
deeply down in a Frenched Town.

the idlers of grief clasp old hens,- uh, the sidlers of sister thieves wallow under coins where sound swallows easy glebes
and nude silence chats with
coded killers of criminal cribs
O..the ashen sleepers that rot railed ears raise a rammer from a hot closed tears.
Deaths summons guns..Decks wreck shot sons, and old fears raise a rammer from hot robed bubonic tears
and the handler of mod meteors slashes minds.. oh, the gourdes of dizzy God
lam a sweet heart where funeral Love lands dizzy dreams under closed minds
..the ashen sleepers that rot railed ears raise a wintry moon when
ash is interfusd with neon children
and the crying clock tells of vermin
and a doll at night
ravels into time... OhhH

hangers of hoodlums rape chickens..Death under fries executes the spine; and spind wind rakes ashes across
a dour dinner of blood and red crosses

the demon of this dead world cusses a crucifix of men abroad in marshed fields
and meadows sweat and shadowed vermin fret for
odes to eager xmas forces..

endlessness flows like a flower when
dead boys are bled from nothing.



he feral fistulas of the fasted dead and gone pay the teeanged piper for a distant old son: o, lungy punishers of the nightly wed
seize clothed epliepsy from a city raised from greed
and the owls of rapped music coo aside a bed gripped from owler-graves
o feral fistulas of the fasted dead and gone
pay the teenaged piper for a distant sun
...worlds spin, and the jiving juices of Mana rain down a mental tree of sin. Oh, Mamma rocks the night-lit sea-skeins of death
and lounged liquid fingers jab hands when
easels of language dream-paint cold women
and odes to gelled fistula rummage in soiled pockets,
and coded mind-users nurse old children
with easy caves.

the feral shitters of sad gems swim under waterers of gilded lady thunders
and a pursing lip at the sides of the dead
cover hands with sylvan silken tundras
...once above a mind, the moon-made dead peddled the spinneys in marks of wed bladder-crack
and a small stove of grease cuts the spread
easy thyroid of an ocean's tree of crap.
..the feral hands are born where eager trades snap rolled honey in dimming glades, and a snapper nurse on her knees raids
ideal flava with dopy doll-eyed hearses
and horsey mien
spine-travel beneath a cradled skin-den
and openers of killer cries
crack just like a starred mind

O our keen world snaps like lies
and liars will snap just like a flea...
the faggers of dinted smokers arise from a blue fire where eagles pray
,. the bladders of hinted chokers see hay stumbling beneath hands of wheat-cold clay
and at the death of day, we gather hay as slashed riders of the Thames dig after trays..
-Fingers twirl-, ashed razors unfurl
and a bed of grass seeps inside girls
and we learn of people..

faggers of dinted smokers arise from a
blind noose of damp and dry

netted by farmers, a bone of pure doves flies for eyes that hit midas-sides; and spies spirl under demure men
ah a statue of glass cums for tides
and a bed of wives
weep after gangled giddy guides
and we walk death's dog
the riders of the Thames dig for sex and all raped self is done

deviant dog-men yap after donkeys: easy painted cat-carved-men mewl for meringue canyons; and a boat of bodies
sails out for a flamingo death; and we will need the use of a ship of pure death
oh, netted by farmers, a feeler of sex licks hot husbands with dying homophobic girls
and we sail for decks as out world
dies out
a formless faceless gassed fiend
fellows sleep then shouts

atoned by statues, a villa on a shy hill faces in to muddied inexpensive suede shoes
la la cars with attitudes suck screws; and a motorised bed-prison must fuck into deadness
and a fucker of a dress has to move
outside this vacant world..
..a formless faceless king jams for a dizzy pool of hot tears
and a giddy sun-school cures war
and a model moth marks
a butterfly city
we spray green flies
we pray after tribes, and cold hearts
keep the moon
too safe



o it is not safe to dance..ah the swinging times of missed days whip both hands and feet
o it is not safe to dance..la, the spinning sides of sleep
dream of blue subconscious; and a vial of plants heats sex-code
and it simply is not safe to dance
..the moggy farmers of fat cats carries scent where closed birdy huntsmen shoot foxy rent hair
and we ride upon a moon vixen
and we cry, cry, cry
..model mad mammas are wound in clothes: motels and bad manners seat a colt on a lunch-plate
and the tides of guns suck lunatic shapes,
and eyes cry for dead eyes
and we supper after closed lost roads
..a belly in a bad belfry baits soft lobes, and codal farmer men dare not suppose
blue sex because
it is not safe to dance
..atoned by statues, a granite driven dummy dripped into a mummy and we are in the mummy cloths where
diggers of old spires rise above armchairs

we spray green fires..we shave mean liars; and a node of closed Centres loosen kind deaths with hocked care
and we mine for hospice kids as easy chairs
fall in two.......o it is not safe to dance..ah swinging dummies
scoop prams from easter buggies
and we abuse a naked whisper
and we denude a hot bled whisperer
and we set alight to dance..

a dairy in a diary tells dad's tales where wipers of Mary melt inside blue cored caverns..Ah, the tidal crews who
sail out to cry sink a lacy mind in a river of grey wine
and a grabbler of crows
crowds bent bled river-crows
and bled river-crow entertains dived
veiny tulips..
..i have seen the men of God coming
back home, where the rose is praying

ooo. we gabbler after goose-flesh., we sense perfumes under horse-dust; and braddlers tie dogs to cradles
and a don of sussers drags for meshed mental hound-moors
ah, a glass upon a cliff walks the holy hounds
ah, a car upon a lift walks the cats of english sounds
and weavers of suns stitch for clawed
invented country heat
...atoned by virtues, a bladdered maw has a bottom for a mule-ass
and a daddy of war greens for gas
and a citied christ whose fathered mass star-lit closed Bethlehems; and stallion jacks to a dead beat in porn-vines
buggers buddy blower helio sex-trades.
we gabbler after goose-flesh..

Sense perfumes maids with wrecked ruby rubbings
and a boy of brains thinks of dubbing
crashed ragged torn radio and old songs cry out in a sad shadow

and we have now opened the strange door
to hear the kiss of the strangler's son.




the bladdering beakers found aside love's mouths denigrates pans with green-glazed head-urine..o, swaggering mirrors found aside life's mad skin
heeds wolves of coded city drought
and caddis flies carry cold cods to easy spind
catty wind..and blinding buttered butterflies captures mouths
and a binder of salt shits cuts a cocking-horse
from pled claws where grey music prays
...the sidlers of geesy bandits rob death from swarming cullers of day and night..Oh, dawning piggers break apart
and tarted Banquo's ghost glisters for porn
and easy easelled cell-hosts..
dig Aladdin's keys inside a city of malformed
baby buggies
..the bladdering beakers found aside love's mouths denigrate bad bands with petrol-Turin; and a subhuman shroud suckles slided skin
and a cross of drams
toasts a true and living city God...

eyes see eyes as skies eat wide blue gems
..the eaten Hymen in Love's wreck summons a penile piper from grey serums, and a loafy human spins before sirens when
chappers of Cunt-trips snap a garden bower
oh oh- where the chippers sail to blonde seas oh oh - when a rider of fingernails scale flowers
and inside a dirty wasteground, bellmen scour
big dark dune dips with
mental blessed metal pigs.
...the eaten Human in Love's deck summons us from bad-bedded cities under sex
and we may sex the cherry where gilt dust
swings up high in an apple tree

eyes come easy to Banquo..dizzy Prince Banjo swashes scissor slides with dog-dayed cimemas where a bay of figs show
a city shower to a snow-shaped winter crow.

the eaten Hymen of God wrecks Simeon. la la,- a bed of blowers telephones the original moon,
and a corpse of christs carries cicada caves to where cut mites
swarm heaven's cat with naked miked
giddy baby rock-theatres.
...the easy racer without blue infant tyres fills eyeless macadam-silks with sky-dyed fast hills, and we ply for poker ash when a city hand
handles worldly flash men to bared drills
and the saviour amid washed sand
snaps a catted cap with daring mills
,..dawn comes easy to Banquo when a driving dunny dummy cuts a kind scar, and a dunny fistular on the neon rise
opts to catch coaches to midwinter lies,
and the augre in flashed reel ties blithe
bowed babby-bricks with ferine pelters
weedlers of dummy districts sign tides
seeders of dammy hen-ricks wipe
all nice sides.. Oh!!!!!!!!
...the sunny sidlers in the city hasten to birds; lo, a wakeful gull carries pigeons into wise-curd; and the sunny idlers that hiss upon birds
lay contagious waste to dolls and babies
o a dilly swing chick-raised from stars swerve
deeply down where finders of blown cars
sweat inside the neon blue
..a doctor of denial doom-drags nude health and a bodied liar loosens laddies with stealth.
The driver of fires gasses all urban grief and the lunge of tyres scries after thieves, and i awake in the dead of day to find us
crying for the sodden crashes of our heat
...a bodying bairn of a lost child has to reap a radio of corn from a stable under musk
and idiot music blares while greying sleep
sunders daddy moon with eager baby-heaps.

a doctor of denial drams after dirty dudes, and one a clock has come as fixed sleuthes snap a daisy mumma from renal old nudes
ah i extemporise my easy chair as birds
awake to find a nest-egg cooked by nerds
...once upon a loom, i cut old cottons with
a cabinet of sails which couldn't open twigs.





the vales of the dead stride evil hills: the sails of sliced boat-bread rides upon eaten summers where youth and I
rode the highway far West;
and the eyes of sex blow under tides
..the vales of the dead stride evil hills; ah, the nails of grey devs sunder guns
and the faceless visors of a soft bride
washes wakes inside thunder-skies: and a bed of dregs paws cold dream
and the hags under red spores
carry pure dirt where soft lies scream

the railways under car-graves dream of dirtied summers where we used to hurl snowy ice at cradlers under bruised body-moon
and a passage to the dead heeds noosed ladies whose burnt babby spoon
feeds dollies to cot-crashed midnight

and a bed of pure dregs paws comfry and a strawed filed head
heaves old pantries from death's daddy
the railways under cat-graves dream
and coded sweated nights drop screens
outside our cruel wet world
...the vales of the dead hide hilly windowsills: la, a boat of red lead slices windmills
and a ship of threads hammers old thrills
..o anancee in his dark web cloisters to green razed lips where a donny sea-nude
lasers ladies with licking easy hooves.

the vales of the dead ride windowsills: ah, a boat of devs sinks inside grey rills
and a moat of drowners drinks old hills
and we learned just how to listen..

the passages of purple that read hogged verse serenade the easy dead with bullock-cryers
o issuers of maple leaves lend eyes to erse, and a map of blood syringes opal lovers
and a nest of keen mud
sinks coded eggs inside bird-vision
...the vales of the dead ride widow-heels.. uh, a boat of white lead rapes windmills,
and the dearly doctored quarter-hour fills a bent glass with openers of cold missions
the railways under cat-graves claw wives
and we rebuild heroes with bled cake-knives
...when once we cut a morning rose and cried then youth and I have come to realise
that sexy sadness heaves just like old eyes
and weepers wend wasps from old wives
..the vales of death cause fingers to define a break in a lunged sex chain,
and the handled past cries after lost time
and a bed of ancthers crashes underneath
blown caves where children heap
ancient bedclothes
when once we cut a morning rose and cried then sense and mind have come to realise
that sleepy heads must vanish like a dream;
and grey dreams water us with old lies

odes to mental churches will always reel aside from a sexy teetering gal-world
o cold metal hearses will forever steel bumped buttocks with a choice of girls
and a bed of bends
sleep after women; but a bath of fields
bears cloaks across the sealed eye of
rogue men..o when once a cutter of caves drags dust
far west where darting fathers feed
then a mind-potion in a bled oceans kneads
buttock bread where pussy musk
abuses giddeon for the saviours of cold
easy women
.......odes to mental churches will always reel aside from a dirty girl
o rolled dummy perches preach for curls
and a dunny dog-head dazzles after sealed
fairy weals..





the raping incisored milk-visor of the latent bed-killed drops faces under lime
o slaking drivers of a world abed has hot lines to abuse- ah, old minds gas easy lovers of cinder men and grime
o raping scissors cut a patent ass with sprayed bullet potions
..odes to menstrual oceans swing pigs way up high from an apple tree,
and the cusps of cum spurt salt figs
and a bonny babe writhes under lotions
..the raping incisors of the patient dead
drops stasis under lime
o, crapping road-signs ignite dead oceans..la, la, an incredible father of the mimed
uses mimesis for a street of crime..when once we cut a morning rose then i showed myself to a sea of pogues;
and easy fashioners of clay
sink a babby hasp beneath burnt toed
vinyl beacons

this sadness about men which i cannnot understand layers me with anal flowers, and the idle rich pomade me with easy sand
and my tawny head causes crying. o, a buzzy eyed bed begs for lost sleep when lying
leads a single marriage to a lazy island
and a bum of glass crashes
and a crumb of grass cakes up closet rashes
..this sadness about men which i cannot understand covers me with venal flowers
and the evil bitch who reads nothing but piss hastens to a tower where nothing grows; and the emptied time of day when birds flow
must serenade a dog of cars
la, la: when once we cut a morning rose then i arose up from my horse-manure-shed
and then hammered knives into pruned bled
ivies of dust, damp, and cruelty
and mamma dusts dribbled for my family
.,..old deflective eyes herded just for me a mirrored world of birded laden shit-seed..
within a narrow garden where disease walloped pain with sick, we found the mindless moon cutting lips;
and our hollahing city hairdos sun-scissor
soupy heads.

cold reflective eyes herded for hot youth shapes a dizzy blindness of a desolute dinted periodic hall found outside loose
dampening heady atttics
and a dummy gun shoots daddy-panic and reelers reel in the noose
and filmers fasten clouds to manics.
...the wended wickedness of our age smells just like light spirit
and our young ensign under rage gives us age and the end of age
squats upon seasands; and pivotal sand castles sink pulled
sex esplanades
coops that sell chants abuse gulled cold convenience stores; and skulls heap a body bone where rolled cars
collide with hell's urban concertinas
and the devil and its fiery fiddle has to carve painted city names inside grey scars; and a swaying swaggerer of fey nuts
must whistle for the spies of easy sluts
cold kosher killers of memory's cards deals a jack of hearts to a dizzy bard
and whilst poems glow, then odd mutts interlink the body grey to a female cut.


when once tattered then torn, a book of grease dollops evil sauce upon a flower: o, when once scattered and swarmed, geese
gabble for easy chicken power. oh, a dizzy heartstring in a cut cold fleece whips coffees into coffins; and an easy crease
dollops evil sauce inside a cowered bay of city drakes whose penile marriage heats
a dollar for a dime, and an English pound pays an American piper
and a weeviler of wide worlds must
stamp against grave-grain..when once tattered then torn, a book of peace
dollops mud upon flayed breads
o a doner to pitta hearts must send odd heat
..when, washed out, a godly body under meteor spreads liquid snakes upon cakey craved batters
the eaters of the dun and mad visit all roads..the reapers of a dumb sad house of toads warp wedded cogs to easy cobs; and oaths
dumb the serious past.. o eyes leap blind clothes.



in the dim and wavy past where i entertained a bellyful of lies and birds: i used my inner eyes to dazzle easy birds
o, once a sexy hour, halters of men seize pain
..in the vimmed and dirty pasts where i rained deeply down upon city trains, i learned all about
the stars of Man and His beautiful shout
and a learned Lover loosens under doubt..the tellers of the hour snap figs with rain, and sex and skin may never come again?
....these distant summer of ice and rain summon eagles from the past; and pain
cries, cries .. o eyes writhe; and the bodies of spies
die, die

o a baby on a bridge leaps under grains and sex and her lover cannot explain the true dreamings of a city's mind
and we weep and fry for washy cognition where married wynds
sleep forevermore
...these distant summers of ice and rain supper after midges and easy wards
and we cried for Abel and we died inside christ's cradle the never to be forgotten cries of life
hereby shed salt seed aside a knife o a vale of bread scatters crumb-life
and a bender under smatter sea-swipes
grey veins when thunder burns
...these distant summers of blue nights ignite cables as a vastness of ferns
swallow slapped spores; and lights
switch from blue to green as perms
soap a daisy with a bald green bed
...the never to be forgotten cries of life hereby soak a cruet in a seat of ice and when we lay down for sleep
a catacomb of dark dreamers must dam
seated sofas with old grey brigand.

weavers of washy linen tumbles for a mad mossy mumbler: oh, readers of empty women ride for
naked daddies whose sea of summer
walks bent waves and a house at sea washes odd graves
..the never to be forgotten cries of life hereby soak oats inside blithe waters, o a madam of nude macadam slaughters
sonny gems with eye-whipped christs,
and walkers of killers
stop, stop. Ohh we are fed to
red rats and chopped villages.

the bacon rind in my back yard moves
easy sovereigns to cardial hooves

parchmental eyelets lop the genius blind: easy city centrals slot a god inside a cured radium-fan; and a bed of roses rams tulips under wine
o a dog of noses yaps at flowers as limes
sweeten fish with graves
..lo. the never to be forgotten lies of a life dam a veiny dick with an American knave
and a veil of sticking kids hammers light
and we sweeten pus with vines
...weavers of forgetfulness nap for braids while wideners of painted soft death sun-slays
a stella drinking bad pursed body's raised

neon pelter. ah we have to suck up
bald days when a leader of closed sluts

drops dead varnishers upon old nails...

the drivellers of demonic diners suffer scissor-foods which feed a dead lover; and a deli under salami-summits heals old mother
and a berried summer hips aside a feather.
...parchmental eye-slits blind a road of rain easy mental sky-lips grind a sun of pain, and we ride for radios when river grain
grips to easy pigeon; and we heed rain.
..drivellers of dun demnotics see winters pulling aside snows from tithes
and a beller of red crows rings fevers
and a teller of dead swings seizures from
dunny city epilepsy
and weavers of de family.



a royal rocking pulse scents a bad daddy and, laden with coasts, a scenic baby swallows easy Eden; and a colted sun
snaps stars from dizzy sapphires when weedlers of women sweat optic phlegm
...parchmental eye-slits blind a razor's end...
once, when compounded, i saw a bad friend crying for city germs; o, a teetering tree of grounded hobs send
my easy sex talis to sleep; and old men end
..once, when confounded, i saw a sad friend dying for contrite vermin
la, a dealer of ermine hast to heal children and a sleepy palace ignites spastic ermines
oh, a burning body on a cliff falls under gem-stems..
Daily dirt newspapers talon after stems; and palisades of pistillers sunder hens
oo..a digger of warring pubes has to move with the groovers and the ffing saviours; and a pulse of pure light sets fire to flavas
and we weep for danglers
oh...once, when confounded, i saw a mother
sleeping forever.. Ahhh, why now suffer
....oldness has somehow come between us.. oh, sadness has somehow come to dream us and odd mad city crowds have dressed us
with emptiness where boom towns suck dust
and a royal radio star-founds a new lust
and a goyal of meadow melts inside cusps
oldness has somehow come between us so loud madness has come to sing for penis-life
and a song under glass crumbles for the fucks of us
and musical exegesis swallows fast nights

a pealer of a pusher pulls bells from fuss; a ruler and a rubber spread cells from tusks, and an orange and an apple
get sorely painted; and a sea under lights
wallops menkind with a female stable
oldness has somehow come between us: oh, deadliness has somehow come to trust
nothing but salt lips and fueling emptiness

the usherers of silence lead headliness down a hall; o candy usherettes are lashed to garden walls, and a goddess in cars concertina with the moon
o candy usherettes are slashed agains the spooned
baby-scissor of sliced killers,- and the cabinet cold of the crashed carry killers
up to a city mountain built from rivers and
usherers of demure violence lead empty bombs where loud lady Lock drives a chainy dream when hair
shades a father with a amnesial garden's stare
..when a baby boards its pram may now honey ignite flavoured fruits with breads and money..
O can a distant fever fix self-sex to a dunny boy
or is the sea of fevers hipped to a dummy joy?
...eyes shan't understand the visual blades of dazed night. O, dirt has to slant a siren under blown body beer
and a lightning doll scatters wax from sweet fear
and a bell of birds binds bones to flaxy salt tears
..the usherers of silence lead deadness down a hall; O, candy usherettes are lashed to a chapel stall
and a dirty finger wallows under ash as soft molls
meander where geezer bandits shoots vision and boxy buzzy voices ram powder down dolls
and tawny grey forces fan a penis with bols
and a birdy bonnet dons ice where evil skulls
shovel easy bone down a slit

eyes shan't understand the glans of penile daytimes as skies shan't sunder the wakes of linguid livid swiped nightmares
and a dizzy funferal fishes for fierce playtimes,
and we watch shadows on a playground wall
..O.. easy as we cum and easy as we crawl, lips heap lipids in ripped eager eaten teas
and murder groynes are shaped from leaves
and ravellers will come gathering the teas.
....the easy quake of a midnight face has to seal coded sofa cyphons underneath blue lemon-peal,
and the eyes of fate cut a corncrake from a reel,
and bad sins pule against blind midnight.
..o a road of dreams cremates the prams of life; and a toad in mid scream squelches like a woman..o, a radio of swift light
lambasts drivers of widening windscreens.
...the easy quake of a midnight teen-dream has to seal salt saviours of drakes where a mistress of streams
sea-hangs the city dead; and the iris of the boot-sliced seals a dog of darkness under cakey blue christs

and the world of the fled catch asses from a dangerous dromedary of star-snatchers, and cars
carve a crazy concertina from a sky of marred
body sleep....




the easy quake of a mind-lit face has to seal codas of cicadas where a mad man's mind-meal suffocates mind hair with a neon lunch-deal,
and a bloated prayer eats through thin prayer
.as laden lizard air chomps upon cupped meats then green wizards splice oats with sleep.
...o, they took me to cremation road as they laid me down in fields of barley.
and a cosmotic mouse of wheels hits ladies
..cosmic river-cages paint the loud Rue Morgue, and easellers of rages anoint the sun's swarthe..ah ah an opener of saints dreams of daisies
and then mental smile of washed guns horde
coded cremations of dirt, disease and birds
...they took me to cremation road..they laid me down where a sinking rogue
robbed me of chains and money
and the eager monkey of the moon robes
a dinny cavern kisser with menstrual pogues
...sermons about burnt blatherers bends serpentine missions where a dummy den-doctors weedlers of cusped centred children
and the Ides of musk parade across gems when
a draggler of faces fate a donkey with old men

they took me to cremation road...
they laid me down in opened dairies
and the lairds of March snapped up eyries
and the veins of dudes swallow apricots
..periodic pissers of planed weather charts
shoot across the mind in a broken heart.


these easy chants for men-o-war widen tears into spires .- oo, busy grey plants cut a fire when a burner of eagles set old men alight
and we chant for a sea of whores
..periodic pissers of planed weather charts shoot across a broken heart
and a dunny moon looks down upon
easy beds and dirtied dreamt cum
..o milky weepies sweep tears as guns
fall to strickened pieces..
i hasten to five winds where hot trash tips treacles in the mires; oh, a baby wind-mind sears cold ash
and we cry just for fun
and a crocus eater shoots a gun
..these easy chants of men-o-war widen tears into tyres, and a wakeful saint swallows paint
and grey mimsy nudists taint
fast paned easy saints

o milky weepies sweep tears as gun
shoot false knives
..a coffin has to taste a dizzy wake: oh, a boxed griffin slaps a torn tear across coded lakes and a weedler of scrapes
cums deeply down inside hissing
red sounds
..o creamy cavvies crashdown..o eaties cut de town, and old snakes
learn to slide no more?
..a canny cove of cutlers breaks a dinner of herbs, and we dazze after herbs and we ram down rude shapes
and we listen to red apes
..a coffin has to taste a dizzy wake...Darkness raids grapes
and an apple of a pippy drake
dollops drippy emeralds..

welterers of boxy hands sea-slam doctors of easy snub-hands, a canny cove of Isis heals the damned
and we arise from
eaglers of lies which sink into lunged
body wipes
..a coffin has to taste dizzy lights..a boffin has to learn about midnights; and a dummy pit-head
crashes beneath red-headed lungs
..welterers of boxy hands sea-slam
doctors of easy sands...
Dipped death drags deaf drams where
we toast tears with babied

veiny vast winy vinyl dizzy Hades.



mastiff mystic condor cries carry sadness deep inside mastiff magic condor lives curry weepers with combed wives
and the slits of Pan sink herods inside hooked brides
and a massive miner under eyes
hips to the bitter beat where a soldier under lies
leads saltiness to bald waters
...mastiff mystical mangers meld gods with easy lives; mastiff familial strangers pelt a ghost with dizzy spies,
and down comes Man, and down guns Woman; and we hear vocal tides
and we serenade gunned jokes and eddied sea-slides
..a baby on a body-cliff chants a fallen mantra when eaters of red rifles shoot a red eye dead as chicken
and a boat of lice sinks swaggerers under lichen when
mastiff mystic condor dives marry drives to old hens
..the mystic rides we phoned interfuse cells with rings..la the cystic pies we choked on
lend meaty gristles to a sad sea of deadly suns, ah,,
and we weep for sleep
and we creep for wheat
la la la la ...

once aside a mine in a dark world, i hastened to Mars
and then christs missed healed cars..


we wreak a dunny daffodil as we sleep with Lady Wifferdrill, and we lay a magnet in the yard..La La, tawny buzzy brides gambol after red Mars
and we wreak a stable
and we sleep with Madam Disabled.
..in a sea of saws, a cobra under tables dreams about the crazy death of Pete Pan, and a canine mind barks upon a tin pan
and a leaden lemon loon
slavers after heat and sleep and de moon
...we wreak a dunny daffodil..we sleep with Lady Wifferdril.... aha. cat on a stage preens sweet gloom
aahh a rat in a rage rotates inside spooned
coffin vermin afternoons. in a sea of claws, a coker of old fables
tree-knots a brother soul to empty rooms
and we walk atoned
and we talk to stone, and a daffy tomb damages beds with blown drones.
once upon a cunt, a shooter of junks had a hasty peer inside a wounded dome, and a scissorer of soft gems drizzles
dooby honey aside a nude angel
..endlessness eats into earwigs.
trendlesssness eats under carves and a lorry on a drive stabs grey cars
Uh Uh Uh

the issuers of evil kisses may have to sea-hang an ocean's plumes: the cruelty of evil kisses may have to
strip a doll from a childish game and a bayer of books reads for pain
..easy illing killers heave after flame and a doctored God heals stained
coded eaten sea-slain coded blues
..the issuers of evil kisses may have to
explode into Israel and then die.. tusslers under rivers rush upon god's guns; easy pharoah faces shoot the old sun
and a man who chants will chant until god heaves
ahh..easy postmodern rainbows heap trees and a walker of the peasy dead
drop from a red bed
....tusslers under big fingers picks the leave
and cold veins dig crabs..
elaborate cabbies carry paper taxis where travellers leap from a bus-chair: ah, a keen big sleep which tants air
hires cabbages from cabbies on the wing
and a baited heart flags a soft road

inside a sea of grain, i jumped to swing deeply down the dark where cold skin swallowed ash and crumpets
..O celibate cabbies carry paper dust where
cardboard recordings shoot old slowed
city worms; and a lantern on a blue stair
answers to bread and old jams..
..tillers of ancient tiling teeter under blown caves where linen thunder stabbed
rained blown towns
and a rider of paint paint wastegrounds
and a biker under saints
swallows crabs..

O celibate caddies cry for crushed golf...O intimate ladies lay inside city roasts; and once upon an easy mind, old scrags
carried dogs unto meadowy clouds



tillers of ancient tilings teeter under bleeded naves where wounds are sundered; and we walk green waves
and we snap red islands..
..ah the dead sleep for life when bands
sing of evil leisure...space aliens send IFOS to unigates; o a urinal rends poo-poo power when space alens send IFOS to gateways,
and facial men sink cock into gems
and a dolly head tops tiny toy men
..ah dead sleep hisses for yawns when greying ilexes link wards with women, and a dunny world where old chickens
cackled for the morning flowers
fawns now to silver and gilded fiction
...space aliens send IFOS to easy crates..oh, a urinal rends shitters as old napes make up a face from a penile sea-crepe
and we cook old pancakes as drapes

draw a giddy curtain upon the moon

jemmy jammy broken women jive to the bodies: Deaths outlive us.. old children drop from angelled angel-dust; and a bone of rubies trip for
easy cunt-sawn coded sea-wards
.space aliens send UFOs to easy pinkers of pigs and de space families; and an ivory heart hits upon gauze
and we ride to sleep's
intimate wetted dream-daub
....ah daddy death has to dry up...and a van of veins collides with old bread-trains. la la salt fuck will cry itself to sweet sleep..

as dummy bells ring for brains then ghostly maggots must reap
snakes and serpent children
..capped and burned upon a lost toasted road, i leant my mind to a crushed toad: lo, a bud of rain washes cats underneath
blue coves when i earned my leafed
book of odes; and i am crashing from poet trees as
clashers of cunny send coins to grass

as dunny tocsins ring, then old glass shatters across the world; and masks melt into urine as a latrine's pee-cask
drops poo upon a good road
and ashen vases fall
and waxen aces crawl, ..

capped and burned upon a lost road i sent my mind due West
....easy riders of dead ferns drop sex
deeply underneath legs and breasts
& i will flash inside goddess where ideal ironing wives dream of hair, and i will crashdown
and my hilly senses will snare dust; and distant faces have to deface us; & eyes must flash for a huntress
easy riders of red ferns stop sex, and a dazzler of craned speyed salt-fly pecks a plumescent darter from a soft scar,
and we swing from punking papa and we dream of fascist paper.
& i will clash inside ma goddess and ghosts will lend a sheet-harness; and i shall daub elf petrols on a wall,
and my twinned mind has to stall
red ages where rude blackbirds sing
...easy bikers burn upon a seized world
and a dunny cow chomps grass girls, and wee-wee drowns pearls

& we may well reach a perfect peak but we are tired of sleeping for sleep, and eyes dust a deafening blind hall
and cake-sales sell bacon
and we hurl eggs in a backyard when
swallowers scry for skunky bath-emeralds.



nude blackbirds swing as they sing...Naked patrons of sin scoop gold hymns; and the dream-ignitor of daily wind
happens upon blurred germs and dins, and a warrer of a blanked mind
swirls a city finger in a dirty wynd,
..nude blackbirds swing as they sing..Naked natrons of selves use rings, and a natural nippy of a woman spins
spidery saviours around a webbed wing
and we weevil after ants
and we struggle after maggot cunt
..O once upon my mind, inside city-junk, i came around to crying after spunk, and my penile form has to suck junk
and a sky of fawns appears to shunt
cicada shoals with fishy dev veins
..eyes leap from tables as gold pain
trips a cherry choker on a dance-plane
ah ah ah ..........

the waxy weeping windy woman who imprisons flavas under lubes will now have to yearn after home truths
because the son of man lives in the ears because a gunny woman sheds no tears
we must wake for pitiful plumed flowers;
and the wetted fissures of a sea-trade sear melodious fountains from furled spheres
oo once upon a rock, i heard a phlegm-nude
crying, crying
lal....the waxy weeping windy woman who inprisons razors under shave pubes
will here and now return to a dead fern; and buzzy bubbler whose broken roods has
a blamed bibby to give to a croft masks

fishermen of mermen flock under glass: kingfishers of salt hens fuck under grass,and a waking masturbatory moon hears casks
clapping easy shelters under
sex hoards...La La...a pisser of masts cum-creates a masted Venus when lovers
leap a daisy-chain,.
uhh..the sovereign skull of light burns feathers: the burdener of dullard nights sears blood and wax with lunar fevers and
a bolted hand of cats caps moonish fathers and the colour of a veined rose
rabbits deep inside daggerers of mummas
and we are in the skeins where the mummy clothes are wound: we are draggled under pyramid-skin when pogues
punish peering love-thunder; and egyptian illness
fastens its fast head to a bed of lost loaves
....the heroic punishers of dead gay mind hastens to the cells of a sad eaten body
Deaths tauten bells
Messages hiss, and the birds of baby spin
rolled tarpaulin across a city's lady
and a lasceration of knocky laughter
lambasts scent with radiophonic fire
....the angled angels found in wet spires
storm a gallow-moon..
the fangled seagulls found in tombs
use graffiti to bury the dead.. Rooms wash a cigar in memories as coaxed spoons stir eggshells inside pure mind-fire...

in the mummy cloths, we are wound in the daddy lofts, we must surround a
daughter of a soul to a pitch of red cars
and emptiness shouts aloud when grey rivers shaft five oceans with one mind
and one filled mind apes after mirrors, and a dopey spine crashes
and a scissor village rocks fast blinds
the rider at the spruce sides of gloom
ride a cocked horse when maskrooms
rampage like a dollar in three hands
..the waxen wide eyes of a sad bad sky serve eager classes to myslexic idiot wives: o a summer in a city shoots red-eye
and a dunny buddy flower rains upon a dead world's mind
..the aspen leaves we chose to grind has to sweep trees under vine-mines
and a dunny buggy boy who whines
after blue meat, dies for sleep
and a woven head kicks a cellar
where lemons feed lips then heat chills us with burned fool's gold.




the fizzing faces of shiny Eden whines for a blown space where active whores swell up for paid sex
ah a cutting race of wine heaps sex
and we studied birds
..as minds float by, a sea of words slaps aside basked waves as forest curs swallow a dragonfly
..o, a opened lady weds a bride and a buzzy teasy thrill ride
sweats for rain-.. O, dead mess
sucks on some flint as odd death

drops, just like a patent T Rex

the waxen wide eyed of a sad mind-sky hastens to sleep: the ashen wild mind of a buddy mind
sweats for shoved lady optics
..the ages in a good book reads for spun times; O, a waver of spind gods cries for emptied fields; and a sad rhyme
washes fish where dogs call for blue
...o an opened lady weds a knife
and death is coming now for its wife
....a doctor of daddies dams a dolly date: la, a father of ladies lams a lolly state;
and we arise from baddies and we cry beneath cold daisies and a binary bone shuts babies
deeply down where sawn cut snakes
stop to slide

ahh a focal fotus feels after fileds ahh a local crocus chews de chill, and a mad man at night lashes hils; and a vast light spills
oaky porridge oats. Lo, old christ
swallows rain.
o, wise opened lady shits on grain. o,, dives open up and weeing pushy sluts cram ice
underneath green focussed rage
and he flaxen fast fled father of a suicide hips to a fascinating side..o, words of castes cut mum's old lives; and a cutey in a cage crumbles for
wheezy chests where brambler's ores digsfor mineheaded coker choked cherry wars
..o wide opened chicken run for Lords. o wild spoken children burn for wards; and a prison in a screen shows halls to
an easy bed filled up with slept wives
ahh a focal fatal reel rams mumbler films as a local shadow adorns old wills; and mamma mary melts where claws
sink female talons beneath shadowed

babied babbied heels of stoned mice

sugary servers of soft sores dress up a balding arm with silky plasters.. o, cups toast late tea; and the maker of features
reel under filmed kilns; and a naked paster of soft walls sever
grey seas from easy scissor mirrors
..the flaxen fast fled father of regicides rots in a familial city hand; and tithes
trickle from formless neon sandals,
and roped scribes script iron from old
easy teasy magenta lazy angels
ahh a focal fatal seal stamps a cage..ahh a facial under fierce lamps raise octagons of christs from a father moon
and a wizener of heists covers graves in gravy stones....
the assing eyes of a mad spine shakes a bud: ah, amassing dives dream under dead blood
and a doctor on a healing stage ropes dancers to ailments of theatre-rage
o assing eyes of mad mines dig for Gods
and a rider of writers ride against love
...ah, a fetal fashion of fiece ferine fast dogs dons a neon butterfly, and a metal mission marries nests to tides
and we walk a weeper's crying cold Life

the assing eyes of a mad spine shakes a bud: la, a burny bright bin brands bran with drugs..
o a miraculous parted rave dances for knifed
body beauty; and we prance down the hour as we tug blue thighs with icy wizard wands..Oh, baby
falls to the keen earth when a sea of dubs
sing a sad song for a murdered fox-glove.




the druggards of the darting dead dam a dead demand under pillars where a body of blown bread spreads tealeaves and curd upon a basin-bed
o a signal softening son whose sunny clash rams
fairy sedans down moaned milks jazzes for crammed
babby oceans; and ..the assing eyes of a sad swine shakes a bad gob.. la la, a canary in a bag caresses shag as puffed mobs melt a mazy minx upside a caged cold crew of lobbed
dolty dollar daames whose abuse of faces slams
a bad bald fanny in a ridden frontroom..O, dogs
..yap as they howl and bark at cemeteries inside a buzzy blue kitchen; and the dunny starvers in cars
swing to the sounds of soft beasts under red Mars
and a doony dead planet revolves around old clogs
and a dooby of a dead gannet dials a dad's hands
...the druggards of the darting dead dam a dread dram
and weavers of musical beers toast the eyes of
old grey vinegar swilling swine-steeds...Ohhhh
..as we may laugh at the livid sun as we may well hear the madness of a soft town colliding with hot village tears; and the veins at dark drag fathers from the coast
and twinned brains bag feathers with fairy thumbs
..as we may laugh at rigid rain, then we must stun a body-cage with an easy eyelet. O, as sin strums coded coda guitar
a bread-boarded river slides oak boats under stirred
alien human spines; and the eagle-hour swerves
beneath tigers and pugs and piggy chicken-birds
..as we may laugh at the racing moon, men will hear a shattering of goblets inside a room of spheres, and a giddy glad dog guides the mind far West
and the sines of mad gods ride a riven breast..

as we will come to order the silence of a smile then a darting darling will drive a sexy while, and blueness recalls hot diamond as city wiles
shadow eaten Eden with intercitied roof-tiles
...the pocketing of houses inside a midday spume must come to kiss forever the factories of gloom; and the ferbrile witness to a woman in her crossed rhuem
will surely come to serve us the very back of doom

O....we will arise again at the bodies: we shall drive again against the mind
and a patient of the dead will study wine
..we will arise again from red babies; we shall ride again against a salt spine; and a patient of the fed will suffer timed sotto voices
O..all along the highways of the original moon a quietus of sadness bombs de wounds of a belly on a freeway to a skull..Gods
gasp for phoned lips where dying loves set fire to farmers of lost rainbows
and we will arise again at the bodies; and we shall always writhe; and a daddy crow crusades after keen carrion comforts
and the slides of dark write upon slowed deep water rogues; and pullers on the road
lash aching usherettes to busy spurts
....all along the highways of the rain, pain strickens buzzy beards with seared veined body boxes that open up at midnight,
and the sermon of chokey cats ignite
shallowers of gallowers with bed stained
hurtlers of grey heat and bitumen
....we will arise again at the bodies: we shall cry aside pain as wide toddies slash against a beller of valley-kids,
and odes to baby rivers drink to pigs where a bakery of noodlers butchers fun hair
uh a thudding colour in a chest snares us: uh a dodderer of murder has sussed crooked croaky cockers; and a sea-bus
travels about rolled cliffs where sex-pus oozes under eaters of bruised briny cusped
vinegar headpieces...Oh, once i heard a song yelling under skin-mines..Oh, once i heard a sun falling from a rigid island's easy gun
Oh, the captive pharoahs in a boat of meads toasts captive flown egos; and a bed of seeds
tramples ivories into ivies; and steeds
grampus across lip.. Ah, handsigns need a baby bone to chew on. Gold deeds
draggle a bad bend from ghost-greeds

followers of vermin catch codal cats.

the evil signum of the alarming dead swipe petrols from Abaddon: la la, a dunny street where men lie abed
wipes gasolene against abandon as lead comes fluting quick-silver memories sex-slammed in a milton moon
and the sands of hearts flows just like a a cup of greasy tea
and a dirty weatherchart uses seas to
dam waves with chewed cheese; and, oo, fellowers of vermin catch codal rats as fallowers of ermine care for blue rats
and the hands of the moon seize weed
and we are bellied with sweet leaves
and the evil signum of the alarming dead swipes Masses from cold stunned sex-blessed poped breads.





the eaten easter tides where i swam back homeward, arise now from nine spider-hands: o, a dull afternoon cherishes childish plans,
and whilst we're asleep, the coking cold make a dizzy toast to an insidious bride and groom
..the eaten easter wives who swoon in aimless appletrees cut a skin of spun wind
and a competer in the country wins sins
o a dolly afternoon perishes under dimme
baby night lights
..fellowers of edams don cheesy kites and we go fly a cock-kite where grey mites sing into an urbane city microphone; and we wave hello
and we seize farewells from stone.
...the piper of a pipper peals grey headed dreams with eastern fairy thumbs,
and a rider on a cliff drops jollop on drums, and we hasten to the junglers when screams deafen the blind with eaters of uttered screens
o, a large arsed gal shoots her sweet creams
o, a large faced boy hoots under streams
...the dicta of a flown flower heal the dead: the pucker of a mown flower sweeten bed; and a dreamer of old follies feast for bread
and a summer's sun witnesses hot sex lead..the piper of a pipper peals grey loaded dreams
and an wakening dram of meals eats mean lung-brain-bodycake. O, we hear our world when gemmed guns shoot a formless face made up from lungs
....once upon a mind, a flex-headed woman rode along a ragged wytch-road; and children swap hands for arms when a sea of seasons
chills a vacant land with easily swellings,..lo, a scary island in the moon shines for a
catacomb of intercities; and a bud of wars hisses when kisses piss across thin-card

once upon a mind, a flex-headed woman rode along a rag-piped rose; and reason chatters like a sliced saint and old wards
weep for laughter when a tree of treason
sea-hangs all lives and all wild deaths..
...the piper of a picker peals loaded dreams, and, o, an awakener of eels sucks diamond.
...we have seen five seas fail. The times are undoubtedly midnight. The beasts in cars
die out and a valley of light stops old rivers..the chantress whoses swinging jazz-crowd
carry jivers to a jacking jazzed lips will cloud all bad boys and all good girls and a bully on the fall will widen into loud
looseners of grey silks and pulled pearls
and a baby in a bun chews old prey
and a static lady drops her curded knickers
..we have seen five seas fail. The times are loaded with chips and sausage as fed cars crusade for coded crashes. O, old mirrors
raise a dunny cat from dog-dayed sea-scars
and a dobbler of a rat strangles sex-hards
..,,the chantress whose swinging jazz-shroud carries jiving martial nudes will separate clouds
and a pusher of ploves pee upon pissed loud gay inventions; and a bee's honey palms shiver
....we have the eaten names by bitter heart. Lo,- a shaker of sirens socks to a lover's arc and
while loaded lady lippers leap for grand slams
a burner of bad burger books must heap old
incineraters of murder books and blind cold

dyslexic glove-stretched words of souls
....the peasy pullers of pluperfect minds sleeve coded telephones with dialling mirror sleaze o a busy brother who dare not see the trees
has a baddy boy for his father; and old beads sucker for sex toys when a wedded old dweeb
drops a deadly fucker upon painted sweet teas
...we have the eaten names by bloody heart...la la, a vein of beaten chains whips old perrin-leas; and god's men scatter ketchup on grey leaves
and a fat kid must go to the kitchen sink when tealeaves and curd are eaten like soft hens
...the peasy pullers of pluperfect minds sleeve coded mobile phones where ponies under gems
ride around a sickening and radial red castle
and as kind minds close then an easy fardel

will untie a pitted city parcel filled with flour?


floral eaters of a flora dance sleep underneath grey headed vaginal sheets; and a pricked jay-heath sees british nomads striding as they hear sleep
making everything foreign work. Oh old heat races down the kind sides of a keen black god
and a pig of a racist punk must die now.
..the easy pullers of pluperfect minds transgress chalked riders of grey headed tribes
and a dark hem of a grave scatters old ashes and floral eaters of flora dance sleep beneath dragglers of evil white-headed vomit-cunt
and a cage of asses heeds glass where junk
staples sodded sunglasses to soft meats.
..we have the eaten names by bloody heart: la la, a vein of carmine treaters rides sparks
around a loony bend when babied street marks
mark off the black creator with genius clouds. Ohh
...the insidious demands of a dizzy daisy girl come homeward now to a city in a poke, and a tree of iron snaps aside easy jokes
and a bell of lions rings tocsins from curls
..floral eaters of a flora dances sleeps for a dyer of devilries; and a vase under ores sail till blue boats cry. O, once a livid day
weavers of wicked eyes will sea-decay
a blooded raft of closed crowds and girls
...we have the eaten names by heart. La! a easy kicker of swollen flames use cars to crusade inside a giddy fast framned maw
and naked northern birds sing for scores
floaral pickers of a flora farm uses hay
and men and women feed a cavvy grave

softening suppers when a boy in a horse's bag laid diamond waste to puny toys youths and their wastrel lovers lopped a hag
and a sign of swaggerers stationed old joys underneath plural streets where a slit of slags
laid a knicker-sheath around the mind's ploys, and we have darkened urban silence with
a bad neon mum and dad. Oh, once when kids
cried in our spines, a shadower of old gigs
hastened us where a forest on a fast bridge
swallowed grey geizering gold gushy figs
..softening suppers when a boy in a mail-bag smattered salt seed across de penis-crags have hereby come to serenade a sex-cab,
and empires of indecent collons will out-grabe
gutters of sweet speculum and eaten pled pigs
.....as we suck a bad nut and as we breakdown then the indolent gem of a jellied thigh-bone
hits jacking jostlers in jazzy diggy old towns; and we had the city names by heart and we
used to listen to pink litters. Ah, closed trees
enter into a listless seasides. Ah, old sleeves swim inside a sea-caged body of gold glebes

the stutterer under fast words has to cry: oh, widowers under vast birds have to cry, and the starry sinners of a screen must cry
for eager men and easy crooked woman and the parks of the deaf blind oak trees
and the leering bushes where dead men died
hereby crack up and sweat for copses
...the stutterer under fast words has to die: oh widowers beneath bird have to die for a shriller of a death whose warbler's stone
hurls diamante pebbles at a nylon city-groan
and the starry sullen draggers of a dead sun looms down on open windows as if knived
and a takeaway brunch feeds easy wives
..the stutterer under cold cabins speak words and spoken spoiled words cry for red nerves: ahah... old dead brollies in a forgotten world
teem with grey parasols, and coded girls crash through four walls where skin-pearls
snap a raisin cracker for lunatical ill brides
and a canteen of glass cooks ogled egg and a tureen of grass boils ogled breads and a cakey soul pinions meat withe veg
and we dined in the pitchdark when dregs
dropped a butter-scone across bared hands
......oh, the sisters of a donny sun strip soap as bare as minds, and a bastard's rope skips inside an invisible sandglass as Cannes
carry muted petrols where cats under clams
crash with tails the mowlers of grey islands; and a breaker of owlers use a hooted
dais of baby-bobbins; and old aged dope
drops a dilly daisy apon an durban big-band



since we have let the original moon come between us we have to ride across a sea of pure dead dust; oo since a dog of arms yaps as she barks then lust
will certainly come to arise from stones and musk, and a bay of bobby bone breakdowns from a mean
midas hill where a gilded guilty touch hits a dream
..in with the sisters of a dizzy sun strippered poked doping eardrums form a sad mad ochre of blue and green and dun eye-ear muscle; and
sunrisen chatterers lead blood to sands and guns as clever ones shoot midday. O a dolly doctor cures the stunned,
and a bobby on a cliff carries apers of fear from eager rivers where a veined gassed bottle cums
ginny swift wiped seed; and a slasher of lungs
drops a jeery japer of jazzy jemmies upon big bands: ..the chokers of one zillion men widen after a dreamy daddy bus which has been trained by
old cars; and a sea of kids swings from the skies, and a tonsured meningitis jam beds with men with startlers
and one zillion suns shine just like a sea of spies as we drop a dilly daisy on the shores and clued puffer slides
photograph a killer with kodak rides; and wives widen under lotions when a killer of old lies loops a dirty hoop inside a vein whose cold tide
tramples parted body waves; and grey old sties
sink a pinky piglet where a sodder of women wash nine hands in spunk-rubble; and cars
crusade for concertina as cavatinas sea-scar
grey beards with tattoos and comfry creams
.....since we have let old times come directly between us then we surely learn about pigs and pugs and sex-bust; and we have to survive blue waves when coded fuck
carried nine arachnid-hands unto a blind spot.. O, as mumblers suck and suck upon a keen green dummy nut; and assaulters of vine-tails will semen-cut
a baddy of a baby whose innocent genius guts cut....

since we have let old times come directly between us then we surely study about botanies and green guffs; and a city of veins vanishes under coded closed tucks
and a sea of babies rocks, rocks, and a cot of chroned tusks digs for infant genius. O, as munblers rot for swansea-wives, weepers must dream of the garlands of Eden's mind
,..we will wash our hands in wine when a sea of swine swallows dilly dirty vaginap brine; and odes to mines
mine for a fart of purile gold; and the times are spined
.....o since we have let a rude road come between us we suddenly now have to cry for a room of pure pus
o since the soft pits of a naked toad has squashed us then a bed of lost lips will cut a raven from a flowered sea of claimed tits; and a giddy gull of a ghost gusts
beneath blind easy china; and a radio found under lust suffers for mental crust. O, once a bald day i rust
and a night of day has to sleep under clay as musk melts inside huge bone; and a labourer of lost dusk
dunnies after flued flowers. These days, towers teeter into artifices where a sea-scarved bower
blows murders inside easy funny female balloons
we will wash our hands in wine when illegal moons part easy prats with crazy magnums, and regal rooms totter for tutted blue blood., and a bum of spoons has
old hissers for brains and bodies and soul. Ah, old glass wallets a swallowed scissor with nine bared arsed
pursy pushy pullovered sisters. Ah, we cannot last.
...since an easy syllabus of romeos hastens to a juliet-wind, we have to come to terms now with grey jets and sin and a bed of guns shoots perms now. O, rejected skin
hastens to the wives of birds now; and a sea of hymns swallows feinted saints when a rat aside rolled high wind wallows stars with skies; and a bed of clams has to win
after contests of eyes have come to die, die,- La, gyms
jazz upon the jacking dead where a sea of lies pins us to beery boards unfound in darted rooms; and rolled pus
parts pissy flowers with honeyed lotus dunesl and cusps
crack one zillion hands with burnt boys whose grey gusts
ignite blown winds. Oh a scissored high tree has to stop
...since we have let rock's lesson come between us then a bad body of a knave may well strip de hills of Zoo Zen
and refactories of factories moisten gems with cocked diddy doggy dream men. And hoodies hide a dog-clock
and a dog-clock has a swift mind for a rainbow.. Ahh.



curtal canny money sells coins to evil honey; and cars crusade for babies; and we swell for bunny; and cars crusade for lobbies, Ah. Once we have shaped Mars
then we will certainly soften a sky with birthday cards and a bobby on a bin bends bad brothers under scarred blue stars of grey and green. O, a river in a sweet mask
hips to a strangle beat; and a musical liver drinks vast bloody vases. Where we turn to die, then a sea of casks must drop a diddy boy in a dropped tank; and old clasps
crashdown. Once upon a rhyme, men sang for England
we will wash our hands in wine when illegal rooms ride a romantic robotic mushroom; and the signals under jivers slip a slider from a mirror; and a bowl of flue feeds eyes
curtal canny money sells coins to evil honey; and MaMa hits to filthy beat; and a bed of groynes heightens spies
..wiveners of wide widows weep after common tribes; o loud riders of eyed shadow creep after slaved eyes and shaven city horns heap boggies wherer old skies
scatter money seed across a keen closed siren; and wavelets breed cheapsters when radios under holy islands arise from eastened garlands; and oily naked dudes ram
sally bands adown a bayed beak of pure blood; and pain pays a piper for a pull as a peaker of a blown veins
dam edams with eaten mallows; and reaper's trains unrail a baby bone with mustards and peppers Oh, pain
collides with whored zealous skies; and old grey dreams
cause internal mental nightmares. And dusters ride home

we will wash out hands in wine when illegal sundays slot a slasher's flash around deep vines; and moondays smell of lunar coal; and a vamper of minds hears graves
crying after buried burned gold. Oh, a city under trades drops a dropper in a blood tank; and we hiss for odd lays
and we supper for midnights a scenter of lost heart raids

Alpha, Tango, Omega..And ladies loosen grey blades
these easy bad days where i lay my head in irons have to surrender body ballets to a seat of dirt-clay, and old truths hereby summon thimble-wax from a skirt's delay; and blues
move easy tides to weep as a curvy caner of a cut noose tautens berry flesh with wetted sweaty blonde ochres;
and the fans of bled cars carry baby inside blue rockers and the belts of red cars snap a daddy lady under motors
o a skein of dunny light lams a lost age with ogled miners, and easy sad days where i laid my head in lions have to
surrender body valets to a seat of skirt-trade; and nudes nap aside ogres as we hurl arrows aside a sea of dudes
..we will wash our swallowed hands in pure wine where a piercer of a sex-head slams sands about soaked hair and a lazy lamb in bed brags after boars as a piggy prayer
pulls eaten swollen knickers from an avenue of salt-air
and a boney bonce bangs a bagger with two blown arms
and a stony cunt crams a crabber down a tree of farms

O, wiveners of wide windows weep after dolly crafts O, arisen saviours of spied widows suck a clit-masked baby body bay where eager open shadow cut castes, and
we haven peeked from wedding windows at sucked islands and, ah, when a sea of lungs shoots panted cum then sands
strip sea-slammed hag-guns. And pastry pits pull from pans and a donny dully girl grips to grist; and an ivy under drams
raise a carmine artery-glass to a pissed hen whose edams land
catheaded hedon-beacons. Ah closures cut now gay brigands.
....these sodden saddening soft days where i shaped my game teeters now underneath grey and green and purple flame and a dodgy marked marred maid metes cold canes to apples
and a raven under maddenng glades grips to gritted cradles..ahhh, a mite of an insect-man smatters skrittlers around angels
ah a smiter of evil weevil man scatters skittlers around dust and a veiny vineyard bairn whose mummy-side has no candles
has to cry when asleep and a baddy of a babby bites strangled easy bitter hanged vitamins. Oh a dollar of a mind has to cut
curates of easy gold; oh, a doctot of an american mind has to
scatter salt seed upon a widener of luminous oatmeals. Blues
brag after cinema when an oxen under tyres cut car-crews
O, wiveners of wide windows weep after dolly-crafts when a banged closed wedding hymn sizes laughter from vermin and a donny dunny girl trips for trips as cat under cold ermine
germanises a dolly of dark tueton with easy forcing cunt-jems....O, arisen buggy baiters brag for brick as reddening grey gems
draggler for a dune of sleep; and a candle in wild trees rend goosy dusts from parental pushy bird-palavers. Ah, women
end; and a boat of lungs pants for thick thighed mummas,

since we have let this strange summer come between us, i will serve a chilling winter to a clouded sun; and the huge sky will certainly have to fall beneath blood-buns and rolled hills
ah a boat of bread sails white loaf-slices when sold rills mount a cocking horse; and an easy ivory flowet fills us with
blind latent patient guardians of grey lawns and seeds....
since we have let the summer come between us, i will swerve in my body-car when a vanning vast wheel will steer socket men with banged hands; O eastern oat-mills
ride from out blurred times; and a sugar on a ring heaves pappy antlers. And chaotic gripers grip to a leather sleeve
and a bunny bent bone brags after crappers where need swallows vinegar soda.. And we raid a romantic weed.



the weebles under meshes knit city skeins to golden wax-greed, and a weevil inside creches caress a dead infant sleeve and the awakeners of peaches bell-pulls a saline drill
ah a gangster with molled mummy melds mace with screes: ah a cheapster with moled daddy drips across grey leas
and a badgered saint cuts wide warrens with carkeys...since a timeless mind depressses female meat then daffy jelly beans must interflavour vines with compressions of grey mind-screams;
and a lug of a lifelong love deafens eyes with crazed screens; la la a bonny in a sidebag sinks a mule inside a nose-bag...la la a danny of a lover sweats for traced tidal horse-slags
and a jemmy of old fathers wrecks a truckler of dreams and we were stolen when christ got still-born, and a soft moon-crab
sauces spirallers with oaty milled corn, and fazing cabs crashdown, down, down. And weebles wash gay labs
and ashen fishmen drown and weevils scare gold hags..
we are kissing with female gourami as fast tears listen to trappers of tear-swept families; and a stoned wry Abel-desk rocks a learned nation of big black nights, and cold flex
swings from limey lessons in life, death and asexual kecks, and weeblers don coma-specs as a wrenched pecker splits a buzzy siren..And pushers of sweet spunk junks hot slits
and a dabbler of a lifer links faces with a mantra spider
and a drabbler of a pink un paper spins webs for murder....
the campfires of the severely burned execute jams with a neon baby thigh-firm, and a cat and carriage mewl after heated cuts of a naked glued fathers
and a poker of pens scripts laughter and closing carapaces shit on sperm

a drabbler of a pin-tied saviour has three blind tears for motile sea-glass; and a vulture on the moon sizes carrion-masks and a weary woman yields jazzed pasts
o a donny beard-man who saps clasps claim stopping sex vinegar; and masts stop to love as a room of blue urns
swallows grave-acid as wine burns
..a drabbler of a sin-stashed fern hooks a cooing skin as rabbits burn after dolls and nailed creches; and a blue eye of mint cuts crazed perms

the campfires of the intensely burned sex-strike gay flint from gunny men; and gunny men strike a duck as bins drop easy riders where cold cans
crash inside bed-protected women and, when stopped, a windower of swift gangs open glassy gills where rolled dams
drink, drink, drink, drink, drink: Oh...the easterly easter-egg hissers bleed golden body baiters with baptised seed-weed
and a blue grey hater hips to bads steeds and we don a caper when chicken stools
suck de USA from winding bum-nudes

the campfires of the extended burned compund christs with fawkesfired petrol-carousels Ohh,- kids await a fairground accident when
ideal homes drag flats from old women: La..a dangerous liasons of cold-cut oaths heap body knells upon tocsined clothes
and a easterly rising xmas suit has to move smoothed soddies with dilative underbelly cock-industries..
..drivellers in my little home have to move waky modems to sterile-stone; and we moved and we smiled for sex; and we grooved
....campfires burn gibbets as ideal snoods swallow mal content; and a buddy broods
and a swift mind stops to jam the truth

o a boggy bad beach sex-slams de noose and de hard headed gallows will choose a postmodern villa filled with hangers
...a dangerous city site where i hammer a dotty dragon digger with gold veins
wallops me now and stops to complain
.....these haloed hollowed cat-cats curry dangerous trollies with cat-combed skin-stains: oh, a boggy bad beach will jam cut winds
and a bench of bones feeds dogs to baby and we treasure tramplers of red ruby
...easterly xmas driving rides aside Lady, and a woven hand lays lovers for winds and we hear a dyed city eating Sunday

when cropped, a keen female heir kips and a crowny crow cuts caged grey lips and pickers of sloes scutters for Monday
campires of England cause bad heat: sapphires of Scotland cause red heat: holy wide Wales and hurtling hurted Ireland
blow a bodied bairn of claws from slain yet saved eternal sleep
...weird wavering wives of the spent wipe a gummy shield froms scents and whipper pony pockets mints
and my wifery of a bad body must cry then study just how to lie
down.. a picture of death eats sky: a vision of murder bites the dust, and a baker of butchers seize us
from wakers where dolls grooved.




these gallowing swing-guides of a mob-mind recollects a hanged man's twixed minds; and a sea of wards drinks for wine
and we scatter dived cups as dudes sallow into exegesis and family.
...weird wavering wives of the spent swipe a goofy guild around soft rent sperm-perfumes; and slayers of baby
cot-cradles sundials when memory teeters under skins where melody
cuts a slut then dies entirely out
.....a dogger of a loud lad leaps inside aladdin and his false lamp; O, web-wives weep for rubby sleep as dolly knifes
cut a deafening blind gun; and davvy christs fellow bled followers of odd rolled moon-nights, and we ride a spit as saliva-mice
dollop fists upon a sea of salt kites
and a dodgy dreamed dog grasps light.
..weird wavering wives of gay scent hits upon glass when a cobra-tent has to wallow inside bubonic fires.. Grass
grabbles to crabbin cooks as glass snips a spastic shop-sign; and rice
dries out when thrown at christ; Oh, ..a dogger of a loud lad leaps aside
aladdin's paladin.. tribal tree-ties
don dirty dun dropped hair as scribes
write upon bloody corn; and sex dies
....we held to a half slit once dizzy mental-bed-plights rang dreamed dirt-telephones...Oh, we rang after lips as a daisy under lies
came swarding after bones and gulled life.
.....The alleyways of silks wipe a brawled bruise and a dinner of demure herbs has to move
green-grey puppets beneath pulleyed bikes.
..we held to a half slit once dizzy gentle-nights and a bulb of camal grease dropped bird-bites: oh, we rang after clit as an easy mumma writes
deeply down within heapy cheepy corn
the alleyways of milks drink cream milk-mead from horns and a lazy demotic sylph eats till dawn when we sail in a lifeboat to a naked city skein
....we held to a half a slit once menstrual mikes read a loony poem to a burnt ruddy life
o we say deaf words by bitter heart where
layabouts sleep in bladdered cowy veins
..when vineyards burn up, up, then grapers
must surely suck wined snakey grey grievers

oh, we shaped the swift cusp of the dead moon and we shrivened for lipped deadly spoons and the archers of bowed sex hits on swooned
vast-hearted heroes of bled sex and tunes and we shake an earth-maker whose mind
executes duddy foil; and a shaker of swine
raise a grey toast to a lemon dipsy mine
and we mine of sex gold as goddess grinds
deep down inside the revellers of cartoons
....when vineyards burn up, up, then clocked nuts must car-drive upon a measureless corpse of dust; and an apple in a waxen knock hangs busts
o a biddy inside oaks and elms and pines
here and now drinks from filmed dead vines
....o we shaped the swift cusps of the original moon, and we shrivened for trolleyed decked spoons
the criminal hypes of the endless dead grind a crawler of a drake with venomed cocoons..la la, a dobber of a sea-snake slides for grime
la la, a shoudler on a blind lake laces rooms, and a summer under winter widens poltroons with easy painters of impassioned spines
and we shall super-state the shaken lines of
diddy dolphins and the painters of runes...lo, we shaped the swift sired stains of shaven-Love
la, we shook fed blankets where easy dell-god put a tearing sodden saint inside fox-gloves
..the criminal heights of dreamt thefts blood a catacomb of dove-tails with french muds; and a doner of dog-sails whisks lady mods
la la. a shaver in a clime shaves cunny sods
and we have come again into a sea of yobs



heart-beheaded cornoars hit along a fever-smile while the tippy trappers of flu cinema writhe across tiles; and a hanger on a hot grey feed has to suck dials
..heart-bedded street trips marry lead to wild old dazes of bound night and spun daddy day; O, files hook heapers of demeter where diamond dog stiles
cat-lead a canny dog-scan where deep closures cut a nut up with blended rams; and brochures bang a vampiric mad wile which sweetens vile
romantic gassy glassed knickers; and sown souls drop a cherry in a dropper tank as ogres star-roll babyers of boncy bodkins beneath lost pictures,
and we sweat porn-optics with three spider hands, and we sweat dirtyers off as a bun of gay nans
pronounces a filthy dirge of scissor-clays, and gold

swallows a whipping horse where glassy poles crisscross a vernal fascist with eaties and voles. O, once upon a sad bine, i puffed upon seagulls: O, we are proclaimed dead as gunny grey skulls,
and a pocketer of green posies rides for ponies, and the silky sylvan slidings of soft slayed mole
moulds pissy peeks from parers of bound sex..we have the eaten names by heart. O, we wreck coded carnivores whose dailly milky meat
gambles for swift minotaurs which reap flecks from goddy gibbon gyms where gobby brain-meat hastens to crabbers of slid stairs and baby-sleep.
..heart-beheaded coronar men melt inside peat.. la heart-burnt by cussed labile men suns weep and when a carnal flower is raised from pecks
then a bum of bottomed blood will burst sex-decks and a banner of stationed Love has to fasten a guilty gauzy gullet where a granite garden
trips across a crazy dance-floor.. Ah, seasons strip a feathered foxy down,. O, cold mess has to

harden breathless barley with kosher siren blues ah ah ah.. we awoke just last year to find shoes banging deadly suede-tongued brogues with sullen leant truths
and a wino in a mental wynd has to snap proved lung physicians whose daffy quakey quack-
delves for practioner's puffy plastic pled mac...fishermen of drowned hens drag a puky crack, and all old rolly-polly pussy phlegm will pack a
donny hill of fast fouled shopping; and cinemas laden a loser of a cunt-crawl mines for sopping garland-winds; and a coupler of cats heeds lopping
lady-leopard-leotards; and a braggler of bats
bells a towny tocsin with easers of mind-maps

o as i cast a shadow cab across the filthy lands then i dance upon a mental seashell: oh, as i stand astride drag and as i don sweet hell then i dance upon a menstrual sweet tocsin bell
and mushrooms of murder swallow fungus when a deity of fathers casts a moon across women, and my short head moves where laden city gem
germinates eyes with loud lashers of lost hens
..the diggers of dippy dollars drag a dreamt maw aside a sun of easy dairy wars; and a soft score laminates sultanas with milky moors as killers
crusade for a softness of self; o, and red rivers rot for roller rocks as a tidal cell turns nuked claws
to sink velvet tench into bursting fishy wards

once upon a mind in a dead world, i overheard a creamy vision of blinded girls, and eyes curve outside my mind-mission; and i deny true love
easy chalky cabinets may well hide PI-charts: O, daisies under dragnets fragment for hearts, and a dolly dreamer drinks to sex as parks
open out upon false flowers and bled trees and as easy chalky cabinets may well hide carts then smetma and wine-daisies under fishnets fragment for carps
and a bulb of gas collects cunts from bees...easy, a land of lamed ice heats hags where sparks spin from a cat's back, and we gather ruins
and, o, a docker of deaths drags cold ruined

backers of sleeping sex-broth; and eyes read

o as i cast a shadow cab across the evil land then i dance upon a scented seagull: oh, as i stand aside a salt stag, then i expand and a loaded sun shines from heated skulls
and my burner of a gun shoots isles dead. O, as i cast a shadow cab across evil fair-crowns then bedded body brogues bash brighton peaches
and peacocked clothes clap cunts in bled as veiny vaginal vases and a bone of old glass-rolled bread
strip all sweet cakes down, down, down...And i cast a shadow cab across an evil jelly jam then i dance across scented rum-stall; O, towns
crowd bonny cities with rented halls as sound straps a curvy aspic lung across a baby engine.




o as shrilling thrumming jazz-madness makes everything work, i have found a body of birds whose headless christs feeds sounds
and a bay of burners crashes under old male towns o as madness makes everything work, i have found a body of camera curves; and a baddy boy buns after men
and a cave of nerves rocks a baby's toys, and hens lay bald eggs upon bad tides and women under dens.
o as madness makes everything work, i have seen a bevvy of nerds sinking into dreams; and screens hip to a visual beat where a sea of lies has to scream
and, la, a bed of pigs pockets peas with old men, and ideal moggy children awake to heave after seasand.
o as madness makes everything work, i have found a hot red world which is soft and round; and eyes resound in a blue tripping cantata of swinging skies

o as i cast a shadow cab across the dirty land then i dance aside lads whose headless hard sperm-drams jam evil idle easels with looseners of men and scram
o a feeder of devils drinks for death as coded drams sweeten a lager milk with tawny owls and hooters, and a bed of fathers tilts with buzzy fowl, and edams
rot for dreamer's cheese. Ah, once upon a wigwam i heard a native american god healing all empty England.
o as i cast a shadow cab across the eaten lands then i lance a bun from some glans-bread; and Woman has eaten easter wives for a bed; and my children grasp
hovel grease from garden lead.Oh, once inside an arse the dressers of my mind herded whores under glass and these revolting days where i laid my bad head down
hips to a glassy baby beat; and mental eyries surround

old naked nuclear mansions where a house of towns
dips a drippy heart beneath blown hairs and clowns
o once upon a pylon, i sucked bad power from a drippy dangerous denier, Oh, as a taxi drags cars then a dogger of a dame has to dream for caviar
and a bed of blinds eats sex to mean death as Mars models venusian ladies with visual gold clay and hot rivers: o, once upon a pylon, i sucked bad flour from a cake
and a bunny stall heightens to the rain as old drapes shield rolled curtains within vast boys whose drakes socially distance eaters of sin with dizzy gay shapes

old naked nuclear mansions of stoned fear drag us adown a bricky easy city bend; and odals of grey lusts loosen figgy flowers with rented roe-clams; and rusks
rock in a shitted schizoid mouth as denter of old snakes slither around donny devil towers; and old bodies bust codas of caned canny cunny; and oceans ride old pus.
pushers of pavements peer deep down inside us: oh, old killers carry casements under a sea of tusks, and i cast a killer across old mints as a tree of rusks
swills shampy beers and look across a rill of crusts: oh, a pealer man whose knotted heart-glans touch nothing sea-sucks a natal naked nautilus; and a bed of fuck sea-cuts
a bastard tooth. And faces fade to slack a sluts season baby beards with venal graves; and grey gusts
qrabble for female gold; and a bolt of cans cut guts
...o as i cast a shadow cab across a carious hill then vault-eyes touch me and lead me to dark hips; and women grind dolly blinds with tags as worshipper of children
topples a daisy beak with hags and coded city wrens and a vase from a world war crashes, and idiot hens
pen pullied pigs beneath a boned slayer of dark dens
old naked nuclear manses make a mind from gems
and, liced by gnits, bodyers of air comb haired hems
Uhhh.... O as a beltane of a factory fazes under gassed glass-fire then a vault of miction raises sex from umber-spires: oo, as a vast train falls, then easel lumber gasses fire
and a horde of ghosts grabble after goose as ladies loosen parking hills with laden loops of toilet-babies and a bod in a beard bangs hands into screws; Ah,
once upon a high sea, i bought myself a blue car and a salty scone of a high tea led me to milk as brigands
sea-slammed Isis with dummy mares and pony-pans

old naked nuclear faces idolise a dreamer with deadeners; and we toast the forcing dead as bended city edams dribble puky milks from sedans and closed grey rays
and we devil dusty dickers as cunny craven cold clave caresses mental mints with sweetex and meaty bread-beaded teas; and layerers gutter out when saviours use graves to
pick cremated moss from eldeberry tummy-tombs.. oo as a beltane in a nunnery faces under grasped fire
then a vault of easy reasons wallops cunt then wires a rode of a dairy radio; and we hiss as we kiss tyres
once upon a vein in a vampy vole-piano, mice raised ratted public baths; and opals of empty mole-revenues slave a nosferatus of a dreamed blood flower; and eyes rave



o as i cast a sallowed crab across the hired sands, i raise a tyranny of razors with easy dairy thumbs, and lays salt-exchange dollars with dolly bills as a star of graves
helters around the winders of cunts and easy naves..ah, a belly filled with pushy tears tramples hearted slaves, and a dolly head dreams of drownig, and salt-trades
slasher a donny beard against meters of sweet eyries
..when once a chewing sex chapel labels a dog-mind then a bell of screwing rings across a hand of swine, and a bonny bloater of a bone telephones a cell-mind
and a daddy baiter punches buttons with raven rides.
..once upon a vamped heart, a dogger of deadness cries once upon a cramped spark, a rider of madness writhes, and the sun at night tracks dirt down; and easy wives
slapper a dunny fishnet batter across mental sea-spies
...o as i cast a sallowed crab across the sands, i raise
a tyranny of razors with peasy painted lungs, and trade
dollops raided cunt-slums with grey eyes and plaids.

as brandied beer men blow fistulas of faces then a sloane of tears tracks a weeper's testes: oh, a bunny bawd whose sylvan easy can shouts must yearn for deaths as a river in the mouth
shovels sailors beneath wide whippy spaces, and a kicker of a low-cut man brides salts to drought, and a model manyana melts within clasped trout
o, a madam of a fish-hole flashes fanners when grey brandied beer men glow like fisted old gems
....as a bonny slowed sloane sucks a butt then men may well shrivel to the daughtered hour; as doubt pokes a pulley power then an evil radial garden
hips to a slasher of mown flour, and cakey raisins sink body fats into lukewarmed loom; and grout
sinks deeply into griddled teeth when old mounts
anoint devillers of dunny daddied dragged founts

as brandied beard men crow undermeath cases then a blench-eyed bird corners corona chases with labelled flowers that weep inside the renal viral ground
la la, a benny bow bites blood as musical mounds medde with meths that sink inside a drome of laces, and the dribblers of diamond dazzle oaks when christ
prays for his crucified lunacy; and a boat of rice rocks, rocks, rocks, and a banged wig-man ignites
dolly spheres with radio domes and easy eaten mites...mauled molls and gangster microphones sear night...agh, a mummy galls gut noise where gasping light
leads pavers of halls to blue voids; and cool heights can after lager rivers. Oh, once we have seasons
then mad men must haul mirrors. Oh, old serums
snap a schism cut; and vinyl transfers bend sirens

aside a bolly bren of death and christs's e-type and a benny board of breasts busts like gold sight and a wrenny of a whore crests wheezy wights
and a baby on the blooded moon answers to reason,

Oh ?

such stupid baby words to chant: such idiot tears to be shed. Hearts swallow pulsive vascular beer as a sea of gin-cunt sparks a bell of booze from a blind blue day
and, uh, we rode waves as baby fell from a canted moon, and graves drop biers upon an easy maze. Ladies
loop a lozenge when a painted dog yaps at barky sacrifice; and we sing!
..such yokels to be raise! o, bled rings slip a shaded swinger under hymns and a sea of pain drops rain from a
deadly dream about night and day. Ahhh....We storm halted Hades and breed?
and the ochres of old wintry summers see cars crushing under rubber; as we scar crying dunes we face to gods and cry and a dunny bay bolts corn as wives
widen into midnight; and city knives stab buzzy fired hens; and a head of chicked remands dies, and a bunny busted rat craps eyes
until blindness brings a face from dives...such carriers of carrion must writhe: such marriers of cardamon drive
back home where beasts are dried out; and wives hear de beast spied
outside. O, cagy gods have to ride
eternally homeward.

doggers of pealed tears truckle under nests where termites scream...agh, a nuclear net fishes atoms from eaten porn-gill-movies; and a kiss in a gun
shoots lips as leprous kissy suns shine just like one million guns; and ancient kites cry for gulls as sand
stops upon a bled beach; and hands heal the bad mind; and we preach?



such stupid latent charms carry a curse from east to west; and a bud in a purse spends old coins to buy a bright red hearse
and hearers of loins shed spermal zoas upon lady lyons; and a body in a perm gun creation with old suns; and rolled firs
force a corpse of pigs under birds...doggers of pearled tears trickle for grey kids who dance for world war; and a pen of pigs grunts for old stores
and eyes buy the blind as closed wards drink machine bevvies; O, a soft mane models canny cats from tailed cane,
and dog of dirt dips fangs into wine
..such stupid latent charms carry a curse from north to south; and a bomb hurts keyed streets where a road of rain cuts the fierce spaces in love's veins
and weird lipped noise sings for hurt and a mad model of wax lights up
a filthy fascist candle. Ah, grey pups

suck bats as we search for bogies
wind wipers whisper under seasons now mind cryers listen to thunder as sold clouds wash a dilly bum in a trampled stream; cloud
falls to sky-sleep as a bay of figgy trowels dig a giant garden; and we face in to shrouds and we hasten to a loud tissue of a sail
and a mission to the grieved must cut sails
..O, once zillion times a day, eyes parade for dinner men whose angular plates feed whores; and a bended noose sea-hangs salt hammers
and a shended cruise give head to fathers
and wind wipers whisper under seasons now: Oh, mind cryers fall from tears; and gay crowns drive inside a burned bathing babby-lounge
O, once upon a mine, i saw golden feathers

cutting a plucker from a chicken movie

cutters of cute couplers wed after optics: o, a father of neuters nips hens with coptics; and a starry life shines unkindly; and lips
caress red kisses as a cottage under tricks falters, then falls down a village of claimed clitoral spermatozoas; and spermy ball-bisks dip
savoured stockings down greyers
..fat fearers flaunt terrors and odes to mitts mob a madam mind with thoughtless gnit...O, a father of pooters peals upon pits
and we raise a roper from a greyed tits, and we swing from pears as cut pips

swallow deaths then drop from pockets

cutters of cute couplers wed for rockers: oh, mothers of fevers sting with bright tears, and tears get in the city grave as spheres
spin around a dyed world of gay gears
..fast fearers of cuddly carpenters lay golden waste to a city of cars, and dizzy creatures encage rivers and drive-in features shine for babes
o a neon skull liquifies easters when an instamatic writher rides for gems: ah, a butterfly boat sails for trades
ah a buttery rope nags for hanged buzzy busy dope-graves; and ice
cuts a rainy face where blind mice
rotate around a naked scream
....faceless eaters of dung-guns shatter us..Lo! with razors under suns, dead dust flies beneath soldiers and screened
baby-rock; and a basket of musks tusks after tauran hills where slaves loosen a keepers' rope. O, knaves lead lemon peppers to salt soap
and a lazy lioness roars at slaves
..fast fearers of cuddly carpenters blay a goofy gin around gold dreams and the hot moon cries when green daddies of a cartoon reels under
claspers of Orion; and blue thunder rocks a grabbed world from schemes
la la, eyes jack and jive and trades
suck a donny skull then eat rage
....sages of pluperfect aliens season ash with coded sirens. As we summon aliens, wrists have to cognitise old veins with ignitions
and a bairn of buds sucks stems as pinions enpenis vaginal freights with grey oceans...la la, a cobra of a snaked island reams us
la la, a loader of a faked sea-scam dusts, a godly empty father whose venal cars
drive far East then West; and Kosher pigs cram tears down dead throats. Ah, MaMa melts into orifices as neuterers of PaPa
set a scissor on a scratchman's easy star.

fast feeders of vegetate drip cuts scars...oh, vast eaglers of cabbage clits cuts bars; and a goal upon a caged stage eats guitars
and a soul of guns cries for sex as rivers sun-raise rilk-trades from creamed livers.



sages of pluperfect aliens season ashes with palled plashy picks; and a lit-up cunt-punk-lid spreads dirty hands where splayer's figs
rill-rams rolexers with filthy diggered kids and we raise the body-hour and we set squid
far, far away aside pints of golden mummas...fast feeders of vegetate drips use shards..o a tree of red-minded napes cut cards
but i cannnot play cards because i am carved from mongrel marbles. Ah, we have fever?!
la, moggy mad men who sadden cellves have to claim a kitty eye from deafening blind-blues; la la, a cat inside a mind prays fter shoes
and, o, as madam millers tred for screws then a bond of pure rice will scattered news
under beds, where dreamt song is playing

moggy mad men who sadden selves have to chain a broken spy to veils of meat; and loud cappy cousins of de colours paint sand
and weevillers of baby dollars change hands with fairy thumbs and moggy mastic dudes
..as we scent obscenties with wine and as darling dangers drag a dame for pled glass, mons-masques will shroudsail a fussing owl with cooed casks
and a sea of ribs rots upon a radio; and masts
drag golden sounds for easy eateries. La, La

i have seen the lost moon carrying sun-fire under wise pigeons whose carrion gull-scares drop a vaginal hill upon a burst inside hair
and a road of lice leaps a dirty pubis where a mons of a macadam madam chops stairs

down, down, down; and i stand here atoned.

-the flight of a truckstop pierces red rain..ahh, midnight gun-shops swell beneath veins and a body plays free when gassy god-minds
felllow pigs with heavens inside a soft blind..lo lo, a patient yoyo goes up and down times; and we weep forever when coded sea-swine
swing across loud heroes under narrow births
-the flight of a truckstop murders planet earth
ooo. when a boy of sadness pulls along a roller skirt then a gal of madness swings around hurt; and i hurt god's parents by cooking in the rain
ah ah, as bodies boom for hooking then grain grills a baby bunting; O, hard gems sear dust la la a brain of fleeces fucks hard sea-crust
and a bone of wine drinks to a cunt-tree, and pictures of Aladdin rub a light as bees
sting wild heaven with digital laden trees
-the flight of truckstop pierces red rain. ah, midnight sex-shops stop a wanked skein and as we are featured in a dirty city mind
a trapper of vaginal heels rip away all time
o..i saw my dad in heaven saying 'All rhyme will come to save forever god's gold mind;' and madness born in heaven heaps crimes
and my use of motel rooms hardens wine and an abuser of death hires a whored clime
i said again that 3 out of 2 ain't bad.. O, rhyme teeters into darkness as cemetery's dine on
old gassers of garlics and pushers of cum

the pullers of plush Paladin peer inside a gun oh, the riders of bruised skin swallows mad suns; and a bell of dettol dams a mad mind's flavas
and pushers of Paladin peer inside a razor..o, a dizzy ballet where a dancer on her sides falls into a coven then a tapper on his bride
will falter and totter on the angels of mirrors...ah ah, a vast rolled hall hips upon gold guides; ah ah, a fast doled brawl bites upon blithe
baby burns; and we weevil after cold skies; and we raid god's jazz band and define
blonde beds and the scissors of the heart.



geesy jumping sea-hands drive dead tides beneath collared men who once amused a twixed mind and a bud of bells rings the penis as wives
wee upon a wild beach of irises; and brides bridle up with sluiced steeds that cut lives fiercely down; and a bark of bread writhes
..once upon an evil sermon, a baby's cry crashed Oh, as we drive then we slide for ancient skies where mad mothers eat warps
and a lake of fear flashes under cold maws and, uh uh, as we chant for thunder then lies
must certainly have to strike gods down..
...salty sullen sweeties suck upon a red dung-nut..la la, children under candies cut a soft toffee-mutt; and we dance for reason as a town of cuts
issues labile loaves to ladies and male sluts..la la, a boat of dust sails as she wail after blowers of blondies and ancient gilded wiccan-laughter
la la, a gal of gourdes grabs to glass mana, and a sea of figs strips a body down for a dizzy dirtied space where a drowner's score
sinks a shooter of lace with coca wards.

once upon an evil sermon, a baby's minds ass-wipes gold cunny with peeing twines; and a buried stone hisses as fingers chime;
o, we slave for drones as catty scat signs swash english socks outside a bruised mind..o, once upon an evil drum, a baby's spine
shooks sucrose to the very bone; and wine tips a trickler on a red-head; and a crime cups deviant tits in both hands as rinds
fall, fall, fall.. Oo, a bunny boy must bind

salty sweeties to sawn jams and wynds

the vampy body stickers in an female chart sallies roped shampy with evil feral hearts..o, as times flow high, and where old carts
carried horsemen far West, then old scarps must swallow oaks from elms; and harpish harpies fellow easy beers with dizzy fast drinkers
la la, a matrix of metals kneels upon men...ha ha, a veiny blood trestle builds women
and huge hired horses ride to deaths when babies in granaries grip to cradle-sinkers
...once upon an evil tide, eyes went wide: ooo, once inside an evil mine, eyes went to diggers of coal-sex; and we die for dickers
and, as we fail to move, billed stickers will crashdown in a mouldy moon. La, red hills
fall, fall, fall; and reptilian rooms hit feathers

waltzed wheaties weep for corn when gems
flail then cry upon old trees; and men end?

noosers of moose-men pee upon a boat..la, killers of looped sirens sing for dope, and an easy mind has listen hard for
dunny caves and eagle-hastened rope, and we spend money on hanged rope

once upon an evil tide, spies fell in for a layering of liars and the fake seashores deep down indoors and a gate of bathing sea-mice must catch boats for
abuse of shroud-sails and drowned whores
...wanked weepies weave winding pores, and we cover poxers wih shitted spoars, and we arise from safes as costly wards
toast a naked safe-breaker; and old tors

trample dirt into dust; and we use wars

we supper after supermen as egits under rice scatter chirpy tea-cake upon pigeoned christs, and a bowl of rapists eases beers inside mice
and a boat of brothers baits bone with lice...wanky body beacons bray after shitty loo-life
and a ship of fingers must pray for night, and a sea of mirrors sprays sex upon bright
deacons to dirt and dusty filthy sex-pints
..we supper after supermen as egits under rice sex-scutter; and a bell of beds dreams for ice and a ball and chain cut strips from jesus when
we dance on the field and fall for city concrete rain..



wanky body beacons bray after easy mikes, and a bone of zeroes goes up and down for eaten guns. Oh, once a ruddy day, i use a
radio for a homemade telephone; and cars are led to incredible dead Mars; La, la, we eat stars.
..a lunacy of mad mermen fishes after quays..la la, a family of sad sea-women hides glebes
and dolly texts which read about skin heave, and we pant for sadness as we reap seed

o once upon blue lime, a gism of red need wallowed where burnt mines showed greed, and weird skies of nudes will warp disease
and a bed of dimes must pay for England..a lunacy of sad salt-men fishes after dreams
and we swill old sugars as diners underscreens serve old health foods to heroes under drams
wanky godly beacons crashdown for edams and weary woollen breakdowns eat wigwams and sandy punched bowls drink to cold sedans
...a dobbler of a pooing plait-prate sheds salted shit; aside five winds; and a cat of lead cuts lips, and a dagger of a messed mate melts for shit
and bald girls shit in the wind; O, a loud gits grip to grazes as fiery fist under flown trips
hastens to a burning flower; and odals strip a good pony down around babied blue ships

ah a weepy milky sigh cries for noise when a blower of a teasy tie strangles old women; and a dizzy dibbler of a dirt-whorl summons
a blinded bombard of hitters and dead Zen
..a dobbler of a pooing blue-prate sheds sacred tits: o, aside nine curs, a cat of shapes sucks zits; and anancee has to lose his big web; and lit
reads naked verbs to vast coded mind-pits
...ah a teasing tea-seep has to smother gnits and a boat of fools sails under naked hips: ah, an eaten meadow fellows dirt with gents
and a boat of mules rages under hair-clips
....daffodils cut for mermen strike ceilings from nectare-earth...o, aged carpet-men drag a fount from old dirt; and a slow hot flower fixes crimes to hurt then
a rider of a sin raises eaten guns from women...ah ah daffies under sirens swing for chickens
and a boat of fish fantail the sun; and old skirt
forces a pisser of planed pussy with grey gyms
.... as teasing tea-sleep dreams about hymns..ahh?? when an eating sea-cake scatters grey limbs, then a goaty box of fluff has to heap a hearse
with horsy hands and curriers aside six winds
....daffodils sliced for mermen strike ceilings from scorched earths; and eyes will serenade the rotors of bled birth
and a keeper of torn-teeed flavour heeds birth, and a maid in reading goes wordblind as earth

stops dead.. Oh, we weep for cunts as winds
parade as sex blows; and death has cleft limbs?
....when desperate to abuse tarpaulin, a town of geese fandangoes with pealed puced pinky flamingos; and the sons of grease
layer boned herrings with soft spies and thrush-yeast; and a writer on red corn summons from dead peace
a river of a rider whose feet snap in two; O, feasts gallow after glitter ghosts when a dolly in the moon reaps
lost records where star-vinyls hack bees in heat
..when desperate to abuse trampoline, torn wheat dances beneath a psychic circus on a tight-roped heath. Lo,
as minds get high, then munckers of sex robes will certainly smatter hired worlds in sex-batter;- hills
swim as they fall; amd weedlers of sin suck meats
..and a hot growl radio blays a bed voice across dust and weavers of meaty tapings delve for song-lusts
...when desperate to abuse tarpaulin, a town in heat refranges sin from head to prism-feet; and musk
hits upon a cuffed waxed man who kills his jeep, and my lady summer who gave head to fevers
slips her soft carkeys into a daft bed; and pleasers
pan for bacons in backyards where grass-givers
cut a masky maze from a gaoler under fat killers

when we move to a circus of paint, may saints
supper from a dog and cat named Moon. Eh?
..ahh, my mill of a family says that skin is empty...ahhh, my happening dead body appears emptied, and dad says 3 out of 2 ain't bad, and mummy
is wound in patent mummy cloths as fannies afix a dirty dagger to a tree of fallen poetry

when desperate to abuse tarpaulin, odd seats
may well appear worn and built from creeps
and a pyschedelic game must kill love's circus.




with timeless diggers of a rose cut down curs with red ash: the dolls of curves will rap keen hairs under crap
& the woven mind of the moon
reaps mad dust...where once a timeless sea-rose fails for death then blue bribes of sex see us
dreaming of death, & the lunar brides of salt dust
tracks us down....O, a sad holiday to Mars sounds sonar dead sitars; & the dead out-grabe
.....oh, i am keen to overhear death's gardens... oh, i am green, & hot tears flow just like rocks
& death grins at crocks....oh, i am keen to overtake death's ravens; oh i am dreams;- as lakes
shape diamonds, then blued women shake
grey hands

this side of creation, I wander under roses: this side of dilation, I wallow in psychosis
& belters will enchain us & sexers will destroy us
with skull clavicles


the naked summers of the filled drape donkeys under hills... oh, when once fathers cede rills then we will attend
mother's old party where
the naked summers of the milled
cut rare bread..
& the billies of the sun's killed rot, rot; & the biddies of the sun's thrilled
rot, rot
ohh....when once a naked picture unzips god's eyes then men & female tribes
will die.

here, where sold men move, we entertained a city's smoothes; & the cattle towns where we swooned
will end us.

o in a seasoned bell, we hear lust crying for cartoons
& we lift a cat
& we use a dune
when once failure drives then blonde babies send old cores to sold women
& we outgrab
& we steal handbags?

here, where sold men grove we have found a true moon.

the mad sadness of a dead saviour locks long fingers inside blue dogs; oh, the big darkness where wives
wept clogs
has dragged us now

& the mods of crowds slide deeply down where cold cats cry - ah, air boils red hair
& a son of darkness snares
hot floods of hair..

O, the guts of the killed marry distance; & the female ribs have their cooked penance
& eyes move? a signal of the spined swims under naked gills
o the angels of the spun swiing
under naked hills
& the mats of Man suffer
blue beads & labia
Where once a sea's feather walks culled waves then the naps of graves drop cunt
& droplets of kids raise robotic scissor junk.
a signal of the spined swim under naked dills
& blue peppers use limbs
& razors fill
up, up - ohhh

We move to old leather.

the drinking scrums of laughter have shaped God's lovers oo, as a diddy dolly's father
shaves apes then city balls dance after
sun-lit babies

& one keen look at time cuts a sex-clock; & the skinny sines of loss
rob rings of haloes...

the sucking hens of dross dream of rectal Eden & woven kites see dross
raising a dead cross. La

the drinking scrums of laughter have gin-paled eyes
& dogs under feline eyes
roll just like a kid.

heated birdies eat figs...



where once a kisser's kindliness sucks red nudes then a ball under hooves
must dance for blue sadness; & the soft maze where i laid god's face
has disappeared without space
o.. the mute flight of keen madness suckers bruised life; & the knickers of girl christ
drinks from gusset gladness
o.. when once a kisser's kindliness cuts male snoods then guilty bad tails move
dogs & midnight
& the pink salves of light
chop choppers...

i overheard a sermon where
hymnals murdered prayer
zzzzz zzzzz
& good hands heal hair & blooders seal stairs under long gentlemen


where a signal dove of laughter cages kids in light then a stapled god sees life chopping raised fingers
& the neon sines of night sea-hang
jagged dustbins

when a wag of death writes sky-words then scribers of carved burrs bag daises under
vaginal powder
the riders of red rain cures old hearts with seamed kids
& we vanish under fjords

the cake of crooked food bakes a king bun-snake; & the nylon car of hoods encaves
hollow city shits
& we own the night-ship & we stone
pigs & star-trades...

Ideal mummy uses green lips - O, nooses scutter
under vinegar-butter

yes, the lilting lily lips of a huge God cut a lipid tongue; & the islets of the tipped summon
sucky vapid guns...oh, there is, this side of truth, Love come crying in the dark
& woman of darkness have no dreams & children of evening swing after musical radio-screens.

yes, the lilting dilly lips of pure God sup a rapid tongue & the queer sea-chests of the old young
drag keen drips from coded cicada: oh, the cagy caverns of soft liars
leap dogs as friends cry

a bellyful of weeds sees rise the golden masques of lithe dunes & serial gourdes; & the blithe gifts of good spies
sap shades from
belled boys & funeral brides
yes, the lilting lips of huge Love scud outside a keen bath; & the whorls of wives tug
halters, trees, & cold clogs.

miraculous city hens arise & cabinet chillers don dives & idiot men use a spind scribe
to underline rooms with tried
suburban brides.

well may we paint blue fingers: oh, well may we use mirrors; & the wards of saints shiver, & blithe bony fast rivers
use a crooked fire for Life.


the faces of the fawned appear draggled to our minds: oo, the apsis of the mourned shoves berries under mines
& diddy roses rot for fear
oh,- the fellers of a tarred tear trickles like a pluperfect cunt; & the scissors under junk
jolt, jolt
where mantis memory kneads flowers, the tired wank-vaults lash lions to lazy cat-spunk

when once a viney vein cackles under pain, then
ideal wizards
rock for rhythm; & skin

A painful dawn of rats raps on a dammed cat's
old mane
& cats are god again......ooooo...the veined vases of the caged shatter just like old china
o the stained arses of summer
scatter cold age
& the cock of time sees summer
strapping minors.

& the laden abbadons of time soap eaten nipples; & the shaven stars under lime
cut old minds down





o, the eaten ingles under swine tie pears to pillows..i have entered into willows; ah i will centre youth
& i will see a golden goose
come jamming celleries.
& a blue bodice bees after
dry wasps
& we swallow hairnets

the ragged men are dumb....soft old women are stunned; and ivies run hotels
and beltane breweries

& revolvers sweat
& dissolvers sweat
& deniers hang ole sex

Atoned, by the sea, men knead blacked eyes & hurt: oh, out alone, odd women read
false magazines; & the oats of sin scatter seed
under city fires.....when once a bad body weaves bright guitars then a blanched tree of thieves
stoppers cold pyres
& a baby under wheat expires.. oh a tidal punk pullls daisies as sweet spires
rise from spunk...

ah we have abused rivers: ah we will confuse killers; &, lo, a tree of razors shivers

deep, deep down

blonde neon ochres deliver gold rain.

heroic fools dangle down sudded towns; lo, as old mules drown sound then soapy clowns
suffer gals from clogs. when once a baby's dog
walks a young pig then veiny juncked Gods
glister like
sweet female sea-life

heroic folks dangle round sodded crowns &, made soft, rolled sound
sings for madam scissor
As we awake to silence when paved figs
fall, fall

i have suffered heat & angels fly for winged meat-

dumb dogs beat feral wheat
& we noose a vase
& we send daddy home.

the tingling arrows of the nailed shoot guns at feathers & the parish of a killer sees sails fucking under
green star-thunder; & the villas of the vamped sunder
birds & ashes.

o, when once a sea of trashes fumbles for wavy car-keys then winter fathers see lashes
caging stars where lovers
lay waste to blued bed-lovers
the tingling arrows of the nailed shoot pigs with levers; & we ascend from flavas as
woven strippers
wee on old balloons.

o where once curled eyes mash mutant leaves then golden riders arise

the coda of cooled winter lams cicadas with rolled trolls & eyed pigs peer into father
& blue passengers frig
bolted sea-kids

when once a tree of light falls to ash then a corpse of night will suck dead cribs
& the slides of hash
lend dopes flavour
to sudded Christ

the coda of loose winter crams swift mirrors, & we feed death's fitting heart-seizure.

vaults of bounce shut god's cat out - la
salted drought
locks deaths under cars
& sin visits live Mars & easy Saint Naples hurts
dodged dilly skirt as
bodies cry.


PAID Copyright JDB 2021.


....full no. of poems? 23,000