more chapters from my new novel 'At The Bodies'


the sidled arse of a soiled bride tucks tusks into knickers: o the golden mask of a sold wife raps ghosts around mirrors
& the roman sea of veins has hi-jacked dyes for dives; & grass
smokes for feathers
o... when once a dilly dog man dips drugs into city madam, then naked nude palatives
sunder navels from odd berative jangled women
o....the sidled arse of a spoiled bride tucks arsenics into laces, & wide men put a cock where
stasis shoves a masted face under veiny feline Xmas..

nuked men will fall as mace drags daggered dicky space & red dungeons over-flower
city rabies

& wiveners use pans for flour & dead dad bakes good bread & forcing lads
shape drapes from cabs as
sweet apes cave in


the sliding rank seizures of a town scatter brakes around old kids & durban Downs
& the crying cracked killers of a town scutter; Oh, eager eclectic cigarettes don smoky dolls were rivers
shatted saline sea-cadets & an illing sky of silk-wars
cram cradlers when suited killers
drink grainte drams
from aged chinese sedans..

o the sliding wrapped cities of sound toast blinded salts & peppers, & the eager leotards life's enters
sea-hang lard from a rotund scissor & the Indian sect where
you learned to swing from old hair has suffered for you
& all dames have swung for you?
the tripping clock has found you hiring impossible cabs, & the clicking cot we gave you
has driven under the sky-mad...
& the lifting cranked son of clouds has star-shape for you then aldebarren villa we used

i want to hear you as loudness turns radio-keys from crab-cudgelled beaded sadness
& i need to feel you as a gun shoots sharp pavements with mother moony
& our father is a bruised loony
& we kiss the vows of our kids. .

dogs under wards yap after us & i will cut you from devil-dust
& we will weep forever & santa claus has gifts for soft-toy pleasure?

the eager eaters of one billion suns have here unravelled under twelve zillion old guns
&, o, where once fear ripped old bods from ladies
then arsenicss prised dirty dollies
this side of a crab-shadow, bullies bake a hard scroll
& the dilly hand which nurture's punch piled bullies
beat salt-crap from life's murders

The angel in a hallowed skull rolls red pose from glistered star-gum
& we a love stereo guns & souls
strap rat around razors...gee, as a guinea-pig chortles
then bad bats will cuddle lasers
& old boys drag grey killers.

o, i am very happy with my own death. o, i am very saddened by lively life's strong tears
& the sea-veins found under lies
must drown men and fears.

when once a blue minor writhes then i shall see mad madam-eyes come blinding, just like
keen grey masted statues. Christ
hammers His mental cross
& infant Judas heals the lost?

lo, i am very happy with my own death: oh, i am very entertained
by robes & eaten fly-veins, & where once, above this mind, sex
stalled, stalled
a magical mirror on the ground floors floes where miraculous wards
send reflective sparrows deep down within
leather jackets & souring sin...

-& what has happened to sin
will invade glass-skin?



wow, when handbags filled with resins swing from bled arms then a bay of lists may well embalm
shot sea-counters of a sweat bed-in & the weeds of time
fall, fall; Oh, the corpses of blue lime hear laden walls come clicking fears
& wiped god-ribs
interfuse palms with lost digs
Oh: where decent handbags rid jeeped eyes, the bagging kids
cry, cry

wow, i espy druns as sky
dances under babies.

wow, we have let the kiss of time trapping oak candles where, gone for dad, the mind
robs old sand castles & the hillock of a dead time
snaps when old stouts climb fathers
Oh...when once a sea of tears climbs high old dreams we will supper after
waxed stewed sex-laughter
the wicked wicks of a red candle burn for furies
O, the fallen disks of studies hang wedded wide drams.
& where salt smokes, thenblurry beds of soaps heeds men; & we wed goosed girls to gems
& old smokers drop cigars under chokers.

the wicked whips of a red angel burn all winged anvils, & oddness livens clap. wrangled,
horses die......o when once we are rebirthed by death then deadly penile sweet breaths must call to sweet rage
& the hands of Light cut a caged city of sex-spite
....the idllys of the dead cut a slaved town of wrecks
& we hit horses where blue trades dream-light a son of slits
oh, here once we are sun-hurt, we must ravel into seeds &, ahh, come to me on a summer's leave
& summon pits

oo it is so bloody good to use a dead ear: la, it is so ruddy good to see death's dog yapping at fierce tears
& the dives of Man execute old beads & the knocks of salt spheres
decorate bones & front-rooms.
....when once a granite dullard moves gulls to weep, then sex hards dilly for dallying
blood-bitten dying ; O the sun masks marked mental cards, & where, below a car, cities rasp
then bedded chilling tarts
suck from a Number?
oo it is so fucking good to hear fear rolling like rocks from grenaded spaces - & the summer
swims wintry seas & a gun shoots hot chandaliers..

yoh, i have a suitcase full of wine & i am ravelling under cities o i am fed to an alien face &
i am travelling far West &, lo, I carry a case of sex rhyme &
cicadas cry, cry.
...where once bailed sea sky uses china wives then a bed of tribes has lithe
vast body easels

scented assualted killers marry nodes to diggers & cigars under cigarettes heal
hooded vaginal trippers -

salt daises dream-light seals & the clones of beauty
shits like a king rat; & riders

raid catty coloured bikers
. ..
what with sundays on my lover's mind, i will suck seed from gidding doll-flesh where the thubnder of loving
o..when once a sea of age dies old
then on sunday i will swim for gold & lambast billy goats with rolled meadow-cold.
..the reason of death dies for death. the seasons of death run dry under self-sex; & souls
rot for rocked sleep
o...we harden where a gaped garden sereandes concreted ravens, & the fast fat ark of loud sleep
may never reap
dazzled dreamers. Soaped meat cradles cardiacs under us
and we extend troats to musk and we rend stoats from dusts
and we whoop



o, for the odd love of God, may Guinevere suck up a power of gilt fear; o, for the cods of old Love
may limitless motels use blue drugs &
underneath lunatical sirens, i hear salty flowing rock crying like a body: O-
for the odd love of Love may Chanticleer raise a rolled wise pigeon from
green female buses.....oo, may a spider's eardrums wound a fatal gossamer mum
&, la, i will lay thee down in a sea of mellifluous dairies; & the town
Lays snapped in its nude crown.
.... o for the odd light of God, may old fears stop on a night-ship.

o, as hankies hiss for lovers, then old men dig old horses into farm-fires: o, as bodies hiss for mothers, then children
must prick a ball of liars, & the whipping wheat man shends cats & rat men...uh, we will siren after gloom when
the fats-n-flowers of bat men dredge olden duke-friends
, & the hymen of a diamond burns a blood-fuse: oh, the siren of a daemon claps eyes in salt rain
& the wizards of the moon entertain blue glass & sweet nudes
o as hankies caresss mothers then hens must lay a spastic cooking egg & the wormed wifed limbs of dregs
must panel pisses with blue latrines & dollar kids.. La..the deaths of light break from carved car-curves
& tadpoles depress skates & fished men angle after red Mars
& what with a sandal in the thighs we must commiserate about the febrile pain that shaped lies
& the opium of still-born doubt lays waste to balding kine-cinemas; & the snakish smiles of louts
sip a parisian sea of dives.
..the romantic fingers of tides drown sleep within decked dried bad juicy Judas
& a basketful of snakes tries dolls of Jesus
& Esacriot eats a hanged rebus
..o what with a sandal in the thighs we must commiserate for the utmost wards of male cries
& the scuttered winter tribes
of magical whores
must enter into tinders the
wept worn bosom of the World's
coded killer husband..

& what with a candle in the eyes we will suckle trackling drips; & tawnty truckled veg-nips see rise
the tindered sunrisen spied lips of washy cut dunny salt-trips?

woven from the fantastic eyes of a fixed fox odes to weary chatter docks
darted far-out fever, & the wolves of fever rock
furnaces & stoved locks
....canters in the fields shop expressive udders, & larded fingery fixtures slop a ganged hand when
fairy thumbs hang cold lubbers
& as for tonsured cables
i wish nudes goodnight?

easy riders raid a saline sea & ashes, greyed, gather fast face-rafts; O, the oats of reason ram screens
& dirtied pigeons seize odd blithe bobbies
& the sun has lost its vein.
..when once a corpse of lovers leads plums to berries then a choking side of cherries rams rigged sea-stabbed fathers
& what with bacon in the yard & what for passions under cars
then we will suffer buried
clay-cold children.
....easy riders raise a silent sea o, the hands of naves nip pretty teeth & we will gather guilty beads
& we shall lave after fallen dreary pastures. & bees

sting gassed giddy women.

peeing posers under pealing arches can a drinking bantum screen: O, easy rivers sunder eating faces, & the wicked wind where eyes
cut a chicken cry falls for feathery hocus jive; & bad wine drowns love's wide
beach-boned scissor dives
...oh, the eaten riders of old stasis lock fingers where cold aces din across the rain
& this blizzard moon has here no eyes to bleed for & no badly strung washy guitars for illegal use in casing cars

peeing posters under easing cases lash usherettes to ledges, & breaded urine hears soft egg scattering yolks when
dated cunt-soaps scissor spread
two-faced comic men...

la, as ice hens cometh, dads will strain across comets; and mammy moon dams
a dog of caves as faces sea-scan
all female dummies




the whipped wide chillers of winter skies lay dammy waste to catkins & rat-nudes: oo, the whipped wived rivers of winter wives
lay clammy waste to bats & cat-screws
....when once a green voice uses a bruised bald tongue
then voices of guns shoot dead England...the whipped wolved killers of winter eyes lay sandry waste to dogs & rashes
& the maidened mases the colour true
stagger under ashes. when once a grey voice abuses truth then we will famish peace, & fast foxy babies
drop liquid pants. Ah, a sea of dudes strangles cold soft rougheners and biblers bubble up and features shut-up
and, oo, we candify the easily killed

scalping weeds of the liquid dead suck excavation from moon-heads, & we stoop to taste the carmine riders of cold sea-spreads
& a tawny sea of waste
drops away from

sotted urban greens..

a cold gun of wine shoots screened gassy rabbits, & fascinated fascists cut streamed dolled habits
& the wry sickles of a grey moon slot a bummy caker under noontide; & there are green lips where soon
curled waxy fingers willl buckle bones to dark rooms.
...the buds of death dig old fathers
& rolled scissor seasons
stop dead...the crocks & combs of a cleansing nazi wife lay waste to lemon christ; & the clocks & crones of a milked life
lays whips where citrus light

o, as a baby on a train cries for ferns then old potted sunburns must shoot ducted sea-famiies
& old books of war will study
mitching honey

& the cuckoo cages where night rots for mad money carries carrion to piped midnights will cave cunts under dust...
eyes wiill listen to deaf dog-cuts & a fountained rill of radio sluts will suck herons.
& mossy miction will morass under vaginal fire & hissy lichen will morass under vestal scissor cars
o, the roman rodeos where father knocked against stars
made old kids as dead as mother; & red motels found under Mars will topple blue bone
& dead hotels found under drones
drops sickles: & the wade of christ cuts navels & the wolves of old Babels rots for blind blonde dead bibles

this side of durban urbans, we arise for cuckoos in killed cages
& worlds of dust crack as wards never end.

thorny towels of female god walk hired heels oh, the sun of cowls dress old reels & we are cut from dogs
....the sizing of a whale rots under blind bogs & daisies & the thorny trowels of father
season salts with rafters
& we will lick a slit as diddies
dream of gin in hot tea. O, clogs don baying shoes & the wives of nudes drag nudes
far East where copped clowned care
digs for god's pudding. Lo, air

smells like sweet dunny hair
& daughters of Eden boil prayer?

the thorny growls of feline dogs
wade into burned leas.

o & I saw a kitten with no head mauling a tree of bread; & the faces under wetted lead made me scream after
funeral veins & prism-father: oh, & i used a saw to cut feed from engine-aliens
& the slitters of a siren's gun shot me, just like a lady.

when once a pool of druggers drapes some loosed knickers then a tonsured fold of pickers plucks sweet burial
& the burdens of one billion kissers sun-shapes
cocked shrapnels & red apes?

o i saw a kitten with no bed making paws from dad's shed & the wakers of blue rain
raps a loosed hand where grain
gashers after green blinded vaginal tree-leaves.

& i loved the paws of love's genius: ohh, i famished jackdaws & the cagey silence of god's genius has my in thral
o the sunny demise of a sea-hall dams soups with primal exits - as
loaded tide men drink from glass then the minds of widened venus-masts lead sofas to soda grass
& i loved the claws of love's genius: ohh, i banished clapped maws, & a diddy piano plays for a famished
cuckooing poppy stores
i will lay thee down where wet wards sharpen blind piss..ah eyes will blind, spies will grind you- & old gliss
will linger where shaven gardens sleep for cold bliss

Ahhhh. Ahhhh. Tutter-tut-tutter all the world's a cage
and all the gentlemen merely gaolers?


& eynes will glow like a glass parade; oh, winding hills will crow after a glass brocade; & a killer's raid
will soften for hooked china brooks. this side of a smacked smile, old rooks will caw at a tiddy snail
& the veins of penile mile must sail away, where birdy pities cut cunny from cuckoos & a vale
& where money lauds a sweat-gale then optical furs
will lock-up bruised wives of pale

greasy green oysters.. As times wail then bald labile clocks will shove eynes up inside rocked
blind peeking china cities where a star of salt curs walk back-purring cats - O, burrs
believe in Honey?

the bellies of the bodies come back home where daddies
sink a lip under male wine

La? La? La? we abused an opened car: Uh, we fused cans to dead cigars; & we will enliven the dead today
with martyrs
OO..once a ragged dream delves for night-lipt diamonds then footed golds will scream
& the vessels under cream
seasons god's mean siren
OO..the bottled blithe eyes of separating demon drones sink old fingers where Love
storms cold horse
O..the faces of a dined sauce snip dribblers; & the aching seas of millers paint grey cabins
O..the cuckoos in a cage force lions under tigers & a she rat under rage suffers
scrapped girl-riven tiger-riders

& a cunt's sweet crypts
slam gooseberries & a sea-canned sister dams keen city roses..O, a sea-hanged muister rams
cold city poses & the guilty crisscrossing scram of an eager female God
raps against old heaven's
cracked backdoor
uh: when once a sea of tears drizzles under eyes, then fears come toppling guns where
shooted hips on a natron snare
veiny snails

a sea-canned sister summons weary wives & robed tribes try for sermons & cages coast for
bald Ninevah's
shrill abandon......O.they lay me down where age uses a cut chalk; & they lay thee down where rage
eats a sea-stalk; & the vines of winter
ram honeys down summer O- ..i ride for ruins. Old forks famish after swallow-laughter
& as the lips of liars eat corks then we will rampage
for bruised sea-fathers

i will lay thee down as talk chatters under tears &, juiced, we will see talk
jamming muted tree-sears

La. the families of keen flesh rocks stoney death: ah, the memories of sex rot & rot
O,- the melodies of salt flesh cut a stoned moon; & the drips of death cut butt-gold
O,- when once cold camals use dromedary sandals then lightning
stops rolled
caged sea-coals.
i will lay thee down where
cuckoos use hair...................fatty cold nights dam hot ice
babied sweet sea christ heals chilled life & a bomb in a moon will part all dust
naked salty cold nights derange blue light
this side of a gunman we see rise a coconut moon, & eaten rifles hit birds
& beaten cradles serve tits & bum bodies-
we have sucked birds-. as nude bagels feed dumbed Babel
then sex will strangle

we have cupped burrs under dairy strands..Ohhh
we have cussed bands and a naked scythe-cusp gets farted on

we get moon-cropped
by fevers, then we drop



in our sassy city where lost knolls shot a body has now come to end
o- this glassy city where crashed men sea-jam death's dead friends will dream of pea-hens; & the arse of our kiddies
must nuke a tree of rubies. Oh, a hobble horse under fever sends old blue bubblers when an invisible road raps ridden
bollted wedded snapt women.
....there is a hearse of whores & this female hearse has boards, & the keen cool sweat of birds
washes skin with stirred kinky lards & napped sea-nerds..Oh, we wash ourselves as claws
ram roses down blued rain; & oars
stink of pregnant bitumen..

we are fed to chapped old men

The oozing renters of rolling flex creel over: o, the boozing embers of mothers serve sodas to dead sofas- & a starry nude
will supper for teeming naked seed-war
o, the oozing renets of rolling flexes heal father; & the blonde baker of lips
hear blue promontories
glistering after caged factories
o, when once a pig in a net strips bones & bodies then a bad bod of kiddies rip
stoned old men
Eyes have ears for lemon trees
o ..
we are never told?
o, the dated time has come to listen to the dead. oh, time has come to raise a fatal web where dipped dollies ram the world
& the drained faces under trees of hair
writhe after dammy decks of choking cherrry laughter: oh, time has come to listen to the dead: lo, time has come to raise a fatal bed where
trillers of urban babies
shop for crusts.

& the cuckoo cage i will use for us will lay thee down in a wooden nave
&, o, eyes under dives must summon ill falling fatal hills of night & evening's sex mills this side of a draped death, & we will hiss
& the sliding of a sweet necked nip-kisses wardens for pigs & metis mentalis?

oh time has come to listen to the dead..oo, i have been atoned by missions

the bad sound of a sky-dyed god has red wigs for its angel lover: oh, the sad stunned town where mother
maimed us with light has no bed- & the ice of a lover feeds fawned factories to mice
oh.. the sugary spurgeons of god christs pay from the sawn grave to lend pictures of stone city trades; & the Ides of Man
wrap salt soaps around cock-craved
easel fishes
oh...the bad-funk-sound of a sky-dyed cunt craps a hunt of shipped shit- & junk-spunk dollies about
dread milky squeally mets; & perpetual prisons peek for
spermy daddy ashes; & a bed-war

sacks a scuttering of pinched dykes..



& I shall feed minnows to sparrows: uh, i will give the gallows to chillled pinching blues; & the diamond rivals of old meadows
lay pushing wastes to dolly miction & the eggs of harvest swing under
radio rainbows...lo, when once a pig of ages grunts for a pork-noose, picklered lady-picks form dummy sleaze-drums and
then we await the soaks of warred biddy dizzy baked leather-used
vaginal heels; oh, the ivories of summer glow like fused wry-sickled bruised
bed fellow who dream of sun-screws
& melted cunt-dudes
dram edams where city nudes

& i shall feed minnows to sparrows uhm, i will give gin-heads to tomorrow's raiding screens; & mallows must wall death under
nuked tears & funeral tundra

'i'm made of sin & sliced sin scores: i am sunnny diva on death's shores; & man is shaped from sex wards
& i am nipped by
naked citrus roses...

here there are lambwhites on the stage: O, when once cold fans embrace salt honey, then blue rage heats heaping islands
&, while dreaming of god's mink-cage, we see arise hornets of money from wasp-caves
ripening under a duned
shut citty of dead cars
ohhh.. the steeples of a sexed room scutter under blurred sea-fathers & rooms rob love of saints
& painted plebs soothe
blonde eyes
here there are lambwhites on the baaing stage.
here, there are seas of sage
Ohhh... penis on the sudden fall hits salt seed with a stripped bed-shawl: Oh, a penis on a sodden stall
cuts vaginas from cats & gall....when once a sprigged parrot-cat crawls
then sexy signets will suck a supper's dragnets?

...a penis on the sudden fall will wee from an erection; Oh, this side of a wife, defection
cups bruised breasts
i will sup on stoats - eyes
will bind beards to closed skies..

commanders of a baked lie bake scrolls & then see die
all animals.

oh, what ho for the fashioned death but naked city apes: oh, what ho for prized hills of theft but naked baby snakes?

the signals of lost cars cut a nut & the naked eyes of a snapt butt weeps for wept sound
& we rise outside sound as lakes rap on drowned drunken worlds, & wasted eagle-dust seasons girls
& the shade of dyed curls twirl
easy long-ladied fingers
o what ho for the fashioned death but naked city dates?
o what ho for live drills but shut
hired windows?

saviours under tea-things muck
vaginal favours.


` 230.

where ivies have a bed for a mind, scrittlers under weevils sunder salt-shredders
& the worms of love give in to
dyed dollar springs
o.. the witness to bed-bleated dust climbs under sugar summers; & loaded lust leaps
& we will cage cabs where sand
smothers ocean-teets
o.. ingles under false-headed fairies have a blood-web for a spine
& we will drink wine from minds
& we will suffer death?
& the bladed bays of kids wreck all dived raised sex
.; & we are sex...wetted woollen weepers war after red sea murder: o, wetted nylon nippers nap farters
& god's gold-swung torture sea-stabs dogs & motels- Ah,- molten pickers piss for hostels
& the cuckoo caged hospitals
dam casts with mad machines, Ah
wetted woven slickers dream after verboten vines; & a gun of winds
cutters a cold clock as fast sins

o the pugs of cystic cogs spin & nightshades give in to lather.

a cabbage in a coil sucks oils & a bed of spun soil dies, dies, dies!

kissers of lies caress knives
& we wish for feathers...the cut mound of a naked sky slips cavavans where rosy spectres of a booked snare
drinks to death's dime
& the diners under dark ride
oh..the teas of sound swill brewed burrs & the headless towns must star-warm a bod of curs
& the green litmus of nerves
knock on caged wood
o..the soft latrines of nude bird suppers after hearts & nerves & a cuckoo in a crypt
wages after cloned trips & blown massed macadam rams
green colts..

the cut mound of a naked wife
weeps for dead rings
& the starry guns of a tit-Christ
clambers after

a dizzy waxed pizza-poster?

ghosts of glued Easters shove xmas with gifted presented moon-night; & I roam for cunt aromas
& i listen out for eggy drovers
Icy eaten starved salt-suns ride & we cut anorexic guides
& the banging cars of tribes

fists of fissions strike for a dollar-cue: oh, lips of prisms underwrite old gods of tissue-tors
& when once a car of light smoothes oats & kissed dues
then an ashen ram must seem
burned from silence
ooo. fists of fissions cuff after mumma & we bead after bled bods & family fever; & silence
weaves a sun from divas
ahh..i have wived us to scissor scums & i have sun-shaped crabs from old cabs
& the dunes of the dead bag
naked nuked monkey drags- La?

a bird in a lost beak swigs swiped winged sparrow-pobs who dig us; & we are farted from candle-dust

La, a diamond demon will crush
clappers under semen
and a vocal cunt causes bitumen
to fever-write grey mushed

doomies. luh..



oh now that my knees have started to rock, rock, rock the viney bones we have will rot inside diddy beaded sun-darted
drivellers of God
O..when once a spoon of leas unlocks a dinner-ghost-laquer then green buns must see flavour
dunging under odd Love
.Oh, now that my body-keys have draggled broken booze-labs, i will lick us from scarab scabs
& i will issue bolts to locked cabs

when once a room of reeds nabs skeletal winter crags we must dream-light cubed crabs; & a dilly ghost of fat flavour
ignites a labile God with sweetened
head-most carnical summer?

Oh a dolly has
just one toyed life.

& as we lose face beside a dustbin & listen to the rubbish-rain
oh the sun's case has a red burned skin & the issues of lilies have all too many trained
daddy leaves.

o cut your face from a dustbin & hear wet pain pummellling puled parades from
briny wells of mind
& the thieves of wine drink death dry - Guns
marry maiden magazines

can the sleeved seasaw of fathers see guns shooting a cancer-moon?, can the reeved shadow of lovers see scrums
force spooning rugged sea-tunes
to fallowed heels when a bag of brooms

boiled cocoa dry?.....

o as for love's fanny, she will screech forever & as for love's snape-snake, she will slide lewd drakes under wintry fever
o as for love's lady, she must dream forever
of dunny clouds & menstrual rape...
& i will lay thee down in a cuckoo's nape: ah, as veins vamp for whored pities & shelled wards
then i will lay thee down in slided sister-lakes; & the Ides of Death may play a tall part
inside the widowed picture of a sad heart
& sex & Death may have no wallchart.

o as for love's family, we will scream after endless bootless sea-laughter
& we will jump the jazzy seas as father
cums under a sneak bus..

This side of roped pain, i will lust for
cuckoos & toxic cabined slipped war.


the vagrant devils who taunt the streets have colds for wives: oh, the fragrant rivals of the panched
ram fingers down knives & we are laid in a cuckoo
& we smile after fast dew & the dialler of devils who stalks meet must
telephone brains & the fast ventures of a dental boy reap dog-receptions under false toothy trains
o, old trampled tramps caress veins & urban suckers, stamped,
cross roads with dirty silver.

the fastness of a blue girl grits mashy streets where red roosts seem feel dirty; o, the vastness of a green world
washes greese, & a zitty woman fleeces twirls
old killers.

the rider of a red room whirls cardboard trains...& the eye of veins hits pearls, & we are made from script-pits
& we swing all round the world.

the fastness of a blue gal rips dinner keys, & the waxy wavy sotto voce under tripped lips
rams need's: La, occidental money sleeves
and mad men sing for the bees

uh finito.



a billy body bounces down hilly lanes: oh, a baby toy bounces around silly tractor-veins
& the flower of old towns gets frilled with leather-femurs
& the caged hands of sound scatter noise
oh, the gaol of sands gets unlocked where fanny laddies dance with imprisoned fay toys
oh, daisies die for prison.

a billy boy bounces down silly lanes: oh, a lazy ploy seasons veins
& galled crows outgrab

the diggers of dazzling deacons drink cured roses; oh, the riders of razzling bee-men
toast bread roses
& rodeos lam tall tripped faces
when once a gangled sex laces
invisible English clothes
then a blue island sears loaves
& a car of poses
plait a plate with stoned stoved
lost stasis.

the diggers of dazzling deacons
drink cured roses
& bad demure clocks season
red vineyards...welshed yoyos drop peat underneath deep fast sleep, & a canyon's poncho reaps
closed beds & old neat
pluperfect meat
the eaten bales of wheat feed lost Christs & a father under lost night
sunders summer: & a cage of clams slights slithering clammy jugulars
& a stage of drams writes
under skies O: welshed yo-yos drop peat underneath red man's heaped
hallway of disasters; & we swim for plaster
& we lay killed where fathers


when peering into shadows, i hear bald men coming into rock for horsing blinded boys & rent diving fear
knocks at hell's sad door

when peering into scissor shadow, i sneer: & the pobs of heaven rap a sea of wide fear
& the wakes of summer see a tear
drinking after war
oh.. the tonsured baskets we have made our very own store carpets where old bone buries traps under crags
& a lea of light licks cold straps

when peering into shadow, we hear closed pipping pigged piers angelling after
drowned amusements where weevilled doctors
heal a drowned sea..

& i will hectre us & i will seize
blue sleeves....
the vanisher of the vaginal idolent original moon ravages sex with lard & water; & the ribboned sister of slaughter
deals old cards

& when once plumed bunk-rooms rock under fires then old cards will seize fire; & the vanisher of the vagina
drops doctors
down, down
O.... the snipped saviour underground drizzles where grey herons duct pelicans
& a swing of air
rude waves...

tthe vanishers of the vaginal moon slash peered wrists
& cold stashes of city writs
suck a golden sunrise.


o, for osyter shells & droning drowned buggy babies
i will proclaim ladies as lilted as a sea of mods & where my five and twenty country senses
lay a forced mind with trenches
then i will ride you
& the insidious casts of red-blue roman scissor-devs
dream of lost kids, then beds
will outstrip lions
o, for oyster shells & bodies i will inflame blind cabbies & we will take our factories
way out where the moon
feeds fish to promontaries

the infectious swing of blood snaps a widening weal around the metal vice of carmine sounds
& a bellied sweat-town scatters sweet loved notes.

lo, eyes inside a hewn rope-stand screw the easily sex-hanged.
o i laughed just yesterday about cats & kitchens
o i took a bad bath in catty clay as i came homeward to suffer penises inside bled claves
& the summers of day fit a fist under burned lays
& we twirl wax fingers

i laughted just yesterday & blind clouds covered me & the seas of Pan
sea-hanged me as Man lost drugs to warders

the fishing chippy fists of killers salt-puch against a palmed wall; & easy bees bend stung molls
& coded gangsters
shoot the killed?

o i jammed a dizzy moon: lo, i crammed an old room; & cosy bloodied red runes
rode us inside cocks & blue dragons...

& i laughed just yesterday & i head us
loosening kids as dust
flew aside from clayed
nude grain..


For these vast poppies of gleaned glans-glass, i give christ's troth
o for death's blurred heart-body I give rise to stations of
naked radio. when once a cellar's gasp pants for hot tallows then we will don a gallows?
for these vast poppies of glass i give christ's cross; o for death's bruised baby, i
give green wives & we weep for the sun
oh, this strangled life's lesion shoots the killed & the wode of the milled
hears a hatted tale when
we caress blued lissom?

blithe body men will end where, capped, we see strong gentlemen dying, dying

we appear sex-slowed
& we love to live alone
Oh, a scar of starry chatter sucks up old meals; & a plate of gizzard rovers gets cuts up
& when once ivies glow then mental dippy slide-snow slumbers for freezing wheels
& the pursed palls of idiot cries
bomb a town of seals..oh, the tocsins of a windfall use fire for renal ermines
& the wives of old spindlered sky-shin lobs droves at vermin; &
a digger baths sand-dams
damaged blithe walls.

the shuddering noise of silver bols
shattes, -la, a bed of budded bleeders hears molls laying peacocks under
lady dolls

a menstrual spider drugs a web of skulls, & a seath well of dugs
has a wrinkled Love.

& a scar of starry chatter sucks up
old pelicans & sea-sluts... andects of hisser-men can toads within digging colour-sin
oo, pandects of river-men shooteth up aside to a kestril can made red blenched high winds
slam ingles with seagullers; and, la, kissers of a master-mistress owl cram bended tongue-spins
across the killers of pin-cushioning eagle-doobies &. hah.
pandects of mirror-men can piddle for radios and evening killer mojo; and a treddler of yoyos
comes scattering star-guns
baaing lambwhites strike a saged sea-stage where cusping doctors healed plays with
proctorates of diviners and wallers of piggers; and when velvet rodeos caused ponchos
to sunner-tangle wintry xmas-easter with the drooled beller bellies of jesuit bed-prides

& proctors kill graves

Uhh... belllies crisscrossed for dreamt booky soul-brides bind dreams to knives
o when once blurred pharoahs lend drag to sea-spies then a bull of killers will
o, the ballets at a tree-hide bind seas to thrushing kink-killers & a bod of bells wrings
eyes & eels then old men use swings
o, the sallowed sun of dazzly cardigan-earrings dons penates gold & closets cuss for hymns
& the dead shine
oh, the bellies of a bedside lint bind dreams to lovers &
bad babblers bang
just like a scissor-sister. as a giver of a lost ghost suffers green groves & dillers
jackfrost & cold soap & the biker of a torny thorn-sided lover hears naked monkeys.

o, the giver of a lost ghost jams jacksies as a bended slit-rope hooks bandits under countries
& a city of fire
dams edams with love's spire
uhhh.. the dreamers of a dead brother knits god's sleeves; & men and Gods will smother
drips under seed...

& this bitter funeral pyres in belly sleaze heeds cunt-wallowers & easy vermin.
& the pinkers of a bell-bed hasten to shrillers while cycle-naked, maulers of green urchins
nuke gold butcher-bakers; & red lips eat rolly floaty blues-flotillas
& a bald natron
builds wives under old glass.

the pinkers of a bell-bed has naked drillers: o, the riders of a celled gas-glass pukes under mirrors
& red mitts maul nude mass & sodas sofa-daub christ's feet with haggardines and burial teasers
& barabus washes devil-hitler's painted schizo-feet
& a bonce of blood beats giddy heads
& a cunt of god has sleep
ramming dregs
eyes under snaked eggs cook till screened
yoyos fall from screens
ah, ah,




this side of a mind we succour titted tilted city wine; o, this side of a mind, we supper after easy lime
& a grave of faces has lovers leading dogs to grain
& a bed of junk cuts fevers..
when once urban sluts shatter splattering whorled winds then a bayed bone of bins sea-stabs
closets where eagled crags
crap on killers

& the heady press of cabs sire a knowing stag & odes to snowing girls grabs
vast blue babies
oo, a castler gets stabbed: oo, a muscler gets slagged aside mental air
& drivers of mentalis
will seize sweet prayer

the spastic sloes of one zillion skies cut a chair from a table: oh, the mastic rose of one trillion luies
cut hot hair from a gable; & a wode of wool weeps after
bruised feather fathers
when once a prom of pills rides high in the sphinx-eyes then we will whip dogs with forced dives
& mod men who die will never let death die: & a branch of bookers must supper
for teased fried lives.

the spastic sloes of ten zillion wives get soul-cut from a prayer with mute sable; o brassic classic crows of ten trillion carrion tides
walllop seas with devils & a bounce of brine drinks cables
under female fish.

the instant when grey pushers peer under Hesperides, then clappers
must stop
O the wives of Aladdin lammer for bust blocks
O a kind canary wages pigeon-war
and fairies tauten
...o, we may never knife the bollocks...O, we will never suck a listless lover
& we may never cry- under rocks, we learn of fever: the yappiy hounders of the canine dead shoots clocks
& vaginal exegesis suffers spind dolled old creatures.

the baited beds of blood cut featured cunt-sucking seizures; & the wizards of pierced fingers
pinion gals & scissors....when once a pig of iron smokes grey liver fag-stinkers
then we may never sleep for smokes; O we use the veins of mirrors
& a doll of whores while distant and disabled. ..
& we may never wife the bollocks
o we will never
suck a raped world
& the promotions of a gassed girl
dons blue pearls....
.......once below a time, I heard a signal cry of a magical eager blackbird seeming furling for dommy gingers
curled faces fawning under birds
& we drank to tip-top
& we wanked for gilt socks
Eyes idolise blue brains when
old bodies



& i give bran to bread-men; lo, as a sex-baker toasts cold Zeniths then I pray for self-raising Yoga
& i give bran to bread-men
oh.- i give rise to bun-men when cocklers of cookers suffer jiff-germ-gems
& the sex of a clock boils hems & bubblers of marigolds
burn beautiful cakes- O, demon-demands denote a broiled oat-pussy.,
ashes under udder-wine weep &, ashen, buttered brines reap oars & ogres-.. This side of sleep
we saunter where swards scrape grain from heels & a harvest factory reels
ah- when a bended braid steels posies under panes then a dirty song of reins must
crash an eaten sneezed-trained dig of broaches & cuffed dust...
& i give bran to bread-men: lo, as a sex-shaker season-softens long gentian rigged men
then eyes under eynes will rattle thunder- & rollers
reap a razor
Clisters cover caved killers when
bolted bubblers hang hags from city mumblers..

& i will lay thee down in a cuckoo's rage & i will ravage sex with lumbers o i willl lay thee down
& when the slides of christs dam rage then eyes will lay thee down in sex-age

when once an oceaned promontory slaves after sex & ruin then the arks of screw-ins will
dedicate dolled hearts to a stroking hill
& i will lay thee down in a cuckoo-cage: ah, i will suffer thee under easy lips & lamping northed thunder
& ice will squeeze you & a heady north-ship will screw you
over & always under dark masks & dunny dilly Father....

O the hands of the sage limb-lock lovage where a tree's slaves will sup a gold supper- & bent lays
lam us when god's tundra shows no idle mercy.

& will shake you under oven-burning & we will take hay long when snaped cradlers listen men of yearning
studying for a cuckoo cage..

this side of the dark, a rider of the dark dons a feather from blue sky: lo, this city dart dazzles daddy's mark
& a cuckoo face will sear cooked sky & ken will cage an oiled house

the budded brined wrists of old Mars suck a cloth from out the moon & sizzlers of a salt tryst
heap holdals where a starry mist
misses tar-roomies!
when wide of the past & stained then timeless carriages ravel into ole cool times
& i will marry youth to tines & the robin's coat will grind
away, away, away

& i will lay thee down in a cuckoo cage.


the nunneries of a saddled moon send monking monasteries to sleep
o, the memories of a straddled hymn-heap dig after coded wounds; & the limes of Man
overwatch deaths & angled angel peter pan.
...where once we came home for fake dinners & plastic sweets then deserted whores
get opened up at the backdoor.

the nunneries of a stained moon send pokey convents to body-meat
o, the teething heads of praised moon-gloom
stagger for rich sex smog; & a buller of spoons sex-sea-hangs
the cemeteries where we made dead friends
& the moaners for de lord shine for shy flares where we
dance against a pyre
heeds cowls & chilldren

the pinnace where we sailed for sin has a bad pig for a city throat; & the molls of a biddy bags fired
glass, & the dales of country prison
unlocks a clocked mission
o..when once we tread against us then sacrifice will look us as; & women
widen like blue laughter
& madam macadam bathes in
plumed glades
La.. the diddies of a dead cage see rise old widowed bastive eyes; o, the dunnies of a spread cage see rise
cold female wives
& the sunny slick of fingering lies lap guns from old ladies
... when once we learn about lost tides then we will walk for jive; & the searing summers of a foetal bruise
cups titties udner cervix-knives...
...the diddies of a dead cage seee rise cold widowed minds; ah, all the blind manequins and mummies in a red cage see rise
grey female dives; & a dizzy bell blows blonde brides
east of old England??

Bad blackbirds sing for spring when
gay winter
ends.. rolled drives of death darken rude nipped curs; oh, the nailed sky of endless death
swims after green murder & the wives of Eden suffer
old giddy purdah

when once a pigged vagina rides inside blue pain then a nick of powder will sunder neon rain
& a mind of grain must spill
stilled baby.....a dolled drive of death darkens rude wards
Oh, the nailed jives rend death, & a bird of winter sucks stoned swallows when
closed features enter guilty mines..
...weavers of thighed women sweep conical breasts underneath bones & pillows; oh, spine-weavers of spider-children heap nests
& a wounded god of Israel lays pure life where cold deaths
travel like a dead gun...
....& when once a pill of sex-deaths sunder a silly small death
then England must listen under
stony autumn wives

weavers of women eat deaths-. bivoaucs of hair comb nets; & the dreamy suns of death
send kids where fear flowers
up, up
a dizzy dog of tar sheds cuffs & cats spin as they duff mind-meteor meaty crying
& a feline with ten spilled minds hears God & sears timeless entertaining blown
human tails...



sailed under killers, a crisscrossed sea jam darkens hollowed lips; ah, sail-snappers under ripper zippers
get slashy cut while a manial mother hears a death of trips
cupping blue tar-tits; & a bulb of Love hits the gashy grains of god's meadow-drugs: meshers
freeze under grey dogs
and, when once a bed of bummed hair gets cauterised by hirsure beards then old pigs and fazed caressers
will star-ravel aside rose-pigs & gay sprogs scent buddy Isis-Osiris with shooter shoes and pyramid-vexers
sailed under killers, a crisscrossing sun jams darkening sky scripts
ah, a slashy sea of nips sucks nippies as a vanned side of cars rams
fairy cycles...

i will lay thee down in a cucko's saddle & lash your sex to rivals
& the red mien of sex hears odd gables

gabbling where sperm burned.. fixed flexy goblins under evil mouths telll idiot tales; & the wives of Eden
shatter coded God where eaten veils suck a bibler's cleaned baby
& the christs of reason
lick parisian cars as holy bed daddy
uses a bald body

when once pigged peels of sin study how to cry the vaginal lobbies will surely heat some edible winds
& the purse of lies must pay a piper for a city high?
...... visors in ole vision boxes sunder evil pixy-scouts with mine-mentalists whose dreary heart-heade grail
gets sharpening bullied blind bales....& the riders of the dead hear nails raging under
green shadow; & amazing sandmen sup a holow
neck of apes....
...The lost ovens of the cooked & starved suck cakes from lard; oh, the crossed onion of the nooked
suck breads from scars
& the bad loss of a red car' s Ma
must wed kids to embers

when once a ball of rain swings deep, deep down where a tree of rings dons guilty lime-bowered reason
then bol of gold will arise from cuckoo men & death's rolled treason
O...the lost ovens of the cooked & barred laughs at miraculous bellings; & a loaf of piss parades for
sun-lit summer chills where iced war lammed us with strange hot rubbings?
....the men at the foot of a false grave hammer figs under daisies
& i shall lay us down where kiddies
clambour after lost fun.....

Uh Uh, spaced out space aliens must turn stasis from drought
Uh Uh, faced petrol lace must shout
out aloud
& all our sea-faiths die.


& i will lay thee down... o, I will shake hot men with Midean gold-sound; & i will lay thee down....o, i will shape snakes & serpent asses
& when once a bull of blood passes plumed serpetines
then a wizening shadow of masses
will preach a sea of minds
..o, the sallied haloes of old lasses lassoo lips to menstrual ladies & funereal flesh will coat jams in land-lanterns; & we will suffer for silver as bad brands
sell false shops to ermine
o...& i will lay us down & i will surround logo police & blue gas with elemental torn tweezered crime-towns; & i will advance at the face of clowns
ooo gee it is so ffing good to hear gin drowning bods in wined sin; & eyes will poke themselves as din
cups a red surrender bellyers of harlot farters to
green minted sex-shaved banana coffees.
& as sinking lotions under aubergine stasis delimits ghosts with egg-slanted faces delve after hot glassed war
& the hills of mind screw flavoured aces & the wode of disused moars
melt inside a toaded city score

& as striking oceans hammer blithe races then cyclical pummelled cases cry for a gem-glued girl; & neon cords pull on a dead umbilical
& the nudes abed with vagina panoramas loosen bar-heads from lotus wards
O..a swinging crocus boat swallows us; & the dilly crocus eaters who warm us
jam under the brides of a dead ward ...

& as hissing potions poke at limes then diddy loos will row after rhymed bodies of bruised dates?

i have laid thee down where oldness shatters comfry teas with shaved fish-nests & i will soften teased kids with
Toaded fields & rapped pig-pissed

dogs of derrieres.

a clicking circus of a laid maiden skin-mind cuts a curved curtal horse-trapeze
o the ripping pocus of a loose mind sucks a weird disease; & the mines of sadness see rain amassing in wicked digging windscreams
& the blue sides of Abaddon spine soundless easy leaves; o the clicking circus of a laid mind cuts a curved oak sea
& the eyes of fury topple timed
bols & wrenched acid.
......O the tithes of Eden hang rancid body broadeners of mastic puker murder radio; & blown retro video-latries vamp for placcid
lady nerves..

The vials of finger varnish cabs of war; o, the smies of givers will marry flotillas of red warves
& a bed of ales dreams of sallied rose petals.
` & this side of a porn-scanned summer, we see baby bee-banging sweets from metals
& the lash of light loops rings arund bright sex midnights

& the dials of diggers will marry lost loped kids to caravans
& the arse of God grips brigands
&, ah, a curdler inside gaggers heap rubbers up high aside motorways


` ` 239.

` the clicking circus of a crazed mind cuts a screwed trapeze: oo, the bodies under perrin-n-leas sucks wine
& the bells of winter lash domes to dollars, - ah, old times
dream of Easter...when once a bed of drakes drags dirtied cats from fever
then the slipping locus of a crab casts imperial shadows & the bees of beer sting mallows.
& the clicking circus of a mind sucks crude rubies, & the son of winter suffers
blue braids & closed offies

The budders of a bald baby beer-bang tit-fed old ladies: oh, the drivers of a bald bus
trip upon lewd nuts & idiot raisins
oh, the budders of a blue babby sea-slam clit-teased doddies; & a bodifier under guns
shoots grey pain.

when once a grey gull grabs wanked gasolene then chidden pigs heed slags
bagging margarine
& the salts of pain season


coastal piggies pluck ashes & choir boys burn & sisters yearn
& history turns
outside de family-rain....
the hearses found under palps peer into figures; oh, the purses found under riders
lay easy thumbs under scalps, & the gemstones of the scissored
dig for daggers.
.... o when once grainy jeeps don vast bone, then crashed sleep will dream of bogies
& the crashed boys will heat old buddies as a bay of wheat
rots for hankers.

the horses found under equine talcs trickle down the racing veins; ah, the vines of Easter sear
slapped caps & eager reins trap dogs & sea-stained

wed wolves weep when meat sings for kisses

& when caked men eat white gold, then sallied sleepers sup a gut of decorous bed-beats
& the buds of hens will reap granary gashes
oh, the vamped billy of rashes will dream for guilty apes & moustaches
& the caped wards & the napes of death will sea-slam old breath

the seizures of nooses must trip after foaled blues must sweat bruised bods & bashes

the kind kine of colouring carry cats underwater; & sex warps wooled wine in becks
when once a pool of christ craps in a can then a sea of stools will ram soups under a hilled

& when caked men mete hands & hashes
then hatched blue star-sleeps
must die, die, die fast away..





the odd owls of midnight have blue bells for wings; oh, the old boars of sad light hear crows under swings
&, hurtling from a false car; crazed cars hiss for lamb-whites. o, the huntress of deus christ heeds parakeets
& the huntress of hadean mice hears herons under hunted sea-light; and the public pubes of city christ
cuts a cabby from city-mice; O, the vines of masses get raised from dog-carnivals where a stereo of kites
venalise rotated bath-molasses; and ruiners of lashwide pets use a tractor for a voice when heroes in rites
& the vaguaries of sodom Digital Video holds dirigible mentalis in two thousand twixy sea-mites
. & the odd owls of dead labs scatter star-shadow when rolled rizlas reap buds from pinker men
& decidous purple mien naps under a blood-bud; &
skinned sewn screen-scuds land
daughtering doctor-hen

Ah? whenn grabbbers of gemmed grubs glister under rain then killers of stemmed Love has sea-stains for gas
& the cementers of grass use glass & the ruler of splayed dogs drizzle canine whores with veins
& a halter at a nape nips idols, & a cone of countries crams bad tongues down mud-bibles
o, when grabblers of gemmed drugs glitter under grain-jams then utterers of pain heap gloves inside plums & pushes
& smokey skinners of fount-flashes
suck a lip from cabbies.
& the whirling worlds of rivals ram a rosy tear around
vosene; & the suidal sea-sounds of zion and genoa's sweet green waterbead teems with radishes & green gables
& we study how to leave town.


& she is a gem-clued girl: a mother-of-pearl river suitcases her gilded eyes in a sea of vales
& the naped giver of the dead brightens my lover with a petal-bed
& she is a gem-clued girl- a sister of curls hits god's faces, & the golden wives of shone worlds
weep under rings & laces
O, the giddy gallery where i espied cuckoo caves & blinded sea-spies rides my gal to sleep
&, huh, the wine-woollen heads of brides glue my giddy sea-swirl with condiments of gilders
& men and mien succour drillers & love's shine mouth-grabs.

la, she is a gem-clued girl: a father of curls crusades faces & the Ides of Woman hear stasis
glittering like a sea-fig; o she has rings for laces
o she has limbs for kids; & a gem-glued summer when digs
delve for diamante
hang lemon shoes from gold grids...

I have seen sins at change of day enticing hymns with hyena's graves; & the worlds in Heaven
stopper suns with precious ravens
& the keen world ends

atoned by gemmy jewellers

for maria is christ's gem-clued girl..
o i will lay me down in a midas gaol & i will tie me with locked grails, & gods genoas trip under keyed winter prayer
Uh. & a gander under heated Minai hair will sea-stab the Mother with salt dogs
& i will lay me down in a midas gaol & eyes will blind me with gold grail

This scissoring city where i made buds bang a baby from its buggy
will hire my far out West where dogs yap at bunny heels
& i will blind me as honeys under bugs daub painters with dammed catted cany cobra cogs.

& i wlll lay me down in a midas gaol & i will punish seed & i will knock on a steed as old need pulls pee from labile nails

& as for gabbed men & the Minai Straits may lady fever twirl
deadening long-ladies-fingers
all around a pearler whose darter finger sink thumbs into lost girls.



` 241.

the curious suck of a fast finger fondles fondant rubies; o, the furious fuck of a fast feeler fans bums against blue bum-rain
& cut crows on a cliff see rain ravaging curving caged pot-cripples
lah, when once a nutty kiss stains after lard & water then a bay of killers entertains rats of midwives
& the purple liar of the true original moon rots forever
& the loos of lunar Easter hear veins
fearing father....

the curious suck of a fast finger feeds a weevil to a head-ringer, & dead dollies dream of a mirror
& a dead mirror shows flexed kids & baby crows
o, the middlers of a messy mind knit cock to slime - o, times bomb cunt-wine; & green gallows grip wine
O the meddlers of a spine cut swallowers where
old gods sleep in a chair .
& rexed fallowers of odd air curry-comb the dead - prayer-weals sally cellves with tawny willows; & old kids
cut gassers where the riddlers of a messy stair
sups a bummed juice

the copious curds of loose noosed goose gabbles after roped rabies & the guns of art
mongrelise a sea of darts & we fart for passion? & the naked piss of rhyme writes nude verbs
& fatalists, screwed, grind god-foxes down to nerves
O, giddy god gets swerved
across skins and birds

Laaah.. the riders of the kiddy rainbow rams hammed hands where cold billies light a town-square
& the lilllies of the air use thumbs inside hot hair & the riders of a kiddy's seat
loosens gay drummers..o, when once a tea of tears has drowned sundays for nothing
then a bay of spheres suffers grey beards & xmas midnights.

as granary gates glitter for coded termites then family snakes glister for penile sperm-lakes
& earthen salt-scrapes store vines under fanny....

the riders of corned rain war after gellied gills & corks of sea stills snore & robed doctors hear mills
snapping like women..

Uh rented hooters under fast hookers swing against milked baby-draft; o, the nets inside silks hear lookers
laying faces under wine, & the hooters under vast cookers
spiral underneath old family: .
when once a sea of rams spines cold tears, then a naked mind rots for fish & ancthers & the bulbs of Man seee sines
slapping forced bookers
.....the rooted dolly mixtures of granary gold-dosed Love robs stirring clammy violets
& the killers of the world lob
pursed lipsalves?

when once a sea of clams whines deep down inside snake-baskets then blue voices weep after
oysters & old young women..

this side of a sky we soften green dribblers: the bulbous scud of a saviour prays for salt rain
& the vile drug of a failure prays for sweet pain
& the oats of a head see layers creeping under bed-remains



o, when once a bag of flowers digs for fast mons-fats then the bellies of old rats
strangle transmats. o, the bulbous scud of a sailor feeds ships to drillers; & a soaked dead man suffers
boats of sex milks. the dogs of edams huff green lungs, then closed cutters caress curved nous & ken; & the sun's deaths
all eyes! & eyes adorn
dog-dazzlers with blood-porn
ahhh... the scurried breads of one zillion men scatter scars across the Void: la, the sallied heads of one trillion boys
hag after witches
& the scents of sobbed bitches shit after old kids & pinnace mushrooms
lah. the eaters of a death drink daughters & the silks of old rooms close mad ilks where glass tunes
swing for death's spoons

the meadows of the mad fallow mitched men where mallows scutter for
funeral wards & the scurried breads of one zillion men shatter stars across tea-leaves and petrol-Voids
& the beards of Zen scrap for coded blue-bends & the wives of Eden
spatter sun-winds with green-gems!

there is, nearby, the dun cries of the killed & the giddy givers of blown blued lives shoot all pansy-Love

there is, nearby, the wives of the stilled, & the dizzy live gizzards of bone-drugs hears old walls crawling under filled
doctored God.... i espy reason raising rogues from dogs: oh, i derive my own death
oh, i define my ashed sex; & where once rapped rivers wreck
dolllies, then

we will have no sleep until old men
drag drains for children.....

there is, nearby, the dumb lies of the drilled & the baby briders of
naped necklaces
don dad's bull


this wet side of a bruised brain abolishes veins of spirit-night; oh, the split wives of buried rain cans seed uder granary sex-light
& the wolves of whelping cock-women soften steely peppers with swiped piercing poesy-phoned lunatic children
& the seated sweat-box of ferine miction-chicken boils winged kitchens under triped
o, the sweet patter of the scrawled link red wicks to star-stalls, & the picks under Mars sky-maul
loosed players of
keen mean train-God....

this wet side of a petrol palm daggers for cloned clap; & farms rock a mood-lit hill; & the sweet snood of kills
crap upon a starry moon-rill?

the gunners of Love licks stills, & a salt photograph gathers gills...

when once a tonsured killer lays basketfuls of jays then the ridden mind of seizures prays & the woman under clay
sidles after lunatics & dead claves oh, where once masses melt, then fever
rocks for blused blind Heaven....
this side of a tortured ape, cold days writhe under naped rauibow-wives, & a baskeful of lives live under
bitten pigs & starlings
when once a trunk of Man sunders salt sex-skeins then plied pissers on the moon stain vaults with seizured lumbers
& the cones of rodded Christ bends a bay of blinded red
city rivers...

the beast below whipped horsed prayer hatches all dunes as murderesses disembody stoned neon spicklers.

& the impossible beast weeps for a dyed cunt.


the optical sweat of a female octopoid drags deaf sea-lips for wine; oh,. the locus of a female evil bus
drives vein-killed tram-ferrules under a city's lake-mind
& the weirs of dun males drown lust aside the peppery pit of a sex plume & timeless bully dad rusts
O, dodgy mother-river slams crappers for dunny bible-suits & milky senile heart-dunes erect lusts
.... the optical sweat of a female fuzz faws a framed fanny-cheek when
raped light leaps up and directly out from old dead women
& the sashed sines of dilled dusks digs prams where ashen beer-cans cram diluted body-miction
deep, deep down where
doled rill-drinkers pig-out on the dirt town's stoned cockerel cocoa concrete

as old eaten ribbons shoot Downs then we will murder
everything?....the disabled gun of a lopped moon rams bluebells against the wind; & the spies of red-cells
loosens green wells
oh.- the chair-bound closets of a sore tune get scattered across a mass of swingers; & fotal shapers swell
underneth blue knolls where winged hyms
swirl for dead eyelashes.

a charger of the killed races for canine horse-war; & the dins of the dead hit oars; & bad beans gnaw
on jellied cells... & a netted nape of necks roars & a sweated lake of slits
trills, trills

& we get out of bounds where
bound beds turn.

the lidded gritted ivies of the killed laze after nipped kingly male-knickers: O, the riddlers of countries are
filled with bat-becks & moggies; & where a bowel of soups wrecks indigo missives
then a bud of blood sea-slams choked chicory.
....there is a boat on the original moon & this lunar boat traps its swoon
& the brides of death
sweat, sweat...

O we will snap hairs as wheat rots under golden yields; & the stars of rain sire sleep & the cats of pain
mewl under bods & spoony
scissor-puma-cat rivals?

the lidden gritted loud trees
smack all masks.

the pig-of-a-soap washes lardy blind hands; o, the kids under soap watches count the failed hour &
the slides of uneaten eclairs lams souring body-milks to serpentise goats and pigeon daughters
&, O, when once a jagged jampot dreams of drugged Japanthen a greased ghost scrams
after penile salt-ovens; & the pig-of-soap cram
coasts & cries!

there is a bad bed of lies & cured cunts under lies feed easy shits to sailed tides
& a bleached boy of knives hurls fires down city drains; & walled clowns

sings for a lost big topped
ring of blue fire.... the pig-in-soak-soups washes dizzy man-tongues with fags and ashes:
guilty fanny fangs & brushes wallop a signal bled pussy.



similies of mermen fish after sweet fished sea-sworn laughter; & the prawns of christ's netty lover
get buggered aside swift belling waves. O, mother-putter creels where battered cods carry lovers
back home where grey bedded killers suck upon slaved air
...this side of a drawn skull, we share blind dev lips & chippy dullards
& a shaved ship drains fears & a teasing tare of cold cars
crashes under money.
....families of mysterious mermen fish after salty dishy stinking sea-gaga; & the robes of rape
cover efts where tawny drakes daub docs with sausage-DaDa: And the whip of a lost male scribe
writhes under moodsome nunneries
& the clips of a crossed crissy of a febrile cabby tosses teams under taxi-dives...

when once a brawl of iron plucks deadly limed cups then we will cut love's soft cunt-nuts
& the pickered mutt of a green shown slut digs a northern spade
oh, when once we scrawl for dust then we crawl under gemmy dribble; & old red rust
rots for a thwacked grave
& these dead eyes we hear will rot alike to a deaf-codal eared skull; & the sun's cold nod will
sash a rope around our hill
where a bod of masks fills sexy salt lungs then a rat under guns will thrill all bones in all bodies...

the defectors of the dead drill after lard & daisy waters; & the bolts of crazy daughters
drags vaginal mills.... huh...

it's something in those eyes that tells men girls are for it & the guns of softened bunk-pies
shooot pavements with beef-wrists: lo, it is in the slap of brides that snaps a sea of clits
...underneath a cruised sun, a baby on a bonced cliffslide gets dropped, just like a baby &
old bairns & bad buns vex hop-heaps & we have self-sex aligned with a bun in the oven
& we sup a sea of perms
. ...
the bay of cut killers crack cries as calling knives
sucks a slip from a gusset-genoa...

it's something in those eyes that tells men gals are for it & the dunes of Man
cut menstrual castles from pinked pissing moon-mitts

. Ahhhh AMEN!

the fablers of the frenched feeds bled electra tongues inside electric valves; o the cradlers of the wrenched clad cot-plums
O, a dancer under midnight gets thrown from a ballroom crown
& the fablers of the frenched feeds sad tongues inside electric lemon tipsy ballerina lies
& when once a kid of light stops, then darkness will topple sparrows; & keen old shadows wrap cats under strung
city sadness
& we are filled with sadness?

the fablers of the rinked sup a sullen drink & we pour pictures down drains as we sink for solemn dragoon-strangers
o when once a wife of killer cures gey miners then child diggers
use a dead cage....

when once we come of age, the grey rage
will suck us
Lo? Lo?! O-Laa!..



the shadowers of the easy dead ream a road stove where hot felines leap from a human belly oven: o, the mallowers of the eager killed
lammer laden liars with one billion hot tongues. This side of heaped air gets combing for pompidores when a gummy strandler moves
fiercely from gallowers of pan-fried meadowers.
....when once a kid of spice toys with loss, then a filmic tragedy tips dunnies under daddy's lens
& we sear visual Christs & we peer under sea-vice & we scatter cabbed closed crab against
donnys beards
These dragged days delve after false weeed...the dapplers of the city's sneers bag bad blowers around a grey gaps.
...I suck a female throne as a bull of beasts wax tashes from wrought-iron neon thumbs
& the eager eaten rafts of the stars hear clothed ewe-hens glistered under peaced
cold body killers....

The ice of the dead chills enough; & sleep pieces plural dives with amazing Demnos Asmodeus
& hot weird Abaddon daggers where twigs force five zillion trees inside faced visor-monkeyed rollered ocean-seeds

Lo, I idolise the sense of scent where grey sleeves pull telephones inside receivers.
Lo, the lease of dun love-grubs heeds a fast false antlered bee-rogue; oh, the fleece of dumb love
feeds a fast face with hands & crows; & the dead listen to a pyramid of gobbed God
& the illusory rivals of lost honey-God summons duked dames from city luds.

the dizzy stone of hot death storms the water & the lady lions of a dead darling quarter telephone cats about fang-trades.
...the dolly drawler of this ferried world rubs the ribbed cockle-farmers of blued nude bibs; & the feelers of sex lugs
leer into lamplights; & the wives of drugs
dreams of cold hot gloves...
..when once a sine of winds butchers loud sods then villains under sea-clogs will wash widows under feline graized clogs?

the lease of dun love heeds a fast fierce road & seeing we have let fast roads come home
then we will snow tundra under snakes & crowned crow-summer.


when once old molten children cry then the naked birds under prizing city quay-tithes will wed rope to female felix baby-bribes
& the sins of mien drape pinnace baguettes under
salt sharpenings...
o when once old molten children ride against a pot of raised bins, then soft whelk-thighs will saunter after salmon raisins; & roped pies
& the rooms of men catch keen fire when carrion soup men
dash doilies on screwed ice-booze &
the gentle gemmed genuflections of prised picks & paved Gods give Love
an olden seed of sun-slaved ninny mumbling mammy mia's burger-baby Nineveh...

& the silent years get high & gobs cry from toothless collonades & cods crap against an asylum's ward. Oh?
the jazzy manx of catty kissers rob sodomy on a soaped red lodge!

miraculous killers suck along lost

the deus of the silent killled here name death & all death's names: oh, the vents of the violent sear flame & a bowl of ferns
sheds duped seed when old rain wallops faced wet-dust.
....when once a drip of dreams drags for skirts & nude stories
then the arse of bodies will stab
rude tyburns

the deuse of the silent killed hear gains codded caged city goddess & as islands spill the sad salt slams will
rot for lobbies...



o as a digger of beauty thunder-names cold beer-grass & vodka zimmer frames then a slider of Loveloaders storms
old barn-bairns, & the liar under veins cuts vested cunt when a curio of salted penis flame
feeds sweets to painless cocoa tea-dregs
o, as a dun river of beauty winter-cooks cuckoos & pigeon rain then the eyes of March will book
grey paws & cat-slumber?

oaths of demons swing for looks
& a gun shoots cabs..

the rodeos of radios clarify laden crocus-heaters: uh, as a sea of mallow heals, then a bed of domed seekers
will damage God...& when once a tree of capped dusks sleeps for legal cudgels then a baby on a bridge
apparently ignites after an opening eyes; and figgy flickered spit-rain
enevelopes to bods in skirt-pain, sugared hearses inside horses come weakening self-murder with anemones and granite plumes
& the sun's dead lives
grins after funny wives

the canes of cages crap for turning lock-ins: O, the grainers of bookish sages fors a billy screen
& the rose inside a cervix
rots just like steam... ah, when once we use wooled wards then we will bury skin inside dreams
& we will bury our twixed bodies down beneath buttoned outdoors
& circus tribes socialisw where prides deal bolters to whoring backdoors; and screams
soften slides with crusades of hares and rabbit fevers.

the canes of cages store piggy pushers where heart-minds crawl under a dizzy blue cunt-buddha
& silence finds cold cores & the dawn-light
caps cod with midnight's
bright disease...

Oh... callowed crow-clouds oven-cook crooked sea-nooks
& the boats under rooks sea-cook
crooked seed-looks

as a flght of stairs falls, then cruks cram handlerss down de bodies

linguid liver sucks porters as blinded body burners bang heads into wine; & old gas stellla-skates
under bruiised babes & grass...
callowed crow-cooks search for dirtying idol-beaches
& we will read at the beeches
& we will entertain dead mice with catty leaches.

Wry sickled dunes hum a hard tune o the wools of bible-blooms: shammers after cords & lost tables
will cap ogre-plates under detox brines; & a rider of romantics dines for
anorexic female doors, & a bed of bells starves under
death-strangled city lists.

wry sickled moons ram a red tomb, & the stoned will tell celled TV elves why we curry old kissers
o as a cat camp cries for hissers then crazy cunt candy
delves busts for Canteloupes
.....endless budders seal over, & love's tonsured bead of rotors
cuts horsed crags.



the vastness of a silent saviour savours cinematic easy-visual b-movie jives, & a closed screen of lies
lays a liar where hills of crazy mirrors cause languid spies
oh.. the dolly under death weeps for cold kidders of coasts & wave-war
& the wed guns of Pan shoot Io dead...& the vastness of a silent killer holds holograms to rimmed cunts & thrillers
& the pigs of Love lick stied poppies....

i will lay us down in a sea of drugs; oh, i will lock us under darkening theatre-lumber; & the cocks of wivers will slumber
& the rots of writhers
will hit mauve window-panes...


o when promontories of dusk drizzle raised rain under muscle then a keen bed of wards will mussel slapping winter drives
& we have Midas highs & we ride from rest
& a whisper in a mental nest pees under latinate lather...

o when promontories of evil whistle then budgies in a queen's cave scatters soilers deep where a bed of lost feathers
stuffs doggy oilers...where once a purse of moilers clads a pinky drinker then a daisy mouth-sheet appears severed with
soapy shitty sodomy....

the grists of gels glister under
old killers.

o as for Lancelot (turned turtle), we will enter in to an apple dream; & the red rays of sex seize cream
& sex days die in afternoon & the chipped peppers of cradles get spice-cut: ah, cunny flower-floes get decking
green bins & cancer monkeys..... where once greying penis-pull-guns shoot a leathered moon
then farmy bull-dicks sunder shit-guns with diggers for suffolk milks & norfolk coal
& i espy dead drivers under marrow-peas sinking sugars under mummies; and we in the mummy cloths get wound
& the cancer-clans of dead-end seed slaps a fatal portrait where
mad spind weed whips rare
bald broaches....

o as for Lancelot (sperm focal) may we now cut a faced teased city of clitoral bone-temporals iced kin-men....
moved five worlds aside a warded woman-gem
& we all use some leopard laughter.

as for ant-blooms, may sunday's child spin against the Void: oh. as for rooms, may sunday's smile grin against keen boys-
as the pockets flow, then may toys tease infective women
....the riders of gashed rain cut wild wide opening gems & the reamer of flashed pain sends figgy palps to wheat-dens
& the puller of a mouth see dials
turning up, up

as for ant-blooms, may sunday's guile grip to vacant onion & where once a diller of onion raids salt sleep
may the eynes of hyenas hearth-reap
stations of murder?

the veiny chalots of the dead must send dark embers back home, where tasted vendors waste heads with tricked ice-husks

the warders of a sweated puss peals eased pianos where gay-gusts grit eaten canny teeth...

as for ant-blooms, may sunday's smiles abolish insidious wheat & may the crocus of days dam wheat
& may men trumpet meat
inside the dolor of the grave, we heap unleavened bodily jeeps & we cheep after daisied lovers
& we lay heat down....



dapplers of tea-dregs bugger bladed urine; oh, the sudden clash of stoned fowls fascinates the dead
& the worts under beds build vast wind from roman sex-debt
la, the cornea of fashion blinds bone minds, & the tash of naked minds sweats for
gold beard-mash & easy gravy-body-wards..o the vents of the punched plug pissers with bunched bods on easy moors
& grey masses hear doors opening in from strange sold summers.

o the pert pride of a whore sucks a penile mask & the blonde funny past cuts ann eased cunt:
ovaries of England cook suet from fat baby bunting: the ivories of Ireland bake bun-drums, & the shadow of a dining
sea of tears trickles from gassy trachea; & old burns bake salty businesses
& we taunt the eyes with hear.
...o the rose of rustlers rummages through hemmy dress-pockets: O, the crowers of de killed crap on a parent-fiddler
O, we crap on a laden owl; & old cum crams a bald tongue
right down a nuded denuded US-neck...

eyes under ice peer under jammed kvetch; O old lumber
dries out.

the deus of fat America hears salt prayers lining buns with heroes: o the deus of fast sea karma hears air
roting under naked zeroes; & the bummy wines of the cold snare sky-dyed easy prayer
& the bulls of Ishmael swin under dogs & bunnies.

as a bobbed bread basket sunders cloaked eagle fathers then the dope under lead sees honey
drinking from blue-remembered rills
o.we have come to enter where hair smells of money; o, we have come to enter where care
carries caning dunny
dog boys
& the reared sucked survivor of mills cuts flour from
jammed junipers; & a bolter cunt-hangs old flava. & we will stink until the laughter fades to gay
& we will sink under blue buttters, & we will learn to be freed while slaved
o, when once a sea of ribbands monkerise eyries and blue flesh, then uses a rubberband stall

bind bones to money
when once a wall of lips sees drams bragging then a swell of walled nippies hears a closed tocsin-bell
dinning inside slaggeries; and, lo, painters of deranging shells will hereby slip nine minds within dells

when once a bed of phantastic eagle-moss mans madam mandibles
then uterines under saddle-slams
will ram

everything (forever)..


when once we wash love's bum-cheek then we will soak old lovers; oh, when once we wallop brewed gum
then we will soap sold brothers & as a city slits a kind beach, then noosed eyes will
sweat under rude sandy guns & the rosey killed who knead krill come shovelling souls under
garden glass...when once we wash love's son then we will endaughter icy tulip-vibes
& the wicks of Love laud scum & the nicks of gourdes laud cum
& liony spiders spin swum gossamer
& the birds of bridlers cock-stun
caged vagina....

this side of a train, we see riders riding out the corn & we realise that the sky's ant-swarm strips
death from cemeteries

& the green bus we use sees lips

o it is just so good to forget my home, & it is just so lovely to cane a tramp inside cold bone; O
when once a cat under streets moves bum juicers
then we will trot after rot
...o it is just so good to live for stone & it is so good to find the marble of a face where town-minds
melt under candles..

the caging cunt of sleep sucks Idols: oo, as we eat heart-angels then grave eyes will fix cabled angled
to braided cuckoo lathers; & the loams of the dead
dash a drome down a city bed
oh, it is just so good to lose my home..oh, it is just like god to lose my head

This sunny side of death will shred
romantic river-bread....

ye stink just like a city hiney boy: oh, as a bay on a trimmed raft lays a boat from bread and silver
then ye will suck a gum of killers & where lotions sink
then wiped modems will pinch yon
jammy trouser-melders a saw-box saws runs, then bleached turvies will hang sweet butters from men
& you and I will star-serry
chippy lard-chairs?

ye stink alike to a gash as kinks clap aside ingenious bummed rain; & we winch after Dettol stains when
swept sky tears drizzle dobbins beneath genius winged dog-plated holy noise
and we scatter wet girl-arses after dons & bubble leotards a saw-bod grinds dust then ye will stink just like old women; & as vulvas vulture after blue hens
then bathed oven-drapes
will creep until ova ladel-shapes

good losers don dark uvulas with perfumers of dollies and tea-shapen beaches where naked women
peer into a sea-slitty; and where once this bubbled scheme of men
drank gold leaf then the ferny twists of old pig-men came bumbling under stormed sleep; &, O, as
sugary head-heat recalls warred confections then seated snappy padded limbs
stagger after wheat swing gyms and a bladed blue pudenda world.



outside our world, the tearing fishers of star-curls cascade under damaged squirrel-drays where car-girls
suck on petrol plunder...
where once this bubbled sea of miniature men drank boiled heat then purple vixens dug a pure fox-tail in the bribes of
grey-gripping mermen; & we will fish for sacred seed-mien

the screaming dishers of scar-pearls plane pits from axed ribbons.

& a deadened fucky sperm-sleeved card-decks answer to sweet metal; & a T Rex don dons big giants
& a deadened sucky sea-nest clambers under sweeet salted hocus pocus
& you and I ate a keen crocus.

when once a sawn chalet's desks river-cook grey glebes, then elmy tyburns rook cider apples; & sweet looks
make us greet deaths from under locusts
&a deadened fucked bead-flex dons shaded shavers: o, the buddy on the wall decks messy creatives
& a sleeve of curs cut layers, & sex uses her porn-lawyers....

when once a sawn tarot wreck cans sewer crabs then cobalts under labs will peck
sugary seed-labs....

made wise as murdered money, apes & rat kids shine just like a sea of cribs & we pay debt to gold mummy.

"oh sweet kiss the third, catch for me now a pigeon-bird: oh sweet chopped cherry lend me turps
& lend me endless honey..."

a canny queen's canary hurts bodiced budded sea-skirts; "& sweet kiss the third please, haunt me with
mind-heart-renal rat-pig?"

wicked lying lies for pursed scissor hoses; & the yanked gamma of loud sotto roses
reams a dunny boy

a canny dean's dotted earth guts death & planet birth
& geese-wives
swan after molled strides
& the sky is a Lie? is darkly
sea-numbered.... O, this earth is darkly numbered by cruel city christs, & the faceless city boys who rise
outside blue nights lam a body with a parambulator; & the easy songs of eyes drug snakes
& an endless automobile cries after stoned river wives..

the rivers of blue earth denies all flame: oh, the skeins of nude birth bears all foetal pain
& the billy broads who see rain scattering oceans
will broaden where blood-skins blind silk-emotion...

O, this earth is darkly numbered by cool sin-heights; & the thumbs of radial factories sea-scry
after laid hunger; & the metal legions of the seven seas slide
against foaming marked fathers...

Uh the plaits of easter widen wives; Uh, all god's family died..