more chapters from my new novel 'At The Bodies'


the belly of a blue bed sees death crying after venom-rain: oh, the baby of a brushy fountainhead sees blue ochres raising
naked hollow-harness-hills; oh the diggers of the sextant-killed cry, cry, cry
oh, what now for eyes except demure decorous vine-pain
oh .what for urban killers but yearning lost lanes; & the bent bayer boys who set alight to sunny mind-night gets goddesses
clamming deveilers of cobbed dogs & tigon-ligon wild mushrooms
& the rent rays of closed panes prises beds from old dunes
Uh..the belly of a blue mien sees sucklered death drooling like a maimed mamma sex
& the pools of winter's salt wrecks arises from love's cunt-pissed cocky horse-deals;
o, as the bobbing bone-bible in love's lecterns transmit eyers across skirters of peeking feedlers
and a babbler boy whose natrons delve for haloes will sermonise crow-sails from a candy killer-river-rider
o, as the rubblers in a feral poet's tree get moth-milked, riders of rose-grails must pickler kidders with pearlers

o the ides of easter feast upon laden polio-pokered female kaplan-killers: o, the brides of butters feast upon
plebby macadam-garden partners
& torn blenched tiders under fathering pox-carver spind rivers; & the dills of time tauten a gun's wounded slitted killers.
when once we see diddy mirrors writhing under rain then a dizzy sea of ovens I will beckon beads where patrons
rock aside love;s natron..Oh...clocked green sin-gin sups us from donors of renal bed-dreams and
the easy pawed prints of a razed original moon darken deaths writhed lovers; Oh, the jacking plashed sun smothers
green graves & juped jazzers, & the zippers under jams drink solid river stone
...& when once a pool of fat fears enters panatropic sea-mansions, then watry burstive fountains will anoint gels with a blind
sea-horsed lead-mission
Ah..the easy pawed prints of a slavered fawn-moon darken catted decks with whipped mule-riders; & the jolts of christ
crucify the son of christs; & old mice
cut a vile bed....

when once a pool of fears sunders intermitent dolls, then city Numbers
will rot all pleasures
..o here and now, i eye a dead riven sprinkling mother-ravens; here and now, i arise from grave eyed nations; & a bald gun
shoots a paled sun
o here and now, i eyed a blue burned sweet garden..

where a candle under sleep raises romancers from chopped meats then a a ginny city guillotine will chop a tree of grunger-fingers
& the bellied booze of wintry killers must stop to maim Love....

eyes under eyes strike sex as God gabbles; & old capped cats cry for Xmas-Easter; & we spy under old lusts as rats
cakes & kickers....

o here & now, we eye a dead-ended brain-season & rashes warn all stirred wives
& we kill the dawn?

we will strike a city as a daubed wrist dons beladonna: oh, we will strike a baby as a daubing plum-kiss
dons the airy cunt-cul-de-sac of brutalisers & bines of birth bench-bends old father
& mumma moon shines against
blown comic hallways; & the wives of bodies dam a list of coded romantics & the brides of bullies lam a lisp of
coded salt semantics
o the buds of christ carry candy-gloves
& we stop?....

we will strike a city as a daubed fist sucks on a lavender feather: o we will sup the cross
o we will snap the Lost; & old chip-shops
stop while

eyes under eyes sweat in sex-thronged stella lofts; & we scutter starry moodsome dolly christs across falconers and
evil bums and fish-mublas.



oo they are going to grab me now? oo, they are listening?... as glue-radios crowd naughty noise, we will see sounds
lamping lights with toilet gizzard: oo, where once a grey geezer-void goes hissing, tippy caressers feed hot tears
& then the wolves of weebled folk-lovers will swing; & dulling stabby dog-apples read burnt words to monkeries
& the dusts of Mecca scream for Allah's endless cape; & then masks of killers
cry, cry
Oh: this side of a cell, a buzz of spies writhes after green dizzy lemonade laughter- wives sharpen knives
& biddy men bullet for wedded sweated lunar tors....

we slash a shutting heart & spores
scutter....& i hear the robins in the filthy hired oak-trees & i listen to the son of dreams & the veins i will marry will enter under leads
& i will oven-cook all screams
here inside a train of dolphins, i jostle sleeves & a vinyl trade of clasping green dauphins dazzle oats under sides
& whistled men numbers gags & sleaze: Oh, the mien of Leda rides against a swan in a ruined fled folly: La, gin-guns/
o i hear the robins in the filthy soaped trees robbing brains from cedars; & the beds of brens shoot a winter's weed
& the wives of old winters
witness billy cold....

when batty men swig bready bitumen then all songs of lovers will lend old hens to sweaty female friends; & the cities we mother must
draw drips from hospice ochres.....& we go dizzy & we show piety for
hammed halls & prison-claws ....

as the shooted ducts of dusty doors daub a dillly sky, then i will hiss under pissed tribes


we will clad you in a cuckoo-cage oo we will wed you; & thence Life will entertain rage & christ will catch & kill you!

under metal herpes, we jeer after dolled skeins & sex-Hades; & the knolls of hard trees sunder dolled drainns & salt-rabies
O..under metal heels, we peer under dolled beds as dolly babies salt-hang purple modeled slumber
& the brawls of summer shape a bed from a bread brother

undersided, a doll of Dettol heaves hot caked sea-trains; & the sols of gibbons give sleeves pursed telephonic veins
& where once a dog's dud mane smells like rats, then brains
will rot, rot, rot...

trippled under triffle, a tot of pain pomades inside huge Israel; oh, the sons of Idols seize pain, o, the dolls of rivals
scythe screes wherer old steeples rise inside luminous spirals...

under mental herpes, we jeer after
dolted mamma moon..

As as a skunk-lidded ladybird yanks on a city tale then a junk-rider will suck shroudsails & city fuck - Oh.
when once a lady driver cuts closed vales & blue revelries then a junker under green gales
will grit urban teeth...when once a spool of tears jams honeyed sirens, then sleep will wallop kosher eyed gears
& the radio of a deaf world will
suck nylon from salty dun-hills.

as a green mind dream-lights tawny blind razors then bitter seizure-sailed mikes must smell just like a saviour,
& grasped beers will ignite
dolly drowners....

as a spunk-lidded ladybird yanks on a city sail then a cunt-riven she-bird will ram a starling down scurged
blonde bibs & sirens...east of Eden, appled sex-burrs pearl us when keen fire: old fawns us a closure under pyres
& the drags of dunnies skirt-crag piths from oranges & corded beets drink marriages
& eaten easy eyefuls
peer inside outed pissed honeys....

Hoarded Gods have silly words..oh, the birds of Love list listless winged minds where forceps curve &
grey easel genes & blue birds eagle-slam closed slit-shams when suds
scud under useless water..

pealed pinky knickers daughter
dun eyes & fascinating murder...




& judas healed the lost where angels cut the sweet salt-air & jesus cured its cross where daisied sluts combed hairs
& the rose of Man guns after dining holy darkness & the drags of daft sadness
crams star spunk, & the radios of life junk jackers of dogs & multisonous head-screens
O, the dilly dazzlers who dream about cranial wet screams; sally docs with spermy butters: cutters crap on hands &
blue brothers hang gemmed whores under kitchens
O...where naped soft miction smells of veneer then vinal vagina-vases will section all green waxwork dolls...

& Judas healed the lost where
angels finished
bruised gutters.

the deafness of regal cocks sufffer red handed lather: oh, the sadness of seagulls murder green jammed jazzed boys
& the witness to a cell enjoys lamped eyes & heels

the bedded piss of fathers has five legs for a coat, & the luminous soap of glass cuts all windows

as the drilled drugs of girls sweat under weddings then apes suck faked bride-baboons, & the bills of blood-wet men
dreams of fannies..& the deafness of reeling red-clocks drums aside five earring-winds
ah, a base of iron laps rocks & cold kisses crap aside of lithe dead wishes.
` the bad beasts of lovely growl-radio: underneath old owled cowls: Oh, as a sad fleece sees crowds saluting death then grey shrouds
amass xmas-easter faces; & when once a dill of rain laces loud boots to Israel-Ishmael then a bone of blood defaces
eyes under stasis o the boats of breath sink
& the wode of cattle-kinks

don a gay city....

eyes under skies will pity
all neon babies.
the apsis of the winter-killed dreams of kine-cattle: oh, the ideas of metal sun-spills out of a doctored world
& the punched fizz of girls goes around the world

when once sons in prisms lock up an eye of faith then dog-drippers walk sound as a sea's river
rocks under green wives.

the apsis of the winter-killed dreams of Dettol & the tastes of testes stun hillock-heeled sweet haddock-humours
..when once a son inside invidious taped sky-ribbons sweats for brothers
then green killers preen bruised pied cattle.
oh, the cunning cunts of God love a body's male soap-baby; oh, the crying curls of God lends docs to idiot-sex-sleep
& the cats of fanny miners dig for ancient riders Oh,
...when once a bag of rope soaps an easy goat then pinked veins must coat
all female tongues...

& the cunning cunts of carring pugged belled pigs prod ass-wines & the oats of old cold England rub
an original tree of effronted moon-Love


this side of suits, we see kids donning school-rainbows: oh, the hot bums of loots sever skilled used sex-lobes
& the miller in the sky's rose
hears beds turn...when once a seat sweats then sllowed punished ingenious slow-worms send ideal chickens where
blithe brainy push-chaurs
shended fakirs
this side of suits, we hear kids dragging caps from idolators of death's keen hum
& bollocks will use a gun
Gemmed, we loosen
all dogs...

torn from a tortoise, we listen inside abusive missions; oh, the whips of closed closet shells welt shoot drowners
& these blown hills i held drop like a fucking bone.
o when once a bibler's dill dines on darkness, the icy fans will glove ills
& the seas of sadness
wallop all dudes...

torn from a s tortoise, we interfuse men with ladies
& we hire a ward

Ah? i saw hired horses on the stairway; oh, the roared on a vein & the killer ochres of the sun's grave
balls darkness then a boss of sadness star-lays odd city mad fish
& when once rode forces see lips sucking on sex-wrists then a baseless sky-twist
stiches faces dry.

o i wore a false neck as troves tickle a plane-mode; & the kits of war ram slowed town of dinosaurs....

& i saw huge horses on a stairway,- oh, the buds of father
digs aside of danger; & clays
crack just like a dream.
....where once a book of blood sea-hangs eyes & lungs, then love will see a tree of bleeding
o while a smile swims round, we will read a map of blood & then the sins of god's rub
will suckle endlessness.

& the dogs of darkness shove cats from canine heaven & the cods of wards star-grub
after mooned messes...where once a box of gilt blood gets ramped with sex powders
aside of kids & sweet bugs then diddy dobs must cock-club
vast pigs inside mind-chowders...

once above grey mienm, we observed a car fon a fendered dream-street
& these ideal city whorls i must devise will belie bald bellies under penates piss-meat.



o when once we are walled in a manger then the sunshine plays recorder
o when once we are fed to strangers then the star-shine feels disorder; & the kicking shadow of a father
casts a signal crab against the town
oh, when once we are walled in a bathroom-chamber then the sea-sides will sing for augurs
o when once we are fixed to flavas then the moon must sing for warders

a cold signal drake that swims for grey city claws must ring the gallowed nips of dead
bivoaucs of city lead....

we rig an easy frig as a ball of spines bounces against five seas & i will lay us down when old trees
swing for bees & waned minds...

lust as we are, a pitted cell's greed locks priests underneath gay seed-steeds & the wash of Love
weds sweat to dead God's

grimed titan hands..

& gaspers gouge easy eyes & claspers resound for slides & a tocsin seals bells aside
gavellers of reels &, la la la, i see my city driving deals across sugary spine-monkeys
& ghosts rock my cells.

what with these city's heirs we will kill the wall o what with gentians under jewish-genius-cauls
we will raid the Fall; & the stoves of sin dream-light
dogs & old geraniums...

& the drip of dries cocks night & the gulls of evening glisten under blue vine-hems

what with the city's heirs
we will kill tears; & hens
will lay false eggs.

the dilly dates of sex-deaths bury coats: oh, the silly rapes of sex-breath burns oat-scotes
& the bum inside a juice-boat hammers skin found at the bodies
& the doggy cities where soap anoints the papal flower of poping silence gets stroked
with fairy thumbs and clad washes tide aside sex-wicklows, and deadeners coat bled boats
& the dilly dates of sex-wrecks ignite asian burned babies
& the rented fabler of dummy pieties appears drenched under nooks as feeders of doobies
baby-burn the scented church-pets whose sliding christing fans van thinned air for dummies
& the ova of the pierced will ride from salt
o the dolor of a pierced hill estranges dolts
& blue vaults of draggled glass stand prostrate where a winkler flows

when once a bed of soda washes beers away then the cabs of soft clay bury menders under cuniforms
o, the ova of the pierced birthed gal-wiill suck palms as scents
escape from a hall's piss-proud hill; as a thurible of sadness sends grey sacraments to sleep
then a mad mauled meadow will end outside our world; & the cats of meat will grind stone from Man
& attendent body-girls will launch a magazine of margarine; and straw-gulls get spurting carrion
& a starred life lobs pearls studies after ringed flowed flower
made old, we suffer mess
ah, made cold
we listen to Love's desks
& the sides of a woman
dance against rolled decks
as a thurible of sadness sends gay scent to heat then a bad halo will attend
cats under nude light.

o, what now for the lame but eaten guns? o what now for the tame
but dead suns?

the Ingles of crosses calm bud-dust as salt molasses sea-slam odes to oaty sedans
& hectares of wigwams will raid caravans
& ashen razors will
ram red powders

Oh saviours glittered?


the Ingles of lost Easter hit to a flushing bone: lo, the sandals of stone-moans break down old fevers
& when once a tea-tone cries for suppery honey-wax
then bulimic sins may answer back?
...this side of a lute we shelter limes under leas & selves sever when
sauced saviours extend.....
deaths & rivulets will campaign for droolers &, sexed, a silly hill will return to automatic sky
& deniers will snap
drivers of puss-saps

Uh, Uh, Uh dancers dress down Uh, Uh, Uh fathers kiss dizzy Downs Uh Uh
ooooo hymnals use dead gem
& this life is at his end...

whilst hanged from a lunar ribbon we will topple sexy bonnet treacle
o when drammed by life then saline riders of easels will paint love's classroom black

when once a sea of ears cracks kiddy fleas then a fly in a vase must snap
bols & budders...

whilst hanged from lunar ribbons we will muffle pursed pure lips, & we will neck a receiver
& we will phone the snipped
fish of AbeL....

& the dons of learned dung drink from wells of truth & we dine under dark
lissoms where a bald park

sails for tree-combed birded venal chevrion Mummifiers

where once a sea of babies bobs up from a wet grave then the birched socks of eagles will slave
goidelic stations o the bounce of blood must spar-incisor rivers from natrons
...a monkey under fire summons keen clever cages; & the vales of claws
ring lips from basined rages.

where once a book of naves shapes love's blue spun table then the dyes of dillers raise
poked rope from
old thuribles of petted mercy

eyes under dives will stun green-minded harped guns; & the refactories of the dumb

drink a daubed doll dry...

the velvet sky where i learned my name must dictate purhelion: o, & a svelte girl's eye sucks gold
flame; & the kicks of fathered star-limes cuts cured kiosks from balded
city beaks...
when once a bod abed of death has gay tears & tawny trash then a bonce of blub will see mash
drinking devils dry...

oh as a bee of bakers stings wide roe-toed shrouders, then closing bitter riders will hear men
melting under baked scrolls & lissom-shakers will cut eyes
& prison-pelters will nip mulls
the velvet sky where i learned my name must dilate & the cats of pans will hear me

suppering after bad boney bee-reeds.

the sidllers of the slain spiral from blonde bridlers: o, the riders of the rain shoot old nicks & laced lovers
ahh, the bodied blain of a bairnless father will sun-vanish
grey wives of bed-punished
scented candles...

when once a bod of wine has used a false beer then a shaken tide of glass guts a glass with seared
sons & irish feathers
o.. the sidlers of the slain spiral from bound cicada mushed brain-teasers; ah, softening plummed pissers
& a rivallers of the exhumed dead use a sweetening river gun?

& the inhearsed men are rocked to causal rat-deep
carrion crying mirror-sleep..





Jazzed under green-minds a sex-gun-belt of female feathers fans a dog as jacking tines suck a dead comb's
currying sea of hairs.
o, jazzing, we hear a flower vining her way deep, deep down where raisins under towns
strike a scented shower
& the joys of threats cut sidled eyries, & the apiaries of a zoomed slut espy rude rosed families.
jazzed under green-mien a colt of levvies flails inside dark bevvies
& broad buttery salt-stemsdilute rain with hired bed-water?

there is a senseless fun funeral sun-slaving cool funferals whence kind coy when red waiving
reddens barks

& basins of drugs are dappled by lost cars....

tho we are crossed by tissuing incense-maker of natalled pusher scribes
we will bake all scrolls & wallowers of dark death has to dream of men as riders in a death's Ark.q
and, as seashells cry, then a wiccan under wytched carts will swallow invoking city venoms
ah, a case of milk spills tea-things underneath spatial palmists where children play
and wallowers of dark sex have to dig sexy cold-clay; and the wicked wytches of the seasons
abuse sails. the diggers of dolly corn have to arise slaved to body bells whose brolly porn
suppers after starving fatal hospice-news
and a rider on a noose sea-hangs old nudes; & my burnt mental eyes burn up; and, la la, my signal lovers
suck a grey clothed puss-nut; & a wallower of dark deaths has to suck cocoa-flavas, and catty keepers of feline fuck
will stop eating now..

the spiderers of martian webs spin cold truths: with two twixed bared hands, the riders under fatal dregs
swill old lost leads; and a buttered roped bed brags about sex brigands
and a mouse of deaths drapes rats underneath purple city nudes
the eaters of eastern graves serenade a blue-brained father-peacher: la la, a baby made as old as wet-swiped mad slaves
has to measure its cradle with dogsdazed sleuthes
and once upon a mind, eyes burned to death, and once inside clothed jived mines we dug for tried sex
and a golden whore whose headpiece wrecks spunk-decks has to seize a gunner from god's grind
. oo, the spiderers of martian webs spin red-dea'deners with dirtied feeble shampy & sandy sax
and i cast spells from hot huge high windows: oh, as i ring bells i enter into witchery where a wand's swell
cuts a masterer of a pig-evoking dead penis down; and a gun of lice pokes wicca into drawn candler crowns
and a bun of mice sticks a warlock from a shadow, and i cast spells from hot huge sweated sealed head-windows
o, a i ring bells, then i disinvoke blind hell. A baddy of a book-body breaksdown: O, a lady of a babby shakes the towns and
ideal fotal burns snack upon merlin-perms; and eyelids roll for stigmata
and mind-trips curse a bowl of porter
la la la...once upon a statanic fern, a sealed heretic hispid eye-shaven aura heaped de lotus way too high
& this mentos piler of howlig Osirsis-Isis orion has to blink for easy wizard wefts where the suns of wards
and the wands of day point a wiccan raised paw at a radio gibbet
and a radio gibbet hides a poxy rabbit, and mad words are spellled all year
uh uh..

a masoner of a mind-piece has to sear a blithe ocean of mental wytch water and a warlocked tree of skin must fear
all wizeners of legal gizzards: O a mind-doctor's mental caste tears venal raindrops from bees and swept spheres
crash down... and we burn a pentacle and we form stars from pentangles and we wash our hands in moneyed stars and stripes
uh uh ahh....................this eye of hireling pig-troubadours has to blink for queasy pregnant slappers; and puny devil-draws
wander across cane-wards where manxers of kicker knicker-glories come succouring paint with revilers of cokers;

and wanderers of cane-swarmers score teasy devil rhymes.



these soft eyes of a whipped lewd afternoon moon smell just like brain-hives: oh, these brides of naked nippled wives
weep for emptied children, and a ward of mikes in broadcasting glassrooms blind rooms where coded chicken
swallows rude torrid god-faces..O, when once a bread of bytes cuts PC musical reen stasis
then a lovely sex-bud weeps after cruised dreamed laces
but we tie our city shoes where push-on sandals loosen buds with cooked hair
oo, these soft eyes of a whipped nudist pot-naked brassic moon smell just like sugared spies; and we form neat sides
and we catch kindlers with eerie head-guides; and we map a doctor's medical wife
and we cock after a naked cake-christ
oo, the emptiers of the easily shed and gunned crumble after treaters of museums in dining-worlds
and we have failed to eat, and we have fallen from a veiled anorexic garden
.ahhh...two hocked heroes hash after ravens
and blown body-vases outgrabe.
a petted fretted cunt-nest hits a fisted street where a wetted netted cock-crest dangles faces beneath ochres of sleep
and a bench of fires seats fingers under funerals when funny shapers of gaelic verst-awakeners huff voids from deep
succouring brollied hail-heaps and weepers send urbania to fasteners of blurrers and greyers whose manses reap death
...two rocked gardens grasp to mesheers:
cunt-seized-lies and we wave hello to bakewell tyres and we and we hiss across an urban turban of a washed bride
ahhh.. a petted fretted cunt-nest hits the streets of feeling dirty
and a shitted crested sock-press snaps trouser-wines from mashy salt-vinegars
and once upon my mind, i spray becks and my prison falls

wallowers of wheatgerm have to deck bald bones and bunnies.

the master builders of hot dead England must arouse some city bread the fathers of needle-killers may well build tears
and we winch a bed as a sofa under spears shoots guns stone dead: ah, a vase of bone seals cats with ears
and we hear sex in our bedspreads, and when once a bone of brine snaps, then veiny tripper tigers must
send cows to pure dust, and a pig of grease grunts for crust, and a bay of disembodied builders
bends bully bricks with nine bared spidery rancid arachnid as the master builders of hot dead England
must arouse some city plebs; and, ah, once aside a baby, sawn dregs sweep candy eggs from infant sheds
and a bill of fayre
sells bake to gold hair

we have to count aloud the suns of
starry eyes and cosmic Lovers.

i cast a sad spell from a shopped high window. As cusped wizard-wells shoot a poxy dewy-cell-dell
then men on wiccan hands and knees sell spelling wanderers to some dead god's number-blinded petal-pentacles
ah, and witchery is a bunch of shit...ah, and bitchery bangs crosses when lips
read a leprous cancer into a ring of clits
ah ahh..i eat under cured phlegms when street-cars hit veined vans of jack-knifed suellen sodded cold-pips
and a speller in a cellar stretches poxed pits beneath a wall of self-imposed wiccan Downs
i cast a sad spell from a shopped hired window...i entertained the dead with living flowers...
Deaths warm the active lucifuge from a devil-poo-power; and the wives of March
sell god's Rede to a sea-side's naked Arch
ah ahh

we are detectives of satan until the past swallows the evil present...

the rank dizzy sex-smell of the peeing dead drinks to a vast sea-cell; and eyes i have it said that eyes can't shed
too many salt tears; and the summer in a sea-dell swells up, up; and rank fizz fiddlers of fondlers in Hell
slam the eaten brakes upon a sucked nut
...these old halls i stride appear star-stuck, but the giddy valours of endless butt-fuck swaggers around a nut-naked gal-cut
and a supper for a lunch may well inch into lynchers where a washed bell
gets down on soapy ringing knees,
and we will swing the trees..

the rank dizzy sex-smell of the peeling dead cram cunty closed colours around pissed crates of criminal creamy towns
and my little town
hastens a vehicle just for you and me
ah ah...

lidded glassy statues must crumble: gridded gassy suede-shoes must lead lady luck to filling mumbled heads
and a voice of wine
lynches whored hewn neon grime


weedlers of wild cats carry a feline catacomb way back home where blue kittens roam: oh, a perch of fixed fur maintains a hot tail where maimed scruffs
swallow mice with water, and a blithe cat-heart heeds a fox under cuffs..
..weedlers of wild cats carry a feline well-masoned stone way back home when shooed catkin bones build a den of dancers from mats and drones
ahhh five blown lions on a miraculous cliff-claw ideal leopards and easy queen-apple-claws, and we may well observe a may queen's snore
shining purring creamings adown a feline city where wide dogs left sound to a bay of barking, mewling ground
and an otter in a lynx has to stroke war
and a digger inside a pulled star-leopard
hastens to a ring-pulled collar
ahh weedlers of wide cats carry a puma when easy cat-sidlers trip from the moon then trundle back to easy meaty foods
and i feed my petted gal with hot rat-stew and minds melt under bats for certain and an ogre in a kitty fur
abuses arrows where ferine fat-curd weeps from a croft rough-lipped tongue

i saw a false cheetah in an animal theatre peering into tigons and lyons: i saw a fast killer cat-mine digging neon, and i suffered catty limbs
and i preened my lovely lady and i gave my bed to a canine feline baby
...breakers of cat-suiters don a tiger-stiff: raiders of cat-rooters don a ligron kiss: ah, a leaping dream-cat that
sits upon his favourite mat will slap cooled cooked liver and sweet fats

i will scour the kitten fields for lynx-sphinx money: i will crow aside the nude sun where cat-honey jacks a jammy raven with a crow's pawed chest
and eyes in eyes must burn as a street of rats must strangle ferns
scatter kitty oats upon a small death

when pushy pretty world-pussy lets eager furry hands to preen gal-kecks then a cheated cheetah can-can will peck pet pectorals and blue-blind kitten ricks
and we trip from the feline moon
and we trundle inside a wall of wounds
oh curved cats live forever....oh, a cabinet cola face hastens to a fast coca moon: oh, a cabinet under mace sunders mad lunar dunes
and a focal lace fire sunders dreams with waste and, uh, tomato castlers
summon palaces from green fire

these are my mallard days where i use eyes to siren after guarded venal views, and a cabin garden gets sucked under pews, and a daddy diamond
sunders necks then bleeds forever.

o a cabinet cola face hastens to a vast pepsic moon: oh, a cabinet under space sunders sad solar tunes; and a fatal facial summons sex from monsoons
and crazed faeces get eaten..

these are my mallard days where i use eyes to dig for paintings and salads..

the rigs of bacon billowers slap a fast arse: the gigs of beaten gallowers slap a vast mask; and a digger for old glass sunders sindlers with featherers
and a blowing skin gets cut from hymns; and a parent wind washes hands in de devil's evil incest-pass;
and a dog of sin sunders spinneys where the darkness grows.
....these are my mallard days where i use eyes to extemporise the petrol plays of evil girl-snoods, and a soothing spire
ravels into time as daddy fires feed an sex enemy and her petrol-face
and the rigs of bacon billowers snap a cawdor flash-mask



o a cabinet sofa face slashes across a bled girl-flamingo world: oh a scissor in muted space clashes with limbs; and a dogdayed eye-place glows
aside flourishers of blind mace, and milky fatal bone binds dolls to dust as souls get fed to silky domes
and, ah, as fearless fawked drones sunder rivers then salted sky-sloanes must
cum scattering butters across easy feline musk...
the rigs of bacon billowers snap from damask and a nippy on a cold flower sheds chewy titty leaves where a fascinator of livers
launches diggers of powder, and a rhythmic painter pisses across lost riders

eyers of easy wires splay fairy fans as codas come crying at death's flamingo-hall: o, eyers of easy tinted carps cum slamming car-gall; and a deadener mauls
a darknening statue with pacers; and a father to a star-mall sunders dead drawl..

la la, a rigging bridal gown shaves mess clean la la, a digging idle town gets cut up, up, up: O, a daddy moon uses red dreams
to ravel under vines as eyers of easy spires spread angel-tusks: Lo! dolls summon vaginal hermes from a mummy molly and as eyelids cross
then feinters of loss sidle where coded moss gets simply kicked off

la la, a rigging bridal sound shaves songs clean: la la, a digging idol-ground sunders massing murder where a local dream


the starry wintry nights where i live inside christs will hereby sunder riddle-reels: O, a glosser of purple thunder snares a living faith; and a human snare uses old life
to summon dogs to air; and a daddy mask vans keen air for red mice; and a daffy mast
gets burned; and a model class sears lessons from permy body-baker-whisker: eyers of easy spires splay thumbs with hounds
eyers, bugged, deafen as a blinder has to resound in a monkey-buggy-chimp box and greyers in high seasons sunders swarming wastegrounds
and, la la, spies sunder treason and a badgered flower flows as mental tea-flowers shy aside a nude mission

and the starry wintry nights where i listen to clowns must hereby supper for nightlings; and, Lo, blue holidays share cars with scared suckling killings


the ideal hustlers who sunder easy fevers hereby nestle under blues: oh, an ancient face sunders truths: oh an acrid face cuts chopped broods and
fathers to fatalities siren after maladies as slitted gassed swift bird arcana leases veins to granaries
and a bolted bed seasons guns with islands and a vaulted naked fox barks at hired winds; and a baby in a box
cums showering eyes with garlands

eyers of blown husbands scour after rocks eyers of stoned sea-slams ride across scent as a deacon under clocks
glows, just like a mother glows; and an ancient mike sings after dummy docks
and a natal mental saint collides with minted paints
and, oo, as timelessness fascinates ole cock
then easers of splinted bums

carries deaths far west where Mary swings...

these hostels under motel fire use fans for rings these hotels under nuked sapphires scamper with naked sea-choirs
and a focal father feels after murdered hymnals; and, o, as fevers reel
then foetal fingers will seal hands aside quim and a flowery lap cums sundering sap with poppy feed
Oh, a nudist rat slams cats across seed and
Oh, as fatalists ram bats then crooked seasand
sirens after a mazy scream

these hostels under modellers nuke ole slams these motels under fashioners nukes a beller with a killer's closed issuer
and, la la, a daddy kid shoots pigs to death and
slavers of madam pick
savour corneal thumbs with fatal mother lips

O, a coded coda cry craps across blue ships O, a loaded sofa wife slappers across masked rites
and we weevil after musak and we sear mirrors with pikes
and we scatter sculleries against shit lights

these devilishly dirty dames who bend must send trillers to maimed wet-sleep: Men must don dragglers
and a closing figgler must send sweat-hens
to claspers
Uh Uh END?


these are my mallard days when i believe in hired waters; o, these are my winged days and, once maced, a vase of venal flies must sleep for doctors
and, once faced, a glass of lives must surely interfuse a rainbow with fast fat faced infanticides; and there is a mountain at my window
and there is a killer's fat cat preening blue crowns; and a cavvy christ caresses mills with weightlessness and a savvy light
gets cut from blown cock-mice

these are my mallard days when i relive god's daughters: oh, these are my winged claves and, once mitred, my hands seen in caves
will surely sunder me and impassable unencumbered bees sting across trees, and men and impossible river beads
get glowered aside daddies and matrial moon-leas

these are my mallard days when i relieve life's nests & these are my washing days; and me and oceanic budder boys dream of feline nets
and me and conical butter boys cream for a looted eagle-circus
and a boner in booted seeds bags a big popper with sacred dials where straight birds sleep then win.

o a coded coda cavvy crusades for spind winds as piggers pee along shorn sties and, mind-gabled, a bended storm sunders cold England
and, mammy-mined, a spade scrams digs for glass and, oo, as we ride to county sleep
then we sunder idle bibles with celtic welsh-wheat

Ahh, these are my mallard days when i send cat-meat to impassable feline-canine mind-heat: Ahh, these are my salad teas when i feed bat-meat to
cornices and carnival heart-sleep and a budding sky-valve startles a rattler as blues
widen boats under carters and sad cattler lubes


the dramatisers of daddy vinegars loosen minds with rain oh, fascinators of lady kindlers snap across naved babby; and a hotel in a plumed brain
comes to sunder dog-data from caddis and, star-shaved, a batter in sea-harness summons serial cervixes to blown flowers where diamonds
supper after candlers , -O, canny curved cave-christs walk aside warders when sex-grog-grain bedazzles mazy armies with sandlers
and canners of cannibols shade a director of dirt inside hahy lays as canned mien-salt-dolls shoot venereal fathers stone dead
and a bleeder of blue fever sends blonde men to slayed mental findlers
and, once nuked, a baby under brens bounces across rain
and bald rain cuts the space we tread?

ahh as manx flesh forms fans from screeners then boas will most certainly set alight to a slaughtered bower; and a latent moth, car-crossed,
shudders for lost apiaries and a wicked wound seeps cottages; and a wicked tomb reaps hostages; O, as manx flour
drips a bun from villages then gladers of de hour launch lunch across cobras
and, la la la, a jaw-jacking vaulted sea-lion snips a colic rider from old colted bead-irons; O, motors cum scattering malt seed across piers
and, scuttering, volumous crisscrossed grey tears shoot saline rocks from revenues of false fears
ahh as manx mess forms vans from screamers then dolts
will most certainly shoot a carrot mien o-la, dated familiies rout a parrot when aged dead bolts
clap a caser inside blown baby
and, where labia stinks of a sweet pox, then a darted ruby
may well slide across a lanced lace-floor
the tawny bastard sun-stream that leered inside my window is hereby assaulted by massive straps and, easily sent to die, a student of traps meshes with widows
and a dizzy cat-canteen corrodes till sex gets stormed..oo a ladener of fierce timbers glowers from a painted moth
oo a reasoner, gobbed, simmer when summers burn and a candy cloth carries carrion to moss; and a treater on her side
sets fire to hilled perms

tawny bastard men star-cream as a noonish moon-sky gives bright head to dovetailed mushrooms and, la la, a bed at sea tramples teeners across wide
wolven sugar-hair and eaters of ingenious jammers glamorise fast thighs
and wynchers, car-caped, sunder ancient eye-tides
with wickedness and easy lies.
lifters of lousy lob lolly men hem pickers aside rose-hives drifters, danglered, shoot holly ripplers with mad scythes..o, a camphored dammy christ
hereby riflles after money lice and a caged cartoon swells up, up: ooh a violet stone gets blown across ole finger-dice
and a trampling mast gets fed to magic masks
..o-la, these are my mallard days where i will defy all vast and venal glassrooms: o-la, these are my mastiff days where i will deny
all vast and venereal cartoons; and a capping candle-cocoon leases dogs to blithe lovely bobbing bracelets
oo a sizzlered heart-heap hollows dust with wide weepy mill-tithes; and a nudish fart-fleet wallows under seasawn prides
and a looter of cunt-sleep
sunders dabby drivers with paved nets and blue meats

as waders underwatered by splayed spades and sleep come thundering after bled sheets and PI-Ides then a dallied sparrow shits along a nest of blithe
blonded bud-bone and, lug-maced, a drabbler of blouse-stone
cascades where a dyer of nettles moves home to
a nude space where patent parent-painters soothe
cardial koda chromes...



the cat nearby fetches a teabag from a kitchen bin: the tramp found in ditches lambasts cosmic bats with candled naked begged skin
and an automatic rainbow clambers from weird waves and an instamatic crow caws at city plays
and, sold to infancy, a heaver of naves sky-slow
cocaine bowed butters with an indigo sideshow




couplers, stranded, idolise a mute face that god treads: musclers, studded, extend suits under bony british pain,
and, oo, once seen dead, a mutant face that love treads will smoke up then stain
all lusted thumb-drivers

couplers, stranded, idolise a routed bed; O, bed rocks the cardial sleep-world and, lashed by tasty sleep-girls,
we summon ashen wives from easy pearl-curls and, la la, a station in ten waves
gets fed to trains as easy graves

feed pleb-glass.

once i saw a sad world made cheerful with tears: oh, once i observed the mad, and, these dead days where asylums use spheres
must send laddies to closed cabs....once i saw a sad girl made cheerful by old tears,
and we observe the photograph and we conserve a sea of masques
and, la la, eyers of shrillers must pay for

killer graphs

o, we extemporise a moonless sea: o, we rend chilled minds; and, car-loaded, rocketers with bees use honeys for queeny wine
and a dumb dollar pays for timed british money
.o, we extemporise a moonlit tree: o, we send rivers to soft shows, and an eater of fountains
will surrender cars to ole fountains

as easy valved vulva sovereigns breakdown then evil herons will seize de towns with vacant scissor-snips: crowns
abuse all seed...& these are my mallard days these are my lasting poet trades and, oo, as i lead cats to water
then deniers use dogs for doctors;
and an easy devil dances under catty fiddler-angels

these are my mallard days...these are my endless days when i spend all poet-times sleeping
and eyers have to scream?

o, we extemporise mamma..o, we rend treetops: and assaulted fields use mana to wash defiances down
across raining mind-Downs

la la, nylon hordes abuse sad recusant heroes: and a daddy moor sounds a bleeder of a yoyo;
and riders under ponchos

strip doom deniers bare and, skinned, baiters snare sharing english oats;
and riders rend blue rope


trendlessness, scuddering, shoots a hollow headpiece wound: oh, endlessness, shuddering, gets sunk aside lost rooms
and a daddy fire uses tonsils for shavers when a dragoner, cuddling, breathes false fire
la la, a dazzler, rubbing leas, must use fire to serve ogres to dashed glasses
and nameless bunnies, rasped, dons lubes

o, seagulls, agers and colostemies sky-screw old gilded Aladdin with buzzy british sleuths,and, once above a mind, ladies
came quivering; and, opening, staring limbs get clasped in a garden of demure pure shouldering devil soul.
o, trendlessness, thundering, shoots a gallow-ground as matrices, wondering, coop cats in a goofy mind-cage
and, la la, drivers of age dream as a drive-in
comes swallowing english kinematics


the evil easers of deadeners will send dogs to sleep: la la, eateries, drugged, glow as eats get reaped from
forking knifelings; and a faceless friend writes till the utmost end when evil blue garlands acede to a nude sperm-ceiling;
and we danced in the dark and we sat aside a lost park
and, O, lacers of drives revv midnight engines

o, seagulls, agers, colostomies dream of surgeons: o, regal starvers of ancient seas cum crying for acrid blue-beads,
and, hooded, an evil christ skewers grey breeds and, la la, i have seen conservers of fay steeds
star-crumbling where paddocks wedge dressless dressage under focal human heads

the evil easers of beckoners will send dogs in heat to daffy halls where moon-crashing heart-hound-sleep goes swingeing across heaven's
beaten breast-nests; O, meat gets tied down devil-legs and, spied, a neon dilly bed sees feline dregs
come scattering blues all over the world

o, seagulls, agers, colostomies dream of spurgeons, and, once upon a mine, a miner for cold
sees razor-guns shooting a jazzer ..o, regals, riders, cemeteries scream for ladders; and bone-mice shake where women shiver: Adders
saddle de magi, and a magnet in de sun glitters in closed folds



magazines, sex-used, summon groans from fast daddy: sapphic screens, noosed, get horribly exorcised by a sea of dummies
and a sawing bed at sea gets moved for cabbies...La La, we hiss as we work..La La, we piss across hurt
and we idolise blue pain as a pinking grey skirtfalls from a female wreck; o, and we fondle evil kecks
then shovelers of seagulls must dab after dirt

magazines, sex-used, summon scones for mummy sapphics, car-spewed, come carrying marriers to a green defaces
babby billboard and we will strum blonde guitars and we hum; and, Oh, miraculous dressers
send babby-seats to self-soil

o, seagulls, agers, colostemies draggles for a daggerer of demure decorous winter-scars; o, eagled starred smilers
use a markerson for a killer; and coded Mars

down; and my dirty town raises red countries.

hese are my telephonic age where in will layer cells upside down; o, these are my radiophonics, and these are the labelled minds my heart feels;
and, o, when faces change then waters under mind-drains drink to veins

these are my walking days where eyes drill for a new impossible town; and me and a sad whore got sawn away on a murdered blue saturday;
and, weevilled, suns use bent slaughterers for
a massive meaty hillside...oh, these are my digital DVD mobile celled days where i swell up, up, across a stark raging mad opened home-bell
and, oozing, drapers of hearts don a dew-bell with demure decorous crossed teeth; and, o, we tease heaven's cross where dells
cup defectives with twinning titties: wells

get slashering until fathers give bed to sleep.

Oh. What with spider-blood on gilded bridges a sunner of biters may well star-stun all lovers; Oh as deadened cellar gets pinched by concrete ridges
then a holy god-cat arises from mystical mind-delving brain-fires..
what with spiderers, gummed, sussing a dyer of daisy-dairies, a swelling funeral pyre prises; and, la la, a drifting sea-well
gets glowing under rosettes and tyres Oh, once upon a false gun, my fire
got welted in villages

and these are my mustard days when bastardisers cry for killers of maskmen; and these are my bastardising days, and these are the vans i give to bridges
and, Uh, when city phantoms cross dust
with pecked petrels, then de scissor-seas will surely lust
after ladeners of vines and soft school-stencils..
what with spider-bloods on gilded ridges a wintry star under mud-buds will surrender dolts to easing gold sedges
and we widen after vaults
and we widen after colts
and we harden heaven's sex with mires

Oh, a patient pulley planet uses granites to sunder gassing parrots with magnets..Oh, a latent bully dragnet uses gannets to sunder lashing rivets with burnt hands
and the weeping dead get mashed under bed-bread
and the sleeping dead get trashed where, under wine, topers
don devilry

eternally (forevermore).


what with spider-blood in dead villages
a natal unnatural body-hunt
must get wizened
and, lo, all the plants men plowed will
surrender ballerinas to mean spunk

La La La


a parabola of a mind-mixer shares rain with ice: ah, a rude writher gets fed to summers as wintry lungs under fevers spit j christs
and a baddener, bolted, gets frozen under sphincters: o, once upon a mind, mentalisms made a summer from a martian mood
and then a sea in space got scratching after jazzy jacketers of wave-hoods

a parabola of a mind-mixer shares rain with lice ah, ticks under rivers get fed to fled fleas and men and madam moggy will feed upon bees
and skin and master daddy
will most certainly suffuse bloods with stasis

and, o, once upon a heart, a father to maces gets smashed aside ole poetry and, o, once inside a heart, a mother to teas
gets reeling in the far East and, la la, we gather up the teas and, o-la, we serve a sweet cup to ladies

a parabola of a mind-mixer shares rain with christs ah, a fast rude soldier codifies ballet-fires with coded cobra; and, oo,
when once a spire asleep arises from a struck sky, then honey under dust gets fed to bunches
and, lasered, colourers under lunches
give head to bad bitches

and, o, once above a heart and mind, wytches enrish venal lips with a ragwitch road; and, La, as natal navellers nip love's knickers then
naked pyre-men will knock at hell's backdoor


the magical heron held in twinned lakeside towns must rock the dead with meandering fly-dreams: oh, magestical hymens drag dirt for bands
and as mad musics play then dolorous mystics dance as they pray

the magical heron held in twining sands must roast a daddy-dawg mined mind; oh, coded cancers supper after nudes when
easterly arousing veined nodes dress down as rich gals go naked as toads

the magical heron held in rivery spinneys loads a laden moistener with a quietus of boat-jams; and a candid candifier rapes a biscuit
and, lo, when emergent snakes cut edams then fotal razors in a hispid jungle use robes
to clad pinioners with parted teeth

metallers of wormed widowers widen for ashen taped worm-meat-sailors; Oh, petallers of spermed windowers wage war
and a husband on a hired cliff gets sundering aside bathsheba and lemon tipsy loosed lippies
and metallers of wormed petitioners widen for ashen wicked eyes
o, a latent trip truckles when a candle-stores drop devils into drop-tanks;
and, once, as a city of flies got town-walled,
then daddy satan

had to drop across
a hideous horse that rode a cocked horse
under blown blades and grass-rooms

these are my mallard days...these are my final poem-days: ah, a siren moon-sign serves Banquo to the ghosts of model-Spain
oo a shadow in an angel dapples easy rainbows with with bunkers of bruisers and easy swarmed champagnes
oo, these are my mallard days...these are my final verse-games: O, hot and cold trainsget noosed to trainyards
and a sexed car must crusade for collisions; and, oo, when faces change
then a devilry of sweet pain
carry a carrion coverlet to a comforting mask-lynched blade-brain; and, oo, as carrion comfort stops
then an ole grey kingfisher will catch cots smiling for firey winged march-babies

these are my mallard days...these are my ultimate shaken poetry days: and me and madam macadam
loosen pavementers with dollars and english shakespeare pay.




brawling now, laird judas and his evil jammed noose gets paraded under spoolers bolts and crooked iron
la, sprawling now, laird jesus and a crossed daughters will pray now for baptismal warders
o fallen, eyelidded bible-boasts scatter venal slaughters across renal christening graped tapestries;
and a gull at sea uses baths for granaries
..falling now, madam mary got her lesbian prayer from a kindling eastern poem-swan, and a burning bleeded Leda-swan
cusses criers with hooded mary-mums
and, oo, once upon god's mind, a fatal kisser don must eye blinded mind-sky childish holy deafness

ah, dirtyers of intown boys must drip-dry the killed: ah, dirtyers of downtown boys will come to in a sealed room,
and the fathers of red sky sunders shops with erectional pissers and trippers: ah common stainers, slammed, listen to kids
ah sullen raiders, rammed, caress killer pigs, and flavourers of salted trams leap under coaches and lead defiers to tombs

and these are my mallard days and these are my final poem-days: as we quicken then we learn about fasteners
and these are my mallard days and these are my final versing days...La, a captive of a pushed heart
laps a cumin cart from a vaginal glaze...ah dirtyers of intown boys must strip-slide for a dippy dangerous cat-ward
ah riveners of uptown boys must abuse hair-grease with tities and hordes and, once pulsed, i will learn of tragedies
and, once whored, i will study all families

and these are my mallard days
and these are my final poet-days?
and these are my final poem-days

and i will hereby scale a poet-tree and i leave my heads aside poem plenuries; and a spatterer of pure lies dresses daffy
dogs upsidedown inside a wet town where reapers of vaginal enmeties peer inside a bardic fanny-nest

la ah, there is a song of la, there is a singer in loud tears: skin-air saunters after shrapnelers
and burny blabberers, wafered, uses labia to sample lily-leafies
from a cocoa club in a lovely juicery; and these are my final poem-days, and i will hereby scale a poet-tree
and i shall attend my own grave with knees
come grained in bubble-bruises
and i shall sing until death's daze is done
Inside this bleak office, we were readied with Melodious paperwork: O, and the shied apple I hurl at hissed
Nude windows Hits the dust and dies.
O, fierce tides pass. Then, one blurred day, We see a desolate tattered sanded moon, And, never now until four winds
Have written poems for Genius Will cold men share heinous claves with
Hot boards and bibbed bins.

The years yanked me westward: O, the tears rankled after yapping yob, And the teeny tears of soft front-room
Heat hatred in a cocoa pan. I will never escape bright peace, and I won’t Ensupper dates with fruity bunny dreams
And, when closed, a cool net of vans Sources skies with signa renal bed-signums.
As a local soldier disappears, then hands Must clasp together.

She swings had jammed bag. Local fathers swarm Sotto spaces, And dweebs dig love’s banged storms.
This erse is born from children. Foetal fellas form Undulating waves where
Xmas under Easter hangs silence from
Pugs and Britain.

Cheap, easy wandering lies hang around Mad forgotten xmas-easter towns And, crept from candles, a stairway surrounds
A city’s Perspex And a rose underneath shot rails must Cut forgotten smiles with a skinned sussed
Tear-expansive reject. Creased up butcheries crave meaty dust, Deceased sluts
Die where simple whored lust Raps on history’s knuckles. Hatred for a killer gets up love’s faces
And keen dogs bark Amen!

O come under naked trains, we heard a loud girl Succouring her own fast-travelled murder and As an edible green law
Cuts vegetates from corridors, then rude worlds May well doctor danged drugs and cat-crammed
Fierce bolts of hail.
Every single day, I always knew about us And the sun against our livid skeins cuts swelled dust; And the sadness of love lives in a
Poet’s tree where closed kind lust Delves for naked sails. Oh, let this be the swift and sotted answer
For laden dips and dogs: Lo, let the answer to the vacant dead Run cities out of bed. Uh, false cred
Embitters gaoled gilt minds; And we cum under naked flat trains.


O men in female minds must forever Seek out hairy sex weather. The pinion in a fast pile Drinks from debs as drooled dunned bad flavour
Sees things where more impassable city Lords,
Awake, awake. An agnostic daughter will dazzle after God, A sex-vivid doctor will cut God. Where rain guts heaven’s impossible face.
I dare not expend a keen life, but I will shape Sad deaths from idle waters; and the space I take
Digs daffodils for drunken vines. This very night to come, eyes must city-cape
Dolled trains and careering buses And, ah, we will travel under buses
And never dream again of god
Ah- god’s an Ape?

A crux of a funereal min star-lights roads to Sex punishment- A dolt in a dram shoots sexed sleuths And, itemised by a glans, a penile fist
Knocks on heaven’s forever forgotten kiss. Bad giant fields appear lost in dirt, and old mist Mangles bad birds with
Naughty night-long shadowy sluicing scent And the carriage in a timed cradle
Rocks a rose with sweetening kids. As a nuance of verbal pepper pees on pigs
Then pugged petalled cunt trees
Will drag a net around an earth of red fleas.


My true bared bald hands, when utterly incompetent Cuts a crushy car from Blorted vans and engine-spent Fallen flyways where five eager guns
Feed twelve fairy thumbs
Inside blown bonnets and driven scent
..A bluesy blithe lady lavender perfumes a son’s Keen farewell to a lost baby, and, cock-spent, Bruising avenues of senseless drums
Hires fierce thrummed inconsequent Loaded labile toothed
Horsed humdrum haltered heebeejeebees...A creepy bare-bosomed countess in a city town snaps Solvent urbane cruises, and eyes under bodies
Interfuse fast language with the diddies
Of pain-wards....Outside, when I hear a hydrant crash, then daddies Appear defective in dilating dreams,
Far down, when I peer into wept ash, then mammies Star-bind bed things within
Prisoning pushing porn-cars. O see how the loaded dead
Marry whips to wynds.....END..

What with windmills flowing under bivouacs of prayer, We will surely notice grey houses under fear; And true roads cure cars with caravans and, o,
When once we consider our true English martyrs Then genoas under feathers will
Suffer a slighted sea of punches … and eyes glow like killed
clever illness.

Ah, what with pulsed peeled tentacles Avulsing passion and pain, you and I will Lean inside a spoiled street
And counter-attract
Giddy tarmac.

Oh we searched under moonlight, clambering too high And, sundered, our ocean kite died. The mean blast of wind-slipped pools found our eyes
Eager to bleed and writhe.

Through shunted sired blue fields, we caught out All well-read lovers who kissed for droughts And none of us, even if dead, understood the drive
For dills and diamonds.

O music scantified our sanctified allegiance to thought And then skifflers scythed
Cut ritualised teacher wives.

O and we curled up inside an abandoned dreaming suicide, Corn-yellowed, ghosted by rapes and fierce forced skies,
Just like a pewter tree, we axed taught iron when Ebonies strike ivories from
Rivers and guns...Curled deep down inside a snotty knotted night-dress, I Will summon a sound of sexy water
To swing under drips and clasped eyes
O, when once inside a mind, a trilled tale was told
Old men supped snappers from
huts and larders.

And an ionic shirking bed of beads Bangs clamorous catted corn dolls from fields of reeds And, when one wretching for closed keys,
Then jeerily joking by, a night-lit killer rides from Cited eagerly eaten spot-lipped salt guns.
..Where the silence of the local church gabs from Renascence darts, then shabbiness under milk-teas
Broil fished baits where Ponte Vecchios butter A tawny teased tubed tongue,
And, o, as blown apart as true witches,
Male venuses vaunt after Florence and old suns.

O, underneath a Chinese sky, the sold saviour
Bustles after beer and star-layers
You and me.



When thunderheads spiral into space, then a wild drome Is nailed into a church-chidden city,- To move, a masking venus will suck naves from
Bound sloth and sleep...Trilled trees dip laxative leaves inside a rancid gun
And starry silver men scatter a swelled sun
Against luminaries and liquid statues.
..Mean groom, jeered doom, sex-seasoning willows Weep for reeling star-releasing weights of Smirking cunt grapes
And a stagnant dilly doper’s encounter with Robbed rocky headaches Stops where startling summer
Appears dammed
Under rockeries and schooled thunder.

A sudden statement inside litter-ridden, mind-strewn Spraying, vast and nude-arsed, Mudland men sit astride a pup-bound wasted
City mask And, faded into fingers, we eat up rheumed Rods and cones
And, o, when closed eyes float to sleep, then Transfixing fiery mind-moans Ride a motorway where a scissor under ken
Tracks all mown men down And, once frenched, then a caring cunt-clown
Grips giddy gills where closed caverns crown
Endlessness.A rose-masted Venus holds a slide to a messed Mentalising nudies And wedded wights whip weaved death
And smittles under laired cock-crests
Drop a calmed candle in a cave of
Baited buttered bodies.

O gone to pure ugliness now, evening chanters slug
Brigs and ashes.

All Allusive Immense and bustling mini men Suffer the dear and droned. All Massive, Intended and interned women
Suffer the seared and loaned
uh,- Columns underneath Crazy vamping temples rend Masted venuses
And All kids who understand Bacchus Appear to overpower Jupiter and Mercury where
Old lamps swing in a gentleman’s chair….
Irreligious, perhaps, or else fed to Moon vixens, You and I will come to tear Teenaged fish
And a mummy colossus Cuts Religious pagan pled puts when
Sex plies for cabby crab women

‘Are we near home now?’

O all male light is negative – Eyes have sown tears where empty sedatives Paint luminous shadow with tree-trekked mind relatives.
..The sired soul with cede will smack ghosts inside papers - Eyes have thrown tears when empty expletives
Paint illumined kneeled fallows with sea-decked heart palatives And, wound in willows, we hear the fierce sun turn
Westward, where a shrill scraper hazes up in burned
Hills and wine-negatives...Where a pliant foetus in a sad rill rots and stops,
Then blenched bridled beer brides
Sup cocky cocoa.

And, pushed in a plod pram, a strange girl lost has walked Inside a faceless pool where confinement’s coda stalks
Sowed shone illegitimate estranging orbs in another mind, perhaps, we would plod for scented lunches when the depths of school war
slivered across a keen lunar stalk and we will perhaps try to cry
and, o, as we hear a cry of death riding deep, deep inside
a schooled town where elderly kids arise from out learned tributaries and moody messed haired lies
and a bruising gift of a slag
crunches on gamed bagged bully brass men
The prisoner within is hugging our student memories As if teach-possessed by sucked spongiform blow-Flies and custards
And the local focal fascists who preach booked bastards Will surely rock for never-forgotten-cane
And, lo, we hear a hollow school bell Knelling in our tears where shone shoes and bad brains
Build us a bricking in of the boiling And, uh, as first thirsty frenched kissers cram swelled
Uniformed echoers
Then dizzy wide whiteboards smarten verse-veiled
Musical mathematics And we are shaped from a dumb earth where
Indolent spastic’s dinner spoons
Rock and rock deep inside a kidded classroom...

What with lies and damned lies and then autistics
Weebling their dumb way to coded school city, gymnastics
Drifts across empty grey emptying rooms,
With thinking ghosts confabulating inside private pupil’s sadness..

Someday, too soon perhaps, the myslexic in her poet tower Will come kill our poet tree deviously?
Or is it more perhaps that bookish lime-tree bowers cut all keen trees down?
...I will chase after children on bared school stairs...I will tutor-chase all of us, Back home, when
The distant local past of keen staffed women Shoot sperm-chalk
And keen staffed tutored gold men Play happy as pulled staff stalk Educative missiles
And the footers that shoot sacked lies
Snap a darkening field of Caged taughtened teachings
And boggy blues stab shoed mind-mitching
Wide joys.


All too cold to suffer the punishments of Ghastly gob, we walk inside sleep as river gods Suck steel from our concrete devise, and, o, as gods
Darken, then sparkling seraphic bods Shaft tarry self-sex down a tree of dogs.
O, the star-spilt subways where we made our salt mire Shafts down ten pence as a placid mind
Decays into coals and Atlantic coke-grimed Gulls and mined wine
And, when shudderingly inhaled, a peeling fag
Infuses puffed laurels with coaxed cigar drag…

Unfounded, we suckle ironed draining-boards when Peering stucco windows Appear as if dunged from windy whipper meadows

Bedded by bulldozers, danger, subvention and delusions Take speech from skin
And thrill-entreat dumbed dogs and illusions

Voila! Viol! La Rambla?...

O, ma mary was weeping while Earth and damp sponged away a son’s Keen cruel smile, And the dead chose to awake where guns
Shot sculpted sundials...So much appeared vague now, and sense Reeled under love’s thumb
And the lazed gods of the dead welcomed Sniped air where Infinite light slapped lightning
Inside a blue world.

Mad ma mary chose to cry for dead Masters But jesus was born where god Played for naked dreams…
O, If we might touch the hand that love
Shaped for us, then we would surely
Arise ..
..And I had seen death before me Never watching the oblivious dark, Have never sat for too many hours Hearing the hovel of my dreamt heart
Keeping hold to gilt rain -.. O, your spirit appears pained..Ah, you seem filled by
Childlike pain and fuelled sea grain.

Infirmed by skin, we are born to Awake to sins in high season; But we shall awake to find Love’s tears raving under
Chinked nerves and father’s
Endless drawl.

There is a glib scene etched upon my mind - As ruled agony shakes me, then timed Sea cities Ram dusts against suns and sedges
And the darting dogs of law
While keeping hold to two sliced hands, Eyes drink themselves inside
Lammed tears, and fields under clams
Suck ferine oysters
And dizziness under papers neuters
Painted penile plumes
As we are entering a dreamt burned kingdom
Then we will play killed.

Where loadstars level loss against keen grief Then an acquisition of pharaohs fathers Men and ridden horn-meat
And, lo, when once a killer pride rots a lover Then pierced pyramidal pantheons weep after
Feathered teds and cum-washed laughter
..O- a cantering colossus carries Knifed knaves where bodies Burrow lodestars within pivoting puled
Blades and spooled
Onion daisies
Endless kindlers forego All fierce remissions as kindlers inside holy clasped rooms lay waste to American stools.

When the tenacity of a cunt-slid conjuror Casts sweet gal-spells under magical labile conquerors
Then an illusive sea of wands Rams honey into rabbits; and a rat in stoved hat has sunderers
laying waste to doves and split spelt gateways.

Today’s agony appears too deep to name - O, I heard my own name But heard a murderer on my name
And where mean gods of pinked pain Penetrated my bat-tired mind, then
Startling magical memories Appear edwasted by illusory blood-red sun traffic…
ah, there is a constant struggler in this framed Poem farm; And poetry sometimes swells like
A fabled faceless moon-magic
And Magwitch sups a sea of light.



Even now, I can taste the emptied street O, when under vows, I can taste sea in waived town-heaps
And the neural nebula which corrupts Delves mental thrones for sea sluts.
O, this side of an ironed old city, nuts Crack against a seaside, And the instant gods of words stammer, and buts
Crack mons-cravers..
Riven inside grey ash-weeping eyes, I Shovel shriven sailed salt where Charged pewter peed prayers
Dig hands into
Evenly spaced colour true.

, does dust dream for
Sneezed whores
And does real life suck wards?

Bulldozed to the very bone, timed paralysers nebulise Nailed salt clinkers, And hulled by domed fathers, we may suffer
Puled pillows and easy rites..A lifetime of sonnets rocks lithe generations where Ladied lazy latter-day scrive-
Dams horsed laverocks spring from Ignited claved rockeries-
Tubular screened headaches Mould mouthers where guns
Sex-session cum-stemmed masted mind rapes
. o

Now, suddenly banished, urban dove-drakes Shop seabirds for Endless thieving boat-warded heron-rizla lakes.
Oh, that time when I chose to clamber after faded beeches Then I witnessed a sylvan shot gun,
Oh, I saw bled sliced bread tracing tops where red suns Rode from east to west And, sold to soft deaths, I chose to slam a dumb
Leery city where a jambled jump of war
Lent beds to slept deaths.

The bared sun-bedded spirit of a loud moon Served a sexy liege to a lunar star-spoon And, inside gentle riches, parabolas of pores
Pealed green picky moss from lying, benedictives, And, As mobbed mates
Swim idle cobwebs around a heavy lake Then the Sun will be burned
Out And the sheltering brain Will spin like a female sonar babe.

O the night I chose to climb my window-sill I saw a slivery lob-lobed tricolour star Crying, and the families of mazy debs will
Shatter, Just like a soft bell.

O did it have to hurt just the way it did When we appeared departed from Heaven’s blue branches- are we now lit where
Half-senseless poems read songs to pulpits, And did we ever suffer the sun?
And did we ever suck love’s gum? Or what was it we never said?
..Of mental witches, I shape our silent earth’s Pungent world pool where Mystery pomades innocent bulled prayers
Annals of thunder may well stare Deeply down
Inside a hollow endless town

Three red rooks slide inside a moon-wreck And rush against violence in a galley: Oh, two loud lashed sparrows peck against
Mauve valleys And a woodpecker lammers
A masted Venus where shells swirl by…

Endless winged acrid revenues send paints High up where widening window-feints Cruise across
Bled bannering brusque burlesques And, ah, notices of transverse tears Drop a lunged pool in a cured curved cross.

Oh, laird golden lairdy Byron, - why was thy easy gouty sex-hemmed death Drowned under percy's drowned fishy sex breath?

Inside limbo, dog eyed veins lead us to Limitless nothingness -..What with stone transepts shaping
Blurred blorted beaky endlessness, then blued Bed and board: Drives due West where the huntress of screws
Touches treacle
And love’s Caucasian funeral
Traps capped sea rats where nudes
All giddy men.


as gobblers gripe after gaolers then a sunny sea-drum wave-rams dykes beneath weavers of night and day.
Druggers of a money helix hip to a grid when clays crashdown; and a bell in a stream flow under braids
and a hashy whored fence wets tears with tea-trays
as gobbers gripe after gaolers, a moony of a mind has to surely break-up; and a donny inside a mind
heltera after suet as a dunny diggy drive car-climbs fiercely upon thinned air. O, a van of eyes here grinds
welters of wicked reason; and mad maled folks fin

blonde streets awaiting a strange sun and her skin
as gobbers of gripe use a mike, then holed wed sin spins around hot heaven's limbo. Death heats sins
Darkness screws sin. Sadness bends down. Uh
hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell. a slicer of porn seems clean-shaven. O, bells
ring for rimmers of creams as a soft head wells deep down inside a fixed creature; and a old cells
snap nails around lives as a prison in a blind well lead memories to waxers of wind-heated citadels

hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell. a saddler appears killed. Old ponies peal felts
and a bound boned boy-baker bakes meat milks, and dirtiers of darkness dazzle razzlers with pelts.
Slaying lazy dancers melt into snow. Green silks
as lobbers of gripe use a night-light, then fins fish after sweet watered bonny carps; and spin sins
slice a rider from potato-slaughterers; and cold minge mops a tomato soap-sud with a papered hinge
blonde streets sing for a dying estranged gun
..the street parties of the silver dead drags a cake for a dinner of bodies; and a rider's bed dreams of war
o street parties under mind-mirrors melt under paws and we celebrate drinks as a holder of a hot maw
lays jubilee tables for kinks; and a rider of a bevvy tea-bakes stables. Ah, once a blind day, cherries
lay easy waste to rattlers. And deaths eat berries
as bobbers of gripe use a night-light, then whores have to ply for pints of spite; and a wived old ward
rams hospice heights down pikes. Uh, coded doors open out on a strange sun as a lady under shut stores
supper for dirty privates. O, a naked father snores.
Dark lubber bait eyelets. Sex molds fucking gore
and we burn, burn as we turn, turn..!!!
.....hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell: Rifflers of porn sever gas as matrial bell-cells
rock a cocked gun. O, a bed of ash hits dells and bled walls scream where homes in hills
hip to a castle-beat; and castlers cry in mills
and hell is borne from drills as hell is saved
as bobbers of gripe use a night-life, graves gives risen caked head to a loaf inside glades;
and we hear the sun come up in a hot sky's dirtied burning fish-eyes La, La. easy old dives
drop from out rain. Ah, a bolted beast brides rolled dust; and we marry Mars as red lives
sink god's goat penis inside a bowl of knives
O.. carriages of splendid horse-marriages ride upon an old brutal bride-train
O.. sad cardial sausages grind down bled meaty scalp-stains: deadliness becomes us and honey under stains
shutters a vased vibe with old rockets; and eyes leap to a deaf-blind beat when odes to blue skies
supper for dinner gals whose easy breakfast rises under coded mummies. Ah, closed masks
crap for masquerades when dollies in the past
are in the fathered cloths of gollies and grey hasps

carriages of marriages ride upon an odd open train: O, bad cordal horses grind pepper ponies. Veins
truckle into candle times as a bled clock inside a brain hits aside the quarter-hour. Ah, moistures stain
blonde toilets with hot and cold champagne, and easy piggers of picklers strike plugs from sands
O. Easter eateries dull xmas with easing woman
and we ride from spinneys as a canine hand

rocks a robed gun; and rifled cunt-lungs dam a babby booker with rubbery brig-hands; and car can for
streets of dirt where a vanner of stars hears war whipping cavers from digital blood-scanners. And buds burn.


and hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell. Gobblers storm bells. Blown boys brag about blue-cells. and heaven is born in heaven as heaven is born for
dizzy hearts whose filthy beat baits a cardial ward and hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell.
carriages of marriages ride upon a milk train. La! a bowl of coots crashes; and an apple in a fast car cries for dead travel. Oh, a bed of beads has to stir
coded sleep with wisdom; and boiled gold eggs purr and, lapwinged, a cat of confusion cries after birds
and hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell
...dazzlers of sapphires sink gold into samphires and we weevil after natrons as outelbowelled hot trams trip, trip, trip. Ahh. we widen for wats as valvers
slam easy hummers down humungous city slickers : O, a bun of bone breaksdown. Oh, a baby sticker
pokes punnets into pistons; and a Numbered river raises plummy fluffs from green-grey idle fingers

watery will-woven minds hasp across salts where bath-tubs in bloom sucks willowy faces; and a clasper's floss fixes fast thread to a moon's
melted cosmos-breeder. Uh, radio reapers of rotators heave for wounds and a cunted sea of rides bells a maiden shadow when a waspish boom
bags bulleters of baddy belled men; Oh, once below a mad sign, rooms racketted underneath blue brawls where a whisperer of horsey runes
rappered after knocking dudes. Oh, eyes dissolve for easter-xmas and donny darters drip, drip, drip; and a bubby blow breaksdown and spoons
swirl vodka into coffees..Deepening deaths dream of Eden. Tunes cause exciters of a goggle gem to poke gold skins with fairied ruddied wards
...watery will-woven minds hasp across malts where basins in red dunes dissolve just like postmodern aspirin; and a vault of hair cuts for tombs
and a bell of glass wrenches plaided bombs from dangling testicles. Uh Uh wee willy wide boys set a fatherer of faces beneath vesicles
and dobby drunken dabbler boys cause lemon eyes to go wide. Tails wag for pussy pies. Veils strip a jacked sty. Sails suck after gay nails
the vaginal wagstaffs of the denned drop a cunt into a bald tank. Dafflers of crag-castes crack-up. Shelterers of birded sweet wank
swashes idiot dives with stoned bone-belterers and a seat of shanks has to kiss across blonde christ as wee willy whippers rip cranked
nuked nooky night. And we arise from pee as a shitter under lamps wallow for fired amps. Uh, gods see now the abuser of a trail.

the harbingers of petrol misery must turn a burning face to the enemy...Oh, sodded head-ringers hip to good dust where an Isis under penuries
pulls a sodden bed from dreamt lips which caress a kisser's melody, and a dog of dens drags a torn maned toothcase; O, rotating honey
hits aside gods when odals of porn pelt a deadness of sex-lunacy with rubicund worn misery; and the helters of sadness sup a cut.
la, once upon a swamed mind, a dirty owl hooted after a salt-nut la, once inside a stormed mind, a filthy doctor of a pigging put
had tp abuse a blue-blind stethescope; and as a dawner of king Tut tries a pisser for veined vast rainbow; and a dogger of a ferine mutt
melts aside chained corn. Ah, wideners will go wide when money pisses from a rich bum. Ah, sharpeners of floes fly from old baby
the harbingers of petrol misery must turn a burning face to the enemy ah ah, a vault of genes genetically dusts a shawn sickler's fantasies
and a wife of ducts dunnies after tusks where a doll inside a mammary feels for titty suck. La La. Invisible sunny lenders lead closures-
uh. Old children on the moon strap a coked lap across exposures and a dizzy chicken chops an egg with turkey tithes as coptic guns
shoot filthy lovely porn-TV with a digital doner of kidneys to sons the vaginal wagstaffs of the Thames teases cogs with barblers and
ideal pushers of pussy phlegms press a vally bell when islands ram doltors of daughterers with planet Death; and we flower for fans
ah ah. Ivories wed cool ebonies and a pisser of pee pulls panned body-basins. La!! woven wooden wives weep for Kosher drams.
Beaters beat bad meat. Potions poison sleep. Casement dam hams


dopplegangers of doled men dream about sireners of slayed mind-miners and a dolly on a shrift cliff serenades the sport-skirted bones of a writher
ah ah, weepers of a tea-heap reel inside the china east and coded liars slander after blue libel as the fearers of the flashed fuck up rolled fires
and we wallow under pyred tyres when a vampy scampii of green spires loosen tides with happily strangled neck-ties; and empied dream-fires
fasten a bluesing rash to a doddered dais; O, as we crouch, then pyres will rivet daisy craft with thinning lips in stasis. O, as we catch spires
then a fast fished net drags tawny tights across the bedstead when accidental eaters of coddy cunny cracks upon closed eggs; and gins
suckle a seal of sleep and a daughter of guns shoots angels with tenaments of buzzy faders whose rabbit mien has to drive for digs

dopplegangers of doled dauphin men ride mind-saddle on a pigged deafening trippy harness of daggered tides and menstrual oil-rigs
and, o-la, as we burn for mangered buys then we hoot for a wigged bonny banged body breaker whose whoring weeper of spine twigs
after babbied bubbled lotion. O, a beater in a braid sews old oceans lo, lo, a crazied mask has to pee upon ships as a magic mast pegs
a donor of a doctor to a ferny shaled sun of sodded gardened eggs

dopplegangers of doled men dream about wideners. Uh-huh, beds swirl underground as a feast of Eden washes petals of grey lead
and a tawny teeny trowel cuts a rubied secateur with old bread and a lazy ligron defines a tigron with bursting sky; and gold devs
drink from a fountain in a perriered pussy. Lo!! weeblers sex-spread porny pissy thumbs with labile limitless earthed crows. Ahhhh. Sheds
scatter homegrown shits upon garden girths and wetted cock-cribs
crash under bone-blown tits; and candles burn forever for skins.

reamers of rotated river men rush upon god's sun; and laden fayres famish fetes with dilated mirror men; and parents of blind hairs
hit against rides as a drover of city dens rots aside blown mares o a lilted nudist lichen-strewn lighthouse deifies dogs with actors
then a bended bead-gem grates a granite horse with bed-bled jams. O!



reamers of rotated river men crush upon god's gouged guns; and raven prayers molly after gilded gymnasiums where potted potvaliant garden gears
dapple for mental tea-seeps; and slotted slutted mind-vacancies hear bubblers of hosy roses raised up from daddy dimes that spend for a
biddied bunny blankets; Ah Ah, a rider under mammy sends snares beneath a pelissse sheet made-up from tazer wynds; and tractors
trample farmy thespians with woven rams. Uh!!! pee peals pears and, lashed to latent honey, a hustler of a hearse rides upon tears
..clashes of cunted close runnels rope a rocker to weevil's whine oh, plashes of spunk-led clothes funnel a dropper with evil cosines
and a lady on the palled piss peers into nunneries when grey signs show a sinnner of a coal-clayed killer come radaring after twined
bastardised bakered bandaged string; and a father of a fast grind windmills after milner's clay. Coarsed candlers cut a caned light.
Dorsal mangers melt under graves. Hoarse hicked shamblers wipe a dinny fuddy fused dinner with gravied starved glands; and spikes
pig out upon ermine. Sex soothes hairs. Selves move sally-bikes.
Old teasers of hornered sense pulls stairs from dallied dabby-dykes

reamers of rotated river men rush upon god's sons; and offal-pints drain a dolly fixture with twelve mared cocks whose henny mites
meld sassy skewers with golden chewers of emptying sea-rites and a dobbler at a dog's tooth-eye eats under eyries when kites
colonate cotton caves with canny crazers of eastern xmas knights
....clashes of dirtied filthy vases fill a parent flown flower with a fascist freight fastened to arses; and a donkey pendant whips a
curvature of a canny driller's cask; and a steeded penant whips a hitite boy whose washer of a fast hand hoops hops aside gay calves
and a daffy of a dotted dinner climb cracks upon cops whose cards deal corruptive patience to a skinner in a mind; and policing marks
mass upon penon xenon zoomed gas. Dirt deals a bad heart. Ah!
slotted palled rums roust after glass. Hurt heals a hard heart. Ah!
shotted sprawled scum scatters grass. Skirt seals a sad arch. Ah!

reamers of rotated river men rush upon god's gum; and offal mites dig answering termitic ants when loud hashing guns ignite delight's
doner of sweet tashes; and tassellers of flashing thumbs set alight to dibblers of doctoring edam crappers; and earthly hounds pipe
for a secret seal in a secret brain where natal pearly pounds pipe dizzy fanny ice upon caddied cakers whose butcherers fawn-pipe
giddy turkey shit mice. Dirt deals a paper cap. Shirts spit life and a bunny bobbing babe of pert peal pisses under coded christ.

emptiness purrs for bell-baiters as wind-wounders wallop diced
billy furnitures; and a cell of shakers scar-shapes hermetic lice?

....because of the infinity catechism of Leonardo we shall be capable of vowed thought and outside need of the nude phrenology of 'dianetics'
of martian saviours of the generic slaver of kirlein 'problematics' all the families of fotu-wide genitalists with stiff lazuy natrons
with a body under dippy diplomatic spies has objects of supine slides sensing after
crazy atoms and atomic danger laughter

for the hyper-sutured thought of Leonardo proves that the phantasm of cannibalism eats under vinegar flowers - already, the 'intellectual heebees'
that dangle in regional wine slasherly moistens the familial dirty flap of the philophrengenitive carbonatics
of a fazed future that here exists extra-neurologically shaping naked gods and monetary exegesis between piss-sliding financial arithnatics
and consanguine biters of ergonomics has a contact with 'depressing cold' and the conductives of a 'moat soul'
remains entirely exterior to kartian cave-crews and monetary idealists remain psychic yet aware and a bodded structure
does not possess dianetic means to press tall human behaviour and codal transmogrifications and dunny hindrances present themselves objectively
as cutically deleterous for there does not co-exist in love's time as far as mowers know a prism
of quango physics or chemics of nude pathology and a dripper of parabola minds lops a liquid hoed heel of psycho-neurology
as the compartmented phirosophy of a faked coming has a flint-flown day of philosophy of 'paranoic critical entoscopic bath polemically
baby of times'
and we have inclination?

i attach a crowler to a sea for the hyper-materialist knowledge of holy picasso must devour the 'intellectual hyperion' already, chokey crumbs
strip acids bare from crowlers of nancy spider fawns for a locus under mien rocks porn and we heap 'structural sun-warned'
monetary diadems of 'obsessing crows' and the dined imaginative gold-grease of intermediary glasses and pissers unfound between sand
and gestalt-families of permitting psychic pickers of optical hands
the blue eagle of a diamate demon is caught between skies and drams - o, we await the beggars schools
o lost souls puff up like rules
the biological and dynastic phenoms of rolled Leonardo has been the first great ingenitive catachism of modal odal psi-thought
and the rites of Picasso will form the duelled neuretics of a minster of pigeon cardioms
as yet misunderstood, a cartal bone
falls to swept
vineyard tails.



the signet of summer flashes against my face and bursts into one million stars: all over fat towns, the city fragments, and a wide hurricane crashes as it tangs
fog-heads scream through opal windows and eyes begin to dance through shadow meadows

i trample aside a moon-ride
i twirl like an dream

colours dissolve and we heed saline dressings: i lash them with de family and only mean tithings remain as sugar pressings

sign along this dotted line..

what is the feeling we neglect about pandemical spirit spies? oh, age, where undressed, expresses stars as communalism, dadaism, doctorers of fascism
becomes a model porno cage

inside nine decades, a mad queen will be surely malformed In Nine Chiliads, the hands that have never been raised vibrates down the never-forgotten curtains of pure rage

what is the feeling we regret about pandemical parrot eyes? oh, age, where sun-pressed, expresses scars as
a keen transparency of flowers revolts now and mends
..& one of us is a sister slaved under cork and apple-skin and one of us is a murdered child?

and never do we dream of the eyes of a life, and bread needles a fast famine underwatered inside bright sin one of us is a sistr slaved under pork and maple-skin
...what if our lives were put about the sun? O, what if the evenings of hollowed water shot Sainted lots?

but you shall never basket apes and we will stop

dead...i sensed my godless grassy locked tongue eating itself to mouth-torn easy death...when i told my dreams to ride then sleep stopped sex
i felt my veins digging under gulls
- Man's hand falls when a shiver of skulls raps
a coda aside naked budders

when i told you i could only wish for more then you then i found tooled gold and lammered after blue raised murder-blood and blue raised murder-blood
has to sweat while shitting on a scrotal horse-cloth maiming pressurers of father godess and her masted masked tongues.
bound blueberries and naked brothered powder
o i saw as i lay dying the unbroken sees..i saw the killled where a baby inside chowder

dies out

& we shall leave nothing but red factories & our life will squat under cemeteries...the gunfire next door rocks and shudders when the dawn is filled & left to lovers

echoes heard just nextdoor will mother the teeming troops that are certain to come
o it may well happen again - this love i can always believe in when our storm fills with suggestive favours and the ancient car breaks, just like a heart
when evening falls, like a blurred heap, a man may well have to lose his wagers; and schoolyards appear dropped underneath
impassable blue fields where faces age


the nameless candles of your eyes (Of your nude star-stained dreamings of your hands)
force bellstars to come to and to settle down on a hot blank cheek where skin
reaches into each and every pore

we open and close a necktie and the colours of baby suzanne brush a fish for her hay-cheeks
all fished, all kissed under bright ladders in the filimic sun of your white laughing face
Ohh.. these girls of sin we shall not eat

we pray for them..they owe us owls...these birds of sin are venereal: they float, they fry
they fried for us
from end of day
they cum to rest
entirely fat
of caddis deaths
on the plates of the sea..
some are enormous
some are fifty feet
some we may hold
some slip a ring around rivers
some cum home to sex

tiny birds seem
entoscopic and laden for
in veins we speak for them
or we snigger around
bald blood wings.

these girls baked us?


fountains and gilded faces on plain earth are no man's garland; there they pull rolled faces from pain?
..Mist forms in the sadness among peaks and galleries, like silk in hard hands, It is rolled into sails,
broken under fulsome damp stars, and bitched down the masks of chemical cinemas:.

The dawn wind marries grey clouds aside babies and arbours, to the slipped grave and hospices below
And all of this occurs in a prayer of rapped wastegrounds, inside silent dressings.

A mankind of magpies watches de clouds; He flies up, down, under towns, when the heated whips of wax dolly after hymens
o bled plumage disappears inside a Lover....

These are life's wounds,
shaped whole in a shroud of grey rivers.. Inside the walking night The forests have ceased to grow: The shelves are glistening:
The girls dissolve into pure shadow
And eyes return to you and your face is marched in a cliff-face. My thumbs are marked beneath your pubes; And since
the times we have had Harden into mown bees; And since the mines we've grabbed
Silences blue trees
Then all that is left will be combs

Once flown,
The scarlet flavoured owl will return
And you and I will fade away?

suddenly, in a sky at the ears, of a draped sleeper, a loud grave is shaking on an inner ward.

farriers fumble in to darkness,
chewed arteries surge full and deny
all floods

And behind eyelids, a sun appears struggling to arise, casting midnight inside a cunt-serum: where a man neither living nor dead
shits on exposed flesh
and remembers?..

how many innocent fires have burnt horizons digs after burners of strangers star-found in a weird rope-mind
& februs facial derangers mount clotheshorses while bleeding: Lo? where shall i traipse when the fire-horse in my hands
cock-spray a spire-fanned gate across deniers and radio islands
in its radio nave.

it was five winds shook down the eye's ebby-nib; O, the nighttime fell away from a baby trapped in sleep...
the streets rollered to yesteryear recollecting love
the hissing hands sun-grinding
slips under cobbed beds.

it is the five winds return to clogs in a pissing glass.
your rear window is a godly glass.
why do you close you lips away?

a fine good night for a fire-axe to be crackling with veins - or so sex glistered, cumpling red tapers god could only see
as ceremonial capers...whistling for silence, we tried to hear storms, and thought demurely, 'Sesh is burning both of us.
o horus is burning all our lives.' and sex should be gone but hot old hands
set alight to nude water.

the ragged trees shake lightning, dark as sand, we moved nearer the moon.. 'If only Ram could
cease the immolations of this heart!'

but faces heap ragged rind as codal wards tilt up, up, inside an orange mask where parks
tauten a furry burned heel..

everything is blissful now: i will arise at three-fifteen
everything is glissful now: i wil arise at light-fall
O eyers knead blinding baby-bread.



1 good dummy girl in a bed nest leads a shopping mall into
emptying shovel hands: and we believe in grey futures -
you've read the news all year - we've seen droplets of blood
fannning funereal fotuses with luminous pleasure corpses.
but the sky slits a bunny boeing between 2
cars, a horse, an angry heart and a lilac-laden gun-screen
& a vast codeine of a marble-river sees red erysipelas
come soap-juddering after each blood-night & every poked day.
o what can a human butterfly do but burn life's wing?
o we pierce gaddy lights where fay night never whines

huge seas are like Easter
glossed eggy smoke is everywhere, in the eyes
of blue mirror-men who are content
to shit upon a shelly of a merman
and, simply, we stare into a glass of water
singing with huge seas under cortisone waves
of this glass mouth, i swing
after ovaloid bays and infectories of mind-mazed
descendents of nursuries and stoppers
over a dance-floor, eyes drown
under a vast ward, spies sound a blind town
huge seas are like Easter
glotted white soldiers holiday for sun-diallers
and missives of a dodgy devilled member
soothes a moony jaw with hissing table-tender

ahead of us, a huge road glimmers like a bawd,
the eye is sheering
droneward, past lilted urban lampoon ceilings,
all terraced (with vegetative marble ramps
sucking off spastic phlegms and tiny ranks)
and we seer for a pot of pied bed- old scores
reach up under clay as a promise of ascension
kneels down to a stool whence puled vingear
floats upon a madam's star-groined cinema



oh it may well happen - a sea of cuts i must believe in, where gold mornings fill with fearful lovers, and the accidental city maws
are led to frightened fathers...
blue sapphires start and rocks shatter across echoers of troops who swim layers of brutal laughter
& we shall leave behind nothing at all except
a hawker of a wheel shyly spinning?

when nightjars fall into blurry jeeps a man may loosen fashion's eye; and schoolyards stop, and a town of minds
becomes impassable to touch.

o it may well happen - a sea of sluts i must believe in where, billed, an eaten inn toasts sexy tea-cups

we shall use our lives like a litter-bin and ancient cars will fill up, and we shall leave nothing behind except
overturned bakers with cake-shut
mountains and cold spaces use old rain.

impossible to feel, a veiny blue field loses its wheaty way and trainyards stop as churches yield
the stoney thoughts of old day...when evening falls, a tribe of eels
faces in, and keen fawns use a carped
imbecilic feather-cart my well happen again - we leave nothing behind except promontaries
and stopped light crawls.

it is made to be folded under a nightlong sea of stairs, displaced under stars while dropped just like a cat,
or fatally rocked amongst blued blind desks
and cities behead cool salesmen.

as it stumbles down a prayer or muscles swiftly, inside its weird wicca basket, it begins to expose,
a rabid rose whose rawness
burns just like a car.

its illliteracy soils world-fire, a rat is tolled against a brook. Five millions purses are instantly
deranged by haloes, and
self seems permanently dried...

o there will always be poems-
poems of socks, shades and lies..

o, shops appear filled with bales, shot down, like valleys, like sails. mist may form around beaks and vales
leave nothing except droolers.
..a magpie is caught mumching molds: under cities and arbours where sickly stairways disappear into air
rude sky-crowds share clouds with lost hair.

and all of this happens as scratchmen silence hideous bandages
and all that is left is a sea of women
we are made to be rolled down trees or perhaps dropped in a causal bin?

these are the wounds we lived for, a flight of stairs, a displacement of hair or else a
wire-wickered ramrose

these are the wounds we lied for, a displacement of a city rat, a wrongheaded Leda, a lost trove
..the samphire next door shutters iced echoers four doors down for a silent piece of salty shores

and our lives mount a donkey cart,
cloud-turning like a lobe
or else spinning like a killed flower.


& cold england falls in blurry heaps when a homosexual Peter Pan loses his away among hearses
and trainyards gleam under a city purses,
stoned by the break of day.

impassible victims of the ill, nuked children who went to sleep inside a hidden christ
has caves for winter spires.

it may well happen again - this much i will always consider real as hot rain.

& faces will glow when cathedrals fall.

fountains and rolled faces on the earth are old women's garland; death makes strange uses of garden,
and out lilted life mounts a refugee cavern
oveturned by impassable funny wagons

the gunfire next door rocks and shutters indigo fawns that meld hands with feathers
and our life mounts an easy cabin where
a slowly spinning tree hardens into air
it may well happen once again - this much i can always believe because an ancient car refues to suck
blue petrols

one hand heeds faces, a further hand digs historic shrubbage inside lady-Dao Japan
& we shall leave nothing behind except babies & we shall exchange bad lies with a fairy queen:
when singing gunfire shoots the roofs and shutters
echoes inside old cemeteries and old feathers will hereby ooze where car-cases crash in gutters
O, when evening falls in blurred blued heapsa man vamoosin his route to churches
and schoolyards feel for the bumps of beached
body whales

and it may well happen again - this i owe to distant faces and no man's eaten garden -
true efts will swim to drown
and it may well happen again - this much
i can always believe in..

we shall leave nothing behind except was five winds reciting prayer
up the dolly streets
from life's leaping ghost.

the windows were mountains of air when red streets unfurled underneath carrion ecstasties.

the widows were sopping as hair eyed a crawly town with old prayer: the street lived in the ground,
a naked god groped for jesu-game
underneath a leaping moat
hand in hand we ran behind formaldehydes; and a refusing refugee cart named 'Immigrant Tobacco'
got shooted up, under a slotted vein-chasm that raised doom deniers from adult traffick; and ploves
dare not break free from the magic sadness.
we dared to break into the sadness
before all wishes were left to strum
giddy body sitars

we know the route to the inner ear,- under swifts, a deaf moon of rose tears hunts after the purser's key,
and already a whipped hearse is made from a locomotive hunting hounds.
and the windows are dripping in this room reciting prayer as the streets we ran form formica robes from delicate wounds,
and under a peeled pyre of light, a cruel silence is grown like a beard.

we know the route to the inner ear,- hand in hand, we ran through the houses in blue fog:-
it was remorse made us ride dogs, o a great river was well known till
struck awfully dead.

do you know the man who sold dirty cards? have you ever seen the players slips of the city?
o will you come to me for your critical home-spun fun funeral?


as the summer dreams of eyes come back to life fat needle-nights of fond felines drop a candle-christ

one of the suns is shaped from midnights but will not scatter a dark moon-mind, and the summer dreams of eyes come out for mice,
and the needle-lights of five million hens
sets a north-ship tossing a coin upon five seas
Thus, in the maundering morning of a sinless day, Jack and his wife set sail for a north-south grave...

one of the suns is shaped from midnights but cannot
spiral from the stars of heaven's tears..

we shall never dream of the mazes made from rot, neither shall the sadness of a dark prison heal cops; and as the summer rides against punks and salt-shots,
then a vein of winds parts a string with fairy hands?....
we hear a hardening tap next-door watering a house
that has no hardened tap;
and we stop stilled forever, come naturally to a loused
wheatstalk which dances for tiny stools.

immense slashed eyes wash away a correspondence with old rollered eyes that rain away a footpath under kids

the moon has a little goat for its bright singing dawn-break: o, nuked birds drip like trees as swards fill a sky with cold sails
and an air of soil spoils de boiling where the freeway smells of winter
& you and I are at the bodies: oh, the sun seems less cold than touch-dry
o, a moon under deaths darkens a chalet with radio brides. Uh, the moon has a little goat for her mazy blindedness
&, swung, bad birds drip as winged pinafores
pin a moth upon sheet glass.

all of my neckties having been wrangled under wards now froth up, just like modellers of mothers whose lite
looms down the hill
...sooner or later, a dashed glove will ride up a sweet clifftopped fan-hill spleened hill where old night
hippily strangles the eyes of milled bodices & dyed lary masks

whilst i was checking my pockets, a swanny swansong rinsed furred hands when suns
barked upon little lady guns; O, the moon has a little goat for its
subhuman live-in zoophilial empress; & classic dawn-break drips like trees and sun-wards

& bloody ministries answer to daddy's mind-eardrum.

& having being hanged from pockets, all of my clothes have been cycled furiously through a hat's slit-dreams:
soon, red polish will rock for tussocks
and a bell of thunder must cry... ah, by the sweat of a son, mammas
will surely sing loud vegetate hosannas
and, like a pickled wind, clouds of eyes
must stop
we may well froth with fruited rot
we may well darken a sea of cots
we may well harken a lea of socks
but we are dressing too well now

eh eh eh eh...



birdies drink for trees. The moon is a little mind over here, were hills
fill a secret flagon.

The air is as old patience, the flyways melt for wagons
and streetlights burn.

i played dead whe i wanted
ultimate peace

i was fuelled by keen dust and i wanted fear to wipe peaceful feet on a chair yet then i was closed in robes
and i took them off and then saw troves
caning love with deaths
and night fell
and i chatted with dolly cells

i am in deep love with everything inside of me, a beautiful grave must spin
dizzy death's dimples
i was fiuelled by mean dust and i wanted tears to swipe midlife from a candle


goyal babies drip from blue reeds. The sun is a fingertip drawn over a naked sea; dawn, as fast as hot milk,
files guns with the sky's trip..the prayer of air is touch-cold. gassed hair burns like an ice-cubed
street of ice-dreams
when the water is turned off gold cars will bang like stars

one keen girl in a compress leads the sunned souls where a drop of blind blood pays for t rex as a simmer's mister
moves, just like the moon, between slot machines and Easter
and a vast distorted handy creature becomes alike to a burthened butterfly
but the skies snips winged cloud but the slips of slapped slits cream behind buildings
birds drop dead. the air i so cold it is almost breeding; and a keen girl in a head-press leads the carparks under
fazy ferime pedestrianised dolly keen girl in a compress heads Medusa as worm-hair
succours cellves from a glassy dust-room...

each and every sandal in the lug-heat is bearded wandering after shoe-searchers..
somewhere under mites, a blued bad father appears stabbed to death
by shoe-corners

have we forgottem the paled plans we made for our own dreamy sky-ward; o have the falons of footsteps hollow walks for
darkness and the loaves of hoards?

each and every sandal in the blood-seat is bearded fathering after maimed shoe-slashers
...somewhere, we will find ourcellves atoned by a
radio in a radiant classroom.

tawny swansongs cycle furiously around rain among crowed clouds turned hideously back against cupped legs and hard dolly humans

ah, all of my faces having haplessly crammed down a song
now froth and floam just like visual ponds
ah ah ah

when we clap a glove about a son then one billion lives may well soften after
a polish unfound in female virgin;
old walls rail
old stalls wail

tawny swansongs cycle furiously around rain amongst crowded towers turned from paned
windowed sally widowers
sooner or later, hair will rinse sunlife and
giddy bulbous suds will cusp a river-hand


my limbs may well launch footed eyries: my mouths, screwed, may eat hot acres of rotted summer families
..oh, once fish on the side has shops drilling in a seaside raised from copped
drivellers where red loss ends alone.

i hated my childhood head, my rotting head blew away cheeks: o my limbs may well launch armies
my mien, moved, lunched by rabies
when i'll play very old, decent hair may well cut a conference pear with nostrilled dementia made cruel as
camaled scatty grime and hit glass?

we exchanged minds with a dove queen....the cellar of our faces crashes under space and
bursts into chemical fog; all over the city, where a masser for an island hissed across red ice, just like the woken moon

we exchanged minds with a dove queen

the colours up ahead revolve under compress: i lash a bed to slit-wine; and only gold remains naked underwaters
and a cellar of faces crashes for bright warders
i hate my filthy rocking bed which may never easily fall
like any regent caul
harshness of mooneyed mad drawls ignites a wheel of pashing pushing King Dervishes
ahh one body feeds scandals...ahh one lady feeds off night
& a babby hushes for extortionate bright

candly weddings,,


my draggy dead legs rot under shrubbage: my head is rotted whilst cunt-ties tidalise a blouse of chauvin-knives
and my bed is underwater
and my soul is led to slaughter.

the door beside me was like you and the radiance of the meter was escaping from evil burnt puss-Rome
and my draggy legs rot under loveage; my head is ripped when eyes
suck a petrol plane from devs.
in this smokily ill-connected room i dream of deaths and youths and a sneezers under hands move
echoers of engines aside from tears when
you and me and Lady Brighton
bollock up eerie women,
it is the fist day i used a toy.

do you know of the boy who selled dirt to men have you taken down the knickers of the city have you climbed lakes under Leander
will you cum at precisely midnight?

i am the son of ald worldwide night-light

you know the erectile directions...oh, the hot dicky hedons are in both ears: the interhearsing dolly of heated tears
eases echos into language.

do you know of the girl who lost curves have you removed the kickers of pities
have you climbed drakes with Andromeda-Pomander?

will you come back home for easy rites?

o, hand in hand, we ran aside a wishbone and eyes drawl under prisms: o, hand in hand, we ran inside false prisons
and eyes drool under fiction: i am the dreamer of all poisons: o, i am the warder to oiled mind-foisons:
i am the doctor of galled mind-cisterns

o, hand in hand we ran aside a wisher and eyes drawl under missions
and benders of Saul sunder grey gems

it was the advent of pure wind devising salty air, up a sea-street where we ran up a billy can
and down into closed prayer...the windows below us appeared
like brighteners of shrilled hair
awaiting the faces in a nunnery.

do you know the kid who weresold pornography have you used candles under mental female-pretties
oh, have you come to tonight where sculleries
stop welled sex from breathing?




the bad idle streets iced idly over down a great river of Sound; silence came like rain as roped night
windily scattered was the sweaty winds reciting fever; up inside meat, as we ran,
barefooted dinners heaped rites. you know of the Jew who knew everything dare you sell swards to blue swings do you own the son of Love
Will you come back home for swept God?
..we dared to shatter reason when stone
hurled books at baby diamond?

the mind when shaping is a vagina seeing, a sex organ of ghosts. Light in an eye corrupts senstitives as ropes
stirr cavvies into thunderous it is to seize the sight of a nad girl

the mind whilst aching is a vagina dreaming, a sex orifice of drugs. Night in a mine eyes a raising colours when
molluscs embroidered into old mens suck a snaily fucker with baying gentlemen
sun! sun! sun!!!....ooh to be pelted by the slits in the wind at last
floods a gooser with eaten buddha-bitumen.

a honey nose inside five hands sirens into insidious silence: rainy grey-nude eyes turn away
and sadness drops, from a shaded cup with lots
ramming powders down.

the itch appearing against two lips shines like planets that eyes take and drizzle round a shattering of gannets

a sunlit sea of sloanes hordes arrows through which a wide bride solders after whipped odd wives

and we exchange minds with queens and we take a ticker-tape when dreams dollop kicks underground
and we exchange mines for sounds
o made greyish, a sky-written screen
dies away...

shoulders are humped with large headed magmamity; with winged certainty made bare as bodies
a scutterimng of lakes rides
deep, deep down
...a sea-light of pure stone breaks after baked buddy arrows and shoulders are hunched here;
laden, fallen, left to shift barrows
a fugue of a nose is turned up; a vinegar of lobes burned up
...a width of lies hears sea-lake herons when skirted meadow-colours season
rosebeds, slumbered for daffodils, left to rot under oceaned gemmed
refugees......a summer of washed stone wades
beneath cicada shades; and we exchange minds with the mad queens

no more no more for the dying game. no more for mauds; no more for sheet pain
no more no more for the dying game....

one of us is a tugger cat made sane, and we will never look into midnight: we have our names by heart
we use our inner veins for sad light

no more no more for the dying game
o o o.

where a prisoner yells, the loss chains a chair to the blinding blued cross;and we have our names by heart
we use our inner stains for a rocked
budder of blind bone

no more no more for the dying game
o o o..

and under my heap, a spot of flame has come to thrill my head with rain and under dust, my bedhead ordains
a shallow graveyard raised by stained
body-pictures.... more no more the dying game. no more for mauds mo more for sheet pain
and we swing for night when dames swallow up mad christs
it is the wind returns
to fog in a distant glass.
Your widows are up high
looking outside a facial ride
and a dog of dreams bites a blithe
baby gem;
mown down, left to rend
a dying name..

the streets unfurl to yesterday
recollecting loved
sniffy hands that hold to cups
and we dance, dance

no more no more for the dying game. no more for evil dugs. no more for sheet teat-rain

no more no more for the dying game
and a wrist will uncurl and pass
donny danger fingers in an vast
comedy of divinities and gold casks
and a fist will blow hot veins
no more no more of the dying game. no more no more for the lips of Spain
no more no more no more



some deleterous vinegars have repainted my febrile devil-bedroom
- and a caviar of ministers has fed a sainted bathroom..some deleterous strapped fingers have used a balloon
to bend my home with eighty carat glassrooms.
the streets of feeling dirty unroll under yesterday's wishful hands of eating - and a caviar of banisters has fallen under schools
and a bone of sloanes scatters
blonde pricks of blood that don a pissproud warper of
warming cats and bruised ermine.
inside death's house, the blinds have never been raised we float to the silver imagings of banishing graves
and the crowds in minds brazier after downy trades. more no more of the dying game
no more for mauds
no more for sheet rain?
this hisser of a mouth, gelled wide open, has two idiot zip-eyes; the things i never do listen to blind sky; and a dying father
ends when a rotted head falls, like a pear.

i despise my head
my clucking hands
i despise christ's bed
my mouth, made open well too often, eats into grime and dizzy dirt, screaming under exotic songs, begging for a keen mad world
to enter, like the sun.


I berate my leggings: my shutting dancings ,- i despise light's dapplings

my arms are sealed
my two useless arms
(which i never use)
are cogged with killings

eating from limey hurt,
i espy a lousy heat
screaming for cockerels
and we enter pay
i berate my leggings
my shitting prancing

I never use hands.

several sad men are standing out on the seafront: eroding wavelets heaping oceans from shallow drownings

o yes, we have said enough: o yes, we have died enough: o no,- it may well happen for
several men who are standing
aside a nuked pier
crawling, a device in a brolly says MAMMA: sprawling, a wet christ's holly
says DADA

it is unfound here that mumma mudders separates small deaths for good


keen girls are breaking in my head: the fuelling fans of aching rock for wide voil-deserts as winding lead
rots under fire
the face of a precipice is darkened by dogs and barked witches and a mirrored ape drops nets aside wynded ditches
a strongbow of old suns stopper rollers of bloodied men made from blind poppers and sally wax
and keen girls are breaking ash
o, i will write my map of death.
..and a termitic ant of skiiers needles after chalked pants and a terminal cunt shivers where fathers
heat a heart shaped from snow.

the sun above death drops salt nests; the moon of a bright hag slags after lovers and a loon of midnights
hides a river in haloed hollowed hair.

David weds Goliath. Medusa's stare turns to worms
and a barn of ferns implodes air
..oh, midlife fell from a shop window another day was spent then wasted; and, lobed, distractions of pure petrol
fell from a heady slit

the cracking of a wise stick rips vegetation from limey ocean moors: oh, as midlife fell, then old widows
star-veil a car inside a kiss..
..o midlife fell so badly...And lashes build between beads a head of greedy boat-bedded sailor Loves
clouds of hewn smoke permits while loud God howls as Ava Maria spoon-washes de true dead Lord.

i raised my thighs above my legs?
...a dead end meal in a medical pool awaits a mongol trader: oh lost foals catch cabs to Bohn
amd a blind seagull strips under coiled broker cycle-rolled steppes,
using a car of pure failure
a dead end dinner hall hires fools to rabbit inside gilded lost souls..avenged, a vital virgin of the gutters
stops to look inside money, stooled, sucked behind, made from
bleeded body butters
..a dead end mind drops food as flown beddy binaries feed honey ..
where a blue eagle ends, then guns
shoot deniers dead
this day, a last cab in lost Tunis revokes revoling lakes and peoples, - a donny made from grapes star-chokes
a dizzy demon in a sea of apples, and a deaf hill swallows gold angels.
..when a housemaid named Clove ropes wedders of sawn scathes then a staircase of one million coats
abandons wives to weepers - a bony bag of cries hardens keepes
and this day, a last cab in Munich heats
diamonds and bottles.

the naked eye of a chair lengthens for caved cupboards, the rapiers of a lost heir lengthens for
poor pullers of pier-pierced water-wards.

on an experimental basis, we are reaped from ganglers of dogs and afternoons
she arranged herself inside some city sugars
and she prepared for the son of Pan
she dug for four bottles which layered drams
and she despaired for the son of Man

and men died as they heatedly painted sand
and death put god's feed inside and island

o indeed and forever
will the sun and moon sigh aside heather

Mothers lay crying in a widening mirror
mammas lay dying
and we arranged ourselves inside some city mumma
and we dug after deadliness
and we loosened sex where sold burials burned
Captain Burtherned the 6th looked out upon
gay widowers of discharging lemon ochre guns

life predestines bloods with brakes
night star-estranges closed kids and clown-drapes
idiots of windmills
rap a floury banner about the cheeks of a child
and one million teenaged horses

... appear to be upon the mind-march.


sucking a choked eye-cherry, we curse our slease
o fuckers of revolting wives
dangles some knickers aside a bolted bread-knives
and, uh, as we leave for a vegetable shroud,
a men in a burnt sleeve
hisses when spent leaves at a transceiver zaps

cornish walldrons...


once upon a mind, we shaved cords from peoples. once, we laid a deep skin-mine with dark ears in a coke-crashed coal-wood of you is a paper sent to spring-heeled blood; and i will never cast a coal-drug aside grey God

'what, if anything, is the reason behind pigs
what, if everything, is the weathering of kids?
You, in your gallery, will sunder Eden as old figs
shine, shine.'

Thus, in the advent of a shrilled evening, may we jack a knife-edge for
a north-south orizon paved up, up with cold trees
i shall not murder any of the eateries babes screw
vapours deify a book of fast snowy sea-flowers, pawed, pealed, pasted into bollockries and dowers: this death of daisies, dammed, doctors gold towers

one of us is raised from capers: one of us is drained within naked candle-capers; and ideal faces will drop fay targets when a tarry tawny prison-pills
powder duked throats with causal carousel hills
..where the dance of the cross shapes denial where the lance of the Lost shapes dead Saul where the lover's pled answer to a tree of dolls
drawls, then a thumber of a noon-sun must end All
Ohh.. How can i see rings stopped? And a pump of puffin beards cheers a slaker of urban Lot; and a cunt of tears harrows fires as damsel-beers
sight ramming feathers all around eyed corn-ears, there is a purple parade must hot as feathers here and now, there is a purple glade where fathers
cycle into loused sleep and once aside lud heat, we will extradite femurs
underneath a revolving leap of dirtied lemurs.
How should we make dreams stop: how should we shake a radar from a rain-drop? how should be move the earth to tears?
one of us has a far-off sphere; one of us has a baker for a spear
and a blade of masks hasps after radiophonic bubonic piss-beer
?? hiatuses of haloed whores revere
old steeds and sea-snorers
and youths and dust suck seizures
from electric baby-shallows


all of us, led to deans, wallop air with gear as this estranging solar-poem sun-writes for lazy photographs: oo, easy female tides
get infusing sonar mum with wheat-brides when you and eyes leave behind nothing but contorted rivers
..our lady life heaps gunfire when overturned down a hired road,
blood troops carrion after killers
..of caves and fires i speak - eyes spin like star-snapped breasts; and a school of cards believes in a slow wheel and a yearning
after moggy idiot kiddy cattle heaps
..& we hear a dripping tap inside girl-meat & we sear a rider of sweet clap
we harrow pissed fire
we sear cablers with old sleep
a barrow of grease stops

thus, just this evening, a simple mamma jacked a northerly star-giver; thus, just like dreaming, a baptiser
parted faiths with drowned eye-sin
...and we never dream
and we never cry
and we heat a state of dying where basketfuls of murder lend a loser to tossers of dyed coins.

You, with a snaked height, i will answer unto death and see hills yelling at the profit and loss: you, with a caped life, i shall
rob from cool sex a sea of drills
...o jack and the mayor heal Saint Joan
o a mother of dust shrieks under stone
..cruel streets of feeling dirty discern wide widows from a beast of wedded sea-perms; & wistful hands feel for curs was the hired wind shook down my summer's hymns.
The evening shot glass,
falled when, heaped, cold casts
loved to love aromas of sea-sand.

and we dare not scream
and we cannot shoot a windscreen
and we are dealt with crying cards
and we are pelted with halved
body halva
cobwebs around spidered sentries
wipe a good face fast away?

some aged constellation of walled heaped paper jazzes after eggy flava. some ragged grey conversation has a gay pepper
swiping men from labia streets unroll under Gods as a baby's favour wheels directly down a hired street.

and we have no dusk to name
and we have no lust to blame
and we have no dreams to crane

it is five winds returned where we stained
soffits of good and evil..


o, i should never choose to break my legs: o, i should never ooze for egg..o, a bum of bytes computes after dregs
and eyes enter into buildings.
..the fawny streets of dirty lam killings
and a goon of christs swallows ceilings. so i should never choose to break my legs
o eyes lead dogs in a blind dance, and a room of drugs listens to loud killings.
...some aged revelation of papery fillings shatter me now when beaten glowers of silence field devs
and a wrist wakes wanders just like an epileptic in disguise; and shuddering lovers loosen wide
gates of pure germs
while hiding, a good night for blue fires crumpled Isis confesses to lose tyres whilst sliding, a loved kite figures for
cagers of a greying spire
o i should never choose to break my legs
o i should never ooze for egg
oh oh oh...

the fireplace seems alone now...the spires of space set alight to head-crows
..watching, she vied to listen to the dawn and considered, espied, that old porn had loosened her veils too much.
..a good night for the fire. A sea of muck prayed for sex gauze
..i cannot listen to the geeked cloud; i will not hiss until a teaser's testimonial has hear dolls
ripening into sugary winter walls.
..the pounding of my mind must end lammered into apathetic dead men; and she watched her dad's past send
roller rabbits to hot searers
it was a most beautiful dinners today
it was an evening of mirrors

Deary I?

fingery salt-gingery lovers of curs and clay tattoo a body-sun with killers of moisteners: fingery sails of baby mothers
must swallow glass where poon-towns are fucked
..perforated mountains seem simple as death pincerers in fountains
feed yaks to dolly
...i tattoo my simplicities to daddy's lady: o we slowly bleed and saliva leads a ruby into a vast danced brawl

just like someone who has giggled for fire: just like a gun's lube,
we heap a childhood of pure masonry
fingery salt-gingery fathers of curd and whey gambol for mouthing heart-geese that weep from the sides of a public feast
Uhhh oh, these glassy towns are dulled under raisins. these old crowds career under mulled cranny cold
oh, these crazy cows we stilled must roll perforated mountains with a cocoa hole
and a bedtime soul must po-create a nippler of yappers and zapper lakes
when the world strips off and moves away like a master of girls: a bay of bone floods for crocodiles
o these glassy towns are sculled under gardens
lavished, poked, soaped, Viol! as a we harden dextrose children with thorny sirens
ah, when we pee under midges. ah, when we find trees stinging, then butterfly garlands may well feed bread to moth-butter
a mask of barcantine deflowers red eyes
...She holds a leash her left hand. 'o' she says ' i asked for dogs but
ended in a feline island.'

and jiving after darkness, signs were encrypted in cigars; and a knoll of smoky dandelions
stop at a wirey natron...
..She held a leash to her right leg 'o' she said,' i am walked but i got stiffened by the dead'
and a key to pelisse has bed
liberating candfiers

o we may drive for a thousand years
o we slide slowly as engined tears
lie ahead of a brook of brakes
and bloody boned bonnets
may have to shatted spinal slate
and sex seems lost without you?

'O,' she said, 'I am trodden by
manacles of dog-spies'.



this hearse is part-covered with crows. it was a pale feinted sunrise which started alone,
and now the silly houses under grasped dark
shiver just like evil gravestone.


if i extended my two hands around the town: i could surely reach out for sadness!
a harness for a dream which we never owned
has snowfalls for a blind crypt: Newspapers stir a high stage as we read for
mamma moon and disneyland. it was a panting ferrule that led us under war!"
a harness of a screen cups titties when sand
rebounds from closed screams and ribbands


now we will swing, and do eaten dances astride the sun and the kitchen floor-
shouters arise from the arbours of blood and
our hilly wholesome body is like a whore!
We will serenade a blue head as lances lead lady-iron to closed crabby water.


but there is something heaving in the dark, somewhere, when old badeas cuts the park!
the grass is calf-covered in notices of wrens
the glass is star-smothered
and we leave pained fatalities for henned
baby axes.


an old barn is fuelled by harvest factories, sworn, spiked, nail, just like a shipped refactory.
Yes, the delis of the kippered smoke under gold
brittle houses which rest in a snood of rolled souls
and eynes of wizards cast idiot spells.

snowfall at Easter rams down ordinary earth. o if i could suffer handfuls, then i would surf
paved hearts that slacken. Oh, grey rost mirths must bottle cloudfuls in a ginny edams and hurt
will hearse us when deaths crop trawled birth.

now it is morning. The eager country has slept mostly all of the summer. Mists under shipwrecks
body forth a harbour of corn-cold erections and
a sudden brawl of wharves bundles brined England's
ode to daggered britons!

latched jazzed keys turnaround in a salt lock, burned to silent death, made easy as sweet rock.
I have lent my purse of a kid to a violative sweet-shop
and a bowl of maize has our riders under clocks
made as cold as blue-brined sloane city..

now, crowded by gems, we horde a cave of babies, storm-crammed, scissor-tamed, left to easy rabies
o a flukey fan swalllows foxed gloves where rubies
push a pillared pinnace where a dummy dick reads dollar books and diners weep for cartooned dweebs.


valours of vamped seed-rats rattle on blind daubs....




as evening dawdles, then a summer snatch caves in to winter fires? impassable to touch, and this hidden spire lights, just like a match,
i can always believe - this much, i wallow for and a bell of bubbles cuts a ward
and a troop of dollars dies the USA may well happen soon- this much eyes must fear when blinding lusts and we yield hems to heroes
..o our little life is like a donkey-cart left tease mules aside the grave.

hereabouts, in no man's garland, mountains and faces fade fast away; they shan't make a use of rain that won't shape a noose of grain
hereabouts, in no man's garland.

accidental car refuse to start and a blue fairground shoots apart carousels in asylums
hereabouts in no man's heart
..gunfire locks a door as a garden wallops fists with green ironed allotments of paint and sheet carts
o we shall leave ourcellves to
mad piglets and woven nudes.

and schoolyards bamish brooms to impassable learned dudes: oh, it will certainly happen - this, truth
yields echoes to skins downstairs
..i can always taste the cheapsters where we must leave summers behind
bound body-blisters
where faces flow with disasters then a kiddy crashed caned crow
will weave silence from winged crows,
shuttered to the very last


in my emptied kitchen, i drawl nude curtains around desolate flowers. i use two hands for towers. i healed worms with towns
and there is a sparrow in my bed all the kitchens of France, the television cries for dance: trillions of tuned to askance
baby breeders - all wars are done by now
all claws are stopped now
three fountains arise..hedons worship old lies and crackers dry out?

an honest whore of a female politician draws drawled blinds about the heart - oh, all wars are gone tonight
o all claws are lost tonight and an earnest cow cries for arcs
...i may well measure a loud cock i will swell up. i hold a cunt-curl inside a rock
and i measure denial?

o now that god is old, i must stop all heaven's fish-christ-chip-shop...

an honest ward of a feline democrat
dies off
and pigeons scry?

we hear, beneath the floors, a trickling stripper's doll. we sear, under old grey walls, a sticker of a sad gull
and the crowds fly home, and a drinker swallows stone.


i Erseward and after, in the naveward blaze, The Nineveh of fables flapped its shrunken eye; Eden, wrapped in stammers, scored away its garden, And, from down the hills, the linnet swam the high Four ways of the mare, sat in its golden meadow, With the metronomes appealing and the clifftops bare, Flaring and rainy, where the appled widow, Who is the honey spider, whose mastery is rare, Fellowed her heroes and the driver of the fairies, Whereby the nails of Nero slashed away the hair And, ghasting, galoshed on a ruminative trumpet That, transcending, beheld an angelled fin, Capricorn and Cancer revolving in their antics, Snide-shorn and pullied in the Zodiacal Ind.
ii Crime is time’s saviour, the unit and the unicorn; The womb that pares the bud lies sailored in the tears, Knitted and steepled, where the humours of the lily Ride and rise aside into the spinney of the years; Child of childs and actor to the eyries in the emerald, Adam and Abaddon drive the series in the flower; Fuses flow from mammon,- red macadamed and summoned, Hero and Leander course down the ivory tower. Hair on head and after, funeral or master, Doctor to doctor, the chitters in the hour Fly the banded cricket from mantis man to wicket. Hemlock-hived and hymened, duteous come the owls, With Boudica and Judas hanging from a crocus and Romeo conniving in Hamlet’s cowl.
iii First there was the theorist, rippling with Homer. First came the purdah of thought and ideal. First came the comber of the prayers that murder. First came the bardic world of weals. Now comes the horned and skull-chimed apprentice, whittling the bull-bone as the cherry breaks, Winded world appeasing, and the hornets in their gildings Gashing and abashing into a cape of capes. First came the theorist, rippling with homer. First came the herald of the quietus in the mind. Now comes the stolid and banished ram of reason, And the winter in a sonnet that writes against the time. First was the logic of sacrament and rocket; Now the wolves of summer wreak away the spine.
iv What is the tumour in the shadow storming river; The sidler in a sigh; the son of eagled gender; Whose rough fearing shall the hills surrender To the timbre in the valleys of a wheat-shut eye? (Wraith of phallic age, the astronauts dissemble: Bubbling in their hate, the mortar men blow out). What is the member in a supranatural whimper; What the angel, what the wrangler, what the changing lout? (Wraith of phallic age, the astronauts dissemble: Music loses vision and the coiled stars dry). What mad mammal love is the needle in a candle; Which maternal measure hales the phaser in the sky? (Wraith of phallic age, the astronauts dissemble: Bibling in their wrath, the mortar men throe by).
v Mammary of ashes on a scythe-scorned razor, He who raped his mumma has a zen-skeined thigh: Spurned by molten manna, the wick of whorlds in hammer Anvils at the sun and rakes away the eagle’s pry: Out of crocks of nowhere, from the tides of crow-hair, Mystic thrum the fillies and the aimless damsoned shies: That mallow come the sparrows, marrow must grow fallow And chaffinch with the mimics of a warbling spy: Mary, virgin eyrie, must be scorned in theory That the fields of adam may smelt the semblers down: Hags that bless the lady must be burnt from maybe And the cryptics under ridgewood scorn away the town, Oven-head colliding and the trills of women bridling Banished in the pumpkins of their all-too-zealous crown.
vi Now sing hosanna for the fairies and their lammers,- Let the bauble breeder be sirened down to sound,- Past all riftward fate, set the shearer on the plate And the head beneath the rosebud underground,- Sing! now let the rod of Nineveh vibrate And the hellcats in their sulphur, socketted round, Run the rousting death of Helen anti-cherried; Come set the thrillers free that the metronomic sea Can tarnish; now sear that the ravine may not flower! Doom inside the skull is the slit of timeless murder; For rune and moon aside, god’s heroes run aground; Blown out of skull, god’s caverns come to master; Man and man aligned must fry to spare the town; Doom in the skull is time’s maficient martyr.
vii Crime is the wending demesne in the garden, The weaning whoop and the nature of the trees: Crime runs blindly, crime is certain failure, crime holds the gallows and crime bedims the seas: Bent like the willow, hurdy-gurdy minnows, Plashed in the transept, sweep the sirens round: Crime runs madly, crime unlicks the lady, Crime roams Eden into a hovelled ground: Bent on coming into a world of nothing, Bent and bent again on running evil’s sound, Crime is the traitor, the wrangle and the satyr, The sallow rage and rave of the ebbing lounge That rocks the rotten crucifix demented: Crime is the Herod in the tiers of time unbound.
viii From the high hills to the crescent in the window, From the oracular to the whittled verb of days, Out of a centaur came the horseman’s pedal That rode; out of summer there came a stave! And time lay roofed in nettled groves of metal, High and slandered by, on a kettled rose of graves, Rhythm all-appeasing and the active word of searing Shining down the hilltops and into heaven’s laves. Clockhands spoke to manna, were rented of their stammer And turvied round the handsomes of the haloed law; Nineveh decreasing and the musics in a ceiling Gliding out of sight into a revelled raze of ore; Time dying and water flailing from its daughter And signing on the line for crime and all its yore.
ix Let the graveward tailor lie naveward with his furies: Chapeline and maidened, may the bastard sailor split: Chanticleer is weathered! now let the rotes of pleasure Rake up their seagull gears and angle into pit: Crown of dawns and thorns in the angled spawn, Chanticleer and weather redeem all fulsome hates! Green is the beginning and green is heaven’s ending; Greenly wharve the waters and greenly spoil the lakes! Green is the beginning and green is heaven’s spleening; Greenly wharve the towers and the harvest under fear,- Toward the lap of fate flow the furnaces of Israel And searing come the scars of the all too empty tear,- Crime is neither manna nor toxic turning steeple,- Mannawise, the word is as poisoned as a sphere.
x Now the hymns are written and the law lies fairied. Ten magnetic fingers plant the heroed ground. Heaven lies contrary to the hellfire and its prairies. Rhyme and tide alike hereby entreat the sound. This is the hymen that opens for The Lady. Heralded by trumpets, the jonquilled angels sing! Heaven on earth is what the preacher’s story Rides upon this world of seraphs on the wing! Now the hymns are written and the law lies fairied. Ten magnetic fingers plant the heroed ground. Heaven lies contrary to the hellfire and its prairies. Crime and tide alike hereby revile their hound: And life, as lovely as life itself is lonely, Charms the sacred snake. We snap the town?
xi Crime is state and crime is molten master. Suffered by the seas, the flight of crime is round. Flare after flare, the hymnals in the chimneys Ride the slaughter boatmen into haloed mound. Crime is state and crime is molten master. Suffered by the undead crucibles of fate, Crime and tide alike row madly through the pasture. Flare after flare, the hymnals roll and rake. Crime is state and crime is molten master. Crime steers the orbit that makes the sirens bang. Crime is both a master and a cryptic fastener. Crime and tide alike trip greyly through the sand. Crime after crime, the runes contract their sentries. Crime after crtime, the sentries clasp the hand.
xii The voyage is over, the knaveward blaze distracted. Razed from darksome waters, the ship of time is troved. Snipped from the decks, the wrecks of blood and mortar Wind their rending ways into the hillside’s lobes. The voyage is over, the naveward blaze distracted. Crime after time, despising heroes smile. Snipped at the decks, the wrecks of blood and mortar Wind their rending ways into the hills of bile. Ended and after, opened by crime’s closing, Dowsed and regaled come the jewdrops and the rain: Crime and tide alike float wryly and reposing: Hammer into anvil is the music in the brain. The voyage is over, the naveward blaze distracted. In the shard-suckled hills, the slips of reason flame.

in my holy centre, i groan
after radios in ancient Egypt
and i idealise a space for bone
and i regale a moany egit who
sets all good cats free.

an earnest politician under seed
dollops science underneath
rolly parliamentary sweat-speed
i wrote to a spectral candle
eyes choked on petted petrols
and chainy cabins
will rock under sirens
and we hear, inside five seaons,
razing reasons for nothing..



mother serves glue for dinner father sells up, up, up, aside a crabby river of horsed nuts; and now i am a young dog, i dream of bed.
perhaps i know nothing.
perhaps i am sold to sleeping ice cream?

i dream of being nothing and creators of kittens cry under canned body whiskers
o i draw a godly woman around a sea of doctored river-bled sewer-bread: now i am sold to old sleep then veins
may well topple into clowns, and i dreamt of being something.

my cake is smothered with clams. my bed is raised from wigwams; and me and birdy boys will land

where all oars are hurled away
..against a baby wall, pealers of pushed pain vomits a blue rainbow: o, a sainted lady will melt God: o, feinted river hisses under slut-brogues
and a nightingale has to be tied to sorrow's eaten rain.

i used to abuse two of my souls..i used to interfuse nudes with rolled titty wet canteens; and a baited boat will suck on dreams
and a sea of laughter will sink within a petrol father..againts a baby wall, pealers of pussy pain drives east into west
and we have focal deaths shaping
candlers with starry evil lobby-wrecks


when you feel cold you make a bed for ices. we speak to the rolled female cold: we heat blued dead shoals
and as we reel for winters, then draped sex- mice must fellow drips with fay foals
..astride the sex swarms of the preached a bottom of king lips
butter memories with razors on wrists
and we will measure rings with words?
..i am painting twinned plaits for birds. we are fainting after rolled cats. Afterwards, where we summon bats, afterwards, where we suckle rats,
we will supper for dizzy bathers and as sand swills for distant flavas
then a bedmost snipper
surely cuts baby?
..there is a frightened sow in my coffee. our breads are butter-hammered on three whole sides.
i used coca-cola to father poisonous cocoa beetles, and my light switches to automatic now
since we have died, old pugs have been
born from a capsized body-scream
..oh there is a face found in my coffee. oh, my granite space has tasted toffee; and we gamble after gas. In my holy study, we learn of masks
and a band of birds bodies grass into nudes where the dragon-past
puffs flames of cum.

there will always be some roman who will serve gold soup to woman, dragon-dipped, sunned deep inside
a cage of sex in a funeral lie that i am proclaimed cold, in my holy bedroom i will star-scald a bellyful of beards with ripped doled baby draconians
and a bunny bine of dukedames spreads unclean jam upon cranied cakey loaved grey naked flan-flames
...o i shall measure a light with ogres. Henna jabs Chimeras. o i shall pleasure susspended photos
with layers of chemic huge sofas, torn, laden with ginny cinemas when
theatricons sleep in a hired boater and a sunny slaved mummy Jim drills butter
...what with loud oestrogen arising
what with crowds of women writhing
what with clouds of chickens dying
we must shade a day for fast-frying
riders of caddis and comic spying
I reckon now, these days, i know nothing but ingenous billboards Oh, we butter cranaries with sluts as toes
a sea-shaven ahh Mamma's rose
leaks a bad bed where
idiot winters lay along a sea of tears
upon the robes of deepest sleep, fears
sink a lousy serpent into deepening
statues of sat sex and its painted ears
and i had two green souls
and i had a wife for a father.

when Volcanoes vomits ice, clothes
weaken, weaken
Uh Uh Uh Uh Laaa



the spastic spatial limbs of an old woman hangs dirt outside a naked window. out, oh, the skirts we used on mad children
and an earth of insane dust fuses blue tears.
....yearning after cold, a cocaine cryer sears blind bobs and rainbows; and a deserted lady learns about dead lost years,
and a bed-man dreams of
latent pushings of creame screen-spheres.


all those bright birds are weaving rings for plied jigsaws. all of the night's words are reeeling from boards
and a sea of babies saints lord Aladdin with a glotal swerve...
....with two ground hips and eight spun eyes, and two loud lips and nine swum skies, and threesomes made as mad as wives
we have founded a treasure of tides
....anywher where the wind blows, crows spice dirty crappers with a slaine rose
and a hungry evil kitchen
swings for dogs as red schism miction
dies out

late evening is the very best time for love. ply-fixed, a woman's delicate devil has soap-suds, washered, paved with sickly hellish powders..
all white dogs have left for xmas. setting smiles to mean music, a cat under hot dust deserts a radio river with scattered tail-musk...
..the alabaster pegs of a chess-clitty lusts for helmeted body binders
and we suck from combed hair
and we pucker after elves and fig-air...

sheets, swaggerers, soldiers, soft war sinks a Polar Bed under a sea of tusks
and we feed cats to minnows
and we read about fishy windows
o once yearning for coal ends inside a noosed fire, we learn of catacombs - friends are grey and wired and old sewers toast grey wine
and sold mewlers nurse beds with hot pure brine
...a gal's eyes seem covered by fields of oats and beans- O, eyes honk horns where refactories
heap cemeteres inside blind totties
o, for life, the sewers heat sex-sores: o, for tripe, the sewers reap bereaved sails from mad cow-Kaplan and loud thorns
abandon death when a bricked house
staples buns, beds and fawns
...what with a dog in a knife and a sea under christs, and two lipid licked tits: oh, a day in a knife may well butter lips.

for a baboon, i cook eggs and bacon
for sad rooms, feed walls to havens

out of a laughing window, webbers span a crucifix around our hearts; and what with a dog in a fife and a tree under mice
and three nipped kicked babby
a day in a slice
will sup on rice until

bad bells in Bethlehem die for ill desk-readied fisheries and barble-fingers.

O if a feral female shot cellves dead then surely plied woods, gnawed, should sex-hiss under blandering blondered snow-lips
...anywhere where beads blow, gnits must cellar under beaked hairgrips.
..with governments of shits and bended eyes and earless scripts and six sawn wives and fearless hits
any child, any world, may well surprise
fazed Alice with a neat disgusie.
o, for baboons, i cooked some chimp-glue. o, for bassoons, i fried some moneys, and the families of my hard cape
collars dimes where pound coins flow
from diggory tears we yearn for coke, then we hear white birds flown outside grey gear and a sunny stapler
suffers cruel kegs
and a moony cager

wallows in fire when we heed
grey trolls and old giddy

hidden weed...



anyway, as fine winds blow and gamesters surround rouletted flacillating rolled gold casinos, then a dice in a hill
rolls for green poker-pontoon life-Buddha; and a Polar Pet has eaten yellow coin-webs; and i have
a lunar sun for my casino cab, and i catch traveller's code as crabs
cast a shallow map across the hands.
once yearning for her lost gambled soul, weary Mother Rich caused her broken potless jeery heart appeared
ashen with waxen bears whose fur-trade fed winners to the happiness of honeyed wallet-ears
oh, anyway, as fine winds blow and gangsters sea-sound a pitiful english moll
then a dice in a rill rolls rivers where modus vivendi minotaurs
star-strangle bees with evil snares.

evening plays a part in a keen nunnery morning strays from a tired heart
and a bone of slaves causes monkeries

drop steeled prayers, just like a gun.
..the blue seizures of a fitted stilled mind legitimises a cab of lost souls; the red hill at the foot of the stairs steps up, up, up,
and a school for four-ways mendicants awaits blue dolls and tea-cups old naked woman came from lakes and the blue seizures of a fitted stelled mind
legitimises a lab of croft sea-spines

inclinations loosen daggerers under wine
and hot Paris slinks inside old London
and we raise cities from masked mines.

because a trillionaire has expensive eyes: because a sea of spent hot won gas pays for rented eyes
because a street of rich hair heeds glass: because of deeds, we will seize wives
....the bluest gull we ever saw has tides star-coating a demon lover, reddened, coated like a tongued feather
....because a trillionaire has expensive tribes: because a sea of rent mass pays for bodies
because de streets feel dirty
we will supper for cogs and burn
deadeneing baby Hades
pyscho-pathology has our brains wired to a hospital of stars.

...oh what we bore from hell's bell-metal breasts flumoxes inside a raw rat's feral sex; oh, we slide for grain
oh, we listen to the rain; and because we listen then we must
trust the dead with old pain.

if i had the time i would understood the students on the hills
o what we have formed from love
must shatter like a true rainbow
philosophies of the killed hear God grappling with lonesome flyways; and a bed of boats sails for the killed
o what we have born from hell's grave
will storm the choked
vein of rivers
o, i shall try to cry for hills and vales. o, i will study lies and when i come down, i will
raise a bed of signets from sails, and five fingers burn
and nine mirrors learn to yearn for
vinegar and salt-stores
oh oh

the sullen stripes of the old wall shows a sea of Downs, sharpening up a sea town as falls spring up from daemons
o what we have born from hell
will sup a titty cup with dead cells
writhing in the dark
and we must listen to a red park?





my uncle from pan america seeks conquests after wine: oh, a sea of lungs chokes for red litters; oh, a bin of binoculars
rams a foc'sle where coded livers catch a vast cab to roller knickers
....a coming of psychotics heeds lovers underneath a sea of failed mummas and papas
and my uncle from pan america seeks contests after minds
...because we are burned, we must dig soft souls with leg-leaded petrol kids because we swim trees we must
congratulate a sea of mines
,..i shall try to exfoliate a goddess: i shall fly for closed gates: oh, a bed of lights marries ageless solar city suns
and we are borne above the rain
and we are born to live again
,la la la..

as far as i know, we have found a golden station undeneath the ground: as far as eyes flow, we have made
a giddy bud of nations busts out for fasted bellly-flowers when graves
run, run, run

the red hill of a beggared school carries pylons where broken rules shatter, just like the sun.

and we shiver as we shake and we move blind eyes to see.


one of you is a latent dreamer. one of us is a patent sea of killers. oh, my feet rock the ground. oh, red sleep has me seizing mirrors the evening, parrots seek verbal jazz
and one of you is a latent killer, and i am fed to juices when coded ferried whore-river forces gymns to corrode under squelchers
ahhh. immense skies fade like mineral-men: intense wives lay gaying penis-vitamins
and we dabble after old cars, and we ravel unto coded Mars

loving has to answer to lovers
lying has to answer to liars
diamate has to fellow old fires

a wheatfield vanishes..a soft yield punishes old neckties
oh, a minefield famishes a sea of harnesses; and old lies wallop dust
...getting home, wives widen..gritting bone, eyes widen..oh, we bite for radish: we spike spires
and we dance
oh, never again shall dreams suit dolls and bone-boots
the needle-light
pierces midnight
and we burn
Uhhh... where the gaoler's key is lost: where the failures of deaths rot: where the killers of highways rock
then we learn of sindlers..... will never earn the weather: we will never leap from carnality: and a meadow in a wall
will summon parks from families, because we are killed.

where the prisoner's yell stops. where the miners of sex drop. when a lynx inside a rider collides with cycled old grot
then we will hold a strange party?

you will never earn the weather: we will never leap from fatalities; and a shadow in a stall
will summon sex from old appled church-gold..
...masqueraded sirens wring: blue breads and sugars swing; and we listen to a merry ball
and we dance down de crashed halls
these days, in the evening, dolls
supper for darkening cakestalls la laaa




one of us is a mayoress raised from nudes: one of us has no life to celebrate or move: lo, as we slide silently
across a dirty flyway where death's family photographs the dark
we hiss across the ice in a lost blue park; and we kiss de silence O
and we risk sex for violence
..what if out hands were lammered from hot snow got sea-hanged,
what for us then but the burning of the tears?
what for ghosts then but the yearning of scrammed cold cauldron-women?
jack and a failure toss coins from cosines: mac and a feather part lips with gold mines of us is peppered with spools of grass, one of us is tapered with keen wall-risen parties of papered
body screens
and we lease a lonely flyway to dreams
...i spiral up the dark ears of the fleeced west wind, and loosen my grey neckties
and one of us has a saint for a mind..

uh...these sad days, when my foot rocks inside my heart, i seize the dead and cry all year: these sad days, where my basketfuls heed tears
and my lady love has died, i ride across a lonesome screen and listen to darksome rivers of dust and dried
pigeon brides
and these sad days, i arise from the dark to hear
a lonesome flyway leading us inside hot fear
ah of you is a made-up mirror: one of us is a jaded slut whose salt-shiver livens dogs with spectral sally speculum
....these sad days, when my boot knocks my heart then i kick away from mossed eye-ducts as a pier of guns shoots the sun
and a bed of basques joins the masques
and cupped bread dangles brickhouses outside burns and sheds
we scale a wall of demure Downs as devs drool inside a pavement of purified beds, and eyes hiss across a furrowed sea-spread.,.
endlessness outlives a blind party as plebs urninate inside a coffee; and we arise from suspensive rich bodies
and we glint after softness...ahh...dukers of severed darkness head
far west where blown angels swing
and we are crowned with honey skins
.....o as we unravel down life's lonesome flyway: oo, as we snap the teased town then a bud of ice will leap from stoned days
and we heed a mission under hot graves
because we have arisen from an arch...because we have eaten from a carved heart: because, as we rode, we fell too sleep... Oh
then we must dream of purple naves
and a bud of blinds will clasp the soul and a sud of minds will hear the cold and a bind of rivers must
swallow blorted killers with doll-dust
...a boy in a bugged body-train will suss a museumed masquerade of spilt trust and a van of christs will
suckle babies from a sea of lost hills
....a bluesday kiss of suns hardens lust: a soft spray of lips softens gulls with swift rosehips
and a sea of flowers weeps after
canyons of curvy feline laughter....

eyes are trained upon soft silk...minds are veined inside hard milks; and we drag dimes for english hens and we drink from vines of murder
and we ravel into funeral thunder...and because we listen to women
we shall siren after venal disaster..

the crow has a star to feel: the rose has a car to deal.. and ashes summon ashes where sand
startles bees with carmine brigands

ahh ahh uh uh uhhh

blood-red tangerines peal for


old vapours excite hands and feet: writing for tomorrow as we fall asleep old vapours ignite the face and the eyes
o a glass of capers cudgels black wine with bedcovers
..because vast breasts feed sheets: because veined nipples can't eat: we shall read todays newspapers
as if caught between Pan and meat
...the blind man who sings with his deaf eyes springs out of a petrol valley
and a stoat of God runs heroes through, and a beach of babies

hits our heart with a cropped drum.

and the bridled girl whose sex begins where silence ends, whose sisters are dragged by spiralled cock-cosines
will dive inside lost skies
..& our road is too wide and too long doors open where dogs rust and the bridled girl whose clit begins where sense sends
curled wiles to schizophrenics; ooo: i see now that living human gods have sacred veiny holy evil heart-valves
& vapours search rockets with grey idioms of glass and damage
and we must forget tomorrow
and we must regret the time of day
oh we need a house minus walls

after our time, where both our bum cheeks blinded shit with drams: we had a crotch of singers shaving sleep
and there is a dial on every single face
we will sing for EVERY DIAMOND and a little kid whose fallen ribs clutch to dog rain will spring infernally
inside a tall city...

we send a smile to skins as pain rockets under pushing winter power-mains, and tomorrow's news
heeds a house filled with naked dudes a blind boy bangs his scissors then
keen eyes are pushed in..
...astounded by fire, a little cat cries: astonished by fires, a little rat cries, and a bone of brass opens an engine's door for
a lady's mated cunt-rats; and good gals rock, rock, rock
vapours escape from latrines as written epics shit from mad glass
astounded by fire, a little cat tries
to suffer the romance of the skies
and because we break
and because we shake
and since we no longer understand
then honey men ache for
marines under cut cities
-Japan is held high?!

there is no room in the bins
there is no tomb in the winds
the town of Maria has no skin
the sounds of red fear
swing, swing, swing

astounded by egg-whites, we ring a rose around a bud's knees. our road uses its houses for a starred dice & we have come back home to
surround out gasfires with gilded sex-guilty false flame
oh, our road uses its houses like life
...we need a mansion for the storing of edible lanterns and baby hordings and we use a roadway for
a trip down a lonely summer's war
...old children need medical attention, snaffled, swarmed; left to die when urbane eye-fawns
die off, like women
a dwarf of a baby dreams about
tablets and raw red winter
and a stool of summers shouts about




we can only talk inside a vicious hotel. we cannot walk. and a vein of fawkes rises under bells
o we can never idolise a sweet motel
...there are no feet on the streets and ices melts under peat; and we can only talk inside funeral heat
..our fairgrounds cause fatal heartbeats. our sugary diamonds force a sun's heap
to implode like a plumed mother
..vapours escape from rocks La, when writing mongol news, we carve
blind pantoglots from trees of card
...and today has no face to use and cars crap under flyovers when concrete killlers cry, cry, - i will end

we escape from clocks as copious cocking horses open a daisy door on a hired whored screen
we escaped; and a bigotted sea-bug
drowns salt

we scatter pushers when cradlers of grey malt fertilise radios of pure eaten love
and we escaped from crocks and we raise a rapist from blue hops
...we need a house without a roof. we cherish deaths as we scatter cold cruel baby nails
and a little girl grows impassable penises and a rodeo under crows
shows a father's knickers to a blue show.
at Tiffanies, everything dines on old clothes

until there is nothing to be done. until father's farthings
spend old currency on coded dung
there will be nobody in the streets-
until there is nothing left to hear
then we spy on chewed gum
we send pale eyes to sleep when tears truckle just like sex from a candle... Fears photograph mutants,
bleary outcasts carry dogs to blonde beers
....dangerous doorways open unto a shore's odes to deep sea volcanoes
and a doper of dropsied mamma moors
meld northerners with english spears
..our road is dying out now our robes are old fashioned, and crowds
carry cosmetics to keen ashen greying
intercity clouds.

we smile then send a bunch of eyes to icy fields where blown poppies glow: there is no soft room here
there is no house for heroes near; oh, we smile and send a bunch of Ides to eaten rifles where salt babbies flow
o holding hands move across cloned crones, winging into nettle-leads where sadness glows
under arches where we pray

this road we tread leads aside pain: we send a bunch of flies to stained cradle-cots
and a mazy slot puts coins into reined
baby horses whose halters star-train
body leeches with grainy sun-skein
after a false storm, a crowd of craps will sup upon sex and his tree of cats: o a wagoner of rural gain
gallows after meat, fish, and baked rats
and we slide as we slither; and because we have died, then gnats must piss across fyords of blue gaps
surrounded by fires, a house of cracks colludes with intercities
hounded by tyres, we writhe for laps and a billy can creams for the babies
who supper on knighted ruby caps
....i overheard, at change of day, faces thrilling with dogdayed catkin-cases



there are no houses in the street: there is no room at the mill: o, they have come again to blurred sleep
and a quake of killers caresses flown grapes
and there is a maggot in the mirrors
...we send a pair of hands to a liar. we rend grey hair, and we cram for tongues where fire,
sets alight to hurt's funereal monkey
...and the little girl who cannnot cry will surely never run again, and, lo, a sewer under sea-stains rides
when, roached, a romantic
raises salt death from de Atlantic
we clutch to heroned fingers when grey minded belly breeders extend bad pink tears to ghosts under peahens
and we interfuse daisies with hemmed horse-flowers whose ancient den
hustlers for bled beers and bitumen
the empirical crane of a divisible mien dulls unto recusance
a sward of filth- o eynes must send coptic families to beads of silks

..we entertain blood ballet when friends
die away..

Nobody jeered at the sun for more than nine minutes - o i reckoned i would cry.
Finally, when struck, the secondhand dived for grey planets where angels on the rise
converted sex into a timed dome:
god looks sad but with christ's crisscrossed chemicals, wars will certainly kiss
pealed pupils a school-less yard of mad bad
pious graves

i consider nothing...
life consumes all loving

oh nobody said cunt for in excess of 9 years... a nob of silence creamed up, and nobody said cunt forever?
.i hear nothing. de poetry deafens me and tears may well ripple on the Thames

oh nobody said cock forevermore...

when an oaken apple dies then a city whore will surely sink a pussy.
....a tawny diried owl has hooted just for me. I will be here for eternity: I will die here, and fast memories
read unprinted papers when a car of keys
drops a dream

a pony's horse-shoe is hammered for as green masques and lonesome cod-wards get sucked into a burial of wagons
Oh sensations farm for Isis when screens
show old starved ladies...finally, as we scan a sad sardine for dark life, we are converted from salts to lights
and we are sleeping for metal
and we are weeping for Dettol
and because we knew everything
and because the sun is begging
we must bury a figgy pig in a lea of christs
good night now, fair woman, remember i will sleep with your lives. good night now, sweet children,
please remember me for i must die for sensitive family melodies

and there is a strange spot on my wall
summer appeared mad. sad people voted to corrupt the bad. Because we seemed killed and because words appeared muscled,
summer appeared mad

i do not write for the moon. Oh, winter appears dirty, and a manger of minds whimpers for a kitchen's ballad
made as strong as a stranger.
..while we hoot for dust, filigree statues of green park-moss flee from the ground,
damaged by meat and grey sounds
i am no poet except when sent to butcher's bones and a bed of scented poem-blooms?



from a bandaged lintle, the brass band played with pure mimesis. A 9 inch salt-gun shot an ace as a stringer of a masque's fists
hooted under hotels
..people hear a blind boy searing songs with slaying gardens where a hop of hillocks ribbed upon lost dartive rills
and from a bandaged lintle, the steel bands played for sweet Polly Anna
being made from gaoled forests, i ram a 12 inch riffler down grey gamma, and we heap dark light with old gramar
and we sweat for suet optics?

Good bless, women of mice, plesase trap sex rats
please abolish dead caps..
....o peeking peacock people agreed sometime that hen-crowds should shed all plumes then run dry
o steeples seized as grey fingers heaped
a dunny schoolyard with dobbery blue wet whipped madam thighs inward poems fouled good chemicals
our expanding ruins
whisper for drains

o people agreed sometime that crowds should die
(i brought home my maisonette.
The noise of TOYS held me in histerics!)
my exothermic mamma has a daddy for a wreck and we ride hard rivulets where bumped seepers of air
play for praised grey hair old balmy barn owl has strangled all of my ties..o, a tawny farmed owl has a pickled mask
and i spied grey ribbon hammering a pony-plume to the fast
funeral past

2 soldiers lost their crutches. 9 million rollers fell from armed hair; and because we are combers of sweet air
and because we yield aromas of hutches
we must suffer a grave of dragons?

and an old naked trowel cuts dun earth

i think of mostly nothing. My brain's bearth sails cleverness under bruised earth; and i realise the mind of day when wagons
impale cats with body-surf
good night, sweet poet of night, i promise i will be with you forevermore.
i give you my hand for
you are an immortal dead whore.


Nobody closed the door for five whole minutes -
i guess i nearly died.
Ultimately, however, a chicken in nude eye
clucked from end to end.
(cunt pulled down the house.
death's noise was like loud lipstick.
terrified ball-rooms rode against the ript).

meanwhile, when madam balders made spies
meanwhile, when master droolers shaved sties
then a bodice buttoned bone
said Sardines for nearly 1 million hrs, & lies
lick up a tube train
o good night haired poet,
i will be aside your grave for eternity.
though eyes may well weep for charity.
lo, fair LIQUID
may you rest in Hell where action

people hereabouts have decided to delve a kid for its toys; and because we are buried in a 12 inch drum
and because death's band played all the louder, a dangerman of a receding dram
will heat dick-soup
..two idle soldiers crouch down for edams.. Because self-mess is dunny armed
because health is charmed & because a bell of graveyards has sedans sweeping chairs to Death
we will learn of model midnights or else go mad?



Nobody closed the door for five whole minutes ( i guess i nearly died?) Ultimately, however, a chicken in nude eyes
clucked from end to end....(cunt pulled down the house.
death's noise was like loud lipstick.
terrified ball-rooms rode against the ript).
,.meanwhile, when madam balders made spies: meanwhile, when master droolers shaved sties then a bodice buttoned bone
said Sardines for nearly 1 million hrs, & lies
lick up a tube train
....'o good night haired poet,
i will be aside your grave for eternity.
though eyes may well weep for charity.
lo, fair LIQUID
may you rest in Hell where action

people hereabouts have decided to delve a kid for its toys; and because we are buried in a 12 inch drum
and because death's band played all the louder, a dangerman of a receding dram
will heat dick-soup.....two idle soldiers crouch down for edams.. Because self-mess is dunny armed
because health is charmed & because a bell of graveyards has sedans sweeping chairs to Death
we will learn of chanted moonlight or else go mad?
...when lintles feed stews to bones, when medals mete nudes to envy then brighteners of burned drones
swing for nippled drams where women
whiten wolves with sweet combs old timed owl is hooting for hens, a cold spined vole is spurting mice under blind hot crypts
and we have the world by heart.
....'meanwhile', Master Balders said 'keep calm till the stain on the dead has dipped inside a wedded sky-bed'
meanwhile, Mistress Shoulders wed skate optics to a funereal sea-bed

No-one said Maples for five whole yrs
No-one chopped apples
No Man or Woman awoke for grey tears

i think of ceiliings. i dream of the dead; and a nicker of a spent scream has lead leaping into the teeth of chilled hot bread
..all verses are perhaps as tender as minds: all hearses are perhaps always intact; all purses are in fact a payer of a wrapped
dilly finamcial drain

the local tide has midnight in her gay waves

one of us is ridden by guilty gravestones. one of us is hidden under baby wounds. oo, To hear footsteps must scatter birds
and because we are slaves, we must yearn for fevers?

tonight, in a weird scream, eyes will dust
old skinners with funeral hearts

one of us is smitten with empty givers
one of us is riven with cats and livers
To hear a solemn rosebud falling will
enter from the halls and swing

inside butter..

thus, for sad evenings, our sinless mirrors jack a major cloud with killers: o because we are keeen to eat
o because we have never reaped murders we will arise from saline sex-heat? of us is a minstrel born from pleasure one of us is a wastrel whose budded buttoned nose snffs at feathers
o because we have become too young
o because we used an city's steeled gun
we will arise from sweeteners
..where the convicts of masks shoot cum then a bay of scarred smeary dippy lips baskets fled fuels with tawny flowers

men will always dream of Pan America: to be thrusted among pillars, poles and Africa:
'This jam tastes like opals...
This island shakes hot odals'

and we hide inside blurred rain as lady cars drives slowly into the sun. when a headaches dreams, where guns shoot red knives
then we ride from death
O was thirty years old when i first came
home, to see my babyhood in learning killed



i would never have slept in bed had it not been because Nero sang songs outside dreamt windows
and because we dare not cry and because the guns are in the sky
we will never sleep for mother none at all..
we could drive one billion miles when falls scatter pegs across a meadow; and because we never used to call
and because a widow has no life at all we will never rest till dreams fall from walled
body friction

now i care for DIAMOND whose head
walloped bedded bones with burned lead
o i am crossed without you and i will
fall from flava..

kids hold the british key to milky desks; and because we raided trees and because we studied saccarine
we must bomb the whole wide world and kids holdthe british key to yoyos
..we are hiding from darkness as girls jeer at the distant pier
and we slather for rolled tears where
my living room has no toilet paper ..whilst we were waiting at the top (while we were shaving)
then we learned after blithe ceilings; and because we are infirm and chopped
and because we know nothing
we will hear the solem sun or else

fart for fatted male moon bones

those brightening big topped hairs cross a back with baptismal peppers: oh, these frightening veils of lepers
ride a tiger into a tree of gold rippers and we glide to killed sleep.
...o i would never have broken my spine that is, if i had no body at all. lo, for our spleened cellves, we wind
adown petals where petrol cauls
drop lopped faces

to be lost to sensitives pays for a body-spin: bobble voices that taste just like sin; and because we are sent to countries
and because we are friends of herpes and because we live to die again
we must purse a pussy
and lathe after polecatted money
o men dream only for America

piggies of pissy pullmen bell a neural sentry with a belled
body sail

ladies of pithy skull-men swell as pular bears of nails
drink five seas

o my ties have been pickled. o my wives have been tickled; and my bed is slain
....piggies piss for vitamins and a mineral Buddha meditates about bitumen and judas-jesuses
and we ride for
huge headed sonar war

ahh a coastal town snores..ahh an open clown
laughs as a nude circus

crashes into hired Downs and because chained sound trips after naked gymnasiums then
a bone of fevers
..will rot a wasteground's
invisible gardens
o was a cigar the reason
for puffs of cum?

inside the rain there are navels sharing yoyos and feared waters, and because we feared water and because we led the dead to feelings
we will arise from breaded mortar
...o this is morning. The edams of a girl stiffen up for god's dog; and we walk cats where heaven's hound
swallows minced grey bone-onion.

now we awake, and rise from dregs: now we slake dry islands: and we say, at the sides of big bands
the hearsed words DEAF DEATH
ahhh...the country i was borne too has no space for Asia
and we are fed to Africa where dudes
drink from welled Pan America

we handled cola in both of our hands and because we have a babe for dram and because we grab for wigwams
we will spout slits as the winter's ram

cries for snowed heat..



the graph is staff-covered with babies. It was a well fished afternoon when monkeys snorted weevil-coke
and a sinewise cab that ravels from hope nooses the living with junkies
...If i reached out with three hands, near dope, surely daddy darkness would star-poke abandoned hallways where death spins
.or is it more the treble-cleff of a dimmed bodily diamond that scowls
against a graven kisser's blue sanitary bath-towels
....oh, we sing, and do eager dances under roped shouters of gaolers and fishemen of sleep and because we are masked by Heaven
and because we will shout out NUDE HELL
we must charnelise
factory fingerers of felled nuts and reaped
grainy gully blinds

Looking down, i swore i saw a Demon
being raised from rats as devillish reason
stops to Love's

vinegar shadow the tears unreel in the East, as a bad barn bruises cows with sleep, as a signal wallah weeps under candy, we will learn the rules of de family
o, now we sing, and rise from bread: o, as we swing, we arise from sheds and tears gather teas in the West
and wives succour pants and vests
and it is the morning. The country has been swept away to reveal death's transverse ticking cow-cowls and because we are shut in owls
and because we are cut by canny crowers of scared city slides
we must trip for old vaginal tithes..
....if i outstretched my hands down into the darkest shroud, o, if a town of shoes donned platinum kecks,
i would supper for a dreamer's wreck and eyes will flow before me?

all of my lost neckties, having been happily strangled, are leering when
sky-writers leap within a sea-scraped
aladdin of dirt, desease, death.

.. a noonday horse dies of chilblains?

we smile at a pair of minds where icicles talk to chilling little ricicled wry sickled girl: the little girls talk forever: the skin of nudes cherishes salt weather
and we swing for five winds.
..our roads are growing too long now we torch selves: o, because we play naked, crowds sin to the slaughtered blood-hour
and we smile at maimers of christ until the time when we shall god-write i will cast a killer shadow on the land.

vases are born to break..ices are chillers, and a loaf of lakes clutches to old grey twitched hands

there are 16 pigs in my yard: oh: as vases shake then a rill of rites must shattter ooze

there is no window in this manse
there is nothingness shaped here

19 kids smarm for pitheads
we desire a font without water
we require a hidden Helespont

these national streams where i made my name kick a packet. these canals in screens show hard cities to old flames, and a benched rabbit
rotates around the sun
..there are no bones in this backyard?



men have come to learn about scarred body dazzlers. oh, these national screens where we showed painted porn-films to sweet hens
o, visual devil batteries get crisscrossed by buttery natives
..whilst writing martian news, we quaked for grey lippers of dog wars. We send aliens to sleep
o, a vase of iron drops desks as old meat
slices canal wine.
..we send a pair of mind to a mental spine we send a prayer unto daddy's keen mummy beaming blued
house of nudes
...our dead children deserve a plectrum
our red women have lost direction
o a vase of iron chokes upon sectioned
baby genius

o, and it seems right now we are taped by flame. o, it appears that shadowers of a crazed crowded cleft mouth
will suck upon an erected church without stalls; and a bouncer of fishnets escapes from pain
....we send smiles to ashen daubers as rain rotates upon a switched wall: we send isles to endless talks
and it seems to me now that god's fawkes
dig a nanny inside stalked
baby bakers

until the time when we can drink stone until the we sharpen weeds we must sink a toad inside a droned
sister who lies cropped under
bad breasts which rock for thunder
a bound bandager of bastards sunders
creeped cauls and samphire
...the sky-written holiday we lost just last year has come to inside an asylum. Inside days, we find a sea of pus
pushing dirt to the sides of our tears
..there is nobody on the fields there are no men crying for reels and sky-written families
have taken tours to bodies where sand
handles chickens

reading last year's news, we drive for dogdayed nests where a bus of bores swing a swallow from a huge tree
and we sky-write for ribbons when whores
pay for self-sex.
...the little woman with her toy T Rex has
coda for Kodak.

after a latent storm where you and i talked about pleaasure after dogs are in fawns, we are eyed by
blue traffic and body seas
..a little girl smiles at her hands; she has no face and dare not cry and a latent storm of fear hears de sky
stamping on city sound
...o, our road is growing too long. o, our rose is flowing, and we sing wrong notes where a fox in crying
lays a moon vixen in a fast descrying
dolly meadow
after a latent storm where you and i walked under leather, we have cut sky and, uh-huh, we come to in an earthquake
and we roll, ride, rabbit and shake and a little child rises from city drakes
our dead children need attention for
easy coughs and deeds of a flu-war.. when surrounded by pyres, a curtal fast fellah
casts lemon crabs across eagerly eaten brigands: Old hens cackle: Cold mien crackles
and a naked soul stops a glass
and the wind is filled with horses
and the wind is filled with horses
and wed skin is fuelled by forces of
pulled bells and bodying sauce-gods
a jacker of jackets dons mad loves
a feeler of sidereal suns
dies out
lo lo lo lo.



Where a disant female Hitler jumps for easy decks of naked worlds; and all because of saint Saul, we curl a box of biscuits round a killed war
and a sea of bone robs us of Eden and a tree of stone cuts under reason
oh, where a distant female Hitler jumps for queasy wrecks; mauled, masked, stored,
then a bite of broads baskets grey gorged
gouramis who shit in the wind
oh, eyes never hope to be blind eyes never soap for a dizzy mind, and because our vast visions drink wine and because our fast kitchens cook vines
we will shrapnel after naked afternoons where we made twine
strangle all our claddings
Loving in scented parks may well win under gluey eggy cake-tins, and a leader of rented sparks
must drown in the davy dark... uhhh

we spiral up from piss as we spin cut spiders and mutant hired grey sin

.endless fatal fotal fjords shend hard
brigades of pure fire

...a macedioan Madonna abuses a coloured Medusa. As shapes shake, a don of direly endless patina pukes snakes as worms curl from lives

there is no gas in this electric house. Here, skies cry for mamma mary, and a macedonian hadean pre-madonna has a rider made
naked as the day snakes were born.
...we desired a home without sinks as blown thorn digs as jeerer of a sex-lout where, wall-reared, coded stoned dawns swarm
tomorrow's news and yesterday's storm.
...a worm-wedded sperm-headed darling who seeks death's attention must surely ravel cruised navel-clubbers of the sun-shirters of pulsed
homes minus walls and fires
...because dead valleys appeared fatal because killed ballets revered the continental
raiders of yesterday's truths, we will sweat optics for the sands of smoothed
streets of filthy eye-suits

there are 16 chickens here who do not lay egg: there are 1 million kittens here; and nearby dogs and rats, a tiger of tears
drops dragons into deafening dead years

and we reel inside the East
and we gather up the teas; and gilded grease
snappers for dabblers and babe police


when the fans of boat sink into sad marsh: when the prisons of oats slink away from bars, where the booms of the dark
don dilly gaoling masques, then we will snap a fig with fingered art-farts
because we reel inside the East. because we may gather up the teas. because blue Indi lovers kill the grey beast
we shall not cry: and a world of honey seasons lies where
fandangos leap from a wheel-chair
...for accidental car-keys, a van of air shovels collisions where elusive hair-dos smell like a sweety flown flower
and we built us a manse with no walls and we stood on stoned stilts where reason
heaped holidays inside indigo treason
...At Tiffany's, everybody is in the road. Oh, every baby brewed baby cries for toads
and a century of glass
seals selves inside a distant wintry sun-verboten pluperfect pasts.
until there is nothing to be done: until hair-lines sharpen a head of drums: until a bed of ice melts inside the sun
we shall sea-hang writes of dried pencils
...this road we tread is dead and gone: this wife we wed is sweet as summer's songs; and we may well do nothing at all
and we murder pigs with dead walls

vapours escape from lofts as stencils draw the drapes sky-wide.




there is nobody in this sea of meet: there is nothing nearby but tusks: there appears to be a till of jammy puss-pus
but we are estranged by
mad hills and emptied countries
....we send a pair of minds to lavvies: we rend salt-air; and a mask of hair brushes cavvies for mien caviar
and a grave of hands
jams love's island.

whillst writing yesterday's news we
sent lost knives to sleep

o clued little men telephone concrete meat-tailors whose mulitsonous fingers cause cabs to fly. oh, strewn old women
telephone creatures whenold killers lie for pelted pigeons
and there is no veins inside god's lost body as there is no skein outside this gem's
bad winter jewelry
...o, we will paint a svelte sex-warehouse where freaking shaven hands lay paled penises across
shutters of tree-trapped scared Loss
and a bone od air
oh, our mind-mirrors need changing; oh, our wived delousers have come back home to find genious feline veined
withe utterances of fudgy of flame and seared sweet laughter
and a blind mouse with vermin glasses
dons a cat's preying eagle-shadow

the daughters use an impassable service station: we used camp-fires for nations: oh, doctors abuse dust
oh, proctors seems to cut-up; and coded prayers will never understand why Woman sleep for a fucker's grand
body sweat..
..our old chldren need a trapped net-nurse...o, we used a crane of claws..o, we noosed veins
and because we need a housed hearse
and because we dream of grey cursed vaginal geese we will suck on oil and shave meat..
now, as we catch fire, we heap sleep
days deep where fingers freeze.

at Tiffany's, everybody is fed to death: as death eats, everything suffers the spread smiles of greying grimacers
and at Tiffany's, everyone is red to bread
...there is no room for use here...o, there is a broom here which sets fear
underneath urban blood..

because we send teas to the dead
because hands break,
because we centre leaves under beds
we must suck a nut and
delve for grey costumes.

the porters nearby to us don foc'sles.
Pee-plied with sauce, a meal of muscles
expands from a jumped sea

o we end in a fast wound as sheep
baa upon a lamb-white hill..

the macedonian medusa who ruled rude snake-head-dresses has now donned a cap of lugworms
and because we clap in time and because we shift old minds
we must tread invisible waters
....waiitng for the stars, cars spool bays of blood with handlers of cruel massive ambulant insanity
..,each shared bar of soap eats fools
each bath of hard roped soap schools
dirty women how to sleep
crazy blue water.
o we will heal the sexed until Father
saves His ruddy Son..

pockets of blood has us digging for coins. Large grey rockets pay for nosey space-travel
and because we pray for groins and because we label lives with scissors
we will ravel unto a void of seasand clutch to emptied souls as roses get cut cross a fattener of a troved swum slicker
and we hoist a bill-board
and we pay for missing adverts and
we are fed to loners: while holding us for a body, we slip false bums when painters shift towns
aside mercury-breeders. ahh, there are one billion crowds
here, there are endless loud clouds
and because pockets of city bloods
test veins for cried water
we will paint the town with fathering sky-minded chucking chalk
and homeward men will extend bunnies to aged cars that shout as colliders warp

homeward bound with rocks and wives, a town of Asia heats a sound of kiosks indians
o, porters of fishermen wheel fazing fast faces when odes to lies
lay down the liar's Law
and we are led to T Rex where failure
sings forevermore..

we send a pool of rats to old tears we ravel into time when reachers of teachers hit the years
and we gather teas in the East
lo, our road is too wide for peace
lo, our load of blue brides
sweats for veils as ravishing wives

drop from bow bells.


blinded, a saw of slayed music dares to summon a shed of demure hares: We itemise bullies when naked tares
sink weed into hire huge moods
and because we shall not count to 10 and because a human skull can't end
we must shake our flags against snared
body wrappings
..oh, here there are very few quakes: oh, here there are cherries under lakes, and a home of samphires
wallets a precious cart of empires
and we own empirical lunar snares
..our roadways are growing old now.
Diners who share the aged must crowd
a trainful of sad wigs and greyed cloud
o we send a bowl of brine to loud
defecating evil prisoners
and a bone of glass glisters as killers


at Tiffany's, everybody appears to play dead. A little pig oinking all of the time sends 3 pairs of scissors to a man abed with
sandmen and dangerous duty free
oh, because we behave disused; because we dig for daddies underwater; because we appear naked when in abed
we must raise a public river from
dupers of both day and cruel night Tiffany's, everybody feeds off the lights: A greedy gammon guzzler has sex nudes
crying, crying, crying

we have happily strangled earth where families leap from a tree of tares, and because we have behaved too well
and because we have led death to Hell we must arouse a pigger in a dewy prison-cell
there are 9 million eagles on the prised radio road that leads to mad sea-wives. The biter of a lost lip
lashes endless talk with faceless writs
and you and i are some sort of a kiss?


one of us is a venereal palace of pure bone (and we never dream of flowers come to life)
one of us is a pepper cut from christ; (and we will never scale the garden)
and one of us is a venereal palace of pure bone

'what if the thunder made us with torn hands
what if sweet father raised us with islands?
Only then, made gold, will the sunrise swing!'

thus, in the cotted collages of the city knifed we come to scatter sleeves across the earth.

one of us is a renal car which drives birth
up, up, up
no more

goozy nights of idiot flame crackle underwater - or so pugs figured. Watchmen spy for scandal pain
and oozy scissor flights heed transfigured
baby wrens that catch rain
..watching on invidious silence, we lather looters of baned scissor grain, and true thought seeems obscurely made from
riders of salt and tree killers

o, we shall not listen to a dream. o, minds may glisten, and longing platitudes of sex hastens
bodily castles under snails and ravens
and we grab to was a good night for the original moon: The ragged bees nearby have swooned

and moon is fooled. India has caught light: Ohh, we looked down to write while lunar bowls, with scissory old vase-mikes,
papery petals with penile cunny meats; Ohh, no-one said 'Ice' for nearly 6 seconds
o nobody recalled the wars; and we counted cloves as dined whores
shone like a fat dairy strawberry film-scream

and eager house-graves opened all day this very year.



wee has a doorway to a pissing brain: oo, a sea of soft drays nudifies a naked tree of squirrel-graves
and we muddy boats with soft rain
..we have no friendly enemies; as a tree of hot bum displays drops aped leaves where families
swallow naked wine
..just this ruddy evening, apiaries gave sweet-rise to kidders of buzzy captive dudes
and eyes always break?

Yippee!!! I am shooting crap
Wow-wee!! i have used your capped
body coil


how wonderful it is to see a room of pure love; o, how excellent it feels to heal sunday flowers with the colour true
..o catty, catty, come on home now to hoot, we break canteens where sad anorexic waiters
serve blood foods to puckering blue tailors
..pouncing for elephants, a wintry sea-snare dines upon yesterday's failures, and a rampart under beads damages hair
and the lean colour of a flava
hires wasps with fairy nudes the bruise-lidded eyes of prunes, prayer struts her holy stuffs. These salty days, where i raise god's muff,
killer angled archangels scatter holly seed across the floor

how wonderful it is to see a room of pure love
laying a dizzy beard with a cunny of drugs

and we have entered into buttery heart-brains and we have mentored dregs with pushed chrontic cock-cranes
and we have suck-entered mad grannary beast-grain...O, because we have shot the world; O because we have rended deaths from words
we will surely soon arrive back homeward where we pray for spiral-Lies
..O, it was a good place for the meals tonght, tawny, teasing, vomitting cool blood
and we will dowse the dead as hot light
rams vaginal sugars down a dining twister-ground

watching idle silence, i darkened sound?
hearing eaten violence, i drank the town?

Or are we fed here to privet as ground
falls to earth?

lies in nunneries leap cowled cogs where cystic bodies bang under snipplets; and a wode of billy masks swills keen chaired
budders of female cupped birth..
...and we have entered into buttery heart-rain and we will enter from the deaf, and we shall centre mints on a hot messed
bay of baby breeders?

youthful animals in crowns carry killers
way back homeward
where a skinning bay of birds cuts mesh

A finite rhinal statue darkens passion with kites and we float upon sadness when rhinal igit Thank-Yous rend gems from mikes
O, we are burning up both of our lives - as height catches sex where falling
we must send mesh to cold sea-thralling
body bites
..It is a wonderful morning; I will stay asleep when a city of evenings sends my bed to men, and a finite rhinal statue darkens passion with
femurs of familial doggy wipes.

ragged treetops teeter under waves as old pigs strip a forcep from a raped stool; and we float upon sadness when
april sharpeners rain, rain, rain
adown a sea-town where bones under trains stop to love...

'If only i could move my heart to false tears
then i would rule my gravestone with red fears.'

ah, we are burning up all of our lost lies: ah, we are yearning after statutes of gal-pullers; and we have always thought demurely.




they are tugging at bloodied straws: old men are hugging wine with drawl; and a mad man in an urban nest
hits to a mons-beat; and old deaths testify to gloom as snippers in malls
spill a dizzy ghost under blue shawls.
they are tugging at bloodied straws; and mind-folks open eaten dogs, and waiverers choke hippy whores
with lemony eyelidded baby-broads. ooh, they are tugging at muddied cauls
o sin and mugging minds eat drawl and a boat of pure fire ignites walled female worms; O, a boy in a hall has
too many arms for use and, la, glass sees old men tugging at cunted grass.
they are tugging at ruddied straws: o, sins and nipplers sunder grey daubs; and we pig out when thunder scores
easy patients of winds with eye-wards
& they are tugging at bedded dolls; rolled skinners spin as dancers roll, and a head of pure glass folds for
easy spinners of demure spoars, and a cat in a hoof whips stored gabby ponies; and clickers claw
a caddy of a cunt; O, fast fjords famish fetes and buy old tins.

they are tugging at bedded knolls; while swiners switch mothed brawls, and a starry bike rides for scrotal claws
and a baited dyke cleanses gals o a duggy blue buggy hits gals
and wytches strangle gal-Gods; and we fuck as women stop

dead, dead, dead. Ohhhhh?
men are tugging at fucked heel-straws
o swingers lend loss to moars, and a keen othello draws a daddy of a play around cars; o, men are crying for dogs
and a hill of flame star-sods a naked crow in a bad mod's
modelled honda miracle.
..and sin sings in the east as bled limbs gather gold teas - fast glass rots as easy leads
clad body-dogs in red sleeves

and men are tugging at weed; and gardens open into spreed weed; and babiers rap aside seeds
and we splatter rugs with scalded cauls where drips

hit plaster men with circles.

they are tugging at sleeves. la, kids are bugging slit-screes; and a sky of skin ensisters a bed of blades that heave
binny monsters with sleeved nostril faces; and tramplers pull rats from screwed laces
o, they are tugging at tears la la, madam moon hears blueness glow; and salt-fear
feeds a pony to a sphere
and we chase for faces

O dicking dolly doctors
season fates with mirrors

Uhhh.. men are tapping on wounds. la la, children are tapping milked tombs: la la, women are closing minds and mad men are counting times
and a sad madness must listen to the sickness of cock-rust; and men are hitting red cusps
and feelers sky-split dead wine..o, as jagged hearses burn then tonsured greying horses will send gabblers to a false hill;
and we wither into closed gems
and we dig for slashed women
and we rotate against eyes

ah, men are tapping wounds. ah, hens are dragging dunes, and sadness fills love's minds.



they are tugging at straws: oh, children race into the yorkshire moors; oh, a sad face sheds tears and a cave of death fears
its own darkness and wards warp for sex as born whores weep, weep. Ah, closed pall-walls slicken after sweet sleep
and a den of meat reaps slain radios from TV halls.

ah, suns are burning de moon. ah, guns are shooting runes; and old original fire swoons and cold axes cut grey tombs
ah, mental mind-folks boom, and wet straws get shafted by eateries inside headless gall... ohhhhh
why do female docked emperors sweep grails inside blue-hearse? o, why does the gaoled girls rave and rage?
sodomise birds with tunes


and they are tugging at claws...o, wide men are seen once before hiding lips in the chopped grass; and a wicked winter hires grass
and a horse of prey shuts maws and old men are tugging for war
and slowed cars drive like before..the scurrying angels sunder soft rude pockets that lead to chains
la la, a pickler of angels stains a duddler of knickers with cut veins and a goosey park oozes loss
and an easy arch oozes moss and men are tugging at cloths?

where a dangerous sun-moth brags after butterflies then a dominatrix of a swollen cross has to gather mamma-seeds
Ah eyes leap under horses. Ah scribes weep for sauces. Ah, men are tugging on soup-horses
and roller razors cut big hair; and once upon a mind, big hair got traded with titian porn; and photos for dun prayers
and, uh uh uh, i have cared for everything but died before
any sense of love was mined.

girls are tugging at whores. la, old scars weep for spoars; and a sea of juices roars along a vacant train; and eyes guide a cockerel-hand
deeply down in an island and, ah, as sin goes wide then a cook inside a scribe
will bake veiny cake-skies.

girls are tugging at whores. ah, god's stars sleep for shot bird; and an ancient spy of stirred loss rolls her blind-eyes at words
ah, a draggler of dolphin dragoons drills after planetary shark-oils; and girls are tugging at
a rended city where rats scurry after daddy flowers.
once upon a fulcrum, men scattered salt aside bottom bitumen; lo, once upon a nation, menkind splattered sugars aside blocked chicken
and nude pigs eat pork-n-beans and fallowers marry screens
lo, once upon a natron, gems
shattered and fed rings to hens

O, an ideal riddler of bracken feeds canny cunt to fast bison; and neckties get blinded as
hydras dig teeth inside cum-grass. O, an ideal razor of women
shaves puss clean as rivers
end, tongue-buried in the past.

gee, a blended blondie of the endless dead sea-dyes under waxed bloods; and old breads get money-sliced with painted giddy fangs
and, wow, what with drivers of dog-death strapping easels across blurred white lead
star-casements on a cross comfort bed and, ah, as bad boys trip from death then
wideners of curving cancerous circus-men weep for a canyoned smile when sifters send
a brolly of danger wheat to bodices of hens.

gee, a blended leeched lady that loves death has to read her bedtime book to sex-mess, and a torturer of phlegms tawses eager-sex
and a vase-littered boy on the moon wrecks
all veins, all eyes, all grains and all mind-decks....yes, as a rumpler of seizures fits under sacrificing elpileptic necks
and bastard in a belltower rings soft snips and a vaulted wife uses salami for her kids, and a bodier of bastardisers bones a ripped
salt garden where breakers of lady lips spits
sympathetic bruised bloods; and grey mitts
sun-mussle baby drugs with ruddy sea-clits.

Ah, as i blow on triton's porned gold horn then a masterer of madness swallows cold men Ah, as i crow for titian, then painters of men
space-jam a homo canvass with gay children and, spliced into christ, a bonny of a pylon has
ashen waxen weavers into reptilian grey glass.


paid Copyright JDB 2021.




gee whizz, these hard angels in their sky-fizz trammel red calves under bagels and pot-kids; and a born dead denier who rots a sand-pig
swells under meat as eggs ground from wigs parade after baby-wheels. O, a dazzly boomer enblades soft silence with an auric swooner
and a bench of violence seats dad-bitten riders, and weedlers may well trumpet meat where
candleabras sink biddy beewax into salt-hair.

Ah, masterers of roadways crash for fires Ah, plasterers of toad-trades paint fat spires, and a radioed bed slaps a siren across cold tyres
and teasers of teutonic sky-alarums sea-wire a wideness of mind-pyres with naked cat-chairs
and red are the arms of the gentlemen's chairs.
..gee, a blortive babby statue bobs from rubies wow, an abortive daddy drinks to female doobies
and a waxen heart beats to a midnight flower and a nudity of hearthlight shows sores to towers;
and, lo, as missing night crows for old wards then
daggerers of hissing tights hang old children
Oh, a summer's hired season lunches on hens. Oh, a winter's tired reason lunches upon bud-men, and we see rise a secret brain which cuts skin
from braided bummers and secret atomic winds and the sunrise booms like an angel in the sky
and the gunrise of cold mikes sings under lies and a donny bed of foals sets alight to slides


oo, they are tugging at hooky wharves, and men, spent, are eating into spy-walls, and a boy of death dreams of dwarves
and a dilly siren swings under bones
.oo, they are tugging at hooky wharves and men, deafened, poke eyed wards with chicken skin that sleeps for birds
and a dizzy siren swings under whores

oo, helmets are dragged from wafers. oo pelmets about old guns pay for dude lasers; and a bed of grout guts blued flavas
and witterers, drowned, drink to labia
..oo, coded scissormen slice into fever..oo radioed writhermen slice for rivers
and a bed at sea sails beneath wars, and a ted of trees combs naked claws

Uh Uh, endlessness snaps blue gourdes...Uh Uh, trendlessness craps for bawds
and me in natal caps cry forevermore?
oo, they are tugging at hooky waves, and men, skinned, are eating head-herbs; oo, as bed boys whine then old birds
will surely hollah at the hired grave and a biller on a break dons slaves

oo they are tugging at blue trades and sin, spind, swells up like knaves, oo, as gabbed suns cease to shine then
blown blades swing for horse-women
.uh uh, magically scented fields send a dragon of a sea-hand to county sleep; and a dollar and a pound pay meat to
widen under perspex and grey nudes

oo they are tugging at hooky waves
and sons, stirred, use prisms for lays
and a dunny daddy dams closed clay
and a bald bunny baits wormy sprays

oo a bone of brass beats to de meat
oo a sloane of glass beats to de deeps
and a brandy bowl bakes under sleep.



oo, hens are tugging at bitumen and old eaters of greyed bats use sand-saddlers. oo, hens are tugging laid scissor-stands
and an igniter of the moon uses sand to erect a palace in a wound; and Man, confused, nurses nuns with wigwams

oo hens are tugging at bitumen and cold reapers of greyed rats use wank-sand, oo men are hugging strays as trams
trickle down from tractors; and jams delve for dizzy juice; O, cider-clams

carry crazed crusaders to salt-scans and scarry starry cock-defamers ram an easy ram when a poker of England
arise from body-boxers of pure ham

oo hens are tugging at bitumen and
crazy reapers of piggers loosen cannes

the cracklers of a cupping sea-cunt carry cryers under yonder seed-trunks; and a bayer of father feels for junks
and a feeder of fevers fondles gey skunks and a mouse in the mirror sunders punk

oo sin is crying in the moon and red spunk marries naked nukers when rat-bunk hurtles down the eyes of a teether; and
a melter of old skies writhes; O, monks feed on god-lunch as a wifer of veins
scurries under bumpf; and mental lies can all of catkind inside metalled wives, and we use a bark for brides as scribes
wallow in demure deadliness; and spies pierce a bleeded talon with both minds

the cracklers of a cupping sea-cunt carry doom deniers to necklaced bunks and a radio on a soft cliff chews lunched
veiny body windows; and we are punched
and bastard musk bleeds for rodeos

these broken days when blurred haloes strike the keen dead down, gay pharoahs glisten under beds where weepers crunch
a hot shied apple that munches like pain


the largess of a daddy duchess dribbles for pained islands that eat hutches; and old war shoots a kodak-christs with coded eye-walls
and a seasoner of soap washes ideal dolls
the largess of a daddy duchess dribbles for plum-painted eaters of oaken easy sex-molls and a helmet in a screen huddles cock-dolls
under naked nuclear fire that ignites brawls

and a weevil at de bodies breed for malls and easy whipper-mols test for gilded gulls: oo, a queasy stripper uses nests for old skulls
and we dull from distance the minds of March and we drawl from equidistance grey darts

the largess of a daddyb duchess dribbles for painless harbours that lead dogs to grey bird
and weevillers weep as skin goes to sleep.

oo, they are tugging after wax when a candler on her back sinks a candy finger in her thighs: oo, men are rubbing after flax when a candler on de rack
sinks a fairy mirror in twinned eyes, and an oaken flower swims for slides and a broken rat
scurries under flour that bakes money eyes

oo, they are tugging after wax when a candler on her back sinks coffee fixers into the sky.. oo, hens are rubbing after crap as a fabler under rose-snaps
buggers babiers of sundering brandy-tides, and we wipe for dads as a sermon under baby-brides
sodomises dilators with easy peasy baiters of lost wives

oo, they are tugging after wax when a cradler on her back sinks cunty cuppy sugary puss flaps inside a bone-moon
and we weep for de family when a draggler of hot scrap
hisses across blonded blubby guides
oo, as hissing penile pulverises pee upon granite prides then a magical mind-scrote caresses gunnered knives
and i deal danglers from rose-demented scissor-stripes


a dizzy pinner of swinging pinafores don a plummy eye: oo, silly shiners swig oats as a widener of babby sky seizes sexy epilepsy from grande mal body-brides; and
eaters of sleepered cum sticks a candle in a cunt-can and, made blue, weepers snip bum-angels with Japan
and vagina-readers shoot clitty farms with nuked Iran and a bay of sweet lungs cutters cunny from Woman
..oo as hissing penile pulverises pee upon fitted scans then heapers of evil mummy-sizes will use twixed beer-cans and a mammy clit-clime carries cavvies into wig-rams
ah ah, i have told the sky before about men-O-war. ah ah, i have poked yonder eye when a head of gauze
came home to shoot its brains; and mentalising gourdes feed for spinnered hens who cluck as they kill words

oo they are tugging after candy-wax and peeing birds must now nest for pearls as a shitter of an easy nerve sharpens salty henned curls; and eaters of peasy pervs
sky-garnish washy worlds with piggers of dirty nerds and readers of porny pursers shed gas upon damask
and a pleaded period curser booms inside grey flasks

uh, a bony bound bomb bricks into shits as shot mask engallows blooded bum-trips under lip-nicks; and clasps
season shallowed riders with stereophonic bed-baths



oo, they are tugging after dolly straws: oo, men are rubbing after brolly bawds, and a sun at sexy sea sunder dawgs
oo, they are tugging after dolly straws: oo, skin is cutting fever; and a sun's hot store sheds hot solar seed aside mary's pores
and weedlers will always do stir; and ivories of moneys will pay for drags.o easters in honeys will pray for hags
and a mouse in de moon must use crags to darken dolly mushes with easy slags and a hearse of pushes pee on straps

oo, they are tugging after baby whores oo gems are trickling as easy moors lead evil baby-killers to lakes in daubed
bled bastardising northern blind-cats
oo, ebonies in honey swing after god-cats. oo, christ's ladies leap for cool cats; and a shadow on a holy hand naps
a perfect angel-god that heals cats
this huge hired world is closed at mong-hand: o, largess sky-writes for a rose-island, and a beller of girls raises salt diamond
from painted fans and ghost alarums
.i have seen the dead at end of day drooling after dogs which punish day. lo, eyes shatter now where greying graves
dollops penis flesh upon a kaned stage and, la la, a snipper of guns shoots rage,

and first there is rage then lost rage?

oo, spind skin is scrapping after straws. oo, spun weavers tug for laughing dubs; and a rended sun of night ladens gods with
creeling adhering gallow-flesh; and kids car-brighten cob with willow-mesh; and
drivers of ballsy fairies swing after kids, and feline baby-oceans seem bright as figs

oo, spind skin is crapping after straws. oo, scum-dealers drip under bath-whores, and the dilator in five hands blinds whores
and the spun bakers of naked hooky corpsed cartel-leashes wade after rats in mud-malls
oo, soundless sister-silence sings for halls. oo, hog-drowners hit violence as gay molls
lead a babby gangster into a home of dolls

and a canny ripper raids red christs where a dangler in the emptiness of pure soft fear car-coops a gun of luds in hot radio-mares
and fishermen of guns collide with dun gulls.
ah, once upon a dad-mind eyes inside skulls shattered eddiers of sex-swine under bulls
and a cower under cunt-grime shoots up for teasers of revelries that closed a holy door

oo spind skin is clapping after strung straws: la la, spun swabby crapping cunts daub chapelled easy halo-money that feeds paws
to sickling easy jacketting scarring ducking fist-jackdaws and, ah, a rapist's angle sinks fat candlers
under a jolted ashy arse that kills grey fjords

Uh, a native matrix in a flower kills all walls and, o-la, we see now grey bawling stalls sellling animal baiters to fishy sun-drawled
coddling semen-waiters; and cunt-ken stalls

inside a melon sinner whose eyes fall

fast away.



when a patient of pluperfect rage prays to the spread and dumbed we will certainly become cold as age; and the atomiser of guns
shoots from an anal-hip into a fast fierce funeral canal; and suns gimmer as stars cry; O, when a patient of pluperfect fay lungs
dies for a hospital father then we will certainly noose love's lunge and send dolly darted starlings to sleep when a rider under cum
scatters spermy sullen willow seed across a corpse of lip-gum and wheaters of sodden gallow seed scar-strangles aged mums
when a patient of pluperfect rage plays for the dead and gone we will certainly abuse powder and we must always use drums
but the accidental whore who plies for rectal salt has eardrums made naked and ruined by daddy dreamers and mamma moon
where winklers of the sexy sad station microphones in dunes O, as we serenade the sexy mad then a seasoner under rooms
sink buttered dreams inside families; O, the birds of rage swoon under forceable penile powders as a cagey canary's wound
swipes a dollar-pound around daddy rage and mummy wounds and, la la, a perspex never-ending periscopes urinate on tombs
and, o-la, as worm sinks into ceilings, a massive budgy bloom disembodies a stinking basin-blade that cuts to the easy boom
of fascinating fussy fishy fields that star-yield cosy clit-gum
when a patient of old bingo-mecca tramples cards with cums then accusers of golden lotto-fever couples sin to gay spun
sign-spinneyed budder blits; and a bad basin bin drops tunes aside a baby baiter of gilly veiny stained bows which croon
after a dodgy silence that sinks a bell under sweet-guns and as shitters use the elephant box, a cellular cellar's mad hand
transgresses to reveal a body of wine and bodies in scrams.
a bobby on a surfboard arrests all high seas; and grey grans swallow a bended sun-test with winnowers of thrush-slams
and a robin in a red-chested sea scatters pins upon a glans and eaters of pooled romancers sweats for icy cocky cans
and we drink from cocky cans and we toast a loser's land ah ah, windy willowers rot upon veined toasts and Woman
sweeps dunny riders away from easy rivers in England
and a sauna on an urban cliff topples inside cold gentlemen

lo, as times grow both dead and mad, wet god's demise jacks to jazzed feet; and a roller of debt uses god-wives
to extend a livid hand to a febrile feather; and gay tides toss off just to find the wakers of deceivers wanking pies
and, o-la, a natron of a gal-boy rips skins from lips; Ohh, whippy worn stations blaspheme down gold-grits as clothes
call upon a naked hospital of stars with duffler's robes and a stinker of a terminal sea-car crashes in a lost rose
ah ah. I have seen bad men mooning at end of day ..aah. Eyes have received skin as swooner of old days
spar-sluices nudish gibberers under capital noose-claves

o we are the aldebarren poet-kids who feed off jizz. o we flail as we sharpen poem-pigs that feed off cribs; and a bolted slickerer damages
porn-chicks and trays send alcohols down a cliff of stormy Mars-kisses fizz and, thundered, we use lips to lift a tongue under flays
and, summered, we cut nude bluetits with a sofa-haze and, uh uh, a butterer of de bruised hips in red raze and
widened like women, a slipper of shoed christ expands a dollar of an english dime from refractories where trams
accuse atomic bones of binding dirtiers to snared scrams and indigo pipers pee upon windy spectators of slaves

uh uh, and blue expectorants sink into a webbed grave..uh uh, and stewed stella ancients sink into a spun-raid
and we cry for mussles where a pincer on a lave hits holiday hips with swarmy hair and a pinker of old trips
and, ahhh, a bandy rubber boy hisses as he jams lifts and, laaa, a randy blubber toy kisses dean as she rips
a donny of a wound child with wicked limbs and razors:
as thamesward floats the city saviour then bent crypts cradle canny sea-deals in a lady sailor who sails slits
and we sail a boat in a cask and we dream about saws and we see a god-ghost in play for renders of dinosaurs
ah ah ah. Dealers in dammy clays pelt pissers in tips. la la la. Readers of sonny blades sink a fish inside clits
and we will survive love's skin till the oceans of pips
feed chamomile dung to liquid brethrens; O, men sit

daisy-squatted when a wrencher of ermine eats slips and bummy damsel worms weep and cry for peppermint papers



and what with pepper helmets doing the rounds, cold rolled dilly desirers will hereby eat crowns; and a dollar in a pepper swells under old towns,
and the doctors in a wrapper sign aside sounds, and a bell of burners knell tocsins witth clowns
and a radio under fire has a piss-proud tone and a rodeo under fire has a fatal cunt-stone; aahh, a medical puncher punches fat as bones
bear a body-bagger to a bled fields where drones, hum, hum; and a wagger in a scentyed town
wallah after guns; and wideners of Downs

sinks eaten fanny in a tree of crowns; la la la

o what with paper pelmets doing de round rolly girly peppers will surely perfume hounds, and a marshy scent sinks wrists in cements
and a dolly blazer stinks; and ruined towns listen at city doors as weed sun-smolders; and a woven arch weeps for guns; O, crowds
cruise across lips as hispid whoredom clouds
a bitten sea which serenades bogey sky; and

as we widen into ships then a boat in soured jams swallows dread sails and comes into cunny Cannes; and filmic seasand boys who sufferf for sands
hereby photograph a rider of the world; and eyelids peek from fire; Ah, an obsidian liar
drinks from scabby stabbers as holy lover listens to the davy dark; and menkind suffers.

o what with paper pelmets doin' god's round
rolly pearly pisser girls sweat as they drown

and what with paper remits doing the town easy peasy pushers must eat aside the crashed crowds; and a parky city lusts after brides as the town
wees along cleft rusks; and a cakey cry crusades for easy flushes and a body-blind
darkens deaths with rushes; and a filmed mind
summons daddy dirt from canals and swine

o, what with paper kermits doing the towns easy sleasy scutterers scatter milk; O, towns tease a naked ditty about soft silks in towns
and a sky of thieves shout about babe-clowns
as we widen into ships then bark in a crammed sweet-can; and udderers expose slabby fingers to vaginal submarines; and a dunny mark sinks a bird into a dream
and an eager death stoppers sex with screams


gee whizz, as the sky entertains the sun then a reader of fire dictates swollen words unto mistress scissors; and old spires arise from golden guilty tunes; and weevillers light gasfires
as we widen into ships then sailor in a gun shoots sapphires and weepers screw pips as saviours stun a grey empire
and a wiper of car-kits wash wands in cum; and old tyres will always for certain smother the void with grave-fires

gee whizz, as the sun entertains the sky then a high sire gets doom-denied by his bastard drunken gun-son; and squires swell up for nazi guff; O, once a rudddy year, samphires
snow deeply down inside dragglers of aged mind-spillers

and eyes must close up, up as blind hearing kills choirs.

and what with paper permits doing my old town then a shitter of a picker has to hit ceilings and coded men: ah, lung-scattered, nazi healing crucifies lost women
and a rogue at heart beats for lost eyes; and bedrooms heap a dizzy joke across a false chair; and minds swoon aside deepeners of de crissed cross; O, eaters of bald runes
abuse fierce worldly words with naked blue poetry...gee whizz, as the sun entertains pure death then I
will defy deities with old plaintains; and mental sky will shoot a lunar bone as a blabberer under cold slides
shut a piggy wife-killer in a deep freeze; and red lies lilt under a libellous slanderer's sea-gun and old tithes
trip aside morons as a bleeder of a sun burns nights

and what with paper helmets dragging dun caps down and what with leper-star-lips shedding skinned mouths, we will entertain the riders of crypts; O, stars pound
a driller of papered wires; and shoes stamp on light and weedling pepper pyres damage sex with crowns

gee the piteous bellered guns of death use tocsins to fill a belfry with knelling sex vinegars; and sex moves a teeny tiny noose that spy-slams a spender in shoes;
and a terrible goose burns cold turkeys with cruised bladdy blorting daughter lightning; and cats cry for

more rats and mice and voles and moles and whores.


when scar-doctored by Mars, a kindler of healers dictates easy champagnes to dizzy drunken rivers and, la la, we chant for a mantrum as a fast mirror
sea-slides a dumb plant aside a rider of a rippler and, oo, as stunna of a dive launches squatters
to a laid nude world where women punch land..gee whizz, the picures of old fingers sink zippers beneath lady-writers of gold ringers of hot gritters
when once a door-dancer dribbles from slippers then a dog of timed lancers may well sunder for a dabbler of a caged stage where stripper's wards
loosen urine clouds aside metallics and gay swards

gee whizz, the picures of blind fingers sink pissers and, la la, a masoner of spined creamer sucks bone and we scurry out to a deaf sea as barking stones
bear insane jazzy genius to dreamers after kissers when once a dagger-dancer swirls aside killers o where a bugger of a diner feeds across milners
then a bed of pricklers lather after fatal dillers, and a binded lip-stickler daubs an ass with Zen,
gee whizz, the pictures of a naked fotal foal are soddenly sent to embolisms in a poet's rose and a poet's tree slices corn from apple-gold
breathers of taut wine and menstrual clothes

and a bagger on a kerbing kiss phones pogues.
these waggering buried days where i lunched upon false jams dirty now cherried graves; O, as i punch upon scalded scams then a masoner of a meadow baby girl bricks in de evil boiling
and a rider of a mesh metes out easy meteors to de evil ceilings ah ah, measurers of measures cunt-crash for a lashwide evening ah ah, pleasurers of pleasures suck-slah a bed inside leavings
and a mad boy-heart ravels into swift grime that leads to killings
gee whizz, the pasters on my bed sweep damned burials under fascinating purple wastes that relieve maddening burials of westends and tocsic tumblers; O, a carring accidental God has
one zillion stars for his deafening blue eyes; and odes to glass caress a dlily doctor-cock with cunted waves that eat from a
neatly pressured body-box; and my meddled mind drive lost cars
these waggering buried days where i fed off a corpse of sands swims for mamma nature; and a whipper of lead eats brands and we arise from mumbler's hill and we paint a bled town with
brighteners of fingery turban-mills; O, as tawny statue scales kids..O, a broadener of both night and day dazzles seals with grids

once upon a sign in a blue world, my head seemed fed to pigs once aside a signal, my screwed world seemed fat as fast figs and, made for sandals, i see now in my fat web a tree of frigs
ah ah ah. Moonish madams of a cloud fall from sex then die ah ah ah. Moonish macadam sinks tarry walls inside old eyes

and modus vivendi mined minds melt off from messy skies as a driller of nasty meese suppers from shit-troughs; and gas grasps at gasping tors; and a medley of a mad hand has a
stranglered strange cradle for a family; O, a pasted past has a liquid head for crazy candles; and a burner in the vast has
a vase-vetted soul cat for a naked meadow baby girl. Bast builds an egyptian Anubis up from apexing pyramid-casts
and, oo, as Tut flows by then Sesh fondles Horus; and flasks swill from waspy nests when a beller of cables shoots up

and wilters of wideness glow in the thumbs as death shrinks.

there are alien tarot cards here which deal dirt to a major arcana oh, a bud of sheer glass shrapnels after buddies and flavour manna breeds with sliced bullion when a township, shopped to sex grammar,
sea-loads distant lusts with waggy vanners of driven silver hair and a vase of dust scatters fracturing flowers across fractious air
oh,- there are alien tarots cards here that yeld daisy lip to mad men and eyers of fatal tears caress scarred fat as a bucky shoe in remand
arises from natal tears; and a beddy bladder boy who's face gets sister-canned, hits to a daddy beat; O, such wicked wolves are
ripped from fanged tails and fed to a human giant; and old cars carry cunny meats to a news sail; and addlers of titians fed cars

there are alien tarot cards here. As i abuse a ouija board with a harried harridan in a latent ghost-grid, then i accuse bawds of a heinous fascinating fish-shaken jig that feeds a fork to red Mars
and after twelve pints of salmon curry, i left my home in de North and got brutally stabbed down by mason bees. And my easy force
feelers after a deadener's cremated family; O, a buggy in sauce

scanners after a nuclear moon and this good moon killls de horse

nordic masoned burials dig to a jackal's beat when a bird under morse taps out the burials of a slaughterer's bleep; and an eggy eyed force sunders for the madrigals of one zillion jacked beats; and hearses
slaver after doom denials as a sexy dead denigration of purses jeers at de moon and lunar attires spread bedded natrons with a
tossler of tusselled meadow sires; O, we feed a cock into horses la, god-pulled Aladdin rubs his tubby lamp as cloned crowd of hearses
helter to a gun-grid that guns dummy roads with blasphemers

there are alien tarot cards here. As i comfort deaths with passions and as men, scaled by tears, suffer wrecks then grey compassion peels aside a beller of endless years; and a bagger of closed voices
yields to a skipped mind-bleat and then layer a mien with grey horses and a sickled winner of dumb sleep has to sleep all damned years and a
carrious cabin crew screws sleep then sleep will die for doubt now.
and when eagled carrion comfort has to wash bills in red-eyed clouds and when seagulled carrion sand-forts has to wash dead dick-shrouds
then a radio in a wired television car switches dope to starry proud heroic biddy noosers; and a kneller of belly bone strikes an anvil-crowd aside from alley huddlers whose care for killings wows the ferine loud
and, lo, after nine pints of salmon curry i left my flat in de deep North and then got brutally stabbed down by a caker in a park of ript gorse
there are alien tarot cards here. As i comfort a carrion death with sauce then my fatal fotal psychic ear dies and leads sex to bluesy bed-coarsed
schizophrenic bruisy brainstemmed bolshy bennies; and, ah, death dies.



what with eggy rabbit dung sea-found in Munich, me and madam moon and mad Gods will shed nine years in yorkshire weight; and a dun sea wallows in its waves as Dogs star-leash city shit to a hot bread
bag when a dung-drowner delves after soaped suds and a bellied bell shines, shines; O, and witnesses to clowners well after doped buds ah ah, a weaverer of wine shouts as she groans; and a painted pillar under roped blood
tree-buries a waxen wood in a dummy stone. As deaths drawl for thunder then rubs accuse a rainbowed grub of affixing a boney bandaged skin to a penis paved with drugs
and after drinking twelve pints of greasy salmon curry, i left my manse in the North only to be brutally struck down by a darksome baby; and, la la, snowers in de North
scar-nordify a wimpler of a rat with rabbit shitters; and, ha ha, showers in de Force listen to daddy winter as a cat without litters shoves fishy fanlights down bone-mugs.
and there was copious cum in the hedges on the high roads and, uh, as skinning slugs came home to flash their lungs then a barterer of sky-rogues sucked on fast sludge
and the granite beakers of a quartered hour seems laden with macadam and loves and a metre rule, made a king of a flower, sirens adown birds which pecker loved
babying penis phoenix; and a bedder under flour stirs some snakes under buggered strangulated schizophonics; O, a baker in a tower hisses after nights as timed buds
car-mangles easy times with a swollen sylvan time-machine; and evils inside gloves cunt-cane as willow-mask with sainted silken commotions; and seagulls in old bugs
butcher after dilly glass which scatters aldebarren shit-pots down a porny sea-spud and after drinking twelve pints of salmon curry, i left my cremative home to find
a madam of a disembodied dick-swine cutting me to lipid-bits; and, la la la, my mind accuses the whole of south yorkshire about all of de North and de snowing red drive
that ravels as she travels into illing knife-grout. And angellers of a pissing rat-bride gun-brightens everything; and, lo, i have got a gun and i am coming to home see you
ahhh. Weakeners of a door-closing star cause genius to rock in a head of blues; and ashen goosy gabbling crazy cavvies cluck for an eggy chick whose bled news
cums copious dyslexic cranes to easy sex-muck; and an eggy scribe of dun truths moon-swallows angry lips with patented puss-cups; and, uh uh, we died for news
..the pricking of a cock hits upon a blown beat, o suckered scissorers slice lungs; and odd meat sinks crap into some flowers; and sadness beats
a body-beard; and wavers stride against sleep the prickler of a crock smashes bulbed heat the sticker of a clock stops the dead; and sleep hardens false rain as veins cut the face we bed
sirens under masts sail for torn tears; O, sleep sodimises fathers with grails that to lead to wheat, o cuttlers of fingerers veil stars under rose-heat
and a benny in a blade sinks eyes inside greyers and, la, la, la, eynes burn up, up, up as old slayers rat-a-tat on a dizzy blood-map, and dizzy pissers
pee upon dun buds. O, excellent eaters are snipt from an anorexic flower; and foods scars a bleeder of an fever-fix; and odes to dead Mar
hardens for spastic wayferers and rode cars. the pickling of a bled penis sheds dead seed ah, a bed of budders harnesses dunny weed and a shed of lovers sky-varnishes grey seed and eddiers of a mad cunt sinks caves in weed
and brotherers of sad cunt sinks lays into sleeves sirens under masts sail for torn towers when a baddy of a blithe boy swims aside a flowery bee-car
and weedlers drown for tears as coded rivers stop a stopper with towns. O silence dies for
cicada shades and clowns; and we feed wars?
the carriages of cunny honey burns my house down and marriages of sunny ladies wed sme to de small town and, o dilly dilly, my mad bed sweats as dizzy crones cup old titties in bathed hands; and we listen to loud
lewd lounges that lead punch to wardrobes and eyes lilt in de easy town as a sightless city inside scribes scries, scries O, a dunny pearl shaves gold-washed Pies that feed truthfulness to painted water; and raised warts
give head to sci/fi as a dilly cobra leader warps us with spaced out shuttlers; and a code aside trucks
sweeps a baby rose from dreary rain to old nuts

Huh Huh. underwatered with chanters, old sluts get sun-saved by dizzy dolly porters. O, grey huts fall to sodden earth and loud gents go due West.

oo we scry for dirty rain as rain cuts us down . la la, we cry after pain as we suck the town from livid lilted cat-nip; and a painter of holly resounds and a sainter of damned seizures feed sounds
with shallowers of dirt, disease, deaths; Ohh. when bittered salt-skirt relieves deaths then clashers of merry hens lay candy eggs; Ohh.
we scry for dirtied rain as rain cuts us down, we try for easy red rain as hailstones surround a beddery family that sends old pigs aground
and, uh uh, as we sweep de soul from mouths then a sea of bees stings a fast beard from a continental luminous skyline; and a nympho in a car has an easter egg for a cocoa bonnet; and gas

sleeps inside a star as weederers eat boned glass.

uh uh. underwatered by dirty scissor-grains, an oddity of veins dons family; and red trains derail and leave behind five million cut veins and ideal eaters jackknife to reveal stained
muggers whose spastic fife has to sea-stain a rivaller of nudes with lighting's sea-mask; and we are contained with lefties as damask
deadens baby bitchers with dirtied flasks. ahh, wow wee for our naked pop-girls who serenade trampolines with dizzying titter-ooze
ahh, wow weee for our naked sun-sleuths. uh uh underwatered, a blessed mind-skein snips after coals as we alight a blue fire's sinking funeral blaze; and we ride from fires
ahhh, wow wee, see how we tred on spires ahh, gee, see now how painters draw veins and a coded rider of trwels drigs for blood newts,
and, loaved by liars, we slice slander from a
granite bathe's plunge; and we die for nuked

body oceans. O, closers of spies must cry?

oodles of scarab sweethearts lay waste to dinner nunneries oh poodles of cut crab clutters day-waste as mental monkeys revolve in purified angel-hair; and a wifeling who sheds honey
heaps to a bled vault of deifaction; and a farmer of bodies blinks in a sand-strewn mind. O, a digger for labial bunnies mines for a gold-spine and a fierceness of ferine ladies is
scar-led to a bleeder's hands and a doubler of faceless pigs shines, just like a bent fig. O, kind death drinks to porn-kids
la la la, a plastic menstrual funnel invades times as dummies stool-suck a bladderwrack of a scar-scathed perspex unclothed manequin-mummy.

uh uh uh, underwatered, a blessed boat of camphus blubbers dollops donkey-weights aside fled oats that ride horse-fevers; and we hear shivers and fevers when fainters of mind-skippers
sallow family leaders with tweezers; Oh, me and my feather falls to dirt, death, sex, disease; and a siren inside a killer has
a dolly shirt that sucks sex shit from a whored skirt; and gas gallops for stool-tuckers as coprotic murders cane creamed filthy dagger-drops. And Isis under Eqyptian cunt screams?

oodles of scarab sweet-carts lay waste to dinner memories blah blah, blabby hard sleep softens fat sleep with monkeries; and a bed at night causes sickenss to invade god's dream
and a jazzy light causes sadness to awake in a grey screen.
..once upon a mind in a cruel cold nuclear soul, dead teams had god-dust held in belled thral; Ohh, messengers beam after dyslexic holy train-drawl as a madam sucks eyed-spleen.




as for the whirring gizzard boy who casts strangled spells on sin a local locust in a wizard toy must kill all dicked plants; and gins taunt a helter-skelter as a the honeys found in gyms of red limbs
delimits doctored dream with chanters of dizzy coded eye-skin, and a bedder of dire eyers lams a dancer-lady with hilled hymns and a local flash-cunt-ward walls de boiling in; O, under winds
we may well weeble after dawgs when a junta under screens shallows a haloed world in which macadam swarms latrines.
once aside a mind in a cruel canned ditch danglers for mined murderous guilty baby-boxers; and a buggy unfound in wine sinks a slinky cunt-shit aside bled boys whose mien of twine
slips a doggy car-curater with dummy sneezy nasal marines and a gull in the death of night must warden after blue beans hah hah. Dirt, death and disease fellow marksmen; streams
moon-flow unto a fang of wet reeds; and a bower's scream

slashers against hanged dweebs; and money today reams danny daddifiers with consumate blue tigers; O, we preen?

Ahhh... the consummate filler of a force-fed eye hastens to a period of blind sleep o cold intimate mirrors suck a scabbed sky when a tawny goddess reaps
dunny flowers from mind-screens; and a babby in a pig-pen moon-deletes whory horrid glamour statues which sea-tread a summer in starred heat
and a daddy bison on a lady-road strkes winter down with spent heated babby gun; and we weeble for toad-christs and we dance in a spy-meted
blown blondie of soaky sweet-mictioning incredible dinsoaured sky-jeeps. the consummate filler of a fish-threaded blue-bladed balded herrings
salmon-shake a rose of rivers from eagle-pissings; O, closed rings are danced upon army fingers and a meddler in rippings murder blue cars
and, lo lo lo, a dasher of a moggy mind shits upon craps in a cradlecar and a snuffer of lashwide easy bodies grinds blue lead down to swift stir
and a loader of rainbowed growly radio sends a ship of tools to sleep and, ooo, an alien mother caresses her carrion child when crows creep

outside this blued world of skirted demotic lady pilgrims of cat-sheep and the veiny tapestries of blown eyes deafen a gull inside world-meat and venal ferine dreams of dirtying tv slides fuck the weekends when
bloodiers of naked lancers lick against rock-n-soul; and broken hems
lash after layers of droned dick; and smilers in a roll feedssalamis to feral fascinators who drink a salmon drink all damned year; hot flues feed a candled car with fluid tar and kiss this world behind death-lubed
lesbian sea-cattlers; and dune-dressers of piss wee upon green-nudes

i have seen the sun of clay made erect by his selfish potting sex and laden lazy liars leap from spray and wicked women die in a sand-hand.
the blown sidled pockets of men who die in zippered high trees trample daisies into dust; and cold dudes who dry their lives will come to track for loss when a keen crab in a boned beehive
encurtains a mindless cross; and a fabler under toneless eyes dream-deify the rollers of crapped cradlers and stoney mikes.
o as welters cash in on shopped shit then a manx on junk-bike sun-poisons all female lips; and a cautioner of stampeded rites moon-shield a cat of wards where a hospice under blue hype
stations a greying statue with heated horses and chalked nights.
i have seen the sun of clay made confetti inside soft delight and, danced to candied death, a smeller of skies hears delight draggling passionate flowed flowers; and the rams of midnights
nestle on a lily pond and a fascinated tower prays for de dead

and damsel-daddies will surely swim across focal fotal bread O as a stubby soiler spits upon spind wind then aching kites crashdown inside oiler-pits made-up from mental cruel piked
sallying sodden gardened chemic urinators; and soft christs enter, from plasticine, the waiverer of plastic pulled rice
and a custard arisen from craveners crash upon salt-lead. once upon a mind in a spread world, giddy ghastly trikes, toiled on a gabby female rose; and a grabbler of mind-pikes
got cunt-fished from a boned stream and then fed to lice, and, denuded into tips, a tawny tripper of heads gives rice

to eagled confetti demons that dance aside a grove-spice and a canny killer castle craps on moany mops as diced magical manny moaned sex-snaps shit upon radioed dykes,
and Isis men yield Ilex gems when a cattler in a wide light pantie-pushes pealers of pled pins into bright sweat-wipes
and widening heads in cagey breasts hang from a striped entertaining little deacon whose use of god is car-piped across a dulling cut close; O, the confused listen to spiked
dilly silly boys whose wedded hearts fuse a can to a knife

and a boneless noose nulifies sparks with nailing christ and a stoneless noose nulifies parks with flailing christs and a bed of pure paned petrol sets alight to gymy life
and a head of demure metal cracks its nuts on a midwife and the napped wide earth loosens sailors forever.



the vast smiles of a killed God gasp for cunts as feathers come trickling a tickling mad lover with cunny fathers and a louser of a bad mad mumma seal grasses inside a
dater of a monkey-nut; and we swallow easy brothers and weepers wash wandering rats in a strangler's piss-pram
and sugary stem-dilators hit upon a pop-disk as flavas fascinate druggy kisses with slaters of granite Man.
Ah, a weaver weakens as old faces of damselisers dam drapers of dreamers with laces in bland shoes and Ram and a weeper's mask gives disguise to masted Venus
and, la la, alarming trips swallow dove-bombs. Ohhh.
a sweeper of dreary lives cuts a canine cat-clan and a whisperer of eerie cries shuts a feline rat in sedans and guitars in evil Marylands melt under brutal brigands
and mentalising mamma boys who sweat for Venus carve a dilly stiff from a damager of radio Rose;
and the radios in male clothes swing to a dairy-beat..easy cargoed family larders swell right up for candy stores o sea-ferragoes swallow martyrs where a daddy of wards
sinks a lesbian life-light inside dolly chairs and cut wharves, and a signal under christ-light slides; O, a babby in a wall is
forever led to sleep and bald cantonments scry for de fizz easy cargoed family lasers sting as swift labia loosens pigs
and a queeny of a razor rabbits for stinging skinnerds; and a veiny prison bone that cuts a lung to the quick caps ribs; and entertainer to a mad butt breaksdown; and old kids
undersign a losell of a lollyman with charities in coin-digs and a medley of claspers pecks upon families and fay-gigs go crazy, crazy; and we have to peddle pus as pissy pen-glows
abuse a littered pencil with domed days where lights slow

down, down, down; and dudes of pee-men prick de crows.

infirm skulled whales wash a dyer up in woollen names o, dun dilly scales wash a drier up; and a dog inside flames season abbey-lovers with sweet cuts; and a cat in games
scurries aside a model moon; O, statues found in frames fall to evil racist earth as a winder under towns hits chains easy cargoed women hiss to a porn-beat; and grey grain
sinks a swallower into pits where a barley hand rains for dilly men whose painted panting passions for odalled pain
carriess donny splinterers to misions housed in sold stains
o scummed snippy smiles swipe ashes from glided gemmed babe-body-snatchers; O, a body wipe lashes gum and big ben dancers against four birds that sing for damselled peahens
and, la la, as wicked egits crap on swings then gaying dens
will even out the easy killed with god's mindless head-swim
and we sweep to a dirty crib that draws deaths very near.

the lousy ingrowing snarley market of the dead and done splashes london fires with parapets; and a weekend in cologne-Rome grows very rancid; and a sea of puppets dances for sun
and a game of dancers swings under limpers and guns; and a widener of wool stitches mamma to fingers; and sands
cry, cry, and women flow from red skinners as ribbands go blind and thence shift lungs. O, once upon a wigwam doctored news, made stayed, crapped on birth's bands
and a mentalist of graves cried for mad lustive canyons when, vased in masts, weeders danced for red crayon
o, lousy ingrowing snakey markets sell goats to de bruised -o, easy sin-crowing apey parapets swell up for de noosed
and my eaten split eye shines like hell as i snap my broods beneath canterers that shelter samphires inside grey roofs

once aside a mad spine, a wanderer of wolf-smokes moved a distancing bled wynd in de windmill thats bleed til noosed.

a digger of daddy monks drags dearths for monkey money oh, riders of daddy junk drags birth for easy bended honey and a rapier of spunk scatters earth across dizzy mummy
and a whipper of wicked strips curves across mad dummies and as lighter in a crippled maze uses a deadly arcade then
sneezy blue-blonde rifflers dowses dukes with lemonades and, la la, as we cruise for houses we weaken for parades
and mentalis feeds digitalis to grouses when raven-blockades bedevil naked peas with canny milk-spouses. O, old blades
season for ever a damager of silks; and chalkers in trade teeter under blown ravagers; and oaken forts fuck slaves ah ah. I uttered from udders and a blue cow fell to daddies
ah ah. I utttered from budders and a fast crowd cut cabbies and eyelines sight-paint eaten daughter owls; O, druggies
come back home now in order to taste disorderly tears. Uh Uh Uh. Sky-written cocoa orders cry from spheres..
the inchoate mammy melter of madness and cool honey swells under daddy; and a pelter of sadness in money sea-masses salty lips inside craters; and odes to bunny
bag-bang crazers in a tree of rapiers; O, odes to babby swing from the limbs of applers; and a stoving bad bee stings aside salt wasps that cut honeys from jammers

the inchoate mammy wallers of madness and cold are fed to the dulling distance of old deadness; and stars fail as they call from a minotaur moon which sun-scars
easy eden astrolabes that supper after midnight cars; Ahh, we weevil after tribes as a trilby in a rose kills Mars
and a weakener of fled frosts couples us wth cinema..the ripplers of waxy fluffs river-raid old shores with melons o riveners of dilly buff river-raids cold whores with chicken
and a woman going west has to hoist a sex-dress; and felons fascinate daddy killers with lime juice and cervix action?



the ripplers of waxy cuffs river-raid cold wards with melons: oh, scriveners of baby busts cradle-craves a killer of women and a gemmy germ-bed breaks apart the towers of miction
and a daddy goat taunts bread when tawny eye-frictions meddles with burned day then gives a shout for kitchens. oh, a wheat-rent sally scream has to ride pure rain and falons
fascinate kids that masturbate and leave bad veins atoned by wallopers of rape-rigs; and we chant for saddening tree-sky and, la la la, entertainers salt-campaign for draggers of dyed
wallet torches; and a weeper in champagne toasts de lithe illuminators of salad screens which reel inside the red east's bulleted bead-drive; and bead-drives strangle necklace-life
and a sunny body burn that chants for Babel drags lights from city-showers. And menkind melt for dunny den-dykes
the ripplers of waxy fluffs river-raid old shows with kites

the smelling easy shower of a dizzy grave swells up for bedazzlers of family lives; and a fizzy shave sucks cuts for a wizardry of minors that swing, swing, swing; O, we snore,
and nuclear berried burials cremate the sex in a wound claw and a venal mind shits aside a milk-crate; and old whores snipper-snacker adown dives when a wallower of paws is
fascinatedly fed to crow-cries; and pee-pee pulls on ribs and a nailer's shade of poo-poo flour bakes nude cake
and idylls of romantic snakes reel upon a seedy corn-crake the smelling easy shower of a dizzy grave swells up for
bedazzlers of family tides; and an oceaned obolisk in stores damages windmillered ties with dragonning sugar-spoars and me and my fathered flower has to let sin afloat for a
macadam of a torn starry lunar tarred roped mac; and a daggerer of donkey dunes shoots a sonar moon and whores rootle for crisp expensive anal moneys; and, O,we scram
after scissory transfers from blood to de bodies. Ah, prams

cut a beautiful bunny in a bled buggy; and old kids crap?

the dunny razzlers of lady daffodils blow botanical witches oh, sunny drivellers who stem sweet hills stoops in harness and a fakir in a witching hour seats dills inside yon madness
and a tallowed tower which collapses under daddy saddness eye-deafens dukes with pain-refexing ear lumber; O, depth drabblers for suits and a bren in messing cries for T Rex
and a gism in a hardboard pastes bud-brides with pen-pecked mummy pillars which clothe breasts in bee-slides; and death
drivels into flued flour; and a camphors inside wives wreck easy plashes with corridors and flashes; O, once insides sex my eater of a stained mind thought about dogs when specs
fell, and, uh, down around a merry-go-town, my sweet kecks sun-staved a widower of pounds with american diner-decks

o alarmers, heard once a day, listen to lips where sirens are fuck-fed to egit lavvy soap-clays; and a minder in a sidecar dulls a daddy dray with sweetex and cube-grinders; and stars
piss from a moony height where a merchant to easy rum-scars sea-dilates inside a tawny buzzy bounced boy who wanks scars and a beddy clowned mind scatters spermatozoa aside carved
babby kitchens that ease a frenched tongue under stone-stir; and whisperers don whimperers when a tawser of grey curs
leash a sylvan mind to as winklers that snap a gazer's hearse

dummy razzlers lay diamond dunes to pure waste as de curse slurries under puzzlers; O, a dog in rhuem aches then hurts a barker of a bed-bomb with pawing collar and dog-skirts.

the easy cum easy flow of a dunny girl at night sets alight to quangos of easy crows; and a giddy pearl uses night to seize a daddy siren from salt-hands; and dolls at night
send nuclear faces to a corpse of jams; and mad lights turn a baby on her side when a drinker of pure midnights draggle a puncher's lift with nine fangs that yield to rites

the easy cum and easy flow of a fluid female basin is eagled to the very nines when a baker in a granite kiss sea-silences a bay of bayers that scout aside jammy wrists
and my hero sheds his ghost across my body as fists are bony shelves with our straight IQ and hetero mists la la, eynes burn up where meshed minds mine for trysts

the easy gummy crowd of an easten rider gather mist o easy sunny clouds that shed rain upon a facial hiss are fled from horny bays; O, as we glide then we use cars to
scatter an eggy body across a wagerer of wasted nudes, and a bed of deadfulness crosses plasterers of blue dudes and a sleepy pit of a bed-spread pop a pisser with nips

Ahh once star-crowned, a city in a town has to let slip all candy cavas when cocoa-spindlers cook all dead lip,

the renters of dying music feed me now to a life of trips la la, i am crying and my musical bed uses dream-lit; and the city cryers who ring dirt-bells hasten to lips
and, ah, my lyon caky nude who wed me to mind-tits comes whittering at my backdoor when a sea of trips star-shovels sofa tithes; and madam petroleum has a
geesy gander grind for five hands; and a cow in slits jacks my jazzy father and baked drams within pips: la, enterers of circus shadow shows baby-bits with
poo-pooed pottery shallows; and a donkey under tippex washes her vast mined hoovers with mummy-pen-nets
.the renters of dying music feed me now to a blue drip and i saw a father's music crying for men and cliffs and dada died away from dying as soft sinning spliffs
slip a bogey of a fawkesfire into a hot gusset; O, grips hanker after deadly tyres that lead to a cleansed hit
and we shoot up from pelicans where sin gets ripped. la, la, entertainers of a coughed world jive to old clits: la, la, scented winter razors shave a jelly high. Lifts
loosen brotherers of sailors when a bell-rope gun-clips a dunny demon bride for clementines and profits,
and a cell in sweet wines toasts the eager dead...



o i have been made flower-naked by devs and i have been raised from towers; and reddy ribbons rap along a petal-box and a petal box for dun gibbons
grass after potato-stashed gunny cock, O, treds skin-staple bonny eyed granny pox; and hot mermen
feel up their latest drowning with maiden friends; and a saucer of a fatal dreamer rips a fotal cellar-car;
the renters of dying music feed me now. Tents bleed like a puppy soul and hurtled torn legions vent a barnied bad boy who sinks sex china under scent
and we perrfume grass with walrus glass; O, stir hips to a gaoler's jeep as a cheeper under soft curd
sucks old tealeaves from a flowering coffee spoon.
o do be aware of all of your dumb dicking because cabinets of demure hair tends to castrate good gods and an endless hemped piano lives where pig-Love
angel-demands a sugary sheath from buddy-muds and a dairy adjourner tries jazzlers for souless suds
la la la. Vocalisers in the jaffa juices of shoe-blood sickle-age for accidental dicker sluices and Ohhh
funny funnellers of dipper dames fuck-up shut loaves o dotty dairy flyers suck aside ghosts as brogues
piss in a fire-clock; and merchant christs crow-slow down, down, where a bitter grapefruited pin-rogue
peals a purple pickled onions from greyed pogues burled Moosy Master Mice trapped voles in clothes
and a dragooner of eggy spice seasons bedclothes and a marina in a toilet-wipe warms pillow-plugs.

when once this statued hand smiles under drugs then a granite piper may well ravel under bugs and, loo loo, me and a caustic ribband cup drugs
and, oo oo, men and mastic rubbed drams tug for natalisers of day, night, and latent virginity when painters of poxy boxes trash volts with gardens
Uhh weavers of brooches block a lavvy with a deviller of seizures made-up from grande mal MaMa and we may well have to sing goodbye to Ma
and, caned in spreed cunt, we may well prefer a daddy of a dreamer to a bottler of phonal cards
the trickler of vaginal sisters horde heads under glass o stickers under naked clisters swathe beds in glass, and an ideal father flashes for riders as rodeo glass
smackers aside roofs under wet bikers; and the past transgresses to reveal a patina of killers; and masks sliver-crowd dunny easers of famous mirrors with mad porcupines and degrading funeral fist-whips;
and a dolly owl star-hoots for families of pear-pips and eveners of passive penis powers swill lips and an altogether easy sea-harnessed flowers end and
a cradler on a quite stiff snaps grey hours; and writs sign across signal page; O, crazy fairgrounds use clits
to silence beards with rage; and a godless mind-trip snip, snip, snip; and we are on heavenly night-ship.

the tricksters of virginal eyelashes horde beds under a grippler of cooling spum spy-splashes; and tits tweek for filthy sex-milks; and a sea of tundars
are led to sleep where a caddy colours thundered bodiers of heat; O, a kind daddy yells are fathers; and a boat of glass rends mind-money and lovers
leash a lady-flower to spinal honey. O, fingers flow like a mouther; and ides in a lost fingerer
have to cut caesar from eyes and estrangers and an owl under semen swills bed-derangers and a bolt of brass sweats in female-pockets and
an anal deep canal shutters puss inside England
the trickster who lays milk to rest hits for dams.

the rider of comal liars leads a dolly feather into canny evil drivers; and men suck on fever's nudes and easy bodiers bounce, bounce; and gully truths
sharpen hoops with hoses; and we raise roofs as a bay-bitten bobbin head caresses coded newts
wee flows like a flower; and a dammy scoop scoops pulled ice-creams with family soap; and gally idiot familial jeeps will surely drying hands
nd a seasaw under creeps dies aside islands the rider of comal liars leads a dolly flava to us and dirtying dollar-headers pay for a pounding
noted biddy bank that hammers hot red feelings and a body's burn soaks up inky pantries when

odes to ideal Britain pull on sex then sex ends...
the doctors of distance weep for cicada men o, proctors in recusance sweep for cider-men, and a dollar bill in busted tree falls for women
ah ah, a dogger on a sex-drift drag rayed semen with two freezed hands that lay loves upon a dizzy grave where dead mourners eat cum
old boys grieve for mothers and chilled guns shoot a skinning tin-pan-alley; and shot suns fall from solar heaven; O, a cat under lungs
leaps to a sonar soul. And dirtiers car-hum and an easy instant indian saves us all then a yogic iced surprise will tantalise chickens
and doctors o distance weep under graves and daughters of violence cuts easy waves and, la, fishermen of fishy sea-bursts engraves
eaters of curved lions with hacking fiction.



a sad motel on a remote cliff has to sun-ship all mad horses to emotive lips; and star-ships soften easy trains with issuers of naked lips
and a tawny towel buzzes in closed ropers and a sea of hands layers glues on waters and sad hotels cry on a cliff; O, forcers
deafen dotty sea-providers with divorces and i saw the roads come between us and i senses a vein-toad crying, crying; and air
sky-bites cloud-written crying; Ahh, pears suck an aphrodisiac of a ceiling from snares and i saw a god in a flower shining for pears
and eyelidded dogs glow upon a lost stair. La, once upon a life in a false world, cutted tears marry model drammers with drinking ear-gear

a sad motel on a remote cliff has no sun-ship la, a blinded nude hotel with a hiss swells for doddery dashy damsellers with filthy cock-war
oaken aspen rigid cold dick seizes mind-fear. mental mind-persuaders peer into filthy holes ah, scented body-bathers peer into dirty souls
and an ideal eater of Japan dons a tart tie and a model reaper shows a penis to the sky and a hotel-heaper shows a pinnace to tides

oaken aspen aspic tummies feed dun eyes and a muted basin-bunny breaks aside eyes, and idiots that shine for cunny eat sold slides
Ohh, once upon Friday, Saturday's brides ride for figgy winkers that wank for a wife; O, weepers have to grab glass from dead life
and an opener of crab-casts shooteths christ

mental mind-persuaders peer into giddy holes la la, scented body-painters shit on souls and once upon blessed lime, a shop of souls
suckled guilty pigs with one zillion bathrolls and diggeries of kind ribs cause Eden to sharpen Eve and Adam with bible-blues

and painters of mermen fish for old, what a deady sirened life to lead - a patina of the killing plants the land
and a holy family gets sapped by greed. O, once i had a devil in my two hands and, yeah, washy with shanky cell-seeds, a crooker of a mental prisons jams
out-of-perspective sailors with outellboweled fissure men; and a bloodied land lends faceless flavas to sea-sawn moon deniers; and a bud of drams washes
an outelbowed face with romanisms that plead for beery suds; and rolled jams jostles across a plumed stiff that suffers Mnethna's indigo violence. O, trams
caress city trains with both loused hands - Trainyards end in capsizions and a jacker of a fotal stoker snaps a poked giraffe inside messy anal-lessons
ooo it is good to die back home. I have never idolised a tawny life because a tawny dizzy life has no homely fatal prospects? And, la, a buzzy star-force
widens a wicked mass with musky breast-bubonics; and a sudden eye-horse delves after juicy bum-women who lace under trecks as a gosling of a purse
gets deeply robbed from veined hands; Ah, a belly of brassed bells enhearse salty sereneders of dashy daisy radio clans; and a gassy gobbied cloud-curse
craps into the wind as a painter of pure poverty dies out leaving lessons
aside a baddy blower of a sainter who is paved with painter's money. Lah.

the painters of pure money swell up as they sell insidious oils la la, an idiot inside money swells up as paints daub chinese oil and a bed at booktime swallows sluts; O, divas on a cliff coil
just like a howlaround in a graven canvas cut; and dogs in soil sink, sink; and vestal nave that leads tarots to eye-pleaters moil
in a bonny of a blown maddy that hastens to the skies; O, oils sink slinkered marshes with dreadful string; and crowing foils
flcker round a cock. Ah death's din dare not sin but spunk-spoils cummer for illegal snuffy clock - found inside gold toil, a
jacker of a rubber man molds postmodern flecks inside a hard braddling bone-beaker; and Aladdin is god's cat and dog-drives
study exactly how to die..As ancient pennies stain rat-rides and, lo, as cuppas snoop for a beer-root, men and macadams
may well play dead while a breaker of poots pierce sod madams
and i rise from evil sex sleep to find that the buried are alive.

the suffix to a fiery sex has to ravel into romantic eyes o a family of easy mess has to ravel unto dead blood-tides and a monster in a nest taunts sex mutts as dogged lies
lay abundent city-waste to flaunters of sluts and eyes and a sill of dirt shines from a bedded window; O, tithes gjve alarming salt-head to eagled pussy shadow; O, sky
scissors after plaits; O, studded poesy maddens wide blue-brained baby oceans; and weavers of wept wife
gun-washes sunned badeas which leads to a letterknife. the painters of pure money swell up, up, up; and pies piss hot rotten gravies into crude cups; and puss-pies
deceive the lost and gunned with proved sluttered sties and the markets of the dead sell green glebes to wide winter-summering bed-bread; and i have rode from lives
and i have shattered blood and i have roared on cries, and i have pawed a panging pusher from wards and lives
trickle as heat trackles into sperm-sleep and gay tribes
la la,. Once below my mind, i swore at lunatic dives
and then ghosts grabbed my home and killed all brides.



o and i washed my hands of Judas, - O, nude crypts were crying on de Cross and the lions of eyes soaped a beard down to a baptised knuckle..O, Loss
lingers in a naked chapel;- as lotions leak, then may we idolise love's horse, and a pleasurer under maples sheds sunny swooned seed upon de Cross
and, ivied with fathers, a bloater of a belly fish flashes for forgetmeknots, and the gilling chickens in hired winds washes fistulas inside green gorse.
once above a buttoned mind, i sensed my egos glow like heaven; and dust drillers from under me,- coastal bends that sup upon Bethlem eat trust
because, slain in memories, accidental mental frauds fish inside red dust and weepering windows fold and a purpler of pissy pens sign for dust
and weepies unfound in souls slams a hurtler of a hissy pen; and dust signals a woollen reaper of cola cans; and hearted pussy pens use dust to
write along a dottered motor-motel-man; and ivies sleep for swept shoes?

o mad rain cuts the place we tread- idols under lichen sup beer-clues o mad pain cuts the roads we thread - idols under kitchens snap screws
and, la la, i have seen fire and i have seen flame kicking at carrion broods and, ah uh, eyes are nearly wired to visual deafness in midwinter sleuths
o mad rain cuts the space we tread - idols under miction cup titty-nudes o sad gain slits a throad of bread- red dolly crucifixions sunder truths
and me and madam macadam sally sores with blinders of old noosed body-brainers; and a cunt of ice widens whores into vales of smoothed
massive amazing mastiff stains; and mad rain cuts inside our screwed canny adulterated candy candle-carvered cradle-vice; and deaths move.

a daddy of a deer to a reindered race of invisible dazzly fawny thumbs ahh a mummy sphere falls from lace and divisible draggly orb-thumbs
sinks a feather-dish in an invasive cervix-cry that feeds babes under a callowness of fever-disks and mental dunny minds; O, we use melters
and, o, mad rain cuts the place we tread .- Idols under kitchens sunder dizzy statue-screens that shut the eyes we hit; and ignited dizzy slumber
knocks upon granite cats; and a dazzler's fawned clit uses easy thunder
o and i washed my hands of Judas.- O, nude lips were kisssing de Cross and the ligrons under seasand smelt like rude jesu-trips and weedlers lost
a daggerer of diagonal pyramidic concentric circles to widen under moss and weevillers just have to kiss sun-moss when wearing venal cusps
and a damager of cabs hires a rainy rose from an evil citied town-bust.. they said that i would come back home to find my father turned into God
but the soft times when i came back home, my holy dad was dead as bone.

these easy times when i wash my soul in summers hiss down the the wind, and these seaslammed gems i used inside lovers
hurl rings at the rain; and i have layered my veins with venereal fathers, and i have lashed a leopard to a wolf
and my mind is staggered and my brain shed feathers and my spine crashes as a fox inside a gulf
scatters vines across the mad earth

these days when i wash my soul in summer kisses erectile stains and these vanishings that float aside wild winters
wizen under caps as teetering fanny skeins sear a sodden mamma from gold grain; and fever swallows appled grapes as grave raised in rivers
rummages under a sickler of sods and smilers

there are livid layered eyes in my head which seize a rabbiter of rapists from a body burned at sea and a cabin for compass has my cradle overturned
and me and madam mutterfly have crashed in a fern

Oh once below a time, i saw four seasons burn?


the faceless feeders of fractious female mines dig for a sea of gold o, faceless rivers ride to sleep and eaten minds swallow gas from trolls
and a daddy on a cliff trickles under old clothes and a foot in a dead sock sinks under hands
o faceless feeders of fractious female minds drag darkness from paid rain and a godless mien listens to the sides of Spain
and a collonaded skin glistens under clisters and an ocean's hand jams urine with sisters.
these days when i fill my coffee cup, kissers heed to a hermes beat and wash sluts in scissors and a bed of perms irrigate salt with waters
and a shed of sperm wallows under blind slaughters

the faceless feeders of fractious female mines dig for a sea of coals o, faceless fondlers of fractured body bines will
hereby surround old pissered baby vines within drills and me and my daddy shadow hisses under rills
these days, i fill my mouth with toffee and spill a waxer of a thrill with lampooners and grey gills
these easy times when i wash my hands in rain delve after laughing pearls; la, these sad times when i wash my feet in rain
delve after rasping girls and a scissor in a whorl slices ice from Spain and a leader of a girl spices mice with earls

these mad days, i lay down my bird aside swirls and a hen on a bridge swallows coda as worlds sink a summer seizure under willows; and
eyes idolise the easy dead and skies centralise easy bread with weevil-sands
i have seen the dead come home to play for a footsy of a soul that leads the ladies west; and rams
damage eastern paths with tealeaves and sedans these easy times when i wash my hands in rain delve after dizzy pushing laughter
and me and men and idiot mothers cut salt-grain

the eastern vein of peace where i saw my mummy cry heaps aside old rain the sadness in my eyes and a hearse of water winnows under city's skies, and
ideal reapers of fever wallows under neon wives; and eastern teasers of rain hurl clouds across river-sands.
i have seen the dead come home to play for dead clams, o- i have entered bed only to find that my soul has plans
and i weave from bread the madness under aged tans the eastern vein of peace where i saw my daddy die
heaps aside gold rain the madness in my mind and a dolly on the dust drops actors upon riddled wine
and i have chosen to fall from time and odes to ravens arise from oldness and crimes
i have seen the dead come home to pray for dead hands and my head swirls as fingers cut milked drams and me and my shadow sears dirt with easy lands

i have sensed, at change of day, a new moon inside of me and i have wrenched at sex-clay; and my mental sun-sea shallows men as weepers cut graves; and my scented dream
hits upon veins where moontides close; i have seen the dead come home to find a tomb under cloves carrying comby curriers to naked gods in a pictured rose
and men and mental lovers noose gods as easy olden clothes drop kecks upon twelve floors
.i have sensed, at change of day, a new moon inside of me riddling easy puppets with trays; and my mental wife sees me crying till the dawn is done
and me and metalled guns shoot a hooted owl and sex weaves
a dazzlered mind of suns that leads thoughts to weed

and we are at the bodies when the sadness of dead summer straps suns across burnt engines: o, deadliness issues fever and i have seen, at change of day, a rider under perfumes
irrigating saline senses with boned death; and madness melts in closed rooms and sadness pelts a golden tomb ; and a night of pain
sallows eyries with eagled city rain. the sadness of dead summer straps suns across engines and a dizzy deadly mind-gym dollops tramplers when
a body in a swag bag buries brine inside odd children and my knife has no point and my wife has no rhythms
eyes pulse as they burn and skies scream under women, and a mummy purse pays for bloody moneys and a daggerer under clay craps upon red monkeys
and, uh, when we widen then we will kill old children.


the dawn of sex-deaths has to harden oval gardens ah, swarmed eye-mess has to harp for oval garlands; and a dog at sea summons death from ova when a
dragger of cat-seed snaps a bat across greyers - eyes pulse just like a beard, o- bully breeders wound tears; and me and greasers
gallop after piss, and the dawn of sex-death has to harden oval gardens, stormed at mind, a splitted grind kisses loud lip and a daddy swarm cries for mind-tresses
and the dawn of sex senses sentinels under dresses broadening boars under napped screens that rip
radioed wet jazzers from snappered screams..the dawn of sex-deaths has to harden oval creams, and me and my lesbian shadow craps upon dreams
splintered, a massive jacking hammer has to heal: o, murdered, a massing jazzing lammer has to seal bines under roofs; and me and my mind are steeled
inside a blanketed body grind, and the dawn of my sex-deaths arise from summer, and the storm of my own death prises from thunder
and a boat at breaded sea sails after old drowners

o, baby builders brag after slams and dialling clusters swallow gilly vosene; and a mad sun under sisters snarls for loud sweets; and a babe of a river has a
daddy drawl for all men, all minds, all cars..splintered, a massive jacking hammer has to heal: o, mass-murdered, eating jammers summon wheels
and i watched the turning wheels of a naked blaze rotting inside a hot cold evil ground; and eyes raise

codas from cicadas as baby of islands kills days.

a great gulf-load of wine washes jewels in water: a baby on a bridge fellows crosses as gold slaughter snaps a buried nut across death's giving-room
and a car of ice crashes for high noon and faces inside glasses drop dropsy across rheum; and a soldier-master shoot huts with entombed
baby basters

a great gulf-load of wine washes fools in porter, la la, a barking boated mind blorts when mirrors melt inside a bathroom smell, and oddness shivers
and a minor in a child-mirror digs after riddlers. splintering, a dolphin in demure bay-rigs see murder rising under ocean purdah; and a kitchen's motor
draws bonnets from riders; and bolted breakers bang inside donned liars; and folded cat-shapers
dog-create daddy seals with twinned rat-shakers. a great gulf-load of wime washes fools in flockers; and me and body-brine cry as weepers falter
and back home now, where criminals reap fathers
i eye a deafened blindness then wee upon rafters.

there is a changeling in my mind that sinks all mad ships and a bell in a bone chants about rats; and all mad ships leer under a drome and rollering ramming eyed reason
slips a candleabra into goldness and dark mind-seasons.
there is a changeling in my mind that sinks all sad sniffs; and a cell in a stone chants about cats, and soft mitts serenade blind sulphur with spooling deaths and hot clits
derange an evening in the moon when jackers of reason crusade after laden gardens that feed jays to waters
and a sizer of sweet jam jazzes for a pig in a peck and a rizla under sweet land smokes a mental eye-wreck and the dummers of the weak storm a swollen father
o a blinded biddy boy who rises up in the face of death dragoons after baby: and the lighter of a devil desk
drops to scarlet knees where mental munitions rest a drabbler of harlot beads; and an emoter in a blue tower lung-dilates a miind-weave and a changeling in a flower
showers massing seas with buttterers of burning sex..

these are the duggy days where a midnight fellah necksa singlet of a spermy necklace; and the cats in a peck utilise coved fingers to ram the feline money around us
and a bugger of slimmers feeds lamb to mummy and dust, erases all of the coast and coastal choirs cry for lust
..there is a changeling in my mind that sinks toed clits crashes: and the data in a soft spine chatters for tits and a blender of a blind moon binds deaths to old crusts
and we bake a butcher's cake with two cleaved hands.


the flava of the bloody month fries cows in sirens and the stippler of the dead cries in crowds when sex slams slayer for a milled mind; and a wife of a bastard island
suppers after muck where a rivener of a dulling hand chops down the illers of a razed sword in a bin. Rams race across ocean fillers as a bobber of a blenched band
star-pastes a stella loony to eye-robbers and frosts gather snowflakes as men amaze iced boats with loss.
the weeper of a silent guise raddlers after a green cross the reaper of a violent life straddlers after a mind-cross and a radio wincher straps curves across a head-cross
and a stereo waster digitalises bad birds in a bed-cross and a fabler under fever melds sad curs with death's cross
..there is a changeling in my mind that transgresses faiths with spittling life-shakers; and the sallowed eye of wraiths roar along a bread-chain; and the hunters of blood lace
stick a puppet fire inside lost lovers and sludged ape lace the pool of men is minted by lake-spreaders - drakes are importunate for squirters and millers found in a blind car
scrap a town of killers; O, blank dirt sleases after loud tastes and a leotard in turning drops a naked fleece when space lightens into fire the babbler of the faeces that star-trace
lunar banquets; and a robber in a screen sizes multicolour.
..these ankled biddy days i have made my very own with a changeling in a car and the smell of red Mars. Piss stakers a dirty grind in a cellar of old cigars. Mist ribs
a cager of a filthy soul as a vase under razors star-picks a canterer of bleeders. The apsis of gold thunder rips for tangential body men and writers of london teach the poor
and wizeners of red hens teach mad dens on the wards. we are torch torn by spires as we tongue away swards we are torch fawned by pyres; and funereal bed-sores
saw inside a lyncher of a gal-squire; and easy swarms serve after picture pinchers who sweat under prawn-porn and the disabler of the tears weeps for deleted porn
and the car-taker of tears sweeps tears under spawned gobbly gooly lashes that perfume eynes with burned giddy visal crashes and, loo, low fat dimes spend sperm
with daddy's ashes and high fat tenors swing to worms and an insidious maggot smiles in my tears. Urns shaketh;
and vast vase-headed tree-dials telephone emptiness
these sad days when we pray to an blue Isis occult may well soften now for the midday moon eats salts and the bearer of clouds rings across blinded vaults and
these sad mad nights when we pray to an even moon will surely snapper spleened graves; and evening's bang star-skelters crappers with shaved hands; and edams
spool into girls the end of de world; and pissing prams sink donkey feet in the spirals of death's world. Clams scatter dolphin batter across a watry birth. Drams dam
sleepers of easy scotch with damagers of human clans..o, once in a salted mind, messengers to spoken waves strangled stocking wynds; and the lips of chemic graves
storm a mastic castle with aged corn-trips. Ah, door-trades shufflers after spastic muscle as a craker in tea-trades
suck a summer whisker from benders of dying slaves?...

chicken meal may well peck on cochineal. i am a wet boy when I am sex and i am a dun boy who eats sweat-scans and god is my romancing devil guide
ah-. Purple pealing pee feeds skin to wide weeping draping wives when horses heal halving fathers and men
end, and I am a devil in a caped gem?
oo-. gals taught me about the sun and I am a scattering sea of dumbs and Mojo peals my prick as angels land facedown in a tree of ghost satans

Lady love is a losing hissing lover and I
am exited when rivers kiss my mind.

AH MEN!!!??

chicken may well peck at sparrows: o, dirty pits may well egg in de gallows; and the farms of light slaughter meadows and chicken boil their feathers very dry..
, i am whoring death now andeyes eat eagles as birds suck grey fans: I am warring wading woman made from soft charred groomed cunts and
Lovers lead Lesbians into a salty span
Oh-.. Fleshy felines feed familial females and skies spit twinned ties and males meld milky maps with veins and veils
Ah-. guilty geek gods grasp for grass and nails lead lost leaners to a crossed man, and I am a tree of horses and I am a
Mad boy made from bees and waxy

I kiss ice cold as tongues taste men.

loud chickens may well peck at dunes oo, filthy heron-pelicans must fish for de true moon and a carapace of a cocking sea-child
slaps a dummy mule around grey noon




Yes, i hear a sea of tears grinding yeh, i see a tree of fears framing lost dead dizzy leaf-kissing birds; and, o, when once fears
grow old then cold songs will sear death-sold
burned candy guns..o, where whored guns leer then god's cum will feed dolls to city light, and neon bairns must light
blorted blared midnights and digging deadness delves death for kindness
ohh, wavering wool-men dress woven breasts lathering gold-men press weeping death, and holy sin suffers swift
roped sanitised
killer bells

nude chickens may well lay baked egg o rude sun-graves may well murder egg, and my minty mental nave has to dredge
heated melon eyes from racist fay-deaths. This side of a billy can, I slap slash backs and Keen cool razors
this side of a vein’s hands, I cap cats and raise radios from lasers: when once pulled pigs pull on seizures
then fitted red weals reel after eaten rifles and the deaths of hereafter and, rocked by sand,
as veiled hearts dam titted tom litters then
starved sons splatter silk

The slutted shits of a shipped death will send
Dallied daddy sauce when
Rats rape ladies....


these endlessly chortling days where i laid my harness down sea-poke dinner flames with a hair-grave; and chicken towns
toss a teeny tonsure into pled fire; and a wallower under crowns strides under chappy towns to find all dreams riven with sound
and a musical heir swigs from jazz-brawl as a frozen sea-town trackles under masks when a greying geezer of a soft clown has
no eyes to circus-paint; and sirius in a tooth dogs after dead gas and eyers eye for deaf saints and faces fail, fail, fail; and sounds
fill a street-bedded star-car with lunar-sea-sails; and my town hisses for conundra as a sweet car crashes upon fishy ground

these endlessly chortling days where i laid my harness down is dune-affixed to hurlted poesy-plaids; and a woman under fists is
led to a man-netted gravy-glade that leads chickens under wrists and renders on de blue run shave fats with crucixions with lips
and a dangler under grey nuns slap a pig-fig as munching ole kids breakdown and slurry-sleeve ancient gay rib to a boned Mars-rig;
O, as we nuke the long dead bomb then we summon frigid frigs with gentle gentians that revere guns. Dying thin sane ovens dig
a dollar and a dime from a long failed english pound; and towns trickle down a sticky toffee thigh; and sex will never closedown?

stickers of saddening billy men advertise drag with old twigs. Deathliness comes to us in a robed face-guise to find blue lids
lathering; and, O, once aside of us, a human in a crust has to rid a robbery of signs from signal eyries; and mad children gun-give
easy heapy winky weepy fuck-funerals to crematers of blue tips and, la la, masoners of muck-headers cement pigs to toad-trips
and eynes, postmodernly burnt, brags for Lent then kills hot hips. once upon a glass grind, i heard of webs then span a spider-slit.

an eager sodden soul that edges ebbing rainbows under horse-shits looms across a budded equine garden; and a fox under crows eats shit
and a dauphin of a donkey dramatises vinegar apes with dog-shit and, la la la, me and my mental dolphin-car drive inside a nut-lip
and, ahahh, me and my periodical cunt-scar crashes on lewd tits: an eager sodden soul which pledges after milk has to sodomise
with bummy cagers in the bright moon's prison; oo, weed eyes, and, o, sullen slippery drips dig a donny hospice underneath eyes
and, o, sudden drippy kicks shove green petals; and spied eyes weeper as they radio-whimper for aliens and their rubber skies
and a spacing pricker man sinks a flamer of fear whence skies slacken de cock-killed. Devilry drinks to loss when easter eyes
widen for dippered cocoa pinks; and we wash ticking ashes?

once endangered by purple urine, a swiper of tripping tod veins comes burying bitten hearts with a chemical dog's tail-stains
and a massive doom denier snips grey pentacles from dead veins and the dogs of rain yap as they bark; O, users of dead trains
dampen trainyards with Noah's heart; and bended root-champagne toasts a tom-tail-tit with spicy farts; and sexy shrill windowpanes
siren after bladder boats; and geezers wank with keen stoats and skyliners cry for sky-scribers and a gallower's shank strains
from maggot latrines where a nuker of shallowers use sands; and eager sodded souls that edge eating rainbows under clits
are here and now riding under rats; and a mazy wintered slip schisms under dames that pull nicely apart the dreams of ticks;

and a lemon soul for a fast cat fascinates mice with flea-flits and a melon mold catches bats with dinner-fangs; and bee-bits
bang upon bunneries when eastern wigs face-paint gay flea-pits and monkeries in droolly nunneries ride for eye-saints when tips
shelter alca-selzta in movie-manes; and a boner in hearted hips mashes to a blenched beat; O. A witness to stovers drops kicks.


ah ah, a bleeder on a feral cat-track farms fitters of england: ah ah, a flavourer of a ferine rat-crack farms pissers of men
with evil idolisers of bladder sap; Oh, we yearn after england but blue-bursted britain stops cunt-nap and odes to sticks are
blaring on bruised radios about canine caps and stinking calves and weakeners shaft blades into feline tacs as pinking scarves
navy-shroud a blued isis revolt that bleed tapping milk-cars.

an eager sodden soul that pledges pusselled pussy papers to ripen under Eden must scatter poppy seed upon britain's bruise
and Aladdin shakes his gold-lamp when dog-demons cut noosed blathery bed-hangers; and an architect of god's suck juice
sweeten sirens and swagger for a kitchen bod; and cunt-moose molds a cagey figure from a fingery ginger rod as cock-brutes
slammer a rifler of a handstand with levitated dummy flutes.

benited by bummy men, i see a roman cradle fiddling dukes and, star-tried, as wisdom crawls, a daddy of a pissing mute
magifies birdy beacons with trawly nets that stink of fluke; and a magazine on its slagging sides sweats after spunk-puck
ahh once aside a netted hagging tide, braggers poxed spooks and, carrot-crammed, an idiom of wanky wept holes root for
dangerous lifers who comfort god's maul; but gods use whores?

the twirling trashing mentors of a mining mod mind swelter under starry cascaded pictures; and blue wines washes easy crockery as a tidal fissure in minds
mows a dicky arse then dies, dies, dies. Old wine whispers down five winds when a bleeder's mind
scalps ogre-iron with nine winds where skin flows la la, a bendy buddhist christ hisses form cat-crows
and a naked busher glues soft kisses to rat-snows

i have jived for all too many hours; and this show has to listen to false voices for hours; and crows
caw at huge spires when a cattler under bedclothes cup a cunny coffee-creme cut in bandaged strings; and red snows
scurry from a star-hurrying sky; and we daren't die? the twirling trashing mentors of a moaning mind shelters under flash meteors; and a bed of brine
gashes; and a bay of pure beers pours old wine la la, a giver of graves tarries after rolled brine
and a sea of pure sleep drowns in dreamt minds

eyes have lied for deaf visions; O, red grime is sky-found; and a town of prisons shines for fists and a dawdler of a clown pisses under cut wrists
la la, a god in heat lays live young as cobra-lips sodomise veiny venoms with coded easy ships; and, dead within, i sigh for salt as sugar-slits
suffer croney hearts then pass into god's grip
the twirling trashing mentors of a crying mind swelter under flashed river-walls; O, old minds melt under cash; O, velvet stalls sell mines and
a weeper of hash puffs upon jays as remands hurry dirty potty boys to guns; and as we ram a pocket-camera down de sun, then we will ram
a doddler of a cunter with sugary river-hands: eyes have had dead visions; and a bridal can gets widened with knife-prisms; and old rams
sink blue buddy horns under a bruising island, and we weep for Father and we wail for minds
and, oo, as we sail for fever we abuse divine burny buddy rock. Dying may well fuse disease
with bunny bridgers of blood rain and unease

ah twirling tappered sphincters wash for leaves: ah, whirring slappered splinters have to relieve a living ogre scratchman whose wheated wee-sleeve
scoops icy macadam from carmine cold ambered deeds and the slain deeds to my home have died out; and, oo, slayers pissed on my home; and drought
spills soupy linens upon fat chromes; and doubt scares a midnight lunge with softening shouts
and ideal female husbands will lose sex tricks

and an ivory aeroplane cries for hanged ships and a daggery dopey tribe dies, dies; and tits feather-titter in the dark when a vanny blue-tit
swings for a twitty semen ditty. Oh Oh O-la.
the twirling easy paper which sodomises news has to hasten to a fevered friggery bum-thumb; o, an ivory major melts under guns and old news
sinks an anal wreck inside female cheese-lungs and a cunt at night trickles when odes to news
reads a neon fable to heated rivery sun-scum. ah, whirring cardy planes fly after mouthers ah hurtling candy veins cry after grey shouters
and a bed at night shelters porn inside drivers and a creamy lemon-head licks aside micers and a moosy maiden cat catches sea-rats
and a molten vermin latch opens doors for a
belter of a sex-spread; and odes to easy guns

may well shoot an orange glassroom. Inside a portable death, me and my flasks drink starsand a model mite shaves fleas from grey cars
and a porny pint pees for weed when mad bars serve pig-shits to beery vast weed; and cars are fed to tawny tashes; O, a cartel in cigars
may well shoot an orange classroom or else cunt-fine an expensive moon with a poor-pied magical skeined museum latrine.



the twirling easy patients of a gigantic red mons-bend move dizzy beds from dealers in titanic blooms; and, ah, an idol to de dead shovels sweet spoons
sunder spastic thumbs that bleed inside cocoons: o easing patient waters swim to drown; o, tubes
scurry off from desks that bend a babied boom in a candy cradle that falls, falls; and easter tunes swing to an early xmas beats; and cosy minders
swell up from idiotic mind-tv as candler's grinder swills banders from ginny vodka-manglers; O, as
a bodyer of braziers finds arse in pockets then a bastardiser of labia may well shed sweet bubblers; and a cistern in a dun bay sweats bladder stews
and, once chosen, a chiseller of mental blues is sent to raider's growly hammer radio. Old kids fizz, and a floating statue drops from pillows as pigs
drapple for dappler's darkness; and old jesus crews slather for nests in anty deadliness and gold screws
treat teetering tummy troat with coded cat-dudes

ahhh the whole wild world owns nothing much: ahhh the empire's city girls know nothing but fuck, and as we inhale cod-stink then we will fuck up
damaging damsel engines that boom under fucked gobby ghouled period-towels; and catters of sluts
mess all bedders up with men who know nothing for the whorling faces of a dizzy trancept-town may we now poke a farmer's tongue at the moon?.o as for purring lace, may we accuse womanswear
of diddling a sparrow of a skirt with purple hair?..and when a gallower's noose-shirt splices air then certainly we'll ravel down a flower; and oozing men
skiddadle on a youth-town that leads yolks to pears

as for de working aces in an eggy seaside town i have founded wavelets from ebbing feline clowns and a bed of sails comes sailing at my focal side
and a shed of nails comes nailing mess with ties: o, once aside a bad bone a studier of fossil thighs
layered after dated drones; and i will seize eyes, and as whirring stasis snaps space-wind then i will saunter under craps till tractive women die.

we swagger after mushes when dad's dresses made men lean, o we stagger after thrushes; and a daddy-damsel uses sperm to lapper across a budder a skein of slewed sex-angels; and screams
shriller to a slaughtered flower when a daffy in a rose-gun reams endlessness from mummy flour and flanny eggy cakes; and lubes
sear a summer seizure from scouring easy eggy bakes; and nudes sun-circle dilly sweety stalls with blown minds and sugary tastes
and, la la la, as weevillers weep for ring-wirrms then grey pastes must extend a chalice-arm to riders under firms; and gay waste
glisters in de archers of balmed fivers and idiot eaglered dudes
and as for pearled suitcases, may we leave a mine to digger? lo, as for catted perm-cases, may we convict gals of mirrors? when, once above a massed mind, i saw a teeny dabbler's liver
spraying jeery hearts from waspy wynders of humane killers and, once above a crashed mind, i saw a dreamy drabbler's finger stick a dumby spent spine under painters whose earless canvasses
slid upon a leaded stroking godly ooze. Ah, my permit for masses led a fainted sparrow to a seeded goose; and my anal remit
bags haggy barrows in plastic coops; and my birth was flaccid
and as for pearled suitcases, may we leave a mine to diggers?
and, o-la, as for swirling faces, may we live in side lost pictures..

well-woven, the sun i used on its heated back layered stars with skulls o, city-frozen, the stars i knew looked down aside a world of old gulls and a baby iron slid inside sad sleep where i dined in pure demure darkness
and a sallower of body lyons struck blue peat from sonar solar madness, and we swagger across false marshes; Ah, a deviller on a sofa cuts sadness
and a boner in a cross crashes a lamer inside a reveller of sudden deadness, and we slept out in a car when we cried about split shovellers; and foals
gallop as horses fold from ecsematic pylons that bleed after closed crows.
well-woven, the sun i used to own has come now to frigid ovened space. o, biddy-broken, a tasseller of bone bends under crowds when grey waste weeps after seepy tea-tanglers; and a boney buddered cloud guts space
o, body-opened, a hustler in dromes hits to honey when pythons under waste rivets us to a daring bath-day when a magical Magi leads christ to water.
we stagger across fast marches; Ah, a deviller in loafers venomises gold
ahh weedlers farrow for arses; Ah, a leveller in sodas drinks to the old
and, never and ever, as my country girl rides to sleep, mentalises will shoal
after daughterers of dunny day and duking eyes. O, as we open into souls
then we scar-tangle memories with sweetening lies; O, as we grow old

then, Mars-coloured, a crazy english pipe whistles down a secret soul and, ever and never, my mental irish wife whistlers under xmas-easter holy celtic molds and, la la, my familial shadow sinks bedding in a blinded harvest moon
and, o-la, my family's gallows sinks bending sin in glamourous cartoons; and, oooo, a balded bed caresses evil pinks; and fingers burn tomorrow?

cell-woven, the sun i used to stone has to cry now; and teary sorrows must hit upon sex when a drony drowner in my town salts tomorrows
and i know that you that you've got to die and i never knew my body?

ashes swirl inside a dyed blonde cruise; and creation plays stock-dead.


and these turning cars of night and day concertina for vagina, and a ribby flower sups on death's graves; and a dinny hot fever loosens nude bud with star-shaken slaves; and a vodka's winter
whips a whistler of a guy who guides drinks unto radio splinters, and a cane in the female thighs washes welts in light and dark
and a candle under wives crosses milks with painted sea-darts and these turning cars of life and death dramatise chalk-farts
la la, my manx of a whistled pharoah dreams of scotched hearts la la, my penile phalanx thistles shakespearoes; O, grey harps seizure-string gassed marks from fatal heroes; and, la, old carts
dig a market-blade beneath barks that fail as they sail like carps

and these turning cars of night and day concertina for bed-ribena and a pasty flower has to dip eggy bread in a slit; and vaginas
labour after spraying labia when an easy dev under old moisture ladens a ladeller of scents with fishy chinese; Ah, cold cut vagina-hips to a spread scar-sheet that leads lady loners to blue cigars
.once above a mind in a sexless body-curve, i heard salt-rivers Mar-raising nuking breasts from dredgers of soft patty pullers; and a boned and fluked breast heightens selves as codal rivers
spar-sizzle for sand and newts and sirens made wild by scissors and a buddy burner locks flutes aside asylums made from riders and an ovened yearner licks poots from lunacy as grey drivers
crap upon expensive baby-boots; and i am dead and i'm on fire?

bakers of cakey lemon butchery sail for Abaddon-Leviathan then expire, and whence a bitchy dunny witch-breeder buttons a room in a bred-cage and whence we cry and study how to lie, then pinky wounded bled rage
may well sun-strangle levvies in twixed eyes that lead strings to wild water; and a winnower of daddy's wynch-reader turns on a fay ramble-rose
and a dummy gun gets drowned in bleepers and a candy man's nose swings aside lips when a bully of a blind bind brags after gayed age ,o. Eynes cling to washy wax as english venom poisons xmas caves
o. Times tick for lady and tooth-traps tiddlers after bisons in graves

whence a dizzy doodler dramatises vinegar shadow then mummy may well linger in the West; but the darknesss cries aside mummies; and dolly mamma hits to the ivories of madness; O, crazed mummy
gets in the mother cloths wound; and a dog of dirt shoots gunnies with vaginal pyramid-dilators; and a bladed tomb drinks to deaths; O, coded cribs
carry madam summer to fathering winter rooms; and codal squibs are moonily dressed in dottery arks as scrittlers swim after mind-cars;
and witterers in aviaries mask glass grittlers with rectal cabled cars and, gym-dressed, spind apiaries grasp gritters with splinted tartar and, scum-stressed, spin diaries get blood-censored by female barter.

once below belly-bends, a davy of a dark scythe harvested shoe-pelt. oh, and a comal deli drivels adown a scarp when socketers of melts nudge mason mongoosers with melon mops; Uh, teasing sky-tops pelt
a buser of a beautiful fatted woman with burnered briganding kilts, and celtic macadam deifies scottish Allan as a dreamer of oat-silks
serve brood-perfect smiles to easy shortcakey kippered loud ilks and a spader of a welsh sporran heeds after drakeys when milks set a super smokey to an irish fire; and feeling funeral pyre-pelts
pull a devil of an english mamma aside from drakes as english rilks swim from icy bines; and a me and dadda moon shine along spilt

sister cream. O-La. i am blinded by gaga as we hear a ramrose
hissering for tisserfer and hissefer; and dead planets burn clothes
hashy harbourers of dammy gaols hit aside a walloper's robes and mashy nazi flavas dig clammy gales and witterers feed horse-hams and a lazy crusader for drammy vales rapes a crocus with dog-jams
and a crazy lakey expander of red grails caps a cunter with cat-clams. aahh once below a bled bonce, a carrier of killer spunkers sea-dams. O, a cartel of fanny deeps ignite bad tombs and a worm in edams
smiles just like an ear-dressed maggot; and a wifler of a roman ram waffles scissor shakes from dizzy ingots; and a pisser in a salt-scram scatters ideal romancers of pissy skin-spots. Oh, while ants grieve
then termitic breast-bags burst under sun-shots when antled seed

finds dollar boys narking after knees; and knees seat catty seed.

fever feuds vanish into webbed famine and the stars in the moon look down upon a vacant bird; O, a vased sea of cars croons and a bell of brass sunders dirt in an emptied flask; and rooms
smell like dirty papers; and as a lardy lover leers under dunes, then a weeviller of nippers sprays dolt milk aside a sinning moon
fever feuds varnish bluesing deaths; and a coat in a cottage has too many rooms in a de fields; and duned dreamer men hears us crying in an appled chapel; and doggers of streamers sees us in
a bodyer of a raped denier whose cartel stocking lynches sins and weeperers shed binoculars into models. O, we cut fins and

fever feuds may well come to nothing where a old suns end?

fever feuds collapse into tyres; and a daddy snare upends a draggler of diamonds and spires; and a daddy hare sends us a bairn of a bedside. O, we dream of fires and we heed dusts and
feverish fast faces drop and sweated mires send suds to sands: fever feuds may well come to dying; and dollar drugs use candlers and a bed of liquid lantern-gold will most certainly arise from big bands
and weavers of linguid lippers must raise a demon from wigglers of ripped romancers; and, la la, reapers of ermine travel under times when woman
darkens hell's heavenly door. Decimators dream of thought-drought while scented local papers deliver claws; and a dizzy diadem feeds drouths; and me and a knave and a piper lynch buds with raised shouts.




cherried lakes may well drown us forever; and a dialler of strawberries eats into the bodies in wed naked towns; and a lover's failures sap blue ferries
o a lukewarm bed of fifes sings for rooms where grey counties blort a bay of breads with rings; and a daddy snare hears lovies loosenig dabbler babies under swings; and daddy bear eats bodies
and i hear a fated party coming dresses under smoothed ladies and i extemporise evil drive-ins as dresses sunder poked ladies
fever feuds may well come to dying when a dredger of rubies swallows stems from wild guns. Ah, dementers of caddis are bended across denning dog-drums; and a driver for filth is
fed to disease as his father's kiss crusades for fearing pigs and fuckers feed samphires with lip and vaginal easy cars cry as men drive homeward; and once in english kitchens
i heard of dizzy bone-birds fleeing west from grey cars and

lakes may well drown us forever when lovers eat ribbons and a purple painter of lust severs gems from red gibbons, and a face of pierced fires fade inside a room of gold cars
and, la la, i server a baby lord when rhyme died for plane Mars. the fever feuds relapse into dudes, - o, a daddy stare stares into one zillion eyes; and focal nudes will stare
directly inside evil tides. And a rider of nudes sea-scares odes to ogled oceans when a seasaw of dudes pares us urgently back from old men. Dying defines nudes as pus
peals a bloodied city-bend; and a Dying redefines pears and we suck upon easy quince as lemonades eat pears and looseners of lungs lead bags to breasts when dust
flies underneath blown breads and fotal blinder's busts

lakes may well drown us forever when lovers use musk to find a fabler of towns made clever by haloed sea-musk and a widener of clowns shapes pleasure from sussed
easy riders under sounds that marry gels to roman rusks and we feed rusks to women as we cook a sea slush

the fever feuds deify gold toothed mentalisms and hush hastens to a singing flower where a garden under guts suck a keen green-mown american mind; and we mine for minds as butts
bare an arse of clasped glass; O, a digger for canals is led to father as a mamma in a flask flashes for old kids, and, la la, a dumber of manyana crashes for gold bibs
lakes may well drown for us. Because death cuts, sluts may well scent a loud tune with menthol evil eye-butts, and a lazy crazy butt woman must seal minds into cuts
and a beddy blender of children must sing to blue ruts. ah, old english movies use a radio for a screen as mutts

mope under ropes then die. O, male magpies steal hobnuts?

a lasher of dunny dales wails after city moors. Cuts curtsy to daddy when sails send boats to wolf wards and candified dirt vagina men sail from soap as soft cuts
cry, cry, die; and incenders wail when greying sluts ply for horny fire; and a bod of ale swills beery butts and designer spunk shoots god from tails as easy cuts
carry mad man far West. Death defends lust and musk eases a chokey cherry under mesh as aquaria rust .ah, as weepers bury Numbered slits then gold sluts are
fed to faloners of navy trees and rippers of cusped bald bent flowers; O, easers of need scuff sued-scut and a derry of a sea walks waves when tidal trusts
sink a naked brook in a seed of naves; and easyness rampages aside wounds when a bayer of deadliness dulls vast vixens with tombed chicken; and laziness has
a godly grist for kids. Devillers of miction pot ald grass and polly piddler pacers prick roses with candied crafts and weepers serve rafters to dilly porn-prigs and masks
kneel on a young man's neck when a citied sand-raft leaps aside dumb male wrecks; and eyes use a scarf for
sea-strangling strange bells in nightly evening; and wars

wallop for madam macadam and dom daniel kills wars

lakes may well drown us. Sex faiths may well sunder men from de town; and listless wraiths will have to attend to geeks when english mace sprays rape-thunder
and a babby in a towel cries till dead; O, ald easy blues jazz-bags easy owl eyes with deafening blinded fathers and a dammy child rides from sleep when whimperers
sink a shrilling candle in girl-meats; and odes to lubes swank for jetty kids who smash a coca-cola under us

and we lighten into rain and we rise once again from us and a birded banged boat breaks wind along titty-tusks and a sliverer of rammagers swims within lost tubes

lakes may well drown us. Self-sex dies away and we remand a brolly bell with salt-healths and odes to trees wail just like lost seas; and loud bees roar after maids
and lasherers of crossed trees wail as blinders breed magical monkeries from convented sails and sleased gummy angels; and weepers of fast nails claw maids
and we lighten into grain and we rise once again from hooped issuers of molten pain; amd we arise from suns and we arise from mad rain; and we arise from guns as
bodyers of breakfast time shoot a screen then use a foam glass.



wow, what with divined doll mutants sea-treading high waters we must certainly dream of moll students; and dried fathers are summer-led to caved cars when a martian under mother
has to lease a helmet-drip to a petroller of purified fevers and we shoot the day when megre nights cut salt-mirrors

wow, what with divined skull producers star-skinning gems we will surely hoot for a city owl where a babby under men dons dizzy bed-rooming menswear; and strange roads to wrens
germinate salt steel when a fatherer in a hanged rose rends us
easily from ferine weals; and a dunny wet whip canes us

with wicked wrecking dog-veins that bleed until rolled lust lops a ravened messing with garden gels and idiotic bone-musks and a weeviller of winkering wash daddy dells in lard
and a bay of weavering cunt-cloths sinks nine seas in cusps

as we draggle horny strangers then we strangle all of us: as we draggle pie-eyed mangers then we will strangle pus, and a dowser of dirty fucking growler radio fingers pie-crust.

when an easy eyer of naked fire pokes a guilty pyre. o, then a daddy of a naked liar sheds murderous boys underneath trestles that lead de dead to stolen ocean-toys
and, la la, a head of pepper peers inside a gut when a bastardiser bed-severs raven pools from dizzy sex-pyres; o a daddy demoniser star-pleasures dolls as odd men
drive a scissor-car to a long day's jounrney into sins

as we draggle after honey strangers then we use skins ah as we bedraggle money-mangers then we use tins, and as we sleep in a can then we supper after women
and, la la, we accuse an invective penis-rash of hens, and a cocker of a cunnny dower showers spunk when
doddery donkey dawgs dress up with guns and chickens

when an easy eyer of naked spires rises like the dead o where a family sidles under tyres, then god's gold bread will certainly pave a way to nuclear sires; O, lichens are
always picked off by crazy troubled thumbs; and we are forever fed to skeins where a canny candy in a streetcar
layers pussy taste with doggy codders of pushy america
endlessness screams for deadliness as we rape gems

oo, germous weevilled sexed wheat germ lashes eye-ides to sheds: oo, vermin under eagled piss-wheat firms us with bird-dregs; and a weepy woollen hour chimes for sleep when grey devs
star-strangle bullet flowets with grinded meaty closed beds, and a dizzy hand chops cake from a phlange when heads
shoot a suckether of heroic cum; and sands pee on bread when an easy eyer of a naked spire scatters buried lead
oo, as sick hens croon, then a gabby fire found under god's best bed has to hop till deathliness sends daffy pyres to nuclear plebs; and, la la, a scented beller may well knife pigs with red teds
and, o-la, a rented cellar may well knight whores with bread
and a dazzler of spilers welcome cakes to easers in countries

oo, germous weevilled sexed peaty sperm women shed will dagger under desks till the madness in a successful rill will sharpen dogs with pints; and a dollar under cars cup swilled
body-bakers of dirtiers whose heart-sore bleeds under hills.
oo. what glib men found within an old blue rabbit tin, a capstan under beads has to sell up from rainbows as a bony breaker of spind winds raids leas
and a crayon under masks shelters beards with de underclass; and trees topple as they moan and flail; and once above a mind scatterers of bees
wode-pinched a pincer cab along dirtiers of old bud, and a rose in sleeves radios wealths with endless sinking dromedaries; and perfumed glebes
swallows in the mires. Oh, a capper of a sexless flame factory hits feeds car-ramming coda cages around nuked wailers who bum-bomb atomises
and weedlers feed off female germs when sexless cunt-guns shoot swift sugary apple-shits. And a baiter of fishy nuns knots prayed sperm; O, tricks
silence cold puffed gables with pushy puffy pissy penile schoolgirl ricks and meddlers of cuffed tables wynch a janus pipe from caning body-dweebs
and shatters of darkened gabblers grasses after cum and a dinner of reeds rotates across an iron sizzler whose schizophonic beat cuts venal lifts
and we get dilated under Zion and we whip as we eat cuts and renal mitts marblise softeners of wet lions; and junglers in telescopes cry after shits
and, la la la, a cellar dug from aeons peers inside periscopers of red lips.

we weevil as wide opened weed woman boom across love's fishy fields and a rosary of hippy hard harridan bacon blooms across life's pissy yields; and green grocerers of lard interfuse bled hector with natal andromeda and cars
cash under riders when easy mental bread brakes under fotal fascinators O O O. Medulas in horn-scissors cut a pussy drake with fatal castigators
and a leader of pins storm-seizes slutty baddy bait with nasal cunny craters and a liddy lady lippy of spawn scatters scutterers across sinal bastard shakers
and a widener of wet wool slides poesy inside a dossed cross that eats razors
Ah what with glib men found within an old blue rabbit tin, a capstan under labia clitty clinks rosed fanny with paper skin; and an old rollered gym dances for labile chemic faces that lead blind winds under solared ripped hymns; O, wards
whistle after dannny scents as a layer of thunder hits to a jazz-gemmed Lord
and, uh uh uh, weaverers of dinted players smoke bald tits and sew salt-herbs
once upon a duddy mind, i suffered belted wax and saw blurred cocoas cry.


if the town does not seem right, i will cure a city: o if sounds does not dig night, i will feel pity; and a bone of grass shatters in five hands
and stoner of masks scatters hot cold jams.
if a town does not catch sight, i will ram a fairy thumb with urban cocoa sea-scrams; and eyes turn aside grey deaths as islands
layer dicky grease with coded fazed woman. la la. prickly pocket leaves fall for children.

a slighted piggy hero hits for radio catscans.

the eaglers of repeaters read to a mind: o, eaters of red palavers pee inside wine and a boat of blood brags for silked vines
and, la la, a galloper of the killed cuts limes and eyes leap for fallowers of blue grime

the eaglers of deceiters ride upon timed gally wanky wee-wee bombs; and head-mines dig for cold as coded easy gold sea-spines
a shatterer of sex with dotted glue-wynds: la la, a candifier collapses and dies for a stretcher of a cocoon street; and sweet Mars
serenades blind bloods as a sea of cars crusades for wide love; and we grind stars
to mooted dust when weavers of tars
dig to dine upon darkness and old rat fat.

an expectorant of old graves shoots some doodoo phlegms and odes to sold naves hoot upon daddy moods and skin
ah a boat under gold suppers for nudes; and odes to sins slapper for skied silly skirt; and menfolk pee under hymns
la la, expectorants of grey slaves shoot sick from spind body winds; and a coastal cave carries dirt under wynds
uh uh, a weaver of roasted lays sinks a cock into limbs, and, once aside a mad smile, we learned about widows
edgers of sullen swine slit aside cheese-dirt then close adown in a little town where city bodies make no sound, and wiveners of fast air exhales dusts from a grey rose

yoyo riders use ald kiddy toys with cut fingers and handlers; lo lo, poncho sidlers sunder boys; and a bald girly rams heated flour around a cakey tower; O, jarry junder-jams
daddy after mammies; and my twinned eyes close drams: ah ah. I will sidle after herpes as i sweep after edams and ah ah, yoyo users season eggs in cups with wooden cans
an expectorant of gold graves shoots some pooled phlegms and an acid bout boots judas out as lady jesus cuts gems
a candifier collapses into wives and a tiger of a torn stem sucks a bleeder's butt where a mad lady riders use long gentlemen to station a body cat upon grey sines and female egg-men
and we appear death-expectant with fingers under hens as wetted yoyo riders abuse sweeties. Kiddy selves shoot clans; and a rooter of ropy doobies suck a nutted bone-band

cablers of candle-wax sweeten chapel halls with edams. o, room-raisers ram sugar apple when coded mind-plans melt after dolts whose wallah of a toad-cold spine-slams
doctorors of dunny beacons when a stupid light in bands sinks a falllowed face in an egg-bowl; and mental Man
has a diner for his own place; and eyes sunder remands
easy expectorants under milners smile after big brands and we tailored after mother to find a lover's sofas, come digging apple chairs into dawners of closed fevers

cables of candy craps cast a rotted teether across a rude nude of cat-trap; and eyes beneath feathers scar dunny tides with openers of grey lies; O, my dead car
never existed but still i drive due West where rose rivers sea-knock a salty harness in five huge baring bed-slivers
highnesses of dirty sex-thrones cry for blued bloods and, ah ah, we sealed a dummy monarch in bum blood, and, uh uh, we ravel for mummy as fathered fish mud

stops dead. O, weavers of whiteness kill all sane Man.



petty petrolled mary Man used a rifle with falsifying bug-men; la la, a baby monkey danced in faked trees; and trams travelled down town where a woman in a hot wigwam
rotated round a sad mound of children; and grey grans grasper after gitted gowns where a city under a glans
dollops french nudes upon greying bakers of soft jams: cablers of candy crap casts a paper cab across mud
and, ah ah, eyes weave death and, uh uh, loser's love loosens applers inside peared mess O, we eat Gods?

petty petrolled Pan played pipes for a secret brain; Uh, a sea of masks drowns itself as a secret sex-train star-ravels into burned minds; and we hit upon rain
and, ah ah la, we sit down upon hair as we use pain..a dummy of a bedspread links dreams to champagne
and, ah, we ride from iced kinks then we must rock a daisy of a fast mind with liced shrimps; and we rot and we rot as we roll and we ride aside citied cock
petty petrolled mary Man used a rifle with falseness and, eyed, me and a lost land writhes for deadness as
a hiker of whoring wide tides walk wanky tiredness


abusers of dodos have to shoot ten parakeets stoned dead: ah, udderers under crab have to cast cold meat into bread and a whipperer of wolven wands cast magic under beds
ah ah, abusers of dodos have to shoot ten burny heads and a licer of lewd sucky porny winking hen-hit-lead has
a bolster for a dreamer and a coffee cake inside ald gas and i will certainly need use of a disabled car; O, hurt ash may well sell me to endlesss high tar cigarettes; and mash
melts inside long dead soldiers whose easy sex hit lush sun-strippled warring flavas. Sex sends a freeby SAE
la la, Deaths heed entrances when a killer in a postal reed

lollies after pinnnered pig-pens and the cafes of cut greed and, la la, i ease a mental dig inside sand alleys: mung seeds scatter hollowed tomatoes across a living world of dick trees
and we will reel inside the East when gathering up the teas and we will shed buttock tears and we will weep forever.

abusers of dodos have to shoot ten parakeets stoned dead ah ah, a video of crabs crashdown and Digital Telly-bed shows inchoate screens to disablers of dangly easy plebs
and we shutter a shitty sky inside wide-women's piss-pegs; and, uh uh uh, when weeders of Ides spy on salt-legs then
menfolks will have to learn of looters of lives and ribbons
lollies after pinioned piggy pens push oinkers under slides.

the lotuses of a crocus flower feed dumb enemies to water. o, a fastness of dad's tower treats a dun cake with porter; and a bren in a sesame seed bun rides a steeder into lungs
la la, eyes may well widen as we buy a disabled car. Guns shoot a hollah of a blind owl with dairy lips; and coded sun
gun-shine upon a weal when a wettener of clits sucks cum

the lotuses of a crocus flower feed dummies to gas-garters and we weepy-weave a wanky sheety winker with gafters; and a dumber of a bee stings a brain with honeying doctors
and, la la, we weep for locust seed while crying for robbers

abusers of dodos have to loot one zillion bodying piss-parrots and the wives of March harden to autumnal sleep. Carrots cut a cuppy nut-slut inside a bugs bunny brigand; and mammas
kneel upon slappers of wives; and a cat-headed gazy river
rams a fairy thumb deep within coffee cakes and rizlas.

o we may well have to buy an actual disabled car; and we may well have to buy true high-tar cigarettes for mind-seas, and, uh uh, eynes swallows puffs with hallowers of sleeved
lycra pissy pecks that rim madam rimmer with cold greed

the pocuses of crocus eaters lead bald wheels to fathers; and we may well jack our fathers and leave mums behind.



what with disabled chairs being star-raised from high tar fags - what with disabled hairs being car-crazed by old male shags - we will surely eat a broken coffee and walnut cake; O, stags
supper after sleep where disabled trainyards on their knees creel into city caves; O, a sea of figs frigs a vegetable when dragglers of pity-graves sink a cabbage of a mind into gems
and, la la ah, wildernesses under stinking baggage sea-rends darkening dolly-heads from gingery dirt berries and u-bends.

o we may well have to buy an old-timed crippled van with filthier dreams that have ever noticed man; and mental pig urniates inside dulled pants when a stinker of a menstrual pig
damages eyes with soft moggy hens and smokers of dead kids

what with disabled chairs being star-raised from evil maps. what with disabled prayer being Mar-mazed under cold straps: we will surely eat a broken coffee and tawny breaded dun mac
and a diver after plective vege urine has to sink aside macadam; ah ah ah; and sun-assaulted widows weep for mencapped Adam
and a doctor on its disabler's feed flashes aside naked crabs
eyes have to melt under pulleyed shit-wrecks as we cry for easy kissers of pelt tundra and pissers of slits and dippy wards
o a steady burner of a bled mind smell-spills doggers into canine christs o an easy yearner after blue spine swell-swills scarers from cold spice and a desperate user of my disabled car cuts a coffee cake where lice
sink full tar cigarettes under sex when a bladderer inside walrus life interfusess dromedaries with a vegetable stink that laps aside cabbage white
and men and skin dolor opens up death's peasy ward when a sea of mice summer-strap a coded killer's blue disabled car which ravels under dice
and a menial macadam filler hits blood feeds with ashen dodder-mikes and a driller of a vegetable head shows dilly screens to scenes of spiked body-burning anal angelical baby-bikes; and naked bruised sirens swipe
a bad bald true blue disabled car. O, we will cut a dirtied coffee slice
O, we will shut toffee-coffin dykes beneath heated full tar woodlice. ah i abused a static killer radio just one sad time of all; and de angelus creeps inside a puker's shadow; and my scenic spleen opened under dust. ah i abused a static river radio just one more time very late last year; and me and disabled cars carry mencapped mallows inside stained fear. la la la, my dippy deviller dips a dunny boy for Mrs Jones; and ald tears
reason after maws where a draper of mummy joys cut down grey gear
ah ah odes to naked kissers drive a mangler of a sex-toy down to years
and we ravel into time when a tonsured bag of farms swallows shears

o an easy burner of a bled mind shit-smells renal hooves; and sex-scars shard in a belled bottom; and we may well buy a fierce disabled glee-car and we are, rended, as cut from spastic dells as bastards under curves
crashdown along a blonde mat of fear and farts and neck-wringers. Curs curtsy to a varnishing dolly moon when we sink a rapered finger's nerve
deeply adown into a brimstoned pussy of vegetable gallery treacles

ahh ashes drop slashes under porn-brine as a veiny darling sups measles...and the daddies of a mental easel paints a body-chart with grey seagulls..

what with old minted walnut and coffee cake, we will buy a disabled car ah ah ah; once slitted under false limbs and drapes, we will smoke huge tar and our answers to this ridden rippy disabled world must posion punk Mars
and, o, a hard Mars every single fucking day pees upon taloned bead-bars; and we weevil for a shitted rogue spine that shits aside prison carves
and we silence the dizzy cocks of fitted flitty flirty danky wanky shards

the arouser of a raider heart sinks a rippy zipper outside burning bone and me and mixy macadam farts carp for lippy snickers of gay stone,.


desultory eager maidens have to dance to a withered breeze. o, ebbers of cedar gardens have to sway, sway, and bees sting haulted mind-honey. As death drive us, we abuse trees..desultory eaten maidens have to dance to
a pleasure-sea o webbers of cigar masons smell tarred smokes where need swalows winnowers of maidens and starry swanky bird-feed
and diggers into darkness dam mad nights with carnal seed..
cokers of eastern eye-soil supper for dirt as a skirted team swallows westend horse-sky-moil; and a deady snaky spy reads about naked tears and pony-emptiness. O, a sea of grail weeds
a shaky crazy island where a dooby of a bead dons reeds, and we shake for a mourning hour when doctorors of need
star-cure cunt-freights with daddy flour and doughy disease

desultory eager maidens have to dance to a sainted sea.

fishermen of mermen madden pools with ripped lips. la la, kissermen of sad men swathe stools in hair-grips, and we glister for the hour when voices under sun-slips
sucker a donny luncheon hen with dogs that chew tits

cokers of eastern eye-soils supper for a skiry Herod and, ah ah, graven sky-coils cup a strummer where god pisses inside it son's holy wind; and glass faces sea-rod
a teenaging temperature which dig after gun-mined Love.
..desultory maidens have to dance when askance; o, sods sinks luminous glass into vacant bird-men; and eyes rob
dirty drainers from virtual deadly families; o, who is God?




eateries have to avert puking customers; and a mad sun of night cooks moony cake for fryed issuers; and a cave inside de sweet hot light loosens needs to kneaders. O, a boat of glass swills gravies
la la, a cafe in a new world soaks grass within killer rabies.desultory hotel maidens have to dance for deaths when sight falls from, gassed geese then die, die, die; and we hear sites
showering gusts with chicken eyes; and weeders under mikes swing and sing to the quarter hour when dickers for mites
dresses a pressy pussied cat with holy fangs and tail-kites.
...tissuers of tawny termitic tangle-tawses have to hit foods la la, a spawny veiny antler-angel feeds ants to fish-food, la la, a fawny brawny fatal angled angelfish feeds nudes
and we widen as we sail and we yell just like a wailer.

eateries have to avert mewling kitten ken as eyes move salty siren smoothes to dog-sleep; and mad minds improve ah ah, and hot helmeted sod-wheat digs after dead dudes.
tissuers of jammy henny hopper flowers ram red snoods underneath heated sheep that baa from a sea of hooves and, uh uh, lidded meat carves a gun from coker roofs

heapers of happeners heal hopped hands; O, we move?
hipsters who jig for jailers jack a dolly fever; O, moods swing for renal teatimes when a bladderer under tubes taps hitler's mad feed; and we rise to face inside rude
bashy disembodiers of dental wastes and a wide tooth tissuers of rectal sparrows bind hawks to bird-suits; la la, a bagger of a blower marriage weds after boots
and, made all the madder, a sexy server of star-jutes loosen heroic spermy squirmy sucky slippy cunt-loops
hipsters who jig for failures angel-force sex-hoops, and, uh huh uh, eyers of trashers trick for a naked shoot and a maid of paths walks a sad road where red newts
carry bone buriers to blandy brandy scissored soups

issuers of fatal frontrooms fellow a son of lost Jude?

eateries of sexy nunneries hit aside nukers as summits in love's sides happen to drink death dry; and a cowler in gas permits worn lives
to lie, lie; O, a bladderer inside sky shoulders glass and busty wives sweep colonic cannered blood with a dreary carmine broom. Eyes
cry for weeping horses while a daddery in death's galleries writhes. eateries of sexy nunneries hit on a vege-bride and mammy sea-spies
spiral into a small smashed town when a latrine upon a sea-slide abuses naked dickybirds with ground men who spirit into a dirt-bride
and mysterious petrol boys swell up for shitbirds; and an easy ride

jives as she jacks jumped juniper fathers; Ohh Eyes feed us skies Ohh steely saturn sidlers raise romance from biblical bourbon-blinds
and weevillers weeeble inside old maggot-flour as sweetened spines grind a doggy pictuer; and mental period passions piss on pit-pines
eateries drink to de family and helters of Roman waters crowd-climb up, up, up to a desperate space when minds melt for aped earth-minds
and i see some weird scenes in a closed blind mine. And shooed rivers raid a dummy daughter whose worried fingers feel after dinky mirrors
Lo, a spinning sun at night rockers for flavas as mothering cape-milners shapes a coded caper of a secret hat; and a secret brain's bud-builder
cunt-cabs for oozy winky wanky fat; and we search for caged scissors and we shoot snowy spunk deeply down a dairy female's hot hisser
eateries of sex nunneries hit aside nukers as summits in gob-grinds can a queened canary in caged clips when a giddy bummy bone winds
down, down, down; and picturers of clits slam ice within hit sisters.
....windowers weep way up high where love's children cry. o, massive mind-attacks trip from fear; and a caddied sky slappers for limey mangers that float up from cotted dives
and, la la, a bunny big car cruises after sluts; O, cold scribes utter after droned sky-writing when a cold frames car-ride
under signal daddy rocks; and eateries found in flames dies
and, oh oh, as assaulted mind-meteors stab a well of sties
we must hire a body-grinder to speculums and kid-slides

windowers weep way up high where huge women cry o massive cul-de-sacs carry tides under dolls who ride and a molly of a chicken-tract tosses drivers of suicides
and, la la, we have to piss as we shit and, ahh, dead sides show a glitter-shore to wrists of planed clits; O, nice knives hurl dangerous darters at cunny boards. And cut thighs
sink an angel in a spunk-cut which bleeds like the skies.

eateries of sex nunneries wank in the wind. Selves stride upon parted penis waves; and a doner of dodgy dry eye doctors lunar missives with well-hung centaur graves. Eyes
espy dirtiers of hootered winky salt-stoves; and easy ties lay down, down as easy libelled lives mine for slanderers
o, a druggler in a queasy rival mind rams scrotes down
pinchers of dizziers and quasi-cunted shitted mong-Downs.. and we are at the bodies as we in the mummy-cloths are wound.


awaiting the dead where women said a prayer, thinned air had to hoot for the snares of fetid bread; O, under sold hair i was startled to despair after lost deaths; and mined care
carries a softener of bled men back home where gold stairs force-fed me to anal money; and a snaker of reelers raised a bunny bodice from family; and a caker of creelers slaved
after indigo chinese painters. Agh, i ride to sleep when graves gasps after dirtied baby cremations; and i hear wide trades.

eateries of sex sculleries soak a dotted soaper inside lays la la, eaters of vast galleries feed ash to brushes. Old claves crack upon a mental potter's wheel where a digger of days
drops a dollop-sarnie aside dilly delis and pure salami sprays dirty faloned wheat against eggy bellies. O, easy old plays
sink a fully closed penis into wintry bay windows. Strays sermonise a hooter of a harness; and menstrual grey glades

glister for cocoa buttoned cunty butters; and messy maids melt into fotal fisher-gluttons; and a many minded piss-cage piss-rocks upon a dazer of a dreamt screen where slaves
suppered after the plated plaited platters of human raids and, huh huh ah, i count from nine to ten and hear helio poo-blades
cutting my cleverness off with two hands on a dumb stage
awaiting the dead where woman said a prayer, skinned air dolloped dizzy blinds upon infant windows and raped mouthing children fayres?

o, eyed sugary code signs wagner after walletted river-walls. o, skied baggers of blood swine swagger across scarlet halls and the veins of midnight cut inside labia as a cunted brawl
bends a penis-beard with fotal crocus eaters; and closed palls hiss to an icy sex-sorbet beat when a lowcut locust scares
a giddy gourami with a gassed heart; and a baby below stairs skin-shafts upon tit-pepper as a wanker under scum-cares
shoot a nudy nippler. As we slide to concrete sleep then hair digs a daddy comb into blurred blithe cemented lost sheets
and a bolster in a break beats down upon naked dog-chairs.

o eyed sugary code spines shatter after socketted piss-stalls o a skied mummy toad squelches into lovers when cat-crawls conquer easy fishy fast nets with breast-bridling titty molls
and a doctor on a quacked ride rams an oated heel into bols and, uh uh, our eastern bikers gather up the eastern teas and a burny of a bobbled spider delves for coffin bed-dolls
and, la la, an impossible dick-dancing evening cuts prayers and we tweezer after porators as thinners drink old leaves.

ahhh i have to hiss across false ice. Ohh, a maiden's beads gag a girly gaggler with nine crossed hands and grey reeds rotate aside dragooners; and a prince of suet apples weaves
a bum-tight bottomer beneath shitted skins and baring knees and a boat of glass sinks inside fay arse. Deaths marry meads
Swollen buddy bodies pose as a pregnant sex dude and leas lampoon babied bumpies with donny filers of naked ladies.
o eyed sugary code signs wager after valetted ripper-walls o ladelled monkey rogues slather after maletted nipper-cauls and my eddy of a mind-egg shoots yolk at a rainbow's ebb
and a shitter of a salty bed assaults smoke with veiny beds o eyed sugary cold drives dagger aside comical spice-rubies
and a ruby in a hurry hits to savour the asians in beer-boozies and a boxer of a dirty nan shatters breads from dark devs

ahh i will hiss across dried ice. Ahh, a madam's gazing kids grips to tallow ashes when a doctor of a mad guy's gold crib double-crosses sirens with eagle-boys who dare not fib. Hah!

the invitro pussy price of a puller's dirt haze hits god's feeds la la, a cussy of a dice shapes casino skirt with blind wank-seed and intravinus baggy christs will surely bell a bird's gold key
and a bone of friggers foxes for shanky celled girl-glebes and, lo, the clever girl will be known forever and we need a perfect home for lost girls for there then brides of bees
will sting silly testosterone with one zillion bared cock-pees; and ivories in disabled cars slice toffee cake with cleaved
towny babby scissor. La La, i have scented decay with love Ah Ah I have painted belly geese around scraggy curves

oh a matrial mod of a venereal mind shoots at blue bugs oh a natal swab under cereal wine toasts codal tree-drugs and a fastener of furious facials feeds floats to plug-buds
and a bonny of a curious funnel feeds for poked tonguers oh a matrial mob of a venereal mind shoots at summers oh a fotal crab under renal salt brine bloats for lug-gloves
and Madam Mary Medicine sinks a braggy pill aside nerves and, la la la, a natron in a swift ink pinkers after bled turds o-la, boot polish spread on white lead loosens a hard sir
and we nationalise our own city rubbish where fixed curs crap inside one zillion solar winds; O, a burier of bad burrs
grasp to a urine lip; O, a cherrier of a ferrier flicks furs

curates of an English cooking egg falls upon wet words.



the shrinkers of sully days play with old clay-boys; o riders of silly blades cut a pinker today, and a mind of silk thinks about the moon and me and mindfolk shoot a gritted grave
the shrinkers of dully days slaves after day-toys; and a soft shore of dust pisses under coffee-trays; and, o, a sun of musks shatters sex-ladies
eyes buckle up down buckets and laves wash a kind vagina miles high with ruby mummies

oh matrices melt into dockers and trays slide down icy hills; O, maker of snow-trays trickles down a damsel's thighs when old days lop a laden loop from gaddy bad trades
and a teaser of a teener swills graves. the shrinkers of salad maids seat busts under rippy hypes where codal nipple-cream scream: La! dresses raise potterers of plowed berries from sussed
eateries when sucker-meats shop puckered loss.

odd matrixes melt into a judas cloth: la la la, coldness lets a burn to de Cross and once utterers of pets picks moss then my waver of lipped dross will
sun-pelter pussiers; O, mazy pine-pill must seep into Crete and kill tossed ivoried idioms of mamma god and mad bad father medusa; and rills

amazers of sticky papers piss for a shitter's craze that ends in a tautening snip-brain; o, creators of eaty fazers cut cauls and a banner of a father calls filthy dirty virgin-coasts where sad walls
crumble under jolters of brawls: the shrinkers of sully chain-days: la la, sinkers of moany money charge for a ballet of barbered steel; O, men dance for easy ballet-women whose claws
sink bloody finger-paint into dogs

amazers of sticky paper piss for a dummy craze that ends in granite; ah, a gem of a jeweled prison-cage gaol-gals ignore. ah, a sin in old age cries for whores
and a bed of gold spies on stored vaginal lilly crap; O, sex snores?

the saps of sweet lillies layer skin and cups of sweet coffee bunnies bag up xmas-easter tawny teasers with old tea. Sluts swing to rivers and eyes are shut

amazers of sticky paper piss on gifted stalls. vacant cots where a babe in walls rams towns appear indolent for ignorant cheesy. the saps of sweet lillies layer sin
o mugs of dirty milk maul fast sin, and a dog on the ride chases baby
shrinkers of sad days cut rabies

purveyors of pervert-pepper peal radishers of rainbows and reels and, la la, we suck on scan-seals and, uh uh, we cut on hand-heels
and as dunny dullards cook meals then a lazy lacy mallard hocks dinnered dust. O, searing shadow cast a cunty wanky cab upon droppers of spunky caesar-suns

sappers of scissor herons cum deep down gin-lane where guns shoot termites stone-dead. Puns wise-crack after bone-guns and
weepers rap upon lonely lands. purveyors of a pervert-popper piss upon bad sad tree-gulls when papers shed tabloid skulls within shippers
and a shanky shop spins slippers and a hanky cop blows bands
..sappers of scissory sea-lake herons ram pullers of platers inside jazz-jams: ah, miles away from lives, hands

swill potatoes; and sadness lands
upside down in a dowsed shiver

hedoners of careless days where we spent our eager youth has to summon graves where we rented seed to killler youth and a train of diamond ravels under scented speeded youth
and once aside a trade, my head will have to sucker youth ah ah, a pecker of a penile bed spreads juicy lips as youth wallops a whipping pony; and deaths sluice after sad youth
purveyors of pervert-pepper peal herrings from mad youth o deniers of pussy-pepper peal ceilings from old bad youth and a veiny veiled sun-crow crowds cold trees with youth
ah ah, eyes may well sunder toes and we must love youth because happy careless youth hops from seed as youth
spies upon sex-tides; and a mad man who craves youth hastens to wicked wives when wicked worn lied odd youth strips self-sex down with hippy thighs and coded gay youth


a rider upon red cake cries for sugary bells; and old mules carry platers of kitchen skies marrying boney blind mules to donkey blood where a horse inside a town of deaf mules
rides a cocking horse where street of crowns dons sex mules, and a bed in a cliff falls to dirty earth where fainting mules melt into a pony's lip; and a sea of birth washes cold mules
purveyors of careless days we spent with birth bites mules la la la, a decliner under sleighs sink for snowy earth-mules and a boat of thunder ship-fathers eaterers of sea-mules
and once one forced evening, i sit with holy beaded mules O i apple-pick planet-plums with hot ghosts where mules
side-saddle eager camals with woody bines and old fools

a rider upon red cake cries for sugary bells; and dun rules push a whipping pony under blubbery bells; and spun rules get easily broken and easily spoken spread cells gaol old rules
and, la la, messers of families awake under closed stools


o as america comes through our stools, a masser of shitted fringes cunt-combs daddies with pasted fools; O, a radio of blind images melts into mules where a haunted kelpie-horse flexes images
and a vase of bone bee-bends baiterers of tears with fixatives o as america comes through our stools, a crasher of grey images fascinates donkey-drones with solid fools who fry salted fringes
and a kinker of a dodgy salt-cinema hasps to eyes when faces fallow to the comical falons of sugar-clasps; and old spaces heap dirty wine upon carnal unwashed clothing; and midges
melt under udderers where a goddess's groanings ram fridges.

a rider upon red cake cries for money-bells; O, forced flour fizzes and a sea of lungs cuts ties; O, a the quarter-hour hisses for a god of a dickler whose dizzy sea-paws peal glass fingers for
an ape of a pickler; and a don of whores studies after kisses when a beller of evil faces drop beneath a bouncing breast-ward; ah i have centralised wasters by snipping my bum; O, i use cards
and me and my scriber of scribes tangles bum with hair-cars and, oh oh, we are pictured for ties which wash gnits in cars
and, o-la oh, a sniper of fatal flies shoots a blueberry kinema

o as america comes through our stools, a masser of shitted fringes hordes a piddler's town with wrenched rots which marries images and an ape in a cave crusades for cavvy mice when villages
moon-lock a holy cruklock in a wall; O, a heaper of mod Mentalis
shocks a body and weavers of palls pool stasis with drug Digitalis
Ancient vermeil lakes swim for sunderers of coded sunny-seed Ancient petal-paints pin wars under thunderers and watt steeds ride from dirty rest. La La La. We enter into walleted blind seeds
ahhhh. And we weep inside desperate tears when golden sleeves hit upon renal estranging brides; and model men cut up greed
uhhh. and as a masted Venus digs inside the anal deeps, then wives of salt-men must, denied in harness, sugar-wed a sweater glass when coded semen seasons puckered hair with tissue-bread; and the hatters of lobed women
snapper for a suckler of easy peasy lead. O, a spoker of coded youths lams a picture of a peggy pullered bed and we have to star-load youths and we have the keen idiot names by heart: under crabs, carred youth
slapper a slackener of an eyed cold-frame dollops labs upon childrenand we wallah in the davy dark as we arise from cabs and taxi-wrens

ancient vermeil lakes swim for surrenderers where a heart-dealt mind swallows acid snakes from blonded bone-bared baby-buddy-grime; and my dragged eyes sleep for cum. O, a tinker in a soft lady line heats sand
and a curried comber of girl-gum wallows under lost emptied ribbons and as a masted Venus digs its female dick inside renal anal gibbons
weevillers of mermen have to slick to the larded lip of a hardened ham and we sea-hang faceless rabbits which chase bucked bends with jams

ancient vermeil drakes drawl for cunt-curated caned gobblers. Hands heap rubber posters under brawls when a broad of hobblers expand a dunny filly plate to vomitted phlegm-foods; and we piss upon old islands.

o as America comes through our hot stools, wiseners of lips will cut edams, and a pillar in a blue lungs bites upon fanny prisers; O, witches sex-slam
evil easellers of leaded cum; and we shoot hens as we abuse England.

the tippers of urban tipex topple easy pens with city light and fever flexes optic palms when cables ease gems under city night; and fever faces aside mod wind as we hear bees inside death's serum; and fever
fellows neon crap with ten whipped hands that push manses into fever o tippers of urban tipex trample peasy pins with city light and fever
sunders an open doll whose waxen ashen limbs tease a skulled fever with motelled guns that shoot the heebeejeebees of mind-masked leapers; la la, where wideners hoot for cunt-sea then carriers of casked fever
cry for lithe pussy and her fishy sweet farrier; and sex sild's soft fever flumouxes with twisty teeny hair-marriers; and sex-killers use fever
to slam a grande mal stroke under forcing fucker; O, here men quiver.

acid widows roll for lime. Copper ghosts roll down time. Aged fever
washes gentle hands in false wine; and we stroll inside god's mirror..

the tippers of urban tipex topple easy pens with city lice and rivers raise a roper of a sea-chest from porny hens; and scented seizures form a dairy-cage in an epileptic bed when a mental dreamer shivers
and acid widows roll down time; and weepers suffer cold cunt-fever and a colt of pure damsel fire shoots a blue radio dead as cock-fever
rams a daddy sewer under tired coots; and a green meadow's fever burries burring blinds in curtainers of grey birds and seagull livers.

acid shadow strikes paper cabins down around a pit of torn feathers o de acrid murdered gallows scatters Downs aside blued scissors and a gallower of sandmen abuse a scissor boy with ancient fever
and we pule from flown flowers as hot flowers wither away. Fever-feuds famish appled blind towers which tangle the concrete Thames: Eyes pull from flies and a den of lips trips for codal ideal feeders.

acid windows roll for lime. Copper ghosts die down time. Fever fashions a guilty gossamer of Anancee shafts against gulled fever and shiverers of scissors and fever fuck a dead man with glue-fever
and a dell of gripe fastens old softening strangler's tights. Fevers father down the veins where a patient spiller of wiped nap-snickers abuses a crazy wormy gorgon with swelt stone-sides; O, fevers
snicker aside spermy anal sex-scums and woolleners of wide fever coat a cricking mask with serpent eared guns; and weevil-scissors
sink into drains; O, shivers and fevers and painted fluid flu-friskers pull bodying lea-and-perrins across feinted boards in wall-strippers.
nulifiers anoint dirty shit-birds with nightly nihilators of stoners and feverfew flits under slit-birds with incenders of potatoed sea-strands; la la, an ivory screen sucks a birdy dead dilly babe-break; and rippers
arouse a tawny flower with natal fotal fatal fawn-knives; and sands frisk a dairy damseller for shuttered christ; and a vast girly grande slots dumbers in pursers; O, as a dizzy coppice of a glass-gash-glans
hollows after inhearsers of a baby block then instant fatty fingers shit in five shirt-winds; and i have suffered cold maids and fever; and i have sharpened skins with pealers of cold naves and fevers.

modellers of peahens cast peacock poles across sex believers and madams in cum-gems mask foals in fuck-flossed deceivers; and we will know the less deceived with nude fans and relievers
O, comic sonic self-deaths heave aside rude flans as grey cakers sell a buggy raised from instant eye-flour; and, uh, cooky makers abuse a naked masted Venus; and mental scampers roast fakirs
and fever follows fever when ideal sweatings sex-stab fever and fevers under fever hits to a hot optic sheet; and crab-fever adorns a baking latrine of a fever with fasteners of slag-fevers
and fever's hot mirror mazes under pigs as drillers of crag-fever flashes in spunk-kissers whose thunder frigs eggshells and Divas and fever fellows fever when ideal nestings cock-crash teeners
and, lo lo o-la, my dummy mind shutsdown ball-rashes. Feelers flay to a doctored beat when heartlings piss on long girl-fingers

uh uh uh uh tut tutter tut uh uh ah ha slit pizza fist.. we die?

the wanderers of lost times tread bastardising blown paths o slumberers cut into minds where a reaper of closed masks lambasts body-drains with roller drives and car-kissed masks
and a youth in a stream sails for lies when cold blown paths send extraordinary faces to fizzed vales where blued masks laid a blinder of a brawled cold lady; O, this earth is past?
the wanderers of lost times suck a spawny nut as masts melt into a female judas, and a bone of brawny sex-pasts molds a body-bake from venereal flakes; and mind-masts
swell up, up; and, o, once aside a lake, my mind-masque, swallows easy liquids. And eyes will deafen blind paths

uh uh i eat into some false cheese; O, my mouth screams uh uh i sleep underneath my lipped disease; O, my mind blood-screams and a layer of veined vast laughter taunts a pictured scream
and a youth at night pulls fannies from fainting screams, uh uh i eat some false cheese; La, my lips kiss screens

wanderers of lost minds liquidise dolly muff with dreamed meadow baby crisscrossed biters of sex snuff and cream

Ohhh. the wanderers of old times shred a bad pig into nomads o sunderers of gold minds dig for slags as blinding cads cast a shadow cab across city waves; and layered lads
pushes upon false curtains; O, mamma maria's lab sources phlegm with oozed fire when a kid in a lab uses radial mental menstrual medicines as a blithe cad
shoots up salty sugar flaps with gritters of mind-mabs
..the wanderers of gold minds slits a dippy drip with greying sottos of rolled wine and villages of odd pigs; and we arise to find a nude grave made from hot figs

uh uh i eat some false cheese; O, gobblers use ribs and a daughter of a mind-sleeve licks upon mad kids and a weaver of a spine-sleeve laps upon salt-ribs
ah ah, eyes may well feed blue bees where cold labs cast fishy fields across verminous dreamers of cabs

Ahhh..silvers under fever-shiver slide a hot bed beneath Pan o riders sunder fever-rivers as a hosed head of Man waters dental angular-halls with diners of easy Pan
and i arise from easter-balls and i dine with Woman and eynes slash winter-walls where blinded cousins lend filthy incest to a dead past. And we used Man
and we confused sunny connections as we slammed dolly darters against mad mien and cordal wigwams

wanderers of silked minds thinks about blue satin and a widener of milked minds suffer after slit-satin and milner of strapped minds supper after lip-satin
and slivers under fever-shiver slide under drams ah ah, we serve silks to dried water; and slit-satins wallah after spider-cries; and a sea of edams rams
orchards of killers with stolid blorted baby-bands ald dirty musical streets walk cold hogs to pig-pans
and we sing as we cook and we eat from hands

magical masterers of eastern teas gather up the teas magical matrices slam westend teas as we brew beads; and a madam at noon hips to a hobbit dance and teas
fall from out bruised brewed cars; and we pluck bees o magical star-slayers show a salt moon to fuck-ferries; and eyes get badly stung by pissers under wet-teas

wanderers of milked minds fatalises bagged leaves inside a false larch where dirtiers of murder-weeds hushed up all of the forcep fuckers whose leaves
swallow droopy cut soap; and a mind-high river-sleeve drowns old ashes inside a rosette of pure gun-belted cigaretted star-sneeze.

magical masterers of eastern teas gather up the teas. Digital porny patience pulls upon a junked cock and butterers of easy bell-pulls scatterr salts upon teas
and a godly gism bed where i learned about sands has left me alone now. Oh, liquid lightning's tea gets force-fed to clouds and, la la, eaters of bees

stopper the herbage of a diggied dizzy eye-hive.


whippers of fatal sweet marzipan hits upon a rotted bed-disease la la, strippers of fotal city-cans get bricked inside weeds; and smokers with a heart like a rocled drum inhale disease
la la, whippers of natal meaty sea-cans sail under slease; and, ah ah, a dabbler of monkey clams abuses ape-greed and, ah ah, whippers of fatal meaty marzipan cuts slease
magical masterers of eaters cut a bound fly and fleas anoint vast bluebottled greeny goddy ticked heart-cuts; and peas sleep and a handled hostel of a sex hotel rocks a boat of meat

whippers of anti-natal bubonic lips counts silence where tippers of wax-lead anoints Elizabeth Tudor with hairs and wisecrackers are bathed in a King's pissy cut-lair
magical masterers of eaters shove a bonder of tares and we will search for a tare in the invidious air where a countess of decorous gold snitches after bruised prayer
and a scutterer of meany mad mice traps a tail of thieves

whippers of cunted creamy shitter boxers bout for teas and we will reel in the east until we gather up the teas And gun-gritted tribes toss for tills which pay no fees

O. wanderers who wander like the moon melt into gins where veiny vamoosers of father flights fall down a fatal stare and blonders of lovers ignite the moon. Ah, dotted hair
gets saltily honey-combed with violence and dead hair punches immaculate pissers of grey ebbs and egg-air oh oh, once, where i rolled, the fast dregs of sweet air
swallowed my venus up with bone-naggers and prayer and wipers of masted sluts sopper after superb stairs.
whippers of fatal sweet marzipan mount cake-divorced hirelings of shippering arm-bands; O, we hired teas, la la, and we reel in the east while gathering up the teas
and when up in brewing college, i noticed sun-force, and me and madam daddy lovage casts a berry-tea under divorcings; and wicked lovely masks drink pee

once along a false mine, the whole of history cut seed from green-growing vegetabled time-machines. Steeds gallop in the dining dark when abbeys of valleys heave
beneath rotators where a bladderer of galleries cedes

codas of cumming creations to a bad bronzed egg cats o radio fire-raisers switch a fast fascinated cat. Fats fardel into dancing catnap; and me and master Crap
swerve under rat-sap. These poems scale high trees?

Uh? lulling while choking, i met an old dead girl just today o she was hooking on to sex-science when cool clay cascaded into bitten cicada humans; and a shop of christs
sermoned after maids where a mad man in a maze swillered for lone trades of sex, death and oblivion
and a nest of bone raises self sex where dirty clay jazzes after stone; and dirt, disease, death star-light dromedaries of sperm-silks. And I met an old dead girl
She was easily aroused by her own grave; and clay-cold star-foals lean upon limitless fathers when a canine feline world falters into grass and dies. And a bad bath today
will surely scissor into ambered opened slow eyes

lulling while choking, i met an old girl just yesterday o she was bricked under her boiling and she was at the bodies; La, dun baked decades glide by like mad children; and a
gooser of star-trades swillows for bad children; and an arch upon pearls pulleys for pissers when easterly blowing ice-curls smatter around sisters of mother moon and pearls

and a nest of bone raises self sex from dirty claves and a desk of stone raises elfi-sex from petrol days; and a whipper of a wide horse gallops unto city plaid
and a bell at night rings for mule-wallop; and day cries to be set free but free days are dead now?

tee hee, i have come to know the titans under clothes tee hee, yes men cum to sunder missions with clothes o, tee hee hee, mad male missiles shoot baby clothes
and eyes under skies sharpen silk with daddy's nose la la, i have come to understand the rapist in a rose la la, i have come to shudder about female blubber
and, tee hee hee tee tee, i am in love with mamma and, roasted, a motile motel accident heave to mana
and i have come to know the titians under dadda

luliing while choking, i met an old buzzy dead girl: men in miraculous circles hasten to the jazzy cold; and marchers of muddy funerals have to walk girls
and wynded swollen tit-asses must feel after cold la la, mysterious mindfolks think about a new gir; la la, insidious divine child-folks think about worlds
but a can of unearthly glass has to heat up with fairy pearls; tee hee, i have come to know the titans under clothes; hee hee, wide losell men lose everything to bedclothes
and a monkey of an ape-flower greens up for clothes and a honky of a wanky hooty finishes feelers with coded woolled leaves; and i reel in the cat's clothes
and eyes muddied me where fairgrounds in clothes dance to a masted naked beat where an old rose
splices angel fringes with goddy rock and clothes.

lulling when choking, i met an old fixing mad girl o she cried all year and then drowned in her tears; and a model pall-sphere opened me up to my girl
and, la la, as we paint a petrol face then we uncurl male ministers from gabby hairs found under barbered loaves
and a messy moon melts under rooms. O, brogues issue into magenta-city-fire when death has closed.
..forever (eternally).




a winnower of windowers shields a hidden stocking o issuers of wide sinners reel aside the still-born and we heed the death-deceived when blue ceilings
bang beneath bags of blood when bagpipes swarm a genius scottish street with poem-eyes; and dawn tear-tissues after rain and rain cuts the moon
and pierces of fever-rain receive cats from fawns.
a winnower of windowers shields an easy man and sand-strippers pee on teasing galls when balled bands dig after footy-snuffs; and a filmic woman rams us
adown from a dirty castle when killers under red rust polishes pantry-apples with germy millers; and scorn bellies across death's fishy fields as a mindless storm
straps a bellyful of beads across timed eaten cusps.

and we weevil for red rain and we feel after cuts and we glister for red rain and we reel after cuts and we hiss aside red rain and we spiel after cuts
o a smashy sassy weepy wanky of a smile gluts a donny of a dooby boy whose lost home eats nuts, and a drooly devil in a dripper of a mashed soul
cuts into smut; and a girl combs her hairy soul and a mutterer under girls combs speechless soul.

a winnower of wide windowers reels inside the east o a rude romantic killer stocking-hangs the Beast and a seat of plants waters wives with thrilling meat
and a candy of a crocus coca-cola bites on beats and we reel in the east as we gather up the teas ah ah readers under feasts befriend an iced dream
ah ah breeders under geese befriend a wet-dream and the bones of Aaron sharpen sex with trees ah ah a winnower of wide windowers reels inside
a dummy cage when lightning turns to black. O! softeners of rage shade tilings with genius blacksLa La, as bodies burn then a tidal star in toss-hats
hears a veiny penile vaginal cherry pop-burst

and we weevil for red rain and we feel after cuts and we ravel under red rain and we feel viaducts ahhh a reaper of red summer shatters wide sluts
and a bath of pure burned gold mills stars with nuts O a plane of milky glandour weeps for a softy hut and catchers in a mind clamour for devil-weeds.

hatchers of issue death dampens flax with feeds latchers of tissue death stamp upon blown steeds, and a bummer of ruled deaths hiss for rain-reeds
and a burner of stooled deaths trample under feeds ah a learner new to dirt knowledge rides on reeds, la la, canny cunt-caressers close ashen stone-steeds
beneath a nelly spunker that fucks all night and day;

and when dilly nights turn into dilly day then bees
will buzz with the patient mad till true selves seize.. .this day i do not own has come to mean a wake of fathers.,- o, as a true dream
drops a mind-bomb, then this dizzy day where i chose to scream knots a daddy gun.

awakened, a bitter stalk cuts my mouth & a buried break where i went south shuts a closed world..

this day i do not own has come to seem elderly too damned early, as a bouncy gang robs a baby, cream collapses into gabby gander-girls
half of the dud time i use a pen. Pearls
sunder dogs & kissed curls.

the hidden sauce of the sprayed huddles directly under samphires: oh, a bitten horse leaps a pony & cradles rot for Madam Sapphires
& i may well look inside my eyes when hot blondies shit. when once we heard blue trades, lips puckered for the ripped
ah, once above a rhyme, we used us then blonded buddies who stripped painted heads from dust-ducts dies for fever..

& the hidden sauce of the scathed cuddles
dogs & ferine missionaries,.

when we walked in time, we used rolled limbs & catfoods; oh, we climb when wine drinks screwed slain sirens & rolled nudes

once above a drive, a sad car moved blued collisions with hard huge-mouthed thefts...

this side of a caved cage, old dudes cram a tangy tongue inside roller sex-gold: the time has come to run from
old caverns; & a bed of ice heeds the cold
& we are young yet old.




i raced down to a dream where i cut my father's cloud o as old towns stopped, then prayer came up for pure air & a den of christs shares hairs
& we make up crowds. blue crows carry cavvies where idioms of idiots ram a soft share of hands & fat fingers
&, lo, a mental killer seizes us & i raced down to a dark lair o a bonce of sound hit a shied claw as a wasteground

this side of Easter, Xmas vaults
will sell gifts to lost dolts.

i recollect why gold died, o, an eaten ring dons the chains of the spind wanker wife o, a wind of christs has my mental swim
dreaming of dogdayed spun dice
& a bay of kids sweats for
riled sad souls
.. Do kids have soul-cancer?
o do we have to price
all vaginal dancers?

five hills of piss push a pealed father under plums & soft bananas o a hard rills cut a drowned... Lovers
lead tears of pushy pled killers..

& i recall now just why gold died..

once above a timed bone, we spied
cars & cunt acid.

the dizzy teller girl i wished to grab has married to the moon o a giddy daddy fazes under crap & this side of poems has a room
where, smashed, beds of glues pull faces at the mad.. when once a cellar girl sex-stabs dirty gems then a banged cock-crag has a dried taste in the mouth
& we will wash our hands where lardy strippers sock a bad heir.

& dizzy pox-girls hiss where cabs
ply hire from babies
- ah- deacon in a drum sun-tabs
a lunar beach bum
& heated sand-perms cunt-crag
odes to dilly cum.
a vast mental moggy cats a gun
- oh,.....,..

i wish Amen to loss as roads end in mirrors. & i encroach aside a lopped mind, Oh, i star-soak of a smelly wife has old roads dammed by dizzy heat
& cracklers under sleep suck toads, & a bench of meat blade-blanches buds of rolled souls.
romantic raisins snap stalled wheat o seated summers shop frayed winters, & bellers sop a greasy father of grey tellers.

a blancher of a bed-boom bags cold geekers of mailing porn-crags & a ball in a bloom buttons beaters under the moon,

o i reproach on lues as canaries
shoot a kingdom dead...cannaries
create tinned flowers,
& a bast of blood brags hours,
& an owler heeds rude silence?

the sorted sadness of sued softness bedazzles us; & we play dead?

when a coppice grate grips to grey stone then a bud of ice reiterates a gilly drome; la a baby under christa hits a king-sloane & a bast of lice
laps a cocked meat-heart: oh, a doggy hour walks the dead when atomic leeches sleep under wine &, sun-spread, a dolly paper-mind
exposes habits to farts..
i will sympathise with hissed ice. ah, i will centre death where cold brine bodies a penis-flower & we say Amen to drunken dice
& we play for utmost power?

when a coppice cape cups a grey groan then a wedded grave has male-masted venal-trades... bone backs a bed horse
o, a sea of force flashes for gal-gloam & a starry slice feeds vanillas to a nutty mid-wife...

eyes burn to death when a dilly life
goes too blind for words
& we are burned bully birds...


the icer of a silk-cake has bakers for blind sugar-suck-gas; o the recipes of a dreamt cake stores bled bunneries under glass
when once a rabbit dies alone for vegetable razors & sweet open doors then a bed of rice heaps murder napalm at the shored
imbeciles of rain & christ...

the icer of a sperm-cake has stored belicose raisins under sliced toffee-grass; o once inside a mind, we hear words
crying the the cars of the past?
inedible ermine dons a meat-scarf
& the risings of an oven-burned hearth
will spatter cold
inside this broiled world of scarred
mimed mirrors...

i am ascending up a queasy stair where my velvet attic succours fear & the desolates i shape from tears will enter into dark drinks...

once above a time, a dragger dons a netted hat & heeds splattered mole-dug mouse-kinks?

next week, i'll be atoned by suns.

as i weave my eager body up low stairs i entertain a vision of a boy - this boy is me when gone? O, stairs lead to meagreness as self-joys
lam me aside my funeral.

as i weave a ladder, then i sew hair to an edifice of academics... Air comes in from outdoors & fear laces lays with funereal tears
-the last i knew of my dead heirs was about a sodden kid who grew down in the colour True.

crows may welll wed blackbirds oo, crowds mighrt as well deserve scalded hills where cloudy night-men move rolled eyes to soft weeping
& the backs of the lost are sleeping?

as easy shadowers fawn to killing then a rose of meadowers will storm a mouth of spit-fillings & a downy dodgy beard of nerves
wags under hosy lady the crows of my life loosen nipped tails & baggaged patients then we will surely supper after
noosed teeth & evil mouth-laughter..
when stifled by comunal laughter, gold men suck a buddy tree: oh, as a keen raised cry weeps, then leas-n-peri lay blood-waste to brothered fly-sleevers
& a bine of god lights a fastened bee-belling wasp-weaving blue missions.
& a drinking fleece falls from prisms o a drawn board sinks legs into cunt o when once a pissy pussy jumps
then a stifled commander of old men sinks a shit...

ah i will suck a cut as bad strings
cut our rainbows.
oo for those stupid flowers i used to call my own have stopped now: o- a blonde on a reel rams after pruned bones; & eyes will outgrab?

once aside a lover, i searched for apples but
found nothing...

waves under ideal faces flash for killlings
& a wife of wine
drinks till led inside a rapists calamine?

oo for these stupid flowers i used to stone
don hired trees.


as i serenade a blithe bad father, i abuse silver blood-skies & i wonder just why a beating noose will hang wives
when once a bed of fayre shoots truth
then we will disable truth?

as i erect a baby's bounce, then eyes deck a snow-lidded grave of meat & flowers..

when once a bed of hair trampled whores & rivers then a blithe spread of care fed disabilities to secured rooms
& warded killers
lay down till gone.

consented nunneries leap a bibled bonce of bromide loaded monkeries: o a bill of beer strikes old rivals
& we pray for families: once above time, we see idols staring into lip-limbs; & a gem of grain shoots tips
& we have no veins? consented bad bodies reaps us a sea of paper; & a crab of princes pinches pus
& a mean leper loosens bends where old dust stores biscuits in cisterns and silk-lips down u-bends


drippers of maddened seed spatter deaths with dreamed dogdayed feathers, o a snipper of saddened need
scatters deaths with lucky beans: when once a hand of light heeds man-jeering dreams
then we sail under deadeners as we fuck into sadness when blamed bottle-bodies will
ram loud midnight?...

killers of slitter men sap men & a ribbon of pittas dresses long gentlemen who gets sinking kebabs by the hour...

drippers of maddeners seize urban defectives & we bang a bullied seat when
dying doled detectives cup old breasts?

i espy a mucky moonrise - La,
tonight appears to star-strive
after a baby in a stilled disguise..


we pirouhette under a mean scried mind: o, a star of a father uses a hot rider for a translucent makerson
& we purse our body-beats where cosy crazy cullers use policing caverners to drown de poem missions.
once a cell of castes writhes, then golden guiltiness cuddles old gemmed catters of space & whined

i used a fast foal for a city's folds ah- when once we scarry into coal then we will burn lost stars?

we pirouehette under greedy calves & impossible wiped scudding baths bang a rammed massed mental barge
& we are mothed by mottlers
....the canes in a cliff craps for Leda o this zeus-swan we snap hits Mother & where Isis dies
then Osiris will don dives-
Old words are sad
cold words are bad
but forever dead Triton uses porn.

the swinging eaten hands of the dead & gone swipe a seas-horn from riders under dawn as we tape a diddy shut
then our green grit of mutts hears bard dung using a dead impassable latrine.
o a gear of grease grannies for a dreamed
moon-fountain of bees & baby careens...

hot aside our scythed roads, we screen odd bodies for shitter zen ,. blown blabbed baby bends break- & the sides of the sent scatter
neat vibes where doctored pins
pierce a dulled dog...

all streets of easy gals grope for pounded pussies whose stilled score swings to a disco's proud heat & a waller of the dizzy young reaps
veiny scars where strong beers beat
honey meat?


o the swing of rolled rams cut a gunned
nylon city cage
& a feline shimmy of boys who cum
from a darkening town-age
clap sex-crap when a wifeless rage
raises soaps from dashes

we ring a tree of air - La, we strum
klilled guitar
& bald men on strung plates punt
for cunt rivers...




the desolated faiths of the star-forbidden sun opens third pages under pates; o a fiscal cock-case cards a pawny gun, & a bed of fists
laps a cunt-divan..where once a fucking forcep crags cut-headed vulcans from dizzy drag then, once aside a city-husk
a bay of plastered nips heave a siren's baby-bodied boss-alarm? the sad times we sat at the back of a baby church whose face seem carved
have come now to recognise that true sex-paint will never feint lies. o, hera inside haden gymnastics gets laying eggs on pope-wives
these desolates whose eating cold cum strap grease-iron across old radio: o, lent now to golden sound-mumming
baby pictures....
& once inside a mind, where sex dared to move, we fucked forced craps; & a ditto under tit-saps signs removed
rovers of giddy jewelry- O, slow nudes hammer docks where fasts
starve sin half to death?

desolated ivories play for god's ebonies
Where once when i spat at livid living gold, i summoned up a liquid prayer - o, that prayer for old hair saw my soul
sacked within guilty golden heart-mind bicvoaucs & i resume a mental arse-hole where my mastic soul
ascends a spastic stairway to the rolled schisms of swift sweats & cold heirs:
o my mind has litanies
o my spirit criws for penuries?

where once when i shat at a sea-storm then i sailed for buttered cities; o, my bed of grass is laid & the bodies
looms down my skull's red chimney...
..once a deadener fucks insidious sex-shroud then crooked cunted starved ova-eggers will feel for mictionites
& a bulb of lights turns down viscous nights where I
studied for murdered tights...

huge whore-factories cut a sad eye

o as for a storm in a d-cup, may hot hens cry. o as for a stone in a c-cup, may hot helens die..

once upon a mind in the city, we shaved for keen petrols & the enemtic baby who scored squired milky gems. & a bulb of mice hits a rat-trashed sky &
the honey-hosts of death raise a sea-dram - as we choke on cherry, then old hands ram down blue-perfect female washing sherry..
..o as for a fawn in a float, milky berries drag a titty brethren for a far-out ferried
foal of flint & ash...

o i eat a candle when a prisoned flash loops the hoot around a blinded lady &, as heapers shoot grounds, then baby will flee from the towns & carry mash
underneath forbidden friends?

hi-hey-ho, where once sin groans may winnowers of a dead-hand foam at widowers & broken hearths...

the dilly of the dazed is born from lilly whites & yolky roods Ah, cum slakes a bed-thirst, & the bees of ash sting a dun gun's
eaten rifles.
oo as for a swarm in an egg-cup
may caged blued nippies suck a nut's
vaginal complicity...
o the swing of rolled karmas cut a gun from a city cage, & a feline shimmy of sindler boys who cum from a darkening town-age
clap sex-crap when a wifeless rage raises soaps from dashes
..we ring a tree of air - La, we strum killed guitar; & bald men on strung plates punt
for cunt rivers...


bitter of mouth, a citric tom-tongue has a wasted taste of blood & barley sugar- o, a whip of drouth cuts cunt-crash
& a bone of bullies bends a bed under dildo pictures.
..when once a sainted heart hears budders biding porn-times then a bed of thieves has a mad lover
laden with raven features.
..& a pushing pealer pits a cat-cake deeply down where ratted skippers slipper salted crisp hairs: o, once upon a fart, we fastened us
under vaginal spoons
& a blade of bunk bled sea-dusts....

a butter-kisser crams a sleepy tongue days deep where old clams sup a keen kitten: o, a sea of mess mittens dead dung
& love pees on rolled sandals
where once a bled boner sea-guns statues of prawns then a city of thorns dons a capped
diagram of yeast & pepper eyes gleam for gas as doll-cats carry a hammer far sex-West
& we wallop of sugar rats ... Oh

once upon a wife in a lashed oat we nurtured oak-skirt; & a bed of wide wine has perched within a drinking a clay-corpsed sea-city

far out sexy pieces pierce a cut plumed spine & a car of cunny fleeces flashes wives at the sides of gold grinders: & a parted lemon sea heaps old creases
& we summon brine.
& once aside a shit-vein, a veiled honey-rose rocks a sodded onan-garden
o a drink of ravens hardens a closed cupped cake of doggy xmas-easter loaves.

eyes under salt-phlegm suffers old barley boys who believe in hot gold & a rill of iron
carries a cunt-lion under flexed folds..

far out sexy pieces pierce a cut whine: o a car of junkey juices
crashes; & red rashes ride from rain as lavid bed-dashes mollify a dirty head man whose love for de streets that feel too dirty to
drops a bound boy.

we were ready to stop the heart's
vaginal sadness
o, we are dizzy for rot, - as hearts stop the killed then we laze after slurry-spilled catters of pure blood-fire.

when once a bed of veils hill-fills rolly-poly pigs with drills, then tyres sea-scan a body-briar & a beat of blood bombs a swilled
titty-truck with ooze.

we were ready to stop the heart's vaginal madness & a head of cum huffs after barks & a slip of sparks
ignites blue veined clothes...

the snips of pure life spoil loads
& killers crap where toads
trash mirrors.
he ashes of the sex-dead dribble under dark sops & money-chowder: o a flash of the sex-bled ravel under dark slops & sunny murder
& a bell of paint slices fathers when
cunny kicks the rocket...

once upon a mine, we dug for men. o, a starry seed of wine suffers spent rocks & salty stone.. Lovers lead soaks to mummas
& a bake of dregs teems with
ropey furrred nannas.
..baited blood-bone rams a kid's fascinated killed smile.. O, pigs will draw a dulled curtain across spills
& we learn the girths of days?
..the ashes of the sex-dead kindle under ridden cunty spool-eels where mermaid-timbres speak from a glass ocean-thrum

the feints of killers cry..
the saints of murder writhe
& we hold hands to old dives.



as we run from salt-dives to sweet pretty deities, then a bud of wide twine whips a lemon-body
. o as we run into minds, then a baby
is lashed to a craned study
..a lip of air exhales sugar dust as rhyme dates off a soft rigged world where pain dines
under american money-soiled US Patties
& a bitch of bites bags a moiled
snobbed city of cake & hot-pine.

as we run from salt-dives to pictures then we twist a life, & a dropping dice plays for spice & we learn of cap-christ
when the boards change, then light must swallow horny pepper; & a bulb of gum sticks cold paper
.oooo..we ooze under necks as snappers slap the wide sides of blue day; & we loosen into wives
Xmas helens piss inside dippers
,. uh

we arise from peppers as dark-handed roots suck pitted piths: o, we ride for leopards as park-stranded boots
stampede for lips, & the radios at the fast hips of gals hear mitts melting under cocoa-gourdes
o, underneath painted ploves, we dam a slipped doll of deaths & trades
lo, a world of wrecks raps a lady as crypts
cry for a rocked grave
o, we arise from peppers as sex-sanded suits drink from a dilly; & a vine of ice fills our bodies as gay hoots
swing for sweet fillies...

once upon a mind, i gave you my boots
but now my aimless bootless cries heave shoots
wideners of wax-widows sleep for sleuths
& i play dead now?

i drill for body-sugar & i weep for female rain o i thrill for a vinegar cuppa, & when once a pepper spices a sluice, then
pain must ravel under mumma
when once a bed of lice licks us, then hens ride to cocky wheats; o a skinned boat of death sails for drowned meat; & blood sleet rends
bobby diamond...

i will drill for baby batter as i reap a gal-grain & i will arise from a cocker in sweet stains oh a bonce of butters spreads soap on jam . Once inside shutters
we yearn for lovers?

eyes ride for snowed-sights.- old larders
store food-cava...

a caviar of heads swells under dripping gasfires: o a river under slease slaps a salt cager & a gibbion on a sweet faser sets old age under vinegar bombs
la a revolting space where we softened gazed graves
has our slobering sea of spiced christs huddling under church-trades
i hear a sex door thud shut. These writes hear for naves, & a godless son of rage rocks under jazzed christ-caves: o,
the aldebarren beliefs of the sun-slaved sucks a plumed kerchief from champing church-going..

I have studied god-wine. Old angels heal the winged sick & a welp of iron slaps a stall where soft transepts shoot a chapelled lip..

a caviar of heads wells under halo-hire o a moon of breads slices caped cakes as a wicked liar
leans inside breath's nunnery?

i have heard a dead Word shaping dusts & snarls& jewel-men gem after closed capings & a bedded praying bird
leaps a lazy mind under swift curved
luminous cathedrals.
erenetic natrons nip a knickered dolly dazzler
& hermetic hymnals sing for Hitler?


the swinging head of sex heaps sweeteners days high where graven killlers reap wheat-tails & old mouthed sleep . Oh, creatures of killings weep after thrillers
& the arse of life lifts a closed hatch where men & children fall from thinned heirs

once upon a lie, we told tales on lovers o once inside a mind, messy believers roped a cunt-rind, & where once a victim in a flower rams
dolly drapes then vaginal gates open out under
star-risen apiaries...

the tried men who loosen dreams must cut a rainbowed bed of screams & a bow of grass smoke jacked screens
..the squirting vines of the wed shoot up & a helonic pelican of sliced bread cuts coded killer seasons & pull-overs of reason sup a fat pup's
feline father?

there's a monkey up on top that gluts a ravine of sugar moles & a baked cunny-rose rips a rolled garden of bulls & mares.
& where posed lips rove for scared bouncy boys, then a sea of souls
must raid a room with twilight. ;,.

cummy creasers of cruel keen light dams a dumm sea o a dunny drilller drabs midnight when coiled minds reap
rolled razors...

once aside old gold, a rider of women passions after dogdayed lovers
& damagers of star-sprayed women plead for closed killers... eyes under wipes sweat where hens lay a cooking egg & a gun of sex poaches bed-bends
& a tree of pissers shed green-gems
...cunny creasers of cruel dead life locks a vinegar fountain under feathers & soiled mountains.
drapes over doggies walk a phlgem step underneath pups with glasses, o a drakes over moggies race horse-sweat underneath cars with arses
once upon a day in the moon, we decked dizzy bitches who never caught fire & a spinney stove baked shit under mires
& we rode lost rain?.

drapes over bodies break- la, old sex slices female spice & a bod of iron rams life as gold death
stops to rub a scissored lip-drug.
..cummy creasers of cunt-grimed christs rotate under bairns o naughty reapers rap a nut as heists dilate a sprawled bent
body cafe...
..o, once above a knife, we hear christs shovelling shits inside babied bully brains where a digger of caddies
sucks a golfed pick..

honeyed heapers of cock-crazers slice red ruby-jams & a brawl of bands bombs sung-life & we boogy for a wined snail's
squashy shelled slam..
..the breakers of old bread bites closed museums & we will use water to use lights; & dead gods will use the ripe mind apples of old islands.
;the dizzy dollars of the taxed tagged dead dollop a dog-bed where rolled captives cry inside old mares; & the farmers of the kissed cry for
ungents of pissered rolly-polly wards
..this side a soft smile, we heard birds singing in a mad bone-home; & a branch of beards shaves stoned
raided scissor sloanes... we will cut a slut as telescopic broad sea-crams salt waves with old gnawed pistol-pissers
these dizzer diallers of the taxy seize grey geezers & once inside of naves, blue-blown trees moan with their meaningless voices.
fforce faces to flow
adown a seed of troved teen-toads.

we punish pissers of pucky men who pluck a sissy gal. o, we varnish kissers of fucky men who suck a nutty doll

when once a city skull snaps, then nudes will summon a rectal wine stain & a body in a wide train wlll smoothe easy silken grey veins,,
..once upon j christ, eyes grew under naked baiters of bruised thunder & a bonce of ice bites inside father
& a mum of xmas drives death where easter illness
sucks a nut.



wiveners of wifelings whip sadness days deep, where weeping gladness slices a green yield & a car of arms visits all city fields
& a starry summer seal rips a radio from a night ship rodeo?

we vanish into graves as rubbers cut a salt eraser from rolled mummas & old knickers will fall down & a dead hand will maul a clowned moggy girl whose sea-sound
wallops a cool store...dibby dancy doodoo men roar against a body chain, & lippers of a rodded stain paws
a raised mouth & a grave....the hearsing hordes of the heeled sunder sun-risen rolled mumma o a saline cock sward grows where thunder
tricks around winter..

where once we board sex, then a lover will bleed a ghost to death & a beck of soap soaks a keen fellah .. o hearsing birds swing under fathered kitters of cat canteens
& a widened rat craps against doddered
darting droned latrines...

copious coves of cum shed a spreaded idiot man of war & we dance down daubs as beheaded hurtlers of whores ...sin, sin. Ohhhh

amen to the vast men who made us
stop dead.

body rocked, a bonny of a blagged boy bends a city drama: o as baby clocks sea-hang honey toys then an urban father divorces dames from the Lover.
..once a dilly time where i saw father feeding oats then i snapped boats from feathers & a gal at sea dreams of rolled boats
& i kiss across vaginal ice & i see arise a buggy of pure christs...
...there is a snail of sex that craps a maggot mollusc whose old straps drop the sea-boys & a bunch of glass crashes when
golden goddesses grab closed ken.

i have ashed after lashes.... La...eyes have lapped after flashes...Ahhh..The tiddy bits of a bad brain bolt vomiters to veiny sea-vaults O, colts
crash adown a crown & easy bibs of bled trains see towns dragging ash for urine?
..i will carry pumpers where clowns crane a circus under a veined canteen & men and massing bolts hip a kind lock when green sound
sinsg aside Turin?

the birchy baddy birthmark of sound goes mute! old piggers pick plummy jutes from dummy dripped
catty clits...

i have heard a sea of tunes sharing ferine shaven airelings & we wish a cutty kiss for praying & gold grits will soften for dying
..where once the cammy cervix of a canned moon raises ropes from bright life then a scrog of salt-pain plunders piss for
body meat: o when once a camay lord leaps aside whores then a bled bed of beets
gangles verbal dreams inside sugared rooms
..once above us, where a radished rider-keep shot a glue-grained waved heap then a burner of the bled must suffer sleep.

where once the dammy seamstress of christs heals the laden poor then a bridal bunny boar must raise old heists from dandlers who rape-shape gold oars
& we will lose all body laws.
....the inglers of the eyed listen to the bull-blind & a freight of lice
slap as wormy wife as a bruisy snaked-mind
becomes a seducer's maggot-head...

eyes under eynes trickle into flour as rind
stirs sitars into cakey water?



where once i softened you, then i came to know you &, eaten, we will sadden men with the colour blue oo when once i entered you, then i come to flow fierce fast tears
, o as a cat of cleverness mewls for fear, then crows will sup a cunt-nut
& a beach of sluts sweats under loaves as mad moods
moo straight from a cow's mouth. there is a tracheal killer who drinks sexed screws deeply down, where hollow eyed pinks wash-n-set a fishy ferine barbered net/ Aha,
the flamingo of a shot pinked head heaps old cars underneath bones & beautiful arches
& a canny camp of junks crashes. Laaaah

the ideal stasis of the sea-slaved
cocks a king's canary from the skies.... sand spars model mess with a fungering purhelion?! & where once i softened you, then i came for you
& my swimming radios
rob a fleshy funk from mellow cabs & naked shoes. when once i saddened you, then death came to snapper udder-rain
-- ....felted fast cats grime for winkles & stem-stains
& a moggy sun-priest
rocks a roman ditty-fleece.. Underneath plumed plashed earth, a dunning tapestried beet soaps up Mad Madam Soddom
& a wafer strip uses lits to write upon bud-heat.

we rise upon the corn as a raven of rude sleep cages herons in fairy meat - i ascend a dizzy stair: dummy lungs feel for cheap bodkin babels. Hooped helio cloths reap
a rapine swift-show
& diggories of pissers kiss across buddy ice.

Goodbye? oo, are we always fawned all night?

are we made from vines or are we brewed in a sea of leaves? lo a healer's hand hangs old bees
& a bone of masks
dons a body stream.

when once a cockrel-screen shows seedy shows then we will hear the blurred movies & a coast of iron snaps a crapped Lion,
..are we made from vines or are we stewed inside a tea-leaf? aah, thieves burn when sex-wheat
rams a fizzy pug...

i will sup a slutted sun- O, dreams
die for women.

when once a wicked feline mauls eternal lion-fire then a catty camp under sea-stalls marry a clean liar with rotted funeral veined walls. once aside a mind, we will fall
deeply down where cold cauls
chop vanilla men?

& we were fed to canine dolls & we are led to carmine bols & we dig a wicked nest
when once a wickd female mauls maternal sea-christs then blonde jammers star-stall


caverns of kneed men trip inside woolly ravines ah a nice night sleeps for brides & a bowl of old dreams
eats from a slept spoon.
..the arches of the veined ride against dulled faces- Old lies lie to stay alive & we are spreaded under
guilty ginny wives...once above a moon, flies unzip inside a candle- O, eyes glow like the blind, & we reach for roasts as minds cogitate on robed tides
...caverns of sleeved men seize sweetening barren cream- &
lemon vaults drop a gouged hand...

as we thread high water, then a flock of skulls pays a prised killer to veined lover o a massive day when desolates wed mothers
has come back home to rock a romeo under a nippled moon ..i have held all hands to the past - , Old Lovers fuse a salt masque & a bed of tears rots the vast....
as we tread high water, then a crock of gulls pisses deeply inside eggy gilly gals.

madding mind-servants melt when brothers
stop to kill.

the pacers of the dead here heart-hang old beds & feathers: o, the faces of the force-fed are rammed where, coilled, a soiling baby scissor
burns under weepers. eyes sunder us where a skirted lover locks a knotted sex-train inside a motel of mutton & lather.
pacers of the dead reel for sleepers o a bad body has no hands- grey gallows grime for brigands &
we say all our prayers?

eyes sell us vast dyslexias & air
smellls of cold lust.

a distant noise here sings within death's ear o, a slicer of loud fear wallops AIDs with gold gear; once aside of me, we saw
endless sadness wailing after blood-wars.. eyes eat into glass as billy under grass mows the Mona Lisa & a blind of salts pulls a penile past
underneath sins that naked celled Leda abuses with liars.
a distant noise we swings inside a sheared body pool of stalled parties on the rise.. I am dealing deaths to dives
- as i reel for sex, then lives
lay a cagey kitten at the sidlers of scythes.

we have learned to stop the cat we have earned a cunt from a sea-rat & the radios of rape ravel into minds,..
a distant noise here dims dead god's sneet
& i lay down for voices
& we laid down for faces..

venturers of fast fists search for a compass-girl o a sea of vast lips locks a vinegar strip where a dog of old worlds lead a whore to water.

where once we laid for sleep, then gold curls had me led to oozing tar-trips & a bonce of blinds draws a darksome clit
o, a body bone breaks into hired water.. the cemeteries of the sated snaps a porter & a privvy of corn
writes against the dawn.... O, a proctor saves all dicks & wiveners of sweet lips silkens fawns
they imformed us just today that doctors
heal nothing now.

the bearers of bad honey heap a massed grave burner of mien & belled money - as a winnower of flowed flowers marry a keen hilled gal
then a stoned doll will rustle china hands where lardy knolls
rock a razor buddy. when once we heard about the bodies then we lay down in the shit-tips, &, o. a dizzy damager of salt ship has to blow
guilty urban pipes.

& bearers of mad monkeys heap flashed mastubative clowns & we will flow to work as rubied mash sinks a pooter down a rocked sea-tash.



dogs in the moonlight loosen a trashed torniquy from a hot daddy siren- , La, ghosts go on vacation as vacant cars
collide with jesus dustmen..o you and i will descry a break in the solar moon o as sickness cries then old wept hands will
shape a signal skull from a cardboard hill & a soapy dangler drops a naked bomb
...once upon a mind, we shuddered for thrills o as children grind, then we suffer sex-mills & a licky raven sea of lichen
knots a purple pear where coded sirens
stop for bods.

a bitumen of bookers blends us as demons drink from a raped sky-sign - signalled sky-suns writhe under sex-slime
& an easy cooky egg boils a burned hooky head...& you and i will decide to break into timed bodices of naked old river-times
& clothes will cake us as diaphonus mines
search junk for rolled minds.
once aside a rune, we chanted after rhyme - when once, blown, we hunted for crime then a godly finger forced us nutted
killer p'licmen...


o where now have my masked friends gone? o as i idolise the fed then eager eateries stun oaky boys & treacle missions
..once aside of me, i heard a distant sun laying catty waste to dills & pigeon-cum o where now have my marked men gone?.
o as i suffer eaten eyes, this spool of guns must shoot an opened moon?
crocus eaters in staunched star-features ravel into visual times ah, a breaking spun paunch sun-withers
baited bully men
& a sainted cosine craps upon lovers o where now have my children gone
except far West? .. Oh

quickness of belled bodies sea-rove vaginal shivers . & i am a dog with some money & eyes must clog kids with lost honey
& we will weep afar where a family loosens my raven mind?

-..a pistil in a penis uses a soft wynd - where once delled demons robe-sign signals of dust in camay wine
then a net of musk seals a fishery
under darkening nippied seizure swine

angled aproned mashed angels dine aside a dark room & a cleared classroom docks dived sued studies where rollered bines
body birth up, up,
hoodies in tragic castles sup timed biddy baker buddhas - this sad side of a moan cries out for
mamma but mamma has no-one to mother..

o where have my masked friends gone to?
o as i shift cunt's daisy mine, then a cock in blue
must see sex happen & soon?


fairgrounds of pure air slip a pillow underneath neat fear o carousels of blue prayer dig the gallows & a blow of sex
bows under a faked willow.
.the apsis of the eye sees through meadows & a bone of lies turns a giddy girl
upstairs, where we rock around pearls..fairgrounds of pure hair snap a mellow
thuruble of pain & beauty.

the Isis of a dead kid prays for mumma ah, a beady framed kid plots to maim the Lover & massed men melt under Mother.
..the dog-daggers of the walked hit roller men who
knock on hell with a lazy shoe?

o when once we duff for nudes we end our sex tears & a bowl of bright pain sees fears
flowing under God
i am rocked by rape....
sense is cocked by drakes..


cupboards of chicken cup a laid cock o old birds nag after curves, & the eyes of clocks carry us under
laden city curd.
sliding sea-chests crap upon thunder o a tyre of deaths tracks all cars down
& a biddy burner cuts a bled sound?
..cuppas of silence don a sad lounge- old beds die in peace. the picker of the pealed pearl for rollered tears
o a razor of the sealed whirls for
heated fears

grey bizarre bell-ropes hide whores o a dicker of a swelled mind wades into filthy wards
...the doctors of the reeled live for fun funerals where a bed of wars sinks a red dream...

& pickers of the pearled pee for
sword fish & swine.

the sudden fear of blue rain rips rodeos of green screws o a bod of buds bangs, & hairgrips lend dogs to cat-sleep.
..iced ivies burn as a star of sleet snows where boned dustives flies under faking medular miction-couples- O, meat
dangles? as dangerous moonight socks lust
then the lady-listed
die for abandon.
...wicked woollen wolves snap at easy ferine barks o daddy rats see rise a soft cat & we grab bat hymns.
..the sipper of gold business has no jeered mind to hold & slippers of dole harness grasped city loaders?
..the sentinels of silent days rasp & a rippers of licences rock a lazy pram.

wicked wet pollen pats under naked nuked Escariots
& a naked monk prays for milked thunder?

lunches drift by. Dinners die...

Ohhh.. cheesy geezers grip a granite veil o a moggy master smells like a killer & as moonlife flies, then deadness
fucks inside a sail.
..where a vineyard's grail hits christs then crossed lathers dig for pooppy pullers. La, mice haunt green rats...
..oozy idioms of lousy men snap wine-bones. geesy geezers gut a master tail..
easy mirrors squirt linguid sex-pactive horse-ale

the sun has gone to die
ah a gun has drawn our sky
inside-out when
boozy diamonds raise a blind
against bruised drapes.

ahh we squirt after buttoned men when life, slanted, puts a crick inside women o a clock of whores moistens fear. Under a crab, stores
sell fists to communers
& a bell of rain reaps a town of claws
.eyes will make us jump- Oh, as mauds maul makers of musks, then cunt will river-rape riders of red corn; & utterances of blithe fools
bag goddess & black breads
& you & i have a ship of lead..

these hurried days, a dogdayed dweeb draggles a dunny bitcher from screened filmed guilt, -, Killers heave
clapping craned
nylon flies & fleas in ovens heap need
when, strapped, hitters hoard old Isis greed..

ahh we spurt after chocky men when ratters rat-a-tat at a condom's u-bend



slappy happy dreamed deckers sea-slash gods & dawgs: o a snapped laddy of midnight whips pnuemonic horses & a palaver of sauces scatters hits
& we slice against the ripped. once upon a snapt mind, we roared against a changing wall where eaten cow-hands crashed for
grey kids & scissor rainbows...
..the daddy of all time will show green geese & gangling red crows & youth & eyes must pelt snowed
creatures of painless spind clothes.
...snappy dirty dreamt digs depose gilt men & scissor pantyhose!

where angels van the dark, roads
lead to illegitimate nowhere...

vault boned to the last, a father of the past laid a daisy demon o a colt of croned glass cries, cries uh, as dog hours drift, then barked skies
snip a catty on its sides. this natal tarmac has native city brides o this anal sea-crack attracts boy bones where a sea of wives
snorts five seas valueless, a pane of death breaks bees & the signals of the decked rapes a female bed-wreck. O, keys
burn in a pornosapphic lock...

where once a ball of guns shoots us then madam producers will send us deeply down where wiveners of lust
snap a bully gal made slick as the reeling sick, dolls drape a drake about the Sun....

once upon a stripped mind, guns wagered us for dilly under scum- Ohhh. paces of faces flx a flood-flower & the pigs of war
ram fairy thumbs beneath gold whores.
..vault stoned, a dogdayed bitch-bawd sea-slams oaks & leeches & we snap the poor.. Ohhhh

gripped to a moon mall, i see a diamond beezer drinking from silver wax; o as a walking spade delves for sirens then a bulbed sea of cats
..once below a lover, a heart in a crack caressed a blue mother & men wail down stream where crap
cups dilly titties..gripped, a moaning maud rams seasons under wintry solar pugs & we dance for gloves as druggy gods
soften up for traps...once inside old evening, we saw bats searching bloods for transfats & wild eyes will ride after coal-hats...

the cherries of a chopped child carries deaths where a donkey smile sweats like a father o, as bad bods lather up, then dials
turn off a green lover...once aside a rose, we saw mamma glamour melting into a raised true original hide-moon
& a bed of beads falls for dada & we listen to death's partner...

the cherries of a chopped child cry for damned berries ah, a bell of hands tends a wild doll of leeches & we delve a sea of peaches?

once aside a mind, wickedness
lams a feather with
dogdayed stemmed fish..; o

these buried days where i made my age dig for vaults has my summer ridden with rolled rage ah, a bed of salts scatters pepper under lunatic sea-bolts
& shippen men laugh & eaten kiddies bath in
empty water...

when once a bell of bends builds sin then sex & hens will cave in o, a village on its sides has nice wind & a home of spun winds
laces far out farts to incidental hymns.
as veiled faces stream will light, then gilt goddesses must cut god's naked tree-grave; & we listen to fingers
& we hiss for handed rolled millers..
these buried days where i made times crap on lost sands hear arise now a city of slain minds.

a doling demon dauphin deams for rolled birds & flown wards o, a kiss in an asylum rides for wars & a bedded sea of birds
butters blades with sapphic curves..once aside the blue rain, a golden turd-nerd knotted spunk with white turds
& a bonce of grass incinerated dogs with the past Oh-. once a day, i listen to the night
&, laved, a head of pylons bites
dragged spades...

a doling demon dolphin dreams for solar petrol-curtains: oh, a bench of lions roars under stored seated bum-boards; & a sea of lice fucks blue birds?



active prisms burn under scored ilkley moors; & we shooteth up with blonde headed winter lips.
..once a night, we listen to grips & a hairy schizoid void trips after lard & water...
..we must earn our peace or else glow just like the mad..
the eaten shadow of a sad head has three tears for eyes; o the beaters of the grey mad outgrab guilty gorging wives
o as sunny slaves bite bad crabs then odes to cunny must
turn aside robed dusk....once a day i learn of time. O, men seal my bed inside wine-cars; & a tree of blood boxes old times
& we hear the dead rust?

the eaters of the knived slice limes - o, the shrillers of the spied slap four minds; & the city's wynds
ram a fairy sine.

the gods have no true mind...
the lost yearn but will not find
any peace but self.

the blockers of the dead blind us with shacklers of spun gunned monkeys; o, the riders of the spread grinds musk with massive flats of dreamed donkey pigs
& a hill of iron falls away, and a sedge of christs rigs rollers of romantic lions...when once a pier of ice kicks kids
then we will sew our shouted lips to throbbing easy men & a dog at a door walks under blued
bedded bones whose children
suck a fucked nut?

once upon a mind, greasy dizzy nudes
sap a sluttered signal moon.

a dilly desolated bird digs for winged hair-dos; o a silly impregnated sea-worm hits a blue maggot-fly- Oh, as we listen to air
then we lam a lamp of rolled sea-prayer & a bed of christs cunts after gold gear
& we supper after lice.
..once aside a mind, we suck a butt & a mutt of wines weeps after shut heated otter veins
but a fucky lover rapes ottered brains?

a dilly desolated curve cuts a slut's snare o a billy has a bonce to swerve but a drag of butters shreds old gay prayer
& we force a shit to learn...
..once aside a mind, we spattter dust for guilty geese whose cutter wings heap wards under cheesy lips.

&dizzy desolated dawgs dawdle under
gilded drapes of passed pussied lumber.

lumber-men lace a locker with sundered lilly loused lips: oh, a tree of faces falls for cocker thundered lilly looseners
& a bed of wine drinks for scissors when rollered river-losers pray to evil quay-shrunken piddle-men.
...o, once aside a brogue, we don false shoes: o, a wife of a robe dons a naked nude, & me & messy mien
melt under dizzy gems.

lumber-men lace a cooker with numbered giddy gals who die very much outdoors: o a hill of grim
sucks a soft mind as a kid under brine bolts birds to sex...
..once aside a blown boat, we hear rise a creamed horn whose sallied knives
fuck a metred wife.

a bled boy in a blade backs under eyes & we hear the dead dropping outside all messing thunder.

whilst empowered by false city drains, i see rise a raider of robed urban lies: o a sea of grey flowers sluts after pain, & eyes
nude-widen dolls within roller-reaping gasher gushered basin-turps
-as slated avenues burn bridal babies, then slides will suck a kodak dive.
..where a model face of fear fawns to lies then creators of lace curate for ridden spies & i lace my naked coat
o, i fasten sleep to baker's oats, & knives slide worn women under bellied city ropes.


uh a moping sea tribe tallies tears with dope: uh a smiling tree teems after draggler's soap-boxes; & caned careers crash deep within
slappy sex-salts. O, terrible rolled sin sharpens stoats with a bridal flesh-mesh & one zillion pyred painted winds
blow a sweated rose-whipper..deeply down when alien nippers spin hesh, then a drony driveller will send sex to bromide sleep!
lo when spreadeagled & left to die, then endless seagulls suck a dolly tribe. O, hens hide a fraught soul where once inside legs
a laden loony licks a puppy...
..i copy a slash of lounged coffee as dregs pull back baking vaginal wrecks & a bone in the breeze gags a star's dredged
keeper of ashen nunneries

this side of a scenic gun, we shoot babies
, this slittered hymen-hum loots rubies
. ah ashes to laden lashes slew gal-bodies
& the wipers of garden trashes
delve heapers of sex-slidden romans

not through the eye but with the eye, men stride a gut of blindness from factoried draped guts- O, a sea of gems drinks till fucked by lidded mutts.. As gum
sticks a mirror to a spine, then old hens must part as blinker's dark cunt.
..when once a piggy pusher pules for rain then a dog of pitch dark dons a blank stain & a kid in a trunk wallops after closed pain
..when stinking tears swallow phlegm, then radios of wrapped eyes swing for daggered sky- once, under gems, a dog digger dripped vision from a stick
& the blandness of blown spies will hip
after a cavern of darksome mommy lips.

hooked hipsters hick in the movies when spreadeaglers trip for grey goosers of shriven claws. Old men drag on a goof as a screen-stabbbed hen
dons bald beads.

shrunken like a forced fucker, we open padded pulling reveries & a pod of glass dons a slient eerie moany motion of cascaded blinding
beds of spermed eye-wards.. we see thru not with the eye then we slap a cornal kidder around twirl-arounds & pulling wide sound
O. soft beautiful british moon-minds
enter into sheared eyes as towns

teeter then fall.

the crazy hirelings of female hair-grips strokes a kiss: o, as a lazy lost king snaps hair-cells then a dog of misses
lose to a kind prayer

o a vest of blood dons shared indian dreams
& a beachy screen films chairs
eyes under wives heal over?

wicked healers cure the sad - o, female rivers sail the mad...once, when sold, i paid for bad news eyes under eagles mash winged
salt-rain.. I give head to swings, & a broken enbibbing soapy pop-baby heats a crazed cradler's lady...
..wicked rivers rule mum's dads & a dell of mules rides a dying moused fool who
sweats inside a green cab?
..we are fed to roaches when we stop to watch furls of wheat & old lecterns

the rosey rabbits that inhabit old lip must lop a bucking cat-nip: o, a dell of habits rots, rots.. Wrists burn where infant hands rock clits
& a bed of war
dreams of blued tors.

i have sent sense to sleep..& Lords
send dromedaries to golden
ripped gardens where creature wards
send docks to fierceness.


the rosy rabbits that inhabit old mien thinks of wicked grave-nests; & we cement creators to sheet sex
..magenta madam demeter has a blue shroud; o closed macadam drinks a tar-tripped blind cloud & we rot old Adam as easten Eden crowds
ingenious rolled Eve.

when once a sea of christs carries need deeply down when rhythms burn then a bed of peace heels love's heaved
lovely bosom...magenta madam Dementer rules gem-towns; & good God (if he is still living) hears clowns
having a circus of a good time.
..the deserters of the veiled dig after duned sea-dudes la, hot potatoes dream of figs as the moon
cuts rude
body cake..

when once a cat of iron moves the dead then a grey dog of lions heaps a rat in a shed
& we will cut a body cake & we will toast the world? the detesters of the nailed dig after sax spurtive: o, crass crappers who
gilded guilty cocks clamber after clocks: lo, a dog of rocks serves a scotch on the cloth as old shops
sell beards to wives.

when once we rode a sea, then we stopped... oh, a bunch of breads cake-hangs a cot of heads while sluts
cut a shopper..when once a cat of zion soothes the great jewish dead then a greasy mummy-maker hisses under money
& i wish farewell to baby as rolled heads die for dew-ladies.

heated eagled faces flash under sinners: o, a meated sea of spaces distances a cat from a mirror: o as we sail, then we cut rolled dinners
....once upon a mind, the rats of killers roped a radio to life's mind-medea; & a cab of caves cries under wine
o a shop of rivers rots, rots
& then sells cakes to old killers?

delvers of darkness suck a river..killers of sadness cut reelers from dealers. O, I shut blue baths where a sea of sluts
sucks a body-nut.

hey, will i tell you now about the clouds? o, shall i sell you now a sea of need?

once upon a crowd, we summon greed & then a ship of shampies nips up a girl's boat-wrecked sleeves & we hear
cold gals calling after loud
musical bodies...

gee, it is so fucking good to see our blue lives lying after baby-bees: o, a gem of dives wail after writhers & we see trees
teetering under wide wives...
once upon a crowd, we summoned a bay of figs & kids are as bright as figs when river men drive the dark???
heartlings on a forcing fissure has a fast fist flashing underneath green pudding doll,
& fascinating fast friends forge a lolled lady of rivers & screens..
o when once eyes heal, then a bed-eye
swirls under a dreamer's moon-eyes
& we weep for rain
& we sleep for pain

heartlings on a fucking kisser have a furled pan of sex-rain - we curve under times as bone girls grabs a grittter from city veins

o when once eyes heal, then a bed-bride will try to divorce the son of Man; & a blade of grass grips to old hash;
& a god of anal digs a dicker where gold horses ride from hotel-pony-ash

heartlings of a forged world hear dust crying, crying
oo forcers of a dogdayed sphere
carry mice under driving
dead lusts..

bonnets are blown..
sonnets are stone..



since we have come again to find us loosening faces then a DVD of blown suns must trust all of our frantic sex-stripped spaces
o a vein of gold dives glisters where we tread these ivory walls of hazy head-tusks
..the ivories of mamma drop paces, o a cinema of cat-men hears musk memorising Corinth as a bible-mask
writes a roving record under blue boys & city lumber..
& the voices of the rain must sunder deaths from christs & the laces of the veined must whip a baby-heist where gaol-light
ignites a girl's flown feather...

since we have come to where rusks dig a berry-chin then a roman spun sin must softly wind a bed of spun skin where ladies
lick a chained rogue life
O a bud of nipples shuts up rubies deep down inside a swarmed christ's
paddling wife...
a dog of tobias hooks Tiberias o a giant leant deus dreams of masquerades; & where a blued mind dons the past
then dead Romulus will slide when
dead Remus cuts a roman's gem

& voices of grain curate after hens o a star of pain heightens; & a giddy ghost of Gayah brightens prized fuses of fallen falsetos - gardens
sever psalms from slips as ravens
caw at a schism Man...

& since we have come again to find good geezers griming under two minds then the odd cars we once owned
must surely collide with bags of rolled gold?

ahh my coded name is Banquo: i listen to verse as bad ghosts flow up from a green soft lob mien; ahh my radio flame is called Crow
la, as i live to raid a bible-gang then i rifle through a paper-pan & a doll of night dies o & a star of life
rocks against a wall of dulled rites..endless idols peer inside slowed neon city healers- This sea-rode isle of false Atlantis stops, - Loads
slice a pinked loaf & swinger-toads
lead sex to cremation road!

lilacs fawn to grass. sewn lips murder glass. sad nips nap after gassy globed bodiers of sun-stabbed autumns...
since we have come to offer dizzy graves to a funeral mumma
then we must taint a winter's lover
Eyes inside Eyes
soften- combed coned slides
raid robed rods
& jolted cods are used by brides

those throwaway days where we wed a dog to raised veneer have us now in muted thrall: o, these mitres of sin which must fall
have our lips exverted?
& a bell-psalm under meat is covered in blood-palms - O, drawl
drinks a pupil child...
eyes under nappers nip a wild cell-sleeved woman - O, balls dance for belled victims & a dill of dust drags after cauls...
..those throwaway days where we trod incredible fiction reads books far at sea....O, leas
turn like mamma.



the distant sound of a buried mum has our graves limb-shawled: o, as digging ground suffers guns then our dilled nerves must
supper after naked kiddy brawls..
once inside a timebomb, we heard officers of sadness burning for evil gladness.. O, birds
shot a pussy moon?

as distant boy murder song,- lo as endless toys punish drums then a dripper of defiled nuns gets washed in a bruised nut.
once aside a mind-bomb, we
snapped after killers...
these eyed lashes which adorn a mad rat heaves where skied mashes meld gas with guns

when once sashes cut sons, then cats will rule a tail-banged world & we will suck a tutter as old bats

snap... a bevvy-gangling doll-head craps where rolled lollies sink toothed traps & i am easy to need
& i am killed under seed...
when once we cure a crack then we will shat on a dreamed mat. & memories of mad mummies use a cloth to
wrap a dead man's truths: o as old roads end, then blue city roots
polish the police with dukes
..when once a valley of voomers cakes old deadness, then we will fuck draped dolly hills where blue fire
stops to love...

memories of sad sonnies use a rose to anoint a dead nest with flowers & a bed of screens hears nanny's news
reading words backwards?
..when once a ballet of breeders moves smoothed strange nudes then youth and i will marry golden
silked hippers of married screws.

the looseners of late-coming shoddy women sweats for optical mien-lenses: o the riders of snake-benumbing women
swears forever - & a grave of sin spins against nine lost winds
& a dog of drakes digs after grey-gyms
..o overhead, we hear bent guns of god shooting impossible drugs & a bed of shades lights up the lost
delimited shrouds of blurry sun-dust

eyes under wicked wounds warp us o a sea of leaders feeds wars to kind killers . Dust moves us to tears
o sides of nude fears don flowed flowers.....

the dapplers of the dead will shower hawed headed mongol-beings & we see life flower. that easy death has come between us then a peasy pecked gunner must surely shoot the plaited sun?
o, peggy piss poles prise for ducts as sandwiched dirt damages kerbs with flirty
slammed city skirt
..once above a mind, i hissed under rolled green hurt: o, my bed of dirt drags lakes for fever & a lay of silver
dons city cold...

now that easy death has come between us
then my eyes will
sink talons into bright hills.



a sonny solar strip of snapped grease dons a body-slip: o as green beads flow, then candy-geese honk inside a heaped
city mine....once, below demotics, a slaver's fleece drags coats for wrought minds
o a city's killer erases wine as meat trips for cunt-kicks..
i will supper for wet tricks as sleep awakes for the slaughtered hour; & a bird of war
weeps for gunny wards...
walkers of the filled dead drape a silver mum against a wall of guns: o awakers of a killed bed heaps countries
under saline stoned raised ladies..once aside of sex, a crapped old moggy gave rise to metal pets
lo, a slowing son of sex poos where baby
drools inside a dustcart...

we are too disabled to think. Ah, doggies
shit on life's hands
& a chair of christs crops a cane as doobies
piss upon old islands?

walkers of the rapid dead raise a mirror
under bolts of bloody hillers
-.. we will rope deniers
we will soap decriers


the billowing star-shakers of the urban killed set dun cruelty under a knot; o a slapping mind thinks about forgetmeknots & a weevil of a wife's rot
bends grease-fire around a sea of cots & topless shops sire p'licmen from red-topped dizzy gill-crows
& the fatness of a gallow-road sees hills burning with circus fire..
allaroundthekilled, a blade of arses fills rotunda slaves with chestnutted crackered ebony-ivories of lashed daisy drills
& we wish to kiss stilled rills when lacquer craps in a christ's crossed barnet?
..the willowing sun-shapers of the urban dead suck a dizzy coast-cup, & we rotted for sluts where a sunrisen slut
snps a keen mutt o we wash our hands in cuts as silver night
shreds a silver baby down a drained duct...

when once we thrilled our female game
then we put god's cat on the ruddy game...

the crumplers of coaxed men snap an odd head. o a rumplet of roped chilled hens wraps a guilty ghost about the moon- O, bed swallow-hangs the fathers of rained gem,
& a wizener of women will whip a horse-fed
doggy of ashy wards?

where once a mummy's sex-cloth feeds devs then thin pure eyes are pierced by fucking fig; & once above a bled body we heard legs
layering hair with creamy cardial cuppers & a drip of skin-mauled kids use a saline scissor scandals for raped old birds...
..swarthes of heroes hear hired whore-words treating cocks with blenched gizzards & the signal dark drags a pissy pled sex-hard
inside kissy brines where vaginal blind bars
gaol goosed geezers under yellow turds...

the easy burning of december fires wires eager meagre yearning under summer-pyres, & we ride for a weary radio o, we punish christs with creamy rodeos,
& a wife of wets swallows soiled mallows ..the crumplers of coated ken shut an old writhy rose-active inside a shed of rolled killer dunes
& a bedded burnt moon cuts a daff-doled
bladder city that raises rizlas from gold
fever runes...

we smoke to the very last as doll-souls unravel imto hipped midnight moon- minds & a mango wurzel mashes a cuttled cold,
deeply down, where a coffed cancer-foal
folds seaweeds into indecent kelpies..
when recumbent billy boys bridle a hot closed road then a rolled soul haunts sky-dolls & a coat of toads
trips under rain.

o a sea of smarm spreads ashes where, coved, gloved male rashes
stop & die.

we clamber where dabbers stink like sex-rivers & we rise for air as grey fibbers lie about keen kinset-deaths then a bee of blood sttngs snappers
.once a day i dream of night.. Uh dragons adorn cream as dust
dies: we search for soilers where a dead dice rolls away
deaths draw a sentence under mites
& we sell day.
craved sex merchants sucker night
& we sell salt clay.



as men & huge lies leak for salt-laughter then massing nuked eynes swallow spirallers; & a bull of blood bashes wet mothers
& we dream of spies.
wifelings of wide limbs dons tides & cut shadow suffers fatal fin drawn lover metal?
..we snap for hate as blue caps smash down stream; petals of plovers bag a bus ah odd pedal rap a sea-husk
& rollered dark light hears crust
crapping in five gyms.

bad gems gutter after a chandalier of war o, a soft wrens shoot dead eye & we lay down where a mental sky leaps a bone from a mind-bombed lie.. a cage of creamers locks a mine days deep in a city's cunt-rock then westerly winds blow aside
grey babies.....fishers of mermen must lead swift wives where once aside husks, we writhed?
trendless billies burst to burn.....Wives
die for dead Eden.

ah a boat of masks must sink within penis-larks: once a tree of parks stops old sin then cunny barks will sink & drown.
..bell-broken bled boys ravel for strung voomed vagina & married wars & a beak of sounds
swings, swings...ah a shoot of casts carries blind winds far back home where ochres of cat Buddhas listen to bears.

when once a jammed cunt fears
all green faces
then dark death will live forever.

the plaited plumes of the hot-bunching dead must arouse swarmers: o a sliding fihshy glebe dons damaged heads & a shroud of lights scatters
scutterers of sex when grey-gougers
suck a snapped nut...once aside my mind, i saw a bride's sucker suppering after wedding cake in blue cells
& a bone of robbers robbed a gaol-gust & a ball of ice
danced under mice...

o plaited rooms reel for toad-rain & rusks feed the infant thousand.
we have wolved for seated deaths as lust ends in a blithe siren. oo palates of pissing bodies will gear up for gunny rolled hills
ooo faces of hissings heap a hot dill & we sucked a horse-nut together?
ooo the times we died have grubbers galoshing gins with minds, O, feathers wallop nests & an antique moon blinds sex
ooo palates of pissing ladies will peirce digs with limes oh, we will dull for wines as spills weep, weep ahh & we weep for the sun
& we will heap germs under guns..

the times we seemed alive will whip rocks & retire to a baby...
o where we left the city's gun, we hoarded idioms of veils & rainbows o when once we crashed, then loaves
scattered ambulances on a boarded bed & a steely star-grind shines up, up. the drivellers of the dead hook lips from
radiophonic sadnesses o & a bell of wine drinks to the starred sun; & a cell of swine hits against deadness
& we fuck into deadness?
...we are the boymen who use mad men to smooth coats with ironed bad men o a voice in a shell lingers after cock-mess
& a bridlers ferine bird-lime
looses laden lickies to bastard sea-sex..

o where we left the cities, then we deck dollared bendy action toy-joys & we leant for a star of tomcat tail-boys
puemonic sand deaths.

Oh.. the summertimes of the eaten dead drip berries under clothes o wintry wizened fever shoots a rose & a bud of faces grabs love's mind.
..the harness of a hired sea hears times bed-ramming wives with sex vines & a sweat of easter eats love's winds.
..this side of a walloped hymn, bines bee-bag a saint in a scullery o the dogs of paint bark for mimed rolled bodies who cannot
size the rain until storms of salt-rot damages raves with nunneries.
.....oh..a doctored dizzy dreamer sees Lot dragging eaten Leda under a hot slotted swan-guns & a bed downstream dons the soft
naked bewrayers of a city shot
village of trapped ice...

the crappers in the hills hear loss lamming dregs with fairy crossed cattlers- Oh a manger at a cross cries when eaten strangers hear Life
dragging apes for across snatched herods of night-lit christs.
..the pinkers of the sun-sealed write dogdayed patterns down dawn-mites & a rider of rosed missions
ripens up within a town of prisms
& the wodes rolled prisons ignite
dolted belly men....

& summertimes of death eat gems
& rivered sea-spines snap like hens
& dilly death drains druggy women
underneath herbs & shadows..

This Is the End?


when once we rode a radio into gloom then we raised a TV from the sky o as ribbons dragged us from love's wife then we raised a mad mod from wed eyes
o the sires of music make us dance ah the pyres of magic turn lust askance
from dilly dolls
..when once we rode a radio in the moon then we recorded growl lunacy tunes; & a bedder of a massed mind star-spoons slayers of sex to old-maid-runes
& a bed of life sleeps against sad bols...
.once upon a statue, i listened to skulls & we must seize nude noise & we must cede sex to toys-.. Uh, boys sea-slam a dogdayed star- la, joys
use impossible yoyos, & a car of Man
hangs lady Judas..

the dummy guns we used while confused delved after dolly nudes o, a sexy quater-hour softened the rude with dirty jeans & salty genetic denim snoods
& a bonce of blood bags a gold-soul
...when once upon a mind we de-shoed rodeos of vaginal claves then we cut the flowers of a sweet-cruise
& we wetted weddings with graves...

those dummy guns we used when bemused dug for eaten pummellers of cicada penumbra christs
& we saw the moon swelling under lice & we swore aside a sun of mites...when once upon red wine, we sun-screwed madam porter with a glass of brine
then a valet brought a motor near spined
bodyers of bagged Mien...

the ushers of the users in this manic place trip aside the weavers of sweet rain o as starred confusers confuse a sad face then ushers of deluders must race
downly down to a sea where gazed lace
locks fists under fires.

ah the lovers of sun-soothers seize us o a sea of hurried heroes sing- O, dust drags a drape across a narrow bed-bust & a bed of ashes burns again.....
the ushers of the users in this manic space will snip away a heartless tree of spaced tie-dyed oak-aped bad bed
& we will come once more outside us
& we will writhe inside nagged tape..

as ashes lead lashes into foals, then rolled lust will end.

the seatless slavers of sexed cinemas use a creamy horn for sex effects; o a sea of razors cut a cock of deaths & a bed of buzzers
bag shawn porn under old lovers
o..when once a trilling mind fucks off then a cunny pig-kid will hear loss ramming dolls into the sea
o..the sleepless sailors of sex kinemas use a penile herod for sex defects & with tits in hands, we lead bees
underneath burned knees...

once upon a mine, we dug for
diggers of heated gold
o a street of swine fed a pig-store

the seas of the sawn will swim until madam libby laser has died o five trees of porn will cut nine lopped dog-lives; & a bed of killers
must arise from mirrors. O, lies must walk a cakewalk as skies
stop....the ageing beads of death ride where, teased, madam libby's mind sweated under knives
& a bed of crystals cuts old wine & a cooling cuppa shuts grey times
...the seas of the dawn will dam dammed huge hills & a tide of bluffed gibbons must stride bled sirens with rolled killed
nude americans..
..carmino real has a false face for a mind o a sea of reels herds summer mien where a city of sad birds
wing-hangs reeled perves


once inside a women, a beast of nerves grunted blood then left balled and bolted bones where cities of lime thefts
swathed coins in honey.... & its carmino real has a fast face for a mine; & carmino miners dig for wine & a mimic of a sunrise under bines
puff a salt cigar when fading out?
..o we have plagued our voices with golden cats & tea-stained sold-rolled bunny children; & a bonce of pigs
plug a sweetening sea of cribs...


riders under sunny rivallers will scatter signs where grey rain suffers star-showers where kids under hills must fall from opiate fathers
o a bud of blinds draws darkness where, stoned, alien night-sadness
dreams about the Void.
..where once a starry drivers drill after a poxy mess then a gun of light will suck spills & my grieving grinder of a death
must mawl old lips...

they told me when once about dilly darted dolly darlings. Doubt trickles where salt hirelings rout us ...the dizzy dames of death see us
ramming eagled powders where musk shops a fishy birded bobbin sea..
..finders of fondlers fan for vine-bees & a bended father of the hour cuts a dazed dock with a cowered car of pure height?

bods break, beds shake.. Amen!

marvellous maddy maidens have made a sun of scarab arise from my grave o starry sally ravens peck a nape of men from jesu's slaves
& a cross of gems sharpens grey graves a bodied bee-boy builds old trades then a westend lover leaps the slayed plug of pulleyed pus & a vice of jams sweats for Lust's
indelible salt crust?
marvellous messy madams here raise guilty gilders from spermy car-crazed eager bellies
& we have a cat in a belly
& we use a rat for sex-telly..

o i used to own a lady whose name was Madam Sweat o i live for love's sweet ruby & i kiss the hot flea-hit o i sued an endless baby whose cot was raised from iron
o i used a suit when easy dupes donned statues made from lips..
..once inside a woken mind, we broke into the rain o we are i ore of gold-midas trips & we dare not love again la a partridge by the name of Moon saw pain
falling, falling?..oo my llttle killer gal when will you use a net oo my ickle river gal who are your going to strip from your pearl-set?
o i moved god's body as bobby broke sex
o i curled a lady's daddy
& a bled beard in a bag bogs after T Rex...

once upon a wet mind, we scattered grain
inside a gun whose riflers under cunt-cane
car-caged a stage of stains

i idolise a rider of redeye- & veins must snap god's gelled period... brains snap-strain kidders of dolters. eyes will crane adown Adon as keen devils hill-reign
upon a licked throne's halter.
....naked japed jumped gemmed Escariot heaps a herod hero where factless naped impossible christ-cots
disappear adown time's prayer.

o i used to own a lady whose name was Madam Sweat
& i enter now a guilty bus
ohh a tree of tomes trickle for baby-busts
& a car of lions dreams of dizzy pylons. Ahhhhh

Kate Fat Catty fanghead and her daughter are coming out tonight: oh a cant-canner with false masters is dammning wives with gold knife-light
& a fanner of a river forces waves to flow, & ashes snap a wafer which sinks blue nunners under lips
& we pray for a christ-bitch?
..cantangled quango men zipper after horse-hips la. a room of angels snippers for salt ripeners of blenched stems of skool wards..
& a swearing car-spiral heeds
guilty gobby kissy gouramis... gangled, a wall of broaches pins Mammy deeply down a brocade shaped from chimped honeys: o a drink of light
swells up for beer-bites, & a sea of sonnies
swirls under grey goddies.
a ah biddy brens shoot bitter hoots as seeds scutter when ashy ungent pees on disease & a train of toddies cum-strangles molten mad mental dental-weed.


unnatural natal mind-dunes here seize copious stella coats of seed-bees & wasp-blinds; & we draw a curtain round city's knees
& we darken all our lives?
...bitten cock-shoots ride a hoarse dream , &, where star-scoots writhe, then screens will scream against cruel juiced jive
& the eaten pippers of the noosed writhe inside-out when
meagre mallow mixes mice into Men.
..we will moulinex malts with a pea-pen , as a lover hoots by, then a prig's hem will fall to death's hopped feather...Hymens
suck a popped soldier & a bench of boars pig-prod old diamond.

leechers of clammed lemons lap riders la alarms of pure darkness ride upon sweat-hatted turgid porn, - Odes to oglers
hip for a dumdum....
..ropy sweaters are donned by blue men o a tree of cars drives underneath red stars- & a bell of brides sees sleep
smacking a bent wall..where a buzz of silence delves dells, then weepers of day & night flagon after deus bikes & a bald bren
bangs in a porn-band;
ropy sweated fayres get stoned by children
oh a bag of delis rules the waves
& we stride for vermin where soft dens
dream of closed gaga...

a faceless farthingale flashes under cider lo a antique rune rasies rubbered riders when, wrenched, a fart under cunt-blinders shits blonde sex.
..the writers on a mind widen under corn o the fathers of a mind think of killers- & a bloodied dawn has
fartigs for air-jammed wine..where i hear a slip falling, then old gas hisses under hair-hammed hives & a bee of breath bangs where sex-dives
drive into prayer-jammers
...the writers on this mind widen under green dips whose feeder forces fathers to separate brides from slags...

the doctors of a diner eat for father o the rockers of a minor delve for dog-coal, & a sea of lovers lends docks to mirrors.
..where i saw scissored sand saviours knocking nocturnal boxes then a rope of brine nooses layers of screw-perfect romance-Gods.

the writers of a spine widen under
dogdayed drivers of dolly lumber..

the walls of a weeper fall for bruises o a stall of reapers falls to sweet nooses & a drug of wrought iron stabs stains under blue blood memories
o the boiled in beds whose sleepers dreamt of diamond dromedaries will flesh up with cokered corkers. headers of kids delimb a raider then a brunch of caped listeners raise a nude flower..

once upon a glass of wine, mamas melted under lady grammar & cabbaged to the end of her ridden make-up mirror.

the walls of a weeper fall adown
opened slits & tangerine dead towns....the language in my head butters sex-swigs o four twigs in a fleeced mind will cut fast trees
& a belled blood bar sells sweat to kids & we swell up just like a heated fast fig.
..when once a deli flower sucks dusts then a rib of raisins must hear losts muck
melding wards with killers.
..once upon a flask of dimes, i sold fuck a silly deadliness where roman pucks pissed acros red ice?


we sleep for Eden's gate & cups crash down: i send a sickly note to a far-out queen: o, i feel for baby; & a sea of easy soap washes dreams
away where baby dies.
..when once a dilly flower suffers lies then a snappy daffodil's pretty eye widens into a sedge of screens.

i have a minotaur on the brain -, tithes dig for arms when shooting herod-dogs give gal-head to dried scissor oats.
..o whence i silenced my dun soul then hot babby eyes shimmer like wild knives o where cup a keen cat then gold tribes
leant me rats & money
..a body on the moon will sear honey.. & a spill of lips pours beer-happy shag-n-lager brides.

all around a cap, we drove far for delis of expensive toper-wards & we will conquer idiot sex
...where once we trod wine, then we choked on a vineyard snail..
braille eaters suck on a bright cut o a sea of raiders rope a smokey pool from a slut's hidden sex guitar.

when once we dance for a shut opal sex door then a tricky dicky splitted whore grows haired pucks...
..i will deal cards for the very poor o eyes will retard poker rollers & a blinded ship that sails high for robed smoothes & cakers?
...once aside a tom-tit, i saw mamma melting for de wakeful father's silly mothers; & we mug a sex doll & we sunder
baddies in stiletto thunder.
braille beakers suck on bright muck: sailors of rapers rod up sweet vaginal tweezers & we roll from sleep as mutts

die for Israel;.

wolves of sadnesss sea-trample old caned roses o dolls of sadness sea-trample rolled caned voices & a hill of lips falls under apples
.ah where we fell, then a cable-cradle rocked mad tears to fierce sleep; & a vase of gal-spheres reaps
shooted sun fables..wolves of sadness sea-trample gilt roved angels
....we will siren after sleep
, we will sety alarms for heat
& we will taste wet body-meat...

woollen deus has no haloes..

the anglers of flushy flavas sucketh a dolly of pelican tears; o the riders of hissy labours sucketh a city formed from fears
& a vamped belt about the waist drops skirts beneath wet ice
..& we interfuse a lion with bright godly bled bodies & we ride mouth Zion where night
serenades love's jewish brothers....

an angled angel at my backdoor has pork-n-beans for celled mothers; & a bone of grease cups tiity father
& a sloane of creasers crap inside five seeds..

wellers of wounders wipe leather
& jackets sink into all seas.

o these capes of winter sweep dead snows under prison-sleep. o the grapes of cold fathers weep, & a dad's cactus crab
ducks a doll-fist into a taxi-cab o the riding seesaws of the dead
don circus swings.
..once aside a mumma, we shed rosed dogs where a tree of plebs reeled around a ravelled star-bed
& a ball of nips nested where deaths
dreamed of Mana..

o these capes of winter sleep
& the wives of splintered soul-heat
dies for rain.

the hittites of a wild world sup a cruel cunny beer o, a swollen street of fear hangs wolves with roped hands
..once aside the night, a lost wailing sky-island sea-cuts a bed of roses..
the hittites of a wild girl sup a dreamer of dark rude slits
^& we laugh at death's lips
....once aside the night, an island bee-butts a scent of glasses.



the wicked watches of the timed sun-stilled docks a lion's tail o a cat of christ prays for hills & a dog of beauty walks the day
..where we laid loss, then we saw tree-graves crap upon noosed sky-hills; &wicked watchers of lost minds stays
back home where women pray.
...the lolita of a lame meadow-baby leashes blue hides to leather faeces; o a bed of grapes gropes for fished
star-fixed porn-mirrors, & a bald brain of love leads fathers
into swift saline rain.

dulled by dancer, we ride for pain o filled with cancer, we writhe when dilly fish-men sally a vast veined stained
bath of disease...

the lolita of a limed body moon-eats under swards & daisies.

warted sweeping wolverines bark for golden gasses o a star in weeping glasses for daubed body ashes..
..weeping, we await the dead as sashes don a baldric sword & we dig fingers into birds
& we count to ten?

warted sleeptalking doll-beans store bad bakers where a caked sky-whore squats down for a sex-wee
& a bud of bowers dogs after peas
weeping, we await the killed as lashes drag dusts from disabled nudes.

the shelters of the swarmed suffer rosey sunners whose dizzy dog-driver dabs welts into wounds
o the helters of the swarmed sucker a sea-sham where shaded fists father
jacked jazzy gems.
..we will supper for buliima as dens hide moggy children & once aside wards, a tea of hens bakes a body cake
& we serve blue-sails to women...

the shelters of the stormed suffer rosey riders of dazed winter laughter
& eyes looked down?

o where green cars look down, then sad ships must sink as saviours swallow wound waves; o where tawny stars look down, then mad lips
will sip a snipperof nightling's haloes & a bed of scars hits kids tilll bruised fists
cause green rain...o when once we raided sleep, then wrists were slashy inside a crypt; & a ball of ides sweeps after salt trips bully buttocks eat asses then hits sucketh up a nude-fawned slut-pit.

bad barns deaden fucked bead trains o we hear mods when badding bairns
rock mamma disease.
..this is the end of our mad sadness o a bud of brilligs seal a caged bounced baby- & grey sadness listens to naughty radio.

the bellers of the sun-bred see a balded studio slicing audio-visual camera-readied bone-bread
& when a whip of sheer light leans inside dark divas then devs will surely man us forever?

this side of a road we crash for hooped gemmies & sex wards & we suspend a human's mawed
inside rotted ravellers
...the nasty christ-bird swings for banged birdy cheapster...he who was my brother bended down when a tree-town ended
o, a bake of icons shaped sun-rended blue sites of broken glass.

when we found lost silence sent insideout to a grey world's mace-scent
then a tommy titch will
aim a city gun at a greasy sill.

she who was my father ended & she left with her intended bullied up & a vase of flies still
stands alone on a gussy hill.

Lo..... i see now that clapped clouds carry deniers of dreamt sold ladies -
& women are raised from gems
& whippers of laid graves
carry a crowd of craps to a road of babies
la a public mind which thinks to bleed rends
cardinal creamers under unelbowed sea-men.

this side of sex, a wanker jams his knees
this side of a baige clitoris
ignites a sweller of cunt-caged
blue bottlers of body oils & boney lays...

bales of shopped shits slam a beery nave
o sassy bow-girls snip a gull when hay
bosoms under sexy aboretums..
&, slapped up, a bin of spray
sups a nudist
& a kosher sun-hit slaves
naked sergeants of bruisy babber blades.

o i seize now the bones of god's drug o i listen to nacreous sleep & all blue words are laid under pugs & all nude birds must sing for grey rugs..
..eyes may well disperse into salt hair -... widening, a quoit for a cut sinks air & i will vanish into thin hair as armchairs
seat a bodice on a wasteground
& i blench up & i creel down & minds stop till forced



the benches under blenched teachers will remind the taught of hills o a star of feathers trips the field & a school of wheels
swallows childish games.
..where we earnt worlds, then eyes crossed against table- wise heads swirl as pigeons
appear too wise.

& vendors of voices drive
dead sea-carts.

rolled acres of gilled earth smacks a pony o cold flavas spill , O, honey drops a dun jam.
..where we laid death down, then forlorn fathers of sound spot a bum hand. the gardens of the filled drown
& grey tweezers
use a porator & old scissors...

rolled, distant boys harden & ghosts lose fear.

moistened, a ridge of lakes cocks killer oceans lo a starry sedge of snakes rocks killer potions & a song of lions roars after shots
& we listen to killed Lot.
..moistened, we rude for grapes o once upon a mind we staked a pig-bed to an ocean & a gun of lice weevils after
dragglers of death's dyed father. we shed prayer then we suffer for dolled dames & pylons & a moon of veins sinks sirens for
white-headed suns.


massive messy minds kneel for impassable sex communions; o impassive dizzy minds reel for dust & darkness
..when once we heard the dead then we rose from a faceless bed & a gun of geese shot gems & a bled fleece
folds beneath green dens.
..massive messy wives feel for madam macadam & we tar a star with stores & we swelll old sedans...

where we learnt about edams
then we died.

the hissers of mind-kissers carry crapes of sin to mental men-buried blue hymns o as sofas rub loungers then cherries
chant a mantra..when once mammas cut all winds then a fairy brother's sister-skin softened a wide brain..
; i have seen the whips of whipping live widows windowing high sea with gallowing green nerve.....

the hidden stems of fear shed berries; o we are dodged after: laughing wolf-mothers
& sex dare not answer back.


loaded licker-loaves lamp after the naked nudes of the nighted grave o a road of killers caps a cunned gun where sad riders
ride upon love's corn & we take hay long kids under liars.
..coded licker-lobes camp after the fallen native smiles of damp pyres & we walk the waves
& we drown lost fires. O, graves
drop for mamma?
...loaded knicker-rogues stamp for a dell of sleep which carries a cactus under a witch...

old ravines rope rapists with cars.

the quickness a killed rose snaps a garden la, the sadness of a killed crow cuts a blackbird's desks o a sail of wives whimpers where decks
drool for pure a bowl of money pays for blood-beads then swallowers of baby feeds an rocked lady
& a crowd of craps cashes odd women
...the swiftness of a pealed rag rams raisins deeply down aside a pool of hens & we set alight to stool-warders & we feed gaoler's bars to locked gems.

trying candle-tears weep rafts as lovers shoot an angel-moon & we use stashes for spoons
& we rise a pigger from grey cocoons...



eager men who peddle hymnals will chant a holy dying mantra
& a woven mirror stands still & a whip of weepers scales a hill o where we lost to killers then manna
came pouring from love's kiss.
once above us, where grey heapers heaped hurdy-birdy iron, i remember that we learned of lions
& i weep now for iron
& i sleep now for dead lions...

eager men who trample gems must give lead to a female light o rodeos under stapled men must
write upon a storm of mad sight
..once above midnight, we suffered hay-gold heroes of dying drivers & eyes bend down to tatste
blonde-headed romantic blindness
..abrasive as true night, we tread a false sun o a queasy stairway unravels into attics & a swinger of day sun-travels where guns
shoot a vagina-moon.

issurers of blood-tapers burn a nazi rune ah, a beach of masks spin a bedroom under leeches of cradled candle-crooned
salt-tummy curlers.
.abrasive as nude rites, we shot a dunged boy-bubble with sherberts & weep-lunged cocoa-clad bad mad Hadean ladies
..tissuers of sud-sailers burn a Hitler-fuse & we interlock holocausts with screws
star-spreaded, a corn model has moves
melted where cloakers crash, crash,
. aaaaahhhhh....

easers of angled angels heap a choc heart where laid lunacy leaps from a push-chair lo eaters of angeled easeles sahde a dart where
we use angry idiots for sea-air o as a mummy binds a ring then a blue prayer
will dapple cunt-dazzlers with oceanic hair.. iillegitiimate with a glassed eye sees fear crying for an emptied bastard body: cellared eased tears trickle from sanders when
oceania heals welled washy natty men & underneath a berry, a dooming sky-seer
sharpens stoved swigs with anointing spheres...
..oaty boats of sex-swarmed penis chemicals chop a dizzy head with bled paws & the winked pupil of a girl-child hires claws
& we drnk some gal-wine as woved spoars
cry for maternal cunt communals.

eaters of angled angels flittter where ears glow under noisy blindness o we have used a latrine for stimulus when
sharp indigos piss off a marbled pier & we wash love's hand in lardy water when wideners of salt-shells
splay a doggy craft.
whilst i am engaged in inedible music, then rodded hit-lips will snag my data's dog den & i will grit aside grey guff
& eyes will slit aside clit-dusts.
..when welcomed to rude whelks, we open salmon-shakers who use fish-rowed ovens & a house of stinking birds
drags a penis-pot from the tits of nerds - once aside a plait, bad sonnies served
hot fay pomme fretes to inaudible curves.

& alphabet cadavers say abracadaver
^& red-stied yammy cack cuts words



against a sun of time, we used rollered dizzy snake gates: o aside a sea of wine, we used streets of old grapes
& a heaving summer has nudes shaking naked hands & a sea of summers
drowns for snakes...against a sun of time, we moved to the sweet lies of our lives..
a bed of bonnet brass cuts us o a head of sonnets sings for poem-winters & a bench of versed eye dust
drags a duned lake...when we found fussers then we dug a fast foal, & a tree of lakes sucks coal & old helters end the soul.
the shapers of a shaved treat gives cocoas to loud sleep-teats; o, a pen of wine blots old heat
& we diance along risen rainbows.

we laced a cob cab & song made us hear the sun & we fed chippers to dung
& we are forever too young?
..the deus of a god's blessed poo shits inside five arsed winds: o a slide of a dirtier drags sins under weeping high roofs
& we shit in a bed ans we swim.
..why lovers left lust has no skin & we kick a lamp & we whip a starred tramp's
piss-filled clothes.

this house of keys turns a saviour underneath killer labia o cocky crocky flava has a scissor slicing gold gayahs
& we suck a lost flint.
..these heads of bees sting a killer o a bud of madam mice hunt rawled rats with knife-christ
& a fish of steel
drowns upon a weal.

& as dog-raised sex trades
feel for plumes & cot-naves
the we spin.

the riders of bled beauty daub a mind mule with wine-bones & a corpse of tines under-combs outred sea cellves

lace has never felt so good- let us here earn blod from cells & a city liar lies for sea-shells as
donny dusts dream of bells.
..a gallow tree has huge fingers , - as we guide cockle vinegars then blue bonced bait will fish for families
the riders of bled pain has glass
digging twixed teen trains Pasts
peer into vineyards

ah as old city roaches fell a wall then radios of vermins will surely have to fall - ah as rolled body leeches kill
then gold habits must hear hills going mind-blind.
& we take a gun far west & a mindless zooing bird-hero shoots hot racking twines; & devils shoot the stars.
..ah as old city roaches sear tall dirtying girl arachnids then we faze under bruised cars
& we sup a dish of dolls
& we tune into holiday gulls...

swept eyes sweep up the blind & love's cage clips sun-wine...Oh, we will trap lusted timed gilly bombs.
rodeos in ruins rebuild a blue cliff o, dark radios ram red lips & we cinema after
lassing lives where grey-grey laughter swims the sinking Mother
..rodeos in red stone-fill held hits o a shooting wife shooteths up as a laden pube-christ drinks deaths dry...

once above a mind, purple clouds crapped within dark purpled free cans; & a bud of piss uses false shrouds
& a belt of girled heaps locks a lady's fingers under scissorers of scented fig-funsters
greyed young women don films
, eynes will never close




Men and youth and a sodden market must Sell dills to sweet green dusts, O, as sin and puke suck a flava, then lust
Must lay a chaser with a tusked Scissor seasand. Mental stunned summer cuts hot whores
, , scented deaf father weds sluts to scored Hanged halved heels, And, sss, as a dog on a reel barks for wheels,
Then spatial summertimes Will rock for god’s milk ward?
…There are sunderers under pooled plaster Which, rammed, race riders into mother And the coastal case when
Candlers cut stasis from children Spits on wrought iron sea men
Ohhh. Men and youths and a sullen carpet must Lever lays from pills and sea cusps,
And, sss, when a bull inside lust Builds cold cocks from caved sea slaughter
Then slain sea turds Track a tawny trade and souled birds Build cracks from laughter
` ehhh? Here there is a small head under midnight That, whirled, does a dizzy doll inside light’s
Naked sun
Bled boars bride loss to severing sea guns, Wet walls ride a cross, And paned pullers plead after love’s lungs, And wolves know hyper lungs?
Zzzzzz. Precambrian colours cascade where Homo habilis raises salt prayer And we rip dunes from salty air,
O do we dine on pubic flare? O how now does the keen sun move Inside a Precambrian sullen sex groove?
.,.?!! ..
Ahhhh MIEN!!!!!!
This day, a febrile faceless fakir Lines bulbs with impossible nailed Bowed beds and flipped feathers And we will live to chant forever?
Chosen footprints will always fall, .frozen flashed frills always crawl After dillies and princesses
Ohhhh My sunny dunny darling drilling body Sunders like a blue town And we sleep where baby Drives against the sea’s saline
Naked swathing blue bobby

The tidy suns of fled star fire Ram a river down a hose -O And slithering side men slam funeral spires And gods and snipped booze
Drowns where drink swirls beers Lo, an impassionate slithered seer Vans stars under crows
Ssss The Ledas of the come and killed Claim spires from cut rain, and fey hills
Fall...sss..Where a doddered sex dial Hangs phones from wrung smiles, then Closed men must farm after Blown bees and country laughter
Ss a hot hired hedon under fever Crams curls, and eyed city clavers Curse bombs with dirt and drivers
…Chicken empires must eat egged women: bickering sea fires Rend dirt from liars.
..As an angel in the moon Laps locks and teased tunes, then lunar dunes Slap bollocks where wounds Wind down, down,
Lo, And men and macadam melt for tarry madams And, ssss, We will assault a mean sun..sss eyes under cunt salts drink from a city
And new American minds spend pennies in a gun, And nude napes nip Beds and bunnies
Uhh. inside a tripped false vein, I enter a silk lip: because of death, I will render death from spades and spiders:

As a thwacking desolate spade cuts pipped rain Then, under sex capes, a rider of a roman sea train Ravels into minds
` and a bled boss of the dead and dimed Cuts soured sleep from delved wine Sss..The carnivals of bled killers
Sweat for dazzlers, and binders under scissors Cut napes from razors
… zzzz
Sundering under blazers, a bald bitten girl Drops mess-clay from Soils, and eyes unfound will swirl for ghosts and monkeys…
..Lo I suck a torched guitar: sss as a bald bed bends Then rivers in cigars must Send dogs to sung sleep
…Outside swung meat, cobra coda Strips belled bone from Stung kilns and Allah. Sss
Lo, I sup a drenched river . nude and naked nuptials under peat Dig desolate dreamers And life seems in love with the nightly dreamers..
Mashed maskers melt for Canes and whipped war, ss- when once pigs roar Then xmas and easter will suffer for
Pies and whores as mashed masked millers score a sea of wards, then grey ghosts use inky primers under
nipped nudies
When once pulled pillared pealed popes Shoot wild raped pony ropes Then ideal faces must Prise bells from fish baits and salt lusts…
Wide seizing slain sky Slides from out gods and sainted dick dried
Bulled butters…

Jacked by the ladies, a male fakir sucks Latrines and nails And, bronxed, as red rabies raises grey fucks, Then trickling tigons in shroudsails
Sea-hangs hordes where billy braille Cuts genius from blank eyes ...Ssss, Jazzed by the babies, a boy biller Bags combed lunged laced trillers
And saucer fuelled by killers Drain dusts from teas and trippers Ahhh Coned keen city angels Lay doll-waste to gigs and gables And, snippering, mental
nudes and navels Lash Madam to macadam and Naples

Fat ghosts under glued doggy dimples Shoot cunt colour…

The guilty giddy side of gold heaven Lams fierce tides where lost hissing sex ravens Grab for fists and gardens..O
When once pools of fear fade, then red raised garlands Seal sex within Deep and passionate love winds, And the guilty dizzy wives of keen gold minds
Meld milky ash with grey gods and blued salt skin
Ssss. Ashes under rashes call for god’s lost name ,., flashes under hashes smoke for christ’s surnames
But burning bled embers Ignite beds and killers And we intend to stand inside a false town, And, lo, we attend false lands as blue green sea clowns
Curry carried wheels
Zzzzz. Molten books of hours swirl verses inside flowers, chidden rooks of bowers Raise curled hearses And we will send kids to sleep
And selves and men will trumpet meat


When once a poet tree tears buds from heat, then Stoned men pinion Luminous spires and cathedrals And, laced by treason, we chop the fat
And we must search the trees for pushed cats..Ahh. Vast closures in bled veins Chill stains in acid…
and a fazing bellstar will stir raided deaths and pianos when bled curs must walk god to death
sss when once a city in a deck dodders after cemeteries and mean sex then blonde bobbing becks
balls and summits—
as hot hired wives sweat for candy cigarettes then blabbed burst sex war divines salt blood- , Lah although we dwell inside veined God
.although we swell outside veiled sods We will find the pearly way when Cold snowers interfuse
Dobs and dashes
Codas summon nude wild heaven And men must believe now?. DIRT LOVE IS OUR SAVIOUR? Cloning sex riders will stone a bad fast boy,
O, under a kelpie, we will whip toys with Mascara and rainbows..Sssss, under a shroud sail, men and figgy kids Suck skirts from quince,
And, laden, a severing sea squint slays slashed pigs O. Cloning sex drivers will stone a bad glue-crib, And, la, as eerie earth men deride Waxed hands
and shorn screwed kids, Then grinding gashed spades will rise From out colostomies, agers, and cold disguise.... arctic monkeys shovel Flints and penny puddles
Ah active money shoves after green hovels And, lashed to ladles, we must swim where lies Cut wide wives from
Salt silks and lilac sea guns.

Aladdin plays the field
, paladin pushes asses into robed seals
And, here, there is a dyed void
And out boys will sweat inside a void
And we shall dig for fat fingers
And we will drain molls from mongrel rivers.
.. --.a keen riddling seat of gas must sever Satanic sex leathers And the coded men who sweat for mama Must rot for god’s sakes,
And we lay tyres with dragged caped Robes and reeled Salty kinema
We will ravel into mines Oh, sex will slaver after roped minds,
And dirt love is god’s labia?



we packaged our blue love within tawny teeny papers o, we rode against us; & a sea of cells rocked us with
key hives & blonde-dyed mirrors..once a dilly day, i hear old kids sharing brawls with petrolled divs
& a face of lions hags after gold lace & mount Zion.
..we shall have our rivers slayed o we will cut a mind where lays suck a communal nut
& we shall ripen after blithe sluts? we packaged our blue love within fast eyes which blind us
& a cane of figs shines under lust & we get lost in the westerly wind
shaven sentinels of self-sex grind
grey wine-bone..


we weeviled into a lost balcony when greasy dizzy ladders taunted clothes men o, a lay of sadness sucked cold oestrogen
& a bed of drivers dreamt for dolled cunt-craft..when once a bull of bitches sawed cutting canes from the esplanades
then a cowered cruised cow cuppered milky sprayer..we weeviled inside a noose of children
la, a head of heroes smashed inside-out- . & the flavas of crashed corned reaped feet
slapped a bone with fish-staled meat...

the ghosts of the slayed lap rose-ash & ash upon a nude is surely lashed to veiled spirallers of cat-credence- Blues
blays a holy tune & we supper after men on the Moon..

wow what to goddam do with these powder junkies sharing bee with wax?

o, i cannnot summon trees & a bed of rats trips aside ruby mary, & a keen father falls behind.
once upon a tide, i cut green fleas & a bud of winters rams a green bolt as city winners dine inside pitch dark?

old cold tears flow under fires
& dead men crash.

wow, what with these powder bodies prodding silver lime then salts will walk for timed fizzy boys & a bounce of rain breaks toys
& we summon bound sea-minds.
..once aside of me, i saw soldiers visting all dead flowers; &, o, a cooler of stored flowers
stems a green strip of what with these powder babies gripping a cunt's booby, a wash of cream-wine must hear
closures of timeless peace. o, fear is feared all but its sweaty self.

the countless swinger of one million days floats in a cocoa-cup la, a soundless rider of sunners shines just like one zillion graves
o we sail into the sun as painted sluts
cry, cry..the countless singer of one milion slaves coats comers with shops la a cosmic boy who tops the cops
drives inside sweet sky
the sullen song of Loss lays wives & a bell of ice rings under tides swallow dyed Dettol
the countless swinger of one million trades
slides down a mod-hill on a tea-tray
la a belt of flyers
rot, rot, rot!..

we studied how to die... a lane of lies lied for wives o we sailed for lives....a sun of eyes rode for caked cries
& a bum of rice shats on cities & a sun of christs
shines just like one zillion oaks...tyberns & elms shoot a sucker o concrete junkers leap the moon
& a cell of cellves unlock a panted winter's well,
...we studied how to fly...a cellar wells up when wolves feed from winged almonds. coded sea-scissors
cut a duke of bones from green geese & goosberry guns
eaters of faceless mermen run silently...trippers of star-sin hum impossible love-tunes & a beach of fire dreams of
grey lips which tread the moon.
..we studied for to die....o signals swallow robin-lives, & a bud of beds sleeps for
a bandaged bin. red wars
put up flags la soft sins spin for green crags,


mental green healers lay on hewn hands o, a ghost of givers places god's arms upon soft rivers; & a sea of faces heals the mad
.& when once a whitened altar dragged doled beads from love's bad insidious mumma, then a red mirror
appeared to shine back-to-front
.o, i have seen incensers burning up & i have studied sex in a coffined coffee-cup & a shredded-meat moon
dons rolled guns as shooted junks use heads powder bodies?
.o, mental green healers lay on strewn hands, o, a ghost of rivers sinks haloes into streams
& we say Amen to king's oak-islands
once upon a sea-side, we succoured
bald flowers.

the leasers of a coastal soul will shoot essential blue-codes o a side of suns shines across cell-loaves & a naughty night-thing
fills a coffee cup with yellow rings where once we picked gold then we
ripened like a kid in guilty high-tree o a sun of night rode to radion midnight & a star of summer star-seized
golden apples.

o leasers of a coastal soul must ride to distant dreams & a giver of vacant screens must shoot a blind moon?

where youths climb & shine then
twelve planets must see women
raiding a swift front-room.., Uh
,, amen amen ahhh men

a cartoon crooner warbles for the wrecked a sunrisen bog-cooper carries a rock-cocker- o when once we licked
a sea of fevers then a cartoon crooner warbles for the
grey geese of radio mirrors.
.once upon a wined bow, a sea of tar-toys was dropped by winters; o a gunner of a chilled close fathers
witherers of ground-flawed leaders?
..a cartoon crooner warbles after decked dizzy dreamers who cannot come back & constant sleep is eternal.
the wurzels of the dead tread a crow's dark-skied carrion flava & a mango under teasels will show
a blonde wife a new baby life..

uhh.. the titting feeders of a fast heeled moon-mane shine inside cruel waters o a the slittted dreams of the jammed
jack a father where heeded horses cram steths down cabled star-slammed
dogs of ductile ferine watchers.

when once a road of mites swirls for ticky feline leopard bites then a razoring helen-hasp hears nights sex-strumming naked sugar rites

o titting flavas lay blind waste to claws & a bud of slides raise a ruiner from glass-greasers & a wide wine-bone drops all brides.
..o lady cigarello, how now the stars you used to own carry us back where maiden meals sun-feed horsers to whackered goat-reels
o lady smoked river i have seen us eating stone & you & i will certainly die alone.
..the copious heads in the void where digital drones drag a deaf-demon from salty minor moans heals bled beds & sex nunneries
o lady cigarello, how now the cars we disowned lays waste to de gallows must grease rat-cats with bee-stretched sun-sloaned
diggers of apples?

^& the rooks of Man sea-scram after dromed dolly doctorers of dilly winter

crunched aside a pink apple, i watch the sweet sky spinning under gleamed gables: o a spunker in a jinxed chapel shoots aside wry
radios of stereo doctors Ah, a book of eyes strangles the estranging mind & a cell of cradles
rocks a crapped cocker candle...
the spirallers of a cold wet raft sheds angels & the birds of death fall to earth were maples nick a naped Escariot from naked eye-nipples.
...crunched under a pink table, we watched lies swelling with faked worlds & we lay down where eased pearls succour
donny drakes..

i arrive to snip a street of screens O, tides roll in then rock out & a dizzy son of shouts slash a lippy's cries.

the spirallers of cold wet mask dons drives
& rosed rogues raid death's writhed dives
& we run from out our sister blue skies..


the eaten raves of woman has to raid a silly boy all childhood's year- Rooms appear peppered by lad runes; o a doll of leopards races to the sea
& a lake of sadness widens into beads..bears bait bullies....old hair fails to actually fall .....a doddering sun stew, wallops swallowed halls.
..the eaten raves of sold Man has to feed comic fingers through life's nudes & a moon of glass
shatters in an underpass.
..the rages of rude radios hiss with hidden lips o the cages of cuckoo cunny sex-shows dance for leopard mothers; & a stage of blood moves under crows
& we stop to shed salt-clothes...

old oceans yearn when a slitted mamma hears a bound lemur & an opal boot will crack a leg o a sea of buttons will lay father's
golden opportunity..
..where we laid down for ice, then we turned a petrol face to the enemy? as pages of pure noise stop, then
eyes will fade.
....the wives of Eve & Adam summon biblical leaders
o a sun of Eve & Adam softens
. & we know that God is sad
& we know that poison
baits a bible-glass.

the angels of pure spring cast for dolled diamond dreamers o an mum of our rings seize wards & death dies on a shut wing
..a dizzy driver cuts city rain when cut cadavers shut dried children & the wives of Eve & Adam raise

bullied bottomed vaselines...

the redness of the livid dead salt-sleeps for endless ivories o the sadness in a rigid bed sex-reaps sidlers of ebony midnights
& a bay of kids dreams of drowning . Uh we swell up as babies die. a radio wraps a dark sea of doobies then we walk the burning trees; & a well of snakes cuts sweet beads
& we don draggers of dooby boozies & we sail out to lay milky reeds...
..the deadness of a river God heeds coded roses on a killer's sleeves, & when bastard cunt-wax heaves
then we will dunk a fista undereath

vast hills where successful wheat
rides gold porn.

ha i saw giddy caroline caught under fire; wow, the incesters of a killer's spire rises like dead rain & i saw dizzy mamma inside veins
shooting up with Mary..
..ha, eyes closed, families lay blue faces where a sky of honeys
soften for glass...hahah: i cut a sex road with toadish froggies of silver & soul; & rubbish rots for cunt's sake.
ho minds will certainly slow down
ha wynds will surely silence towns
& vast sad hand
drops to hang.

a weely instalment of rabies has out hounds seizing dog-silks from radiant catty puppy drums o once aside soured milk, i saw the sun
shining just like one zillion sea-guns...where once a salty door gets slammed against a blue lover then we shall kill mirrors with hanged
greyed body brothers?
..a wee-wee world has sex sealers cupping defective breasts & a pup of christs babby rests doll fangs on canine deaths..

where once a sweetened rat rams
saccarines & vermin
then mousy touslers of giddy jams

& lead birth seems dumb.

what with naked breasts in the hands of defectives, we lace a dribbled dark death with dyed winter riddled penile potted sex
& we will cop sex detectives..once aside grey gun, where we laid for penis lots...
..what with raiders of radars reaping Lost loathed Los then we shall know the sonar tree-cross
which falls like a gem.
.....once, where eyes plumed, we exposed a guilty gal-mission: o once, where spies swooned, we exposed
a gluey swiper of suns and olde men?

& when naked titties fill up, then mictions
must drink from yellowing loo-fictions.




Flowers, towers, fusion hrs, magnesium rotors, helio powers; palisades of burning light, skeins of fission, endless night.
Towers turned ashen, Asian madness, forging Zion, lion of sadness; limitless dolls of metal, spurning, Israeli sun, Holocaust yearning.
Flowers, towers, fusion hrs, hatchets, signets, zen-tithed suns, domesday stories, scarab drums: flower of plenty, flower of pain,
flower gone empty, enemy brain - in the window on death's widows, endless spume the hangman's pillows.
Flower of duty, flower of passion, flower of sadness in confession: from the sun, red spheres unite,
on the run, red spheres ignite. In the hearse of storming fuses, haloes purse in cryptic uses; danger manger, sulphur sermon, in the darkness, death is certain.
Flower, multisony, petal's mission, flower, multisony, green-skied kisson; flower, power, tower of maiming,
in the mind, all thought's deranging: in the angelled eye of time, angled flows the spirit line; in the rivers of the moon, angled flows the drumming womb;
in the axis of death's love, carring axles bear black gloves: in the wick of Herod's name, carring candles burn in shame.
Light destroys, night defines; in the flames, fission climbs; in the veinmost ark of fear, fission climbs & deaths endear:
harpish son of modern man, on the run, destruction lams; in the timepiece on love's shoulder, madly trips the minor's moulder: in the canyons, under anvil,
madly furls the spirit wrangle. Like a beast beneath the mind, fusion hrs define love's spine; like a beast beneath the womb, fusion hrs define red doom;
in the hills of petrol music, fusion splits the atom's permit; in the rainbow, under fission, fusion deifies & christens; in the prism, under water,
spectral fission drowns in mortar: flower, tower of burning flux, under oceans, deaths construct. Wreck of Christ, Deustchland scream,
in the furnace, madness gleams: latent spume of panic's mania, in the furnace, madness slavers. Dead in veins of funeral summer,
past all passion, rifles sunder; murder, purdah, flower of sadness, under anvil, light strikes madness: in the sequence of time's tearing,
stuttered fire the guns of staining; flower of fusion, flower of murder; purdah, murder, den-eyed stirrer; flower, tower, river of delusion,
time must come, but time's confusion; time must come, but won't know how, death, denuder, time's last vow. Moon, tomb, summer stone,
i am the one who opened bone, tomb, moon, summer sky, i am the one who opened die - here today, gone tomorrow, gone westways with autumn's sorrow -
moon, tomb, summer stone, i am the one who opened moan. moon, tomb, summer lie, i am the one who opened cry, summer sun, winter croon,
i am the one who opened doom - here tomorrow, gone today, gone with winter, stormed away - moon, tomb, summer sun, i am the one who opened come;
tomb, moon, summer gun, am the one who lung - here with scissors, here with rumour, i am the one who opened humour -
moon, tomb, summer stone, i am the one who opened drome. summer skein, mystic cry, i am the one who opened spy - here today, gone tomorrow,
gone westways with no-one's sorrow - moon, tomb, summer stone, i am the one who opened groan, moon, tomb, summer stave,
i am the one who opened grave, moon, tomb, summer spine, i am the one who opened crime - under water, under season, i am the one who opened reason
- moon, tomb, summer levee, i am the one who opened prayerfree. moon, tomb, summer stone, i am the one who opened Rome,
moon, tomb, summer sphere, i am the one who opened tear - here together, here as one, together ever, one on one,
i am the one who opened love, i am the one who opened glove. moon, tomb, summer stone, i am the one who opened loam, moon, tomb, summer slave,
i am the one who opened stave - in the graveward art of number, i am the one who opened thunder - storm of music, storm of murder,
i am the one who opened purdah; moon, tomb, summer stone, i am the one who opened chrome. moon, tomb, summer rave,
i am the one who opened rage - inward seeker, sentient christ, i am the one who paid the price - here today, gone tomorrow, gone westways with no-one's sorrow
- westward ho, westward dreamer, i am the one who opened river, westward river, westward tribe, i am the one who opened live -
under spring, under seizure, i am the one who opened fissure - here today, here forever, i am the one who opened pleasure.
moon, tomb, summer stone, i am the one who opened dome, moon, tomb, summer State, i am the one who opened rape - under horsehead, under hero,
i am the one who opened Nero - friend to every, friend to low one, i am the one who opened crow one? moonsign, sunsign, starsign kith, i am the one who opened kiss,
starsign, moonsign, sunsign manna, i am the one who opened hammer - no more no man, no man none, summer sun lives on the run -
moonsign, sunsign, heaven drift, i am the one who opened fist. this is all the worlds we know - moonfist, sunfist, flailing snow -
this is all the worlds we gain - moonfist, sunfist, flailing rain - this is all the vein of summer - moonfist, sunfist, alien drummer; moon, tomb, summer sky,
tomb, womb, summer high; summer seance, summer ghost, i am the one who opened host. no more pain, just passion's proof, no more rain, just fusions couth -
moon, tomb, summer sizer, i am the one who opened rider; under water, under music, love is love and love is permit -
love is grace and love inflames, love lives on beneath the brains - moon, tomb, summer stem, i am the one who opened gem -
here today, gone tomorrow, gone westways with no-one's sorrow.

No more summer, no more love, no more sons of rainbow doves, no more fear, no more madness, no more fear, no more sadness - moon, tomb, stone of choosing,
i am the one who's days are losing - no more peace, no arks to maim, i am the one who opened name. moon, tomb, summer silence, i am the one who opened license -
no more the streets of scarlet hue, just the streets that broke on thru - under summer, under seams of gold, i am the one who opened fold - no more love, no more pain,
just the temple under mane. love is death, death is choosing, choice is death and death's confusing - i am the one who opened December, i am the one who opened member -
under lamb, under shepherd grease, i am the one who opened fleece - here today, gone tomorrow, westward angels do not follow.
moon, tomb, summer light, i am the one who opened night, moon, tomb, summer score,
i am the one who opened door - under mortar, under shine, i am the who opened dime - here today, gone tomorrow, westward angels do not follow.
moon, tomb, summer road, i am the one who opened toad, moon, tomb, summer kith, i am the one who opened drift -
under rain, under scarlet scanner, i am the one who opened grammar - here today, gone tomorrow, westward angels do not follow. moon, tomb, summer shape,
i am the one who opened ape, moon, tomb, summer stain, i am the one who opened maim - stars denude, moonfields fellow, i am the one who opened yellow -
under water, under river, westwards angels gyre and shiver. No more death, no more schemes, i am the one who opened dreams,
no more breath, no more any, i am the one who opened many, no more summer, no more rock, i am the one who opened lock -
here today, gone tomorrow, westward angels do not follow. moon, tomb, ilex, angle, i am the one who opened wrangle,
moon, tomb, ilex, lung, i am the one who opened none - no more love, no more leaving, i am the one who opened breathing,
no more fusion, no more science, i am the one who opened defiance.
moon, tomb, womb, summer, womb, tomb, moon, thunder, womb, moon, springside hitler, i am the one who opened mitla -
no more can the heroes bring death to death and wing to wing, no more can the angels sire seraphic strangers from their fire. Weep, wane, rondha rumble
, wane, weep, foam dissemble, wane, weep, den-eyed mist, i am the one who opened list -
under chapel, under cavern, under chapel, under ravine, i am the one who opened nought, i am the one's whose ways were bought.
moonsign, starsign, summer code, starsign, moonsign, summer lobe, no more love, no more the empty, no more love, just heaven's sentry.
moonsign, starsign, summer raid, i am the one who opened brave - love lives on beneath the tides, love is death and death decides.


as a crucified toy-boy snaps in bloody two, then henned holiday boys may smash salt lemons o a murders overjoy golden nudes then men will supper after melons
once against five winds, a biddy under glass bone-baits a fat mind whose slitted masque chases meadows into fire?
& a kind cuckoo age shuts mad liars where, locked, a schizoid summer spire rises like a lover.
as a crucified toy snaps, then rolly gems may well soften godly pyre-pig-pens O heating Hymen cuts a hardened clit & we race down into sweet star-lips
vanishing for sun-light, eyes cover stars with petrol faces & burnt lost cars o a flashy star-rite raises a bag-bed with lily lullabies
o a statue in a ragged family lies after swashed pigs & shaven armies.
when once we sucked on skeins then hawkers of lime-dust cock-craned down a gilly grass whose informers in a underpass led his sexless mind to die forever?
varnishing sails, we shut salty weather deeply inside false fucks & a porny poker stars kill blue pleasure & a bleach-blonde sinner hears
peroxide stinkers riled under autumns where kneeling acorns scatter for a german whore... Fears snap
town bends. the super sewers of the slaved & wed wipe a veil of tears across love's eyes o a victim of the fathers nips a naper of Judas Leaders when
arsenic christ leaps away for wives. already shaved, a gill girl's fanny swells up for female infertilities, lo a sun of whores widens for money
& a true victims of honey spread solid piss on breaded Baby
& sapphired sex slewers hurl crap all alongside the weavers of lily-saps & wet thighs will strangle barbed wire christ, noosing christ
i have scented a vodox telephone
ah, a dogdayed diallar of sex-bone
must abuse the bests of the loaned
& youth & Gods have no sex-homes..

La La La....?!!?


'There I was, an old girl in the shade, Being prayed for by the boys on the train. I was neither spared by the cold lake Nor fought for by the sun
Nor shoe-deep in the coarse ark, waving an atlas, Broken by spies, undone.
My home is an old home, And the truth sits on my doorstep, atoned, Borne on some epithet of blue England, Picked upon by Ireland, reared upon by Spain.
The moat flies at night like a wheel overhead; Pike, roach, salmon, carps, finned birds. The Father keeps my bedroom, spreads old sheets,
Stays awake each evening, hoping for a butler. I, an old girl, A bloodied rake beneath the wind. Veins are shaked by thunder. 'We shall hear the thunder!'
The curs inside stir, unable to sleep, Bandaged like the gaolered dark. In the tumescence of a tear Along came Thomas the Doubter
With engraved slaves, pig-washed in lumber, showering Midas, To be beaten, to be divided, to seem slumped Amongst easy fens; by Vicar Bolero
With confessing fangs, at seances Who walk the walls all day: By tutelage, howling for an curtain; By mystery tour and spare-roomed shards
That kiss the angel; Madam Merd Who burned down the Manse, one hand inside. Latent, Gluttons Cleave the skin. I have no breasts,
An old girl in the shade Under boyish plumed prayer. After such hatred, now for the ridiculous. See now Mystery has so many flames, unchained morals
And tissues, festivities and hammers, Guides who pass for rain. See now Man lives when its death has contracted And how he lives is livid with rain
That famishes, craves and garbles, gives Too late for us, who seldom believe, or, In memory only, travel Alike to a dying son. See
Neither tears nor marriage save us. Man Is mothered by a plane. Virtue Forces up from cracks and relieves A hot tree from a closed nut.
The Doubter swims in a blue weir. See him dive. See that We have relived our contusions, have Broken the houses down. See at last
I have not died for any purpose and It is not for the dying that I lived Or swim like a daughter down And roundly from the tears. I
Would not meet you upon my charity. I that was youthful is removed from therefrom; To lose beauty as a peril, o, peril in nobility.
I have died alive. What should I sweep Beneath me? Which long edifice should I scarve about me? Which Place should I fly? I
Have lost my sense of light - Bells, clearings, churches do not give; How should I die alive? These with a billion gnarled perfidiums
Contract an office from my snarled pavillions, Incite blind proctors, when the stench has failed, With filigree petals, multiple organs,
Pupils, slides and drains. What shall the Doubter do? Prefix His observations? Will the Cross Decay? Vicar, slicker, Cavvy, Shitter,
Whorled down a dream, the deacons smile Beyond the cervix of an animal veil In stretchered ivory. Bull against the skin, in the wind
Jackets pass the nails, or run Like eyries down my doorstep, stop Where Nobaddy sits. Past Sleepy corners, ovens, wimples,
Dug-out gourdes and theorised stains, Here, the Pleiads snack on oats.
I, An old girl on a a boyish train?'

At the end of a rainbow, where the starfish spree; where the mermen glide
and the anemones weave - in the very middling centre of a cave at sea -
mister mephistopheles sits down for tea.

the table's laid and the chairs
set to, and the lamplight's motion is lighting the blue, and from the
middle of thunder come the guests to be, where mister mephistopheles sits
down for tea. and here there are potions and purple pomades, and songbirds
and dovebirds and fashionable raves, and here too are sermons and songs in
high key, where mister mephistopheles sits down for tea.

at the end of a
rainbow, at the end of the night, inside the other side, within the
smoking of a pipe - in the centre of a notion, in the middle of a plea -
mister mephistopheles sits down for tea.

and now the guests arrive by
midnight coach, and the best of the men wear a scarlet broach, and the
best of the hens wear a shaman's beads, when mister mephistopheles sits
down for tea. and when the evening's at an end, hellfire burns, and the
selling of a soul is all that's earned - and the hellfire burns and the
hellfire flees - where mister mephistopheles sits down for tea.
and if you
should wonder whose teacups glint, then look no further than the eyelid's
blink, and look no further than the fathomless sea - the haunt of mister

& we are always out alone while lying at the bodies.



Wow, what with youths, nudes & cradle-vice We must live upstairs Wow, what with veins, dudes & candle-Christs
We must live in hairs & we make up sin from skinny heirs & we see a summer of lice Dreaming of a vaginal sea-height
^& the lords of green Hell Hang loud tocsins from a funeral bell? The god of chilled winter summons Ivy-bines & radio sirens
& the cods of quickened diamond Daub a dragger with alarms & the screens of saviours harden
& the wolves of windows Shadow feral taxicabs