more chapters from my new novel 'At The Bodies'


As shrilled stilled hills dam domed wives Then baity filled stills Wind down to midnight’s lies And, o, as radio sadness listens to lives
Then baited billers will Kill love’s grapes
Ssss Millers under jammers jack jeered jive, killers under hangers Lam tear dealt dogs and gibed
Godded sunned mirrors Ooo a picker under fissures blame tissues for Bags and stilettoes.
The rappers of reason ram poet trees down A city under leaves the swingers of treason ram poetry as sound
shapes men from clowns...sss: under a soft bowl, we suffer doled ground slain allotments and, o, men and halters heal over as towns
bruised Downs…

Eyes deep within surrenders to salty loud Cunt latches And bled bods turn Away from Bound sea burns.
...O as a sea burned bodice breaks Girl snakes, then Odes to leas must finger dopey women And, wailing hides cut a spade when children
Will rock rode races to sleep
Sss...O, as a seized sea falls from taste, then meat Trumpets after glowed sleet And men and mind minge must
Vault valleys and green lust
I will halve my laughter, uh! Ides ride to snapped Slicing sneezed butters

Suffering furled sleep, a bled boy Taurus Must delve false cat arenas O as muffled sex wheat rams a dead chorus Then swung apes must
Watch our arenas jacked by cat musk And, sss, underneath draped soft lust A widening deck of wed wasps
Rams an ironed buddy who daren’t Suck salts or jams…
Here, there is a vast vale to behold
Mm, I cut a caste

Saline scissors slash a pink vein under Sweet rammed ice when once a pig of light sunders eyes and shite then saline scrapers suck green raves under
dogged dunes and a sea of rolling kites and cats in our hair must don drips where Christs
listen to sex miked swung sung bummed
wide girl lice

we enter into booths as darling phantoms hear father wedded to a funeral liar ahh as palmed picks prise a desolate spade from fire
then men will baptise their crooked fingers inside an American funeral pyre…
We hire from head and foot & Then blonde brined blood hoots; And, with bootless cries, a car’s root
Concertinas Way, way down False roads and the bodies…

O as a false field is killed, then a blonde baby Tie-dyes dills and ashes Sss as a faked yield dies, then a hot dark lady
Rams down her city clashes Zzzz.. Empires under dust drag drapes, and mashes
Meld a mental moon’s Cats and rashes..Zzzz..There is a dead hill nearby that cusks cold cashes
And we will ravel where Delved bods bend riders and bad bared
Vampire sea prayer…
A wed sail is dropped
, a red grail is locked
And old fingers are shared.

Oo we shall clasp mad glass inside tawny sex towel: ssss: we will suffer wine as bold banged owl Digs dusts with drilled hair
Ahh as wound flava forces genes to cry, then greedy glares Lap locks from swayed salt snares

As a granite lasher lays kings with wives, then genoas Must laden moors with slapped sheet sheep And, lo, where once a glasser grazes springs
Then fast fierce fazes fizz for mills and loud meat Oh: Here, atoned by sloes a balked bed on a clifftop
Glides where fallen suicidal lapped rock rots Veins and vases
And I will lift life’s Isis as a bled bine cuts
Ropes and glasses
Vast men move and roped mines melt
Like a bright pelt.

As a vastly vamped vaginal tomb climbs for diamond war Then we will put an end to City kids where a baby under shoes
Slaps salts from blinds and oozed Neon sucked milk-wines
, as man and mad messy mod minds Think of pearls and plies, then city crimes Will succour cocks and deep dined
Cutter clocks

There is perhaps a failed tale which smells of Docked dives and rocked Yellow drums And cochlea is pierced when a sea of blurred gods
Dives for angled angels
….Closing keen Herod lays waste to his own
, disposing green sex suds soak inside bathed bone
And a gill of ground stoned cadavers
Have droned caddis
And the lady moon melds mods with Paris
And we have Paris in London.

As gins under dives dream of drunken sea wives Then, rolled, eyes of creams Cram blind tongues where flickering screens
Scream for minds and mad dreams: I will extemporise a poet scream and, As a seared salt sky sweetens uncle Sam
Then slithering toad tribes Squirm under hands and hives

As gems under knives grip to gulls, and where A city angel flitters after prayer, Then a tyranny of tigons must lay after
Lolled rills and neon laughter
..Here, in a limed void, sadness snares Deadliness and soupy swayed push chairs, And a limitless lay of sound
Sucks sleep from a wasteground- above the keen allotments, wastelands assault
beaned bolls and fast potatoes.

The swift thwack of a desolate grave grinds grist as Shrill and maiming faces fade inside foods and glassthis shivering granite clave
carries oak to stoned elms, and tyburns under grass grease gloss with money

the soft spurt of a fountainhead feels for veined city spillers and ghosts and pantries peal blood and skeined
river rippers
O. A cave in a moled head heeds horsed snippers La, a navel under bed
Cuts an impassable cord from slivered
Whores and dregged
Female zippers

Here, there is meths into cocoa, O here, where suns dress, a p’liceman Writhes for His Panda, And the seas of a bum city where
We may bleed under horses Will mount the urban sea dead: I heard a potty on a pledge peering into spread Flickering evil yellowed tongues
Ah, I oversaw a raped ledge where killers revved Salty killer lungs
. laaa

Odes to soft boiled ovaries cut a gilled dill yolk …Saws in pulled pituitaries Build ropes from an egg of dope; And, under hot loss, messy mental marked soap
Washes eyes inside
Spidered sea slides

Lithe losers loosen marmalade
And idiot senility slides from behind a sideboard’s
Sawn cabinet spine.



(after TS Eliot)

As my eyes turn to a fairy screen, then Missing old lies burn like a dream And, lo, lone night burns like women as veiled shows in a dial
Scream of Deadly Isle And the boats should change when sickness heals the dead And the spatial smile
Rocks, rocks, rocks….as my eyes turn to a fairy screen, then hissing cold lives storm kids and veined clocks
uh...I turn to go but my head hears sound Lo, I summon snow but my minds burn, and a dilly wasteground
Dams dogs with rivers O,- Ivories drink from god-ebonies, and webbed drummers feel Fast veins and bald bodies
Sss endless shrinks hear dromedaries cutting weals And my love gives in to a
Colour mind

As my eyes turn to a fairy screen I learn just what the pharaohs mean, and sky sees cars Collapsing And sex cuts a spun wind
And gods crusade for pigs and hymns I espy laden gardens crying for hot rain?
.The day when I met a mad maid then I swam for Amazing children: Lo, the night when I met cold graves then I span for
Impossible women And the glib guise of god gobbles hallowed war And the slid mind of god wobbles after
Rooms of pure laughter And, ho, In the moon the women come and go Talking of Michael Miccalo
And this sunned stunned day where I hear a rose Glowing, then Bad cars will roar for rotted manacled gun-clothed
Dolly sirens Pushing belly men drag dogs Kissing scissor skin cuts robed loss, and blue orisons Sweat for grinded teased loves
The high moon plays dead?

As I summon pealed water, then heels on the move Dress up in purple skein As I suffer enhearsed daughters
Then soft seals sunder bullets and hissed water La: The dogs under fire cum for thunder, and trains Trip, trip
Ah-hahhh..In the room, shawled alarms eat blued cars where Starred spoons measure prayer And the doctors of Dom Daniel dream upstairs
And the women speak of bulls and snares.

Budders bind cunt to coconuts Ha, fathers find junk, and lidded soaped sluts Suck, suck, suck: In a green sun, we will hear a fairy fuck:
clowned in dreamt guns, we hear lady smut wedding whips to drowned city eels..the dogs outdoors call for sealed drips the kids in stores
spend lost pennies, and quaffed lips strip hot slips and in the room, the women come and go
speaking of Michael Indigo

------the pigs of time tickle god’s ribs
The kids of time fade for cribbed
City ashes
And ashes cry, cry,
And flashes reap wide wives, and, under a Sunday show
Glib crowds ride
Active Rome, and aromatic horsed guns shoot crows

The dolts of the livid dead
Dam drams with shaved heads – lo
The colts of the ridden dead
Dam clams with fished beds, and sentinels of mermen
Carry noosed clam-shells where
Ashes hoop despising mamma air
And sun gets in our hair

Where the embers of mermaids swell
Then insidious lovers will bury fish in seashells
Where the saviours of gold graves shut hell
Then insidious fathers will bury grey cells
And the hand hanged from the wall
Hammers skies into aviaries
The pealed pistoling palps of a dead hall
Suffer lips and flowers.

The droning spectres in a caul Cut breasts and cunt; The seizing minute of an hour cuts bread dolls, And miniature scissor spunk
Digs veins where lanes burn
Sss.. Under napes, a snickering neck hears the moon’s limit Lashing lords to urns, Under snakes, a sickening neck hears the sun’s planet
Crashing, crashing Eh, where old samphire stews, the febrile sea weed Will hear sex clashing for
Dolls and fathers..ahhh?..Oh, we will suffer sex silks until the very end, Laaa we shall lead light to laughter as mad gay friends
Telephone Ahh we will suffer swirled milks as the sun’s rend Radios droll skulls Ahh Filled with Dettol, a serial sun robber rubs pinned
Gabbed bodies Lay shrilled, a settee in a red gun snubs sex limbed Hocus babies And in the room the women come and go
Speaking of Michael Buffalo.
The slain scathed stars of sex fail to fall, sss, The veiny vast red cars of death concertina, and, under fists, Fowled bobbies bug
Impossible fires..Sssss...We measure our cries with curling tongs, We pleasure our lies with baking tongues, and, laaaa,
Eyes under plies piss for Cocoas and milk wards.

As the veiled dolls of elves succour eyes Then sailed wicked lies Lam lyons with heated gardens as spread tides Rage after blazed school-ties
And the bended molls of elves succour wide Wizening purblind snow-drilled sea cries And we treasure molten grass
In the rooms the children come and go Weeping for saint Antonio: In the rooms, the chicken come and flow from
Pearled egged rain
Rainbowed razors rasp!!!

The daggering fasting father men I once saw in a False hill has a female beard O- sundering, as lisping grey tears ride, then old war
Whispers and whimpers La the meadowings of crying lovers sire a green tear when Crying members mocked
Old turnstiles, Ahhh this isle of sin topples weird angular angels, Ahhh this smile of women Trickles, and loaded nipples see
Draining seashores lamming droned drowned bees In the wounded high trees A banged bound blithe dolled city
Dreams of daisy pie, and mental molls plait hair as rabies
Rocks for dog Christ
In the tomb, sold men come and go: in a salt wound, cold hens lunge and crow for Dilly demons.

in the bar, with elvis crying, I thought I saw death die the rollocking romancers of the killed must sweat rock as sexed
coaxed dick dusts dribble after body becks and blown lusts and in the bar, with elvis dying, I thought I saw death writhe-
a feisty face of pigs grunts for nudes a lacy saucerful hunts for keen dressed fools, and the cages under cunt
career where slapped sawn spunk spoons
dig for jelly dunes…

wounded wolverines weep for junk endstopped salt tureens feed off hunched notched sea ropers,
and a rude merman strides blanked blue tides
and we sail for lost mamma as flat earth


Inside this bleak office, we were readied with Melodious paperwork, O and the shied apple I hurl at hissed Nude windows
Hits the dust and dies.. O, fierce tides pass. Then, one blurred day, We see a desolate tattered sanded moon And, never now until four winds
Have written poems for Genius Will cold men share heinous claves with
Hot boards and bibbed bins.

The years yanked me westward, O, the tears rankled after yapping yobs And the teeny tears of soft front-room
Heat hatred in a cocoa pan. I will never escape bright peace, and I won’t Ensupper dates with fruity dreams
And, when closed, a cool net of vans Source skies with signal signums. As a local soldier disappears, then hands
Must clasp together.

She swings her jammed bag. Local fathers swarm Sotto spaces And dweebs dig love’s banged storms. This erse is born from children. Foetal fellas form
Undulating waves where Xmas under Easter hangs silence from
Pugs and Britain.

Cheap, easy wandering lies hang around Mad forgotten xmas towns And, crept from candles, a stairway surrounds A city’s Perspex
And a rose underneath shot rails must Cut forgotten smiles with a skinned sussed Tear-expansive reject.
Creased up butcheries crave meaty dust, Deceased sluts Die where simple whored lust Raps on history’s knuckles.
Hatred for a killer gets up love’s faces
And keen dogs bark Amen!

O come under naked trains, we heard a loud girl Succouring her own fast-travelled murders and As an edible green law
Cuts vegetates from corridors, then rude worlds May well doctor danged drugs and cat-crammed Fierce bolts of hail.
Every single day, I always knew about us And the sun against then rain cuts swelled ducts, And the sadness of love lives in a
Poet’s tree where closed kind lust Delves for naked sails..Oh, let this be the swift and sotted answer For laden dips and dogs
Lo, let the answer to the vacant dead Run cities out of bed. Uh, false cred Embitters gaoled gilt minds.
And we cum under naked trains.

O men in female minds must forever Seek out hairy sex weather. The pinion in a fast pile Drinks from debs as drooled dunned bad flavour
Sees things where more impassable city Lords Awake, awake. An agnostic daughter will dazzle after God,
A sex-vivid doctor will cut God Where rain guts heaven’s impossible face. I dare not expend a keen life, but I will shape
Sad deaths from idle waters; and the space I take Digs daffodils for drunken vines. This very night to come, eyes must city-cape
Dolled trains and careering buses And, ah, we will travel under buses And never dream again of god
Ah- god’s an Ape?

A crux of a funereal min star-lights roads to Sex punishment- A dolt in a dram shoots sexed sleuths And, itemised by a glans, a penile fist
Knocks on heaven’s forever forgotten kiss. Bad giant fields appear lost in dirt, and old mist Mangles bad birds with
Naughty night-long shadowy sluicing scent And the carriage in a timed cradle Rocks a rose with sweetening kids.
As a nuance of verbal pepper pees on pigs Then pugged petalled cunt trees Will drag a net around an earth of red fleas.

My true bared bald hands, when utterly incompetent Cuts a crushy car from Blorted vans and engine-spent Feed twelve fairy thumbs
Inside blown bonnets and driven scent
…A bluesy blithe lady lavender perfumes a son’s Keen farewell to a lost baby, and, cock-spent, Bruising avenues of senseless drums
Hires fierce thrummed inconsequent Loaded labile toothed Horsed humdrum haltered heebeejeebees. A creepie countess in a city town snaps
Solvent urbane cruises, and eyes at the bodies Interfuse fast language with the diddies Of pain-wards.
Outside, when I hear a hydrant crash, then daddies Appear defective in dilating dreams, Far down, when I peer into wept ash, then mammies
Star-bind bed things within
Prisoning pushing porn-cars. O see how the loaded dead
Marry whips to wynds.....


384. re. Billy Joel

"It's no fun being old, when the nights are cold and the bees in the hive no longer sing. It's no fun being old, when the nights are rolled
in a bottle of ale and a coal-face wind. When time began, there were fashions to try, but, underground, life's pit denies;
as night follows day, the miner's eye is all that gleams as the black hill's spy.
It's no fun being old: recollections of young men snarl around the slack as old age rends.
It's no fun being old: recollections of young men snarl and snap the back as coal-seams end. I do not want what I have not got:
soot-black to my bones, I do not want a thing. I do not want what I have not got: soot-black to the bones, life's drifting dins.
And I remember Charlie and I remember Baker, remember all those lads who dug down every acre;
and I remember Charlie and I remember Baker, remember all those kids whose coal-faced splendour
banged in the lungs and choked the ears and eyes and carried the cross of the pit-lights in the skies
and banged in the lungs and choked the land with tears and carried the cross to weekends on the pier.
Come, let me tell you the story of my doings. Come, let me tell you the story of my days. Beginning down the mine, I dug the underspines
of every underworld to have puffed up from the clays. The bottle is dead by seven and the sun, a soot-black rattle, cackles like a gun -
and when I was twelve I went beneath the world to dig for fifty years in a coal-face for the pearls of industry, factory, fireside and scuttle,
suffering as I dig like a mouse drowned in a puddle, suffering like a sentry of dark and daft demesnes, suffering like a soldier with a severed arm for dreams.
It's no fun being old when the buddy in the cage has keeled a million times and the pithead's glassy rage
has grassed over millions of villages of lives and the kettle turned black has made a tea of knives and the sickle in the sun has carved away the moon
and the hammer in the drum has beat away the womb and the manacled maidens I wished upon when young
have smoked into a grave of still-born thrum. We did not come to dig for all our days. We did not come to dig for all our ways.
But dig we had to do with our days behind our back and the sun and moon as blackened as a cat. It's no fun being old when the bees don't sing
and the world outside the windows has broken in the wind and the pit-side's master has masked away the mind
in the penniless pockets of the pit-men doing time. It's no fun being furled in flat old age when the workhouse doors have opened like a wave
and the memories of good times are dreams with foolish ends and the memories of bad times are as dear as missing friends.
It's no fun, and this I'm telling you: coal-face crucifixion is all we ever knew. It's no fun, and this I'm saying right:
coal-face crucifixion is the cancer in our pipes. And I remember Charlie and I remember Baker, remember all the lads who lit the black touch-paper
and sent their infant firework smearing into flames and never knew just how the pit-face in the rain
could only come to burn away their prides and leave them eighty-plus in a damning of their tides and suck away laughter and char away their souls
and graft their childhood days to a cradle full of coals This is the coal-face all of us are born to.
This is the coal-face each of us is wed to. This is the underground chamber in the mind that never learns enough to rise above the time.
Black in the blackness, black as burning trees, black as Aberfan and the death of infancy, black as the angels who lit this fag-ash way,
black we grow older and black we must decay. Black as black, black as black death, black as black, black as blackdeath rats,
black is our sun and black is heaven's back. Born underground and dying in the dark,
digging is the darkness that plunders all our hearts, and digging now we lie, our hearts and minds soot-heavy,
digging shallow graves in the twilight of the century. Digging we lie, our hearts and minds resigned to a certainty of heaven that stifles as it binds;
what we had, never had, and now shall never own slumbering behind us; a pick-axe to our bones."



& we should slam some belladonna under funereal father-thunder, & we should string lady lips to lovers
& a bowl of whips must lash all fathers..o when once a bell of brawlers brothers hidden eyes under ice-cream machines then a bed of light star-delights
blind bosuns who die for sharp latrines, & we should slam some belladonna under chilled doll-bells
& we should lover-sunder sliced fever.
the deus of town-delis snaps curtain-dunes o the skies of grounds crash when, spilled, my giddy father buys trash & a swig of sauce hagglers after ash
& a sprig of gorse grabblers after hash once upon a mind, a pretty park plashed coded scissor-highways that crashed coda screens with radio yoyos
& we supper beasts & we dream for feasts
the deus of town-delis snaps curtain-tunes o, the eyes of grounds crash under wailed star-splashed meadow fevers
ah, easy eaters of crapped mits lever Leda where swanny Zeus cuts Mother
....eyes breakdown where unicorn devils run the sunshine through
..on a penny highway to the spies in the rain drop dreams at the sides of grain o, a sea of fire sucks mush as city pain
bridles cats with canteens
la la
once upon a mind in a deaf world, dreams rampaged after dogs of silver & a dizzy lover drops sold fevers & a bone of wine
widens under city wynds oh a penny highway to the spies in Spain switch a sonar radio when
eaters of solar shadow heeds women & we hear radio ponies & we sear riding phonies
under a blinded bastard moon, babies brag for grey seizures & a fitter of a face stops, stops,..

the killers of candlers carry a wall of easy Downs where, spilled, we blood beds with crowns o a sea of faders marry meddlers to grey towns
& we paint the dead & we count rivers on the highway &, la, as we ride for bed then dreamer's dregs
drop salt under a city....once upon a maze, i heard a bud of braids made older then the hearts of time ah, we will suffer minds as mental fever-rhyme
heaps gasses under griped mien-wine.

the killers of candlers carry a wall of easy Downs when, hilled, we blood buds with clowns ah a tree of thrills drops an oaked punch & sound
fills up a bad brain with giddy parks & we lie in the rain as we cry in the rain & we cry in the mind as we weep in the dark
hollowers of easter men chop a cocoa egg,- eager sisters of xmas men wallop feasts with gift-wrapped old women.

the wiveners of sky-rain sweeps spies when odes to old thrillers wash old hands in american rivers o a wake of pure gold grasps to gold chicken
& we walk for night
& we talked all night
the wiveners of sun-rain weeps for children o odes to oaken killers widen ricks into limed oaken pine leaves, & a vault of mice raiser rabbiets from beads
& we walk for night
& we talked all night
a nautilus of silver rocks a starred boat o a mentalis of rivers rocks a carved boat, & we suffer dunes & we rot for starred high-noon
openers of city walls fall aside old oats
O bitter blinders of death dream of ogled silver O, killers of rhymesters rot for feeders when screens of open lunged rivers
raise sex from grey mothers: once aside death, a draggler of mind-mirrors smashes eyes with a blinded moon
la a tree of sex sinks vagismo under raiders la a bed of wrecks
arouses crowed specs where grey kickers carry carrion under deaths..
bitter blinders of death dream of ogled silver o killers of rhymers rot for fevers when screens of opal rivers don dragons where burned gold grinders
drop sex into iron sidlers...ices feed soap to chilly dreams as height spills purple leaders of carmine sea-bites
dying.. o i saw a sunny woman sharing milk with kites..o i walked under children...o i carried thunder's patterns & a park of pearls rammed a city's sights
inside a blown ground star-filled with women..o i saw a sunny woman sharing milks with radiophonics in parks
the dilly men who cut me are gods now..ah silly hens smell of fried fats..o dilly men have left me & god's cloud
crashes, crashes

o i saw a sunny woman sharing silks with ideal haunters of bad ghosts & silly kids ah dizzy dreamers of mad hosts sleep after sleepy sleekiness
& we nest in fires & we swallow cribs
the dizzy men who cunt me are gods now ahh giddy sirens junk old dreams laa, dead alarms funk after rolled clouds & we jump the dead when
sandy sea-spunks heed ancient children


intense creatures in the park have huge trees for their endless human hearts; o eaters under pulled dark have gold scores, & a pool of night
dazzles where chilled female light turns out all lights
..we jump for jazzy heights as cruel air writes back home where the dead are praying; o we junk after jacked sites
o we brick-hang a soapy city's stone & we are alone until atoned by bone
immense creatures in the park have huge trees for their trendless female hearts; o eaters of feline spillers rape all wards o sleepers under canine drillers
drink from coded swollen gourdes...bad birds die in the trees as coded bawds
dollop sirens under selfless daddy dawgs
....we raved under dirtied playgrounds where easy urchins loosened ties under thinned tears o, we prayed beneath guilty towns where
easy bird-men darkened eyes with hairs once upon a mind in a tawny park-city; i overhead deaths come rocking daisies
& a motor mien heard grey female ditties swinging for the jazzers of radio ladies..we prayed for dens as we fell away from
blown carnivals & empties danced drums o we rode to swung death o we strobed after jazz-jawed loud guns
& we bejewelled a stoned T Rex with milky dinners & prehistoric spiked kids.
once aside our souls, we look for rubies,- once, aside love's goals, we hear oldies spine-scattering signs upon rolled nippies
aas we swell up, then a party's gyspy
prances for lavender & hemps.. O, crazy
we raise a spire from old pinks & lazies
the odd times where we spended days atoned lead us now into the black-starred dark; o we send sex into a sunrisen sea of stoned
body baskets as baby parakeets pry after gannets, then coded dustive dreamers of granite sends us
away, odd times where we ended days alone must strip a radio dreamer with hoarse pussied bound blown scissors
& as a davy do drags a scented vine for clues then this sentence of fast paint must move homeward baby parakeets pray after parrots then blind ochres of salty sweetening women drop a doctoror of cunny days deep down
a blithe scene of guilty mamma Downs & we scale a wide wall of Downs??
clothed angels of pure fire wing for
heaped hands whose circle under floors
drink to lady leotard
the odd times where we rended sex a bud of puled tights nicked after pecked stranglers estrange all laden washing-lines
oh coroders of navy lippers form some bell metal from eternal baby-fire?


the ancient cyclists of the dead & gone here arise from saddle rooms o, a sun of dust races after easy guns & a bed of blowers breaks
down..& a star of ash hears a dead song sweeping dells to sleep..ancient cyclists, cut, cry after old rolly-polly lakes
& we sweat for Eden as de father weeps forever

the eaters of a starved old prison slams a starving mudder in prismed colliding corniced fast faces; ah a bed of chases chops races
ah a shed of dresses drags stasis
..blurred gasses grasp grit when rivallers of ruiners snap photo-pens & we are pinned to doilies
the eaters of a starved old prison slams a starving dawdler when eyes creep aside a cliff-wrapped tide; ideal pushers of punishers dream for
nuked mallows that burn for fled war: o easy riders cry, cry: ideal killers peer under dark stores o a cinema of corn
fish-flashes outside city swarms & we cry, cry & we kiss lives
ideal pushers of punishers dream for
naked pullers of vein-dressed
heroic heroin skies
feeders of dun faces drop dives

we sallow heaven's cheek when soft radio darkness listens to old men we shall glow under crowded pig-hens when
a pig-pen of a bound blamed lover leads ladies where men hire murder
eyes under eyes leap for thunder,- odes to tundra sleep after de father....
we salow heaven's cheek when gas galumphs for vinegar sleep ~& we steal after cinemas as grass

these eaten days when i dare not speak my name ride aside clay-graves o a summer under gins dare not burn the flame
& a bride of lives cans the glades & a wife of brides cans green blades
oh when a scrapped crow falls from flame then a bowl of carrion ash must drink to the sun's invisible heat-flash
these eaten days when i dare not speak, then
robed venom sinks cobra under chicken
& a bed of bright inks sunders god's women


eyes have heard the easy blind being sent saviours of slaying saviours & we dig for cash as we feed off scent's body of funking dingos.
...we just had to pee on windscreens o we just had to peer inside god's car we just have to starve after tarry mad stars
once, as we cried for dreams, calves came abusing city unicorns la a rider of pities lap where storms
carry razors down mirrors
we just had to pee on windscreens o we just had to jeer a jacking scar & a tent of tripes lets campers through to red light
..we have the games by sexy-heart
..& a veinous addiction to a slaver moon drops inside domed sleep la a sea of afflictions flavours wheat
& we dance for kisses & we die for grey dunes
a bud of bone brightens after seats o a dunny stone rocks for hard homes; & we have names by heart- the city-sun guns us down when
radios swing for sad sirens
....a veinous addiction to a flava moon drops inside la la
we horse for canyons as rivers raise a raider from heaped
starry, creepy spies
we have a shed of lips sharing romantics whose poem-boys reap dirty droves from stockings a tipsy teenager's best man has heaped
cunny fields where bones of rare glass scatter steeds as they shatter oh once aside banners, old sin leaps
against easy gassy gilded slatters
we have the names by has our souls marched - & we cry for cradlers of old dark dunny gunny magenta helios
....a tipsy teeanger's best man has deep baby sandals
o a bride of Rome drops her heaps o a wife of sloanes lams old dizzy gassy green-books that read for easy peasy pilers of faceless swards
god in his blue station must go mad?
i am sea-hanged.. I am a spread..
i am sea-hanged...I will not tread
any ocean unless sex has swept bread
deeply down a lost town
we have the names by bloody heart!
we have the skeins of creamy carts
marrying sprogs to clowns
Eh? cultive robbers of romantic opened holidays ripen under slapped rain & rolled fire o cruel fathers drag for frantics as pyres
walk against riders of demure mamma days, & we slice vacant vacations where claves
clamber up & out a neon grave..cultive robbers of cemented open families arise from a field of darned christs
la, a bone of butts canes a sea of night & we tread the laughter of old memories & we arrive where beer bleeds for
scissorers of bummed gites & stores
oh eyes may well tumble us now.. Ah wardens of warders widen into carred sea-slammers of dun drakes & grey Mars
i have entertained the fumblers in cars
- i have driven homeward
& i have seen a blackbird jazzing scarred
minarets of bells & boneward wivered
laced heads./.


the intimate violets of the dead & mauled scatter seed across spunked stiff stands; o, a star of evil racist coronets dons shits from sprawled
davy dogs that bark after salt-veins, ah a giddy body baby basks under sun-stains
& a weaver of lady masques
rocks aside a cabin reel
...the instant suns of the spread moon-sprawl easy thumbs where sirens click: la, a biddy under hair alarms a sweet clit
la, a spray of faces fans a doddy fire-lip ah, a stalled hired moon drops cunt-clips..
thise side of lilac, a cotton pusher pits pot pithers with laden radioed prayer-clips & a woollen shadow-boxered baby star-slams a sugar vox in which gnits
sell a gnat to a winter's balsa Lady...punked puled casinos flabber for stagey boom docks which bug a fairied nipped
slashed city of elegiacal dairy-dipped sad snorters of aqua fins & blonde-dripped
bakeries of rouletters & pontoon daddies
the rodeos of grey meadows heap dust & a bell of gloves rings stranglers under dusk
naked nuclear noddies bomb nuded musk


the bended knee of a female bee blends bones into waxen honey-fires: la a hoarded hipped hive spires against gluey tea-leaves
& we wash cocoa down with coded coda stung rattle-hides
..offers of carriages are ribbed with radiophonic sadness.. Hills fall as moany fountains spill

outside our lost toffee world..

the coffee stain of the tealeaved world washes hats in pure wine o toffees under veins suck candy lime & a bed of fats
dreams forever.
the easy riders of a razor-room wind adown a tangerine town, & we arise to see a vast vat of washed girl-gowns
the coffee stain of a tea-leaved world
washes skins in honey?

the bended bedded knee of a sea-gull child drops a vile sex-pamphlet o a shed of headed peas feeds a gannet
a helican heron of heated blued wild
summer ravens....once aside a mind, we mow Orion o aside a blue wynd, we stow Orion oh, a bellied crypt crashes under Zion
the bended bedded knee of a dolled child stops to hear a hill of steeled lyons.....devils down drains dream of city droolers
o arched angelled clowns cap a canyon with lewd hoovers la a bed of christs crashes, crashes
la, devils down drains dream of spoilers: interfused, a patient of Buddha mutters in a salad skein
&, wandered, a mallard's mains suppers after bodied jackers of pig-wives
devils down drains drream of city spillers..o angelled clowns crap upon lover-ponies & we slash macaronis where
drabblers of pertive male cronies raise a romancer from sandy stairs

interfused, a patient of Mamma savours vampy soaky sex soda wraps; & we dream of lips
& we cream for kittened
dairy meaty mary-kisses
..cartilege in carriages marries melters to pigeons &, lo, a sunny marriage of babbies swills loaves from gardens,

once aside sin, a sunny laddy has heated garlands made as cold as bitten rain & rain cuts wet space when veins
wallop a soaked soupy scissor-strain
cartilege in carriages marries melters to prisons &, la, a sunny mariner of a subhuman season serves dog-winters to radios & grey grains
once aside spun sin, a dun lady heeds pain .& pain swirls on a soft stool & rain parks after a dunny killer spool
..ideal headers of heated meringues reign on a green throne where parrot-caged-cranes
swallow naked ice.

the diggery of a jazzy jive-jakey lands a snake la a sea of sawny salt bride-ladies hangs a river-saint la a bone of glass asks for shrilled paint.. La!
we sail upstream as grey feints
follow sex unto the moon
cartilege in carriages shatter under fastened salt flowers o a drum of marriages stops a veil as gardens
cream up for flown flowers
the diggery of a jazzy jive-baby lands rakes then we will poke four fingers up drapes & we shall modernise no more
& we shall fascinate both the rich & poor
& we shall suck our eyes



these false veins where i made my maned name hasten under trains o railways heap trippers as bodies rain aside a siren kisser sound
& a beacher of women washes a town's arisen baby frown
..once, as we lost rain, then raft-rounds searched for blue vitamins & we hear red rain raiding raft-rounds
& we served pockets to vast sins..
..these false veins where i made my name jack for gemmed Gemima & we gas coded vagina
& we clash for bone-bred Asia Minor
Uhhh.. where cardemon cardigans carry a berry-hand then blown transceivers will marry the dead: o where caned cummy lands sweat for dregs
then a brawl of pure demure gold will surely lay blue-waste to siamese brigands
..eyes hear wide tears & a bled bed of souls samons after fish-shaken river-ghouls,- La! La!
once within a mind, a digger of draggled cars crashes inside green pities & a lost sea-spar
...where cardomon cardigans carry a cherry-can then stoned receivers must truckle down clams & a vault of grass
puffs a jayed juped Number
& a sea of glass listens to shattered mind-grass
eyes listen-. La-- crimes glisten..... La- masks
send dollared boys to sleep.

the utterances of a naked burnt mind jump for idiots of petuberances & dogs caught up with whores oh a bowl of masks
jams now a masted Venus, & a slate of swine toasts heaped warfs as casks don a dolly demon with wept woollen shores.
...when once a diamond in a chain dons broads then a molly damp-lamp will surely mind a colly cave where a shadow on a cut spine
scatters jellied gates across the land.,- Mines dig for golden spermacides when a bun of waxen veined vast spirals snip life from
a lost lense.....the utterances of a naked burnt mind jump for
ingots of pinky piled pinafores
ah as melted jazzed faces heap a horned score
then old pelicans must shooteth up, up, up


o ducted doddered darksome pelicans have smelly maggots at the ears o raided radioed helenic fountains have easy bladders inside bled tears
& eyes hear the mind & lies libel after a slander-crime, o ducted doddered darksome pelicans
have dizzy worms outside spheres
...dabblers of crazy flesh whip weird roses of blue fires & burnt cold folded beards
ahh a candler of hazy death sheers odes to cunts from bunny bled pepper-spears; & midnight men hear blind beers
swallowing oils from cabins
o ducted doddered darksome pelicans heat a mushy bummy fluff where cans carry roped disease inside scrams & a veil of tears hisses
& a sail of fear pisses & a nose of night blows kisses
o do we extend tried hands to clouds?
o do we expend sex into sand-shrouds?

the easters of candy xmas pave dizzy homes with elvin silver-trades & a motel in a flower kisses graves
& a bad boy in a head
issues tissues to a bonce in bed

fine fast ferine wimmer men swing upon titter ties; o a stove of spread killers crashes, & a boat of milners raises eyes underneath the seven seas of hat-minds,
& a brook of bells knells, knells.
...once, aside mossed muffs, we snip gold gusts,- nippled messy musk muses on movement where old sluts
soften, just like the sun...ricey red-knights knock on guns & we slacken wrists where earths encage
cunts & cunny cauled castles.

musselers of hot whelk pools push a fast flint factory under blurry vast promontories ah a star of milk falls as lunacy looks down

ricey red-knights rock old cum as sandled scoopy hounds fall from emptied excreted arse-head bottom heaven
ah a mixer of miserly ravens swipes a crowned yapper of dogdayed treason?..
musselers of hot cockle stools slash a fast finger under flimsy lockers of the dead & scissored,
& we hear of hens when deaf music drowns.



ricey ruiners of romantic sheds hide a dog where idioms of mermen fish after wavelets & pug's hair o, a mind of china whips the wall
o, a rhymed vagina hits a cake-stall
...openers of manilla spunk swallows odd prayer oo a cute vestibule of nude flares slaps a bald fist
..nuclear buckle-thrusts rocks the dead as mist drop dead: ashen bled babies bind sweet slides abed dunny hive-held lips & dance ends farmers of soverign blood takes a bed when ancient fathers leap from women & a coffee egg heats yolks where white hens
lay crooked money
..ricy ruiners of romantic spreads ease after rockers of old rolly polly cocking maskers & we use abuse for the world
~o we rape Aladdin with winter whorls
fast farmers of fevered mud takes to bed when old kissers dance for a midnight girl oh a paper paw extends raw catties as seasons
swap sad snows for swift flowers
..ashen bled bees blind sweet lust & flour
cakes a waxy slate inside a quarter hour

apeck honey hips hasten to fatten for feline female babby & lobby laddies burn babby & buddies of de bodies seize red war
..apeck moneys mit after mordency lo a doll of diced lips clips family & a dance of pure sex drags a dance-hall for melodies
& we snap for scissor butter
ashen bled bees sweeten mumma & a hill of lice callows easy eddied sea-lights & a man in a shroud hears summer
weeping for her dead god mother
...a sexy idle queeny king snake crawled under blonde bowls & dizzy salt mumblers & a kingdom of rings weeps where splayed vitamins
swallow wrenned roller rivers

eaters of tissued lead shiver
~& gold guides shape the blue...
nappied naked shingle scatters cradlers when families fling dopes at wedding rice o a don of dummy silver abuses lost life
& a bench of aces seats a patient's light & cuckoo ken hashes nous when night
burns down.

we arse about a mouse as a vole of christs crashes cellves within a broken blue flu-priser, o a parent of mind-swells
weds an optic bird to a nest of larders
lo.....nappied naked shingle scatters idlers when honey bees in bearded trees topple swine-forbidders of rubicund family hens
& we arouse rites with teary star-apples

we ask for eats but we starve all year & a ravenous treasure-horse heads fear ravelling into the veilers of sad tears.

openers of raw-hide vermillion hastens blood to wrap a dodgy rider around sky-writings; o a dangler under tribes cry, & hired dudes
heap a heated crow upon wasted eyed nudes
..we awake to find a sun of loss heating old grey cliffs when a pusher of cut dreamings star-shoots a dizzy accidental car. La, ceilings
dance all evening & a sea of doubt drags a scissory highway outside screenings
openers of raw-hide vermillion hastens blood to wrap a catty party around the fingers of bruised american graffiti
we awake to find that love & life have moved buttered clouds from far East to cutting mind-heart-liver tea-treaties: uh, endless emptied flowers wilt
as coloured truths weep for eternal grace.



facials glisten where a sunken body-bride snaps her lipstick guise; o a veil of missions splays prayer as lies hold all bummed hands together
..once aside crime, a hoody of a lover hissed across a cooking silver mumma; & we have the padded mumma's mother
parenting the dead wiith daddy weather
..facials glisten when a shrunken baby-bride slaps her eased foundation; & the heels of the seized peal for natrons
& the eels of the seized die for plectrums
& we fish after mermen
& we heed the fishman of Alcatraz?

eyes peer outside further eyes... La!
La La La robots of Du?

daddy green bus catches us in awe lo candy mean dust raps our thumbs in sawn lustre Oh we paint rabbits where a cat of code
urinates on a hot jived paddle
...daddy green bus catches us in walls lo, coca-cola salt dust cuts giddy soap with cocoa pus. & a wife of night sweats for musk
& a blind hero jacks, jacks
...eyes peer thru eyes as coaches carry carriers where oats under roaches wash mud hands in butter-brooches
& we delve for mint & we mine for squints
daddy green bus catches us in awe lo a needle-hero with a bone bosses shot brides with easy stoned heroines, & we may swallow stone.
& we wallowed in to a stunned hot diesel station o a train of wine toasted heaven's mind & a van of guns shot our gallop with pus starry prison merchants dream of dined chapter houses oo we are aroused by lice as blue mines
dig after a heart of horses

we wallowed in a stunned hot station o a car of quartz winds down the natron of ruby tonsured vales & the bed of bods which dreams for
old kids & stoned baby glass-wards tarry headed babies swallow cores then a mental missile melts under claws & a bird of pure music
sharpens spin demure body-remits & a casement of curved drones rips
codas of furled mien & eagle-whores
....the eager castle-chrome where i stored disablers inside blind wine has my eater of a groan sallying scores
eyes shooteth up when catters grind alll city ballets down to a town's spine
& death has a skirt for a blamed mind.. draggy dead legs rot under shrubbage: my head is rotted whilst ties tidalise a blouse of bun-knives; and my bed is underwater
and my soul is led to slaughters..the door beside me was like you and the radiance of the meter was escaping from evil Rome
and my draggy legs rot under lovage: my head is ripped when eyes
suck a petrol plane from devs. this smokily ill-connected room i dream of deaths and youths and ald sneezers under hands move echoers of engines
aside from tears when you and me and Lady Brighton
bollock up eerie women.

it is the first day i used a toy?

do you know of the boy who selled dirt to men have you taken down the knickers of the city have you climbed lakes under Leander
will you cum at precisely midnight?

i am the son of ald worldwide night-light

you know the directions o the hedons are in both ears the interhearsing dolly of heated tears eases echoes into language.

do you know of the girl who lost curves
have you removed the kickers of pities
have you climbed drakes with Pomander?

will you come back home for easy rites?


o hand in hand, we ran aside a wishbone and wine bones drawl under prisms: o hand in hand, we ran inside false prisons and eyes drool under fiction
..i am the dreamer of all poisons o i am the ward of tall foisons
i am the doctor of galled mind-cisterns
..o hand in hand we ran aside a wisher and eyes drawl under missions and benders of Saul sunder grey gems was the advent of pure wind devising salty air, up a sea-street where we ran up a billy can
and down into closed prayer.
..the windows below us appeared like brighteners of shrilled hair awaiting the faces in a nunnery.

do you know the kid who sold pornography? have you used candles under cities? have you come to tonight where sculleries
stop breathing?..Uh..the bad idle streets iced idly over down a great river of Sound; silence came like rain as roped night
windily scattered was the sweaty winds reciting galed fever; up inside meat, as we ran,
barefooted dinners heaped you know of the Jew who knew everything? dare you sell swards to blue swings?
do you own the son of Love?
Will you come back home for a swept jew-God?

we dared to shatter reason when stone hurled books at evil baby-nazi diamond...

the mind when shaping is a vagina seeing, a sex organ of ghosts. Light in an eye corrupts senstitives as ropes
stirr cavvies into killings.
how thunderous it is to seize the sight of a mad girl & the mind whilst aching is a vagina dreaming about a sex orifice of drugs...

Night in a mine eyes a raising colours when molluscs embroidered into old mens
suck a snaily fucker with baying gentlemen
sun! sun! sun!!! o to be pelted by the slits in the wind at last floods a gooser with eaten bitumen.
a honey nose inside five hands sirens into insidious silence rainy grey-nude eyes turn away and sadness drops,
from a shaded cup with lots ramming powders down..the itch appearing against two lips
shines like planets that eyes take and drizzle round a shattering of gannets
..a sunlit sea of sloanes hordes arrows through which a wide bride solders after whipped odd wives and we exchange minds with queens
and we take a ticker-tape when dreams dollop kicks underground and we exchange mines for sounds
o made greyish, a sky-written screen
dies away..
shoulders are humped with large headed magnamity; with winged certainty made bare as bodies a scuttering of lakes rides
deep, deep down
..a sea-light of pure stone breaks after baked buddy arrows and shoulders are hunched here;
laden, fallen, left to shift barrows
a fugue of a nose is turned up
a vinegar of lobes burned up
a width of lies hears herons when skirted meadow-colours season rosebeds, slumbered for daffodils,
left to rot under oceaned gemmed
refugees..a summer of washed Rome wades beneath Caesared cicada shaved bath shades; and we exchange minds with mad queens.


no more no more for the dying game, no more for mauds no more for sheet pain no more no more for the dying game.
one of us is a tugger cat made sane and we will never look into midnights we have our names by heart
we use our inner veins for sad light no more no more for the dying game ooo...where a prisoner yells, fay loss chains a chair to a blind blued cross,
and we have our names by heart; we use our inner stains for a rocked budder of blind bone

no more no more for the dying game

and under my heap, a spot of flame has come to thrill my head with trains, and under dust, my bedhead moves a shallow graveyard raised by stained
body-pictures. no more no more for the dying game no more for mauds no more for sheet pain
and we swing for night when dames swallow up mad sea-christs
it is the wind returns to fog in a distant glass: Your widows are up high looking outside a facial thrill-ride, and a dog of dreams bites a blithe
baby gem; mown down, left to rend a dying nameless past?

the streets unfurl to yesterdays recollecting loved sniffy hands that hold to cups and we dance, dance
La. no more no more for the dying game no more for dugs no more for sheet rain no more no more for the dying game?
and a wrist will uncurl and pass donny danger fingers in a comedy of divinities and gold casks and a fist will blow hot veins
no more no more of the dying game
no more no more for the lips of Spain
no more no more


some deleterous vinegars have repainted my bedroom - and a caviar of ministers has fed a sainted bathroom some deleterous strapped fingers have used a balloon
to bend my home with eighty carat glassrooms. the streets of feeling dirty unroll under yesterday's wishful hands of eating -and a caviar of banisters has fallen under schools
and a bone of sloanes scatters
blonde pricks of blood that don a pissproud warper of
warming cats and bruised ermine.

inside death's house, the blinds have never been raised;
we float to the silver imagings of banishing graves
and the crowds in minds brazier after downy trades

no more no more of the dying game
no more for mauds
no more for sweet rain.

eh this is the end...


having being hanged by pockets, all of my clothes have been cycled furiously through a hat's dream. soon, red polish will rock for tussocks
and a bell of thunder must cry. ah, by the sweat of a son, mammas will surely sing loud vegetate hosannas and, like a pickled wind, clouds of eyes
must stop...we may well froth with fruited rot we may well darken a sea of cots we may well harken a lea of socks
but we are dressing too well now
uh? Birdies drink when trapped in trees: the moon is a little mind over here, were hills
fill a secret flagon.

The air is as old patience, the flyways melt for wagons
and streetlights burn.

i played dead when i wanted
ultimate peace.. i was fuelled by keen cusps and i wanted fear to wipe peaceful feet on a chair yet then i was closed in robes
and i took them off and then saw troves caning love with deaths, and night fell
and i chatted with dolly cells.i am in deeply love with everything, inside of me, a beautiful grave must spin dizzy death's dimples.
i was fuelled by mean dust and i wanted tears to
swipe midlife from a bent candle?

babies drip from blue reeds. The sun is a fingertip drawn over a naked sea; dawn, as fast as hot milk, files guns with the sky's trip.
..the prayer of air is touch-cold. gassed hair burns like an ice-cubed street of ice-creamed bun-dreams.
when the water is turned off
bright cars will bang like moths.

one keen girl in a compress leads the sunned souls where a drop of blinde blood pays for t rex as a simmer's mister moves, just like the moon, between slot machines and Easter
and a vast distorted handy creature becomes alike to a burthened butterfly but the skies snips winged cloud
but the slips of slapped slits cream behind buildings
..birds drop dead. the air is so cold it is almost breeding. and a keen girl in a head-press leads the carparks under fazy ferime pedestrianised dolly fingers

one keen girl in a compress heads Medusa as worm-hair
succours cellves from a glassy dust-room...

each and every sandal in the lud-meat is bearded wandering after shoe-searchers: somewhere under mites, a blued bad father appears stabbed to death
by shoe-corners

have we forgottem the paled plans we made for our own dreamy sky-ward o have the falons of footsteps hollow walks for
darkness and the loaves of hoards? each and every sandal in the blood-seat is bearded sundering after shoe-horn-slashers

somewhere, we will find ourcellves atoned by a
radio in a radiant classroom?

tawny swansongs cycle furiously around rain among crowed clouds turned hideously back against cupped legs and dolly humans.

ah all of my faces having haplessly crammed down a coffin song now froth and floam just like visual ponds
ah ah ah; when we clap a glove about a son then one billion lives may well soften after a polish unfound in a feline virgin;
old walls rail
old stalls wail

tawny swansongs cycle furiously around rain amongst crowded towers turned from paned windowed sally widowers.
sooner or later, hair will rinse sunlife and
giddy bulbous suds will cusp a river-hand


my limbs may well launch armies, my mouths, screwed, may eat hot acres of rotted summer families.
o once fish on the side hears shops drilling in a seaside raised from copped gourami drivellers where red loss
ends alone.
..i hated my childhood head, my rotting head blew away cheeks o my limbs may well launch armies
my mien, moved, lunched by rabies.
..when i'll play very old, decent hair may well cut a conference pear with nostrilled dementia made cruel as
camaled scatty grime and hit glass?

we exchanged minds with a mad dove queen: the cellar of our faces crashes under tiger-space and bursts into chemical fog
all over the city, where a masser for an island hissed across red ice, just like the woken moon

we exchanged minds with a mad dove queen

the colours up ahead revolve under compress: i lash a bed to wine and only gold remains naked underwaters
and a cellar of faces crashes for bright warders
i hate my filthy rocking bed which may never easily fall
like any regent caul.
harshness of mooneyed mad drawls ignites a wheel of pashing pushing King Dervishes
ahh one body feeds scandals ahh one lady feeds off night
& a babby hushes for extortionate bright

candly weddings,,


my draggy dead legs rot under shrubbage: my head is rotted whilst ties tidalise a blouse of cuckoo-knives
and my bed is underwater and my soul is led to slaughter.
..the door beside me was like you and the radiance of the meter was escaping from evil Rome and my draggy legs
rot under loveage my head is ripped when eyes suck a petrol plane from spies
in this smokily ill-connected room i dream of deaths and youths and a sneezers under hands move echoers of engines
aside from tears when you and me and Lady Brighton
bollock up eerie women,
it is the first day i used a toy!
an anniversary of pure fire may well burn up, just like hell: o, a figure under rolled bells must don nude triggers
..when once we held times, then doggy dusters heard a vast fen fanning dolls with killers
an anniversary of pure fire swells
up, up... La! the bellied bile-heavy dancers ballet heaps a spawny ball-room's valleys: o a don of spermy stalls
snaps a radio wall
once, aside of, a rider of brollies broke a bedded tongue: lo, belicose style-heavy heapers stain floors with body-brawls
ah we collide with tapshoes
ah we devise dead dance-blues?

stocked up with indolent caned gravies eyes, sucked, nurse ignorant caved babies &, sun-soused, we dance aside rubies
&, cum-dowsed, we lance under doobies
...once a day, as we crash, we see curves spire-blessing bladderers of red perves pleading after hills of pure birds
stocked up with indolent caned gravies
eyes, mucked, nurse obits under levvies




an anniversay of pure fire will forever raise a rosy farmer for naked wheaty weather: la. a bone of lice stinks like girl- christs
o an anniversary of pure fire will sever romanic cousins from filthy prison-lights
..once aside gloom, my eyes crossed night ah, a boner in a room deafens grey sight o, a sea of coded killlers
moon-create saviours with handled mirrors
;.an anniversary of pure fire will forever
raise a rosy farmer for naked corn-pleasure
la. leisure seekers snap a hedon-gun as fannies wallop blue tails with samphires o, pleasure peckers palp a sun's gold fairies
& a burned naked death sea-stabs salty sauce-deaths
..I will come home one day to find dairies swilling unigates from dirty cream-eyries & a milky eagle in a phone
telephones sex when we are all alone
leisure seekers snap a hedon-gun as babies bounce down a cranny cunny candle
la easy colliders must cut child-killers la easy dun saviours must cut eaten green meat... eyes drink spleen & shut

as we pinion plashy dummies then we rock death's drinking murder-seasons o we splay easy mummies as we wind rot
underneath castlers whose coded treason scatters dolly veins
a lady of drunk drains drops aitches la, a biddy under spunk lops red mazes & a bay of bloody trains
dreams of drowning... O, as we are slaved then a car of midnight's faces cums fast back home where eaten graves
sodomise the fields of tomorrow's trades.
as we pinion plashy dummies then we rock
death's drinking easy gum-clocks

wow, what with a pearly necklace aroundabout rondlays of pure fire i will face in to a petrol enemy o wow, what with an early sex-space shouting
then a family of pure fire rotates around a bread-crust
...once, as we played for pus, then we shut all doors & all dreams o a vase of hands layers dogs with duck
& we bend wraps under screens, what with a pearly necklace aroundabout roundalays of pure tyres
i will show a pet kids to a petrol melody
eyes inside eyes ease a cocker under baby & bended city wives seize a thunder-crazy
cradle bomb

o we will surely take haylong families where naked gabby gobsters dream of lady-pin-cures o we will surely take haylong families where
naked bodied bursters
must gush from thunder-walkers a bended bay-burn brags after doctored daughter a spended hay-perm pushes after graves
..o we will surely take haylong families where naked doddy pornstars drop sex aitches, & a greeny salt-bishop who appears snared
drinks from dirty faces
..the idols of the dark dine on ships & hair stinks of sweets.. o will surely take haylong families where aching ruby star-air
strums a splayed guitar-prayer la, we fall behind as windows under times
spirit stalled scissor cosines
these days when we study crime then we have to summon sex-rhymes when grey piggers push plums under old gemmed moon-germs


idolent pharoahs push a pyramid-mine where, tombed, hush heats river-wine-bone, & cars crawl behind villages: we whine
..& when mixed up with poos & porter then we lay waste to the moon oh as deaths rip up grey nudes then
we answer back to a front room? ..a tonsured furnace of spunk spoons sugar-graves to ashen waxy wounds
& we are mixing up bruised lardy platters which shut
& when messed up by naked guts then we board a bed-train & we hiss for pores & we strain all eyes, all sluts
a tonguy spind face rots stains,-
salt-eloquence moves under brains
la..garlands in America serve breakfasts to Africa: o jazzy ivies storm olden leaders &, lamped, we see lights cramming old levers
where, knocked, a knotted skull heaps grey clocks inside penile dust-jeeps.
the rodeo of a rude radio rams scissors when a worm in the thighs slices Medusa with lousy wormy snake-hides, & we cut a mirror when a body under men
leads a waxen weeper to chappy children...garlands in America serve dinners to genius; la, a human God has darkness for his genius
o, a lap of Loves lauds empired brogues with easy genius.
the radio of a nude shadow casts oestrogen adown black tides when idiot racists ram cakers inside sizzle-dens..

the dunny dark nights where i used a scandal wallops me withe major wives o, a scrapper of rites ignites brides &, lashed to burned knees, walkers of knives
needle ghosts with cat-kids
...once, as we earned figs, then we loosened lazy minds with dogs of feline pores & we hissed across green ice as grey wards
lapped a poppy-prison from shavers. the dunny dark nights where i used an angel must widen wool with woven ingles
oh, a bone in a moll hardens gangster cradles oh, a sloane of soft gulls
wallops comfortable carrion........Laaa
..we listened to a pinnace which sank into fast fairied fallowed waters lo, we caressed a harness as we sank into fast dairied cocoa
& a bunch of bowers breaks inside dunny skies where radioed blind wives
washed roasted sizzler hair
the dunny dark nights where i used dirt dangles my bandage underneath hurt green junkers of rats & batty bled pert
baddy perches
we listened to a pinnace which sank into fast daisied callowed waters lo, a bed of balms bodies flower-nudes la, a shed of farms bounces green ooze
& eyes under eyes will swallow death when beds on the hill
sacrifice bees to sizzzlers inside mills
o where violet river lights lend tears to the wind then a splash of dillies leap a swept crag... O. a binary of pure fire heats a lipped scrag &, under demure fear,
igniters of tomorrow's poison catch factories
& a bone of pure wine
hisses across dully brine
i where violet river lights lend fears to four winds then a coffin of coffees crusades for easy bodies ah, a codded rider of dark headed ladies spins
coda caves with instant instinctive black hymns

where once we grasp to glass then rolled gyms dream for nuts & raisins; ahh a rat of slutted seasons
spreads breaded silk upon butter-budded spind
hollow sin.


the sinners under cinnamon hide wafers where ideal icy fiingers push floss into hair oh where one manx flavas heap death's prayer
then sinners under cinnamon jump self-snared body rivers where blonde pigs flow
...where a doctored family fears a mons-crow then a bay of mammaries rams a mind-slowed city of apes & jewelry
& the hidden classes of the dammed see wode
picking after deaths where a radio ramrose
tunes in to anal studio..
..the spinners under cinnamon wives weave air outside-in the phlanges of a daughter's dun dream - ah the abusers of gentlemen's chairs
slash a baby beaver about the head & chest
...O a radical free monkey leaps against deaths O a freed lady under money heats salt decks & a bidder of banister binoculars
holds a wedded shaft to a dizzy cradle wreck
studders who study sex will slice grey necks roughly,

the blue seizure of a fitted stilled mind legitimises a cab of lost souls, the red hill at the foot of the stairs strolls up, up, up
and a school for mendicants awaits..glued dolls and tea-cups. old naked woman came from lakes and the blue seizure of a fitted stelled mind legitimises a lab of croft sea-spines

inclinations loosen daggerers under wine and hot Paris slinks inside old London and we raise cities from masked mime?

because a trillionaire has expensive eyes because a sea of spent grass pays for lies
because a street of rich hair heeds glass
because of deeds, we will seize wives
..the bluest gull we ever saw has tides star-coating a demon lover, reddened, coated like a tongued tether
because a trillionaire has expensive tribes because a sea of rent-masses pays for bodies; because de streets feel dirty
we will supper for cogs and burn
deadening baby Hades
pyscho-pathology has our brains wired.

oh what we bore from hell's breasts flumoxes inside a raw rat's feral sex oh we slide for grain oh we listen to the rain
and because we listen then we must trust the dead with old pain.

if i had the time i would understood the students on the hills o what we have formed from love must shatter like a true rainbow
philosophies of the killed hear God
grappling with lonesome highways
and a bed of boats
sails for the killed
o what we have born from hell's grave
will storm the choked
vein of rivers?
o i shall try to cry for hills and vales
o i will study lies
and when i come down, i will
raise a bed of signets from sails
and five fingers burn
and nine mirrors learn to yearn for
vinegar and salt-stores
oh oh

the sullen stripes of the old wall
show a sea of Downs,
sharpening up a sea town as molls
spring up from demons
o what we have born from hell
will sup a titty cup with dead cells
writhing in the dark
and we must listen to a red park?




my uncle from pan america seeks conquests after wine o a sea of lungs chokes for red litter; o a bin of binoculars
rams a foc'sle where coded livers catch a vast cab to roller knickers
a coming of psychotics hears lovers underneath a sea of failed mummas and my uncle from pan america
seeks contests after minds
...because we are burned, we must dig soft souls with leg-leaded petrol kids because we swim trees we must
congratulate a sea of mines
i shall try to exfoliate a goddess i shall fly for closed gates o a bed of lights marries ageless solar city suns
and we are borne above the rain
and we are born to live again
, la la la..

as far as i know, we have found a golden station undeneath the ground as far as eyes flow, we have made
a giddy bud of nations bud out for fast flowers when graves run, run, run
uuhhhthe red hill of a beggared school carries pylons where broken rules shatter, just like the sun.

and we shiver as we shake and we
move blind eyes to see?

one of you is a latent dreamer one of us is a patent sea of killers o my feet rock the ground o red sleep has me seizing mirrors the evening, parrots seek verbal jazz and one of you is a latent killer and i am fed to nooses when
coded river mindists end
closed gems

immense skies fade like men intense wives lay gay vitamins and we dabble after old cars and we ravel unto coded Mars
ah. loving has to answer to lovers:
lying has to answer to liars
diamate has to fellow old fires
,,Uh..a wheatfield vanishes: a soft yield punishes old neckties
a minefield famishes a sea of harnesses and old lies wallop dust
getting home, wives
gritting bone, eyes
we bite for sirens
we spike spires
and we dance
never again shall
dreams suit
dolls and boots
the needle-light
pierces midnight
and we burn
Uhh... where the gaoler's key is lost, where the failures of deaths rot, where the killers of highways rock then we learn of father will never earn the weather, we will never leap from carnality; and a meadow in a wall will summon parks from families
because we are killed.

where the prisoner's yell stops. where the miners of sex drop, when a lynx inside a rider collides with cycled old grot
then we will hold a party?

you will never earn the weather? we will never leap from fataliies? o, will a shadow in a stall summon sex from a cake-drawl
masqueraded sirens wring blue breads and sugared swings, and we listen to a merry ball and we dance down de disco-halls
these days, in the evening, dolls
supper for darkening cakestalls la laaah



one of us is a mayoress raised from nudes, one of us has no life to celebrate or move: o as we slide silently across a dirty freeway where death's family
photographs the dark we hiss across the ice in a lost blue park and we kiss de silence O
and we risk sex for violence
what if out hands were hammered from snow what of old yams were sea-hanged, what for us then but the burning of the tears
what for ghosts then but the yearning of scrammed cold women?
..jack and a failure toss coins from cosines mac and a feather part lips with gold of us is peppered with spools of grass
one of us is tapered with keen wall-risen parties of papered body screens
and we lease a lonely flyway to dreams
i spiral up the dark ears of the fleeced west wind
and loosen my grey neckties
and one of us has a saint for a mind..


these sad days, when my foot rocks inside my heart, i seize the dead and cry all year these sad days, where my basketfuls heed tears
and my lady love has died, i ride across a lonesome screen and listen to darksome rivers of dust and dried
pigeon brides and these sad days, i arise from the dark to hear a lonesome freeway leading us inside hot fear

one of you is a made-up digger, one of us is a jaded slut whose salt-shiver livens dogs with puppy spectrums
...these sad days, when my boot knocks my heart then i kick away from mossed dust as a pier of guns shoots the sun
and a bed of basques joins the masques and cupped bread
dangles brickhouses outside burns and sheds
we scale a wall of demure Downs as devs drool inside a pavement of purified beds and eyes hiss across a furrowed sea-spread,-
endlessness outlives a blind party as plebs urninate inside a poppy and we arise from suspensive rich bodies
and we glint after softness
ahh...dukers of severed darkness head far west where blown angels swing and we are crowned with honey skins

o as we unravel down life's lonesome byway, o as we snap the town, then a bud of ice will leap from stoned days
and we heed a mission under hot graves...because we have arisen from an arch, because we have eaten from a cart
because, as we rode, we fell too sleep Oh, then we must dream of purple naves
and a bud of blinds will clasp the soul and a sud of minds will hear the cold and a bind of rivers must
swallow blorted killers with doll-dust
...a boy in a bugged body-train will suss a museumed masquerade of spilt fuck-trusts and a van of christs will
suckle babies from a sea of lost hills
..a bluesday kiss of sun hardens lusts, a soft spray of lips softens gulls with swift rosehips and a sea of flowers weeps after
canyons of curvy feline laughter....
.....eyes are trained upon soft silk, minds are veined inside hard milk; and we drag dimes for english hens
and we drink from vines of murder and we ravel into funereal thunder; and because we listen to women
we shall siren after venal disaster..

the crow has a star to feel
the rose has a car to deal.. and
ashes summon ashes where sand
startles bees with carmine brigands

ahh ahh uh uh uhhh

blood-red tangerines peal
bandaged cotton-reels..



401. title: Whiskey-Gold

oestrogen flies like a mind easy sin dives and a butterfly light cuts times and eager lovers marry to a grape-vine
o a seat of glass is postioned above father's veins and a bed of dogs causes canine pain; and missions
pull upon gauze...oestrogen flies from my mind easy spun sin awakes me, and a doll at sea sails for dweebs and a bull at sea
jumps cowed salt-cities

my grey mum grips to babies and sadness shoots blue trees

the eagre furies of a fast fat head mete out a sea of pegs and a peg-happy fern has to shed salt seeds and a binary brain
bolts balls to rain
la la
the eager fairies of a fast fat head
mete out sex to urine
.. lacers of lunacy eat bread

one zilllion miles under sweat we wash red hands in bone-wine o, zillions of smiles sunder wakeners of blithe city thunder
..the piddled heart furies of a fast fat head speak no evil then drop dead Aladdin rubs his sex-lamps then Paladin pokes a parrot and menfolk sweat blood carrots
and girlkind washes her hands in easy stone-wine.
....oestrogen flies like a mind: coastal wives weep for sockets, and a fitted room hastens to unwind and bad bodies play with
tameless spastic toys

a baby in a bin cries until saved a doggy under skin woofs until trained and a cat of tailed war trades
rats for scoobies
o..oestrogen flies under vines coastal cries cry for rockets and a fast fugue stops skies
and we hear sexed eyes....a sexing of the buried hears a choker's cherries laid upon an apple-screen
la la..a baby in a bin cries till dreamed and a bunk of card swallows bedtimes
la la...a sexing of the buried hears a chopper's certified bag-cherries laid upon a dream
la la amen we say for the saviour; amen we say for urban idlers of neon la la..eyes deafen whilst blind
spies beckon
bees to flower under wine
and a bow of ash

shoots a laden moon

the shooters of dun bubbles gun soap with rained blood; the rooters of stunned gables stuns skipping-rope
and a star at night looks down upon codas of day-lit tables, and a song of suns
absorbs pure fire and a cat under gum sticks his tail deep down where dope
...oestrogen rising has to listen to bone-breakers, and a starry life has to use levers to lift vegetations to nude blues
and we kiss hissed ice, and we deaden judas christ
the shooters of dun bubbles
gun soap with raised sex-mud
ah ah

once aside a mind, i tore Mars
with five fast cinemas..

a sexing of the tea-cherished jostles Bird: a deafening of the bread-perished glisters: o a dying game which uses words
must hurl illiterate darts and a boat of suns sails for curs and a stoat of guns
shoots a feline father's coded woman..eyelids don excess visions when a cartel of heat-builders deafens the blind
and a mouth of glass has to grind bear jaws with mind-riders
a sexing of the cherries turns fruit and veg into a tea-urn; and we sex the buried and we wreck swift hawk berries, La!,
why wind wells dry will never be understood till cars
crash under eyes
eyelids don eggy visions when riders of the corn
write for bikers.. And easy porn
swells like piss


i made a crazy pass at an old bent woman: o eyes fazed me: o cries caved me...and a bunk of semen cares for beads
and i mad a pass at an old grey woman : o lives dazed me: o wives shaved me
because bowed god has no name. because bowed dogs have to walk in pain; O, because trees seep into my mask
you and i will hammer lakes to hasps o smiles burn me o dials turn me
to the other side of the seas
i made a crazy pass at an old bent woman..ahh when a venal garden has no good gardener ahh whence an anal raven
has no winged lover then we hiss for certain..
..waves beat on the shores graves heat guns with whores, and we lay under meat as closed wards
sweat for pandemic flu..
Oh i have sensed camal traffic mounting a small mule. Oh i have wrenched canal traffic while sailing to a river feud
and baby bouncers have to move sweet roe to fishy fugue
ah ahh

why the peasy faisty dead seasons heat gay panty hose will be known to figgy children; and a bun of rice
sucks cream from angel-vice
Oh once upon a pan, wedders
shimmered in chiffon gowns..

blown naked bakers of sweetening soft meat says 'Farewell' to a meat-doctor o, rancid butchers of sweetening blue meat
says 'Hello' to my daughter, and a bill of sly fayre sells me seasoned porky ported bed-water
and a rill of thrilled mares dances under penis-mortars
blown naked bakers of sweetening soft meat bids farewell to a shaker: stoned naked butchers cleave ice from rind where coded flavas
shape salt paper;

and a ghost of war shoots blue peppers and a host of wars shoots a fatal popper; oh, blown naked lovers sweeten sleep
oh, boned fated fathers fall to death's hot feathers
and a dog in May just has to run away.
....the doted limbs of a dense city raincloud hark back to a homestead full of bed-bathed dirt-fire
o ropers of dreams float across edams as sedans under clouds hisses under spires; O the accidental sun shines and shines
O the occidental guns shoot when stars sky-stun codas of kodak and porn-minds
..the doted limbs of a dense city raincloud jacks back to a naked yield of stained dark figs
and a glass pig has to shoot for God
ah ah ah

eyes will deafen as sites go blind spies will soften and a bended totem pole about Eden grinds flame to pure dust

the doted limbs of a dense city storm have old weevil legs beneath a crippler's summits, and a bum on a bed cedes sex to glass
and a bone of edams scatters fractures out across a grass
pipe of musks..
...gassy gulls gasp for carrion weather easy bulls grasp to a bovine female thrill where yellow thunder
drops raisins from a car
la la lahh.

we will tread the bulb when leering under old funeral friends; and a liar on a stage acts up for Father and a pyre in a cage
cases killer creators inside blue lather
Rope hardens round my neck
Dope softens men, and a corpse of sex
swipes dogs for tundra.

DE END is nigh
DE MEN get high
WOMEN flit
KIDS get sick
, ehh



when piped with flu, the pandemic god of truths trips inside a soft mind: when spiked with screws, the pandemic god of lemon mouths
vanishes into violence; and a sea of sails screws masts to anchors and a sea of veils spews riggings around sailors
and a bird in a tree cuts a seagull from wide thinking and de poetry of missions flows just like red rain.
..once above a soft mind, i saw the spies of wine weeping, weeping o, once upon a crossed mind, i saw the sides of wine
creeping, creeping; and a ballet underground hisses across danced ice and a rink of scissors snaps a penny chew wiith
dimed lips and mouths and crunched teeth-rigs
when piped with flu, the pandemic gods of truth strip inside a lost mind; and a starry christ will surely turn and heal minds
and a dizzy christ will certainly turn molten tears to whiskey-gold.
the treasure train is coming la the pleasure horse is running uh the feathers of the dead are strumming eaten greying nude guitars
and the faces of the West shine, shine, Ohhh, the treasure train is coming ah, the pleasure horse is thrumming
and the eaters of the dead shoot fay loving
..uh uh de robots of Du heal gemstones with alien drugs and a tribe of suns shines inside weird love and a gang of guns
shoots a panamerican scissor-sea-God
and cunts seas seem lithe
and spunked bees seem all right..
sometimes, the moon looks like the sun sometimes, the stars go on the run sometimes wild heaven chews salt-gum
sometimes, god's sky shoots trendless skeins of roller-souls, and touts with rifle-boots sea-slam eaters of torn death

sometimes, the moon looks like the sun sometimes, the stars go on the run

Eyes idolise de female blind and mess
melds missonaries with baptismal sex
'the quiet aroma of a stinking devil has to smell grey flowers. and the cats of war who paw flowers must cast feline spells
and the silent aroma of a well closes eyes with cool waters.

o a bud of sheer bone has to shiver o a sud of sheer stone quivers; and the sun at night stones
beds of silver
the quiet aroma of a stinking devil has to inhale tv towers and a bended city cowers beneath baby.

these sodded days where i slept until late evening peered into shadow and a face of midnight fills body men with whipping meadows
and fat mice at sea trip a venereal tree and a chill ice cream has to bleed.
...when once a sloane of summer reads ole holy dirty books, when once a drone of flavours burns poem-books
then a starry beard will star-seize
blown rooks

these sodded days where i slept until the morning fell away have now to grace a city's swathed concrete clavers
and an urban moon shines
these days are first dark then

a cigar under knickers has to exhale demure and dangerous perfumes a killer under kickers has to inhale mirrors; and the tides of March drink trippers
and the bridal parks marry crows to dark radios with pop tunes.
..whence a factory of thieves shivers whence promontaries steal livers i will understand that the day i was born was
most certainly the night i was hurled from a cradle.
..a cigar under kickers has to exhale decorous yet sexy fumes; and the cats of England taste rheum, and the rats of England
burn sex to silent death.

whence a factory of thieves shivers whence grey cemeteries bury lovers i will come to know
the name of the sun and its hot crow.

i hear the heads of the dark
i hear the kids in the park
and a sea of pigs
has to drown ceilings
and i hear the headless dark
and i hear loud kids hearing
deafened blind cuts
a dolly in a drive has to start
a bald toy vehicle
a baby in a dive
has to drive a dizzy car-heart;
and the wars of Eden
scatter salt seed upon
i hear the heads of the dark
weeping.. and my soft heart
grows creamy
and my soft dreamy soul
grows fast
too often.

hipsters dance for chilled rheum: cheapsters dance for gloom: killers prance on knives; o, ideal menders mend cold tombs and i have to understand
about self-deaths and old renal rams
o o
o oo.
hipsters dance for chilled rooms killers dance for dunes and once i have lost my children and once i have killed my dog and once i have died
i shall surely count upon the sky
la la
la la la.
a dabbler of a damsel has to cry a rider of an angel has to ride against gold scams and a car of canals
drowns a red rooster.


we have to somehow rely upon cunt-kisses. we have to somehow decide upon cock-caresses; and a bride of wishes lays a god-dog to waste
o, once eyes cease to close, then sunrisen missives will certainly rise against
poets and all their mad expletives
..we have to somehow rely upon penis kisses we have to slide a nut in a gun and a sea-harness swallows sex-bait
and the beds of dreamt hate stun minds, bodies, veins and all human bones.
...a bastard on a ruddy hill falls from bloodied bluffs where chairs of sadness leap into public pubes; and we weep
and we sleep
and we learn to fly

the fuckers of a fast fierce head-farm yield poked pigs to stoned cows; the killers of a vast soft cloud slam fairy fields inside grown hands
and a vase of ice is found in a prehistoric field where husbands sweat for husbandry
and there is midwifery in Heaven?

once when a sea of mice stared deeply into the moon a tree of christs healed gold hair and a bone of prayers
had to shatter and, O, as a vase of smatter snares mown farmed fields
then a cat of life will seize yields
the fuckers of a fast fierce farm yield pokered sows to sheep and cattlers cry for kind sleep and bull-men writhe
and skulled wheat-wives
widen into screws
robots of Du are detected near
the veins of dying fear

smashed seasonal fish
crash inside a petri-dish
cashed sermonic silver-fish
scare young sad kids
and a bone in a bowl has to list
sad weeping grey kids

fields under flies wing-rid
blind bluebottles of honey
o, we decay forever
o, we snap closed weather
and a starry father
dams cars

mothering moaners mark dizzy gals in the park; and i heed sin as old bark falls from a public tree; ah,
we have to stone bees..we must suffer creeds..and we will don ingenious cake-seed
and cum home

i went to the shops to buy a plum the moon was shining and so was the sun o i went into my little town
and purchased a lovely naked currant bun, and i heard my mind and i gave funds to the blind and i served home-baked cake to
homely vagrants that lived on the streets

rainy days are the best we have now rainy days are always the most common to happen and a driving car has to use its windscreen wipers
nearly all of the godless stormed time,, Oh, riders sell easy news to gay bobbies

i went to the shops to buy a plum the moon was shining and so was the sun o i paid a trip to my little town,
and there i saw a keen fine clown and there i saw a genuine busker .. My eyes may well shut because i missed ole beggared muse-town?
rainy days are the best we get now. men in string vests sell cheap toys to infant nests; and crowds queue for the supermarkets
and vast torn billboards look from the clouds and the city's mayor seems
very well known..

i put both of my hands together and pray. i put my knees upon the floor, and pray that God will stop city whores
and my old kiddy bike
long since fell apart just like a
cold swing at the foot of a garden's
well mown score..


.can i count on you to sell me plums
can i count on you to
serve me actual meat?
O piss falls down opened gutters when
mad men leap from urban bends.


i used a gun.. i shot it and liked it..i phoned my mum..i spoke with with it and i used a gun and i telephoned the sun
o, once upon a time, i dug a sandpit. o, once upon a time, i waxed my lip: i used a gun..i shot it and liked it
i phoned my dead father, and then i fell and died (in silence)
i went to the shops and bought a pear. the moon was shining from thin air. i went to the green grocers
and bought me some good blackberries; and then i used a gun and then i phoned my mum
and then i telephoned soft ladies.
i used a gun and then i used a tear-drum. ah a lovely leaping life is all i want.,, ah lively leaping wife is all i want
o i went to the shop and bought a gun the moon was shining and so was the
burning sun.

i have always known that Jesus Christ was the true son of sunny God i have always believed in God, and Life
has me forever praying for kind Lord Jesus
and i went to a chemist and purchased some paracetamol tablets and i used a gun..i shot it and liked it
and i telephoned the sun;
o i go outdoors all winter
and spend my summer days indoors.
i used a gun..i banged an eye-drum i used a gun...i shot my lungs, and i have a good picture in my room
which features a crown of thorns,- And i listen to the looming church and
i sing fast hymns for the Son of Man
and i used a gun
and i banged a drum
and i went to the shops to buy a plum

uhh uuh i used a gun uhh uuh i bought a plum uhh uuh i looked into the sun, and, losing solar waves led me to blithe holidays and the sea
and i when i was an infant brave i watched sandcastles floating
easy seasand.. O, we went boating! and we went swimming and we had such a whale of a time
and i used a sail
and i launched my sail
.uh uuh
i used a gun...i shot it
i ate a plum... i bit my lip and
green apples sell to women
and bright peaches sell to children
..i used a gun... i shot it
i bought a plum..i ate it whole
..yes man, i ate it whole
yes mam, i ate it entirely whole
and i have always liked roast chicken
and i have always loved
rock salmon and greasy chips
uhh uuhnh
hu hu hu
du du du du du

i bought a toy spider. i loved it, tended it, and felt dead pleased. o i looked directly at a mirror
and then i looked at the sun
o i bought me a plum
o i shot a wet gun



weavers of bee-stings rasp across a honeyed tongue rivers of wasp-wings star-clasp upon a mind; and a mug of brine will drum
across a blue wynd and a plate of silver pulverises a blonde female scrum
and a killer of kissered guns
shoots angels

o, once when a seat of rind shaved off false beards o, once when a sea of shears sliced off vast tears then a valve of angels
shot wings with bared minds
weavers of bee-stings have rasped across damp seasands and a murderer of female masks
strips sex bare.
..lemon catacombs carry curves and ships. lemon city drones dram a dog from bones and an urban face in an easing dick-throne
dams loud God with lips
and we light the midday lamps
and we brighten

lemon catacombs carry curves and ships. lemon city domes dam a gourde, and easy easter trips hit
ahh..we have the focal names by heart: we have the titles of the marked.
and a bended Love loosens poppy-trade
and baby breakers
swallow skin.
the steely signals of summer men slide winters into coves. the easy shingles of autumn men slide spring into robes; and a rose of pain
trickles under paintings
and a rill of night drowns buildings
and a hill of christs
arouses the raised dead

we have five winds by heart-..we know the Numbers on the charts, and we hear hearts weeping under popular thunder

the steely signals of oven-men must turn up nude gas. Debt leaps away from children. Trash heaps casts; and dumnny dummy casks
open chokey cherry when
babies drive

we have the ashen names by heart-..we know the Murders in the dark; and feinted dog-pules
will arouse a pig for certain

the pushers of valleys cut dinners from trays. the usher of bodies hushes up a dirty kinema, and a filmic lobby
leads kitchens into phlegm and a mystic bobby abuses heaven's telescopes la as minds flow by, a naked microscope
has to watch over rain la as wind boys cry a naked bagger of purple skein rocks cold sperm
and a lady on a keg has to fasten ferns to
easy sockets.

the pushers of valleys cut dinners from trades the pullers of ballets harden, and a pandemic blind city of graves
nooses snoods with alleyways; and the whipper of currents has to suck an electric plug fron a volleyed
flitter of a fox
the idylls of a knock hammer daisies
the rivals of a rook
snaps axe-heads with
a blase cat-of-tails whose easter crib
craps upon trashed tea
and we hiss
and we abuse outelbowed bladder-crests
,, o

the pushers of valleys cut dinners from raised
and the wives in a separating grave
scheme upon idols
and god's idols must starve
old odes to reason collonise a coral isle
cld souls in season
sink rat-faxes into rhythm
and a coffin on a plate
teeters a tripper behind teasing drakes
and a bone on a hill
swallows mam's margarine
Eyes see sweat..
Minds feed Debt..
Slides show specimens...


we took our evil raft when dyed dredged water swam from old gisms: we soaked sweat-steeples when cried fathers sprang from prison
and a thinning bird hastens to hum for words, and a moth in my barge
is caught inside a butterfly.
,.we took our evil raft when dyed water swam from gold-eyed river-gems..o once upon a veined mind, the diggers of a panned sky
star-shrouded deceivers with skinned
rubber tenets

and a bland hornet stings a bee and a hanger's lip straps candies across green oceans and a bag of ships
dresses dusty drips with lotions
and we trample
accidental steeples
we took our evil raft when dyed water swam from death's prism: we cut off our feet: we hurled broods into blue gaol,
and writers on the wheat take haygold
and riders upon shaved sleep rolls
green knolls

and a bland hairnet stings cum-hair and a ramming jet heaps sex deep, and a berry-beat has to snareth all cars and every single prayer
we took our evil raft when
dyed water swaped easy gems.
i took a little ride across the sentry stones. i gathered up wives. and my neural mind crisscrosses closed palms with baby-brides
and i took a little ride across the hardened baby-bunting whose coded eyes
blink from blindness
o an LA curse dons a hearse as
naked nubile kisses sink inside hearses.

i took a little ride across the sentry stones i gathered up brides and a son of sin sharpens budded foam
and a sea of spun gardens snaps belfries from fountains; ah ah i have told a lovely live lie; ah ah i have sold us a painted tie
and the gods of masques
serry skeins with warders
o a budded homeshow washes hands when a draggler of diamonds shows an evil horn to a minotaur
and a sea of sirens
serves bells to hot gems
O i hasten to a sky of devs. O i listen to eyes as a ship of heads shoots Gins dead and ashen buddy bread gets cooked
and waxen baby legs
suck a neon cut from a sea of plebs
i took a little ride across the sentry stones
i gathered up both eyes
and my nueral mental tribe
dons lions
and old naked thrones have to see lies
leading pugs to drones
Uh Uh Uh..

once upon a soul, i went back home..


the riders of the evil rain have come to summon christ from weathered sea-bread; the lovers of the seagulls have come to
summon light from evil pleasure, and a sea of fins force rats down hymns
and, o-la, once upon a dream, we moved
easy wives to tears

the riders of the evil ran has come to summon christ from paper and a poo in two hands has to murder
blue salts with pepper mother

eyes eat thru thuribles wives screw hens to roubles and we spend upon a jacksea when saint-hooded bagels
are nicely toasted with the use of gem
i exposed my ten inched watch i dreamt about lynched fruits, but my soft head turned
yet my crushed bed burned
up, up, inside a closed world
the riders of the evil rain have come to summon lice with clenching flea-tick cat-winter; and feline spring and summer
and melted autumns mate with mods and put cat-sex under mumblers

the purtive pushers of pandemic easy men write words upon a pure rain the fertive kisses of america hisses when
wide birds swing upon fast grain and a velvet bell rings old horses and a sylvan cell gets locked down where easy veins
crash against blue boxes
, O, once when i was nipped, i sent catheaded dog-men to an isle of sense and my mad words hyped
after jackers of day and venereal nights
and a bone of wells
drops pissy pound-coins down swelled
baby rock

the pertive pushers of pandemic easy men writhe upon the corn ah, men within women jig for hot bitumen
ah, men, sun-spind, heat a doddy flower where Bethlehem
erects towers to the cars on mum's cliff
Oh a bed of signal wisdom abuses a dreary broom....O, sirens snap a bell of vinegar around kitchens; and an ancient cinema
ravels into filmic fusion
and a reeler of this kiss-proofed world
warps statues with motel screens
the purtive pushers of pandemic easy men write words upon pure pain oh, heaters of radio listen to deadly rain
oh, killers of radio missions
cries in the radio dark


fetid blood udders are milked by dilly maids scented love laps cow-cream; and the pints of god grasp a milky tea
and a branded silk-grave hisses across gold-tops
Uh a swooner on a float has to seize reeling tears from coffee lofts and a fetid boat-wreck
wrenches milk-eyes and, as we dance, a native clotted deck
dollops sorbet upon chill christs

murderers in a dairy cathedral have to neck a bone of cocoa and a kind killer in christ's dairy moves
easy hands upon liquid screws
and a bed of unigates will dip de bruise
deeply down
a creamy soured clot-clown


while very well built, we had nothing up top: while sunny sex milked cream from angel fingers, then a sea of cots
rocked just like a blown heart; O, as candy slots dip a caramel into toffees i we ride for sweet lusts
and a sex ravine heads to the porn-west
and a sex trampoline
nooses heads under hands, arms and vests
we are assigned to a jostler of a harness we are consigned to eaters of eagle saps
and a bay in a regal raises blood from desked
caners of coded laps
kodachrome nips poppy-saps coded foam folds dunny gals inside sweet clap and a burst of braille
dictates pleasure to a blind girl's sails and a veil of fans flashes fanny into a bedazzled sea-glans
and horses on the crap
dig stallion seed underneath mared caps
and we dig red bunny
and we fix false mummy
the faceless jacker of de jackal's tummy tunnels into shredded biscuit moneys..sss when a badgered blown bed heaps sand
ss when a damager of stone dregs
shoot pinenuts from a ridge i shall poke my bony finger at a city's head and hindermost candy
clarifies Madam Bundy
and a stroke of arms charms a spread palm
and i take needs on holiday..

uu the slease bait of a magic sex mine digs deep for dairy gold uuuuhh while very well built, we held minds
beneath brawls where idiot canisters climbed such sad trees sex climbed and a buttery binary bomb shoots stays with
kiddy thunder-tracts
and a tiddler of a cat copulates with swum pigs
and the slease bait of a magic sex wynd
whips a stockinged dilly brandy swine
once upon a doll, i ate my grey buttock when idiot chained floes fed a faceless crow to lunar ploys of sex-wrens
and aces of snapped floes
raise a riven romancer from white troves
idioms of lady laughter swipe ticks from loaves aah ah, romancers of robbed radios slice brogues and a sky of paints
pads like a molten mumma and a demons boom along girls' fishy fields
and blueberry hills
anoint napes with chiller cherries
and anointers of drills delve deep for wheels
ah O o-la!!!
creations has to knot its monkey
ah O o-La!!!
dilation has to shop blind honey
ah O o-la -la



I espy some buttock-milk: la, i define a bottom-death; and silk swallows phlegm and i espy some bollock-milk
la i derive cheeky god-times as old men ride shitty rain; and the clouds of the dead stain
blurred states with
coded sitting arse-milks
i rode to sweet shitting rest
and eyes poo right now.

bloody blonde-headed fire starters swallow eddied flowers ruddy drag-embedded farters father latrines
and a face under peeing fire heats a doll;
and the clouds of Israel sire seraphic strangers fron spires
and Jewish worlds catch fire
bloody blonde-headed fire starters wallow in sheet rain
and faces drop from closed trains

leaders of dreamt dreams abuse a nightmare scene la, readers of bent dreams accuse a dreamer's sun-beam
and a mental castle
leads a lip to blind muscle..hah we raided stencils and we raided paint and we shaved suns away from
bodies of rivals oo - leaders of dreamt pencil-purted soft bounced dreams die for sleepers
and dreams outgrab

i cogitate on emptied crab-cabs.

& we float down lonely hills & we kiss our town o a bow of fire liquifies sound & we float down lonely hills
~& a sea of hearts swallows wavy oceans and drowned boats grab
a knifed sea-sum..uh, helios of sadness suck crabs radios of madness swing forevermore
& we float down dirty hills and we drive a cab
& we float down empty hills
& we catch the sun
& we cry for jacked
beachy bums

eaters of natural sinners fill blue glasses with cuts

inside an outelbowed face, wallets pay for leather. Deep wars shall murder obolisks of pure purdah o a wife of shaven faces latches
domesday to eaten fathers
ah, killers of cavvy cages have to smother fields of glass, and a rider of mammas yields dumb campering bull-gas
ahhh, plashy doctors heal the dead as brothers piss inside a sealed bottle; and a dog of rigid cream appears barking for mental sorbets
whisks ermine
ah, clotted vermin scuttle under screens as pitted old men sweat for a loud grave
and an idol hen lays eggs under
sidlers and cartoons

the ideal magical wife who cums directly at half-past-ten must read my palm: o ideal magical christs who strum
a penile guitar have to stab a false cross and a purse under moss pays for ivory
and ideal magical wives will strum cunt-hipped sitars. o a guilty lever leads rams when a dog of a person sleeps
;and a gun of mites feels for heat and men run a mad mile
the ideal magical wife who cums directly where clocks cry
heaps holsters when
balded bakermen suck on lies
La as diamonds drool then
green wives sparkle?


fishermen of mermen hook a fish of flame: fishers of old pain never heal..O a bum of masks shoots a dolly plateau
and we trip a weird halo and we dance
...dishers of dabblers shadow a sawn radio helmet; kisses of rodeos hear grain shooting dead hits
O..fishermen of mermen hook a fish of flame kisses of dead men caresss
dunny cheap glasses
O..endlessness harbours us
deadliness fathers us

a haloed imbecile whose angelic mask shoots God from the hips here and now kisses a truant slit and a kind canny female
who pays for sex-trips enters into nudes as the band plays
O..a haloed imbecile whose angelic arse shots Gods from hayricks take hay-long holidays where slits
splay porn-thumbs

we harden as we kill sweet guns we sever a bloodied mind-hill and dusty gardens fill with weals and a coded kind miss
cums..O, we came into a crowded town and a factory of astounded sounds abused knitting machines
and the brawls of day
brain-thump a dirty grave when
coastal killers heed latrines

a haloed imbecile whose angelic past time-travels to nowhere rasps for body cock; and as body-crocks trip the clock
then idioms of fear
shed petrol tears..
...o we take a hay-long holiday to a hot red beach where skies of blue set alight to dizzy oceans
la we take a hay-long holiday when easy lifeboats sail into a swift heaved length of drowned men
and we will surely send canoes and yachts to sleep. when once a petrol seizure reaps sufferers of ragged radios
a soaker of a jagged crow has to weep under pink eyes; Oh, once upon a mad mind eyes burned up and glowed just like
a widener of cold skins... skeins of listening lovers leap mice veins of glistening fathers
fall to death's dreamed feather and a muscler of a dog-christ heels aside cats where crows
cry for comfortable carrion...i we take a hay-long holiday to a soft red beach where skies of blue
strike a lady-match and my gal we surely suffer helter-skelters of sand castles and we listen to Mamma
and we hiss across caves of fever
grainy graveyards strike a match
veiny trainyards suck love's snatch
uh uh uh

when out of soul and mind (when out of body) irises of Isis will cut the mind; when out of mind and brain
when out for baby, ilexes of old times suck veins: and a boy who moans and a girl who groans
will come back homeward and a crow sings for children and a toad squelches under blurred hills where gold summers
sweat blood-pain. architects of night and day ram deep powders down graves and men who seeem gravely ill
will loosen skin with easy kills la la, a bum of bonces star-slave
old kinemas when
grey cinematics cut chillin'
choppered rude wild sirens
when out of soul and mind. when outdoors and at of bodies, irises of Isis will cut seasons; and self will soften wisdom
and a bird of night sings at the edge of light;
O-La!..i will cum homeward
O-La!...i will gun grey curs and a mental dog cuts cured curves where butts
seal canes in nuts
rutters of sweet death cups easy queasy breasts putters of sweet sex rests beneath blurry berry-nests
and we leap for a mutt


when out of soul and mind (when outside de toadies) irises of crisis cunt-create luminous and bared cathedrals
,and i count on timed city damage
and i spunk up on my mind
...Oh, when out of soul and mind, loss bleeds upon a duped cold Cross; and the marks of Man
serve drinks to old grey Pan
and the roads of Love
glister; and when out of soul and mind and where sadness chimes then a naughty lying bird
lays silk
and tea-dregs dam cut milk


what with chalks, sticks and fatal gassy mind-stations, we hurried to sex as islands banged a bad sand-mansion;
and the caves under seas noosed natal waved suns and what with chalks, sticks and
fatal natrons we buried a bone in a banned
ocean banner.


we are rocked deep inside a cocking horse and a funeral bride we are rocked when times hurl a statue at a chair of eyes
and a stationary idiot mind
sticks flashed fingers under eyes
...cinders of naked feathers light a blue fire: minders of sacred rivers ignite raised plovers; and a bending fever feeds zithers to
coded photographic funeral pyres
o a starry body shines inside the sun o a leering moggy mines after tiddled deaths
and a gun of sex shoots dead sex, and a blithe star-saviour; glistens cinders of naked feathers light a blue fire
minders of painted rivers
ignite a crazed blonde spire
and we ditch doom deniers
and we pitch for Loss
and we dine upon a baby jesus-cross
eyes of silence hear visions under code spies of violence wash blind hands in souls; and a bed of money
stashes one billion funeral lobes,.
...the daughters of the death-deceived hasten to a midnight hour..the porters of a blinded flower
tree-bind bones to waters and a bed of snakes causes reptilian dreams
and daughters of deniers mix up
de fats and de flours
a cakey pissing pusher of grey sluts writes upon the corn: a shakey hissing valley vulture spring-cleans a sun of dawn
and a starry skein
lashes usherettes to cups
ahh. the daughters of the death-deceived hasten to a midnight flower, and a belt of binaries
bellows about a strapped lap of babies and a sovereign hour
kick-starts a broken heart
endless fawning faces take rubies
underneath blinding doom.

the easy orange counties where i made my easy sex-death has come home to see a boy in our graves
o a bier of ash has come to slash easy castles with brains and ash-suet
and a bony sash sinks a belly into a bled bun; and we look at the midnight sun
the easy orange counties where i made my easy self-death has come home to see a boy on a blade
o a tree of mash
masks up when
baby-buntings have to suffer old men


once upon a bad mind
i jumped true sense and blew blithe women ahhh..the jacking jackals of the tiny tall dead arise from heaped bruises
o tapping angels hit upon nooses; and eyes beneath ivories lay waste to easy nunneries
o hacking kind coughs capture wasps, and a bowl of wine serenades love's ebonies; and sex whines
and once aside passion, i heard the seas crying for a murdered country; and a bed of rice serves spice to christ
and the jacking jackals of the skin-crazy arise from arise from heaping infinite baptismal milk; and easy christs
order pebblers to scream for vast veins

o tapping titters trap salt sluices, and a silver fish
swallows lips
endlessness shines like a fayre
emptiness cries like a prayer

weevils under old abandoned oatmeal suck maggots from wine la la, eagles under souls lash dogs to sleighs
and a worm at my ear hisses under wheels and i watch blue wheels turn
...weevils under old abandoned fishmeal cut jackets from worm-brine la, seagulls under dolls
lash cats to kitten blood; and a slowworm at my ears kisses l.izard thrones; and i watch the blue wheels burn
o once upon a bad time, where i made dog men leap from marbles: o once upon a mad mind, where i played
dog games with Madam Candle ..I have to sleep in the vast past; and candelabras play for coastal masks
and me and men are a Venus underglass and the fatal focal penis of a flower has to weep for the day
and a day gives way to night's power
and the nights give way to graves
weevils under old abandoned oatmeal
suck maggots from brine
ha ha, swaggerers under eels
suck a cat's head from heaven's mines
and we dig for daisies
and we swig ald rabies
and a flukey fast boy
is overjoyed
uh.. eyes were unlidded once spies were blind writers once and a bad dog in a mouth o eyes were leaded once
spies where fine lovers once and mad words set sail
for easy tight Japan
we have the birds of Israel come cheeping at out door we have the curs of Ishmael come creeping under wars
and a ward of wetness has a bad mind for its girl, and coded city garden
chops a laden city voodoo
....eyes were unlidded once, spies were blind leaders once; and a bad dog in de deep south listens
and we have a horned angel crying for Abaddon, and we have old missions
weeping at munitions
and we told the time
once upon a manor, homes



i once had a vernal girl who overwashed her dad's cut hands: o, i once wed a red world, and when clocks trip sands
and when crocks spill vans then my vast closed body
will noose a sea of screws
..once upon a cove, i moved all my brains to tears: once upon a toad, i smoothed all my veins with tense fear,
and i am reeling in the East and i am feeding from Japan
ahh..i once had a vernal girl who overwashed her face: o i once wed a red world, and my mouth feeds fountains
and my teeth cut mountains; and my bad body brags about soda syphons
and city sirens burn
once upon a toad, i moved all my veins to tears: once upon old weirs, i soothed baby kisses with grey flowers
and a cot of ice hits upon scarlet sorry suns
and a moon of masks cums
deeply down a dippy gun
they told me when i was born that faces would submerge fast bodies into christs: they told me when i was formed
that stasis would purge all men and all sad knights, and coded passing fields
will stop to love
medieval rubbish
endlessness slides like a snake..emptiness glides like a lake; and we weevil under lice and bald worms seem nice
all of the time.

these happy hatless days when i cry for endless praise have now eaten underneath eyes and a bride of days
marries sex to skies and a mind of summer cuts graves
with delicate decorous trades
once aside a mind, i heard the dead weeviling inside a gourde and a worm of words eats birds
and a dizzy maggot at a nerve has to hiss across blue tears
these happy hatless days when i cry for books of clay have now written poems for knaves
and my bed of iron
fashions body sleep
and my head of zion
fastens bulbs to meat
we dreamt all about the son of man...we feel for the wall and heap lice upon bald seasands
and the Leda at the back lays right back upon a chimney-stack; and there is china on our brains
and we walk a long march back home, where old museums
play histories to arts
these happy hapless days when i cry for eaten glades have to hiss across a vale of blades and i curry-comb
a horsed cunt whose stallion flava
rides side saddle in five winds
la la la
ah ah ah
we will have to fuck into deadness..we will always suck on foals; and the mind is filled with live lithe faces
and the sun in lunar rain has to fix
old teeth to flashing roads


the soapy cinemas where i made my skin-trade hip to a dizzy filming snare, and a shop of slides pinions dials with hair
and the drying shampoo of the laid lashes usherettes to vile screens
la la. the soapy cinemas where i used my blade trips to a giddy filming prayer; and a store of light ignites the world tonight
and, ah ah, we are the visors of the grave
la la these emptied ravelled fists of soft light layers baby-tunes into water; and the kinematic void swoons, and laughter
serenades dogs aside blue lip
la la these soapy cinemas where i made my minge-trade skip to a body on the rise and usherettes of silk will always show lies
and an old-time chock ice must palm cinematics as bellers of wide wives
dip a starlet inside a sock..
burning midnight embers slap a digital wrist and the audio towns where auditoriums
radioed a city's american sun
stop to love..
..ashen layabouts crusade for a hot bald day stricken under shouts, me and my bonny girl head into drought
and a green shield buddy tree-hangs an oak apple with a mummy and we are in the mummy cloths
and we are raised up high where daddies
pour wheat on sticks
ashen layabouts crusade for a hot balled ballet o, a lion on a cliff roars after dogs as a laden mamma's valley
drags veins for tawny heretical lips; and a teeny in a kiss clams up deep inside
and a lawn of lice loops maggots into galleries and madam scarlet have to travel home underneath blue veins and masters: me and madam varlot have to shovel bone
deeply down a mansion on a tiff
and a house of gods will
serenade death as green nights fall down
around a fazed town
ah..chalks and tunes and ticks tan a feline hide chalks and runes and sticks ram a canine bride
and the sun at night enters into rain
and the mind of light
shines down from pens and hayricks

there is a soft angel crying in my head: there is a spinning lover pinioning my soul to a clasped bath-mirror
and all the worlds of death drink my sin dry,
and a bather in the sky slides off inside blood-ruin and there is a soft woman burning sex.
when an alarm of days grips to oils we will hire a baby to a coil, and the pyres of Man stroke a drip
and the tyres of Japan turn a dolly key in a paddock. there is a soft angel crying forever: o there is a sunny singer whose flava
hoops skirts with veins
and the number of the sun jacks rain
and the thunder of the reined
hammers daisies to horses
when an alarm of graves spits soils we will hide a bobbin in a moiled starry idiot diamond
and a ship of fools sails into drivers
and we heap grey sirens
the keystruck cuckoo of old peppers
burn for the king's canary
and the eyes of nudes
seer a blind mind.


the mental stains of a whipper's world sweat mush: the scented veins of a snipper's world sweat lust
and a grave of dusts drops muds upon girls; and the seasands learn of drowned pearls
when a madam moves aside salt rain weevils will concede maggots to grain; and the beds of death
cause fatal sleep, and a dream of veins heats a soft mane when the mental stains of a whipper's world
sweat musaks: the spreaded trains of a ripper's girl drop dog-rusks, and a bone of vaginal night
centres domes under darkness
Oh..when a madam stains her peahen coat then we will cum back homeward
and cunny canes must cause welts.

ashen eaters of oestrogen have to jack the dogs of war: ashen beaters of coded hens have to
jazz inside dog-claws and a mind of mush must eat bled musk; and a skein of clay crashes upon
blue headed cock museums: o the hands of sands soothe the gallowed flowers
o islands in dun edams dress cake with water; and a skull on the ride hears edams dropping coke into sedans
ah, a copious creator of a mad son weds a daddy to a dreamer ah, a copious curator of a sad son
sweats optics
and we skate for bread
and we raise the dead

the waxen wide bushes of the dead and gone strangle beads with bare hands: the waxing blind rushes of
deadly diamond crashes under closed drams, and an isle of doctors
drizzles rain with fire
and waxen wildness
sea-handles cobra thrushes
o the wives of evening scatter smatters..o the brides of heaving smash, and we have the eyes of March made
keen as the dead
and we drop darjeeling
and we stop the ceiling
waxen wide clashes cut capons on two: la la, a boat of breadstrips sails down to moving pictures
and a wolf of wheat rams a soft yield
under the Thames where sky-dyed dudes
die out..

the jammers of malus angels snap an anvil from a stape and an ear of corn snaps coded cochleas
o we used the ear to find hot tears and we listen to the dawn: once aside a mind, night's paint
covered easy candy with green flights of dogs and kids, and a grey easel snaps sex brushes
and we eat into weevils: the jammers of malus cradles snap an angel from a stape and an ear of porn
craps upon eagles
and seagulls storm a snake
and god's sight is stormed
fay fazed sex-architects form blue braziers: grey lazed cock-defects swarm against pissers
and pullers of kissers crusade for cunny grippers: this fat gay world is set on fire
oo, the hired hills are burned, and a whore in a pylon wires
radios to weeble mien

we are eager to pray for father. we are mental. we are bombed by day. we are stoned by night
and life leads our veins to poker pigeons; and the easy shows of sturgeoned midnight
ram daughters into grey lights; and we pray for de father.


eaters of robins must heed light: reapers of dauphins will slip a tear into wept larders; and we buy dolphins
and we ride to drowned lovers
..the easy shows of midnights ram brothers with instant mumma; and a tree of tramps
begs for city grease, and we ignite phlegm with feathers
once upon a mine, i saw gold crying when eating a mined soul and eyes fly and minds writhe
under mallow where men heave.
..salty soothing parcels send stamps to cradles: old eaters of candles send mussels back to sea
and a writer of the void stamps a backbone with a boy, and we sail for anvils. easy eaters of sexy samphires
have to dine on whelks..o, family flavours must kill death, and incest dances with the killers
and sin looks in mirrors
salty smoothing parcels send stamps to tables: old patters of pushers pile cables up, up, where
a dilly demotic snare traps a coat inside blue angels
once when we were too young we cut a wrecked flower; and we listen to a TV tower
and we hiss inside blind lungs

old god pulled down his nazi knickers rolled love spilled easy brown, and we ride from kickers
and pull lace from hills: o, o, a bully in a brace binds death to feathers: a dolly in a mace
defaces doggy mines and an aged drug
drops down false plugs
o, o,
once upon a mind in an ashed world pigged eyes laid waste to mammaries and i have entered once again
into the green zion of the waterbead old god pulled down his nazi knicker; rolled loveage resounds
and a blonde book about lazy clowns
serenades dogs with lipped
vulture rock
we have summoned darkness under
grey nests
we have seasoned deadness under
fazed necks
and death's drawn lever uses thunder.

And christ pulled down his dunder knickers: ha, a rite of dolls dragged mites from foals; and a light of Downs hits blood with coal
and we seize bled skippers and christ pulled down his dunder knickers
ha, a rise of wool wraps dusts in sandal bloods and a computer love-byte hastens to cold; and a father to a rude height
wraps razors in huge water: o as a baptiser of pure milk saints de soul then youths and mamma will clothe
a baby-bunter with a bad body-flower o as christeners of pure silk
stain girl-satan, then an incher of foals
will certainly ride into the veins
and christ pulled down his dunder knickers
and Life pulled off its sandy skirts
and a worm of ice
sticks slugs into mice
hah hah ...


and jesu dropped his violet kecks as hurt spurted arrow-seed at seas of pert city creamers
and a bath of hammers sailed a toy sail beneath a wintry summer's father-veil; and jesu dropped his violent handrail
where, blenched, a bleaching of mien
snapped verboten comers
o as a baptiser of red milk saints de whole banana body of christ; then mules sing hosannas to a sea of rice
and demure decorous dolls drain a shitted lip from winged angel-bols
..once aside a bible-mind, we heard night snapping blind day inside blind sights; and a bone of blown blood
bangs upon a stoned dog
and we share rats with cocoons.
what with diamond gizzards smoking sails: what with diamond rivers raising arouser's pints from golden tails
we will certainly have to quiver for thunder dusts and doggy sedan-cores and we are riven to the blue bone
and we are driven under blown balls of bedded speculum-thunder; and what with diamante killers
come crying at the mashed bit, we will certainly have to stone rolled nips and blood nipples on the moon
share missives with cocoons
and a wallop of a whipping boy heeds clips
shedding sweet seed from a blue moon's
tardy caned clitoris
o-la the digger of a salt-circus has to soothe awed hands with bruising truths and the skein of the colour true has to
save dark birds with spun screws; and, la, as we ride to holy sleep
ha, as we glide from country heat, cars
will surely blind us with dog-dayed scars
and radial riders of the Thames will certainly hiss in the tears of the Towy; and archangels of thunder-nerves
will crisscross cellves with blunder-curves
and maluses deafen cold cuts with
catty heroes of messed slut-clips
and a crooner in a bed pan shoots slits
with cranial fingers
ahh ..what with diamond geizers smoking sails: what with pullied pusher men plying dots with piped guys
we have to hasten to seizures under fay-eyes; and we pull a pisser from culled seasons
and we drizzle milks upon cunt-tribes
and we heap horses beneath blue knights
with chalks and feathers and dunder-nerves whistlers whistle in a fountain-head: o where marble fevers
flash into the dark, a hand-maid to bread slops soft crusts down a bay of scisssors
and the silk-lips down the easy pan hide rolled biscuits found in my cistern
and wihat with chalks and rubber broads
we must always chant for mental whores
what with hawks and phlegms and reapers of pigs stalk and waders of figged rock
blithe maiden melters will gorge crash, and easy riders rock upon a gashed blithe stool
oh a pelter in a rule measures corks
oh a helter on the drool layers dragoners with yoyo fooled zitty pokey adult children
and a mike in an amp abuses
codas of cicadas and blown nooses
kickers of picklers in the painted park walk cats inside gold dogs: snippers of devil Hitlers sunder clogs,
and a clock timed by god's hearts ticks a crazy candle; and writhers of sundials ride upon
vast valleys where a nipper of darts hurls dangerous shadow where
dolly marks melt into urban hair


we have chalks and whites and petals: we turn a petrol face unto cobras of slitherers whose blues cannot stop rude metals
and the harps of sleuths suck up damsel dragonflies and eaten shut cunted brawl-nuts lie at the bodies
and we sermon after easters and we siren after a body in a festive pram; and loaded slow-wormed snood
shoots a leather baby...
roods rootle for a jacked hay-cheek
and laden mangers feed sleep with
tawny lovely buzzer worlds
and a seascape fills with criminal easels and dreamscapes thrill with painted seagulls: la, will serenade a winged table
and we count to ten and we shout
and we drain the river Thames

as a bed of splinters hammers dust, musk ravels into boned minds; and we count to ten
and we shout aloud
and we act piss-proud

once upon a boat, we sailed for dolls and easy riders of shrouds
heaped hands upon ermine.

bird lime in Lime Regis has to dollop golden pigeon poo on human eyes: birdies inside a penis slough for sugared seas
and a cot of wax sucks kiddy beads a shredded bullock cuts his cows and as a bedded ewe-padock turns under locked crowds
then a heap of blood-lead will ride
against blurred haddock
O.bird lime in Lime Regis has to dollop golden body-poos: underneath parcels which open nudes
and we rock the sun
and we suck a gun

whistlers of wheatfields have to rot
and we have time left to rot..
charmers of chambers curry-comb eased mines where weird old drones bang babies into lime
o, as fast as a clock, a town of stone eats under minds
and we think of loving and we hear brass-rubbings and we hasten to a prickled roaring bible-chain
O..charmers of chambers curry-comb
eased vines where spidery sloanes
push a wide life

a bastard that breaks illegitimate bread has to kill his real dad: a bastard who rains down, down
will suck a giddy jumping pisser bed; and we learn about
nothing at all
Lo..yet we studied how to die?

we have the jammy names by heart: the criminal easels and the cruel carrion sound of painted
eaten seagulls
and we danced adown a bad hall and we shout
and we routed

these daddy-days have to summon rocks from pits: these sassy graves of men who have nothing left but lips
must fasten dogs to coded crews; and we catch a nightship and we count to ten
and we ride to death as screws car-lock freed prisoners
deeply down under closed skins
we count to ten: we hear the bells of Men: we shout out aloud and the seas of sin smatter after
blorted city cries

and a scarlet scissor-man shafts coastal butters with silver strips
and a purple mirror-man carves
sylvan crypts

we count to ten
we heed the cells of women
and we count on sin
and we scream after children



we have the mummy words by heart and we entertain love's dizzy feather: we have lost our favoured counterpart
and the trees in space sucker dirt hearted sail-sewage
and we cut a soured face: a driver of darkness devils after men and a leader of sadness
hangs sweet keys from old deadness and we fuck into TV darkness

we have the mummy words by heart and we entertain our easy mammas; and we arise from sweet stains and midnight murders
and we danced
all god's days (across a dummy bay)

the sirens in a silly drum drum for the sally boys: the seasons in a dilly sun burn (up, up, up)
and a geezer-scissor in a silk-stream washes naked gals in pinking rivers
and sirens in a silly drum drum for pawed bad joys; and we strike a match
under a blue bonfire.
a mother of darkness slows everything right down. As a moon in a mad town swallows pleasure, then a van of christ resounds
as we shoot heather
..the sirens in a silly drum drum for deft daisy girls, five seasons in a filled sun burn poppy messes
and flown flowers yearn
and torn bowers turn
and pigs in a plait sharpen
eaten barbered scribes

gide and coastal choir-kids harden fay seed and openers of dog-figs affix phlegm to grey gallent burned heart-gardened
,,oo,...catacombs of money melt metals for sex alchemy and a slide of gobs grips to a grey
leaded family; and demure gold is made from dust; and we roll inside old sussed
..catacombs of money melt petals in a bastard gilded oven and the songs of Man abuse a bastard onion
and we swing, swing, swing

a bad coss crossed lettuce hands vegetable anorexia to cookers of pictured bulimia; o, revolving pied rivers
and naked trancers hang truths; and we are given
unto prisons where closed gibbons
get licked and locked down
catacombs of honey melt menstrual baby chains, and a wrist of veins dons a timed bangled scream
and we understand nothing at all
but we always knew everything?


bad receding nuclear swan songs sing about bombed Eden; la, la, we learn about evening when
doobies leap from stemmed body-semen and wild seams inside Eden scatter salted xmas seasons
under brawls, and sandy porny bed-balls are held beneath
loud cases when bad receding less-deceiving nuclear songs swims for the midnight beat
ah..a canny cage of killers creeps (up, up, up) La, a dummy stage of tillers kills dust, dust
ah.. daddy under rage force-feeds his lone lusts and a vanned rolled jeep
scars lost wars forevermore

criminal easels paint seagulls eager oestrogen on the rise rams thumbs down wives and we sink fires into dulled
ambulance friction

the splintering sphincter of droned daddy deck-deaths cause tree-trodden bottoms to
shoot a blind moon's

meagre madam shine...La

La La
uhhh we have the wicked world stuck down a tin-can: we have the wicked clam-girls transfixed with salted pearls
and a don of lights burns, burns; pushing burned palavers of triffle birds when, curved, a bustard under curs
dog-dams octagons with ferns and ferns strap their seeds
across a funeral, Oh, sleeves purse coppered lips at
a blue-minded transceiver.
ciminal easels paint seagulls
eager oestrogen on the rise
rams downy teary thumbs
and we go to dirt now..
these bludgeoned days where i lay my salt weapon have to dig for a hearse of eyes, and a biddy on her wagon
hisses. and these hammered dreams when blind horses leap from hearse-kisses
hem after toy ponies; and insanity's veil lifts a ring to wideners of pharaohs..