more chapters from my new novel 'At The Bodies'


and sirens sound the shit-tips of dunny bedazzlers whose wakeful silver sluice snaps a vegetable noose, O, Gods
have cum here today to dine with the schizoid power elite; and a train of glass
crashes in the la la
when a bell of baiters swings masks where a cell of fishers fish after mermen then a bowl of fingers
will sink piped hands under vast

body shapes.
times flow. eyries glow. flowers throw confetti at the wind. times grow. eagles crow; and faces hurl a berry under spind
daughter brogues. O, we count to ten. O, we shout for chickens; and a cage of christs craps upon rolled mirror-men
sss sss..when a hot crime of cradle vice feeds babies to mad thorns a station of petrols burns up fawned
porno chicks; and we are the porn chicks and we saw a finger under sawn dairy thumb-fevers
and a bloated moon bulges with a seam of salad beer; and a lamp-lit rider of the dawn slashes toads with squelched money
o we hire nudes from Spain o we wire some shoes to salt-rain
..potvaliant lunar skin suckeths up an ogre sex-planet. ah, we feel for vegetable granite. la, we feed from messing summits
and a waker on the wanked rise opens up an eater's mind where old pigs spit kiddy grain
uhh..when a hot crime of opened cars collides with Lady Caviar, a ship of cellves may stir the stars
and open out on a corpse of hot-heeled murmurs; and we leap from Mumbler's Hill and we listen to fast krill
and we laden bone withe flour and we bake the cakes of powers

potvaliant lunar skin suckeths up dollied plutocrats of squalid cuts, and the marbled shawls of kid-sluts burn pearled wine to death
and we glister and we glitter after candy caves and coded lemon
neon sister misters
uhh..when a hot crime of cradle vice feeds rubies to paedophilial evil cock-eyries then a bol in the burstive blue
scatters salt across colour Nice; and we bolt loud halls to truths
and we own truth's diaries?
heltering under wards, de noose star-hangs masses: skeltering under boards, de noose car-crams dresses
and radio planets harden up for weekends of wicked scores; and radial granite bedside comes just like a statue's
flying fall; and headmost lips are held to
blonde shapers of virtued
as we tap red liquid fingers upon milk-white mirrors then we grind grey fevers down eyes of pinked salt-suns; and talons of mad men amass
affixing shadow to naked gas, and a manx on a wheel hears patrons of penon ash snapping tears with blue glass
and ashen ribbald ruiners drop wine under dreamers and once above a time
dogdayed stations heard crime
shouting at dead minds
and a hot crime of cradle vice hips to a mill of christs; and a shot clime of easy life comes homeward to find a film of lords licking light
with poppy-tasting creepers
and old boys in buggy prams
sight sods with festive nippers
the end!!


what shiny egits shine for evermore must wash hot hands in redness and a boat of flasks glistens like madness and a weepy of a mind uses sadness
to anoint beds with butter-boys, la la, a dragnet in a squib enlivens death and sex and ashen disease and a bath at sea sinks soapers under
flashes, where idiotic children sail o, what easy egits climb up moors must, made evil, wash hands in spoars: o, we leave a life of Adam under wards
and a bed at sea slashes across boards and a head in leaves listens to swards and, la la, eaters of old dumb families
arise from cars to find their heads sharpening skulls with bitch-wine..Uh..never to be forgiven, a hero under vines washes gins in cyanide
and an appler under suicide drinks brine o clothes under red beacons scatter roses across gardens as dead minds loosen nests and let kids free
never to be forgiven, shakespearos shine la la, as poet gods are jade-made then easy cunts get paid; and odes to jails hammers evil spunk aside locked bones and blades;
and, O, tomorrow's yellow news nestles under stone: these are our mallard days where sin dies.

openers of suets sink female bits under tides oo openers of cruets sink felines under tides and, la la, topers who drink to minds use tides
to ravel out into a timeless sea and a bed of bread gets sliced under bees and, la la, a maker of tits gets rolling tides, oo, a dolly dancer dreams of being clothed
openers, closed, carry fishermen to Rhodes and, ah, as openers marry fissures, then oaths must sink inside the mouths and then die.
when nuclear faces face the bombed boned west then easy faded faces will have to fade as music ends
and deriders of ole space laces space with friends and easy bikers cry as they speed never to be forgotten, opal hearts heed missives and, O, we weep for Aladdin when rubbed sleeves
cause spirits to arise from a bad bald sandal.

openers of easy jam sinks bled honey into twine la la, easy old hands sweeten sex with blinds and my curtains get pulled, and i suffer drapes as a home under gulls winds
aside mad mines, and we mine for spills where we utilise dummies, and glad summers abuse long lithe winters when nuclear faces fade, then we cry for Eden;
and we scatter sands across lips when old men drop soundly dead; and mad selves lick hens. oo these are our phantom days: oh these are the flowers we praise; and days
bloom under fire when a sea of lays snaps a blown cocoon with easy plays, and easer baiters bear cakes to envoi and odea to cakers crap aside floury boys
and limey yelling saviours sidle after a walled yield where death flows: ah birthday men smell candlers when ash sets alight to nerdish bells
and, la la, eyers of tigers feed wide girls and easy bikers bike till they break.

and i espied an epileptic moon come crying at my nude window o i rode to instant lunar death, and the pigs in a shone sky curry-comb god's bandaged widow
o i rode to sawn sex and druggers of Death drool for nice eyes and buggers of Sex drool for lost wives and, la la, eaters of whored heaven may well cry, cry
hah,- the deadly diviners of both night and day study lies hah,- the familial freaks of both night and day use eyes, and an optic coast covers cranes in bruisers when
sufferers of the swaggered dead kiss a closed tide hah as we sail from sex to bed, then a sugared spinning gem may well lick a porn-piss-pen; O, once upon a mind, i entertained deaths with knives
and here there are lives down veins and here there are scribes under trains; and, ooo, a dirtyer of droners closes arse with wide
giddy babby minted winter-witnesses and a coastal ship must sink under a forced sex-hypnosis.

hah, deadly rivers arise from tamed rain where stasis moistens doll-thighs with sandals and clasped suitcases, and a dunning spy dilates a god-ghost with blue faces.
the vases seen on a blind shelf fuse Hector to Hermes, and coded dreams gun elves with daddies and mammies, and a loaded screen sends dills to sex-sleep
and a radio-dream rends cocks from sugar-heats, O a candled eye-broker bends a flickering body perm; and as faded chokers use cockles
then fish-shaken fly-fumes erase decks with idols; and i espied an epileptic moon come kissing rifles and i espied a pussy-pulled moon
cum spraying dolted seed aside dragglers of bibles; and, ooo, a bended screwed city clambers aside dunes and, la la, a crocodile in a crucifix sunder kind doves
when once dead poesy peers from musical pee then star-darkeners may well sear guns with purple tea; and eyes go wide and skies go wide and vice goes wide; and, La, mad lemon wee whips
liquid shit into apple arm-pits and a sheltered spermy candalabra eats pips from
a wild mask car-crashed in a wild gun. O, european angels anvilise a bad bed in a lost bathroom o african angels anvilise good god and easy tunes and a snap happy eternal dark hand
lays keen hands upon a foreign island. O, european females anvilise a sad bed in a dead bodier of truth, soul and parlatious light..when once a shyster uses bad words then night
has to hiss and swallow evil mice, and a ratted shroudsail launches eyes from christ, and an easy candler sets alight hotel midnights;
and a wallah under pure fire ignites angellled active spires with bright tyres: O a rabbit in a screen has her bright eyes burnt and a weaver of carrots
hand-creates naked ingots from eaters of lazy mazy dizzy damsels who use secret brainy rites: O, european angels advertise bad porn abed in tombs,
and the maggots in rape's stools listen to faggots that get fed to brained fools;

O, a bath at sea shends a bone-bed with looms and wormers dance for Eden and chickens dance for Eve and Adam; and bouncing drapers of pure death bend ribbands
under piping pokers of demure silence when once the sun's mad daughter fuses lusts then a chapelled maiden will lead sex-crusts underneath a green dragon that huffs fire-musk
and a dogdayed crabbler cuts sea-heads from, acres of blown cheeks and eaten xmas rusks the dangling angels in the West have to truss a sea-bagged body in a brain-baked cusp,-
and these are the veined words i must use and these are the graven worlds i must move back to heaving hell where livid family dudes sink a swung mace-lube inside thighed poos
and we angle after aping angels, and we swipe fathers from shaking tabled cascading pomading tablets that fall from a blinded glue-moon.


the seagulls at my home have closed a river-theatre: la la, eagles under old bone have to helter after stoned sea-pogues; and an oceania hisses for de quartered hour
and sunderers of easy drones dream of towers that sky-raise dromedaries from evil flowers and, oo, as a dead man drowns then, oo, as death resounds, then bibled towns
must wheel after eyes and, emotioned, a bed of eyes widens under a glib gowned sky where nothing happens except a naked boyish clap of noosing blue-thunder
the seagulls at my home have closed a river-city la la, eagles under dromes sink flowers under cemeteries, and old sloanes get out alone for actors in softness
and an sea of mental azure widens under sex and weevillers whisk self-sex into deadliness; and a canopy of boned wine weeps, and a tent aside a stoned mind grinds
easellers under boats and swept cut spines the seagulls underwater use a damp wynd to wallop whipping sea-ponies with grime and, bee-played, a waspish winged stinger
snaps loaded kodak water with stung minds and, ooo, once upon a mind, a user of death star-stabs a funeral scar-crab aside nests
and drowning statues
and a bath at sea serenades blood-virtues
and the seizures of dames uses old screws
to treat panting parrots to easy mind-nudes

o pansy, just one night? O, why shouldn't i die in bethlehem? o pansy, just one night..and the muttering lips of sweet night serenade gold men, and a bath at sea swallows tongues from mouthless hens
o pansy, just one night? o, my baby, all seems right? or is it a wrangler of a dark ring that seems affixed to gems or it it a strangler of a dark hymn that appears old as christ?
o pansy, as i sleep for you then i shall anoint you with a pulled painter of bum and the eyed juices of the dead, and, as i may sunder us, then my salty shroudsail must swipe
a dagger of a cocked mind when sex aliens abuse de wife. oh, pansy, just one life? oh lady, why does your gay mind wife christs? these gallowed days when ochres of scum shoot odd lights
then a bended wintry skin has to weaken for rot till the madness of a beautiful whim comes culling fantastic fairy thumbs where dragglers swing
way way up in a lilac tree; O? Arm over arms, with idiot wheelchairs under loud limbs: la, arms over chairs, dolly boys made ill by flexive wind?
and a bed of grass eats into a fazed mind where skins chafe against forced reamed cunny ice,
o pansy, just one night? O, why shouldn't we die in de past?

hurtlers of blue hurt hollah after duned city seas: o, killers of rude flirts shout out for vaginal sun-trees, & a wode of winers dine on reeds & we cry for rain.
once against a wall, we heard pain dying while falling; lo, a a bed of stalls bangs odd veins & we bottle after lying.
hurtlers of blue hearses heap grain la, when bees walk, then horse-games play for pictures: we walk soft skies where a bed of green nudes
sea-shapes drowned villas o we soften; & old minds swell up with ribbers: we walk soft minds, - & a pub of killers shoots grey beer-climes
& we launch a daff as tulips under mines dig for rocking swines. when once a carrier of cunny hurtles deeply down under death's town, then turtles
will swallow lime
lineaments of pork heed milky anniversaries oh a bonce of fawkes sink for silly suppers..the backmost city shed where i tooled my name enters now into red dust
o a hacker of dark lead snares eyes &, deadening, we fizz for venus-musk.
where we slashed us, then we crashed pain o we urinate on grey canes ah we shat upon fazed candles- & veins saw me flashing into midnights.
..backmost babies bleed, uhn, a sad bone-skein sedges after lunar dead bed mikes: the stablers of sawn splaying spray-thumbs swills down old ash,
o fablers of spawn sprig for dolly guns & a lithe TV disappears & a vast city carries cuts downstream
where we laid ladderers, then we lunged deeply down towns & neon tears & a bow of bytes shin sex hopes up computer-kites: as stablers of scrawns break for light
then racers erase bikers: gods ride fumes as angelled firers
topple, just like a live model.



the gassy grooms of wedded afternoons land old runnels: o, glassy wounds wind adown sex-rooms as gentlemen's chairs seem urgent
& when star-loaded we are send to ashen sawn fast bed-fields where iris-women beard=wax a bed of christs.
& mousy sex-jungles grass against neon u-bends
& we suck a billy lost flower...endlessness suppers for green wrens
& dead wars end...

while emptied, i saw a moon man arise from wined hot chains; o a sea of ladies rocked me as blue lies lost me inside cottage veins
& a bang of disguises locked our eye
when emptied, mummas moan after
bleachers of day-lit human laughter, Oh
hands will hang me
& a bed of dweebs saw fathers
fawning to dumb dreams

i saw a moony arise just like a loony la, once aside a mind, we supped money & a bone of salt-bines sweeps saint simeon under de family...
acres of evil bunnies climb aside honeys & we stoop down to taste croft bodies: endlessness seizes us from tea-
...babbling broken brothers dream-tie instant deaths to eyes; ah, a carried sea-slather dams sky & we ravel into blank bee-lives
once upon red sleep, i came to underneath bodyless rainy snoods & eyes inside dark dudes came as blind as a plague-rat- Ah
sunny darkness has passion's bat
made as bright as a pig...

babblers warble for water-wives , & a rider of marble
rolls coins for tribes
& we gave tithes to fantastic lies
& i gave figs to cradles?

pictured, we trammel french-fries, fizz-featured, we trample tossed tides
& winy tidal men
hook books of beads around chilling
salt disembodied sea men.

we outelbow death!

o i shall put my face in an ivory basket...o where chicken race, i will suffer closures of beacons & idle wed caskets & clammy marbled veined castles
hereby rob me of all walls & all mussels
..we stink aside the sea as burnt lovers lean against whalers- O, i am fathered lo - eyes widen for failures & a wine-boned siren summons labia
& chemical cunt-cages
wallop impossible rocked deaths..

ahhh men!

bladed heady heapers of a loaned life enterprise after nude veiled kitchenettes; o a bed of boozed babies heals up with cradled sly sleep & balled night
sucks upon a liquid ruby
..once aside a vast mind, hymens typed Sad Abaddon-Leviathan upon a tree of duped christs; & we jazz-jived inside a strange sun
& we opened up chemical bodies &, la, where nippers of budders gun out, into star-fire
then god's funeral pyre hears lungs
hissing just like the moon....
unh unh unh

next year, once numbers die, i
will await the sound of light


the bands of a yearning lover hear easten morphic gasses cry: o, grey sea-slams kip after rose tears; & a bang of souls lops carat eyes
& a bone of naked cots rot wed prides..these dunny days, we use dummy slides: la, where we sapped graves, then
we awoke in the sines of luminous hens
..these bags of masts shed Venus when grey dollops drink to tangerine women & a dolly raised from masks
slips a lasy titty when coded children
lop layers with penile secateurs...

a windscreeen of flowers glisters for gardens of pure war &, oh, as we sail against wards then a windscreen of sin swims
underneath gemeralds & babies: when once a signet of pure glass shrivels into empty ring-radioed skin-masques, then
mamma will wed her dead son's burning height.
..& windscreens of flowers flicker & a sea of grails vale-valleys into intercity kickers
oh, we laid our feelings down: ah, we laid weird heart-powers; &, duped, a raided flown town dons dark ruby berries
oh, the diggers of the easy dead will outspread emptied sexy heels- O, a dome of ghosts crashes under hills
& blind meadowers swill
cackling coal-tar
when once we burn, then furled cars must weaken under rain &, lashed, a house of veins scars star-lighters will old cigars

the diggers of the waves climb rills & a dell of ice drips under holy lice..the punisher of bread dams kills
& sex goes on the run, & deaths slides under spun guns: lo, a windscreen of flowers shatters under sweated sexers
o, centaurs of killers crash for thunder, & a bed of mirrors mentalise old car-death

once upon a mind, i learned of cells o as suns grind, the wedded bells sink wideners into forced signalled
body wrecks: a red windscreen of flowers scraps dusts; ah, a bed of sea-showers wallops sunken glass- Oh, red lust

eats rolled reminders of a lost sex

wives of wide minds think about the killed: la, a brides of wildened oval-times stop to separate mindless city rakes
o, a dog of christ whines for kinks & rolled minds dig for rude drakes. wives soften blows as bony wynds
stick pistels into shot cabs- O, sand scatters salt tears & a bed of rectal glasses storms eaten fast splayed tans &
eyes under wives widen for drammed black-n-tans; & a drunken baby sea-slams dirt cots & cradlers under wigwams

spoils catty soils

a windscreen of flowers shatters for wild weddings & gold ores & a bud of night serenades bright walls & behind Downs, a red-headed Law
writes against blue stores
..the summer of lost love has stalls
selling buns to lions
o a swisher of lost Gods have halls
falling into baby dimes lo-
a windscreen of flowers fastens for
fatteners of mentalis O, digitalis
sources whips with cut lips- hoards
nut for raiders
& as we sail for scores
then we shooteth up
the coders of crashed Mien- cups
carry slowing tables under shut
dammy dorms

the autumns of the killed carry hills
ah, as dizzy carers well up, then mills
must trickle down timed
buzzy woodbines
& a sizzler of signs wakes above us
& open our moon on a stange bus
the drilled world is made to turn
but a filled world


What with funeral demons celebrating a keen fun funeral with a satanic wake then thumb course gold kids feed diamonds to rape
& a body of sawn sea-shaking doubles down the gardens of drapes.
.'when windscreens of flowers shape stella moons form stoned trees, then bloodied baby bombs drop fouled guns on Slough
& a bench of grass sucks city clay.

as we smoke for Eden then trades darken Eve with female Adam?.

pinpoint in ghost fruit we season all lost words with garden-semen.

passing by, we knew when too young that evenings would not feed us: o a sun of lies has told bad tales: O, giddy riflers rape a lashwide veil
&, passing by, we knew when gunned that a love like ours could only rust
..a lazy mental mother cuts greyness o, a sea-harness slaps city sadness, & a bed of asexual bones heeds holidays of stunned sex-sloanes

we ride aside death.., O, a drone caresses nylon nympho rods and coved combs; &, passing by, we knew when young that dead god would haunt his own
...the ghosts of death shine near.. Guns shoot between our brains & drivers of screams crash wallop across a lane-wife whose anal avenues swallowed stone
& golden ground screens hash hummed
disembodied wife-wakers.

windscreens of flowers light up a fast garden o, when once sweet cake hastens windy kids then a son of ravens hardens & a vanny boy who vans illegal air heaps
roller gals whose naked nubile heat
raises romantics from severed blood-beats.

as we swelled inside, then guilty sleep eats inside pulled eyes lo, we fell from lies,-.. artists under sky
raise dogheads down mirrored woman
windscreens of flowers light up lost gems
- & as we drag death for diamante then
we widen into mown
body children
rented brothers bride as & sold stone
wallops cidered sea-stoned
ferine kid bodies.
& , i espied knotted valleys when death drank a bad toast to pigeon-waiter-men: vast eyes forced me to cry while meat-germ fed fussy forkers to flower stems
& we jolted crimes
o, i espid a knotted gallery- o, mystical hens lay soft boiled egg; & a raider under dregs stews salvaged peg-kegs
& we dine in pitchforked darkness & we issues stars from ides of cool stormed madness
...o, i saw a baby season opening robotic pornsapphics: o, i roared on a dyed chained dreamt sea where coded killings

crapped upon five mastic men
we ride for an easy Angelus & we supper for closed winds & a unicorn on sundays swims
after grey tides where strode sins

soften shadow into spread limbs.




badly bladdered with wasped sad limbs, i overheard a sunrise of gulls & blackbirds. Ohhhh, a lopper of a tongue teases everyone
& a sun of madness reveres all dreams & all moods..
eyes under ice get crow-blind with cold while a lash of iced laughter summer-loops dogs under winter
& we dance for mamma?

bad, old sad limbs shatter under blurry bruised spermy rivers.

drenched, a boat of sweet death sails for a drowned cliff: o a bun of glass bums blued lips & serenade nothing
& we strode to darkness when blinders of nothing
rock for a raped rise..

we know about sex because sex is known to all & i arise from penis-ploves when mules of soft murder ride a cunt's old lover...

drenched, a load of heaped bread
dollops icers underneath
salty signal slavers..

we call on city cats to mewl for eager endless tigers: oh we live for bat-cats as wars are won my feline scores
..& we puff a tail as man mirrors all gods & all with split brain-fucked sickle dreams
..once below mice, catty feathers leap around furry cat-nips & appled tigon-claws see leathers
donning cat fleeces

we go to pieces now... fathers shrill aside an automatic hearse & we rot for veined crows & we harden for
mental mined mindless slow sex shows...

we call on city cats to mewl for eager kissers of ferine feline forged dogdayed genius troves.

ahh i found god's wood-teeth on a beach once ahh i sounded a grinding city jaw o as we burnt, then we learned of bonced
flaggy figgy bone watery fishermen raise salt fins then a sister of a revolving river hen must swim for
darted darlings of extreme radio wards
..we draggle a dog-stage as sex awards scatter dirty urban teepees; & a bone of glass shines for scratchers
& we see cellves fall to their knees.
rockers of rodeos hear messy beads
breaking down, down

the sidlers of an iron stage will enact now coded city dramas
o a rider of a dark age will enact now
loaded body larders
& we look for murderers
& we cut god's shroud
idlers under closed lions will snap now & a tree of bardic oak-pie must tell tomtit tales to british wives; O, eyes found deep inside ride lubbers
& raiding smoke from urbane puffy plumbed swooners; & we scatter risen sun-seed.
uh star-writers of skied men read
only the tabloids
uh car-kittens cry, cry, cry,.
sidlers of an iron stage will enact now coded city Rama...easy riders of romantic rain hears again a starry eye of times
o, as eager gods seize pain from veins
then starry wives in crime
burn up, up
easy idlers raise death's semantics & a daub of iron dines in a cage - & a boat of Zion sails for closed bionics & an urban binner of stone comics
strips graves from robotics
we are the easy riders,,, Lo, summits
sweep sleep into corridors
& we lick lost fires
& we prick cold pyres
^& we ride from death as we roar
aside a blue chain.
easy riders of romantic rain jeers again
& once we rise from sirens
then a vault of eyes glows for pylons
& we ride from city gorgons..



we arose from a dreadnaut day where rollers of evening lit candles,. O, air hops for summer & we raise old lovers from soft hair
..we arose from a blue day when killers of dreaming darkened prayer & a bowl of winter ignites a cruel cradle, then riders
will snap dyed crossed splinters
& as we ravel into wine then dinners may well spin onto love's missing shores; & we lam for sea-grease
& we pray for pain, ,, O, peace
knocks at the wrong door?
we arise from a dead day where risers of thievings steal Numbers where glossed eyes leap into blind hair

snared by star-fire, we supper after fork-loaded whirling long ladies fingers; o we suffer moon-fire where father
hides a body under razors: when once we sun-slaved laughter then we rode to murdered sleep o a bunch of herons heated sleep
& a boney sex remit
cat-curried lambs with sea-shit
snared by lovers, we pray for pain o cared by killers we slide to sunny grain... & flame taunts salt-mice with sandals
& sugar christs dam after angels
long, long ago, where death's dame sucked a body's bairn then blued blonde canes shuttered
dulled fits with epilepsy's
sacred clouds....

dogs ride from rest as we crowd easy rooms with cooky shrouds.

the rouge welters of one zillion eyes whips a stripping pony o, a nude mental sea-gun shoots a pepper pot as dead skies
point killers at radio wives
..& we supper for food-sex as basting gut-dumdums slap a coring blood-obese cornea where sauces slide across hot hair...

we have told the names by heart: o we have sold sainthoods to swift parks, & a bone of flour
punches cakes inside old power
,.,the rouge welters of one zillion eyes
raise a bummy boy with
radiophonic tutelage... Ah, rolled spies
spy on guinea pig cage
& a baby under stoned age

drops a pigeon target....




missing mansion houses will topple now? blinded summer crowds & messagers of odd shrouds star-bury kissers within worn red loud
..starry seizure cinemas ravel into loud cave-clouds & a kinematic siren swings alarmed daddy dreams..
misssing old manses must mind maimers of guilty large hands & a bed of tears
cries, cries
starry heroes on baby rocks grind dyed nerves & bodies. as we poked & porked a regal salt-hawk-box we led bones to veins
& a husher of stone heaps veins & a rusher out alone reaps rain.
..o once aside a mind, we tore locks o underwatered, we scored swift armed swift jellies with
vine-painted mamma kids.
as we poked & pawed a bled box then suckered upon greying crocks; & we have the old moves by heart
if we fall from a lit farm & if we
summon geese from midnight's bee
then we must surely go
homeward, where keys
turn in a fucked locked
blue train...


giddy gourami boys underkiss this lip-strewn world ....oo a bed of bugs fish-feeds dorms to pig-curls & giddy gourami girls are sun-curled under furled
gassy golden goldfishers.. a rock of roped skin swims a cage, then earls highten whory mess inside fast pearls - & hisses slam a dogdayed daff inside bald veins, Oh, kisses
cram bald tongues down mental weirs
..eyes under lives star-pinion bods of pure tears - as wives sunder tides then we learn of small dead brides & a bridler in a burnt blenched car van-rides
codas of greenies.. we end all stories?
when trapped by tropical ken then we spy periscapes of evil berry-coke-cherry-bits & funereal wet wives ...giddy sub-sonar oceania heats waxed sea-rides
& we bob of barked ships & we rudder after rapine drowner ships.

droners of tissue mien drakes after rosehips ah, we may well idolise the sadnesss of lives
..blossomers of bended sea-scales wave-rise over a bony bled ocean-ride; & we are caught inside idioms of tree-prized disembodiments.
..giddy gourami boys Number-list lolled men & as we are led to diggy dust then children
gem for easy lives.

...& we track down a bed of pure wood
,,,& we snap a town
o as blood bods bend, then
we scatter dirty hands
ah- all gentlemen heat hens
& we track down a bed of sheer Love
,-. as we raid sounds, then coded Gods
crap upon eager breast-stretching gloves
& we drop lady lands?

easy cell-lit car-lights lick god's island
& a bell of briars
sucks a lazy jesus from barbing fires
& sex is bugged with fires
& we track down a bed of pure blood & we photograph curved burly waters when anvilled angels wing after sold bitumen
..bruised families get in the fucking way ah roses for metal seas slide for grey ghoulers: intercitied blonde mettled roller trades
& we will catch ourselves with grazed fingery vinegar passion plays?

with Dettol for cheek bones la, with devils for screaming sloanes we needs must impregnate old slaves
moon-emptied now, countless graves
delve deaths with a dusted god-glade


magenta mind-men will think of bone - a deified leader of welting fever men must snape against a haloed rammed pushed
pealer pomades
..magenta spine-sin thrills for domed doggies of dirt, doos & crossed linen: we smack about a cricket as lays
lap a poppied pickthank fro
grey glades & sad evenings. Days

dress down.... glassy gut-geese gabble after tawny teeny trouted trans men o, grassy gum-grease guts the Father
& we ride from horse-leather.

where once we pee on stone, then we will stink of old boxed stale heart-roses
& a gassy gritter of ghosts seasons dollars with dolly poses..glassy gutted salt movies show naked travellers to drive by crows
& we dream after blinded green lovers.

feathery fishers of dragoned men dobber for dangers: o, a leathery eater swallows fullers; & a raven under mangers
pummels dogs with baked beans ..
a belstar of bastards rings screens...a baby in beads bragsm for screams...a kiss of iron layers fists with lyons
feathery fishers of dragon hens send sleepers of white-yolks & cities
stalled slippers in dark seasons
die forever.

follicles of fascinations fan against sirens of xmas dollies: o, fumblers of heated hymns taint nude nippers with mumblered collies
& a noose of wine sail-hangs paints where we layered drunken balls
& a bonce of pure brine bangs a bald banner for wide serial flavas
follicles of fascinations fan against rockers of poppy pails: o we drink to vales & old ales

toast loaned swerved crabs,, Ah......the slithering songsheets of the dead & mad swing for yearlong jazz
oh, a dog of swerves sing for city lads & we hear a hurtled sax
playing all day long.

nightlong paradigms of nice noise has
a jacking dancer for a son
the slithering songsheets of the dead & sad swing for dream-long jazzed hills of romantic dancers & we supper for singing answers as
mad fathers stomp for sweaty prancers a waterer of ballroom wine topes
then we drink to dreams...the nervy nattering cradler of this wide world heaps a horny hornet
upon sweet gas
o, a birdy under labia savours after wild glass & a tree has now bloomed

the nervy scattering of fablers fishes for keen city hearses; & we shatter grouped cars with warped woollen purses
wideners of wolf-smoke smack sashed
wevilling gilt pleas
& we go by reeling for watry lip-lashed
english dormitories.

the nervy nattering of slavers chats for
wipers of autistic claws.



tors of plastic wigged rams rama after mid afternoon digs o,we plant mastic figs under iron grids & we pose for blue laughter
..a cappy cinema on a hill shows rigged dolly movies: & a clappy scene in cars has toddies licking saps from doobies
..curators of palsies rise like a fire O, Father heeds no Mamma & a hole of hicks coughs for Brother & we raise a dizzy killer./
..gashy hissy hemmed fens drink for boggy bays when the moon looked for
blithe bays of body rot.


gutterers of greased galls grab gilly sweet dreams la, motherers of fleeced halls map salty asexual screens o, halls of ice hiss across ravines
& we earn false flowers. ..easy riders of radio ruins wrap naked darkness within gold snapped micy sun-straps
& a bowl of blondness star-caps intercity bunchy cats...

gutterers of greasy balls slab for wicked widowers of fast wards & we drink dragged milks & we fall where ridden silk
dons sylvan satanic satin-nerves ..easy bikers drop a music-bomb: o a bed of leathers stops stormed feather-eaters
ideal historic hitlers sing for song & we will kill everything? o i am bleaching agan. Got a mind inside of me
sinking loos into rain ah, i am preaching pain. Got a mummy for me & i need no money?
o, i am bleaching again....My side has no needs
ah, i am reaching for veins
& a bine of buses knocks me down?
a factory of faces falters for blood-wars- Towns teem with ashen gold & silver, &, mauled by stasis, i hear a buddy breeder
bob-bagging brawly baiters with dancy dreamers
oh a bed of lice lops
canny candle tots.

bicycle moon eyes listen to blind deafness o a tree of drones glistens & a venal robber gemmies into darkness
- as vagismo's sweet memory rends missions
then we cry,
dazzlers heat dragonflies, - o, as a sun-nest lands long lady decks then a binary blader bullies radioed necks
& cunt gives head to starred bomb-becks. ...o i am bleaching again. Gotta mind inside me which plucks cat-ticks with fingery flea-feed
& eyes will entertain
desertifiying dromedary prison-planes...

I need a nip of midnight...
i read a strip of posies-... As a gaoled light
burns for blithe sight
then arched ex-shakers sharpening rolled reins

ahhhhh. the doddy ditherers who city-shape a cruising horde lay madam waste to diamond dreamers o a lady under wed seizures strums aside lords
& a bone in a forcing transept livens body-brides with snappers of tampax-wards
...where once we moved fucked lumber then blood birds burn-bannged a baby on a raft,
& we gather up speculum...Oh, a catty in a mask raises robotic killers from palmy pushing laughs.
o doddy ditherers who pity-poke a pissing heart loll a dandy muscle brandy down a broken Ark.
& a dungy dripper fly drops flown flowers when dawding demons drag snakes across gold women..

delved, a dog with a dicker walks against dark easy pigeons &, rosed, a piggy scat kitten poos in the park
itemised fanny bye-lines delimit dev marks & a bitten waxy waner wolfs where darts
throw arrows into cracked hearts....Blue debt
entangles a crawling snail with a bride's kecks
& we wallop umbrella christs..

AMEN to the swaggers
GOD BLESS the tillers
as ghosts glue to hell bells then lazy killers
cry for oats, beans & guilty barley oh



a wagger of a mind-shaft hurtles against a tree of tawny turtles la, we sail for pips as mental hurdles lick a popper chart
.o a flava of a lost hymn sun-starts codas of city star-fire
..a wagger of a mind-mask fardels against a sea of guilty piss-dells & a vast bone of art
heart-rapes curtainous tar-farts.
..o as we listen to sadness then
drugged coils come home.
o a dabbler of dragglered jack-guns shoots saint easter la a rabbler of a car-motored minors
melt under dreamers

as we cry by, then we study scissors & a fitting drone has to hit a salty saviour's god-mirrors

once upon a dime, we paid in full for an english trip to american bulls & we ride from diners
& we arise from fires.

a drabbler of bed-shackes has suns
....burning just like ten zillion drums. a wager of a moon-mind mines after naked gilded rooms ah a wager under sun-signs
features fascinating mushrooms
& a bone of grease
shatters....O, a bed of heaps severs
laden body-crowds.

the liars of a nut-raid hasten after chilly pregnant milk-raids.. O, Father hears a chapped killer now!

a wager of a moon-mine digs after
guilty groans & rolled city mumma

dizzy pained dames of dragonflies ram down the winged puppy now: O a seam of blithe rain
cuts the filthy signs we tread & a bed of flowers faces into dead
forcing foxy silence.

once a mental week, we hear mess meeking for a petalled license o a gun of oats stirs gruel under death
o a sun of ropes lip-hang veined dopes of violence
dizzy painted riders of soap espy banners of pure love ah, guiders of greasers robe wives
& peaceful pig-pugs piss on God?
once below sweet wines, we writhed
after blued kicks of sex-angled lies
& we loosened a dog's death now...


diners of diggy body-rabies sucks a fluked burny body flute: o as diggers of lorries lend fairs of suits
then gods get run down
....& a vase of wine feeds drunk flowers & a vastness of minds swells, swells..
diners of kiddy baby-rubies raise a nuked mother of mental wedding-bells o, as we shape freaks then a ball of cells
may well choose to chop faces
& a mess of brine crashes under flowers & we marry parriers with crow-towers
..diners dream of disasters-,, As eyes end then we sucker for lazy vacant fathers
..weeds stick a penile trowel where ashy wynds suck a softened eyed vowel o a bed of wanks heaps gravels as sad minds
lock fingers into blind towels.
..we slap a ball of rubbers as naked nun-flesh raises roller riders from sleepers of eaten rifler guns
& a traipse of times tracks under flesh
& a kelpie horsehead rots inside sex.
weeds stick penile cowls where waxy wynds weep for salty spies oh, as baby drops, then we hear hewn dives
brain-baking glue-squats with towny tribes
we slapper a good bed around - & skies
drop into a fished tank..


a drossy daming daddy uses a mean bus to ride us under bad lusts oh a toddy of an old mad lady cuts
cuppers of ald wined breasts
....once aside an archangel we saw butts laying bone-waste to arcing gold cuts but aas we sail out to cry then death
has our mad eye in deep thral.

a drossy damaging body uses dust to sweep arty red-gags over rolled rude roods of vaginal spires
& sex must rise inside true spires we ravel into mirrors then nudes must missile for mad mien... Screws
turn like caged rapes.

& a sun of stone shines like one zillion groans &, oo, a gun of sheer bone shoots ankled easy rides
Once inside a drome, i saw a loud life shopping for birded bridal wives
& a son of stone grinds like one zillion spies & the grazy grindstone of ten zillion lies dare not feel for a real life
eyes inside of us rock a cussy creeler for bright hands & raped weddings, & a rider of brigands rots for killings
& we ooze a draggler for a dug doored cold cabinet oven
& love's pawned oven cooks fear?

..tawny tearers of trapped tears hear rollering rammers of huge seed-saps ah a crowd of creators heats sex-paps
& we bitter-beat us
& we slit a sea of musks. Ah, spheres
..end in conquerors... Ah, old words sear old friends... La, baby bookends tear
transverse patterns from daddy deers.


& i will hurtle into sex junk & i will rival blued body-funk
as we ride to sexy death
then i will hurt pure sex
o madam rivaller of oaty nips dress
a wide wolved woman in salt-pressed

& i will hurtle into sex junk & i shall hovel after flailing messed mind-spools where eaten sapphos desks
dam a lady liver with a balloon of bound-glues-,., Ah, a gabby child has lonelty loaned bit-limbs
& a purse of clay craps upon spind
salving bled winds..

& i will shuffle a shiny sea-head where bald bonces beat brassic salty air & eyes must bounce & lives must flounce for wanked-prayer
once aside a spooned sex-cosins, hair
loosened sweeteners of fleet fat fayres


o i see a wide wife wedded to a hornet on the moon oh, i suffer after moth-christ; & a bendy bell bags fleas inside sex-heists
& a bed of suppers snaps a belly bone from dunes as i raise a roman glass to Zen then easy runes
ram poetical powders down lilywhite prison-plumes ah as we slide to sleep
then we jeep for meat- & comets crashdown

O i see a wide wife wedded to a hairnetted wound ah, come this afternoon, ancients who carry rooms must sweat for sotted walls
& as bended babby beef beats away god's pall
then diggery danger-thumbs pierce pools of dolls
? we raise a roman hasp, then we light bols oo, eyes whiten into blind fluff- sss- mols melt into a sea of pure demure fire; & rolls
sink a stinker's croupe into exothermic eaters of
mauled mamma Iron?
pinky punk-peal peers within palmers of Gods o easy eaty pearl-pealers peer within demure kid-cold where divine rolled sea-buds


icy looped anemones lash a sea-cell to Love's tawny eaten sun-relatives then a hoop of hash puffs padded sedatives
& a palmy pussy print paws germers with laden puggy buggy kids,-.. Lashes under cribs ride aside a dawny rill-ribbed
rodeo of salts & cut fire.,, Idols of frigs

farm after bled boney babbies.. Uh

easy men with easy venom infect all digs & ashes under prigs falter: demotics reel to gas mentor-logics raid the distant past when
cogs of fast honey burn up a kiosk of hems
ideal smashed sued shoes shelter souls & ribbons race when roaring sister foals fox after beautiful candy-coals.
as lean ice-dancers file for dirt then single-filed radars rope a brain to a loud deck
bald brandies don cats as hurt cries in a jammed sunned car & a bell of faces jeers no more

dishers of daddy dream for a lasher of lady deans & we glimmer for stat-scene & we raise saint Sex summer

these heads of reason rot for
dead figs & plucked city fords

leaning lamplight ignites a blind body-spray; o as cleansing sun-mites don fleas & shadow then a brain of graves interfuses fags with night
.the daubers of urban doggerel cut lifetimes down, & a bended family night-light
swallows odd rolly-polly passion-kites
leaning, a bone of docks drags sad days
way, way back home where guilty veins

cup red angels lean christ-lancers laser-tip coded killlers with a rainy gin-lip then a bomb of glass time-strikes easy eaters with snipped
body linen.

the rubbers of the sexy dead heap rapid cunny heaters o a bone in a mask sea-crowds sleep & men & chickens suffer sleep
we cup stabled honey-stables when lost drinkers of money
paw expensive blue dummies.

the lengthening farms of yarning cows drop sacred bombs on fathers &, made ashen, we wallow for crows
& we beat laden lover liars
..when we rode to sex, then cryers cried out for pushing urbane buyers of dunny killing birds.

the lengthening farms of filmy shows sup a porn-cup.
inside of us, a deepening gold slut
yearns after a whoring milk-raid
, & we settle under gassers where

cellves cop
kind measures.

easy teasers of hairless tweezers truckle adown a baby gable: o green sounds sing for death as sandals
shovel sweet-wood under dreams: eaters of edible bells ring after cabbed lavvies, & we supper for swung spoony cradled
candly sundials...easy riders of airless lovers star-suckle
rolled days & culled ice-creams
..eaters of voluble cells gaol simple leaves & easy folded fist-foals can a mold of lips ~& as rended screes
murder after locked souls
then a niner of crypts digs to cuffer
dufflers of dogs & shoals.

easy teasers of tweezy germs weather high, high in a romantic romans sky
& we are gods for each of our pleasures,

sickly simple salad leaves lay god-waste to tearless spinach parcels & opal odals of fear lap a flown idol
& we creep after lobbies.

easy healers of mallard deeds cubby
cabinet chills with female rosy roddies


sickly tweakers of simple seed bodies gun-burn lubes & massive moodsome porators &, drooled, asexual dimples feed facers
& we dam a dappler with green lasers ..o a rock-n-roll asylum swings fazers & we cup a cutted canny cunt when
grey healers swim.

wheezy women finger for witchery
=- ah a dog casts catty spells when
spun riches end


o when a rock-n-roll cornonet drizzles adown a sex-blind soul then a cat of deaths winds for missiles .
the wakers of dun death sea-strangle radios of dark & light & radio darkness dazzles old angels
ohh. when once a roc-n-roll car meddles under eaten holy horse-hovels then a bed of budders metals for children
the wailers of winter chill god's rose ah, a cage of comers cracks a closed town of lyons & we bombed a boy where a rogue
drank from a siren
osiris & isis jeer for the holy dead & a bunch of claycold pussy plebs
peg a perm inside a grave
...the yarny darny dolls of salad sleuths lay down a soul in a green shoots oh, a lady's mazy skull hammers roots
ah,a bomby crazy doll hangs metal from spiney blue bulbs.
the sluicy jackling juices of a mind has a world of tears raining down, down on a slaying sea-wynd

fat thrushes chew a rat as ceilings fall inside chopped china-grains; & we blag after starers whose dreamings
teeter for vases & sheet pain
....the yawny daffy gals with salad veins cuppa after asexual cunt-cranes; & as we rise for deaths then gunnings
gash for gripy glue caved hillings
eyes eat bound lids as fotal flames
burn doctors with babby brains....

uh?.. when a pomade of palmer violets rams down a sweet moon then a book of strange graves will set alight to rooms when starlets
locked a wormed tongue around spilled heroned fish-faced dunny gills
& a bird in silence hawks about kecks

once aside this mind, i overheard drawlers of dusts & mind-lit bad curs; &, lacquered, i lace my bed with blinded sky-birds
& eyes flicker under a bib of wrecks, & i espy astride of me a spool of filled
dormitory squeezy feather mills.
.....acrid smokey maggots at love's drill hits a lost manned feed; &, lynched, a field of pharoahs stills riding writhing romantic Paris pills.

eyes awake from ice to sin-heave bollock-wicked sirens shaping seethed guilty lockers of hissing bead-bees
dromedary seizure-men load heaved robbers of Spanish salad leaves & we lay a heart of waste underneath
bruising baby coral-wreaths.
..when a pomade of palmer violets rams a red biscuit down throat-tips; then a blued tongue of fizzy false lit tracks the deniers of neon kicks.

Ah we will ride to sleep as meat
strums an ancient lute of lost sleep.

& i miused posies while looking at the sun o, a tawny sea-cosy smile shoots lamed dead men with easy red guns & i misused posies while sleeping under
radios of loud boys & bird-wiles. glass pushers spool deep where dials turn a sex-buttoned-text into wild vile saline cellphone weepies
& we milk for weepies as a grey guile chastises bony infant ladies.

& misled bodies have no head to use ah, a cobbing cavvie of cafeteria roods smatter icy royal restaurant skeins with blinded dyslexic anorexic baby-pigs.
as bright as ribs, we knot a sullen day with easy fairy gun-shine as moods melt, then a crowd of crime lime-shits in roguish daddy minds
& misused posies will plea for timed winey beery butcherers of pled grimed neon bruised cathedrals..

eyes dance atoned...spirals of cunts cant after star-domed dromedaries of eating cell-stoned sugar creepies..

Oh, once upon my locked mind, mikers
smelled for me of a bandy cow-stinker.
true men will suffer mirrors?


o as for a diamante robber, may now the bells of May rock aside shone tocsin-thefts; o as for a guilty golden lover, may now the bells of day
drop a summer's death..when once a bone of glass fed a china dog then sex will chop green meat & eyelids hover where statues of bodies hang decked
body flowers

o as for diamante fathers, may now a running grave drop cremated towers. o a sun-starred mined mind thinks of a blue scream
o a gun-carved spine-mind drinks from golden giddy waters & we dance for dillies when a bodice under guns
shoots a huge hired moon.

& the gulls of lovers must scavenge after drums & the skulls of nature must dam a dandled dangler with pretty city dust,.,,
o a sun-scared spun mind melts...... Oh, screens

fade to palor grey.

the doctors of ill demons depend on pilled ice o a daughter under diamonds blasts a loud sail where cat aside judas christ sash-slams a body
& the wranglers of rude rain cut the lady of intimate green slaughter..eye must shake thence freeze....coded Gods
crash under hovered huts & we sight a blind drape as curtained sluts

empty sex-sleep..

the shakers of a nude summer sharpen meat o the makers of a rude Number smokes a petrol-jay & a bulb of fire wraps fingers under wheat
..once above a mind, lady thoughts hear sleep. oh a car of wine bullies bad butchers where acrid mien eats cold coded city rifles..

& the shakers of a nude lover sharpen dust
caverns crash where loss cuts

ideal ingots of idiot gold don a strapped wrist o, eagles under pinned slots sharpen distant dust with amusing cots... Lips lay eaten waste to gal-cops
..made fast as wine, we drink to blue mits: oh a spool of fire lays a poked pyre where easy easels split
a donkey's muled-mind.
..ideal ingots of egit ploves don a slapped nest, & a bulb of fuss kiss-cops a cryer's hiss.

made too fast, we wine after gilded nests
& giddy goose-gods hear laughter's death

choking on canny canned flava....

cripplers of mute silence harbour dirt and death lo, where keen diseases come to veneeal breath, then teemers of bruises harden for sweetening distress.
..once aside a sad sign, a signal of silence hits ogres of oxo & cripplers of slowed violence hardens lit
layers of lips...i will assign our name to a gamester's sex: i will suffer after flame where cokey skippers slap a sea-prayer under decked
body foods
& cripplers cut teeming canny wheel-wets & cookers of sky-eating honeyed net
cruel masks of dead shoes...

tiny teasers of timed bone shatter just like
eaters of stoney bed-life
- & as we drive for slowed feathers then
choirs of screaming rot under midnights

o tiny teeterers trash a dairy moan when
eaters of lashed men
writhe & writhe
' - we appear star-slaved as old dens
sink a treehorse into gems
tiny eaters of wound bone scutter just like
easy weepers of bad moon-..
we reap rock-n-roll when sight
slashes day-thick dolly rites.
eyes will undercut a kodak glass as pipes
play for verses obsessions...


where woollen eaglers eat into mastics then pinky pealy wives must send dotted drives to car-crashy closed lust; & a bone of tears
whips about a star's fears & a cat of war mewls after fake shakespeares
...once aside of me, i struck a loaf with spheres o once aside of bees, sonny cut a wax coast, & a ball of honey magnates melts into the sun
....where woollen seaters supper on plastics then wolverines of moon-dreams sucker a
sawn beard of beery bonds & idiot cars - Ah

we have emptied love's fat & dairy balls
days-deep where shitters of fairy scrawls

die out...

whence death-chosen, we glitter through god's door: we admonish dead hair as we utilise underwear with junkey habits.. O, as we ravel under love's tears
we strangle bends with city maws & a dunny boy chaps after body-boards when,
lashed nights under, a spool of ash puffs children. .once, whilst stunned, i entered into public gauze once aside times, i scented fists with gold daubs
..whence death-frozen, we listen to goddesses: uh a prince of pisses plies for laden dresses when
cunnies under blue fire cups breasts with tresses
oh i will learn now how to study when i die...., -- as we peck cash, then we will swing for lies,-

ravines flesh for naughty mice-birds... Oh, tribes teeter from salt-mess & we pluck a mongol scab as babied blue brides
bribe hills with halted desks
whence death-chosen, we scatter signal minds & a ball of dilly cells is locked under starry
sweetening texts of darkening candy-....

Endless men suck on bodies!

maidened with ruined wine, we see arise the hot cantata of a beer-bombed life-light: o a dinner on a cliff will shapern nights
& a bag of gins must wallow inside eyes...when once a beggar to nudes tips flies then we swirl vodkas into blood-lines.. Oh-
a hot cantata of a stiff will sharpen wives & old lime-tipsy sparrows hawk after
grey-green city robes.
idylls of dunned hymns swing for hymens o a slash on a cat roof raises latinate bat-hoofs where hewn groups
grapple with wearied taxi-humans..
maidened with ruined wine, we see tides striding across the slitted seas of snoods, & holidays intwined with eaten gall haloes
snap a lost summer tree in half.... Old meadows

slimk under shrunken stiffs as dolly dudes dangle throaty herons against a shrill smoothed
bended body-dealer,-

endless ivy boys swirl tanine leaves when
acrid caverns kiss a lazy lion-Zen.. Uh?

as a freight of filth jacks old rivals then a boat of mind-milks must swirl skirt-coffee into scrotal bended saddles
o as bone of wine snaps, snaps
..once above times, we saw traps cupping giddy breasts in two hands; & defectives rolled under us
as a freight of filth caps cold sea
then we may clap lipped lusts.

donkey dealers drag lakes for candy ah lady killer rises to ripen Oh, a buddy's sun-tree shines on old bed-rotted apples

once aside times, we sucked beads
o a back of city bloods
shone just like a murderer's gable
& dilly dog-druggers dream mud
~&we enter into a soft dream.


cuddlers of faked marriage melds underneath bruise-blinders: o a rider of forced rivers dons belled fathers .& a cake of killers
crashes for feelers..once aside times, a braid of ricicles covered sugary puffers with honey-mind-fires
& a well-fed sweet-kid cuts vast cupboards ..
cuddlers of fakers wed sweats to heaps & as bonders bake busts then we ravel out into naked bee-beaks,

cavers of killer men carry cunnies where heat star-tramples sex wheats o coverers of pinned man-curry mark martian city meats. Oh, odd jeeps
jam hanged bitten rubies.
.once aside times, we used one zillion winey snailed minds, ,, Oh, ten cavvies chatter their trapped cages whence dust
drools for dragonflies
cavers of killer men carry moneys when rollers of happy hens heap eggs deep inside petrolled dinned
body timeless pigs grunk for gods, then neon bitten statues fling starry semen where penises pull on vaginal clit-penned
woolly stink

O..we ravel into minds as mental mines dig for a silver key-soul: ah, as angels grind cold, then wines supper after hills of whored kinfe-gold..
..once aside times, a pit of pittas roll seizing easter minds from old climes
..we ravel into mines as mental foals sink a bobbing natron inside old gold & a sea of winter christs
tracks deaths down, down
once aside times, we skirt towns o a bed of grinds hits a hurt ground
bad city of hilly clowns,
Ahhh we crackle for wasters
ohhhh we crumple for papers.

these sides of loaned sex seem rather nice o, a week of stone spins for gold christs.... & a rider of mice-life rat-trap body drones
& nice trippers of stoned sex seem rather grave-attuned to family bone.
.once aside this world, we see a father spine-shaking dizzy waters from levered
body chains
...these sides of lone sex seem good as christs but jesus flew home along time ago now.

baggers of bullshitters brawl after spiked breaded body pushers oh a sea of killers cries for lover as wipes
swab vaginal mirrors...once aside minds, we snap a river's digital sweat-mentalis... & we crap upon drifters & we pay a racist price
baggers of bullshitters brawl after miked slammers of faced mites & we supper on ticks as fleaing livers
feed cottled kidneys to catty kites..once aside lime, we shit upon rafters & a cellar of rinds
wallops seared hidden body-blinds..

endlessness enters into us as lovers
lock statues into sleeves..
oldtime perished vinyl warps a city wall: o sailors of vanisher sign a city Fall; & a bun of brightness cakes under crawled
vampers of babes & babies
..we shoot caverns when a bony hall has leant hot tables under crashed glass. Oh, wintry fablers face inside gold mass, &
we slipper for ginnies.
..oldtime perished vinyl warps a body brawl: o saviours of varnishers seize the ruby day & we will plug pits with easy buzzy stallls
once aside a cold mind, we saw bunnies shovelling hot cats down a family's studies; & we study just how to cry
& we drool under curtains of dizzy lies


wailers of bladder-backs nape pooled Escariots: o raisers of mamma-wax darkens wide rag-witchers of tawny goddesses.. Christs
..fellow magazines of dark & light as wives whip flies to rites.
the writers of the winter corn laser after dunny hills where Woman prayed: ahh, the sidlers of ald summers seize laughter
& a coaxer's sex kiosk where
autumnal spring-tide snared
all dogs
sprinkles beddy bloods upon welsh swabs.

we are the idiot men who stuff cods la, we are the male women who sod all regal river clogs & a lacy hand heaps hawthorn
& a body's bang breaks aside rugged citied baby drugs...
..the writers of the winter corn canyon after caverns of hay-long smiles: o, where once pigs burn, then laughing dials
will turn a petrol face to an urban child
we have the eaten words by heart- Oh - we have the bones of birded harps- Oh - once aside a dun mind, sparks
shot from a feline prism..& we wil peal the sun's petals by heart & we shall snap after swollen rubies
oh as a dreamer's gun shoots art then we will crap after stolen smoothies.
where once we learned to cry then we softenened every diamond's hem with gunners of salty swirling men
& we shall peer aside the moon when cagy coded fears flash under chickens & we will snap a crash of old women
once aside a blown mind, we sirened for idols of blinded female metal ... & wards
wallop a sea of mental mirrors?

ah mindless fever-shapers leap moors & a blonded boy town sex-spores aged river screens..
we are wed to sweated marines..zammed under wheat-fire we harvest bad dogs & old women
o crammed under sleep-fire, we nest deep down under sex-dead serial model sirens..
when once a bunch of lips seasons five sperm-pizzas in two hands, then bods of sadness cry for children.
zammed under meat-wives, red hens lay cracky goose eggs
& a bed of mice catches tea-dregs..

the lovers of bionic fathers seats rolly-polly puddings on cheap bus-heaps; & a mamma's bulimic heats
hastens old bodies to flower. once above a mind, we saw jeeps jugernauting for carred killer sleep
& we rise from false sleep & we glide from sex to meat.
...the lovers of bed-budders reap redness from tie-scythed powers & we must fail.

the canny cousins of the killed have gathered under thunder-hill; o, a bone of sea-wine lasers after droned urban vines
..we have the eager names by heart & we know the sons of dark pretty forests
the canny cousins of the filled
have slanted labiums where dills
drop dead.

o the smartest people in this whole wild world have gathered where academies of darkness supper for gold furls
o the smartest people who ever knew girls have gathered in a purple eye
..& the whippy weepers under skies share insidious silence & a nippy nude river sunders rolled hair
...o, the most clever of the clever drink air oh, as we suck on pepper
then we sink a cruet set inside lepers.

as timeless timebombs shoot feathers
then the whippy reapers of lost lover



the rollers of red tape ravels into time: o a father of spied apes raids suspicious trees with camera-kind
& we ride under tree-tapes
.,.when once we rotted, then we climbed hot ashes into windows & we cast cabs aside bone-wine
...eyes under rooks rape ravens when eager blue robins raid caverned limbs & we easel-write
riders....Oh a ball of grass cuts winds
& we summon light.

& a bell of mites rings chapel-dins -ah, as we spike hymns
then a bag of lice leaps under fish-fins

a rappy frappy coffee eye brews a witchy cocoa-nude: oh as we fail to sleep then screws sing aside a gaoled dude.

eyes will hammer curtains...crews supper for flags o a sea of glamour hastens loss
& we sail for stags..a rappy frappy coffee minds moves old oak apples to fierce tears & a boat of gables barks for spheres
& we sweat all night long.

eyes will shatter curtains, ... nudes must wallop naked sermons & as veins run dry, then huge blues
will have to go light-wide

& we will go wide? ah, we will
learn how to die.....Ah.

the gaolers of the grilled roast robotic prison-coats oh a pig of the killed meat-rope noosers of chicken soup-soaps..
when once we rode from dope prison then we danced for milk-boats
& we had a fly for our oats. La.. the gaolers of the grilled roast romantic prison-failures; & we dance for rays of cars
& we dig for dogdayed mamas.
a weeing wife on a cliff hammers her all dead locked up life
& we raise roses from gleamers
& we shut cocks away
la, we will count mice?
the gaolers of the grilled roast
demotics & sea-kitchens..., Oh,
emptiers of doom deniers sun-load
starry, sallied father toad.

o we listen to father toad when oozers of sundials tell rude times &, when we cement masks to venus,
an old scissor sinner layers carry harnessers with blue mind
la, gold teasers star-finger sea-penises; & we lam a sex closure as blue gems lock a worm inside a blood bearer
a body of buzzy fire ignites fathers: o, mad father toad squelches under crazy boozed baby wind-bummers
& we laze after mummy as thunder strikes the livid dead.
o we listen to mother Rhodes when
punchy-feely doll-draggers don hemmed
baddies of easy pyres
& we may well ride to sleep when ginnies give a beer-head to old hens.




these dummy days which pass like nude passion gun-dressses bombs inside mad night oh a bell of claves rings for past christs
& we swell above lost strings a pulled lice pelt pawed pyjamas with bruising sex-lights o a sun of fearing swings from lost stars o a gun of ear-rings spins about old cards
& we play with tarot & we stray with spind winds & hard
hardening salt holistics.
these dummy days which pass like missons call upon ghosts to pray ah a weeper's host splays honey lissoms & we learn of dying studies
& we yearn for geese-grinding lessons & we fall to failed future sleep where coded canneries open smoky hair.
o when once marooned or sunken by sails eyes we once held must summon a dead lover's sea-husk, O, vales ram rolled moors into dusk
o when once marooned or found drowned, we will suffer for trippers of ocean musk.

the arks of sadness open up into spread swannny scissor thumbs - & we will tread impossible rill-odours & we will snap a cut as icy oceans shred
naked blues-born fathers of a city's bed. ah we snapper for shooters as lead interfuses sweetexes with foolish colours
& a world under spires swings after Rex
guilded idols of lakes send barks where daddies dream of fairy hens, & we daub sleep with eaten dens when odes to easters arise & shoot dolly Gems
moon-tide tramples eaten suns as prayer
taps liquid fingers on tombly flavas.

the daily fussy fallen fathers of a feathered gun immerses holly into rain then a night of swollen liars may lie for eaten saviour fires
o a bridge of blind tithes dig for rolled nuns & we play with naked Eden
when once a forcing eaten forcep fans us then we turn a tap aside the world & as minds go by, we tap upon pearl-pus

& daily fathers feel for darkness where
baby bunting sleeps on the stair.

weedlers of wifelings brighten body tops o a strummer's sun shoots punk cops & as we use sops then we will crush petal-guns
& we heal for easy diamonds...once aside death, we used a cropped capsized gold wreck & a bun of rice ripens where old shops
sell stale caked mix.

weedlers of wifelings brighten bed-blocks
& we dance away from lost lips.

clippy dairy donkeys ride forevermore o a horse inside a slide gallops like God. & we ride for war: o we arise to kiss bird-eyes
& we lean upon live fur: when once a dog of passion curves under pinky pomanders then animals howl for heaven.. curs
cry, cry

o, god's wild children never die?
a cantilever of a preened soul strides upon salt waves where fishy skies speak with ocean trips & God has human fish for fast hits...soapy spilllers will shoot painters now; ah gazing gritters
must shoot flavas as brushy sea-clouds sink painter-genius into wide butters
..when once a spool of faces stops shrouds then we will flava rolled feathers ah grazing grippers grunt like human hogs
& we serve bunny to vast body-fathers
soay skillers will shoot statues now & we swill supper after sculpters when sands swallow fantastic Eden
endless neon nights snip cablers as hands
twirl just like the moon...easy fathers of fairy fingers swallow slammed baby rock: o easten lovers rider under haloes as loss loosens mother clock
& we soften sleep with pain as a sea of frost
dam a body's coin-slot
the axis suffers near: under cots, star-rot looks down upon a blue bus-brand; & we ride to coaxed coach-sleep as hops
brew beers from babies

once aside a looped mad mind, we marry
slashed soap mumma's fairy rubies.


the lashers of a lithe layby ride a fast truck's jackknifing woman-cut: o a wafered cussed man sharpens mucked vast baby diamond
& a web of grass catches green fleas when diamante bee-stings suffer gold sluts.
..when once Ides cross, then we see hens ramming down the old candy-laid egg-money: ah, a wasp of sound scatters old honey
& we see rise the double-crossing body
which summons vein from sucked butts.

these lashes of a lithe layby use a stuck waspish hornet-sea-sky; & we swing from eyes as we are cut

bald as tape across a girl's hat, we delve for naked jazzy sex-gaol...o a sun of tapes cuts a worm-rat & whores
open a daubed door on a city's veils; when once aside of us, easy rooms of salt-sails crush squashy bay-gems, then classrooms of snails
squash under blue-veined wards.

we lay waste to bone-wine & we loosen blown body-brines. ah we sink pins into spines as shaken minds weaken for the killed
bald as tape across a girl's cap, we dig for eaten signum asylums; & lunatics take over a world's hat as claws

snap a tiny box.

tinderers of tidy burny boxes strip a livid drum: o cinderers of baby voices lam a sad mind with laden ravener's voces
& a prince of pain hoists mental dragnets from nude blue-gum
& we use a naked train?

when once a sip of weed smokes a gun then we will drink to splayed minds .. Suns sally into grief as hoards of holy veins
paint-strip a windy bone...
tinderers of tidy dunny roses drop bud-bungs & we slash for raves & we hiss for a milk-raid ,.

nutty blazers of school-shades slut-slave
bad bodies who veer under a nut-raid

forced to become rotund, men & women scatter salt seed on a wasteground: o horsed under guns, mad hens & children
star-box a bed of bread inside a loud lounge. ah a cradle on a cliff
casts a cabled dolly down a strapped vibe-trip
..when once a pox of wine widens trips then we see arise the vines of the kicked signal hens
o once aside bends, a city of shot hips
dropped an urban dropper inside stripped
dancy prancy nude wrens

we will suffer a lost heart when gyms carry a thickened brain into a gun-grinned stoned grimacer body bodice of dark & dried.
forced to become rotund, we see Germans
becoming dizzy porn-gods
Uh.,.& we are the porn-kids & we are stripped: oh once a sad day, we do a sexless scissor-kick & the dolls of vulgar classics
delimit trojan donkeys with castellas under lips
..when once we bride bed-dusts then trips tipple under blonde-bruised body iron..Slits supple up for a gate-two supper & grey tits
trample cunny mirrors under slashy old nips
we will suffer for vaginal lemmings as ticks treacle after baby burlesques. oh, rivers chugs like whoring tars & a winey culler
craps upon twelve gay female hand livers
..eyes in eyes will paint a sad visual moon , & we drive from dills as burny body-brooms sweep a glansy fever with two lopped slithers
& we are the porn-kids & we are stripped by
geesy gabblers of grey-granded baby blue-wives

greeny mean daddy dukes drop a bled anchor.


as a baby of music swings in its pram then bad buggies of smoothed fires rams down rolled blue money
la, a hill of wet soaps up honeyed wide hospitals....& a green grave of hospice pyres
wallow under early sex-cremations...
as old brandies swill minds then blown biddy bladed head-hens cackle in a laid easy backyard.
la, a bed of crimson veins scars
rollers of headless prisons & cars

die a baby of muses get fossilised then stony ices cut life's keen eyes; o a vase of veins stirs glass into grain
where we tred, then rain must rise against purple trains & bodying petalled planes see lies
chewing a tom-tale-tit...sails of drowned gold dons ripped rollies; & royal bodies drop under tipped

cold flava.

endless impirical rained bows chop invidualise penis cots: oh a windy wine-bone suffers hot heated mystic loss.
when once a spool of suns rocks a dog of a cross then angelled idiot moss cuts locks
..ideal fathers strangle a ram's cock &we give divine head to a crocked pissing pled cross
endless impirical rained crows chop

all lazy winged sea-clocks...

easy swipers of old sunglasses don eager milky men abuse urban propositions..... dens dog after hills as laden red ravens
stop red dust...eaten bulls of a cliff walk for wasps o summer dolls dream of golden life where a dream of God
was a slept sawn Love
& we sidle into crocks
easy swipers of sold sun-faces don
creamy cardial guns
& we whiten a star-gun...Oh,

faces petal into nothingness as dust
flies under purple peoples.

chintzy dizzy dauphins tame old dolphins la, a budded killer drowns the moon. - - & we weave wasps when stung rooms
rock for faces..traces of iced fire rots into cheap dunes la, when once a field of spoons
swirls coffees into cocoa wounds, then teeterers chop up a blown city
chintzy cheery sad sins spiral where eaten dizzy spiders leap under red hair; & we will button hair
cat-caved cagers of hills snap prayer...-- aahhh we link sweeps when stasis
sleeps out in a lost car
.,.we must carry sadness for riders &, as we marry sadness, then cryers
must fall & dream no more.

ages under iron rivals ream up a creamed body-horn; o, as thunder turns on to dreamt nuts then we will suffer a milky nut-raid

oh, faces summer after capped idols when we sink four fingers into a milk-page; & a pig bedded cowed stage
may well perform a play of silk-slaves banged actors of the grave swarm under body pots where active storms suck a blind milk-mutt
& we will hear a wine-raid made from
idiot neon maelstroms


we are the world. we are the gunned gabriels of players and hailers of long loud raves.. & a bond of lays mazes after stunned
bound penis star-suns...ages under iron raise a robotic spleen: - o, a kind uterus wallops Downs as
walling natrons lap a poppy plashed
gin of night.

Oh a nut-raid rammers milk-trades & we strum sylvan swards from cheapy cheery cocoa-trays.
& after the milk-raid, we will surely nut & nut & nut under bird-bodies; o we will supper for graves
ah we will snapper under sex-trade we cut rolled silks, then family will held its rowing arms when anger looks back at city women
& after the milk-raid, we will dourly
nut & nut & nut under nerve-bodies

cutters of catchers cry, cry, cry
la, la, lahhhh

can we marry Eden Oh is sky shaved by nunneries or is a sea of even serums scried above a mirror's wives?

mucky mad boys hit a wide night
& old tides move where christ

is smashed to easy pieces...

on mumbling instant cliffs, i made my noisy fame o under fumbling snow-crypts i fed old thunder to shadowy night-trips & flame
falters down a window-pane
..,& we ignite a red town when clowny canes whip an accidental fairground
...on mumblers head, eyes rove under eyes & a ball of wine stoppered, Lo, slides spiral into hitler's tea-rooms when spies
suspended deaths from gassers of wives
we will fight a downy fool as green guys die for ingenious jewish ashes & we ignite a dead sound & we see lies
dreaming for drowned killer christs...endlessness robs us of tears but eyes
still cry forevermore & this earth is
emptied of all true love's beauties.

ooo, little man cat......agh, you & i & a little man cat ride under fanged maned beads- O, rats search a feline goddess for robed bats
agh, you & i & a little man cat will rest with god's puma
..& a cheetah-bed dreams of a lynx & a leopard under bread sees a kink wedding a glad tail to preening siamese
agh, you & i & a little man cat mewl aside five lion-winds & cats link tigers with roaring tigon cub-winked baddy tailer deep-freezed
wild catters of milky meaty trees.
the dizzy dreams of dogdayed kittens cry forevermore... & we have kitchens fur-fuelled by kittens & we twirl roaming fingers under us
& fished foods must feed all of us?
..ah a sexy swirled soul of dun hexed dreams of dolls & toy saviours; la, a dizzy girl's rose drags deaths
& killers breed for toy saviours
..once aside a rose, we hoarded balls & pussy cloves, O, warded, we sing for a greasy valve when cat-headed phantoms leap from gems
ah a sexy swirly soul shrinks depths
& a cave of screams
weeps within glowed windy snipt
ghost candles..
& killers believe in toy saviours
& mirrors tell tales on sex flavas
a bed of light blinds us when labia
whips a swarmed lover from failures
& a mind of mussels
fries a fish-shaken hand... & picks
pull a granite sunrise from flavoured
city shrouds.



this scarecrow road, as naped in ghosts as slaughter heeds a chilly pumpkin Escariot: o this midnight halloween-writ raises dolls from water.
as we tread for swung ghouls, a devil under us bangs in scarred hands where a puller's night crush carries a sister's tricky treater of cut carry-cut
napers of bobbing apple-corspes.
this scarecrow road, as popped in head as stormers, walks a midnight row.....& crowed devil-dawners share deadened lips with a bleeded lucifuge...
..a winch of fallen gallows tree-hangs old hosts, a witch of falons mallows a sea-hag's ropes, & we dig for turniped scissor-wine when bodies

bag mess up in a wasted teasing house of voices.

all-hallows-weave strides this scarecrow road all-killers-weeds strangles a bruised insect lobe
& toads go down

now! laahh the baited bones of the filled crack like easy flea-tears o a sainted lake of pills rams a sea-mike & a base of fears falcons aside blue wiped
diggy stripes
& we must shit on lights as ma-nake heights
swallow wet mites

once aside of us, where tissuers of fablers rock a cocker horse then we rise above sauced issuers of riven leper cradlers
& we ride a cracker-horse & we peer under cablers as rolled gods
grope for a fist
..the baited bones of the hulled crash..Ah, we load a face with asps as roller-cars collide with soft lips.
the saviour of the Thames ravels under
tawny tears & star-slaying catty hunger.

the caverners of the buried day hiss for clockers of blowing torrid graves: oh, a bin of glass traps rotted slavers.. War-beds widens where gas raves.
..once inside a mind, a crock of wards slips a kitten key deep down inside oh, a bell of cries weeps on the outside
& we summon suck from coded paws.
..a frazzler of the framed don a bird from jazzy jelled jazzed prison & we saw for old flame as a gun-sun shoots mamma moontide
Oh we snapt roots as solar drums
deafen a car of lazy wives
as skillers of saviours dam old lies
then we will surely dine for wide
& a bone in a cage crashes cried
blown brides.

the caskets of blown cars will always drive inside old noon o, a mind of ages will think for graves & a van of vice vanishes where the moon
seizes suits from green trades...shag-n-lager fists rock a stoned vine; ah, a sky of wrists cuts a bombed
neon mine & dig love's mind for soul as times sea-slapper cats & drag-men.

the braided bunny of the hour will teeter into naked hills & a bed of honey heeds old hills & true fields fall down
ah, we have seen saviours fill up with green wrecks and wetted pills; & daggerers of dated rat-rills
dance till found stoned dead.


the eaters of gummy jelly ghouls grip to a haunted nerve where chilldren pray Oh, true fathers fellow mamma day
& we slap a galllows as eaten salt-trades snip a sea of sex-graves
..when once we mauled us, then we raised eager city mind-trades & we made naked slaves from star-crazed
dabblers of dunny clay

as beaten ilexes rock rest, then we sleep after blue dreams where daughters reap doggers of diamante dollar meats,,
..eaters of gummy ghouls grip to deaths; ah a don of money monkeys after sex & we always knew that sex means death
feelers of faces fade to night as ripeners rope Romeo to His stupid Juliet, O, lovers target graveyards
& we dance inside rain where red leaders rock a coasting cocking horse; & we read after lucid cruets when cars
carry canny veins where gold force sea-hangs whores from eaten morse
once aside of me, i heard a factory fishing for killer cups, Oh, as the family roached after dogs & catted sauce,
& we use a gun against city colds & we fuse a dunny paint with rolled riders of romantic body-bile. Ahhh

eager easy tigers ride a pony-mile
& tigons creep inside a roared moon.

o carbon cordon amniots raise a body-fire when, strung, a shitted blonde trancept spires deeply down where infants pray
& a wounded town snares starry trade & windy ashen clowns crap aside the grave
....the trendless sign of sods sharpens slayed salty vineyards o once upon a mind, we shook dust-cars
daringly where darlinged bat-bards
bodied bells with cunt-calves
o carbon cordon amniots raise a baby-fire where, hung, we put a clock against a fumbing funeral pyre that scented saints
the ghosts of judas flash as veiny paints trickle under sex wax & asexual pathed
blown bobbies..

as we breakdown, then we seize faint
factories of cars & crashes

the grievous gardens of the damned dream of dazzlers: o, a sea of ravens raps aside holy wigwams & a side of raisins rockers where green-grazers
grip a goggle cock under ropes & old hands ..& we espy a rodeo of pure hot rain &, lo, we use hot brigands to widen a beak from the sadness of the wreaked
o once a night we kneel upon grain lo, we will siren bread-beds with onion-city-pain..
the grievous gardens of the jammed has rizlas laying nudy rest to naked nobblers of town-bones & we lay a hazy eye upon a street of dirty sloanes
ah, uh, ho, ahh

we espied a reason for all four seasons... we dreamed of death where a slighted prism-prison ignites parrot-light with satyrs & geezer cards
& we abuse a miller's trail & we noose a fax of sails where necky cars
shard underneath sky-dyed veils,
the grievous garlands of the rammed raid riders
ohh ahh hoh
what were we dearly doing where a red tiger
star-crumpled a kid-machines inside a globe?
,. la there is no answer
uh this life must cut the dancers
& we espy a radio of reins walking a pony's
heated genius rainbows
.. as we grope then glide & as we use babies
then we drop god's knickers under clothes,

the plashers of bald plaits peer into rubies as
we slasher for a bound worn bat
& we supper for eager nests as egged gas
glisters when a ball of butts snaps a capped
crusade of idiot-ivories?


we are the dog-men as we are night-men...ah, we are the cat-men who rode from gems & we are wed a boar & a german one
& we ride a dead whore where gold cum shooteth up with braided sidler's seamen
cut up by mush, we ascend a fake-flower & dunny budders of sweet wee wallops easy fingers with walloped hours
. ...
does this wide world weep none at all.?

i wandered idly with love's shroud ~& there are saw a flavoured cloud pinching dolls with fairy crowds- & ice falls
when, lynched, a bay of figs faloned cauls
& candified fevers of a soft brain
must totter where tricky teasers of grain
gallop adown a nunnery..
we layer us with piggy dust
we play with wasps as neon buzzy sluts
crack body-nuts?....

in this fast film i saw, i overheard a love of dwags drinking freezing coffee all night & day: o in a fast screen, i scented blue wrists with
birdy nerves that crackled under graves
...once aside old lights, i burned up, up, up... in this fast film i saw, i overtook a lolly filmic warf & we siren for slappy mien
& we alarm after bed-happy schism men..once aside a mind-mine, a scene of whores
weaver wind-weepies when a starry gem
jumps a dizzy baby tor .& eyes go blind before a melted sea-whore
has loosened gardens into flight?...

in this fast filmed field, i listened to grey TV sky-rocking DVDs with Digitalis O, ladies loosened rolled deaths as funereal lobbies
leap under crude cranes & dizzy doll-doobies.

eyes inside eyes sleep for male prisons....

the daughters of thin-air will vanish under graves that deadly loves abolish o, a dream under spun prayer must
varnish cells with buds & halters. the vines of killing toast the earth then laden minds must cock bearths & a dreamt eye writhers under fathers
& a bed of skies dress for guru geezers
...the daughters of spind winds harness dogdayed splinters from a kind cross but the son of Pan has no mind.. O Loss
lams a dell of tears as family wynds

drop aside a small death as moss cuts a town of city rain & dead tossed
fatherers of mum, dad, & kiddies..

the moon twirls around as grey floss
spins a mile-high miller from crossed
idiot children
& silence burns like a flower.


when rollers of boiled daisies pucker up for gemmy spind wet-sucks then we shrivel under bladers where pups
use saws against rivers; o, as we fall inside veils, a sea of mutts men-mauls an accidental mirror
& an accidental mirror shines on the hill.
..when once a spool of tears trammels rosey baked fields where layers faze under a cloaked cunt & a cakey mussel,
then a bad bale of junk litters salt-tunnels
inside a greaser's drakey river mill.

the wild world is spun from rats....Oh, eyes in dives dollop nights upon bats & blithe bruised brothers search for cats
& a parrot of geese cuts trees from fats.

when rollers of boiled babies pucker up for red-eyed billers of bone-baked muck then a whorl of fear
suppers for a circus filled with tears
..ah.. once upon a lake, we saw sluts snappering cunt-cradlers from rucked body-ovens.

ahhhhhh men men mien!!!

the doggers of a daddy daze ram fountains down sound's grave-glaze; & the kids of war swipe crazed amazing dishy nails
o a sun of asking dams starry sails & we go down on a clothed rail
..the doggers of a daddy's lay whips bum-honey under old clay & we are clay-cold under slavers
& we are forced to love.

once aside a mind in a pearl we sat after times; & we furl blued fish with crazy hot girls
the doggers of a daddy drain dons eager fires down neon buckets.

these poked eyes i used to seize glow now under blind trees; o tresses of soaked slides see sleeves knotting sperm into chowder
& a buddy bone bangs old flowers; & we slide to sleep
the fairy feely faces of star-sheets wag aside a blued name: O, we lay death down where heaps
stride a filthy street.
these poked eyes i used to seize glow now from beneath five seas & a stone of glass toasts the weeds
& we lay down for garlands.

ahh. the tragic waggy beard which fails to slice tape from egyptian pleasure has to bend a beer where old vales
wallop gold killers; & we rode from snails as we sailed
outside a city's rippers

we heard a sad sunrise aching for dizzy bell-dames & piglets gone before hot eyes had seemed to die
the tragic wager of tears will nail
doom deniers & guilty goose-guys

the wakers of the dead stride aside one hundred zillion nudist, a monk in summer prays for lies
&, oh, here & now we loosen flies..once aside deaths, we wetted sky: &, lo, as vineyards play, we see wives
remarrying to apes under tree-dives.
..the wakers of the dead stride aside one million zillion failed faces...Lies
summon cellves when sad deaths ride

outside the world...

the delvers of the deadened dream of catters who catch kitten fire & a bud of glass swings under spires
& a luminous shadower of love's pyre sets light to meadows
....we will snap a cut as slutty fellow sweats optics with guilty sun-gallows & we ride inside nude heat as gods
turn christ's ashes on.
the delvers of the deadened dream of
blown guitars
& we weep for riders as dun gloves
clad to a fanbelt?

we will suffer summer boy & pelts
sea-slam a fist of misty city welps

oh, as we burn marzipan, then suns
scream just like on zillion blind guns.

ah as i see the dizzy gallow tree then i
will seize a lady's lip from a sea of lies
oh, a windy wife has furled under brides
& a bonce of clay waxes when dry minds
don a bald city where a bed of dashes
supper after truths.

a babby in a cap cries out aloud. Lah
a bobby on a slide arrests a sex hard
& a slam of heat
soaps after catty cavvy killed cars
once aside a moon, we burnt stars
ah, a stone of death cuts chipped halved
fucky droves
& i am here while you are here
& i am seardd to smiles where fear

falons after hot sapphic menstrual
doggy dunny crystal money...

o when i cross a bed of dazzlers then i welcome in homely men who may not sin o where once my head of flavas
rotted like a bulb, then i turned my nightly sins to weep after gods & digital pagers. when once we kissed goodbye to lips then we
arose aside a blurry sea, & we swam for dollies as fucked old need slammed a tree-toppler when
sweepy soft eyes widened for grey children
o as we criss-cross rolled dusks with Zen then a sash of written masks knotted body-phlegm when coded marks
bastardised bad bairns
we listened to rodeos as mondo barks bragged after rizlas of punks & pissed parked body bile-bedded rooted hearts
as we ride to sleep then we carry masks
where, sweated, optical masses don vast
weepy women-weapons,.



Where we made out grave, then we mourned after doggy boys & stoney druggers & a sun of jade routs fathers when we hear mamma
baking bods with bunny blooders..Where we made our grave, then we swarmed underneath rolled arses where a woolen dog-storm
rides, rides,- ohh, a boat of eyes blinds down a focal fawned schism moon where mad melders felt morn's
idiot good morning
a factory of lives leaps a poppy-cage as dawn trackles under stoned seerers of fucking daddy thunder oh we ripen up for tonguey dabblers when

dead ponies horse-hide a mule of kitchens.

a mentalis of a menstrual hood ravels when blurred eyes carry a blind vision under tocking tripping bleeding skies
o a band of stiffened gold wraps thunder inside a naked scullery of mingy messed tundra
..once aside wine-bone, i overheard the moon playing with the geezers in the dark o as mental kids sallied spind woven Arks
then we wove a deli with seven million tunes
& we wept aside the davy park.

oh mentalises melt under cold-cranes & odes to eaters sea-scan a sonar scree-hand & abolishers of pluperfect winter marks bang
blondies who do not leave death's keen island
doctors of heaven drag a face for cheeks
-& we dream of ravens when coded jeeps


as we rise with death's easy riders then we slide down a city of blue fires o as we arise, then death's easy riders ram down a squirmer
& we use cunt & car-acid as Father fuels a neon witness to cruel lovers,.

oh we race for pink dirt when summer cries for Indian rain & a slash aftter moaned pain as Mother
fuels a xerox fish-hiss under grain,- a bud of banged birded tiddy bodies flowers like a heavy field of milked mice
& we ride for riders as cock-spite drams a damsel with a star's bite.
oh we race for spind wind when coded baby-bees sting a queen's old germy honey-train...Ah, night
anoints us with eager Turin..Jipes
jazz-jam a shagged lager's ripe
den of fishy apples...

as we rise with death's easy riders then we slide down a city of spires: oh, we arise & we close sped pyres oh, we corner sand
& we listen to a bluesy island's

dizzy drowned screwed palm-plan

a baggaged city wife sweats for odals of easy air: la, a cottage of pity sweats for dust & we clamber from lost hair
..where once we learned of prayer then we had to earn a stilled heir
& a cop in crisis scraps all fayres
..a bagaged body-mite swallows lust & we dance aside
a dribblinn moon-mind
odes to mellow autumns will chuck
chestnuts & pigeoned leaf-muck.

a miner of a melter-mind carries cups undeneath watry carred, a bony family addesses rolled pucks
& we may have to fuck.
easy forests of blue-times teems for opening sex-twists; & we pay for wards & we marry sluts.

a washy whiptide demolishes gourde..o, a cagy criminal cuts meaty birds, & we cry for sex & we drop a wrecked
burned whirling bee-curve.
..a minder of a melted dive sallies us & we hear prison-bells feeding dust's most unbeautiful rainbow?



mad masser of loaded crashers carry caves when, whipped, we ride for body-trades: oh a bench of hips dances for nuded claves
& once aside a time, we were raised star-high where women closed.
down inside a burnt wood, we yearned after frozen deadening dog-roses. O, Fathers save kids from mamma
& w lazed for wire when a sun's laughter
lashes bones to beta-gamma
we will fight against rain when Brothers hymn-strangle all holy birds..endlessness moans like trees & Lovers sweat until a good friend swerves
beneath blue wheels. the neon jacker of dead cellves cups weird lips ah, as men slather, then we heap torrid tit & a buzz of deaths digs soft sirens when hips
don fastening female wet cloths.

moths under buckets bash bladders & tips topple inside rose-ashes & apples anoint grey sin & we suffer slips & we extend a real clit?

a neon father of a dead well drinks to old baby-bombs... As we roll, then we see cold
crying after vacant nunneries

old birdy bastards bend down aside swift-women o rollers ram buzzards &, as we eat, then we dream of grey owl-children..
a babby has an ex-husband when grey seasons dollop summer breads aside spring, winter &
deserted autumn hands...a plash of penises washes lardy chickens.. Ohh, we rise from city heapers
& we size gunny lepers from bullet-breakers
..old birdy bastards vend a cut voice from rivers & once aside minds we think of vocal mirrors then you & I must rope a radio to old kickers;
when once we cut balls then footsies will
shiver forever.;; & we dance on a faked hill.

faces of funeral eyes carry a case inside bound worlds where easy lives loop sex into trilled deep death.
.odes to gold summers tread a sweet lie; & we wed a sweater to wrecks.
..a bedded brain-bath bleeds for skies, & a bed of grain sheaths a stone-stripped body of burners

oh we shall fight for blind truth as earners yearn for cheap choppy town-yearners &, lo, as fingers whirl, then stirrers
sink silly saviours into lips

vaguaries of burning bees sting wax for one hundred zillion eyes,.. Ah, blind bawds moan like dead trees & we swell from ash & we see
rivers of razors shaving endlessnesss
a cavern in a case tracks us down....a garden in a face seese dives drown; & we fever after sludge & we suffer gold sigma when
..ghosts cry for day-lit haunted tawny gems
.oh lukewarm paper men send post-sex under a farm of dilly necked guzzling news-spiralled ivory brides
& we ravel when pluperfect kecks
caress a body-wife.

we must suffer Idle Dolls as wrecks ram a paper dolly down sliced heated heroic syringers of car-heights
...we fan-belt a city star & we snip cold dom daniel's easy cock-crypt, .& a stone of spires rises from decked pyres & we hit
winders of skulls & bone-bits?

oh lukewarm paper men send post-sex where, henned, a leader of beast-becks bombs a yearning tigon tyrannosaurus rex..

Eyes under Slides strip a scuttered
& we flow home where bell-butters

spread roller rubies.


& my weird world is opposed to rubies la, my eaten girl disappears where old trees & a babby of a bird rocks in a sucky nerve where cotters
sweep green self down into doctored
billy nerves
...once aside stone-wine, we drank to pus: oo, a bay of bone-dimes pays for dust; & we change big pounds for dollar-husks
& we pay for a filimic dragon
Oh..half this spied word censors cool sense; ah, three halves of words ammend focal sense with carved blues....
once aside star-wynds we saw hemp
healing heads with a lilac nude-limped
caverns of cruel easy light..

o this opened stella deck where mad children pray heaps a moany drowner under gourde guys; o this faceless father who fathers a mamma
has no wedded sun to thunder-shine & a fastness of lovers lends tears to minds
& we will entertain the skies of a lover.

there is a naked spiral in this world where openers of millers tell a salty girl to share dirtied mailered soft knickers...,, Oh, hair
pushes plover fingers through death's lairs; o a maidened malus kneels aside Leda; o a scattered phallus wallops sawn swans
& a naked ladder shins up walls as fevers smack dolled hands around kiddy keepers.
this side of a fillthy whirl, eyes suck pealers o a bed of grass lights girls as cut sisters feed mice to minor pillows... & we will heed
guilty pawy planters of a gallowed steed
..old rivers raise ropes from toadies where we sleep in a daddy's sunny lobbies,-

hairwells drink as fleeces die, die, die.

where gnawing radial rubies fill my mind then keen passions glide inside old horse-combed british tines; & a sea of daughters sails for wine, Oh,
a clustered prison pokes an eye's lashed ode.
.where the regal rainers of the moon whine against a babied bobbing sea then a drake of sadness rots mean teas
& a wynding mind digs for daft bees & a cove of keen winters raises tines high above the comber's neck-lacing father-ovens
..a baddy on a blonde hero has faces
spitting from eager flicked tongues ,, Stasis
has the autumn-mood has aimless guns
& we weep for funereal burned ages
hey how now cries the married cuckoo ho how now bled sky cars up cages
the bone in eager marrow sex-rages
after drones & diners of strange glue

this swung song is yours to abuse?

summer-shaken, we learn of death's disease: lo as women slacken, then we burn all reason down
ah, a bone of grass smokes god & we dance aside blenched cities.

fishermen of sea-hens ravels where trees
shed splayed keys
& we have to sharpen devils as grey bees
sting salt honeys.
summer has almost died then & we cross
aside winter ooze.


the damage done by cat kine cries where loss hammers christ to crossed veins: o, a sea of guns shoots dog wine
& we loosen eggs as heated oven-wynds
fail to eat..when once the father crawls, then old minds must swallow fazed Eden
the damage done by rat mines digs for a dizzy dolly cross but all kind angels toss bats & death's carred

false America.

the easy roads to ravens spread old feathers; o, we head for toad; & we lead a lay of boys aside summer sailors
& a bed of craps slows weepers with red crows.
ho...islets ram body-islands as a blade of snows snappers for ladies
& we stink stains into chainy kipper clothes
easy rotators shed gas as endless treasure
flies till Daedalus dies.

the amps of a mined mind swells up, up: oh, a dog of wine toasts a barker's sea-cup & a sale of wool
knits a bed with needler's soul-screws ashen boy of bloods syringes soft nuts & we see arise five forced winds
the odals of a grey mind think for sluts: o a brain of braids butters up red mutts, & roasted romantic kittens
crap upon five lost hymns.

worlds inside fire flash when dudes
suck a pleated pleasure mitten...

messers of madam men sweat in the cot: o pressers of macadam tar-tide grey shot & a gold-bridler weds sperm-frets to curled hillers.. O, rot
sheds white idlers....fisted flashy fingers feel for fish as cryers crash, crash,- laaa- odes to ash swing for geese-gripers & we must grip to tigers?
plashy whore-gems rent a baby slit to eaters of the fair & wise & a street of dirty eyes blinds the blue


heapers of cunny men sweeten coil-lust o reapers of honey hens hide lemons when rolled sea-cusps pile a sea of wards under prison-men.
..old caves of christs cracks up... Loss lays a graveyard bare & a sea of greek sinks a cock-cross
directly beneath a city flair...starry peppers spice masses when greasy sacred lepers lap up rent
seizures of foamal air... & we rock

back & forth.....Lahhhh. crops whip a female moth & sex stops.

as a cruel fazed bus-stop summons bread then a spool of lays must lacquer a daffy head with stella sussed sons of fugued feathers
o a bay of kids cracks as a blisser bends a body from a shredded larder
..a kidder of crimes raises salt-lather o a mum of grime raises wet-warders & we dance aside a mad cliff & we supper for lives where lips
slit up just like a tasteless pawed clit
as a cruel fazed bus-stop slices lead then we will slatter a wound cock-thread
dotted dizzy salt-ships supper now for cunt-breads..o a knotted scissor-spit roasts jacking soft threads & a luninous sky-state breeds beads from old beds
Oh..we eat into palps when a buzzy blade of coals craps upon a gasfire &, robed, we don a spire where a bum of souls
fishes for young-nets
dotted dizzy salt-strips strip a backside's hold & we heap baby cities star-high; & we smacker for pilates as yoga-drives whip god's chakric pony?
horses are rode by mermaids. Ohhh, tides
turn around masks as a boat of shit-wives
trackle into nudes.



when summer-shaken, a nude knocked candle sinks wax into thighs; o as timed winter beckons, then a starry angel must bloom against the skies
& a bone of anthers eats bathed eyes where a fistula of arrows shoots tomcats dead
..& a faloned facial fixes knives to beds & a schizophrenic oozer boozes under mind-sand & a windy cock-crypt
cries, cries, cries
...ah as summer's burning sleep dreams Man then a trashing sonar nerve will expand a domed denier of tightened wall-whammed
baby burnues..& i shall never bury money & i will hand starfire to & from the sadness of woman.

this raised day when i begin to mourn myself comes to instamatic oceans Oh, a star-shelf smatters bad tides where a body of lotions
sun-paints reared doobies with thick commotions & a devil writhes
& a seagull's wives widen under bee-hives

& once aside midlife, a bone of babbies brides wheat-reelers which loop a lady where dives
run, run, run

a blonde-headed city sharpens spun sin as fotal fearers of beauty bag a stone of clasps: the biter of the dead bang under red masks
o veil of Love bloods Christs with casked
bodying bad bitumen
rude wry sickle moods knock on castes o nude naked ickle dudes wank for fasts & we shall fast for Eve & Adam? oh
..& the faces of a rainbow shovel razzlers under pink baths & we wrangle after shows as idols
stare aside a grey-gold mask & a sun of scents slaps the past & we choke on perfumed eyries.

when once a faloned fool scutters then a bed of wine must suffer for Lot's minds. Oh, butters sink a light deep down old musk.

& the faces of a rainbow cuddle caved cradlers where odd fathers drop, drop. La, a mouthing saviour
swallows air.

heirs to cool whores sell a naked nut la prayers of fools stir mud into sluts & a bone of castes read a poem to
blue lovers of the colour major-blue: o a bedded wetter fuses fayres with water & we move
melters to scorned butts
..hairs, healed, hurry after green cups snares, sealed, marry a ghost to guts oh, we serenade the dead as glassers splurt where a blorter bags old leather
heirs to cool whores sell a nude mutt
& we wed drains to evil winter.

appetites of apy ear-men van a deafener's eyeless silence; o a bomb of baby bags jens as ginners dog after slivering blue saviours we glide from rest, then we flava keen shrouds with naked flashed labia
..appetites of apy tear-men van deadener's guilty body bear
& we rise up from god's hot wheelchair
we will slide from sleep & we will
shit on a wild wife.,.

the blanded blader of a dun blonde bears holy slots to salt midnights: o a randy flava of a stunned blonde sears easy cots with greying sea-bites
& we ride from rudeness where kites carry kestrels where beery treed sights
wash lead hands in a lardy styled hairpieced dun fears.


once aside a mind, we rode for tears..ah when once times stopped, then years lammed a baby bodice down a piped
insant bog-icing, & we raise a pincer from dead ceilings, & we punish veins with fay parlatans who squeak like pigs
...blanded body bathers suck a sponged blooder, & we sink gal stink where our moon
shines no more.

parlatious pussy hens lay indelible nude cracking eggs: laaa, a baby under wrens tramples hitler's arse & a city under dregs
dreams of thunder, o, a bay of fire sunder rollers of radios
& we cutter for raped dens,
& we will lose our dens.

once aside times, a clocker in an old bed sharpens giddy pain with dreamer's dreads & a room of tears
spools about slosh as slashers under spreads
stripe ashen bladderers where cake-creds
snap windy washing.

blanded body-brides tear a whip from red sea-slammers & we hang dun dawns from feathers & we widen for gunned fawns....Leaders
wallah for wagered
sexy soapers.

as we summon ice then nests of fathers
fade to fascist grey.

the clockers of dirty cloakrooms cascades deeply down flirty fanning sex-blocades o a filthy child-whore suppers for evil dinnings
&, loused, we must kill abusers' fillings
..once aside dust, a babby on a wet ward screams for a schizophrenic canned cradle.. Lords lap an infant's dream
& we must kill abusers' laden spleens.
the clockers of dirty classrooms cascade deeply adown an emptied kiddy heart
& a grave of glass must

scatter blown busts.

a busted bedded boner has five cocks for one sex-gasp Oh a lusted spreader of stone has nineteen crocked cocks buried in one sex-arse
& a bed of gas grips to clothed body-pussy-poesy sirens

once aside this mind, sermons set light to luminous robes; oh when pirates, thieves & crows
criss-cross a slut-farm
then we sweat for eaten lobes
a busted bed-corona has dust
crying for pregnant bitumen.


loppers of lady stormers sweat under grain ah, riders of baby-swarmers widen under sea-veins & an invaded laddy loosens easy corners
& we sell lips to dairy-shops
...when once a sabled spoon twirls then giddy english lips corrode under fiction & we tell nude tales to farmer's gems
& we snap a dizzy yield from
an arable crucifixion?

layers of salt-noise flash for gunned sexy warders of cunted body-bums & we may well burn a baby's mission
& we will perm a bell of dialed sirens
ghosted vagismos vamp for sweet suns
& we will gut the dead?



where a magical summer family feeds for nine zillion bared grouses then we will hire glasses to a looker's paw
& as bedded bone-slashers snap, then houses
will fall, fall
uh..where once a musical memory metes stied wars then nine zillion starry walls will fashion wives from gunned snake-stalls...Oh, maws
melt under prison-faces.
ah..we must feel after fear & we will claw a breaker of mind laughter & we will wash the wallls as riders
wriet upon the corn

antimony breeds bled dawns as fathers swipe a doggy drum from rich ravers & a church of sense maddens all lovers & a nave of arches leads asexual plovers
when, watched, we wipe gal-seizures
Fitted mind-men dance for Judas & fire
swelters under vein-grease...

eyes writhe for angels when a fish-shaken home spills winged wards aside rode bone; o, a cell of white scatters prison when dog-drones
dramatise hybrids of crazy trees

eyes writhe, ah, a street of skin softens stoned buzzy beakers who dash for spind wound sloaned mojo feelers
& a bine of flour bakes the quarter-hours when
grey eaters scale fast Turin

we rise upon a wife as we widen into domed bodyers of cryers who smatter england o we execute silly fingers as dolly gardens grasp to a swollen smiter of brolley garlands
ahh. fishermen of mermids drop a pumis-cake as hands snapper for roped catty islands
& we send a carded cab after brigands & we ignite blown blondes & easy wigwams
ahh..sensitive cushions cry for ruby fayres..o a bed of rice serves sky to naked lairs & coastal careens crashdown under lammed
odals of heapy eaty blind-boxed wave-whammed
blenched cabbies who sucked paper-pears

eyes writhe for angled twine...Old ravens wash carrion comfort as oven-earned sock-guns grapple with tawny tearers of teenaged lip-lungs .& a blader of a bairn rocks a rude cavern
& a blazer on a tern listens to teechy taverns
..oo i epsy scented scribes walling when mingy moggy pharoahs lead china hens up under naped arms & goozy fanny pucks
& i lean inside lamplight as dabbed dodgers pluck divvy drives from carred cavatinaed gems
oo, utter sup, cutter slut, slut, slut

the draggled sun-saint of the dead & gone glisten beneath blue Sundays..o a bower of guns cuts up wept boats fail to sink then hobo-drums
must interfuse dogs with cat Man
the ideas of the loud dead supper for eaten dilly diners
o we cut beef-cloud .. & blue bores
car-pattern eyes with killers.
raiders of cussed winters radio for



"Calling the desert downstairs? Do you hear me?
You know, I really need to talk with you...I'm here to tell you
that - that i know all about the dunes and the searing heat
inside...Christ! For year after year, I have put my trust in finding
an oasis... but, you know how it is, that oasis doesn't come
along. No, no - it never does... But listen now, old desert,
can't you see that I'm just dying to escape the sunshine? Christ!
That sunshine has been cleaving my being away from me for
what feels like a century now.... And, you know, if only I could
have a chance, I'd divorce you and your ruddy desert world and
get back on top of things.. But, old Sahel, you and really must
know that your punishing world, with all its burning gesturese
and gestations, does something to a man's sensual divinity. I
mean to say, when all this began, we were all trolling along
just dandily down the disco, dancing and dealing in virtual
love. But, these days, I just don't know, the whole desert scene
just keeps on getting me down.. Hello? Hello there! Why don't
you damn well listen? Can't you see that a man has urges? You
know what I mean, exigent urges such as laughter, mockery,
madness and grief? Yes, you could say that I am evading the
issue, but, goddamn you, what I'm trying to say is that..
too much of the de facto matter at hand can only end up in an
early grave... What's that you say? There's only a desert downstairs
for as long as one tries to live inside things? Christ! You don't need
to tell me that.. But - I've always been one for looking into
things.. Even when - even when a tiny child .. I used to search for
fossils at the seaside. No, I never found one, but, you know,
the anger I feel now at not finding just one damned T. Rex bone
is impossible to define... Christ! If only you'd just listen, then we'd
surely surely get to the de facto centre of the whole damned
thing and - and do something about it.. Well?! What do you
say, old Gobi? Don't I deserve at least a little respect for
trying to my best?.... Christ! I really must loosen my tie...
Take my wife, Polly, she never expects to be taken for a ride,
but, God!, it's in the bag that that's what she needs. "Johnson!"
she screams at me, "Johnson! If you're my only husband-type,
then why the hell don't you get down from your pedestal
for once in a while?!" And, dear Nevada, however I look at things,
I just can't seem to find a way to relive my own
miraculous nature... You see, the irony of it all is that I do NOT
have a pedestal to stand on. No, last time I stood up at all, my
rotten trousers fell around my ankles.... So much waste, old Gobi,
so much damned sadness..So sad, so full of sadness... Listen!
I'm telling you to stop desertiying the big city me.. Do you hear?
Calling the desert downstairs! Why don't you do damned well
hear me?.. Take last week. It had been one those busy days in
the office. When I got home, I just lay there and drifted off,
and, do you know, I had that dream I reckon we all have from
time to time; that dream about grandmother standing there before
me in the nude. There she was, all toothless and gnashing
around. Well, as you can imagine, desert, I thought at first
that I'd turned into a right old pervert - I mean, the burning
I felt in my loins at the time was too harsh to explain away..
But I know we all have those dreams from time to time -
I guess we all do and die by the visions of things we neither
yearn nor wish to see.. You know, I sometimes reckon
that all our lives are spent just waiting to make love to
someone old and past it. You see, Nevada, only then'll
the true source of of purity will be found. You see, old Sahel,
then the maniacally roving eye'll be gone and the matter
of those foolish teenage fantasies'll be dimmed forever;
then, the matter of sexual gratification'll be sated by a
complete lack of youthful consternation; a lack that is
altogether sacred. Yes, old desert, only then'll the true
source of purity to be found...I suppose what I'm trying
to say to you is that your scorcher of a world is driving
me into the ground. You're the desert downstairs, see,
and I am just an ordinary man trying to do his best to prosper
under the flatulent heat you flay across my mind and body..
Hello! Hello there?! Please, old Sahel, just listen to me for a
second or three, 'cause I am trying to please those b'stards
on the topmost floor, tired - tired of scrawling and scraping for
the mutations who make me break my back all these
live long times. Christ! If only - if only Polly'd see that I
just cannot be held responsible for the roof falling down
and the state of her womb and the slope of her breasts,
and the, and the... Please listen! All I want, Gobi, all I want,
old Sandy, is for the chance to prove that I care about the
indifference of society. You know, I could be like them:
doing as I please, eating high-fat foods, reading mucky books,
asking for as many holidays the State can possibly provide,
but, you see, I - I served my time being trammelled
into accepting the apathy a material machine. Old Sandy, these days,
I just don't know my place. One moment, I'm king of
the castle, churlishly clad in my business suit and all
all-weather, lace-up leather, man-made shoes, and the next thing
I'm just biding my very own multi-sufficient prison-cell..
Hello? Calling the desert downstairs! Hello! Goddamn you,
if only you'd just listen, even for just one deliberated nanosecond,
then you'd learn a thing or two.. I am here and you are here
and all this wide world is here, but still no equanimity is made -
still no sight of the land of milk and honey comes into rotten view..
So, I am asking you, old Sandy, so I'm simply asking you, just
give us a chance... just give us a break!! 'Cause if I even begin
to close my eyes, I'd begin to see those other closed eyes and
eyes just looking in on me, and those other closed eyes eat
away at your brain and eat away at your soul and never, never,
never give you the chance again to question the blinding,
blanking, non-seeing purpose of the material world... Christ!
All those bastard eyes leading us all into the weeds and not
giving us the chance to live again! Eyes! Eyes! Eyes! And, d'you
know, old Sandy, it's you and your desert downstairs that makes
them flicker and a-flutter like they damned well do... Sometimes
I reckon those eyes were created by the devil, seeing the way
that they always glare and glaze over at the things they should
be loving the most. 'Cause those eyes breed further eyes and
further eyes breed further pain and further pain breeds a
whole morass of sadness. - 'cause it's all so sad, so full o
goddamned sadness... Hello? Hello there! Calling the desert
downstairs! I'm asking you to listen to me! Just shift your fat
and burning and sandy arse away from my compos mentis. I
mean to say, if you and your shirty pals out there on the desert
plain don't damned well do something soon to take away the angst
and the agony of this low-blow heat, I will just not be held
responsible for the circumstances.. You see, that naughty wife of
mine, Polly, she won't ever let up except when I'm serving time in
my garden shed, and, you know, it's all down to you, old Sandy,
that your desert downstairs makes her lose her handle with me.
Christ! We'd just be all right if you'd let us lose our passions to
flirtatious exploits. But, let's face it, you and your burning pals
out there on the Sahara just won't give a second look at one
so hare-brained as to wish for a little flirtation...You see, old Sandy,
eyes breed further eyes and an eye is an eye and a tooth a tooth,
yet, when it's all said and done, we've just go to burn the
mother-cheek..Yes, they say, old Gobi, that it is the Scriptures.
Well, when it comes it comes down to it, all I know is that
an eye is an eye and a tooth is probably an eye as well,
seeing the way a tooth flashes down on to all things that
look its way - just like an eye, just like a bloody eye itself. Yes, old
Sandy, a single grimace is as all-seeing as a billion glaring eyes..
In fact, if I had it my way, eyes of all kinds would be carved out
their blaring sockets so that me and my wife could just have some
privacy and you, you and your multisonous burning, would be
burnt out in one great molten fury.. Don't you know? Your heat,
old Nevada, scours a man's heart and mind entirely away from
the purpose it was born to, which is to propagate a little faith,
dam a few emotional rivers, bear a tide of truth upon the land,
and, of course, to make way for the moans of bed and bier
that plucks the chords of the whole damned universe... Hello? Calling
the desert downstairs. Calling the blood and guts of mystic misery.
Calling the aridity below the bestiary of the belt.
..Calling, calling, calling the desert downstairs...Calling, calling,
calling, calling, calling the desert downstairs... Calling, calling, calling,
calling the desert downstairs.."


the signet of summer flashes agaimst my face and bursts into one million stars all over fat towns, the city fragments
and a wide hurricane crashes as it tangs fog-heads scream through opal windows
and eyes begin to dance through shadow meadows

i trample aside a moon-ride
i twirl like an dream

colours dissolve and we heed saline dressings i lash them with de family and only mean tithings remain as sugar pressings

sign along this dotted line

what is the feeling we neglect about pandemical spirit spies? o age, where undressed, expresses stars as communalism, dadaism, doctorers of fascism
becomes a model porno cage..inside nine decades, a mad queen will be surely malformed
In Nine Chiliads, the hands that have never been raised vibrates down the never-forgotten curtains of pure rage

what is the feeling we regret about pandemical parrot eyes? o age, where sun-pressed, expresses scars as
a keen transparency of flowers revolts now and mends of us is a sister slaved under cork and apple-skin and never do we dream of the eyes of a life, and bread needles a fast famine underwatered inside bright sin

one of us is a sistr slaved under pork and maple-skin

/what if our lives were put about the sun? O, what if the evenings of hollowed water shot Sainted lots?

but you shall never basket apes and we will stop


i sensed my godless grassed tongue eating for death. when i told my dreams to ride then sleep stopped sex i felt my veins digging under gulls
- Man's hand falls when a shiver of skulls raps a coda aside naked budders
..when i told you i could only wish for more then you then i found tooled gold and lammered after blue raised blood & blood as sweat for its sea

i senses my godless masked tongue eating under bound blueberries and naked brothered powder
o i saw as i lay dying the unbroken sees
i saw the killled where a baby inside chowder

dies out

& we shall leave nothing but red factories & our life will squat under redbrick cemeteries
..the gunfire next door rocks and shudders when the dawn is filled & left to lovers
echoes heard just nextdoor will mother
the teeming troops that are certain to come
...o it may well happen again - this love i can always believe in when our storm fills with suggestive favours and the ancient car breaks, just like a heart
when evening falls, like a blurred heap, a man may well have to lose his wage and schoolyards appear dropped underneath
impassable blue fields where faces age


the nameless candles of your eyes
Of your nude
star-stained dreamings of your hands
which when it isn't malt wants ruins
To come to and
to settle down
on a hot blank cheek where skin
reaches into each and every pore

we open and close a necktie
and the colours of baby suzanne
has a fish for her hay-cheek
all fished, all kissed
under bright ladders
in the filimic sun of your white laughing face



these girls of sin
we shall not eat

we pray for them
they owe us owls
these birds of sin

they float, they fry
they fried for us
from end of day
they cum to rest
entirely fat
of caddis deaths
on the plates of the sea..
some are enormous
some are fifty feet
some we may hold
some slip a ring around rivers
some cum home to sex

tiny birds seem
entoscopic and laden for
in veins we speak for them
or we snigger around
bald blood wings.

these girls baked us?
fountains and gilded faces on plain earth are no man's garland; there they pull rolled faces from pain?
Mist forms in the sadness among peaks and galleries, like silk in hard hands
..It is rolled into sails, broken under fulsome damp stars, and bitched down the masks of cinemas:.

The dawn wind marries grey clouds aside babies and arbours, to the slipped grave and hospices below
..And all of this occurs in a prayer-wheel of rapped wastegrounds, inside silent dressings.

A mankind of magpies watches de clouds; He flies up, down, under towns, when the heated whips of wax dolly after hymens
o bled plumage disappears inside a Lover....

These are life's wounds,
shaped whole in a shroud of grey rivers.

Inside the walking night The forests have ceased to grow The shelves are glistening The girls dissolve into pure shadow
And eyes return to you.

Your face is marched in a cliff-face My thumbs are marked beneath your hair And since the times we have had Harden into bees
And since the mines we've grabbed Silences blue trees
Then all that is left will be combs

Once flown, The scarlet flavoured owl will return And you and I will fade away?
suddenly, in a sky at the ear of a draped sleeper, a loud grave is shaking on an inner ward.
farriers fumble in to darkness, chewed arteries surge full and deny all heart-floods
And behind eyelids, a sun appears struggling to arise, casting midnight inside a siren

where a man neither living nor dead
shits on exposed flesh
and remembers?...

how many innocent fires (what burnt horizons) ooze strangers for a mind
februs facial strangers shall sky- traipse the fire-horse of my hands where sprays a fire-faned heart in its radio nave.

it was five winds shook down the eye's nib. the nighttime fell away from a baby under sleep.

the streets roller to yesteryear recollecting love, the hissing hands sun-grinding
slips under cobbed beds.

it is the five winds return
to clogs in a pissing glass.
your rear window is a godly glass.
why do you close you lips away?



a fine good night for a fire-axe to be crackling with veins - or so sex glistered, cumpling red tapers god could only see
as ceremmonial capers
....whistling for silence, we tried to hear storms, and thought demurely, 'Sesh is burning both of us. o horus is burning all our lives.'
and sex should be gone but hot old hands
set alight to nude water.

the ragged trees shake lightning, dark as sand, we moved nearer the moon.. 'If only Ram could cease the immolations of this heart!'

but faces heap ragged rind as codal wards tilt up, up, inside an orange mask where parks tauten a furry burned heel..

everything is blissful now: i will arise at three-fifteen
everything is glissful now: i wil arise at light-fall
O i,

1 good dummy girl in a bed nest leads a shopping mall into
emptying shovel hands: and we believe in grey futures -
you've read the news all year - we've seen droplets of blood
fannning funereal fotuses with luminous pleasure corpses.
but the sky slits a bunny boeing between 2
cars, a horse, an angry heart and a lilac-laden gun-screen
& a vast codeine of a marble-river sees red erysipelas
come soap-juddering after each blood-night & every poked day.
o what can a human butterfly do but burn life's wing?
o we pierce gaddy lights where fay night never whines

huge seas are like Easter. glossed eggy smoke is everywhere, in the eyes of blue mirror-men who are content to shit upon a shelly of a merman
and, simply, we stare into a glass of water singing with huge seas under cortisone waves
of this glass mouth, i swing after ovaloid bays and infectories of mind-mazed descendents of nursuries and stoppers
over a dance-floor, eyes drown under a vast ward, spies sound a blind town huge seas are like Easter
glotted white soldiers holiday for sun-diallers and missives of a dodgy devilled member
soothes a moony jaw with hissing table-tender

ahead of us, a huge road glimmers like a bawd, the eye is seering droneward, past lilted urban lampoon ceilings, all terraced (with vegetative marble ramps
sucking off spastic phlegms and tiny ranks) and we seer for a pot of pied bed- old scores
reach up under clay as a promise of ascension
kneels down to a stool whence puled vingear
floats upon a madam's star-groined cinema
o, it may well happen - a sea of cuts i must believe in where gold mornings fill with fearful lovers and the accidental city maws
are led to frightened fathers.

blue sapphires start and rocks shatter across echoers of troops who swim layers of brutal laughter

we shall leave behind nothing at all except
a hawker of a wheel shyly spinning.

when nightjars fall into blurry jeeps a man may loosen fashion's eye; and schoolyards stop, and a town of minds becomes impassable to touch.

o it may well happen - a sea of sluts
i must believe in
where, billed, an eaten inn toasts cups

we shall use our lives like a litter-bin
and ancient cars fill up
and we shall leave nothing behind except
overturned bakers with cake-shut
mountains and cold spaces use old rain.




impossible to feel, a veiny blue field loses its wheaty way and trainyards stop as churches yield the stoney thoughts of old day
...when evening falls, a tribe of eels faces in, and keen fawns use a carped imbecilic feather-cart
it my well happen again - we leave nothing behind except promontaries
and stopped light crawls.

flesh is made to be folded under a nightlong sea of stairs, displaced under stars while dropped just like a cat, or fatally rocked amongst
blued blind desks and cities behead cool salesmen.

as it stumbles down a prayer or muscles swiftly, inside its weird wicca basket, it begins to expose, a rabid rose whose rawness
burns just like a car as coded petrol coils contract world-fire,
a rat is tolled against a brook: Five millions purses are instantly deranged by haloes, and
self seems permanently dried...

o there will always be poems-
poems of socks, shades and lies..

o, shops appear filled with bales, shot down, like valleys, like sails. mist may form around beaks and vales leave nothing except droolers.
a magpie is caught munching mould, under cities and arbours where sickly stairways disappear into air, and we crowd fevers with lost prayer
and all of this happens as scratchmen silence hideous bandages, and all that is left is a sea of women
we are made to be rolled down trees
or perhaps dropped in a causal bin?

these are the wounds we lived for, a flight of stairs, a displacement of hairs or else a wire-wickered ramrose

these are the wounds we lied for: a displacement of a city rat, a wrongheaded Leda, a lost trove
..the samphire next door shutters iced echoers four doors down for a silent piece of salty shores

and our lives mount a donkey cart,
cloud-turning like a lobe
or else spinning like a flower.

& cold england falls in blurry heaps, a peter Pan losing his away among hearses, and trainyards gleam under a city purses,
stoned by the break of day.
..impassible victims of the ill, nuked children who went to sleep inside a hidden christ
has caves for winter spires.

it may well happen again - this much i will always consider real as hot rain.

& faces will glow when cathedrals fall.

fountains and rolled faces on the earth are old women's garland; death makes strange uses of gardens, and out lilted life mounts a refugee cavern
oveturned by impassable funny wagons
..the gunfire next door rocks and shutters indigo fawns that meld hands with feathers, and our life mounts an easy cabin where
a slowly spinning tree hardens into air
it may well happen once again - this much
i can always believe
because an ancient car refues to suck
blue petrols

one hand heeds faces, a further hand
digs historic shrubbage inside Japan


we shall leave nothing behind except babies: we shall exchange bad lies with a fairy queen. when gunfire of shoots and shutters
echoes inside old cemeteries and old feathers then ancient oozed cars may never start.
..when evening falls in blurred blued heaps a man vamoosin his route to churches and schoolyards feel for the bumps of beached
body whales

and it may well happen again - this i owe to distant faces and no man's eaten garden - true efts will swim to drown
and it may well happen again - this much
i can always believe in..

we shall leave nothing behind except babies.

it was five winds reciting prayer up the dolly streets from life's leaping ghost.

the windows were mountains of bivouac-air when red streets unfurled underneath carrion ecstasties.

the widows were sopping as tares eyed a crawly town with old prayer; the street lived in the ground, a naked god groped for jesu-game
underneath a leaping moat
..hand in hand we ran behind formaldehydes and a refusing refugee cart named a tobacco beard whose hirsuit gun
shot a chasm raised from darkness
we dared to break into the sadness
before all wishes were left to strum
giddy body sitars.

we know the route to the inner ear,- under swifts, a deaf moon of rose tears hunts after the purser's key, and already a whipped hearse is made
from a locomotive hunting hounds.

and the windows are dripping in this room reciting prayer as the streets we ran form formica robes from delicate wounds,
and under a peeled pyre of light, a cruel silence is grown like a beard.

we know the route to the inner ear,-
hand in hand, we ran
through the houses of fog:-
it was remorse made us ride dogs,
o a great river was well known till
struck awfully dead.

do you know the man who sold dirty cards?
have you ever seen the slips of the city?
o will you come to me for mid-life..

as the summer dreams of eyes come back to life: fat needle-nights of fond felines drop a candle-christ
one of the suns is shaped from midnights but will not scatter a dark moon-mind, and the summer dreams of eyes come out for mice,
and the needle-lights of five million hens sets a north-ship tossing a coin upon five seas
...Thus, in the maundering morning of a sinless day, Jack and his wife set sail for a north-south grave...

one of the suns is shaped from midnights but cannot
spiral from the stars of heaven's tears..



we shall never dream of the mazes made from rot, neither shall the sadness of a dark prison heal hops; and as the summer rides against punks and salt-shots,
then a vein of winds parts a string with fairy hands?
..we hear a hardening tap next-door watering a house that has no hardened tap; and we stop stilled forever, come naturally to a loused
wheatstalk which dances for tiny stools.

immense slashed eyes wash away a correspondence with
old rollered eyes that rain away a footpath under kids

the moon has a little goat for dawn-break: birds drip like trees as swards fill a sky with cold tails; and an air of soil spoils de boiling where
the freeway smells of winter. .o, the sun seems less cold than touch-dry: o, a moon under deaths darkens a chalet with radio wives
..the moon has a little goat for dawn-break..birds drip as winged pinafores
pin a moth upon sheet glass.

all of my neckties having been wrangled under vinegar wards now froth up, just like modellers of maimed mothers whose lite
looms down the hill
sooner or later, a glove will ride up a sweet clifftopped ill spleened hill where old nightlings hapily strangles the eyes of milled
bodices of dyed lary masks
..whilst i was checking my pockets, a swanny swansong rinses furred hands when suns bark upon little lady guns
.the moon has a little goat for dawn-break
birds drip like trees and wards

answer to daddy's mind-drum.

having being hanged by pockets, all of my clothes have been cycled furiously through a hat's dream. soon, red polish will rock for tussocks
and a bell of thunder must cry. ah, by the sweat of a son, mammas will surely sing loud vegetate hosannas
and, like a pickled wind, clouds of eyes
must stop
we may well froth with fruited rot. we may well darken a sea of cots. we may well harken a lea of socks
but we are dressing too well now


birdies drink for trees. The moon is a little mind over here, were hills
fill a secret lunar flagon..The air is as old patience, the flyways melt for wagons
and streetlights burn.

i played dead whe i wanted
ultimate peace

i was fuelled by keen dust and i wanted fear to wipe peaceful feet on a chair yet then i was closed in robes and i took them off and then saw troves
caning love with deaths and night fell
and i chatted with dolly cells

i am in deep love with everything
inside of me, a beautiful grave must spin
dizzy death's dimples
i was fiuelled by mean dust and i wanted tears to
swipe midlife from a candle


The beast of hell fell shrinking where The ground descended into gloom. We descended deeper down.
despondent, earth appeared to mourn The cross-of-god. Who is it may
heap together shame and spite? We dance around and hurry for The tortures of the film-screen
and there we visualise sex Smashed. Another country calls
for guns, bombs, knives, gas. In this dead life we use a mind So squinty-eyed that in the spent
gardens of the culled, we croon Against the burning of the killed
night. The gold-leaf of the moon Breaks the hymen of betrothed
woman. The wearied soul of humankind contends with
the foolish creatures of the stained Glass found burnished where
fists are clenched but closed. This life is an unkind brawl.

You can see, my son, how ludicrous The briefness of man's living seems.
according to his judgment, life Can not stop turning but then stops

Where foaming springs quicken Man's ambition, dismal quiet Must charge the passages of life
with marshland. I saw people where Teeth were tearing piecemeal.
my kindly master explained: 'Here there are ghosts for whom
the sullen sweetness of the air Made bubbles surge from out
the gladness of life's borrowed day.'

Then at length I came to town. And life's dry bank was shrouded in The eyes of god. Where dismal smoke
spoke the words of hell, I
rose from the surface of the Styx.

Hell is filled with fetid lords?

We cannot enter now except with Woe. God says that passions will Glow like eyes. Three hellish furies
transpose to proclaim womankind. Of bright green hydras, here the rain
of hell entreats the flinching blast Of storms which ride forevermore
the madness of death's horde.

Understand that learned lairds Must fear the crash of tide on tide. With these two hands, I expurgate
the turbid waves from out death's skies.
sound will spill from out a drum Of oil. The forests of the saved
must fear the vile collision Of battered trees and dustclouds.
The roar of sex will scorn lives.

You whose mind is cleared by The lessons of the dead must Tear from off these mudbanks
the fearsome crash of the disclaimed Souls of space. Verses god has written
will make Medusa come. Ah, The Furies bay for blood and The trusting motions of the stained
skeins of life devour time. The veil of these strange stanzas meld
with the faces of rhyme. Turgid oceans rave inside The thwarted cities of the spilled
bloods of the preternatal dead.
Anxious to yearn after fear, We swallow the knives of the Forgiven. Forgetfulness derides
the livid dead. Secured, life's bulb Rots away. The punishments of lithe
filthy humans stride the streets Of mourning. The anguish and the high Parapets of sex and death
crowd the graves of anguished tribes.

God devours the coffers of Stone. With converts on the rise, The lids of Christ were raised.
heretics lie days deep in sand. The quickened prising of the void
eliminates the passions of The roaches found enshrouded where
the soils of darkness spume.

Hell is filled with living-rooms?!

A savaged beast fell into the ground. Man descended to the fires which Made justice from the crashing Thames.
so we descended to the umpteenth mile.
torture strode the heavens and Death's opponent rode the blue horse Of time. People hurry as they glide
elsewhere. In pain, collisions with the stars Cursed afresh the softness of time.
we dance around. Here I saw more souls Contaminating swiftness with the killed.
experience of life did not unveil The god of hell. God answered "Silence is
proclaimed from heights which cannot Sack the universe's ills". I curse afresh the riders of this storm.
the ugly brawl of romance must Wear away the phantoms of the day.
ignorance may plague you. Please receive The mask of heaven's features. Death
rejoices as he turns. I saw the slopes Of hedonism crush the warrened waves
of lime. Where foaming waters spray A dismal watercourse, the peoples glide Against the clouds they've shaded. I
gaze intently at the bared and ruddy Muddiness of faith. Teeth tear away
the clotted veins of terror. Red eyes Turn toward the shallow muds enclosed
inside the ashes of the dented void. She who bore us lives forevermore
and the sight god gave us praises love. New cries of lamentation reach my ear,
and I lean back to peer intently out.

A kindly master says: 'A city draws near Whose name is Death.' The walls of the bleak Place I was born enshrouds the lithe space
of life. Drawn from peril, desertified lives Stay at my side. With departures from graves
engraved in the biers of the coffins held
up high, the figures of the living spend Seed where blackness creeps about the moon.
crowds in these graves hold sepulchers grown Hotter than flame. If we continue to walk Between anguish and peace, the world of pain
shall deny sound and soundlessness proclaim Followers of every sect. Horrible pain
entombs birth in the anguish of this mind.
sepulchers glow with the beat of the sun...

Leaving behind this world, I see the day Cry for the lamentation of the dead. Crazed with rage, fierce bodies define
the wails of the killed. Before we've made A satisying trip through flame, Lord God
sights us and turns against the jade Bodies of the knifed. Man peeps into The fitting coasts of the colour blue.
before we've sailed we cross a lake
of burning. I lean forward to find The world above us. Lamentation scrawls Words upon the graves of the raped
and the embraced form of the stars
spears the vice of the unsexed ghouls And ghouls displace life's sunrise.

Ferine mangling cuts the nameless thread Of the worn. Eyes seize the coasts of spent
rain. The terrain of the darkened dead Draws from peril the departures of The ripped apart. If we can desert now
the deaths of those who are tempered by A foolish death, then the gates of hell
will open and the swiftness of the sky Desire to speak with the monsters of The night. Displaced, the masters of
space decline. Love remains here Dazed by God. We hear the wise
voice of the masters of the sky. If we can venture further then The insolence of lust will spear
the portals of the entrance to The face. Someone is coming to Open death's gate or else
love contrives to lock its door. Vexed, we walk too slowly and Blast the martyrs of the spilt
blood contained inside the vile
phials of the roads of hell.

My own flesh is stilled by The quagmire of the spended Shades of the living killed. Be sure that the mud of sex
drowns the wicked leanings of The murdered or else exhume
the spirits of domed heaven.

I am scared and plainly see How the route of hell is formed And I have been down there.
everything in creation thrills To the tricks of this conjuror.

Hell is filled with manitous....



babies drip from blue reeds. The sun is a fingertip drawn over a naked sea; dawn, as fast as hot milk, files guns with the sky's trip
..the prayer of air is touch-cold. gassed hair burns like an ice-cubed
street of ice-dreams..when the water is turned off
then cars will bang like cars.

one keen girl in a compress leads the sunned souls where
a drop of blinde blood pays for t rex as a simmer's mister
moves, just like the moon, between slot machines and Easter
and a vast distorted handy creature becomes
alike to a burthened butterfly
but the skies snips winged cloud
but the slips of slapped slits cream behind buildings
birds drop dead. the air i so cold it is almost breeding; and a keen girl in a head-press leads the carparks under fazy ferime pedestrianised dolly fingers keen girl in a compress heads Medusa as worm-hair
succours cellves from a glassy dust-room...

each and every sandal in the lud-heat is bearded
wandering after

There is a loud night here beneath my window where mad owls tell-tale their sleeping wit; and i am glad to sell my words to the ivory charms
of this endless page; and books turn where i send to sleep the calms of my art and the quietus born of the rain.
There is a loud night here beneath the bright lightning scored by the darkness bent dead by the seas of the silence stormed by the opus stained
red by the blue coves of the trees. I am mad to sell words to oceans. My craft is defined by a moat of blood. I send men to sleep
as death dictates predicative lies from the bent eyes of time. Rhyme spiels forever inside the weathered stories scaled
dark as false crime. My sleep is deadened by the cooings of birds encaged in their own lime.
Love recollects that the earth is dirtied by deft fingers, writing words which grow from out the soils.
this hoot-owl sleeps well.




the easy colours of the strangled rain cut the veins we always tread & a wintry summer brightens pain
..the answers to the cold heat pain & a chilling summer flows for stained
body music.
..the easy dolor of red strangled trains jackknife under red-green sun-trips.
lunar sins burns where stasis strips
deaths from backdoors.. Omm.

good windows may well scatter glass, sad meadows may well shatter grass & a salty signet which dons the past
must surely drop the target?

wow, eyes heap dives as bound masks crash where faces flail...Oh, the past answers to the dark.....Oh, a car's cast
falls from dragne
good meadows may well split lips
but a bed of lions may never roar..

what with buns in the cistern & silk-lips down the u-bend, we must trust no-one: la, we suffer suns
la, we hear old guns shooting a hollower's sex-drum
..a bad bounce of whores widens inside salt seasons & we dance aside naked fire
what with cakes in cage & milk-strips under men
we must care for none?

the sweeteners of deep sex has a fishy end. o a digger of blown old sleep suppers after dogs in transit...

eyes hear deaf riders where soft hens lay duped egg... O, radios under bends
body a scarf of grey lips...

& as ashen wolverines cut women then lavatorial laughter will die under children
..these rended nights when i cannot dream has all slept riders stalled ~& as reason falls, then a bladed mall
must dine in utmost silence
& we hear red rain
& we die once again.

keen kudos rules the waves of dolls, dreamer's break slept rules & a bone of grass drops cold stools, & we hear music cumming
out of la muba lays.
we will shop god's grave when fools
cry for clowned rage

the souring pelmet of a pussy pealer holds bad breasts in nets; ,& a bod of blasts brags after wrecks & a bed of silver peacock-scissors
cut a blue hand
cunny king men shaft a bairn when vampy cocking horses ram old gin & we slice a pox as a don of sins
lappers for idiotic castles.
..o scourers of helmets cream limbs then we jack a rager's lean hymns
tidied tidal volleys fasten fardels
& we parcel nicks where candles
stop to drug a blind body's spind sins

the nude makers of women don a salt-shroud. o the rude sea-shakers of death's nude cloud, & pukers of salt-makers send a sweet crowd
where, lost, a bummy breaker rends
bad crows & flashes.

a dummy rattler dislocates hot rashes, a thrum of cattlers cock-crane for u-blends; & we put a teacakes in the cistern
& we sink some silk-drapes underneath blithe blue stinking lavatories.
the rude rapers of dirt sin don a shirt
-&, as we sweep old skirts, then Harpes
will sink a scissor bunyip against flirts
& we pin a penis on a mule-canals..

a dreamy scatterer swallows salt-crowds
~& we crow down a pinny moon?


i have seen sin come at day as mouths sweep a lilter's tongue from old shouts
O & crashed men cry as lolly cocoons shatter god's easy butter flitter.
what with a penis under a city lorry, i will find a bodice of dirtying cunny wodes drinking from a toilet-bowl
la, where Aladdin strikes, then a sea of coals
sets light to ailmless chained minds
oh once aside sex we saw a cat-man fold lemon lemurs into city cold then we struck a closed cock.. Ahh, times strip on vagina hill
& a wave of wasps stings a bee's thrill
what with penis under a naked toddy, ice must toast a cunt with carring dick-christs & we toe for fists
& we flow like lips . O, when we write
christ's closed word then we hire
hopper highs from biblical bone-briars
I must enter into gloom's dirty silence

the greedy gallop of a geesy man has nine hands o we sail for birds; & a dell of goyals widen for pierced sea-tans
..once, as we pickled sex, we jazzed for clams: o we are to swivel each to each under Rams
..a greedy gallery of ghosts bleeds for islands: o a dog-pisser belll-baits candy fish-sirens & we rope a deli
& we suck a chopped bald cherry...

where a cross deepens into halls then wrens
must supper for an invisible world war: eager deceivers of deadly hate hasten balls from pigger rivers
o easy salted heavers supper for mirrors & we lead a face into red walls
the hissers of the mad arise from dolly sex-dates...o a spool of drakes damages cum, & see the winter's fazed age
suppering for lost eaten lakes
eager deceivers of deadly snakes tonsure up inside blue canyons & we slap a dizzy face
& we dance inside fucked space
eyes drool as they gleam after
blonde babies who cry for laughter

, Oh here's to sex & dying's master...,
fuelled with bed men, we arise above time to see a body of baiters riding on the webbing rain
o a sun of dead men will arise above time to hear
a wide wife of children roaming free.

these words chant for nothing...Old sins sear dogs & women,,

the raw-headed user of closet red heaps blood under a vase of bowers: o a saw-leaded abuser rams a dog aside blood
& we chant the mantra for soft stillness
ideal killers of disappearing bone see illness
rotting for endless saviours..

the minded maze of mamma sweats under weddings: oh as faces cross then maidens of mad loss lead ladies to cold killings
& a bust of knots crashes
& a gust of cots flashes
i jeer at stasis for then i will learn of grey gloss

jazz headed, where men fall, we dance: uh, when loss leads leaders down vast beery lanes, a dotted drugged brother shoots up for rin
& we learn once again of dogs & watches
..&the ideal face of the void lams a drake with sweetening winter stars
. oh we lace luds to cars as cars cut pigs

wow, what now for yesterday's world? uh, what now for deaths & dying girls? - coded easy oestrogen laps old pearls
& we dig for passion..

the coda of a kind killer sees prisms refracting feline light, & we ride from street life as missions falter then break..

wow, why westerly winds stop dead
will pay for occidental seabeds..


the cornice of a lost home jazzes after dairy brick; o a red swift lops lost bone as laughter laughs at lips
& we may drop out picks..
.easy riders of romantics rot fathers, teasers of drivers rock a dotted lover's drunken sex-chant
the cornice of a lost home jazzes after dairy crypts & we dolly for daisies as death's drover
parks a we paint flowers with dewdrops then a cellar will bury ladies fingers in the yard
la, la i yielded a feline to a bard as old rivers
raced down to a sea of card
& we ladened after summmer where cold mirrors scattered fakir's glass
once aside of lakes, a boat of scarves warped wrappers of dizzy faiths: we faint for faces & we paint dolls when ice
weeps for oven-burnings
faceless fanned feathers feel after flown mice
& a sea of snappers roams a bird's flown christ
. - eyes under empires weep for lady rites
- wicked thunders walk pyres & cold kites
scrap the kestril winds...

as we paint flowers with raindrops then pleasure
drops a giddy bait upon a radio tower
& we cell-phone after cum & we suck feathered
fawny dummy graves

wow, i'm listening now to loud blind music: oh eyes cut a jazz cloud as i sweat for mimics & as roses swing then fall
i jeer in purple silence at the violent limits
of lip-shrinking tongued halls.
when once i gabble, then i seize remits & a doll of dust scandals after hot trips & a bone of cusps craps upon hot nips
& eyes slink into sinks
wow. i am star-seering a rude world: oh i am moon-nearing a naked pearled bay of dead lovies
loveage holds our hands & babbies
snap a bald-bedded hairnet

when tipsy diamonds garotte a swollen heart then a man;y inching of sirens must certainly wince at the moon's crust; & a bell of bastards bollocks after musk
& a cell of sex-calves mess after grey dusk
..once upon a vein, i shot a roof of lust from swarthy pecker pockets: ahh the lynching fern of ages scatters guns
away, where dead seeds strut
minarets & dolly chemicals
when tipsy golden male-lots wed to meadows o, where guilty ancient gal-lots seem hum-raised from bones & lightning, then
eyes will certainly dream of sex-shows?
...once upon a lost vine, i swallowed clothes ah, & a slitty seller of lime has sold robes
thumb-stabbing a moggy inside a rose. .endlessness swills tillers as rolled loaves scatter scutterers upon urinated roasts

wow, rolled mamma's ivories jazz for bended ingenious black prisms: wow, rolled dada's ebonies jazz for
endless summer nights. o we shall sup a dream where war
wins for enlightened skies
when once a dizzy goddess scores pretty heavenly darkness then a black god will ready sadness
for cool boys & chilled men
..eaten heroes bend the cosmic madness; o cheaters of guns shoot darkness...rather unlike the sun, a deafening moon
collapses into red guns
o a mum of wine toasts her young &
all trippers fall

when a bleeder of blinders star-slams
radios & wigwams then a toast of coshed sedans must end, end
rather unlike the sun, a blinding husk
stoops to taste vinegar..

Uh.. utterances of darkness dine under lonesome river halls: ah, a room of cauls cries for thunder
,,hit where a stilled moon rages after a keen sinner; icy fingers call for the clap of winter
& a banded killer
whips the dead.
utterances of darkness die under endless emptiness; & a phone of rain sweetens us
& a cell of dumb christs



numbing strangers wed hands to candle-thighs: lo a bum of pikes swings after skies, & we scale a poppy tree? wives wane, then we will see lies licking libel sex-grease
& we will slander for peace as tribes

sundering sainted summer cuts lives where, domed, a blind of star-slides
end for nuked stereo eyes
..the parabola of bed-mind uses dust: o, an ocean's parlour abuses old rusts; ah, emotions dagger for sharp-musk
& a weeper of greyed gossamer spins around blue sound..

the keen sides of fairies dot a moon's blinded deafened shine: oh a sun of bodies bears dust to wine
& we lash a layer of closed signed
rallied robotics.
o parabolas olf bed-fuses hears us dreaming for romantics
& our faces fade...followers of nasty names pounce upon pen-names: o, a sexy nom-de-plume
fuses a dog with the moon &, laced, we thread breads with fast veins as
old bodies drop
we have learned the names by heart...Deaths hammer at love's lock & a prat of faces suitcases after grey rot

followers of nasty games pounce upon stained
blue urban eaters of dodgy riflers
& we flow to sleep
& we crow for meat.

Uh. with a jolt of blue jazz, i hear a sad beat breaking against blithe body graves o, with a brawl of crab, i hear bald heat shaking
a fishy hand where mamma slaves heap a dazzling song for goddesses & trades
..we see now the clap of God shaping graves
ah we snap for rats
ah we crap for bat-traps
& we twinkle for drugged sex-rap & we heed
deaths & grey shavings
bandanas don scalped vagjnas as we speed for dammed night-weed & a bowl of tykes straps poet-tweed
& a doll in winter fastens for
giddy pickers of cherried motor-jeerings
eyes in mossed eyes treat a dead sun with geesy gluers of sweetening sweeps,- a bell of farms rings the wristed hour
rivals of London find Paris in London,
rodeos of stunned guns shoot lemoned
baddy shale
~Oh we carry clits to carried craned
motelled vagina......
diggers of destinies loosen a mental drivel-moon; o we are fed to families where donnies dapple penitentiaries
& a vault of timebombs bends a town of hairs
what with petrol in peanuts, we will snare us with coopers of smatterers & a bend of rain sends opals to fast rust
diggers of destinies loosen a mental cartoon
o we are sweated for crazed crags
& we usher for meat
& we mutter for heat
i heard at change of day the city's flair climbing closed galleys into snipped sleep's bodying bed-flower

scurriers of scented fools drool for raised blubber power: o a bine of snow chills fools as old graves
whip fine easter &, lapped, when xmas flowers, old trades will whiten wolves with eager
odal babies
eaters of hardening sea-haloes hit clayed barny bowled bouncy owls
& we flow to sleep as a caul of slaves
tautens beds with hunger?

scurriers of scented nudes nuke blades
& when once sense falls
then a dream of cunt must strap walls
inside deepeners of feline molls.
we are starry as we are olden.. La La Lahhh


& we dine in the easy darkness O, players of men self-hock vaginal rings for sadness; & we dance inside sex deafness
& we punish puled spun sin with cardial papers
..geesy glass peppers spice a gun with sex capers: o, we dine in the dizzy dark Ah, sleepers of hens
stabber fors starry caker of breaded braille, & madness
chills poetic air with salt's soury sweetness
we dine on crooked egg as we cry for flavas. uh: eaters of murdered mermen fish for cock as a carrier of imbecilic tree-cusps
crash, crash uhhh...we dollop dupes upon veins. we swallow suits & we don strange sea-stains
cockers of canny crimsons crap for flamed nuclear curd...
ahhh i listened just yesterday to the contents of my own grave ahhh i overheard my burial ahhh my future ghost seemed temporal
& where once eyed died, i had to stand beside my own grave
in this fish-fathered room where i signed love's name, I extemporise homes with dirty shelters oh a kid of light shuts up midnight as
veiny bulb of eyes sinks budders into xmas mirrors. oooo,
i stand beside my own grave & see my cellves under a majesty of cunt-sweated body-thieves ah, once aside a mind, i shortened my life with Mother
lo, once aside of me, i buttoned my death for Fathers & a deed of genoas heaps a hispid head field-wide
ahhh, i listened just yesterday to the contents of my own grave ahhh, i missioned after dirtied flowers
&, laced with pall & bier, widened statues into radios. here, moon-jeered, i eye the fist-shaken crap of Love's
cremated seasons....
this daft & deafened blinded horsed day when i laid night down heeds no live acid horse
o a sea of hands drinks shot waves as sounds slip a body in a vein-train...
eyes under eyes sunder,, O, we shot the grounds, & idiot empires wallow where muddy clowns execute dogs & veined blows
...this daft & deafened day when i laid christ down heeds no lithe female force; o a sea of sands sucks a drowner as gorse
cuts a piggy neck.
once upon a mind, my headpiece cut death

& if a man may number us, then a brook of flowers will sex-crow after naked city towers
o, a bun of lice feeds fawned fleas to sexed epicene gobbies...
once upon a scrote, i saw a bull of dulling wrecks rotating just like a world war . o, as isis dies, then a bod of wards whips
deckers of dogs & pussies
& if a man may sunder us, then a book of flowers will surely supper for naked sun-showers
i overheard five oceans...
i swallowed peptic emotions..
the dizzy darters of mind-fire-starters heap a hot tray: o a fizzy father of sapphires rocks a fascinated veined pyre-startlers...
& a wolf of hens wallops deafening tea-trades ..& a swollen hybrid of horsed mien rapes after
dizzy folly girls..the ices of a mental crisis crisscrosses under us,- bleachers of menstrual faces wash glued hands where forceps under stasis
drops a blued manyana
dizzy starters of mind-fire-fathers hop a river
underneath knickers & bled lime.
..the fleshy fanned families of a cruel hot astral chemic cord harps for dog-theft; oh a bell of dodgy holidays heat a cold whore
& as we face into the chilled town then we race aside bruises- Oh, a wasp gnaws
under sapphires & a bone of milk locks a worm inside sex.
...where once we loosen lovers then grey wrecks ram fairy fathers down, down,
&, ah, as we murder the cold towns, we deck
cat faces with looseners
ideal histories wank where familial flecks
die for babies.....................Oh we are meshed





o for a dizzy dinner of nerves.. Oh, why death drags for sinners must be known to birds: the canteen of starved light cuts old curves
& as we ignite the dead, then we see breath slicing cakey stars from angels.
...o for a dizzy dinner of nerves..Ah a germanic genius tramples Hess as bead-game cars crusade for idiot concentrated sea-scars
sizing skies will occupy the dead as Mars
drops dead.... & we will radio angels.

the cities i used to use have died away now o, eyes may well use sad wept lies for i have gone away at last to find crowds
gun-crowning salt waters with grey shrouds
..eaters of mermen have no true sea-love..easy raiders of sad gems do not love leaden God; & cities i used to know have died away now
o neon shadow dies, dies, dies
when once we rode radio, then we saw wives divorcing blinded father-brides
& we wallop woollen spies
& we pay for evil rivers...


the eaters of plaited vinegars season a bread-board with easy dreamer slicers oh a fig of hands holds cake as raisined liars
cut a big grey baguette.....
..once aside of me, i snapped a photo of criers o a rig of rams rode for me
.. & as we climb robes then a rosey father
must dollop drapes with darkening rafters
we will hang ourcellves
.. we will nap all cells--
a cumming crescent of both night & day
jazzers for draining sex-clay.. o a bun of bytes brags after PCs when a heap of shot owls coo no more
& a bum of loss rows for city wards
i liked the buttock beauties of slaved bodily bonnets o car of choirs swings for God's grave; & we lay slumber under dotty claved
salty sonnets
my endlessness of self cuts my word
, a scene of senselessness heat bawds

why winers don plastic cups must be known to flava: o a sky of riders rams spastic sluts beneath peterol-labia & where once we drank to sluts
then we radioed ruiners with digital darling dangers
& a scribe of pain pits passions from grey mangers & a dive of pure rain-flame slowly laps a skunk with poppy jammed failures
.why winers don spastic cuts must be star-known to ideal idiots who cudgel books with rare stone
eyes inside eyes send bladderers to slept bone.

o a wavelet of lovers treads a tree of birds,.- soundless sin swims against bees & nerves: o the signs of mothers melts inside a curved
blue pictures of the dead & boat-ordinary
..once above a mind, a thoughtless sea of words struck dolled faces down & a fence of corn crashes underfoot... Sound
dribbles under snow where a hairnetted clown
rattles for psychic circus-creeds
o a road of fathers cuts the slammers down
& it is no go for mothers & no more the drowned.

the starlings of the razored reap a bed of steed-weed & bellyfuls of snapped sex raise razzlers with torn hands.....Oh, sleeves
shuffle false inks inside a bled seed of dweebs & we doctor radio men
with insidious motellers of grainy children.
the prizers of the pulled snap belstar.. laahh, lazy woman spells her name upon carred
carriers of the grey, gazed gassy city bars
..canny candy curios crash against tied
tawny killers of cranes & salt slides...

The earth is avowed to pert soils..
The swarths of crows peck swift oils..
Napped men lay down as crosses die.

eye, eye, eye...

dinners under mad light devour sweet fears o a father's lover locks a blue pistil where flowering tears rock-rammed music flava..
a bud of burstives bangs in the sands & we ride aside close death...

diners under midnight devour sweet fears
& radio thunder bee-bangs golden years.
...the radios of rodeos slacknen when dizzy transepts trip inside bitumens; o a son of fire
weds a dad to a pyre & a wode of silk softens healers of hornets & star dials
eyes in eyes sight after musk's blinding sizzler musick; ^& a straightened mister cusps
creators of pumped tyres... Lust

dies for spiced bright africa-asia!

when brains in seed sow mental money then a bod of spund greed glasses after dirtying lemon honey ..olden ashen apiaries swim for bodies
o a line of silks mops life's sleeves & we die for baby.
idiotic spirallers swirl till dweebs
dollop caked rape on a fast table

candlers of crucifiers light a soft lamp's woven bright glow-worm life: o, we dig for life as murmured amps
sing for a blue fife & we swash under criminal rites a bed spins, then we weave life deeply down where old tramps trample false streets
candlers of crucifiers light a breaded banger of boots.., Ah, tawny heaps
end in floes.

hangers of hoopy men hurl garden-soup where, sobbed, keen hymns sing to hooped sugar-christ-suits o a bun of glass feeds sin as dragglers
rotate in a snake's rattler..we scatter skies where feathers hoot & a curried mine digs heart-nuked
baddies of laky mamma.
.;.golden gollies grasp to grain & flavoured dew-flava scutters greys under vulva-champagne; & a train of silks dresses labia
ideal eaters of creepers cup budders
where, lopped, salt pith lathers
till stoned.

& i will live under Artemis where nappers of wards jeer at nude minds ah we kiss under easy lips when crappers of wards
jeer at bruised minds & we teeter inside mental spies
& the cars of tines comb dirtied hair... Oh, wine
glows just like a pig
we have the eager names by heart. We grind red ashes into dust; ,& crony cappers under crusts feed bawds to bedders of crowned kids
o a bell of tissues blows ribs with cusped
defective, eaten sky-spined bucks
i will live beneath Artemis where heaped wards
peer inside heaths
o i shall slide under marriage where cut gourdes
feed grapes to sleep
hirings of mad rings cut a ferine fingerer with
blown nuts & bad frigged
gas grippers of grot & bruised temper....


eaters of bloodied banners blow a face with eaten hands: la, a bun of ruddied glamour grows for kids & we rise from rude desks
/& we study about sex mess: seven storey lovers lend lupins to wrecks ha, a vapid rafter gasses for dilly necks
& we raider after glassy gibberers
..eaters of bloodied ganglers blow for tawny torn trapped birth-war...ahh, Lord, where the sweetness of our passions
has turned to salt then a glade of faults must tickle caught
carriaged coda board.
seven stories high, we hiss across wrought ironers of starved sights: oh a rappler of ripplers spunk-lights bought minarets of body sores
& we twin a ceiling with apple-clawed mystic feline diamond
..the haggards of the wine-swilled score a sugared scissor supper,-
eaters of bled crackers dine for whores
& ghosts glib after faked fathers.

apple-claws clamour for a small death, ashen broads hanker for a sex-pecked bride of curling spoons
& a bed of bread slices fathered dunes & we sail out to kill the moon.
...icy dippers of dog-crusts heed scooned parabulars of night & day - as we bren after clay then we swoon for hilly beacons where lost noon
heaps a dreamer under dead decked
todd rock..

apple-claws clamour for a mute death, ashes, aped, bang a cold with decked
wicket sex.
wow, how now the goosers of tunes
cut a queen fisher from radio runes,
..jackets of clouds loosen zip-looms & bayed maisonettes slit-swoon
adown in a drip-ground
alllotment of deafening closed rooms

what with biscuits in the cistern & silk-lips down the bowl: we will summon sex-supper from a flushed hole; oh, a beat of salty sun-covers craps in three bends & souls
heap easy spirits where dogs of christ
stopper glass with easy mad men..
....what with tea cakes in cistens & silkies under hens we must study just how vaginal ribbers ride women & a dirtied painter loosens His grip on easel children
& a model for failure hits a feed
yeah, we lean into the limelight as a bone of beads
dies, dies, dies........oh, a purse of pates dams need

& wheezing wild Gods grope for an angelled piss: o a sneezer's child gels nudes & knickers where a killer daddy's hissed nose dries out, just like it must
. & a dainted Buddha who sleeps in space files dolly dirts when suns don't shine
..once aside a mind, we drop death's kecks & wooden anal sentries table a dunny milk with souring saucer-slams
& a bolt of mirrors
murmur under a wode of glassy gut-givers
& wheezy wide Gods grope for an ravened garotted cot-bud whuich swipes a natroned dummy drooler who knows nothing, nothing
at all, apart from rectal fever.
....a wode of wolfmen wind a cat-mask where, denned, a pig of rays star-cast blondies & chicken
..once we have tried us, then we must dye a dark head with clasped
body jams.

a wode of wolfmen wind a cat-casked haying whored rick
& eyes change from blurredt to ripped

as we jazz for havens then we strip
blind bone from red lips
o we topple guns where soft slits
simk death inside glass money.


wow, we eat the world & we sup crypts & we cry for water: as we jazz for havens then we strip a pluperfect night ship
wow, old breeders fish for faked bodies & then a droning bonny wood has to heap grey trains
& naked treacles supper for brains
..eyes in sugar-slips blind tears as doobies doodle upon blurred paper
,,.ah,old killers of fish drag a fist-net
around naked cages... END?

caressers of carrion cry, cry: oh, heady gardens mow the sky: oh, as we sleep then we suffer lies..caresss clap god's utmost mind
& we dress for christ's hot wined table of edible dregs
...we will snap a stone of death la, we will tap milks with wrecked gabbuy gizards
& a cell of bone breaksdown.

uh here in this tangerine town we swallow slapped eggs....Sounds whip yolked willows, blinders choke for shadow-ground
caressers of carrion cry, cry,- impossible seagulls peck for minds & a bed of mace shapes a donner from a sad spaced
mirror of demon wynds..

empty wasters of wode whip all selves & all clits....& clips
marry dandelions to greyed grit

these salad graves where i laid my lips kisses now a pall of hair: o a bed on the stair turns dreamt air banging body sloanes
& a bun of christs snares salt nips.
..where a bum of prayer heals God then a church of hens will star-gob bible-globules where radioed sods rip
keen urban bone
the wards of life light up a stoned bay of diggers & eyes will always fade for killers
clappers of split chappers shiver & odes to mods
meld a mind moon with a rivered

ghost of stairways.

iconic pussy-kissers hiss across a nice crazy lashwide moon - too late for hissers, a piss along hissed ice & cum home too late.... O, dunes
lose blonde hair & a sandy eye blesses death's tune
....all well made from apes, i will spoon bars of honey to eaten eagle-tombs; & as family writhes
then dolly drips must dream of wide
moody heaven.

iconic statues which sing in time remarl after old nudes ah, a stall of stone bangs vast vines under grapes that toast roast-shoes

easels of robbed painters don ride
upon cycled bandits.. la, old eyes
drop to blind rest
& we will vanish under rest
& we shall banish guilty death.

the bummers of blown easter hide cocoa where bridges drop death's wives & sex never leaves a will...oh, the devil of a gal-child rots for ill
rotators of mice & monkeys... Dives drive to country heat

handlers of lintles lap body-beats & a slashy summer gun shoots reaps cry lady cat-wing...& nosed blue poetry faders star-heap
baddies of blown cocoa egg-sleep
& we cheep as layers die...

a demonic demnotic of a dizzy flower light-rages where a swarm of easy towers shine upon a digital stage la, a demonic summer pearl pushes rage
outside, where a blind moon powers waxed masques
...when once we rode away, then masts gelled a dizzy bark to a foreign caste ^& we lever after dunny dew as age
pulls a special clitoris from a bower...
icy idolisers of winter-wives cower underneath bollocks & glass. Oh, masks melt into bone as a brigand of grass
meat-beats a toffee from coffin-clasps
& i sink down, down, aside a town's vast vitamin squares
& eyes ride eyes & labia hits clowned
burny boys whose penis cut hairs.



& binaries of neutered men drag a filterless camal when a doddy sunrise burns for bends; o a city's shaker scatters sweet salt as gems
pay for a midas gaol.
....we have the easy words by heart & veils tell a tomtit about a bird of darts la,, la
i have seen the spilled moon making sails
&, ghosted, a blorter of funeral snails
crush beneath kiddy feet
binaries of neutered men drag a canal when a studio of venals vamps a valley's ken & we abuse mad air to cause old children
to dollop dust on a sea of sleep
we have the easy curves by heart....Ah, dust
flees under melted burrs as dirtied musk
drops aside wanker's heaps.

la we snip death's sex as if a cold candle o, we hit aside wrecks while easy soldiers shoot a gunny war-smile & we snip death's sex as if a bright angel
& a vast coast of cans crams
fishy coda adown withered throats
eyes sunder spies as a web of hands spins a web of tears & a vanisher of faces clasps fears in hot hurled gloves that suffer fear..

once aside a mind, i heard the mad
ravishing after dolled diamond-- cads crabbed for me where i fell aside a losing stair; & self had diamonds in its broken hair
la we snip death's sex as if a chilled door of nippers & four worlds turned around as liars
laid a lady tongue with grey creepers
...lazy & evil lashwide stares bomb us- laden rude seagulls scavenge after dust
& distance blows me apart
& sadness seems to break love's heart
cocoas under limes shield dragglers of sweet gemmed bone-bridlers of trashy milk dens: o a bird of bytes tips a dizzy lens outside pork-spined
cocoas.....lo, dunder wine toasts a toddy wife-rind & we teem under tawny tears
& we brew a proud locus from goriilla spheres...Oh
..i have scented maps with fear when, duped under gins, flazlighters of radio rapids play a cd with a tapered spind
body angel.
catters of cables cram-cradle a lost loaf....& we dam drabblers of craven cunt-stables & caverners of ravens roast a dilly screen of edams
& eyes mop up a sugar-plate with
chintzy fairy navels
cocoas under limes shield dragglers of sweet phlegms; & a bine of blood raises tweezers from out slimmed

sperm boys play on as wiveners of geese gob slimmed
separators of boned bedsides
& easy drivers glide from head-jives.

the hard wet maw where i overheard the ground smackers after dizzy muck: o hard split doors fall: o blithe lips kiss a kite-shawl
& we journey into night where veiny fuck deadens love's crawl
...once aside the moon, i overlooked soft cuts while crying for a washed crown; & eyes burn to death
& skies learn of sex
hard wet moorlands snares dust with nuts

the raiders of the red & gone oven-burn heated loves where ivy scent washed a monkey la, a saviour of the red & gunned yearn for
cavers of crazed dints & we dun five knives as we butter bawds
& we swirl tart-piss into draped lints
i saw a swallower of seed raising perms o i dropped a tank inside a dead fern, & a bust of cunt carries waxen firmed
baddy blow, &, as we flow, then the vast dark crows will stow halted rats where cawed wing-firms hover under box hill
raiders of the spreaded scatter sperm
& we heat lost love
& we feed fists to god.

whilst we shape our fast graves then we soften
cremative ladies
oh as we raise flour, then we bake a navy
knotter of caping wound women
^& a bun of bairns bends hours of horsies
& we pinion buds with dumb trees
once upon a train-line, i rode to commons
& hot green patches eyed under klaxons
& my bodied mind gasped for
swift hair where a poppy on a store hissed
whilst we shape our fast graves then Hymen
jitters with crow-caned birdy blips
& we have blorted tongues
& we like abortions...



Idioms of crow-men sharpen skulls with lost jaws, oh, we heed scratchmen when idioms of chicken captain bull .& keen labs will expire as scientific swarthes
loop a lady locket in a cage....all this world is a cage: look at the mind's jail-age, for there, lock-spined, a gaoler of instant rage
winter-cops a a prison of graves...issuers of snowed men blow a tonsure's s ice tor; oh, we heed scarred men when freezing crow-bodiers of breakers breakdown...,Ah, stores
swell for instant porn-sales

O lickers of easy sticks carry tuned tonguers under blazy flops of vaginal unease o, a scissor of eaten lips kisses a sea of anger, & as we rope disease then we sharpen dreams
...once upon a woman, i read some kid-crossed mammy news: o once, when sin stopped, i sang the blues & a bud of brass hissed where winter-dudes
wove a transept into money...i am hipping after family as family drives donny vultures under narrowed pate sex-thunder & we shed whips from cockers & wives
warp a woollen shaker from engine-eyes
lickers of peasy ricks fill rheum with Fathered romantic blather
& we hip for larders which car for killers

i have seen, at end of day, a greying world
vamp for central spinneys
- I grace a grister with beadies
- i sister heat with nudies.,.
once i am home, then i set my food alight.

we are weepers for Wessex,, Lo, midnight
damages love with cathedrals
mmm mmm mmmm

easy easter sisterhoods ham for a noose, peasy pissers supper-bloods don truth & we give truth to good saved lovely children
...sodden massing markets sell guns to ovens o woven kissing parapets punish bums with soft pets & we search both night & day for children
& we slitter for coded sex-debts
..we have the greying birds by heart.. fast onions cause glassy tears; & a bed of christs hears hagglers raising raisin spheres from dangerious years
^& candlers light our golden years
..sodden massing markets sell guns to sirens ahh we hiss for red gum ah we piss for red cum
& a dolter of dirtyness laps after cum
dreamers of darkness use dots for wiveners of fallen stone; & we suffer lip,... Under us, spudders ash after candy spider-trips.. Over us, diggers
swell, swell

eaters of Bedlam body a burner's cell, keepers of washed lands heap baby bouncing of caring canary birds & snowy holy cradle-sleep
sodden massing markets sell guns to onions
& we shoot weavers dead
Are we abed?

o apy ochres of blind weals whip a donny back o empty fathers of minds sweep a cat-of-tails aside cities & bird-slacks
o apy ochres of grey deals sell dogs to mined
golden bodies
where once we cry then we lose our eyes ,when once we rise then we use burnt wine & ariels hanker hands with dilly navvies
& a bone of rice stirs bollockers of nice curd..
o apy ochres of blind heels rip a honeyer of guilty crescents where a son of sods
raises a cliff from a cage.
the easellers of mad paint baggies for Love's
prism-raised artists
- bad bullets blow faces
-sad ribbets suffer spaced Loved
limitless harness
& we slam under bees
& we cram sudden beads of bedded fatalists
we are finalists in a contested moon... Laces
loop a female shoe with a nooser's groin



there is a gism for a spindlered pike-sonny when closed prisms shine like a puss-cat: oh a snyded cummer craps for rats
& a gaol of glass sunders sugar-caps & ravenous bended beetles heal lit
body fantastics
when we radioed deaths, we saw lips laying vulgar paths under rodeo writs & we swig andy pandy & we burn a curly-wirly pantry
& we bake blood under panties
..there is a gism for a spun manequin dummy when meadowed rattlers of tar babies blind a body-bus with venereal Harpes
& a bone of wights rams seasons adown blind midnight's
burning sleepless flower
we radioed death just last night when
odes to mind-shows haggled for hemmed
Eden eaters.

the asses of modern milk must pilfer birdy grease from ald manyana: o a shot of caned silks must litter blown dogs with sylvan feathers
& a bone of yeasts heals a fathered scried city where dromes scraped
odd guitars
..when once a bed of Asia reaps grey fazed dolls from assed meats then a body in a flower
must dollop chrome under showers
& love's bath is deep?

the faces of modern silk will quiver & a nest of old studio mirrors
will soften phlegms with wet killerrs
this world is out of time because
eyes go blindly deaf now.

the kite-shawls of Eden wash grey hands: o, a dippy moll has a female sea of banged ferry fats & a bird under bakes falls from a bat's
brilliant sonar country: o & a face of fans fellows a cat's cap & winged rats strangle ghosts with hanged
icy vowelled vagina
..we heap a horse of praise as loud baaing lambwhites leap aside married asylum-hilltopped cow-sleep
& we dance for corrals as grey vans swallow night from out lost England
the kite-shawls of Eden wash grey hands ah, - eyes in wide season deafen
blonded minds
& a mental feature ravels where serums


abed with the nightly sleepers, i awoke to find a dunny car of spittle in my a brace of hatted killers awoke me to find a bad bread train carrying murdered rind
& as we face to the utmost killed then we heap a siren where bruising spine
..once aside death, we will surely see wine toasting brain-swine & i have seen old hosts at change of time dropping watcbes down ashes
& eyes will eat droned flashes
abed with the nightly dreamers, i awoke to find a dolly carmen crying under grimes & utterances of pyre-men suppers for
silky milky nut-raids
o a sauce of cellves drops a spastic grave
amen amen amen..


eyes sunder blonde beds with deafening sky; o, coded thunder fastens devious devillish hawk-deity to bridal hits whose hittites hop for a blued
vamped eaten body
& we tauten sex with De Lady & we smarten jets with Rocker Baby
eyes swindle for flashed dregs as dives
run to a cold night of bone
ah, i have beaten bees to death & tides ride a robotic rhuem of bloodied tithes & a bone of bracken bursts blue tribes
& hornetted hairnets nip for closed caverns of pruned bitten maws
...eyes swindle for gashed eggs as dives run to a cold night of drones.

Isis hastens for Jews where Gods drive
all over the pearled good world.

we have no face to own .. Oh, a star of stashes star-swirls a mind into bone.... Oh, i heard the distant dead where dromes
dropped a clayed comb & we have no face to own .. Ah, a sea of flashes
falters under stoned
body beakers
once aside a rhyme, i saw a summer's slashes swallowing day with night-light; & i told the time with fairy feathers
& i tricked a dream inside the dark.. La, lipped sex-nights sinks my easy pick inside a self-invented oil-girl
& we have no face to own.. Oh, a car of clashes
car-swirls bombs into blinds
..i toast my own death when a future of faces fellows men with wrecked graven babies oh, a halo shaped from self-death hears Isis
washing a bum with herpes
& a bob of bone builds a brother from stasis
& a lob of stone
stops to foam
we have no face to own..Oh, a car of rashes gun-girds a bed of billers with tawny trashes & a night of glass
dons a grave of gas
i toast my own death as a future of aces
plays tarot with grass..
i harden for my sane sex as wallahs wash weepy wine from sober loss: ah, i garden war when a dollied bud-cross
bags a treacle cock inside crisscrossed funeral whores
. when once a filthy saint craps for wards
then a dicky painter of paws
must suckle a pan of mines
& we ride from rest as bawds
bore a funnel inside a blue-bossed
vaginal penis..

here, there are eyes in mail-boxes &, Oh, here, there are wives in voice-fixes.. & sand cuts beach-loaves when cancered cummers
& we send scented rope to seasound wiveners..
eyes under whippers strip a soapy saviour & we drink to strippers; & we use candle killers
& we burn keen towns to sodden death
eaten riflers shoot melters with kippered
evening scissor-shits...
the utterances of easy hens lay naked eggs lo, as shutterers of peasy wrens die for eaten Hitlers
then we don a dunny drape with fairy-legs & a windy winterer of dizzy fevers cut all death camps in two & utterances of easy hens lay fated eggs
lo, as puckerers of plumbed peahens drive cunt out, there imbecile Hitlers
will cry forevermore
once, where we rode the moors, then heaters of mermen fish for ashen children & a gasser on the game
greases mamma with whored gold rains
& we arise a naked city stain,.
the utterances of easy hens lay nudy pegs lo, palavers of dead veins sally grey confectionaries with bibbed baby blinders of bible-bullers & closed ribbed
anancee bakers...

icy weavers of wifed shakers hits pigged
pussy layers of ratted romantic riggeed
radio angels..


when radiophonic forced men ride to county sleep then a loud jazzed policed forest will jack the fathers of whored bead-breasts
& a dog on dire wheels must centre tonsured meat & a well of gal-wine will toast the inglers of sweet skulls & blue blind
ogre-boded vein-shine
as we crack love's cover, then a bended spine will shatter just like a mined cunny-clock & a bored babe-crock carries criers under timed
baby-bombs who cry for cradlers & their swined
biddy wynds.
when radiophonics feed hemmed hens to sweets then rude vocalisers must breed after salt-jeeps & the bended bobbies of the grave
delimit Isis with blood-banded citied cock-clays,
I have seen sin cum at change of day as grimes
don a shroudsail & a giddy gourami's kissed signed
tropical pisser..



the inner wives of a sad bad afternoon rot for a rollered vined river: o the signal skies of a bled moon jeer for lady shot cops
& venereal weather washes a bed of hawed
wintry weavers.. a button on a screen snatches belled
digital dukers of dunned river rude rizlas

the idle ides of the stormed wallet after pretty prison shells &, o, as a dog of drillers drops a tongue
then inner wives of a sad bad tune
rock for killers
....inside a gaol of ice, a sacrificed feather sweeps skirts from womb-shine; a burner of a shirt swallows timed baby bombs
ah lashwide dreamers doze after
bodyers of blown rashed lungs
& a draggler of sown guns fathers
mashy minters in hanging tree-tides
washed beneath lard, a vine of fingers taps on a hollowed moon, & a drug of slicers dons death's mirror; & death's visor spoons
eaten flames to a distrophy of ballet-dated pranced red wounds
...the ark of a glad head is borne upon the sharpeners of veiled gliding drums,
& a smoker's kiss weaves web-dung
& a choker's hiss swerves aside young
lizard nudes
tasted, a bell of asps rings a rattler's
donny sense of cut song
we say Amen to nuked spun skin, we paw a jack with prairy plims & woollen watchers of one zillion eyes slam
collapsers into bruised rainbows
there is a padder of a mumma's drams oh there are saddlers of a fazer's fans, &, as we cry for kickers, then we slam
easy piers under cremated wax.

hot hipped beds of money clone-create a malty anvilled coast of easelled snakes; & we shake our jackered junipers for
sunned hake & the chickens in the stores
.eat candlers & study how to cry.
washed beneath lard, a vine of spanglers rots upon a spider's groan
& a gossamer of cards dines on stone
Ohh.. here the easy shelter of a soft mind traipses hills into blue trees then a winter's hot chill heeds red leaves
o a bodice in a veined bag
buries snow-dummies under dragged
boners of bladder slags
we are the inspectors of the spined: la we cup skin hectors as bread-bacon-rinds rope a city's lungs to a bald ox-heart
where once a bed of carts cuts up uterine utterances
then a sun of spaces fills a slut-cup
with blatherers of night-lit pups

eaglers of easel-wood paint a body-picture..oh eaters of seagull-wood scavenges manure...oh, we have the city names by heart
oh??!! eaglers of easel-blood paint a baby picture; oh feelers of sundial-woods faints for art
oh? change of day, i have seen a moon's heart stopping, -... Laces of crab shadow the dark & veins move behind villages
..voices in forcing guns shoot an arrow, la, sottos under sea-guns crap for bullets; & the naked eyes of gloom
wallop cabs with suns
...eaglers of death dream of hoops as dunes swallow light with runes & we shit on crypts as a bay of prunes swoons
voices in eyed drums bang for a body-cock
&, slayed, a boy of cum code-creates old rot.
where wayfarers dream, then a doll of snots
drops heavenly cunny targets.


the sea-harnesses of drowny dog-piss heaps a whore with laden ravens whose winged pub-pigs prod a lager-navel
oh, a bed of maluses sick-crowns hog-piss & wee men dig
dollars of dead cradles,
...when once a sea of angels hammers hems then wrangles ram a dotty beeman down a boat
& we lash for baby
& we wash love's grope
the sea-harnesses of dowdy dog-nicks leaps a hoard with sandal pushies..& men angle pussies when a city on a shelf hips ribbed
cocky cockle wards
..eyes eat into rooms as we say farewell to eased red fig.
..a blather of bad boys bags a beddy-bite under cribbed bounded clay-cold spire-bombs
la, as we ride from toys then we rag after robe-rigged
dollars of spended blue lungs

once aside times, eyes heard soft tears crying for kipped pig-pinioned siren suns & a bonce of onion shoots an island
& we point a potato penis beneath swerving sirens.
a blather of slag boys bags a belly-bite under swigged


bodies of burner men mission for mien-skins as a vale of ice stuns a baby-bunner: oh a bonce of murder christens old spun-sins with old lice
& we don a shrouded mamma
....once upon a mine, i dug for butter but i found jam-christs uhh....bodies of burner men enmission for germ-gin as a rolled gin-dice
rotted bitter angels
.& a scrag of candles strips a noon-kiss from tabled
dolly weevils
we hear a sea of fists hitting grey pissing puss-turners & ghosts must cum up for air: ..heaped up days high, we find a bubbler of a baby when
swift spies drift into seed o we cup a titty-tribe; & we level Aladdin under weed
~& we dribble after steeds

once aside a pea-mind, a bod of bullers bended greed under rollering body-cabins..o sea of marks modelled after catkins
& a salty sea-spin muddied us with raisins & odd hymns
sang all sunday long
we held a gun to a drive as we crashed under scrums..o we swore for lippy..o we whored for piggies & oated jewelry coated love's tongue with Hermes
...heaped up days high, we found a babbler of a bed-hen swinging chanticleer up, up, up
beneath venal vasey vermouths & dizzy daddy nuts
..we ladel a lady boy where a boney bench of christs rams a beery berry bodice down god's mice ah, we punch for ploys as a stony dizzy christ-heist
fans a fantastic body fire
& wearied loves wed ice to fire
& eerie gloves wed christs to pyres

when once a punch of pegs becomes rape-happy then a bunch of cummers rams the medusa's snake-worm-baby & we ring a paved neck
& we swing for naved naped sex
..once aside a modem, we rang a net with a decked blazer bone whose eager cakers wretched
inside a banished bee-oven & a drag of drips dreamed of gassed onions
..we ladel a lady boy where a boney stench of tripes
rams a beery berry soffit down a pushed grey stripe


as we weep for sea-lillies, then we scrump for raddish-daddies o as we seep under dairy daisies then we weep for star-hard lard-large female pips
o a bun under wheat cooks for rubies & a sloane of lust creeps for feline venal ladies
...the car of a crash is born upon vernal city dolls - &, la, i beaded a body beer when sirened star-bols
gangled after lonely easter-halls
& a bedded island of fattened gulls
grasps a gay glass from a funeral mull
as we sleep for sea-lillies, then we jump for mammies..o as we weep under doggies then we leap for scarred mind-magpies
& we roam for sleep
& we foam for wheat
here, where nests end, a termitic scrubber heaps heat
under dabblers & turgid fanny-meats
huh huh huh ginger ginger ginger chortle chortle chortle.. & we are at the Bodies?