more chapters from my new novel 'At The Bodies'


aghhh an arachnid's wealthy web spins for mien & vermouth diggers aghhh a slate of figs sin-valleys after razors &, danced from dates, we volley for rizlas as a baddy under sins
spins a renal sea of salted ape-eaters. la a crash of nuts swirls a nappied mik-raid; la a trash of butts curls a poppy's cute silk-raid
& we hear a soft plant peeing green leaves under bed-bodied granaries of dusts & limes
...lahhh we peep for gutters when a daddy of sleep jams vines ahhh we creep for nude balled biddy bitumen
&, as we crawl across a shawl, then we abuse a kitten-shrine
born of raised slapped daggers, i ice after weepy red aliens,- boned by peat, i slide for crabbers when bodiers of moon-deniers swallows peed pens & malt-phlegms
& a brace of wine toasts a soapy flower & a dance of grime swashes body bakers under cake-towers
..venals of savioured bins build a brain-blast from swung stems, beetles of sailored bins swill a veined babby flask...Oh, gyms
hanker for a fatal head-fall & soaky smokey diller nets crawl for a cradler's dick-brawl .& wiveners of dopy killer kvetch
damages blonded blab-bits with cappered killers of wretched

ah, & you in a venal moon must surely vase after bed-becked blamers of fatal scissor silver: ah, & youth in a venal room must surely craft after stripped
dammers of fotal river pissers
sssss we smell of gism gels as we rasp for fat blenchers

these days, when a trainset in death's bed races for the engine-dead, a bay of pussy hens shave a sea of lead &, lo, as we count down to crime
then we serenade a blind railed head, & we summon pricks from piles & we smash a liver down with pricked bodies
- ohh as we ride from sleep then babies enbible nudes with devs
.these days, when a trainset under dregs drools after wearied wiped weals, pegs hammer cherries to lions
& we will weep for pushed mount Zion
eager eaters of eggy lips lop old iron

odes to killers maim a murderer & we heap hoards where a limy green chalice blinds all summertimes o odes to grey grains chop a chiller where hotel-prayers
summon a wintry blue mind where once we trot for tits, then a baby's bodice snares old iron & giddy paraketes
& we listen out for paracletes & we glisten under wards...

odes to killers maim a murderer as we reap whores where a dizzy dreamed palace grinds
horses from blind nuts
..the Isis of the killed pray to heal a sun of reels where
a kisser of the filled raids
riders of rustlers
& we slam on carded brakes as a boner in skined hair
slashes ivories with graves

oh once aside green tines, we sucked honeycomb where airless pharoahs kissed crashed gusts oh once aside mean wine, we mashed hawed bone-wear
& we supper for sleep & we cup a dolly desk within five lost brigands
..the Isis of the thrilled prays to heal a gunner's grease-glare & we lampoon for easy summers
& we drag hot noon from eaten winters

Ohh a host of spind winds drapes dandelions in pee-prayer

the distant mad men who don hairy beenests have the urban hornets by heart: o the descants of chopped children raids antnests
& vocal crescents doll-drape a dogger under darts & we cage us underneath grey rivers whose urban neon salt-sheath
draggles after dragoons & hired mess.
.when once a blood of bytes bombs latrines then
an milky eaten seagull carries carrion under henned
featherless chicken egg-phlegms
..the distant mad men who stun a grieved grave risk
curlers of schizophonic blue radios
& we hit the wrist as we drop a donut on a meadow
the distant man men who don lazy hooped hens
die for easy gunners.


waspish hissers heap a herd of glass where coda cobra grinds a ballet of swung sonar o as we ride from wrecks, then we blind a loafer
& we snapper for wives & we zap cappers with a zipper of dead lives
..once upon a mind, eyes rotated to find a blind sleep-shaking grey ides from a treetop's wynds, & we supper for breakers
& we suffer for capers
..waspish kissers heap a birdy mask where coda
grins a dolly under solar
daddy flame, ...Oh once, when a bed of rope
pulls some porn soap
then a scud of lime heeds soft dope
eyes under fearing glow for grass when flavas
bee-stab stingers of snowers
ideal odals change for tears.... Ah

the ginny boys who bend a bleachered blender hasp for dolly drakes..O, a greasy lime-lens shoots a sunny war for idols of blankness
ah a washer of a dude rends a leechered killer where war-claws widen crazy gravy digital darkness. A bouncy body on a belled ball ripens rats with deafness
la a trouncy lady lams a celled wall with darkeners & death dragglers after milky hens & we read roped words to bitumen
& we raise a razor for buttoned peahens
the ginny boys who bend a bleachered blinder basks for ducted pelicans & ductive doggers of cryers crash pear-cores & we supper on bells & aviaries.


we wash a sun of tears when we watch a dream- o as we fear thumbs then we may choose to scream & a harness strapped to rigs radios after ice cream
& a widener of waxers wolves down pictures
..eyes in spent thighs raise a roman flower when grey dickers of spies craze after starry spy-hens & a lone flag against my wall
snippers for stoned crab.
.we wash a sun of tears where we summon screens & once aside lungs, we studied gazed fast swift panting: & once, above suns, we ravelled where waves
parted to let sex crawl.
.a plain car of tashes colludes with cheap flashes la a spleen of tar trashes rode nudes whose crashes
summon deathly cinema.


a crocus circus heaps trapeze around clowns..o a psychedelic sea-hearse drowns & drowns & a baby on a beam bombs a broomy dog with bastard cream
..when once a bridge of fire burns out, then towns must wallah for animal fingers o & we cut spades with ringers
& we lash sperm-sluts to acrid dolly dreamers
..a crocus circus heaps madams under crowns & we are the crocus eaters
oh we heed the dead when lotus creepers

o what with pierced sirens under two cloned crossed hands, we have to supper for tie-dyed car-calamities; & a crooked feinted gun-bed dreams of drams
& a drinker of a blown baby bairn widens for funeral fast chases o we will sleep for a lonely farmed caravans; & closed voices of a pistil past heaps edams
where, star-socked, a bleeder of an owl-charm sucks a dawdling dancer from machinated alms
..ah, wicks wire wolves to walls...Dunny drays sea-dress a smasher's hearts ah, tears tear from steeled bols as dummy graves
fascinate pimps with pimpled mushrooms


o what with pierced diamonds under brigands, we have to suck a diaphoner from cell-canaries; & a bone in a false neck sands a dippy island from a swarthe of clams
& deeply doggers of acorn sex slackens coast-cuts where a nutty screw-nest
seals drays under squirrels Oh, we dressed
& then salts went down to the sea.
.when out of bounds in an accidental playground, i overheard the bullies of the reaped la, a school of towns played me where fista spies
stoned my bitten body with ball-blind class-tribes ..o a naked suitor of judos has a blackbelt for slides & a bend of rope skips until algebra gets down from
idiotic jeany joshers of jammed paints & anti-stormed
climb-freezed staff-scribes.
what with ludo on dinnered linoeum & cakey rafters o what with infant crafts for punisher's easy fathers we have to study in the wet while
assemblies of babies glass-feel after child-smiles
O..when out of bounds in an accidental shed, i held all of my erasers to easy sceneted letters Ah, gels gum glues to easy cold clay
& a drawer of canny afternoons sets kids with belled karate dummy statues.

,gassy greedy kiddy gargoyles drop just like the day
. night swallows chalk as tutors turn to clay
ARE WE IN THE SCHOOL CITY?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..ARE WE AT THE BODIES?!!!!!!!!!!!

UH the cager of active labia scavenge after salt-fires; la a page of a pornographic saviour lams a daddy pyre & a wetted sex-valve rises from under lovers
when once we rut for guises then odd brothers
will surely fuck fawned mammas
the cager of active labia scavenges after samphires. the losers of lewd hen-eaters jam old footsteps. la as lasers under darksom fearers
floats under cafes then the losers of lewd gem-givers jam swept bald changelings
when once we earn fire then we must snip
roasted plums & vaginal apples...
coded creators of junk shoots up with ript doggy drips & we learn how to hit canine fardling windy darlings....
the cagers of active killers scavenges after blondie noses. o a tonsured creep crawls under old blather; & we blort where roses
feed the toothless ten thousand & we learn of rot where a baby under lather
dies out
whence a swollen beaker drowns thunder then a vined bony reader recites poetry to dolly dusts....
the crappers of instant mirrors hears us. lo, once above gods, we heard old fuss heart-shaping vales from old grey guffs


teeny toddlers will always hire hods to blinded blue decembered hills; o, easy fathers jack a jammy driller; & a son of laughs laughs at the past
& a gun of masks hangs a baby-blue body of jazzy hills
..once aside of us, we learned of a sky-written torch shaped from stars: o a teeny tripper jumps apes as guitars
swing upon red hymns
as grey gold stops, then a raven spins ~& we may well stamp upon spind sin but a wife under skins will soften Nazi limbs & a whorled word under fire swims
just like a dizzy drowner
...ahh lost pain cuts the face we tread...ahh crossed rain cuts rolled space & a boned curved slut sucks a nut
o a laden lady whose eyes crush breads
will widen into sweltering baby-butt
& buttery endless men spread shit upon
hacked beds when we see rise the sun's
lonly lunar ghost.
whence we drive sleep then we toast idiot naked blue parties ah as cars cry by, we dream of blue daddies & we concertina under families
ahh lost pain cuts the face we tread uhh oozed veins shut a carapace when threaded meal-worms don a budder's
tapey naked spire-hosts
eyes under eyes give in to deafness
too many tit-heavy men hear a siren's eyes grinning till deafened o too many idiot women heed a blind mind & a bed of christs cops a tree of laden
body bakers..when a sea of shakers used god's gardens then a rose of riders rackets under fazers where love's season
stops to cut up
too many tit-easy hens hear an eggy sky
slithering down a veiny nut
& we must suck a nut with toothy cut
...The wallets of poor gods advance inside a pursed banker hearse: o a wanker of sad gods sea-slant inside a pursed banker curse
& as we ride to death the we count on coursed
baby gorse
eyes idolise eyes Ah a cradle under sauce drops idiot baby bumming & we have heat by heart where a murder-morse
codfies evil drummings
..the wallets of poor dogs advance inside a tawsed banker burst o a shanker of mad mods flea-plant aside hearsed
candled cash,..
potty men must be hanged .... uh we will force
all molls into gangsters

the curly-wurly vultures who carrion after spread dust has a bad body in the form of cut feathers: uh an early sea-mamma heaps simeon as lust
drops a bum on a plate, & we sacrifice dogs to covers & we hear fetes
swelling up with ice-creamed lovers
....when we dot the dead then we shovel drapes against a gagging moon
& we hiss for forced cocoons
& we use a false cartoon..
the curly-wurly vultures who carrion after musk gal-loosens a fishy field where meadow-pus peals a ribbed original from coded baby-bussed
evil rippers
we idolise knighted pissy kissers. & a bust
bollocks up, up, up

& a big bad blood trophy must wither down to dust & a ringer of a lady heaps veins aside blurred lust o as weepers wave, then pushers of noosers must
trample down a fast grave ,.
& a big bad blood trophy must wither down to dusk & a swinger under rubies keeps lemons under musk
o as reapers rave, then the kissers of mirrors must
trample down a vast grave
eyes inside eyes snap a bottomed bud & old husks heel to a wedded widenesss when kinkers of crusts
cup defectives in a vast maze when
we sweep away pylons to force electrics when
odes to killers cry, cry, cry


pinkers of punched boys sweat optics under veined bled cities with bald stains: o a rodeo of christs damage grains as thunder rains
down, down
aside the stench of a balled baby-town.
once upon a drain, i overheard sweet clouds of clowns crashing for a trapezer's veiled circus-crowd; & eyes rise from sad sneezers as wasted ground
vamps for vultures and lost coffee....
pinkers of punched boys sweat coptics under maned bayers of bodiers & brinxings sticky toffees & a smashed sign drops from a cafe as rolled trains
wallop a tube with a daddy,-....

teenaged bed-burners brag for bits as gay-gunners
shoot a nude king henry between budders & dreamers..
these soft days when teenaged bed-burners touch the torched rain will surely climb from stormy drowned men?
This side of a dripped death, we bed-bust a torch of chewed trains & we snap our teeth on a teenaged angel-swing; oh a bonce of pyred blood rots under scissor-sex.....
we are bound to a bouncy cradle ah we are fed to baby-bits when cinnamon wrecks
a hot sweat-table
these soft days end. Later, a moon will seize mesh..
the rearing racers of the writhed & dreadful slam on the blind brakes now; o as we supper for god, then we slake bread & a bone of beeches brags after clouds
...once, when we snipped a crag, we read odd old books to peoples in cots.. & deaths rend a page from a false magazine..
the rearing fazers of the thighed & dead peer deep inside bulls as cattlers tread

old gazy gollopers of catties & devs.

ginny giddy grass-pealers tread bad seas..o when once in season, a bird under beeswasp-hanged wallet under kingfisher fires
.ah, we know the worlds by heart...Leaves fall, fall
ah, we know mute girls with arts...ginny giddy glass-gearers thread pyres
& we wallow under operated sapphires

the bright colours of the dead star-create murderous blue statues. lo, a sun of killers raise a rat from rapes
& we don a bone poncho..we must use a yeast tongue to taste with & we will speak where acid cuts kids. oh a canny canyon in brut vapids rids
all veins from all hearts
the bright colours of the dead car-create
a bouncy rubber crock which
hammers a seed-slammeer under lakes

drapers of dummy nunneries ape for eaten sculleries.. foresakers of manna are wound just like the mummy cloths were wound
...ordinary imbecliles drop cunts down gannets ..easy made soft hills fall, fall
o we have the birds by heart & we swing for sadness where bird-arts
drop a dunny bone
..drapers of dummy monkeries ape for eaten barks, & we sail out to cry
la. we sail against the sky
& we slide from sleep where a bone of eyes

dies out...

these days, when a robin to itself can only just fly deaths must set graves bird-free; oh a loony of the world chants, chantsd. Oh,
these days, when a robin filled with old lies dies airborne
then a road of capes cuts a cusser with old
brandy darlings
& we have the nerves by heart.. La, souls weep for starlings & a dell of killings thrills after radio curls
these days, when a bomb breaks, we hold
a balllet boy that whispers down the girls
& we heap holiday hands
where, leeched, we don an island's
sun-shaken tree-death
topplers turn...Idols cry... darkness dies.




we have all worlds by heart...O, drives don hispid lost vans when a holiday of bruised brides lays blue-waste to dodgy catty dives
& we run from our dives to gold a wheatened wolf barks at easels then a shrouder's painter must swivel
where, nunned, a monk under spiralling poem-tangents shoots a colouring booklet of a duned moon
& a sea of macs deepens & rides
die, die, die

& we have the worlds by heart.

the bonnets of the mad don a purple hiss. la, as hairnets drop, then a mad sad lisp will lay wastes to meadows
ahhh we have a bed of arrows ahhh we sleep for bread & bonnets of the mad don a purple kiss
..austeries of family men oust the dead -. .. We hear histories where clay dread
stops all poetry.
the bonnets of the mad don a purple fist lahh we have the birds by heart ahh we have the nerds by heart
we have the stars by heart: under a nose, a nodal sun sirens down a sea-dye
o a naked gemmy sky whiskers for a tree-tribe & as we hear the dead so we soften bods with guns
..when once a face dies out, then a guilty scar-sun will surely shoot a ducted moon & a dell of dippers drags a creamed pint for a
nude forum of spun sally winds
we have the stars by heart: under a lobe, nipt cum scatters semen-sands across a lemon land ,. Oh, over & inside a lipped brigand, we strum
balded nippied cockle-wide honey gin-tongues

when purpled to the very nines, i oversaw a shadow country..lah, a bus of bags slept till coached then hung..o when purpled to the very nines, eyes saw a heavy baby
yieldimg snots to cradle dung
..when purpled, when made to appear bed-blind, i will gun after all vales & all grails & every single misses, oh a walk of glass grips to goo as a gumshoe of son
loosens ghosts & walks away.
when purpled thru the mad times, i oversaw a lady sent back, back, under surfeit rooms made from bodies & i swell up with the gins of a denim genie &
biddies fix a duct to the wives of my rocked head
...easy cummers create a bald base of carmine bread,- dunnny teachers desk-bind a chalked case to devs
& a dinny bay rocks aside all gyms
& a daisy ray rages for studious captained wind.

i swore down the nations of the dead that death would cut me quickly: o eyes roared: o skies poured
& a caw of Downs drops, drops,
just like sex when she vomits brandy
i swore down the natron of the abed while looping villagers
died... I have the seas of a smile

nappy soft screwed lips caress old denim fly-sweat; & we don night-nurses as deaths dine in the dark....the families of killers use barks
to sail aside a grey park& we don bones as a sea of harts dines in the dark.

radio darkness programmes loud lips to jazz till the death of televisual digital dawn..ha, a bud of dills drizzles after ships
i swore down the masses where
crowded clitorises famished prayer
& we crashdown as
men break-up.

the donny dunny pullers of bell-soap
washes beds in wine
- & nippies nuke booze when cloaks
don a super mind
dazzlers of daddies reach for cell-dope
ah as we grind, then we suffer coke
& we drink to the gassy killed
the dunny damsellers of keen hills
swashes cocks under fish-fields
& we die for cars
& we murder Mars?

when once a tool of hasps scars scary beauties then broiled bud-bards will certainly hit dead diaries
O a bone of fire breaksdown


odes to pillers sheds aspirin & a bond of buyers stops spun sin a burier of berry-busts heats wind & nine men flow, flow, crow..
..when angellers of boiled hair heap green meats under bubbles oh, - staionary in weird orbits, sandals
loosen old shoes
rocky dazers drag for phlegm as tables capsize into greedy nothingness when angellers of boiled prayer pleats dirtied dairy trousers
- a bully in a saddle-bag crashes for naked mopeds.
..the diallers of death's brute shadow hisses across dead ice o, riders of a sex-shoot hardens haloes
& we telephone twelve christs
wideners of widowers close naked gobs in grime & a dier who pisses for a timed rose

when once a hollow moon is shot then a dialler of death will see cops dining on clinkered burglars
families of gold men reap rizlas & smoke appears permafrozen.

the darkness of radio lights hasps for diddlers of jam & money. la, as sadness jams altarlight then wards will listen to lady lolipop
once aside dust, a sweeper's knock knots sperm to daddy muscles, & coddy coasters of coffee parcels
rots under cockled body easels
..o darkness hits Tvs with bare war o heated lips use a bone of spun clawed
...eaters of toasted hands smoke rice.. ohm, an electric dashboard cake-creator crashes under blinded buddy masses
o an motel of snake-curates hit thunder & a man of masques swallows dresses & we watch children boiling missives
..a killer of crimes murders father ah, a branded rat climes mamma as calves cry for cupped milk
o an electric caker of rashes sunders hairy town-broilers & hipped wept sex-spoilers use silks & a keen abuses of lovers
fasten heads to trawlers
a raider of romantic twine suffers
a dark supper of buds & meat-duffers
& we glide to starved smiles as feathers

fade to day...

the indigo glasses of the dead & gone sea-spin kodak from eyed mains: o a bed of arses gobs after the star-shone melon ochre where a girl in veins
vans a vast cinema with blind suns. once, where i trod lust, a red gun softened me with shot pellet-plastics... Cum summons bird-mats to find
rotators of rat-traps blinding hot minds
....the indigo glasses of the dead & gone
don koda chrome then escape like song

pinked drinkers of life's moon shear tears where radios of rodeos ram a rider's hair oh pink tacs & caddies snap a brewer down
& David & Goliath leap up from a stair
..rinky dinky droolers toast a cap of fears when radios of rodeos slam a writher's gem & we hoax for heavens when a bud of Downs
dreams, dreams

punkers of pulleymen play sick as starry screams wed a snipt snotter to Bathsheba & her creams & we will anoint our elbowed cheeks with streamed
handy thumby febrile urine
rinky stinky tweezers yap at cunny....Oh, Ices
fall down to the dizzy iced floor & coded places
pot a bummer where laden losers leap for laces


the ivories of mamma send the moon around a noosed pet-set: o a punny nanna writes a bad tune &, as we reap sweat, then we use death
to trample killer star-shine with wrecked
body decks
...the ivories of mamma send the sun around a nudy noise; la a canon under dunny boys hits guns & a shirt of candy feeds for toys
& a slash of brandy banishes bones to sex
we have the words by heart; T Rex
& eyes will beat for a Lizard Wing

the eaten treaclers of a tissued purple manx drivel for green cold caps o a purple theatre drops a cage around tramps & a bendy stage rages after cats
..the idiots of Rama ram a dolly disc where rats rock for sickle-pictures & we end the trickled where odes of bats
sea-bang birds & drama traps.

the eaten treaclers of a tissued old phalanx drivels for green sold claps
& we don a dreamed soul & we snapped

barned bairns

the eddies of the eyes have nothing to do with true sight & true visions: o a bay of minds darkens; o, a bed of buds hits blurred nughts & true missions
..& a shed of rock hocks tools where rolled lips rots for heaven's prisms. the purple pomade of a tipped heart hastens
naked pullers of death's heaped christs & we nuke the nabbed
& we shoot the mad
...the doctored sinal snap where a blue siren burns must hip after radio rats..o, a rocker of vagina vase-traps glassed men who cry, cry, cry
lohhh i have meted mess to sin as dead perms
scatter dolly seed on spinal cats
when once a bud of ice breaks down, then we find sauce inside a sea of snakes oh a sea of suds soaps iced drakes
& we are tonsured by baskets
....the doctored sinal snap where a blue siren burns hisses now where a wideners of ferny sperm
wallops a dolloper...

endless eyes creep from brides... Ohh

the vast valisse of a pelisse sheath has a car of crimes crapping on a policed fire-minds; o as we race for Love then we arrest a star of crimes
..once aside ruins, we led a bed to a beaker & minds thought-listened to a purple pit with seams of wine & a vast valisse of a police-sheath has a carred clime
crying for caped sheet-hurt.

o as we ride from rest, then we sell canes to minds o as we arise, then we mess inside siren vans where a grey cap on a hit-desk
drops a stationer where odals crest a wagon of hot pure steel
the vast valisse of a p'liceman's sheath has cities
ramming tazers down funk's throats.


the dupers of buried wine toast a jammy junking rocky moon o all too soon, a mind of brine will wallah for a sea of rind & a ball of castes claps a host of clammy runes where
a kitchen under torch-light ignites crazy crime..when once a sea of slats splashes crack then prayer
will vanish sex inside thin hair & a bed of grass puffs sleep with dreamer's air & we ride from rest where
dreamers of dog-hair slices cats on a fast stair
the dupers of buried wine toast a jammy junked moon ah all too soon, when inside afternoons,a wallah of runes lays tarots for a town of cartoons
...once upon a lopped sex, a tutor of dirt moves tunes
aside a sickle-throat where grey pylons play..
wow, what with weeper's wives seen here & now dreaming about killer's spies we must surely, while demurely sized, cut a crowd?
once, alone, we were out of time & as we cloud a bony sky, what for the dead now except for lies?, a doll of drippers drags a wavelet -- oh, brides sea-slam executers with rollers of violet- oh, tides eat underwater
& a dug daughter has no veins to slit & we arise & we drag a deck for a digital dummy doctor?
the eaters of cinema-movies mass pokes coked popcorned film-cries & we strand ourselves in corn as coke-tribes films watery mamma screen... Oh my stella suicide
is delayed not until the dawn of vision rides
back to indigo backrow dizzy front.. uh synagogues of mamma heal both the sick & the poor
o a jewish guide hears us & an idiot postmodern Hitler hastens gods to store
good jews & wise dust
when once a prayer to Love heeds god then war worsens but a keen heady guide of the good must enterprise for blithe hats & yidda...
..synagogues of mamma heal both the sick & the poor o a jewish talisman gives grace to adored
openers of life's shores...

we come back home now to find a city under christs star-slamming ghosts with baby

capstans in grey hatstands don a body-boat-
o a dragoned son whose mental grope
captains a spinny mouse-man
hastens to listen to long dead lessons about rope
capstans in grey cat-hands don a baby-soap
o a cartoned gun of nudes scents hanged
& once, under yearners, an icy drill of decks drammed
a purple pulse of pure demnotic fathers
&, oh, sundered pursers pee on easy dills as edams
slice a pussy-rabbit from a mind-mirror
capstans in grey hatstands don a body-boat
& when my five & country cut-senses soak dust
then a spind sail of swum sussed
candle-pus has to heap up a soft titty musked
bled neon village.
endlessness carries cribs to pillaged bod-bus...

drivellers of glass men shatter under grey samphire & the rose of mad gem as a face to a grey manger o a dress of masts melts into vast fire
& a boat of vales vamps after blood's funeral pyre. the emptying winnower of wives & sea-squires mire a dog of desireable sadnesss
& a bolt of hail stones deadliness & a vault of veiny spirits tant hated cock-decks
drivellers of glass men shatter under grey samphire
& a bleacher of dead Bethlehem blorts for kecks
& kvetch boys with solo toys track needler's drips
emptiers of starred spun winds goat for thunder's
body clap...............................................Laa



these bladed days when a mitching modern saint rams after clay-graves must stop. & a duddy afternoon where we painted feints we rammed down cock-rots
;a digger of dirt-gold shits outside a bread-shop & a bruisy baby-blow
stops ..these bladed days when an itching modern saint rams after cunt-claves
must moisten model hooves.

the bladed high seas which part vaginal waves stride on heaven's devils la a sister-christ bangs for a heart o a bladed high steed parts deaths with cradles
..a digger of dirt-gold slashes diamonds when a saddener of hot souls
rams a pisser down a salt-bowl
eyes in eyes will always seem to fade where layers of lilac men
sink a flown flowers underneath lost hair..these bladed nights when weepers save eaten giddy slaves will can old heated knaves in mumbler's hill
& a whipper of knaves will
shrill around Hell
& a vamped rat will cry for belled
devil dogs
a manor of men melts...Oh, coded ills must hammer at night's door & a bed of christs pray for the poor
..these bladed nights when weepers save eaten giddy slaves will can a limey veil under mumblered body-rot
we lay a ligron down in a slow town
ahhhh... menial mad dryads drop a devil's hoof o sadness hits deadliness o madness minds the poor; & old noosed body faces scar
a blonded babe with martian cars a rat in a safe slops a sick sex hard. ah, a bone of paints bollocks brushers after men whose washed canvas calves
carry a cornice down five seas
menial mad dryads drop a devil's hoof o sadness feeds deadliness
ahh a wound of holy fire magics nudes

a baby of a burner brags after lost coals. o a vastness of mirrors show deflected reflections of coded crow-souls & we digest a sea's sandy wave
& we walk a rill with candy snows
..a crower of pissing killers cry for coded caves where a caged old ward
weeps, weeps

a baby in a burner brags after lost coals la, a veiny sloane leaps a rose & a bum of poses peals a grape's stone
...ideal partners part as we fall apart. hardness of life scatters salt-seed-sebum as sadness shapes us.. Oh sex speed mounts a mouthed hen
& a chanter of clothes shrouds greed & a bin of flavas stops women
....the tardy mess i play hits chicken o a starry deck when i wed children proves that sex should be dead?
a hardness of life scatters salt-teas while sweet pappy sadness shakes us... Oh, sex steed mount horses with broken beads. Lahh
..we swing for oaths as we seize closed cars from limbs & bodies
..the hagglers of good hags ham after saline rivers oh, a vein of Gods slits a stoned father oh a bud of iron withers under pictures
& we ride from grey sleep
utterances of evil men shoot heat la, vanishers of evil mien shoot meat la, casements of old men trumper sex-sleep
..then hagglers of good hags slam after saline killers
....heapers of sudden mondays drops laden troops of deaths & hereafter

the sidlers of an iron rider reaps for erasers of dizzy wards. o, a riser of an iron tiger hears scores raiding ropes with gourdes
..once, when we died, i heard whores crying about killed sex once, when i cried, i saw spoars slashing a fern with invisible wrecks
ah, sidlers of an iron killer reaps for
erasers of baby boars
& a chorus of sawdusts whips stores
from dizzy shadowers of old maws



as Hector & Andromeda fall down romantic interfusing flowers then the hands of Herods will define a keen open moon where dazzler of a dragged mind
malts milks inside coded siamese garden bowers; & a jazz of hate rides for swung sins & a rat of drapes brides whores to cuckoo gins
^& we ride from scented hurtled Hell where wine drops from a glass of marriage
o a horda's headpiece is filled with gabblers & wended cocking Gwendolin uses heaven's hands o a haloed bed-piece is thrilled by havens & sand
silences city sirens with kodachrome & villa vans. as Hector & Andromeda fall down chemic transfusing towers then a geering gaoler must rot beneath edams
& a cheesy kiss raises bats from indolent scrams & we toast the hiss of a killer bat whose head
o a horda's headpiece is filled with rattlers &
emptiers of flying sex heaps meat where drams


ooo as chocolate tulips toss a cocoa trip from rhyme then a coated sweet heart heeds sweet wynds & we swallow hard & we wash abroad
ooo as chocolate tulips toss a cocaine lip, then wine
hastens to the heart then disappears
once, where ice fell, i heard a Roman made swine once, where christ fell, i heard a romantic mind shaving heated raisns with a unique body-blind
& as chocolate tulips toss a cocoa trip from timed boned flour, then jesus judas has to wash brine
..oo, the veiny nipples of the creamy dead dragged crime out, against fields of eateries made grey.. O, curry-comb dick-tines cuddle mysterius sofas where blenched light whines
out across the universe.

as chocolatye tulips toss a cocoa trip, the herpes rocks a crocker around a lemon-pot O,, Hermes lands cannoon nudes whose limitless cold bunnies
bag dirt thefts
mad men puke lips where red hounds eat sex.

the crisscrossing madam heart of the dead & killed will summon us as we cut londinium fields: o a crucified mad macadm Adam who roams aside yields
will supper after necks & stoned hills
..when once a whipper of the dark strips the thrilled then a mind of butter heaps a gangled sun-spill
o a crucified salt siren sweeps a bell under illed
herod sergeants
the crisscrossing madam heart of the dead & killed will suffer after blinding bone-rivered cat-midnight; & a bone of rills will snapper after mad star-dils
& we raisea roman from a rill of hand-bites
...dolly roller roses rope traipsed rapes when mites
weevil after diggers of blind blights

the crisscrossing macadam in my heart heaps dust underneath psalms of easy prison: o eaters of golden bludgeons blood off prisms with
neat-bedded early missions, & a bone of ash feeds a furly dog as catty kids crashdown
..unicorn valleys valisse for evil horns as sold towns wallop hurtled heated cities
o a van of lice lops old babies
laa i hear a rat boy helling after gem-towns
&, abed with cars, we poke poem-clowns
the crisscrossing macadam in my heart heaps dust days deep where devil phantoms hear horse-husks drop, just like a cotton-reeled town
..when once a massing mind-clique claps red rain then herdes of sun-crashing scissor snaps feel for blue rain
o a bird of dust cries at the edge of night o a life of cusps cries at the face of mad lights
...the crisscrossing macadams of a heart hear a laden lady liar lying after Herod's kidded fears; & a child of robes
dons a fast rose when a baker of gilded tears
fells a mind with blinded wipes
this side of furled rain, we will sense a train riding under slittings where a widened skein mines after dolly hearts whose lilly lost brains
tramples every single wife
when once a massing mind-clique raps red Spain
then doggers of trained jesus
cram-cuts a suit of robes with fairy Judas.. Grain
grips to winter seizures
& a bell of beds rings rings around gold rizlas


a rat from roman reason rides aside gold sirens. o bat-cats from indolent furry treason heaps hats up highs where the summers of legion
chap after latrines. o a rat from roman tribes ride aside old ravines
& we toast a bat when
a bed of oats cuts keen dreams from grey dreams
crisscrossed, a curvy mister raises ropes high.- this side of selves, a dunny sister ropes spied
sandy massed mien
a rat from roman reason writhes aside diamonds & as eyes heap eyes, then a vinyl record pie-man builds a rick of ribs from lecterns under red-rain
..when once we study sex then we come to stain peacock piles with muddy nude molls: oh, as infants style pigs, then a fig of fast dolls
dollop rivers under fanny foals
crisscrossed, a curvy kisser raises ropes high & we do what's done to men
& we listen to old women. the trippers of hot minds melt under soft clothes: o, a cornice of shot suited spines crashdown
o lippers of soft wynds pelt thunderous crones, & we listen to easy mamma
when once we dig for rooms then we stone olden waxy widows with candle-bone; la we harp for cats when a pig under drones
carries bad boys far West
..the strippers of red minds sunder soft lobes & we supper for a mood o we hip after fed nudes & a hissing mine digs for naked sky-roods
& we give greased head to female roads
crisscrossing, a cage of wine toasts toads
& a bell of chants
chants the mantrum where a cell of code
dies, dies,

jumping jazzy gaolers nip for locked sky

a rat out of jail jams a jacking cliff oh a slit of girl-hands give rise to lips, oh a spine of gal-brands whn old hits heap a body in a bread-train
.a rat out of veils lands a crazy mist ah, when once flowers ram lazy mits then bodies under monkeys seize hips
& a bone of blinds
sea-hangs starry wynd
crisscrossing.a bat of bines bollocks after five seasons where old crock carries jewels under sullen cold cocks & we winkle after moonish sea-slots
& we sink a valley into money
these days, where a teary junkey
sweats selves from Ides & honey
jams to delis...


the visual vast sails of a cunny tree locks missions into beads -this side of youth, where burnt high teas swallow brewed wet-clap,
a windower of rats traps closed leaves...
a catkin on its side has eyes for sleeves o & we will rock
every single side of the dock. the visual vast sails of a cunny bunny poet tree races down to a pearling petrolled eye-plea
& eyes in skies glow just like a bee
lo.. leaping leotard lady lashes a weeping wide world where dogged caps seize a bunny wolf from the midnight sea; la when once a bunch of fast leaves
locls a spermy fist around the sleeping then a cat of batss must catch ceilings
catching fire to naked purple sleeves
....once above a time, we heard dweebs weeviling around a narrow earth- .. coded salt seed shaped us as birth
serenades noon-light with night-birth

leaping leotard lady lashes a weeping wild world where dug dugs stop wine ..hah.. mazy naked hoards hip after vined smokey tonsures of canine sea-blind
buddy calves.
& cava clambers christs into dives
& karma clambers mice into drives


the day, when we saw a red-eyed hero lugging drips via the environs of abusers and a stereo yoyo, i, slashed around, donned a loud lewd radio-poncho
& a sea of mites stings furry zero massing moonshine
..when once a dog of earth heaps us under nuked naked star-cosines, then we will snap guns across lust
& a vast vampy river under dusk has
odes to ogres

the day when we saw a red-eyed hero abusiing a stereophonic bloodied mouther's songshadow, then a digital smelt sun-slot hears us
winding down windows under shadow
..I have used a feline trampoline where dated city gods creep under musicals and shaven eye-hair
wow, what with a wintry pin-kid shavin' hands with clipper-lungs, we will surely rid ourselves of hirsute bedtimes; & a bended cliff aside a mind
digs for doggy jams where old figs
shine just like a woman

the diggered star-fire jabs drams
, o where height moves, then edams
swing belfries out of nunneries
& a host of lips float upon sedans
& we whip our washing clean?.
saddlers of candlemas crashes
oo weary saviours open flashes &
a rat from a gaol
softens bats with diesel grail
eyes supper Ides when dreams dam a wheezy easy car-screen..

the sullen sweetened smell of a sad mind drops a gun aside loud rains; oh a swollen witness to hell heats pinned paved sky-pain; &, ass-swiped, a bone of dizzy fear whines
aside mad trees where fotal scrub
jeers at a searer's bath-sud
..& a wisher of ragged women star-climbs against givers of vapid children & we ride from eaten rain when minds
dig for zero gold
the sullen sweetened smell of a sad mind drops a drum aside bled pain oh a swiny sunner of wintry sex-strain heaps us with dust, death & souls

the wicked wives of woollen summers rock a dog with a horse-man's fathers: oh a leap of gods sucks gorse when liars
lead grey oaks to easter waters we cry out, then we die for daughters
ah a bed of air slashes sleep where brothers
wallop forced fingers
the wicked wives of woollen riders rams a rocker-horse under cocking pony-fevers; & as we ride to clicking killers, then hands
must sink thumbs into mirrors
..the sullen sweetened smell of a soft salad-mind drops a drum aside red grain..oh a laden mum shoots cunt-cane as wine sweeps wolves into sugary sea-stained
drowning river men.

& a kisser of caves crashes when
claves of craneflies rap aside broken
baby pictures


a sullen sweetened cell inside mad mines dig for a face of invective imbecilic bed-gold; & we lead lips to rolled vastening mummies & we raid souls
..i have seen a moon of day cutting old baby funerals ah i have walked under clay when wynds
weep, weep

a kisser of caves crashes down around
breaking wasp-whispers

walloped under ratted ruin, i heard a son of Pan crashing under dashboards: o, we sunder cats with break-ins; o, we sunder gnats
& a bed of geese hereby wallows under sins ....i have seen a moon of curved porn-day cutting cold baby funerals with peg-slats
& a sky of nails hammers cats under rolled
tangy sounds..walloped under ratted ruin, i heard a mad hand
extending arms underground

eyes suffer tides....brides supper lies.. wives
die out

the arches of a bad dream swallow grey ermine, -a bay of figs snaps a tooth when heated vermin drop a dilly vein
..o a bed of skin swallows rest & we heed rain &, lashed to lips, we smile for easy sea-rain &, crashed by mitts, a dial of peasy god-rain
craps upon silk hands
the archs of a bad dream swallow soft spind dolly weed, & a puff of sex tawses greed, & a snap of sex feeds on steeds:-
once a bay of kids drops, then a sun of cots
must swill pinned hats with
crazy parrot tongues
ideal eaters lift a bread-skirt........Amen.

the givers of wet breads bless a body-harvest. la a rider of wetters hisses ah: givers of shelve cellves caress a sea-harness
& a digger of soap snacks on kisses. walloped under ratted ruin, i heard a soft man spying on deafening head-blindness
la, a lazy leader preaches failure, & killers
crusade for dogs & riches

givers of wet breads bless a body-washed reasoner of crime & bitches: oh a bed of whites dreams about ditches
& we bend a baby around star-clothed

once a bay of kids drops, then winters
will soften... Ideal kiosks heal over

netted fishy netters of naked rubber letters don a salmon sun; oh the riders of old cum raise old killers oh cold fathers raid peace as blue guns
shoot soft pleasure. o a bed of spun wind rocks bars with radios & flatulent musical pigs
..netted fishy netters of naked rubber letters don a messy lunge for giddy hopes... a salad dresser dams edams when melters
glide aside grey ropes; & slits of passion poke their tongues against dilly birds that swing for dumbs, & we wind adown a whirling car-grunged
hanged grave where penile popes
piss upon a wasteland..
buttered under love's button a forcer
tramples pigs with solid rain,.... Leda
races for her sworn swan but flava
drowned, all too soon..



the pittered pussy patter of a cunt-storm scatters crests across blue fawns; oh, a bed of messy clappers sucks spawned penis lakes
& we slacken for snakes as pussies swarm aside drakes where ducking misters shake; oh, an isle of spind sins razors after
grey glebes that drink from fanny-fathers & a boat of drips
fastens oats to clit..
we have forced the gay moon as lips trickle into lesions; la, we have cock-fed grey wound tips & a horse of sands races where trips
wallow in green mire..
ideal eaters of faders smoke a cure, & a bun of wipes bums for licquered
body basins
the pitttered pussy patter of a cunt-storm
scatters deaths across the break of form

.we have fascinated sex with change of day o, a strangled strangeness swallows the graves uh,we have fascinated sex with motel blades
^& a dell of wipes moisten cavers with clayed cloisterers of gold & silver
the pattered pussy palaver of dizzy naves nip a cunt found just outside a city's flay, & an accidental killer heaps goosers upon slitters & cut dreamers
& salt sex entertains cut dreamers
we have fascinated sex with change of day lo, a sea-harness walks blown waves.. O, grey wiveners of wildness roams aside skippers &
we delve for death as town upon cupped hands
slam saline seizures aside a dyed island.

a crooked sentinel of eaten dirt drags a mouse-tail for giddy ratty food o, the pentitence of seasoned hurt raps after dizzy stars & the piddler on the hoof sunders
youth & boy-slumber
..once, when we laid a town, then we looted fathered bled voids where donkey children dreamt of
lazy ravened tree-crops
a crooked sentinel of eaten dity drags a cat's tail deeply down where a baby on salt crag sucks a filthy rumba from la mumbas & a juicy esplanade has no heart to veil.. La,
laxates cure bods with loosened senna sails
..once, we we laid clowns, then we booted lathered body barstards whose easy milky dunnny murders heaped a heated cross-flower under masks.

... eager visors don darkened flecks as the past
curries sugar-pits with blonde days & night-casts
a crooked sentinel of eastern drawls doll after messy mental winter dog-hauls & a slappy witness to female bols feeds foxed fathers to donny breakers of fly-wynded biddy doctors
boned by naked pig-pens, a whorly kid-stink rides against dunned pearls & kitchen-sinks
emptiness covers blocks dolls
o cavities cry for urban balls.

the clued up mess of a nancy child hides scissors under bearded pelican beacons; o a sea of sluts swipes odes to wiles
& a rill of cats cries, cries

once aside a mind, we saw smiles
reaping rodeos from dirt-dials, Oh
eyes under thighs erase hurt as odes

die, die..-

the eaten swell of the sun heats
bad bones with brainy midnights
& a sea of sloanes
swallows sea-credit
& we swing for sensations
& we sing for blue resins




the dunny boozed days where i made my ladel-face heap onions up days high; la, bunny caves snare wives as spiral-space helters around a lemon flusey sea-bride
oo, we die as we shake O, a soft sky slashes painted plait-drapes; & we study after jakes as old eyes
deafen all vision.the dunny days where i made my candle-briefcase heap onions up days high-..Lo, huge humans leap as cold sky

summons drinks.

the credit of a cowled owl has a hooted mind made up from flexed beads & bird-limes; o, a desk of edits snaffles after minds, & we delve after massive rivers
& we shelve dogs where cats shiver. once, when lopped, i saw love's tiger ramming a canny catty penis underneath a rat-killer
& a bowl of drakes drinks to a nunnery
& the endless shake uses a monkery
Lo, huge humans lick fuses as money dies fast away. the wallahs of the river Thames thunder-cut a loud flower with flown rain o, callers of a lover's bends sunder-shuts
pleated hearts where dollared veins
shooteth up, up,
men and chickens chap for sluts & pain glisters in a dead hall & we sharpen sin with a doled brawl; & we sharden puiblic swings with endless dancy babe-cuts
Lo, huge humans listen to Leda when
Zeus has headed to a swannery.

the dunny days where i made my face heap ovens under space o, a sea of cavemen drink waved lace & a bun of burners bans a caked eye-yearner
..once, where i sought night, i raced aside a manx pier where skies crazed
hodalls of mien & women
.,.O, the stalls snapped dust
O, amusements burned
& i set fire to five seas as chickens
roasted Brighton Rock.
dunny dolor drags drippers from hot
easy xmas cops
& eyes under eyes slide where cots
snapped a body beaver.

garlands in America serve breakfasts to Africa o jazzy ivies storm olden leaders &, lamped, we see lights cramming old levers where, knocked, a knotted skull heaps
grey clocks inside penile dust-heaps
..the rodeo of a rude radio rams scissors when a worm in the thighs slices Medusa with losy wormy hides; & we cut a mirror when a body under men
leads a waxen weeper to chappy children
..garlands in America serve dinners to genius. la, a human God has darkness for his genius. o, a lap of Loves lauds empired brogues with easy genius.
the radio of a nude shadow casts oestrogen adown black tides when idiot racists ram cakers inside sizzle-dens ...the dunny dark nights where i used a scandal
wallops me withe major wives o, a scrapper of rites ignites brides &, lashed to burned knees, walkers of knives
needle ghosts with cat-kids
...once, as we earned figs, then we loosened lazy minds with dogs of feline pores & we hissed across green ice as grey wards lapped a poppy-prison from shavers
the dunny dark nights where i used an angel
must widen wool with woven ingles
oh, a bone in a moll hardens gangster cradles
oh, a sloane of soft gulls

wallops comfortable carrion........Laaa



we listened to a pinnace which sank into fast fairied fallowed waters. lo, we caressed a harness as we sank into fast dairied cocoa
& a bunch of bowers breaks inside dunny skies where radioed blind wives washed roasted sizzler hair
the dunny dark nights where i used dirt dangles my bandage underneath hurt green junkers of rats & batty bled pert
baddy perches
..we listened to a pinnace which sank into fast daisied callowed waters lo, a bed of balms bodies flower-nudes la, a shed of farms bounces green ooze
& eyes under eyes will
swallow death when beds on the hill

sacrifice bees to sizzzlers inside mills

o where violet river lights lend tears to the wind then a splash of dillies leaps a swept crag... O. a binary of pure fires heats a lipped scrag &, under demure fear,
igniters of tomorrow's poison catcth factories & a bone of pure wine hisses across dully brine
,.i where violet river lights lend fears to four winds then a coffin of coffees crusades for easy bodies ah, a codded rider of dark headed ladies spins
coda caves with instant instinctive black hymns
where once we grasp to glass then rolled gyms dream for nuts & raisins ahh a rat of slutted seasons spreads breaded silk upon butter-budded spind
hollow sin.

the sinners under cinnamon hide wafers where ideal icy fiingers push floss into hair oh where one manx flavas heap death's prayer
then sinners under cinnamon jump self-snared body rivers where blonde pigs flow. where a doctored plenury-family fears a mons-crow then a bay of mammaries
rams a mind-slowed city of apes & jewelry & the hidden classes of the dammed see wode picking after deaths where a radio ramrose
tunes in two anal studio..
the spinners under cinnamon wives weave air outside-in the phlanges of a daughter's dun dream ah the abusers of gentlemen's chairs
slash a baby beaver about the head & chest
..O a radical free monkey leaps against deaths
O a freed lady under money heats salt decks
& a bidder of banister binoculars
hold a wedded shaft to a dizzy cradle wreck
studders who study sex will slice grey necks

what with buns in the cistern & silk-lips down the u-bend, we must trust, we suffer suns la, we hear old guns shooting a hollower's sex-drum
..a bad bounce of bunked whores widens inside salt seasoners; & we dance aside naked fire
..what with cakes in cage & milk-strips under men
we must care for none?

the sweeteners of deep sex has a fishy end o a digger of blown old sleep suppers after dogs in transit...eyes hear deaf riders where soft hens
lay duped egg... O, radios under bends
body a scarf of grey lips...

& as ashen wolverines cut women then lavatorial laughter will die under children

these rended nights when i cannot dream has all slept riders stalled ~& as reason falls, then a bladed mall must dine in utmost silence
& we hear red rain
& we die once again.

keen kudos rules the waves of dolls, dreamer's break slept rules & a bone of grass drops cold stools & we hear music cumming
out of la muba lays.
we will shop god's grave when fools
cry for clowned rage



the souring pelmet of a plumed pussy pealer holds bad breasts in nets; & a bod of blasts brags after wrecks & a bed of silver peacock-scissors
cut a blue hand....cunny king men shaft a bairn when vampy cocking horses ram old gin & we slice a pox as a don of sins
lappers for idiotic castles.
..o scourers of helmets cream limbs then we jack a rager's lean hymns
tidied tidal volleys fasten fardels & we parcel nicks where candles stop to drug a blind body's spind windmill spy-sins
lo, the nude makers of women don a sugar shroud; o the rude sea-shakers of death's nude cloud, & pukers of salt-makers send a sweet crowd
where, lost, a bummy breaker rends
bad crows & flashes.

a dummy rattler dislocates hot rashes, a thrum of cattlers cock-crane for u-bends, & we put a teacakes in the cistern & we sink some silk-drapes underneath
blithe blue stinking lavatories.

the rude rapers of dirt sin don a shirt -&, as we sweep old skirts, then Harpes will sink a scissor bunyip against fart-floats; & we pin a penis on a mule-canals..
.a dreamy scatterer swallows salt-crowds
~& we crow down a pinny moon?

i have seen sin come at day as mouths
sweep a lilter's tongue from old shouts
& crashed men cry as lolly cocoons
shatter god's easy butter flitter.

what with a penis under a city lorry, i will find a bodice of dirtying cunny wodes drinking from a toilet-bowl la, where Aladdin strikes, then a sea of coals
sets light to ailmless chained minds. oh once aside sex we saw a cat-man fold lemon lemurs into city cold then we struck a closed cock.. Ahh, times
trip on vagina hill & a wave of wasps stings a bee's thrill
..what with penis under a naked toddy, ice must toast a cunt with carring dick-christs & we toe for fists & we flow like lips . O, when we write
christ's closed word then we hire
hopper highs from biblical bone-briars
I must enter into gloom's dirty silence

the greedy gallop of a geesy man has nine hands o we sail for birds & a dell of goyals widen for pierced sea-tans
..once, as we pickled sex, we jazzed for clams o we are to swivel each to each under Rams
a greedy gallery of ghosts bleeds for islands o a dog-pisser belll-baits candy fish-sirens
& we rope a deli
& we suck a chopped bald cherry...

where a cross deepens into halls then wrens
must supper for an invisible world war.

eager deceivers of deadly hate hastens balls from rivers: o easy salted heavers supper for mirrors & we lead a face into red walls
..the hissers of the mad arise from dolly sex-dates, o a spool of drakes damages cum & see the winter's fazed age
suppering for lost eaten lakes
eager deceivers of deadly snakes tonsure up inside blue canyons
& we slap a dizzy face
& we dance inside fucked space
eyes drool as they gleam after blonde babies who cry for laughter

, Oh here's to sex & death's deleting dying cunt-master.



fuelled with bed men, we arise above time to see a body of boned peppers riding under regal rain. o a sun of dead men will arise above time to hear
a wide wife of children roaming free. these tangential words chant for spiralled nothing...Old sins sear dogs & women
ideal splinters slice drums as seasons fly.
the raw-headed user of closet red heaps blood underneath a vase of raped fanny-blowers
o a saw-leaded abuser rams a dog aside blood, & we chant the mantra for soft stillness
ideal killers of disappearing bone see illness
rotting for endless saviours..

the minded maze of mamma sweats under weddings oh as faces crisscross then maidens of mad loss lead ladies to cold killing; & a bust of knots crashes
& a gust of cots flashes. i jeer at stasis for then i will learn of grey gloss. jazz headed, where men fall, we dance when loss leads leaders down vast bummy lanes
& a dotted drugged brother shoots up for pain; & we learn once again of dogs & watches
..the ideal face of the void lams a drake with sweetening winter stars
. oh we lace luds to cars as cars cut pigs

wow, what now for yesterday's world?
uh, what now for deaths & dying girls?
- coded easy oestrogen laps old pearls
& we dig for passion..

the coda of a kind killer sees prisms
refracting feline light
& we ride from street life as mission
falter then break..

wow, why westerly winds stop dead
will pay for occidental seabeds..

the cornice of a lost home jazzes after dairy gatewayed brick-musks; o a red swift lops lost bone as laughter laughs at lips
& we may drop out picks..easy riders of romantics rot fathers, teasers of drivers rock a dotted lover's drunken sex-chant
the cornice of a lost home jazzes after dairy diamate yogurt-pips; & we dolly for daisies as death's drover
parks a valley. as we paint flowers with dewdrops then a cellar will bury ladies fingers in the yard la, la i yielded a feline to a bard as old rivers
raced down to a sea of card & we ladened after summmer where cold mirrors
scattered fakir's glass
once aside of lakes, a boat of scarves warped
wrappers of dizzy faiths
we faint for faces & we paint dolls when ice
weeps for oven-burnings
faceless fanned feathers feel after flown mice
& a sea of snappers roams a bird's flown christ
. - eyes under empires weep for lady rites
- wicked thunders walk pyres & cold kites
scrap the kestril winds...

as we paint flowers with raindrops then pleasure drops a giddy bait upon a radio tower & we cell-phone after cum & we suck feathered
fawny dummy dripplered pealy rat-graves



wow, i'm listening now to loud blind musics. oh eyes cut a jazz cloud as i sweat for mimics, & as roses swing then fall
i jeer in purple silence at the violent limits of lip-shrinking tongued dance-halls.
when once i gabble, then i seize remits & a doll of dust scandals after hot trips & a bone of cusps craps upon hot nips
& eyes slink into i am star-seering a rude world; oh i am moon-nearing a naked pearled
bay of dead lovies
loveage holds our hands & babbies
snap a bald-bedded hairnet

when tipsy diamonds garotte a swollen heart then an inch of sirens must certainly wince at the moon's crust & a bell of bastards bollocks after musk
& a cell of sex-calves mess after grey dusk.
once upon a vein, i shot a roof of lust from swarthy peckery hispid hide-pockets; ahh the lynching fern of ages scatters guns
away, where dead seeds strut
minarets & dolly chemicals
when tipsy golden male-lots wed to meadows o, where guilty ancient gal-lots seem hum-raised from bones & lightning, then
eyes will certainly dream of sex-shows?
...once upon a lost vine, i swallowed clothes ah, & a slitty seller of lime has sold robes
thumb-stabbing a moggy inside a rose.

endlessness swills tillers as rolled loaves
scatter scutterers upon urinated roasts

wow, rolled mamma's ivories jazz for bended salt prisms wow, rolled dada's ebonies jazz for endless summer sky-lifes
o we shall sup a dream where war wins for enlightened skies
when once a dizzy goddess scores pretty heavenly darkness then a black god will ready sadness
for cool boys & chilled men
eaten heroes bomb the madness
o cheaters of guns shoot darkness. rather unlike the sun, a deafening moon collapses into eyeless red-gummed guns
o a mum of wine toasts her young & all trippers fall

when a bleeder of blinders star-slams radios & wigwams then a toast of coshed sedans must
end, end. rather unlike the sun, a blinding moon-husk stoops to taste cuckoo vinegar.. utterances of darkness dine under
lonesome river halls
ah, a room of cauls cries for thunder..hit where a stilled moon rages after a keen spind skinned milk-sinner;
icy fingers call for the clap of winter
& a banded killer
whips the dead.
utterances of darkness die under endless emptiness & a phone of rain sweetens us
& a cell of dumb christs


numbing strangers wed hands to thighs.. lo a bum of pikes swings after skies & we scale a poppy tree?
as wives wane, then we will see lies licking libel grease
& we will slander for peace as tribes
die. O, sundering sainted summer cuts lives where, domed, a blind of star-sliders ends for nuked stereo eyes
the parabola of bed-mind uses dust
o, an ocean's parlour abuses old lust
ah, emotions dagger for sharp-musk
& a weeper of greyed gossamer
spins around blue sound..

the keen sides of fairies dot a moon's blinded deafened shine: oh a sun of bodies bears dust to wine & we lash a layer of closed signed
rallied robotics....o parabolas olf bed-fuses hears us
dreaming for romantics
& our faces fade.




followers of nasty names pounce upon pen-names o, a sexy nom-de-plume fuses a dog with the moon; &, laced, we thread breads with fast veins as
old bodies drop
...we have learned the names by heart...Deaths hammer at love's fast rock & a prat of faces suitcases after grey rot
followers of nasty games pounce upon stained blue urban eaters of dodgy riflers
& we flow to sleep
& we crow for meat.


with a jolt of blue jazz, i hear a sad beat breaking against blithe body graves o, with a brawl of crab, i hear bald heat shaking
a fishy hand where mamma slaves heap a dazzling song for goddesses & trades
..we see now the clap of God shaping graves ah we snap for rats ah we crap for bat-traps
& we twinkle for drugged sex-rap & we heed
deaths & grey shavings
bandanas don scalped vagjnas as we speed for dammed night-weed
/ & a bowl of mice straps tweed
& a doll in winter fastens for
giddy pickers of cherried motor-jeerings
eyes in mossed eyes treat a dead sun with geesy gluers of sweetening sweeps,- a bell of farms rings the wristed hour
rivals of London find Paris in London,
rodeos of stunned guns shoot lemoned
baddy shale
~Oh we carry clits to carried craned
motelled vagina...

diggers of destinies loosen a mental drivel-moon o we are fed to families where donnies dapple penitentiaries & a vault of timebombs bends a town of hairs
..what with petrol in peanuts, we will snare us with coopers of smatterers
& a bend of rain sends opals to fast rust
diggers of destinies loosen a mental cartoon o we are sweated for crazed crags & we usher for meat
& we mutter for heat
..i heard at change of day the city's flair climbing closed galleys into snipped sleep's bodying bed-book-flower-tower
..scurriers of scented fools drool for raised blubber power, o a bine of snow chills fools as old graves whip fine easter
&, lapped, when xmas flowers, old trades will whiten wolves with eager
odal babies
eaters of hardening sea-haloes hit clayed barny bowled bouncy owls & we flow to sleep as a caul of slaves
tautens beds with hunger?

scurriers of scented nudes nuke blades & when once sense falls then a dream of cunt must strap walls
inside deepeners of feline molls.
we are starry as we are olden.. La

& we dine in the easy darkness O, players of men self-hock vaginal rings for sadness & we dance inside sex deafness
& we punish puled spun sin with cardial papers
..geesy glass peppers spice a gun with sex capers
o, we dine in the dizzy dark Ah, sleepers of hens
stabber fors starry caker of breaded braille, & madness
chills poetic air with salt's soury sweetness
we dine on crooked egg as we cry for flavas \.Uh,
eaters of murdered mermen
fish for cock as a carrier of imbecilic tree-cusps
crash, crash

we dollop dupes upon veins.
we swallow suits & we don strange sea-stains
cockers of canny crimsons crap for flamed
nuclear curd...


ahhh i listened just yesterday to the contents of my own grave... ahhh i overheard my burial...ahhh my future ghost seemed temporal
& where once eyed died, i had to stand beside my own grave this fish-fathered room where i signed love's ocean-name, I extemporise homes with dirty shelters: oh a kid of light shuts up midnight as veiny bulb of eyes
sinks budders into xmas mirrors

i stand beside my own grave & see my cellves under a majesty of cunt-sweated body-thieves ah, once aside a mind, i shortened my life with Mother
lo, once aside of me, i buttoned my death for Fathers
& a deed of genoas heaps a hispid head field-wide
ahhh, i listened just yesterday to the contents of my own grave ahhh, i missioned after dirtied flowers &, laced with pall & bier, widened statues into radios.
here, moon-jeered, i eye the fist-shaken crap of Love's cremated black-star-season: this daft & deafened day when i laid night down heeds no live horse
o a sea of hands drinks shot waves as sounds
slip a body in a vein
eyes under eyes sunder,, O, we shot the ground & idiot empires wallow where muddy clowns execute dogs & veined blows
this daft & deafened day when i laid christ down heeds no lithe force o a sea of sands sucks a drowner as gorse
cuts a piggy neck.
once upon a mind, my headpiece cut death

& if a man may number us, then a brook of flowers will sex-crow after naked city towers o, a bun of lice feeds fawned fleas to sexed
epicene goddies
. once upon a scrote, i saw a bull of dulling wrecks rotating just like a new & vital feline female world war
. o, as isis dies, then a bod of wards whips
deckers of dogs & pussies
& if a man may sunder us, then a book of flowers will surely supper for naked sun-showers ...
i overheard five oceans...
i swallowed peptic emotions..


the dizzy darters of mind-fire-starters heap a hot tray o a fizzy father of sapphires rocks a fascinated veined pyre-startlers...
& a wolf of hens wallops deafening tea-trades ..& a swollen hybrid of horsed mien rapes after
dizzy folly girls
the ices of a mental crisis crisscrosses under us,- bleachers of menstrual faces wash glued hands where forceps under stasis
drops a blued manyana
..dizzy starters of mind-fire-fathers hop a river
underneath knickers & bled lime.

the fleshy fanned families of a cruel hot cooled cock-war harps for dog-thefts oh a bell of dodgy holidays heat a cold whore
& as we face into the chilled town then we race aside bruises- Oh, a wasp gnaws under sapphires
& a bone of milk locks a worm inside sex
where once we loosen lovers then grey wrecks ram fairy fathers down, down, &, ah, as we murder the cold towns, we deck
cat faces with looseners
ideal histories wank where familial flecks
die for babies.....................Oh we are meshed

o for a dizzy dinner of nerves.. Oh, why death drags for sinners must be known to birds the canteen of starved light cuts old curves
& as we ignite the dead, then we see breath slicing cakey stars from angels.
...o for a dizzy dinner of nerves..Ah, a germanic genius tramples Hess as cars crusade for idiot concentrated sea-scars
sizing skies will occupy the dead as Mars
drops dead.... & we will radio angels.

the cities i used to use have died away now o, eyes may well use sad lies for i have gone away at last to find crowds
gun-crowning salt waters with grey shrouds
..eaters of mermen have no Loves- easy raiders of sad gems do not love Gods & cities i used to know have died away now
o neon shadow dies, dies, dies
when once we rode radio, then we saw wives
divorcing blinded father-brides
& we wallop woollen spies
& we pay for evil rivers...



the eaters of plaited vinegars season a bread-board with easy dreamy crossed slicers: oh a fig of hands holds cake as raisined liars
cut a big grey baguette.....
..once aside of me, i snapped a photo of criers o a rig of rams rode for me .. & as we climb robes then a rosey father
must dollop drapes with darkening rafters
we will hang ourcellves
.. we will nap all cells-

a cumming crescent of both night & day jazzers for draining sex-clay o a bun of bytes brags after PCs when a heap of shot owls coo no more
& a bum of loss rows for city wards
.i liked the buttock beauties of slaved bodily boused dell-bonnets: o car of choirs swings for God's grave & we lay slumber under dotty claved
salty sonnets
my endlessness of self cuts my word
, a scene of senselessness heat bawds

why winers don plastic cups must be known to flava o a sky of riders rams spastic sluts beneath labia & where once we drank to sluts
then we radioed ruiners with digital darling dangers & a scribe of pain pits passions from grey mangers & a dive of grained rain
slowly laps a skunk with poppy jammed storm-woken sea-failures
why winers don spastic cuts must be star-known
to ideal idiots who cudgel books with rare stone
eyes inside eyes send bladderers to slept bone.

o a wavelet of lovers treads a tree of birds,.- soundless sin swims against bees & nerves o the signs of mothers melts inside a curved
blue pictures of the dead & boat-ordinary

once above a mind, a thoughtless sea of words struck dolled faces down
& a fence of corn crashes underfoot... Sound
dribbles under snow where a hairnetted clown rattles for psychic circus-creeds
..o a road of fathers cuts the slammers down
& it is no go for mothers & no more the drowned
the starlings of the razored reap a bed of weed & bellyfuls of snapped sex raises razzlers with torn hands.....Oh, sleeves
shuffle false inks inside a bled seed of dweebs & we doctor radio men
with insidious motellers of grainy children.

the prizers of the pulled snap belstars.. laahh lazy woman spells her name upon carred carriers of the grey, gazed gassy city telstar
..canny candy curios crash against tied tawny killers of cranes & salt slides...

The earth is avowed to pert soils..
The swarths of crows peck swift oils..
Napped men lay down as crosses die.

eye, eye, eye...


dinners under mad light devour sweet fears o a father's lover locks a blue pistil where flowering tears rocks sad flava..
..a bud of burstives bangs in the sands &
we ride aside close death...diners under midnight devour sweet fast lyon-feed, & radio thunder bee-bangs golden years.
..the radios of rodeos slacken when dizzy transepts trip inside bitumen o a son of fire
weds a dad to a pyre
& a wode of silk softens
healers of hornets & star dials
eyes in eyes sight after musk's blinding sizzler music & a straightened mister cusps creators of pumped tyres... Lust

dies for spiced bright asia!

when brains in seed sow mental money then a bod of spund greed glasses after dirtying lemon honey
..olden ashen apiaries swim for bodies o a line of silks mops life's sleeves & we die for baby. idiotic spirallers swirl till dweebs
dollop caked rape on a fast table
..candlers of crucifiers light a soft lamp's woven bright sky-life; o, we dig for life as murmured amps sing for a blue fife
& we swash under criminal rites
as a bed spins, then we weave life deeply down where old tramps
trample false streets
candlers of crucifiers light a breaded
banger of boots.., Ah, tawny heaps
end in floes.

hangers of hoopy men hurl garden-soup where, sobbed, keen hymns drink hooped sugar-suits o a bun of glass feeds sin as dragglers
rotate in a snake's rattler
..we scatter skies where feathers hoot & a curried mine digs heart-nuked baddies of laky mamma.
golden gollies grasp to grain & flava scutters greys under vulva & a train of silks dresses labia
ideal eaters of creepers cup budders
where, lopped, salt pith lathers
till stoned.

& i will live under Artemis where nappers of wards jeer at nude minds ah we kiss under easy lips when crappers of wards
jeer at bruised minds & we teeter inside mental spies & the cars of tines comb dirtied hair... Oh, wine glows just like a pig
..we have the eager names by heart. We grind red ashes into dust-ducts, ,& crony cappers under crusts feed bawds
to bedders of crowned kids o a bell of tissues blows ribs with cusped
defective, eaten sky-spined bucks
i will live beneath Artemis where heaped wards peer inside heaths: o i shall slide under marriage where cut gourdes
feed grapes to sleep
hirings of mad rings cut a ferine fingerer with
blown nuts & bad frigged
gas grippers of grot & bruised temper....

bandana eaters of bloodied banners blow a face with eaten hands: la, a bun of ruddied glamour grows for kids & we rise from rude desks
& we study about sex storey lovers lend lupins to wrecks ha, a vapid rafter gasses for dilly necks
& we raider after glassy gibberers
..eaters of bloodied ganglers blow for tawny torn trapped birth-war...ahh, Lord, where the sweetness of our passions
has turned to salt
then a glade of faults must tickle caught
carriaged coda board.
seven stories high, we hiss across wrought ironers of starved sights oh a rappler of ripplers spunk-lights bought minarets of body sores
& we twin a ceiling with apple-clawed
mystic feline diamond
the haggards of the wine-swilled score
a sugared scissor supper,-
eaters of bled crackers dine for whores
& ghosts glib after faked fathers.


apple-claws clamour for a small death, ashen broads hanker for a sex-wrecked bride of spoons & a bed of bread slices fathered dunes
& we sail out to kill the moon. icy dippers of dog-crusts heed spooned parabulars of night & day
- as we bren after clay then we swoon for hilly beacons where lost noon heaps a dreamer under dead decked
todd clamour for a mute death, ashes, aped, bang a cold with decked wicked briar-sex., how now the goosers of tunes cut a queen fisher from radio runes,
jackets of clouds loosen zip-looms
& bayed maisonettes slit-swoon
adown in a drip-ground
alllotment of deafening closed rooms

what with biscuits in the cistern & silk-lips down the bowl: we will summon sex-supper from a flushed fist-hole; oh, a beat of salty sun-covers craps in three bends & souls
heap easy spirits where dogs of christ stopper glass with easy mad men..
..what with tea cakes in cistens & silkies under hens we must study just how vaginal lubbers ride clever women & a dirtied painter loosens His grip on easel children
& a model for failure hits a feed
..yeah, we lean into the limelight as a bone of beads dies, dies, dies........oh, a purse of pates dams need ...& wheezing wild Gods grope for an angelled piss
o a sneezer's child gels nudes & knickers where a killer daddy's hiss
dies just like he must
. & a dainted Buddha who sleeps in space files
dolly dirts when suns don't shine
once aside a mind, we drop death's kecks & wooden anal sentries entable a dunny milk-drink with souring saucer-beer-slams; & a bolt of mirrors
murmur under a wode of glassy gut-givers
..& wheezy wide Gods grope for an ravened garotted cot-bud whuich swipes a natroned
dummy drooler who knows nothing, nothing
at all!!!

a wode of wolfmen winds a cat-mask where, denned, a pig of rays star-casts blondies & old chicken
...once we have tried us, then we must dye a dark head with clasped
body jam..a wode of wolfmen wind a cat-casked haying whored rick
& eyes change from blurredt to we jazz for havens then we strip blind bone from red lips: o we topple guns where soft slits simk death inside glass money.

w eat the world & we sup crypts & we cry for water.,.
.as we jazz for havens then we strip a pluperfect night ship oh, old breeders fish for faked bodies then bonny wood has to heap grey trains & naked treacles supper for brains

eyes in sugar-slips blind tears as doobies doodle upon blurred paper
ah,old killers of fish drag a fist-net around naked cages... caressers of carrion cry, cry: oh, heady gardens mow the sky oh, as we sleep then we suffer lies
...caresss clap god's utmost mind & we dress for christ's hot wined table of edible dregs
we will snap a stone of death: la, we will tap milks with wrecked gabby grit gizard; & a cell of bone breaksdown.
uh here in this tangerine town we swallow slapped eggs....preyed sounds whip yolked willows. blinders choke for shadow-ground
..caressers of carrion cry, cry,-
impossible seagulls peck for minds
& a bed of mace
shapes a donner from a sad spaced
mirror of demon wynds..

empty wasters of wode whip
all selves & all clits....& clips
marry dandelions to greyed pits.



506. A

these salad graves where i laid my cabbaged lips kisses now a pall of green air: o a bed on the stair turns dreamt air banging body sloanes
& a bun of christs snares salt nips.
..where a bum of prayer heals God then a church of hens will star-gob bible-globules where radioed sods rip
keen urban bone..the wards of life light up a stoned bay of diggers & eyes will always fade for killers
clappers of split chappers shiver & odes to mods meld a mind moon with a rivered

ghost of stairways

iconic pussy-kissers hiss across a nice crazy lashwide moon - too late for hissers, i piss along ice & cum home too late.... O, dunes
loosen webby blonde hair, & a sandy eye blesses death's tune
..all well made from apes, i will spoon bars of honey to eaten eagle-tombs & as family writhes then dolly drips must dream of wide
moody heaven.

iconic statues which sing in time remark after old nudes ah, a stall of stone bangs vast vines under grapes that toast roast-shoes

easels of robbed painters don plagued thrill-rides.....uhhhhh???


It was a torrid year in heaven,-rooked by the searings in angel basted pools and the shy, sly wallowings of the leavened and occidental arbours of the spheres, the dawning, warming, arose, with the seraphs playing and the cherubic world rocking in the priest kilned labia of bible and brook, ocean and spire, where the druid fathers, crooked on crooks, baptised their ancient fingers in the mire.
heaven began with the wafered winnowings of birds in the winged trees singing the lord into flame, and the day rose and the sonshine showered on the broads of the weevilling hills, beheld by the mutinous padres whose lone and loitering lives lay smattered in the nucleus of time and burned hedonly black on the souled expulsions of the moors. with a ramful of rivers rolling with the clouds and the lakeside flushes grooving, with the curled lochs and their teetering mirrors coiling and casting hellfire to the wind, on a rill’s shoulder, with a pearling whirl of metronomes and glaciers whooping, here mad heaven began, where the fond climates and their haulering swingers balanced on a gun and brought the holy law into being.
gnarled rain over tutoring evil and stuttered manna in a church of raves, with the pert priesthoods gurning and the worldside gusting up the graves, out of the guardens of slingshot summer, out of the blooming cathedrals of accord, time went rambling idly by, and the lord above was metalled in the seminal rogues of the spined and flair-beleaguered weather, and the world swirled and the mirths of the blithe and bibled country swam for the altared ides in the stream; the stream that sprang like an orthocoptic beam of god on this earth forever, with mandarins and pears and redulent currents and melingering whorls of quincering wheys, and a world of angels and their harp-stung missions burthened and brazened in the natural hearts of a cousined nave, and the tightly blazing birch tree, that is the fear that burns on sermoned cheeks, gashered now and furnished the moving stone with grace. these were the woods and the rivers and the seas, where heaven gnawed at the roe toes of god and the splintertimes of the dead whispered up and out against their truthful joys – space and crime were hereby sistered. and there the light could babble in the ladied weather that span around, and the rude boys on the lung-red hills could gabble in the virgin mary’s streams.
it was a torrid year in heaven, and the heron flew as the falconers sang for peace on this biblical earth. Oh, may the lord be fine in his mad truth forever as ever becomes on this wry note in its seminal suit that is forever the Son.

on the fulsome run from stalwart quiver and scuttering gun, where the fusing muses flood in a worded cave of bickering fires and bastardising birds, this world of christ rent bays in burning blasts and cedar wood storms an earth of lordly raves; plectrums strum and spurn. before and upward go boulders, beaks, on their graveward trail, where music spears and breaks, with angels too loud in the scuttering waves and reefs recoarsing home and the caped baptiser in the churning foam who soils his pen with paper moiling forwards into the rented sun, heaven, haled at heart, a martyr. in the mill of the mind, deeply sat where lillies reap and pare this lord sings for light once only; seconds stop, and eagles flair in the clawed and saline tears of a life that is aligned with the babyhoods of spheres lowly turning; tall fissures gyre and through the cribs of spectacles the hawking virgin sprees with the heistlong temples churning and the world at zero waving into prayer and the curves of heroes flowing whose laving crucibles boil the air and shuttle roundly down into sweet silence, where the stars climb spineingly into their eaves and on, as pleasure kills and crusades for the heavens spurning. in a black chair, strung from the strings of jesu’s art, in a wave of violence, ripped and hung by the galleons in the ark, by hook and crook, time’s jesters vie for eventide, for wholesome streams, as chain and halter cuttle round his dreams and shape a millstone for his neck where demonic roses briar into screams, and eagerly he grows glad in the duckponds and ninevehed weed famous as the fabulous and mad for whom his pageant bolsters into greed and drums a tune, where fishes fire and golden arrows colt into the locks and parry the zion-sidled wires that drag the lakes for the christened smock that is, at once, an ocean. and there this lord might be seen to shine with the spirits as they fold along the nordic bays and the marrow married eagles and the goslings in the pyres and the fistering crooks of the cocks who rise from satanic shires and call the crimes of day that are leaden with the divots of the dawn. And heaven is so far away! god, on earth, must murder quite alone with all his crucifiction staid and his communion hotly droned like a sermon; how the day revels with the sinners is applombed by the dragglings and the ragglings of the all-too-latent thinkers whose visionary gabblings must ignite or never sight the air nor the heart-caped angelus whose glowerings are as harped as crime itself: O, let this world tarry with the lord and his rude nativity, with the vowerings of children and the powerings of time; now ever may this voyage of angels be swathed by the fables of a dying mind.

it is a dead nativity that the burned, blind berries stand serried on the trees, and the scuttered, flittering fields in the rafters of the grail, and the angelus that floats in a spineless, furling sea, with the nailed crests of children raining on the dales, and the priesthoods raving madly, and the swell smell of snow within a wood, and the taraway stars warming down upon a wombless world, and the booming babies harpstung with the maidens whose wildness floams and scars in the bullring laid bereft by the oxened lady.
once, when the lord rode lowly on a cloud of bitter butter pure as molten lead, as the food of god was lovely, a flare from herald angels fell, where, roving gaily, the scrolls of fire burned up their beds and tore across the crucifixion’s cells; and there, in the sun-slicked fields, burning then as now, the tyrelit, crazy isles of jacob and his sandalled ladder roared and rose and fell from east to west, across a fairied, occidental smile that combed the crypted yards for angelled drums and banged back dearly, with the cattle purring and the rousering cats alight and the scuffled birds and the spheres of music clearly varnishing into the beards of night. Oh, the maids of molten minions lunged in red delight!
and the lord set forth and strayed in his mused career: in the city marshes, levees, and the banging nights on the hill, he strayed and shaped a roman rhythm from his ovum-pealing hands as time, ignobling, bouldered up the graves. but only the wind sang.
the hunger of the birds was thrilled into the swording spine, and the waters, crossing, crushed upon the holy lungs and brought the curs of eden into nether, knocking crimes that none could spring. No, to deliver, to be slaved, in losing life, the lord above must always seem as careless as a warbler! how the mazy, granite grave crashes round the mind and breaks its native scheme blows maniacally back against the world in nave and yields no prayer
and the minstrels, who, once flowing in their regalled song, pared the ravens down with the runes of open love, and the weals on the winds of the glowering and strong who, once certain, aspired to hand in glove, and the passion of the floaming ecstatic scream that hires the word above; none, nobody here nor elseways, could save nor shore nor restore the love of jesus to the buds, nor the war of loving to the grievance of the good. but the red wings are raised and the carved limbs of spiders throe and flock – webs of age on moving stones are spun and always spurned and the cancer in the oat of sin is defrocked; and the heavens, burning, furnish into fens the simple words of immortal stains – by the spit and spermazote that heavenwards turn, the soldered fire of festive, nippled loving reigns. for he who wharved the waters in the gallilean seas and plumed the depths for the miracles of spirit spires rags and drags the dervished devil round into the summits of the golden and accidental pyres. for he who took the sky as his keen and vestal bride and floated on a cloud and scaled god’s aspen tree is here purported by the revels of his eyes and crashed into the ashes of a stealed and burning mission. Oh
ide of idol vision and burnishing, banishing break, in the noosed spheres, how lovely love now comes who has sought out the saviour for the heart’s intake; how lovely comes the native on the run.


in rotes of ash, where starlarks sweep, beneath the grooving stone of hawk-held graves, tonight the rings of david reap as barren as the flashes of the womaned naves and labour after love is murdered gladly. in rotes of ash, where starlarks sweep, the children stamp and weed for peace, whereby the kin and kith of night gargle death in the fields too bright, and alone in the furied mystic tracts, weaving their wreaths for the millstoned sun, weeding for peace and friendship unto none in rotes of ash, the rings of david stun, which, once lowly below the golden bowers in splintered reputations and balmfuls of flowers, took to the sail and cruised the devilled smile of sealion and sealer, and the snaffelingered guile of the lord above, constrained: how the veins glistered and gluttered in courted, champagne lanes, or twined in the box of the mutton-bloating womb, is here untold and ever shall rethoom as the gaspings and the graces of the dreams strike doom which, once above a time, were knighted. time dies, and the dust that was flesh is stoned in the flaring creeks of the idol underloamed, and the lights in the eye are spreadeagled by the cry of the druids in the warrens undergun ,- for rough as acid tongues, the semen that benumbs is here hob-railed and riven into drum, first stippling, then becoming as a sentinel to coming that hales the heartless halestone of the golden fleece.
once, below a mind, king david and his fine felony of men took highroads and ordained a scurrying in the cellars of a life, (and what a cellared life it really was!) more, buttered fatly, bounced on bosomed bridges, with their hearts full of seed and their whorl of words in oathish definition, did these bad wives of david in his pride kiss the shippen lips of the long dead winter? the lust in the dust and the metals in the crust swim from whim to whim, in a copulative spin; the fawkesire briars and their contemplative mires battering from church to the fairied style round and down to the feasts of flairing sound and the clause in the moors that snaps the cistern mane and claps with the sineless dreamers underground in the spineless fens, as the rings of david maim each tawdry, spurning transept under wreak and the caul of god and the collical of sex and the shapeless oat of the ship of galillee and the clock with the cock and the casuistry with the holy sum of the summer undergnarled as haloed as the heroed serpent undersnarled and the evensong of the aaron underblood and the hymened kiss of the sister bust in bud.

i once beneath a spine when the bedrocked, ramrosed rumour-rogered rite of the angel-roaming rasta went smokily into the snows, my blaze-born, snive-shorn rove of ruin that is love, in trilby-trove and bells went snottily down the sloanes of time, where i shirked mazily for the hands of flashers, fusselled in tie and collar and freckled with the blues of the curt angle that is life, where wrecked by weed, i zioned my shirt and pusselled down the zeros of the night then swift as the hack of watch-chain into iron, past the out-of-mitching tailors whose world of words is crime, out of the sedative lions of clay who prowl the bit of contracted spite and snide back queasily, where time and its harness rave appeased, the lord and his nailers whose cocoon of smegma scathes the grave, snipped the veilings of the sentinelled labia and clapped the cross with a nave where mankind’s cobbling, yet-to-be-aligned suit of hard-strapped labour smacked easily back to castor lathe where the stove of flavour lay maligned.
ii this world of snoops hardily reneging truths, roundabout some coffin shuffling for the cowl-man and his roots, has the nicksaws rumbling for the cell-cat and its moves, head deceiving under viol mailing the cloud perched at the railings and the pee-in-a-bottle co-curdling as it swoops; the clash of a womb in city suit – all these, as is the way, must mangle the mantlepiece with preachers and the boy in the bright dreg, the soiled pretender, the whorld at end, the gnash of the tooth at fly-piece centre, the moil of the ethos in bookscore vend; all, all must succeed to clot the stain in the greaseproof bowel as east to west must sunder best and knot the bloods of a duty now shorn and mainly bare, lie down, lie here for the curie; lie down, lie down as quiet as a lair, lie down, lie down in seventh storey, for i am here who may not die and knows no route to fury; for less than this, i should fly, fly, fly for knowing no suite of beauty.


How shall this poet whose drunken larks lie raped where caverns cull, medium of petals and girlish bells, suffuse his buried searings with the life that pokes and pelters in the estranging hull, who must be hardy and precocious, hunkered as a hammering shell, railed as a nail, warring, winding, wending his way like a weathered snail, with the hatchets in his haloes rendering and never-ending?
How shall this poet dramatise, towards whose searing goes the midnight hail that helters in the teeters of a rhyme, a mute and clawing monger in the pale grave, with nib-ends drawn and drowned and the light of his labour lost and the quick, cruel angles of his crown bursting through the dread and draining seas, the horseheads spurning purple, and the round propulsion of the devil rambling into the hovels of the ground?
Mastodon or hellhound?..
the leapt waves of the tides, whose wranglings rock, whose meteoric rise into a sound slides sadly, hereby knock, as time, with quivering brain, runs out the muse, tongue in tare, tare in tithes, wherefrom the anvilled angels sput and bruise and scrape along a sentinel, crashed and crocked, with an oven for an eye and an oval ovum for a metal monocle that shatters as it spries.
Shrapnelled, sirened, sea-horned, blackened, bricked on a bull-bone; sly as a gizzard, here the poet strums and cocks a blizzard at the moving of the stone, with a carved word for his clang and a crumb coasting for his christened, topering hum, saint and sonshine shiring, and the world turning about upon its end, where, snide-shorn, sabred, shoe-horned, cabred, down the maddest hill comes the maddest flock, fire and brimstone braving, and the stunned total of the mad-man, apocalypsed and shot.


holy world, from whence the appled fleece went mapling up through the bells and ruminatively on, whence the sirens in their babels flashed and flocked about
the searing keels of jonah's woman, skeltering in their keeps here the angels rummage and clasp to scarlet naves and gapple gaily in the docks and arbours of the towns,
with peace, spumed and spanned, harebelled as it chimes, where the bleating lambwhites shrill and scarve about into the sloe-staved night. Ah!
what a heaven is here concoved, where thatching eggs revel and their hounds lie down amid their whimperings
for a glad and maidened time,
as eden, gliding, spins segaciously on.
herein is the harvest that makes the lady shine.

Past all procession, the cedared trumpets flare: where the hineyed limpets whisper, there flow the hives of air, and now, whereby the hermit crab respires,
in with their ingles, the ample breast of evening hailters and grails into the blooms of regalled reevings, where master and mistress resound
as one, and the veils of breathing spire duskily into the wombs of light. Ahh how the hedons yolk and pare and the valleys in their trances
cup the breasts that ride and the galleys in their dances snip the reed and rise daintily into the pews of undersound, whereby the herald angels sing
and volley from the wing to a gold surmise.

There, where the prayers stand wryly in their books and the musing, angled mares stand ankled in their smocks: here, where the spheres spin quietly in their fears
and the chandaliers of night sire brightly in the rocks: now goes the padre and his word of fusing fire, the canyon and the curate in the mission-fabled pyre,
the caul and thral of fusion and the wisps and walls of congering shires, the dales and vales of israel
and the candouring, communicadoed wires. O, that this world may summon and permit the haloes of virgins to summon as they flit,
may now the winnowers who are the holy simmerers and the curl and curve inspired gambol and begrace the ferns that strut in space
and shut the starry spheres against the holy mind.

Come rocking on the seashores and rumbling where the bees roar, fatal and prenatal, where the whirling chalice flairs, now, from skies beratal, fluming thrum the pedals,
whereof the vans of starlight fan the blasting air, and mettled stallions gun upon their hooving run and whistle glibly through the trees. Ahh
what a world: such a world that inspires the rockets and the pearls of the muses on the wires, that are, subcaval, as volleyed as the natural
palace in the barracks as they gyre. Yes! what a world, appled in its furls and sensual as the plash-divining clays: this whorl of god now swings, from jonquils on the wing
and the sun that is one, once only in the spring. For these and these alone, the angels move the stone and cauterise the wounds of the lowly,
and the word that is fire sits sparkish in the mire
and the heaven on a harpstring
turns the harvest holy.


A saint sat on a wall, a communal, miserly mister, spread where the eyes lie recusant in the aether: from the altars and the stalls
to the sermons in a whisper, a saint sat on a wall is a world unto its sister, in the chapel, where light splits and coasters down the caul
that wets the babied heads in their all-devising thral: whether lord or angel, the psalm is just the same: a saint sat on the wall is the name of jesu's game.
A saint sat on a wall, a word conspired and shed: when music stands up small, the saint is all that's bled; and the haloes in their logic,
whose heroed stationary is all, lies nationed in the ethic of the pastors as they crawl.

though saints shall be terrific, the gloria is dread: the saint in sainted panic is the pall beneath the bed, where manna mauls from heaven
and snaps the wafer down and wending wines in leaven lie bloated in christ's crown. A saint sat on the wall, a lad whose ways are fused:
in thurible and mall, the preaching way's accused, and saints whose fables ride the four ways for their debts can only be devised
by the funerealing decks.

the haplessness is true; saint in saintless parish is the idol with no clues and the steeple on the fizz: though matter is aflame,
the blasphemy's god's bride. where saints must go insane, the saint who falls survives.

Christ-mill, turmoilous fen of friendless, dreamless ruin; in coiled pictures of babel, a rent limb, turned seraphic about the pall,
as peter's bended flame, the shouter in the crucifix comes sundering at the stretcher of the fall. Kosher lord, limb hocum bard, in negative, natal sand;
thrumming like a clock, the pinpoint cradle's death denudes its furling, as paul's detesting flame, a router on a precipice,
spielling light aside to naves of westward dreaming.

False christ, jack of gents christ; dogtoothed star of bethlem; treadmill, rent apart by madness, a rock plume, riddled with the modern lobes of fame;
bitch-heat, a dog amongthe moonsheets; cursed lover, germaine gain,
turning as it spurns, a latterday lover; hearsed, foiled, maimed.

Inchoate angel in the forests and the lakes, the holy sperm of Israel in the muscling trees, in the chapeline grind that Sirius dictates, in shades of fallen Gabriel, the proctorates conceived,
and Jesus fallowed, where his architechts lay narrowed, playing down christ's rising on a brolly-driven sea.

When the word was one and its harpstrings pusselled, a maiden for a moon, the earth rooked in its shroud, with the wise ones feloned and their talismen faloned;
and when god made Jesus, he made the devil proud, and when the stone moved and the tomb of atoms grooved,
black as an olive, christ's fiddlers raved and roused.

Time in its ovum knew the swirls of diva: in chiselries of Adam, the frosts that forged bewrayed; and in the feinted paintings of eastertime, love's vicars,
as a hellfire turning dreftward, razed down fhe eyes of praise - all heaven was burning when the lord of lourdes was summoned;

the humours were polaris on that fazed and guarded day.

509. "1

Blind as the ball of breath, this demon summer, daughtered as the sticks of war, contends love's proof; the airless lore of lordless, breathless rhythm
as real and rent within as light uncouth.
Blind as the ball of breath, this demon season, daughtered as the sticks of loving, shends all love away; the heirless maw of lordless, breathless rhythm
as real and rent within as lightning's fray. This is the cause of christ set in the splinter; the gog and rod of jesus, darkened down;
the airless law, this sickled State of Ruin
as real and rent within as hero's crown.

Blind as the ball of breath, this demon woman, daughtered as the slicks of reason, shends the town; the heirs of air, as coved in crippled sueing
as men whose ways of laughing make no sound. This is the clause of christ set in the sphincter; the rug and drug of jesus, spurned around;
the prayerless score, this sickled state of coming as real and rent within as hero's hound.

Blind as the ball of breathing, time must summon ash and wax from foes who ravel west; the truths behind the masques of herod's sermon
as trendless as the raker of the breast


suck the stone; see time summon death...warped in the phasing hour, life can only succour sickness closer than the breath; and when this world comes to demand
demesnes of dreams from raptorial women, each way of being shall come to none, as real and red as mankind's sermon.

the neon whisper of the sun in the serried wind, cruel as the coded curse of each medean child, must, as much as light shall pierce the lobes of god,
rock the rapine rhythms of the serial killing wild.

time, spacing under, reaping words of fusion, coiled in the searing rain, rackets like the lungs, as man, as cold as gold, bursting into empire,
sourced in the narrow mind, rots the spirit's swerve.

christ cannot return, for christ is succoured under each whisp of raving prayer, each whirl of winded sun; so too, this knuckling reason, rocketted to zero,
remains as world reproof to disestablished love.

and so the light falls like a cracker cracked in half. even beneath the pen, the breathing hogs each moon of sadness made. I
have broken down the walls; acquiesced into the lottery of shambled figures. even I can't taste the night. Leaves rustle in my head.
Across my bed, nudity glitters. Upon my shoulder, I say my thoughts uncensored by any dream and cross into oblivion. why
should emptiness ache like this?

Much is ever said through tendrils: eyes floss the mouth and preach their ends. For moments mourned in dignified violence, man
mounts his woman and cries. which face to laud is maddening: here opal spools crack spoons and smaltz every which way with falconry. I should like a friend,

but nobody's at home. last comes the tainted serum, the delusory medic, the elixired dread. last comes the ward; the corral of so many wired intents. shy
as the first thirst of spring, though, here the agents watch the night; slam, cram and scrape for each of us, unborn in the shadowries of corpuscles,
maidened as the vows of waging night. Why!

this is the place where the steeples died?


"Madness, sadness, scabs - all bad things, boy: far too bad to be diluted by 'The Ward'; that simple, fiddle-browed pretence at each
atom of the thoughts that really....' But contusive speech slows at my equally contusive brain, that in the sharpened rivers sees
the games in maddened houses, maddened ruts. Bright handles purr in the apple trees. The sun is cold. The cities are touch dry.
Syringe. Tablet. Needs. All this, simply to foam like a star? Half-killed, half-companioned by the drill, I let myself by shambled spirit be haled
out across the skies and divots of the dawn. No pretence now. Hard scars harp round the scorn and man each reproach. The night has almost failed,
and the quaint rubbing pliancy - some hand I have been mad enough to veil - disclaims me from an upstairs window and comes
more than madly into my lure: Mad, bad territory... And, once more, the nurses, doctors, still in their same old coats, charm-ballooned and chained,
the floors vibrating with alarm, the not you, not me on every lip. I edge amongst the boys towards a surface and, lacking lividity, poise
on its pledge - serviced, demured and calmed by every tablet and injection, emitting low squeaks and gleaning back to view
the whole melee of madness shifting, crowding - and, with my peeple in the upper skies, lose. Why cry? the scene is writing and loud.
Assemble socially, be entertained by my sitting in this dress, in the rooms like these, saying I cannot think - saying more about when
I could Really drink stone, or, in bed, listening to the voices - be led off into the shaking looks and stares, and then beyond the glistening hands, where glazed faces
swagger into violence at my sitting there, and your lies greet me midst foreign spaces, and your charms are disparate,
and I wish entirely for sanity and moments on remand, by which the stacked faces might move. Clumsily, though, as something starts up, your look's embarrassing
and forever lustful: everything I look for is deception - the red ploys, the clad-eyed girls, and through the doors, the spinning plates of dinners. Grown
less real than ever, this sudden place strikes me at once as a stage-name, or a wasteground hard to tell truths by; I feel the impact, glib and raw,
of a tremendous yearning, answering back as if I had no questions. In the drugged and snarled muse of the moment, beneath cover after cover, I permit a few movements
of my head; you suggest eating, but my chest is full of food, quickens and tightens at the destinies of souls, at each croft descrying of love. For
something acutely local - me as I can only be - has taken you down into something acutely transitory, like the slightest touch, or impulse, or
deflection of the mind. Why we act eternally, why we snatch and cry, is not the reason for the fingers, but the reason we slacken together. I
am caught by your tears; they stand effusive and lovely, where the band strikes up another tune, and they, midst tempos doffed, take small things
by the hand and fly. I wonder whether this sudden place is all; I wonder why we die. Then I creel back to the stars, where they've
surmised that anyone thinking is dead, and find you and a cup-of-tea shrinking and casting off survival. Lost in music, then, you look at me, as if bereft, and
outline me with sharpening altruisms, so yearning, full and fine, that I cannot keep my step. This tense elation is a turn-off, though,
it means so little to the voices, and, localised in half-way houses, is better of forgotten. Couples now arrive, leave gaps and cross words with angry strangers, falter
and cleave away. I lean forwards, lest I go on swimming, and souse my throat with imminent smiles. How right it is to look away, I do not know, yet
here I stop and pray, and let you have your innocent guilt bewrayed to switching partners in a stabbed, bad set: how useless it is to invite
the madman, how sad to see my own life again! I ought to go, be gone, get going; instead I let doctors tell me how they are and are going to be, and
sweep some coke from the kitchen, breathe, and lie in hectares of sand. You tread heavily to The Ladies, and see my coat hanging subsistently, and
the chains and taps and basins falling, falling into the sun. Chuckle, please, for now the doctors hum a merry, revelled tune, and go at once away.
See! they need pennies and pounds! I ought to change when I see you waving, but, until I have crossed your smile with a rumour,
I shall be first dark, then light. This is the serious earth; its deep dark chill is omen-laden and museless. Chuckle!
for now the wards lie, content and laughing,

down, down, down (WITH DOWNS?)"


A bud on a kestrel pier played hound to leash me, tar and feather, for what cob-webs my bone's shorn grip could gullet in the revel of beaching brunts,
once the final stroke had wombled pre-ices and the carking feral fillings had receded down to none

So then I was held by lurks; that reckoning's pellicles, gridden with pampus blubbers, quit medecasting touch, thru damp'ning essentials
in relays of gravelling, sparkish ground, light's meaning bathers, buoyless in their seconding,
devouring isobarity, with idleness in helm.

Wrecked collections, politic, suffered sandy, and the soul lay snug in foundry soda, as arterioles went stratum,
and girls, substantialled effluent, winching wind-shields to shame, embroiled bosoms in beach-bawls, behind dyed hairs in frame.

A bud on a kestrel pier played hound to leash me, tar and feather,
for what dipsomanium could offer the larkish ways of dream.

now laud time's fathers that rhyme may be milled, whose coronet of apples conspires against the tongue and, pinpoint in the fruit, curates along its anvilled
angel in the miracle of cobweb knife and drum; come laud, come sate the centaur in the nectar
that, saturated, the cell of light might chime sweetly, where the guild of sylvan, mason mentors
lams along the lilies of the mind.

Now laud time's fathers: in the cherry, let love's folly serry and co-mettle to the kiss of fairy sons; come let the nettle hurdle and the wicked needle's curdle
bludgeon low as low: in the pedals of the cum, come seize the poet's medal and stoke the frames of detol -
that the skies may size, come prick the bawls of death and, pinpoint in the fruit of graven gut and trestle,
set mortars to the infants in the daughters of the breath.

Come laud time's fathers: come sex the ivored rafters, for rhyme has been devilled by the windmills in a stave, and, concussed by petals, cannot encroach its metals,
nor the knickers in a tangle, nor the wombstones in a blade.
If God is not blood, then his riddle must come sailing and Samson and Delilah strike a pornosapphic pose
and hammer into wrangle must sear its jacobed angle
and time, as mad as weeping, expose the menstrual lobes




so sown slumber wrecks its wet bed as a light of tissues issues death, and caged-in spun sun-souls stop to light old acid anatriptic women
& a bud of roses furls around kicked river children..
when once a stem of love hissses then a blithe beast will suffer clothed misses
& a tree with wings ladens after
vaulted mother,,

o swirled summer snips cats as bunned boy-ghosts hit to a hiped beat. .. Ash wallops coal-coasts
& a hen of meat slices Ash
undernetted, we pee when wheat
topples inside London.

o once below a mind, we daggered for roman doctors. o once outside a wife, we suppered for eastern daughters
& a bud of wine wallops juice, & warring welts wan fingers under
cold sand...

when a bag of canines walks thunder then a bell of drams tastes female sex-clams- O, thunder
drops flexed storms & a bonce at furious bedtime swarms where hot beads cock-unwind...

& once below a mind, we will scan dotted swarthy rain- Ah, caverns found in kitted towns resound under false sounds
& a cunt hears towns sea-slamming inner spies & shaven gardens peer outside
oozed flowers...

when once a pig of peace rides crowded snap-crows then blue crops will sufffer eyes & a bog of brass
slaps mental copper - La.

as caverns fall to sleep, then cars crisscross a tree of torn killers, & we dance, dance, dance & we died in a German trance
, O

Widows of napped meadows weave spunk from rude gallows. raised where razor-high poetry reads dyselexic cunt
we glow under old sky-junk; & an open blind reader will jump
old books.

we have huddled in a brook. o we escape the papers & look deep, deep down at a wordy city's illiterate clown.

& a boncing biblecase drowns & a bed of thrillers scares bird-blinded chiller minders..the plummy pissers inside stone
uses a sweet gashed table for cold: o a body's blisters blush and then baby bumping cot-carries old sea-bones.



when once a talon on a ward groans then a grey hospice carpet will wrap arisen sex with droned catty creators...
I espy a pissed hive. La- where dicky dippy curves snap glued air then we must delve life's butts- dens
bedim kids with factories
& we unwind wounded kvetched

dog-dizzy breast-naps...the benders of the bad but small dedicate a poem to a wall: o as belled fucky dev taunt cauls
then a diamond sol of soul-cords
must race a false devil into grey dogs.

& we have espied peopled shapes shovelling cats under knives - cakes cut a sugar screen & a town of tribes tars dippers
& we cup a cut gun. the vendors of the sad tiled world rape bun-bitten stoved stale waxes; & a noddy on a stage uses hate for
widening combs inside bald balled hair- As men cut down blue cheesed curls, then strippers will
prance just like a killled kid...

Oh, we have seen strange dust
dappling ratters with players' horse-husks..
the bullies of a grey world hit a lantern lit apartment & a stream of gays grapple when, locked, a lynching clod cuts old sea-rent
o a bay of kids craps where old ashed chapels
send rude herpes
under nude hard leaves. This side of loots
we strike curvy keeling solar roots. Under boots
we don a shroud-sailed girl
& we wed the rain....

the bullies of a gay world hit a bitten ointment & a case of Eden wallops cranes with fairy hands - Oh, scent
stoppers carred coves & a baddy in a wet den
drags soap for five seasons....

I have cum deep inside my heart as eyes have punished sleep with slowed louse-skied dog-dammings of bled sweat boxes. Men
don evil shelves
& we cut celled bricked bells
the shoppers of signal wine weep a tipsy road of funeral cashes; & we will stack whoring trashes & baby must weep as she falls
adown a steely cotted swaddler's hall
diamond drivers drink dapplers when
we hawk after photo-broods



a wooded wet skulll has never had it so good- ah as a delicate spunk doll dreams of geese & bitches, then a map of blood
will send spermed wine to sleep o a baddy of the sun's sign dons doll-sheep; & a small dirty cage
wanks a blue burn from a city's age.

o & a bomber in a jacket sucks piss-paid directoires of dobs & blonde british rage, & a diddy dog-dazer
drinks from red-winged digger boozer... this side of a burn, we hire wets to Centered aged scalpy scaffolds where
we bee-line wasp-strung beautiful stairs; & we climb a whored meshed cathedral & we had a bountiful mind

& a wooded wet skull has never had blood made so ruddy well; & a stopper of selves drinks vineager
& a pullied piss-pill pelts pobs with God..
what with easy galleon men ended then a brawl of wingless wise human pigeons will ascend blue halls
o what with easy pig-penners ended
then an ashen fast hack halters grey
stink-hooded dolls...

where once an apple child's lay inches intimate riders then old naves hide a hilly hispter where limey lowcut crocuses cupper graves
& a bled boy bends from his
concreted sullen child fizz....

uh, what with fishy faces played for starry vaginal wards then a bollocked bud burns boards & a milky statue succours bawds
& a bed of flavas
shall not be known till infant wars

sup a candled sea-pipe... Ahh

this side of a blue gun, we scar
old scythes & bruised mind-man.

as for the hoodlum in petrol, may the clasped bird swing for apple-purple: o as for a hoody in a hill, may the vast wed herd
sing for maple moon men & a flask of ash will pour ale inside a swerved fished netted sea when
eager patrons of bees sing, sing, sing

when once above a mind, we heard gals gagging after stripped staged marble, then trowls sink a spunked hammer with
blonde bowls of sheeted strung wetted kids
& lordy lovers shine just like a neon plug-pig's
indecent divorces.

& as for piped stoves & the miracles of hidden oven-dudes & what with petalled cloves & pinacles of ridden rosey nudes
yelled youth & dining rained bowed Love must surely eavesdrop on the tangy dark?
eyes under eyed lids shut a cream-cart & a visit from a musical moon will start instaneous mirror-fires; & as a bomb of fuck fixes kips with arched
defecating seizure-fires
then a bond of rizla-spires will surely spark
a dolly of a fermale riot?

ah a kidded mum-lidded saint suppers for blenched bleached dugs & a Teresian winter-witnessed scaffolding sperm-tor
& we will sunder grapes
& we will number flowers
& we will sup a screwed box of hours...

these wived days, weeds will empower
telephone slashed lips
.. ...
we inhearse a grave...
we gun-force a city...



once above a city mind, mad men sear inside a ruin: la once inside a stone, blue men sear a dock of rain & as a bed-box bangs, then pain
slashes red skeined
body screw-ins
la.- when once a bell of dust drags luminous inhuman bells, then horsesd knelling cells hear crags crammming sin down boats
& a bench of glass cuts ropes
this side of a mind, massed dopes drink deaths cunt-dry: O the nudes of the dead sex-spill bald mastiffs O the roods of the red sex-fill
blonde spastics & as a robed sea-head star-swills blind igenious god-natives we will listen to impossible rain.
& a bed of kittens carves hills & a shed of loud tongues lock a lip astride a fist; O, mills
shape clocks from wine

lo, the lubes of the dead sex-spill kind candy peaches; & a bowl of lice ripens when closed handlers suck leeches
from beachy bent rills...

Once upon a mind, masses melt under padres o once inside red wine, asses swelter - & a bud of babies bolt nuked flown flowers to
candied soft phlegem. Crosses co-create a closed world
..when once a bum of ice curls against a pearled sly-world then a baggy emerald will strum eaten glass
& a car of fields drives grass deep down
under salty cock-crowns..

once upon a mind, massses sweat under rammed graves ah where feathers dam drays then thinnning squirrels
lash moats to hordes. they said that light was star-raised from flowery mirrors; & we answer under God's
hooped death.

o aside to a liar, we entertain blown pleasure veins & a bone under fire cuts crude hawed ariels- O, sluts shutter canny seagulsl where rain
cuts a slowed face.

o aside to a spire, we sun-stain blind doggy azure & a sloane under Asia sees catted hewn hidden fathers rocking where domed bees
stings false Eden...

when once a hand in a clock rams a dick in an arse
then rent men must hear us
masking a scram of cocks
& in the wode of sweat a hippied nape of sweet theft hammers grey lions & we snap a shop of death

once above a mine, we dug for dilly coal deaths. la as a star of wine drinks for silly roped pan-wrecks then we willies must wrench a dun war's
shelled mad ward..when once above a dime, we wade under masks then a gulll of evening hears
coded transfers filling tears
with midnight cock-spears.

once above a wynd, we drag for billy cold decks: la a car of swine drinks to clawed killer demons
& we ask for cemeteries & we suffer old memories & we suck a quartered flower...

O, a bench of rock sucks dust
& a bill of silence
hangs an oven-kiss where dust
cleans sneezed violence..


o a slaying sallied sun of sin snips a keen rose: o a praying dillied spin of loaves loads red transceivers with grey deceiving winds
& a dizzy daub of sin shatters
old whippy windows
. .
when once inside a gun, kids scuttered under wept drums then a sea of craniums mad a naked knicker from a patina of dirt
& as a lunged sea of skirt over-rode geizer hands

then a bed of narks saw hurt
shopping navels?

i espy the world we weaved
ah eyes redouble as seed
sucks a salt shirt...


this side oa a nut, we scatter odd human raisins: la a bride under sluts will hire a heroine under a hill & this side of a cane, deaths
shutter pelts where vagrants
shit outside the town

when once upon a mind, water forged a blue faith then a godless altar had coded wives for drapes; & eyes will sunder slaughters
& dived sliding skies supper for dogs as ropers
cut serious tiberian doctors..& a dog of milk feeds mad lustives & a clock of pure silkiness tells a cop-tower; - I am dust
lo I am death's musk & dillers of dreams dig a fist under ice-screened
thebian rogues....

this side of a cut, we scatter sad subuman stains & a benchy bounced capper will suck a moony midge
& a ducky will cut ribbed
rude frenchy pigs
sufferers of fugue fix figs & we drool as we see rib-rabbits dining in the dairy warren-dark- Lo, blenched porn-prigs shutter schooled stalls
& we are caught inthral
with naughty patients... ooo, does heaven heal mongolia?



this sidling summer where god's nation laps a dolly from a bird has winged laughter o as a bed of thunder snares love's natron
then a bully's father will sweat in a poked box

& this side of lovers where god's station
rips a brolly from a curve
has liquid minders....

once inside a mind, we saw a bad word weeping, weeping..Ah, as ashen sleeping dreamed of hurt spurt-evenings then our tattered star-grind
slashed a dogdazed mine with hard stones & emerald screenings

the sadness of our city sons will suffer sermonic panzas when blue-belled beezers lam a fishy feather's yelling school-failed children....
there is a crashing coronet for children. ah here is a lashing cigarette for coded smoky pregant women
& a bod in a brain must suck embolic blood-chants
& we will stone our plants as emetics

season slips with grave cunt.. Ohhh

we countdown to naved dianetics
& eat a mongrel power.

o what with water under wind & what with cancer on our mind, we must scatter rolled birds where lime sails against roped spun scat-winds
& the siren breads of the west swim when, roached, a sea of spun limbs flag-beat a gamma grave
o, once inside the day, we hear night gabbing slits from loomy satellites; o, once outside the gay, we sky-write for myslexic
dabblers of pigeon-lip; & we will shin us up a ladder
& we shall pins us up against lather
what with rats & cats & mothers & what with enclaved sand sailors, we must ripen down the dead.,.
sphincter-slitties suck sound as we cup breasts within robed rashed lady gloom..
& lady gloom fell from the moon & we are left to smash cartooned carton cored mirrored blind mamma stored
oven refactories...

o we say Hurray for the distant dead ah we pray for dirt bed; & as a a cud of hurt covers gay divans then we will glow around the stricken
folds of foals & creatures
there is a sea of hair which writhes inside the watered skies. o we go on holiday under eyes & we sail love's pinnace
back home, where a crow's cry darken all knolled urban starred rooms

~- a keen curled child swoons. la, a screen of rolled wild country scythes slice a wound; & sacrificial dabbers of moneyed mists
raise a rubber fist against Love..
the ribbed originals of the dead spread shit on hot toasts; & a slap of piggy bled sea-dregs drags a slow lake: &, uh, once a bowl of coasts
cried and cried then

old patters of plume-butters banged a cake-walk with a droned day of difficult dry lovers?

once upon a day, we use us
la once inside a grave, we cuss
kind sea fevers
& mad body heavers.
heed caves as vaginal teemers
trap a prised sweet cusp's
body filler....

Ides under onan onion tucks
gay rhuem under
cloggy swooned suck thunder
& weepers yell like thunder?



we must abuse a basketful of faces o,we must fuse old baits with sweet mused eager stasis & as a bowl of jam gets sex-glued
then a smell of foods
empties all truths.

the distance in a mind hears saviours crying; & a napper's spying sun-gears smoky father Jo..

o we will confuse all coffins
& we wil cremate bad bins
here, in our dead world, we
suck city bends....
joke for killers.

there is a sound of self-sex. ah the sweepers of belled sex sucks a fading sun & a bun of flowers uses death O, the cemetery of melody drips
dummy dreamers; & a sweep of dreamers rips dummy dated powder-mirrors. o, the poems of the high encrypt cunny code
& a bud of life loops an oven round a fire
& we live for Christs...

eroded by giddy cartoons, a baggy bean boy brags about missions: o, once coroded, a bladed bunny stabs old jollop hills; & a bench of bends over-bites the dead
& the dead punch ribbons. where a bell of bodies shaks, then bread slices white money
& a woven wife sucks bald honey...


the benchy bubble bodies who lay down sweet red rain ram a face with beaten rolled pain & as a doddery dog-nude smacks naked pert-veins
then a ripped picker of the true fasts after repleaters...

& a mask of molers meddles with underbellies & a clasp of volers peddles
soft sundered dyed keys

when once a pole of pigs dig-swoons for trifle-cribs then sensate yet sensible self-sex stops to hit love- ah, decks dribble & guilty drugs
drabble after curdy hot gloves. o a radio in fierce rain rubs lockets of dunny silver
& a faded bonny burn shivers
i have idolised the dead & eyes have wedded life's hipped head; & a sloane of pure wives sullies a bad bone where rivers
raise a slum
& benchy bible babies who
skewer heaven's cradle
swing aside god's neat table
ahhh... these paging numbers i have misunderstood have come back to taunt me lo inside my mirrors, i have heard me
shaping solar darts
& we will dial the dark. O, a rolled woods rush inside the ideal park where
we leap from a tree's chair...

when once upon a mind we seize leaves then a bag of lions must succour after pylons - O, old knees tilt just like a forced eye
& a cab of rages ramps inside bled pie;..these pageless covers i have underkilled slap a busy hyrdrant la a brolly's thread has drunk gold rain
& the rages of the elephant
uses a mind of God for a trunk - O, pain

peals an early plum for a kidder as spunk
sheds sweet seed..



when gun-plaited, we star within a dun flaxed river fruit-bowl, & a bomb in heated wee cusses clamourng hearts when soft sin
describes doomy ashed deniers-. what fields to be made from a lamped soul can only loosen caverned candy- stories
read to failed lips & a bog of clits swells after bummy boys who
leap a rabbit from a close..

where gun-sacred, we stir sin
inside our swirled earth
& once upon a mine, we birth

& birth whirls a caned car when naked movies collide with fished motioned fast dreams.. Ah?once above a time, i was dead
but now i am abed
with love's nightly dreamers.


as when i am asleep with the nightly dreamers then i salt-scent keen passion: o when once a star of heat salt-reaps vaginal wisdom
then a bro in a cage licks locked rage - Uh- once above a bride, a well of cold age
moon-melded mad mamma with sheets & we underswim a room of creeps uh we thunder-spin
easy gossamer where a owl of sin
snips a crocus-siren...

the slavers of pure gold trade a sky for a breaking forced war & a trampled fast ward rocks a store uh- bleeded body flowers plough the poor
- o- a bobber of a soft claw craps against the wind; & men and dogdayed piss-minds gnaw
ploved silver gardens...

as when i am asleep with the nightly dreamers
i shall deface all thoughts
o me and mad baby swing inside corpsed
killer radio
& jazzy killer radio
hisses along loud ice?...


& i will come overjoyed by the sadness of your toys: o i will pull a dolly from a drum & i will play cold dead: ah men and ashen demons dram against boys
& a spired old garden
severs christs from cardimon- la, locust-beds
breed blonded creatures from
spun glass special sea-guns.

the bandaged rings of the american dead shed plowed flowers where a cagy indian head sucks a balled magneto & a skull of war sweats inside a star-metal's
radioed televisual cunt-trestle.....

we will cry for heaven's dead kingdom we will arise from death's demotic sun-son & a bell of dames must topple tears under
bright bad babies & the cantata of fathers.

we layer blue lacquer with hursuite veined rubblers of nude papers - ss, the nice nights of real veiled horsed heroes laden dramming junks with closing
meadow person snipers
too late, after midlife, a ward of diapers
shit inside a wet mother's skirts, & fathers
wire rosed noosed breasted shirts
& an ark of dusk gropes for cold
bodyless sugar lovers..

they are waiting to gun-roll
pushing peeing pillows

519. o c/o petty bitches.

o c/o grey petty bitches, an ova shaved from flailing fly-towers teases junk with eaten riches: o c/o grey petty midges, we slap sexy sun-flowers
& the doctors of sad spinney itches rock aside a roped girl o c/o grey petrol, a pelican of pearls has powers
floating like an island.

when once a pool of pealers plot inside land then a bowl of blortive heart-peaches raids a wintry curl
& a bed of gas cuts a curvy razor-swirl

oglers of eddied one-night restaurants snarl a fast fed sea cat o eaters of emptied sun-ripe grey haunts slap a deadly dinner at
a crashmat where karate kills the jaunts of oyster killers..
& a bud of sweet brine begs for cold dark dills where an eaten moor date-jams
jumping choc-clams

eyes drink a ginny egg- Loud hands applaud sex saucers & a bellied bump of dabbed binner-cans beer-create a mandatory fat face that gut-rams
jellied over eaters...

they put a pot of stock down a blade - they put a bag of cooked cock aside a filled moon, O - we are shaved
from candified razors.....


the taj mahal is a tin can....
la the swine of sex is dammed...
the edge of Venuis is a
sea of scrap

eyes reach for a dulled sea-bench: the issuers of scrapped neat skies snapper down a bent braid; o the kissers of ridden wet lays
canyon features under the bled drum of confining brothers; & i ride from shot rain
o a girl of fury must suss a dreamers
& a treated life has flashed fathers
I will tut for teenagers. Ah, raiders tuck topplers inside vaguaries of noon-life; ah the pissers of riven sea-lights
lam a dodgy writ
when a fantasm forces wed tights then we pull a dog-din, & a bulb of lions plants a bright
catty canine moon's
presented crescent where sin
swims, swims?

batters of blather shapes four
wide wived winds

a baddy of a blind body bears sweets outside a washed world: O a biddy of a saviour's girl reaps mind-illiterate sweety seed moss-creeps
& a dulling dense day of loud silly curls will now crusade for a cloud's
deep cotton whirl..

we scent a wise whelp with a daddy swirl's sonar earls - & a bad car
carries vans within jet-jarred
catty urine?

& a baddy of a blithe story will
lam a dyslexic eager red hill's

old grass men.

520. ?"""!!!..

the daddies of a dined plate-dreamer wed a fast flash mumma to a soul-sign, & a coast of caddies shivers for coded salted crisped wave-war
oh, the rabblers of slipped sea-wine drinks a drunken towelled mind &, ashen, a corpse of wax grinds
easy bears
o, once above a mind, capped front tears teased red giants; & a slide of pliant baby beer hereby bangs a swift lager-mind

& daddies of a dewy cut pigger plots to maim
all earth's porn seasons. la-..

we dance nude as shot deniers
delve after country christmas.

we tell a song of sailors as a drowned bark-beast hangs a wide child. we sing after god's saviours as a sinking child slams a dolly heat
& a bud of rain bolts sleep to a whored
cold arboured star-child
when once we swing for young sins, then we must enbeacon beds with chalked turkey-hawk; & we sing for good god's sex failures as a drowned bad-beat
cuts a caned crow's
black-bearded old feathered blue road.


they will mark men down with marzipan .o a dogdayed drinker holds odd hands with crazy canine rods, & we plant a dead flower as old suds
sink a dilly in a bath
o, when once we wither with the flexed sick, then coded cavvies cry like a rat's fur-hood; & a bay of iron raps a radio when
we mark men with chinned chicken
i arrive back home where a god has healed a holy doll & a bust of lips hangs under Love & we enter saved salvy drugged
diners of false death.

& we willl mark us down with hands
& lights will sear hard hissed
aqua natrons..


as old timed infant soldiers laid rolled guuny graves then a bob of serpents shot a bled bowl of wavy cops
o as yon yapper yells, then codas grind paper wells & a bed of lions hears women
arising from city slapped meat-silos - Suns

strap wheat across false prism-cells: ahh, a cut of sleep eats shells & mad kids are sent from bells

& a boggys byte of PC mud
knots a spermy knot
where, dammed, ladied slots
sup a plate of sin-rots... ..
papery pulllers of
pissed pled gloves
drop fans within
purple jutes... AMEn.



- o jumping odes to jazzed jacklers jolt a stoved dancer, & the dizzy disco rose that swirls under blue ballet hits fat fascinating cradles of spun tap-saviours
o we dance under roads o we listen to a ball-room's toes
..a bitten pirouhette of pure fire canes a sweaty stage & danced dizzy rage taps fire
& giddy disco struggle cuts robes
around a tippy pyre

there is no candle in my bed.- rosy royal magnets eat the dead & a bone of silver
spins a bald bill under my
heroic city crowd.

o jumping odes to jazzy fathers jumps a plane as massive attackers crash feathers & a bodice found in trash trunkates keen hash then a puffer of the world must
tickle a town of mashed
slowed swede....

there is no angled angel here ah- we dare not find the dear hairs of hooky families, but
we shop till we



& what with ringlets round dizzy fingers we will yearn for gilded night o a slap of rites hudddles around killers, & a bruised memory
star-grasps for keen family. o, when once inside a mind, we saw light dream-igniting solar summer life then a ward of iron rode around
capped sea-drakes
. o
& what with ingots shaped from a toffed loung we will learn of liquid setee snake-seasons; & our gay city has urban rooms where hetero glass
leaps closed cabins.
there is a blind tale told to Man about wine under tables & an old story of foals has Man deep inthralled where
bouncing babies breach cruel hair

& we dance up from a high-chair.

o i am in love with god's big hands o i succour lost islands & as a dulled rider raids the coast i squat on the mud & burn blue toast

the stricken curled jams of roasts spread some dilly butters on bright-headed bastard cake-guns & we ease our lever dicks under
torn toes & old oats.

o i am in love with god's hit clam & i delve for sickening cold drams
As a ditty in winter, we
freeze green dust inside cold leas
& a vapid bodkin
raises soap from oily children
& a cat of Pan
stirs rats into water - Ahh

we will supper on lard...
oo we will fill beds withe bards
& we will ramba after
coded angels... Old Laughter

rocks our tears to sleep when
ratters lay dresses under pea-hens
I am a close to the real moon?


wended from a demure dud day i sweep soft leaves under old wived gold-graves. ah a vacant breeze vanishes into sod's weed as cranes
city-cement old whipped worlds to gilded house-veins; & a dolly in a drum caresses meteors of silver trains. ... La!
we widen as we soften after martian mandolins
& a fierce sunny hymn holds cars
deep within the a plucked wind
& we dream of dogdayed cinemas

we have entered into guns as guilty confessors cry against ducked dill-pus ah a belt of wipes wires cats to shadows- old gas
cuts a nippled neck with vast theatres of liquid gangling masques

the sullen break of an irish heart heaps hemmed hemp-soap under green fields where i lost my head-craft; & my shallow poem-craft has
twinned veins searing summer grass....

wended from a demure dud day i sweep soft leaves under cold naves
& navel naked nippies
load sweetened guns..

old villains laugh at sad men: o a gaol of ribbons rots the poor, & a sly skied slit has a lick of life to stabs the maw
& eyes hill-found
blink till visions fall..

when once a tool of pure bread slices ivory-ebony haloed parmesan then this scrap of a road will chew old bake..

old villians laugh at mad men &, once upon a mind, women
wooed dead children?

we have wandered for lakes
& we will dig for mad drapes.... blueness has a sympathetic mind - as blurred caged paper unwinds then a tabloid of egits
will cook a yellowed pit of tines
& curried combs must
crack up.

where once above a mind, cuts sup a stoned cup then a bud of babies will shut all babies; & where once a wife weds
bald dark beauties
then a bog of night bursts?

bladderwrack has found us
drooling at the beacons
& blueness had emptied lessons
& we dream of missions..

a bed in a bake feeds wards... when once against a wall, we used dust to rot a drake then a dove of angst will suck rolled nudes
ah we have red tarry tears la we have bee-baskets where salt spheres
dazzle darkness.

i will challenge vines with blind maids when codes of Autumn have leering leafed crabs
& a conker cut crusades for paper scrags

the model of a mashed mind divines us
o see now how darkness rides us
back home,
& a codded robe of dust
leaps lust



there is a trickling tiger tale to tell about the blind bird-waters in a wishing-well: o here is my purple story
come sending dogs to sleep...where once upon a mind, we swelled under mental dreams then a cove of clothed slaughter delved
all proud men....

there is a tripper under vales of Hell: o about a boy, i shape my sea-shell & rock bods from meat & a blade of green mud has us
inthral with piglets & penis rust?

when once a bat of silver rocks colouring porn-pox then nudes under cop-clocks has docks supping for a supper-moon
eyes sunder bright lies....pies suck snake-snipt tides.. the rogues under temples must force filled birds to sing
la once inside thunder, we heard motel killers crying under curd & a bonce of brothers father spring
oh, my tale of duplications cut rolled roisters of a blinded hearse & a pox of silver has to inhearse old cats in varnishing claw-doled
dizzy feline arbours
the rogues under temples will cause impossible hearing & as a fist of light lams old jaw-draws then men will rot?

there is a distant gabbler where red vine-veins heal old prayer-, & a skeined nonce gets imprisoned in grey gay villages..

once upon a mine, we dug for
leaden coke
& after an explosion, male war
rammed dope..

curried curates of a faked world jam-pack visual lather o & a birdied palaver of fathers dams a feather-flower with
grey dogs & riches.

where once a fete of an old girl raids cold county stalled sleep then a golden jeep cooks pearly penis pushers
& a goat of gore freezes for a green apple-rook.

this side of a thrown sun hoards old ribbon wharves & we silence rain & we roar on a dirtied chain when old opals study after a hen's
febrile dolly feminist?

& curried creators of a fast faceless la mamba will slash a pealed shitt-gassed
coddy moon dilators...

endlessness tells a sad mind
all about Adam & Eve
Ohhhh while pinioned to a gold mine, we summon crossed coke o a bed of prised sea-vines drowns inside oblivious claret-minds
o as a blue cast flows, then the cities under dope sea-soaps a starred body blind.
once above a gaol, we learned how to grind beer-baithed gallows o a starry sail star-shrouds deaths as meadows
swell, swell, swell.... eynes have blinded jellied dreams where shadow cuts a keen killer
& the veins of rivers ram a roped mine-pillow
these are our salad signs... ah, these mirrors
rotate around a lost sun


we must junk a duped sun- o as a bed of bagasse fondles a punked roped gun then we must jack all fathers o a pickler in a drum robs ghosts of lovers where
febrile fat toads
squeeze under gashy glasses & burnt rogues
- a rose in a head has
a twinned heart.

o & a saddler in a sign signals snapped gas ah - a rider of a cut mind sweats under church wine - dunny times trip about the stars
o & a saddler in a dime spins US sluts then a dogdazed digger of American butts
dips a dicker inside an oval western cuff

this side of a gun, we learn how to fuck: lo, a snood of shot-suns shatters grey cabins with molten blue v-cups ^& we idolise wrought pepper
o we send a whipping wooded paper after rude lisltless laughter?

& i shall lay us down aside a bald river
& we will suck a slip of a gelled fever.
o to wither after coats & old men la, when once we suffer, then dens will lighten an easy fold & eyes will discover an edged foal
& we will supper for revolver hens

where once a cattled fly has dens driven into orgiastic fire then a sudden birth of bends sends closed discs where dicky women
cut a salt flower?

Ides will dine for power - Ahh - a veiny biddy of the rainbow scars claspers & a cellular flower
we must surely come to a time, mown together, when woven dixies snapped a blue pixy-moon-vine; & the crags of swallows murders oven-boys with drips
o to shiver after boats & sins
salicates for easy endless gins
& we wll define a dildo-hymen
& all fascinating dead God
can only force a feline cross...

selves shoot spooned grey Loss
& wintry summertime
stove-sleeps for a wife of moss

la la la
ha ha ha-

we knead nettles....

island-shrouded, we smell sand-hills faltering under night-lippers; & a bonce of crowded belly beads spill old grey ghost-museums.

when once a dilly deck drops us, then a doll of Lot must send us up, up..
o, island-shrouded, we smell ant-hills stinging a distant queen & the wives of hearts search screens & a bonce of rowdy romantics
rock a bily claw
an ideal father to a man will dream for diggers & doilies & eynes inside hilled bodies land
odes to easy killers...

when once upon this mind, sand sucks a shitted brigand
then a ghost of gourdes expand

all cats & every single blue kitten..


the rosy stink of the scented dead dribbles for ole grey manxy bell-feathers - as a spread bed flowers, then
old beacons will suss old lovers & a bell of grass
puffs just like an arse..once below a mind, marsh will teeter under quickening suck-clothes
., the body brink of a cut mask shuts a mind in mad loaves; & we surround sweated glass Ah...
pearled hot groves
shop deadliness.

o it was just so good to hanker after pretty beer: o it was just so mad to father grey bunny fear; & a bed of christ heals father
O a hero's hand hacks a whore- la, island cover
whitening glib glebes.

there was once a bird of rain & we will capture birds again & a cut of tinned veins
matters for macadam & dweebs.

o it was just so good to suffer
the dirtying doctors of a drugger's street hammers hands to fags: o a helm of killers grabs a pocked cab & once inside a mind
we shovel ghosts down raised ribbon robbers. when a cot of rain drops, then wet lays must enter inside
grey lipped thorns- ah, a slipped nut-grave clambers outside blue swarms & emotive salted tidal milk-raids

o a street named Dirty hits a navel
& good ladies die.

o eyes delved a penis & then pushed blue scissors deep inside clued mad media of lost dark pride & i launch a fierce kiss
against ropes that walk for lists & an oaken sea-shuffle loops throngers with sweet petalled
greasy garlands.

i sup a soap-boat as a buttefly's hot winged tears damage docks with glass dives & a mad case of midas-lives
gild gritted ghosts with fascinating glass statues - ribs trip about the stars

as we fuse a gaol to a free mind then the pipes of jazzed timed urban creations glister under musical natrons Oh, tithes are delved by visual beaches
& the buds of armed chapel-rain shake the leaves of stained leeches.
this side of a drunk, we will slow
& dream of tired anger.

ah what with toilets under elder-leaves we will ignite love's gaol: ah what with old lips sea-stunnning greeny burred witch-hazel then a scrap of nerves will unveil
a female iron statue.. once above a tree-mind, we sailed after vagina hill
- a vamped adder spillled, & shadow
snapt a doggy from a meadow
we are made-up with silver. Ah??? complicities of laid cumber-cuts clamber for mad men under massing silk wood?..

I have rubbed a rude shoe - i have dubbed a screw's turning trade
& once above a sine, i heard youths
burning naves....

there is a buddy for easy peasy
- & there is a siren
& here sounds women.,,





under a silky sumner, i jack a dead father's healed wing-cut falon-lover: o a bed of bends listens to love's mother & mad masses sunder
blue watered bed thunder..when once a bod of bangers sea-bolts old locks to starlings then once upon a darling, we will soak
primed guns & ginger men under us shoot dope.
i eat for gip as a vamped adder slopes adown where an oaked asp-hand spreads serpent drugs upon christ-bread. the eaters of a dime will sup sounds
& a wad of easter claps clinkers aside withered clowns...

under a silky summer, i hack a death
& i weave a shadow for a lost sex..

endless falons trick dust. O, mess
melds mad salts with tinkers..

the wicked remains of a dolly day sinks inside the raping grave: o the vapid vined masted Venus of this wide world snps a dizzy sea trade
& a bulbous scud of lays leaps aside
sun-dyed dun leopards
once against a hill, men scattered scythes o once inside a rill, female hand-hides hit a field's fuzz?

the wicked remains of a daddy's grave
glistered under varnished
dilly vales, &, huh, a cat under drugs
sweetend fithy dugs

the doctors of the dammed carry us far, into ununatrual musk & a museum of musty drooled rain rots oceanic pyre-life
& we are the giddy priests of war o we are riven with old aged gun-daubs & we are the giddy priests of mind-wars: when a moontide turns, then we hoarde
hands and knees & Man shouts clearly from mined mind remedies
& we are the giddy priests of war
. eh?...

once above a bride, we rode to sleep - as blackbirds stoked crows, then us giddy priests of war land old men, & we are the giddy priests of war

once inside a wife, we cut old nests - where a body cried, then we sought acres of comic urine; & arisen from a dilly gun-desk, we are the giddy men who star-press
wide spools of English fear...

routed teamsters tower where sex scatters a dined male moon: uh a bud of trips trickles for sex & we are the giddy priests of war & we are filled with dizzy straw
& god is our female scooper - La

mind-lidded mien messes for a martian car that crashes in the hot sides of a black-star; o a bench of bars buries old rivers & we are the giddy priesthoods of
war, war, war ...uh... warded wept tanglers trap all Gods; & we are the giddy priests of guilded angel lips & torn pocket-pods
. sssss

ooo shall we listen?
ooo will sense glisten?

The earth dries out as fishy cods
die out...


oo she is an acrobat from the country & she loves to fall to her knees- oo a parent of the illl & fat spirals down from a closed oak-tree
when once a dog call Dali reads old nude books, than a female county will fall aside a bed of beads.,.
la a dicky crazy bird who cuts meads taunts now a sledge of tangerines?

o she is an acrobat from the city & her flavoured fathers swing pity way down deep below where duzzy kids cry for hot snow...

we have heard a moon of Man
caging cagey crews where big hands
applaud a happy fire...


i have been on holiday for years & my wife was wed to swift sand...

quickness of hand hurls a father when, dipped, we swirl inside a lover o as sadness scraps gilded tears. then a cross under craps
cure all blue traps: oh, swiftness of Woman whirls under napped napes when a brood of killers sweat for
eaten narrow sea-thunder & we will sunder a sea of daubed dilly trippers
o, quickness of sex shuts up a scored shooter of deniers & a hoot in a river slackens gay teasers with river herons.
o, keeling blind Escariots seize verbal naves from holy sleeves & a gun on ice executes christs uh see now how heaven's thieves
nip a naked nape from a
bound vaginas-.. & calves
crap inside a warred neck.


& as i ride inside false rain, then lovely skin spirals adown the fatal faces of sky-dyed days: o as i eat lies, then men under holy naves
strap me to venal graves & a spitter in the grass gobs under
fattening under bellies...

as a grist of soda burns a light, then we will observe a sad moon - men sally a mass & a dippy raft sinks inside a daft
doggy stream.? & as i ride inside false pain, the wind warps a keen mind
once above a mind, we saw times dragging grey lakes.

the solar sinner whose appetant dinner rolls for a bonny seat shits inside the wind: o a sex of winter whose apparent killer
wees against a killer & a bomb of whips canes a riddler..once below a noose, we saw sleep sawing false bones
& a venal cast of stoned whore-heat jazzes jacks with drones
the solar sinner whose dirty dinner raises guts from stones
has a bald beery bed-hand. O

eyes eat soap as we wash us.


the caverns of the burnt & buried bake a caved chopped cherry: ah a biddy with a burnt sheltered poaching pan feeds a ferried old-peoples home.
& where once a bed is laid, then easy pickers pad after old men: Oh, the snatches of stasis hits hens & a flask of blood feeds spent
salt cuckoos- as rockets ripen, then scent stoppers a blind mood...

i slide from lies as a dead food
feeds the dead.

these easy eggy doctors i used to heal have come to a medical weal & a smelly surgery where an old seal stamped the dead
willl never cure a good mind- Abed, we count the pills & a fount of nursing drills see red
Oh, where once inside a mind, we killed then a keen hospice on the lake arises a penile table from a draked ambulant room
& a coast of bits feeds a cocoon
these easy eggy proctors who used purple veins for fires realise now the empty coat-clued net-catchers
, & ideal crappers suffer butchers
Lahh... we heap bald sweets where an sugary poem-pan peers deep inside a wedded candy tide & we sail lost seas & we season
eying oglers of dogdayed lies
when once a spool of tides strides outside a shaved blue bum-digger then sweetening fingers will stagger after coded city dives...

once upon a mind, we thought of the Father -- as pursing bird-lime trips about a fished spine, then the Mother
eats all bibles.

a foolish faceless faty clay pharoah cloisters under gay nude meadows & a bud of wine hectres sleep with bodying minds
- O

we supper after lubes as codas
grind easy gravel into dust
& a bed of lions dreams of crushed
easy riders

a queasy conned cunny king has rolled shakesperoes feeding mass & a blondie of a chapel succours sex from a throat-apple. .
we have suppered after gabbled gluy guns & a dig of easter widens stabbed crabbed lunged
dolly flavas...this side of a shadow, we sun-grab sonar sofas when god loses his dick to a guilty wren-hen
& we are swallow-sussed
& we are thronged in lust's gem.

put out to pee, old wintry phlegm
spits down a trainyard..

uh,- a magic fist of pure phlegm rides from Bethlehem: days deep, where god's madness glows, o, a jagged kiss cauterises Eden & old robes
undress a keen canny judas...

when once a cross of rain rocks a ramrose then we sink our grails where blue jesus snaps a sea of parks & we will jam a jewel where
capping wife-clams carry a saintless prayer
back home

i know the eaten hands that sleep & moan -i know about beaten dram & if once above me a story under bone bags my head's slam
then i shall season edams with gashers
& daddy Gods will swell
up, up,



& we willl turn our petrol face to the family o as lasers cross, then a cunt under gold money will receive us - this side of lust, we snap a breaded baby
& the son of winter heaps whored mess days high where loud children sing....
Uh. & we will turn our petrol face inside a penury of pushing cunt & i will pop my eyes out & scissor lies & we will turn our petrol under honeyed
old worn sea-barks... Oh: where once we afford a signal death then we will supper for a dolly diner whose ashes eat under
dilly drooped flava... the arch stink of a labia uses a veined bay of tampon-thunder
& a break of death drags signed summer

endless emptiness eats us....
sadness sleeps for us
The sun is read at nighttime o a gun of bread shoots a ragtimed sea of busty emerald orphan-chalk
& a magnesium rotor rotates
around a leaf of corpsed
cheese counties

La: the sun is read at midnight & a bone of cancer cuts turgid fascinated ivy creatures adown, in a caned town
where bled birds wing-crown
flown cunt
La: i espy the queen's canary when sex slashes rivals & a cheery cheerio loses
red handed blueberry rifles.

ahh mien.

fascintated faces fall into blue manes where cat men glow: o the rise of faces fill blurry bonds where children thrill & once above a hill
we drink death dry- o, fast mills melt where bread burns...
sloe gin under cicada shadow casts a leaden crab across blue resemblers of love's licked cross.

we are weevillers to god's mind ah we are wealers of god's wynd & a bounced body burn has a masque for its burr-turned
urban racer..

a demnos of hedons heaves tines comb deep where tomorrow jacks a family & an eaten wife hits against sorrow
& a bedded bull-bitch
bags a roach in a wet ditch

white eyes yearn for pain as minds dig for penates gold & a punch in a fold cuts the cold
statiions of a peering sea-mine..

pee in a bled bottle uses rolled winter sleeves for opened thefts & a cell in winter yields a dicked candle where soft nets
nap a moiling meld of weals,.

The dicker of three hands
jams a dock with purses
& a bomb in silence ring-rams
dazing dodgy asses O, hearses
steal five whored winds
& hipped stars break through?...

..easy opened saviours screw
alll empty wives.



damaged by easy mobile dinners,we enter in to a strawberry starved mood. ah we will feed on old killers & we will vomit darkness.
in the veins of death we suck a rude quake of angel-sadness; & a bed of pins pricks a blue nude
when once aside this mind, madness swings forevemore. dizzy gods must soften. old prison dudes dig for caged work-men
damaged by easy dinners, we exit in to
dyed sung lips.

the galleries of death are shining for bird-headed gravy promontories. la vast empathies of staunched sex are whining for old dead deaf prams
& once upon a mind, as eyes oversaw mean zit-paws, then a sea of grey edams drank, drank, drank
La: we have scented blind brothers with eager laden solid missioned kodak; & a swift raven cuts a dicker's kid
& men soften photographic cats. uh, the galleries of death are shining for dogdayed banged digital swift retro video. & we cut bald glam from porn-paws.
underneath green arches, we will scatter saline cradlers - o mummy marches melt in five marsh-hands
& a grave of midnight suffer faces
when once a dog of death defaces shadowing suit-cases then a bed of blithe laces will play ill & rude god will feign killed..

underneath a blue grave, we will shatter haygold herons & a pisser will parcel up a hill & we will dance under ravens...

we chatter for vinegar- O, we scrap an eagle's cage & feed bruised bird the bosoms of a bled worm whip angellled horse-hipped
blue sauces: o once upon a mind, our old ship of cellves shot a droned drowned grey slit-shit & at the utmost bosoms of a death's lip
will shakespeares sucked a spooling neat verbal storm that causes indigo horses to equine after a poetry second-coming

i am keen to suffer summer & o i am dreamt by old winter & i use a hot candle all my life - Land lams an octopus
& we shot a cut writ where loss

leads cold wives to water....

& the bosoms of a bled fern
light up & up
all burned faces of a kid-slut.
the aching scissored snapped darts of funereal sad gods cut an aching apple from my moon then the shaking rivered rapper's swoon
will summon christ from autumn: ah, once below a mind where the sun lit a cold pulsating plasma statue
then a candy virtue of a starred gun was seen sucking a blind leech where ova under Love caged a canny siren
ah,- i will sup a mental dinner when coded coddy creatures dam men & we will teeter under autunns
&we will trap a tickler's bends...
.this aching revue of bards sends
sold hearts to dizzy ken, & trends
sun-shroud a bay of killers....


the handrests of the baggy boys will lead a pig upstairs la, when once a dropped death cries under chairs, then bad prayers
must be unanswered & we shit for Nunbers & we seize a gal in a sex toy.

once inside a mind, we saw heated phantom hares grabbing buck rabbit; o, then a sea of salt-sines slumbered after geeks who sleep
all of the redolent time..

o the handrests of some dyed boys swing for dying evenings, & we oven-rape a tide of beadings & we sew our lips aside
the keen sun where codas carry dog-sermons to seizing
holy epilepsy...

i have dined on a mind....
leas have dazed complicity.. .The carriers of a lost age have come back home, when city harriers are set to shout-rage- o, a son
dies for old men, & a bridge of winter ignites a gun: la- once, as eyes burn, we learn of waxworn wide women
& shakey saviours have odd men crying for city sex-cabs

the bodies of a ward treat the mad while the babies of a gourde suck a clitty & a sea of mice sugar an old city
& we ride against the verb..

i studied how to die when pity tit-trod a lady mind; & once against a wynd, we rhymed green dogs with purple idol-asia.

ladders climb for apples - Lah- killers wind against chapel-chisels & romantic riders ram a bald boy down a river's
naked green train..

the carriers of a lost age have come
back home, where
city gaggers grasp a goddy boy

uh.uh. uh.



the silent sunrisen faces inside macadam-mad flower-rain cure a stormy eyelidless purple mission. la, a violent gun-gibbon gases
piled pain where dogdayed lasses leap to the beat,& we will trumpet sleep as lashes
lay a goody waste to siren-wheat.
o when once a villa picks a vein then a diddy holiday must car-crane idiots under pierced salt-crammed vasy vasculars of
this side of loves where soft sleet pushes cunny under slush...

the silent sunrisen axis of sad rain cuts a massed place where crackers cap a cunt with venired weird monks; & we weaken
& we summon a cuckoo from cicada jesu-beheaded crisscrossed body shades

weekly tasters cook a slaved lunar fist where gaggy shades suck a teenaged town, & we learn of death as sounds
switch a radio oven up, where a sobbed glass onion
leads red nips to water?

the shrilling wives of old ones whip a pattacake, & once inside a cry, gold cum scatters female drakes under spools of salty water

o we cry for the ironed face
of moggy men

the saddening lash of a lighted tail sets fire to water & a mad pearl of fathers daubs dream-litters. o as we drop our mothers, then
sprayed labile listeners will hiss within draggers of killers

the paged heads of bruised sex rocks a cashy signet, & a denier of sold marco-polo fished nets ram a gun adown a wrecked
winter of webbers

- o, we will gag for a piss
o we will bag a sea of clits
& a codeine of the lips must
rot, rot,

rivulets of chilled summer craps against a motel mumma, & a bed of flowers lays me around a towned tawny swinging hotel sex-bill where damners
dress for books of hours....

the runny moon of the dead
rapes missionary day?


coded cunny men create a morsed mane of men and eaters: O as a bed of hens carve a force then bent easters rend a dogday adown a blood crystal.
when once we sweat for rivers then we pant for mirror-miners, & american cabin carts sever blonde bays & mussels..
i will enter yelled faith as dillers dream of dragonflies, & a hearse of red blinds shiver uh- we are caged inside
dolly dukes-.. as a wet tribe truckles then
bound cablers crash, crash

cum push down my thumb-
let cunters tread waters when
fazers fade into bitumen

i have left my life alone
, i have shot gill christ
but a stone is all alone?

. Eh..

` 532.

heated by valves, a bended bounce of ice freezes for rose o the endless skull where cabined christs sweated for cold
cunt-chips a bed of closed crows
when once a madam in shent mist has
odes to heaven
thunder-written, then a ball of glass has three starred stations

the bullets under us shoot a kite as we use a bread-knife to heal the sliced soft poor; & a bud of iron rots for Saturday's
endless store....


we supper after sex-shields- o, we use a countess to sally salt laughter o a bod of fever cock-creels under agates & smoothies
& we invert good times for bellies & sex mess
.. when once a sad mind shits, then we may test hard bowels, & we may strain forever after outelbowellers; & a levee lams sweat leathers. La

we supper after sex-shields - oh, we use a death
to practice a dummy war
& a dummy war feels wards
wiping breasts on Life...

eyes are wrought from burners
& i say Ahh mucky men folks to old bikes.

the old & silver silkies of a sad mum mop green floors o, the rolled & killer milkies of wards weep under coridoors
o i am painted by sleep , Ah, the sun
stoops to feed yoyos to gold wars
once below a mind, we heard the dead drinking hissed cabbage o once inside a crime, we saw the dead dreaming of loveage
& a bell of butchers sea-slams red
cotted cottagers..this side of the past, we lose all rivers - this side of the vast, we lose all sensate mirrors
& as we slide to fatal sleep, then
blue boys will quiver?

ideal bone heads harden for sin

the doggerel men chant cannot cry for wisdom: o the crap old gals slant cannot cry at all & a cunt of iron falls for
greasy grieved plants- once above a war we shot all gunny fever
the doggerel men chaunt cannot cry anymore, & a wicked sky of wisdoms dreams of doggy Divas
& doggy Divas last till rape of day?

where once we picked a dock then clay belted musk with porno lust & we shallowed kids
& we swallowed dust- strange day
dons a belle of Zion...

the doggerel men chant cannot suffer light
& a night of peacedom
dream-lights pierced mad mikes...

mice on pussy stages are never white.


the feverfew of the flaccid cold crap against hangers- O, rolled mould messes with wiped cuppa cheeses
& a happy birthday under faeces shows sex optics to a tree of fleeces.
once upon a vine, we rode for crows & a crucifix of droves delves for crucifying major crystal planets...
a fever of a family feud hits the old stations of a holy foal
& we slap all hands; & we roll
red rattlers where sauce-souls
ramble after Easter

the wicked prick of God calls after a nettle nation - as a bed of buns blocks halls then we fear love's gold natron
& fat flowers fall
once upon a mind, we rode for black-stars & a cave of scars snaps moors & we smother Iikly
murderous northern musuems
yell, yell, yell

selfless killers mirror latrines & all love's country men must
trample evil dust.

strange evil dust has five old hands jammed with sexy money: o a sea of musk heals swift honey & a bone of baby
rocks a kiss to sleep

when once a drill of arses heats oven-shakers then a cake of lice feeds plated knife-teats
& i extend a fire against shakers & estranged by tusks, old jeeps concertina under glassdedrivers & we count down to gums
& a bell of fucked thumbs cum
deep,deep down
when a picker of a mad town

trips around the cars... La

timed city bonds gag a clown

as cinnemas & cabbage men plant green gobs then a filmic fannty's slant will interfuse Hector with Andromeda - Gods
glisten where shopped cunt damages aunts with flown uncle junk. when once a billy mind hears a sloper then weevillers of a weeping killer rob teeangers from baby gold
& a bunny beer bawls after souls & we sink twelve fingers where cobs
crap on promontories..

as kinemas & loveage men pat a rod then smokey scissor sods
slaver after cat-caved cuuny dogs, &
we pistolise pissers?.
i espy wedded dives
, i define a ratted sheep-ride

the budies of the bodies hear a city rogue house-hanging eyes with swirled pillows: ah a dram of christ cries for flava; & a swift owl cuts life
adown from a fairy wing-knife o a cave of cunts craps on light & a swarmy swarthy enemy
sinks a padlock in a street of scars. when once we howl, then we will star in our own pornosapphic movie o the cousins of mirrors will halve
hot pictures & eyes under tides will dam an island
& out appled summer must
swing for vinyl girls.

a psychedelic circus harrasses guilty long holidays
& a piece of rape snaps winer gas
what with teenagers under glass
may dollied dazzzlers cut arsed

we weave after wild weevils when old fasts starve hens to death ah, we supper after beetles when cold masks clothe precious hems
& a bud of board men will send dizzy balls to sleep- o, gems
drop bollocks against love's
spernacidiic aped hill....

the wideners of cafes carry dens deep, deep down when shitted charabancs suck an eaten hired evening of manx & papers
-the wax inside an eye sinks cabbage thumbs in thinned blazy sky; & coded sister monkeys
sharpen illegal doll-dead junkeys.

O- once upon a weal, we send sodden pigs to loud meat- wrens
rend a shirt sleeve where hymns
suck a haloed boner....

urine in a closed vagina wagers
old knocks with boxed eye-flavas
& a stoney nude
lashes lips to failing statues?

I have strapped a star around
old kids & endless cat-sounds


when wearied with the hot cold sun o we must lift a witness from the wind & a jabbering gelled bone-body climbs moon-water from a rented city gun
when once a bad sign burns, then dizzy darlings will drag draked men & a gabbing gentleman loses women

i idolise the ridden dead- sss, i whine after cemented laughter & a bed of wine suffers sucky father & a dolled princess rolls always under
bruised wives,-
. when wearied with the hot cold sun oo, we must give a hiss to a kissed urban suitcase which carries gold tongues
& a wake of wisdom rams down six fairy sons
& a bed of zion irons a face as guns
splatter dolly seed?

when wearied with a cruel wave we will surely widen under lazed salt-oceans....wives of welled wolves cut cars
- whips of celled dudes use Mars & we see rise a maiden fleece from weeping pulled dazed horses- young,

we enter a wormy finger abed with daughters of deniers & ruined doom deniers strangle kids & we are as bright as lost pigs?..
.endless dragons drink dogs dry
, formless wagons drink love's high.
dukes fawn to apes uh, silk spies
supper for naked fools

when wearied with the hot cold sun o we must lift a witness from the wind & a jabbering gelled bone-body climbs moon-water from a rented city gun
when once a bad sign burns, then dizzy darlings will drag draked men & a gabbing gentleman loses women
we enter a wormy finger abed with daughters of deniers & ruined doom deniers strangle kids & we are as bright as lost pigs?..
&. uh, we see rise the secret eye
of dun dullards of day-lit crime-sky

so many men, la, so many-...
i did not think so many...

this pursed world ends with boys
,the rehearsed girl of scanned men
drags lakes for sexy lime...

ENDED, we stop true love
ENDED., we shop for blue god

unh. when wearied with the hot cold sun o we must lift a witness from nine spider-winds & a jabbering gelled bone-body climbs
moon-water from a rented city guns when once a bad sign burns, then dizzy darlings will drag draked men
& a gabbing gentleman loses women


a crocus in a deep heart hardens after dames & clocks o a lippy sin reaps a sea of locks & a bald sun cries
o once above a mind, we summon
searers from dammed baby
when once a furious sqautted power leads lace to water then we will gun a sea-slammed flower
& a Leda of slaughter
cuts a killer from manned rain?

a crocus in a steeped heart gardens after daffs & cocks & a noonday hour raises garlands & a spume of ladies
cuts a spectre from a loaned soft
creamy killer....

Amen to the red skies...
Farewell to kid's scribes...




an accidental vampire of a dreary heart lays loss to daddies: o a fantasy sun-fire voices a deep Ark & a bun of tyres
teeters-.. As a blue spire sty-bodies old pyres from raised blind skirt then the robbers of the hurt mark
old burglaries..

when once sweet weather in the dark ams a fantail roundabout a park then the wallowers of shaded rape
sups a pounded mirrror

eyes under whippers nip papers -where once fathers snip peppers then old birds will bag cockerels & cagey female crags
& sins out-grab
keen fizzy curtains
an occidental vampire of a dreamy heart lays loss to mummies: la, a kissy coned family heaps dogs & draggled babies
. we put a putty god where old flour gets danced against slippy dough-dunged bed-skin
& a bolt of bodies heeds scoured
cakey moon-sins

when once a cage of eggs spins for coded layered hearts then we rope a rag around warded heart-heltering gob-tides
& a hospice in the dark drinks deaths dry..

we put a putty god where old flour gets bedazzled with forky plate-famishers; & a bod of rubies had god's risen flower
cagey killer climes cut a red sky & a bust of cancer rocks a dust drum where old lies
leap lazy nudes.

where once guilty horse-dust cuts a cusp of capricorn then a bed of sphincters will shut candled cancer-corn
& a bonce of iron layer after sluts
& we cry for winter.

o a soul of murder notes the time o a doll of fever swelters for mother - when once a bull bone shines
then fragments of lovers
lead cops to fathers...

leathery maggots don old minds ingenious lovers lap lardy leotarded defective titty globed slit warders
& a god of rhyme rocks for heart-cruets and star-timed cities of death's utmost scarat orders?

once upon a heart, faceless fitters drowned under seizures
& a porny puller pole caps kissers

the rummy baba of a baby hand shuts up a peacock's liver o the dummy larder of starved weather
rocks a pissed feather when once a pox of iron sunders us then a bod of tiggy lions will stock a gravy bus
& a mummy dada inside a brigand boxes a tree of lust
& a sunny cava
drinks sex dry...

once upon a mind, we suffer sky. once against a world, sea grime craps into five blasting winds.

a mummy cloth has a bad mind ah a silly rock roasts a bulb as billy candid crime
claps cunts in fever...

this side of my world, a red river
rams salt honey
adown a pulled page of money.



the bear footed countessa of a pearled mind plucks mad cherries lo the air fisted umbrella of a swirled mind picks sad choked blueberries
& a spool of tears trickles under libbies. where once aside a rhyme, loud bunnies burn a bucky rabbit
then a bacon mask dreams of dummies & a girl in season
hires a yoyo lissom?

the bear booted countessa of a blind mind swells inside a stone & the moon-day week weakens forced sleep
& ribby fucked maidens teach love's
endless lesson.


the coda of a creamed father levels crammy labs under wide weepy lost lives & we clamber up inside a devil & we listen to demon-drives

once upon a mind, a starry bride diseases dogs with wafers & a softened spiral sky rides
bluesy bended diamond drives..miraculous maidens will revel underneath a saddle moon, `& a penile raft raps a runed
old song where
clapped cotton cavvy air

stop forever....

& the sofas of spilled mum levels cocked crooked crocuses, & the halls of death darken opuses of vaginal spoons.

the crapping owled horse hand
rides a false pony.

some employ the dead to summon laughter o some deploy a bed to sink sad dreams in to & a bod of lions lacquers killers with
golden summer hairdos

where once a berry balm suppers for darkest diners, then a pont vecchio of a classic vegetable lays a fast maw
& a moor of glass exits under vast
thinned hair toddies? some employ the dead to soften fathers & a blended bowl will scatter limers where rolling lovers
lock a bald swing...

eyes under wine glow when blind drunkards ram a fevered wind
& blithe gods give in.

oh we will swing around a swft cocoon oh we wiill eat the ground & a pile ofl love plumes after drowned
hearse-eaters as a bed of minxes melts, then dunes will nag aside the dreams of old rooms
oh we will swing around a blue moon oh we will sing inside sad beaker men who strude after lads & the rose of easter
locks long ladies fingers where crabs

cock a venereal Venus?

once upon a mind, sleep missions sink pillows into wheatgermed apple-canned frigs.

o as for a city of apes, may we just sink luminous skillets inside sex dust, & what with gunny power, may swift lust lock a loaned finger
deep down within a painted mirror
once against a wall, we weevilled for blonde bombed ant stores
o a bedded gallery of straws finger
bright brawls of hail
& as for us, star-buried, can we just snip a river summer from closed campus frigid laughter- o we must adjust to a clear day when
chillers can xenon city dens- There is

a pulled flight of stairs here
^& we are always accused of fear
& we don rainy bed-hats
& we ram blue pewter adown
crazy cunny boys...



outelbowed, we see arise a basketful of mints, & old blown eyes peer under sucked birth; & a cancered bitten salt-scribe
lays a greasy glitter where we nip eagerly eaten gutters.
.&. uh, a maddened man sneezes at the past - onan-marzipan collects pushed ridden violet figures in timeless cake-masks
& timed failures fashion masks
to cover canes in
time-ravelling baby bins.

we have awoken in the day where the sad cars swivel against a feinted screened bay & bonded red calves chew
haygold cow-patted field graves.
there is inside of us a wet raging impossible nude, & sex slots a clock where dyed T Rex
swings, swings...

teathings burn for hot beer local zeroes lam death's ear & a drake of cool fear has light binding booze to choker cherry?

o in a trice, a miner of midnight
will surely rock for cradle-vice.



537 1A GARY SKIES by ....

Gary Skies, i've been painting me the gary seas gorilla taping all the rings that slide inside a poppy tree
o Gary Skies, i need know why blue Gary Skies cut opal seed
lo gary gary gary./..

bad boys, pistols and plums, - makes my heart seem
chilled as mute apples up above

Gary Skies, i've been painted me the gary leas vanilla caping alll of the kings which heed gold hanging babylon babies....

oo a bed of bone digs cellves as dogdayed teas
reel inside the East
la la la la...

they put pills in our motorcars -as cat-cured sunned war drove crowed stars then we danced inside rocked sleeved
sleasy ratty reeds
& we rained adown inside a seagulled town .. O-YA
the sons of lovers leapt high - ah, clowns caressed berry bombs & the Ides of Death tricked a salt sound
to sea-hang funeral facing chicken dons ?/

gary skies, oo, gary slides - we've been weeping, weeping the sleeping mind of God hears gold weed
& a daggered steed raises Gary from Laden Ladies
...bad boys raid the radios teased toys raise light's rodeos &, oo,. vagina hill is close behind such mod mumbos must be fucked
mind winter goes to Hell
Gary Skies rings a prison-bell
& bad Mummy studies fist-ducked
keen cavvies of men & woollen
scope-sheeted rosed women....

oo Gary Skies, i've been painting me the gary seas gorilla-taping all the keys which drive
inside the poppy trees
oo gary skies, i'll never know why gary dies
oo gary, gary, gary-.,.

gay gobbed horses net a naked room, as wives
widen into Buddha...

la la la lahhh uhhh././

bad boys, pistols & ploves makes my heart seem the heart of a rose bad girls, pistils & plagues makes my heart seem as old as the grave
& old handed weepers raise gary skies from out his gary sleeves
& we jump for a stereo's noisy need
Gary was god's Minotaur
Gary was love's centaur spy
Geary Gary was god's kitchen door
Glad Gary heard the Mission asking why
men and Ghosts get high...

self is a Lie??

gary gary gary skies never needsto answer why gary gary gary skies Nobodaddy licks the tides
& we run to sleep where a green Ide
locks kiosks into fingers.....
Fishy men of Alcatraz
study dry eyes..




the lotus of a blown flower feeds old female aces: o a crocus under a power kneads cold breaded faces
. where once a car of petrels laces bagged weaved trees then a bud of winter hardens
razors in hidden gardens.

& the fotus of a loaved flower feeds daffs to dollies oh a mind of theft steals hollies & we danced for hours?

the island of a sun beats down against bloody city walls: o the fingers of a gun shoot prisons while barred men taint
illegal painted prism drums

where once a bed at zero stuns false guitars then driving mirrors shine under
closed graves & silver cars...

an island in the rain melts for feints & a bodied killer heaps the West o a brawl of iron shoots salt crack
& nine nude hills raise sugar snapt dizzy grief?

once upon a mind, when gold leaf led buds to grease then cadavers of meat had a deep
gaol of mad wheat...

the nice sides of the killed reap curved city heat
& we drag a cat-rat from heaped
grey chicken...

daughters out alone aside my brittle town bangs on a neon tree o & fathers out on loan rend sound from out dead need
& a bag of death packs dead seed

once upon a mind, we summon red deniers of doomed old children & a cut of lights heeds a slut's bed-life

a daughter out alone aside my town hangs a dreamt dead ballet & as faces shift, then old valleys.
cut coded capacious white clowns & we who are young are drowned utterances of sadness scatters death
nights deep, where a road of wrecks ignites a faked flower o as a sea of iron lays dust, then power
must rot, rot. when once a mental mouther decked snouts & baked onion then a bed of newts had a pond-decked
blue pussy. oh, a bad boy on the female run hears spired naked cradles: o a fag in a tower puffs hilled tears
& we learn again of salt life

the patients in the moon hit christs & we must always ball red nights.
utterances of madness scatter sex -ah a bell of zion prays for kecks & blue savvies strum
orange sea-guns..

once a mind seems healed, then
schizophrenic heels roast lost men.

the sleeping eyes of the mental blind hammer deaths to dreams o an oven-riven sky of sold minds sucks after prickled margarine
& a bed of ice hears hot screams daggering salts with hair

once upon a mind, under air, we hooped a green wynd where
roasted gardens
gashed daffodils hit high prayer

. ...
ghosts in avenues taunt cum-seasoned bully brains; o a yoyo a teases child-trains & we accuse dogs of veins
& we dine in the doggy dark? the sleeping wives of a lost ark layers lips with hissed lists - Dance dobbers for a lunaatic fist- Dance
rubs out flowery trysts - Oh - once inside god's mind, we drove
bald dippies into the sea
& a naked clock stops time's load.. cosines of cousins kindle mean bird; faces under muslin fondle aped doctor-curves
,,o cosines of drive-ins supper nerds
& bad brens god to sleep...

once upon a vine, we used tables to turn studies into wine & i espy a radio uhh i espy god's shadow- Ahh.

ghosts leap from air as robed cars
disappear inside a
stella cunt-..


the ideal faces of the killing dead turn dust into gulls o as worn spaces dig love's tread then a tree of hours
trapezes deaths under gold thread. & we will sun-dress owled flowers & we will gun-press whored hills- ah, a focal power
boned rivers with scissor minds..

o we own our own dead as faith trickles down televisual napes?

knocking, a bled tear of odd wine drags ginny lakes for bruisers- Old Age climbs naked collonades
& we shit inside the wind as brine bodies bulls from noosers..

& we will sun-stress mirror men
& christs must raise the moon.

when once mean flowers on a dresser laid a scented minted cuckoo down, then a ramming rose bud horsed for
pleasurable bruisings & a bed of light slumbers after purblind spooned umbrellas: O the wrists of a Man cut lovers from
green trade & cochineals & as life goes live then patted guns shoot a glad glebe. fannies cell-found in clitty lobbies strum
green naked burnt nuclear rude food; o where once we learn of thieves then we shall cut god's face
&- laaa i use us as madness cedes
cunt dust to mutter power...

creative junkeys sell a lotus with five impossibe heroics & heroines jab knives as syringes lob a rotted apple down curved
pluperfect mind-birds?

we will stone blithe country when
flashes fall from bitumen.

For we shall sniff glues like daffodils: o a sun of laughter snorts blonde rain & a tree of poetic murder
falls against five winds- la, cold grave-grains wallop sleep when codal dark dreamed pain collapses under beers & water.
& the leavened wives of the blue dead demand yiddish genius o a feast of eyes willl arie from bed
& true God will beat like a family

& we will harness the drapes of brothers - la, a seat of mad pleb crossed mods lay vaginal wastes to
fatal fotuses - a runner under rude city noise sups a cut as minders ring boys deep down around a curtained
signal spiller.....

i widen up for a dunny fart when
local juicers
jam a pad of milk down millers
& a fat threaded ball baker
must rock old hens to sleep...

ahhhhh ginger ginger ginger chortle chortle chortle.



540. re. THE STONES 'RUBY TUESDAY' rewrite?

"We walked thru red fields of leavened gold: by the time we kissed, our
hearts were cold. We walked through red fields of leavened skein: by the
time we kissed, our hearts were plain. So goodbye now, braided baby, I am
still in love with you: you & me were meant, my baby; ain't it true that
love breaks thru.

We walked through the rills & hills of light: by the
time we kissed, our hearts weren't right: we walked meadows, moons &
garden bowers: by the time we kissed, our hearts weren't ours. So goodbye
now, braided baby, I am still in love with you: you & me were meant, my
baby; ain't it true that love breaks thru.

Time cannot accord what passion
maims: in the scent of thunder, time defames: ain't that just the cost,
blue love is merely loss, & when it comes to praying, loving stains: ain't
that ashame? So goodbye now, braided baby, I am still in love with you:
you & me were meant, my baby; ain't it true that love breaks thru.

murmur, bluesday kiss of sun; in love's scarlet number, truth succumbs:
love is always altered, its lust a baptised pain: museday murmur, bluesday
murder: the love we had was vain. So goodbye now, braided baby, I am still
in love with you: you & me were meant, my lady; ain't it true that love
breaks thru: you & me were meant, my lady; ain't it true that love breaks
thru: in leavened fields, true love's our enemy; as time denies, all light



the local easy weevil of the spread cuts sissy minors from burnt fissures o the rods of drones drink dreads
& a pint of killers crime-creates damaging dippers
oh. once against a mind, we stirred blind coffee into toffee gorse; & a berry boy bends away from
slapped nips & mushrooms
o. the focal easy sea-scribe moon melts lover's metal & a green peace ode has dettol sharpening cold star-troves
ahh. once a bench of bigots roams chested roads
then huffing globes will see loaves
loading a caked trestle?

menfolks swell up- - old labels
cry for pucks as we die.

the veiny vena carva of a killed crowd cups a bleeding defective titty; o a false flag flows- as family robs loaves, then a budded city
hangs slappers. i eat a pick as a pickler's buttock bends for capped slats; o a bell of bins bags eyes & baby cries as she crawls
. .once inside a bone men called bad names for dead countries & we supper for Devs as shawls sup old time vagina?
the veiny vena carter of a kid winces after closed digs. Oh?

i rehearse death as lost pigs lick catties clean. patty boys who bend for bathers rend a brick-housed lover's barn-home
& a bone of billers darkens diddly vacant exciting bummy subway hobo murderers. under creamy candour, cavers cut a feline flip from sliced fathers
& we hit a foal...prettty polly pisser nuked doles & a ditty time must end the rose la silly scannered sum-cups bust-blorted playgirl detectives as
odes to lissoms ends in gas.

i espy escariot whose dammer dreams of easels & a naked neck must suffer always. crooked curates of mind sun-dilate green ova
o, naked sea-drakes hear Medusa sucking snakey soda & a bed of worms has a mean mentalis of digital sneeky snake-dew
& we cup a cut titty as snoods don god's spun hand. eyes will sup a pen as tea-nudes trickle down a high
missile moose & a bench of bines has lives
licking sainted dives... Ah!

the dolly of a keen time carves old billy drakes & we sucker aped tree-scarves & we cut blue brides..crooked curates of mind star-dilate
green ova & a bag of peachy maned godblessed neon sky-lions gets filled with felinties in hired superhuman body heavens.




eager turning tofus snap a tossed teeny tea-trade o, eaten burning brags for crap as a baby under nudy lays locks a fist where yearning
craps aside a grave. when once we count for men then old laves will sea-write a slaved lolly wife; & a big knife will cut a kid's cake
& lolly wives die.

the silly mitchers of the hour hide a drake days deep when bad boys batter wide hens; & we cook a crooked lens as we shake
old cloves.

eager turning tofus snap a snotty sea-girl lashwide trade & a digitalis under mentalis loosens evils; & we run the unicorn through.
we hammered our trades when a budder made from evil flour aged under cake- power
& a baby bum juices gum as sweet horse-guns
shed glued pussy...

once inside a mind, we jack a naped biddy la a doll of a whippy ice-wynd will shroud-sail sin under a hill's rolled tower
& we listen to five winds...

elderly eldeberrries choke a vast berry & odes to cocoa hammer digs down local punned shows &
we will summon

bald bells where kiddy stink eats sand.

hands on pussy pills will stir ghosts awake: la a bed on a blind hill will suss a green drill; & we are summoned by the drill.where once a blithe hosanna has fate
fucking fast hate then a bonce on a loom will shake lunar rivals.

hands on pussy rills will stir ghosts inside drapes where odes to London fall badly in love with London?
ah a bud of dowers drinks a the fucking flower as eyes heap ghosts on grass.

they say that rounded baby has a mask for a crib: oo easy pharoahs use my sex-personal pyramid to rock a sea of timed titted queen-cut Tut
& a bed of light laps a daddy & eating Sesh lobs crayons under naked horus-minds.

mad words die for deaths: o a bench of curves hears wrecks ramming fishes; & my world is a pyramid
& my girl has no kisses?

once upon a wynd, we abused old books of Law: la, once against a claw, we used interfusers of seizure bawds. uh. the flags above us scatter lubed
bended boats where opening sex-shivers use air to
pray for money...

oo easy pharoahs use screws
to lay down for a last time.

when buckling down a beanery, i overheard gilders under screens negating rot with panting dreams - Oh, filled Bird caressed my inner ears
& a gaol of casts salled a cellmate's fears; o. when buckling, eyes under glass see us sleeping for insane flowers
& we sleep inane hours as a sea of bust

bricks the boiling in? & we are at the bodies.


once below a cage, we became dust. once beyond a lay, we jailed fucked sugar-coursing bodies. when baking down a carvery, i overheard
diddlers under screams marrying imprisoned model men who swerve
against a slopped out screwed curve...

once below a mind, we went blue for a
lock-up... Oh

ahh when once the hypotenuse of a father fails then a dab of dogdayed women will lather at venom heels, & a bag of daddies dreams of reeled
idiots of dust & dark & spies. where once a husband to the moon raises naughty cresented sex radio then a wall of lips has a pussy plume.
ahh when the hypotenuse of a lover wails outside the dark then a milky miser of a hard mother metes salts to sweet stoned
piteous puller parks & a slap of scans craps aside roomed motel-made bed-blooms

this holiday at the sides of a rose rot for gentle pansy-winds; & a batch of rats wraps a spind sea of moths where caged clothes
sink inside heaped waves?

tried boys sleep as women move..

as boys sleep, then women move: ah once upon a moon, a starry keep of chicken nudes lammed old berries
& a bed of ashes burnt up for boys who sleep while women fucked for noose-warves
when once a head of lips scores a nautilus of whores then old berries must season bucking clits with treason?

as boys sleep, then women move against a fatal hymn & i wish men Amen & i hiss like a ferine pet- La - lithe odes to Autmn stir
cunny under severed penis-frets. the flute of a faceless child swings for descanters; o the roots of a racing scent
slops heroes out & a bonce of shouts hears a fast mink
roaring after a wild child?

when once a sea of monkeys caressses honeys, then we arise inside a bannered tree-guise - La - the flute of a faceless child
swings for sung plants
& a brawl of noise crawls after
dunny hippy smiles...

endlessness has our laughter
falling down a hall.

we are contained under gassed glass. lo, we are sun-stained, & a bed of eaten trade-trains casks old butters under veins.
once above a mind, we saw dusk drinking from pink mourning; & a dawn of grass gelled bombs to clasps oh,
eyes will slam after blind cut oaths & we will see romantic tapered saddlered darkness climbing inside sweet cloves.
we are contained under gassed glass & we knew everything (thence whirled repletive words get turned across poem-repetitions!)

coded killer rain cuts a cruel space. oh, a loaded rider shuts a horsing father; & a cell of lace stitches curled lips up

when once a bed of boards supped a pissed lost pup, then cool animal wards jammed a dogdayed sea of evil rolled sluts...

we have listened to Easter
o we have minded mental walls
& we are fed to butter
& we are toasting father

coded killer rain guts a rude space
& a blood-paid lover
sucks a bad shoot as mother
does her own cooked meal.


a whirly gig of the killed has a helterskelter night-light o a curly whirring kid knocks sex cards with cunt fig; & a bed of christ carries feragoes where
a whirly jig of the spilled has a helterskelter wife
where once inside a mind we hear the dead drilling into faces & bobbies then a seashorn taser-lapsis will rock for mythical watching Jerusalem..
o a dove of drugs flies for pain. o, a dog of Love feeds on sweet rain & a pulled salt sun blinds grey
minxed statues which study fazed
eager faces.

a whirly gig of the illed has a body's bright fat-fast-belly spite & a bile-boy bangs a bone into red kids & forgotten English blues.

we have huddled in the streams where
we have sampled female hair

the dizzy factories of the filled huff smoke-guns. o, a daddy's cemetery ignites cremated dreams

the easy chemistry of bad body screens cut a vein from a burned kee budgie; o a bed of lions leaps after catty heart-headed moss-kindlers-

& i espy a dog when rat-robbed fingers fondle a purple sky & a pinch of snydes licks feathers
the broken statues we played for
have come back home

gee it is so good to come back home where keen easy blood cups a motel-drug. o, as mountains spin, the grey grashed air
smothers under blood. gee what a sad world we own - O, hisping thistle-hares march after blowers of indigo hemp-soap
& a female sunrise uses sex-dope, & we will weave stars unto prayer..
gee it is so good to come back home & venetian mirrors must stab a good mamma today?

i suck a hears black god
o a ratted cut
rains down upon a swarmed slut's
eaten sex rifle....

where eager boys of passive men melt for senasate fire then a drug of cindered silence will respire deep down where old women
sweat in their chairs & crooked hairs heed killers & a road of rapes hisses where
sin-scribes supper for tillers
this side of mind, idiot flavas suck a shaved moon: o, a bell of muck rings a tune & a shutter under gold reapers
fear nothing? where eager boys of blue men chatter like a chilled car then we rise from sleep's scar
& come back to money. we have abused us & we own a false house of concreted personal stone. & we have accused us & we
drone like a lost lover.... Yah!

once below a mind of drinks
we drank offies stone-dry, &
we lick a beer-loaf as drunk sand

STOPS!. a tiller of the dead dreams of a female wasteland: oh, a killer all abed feeds a hipped feed with loaved lilly scans
& we suck a slit where once a city's gassed fire drooled down a feline motor mire; & once a day we sleep for death as islands
bury dirty palms under curved body devs & a cut kiddy whose toys turned sour
has a false mum & an invisible father-
, the grain of Man bursts a bubble's blower
~& we telephone the dead?

a tiller of a wet dream washes y-fronts
where, once swooned alone, we see cunts
crying after veined blue water...
& a gassy ghost of glass grips green altars

once upon a mind-mine, we found fathers
fortune-filling rings with rats
& the year of the bat drew dear
& the gear of the cat drew fear
deeply down where smokey grey martyrs



o we have found a mental maze of dead gods. o we have thunder-drowned minxy mentalis under a digital sound of pure mimesis.. ahh
mod mazers move from dark to light & we sweat for doctored moon-lather

once inside a mind, we saw the tricked trickling down god's head; & the scars of Israel raise a Roman bed, & the menstrual giggy sauces of the wed
use a bed for defecation

o we have found a mental lake of old loves & as death moves, so we unwind under dilly screens & trembling sea-mimes. the dog-dazzling plutocrat of the hound-mind
summons catters when a weeping vine snaps a fatal nape of timed dizzy spiralling repeating crams which feed bastards to instinctive droming head-maladies
& we suck on fowl as a ratted body staples skeins to fish-slapped dad-daffies; o we have found a mental maze of men o, a scenrted town tracks a teased hen
& as bended blooded bees swing from waspish leaves, then sins
herd hornets under dragooned cold

o buds in london....

o when buds in london burn flower-buried wine then a tree of tangential fathers will turn rilled greed-grass down; & where once buds in ferns
scatter potted seed then a blind of ash will earn glue geared honey. a bodice in a beer has champagne spunk star-slotting valleys when we reach for acid junks Oh
a shooter in a fen has chunks & a dog of women yaps at fish-shaken scarve-ravens. o when buds in london burn greedy green swallows
then a bed of limes loosens fingers under haloes & a starry cosine
cups a cocker as titty wine

serves mash to old vinegar...


the breaking buds of the warred whip gold lakes; o the shaking cuds of the toss-whored rip rolled drakes & a pusher of napes hardens for
crucified bull Escariots; & a father of keen apes roars aside a chain. oh, once inside a mind, gnawed dust locks lazy fingers under old musk
& a wooded gent raps soaps about guilty scent & faces don their best king lear..

the breaking buds of the warred sup a cod supper & oldness fathers ruled scored secretly conceited slap-silt pulled vagina. the bopping breasts of the filled
snap a cardigan when gold coats carry cunny under drilled snapped soupy chicken & a manx under Man summons
pled pony. once upon a mind in a shut room i saw a bald lady shaking. la, we have a keen mind for gloom & once upon the moon we scatter feline seed where
paragons of Israel launch baby lunches under hair...

oo the clotters of live death limps after limpets; & rolled ripplered dodgy fast air nooses napes; & i will raise a slag where apes rock a bunched raked
raped tree of shocked bananas....

we have curried cunny for bruised tea: o, we have married money for noosed leads

& a cunt of pure sleaze stores
old wine

the readers of a robin's head dams dogs with manged marched soaky primal tears; o the killers of a feline's bed cuts cars from baby
& a bud of wards sharpens blind lead & a flowery loaved body bounces cakes on twinned knees & a boat of ivies has bled needs.

once upon a lady, we heard trees
tunnelling under night
o once inside a ruby, we heard bees
stinging well-huned midlife

the sunny ravens of the tied
entangle gals with punk-plied christs
& old lizards
bake snakey nudes?

& the readers of a bobbed head
lash wax to fingers
^& we are burned like killers..


the tubular teasers of the skinned spiral after carousel in a vast womb: o the vitamins of killers hear rooms braking; & the eyes of March
lock visions under fires, & tubular tweezers turnaround merited spire-cartoons.
when once a lube of lengths has coded cob-caps for widows then a bald beer-snoop has gas
gurgling under nipped screws & we turn like a cork
Oh...the tubular tiggers of a the skinned scatter tiger-heavens where bobbed wives suck silken haloes: oo, cat-prayer
& a clit of wine
weeps, weeps

eyes shut down.

the darlings of a naked party nap after naked hips o the slashed soups of old nips
raid a tiddler

& old dusts shimmer as baby pokes all eyes under slighted barrowed thunder; & males must sunder ramped roses...
once aside a mind, we tipped body ash: o, jeered, a bled bride trips after a hashy hopped whip-crash; & we smoke bad brine when
chickens heap lipped clitoral kitties?

the darlings of a naked party lap after faking flies, & we tag a dive as salt-cherries chew sweet phlegms..

Amen we will say for
green gluggy pills - ah, war

dairy diamante.
La.. where once a punch of ash has kids then a lunch of faces will scatter fishy stasis - sweet pigs drink to swined death
& a feast of ravens hoard blind apples where a sun of sex salmon-shakes blonde bones & scissor shapes
O. once inside a grave, we saw lips crying inside a sewn cane; o a park of naves has a bald trip & we supper for
blenched rope.. ah, doped dawgs drown like soap

Palpers of pushers drag for droned dragglers of tissue-tors & we tear a tawny teenager's blonde bruised mitten....
the staplers of sailors bang naughty navy counties & meters under failures fan kiddies cavvies.
where once a pulse in a soft van drives for beaten cardial bone-danger then cagey coy must see hands
strangling green mangers?

weedlers of the raw cut nasty insects o eaters of the stores weep after fierce dinners; & rolled nets hook hissers with gobbed
city sea-necks, & the sodder of a drip hurts god's feeds; & the robber of a hit
jeers after gluers of veinous blue-mead. once aside a mind, we heard old kits clamming hides with gnits & we spied pawed birds under clits
oh, our felons foamed for tits as seed slashed aside a vacant abandoned heart-mind telephone.

weedlers of the raw cut faisty decked doll-dippers: ah once upon a maw, we shut necked baked nuked killers of
a nazi natron & a green pig of pecked
jailer mustards- O, a lipper
links paint with bastards?

the keen woods of turds will shiver & mean gobs will spurt mouths.. Flava
jacks jazzy jobs
& eyes in eyes knock soaps with
female waxed mad behaviour...

lashes are good....
ashes are good. Sex is fatal.



the medicated pulse-lineaments of crapped dust & dry sea-dyes peer from an endless window: o peered sex-stints bodied under clams
ride a radio where red widows turn up a peered volume- O, old drams toast the sane as drunken silence
causes kisses down the pan. & a tree of limes lams lust & edams slice slicers & a strip of tines combs crust-cans.once aside a bone, we used grey hands
to towel down a green cove & a bully in a stone hits a cunt as sands
bury Spain inside a bulled drove
the pandecative stringing bulb-lineaments of duned dust & dry sea-moils drink hoteliers from moon-vixen chinese oils
& the jaws of just jams dagger after closed kine & signal soils..

i have entertained the loaded moon
,.i have suffered after a hired room
& i see Love out-sleep me.

the caressing summer wind halters after timed river killers: o the car-cramming fathers of hot feathers lines guts with bald riders
& the veiled winter of the shivered has minds manning docks with flowers. the bare footed countessa of feathers hear wine
damaging flocks with towered...
televisual wax o!!!!! the damaging daddy of a napped knock snsaps mean rude seizing slurry & model mauled motels breed for bed-cash.
o a chewing parade of glass raps a bum-arse o a slewing sea-brocade listens to lepers as a skinny dipper of masks
mounts bods with balloons ah we sew five lips to tea-spoons & we measure salt tits with a fast room's
fist-fucking plougher!

as we blood our endless deaths with father then we drag a hoisting whore-hotel from the original girthed moon
& the drugs of trendlesss sex will smother mamma & papa-pepper: the accidental body of a snared mother fixes veins to vines
& a rocked parade cradles a keen river
& we creep under mental blinds...

Gigantic billers blend grogs with swooned pig patina. rosed rides burn...closed brides yearn for veiled atomic earrings; & batted shoulder ferns
scatter dead seed where rolled fears
die, die,

woah, we do not get high!

& a banging human hymen has no heart: oh, the cars of clay-cold diesel sand-gangs writhe inside the darkest sides of a millking nut-park
& the hanging hide of children have no kids to claim. when once a vale of paper cuts colds the vined video cups a left tit in Nero's pervert song-mall
& a nagging knotted pharoah hits rolled
romantic dillies

Ahhh a star-slamming coda car cuts a face o a dream of odours sups a slutter as a bodice under green waste rams a hazy human-diamond
o a bird on the rise dies under lace. where once a bud of blasts sex-napes bejewelled naked Judas then cunt Jonah-jesus will strip a dolly
from an hired olived atheist orange tree. Where once a babe of pee-brine breaks, then salt men will murder all kids & all lakes. an odourous
sleeper will-found in god's ears loosen gold havens: o, a bud on a blast blues a bairn, & tears float under raisins
& a writer on the corn crashes & a father of the dawn lashes bruised lips & noosed ravens.

once below a mind, i learned of truth
but a sacred liar has come near
oh a bed of drakes
dapples dogs with geared grapes
an odorous sleeper will-found under
laden lazy thunder
locks a hat with lady's finger-hunger
& one day, in opening love's maw,
we will seize the strange sun..



the ancient banged cities of the slaved sup a kitty-kat pub-cup. o, a old patients of laddies lams laid mammies & we raise a bull brolly as old graves
leap for daddies. when once a master on a rise cuts reeled romantic sluts then a pawing flower shapes mutts & old prisons outgrab for
dotty darlings?

the ancient banged ditties of the dazed come back home to sear sullen female fear...O- we bring grapes to flowers as we slink under worm-drapes
and when once a bud of lice heals the broadcasting eye-lap of god's steamed garden blows then we toast ole boys at the bodies.

once inside a mind, we seize lapped milled dung: ah, a doctor of disease will knead silly dough & a vault of nails cuts dun fingers
right down to the bone. we bear apes to bowers: ah, we sink rusks under towers & the shitted boy who star-showers crap headed sex-stone
must surrender to a body.

once below a signal, old trees
fell to pieces; and drooling spastic demons dream of de pasters of de lucifuge; and, o, sun-fooling pee-hens lash a spine to keen rain
& as winter heat hits grain, then sex will drape a moony under gems..

once below a tide of pain, i heard decks sucking boats from stained dizzy flowers & the robed rivals of the moon hack rolly amber-stamping blind hens...

ah drooled spasms suck a nut as rats
bat-strangle all guilty germs
& we espy a silver doll.. Uh

when men utter crap, then molls
will mutter dust.

o as for a shower in a garden, may soaped owls cry for raven excretia-liver: o as for a flower in a carred carrion den, may cold fowl suck a flown lover
: once upon a mind, as clashes cross, toilet-towels spunk-stab rats with evil pissy favour; and the wallets of the poor pay for favour
and the sonnets of the warred maiden dogs with bullet-mullet...
o as for a shower in an old den, may father lay down his rings for evening o as for old caked flour, may the Mother
lap a licker with old feeling...

a town made from jade has no meaning
& dulled God is married now.

oo we seep inside a city sickness & the plants of day bury deadness under pulled mules & pony vales: oh. as we weep, then a ridge of ribby lovers
lippers for lonely eggy scissor-winter-summer: when once a skull of wool snaps, then a bend of curled craps
will supper after dizzy mental women..eyes slash cribs...O a bed under nappers shits wide sleep when spider-gossamer-silver spits pap
& a stallion sucks old burned kids & a natron of nerves knots grey trips
a mystical manta for magestical tips
ignite a rotted bathroom
& a purple play on soap cuts licks
/ ....

the wiper of green age sups slipped
bread - O a sinnner under clits
scissors self-sex away

& bastard god stands astride a
orange legion of catty men.. La



as for iviies and gunneries, we shoot dead dead lillies & girly countries: o we may well spend a keen penny, & dead dives run to fast sleep as nappers
swell up like blue bodies
once inside a mind, we thought to sand once aside a mind, a sloped hand had a phone for a deafened soul- Land
loosens number phlegm - we use a pierced sin for a sonny & old gods break in?

-when once pinioned by a poked wind
then odd mad Loves
send mogs to sleep....



o a soft-sailed sofa where a tail-man sits must cross a mouse with cat-lips: oo, a fast feline bed eats pig & cat-knicks loosen toms to showered
bedraggled kitteners. o a mewling mane pets a stroker as a soft-veiled feather plays with a cat-nipped corner-vole....
pictures of kit-men cry for a mole-hole &, desiring puss-pen, we preen a soul's moggy mowler...

one day inside a cat-bat, we willl role refrangible prisms down a furred hold; & a dance of feline sparks must scatter fanged darted cat-carts.
at the hearthsides, catty feral hearts heat pussy pies where dogdayed wide kittens paw the air

& i loved thee & your coconut cat
& i loved feeds & your coconut rat
- oh the names of the tigers try
indigo felimne prides
& i loved thee & your coconut cat
uh- see now how i paint the puma
uh see now how i tame kit youth?

& we finish with a fried-fish spanish!!!




o & fuelled minds melt under pleasure - as a bone burns, then a sea of sofa-leather dons a cheese pig & a storm under cribs creates old
muddy creatures. where once a bad gun stops, then tolling river diamond
drops a car. o & fuelled rhymes sunder pleasure & cocks flower.
o the books of men & the quarter-hour read for supermen other rools of men & a tree of power knocks on cock-wood
when once a second earth eats love then books of men & an old-time flower
lick a a break of buds darkens ivies, then cold suns will turn inside out & a purse of grout must hear ferns
shedding wet drought?

o the books of men time-travel
& old babies unravel
into timed levels.

the devils of held hills suck a bad fire o, as navels glow, then a midnight liar must burn up & a netted pup who breathes cuts
will walk the Father

when once a blabber boy has shut sea-pucks then a bed of glued tears must rock rollering toilet-ducks: & we feed a dollar to a dime?
the devils of hilled rills suck a fired dirty dreamed jobs & blind curtains dribble dark
under a keen clogs...i will let my shit sail out- Oh- eyes will slit my shit-mouth; & lady god seems raped by bummy drought.

the axis of drooled death has a doggy mind: Ho, the faces of stooled deaths bear a phantastic crazy dolly mine
&, dunned, a dumb divine sex death mines after closed rays and encaged funeral arches.

when once a bone of blood begs for times then we will shatter times o as a baby in a stone cries for times then we will murder times.

as a catty box bombs the sun, then faces
will smash aside the killed...

& the axs of a drolled death decks
ravelling screamed sex.

as a bench of blood falls to sleep, then a wench of squelchy wheat will summon song from bag-killers: oh, a rench of a dog walks rivers

once below a mind, i heard a cat crying for lovers -once inside my head, i stirred
dolls into drillers..

as a bench of blood boards loud sleep, then fathers
must trickle down the world.


550. re. cruel songsheet? 

the polestars of crying Jerusalem hereby hiss for the waking world O, soul-cars, when dying, drive from a salt-kiss and, once bunched, beaders of wives drum after massed girls
O, dark bodies, prying, hasten to meat where a doctor to pearls comes shouting at pure rain and where dying trainsmen fly down red rails, a tracker of old lips
come forming wet roads from grey ships and, la la, easy pet toads come squelching when hands heal tits

the polestars of crying Jerusalem hereby hiss for a naked world O, sleep-cars, with dreaming, drives a lullaby aside fasted pearls and, once spunked, a stella ceiling swings as brides use swirls to
sodomise menkind with starry buggy rings and, once stocked, a bald sex-shop arrives where swings use blues to sirenise cocks with old truck-stops
Uh, a signal entertainer hereby beshrews mops with female shoes


the polestars of crying Jerusalem use moon-spires for cold dudes O, sweet Mars, writhing, gets fused with spooned fires when screws appear slitted; and a gaoler wound gets turned like a rock till sleuthes
come gritting implosive failure; and pets get burned O, polestars of crying Jerusalem use tomb-tyres for gold dudes and, once upon a mind, weavers of wombs get bed-knitted to huge
lyon-high holy feline nudes

the polestars of loving Jerusalem use wounded pyres for rolled truths O, meat-Mars, conniving, cause poofs to suffer mind mires: O, dudes upon april faces when a sky-heated quoof comes cutting shires; and,
whence women ride, then dragglers of tooth-drums kill sweet islands O, bleaters of eyes rock hymen-flavas


the polestars of crying Jesusalem use mind-fires for old screws O, slitted calves get espying grey pissed men; and acrid sleuthes get sundering boats with endless statues O, ball-parks, stemmed, get shafted by petals
and, once jammed, hammy pecks must caress grey medals
..the polestars of writhing Jerusalem use spine-spires for bruises O, pitted hard gods must use eyers for cruises while old nooses must, once killed, grasp after criers; O, movers of shorn cruises
appear mind-shadowed
and, licked, a mental meadow will rend pears from plum-boxes

these are our mallard days which kick moss from bum-voices huh, these are sweet days that click clock-crossed sun-voces with harnessers of purest moonlights;
and weepies, tear-gobbed, peers into a drained clitoris: penises
will send dooblers to vile hot-poem-stripes.

the polestars of driving Jerusalem use renal cars for summers o, soul-cars, mobbed, use shadow-men for venal winters, and a sluising doctor-god comes rending claws from fingers
o, pole-cars, godded, use gallow-men for vernal feathers when lickers, starred, rob shoes of laces; and eaters of closed women come skull-accusing doobs of being mask-led to old reason

agh, these are my mallard days where i kick de cross; O, children will appear imbecilic when adulterers of clit-bees dig muttons agh, these are our castled days; and, oo, a spastic tree will
forever use hands for faces o, polestars in warping Jerusalem use stella spars for mummas
o, riders on salted youth senile rain wil forever rise again for

dramatisers of spreaded suit-smilers and sweated mind-moors

Uhhhh... FINITO.




we weeviled into a lost balcony when greasy dizzy ladders taunted clothes men: o, a lay of sadness sucked cold oestrogen & a bed of drivers dreamt for dolled cunt-craft.
when once a bull of bitches saw mien cutting canes from the esplanade, then a cowered cruised cow cupped sin
..! we weeviled inside a noose of children inside-out-. & the flavas of crashed corned reaped feet, slapped a bone with fish-staled taping light meats.
the ghosts of the slayed lap rose-ash & ash upon a nude is dourly lashed to veiled spirallers of cat-credence- Blues
blay a holy tune
& we supper after men on the Moon

we weeviled aside milked cokes and we layered tithes with ship-soap & a slider whose wode will use popes to forge prayers to demolish Pisa, and we will shoot us dead
Uh. conical fevers will eternally spring death from lime. o magical mind-seizures willl forever shooteth vines and a baddy inside tillers trap
a doctor of a driver under blued nap where laps relapse into green writhers; and sadness shoe-straps evil natal natrons around blown seas where death

grinds cheesy drawl with salmon-shaken seed-sex scatters velvet brawls along semen-eaten gun-sex and a picker of a pocket prickler scutters when sex
widens wolfy powders with graveyards o, a mysterious mad child rids a mental sinner-scarf

conical smilers will forever grimace against lost times o manaclers of mad hills will trill and spill across times o comical diners will forever grind dollies unde times
and a rinsing star-priest cuts a spined bully with a slayer of salamis and de false penis down a blue car. o-la, we will most certainly hear god's dead world
caressing canny cascaders with dicky easy pearled pissy pawing winkling cunt-girls; and sex killed Mars

oo the filthy patrons to the moon break cake into a weepy tea-seeper of a cocoon; and snakers use a candifier to accuse a sexy room of maiming cars
la la, easy ironers iron beneath spoons when guitars get strung from biddy binds as a fakir in lost cards deals ancient eagelled idiot tarot; and Ouija scars
scamper as roller-ghosts taunt a tombing sitar.

the polestars of crying Jerusalem hereby hiss for the waking world O, soul-cars, when dying, drive from a salt-kiss and, once bunched, beaders of wives drum after massed girls
O, dark bodies, prying, hasten to meat where a doctor to pearls comes shouting at pure rain and where dying trainsmen fly down red rails, a tracker of old lips
come forming wet roads from grey ships and, la la, easy pet toads come squelching when hands heal tits

the polestars of crying Jerusalem hereby hiss for a naked world O, sleep-cars, with dreaming, drives a lullaby aside fasted pearls and, once spunked, a stella ceiling swings as brides use swirls to
sodomise menkind with starry buggy rings and, once stocked, a bald sex-shop arrives where swings use blues to sirenise cocks with old truck-stops
Uh, a signal entertainer hereby beshrews mops with female shoes

Ahh. the polestars of crying Jerusalem use moon-spires for cold dudes O, sweet Mars, writhing, gets fused with spooned fires when screws appear slitted; and a gaoler wound gets turned like a rock till sleuthes
come gritting implosive failure; and pets get burned O, polestars of crying Jerusalem use tomb-tyres for gold dudes and, once upon a mind, weavers of wombs get bed-knitted to huge
lyon-high holy feline nudes

the polestars of loving Jerusalem use wounded pyres for rolled truths O, meat-Mars, conniving, cause poofs to suffer mind mires: O, dudes don april faces when a sky-heated quoof comes cutting shires; and,
whence women ride, then dragglers of tooth-drums kill sweet islands
O, bleaters of eyes rock hymen-flavas



the polestars of crying Jesusalem use mind-fires for old screws O, slitted calves get espying grey pissed men; and acrid sleuthes get sundering boats with endless statues O, ball-parks, stemmed, get shafted by petals
and, once jammed, hammy pecks must caress grey medals. the polestars of writhing Jerusalem use spine-spires for bruises. O, pitted hard gods must use eyers for cruises while old nooses
must, once killed, grasp after criers; O, movers of shorn cruises appear mind-shadowed and, licked, a mental meadow will rend pears from plum-boxes
these are our mallard days which kick moss from bum-voices huh, these are sweet days that click clock-crossed sun-voces with harnessers of purest moonlights;
and weepies, tear-gobbed, peers into a drained clitoris: penises will send dooblers to vile hot-poem-stripes. the polestars of driving Jerusalem use renal cars for summers
o, soul-cars, mobbed, use shadow-men for venal winters, and a sluising doctor-god comes rending claws from fingers o, pole-cars, godded, use gallow-men for vernal feathers when
lickers, starred, rob shoes of laces; and eaters of closed women come skull-accusing doobs of being mask-led to old reason

agh, these are my mallard days where i kick de cross; O, children will appear imbecilic when adulterers of clit-bees dig muttons agh, these are our castled days; and, oo, a spastic tree will
forever use hands for faces o, polestars in warping Jerusalem use stella spars for mummas o, riders on salted youth senile rain wil forever rise again for

dramatisers of spreaded suit-smilers and sweated mind-moors

Uh we weeviled into a lost balcony when greasy dizzy ladders taunted clothes men o, a lay of sadness sucked cold vinny gold oestrogen & a bed of drivers dreamt for dolled cunt-craft
when once a bull of bitches saw mien cutting canes from the esplanade then a cowered cruised cow cupped sin ..! we weeviled inside a noose of children
la, a head of heroes smashed inside-out-. & the flavas of crashed corned reaped feet slapped a bone with fish-staled meat...

the ghosts of the slayed lap rose-ash
& ash upon a nude is dourly lashed to
veiled spirallers of cat-credence- Blues
blay a holy tune
& we supper after men on the Moon

we weeviled aside milked cokes and we layered tithes with ship-soaps; & a slider whose wode will use popes to forge prayers to demolish Pisa and we will shoot us dead


conical fevers will eternally spring death from lime. o magical mind-seizures willl forever shooteth vines and a baddy inside tillers trap a doctor of a driver under blued nap where laps
relapse into green writhers; and sadness shoe-straps evil natal natrons around blown seas where death grinds cheesy drawl: salmon-shaken seed-sex scatters velvet brawls along
semen-eaten gun-sex, and a picker of a pocket prickler scutters when sex widens wolfy powders with graveyards
o, a mysterious mad child rids a mental sinner-scarf

conical smilers will forever grimace against lost times o manaclers of mad hills will trill and spill across times o comical diners will forever grind dollies unde times
and a rinsing star-priest cuts a spined bully with a slayer of salamis and de false penis down a blue car o-la, we will most certainly hear god's dead world caressing canny cascaders with dicky easy pearled
pissy pawing winkling cunt-girls; and sex killed Mars

oo the filthy patrons to the moon break cake into a weepy tea-seeper of a cocoon; and snakers use a candifier to accuse a sexy room of maiming cars
la la, easy ironers iron beneath spoons when guitars
get strung from biddy binds as a fakir in lost cards
deals ancient eagelled idiot tarot; and Ouija scars
scamper as roller-ghosts taunt a tombing sitar.

oo a salmon shaken sea-diamond will supper after bone-eyed pee-lip and, woven for love's broken siren, weepers of finger get fed to english-lips Uh, salmon mermaids use bee-diamond to hammer rings to red lip where
la la, eyries under eagle-puce will cause a living phoenix to burn for hair ..oo a salmon shaken seed diamond will supper after beds and dyed tears: Uh, a statue of demure and decorous thrills appears peeing across chairs,
and ghastly dolly scewers will get led to drills: conical slavers will ensnare caddy candifiers with golfed sewers and, once sundered, mean keen kids will use a golf-course for sweet prayer

oo a salmon shaken sea-season will suck on wheat as fields under picklers come falling into gusters of mirrored hills: oo, a salmon shaker sky-season will supervise fathers when we jacked fathers
with daddy priers whose prising thrill will jump for Leda. Uh, a granular fingerer of heaping saw-mills must tap upon buried leaders of
deepeners, and old farts will summon heads from crap: and now a widener's sweet woman speaks about everything and, crowed, wiveners of fleet lost reason cuts wivers from darjeeling

La La. a fisher of sea-drinking faces will behave like a slobber chops: pap
gets swilling bastardisers; and drifting meals must shake for blue-saps

and, while de lambwhite asylum boys get splitted, a drake inside v-cups may well, while used up, sink a buddha toy beneath de master's nut O, static aces, furling, drink high seas with clasping saline hands-cuts
and, while de lambwhites bear bins to pets, then a doctor aside peanuts will hereby leer into eye-whites and slow nets
and fisheries, revived, will surely ram cold across blood and heads
and, uh, canaries, devised, will surely cram losers across sweet sleeves.


and here in this sex-void, emotives will always tell trawled tales to easily led porn-elves; and pocketers of ill claves well as nuked slease hereby appears, wrenched, issuing from kills under babby-bone-peace
La La. a fisher of illegal mermaids gets loped by thunder; and old grease will extemporise seagull burials with carmine flocks whose red fleece
appears vinegar-strangled; and riddlers enradio clocks and technicians

ahhh a city-seahorse will trample corraling ocean-tissue to use geese to gobble under bee-men and sandallers: Yeah, we must punish geese ahhh a pity heart-mind-horse gets ancthered with bellies and mons-grease
O, once across a burned hearse, asses with golden gait uses cunt-sleep to give classic bed-head to purses; and, La, pissers get slated
O, once across the gravy darkness, cursors cause mug-boys to appear moved
to utmost fatal spy-tears
Uh,- we sentinelise a hursute ear with intractable bed-beers; and once a day, i don a new life; and as buzzers sear kids then i shall divine rams with losers

La La. Once upon a crude lap, daddy-mummy richness used ghosts from wives
La La. Once across poppy-saps, ingenious healing black birds use god's scribes
to serenade a coppice of loud joyous jesu-drives
and we will get led to a sky-lit ride aside all trees, all homes and all beaches


what with mamma gas and my favourite head-cathedral, i shall earn dust from pretty girls o, and coded curvers whose bitten sex-bagasse leads eyes to veinous collapsing curls o, sand-shaven, red hurters come shouting up beads, and ghosts taunt a city's world; Lo, we will get star-mishapen by dragglers of slips and knicker-feeds; and odes to pearled clothes may well lead to an out-of-perspective seasands where dragooners ram roses up lost clothes

what with mamma gas and my invidious bedded mod idol, i will learn of sex-studies; O, rogues appear intimately transfixed with ole insidious boxed idylls; and the flukey rabies seen in brogues
must hereby bedazzle scathed hands and budded boned knees; and shouters about new-spent gals must hereby sodomise a neon revolving bath where talons parade across a town of evil medals
o, fish-shaken, brother masks get frilled with masts when a feinted masted Venus will slow

down, down, down (where ogres war with vented arrows that shoot a seaside under Downs
and easy life seems stoved).


whence we suck a slut-nut, then a bed of lions will prey on salt lusts; & a purse of cuts buys dust- Oh,- eyes underline a crag where city closures
attend a winter pier.

& a bud of snow carries hens under fear
- a crust of crows marries us
oh- a crazy time is had by all- & fear
flashes where bellers of musk size
grey tears?

eyes under oaths glow like brides
& we must tease the old
& selves will feel for hot cod lies

the teenagers of a the dirty Thames dream of
tarry virgins
o blue old ravers rage for dens as old Love
shoves doubt's shit into a harness
& a beck of blowers telephones stasis?

the rose of a hand washes skirt in drugs
o once above a scan, we watched dogs
yapping for God-

as a rider spits, then a biker falls... Ah?
as a driver kicks, then fever crawls
outside Love's halls....

the teenagers of a dirty Thames drift off
adown a mallow stream
& a bed of mice cuts a creamed cross


the remains of a glass grave gathers naves from naked nudes & buried countries. oh, then biers of the distant past shoot the sun
& ochres of cremative poppies pierce petallled sea-palls. when once a dizzy mind has scaled a scab-wall then a wake of fanned fishes
must lay a grave down in a natural stall

red demesnes, hanged, mourn for kisses dead domains sea-scan a sea of missives & as a gold cock stripes a bad god with a cockerel under christ
then we burn, burn
La...dead bodies in cages carry undertakers under blades as horses scream

o the ghosts of judas flash when bad dogs leap from a fished gem - Ohh,- as a mind throws up, then a sea of spun skinned wind
must warp a bad boat. when once a sea of tears stops, then old kids may well feed body hens & we will shoot the hills
& we will run christs through - Oh

once upon a dilly time, we stirred coffee cunts into a caffeinated bird, & as a land of nudes rocked my world then a doggy dice
has a kind knife to kiss with curls...

o the ghosts of jesus flash when caned cods crap against lost children, & a mine of scent smells impossible coke-faced flowers
& a bod of prints peal aside frozen chosen raven girls.

once above time, we saw old earls
swirling bones into royal wine
& i know that royalty is a war...

o when once we were sealed in a lemon kiss then a sea of babies burned up,up,up; o where once we were reeling for bone-bliss
then a sea of bobbies burned up, up - This side of a sidereal smile, cuts cap a cunny cave; & we launch a honey slave..
o where once we heed pnuematic bliss old men and Ides will seal suppers with a loving sunday-kiss
blue trysts & nunneries?

keen canny caverns move a cunt so rest. oh, a dreany taverns smoothes old spunky achy-breaky lights... & a bed of deaths
drinks bananas dry? piled paraffin on the bald-pull has wives sperm-kmotted under wine-brides; & a slip of spoons sucks a gin-drive

with a chicken loft in the place of God a latent spiller swells for chicken pods; & as a salt manx moves then a bill of biddies must hand cods
& a dyer of deniers sees nudes
ganging after strokers of screwed Mods.

oo, will we stoop to taste rolled vinegar?

~& we did stoop to taste pure vinegar: o a bus of rapists sucks a gourde & we stoop to taste blue kinema. oh, a bus of faces cuts cat wars
& we supper after lemons. once below a fist, i leant into a crazy sunrise. lo, a bud of bases hanged clues & a dizzy guise
came up to murder me....

& we shall stop to listen for red owls & raisins & once above red wine, whores hired a loosened raven.


o a dead diamond boy suppers for bad bled chips and john dory oatmeal; o a red regimen of toys cuts a ford & a bad car groans..
when once a daughter on a hill moans for bluffing garden-faces then shitters under shoed laces fill cats & tail men
o a ride of silver rocks women. & a dead demon boy suppers for greying cunt-fish and old booming fields of thrushed yeast
o a diamond under cold hears Law laying down a Ward. These bastard birds who pecked me have no ruddy wings
o these endless curves which hit spun germs are menstrual as girl-gaited guppy gins; & we sup a snack as snatchy sea
cups drowned titties..when once upon a mine, we dug for golden beads then we mined for bees- Under claws we scatter cosines?

o, these bastard boys who wrecked me have no easy winds & a cap of glass summer-swims for coded river chaplains....
Oh- these crummy days when i lay down for endless passion at the bodies will cup a sleeved heart-mind river-cut
o rain cuts keen ladies & a bossed kitten rests inside green wars once above a vein, i cut a sad old mutt. o once inside hot grain,
where prayers stopped, then i sucked lermon fever. eyes under tithes pay for paint & ivies under tides tread bird waves
uh we will whip a grave &
sand will suffer lies.

these crummy days whenre love lay down must shop a Ball & we extend flowers to ravens & we shove old bowers under
rolled blue halls where spider thunder ends in deaths. eyes sunder flava as a bald boat of wine sinks a nut. o skies will savour mass
& wide wolves must take a blue mind back home where old times scut for a penny nation.
where once a bed of lions suffer blown bald fires then a vault of lovers leans in to
a funeral of lovers...

eyes under razors shave a meter mine & nectar digs for flowers & we fail to sleep when old rhyme sings for a mumma moodsome head-cover.
endless missioners melt for father & a cross under mirrors sucks a blind nut. oh. a vastness of vultures has a pierced cold lip. o, a cast of
killers cuts sharp rain - & a bay of glass shuts up a bad mouth of fevers. where once a sad kid sails, then elderberry quivers must supper for a
dreamed veil & a doctor cat with a vernal smile jacks a dogdayed salt sundial? once upon a wynd, caged statues shared granite arms with country lairds
o a cunt of ash has no eyed prayers & my scissor sidler will dial rollered stying digital fucker radios. rodeos of pure ice chill for mirrors
& we shall suck us an ashen nut when a city of musk
has a bird for a mumma...

oh these days when i learn to sleep harangue my burning quietus of a seed-sou. o a sea of shits cuts boned gold & we stride scrmmed worlds when
vaginas trample mear. once inside five winds, we saw men breaking cats with cavvy bat-cunny-ears. then a bed of pins stiched old baby
& these days as we study wheat we must piss petals inside a body's baggy bruises. a train of scissors sucks a mutt o a vein of kissers
caps a curried comb where butts bust a vein of venomed killers

the hands of the rain rise above
guilty feline factories
& seasands under grain see Love
lapping poppies ,., promontories
sea-slide for God
& green God plays dead?

where once a female locust treads
coded waters
then veinous slayers suck porters
& old verbs shape a bruised mind..


o where wards under cupboards dream then a locus of mad men will suck a schizoid barn-crop. oh, where birds of tundra snap a screen then a crocus of sad men will
suck a mental slut; & the beds of midnight nip a bushelled copper green where a chippy mouth-muf suppers for billy mental sticky buns and pure stashes.
i espy a dolly where a feathered fart-action fills an anal billy with poony coca-cola & lemonade widths
& eyes ride a silent ginny kick
o where wards under cupboards scream then a bowl of dashes must lead a silence of titty clashes due West, when a tree of trashes trash rolled picker-plumb-knicks?

trendlesss bover bloaters brag for dons of dirty mind-whores
& where eyes delve for a circus
then carnival Lords
must cry, cry, cry

once upon this mind, mad mikes
go dead as words.


a house as mad as words has fallen into one zillion lambwhite high seas & bladder-birds whose game skips lads seems gassed
by doctoring hot bees. a dogdazed draggler of hasps has come back home to slice a body down. where a hearsed hisser moves
kiddy tears to mead-life then salt-headed sea christs delve a baptised mule found horse-drowned aside pooled towns...
the dashboards of denial try a death with jury birds

once below a time, nerves sperm-knotted diers with a house as bad as yellowers and hollow-birds. Oo.we swing against cribs
& men answer to squibbed bobbed bones & screwed dove-eyelashes.

o here and now when once before we open up a naked door then sirens made from sugars will dig the sex of a delved curtain-kill
& a bone of glass must cut lairy ice-swards outside a bird-limer of a toper in market-blade; and lotusers in old digs will chew a crocus-mill.

as a shelf of dusts drop, then mice must cover dells inside ice: ohh, a piddler salt-swells where christs trickle down a pieced old Light.
here, where boats flit, we have car-shaped a starry fit from evening's onan taxi-cab; & we are will-know to salt crabs
o we shed a petal on a ground dilly coffee sea where cut crags
cry, cry...

o here and now where once before we opened us a statue's claw then Osiris made efts from whored cherry dusters....

naped escariots turn from riders
,jacking salved chaired men
wrap a gun about a deck. Oh
we are led to sonny jim as sex
teems with stasis...

a bitumen of boys brags for gloom: oh, a sky of sea-toys drown in the afternoon; & old joys have trouble with retro kitchens.
once upon sometime, blue moon operated on an empty heart & a swollen summer scan marks all bright devils?
a cup of snot toasts us as parks fall to gravy sleep. a slammer of a mind melts juts like sweet snotty snow-pain
o a scanner of all time bites sheet reins & we ride a fabric horse where rolled lions shit.

once upon a mind, egg light
lams a bed of lips-
sunny dragglers
burn under night


a city of bible-men have come home to preach about saved boys & i widen up for God & i pray as deaths teach the gunning circus of a blueberry thigh-pie.
a bad bod of blood sun-stabs a ball of wives & a bolt of rain snaps, snaps. a victim of a bad hymn swings for a priest
& a church of iron wraps a nave inside gold-blood-chocolate bible-crashers

Eyes under Eyes willl stop prayer now?

the sea-lined lea of loss lops a doted floss, o, as a hot cross snaps light then the sea-lined doomed seeds of crisscrossed loss laps a danger-wynd when
woollen women came deeply inside neon midwives

once upon force winds, lies locks a father in a drink
&, lo, a doctor on the brink
uses faked medicines?

& sea-lined leaves suss loss
& stars will out-grab.

local lotuses jeer at the gemmed
cases of father-pearls
oh as faces split, then old worlds
will wash shit gills
& a fish in a bed swims when
wishes for sea-fire cuts linen.


a dyed deck of dives see hills dropping into pyres. oh! a head of throated hips hacks for coal-gassers; & we jack jammers whence
golden body boys bounce aside a glass gymn.
& local lenses peer inside henned heroic pussy & we will hear
vagrants & no family.

the weeping dutchy cap we will own must sink a penile fart. oh! a sleeping dark cat we will own must stink like a heart
& as wedded beards burn, then rocket cradlers must suck a milk-nut. oh, a week of wine weeps for raised bone. uh, a seat of times
washes then strips long gentlemen down. As a stone has herded fingers then golden binner gigs must heed tomb-grind. Oh,
sliding down around tiny town where a souring creamer of a nut-raid gets bundled inside blonded musty keepers of officer slipper

the weeping dutchy snack we own must cut a royal slut
& a bed of lions hardens...
we sweat for sluts.

keen cardigans will adorn a coat-walk o mean brethrens will sun-storm bad bladdering ladybirded stilled wound-babies
& a local bird sings for rubies & a green thorn raises eaten drams. once inside a vine, we drank sand o once aside a mind, we shrank
deeply down where a cake-walk whipped a body? eyes under eyes blind a buddy skies under vibes sing for six-hands
& a bed of light dreams for tides & old tramblers stride whilst oaths break.

keen cardigans will adorn a hill
& men are not successful.

we will surely knot god's fingers with salty pepper; la, we will surely spot a hissifer with brown vinegar blown paper; & a carapace & a cochineal will
rap for Mamma. the eaten exothermy of hot exposing boner rain has a killer's complicity; & a bed of deaths dreams pain.
we will surely knot god's features with technical sylvan screens
& dolls shit on wax?

& a bell of glass knells Father & a cell in the past hears Mother
endless sirens sing for wrecked
body bones.

thatched up with wine, a hissing murder in the dark licks a sun from a mind: o, dragged by silver, a hissing murder in the park hits a gun from a wyld crimes
o once upon a cunt, i heard a flag of sex mark dog-marching idiot heralds. & a blind if winter traps asexy light & times
sea-bomb bizaree dettols: thatched up with swine, a pissing piggy in the park laps a gun from a mined neon strung bandage of a duping drunk-factory
& we say Farewell to a wynd as red buddies
shoot the shite fantastic?

oh- a shed of slaves slacken strung necks
oh- a head of knaves hardens roped necks
we smell of road-signs. A driver of cards sorts blood metal - we suck a toad-timed robed trestle & eyes under eyes hit out at mental
boy-brains gone home for leave.

hacked up by rhyme, we use a fast gymn
& loppimg cartwheel maidens shove fins
against a pissing hymn..

END END endstopped.

558. re. a swift written gold-fashioned urban poem

oh we sing for screwed sapphires when
bled tulips are dressed in mercury
oh we swing for naked fires when mien
shits on a christener's blesssed body,
& we swirl armpits imto edam waters
& we watch god dress his jams with
angelled river-lard.

red cooks of mead & diamond drakes
will rustle after foods while cold baits
sucksa blown veined lover- O, air
snaps a sister nut as a bone of prayer
cups a buddy tit & fingers old hair.-

we ravel into minds.... we cure a
bedded blaze of bony bridle-men,
& a doctor of rode stone has cut cars
concertinaed with robotic gay star-bars..

oh we sing for screwers as old-time Zen
rends a bastard puppy from god-gem
&, as lost trees jam, then a bod of bins
slaps a swagerer against shitted limbs
& outgraved odes to cellves hear lakes
lamming dronwners with labile bee-brakes.

what with some kind knickers cut overhead,
sweet mice collonise a pollen's bread
& a sea of teats feeds a raven'd head
o utmost fatherings thread
hot cake with thrushes &

what with whored pincers underneath
pursed telephones, ~& what with sleep
gardening cell-drones with loud wheat,-
we must hear a brawl of days shaking
purpled rammers of visioned digitalis,

ah there is a statue on this green when
odes to fear sea-hang a hag of keen
daddy witches
wizened coldframes carry cussed Eden
into bruised blue view where lost reasons
drab-light a hill of scatterimg night-llissoms
-this side of lost hills, i hear screens

dying like huge massed oak trees?





crashdown; and a bell in a stream flows under braids and a hashy whored fence wets tears with tea-trays.
as gobbers gripe after gaolers, a moony of a mind has to surely break-up; and a donny inside a mind
helters after suet as a dunny diggy drive car-climbs fiercely upon thinned air. O, a van of eyes here blinds
welters of wicked reason; and mad maled folks swim. .blonde streets awaiting a strange sun and a red skin
as gobblers of gripe use a mike, then holed wed sin pins around hot heaven's limbs. Death heats hymns. darkness screws sin. Sadness bends down. Uh?

hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell. a slicer of porn seems clean-shaven. O, bowed bells ring for rimmers of creams as a soft head wells
deep down inside a fixed creature; and a old cells snap nails around lives as a prison in a blind well lead memories to waxers of wind-heated citadels.
hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell. saddler appears killed. Old ponies peal felts and a bound boned boy-baker bakes meat milks,
and dirtiers of darkness dazzle razzlers with pelts. slaying lazy dancers melt into snow's cold silks.
as gobblers of gripe use a night-light, then fins fish after sweet watered bonny carps; and sin slices a rider from slaughterers; and cold minge
mops a tomato soap-sud with a papered hinge.
blonde streets sing for a dying estranged gun.

the street parties of the silver dead drag a cake for a dinner of bodies; and a rider's bed causes dreams of war-streets when parties under mind-mirrors melt under paws
and we celebrate drinks as a holder of a hot maw lays jubilee tables for kinks; and a rider of a bevvy tea-bakes stables. Ah, once a blind day, cherries
lay easy waste to rattlers. And deaths eat berries? as gobblers of gripe use a night-light, then whores have to ply for pints of spite; and a wived old ward
rams hospice heights down pikes. Uh, coded doors open out on a strange sun as a lady under shut stores suppers for dirty privates. O, a naked father snores
Dark lubber bait eyelets. Sex molds fucking gore
and we burn, burn as we turn, turn.. END!!!!!!

hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell. rifflers of porn sever gas as matrial bell-cells rock a cocked gun. O, a bed of ash hits dells and bled walls scream where homes in hills
hip to a castle-beat; and castlers cry in mills and hell is borne from drills as hell is saved..
as gobblers of gripe use a night-life, graves give risen caked head to a loaf inside shades; and we hear the sun come up in a hot sky's dirtied burning eye. La, La. easy old dives
drop from out rain. Ah, a bolted beast brides rolled dust; and we marry Mars as red lives
sink god's goat penis inside a bowl of knives
Ohh. carriages of marriages ride upon an old train. lo, sad cardial sausages grind bled meaty veins Deadliness becomes us and honey under stains shutters a vased vibe with old rockets; and eyes
leap to a deaf-blind beat when odes to blue skies supper for dinner gals whose easy breakfasts rise under coded friday's fried mummies. Ah, closed masks crap for masquerades when dollies in the past
are in the fathered cloths of gollies and grey hasps. carriages of marriages ride upon an odd train: o, bad cordal horses grind pepper ponies. Veins truckle into times as a bled clock inside a brain
hits aside the quarter-hour. Ah, moistures stain blonde toilets with hot and cold champagne, and easy piggers of picklers strike plugs from sand
O. Easter eateries dull xmas with easing woman and we ride from spinneys as a canine hand rocks a robed gun; and rifled cunt-lungs dam a babby booker with brigands; and cars crush for
streets of dirt where a vanner of stars hears walls whipping cavers from scanners. And buds burn.
and hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell. Gobblers storm bells. Blown boys brag about cells. and heaven is born in heaven as heaven is born for dizzy hearts whose filthy beat baits a cardial cord
and hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell.

carriages of marriages ride upon a milk train. La! a bowl of coots crashes; and a human apple in a fast cored-car cries for dead travel. Oh, a bed of beads has to stir coded sleep with wisdom;
and boiled gold eggs purr for heart-headed poachers of dirt yolks and organistic orgies of a white-smoked shell-star
and, lapwinged, a cat of confusion cries after birds; and hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell. dazzlers of sapphires sink gold into samphires and we weevil after natrons as outelbowelled hot trams
trip, trip, trip. Ahh. we widen for wats as valvers slam easy hummers down humungous city slickers. O, a bun of bone breaksdown. Oh, a baby sticker pokes punnets into pistons; and a Numbered river
raises plummy fluffs from green-grey idle fingers

watery will-woven minds hasp across salts where bath-tubs in bloom suck willowy faces; and a clasper's floss fixes fast thread to a moon's melted cosmos-breeder. Uh, radio reapers of rotators heave for wounds
and a cunted sea of rides bells a maiden shadow when a waspish boom bags bulleters with baddy belled men; Oh, once below a mad sign, rooms racketted underneath blue brawls where a whisperer of horsey runes
rappered after knocking dudes. Oh, eyes dissolve for easter-xmas and donny darters drip, drip, drip; and a bubby blow breaksdown and spoons swirl vodka into coffees.Deepening deaths dream of Eden. Tunes cause
exciters of a goggle gem to poke gold skins with fairied ruddied wards.

watery will-woven minds hasp across malts where basins in red dunes dissolve just like postmodern aspirin; and a vault of hair cuts for tombs and a bell of glass wrenches plaided bombs from dangling testicles.
Uh Uh wee willy wide boys set a fatherer of faces beneath vesicles and dobby drunken dabbler boys cause lemon eyes to go wide. Tails wag for pussy pies. Veils strip a jacked sty. Sails suck after gay-guy nails.




the vaginal wagstaffs of dented doom deniers drop a cunt into a bald tank. Dafflers of crag-castes crack-up. Shelterers of birded sweetened wank swash idiot dives with stoned bone-belterers and a seat of cruk-shanks
has to kiss across blonde christ as wee willy whippers rip vase-cranked nuked nooky nights. And we arise from pee as a shitter under arched seed-lamps wallows for fired amps. Uh, gods see now the abuser of a bad vale.
the harbingers of petrol misery must turn a burning face to the enemy o sodded head-ringers hip to good dust where an Isis under penuries pulls a sodden bed from dreamt lips which caress a kisser's melody
and a dog of dens drags a torn maned toothcase; O, rotating honeys hit aside gods when odals of pled porn pelt a deadness of sex-lunacy with rubicund worn misery; and the helters of sadness sup a cut nut
la, once upon a swamed mind, a dirty owl hooted after a salter nut la, once inside a stormed mind, a filthy doctoror of a pigging plume-put had tp abuse a blue-blind stethescope; and as a dawner of king Tut
tries a pisser for veined vast rainbows; and a dogger of a ferine mutt melts aside chained corn. Ah, wideners will go wide when money pisses from a rich bum. Ah, sharpeners of floes fly from old baby
the harbingers of petrol misery must turn a burning face to the enemy ah ah, a vault of genes genetically dusts a shawn sickler's fondlered magi-sex-fantasies and a wife of ducts dunnies after tusks where a doll inside a mammary
feels for titty suck. La La. Invisible sunny lenders bleed bent closures - uh. Old children on the moon strap a coked lap across fay exposures and a dizzy chicken chops an egg with turkey tithes as coptic guns
shoot filthy lovely porn-TV with a digital doner of kidneys to ghost sons. the vaginal wagstaffs of the Thames teases cogs with barblers and ideal pushers of pussy phlegms press a valley bell when small islands ram
doltors of daughterers with planet Death; and we flower for fizzed fans ah ah. Ivories wed cool ebonies and a pisser of pooled pee pulls panned
body-basins. La!! woven wooden wives weep for eerie Kosher drams.
Beaters beat bad meat. Potions poison sleep. Casement cram cans?
dopplegangers of doled men dream about sireners of slayed mind-miners and a dolly on a shrift cliff serenades the sport-skirted bones of a writher ah ah, weepers of a tea-heap reel inside the china east and coded liars
slander after blue libel as the fearers of the flashed fuck up rolled fires and we wallow under pyred tyres when a vampy scampii of green spires loosen tides with happily strangled neck-ties; and emptied dreamt fires
fasten a bluesing rash to a doddered dais; O, as we crouch, then pyres will rivet daisy craft with thinning lips in stasis. O, as we catch cod-spires then a fast fished net doc-drags tawny tights across a bedstead when
accidental eaters of coddy cunny cracks upon closed eggs; and pin gins suckle a seal of slapped sleep and a daughter of guns shoots angels with tenaments of buzzy faders whose rabbit mien has to drive for digs.
dopplegangers of doled dauphin men ride mind-saddle when a hose-pig deafens a trippy harness with daggery tides and menstrual oiled-rigs and, o-la, as we burn for mangered boys then we hoot for a fig-wigged
bonny banged body breaker whose whoring weeper of spine digs after babbied bubbled lotions. O, a beater in a braid sews old oceans lo, lo, a crazied mask has to pee upon ships as a magic master pegs
a donor of a doctor to a ferny shaled sun of sodded gardened eggs.

dopplegangers of doled men dream about wideners. Uh-huh, beds swirl underground as a feast of Eden washes petals of grey lead and a tawny teeny trowel cuts a rubied secateur with hooped bread
and a lazy ligron defines a tigron with bursting skies; and gold devs drink from a fountain in a perriered pussy. Lo!! weeblers sex-spread porny pissy thumbs with labile limitless earthed crows. Ahhhh. Sheds
scatter homegrown shits upon garden girths and wetted cocker cribs crash under bone-blown tits; and candles burn forever for sun skins.

reamers of rotated river men rush upon god's sun; and laden fayres famish fetes with dilated mirror men; and parents of blind hairs hit against rides as a drover of city dens rots aside blown march-mares
o a lilted nudist lichen-strewn lighthouse deifies dogs with actors then a bended bead-gem grates a granite horse with bled jams. O! reamers of rotated river men crush upon god's gun; and raven prayers
dolly after gilded gymnasiums where potted potvaliant garden-gear dapples for mental tea-seeps; and slotted slutted mind-vacancies hear bubblers of hosy roses raised up from daddy dimes that spend for a
biddied bunny blanket; Ah Ah, a rider under mammy sends snares beneath a pelissse sheet made-up from tazer wynds; and tractors trample farmy thespians with woven rams. Uh!!! pee peals pears,
and, lashed to latent honey, a hustler of a hearse rides upon tears.
clashes of cunted closed runnels rope a rocker to a weevil's whine: o, plashes of spunk-led clothes funnel a dropper with evil cosines and a lady on the palled piss peers into nunneries when grey signs
show a sinnner of a coal-clayed killer come radaring after twined bastardised bakered bandaged string; and a father of a fast grind windmills after milner's clay. Coarsed candlers cut a caned night-light.
Dorsal mangers melt under graves. Hoarse hicked shamblers wipe a dinny fuddy fused dinner with gravied starved glands; and spikes pig out upon ermine. Sex soothes hairs. Selves move sally-bikes.
Old teasers of hornered sense pulls stairs from dallied dabby-dykes.

reamers of rotated river men rush upon god's sons; and offal-pints drain a dolly fixture with twelve mared cocks whose henny mites meld sassy skewers with golden chewers of emptying seaside rites
and a dobbler at a dog's tooth-eye eats under eyries when kites colonate cotton caves with canny crazers of eastern xmas knights.

clashes of dirtied filthy vases fill a parent flown flower with a fascist freight fastened to evil radio racist arses; and a donkey pendant whips a curvature of a canny driller's cask; and a steeded penant whips a
hitite boy whose washer of a fast hand hoops hops aside gay calves and a daffy of a dotted dinner climb cracks upon cops whose cards deal corruptive patience to a skinner in a mind; and policing marks
mass upon penon xenon zoomed gas. Dirt deals a bad heart. Ah! slotted palled rums roust after glass. Hurt heals a hard heart. Ah! shotted sprawled scum scatters grass. Skirt seals a sad arch. Ah!

reamers of rotated river men rush upon god's gum; and offal mites dig answering termitic ants when loud hashing guns ignite delight's doner of sweet tashes; and tassellers of flashing thumbs set alight
to dibblers of doctoring edam-crappers; and earthly hounds tree-pipe for a secret seal in a secret brain where natal pearly pounds pipe dizzy fanny ice upon caddied cakers whose butcherers fawn-pipe
giddy turkey shit mice. Dirt deals a paper cap. Shirts spit shut life and a bunny bobbing babe of pert peal pisses under coded christ.

emptiness purrs for bell-baiters as wind-wounders wallop diced
billy furniture; and a cell of shakers scar-shapes hermetic lice



these days when badly rotted damsons fall from hired leaves. a donny of dead-panned slotted ransoms crawls under beads; and a daddy girl has to heat a mad flex with twinned old leas
o these days when familial sirens thral then cavers of bees swing to a stinging beat; and a bed under sprays don weed and a bluesing buttered cranefly has to season coded seed
and hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell. Snout smolders in a canny pie when a dicta in a celled bell routs bell-pullers of pussy hide; and we weaken inside mounted mouths
and a sun at night stirs dirt poison into lies. Uh, we shout and we die for heaven's treason. And blown bled touts sell impossible cards to scratchers of veiny shit-sleeves

these days when badly rotted damsons crawl, odd mead will surely topple where a glass of brine toasts cold need

and hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell. la la, a wifeling for a raven swats winged body-bells and we ride against rice where a badly gingered well wishes for deep drowning diddy
sleep; and closed hell weakens for weeping; and a starry sheet clasps us with bready wards where a lady under a tree of dust sails across a blackbird sea. Oh, we are fed to fuss
and hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell. these days, when a painted female moon cuts hillocks these hard days, when a sainted dead dune spills, cooax spires into waters, then a bowl of woundss fills
easy riders with washed red corn; and we are killed

and hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell.

rose-headed old children cut blue cappers from funeral fells. o, clothed bedded rolled women suck a crapper as old dells hire a huge nude from gilly mad men; and a snapper of cells
rotates upon a fixed radio. Ald Beds creep. Cold dweebs sugar soaper blades with gold heads that smash steeds, and, ah ah, a bolt across a lost door opens into grey seed.
rose-headed old chiller sin suppers for food-frauds when grey eyers of cold mirrors spin after hot cakes and prison-baked bromide foison, and a spell of spun killers swims after flans and hot poisons
and we shake a crate where beery body brands sex-heave thick panted ceilings. Oh. we are fed to brandies as trees

topple inside an elbowed town where nothing ever moves

we weave a gunny gun with eager oven-hands; and closed hens lay soft boiled egg as a dummy of mother's hands heal a lens; and a dummy body bay bites upon yeast as a thrushy life-hem
sugars saline lips with tidal rites; and we lunch upon lost skin. la la, we ride to county sleep. O, bown cut cunts hears winds roping ruby rodeos with easy mental lungs; and we hear sin
and we rot for a cocking horse that rams a wheel-chair's spin swallows brute then dies. Uh, we weave wine from money.

rose-headed old children cut blue crappers with fist-funny fascinating funerals; and, ah ah, we sweat after families and a road of reason abuses de mind with a demure daddy
and a toad in season squelches within blue bawds. Ladies loosen pecker ties when a breaded bay of wards studies just how to eternally die. And riders of naves lam lobbies
we weave a ginny gun with eager onion-hands; and dens sweep into crowed masks; and a moistening mouthy mounted sends easels of fatalities to cunt-casks. Death drops a dumb ruby
Sex stops dead; and hell is most certainly born in heaven and heaven is most certainly born upon ignited hell. Raisins feed the thousand as a bone of blorted guns shoots garlands

posers for easy sapphic eyes bends beneath blue ingots. ah, a peasy pearled cut spy sees into sleep as maggots slide inside love's ear; and a cat of crimes rams giblets and a radio father sands a craned dun mind; and Loss
leads a leaper to grey stereos which sing after de Cross, and we ride from country rain when a bed inside privets uses a dovy loud soft hammer, then a wigger in a tree
scatter insect smatter across five thighs. Oh, poet trees teeter as they cry. Oh, poetic need knights mites as bees star-hang a swinging scissor from gay drinks; and sleeves
show rosy burnt wax; and closures of ice-rinks read about bonny bad bones. Oh, poet trees gather oak apples and marches under fire jumps for greased flames. Civets

swallow easy sky-writers; and a moon in March rivets blinded April boots; and weeing wolven welters cross a mammy mine with star-booted waxen skelters; and cars crusade for hot crashes where a vanner of pelters scars
a baby body beacon with Hermione and a bath of scarves
posers for easy sapphic eyes bend for forget-me-knots, and a biker of pure evil raises easy driver christs from mothed butterers of hind-honey; and a bath at sea drinks to crops
and, la la, i saw beneath bobbies a bedder of winter shops and i opened up one ear to hear a deafening sphere; Oh. fast poet trees rap against false glass, and a carring loaf
slices a poppier of a pinkered pistol with bunnied clocks. swallowed easy bridlers bang stone. Deaths use crocks. Smiles use wrecks. Selves heed locks; and a sentinel hastens to a foreskinner of vagina-pox; and burnt rocks
raise a roamer of puller romantics with naked head-slots
and hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell. Huh! eastered xmas wives must go wide and shippers shit thru fasteners of doggy drizzlers; and dirtied chairs jack truths
and the drippy devil of mistress Jones colours death's roof


pluperfect spinsters shove a celibacy of idiots down a hot red mold o sinners under splinterers dream of de family; and rooms of gold glisten as they glister. And a pervy bound buyer of wounded souls
layers easy caved castlers deeply down where a bell under coals kisses after sisterers; and a swervy nerve-bird brags about rivers.

pluperfect mind ministers muck after daddy models; La. foals flash just like a rocked horse when a dizzy dromer of dun rolls sea-shake a cakered bevvy butcher with raven-radioed moles
and weeblers wobble in curdy river that leads ratters to voles. made naked by the sun, a nuclear natron of nappered driver
walls nine palls of treasons where a prison under a soft cryer craps for eternally screaming tears; and a priser of fay strappers slams a rotator of a rugged hand aside bellers of darkeners. O!
we hip to a fotal feat when s dauphin of a dolphin hardens clones

pluperfect spinsters shove a delicacy of egits down a weird doll and a gibbon of a geeking gangster has a renal moll for a ball and endlessness jacks to jives as a coffee in a bellied sea-stall
sprays cold hot female gisms across a fayred funny tree-stall and we crap into the wind as menfolks spice a navy dice with sodden seizured gardens of wakefulness and eaten green jizz.

made naked on the distant run, a puller of pregnancy rids for a blowering tannin mind whose accidental presidency scores a fevering of fast friends; and a fairground falls as gilt boars
stink of teutonic wheatgerms. Oh, a face-filler of salted fried spared ribs season sallowers with veined perms and distant flexed cribs; and, ah ah ah, weevillers will wash bands as hairy song-strips
silence body broads with easy wild wives and dying sloanes. the delectable dollied bandits of creataceous smiles must snip washy evening tendons from sand-pits; and the arch of a clit
will extend under a vamping masted Venus when coded lips claim a dog-dazed chest from a weavered moan; and odd hips chatter upon rended knees when a dollared drone drags drips
deeply down inside cauterised carrion; and a cat in a fat ship sails for wave-scented tides. Oh, hillers thunder-study sex
Death dreams of baby; and saline senses heave for old flex

made naked on the distant run, a ruiner of foamal faces has a daffy christ for an abuser's dung; and a factory under as sucks a dammy nut; and anal promontories vamp for glass
o, oaken elmy grave witnesses scatter shitted ashes. Masks peer upon valleyed windows where the nuclear sexers ask for absolutely nothing but a bared grave; and the dug past
dons a loud shroudsail with flailing log-jams; and the old jack all donny failure fathers; and lost pissers used gold?

the delectable dollied bandits of cretaceous smiles must snip a focal local yoyo with twinning cabs which pay for hot trips and a sloane in winter must freeze a cog with clocker's kits
and a dockler of damaging domed musk hardens for holy endless Israel..made naked on the distant run, a petaller of pushed bins suffers faceless gristle-gums; and hell is born from skin
and red-bedded patrons to wild heaven skelter after spind weedy wove sex-sites; and a cellared cellphone telephones bluesy deeds. Self suppers knives. Sex suppers dives
Senses swirl for eyes; and weedlers of female rum-pies
get illegally cut up by windowed men. Sentinels writhe.


old chilled lemon ochres have to collide rosy missions with weed. oh, chippers of melon sofas have to collide mind prisms with weeds, and a poler of a pissy smoker chucks blood-smokes upon silence
and the rollers of easy chokers cram vinegar ties down violence. oh, old chilly crashed odours eat under figs where a bum of beads slices mamma mary from torn guzzly geese-grids; and old leaves
lead evergreen corpses into swarmed meese-digs; and cold reeds summon a saturday sickler to ram down bunnies where soft sleeves get moon-mashed with radiophoic perfect lashes. Uh, old dweebs
sit on purple hairs as the red gentleman's chairs snap washered bony brenders of barbwired christs; and a hot hairless father must swallow lice wherer birds cave in. La, La, pony chasers must
trust in doggy gripe. Gritty cavvied caverns grist to meated musks
made dome naked, heapers of vinegar saviours will kiss for a daddy dreamed bus; and golden ghost gas drives a vanny rope-car and a bonny girl-gust has to ignite fugues with ignition.Cured cups
carve weany dippy danger-thoughts from sirens under carved sheba cats; and a baby on a stage cries for a false audience and old chilly demoned ropers wrap dunners in gourdes. Oh, our glans
has to hip for sloped thunder or else die away in a darkened pan o hissy hospice sisterers kiss cured glass. Deaths summon scans Sex rots trapped England. Selves swirl under buttery stone-stands
old chilled lemon ochres have to collide rosy missions with sleaze and, la la la, idioms of eyeless factories deafen blinded gay grease


vanners of a cosmic mind-killer drills for mental spatial drugged gold. o scanners of demotic mind-fillers drill for menstrual suppered molds;and a delver of dragoned men file for sleep; and a dreamer's red soul
hisses for spread milked meat. O, a warden of glued grandes roll for udderers of star-flown chicken heat; and a golly dolly on a shot floor abuses a ragwitched rose with accidental sleep where coded wards
skull-widen into chimped gauze-glass. Sex dents a doddery rhymer. Deaths suck on a curved vagina. Senses dunny heave after walled tomb-poled massive moon-riders; and a dummy mummy on a stall
snips a corded rail. Uh, facers of farmy fatherers snap a lit hall, and we are in the clothes of one zillion barmy smotherers. Dolls have to jump their jacking jackal jumpers with grey greased molls

vanners of a cosmic mind-killer drills for mental spatial mugged gold. oo, lammers of demnotic spine-mirrors shine, shine, shine. Oh, foals fold foamal feints into pony macaroni as a pisser of a dined soul
shows spirit fingers to fascinating paintings of one zillion old rolled romantic biddy scars; and we weed after roman pealings when gold.
drops a signal star aside belled rain. Oh, a shredded cunt has to hold upon deepening cars where a vanny voled mammary melts into coal Ah Ah. we have the sex pangyrics by heart. We know everything?




and hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell. O, dragglers of deep death wallow under mary-spawn when a doughnut in a thrift bell rings the beds of sex and hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell.
O, drivellers of sweet breaths swallow under swarms when a cunt slut whose faces have flailed trips debt under haloed city screams. La, La, a fayre in a dunny field has to sear slipped
body basements where a cat headed carrier of sunny weals hips to the zipped baby casments of rat-rended evil marriers; and a dubber of reels shows dipped daisy skies. And acid remits reap radio cells with cavatinas of garden fingers
and a rope on the ride raps upon grey dogs whose patient abusers of killers crusade after canine feline wasp-waved pig-dudes. Ah we weedle for wingers and weevillers arise from canny cunt-cages. O, a perspex stream hits razors.

and hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell. La, dragglers of deep mess pawns pealed puss pods with eaten fairy dells; and we arrive to find a wed dress made easy as the riders of corn-crapped hell; and dizzy fires fondle after deaths
and fondant recliners daub a dilly dolphined donkey with drapes and labia. once upon a bedstead, a lyncher of listless flayers fanned a den of old cars and a tarot teamster hands a bunch of psychic books to sand-strung mirrors
and my maiden mirror tells the dazzled time about vestal seashells and Mars and hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell and sweated eyes shadow milky mountain demons who supper after dolly plasma; and a veinous meadow
dances aside cunny when a davy doggy lamp shines christs upon grey tables.

easy easers of spastic easters lime up for junk; and a badge for a keen brain fastens a flexed gourde to rivers, and rivers tells her tale about her dead skein. o, fasteners of gourami grit minnow feet around geizers of gods under wet grain
o hasteners of cunted salamis sink a sworn rock around bellers of scented rain and a wivener of plated grey boobies bang aside milners of sex-shredded veins and a bunny boned bled beach buns after crammers of vaginal teenaged mains
and we widen into fierce blood. Death comes too soon. Dirtied silos croon. Sex slaps night's eye. Self cums for mad maled dunes. Ah, a sullen moon melts into warders of trendless fairy graves. Uh a dilly pissy maid has rooms
peering into bedded wine; and a book of slaves reads de bible to a cartoon.

and hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell and we are dead now?


lardy lemony mental men scry after chalks and waters. lo, a tree of spind oak-skin topples into metal zen as a dyer of closed hawked daughters dam spind daisy weed. And the xerox rooms of the rose ram a daffy flower with
hectic donned heroics. Agh, as we beam for dunny curls then we dig doggy eyes with canine heroin; and a cat-head heaps a tailing old pig.
razors under starlight shave dollie when madness is born from grids, and a flower at night star-slaves a brolly and the rainmost clouds of rainy kids sharpen rainy scissors with arching knaves whose easy bandit cribs
crashland upon cures of canny dogs and ribs in gizzard seasons. Lids drop cavatinas of demure baby pugs upon cusping canaries. Digs

dollop damaged phlegm. Deaths drives our dreams. Sex dies out.

we lynch a bell of glass as we toast the eaten dead; and we shout, and a bunching cell masks us as we toast the beaten dead; and we shout out aloud for a passionless past where nightlings heed bees
and a dunny crowd drops a dazing dogger of dead decks under seas, and a bonny baby bone breaksdown. Deaths entreat us. Meads swim under cunny brine; and a stiffening fist-fish heeds gold beads
lardy lemon mental men scry after chalks and waters. O, grey skin sharpens body claves where a coarsing cavern collapses under spind daddy winds. Deaths entreat is. Bees sting lusts. Dangers cut sin

razors under starlife clasp a lemon gun in nine whored hands and sunderers of moon-life rap a harvest mien inside islands, and a bed of seasons swipes sex-salt from bolted narrow sands
o we have to harden after stripes when guns shoot old waggons. razors under starlife clap a gourami sun around old male drams: lasers under car-life snap a sickening gasp with radio edams and
lardy lemon mental men scry after chalks and porter as sex plans hasten to a forced beat where hardening fuckers eat vinegar Japan.
lardy lemon metalled vein-games click for huge bloods where a dunny imprisoned pussy pie peeks inside a bridled baby of canned giddy baby sirens; and we arise from wheat as we ride a car
far west where hard wet pop is praying. O, dogs abuse a puppy van; and the knickers of the female killed create ald ash from wigwams, uh uh, riders of old female mills shape cloth from easy scans,
and a baby builder of bad times bullets after sidlers under dams, and a jacking boy-hen lays sweet rain upon egg-bedded grande body cops; and a sea in winter swims against eyes where ham
slices yeasty thrush pies sink into powder; and a sanded scram pipes penis-peace around dragged masks. O, a sea of woman
sends female titty toms to tailors of trampling easy children and lardy lemon metalled vine-games click for huge bloods. Deaths ram tonged blue tongues down parted crypts where old Sex
snaps a baby pool with twelve lost jive jams. And we heed Sex and we lose Sex; and vastness under hot lambs reap messed

buddy breeding. O as we chant wild heaven's mantras then a pled pearling pussy field will surely die then fade to old men..


sunny starry salt wives sweat for menswear. O, old spined sin wallows under vaults where a dreamy stare out-stares wind and a bay of bastardised hair shits on shirts as coded hymns
widen into laid christs; and dizzy diggers of dirt suck a minge...buddy breeders break a quite centaur with huge spade-limbs, o baby readers are slowed down; and a family under skins
hollows a haloed head with dirt straws and drowned pinned clocking cocking horses; and we arrive home to find wind charging into loosening cradle stains; and we heap spiderers
under collonising cunts that weep brains as veiny idlers hit to a fast procrastinating bled beat. Deaths entertain us. Self-sex sends robes to soft heat; and a webber of spun pus
gel a bellied bell-pull with eaten junkers. Oh, we hear musk.

we easily lay a lopping lion with passioned flowers; O, we delve for lays as a filthy pled pulled pussy cuts gold and we thrive for graves as we peal a plummy old soul.
as we drive to dizzy sleep then we hurl shoes. Cold cums through us just like pain. Odd drones dig rolled mammy men; and we seize venal vibes from city goals
and, la la, a bison in a city cage drops veins upon sold bodying bended biddy lotions; and we ride for mumma and we shop the sexy dead; and we slide into manna Oh Oh, a cake-risen purple
plume-bake has to stammer, and a boned bride's mind is drilled by fathers as dada drops a doggy cliff upon a rat-mine; and we mine for
drivers of lashwide queens; and we hear a wide warped wolf-wall sweeping patent coffees off the pregnancy mind-ward; and old fellahs sweat popping optics; ah, a bummer in a lift spurts for
a titty essential lake which drowns all saddened flava. sunny salt wives sweat for girlswear; and labile dogs
supper after wreckages; and weepers cry for drugs.

cognitive wide faces have never been a haunt for me. la, endlessness of stasis has never been a jaunt for me. oh, sunny sickled wives sweat for fever as painted seed
scatters smelly smatter across Ides where emptiness hammers city fields to anal concrete London; and trees fall under wives; and lemon tubes carry tunnel-sleeves.
cognitive wide faces have never been a haunt for me: ah, trendlessness weakens. Oh, a sea of chewed waved cunt has me writhing into human seashells. Oh, a sea of spunk waves after nests
and weeing spastic weirs drink from graves when sex sticks a chalking pin inside ginny tea-trades; and sex drops her snake-filled strawberry glasses under messed
laden lardy chained deaths; and eyes burn up for decks; and lashy cretaceous dimetrodons storm a T Rex god-dick ah ah, as weavers of Indian suns grass after cunt-tricks
ah ah, as seizures lam fitting fams then gunned ricks heat to grey sleep where hall-dancing dreams sea-slit

radioed wintry fast fuck. Deaths drink sand as cliffs cause aimless suicide; and mad folks sing forever.

the statues on death's cliff fall from out stone-rain. oh, faces under blue self swallows mitts as gold trains ravel into mad times; and a wiffler on a mount flames
after vasty vena birdy souls; and a sea of chairs collapses into salted fire when a driver of grey lairs affix a laden lady lamp with bruised eyes and snares radioed wintry fast fuck-noise oh,
rotators of a naked timer of boys forces a radio-rodeo to burn; and weeders vamp after fay fumes as a raiser of romantic nerves lops a cagey whisper of a child with blind bluebirds..
the statues of death's cliff fall from out bone-dames and a grainy godded flex-cliff swills beery playdames and when autumn in mid-July cooks a turkey egg
then a miner for gold mime kneels upon grey dregs
radiod wintry fierce fuck-toys reach inside beds and, ahhh, how now does an istant garden grow?

bevellers of hot glass canyons crush a clifftop down o revellers of bird-grass have to keep a dead town, and a sun at night layers grey radio with gowns and a sea of mice sweetens sex. Death resounds
Sense falls away; and we weedle after Downs and bevellers of hot glass cannons shoot a vast cheese-drip; la la, levellers of soft masks don old maled ticks
and a cat on fire has to hiss for food as flea-tips tickle easter tissues with ecsematic xmas hits and bevellers of shot glass caverns swallow baby, o devillers of soft casks cook de eggy Lady
and a burning bath cusses pissers with brandies and a softening evil smile shoots gas from family
radioed wintry fierce cock-ploys send a medly to tuneless sleep where a naked lubing mind-tree suppers after trampled tea-lubes; and hands and knees under bees
rumage for boned wytches brews; ah, wax reeds dunder under stoney bitches as fayred blue leads

walk a face-tainted dog whose teeth seem dead.


the faltering faceless boys who weave eager ciders under souls skin-parade for wasted kidders who cry for guarded blue flanders molls; o a father of a dead friend hips to the wallets of sun-hearsive
hallowers of gun-hollowed prince men; and a doctor under souls accuse instant inkers of blotting raven-brides; Ah, a church of finger dolls leeches from a fount-head where chinzty cherry brides seize a
daggerer of blue heat with fascinating softness; and a dead skull staggers as she scatters a horse of a phone to a cellular bulled wiper of windy rapine ruin; Ah a fazer of a fascist films screwed
babiers of blown dregs and xmas easter times; and hoods move motile killer smoked smiles to eager winders of nice nipped dudes. o we doll for dust as swirling gentlemens chairs trash grey lubes

once upon a mind in a mown street, we learned about red roods once aside a bad mind, we studied about the deaths upon roofs and the blencher of a dizzy sweep suckered against blue hoofs
and sodden westend markets crusade for malls as coded truth gives a headed rise to skins who go down; and we loosen bruised cunter coda liced sex kodak; and we smatter after dun lubed
greeny glassed graves. Ah, the yobs in yoyos rap upon screwed bladdery buddha rock where a scissor of a prayer hits smoothed blind baby broilers of cockered kissers; and a laden latent nude
slappers hands of sweet dirt with billy stickers; O, sold sleuths rampage for limitless star-fires that truckle out of dumb rain.
the faltering faceless boys who weave eager sidlers under oil hit to the wagging neat beat of a moon vixen; and a sky's moil-coil leans upon wide wives whose opening salt shade has to spoil
and a snakering sex tea-market kills under phlegm when soils shit inside hidden trousers; and a baby under barns has to boil and a poncing loud pig poppers grey grunters with blind foil
la la. Eastend boys will reel against the east as softening veins gather up the teas with revolters of masked caffeines; O, rain peal pelters upon shut hooky doors which open upon grey pain
ahh men...

the slippers that clad death's s feet must shine for lunacy. Oh, risers of rats rap upon death's beat; and a bonny family shends deniers with deadends. la la, once a dead day, i pee upon god's friends, and men
slapper a soft sky with fairy hands. the slippers that clad death's beat must shine forever: uhh a heap of fat grabs for sleep; and a weathering jam jackknifes into bodies. Ah, a dog of donkey dirt rams for
drizzlers of sane sex and killings

the falterers of fascist faces tie bald shoes with twine. la, fatherers of racist faces tie mad screws to salt mine and a bay of tits tosses sunday beneath babied minds and a sea of pegs pushes flayers over ferny
sea-swine. oo, the faltering flesh-boys who dig for mean dirt times flog soho-features with blind dicky news; and we ride dust as eyes snap photos with kodak lurgies. Ah, eastern lime lops a looter of labile
lanes with eaters of dizzy spine, and we breakdown as we send dolls to hot sleep.

writhers of cervix streams swallow heads with red-dyed ridden daydreams; and we glow for wormed kids and we rise from hard screams; and we sell pigs. oh. A riddler of grey knicks will sharpen grey figs
and a dunny applecart picks us now. Death rigs yellowers of maple marts with sun-sold misery; and the slippers that clad death's body seem eerie and a bath of milks shakes a lady when eyries
lay a dabbling dreamer of rakes with cock-cribs and a silly swooner of fevers sweats for grids and we lassoo horsy hews with fazing sex-nibs


a prototypical photograph peers inside the distant past. a shimmerer of coda crap films tears; and old masks dodge after mouths that crack under rears; and masts stop sailors of drought; and a donny carer of cut clasps
comfort gey suicides with oaters of graves and glass:- a prototypical slippy sign signals shafted female flask with tossing tea; and we arise for saddles in the past and we die for nighttimes. La! a dyer for grey veins
vamps for shields. La! a cryer for green pain rains down, down upon a false town; and hens use champagne to toast chicky bums with welters when a sea under casts
crashes down under a fazered thigh; and we rasp and we scatter lumber for lasered sky. O, de vacant vagrant vast vamps for bouncing bees where a hive in our minds
whams doggy dicks aside hairs where Odin's mine mines for greying shot wine. Death will lead us.


we bleed for benches. We read words to janus wenches o we hit for leeches. We catch birds; and trenches sink tawny teeth into tummies as a body of tenches stinks to female heaven. Ah, a dyer of dying dens
droppers a female bar with lesbotics; and children drag for pelted gulls; and golden soffits clad stems and stationed grassy skulls scatter grey cisterns deeply under thieving parents. Oh, a cot of christs
heartens into wax. Oh, a box of lights rams even cavers of apple voxes; and we ride from treason

a protoypical photograph peers inside rag-prisons and we lace loans with faking piss pay. Prisms collude with cosy bright cunt. Refrangible reason rotates inside a dirty mall. Death drinks dead dice
Self-sex strangles flirty soil; and wide dicky rice swells, swells. Darkness pomades us. Days dice sweetening yellow dustbins; and radioed sea-mice
scatter scuttering flowers across sexless serums

we bleed for peaches. We dine inside the dark la la, we silence beeches as we drag the heart aside nudist fingers that stab stapled violence and teethers of peerers grab for stabled marks
and we dance in a reflexive park. Oh, sirens spurt bacon. Oh, ravens caw for gross carts and a sunner of sleevy raisins drop a fruiter peal-first in an advertisement about a fevered
billy brow; and we heed hissers as we lever greyers of lowering mead-hissers. La! mirrors muck up a dirty money cup which leaps bark and friers of ducky mummies who wind into sparks

panners of sexy papers peal a pervy plum with both hands: ah ah, pippers of daisy drapers drag after lungs as brands shop for dizzy drips; and a pervert in a silly gun shoots land
O. canners of closed lips suck blonde tongues with drams and a bleachy blorter of a swift trip rubbles after Romeo and Romeo answers to Tea, Coffee and idiot Juliet barbecues
and panners of sexy papers peal a pervy plum with both hands; la la, clippers of dirty capers cry, cry. Lo we use a false tube and a canny lashed lass trickles for cabby wive. Lo, we use sand.
Cashiers of monkey looms spin sewing lakes. Lo, we use ideal tauteners of baby with ruby rammers of blue brusied

bodying blamed starred banners. Death has to eat fused blasty ocean-ovens. Sense sickles feasts with interfused pilied prison lotions; and we listen to creams as brigands
sweep coasters of cramblers with easy doggy hairbands.
panners of sexy pelters pee upon a pisser's wetted jay and weeders of dilly rivers cry upon cold greying whelp-trade and twelve year whores dip a pinted pick in their bums
la la, a widener of yawny sheep shits suck a gay tongue. O, the medlies of the mad mind sweeten self with struck deaths; o memories of a bad mind sweeten selves with breasts
and a gyring knotted candle shines upon sawn mess and a massy breeder mounts all times as sworn sex lasers underneath purblind failures; and sweated stores swell up with raided menswear where a dunny whore
sinks her filthy fan deeply underwaterers; and desks cane foamed dizzy arse-reapers; and a bone of frets fashions mother marie from closures of daffy debts

the melodies of a mad madam moon mends into a televisual transept when a giddy incenser climbs a babier of bullied bullshits; and gammy febrile dives abuse rotting spun skin where a dammy under lips
licks a hot-spreaded bummed dress with soft slits O wee-wee daddies sullenise snakes from grey tits and a bowl of flowers scents a soul; O, ladies trip

panners of sexy pelters pee upon a scissored weir. ah, scanners of sweet hoards listen unto blue tears and i see a bled boy being elecrocuted by swift fears and a latent pisser of a mental man has to disappear

where diddlers of sunny money sell heat to endless mourning then a killer of dad and mommy spreadeagle across oated ghost-evenings; and a shade of wine sells bone to grave seagulls when dreams
drag a dotty night-life across cold showers where screens snap a snipper of a dead god around seaters of wild beams and a house of snout smokes a keen fag. O, wiveners scream
and a cruel canny eagle-store swells for shit as a bad dream star-suffocates the rise of Pan with invidous city-pipes

panners of sexy pelters shit inside the wind. Badeas burns. Wild wide mammy weds sweat; and a poet's tree tucks ferns within a dooby shop of silly dilly lovers. And a stoned storm of fled sin
swims to the daughtered hour, and curtains over forced burns brags after volts when a sand for a stag scatters seasands with one zillion hot eyes. Ah, i will not attend my own grave...
the easters when i opened xmas gifts hastens to a festive balloon: o, as winters end for soft men, a gigger of tinsels hits dead afternoons and a whale-popped saviour sugars huge seas with sweetned
old revolving nights when i made my cell and laid atoned by it and a scissor sprayed mind hits to a billboard braid as deadly lips interfuse daggerers of noon-life with easy sugary citied remits

where diddlers of sunny money sell sleep to aimless dawnings then a thriller on its stupid sides has to dream about veilings, and a wizener of wide folks sink flames to sockets and a gizzard hand
jay-jams a dun eggyolk; and bitter blorted regiments of sea-scrams slosh easy liquid washer sherry down a bitch's glued bead-throat; and ships sail for distant pussy as a laden doctor of blanched soap trips

across easter eyes when i opened xmas gifts just for the purpose of raising romantic dopes from a dead night-shift; and jams spread boot polish on bread; and i shall not attend to my grave
and i will never scatter my own ashes. Oh, we are young as slaves; and we at the burning while we are at the bodies.



o choice of mindless youth shuts up life's peacock hand and as medleys quake then music sings for tears; and a brightness sea-buries swift sadness when a puller of protracted sex slams
evil idioms of light where a burbler of killers cut a penis away o choice of mindless youth shuts up life's midnight scan, and whilst we wish on reined bows we surely come to cut seasand
and a slitted sail of a cockney saviour carries dust under trays.

o choice of mindless youth sucks up ole christ's peacock clan and the wives of filthy reason lambast ghosts with grey edams; and a widener of dirty reason car-clasps to a drill of a glans
o choice of mental youths yap aside red lice where hot lambs baa upon a welsh island. And we rise from dice as sea-trade mashes a model mien from a dicky dolt-mess; and a waver
grinds plashy stinky pussy juice with beery jaws.Uh, labia loosens a baby jive; and a repulsing jackdaw stones a river and a demon's bedding sweats for sweet piss; and old livers
sink singlets of swift marsh under green masks. Oh, writhers rope a Juliet with a high fired Romeo; and police code withers and a tango romana mad banquo reaps a pisser from gizards
o choice of aimless youth shuts up life's peacock hand and as daisies quake then a dodger of cunt demnotics expand a glisterer of whores whose easter xmas fools befriend ganged
babiers of greased grooms; and bridal tap ticks around slammed Hitlers of deforming rooms; and fatalists who cry, cry, cry must weave a widow from a saline servile bad city eye. Lo!
ho ho woah.. a spectacle of verminous saddle cry hits lobes; and choiceless deflaming buttered boys brag after a crowed nose and a hoisted sun-peering shuttered boys bag after clothes
and i sink my eddied hands inside toys made from radios and a bonny fayre of wax sinks waxen hands where rogues urinate upon five blood winds where a shitter's pussy pogue
forces a fanlit facial command in a bowl of grass. O, toes tingle with easy sexing rheum. O, toads trample grease where a piggy of a pelissing shadow carnival ropes soapy mind-hair

o choice of mindless youth shuts up life's peacock hand and softening labile cages calamatise grey features under air and a wound meadow unwinds gaols from fascinating prayer
Death will forever touch us. Sex will forever burn wild beer and a stoker of burnt cokers snaps bodders. Ah, false fear entrampolines easy riders with slasher socks and shoed tears

and choice of midnight menfolk shut a peacock in dun shears
the wickedness of bedbound children heat a sea of pure milk. o, the sifterers of bed-ridden women use a titty for some silk, and a strangler's necktie ties old men around geezer-guilt:
a choice of peacock hands shuts a doorway when grey sex-socked silt washes winter streets with fast grit; and we will heed silts and we will bind a bodied bledbed to fattening easy pelts.

as timeless bevvies sink into lives then a closed kid floats.

the easterly winding summer swarm sucks across huge seas. ahh, wintry feline rivers smile for ice; and a belltown's sleaze hips to a sal-beat. O, we summon christs when grey geese
bribe a gobbler of a turkey with blown nippers; and grease swashes verminous paper kids with vined tears. And peace appears peculiar when a gunner of a gassed pig dons meat.

the wickedness of bellbound women chants the mantra: o crooked nude birds use shit birds for sex where Fathers swallow dirtied glued lip; and we cry for birches as sleep
sends a bodice of a ship to a fat sea where fucks reap golden shores. Deaths drive us home. Sense has to die away, away. Uh Uh Uh. A manx on a mad mountain cries,
and a waxer of Buddha craps upon lean mammal minds.

shouters of a cockpiece cod after sapphired baby bunkings and a router of a cuntpiece cods after empying spunkings. ah, a bay of budders eats God; and a silly summer's wing
commands bastard nuns with monkish easy spread swings; and we learn about baddy kids who layer dirt with flour and we bake a soft babby rig with easy romantic pepper.

shouters of a clocksheath rod after flowers as dead ceilings sink an easy pasture under concreted bed-sods; and a flying veiling has two red heads; and a perfect smile beams upon shot glass;
the wickedness of bellbound bookers gangle for ape grass and eyelids burn up, up, up; and we widen for fangled seasands; and razored hairy people peer into plugholes when a daughtered flower
staples boned fish to sad mad light; and rotated jemmies jump for an eagle power which stabs rites; and idiots chant for sunken basin-whores. lo: shouters of a rockpiece cod after lesbotic peace; and wet wars
warp a whipper's wound copper. Dirt drives mess. Sex sucks tors, and idealisers of rubber pee on knickers. Sex cuts boars and

razored hairy people peer into mug-molds as a doctored pig-pan sears sausages with steeples; and we rot as a burnt bent demanders raps against golfed chapels. Death becomes dust. Sacked selves
serenade teasers of roped apple; and we comfort dimpled clitorising pen-rolls; and we drive from countied sleep; and we writhe under dusk.
razored hairy people peer into pugs with shaven chopped minds.

a wind-sharing dicky ploughshare snaps for a foreign field. ahh, mind-snaring picky hound-hairs heap combed red yields and woppers of a licky loud lair lead sleep to grey mealed
bastardisers of puky bellied snares; and we ride aside reels. shouters of a codfleece fix faults to fans. Odd eyes bleed Skies heave; and mental gabby goat gripes for raw seed
ah a router of de canny cock cuppers for bather's sleaze and a bunny boater of sweated uppers cups a cunt-crease

a wind-sharing dicky ploughshare snaps for a fast emptied music field; and a meadower bows to stealed straps; and life deals doggy doos to burners of kneeler's knap; and eyes heal.

shouters of a comic feast serve drivers to concertinas..o a cosmic weather-feast serves cake to meat cloud; and we supper for a simmerer when a beaten crowd
winds casting wrought lions in a mummy's apex shroud and we weep for England. Sex dumbs us. Sirens rouse a golly clown; and massive fucky men die in the east.




we weave for cotton shapers when a bone of a blown rapier-radar sinks an adult flava into salted vinyl raider-waters; and we hit ripplers and we weave for cotton flavours when a stone of a nighter
ignites a body lighter; and we suffer gems as a home of writers rides upon word-corn. O, a bottom baker bags a bad favour, and we sink a blue lip where a bone of buds brags for failure.
shouters of a red pox peer inside a deep sedge as hailers sun-pelt scissor rocks with bled budders of plumed sailors and a boat of glass gutters for bad butter as mental razors
ripple for drowner's doubts; and we use a head for a lover.

we weave for cotton shapers when a bone of a blown blazer buttons a carton moon with lunar hems; and a burnt river digs a dirty knitted pattern; and a drippy devil's old feather
heaps pylons under pushing penis pippy. Oh, a grey giver gives gritted gifts to winos; and we arise from fast fevers.

shouters of a red rot rocks a wetted hammed heart's shivers and we shudder for cutted cures as we laden wed livers with eviscerators of the shunted curs that yap in heaven's cribs


the buttery bleeders of deus dinners feed a foaled hot meal to skins: oh, a VD in breeders swirls cuckoo rivers; and we are fed to hot sin, and at the rear of a de bodies i saw a swarming shadow's limbs
leaping leerers of screwed veins; and a doddy of a dunny moon heaps scarred sunfires upon all tidal kerbs. O, weederers of gloom stagger for a piss as a mind-moon pulls drapes upon dead rooms
and eyes reach after glowed gas and ivies spurt veins on gyms.

blamed shouters of red socks grind pantihose to pus, and wives jar for a divorcer's mind where a purple statue falls from brides; o a dolter of draggoners wagons after mental walls; and hymns
swing, swing..EEGs that lead to bird shine upon a sea of twinned mental hair; and we rip from a stirred caned mind as grey gins swallow vidoed vodka with glisteners of lip-leaps and mary.

the buttery breeders of deus dinners feed some horsed meat to dobblers of scones and killed cream; and we hiss at a hot rude stationer of inky pinky satins; and we kiss after mouthed dudes
ah ah ah. Dangling dead men pen nerves with teened trippy blues: ah ah ah. Fangling children calm shit birds as a cotted sea-shoe shoots upon some dinky daddy feet. Old boys burn ties as broods

drop natally fatal dromedary coves upon reflexive dead truths.

skinners of savoury shutters heap a heated beat with god's grave. oh, a dinner of family cutters creeps under sheeted beef-lovers. spind swift skin trades topple a tinny teatray aside a dinner of herbs; and we seize lays
and we dance for ashtrays. Swifts cry for hens when egg-clays sink a dolly nerd into instant butter; and we weeble for odd praise, and we rock for a dropped heart which knows no way to feel.

we weave for coffin shakers who ignite biers with pall-peals and we ring a grinded pussy bell where idiots in heaven's reel rot upon blue hours of unravellig moon-light and night and impossible watches
O woollen wipers of flowers fawn to type as eastern witches rap a dizzy fast bower upon daddy dusts; and we use bitches?

skinners of savoury shutters heap a beated head of god's knaves come crying after butters of bashed sugarbeets; ah, sex slaves smash a smackered sign of lashy easy wheat; ah, salt-riches
raid a romantic razor with mummy hearts. O, we are raised?

selflessness has the jumping classes made common as the cold; oh, endlessness has to thump rich glasses as a mental sun's soul star-cherishes angled cunts with dumbing sleep where the sold
supper after super chickens who lay rotted eggs for the world; and a dummy breeder of rolled men deify a dirty road where daffodils in season sugar tulips dales with odours of red hair.

skinners of savoury scutterers sink a blue knife into butters and an instant family takes coded pictures of easy mind-hunters and a bed on a cured cliff fascinates tears with sex-cunters
o endlessness blows like a puffed wind; and a donkey-lover leads all great animals to lovely laden life. Ah, a dinky feather falls to grunted heart-pleasure. Ah, a leader of mermen slivers

under a green urban thatch that riddles roofs with loud mirrrors, and a mamma under neon rats rides upon radioed cut fingers. O, darling mice in a cat's lap get cautioned by claws. Lo, silver
stoppers stabby traits with gilded crowed hearts; and givers grease up as they roll for a cunt-shine. Death has no fingers. Sex has no killers. Mess has no fevers. Madness feeds prayer



the easy yeasty tonged tongue of a petted cat has to lick aside rough birds; O, a stunned gun of a shredded rat has to cut aside bullet-odes to vast mice and dirtying birdy angels; and weavers of eyes
supper for masked christs where once inside a mind, my mind caved up for the vermined loud dead. And ashen buddy blinds strip a hollowed curtain from grey screens; O, I need a piss
and my local cavatina of a mad mind swaggers for a wet kiss the easy yeasty tummed tongues of a petrolled bat has to kick inedible green veins from a knickering glassroom, and old tits
tutter for banger bread as cakey flamy forced flans heap hips and a dunny dictator to the eaten dead flash across blue mists Lo, a sunny shadow of a sexy crab cuts cured pincers from a
dolly of a damager; and we localise vast phones from red cars
under a green urban fire, i noticed just how neon burnings scar a bad body of a boy with nostrilled funeral hards; and grey stars shake across meths as they look down upon a burnt sex card
dand, o, we cry for sin as we weep for towns. Deaths use Mars: Self-sex abuses clowny chopped crowds; and a village of candy calves crashland under pullers of piss-proud prodded adult moggies
and disembodiers of rivers sink a fist within vaginal buddies. these easy emptied days when a saddening mind-man stirs blue bended dyng claves must surely listen now to curves
and a benny blonde boy blorts up; and a dental lipped nerve lashes briny bubblered sea-skirt; and a dabbler under bummies bed-bangs a baited blood heart; O, narrowers of vein-furs
fashion a magical motel mine with mammy faces; and herbs swallow salt suicides. Deaths drape a pisser of a thrill Sex swallows gum. Meshy macadams tar us with wet gills.
under a mean urban pyre, i shape ingenious effluence with buzzy banger bods whose bastardising televisions screen-dig a dancer of hanger-luds; and we suddemise softening ribs
and we weep for wide kites. Lo, a spastic of an easy frig flashes hooty fingers inside a nude direction for wanky pigs.

seasons of model madness swing for a green beat: o, sad seasoners shuffle as sadness swings for heat and layers of scuffled glass grass about sweat meat. seasons of motel madness slide inside a sea of eyes
and a seasoner on its side sweetens paps with tides: o, pufflers of peeing prides bell-pull gods with wide anker mictioners; and a city of skull-gods hit eyes.

under a mean urban pyre, we rise from death's spies.

tidal slider cogs don timed clocks as dinnered wives sweep embers into canny chilled kitchen surfaces: o easy buyers purchase lime for a donny's face, and evil coded arches arse after mental tyres.
seasons of motel madness slash a scarred star and we weedle for Rome where candid cars crusade for sexy bonnets; and motors fade away.

tidal slider dogs yap as they bark; and grey claves
collonise the dead with livid men and dirty graves

Ohh. under a mean daddy fire we see rise the false wind. o, a dream under mammy focuses upon old spind vast body laddies; and we suck a nut as we swim for dirtiers of bad city lakes; and we cannot sin
and we canter for maned cunt as we smell skinned baby emotions. And a dizzy car carts vans with grey fields where pure waters pray. O, grey lips.
swallow eagle prides as a swallower under raised figs swashes seagulls with fannny glass; and we prick a dollar of a cage; and we ride the past as we scarsoxy tongues with petrol resins; and we chew stars.

under a mean daddy fire we see rise a fast wind and a doggy bottler of tyres rides until speed spins.

ladderers of stocking shops sell cunts to cured caves while bladderers of pissing shops sell pee to slitted cutive shit-slaves: and we arise from nudes to find a blind hot grave
and eyes eat into wheels as a body under blind trade swallows pretty guns. O, a sea of snippers sex-blades a bonny of a fueller's cock-fire; and we ride for raids.

under a mean doggy fire, an easy father of the mad wells, swells; and we expire for easy lathers as lads crash a toy car; and weedlers are demure with sad body braids; and we cry for whistlers when cold caves
cry for flinted slaves. Deaths dreams for plied lust

ladderers of sticking shops sell cocks to a blue cage and we see rise the secret wind as fishmen rage for deadliness and eye-bitten rapes; and we fuck wards.

one eaten day when a nighttime of killers jack-knifed then a bed of laughter rams our minds; and a swift hill falls, and easy eaten graves sup from a dirt-cups when
slutterers of old men piss upon frozen curtains; and old men cry, cry; and an open wheel burns for sanded women.
under a mean catty choir, we swing as we prowl and an easy tatty fire jams hot volts with meat-cowls, and my easy cat meows for meat; and a baby-towel stinks. O, eastern blue rapiers rend a raider under avampiric slink; and as times die then mental owls hit to a piggy beat. Deaths drool for dust. Deep fowls flash pheasant pictures inside a rose-penis. Red rollers sink frency fingers into a bather's soul; and grey stars rock the naked heavens; and an oldtime funk carves
a snotted nose beneath clams; and a sexy hoot-hard hollows out coconuts and walrus tars. Uh, sad women ride from eager breasts; and vaginal cartoons are led to killered veiny pricks. Sex holds a bed-bath.


the ingots of a filthy smile suck for a tawny grimace. o egits under dirty tiles swell up for the stupid. Lace lambasts burns with bile as a slut under body-baits cunt-caves for a choral child. O, we sunder paints as
grey sea-slots cut up wild kisses of ratted cold grass, and a sidler on the corn raids a blind lisp with glassed searing spy-shops; and a green-headed buddy rapes batterers of de cyclops. Dirt has us pinioned. Grapes
get force-fed to dying christs; and we weep for apes.




the ingots of a dairy dialler drizzle ash upon rakes, and a bed of masks kneels upon candles; and snakes bastardise burnered babby baskets with reptile cradlers; uh,
we have written to the dawn only to receive dusk; and carriers of cablers crap inside limbs; and we expand boney babblers into crazy skinned scanned islands..
hit to a pissy bleat, a lemoner of limers licks brands, and we swell up for supermarkets as we sex-slam diamante fever; and whistlers of the wrecked scram
after diners who dine in the dark. Oh, ocean drams drop a doodler under a soft ark; and weirs stand for
bald beeches, where a rattler of a deer fucks walls.

hit against woders of wild-spoken women, we clap for dizzy dolted rhymers of death-awoken gems; O, moors dart into dartmoor when a poet's torn tree cuts wards,
and we jazz to a jacker's beat when a burier of bawds whore-jams easy sex epilepsy with dizzy doctor-paws.

the ingots of a dairy dialler drizzle typers upon words and wide men ride the corn where a darter under bathed birdies dragglers for demnotic tears; and we ram a baby's nerve,
and, o, we entertain the city dead with star-shaken scores..we hit against woders of wife-spoken children, outdoors a sea of slayered spunk sea-opens old seasons; and fjords
snip a sally cold with bended cod-lemon and glottal seed gets scattered by scutterers of seed upon a salty bed-board.
bald beeches shape shrapnels from sawn shot swans. Oh, weepers shed whipped tears where closing dune buds flow, and sharpeners of deckednakes drink from cowls and crows.
Men comfort after carrion. Sexlessness swings for de world.

o if we spit into the eyes of horses, then certainly we'd ride up fucking high where the data of women suck pony-pride, and we lace a doubling doll to naked treasons as we ride for
bell-pushers of sanded skulls; and a tongue inside a ward licks kinked coal-coffee while off the wall; and we loosen under distancing honey-mess; and a mental map of a lover paws
pulleyed bath-brawls; and we shed white seed upon war and we scatter a smatterer with sweet labile eyes; Oh.

if we spit into the minds of horses, then certainly we'd writhe: la la, a jumper under wine swills salted bread sas sea-slides slant to the end of times; Ah, a flinted scrote curries tines,
and we sweep a giddy comb across cruel men who pine. o, naked bellers belly up from a dreamer's rainbows, and doggers in cellars shrill from a rider's donkey-shadow; and
we slide into deepening deaths and we spy upon brigands.

the days when we got together are all about lost minds.

as hell is born in heaven then heaven is born in hell: O, dinky burning factories lend a book of noise to bells; and a dizzy natron has to smother rooks with seashells.
as hell is born in heaven then heaven is born in hell.

if we shit in the minds of horses then certainly twine will rope a godded bridler to a soapy sea of grey horsed skin-wine; and a mouth of ponies pisses at the moon; and minds
inhearse shadowers of fishy kissers of a child-crime. as hell is born in heaven then heaven is born in hell. O, twinky tawny statues fall from air; and blown wells
hasten to a retardive garden which raises silk from lime; and a bony sweat crock suppers after fizzy face-slime.

if we shit in the mouths of ponies then certainly swine will dash into drouth the macaronis of a female shrine and a bedded breaker of eaten foggies gears for vines
and a perfect persplexive out-of-perspective sea-spine drops dolly dingoes upon fast ivertebrate head-bedded feelers; Oh, we whine. Oh, we swim for spun skies
and we dally to a burnt shop where naked flames are sold to easers of cock-cooked rot; and a nuked aladdin rubs truths and, oystered under tied rot, a naked dude of summer moves
eager easter foods with eerie xmas tinsel lungs; and hooves swell up from cruklocks. O, a pisser of suns stirs bruised bloody body boxers; and we float into towns as we smooth
easterly confining devils with drippy dregs and catty nudes.
and if we shit in the mouths of fools, then the midday mind will summon pits from a sea of mules; and old eerie moods metal after danny guns where riches rap against screws;
and a body down drains entreats a female hydra with blued blown brandy wasters; and eyes seal blinded father-wynds and if we shit in the mouths of stools, then a mission-mine
will certainly pick a pulleyed piano with bended cock-twine.
we rally for a pawned prick-stop; O, easers of cunt-crimes shorten sex with ranting death; and a cow behind a screen sun-ravels into soft sweated sex-slams; O, easers of brine
brolly up, up aside pended penis-clans; and an easter mind swallows daddy daffodils with a vaginal boat on sweet sea; and a dammy of a dreft death drools; O, bodiers in snoods
cap a cuttler of small specs and a wild eye goes wide for a semester of cocked cereals and japanese tidal bye-lines.

a coupler of dizzy wine feels after romantic star-booths and a rider of fizzy shrines coshes peppered scars with neutered bionic museums; and a sharder of freezed mitts
severs a godded garden where painters of bitumen slip a daisy dunned toy beneath air. O, a creator of salt-slits spiels away against a gapped grave; and dilators of malt-tips
clasp a cunny cockroach with rancid rape-lands; and tits titter for a cage of silence. Death becomes us. Mess trips. Uh, as hell is born in heaven then heaven is born in hell.

we vault shit picks as we shit in the mouths of fools. Bells swing for a tangerine milk-tocsin, and a vase inside cells sweeps a dreary dragon across molten motelled bluebells
o a tawny feast of fast glass scatters porn sees across Hell, and we are wanked upon lipids and we are led to crone-bloods, and we are craned for pippets as a lady of a loaded god
tongues a body-bun with a poppied sweet-tree. Ah, sods snap a killer coast with bared stabbing hounds. Ah, dogs come out for a naked walk. La La La.. Weevillers of rills
snapper a dairy hammer aside a sweat-brand and wet dills.

i drool for a cousined ice when a cradler under hot midnights draggles for founted christs; and a blinder of gold heights sinks waxen fondlers into a naked chicken arse. Oh, red lights
get switched from closed cock to kiosk-cunt; Eh Eh Eh....


571 A.  GOD, IN HIS BOOMING STATION, RE. giant genius dyl  thomas!

(Influenced by, I, in my Intricate Image?)


God, in his booming station, threads the devil;
the babbles of the mind lay waste to eagled heirs.
Setting no law to the war of hero's revel,
serried in the graves of knowing, crime impairs.
Rushed in the seed of the word outside all loving,
love, in her trendless burning, pinions hate;
the babbles of the mind lay waste to hero's peril.
Setting no law to war, the way is rape.

Green in the fuse of herod's serial murder,
dark as the sun, the moon proclaims her spiel.
Slashed in the thigh-wide crater of red purdah,
serried in the graves of choosing, heaven's wheel,
rent in the vinegar shadow of breath's bruising,
spired by the seas of the all-too-grateful dead,
man in macadam spoils the roads with rusing,
the rose in the rogue of fearing, craned at head.

God, in his booming station, treads the ocean;
the babbles of the mind lay waste to eagled spheres.
Setting no law to the wards inside emotion,
serried in the graves of growing, crime endears.
Flashed in the crash of the arbour outside hearing,
christ, in his oaken ship, inflames the veil;
the biblers in the brain shear down to zero.
Man in macadam, rucked, rips out the grail.


Love, no peaceful mourner,
shended in the ark of truth,
shapes the oat inside the mortar.
Man to man is light uncouth.

Love, no peaceful maker,
shended in the ark of blood,
shapes the oat inside the water.
Man to man is bust in bud.

Love, no peaceful splendour,
shended in the ark of rain,
shapes the oat inside the render.
Man to man is bust in brain.

Love, no peaceful suitor,
shended in the arkless east,
shapes the oat inside the lover.
Man to man is hero's beast.


God, in his booming station, forges nowhere;
babbling in the brine,
each wheated hill of wisdom comes to none;
the turning mill of christ,
each wheated will of fusion on the run,
endless as love's heist,
wharves away the seas to prove the sun.

God, in his booming station, forges nero;
bibling in the breath,
each wheated word of wisdom purges round;
the turning baptised dream,
each wheated wind of fission run aground,
endless as a scream,
wharves away the seas to prove its sound.

The wicked wish of kisses in the mansion,
bridling at the stone,
prove time as cruel and coiled as hero's fold;
the storming marrow's fist,
each wasping curve of scientific ransome,
bridling at the bone,
prove seas in sensate reeling, curled as gold.


No man is endless;
endless as the rings of fire.

No man is endless;
endless as the crowns of wire.

No man is endless;
endless as the springs of burning.

No man is endless.
Man to man is razed in yearning.


The hand that rocks the cradle
shapes the grave.
The hand that rocks the cradle
shapes the seas.
The hand that rends the stable
shapes the nave.
The hand that rocks the cradle
shends away the bibled trees.

The hand that rocks the cradle
shapes the grave.
The hand that rocks the cradle
shapes the trees.
The hand that rends the stable
blackens heaven's fable.
The hand that rocks the cradle
shends away the bibled siege.

God, in his booming station,
shapes away the nation.
God, in his booming station,
shaves away the number.
God, in his booming station,
shapes away the nation.
God, in his booming station,
staves away the thunder.


The lordless god of summer breaks the shoot;
the bibling rooks of winter steal away.
No man upon the town
may stave away the sound
of the lordless god of autumn's searing way.

The lordless god of hearing breaks the shoot;
the bibling rooks of spearing storm the grave.
No man upon the town
may stave away the sound
of the lordless god of fearing's slaughtered nave.

The winnowed staves of seeing music under
each symphony of rape-becoming humour.
No man upon the town
may stave away the ground
of the lord above the chapel's appled rumour.

The lordless god of summer breaks the shoot;
the bibling rooks of winter steal away.
No man inside a mound
may stave away the drowned,
nor any oceaned dreamer save the day.


The code that from the mortar shapes a dime
binds death to crime;
that serries with the graves of endless nothing,
binds to loving;
and ocean men who spire against the soul,
take endless role,
as real and red within as herod's coming.

The wax that from the halo sears to truth
must stream uncouth;
that serries with the graves of Mnethna's saunter,
binds to slaughter;
and endless ocean men who choose to cry
destroy the sky,
as real and red within as hero's daughter.

The rose that on the thral cleaves theft to call,
binds death to all;
that jacks the siren soul aside from water,
shears manslaughter;
and ocean men who know no female light,
rave from the night,
their winter follies, cold as hero's shoulder.

The cock that maims the tides with clocking ruin,
binds to sueing;
that whacks away the pulse of veinward number,
sears to thunder;
and all the waves of ocean-sealing theft
must sear the breath,
as real and red within as hero's slumber.


God, in his booming station, threads the devil;
the babbling wheys of mary know no source.
No rended stave of dreams is served to Babel,
as man in macadam speaks with endless force.
Five fingers come to those who know no prison;
five fingers, red at soul and strangling under.
God, in his booming station, threads the devil;
the babbling wheys of mary, green as thunder.

God, in his booming station, summons nowhere;
the biblers in the tower have sons to kill.
No truth is known to men who travel sun-where.
As much as man is tarry, so too must petra thrill;
and children in the course of jonah's sinking,
wealed in loving, flash the heart with moans.
God, in his booming station, threads all thinking;
the biblers in the tower, as rent as bones.


The lord, in his inchoate revel, builds the temple;
forged from molten manacles, the icy seas
lay mad waste to the devil:
with the rapes of this glib world dunged in a bubble,
half god and half mad angel
here conceive.

Received by the wombs of the world, the Word co-mettles:
lighted by the spindles of the old
that shirk within a seminary's troubles,
thread to thread, the casuistry unravels;
and raven as the man who treads the pedal,
creation here extols.

This is the curtain on the coffin's signals:
the satyred nature of this phantomed world
forces through the fusions in an anvil:
down rinking leaves, the loots of vision bevel;
and, as mortal as a martyr's medal,
flashes like glad gold.

God's tendril treads the trees and greets the tunnels;
no lud of war is 'His' to see appeased;
down founted footfalls flow the caning muscles
of rectored waste: the Lord works like a runnel:
and, in frames of state, the falcon pummels
and hatchets like a seed.

Inchoate heaven reigning, here's God's tendril
voyages the cockward streams of darksome day:
finding the waters rhinal and purportal,
on the destructive level, time is myrtled
and, raining on a gavel, chains to metal
each raider of the grave.


The love of light betrays the summer's tinkers;
deep in the grave,
each siren whirls away the sun;
the caul of the cruise inside the temple's thinkers,
serried down to zero,
weals aside the golden one.

The hearse of the moon betrays the summer's brothers;
deep in the grave,
each seal of searing rages on;
the maul of the cruise in the temple's underfakirs,
serried down to zero,
weals aside the shaman's drum.

No christ nor creator betrays the winter's number;
deep in the grave,
the saul of saving sears to nil;
the thral of the noose around the decks of thunder,
serried down to zero,
weals away the sinner's thrill.

This lordless life is dark as dreamward drifting;
deep in the grave,
as endless as the sires of death,
as much as man and child must ravage heaven's shifting,
serried down to zero,
the word of god is herod's theft.

Hero's fuse can only come to naveward burning;
deep in the grave,
the oils of lightning summon time;
the moll at the throat must suck the marrow's oozing;
serried down to zero,
the word of god is crime.


Time climbs its rented miracle;
ten times the hedons, time is spined and slaved;
cornered by the mounted fields that strangle,
clockhands seek and find the graved:
the flailing seaman swims inside its stubble;
time itself lies mounted on the rocks;
a feral choir of weathers sprees and cudgels;
time and tide detain and storm the locks.

Death, the incidental, splits god's tendril;
the cadaver on its handle squints on high;
the skyroad to the temple splits the mental;
and now the arteries of rumour rise:
turning a rectal face against the menial,
here the eagled armies pace and pare;
death itself lies spurnt and occidental;
spurned and spurning by, time's riders flare.

But christ is hared and haloed! in the sides
of seasoned seas and samsoned slicks of light,
sweetly drive the diver's cells of fusing
that bring the living being from out the night;
and, clapped in water like a ruckling,
strung from harpsichords and haling lochs,
light astrides the breeders of the tearing
and sucks away the bosoms of the rocks.


Loss, leagued under, strips the seven seas.
Life, leagued over, strips the light of breath.
Loss, leagued under, strips the seven seas.
Life, leagued over, rips apart the holy death.

Loss, leagued under, strips away the heroes
of the cortal christ in the transept's roar.
Life, leagued over, strips away its haloes,
shendless as the tides in the tithes of war.

Loss, leagued, delves the sun for nero.
Light, leagued, delves the moon for kith.
Christ, leagued, delves the womb for zero.
Life, leagued, delves the tomb for pith.


The hand that rocks the cradle shapes the grave,
that ties lynched talons
to the fathering trees,
does down all breath, as the templers rave.
The hand that rocks the cradle shapes the seas.

Though the trees be planed and spumed at birth,
though the angels as they groove
compose a parried breeze,
high with the hand that runnels through the earth,
the bastard heraldic murders as she weaves;

and where the tendant manna rises from its flirt
and sharpens the harp;
where haloed matter seethes,
cruel come the crones of beast and tare and wort;
cruel come the farriers of the cindered seed.

The hand that rocks the cradle shapes the grave,
that ties lynched talons
to the fathering trees,
does down all breath as the templers rave.
The hand that rocks the cradle shapes the seas.


Tendril or temple, the hallowers blow out.
Man in manna parish, the sentinels heave.
Plashed in the stores of harvest and drought,
round the crossing splinter, the templers speed.

In the mangled daisy, inside the peal of bells,
up where martyrs bury the mortars of a spell;
in the mangled daisy, inside the peal of bells,
beside the routed lady, the proctorates swell.

Tendril or temple, the hallowers blow out.
Man in manna parish, the sentinels heave.
Plashed in the stores of harvest and drought,
round the crossing splinter, the templers speed.

God is neither locum nor primal convertor.
Christ is neither primate nor ignoble deed.
Gabriel is neither paragon nor deserter.
Time and tide alike dwell darkly in the seed.

Tendril or temple, the hallowers blow out.
Man in manna parish, the sentinels heave.
Plashed in the stores of harvest and drought,
round the crossing splinter, the templers speed.


The halo's course is razed: the mystic tantrum
that drives the glowering rocks
is here perfused:
the rot that sires the clock, the heroed ransome,
is here destroyed, the fickle caste removed.

The halo's course lies buried in a mountain:
who comes to die
lies split by life to chime:
the anger drummed and drunk on cryptic stanchions
here rocks the roasting angels as they climb.

The lips of speech do no retell their summons:
love's gibbet, slain,
hangs wryly from the trees:
the force that makes the temples shend their sermons
lies dumbed and drained of all its spended seed.

The time that trips immortal and purportal
here sifts the docks of crime
into an eyes that pleas:
the rise of crime into a world aortal
here lies staved

and written on the trees.


God comes! In undead waters, angels wingle;
come unto seastruck towers, the furies fold;
the flight of spatial mortar girds its simples;
the tendrils of the godhead spear and mould.

Within the sun god, sphered, the pointed ferrule,
bright and brassy, blasts apart the grave;
star set for multicolour, jacob's angle
snips the sex of jonah and is saved.

Smoke in shippen hills and oaken valleys,
where the eagle's eyrie steers and rocks,
strides the holy tendril and its galleys;
where the gods are brazen, nature knocks.

One by one, the slash of vision chaffers;
in the sin green fables of the mind,
manstrung ancthers reach for holy masters;
in the stoving bone, the templers grind.

Love, like words on water, must fade gladly,
yet the heavens write against the tides.
Love and death assail on seas of parity;
death and love shall beat the holy ides.


The hand that rocks the cradle shapes the grave.
Ten skulled fingers
stub the humours down.
Death is the tomb of money and its bringers.
The hand that rocks the cradle rapes the town.

In the sallow spheres of bird and angel;
where the parson crows
and the holy boast conceives,
death is the tomb of money as it glows.
The hand that rocks the cradle rapes the seas.

The hand that rocks the cradle shapes the grave.
The hand that suffers christ
is the pall bay in the coves.
Death is the tomb that snaps alive the knife.
The hand that rocks the cradle rapes the rose.

The hand, the hand that does down death
parries and marries
to the infant in the deed;
death is the rumour that murders as it carries.
The hand that rocks the cradle rapes all need.

The hand that rocks the cradle shapes the grave.
The hand that rocks the cradle
shapes the angled seas.
The hand that rocks the cradle shapes the grave.
The sun that is young lies buried in the weeds.


God, in his booming station, knows no ending,
neither shall the templers spiel for none.
God, in his booming station, knows no rending,
neither do the curves of christ ennumb.
God, as friendless as the spheres of purdah,
wharve away the seas to prove their theft.
God, in his booming station, suckles murder,
endless as the foils of hero's weft.

God, as friendless as the tears of motion,
wharve away the seas to suffer light.
God, in his booming station, nations under,
breaks the moon to prove the endless night.
Either side of space is canan's wording;
hence the heart has hills no child may climb.
God, as friendless as the spheres in moving,
wharve away the seas to suffer time.

God is neither angel nor primal convertor,
neither is the womb as real as it becomes.
Frozen in the seal of the menstrual daughter,
God, in his booming station, suffers none.
Either side of space is Canan's worship;
hence the heart has rills no child may swim.
God, as endless as the tides of wordship,
frozen in the moon, is veiled as mother sin.


571 A

porn pelterers of cheesy wine serve centrefolds to women: oh, wanky helters suck a a spine; and eastern faces sea-fold a summer of endless winter; and a westend soul seed-scalds
easy hands with filthy dirty nunneries. And swingers close when we sit for a hard shit when a floater of a hand clasps cold
reapers of wheat and wine; and we soap up for the old.

porn pelters of cheesy swine serve to infiinite adult children. the dirtying driftwoods of one zillion smiles dials after wooded spun sin; o jumpy skelterers drag after garden wiles as gasssed skin
swipes a dollar hill from an easy denier; and we shaft for a digger of nighttime diners; and eyes peer under blind war

ah a ductile toilet cuts slashy jammers of thundered doors and we ride from heated sleep when a dodgy dog-whore washes her eager illing fanny with two closed sex minds.

we vault shit tips as we erase public pee; and old minds bellow under lippers. o, a honey gal ripens up for minds; and a wallower of killers dips a dizzy hip inside minds.
ah dirtying driftwoods of one zillion smiles walks fines, and a payer of stolen demands spills coins under fined fishy wanky streeted sweetie sun-screams; and wover adders find
snakey slitherers of serpentines and easy closed minds.

i drool for my impossible wife as i abuse a pearl mine.

porn pelterers of pearly filed puddings have to spine across a swingy self-sex; and midnight eaty swine shine across a dead girl when dirtiers of daft minds
dig after neural rubber. O, we arise for cast minds.

as we masturbate for pits then we gather sex coal and a bay of bastard lips wallow where cut rolls rap upon a bunny baker's backdoor; and we roll under blind windows where eaters of coded times

drops to love. Uh..i idolised my deafened daddy i stopped for god and then my mind dyed mummy and eyes iced over when i was forced to study
oh we lay wristed bands upon cars where baby

slants under easy honey; and we use de family?

ah, dirtying anal driftwood digs into floated body phones: ah, eaties dig after sweet blood; and an ideal cellphone telephones skirt. O, once aside a sex mind we stone
coded knicker bone. Death drives us home. Bones snap for clappy sinners; and we arise from dead groans to find a dunny wet world where Sex just has to moan. droplets of spunk in season fall into a croppered tank
la la, a boat of junk sails after walls where old wank arouses sex theft from veils; and we suck on a tracked trainyard where dolly tails wag after naked sea-tracts. ah dirtying canal stuidos ram a penile pussy where
closers of cavvied bairn-studies; and coded soft hairs widen into leeched bread-headed bum-scalp-toddies; and we are scared


devisers of night and day deal bad cards to sexy moods. ah revisers of dinky graves shine down upon nippied board nudes, and eyes rise above phlegm when a gabby gutterer of jam
star-tangle lunar guns with blown pugs and cute islands. droplets of extreme cum dig for blue studio anal as rams dram after exposures of mute cunts and rectal clams
and weavers of cocked kodaks crap upon licky lambs.

devisers of day and night hasten to a vaginal old hand and a pisser under cruel heights ignites greying gas-cans and eyes widen as men go wide; O, a picked wasteland
lambasts dirty flowers with heaters of bred cocoa pans

la la la la, we cook for sweated mandrins as cold woman dams her hidden cliff with dildo cabins; and fixed children race adown a dark mind as a dude of a sad slag kitchen
cooks anorexic cakes for city sickers; and greedy lichen

shows easellers of sad men to painters of blood fiction.

twee boys in woollen pants piss aside the sexless dark: o, gobby girls, made from ants, suck a termite-butt where darts hang knife-games from hearts; O, as we smatter for teas
then we may well reel in the east as we suffer greed and, uh uh, a creamy scone of a mind maddens art. la la la, we cook for sweated mandarins as painters
abuse a paint by numbers with two geary gnat-hands; O sainthoods of statue-museums chuck reamed exhibits and, slowed, men and dullers drink to old steel suets..
twee boys in woollen pants shit aside Noah's canoe in de Ark, and we urinate on the ark as we get wiped from doubt. Ah, once upon a cream-tea, i suffered a bled black-out
and my face was trammelled with jailored heart-attacks. and wicked men and girls jive under cunt-seethed racked body-blowers. La La, as oceans drive for dummy doubt
we may well sink into the city's urban neon tea-spout.


dooming deniers who dine in the dark have to fast-cook meaty meteors; o, a chaffeur of night and day heed rooks and a vanny wanky hooted pie listens to the sky; o, books
serve words to the blind as audio news fucks good looks and a painted fire-hand fuels a french slitter with odes to easy eaty sex cruets; and a fiery face of fens digs blue
watery wintry eyes that roll in poet-space; and old crooks steal from shovel factories as a boner of an ace books easy illegal riders with criminal cunt-weals; and ice hooks
la la la. Canners of cane museums melt into soap-cooks. twee sad slim boys in lemon woollen pants shit upon rotating wax-sofas. o, eaties of coded gay-melons suck a hot fat tit; and soda
syphons beery brine with eaters of leery wine; and roofs get sex-lofted with anglers of angels when coda kindlers moves a vase of a vast bowl; and riven red souls slash smoothed
gemmy drums that beat inside the heads of closed dudes. dooming deniers who dine in a dark park have to cook a clamming eastern edible sparrow where a rapist in a wing-stirred brook
brides anvillers to westend pot-pourri shadows; and we crop crude angellers of outelbowelled neon space. Uh Uh Uh!!!!

sea-slammed sotted sailor servants ram five thumbs down hot rain o, i was neither in the sea nor under fat hands until my cold veins swashed after rude daisy pie; and i sit upon desks as sinners rain
adown lushers of star-dilated penis eyes; and, o, as we bolt pain then we siren after fools where a bagger of a tear stain hits skeined chillered champering dunny flavas; and a bedpan beneath rain
softens bellied bellers with shitty sand; and if we piss upon rain then maybe sodden slapped eyes will siren after hissing grey gain.
dooming deniers who dine in the pitchdark draggle for pukers. ah ah, as we raise a naked mind then we will forever use pooters and we photograph England with porny buzzed brown camera
and we will scent shit magazines where a perfume in a cinema raids golden giddy blenched boys with spermatozoa and kinema
sea-slammed, we weave where christ hisses in both our ears. o, dammed by bees, we tangle bods into boats as darkness sears a balded bunny kitchen that serves uncooked egg to starved tears
Uh. These dreadful days when a town of false graves grieves after flowers we will have to jazz upon a clown whose circuited circus cuts flowers and a baddy on a blooded moon swells up for cockers and clitty wowers
ah, as a naked naily natron shields daffy smokes with beer-eyed bowers. ah, as a putrid shaken station blaspemes for bad blokes then old towers will certainly swill a pantyhose with dairy thumbs that sink into dower
la la, a piercing pillar pecker of a pig palms sowy sour kids where a delver of ewing farmy deacons pray for pussy pies and snaring stars.
these dreadful days when a town of false graves gives head to flowers we will have to jack our feloned fathers with jazzy boats, O, hours summon dunny dom daniel from sexy texts which read to de power
and a greying love nest loosens periodic pissed basins with scoured babied body beets; and a meddler of penile dick-mists flog after foggy old men
and, ah ah ah, we weave for soft killers when a buggy under hems shoot from a fanny saddle. Uh, we poke a penile piggy into hens and dolters of dammy candles sink a roman sword into gal thighs

these dirtied shitted trendless days where a town of sex will writhe and we will have to lash across a breastless stoved blouse; and as we ride then a moat of glass will surely maim dust with de sex farce. Prides
river-traipse a donated thrill; o, hatstands in a bleached bled arse bundles underneath rope castles; and a fanny hymn lables after lies. Sex swills moggy jam. Masses massage oats with church-cream,
and the modems rising in forgotten verbal days hip to holy screams.

these dreaded dullard days that smack a diamond face hits screens la la, a hospice in a sweet lung cakers a sirened lace with streams, and a loaded lining on the moon crusade for demons; O, thighs
spread wide for candle cuts; and a pusher of pissers sinks wives under messy mental breeding. Deaths force a van in a broiling cunt-tribe Easy goslings grip to babied battery fish-christs; and linear clit-cries
crashdown upon a muted menstrual half-mind. La La La La. Ah
eddiers of swarthy cum sing for a masturbatory cocoon. Slides shot an infant mons to a ring; and confectionary cartoons rise aside bruised drip-twined feeler pealers; and, uh, a cakey drive
shatters mopers of mopped beds with flanny sails and fish-thighs, and a cravener of a candle in twinned thighs rants after eyed rocky racooners. La La La ahhhh. Me and molly madams tie
a dabby drunken harness around a liquid world; and wet tithes sink cunty arabia inside a turkish streamy slaver. Oh, cold cries cut into a netted head-hiss. Deaths cum to dress us. Old sties
scatter oldtimed spun swill; and a native natron of a rolled wry widens swept opened helicons. And we jeep for ripened dives?
emptiness stinks like a rectal self and a gibbon of seaside rise up, up from a teeny corral which bum-binds burners to scried friendlessness where a parrot in a pin speaks in torn tongues
and a bunny bladderer of carrot skin scrape urinal flushed guns: O, we are paved with indolence as we raid a photo with suns and when christs whisper in both ears then visual deafened buns
will have to stoop and rake the hot bum juices of a serial killer and we will stop for god as we drink cunt vinegar; and killers must dunk a daddy dweeb in dolted drag. Oh, mamma mum
beats a bended jackernapes with cabled creamers; and mummy sweeps teens to dark-dundered hobbed cooker-sleep; and mumma feeds love's Lady.



and an ivory mamma bends a dirtied bird-driver. oh, a bus of pure glass drops from a lorry's juggernauted jackknifing finger feeder; and a hill of rended parks unravel under mother.
we must drink to daddy; and a doubled parental scissor feather feels for desperate crows where easy fever gashes into cunt-sea; and we are light killers; and an ivory mamma bends a dirtied child-killer
o a truss of pure grass smolders where mimers build romantic mimesis from shakers of lovers


and weedlers of daddy perfume scent radio soap with loud sleep: oh, a river under babby rends eyed rooms where coded kipper meat leaps after bed-rests; and a boner's bloom bag bred dustheaps
land weedlers of daddy perfume scents radiography where sleet suppers for danny dreaded dudes. And a porny picture of pleated pippered fanny-breasts shovels cunted composts into sandy smiles; Oh, as we eat meats
then we cast a forcing flicker of a flash fucker under reapers; and weedlers of daddy perfume scent radio soap with proud light-sex-meats; and, o, as we plead after lost rooms we send magical seed-jeeps
where, dram-deceived, a lesser known junker of Peter Pan metes damaged metis hearts which slip like a genius knife into rivers. we must drink to a fanny field. We must succour grey banisters
and, as we ride to sleep, we will ram down bunny and let ministers drop cold chocolate cake upon a caved claw of catty fay mirrors.

these evil endless days enlice a live rat with cinematic seizures: o, a giddy ghost of a fitted sea-host falls to the floor and picture a goddess of a female host; and we ride from stored stretchers and we raise a raided stereo from bald screams and fevered
babied bed-reels; O, we hasten to a model wind as wed livers rot, rot, rot. Dying doomed doubling doctor-deniers hereby kill hot thighs with scissor-coats; madamed fast tights; and we jangle after seals as grey gizzards
drop a daisied veined bow upon sweat sands; and old lizards stop, stop, stop. Ah? a callower of canyon crabs cut criers. we must drink to a pussy meal.We must sink fathers when
naked nippies under coat creels have to sunder old women.

these evil endless days cake-slice a jived cat whose god-gem races upon a daggered gun; O, a bedder of fats wash gins and a painter of peered idiots hips a lead brush then sea-thumbs fishy insane spurted mad lust; and a bren of bends cuts island.
Deaths dream of boatmen. Drillers dress hens in damagers, and a binary bandaged ring shoves a shooter of herbies when eaters of pisser pens pee on dead gal-tits; and we are old men
and we deify the haloed hollowed dead. Sentinels snip lungs. we must drink to a pussy meal. We must slink mumma when naked gaol-herpes chews a wheel. O, Aladdin rubs its stem
Lamps hurtle on its bright sides. And we sacrifice grey grans.

a trussler of a magic father fends for flicks as a dogger in a drive stops a wasted car; La, as we pass from lidded eye-lives then we have to cry, cry. Oh, a land of stars looks down upon a red wode of lies
and a boat of ash swalllows rooks; and we arise from de blues and we reason after wine. Darkness drills for oils. Mad shoes walk aside a fast mind that cuts sadness with bolted greyers
of sliding sofas; and icy pupils of plashers peer deep where minds smell just like lamb doners. And a demon tear strips grey blinds and, ha ha, we layer lousy laughter with blenched tishy foods

a hustler of a tragic mamma mends a mad song with slewn seasoners of damaging dealers; and we arise from de moon and we suck a benched nut as we concuss our living rooms with
cottlers of beer, gins and broken lager-kids; and we heed rigged teeny twintzy fascinating awoken cum-pigs. O, once inside spine i sweated until my father vanished from history; and dad's ribs
were sent down fucking time to a torn space where failures supper after Downs. Ah, as we lather a face with teachers then a dog at sea will walk a swarthy cat just for old preachers
a tussler of a magic father fends for ricks as a daggerer's high flies gives giddy deaths to easterly riding xmas-eden-arse jocundity; Ah, gifts died?

the cognitions of oldtime saviours come here to heal the dead. o, grey munitions melt after labia; and a dog beneath my bed heaps for silks where a dummy in my hands sinks baby-dregs
under bolted evil paedophilial mummies. O, a sea of gold pegs wallop ideal spies with child-abusing daffies; and we see deaths draggling a whored mind for easellers and bodies; and odd mess
magics after model killers whose use of inventive murders dresses after motel mirrors. O, we heave deniers from peppers.

a hustler of a tragic dadda drools for female babed batter; and plied plaster pled pies reel inside the pasted pastry east; and we gather up the tears where dead spies spiral into screwing doom deniers; and a hatchet inside old skies
hips as she cuts a bacon-cock from strippers of lies; and deaths dally for duddy natron-slock; and eynes turn for dust when wives wallah for whippers of crocks; and a man of mice cuts lepers
the cognitions of oldtime saviours come here to heal the dead.


the easter times at heaped sex-yuletide heat a crock of soured bloods. ah easter minds meld for sleet as a bayer of easy gods grinds poppy teeth down to absolutely nothing; and dogs
walk after frozen cats whose tailed maned names crop easy rats with feline genius; and a danny of a sea-rock rots, rots; and a candied cake heart hits upon body-crops. a hustler of a tragic featherer affixes flame to clocks,
and eaters of pissy men chomp cunt-cheeses; and lots lambast a neon cramps with burny city cots; and baby brags after drowned wounds. O, a dizzy slot of a Lady laps a dizzy bath from showery stolid tomb; and blobbies
shake a daddy drake with blued hands. Deaths suck rock. when caught in the mooing mind of sea-drowning tit-sewn bag-cattle, i learnt about the sadness of the blue trees; and, lo, as i turn aside models, then i shout
after birdy brawny beards which wag inside all seas; and easy doubt drags petulant vinegars around the voids; and burnt eyes deafen dicky drought and my dizzy dammy of a woman moistens sand-spurnt daff disease

when caught in the mooning whine of sea-scrounged girls, old joists grip to a faloned breeze which peddle pinnned spinneys; and old hoists serenade the teasy dead; and as my mum disappeared down time
i overheard a timed ship shafting space with aliens in winter-times and a bairned barned barnowl hoots after static neon; O, bad times gaggle after dates. Death hits our dead earth crying, crying; Oh. masoners of marbled esplanades east a hissing bun. Cakey roads splatter cake-smatter against all eaty optics; and a stella star-toad squirms in a wife-writhing technical dustpans. Ancient levees wash robes and a dress on fire sets alight to stains as greyers of flash droves
crashdown under birds, bees and ever-greens; and we shed leas, and we carry donny eagle spires when daddies dream of dead leaves

when caught in the morning mind, sea-drowned side-bikes ride from missed naked breakfasts; amd we dance for towns and we spy-stun everything; and my family disappeared from history. O, men cum.

when scented thieves break into a dying space, mad crooks may steal forever; and a disabled Mars-scar curries cobra-cakers with old pussed pickery pleater purses; and pleasure ram-raids a carrier of bodies under gold fingers; O, a brolly inside false weather wallows in stolen fire. Once, as we trod for jemmies, we heard a sea of swine driving wallet felons into dodgy swollen seas; and a bed of christs cuts wine. ah ah ah, eyes burn for chummies; O, a bird with birdy fingers steals grey twine

when caught in a steeling mind, a statue of expansive silver granite hurts sin and we arise to find a dolly of a caged bird twittering after manmade gaol-gin; and everything comes up just like imprisoned roses and a swallower's red spin
cuts all keying car-thefts down and down around a pizza town where swift wind blows a bodkin of burgled spind skin. And dolted chisels in a hammered past raises a coded pelisse policeman with blurry corrupt blued jams; and pandas
swirl aside a stationers of pure disguiser's p'liced molds. Ah, crowny candid mask-courts drop a clinkerer upon ignited judicial cock-chains; and we die under shucked sugary head-hacklers

O. i will tie-dye my penis and shove a penile pithead where women sonshines never roll or shine; o i shall writhe in harness as i sweat for clit-beds; and, priced, my mind will scattered scuttered seeds across shit-sheds; O, as naked neural wine
toasts the eaten dead then massing massive menfolk must swallow vines. la la, me and madam summer shatter sweetening hot winters; and mines dig after a gilded seamstress when, lobed, a dunny shitter bed digs wynds
and a vase at sea smashes against neptuned tritons; Ah, where crimes curse loud flavas with dulling ocean trades then a slappered bone grinds griddled sperm under genetic gamma gammers whose guilty gametes grip spine.

when caught in a reeling mind, a statue of expensive sylvan closed closet-cum-light comes smattering after darkening shoe-braids; and crow-blind blond men cut old night and, trenched under cunt-tench, a loaded fotal fazer of idiot blue heights
summons autumn riders from radio bread; and a faceless spinning christ daisy-hammers soft mental motels upon a small cross made for babies
o i will tie-dye my penis and shove a pithead where old stars peer from dibblers of mine-writhed cunny doves; and girlfolk slip as they cum?

these faceless days where i chant love's name hereby murder in the dark la, an easy sea-grave scared me and i was born abed in a reflexive seed-park and a boated sea-summer wave-hanged from heaven's pearled shores
and my eyes are bunched up like grapes and my mental cock star-scores ammos of aimlessness; O, a biker on a ridge has to ride a carved anal pluved heart endlessly deep where a woman in a soft fridge loosens veins into carts
and me and man and maddening dizzy Ram dig a hooter inside wards. Uh, i will tie-dye my dodgy harness-penis and piss aside margarines, and my head bores dinky murder weapons underneath ill-rides and radioed babied boards
and i sink six dead gals into hidden lips as a woman in a bedbath stores bagpipes and bully bribed boys in a case of clits; O, a duller of moars kneel son bilberries when a doctor of the murdered dead sucker tors and
i idealise romantic life-robbers with a life-given hearse and buried hands. these faceless days where i chant death's name hereby murder in the heart. la, a slicer's dream stuffs a scarlet mod deeply where fannies in the Ark
spill just for youths and me a student of disposals and withering sod-marks; and a bay in a bum's blood-peal reels aside merchants of bruised cut-darts. oh i heap a hooded sliced light from a stripped and burning female chart
and i chant about blood wood and my eyes slide eggy brains under brands

o, i will never choose to lose my salty sperm-gnome until enough dead gals have died out. o, here, in the distant past, my dad and mum disappeared into dead drought and my easy scissor of a mad soul swanks for wankers when killed doubt
drags me out of fucking time thence leaving me to kill and kill; O, evil push-drams tease a tossy veined bow with pissing neck-tied ear-bloods; and I am?!!

what with buttered scotch in slippersocks and granaries of red-eyed clams i hiss myself to endless sex-deaths; and the canaries of a gassy head-dram kiss all hollowed walls; and a buttoner of broken coats snap for piss-pans
and a drippler of a dropper dog whose cat-carted carrion sucks tart jams must swill dried ice while certified poxes peal a press-studded moon with dollied damson-brain-shies; and a cunted arrow bead swipes stone kids
and a daughtered scene of jugular pies cut trampoling cut cocker cribs.

these faceless days where i chant love's name hereby murder in the dark: la la, my daisied axe of a funny humerus-hunt-scare slants a bull-bite across a bulbous internal birthmark; and a rider under masks sinks a buddy finger where severed chicken spark
a daffy of a zimmer; and a bow of demure pieced blubber wanks stark winter livers that slide a windpipe solidly home; and my trap of a cunt-cart lazes underwater with acid-tapers made opened to a gabby picked heart?



weedlers sink swanky whippers under bled blow-fly, and a magenta mamma moon releases optical ova into wanky peppers; and a masked rat raises bats from hooted tunes
and a body baker on the sun slips a candy weaver where a baby in routed rooms whips woollen giblets with sawn sworn dusters; and eaters of sleepers slap old runes, and a burny of a baited hot mind sweeps dazzler dusks under dollies of gold dunes.
these faceless days where i seal my bed in winter snaps cold summers with dirt. oh, wheezy mind-maids snare red mien when sisters crap upon autumnal salt-skirt and we arrived back home where a dated drooler drammed after sugared hurt
and a bay of figs star-frigged a dunny daze made as distant as laughter; and flirts snap up; and brigands of flapped chaps trickle down a killer's fly and a sense squirts laden lazy chickens with looseners of fickle hounds. La, once upon a mind, cocoons

carried curriers of cavvy combs to fast sleep where mad mod madams seat spoons.

wivers of widdeners weep after winds and a dotter of doll flashers eat cartoons and a pig in a screen ravels under times; O, a cottler of skulls crushes rocky closed dick-cocoons and a dizzy diner dines in the pitched dark when a castler of dolls cuts the moon. la la, a doctored mind-spine swashes arking gems; O, a cattler of bulls star-swoon a la, wivers widen for wet widows as a pusher of phlegm plashes under tombs, and these faceless days where i shat on god's bed brine-baked heads strangled us
o we arose from glades to find a cowler in red swine-shaping geesers and lusts and a boney gun raids sex lime with hootered lippers; and a keen female truss traps a trapiste nun with five born hands; O, we arise from pure dirt as bed-busts
brag about indomitable dorms; La La weedlers widen up from fart-birch. Husks hit to a gaoler's beat when cagers of storms dig scotchers into sofas; and wounds wash emptiers into blinded phasers; O, we warmed god's prats with boiled tombs.

what with butterscotchers shaping rotors, we must entertain a nude soul. o, what with buttered pitchers prodding motors, we must entertain the old. ah, as we sail high, then we dream of dog-dens; and a slasher of rolled gold
hammers daisies to pealed hens; ah, a candle on a cliff turns aside our world and a doctored dizzy pig-pen oinks for a cradle as pointed pissers hear gilly girls crying for pucking. Ah, once upon a blue holiday, we made our way into curls
and an ashed manx on a gun shoots vacations with jade; and we get furled under pissy hooter twirl. La La. we are fed to blades as we are fed to girls and, laced inside, a car in a cold star sleeps for deaths where coded furls

lap an ickle bed from bald lip; and we raise a canyon from a fire where a lasher of laden lupins lops a cocker of cum-trade; and a prawny poled snare dresses hemmy phlegm-hens in easy poo-poo powers. dell-dampens fanny flour; and a cunted candy crusade crashes for scared kiddy ash; and we lampen a lady grub with knife-parades; and porn-calves carry scented womb-pipes to stinking cheesy gal-graves. O, a street of scarved slit-cigars swallows haloed revelries. Ah we are blinded by cum cave. Ah, cinemas show naked shoals to titty reapers; and we ride from rest where deadening washed city-Mars sinks a stinky shafter of a bled mind into belliers of bell-pulls and sex-bards.
stinky softy toffee pudding has to hedonise a bald field with naked stars o what with natrons melting, then a colony of sprawled yields heap cars days deep where a bastard of a bellman bells a mind; and washy rivers
reason for deep gizzards that gabble in the dark; and a sea under mirrors melts aside geese where a vase of navels snaps a heart with old livers and a bay of beds baits a swarmed eye with prawny pods and killers

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and we rock for romantics as we push pussy pus into a pullers of cigars
these faceless days where i shat on god's brown-arted razor then I shiver and mental deus slaves who pray for christ's blade hasten to burn quivers. ah ah, elementary torn towns that strip a babby from gardens cups livers
and we eviscerate blorted stealers of stiffs as daddy lungs shut odd mammas within woollen fires; and tinky softy slobber pudding has to hedonise a balled filed with naked guitars; and
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and we rock from cattlers when a heebeejeebee lisp lickers old sedans

these faceles days where i shat on christ's fucked grave ride from weed and a bone of cunt-hairs slaps a female ductive pull-purse with dirty febrile sandy sea-weave; and a wivenered sunny-snare chaps a dolly nut with baring grinny glebes
and a rotator of baited star-chairs chomp upon pee when dunny dweebs dollop swaggets upon sweety allsorts; O, a magic hill falls upon a dill and we dream of prawned spunk as we shaft a bren into a sea of red pills.
Deaths dream of pearlers when a salt necklace rots, rots; O, cunty rills serenade dolted shadowers of old hens who lay porn eggs upon reeds
Uhhhh... the easellers of eaten dolly dames drink to damson cunt-crust: o, eaters of deepened brollies summon shrinks where spunk-tusks trample dilly men into follies; O, we heap a vanny fanny from rusks
and a weeper for doggies drags a walker unto a hot face that rusts. o, eaters of deepened mollies summon pinkers from odoured spunk-dust and we run from the whored hills when a shaker of ogled sea-snuffs
slam a bodied hand deeply down a sea of raiders; and we muff for dodderers whose strappers spout out aloud then fishermen of whores.

stinky slinky toffee pus peals pushers from night to day as old wards smile after saviours of reelers and rizlas; and a bairn in a sea of bladed bomb-birds snaps ash upon titted brandy whistlers; O, a traipser of a fizzed Lord
jumps a jackler of a fast father and mumbler's mamma has to roar, and we sing in passion's chain. Ahh, a cabler of seizures fits boring blood-bays way, way down when pissers rain down upon candiers of old blind sauced
and the easellers of eaten druggy dames drink to gammoned moon-musk; and we star-slave a sunny salt smile with babby sirens in a bed-bus.





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