more chapters from my new novel 'At The Bodies'


ahh we squirt after buttoned men when life, slanted, puts a crick inside deft women: o, a clock of whores moistens timeless fear. Under a crab, stores
sell fists to communers & a bell of rain reaps a town of claws..
eyes will make us jump- Oh, as mauds maul makers of musk, then cunts will river-rape riders of red corn; & utterances of blithe fools
bag black bread & you & i have a ship of lead..

these hurried days, a dogdayed dweeb draggles a dunny bitcher from screened filmed bull-guilt, -, Killers heave, clapping craned nylon flies & fleas in ovens heap need
when, strapped, hitters hoard old greed..
ahh we spurt after chocky men when
ratters rat-a-tat at a condom's bend


slappy happy dreamed decks sea-slash gods & dawgs: lo, a snapped laddy of midnight whips pnuemonic horses & a palaver of sauces scatters hits
& we slice against the ripped. once upon a snapt mind, we roared against a changing wall where eaten cow-hands crashed for grey kids & scissor rainbows...
the daddy of all time will show green geese & gangling red crows; & youth & eyes must pelt snowed creatures of painless spind clothes.
snappy dirty dreamt digs depose gilt men & scissor pantyhose!

where angels van the dark, roads
lead to illegitimate nowhere...


vault boned to the last, a father of the past laid a daisy demon. o, a colt of croned glass cries, cries: uh, as dog hours drift, then barked skies
snip a catty on its sides. this natal tarmac has native city brides. o, this anal sea-crack attracts boy bones where a sea of wives
snorts five seas

valueless, a pane of death breaks bees & the signals of the decked rapes a female bed-wreck. O, keys burn in a pornosapphic lock...
where once a ball of guns shoots us then madam producers will send us deeply down where wiveners of lust
snap a bully gal

made slick as the reeling sick, dolls
drape a drake about the Sun....

once upon a stripped mind, guns
wagered us for dilly under scum- Ohhh.

paces of faces flx a flood-flower & the pigs of war ram fairy thumbs beneath gold boary pug-whores..vault stoned, a dogdayed bitch-bawd
sea-slams oaks & leeches
& we snap the poor.. Ohhhh


gripped to a moon mall, i see a diamond drinking from silver wax. o, as a walking spade delves for sirens then a bulbed sea of cats
cracks..once below a lover, a heart in a clued crack caressed a blue mother & men wail down stream where crap
cups dilly titties..

gripped, a moaning maud rams seasons under wintry solar hugs & we dance for gloves as druggy god softens up for rat-traps...
once inside old evening, we saw bats searching bloods for transfats & wild eyes will ride after coal-hats...

the cherries of a chopped child carries deaths where a donkey smile sweats like a father. o, as bad bods lather up, then dials
turn off a green lover.. once aside a rose, we saw mamma melting into a raised moon & a bed of beads falls for dada
& we listen to death's partner...

the cherries of a chopped child cry for damned dark berries ah, a bell of hands tends a wild doll of leeches & we delve a sea of peaches?

once aside a mind, wickedness
lams a feather with
dogdayed stemmed fish..; o, these buried days where i made my age dig for vaults, a fawny porny dashed summer seems ridden with rolled rage
ah, a bed of salts scatters pepper under lunatic sea-bolts & shippen men laugh
& eaten kiddies bath in
empty water...

when once a bell of bends builds sin then sex & hens will cave in. o, a village on its sides has nice wind & a home of spun winds
laces far out farts to incidental veiled faces stream will light, then goddesses must cut god's graves & we listen to fingers
& we hiss for handed rolled millers..
these buried days where i made times crap on lost sands
hear arise now a city of slain minds.

a doling demon dauphin deams for rolled birds & flown wards. o, a kiss in an asylum rides for mind-wars & a bedded sea of birds
butters blades with sapphic curves and, once aside the rain, a golden kneed leg-nerd knotted spunk with white turds
& a bonce of grass
incinerated dogs with the past Oh-

once a day, i listen to the night
&, laved, a head of pylons bites
dragged spades...

a doling demon dolphin dreams for solar curtain claws..o, a bench of lions roars under stored seated bum-boards & a sea of lice fucks blue bird...
active prisms burn under scores & we shooteth up with
blonde headed winter lips..once a night, we listen to grips & a hairy schizoid void trips
after lard & water...

we must earn our peace or else
glow just like the mad.



the eaten shadow of a sad head has three tears for eyes: oh, the beaters of the grey mad grab guilty gorging magog wives: o, as sunny slaves bite bad crabs then
odes to cunny must turn aside robed dusk.
once a day i learn of time. O, men seal my bed inside stone-wine; & a tree of blood boxes old times, & we hear the dead rust?

the eaters of the knived slice limes. O, the shrillers of the spy-despised slap four minds; & the city's wynds ram a fairy sine.

the gods have no true mind...
the lost yearn but will not find
any peace but self.

the blockers of the dead blind us with shacklers of spun gunned monkeys..o, the riders of the spread grinds musk with massive flats of dreamed donkey pigs
& a hill of iron
falls away, and a sedge of christs rigs
rollers of romantic lions.

when once a pier of ice kicks kids then we will sew our shouted lips to throbbing easy men & a dog at a door walks under blued
bedded bones whose children suck a fucked nut?

once upon a mind, greasy dizzy nudes
sap a sluttered signal moon.

a dilly desolated bird digs for winged hair. o, a silly impregnated sea-words hit a blue fly- Oh, as we listen to fled air then we lam a lamp of rolled sea-prayer
& a bed of christs cunts after gold gear & we supper after lice..once aside a mind, we suck a butt & a mutt of wines weeps after shut heated otter veins
but a fucky lover rapes ottered brains? a dilly desolated curve cuts a slut's snare
o a billy has a bonce to swerve
but a drag of butters shreds old gay prayer
& we force a shit to learn...

once aside a mind, we spattter dust for guilty geese whose cutter wings heap wards
under cheesy lips.

&dizzy desolated dawgs dawdle under
gilded drapes of passed pussied lumber.



lumber-men lace a locker with sundered lilly loused lips: oh, a tree of faces falls for cocker thundered lilly looseners & a bed of wine drinks for scissors when
rollered rivererd losers pray to evil men..once aside a brogue, we don false brown suede shoes; o, a wife of a robe dons a naked nudie
& me & messy mien melt under dizzy gems. lumber-men lace a cooker with numbered giddy gals who die outdoors o a hill of grime
sucks a soft mind as a kid under brine
bolts birds to sex...

once aside a blown boat, we hear rise a creamed horn whose sallied knives fuck a metred wife.

a bled boy in a blade backs under eyes
& we hear the dead dropping
outside all messing thunder.

whilst empowered by false city rain, i see rise a raider of robed urban lies. oo, a sea of grey flowers sluts after pain, & eyes nude-widen dolls within rolled bodies
-as slated avenues burn bridal babies, then slides
will suck a kodak dive.

where a model face of fear fawns to lies then creators of lace curate for ridden spies & i lace my naked coat. o, i fasten sleep to baker's oats, & knives
slide worn women under bellied city ropes.

uh, a moping sea tribe tallies tears with dope. uh, a smiling tree teems after draggler's soap & caned careers crash deep within
slappy sex-salts. O, terrible rolled sin sharpens stoats with a bridal mesh & winds blown a wedded whipper deeply down when alien nippers spin flesh
underneath pulled veins & droned deaths.

lo when spreadeagled & left to die, then endless seagulls suck a dolly eye. O, life with a glass-hens hide a fraught soul where once inside legs
a laden loony licks a puppy...i copy a slash of lounged coffee as dregs pull back baking vaginal wrecks & a bone in the breeze gags a star's dredged
keeper of ashen nunneries

this side of a scenic gun, we shoot babies, this slittered hymen-hum loots rubies
. ah ashes to laden lashes slew gal-bodies
& the wipers of garden trashes
delve heapers of sex-slidden romans

not through the eye but with the eye, men stride a gut of blindness from
factoried draped guts- O, a sea of gems
drinks till fucked by lidded mutts.. As gum
sticks a mirror to a spine, then old hens
must part as blinker's dark cunt.

when once a piggy pusher pules for rain then a dog of pitch dark dons a blank stain, & a kid in a trunk wallops after closed pain

when stinking tears swallow phlegm, then radios of wrapped eyes swing for daggered sky- once, under gems, a dog digger dripped vision from a stick
& the blandness of blown spies will hip after a cavern of darksome mommy lips.
hooked hipsters hick in the movies when spreadeaglers trip for grey goosers of shriven claws. Old men
drag on a goof as a screen-stabbbed hen
dons bald beads.

shrunken like a forced fucker, we open
padded pulling reveries
& a pod of glass dons a slient eerie
moany motion of cascaded blinding
beds of spermed eye-wards..

as we see with the eye
then we slap a kidder around
twirl-arounds & pulling wide sound
O. soft beautiful british moon-minds
enter into sheared eyes as towns

teeter then fall.


the crazy hireling of female hair strokes an arching fish-kiss: o, as a lazy lost king lear snaps hair then a dog of misses
lose to a kind prayer..o, a vest of blood dons shared indian dreams
& a beachy screen films chairs
eyes under wives heal over?

wicked healers cure the sad - o, female rivers sail the mad...once, when sold, i paid for bad news and plaited eyes under eagle-ash drinks
salt-rain.. I give head to swings & a broken local fotal cabs hire a hot seat affixed to a mazy candler
O, a sainted cradler, rotated, rules over stoved mam and history's milked funny dad; & a dell of mules rides a dying moused fool who
sweats inside a green cab?

we are fed to roaches when
we stop to watch
furls of wheat & old children.

the rosey rabbits that inhabit old lips must lop a bucking cat-nip. o, a dell of habits rots, rots.. Wrists burn where infant hands rock clits
& a bed of war dreams of blued tors. i have sent sense to sleep & temporal broads send dromedaries to golden
ripped gardens where creature wards
send docks to fierceness.

the rosy rabbits that inhabit old mien thinks of wicked grave-nests
& we cement creators to sheet sex
magenta madam dementer has a blue shroud. oh, closed macadam drinks a tar-tripped blind cloud & we rot old Adam as easten Eden crowds
ingenious rolled Eve. when once a sea of christs carries need deeply down when rhythms burn then a bed of peace heels love's heaved
lovely bosom...

magenta madam Demeter rules gem-towns & good God (if he is still living) hears clowns having a circus of a good time.

the deserters of the veiled dig after duned sea-dudes. la, hot human potatoes dream of figs as the moon cuts rude bodying lung-cake..

when once a cat of iron moves the dead
then a grey dog of lions
heaps a rat in a shed
& we will cut a body cake
& we will toast the world?

the detesters of the nailed digs after spooned
crass crappers


gilded guilty cocks clamber after clocks. lo, a dog of rocks serves a scotch on the chaser cloth as old family shops sell beards to christmas wives.
when once we rode a sea, then we stop. o, a bunch of spared ribs cake-hangs a cot of heads while sluttery cuts a chocolate rind-shopper..
and, when once a cat of zion soothes the dead, then a greasy mummy hisses under embalming jack-money
& i wish farewell to baby as rolled heads
die for ladies.

heated eagled faces flash under sinners. o, a meated sea of spaces distances a cat from a mirror. o, as we sail, then we cut rolled dinners..
once upon a mind, the rats of killers roped a radio to life's mind & a cab of caves cries under wine o a shop of rivers
rots, rots
& then sells cakes to old killers?

delvers of darkness suck a river
,.killers of sadness cut
reelers from stool-dealers. O, I shut shit in a jestive sock

blue baths where a sea of sluts
sucks a body-nut.
hey, will i tell you now about the clouds? o, shall i sell you now a sea of need? once upon a crowd, we summon greed
& then a ship of slease nips up a girl's sleeves & we hear cold gals calling after loud
musical bodies...

gee, it is so fucking good to see
our blue lives lying after baby-bees
o, a gem of dives
wail after writhers & we see trees
teetering under wide wives...

once upon a crowd, we summoned a bay of figs & kids are as bright as figs when river men drive the dark??
heartlings on a forcing fissure has a fast fist flashing underneath green dolls & fascinating fast friends forge a lolled lady of rivers & screens.
o when once eyes heal, then a bed-eye
swirls under a dreamer's moon-eyes
& we weep for rain
& we sleep for pain

heartlings on a fucking kisser have a furled land of sex-rain - we curve under times as boney comb-girl grabs a grittter from city veins.
o when once eyes heal, then a bed-bride will try to divorce the son of Man & a blade of grass grips to old ash
& a god of anal digs a dicker where
gold horses ride from hash...

heartlings of a forged world hear dust
crying, crying
oo forcers of a dogdayed sphere
carry mice under driving
dead lusts..

bonnets are blown..
sonnets are stone..



since we have come again to find us loosening faces then a DVD of blowing blow-fly suns must trust all of our frantic sex-stripped spaces
o, a vein of gold dives glisters where we tread these ivory walls of lust.
the ivories of mamma drop paces, o, a cinema of cat-men hears musk memorising Corinth as a bible-mask writes a roving record under
blue boys & city lumber..

& the voices of the rain must sunder deaths from christs & the laces of the veined must whip a baby-heist where gaol-light
ignites a girl's flown feather...

since we havr come to where rusks dig a berry-chin then a roman spun sin must softly wind a bed of spun skin where ladies
lick a chained life
O a bud of nipples shuts up rubies
deep down inside a swarmed christ's
paddling wife...

a dog of tobias hooks Tiberias. o, a giant leant deus dreams of masques & where a blued mind dons the past then dead Romulus will slide when
dead Remus cuts a roman's gem. & voices of grain curate after hens. o, a star of pain heightens; & a giddy ghost of Gayah brightens
prized fuses of fallen falsetos - gardens sever psalms from slips as ravens
caw at a schism Man...

since we have come again to find good geezers griming under two minds then the odd cars we once owned
must surely collide with bags of gold?

ahh; my coded name is Banquo. i listen to verse as bad ghosts flow up from a green hand. ahh: my radio flame is called Crow la, as i live to raid a bible-gang
then i rifle through a paper-peter-pan & a doll of night aside dark British Bran dies o & a star of life
rocks against a wall of dulled rites.

endless idols peer inside slowed neon city healers- This sea-rode isle of false Atlantis stops, - Loads slice a pinked loaf & swinger-toads
lead sex to cremation road!

lilacs fawn to grass.... sewn lips murder glass... sad nips nap after gassy globed
bodiers of sun-stabbed autumn...
since we have come to offer
dizzy graves to a funeral mumma
then we must taint a winter's lover
Eyes inside Eyes
soften- combed coned slides
raid robed rods
& jolted cods are used by brides?


those throwaway days where we wed a dog to raised fast canine tears have us now in muted thrall. o, these mitres of sin which must fall
have our lips exverted?

a bell-psalm under meat is covered in blood-palms and sickly bed-psoriasis - O, drawlers of terminal blood drinks a pupil nursed child...
eyes under nappers nip a wild cell-sleeved woman. O, balls dance for chicken
& a dill of dust drags after cauls...

those throwaway days where we trod incredible fiction reads books far at sea....O, leas
turn like mamma.

the distant sound of a buried mum has our graves inthral. O, as digging ground suffers guns then our dilled nerves must
supper after naked kiddy brawls..once inside a timebomb, we heard officers of sadness burning for evil gladness.. O, birds shot a pussy moon?
as distant boy murder song,- lo, as endless toys punish drums then a dripper of defiled suns sucks a bruised nut..

once aside a mind-bomb, we snapped after killers and these eerie dunny heart-lashes which adorn a mad rat heaves where skied mashes meld gas with guns.

when once sashes cut sons, then cats will rule a tail-banged world & we will suck a tutter as old bats


a bevvy-gangling doll-head craps where rolled lollies sink toothed traps
& i am easy to need
& i am killed under seed...

when once we
cure a crack then we will shat
on a dreamed mat.

memories of mad mummies use a cloth to wrap-up a dead man's cornucopia of a blind male-saw; o as old roads end, then blue city roots
polish the police with dukes and when once a valley of voomers porn-crakes old sisterly tongue deadliness, then we will fuck draped
dolly hills where blue fire
stops to love...

memories of sad sonnies use a rose to anoint a dead nest with flowers & a bed of screens hears nanny's news
reading words backwards?

when once a ballet of breeders moves smoothed estranging bulb-nudes then youth and i will marry golden silked hippers of married screws.

the looseners of late-coming shoddy women sweats for optical mien. oh, the riders of snake-benumbing women
swears forever - & a grave of sin spins against the wind & a dog of drakes digs after grey-gyms: o overhead, we hear bent guns of god
shooting impossible drugs & a bed of shades lights up the lost delimited shrouds of blurry sun-dust

eyes under wicked wounds warp us: o, a sea of leaders feeds wars to kind killers . Dust moves us to tears o sides of nude fears
don flowed flowers.....and the dapplers of the dead will penis-shower hawed headed mongol-dirt-beings; & we see life flower.


now that easy death has come between us then a peasy pecked gun must surely shoot the sun?? peggy piss poles prise for dust as dirt
damages kerbs with flirty
slammed city skirt
once above a mind, i hissed under rolled green hurt; o my bed of dirt drags lakes for fever & a lay of silver
dons city cold...

now that easy death has come between us then my eyes will sink talons into bright hills and a sonny solar strip of snappy star grease
dons a body-slipper: o, as green beads flow, then candy-geese honk inside a heaped
city mine...

once below demotics, a slaver's fleece
drags coats for minds
o a city's killer erases wine as meat
trips for cunt-kicks..

i will supper for wet tricks as sleep
awakes for the slaughtered hour
& a bird of war
weeps for gunny wards...

walkers of the filled dead drape a silver mum against a wall of guns. oh, awakers of a killed bed heaps countries under saline stoned raised ladies.
once aside of sex, a crapped old moggy gave rise to metal pets. lo, a slowing son of sex poos where baby drools inside a dustcart...

we are too disabled to think. Ah, doggies
shit on life's hands
& a chair of christs crops a cane as doobies
piss upon old islands?

walkers of the rapid dead raise a mirror
under bolts of bloody hillers
-.. we will rope deniers
we will soap decriers


the billowing star-shakers of the urban killed set dun cruelty under a knot. oo, a slapping mind thinks about forgetmeknots & a weevil of a wife's rot
bends grease-fire around a sea of cots & topless shops sire p'licmen from topped dizzy crows
& the fatness of a gallow-road sees hills
burning with circus fire..

allaroundthekilled, a blade of arses fills rotunda slaves with chestnutted crackered ivories of lashed drills & we wish to kiss stilled rills when laquer
craps in a christ's crossed barnet?

the willowimg sun-shapers of the urban dead suck a dizzy cup & we rotted for sluts where a sunrisen slut snps a keen mutt
o we wash our hands in cuts as silver night
shreds a silver baby down a drained duct...

when once we thrilled our female game
then we put god's cat on the ruddy game...



the crumplers of coaxed men snap an odd head. ohh, a rumplet of roped chilled hens wraps a guilty ghost about the moon- O, bed
swallow-hangs the fathers of rained gem, & a wizener of women will whip a horse-fed doggy of ashy wards?

where once a mummy's sex-cloth feeds devs then thin pure eyes are pierced by fucking dregs & once above a bled body we heard legs
layering hair with creamy cardial cuppers & a drip of skin-mauled kids use a saline scissor scandal for germolene-rapine old lame birds...
swarthes of heroes hear hired whore-words treating cocks with blenched gizzards, & the signal dark drags a pissy pled sex-hard
inside kissy brines where vaginal blind bars
gaol goosed geezers under yellow turds...

the easy burning of december fires wires eager meagre yearning under summer-pyres, & we ride for a weary radio o, we punish christs with creamy rodeos,
& a wife of wets swallows soiled mallows; and the crumplers of coated ken shut an old writhy rose-active inside a shed of rollering killer noisy nous-gallows
& a bedded burnt moon cuts a daff-doled bladder city that raises rizlas from gold
fever runes...

we smoke to the very last as doll-souls unravel imto hipped midnight moon- minds; & a mango wurzel mashes a cuttled musical sea-cold,
deeply down, where a coffed cancer-foal folds seaweeds into indecent kelpies..
when recumbent billy boys bridle a hot closed road then a rolled soul haunts sky-dolls & a coat of toads
trips under rain.

o a sea of smarm spreads ashes
where, coved, gloved male rashes
stop & die.

we clamber where dabbers stink like sex-rivers & we rise for air as grey fibbers lie about keen deaths then a bee of blood stings snappers and.
once a day i dream of intractable red-night.. Uh, as dragons adorn creamers with fondant cherry ivories, then parrot gods sing for verbal islands
and we search for soilers where a dead dice rolls away..oh, deaths draw a sentence under mites & we sell day.
oh,- engraving digital valisse sex merchants sucker night
& we sell salt clay.


as men & huge lies leak for salt-laughter then massing nuked pieced caped eyes swallow plated braided lie-fathers, & a bull of blood bashes wet mothers
& we dream of spies. wifelings of wide limbs dons tides & cut shadow suffers fatal fin drawn lover metal?..
we snap for hate as blue caps smash down stream...
petals of plovers bag a bus: ahhh, odd pedal rap a sea-husk & rollered dark light hears crust
crapping in five gyms.

bad gems gutter after a chandalier of war. ohh, a soft rended egg-shouting comic conical sod-sedge oozes brutes from rolling shouldering dead scribes
& we lay down where a mental sky leaps a bone from a mind-bombed lie..

as a cage of creamers locks a mine days deep in a city's cunt-rock then westerly winds blow aside
grey babies.

fishers of mermen must lead wives
where once aside husks, we writhed?
trendless billies burst to burn.....Wives
die for dead Eden.



ah a boat of masks must sink within penis-larks: once a tree of parks stops old sin then cunny curious curving blue barks will sink & drown.
bell-broken bled boys ravel for strung voomed vagina & married wars & a beak of sounds swing, swing....
ah a shoot of casts carries blind winds far back home where ochres of a cat-Buddha listen to bears.
and when once a jammed cunt fears all greeny groom-bedded lice-faces then dark death will live forever.

the plaited plumes of the hot-bunching dead must arouse swarmers. o a sliding fihshy glebe dons damaged heads & a shroud of lights scatters
scutterers of sex when grey-gougers suck a snapped nut..

once aside my mind, i saw a bride's suck suppering after wedding cells & a bone of robbers robbed a gaol-gust & a ball of ice
danced under mice...oh, plaited rooms reel for toad-rain & rusks feed the infant thousand; and we have wolved for seated deaths as lust
ends in a blithe siren.

ooo palates of pissing bodies will gear up for gunny rolled hills ooo faces of hissings heap a hot dill & we sucked a naked mutt-nut together?

the times we died have grubbers galoshing gins with minds, O, feathers wallop nests & an antique moon blinds sex...
ooo palates of pissing ladies will peirce digs with limes. oh, we will dull for wines as spills weep, weep: ahh & we weep for the sun
& we will heap germs under guns..

the times we seemed alive will
whip rocks & retire to a baby.

o where we left the city's gun, we hoarded idioms of veils & rainbows: oh, when once we crashed, then mental mind-loaves got scattered by ambulances
& a steely star-grind shines up, up & the drivellers of the dead hook lips from radiophonic madnesses
o & a bell of wine drinks to the sun & a cell of swine hits against deadness & we fuck into deadness?
we are the boymen who use mad men to smooth coats with ironed bad men: o, a voice in a shell lingers after cock-mess & a bridlers ferine bird-lime
looses laden lickies to bastard sea-sex..

o where we left the cities, then we deck dollared bendy action joys
& we leant for a star of toyed
puemonic sand deaths.


the summertimes of the eaten dead drip berries under clothes: oh, wintry wizened fever shoots a rose & a bud of faces grabs love's mind and
the harness of a hired sea garottes milked times with a dirtying nut-nipper-raid; and bed-ramming wives with sex vines deface the cocoa ebbs of
indigenous ravered salt-skied rainbow; & a sweat of easter eats love's winds.

this side of a walloped hymn, bines bee-bag a saint in a scullery. o the dogs of paint bark for mimed rolled bodies who cannot
size the rain until storms of salt-rot damages raves with nunneries.
.....oh..a doctored dizzy dreamer sees Lot dragging eaten Leda under a hot slotted swan-guns, & a bed downstream dons the soft
naked bewrayers of a city shot
village of trapped ice...

the crappers in the hills hear loss lamming dregs with fairy crossed cattlers- Oh a human manger at a cross cries when eaten strangers hear Life
dragging apes for across snatched herods of night-lit christs.

the pinkers of the sun-sealed write dogdayed patterns down dawn-mites
& a rider of rosed missions
ripens up within a town of prisms
& the wodes rolled prisons ignite
dolted belly men....

& summertimes of death eat gems
& rivered sea-spines snap like hens
& dilly death drains druggy women
underneath herbs & shadows..

This Is the End!



when once we rode a radio into gloom then we raised a TV from the sky. o as ribbons dragged us from love's wife then we raised a mad mod from wed eyes
o the sires of music make us dance, ah the pyres of magic turn lust askance from dilly dolls.
when once we rode a radio in the moon then we recorded growl tunes & a bedder of a massed mind star-spoons slayers of sex to old-maid-runes
& a bed of life sleeps against sad bols...

once upon a statue, i listened to skulls & we must seize nude noise & we must cede sex to toys-.. Uh, boys sea-slam a dogdayed star- la, joys
use impossible yoyos, & a car of Man
hangs lady Judas..

the dummy guns we used while confused delved after dolly nudes. o, a sexy quarter-hour softened the cakey pastry mad with dirty jeans & salty dudes
& a bonce of blood bags a gold-soul
..when once upon a mind we de-shoed rodeos of vaginal claves then we cut the flowers of a sweet-cruise
& we wetted weddings with graves...

those dummy guns we used when bemused dug for eaten pummelers of christs; & we saw the moon swelling under lice & we swore aside a sun of mites.
when once upon red wine, we sun-screwed madam porter with a glass of brine
then a valet brought a motor near spined
bodyers of bagged Mien...


the ushers of the users in this manic place trip aside the weavers of sweet rain. oh, as starred confusers confuse a sad stella face then ushers of deluders must race
downly down to a sea where gazed lace
locks fists under fires.. ah the lovers of sun-soothers seize us..oh, a sea of hurried heroes sing. raw mind-hip-heart human dust drags a drape across a narrow bed-bust
& a bed of ashes burns again...

the ushers of the users in this manic space will snip away a heartless tree of spaced tie-dyed oak-apes & we will come once more outside us
& we will writhe inside nagged ashes lead lashes into foals, then rolled lust will end entranced in a cereal u-bend.
the seatless slavers of sex cinemas use a creamy horn for sex effects: lo, a sea of razors cut a cock of deaths & a bed of buzzers
bag shawn porn under old lovers
o when once a trilling mind fucks off then a cunny pig-kid will hear loss ramming dolls into all skirt-hidden seas
o the sleepless sailors of sex kinemas use a penile herod for sex defects
& with tits in hands, we lead bees
underneath burned knees...

once upon a mine, we dug for diggers of heated gold
o a street of swine fed a pig-store

the seas of the sawn will swim until madam libby laser has died: oh, five trees of porn will cut eyes & a bed of killers
must arise from mirrors. O, lies must walk a cakewalk as skies stop..the ageing human beads of death ride where, teased, madam libby's mind
sweated under knives & a bed of crystals cuts old wine & a cooling cuppa shuts grey times
the seas of the dawn will dam hills & a tide of gibbons must stride bled siresn with rolled killed nude americans..

carmino real has a false face for a mind
o a sea of reels herds
summer mien where a city of sad birds
wing-hangs reeled perves

once aside women, a beast of nerves
grunted blood then left
bolted bones where cities of theft
swathed coins in honey....



the dramaturgies of de carmino real has a fast face for a theatre & carmino miners dig for shot wine & a mimic of a sunrise under bines
puff a salt cigar when fading out? o we have played our preying voices with golden cats & tea-stained sold kids, & a bonce of pigs
plug a sweetening sea of cribs...


riders under sunny rivallers will scatter signs where grey rain suffers star-showers; & herded mind=kids under hills must fall from opiate fathers
and a bud of blinds draws darkness where, stoned, alien night-sadness dreams about the glass sun-Void.
where once a starry drivers drill after a poxy mess then a gun of light will suck spills
& my grieving grinder of a death
must mawl old lips...

they told me when once about dilly darted dolly darlings. Doubt trickles where salt hirelings rout us. the dizzy dames of death see us
ramming eagled powders where musk
shops a fishy sea..

finders of fondlers fan for vine-bees & a bended father of the hour
cuts a dazed dock with a cowered
car of pure height?

bods break, beds shake.. Amen!

marvellous maddy maidens have made a sun of scarab arise from my grave: o, starry sally ravens peck a nape of men from jesu's slaves
& a cross of gems sharpens grey graves & as a bodied bee-boy builds old smile-trades then a westend lover leaps the slayed
plug of pulleyed pus & a vice of jams sweats for Lust's
indelible salt crust?

marvellous messy madams here raise
guilty gilders from spermy car-crazed
eager bellies
& we have a cat in a belly
& we use a rat for sex-telly..


o i used to own a lady whose name was Madam Sweat. o i live for love's sweet ruby & i kiss the hot flea-hit
o i sued an endless baby whose cot was raised from iron
o i used a suit when easy dupes
donned statues made from lips..

once inside a woken mind, we broke into the rain
o we are i awe of trips
& we dare not love again
la a partridge by the name of Moon saw pain
falling, falling?

oo my llttle killer gal when will you use a net
oo my ickle river gal
who are your going to strip from your pearl-set?



o i moved god's body as rogue pogue bobby broke sex in two: oh, i curled a lady's daddy & a bled beard in a bag bogs after T Rex..
once upon a wet mind, we scattered grain inside a gun whose riflers under cunt-caned car-caged a dettols and easy bed-tests
ohhhhh.......i idolise a rider of redeye- & veins must snap god's gelled period... brains
kidders of dolters. eyes will crane adown Adon as keen devils hill-reign
upon a licked throne's halter.
naked japed jumped gemmed Escariot heaps a herod hero where factless naped impossible christ-cots
disappear adown time's prayer.

o i used to own a lady whose name was Madam Sweat
& i enter now a guilty bus
ohh a tree of tomes trickle for baby-busts
& a car of lions dreams of dizzy pylons. Ahhhhh

Cat fanghead and her daughter are coming out tonight. oh, a cant-canner with false laughter is dammning wives with gold knife-light
& a fanner of a river forces waves to flow, & ashes snap a wafer which
sinks blue nunners under lips
& we pray for a christ-bitch?

cantangled quango men zipper after horse-hips la. a room of angels snippers for salt ripeners of blenched hallways & a swearing car-spiral heeds
guilty gobby kissy gouramis...

cat gangled, a wall of broaches pins Mammy deeply down a brocade shaped from honeys. ohh a drink of light swells up for beer-bites, & a sea of sonnies
swirls under grey goddies.
ah ah biddy brens shoot bitter hoots as gallow-seeds scutter when ashy ungent pees beside a docked coaxed disease
& a train of toddies cum-strangles molten mad mental weed..
unnatural natal mind-dunes here seize coats of bees & blinds & we draw a curtain round city's knees
& we darken all our lives?
bitten cock-shoots ride a hoarse dream , &, where star-scoots writhe, then screens will scream against cruel juiced jive & the eaten pippers of the noosed writhe
inside-out when meagre mallow mixes mice into Men.
we will moulinex malts with a pea-pen , as a lover hoots by, then a prig's hem
will fall to death's hopped feather...Hymens
suck a popped soldier
& a bench of boars pig-prod old diamond.

leechers of clammed lemons lap riders
la alarms of darkness
ride upon sweat porn, - Odes to oglers
hip for a dumdum....



ropy sweaters are donned by blue men: oh, a tree of cars drives underneath red stars- & a bell of brides sees sleep smacking a bent wall.
where a buzz of silence delves sweaty dewy dells, then weepers of day & night flagon after deus water-bikes & a bald bren
bangs in a porn-hand...ropy sweaters ware stoned by children..ohh, a bag of delis rules the waves, & we stride for vermin where soft dens
dream of closed gaga...

a faceless farthingale flashes under cider. lo, a antique rune rasies rubbered riders when, wrenched, a fart under cunt-blinders
shits blonde sex.

the writers on a mind widen under corn: oh, the touchy-grumpy fathers of a ruled mind think of jacking curled killers- & a bloodied dawn has
fartigs for air-jammed wine, & where i hear a slipped mit falling, then old plumed gas hisses under hair-hammed hives
& a bee of breath bangs where sex-dives drive into prayer-jammers
the writers on this mind widen under
green dips whose feeder forces fathers
to separate brides from slags...

the doctors of a diner eat for father.. oh, the rockers of a minor delve for dog-coal, & a sea of lovers lends docks to mirrors.
where i saw scissored sand saviours knocking nocturnal boxes then a rope of brine nooses layers of
screw-perfect romance-Gods.

the writers of a spine widen under
dogdayed drivers of dolly lumber..

the walls of a weeper fall for bruises: o, a stall of reapers falls to sweet nooses & a drug of spumesome soft-iron stabs stains under blue blood memories
o the boiled in beds whose sleepers dreamt of dromedaries
will flesh up with cokered corkers, and as headers of kids delimb a buttery tomb-trader then a brunch of caped listeners raise a nude flower..

once upon a glass of wine, mammas melted under lady grammar & cabbaged to the end of her mirror.

the walls of a weeper fall adown
opened slits & tangerine dead towns.

the language in my head butted sex-ribs: oh, four twigs in a mind will cut fast trees & a belled blood bar sells sweat to kids
& we swell up just like a fig. when once a deli flower sucks dusts then a rib of raisins must hear losts muck melding wards with killers.
& once upon a flask of dimes, i sold masters to venal castigators while wiverners of sirens coat leaded masturbators with hired rivers
a silly deadliness where roman pucks pissed across red ice?

we sleep for Eden's gate & cups
crash down.

i send a sickly note to a far-out queen.. o, i feel for blithe bolted stella babies; & a sea of easy soap washes dreams away where baby dies.
when once a dilly flower suffers lies
then a snappy daffodil's pretty eyes
widens into a sedge of screens.

i have a minotaur on the brain -, tithes dig for arms when shooteth godes give gal-head to dried
scissor oats.



crap inside five seeds..

wellers of wounders wipe leather
& jackets sink into all seas.


oo, these capes of winter sweep dead snows under prison-sleep. oo, the grapes of cold fathers weep & a dad's cactus crab ducks a doll-fist into a taxi-cab
o the riding seesaws of the dead don circus swings. once aside a mumma, we shed the claws of rosed dogs where a tree of pig-plebs reeled around a ravelled star-bed
& a ball of nips nested where deaths
dreamed of Mana..

o these capes of winter sleep & the wives of splintered soul-heat dies for rain and the hittites of a wild world sup a cruel cunny beer o, a swollen street of fear hangs
wolves with roped hands &, laden, once aside the night, an invective penile island sea-cuts a bed of roses..
the hittites of a wild girl sup a dreamer of dark rude slits
^& we laugh at death's lips
once aside the night, an island
bee-butts a scent of glasses.

the wicked watches of the timed sun-stilled docks a lion's tail. ohhh, a cat of christ prays for keen groomed manx hills; & a dog of beauty walks the day
where we laid loss, then we saw graves
crap upon noosed sky-hills..

&wicked watchers of lost minds stays
back home where women pray.

the lolita of a lame lady leashes blue hides to leather faeces..uh, a bed of grapes gropes for fished star-fixed pornosapphic movie-village; & a bald brain of love leads fathers
into swift saline rain.

dulled by dancer, we ride for pain: oh, filled with cancer, we writhe when dilly fish-men sally a vast veined stained bath of disease...
the lolita of a limed body moon-eats
under swards & daisies, and Mars-warted sweeping wolverines bark for golden gasses: o, a star in weeping glasses for daubed
body ashes.. weeping, we await the dead as radical fanny elbowed sashes don a baldric sword & we dig fingers into birds
& we count to ten? and squirted sleeptalking doll-beans store bad bakers where a caked sky-whore squats down for a sex-wee & a bud of bowers dogs after peas
weeping, we await the killed as lashes
drag dusts from disabled nudes.

the shelters of the swarmed suffer rosey sunners whose dizzy dog-driver dabs welts into wounds: oh, the helters of the swarmed sucker a sea-sham where shaded fists father
jacked jazzy gems & we will supper for dizzy mind-feverish picture-buliima as fasted red henss hide moggy children under tragic poison; & once aside wards, a tea of hens
bakes a body cake
& we serve blue-sails to women...

the shelters of the stormed suffer
rosey riders of dazed winter laughter
& eyes looked down?

o, where green cars look down, then sad ship must sink as saviours swallow. o, where tawny stars look down, then mad lips will sip a snipper of nightling's haloes
-& a bed of scars hits kids tilll bruised fists cause green-bruises of pinkered blue-rain.
o when once we raided sleep, then wrists were found slashy inside a metal crypt; & a ball of ides sweeps after salt trips bully buttocks eat asses then hits sucketh up a nude-fawned slut-pit.

bad barns deaden fucked bead trains
o we hear mods when badding bairns
rock mamma disease. 



this is the end of our mad manacled mod-mind sadness: oh, a bud of brilligs seal a caged bounced baby- & grey sadness listens to naughty radio & the bellers of the sun-bred
see a balded studio slicing bread & a whip of light leans insidd dark light then devs will dluu us forever?.
at this side of a phlanged road we crash for hooped gemmies & sex wards & we suspend a human's mawed
inside rotted ravellers
the nasty christ-bird swings for
banged birdy cheapsters
.she who was my brother bended down when a tree-town ended. o, a bake of icons shaped sun-rended blue sites of broken glass. when we found lost silence sent
insideout to a grey world's mace-scent then a tommy titch will aim a city gun at a greasy sill.

she who was my father ended & she left with her intended bullied up & a vase of flies still
stands alone on a gussy hill.


o i see now that clouds carry
deniers of dreamt sold ladies -
& women are raised from gems
& whippers of laid graves
carry a crowd of craps to a road of babies
la a public mind which thinks to bleed rends
cardinal creamers under unelbowed sea-men.

this side of sex, a wanker jams his knees
this side of a baige clitoris
ignites a sweller of cunt-caged
blue bottlers of body oils & boney lays...

bales of shopped shits slam a beery nave
o sassy bow-girls snip a gull when hay
bosoms under sexy aboretums..
&, slapped up, a bin of spray
sups a nudist
& a kosher sun-hit slaves
naked sergeants of bruisy babber blades.

o i seize now the bones of god's drug
o i listen to nacreous sleep
& all blue words are laid under pugs
& all nude birds must sing for grey rugs..

eyes may well disperse into salt hair
-... widening, a quoit for a cut sinks air
& i will vanish into thin hair as armchairs
seat a bodice on a wasteground
& i blench up & i creel down & minds
stop till forced


the benches under teachers will remind the taught of star-belled refluxive mind-hills: oh, a star of feathers trips the field
& a school of wheels swallows childish games. where we earnt earthed worlds, then eyes crossed against table-
wise heads swirl as pigeons appear too wise & vendors of voices drive dead sea-carts...rolled acres of gilled earth smacks a pony: Oh, cold flavas spill , O, lotted plotters of plowed honey
drops a dun jam.. where we laid death down, then forlorn fathers of sound
spot a bum hand.

the gardens of the filled drown for troweled light meats & grey tweezers use a porator & old scissors &, widened while rolled, distant boys harden
& ghosts lose fear as, moistened, a ridge of lakes cocks killer oceans. lo, a starry sedge of snakes rocks killer potions
& a song of lions roars after shots
& we listen to killed Lot.

moistened, we rude for grapes. oh, once upon a mind we staked a pig-bed to a billy of a gruntive menstrual pie-ocean, & a gun of lice weevils after dragglers of death's dyed father.

as we shed prayer then we suffer for dolled dames & pillaring cobra-pylons
& a moon of veins sinks sirens for
white-headed suns.



massive messy minds kneel for impassable sex communion. oh, impassive dizzy minds reel for dust & dunder-darkness. when once we heard the dead
then we rose from a faceless bed & a gun of geese shot gems & a bled fleece folds beneath green dens.
massive messy wives feel for madam macadam & we tar a star with stores & we swelll old sedans...

where we learnt about yelping hearse edams then we died; and the hissers of mind-kissers carry crapes of sin to mental men-buried
blue hymns. oh, as sofas rub loungers then cherries chant a mantra

when once mammas cut all winds then a fairy brother's sister-sins softened a wide brain..and i have seen the whips of ponied rose-widows
windowing high sea with gallowing green-gravity; and handlers sink hats inside wax-nerve.....

the hidden stems of fear shed berries
o we are dodged after
laughing wolf-mothers
& sex dare not answer back.


loaded licker-loaves lamp after the naked nudes of the nighted grave: o, a road of killers caps a cunned gun where sad riders ride upon love's corn
& we take hay long kids under liars.

coded licker-lobes camp after the fallen native smiles of damp pyres & we walk the waves & we drown lost fires. O, graves
drop for mamma? loaded knicker-rogues stamp for a dell of sleep which carries a cactus under a witch...

old ravines rope rapists with cars.

the quickness a killed rose snaps a garden la the sadness of a killed crow cuts a blackbird's chrontic saddler-desks; o a sail of wives whimpers where decks
drool for pure fire and as a bowl of money pays for traded minx-beliefs then swallowers of digital voiced baby feeds an rocked lady
& a crowd of craps cashes odd women
the swiftness of a pealed rag rams raisins deeply down aside a pool of hens & we set alight to warders
& we feed gaoler's bars to locked gems.

trying candle-tears weep rafts as lovers
shoot an angel-moon
& we use stashes for spoons
& we rise a pigger from grey cocoons...


eager men who peddle hymns will chant a dying mantra & a woven mirror stands still & a whip of weepers scales a hill o where we lost to killers then manna
came pouring from love's kiss.

once above us, where grey heapers heaped hurdy-birdy iron, i remember that we learned of lions & i weep now for iron & i sleep now for dead lions and, dashed,
eager men who trample petrol-gems must give lead to a female light. Oh, rodeos under stapled men must write upon a storm of mad sight
once above midnight, we suffered
hay-gold heroes of dying drivers
& eyes bend down to tatste
blonde-headed romantic blindness


abrasive as true night, we tread a false sun. o a queasy stairway unravels into attics & a swinger of day sun-travels where guns shoot a vixen vagina-moon.
issurers of blood-tapers burn a nazi rune; ah, a beach of masks spins a bedroom under leeches of cradled candle-crooned salt-tummy curlers.
abrasive as nude rites, we shot a dunged boy-bubble with sherberts & weep-lunged
had Hades...

tissuers of sud-sailers burn a Hitler-fuse & we interlock holocausts with screws
star-spreaded, a corn model has moves
melted where cloakers crash, crash,
. aaaaahhhhh....

easers of angled angels heap a choc heart where laid lunacy leaps from a push-chair lo eaters of angeled easeles shaft a knife-dart where
we use angry idiots for sea-air: ohh, as a mummy binds a ring then a blue prayer will dapple cunt-dazzlers with oceanic hair..
an iillegitiimate with a glass eye sees fear crying for an emptied bastard body tears trickle homeward from sanders when oceania heals welled washy natty men
& underneath a berry, a dooming sky-seer sharpens stoved swigs with anointing spheres...

oaty boats of sex-swarmed penis chemicals chop a dizzy head with bled paws, & the winked pupil of a girl-child hires claws & we drnk some gal-wine as woved spoars
cry for maternal cunt communals.

eaters of angled angels flitter where loud milk-tears glow under noisy blindness: o, we have used a latrine for stimulus when sharp indigos piss off a marbled pier
& we wash love's hand in lardy water when wideners of salt-shells
splay a doggy craft. whilst i am engaged in inedible delectible music, then rodded hit-lips will snag my data's dog den & i will grit aside grey guff
& eyes will slit aside clit-dusts.

when welcomed to rude whelks, we open salmon-shakers who use fish-rowed ovens & a house of stinking birds drags a penis-pot from the tits of nerds
- once aside a plait, bad sonnies served hot fay pomme fretes to inaudible curves.

& alphabet cadavers say abracadaver
^& red-stied yammy cack cuts words


against a sun of time, we used rolled dizzy gates. ohh, aside a sea of bandaged wine, we used streets of old grapes where swan-streets of feeling dirty arise upon
a heaving city summer of glassers and sopping gas-roofs
shaking naked hands & a sea of summers drowns for snakes. against a sun of motile hostel-times, we moved to the sweet sides of our talon-lives.

a bed of bonnet brass cuts us..o, a head of sonnets sings for poem-winters & a bench of versed eye dust drags a duned lake.
when we found fussers then we dug a fast foal & a tree of lakes sucks coal & old helters end the soul.

the shapers of a shaved treat
gives cocoas to loud sleep
o, a pen of wine blots old heat
& we diance along
risen rainbows.

we laced a cob cab & song
made us hear the sun
& we fed chippers to dung
& we are forever too young?

.O-La!!!!!??!.. Uh "999...




the deus of a god's blessed poo-shoes shits inside five excreable vulture-winds. o a slide of a dirtier drags sins under weeping high roofs
& we shit in a bed as we dare to night-swim & why lovers left lust has no skin & we kick a lamp & we whip a starred tramp's
piss-filled clothes. Uhh. this house of keys turns a saviour underneath killer labia: o, cocky crocky flava has a urine-whistle slicing gold gayahs
& we suck a lost flinted sparrow-ditch

these heads of bees sting a killer.. o, a bud of madam mice hunt rawled rats with knife-christs & a fish of steel drowns upon a weal.
& as dog-raised sex trades feel for plumes & cot-naves weavers of bum planets drink from spind vocal-rims
& the riders of bled beauty daub a mind mule with wine-bone, & a corpse of tines under-combs outred sea cellves

lace has never felt so good- let us here earn blod from cells & a city liar lies for sea-shells as donny dusts dream of bells.

a gallow tree has huge fingers , - as we guide cockle vinegars
then blue bonced bait
will fish for families
the riders of bled pain has glass
digging twixed teen trains Pasts
peer into vineyards

ah as old city roaches fell a wall then radios used by vermins will surely have to thrall. ah as rolled body leeches kill then gld habits must hear hills
going mind-blind & we take a gun far west & a mindless hero shoots hot sand & devils shoot the stars.
ah as old city roaches sear tall dirtying girl arachnids then we faze under bruised cars & we sup a dish of dolls & we tune into holiday gulls...

swept eyes sweep up the blind & love's cage clips sun-wine ,O we will trap lusted timed
gilly bombs.

rodeos in ruins rebuild a blue cliff o, dark radios ram red lip; & we cinema after lassing lives where grey-grey laughter swims the sinking Mother

rodeos in red stone-fill held hits o a shooting wife shooteths up as a laden pube-christ drinks deaths dry...

once above a mind, purple clouds
crapped within free hands
& a bud of piss uses false shrouds
& a belt of girled heaps
locks a lady's fingers under
scissorers of scented fig-funsters
greyed young women don films
, eynes will never close


we packaged our blue love within tawny teeny papers. o, we rode against us & a sea of cells rocked us with key hives & blonde-dyed mirrors.
once a dilly day, i hear old kids sharing brawls with petrolled divas; & a face of lions hags after gold lace & mount Zion.

we shall have our rivers slayed o we will cut a mind where lays suck a communal nut; & we shall ripen after blithe sluts?..
we packaged our blue love within fast eyes which blind us, & a cane of figs shines under lust & we get lost in the westerly wind
shaven sentinels of self-sex grind
grey wine-bone..

huh. we weeviled into a lost balcony when greasy dizzy ladders taunted clothes men. o, a lay of sadness sucked cold oestrogen & a bed of drivers
dreamt for dolled cunt-craft

when once a bull of bitches saw mien cutting canes from the esplanade then a cowered cruised cow cupped sin
we weeviled inside a noose of children: la, a head of heroes smashed inside-out- . & the flavas of crashed corned reaped feet slapped a bone with fish-staled meat...

the ghosts of the slayed lap rose-ash
& ash upon a nude is surely lashed to
veiled spirallers of cat-credence- Blues
blays a holy tune
& we supper after men on the Moon..

wow what with these powder junkies
sharing bee with wax?

o, i cannnot summon trees & a bed of rats trips aside rubies & a keen father falls behind. once upon a tide, i cut green-waved salt-fleas & a bud of winters
rams a green bolt as city winners dine inside the pitch dark?

old cold tears flow under fires
& dead men crash.

wow, what with these powder bodies prodding silver lime then salts will walk for timed dizzy boys & a bounce of rain breaks toys
& we summon bound sea-minds..once aside of me, i saw soldiers visting all dead watry naked bidet-hours; &, o, a cooler of stored flowers
stems a green strip of saviours.

wow what with these powder babies grippiing a cunt's boobies then a wash of wine must hear closures of timeless peace. o, fear
is feared all but its sweaty self.

the countless swinger of one million days floats in a cocoa-cup. la, a soundless rider of ridden bum-suns shines just like one zillion graves
o we sail into the sun as painted sluts cry, cry & the countless singer of one million slaves coats comers with shops
la a cosmic boy who tops the cops
drives inside sweet sky
the sullen song of Loss lays wives
& a bell of ice rings under tides
swallow dyed Dettol
the countless swinger of one million trades
slides down a mod-hill on a tea-tray
la a belt of flyers
rot, rot, rot!



we studied how to die... a lane of lies lied for wives..o we sailed for lives....a sun of eyes rode for caked cries & a bum of rice shats on cities
& a sun of christs shines just like one zillion oaks
tyberns & elms shoot a sucker o concrete junkers leap the moon & dells of cellves unlock a panted winter's well & we studied how to die...a cellar
wells up when wolves feed from almonds. coded sea-scissors cut a duke of bones from
green geese & goosberry guns
eaters of faceless mermen run silently...trippers of star-sin hum impossible love-tunes & a beach of fire dreams of grey lips which tread the moon.

we studied for to die....o signals
swallow robin-lives
& a bud of beds sleeps for
a bandaged bin. red wars
put up flags
la soft sins spin for green crags,


mental green healers lay on hewn hands. o, a ghost of givers places god's arms upon soft rivers; & a sea of faces heals the mad where when once a whitened altar drags
doled beads from love's bad insidious murder mumma & a red minded heart-mirror should shine back-to-front
i have seen incensers burning up & i have studied sex in a coffe-cup & a shredded moon dons rolled guns as shooted junk uses powder bodies?

mental green healers lay on strewn hands o, a ghost of rivers sinks haloes into streams & we say Amen to king's oak-islands
once upon a sea-side, we succoured
bald flowers.

the leasers of a coastal soul will shoot essential blue-codes. o, a side of suns shines across cell-loaves & a naughty night-thing
fills a coffee cup with yellow rings.. where once we picked gold then we ripened like a kid in guilty high-tree..o a sun of night rode to radial digital midnights
& a star of summer star-seized golden apples & leasers of a coastal soul must ride to distant dreams & a giver of vacant screens must
shoot a blind moon?

where youths climb & shine then
twelve planets must see women
raiding a swift front-room.., Uh
amen.. a cartoon crooner warbles for the wrecked.. ah a sunrisen cooper carries a cocker- o when once we licked a sea of fevers
then a cartoon crooner warbles for the grey geese of radio mirrors.

once upon a wined bow, a sea of birds was ropped by winter..o, a gunner of a chilled close fathers witherers of ground-flawed leaders?

a cartoon crooner warbles after decked
dizzy dreamers who cannot come back
& constant sleep is eternal.
the wurzels of the dead tread a crow's
dark-skied carrion flava
& a mango under teasles will show
a blonde wife a new baby life..




the titting feeders of a fast heeled moon shine inside cruel waters. oh, the slitted dreams of the cock-jammed jack a father where heeded horses
cram steths down cabled star-slammed dogs of ductile ferine watchers.

when once a road of mites swirls for ticky feline leopard bites then a razoring helen-hasp hears nights sex-strumming naked sugar rites.
o titting flavas lay blind waste to claws & a bud of slides raise a ruiner from glass-greasers & a wide wine-bone drops all brides.

o lady cigarello, how now the stars you used to own carry us back where maiden meals sun-feed horsers to whackered goat-reels
o lady smoked river i have seen us eating stone & you & i will certainly die alone.

the copious heads in the void where digital drones drag a deaf-demon from salty minor moans heals bled beds & sex nunneries
o lady cigarello, how now the cars we disowned lay waste to the gallows as electric grease cats get bee-stretched by sun-sloanes & we feed for
diggers of apples & the rooks of Man sea-scram after dromed dolly doctorers of dilly winter

crunched aside a pink apple, i watch the sweet sky spinning under gables. o, a spunker in a jinxed chapel shoots aside wry radios of stereo doctors Ah, a book of eyes
strangles the estranging mind & a cell of cradles rocks a crapped cocker candle.

the spirallers of a cold wet raft sheds angels & the birds of death fall to earth where maples nick a naped Escariot from naked eye-nipples.
crunched under a pink table, we watched lies swelling with faked worlds, & we lay down where eased pearls succour donny drakes..

i arrive to snip a street of screens O, tides
roll in then rock out
& a dizzy son of shouts slash a lippy's cries.

the spirallers of cold wet mask dons drives
& rosed rogues raid death's writhed dives
& we run from out our sister blue skies..

the eaten raves of woman has to raid a silly boy all childhood's year- Rooms appear peppered by lad runes: o, a doll of leopards races to the sea
& a lake of sadness widens into beads bears bait bullies....old hair fails to actually fall .....a doddering sun stew wallops swallowed halls.

the eaten raves of sold Man has to feed comic fingers through life's nude; & a moon of glass
shatters in an underpass.

the rages of rude radios hiss with hidden lips. oh, the cages of nude sex-shows dance for leopard mothers & a stage of blood moves under crows
& we stop to shed salt-clothes...

old oceans yearn when a slitted padded mamma heeds a bound lemur & an opal boot will crack a leg & a sea of buttons will lay father's
golden opportunity..

where we laid down for ice, then we turned a petrol face to the family?

as pages of pure noise stop, then
eyes will forever fade. 



the wives of Eve & Adam summon biblical leaders. oh, a sun of Eve & Adam softens & we know that God is sad
& we know that poison
baits a bible-glass.

the angels of pure spring cast for dolled diamond dreamers. oh, a mumma of dour birth-rings seize navel-wards & death dies on a shut wing
& a dizzy driver cuts city rain when cut cadavers shut dried children
^& the wives of Eve & Adam raise

bullied bottomed vaselines...

the redness of the livid dead salt-sleeps for endless ivories..oh, the sadness in a rigid bed sex-reaps sidllers of ebony midnights
& a bay of kids dreams of drowning . Uhhh we swell up as badgered bloke-babies die.

as a radio wraps a dark sea of rubies then we walk the burning trees & a well of snakes cuts sweet beads & we don draggers of doobies
& we sail out to lay milky reeds...

the deadness of a river God heeds coded roses on a killer's sleeve & when bastard cunt-wax heaves then we will dunk a fista undereath

vast hills where successful wheat
rides gold porn.

ha i saw giddy caroline caught under fire. wow, the incesters of a killer's cunny cock-spire rises like dead viscous cunt-rain
& i saw dizzy mamma inside veins shooting up with aged menopausal ava Mary

ha, eyes closed, families lay blue faces where a sky of honeys
soften for glass..

haha i cut a sex road with toadish froggies of silver & soul; & rubbish rots for cunt's sake.
ho minds will certainly slow down
ha wynds will surely silence towns
& vast sad hand
drops to hang.

a weely instalment of rabies has out hounds seizing dog-silk from radiant catty puppy drums. o once aside soured milk, i saw the sun
shining just like one zillion sea-guns
where once a salty door gets slammed against a blue lover then we shall kill minotaur horn-mirrors with hanging bell-blown unicorns
& once a greyed body brothers affixes a wee-wee world to a champion soul-head grande seizure we shall get cupping defective breasts
^& a pup of christs babby rests doll fangs on canine deaths..

where once a sweetened rat rams saccarines & vermins then mousy touslers of giddy jams

& lead birth seems dumb.

what with naked breasts in the hands of defectives, we lace a dribbled dark racist sky-death with dyed winter riddled penile potted sex
& we will cop sex detectives & once aside grey guns, where we laid for penises and pinnacing fannny-docks
& what with raidrers of radars reaping Loss then we shall know the sonar tree-cross which falls like a gem.
once, where eyes plumed, we exposed a guilty gal-mission: ohh, once, where spies swooned, we exposed a gluey swiper of suns and olde men?

& when naked titties fill up, then mictions
must drink from yellowing loo-fictions.




as a crucified toy snaps in bloodty two, then henned holiday boys smash salt lemons: o as murders overjoy golden gooze then men
will supper after melons and once against five winds, a biddy under plexi-glass bone-baits a fat mind whose slitted masque
chases meadows into fires; and a kind cuckoo age shuts mad liars where, locked, a schizoid summer spire rises like a lover. a crucified toy snaps, then rolly gems may well soften godly pyre-pig-pens
O heating Hymen cuts a hardened clit
& we race down into sweet star-lips

vanishing for sun-light, eyes cover stars with petrol faces & burnt lost cars: oh, a flashy star-rite raises a bag-bed with lily lullabies
o a statue in a ragged family lies after swashed pigs & shaven armies and when once we sucked on dairy chains then hawkers of lime-dust cock-craned
down a gilly grass whose informers in a underpass
led his sexless mind to die forever?

varnishing sails, we shut salty weather deeply inside false fucks & a porny poker stars kill blue pleasure & a bleach-blonde sinner hears
peroxide stinkers riled under tears: O, i fear the wintry sun...Ahhhh, i depose hot autumns where kneeling acorns scatter for a german whore... Fears

snps town bends.

the super sewers of the slaved & wed wipe a veil of tears across love's eyes. o a victim of the plymouth fathers nips a naper of Judas Leaders when
arsenic christ leaps away for wives: already shaved, a gill girl's fanny swells up for ferine femaled infertility; lo a sun of whores widens for money
& a true victims of honey spread solid piss on breaded Baby
& sapphired sex slewers hurl crap all alongside the weavers of lily-saps & wet thighs will strangle barbed wire christ, noosing christ
i have scented a vodox telephone: ah, a dogdayed diallar of sex-bone must abuse the bests of the loaned & youth & Gods have no sex-homes..

La .. boned slumber wrecks its wet bed - as a light of issues deaths, then caged-in spun sun-souls
stop to light old women
& a bud of roses furls around kicked river children..

when once a stem of love hisses then a blithe beast will suffer clothed misses, & a tree with wings ladens after
vaulted mother,,

o swirled summer snips cats as bunned boy-ghosts hit to a hiped beat. .. Ash wallops coasts
& a hen of meat slices Ash
undernetted, we pee when wheat
topples inside London.

o once below a mind, we daggered for roman doctors. o once outside a wife, we suppered for eastern daughters
& a bud of wine wallops juice, & warring welts wan fingers under cold sand...

when a bag of canines walks thunder then a bell of drams tastes female sex-clams- O, thunder drops flexed storms
& a bonce at furious bedtimes swarms where hot beads unwind...

& once below a mind, we will scan
dotted swarthy rain- Ah


caverns found in kitted towns resound under false sound & a cunt hears towns sea-slamming inner spies
& shaven gardens peer outside oozed flowers...
when once a pig of peace rides crowded snap-crows then blue crops will sufffer eyes & a bog of brass
slaps mental copper - La.

as caverns fall to sleep, then cars crisscross a tree of killers & we dance, dance, dance & we died in a German trance
, O

Widows of napped meadows
weave spunk from rude gallows.

raised where razor-high poetry reads dyslexic genius cunt we glow under old junk; & an open blind reader will jump
old books.

we have huddled in a brook. o, we escape the papers & look deep, deep down at a wordy city's illiterate tit-clowns

& a boncing biblecase drowns
& a bed of thrillers scares
bird-blinded chiller minders..

the plummy pissers inside stone use a sweet gashed ark-marbled beer stables: o a body's blisters blush, then
baby bumping cot-carries old sea-bone

when once a talon on a ward groans then a grey hospice carpet will wrap arisen sex with droned
catty creators...

I espy a pissed hive. La- where
dicky dippy curves snap glued air
then we must delve life's dust- dens
bedim kids with factories
& we unwind wounded kvetched

dog-dizzy breast-naps....

Uh. The benders of the bad but small dedicates a poem to a wall. o, as belled fucky dev taunt cauls
then a diamond sol of soul-cords must race a false devil into grey dogs
& we have espied peopled shapes shovelling cats under knives - cakes cut a sugar screen
& a town of tribes tars dippers
& we cup a cut gun...

the vendors of the sad world rape bun-bitten stoved stale waxes & a noddy on a stage uses hate for widening combs inside
bald balled hair- As men cut down

blue cheesed curls, then strippers
prance just like a killled kid...

Oh, we have seen strange dust
dappling ratters with played lust


the bullies of a grey world hit a lantern lit apartment & a stream of gays grapples when, locked, a lynching clod cuts old sea-rent
o a bay of kids craps where old ashed chapels send rude herpes under nude hard leaves. This side of loots
we strike curvy keeling solar roots. Under boots
we don a shroud-sailed girl
& we wed the rain....

the bullies of a gay world hit a bitten ointment & a case of Eden wallops cranes with fairy hands - Oh, scent
stoppers carred coves & a baddy in a wet den
drags soap for five seasons....

I have cum deep inside my heart as eyes have punished sleep with slowed louse-skied dog-dammings of bled sweat boxes. Men
don evil shelves
& we cut celled bricked bells
the shoppers of signal wine weep a tipsy road of funeral cashes & we will stack whoring trashes & baby must weep as she falls
adown a steely cotted swaddler's hall
diamond drivers drink dapplers when
we hawk after photo-broods
a wooded wet skulll has never had it so good - ah as a delicate spunk doll dreams of geese & bitches, then a map of blood
will send spermed wine to sleep: oh, a baddy of the sun's sign dons doll-sheep & a small dirty cage wanks a blue burn from a city's age.

o & a bomber in a jacket sucks piss-paid directories of dobs & blonde british blurry skin-rage; & a diddy dog-dazer
drinks from red-winged digger boozer...

this side of a burn, we hire wets to entered scalpy scaffolds where we bee-line wasp-strung beautiful stairs
& we climb a whored meshed cathedral

& a wooded wet skull has never had blood made so ruddy well & a stopper of selves drinks vineager
& a pullied piss-pill pelts pobs with God.



what with easy galleon men rended then a brawl of pigeons will ascend blue halls: lo, what with easy pig-penners ended
then an ashen fast hack halters grey stink-hooded dolls...

where once an apple child's lay inches intimate riders then old naves hide a hilly hispter where limey lowcut crocuses cupper graves
& a bled boy bends from his
concreted sullen child fizz....

uh, what with fishy faces played for starry vaginal wards then a bollocked bud burns boards
& a milky statue succours bawds
& a bed of flavas
shall not be known till infant wars

sup a candled sea-pipe... Ahh

this side of a blue gun, we scar
old scythes & bruised mind-ma: as for the hoodlum in my dog-petrol, may the clasped bird swing for apple purple
o as for a hoody in a hill, may the vast wed herd sing for maple moon men
& a flask of ash will pour ale inside a swerved
fished netted sea when
eager patrons of bees sing, sing, sing

when once above a mind, we heard gals
gagging after stripped staged marble, then trowls
sink a spunked hammer with
blonde bowls of sheeted strung wetted kids
& lordy lovers shine just like a neon plug-pig's
indecent divorces.

& as for piped stoves & the miracles of hidden oven-dudes & what with petalled cloves & pinacles of ridden rosey nudes
yelled youth & dining rained bowed Love
must surely eavesdrop on the tangy dark?

eyes under eyed lids shut a cream-cart & a visit from the musical moon will start instaneous mirror-fires
& as a bomb of fuck fixes kips with arched
defecating seizure-fires
then a bond of rizla-spires will surely spark
a dolly of a fermale riot?

ah a kidded mum-lidded saint suppers for
blenched bleached dugs & a Teresian
winter-witnessed scaffolding sperm-tor
& we will sunder grapes
& we will number flowers
& we will sup a screwed box of hours...

these wived days, weeds will empower
telephone slashed lips
.. ...
we inhearse a grave...
we gun-force a city...




once above a city mind, mad men sear inside a urine-ruin. la, once inside a stone, blue men sear a dock of rain
& as a bed-box bangs, then pain slashes red skeined
body screw-ins
when once a bell of dust drags luminous inhuman bells, then horses knelling rocking cells hear crags cramming sin down boats
& a bench of glass cuts ropes
this side of a mind, massed dopes
drink deaths dry.

O the nudes of the dead sex-spill bald mastiffs
O the roods of the red sex-fill
blonde spastics
& as a robed sea-head star-swills
blind natives
then we listen to impossible rain.

& a bed of kittens carves hills & a shed of loud tongues locks a lip astride a driver's awl-fist; O, mills shape clocks from wine
lo, the lubes of the dead sex-spill kind candy peaches & a bowl of lice ripens when
closed handlers suck leeches
from beachy bent rills...Once upon a mind, masses melt under padres. lo, once inside red-headed whisky-wine, asses swelter - & a bud of babies
bolt nuked flown flowers to candied soft phlegem. Crosses
co-create a closed world
whn once a bum of ice curls against a pearled sly-world then a baggy emerald will strum eaten glass & a car of fields drives grass
deep down under salty cock-crowns. once upon a mind, massses sweat under rammed graves. ahhh, where feathers dam dicky drays then thinnning momma squirrels
lash moats to hordes. they said that light was star-raised from mirrors & we answer under God's hoopind cloth-death.

o aside to a liar, we entertain blown pleasure veins & a bone under fire cuts crude hawed ariels- O, sluts shutter canny seagulls where rain
cuts a slowed face. o aside to a spire, we sun-stain blind doggy azure, & a sloane under Asia sees catted hewn lather rocking where domed bees
stings false Eden. when once a hand in a clock rams a dick in a pluperfect father-arse then rent men must hear us
masking a scram of cocks; & in the wode of stereo-sweat a hippied nape of sweet heart-thefts hammers grey lions
& we snap a shop of death. once above a mine, we dug for dilly coal deaths. la, as a star of wine drinks for silly roped wrecks
then we wil wrench a dun war's
shelled mad ward.

when once above a dime, we wade under masks then a gulll of evening hears coded transfers filling tears with midnight cock-spears.
once above a wynd, we drag for billy cold decks. lahh, a car of demure alabaster swine drinks to steering wheel-wicked mind-clawed killer demons
& we ask for cemeteries & we suffer old memories & we suck a quartered flower...

O, a bench of rock sucks dust & a bill of silence hangs an oven-kiss where dust cleans sneezed violence..

La. oo, a slaying sallied sun of sin snips a keen rose. oo, a praying dillied spin of loaves loads red transceivers with grey deceiving winds
& a dizzy daub of sin shatters old whippy windows. when once inside a gun, kids scuttered under wept drums then a sea of craniums
mad a naked knicker from a patina of street-skirts; & as a lunged sea of mushy turds over-rode eager petrolled geizer glans-basins

then a bed of narks saw hurt
shopping navels?

i espy the world we weaved
ah eyes redouble as seed
sucks a salt shirt...





this side of a nut, we scatter odd human raisins: la, a bride under sluts will hire a heroine under a hill; & this side of a cane, deaths
shutter pelts where vagrants shit outside the towns
ah. when once upon a mind, water forged a blue faith then a godless altar had coded wives for owlered snapes; & eyes will sunder slaughters
& dived sliding skies supper for dogs as ropers cut serious tiberian doctors....
& a dog of milk feeds lust & a clock of pure silk tells a tower; - I am dust lo I am death's musk & dillers of dreams
dig a fist under ice-screened thebian rogues....

this side of a cut, we scatter sad subuman stains & a benchy bounced capper will suck a moony midge & a ducky will cut ribbed
rude frenchy pigs & sufferers of fugue fix figs & we drool as we see spared human kids dining in the gravy dark- Lo, kids
shuttter schooled stalls & we are caught inthral
with naughty patients....

this sidling summer where god's nation laps a dolly from a bird has winged laughter. lo as a bed of thunder snares love's natron
then a bully's father will sweat in a poked box
& this side of lovers where god's station
rips a brolly from a curve
has liquid minders....

once inside a mind, we saw a bad word weeping, weeping: Ah, as ashen sleeping dreamed of evening then our tattered sine
slashed a dogdazed mine with hard stones & emerald screenings
La...the sadness of our city sons will suffer sermonic panzas when blue-belled beezers lam a fishy feather's
yellling school-failed children....

there is a crashing coronet for children..ah; here is a lashing cigarette for coded pregant women & a bod in a brain must suck embolic
blood-chants & we will stone our plants as emetics

season slips with grave cunt.. Ohhh

we countdown to naved dianetics & eat a mumbled thieving power: oh, what with water under wind & what with cancer on our minds,
we must scatter rolled birds where lime sails against roped sin & the siren breads of the west swim when, roached, a sea of spun winds
flag-beat a gamma grave
o, once inside the day, we hear night gabbing slits from shit o, once outside the gay, we sky-write dabblers of ova-wise pigeon-lips
& we will shin us up a conical ladder & we shall pins us up against lather: La, what with rats & cats & mothers
& what with enclaved sand sailors,
we must ripen down the dead.,.
sphincter-slitties suck sound as we cup breasts within robed rashed lady gloom..
& lady gloom fell from the moon
& we are left to smash cartooned
carton cored
mirrored blind mamma stored
oven refactories...



o, we say Hurray for the distant dead ah we pray for dirt beds; & as a a cud of hurt covers gay divans then we will glow around the fete-stricken
folds of foals & creatures & there is a sea of hair which writhes inside the watered skies o, we go on holiday under eyes
& we sail love's pinnace back home, where a crow's cries
darken all rooms....

~- a keen curled child swoons la, a screen of rolled wild country scythes slice a wound & sacrificial dabber of moneyed mists
raise a rubber fist against Love..
the ribbed originals of the dead spread shit on hot toast & a slap of piggy bled sea-dregs drag a slow lake; &, uh, once a bowl of coasts
cried, cried

old patters of plume-butters banged a cake-walk with a droned day of difficult dry lovers?

once upon a day, we use us. lah: once inside a grave, we cuss kind sea fevers & mad body heavers heed caves as vaginal teamsters
trap a prised sweet cusp's ole seventeen-come-young-stranger & mam and madam naples fuse dirt with body filler....

Ides under onan onion tucks
gay rhuem under
cloggy swooned suck thunder
& weepers yell like thunder?


we must abuse a basketful of faces. o,we must fuse old baits with sweet mused eager stasis & as a bowl of jam gets sex-glued then a smell of foods
empties all truths. the distance in a mind hears crappers crying, & a napper's spying sun-gears smoky father Jo..

o we will confuse all coffins & we wil cremate bad bins
here, in our dead world, we
suck city bends....
joke for killers.

there is a sound of self-sex ah the sweepers of belled sex suck a fading sun, & a bun of flowers uses death O; the cemetery of melody drips
dummy dreamers. & a sweep of dreamers rips dummy mirrors
the poems of the high encrypt
cunny code
& a bud of life
loops an oven round a fire
& we live for Christs...
eroded by giddy cartoons, a baggy bean boy brags about stoved missions &, once coroded, a bladed bunny stabs old bucked bitch hills
& a bench of bends over-bites the dead
& the dead punch ribbons.

where a bell of bodies shaks, then bread
slices white money
& a woven wife sucks bald honey...




the benchy bubble bodies who lay down sweet red rain ram a face with beaten rolled pain; & as a doddery dog-nudes smack naked cat-leashed veins
then a ripped picker of the true fasts after repeaters...
& a mask of molers meddles with clay-cold underbellies & a clasp of volers peddles soft sundered dyed keys.
when once a pole of pigs dig-swoons for trifle-cribs then sensible self-sex stops to jack hitler-love- ah, decks dribble & guilty drugs
drabble after curdy hot gloves and a radio in fierce rain rubs lockets of dunny silver & a faded bonny burn shivers
i have idolised the dead eyes have wedded life's lead & a sloane of pure wives sullies a bad bone where rivers raise a slum
& benchy bible babies who
skewer heaven's cradle
swing aside god's neat table

these paging numbers i have understood have come back to taunt me lo inside my mirrors, i have heard me shaping solar darts
& we will dial the dark. O, a rolled woods rush inside the ideal park where
we leap from a tree's chair...

when once upon a mind we seize leaves then a bag of lions must succour after pylons - O, old knees tilt just like an eye
& a cab of rages ramps inside bled sky
these pageless covers i have underkillled slap a busy hyrdrant. la, a brolly's thread has drunk gold rain & the rages of the elephant
uses a mind of God for a trunk - O, pain

peals an early plum for a kidder as spunk sheds sweet seed.where, gun-plaited, we star within a dun flaxed river bowl
& a bomb of hated wee cusses
clamourng hearts when soft sin
describes doom deniers-

what fields to be made from a lamped soul can only loosen caverned candy- stories read to failed lips & a bog of clits swells after
bummy boys who
leap a rabbit from a close..

where gun-sacred, we stir sin inside our swirled earth & once upon a mine, we birth cat-configured rat-considered falsifying dad-fakirs

& birth whirls a caned car when naked movies
collide with fished dreams.. Ah?

once above a time, i was dead
but now i am abed
with love's nughtly dreamers.



as when i am asleep with the nighly dreamers then i salt-scent keen passion . o, when once a star of heat salt-reaps vaginal women
then a bro in a cage licks locked rage - Uhhh.. once above a bride, a well of cold age moon-melded mad mamma with sheets
& we underswim a room of creeps ..uhhh, we thunder-spin easy gossamer-wind where a owl of sin snips a crocus-siren...

the slavers of pure gold trade a sky for a breaking forced war & a trampled fast ward rocks a store ..uh - bleeded body flowers plough the poor
- o- a bobber of a soft claw craps against the wind & men and dogdayed piss-minds gnaw ploved silver gardens...

as when i am asleep with the nightly dreamers i shall deface all thoughts. o, me and mad baby swing inside corpsed killer radio
& jazzy killer radio
hisses along loud ice?...


& i will come overjoyed by the sadness of your toys: lo, i will pull a dolly from a boiled drum & i will play cold dead. ah me, men and ashen demons dram against boys
& a spired old garden
severs christs from cardimon- la, locust-beds
breed blonded creatures from
spun glass special sea-guns.

the bandaged rings of the american dead shed plowed flowers where a cagy indian head sucks a balled magneto
& a skull of war sweats inside a star-metal's
radioed televisual cunt-trestle.....

we will cry for heaven's dead kingdom we will arise from death's demotic sun-son & a bell of dames must topple tears under bright bad babies & the cantata of fathers.

we layer blue lacquer with hursuite veined rubblers of nude papers
- ss, the nice nights of reined
horsed heroes
laden dramming junks with closing
meadow person snipers
too late, after midlife, a ward of diapers shit inside a wet mother's skirts, & fathers wire rosed noosed breasted shirts
& an ark of dusk gropes for cold
bodyless sugar lovers..

they are waiting to gun-roll
pushing peeing pillows


655. c/o petty bitches..

o, c/o grey petty bitches, an ova shaved from towers teases junk with eaten riches: o, c/o grey petty midges, we slap sexy sun-flowers & the doctors of sad spinney itches
rock aside a roped girl..o, c/o grey petrol, a pelican of pearls has powers floating like a frozen island and when once a pool of pealers plot inside land
then a bowl of peaches raids a wintry curl
& a bed of gas cuts a curvy razore-swirl

oglers of eddied one-night restaurants snarl a fast fed sea cat..oh, eaters of emptied sun-ripened grey haunts slap a deadly dinner at a crashmat where karate kills the jaunts
of oyster killers..

& a bud of sweet brine begs for cold dark dills where an eaten moor date-jams
jumping choc-clams

eyes drink a ginny egg- Loud hands applaud sex saucers & a bellied bump of dabbed cans beer-create a mandatory fat face that gut-rams
jellied over eaters...

they put a pot of stock down a blade - they put a bag of cooked cock aside a filled moon, O - we are shaved
from candified razors.....


the taj mahal is a tin can....
la the swine of sex is dammed...
the edge of Venuis is a
sea of scrap

eyes reach for a dulled beach... the issuers of scrapped neat skies snapper down a bent braid: oh, the kissers of ridden wet lays canyon features under
the bled drum of confining brothers & i ride from shot rain
o a girl of fury must suss a dreamers
& a treated life has flashed fathers
I will tut for teenagers. Ah, raiders tuck topplers inside night: ah, the pissers of riven sea-lights lam a dodgy writ
when a fantasm forces wed tights
then we pull a dog-din
& a bulb of lions plants a bright
catty canine moon's
presented crescent where sin
swims, swims?

batters of blather shapes four
wide wived winds



a baddy of a blind body bears sweets outside a washed world. O a biddy of a saviour's girl reaps mind-illiterate sweety seed creeps
& a dulling dense day of loud silly curls will now crusade for a cloud's
deep cotton whirl & we scent a wise whelp with a daddy swirl's sonar twirl - & a bad car carries vans within jet-jarred catty urine?
& a baddy of a blithe story will lam a dyslexic eager red hill's old grass men..
the daddies of a dined dreamer weds a mumma to a rhinal sine & a coast of caddies shiver for coded salted crisped wave-war
oh. the rabblers of slipped sea-wine drinks a drunken towelled mind &, ashen, a corpse of wax grinds easy bears
oh. when once above a mind, tears teased red giants then a slide of pliant baby beers
bangs a swift lager-mine; & daddies of a dewy cut pigger plots to maim all earth's porn treasons. la-..

we dance nude as shot deniers delve after country christmas. we tell a song of sailors as a drowned bark-beast hangs a wide child
and we sing after god's saviour as a sinking child slams a dolly heat & a bud of rain bolts sleep to a whored cold arboured star-child
when once we swing for young sins, then we must beacons beds to flower?

we sing for good failures as a drowned bad-beat cuts a caned crow's black-bearded old feathered blue road.


they will mark men down with marzipan. oh, a dogdayed drinker holds odd hands with crazy canine rods & we plant a dead flower as old suds
sink a dilly in a bath. o, when once we enter into sick, then coded cavvies cry like a rat's girl-hood, & a bay of iron raps a radio when we mark men with chinned chicken
o. i arrive back home where a god has healed a holy doll & a bust of lips hangs under Love & we enter saved salvy drugged
diners of false death.

& we willl mark us down with hands
& lights will sear hard hissed
aqua natrons..

End. as old timed infant soldiers laid rolled guuny graves then a bob of serpents shot a bled bowl of wavy cops. loh, as yon yapper yells, then
codas grind paper wells & a bed of lions hears yanking slow-women arising from city slapped meat-silos - Suns

strap wheat from fals cells ahh, a cut of sleep eats shells & mad kids are sent from bells

& a boggys byte of PC mud
knots a spermy knot
where, dammed, ladied slots
sup a plate of sin-rots... ..
papery pulllers of
pissed pled gloves
drop fans within
purple jutes... AMEn.


o jumping odes to jazzed jackers jolt a dancer & the dizzy disco rose that swirls under blue ballet hits fat fascinating cradles of spun soup-sailors
o we dance under roads o we listen to a ball-room's ebony-ivory toes

a bitten pirouhette of pure fire canes a sweaty stage & danced dizzy rage taps fire & giddy disco struggle cuts robes
around a tippy pyre

there is no small candle in my bed.- rosy royal magnets eat the sex-dead & a bone of demure decorous jam-silver
spins a bald bill under my
heroic city crowd.

o jumping odes to jazzy fathers jumps a plane as massive attackers crash feathers, & a bodice found in trash
trunkates keen hash
then a puffer of the world must
tickle a town of mashed
slowed swede....

there is no angled angel here
ah- we dare not find the dear
hairs of hooky families, but
we shop till we



& what with ringlets round dizzy fingers we will yearn for gilded night. oh, a slap of rites hudddles around killers & a bruised memory
star-grasps for keen family. o, when once inside a mind, we saw light dream-igniting solar summer life then a ward of iron rode around capped sea-drakes
. o, & what with ingots shaped from sound we will learn of liquid seasons & our gay city has urban rooms where hetero glass
leaps closed cabins. ooo, there is a blind tale told to Man about wine under tables & an old story of foals has Man
deep inthralled where
bouncing babies breach cruel hair

& we dance up from a high-chair.

o i am in love with god's big hands ohh, i succour lost islands & as a dulled rider raids the coast i squat on the mud & burn blue toast. La!
the stricken curled jams of roasts spread some dilly butters onbright-headed bastard cake-guns; & we ease our lever dicks under
torn toes & old oats.

o i am in love with god's hit clams & i delve for sickening davy gravy bee-drams; and as a ditty in winter, we freeze green dust inside cold leas
& a vapid bodkin raises soap from oily children & a cat of Pan
stirs rats into water - Ahh

we will supper on lard...
oo we will fill beds withe bards
& we will ramba after
coded angels... Old Laughter

rocks our tears to sleep when
ratters lay dresses under pea-hens
I am a close to the real moon?


wended from a demure dud day i sweep soft leaves under old graves. ahh, a vacant breeze vanishes into sod's weed as cranes
city-cement old whipped worlds to gold veins & a dolly in a drum caresses meteors of silver trains. ... La!
we widen as we soften after martian mandolins & a fierce sunny hymn holds cars deep within the a plucked wind
& we dream of dogdayed cinemas

we have entered into guns as guilty confessors cry against dust. ahhh, a belt of snake-wipes wires cats to shadows- old gas
cuts a nippled neck with vast theatres of liquid gangling masques the sullen break of an irish-welsh-scottish grave-heart
heaps hemmed hemp under green fields where i lost my sodden mind-craft & my shallow poem-craft has twinned veins searing summer grass....

wended from a demure dud day
i sweep soft leaves under cold naves
& navel naked nippies
load sweetened guns..


old villains laugh at sad men & a gaol of burnt on ribbons rots the graphic prison-paw & a sly skied slit has a lick of life to stabs the maw
& eyes hill-found blink till visions fall..

when once a tool of pure bread slices ivory parmesan then this scrap of a rogue toad-road will chew old bake..

old villians laugh at mad men &, once upon a mind, women wooed dead children?

we have wandered for lakes
& we will dig for mad drapes...

blueness has a sympathetic mind - as blurred caged paper unwinds then a tabloid of egits will cook a yellowed pit of tines & curried combs must
crack up.

where once above a mind, cuts sup a stoned cup then a bud of buppy babies will shut all blurred blue-babies
& where once a wife weds bald dark beauties then a bog of night bursts?

bladderwrack has found us
drooling at the beacons
& blueness had emptied lessons
& we dream of missions..

a bed in a bake feeds wards



when once against a wall, we used dust to rot a draked ape and, once spind, a dove of purple angst will suck rolled nudes
ah we have red tarry tears la we have bee-baskets where salt spheres dazzle doomy darkness and i will challenge vines with blind maids when
codes of Autumn have leering leafed crabs
& a conker cut crusades for paper scrags

the model of a mashed mind divines us
o see now how darkness rides us
back home,
& a codded robe of dust
leaps lust
there is a trickling tiger tale to tell
about the blind waters in a wishing-well
o here is my purple story
come sending dogs to sleep...

where once upon a mind, we swelled
under mental dreams
then a cove of clothed slaughter delved
all proud men....

there is a tripper under vales of Hell Oh, about a dirt-boy, i shape my sea-shaken salmon-mask & rock bods from blorted sermon-meat
& a blade of green mud has us inthral with piglets & penis rust?

when once a bat of silver rocks colouring porn-pox
then nudes under clocks has docks
supping for a supper-moon.

eyes sunder bright lies....
spies suck snake-snipt tides

the rogues under temples must force filled birds to sing. lah, once inside thunder, we heard motel killers crying under curd
& a bonce of brothers father spring. o, my tale of fattened heart-swine duplications cuts rolled roisters of a blinded hearse
& a pox of silver has to inhearse old cats in varnishing claw-doled
dizzy feline arbours. oh, the rogues under temples will cause impossible hearing
& as a fist of light lams old draws
then men will rot?

there is a distant gabbler where red vine-veins
heal old prayer-, & a skeins snare
grey gay villages..

once upon a mine, we dug for
leaden coke
& after an explosion, male war
rammed dope




curried curates of a faked world jam-pack visual lather. oh, & a birdied palaver of fathers dams a feather-flower with
grey dogs & riches. where once a fete of an old girl raids cold county sleep then a golden jeep cooks pearly penis pushers
& a goat of gore freezes for a green apple-rook.

this side of a thrown sun hoards old ribbon wharves & we silence rain & we roar on a dirtied gentlewoman's suck-chain when
old opals study after a hen's febrile dolly feminist?

& curried creators of a fast faceless la mamba
will slash a pealed shitt-gassed
coddy moon dilators...

endlessness tells a sad mind
all about Adam & Eve

while pinioned to a gold mine, we summon crossed coke. lo, a bed of prised sea wines drowns inside oblivious minds
o as a blue cast flows, then the cities under dope sea-soaps a starred body blind.
once above a gaol, we learned how to grind beer-baithed gallows o a starry sail star-shrouds deaths as meadows
swell, swell, swell....

eynes have blinded jellied dreams where shadow cuts a keen killer & the veins of rivers ram a roped mine-pillow and
these are our salad signs... ah, these digitalising stereo-falons rotate around a lost spurtive bobby-sun
and we must junk a duped gun - o as a bed of bagasse fondles a punked roped gin-mum then we must jack all fathers
o a pickler in a drum robs ghosts of lovers where febrile fat toads
squeeze under gashy glasses & burnt rogues
- a rose in a head has
a twinned heart.

o & a saddler in a sign signals snapped gas. ah - a rider of a cut mind sweats under church kine - dunny times
trip about the sexed stars: o, & a saddler in a dime spins US sluts then a dogdazed digger of American chew-butts
dips a dicker inside an oval western tea-cuff

this side of a gun, we learn how to fuck: lo, a snood of shot-suns shatters grey cabins with molten blue v-pups
^& we idolise wrought pepper o we send a whipping wooded paper
after rude listless lorded laughter?

& i shall lay us down aside a bald river
& we will suck a slip of a gelled fever.

o to wither after coats & old men. la, when once we suffer, then dens will lighten an easy camera-fold
& eyes will discover an edged foal & we will supper for revolver hens where once a cattled fly has dens
driven into orgiastic fire then a sudden birth of bends sends closed discs where dicky-birdy women
cut a salt flower?

Ides will dine for power - Ahhh - veiny biddy of the rainbow scars claspers & a cellular cuspid cake-towers

we must surely come to a time mown together, when woven dixies snapped a blue vine & the crags of swallows
murders oven-boys with drips

o to shiver after boats & sins
salicates for easy endless gins
& we wll define a dildo-hymen
& all fascinating dead God
can only force a feline cross...

selves shoot spooned grey Loss
& wintry summertime
stove-sleeps for a wife of moss.




island-shrouded, we smell sand-hills faltering under weird olfactory night-life & a bonce of crowded beads spill old grey ghost-museums.
when once a dilly deck drops us, then a moll of Lot must send us up, up..
o, island-shrouded, we smelll ant-hills stinging a distant sand-queen & the wives of hearts search screens & a bonce of rowdy romantics
rock a bily claw
an ideal father to a man will dream for diggers & doilies & eynes inside hilled bodies car-brand fast road-nodes to easy wheel-killers...
when once upon this mind, sand sucks a shitted piped brigand then a ghost of gourdes expand all cats & every single blue kitten..
the rosy stink of the scented dead dribbles for feathers - as a spread bed flowers, then old beacons will suss old lovers
& a bell of grass
puffs just like an arse..

once below a mind, marsh
will teeter under clothes
., the body brink of a cut mask
shuts a mind in mad loaves
& we surround sweated glass
pearled hot groves
shop deadliness.

o it was just so good to hanker after pretty beer. o it was just so mad to father grey bunny fears; & a bed of christ heals father
O a hero's thesp-ham hacks a staged whore- la, islands cover whitening glib glebes & there was once a bird of rain
& we will capture birds again & a cut of tinned veins
matters for macadam & dweebs.

o it was just so good to suffer
the dirtying doctors of a drugger's street hammers hands to fags o a helm of killers grabs a pocked cab & once inside a mind
we shovel ghosts down raised
ribbon robbers.

when a cot of rain drops, then wet lays must enter inside grey lipped thorns- ah, a slipped grave clambers outside
blue swarms & emotive salt brides.

o a street named Dirty hits a navel & good ladies die. plebby pulled eyes delved a penis & then pushed blue scissors deep inside
clued mad media of lost dark pride & i launch a fierce kiss against ropes that walk for lists & an oaken sea-shuffle
loops throngers with sweet petalled
greasy garlands.

i sup a soap-boat as a buttefly's hot winged collected capturing tears damage docks with glass dives, & a mad case of midas-lives
gild gritted ghosts with fascinating glass statues - ribs
trip about the stars

as we fuse a gaol to a free mind then the pipes of jazzed timed
urban creations
glsiter under musical natrons Oh

eyes are delved by visual beaches
& the buds of rain
shake the leaves of stained leeches.
this side of a drunk, we will slow
& dream of tired anger.



ah, what with toilets under elder-leaves we will ignite love's pissed gaol: ah, what with old lips sea-stunning greeny burred witch-hazel
then a scrap of nerves will unveil a female ironising milked hewn statue.
once above a tree-mind, we sailed after vagina hill - a vamped adder spillled, & shadow snapt a doggy from a meadow
we are made-up with silver. Ah? complicties of laid cuts clamber for mad men under silk wood?..

I have rubbed a rude shoe -
i have dubbed a screw's
turning trade
& once above a sine, i heard youths
burning naves....

there is a buddy for easy peasy
- & there is a siren
& here sounds women.,,

Oh... under a silky sumner, i jack a dead father's healed nut-cut jetplane lover..oo, a bed of bends listens to love's mother
& mad masses sunder blue watered bedded winkled dunny thunder-pasture & when once a bod of bangers sea-bolts
old locks to starlings then once upon a darling, we will soak
primed guns
& ginger men under us shoot dope
i eat for gip as a vamped adder slopes adown where an oaked crown spreads drugs on bread. And the eaters of a dime will sup sounds
& a wad of easter claps clinkers aside withering xmas sea-mistletoed skin-clowns...

oo, under a silky summer, i hack a death & i weave a shadow for a lost sex.. ndless falons trick dust. O, messy messengers meld mad salts with tinkers..
& the wicked remains of a dolly day sinks inside kiddy graves while, shent, the vapid vined Venus of this wide world
snaps a dizzy sea trade; & a bulbous scud of lays leaps aside
sun-dyed dun leopards
once against a hill, men scattered scythes o once inside a rill, female hand-hides hit a field's fuzz as the wicked remains of a daddy's pantheon gets
glistered under varnishing valissing queasy billy vales, &, huh, a cat under dog-drugs sweeten fists with puglistics; and boxers fight for wets

the doctors of the dammed carry us far, into ununatrual musk & a museum of rain rots ocean-lust & we are the giddy priests of war
o we are riven with old aged gun-daubs & we are the giddy priests of war when a moontide turns, then we hoarde hands and knees
& Man shouts clearly from the trees & we are the giddy priests of war
. eh?...

once above a bride, we rode to sleep
- as blackbirds stoked crows, then
us giddy priests of war land old men, &
we are the giddy priests of war

once inside a wife, we cut old nests
- where a body cried, then we sought
acres of urine from a dilly gun-desk
& we are the giddy men who star-press
wide spools of English fear...


routed teamsters tower where sex scatters a dined male moon: uh, a bud of trips trickles for sex & we are the giddy priests of war
& we are filled with dizzy straw & god is our female scooper - La...mind-lidded mien messes for a martian car that crashes in a mind-seated sitar
o a bench of bars buries old musical rivers, & we are the giddy priesthoods of
war, war, war. uh...warded wept tanglers trap all Gods & we are the giddy priests of guilded beheaded cathedral lips & torn pocket-pods;

ooo shall we listen?
ooo will sense glisten?

The earth dries out as fishy cods
die out...

oo she is an acrobat from the country & she loves to fall to her knees - oo a parent of the ill & fat spirals down from a closed orphan oak-tree..
when once a dog call Dali reads old nude surreal spy-books, than a female county will fall aside a bed of beads.
la a dicky crazy bird who cuts meads taunts now a sledge of tangerines?

o she is an acrobat from the city & her flavoured fathers swing pity way down deep below where duzzy kids cry for hot snow & we have heard a moon of Man
caging canny rood-crews where big hands applaud a happy neon furry flashy brain-fire...


i have been on holiday for years &
my wife was wed to swift sand...

quickness of hand hurls a father when, dipped, we swirl inside a lover. ohh, as sadness scraps gilded tears then a cross under a cloud of craps cure all blue traps
oh. swiftness of Woman whirls under napped napes when a brood of killers sweat for eaten narrow sea-thunder
& we will sunder a sea of daubed dilly trippers. ooh, the sueting quickness of sex shuts up a scored shooter of spongy dog-deniers
& a hoot in a river slackens gay teasers with river herons. oh, keeling blind Escariots seize verbal plagues from holy sleeves; & a gun on ice executes christs
uh see now how heaven's thieves nip a naked nape from a bound vaginas-.. & calves
crap inside a warred neck.

AMEN?.!! & as i ride inside false rain, then lovely stormy pelted hail-sin spirals down the days; o as i eat lies, then men under holy naves
strap me to venal graves & a spitter in the grass gobs under fattening cropping wheat-candled wanky mouth-opening underbellies...

as a grist of soda burns a light, then we will observe a sad moon - men sally a mass
& a dippy raft sinks inside a daft
doggy stream.?

& as i ride inside false pain, the wind
warps a keen mind
once above a mind, we saw times
dragging grey lakes.


the solar sinner whose appetant dinner rolls for a bonny fish-bone blood-seat. oh, a sex of china towns in shooted winter whose apparent killer
wees against a killer; & a bomb of whips canes a riddler.
once below a noose, we saw sleep sawing false bones & a venal cast of stoned whore-heat jazzes jacks with drones.
the solar sinner whose dirty dinner raises guts from baked stone has a bald beery bed-hand. Oh, eyes eat soap as we wash us & the caverns of the burnt & buried
bake a caved chopped cherry. ahh, a biddy in a pan has a ferried old-peoples home.

where once a bed is laid, then
easy pickers pad after old men

the snatches of stasis hits hens
& a flask of blood feeds spent
salt cuckoos-
- as rockets ripen, then scent
stoppers a blind mood...

i slide from lies as a dead food
feeds the dead.

these easy eggy doctors i used to heal have come to a medical weal & a smelly surgery where an old seal stamped the dead-hiss of vinyl flu willl never cure a good mind- Abed,
we count the pills & a fount of nursing drills see red
O, where once inside a mind, we kill when a keen hospice on the lake arises a penile table from a draked ambulant room-cocoon
& a coast of bits feeds a false dick-cartoon, & these easy eggy proctors who used purple veins for fires realise now the empty coat-clued
, & ideal crappers suffer baited baker-butchers.
La. we heap bald sweets where a sugary poem-pan peers deep inside a wedded candy tide & we sail lost seas & we season eying oglers of dogdayed lies
when once a spool of tides strides outside a shaved blue digger then sweetening fingers will stagger after coded city spiring maggy germing fife-dives...
once upon a mind, we thought of the Father
-- as pursing bird-lime
trips about a fished spine, then the Mother eats all bibles.
a foolish faceless faty clay pharoah cloisters under gay nude meadows & a bud of wine hectres sleep with bodying minds
- O

we supper after lubes as codas grind easy gravels into dammy dairy scar-dust; & a bed of lions dreams of crushed
easy riders

a queasy conned cunny king has rolled shakesperoes feeding mass & a blondie of a chapel succours sex from a throat-apple
we have suppered after gabbled
gluy guns
& a dig of easter wuidens stabbed
crabbed lunged
dolly flavas...

this side of a shadow, we sun-grab
sonar sofas when
god loses his dick to a guilty wren
& we are swallow-sussed
& we are thronged in lust's gem.



put out to pee, old wintry phlegm spits down a shitted moon-trainyard. Oh, a magic fist of pissy dizzy poem-phlegm rides from Bethlehem
days deep, where god's madness glows. o a jagged kiss cauterises Eden & old robes
undress a keen canny judas...

when once a cross of rain rocks a ramrose then we sink our grails where blue jesus snaps a sea of parks & we will jam a jewel where
capping wife-clams carry a saintless prayer back home

i know the eaten hands that sleep & moan -i know about beaten dram & if once above me a story under bone bags my head's slam
then i shall season edams with gashers
& daddy Gods will swell
up, up,


& we willl turn our petrol face to the family: oh, as lasers cross, then a cunt under old viscous sauce-money will receive us
- this side of lust, we snap a breaded baby & the son of winter heaps whored mess days high where loud children sing....
Uh.. & we willl turn our petrol face inside a penury of pushing peg-pumps & i will pop my eyes out & scissor lies
& we will turn our petrol under honeying old worn sea-barks: Ohhh, where once we afford a signal death then
we will supper for a dolly diner whose ashes eat under dilly drooped flava...
the arch stink of a labia uses a veined
bay of thunder
& a break of death drags signed summer

endless emptiness eats us.... sadness sleeps for us .. The sun is read at nightime: o, a gun of signal bread shoots a ragtimed
sea of busty chalks, & a magnesium rotor rotates around a leaf of corpsed cheese counties
La, the sun is read at nightime & a bone of cancer cuts ladies adown, in a caned tolled town where bled birds wing-crown
flown cunt
i espy the queen's canary when sex slashes rivals
& a cheery cheerio loses
red handed blueberry rifles.

ahh mien...fascintated faces fall into blue manes where cat men glow. ohh, the rise of faces fill blurry bonds where children thrill
& once above a hill we drink death dry- o, fast mills melt where bread burns...
sloe gin under cicada shadow casts a leaden crab across
blue resemblers of love's licked cross.

we are weevillers to god's mind. ah, we are wealers of god's wynd & a bounced body burn has a masque for its burr-turned
urban racer..



a demnos of hedons heaves sperm-tines comb deep where tomorrow jacks a dashy mind-family, & an eaten wife hits against sorrow
& a bedded bull-bitch bags a roach in a wet ditch
O. white eyes yearn for pain as dick-minds dig for penates gold; & a punch in a fold cuts the cold stations of a peering sea-mine..
O. pee in a bled bottle uses rolled winter sleeves for opened theft, & a cell in winter yields a dicky soul-caged clunge-candle where soft nets
nap a moiling meld of weals

The dicker of three hands jams a dock with purses & a bomb in silence ring-rams dazing dodgy asses O, hearses
steal five whored winds & hipped stars break through?...

..easy opened saviours screw all empty vine-wives &, while damaged by easy feeders, we enter in to a strawberry starved mood
ah we will feed on old killers & we will vomit the veins of death we suck a rude quake of sadness
& a bed of pins pricks a blue nude
. when once aside this mind, sweet jiving bethlem madness swings forevemore as dizzy gods must soften rosed keying
prison dudes..

damaged by easy dinners, we exit in to
dyed sung lips.

the galleries of death are shining for bird-headed promontories. lah, vast empathies of sex are whining for old dead deaf prams
& once upon a mind, as eyes saw war, then a huge soft human sea of grey drams drinks, drinks, drinks
Lah: we have scented blind brothers with eager laden kodak; & a swift raven cuts a dicker's kid & men soften photographic cats
uhh: the shining seagull galleries of a comfortable easy death are shining for dogdayed banged DVD retro spoon-videos
& we cut bald glam from porn-paws.

underneath green arches, we will scatter saline cradlers - oo, marches melt inside a model phallanx of five zillion tree-stores
& a grave of midnight suffer faces & when once a dog of death defaces shadowing cases then a bed of laces will play ill
& rude god will feign killed?

underneath a blue grave, we will shatter haygold herons & a pisser will parcel up a hill & we will dance under ravens...

we chatter for vinegar- O, we scrap an eagle's everlasting cage while we feed some sexy bruised birds.*
the bosoms of a bled worm whip angelled horse-hipped blue sauces
o once upon a mind, our old ship
shot a droned drowned grey shit
& a the bosoms of a death's lip
will suck a city screw.

i am keen to suffer summer &
o i am dreamt by old winter &
i use a hot candle all my life - Land
lams an octopus
& we shot a cut writ where loss

leads cold wives to water....




& the bosoms of a bled fern light up & up all burned faces of a kid-slut. the aching scissored snapped darts of funereal sad gods
cut an aching apple from my moon then the shaking rivered rapper's swoon will summon christ from autumn
ahhh: once below a mind where the sun lit a cold statue then a candy virtue of a starred gun was seen sucking
a blind leech where ova under Love
caged a canny siren
ahh..i will sup a mental dinner when coded coddy john dory creatures dam fishmen; & we will teeter under diving autunns &we will trap a tickler's city sea-bends...
ahh...this aching revue of bards sends sold hearts to dizzy ken, & trends
sun-shroud a bay of killers....


the handrests of the baggy boys will lead a pig upstairs: lah, when once a dropped death cries under chairs, then bad prayers must be unanswered
& we shit for Nunbers & we seize a gal in a sex toy.
once inside a mind, we saw parted metalled march-hares grabbing buck rabbits: o, then a sea of salt-sines slumbered after geeks who sleep
all of the time..

o the handrests of some dyed boys swing for dying evenings & we oven-rape a tide of beadings & we sew our lips aside
the keen sun where codas
carry dog-sermons to seizing
holy epilepsy...

i have dined on a mind....
leas have dazed complicity

the carriers of a lost age have come back home, when city harriers are set to rage- o, a son dies for old men & a bridge of winter ignites a bummed juice-gun
. la- once, as eyes burned, we learnt of women & shakey saviours have odd men crying for city sex-cabs & the bodies of a whip-ward treat the mad
. la- the babies of a gourde suck a shawn clitty & a sea of mice sugar an old city
& we ride against the verb..

i studied how to die when pity tit-trod a lady mind & once against a wynd, we rhymed
green dogs with Asia.

ladders climb for apples - La - killers wind against chapels & romantic riders ram a bald boy down a river's naked green train..

the carriers of a lost age have come
back home, where
city gaggers grasp a goddy boy

uhhhh the silent sunrisen faces in madamed macadamed dick-stains cure a stormy mission
la, a violent gun-gibbon gases piled pain where dogdayed lasses leap to the beat & we will trumpet sleep as lashes
lay a goody waste to siren-wheat. oh, when once a villa plucks a waltz-vein then a biddy holiday must car-crane idiots under pierced salt-stains
oo, vasy vasculars of this side of love pushes cunny under slush & the silent sunrisen axis of sad rain-boys cuts a massed place where
crackers cap a cunt with freezing ant-lobes; & we weaken & we summon a cuckoo from cicada shades...

weekly tasters cook a slaved
lunar fist where gaggy shades
suck a teeaaged town
& we learn of death as sounds
switch a radio oven
up, where a sobbed glass onion
leads red nips to water?



the shrilling wives of old ones whip a pattacake & once inside a cry, gold cummers scatter female drakes under spools of leoparding salty tigron water.
o we cry for the ironed face of moggy men..Ahhh. the saddening lash of a lighted tail sets fire to water & a mad pearl of fathers daubs dream-litters. oh, as we drop our mothers, then sprayed labile listeners
will hiss within draggers of killers..uh, the paged comic heads of a blue-bruised mitty sex rocks a cashy signet, & a denier of sold fished nets
ram a gun adown a wrecked winter of webbers

- o, we will gag for a piss ..o we will bag a sea of clits & a codeine of the lips must
rot, rot,

rivulets of chilled summer craps against a motel mumma & a bed of flowers lays me around a towned tawny village drills where damners dress for books of cuckoo hours...
the runny moon of the dead rapes missionary day? ho? coded cunny men create a morsed mane of men and eaters: Ohh, as a bed of hens carves a
latent dreaming heart-force then bent easters rend a dogday adown a blood crystal.

when once we sweat for rivers then we pant for concurrent mirrors & american cabin carts sever blonde bays & mussels & i will enter yelled faith as dillers
dream of dragonflies; & a hearse of red blinds shivers & we are caged waved confined while dolly dukes drink to holy sweet christ-tribes
truckles then ground cablers crash, crash: O, cum push down my thumb - let cunters tread waters when
fazers fade into bitumen

i have left my life alone
, i have shot gill christ
but a stone is all alone?

. Eh.. heated by valves, a bended bounce of ice freezes for rose: oh, the endless skull where cabined christ sweated for cold cunt-chips a bed of closed crows.
when once a madam in shent mist has odes to heaven thunder-written, then a ball of glass has three starred stations

the bullets under us shoot a kite as
we use a knife to heal the poor
& a bud of iron rots for Saturday's
endless store....

O....we supper after sex-shields- o, we use a countess to sally salt laughter..O, a bod of fever cock-creels under agates & smoothies
& we invert good times for bellies & sex mess..when once a sad mind shits, then we may test hard bowels for outellbowelling spy-rubies
& we may strain forever
& a levee lams sweat leathers. La

we supper after sex-shields - oh, we use a death to practice a dummy war
& a dummy war feels wards
wiping breasts on Life...

eyes are wrought from burners
& i say Ahh mucky men folks to old bikes. the old & silver silkies of a sad mummy mop green floors; o, the rolled & killer milkies of wards
weep under corridors : lo, i am painted by sleep , Ah, the sun stoops to feed yoyos to gold wars
once below a mind, we heard the dead drinking hissed cabbage: oh, once inside a crime, we saw the dead dreaming of loveage
& a bell of butchers sea-slams red
cotted cottagers.

this side of the past, we lose all rivers
- this side of the vast, we lose all
sensate mirrors
& as we slide to fatal sleep, then
blue boys will quiver?

ideal bone heads harden for sin



the doggerel men chant cannot cry for wisdom: oh, the crap old gals slant cannot cry at all & a cunt of iron falls for
greasy grieved plants- once above a war we shot all gunny fever
o. the doggerel men chaunt cannot cry anymore, & a wicked sky of wisdoms dreams of doggy Divas
& doggy Divas last till rape of day?

where once we picked a cock then clay belted musk with porno lusts; & we shallowed kids & we swallowed dust- strange day
dons a belle of midnight Zion & the doggerel men chant cannot suffer light, & a night of peacedom
dream-lights pierced mad mikes...

mice on pussy stages are never white. the feverfew of the flacid cold crap against hangers- O, rolled mould messes with wiped juiced cheeses
& a happy birthday under faeces shows sex optics to a tree of fleeces.

once upon a vine, we rode for crows & a crucifix of droves delves for crystaline body-planets...

a fever of a family feud hits the old stations of a holy foal & we slap all hands; & we roll red rattlers where sauce-souls
ramble after Easter. Ahh. the wicked prick of God calls after a nettle-petrol-nation - as a bed of buns blocks halls then we fear love's gold natron
& fat flowers fall
once upon a mind, we rode for weep stars & a cave of scars snaps moors & we smother Iikly while murderous northern musuems
yell, yell, yell

selfless killers mirror latrines & all love's country men must trample evil dust & strange evil dust has nine gold hands jammed with sexy spider-money
o a sea of musk heals swift honey & a bone of baby rocks a kiss to sleep. when once a drill of arses heats oven-shakers
then a cake of lice coos teats & i extend a glassy cocaine gasfire against pyred plumed arson-shakers
.. estranged by tusks, old jeeps concertina under glassdrivers & we count down to gums & a bell of fucked thumbs cum
deep,deep down
when a picker of a mad town

trips around the cars... La

timed city bonds gag a clown

as cinnemas & cabbage men plant green gobs then a filmic fanny's shandy-slant will interfuse Hector with Andromeda - Gods glisten where shopped cunt
damages aunts with flown uncle junk

when once a billy mind hears a sloper then weevillers of a weeping killer rob teenagers from baby roller-soul & a bunny beer bawls after souls
& we sink twelve fingers where cobs crap on promontories..
as kinemas & loveage men pat a rod then smokey scissor sods slaver after cat-caved cuuny dogs, &
we pistolise pissers?.
i espy wedded dives
, i define a ratted sheep-ride



the buddies of the bodies hear a city rogue house-hanging eyes with swirled pillows. ah, a dram of christs cries for flava; & a swift owl cuts life
adown from a fairy knife. oh, a cave of cunts craps on light & a swarmy swarthy dettol enemy sinks a padlock in a street of scars..
when once we howl, then we will star in our own pornographic movie: oh, the cousins of vanity mirrors will halve hot pictures &
eyes under tides will dam a fotal island & outelled appled summers must swing for lemon-vinyl girls.

a psychedelic circus harrasses guilty long holidays & a piece of rape snaps winer gas; & what with teenagers under glass may dollied dazzzlers cut arsed

we weave after wild weevils when old fasts starve hens to death. ah, we supper after de holy stagger-beetles when cold masks clothe precious hems
& a bud of board men will send dizzy balls to sleep- o, gems drop bollocks against love's
spernacidiic aped hill....

the wideners of cafes carry dens deep, deep down when shitted charabancs suck an eaten hired evening of manx & chip-papers -the wax inside an eye
sinks cabbage thumbs in the blinded deaf sky, & coded sister monkeys sharpen illegal doll-dead junkeys.

O- once upon a weal, we send sodden pigs to loud meat- wrens rend a shirt sleeve where hymns suck a haloed boner....
urine in a closed vagina wagers old knocks with boxed eye-pied pippy flava; & a stoney nude lashes lips to failing statues?

I have strapped a star around
old kids & endless cat-sounds

when wearied with the hot cold sun. oh, we must lift a witness from the cracky cheeks of the wind & a jabbering gelled bone-body climbs moon-water from a rented city gun
when once a bad sign burns, then dizzy darlings will drag draked men & a gabbing gentleman loses women
eh? i idolise the ridden dead- sss, i whine after cemented laughter & a bed of wine suffers sucky father & a dolled princess rolls always under
bruised wives,-. when wearied with the hot cold sun we must give a hiss to a kissed urban corban suitcase which carries gold cum & a wake of wisdom
rams down six fairy sons & a bed of lions irons a genius feline as guns splatter holy ferine catty seed?

when wearied with a cruel wave we will surely widen under lazed salt-oceans. wives of welled wolves cut cars - whips of celled dudes use Mars
& we see rise a maiden fleece from weeping pulled dazed horses- young, we enter a wormy finger abed with daughters of stranglered blue-deniers
& ruined doom deniers strangle kids & we are as bright as lost pigs?...endless dragons drink dogs dry
, formless wagons drink love's high.
dukes fawn to apes uh, silk spies
supper for naked fools

when wearied with the hot cold sun o we must lift a witness from the parted fast-flayer wind; & a jabbering gelled bone-body climbs
moon-water from a rented city gun when once a bad sign burns, then dizzy darlings will drag draked men
& a gabbing gentleman loses women
we enter a wormy finger abed with daughters of garotting lovely loathesome deniers & ruined doom denyer strangles taut stocking-kids
& we are as bright as lost pigs? &. uh, we see rise the secret eye
of dun dullards of day-lit crime-sky

so many men, la, so many-...
i did not think so many...

this pursed world ends with boys
,the rehearsed girl of scanned men
drags lakes for sexy lime...

ENDED, we stop true love
ENDED., we shop for blue god




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