more chapters from my new novel 'At The Bodies'



the moon has a little goat for dawn-break: birds drip like trees as swards fill a sky with cold sails; and an air of soil spoils de boiling where
the freeway smells of chilled winter; o, the sun seems less cold than touch-dry o, a moon under deaths
darkens a chalet with radio wives
..the moon has a little goat for dawn-break: birds drip as winged pinafores pin a moth upon sheet glass.
and all of my neckties having been wrangled under mumbler wards; and female divinity now froths up, just like modellers of mothers whose lite
looms down the hill
..sooner or later, a glove will ride up a sweet clifftopped ill spleened hill where old night happily strangles the eyes of milled
bodices of dyed lary masks, And whilst i was checking my pockets, a swanny swansong rinses furred hands when suns
bark upon little lady guns
...the moon has a little goat for dawn-break: birds drip like trees and wards answer to daddy's internally thrumming mind-drum.
having being hanged by pockets,
all of my clothes have been cycled furiously through a hat's dream. soon, red polish will rock for tussocks and a bell of thunder must cry.
ah, by the sweat of a son, mammas will surely sing loud vegetate hosannas; and, like a pickled wind, clouds of eyes must stop
we may well froth with fruited rot
we may well darken a sea of cots
we may well harken a lea of socks
but we are dressing too well now


birdies drink for trees. The moon is a little mind over here, were hills fill a secret flagon.
The air is as old patience, the flyways melt for wagons and streetlights burn and i played dead when i wanted instamatic weeping ultimate peace
and i was fuelled by keen dust and i wanted fear to wipe peaceful feet on a chair yet then i was closed in robes
and i took them off and then saw troves caning love with deaths and night fell and i chatted with dolly cells and i am in deep love with everything
inside of me, a beautiful grave must spin dizzy death's dimples
i was fiuelled by mean dust and i wanted tears to
swipe midlife from a candle

babies drip from blue reeds. The sun is a fingertip drawn over a naked sea; dawn, as fast as hot mum-milk, files guns with the sky's trip
.the prayer of air is touch-cold. gassed hair burns like an ice-cubed street of ice-dreams
..and when the water is turned off
then cars will bang like cars.

one keen girl in a compress leads the sunned souls where
a drop of blinde blood pays for t rex as a simmer's mister
moves, just like the moon, between slot machines and Easter
and a vast distorted handy creature becomes
alike to a burthened butterfly
but the skies snips winged cloud
but the slips of slapped slits cream behind buildings
birds drop dead. the air i so cold it is almost breeding.
and a keen girl in a head-press leads the carparks under
fazy ferime pedestrianised dolly fingers

one keen girl in a compress heads Medusa as worm-hair
succours cellves from a glassy dust-room...


each and every sandal in the lud-heat is bearded wandering after shoe-searchers and somewhere under mites, a blued bad father appears stabbed to death
by shoe-corner; and we may well have forgotten the pale plans we made for our own dreamy sky-wards
o have the falons of footsteps hollow walks for darkness and the loaves of hoards?
.each and every sandal in the blood-seat is bearded when sundering after shoe-slashers
..somewhere, we will find ourcellves atoned by a
radio in a radiant classroom.
...tawny swansongs cycle furiously around rain among crowed clouds turned hideously back against cupped legs and dolly subhumans
..ah all of my faces having haplessly crammed down a song now froth and floam just like visual ponds
ah ah ah

when we clap a glove about a son then
one billion lives may well soften after
a polish unfound in female virgin;
old walls rail
old stalls wail

tawny swansongs cycle furiously around rain amongst crowded towers turned from paned windowed sally widowers and sooner or later, hair will rinse sunlife and
giddy bulbous suds will cusp a river-hand beneath carmine vein-biters of muttons and oxo latrines limbs may well launch armies, my mouths, screwed, may eat hot acres of rotted summer families

o once fish on the side has shops
drilling in a seaside raised from copped
drivellers where red loss
ends alone.

i hated my childhood head,
my rotting head blew away cheeks
o my limbs may well launch armies
my mien, moved, lunched by rabies
when i'll play very old, decent hair
may well cut a conference pear with
nostrilled dementia made cruel as
camaled scatty grime and hit glass?


we exchanged minds with a mad dove queen. the cellar of our faces crashes under royal-space and bursts into chemical fog
all over the city, where a masser for an island hissed across red ice, just like the woken moon
and we exchanged minds with a mad dove queen; and the colours up ahead revolve under compress as i lash a bed to wine
and only gold remains naked underwater and a cellar of faces crashes for bright warders
..i hate my bed: o, my filthy rocking bedside despises me; and, oo, once across a balsa-bed i heard of moggy mind-dreamers
and all moggy mind-dreamers snap a bitched witch whose wicca panties will never fail to fall.
like any regent caul
harshness of mooneyed mad drawls ignites
a wheel of pashing pushing King Dervishes
ahh one body feeds scandals
ahh one lady feeds off night
& a babby hushes for extortionate bright

candly weddings,,


my draggy dead legs rot under shrubbage, my head is rotted whilst ties tidalise a blouse of knives; and my bed is underwater
and my soul is led to slaughter; and the door beside me was like you walking inside sailed beauty; and the radiance of the meter was
escaping from evil coin-turning Pompei-Rome; and my draggy legs rot under loveage
my head is ripped when eyes
suck a petrol plane from devs. this smokily ill-connected room i dream of deaths and youths and a sneezer under hands moves echoers of engines
aside from tears when
you and me and Lady Brighton
bollock up eerie women,
it is the fist day i used a toy.

do you know of the boy who selled dirt to reason? have you taken down the knickers of the cities? have you climbed lakes under Leander?
will you cum at precisely midnight?

whatever: you know the directions: o the hedons are in both ears while the interhearsing moieties of heated bent steers eases for Hero and
Hero arrests Hermes while Hector gets stinking under Andromeda's filthy pie-arse
eases echos into language. O, do you know of the girl who lost curves? have you removed the kickers of pities? have you climbed drakes with Pomander?

will you come back home for easy rites?


o hand in hand, we ran aside a wishbone and eyes drawled under faceless prisms; o hand in hand, we ran inside false prisons as eyes drooled under fiction
and i am the dreamer of all poison; o, o i am the ward of tall foison: and i am the doctor of galled mind-cisterns
o hand in hand we ran aside a wishing stone while sky drawls under fisherman's sea-harnessed fissure fishmen
and benders of Saul sunder grey gems; and it was the advent of pure wind when devising salty air that mad men cut a sex-street where we ran
up a billy can and down into closing neon prayer. And the windows below us appeared like brighteners of shrilled hair
awaiting the faces in a nunnery.

do you know the kid who sold pornography? have you used candles under cities? have you come to tonight where sculleries stop breathing?
whatever: it is the bad idle streets iced idly over down a great river of Sound that silence came home for; and windily scattered venom-heights
use ninety-nine lurid sweaty winds for sinking subhuman blue meat underneath venal lasceratings; and, O, up inside dead sleep, barefooted dinners heaped rites.

do you know of the Jew who knew everything? dare you sell swards to blue swings? do you own the son of Love? Will you come back home for swept God?

we dared to shatter reason when stone
hurled books at baby diamonds; and the mind when shaping is a vagina seeing and Light in an eye corrupts senstitives as ropes stirr cavvies into killings.

how thunderous it is to seize the sight of a nagged girl

the mind whilst aching is a vagina dreaming, a sex orifice of drugs. Night in a mine eyes a raising colours when molluscs embroidered into old mens
suck a snaily fucker with baying gentlemen
sun! sun! sun!!!
o to be pelted by the slits in the wind at last flood a gooser with eaten bitumen and a honey nose inside five drams sirens into insidious silence
rainy grey-nude eyes turn away and sadness drops, from a shaded cup with lots ramming powders down and the itch appearing against two lips
shines like planets that eyes take and drizzle round a shattering of gannets. And a sunlit sea of sloanes hordes arrows through which a wide bride
solders after whipped odd wives and we exchange deaf minds with the mad dead queens as and we take a ticker-tape when coated dreams
dollop kicks underground; and we exchange mines for easy Downs
o made greyish, a sky-written screen
dies away...



shoulders are humped with large headed magmamity; with winged certainty made bare as bodies a scutterimng of lakes rides
deep, deep down. a sea-light of pure stone breaks after baked buddy arrows and shoulders are hunched here;
laden, fallen, left to shift barrows and a fugue of a nose is turned up as a vinegar of lobes, burned up, widens wasp-lies leer at King Fear
and skirted meadow-colours season rosebeds while slumbered for daffodils, cellves get left to rot under oceaned gemmed
refugees. a summer of washed stone wades beneath cicada shade and we exchange minds with queens...
no more no more for the dying game,
no more for mauds
no more for sheet pain
no more no more for the dying game

one of us is a tugger cat made sane and we will never look into midnight: we have our names by heart: we use our inner veins for sad light
no more no more for the dying game o o o. where a prisoner yells, the loss chains a chair to blind blued cross
and we have our names by heart we use our inner stains for a rocked
budder of blind bone

no more no more for the dying game
o o o..

and under my heap, a spot of flame has come to thrill my head with rain and under my dicked bed-crust, my bedhead ordains
a shallow graveyard raised by stained body-pictures.
no more no more the dying game
no more for mauds
mo more for sheet pain
and we swing for night when dames
swallow up mad christs
and it is the wind returns to fog in a distant glass. Your widows are up high looking outside a facial ride and a dog of dreams bites a blithe
baby gem;
mown down, left to rend
a dying name.

the streets unfurl to yesterday
recollecting loved
sniffy hands that hold to cups
and we dance, dance

no more no more for the dying game
no more for dugs
no more for sheet rain

no more no more for the dying game.



and a fist on a wrist will uncurl and pass donny danger fingers into a vast comedy of divinities and gold casks
and a fist will blow hot veins
no more no more of the dying game
no more no more for the lips of Spain
no more no more


some deleterous vinegars have repainted my bedroom - and a caviar of ministers has fed a sainted bathroom
some deleterous strapped fingers have used a balloon to bend my home with eighty carat glassrooms.
and the streets of feeling dirty unroll under yesterday's wishful hands of eating -and a caviar of banisters has fallen under schools
and a bone of sloanes scatters blonde pricks of blood that don a pissproud warper of warming cats and bruised ermine.

inside death's house, the blinds have never been raised and we float to the silver imagings of banishing graves
and the crowds in minds brazier after downy trades.
no more no more of the dying game
no more for mauds
no more for sheet rain?

this hisser of a mouth, gelled wide open, has two idiot eyes; the things i never do listens to blind sky and a dying father
ends when a rotted head falls, like a pear.

i despise my head
my clucking hands
i despise christ's bed
my mouth, made open well too often, eats into grime and dizzy dirts, screaming under exotic songs, begging for a keen mad world
to enter, like a vaginal prick-sun.


I berate my leggings and i must rape my shutting slitting model-head; O, i despise light's dapplings
and my arms are sealed (my two useless arms) (which i never use) get clogged under wasp-reelings, and, oo, while devouring pearls
i espy a lousy heat screaming for cockerels
and we enter prayer while we berate my god's schizoid weddings; and, la, i affix bone-memories to blase nuclear sea in prancing
my shitting prancing bedlives; and several sad men are standing out on the seafront erodimg wavelets
heaping oceans from drownings

o yes, we have said enough o yes, we have died enough o no,- it may well happen for several men who are standing
aside a nuked pier
crawling, a device in a brolly
says MAMMA
sprawling, a wet christ's holly
says DADA

it is unfound here that mother
separates for good.


keen girls are breaking in my head and the fuelling fans of aching rock for deserts as winding glove-lead rots under fires
and the face of a precipice is darkened by dogs and barked witches and a mirrored ape drops nets aside wynded ditches
..a strongbow of old suns stopper rollers of bloodied men made from blind poppers and sally wax
and keen girls are breaking ash
o i will write my map of death.

and a termitic ant of skiiers needles after chalked pants and a terminal cunt shivers where fathers heat a heart shaped from snow.
the sun above death drops salt nests; the moon of a bright hag slags after lovers and a loon of midnights
hides a river in haloed hollowed hair.
David weds Goliath. Medusa's stare turns to worm-perms; and a barn of ferns implodes air
Oh, grey midlife fell from a shop window and another day was wasted and, lobed, distractions of pure petrol
fell from a heady slit

the cracking of a wise stick rips vegetation from limey ocean moors. oh, as midlife fell, then old widows star-veil a car inside a kiss
...o midlife fell so badly...And lashes build between beads a head of greedy boat-bedded sailor Loves
clouds of hewn smoke permits God
howls of spoon-soap washes de Lord.

i raised my thighs above my legs?

a dead end meal in a medical pool awaits a mongol trader. o lost foals catch cabs to Bohn amd a blind seagull strips rolled steppes,
using a car of pure failure. a dead end dinner hall hires fools to rabbit inside gilded lost souls.
avenged, a vital virgin of the gutters stops to look inside money, stooled, sucked behind, made from bleeded body butters
a dead end mind that drops food as flown beddy binaries feed honeys?
where a blue eagle ends, then guns
shoot deniers dead
this day, a last cab in lost Tunis revokes revoling lakes and peoples, - a donny made from grapes star-chokes
a dizzy demon in a sea of apples and a deaf hill swallows gold angels.
when a housemaid named Clove ropes wedders of sawn scathes then a staircase of one million coats
abandons wives to weepers - a bony bag of cries hardens keepes
and this day, a last cab in Munich heats
diamonds and bottles.

the naked eye of a chair lengthens for
caved cupboards,
the rapiers of a lost heir lengthens for
poor pullers of pier-pierced water-wards.

on an experimental basis, we are reaped
from ganglers of dogs and afternoons


she arranged herself inside some city sugars and she prepared for the son of Pan and she dug for four bottles which layered drams
and she despaired for the son of Man: and men died as they heatedly painted sandlers; and death put god's feed inside and island
o indeed and forever will the sun and moon sigh aside heather
Mothers lay crying in a widening mirror
mammas lay dying
and we arranged ourselves inside some city mumma; and we dug after deadlinessand we loosened sex where sold burials burned
Captain Burtherned the 6th looked out upon gay widowers of discharging lemon ochre guns

life predestines bloods with brakes
night star-estranges closed kids and clown-drapes
idiots of windmills
rap a floury banner about the cheeks of a child
and one million teenaged horses
appear to be upon the march.
sucking a choked eye-cherry, we curse our slease o fuckers of revolting wives dangles some knickers aside a bolted bread-knives
and, uh, as we leave for a vegetable shroud, a men in a burnt sleeve
hisses when spent leaves at a transceiver zaps

cornish walldrons...

once upon a mind, we shaved cords from peoples. once, we laid a deep mine with dark ears in a coke-crashed evil blood-wood

one of us is a paper sent to spring-heeled blood. One of us is a fuser of blasts. One of us span a coal-drug across a dead smile

'what, if anything, is the reason behind pigs
what, if everything, is the weathering of kids?
You, in your gallery, will sunder Eden as old figs
shine, shine.

Thus, in the advent of a shrilled evening, may we jack a knife-edge for a north-south orizon paved up, up with cold trees
..i shall not murder any of the eateries babes screw. Oh, vapours deify a book of fast snowy sea-flowers,
pawed, pealed, pasted into bollockries and dowers this death of daisies, dammed, doctors gold towers
.one of us is raised from capers: one of us is drained within naked candle-capers; and ideal faces will
drop fay targets when a tarry tawny prison-pills powder duked throats with causal carousel hills
where the dance of the cross shapes denial
where the lance of the Lost shapes dead Saul
where the lover's pled answer to a tree of dolls
then a thumber of a noon-sun must end All


How can i see rings stopped? And a pump of beards cheers a slaker of urban Lot and a cunt of tears harrows fires as damsel-beers
sight ramming feathers all around eyed corn-ears, there is a purple parade must hot as feathers. here and now, there is a purple glade where fathers cycle into loused sleep
and once aside lud heat, we will extradite femurs
underneath a revolving leap of dirtied lemurs.
How should we make dreams stop? how should we shake a radar from a rain-drop? how should be move the earth to tears?
one of us has a far-off sphere
one of us has a baker for a spear
and a blade of masks hasps after radio beer
?? hiatuses of haloed whores revere
old steeds and sea-snorers
and youths and dust suck seizures
from electric baby-shallows


all of us, led to deans, wallop air with gear?

this estranging solar sun photographs easy female tides. O, this infusing sonar mum that lies we leave behind nothing but rivers and
our lady life heaps gunfire when overturned down a hired road, blood troops carrion after killers
of caves and fires i speak - eyes spin like star-snapped beasts; and a school of scars believes in a slow wheel and a yearning
after cattle heaps
we hear a dripping tap in meat
we sear a rider of clap
we harrow pissed fire
we sear cablers with old sleep
a barrow of grease stops
short of sweet silence while a simple mamma, jacked, wed a northerly star-giver to a spool of stoats: thus, just like dreaming, a baptiser
parted faiths with drowned eye-sin; and we never dream and we never cry and we heat a state of dying where basketfuls of murder lend a loser to
tossers of dyed coins. You there, high upon a snaked height, i will answer unto your future young-death and see your cremated senses come
yelling at the profit and loss of a caped life, and i shall rob from cool sex a sea of drills
o jack and the mayor heal Joan
o a mother of dust shrieks under stone.


cruel streets of feeling dirty discern wide windows from a beast of ferns and wistful hands feel for curs and it was the hired wind
shook down my summer's hymns and the evening's shot glass, felled away, heap cold casts
loved to love aromas of sea-sand. and we dare not scream; and we cannot shoot a windscreen and we are dealt with crying cards
and we are pelted with halved
body halva
cobwebs around spidered sentries
wipe a good face fast away?

some aged constellation of walled heaping candide paper jazzes after eggy flava as some ragged grey conversation has a gay pepper
swiping men from subhuman firey labia; and red streets unroll under Gods as a baby's favour wheels directly down a hired street.

and we have no dusk to name
and we have no lust to blame
and we have no dreams to crane

it is five winds returned where we stained
soffits of good and evil.

o i should never choose to break my legs: o i should never ooze for egg: o a bum of bytes computes after dregs
and eyes enter into buildings. And the fawny streets of dirty lam killings and a goon of christs swallows ceilings.
o i should never choose to break my legs: o eyes lead dogs in a blind dance; and a room of drugs listens to loud killings.
.some aged revelation of papery fillings shatter me now when beaten glowers of silence field devs and a wrist wakes wanders
just like an epileptic in disguise and shuddering lovers loosen wide
gates of pure germs
while hiding, a good night for blue fires crumpled with star-lit stella-tresses: La, whilst sliding, a loved kite figures for
cagers of a greying spire: o i should never choose to break my legs
o i should never ooze for egg..oh oh...the fireplace seems alone now and the spires of space appear set alight to by angular dressers of acid stage-war
and, watching, shelvers vied to listen to the phalaxed briner as, raised from chillers, old mourned huffed crone porn
and we say Goodnight to gasfires while we fish for mermaids; and a good night in a dreary summery scarved winter gets led to easellers.
i cannot listen to the geeked cloud; and i will not hiss until a teaser's testimonial has hard dolls ripening into sugary winter brawls
and the pounding of my mind must end lammered into apathetic dead romans
and she watched her dad's past send
roller rabbits to hot searers
it was a most beautiful dinners today
it was an evening of mirrors

Dreary I?



fingery salt-gingery lovers of curs and clay tattoo a body-sun with killers of moisteners fingery sails of baby mothers must swallow glass where towns are fucked
and perforated mountains seem simple as death pincerers in fountains feed yaks to dolly
and i tattoo my simplicities to daddy's lady as we slowly bleed and feed saliva under doobies.
Just like someone who has giggled for fire, just like a gunned duck-groove, we heap a childhood of pure burning blackberry masonry
and fingery salt-gingery fathers of curd and whey
gambols for geese
then weep from the sides of a public feast

o these glassy towns are dulled under raisins these old crowds career under mulled cranny cold. o these crazy cows we stilled must roll
perforated mountains with a cocoa hole, and a bedtime soul must po-create a nippler of yappers and zapper lakes
..when the world strips off and moves away like a master of girls as a bay of bone floods for angling serpent-crocodiles
o these glassy towns are sculled under gardens..
lavished, poked, soaped, Viol! as we harden dextrose children with thorny serums and when we urinate across lumber-midges
ah when we find trees stinging, then garlands
may well eat bread from butter
a mask of barcantine deflowers red eyes and gashy God's liver-lead holds as He holds a leash in christ's left hand.
'o' God says ' i asked for dogs but ended in a feline island.'

and jiving after darkness, signs were encrypted in cigars and a knoll of smoky dandelions stop at a wirey natron.
She held a leash in her right leg 'o' she said,' i am walked but i stiffened by the dead' and a key to pelisse has bed
liberating candfiers and, o, we may drive for a thousand years: o, we glide slowly as engined tears get shed from a brook of brakes
and bloody boned bonnets
may have to shatted spinal slate
and sex seems lost without you?

'O,' God said, 'I am trodden by
manacles of dog-spies'.


this hearse is part-covered with crows.
it was a pale feinted sunrise which started alone,
and now the silly houses under grasped dark
shiver just like evil gravestone.

if i extended my two hands around the town
i could surely reach out for sadness!
a harness for a dream which we never owned
has snowfalls for a blind ciii
Newspapers stir a high stage as we read for
mamma moon and disneyland

it was a panting ferrule that led us under war!"
a harness of a screen cups titties when sand
rebounds from closed screams and ribbands

now we will swing , and do eaten dances
astride the sun and the kitchen floor-
shouters arise from the arbours of blood and
our hilly wholesome body is like a whore!
We will serenade a blue head as lances
lead lady-iron to closed crabby water.

but there is something heaving in the dark,
somewhere, when old badeas cuts the park!
the grass is calf-covered in notices of wrens
the glass is star-smothered
and we leave pained fatalities for henned
baby axes.

an old barn is fuelled by harvest factories,
sworn, spiked, nail, just like a shipped refactory.
Yes, the delis of the kippered smoke under gold
brittle houses which rest in a snood of rolled souls
and eynes of wizards cast idiot spells.

snowfall at Easter rams down ordinary earth.
o if i could suffer handfuls, then i would surf
paved hearts that slacken. Oh, grey rost mirths
must bottle cloudfuls in a ginny edams and hurt
will hearse us when deaths crop trawled birth.

now it is morning. The eager country has slept
mostly all of the summer. Mists under shipwrecks
body forth a harbour of corn-cold erections and
a sudden brawl of wharves bundles brined England's
ode to daggered britons!

latched jazzed keys turnaround in a salt lock,
burned to silent death, made easy as sweet rock.
I have lent my purse of a kid to a violative sweet-shop
and a bowl of maize has our riders under clocks
made as cold as blue-brined sloane city..

now, crowded by gems, we horde a cave of babies,
storm-crammed, scissor-tamed, left to easy rabies
o a flukey fan swalllows foxed gloves where rubies
push a pillared pinnace where a dummy dick reads
dollar books and diners weep for cartooned dweebs.

valours of vamped seed rats rattle on blind daubs....


as evening dawdles, then a summer snatch caves in to winter fires? impassable to touch, a sky-rose found hidden in spires
lights, just like a match. i can always believe - this much, i wallow for and a bell of bubbles cuts a ward and a troop of dollars dyes the USA
it may well happen soon- this much eyes must fear when blinding lusts and we yield dives to heroes..
o our little life is like a donkey-cart left to mule aside the grave; and hereabouts, in no man's garland, mountains and faces fade fast away;
they shan't make a use of rain that won't shape a noose of grain hereabouts, in no man's garland and
accidental cars refuse to start and a blue fairground shoots apart carousels in asylums hereabouts in no man's heart.
gunfire locks a door as a garden's personified horse-padlock sinks an equine fists within de gravy dark; and we shall leave our ashes to
cementers of de bled souls; and o we shall leave ourcellves to
mad piglets and woven nudes.

and schoolyards bamish brooms to impassable learned dudes. o it will certainly happen - this, truth yields echoes to skins downstairs
and i can always taste the cheapsters where we must leave summers behind bound body-blisters
where faces flow with disasters then
a kiddy crashed caned crow
will weave silence from winged crows,
shuttered to the very last


in my emptied kitchen, i drawl nude curtains around desolate flowers. i use two hands for coffin-towers. i healed worms with towns
and there is a sparrow in my bed and, ah, in all the kitchens of France, the television cries for dance: trillions of tuned to askance
baby breeders - all wars are done by now all claws are stopped now
three fountains arise .
hedons worship old lies
and crackers dry out?

an honest whore of a female politician draws drawled blinds about the heart - o all wars are gone tonight o all claws are lost tonight
and an earnest cow cries for arcs and i may well measure my loud lettered piss-cock; i will swell up and hold a cunt-curl inside a rock
and i must measure all female decrial. o now that god is old, i must stop all heaven's christian fish-shop
and an honest ward of a feline democrat dies off and woded woollen pigeons peck dust till ancthers sunderise a pawny porn-shop
and we hear, beneath the bleeding floor, a trickling stripper's doll searing old grey walls from impossible bodies buried in wall-rot
a sticker of a sad gull
and the crowds fly home
and a drinker swallows stone
in my holy centre, i groan
after radios in ancient Egypt
and i idealise a space for bone
and i regale a moany egit who
sets all good cats free.


an earnest politician under seed dollops governmental science underneath rolly parliamentary sweat-speed
..i wrote to a spectral candle: eyes choked on petted petrols; and chainy cabins will rock under sirens
and we hear, inside five seaons, razing reasons for nothing..

mother serves glue for dinner as father sells up and up evil human weltering head-oysters and, o, i am now a young dog, that
forges dream from outelbowed river-bread. O, perhaps i know nothing. perhaps i am sold to obtuse lady ice-cream?
o, forever i dream of being frozen into nothing and creators of kittens cry under canned body whiskers
..o i draw a godly woman around a sea of doctored river-pounds; and now i am sold to old sleep then veins
may well topple into clowns and i dreamt of being something; and my amazing funeral birthday gets smothered with holy candles
and my bed is raised from wigwams and me and birdy boys will land where all oars are hurled away
..against a baby wall, pealers of pushed pain
vomits a blue rainbow
o a sainted lady will melt God
o feinted river hisses under slut-brogues
and a nightingale has to be tied to
sorrow's eaten rain.

i used to abuse two of my souls. i used to interfuse nudes with rolled titty tangerines; and a baited boat will suck on dreams
and a sea of laughter will sink within a petrol father a fated boring star-wall, and massing purifiers will cum huffers while screens
extemporise focal deaths with hawers of tracklers and easy starry lobby-wrecks
candlers with starry evil lobby-wrecks
and when you feel cold you make a bed for ice; and we speak to the cold as we heat blued dead shoals
and as we reel for winters, then grey mice
must fellow drips with fay foals
astride the sex swarms of the preached
a bottom of king lips
butter memories with razors on wrists
and we will measure rings with words?



i am painting twinned plaits for birds. we are fainting after rolled cats. Afterwards, where we summon bats, afterwards, where we suckle rats,
we will supper for dizzy bathers and as sand swills for distant flavas then a bedmost snipper
surely cuts baby? ..
there is a frightened sow in my coffee. lord god's jam-breads are hammered on three sides: o, i used coca-cola to father
poisonous coca beetles, and my light switches to automatic now; and since we have died, old pug-pig must have been
born from a capsized body-scanner

oh there is a face found in my coffee. oh my granite space has tasted toffee and we gamble after gas. In my holy study, we learn of masks and a band
of birds bodies grass into nudes where the dragon-past puffs flames of cum..
there will always be some roman who will serve gold soup to woman; and, dragon-dipped, while sunned deep inside a cage of sex locks pornosapphic scans
across blowers of mental chopped old children; and now that i am proclaimed cold in my holy bedroom i will star-scald a bellyful of beards with ripped doled
baby draconians; and a bunny bine of dukedames spreads unclean jam upon craned
cakey loaved grey naked flan-flame
o i shall measure a light with ogres. Henna jabs Chimeras. o i shall pleasure susspended photos with layers of chemic huge sofas,
torn, laden with ginny cinemas when theatricons sleep in a hired boater and a sunny slaved Jim drills butter
..what with loud oestrogen arising
what with crowds of women writhing
what with clouds of chickens dying
we must shade a day for fast-frying
riders of caddis and comic spying
I reckon now, these days, i know nothing but ingenous billboards Oh we butter cranaries with sluts as budgy clothes get seaward stolen; ah, Mamma's rose
leaks a bad bed where idiot winters lay along a sea of scalders whilst openers of devil nunneries come chanting the devil-mantra; and odes to daffy rose
statues of sat sex and its painted forcing faces gutter for glue-dreams; and i had two green souls
and i had a wife for a father.

when Volcanoes vomits ice, clothes
weaken, weaken
Uh Uh Uh Uh Laaa

the spastic spatial limbs of an old woman hangs dirt outside a naked window. out o the skirts we learn of chilled children and an earth of dust
fuses blue tears. While yearning after cancer-cold, a cocaine cryer sears blind bobs with hashing faceless naked nuclear ash-rainbows
and a deserted lady learns about fears
and a bed-man dreams of
latent pushings of creame screen-spheres.




all those bright birds are weaving rings for plied jigsaws. all of the night's words are reeeling from boards; and a sea of babies saints lord Aladdin with a glotal swerve
and, with ten ground hips and eight spun eyes and two loud lips and nine swum skies and threesomes made as mad as wives
we have founded a treasure of tides
...anywhere where the wind blows, crows spice dirty crappers with a slaine rose
..and a hungry evil kitchen
swings for dogs as red schism miction
dies out; and the very ate evening is the very best time for falling out of love. ply-fixed, a woman's delicate devil has soap-suds,
washered, paved with sickly hellish powders..
and all white dogs have left for xmas.
settig smiles to music, a cat under hot dust
deserts a radio river with scattered musk...

the alabaster pegs of a chess-clitty lusts for
helmeted body binders
and we suck from combed hair
and we pucker after elves and fig-air...

sheets, swaggerers, soldiers, soft war
sinks a Polar Bed under a sea of tusks
and we feed cats to minnows
and we read about fishy windows

o once yearning for coal ends inside a noosed fire, we learn of catacombs - friends are grey and wired and old sewers toast grey wine
and sold mewlers nurse beds with hot pure brine
...a gal's eyes seem covered by fields of oats and beans- O, eyes honk horns where refactories
heap cemeteres inside blind totties
..o for life, the sucking matal human sewers heat sex-sores; and, because of river-tripe, the drainers of romancers kiss butt-prats sewers reap
and loud thorns
abandon death when a bricked house
staples buns, beds and fawns

what with a dog in a knife and a sea under christs,
and two lipid licked tits
a day in a knife may well butter lips.

for a baboon, i cook eggs and bacon
for sad rooms, feed walls to havens


out of a laughing window, webbers span a crucifix around our hearts; a dog in a fife and a tree under mice and three nipped kicked babby
a day in a slice will sup on rice until

bad bells in Bethlehem die for ill
buddied rivers.

O if a feral female shot death, plied woods, gnawed, should sex-hiss; under blandering blondered snow-lips
O, anywhere where beads blow, gnits must suffer under beaked hairgrips; and governments of sweet shits and bended eyes and earless scripts
and six sawn wives and fearless hits any child, any world, may well surprise
fazed Alice with a neat disgusie.
o for baboons, i cooked some chimp-glue. o for bassoons, i fried some moneys and the families of my hard cape
collars dimes where pound coins flow from diggory tears; and as we yearn for pulled smoke-coke, then we hear
white birds flown outside grey gear; and a sunny stapler suffers cruel kegs
and a moony cager

wallows in fire when we heed
grey trolls and old giddy

hidden weed.

anyway, as fine winds blow and gamesters surround carpets with rolled casinos, then a dice in a hill rolls for far out asian Buddha
and a Polar Pet has eaten yellow webs; and i have a lunar sun for my cab; and i catch traveller's code as crabs
cast a shallow map across the hands.
..once yearning for my dead gal's lonely soul, i saw her jeery heart appear ashen with waxen bears whose fur-trades
fed happiness to a honeyed sphere ..anyway, as fine winds blow and gangsters sea-sound a pitiful english gunny moll
then a dice in a rill rolls rivers where modus vivendi minotaurs star-strangle bees with evil snares.

evening plays a part in a keen nunnery
morning strays from a tired heart
and a bone of slaves causes monkeries

drop steeled prayers, just like a gun.


the blue seizures of a fitted stilled mind legitimises a cab of lost souls & the red hill at the foot of the stairs strolls up, up, up
and a school for mendicants awaits blue dolls and tea-cups

my old naked woman came from lakes and the blue seizures of a fitted stelled mind legitimises a lab of croft sea-spines
o, inclinations loosen daggerers under wines; and hot Paris slinks inside old London
and we raise cities from masked mines.

because a trillionaire has expensive eyes because a sea of spent gas pays for lies; because a street of rich hair heeds glass
because of deeds, we will seize wives; and, lo, the bluest gull we ever saw has tides star-coating a demon lover,
reddened, coated like a tongued feather
...because a trillionaire has expensive tribes because a sea of rent mass pays for bodies: And because de streets feel dirty
we will supper for cogs and burn deadeniing baby Hades
and, spy-cored, pyscho-pathology has our brains wired to basketfuls of sweet lizard deaths

oh what we born from hell's breasts flumoxes inside a raw rat's feral sex. oh we slide for grain. oh we listen to the rain
and because we listen then we must
trust the dead with old pain.

if i had the time i would understood the students on the hills. o what we have formed from loaned lust-lights must shatter like a true rainbow
..and philosophies of the killed hear God grappling with lonesome flyways and a bed of boats
sails for the killed. o what we have born from hell's grave will storm the choked
vein of rivers
o i shall try to cry for hills and vales
o i will study lies
and when i come down, i will
raise a bed of signets from sails
and five fingers burn
and nine mirrors learn to yearn for
vinegar and salt-stores
oh oh

the sullen stripes of the old wall
shows a sea of Downs,
sharpening up a sea town as falls
spring up from demons
o what we have born from hell
will sup a titty cup with dead cells
writhing in the dark
and we must listen to a red park?




my uncle from pan america seeks conquests after western wine-snails; o a sea of lungs chokes for red litters; o a bin of binoculars
rams a foc'sle where coded cowby chicken cicadas catch a vast yellow cab to roller knickers
O, a coming of psychotics hear pinioned fevers underneath a sea of failed subhuman rider-rippers; and my uncle from pan america
seeks contests after minds
....because we are burned, we must dig soft souls with leg-leaded petrol kids
because we swim trees we must
congratulate a sea of mines
i shall try to exfoliate a goddess as i shall fly for closed gates. o a bed of hearth-lights marries ageless solar city suns to sonar pig
and we are borne above the rain
and we are born to live again
,la la la..

as far as i know, we have found a golden station undeneath the tragic fairgrounds. O, as far as eyes flow, we have made
a giddy bud of nations bud out for fast flowers when graves
run, run, run

the red hill of a beggared school carries pylons where broken rules shatter, just like the scuttering moon-day boned mind-caves
and we shiver as we shake and we move blind eyes to see
and one of you is a latent dreamer one of us is a patent sea of killers. O, my feet get fin-rot while eyers sizes whores from caged
sizing glass-simpering devil vanity make-up mirrors

in the evening, parrots seek verbal jazz and one of us is a latent killer and i am fed to nooses when coded river mindists end
closed gems

immense skies fade like men
intense wives lay gay vitamins
and we dabble after old cars
and we ravel unto coded Mars

loving has to answer to lovers
lying has to answer to liars
diamate has to fellow old fires



a wheatfield vanishes
a soft yield punishes
old neckties
a minefield famishes
a sea of harnesses
and old lies
wallop dust
getting home, wives
gritting bone, eyes
we bite for sirens
we spike spires
and we dance
never again shall
dreams suit
dolls and boots
the needle-light
pierces midnight
and we burn



where the gaoler's key is lost
where the failures of deaths rot
where the killers of highways rock
then we learn of father
you will never earn the weather and we will never leap from carnality; and a meadow in a hired sea-shawl will summon parks from families
because we are killed; and where the prisoner's yell stops and where the miners of dippy sex rolls
then, will disclaimers hold a martian birthday party. O, you will never earn the weather as wewill never leap from fatalities
and a shadow in a stall will summon sex from old drawl..
masqueraded sirens wring
blue breads and sugared swings
and we listen to a merry ball
and we dance down de halls
these days, in the evening, dolls
supper for darkening cakestalls la laaa

one of us is a mayoress raised from nudes. one of us has no life to celebrate or move. And as we slide silently
across a dirty flyway where death's family photographs the dark, we hiss across the ice in a lost blue park; and we kiss de silence O
and we risk sex for violence...what if out hands were hammered from snow? what if old sea-jams were sea-hanged,
what for us then but the burning of the tears? what for ghosts of men but the yearning of scrammed cold women?
And old king jack tossed evil coins from scudded bather's soaped cosine; and mac and a feather part lips with gold mines
one of us is peppered with spools of grass. one of us is tapered with keen wall-risen parties of papered
and we lease a lonely flyway to rotted robotic calved wintry cloud-swailing petrol-dreams
.i spiral up the dark ears of the fleeced west wind and loosen my grey neckties
and one of us has a saint for a mind..


these sad days, when my foot rocks inside my heart, i seize the dead and cry all year. O, these sad days, where my basketfuls heed tears
and my lady love has died, i ride across a lonesome limey wheel-screen and listen to darksome rivers of dust and dried
pigeon brides; and these sad days, i arise from the dark to hear a lonesome flyway leading us inside hot fear

one of you is a made-up mirror
one of us is a jaded slut whose salt-shiver
livens dogs with spectrums

these sad days, when my boot knocks my heart then i kick away from mossed dust as a pier of guns shoots the sunshine
and a bed of basques joins the masques, and cupped bread dangles brickhouses outside burns and sheds
ah..we scale a wall of demure Downs as devs drool inside a pavement of purified plebs; and eyes hiss across a furrowed sea-spread.,.
endlessness outlives a blind party as plebs urninate inside a poppy; and we arise from suspensive rich bodies
and we glint after softness
..ahh...dukers of severed darkness head, far west where blown angels swing; and we are crowned with honey skins
..o as we unravel down life's lonesome flyway and where we scrap the porridges in celtic sex-towns, a bud of skewered ice will leap from stoned days
and we heed a mission under hot graves
because we have arisen from an arch. because we have eaten from a cart. because, as we rode, we fell too sleep: Oh, then we must dream of purple naves
.and a bud of blinds will clasp the soul and a sud of minds will hear the cold and a bind of rivers must swallow blorted killers with doll-dust
..a boy in a bugged body-train will suss a museumed masquerade of spilt trust, and a van of christs will
suckle babies from a sea of lost hills; and a bluesday kiss of sun hardens lustives as a soft spray of split spittlers softens gulls with swift rosehip
and a sea of flowers weeps after canyons of curvy feline laughter....

eyes are trained upon soft silk. minds are veined inside hard milk. And we drag dimes for english hens. And and we drink from vines of murder
and we ravel into funeral thunder; and because we listen to chidden women we shall forever siren after venal disaster..

the crow has a star to feel
the rose has a car to deal.. and
ashes summon ashes where sand
startles bees with carmine brigands

ahh ahh uh uh uhhh

blood-red tangerines peal
old vapours excite hands and feet writing for tomorrow as we fall asleep and, here and now, old vapours ignite the face and the eyes
o a glass of capers cudgels wine with lovers
.because vast breasts feed sheets. because veined nipples can't eat, we shall read today's pink-un skindy newspapers
as if caught between Pan and whored blue meats; and, la, the blind man who sings with his eyes springs out of a petrol valley
and a stoat of God runs heroes through
and a beach of babies

hits our heart with a cropped drum.


and the bridled girl whose sex begins where sense ends must lend hot tears to brackened deaf misters
our road is too wide and too long whence doors open where dogs rust and the bridled girl
whose clit begins where sense sends curled wiles to sleep has veiny valves for pleasure

vapours search rockets with grey
idioms of glass and damage
and we must forget tomorrow
and we must regret the time of day

after our time, where both our bum cheeks blinded shit with drams, we had a crotch of singers shaving sleep; and there is a dial on every single face
...we will sing for EVERY DIAMOND and a little kid whose fallen ribs clutch to dog rain will spring infernally
inside a tall city...
we send a smile to skins as pain rockets under pushing winter grain; and tomorrow's news heeds a house filled with naked dudes
as a blind boy bangs his scissors then
keen eyes are pushed in..
..astounded by fire, a little cat cries..astonished by fires, a little rat cries, and a bone of brass opens an engine's door for a lady's mated cunt-war
vapours escape from latrines as
written epics shit from mad glass
astounded by fire, a little cat tries
to suffer the romance of the skies
and because we break
and because we shake
and since we no longer understand
then honey men ache for
marines under cut cities
-Japan is held high?!

there is no room in the bins. there is no tomb in the winds. O, the town of Maria has no ava-skin. And the sounds of red fear
swing, swing, swing
ahh...astounded by egg-whites, we ring a rose around a bud's knees.


we have come back home to surround out gasfires with gold Isis: o our road uses its houses like life; and we need a mansion for the storing
of edible lanterns and baby hordings, and we use a roadway for a trip down a lonely summer's war
..old children need medical attention, (snaffled, swarmed) left to die when urbane eye-fawns die off, just like women
a dwarf of a baby dreams about
tablets and raw red winter
and a stool of summers shouts about


we can only talk inside a vicious hotel. we cannot walk; and a vein of fawkes rises under bells. o we can never idolise a sweet motel
..there are no feet on the streets and ice melts under peat; and we can only talk inside funeral heat. ..
our fairgrounds cause fatal heartbeats. our sugary bunny diamonds force a sun's heap to implode like a mother
...vapours escape from rocks La: then writing mongol news, we carve blind pantoglots from trees of card
..and today has no face to use and cars crap under flyovers when
concrete killlers cry, cry, - i will end
...we escape from clocks as copious cocking horses open a daisy door on a hired whored screen. oo, we escaped;
and a bigotted sea-bug
drowns salt, just for kids who've denuded waxwork-prison

we scatter pushers when cradlers of grey malt fertilises radios of love and we escaped from crocks; and we raise a rapist from blue hops
we need a house without a roof
we cherish deaths as we scatter cold cruel
baby nails
and a little girl grows impassable penises
and a rodeo under crows
shows a father's knickers to a blue show.
at Tiffanies, everything dines on old snow


until there is nothing to be done
until father's farthings
spend old currency on coded dung
there will be nobody in the streets-
until there is nothing left to hear
these rended nights when i cannot dream has all slept riders stalled; ~& as reason falls, then a bladed mall must dine in utmost silence
& we hear red rain & we die once again.
..keen kudos rules the waves of dolls, dreamer's break slept rules & a bone of grass drops cold stools; & we hear music cumming
out of la muba lays..we will shop god's grave when fools
cry for clowned rage; and the souring pelmet of a pussy pealer holds bad breasts in bagpiping hair-nets
,& a bod of blasts brags after wrecks & a bed of silver peacock-scissors
cut a blue hand
cunny king men shaft a bairn when vampy cocking horses ram old gin; & we slice a pox as a don of sins
lappers for idiotic castles.. oh, scourers of helmets cream limbs then we jack a rager's lean hymns..
..tidied tidal volleys fasten fardels; & we parcel nick-nacks where waxen bum-candles stop to drug a blind body's spind sin with illuminative dividers
and the nude makers of women don a salt-shroud; o the rude sea-shakers of death's nude cloud; & pukers of salt-makers send a sweet crowd
where, lost, a bummy breaker rends
bad crows & flashes.

a dummy rattler dislocates hot rashes, a thrum of cattlers cock-crane for u-bends ^& we put a teacakes in the cistern
& we sink some silk-drapes underneath blithe blue stinking lavatories.
the rude rapers of dirt sin don a shirt -&, as we sweep old skirts, then Harpes will sink a scissor bunyip against flirts; & we pin a penis on a mule-canals..
a dreamy scatterer swallows salt-crowds
~& we crow down a pinny moon?

i have seen sin come at day as mouths
sweep a lilter's tongue from old shouts
& crashed men cry as lolly cocoons
shatter god's easy butter flitter.


what with a penis under a city lorry, i will find a coal-gal-child in a bodice of dirtying cunny wodes drinking from a toilet-bowl
la, where Aladdin strikes, then a sea of furled fast foals sets light to ailmless chained minds
...oh once aside sex we saw a cat-man fold lemon lemurs into city cold then we struck a closed cock.. Ahh, times
trip on vagina hill & a wave of wasps stings a bee's thrill
...what with penis under a naked toddy, ice must toast a cunt with carring dick-christs; & we toe for fists
& we flow like lips . O, when we write, christ's closed moggy illiterate bible-scriveners get dick-rised from pure demure fire
& i must enter into purple mind-survivals...
the greedy gallop of a geesy man has nine hands..o we sail for birds & a dell of goyals widen for pierced sea-tans
once, as we pickled sex, we jazzed for clams, o we are to swivel each to each under Rams; & a greedy gallery of ghosts bleeds for islands
o a dog-pisser belll-baits candy fish-sirens; & we rope a deli & we suck a chopped bald cherry...
..where a cross deepens into halls then de crossers of de jesus thieves must rectalise chopper-chokering eldered renal berries
must supper for an invisible world war.

eager deceivers of deadly hate hastens balls from rivers. O, easy salted heavers supper for mirrors, & we lead a face into red walls
...the hissers of the mad arise from dolly sex-dates with comical conic lambwhite cloners; o a spool of drakes damages cum
& see the winter's fazed age suppering for lost eaten lakes
eager deceivers of deadly snakes
tonsure up inside blue canyons
& we slap a dizzy face
& we dance inside fucked space
eyes drool as they gleam after
blonde babies who cry for laughter

, Oh here's to sex & dying's master
fuelled with bed men, we arise above time to see a body of baiters riding on the rain: o a sun of dead men will arise above time to hear
a wide wife of children roaming free..these words chant for nothing...Old sins sear mad dogs & bearded women,,
..ideal splinters slice drums as seasons fly. And the raw-headed user of closet red heaps blooders under a vase of lime-tree bowers
o a saw-leaded abuser rams a dog aside blood
& we chant the mantra for soft stillness. And ideal killers of disappearing bone see illness
rotting for endless saviours..

the minded maze of mamma sweats under weddings. oh as faces get to fireworked burny stone-flashs then maidens of mad loss lead ladies to cold killings
& a bust of knots crashes & a gust of cots flashes
...& jeer at stasis for then i will learn of grey gloss

jazz headed, where men fall, we dance when loss
leads leaders down vast lanes
& a dotted drugged brother shoots up for pain
& we learn once again of dogs & watches
the ideal face of the void lams a drake with
sweetening winter stars
. oh we lace luds to cars as cars cut pigs


wow, what now for yesterday's world?
uh, what now for deaths & dying girls?
- coded easy oestrogen laps old pearls
& we dig for passion..

the coda of a kind killer sees prisms refracting feline light; & we ride from street life as seaman's missions falter then break..
wow, why westerly winds stop dead will pay for occidental seabeds..
the cornice of a lost home jazzes after dairy brick. o a red swift lops lost bone as laughter laughs at lispers; & we may drop out picks..
and easy riders of romantics rot diamond-jacking blued fathers; and teasers of drivers rock a dotted lover's
drunken sex-chant
the cornice of a lost home jazzes after
dairy crypts
& we dolly for daisies as death's drover
parks a valley.

as we paint flowers with dewdrops then a carmine jupertian scissor will bury long ladies fingers in the backyard
la, la i yielded a feline to a bard as old rivers raced down to a sea of card carp; & we ladened after summmer where cold mirrors
scattered fakir's glass..once aside of lakes, a boat of scarves warped wrappers of dizzy faiths & we faint for faces & we paint dolls when ice
weeps for oven-burnings. And faceless fanned feathers feel after flown mice & a sea of snappers roams a bird's flown christ... - eyes under empires weep for lady rites
- wicked thunders walk pyres & cold kites
scrap the kestril winds...

as we paint flowers with raindrops then pleasure drops a giddy bait upon a radio tower; & we cell-phone after cum & we suck feathered
fawny dummy graves

wow, i'm listening now to loud blind musics. oh eyes cut a jazz cloud as i sweat for mimics; & as roses swing then fall i jeer in purple silence at the violent limits
of lip-shrinking tongued halls...
when once i gabble, then i seize sotto voice-remits, & a doll of dust scandals after hot trips; & a bone of cusps craps upon hot nips
& eyes slink into sinks i am star-seering a rude world. oh i am moon-nearing a naked pearled bay of dead lovies
loveage holds our hands & babbies
snap a bald-bedded hairnet
O..when tipsy diamonds garotte a swollen heart then an inch of sirens must certainly wince at the moon's crust; & a bell of bastards bollocks after musk
& a cell of sex-calves mess after grey dusk & once upon a hearse-vein, i shot a roof of urned musks with swarthy peckered pepper cum-dusks; ahhh,
the lynching fern of ages scatters gun-steeds far far away, where dead seeds strut for scutterers of mental minarets & dodgy menstrual pornosapphic cars
..O. when tipsy golden male-lots wed to meadows
o, where guilty ancient gal-lots seem
hum-raised from bones & lightning, then
eyes will certainly dream of sex-shows?


once upon a lost vine, i swallowed clothes: ah, & a slitty seller of lime has sold rosy robes thumb-stabbing a moggy inside a rose.
..endlessness swills tillers as rolled logues shatter scutterers upon urinating beef-rot; wow, rolled mamma's ivories jazz for
bended salt, rolled dada's ebonies jazz for endless summer nights; o we shall sup a dream where war
wins for enlightened skies
....when once a dizzy goddess scores pretty heavenly darkness then a black god will ready sadness for cool boys & chilling cab-men
..& eaten heroes bomb the madness
o cheaters of guns shoot darkness
rather unlike the sun, a deafening moon collapses into red guns. o a mum of wine toasts her young & all trippers fall

when a bleeder of blinders star-slams
radios & wigwams
then a toast of coshed sedans must
end, end
rather unlike the sun, a blinding husk
stoops to taste vinegar..
...utterances of darkness dine under lonesome riftered sky-walls. ah, a room of cremated bombed cauls cry out aloud for disabled cravers
.oo, hit where a stilled moon rages after a keen sinner; icy fingers call for the clap of winter
& a banded killer
whips the dead.
utterances of darkness die under endless emptiness
& a phone of rain sweetens us
& a cell of dumb christs


numbing strangers wed hands to thighs. lo a bum of pikes swings after skies; & we scale a poppy tree?
and, as wives wane into knives, we will see lies licking libel grease; & we will slander for peace as tribes
die..O, sundering sainted summer cuts lives where, domed, a blind of star-slides end for nuked stereo eyes
and the parabola of bed-mind uses dust for chicken wings. O, an ocean's parlour abuses old chicky vast pea-pies
ah, emotions dagger for sharp-muskers; & a weeper of greyed gossamer
spins around blue sound..

the keen sides of fairies dot a moon's blinded deafening scar-shine. And, oh, a sun of bodies bears dust to wine
& we lash a layer of closed signed rallied robotics.
..o parabolas olf bed-fuses hears us
dreaming for romantics
& our faces fade.


followers of nasty names pounce upon pen-names o, a sexy nom-de-plumes fuse a dog with the original entertaining vast moon
&, laced, we thread breads with fast veins as old bodies drop
...we have learned the names by heart...Deaths hammer at love's lock, & a prat of faces suitcases after grey rot

followers of nasty games pounce upon stained
blue urban eaters of dodgy riflers
& we flow to sleep
& we crow for meat.


with a jolt of blue jazz, i hear a sad beat breaking against blithe body graves o, with a brawl of crab, i hear bald heat shaking
a fishy hand where mamma slaves heap a dazzling song for goddesses & trades
...we see now the clap of God shaping graves..ahh, we snap for cat-traps while we crap for bat-traps and holy haloed kittens
twinkle for drugged sex-rapplers; & we heed amazing feline prey as we lead ferine fantastic queen cats to rollering tom-factions
deaths & grey shavings
....and bandanas don scalped vagjnas as we speed for dammed night-weed
& a bowl of mice straps tweed
& a doll in winter fastens for
giddy pickers of cherried motor-jeerings
eyes in mossed eyes treat a dead sun with geesy gluers of sweetening sweeps,- a bell of farms rings the wristed hour
rivals of London find Paris in London,
rodeos of stunned guns shoot lemoned
baddy shale
~Oh we carry clits to carried craned
motelled vagina hill; and we will eat cheese for eternity. Lah, diggers of destinies loosen a mental drivel-moon-sundae
and we are fed to families under ice where donnies dapple penitentiaries; & a vault of timebombs bends a town of hairs
..what with petrol in peanuts, we will snare us with coopers of smatterers & a bend of rain sends opals to fast rust
diggers of destinies loosen a mental cartoon
o we are sweated for crazed crags
& we usher for meat
& we mutter for heat
i heard at change of day the city's flair
climbing closed galleys into snipped sleep's
bodying bed-flower.



scurriers of scented fools drool for raised blubber power. oh, a bine of snow chills fools as old graves whip fine easter
&, lapped, when xmas flowers, old trades will whiten wolves with eager
odal babies; & eaters of hardening sea-haloes hit clay-cloyed barny bowled bouncy owls; & we flow to sleep as a caul of slaves
tautens beds with hunger? O, scurriers of scented nudes nuke blades; & when once sense falls
then a dream of cunt must strap walls inside deepeners of feline molls.
we are starry as we are olden.. La

& we dine in the easy darkness O, players of men self-hock vaginal rings for sadness; & we dance inside sex deafness
& we punish puled spun sin with cardial papers
....geesy glass peppers spice a gun with sex capers
o, we dine in the dizzy dark Ah, sleepers of hens
stabber fors starry caker of breaded braille, & madness
chills poetic air with salt's soury sweetness
we dine on crooked egg as we cry for flavas. Uh, eaters of murdered mermen fish for cock as a carrier of imbecilic tree-cusps
crash, crash

we dollop dupes upon veins. we swallow suits & we don strange sea-stains; & cockers of canny crimsons crap for flamed
nuclear curd...
..ahhh i listened just yesterday to the contents of my own grave; ahhh i overheard my own sex-burial
ahhh my future ghost seemed dick-temporal; & where once eyed died, i had to stand beside my own grave this fish-fathered room where i signed love's name, I extemporise homes with dirty shelters; oh a kid of light shuts up midnight as veiny bulb of eyes
sinks budders into xmas mirrors

i stand beside my own grave & see my cellves under a majesty of cunt-sweated body-thieves. ah, once aside a mind, i shortened my life with Mother
lo, once aside of me, i buttoned my death for Fathers, & a deed of genoas heaps a hispid head field-wide
ahhh, i listened just yesterday to the contents of my own grave
ahhh, i missioned after dirtied flowers
&, laced with pall & bier, widened statues into radios.

here, moon-jeered, i eye the fist-shaken crap of Love's
cremated seasons....




this daft & deafened day when i laid night down heeds no live horse; o a sea of hands drinks shot wavelets as gism-sounds
slip a body in a vein-train. eyes under eyes sunder,, O, we shot the underground; & idiot empires wallow where muddy clowns
execute dogs & veined blows
...this daft & deafened day when i laid love's eyeless christ down heeds no lithe or chemic force
o a sea of sands sucks a drowner as gorse cuts a piggy neck.
once upon a mind, my headpiece cut death. & a man may number us within latex and flower-collectors; and a brook of sauce
will sex-crow after naked city radio dowers; & a bun of lice feeds fawned fleas to sexless epicene easy holy goddies
. .once upon a scrote, i saw a bull of dulling wrecks rotating just like a world war
. o, as isis dies, then a bod of wards whips
deckers of dogs & pussies
& if a man may sunder us, then a book of flowers
will surely supper for naked sun-showers
i overheard five oceans...
i swallowed peptic emotions..& the dizzy darters of mind-fire-starters heats a shot tea-tray. o a fizzy father of sapphires
rocks a fascinated veined pyre-startlers...& a wolf of hens wallops deafening teezlers as swollen hybrids of horsed mien rapes after
dizzy folly girls
the ices of a mental crisis crisscrosses under us,- bleachers of menstrual faces wash glued hands where forceps under stasis
drops a blued manyana
dizzy starters of mind-fire-fathers hop a river
underneath knickers & bled lime.


the fleshy fanned families of a cruel hot war harps for dog-thefts: oh a bell of dodgy holidays heat a callous blurtive whore & as we face into the chilled town
then we race aside bruises- Oh, a wasp gnaws under sapphires; & a bone of milk locks a worm inside sex
..where once we loosen lovers then grey dog-pecks yap for fairy fathers; &, ah, as we murder the cold towns, we deck cat faces with looseners
ideal histories wank where familial flecks
die for babies.....................Oh we are meshed

o for a dizzy dinner of nerves.. Oh, why death drags for sinners must be known to birds while the canteeners of starving cake-wipes ignite slicesof old curd
& as we ignite the dead, then we see breath slicing cakey stars from oven-ready touch-dry blessed less deceivers; o, for a dizzy dinner of nerves..Ah
a germanic genius tramples Hess as cars wheel-crusade for idiot concentrated sea-scars
..sizing skies will occupy the dead as Mars drops dead.... & we will radio martian angels.
& the cities i used to use have died away now: o, eyes may well use sad weeping tides for i have gone away at last to find the madding crowds
gun-crowning salt waters with grey sea-shrouds
eaters of mermen have no Loves - easy raiders of sad gems do not love Gods; & cities i used to know have died away now
o neon shadow dies, dies, dies
when once we rode radio, then we saw wives
divorcing blinded father-brides
& we wallop woollen spies
& we pay for evil rivers...


the eaters of plaited vinegars season a breaded cheese-board with easy dreamer piercers; oh a fig of hands holds cake as raisined liars
cut a big grey baguette; & once aside of me, i snapped a photo of criers: o a rig of rams rode for me & & as we climb robes then a rosey father
must dollop drapes with darkening rafters
we will hang ourcellves
.. we will nap all cells--


a cumming crescent of both night & day jazzers for draining sex-plays: o a bun of bytes brags after PCs when a heap of shot owls coo no more
& a bum of loss rows for city wards & i liked the buttock beauties of slavering bodily bone-gal blue bonnets
o car of choirs swings for God's graveside; & we lay slumber under dotty claved salty urning penis sonnets; O, my endlessness of self cuts my word
, a scene of senselessness heat bawds
...why winers don plastic cups must be known to flava; o a sky of riders rams spastic sluts beneath labial honey-chains
& where once we drank to palming TV-sluts then we radioed ruiners with digital darling dangers
..& a scribe of pain pits passions from grey mangers & a dive of pure pain slowly laps a skunk with poppy jammed failures
& why winers don spastic cuts must be star-known
to ideal idiots who cudgel books with rare stone

eyes inside eyes send bladderers to slept bone.

o a wavelet of lovers treads a tree of birds,.- soundless sin swims against bees & nerves. o the signs of mothers melts inside a curved
blue pictures of the dead & boat-ordinary. once above a mind, a thoughtless sea of words struck moiled sky-faces down
& a fence of corn crashes underfoot... wasted late-life autistic Sound dribbles under rainbowed mind-boys as a hairnetted clown-perv
rattles for psychic circus-cunt-weeds
...o a road of fathers cuts the slammers down & it is no go for mothers & no more the drowned
...the starlings of the razored reap a bed of bright slease; & bellyfuls of snapped sex raises razzlers with torn hands.....Oh, sleeves
shuffle false inks inside a bled seed of dweebs
& we doctor radio men
with insidious motellers of grainy children.

the prizers of the pulled snap belstar.. laahh lazy woman spells her name upon carred carriers of the grey, gazed gassy city bars
Oh, canny candy curios crash against tied tawny killers of cranes & salt slides...

The earth is avowed to pert soils..
The swarths of crows peck swift oils..
Napped men lay down as crosses die.

eye, eye, eye...

dinners under mad light devour sweet fears: o a father's lovers jack a bluesing wedding-pistil where flowering tears
rockers and desertifying funeral candour; & a bud of burstives bangs in the convenient eagles while we rider aside
diners under midnight devour sweetening ox-carpets; & radio thunder bee-bangs golden years
and the radios of rodeos slacknn when dizzy transepts trip inside blinding sloany odd women bitumen
o a son of fire weds a dad to a wallowers funeral pyre; & a wode of silk softens
healers of hornets & star dials
eyes in eyes sight after musk's
blinding sizzler music
^& a straightened mister cusps
creators of pumped tyres... Lust

dies for spiced bright asia!


when brains in seed sow mental moneys then a bod of spund monkey-easy swarfeger heaves blowing bone-glasses
...olden ashen apiaries swim for bodies: o a line of silks mops life's kitchen-sleeves & we die for baby.
..idiotic spirallers swirl till dweebs
dollop caked rape on a fast table
..candlers of crucifiers light a soft lamp's woven bright yet hidden red-light poem-sex-life
o, we dig for life as murmured amps sing for a blue fife
& we swash under criminal rites
as a bed spins, then we weave life deeply down where old tramps trample false streets
..candlers of crucifiers light a breaded
banger of boots.., Ah, tawny heaps
end in floes.

hangers of hoopy men hurl garden-soups where, sobbed, keen brothy potato-chunks appear lost in crazy crayon drums
and a bun of glass feeds sin as dragglers rotate in a snake's rattle
..we scatter skies where feathers hoot; & a curried mine digs heart-hooked bladdies of laying mam and disappearing dads
..Oh, golden gollies grasp to grain & flava scutters greys under vulva
& a train of silks dresses labia
ideal eaters of creepers cup budders
where, lopped, salt pith lathers
till stoned.

& i will live under Artemis where nappers of wards jeer at nude minds. ah we kiss under easy lips when crappers of wards
jeer at bruised minds; & we teeter inside mental spies; & the cars of tines comb dirtied hair... Oh, wine
glows just like a pig
we have the eager names by heart. We grind red ashes into evil murdered elephant tusks; ,& crony cappers under crusts feed bawds
to bedders of crowned kids. And a bell of tissues blows ribs with cuspered easy v-cups; and, modelled for lovers, a neon warfed ward
,defective, gets furiously eaten sky-spined benny bucks
i will live beneath Artemis where heaped wards
peer inside heaths
o i shall slide under marriage where cut gourdes
feed grapes to sleep
hirings of mad rings cut a ferine fingerer with
blown nuts & bad frigged
gas grippers of grot & bruised temper....



eaters of bloodied banners blow a face with bra-eaten female wastelands: a, a bun of ruddied glamour grows for kids
& we rise from rude desks; & we study about sex mess while seven storey lovers lend lupins to slit-wrecks; and a vapid raider-rattler
stella-gasses donkey-drawn funeral dilly red-necks; & & we raider after glassy gibberers
..eaters of bloodied ganglers blow for tawny torn trapped birth-war...ahh, Lord, where the sweetness of our passions
has turned to salt then a glade of gut-faults must tickle caught carriaged coda-woder side-boards stories high, we hiss across wrought ironers of starvatious hanged kangaroos where we set alight to statues; O, grey sights
come rapplering ripplers under spunk-lights and, o, minarets inside body-stores twix a hidden ceiling with vines and seated hearth light
the haggards of the wine-swilled score a sugared scissor shooted needlers as eaters of bled crackers dine for whores
& ghosts glib after faked fathers.

apple-claws clamour for a small death, ashen broads hanker for a sex-wrecked rupert-ride of bastardisers; & a shaded haloer will drum
all men abed of bread slices; & we sail out to kill the mother moon.
...icy dippers of dog-crust heed spooned parabulars of night & day
- as we bren after clay then we swoon
for hilly beacons where lost noon
heaps a dreamer under dead decked
todd rock..

apple-claws clamour for a mute death, ashes, aped, bang a cold with decked
wicket sex.
wow, how now the goosers of tunes
cut a queen fisher from radio runes,
jackets of clouds loosen zip-looms
& bayed maisonettes slit-swoon
adown in a drip-ground
alllotment of deafening closed rooms



what with biscuits in the cistern & silk-lips down the bowl we will summon sex-supper from a flushed hole. oh, a beat of salty sun-covers craps in three bends & souls
heap easy spirits where dogs of christ stopper glass with easy mad men..
..what with tea cakes in cistens & silkies under lavvy hens, we must study just how vaginal ribbers ride womenkind; & a dirtied painter loosens His grip on easel children
& a model for failure hits a feed
yeah, we lean into the limelight as a bone of beads
dies, dies, dies........oh, a purse of pates dams need

& wheezing wild Gods grope for an angelled piss as a sneezer's grey child gels nudes & knickers where a killer daddy's hissifer dies just like he must
. & a dainted Buddha who sleeps in space files dolly dirts when suns don't shine
...once aside a mind, we drop death's kecks & wooden anal sentries table a dunny milk with souring saucer-slams
& a bolt of mirrors murmur under a wode of glassy gut-givers
..& wheezy wide Gods grope for a ravened garotted cottage-bud which swipes a natroned dummy drooler who knows nothing, nothing
at all. And a wode of wolfmen find a cat-mask where, denned, a pig of rays star-cast blondies & chicken
.once we have tried us, then we must dye a dark head with clasped body jams. And a wode of wolfmen wind a cat-casked haying whored rick & eyes
change from blurredt to ripped

as we jazz for havens then we strip blind bone from red lips: lo, we topple guns where soft slits sink death inside glass money whilst we eat the world & we sup crypts
& we cry for hired water; and, oo, as we jazz for havens then we strip a pluperfect night ship..oh, old breeders fish for faked bodies then bonny wood has to heap grey trains
& naked treacles supper for brains and eyes in sugar-slips blind tears as dirtied blueberries doodle upon blurred paper
ah,old killers of fish drag a fist-net
around naked cages... END?

caressers of carrion cry, cry..oh, heady gardens mow the sky: oh, as we sleep then we suffer lies and then caresss clap god's utmost mind
& we dress for christ's hot wined table of edible dregs
..we will snap a stone of death: la, we will tap milks with wrecked gabby gizards
& a cell of bone breaksdown.

uh here in this tangerine town we swallow slappy scambled blood-eggs....shelling fragile dunny fragmentisers whip yolked willows,
blinders choke for shadow-ground; caressers of carrion cry, cry,- impossible seagulls peck for minds
& a bed of mace
shapes a donner from a sad spaced
mirror of demon wynds..

empty wasters of wode whip
all selves & all clits....& clips
marry dandelions to greyed grit



these salad graves where i laid my lips kisses now a pall of pure hair; oh, a bed on the stair turns dreamt air banging body sloanes
& a bun of christs snares salt nips & ..where a bum of prayer heals God then a church of henny henna will star-gob bible-globules where radioed sods rip
keen urban bones & the wards of grunged life light up a stoned bay of pruny rome-diggers; & eyes will always fade for killers
..clappers of split chappers shiver & odes to mods
meld a mind moon with a rivered

ghost of droming stairways,

iconic pussy-kissers hiss across a nice crazy lashwide moon - too late for hissers, a piss along ice & cum home all too late: and, as weepers swing as little mit
lose blonde hair to ardent cancers; & a sandy eye blesses death's tune..
all well made from apes, i will spoon bars of honey to eaten eagle-tombs; & as family writhes then dolly drips must dream of wide
moody heaven.

iconic statues which sing in time remark after old nudies: ah, a stall of slashy matched sea-stone bangs vast seasand tribes under photogenic heart-head-grapes
and, oo, a rider under rings uses upstarted bike-easels to ignite blurrers with candied sea-bones; and, oo, eaters of robin-boys come dropping aside red apes
the bummers of blown easter hide & cocoa careers, topped, informs de devil's lucifuge that nailers of vented sex will never leave menkind alone.
ohh, the devil of a asmodeus gal-child rots for satanic ill while rotators of mice & monkeys form heady hadean pig heels
drive to country heat. Oh, handlers of lintles lap body-beats; & a slashy summer gun shoots reaps
baby shuntings. Oh, nosed blue wedgework poem trees star-swell cosmotics a starry stella babby appears reaped as she studies mad eyes
and we will centre centos aside grainy sex-gravies get poured upon sweet cheepers whose laden meadow-head gets rented to dafflers; O, lost brides died
long ago?

a demonic demnotic of a dizzy flower light-rages where a swarm of easy towers shine upon a digital stage; la, a demonic summer pearl pushes rage
outside, where a blind moon powers waxed masques
...when once we rode away, then masts gelled a dizzy bark to a foreign caste; & we lever after dunny dewy cells as age pulls a special clitoris from a bower
,,icy idolisers of winter-wives cower underneath bollocks & glass. Oh, masks
melt into bone as a brigand of grass
meat-beats a toffee from coffin-clasps
& i sink down, down, aside a town's
vast vitamin squares
& eyes ride eyes & labia hits clowned
burny boys whose penis cut hairs.

& binaries of neutered men drag a camal when a doddy sunrise burns for bends. o a city's shaker scatters sweet salt as gems pay for a midas gaol.
...we have the easy words by heart & veils tell a tomtit about a bird of darts: la-de-dahh..,i have seen the spilled moon making sails
&, ghosted, a blorter of funeral snails crush beneath kiddy huge slugginng wine-feet
binaries of neutered men drag a canal when
a studio of venals vamps a valley's ken
& we abuse mad air to cause old children
to dollop dust on a sea of sleep
we have the easy curves by heart....Ah, dust
flees under melted burrs as dirtied musk
drops aside wanker's heaps.


la we snip death's sex as if a cold candle: o, we hit aside wreckers while easy soldiers shoot a gunny war-smile; & we snip death's sex as if a bright angel
& a vast coast of cans crams fishy coda krome adown withered throats
..eyes sunder spies as a web of hands spins a web of tears; & a vanisher of faces clasps fears in
hot hurled gloves that suffer fear...
once aside a mind, i heard the mad ravishing after dolled diamond-- cads crabbed for me where i fell aside a losing chair
& self had diamonds in its hair.. we snip death's sex as if a chilled door of nippers & four worlds turned around as liars laid a lady tongue with grey creepers
..lazy & evil lashwide stares bomb us-
laden rude seagulls scavenge after dust
& distance blows me apart
& sadness seems to break love's heart

cocoas under limes shield dragglers of sweet gemmed bone-bridlers of trashy milk dens. o a bird of bytes tips a dizzy lens outside pork-spined
cocoas.....lo, dunder wine toasts a toddy wife-rind & we teem under tawny tears
& we brew a proud locus from goriilla spheres...Oh
.i have scented maps with fear when, duped under gins, flazlighters of radio rapids play a cd with a tapered spind body angel.
..catters of cables cram-cradle a lost loaf....& we dam drabblers of craven cunt-stables; & caverners of ravens roast a dilly screen of edams
& eyes mop up a sugar-plate with chintzy fairy navels

cocoas under limes shield dragglers of sweet phlegms,;
^& a bine of blood raises tweezers from out slimmed

sperm boys play on as wiveners of geese gob slimmed
separators of boned bedsides
& easy drivers glide from head-jives.
the hard wet maw where i overheard the ground smacking after dizzy muck: o hard split doors fall; o blithe lips kiss a kite-shawl
& we journey into night where veiny fuck deadens love's crawl
once aside the moon, i overlooked soft cut crying for a washed crown; & eyes burn to death & splayed skies learn of rhubarb sex
..uh, hard wet moorlands snares dust with nuts
....the raiders of the red & gone oven-burn heated loves where ivy scent washed a monkey
la, a saviour of the red & gunned yearn for cavers of crazed dints; & we dun five knives as we butter bawds
& we swirl tart-piss into draped lints
i saw a swallower of seed raising perms o i dropped a tank inside a dead fern & a bust of bud-burials carries waxen firmaments to a
baddy blow-away kissifer; &, as we flow, then the crows will stow halted rats where terns
hover under box hill
raiders of the spreaded scatter sperm
& we heat lost love
& we feed fists to god.


whilst we shape our fast graves then we soften cremative ladies: oh as we raise flour, then we bake a navy knotter of caping dough-wounded bunny women
^& a bun of bairns bends hours of horsies & we pinion buds with dumb trees
..once upon a train-line, i rode to local public commons & hot green patches eyed me eternally underneath elms and pines; &, O, my bodicer of a gardens
softens wizeners with a bobbied cock-kind whose loaded lady-kodak gets pinned to negated sex-negatives
& my bodied mind gasped for swift hair where a poppy on a store hissed for every single serpentine
whilst we shape our fast graves then Hymen jitters with crow-caned birdy blips; & we have blorted tongues
& we like abortions...Idioms of crow-men sharpen skulls with lost jaws, oh, we heed scratchmen when idioms of chicken captain bull .& keen labs will expire as
scientific swarthes loop a lady locket in a cage and all this world is a cage: look at the mind's age for there, lock-spined, a gaoler of instant rage
winter-cops a a prison of graves; & issuers of snowed men blow a tonsure's s tor
oh, we heed scarred men when
bodiers of breakers breakdown...,Ah, stores
swell for instant porn-sales

O, lickers of easy sticks carry tuned tonguers under blazy flops of vaginal unease: O, , a scissor of eaten lips kisses a sea of anger & as we rope disease then we sharpen dreams
& once upon a woman, i read some lost d-cup news; &, when shafting sin-scapes stopped, i sang the livid blues
& a bud of brass hissed where winter-dudes wove a transept into all my spended eye-money
i am hipping after family as family drives donny vultures under narrowed pate sex-thunder; & we shed whips from cockers & wives warp a woollen shaker from engine-eyes
lickers of peasy ricks fill rheum with Fathered
romantic blather
& we hip for larders which car for killers

i have seen, at end of day, a greying world
vamp for central spinneys
- I grace a grister with beadies
- i sister heat with nudies.,.
once i am home, then i set my food alight.

we are weepers for Wessex,, Lo, midnight
damages love with cathedrals
mmm mmm mmmm

easy easter sisterhoods ham for a noose,
peasy pissers supper-bloods don truth
& we give truth to children


sodden massing markets sell guns to ovens. o woven kissing parapets punish bums with soft pets; & we search both night & day for children
& we slitter for coded sex-debts
...we have the greying birds by heart.. onions cause glassy spicey tears & a bed of christs hears hagglers raising raisin spheres from dangerious years
^& candlers light our golden years & sodden massing markets sell guns to sirens...ahh we hiss for red gum
ah we piss for red cum & a dolter of dirtyness laps after dum-dums
,,agh, dreamers of darkness use dots for wiveners of fallen stone; & we suffer lip,... Under us, spudders ash after candy trips.. Over us, diggers
swell, swell

eaters of Bedlam body a burner's cell,
keepers of washed lands heap
baby bunters of birdies & snowed sleep
sodden massing markets sell guns to onions
& we shoot weavers dead
Are we abed?

o apy ochres of blind weals whip a donny back. o empty fathers of minds sweep a cat-of-tails aside cities & bird-slacks; o apy ochres of grey deals sell dogs to mined
golden bodies; & where once wetted shrillers in twined eyes we saw arise burning window-jives, & ariels use hankerers for smoothers who shooteth up and down
bollockers of nice tea-leaves served on teaspoon laced in lemon curd
..o apy ochres of blind heels rip a honeyer of guilty crescents where a son of sods
raises a cliff from a cage.
the easellers of mad paint baggies for Love's
prism-raised artists
- bad bullets blow faces
-sad ribbets suffer spaced Loved
limitless harness
& we slam under bees
& we cram sudden beads of bedded fatalists
we are finalists in a contested moon... Laces loop a female shoe with a nooser's groin: ..there is a gism for a spun sonny when closed prisms shine like a cat
oh a snyded cummer craps for rats & a gaol of glass sunders sugar-caps & ravenous bended beetles heal lit
body fantastics & when we radioed jazzing dancing sprawled deaths, we saw lips laying vulgar paths under rodeo writs
& we swig andy pandy & we burn a curly-wirly pantry & we bake blood under panties
there is a gism for a spun dummy when
meadowed rattlers of babies
blind a body-bus with venereal Harpes
& a bone of wights
rams seasons adown blind midnight's
burning sleepless flower
we radioed death just last night when
odes to mind-shows haggled for hemmed
Eden eaters.






the gilded asses of modern milk must pilfer birdy grease from ald manyan; o a shot of caned silks must litter blown dogs with sylvan feathers
& a bone of yeasts heals a fathered scried city where dromes scraped
odd guitars & when once a bed of Asia reaps grey fazed dolls from assed meats then a body in a flower must dollop chrome under showers
& love's bath is often too deep; & the faces of modern silk will quiver; & a nest of old studio mirrors
will soften phlegms with wet killers; & this world is out of time because eyes go blindly deaf now (at the Bodies across a whole wild world)
..the kite-shawls of Eden wash grey hands..o, a dippy moll has a female sea of banged ferry fats
& a bird under bakes falls from a bat's
brilliant sonar country
o & a face of fans fellows a cat's cap
& winged rats strangle ghosts with hanged
icy vowelled vagina

we heap a horse of praise as loud lambs leap aside married iron-creepers; & we dance for corrals as grey vans swallow night from out lost England
..the kite-shawls of Eden wash grey hands.. ah, - eyes in wide season deafen blonded minds & a mental feature ravels where serums over heat.
& abed with the nightly dreamers, i awoke to find a dunny car of spittle in my twixed mind; La, a brace of hatted killers awoke me to find
a bad bread train carrying murdered rind & as we face to the utmost killed then we heap a siren where bruising spine
once aside death, we will surely see wine toasting brain-swine; & i have seen old hosts at change of time
dropping watcbes down ashes
& eyes will eat droned flashes
abed with the nightly dreamers, i awoke to find
a dolly carmen crying under grimes
& utterances of pyre-men suppers for
silky milky nut-raids
o a sauce of cellves drops a spastic grave


eyes sunder blonde beds with deafening sky: o, coded thunder fastens devs to bridal hits whose hittites hop for a blued vamped eaten body-fawn
& we tauten sex with De Lady & we smarten jets with Rocker Baby; & seated eyes swindle for flashed dregs as dives
run to a cold night of bone, & i have beaten bees to death & tides ride a robotic rhuem of bloodied tithes & a bone of bracken bursts blue tribes
& hornetted hairnets nip for closed caverns of pruned bitten maws while eyes swindle for gashed eggs as dives
run to a cold night of drones & Isis hastens for egyptian Jews where Gods drive all over the pearled good world.

we have no face to own .. Oh, a star of stashes star-swirls a mind into bone... Oh, i heard the distant dead where dromes dropped a clayed comb
& we have no face to own .. Ah, a sea of flashes falters under stoned bodying statue-beakers; & once aside a rhyme, i saw a summer's slashes
swallowing day with light & i told the time with fairy feather; & i tricked a dream inside the dark.. La, nights
sinks my easy pick inside a girl
we have no face to own.. Oh, a car of clashes
car-swirls bombs into blinds

i toast my own death when a future of faces fellows men with wrecked oh, a halo shaped from self-death hears Isis washing a bum with herpes
& a bob of bone builds a brother from stasis &, lo, the Osiris-Isis gets clothed in pyramidal dog-thrones while King Tut appears to moan.
stops to foam
we have no face to own..Oh, a car of rashes
gun-girds a bed of billers with tawny trashes
& a night of glass
dons a grave of gas
i toast my own death as a future of aces
plays tarot with grass..


i harden for my sane sex as wallahs wash weepy wine from sober loss. Ah, i garden war when a dollied bud-cross bags a treacle cock inside crisscrossed
funeral whores
. when once a filthy saint craps for wards
then a dicky painter of paws
must suckle a pan of mines
& we ride from rest as bawds
bore a funnel inside a blue-bossed
vaginal penis..

here, there are eyes in mail-boxes &, Oh, here, there are wives in voice-fixes.. & sandalled belled nerve-toads get squelched beneath froggy bed-covers after cancered cummers
& we send scented rope to wiveners while deepening crayoned pinky finger-domes use papering bed-dives; & eyes under whippers strip a soapy saviour
& we drink to waxed strippers & we use candle killers; & & we burn keen towns to sodden death
eaten riflers shoot melters with kippered
evening scissor-shits.

the utterances of easy hens lay naked eggs. lo, as shutterers of peasy hen-folks die for eaten Hitlers then we don a dunny drape with fairy-legs
& a windy winterer of dizzy fevers cut all death camps in two & utterances of easy hens lay fated eggs lo, as puckerers of plumbed peahens
drive cunt out, there imbecile Hitlers will cry forevermore. once, where we rode the ilkley moors we fished for renal mermen
& a gasser on the forcing fistula of a mad game greases mamma with whored gold rains
& we arise a naked city stain; & the utterances of easy drinkers lay nudy pegs as palavers of deadenders become flicking faceless fuckers &
sally grey confectionaries with bibbed baby blinders of bullers & closed ribbed
anancee bakers...

icy weavers of wifed shakers hits pigged
pussy layers of ratted romantic rigeed
romantic shadowed radio angels..


when radiophonic forced men ride to county sleep then a loud jazzed policed forests will jack the fathers of whored bead-breasts
& a dog on dire wheels must centre tonsured meat & a well of gal-wine will toast the inglers of sweet skulls & blue blind
ogre-boded vein-shine. And, as we crack love's cover, then a bended spine will shatter just like a mined
cunny-clock; & a bored babe-crock carries criers under timed baby-bombs who cry for cradlers & their swined biddy wynds.
when radiophonics feed hemmed hens to sweets then rude vocalisers must breed after salt-jeeps & the bended bobbies of the grave
delimit Isis with blood-banded citied cock-clays; & I have seen sin cum at change of day as grimes don a shroudsail & a giddy gourami's kissed signed
tropical pisser..



the inner wives of a sad bad afternoon rot for a rollered river & lady shop-cops & venereal weather wash a bed of hawed
wintry weavers beneath de Bodies and a buttoner's cat-moon; & a button on a screen snatches belled
digital dukers whose idle spermed ives become star-stoning darling fierce storms; & i am fed to celllars inside pretty prison shells
&, o, as a dog of drillers drops a tongue then inner wives of a sad bad tune rock for killers
inside a gaol of ice, a sacrificial feather sweeps skirts from womb-shine, a burner of a shirt swallows timed baby bombs
ah lashwide dreamers doze after bodyers of blown rashed lungs & a draggler of sown guns fathers mashy minters in hanging tree-tides
&, washed underneath lard, a time of tiny lofts cause milk-taps to drown in an original hollowed moon,
& a drug of slicers dons death's mirrors & death's mirrors spoon eaten flames to a distrophy of skinners
the ark of a glad head is borne upon the sharpeners of veiled gliding drums; & a smoker's kiss weaves web-dung & a choker's hiss swerves aside young
lizard nudes
tasted, a bell of asps rings a rattler's
donny sense of cut song
we say Amen to nuked spun skin, we paw a jack with prairy plims & woollen watchers of one zillion knives collapses into bruising stink-roads
..& there is a padder of a mumma's dramas: oh there are saddlers of a fazer's fans, &, as we cry for kickers, then we slam
easy piers under cremated wax & hot hipped beds of monkey-money clone-create a malty anvilled coast of expensive visual snakes
& we shake our jackered junipers for sunned hake & the chickens in the stores .eat candlers & study how to cry.
washed beneath lard, a vine of spanglers
rots upon a spider's groan
& a gossamer of cards dines on stone


where the easy shelter of a soft mind traipses hills into blue trees then a winter's hot chill heeds red leaves: o a bodice in a veined bag
buries snow-dummies under dragged boners of bladder slags; and we are the inspectors of the chocolate spined; o, as we cut into scrag
then we will don defective hands while feeding human deaths; La: we must scatter demon-drivers across an atomising seashore aside crags
la we cup skin hectors as sentient bread rinds rope a city's lungs to a balding braddle of a wintrry fever; and where a bed of carts cuts up
uterine dream-hoppy sleepy insomnial utterances then a sun-split bedded bolster of stella spaces fills a slut-cup
with blatherers of night-lit pups...
O..eaglers of easel-wood paint a body-picture...oh eaters of seagull-wood scavenges manure..oh, we have the city names by heart
oh? eaglers of easel-blood paint a baby picture; oh feelers of sundial-woods faints for art
oh? at change of day, i have seen a moon's hearts stopping, -... Laces of crab shadow the dark, and veins move behind villages. And,
voices in vocing voc-guns shoot an arrow moon la, sottos under sea-plums use female good health for crabby missiving torn bullets; & the naked
eyes of gloom wallop cabs with suns
..Oh, eaglers of death dream of hoops as tannering stannery swallows set alight to homely mousy house-martins; and we shit on crypts as a bay of prunes swoons
and voices in eyed drums bang for a body-cock
&, slayed, a boy of cum code-creates old rot.
where wayfarers dream, then a doll of snots
drops heavenly cunny targets.

the sea-harnesses of drowny dog-piss heaps a whore with
laden ravens whose wings of pigs
prods a navel
oh, a bed of maluses sick-crowns hog-piss & wee men dig
dollars of dead cradles,
when once a sea of angels hammers hems then wrangles
ram a dotty beeman down a boat
& we lash for baby
& we wash love's grope
and sea-harnesses of dowdy dog-drowners leaps a haloic depleter of hearsing speary succulent pinnace-fur; and, oo, a terminal hotel-hospice gets fed to cocoons
and macadaming long gentlemen dangle pussies when a city on a sperm-shelf grabs cocky ticking candle-horses from pony digressers of christed jesus gas-rooms
cocky cockle wards; and eyes eat into rooms as we say farewell to eased red fig.



a blather of bad boys bags a beddy-bite under cribbed boned bombs: la, as we ride from toys then we rag after robe-rigged dollars of spended blue lungs
and once above play-times, eyes heard soft tears crying for kipped pig-pinioned siren suns; and a bonce of a matchstick cooking onion get shooting after pie-sons
and we point a potato penis beneath swerving sirens while a blather of slag boys bags a belly-bite under swigged
stone-rabbits; and at the fucking Bodies of burner men sky-mission after mien-skins as a vale of endless journal-grass stuns a baby-bunner
oh a bonce of murder christens old spun-sins with old lice and we don a shrouded mamma
once upon a mine, i dug for butter but i found jam-christs
bodies of burner men mission for gem-gins as a rolled rice rotted spy-embittered poet-angels; and a scrag of candles strips a noon-kiss from tabled
dolly weevils as, steeled, we will suck the salted fists of tameless pain while chanters sear a tree of blonde blue-tits across a baited king lear; and spitting grey pissing puss-turners
cum up for huffed bead-bummers that feed cantonments to eyeless lost rain
..heaped up days high, we find a bubbler of a baby when swift spies drift into spind weed. O, we cup a titty-tribe; & we level Aladdin under weed
~& we dribble after steeds

once aside a pea-mind, a bod of bullers bended greed under rollering body-cabinets: O, a sea of marks modelled after venal heavenly loud catkins
& a salty sea-spin muddied us with raisins & odd hymns sang all sunday long whilst we held a gun to a sabbatical drive;-
o we swore for lippy..o we whored for piggies; & oated jewelry coated love's tongue with Hermes
...heaped up days high, we found a babbler of a bed-hen
swinging chanticleer up, up, up
beneath venal vasey vermouths & dizzy daddy nuts
..we ladel a lady boy where a boney bench of christs rams a beery berry lucifer-bodice down god's triced crisscrossing jesus-judas loved mum-cats
ah, we punch for ploys as a stony dizzy christ-heist fans a fantastic body fire and wearied loverss wed sonar snows to freezing caged sawdusts as holy cats
get eerily fed to dying resounded eerie sprite-gloves wed christs to hanging judean midnight lives.

when once a punch of pegs becomes rape-happy
then a bunch of cummers rams a medusa's baby
& we ring a paved neck
& we swing for naved naped sex
once aside a modem, we rang a net with a decked
blazer bone whose eager cakers wretched
inside a banished bee-oven
& a drag of drips dreamed of gassed onions
we ladel a lady boy where a boney stench of tripes
rams a beery berry soffit down a pushed grey stripe




as we weep for sea-lillies, then we scrump for pickers of bullies; o as we sleep under drowsy flackers then we whisk deifactions under rillers of rotated helium flowers
o a bun under wheaties seem claw-cooked by apple aviaries and, oo, while peedlers rook for fatal feckless hot-cooks then vampyres of damagers get sawn from helios
& a sloane of lust creeps for feline venal ladies & this lunging mental car-crash is born upon vernal city dolls; &, la, i beaded up gold for a body beer when sirened star-bols
gangled after lonely beer-stalls; & a bedded island of fattening tree-drumsgrasps a gazing gooser glass from a funeral mull
as we sleep for sea-lillies, then we jump for mammies
o as we weep under doggies
then we leap for scarred mind-magpies
& we roam for sleep
& we foam for wheat
here, where nests end, a termitic scrubber heaps heat
under dabblers & turgid fanny-meats

aghhh an arachnid's wealthy web spins for mien & vermouth diggers aghhh a slate of figs valleys after razors &, danced from dates, we volley for rizlas as a baddy under sins
spins a renal sea of salted ape-eaters la a crash of nuts swirls a nappied mik-raid la a trash of butts curls a poppy's cute silk-raid & we hear a soft plant peeing green leaves under bed-bodied
granaries of dusts & limes..lahhh we peep for gutters when a daddy of sleep jams vines ahhh we creep for nude balled biddy bitumen
&, as we crawl across a shawl, then we abuse a kitten-shrine
...born of raised slapped daggers, i ice after weepy red aliens,- boned by peat, i slide for crabbers when bodiers of moon-deniers swallows peed pens & malt-phlegms
& a brace of wine toasts a soapy flower & a dance of grime swashes body bakers under cake-towers
venals of savioured bins build a brain-blast from swung stems, beetles of sailored bins swill a veined babby flask...Oh, gyms hanker for a fatal head-fall
& soaky smokey diller nets crawl for a cradler's dick-brawl .& wiveners of dopy killer kvetch damages blonded blab-bits with cappered killers of wretched
candle-cash..ah, & you in a venal moon must surely vase after bed-becked blamers of fatal scissor silver ah, & youth in a venal room must surely craft after stripped
dammers of fotal river pissers
sssss we smell of gism gels as we rasp for fat blenchers

these days, when a trainset in death's bed races for the risen dead, a bay of pussy hens shave a sea of sex-lead; &, lo, as we count down to crime
then we serenade a blind railed head; & we summon pricks from piles & we smash a liver down with pricked bodies - ohh as we ride from sleep then babies
enbible nudes with devs. And these days, when a trainset under sun forgotten human shadow gets made human while wetted sleeper-rides drools after wearied wiped wheels;
hammer cherries to lions & we will weep for pushed mount Zion
eager eaters of eggy lips lop old iron



odes to killers maim a murderer & we heap hoards where a limy green chalice blinds all winter-autumn fast summertimes. o odes to grey grains chop a chiller where hotel-prayers
summon a wintry-clement seasoned spirallers and where once we trot for tits, then a baby's bodice snares old iron & giddy paraketes
& we listen out for paracletes & we glisten under wards...& odes to killers maim a easily forgiven mind-heart helterskelter murderer as we reap whores where
a dizzy dreamed palace grinds horses from blind nuts
...the Isis of the killed pray to heal a sun of reels where a kisser of the filled raids riders of rustlers; & we slam on carded brakes as a boner in skined hair
slashes ivories with graves

oh once aside green tines, we sucked honeycomb where airless sex-embalming mummfying dizzy giza pharoahs kissed a wicked euphesian wearer of a owl-cat-jackal scare
oh once aside mean wine, we mashed hawed bone-wear; & we supper for sleep; & we cup a dolly desk within five lost brigands..
the Isis of the thrilled prays to heal a gunner's grease-glare, & we lampoon for easy summers & we drag hot noon from eaten winters

Ohh a host of spind winds drapes dandelions in prayer

the distant mad men who don hairy beesnests have the urban hornets by heart; o the descants of chopped children raids ant-nests & vocal crescents doll-drape a dogger under darts
& we cage us underneath grey rivers whose urban neon salt-sheath draggles after dragoons & hired mess.
when once a blood of bytes bombs latrines then a milky oven-readied semened salted seagull carries carrion under henners of descants & doom-denyers of fats and horsed nut-farts
& the distant mad men who stun a grieved grave risk curlers of schizophonic blue radios & we hit the wrist as we drop a donut on a meadow
the distant man men who don lazy hooped hens
die for easy gunners.

waspish hissers heap a herd of glass where coda grinds a ballet of swung sonar. o as we ride from wrecks, then we blind a loafer & we snapper for wives
& we zap cappers with a zipper of dead lives..once upon a mind, eyes rotated to find a pure black-out blind sleep-shaking grey ides from a treetop's wynd
& we supper for breakers
& we suffer for capers
waspish kissers heap a birdy mask where coda
grins a dolly under solar
daddy flame, ...Oh once, when a bed of rope
pulls some porn soap
then a scud of lime heeds soft dope
eyes under fearing glow for grass when flavas
bee-stab stingers of snowers
ideal odals change for tears.... Ah


the ginny boys who bend a bleachered blender hasp for dolly drakes..O, a greasy lime-lens shoots a sunny war for idols of truncated venereal blankness
ah a washer of a dude rends a leechered killer where war
widens grazy deepness with duping sadness

a bouncy body on a belled ball ripens rats with deafness la a trouncy lady lams a celled wall with darkeners & death
dragglers after milky hens
& we read roped words to bitumen
& we raise a razor for buttoned peahens
the ginny boys who bend a bleachered blinder basks for
ducted pelicans & ductive doggers of cryers crash cores
& we supper on bells & aviaries.

Oh. we wash a sun of tears when we watch a screen scream: Oh. as we fear thumbs then we may choose to cut all palms in two while jeerers jack soft madness
& a harness strapped to rigs radios after ice cream
& a widener of waxers
wolves down pictures
eyes in spent thighs raise a roman flower when grey dickers of spies craze after starry spy-hens
& a lone flag against my wall
snippers for stoned crab.

we wash a sun of tears where we summon screens
& once aside lungs, we studied gazed
& once, above suns, we ravelled where waves
parted to let sex crawl.
.a plain car of tashes colludes with cheap flashes
la a spleen of tar trashes rode nudes whose crashes
summon deathly cinema.



a crocus circus heaps trapeze around clowns. o a psychedelic sea-hearse drowns & drowns & a baby on a beam bombs a broomy dog with bastard cream
..o, when once a bridge of fire burns out, then copious dreamed cake-towns must wallah for animal finger; o & we cut spades with ringers
& we lash sperm-sluts to acrid dolly dreamers
..a crocus circus heaps madams under crowns
& we are the crocus eaters
oh we heed the dead when lotus creepers

o what with pierced sirens under two hands, we have to supper for tie-dyed car-cans; & a crooked feinted gun-bed dreams of drams & a drinker of a blown baby bairn
widens for funeral fast chases..o we will sleep for a lonely farmed sedan; & closed voices of a pistil past heaps edams where, star-socked, a bleeder of an owl-charm
sucks a dawdling dancer from machinated alms
...ah, wicks wire wolves to walls...Dunny drays sea-dress a smasher's hearts. ah, tears tear from steeled bols as dummy graves
fascinate pimps with pimpled mushrooms
o what with pierced diamonds underneath tweezing lube-porator rigging spiller-gands, we have to suck a diaphoner from cell-slams & a bone in a false neck
sands a dippy island from a swarthe of clams; & deeply doggers of acorn sex slackens coast-cuts where a nutty screw-nest
seals drays under squirrels Oh, we dressed
& then salts went down to the sea.

when out of bounds in an accidental playground, i overheard the bullies of the reaped: la, a school of towns played me where fista spies stoned my bitten body with ball-blind class-tribes
o a naked suitor of judos has a blackbelt for slides; & a bend of rope skips until algebra gets down from idiotic jeany joshers of jammed paints & anti-stormed
climb-freezed staff-scribes (& mathematics forge money for all countlessly Numbered city-slams).
what with ludo on dinnered linoeum & cakey rafters, resourceful infant crafts form punishers from dateless starry retros; and, oo, devisers of night and day get murdering by glass-wives
we have to study in the wet while
assemblies of babies glass-feel after child-smiles
when out of bounds in an accidental shed, i held
all of my erasers to easy sceneted letters Ah, gels
gum glues to easy clay
& a drawer of canny afternoons sets kids with belled
karate dummy statues.

,gassy greedy kiddy gargoyles drop just like the day
. night swallows chalk as tutors turn to clay
ARE WE IN THE SCHOOL CITY?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..
AND WE ARE AT THE BODIES?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!///



the cager of active labia scavenge after salt-fires. la, a page of a pornographic saviour lams a daddied skindy mike
& a wetted sex-valve rises from under lovers & when once we rut for guises then odd brothers, will surely fuck fawned mammas
..the cager of active labia scavenge after samphire
~ooo.. the losers of lewd hen-eaters jam old footsteps la as lasers under darksome fearers float under cafes
honeying palace-jams with the losers of lewd gem-givers jam swept bald changelings
..o,when once we earn fire then we must snip
roasted plums & vaginal apples
coded creators of junk shoots up with ript
doggy drips & we learn how to hit
canine darlings..

the cagers of active killers scavenges after blondie noses..o a tonsured creep crawls under old blathers; & we blort where roses
feed the toothless ten thousand & we learn of rot where a baby under lather
dies out & whence a swollen beaker drowns thunder then a vined bony reader
recites poetry to dolly dusts; & the crappers of instant mirrors hears us & once above madam gods, we heard old fuss
heart-shaping vales from old grey guffs

teeny toddlers will always hire hods to blinded blue decembered hills: o, easy fathers jack a jammy drill; & a son of laughs laughs at the past
& a gun of masks hangs a baby-blue body of jazzy sweetenig jiving shoe-remermbered hills

once aside of us, we learned of a sky-written torch shaped from wroughted lyon-zion-iron macadam fleet Rivers
o a teeny tripper jumps apes as guitars
swing upon red hymns
as grey gold stops, then a raven spins
~& we may well stamp upon sins
but a wife under skin will soften limbs
...& a whorled word under fire swims
just like a dizzy drowner.


ahh lost pain cuts the face we tread while crisscrossed scattered sand-rain cuts roller-space with wraithers of atomised blonded car-dunes
& a boned curved slut sucks a healthy original peanut when a laden lady whose eyes crush vascular macular slides; and bedders under runes
will widen into sweltering baby-batters; & buttery endless men spread shit upon hacked beds when we see rise the sun's
lonly lunar ghost.
whence we drive sleep then we toast idiot naked blue parties. ah as cars cry by, we dream of martyrs to de mesadenes of devil dawdlers
& we concertina under van-stuck dirtying pluperfect dromedaries that rise from pony-sails; and, oo, de sides of red screens must anchor
all losing lousy neon nyloned sea-veins. Ahh, oozers of petrol-pains get suddering high, on a blenched corpsed lady crocks; and ancthers
,threaded meal-worms to swallowing genius tape-burns while tapey naked spire-hosts must hitch a bended ride to madam Sorrow; and, la la, eyes under evil racist bigot eyes give in to shrill emptiness
and too many tit-heavy men hear a siren's eyeliner grinning till deafened. Oh, too many idiot women heed a blind mind
& a bed of christs cops a tree of laden body bakers
when a sea of shakers used god's garden
then a rose of riders
rackets under fazers where love's season
stops to cut up
too many tit-easy hens hear an eggy sky
slithering down a veiny nut
& we must suck a nut with toothy cut

The wallets of poor gods advance inside a pursed bankery blood-curse: o a wanker of sad gods sea-slants inside a hidden fish-nurse
& as we ride to death the we count on coursed
baby gorse
eyes idolise eyes Ah a cradle under sauce drops idiot baby bummings; & we have heat by heart where a murder-morse
codfies evil drummings
the wallets of poor dogs advance inside a tawsed
banker burst
o a shanker of mad mods flea-plant aside hearsed
candled cash,..
potty men must be hanged .... uh we will force
all molls into gangsters


the curly-wurly vultures who carrion after dusters have a bad buzzard-cobbby & must endure antlered termitic fevers
uh an early sea-mamma heaps simeon as lusts drop a bum on a spinning templared heart-wake; & we sacrifice dogs to covers & we hear fetes
swelling up with ice-creamed lovers. And, when we dot the dead then we shovel drapes against a gagging moon; & we hiss for forced leathery maggot-clogs
& we use a false cartoon as the curly-wurly vultures who marry messengers to wedded mother-musk; & gals punch across a fishy field where meadow-pus
peals a ribbed original from coded baby-bussed evil rippers
we idolise knighted pissy kissers. & a bust
bollocks up, up, up
& a big bad blood trophy must wither down to dust & a ringer of a lady heaps veins aside blurred lustres; & as weepers wave, then pushers of noosers must
trample down a fast grave; & a big bad blood trophy must wither down to mollusc & a swinger under shouted cum-curvers yells for kissifers while loped fluffs
keep lemons under squeezy citric lime-orangers; O, as reapers rave, then the kissers of mirrors must
trample down a vast grave
eyes inside eyes snap a bottomed bud & old husks
heel to a wedded widenesss when kinkers of crusts
cup defectives in a vast maze when
we sweep away pylons to force electrics when
odes to killers cry, cry, cry

pinkers of punched boys sweat optics under veined bled cities with bald stains..o a rodeo of christs damage grains as thunder rains
down, down
aside the stench of a balled baby-town.

once upon a drain, i overheard clouds of clowns crashing for a trapezer's circus-volley; & as pigeons seem too wise then sparrowers, within bloked canes
arise from madam seashores that shoot deniers as needlers under teenaged wasted bath-lands vampyres soft breaders cum snatching criminal bum-coffees for vultures and lost coffee.
...o, pinkers of punched boys sweat coptics under maned bayers of bodiers & brinxings sticky toffees
& a smashed sign drops from a cafe as rolled trains
wallop a tube with a daddy,-....

teenaged bed-burners brag for bits as gay-gunners
shoot a nude king henry between budders & dreamers
these soft days when teenaged bed-burners touch the rain will surely climb from men? This side of a dripped death, we bed-bust a torch of trains
& we snap our teeth on a teenaged angel
oh a bonce of pyred blood rots under scissor-sex.....
we are bound to a bouncy cradle
ah we are fed to baby-bits when cinnamon wrecks
a hot sweat-table
these soft days end. Later, a moon will seize meshy Horus-Sutekh mummy-rolling from pyramidal egyptians a whole host of matchstick daffodils


the rearing racers of the writhers whose sweet catted hounds sleep abed with nightly drifters; & dead slam on the blind brakes now
o as we supper for god, then we give breaking tomb-threads unto a boning tree-tram that services a sex-ham with evil snake-crowds
& a bone of beeches brags after clouds
...once, when we snipped a crag, we read odd old books to peoples in US cots.. & deaths rend a page from a false magazine
& the rearing fazers of the thighed & dead
peer deep inside bulls as cattlers tread

old gazy gollopers of catties & devs.

ginny giddy grass-pealers tread balling corrective ocean-seas; o when once in season, a bird under bee-psalms wasp-hanged a winged wallet under fire
.ah, we know the worlds by heart...Leaves fall, fall..ah, we know mute girls with arts...

ginny giddy glass-gearers thread pyres & we wallow under self-etherising microscopic operative bummy slashed wines; & the bright colours of the dead star-create
murderous blue statues: lo, a sun of killers raise a rat from rapes & we don a bone poncho.
...we must use a tongue to taste with & we will surely speak out where acid-kiosks slacken kitchen-mortals
oh a canny canyon in brut vapids rids
all veins from all hearts
the bright colours of the dead car-create
a bouncy rubber crock which
hammers a seed-slammmmer under lakes

drapers of dummy nunneries ape for eaten sculleries o, foresakers of mummy are wound like the mummy cloths were wound, ordinary imbecliles drop cunts down gannets. Easy made soft hills fall, fall: o we have the fatal jacked birds by heart
& we swing for sadness where bird-arts drop a dunny bone
..drapers of dummy monkeries ape for eaten barks
& we sail out to cry
la. we sail against the sky
& we slide from sleep where a bone of eyes

dies out...

these days, when a robin to itself can only fly while deaths must set graveyarders ghostly when death gets bird-free
oh a loony of the world chants, chantsd. Oh,
these days, when a robin filled with old lies
dies airborne.



they are tugging at bloodied straws. o, grey men are hugging wine with serpent spunk rawls; and a mad man in an urban nest
hits to a mons-beat; and old grey deaths testify to gloom as snippers in red malls spill a dizzy ghost under blue shawls
O, they are tugging at bloodied straws; and mind-folks open eaten doors; and acridtudes inside hipping waiverers choke hippy whores
with lemony eyelidded baby-broads..
..they are tugging at muddied stalls..o sin and mugging minds eat balls; and a boat of pure fire ignites walled female worms; O, a boy in a hall has
too many arms for use and, la, glass sees old men tugging at cunted grass.
..they are tugging at ruddied straws..o sin and nipplers sunder grey daubers; and we pig out when thunder scores
easy patients of winds with eye-wards


they are tugging at bedded dolls. o skinners spin as diced fern-shedded blue dancers roll; and a head of pure glass folds for
easy spinners of demure spoars and a cat in a hoof whips stored gabby ponies; and clickers claw a caddy of a cunt; O, fast fjords
famish fetes and buy old tins.
..they are tugging at bedded la, swiners switch old molls and a starry bike rides for bols and a baited dyke cleanses gals
o a duggy blue buggy hits gals and wytches strangle gal-God; and we fuck as women stop

dead, dead, dead. Ohhhhh
long gentlemen are tugging at jammy straws. o, swingers lend loss to shrilling dallying daled moars and a keen othello draws a
daddy of a play around Yorkshires and Northern gentlewomen get crying for a dog seen inside Ilkley's December worms
and a hill of flame star-sods a naked crow in a bad mod's
modelled honda miracle.

and sin sings in the east as bled limbs gather gold teas - fast glass rots as easy leads
clad body-dogs in red sleeves

and men are tugging at weed and gardens open into speed and babiers rap aside seeds and we splatter rugs with
scalded cauls where drips

hit plaster men with circles.

they are tugging at sleeves. la, kids are bugging bees weed; and a sky of skin sisters a bed of blades that heave binny monsters with sleeved
nostril faces; and tramplers pull rats from screwed laces..o they are tugging at la, madam moon hears
blueness glow; and salt-fear feeds a pony to a sphere and we chase for faces

O dicking dolly doctors
season fates with mirrors




men are tapping on moaning trees; la la, children are tapping tombstone: la la, women are closing minds and mad men are counting times
and a sad madness must listen to the sickness of lustives; and men are hitting red cuspers and feelers sky-split dead wine
o as jagged pitted outelbowed magic-hearses burn then tonsured grey horses will send gabblers to a false hill;
and we wither into closed gems and we dig for slashed women and we rotate against eyes.
...ah, men are tapping wounds
ah, hens are dragging dunes
and sadness fills love's minds.... & fathers of feline squirrel graves get tugging at magic straws. O, children race into the moors
o a sad face sheds clown-tears and a cave of death fears its own darkness and warpers of nyloning buttering lyon-lycra
warp for celllved biddy-sex as still born invokers of sweet tears will hereby sleep aside the fleet winged nightly dreamers; O, whores
weep, weep for a closed game-door; and, loaded inside spheres, we espied the cunts of Pan sending droolers to urban spy-dwarves

ah, suns are burning de moon..ah, guns are shooting endless bathrooms; and an old original fire-swine swoons
and cold axes cut grey tombyards..ah, mental mind-folks boom; and wet straws pull a room from east to west; ohhhhh
and emperors of sweet sex
sodomise birds with tunes


and they are tugging at claws..o wide men are seen once before hiding lips in the shopped rude glass-morgue; and a wicked winter hires grass
and a horse of prey shuts maws and old men are tugging for war; and slowed cars drive like before.
..the scurrying angels sunder soft rude pockets that lead to la, a pickler of angels stains a duddler of knickers with cut veins
and a goosey park oozes loss and an easy arch oozes moss and men are tugging at coffee-cloths
.. and where a dangerous sun-moth brags after butterflies then a dominatrix of a swollen cross has to gather mamma-seeds
Ah eyes leap under horses..Ah scribes weep for sauces..Ah, men are tugging on hearses
and roller razors cut hair

once upon a mind, big chairs traded photos for dun prayers; and, uh uh uh, i have cared for everything but died before any sense of true loving was mined.
Ohm- girls are tugging at, old scars weep for spoars; and a sea of juices roars along a vacant train; and
eyes guide a cockerel-hand deeply down in an island and, ah, as sin goes wide then a cook inside a scribe
will bake veiny cake-skies.

girls are tugging at whores ah, god's stars sleep for burred birdy; and an ancient spy of housing martin crofts rolls her blind-eyes at words
ah, a draggler of dragoons drills after planetary oils and girls are tugging at
a rended city where rats
scurry after daddy flowers.

once upon a fulcrum, men scattered salt aside bitumen..lo, once upon a nation, men splattered sugars aside pre-warmed plastic chickens
and nude pigs eat pork-n-beans and fallowers marry screens...lo, once upon a natron, gems
shattered and fed rings to hens

O, an ideal riddler of bracken
feeds canny cunt to fast bison
and neckties get blinded as
hydras dig teeth inside cum-grass
O, an ideal razor of women
shaves puss clean as rivers
end, tongue-buried in the past.


gee, a blended blondie of the endless dead sea-dyes under waxen manx-cats; and old bread gets money-sliced with painted giddy hands
and, wow, what with drivers of dog-death strapping easels across blurred white lead star-casements on a cross comfort bed
and, ah, as bad boys trip from death then wideners of curving cancerous circus-men weep for a canyoned smile when sifters send
a brolly of danger wheat to bodices of hens.
.gee, a blended leeched lady that loves death has to read her bedtime book to sex-mess and a torturer of phlegms tawses eager-sex
and a vase-littered boy on the moon wrecks all veins, all eyes, all grains and all mind-decks.

yes, as a rumpler of seizures fits under necks then a bastard in a belltower rings soft snippers; and a vaulted wife uses salami for her kicks
and a bodier of bastardisers bones a ripped salt garden where breakers of lady lips spits sympathetic bruised bloods; and grey mitts
sun-mussle baby drugs with ruddy sea-clits.

Ah, as i blow on triton's porned gold horn then a masterer of madness swallows callow men Ah, as i crow for titian, then painters of men
space-jam a homo canvass with gay children and, spliced into christ, a bonny of a pylon has ashen waxen weavers into reptilian grey glass
..gee whizz, these hard angels in their sky-fizz trammel red heavenly red-calves under filthy electra bagels and frenching porn-chicks; and de Past
and a born dead denier who rots a sand-pig wells under meat as eggs ground from earwigs parade after baby-heels. O, a dazzly boomer
enblades soft silence with an auric swooner and a bench of violence seats dad-bitten riders; and weedlers may well trumpet meat where
candleabras sink biddy beewax into salt-hair.

Ah, masterers of roadways crash for fires Ah, plasterers of toad-trades paint fat spires, and a radioed bed slaps a siren across cold tyres
and teasers of teutonic sky-alarums sea-wire a wideness of mind-pyres with naked cat-chairs and red are the arms of the gentlemen's chairs.
gee, a blortive babby statue bobs from rubies wow, an abortive daddy drinks to female doobies and a waxen heart beats to a midnight flower
and a nudity of hearthlight shows sores to towers; and, lo, as missing night crows for old wards then daggerers of hissing tights hang old children
O a summer's hired season lunches on hens
O a winter's tired reason lunches upon bud-men
and we see rise a secret brain which cuts skin
from braided bummers and secret atomic winds
and the sunrise booms like an angel in the sky
and the gunrise of cold mikes sings under lies
and a donny bed of foals sets alight to slides





oo they are tugging at hooky wharves and men, spent, are eating into skied spasmers; and a boy of death dreams of dwarves
and a dilly siren swings under loaned lonely chip-scent; oo they are tugging at hooky wharves; and men, deafened, poke eyed tree-cords
with chidden sbnow-skin that sleeps for bird and a dizzy siren swings under drakish onion-whores

oo helmets are dragged from wafers oo permits about old guns pay for bullet-flavours; and a bed of grout guts blued flavas
and witterers, drowned, drink to leaden po-casers of shouters inside clay-coded corpse-players; O, loaded scissormen slice into fever
oo radioed writhermen slice after ashes and po-po sea-flowers; and a bed at sea sails beneath wars
and a ted of trees combs naked claws

Uh Uh, endlessness snaps blue gourdes..Uh Uh, trendlessness craps for basketfuls of crapulent serpentines; and me and skin seen within
feral templers of spun glaziers. O, they are tugging at hooky waves and sprung gentlemen, skinned, are cut in two then sunk under sweet skin
oo as bed boys whine then old birds will surely hollah at the hired grave; and a biller on a break dons slaves..
oo they are tugging at blue trade.. and sin, spind, swells up like bellyful male births; oo as sad suns cease to shine then
blown blades swing for horse-women.. uh uh, magically scented fields send a dragon of a hand to country sleep; and a dollar and a pound pay meat to
widen under perspex and grey nudes
..oo they are tugging at hooky waves..and sons, stirred, use prisms for layers; and, oo, a dunny daddy dams coastal splints when shavers
and a bald bunny bait gets stuck in a wormer; and, la, parenters of war-flazers move a honey-mammy with terminal geezery pullers of marble-chasers

oo a bone of brass beats to de meat
oo a sloane of glass beats to de deeps
and a brandy bowl bakes under sleep

oo hens are tugging at bitumen and old eaters of greyed bats use sanders for ferine metal-cocks while cluckers of the original cockerel chastens killers
with woders of mugglers; and, la, gold peepers interfuse rats with mumblers; and, lo, weepers must cry awhile or else sink visions aside dragoon-rippers
..oo hens are tugging laid scissor-stands and an igniter of the moon uses sand to erect a palace in a wound; and Man,
confused, nurses nuns with wigwams
..oo hens are tugging at bitumen and cold reapers of greyed rats use sand-pans to forge meningital horses from lobbers of wettlers; and lost women
trickle down and down from edam-tractors; and jammers of green mean Lady Genoa move all sisterhoods to a rude space shaped from soffits and pigeon
delve for dizzy juice; O, cider-clams carry crazed crusaders to salt-scans; and scarry starry cock-defamers ram
an easy ram when a poker of England arise from body-boxers of pure ham

oo hens are tugging at bitumen and
crazy reapers of piggers loosen cannes

the cracklers of a cupping sea-cunt carry cryers under yonder seed-trunk and a bayer of father feels for junks and a feeder of fevers fondles gey skunks
and a mouse in the mirror sunders punk


oo sin is crying in the moon and red spunk marries naked nukers when rat-bunk hurtles down the eyes of a feather; and a melter of old skies writhes; O, monks
feed on god-lunch as a wifer of veins scurries under bumpf; and mental lies can all of catkind inside metalled wivers; and we use a bark for brides as scribes
wallow in demure deadliness; and spiralled egg-spies pierce a bleeded talon with both minds
oo. the cracklers of a cupping sea-cunt-ledge carry doom deniers to necklaced junkers; and a radio on a soft cliff chews lunched
veiny body windows; and we are punched and bastard musk bleeds for rodeos

these broken days when blurred haloes
strike the keen dead down, gay pharoahs
glisten under beds where weepers crunch
a hot shied apple that munches like pain


the largess of a daddy duchess dribbles for pained islands that eat hutches; and old war shoots a kodak-christs with coded eye-walls
and a seasoner of soap washes ideal dolls and the largess of a daddy bare-footed duchess delves for lovely children; and plum-painted eaters of oaken dizzy family stalls
appear sweet as a happy feeling; and easy whipper-mols test for gilded tree-gulls; oo, a queasy stripper uses nests for old skulls
and we dull from distance the minds of March, and we drawl from equidistance grey darts


oo they are tugging after wax when a candler on her back sinks a candy finger in her thighs oo men are rubbing after flax when a candler on de rack
sinks a fairy mirror in twinned eyes and an oaken flower swims for slides and a broken rat scurries under flour that bakes money eyes.
oo they are tugging after wax when a candler on her back sinks coffee fixers into the sky..oo hens are rubbing after crap as a fabler under rose-snaps
buggers babiers of sundering brandy-tides, and we wipe for dads as a sermon under baby-brides sodomises dilators with easy peasy baiters of lost wives

oo they are tugging after wax when a cradler on her back sinks cunty cuppy sugary puss flaps inside a bone-moon and we weep for de family when a draggler of hot scrap
hisses across blonded blubby guides
oo as hissing penile pulverises pee upon granite prides
then a magical mind-scrote caresses gunnered knives
and i deal danglers from rose-demented scissor-stripes


a dizzy pinner of swinging pinafores don a plummy eye..oo silly shiners swig oats as a widener of babby sky seizes sexy epilepsy from grande mal body-brides; and
eaters of sleepered cum sticks a candle in a cunt-can and, made blue, weepers snip bum-angels with Japan; and vagina-eaters shoot ticked clitty farms with nuked Iran
and a bay of sweet lungs cutters cunny from Woman..oo as hissing penile pulverises pee upon fitted scans then heapers of evil mummy-sizes will use twin-cans
and a mammy clit-clime carries cavvies into wig-rams...ah ah, i have told the sky before about men O war..ah ah, i have poked yonder eye when a head of gauze
came home to shoot its brains; and mentalising gourdes feed for spinnered hens who cluck as they kill words
oo they are tugging after candy-wax and peeing birds must now nest for pearls as a shitter of an easy nerve sharpens salty henned curls; and eaters of peasy pervs
sky-garnish washy worlds with piggers of dirty nerds and readers of porny pursers shed gas upon damasks; and a pleaded period curser booms inside grey flasks

uh, a bony bound bomb bricks into shits as shot mask
engallows blooded bum-trips under lip-nicks; and clasps
season shallowed riders with stereophonic bed-baths




oo they are tugging after dolly straws..oo men are rubbing after brolly bawders; and a sun at sexy sea sunders rattler dawgs..oo they are tugging after dolly straws
oo skin is cutting fever; and a sun's shore sheds hot seed aside ava mary's french-litter store;
and weedlers will always do stir; and ivories of moneys will pay for drags..o easters in honeys will pray for breasts in bastard bagpipes while hispid draw calves from
a damaging sex-mouse; and, o, a dreary star-balloon gets decked by a brusher's bended wakeful navel whilst nests spin for Ledas of hoseries and evenings in de Sun
to darken dolly mushes with easy slags and a hearse of pushes pee on straps
..oo they are tugging after baby whores..oo gems are trickling as easy moors lead evil baby-killers to lakes in daubed
bled bastardising northern blind-cats

oo ebonies in honey swing after god-cats..oo christ's ladies leap for cool cats; and a shadow on a holy hand naps a perfect angel-god that heals cats
..and this huge hired world is close at hand..o largess sky-writes for a rose-island and a beller of girls raises salt diamond from painted fans and ghost alarums

i have seen the dead at end of day drooling after dogs which punish daytimes..o eyes shatter now where greying pebblered pussy clouts dollop a fried penis
upon a kaned bollockry of burners under a plumed semester whose penile playtimes boom must move motile carrers to hissy shouts; and de Men are scummed
and, la la, a snipper of guns shoots rage. At first there is rage then lost rage?

oo spind skin is scrapping after straws...oo spun weavers tug for laughing dwarves; and a rended sun of night ladens gods with creeling adhering gallow-flesh; and kids
car-brighten cob with willow-mesh; and drivers of ballsy fairies swing after fig; and feline baby-oceans seem bright as pig
..oo spind skin is crapping after straws..oo scum-dealers drip under bath-whoresl and the dilator in five hands blinds whores; and the spun bakers of naked hooky dawgs
cartel-leash waders of rats into mud-malls

oo soundless sister-silence sings for halls oo hog-drowners hit violence as gay molls lead a babby gangster into a home of bended y-fronted urban sliding dolls
and a canny ripper raids red christs where a dangler in the emptiness of pure soft hair car-coops a gun of luds into hot radioed airelings
and fishermen of guns collide with dun gulls...ah once upon a dad-mind, eyes inside skulls shattered eddiers of sex-swine under bull; and a cower under cunt-grime shoots up for
teasers of revelries that closed a holy door

oo spind skin is clapping after string straws la la, spun swabby crapping cuts daub chapelled easy halo-money that feeds paws to sickling easy jacketting scarring jackdaws
and, ah, a rapist's angle sinks fat candlers under a jolted ashy arse that kills grey fjords

Uh, a native matrix in a flower kills all walls..and, o-la, we see now grey bawling stalls sellling animal baiters to fishy sun-mauled coddling semen-waiters; and cunt-ken stalls
inside a melon sinner whose eyes must fail forevermore

when a patient of pluperfect rage prays to the spread and dumb, we will certainly become cold as age; and the atomiser of guns shoots from an anal-hip into a fast fierce funeral canal; and suns
gimmer as stars cry; O, when a patient of pluperfect fay lungs dies for a hospital father then we will certainly noose love's lunge; and send dolly darted starlings to sleep when a rider under cum
scatters spermy sullen willow seed across a corpse of lip-gum and wheaters of sodden gallow seed scar-strangles aged mums

when a patient of pluperfect rage plays for the dead and gone we will certainly abuse powder and we must always use drums but the accidental whore who plies for rectal salt has eardrums
made naked and ruined by daddy dreamers and mamma moon. And where winklers of the sexy sad station microphones in dunes...o, as we serenade the sexy mad then a seasoner under rooms
sink buttered dreams inside families; O, the birds of rage swoon under forceable penile powders as a cagey canary's wound swipes a dollar-pound around daddy rage and mummy wounds
and, la la, a perspex never-ending periscopes urinate on tombs and, o-la, as worm sinks into ceilings, a massive budgy bloom disembodies a stinking basin-blade that cuts to the easy boom
of fascinating fussy fishy fields that star-yield cosy clit-gum.





when a patient of old bingo-mecca tramples cards with sticky mums then accusers of golden lotto-fever couple sin to gay spun sign-spinneyed budder blits; and a bad basin bin drops tunes
aside a baby baiter of gilly veiny stained bows which croon after a dodgy silence that sinks a bell under sweet-guns and as shitters use the elephant box, a cellular cellar's mad hand
transgresses to reveal a body of wine and bodies in scrams.
a bobby on a surfboard arrests all high seas; and grey grans swallow a bended sun-test with winnowers of thrush-slams; and a robin in a red-chested sea scatters pins upon a glans
and eaters of pooled romancers sweats for icy cocky cans; and we drink from cocky cans and we toast a loser's landmark whence windy willowers rot upon veined toasts and Woman
sweeps dunny riders away from easy rivers in England and a sauna on an urban cliff topples inside cold gentlemen

lo, as times grow both dead and mad, wet god's demise jacks mettled fathering jazzed feet; and a roller of debt uses god-wives to extend a livid hand to a febrile feather; and gay tides
toss off just to find the wakers of deceivers wanking pies and, o-la, a natron of a gal-boy rips skins from lips; Ohh, whippy worn stations blaspheme down gold-grits as clothes
call upon a naked hospital of stars with duffler's robes and a stinker of a terminal sea-car crashes in a lost rose. ah ah. I have seen bad men mooning at end of day
aah. Eyes have received skin as swooner of old days spar-sluices nudish gibberers under capital noose-claves

o we are the aldebarren poet-kids who feed off jizz.. o we flail as we sharpen poem-pigs that feed off cribbers and a bolted slickerer damages porn-chicks and trays
send alcohols down a cliff of stormy Mars-kisses fizz and, thundered, we use lips to lift a tongue under flaydom and, summered, we cut nude bluetits with a wintry autumnal sofa-haze
and, uh uh, a butterer of de bruised hips in red raze and widened like women, a slipper of shoed christ expands a dollar of an english dime from refractories where trams
accuse atomic bones of binding dirtiers to snared scrams; and indigo pipers pee upon windy spectators of slaves

uh uh and blue expectorants sink into a webbed grave uh uh and stewed stella ancients sink into a spun-raid; and we cry for mussels where a pincer on a lave hits
holiday hips with swarmy hair and a pinker of old trips. and, ahhh, a bandy rubber boy hisses as he jams lifts; and, laaa, a randy blubber toy kisses dean as she rips
a donny of a wound child with wicked limbs and razors
as thamesward floats the city saviour then bent crypts cradle canny sea-deals in a lady sailor who sails slits and we sail a boat in a cask and we dream about saws
and we see a god-ghost in play for renders of dinosaurs..ah ah ah. Dealers in dammy clays pelt pissers in tips. la la la. Readers of sonny blades sink a fish inside clits
and we will survive love's skin till the oceans of plumed pear-pips feed chamomile dung to liquid brethrens; O, men sit

daisy-squatted when a wrencher of ermine eats slips
and bummy damsel worms weep and cry for papers.


and what with paper helmets doing the rounds cold rolled dilly desirers will hereby eat de mental howlaround; and a dollar in a pepper swells under old towns,
and the doctors in a wrapper sign aside played signums; and a bell of burners knell tocsins witth clowns
and a radio under fire has a piss-proud tone and a rodox dick-under fire has a fatal cunt-stone; aahh, a medical puncher punches fat as bones
bear a body-bagger to a bled fields where drones
hum, hum; and a wagger in a scentyed town
wallah after guns; and wideners of Downs

sinks eaten fanny in a tree of crowns; la la la

o what with paper pelmets doing de round rolly girly peppers will surely perfume hounds and a marshy scent sinks wrists in cements
and a dolly blazer stinks; and ruined towns listen at city doors as weed sun-smolders; and a woven arch weeps for guns; O, crowds
cruise across lips as hispid whoredom clouds a bitten sea which serenades bogey sky; and

as we widen into ships then a boat in ported river-rinks swallows dread sails as we come to de sinky ports of the alive and lithe dead
and filmic seasand boys who suffer for gem-grandes hereby photograph a rider of this petrol-pissing glam-world; and
eyelids peek from fire; Ah, an obsidian liar drinks from scabby stabbers as holy lover
listens to the davy dark; and menkind suffers.

o what with paper pelmets doin' god's round
rolly pearly pisser girls sweat as they drown

and what with paper remits doing the town easy peasy pushers must eat aside a peering chemic pow-wow; and a parky city lusts after brides as the town
wees along cleft rusks; and a cakey cry crusades for easy shrieking flushes and a body-blind darkens deaths with rushes; and a filmed mind
summons daddy dirt from canals and swine. And, what with paper greenies doing the rounds of a miniature seatown easily scutters scatter-milk; O, lot hounder
tease a naked ditty about soft silks in de babel town; and a sky of thieves shout about babe-clowns we widen into ships then a bark in a can exposes slabby fingers to vaginal submarines
and a dunny mark sinks a bird into a dream
and an eager death stoppers sex with screams



gee whizz, as the sky entertains the sun then a reader of firesides dictates swollen words unto mistress scissors; and old flamed spires arise from golden guilty tunes; and weevillers light gasfires we widen into ships then sailor in a gun shoots sapphires; and weepers screw pips as saviours stun a grey empire; and a wiper of car-kits wash wands in cum; and old tyres
will always for certain smother the void with grave-fires

gee whizz, as the sun entertains the sky then a high gal-sire gets doom-denied by his bastard drunken son; and squires swell up for nazi guff; O, once a rudddy year, samphires
snow deeply down inside dragglers of aged mind-spillers; and eyes must close up, up as blind hearing kills choirs.

and what with paper permits doing my old town then a shitter of a picker has to hit ceilings and corded men, lung-scattered, dream about idiot nazi healing rude god-crucifixions
and a rogue at heart beats for lost eyes; and bedrooms heap a dizzy joke across a false chair; and minds swoon aside deepeners of de cross; O, eaters of bald runes
abuse fierce worldly words with naked blue poetry.

gee whizz, as the sun entertains pure death then I will defy deities with old plaintains; and mental sky will shoot a lunar bone as a blabberer under cold slides shut a piggy wife-killer in a deep freeze; and red lies
lilt under a libellous slanderer's sea-gun and old tithes
trip aside morons as a bleeder of a sun burns nights

and what with paper helmets dragging dun caps down and what with leper-star-lips shedding skinny pink-underground: we will entertain the riders of crypts; O, stars pound
a driller of papered wires; and shoes stamp on light; and weedling pepper pyres damage sex with crowns
..gee the piteous bellered guns of death use tocsins to fill a belfry with knelling sex vinegars; and sex moves a teeny tiny noose that spy-slams a spender in shoes;
and a terrible goose burns cold turkeys with cruised bladdy blorting daughters of midnight lightning; and cats cry for more and morerats and mice and voles and moles and whores.
and when scar-doctored by Mars, a kindler of healers dictates easy champagnes to dizzy drunken twine-lizards; and, la la, we chant for a mantrum as a fast mirror
sea-slides a dumb plant aside a rider of a rippler and, oo, as stunna of a dive launches squatters
to a laid nude world where women punch land
gee whizz, the picures of old fingers sink rippers beneath lady-writers of gold ringers of hot zippers. And when once a door-dancer dribbles from slippers
then a dog of timed lancers may well sunder for a dabbler of a caged stage where stripper's wards loosen urine clouds aside metallics and gay swards
.gee whizz, the picures of blind fingers sink pissers; and, la la, a masoner of spined creamer sucks bone and we scurry out to a deaf sea as barking stones
bear insane jazzy genius to dreamers after kissers...when once a dagger-dancer swirls aside dipplers, o where a bugger of a diner feeds across milners
then a bed of pricklers lather after fatal dillers and a binded lip-stickler daubs an ass with Zen,
..gee whizz, the pictures of a naked fotal foal are soddenly sent to embolisms in a poet's rosette; and a poet's tree slices corn from apple-gold
breathers of taut wine and menstrual clothes; and a bagger on a kerbing kiss phones pogues.

these waggering buried days where i lunched upon false jams dirty now cherried graves; O, as i punch upon scalded scammers, then a masoner of a meadow baby girl bricks in de evil boiling
and a rider of a mesh metes out easy meteors to de evil ceilings..ah ah, measurers of meaty measures cunt-crash for a lashwide maunday evening. ah ah, pleasurers of pleasures suck-slah a bed inside leavings
and a mad boy-heart ravels into swift grime that leads to killings

gee whizz, the pasters on my bed sweep damned burials under fascinating purple wastes that relieve maddening burials of westends and tocsic tumblers; O, a carring accidental God has
one zillion stars for his deafening blue eyes; and odes to glass caress a dlily doctor-cock with cunted waves that eat from a neatly pressured body-box; and my meddled mind drive lost cars
..these waggering buried days where i fed off a corpse of black-tanning republic-skins swims for mamma nature; and a whipper of lead eats brands and we arise from mumbler's hill and we paint a bled town with
brighteners of fingery turban-mills; O, as tawny statue scales kids
O, a broadener of both night and day dazzles seals with grids

once upon a sign in a blue world, my head seemed fed to pig and once aside a semen-signal, my screwed world seemed fat as fast figgers; and, made for sandals, i see now in my fat web a tree of frigs
ah ah ah. Moonish madams of a cloud fall from sex then die ah ah ah. Moonish macadam sinks tarry walls inside old eyes..
and modus vivendi mined minds melt off from messy skies as a driller of nasty meese suppers from shit-troughs; and gas grasps at gasping tors; and a medley of a mad hand has a
stranglered strange cradle for a family; O, a pasted past has a liquid head for crazy candles; and a burner in the vast has a vase-vetted soul cat for a naked meadow baby girl. Bast
builds an egyptian Anubis up from apexing pyramid-casts and, oo, as Tut flows by then Sesh fondles Horus; and flasks swill from waspy nests when a beller of cables shoots up

and wilters of wideness glow in the thumbs as death shrinks.
there are alien tarot cards here which deal dirt to a major arcana..oh, a bud of sheer glass shrapnels after buddies and flavour mana breeds with sliced bullion when a township, shopped to sex grammar,
sea-loads distant lusts with waggy vanners of driven silver hair and a vase of dust scatters fracturing flowers across fractious air
oh. there are alien tarots cards here that yeld daisy lip to mad men and eyers of fatal tears caress scarred fat as a bucky shoe in remand arises from natalisms and blood-tears; and a beddy bladder boy who's face gets
sister-canned, hits to a daddy beat; O, such wicked wolves are ripped from fanged tails and fed to a human giant; and old cars carry cunny meats to a news sail; and addlers of titians fed cars

there are alien tarot cards here. As i abuse a ouija board with a harried harridan in a latent ghost-grid, then i accuse bawds of a heinous fascinating fish-shaken jig that feeds a fork to red Mars
and after twelve pints of salmon curry, i left my home in de North and got brutally stabbed down by masoned Yorkshire bees. And my easy force feelers after a deadener's cremated family; O, a buggy in sauce
scanners after a nuclear moon and this good moon killls de horse and nordic casemented burials dig to a jackal's beat when a bird under cremated morse taps out the burials of a slaughterer's bleep; and an eggy eyed force
sunders for the madrigals of one zillion jacked beats; and hearses slaver after doom denials as a sexy dead denigration of purses jeers at de moon and lunar attires spread bedded natrons with a
tossler of tusselled meadow sires; O, we feed a cock into, god-pulled Aladdin rubs his tubby lamp as cloned crowd of hearses helter to a gun-grid that guns dummy roads with blasphemers

there are alien tarot cards here. As i comfort deaths with passions and as men, scaled by tears, suffer wrecks then grey compassion peels aside a beller of endless years; and a bagger of closed voices
yields to a skipped mind-bleat and then layer a mien with grey horses and a sickled winner of dumb sleep has to sleep all damned years and a carrious cabin crew screws sleep then sleep will die for doubt now.
.and when eagled carrion comfort has to wash bills in red-eyed clouds and when seagulled carrion sand-forts has to wash dead dick-shrouds then a radio in a wired television car switches dope to starry proud
heroic biddy noosers; and a kneller of belly bone strikes an anvil-crowd aside from alley huddlers whose care for killings wows the ferine loud and, lo, after nine pints of salmon curry i left my flat in de deep North
and then got brutally stabbed down by a caker in a park of ript gorse. And, uh, there are alien tarot cards here. As i comfort a carrion death with tweeked paints my fatal fotal psychic ear dies and leads sex to bluesy bed-coarsed
schizophrenic bruisy brainstemmed bolshy bennies; and, ah, death dies.

what with eggy rabbit dung sea-found in Munich, me and madam moon and mad Gods will shed nine years in yorkshire weight; and a dun sea wallows in its waves as Dogs
star-leash city shit to a hot bread bag when a dung-drowner delves after soaped suds; and a bellied bell shines, shines; O, and witnesses to clowners well after doped buds ah ah, a weaverer of wine shouts as she groans;
and a painted pillar under roped blood tree-buries a waxen wood in a dummy stone. As deaths drawl for thunder then rubs accuse a rainbowed grub of affixing a boney bandaged skin to a penis paved with drugs
and after drinking twelve pints of greasy salmon curry, i left my manse in the North only to be brutally struck down by a darksome baby; and, la la, snowers in de North
scar-nordify a wimpler of a rat with rabbit shitters; and, ha ha, showers in de Force listen to daddy winter as a cat without litters shoves fishy fanlights down bone-mugs.

and there was copious cum in the hedges on the high roads and, uh, as skinning slugs came sliding back home to flash their lungs then a barterer of sky-rogues sucked on fast sludge
and the granite beakers of a quartered hour seems laden with macadam and loves and a metre rule, made a king of a flower, sirens adown birds which pecker loved
babying penis phoenix; and a bedder under flour stirs some snakes under buggered strangulated schizophonics; O, a baker in a tower hisses after nights as timed buds
car-mangles easy times with a swollen sylvan time-machine; and evils inside gloves cunt-cane as willow-mask with sainted silken commotions; and seagulls in old bugs
butcher after dilly glass which scatters aldebarren shit-pots down a porny sea-spud.


and after drinking twelve pints of salmon curry, i left my cremative home to find a madam of a disembodied dick-swine cutting me to lipid-bits; and, la la la, my mind accuses the whole of south yorkshire about all of de
North and de snowing red moory dales that ravels as she travels into illing knife-grout. And angellers of a pissing RP-bride gun-brightens everything; and, lo, i have got a gun and i am coming to home see you
ahhh. Weakeners of a door-closing star cause genius to rock in a head of blues; and ashen goosy gabbling crazy cavvies cluck for an eggy chick whose bled news
cums copious dyslexic cranes to easy sex-muck; and an eggy scribe of dun truths moon-swallows angry lips with patented puss-cups; and, uh uh, we died for news


the pricking of a cock hits upon a blown beat
o suckered scissorers slice lungs; and odd meat
sinks crap into some flowers; and sadness beats
a body-beard; and wavers stride against sleep

the prickler of a crock smashes bulbed heat
the sticker of a clock stops the dead; and sleep
hardens false rain as veins cut the space we reap

ooo..sirens under masts sail for torn tears; O, sleepsodimises fathers with grails that to lead to wheat o cuttlers of fingerers veil stars under rose-heat and a benny in a blade sinks eyes inside greyers
and, la, la, la, eynes burn up, up, up as old slayers rat-a-tat on a dizzy blood-map, and dizzy pissers pee upon dunny existential slease-buds. O, excellent eaters are snipt from an anorexic flower; and foods scars
a bleeder of an fever-fix; and odes to dead Mars hardens for spastic wayferers and rode cars
and the pickling of a bled penis sheds dead seed. And a bed of budders harnesses dunny seed weed; and a shed of lovers sky-varnishes grey seed
and eddiers of a mad cunt sinks caves in for rocky weed and brotherers of sad cunt sink lays into sleeves while sirens under masts sail for tawny buzzy beard-towers when a
baddy of a blind boy swims aside a flowered cars and weedlers drown for tears as coded rivers stop a stopper with towns. O silence dies for
cicada shades and clowns; and we feed wars?

the carriages of cunny honey burns my house down and marriages of sunny ladies weds me to de townsmen; and, o dilly dilly, my mad bed sweats as mitzy parrot city-men cup neon titties
in bath-chaired vocal disabled hands; and we listen to loud lewd lounges that lead punch to wardrobes and spirals: O, lilters in de sides of howlarounds yell from sightless scrammy greying memories
O, a dunny pearl shaves gold and lies lead truthfulness to painted waters; and raised warts give head to sci/fi as a dilly cobra leader warps us with spaced out shuttlers; and a code aside trucks
sweeps a baby rose from dreary rain to old nuts
..Huh Huh. underwatered with chanters, old sluts get sun-saved by dizzy dolly porters. O, grey huts fall to sodden earth and loud gents go due West.
..oo we scry for dirty rain as rain cuts down the streets of feeling dirty; La, we cry after pain as we suck my little crouchered sugar-town; and itemisers of fast deaths divurge from de blue till maladies
appear fed from a livid glassy hairy hose-lip; and a painter of holly resounds; and a sainter of damned seizures feed sound with shallowers of dirt, disease, death; Ohh.
when bittered salt-skirt relieves deaths then clashers of merry hens lay candy eggs; Ohh.

we scry for dirtied rain as rain cuts us down, we try for easy red rain as hailstones surround a beddery family that sends old fig-pig aground and, uh uh, as we sweep de soul from mouths
then a sea of bees stings a fast beard from a playing birdy in a continental skyline; and a nympho in a street-car has an easter egg for a cocoa bonnet; and gas


uh uh we sleeps inside a star as weederers eat stella grass. uh uh. underwatered by dirty scissor-grains an oddity of veins dons family; and red trains
derail and leave behind five million cut veins and ideal eaters jackknife to reveal stained muggers whose spastic fife has to sea-stain a rivaller of nudes with lighting's sea-masks
and we are contained with lefties as damasks deadens baby bitchers with dirtied flasks
..ahh, wow wee for our naked pop-girls who serenade trampolines with dizzying ooze; ahh, wow weee for our naked sun-sleuths. uh uh underwatered, a blessed mind-skein
snips after coals as we alight a blue fire's sinking funeral blaze; and we ride from fire..ahhh, wow wee, see how we tred on gassed spires ahh, gee, see now how painters draw veins
and a coded rider of trowels drigs for newts, and, loaved by liars, we slice slander from a granite bathe's plunge; and we die for nuking badeas moddy oceans. O, closers of spies must cry?
and oodles of scarab sweethearts lay waste to dinner nunneries..oh poodles of cut crab clutters day-waste as mental monkeys revolve in purified angel-hairs; and a wifeling who sheds honey
heaps to a bled vault of deifaction; and a farmer at the bodies blinks in a cow-strewn donkey-keplie sea-mind. O, a digger for labial bunnies
mines for a gold-spine and a fierceness of ferine ladies is scar-led to a bleeder's hands and a doubler of faceless pig shines, just like a bent fig. O, kind death drinks to porn-kids
la la la, a plastic menstrual funnel invades times as dummies stool-suck a bladderwrack of a scar-scathed perspex mummy.

uh uh uh, underwatered, a blessed boat of camphus blubbers dollops donkey-weights aside fled oats that ride horse-feathers and we hear shivers and fevers when fainters of mind-skippers
sallow family leaders with tweezers; Oh, me and my dad's daisy death used a vial for a fun funerals; and tailors of pertive heart-middlers will sharpen US vents with terminal gobbers
falls to dirt, death, sex, disease; and a siren inside a killer has a dolly shirt that sucks sex shit from a whored skirt; and gas gallops for stool-tuckers as coprotic murders cane creamed
filthy dagger-drops. And Isis under Eqyptian cunt screams?
...oodles of scarab sweet-carts lay waste to dinner memories..blah blah, blabby hard sleep softens soft sleep with lamb-whites while heedermen come cutting jacketers with blood-screams
and a bed at night causes sickenss to invade god's dream and a jazzy light causes sadness to awake in a grey screen.
....once upon a mind in a cruel cold nuclear soul, dead teams
had god-dust held in belled thral; Ohh, messengers beam
after dyslexic holy train-drawl as a madam sucks spleen. And as for the whirring gizzard boy who casts strangled spells on sin a local locust in a wizard toy must kill all dicked plants; and gins
taunt a helter-skelter as a the honeys found in gyms of red limbs delimits doctored dream with chanters of dizzy coded eye-skin, and a bedder of dire eyers lams a dancer-lady with hilled hymns
and a local flash-cunt-ward walls de boiling in; O, under winds we may well weeble after dawgs when a junta under screens
shallows a haloed world in which macadam swarms latrines.

once aside a mind in a cruel canned ditch danglers for mined murderous guilty baby-boxers; and a buggy unfound in wine sinks a slinky cunt-shit aside bled boys whose mien of twine
slips a doggy car-curater with dummy sneezy nasal marines and a gull in the death of night must warden after blue beans hah hah. Dirt, death and disease fellow marksmen; streams
moon-flow unto a fang of wet reeds; and a bower's scream

slashers against hanged dweebs; and money today reams
danny daddifiers with consumate blue tigers; O, we preen?



the consummate filler of a force-fed eye hastens to a period of blind sleepy survivors of de public seat: o cold intimate mirrors suck a scabbed sky when a tawny goddess reaps
dunny flowers from mind-screens; and a babby in a pig-pen moon-deletes whory horrid glamour statues which sea-tread a summer in starred heat
..and a daddy bison on a lady-road strkes winter down with spent heated babby gun; and we weeble for toad-christs and we dance in a spy-meted blown blondie of soaky sweet-mictioning
incredible dinsoaured sky-jeeps. And the consummate filler of a fish-threaded blue-bladed balded herrings salmon-shake a rose of rivers from eagle-pissings; O, closed rings are
danced upon army fingers and a meddler in rippings murder blue cars and, lo lo lo, a dasher of a moggy mind shits upon craps in a cradlecar
and a snuffer of lashwide easy bodies grinds blue lead down to swift stir
and a loader of rainbowed growly radio sends a ship of tools to sleep
and, ooo, an alien mother caresses her carrion child when crows creep

outside this blued world of skirted demotic lady pilgrims of cat-sheep and the veiny tapestries of blown eyes deafen a gull inside world-meat and venal ferine dreams of dirtying tv slides fuck the weekends when
bloodiers of naked lancers lick against rock-n-soul; and broken hems lash after layers of droned dickers; and smilers in a roll feed aged wank-salamis; feral fascinators who drink a salmon drink all damned year; hot flues
feed a candled car with fluid tar and kiss this world behind death-lubed lesbian sea-cattlers; and dune-dressers of piss wee upon green-nudes
and i have seen the sun of clay made erect by his selfish potting sex and laden lazy liars leap from spray and wicked women die in a sand-hand.

the blown sidled pockets of men who die in zippered high trees trample daisies into dust; and cold dudes who dry their lives will come to track for loss when a keen crab in a boned beehive
encurtains a mindless cross; and a fabler under toneless eyes dream-deify the rollers of crapped cradlers and stoney mikes.

o as welters cash in on shopped shit then a manx on junk-bikes sun-poisons all female lips; and a cautioner of fanny bell-smokes moon-shield a cat of wards where a hospice under blue hype
stations a greying statue with heated horses and chalked nights. And i have seen the sun of clay made confetti inside soft delight and, danced to candied death, a smeller of skies hears delight
draggling passionate flowed flowers; and the rams of midnights nestle on a lily pond and a fascinated tower prays for de dead
..and damsel-daddies will surely swim across focal fotal bread-spikes; O as a stubby soiler spits upon spind wind then aching sea-kites crashdown inside oiler-pits made-up from mental cruel piked
sallying sodden gardened chemic urinators; and soft christs enter, from under plasticine, the waiverer of plastic pulled pudding rice
and a custard arisen from craveners crash upon salt-lead. And once upon a mind in a spread world, giddy ghastly trikes toiled on a gabby female bicycle rose; and a grabbler of mind-pikes
got cunt-fished from a boned stream and then fed to lice, and, denuded into tips, a tawny tripper of heads gives rice to eagled confetti demons that dance aside a grove-spice
and a canny killer castle craps on moany mops as diced magical manny moaned sex-snaps shit upon radioed song-dykes, and Isis men yield Ilex gems when a cattler in a wide light
pantie-pushes pealers of pled pins into bright sweat-wipes; and widening heads in cagey breasts hang from a striped entertaining little deacon whose use of god is car-piped
across a dulling cut close; O, the confused listen to miked dilly silly boys whose wedded hearts fuse a can to a knife

and a boneless noose nulifies sparks with nailing christ
and a stoneless noose nulifies parks with flailing christs
and a bed of pure paned petrol sets alight to gymy life
and a head of demure metal cracks its nuts on a midwife
and the napped wide earth loosens sailors forever.


the vast smiles of a killed God gasp for cunts as feathers come trickling a tickling mad lover with cunny fathers; and a louser of a bad mad mumma seal grasses inside a
dater of a monkey-nut; and we swallow easy brothers and weepers wash wandering rats in a strangler's piss-pram; and sugary stem-dilators hit upon a pop-disk as flavas
fascinate druggy kisses with slaters of granite Man. And, o, a weaver weakens as old faces of damselisers damming drapers of dreamers with laces found within blandy shampy shoes and Rama
and a weeper's mask gives disguise to a masted penis-comforted paedophile Venus-Judas, and, la la, alarming trips swallow dove-bombs. Ohhh. a sweeper of dreary lives cuts a canine cat-clan and
a whisperer of eerie cries shuts a feline rat in sedans and guitars in Marylands melt under brutal brigands and mentalising mamma boys who sweat for Venus
carve a dilly stiff from a damager of radio Rose; and the radios in male clothes swing to a dairy-beat. La, sea-ferragoes swallow martyrs where a daddy of wards
sinks a lesbian life-light inside dolly chairs and cut wharves, and a signal under christ-light slides; O, a babby in a buried roman wall is forever led to sleep and bald cantonments scry for de fizz
and easy cargoed family lasers sting as swift labia loosens pig; and a queeny of a razor rabbits for stinging skinnerds; and a veiny prison bone that cuts a lung to the quick caps ribs;
and entertainer to a mad butt breaksdown; and old kids undersign a losell of a lollyman with charities in coin-digs and a medley of claspers pecks upon families and fay-gigs go
crazy, crazy; and we have to peddle pus as pissy pen-glows abuse a littering glittering vase- pencil with domed days where all sexed catseyes leer from the soft streets of dark mind-
lights slow down, down, down; and dudes of pee-men prick de ragged men whose straw-filled headpieces pierce whey with vineyard snails.
and infirm skulled whales wash a dyer up in woollen names..o dun dilly scaler falls to evil racist earth as a winder under towns hits dark heavenly angelled sea-trails
and easy cargoed women hiss to a porn-beat; and grey grain sinks a swallower into pits where a barley hand rains for dilly men whose painted panting passions for odalled pain
carriess donny splinterers to misions housed in sold stains. And infirm skulled whales wash a cryer up indigo freezing mien-sides; o scummed snippy smiles swipe ashes from glided gemmed
baby-snatchers; O, a body wipe lashes gum as big ben dancers slide against four phoenix birds that sing for damselied pussy-gens
and, la la, as wicked egits crap on swings then gaying dens
will even out the easy killed with god's mindless head-swim and we sweep to a dirty crib that draws deaths very near. the lousy ingrowing snarley market of the dead and done
splashes london fires with parapets; and a weekend in Rome grows very rancid; and a sea of puppets dances for sun and a game of dancers swings under limpers and guns; and
a widener of wool stitches mamma to fingers; and sands men cry, cry, and women flow from red skinners as ribbands go blind and thence shift lungs. O, once upon a wigwam
doctored news, made stayed, crapped on birth's bands and a mentalist of graves cried for mad lustive canyons when, vased in masts, weeders danced for red crayon
o lousy ingrowing snakey markets sell goats to de bruised..o easy sin-crowing apey parapets swell up for de noosed..and my eaten split eye shines like hell as i snap my broods
beneath canterers that shelter samphires inside grey roofs

and, o-la, we must be at the Bodies by now?


a digger of daddy monks drags dearths for monkey money ..o riders of daddy junk drags birth for easy bended honey-docs; and a rapier of spunk scatters earth across dizzy mummy
and a whipper of wicked strips curves across mad dummies; and as lighter in a crippled maze uses a deadly arcade when sneezy blue-blonde rifflers dowse dukes with spinal lemonades
and, la la, as we cruise for houses we weaken for parades and mentalis feeds digitalis to grouses when raven-blockades bedevil naked peas with canny milk-spouses. O, old blades
...season for ever a damager of silks; and chalkers in trade teeter under blown ravagers; and oaken forts fuck slaves ah ah. I uttered from udders and a blue cow fell to daddies
ah ah. I utttered from budders and a fast crowd cut cabbies and eyelines sight-paint eaten daughter owls; O, druggies come back home now in order to taste disorderly tears
.Uh Uh Uh. Sky-written cocoa orders cry from candy child mars-melted ivy-spheres; and the inchoate mammy melter of madness and cool honey swells under daddy; and a pelter of sadness in money
sea-masses salty lips inside craters; and odes to bunny bag-bang crazers in a tree of rapiers; O, odes to babby swing from the limbs of applers; and a stoving bad bee
stings aside salt wasps that cut honeys from jammers. And, uh, the inchoate mammy wallers of sweet madness and jazz-guns are led to the dulling distance of old deadliness; and stars
fail as they call from a minotaur moon which sun-scars easy eden astrolabes that supper after midnight cars; Ah
we weevil after tribes as a trilby in a rose kills red planet Mars; and a weakener of fled frosts couples us wth cinema
and the ripplers of waxy fluffs river-raid old shores with melons; o riveners of dilly buff river-raids cold whores with chicken-meads and a woman going west has to hoist a sex-dress; and felons
fascinate daddy killers with lime juice and cervix action; and the ripplers of waxy cuffs river-raid cold wards with melonomas as scriveners of baby busts cradle-crave a killer woman
and a gemmy germ-bed breaks apart the towers of miction
and a daddy goat taunts bread when tawny eye-frictions
meddles with burned day then gives a shout for kitchens.
..o a wheat-rent sally scream has to ride pure rain and falons fascinate kids that masturbate and leave bad peahen veins under driller grounds and wallopers of rape-rigs
get glancing greens-grimed vaginal beard-chants; and, and, la la la, entertainers salt-campaign for draggelers of imprisoning mother-mixers
and wallet torches; and a weeper inside bled champagne toasts de lithe illuminators of salading lime tipsy screens which reel inside the red east's bulleted bead-drive; and bead-drives strangle necklace-life
and a sunny body burn that chants for Babel drags lights
from city-showers. And menkind melt for dunny den-dykes
the ripplers of waxy fluffs river-raid old shows with kites


the smelling easy shower of a dizzy grave swells up for bedazzlers of familial freeked lives; and a fizzy slave sucks cuts for a wizardry of minors that swing, swing, swing; O, we snore,
and nuclear berried burials cremate the sex in a wound claw; and a venal mind shits aside a milk-crate; and old whores snipper-snacker adown dives when a wallower of paws is
fascinatedly fed to crow-cries; and pee-pee pulls on ribs; and a nailer's shade of poo-poo flour bakes nude cake and idylls of romantic snakes reel upon a seedy corn-crake
and the smelling easy flower-shower of a dizzy bathroom grave swells up for bedazzlers of family tides; and an oceaned obolisk in bath-stores damages windmillered ties with dragonning sugar-spoars
and me and my fathered flower has to let sin afloat for a mister macadam of a torn starry lunar tarred roped tar-cat; and a daggerer of donkey dunes shoots a sonar moon and whores
rootle for crisp expensive anal moneys; and, O,we scram after scissory transfers from blood to de bodies. Ah, prams cut a beautiful bunny in a bled buggy; and old kids crap?
and the dunny razzlers of lady daffodils blow botanical witches across sunny genius foresters; and vacant carp-drivellers who stem sweet hills will stoop for a vinegar sea-highness
and a fakir in a witching hour seats dills inside yon holy madness; and a tallowed tower which collapses under daddy sadness eye-deafens dukes with pain-refexing ear lumber; O, depth
drabblers for suits and a bren in messing cries for T Rex; and a gism in a hardboard pastes bud-brides with pen-pecked mummy pillars which clothe breasts in bee-slides; and death
drivels into flued flour; and a camphors inside wives wreck easy plashes with corridors and flashes; O, once insides sex my eater of a stained mind thought about dogs when specs
fell, and, uh, down around a merry-go-town, my sweet kecks sun-staved a widower of pounds with american diner-decks

o alarmers, heard once a day, listen to lips where sirens are fuck-fed to egit lavvy soap-clays; and a minder in a tv-sidecar dulls a daddy dray with sweetex and cube-grinders; and stars
piss from a moony height where a merchant to easy rum-scars sea-dilates inside a tawny buzzy bounced boy who wanks scars and a beddy clowned mind scatters spermatozoa aside carved
babby kitchens that ease a frenched tongue under stone-stir; and whisperers don whimperers when a tawser of grey curs leash a sylvan mind to as winklers that snap a gazer's hearse and
dummy razzlers lay diamond dunes to pure waste as de feinted hearse-curse slurries under red-raining puzzlers; O, a dog in rhuem aches then hurts
a barker of a bed-bomb with pawing collar and dog-skirts. And the easy cum easy flow of a dunny girl at night sets alight to quangos of easy crows; and a giddy pearl uses night
to seize a daddy siren from salt-hands; and dolls at night send nuclear faces to a corpse of germanic hispid gymnasiums; and mad lights turn a baby on her side when a drinker of pure midnights
draggle a puncher's lift with nine fangs that yield to rites while the easy cum and easy flow of a fluid female basin is eagled to the very nines when a baker in a granite kiss
sea-silences a bay of bayers that scout aside jammy wrists and my hero sheds his ghost across my body as fists clench for bony shelves with our straight Genius Kinset EEG-IQ and hetero mind-mists
la la, eynes burn up where meshed minds mine for trysts. And the easy gummy crowders of an easten rider gather mist o easy sunny clouds that shed rain upon a facial hiiss are
fled from horny bays; O, as we glide then we use cars to scatter an eggy body across a wagerer of wasted nude; and a bed of deadfulness crosses plasterers of blue dudes
and a sleepy pit of a bed-spread pop a pisser with nips

Ahh once star-crowned, a city in a town has to let slip all candy cavas when cocoa-spindlers cook all dead lip,




the renters of dying music feed me now to a life of blue-trips la la, i am crying and my musical bed uses dreamt tear-tips; and the city cryers who ring dirt-bells hasten to lips
and, ah, my lyon caky nude who wed me to mind-tits comes whittering at my backdoor when a sea of misty, star-shovels sofa tithes; and madam petroleum has a
geesy gander grind for five hands; and a cow in slits jacks my jazzy father and baked drams within pips la enterers of circus shadow shows baby-bits with
poo-pooed pottery shallows; and a donket under tips washes her vast mined hoovers with mummy-mitts.

the renters of dying music feed me now to a blue drip and i saw a father's music crying for men and cliffs; and dada died away from dying as soft sinning spliffs
slip a bogey of a fawkesfire into a hot gusset; O, grips hanker after deadly tyres that lead to a cleansed hit and we shoot up from pelicans where sin gets ripped
.la la entertainers of a coughed world jive to old la scented winter razors shave a jelly high. Lifts loosen brotherers of sailors when a bell-rope gun-clips
a dunny demon bride for clementines and profits, and a cell in sweet wines toasts the eager dead.

o i have been made flower-naked by devs and i have been raised from flowers; and reddy ribbons rap along a petal-box and a petal box for dun gibbons
grass after potato-stashed gunny cock, O, treds skin-staple bonny eyed granny pox; and hot mermen feel up their latest drowning with maiden sea-friends; and a
saucer of a fatal dreamer rips a fotal cellar-car; and the renters of dying music feed me now. Tents bleed like a puppy soul and hurtled torn legions vent
a barnied bad boy who sinks sex china under scent and we perrfume grass with walrus glass; O, stir hips to a gaoler's jeep as a cheeper under soft curd
sucks old tealeaves from a flowering coffee spoon.
...o do be aware of all of your dumb dicking because cabinets of demure hair tends to castrate good gods; and an endless hemped piano lives where pig-Love
angel-demands a sugary sheath from buddy-muds and a dairy adjourner tries jazzlers for souless suds la la la. Vocalisers in the jaffa juices of shoe-blood
sickle-age for accidental dicker sluices and Ohhh

funny funnellers of dipper dames fuck-up shut loaves..o dotty dairy flyers suck aside ghosts as human brogues piss in a fire-clock; and merchant christs crow-slow
down, down, where a bitter grapefruited pin-rogues peal a purple pickled onions from greyed pogues while burled Moosy Master Mice trapped voles in clothes
and a dragooner of eggy spice seasons bedclothes and a marina in a toilet-wipe warms pillow-plugs.
when once this statued hand smiles under drugs then a granite piper may well ravel under bugs and, loo loo, me and a caustic ribband cup drugs
and, oo oo, men and mastic rubbed drams tug for natalisers of day, night, and latent virginity when painters of poxy boxes trash volts with gardens
Uhh weavers of brooches block a lavvy with a deviller of seizures made-up from grand mal Ma and we may well have to sing goodbye to Ma
and, caned in spreed cunt, we may well prefer a daddy of a dreamer to a bottler of phonal phone-stars.
and the trickler of vaginal sisters hordes heads under glass; o stickers under naked clisters swathe beds in glasses; and an ideal father flashes for riders as rodeo glass
smackers aside roofs under wet bikers; and the past transgresses to reveal a patina of killers; and masks sliver-crowd dunny easers of famous mirrors with
mad porcupines and degrading funeral fist-whips; and a dolly owl star-hoots for families of pear-pips.


and eveners of passive penis powers swill lips and an altogether easy sea-harnessed flowers end and a cradler on a quite stiff snaps grey hours; and writs
sign across signal page; O, crazy fairgrounds use clitties to silence beards with hirsute mammy-rage; and a godless mind-trip snip, snip, snip; and we are on heavenly night-ship, and
the trickster of virginal eyelashes hoops death-beds under a grippler of cooling spum spy-splashing reapers of granite kitts; and tits tweek for filthy sex-milks; and a sea of tundars
are led to sleep where a caddy colours thundered bodiers of heat; O, a kind daddy yells are fathers; and a boat of glass rends mind-money and lovers
leash a lady-flower to spinal honey. O, fingers flow, just like a bone-flower; and ides in a lost fingerer of greeny stately cries have to cut caesar from eyes and estrangers
and an owl under semen swils shed-derangers; and a bolt of brass sweats in female-pockets and
an anal deep canal shutters puss inside England as the trickster who lays milky tea-seepers to rest hits for piano-killers

the rider of comal liars leads a dolly feather into canny evil drivers; and men suck on fever's nudes and easy bodiers bounce, bounce; and gully truths
sharpen hoops withb hoses; and we raise roofs as a bay-bitten bobbin head caresses coded newts. And wee flows like a flower; and a dammy scoop
scoops pulled ice-creams with family soap; and gally idiot familial human cunt-sheets will surely washing some chinese darling; and a seasaw under creeps dies aside islands
and the rider of comal liars leads a dolly flava to us; and dirtying dollar-headers pay for a pounding noted biddy bank that hammers hot red feelings
and a body's burn soaks up inky pantries when

odes to ideal Britain pull on sex then sex ends.

the doctors of distance weep for cicada men..o proctors in recusance sweep for cider-men..and a dollar bill in busted treetops falls for a wealthy fever-blossoming
ah ah, a dogger on a sex-drift drag grey semen with two freezed hands that lay loves upon a dizzy grave where dead mourners eat cum
O, old boys grieve for long-lived grandmothers and chillering hashers shoot a skinning tin-pan-alley; and shot suns fall from solar heaven; O, a cat under lungs
leaps to a sonar soul. And dirtiers car-hum; and an easy instant indian saves us all then a yogic iced surprise will tantalise chickens
,..and doctors o distance weep under graves; and daughters of violence cuts easy waves; and, la, fishermen of fishy woman engraves
eaters of curved lions with hacking fiction. a sad motel on a remote cliff has to sun-ship all mad horses to emotive slitteries; and odlers of fluid star-ships
soften easy trains with issuers of naked lips and America heaping stools upon mannaries; and a tawny towel buzzes in closed ropers
and a sea of hands layers glues on waters and sad hotels cry on a cliff; O, forcers deafen dotty sea-providers with divorces
and i saw the roads come between us and i senses a vein-toad crying, crying; and aires sky-bites cloud-written crying; Ahh, human pears suck an aphrodisiac of a ceiling from snares
and i saw a god in a flower shining for bears; and eyelidded dogs glow upon a lost stair. La, once upon a life in a false world, cutted tears
marry model drammers with drinking ear-gear

a sad motel on a remote cliff has no sun-ship
la, a blinded nude hotel with a hiss swells for
doddery dashy damsellers with filthy cock-war
oaken aspen rigid cold dick seizes mind-fear.


mental mind-persuaders peer into filthy troved holes ah, scented body-bathers peer into dirty souls; and an ideal eater of Japan dons a tart tie and a model reaper shows a penis to the sky
and a hotel-heaper shows a pinnace to tides while oaken aspen aspic tummies feed dun eyes; and a muted basin-bunny breaks aside eyes
and idiots that shine for cunny eat sold slide..Ohh, once upon Friday, Saturday's brides ride for figgy winkers that wank for a wife; O weepers have to grab glass from dead life
and an opener of crab-casts shooteths christ. And mental mind-persuaders peer into giddy poke-holds when scented body-painters shit upon ripped minds
and once upon blessed lime, a shop of souls suckled guilty pigs with one zillion bathrolls; and diggeries of kind ribs cause Eden to
sharpen Eve and Adam with bible-blues; and painters of mermen fish for old shoes.

wow, what a deady sirened life to lead - a patina of the killing plants the land; and a holy family gets sapped by greed. O, once i had a devil in my two hands
and, yeah, washy with shanky cell-seeds, a crooker of a mental prisons jams out-of-perspective sailors with outellbowelled fissure men; and a bloodied land
lends faceless flavas to sea-sawn moon deniers; and a bud of drams washes an outelbowed face with romanisms that plead for beery suds; and rolled jams
jostles across a plumed stiff that suffers Mnethna's indigo violence. O, trams caress city trains with both loused hands - Trainyards end in capsizions
and a jacker of a fotal stoker snaps a poked giraffe inside messy anal-lessons

ooo it is good to die back home. I have never idolised a tawny life because a tawny dizzy life has no homely fatal prospects? And, la, a buzzy star-force
widens a wicked mass with musky breast-bubonics; and a sudden eye-horse delves after juicy bum-women who lace under trecks as a gosling of a purse
gets deeply robbed from veined hands; Ah, a belly of brassed bells enhearse salty serenaders of dashy daisy radio clans; and a gassy gobbied cloud-curse
craps into the wind as a painter of pure poverty dies out leaving lessons aside a baddy blower of a sainter who is paved with painter's money. Lah.

the painters of pure money swell up as they sell insidious oils la la, an idiot inside money swells up as paints daub chinese oil, and a bed at booktime swallows sluts; O, divas on a cliff coil
just like a howlaround in a graven canvas cut; and dogs in soils sink, sink; and vestal navels that leads tarots to eye-pleaters moil in a bonny of a blown maddy that hastens to the skies; O, oils
sink slinkered marshes with dreadful string; and crowing foils flicker round a cock. Ah death's din dare not sin but spunk-spoils cummer for illegal snuffy clock - found inside gold toil, a
jacker of a rubber man molds postmodern flecks inside a hard braddling bone-beaker; and Aladdin is god's cat and dog-drives study exactly how to die..As ancient pennies stain rat-rides
and, lo, as cuppas snoop for a beer-root, men and macadams may well play dead while a breaker of poots pierce sod madams
and i rise from evil sex sleep to find that the buried are alive.

the suffix to a fiery sex has to ravel into romantic eye-Ides. o a family of easy mess has to ravel unto dead blood-tides; and a monster in a wasp-nest taunts sex mutts as dogged lies
lay abundent city-waste to flaunters of sluts and eyes and a sill of dirt shines from a bedded window; O, tithes gjve alarming salt-head to eagled pussy shadow; O, sky
scissors after plaits; O, studded poesy maddens wide blue-brained baby oceans; and weavers of wept wife gun-washes sunned badeas which leads to a letterknife
and the painters of pure money swell up, up, up; and puddy pie piss rots verboten gravies into crude V-Cups; and pussy salmon-shies
deceive the lost and gunned with proved sluttered sties; and the markets of the dead sell green glebes to wide winter-summering bed-bread; and i have rode from lives
and i have shattered blood and i have roared on cries
and i have pawed a panging pusher from wards and lives
trickle as heat trackles into sperm-sleep and gay tribes
la la,. Once below my mind, i swore at lunatic dives
and then ghosts grabbed my home and killed all brides.


o and i washed my hands of Judas, - O, nude crypts were crying on de Cross and the lions of eyes soaped a beard down to a baptised knuckle..O, Loss
lingers in a naked chapel;- as lotions leak, then may we idolise love's horse, and a pleasurer under maples sheds sunny swooned seed upon de Cross
and, ivied with fathers, a bloater of a belly fish flashes for forgetmeknots, and the gilling chickens in hired winds washes fistulas inside green gorse.
and, once above a buttoned mind, i sensed my egos glow like heaven; and dusties driller from under me,- coastal bends that sup upon Bethlem eat trust
because, slain in memories, accidental mental frauds fish inside red dust; and weepering windows fold and a purpler of pissy pens sign for dust
and weepies unfound in souls slams a hurtler of a hissy pen; and dust signals a woollen reaper of cola cans; and hearted pussy pens use dust to
write along a dottered motor-motel-man; and ivies sleep for swept shoes?

o mad rain cuts the place we tread- idols under lichen sup beer-clues..o mad pain cuts the roads we thread - idols under kitchens snap screws
and, la la, i have seen fire and i have seen flame kicking at carrion broods and, ah uh, eyes are nearly wired to visual deafness in midwinter sleuths
o mad rain cuts the space we tread - idols under miction cup titty-nudes o sad gain slits a throad of bread- red dolly crucifixions sunder truths
and me and madam macadam sally sores with blinders of old noosed body-brainers; and a cunt of ice widens whores into vales of smoothed
massive amazing mastiff stains; and mad rain cuts inside our screwed canny adulterated candy candle-carvered cradle-vice; and deaths move.

a daddy of a deer to a reindered race of invisible dazzly fawny thumbs ahh a mummy sphere falls from lace and divisible draggly orb-thumbs
sinks a feather-dish in an invasive cervix-cry that feeds babes under a callowness of fever-disks and mental dunny minds; O, we use melters
and, o, mad rain cuts the place we tread .- Idols under kitchens sunder dizzy statue-screens that shut the eyes we hit; and ignited dizzy slumber
knocks upon granite cats; and a dazzler's fawned clit uses easy thunder. o and i washed my hands of Judas.- O, nude lips were kisssing de Cross
and the ligrons under seasand smelt like rude jesu-trips and weedlers lost; a daggerer of diagonal pyramidic concentric circles to widen under moss
and weevillers just have to kiss sun-moss when wearing venal veinous muddy cusps and a damager of cabs hires a rainy rose from an evil citied town-bust
they said that i would come back home to find my father turned into God
but the soft times when i came back home, my holy dad was dead as bone.

these easy times when i wash my soul in summertimes as long girl-hooded gentlemen hiss down a broiler of hot umbrellas and sodomites
and these seaslammed gems i used inside lovers hurl rings at the rain;
and i have layered my veins with venereal fathers and i have lashed a leopard to a wolf and my mind is staggered and my brain shed feathers
and my spine crashes as a fox inside a gulf scatters vines across the mad earth

these days when i wash my soul in summery wintry times, my kiss-noosers get tissuing manxers from bled births; and reed-smokers get murdered by
kissing erectile madam Lie; and these vanishings that float aside wild seasoners wizen under caps as teetering fanny skeins
sear a sodden mamma from gold grain; and fever swallows appled grapes as grave raised in rivers rummages under a sickler of sods and smilers

there are livid layered eyes in my head which seize
a rabbiter of rapists from a body burned at sea
and a cabin for compass has my cradle overturned
and me and madam mutterfly have crashed in a fern

Oh once below a time, i saw four seasons burn?


the faceless feeders of fractious female electra mines dig for a sea of gold; o faceless rivers ride to sleep and eaten minds
swallow gas from souls, and a daddy on a cliff trickles under old robbed sea-clothes and a foot in a dead sock sinks under hands
o faceless feeders of fractious female minds drag darkness from paid rain; and a godless mien listens to the sides of Spain
and a collonaded skin glistens under clisters and an ocean's hand jams urine with sisters

these days when i fill my coffee cup, kissifers heed to a hermes beat and wash sluts in scissors; and a bed of perms irrigate salt with waters
and a shed of sperm wallows under blind slaughters and the faceless feeders of fractious female minotaurs get horned through by doctors
and, lo, i dig for a sea of despacers: o faceless fondlers of fractured body bines will hereby surround old pissered baby vines with hills
and me and my daddy shadow hisses under rills

these days, i fill my mouth with toffee and spill a waxer of a thrill with lampooners and grey gills; and these easy times when i wash my hands in rain
delve after laughing, these sad times when i wash my feet in rain delve after rasping girls; and a scissor in a whorl slices ice from Spain
and a leader of a girl spices mice with earls

these mad days, i lay down my bird aside swirls and a hen on a bridge swallows coda as worlds sink a summer seizure under willows; and
eyes idolise the easy dead and skies centralise easy bread with weevil-sands; and i have seen the dead come home to play for a
footsy of a soul that leads the ladies west; and rammas of silver space-aliens come to damage eastern cosmotic vans with easy wolf-drams
and, oo, these easy times when i wash my hands in rain delve after dizzy pushing repeated colour-bird-worlds that may well put the dead
directly beneath a dagger-ribbon; and me and men and idiot mothers cut salt-grain
..the eastern vein of peace where i saw my mummy cry heaps aside old rain the sadness in my eyes and a hearse of water winnows under city's skies, and
ideal reapers of fever wallows under neon wives; and eastern teasers of rain hurl clouds across river-wee-wands. O, i have seen the dead come home to play for dead hands
o i have entered bed only to find that my soul has plans and i weave from bread the madness under aged tans
and the eastern vein of peace where i saw my daddy fry heaps aside gold rain the sweet madness in my cuttlered rooftans
and a dolly on the dust drops actors upon riddled wines; and i have chosen to fall from time
and odes to ravens arise from oldness and crimes
...i have seen the dead come home to pray for dead hands
and my head swirls as fingers cut milked drams
and me and my shadow sears dirt with easy lands

i have sensed, at change of day, a new moon inside of me and i have wrenched at sex-clay; and my mental sun-sea shallows men as weepers cut graves; and my scented dream
hits upon veins where moontides close

i have seen the dead come home to find a tomb under cloves carrying comby curriers to naked gods in a pictured rose and men and mental lovers noose gods as easy olden clothes
drop kecks upon twelve floors

i have sensed, at change of day, a new moon inside of me
riddling easy puppets with trays; and my mental wife sees me
crying till the dawn is done
and me and metalled guns shoot a hooted owl and sex weaves
a dazzlered mind of suns that leads thoughts to weed



the sadness of dead summer straps suns across engines: o deadliness issues fever and i have seen, at change of day, a rider under perfumes
irrigating saline senses with boned deaths; and madness melts in the moon; and sadness pelts a golden room; and a night of pain
sallows eyries with eagled city rain

the sadness of dead summer straps suns across engines; and a dizzy deadly mind-gym dollops tramplers when
a body in a swag bag buries brine inside odd children
and my knife has no point
and my wife has no rhythms

eyes pulse as they burn and skies scream under women; and a mummy purse pays for bloody venal money; and a daggerer under clay craps upon red monkeys
and, uh, when we widen then we will kill old children; and the dawn of flavoured stalled sex-deaths has to harden oval gardens; ah, swarmed eye-mess has to harp for oval garlands
and a dog at sea summons death from ova when a dragger of cat-seed snaps a bat across greyers
and my nine eyes pulse just like a beard; and o bully breeders wound fatal tears; and me and gaffy greasers gallop after piss
and the dawn of sex-death has to harden oval gardens; la, stormed at mind, a splitted grind kisses loud lipsickers; and a daddy swarm cries for mind-tresses
and the dawn of sex senses sentinels under dresses broadening boars under napped screens that rip
radioed wet jazzers from snappered screams

the dawn of sex-deaths has to harden oval cream
and me and my lesbian shadow craps upon dreams

splintered, a massive jacking hammer has to heal: o, murdered, a massing jazzing lammer has to seal eyes under roofs; and me and my mind are steeled
inside a blanketed body grind; and the dawn of my sex-deaths arise from summer; and the storm of my own death prises from thunder
and a boat at breaded sea sails after old drowners..o baby builders brag after slams and dialling human cluster-clisters swallow gilly vosene; and a mad sun under sisters
snarls for loud sweets; and a babe of a river has a daddy drawl for all men, all minds, all cars..
..splintered, a massive jacking hammer has to heal..o, mass-murdered, eating jammers summon wheels; and i watched the turning wheels of a naked blaze
rotting inside a hot cold evil ground; and eyes raise

codas from cicadas as baby of islands kills days.


a great gulf-load of wine washes jewels in under ungent bed-stools and a baby on a bridge fellows crosses as gold slaughters
snap a buried nut across the moon; amd a car of ice crashes for high noon and faces inside glasses drop dropsy across rheum
and a soldier-master shoot huts with entombed baby basters
..a great gulf-load of wine washes fools in porter; la la, a barking boated mind blorts when mirrors melt inside a bathroom smell, and oddness shivers
and a minor in a child-mirror digs after riddlers

splintering, a dolphin in demure rigs see murder rising under torn purdah; and a kitchen's motor draws bonnets from riders; and bolted breakers
bang inside donned liars; and folded cat-shapers dog-create daddy seals with twinned rat-bun-caker failures
and a great gulf-load of wime washes fools in doctors; and me and body-brine cry as weepers falter; and back home now, where criminals reap fathers
i eye a deafening copse of elmy blindness becoming human then swine. And there is a changeling in my mind that sinks all mad ships
and a bell in a bone chants about rats; and all mad ships leer under a drome and rollering ramming eyed reason
slips a candleabra into goldness and dark mind-seasons.

there is a changeling in my mind that sinks all sad lips and a cell in a stone chants about cats, and soft micks serenade blind sulphur with spooling deaths and hot clits
derange an evening in the moon when jackers of dadda-cosherers lead feinted jewish-Gods to sweet crisscrossers; and jahweh crusadea after laden gardens that feed jays
to far-out holy doctors. And a sizer of sweet jam jazzes for a pig in a peck; and a rizla under sweet land smokes a mental eye-wreck
and the dummers of the weak storm a swollen father. o a blinded biddy boy who rises up in the face of death dragoons after baby: and the lighter of a devil desk

drops to scarlet knees where mental munitions rest a drabbler of harlot beads; and an emoter in a blue mounter lung-dilates a mindless poppy-cove and a changeling in a flower
showers massing seas with buttterers of burning ole oilers where glad moon vixens lead berry-breakers to caterers to childish food-powers
and these are the duggy days where a midnight fellah necks a singlet of a spermy necklace; and the cats in a peck utilise coved fingers to ram the feline money around us
and a bugger of slimmers feeds lamb to mummy and dust erases all of the coast and coastal choirs cry for lust
...there is a changeling in my mind that sinks toed clits
crashes: and the data in a soft spine chatters for tits
and a blender of a blind moon binds deaths to old crusts
and we bake a butcher's cake with two cleaved hands.
..the flava of the bloody month fries cows in sirens and the stapler of the dead cries in crowds when sex slams slayer for a milled mind; and a wife of a bastard island
suppers after muck where a rivener of a dulling hands chop down the illers of a razed sword in a bin. Rams race across ocean fillers as a bobber of a blenched band
star-pastes a stella loony to eye-robbers and frosts gather snowflakes as men amaze iced boats with loss..

the weeper of a silent guise raddlers after a green cross..the reaper of a violent life straddlers after a mind-cross; and a radio wincher straps curves across a head-cross
and a stereo waster digitalises bad birds in a bed-cross, and a fabler under fever melds sad curs with death's hadean blood-cross.


there is a changeling in my mind that transgresses faiths with spittling life-shakers; and the sallowed eye of wraiths roar along a bread-chain; and the hunters of blood lace
stick a puppet fire inside lost lovers and sludged ape lace as the pool of sainted female gentlemen is minted by lake-spreaders. And hayricks raised from importunate meadow-squirters
touchdown then scrap a town of killers; O, blank dirt sleases after loud tasters; and a leotard in turning drops a naked fleece when spacers lightens into fire the babbler of the faeces that star-trace
lunar banquets; and a robber in a screen sizes multicolour. ...these ankled biddy days i have made my very own with a changeling in a car and the smell of red GaGa chemic loaved star-piss
and stakers on a dirty grind in a cellar of old cigars must rid a cager of a filthy soul from tonsurers of a naked blind-vase as strandlers feel for matchstickers and de smoker's ice-arse
a canterer of bleeders. The apsis of gold thunder rips for tangential body men and writers of london teach the poor and wizeners of red hens teach mad dens on the wards
we are torch torn by spires as we tongue away swards. we are torch fawned by pyres; and funereal bed-sores saw inside a lyncher of a gal-squire; and easy swarms
serve after picture pinchers who sweat under prawns; and the disabler of the tears weeps for deleted porn and the car-taker of tears sweeps tears under spawned
gobbly gooly lashes that perfume eynes with burned giddy visal crashes and, loo, low fat dimes spend spermatozoan party-spurt; and daddy's ashes and high fat tenors swing to worms
and an insidious maggot smiles within cellves in hard tears. Urns shaketh; and vast vase-headed tree-dials telephone emptiness
these sad days when we pray to an blue Isis occult may well soften now for the midday moon eats nothing but salt; and the bearer of clouds rings across blinded vaults and
these sad mad nights when we pray to an even moon will surely snapper spleened graves; and evening's bang star-skelters crappers with shaved hands; and edams
spool into girls the end of de world; and pissing prams sink donkey feet in the spirals of death's world. Clams scatter dolphin batter across a watry birth. Drams dam
sleepers of easy scotch with damagers of human clans..o once in a salted mind, messengers to spoken waves strangled stocking wynds; and the lips of chemic graves
storm a mastic castle with aged corn-trips. Ah, door-trades
shufflers after spastic muscle as a craker in tea-trades
suck a summer whisker from benders of dying slaves?...

i am a wet boy when I am sex and i am a dun boy who eats sweat-scans and god is my romancing devil guide ah-. Purple pealing pee feeds skin to wide
weeping draping wives when horses heal halving fathers and men end, and I am a devil in a caped gem?

Gals taught me about the sun and I am a scattering sea of dumbs and Mojo peals my prick as angels land facedown in a tree of ghost satans

Lady love is a losing hissing lover and I
am exited when rivers kiss my mind.

AH MEN!!!??


chicken may well peck at sparrows o dirty pits may well egg in de gallows and the farms of light slaughter meadows and chicken boil their feathers very dry
, i am whoring death now and eyes eat eagles as birds suck sand-scanners and I am warring wading woman made from
soft charred cunts and Lovers lead Lesbians into a salty span

Fleshy felines feed familial females and skies spit twinned ties and males
meld milky maps with veins and veils

guilty geek gods grasp for grass and nails lead lost leaners to a crossed man; and I am a tree of horses and I am a
Mad boy made from bees and waxy islands ohm-.

I kiss ice cold as tongues taste men.

loud chickens may well peck at dunes. o filthy pelicans must fish for de moon; and a carapace of a cocking sea-child
slaps a dummy mule around grey noon..

Yes, i hear a sea of tears
yeh, i see a tree of fears
lost dead kissing birds
and, o, when once fears
grow old
then cold songs will sear
burned candy guns

where whored guns leer
then god's cum will
feed dolls to city light
and neon bairns must light
blorted blared midnights
and digging deadness
delves death for kindness

wavering wool-men dress
woven breasts
lathering gold-men press
weeping death,
and holy sin suffers swift
roped sanitised
killer bells

... And we are at the Bodies.

nude chickens may well lay baked egg
o rude sun-graves may well murder egg
and my minty mental nave has to dredge
heated melon eyes from racist fay-deaths..

La This side of a billy can, I slap slash backs and Keen cool razors: this side of a vein’s hands, I cap cats and
raise radios from lasers: when once pulled pigs pull on pepileptic seizures then fitted red weals reel after
eaten rifles and the deaths of hereafter and, rocked by fish-vans, as veiled hearts dam titted tom litters then
starved sons splatter silk

The slutted shits of a shipped death will send
Dallied daddy sauce when
Rats rape de perfuming ladies....





these endlessly chortling days where i laid my harness down sea-poke dinner flames with a hair-grave; and chicken towns toss a teeny tonsure into pled fire; and a wallower under crowns
strides under chappy towns to find all dreams riven with holy howlers; and a musical heir swigs from jazz-brawl as a frozen sea-town
trackles under masks when a greying geezer of a soft clown has no eyes to circus-paint; and sirius in a tooth dogs after dead gas and eyers eye for deaf saints and faces fail, fail, fail; and sounds
fill a street-bedded star-car with lunar-sea-sails; and my town hisses for conundra as a sweet car crashes upon fishy ground

these endlessly chortling days where i laid my harness down is dune-affixed to hurlted poesy-plaids; and a woman under fists is led to a man-netted gravy-glade that leads chickens under wrists
and renders on de blue run shave fats with crucifixions with lips and a dangler under grey nuns slap a pig-fig as munching ole kids breakdown and slurry-sleeve ancient gay rib to a boned Mars-rig;
O, as we nuke the long dead bomb then we summon frigid frigs with gentle gentians that revere guns. Dying thin sane ovens dig a dollar and a dime from a long failed english pound; and towns
trickle down a sticky toffee thigh; and sex will never closedown?

stickers of saddening billy men advertise drag with old twigs. Deathliness comes to us in a robed face-guise to find blue lids lathering; and, O, once aside of us, a human in a crust has to rid
a robbery of signs from signal eyries; and mad children gun-give easy heapy winky weepy fuck-funerals to crematers of blue tips and, la la, masoners of muck-headers cement pigs to toad-trips
and eynes, postmodernly burnt, brags for Lent then kills hot hips
once upon a glass grind, i heard of webs then span a spider-slit...

And an eager sodden soul that edges ebbing rainbows under horse-shit looms across a budded garden; and a fox under crows eats shitters and a dauphin of a donkey dramatises vinegar apes with dog-shit
and, la la la, me and my mental dolphin-car drive inside a nut-lip and, ahahh, me and my periodical cunt-scar crashes on lewd tits eager sodden soul which pledges after milk has to sodomise with bummy cagers in the bright moon's prison; oo, sullen slippery cabbage-drips dig a donny hospice underneath eyes
and, o, sudden drippy kicks shove green petals; and spied eyes weeper as they radio-whimper for aliens and their rubber skies and a spacing pricker man sinks a flamer of fear whence skies
slacken de cock-killed. Devilry drinks to loss when easter eyes
widen for dippered cocoa pinks; and we wash ticking ashes?

once endangered by purple urine, a swiper of tripping tod veins comes burying bitten hearts with a chemical dog's tail-stains and a massive doom denier snips grey pentacles from dead veins
and the dogs of rain yap as they bark; O, users of dead trains dampen trainyards with Noah's heart; and bended root-champagne toasts a tom-tail-tit with spicy farts; and sexy shrill windowpanes
siren after bladder boats; and geezers wank with keen stoats and skyliners cry for sky-scribers and a gallower's shank strains
from maggot latrines where a nuker of shallowers use sands

and eager sodded souls that edge eating rainbows under clits are here and now riding under rats; and a mazy wintered slip schisms under dames that pull nicely apart the dreams of bummy ticks;
and a lemon soul for a fast cat fascinates mice with flea-flits and a melon mold catches bats with dinner-fangs; and bee-bits
bang upon bunneries when eastern wigs face-paint gay flea-pits and monkeries in droolly nunneries ride for eye-saints when tips shelter alca-selzta in movie-manes; and a boner in hearted hips
mashes to a blenched beat; O. A witness to stovers drops kicks.

ah ah, a bleeder on a feral cat-track farms fitters of england ah ah, a flavourer of a ferine rat-crack farms pissers of men with evil idolisers of bladder sap; Oh, we yearn after england
but blue-bursted britain stops cunt-nap and odes to sticks are blaring on bruised radios about canine caps and stinking calves and weakeners shaft blades into feline tacs as pinking scarves
navy-shroud a blued isis revolt that bleed tapping milk-cars.


an eager sodden soul that pledges pusselled pussy papers to ripen under Eden must scatter poppy seed upon britain's bruise and Aladdin shakes his gold-lamp when dog-demons cut noosed
blathery bed-hangers; and an architect of god's suck juice sweeten sirens and swagger for a kitchen bod; and cunt-moose molds a cagey figure from a fingery ginger rod as cock-brutes
slammer a rifler of a handstand with levitated dummy flutes.

benited by bummy men, i see a roman cradle fiddling dukes and, star-tried, as wisdom crawls, a daddy of a pissing mute magifies birdy beacons with trawly nets that stink of fluke;
and a magazine on its slagging sides sweats after spunk-puck ahh once aside a netted hagging tide, braggers poxed spooks and, carrot-crammed, an idiom of wanky wept holes root for
dangerous lifers who comfort god's maul; but gods use whores?

the twirling trashing mentors of a mining mod mind swelter under cascaded pictures; and blue-bunned buttery wines washes easy crockery as a tidal fissure in minds
mows a dicky arse then dies, dies, dies. Old wine whispers down five winds when a bleeder's mind scalps ogre-iron with nine winds where skin flows
la la, a bendy buddhist christ hisses form cat-crows and a naked busher glues soft kisses to rat-snows

i have jived for all too many hours; and this human living head-show has to listen to false voices for hours; and crows caw at huge spires when a cattler under bedclothes
cupa a cunny cut in bandaged strings; and red snows scurry from a star-hurrying sky; and we daren't die?

the twirling trashing mentors of a moaning mind shelters under flash meteors; and a bed of brine gashes; and a bay of pure beers pours old wine
la la, a giver of graves tarries after rolled brine and a sea of pure sleep drowns in dreamt minds
..eyes have lied for deaf visions; O, red grime is sky-found; and a town of prisons shines for fistulas; and a dawdler of a clown pisses under cut wrists
la la, a god in heat lays live young as cobra-kitties sodomise veiny venoms with coded easy ships; and, dead within, i sigh for salt as sugar-slits
suffer croney hearts then pass into god's grip

the twirling trashing mentors of a crying mind-piece swelters under flash river-walls; O old minds melt under cash; O, velvet stalls sell mines and
a weeper of hash puffs upon jays as remands hurry dirty potty boys to guns; and as we ram a pocket-camera down de sun, then we will ram
a doddler of a cunter with sugary river-hands

eyes have had dead visions; and a bridal can gets widened with knife-prisms; and old gougering india-rams sink blue buddy horns under bruising spicy islands
and we weep for Father and we wail for minds and, oo, as we sail for fever we abuse divine burny buddy rock. Dying may well fuse disease
with bunny bridgers of blood rain and unease. ah twirling tappered sphincters wash for leaves. ah whirring slappered splinters have to relieve

a living ogre scratchman whose wheated sleeve scoops icy macadam from carmine cold deeds; and the slain deeds to my home have died out
and, oo, slayers pissed on my home; and drought spills soupy linens upon fat chromes; and doubt
scares a midnight lunge with softening shouts and ideal female husbands will lose sex tricks; and an ivory aeroplane cries for hanged ships

and a daggery dopey tribe dies, dies; and tits feather-titter in the dark when a vanny blue-titterer swings for a twitty semen ditty. Oh Oh O-la.


the twirling easy paper which sodomises news has to hasten to a fevered friggery bum-thumb. o an ivory major melts under guns and old news
sinks an anal wreck inside female cheese-lungs and a cunt at night trickles when odes to news reads a neon fable to heated rivery sun-scum.
ah whirring cardy planes fly after mouthers..ah hurtling candy veins cry after grey shouters; and a bed at night shelters porn inside drivers
and a creamy lemon-head licks aside micers and a moosy maiden cat catches sea-rats and a molten vermin latch opens doors for a
belter of a sex-spread; and odes to easy guns may well shoot an orange glassroom. Inside a portable death, me and my flasks drink stars
and a model mite shaves fleas from grey cars; and a porny pint pees for weed when mad bars serve pig-shits to beery vast weed; and cars
are fed to tawny tashes; O, a cartel in cigars may well shoot an piping orange classroom or else cunt-fine an expensive moon with a poor tobacco pulse

the twirling easy patients of a gigantic red moon move dizzy beds from dealers in titanic bloom; and, ah, an idol to de dead shovels sweet spoons
sunder spastic thumbs that bleed inside cocoons..o easing patient waters swim to drown; o, tubular human tocsin-towers scurry off from chimed desks that bend a babied boom
in a candy cradle that falls, falls; and easter tunes swing to an early xmas beat; and cosy mindists swell up from idiotic mind-tv as candler's grinder
swills banders from ginny vodka-manglers; O, as a bodyer of braziers finds arse in pockets then a bastardiser of labia may well shed sweety rums
and a cistern in a dun bay sweats bladder stews and, once chosen, a chiseller of mental blues is sent to raider's growly hammer radio. Old kids fizz,
and a floating statue drops from pillows as pigs drapple for dappler's darkness; and old jesus crews slather for nests in anty deadliness and gold screws
treat teetering tummy troat with coded cat-dudes

ahhh the whole wild world owns nothing much ahhh the empire's city girls know nothing but fuck and as we inhale cod-stink then we will fuck up
damaging damsel engines that boom under fucked gobby ghouled period-towels; and catters of sluts mess all bedders up with men who know nothing

and as for the whorling faces of a dizzy market town may we now poke a farmer's tongue at the vegetable moon? o as for purring lace, may we accuse womanswear
of diddling a sparrow of a skirt with purple hair? and when a gallower's noose-shirt splices air then certainly we'll ravel down a flower; and oozing men
skiddadle on a youth-town that leads yolks to pears as de working aces in an eggy seaside town come scambling by for four poesy-waves inside dooby menswear
i have founded wavelets from ebbing feline clowns; and a bed of sails comes sailing at my focal sides; and a shed of nails comes nailing mess with ties
o once aside a bad bone a studier of fossil thighs layered after dated drones; and i will seize eyes

and as whirring stasis snaps space-wind then i will saunter under craps till tractive women die.


we swagger after mushes when dad's dresses made men lean. o we stagger after thrushes; and a daddy-damsel uses spermal cunny-codes while a budder in the penile skeins of slewed
sex-angels; and screams shriller to a slaughtered flower when a daffy in a rose-gun reams endlessness from mummy flour and flanny eggy cakes; and lubes
sear a summer seizure from scouring easy eggy bakes; and nudes sun-circle dilly sweety stalls with blown minds and sugary tastes and, la la la, as weevillers weep for ring-wirrms then grey pastes
must extend a chalice-arm to riders under firms; and gay waste glisters in de archers of balmed fivers and idiot eaglered dudes; and as for pearled suitcases, may we leave a mine to digger?
lo, as for catted perm-cases, may we convict gals with mirrors?

when, once above a massed mind, i saw a teeny dabbler's comic liver spraying jeery hearts from waspy wynders of humane killers; and, once above a crashed mind, i saw a dreamy drabbler's finger
stick a dumby spent spine under painters whose earless canvasses slid upon a leaded stroking godly ooze. Ah, my permit for masses led a fainted sparrow to a seeded goose; and my anal remit
bags haggy barrows in plastic coops; and my birth was flaccid; and as for pearled suitcases, may we leave a mine to diggers? and, o-la, as for swirling faces, may we live in side lost pictures?

well-woven, the sun i used on its heated back layered stars with skulls..o city-frozen, the stars i knew looked down aside a world of old gulls and a baby iron slid inside sad sleep where i dined in pure demure darkness
and a sallower of body lyons struck blue peat from sonar solar madness. And we swagger across false marshes; Ah, a deviller on a sofa cuts sadness
and a boner in a cross crashes a lamer inside a reveller of sudden deadness and we slept out in a car when we cried about split shovellers; and foals
gallop as horses fold from ecsematic pylons that bleed after closed crows

well-woven, the sun i used to own has come now to frigid ovened space..o, biddy-broken, a tasseller of bone bends under crowds when grey waste weeps after seepy tea-tanglers; and a boney buddered cloud guts space
o, body-opened, a hustler in dromes hits to honey when pythons under waste
rivets us to a daring bath-day when a magical Magi leads christ to water.

we stagger across fast marches; Ah, a deviller in loafers venomises goldmen ..ahh weedlers farrow for arses; Ah, a leveller in sodas drinks to the old and, never and ever, as my country girl rides to sleep, mentalises will shoal
after daughterers of dunny day and duking eyes. O, as we open into souls then we scar-tangle memories with sweetening lies; O, as we grow old

then, Mars-coloured, a crazy english pipe whistles down a secret soul and, ever and never, my mental irish wife whistlers under easter molds; and, la la, my familial shadow sinks bedding in a blinded harvest moon
and, o-la, my family's gallows sinks bending sin in glamourous cartoons and, oooo, a balded bed caresses evil pinks; and fingers burn tomorrow?

cell-woven, the sun i used to stone has to cry now; and teary sorrows must hit upon sex when a drony drowner in my town salts tomorrows and i know that you that you've got to die and i never knew my body?

mauve ashes swirl inside a dyed blonde cruise; and creation plays stock-dead?





venal slumber wrecks its wet bed - as a light of issues tissues deaths, then caged-in spun sun-souls
stop to light old women; & a bud of roses furls around kicked
river children..

when once a stem of love hissses then a blithe beast will suffer clothed misses
& a tree with wings ladens after
vaulted mother,,

o swirled summer snips cats as bunned boy-ghosts hit to a hispid beat. .. Ash wallops coasts
& a hen of meat slices Ash
undernetted, we pee when wheat
topples inside London.

o once below a mind, we daggered for roman doctors. o once outside a wife, we suppered for
eastern daughters
& a bud of wine wallops juice, &
warring welts wan fingers under
cold sand...

when a bag of canines walks thunder then a bell of rainy lightning-drams tastes female toasted sex-clams- O, thunder
drops flexed storms
& a bonce at furious bedtimes
swarms where hot beads unwind...

& once below a mind, we will scan
dotted swarthy rain- Ah ....and we are at the Bodies..

caverns found in kitted towns resound under false play-sound; & an evil Medusa cunt hears towns sea-slamming
inner spies; & shaven gardens peer outside
oozed flowers...

when once a pig of peace rides crowded snap-crows then blue crops will sufffer eyes
& a bog of brass
slaps mental copper - La.

as caverns fall to sleep, then cars
crisscross a tree of killers
& we dance, dance, dance
& we died in a German trance
, O

Widows of napped meadows
weave spunk from rude gallows.


raised where razor-high poetry reads dyselexic junk then we glow under old pink-spunk; & an open blind reader will jump
old books.

we have huddled in a brook o we escape the papers & look deep, deep down
at a wordy city's illiterate clown.

& a boncing biblecase drowns
& a bed of thrillers scares
bird-blinded chiller mimetic slide-drivers; and the plummy pissers inside stone use a sweet gashed table
of a blortedbody's blisters blush, then baby bumping cot-carries old sea-bone

when once a talon on a ward groans then a grey hospice carpet
will wrap arisen sex with droned
catty creators...

I espy a pissed hive. La- where
dicky dippy curves snap glued air
then we must delve life's dust- dens
bedim kids with factories
& we unwind wounded kvetched

dog-dizzy breast-naps.... The benders of the bad but small dedicate a poem to a stolid hall
o as belled fucky dev taunt cauls then a diamond sol of soul-cords
must race a false devil into grey dogs.

& we have espied peopled shapes shovelling cats under knives - cakes cut a sugar screen
& a town of tribes tars dippers
& we cup a cut gun...

the vendors of the sad world tape bun-bitten stoved stale modus vivendi musical-waxes
& a noddy on a stage uses hate for widening opera-combs inside
bald balled hair- As men cut down
blue cheesed curls, then strippers
prance just like a killled kid...

Oh, we have seen strange dust
dappling ratters with played lust

. ..


the bullies of a grey world hit a lantern lit apartment & a stream of gays grapple
when, locked, a lynching clod cuts old sea-rent
o a bay of kids craps where old ashed chapels
send rude herpes
under nude hard leaves. This side of loots
we strike curvy keeling solar roots. Under boots
we don a shroud-sailed girl
& we wed the rain....

the bullies of a gay world hit a bitten ointment & a case of Eden wallops cranes with fairy hands - Oh, scent
stoppers carred coves & a baddy in a wet den
drags soap for five seasons....

I have cum deep inside my heart as eyes have punished sleep with slowed louse-skied dog-dammings of bled sweat boxes. Men
don evil shelves
& we cut celled bricked bells
the shoppers of signal wine sell a tipsy road of funeral cashes to clashered binary needlers; & we will stack whoring trashes & baby
must weep as she falls
adown a steely cotted swaddler's hall
diamond drivers drink dapplers when
we hawk after photo-broods

a wooded wet skulll has never had it so good - haah! as a delicate spunk doll dreams of geese & bitches, then a map of blood
will send spermed wine to sleep o a baddy of the sun's sign dons doll-sheep
& a small dirty cage
wanks a blue burn from a city's age.

o & a bomber in a jacket sucks piss-paid directiore of dobs & blonde british rage & a diddy dog-dazer
drinks from red-winged digger boozer...

this side of a burn, we hire wets to entered
scalpy scaffolds where
we bee-line wasp-strung beautiful stairs
& we climb a whored meshed cathedral

& a wooded wet skull has never had blood
made so ruddy well
& a stopper of selves drinks vineager
& a pullied piss-pill pelts pobs with God.


what with easy galleon men ended then a brawl of pigeons will ascend blue halls
o what with easy pig-penners ended
then an ashen fast hack halters grey
stink-hooded dolls...

where once an apple child's lay inches intimate riders then old naves
hide a hilly hispter where
limey lowcut crocuses cupper graves
& a bled boy bends from his
concreted sullen child fizz....

uh, what with fishy faces played for starry vaginal wards
then a bollocked bud burns boards
& a milky statue succours bawds
& a bed of flavas
shall not be known till infant wars

sup a candled sea-pipe... Ahh

this side of a blue gun, we scar
old scythes & bruised mind-ma
as for the hoodlum in petrols, may the clasped birds swing for apple purple heel; o as for a hoody in a hill, may the vast wed herd
sing for maple moon men
& a flask of ash will pour ale inside a swerved
fished netted sea when
eager patrons of bees sing, sing, sing

when once above a mind, we heard gals gagging after stripped staged marble, then trowels sink a spunked hammer with
blonde bowls of sheeted strung wetted kids
& lordy lovers shine just like a neon plug-pig's
indecent divorces.

& as for piped stoves & the miracles of hidden oven-dudes; & what with petalled cloves & pinacles of
ridden rosey nudes
yelled youth & dining rained bowed Love
must surely eavesdrop on the tangy dark?


eyes under eyed lids shut a cream-cart & a visit from the musical moon will start instaneous mirror-fires
& as a bomb of fuck fixes kips with arched defecating seizure-fires then a bond of rizla-spires will surely spark
a dolly of a fermale riot?

ah a kidded mum-lidded saint suppers for blenched bleached dugs & a Teresian winter-witnessed scaffolding sperm-tor
& we will sunder grapes
& we will number flowers
& we will sup a screwed box of hours...

these wived days, weeds will empower
telephone slashed lips
.. ...
we inhearse a grave...
we gun-force a city...
once above a city mind, mad men sear inside a mitching ruin. la once inside a stone, blue men
sear a dock of rain & as a bed-box bangs, then pain slashes red skeined
body screw-ins
when once a bell of dust drags luminous inhuman bells, then horsed knelling cells hear crags crammming sin down boats
& a bench of glass cuts ropes
this side of a mind, massed dopes drink deaths dry..O the nudes of the dead sex-spill balded schism-mastiffs
O the roods of the red sex-fill blonde spastics
& as a robed sea-head star-swills
blind natives
then we listen to impossible rain.

& a bed of kittens carves hills & a shed of loud allotment tongues locks a lip astride a fist; O, mills
shape clocks from wine

lo, the lubes of the dead sex-spill kind candy peaches
& a bowl of lice ripens when
closed handlers suck leeches
from beachy bent rills...

Once upon a mind, masses melt under hospice padres. And, o, once inside red wine, asses swelter - & a bud of babies
bolt nuked flown flowers to
candied soft phlegem. Crosses
co-create a closed world
whn once a bum of ice curls against a pearled sly-world then a baggy emerald will
strum eaten glass
& a car of fields drives grass
deep down
under salty cock-crowns..



once upon a mind, masses sweat under rampaging garden-graves. ah where feathers dam drays then thinnning squirrels
lash moats to hordes....o, gods they said that light was star-raised from timelessness; & we answer under God's
hooped death.
o aside to a liar, we entertain blown pleasure veins & a bone under fire cuts crude hawed ariels- O, sluts
shutter canny seagulll where rain
cuts a slowed face.

o aside to a spire, we sun-stain blind doggy azure..& a sloane under Africa-Asia sees catted hewn lather
rocking where domed bees stings false Eden...

when once a hand in a clock rams a dick in a model arse then renters masking a scram of cocks grips to wode of pure sweat
& in the wide wodes of sweet sweat napes coffees from sweet caffeines while tea-bodying wheat-meat theft
hammers grey lions as we snap a shop of cakers..

once above a mine, we dug for dilly coal, as a star of wine drinks for silly roman ribbon pits then we will wrench a dun ward
with shandifiers of gilded clisters; and, o, once above an English dime, a gallery of evening hears coded transfers filling tears
with midnight cock-spears.

once above a wynd, we drag for billy cold decks: la-la, a car of swine drinks to clawed free-road killer cab-concertina demons
& we ask for cemeteries
& we suffer old memories
& we suck a quartered flower...

O, a bench of rock sucks dust
& a bill of silence
hangs an oven-kiss where dust
cleans sneezed violence..





* o a slaying sallied sun of sin snips a keen rose: o a praying dillied spin of loaves loads red transceivers with
grey deceiving winds
& a dizzy daub of sin shatters
old whippy windows
. .
when once inside a gun, kids scuttered under wept drums then a sea of craniums
mad a naked knicker from a
patina of dirt
& as a lunged sea of skirt
geizer hands

then a bed of narks saw hurt shopping navels?

i espy the world we weaved
ah eyes redouble as seed
sucks a salt shirt...


this side oa a nut, we scatter odd human raisins. la a bride under sluts will hire a heroine under a hill
& this side of a cane, deaths
shutter pelts where vagrants
shit outside the town

when once upon a mind water-forged a blue faith thence a godless altar had coded wives for drapes; &
eyes will sunder slaughters
& dived sliding skies
supper for dogs as ropers
cut serious tiberian doctors....

& a dog of milk feeds lust & a clock of pure silk tells a tower; - I am dust..lo I am death's musk &
dillers of dreams
dig a fist under ice-screened
thebian rogues....

this side of a cut, we scatter sad subuman stains; & a benchy bounced capper
will suck a moony midge
& a ducky will cut ribbed
rude frenchy pigs
sufferers of fugue fix figs & we drool as we see ribs
dining in the dark- Lo, kids
shuttter schooled stalls
& we are caught inthral
with naughty patients....


this sidling summer where god's nation laps a buddy from a caged eye-bird has winged laughter
o as a bed of thunder snares love's natron then a bully's father
will sweat in a poked box

& this side of lovers where god's station
rips a brolly from a curve
has liquid minders....

once inside a mind, we saw a bad word weeping, weeping..Ah, as ashen sleeping dreams of evening
then our tattered sine slashers a dogdazed mine with
hard stones & emerald screenings

the sadness of our city sons will suffer sermonic panzas when blue-belled beezers lam a fishy feather's
yellling school-failed children....

there is a crashing coronet for children.. ah here is a lashing cigarette for coded cold-headed pregant women
& a bod in a brain must suck embolic
& we will stone our plants as emetics

season slips with grave cunt.. Ohhh

we countdown to naved dianetics
& eat a mongrel power.
o what with water under wind & what with cancer on our mind,
we must scatter rolled birds where lime
sails against roped sin
& the siren breads of the west swim
when, roached, a sea of spun winds
flag-beat a gamma grave
o, once inside the day, we hear night gabbing slits from shit.. o, once outside the gay, we sky-write
dabblers of pigeon-lips
& we will shin us up a ladder
& we shall pins us up against lather

what with rats & cats & mothers & what with enclaved sand sailors, we must ripen down the dead.. .
sphincter-slitties suck sound as
we cup breasts within robed rashed
lady gloom..
& lady gloom fell from the moon
& we are left to smash cartooned
carton cored
mirrored blind mamma stored
oven refactories...



o we say Hurray for the distant dead and we pray for dirtiers of mixed deaths and as a a cud of hurt covers grey divans
then we will glow around the strickening folds of foals & creatures
there is a sea of hair which writhes inside the watered skies; o we go on holiday under eyes
& we sail love's pinnace
back home, where a crow's cries
darken all rooms....

~- a keen curled child swoons la, a screen of rolled wild country-scythes slice a wound ; & sacrificial dabber of
moneyed mists
raise a rubber fist against Love..
the ribbed originals of the human dead spread shit on heated buried toast; & a slap of piggy bled sea-dregs
drag a slow lake; &, uh, once a bowl of coastal sails cried, cried
then old patters of plume-butters banged a cake-walk with a droned day of difficult dry lovers; & once upon a day, we abuse god and,
la once inside a grave, we will surely cuss all kind sea city fevers; & mad body heavers.
heed caves as vaginal teemers
trap a prised sweet cusp's
body filler....

Ides under onan onion tucks
gay rhuem under
cloggy swooned suck thunder
& weepers yell like thunder?

we must abuse a basketful of faces. o,we must fuse old baits with sweet mused eager stasis; & as a bowl of jam gets sex-glued
then a smell of foods
empties all truths.

the distance in a mind hears crappers crying; & a napper's spying sun gives raw-tribes to de smoky father Jo..

o we will confuse all coffins
& we wil cremate bad bins
here, in our dead world, we
suck city bends....
joke for killers.

there is a sound of self-sex and the sweepers of belted belly-texts suck along a fading sun & a bun of flowers uses death
O. the cemetery of melody drips for dummy dreamers; & a sweep of dreamers rips dummy mirrors
the poems of the high encrypt
cunny code
& a bud of life
loops an oven round a fire
& we live for Christs...
la la la..


eroded by giddy cartoons, a baggy bean boy brags about missions o, once coroded, a bladed bunny museum gets shown to de cold ill
& a bench of bends over-bites the dead & the dead punch ribbons.

where a bell of bodies shaks, then human bread slices white money; & a woven wife sucks bald honey...


the benchy bubble bodies who lay down sweet red rain ram a face with beaten rollered sky-grain; & as a doddery dog-nude
smacks naked veins then a ripped picker of the true
fasts after repeaters & a mask of molers face-defines wicked asexual underbellies with claspers of voces and bedded head-illers
& a clasp of volers peddles
soft sundered dyed keys..

when once a pole of pigs digs pylons under Hymens, beery blown specs will stop deniers with blinded vasolenes; & pecs get
sensed by startlers of swiftness and delved sown sex while superstores hit lovers with aphonal mindless glass gasolenes
dribble & guilty drugs
drabble after curdy hot gloves

o a radio in fierce rain rubs lockets of dunny silver; & a faded bonny burn shivers
.. & i have idolised the dead whilst nine zillion bitten spider-eyes have wedded life's Leda-swan cocoon to Anancee and amonites
& a sloane of pure wives sullies a bad bone where rivers
raise a slum
& benchy bible babies who skewer heaven's cradle swing aside god's meaty nimbler tables; O, these paging numbers i have understood
have come back to taunt me; lo, inside my mirrors, i have heard me shaping solar darts
& we will dial the dark while gilded urban dudes come rendering ashy porn-polecats from golden spiller parks; and we rush aside wood
and creep from a raped chair. when once upon a mind we seize leaves then a bag of lions
must succour after pylons - O, old knees
tilt just like an eye
& a cab of rages ramps inside bled sky
these pageless covers i have underkillled
slap a busy hyrdrant
la a brolly's thread has drunk gold rain
& the rages of the elephant
uses a mind of God for a trunk - O, pain

peals an early plum for a kidder as spunk
sheds sweet seed..


where gun-plaited, we star within a dun flaxed rivery space-bowl & a bomb of hated weed cusses clamourng hearts when soft sin
describes doom deniers- & what fields to be made from a lamped soul can only loosen cavernous apollo candy. sweet stories are
read to failing creepers & a bog of clits swells after
bummy boys who
leap a rabbit from a close..

where gun-sacred, we stir sin inside our swirled earth; & once upon a mine, we birth

& birth whirls a caned car when naked movies
collide with fished dreams.. Ah?

once above a time, i was dead
but now i am abed
with love's nughtly dreamers.
as when i am asleep with the nightly dreamers then i salt-scent keen passion; o when once a star of heat salt-reaps vaginal women
then a bro in a cage licks locked rage - Uhh - once above a bride, a well of cold age
moon-melded mad mamma with sheets & we underswim a room of creeps: uh we thunder-spin
easy gossamer where a owl of sin
snips a crocus-siren...

the slavers of pure gold trade a sky for a breaking forced war & a trampled fast vinyl pizza-ward rocks a stone-store as hot bearded flash-flowers
craps against the ginger winds; & men and dogdayed piss-minds gnaw
ploved silver gardens...

as when i am asleep with the nightly dreamers
i shall deface all thoughts
o me and mad baby swing inside corpsed
killer radio
& jazzy killer radio
hisses along loud ice?...


& i will come overjoyed by the sadness of your toys
o i will pull a dolly from a drum
& i will play cold dead
ah men and ashen demons dram against boys
& a spired old garden
severs christs from cardimon- la, locust-beds
breed blonded creatures from
spun glass special sea-guns.

the bandaged rings of the american dead shed plowed flourines where a cagy indian head sucks a balled genius mahatma daemon
& a skull of war sweats inside a star-metal's radioed televisual cunt-trestle.....
& we will cry for heaven's dead kingdoms as we will arise from death's demotic sunny sweet son; & a bell of dames
must topple tears under bright bad babies & the cantata of fathers.

we layer blue lacquer with hursuite veined
rubblers of nude papers
- ss, the nice nights of reined
horsed heroes
laden dramming junks with closing
meadow person snipers



too late, after midlife, a ward of diapers dips muck-hit inside a wet mother's killer-skirt, & fathers wire rosed noosed breasted shirts
& an ark of dusk gropes for cold
bodyless sugar lovers..

they are waiting to gun-roll
pushing peeing pillows

c/o grey petty bitches, an ova shaved from towers teases junk with eaten riches; o c/o grey petty midges, we slap sexy sun-flowers
& the doctors of sad spinney itches rock aside a roped girl: o c/o grey petrol, a pelican of pearls has powers
floating like an island.

when once a pool of pealers inches grapes days deep then a bowl of peaches
raids a wintry curl
& a bed of gas cuts a curvy razor-swirl
O? oglers of eddied one-night restaurants snarl a fast fed sea cat as eaters of emptied sun-ripeners use solar grey-haunts
slap a deadly dinner at
a crashmat where karate kills the jaunts
of oyster killers..

& a bud of sweet brine begs for cold dark dills where an eaten billy human dry-stoner date-jams
jumping choc-clamaties; and eyes drink a ginny egg- Loud hands applaud sex saucers; & a bellied bump of dabbed cans
a mandatory fat face that gut-rams jellied over eaters...

they put a pot of stock down a blade
- they put a bag of cooked cock
aside a filled moon, O - we are shaved
from candified razors.....


the taj mahal is a tin can....
la the swine of sex is dammed...
the edge of Venuis is a
sea of scrap

eyes reach out  for a dullard on a false beach



the issuers of scrapped neat sky-spirals snapper down a bent braid across tawny steps; o the kissers of ridden wet lays
canyon features under the bled drum of confining brothers
& i ride from shot rain. o a girl of fury must suss a dreamer & a treated life has flashed fathers
./ & I will tut for teenagers. Ah, raiders tuck tIpplers inside night; ah, the pissers of riven sea-lights
lam a dodgy writ
when a fantasm forces wed tights then we pull a dog-din; & a bulb of lions plants a bright catty canine moon's
presented crescent where sin
swims, swims?

batters of blather shapes four
wide wived winds

a baddy of a blind body bears sweets outside a washed world. O a biddy of a saviour's girl reaps mind-illiterate sweety seed creeps
& a dulling dense day of loud silly curls will now crusade for a cloud's
deep cotton whirl..
we scent a wise whelp with a daddy swired sonar earls - & a bad car carries vans within jet-jarred motored catty urine
& a baddy of a blithe story will lam a dyslexic eager red hill's

old grass men.

the daddies of a dined dreamer weds a mumma to a cuckoo cosine; & a coast of caddies shivers for
coded salted crisped wave-wards. o, the rabblers of slipped sea-wynds drinks to a daisy drunken human towelled mind
&, ashen, a corpse of wax grinds easy beary honey-clothes
o. when once above a mind, tears teased red giants then a slide of pliant baby beers
bangs a swift lager-mine... & daddies of a dewy cut pigger plots to maim
all earth's porn seasons. la-..

we dance nude as shot deniers delve after country christmas; & we tell a song of festice sailors as a drowned bark-beast
hangs a wide turkey-chicken child & we sing after god's saviours as a stinking child slams some bully feasts
& a bud of rain bolts sleep to a whored cold arboured starry boned haughty closed children

when once we swing for young sins, then we must beckon beds to flower
and if we sing for good sun-saviours we must cane a rook's graven carrion owler; or, if we get distended by ravens,
black-bearded old feathery blue roads must mark men down with heavenly dicky marzipan
o a dogdayed drinker holds odd hands
with crazy canine rods
& we plant a dead flower as old suds
sink a dilly in a bath.


when once we enter into oiled picks, then coded cavvies cry like a rat's hood; & a bay of iron raps a radio when
we mark men with chinned chicken. o. i arrive back home where a god has healed a holy hotel-moll; & a bust of lips hangs under Love
& we enter saved salvy drugged diners of false death; & we willl mark us down with washed clams & lights will sear hard hissed
aqua natrons. And, as old timed infant soldiers lays rolled guuny graves then a bob of blithe city serpents shoot
a bled bowl of wavy cops

o as yon yapper yells, then codas grind paper wells; & a bed of lions hears women arising from city slapped meat-silos - Suns

strap wheat from false cells
ahh, a cut of sleep eats shells
& mad kids are sent from bells

& a boggys byte of PC mud knots a spermy knot where, dammed, ladied slots sup a plate of sin-rots... ..
papery pulllers of
pissed pled gloves
drop fans within
purple jutes... AMEn.

o jumping odes to jazzed jackers jolt a mindless easy dancer; & the dizzy disco rose that swirls under blue ballet hits fat
fascinating cradles of spun saviours..o we dance under roads as we listen to a ball-room's troved toes
& a bitten pirouhette of pure fire canes a sweaty stage; & danced dizzy rage taps fires; & giddy disco struggle cuts robes
around a tippy pyre

there is no candle in my bed.- rosy royal magnets eat the dead & a bone of silver spins a bald bill under my
heroic city crowd.

o jumping odes to jazzy fathers
jumps a plane as
massive attackers crash feathers
& a bodice found in trash
trunkates keen hash
then a puffer of the world must
tickle a town of mashed
slowed swede....

there is no angled angel here
ah- we dare not find the dear
hairs of hooky families, but
we shop till we




& what with ringlets round dizzy fingers we will yearn for gilded nights; o a slap of rites huddles around quilted caterpillars
& a bruised memory star-grasps for keen family
o. when once inside a mind, we saw head-christs dream-igniting solar summer life then a ward of iron rode around
capped sea-drakes; o. & what with ingots shaped from mind-sounds we will learn of liquid seasons; & our gay city has urban rooms where hetero glass
leaps closed cabins. o. there is a blind tale told to Man about spermal wine under bruisy iron-tables & an old story of foals has Man deep inthralled where
bouncing babies breach cruel hair

& we dance up from a high-chair..o i am in love with god's big hand .o i succour lost islands. & as a dulled rider raids the distant true earth i
squat on the mud & burn blue toast while the stricken curled jams of roasts spread some dilly butters on bright-headed bastard cake-guns;
& we ease our lever dicks under torn toes & old oats.

o i am in love with god's hit clam
& i delve for sickening cold drams
As a ditty in winter, we freeze green dust inside cold leas; & a vapid bodkin raises soap from oily children; & a cat of Pan
stirs rats into water - Ahh

we will supper on lard...oo we will fill beds with stellla holy shaking bee-bards; & we will ramba after coded angels... Old Laughter

rocks our tears to sleep when
ratters lay dresses under pea-hens
I am a close to the real moon?
wended from a demure dud daytimes i sweep soft leaves under old-branded money-graves: ah a vacant zoo-zephyr whips de Mother
& once old whippy worlds adhere to entropising gold-veins an aged molly in a drum caresses meteors of silver trains. ... La!
we widen as we soften after martian mandolins; & a fierce sunny hymn holds cars deep within the a plucked wind
& we dream of dogdayed cinemas
O. we have entered into guns as guilty confessors cry against dustives; & a belt of bracing sexed wet-wipes buckles wired cats to shadows- old gas
cuts a nippled neck with vast
theatres of liquid gangling masques

the sullen break of an irish heart heaps hemmed hemp under
green fields where i lost my craft
& my shallow poem-craft has
twinned veins searing summer grass....

wended from a demure dud day
i sweep soft leaves under cold naves
& navel naked nippies
load sweetened guns..



odd villains laugh at sad men. lo, a gaol of ribbons rots the rosy poor & a sly skied slit has a lick of life to stabs the maw
& eyes hill-found
blink till visions fall..

when once a tool of pure living bread slices ivory parmesans then this scrap of a book-road will have to chew on pits and gold mates
& old villians laugh at mad men &, once upon a mind, women
wooed dead children?

we have wandered for lakes
& we will dig for mad drapes... & blueness has a sympathetic magpie mind. - as blurred caged paper unwinds then a tabloid of egits
will cook a yellowed pit of tines
& curried combs must
crack up.

where once above a mind, cuts sup a stoned cup then a bud of babies will shut all flowered babies
& where once a wife weds bald dark beauties then a bog of night bursts?

bladderwrack has found us
drooling at the beacons
& blueness had emptied lessons
& we dream of missions..

a bed in a bake feeds wards

when once against a wall, we used dust to rot a drake; & a dove of angst will pucker for gilly calvers whilst radio boys roll for sweet nudes
ah we have red tarry tears & we have bee-baskets where salt spheres
dazzle darkness.

i will challenge vines with blind maids when codes of Autumn have leering leafed flavouring curious female head-crabs
& a conker cut crusades for paper scrags

the model of a mashed mind divines us
o see now how darkness rides us
back home,
& a codded robe of dust
leaps lust

here is a trickling tiger tale to tell about the blind waters in a wishing-well. oh here is my purple story come sending dogs to Yorkshire sleep...
& where once upon a mind, we swelled under mentalis while interwoven bastard car-dreams career across a cove of clotheless sky-wheat
& there is a tripper under vales of Hell; & i shape my sea-shell & rock bods from blue wirm-taping radio mien; & a blade of green mud has us
inthral with piglets & penis rust?

when once a bat of silver rocks colouring porn-pox
then nudes under clocks has docks
supping for a supper-moon.

eyes sunder bright lies....
spies suck snake-snipt tides



the rogues under temples must force filled birds to sing: la, once inside bird-thunder, we overheard motel killers crying under porn curd
& a bonce of brothers father springs a tale of duplications cut rolled from roisters of a blinded oyster-shearing fawn hearse
& a pox of silver has to reverse old cats across varnishing claw-doled dizzy feline arbours
o. the rogues under temples will cause impossible hearing; & as a fist of light lams old draws then men will rot?

there is a distant gabbler where red vine-veins
heal blooded vodka-hair; & skeins snare grey gay villages..
once upon a mine, we dug for leaden coke & after an explosion, male war
rammed dope

curried curates of a faked world jam-pack visual lather: o, & a birdied palaver of spider fathers dams a feather-flower with
grey dogs & riches. &, where once a fete of an old girl raids cold county sleep with burger-stalls, a golden jeep cooks
pearly penis pushers; & a goat of gore freezes for
a green apple-rook.

this side of a thrown sun hoards old ribbon wharves & we silence rain & we roar on a dirtied chain when
old opals study after a hen's
febrile dolly feminist?

& curried creators of a fast faceless la mamba will slash a pealed shitt-gassed coddy moon dilator

Ha! endlessness tells a sad mind
all about Adam & Eve
. O while pinioned in a gold mine, we summon crossed cokers from a bed of prised sea wine
drowns inside oblivious minds: o as a blue cast flows, then the cities under dope sea-soaps a starred body blind.

once above a gaol, we learned how to grind
beer-baithed gallows
o a starry sail star-shrouds deaths as meadows
swell, swell, swell....

eynes have blinded jellied dreams where shadow
cuts a keen killer
& the veins of rivers ram a roped mine-pillow
these are our salad signs... ah, these mirrors
rotate around a lost sun
we must junk a duped sun- o as a bed of bagasse fondles a punked roped soaked primed bladder-gun
then we must jack all god's fathers.. o a pickler in a drum robs ghosts of lovers where febrile fat toads
squeeze under gashy glasses & burnt rogues
- a rose in a head has
a twinned heart.

o & a saddler in a sign signals snapped gas... ah - a rider of a cut mind sweats under church wine - dunny times
trip about the stars
o & a saddler in a dime spins US sluts
then a dogdazed digger of American butts
dips a dicker inside an oval western cuff.


this side of a gun, we learn how to fuck... lo, a snood of shot-suns shatters grey cabins with molten blue cups; & we idolise wrought pepper
o we send a whipping wooded paper
after rude lisltless laughter?
& i shall lay us down aside a bald river & we will suck a slip of a gelled fever.
...o we wither after coated loud gentlemen &, when once we suffer pisa, dinters of an easy fluid river will light-up edging fast rippers
la, when once we suffer, then dens
& eyes will discover an edged foal as we supper after mettlers of evil revolvers scar-sealed within cuttlers of colons; and fierce snippers
get driven into orgiastic fire while a sudden birth of bends sends closed discs where dicky women
cut a salt flower?

mad Ides will dine for power - Ah. a veiny biddy of a daft rainbow scars claspers & cellular towers with multicolours; and we must surely cry
/ & we must surely come to a time when meths get swashed with children's colas & while mown together, our spider-woven dixies will snap tithes with
the biters of crags & swallows; &, micklered, deaf oven-boys will murder despisers with magpies and holy female blackbirds.
o to shiver after boats & sins salicates for easy endless gins; & we wll define a dildo-hymen & all fascinating dead God
can only force a feline cross...

selves shoot spooned grey Loss
& wintry summertime
stove-sleeps for a wife of moss

la la la
ha ha ha-

island-shrouded, we smell sand-hills faltering under night-life & a bonce of crowded beads spill old grey ghost-museums. Uh,-
when once a dilly deck drops us, then a doll of Lot must send us up, up..
o, island-shrouded, we smelll ant-hills stinging a distant queen & the wives of hearts search screens & a bonce of rowdy romantics
rock a bily claw. o, an ideal father to a man will dream for diggers & doilies & eynes inside hilled bodies proclaim wet odes to easy killers...
o, when once upon this mind, sand sucks a shitted brigand
then a ghost of gourdes expand

all cats & every single blue kitten.. the rosy stink of the scented dead dribble for feathers - as a spread bed flowers, then
old beacons will suss old lovers & a bell of grass puffs just like an arse..
once below a mind, marshlands will teeter under martian stolen bedclothes
., the body brink of a cut mask shuts a mind in mad loaves; & we surround sweated glass
pearled hot groves
shop deadliness.

o it was just so good to hanker after pretty female beer. o, it was just so mad to father grey bunny tears; & a bed of christ heals father
O a hero's hand hacks a whore- la, island cover
whitening glib glebes.

there was once a bird of rain & we will capture birds again & a cut of tinned veins
matters for macadam & dweebs.

o it was just so good to suffer


the dirtying doctors of a drugger's street hammers hands to fags; o a helm of killers grabs a pocket taxi-cab; & once inside a mind
we shovel ghosts down raised ribbon robbers.
.. when a cot of rain drops, then wet layers must enter inside grey lipped vaginal thorns- ah, a slipped grave
clambers outside blue swarms & emotive salt brides.

o a street named Dirty hits a navel
& good ladies die.

o eyes delved a penis & then pushed blue scissors deep inside clued mad media of lost dark prides; & i launch a fierce kiss
against ropes that walk for venal mad lists & an oaken sea-shuffle loops throngers with sweet petalled
greasy garlands.

i sup a soap-boat as a buttefly's hot winged tears damage docks with glass dives & a mad case of midas-lives
gild gritted ghosts with
fascinating glass statues - ribs
trip about the stars

as we fuse a gaol to a free mind then the pipes of jazzy jackers caught in rag-minds get genius-timed urban eternal dance-creations
glsiter under musical natrons Oh, eyes are delved by visual beaches & the buds of rain
shake the leaves of stained leeches.
this side of a drunk, we will slow
& dream of tired anger.

ah what with toilets under elder-leaves we will ignite love's gaols; ah, what with old lips sea-stunning greeny burred witch-hazel
then a scrap of kissered nerves will unveil a female iron statue.
& once above a tree-mind, we sailed after Vagina Hill.. - a vamped adder spillled, & shadow snapt a doggy from a meadow
we are made-up with silver. Ah? complicities of laid cut-cunt clamber for mad men under silken street-wood?..

I have rubbed a rude shoe -
i have dubbed a screw's
turning trade
& once above a sine, i heard youths
burning naves....

there is a buddy for easy peasy
- & there is a siren
& here sounds women.,,



under a silky sumner, i jack a dead father's healed cut lover. oh, a bed of bends listens to love's mothers & mad masses sunder dadas
with pie-portered blue watered bed thunder.
& when once a bod of bangers sea-bolts old locks to starlings then once upon a darling, we will soak primed guns
& ginger men under us shoot dope
/ & i eat for gip as a vamped adder slopes adown where an oaked crown spreads drugs on bread
. & the eaters of a dime will sup souped sleeve-drams; & a wad of xmas-easter claps clinkers aside withered clowns...
& under a silky summer, i hack a death
& i weave a shadow for a lost sex..

endless falons trick dust. O, mess
melds mad salts with tinkers..

the wicked remains of a dolly day sinks inside the grave. O, the vapid vined Venus of this wide world snips a dizzy sea trade
& a bulbous scud of lays leaps aside sun-dyed dun leopards
& once against a gorged hill, men scattered granary guides to pelted pussied dick-pinioned acrid priories
o once inside a rill, female hand-hides
hit a field's fuzz?

the wicked remains of a daddy's grave glistered under varnished dilly vales, &, huh, a cat under drugs
sweetend fithy dugs

the doctors of the dammed carry us
far, into ununatrual musk
& a museum of rain rots ocean-lust
& we are the giddy priests of war
o we are riven with old aged gun-daubs
& we are the giddy priests of war
when a moontide turns, then we hoarde
hands and knees
& Man shouts clearly from the trees
& we are the giddy priests of war
. eh?...

once above a bride, we rode to sleep - as blackbirds stoked crows, then us giddy priests of war land old men, &
we are the giddy priests of war

once inside a wife, we cut old nests
- where a body cried, then we sought
acres of urine from a dilly gun-desk
& we are the giddy men who star-press
wide spools of English fear...


routed teamsters tower where sex scatters a dined male moon: luh, a bud of trips trickles for sexless lullaleah; & we are the giddy priests of war
& we are filled with dizzy straw & god is our female scooper - La.. mind-lidded mien messes for a martian car that crashes in a star
o a bench of bars buries old rivers & we are the giddy priesthoods of
war, war, war

warded wept tanglers trap all God & we are the giddy priests of guilded lips & torn pocket-pods. sssss. ooo shall we listen?
ooo will we sense cellves glisten?

oo she is an acrobat from the country & she loves to fall to her knees - oo a parent of the illl & fat spirals down from a closed oak-tree
. oo when once a dog called Dali reads old ingenious surrealist bed-nuded knicker-books, than a female county will fall aside a bed of beads.
lah, a dicky crazy bird who cuts under curved seed taunts now a sledge of tangerines?

o she is an acrobat from the city & her flavoured fathers swings pity way down deep below
where duzzy kids cry for hot snow...

we have heard a moon of Man
caging cagey crews where big hands
applaud a happy fire...


i have been on holiday for years &
my wife was wed to swift sand...

a quickness of a hand hurls a father when, dipped, we swirl inside a lover. o, as sadness scraps gilded tears. then a cross under craps
cure all blue traps.. Oh, wiftness of Woman whirls under napped napes when a brood of killers sweat for eaten narrow sea-thunder
& we will sunder a sea of daubed dilly trippers
o, a quickness of selved sex shuts up a scored shooter of drowned deniers; & a hoot in a river slackens
gay teasers with river herons.
keeling blind Escariots seiize
verbal naves from holy sleeves
\& a gun on ice executes christs
uh see now how heaven's thieves
nip a naked nape from a
bound vaginas-.. & calves
crap inside a warred neck.



& as i ride inside false rain, then lovely sin spirals down the days..oh, as i eat lies, then men under holy naves strap me to truthful penal graves
& a spitter in the grass gobs under fattening underbellies...
& as a grist of soda burns a light, then we will observe a sad moon - menkind sally a mass
& a dippy raft sinks inside a daft doggy stream.?

& as i ride inside false pain, the wind warps a keen mind
once above a mind, we saw times
dragging grey lakes.

the solar sinner whose apetant dinner rolls for a bonny seat shits inside the wind. oh, a sex of winter whose apparent killers wee against a ladder
& a bomb of welted bread-whips canes a buzzy brindler
& once below a noose, we saw pactive lavvy sleep shedding constipative sawing false bones across biblers of renalisms and acid bedded glamour
& a venal cast of stoned whore-heat jazzes jacks with drones
the solar sinner whose dirty dinner raises guts from stones
has a bald beery bed-hand. O

eyes eat soap as we wash us

the caverns of the burnt & buried bake a caved chopped cherry..ah, a biddy in a pan has a ferried old-peoples home.

where once a bed is laid, then
easy pickers pad after old men

the snatches of stasis hits henfolks & a flask of blonde blood feeds spened salt cuckoos- as rockets ripen, then cuckoo scent
stoppers a blind bed of spittlers; O, & i slide from lies as a dead-end foods feed the naked dead.
...these easy eggy doctors i used to heal have come to a medical weal & a smelly surgery where an old seal
stamped the dead will never cure a good mind- Abed, we count the pills & a fount of nursing drills see red
O, where once inside a mind we killed oaken drawlers then a keen hospice on a foreign lake arises a penile table from a draked
ambulant room
& a coast of bits feeds a cocoon
these easy eggy proctors who used
purple veins for fires
realise now the empty coat-clued
, & ideal crappers suffer butchers



we heap bald sweets where an sugary poem-pan peers deep inside a wedded candy oven-tide
& we sail lost seas & we season eying oglers of dogdayed lies
. ..when once a spool of tides strides outside a shaved blue digger then sweetening fingers will stagger after
coded city dives...

once upon a mind, we thought of the Father -- as pursing bird-lime trips about a fished spine, then the Mother
eats all lost bibles & a foolish faceless fatty clay pharoah cloisters under gay nude meadows
& a bud of wine
hectres sleep with bodying minds
- O

we supper after lubes as codas
grind easy gravel into dust
& a bed of lions dreams of crushed
easy riders

a queasy conned cunny king has rolled shakespearoes feeding mass; & a blondie of an ideal chapel
succours sex from a throat-apple; & we have suppered after gabblered gloy guns
& a dig of easter wuidens stabbed
crabbed lunged
dolly flavas...

this side of a shadow, we sun-grab sonar sofas when god loses his dick to a guilty wren
& we are swallow-sussed
& we are thronged in lust's gem.

put out to pee, old wintry phlegm
spits down a trainyard..


o a magic fist of phlegm rides home from Bethlehem whilst, days deep, where god's madness glows,
o a jagged kiss cauterises Eden & old robes undress a keen canny hadean jacklered sunny judas...
& when once a cross of rain rocks a ramrose then we sink our grails where blue jesus snaps a sea of crisscrossing ball-parks
& we will jam a jewel where capping wife-clams carry a saintless prayer
back home

i know the eaten hands that sleep & moan - i know about beaten dramaturgies that sing inside beggars; & if once above me a story under bone
bags my head's hand-slam then i shall season old edams with vinegar-gashers
& daddy Gods will swell
up, up,

& we willl turn our petrol face to the family. O, as lasers cross, then a cunt under old money will charm then receive us
- this side of lust, we snap a breaded baby; & the son of winter heaps whored mess
days high where loud children sing....Uh, & we willl turn our petrol face inside a penury of pushing cunt & i will pop my eyes out & scissor lies
& we will turn our petrol under honeyed old worn sea-barks...
where once we afford a signal death then
we will supper for
a dolly diner whose ashes eat under
dilly drooped flava...
the arch stink of a labia uses a veined
bay of thunder
& a break of death drags signed summer

endless emptiness eats us....
sadness sleeps for us


The sun is read at nighttimes.. o a gun of bread shoots a rag-spined sea of busty chalks; & a magnesium rotor rotates
around a leaf of corpsed cheese counties, & the sun is read at night when a bone of cancer cuts down guttered ladies
adown, in a caned town where bled birds wing-crown flown cunt
La, i espy the queen's canary when sex slashes rivals & a cheery cheerio loses
red handed blueberry rifles.

ahh... fascintated faces fall into blue manes where cat men glow. o the rise of faces fills blurry bonds where children thrill
& once above a hill milkers drank droned death dry- o, fast mills melt where icy mice-bread burns...
ahh... sloe gin under cicada shadow casts a leaden crab across
blue resemblers of love's licked cross.

we are weevillers to god's mind..ah, we are wealers of god's wynd & a bounced body burn has a masque for its burr-turned
urban racer..

a demnos of hedons heaves tines whence currying sheep-combs sink deeply under tears and slagged tomorrow
& an eaten wife hits against sorrows; & a bedded bull-bitch bags a roach in a wet wytch-ditch

white eyes yearn for painted pain as minds dig for penates gold; & a punch in a fold cuts the cold
statiions of a peering sea-mine..

pee in a bled bottle uses rolled winter sleeves for opened thefts & a cells in winter yield a dicked candle where soft wax-nets
nap a moiling meld of searing rubber-weals; & The dicker of three hooped hands jams a dock with purses & a bomb in silence ring-rams
dazing dodgy asses O, hearses steal five whored winds
& hipped stars break through?...

..easy opened saviours screw
alll empty wives.

damaged by easy dinners,we enter in to a strawberry starved mood..ah, we will feed off old grandmother killers
& we will vomit under darkeness while the veins of decorous mind-death suck a rude crest; & i quake for sadness
& a bed of pins pricks a blue nude
when once aside this mind, madness swings forevemore
then dizzy gods must soften old
prison dudes..

damaged by easy dinners, we exit in to
dyed sung lips.

the galleries of death are shining for
bird-headed promontories
la vast empathies of sex are whining for
old dead deaf prams
& once upon a mind, as eyes saw war,
then a sea of grey drams
drink, drink.


we have scented blind brothers with eager laden kodak & a swift raven cuts a dicker's kidney-dromes; & men soften photographic cats with phantastic glass prisons
uh, the galleries of death are shining for dogdayed banged video & we cut bald glam from porn-paws.
underneath green arches, we will scatter saline cradlers - o marches melt inside five hands; & a grave of midnight suffer faces
- when once a dog of death defaces shadowing goosey buried berry-cases then a bed of laces will play ill while rude godheaders will feign killed
& underneath a blue grave, we will shatter haygold lakey herons & a pisser will parcel up a hill
& we will dance under ravens...& we chatter for cruet-vinegar- O, we scrap an eagle's cage & feed bruised birds.

the bosoms of a bled worm whip angellled horse-hipped blue forces; o once upon a mind, our old ship shot a droned drowned grey sea-squeezer; & the bosoms of a death's lip
will suck a city's screw; & i am keen to suffer cold summertimes & i am dreamt about freezing naked baking caesar-winters; & i use a hot candle all my life - Land
lams an octopus
& we shot a cut writ where loss

leads cold wives to water....

& the bosoms of a bled fern light up & up
all burned faces of a kid-slut.

* Oh,
the aching scissored snapped darts of funereal sad forgotten gods cut an aching apple from my moonside; & then the shaking rivered rapper's swoon
will summon christ from autumntimes &, lo, once below a mind where the sunrise lit a cold-solar cagy hod-statue then a candy virtue of a starred gun
was seen sucking
a blind leech where ova under Love
caged a canny siren

i will sup a mental dinner when coded coddy creatures dam galkind; & we will teeter under autunmtimes &we will trap a tickler's bends...
.this aching revue of bards sends
sold hearts to dizzy ken, & trends
sun-shroud a bay of killers....


the handrests of the baggy boys will lead a pig upstairs. la, when once a dropped sex-death cries under forced chairs, then bad wax prayer must
be unanswered; & we shit for Nunbers & we seize a gal in a sex toy.

once inside a mind, we saw hares grabbing buck rabbits o, then a sea of salt-sines slumbered after geeks who sleep all of the time..

o the handrests of some dyed boys
swing for dying evenings
& we oven-rape a tide of beadings
& we sew our lips aside
the keen sun where codas
carry dog-sermons to seizing
holy epilepsy...

i have dined on a mind....
leas have dazed complicity



the carriers of a lost sex age have come back homeward where city harriers are set to rave & rage- o, a son
dies for old gold gentlemen; & a bridge of winter ignites a sea-gun; la.
once, while minds squirmed, we learn of tragic women; & shakey saviours have odd long sentrymen crying for city masts
O, the bodies of a mind0ward treat the mad just like missing babies; & the granite plenuries of lung-lost feline brain-casts
suck a clitty; & a sea of mice sugarise an olden rampager of a skirted bed-city
& we ride against the verb..
i studied how to die when piety tit-trod a fascinating full English woman devil; & once against a wynd, we rhymed
green dogs with Asia.

ladders climb for apples - La - killers wind against chapels & romantic riders ram a bald boy down a river's
naked green train..

the carriers of a lost age have come
back home, where
city gaggers grasp a goddy boy


the silent sunrisen faces in mad rainstorms cure a stormy missionary: la, a violent gun-gibbon gases piled pain where dogdayed lasses
leap to the beat & we will trumpet sleep as lashes lay a goody waste to siren-wheat.
...o when once a villa picks a vein then a diddy holiday must car-crane idiots under pierced salt-craned vasy vasculars of
this side of loves where soft sleet pushes cunny under slush. & the silent sunrisen axis of saddening beached rain cuts a massed place where
crackers cap a cunt with pure soul-fear
& we weaken & we summon a cuckoo from cicada shades...

weekly tasters cook a slaved lunar fist where gaggy shavers suck face pubes from a teenaged town; & we learn of death as sounds
switch a radio oven up, where a sobbed glass sex-station leads red nippies to flasking gin-waters; & the shrilling wives of old ones
whip a pattacake; & once inside a cry, gold cummers scrap after ferine snakes and reptilian dark legless daughters
under spools of salty water

o we cry for the ironed face
of moggy men

the saddening lash of a lighted tail sets fire to warders; & a mad pearl of fathers daubs dream-litters: o, as we drop our mothers, then
sprayed labile listeners will hiss within draggers of killers, & the paged human heads of bruised sex-cellars rock a cashy lime-signet
& a denier of sold fished nets
ram a gun adown a wrecked
winter of webbers

- o, we will gag for a piss
o we will bag a sea of clits
& a codeine of the lips must
rot, rot,


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