a poem for Children: The World's First Book of Joems



(Written for my baby nephew Joseph)

If JOE wasn't JOE
What would he be?
An angel, a ball
Or a cat up a tree;
Or maybe some grass
Or the Earth rolling free
Or even our house -
But he couldn't smoke ME.
If JOE'S name was Kate
Which is his mummy's name
And he still was a boy
Wouldn't that be a shame!
If JOE was a Lake
He'd be all wet and deep
And covered with birds
While they eat and they sleep.
If JOE was some Meat
He could cook in a stew
And we'd eat him for dinner -
That's an odd thing to do!
If JOE was the Night
He would quietly creep
Across the bright sky
Till we all fell asleep.
If JOE was an Owl
He would perch in a tree
And hoot in the darkness
And scare you and me.
If JOE was a Pear
He'd get such a fright!
He'd be scared we would eat him
(And perhaps he'd be right!)
If JOE was a Quilt
I know what I'd do -
I'd wrap him all round me.
I would - wouldn't you?
If JOE was the Rain
He would always do good -
He would help things to grow
So the world would have food.
If JOE was the SUN
He would keep the earth warm
And make us feel cheerful
And never do harm.
If JOE was a Toy
And not truly real
He wouldn't be human.
Now how would that feel?
If JOE could be ALL OF US
At the same time
There'd be nobody left
To write the next rhyme!
If JOE could be VEG
He'd be ever so healthy.
We could sell him in markets
And then we'd be wealthy!
If JOE was a Wall
He'd be solid and strong
And not crumble, no matter
What storms came along.
If JOE was a Yacht
We could sail far away
Whenever we chose
For a year and a day.
If JOE was a Zip
He could slide up and down.



Copyright JEDB 2005.