& I will lay thee down (for the attention of William Shakespeare)

& I will lay thee down in a cuckoo-cage
& i will ravage sex with lumber
o i willl lay thee down
& when the slides of christs dam rage
then eyes will lay thee down in sex-age
when once an oceaned promontory slaves
after sex & ruin
then the arks of screw-ins will
dedicate dolled hearts to a stroking hill
& i will lay thee down in a cuckoo-cage
ah, i will suffer thee under
easy lips & lamping northed thunder
& ice will squeeze you
& a heady north-ship will spew you
over & always under
dark masks & dunny dilly Father
O the hands of the sage
limb-lock lovage where a tree's stave
will sup a gold supper- & bent lays
lam us when god's tundra
shows no idle mercy.
& i will shake you under oven-burning
& we will take hay long when
snaped cradlers issue men of yearning
studying for a cuckoo cage.
this side of the dark, a rider of the dark
dons a feather & a sky
lo this city dart dazzles daddy's mark
& a cuckoo face will sear cooked sky
& ken will cage an oiled house
the budded brined wrists of old Mars
suck a cloth from out the moon
& sizzlers of a salt tryst
heap holdals where a starry mist
misses tar-roomies!
when wide of the past & stained
then timeless carriages
ravel into old times
& i will marry youth to tines
& the robin's coat will grind
away, away, away
& i will lay thee down in a cuckoo cage.


Copyright jim bellamy 2019


How lovely is the girl, who cannot look
Upon her rapid days without a smile,
Who kisses all the leaves of her life's book,
and rides along her fairest name beguiled;
How lovely is the girl, who shall not wane
In any rapid place but hers alone,
Who risks her all for times in places skeined
With curtsies, caring, pompidores and combs
But should the lovely girl lose her calmed way,
Now parry, then extend her rhymes to wrong,
Or bury her blonde head in rhyme's decay,
I shall be there to charge her with my song.
  The girl who suffers must beget a name..
  May she who suffers most be set aflame?
Copyright James Edward David Bellamy 1998.
note: James Edward David Bellamy has written 160 curtal 'Shakespearean" sonnets.

 note: James Edward David Bellamy has never had sex.