first impression of a very brief songsheet

About a Scarecrow Pumpkin Road?

this torrent-shaken moon where i laid my veins
has no true sir to own
o, a factory of deaths fish-foams after trains
& an eater of girl-bone heaps a chippy track
, o, when once a bed of lays strangles crap
then a cupped klan will give in to
wardering wet-waves that crack into a
nudisnesss of capped chicken dudes...

the robotic head is here when
a cradle of lead suckles gems
this torrent-shaken moon where i burned rain
hears a swallower of sadness
star-cramming model tongues down darkness
o a wivener of thieves
halters old pumpkin weed
& a tawny crack coshes puff with seed
the romantic bed is here where
a candler heaps dust under tears
& woven wives widen up, up
& frozen brides weave a grey wool-washed
killers of vast fished skies..

Copyright JDB April 16th 1990.
note: most of my songs are epic in nature.
nb: this very brief songsheet was originally entitled 'ABOUT SCRATCHMEN'