photograph of my now dead father



Sat in the dark of a wilderness
Then, devout, a forest rains
Down on the veins of the insane

O, my Father, do not name
Sunshine for sunshine tames
Life's dawn.

The raiding scent of the wild
Denudes the bloom of this child's

O, my Father, do not entertain
The sun nor ride the maimed

Eyes blink and blindness powers
Fed flying -
Flutes sound and trumpets sound,
And hymn-song fills the fields.

O, my Father, do not entertain
Loud death but name
Blood-red prayer.


Made young among waves, kind seas
Swim where a blessed Father sprees

Veined, this poor hand scrawls fled tides -
Forever may the stars of death's lives
Bang from the manna of fathered cries.

Made lithe, the surf of the rivers drives
A Fathering dream..

O, my Father, do not turn away
Nor lose your way. O,

Boats thrill with bread and fishes while
Ships sail, sail.-
The lakes smell fine and deep rills find
My Father, swimming, swimming




Copyright JDB 2022.


Elegy for My Father 2

And endlessly I prayed for dad's magical life, by his sweet bed
In this fast fierce house, one sweet minute before life's
Noon, and night, and altarlight. The rivers of the angelled life
Veined within dad's sure hands, I held, and I saw
Through my father's loving eyes the roots of norfolk countryside
(A lovely lively man - he made all things work).

I am never too proud to cry for i will forever live for dad.
His eager saviour smile that star-anointed keen life with sirens.
All his bones are burned now but his legendary body will
Keep going now beyond elysium where sea-shapers soothe
Heavenly after-life kingdoms with mastering stage-leaders that
Move and move till death dies.

The lights of my house were holy and his; my books he owned.
Even as a boy he had served the very best with his rascal eye; delved
Out of his holy heights I saw the last light of god-thespians using bells
Here among the might of a greatest of men. Oh, i shall go use oaths
To walk forever with my heavenly old man.

Walking out of a sweet heart-sky, i will stop and cry for dad's kind world
And I will come to his world of hills that causes trees to boom like a rose,
And I will forever recall the amazing dreams he gave to everybody.
And I will forever use my mind to remember eternally my dad and
O, though we cried as he died, fearing the tumult of life's tears,
The last song of dad's hero-voice sent darkness swiftly away from
This poet's weird world whose madness must get fathered till gone.

Out of this world, i get, without losing, the reason why dad lives forever.
O deepest of blooms, about all the words i have said life long, treasure
Comes carrying dad's creation while all my senses sing dad's dancing sun.
On that weeping grave-day, the tears out of his eyes eased mine:
Until I die myself, may weeping spheres sing for father's eternal blessing


Copyright JDB 17/06/2022.