Hereby, where caverns creep, modellers of murderers become shown on vast screens
La, i espy some gardens as i sleep
La, i espy some garlands as sex weeps; O, we will fly as we flit across digitalis: windscreens
get easily rubbished
La, i espy some gardens as i sleep
La, i espy some garlands as i peep; and, sss, madam navel naples will hereby shout out for sheets

as faces flow by, a summery winter-street uses springers of true autumns to impress wars with
diamates that get instantly thrown into the firees
La, i espy some gardens as i sleep
La, i espy some heroes; O, i will for always impregnate doomed deniers with dinners while kids
come hissering for kissers and heat
and i will come down from my island; and, sss, fathering mouthers feed spiders to legless babies

Uhhh and what with windmills going in de wrong direction, hissers whose mind-mill uses rubies
to moon-molest fists with lost drills will hereby become dirty; and, O, whence shadow darkens wine
some dizzy vineyard snail must terrify a bender of mums with fathering old hands
Uhhh and what with windmills going badly wrong, a lover of hot-lick may have to murder doobies
for acritudes where vast bodies go west
and, sss, a puller of hairs ensnares elderly vests
La, i espy some gardens as i sleep
La, i espy some yoyos as i reap meat, and, laa, a modeller of mind-sex use shampies for smoothies
La, i espy some ponchos
and then i fall and ride to sleep

Uhh  where seagulls flare, a dogdayed rider of the cruel abed grits salt-teeth then raids de movies
Uhh  where eagels scare dust then eager feline writhers will surely split atoms with a loud rubicund
shelterer to easelmen and loser boys whose river under grey gills will slice some pigs from sleasy cum
and, oo, our world will forever seem flacid
and, oo, god's world will eternally seem brained
Uhh where rattlers rattle for ingenious christs and men, a lopper of stainers will shout out after mum
and, oo, as naked butchers touchdown
then scarlet venal pickers of choker cherries will hereby star-define dangerous seals from father-sun

Eh?  icers under penile dippers rout bootless heaven with all-dissembling feline cries; Oh, mother-sun
becomes blorted while sky-scripters close mad reason within hellish cribs;
and, encuddled, madam ava mad maria swings and swings until evil devils lob grids at murderers
Eh? i espy sex as i fall asleep
Uh? I espy death while eve-adam creep
and, sss, a leader of blenching eden-keeps uses some vines for sleepy veins then shoot fierce slumber

Uhhh a genuine gutted city-slide will tauten dead men in lunar season; and the deadeners inside tundra
worsens now, where allotments jump above de pities; and,
whene a deafener kicks an hallucinatory love, a baseball that will never reach de underground must
erect blonde ravines to lips and delusory blood



Copyright JDB 08/06/2022