Farriers extend, hawksheads portend
A spiel of hound-heraldry, spavinned wrens
Slip through ther rabid streets and lie
Days deep in the lion's eye. Why

You left is a dream. The summer knocks
And flits like oystered shoals redeemed. I
Scratch my forehead, skip and spread
The legs of a scented threads. Themes
Dose midst the dockers; drips
Damsel in the dazzle and comb
The hairs of longlost mothers.

Farriers extend, hawksheads portend
A spiel of hound-heraldry. Skeins
Lip across the blue; shoes
Light cigars and bend. Friends,

This song is the gong, the gash and the fond
Flash of tanines midst the brains; aimed
Where lilies rock and brontosaurs fuck,
The spavinned horses maim
Each Ingle. Anvils twire; wire
Rips rammed paged crowns; sounds
Slap the clowner's face. Faith!

We must have Faith, for
Farriers extend, hawksheads augment
A stealer of hound-heraldry; maws
Pivot across the deep. Sleep

Is sweet in de Devil's gyre; fire
Is all the omens may inspire. Liars
Have a groom to charge; hard
Flumes cellved maggots in cock-spires.

Yet why you left is a suitcase bereft
Of synergies and sirens. Sons
Do not breathe so well when
The gorge is full of demons. Pass!


Copyright JDB 1999. ..   note: ths song scans.