And endlessly I prayed for this magical life, besides the sweet spired fleet bed
In this fast anointed fiercely sirened house, one sweet minute before rose-life's
Noon, and night, and red-royal altarlight. The rivers of this raptive vernal woman give
Intra-veining castle-skin within crowning sure hands: I held, and I saw
Through Her Father's loving eyes the roots of regal crenative countrysides.
(A lovely spinney of a royal Lady - She made all things work?)
I am never too proud to cry for i will forever live for the palacing pearlers of
The eager saviour smile that star-anointed keen life with queeny dancer-gown-lands.
All her sanctive shows are buried now but Her legendary sovereign body will
Keep going now beyond ermine-elysiums where sea-star-shapers soothe
Heavenly after-life coronated kingdoms with mastering stage-leaders as blood-roods
Move and move till royalty comes peppering throne-caves with robed alarms.
Walking out of a sweet heart-sky, i will stop and cry for some sort of a kind dreamed world
And I will come to a blue world of hills that causes trees to boom like a feather
And I will forever recall the amazing dreams She gave to everybody
And I will forever use my mind to remember eternally our tawny buzzy Queen.
O, though we cried as She died, fearing the tumult of life's buzzy chapel-tears,
The last song of the husky heroine-voice sent darkness swiftly away from
This poet's weird world whose madness must get fathered till Kings get gone.
And out of this world, i get, without losing, the reason why our Queen lives forevermore.
O deepest of ermine blooms, about all the worlds i have said life long, light's treasure
Comes carrying God's creation while all my senses sing blood's dancing Son; and, scored,
On that weeping grave-day, the tears out of these teased conic eyes eased mine.
Until I die myself, may weeping spheres sing for Heaven's eternal royal blessing.
Copyright JEDB 13/09/2022 for the attention of Poet Laureate Simon Armitage?




Copyright JEDB 13/09/2022