4 HALLOWEEN POEMS (speed-written)

4 speed-written poems about Halloween (by jim bellamy)
Masterful Monsters moon-talking through sweet midnights
Halloween is the Night of corpsing moon-frightnights:
Fear is what this daemon mass may thrill to sing
Along with many other demons sweet with hot-housed pumpkin.
Are you sure you are in the ghoul-hat wytch-prepared?
Tonight is eerily for bone and sweet skeleton clothes and ghoul-stairs.
Torn creatures from hell flow hight from a candle this mad night.
For tonight is the Night of truckle-lanterned vampyre-tricksters now.
Trick or treat shares kids with all hallowers inside live shrouds..
You should not have waited until the end of this mad grave.
Tonight you will lose your tricking as treating fills the crowds
For the monsters who need to eat inside a bobbing apple-town.
You better not take this scarecrow night too damned lightly
Or else you may truly learn what frightmares really goddamn mean?
In ancient times people perhaps studied how to die.
The night they greeted with dark mooneyes and skulls in bed-blinds:
And they were so scared for you and devil troves must haunt eagles
On this "All Demonic kid-sainted model Halloween."
o, this midnight halloween-writ raises ghosts from water.
as we tread for bobbing hallowing blood, halloween devils under us
carry a sister's tricky treater of topped turnip ghosts with
snakers of rotting apple-wytched bed-corspes.
this scarecrow road, as popped in head as stormers,
shares deadening tricky-treated lips with a bedded lucifuge...
a witch of fallen gallowers sets alight to vampyres whilst
a warlocker of falons enmeddles man with vamp-hagglers.
& we dig for turniped scissor-wine when in bodies.
all-hallows-weave strides the scared mass where rain cuts
all-killers aside a strangled goblin-brawl with facelessness
entissuing All Hallows with wicked sweets and mindlessness?
Copyright JEDB 15/10/2022.

As I stride an eerie scarecrow road I see

rats feed bats to midnight trees
I see devils charge
Reddened superstitions with gold beads
and, lo, I see devils inter-scar
a bled pack of planchettes and cards

when once hills fail, then bended paranoia
gets riven under dizzy ghostly drivers,
and as we believe in a sweated wide God
then we entertain tarots with church-pins

washing holy hand-rituals touch dead wood?

old greying panicky lost gentlemen rend
eyes from a looking-glass:
idiot stars and diced feed prayers to hens
and my bed twirls as burning bald bends
cause grief for evil ouija chickens

my coded mind-seizure is opening
my loaded fevered grave is opening
and milled soap slides as christ’s
hands dicks to superhuman fear-friction

when once paranoid romantics eat Life
then Life must end and
I break, just like a vicar’s sweated wife.


this scarecrow road, as naped in ghosts as slaughter,
heeds a chilly pumpkin Escariot,
o this midnight halloween-writ raises dolls from water.

as we tread for swinging ghouls, a devil under us
bangs in scarred hands where a puller’s night crush
carries a sister’s tricky treater of topped carry-cut
snakers of bobbing apple-corpses.

this scarecrow road, as popped in head as stormers,
walks a midnight row…..& crowed devil-dawners
share deadened lips with a bleeded lucifuge…

a winch of fallen gallows tree-hangs old hosts,
a witch of falons mallows a sea-hag’s ropes,
& we dig for turniped scissor-wine when bodies


bag mess up in a wasted teasing house of voices.

all-hallows-weave strides this scarecrow road
all-killers-weeds strangle a bruised insect lobe
& toads go down



Copyright JEDB 11/10/2020